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Dully by Carrier or Mall,70
.Mouth. Silicic Cvplea, 60
Fourteen Pages
Albuquerque, New Mexico, Sunday, October 22, 1916.
Fourteen Pages
i ik in
Politicians in Santa Fe Look-;
ing for Republicans to Try
to .Make Good Threat Made
by Senator Albert B, Fall.
Reserve Force of Speakers to
Be Rushed Out on Stump
at Moment's Notice to An
swer Any Attacks,
Much tatUiilloii )iu.-4 lictn paid din Ing- tlx- present campaign to an
cnuiiwTnlion or I ho reasons why tli. rciulili-iiii candidate fur iiiorn"r
slioulil lie dcL'nlcd. T littlf al tcnlion lia Im-cii paid to the reasons,
wl y the democratic candidate should lie clccutl.
KycUiel V. do Baca Is one of III,. fineM tyH of AnioricVi citioiis
to hi round In all Ni'w .Mexico a man of ahllily, or tin Ii. ghost I"
teurilv ami of t lui m en I est dignity, lie lias Im-cii In public lift- for many
venTs and mil n uliincr has ever liccn uttered ngatn.st his record
ii man or mi ullii lnl No In truly rcmesciitatiw of III,, hod Butt
Is in New Mcxkii.
As liciitei.iit-nivcinor .Mr. do Baca has Ihcii liart ami pan el of
tlie most pr,igresi.sic uitminisliiilioii that New Mexico Inis eer hail.
His record uh prewidiinj officer or the senate in the faiv id a liruNil anil
unscrupulous majority in Hint IhmIv Imedile to him uiul to the principle
for which he stood wan one r -oiispjcmuiM fainics combined with
splendid conragv and streiiKth. Through all I he tunnoll uud foiifiislon
surioiindiin: the sifsions or Uu- vo legislatures covcri'iitf the (H'llod ot
Ills admiiiislratlon lscklcl f. de llca eniered a,s a hiic figure in th
luiiiiis! or ih.. suite u mun to lie truswd and honored mid r'-w 'eel.
Mr. il.. llaca is plcdgca to continue in iimn me i"n
of tin-
Mr. ii(. itnca is pieot; a rimmiue i..... .... i--.-- -
MclKmald administration which hue Imvii of such enormous lxneiit to
New Mexico lie hits shown Uat he Is a man wIiom' promise in y lu
ll lied on Implicitly. If he is elcclcd Kovernor lime will lie no Imck
ward step in the nuircli of proitres,. in New Mexico.
K. (1 de Baca. (le re the hearty and iinrcsoiKMl supH'it of c
cry patriotic citizen of New Mexico.
Count Stuergkh j
Austrian Premier
Is Assassinated
Vienna, lid. 21 (via Berlin to Lon- i
don.) The Austrian premier, Count!
Stuergkh, who was assassinated while j
at dinner toduy by Ludwig Adler, ui
puhllsher, was shot three times. Count j
I Stuergkh was dining- at a hotel when I
Dm mililishei' Httaeked him. Three
shots were fired, all of which took
effeet, the premier dying Instantly.
Official Appeal Is Made to All
Organizations to lluld Meet
ings and Render Effective
Ci edited
Rights of
ni'; Coun-
CAl'SH Ol' Ml ltllKH IS
" ntu Fe, Oct. 21.-V1.en, in keV
. for the repuhliean state eon
Jn lusl AuKUHt. Senator Albert H.
I- l iJ r' .l his hearers and Hie People
I'M ae generally l.y the an
01 1 ... ... tti.it (hi irranrt old Prt.v
nt and McKinleyl
W PMiared to conduct a niud-HllnK.
1 , nalen this year and defiantly
Claimed that the leauci. of n i London, Oct. 2l.-Nothlng is yet
party were in possession of a l.t n I or knQwn ln vlnim as to the lm)tlves for
Ud that was Kuaranteed to be au:ithe ttssttsination of I'reinler Sturegkh,
heshp and vicious, nm j - - sayg H Central .News .tnspaicn
slimv! lie aroused the cunos.ty not enUuu Emperor Francis Joseph
only oflhe politicians of the Htate cut wag lllfornR)(1 immediately of lh
of the common geezer as well. death ()f ,ne premier and was deeply
There is a sort of fascination about affel.te( A Hpeclu meeting, of the
nnf esiATiiiily of the political vtin- AuH,Hlin cabinet was held during the
v ' We may not like tu get it or uftel.noon. Special editions were ls
durwlves, but we always H0 ..Vr suej in Vienna and Budapest, the dis
Lk ut somebody else who is getting "h ad(l!! announcing the murder
wittered, especially if that some o'(ln tne streets created tremendous ex-
' ' ' . . 1 . in l.iint Kill !in(l ' ill
else is nil Uresseu up i "- "- ; cltemeni
,,ker and the mud happens u,
Woodrow Wilson
With Maintuini
Nation and
try at Peace,
Attacking Along Forty-mile
Front, Troops of the Cen
tral Powers Foiee Their
Way ThiouHi Allied Line.
On Somme front in Fiance
Vt!iy Little Change Is Made
Though Violent Encounters
Have Taken Place.
aohanne of Uw imperatively
wiry to the presentation u -"i
We :ippeurance.
And so, when Senator
I ami
L i viut tiiiu whs to hv a
JinnInK campaign with he repul 1,
eansVnst in the role of slingers, folks
enerallv sat up and took no Ice W ho
wan wlnK to be the first to be 1
dirtied ud? wnen was u.t "'"
unce to begin' Why cou dn t
.,... i,o n little more explicit
ly us en the tiptoe of expectant
when he might just as well ti.nt
wmtefl a little ooze of mud nMH
then ItiKt bv way of giving us a s.un-
Wealthy and Aged Resident of
Los Angeles Tells Strange
Storv of Double Murder
Bodies Burned,
,. .0,. .OU. L ..C.L LIA.tO IMI
I .os Angeles, Oct. 21. Arrested
tonight on complaint of the district
attorney, teuton t. Barrett, aged 64,
a man of wn.lth,-was fhitrgert with
ih.. murder of bis wife and stepson
at Santa Monica last Wednesday. Be
fore the two were dead, the police al
lege Barrett cremated their bodies.
Barrett walked Into the office of
his attorney, Lewis U. Collins, late
today and, according to his counsel,
ti..uU..,1 tn the flOOtlie tlliriiei. mi.
Fall vave
crossed his
. ... . .'ju.n,,. inn
i oino, et. st. i"f u....-. .i
of the Austrian premier, Count
Stuergkh, caused tt deep Impression
l.,...., ..t.lmlltrVl VlO WHS Hie head of the I
government which is Italy's bitterest
enemy. The newspapers l oimuent on
the tragedy as a sign of the disinte
gration of Austria, resulting from the
war. , ,
At the Vatican, where l'ope Bene
dict and the papal secretary of state,
Cardinal C.asparri, received telegraph
ic advices, the news caused a pro
found feeling, as it is thought that the
...!.. hnve n n important heiir-
unrui ....... .
Collins at once ronimtinieaieo
attorney, u.io at ine .-
took Barren io uu:
Bull I p to i' , iw, ln.r on the continuation of tne war.
11.1 lr,tl In relllll.'llCltU
fimirters at Santa Fe of a small bi t j
select coterie of experts who havt
wun honorable scars as rmid-slmgers
in past campaigns and who have the
reputation of knowing- just wnai
variety of mud is best adapted to mess
up all varying complexions and sar
torial effects, together with the niosi
approved method of applying eacn
hrand with the maximum of damage
to the victim, heightened the expec
tations of observant citizens, and ev
erybody drew a long breath and sal".
"We'll have it, suit its to be a mie,
sohhv, oozv, sticky, slimy campaign.
1'p to date, however, these cham
pions have proved rather disappoint
ing. Somehow their aim seems to
liave taisearrled. Only twice have
thev vnUii-tt into this alluring fiebi
of political battle. Once was when a
"personal'' letter exceedingly per
sonal was sent out over the signa
ture of that prince of patriots, ''Cap
(iillcnwator, opposing the appoint
ment of Summers P.urkhart ns Judge
of Hie 1'niled States court, and once
Ml ivhnn .. fr.U! , 1 III Q IICO. Kmllk A.
lluhuu !.'uun,,.,t the air of an early
Christian martvr and undertook to
explain why it is that the Morninn'
Journal is opposing his candidacy for
1'nited States senator.
There was mud a plenty in both
thesn letters mud aimed viciously at
Mr. Hurkh irt and mud aimed with
e'ltial savageness ut the publisher of
'he Journal. Hut the trouble with
this mii.i o'nu ih.it li didn't get the
'"I'tihliean candidates anywhere.!
Neither Mr. Unrkhait. nor the puh-j
ltsher of the Journal was a candidate j
for any office in this campaign, and
'"Iks said, "Shucks when is the real
bin going to start?"
Slurtv Almiit to Itocin.
It is being whispered about Santa
Fe at present, however, that in the
two letters to which reference has
''en made the mud-squirters of the
Wind old party of Lincoln were niere
'y trying o n 'their little guns to be
'ire that thev are working right
'"M what has gone before is only in
'he nature of a curtain raiser, and
that the real show will open up Just
few days before election too late
'"f the democrats tn get in their come
Mick. The knowing ones, when re-
mniioi) that so far the performance
" neon anything but satisfying itnQ
fallen far below Its press notices.
"ik wisely and bid vou be patient,
Jf' "ay ,1"'y- t,,p ",u"i s,Ve,y flV
'"or the curtain is rung down on
,h final scene.
Just what sort of mud this will be
"a who it will t,e aimed at are mat-
ith .1 strict
ter's reipiest
I eourt house.
After hearing the aged man s sio.j,
I the district attorney Issued tne ooi-
plalnt upon which Barrett was ioiimu
in the county Jail.
Barrett came here several years
ago from Circleville, lnd. Mrs. Bar
rett, before her marriage, was a wid
ow, Mrs. Irene L. Kodgers of Mount
Aetna, lnd.
Kuvs VI lie .All-iicKcu nun.
! The district attorney and Mr.
111ns allege Barrett said to them
i,... luui Wednesday, while he
horning brush. Mrs. itarreu
It KM 1 1
;is is
Til 151 K
Taris, Oct. 22- l'remler Stuergkh
was shot while dining In the Hotl
Me'lsst und Schaden, in the Karntner
strasse. Three bullets from Adler s
revolver lodged in Count Stuergkh s
head, killing him instantly.
in at
him with a butcner Knne ami
.,i,,l.,.l i rnvf f Her son cuioe
i en." .i ,
assistance Willi an a.i.-
he d
his mot hi'
Washington, (. -1 . - ( irganied
labor's first official appeal to Its
membership in behalf of President
Wilson's re-election, was made pub
lic today at the American l'Vileration
of Labor headquarters. II is in the
form of a circular to all officers of or
ganized labor, calling on them to hold
I j special meetings, if necessary, to con
sider Issues or tne campaign, "oo m
see to it that wane earners go 10 tne
polls to protect their interests against
"Wall street."
The letter Is signed by Samuel ( lum
pers, president; .bums Council, vice
president, and Krank Morrison, secre
tary, as the federation's labor rep
resentation comtiiirer, :eud-it has won
sent to the heads of all affiliated or
ganizations. In review mu ine remiu
of the administration, il praises the
oresi, tent's course in foreign affairs.
declaring that without war, he has se
cured all the protection and benefits
that would have accrued from u suc
cessful war and asserts that, at home
the labor movement "has been able to
secure recognition for the rlg-hts of
human beings and opportunity for all
to participate in the affairs of the na
tion in a degree that never before has
been accomplished."
Following is the letter. In part :
The Appeal tn Labor.
"Crcetlng: Never al any time with
in the last fifty years have the work
ers had' more at stake in any politi
cal campiiirn than in the one that is
to he decided In the election Novem
ber 7.
"During the present administration,
and particularly In this campaign,
there has been delivered a clear-cut
issue between the workers the pro
ducersand those who manipulate
the nrodiicts of the labor of others--
Hie exo loiters. The issue is repre-
ters that are being kept darkly secret.
That the republican centra com.n lt
tee has something up its sleeve that
.. ... . t ..mi ut the last minute
II )IOiu.. n I " . .
i,,,,.u!t.,.r nrobuble It I
seems lu'h-
.1 u ni,. ih., ...en in charge
mucii i.v , - . .y,,,,,
omniniee. aim in.i ...
Full .Urpromised that
mud, and far be il from
States senator to piuminc .v
i hen not hanu n oui
:if the
work of that
.ides, Senator
we shall have
a I'nitcd
thing and
i... in, weals I'l-cuill'i-".
T1...I ih democrats are expecting
something in the way
move by their opponents
few days of the ci'iiil
of a sensational
in tne las.
t IK II IS evun iM
from the preparations u.a. ""-"
makintr. They liaxc no ub -a what
form the attack wi i lake. '
are expecting it to be something
til nalure ot the two
gotten out by the republica ns b
have been remarka b e c hie .
fertility or houkio....., - - ,
-i or u "
the men whose
to them had noth-
their coinposiuon-
t wiuu-
issaults may lie
Barrett said, according
leged confession:
"I knocked my wife down with my
fist and then hit the boy with a board
found lying on the grouuo. ' "
incensed 1 did not know what I was
doing. Then I picked up the knife and
..... i,.i ... mid before she was dead
I threw her bodv into the flames. The
bov was unconscious and 1 threw' his
i.;i ihe fire. They did not burn
quickly enough, so I gathered
.... ... ii.,..wi und alter men
""""" .'. ....... .!. ..uV.uU nil
were consumed, l nuiieu mc
the rear of the lawn."
NelKliborn IUhiiiim' SiisiIc!omv.
Miss Llllie La Frayue, a' neighbor,
missed Mrs. Barrett and upon inquiry
ned from Barren mat nis ""J""""
BavmoiHl, Mgeii I ,, roo. ...
The actions of the aged man
which sin- lam
to his al-
her soil
the city
aroused her suspicions
before the police ,
After Barrett nan mane n
list ro t anorn.-
Monica and in tne
was said to nave
thev recovered
confession th.
detectives to Santa
i.biee where Barrett
i.,,i .1... nwties
concern.-. ,.,..
or none hihi a v.
ml vsl: New Mexico Sunday
funl (lay peneraliy fair, warmer
j U). fouler northeast portion ilon-
undisclosed author
ly conceded that,
names were signed
ine to do with
and they are preparing to mcr
ever eleventh Hour
made on that a"s"n"'.Ul"!',t..ll(m
Si.eakers a special 1"lltall"
to i. ucv.t uu hand
1 1. . 1 1 1 ttiK ...
fcou.l.iiinrtel'H Ullll at COllV
.v...,..!!...!! the state
..,... r,,,tiee tn nroceed to the
it, ..,.i.l ix heillir
. M-wWe m v. Il ate
to answer mr "
f......i thev inav be made. S
outuosts ure to report
moment what mud
who it is to be
snecial parts
thrown. And
e iv,.. .....Iter, from
point of the mud.-lingci s. is i"
! i u- sloiiff has combined
..f truth with the maximum
or malice and has Impaired
v,,.i.,onu of any mud that
slung in future. .
. .... ... ... vv.li nronuse.l
aiiy low. ai'iini.'i . '
..iii.l and mud is what
publicans us well ns
exnecting. In fact we
till we get It.
m. i.ii,i,..i iii Stonn.
,,iK --- .
21. aiaiuieu
captain and two nicm..r. -the
tug Shaun Khue. of De-
brought safely to I en-r
thiu forenoon. me'
two fragiiienis
teeth. ...
Recently Mrs. Barrett fd
which she alleged she had
. ..ii.i i. her husband to
on. t,. orooertv iiniounting to
action was io
The case has not yet
(lie ruing oi
,1 a suit in
l.een coin
sign away
ind her
;.w.a lzdlowillg
suit Barrett announced that be w
I institute suit for divorce.
Oil bl
iiienl poin's
ready at a, mo-
lung and a.e
r I
outs and
:lt the earliesi ,
Is to lie 1 "
ui ml in w hat :
l in ov ii ...
nt ih sta C 11 is i"
the. most iiiiKJi i .......
.. f. ,...i I Me si
-O.-.H. JOU.N.L .P.C..L L....D .!
Winnipeg, Manitoba, oet. 2l.-offi-
.1... . v. n:i o a 11 I'ii. iii'
ciais o. , .. ,
and representatives in ! ", '.
, , trainmen, who threaten o s. k
. .. iv. i,.sd:,v unless certain coii-
'"' ! ,..,uo,,ns in the way ol
.....i wages are made
stand- ,. h,i Hon. T. W,
i:.ter of labor.
, ..... :. I .... .
I ' ' . I.,
conciliation to in
all of us, n-
democrats. are
won't be happ
working hours
today marked
rrotliers, mln-
onsidered the railroads
nt oi
board of
u';;i:r:hood , ;fs
the appointment or a o.m . , e "
,t that the points now al issue v c.
"viewed by a board in 1 M and ha.
the majority decision was adve o
claims. i"
is unlikely,
today quoted Ml".
I its aged
I his crew
troit, was
land. Ontario
i he ti n in men s
of negotiations here
1 ittawa dispatches
T..t Hera as ''VnB: , ..h
Htlli in commune ........
and are not wnn...
satisfactory s. tlieiiien.
sented in the c.iniiaign l.y me ..in
flicting Interests represented by labor
and Wall street. During the present
administration the organized labor
movement lias been able to secure rec
ognition for the rights of human be
ings and opportunity for all to par
ticipate in the affairs of the nation in
a degree that has never been accom
plished before.
"The dignity of human life and the
value of the ' co-operation of those
whose work are necessary to the
processes of industry and commerce
have been given all Important place
ill considi'ilni: all problems that con
cern the nation. This recognition has
taken the form of b gislation neces
sary to prolecl the interests of wage
earners and in the ideals of human
ity that hay,' guided ami directed na
tional policies, both at home and ill
our relations with other nations.
ilson I'rcvenls nr.
'Though half of the world has been
involved ill a terrific conflict and il
seemed at tunes as though our na
tion must be drawn mm ioe moi.a
of human slaughter, yet the chief cx
,.iiii,,. ,,r .,n.' I., ml has been able to
manage the affairs of the nation atul
the Interests of our citizens so that j
without the horrors of war, he has
established and maintained protection
of human life and human rights In
the soinewhi. vague domain of Inter
national law. Without Involving this
he bus secured tor us
lection and all of the
would have accrued
-fill international war
ami by diplomatic correspondence, n.is
achieved the vidory of emboilyine
concepts of humanity in international
activity, insofar a.s America is con
cerned. .
"What has been true In tne caw oi
the l'.uropean war, also Is true in the
case with relations between our coun
try and Mexico.
Scons Selfish liiUrcM..
"The interests that have been seek
ing to plunge our country into war
i,t ,,olv with Kuropoiin countries, but
also with Mexico, are the In' 'rests
that are represented by the most self
ish and most conseieiiceless element
of Wall sired So far a.s the Internal
..fiairs of our country are concerned,
,,, ....ni.e.i labor movement. u.i the
iiithorized i-epr.seiiiaiiie m in.- .......
iemau.le.l lor men. in,'
atbui in all the nr-
ii ml ba-s secured
cognition of
ur.e never
Between the Amje river and the
Pozieles-Banaiiine. road. on the
Somme front, British troops, after
I checking an offensive by the fore s ol
Crown Prince Knppreclit or l.avaria,
attacked Sal nr. lay and pushed for
ward from .'IO" to a'1'! yards on a front
of r . II il 0 yards. The advance wa.i
made between Le Stirs and the s.-hwii-ben
redoubt, which was the scene of
the earlier attack by the Ceinians.
ileneral llaig's men captured the Stuff
and lleglna trendies, advanced posts
north anil noruieasi oi me f h
redoubt, and several hundred prison
ers. The Hermans also nltacked strongly
he-l'i'i ,ich liositions-at siUI -SaU-li
sel, on the Itnpntiine-Pennine road, j
as well as positions between I'iaches
and La Maisonnette, near 1'ironne.
The attackers wele repulsed general
ly, hut l'aris admits they gained u
better footing north of Blaise wood.
The French succeeded In attacking
further south, and gained possession
of wood north of Cha nines.
.MckeiiHcn seres Again.
Striking the Russian and Kuiiianian
line in Dobriidla. Field Marshal von
i Markensen has renewed successfully
ibis offensive toward the Conslanr.a
I i eliernayeda. railioad. Attacking
..lone the fortv-uille front, the forces
j of the central powers have made good
j progress almost everywhere.
on the Danube, troops of the ceil
j ir.il powers hay ,, forced their way ln
Itn the entente positions south of Ita
i cbova. Along the Black sen, on the
I oilier end of the line, Tilda was 'ali
tor.. I, and several heights farther In
i land were conquered. Several hun
I'ven .Rumanians and .1.0(10 Russians
'were taken prison T, Berlin records,
j The Rumanians have been pressed
hack on their center and left wings,
i Bucharest admits. I'elrograd says
I the Teutonic attack resulted in the
i loss of Kogardja. Later attacks were
Serbs Are Advancing.
In southern Serbia, the Serbians
continue to advance. The Serbs now
are lour miles north of Brod. Fight
ing continues along the Transylvania
Itunianian border with successes for
i. .ili II... IMimanians and Teutons. The
Ittiim.nians have taken several lin-i
portant positions along ine mini ...
addition to more than M) prisoners.
In the Buzeii valley, south of Kmn
sta.lt, however, Bucharest adonis the
Rumanians have been compelled to
Count Kail Steurgkh, premier "I
Anslria, has been shot and lulled.
Miy.-. n semi-official report from Bel -bu.
The shooliiu is reported to have
l.een the act of a Vienna newspaper
A (ierinan cruiser of the Koll'er,
class was torpedoed by a Bnl.-li su'-
in in the North sea lasi i ion s-
The citiiser remained an
seven ly il.
Labor Vote Is Almost Solidly for President, While Business
Interests Arc Unit Against His Re-election; Great Mid
dle Class Likely to Decide Contest; States Heretofore
Regarded as Normally for G. 0. P. Are Now in Doubt
ful Column; Swing of Progressive Vote Varies, Being in
Some States as Much as Eighty-two per Cent While
in Others It Is Near the Danger Line; G. 0. P. Lead
ers Claim High Tide of Democracy Has Been Reached
and Will Recede Until Election Day.
('Si'tnal nii-paUli. Cnpyrilit l'Jld, New York Herald. Alt
Kijahts Kcscrvfil.)
York, Oct. 21. flic filth iiistalliiiciit. cl.ll.ic .)j'w ork
imliucal poll skows that the tlrift is towards President
i a practically tieil race.
ity is ?,,2 out of a K'raihl
the New York Herald in
fitccti ilavs off, ihv prrskV;?'1' f'.t,- ;
slight ifnins in states v nidi air bc.nnally
total of 14o,064
thirty six states.
W ilson it
Mr. 1 lushes' phira
straw i it is taken liv
The Herald's introduction
With election ij;iy just
driftinj;' toward I 'resident
Mr. Iltiuhts h;is made Mnrht yams m states
repuhliean, hnl which are this year in donlit.
The president lias made yains in states w
repuhliean hut which this year are not only in
to decide the election.
The slates in which Mr. Hughes, in the Herald's straw votes,
has made yams are New York (upstate), Connecticut, Massachu
setts, Montana, Idaho, South Dakota and New Jersey.
Tiie states where the president has made yains are Illinois, In
diana, Maryland, Michiyan, Minnesota, Nehraska, Ohio, Washing
ton, West Yiryinia, and Wisconsin.
lich are ordinarily
otiht hut are likely
Tin1 Bacc. Now Neck ami ccl.
As was first mile. I in the 1 1 . . i . 1 1 . 1 on
September "I, it Is n. nei'k-alld neck
me,, for the presidency. Mr. Hughes
has had the lead because of the nor
mal strength of the lepubllciin party
and the amalgamation of the progres
sives with the republicans.
But be h,.s U'cn losing. He Is
much weaker than his party. Presi
dent Wilson has been gaining. He Is
much stronger than his party. The
two are iinyv piacticallv tied for the
I sing as a basis the old-time
strength of Mi., republican parly and
I be . . 1 1 1 1 p a rat i e vote of Me
and Roosevelt with thai of
sou. it y..s necessary at the
Hie caiiiass for the demo,
make huge gams to eue il
would approximate uu el en
t heir political I ival.i.
Bui thev liaye, from all
,e;its in llie straw
cams and ale now
'l a ft i
Wil- I
1 ;
what !
I t'
an .yen fooling
that ap
yule, made tbes
on w hat a mount
Willi the reptlbll
a It hough
nation In war,
all of the pn
benefits that,
from a sueces
t.ltl IK
ihi isri
AMI .Iil' A I
.Ml of
W ''at Straw otc
of a total of I ttl.u
ill lliilly six slate
plutallty of :i.T:r
a total of 1 tl'.', 10.'!
of t.U . "..
; I st r a w otes
i. Mr. Hughes
f.asl week
be lias a plu-
Siilomkl, Oct. 20 (12:00 noon, via
London, id. 21). Mms. Cafandiiiis
and Aravantinos will be s''iit to the
I one, I Slates short Iv to recruit Creek
ami American volunteers
tioiial army of defense,
raised by the followers of
mier Venielos.
I'l mii:i Sll AKI'LV
for the no
now being
former l'lc-
KlltW Mtl)
hours, endln at
,"inimurnUm.8U'm""at'ne' 69
tt ( D "' -.S; ranRe. 41; temperature
v . o2; nouthweat wind, ilear.
"We are
both parties
i.,.u .,r n.
will averi a ph"".
terrific storm
When a tug
sel wag disabled in irie
t i. luat rtie nt.
of me
trt thp rescue
. . . l . iea nipmliprs
Shaun Bhue's crew left the,,- ship and
were taken aboard the
Cunt. Robert Maines,
refused to leave
engineer and cook
to port.
rescuing tue.
years of age.
his tug and with nis
brought his ooai
, ii-i- 1917 Meet in i ii s"-
"2." ..'i mm Oct. 2L-"'hicago
' v,,.en'as the 1 H 1 7 meeting pb
- '.J K-...i..nl s..,i.'ituahsts' assocui-
non wi ich c osed' its annual gath
ering here today. 1 lesobitions adopt
er'"h.a.r.V! n endorsement of cre.na
P(l ll .... -
tlon and ured abolition
Advancing on a
ids between the
and Le Sars. on
n l-'raii.e, British
1 1 oops baye puslied tneir uu-
1 1 on) :t"il io .Mia yards, savs the otll-
nl is'Hiied lasi nigui no...
in 1' i aine. i ".
British captnie.i muh in."
tielielies. all. I took Sey.'l.ll lllllldled
previous to the attack, an attempt
ed offensive on the part of the Her
mans was repulsed by the British.
1 x.ll.t.ill. kt.
line of 6,01111
Schwaben redoubt
the Somme front
eiul slat.
(,,-nei al headiiiarlei s
SO lall
Iii this grand total, however
aie im -oi . orated Is, Mill voles
This is .nit oT proportion 1.
of t he count i v. i 'a lif.'i nia Is,
indications now ilisoei nll.li .
lepublican slronghold which
ine t roe Io Its stand., i d.
Therefoi e. it would I
eoiiiiuila I ion to i to I in I
group of v oles f i inn t h ' . any
than il would to include lie
l'linil.er from a state like 1 'i
or North i 'arolina, which is ji
st l olig I V dell.oci a I io.
If the vole of I -allfol nia v I
down two-thirds, wl,,.h would
II comiiiensiii ale w il b I ' r. si
I tales, t lie el, is, n. s:. ..I I I
revealed bv Hie total stial
be more appal, nt
For instance, if hot
the v."t"i '
total la bill .
jorily of
Iniisiuui I)
for III
of capital
earners, h
right of p allien
.!... leilioll
1 mil oeuuin.i i" ... ,
before realized. I
. 1 1, . .'
"lmring the pasi ioiii ...
has been enacted by . ougress and
signed bv President Wilson humanl-,
nrolc'llve legislation, unprece
dented in " ' s''"l"'',
lative enactment has sc. tired to wugi
earners f imilanielilal rights iieeessa-'
for the verv evistence id the oieaina
' ... - .. ill,,,,. I ui.., Il WHC
.,..,,u ,.r I in. in,""
earners would have nothing of
rinm ami ho real opportunili.
lavorablc Ia Nnrrnsl.
..I,, ....til- the e gill ooui .. ..
i for
London I- - I
in the Boil.- j
tegi.ui, has j
Alpine troops j
hnyoiu-1. .tilling i
the war office an
low :.nd foe hav
Koine, I let . :' I (V la
strong Ausiiian p.. sill.
valley in the liolomite
b, en .-oil ii I i.l by Ilaliel
:it the point of th
violent snowstorm
......... . .1 to. lav. :
. .. - . . . ...... i'ii Hons in the I'asubui
region, n.il w itbsiaii.liiig wbi.h
It:,!,;,,!, mad, same pi OKress.
official slaK in' In re
' On Mount l'a:
were hindered bv sn
made some pogres,
Koite legion, taking
..oels Of the V'OSel I
i ludliiK one oll'ifi r.
lion of tt
pllblt. all
llttelltu.il ."
I 1 1 1 i.l sd'
Never ,i
. f lo.lav
w bi. h apt
el, .sen. sm
II is Ilk
Ira I.ol'f o
. . .sine re
I he finish
e l.sl I
in wt.a
Hilt :oll.
Herald's polls to dale show that these)
men are Inclined to favor the repub
licans. They ami the "silent ' voters, who
lire more numerous thin year than ev
er before, will decide tho election.
There are Indications 111 several
parts of tho country that hranches of
the railway Industry are turning away
from the president on the theory that
they are being deluded by Ihu Adam
son law'.
The republicans ore conducting a
most vigorous campaign In convince
the lailway workers that this Is true.
l'ro;ri" nt Some Places.
Thev are making progress In soma
pl u e. but in ol hers the railway em
ployes, operatives and others, ure al-
wiltil most a unit tor the democracy.
I The republicans say that the almost
s. nsai aula! clt lit ot wage earners io
the d. 'inner.!, y 111 the Inst month has
i. in lied Its highest point and that the.
s.vmg back has begun, and will con
tinue till election day. It Is conceded
by the republicans that unless thero
i:, a sw iiigbiick, there is some Justifi
cation for republican gloom.
Moady IH'irt Id Wilson.
In addition Io the labor drift to tho
ib in. u i its, there Is In all the repuh
liean stales, a small but steady tlrift
.. I republicans to the president oil
the contention: "He has kept, us out
1. 1' war." There is likewise a steady
drift of democrats of the business
world swinging into line for Mr.
hold- ! H ughes.
A study of the percentage tables
h fair ; published in the Herald today, shows
.,. ;iltb. .sweep of the tides which ure run-
I, mug ill the present eiiinpalgn
.,: I When the Herald's first straw Vota
,,-ssee ' tabulation was published, the presl
,1 hsJ dent was receiving la per cent of tho
i total ole cast,
eut ! He went the second week to 4(1, re
infike ! '"a ined there for a week, and In tho
,f it,,.; last compilation given today, ho Is re-
. eotiiesi as 1 ' Civ ing -1 , 1 -. per . em.
vole, would I "" 'be otln r baud. Mr. Hughes In
lb" first eoiiiputulion received Ci 1
e n,:,-,) of; per ' ol of Ho- total Vote and la now
pi, p., I I he 1 reei iv ui)' ;.o per cent
u.w a ma i lhvid'-il slull Shown,
dent. I I,, the cmpa im I iv e shifts from par-
i lar.e proper-jty (,, parly and from the progressives,
.1 are necessarily I . iresnieiil inal.es gains also.
-.- pre uoi.'.bly re- i The total gain of Mr. Hughes from
Is nnlv fur that I all sources - from liiinsivi It and Wil-
I p
I hi
ll oi
I he
.11 !
illed to the Cull- I
I'inoi v
re be,
i" i r t , 1 1 .
,1 Ho- pn
pi, ill iclans
;i eontesl
. ut one fur
. a vaeht
f wind
ieh. may
hue first
are where
a 'cphvi,
drive one
an e-1
on tin1
ul.io. the operation
snow and foes e
,.us, limvi'O'i, In the
t!,,rt two p'is
. r,-r troops, in
I nis. r Vote for President.
il.i.i' Is overwhelmingly for the
id. ni Business Is almost a unit
I be republicans. The great lnid
eiass -small merchants, clerks,
n workers generally is divided.
It Is next to Impossible in iiieec
n ml
lam how It Ntarids.
Tho Indication
obtained in the
son 1:0- was roughly, four to one
over the president.
Now it is less than three to one.
The lluclns gain from tho Roosevelt
vole of I !'!:', Ill the first tabulation,
w;,s approximately four to one. Now
it is about three to one. The per
rentage of Rains In all the states from
the pi ogrcsive ranks show that ln
the Herald's first compilation, Mr.
Hughes was receiving 77 per cent and
Mr. Wilson 21 per cent of tho pro
giessive vote.
Trend Is General.
Now Mr. Hushes in receiving 75
per cent and the president 2S per
cent of the same vote. The swlnfr hai
unquestionably been In the direction
of the president. And Ihla swing 1

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