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EiKN hue !
iis, calomel
castor oil:
Albuquerque Morning Journal, Wednesday, October 25, 1916.
If cross,
feverish, constipated,
"California Syrup
of Figs."
, wk at your childhood daw.
Jfhe ''dose'1 mothor Insisted
iwi" oil calomel, cathartics,
i bated' them, bow you Sunlit
fernSchiren different
,o cling to H" old for... of
v",h.'' ,. , v - '.n't realias what they
J1-' ' ' en's revolt is well-
;'"U,H Their tender little "Inaldea
ltt?chiA. s"
" ? ,. cleansing, give onty un
.flfornla Sy&P of Fifs." . Its
' '",,n positive, but wntte. Mi Hons
""'"".hJ keen this harmless fruit
tt tthandv: they know children
K?2 fuke Itf that never fails ...
tt, liver and bowels and sweeten
' and that a teaspoonful
PJeday save, a ,iek ohlld tumor-
r"I,k yOW aruggltl f-r a 50-cent hot
,,f ''California Byrup of Ptea,
.veil has directions for babtoa,
& of all ages and for grown-up;
v on each I -tile. Beware of
Srfelt ioU here. Bee that it s
hv "California fig Hyrup .m
Refuse any other kind with
political "up Planned.
Santa Fe, Oct, 24. -A political coup
ta plan I by the democrats una In-
,),,,, idem republicans of Santa Pe
,,,:, r, nexl week, The executive
committee plans (withdraw the en
rsemeiil bj the republlcani "f Cne
,j,ii.-,,ns of llie repuDiicun m a
Struggle Between Candidates
for Chief Places on Ticket
Has Obscured Interest in
Other Contests,
Old Habit of 'Voting Her
Stt aiiht' Now Thing of the
Past; Split Line-up Among
the Probabilities,
tie ticket will be Well In the lead of
his adversary on the Opposing ticket
Furthermore, tiny tell yon this with
art air of conviction that shows thai
they mean It.
ai republican headquarter! they
imply ay '"We'll elect our entire
ticket"- a remark which eontalna no
real degree of originality and which
Is not at all surprising when all the
circumstances ar,, considered. They
don't talk about a landslide r,,r
HUghe that WI1 he of anv parti, ulr
assistance to them, for they eeem to
realize thai mention pf a Hughes laud
slide would be greeted with what is
vulgarly known as the louse laugh,
but they insist that they Will not lose
a man.
There is a possibility that one or
the oilier of the state ticket! will be
elected as a whole, for as the late
John .1. lug. ills said when asked If
it were poaalble for a politician to be
an honest man, with Cod all thing!
are poaalble, Bui the wise bettor
will not lay any great amount of
money on such a possibility, A split
ticket Is by far the most likely con-
Santa Ko, del. 24, So great has
been the Interest in the struggle for
tiie three main offices Involved in
the present campaign the senator-
governorship ami the seat
iso Of representatives, that
vcly tte attention has been
pi by the candidates them
llie contests for tiie minor
es. As a conaeqaence, any
e h
ill th
compa rat
paid, exc
selves. In
state offl
attempt to predict the outcome of
i hose
contests resolves itself into a
matter of guessing, with oho
guess quite
as anoth-
Santa Pe, Oct, LI A romance OtV
the Navajo reservation, originating in
a trip to the prehistoric ruins of the
Chaca canyon, has culminated in the
Wedding or Miss Caroline Stanley of
Itoston and Roy A. I'.ffele of fjknta
Fe. Miss Stanley, who has been mak
ing a study Of Indian music and sonth
w item archaeology the past few
vears. Is a member of the well known
Choate family of Massachusetts, She,
was one of a party making a leisurely
tour of the Navajo reservation, which
I was being guided by ir. Peffeleyof
the Rocky Mountain Camp company
Of Santa Pe, The ceremony was per
I forme,, nl Oallup by Rev. Mr. Sanford
of ihe Prpteatant Rplacopal ehurc.h.
I Mr, Peffele was formerly in the If, H
forest service, coming here from
South Dakota. The couple will take
a novel honeymoon trip which will be
i overland to Ihe Kainbow natural
bridges in southeastern Utah, and
upon their return expect to reside at
I Santa Pe.
Satisfy! that's a new thing
for a cigarette to do
It's nothing for n cigarette to just tustc good--lots of
cigarettes may do that, lint Chesterfieldl do more- they
satisfy! Just like a thick, juicy steak satisfies when
you're hungry.
Yet, with all that, Chesterfields arc MILD !
No other cigarette can give you this MW enjoyment
(satisfy, yet mild), (or the good reason that no cigarette
maker can copy the Chertei field blend an entirely ticw
combination oi tobaocoi and the most important develop
ment in cigarette blending in 20 years.
"(live vie a package of those cigarettes that SA TISFVl
ltd stair ticket
fnre an endorsem
lc Rational and
this will probabl
fnt county ticke
(Mill a- in my f
!Utl tickets.
stltuttng tlx
I, !. end
it will
i nd
fn Commission Resumes Session.
Ian, , .-,.. i ni :.'t. The state" tax
minims- has I esumeil its si ssion
in ocmph tc i he adjustment of aai est
taints and to transact whatever other
I ulni is may come up before It.
Ill Commission Resumes session.
Santa Pe, Oct, 24. The state tax
commission has resumed its sessions
to complete the readjustment of as
sessments olid to transact whatever
Other business may come up before it.
Ihe places wh
Iv Inclined an
i he purpose of taking a
backing their Judgment
outcome oi the races no
oho wail m o small fortui
Wilson and on Hughes, i
on Hubbell, on Walton
nandea, on de Baca and
but the use of a mlcrosc
nary to discover even
bets on any of the other
This is du
the fact that
toil in the
f betting on I
contests. in
aans sportive-1
foregather for :
as to
t $15
If th
ml on Mor
on Bui bu mi
ipe is neces-;
eh i 1 ken-feed
largely, of course, to,
tlo- four big laces take .
TMirrirtrr rrr r
burn, Dyspepsia in five
minutes, -
up the greater share of public Inter
est; but it IS also due In part to the
fact that very few Ho n who have
sense enough to be in possession of;
enough money to spare any of it for
betting purposes are willing to risk,
their Judgreenl on something that no
body knows anything about.
Many Scratches Likely,
in many ways times have changed
In New Mexico politics, but in none,
perhaps, to such a great extent as in:
the matter of scratching election tick-j
its. Time was when the voter always
"shot 'er in Straight," and any scratch- j
log was considered an act of party
disloyalty hardly loss despicable than
the crln f high treason. That ttinuj
has p iased, never to return.
four New Mexico vot r In this good
year 1918 votes for Just whomsoever:
hs please.-' and doesn't care a conti
nental who knows it. Party labels!
mean nothing whatever to hlro He
has thought the matter over carefully
sssi 'i cosssisososwci u
Santa Pe, ' let, 84.' 'I
for i in a rmenlana sta
trlbution ol Santa Pe
this week hointr Ihe amount colb ited
bv Rev. It. '.. McColloush of the First
Presbyterian church as the result of
Armenian Sunday observance, addi
tional sums are pledged to be given
during the Week.
Tomorrow, under the direction of
the Woman's Board of Trade, a pa
triot!,' tan dav will iie observed, the
oroceeds to so Inward the fund fori
erecting a recreation hall for the Ne
Mexican national guard at Columhu
The ladies will oln a miniature flu
to the lapel of every person who will
submit, taking in return a monetary
ami has reached the conclusion
there are good democrats and
democrats .Hood republicans ami
ii publicans, ami lie can't see
reason Why he should vote for a
lie ibiesn't like lust because that
(villi, gassy) upset stomach, Indlges
Hon, heartburn, dyspepsia; when the
food yea eat ferments Into gases and
Stubborn lumps; your head aches and
you feel sick and miserable, that's when
you realise the magic in Papa's Dia
ptpaln. It makes all stomach misery
vanish in five minutes
if niir stomach Is in a continuous
revolt ir you can't get it regulated,
Djtue, for your sake, try Tape's lia
kSSllll It's si, needless to have a had
itotnach make your next meal a fa
vorite foo, I meal, then take a little
Wipepiln. There will not be any dls
tr I eal Without fear. It's because
Papr-'s Dtapepsln "really does" regu
late weak, out-of-order stomachs that
r'vt-s It its millions of sales annually.
'id a lare fifty-cent case of Tape's
Ulpeplln from any drug store. It is
0M quickest, surest stomach relief and
"ire known. It acts almost like rnat,'ic
It is a scientific, harmless and pleas
nt itomach preparation which truly
Malik's in every home.
happens to ho i
a man that he
Ing if, in the
place on Ihe
mouth it will
the result in
known. I'.s
contests tha
n the samf
does like.
it would not
election tha
seventh day of next
be several days before
some of the races is
peclally is this so In the !
t me close, for counting
long ticket that Is scratcnea nan a
dOSen times or so is a tedious pro- i
ress, and certain earnest gentlemen
api to be kepi on the anxious
bench uncomfortably long before their
fate Is definitely known,
t democratic headquarters they;
... . ..u i ...in Smm
Will to I you taat srrai' iiiiin "i
little effect thin year on tin
their ticket as a whole
wave for Wilson is so V
cart y every candidate
bar Done along with
mil that llo ro will be
Resolution Placed Favoring
Such Action as Will Pre
serve Temperance and Re
press Liquor Traffic,
higher claims pf the spirll which U id ni I u Til I Mill Swear in PeUl dory. ' Per, rt bblng postofflce at Bernar-
on Sinai proclaimed u Hoar righl ai I I jl I (i I I ! (illj Santa B"e, o I i Thi petit lurj do, Socorro count) Robert Carter
well as ours?" t ULHI I HI I IV Hju wat ,orn lodu in the federal courl and Ch rlt Watson "lllng opium
Nine indictments have peen roturnea contrary u iaw. n. . umimamj. ior
i iiiiniipa bj Lhe Brand ury, even ,.f which gerj and Impersonating a United
In 1 1 II I ' 1 1 1 P 1 1 1 1 1 H in. coun-
1 11 1 1 III I n r i 1 1 1 1 i li
LnUliUIILu lllUil
, ...... ixjm
n i The lob nr iirni nirwinn
n Ifll U I Vil li .ifl.
t ' b ic:i ill
ree persons who plunnoil
death last night with i-hm.
tier, who drove his a
through an open drawbridgi
Chicago t i n
The till.
Wore ft II 1 1 1
w ere ;
MISS 1,11.1,1 N" KLAU8NEK,
years old, a so, lal wan k
years Old, COlllln of .Miss Klausncr.
SYLVAN KUBBt 10 vears old, a
siudeiit at the University
, were recover
Vlctlffig, whosi
wedged In the
Into tin
I today
mai bine
Commissioner of General Land
Office Begins Campaign'
Willi Speech in Clayton on
National Issues,
fate of
that the tidal
i , ,it (hat it will
,u, the lieket
p. They ad-
sci atchlng and
that some of tneir canaioawn win ia
better than other-, but they declare
that the lowest man on the del if'
Von can make any room in the house
Just as warm as you wish with the
It cuts down your fuel rosti and lends
rmth and comfort to the days that
a little htat to drive away the
uul dampness.
Quick -Clean -Smokeless - Odorless
Sold at hardware, furniture ami gen
eral stores. The Perfection Heater
hums Conoco Safety Oil, the handi
est and most convenient of fuels.
. (A Colorsdu Corporation)
U river
Aii.nuucrnc for ssm lT
SI. LOUlS, Mo., I ICt. 'J l. Tor thS
I, is t time In the history of the
church, according to well-informed
leaders, a stand on the liquor traffic
was taken here today in the gen I al
convention of the Protestant Episco
pal church, A resolution adopted by
the House of Deputies placed the
church on record as favoring "such
action In our legislative assemblies as
will preserve the Interests of temper
ance and the repression of the liquor
The saloon was scored n the re
port of the committee headed by Rev,
James B. Freeman, of Minneapolis,
Minn., which considered the prohibi
tion question, This said:
Menace t Best Interests of Tile.
"our age is witnessing vast and uni
versal readjustment with reference to
th,. manufacture ami sale of liquor,
.ml ii Is generally recognised that the
Saloon has become more ami more a
menace to the best Interests r our
Corporate ami Individual life."
A report showing that the church
has more than 1,980,1 communi
cants ami r,,7on clergymen, was pre
sented to the House of Deputies by
the committee on the state of the
church. The report also showed that
about 1 000 of the clergyq are not en
caged in parochial Work, and that
there are about BS.000 school officers
and teachers under the church with
approximately 400, I pupils.
Baptisms, the report showed, have
Increased bv about 18,000, ami con
firmations by about 14,000 over the
preceding trieftnlum.
To InvCHtgatc Rural Mfc.
commission was appoint. al by the
House of Deputies to make an Investl
. ,,,,,,, ,,r u mditlons of living In
rural communities and a slud of the
spiritual ami economic problems or
ii,,. farming people.
This commission will report m I te
noil in It9. . ... r
oration of the Church with or
Banlsatlons throughout the llnltea
states seeking to protect the Interests
investors was advocated by the Bt.
Bev Benjamin Brewster, bishop of
Maine, speaking toua in
; , ,. forum of the general oonvon
, , session here. He asserted
also' that the church would hcl,. make
I.! welfare Of the workers rather
than private profits, the aim of every
industry. ,
Think f Your Bcrvants.
,',;,,, mind." said Tlshop BreW-
.'that today, through the compli
cation! or modem Industry many of
, s have man-servants ami ma,d-sc tv
, mil under our roof, but sent.. , e,l
' ,r the country in mills and mines.
On ships and perhaps forests of fat
nwav lands. Think of them.
. Hw can we sincerely orave God s
, . . .. r... His marc in re-
rrtoTCifw; :'thtnk only of
the individual application to our own
cmforUble live, and fail to have
oractlcal and const rutlvce cue f
;,. hundredi and thousands who It.
rein'te and hidden places, are tolMng
, produce what we enjoy and -need
ll" rest and opportunity for the
. .inn ior law
i of Chicago
I Warner!
' lance fr
! Two wome
I i aped.
some di
rly loda
party e
Sheep shipments Heaviest Now
I Santa To. int. 2 1.---Livestock ship
ments from th.- northern pari of the
state continue, ai Springer alone,
this week, i. no hundred ear.s will I"'
shipped during tin- present, month,
: tin- shipment: are heavy hut next
'month's cattle shipments will be
I heaviest, a tralnload of she. p will
I be shipped from Springer
: to Socorro i ounty past ure
, Etchert. Me Etcher! hli
: lake up ins n Idence in So.
ty afler several years of r
I Springer Lambs are also
llvered to . 'ol.u olo feeden
contracts, Andrew
, Springer h is old flftj
all' will
Idonce al
telng de
bt':; on spline
Bch. rrer Of
head of calves
( liaj ton, X. M.. . "'. . 24. "lay fall- j
i man, commissioner of the general
j lami office, began a campaign tour of
I New Mexico with a speech lure last
I niuiit to a large and enthusiastic au
dience, ami was repeatedly cheered
thi oughOUt his address.
Mr. Tallman addressed himself
largely iii national Issues, und especlal
lj the policy of the administration in
ii caul in the handling of public
I lop. Is. He also discussed Hie Adalll-
son eight-hour law and the foreign
..nd Mexican policies of president Wil
! Mr. Tallman spoke today at Interior
points in Union county and will de
' ue I he rem, under of I he week to
; i ampaignlng i.. Now Mexico.
Make Thrift a Household Word
Teach the children to be thrifty. Habits
formed in childhood are not apt to change
in after years. The key opening box of
ShinolA with more than fifty shines and a
for polishing is an outfit
unequalled for economy
and convenience.
At all dealers Take no substitute.
'I 'II
in Malt lo w Heck of ( !lma rron. rent
I lings are bringing as much a" $:".'.i pel
Santa I V ( ompauy liieoi porale-..
J Santa fe. Oct. 1!4. I fiOQrpO! at mn
I papers wa r, filed yesterday by the El
I I'aso Milling company of plnoa Alto .
Orant i nty. Tim capitalisation 1"
130,000 divided into 30,111.11 shares, of
which 17,600 is paid up. The statutory
j agent is ,. McCarty f Plnos Altos,
w bo is f 1 he Incorporators, 1 he
I others being .1 II. Bpence of Plnos
Altos; 1.. A 1 .a 1 Mm x or Galveston,
,Tev- a !' fferr. .1. W. Crowders, M.
A. 'rowders, all of El I'aso, ami eai h
subscribing g 1 ,250.
la k
Mrs, Steven trmtkl Dead.
s.uii,, Pe. '.it. 24, Mrs. Steven Ar
nold died Bundoj al her home on the
upper pecos of pneumonia, under
A, Rising broiighl the r
'rom the mountain fast nes .
j u here the Arnold Home stands, The
funeral take- place this foi i boon al
' i a id I,', lock, ftev. 1 1. .1. Hammond
i of si. Joseph's Methodist Episcopal
. hui, h officiating, The Interment
I will be oi I ho i nld fellows' plot of
Fairview cemetery. Mrs. Arnold was
I fin years "id ami leaves two sons and
I our daughters, Her h usVand, a well -I
known cattleman, died only a few
Iweek ago.
R, B. ltne) Men aoiiie Onmpuny No
Santa Ee, Oct, z t . The Initials " H
II." were added today lo I ho name "!
lb.- putney Mercantile company of
! Bernalillo by the state corpot atloji
com mission, upon application bj thi
company for a change of lis chartoi
to thai effect.
California Hycr in Two RwHons.
I Santa Ke, oct, 24. Transcontinen
tal travel to southern California Is so
'heavy that afler Ihe last .lav of the
month, the a. 'i'. iV s. f. will run the
Westbound flyer in two sections, ac
cording to announcement by t ti
; Santa f e Off, es.
El I'aso, Tex., Oct. 24. President
.T. v. KirkpatrU k, of the Trt-Stata
Motor COmpany, was well pleased
with the large number "f visitors at
his big establishment during the auto
Accessor Manager W. I!. Hall re
turned a Week ago from a big conven
tion of accessor! men in Kansas "
and brought back the distributing
agency for many new Inns. .ar. lu
men and dealers who had a chance
to talk Willi Mr. Hall all bad
thing whispered to them ami while
the mil ure of Hi,- new lines h is not
been enounced, there appeared to be
general satisfaction among tha deal-
A.u In Van into thl HO' ret.
Ir" - -
liimlniriiiHlicd Visitors m saola IV.
Santa pe, Oct. 24, John u . poe,
ihe Roswell hanker ami member of
Ihe slate tax i o i 1 1 1 1 s i , , 11 , Is in Santa
fe fr Roswell,
A. m Bergere, private secretary to j
i 'ongressman B. C, Hot nandes, will j
b u.- for Washington, i. C, on No
vember IG to prepare for the short
si s: n ai of ni.:: 1 1 which convened on I
pecember t i adjourns Ma rch 4.
i:. rj, chapln, president of the Hud
son Motorcar company, left for I '-1
troll, Mich., tonight, after spending n i
week among the cliff dwellings In 1
Pajarito park and Ramon Vigil grant,
of which he Is part owner. Ills father, I
a Ijinslng, Mich., altorucy. leave to
luol low foi Arizona points.
service in premier Momofy,
, (nl. 4 (via Wireless lo Sa-
a service in memory of the
Austrian premier, Count km I
: Stuegkh, who was assassinated last
j week, was held I" the Austrian parlla
tnent building al Vienna today.
Si Kfllud in Gravel Pit.
Barton, Ala Oct. t. .Five white
men and one negro were Killed al a I
gravel pit one mile from her.- early
todaj when several Ions of sattd caved I
:i, and crushed them to death,
The ever-present identifying mark
Pure Mtli whky
Smash the Hubbell-Gillenwater Machine

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