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Price of Great American Cer
eal Rises to Highest Figure
Since the 'Old Hutch' Cor
ner in 1888,
Agents for Purchase Called
'Off. and Allies Take Profit
by Disposing of Recently
Secured Stocks,
Albuquerque, New Mexico, Thursday, October 26, 1916.
Can the Leopard Change Its Spots?
I I only ill "-anient itini Ir.s I,,-,.. ...i . .
Il.il.lMlls ..,.,ih.: ".....J """'"l ' favor of I 'rank A.
isos maili
great wealth who
Hia re
u Ml roioi'.is
with what
of prom
Mr. Hnr-
Mr. I Ionian, lo In flu liiHin
u;is elected two jn.is uau ami Maul t
ll reason whv ..in .
(sill Ol l,c people,
I'hi' desire I, Hi... it ii... ,...i.
minis ol any of Die candidates on (h,.
ide :. mkii-ss of Im.Htm-.
I he oiilv basis fill' MlllH.ll! .t II.. I... x
III .111, IV1IISIII11 Ulllcll fin H..I
Mini has done in (he past.
'" il.v reason advanced for clec'in.
oi ii ii('M'inaii(.s Is Unit Ik
lie elected again.
XoIkhIj- has oven thought of giving-
niiouiii is- ciceu-d to any nllicc in i In
So it ((id's, all along the line. '
,lllllllli a'lon suggvsteil hy til
rcpnhli,!, ticket.
ol . !. T T'1 'V"1 U", ,l,u'Mi,m r methods employed ,v t".
... :!.,1'",:a',...,:l,,!-; rr ":'"'"" ,,r -i Jt ZLl
li..,, . " " "H'll MU IIUI (M-
,M-r nine iii.iunuiiu'd ai-iit silt'iicr Th,
llfillnr r.'iu.nt t.,ik ..... .... t.. . ' 1
i" """ liiM-iiuoii i rriurin
,,. s. ,,,v, rv ,0 ". 114 " if !.,; ropuhlio.in ,,
air el, to, this year Now Mi vnv will i tni n to tin onditiou of af
fairs that brougUt reproach on th,- ..,, i ,,.,. , 7 1,1
t.vr o ices will I. Iiil.il with ...ci, ohoo sov thi ir ,i , ' M
regard cs.s ol their efficiency or vvortl.inovs-.hat ,,. ' ' Z " '
JlSi.1i he dragg nto politicsthat , , ,
. . II,,K job ,o political pantsl.rs than g.Cing , . , X ' " ,
f or the hlK not.- esl.l, lit. tax-dndging , , H a. ioni short, that
t"c old order, one,' the limine of New Mo.x.co. will lie r.s.,,,,,.,1
Tor the ,,l,l crow.l never learns a lesson. I, retains to olli. e not . has
I, ned. hut famished for more spoils. The old crowd in New Mexico
.V,' o lt"" ',?,0,l ,'p"wl '" ",, " Mah-s. The only av to pre
vent it I roiu dci-iHiihiiK the people is t keep it forever out of Mivvcr.
tlie old
Daily by Carrier or Mall,7ft
a Month, MukIo t'opliw, IM
CliiciRO, f et. 2.". Wnr-torn Ku
inpe .siirrpel,'(l, at leant tpmponirily
loday, in acconiplishinj; what all the
(mliarno aKitalion in the t'niteil i
States, liail tu icliifoi'P failed to ef- j
feet the .stoiitiK of the w ild wheat
niip advance, which has been in J
i.riiKi'Cs.s virtually unchecked for near- '
ly four months. Aftr the mark, t
here made a fresh jump of 7 cents
today, Kurope not only stopped Imy
i ins', lull turned Pj?rPs.sivrly to th''
EollitiK side and forced a setliack that
offset the Kt'eater part of today's up
turn in prices.
I'oi'eiSineis lielu ItcsclliiiK.
Sudden withdrawal of liritish (jov
crnnicnt purchasing anent.3 was an
noiinppd whpn the wheat market ad
vance took traders' breath away hy
vaulting to Jl.nti a bushel, i cent
above th" hifch tiriee record of the
Joseph Loiter "corner" in 1 K S . Then
almost simultaneously the enthusiasm
of bullish speculators had to with
stand the sliock of word that foreisn
irn were reselling their holdlnxs both
for 'immediate and future delivery. As
nome of these holdings h'ld been ac
quired only yesterday at. prices nearly
13 cents U-low today's top level, the
bearish influence on the market was
fleet lie, I. Quotations came crashiiiR
down and at no tin.e during the re
mainder of trading was there any last
mi; rally. The close was unmistakably
weak at net Rains of only 7-Sc to 2c,
with December delivery J1.K0
J1.S0 3-4 and May $1.K0 1 -X
nnnr nut r n wn n
! ubHtUULtU fun
Railroad Line Across Danube
Is Now in Hands of Mack
enscn; Impoitant New Pos
itions Aie Taken,
Highways Into Little Kingdom
Are Now Open for March
of Austro-Gcrman Armies
Into the Interior,
' .Ml lOU.H.l. lriAL Ifll.l. wiHH
From three twtuts the Teutonic al
lies are workint; with feverish haste in
an attempt In etiCotn pass Rumania
hel'ed alv,
that inter
t houvi nds
are intcic
tiwit ihey aie not alone in
Nt. that th.ie arc many
mi"',, in New Mexico that
'cd in one w.n .li- another
to Got Out
of Ticket 01
.means and
Straining Eve
y Net vo
Full St length
Election Day,
m fiat law and llial Urns,, t luuisa nds
have an influence that embraces oth
er thousands vv ben it comes tn volhni.
Also, it is well to tiiiiitiibcr that
the conductor and the luakeman are
pretty koihI hai ometers of inlilli
"Pinion that renai tlless of how ttiev
themselves fce rei;ai'ihnn the Adam
son law thev are in a position to know
how ntheis feel and how tbey are m
I" ote. If von i ill talk In the
conduct.. , an, , i 4, Mlli,
i Ither one to open up an, tell you
.ills! what he kif.vvs mhi will ...a a
pi city K"'oil idea of how Neve Mexico
"HI o in the coiinui; electi.iu as he
IWceu Wilson ami llunhes.
An, thcte is sun the possihllily,
iC.rovvinn mme and more a u .dial ihtv
las 'lie Wilson tide In, leases, that the
cum, inociaiic ticket vv II) be swept
imo ,i : Hi on tlie wave l.. th
elei tlon of the president;
Miguel Ooun
jotton Out of
is of San
ty Man Have
Their Doubtful Attitude
Predict Dig Majority,
I JOHNS. L At tl.a.O Wl.lt
A list. ( let. 2."i. I letl. IV
. who is e.ec, ,1 to arrive
I 'i leta 'I'll ii , s.la v rnoi uinu,
l.crinit f,.r Ins passage
Salifa b'e, net. 2;,. The campaln
for national and state offices in New'
Mexico iias now leached a si. me whldi
I 'oiiula
Kllas ,'al
In Ac.ua
will tin. I no
1 11 1 mi K t, I nii.il Stales teriMorv uall
ln; t, 1 ni . unless It arrives toniuht fnMii
Vaslilm:ton. Mexican officials are
Wot tied over the iiossihllitv of refusal,
t'alles was sulllliioiieil to Mexico
t'llv Ii nfer with Vcniistiaiio Car-
ranr.a and H'U. Aparo nbreuon, and
applied through i,n T. !'. Imvls,
comtnan.lini; the Arizona district, lor
permission to o Iteni I lunulas to
baiKle Pass.
I from the northeastern and eastern I can best be described, in t he la iumiuiio
borders of Transylvania and through!11 'he novelist and ne perf.-rv id nevvs-
Hohrudja. In the latter region and!!""':'1' wr"''r. ,', "T "f ' v,r,s"
o 11, u. iv.., 1. ... . , .., jtivity. .Ml talk ot apitliy has ile-
.... .... . ..... .1,,....., iito.i in, in, -i
New Mexico Organization Fol-; Democrats Would Like to Ef-
ows Course Taken by New
York and Massachusetts i
The New Mexico society of Sons of
thp American Revolution late yester
day adopted resolutions consunni?
Newton Baker, secretary of war, for
his aliened comments upon Washing
ton's army, and demanding a retrac
tion. Pearce ('. Rodey, secretary of the
New Mexico society, was informed by
Hlnicr M. W'entworth, president gen
eral of the national society, hy teh'-
t(J , Rram, that the Massachusetts and
j0 I New York societies had adopted res
! olntlous cuii'lciiinlna the n'MtemcLs
feet a Union With the
Nomination Wing of
vv 01 1,1 sli.o i.or.. ir..... t...i laltributed to Secretary
Win Id shortaL'P in wheat sum, lies . M'l'qn the stenosra put,
a deficit estimated be one nothoritv speech publish,
at roiijrhlv a billion bushels, as com- I Tribune.
Kast Ijis Vetas, N. M ., (let. 2.'.
With the aiiti-re-clectiotiist wint? of
the republican parly holding a con
vention and the democrats also
sesFion for the purpose of nominating
a county ticket, tomorrow promises to
he an eventful day from a political
standpoint. The democrats do not
conceal the fact that they would like
to effect a union with the no-renom-ination
wine of the republicans, which
Is headed by Mar,'arito Romero. The
Vtl.'i', however, at" iinvvillii.R to wive
; ti il.v. .Ml talk '
ll.irtell. , 'a 11 di.la t es 1 o
prnpress In their Inroads into Kin.j managers arc putting on all tin steam
i'erdinand's territory has been made, .the bolleis will stand and the head
on the northeast Transylvania front. 'I ,('ls of both parlies pies, ut such
However, 111 cllKaKomclHK Willi lliu
in cm,';
Russians, they have been driven from
the heights south of I mrua Watra.
Mackcnscn Keeps l p Drive.
Keeping up his drive in Dobruilja,
Field Marshal von Mackensen has
liroiiKht his line well above the
stnnza-Tchernav oda railway line
scenes as can only be wilnis,
political headquarters h ss 1 1 ,
weeks before election day.
For evorvbodv realizes that lust
this 1 1 in.- the fate of the nation
helm? decided al least Hie f.,tc
those earnest patriots who aspiie
Con-1 i nn the nation for a period of v.
the : is helm: decided. I n a yei y f.
t n ! n nnmrn in
IJ.b lW 111
I in
t w o
uranza Government Is Be
lieved to Be Tottering Be
fore the Accumulating Op
position in Northern Mexico
right winir resting approximately on , now it will he too laic to do ;
Taelmul, near the lila.'k sea, twelve:, bat w ill ha iikc t ho result . Ti
miles north of Coiislan.a, and Hie left of the voters will be definil.
north of Tcheiiiavoila, whence runsjui one way or the other and
the only bridge across the lianuhe In! will be Idt' for the partv tnai
Ihis region. Whether the Rumanians d,, wilt be to hold their lines
.lav s
In m:
Raker, acting I up their allegiance to Hughes and the
report of his state ticket, an, it is doubtful If a
I by the New York fusion can be arranged on such
W'entworth telegraphed norms.
Hard with a year ago, was the re
liance of the traders who were buying
at today's high prices, and who chief
ly had as a. goal 2 a bushel, nam
realized by R. p. Hutchinson ("did
ll'iteh") in i 'corner" in ISSN. The
sole other high price record not ex
celled today was shortly after the
American civil war, when sales were
niade at J.1.10 a bushel.
eanta Fp, Oct. 2a. Drifting and
cross-cutting has been sAirted by the
I'sirlisle Mining company in western
Giant county. As greater depth is
reach eel flip hasp ores are being ro
I'laeert by copper. The west drift or,
the .'.iiii.foot level after being extended
only eight feet is in almost solid n I -pluile
ore rich in copper and load,
with hut little zinc.
Plans for a large mill to treat the
simplex ores are under way. The mill
'ill have 10,1 tons capacity daily. The
first unit will be completed by New
Year. Something like half a million
hms of milling ore has been blocked
that he endorsed and commended I Apohmio Sena, who was one of the
their action. prominent signers of Hie Margaiito
The resolutions adopted hv the New j Romero call for the county eonven
Mexico society follow: last night attended the primary
, . .,, , ,., , , ... i held by the regular republicans in
"H has been generally repoit.'d m j a,, was elected a del-
he public press that New, on la- republican i"o.
ker the present secretary of war. ,v,.nti whi,.h will be held Fridav.
made the following statements m a T,s ,.onf , ..,(1)0, 0,m:W,mt
recent public address, to-vvit: ils h.l( ,,,, thoilKnt S(.n;l
"'I know that the Mexicans do not Would work with the no-rcnomination
respect American rights and prop I rrovvd. Uist night's developments tend
erty; know that they do not pay to indicate that any danger of a
their debts; that they are raga in lit- breach in the .arty has been averted,
fins; that they desecrate ch u roh j but the convention tomorrow has to
property: thai their money is no the dealt with before anything positive
good and that they arc genet a lly j along t hat line can be stated,
worthless Rut people never respect i There is a well defined rumor that
these things in revolution. We did j the aiiti-renominallon section will hold
not respect them ill our civil war. : tH convention in session until ifter
Washington's soldiers in the march jthe republicans have made their nom
to Valley Forge stole everything they ; (nations, n order that if may act more
could net their hands on; look t lie intelligent ly regarding its choice foe
silver vessels out of the churches and jthe various offices. There have been
sold them to buy drink. They drove few, if any, primaries held by the
ministers out of the churches. Their Margai ito Romero faction, and there
nmtiee u:ls worthless and they were Ms much speculation as to who will be
In their evacuation of Tchernavoda .
left infact the fourteen-mile bridge,:
which would he of immense strategic 1
value to Ihe Teutonic allu.s in ,, diver- I
llwion toward Ruoharest has not been i
made known, but following military'
precedent, despite the quickness of
von Maekensen's forward push, it
probably was blown up or otherwise
badly damaged.
MoiHiluin Passes Taken. j
Further ground on the eastern
TransvR ani'j fiul. on 'he If uma uian '
side ol the Vulcan ami Predeal passes,'
! has been given up to the A ust ro- irr- ;
mans by the Rumaiiuns, but, aoord-1
ing to Riichai'csl, the Teutons cat of:
the River Alula, in Transylvania, have;
been driven northward, while in the'
I'.ul mid oituz valleys the Rumanians '
have made advances. !
I '' Ii Lain Mole (.round.
In the legion of Verdun where thei
French Tuesday made their spoetaou-!
lar drive over a wide front tioilh aol
northeast of Verdun, they arc still.
verdict is rceoided on Nov
How It looks.
The iiieslion thai Is most
Santa IV Hose days Is, "I
il look
, on n
I eilhe
ly made
all that
iimers to
11.011 the
inl.cr 7.
Colonel Explains That For
eign Nations Respect Him,
and Theiefoie Harmed No
Amciieans in His Reign,
eai d in :
VV does
Fspeeiallv If one has any '
lion Willi the head. pinners of
party, or If one i,s endeavor-j
M'lMNI. .OIlNMAt ..Cl.l 'fUlO "'M
North Platte. Neb., (let, 2.r, - A
large crowd gieeted Theodore Roose
vell here tonight when he made a Ion
minute talk between trams. He ,le-
! ing to keep the public informed i,." ' , .. ..,...,.,. .n . ...
Mhrough the columns of a newspaper ",K "ls ""' too proud to get kicked
progress of political events, ,.,,, ... , ":llw . .,' . .,, .
S''' I"' , I heir IO.au In Mevlc.', ii.wl ,,,,'llu. I.hmI.
tanla, because foreign nationH con-
as to the
one can not
being asked
no, a' It In, ilt ',' '
, 'I course, t 11
to obstruct the
undertakes to
may find, afier
V' isioll has beep
apd that Ihe vv
by any possibility
many limes a day.
'it a re ,so many things
vision that when one
tell how il looks he
it is all over, that his
. I r .-1 . . 1 1 . . I nil, I w a I .e. I
iv it iooliod was alto
gether different from the way II ac
tually was
effort to I,
l lit lime I.
II oo,s.
the I hi'
bad charadem as
just as
"And, whereas. Ihe
uncos of the secretary
tute a libel upon the
American freedom and
the Mexi-
Kovcral strings of zinc ore have been
nit hy the shaft of the Progress Min
1ns company near the Carlisle mine.
A force of nieri has been put to work
n the road through Whiskey gulch.
Hie K.lipse nun is to sink its shaft
"in jiui to sou feet, the ore being ,
-i'i"T, stiver and gold.
Santa Fe, Oct. 25. There was a
""I m business before the federal
"iirt this foienoon. so that United
"..lies .judge Pollock and Clerk
. i.ep went on a 1,,-jpf
. be,. s automohile.
c- Yontz, a local merchant.
" " nis nome
..iiaai there hv
" father.
alleged utler
of war consti
.ull.ors of our
ate also a libel I
given seats an delegates, Not a dele
gate has been name. from Fast Las
Vegas or the town of Las Vegas.
rabbit hunt
olion he thousands oi law
people of tile unfortunate repuniio oi
I "And, whereas, the said statements
of the secretary of war are known to
be false and are not facts connected
with the history or our American
government or of our American so-
Iciety, in the achievement of and p re
servation of American liberty, nor in
the organization and development of
on,- elvil Institutions established and
maintained hv the prowess, courage.
character, devotion, 1 enevolein-e and
loyalty of our citizens within the
generations of our people who have
to do with the creation of American
and Americanism no matter of what
race or clinic.
"And, whereas, the New Mexico so-
I ciety has made in.iiii y of the presi
has ! dent general of the national society
in Indiana, being of the Sons of the American i.cv.ou-
the serious illness of j tion w hether the accuracy of the
I newspaper reports of the above al-
i leged savings of Newton I'. linker.
I secretary of war, have heen enrich
j orated and the said president general
has informed us that lie has , orr..b-
orated the accuracy of the reports
of the said alleged speech containing
the expressions hereinaho'e set fo'tn.
"Now, therefore, he and it is here-
hy resolved by the N-w Mexe o so
ciety of the Sons of the American
Revolution that the said statement
made hy Newton I). Raker, the pi
; ent secretary of war, regarding i'"-
men who achieved Am' i'i. an mo, -
liendence. he and the same ate here-
Mexican i .. .. I hv snhieelerl tn the severest censure
Sam. :'"u , r"n 1-.XIH1SUIT. 1 .; 'V- . ' '"', ,,.
. rPi ut't. ' ry The first doa th I .untii'iuiininiii i in.,- i .
frnm ,"P"r 'his fall is reported ! 80!':et; censures and condemn,
N,?e : v'r"y. an unknown Mexican i ,s"l ton . ISaher foi
4 h fr,"'''ln and started to liKnin his country and conn ry ni.-n.
amtm iP rnad oetween the mining I "'' wp ''' "P"" patriotic men
1' " ' Tyrone and White Signal. and women to express in the most
ii. . ' j potent and efficient manner possible
C- - ZZZZZZZZZZZZT i ,neir contempt and censure for the
" tr, . rpTTTiri I utterance of such false statements
.' " iAlllC.K niade hv the head of one of the great
' executive departments of our gov, m
I ment.
I "And be it further resolved that
the said Newton I. P.aker nurg,' him-
V I" tolf aA tl... r,r.,t .lereirtowoit of
which he is the head by a retraction
of the above expressions which fal-
I sifv our history and the ideals to
vMrVi patriotic men and women in
I official nnrf nriv.ite stations regard
; with increasing levereiicc and
miration. "
holding the ground gained
vicious counter-attacks, delivered par-'
i, 11 In il.v in the region of I laudremont !
and I o 1 1 i.i ii m . . n I . and east of Hie I 'u-;
min woo, and north of ('hoimis, have
gained fnrtlnr ground. .More than1
4 . T, 0 0 Ccrmaii soldiers have been cap-!
tared by the French in this legion. I
Klse where along the front where thej
French and Rrltlsh are facing the:
Ciermans in France little activity, ex
cept by the lug guns, has been shown !
Likewise, in the A ust ro-1 ta ban ihea-.'
ter. the artillery is doing the greater j
part of the work along I In- entire Imej
of battle. The northern part ,.r the,
,'arso plateau is under a heavy Icnm-I
bardmetit. only minor operations I
have taken place on the fronts in Rus-j
sin and Macedonia. I
an Impartial and candid
II how it looks at t he pi cs
ads to the statement that
New Mexico, vcrv much
Wilson and Jones. I li.it w ith each
assing day it looks more and more
ke Walton and do p.aca and that It
is impossible to te how tile est of
it looks because you can't see the rest
of I! for the four big races.
)c Itaca strength (.rowing.
The most impoitant devi hipuiciit of!
the last few da V s has been the growlh I
of sentiment all over the slate for
I. ,'. de l'.aa for governor. A few
We,i(s ago lleluocr.lt ic leaders tuade
no secret of the fact that Ihey con-
adeled the present lleutenatll gi.Vf lU-
r the weak man of their ticket, so
hit as vole-getting ability was con -
ei lied.
1 chlded that the Fulled Stiucs was too
proud lo fight.
'I was president of the Flitted
Stales seven and one half years," de
clared ,'iilonii lioosevtll, in making
a platform speech at Kearney, Nell.,
"and during Hint time no t cprcsc illa
tive of any foreign power ever harm
ed a citizen of the I ' ii 1 1 , I States, be
cause all I new that while I never
picked a otiarrel, I was not too proud
to light."
The former p resident reviewed his
a i itaiiit.i n, e with Ihe west anil d
clire.l thai here one uiiiv always find
the trnet American sentiment. "I
would never have been president ex
cept (..r my ixpoiiemc in the vvcsl,"
( oi nti ;i:- IT KS T
i:i;di n .pi IM M
lili ce I
Paris, i ict 2a I vi.'i Rondon I.
sueccssiv,' . ounter-attai ks I
liermans north of Verdun, in the re
gion of H beiiiont and Iiouaunionl.
were repnls. d by the French lodav,
says the bulletin Issued by ihe war
office timight The prisoners taken
by the Flench now exceed 4 . f. 0 0 .
Thev have gotten out of this
.'.late of mind and now boldly predict
that be will be well up with the ica.l
i is of the I icket.
j Two factors are apparent In this
I change in the situation. due is the
ipeisist.-nt attack tl'iat has been made
on II n. Hursum by dctnnernlic speak
, is dnrliiL' the last two weeks and
the other is the s'stemalic campaign
I lie
i mm wilson
tolfav ItepuhlicHiis Xominale.
rnm -''-The republican
nnn i " .lo" of Co,fil' eounty yesterday
Jt"m,r,M,p(i the following ticket: Sher-
Twii'.v J- Kepnan: clerk, E. 3.
a. ' y' treasurer, Henrv C. Jones;
"sor j. s. Taylor; probate judge.
.,.:'. "arner
""wis, J. T
superintendent of
Conwav: countv eom-
T- F. McAuliffe, Masoni
ih Khahan: state senators.
F. Uranson: renre-
t.. N Rlirch u ti rl llonriolle
San Antonio, Tex., Oct. 2a. Persist
ent reports of the fall of I'hihnahua
City to Ihe Villa forces, which have
been current here, have not been con
firmed in advices to southern depart
ment headquarters of the Foiled
States army. .Maj. den. Frederick
Funston, ,iies,ioneil directly regarding
the reports, said tonight that so far
as he knew Ihey were not true.
( nun nr (. i;rison
Washington. Oct. 2.V Mexican Con
sul (Jar, ia at Fl Paso, Tex., telegraph
ed the Mexican embassy here tonight
that he had been advised by deneral
Trcvino of the arrival at Chihuahua
of troop trains bringing about k,"ihi
ni.-n under (ieneral Alaycotte, to rein
force the garrison.
Santa Fe. Oct, 25. Kx-dov. deorge
Curry li ft today for his home al Cul
t, r, Sierra , ountv, after ea nipaignint:
for II o. IMisiim and the rest of the
icpuhlican tak'i. He is sanguin.- of
success for the republicans. II t'
Hughes elect. .is carry the slate hy
.".all or mote plurality, then the or. tip
II p Ill-lie. Hi state ticket Will be eh- ted.
is his opina.n. Ilowcv i r, il t Ic
Ilugli.-s ehiiors an- not elected, und
Iheie is a possibility of this, then the
lepuhli.ans Xs. 1 1 1 also lose Ihe I'nil.d
Slates s.-nal". ship and possihlv t In
sl..,- 1 1 . a.-i. i I .-'.Ip. As for tile , sl
ol the ticket, he feels certain of Its
being elected, ml matter what ,!"
may happen.
! for de r.aon that has been conducted
, in the strong native counties of noith
jein New Mexico. The attacks on
!lhe tepublican i,ndi.aic for govern",
have not been of a spccialK' peisonal
! ni, m e. sneh as I hose t hat w ore
I la inn ii". I aga inst him in 1 !, 1 I , but
have taken for the most part the foi m
of .lilu b-m of tiiore recent events in
his political career, such as the bill
(o.' i.r and pi' , ure-shov' incident in
yooi i o, allege, 1 defaiencics of, Mr.
I I'ui-nni in the paviuent of laves aid
: il,.- showing made in bis home coun
tv in the building of Ihe Socorto-Mo
I'ollon road.
The democratic campaign in noi'h
t.in N'.-vv M. xi.o has l-.-en conduct, d
. i ii i. l 1 hut most efl'e. lively, and le
pnhlican b a.b rs do not attempt to
lon.eal their anxietv over the situ-
a in that part of the Ma'.-, esp. -
oi.Mv so far us th,. go-, i rnorship i
, oiicerne.l. Whether I his gam will
i lend to ,a her c.i miniates on the
deni'icra t ic liek.i is a matter of
doubt, but the Li In f ptcv ails thai i'
will, to some extent ill h -.si, ,! r. as,
Ihe hitherto Inge icpuhl .can niaioii
I u s that t hose counties ha , I -
:lieve i lis Adt ninist t i I ion Has
Made Oood1; Picviour.ly Have
Always Voted Republican
Vol k, I let j ,
St. I .Oil IS. ,
boa I, I
Shoe ,
lit ,
e, t
that I.
.bo l-.son .lohll
hatimai, of the
the lnietiialloh.il
.1' the hlCge.-t
i Id. annoinic
.le for liesi-
I h
of p
and I hav
Wll-on b
I Job'. Soli.
'Mr V
1 1 1 1 1 g 1 1 in.
iced the
1 - s ,.f
litis! Hie
- Ions i e p.
bided lo
, on, I bin
t f. :
ill ad
-up fnt
I con-
n .ad
Is. ni lui
s of any
d Hi.
Abb n
til ic
his b ad, l.-hlp l!
lllll te
as t lo
aw ii.e
u i g i .
lo PL
mil r
llllll All l A STOKY
v , ,
(Kit JX)HEi-AST.
Oct. 25. Forecast:
Hirsday and Friday,
I'lf I ,.
' o it, v.., ,'ur our, ending at
M ii,.Ul" r,y
"ill, ...i .. Perature, f,:! degrees:
t 6 ,v -,, 'r. "nge. .15; temperature
' " " aonliwest wind, clear.
Kl Paso, Tex., net. 2". deneral
, bitizales :it Juarez said tonight that
lie had just received a message from
deneral .bu rnt., Trcvino at Chihuahua
City stating that all was quiet tloie
ami notion izing iiim to deny "in vig-
, irons terms'' the report that the city
hint fallen before an attack by Villa.
t The tumor of Chihuahua's f.
! reached Mr. Soriano Itnvo. the M.-x
jean lonsul at Fl Paso, from the Alex
lean embassy at Washington. He iiu
mediately asked , i neral c.,,n,,!t s Ic
telephone to telegraph deneial Tie
A train arrived in .bi.ir'z from Chi
huahtia itv tins evening filled wit!
Mexicans of the peon e'a-s. who i .
ported all i n i -1 at Ih" tun
t his morning Th, i was ,,
liiil 11 un guin.J oil boai d.
Two More Days
to Register!
I nl, s vou arc rcgislci', ,1 hv
midnight of October 27. ou are
likcl.v to lose vour chance lo vote.
'I",'ic ale a lot of new voter-) In
1 1 mi I , i l , il, '. Auv ni ;u villi, I ,
lived in ti e late a voir. ,n l e
coim'v for tin,'), oiontl,-. iii',1 in
In pieclmi lor tlnitv ,lii. can
vol,' piovid.sl h- i r, gisti-r, ,1.
You have today ami tomorrow
mid muliugM.
Whether you am republican oi
democrat, ii i ,.iur duly to go
Hie poll an, cvrivvc vour right
ol franchise ,n dec, ion ,t.iv.
i;cgi'-r Hxlav. then ou will IK't
Inn the rik of foigilliiig il to
luol row. and I log d,s ran, liiscd a
week from next r,'-,l:iv!
Ot be
lit tho
late t
S enatol
n ti
lei, 11-
Il has
f o
II, it'.
si ,
ci t
M r W
Viilitage in that I
with Pi .miIi ii" v
ending Lo'h the
law and the M,
ll 'S ail e oU I
t lies,, dispatch' s
tire at the In
we, p for W:l
N". v. Am
tin f h.
,f a rec
1 l!I V
i i i i' , . ' .' i r. g
.'.IV. If one ,
Ihe s,,,cg,i
in N' vv M- x-c-get
into , on, ,
doctor or t'e
th,. n, x? 1 1 y
be s'lle. 111,-. ,
o ; , ll ate po
Adallisotl l.ilv
W all.
oi' V I il 11
11 to l,lo
none Hi.
and tba
vv h, fe b,
ad, and
eiiiovs ol,
U'laleh 11'
ow n
t lie
le SS
line ;
I e-
1- b
. d lo ;
ntrv ai
-I a 1 1 1 v
o h. i t
mils P.
t hlisll
:ei U ! i
I heel.
lo ., .1. no.
w h.it w oiil, I
panic till
f. .1. r.il re-
. te.it, s, ,,,,,
t !. g;bll ion
;t, , has
,n. sv ,,f this
ii- lo blilig
people h
1 1, hum rais.
one of l he fore
,f Newark, sent
National Guardsmen to Re
main on Border Until Situ
ation Is Cleared Up to Pre
vent Columbus Raids,
WaNhiiiKton, net. 2fi. Conditions
In northern .Mexico, revolving on tho
n, -vv ascendency of Villa as a military
leader, are , omandlnH more atten
tion than at any other time since th
border lalds w nleh ri sulted In tha
dispalch of the Aiuerlculi pnnltiva
ex, edition.
Adinltilst rat lot, offhiiilH made no
ffot l tonight to disguise, their opin
ion thai Ihe American-Mexican com
mission. iilttltiK at Atlantic City can
not he expected to arrive ut a satis
factory solution of border problems
until the situation in Chihuahua haj
been clarified. Any l. H lee mi' lit for
the early withdrawal of deneral
Pershing's forces from Mexico appar
ently Is considered now as out of tht
Will '1'al.c Xo (hand's.
Moreover, the Impression stood out
clearly from all the views expressed
tii.it. while the present situation exists
there is little possibility that tho
forces of regulars or national Ruards
nicn on Hie border will lie reduced,
ll was indicated that no chances
would he taken of another laid Into
American territory.
Collided with ugVy reports w hich.
disparee Ih" .,,'ibtlitv of i ln.",'
Cariiiniii's regime r C"' ' I"
removal from AL '" ( V 41J"rp
taio i,. a sun of t" 'Td'inH up V'"
cess ... I, his i."11"'. hav;1 r'i'""'1-,-dly
pi'.-.l,. i.'.l, (he military' m-K .
of Villa, now m.ikllig a formi,.'!.i
campi.ijiii in 'biiuiilina, are reg , . d
lu te as menacniic the de faclo nv
crnnicnt's control of tho whole north
ern country.
Developments I A peeled Soon.
Promliienl in the whole situation
are apparently well founded but In
definite reports of Ihe connection of
the so-called legalist!! movement Willi
the whole train of events, which urn
.expected by those familiar with thu
.Mexican problem here to develop
w 1 1 Ii In a short time.
May Abandon Chihuahua.
Al the same time reports caane to
flic war department that Villa's camp
fires were in sight of Chihuahua City,
and deneral Trcvino, Cartatniu com
mander thete, although plentifully
supplied Willi arms and receiving re
inforcements, was short of ammuni
tion and considering evacuating Ih,)
I op 1 1 ment officials said tonight,
thev had not heard Ihe repot, iea.il
ing the bolder that Chihuahua bad
actually fallen. As a mailer of mil
ilaiv strategy, II was pointed on! thai
Villa, once oec, n.ying I'hihuuhtia,
could compel Ihe .surrender of Juan.,
as he did easily once bet, no, and at,
another sltilie might bike Tniieon,
Monterey and Salltllo, whim ln would
be a military factor somewhat dif
ferent from the I audit whose lite an
American military expedition wad
. Ii; pah bed for
Rep, ill IVoin 11,11.
The war ih'pa i linen L s reports on
Villa's latest coup came from lirigii
dier deneral Hell, who 1 1 ansiuil.tcd
stories lie had obtained from refugees
arriving In hi Paso. As he did not
give the names ol his inform. HUH,
some slate depart incut oliicials ex
pressed doubt as to tho entire accur
acy ef the talcs. It was conceded,
however, that no room was hit for
doubt that the bandit leader Was op
erating opcnlv and in force again.-l
ihe de facto government's army, den
t;il Pells dispatches gave details of
th.- annihil il Ion of Caiian.it columiiH
under deli, rat a,imi, by Vliiu forced
at Faloinas. ami dcscl lln d hovv tin,
Villa troops captured or killed morn
than ii thousand Cuii'ali..i troops It ml
look all the supply liains.
I mb.issy explanation,
'die ,enaii embassy s explanation
'if dellcla! Cii iT.iiuu's move lo .,uere.
tin, was Dial he had gone to prep, no
fo, the meeting of Hi. .onstituent ns
s.inbh, for win, I, deputies lul ba m
I II sole, led The ii ii iv a I of the fun.
ih.s of lienor. lis Catiaua and dl, rc
t'ni in the I lined Slabs wiiti declared
Igllifl, a'o'e
that III
i :
t , i , i
t 1 .a
oil elg
It -i.it in
Iwo ,
s now
low I
w It ii the 1 " I -
I o
W 1 1 ll , I II I i
"The rillilo, a
political sigai,!,
ill, s of the led
count i v ali' ah;
-l.iii liu lit
I;, 'polls i,n w
era I ! il nstou, Ic w ,
ii. v mo had pi l
ol fl. le Is 111 , il I ll il
cuv. Ti ci ino has
01,1 ol II. e , "1,1,1 I '. ;
special 1 1 n ill tor ,
go., I ,1, ,1 Willi ill I b!
ut I til I i.'Ii of a -1 ' ' ' a
Villa's New
Rcplllls to petso
Willi I lie , ,:.,!-.ri fe
cpov,,, all:
s v pal has any
t ha t the t'am
ha ndonipq t ho
id an embassy
11, led I,
i II
.' tl
V ll
If ;
f 1 Mill
1 air
, '1 v '
,11 I'
1 1 '
It pie
I li
I 1
ha I
, k, man
,., I, ci
dav t'
n id. a o
. I ' ll, letl
essarv t.
t he , oil-
l tie 1 1. -. It
trip i'l
lie brake-
nli I . -I,-,) 111 t b,
til lis! be Iflli, III-
I. la
- p,
1 I'll
St f,
g o 4 2 R-o.i lw.i NcVV
I lie,1 f o, j I liu (,,,!,, si llg
Me: I e J I v i u g to ii I e,,uest
' tiol, to the New V, ,, L
ounty eomtnii'ee.
'hat during all my voi
ce voted for republican
candidates," Mr. Iug
v next, presidential hallol
u Woodrovv Wilson."
da lor ' ,cn--aii
don, '"ill
dv js, ,) many
to leav e I hrt
s own family
. prepared
! which h
rains 111 ex-
" oi; lo Villa hands,
evv llia,i''c,
s.-ns here in ton, h
uu-v cm, nl state uu-
ill. i has (.crsonallv
that he will have
' ' il l, if I'm i an 'ai ll
shoi (a ge of a in m i -
uoiig .'aiiaua ttoops m the
. l I , i ned by t he same per
il ' 'o i ll', li, etll that ihe i i
"h!;..s I'luotig th, t'tict'i
sin Ii that deneral Ohr. goti
.ill-, keeping control of prue
M the avallnhle ammunition
ows dispatches reported th
in. , . ,,,,t 0f a tralnload of aramunl
le i, to .Jueietaro when Carrama ancj
dbtegon went ther from Mexico City.
Sources in touch with th leenlista
moveniyiit my ubregon twi. i; wltti
l h i . w 1 1.

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