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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, October 26, 1916, CITY EDITION, Image 6

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Albuquerque Morning Journal, Thursday, October 26, 1916.
iiloriiiiiii journal
Publlil.d tx tba
P. A aU'THKIISON ITe-aldant
W. 1 MorKKItlMT Iluslni-as Vanipr
K I D. Mi AI.I.IHTKH N.wa K.'lllor
V. r. M'Ki)AN (.'11 J Eilltnr
M. i. FOX Editor
WMltri ItrrearnlMtlvct
C. J. AMll KWIN.
Mareiurltc? llldf , tlili i, III.
Faatam Krpraaacnlatlva.
KAI.I'II II. Ml I, I, II. A",
M I' ark Kw, lorfc.
Entered aa a-nn1-claaa miliar at I ho
pmv-tru t A iliiurju, N at., undar Act
of Cornere-Re of
M irrh
J.arfcr pirrulatlnn than any olhar papar
In New Mrilu. I'ha unlji paper la Naw
Malli'tt Issued .very dnr In Ilia Tar.
?fil'f. ft-'tee nr br mall, na montli. tiw
Yearly. In a.lvnnra 17 afl
Kul.ai-rllu-ra to Ilia Journal lten wrltlnf
In hata tltelr paper changed la a new ad
dress must l-a sure, lit nlva tha old aririreaa.
'Tln M'Tnlri Journal haa a higher circu
lation rallnir Han la ai'ceenlrd In any olhar
paper In Na Mnlcn" Tba Amarle-an
Newspaper Jnrertory.
TIIK Jnl'ltNAI, (tikes and prints
alvtv htiura nnil thlrtv minutes of
fxoliislvcdy Associated J'rrsH lensed
wlr mrvlc ench week. No other
newspnpor published In New Mexico
fiiltea. worn than twenty-four hours
of Aiwn lalfd Itcm m.-rv1e duniiK
llm week.
Km thoi more, we would lie in Hi'1
WTonir. Should we undertake l
liit'uk 1 ho Jirilisli blockade, we would
lie riifciiKril In wur with Ureal lultain,
Krniice, Iliily nod Jiiinn within
week, uiij trlbutu enough would be.
liild upon our roiiHt cities to finance
Dm ulllc for nnnlher yenr of war, or
til oho ellies would lie 1 .i i I In ruins.
As to the t h ifij t to enter American
IioIIIIcm for the purpose of Toulonlintf
IIiIn country, li t them Blurt il im soon
lis they wish. If they should i-bet
lluxhes, which Ih unite pussiho Uiy,
In vlt-w of the oxposui es which have
occurred, will rind hint nuoui iweni
fivo dixitcs colder thiin liny ieeherii
that flouts In tin- polar seas. J hey
have heeii found out. Also Mr.
HukIhh Iiiih Uen found out. The
country hi on found iikuImhI a lot. of
IhlnlfH which inlijlit hiive )uiiued If
(hone reooidH lind not In en discovered,
of (he joint
haia Fi-circ-AI
Ion and V. W.
heiil to cacli
of .Miss !ar-
,1. i'. llanins-
l;olans, a copy will
niilier of the Santa
"K" In, .
:iKl lis ,
and rcvilalizino; ,). hi,,,,,, '
illL' Ml., enmn,,,,, .li. , ' '"111 IV
.rofulii. loss f ,' " !,.
And tin' 1'iencli retook In a day
what cohI the lieriuaiiH two months of
1','ivavi' fixhlniK anil tl;e loss of inoie
than n iiiaiier of n inilllou null.
.ii'TUHKIt :'. I !i I B
v w.rAiu i: (msi. i:i,t 8ii.i.( !:
11 WiiH noted when I'olom l Itoo.Me
vell npoke In A llnuiuei Ui- thnl he was
Iihh kind to the repulilh nn loin I cnn
ilulaleH t Mil ii he was with the lepulili
enn ciiuillilatiM of Ail.oini, The An
loicliited I'lesM icpoil of Iho coloni l'H
Ipeech lit rhoeulx null):
''Hit iiinclmleil wllli mi npHiil In
lli toli'rs In l ici t JiiiIki- .Iuki'IiIi II.
Kllihey, rcpuhlii nn ciinillilnle 'in
I lillill Males M'tinliil,"
Tlie fail that the colonel, when lie
made his upeecli pi A lliu'ueiiie, le
fiiiined floMi apliealinn lo the otcr.M
to Kiippnil the New M'Xii o 1 1 pul'llc.i n
ciiliilnlale fur I'lillid .males Mliulor
lould hiiiilly Inive Peen fimn iird
ilelit. The colonel not Iho Alhuiiiei
iiie Morning Journal almost liuuieill
ntely lifter his arrival here, and It Is
not no pi iilui lile Unit he rend the ed
itorial cnlilleil "Tlie I'oloinl In Al
wiivm Welcome." If ho, he must have
noted the following In u.iKo which
that cilllorlal conlalned:
'M'lilcf Interest ccnlcis In Wii'l"T
I olum l H(M-ccll will inlviM iile (Iik
llll tlllll Of III!' l1'lllllliClll Clllulilllltl'M
nil Hie Klnlo llckel, ' lu- colonel prides
1t!iu. If o,i Im a rcncln'r of rlKlil-l
snir iicm, anil Uhtk Ih JiihI Iflulde i ui l-j
it.(j to kokr ' 'n r lie cnii Hiiiin'
Iiin flislil ni-ii'ii-l 111" nes, IViiMM', I or-
ItiMi nno tl'elr - oil with (hIimiii ) nf
I'll' cllstCii if Ciii'iIh'II Mllll Itlll'slllll, I
Mill I he id ul il lii pnw i'i of I iiiosl I
liiiriiifiil h. I. tit al inacliliie cu rl
lnlslcd upon U, fllS' JHSIC. I
' llnl l must In- rci nls rill ilia'
tlie isiloni I h u "pi , , p. ntJm, nH
lie "tatcd In it famous Idler to 'My
ill nr Ihiri'lniiin.' "
Mr. ItoiiKcvelt religiously rendu all
Unit Is Hiild aloilt )) i m , when he has
the oipoi (unity. TIiiim i hulleiineil, he
lailiil to lespond. lhj snld in .( 1 1 1 1 1 14
exceiliiiK on liiilloiuil Is) lies, nside
It ttit ii few complinicntH to former
iovei nor 'in ry.
There lould have heeit no pi rsonal
feeling on the part of the colonel to
Uaid any one of the ciiinllilules. Mr.
I uisuiii lins lieen his friend through
thick and thin. He wiim the Inst to
leave the sinking Kuoscvclt (hip al
the ('lilra)u miv inl Inn, In I'll:'. lie
saw to II that h imijoilly of (he New
Mexico delecuioH to the con i lil ion
this yc.ir wile lor Koo.sevelt il they
nav a cliance lor his nouihialinu.
Mr. Iluhliell iilsn wenl lii Cliienxo a
lioosevi II man, though he had nil
Vole III (lie ( unvenlloll.
U hi tin ii, did die coloni I plead
(or voles loi' (he 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 n 1 1 nominee
for xcnntoi in I'hoeiiix and remnln
illcnl on thnl point while sncaklnc a I
A 1 1 il 1 1 ui-i ipie '.'
kd(m. i;i,t s n i "ititi;.K."
In his speech nt A lln.iiuei ipie .Mon
day, I'oIom I Itoosevi It K.tld, I'elerriliK
lo Ilia recent "bn-uk" by Heciclary of
Wnr linker:
"This sl.'it. liient of .Mr. linker's, lie.
iuiesiid In hy the silence of Ml
iii shows thnl Mr. U'llscn in his henrt
helleves thnl V a sli I II I n n WHS no hel
ler Ihan Villa or I'arriinza; that tin
men of the revolution slood on a level
with the miscreant crew who duriiiK
Ihe last Hire,, iiiul ii half years in
Mexico have muidered AuiericmiH hy
Ho- hundreilH mid Mexlcuns hy tne
lens of thonsunds. These men havi
perpeliated every species of oiKiane
ii j Kin women and chihlien, mid have
turned all Mexico Into a hell of
slarvaliou, dlseuse and misery; they
Inive iliini this uilh the mtive pas
sive assistance of the American kov
ernmenl under the lend of Mr. Wilson;
and Mr. Wilson's cnliinel officer now
defends them l.y the follies! hIiiIii"
on the men who imnle us it' nutloii."
No man known heller Until Colonel
lioosevclt lhal Woodrow Wilson holds
no Mich netillinenls lortnrd Ihe levo
luliiiiiai v taihlieiH. I in the contrary,
(eio he.i, us hisloriau, ami as pres
ident, Mr. Wilson has expressed the
deepest reverence, for the men whoi
achieved I lui independence of the
Ainerican colonies and founded upon
our lihoriH the first Kieat, real re
puhlic known lo human history.
l,et us concede (hat Hecrelary link
er Hald all that he Is ipioted uh Hit.V
liK. He lain denied snyiiiK It, anil
I'reslilent Wilson Is hardly the man
to demand Hie rcMimi.it of it ald-
nel officer wllhont first kliowinK' the
If Scciclarj linker said ill'1 thinKS
i in.. ....ii-
;ilic4t'll, III" MIIOUIll resiKO. nil. ...ti-
Hcnl future is lui I, If It shall finally
he cflnhlished thai he sajl the- men
of Valley l-'orno wete no la tter char
acters than the men who now are
lohhlim and murderlni; and outrun
IiiK wonieil In Mexico. Hut wliateve!
linker said, we know that Woodrow
Wilson not only never linn said any
HiIiik of Ihe suit, hut he does not think
less highly of the ."men of '7ti" than
Colonel Itoosevell.
That linker, who Is n youiiK man
with a fciont liking for speakinK ''off
hand," may have said somethliiK ol
Ihe sort limited, wo have no ilouht.
Thai he said Ihe exacl words (pioted
Is possilile, lint Unit he was In liny
wise, n fhn tlnt; (he senliiuenln of
1'ioMlilent Wilson, Colonel lioosevclt
knows Is untrue.
Furthermore, no man entitled to
Ihe confidence of Ihe American I -
pic, won l, sny that "Mr. Wilson In his
henrt UdievcH that Washington was
no helh r Ihan Villa or Carran.a; tlnu
Ihe men of Ihe revolution stood on n
level with the miscreant crew who
ilui'iiiK Ihe last three and II half years
In Mexico have murdeieil Americans
hy Ihe hiiniliids and Mexicans hy th
(l IIS of I holls.inilh."
I llviTn rr. ,, - . . . .. I of ihe joint a ul Inn sllil
I lJ n il I! I'll I PI" .
IviiAj iVUUlI 1MJ 1 1 ; haia i-iciic-.m
,'.'" ! Ion and W. W.
1 sent to each m
V I M icty of the institute.
; Tlie followni" are the newest indu-
j l,i S ol lite Mlll.l I I S'nri) in in.- -
... I istiltitc: Mr. Fi-atik K. FianlienOci T, Hoods
111 I Kspanola, N. M.: Dr. lind .Mis. v.. .still Is the people',, , ,
I Li hi ! l. ii M,- ..ii.l Iim 1! Hone- of its n. in hi.. .
'..'. I I .1 wl M.t- I M .MV!.nlS. rloifal V I 1 1 . 'I .U V I :.. .
r Jl I . -V 1 .1 I I ' I ... ' .-A ' 'II I'. II II'.
r, I In. C. T. Cuii. llv of Ihe H.i.v.il iill
V.J. l i tclcui.M.l.s from 'I'or-
VI yv . . . ... o ...... I
V i Hiv.-sliwitioii of Ihe Cha. o Canyon feeling, general dehiliiy ' 111111 li.
J"- limns. Hiu.- llnkinn the Canadian mv- Hood's Sarsaparilla ',-irifi,.s .
X:feV iMiimcnt with Ihe School of American riches the Idoml, aial i,y
'!r'?K I ri hacol'iV, in U out li lanl rendd s t he h u ma n ,)Ml,m d,;;
S&m&X l -c of archaeological work llHis far est service possil-le. Tins
t U.MA., . Sy-yxj-; f- M.!W ImuU-rtakon in tho southwe-st. Tho Was i lesu,i loi - y, ,,, , w
i W?&-'S7jrf?r Ai'AK ! s,..l,M..i.n, Will he U.e lhi.,1 ,-,. tec.ly .lire, .-lea,, ,, 'J
. . VWi7 ... XYlfC'v -; ho II..- nndclakmc. ,l,s tilso liitkiiiK ".'' 1 I''aHair ;,,,
.' WM-X$lfrMM , recciv-d a le,,ucs( of u ipiaitcf mil- 'i'''''"''1 s f ,,,,
liV- V'kt"; (W M' iA 1 Th - "h.wi.. .. "islcred at ,IH ion ""'S "''wanl-.l ,., .
'''''I. Aa:t! 4 ''' I -am' AH'- and Mis. II. I:,,,,- Ai.Kel '"'' ''""Ion. r. , , ' "
l";' ' .i tei'V hi I V- and son, laiuilmi. Knlanil; Hatkcr II. '
. . '.." K3A5Wf fW.:tlr'TlfyW 'iv. tl,, ceao; K 'I llad.low, IM- ""' f"u''''-s' ' ".1.,, Sx
I cm'' Tv; -I More, Kl I'aso; C. '! hcln, and ,!. l;,,,,,,';'
tedp.,: r4vrf-- L'4 S mi.ilcl.li ; Mr. and Mis 'V !', ' 'a, I ,;'
ySWr;;, timf PfT "-Vvf MX .Co MU-Iu, la, ny; r,n , , ;,;;
'ttffSmtPSy I W W'-ti'lMlt l 1 0'fiirOL" - .-' ''..: nc. I'.,.: A. : Mt.ller, C.hslMii, ino.iIIis Ii, Urn i y. ,. , , '"
W-yV- ''' 1 ft L --" ' ,-;-J ill'; ,'. II. A.td.-.rson. ia!a, III.; .U is. a ly Weapon, and ,;, '
H'lfAZ'jl V fc raJkl ... C- ..... . ,, l. I.MIlll.llni. I.S Alleles:' phv. one lo llirce v, ,,,, , ,L.JI-
Ww0mms0 mmm iii.: :&"--mki Rf nil in c
mS& HriiHir HFAnaniY sip
.!i(''nm.a,uw MMCiti-"''jj'.5.i,'.'w. i tin. .x aKit-: MAr 'f -m, it: ' j.i-,. . .' ,i. ii i.'Wj..: ,.i i.i , ., , s.c j'jrrity i m- v - v - i
' I Halves,,..,. Tex., i.e.. MyM-i.
Wnr !!3f WWMJ WV ' ! ' VI)' i :" u,,- i,.i.ai...iiirsi.ik. niaci
''ili' VV if''O lador. u-hi.r f William IH.'.el;.
I j W ho was an e., Willn:-.: of hi r fa lit-
I 'ei':. killuiv al Mar. hall, To., n. I'eh-
i . . i ......
I tfi... a a .'irilll'lei ami ce. tin l. ileal 1
I ir ttii i;iioijiio unit m itoir
With Scissors and Paste
In on" It
a prol..
lie ln:i;l
nf a sum
c entire
d Slales
lhal. Hie
hill il is
i'W-ed dis-
tin- I'aii-
Notcs of Interest
From Slate Museum
Santa Ke'
I' ri upted a ml ce. lain Iran
that w ilei ivay. 'flic ;.n. s a I
lhal appal . nl I can liol
(New Hcpuhllc.) end wilhutiL Iho expenditure
What. iniliisiiiK inv ctsions of t he i a p.i o ima I e y n t ; -1 1 n 1 1' of I
IMh c.liluiy .oinanco Ihe A I lltui am , I of Ihe canal. Tlie I nil
legends present! No helpless mui- i OM inme.il will not ailn.il
dens, sit iiKClint: through Ihrec vol- I'anania canal Is a failure,
umca to pn-sei vt- their il inily ! sU'nll jcanl that tliete is rein
iiMitinst lln iinlil'iiiK efforts of i.ii-!l lissioii of Hie poa: ll,lhly of
Iiolonouslv dissolule ii'iilrii, hul a hand, 'I'" .N lea I at:ua n route in cast
.f innocent men In Ihe clutches of its .una slides are nol I lioroueh ly niast
determlued takes of ladies as his- en-il. The Cnilcd Slahs has cxclu
lory has ev er icconlcd. No wonder ! ci v e l ipids for i (instriictiiur a canal
that the inline of Halahad, Ihe ma id - .' I h mm it N'ic.iramui, under Ihe treaty
en knluhl, has moiic down lo fame, I I a I i lied last spi in;;. Inofficial csli-
wlion i reflecis on Ihe despei nl" mates :tiovv a Nii'araKiian canal would
naltin) of the women who surrounded i I e cheaper Ihan Ihe removal of the
hlni. II wan an aue in which no one I slides. Vearsno the Nicaragua Can
Irom KIiik Arthur down was safe. Ifjal compaiiv licuatt lo consl r'lct a val
one of these vii'.otouM females once e. way lhroui;h that cotinlry. II fin
look il determined fancy lo him, there ally cava, up Ihe Iillempt for In. k of
was hardly any power on earth t hat j I ma una I support. Had Hie rutted
lould save htm. Stales fcuitrunli-cd the companv's
Yes, it was an ai:e of free women, i In, mis, Ihe canal would have heeit lin-
II '.I....I....I tel.. A .' I I . I I ,' ' a Mll.d I.ll-'ISIO.I loi L' I I. f O TT I I I I I '.I tlfl tlltl O'lll'll.
1 ney o.i.ne.. in... - I i - til' III lor
. II.. .... ,.. illul ,.a us- 1 llll.l Would have crtsl II, iu eon fur 1 "'""K
M'"' " ii ii" ' . , - "" I ons ill i i, I ..cut iiii.I
' less.
I I lour volii nn s on tin
. IMld
!. mo ii:i:i:v : ly
" " iieiiiv-i.t' vv no si o 01 1
Hcf Hie iion sleet lhal day:
many a unllint spirit would
: years If Hut he could
us ln'cn at .Monterey,
Halve: ion, TeX.. ltd. 2... Mys
.s lo I he V. In 1 1 a I, mil:: of S ..lie I
;,,,;,! , , 1 , n: hi. : of V 1 11 1: ill Hlael.
was a II e . e w :l .US,! Ol III r 111 It
el':, killlll:: al Mar. hall. To., Il, ei,
li.nrv, I '.. va: pai lially ilo-i.al-'
. ula v when al I ol in
pecl. il her In' arrive
I. stll'y loi' ' I he : lap
Joint Copcland. Mi
locaiion wa;i nol disc
The hu!!et wiiidi
as- ;
t lfi some '
Lo do a!
dashed Into
councils or most
somlih.Kos vv ilh the ih niainl
litileihl .leave lininiedla.tely
piece of wolk lor them usually the
killuiLr of some other poor kiiichl
1, ml l.auncelot or Harelh or Tristram
or llors or I'eteival had to leap to i Vol
horse and follow, renin illcss of the.ijjvr. half hi
fu.ct that Arthur miKht need Him, Ilac villi
! more than did the holy. 1 liesc wom-
Santa he, Del. .Santa he is now , an old-style revolver
one of Ihe pat. six in Ihe Atehaeolocj-; .,, (ouit t'odav l.y Ihe
al Institute of America, havinir to-! swore thai Ho- luillet
day crowded llallimoi e into sev cm n i olv er w hich il wasdecla
plaeo Willi Us Htti iiteiiihers. How-j to Copcland.
is lo he one' ,ale Ihis afternoon tin
is said liny
III I la iv esli.ii :
al Hie trial
s Hindi's pros'
killed Hl.uk a
Enjoy Life! Liven Your Up
and Bowels Tonic-lit
nnd Feel Oieat
wake Up With Head Cto
Stomach vSweet,
Right, Cold Gone,
were prose. il
laic. Witness
filled Ihe I
flared lieloiiK'
,1' II
a in hit ion
ol the Four and to do this must its ens
crowd Uochesler with its 1.7 mem- i wottlil
hers into sixlli place, and I 'hi la del-' t elml I
phia with HI! vnemhet's Into filth !i.i fi
place, perhaps, too, holor,. very lonu. !
il can crowd New York with its l.'iU'ni p, rDCPft f
inemher.s into fonitl, ,lace and he aHvJLU UtiLUUlN U
Ihe head willl Washington, ). ('., iind
Host on, Mass., of tint fifty societies ill)
I 'anaila a ud I he I 'nit. d Slates.
"Th6 Ktlinoholany of the Tevvn In-
dians," of which advance copies were
t oi civod lodav J'i oin the Voveriiiueitt 1 .a
aid lhal
leslil'y in
live Willi
Hi n ,
lar morninq jounnal .pcdal i ia.cd win.i
VtilU-j-, I ' il., . .."..The hallh
l. I'teuon, hlllli on llle 'noil ie o. -a
vork vHiLevcu sleep
1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 V
. was I lie
K"cl lav
i u roved Iho count I V al will
most I , ml. r vears to old ui;o, seeking
whom Hoy ml.;ht devour, and once
Ihev had mat ked a man for their
i.iiarty, heaven have pity upon him,
lor Ihoy had none."
there, the shot
Now here, now
In deadly drift of fiery sprny. I
Yd not a sinj le soldier i,u:,il'd !
When wounded comrades round them!
i lid
Slill cliai'ejni; on the ciins which swept
The slippery si t ools of Monterey.
Till: Mil NTKV (IN M.IK i:.
The lenuiie heinleil hv (t'l.eaiy has
lor Its iiiiiiouneeil ohjeets In Iho Unit
ed Slah s Hit ee t Ii inxiM :
1. An einharuo c.n Hi,, hhlpiuents
of in anil urns to t he n Mies.
J. Tlie hieaKin,; ,,f tint jlrlllHh
l.lo. kade ac unsi i ha tniiny.
!1 To f t lit ill Ihe I'nili'd Stntes
Aiiulo Savon policies and soiitlmolit.
l or Ihe uccniuplh.il moot of tem-
d.Jccls the fust Hint,, is lo la,- defeat
of Woodiow Wilson for piesiih-nt mui
to elect a mi, .toi it. of sdiaioiH nnd
III. 11,1,1 is of Ihe loVVe. house of coll
( less in hit i 1 1 , i , with the Ti iilotit'1
pi opaeainda.
Wild as this K' Iiiiiip imir appea ,,t
fltsl thought, il has lack ,. H. allen
iilly, mote than Ihree million voters.
Mid certainly unlimited money. Not
only ate Ihe men who h., the con
ference m ally all riih, hut fur the
uccomplish nictit of such ends the
Herman eiopite would tap its war
I host to lite limit. They would I"'
wolth fat more to (iermaity Ihan the
uinniiiK of half a tluxeti sut It l aities
its N'crduii.
If the government of tho I'nili d
Mate should place an I'ltiliuHn upon
th hlpmeiit of munitions. It would
iievltahly had to war between this
country inn) the allied nations. That
War inlaht not come until after the
j. resent Kutopenii wnr is over, mid
It liliiht ronie at once. Tltp fleets of
Ihe allies, now in the open seas und
not rciitire.l lo watch C.i-rmnii war
vessels, would overwhelm the Am
erican fleet In a week, and leave us
lit lh mercy of Japan's ambitions. I
l.et cvety ctli.cn, vvltother native or
foreign hoin, exhall his country Into
the first pluee lit his IIioiikIiIh and nf
f. clions. I.. I r.ot the interests of any
oilier country whalsoever he consid
ered, when, the Hinted Stales Is con
cerned. II Aineilca Is to he fust in vct'V
truth, she must solve notice on all
other nations that Ametici Is first in
ihe hearts of nil her citizens. That
those .itidts ate proud of her honor
and ready to defend It, hut ever seek
lllH hoiioiahle peace,
This r i oat t epulilic must he Just to
olhets, and demand Just Ice for hef
tclf. She miisl ptotoit her clticns
In (heir full ileitis on every sea and
in cvety land. She miisl stand full
panoplied lit the nil.' lit of her hun
dred million clli7ons, ready for what
ever cm. latency mat hcf. til In this
war-lorn world. We must he m
rntiicd for peace at home, and anions
Hie nations; ptopated not only mili-
taillv. hut indiisti tally and ootntnor
cially and mottilly. Moial piepara
tlon involves perfect loyally to the
Ideals of the nation, and ti population
which lecounl.es national hroHier
lii.iul. Theoretically, no doubt, nil butnnn
In-kiiKs, vollow, blown, lihick unil red,
as well as while, Moslem and lludd
hlsl as well as Christian. Hut for
prnclica1 purposes, nhottt, nil the
It ul lid hood we call know, politically,
is confined within our holders. Vatue,
wo. hi wide hnitltct hood, is n nohle
.'.octtine, and perfcetly useless. The
leli tition of a hrolhci hood feeling for
the people of some nation other tllli
the on, in which we live, Is pernicious,
especially since we iirp part of the
Koverumcnt of this nation and must
assist In shaping lis policies, even
when those policies conflict nh the
interests of (he country of our lacial
it where
HI, MOV lit M" IN r.N.l,NI.
(Nehraska Stale Journal.)
Ainci leans will !' inleresletl m
ro. f the nanu s sinned to the me
morial asl.inn the Hitltsh ovorninenl
lo establish national pt ohilut ion dur
Ini; Ihe war and for six months al'lcl'
waid. Hole are soino of them: II.
C. Wells, .lohn Maseru Id. Austin Doll- i Tho foe himself
soli. Malic Corelli, Arnold ne.inell.i Winn. Mritiiu
Thomas llanly, Hall Cauic, sir Wtl j lay,
ham liu.nsev. Sir Horace l'liinl.cll.( We swouii'd ln.s
They Include ta-lelltisls vtlislS. po-j ,s.
its philinthropisls. socialist:-, liber-j Ant braving full
tils, coitsei vativ es. ThouuliHul l-.nK-, blast,
lislimcn are deeply concerned oyerj Sloriu'd home Ihe lowers of Monte
what may happen when. Ihe war over,: rey.
millions of iliscliaiKed .soldiers 111'''!
n tarned to the country to he plied jitur banner on those turrels wave,
with liquor wlnle looking tor joes And there our evening bugles play:
up to cxpecta
......... i ... . .. . i. .
. w..i, .., en 111.'! o lo.lay al llle ..e l,llK (,
tovva iniiiaris i netil i c.nl ua ul' h I California
which include Hie phv siof la nhy , lslitnl n ,w .it, I The in n ,
Director Hewett; Hit: raphy I fn,, S;II1 Kranciseo earlier in th,
.1. I'. liar. hiiUun ; the cliiuale hv on n, , i ,,,,, ., a, . ... oi,, . i
.Iiiiiiiis Henderson, and W. W. lioll ,.Kii headed hv Senator' J.'iiiie
tans, tue neotoy anil lopoKfapliy hy , l'helan and some Mill civilian
Junius Jleinicrson; the zoology by The California should he road
i mi i inmou ami t teniiorson, altu",otti-! himichino Jatiuaiv I, l!H:
era monumental work completed nil-! ( onimission ihe t, i i 1 1 1 wi ii -;
(ler the auspices of the School of Am-1 will have a displ: im iil
client .. v i ii.ii (unity uy us men. -vs, tons, a snei.t of l hunt
tne 'levva Indians occupied the cotin
lry tributary to Santa Fe, Ihe hooks
a t , of special interest bci c, Koint;
fleelili' ilil.i Mo. filL- lo.-., ..,,.1 II I..
Their d.MiiK shout at .Moulorey. ti,.s ,,, T,.u,a ln(i;lls' ,s ion
, , , .... , , i as Hie school receives ils quota of
d di-sl,ll on our column kept ' ;1, dhnobu.any wuicl, is ll. product
Thi'oliuh walls ot llatiio its w ither-j 1
in:; way;
here fell th,. dead, Iho livillo S(,.,,t
of hiin
t ho su
I .via re
n came
ascil elH lot, i
t, tp utic.'l hi
you i vi-r ex;,-ri-
lllllf K'lUlll, V"!p
1 1 r tniisiie riwt
li ri'icinilql if
peed of
tfficors an, l.itJ
ol .,:
n. i n.
vv ill
1 1 :i It n Coal Co., phone-Is-st
coal and am, oil.
til, for the
lake one or two
and enjoy the Iii'T
and how el fleansin
eneed, Wiike ui, fe
. j head wi') he dear, y
. ! breath swee t stoma
your livr and th i 1 1 v
! active. (Id a box al
j now and cot straight'
I 111','. Slop tit,, head
bad colds and had clays, l-'. el fi! ,:
i renilv for work or .!..'. Cwarcfct
! not i;r:pe, sick, n or i urniivi ui' life ye.
jlhe next day hlie sails, pills or calf-
mel. They're fine!
j Mothers slmuld (rive a while
caret any time to doss, I;, bi:iii
nr feverish children h'c.tnfi It ...
n t thoroughly and can nut Injure.
I'd l.f In.
ny ilni? rt
1 up liy nt. m-1
e, IliliiVIM
e slroni'est
flankin;; batteries
their muideroiis
nnd read
post w ar
dim: themselves to tne now
until ions.
I Hiikinoerme, Kecoi d. )
Inslead of an ax and saw to remove
the tops of trees thai ate to be used
as masts in lnt:r.iii". operations, ilynn
mile is used to shool off ihe tops. Af
ter Iho blanches have been removed,
a riititer climbs the tree, willl a set of
Irons! to Ihe point where it Is Iteoes
surv to cut off the top. Here the
n mil; is nsiiallv about 1'.' inches In
diameter. The riuMer ties a sti'inu
of dvnamile carl . idi'.cs, fastened cud
to end like saiisaia s, around Hie trunk
of Hie live al this point, inserts a
blasliim cap with about :'li fed ol" fuse
in one id these sticks, lifhls (he end
of (he fuse and descends holme the
rv illusion takes place. The ll eeiop
lumps Into Iho air w 1 1 Ii the i
u.i.l ih.. trunk Is l. ll reads f
Int.' the i m : Hik for drar.in in an'l
loadiUK the loi;s.
oranc.o boiiihs above thejr
K'eep p.i'oen tin
Wlho foimiil
Deafness Cannot Be Cure1
Klll u.. Illations, us lln-y r;amol r.'ii. l.h..
: ijls.asi'ij pur ( Ion of Iti cur. Ttit rt- Is oiily ,iu
I vvny to ciltu den f itc-sa, uuil tliat It, tiy enn.it Hull, n
j al rriiii'itli-H. Ilcitfiifiis l citus.tl by nn liitl.iiM .l
letiiiltloti .,f tin- uilli'otis 11 it Iti af of tin' KusCtrlitHit
'1 nit.-. tit-n this tube Ih liiHiiin. a jam li,o.. i !
i ruiiibl intr unund or imiiorfoot ln'arlnit. an.l vvln-i: I
i It Is i-iitlrt'ly cIobi il Heiifness in tli.. r.-snlt. nu t l
j iiiitisH tin. intliiiniitutk.n cun be titki tt out itn j
I this tulic rctttiiri'il to its iiot'iiuil wiulitlun, limr i
, Ihk mil In- il.-st my.-d fon-vrr: iil.i.. fuses out .1
; Oat are- caused r.y Catarih. wlilrli Is lmtliiiitr but i
tut hitlaltieil r.iiiiiitlon of till- tntli'iitis Kiii-fm-es. j
: Vv .' will c.ne Ih'.itlr.-.l lti.lliiis for any ruse ,
nf Pt'iifiii-ss (..ntist'il '.iy t'litiirrli) t tint eiuaii.t tie !
I direil l.y Hall's Catarrh Core. Send for clrcu
I tars, itt-i'. v
I 4 V. J. CIIKN'I'Y & CO., Toledo, 0.
Siilil by ImiRplsts, oic.
I T:.ki- Hall's Family Pills for smstlptitl. ,ti.
memoiy of the bravo
and fell at Moulorey.
I km
n r..r
. a-v--. v:$ " ... .... wevswwpicww-i v. "
, t Ti." , ? -i r". I. T: -ajj vt Jtfr''f'. t. Mf lM 1 J-Wll' w-i
utintrujn .nut lubu r ii,ia . nti.mi i,.,.ih ...
1 your rt. al.ir-s nam to Vlvamlou, ll. ut. 6. Tlmea Bullillnn. Nuw Vork. N
n.o not inanv
I'.i'side the brave vvh
l!ul who of us has nol
He'd rather share the
Than not have been
Chit t ies
who pross'd
n fell that, day
r vv a i t ior resl
tit Monterey?
F. Hoffman.
SmasKthe Hubbell-Gillenwater Machine
r ,'ittacli-
Ciinailiaii I'ticific- Strike- Off.
Winnipoir. (id. Tho threatened
strike of conductors and trainmen of
the Canadian I'aoilic railway, ordered
for tonmht. has boon called off. II
I was officially announced hero this af
I teritoon. follnw inn a conference be
tween representatives of the employes
and officials of the road.
CN l.
(Toronto Duly News.)
Tin- retail sale of Intoxicants lias
been abolished Hnoiiuhout Ontario.
Il.,,.ltnl,:t siaskalcliewan and Alhort:v
I l'rohlhlllon has cartletl in Hrtilsti l
lumbal, so that a few tnonlhs hence
! alcohol will Iv unobtainable ill bars
shops or clubs anywhere between tho
tiltawa river and the wide waters in
I the Pacific. Two-thirds of tho par
ishes in Quebec are drv and Horn tne
eastern boiiuilarv of ijuoboo itrohlhi
tion prevails throni;liout New Hruns
wiek, I'liiiee lalvvard Island and No
va Scotia lo Hie AUunlio coasl.
The retail traffic will thus be con-
t titled to one-third of the I' rendi
Canadian piovtiieo. In the next (n
or three years prohibition stands lo
have a fair trial over most of Ho
country and at the end of that ft: a
the people can make their choice- for
I In- tuture1.
1,'ive" More- Norwegians Sunk,
l.omhiii, ltd. LTi.'-'I'he sinkiiii; by
noiinan snhiuarines of five more
Norwegian sloi mshlps, valued at
r.0'i).c)ini kron.r, Is reported In
an Kxc-h.iiiKo T leirraph dispalch from
m mamm iptrsc lanrinpi ibj, m ii wm fcnaqauiwjq
-" fhie.ffl.fiaiiaiieiyi.-i.o'r tli ir,alai.i' YliiaiM itialiiiir
r. .
' ,.wj,i , 1 ' ' -if
Kifairrhles Is all
.1 ' .
u a
fP J ""Cell,
-S cooked.
' V Mm. - A, K
"krumb ed"
and delicatelv VI
toasted by a
i. .
1 1
u n
r' f
4 a
!. special exclusive
I, Kellogg process.
Look for thla
is Tin:
t N II.
i n. i i;i:.'
(Thonuis K. l.ov.ni in I.oslh
I .fllcials of the t inted SI. lie-
direct I v responsible, for lll llli a mil
the- national defenses ale en .it v wot
ricel over Ulej I'auam.t ctinal l( ap
Jn-iits to he Impossible to secure Uhiu
! WaWsv- l AU Wk,.t
i i s i 1 - --H ReaJy lo Lat
: W ' -a-a-t I
i I.
' ; A J
' It ran , ,, ' j, , (rT- rtl aali i.a. la 'n in '.ri ;i
,1VW'73. JS8fc-lj( v r.s, l , , ,rr . , in. - " t
V.lT '. -OJJ c ' " v',s s 11
'IK .
- , -i . . " ' l V ' ' I " V V,
J).: Vt-ixT'X-. 't' I
oiir (.roccr Has It or Can Get It
- . a " C v'-'
Wiisaaa . ,'i , iaiaaaWiit
'' i
" -"- I-.--W.1,, VrWaalM Hl'-W"-- I I
r,T-J V o i i w-
"Iauc 1 r"m eiected Kansas Hard Wheat. Every Process of Manu
facture Vig.lantly Guards. Wholesome Quality
Cn.l.l al.. ft If . i J
Consistently Maintained.
aaJ vaa V 'aa.a(A
w- a;-.yii'Mys'yyrti',wary
at .V'X'
Tr -!,;

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