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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, October 22, 1916, CITY EDITION, SOCIETY SECTION, Image 10

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. V.
1 C
Mbuauerque Morning Journal, Sunday, October 22, 1916.
i J : 1 : : : : ., m.m,.i .. : 1
othr-r koIo pints ).y MinsCrai e Ktortz, i f'.irlv to Htt.'inl H fiiiiernl us one of
A) ism lii'SMC Siriuiu. Mis.M , Ihrrki i t he j.nil bfitnTK. Dr. Ilarwood nay
Hawthorne, AIimsck lloli'ii nn.1 Ji-anlhc is ,r.uil of his chair. He Nays it is
ii'iUiiiiii ami VA .1. Cristy. I nlic enough for tho iu;xt provident and
ormin. Mrs. V. S . ' 11, i 1 il. n ; jilano, ! for thi Wtiiti- lliniso.
A! ik. 1) W. l aw. S
nunrn onnnnrJ
sot ii TV oTi:s.
AV III LHjJr I l--in.lif.il .. I f Mr. :,. Mr.
AV J7;i&i--ij " A "'I'l'.v " " N.-w York hvi.u...
X - : .V Hi Z 'II
. I hit
One on Me
1 iid. r the heml, "Alt Alumni for Al
l.ii'iui'i all eiinlein rnnleiiii. inb-
IikIii-h tin- following. rt'i'ditliiK It to tills
.an i
The Imll In Htrii'tly (in tinilreH rif
fair. iiihI throiiKh I hi. I, .ill llii. varmint
roiiniiiiiicH nri koIhk to provo to our
l"iior that A M i . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . mini (loi n
hn.. Hint neighborly spirit. ' "
i if nmrw ami In In. nine, It ko to
no. fiisl - iniHt our kind hcnrleil jiikI
ail hi i i i lie ftU'liili to tnll;'iten iin wh'n
we true 1 1 4 n shown up a n n lin k. Al
tii"l I ' oiil.ln'l K' t it Into my fair
youtiir heml that Homcliody waHii't
Hpoiifmii nil. - miiklliK up Hilllll't Iiiiik
mid riiilllliiK It to mi' leaving mitne
IIiiiik on Iny ilootNti'p lli.it really didn't
l.i hum in iniv
1 knew 1 limln't written nnvtlilnu
1 1 K thatnot while 1 wan awalui mid
in poKMi'SHliiii nf my Holier ni'iisis, lit
li iist, anil 1 fi ll ronriilcnl. Hint I hadn't
been doing any neribbllii(r In my sh i p
and limln't allowed imylhiiiK to mo to
ins Inini ruentty, mid wi ll, I wan nil
up In Him nlr an. I out on a llinli.
And Ho n It rami- to mi' in a flash.
IniitiiK tin' Hlnlii fair 1 fil i- 1 1 m Just
iihoiii nil tin" work In tin- world to hi'
loin. nl. out tin. 1:111c nliop whern 1
rarn tin- rltdit to rei tIvi my pay pn-
lope, and them were only a fi'W folk
to do It. if tlm gtvliiK of I. alls and
partus and ilami'N thru- wiin no I'lnl.
Sunn, of my frii'inls ni'ic kind eiioiinh
to Willi' (tniim of I tin Mil If for mo and
, Kim inn thn trouhh' of tiollicrlng with
It inVMi'lf. 'J lial was It Dial inimt
Inn i hci'n it.
It wiin men fio, A Ki'iircli of tlin files
dlsrloHi'd (tin ri'fcrcnri' to an lindiiss
affair whlrh would show Imw in l;h
horly wo urn wiih liiiilfd in thf In'ards
of nn iiilvam ' Hlory of tlm Hospitality
Lull whlrh tool pi'). n si iil In by mum'
r 1 1 l li I ii' r of thn cominllli-n In ihnii;i;
nn, lit whlrli 1 had handy liuii oil h
forn kItIiik it to th coin poHll in s. II
wiin on mo, nil rlht, liciHiinn It was
up to mo to look oyor just that soil
of 1 1 1 1 1 1 to n' that. It wiin an near
riKht n h I I'ould Kid II
on. vntv wni.i-.
Hut, ii Ct it mil whiit (llffi rnnrn (Ioph,
it tnnku? l.o In IIh Ii- Hint doi hll t
look rldirnloiiK Moiiiollmi H? Who that,
it IiIh or hr mlHlnkt'N worn hiinw upon
thn oiilor walls for thn i rllli nl liispi i'
Hi. li of nil and Hiindry that rand to
llispi'i t, would i-viT K' t hy ?
And why, play, nn d an I'ffi ln Mini
mot Ii l inen i niti rii dally, iufl' il up
with ItN own prldi, Rit ;ay with lis
Ullt IlIlK 111 A I tilllIM'll mi over n lint'
tiifli' llkn that'.' I'on't thry i vit havi'
"iindnsN nffalis" hack thill'? Ami
don't thilr new spa pit'H ever tnako u
hK'iili In ri'fi'trliiK to auythiiiM whalso
'Vt r thnl roiiifH iiIoiik ','
Willi ifotp, May 1, Pish and likewise
TiinIi, Also, go nil on a. tuek.
STII.I, lin'AI Ml l.
It lieclIlN to look IIS If there were
not any use to1 ixpeet thinx Hm lal to
liriMliten up to any ciiitsldei aide exli nl
until afler clei tion it.n'. Wliat'H I he
use? Tim nun urt nil havlni: their
pollHral lili'il n.i'.s and ale nl. hoi he, In
Hut mailer nf who in or w ho imi t
I'h i led, mid whellii r Ihls or that ean
dldati" ever mole n Inline or Iniineil
a harn or inuidered his saluted mand
mollier with a dull nxe; nnd the worn,-
ii folks rant hi dp leine; more or less
ilistriieleil hy what they lii'ar going on
so I'onstaiit ly about them; and so
nobody In In the least Inlere'iled In
the maltfr of eiitei 'Kilning, and Ihele
voll me.
I.riiest I.aiidolfl assures mo thai
ihi-i,. re to bo Nome Mil tlonns hy tlu
I lk ibis fall and winter, and as
I .ii inly is Hii' main fun provider for
the ii it 1 1 1-1 il ones, l is an e ei IumI lug
liudi that the i liibhoiiM" on Hold UK"
one Ih to hi- the seeiie of some really
livelv sluff from time to'liine during
tl e neason. The New Vein s eve "Mid
night at Maxim's" thnl w,m given un
der l.lllldys ilileillon last year Will
long Klnn,J i,h a soi i.il elassie, and
somelhliig nun h on the i.uiie older
is to be done ng.iln this year. Then
Iheio will be u something ill Thnnlin
glvlng and on all Hie other speelnl oi -eiiMlniiM,
win, a M,i inkliiii; of inforiiial
affair from time I., liine. mi. I without
hciu ing iinw ii t,,i, IumI iiM. Miiiiiei t
It l miffleii nt to say Hint whatever
olhers may do or not do during the
days to come, the Kills will not fail us.
i i k x i :v vi:it H i'i.s.
New Year'N ee will r.ill on .iiiulay.
The fall Ih lud exierei In ,h Sunday
bodily Ion in, but It will haw- some i f.
feet on lint I'.'lks' program. The "Hills''
New Ve.'ir'N oLserwiiire Is lo be divided
into two parts so that Hie Haballi hIoiII
not . (let united. 'nt in I ' I II I ).: h I the
lOIIlN Will IlKten i, ii del orolls i iilli l'l'l.
After midnight will i ome gaiety. A
eaharet danee In on the piogrnui for
the later part of the night, or early
purl nf Hie ninl Mini;
The I'lilieert. Will begin lit III n'eloelf
j and last until midnight. Thei nbaret
dnine will begin ut midnight. That Is
the Idlis' si heiliiln and liolhliig Is
likely to iIiniii iniige It iinlexM the riin-
i t finis lo li'i ininnli' pioinpHy nt the
stroke of twelve. That, howeser, Ik
sevi'iul nhailiH Pun than a barn possi
bility. i:rnest l.andolfl, who had ehargn of
tlm Klkn fust New Year festivities lit
tint opening of Huh year, has charge
of thn coming New Year's iivii iiml
li i tti I UK eiili'ilnliinient. I.nsl year'
affair wiin a gn at mu i'i'mn, nearly 4ji)
eoupli H taking purl, nnd iih mm h, lit
hast, may he cxpcrtcd of tlm coming
v. v. v A. xo'i i;s.
The V. V, '. A. has seriireil The
servhiH of a Irnvulor'H aid, who will
arrh'.' in the near futum In take up
I he work hero.
The pageant, "Thn Mlnlslei lug of
the (lift," under tin. direction of Mrs.
Ilradfotd, will he given In the armory
oil Nov her 11 nnd 24. The following
roiiiinitteeN have been nnmed: Husl-
niHH emiiiiiittoti- Min. N. W. Heiinlng,
Mm. Ijiiironon ,ee mid Mrs. Hoy
Hlroiiie; trensiirer. Mrs. II. K. I.nhelle:
hull unit decorating committer Mrs
.! T. AIcI.hiihIiIiii nnd Alls. W. 11. Chil-j
dem; propel I Ich M in. T. K. Kabln, f
Airs. i, . Ives, M is. K. 1 1. 1 lorgali a ml I
Mrs. Ivan Hoyailjleff; college group !
Mimh Alice I'.ovd and Airs. ('. Low
lier; country group Mrs. (leotge
Wheeler and Airs .1. (i. tioiild; city I
groups l''ifst, luduslrlal, Air. T, (",,
Winfrey; Keeond, di.Vsicnl, Mihs l'".id-
ner; third, hniiNohohl alts, Aliss La-j
Mu op and Airs. W. It. Long; fourth,!
eilin atloiinl, All's. L. S. 1'ctoin, Alls. I
t: ,1. Alger and Mrs. Farr; fifth. Jun
ior, Mrs. V. M. Ha.vwnrd, Alls, (isenr
year and his ,i ide lust ev ening nt the
beautiful new homo of Mr. and Airs.
II. A. Muipiiy on New York avenue.
A si x rout ye dinner w as serv ed, after
Which niiiHH , duncing and a general
good 'line i iihiii d null! a late liour.
The lll II ii KlientH were the Miuse.-l
Lei k, Hurl, nn;, n, 1'nldwell, I 'liauibei -hiiu,
bill In, Milliard. Johns. Tnggs.
iWuhlir; MesilameN I'urveur, I'oiuinn,
' lisHill, Mall, Murray, Alurphv, I'lik-
i insori, wooiii uir; and Meiers. Alurpliy.
i Ij wuison, i;egi nsberger, Weinman,
I I'liryen r nnd Sa nchi-r.
AIp:. V. Y. Walton, who li visiting
her flanghter, Mrs. Will Springer, on
I North Fifth street, was n bridge host-
riN on Irlilav afternoon. Fight
gui'MlN were Invileil and a very eiijoy-
I able lime was had.
II l. LOW I , 'I N liWI IM. 'H I V.
I Miss I'ihziibrth .Siiiiiiin has cardi out
i for a Malhivve'eii ilaming parly lo be
.'given at the Woman's club building on
j Friday r veiling (ictober L'7
! l.i in itKiiiK.i; ( i i h
The l.uiiclieoii Crldge club was cn
lerKiined by Mrs. A. c. ,V1. Flwaiu at
her home on North Fleveiith slreet
Friday aflri noon.
i'iiiic i.i 1 1 1 ititMi i i i-:.
The Civie llellei ment league benefil
at the Country club last WeilncN.luy
al'lei'iinoni wnH a decided success fronl
evei y nta mlpoiiil. Tin, twenty-)
raid tablrs, at which bridge
pla.ved, were in charge of Jim,
ward 1 1. Iloigan and Mis. John
In until a Into hour. Fvcrybody pres
ent leporlH having had a very enjoy
able time.
.miss mutt i;mt:i:tis.
'me of the pb arant events of the
week Wai, the dance and card paily
given by Mis Mai.v I'ratt on Monday
evening at. her IIIM. on North 'I'll i r
teeiitn Ktreet. The house was daintily
orated throughout In spii'd of Hi"
llallowi en ni'iisoii, .Miss Mary was
assl.sli',1 leeching by lie!' Mslel'S,
Mrs. Jt. 1'. A. Jobm-oii and A1r.s. James
II. , I, hell.
Thn guest wire:
I'llieaii, .Marian Sin
Finily l-'lrhlir, I'he:
ban Williams, I lore
llayni'S, and Mesdaim-H Charles Mod
son, W. Fralt. K. I'. A. Johnson and
.la me
Misses. Camillo.
it I, .Sadie I ih son,
ie M.'Mairis, Lil
I'iiu a ii, Anna l. I
Mhiiiies Charles II
K. I'. A. Johnson i
lliibbell, Mi'ssi.s. lii'Miioiid
I'lirrell, Ma vo ''oh', Irwin ,of
f ie, .la lues I'al I ii k. I :llnrr liiehl.
Alfre, Liehl, Chi si. r W'a.Mhbiirn, llow-
1 '.
id Liv ingslou, . mnk Tiei ney
Miller, I'loyd (lleasoii, iine
Cuy Hanks, Allied Cmla hue,
A. JohllMon nnd .hunt's Muhiiell.
I SUM It TO It I : M'N'tJ.
The ever popular sacred caiil.il'l,
"l;slhrr," will he sung at Hie I'reshy
terlan chiirih on this evening ui.ler
the direction of Mrs. F. 1,. I'.i'iidioid that
TIiohi' who mlssi'd Hie opportunity of
hearing and Menu; this eanlala when;
II was mi Hphiiil nl I v given with cos
luines and a. Ih,, in Hie Crystal Iho-i
i:i.i.i i:i.I)-kti:i.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Stein announc
the marriage of their daughter, Mar
g.iret Louise, tn Mr. Lawrence lll'eb
on S'.miiday, October 14, IS IB, ut Tin-j
clniiatl. In
IMC. M ll (Mill' s K7th WM- bier
I Jls.Mtv.
A'ith the many surpriseM were flow
ers. letters, noslal cards and wishes "
for many more returns of the same
happy event and the presentation of u
fine, easy, valuable chair.
The guests .Mr. nnd Mrs. . O.
Clarke, next-door neighbors; Airs
Hirwood's son and daughter-in-law,
Judge Klock; I). A. I'orteifield. Lev.
T. M. Ilarwood, and the following l.
A. It's: Stover, .McDonald, Caldwell,
Steward and diss,
The doctor had not noticed that
Mrs. Ilarwood, assisted by M is. Clarke,
were preparing dinner for more than
I heinsi Ives and their son and daugh
ter. So when the guests arrived,
nearly all together, and he went to the
door and they all boiled boldly in, lie
saw for the fust time Hint Mrs. Ilar
wood, Mr. Clarke and their daughter.
Mrs. Mae I In wt home, had sprung a
surprise upon him. It was a surprise,
and is yet a surprise how 1 1. A. I'or-
terl'icld got that, big chair through, tin'
door and into the parlor without
! the doctor, having seen it.
After the usual dinner talk Movern-
or Stover led Dr. Ilarwood into the
; parlor and up to Hie lug chair and told
hi 111 to be sealed. That' was the first
time the doctor hud seen the chair and
! he seemed lo wonder what it meant
In a moment Judge Klock was at his
side making tin; presentation speech.
Mv this time the doctor seemed to rea
I lize that the chair was for him and
j permed to be wondering what he
I could miv ill reply. The doctor was
. completely nonplussed and hnrdly
i knew what lo say. Ciovernor Stover
thru followed with a pnti'lienl talk in
which he said. "I am going lo criticise '
our chaplain for rApressing surprise.
he has lived to reach Ins STHi
Mr. mid Mrs. William Barker ofj
Sanln Fe spent a few days visiting j
friends last week, returning home Fri-
llav evening,
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kent
arrived j
me Friday morning, from ( iceaii i
rk, Cnl.. where they spent the sum-
months. Ilefore returning Air. j
Mrs. Kj.' nt. Willi their daughter,;
Margaret .Melder, spent two!
s in San Francisco. Airs. Medio!',
ivcr a noi l hern route for Topeka,
., and with Airs. Joseph Ifrovviij
return within a day or two by i
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Al. Carr and
Miss Virginia Carr sprnt the past
wei k in Fl 1'aso, Texas.
Tlie subject at the Woman's rlub
Friday was "liural Schoools." Miss
Long w as leader nnd opened the. meet
ing vvilh a most interesting compari
son lnt ween our schools of today and
I 'ii.se of u century ago. Superintendent
. M'Uitoy.'i gave li most eloitiont and,
instructive address on the "Needs of
'Tape's Diapepsin" ends
stomach distress in fiVe
1 be
l:ur;i I School." Mrs. Fastonlny
vvcl with a helpful talk on the
... t and showed pictures of our
I schools which were highly coni
eiitary to the intelligent work of
superintendent, .Mr. Montova.
is. ii. II. Frost left Thursday af
,oii to spend the winter with rela
in Indiana. .Mrs. A. F. Keith
a dinner party in her honor.
:e attending besides Airs. !
i wi le .Mrs. W. J. Howell, .Mis. S.
J. (I. Could, Mrs. li. K.
J. St ru iiiijii ist . Mrs. Ida
lovan. .Miss Lilian Wil-
Tou don't want a ie, w
wnen your smmaon is p.,,
certain one or a harmful ,.
stomach is too valuable' v,m - '
rape's Diapepsin If, tHlU. (
'i,r"i "i F'vum n-iiu; nH );
ness; iih certain unb
regulating kick, sour,
1 :, Miller. Mrs.
Tallin), Mrs. L
M.Clllie In
lill Mi
ll 1 nl-Mi'
Miss Herbert (ialle
Airs. II.
William Henry Long gave a
lav from 3 until tl at her
I one lijii Wesl Copper avenue, eoin-
nliiiieiitary to her daughter, Mrs
. iK'ti...
Kussy i
Its mlllioiiN of cure.H In u,,,,,.
dyspepsia, gastritis and oihfr,t,;5
: trouble has mad it iamUH tIl
J Keep this perfect stomach il.irl J
your home keep It hardy m 11
fifty-cent case from anv (n,
!and then if anyone should ,
j uiuig which uiii-mi t agree wilhtlii
ir wnai nicy ear iays bk" 1pi1( r
linentH nnd sourg and forms',,
Jcausea headache, dizziness urn i,,,"
!! urvaiioilH 1 1 1 11C1U nun nn,!;., ,f
i food remember iih hooh ;i f, ,
I Dlnriepsin comes in conliiet wilh'Jj
kitotnach all such ilistr.. , :
- ' mull
riromiitneKH ri.r hnntir .....i "I
; i i - ' ' " ' j a mi
i overcoming tne worst st
. A. C. I
,f Washington, 1). ('., nnd Alrs.j
nf" I,
Ul.'n h .1 ...
,l.,r. lu u r..,....i, 1 '
ut .c ,o ,., si VVHo
tllllliiril on I'.ije llirrr.)
l(HiitU frum ilinirilal V;inl AiU
1 1115
W. S lb
llient'i, Tbl
prelllly ili-i i
ers, was pre
I'.. McMillen and .Mrs.
in l illii'.'il the lefi esb-
diniiig table, which was
iiatid Willi aiitiimn flow
U'led iiver by Airs. Noa II-
fold and Mrs. Null
poured. Assisting them
of chiiriniiig young ladii
Misses l-'loienie Criinsfi
Heikmaii, At is, .1. W. Wilson and Mrs.
H. C. Iliirloii; sixth, lilble, Min. K. N. i
I'.ullork; foielgn group, Mrs. F. It. '
Schwellt ker, FplloKile - 1' lrsl, nlieiellt j
Mines, Mrs, M. OStiong, Mrs. F. I'et it ; I
second, mi. Idle ages, Mrs. A, I'.. Stroup
and Mrs, M F. Lnbelle; third, I'm I- ;
I a ns.
F. W
M i s.
. Ma
F. (
.Martha al
Field, who
were a biy
s. including
Id, Annette
Weinman, Fdllh Childeis, Agnes did
ders, Fbnnor Vnughoy, Virginia Carr
Kalheilne .McMillen, A1 is, Laura 1co,
.Mrs. I). J. Alger. Mrs. S. o. Algi
Mrs, S (). AiidroH, and Airs. Know or
New Yolk. Those winning prizes,
which were composed of vnlioiiH col
ored full flowers in nosegnys, were.
Mrs. A. Sals, Mrs. S. C. Von Alnieii.
Miss Fstelle Lutliy nnd Mrs. Frncst
Spit.. The following Indies were ill
Charge of tat.lfV ,Mm, W. li, Chil
deis, .Mrs. itoy McDonald, Airs. Isaac
Itarth, Mrs. Siimmcrn hurkhutt, Airs,
I vii n Criinsfehl, Mrs. Lester, M is. J.
li. Ilerndon, Airs. '.. A, Yiiughey, .Mrs.
Arno llunliig, Airs. Hymn . Ives, Mrs.
II. Itoseiiwnbl, Mrs, D. s. Fetors, Alls.
Henry C, Coins, Jr., Mrs. J. AL Ale
Terr, Mrs. .1. Kev nobis, Mrs. Kessle
Jaffa, Mrs. .1. Horner. Mrs. .1. T. Mc
Laughlin, Mrs. W. Spiingcr, .Mrs. It.
Stimuli, Mrs. Ada I'.ltlner, Mrs L. 1
Leiu h, Mrs. J. Korher, .Mrs. K. Alf,
Mis, J, F. Smil hers. Mis. W. C, i les
treieli, .Mi". S. T. iinn, Airs. I''. Kruski
and Mrs. K. .'ariell.
The ladles who gave the enterlaln-
lueiit for lie Civ ic l!ellerineiit League
wish to thank the many fl lends who
aided in carrying ll through. Many
people of Alliiiiiu riiie gave their tune
frcelv to assist ii. worthy cause,
iiM:it-i i: r itix.
Mniiager J, F. Sinilhcrs of Mm Al
Miiailo is itrrangiiig a dinner and
dance lo be given on New Year's eve.
I'lnl .' will be a concert from '.I mini
I I. .'Ill p. m. by talent brought from the
east especially for this occasion. Din
ner will be served and soon afler mid
night dam lug will begin. Thn '"Thirty
club," inslend of giving n scpnrale
dam e will attend this affair in a body
vear. " "Why," said Hie governor,'
"we all ought to live lo be a hundred
yea I a old. I would be ashamed of my- :
self if 1 didn't i vpect In live to In- a
hundred." The goviihor said the
trouble wilh the most of ns Is that vvi
don't obey the Lord's prayer. .
Wo prav tile Lord's prayir, "lead us'
not into lein .la I urn,'' and .lull we lei
as I lo y ha v e loda y, gel us
l ine dinner I ha I we are b-d
nt ion a nd w e eat t no linn h.
nnd the governor were
est. Those ot hers who spoke
Mr. I' rfield had to have
i.!)?M'M)H!!,i!Mm,'r untmMsmiro!!Mn M;::iii!ii!;nrjn';S!H :'n.;sH'!riMt!Sn?U ifnHMWMH.il
y i d ii Hi a Ji u :j a u y u ci i a a w
llllt llllll MTM. Drill. I U , I .,,1., oo nl ll.lelnl
nleii. fourth, civil war times, I mi,klng this dinner and dance an
'. I'.utler; fiftti, our day, Mrs ',., i,,,, .,, i... ,,,.,,, i.,-...i i,v n,..
''rank Sloilz Final tableau. Airs. J I ,ilM ,,,, y' ,., f Albii,iier,iiie. Tlckels
I'. Horner nnd Mrs. Waller Mope. All wi! $:, ,,,. ,.,, ,,, ,, (l p,.
liieinbeiN of these eoiiim It t.'cs a"' jde, ,e, to limit the number, so that
urged to be at thn V. M. C. A. at 2 :t I , ,., wm ..lentv of .lancing space.
.Sunday iillernoon to discuss plans unit
receive lust rue t lo ns from Mm director, I ,,,'j 1 1 1 ''' ( , ( ' ).
Mrs. F. L. ll.iidriinl j Tl, ...n,lriy ,.i,," Kvt. ,'JS first for-
1 null dance of the season nt odd Fel-
I I US' ll t; I'MliY, jlnvvs' hall Wednesday evening, Octo-
Tbe I.HiN inn planning an Informal her s. This was the first of a series
tiimrlng party for Flks and t heir i ,,f hese da iiiik I hut will be g iv en du r-
frli'inlN on Tuesday evening, October
Flnboi ate
being ma. I,
which will
e o.
prcpiiriilions also aro
for a uiasiiicraile ball,
lake place Thanksgiving
any t,t
! . v..
lN i: ( Altll I'MtTV.
l otion Clove No. ", Woodnien Cir
cle, ban annoiiiii'ed ;i social dance and
card p.ulv tor S ediii sdiiy evening.
Nov. I, at i id. I Fellows hall. The
members and their friends are look
ing forward to a pleasant evening. I
lug ihn winter. The one last Wcd
liesil.iv evening proved to be a delight
ful nl fair and I lie members of the club
are e.igi rly looking forward to the
succeeding ones. Those present were
Mr. and Mrs. S. II. I 'rice, Ccorge K.
Ncher, licit Skinner nnd Lester
Cooper; Messrs. , T. Sewcll, F. Col
don Cass, Charles M. Lcnibke, Ira V.
Hold). II. F. Davis, Floy. I Leo, I'aul
Mult. W. M. McDonald, II. It. Sellers.
I!. I'. Woodson, Llovd Slurges, I'aul
llccker. ,1, F. swilluin, It. J. Kelehef.
.1. H. c loll, W. .1. White. Carl Krur-
I'lXMoN'l) In vent mi-lit Is nlwnvi a
good llivchliiu lit If It's a t.OOD tlin.
Iimiiil. c offer every guaranty thai
a reasonable buicr or a r -isuislhle
Imiiv can give. Xo wile is inn-ldi ml
( lossl tint II our I'Usloillcl is tlioroilgh
ly Mitisfliil. We lo mil in re for n sale
hiIi-hn ciiii ut the niiiic time main
tain a InislltCM flirllilsdilp.
Any illainooil Ixiuglit of us limy Im
cn linngcd for others of (renter wiluc
hy w'Jlng the iliffercnc-o.
li SI'Mt ium i:,
' Second of the series of dunces
id for the wilder season hy Hie
of Fasti'in S, ii- js to lake place
' Masonic Temple mi Thursday
fveiiing, November Mi. All nieiiilieis
of the Masonic orders and their friend,
me invited.
The first dancing party of the se
ries, give,, on Seplelulicr L' '', was n
decided nines, nn,. hundred couples
en loyiiig tl,,. d. Hiring There were
from five to six ciicnics betvvein con
number, showing nlainlv how the
I dam ers a.preciat,., the iiiusie fur
nudicil by the 1:11 is- Fuhi nnv u orches
tra of siv pieces. Tl-,,. Minie music
and the same committee in charge as
Hiircs the dancers a Very pleasant cv
j t mug at the coming dance
l',HH MMOV TO I VI I It!! l'l.
On W ednesday evening, t ictober
1 Miss Hazel M.iloy will give a dancing
I paily i oinplimciitarv to Miss Adele
i Dunkcrlry of IJllllls. TcX is. Tlm event,
i w lib h proiuiHPH to be the first large
affair of the season, will take place
in i be Masonic hall. Dancing will iuiii-
I cm. I,.
del fee
I l.ovela
and Li a ii i.
ino Little
I ,ois I 1,-1 VIS
V,i'.:.;loy. 1
K a 1 hcriiie
I losschlen.
man, Hel
Missel, leu. Harold Itliekcn
It M' l'ie. jr., Dr. W. K.
L o Murphy, liobcrt Mutt
lliibbell, ir .; Misses Kather-
Kobcoca Horner, Adele
Miii'gaiet Cook, I'earl
Shirley von Waciieiibauseli,
Irene Met konhoff, Laureen
la i ll lido Wells, Fleunol
tct'y Sinini", Huby I'i'ele,
Kelcbcl, MadleV, Fcl'lllcc
I'Mhcl Kioke, Helen Thnr-
Mdncli. Albcrla Maw
inciH e at y o'i lock
in i k. inn i, umiK.i: ri:rv.
Mis. ( i. A. Ma I. ion and Mrs, Hoy
McDonald weie joint hostesses Thorn
d.iv evening when they entertained at
six table of bridge at Hie home of
Mrs. M itson. 1 lie cunt was given In
honor of Mr Matson and Mr. McDon
ald. Who both celebiated their birth
day anniversaries during the week.
Frizes woty awarded to Mrs. Koss
Aleriilt mid I u. L. J Alger for high
est cores. The evenings entertain
ment elided with a two course supper
Mils. II. J. I'l ItVDXU.
The iiiinil.iis of the firm and the
empiov eh ot Hie L. oliouiist g.n c a
coiiiiiiiint,iry diniiiT lo Fen J. I'ui-
thoriie and .Mrs. Knox.
Last Thursibiv iv.-nlng Miss Malnl
j 1 1 in, Is delightfully entertained the dou
ble iiiartct of Him .sophomore class of
Hie Albuiiieriim high school in honor
I of their victory of several weeks ago
an, Miss Minds' sixteenth birthday.
i lames were played until n late hour
'and llicii dainty nf resliments were
! served.
Those present were Alisses Veltna
I I'l l, haul, Mae Soule. Fmma Maliz.a,
jl'moihv llasscti. Marguerite Strum
iipnst, Mai'Vina 1 ila kcinore and Mabel
Hinds, and Messrs. Ceoige Fiyan.
Haloid Wood, iirvtllo Magi-e. Milan;
i n, liibac, .Melbourne Minds and Hugh
IMVI llsn v KOTXIIV t i l It.
The t iiiveisitv Kotary club gave n
dance in lie, Icy tin II Friday evening.
There was a large crowd of young peo
ple resent ti tnl dancing was Indulged
For Throat and Lungs
Ml imoitx COl l.llS COI. OS
Sold by All lcailiug liructlsl
liter last .May h.r.e expresseil a ib su e ,
W,IH to hear it sung, m it will be given in ,
I'al- choral fi.riii lhi; venlm; at 7:;SU, the
Lee ,,.,,,..,t. ....... ii, i ,L,,,, u , . i -, . i , . , . I
The pait of I tln r will he sung bv
.Mrs. Itra.tl'oid Ah.o on I us by I' niton ( lie ladies,
I J. Spaiibling la in. n b Hugo C. Mcy- I ,,,, Sn,.,
I el ; Mlll'ln .li l. .I. dill I' a lllkeliblll g : : inlo leiil
l,eri"h bv Ml.' 'l'h. lbs Ml'Clall'llUIII. .In,)..,. Kl,
Alordei iiI'h sister hv Mrs I lent rice Sel - : at tbiir I,
I nor; the si ll be hv Ceoige Heshl, noil did well. Mr. I' rfield had to leave, fat
ti ! nil il'iii"'
f I 1 I 1 I I .' i l 1 I I t i - ' M
Hi ;l 1: !' & S3
If S
7 a
ffl r
jlljigl vv -
i it a k , A
8 ,v t? $25
IJa Jt l2 this
5 K V :X
! 8 '. HV'tVP'JOi-.. '
fit 4 ; X : , X
. imp
ll ; - a!' 4 I v. H
i GU-'
I ) Aiuiaa nv-iia.-
i ii m w -sj
i H
Fill your home atmosphere with exquisite lasting; fragrance--
The p;rcat French perfume, winner of highest international
awards. Each drop as sweet and fragrant as the living- Li3c
blossom. i A celebrated connoisseur said : "I don't see how
you can sell such a remarkable perfume for 15 cents a bottle" aid
remember each bottle contains 6 oz. it is wonderful value Trvit
Ask your dealer today for ED. PINAUD'S LILAC. A,'r
vur Ameriian offices will send you a testing buttle. Write tudji
inn Miiiim,.nii),iwi) ii.iuwi)JlW''fWCa3WeT,WW
r:. is , :' i " id 'i
c 'li; -i
msmoss is
i i . i i
( ipics as vigilant, as watcnim as
any soldier who ever did duly on
llic sentry Jim;.
Day in and day out, wc are on
the entrance ot
merchandise of unworthy origin
or iinlrublworlhy character.
any exagg(;ralion or
misrepresentation setting
within the border of our adver
tisements. Only goods of the character of
Kirschbauni Clothes at $1.5, $20,
or up have the password to
st or;.
Golden Rule Dry Goods
V. I
niI!K!!!II liill!!fiii!li!!ll!!I!!i
8 S

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