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Albuquerque Morning Journal, Wednesday, October 25, 1916.
Believed That Factions I
Got Together and That Dif
ferent Sots of Candidates
Will Bo Named,
That New Stove
Now's the time to pick it
out and if you burn sof t
coal, take our tip anil choose
the Stewart Hot Blast Oak.
You'll find this the dHMM mid
most satisfactory of all soft coal
heaters. It burns wood too.
arc noted for their perfect oper
ation and extreme durability.
Built to work ri(ht and roworlc
right. They give you big value
for your money.
We can supply just the model "
that will please you best.
Raabe & Mauger
n.vin north ram M
"If it's iiiiriiuiuv, We Have it"
Fuel Company
Gallup Lump
Gallup Stove
Native Wood
Sawed & Split
Mill Kindling
Baal Ijik Vapaa, Oct. 14, a new
paragraph m irrtltan In the rulaa for
Hie condut t of republican i aui uaai to
nlghl in praeinct 29, Baal Las Vagal
w i ' Blood bio na usual ap
pointment by the chair of nominal
ink oommltts of three to select names
of eighteen delegates to I In- county
i DDI intlon.
n. . Herman opposed lha motion
unit suggested that tha dalsgstes ba
selected In open caUCUfl from the floor,
tin offered t i k ax an amendment to
tbi Blood motion, Judge D. Leahy
spoke iikmIiihi the Herman amendment,
raising a point of ordei against it and
Chairman Tipton ruled aiu- amend
l men out of order and the cam oh pro.
loeedod in the good uid fashioned re
l 11 1 l la n way.
There were nearly two hundred
men preeent si the oaucu
An independent republican conven
tion will be h iii Thursday by the
Margarita Romero faction, and the
standpal faction will hold their con.
mention an I rid ay.
it ih believed tha factions are i i 1 1
fai apart, although Qlllenwater, Hub
iii i mill curry have bean at work nil
day trying to patch up the breach
ii ih believed now thai there will
hp two republican Bounty tloketa It)
Han Miguel
ipicxtlonx, Mr.
he Wiih paf
Ills m ml I kiii on
thai mix hi lo
1,ouiK, Oct. 21 Thomas Motr.hr
a watchman, watt taken in Chester, 111.,
today to answer a choice ,,f i '
Iiik ii family of five Metsler whh ta
ken to Chester b) Rheriff Weaver of
Randolph county, in., who hum Meti
ler had bean Indicted on tha charge
f murdering the family on May r.
The one-story frama houaa or
tleorgc lliiughix, mar Cnultervllln, ill,,
bumed on May :,. i'ii ii i touglaa, his
wife nnii tiui'o children, ranging In
Ma from four to eight, ware burned
to death,
The day before the fire Douglas had
Withdrawn several hundred dollar!
from the hank, ami I lie tl iv was
thai rohery wax the motive and thai
Un- house waa burned to conceal the
raw, veuier denied having
knowledge of the oi I me.
I.ok Angeles, Oct, 21. Charred hu
man bonea, auppoaad i
thr missing head anil
Irene Barrett and hei son Raymond,
agt eight, ii whose murder Benton
L. Barrett, an aged and wealthy
rancher, was alleged to have son.
fcxxcil, whh found today on Barrett's
pan h near Bants Monica,
Tin- burned and broken bones, an
sordlng i the police, added to those
previously found In ashes of a large
brush and timber fire where Barrett
wax alleged to have confessed he
burned the bodies of hix wife ami step
aon las! Wednesday, completed tho
Skeletons of an BdUll ami a youth.
Barrett's assertion thai he acted In
"salt defense" conflicted. Deputy I in
trict Attorney Clark said, with appar
ently good evidence thai nil clothing
of Mrx Barrett and the hoy had been
found In the ranch house.
Two More Norwegians Go Down,
London, Oct, 2t. The Norwegian
steamers Begundo ami Qronhaui
have bean sunk, says Renter dis
patch from Chrlstlanln, The Qron
hsugh's crew wax rescued. The Nor
wsgtan steamer Edam, tha dispatch
adds has been SStlad ami taken to
Bmden, Qermany, Lloyd's shipping
agency reports thai the Norwegian
imrk Dunn hax bean burned )y tho
Oarmans and the orew landed,
- ' t
riaaultoi v file mi
trenches on gusaiul
I , , I high which an ho ii i
1 1 m maximum fury. The
directed mainly agalnset
work of across
itlcmlanlx "N "he
Issteslng CVmvnttlof
Ha n In Be, Od 1 1 Tl,
ni Indexing ths expei tod
m the educational onvi ntlon Thanks
giving week hax bcguo andSmortl) the
iaslgnlng of rooms will be taken up,
Of OOUrSS those w ho hi ml in Hi, u
names firxt win he given the best ac
commodations, although there win be
rooms for every one who comex, even
unannounced, However, ii win facl
Itxte Hie w,,ik very much IT Ihoxe who
OX per I to attend the convention mud
in their names t the chamber pf
eoM meres or to Secretary ,i H, Wag
mi. who win turn them over to the
entertainment i omratttee.
We ' a ii supply ii limited number of
additional customers with our guar
anteed whole milk Guaranteed that
nil the i n un is In the milk that the
tow ,ut there. , month's trial will1
-olivines you. Call ItTOUP Kuril i
Home nun feci below 'he summit Bor
a quarter "f an hour tha Rumanians
stuck to Ihelr trenches. Wold com
Iiik from the artlllerj spotters ihai ths
Rumanians thus far had no! boon im
pressed, the artillery Increased iK
fire. The Rumanian infantry still
held on for ii time luit finally hroke
tha Slope like R swarm of aulx
Oerman ami Hungarian hifan
tr came in view, German artillery
I followed up the fleeing Rumanians
I ullh shrapnel ami tin manner in
Which lha fire puraued ths Ruman
ians appeared almost uncanny, On a
ridge loading from Busalul mountain
the Rumanians final!) reached Iheli
I Second position, A lull ensued. A fc
I minutes before I p, m, u wax decided
i in resume operations German artlb
ery, mu xuppori. ,i iiy Home nun-, poxure
! Harlan naileries, repeated the work of ence c
the morning snd the Infantry then
rushed forward In s comparatively
short time tha objective wax gained,
The ground being extsemely dlffi
cull, the Rumanians sndeavored to
forward Infantry relnforoemants
iiht'oiiKh the town ot predeal. with
the reaull that heavy German ami
Hungarian guns Inside of fifteen mm.
utea blew up half of tha town The
Rumanian forces were obliged to
seek shelter In tha forest above the
town, passina through German infan
try fire at In n n rnnKi'.
ii etaseed sa Page Tee.)
lowing general xlnlementx contained In
Hie te,olH of the committee on per
manenl organisation ,
"HhouM the general resell of the
election be more favorable, this com
mlttee bellevea that then win be an
Inclination on the part of some to
abandon all effort to make the victory
i he flrxt of n continual xerlex On the
Other liand. If the election should
tiring n general disappointment Ihlx
committee fears there win be a gen
eral tendency On Hie part of our com
mon people to allow Ihemxelvex to l,e
overcome by discouragement and It
win he ttiix time that thix organisa
tion can prove ilx wonderful value hv
lousing the discouraged masses and
lea. lung them thai With a flrxt de
feat we have luxt began to fight."
Hughca imipllcl W ith llcniaoil .
Tile ilemocratlc national rommlttSS
poinix to the letter of will it Mi Don
aid, dated October It, till, for illum
inating demand made upon the candi
date, anil Mr. Hughes' full compliance!
with such demands in the estimation
of the propagandists, ax well ax iie
taiix of the conference with Mr. j
Hughes' campaign managers The
letter xtatex in pa 1 1
"It ix poxslhle for me to notify you
that our delegation wax accorded the
same consideration ax has been given
to Mr, George Perkins and hix follow
ers and Mr. Hughes gladly listened to
our reiiiexi that ho StatS Juxt how he
xioiui upon American Issues,
Mi Hughes wax told that the bulk
of the people did not consider Mr. Wil
son x roretgn policy to ne uie nest
thing for American inti-ionlx. He wax
asked io outline his ideas of what he
would do as president,
Willing to stale Position,
"In answering tlioxi
Hughes declared that
fectl willing to Hint,
any specific MStSnOS
hi ought up.
"He dei lan d that he had no reason
I to conceal where he stood on the iUex-
tlon oi. mail sslsure, etc., and then to
show the people Jiml exactly how In
felt, lie made hix speech in Philadel
phia) and touched on these questions,
"Tlilx speech by Mr. Hughes wax
perfectly satisfactory to all our lead
erx in the cast, north, wext and south,
Ills epeech should satisfy everyone
bs those f rom I thai m this election we win secure tin-
torsos of Mrs I services of a nal Ameilean president.
And from thix time on II is to he un
derstood that organisation leaders will
Instruct ail r our section leaders ami
others lo do nil that is possible In
hrlng about the election of Mr.
Concerning tha seers! negotiations
between ths representative! of the
"A merles n Independence conference"
ami Mr. Hugh' '- campaign managers,
the MacDonald letters Hay:
Winona Conferred Willi MacDonald.
"W hat follows is a report of the re
sults accomplished by the delegation
that left our Chicago conference to
confer wllh certain republican lead
ers. It now appears thai in addition
to the consultations held in Chicago
b) Daniel k Cohalan, ax spokesman
for the O'Lear) organisation, Chair
man Viii ox of the republican nation
ai committee personally conferred
in ,ew York with MacDonald and
Frank Belberllch, of Boston, anothet
member of the special committee
headed by O'Leary, which presented
the demands of the organisation to
Mr. Hughes
Chairman WIHcos
publli admission i
"i think ituii Mr
Mr Sella ill, h did
na I Ions I hea, , iia i ters
Chairman McCormlck of ihc demo
cratic national committee summed up
Hie facts today as follows
Wllh ov Making Bffart lo Becloud Issue
"Chairman WIHcos is making a
strenuous effort to becloud tha issue,
hut Ihc American public has too much
horse sensd to be easily deceived In s
mallei of this klml The cold fails
arc thai Candidate Hughes received
a committee from the 'American in
I dependence conference,' headed bj
Jeremiah O Deary; that what he said
to them caused them to go awav sat
isfied mul that their lepoit was so
gratifying to at hast one member of
the conference, that he moved thai
the O'Leary aggregation begin work
nt once for the republicans without
going any further, Thai a committee
ary to Republican
Standard Bearer Says No
Announcement on Prohibi
tion Is Likely,
day, no
lle gov
n lo bis
mis, mul
and silent
Ililighampton. v . Oct. "4 Itc-
ceipt of a copy of a letter Charles K.
Hughes' secretary recently sent lo the
Mlcliut'Wi Pry federation, saying that
Mr Hughes probably Would make no
declaration of his stand on the HqUOr
question during the campaign, caused
i, Brank Manly, the prohibitionist
presidential candidate, hers tonight,
I, launch a trexh attack on (he rtPUtV
Ucan nominee,
"Hughes xaiii the other day," tian
iv declared, "thai the country needed,
ax never before, an Abraham Lincoln,
and left Hie Intimation lh.il il might
find a Lincoln In him-,
the fact that Lincoln, in Ins
i opted the challenge of un Isl
eminent, called a million m
I nli i, put muskets in their hi
i ade them shoot it to death.
' W in ii Lincoln stood snd
Mr Hughes Iiowh in ilumh
Mr. liugiiex' secretary wrote In re,
I ply in a communication from the
Michigan oryx, stating thai Michigan
WetS were Irving to make it i.npear
tha' Hughes was not in favor of pro
hlbitlOil, and asking hla real views on
I he Issue.
"With regard to ths reports thai
are being circulated as to his view on
the ixxue of national prohibition," tho
leply said, "it Ifweil to Mar In mind
that he always speaks for himself
ITndei these circumstances, these re
ports are unworthy of credence until
publicly corroborated by him, I
might-add that he la not likely to
make any declaration on ths subject."
Mr. Henty remarked tonight that
lha letter was characteristic of Mi
Hughes, ax hix answer lo other simi
lar requests had been, i have nothing
to gay in public or in private on that
Issue,' "
Socialist Candidate
Speech, Attacks
ans and Democrats
in Clovis
With ;
Exchange of Cheerirtg Don't Eat Bite of Breakfa
Between Supporters of Until You Drink Glass
President and His Opponent) of Hot Water,
Greet Republican Women,
Clovts, n. If., Oct 14. Allan I
Beneon, socialist, in B speech here lo-
day, assailed the dcinoora t ic adminis
tration on preparedness and tendency
toward militarism before an audience
which wax much opposed to hix the
ories. He scored heavy appropriations
for th" army and navy and attacked
republican and democratic candldaten
in ths usual contention thai both are
supported by capital. He scored the
Wilson administration for alleged
Joke rx.
Mr. Benson criticised the national
guard draft law. was against military
If, forgetful of" IM'ing in xenooix, romped on ttoose-
veu a Arnona speecn on tne Mexican
situation, saying those who believed
they could make more money in Mex
ico than in the I'pited Statex were
not worth spilling blood for, He
claimed Wilson hax the backing of
Morgan, and Hughes the Rockefeller
Interests, He wax no! as enthusiasti
cally cheered as his campaign nUMM
Denver, Colo., Oct A "silent
demonstration" arranged by demo
cratic women for greeting the Hughes
women's special campaign party upon
Its arrival here today from the Pa
cific coast was turned into a noisy ex
change of cheering between support
ers or Charles B. Hughes and Prest
dent Wilson Several hundred persons
, ha,i lathered at the station to Wel
lcome and WtneSS the arrival of the
thirty women campaigners Ax the
I Hughes women entered waiting auto
! mobiles a delegations of democratic
women wearing large Wilson banners
began cheering. The Hughes women,
waving large Hughes banners, re
turned Hie cheers. Hundreds of spci
Happy, bright, alert vigorous ni
Vivacious a Rood clear skin- an.
urai, rosy compicMon and
tutors look mi the cheering ami lor
several minutes an old fashioned
fOSt" was staged,
A large detail of police did not in
terfere with the apparently friendly
exchange of greetings.
from illness are assured only Z
clean, healthy blood. If only evfr
vvoman and likewise every man sogu
realize the wonders of the tnorsta,
inside hath, what a gratifying chani
srouldstaks place.
Instead of the thousands of sii-klr
auaeini, -looking men, women and
girls with pasty or muddy comptM.
ions; instead of the multitude ni
"nerve wrecks," "rundowns," "irai
fags" irnd pessimists we should jj
virile, optimistic throng 0j rJ('
. becked people everywhere.
An Inside hath is had by drtnklni
each morning before breakfail
glass of real hot Water With I M,
spoonful of limestone phosphate tn
ii I to wasn rrom tne Homacn, liver, kid.
, neya and ten yards of bow ls ths'sn
tilde waste. ,,.
poisons, thu,
... I. L.,,.,1..,. ,., ,.il,, 'PI, ...... ,, ,. ,
.. ,.,,. i -ii, u. ' I The women campaigners at their
i lo ernor McDonald is to speak here
tomorrow night and la expected to
meet the socialist's argument in its
Benson practically admits thai Wil
son is
of labor and
for his harking.
w i:
hold early tonight listened to a brief
speech by Theodore Roosevelt and la-
ter marched in the red tire parade
and attended tonight's meeting. Thev
cnec i,, spend tomorrow at i oiormio
i Springs and leave later for
I in Nebraska and Kansas.
meetings rare
I urged
j Amarillo. Tex.. Oct, LM. "The ouest
; for foreign trade is the direct cause of
1 war, and foreign trade brings riches
to the few and want to the man," said
Allan L. Henson, socialist candidate
for president, who spoke here tonight
I He sev erely criticised President Wil
son S nieai of service, which he char
acterised as militaristic and which he
asserted upholds the high cost of liv
"So long as a few own this nation's
industries, they will have to seek for
eign markets for the goods thai Amer
ican workers cannot htiy hack With
their Wages.
"So long, therefore, ws shall be
compelled, according to President
Wilson, to 'serve the world' by per
mitting our capitalists to sell goods
that we have made and. were we per-
Flagstaff, Ariz.. Oct 24. I'. C.
.tones, candidate for county attorney
of Coconino county, is very anxious to
He has just
automobile 1
Bredonla, a
situated a J
line on the i
canyon and
le from any direction. I
automobile runs north j
i cross the Navajo rex- i
ihl gladly con-
this talk of
begin talking
in. uli
I lib
ntaln. 5.000
later leached
fii i was then
the trenches,
Ma, I Njnald ami
ill at republican
,. . .OU.M.L .P.C..L .....C.I..,
Long I'.rancli, (let 24. I'rcsiden'
I Wilson will leave here at noon tumor
i row lor Cincinnati, on thi last middle
'west trip of tils campaign. He will
speaH in Cincinnati three times on
Thursday and will return here rrl-
j da y night.
Only very brief stops will be made
'by the president going to and return
Ung from Cincinnati, but he is expect
j ci to appcm on the rear platform of
j Ms private car and shake hands. On
the way west, lie will arrive at Phila
delphia) at :t In o'clock tomorrow af
ternoon, and al Baltimore at II o'clock.
mitted lo do so.
I xiime.
"Hut why not cease
serving the world and
about serving ourselves."
i With no necessity for foreign mar-
said, there would be no neces-gn-ai
military establish men ti
I our capitalists in then
kets, lie
Slty for
to ' proti
to B
I headed by Daniel F. t 'olialan.
evidently had found experience a
Iter tea, lor, called upon membet
! t in- republican nal lonal commltte
Chicago on September 10, and br
hack such n favorable report th:
lialan received a vott
i b
the c
CI, led
their hom
Sggri HsiV e
candid. ic
they did s,
menl fmu
Ion, a
ed hv
fci red
Thai it
t ranks
was the
hould retu
x of
is at
t Co
from i ,b -
-ll o
Hi. lies I
, a m pa ign in behalf of t ho
of t Wanes rJ Htlgnes, an
. and i h i i folios Ins i he ei
the "American Imlcpon
rem e" e slerdav , a si ate
Prank Bleborlieh, of Bos
member of the committee head
Jeremlef) O'Leary that con
with Candidate ll ughes, wa
Thursday morning he will arrive at
Cincinnati at 1 1 :10,
After his arrival lliere
ilcnl will go inn hatch
ami at noon will receive
welcome from the mayor, t
will reply, and will attend I
caption at the Chamber of Con
At 1 o'clock he will attend a
eon al the Women's t'ily club, and
! then will take a motor ride through
the city.
At fi o'clock he will lake dinner at
the business men's club, and at S:la
Wl speak at the music hall, He
leaves Cincinnati at III p. m., arriv-
rfvlng ai Long iiran, ii ai lOi IE o'clock
Friday night.
Mrs. Wilson, Secretary Tumulty and
Dr, Carj Orayson, the White Hohso
physician, wtli accompany tho presi
dent He has prepared none of hla
apeeches In advance.
i in Sal unlay. President Wilson will
speak here al a c, Ichralion of "Wood
row Wijxon day," which the democrat
ic national , 0111 mil Ice has arranged In
Celebrate throughout Hie country.
get elected, if his efforts
eerlng are any indication.
returned from a 245-mile
sitrip to see the voters of
settlement of L'lHI people,
few miles from Hie I'lah
north side of the Grand
almost Inacessll
The route by
from flagstaff
ervatlon, and thence across the ('olo-
rail, 1 river westward.
Another way to get to Fredonia Is
to go by rail, passing through the four
slates of Arizona, California, Nevada
ana I tan, or Arizona, ,i-w Mexico,
Colorado and Utah and then finish the
Journey by an auto ride of several
I hours ov er had roads. There ix a pos
' silde way across the tlrand canyon
I by bo il or cable which leaves the
passenger to travel afoot eighty-seven
,' miles through an almost unexplored
I wilderness.
To say that Coconino country ix lar-
ger than the .state of Massachusetts
I docs luu convey to every one an ad
equate idea of ils size.
I ll i.s told on the Arizona legislature
that when legislators saw the bill of
vious day's lndigi
fermentations and
cleansing, sweetening and rrcxhrnii
the entire alimentary canal h(,fr,
putting more food into the etotnadi
Thus - subject to sick headache, hi
lousness, nasty breath, rheumatim
colds; and particularly those whonsv.
pallid, sallow complexion ,-in,i vvh
onstlpated very often, ar
to obtain B quarter poun.i
limestone phosphate al the drugiton
Which Will cost but a trifle hut y
sufficient to demonstrate the qui,;,
and remarkable change In both healtl
and appearance awaiting those ,vh
practice internal sanitation. WsstsS
remember that Inside cleanlinen .
more important than outside, I,,,
cans- the skin does not absorb Impttf,
it lea to contaminate the blood, whi,
the pores in the thirty feet of bopls
expenses presented by the health nf.
fleer of Ibis county in making an Of,
dinary trip of inspection to Bredonl
thai they immediately demanded n
Investigation, thinking there must 1
colossal graft somewhere,
Release Vmcrican Pish Boats
I-ondon. Oct, L'4. The America!
I schooners Richard . ( lark UHj
, Maryland have been released. Thr:
I win be permitted to proceed to their
! destinations with their catches.
1 tic Maryland or pnunaeipnia, w.i-
taken into Leerwick, having bM
sent then, from the fishing grouii'h
off Iceland. The Richard W Clsrl
of New Bedfordi Mass., was scut t
I Grimsby from the Iceland f ishiiu-
f. mi 111 its. The detention of Us
and several other American fishirr
vessels Is iii connection with the ef
forts of the entente allies to prevent
fish from reai hlng the central pes.
"Corn Sweet"
c republh
ii-M Rrri qi imw !isn..
w ,1,0.' ullii uuiui : "Th
given mil hv
chairman of th
silence of Mr. Hughes.
"Furthermore, when Jeremiah A.
O'Leary dated to infill! President Wil
son ami the president In reply brought
that Insult to public attention, and
while aii of the subsequent exposure
of ihe vicious propaganda of the dis
loyalists wax filling the public press,
1 Candidate 1 1 ugh, and !hatrman
Wllloox remained silent on this great
i HMRRiArr iniMQ
in iniiMinm . 1 1 1 1 in 1
isiiiii 11 iiiul uuoiu
Aeroplane Apparatus
Torpedo Against
Vessels So as to Make
vaslon Impossible,
Dii oct
I inn
t Is what is going to Impress
I ev ery patriotic American regardless of
I party affiliation, and it constitutes ;
Indictment agatnet Mr Hughes tha
I will be passed upon by a Jury of tils
, fi Mow Americans on November 1.
"So far as the democratic national
I Committee Ix concerned It slvcx tne
: 1 , 1 en 11 ,,, 1,, ttmt of ,'iinre we
sunk off Sydney, N s, by the Cana i m.in.in f.,r..in in-m- kmuii
ti i- sveri national committee, ami
Beaton, Oct 14, I !apt. w O, Tu
dor of the British steamship Hocheln.
ga, which arrived today from Louls-
tfurg, said that before he left Nov,,
Scotia persistent rumors were current
that the Herman I bo.o 53 had been
Making a Meal
on Bread
if it
alone w ouhi not i,e anpleau ml
.Were nor bread The loaves thai
dally from inn ovens, ho , rtsp and .,p
Battel fig have a flavor that appeals
to the Satiate, People don't eat OH I
111 end (ion, a sense ,,f dlllv. Thev eat
it be. use they like it. Bo will you
when you come to in it ill it lie
in patTOl boat Sliinlev. He said b
aid Ihe rumor several times, but
vv ax unable lo v erify II.
"Before I lefl I outahura. l wai told
by a shipping man that I need not wor
iv about the ilermaii submarine,'
said Captain Tudor. This mini xald
the I boat would not I, other anv
more llrltlxli vessels because she had
been sunk by the Stanley,
Captain Tudor aatd ne mention was
mads of tin, submarine's crew-,
Pioneer Bakery
8. X.
IIAI.I IMi. Prop.
iMi kfst si.
WlHSlOSS SiiiHoo Ovcihaol, ,1
Wlnslow, An. Oct, 14, The wait
ing loom ami ticket office department
"f the santa k- st ttion at Wlnsloe is
this week being overhauled, ami
larger an! more serviceable waitil i
room for the ludies is being built.
This new room win iM. partitioned otl
from the ticket and baggage off.s ex
i,v a window- of ground glass twenty-
five feet high and fifteen feet h ng
I-Hter in the month there will he belli
private offices for Agent FoUta and
Tard master Tally. The enure dspol
will also be given a m w coat of taint
snd 'clean up' will he the xlog.in
!.! the officii! from now on.
that v,- send out literature in many
languages to Americana of native and
foreign birth, i if course we semi nt
erature In the Oerman language, if we
di,i not we would deliberately insult
a v,iv considerable proportion of the
American public, because such an act
of commission would be equivalent to
SCCUStns Americans Of Herman birth
0T 'b-s, , m ,,f being represented by a
1,-w disloyal propagandists.
"i'ii ths contrary, hundreds of
thousands ot loyal Americans of Oer
man birth oi descent are warmly sup
pertine. President Wilson snd de
nounce the secret methods of ,l,ic
nilali 1 1 Leal v and Ins cl ew "
Laredo, T
miles of teli
formed throi
two persons
yets Byron
JO, IMS A L . . . L.A..D W,M.
ex.. Oct. 24. Over 1.200
'graph wire, ami per
igh proxies In the form of
telegraph operators, Pri
J, Linhart, Company B,
Take stniw Vote of PIllSllllWI II.
Albany, N Y I Ssl :'l Henry d,
Adams, tiead of the election bun an of
the secretary of state s office, left to
dav for Ml Alb n. Texas, with ballots
On which some 10, OtS New York na
tional guardsmen stationed on the
Mexican holder wit! Indicate their
choice for president of the United
States, for governor and for other
state. COUat and lOCO officers.
Second Missouri infantry, stationed
here, and Miss Kuhv Swartz. In her
home town of Butler, Mo., were mar
ried tonight, according to thd rites of
the Episcopal church. Preliminary to
the wedding, ihe officiating cterg)
men in Laredo and Hutler. entered
into a telegraphic conversation to as
certain the official standing of each
other In the church and their author
ity to perform the ceremony
Linhnt. accompanied by the Rev,
C. W. Cook, appeared at the Laredo
office of the Western Cnion Telegraph
companj al S o'clock tonight for ihe
unique ceremony. At Hie same hour.
Miss swart., accompanied bj Lev. E,
M Talbot and Mrs ("apt. Edward S
Clark, the bridesmaid, arrived at the
telegraph office in Butler. The tele
graph operator- bandied messages di
rect i etwee, n th,, two places, em
bodying the full marriage ceremony
of the Episcopal chinch, wherein both
bride and groom signified their ac-
Gloucester, .Mass.. Oct. 14. Expert
ments with wireless guidance of tot
p, does from an aeroplane, an Inven
tlon of John Hays Hammond, ir
which may revolutionize Ameilean
coast defense, will, il became known
today, be made here next month.
Keenly Interested In the previous
tests of Mr. Hammond's apparatus for
steering and operating from the shore
dio waves bis yacht, Ihe "Nata-
the war department has lost no
in taking up the Inventor's latent
t ami has detailed Lieut Shap
W. Fitzgerald, V, S. A., an ex-
iced military aviator, to pilot the i
aircraft in the experiments,
A specially designed seaplane of the (
Burgess self balancing type is nyw tin-1
der construction bV the Purges, com-I
pany at Marblehead f"r the trials here.
it win ne a large weight carrying ma-I
chine, capable Of lifting a useful load
or more than half a ton.
On n win be mounted the appara
tus for controlling the torpedo in the
water below and for directing it
against hostile ware raft, should the
tests prove conclusive, and the war
department provide coastal points
with a sufficiently large number of
suitably equipped aeroplanes, a laud
ing by any Invader ui United states
Shores WOUld be virtually impossible.
For the aeroplane will operate from
a height which will render it Immune
from gunfire, and. providing Ihe ap
paratus fulfills Its promise, can guide
Its torpedo with unerring accuracy.
The invention also makes possible the
use Of torpedoes in Water too shallow
to be utilized by submarines operating
under the surface, and ils place In na
tional defense against invasion by sea
Is virtually limitless.
is the newest
descriptive word
in the language-
I Ih
-coined 1i
(Use ribe
delicious, sweet corn taste
with ri
here, and
i harlt arled by
of the Miss, ,u
h other as life part
he telegraphic ceremony,
is "waylaid" and pelted
hv tils brother guardsmen
later In the evening, was
brass hand from one
Make Koiluotimi in Taxes,
Bast Las Vegas, Oct 24. The coun
ty Commissioners have made a reduc
tion In the tax levy for county pur
pose! of ,16 mills. Th,, slate had made
a cut of .30 mills, making a total sav ¬
ing in citizens ot bm Miguel county
On taxes this year of .v, mills. The
total levy for state, count) and Fist
Las Vegas ls l,g mills, which is IS
mills h ss than last year. In the town
of l,ax Vega.s the total tax burden is
.f mills less than In past years. For
the past seven vesrs the county com
missioners have i rn able to make -
reduction Hi the levy each succeeding
year. In spite of this fact, San Miguel
count) has built a large number of
bridges and made extensive road Improvements,
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lily, get
nary corn
easantly surprise
a package of
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ik es.
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