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Twenty Page
Albuquerque Morning Journal, Sunday, November 5, 1916.
Twenty Pages
Umlv Ori-lrr r MMl,:i
Month. Smiilo (V.ptiMt, tw
ef Executive Gives Out In
ferview in Which He Says
It s Rdil Between Classes
and Masses.
.odiow Wilson Is Deeply
' Hurt by the Unwarranted
Charges Made Duiing Bit
ter Campaign.
,,.. UNL .HC,L LCAS.O Willi
,ll,r,HiKli the courtesy of Ihe New
rk WiKl. ! .lournnl ' ''l1, '
,., it. r. uli i tlx1 follouine, '""'"
'',,- ,.mmi out last ni" to H World
nr,'iitatiu' tto.l "im! to tin- Join
nil: Hy Henry . Hall.
-nuloul.ti-illy the Ri-t'ut issue lo be
, .HI on November 7th, an issue on
t ,',,, r,,si tlir future happiness of
,', Amciican people, is whether this
,.!itry i. t" K" haekwara uixlfr h
.,,!!linin parly to a form of ".overn
.:.( by trustees, ami resume meth-!-
Hut it (leliherately rejected four
,.,is iiitn. or whether it is to RO for
along its present lines of gov
tuiinit by public opinion."
1'rwiJeiit Wilson was sie. iking in
it low emphatic voice hy which,
,::!n-r Hum hy gesture, lie I. rings
.,B:. to y.,n his utter earnest ness.
V h; d been discussing- the political
..i:.aiun almost Impersonally ill.
.sung il from the viewpoint of his
: iiiiil ltinl paused a inonienl. Af
- uiisxcring my iiuestion whnt the
;,l issue of tlie campaign is, he con-
Nlinrily ' ontru'-tcil Ideals.
"1 don't like to draw distinctions
t'lveiii groups or classes of my fcl
. (fiuntry iti.-ii, hut It must he cvi--i:t
to every one that there are two
iv sharply contrasted ideas of gov-
-.iiif nt in this country, One is that
:. those are qualified to direct the
,Hi!m"it '.vim had hcen in a large
,v of I, ashless a success, and that
r only safety for the country is in
'iistitutitig .such persons trustees of
' iii'ospcrity of the rest, leaving it
ii,"ir generosity and sense of their
MiiuUantaSe to share their material
"iss to a certain extent with those
interests they profess to he
This lias heen so apparent in the
itttT of the tariff as to he almost
'iiusiiiK. The Idea they hold having
-hi that if a few privileged manu
i taws anj inventors were allowed
rite the tariff schedules, they
uld sop that the rest of the popu
i"ii profited by the results as much
il wes wise for them to profit
"Shout increasing wages overmuch
" letting the power that comes with
,-"ess spread to too largo a number
t persons.
Deceive Themselves.
"I am willing (,, helieve that these
''"lie have dr., civod themselves, hut
am also very confident that they
'' deceived nohody else and that
it country ,JW understands very
'"ly thiit in the election of the year
"' are to decMe whether he will re-mt-
government under unardians or
!l'llll(. L'liVerm.o.i,. l.o ,,.,1,11,. man.
Mr. Itiirsimi's own comm. hIi.tt
given a glaring t vanipl- of ui'lli-
Mr Uiii-iiiu's homo cniinh.
I Can the Leopard Change Its Spots?
It Is not noossar, u. go back to the r.cor.l .,f ,,. i,M1, av
mimm ,!,, tlf ,,. N(. Ml.xl,, ,.,.,,, ,,,,,,,
lias sliou,, , t ln,.Ml sci, .un. iic-s ,1a. oiu II... pivsnu ,
piugii m older to ilcinoiiMiaU' Ills iiiililncss ,,r il,,. ,,11,, ,. ,,f ,.,.,.
Mr. I tiu-.it in lias .P in. .1.-1 late. I (lull tin In in, , an n'M , l.ane. ,
sHit-. lie ha.- prowd Ih ..iiiI qiii-st'inii that hi, m.ii,iiI iiu-ilio.U l.axc
not h uienl ihm MS i,!,.;,, ,,f u,iei mm nt tem.in, ,! sun.,, tli.u thci
... .... ,,,. i,,. ,,,, ins Hin,icai ihNK i.ilc. weie in
control ., the go . , i. incut of c Mcvini.
I osma as u fricn.i of -.hkI roads
Ills political 'May is im.lispiiu.il, his
cieiicv an. I siupi.ln, ,,, io..i,ii
I'oslnu n. ill,. .1.1-, .h-.u.- of la rcforin
Uiut is Hiiiong the worst of the sttit.. a nyord lo winch Mi
ha-, conirilnii. il hy his ,,w ,cl,uiuci,. y
The act of Mr. Itui-siun's frit lids m the town of Socorro in coin
'lliiig a hill Mis..,. I,, nn,.r n,.r mi ;i.l . i 1 1. in. .11 of his p..Mi. al op
poucnls coup!. l with th,. action of t"c city nuiucil in pi oluhil uic (he
d.splaving of Kihtlcal adcrtisin on si,i,., ,i picture shows in (tic town,
(instituted one of h,. mosi flagimu c niiplcs or h.iIi al pilolei ami'
that ever di'.gruitxl an m ricnii ooiiiiiiunily.
It is iiuxssil)!e to dia.sMMiate Mr. I'.ur.uin fii.m v,M.,,i, ,onnl
110,1 Hie town of siHiiim. It s not as ,1 he were an ordinal, clicii
one of the mail) human atoms (hat o to make t ioiiikivii,. whole and
no! to Im- hi'l.l r.-ponsililc for what uiki- pi ce in il.c ollicial lite of
the coniJiuinlvy. I or many jeurs Mr. Ituismii ha, iilsolulel, ihimiiiat
l the nl'ails of S.HOii'o. coiinlv. So far ,'s tlie lepnhhcaii parly is con
ccrnc.l. IIiiisiiiii is smx.rro coiint Sin'orro county is llcrsum.
The point is t ' i : II Mr. Iliir.iiin's rule In snniiln nuiuly has Ik cii
productive of liungliiig and inctliclini 1 oad-hiill.linr . .1 : n alii.oiiu
ally low pcrtiltUtgc of tix collections an, ol an tin- iiici I. ilo, auto,
crutic suppression of lice snivh, What is to lie chcIc. if Mr. Ilur.
Mini should Ih' turncil P',k-o to w"ik out his political incthiNls on the
slate of New Mexico.
Ill deference lo Mr. I'.iirsiim'x wishes, pi us forgcl hi., riior.l us
siiik r.iiUndciil of tlie pciiilelillary. let, lis loigci the Hawkins lull and
(lie other hits of I'olcc legislation in the interisst of spvial priiilege
with which he has Im'cii coiinecteil in Ih,- past, let n-, for the sake of
the argument, admit that all this is tiarrod hy the Mutate of linuta-
t. Mils'.
Tin re is still enough. iovcvcr. In the more recent political in'.ifil of
t"e mill lo demonstrate hexond i"slimi the utter iiufiliiess of Holm t).
liiii'siim lo he govcn or of New Mevi.n.
1 V
ae Advanced Ntv,K a N'ilo
Tttuaid the V ip.nii Ivwm,
ami I lave Take:) k Piis
(mhms, Says Wat (Mti.v,
rut suit of Austio-licmiati
. Toiees West ol Jiul River
Is Continuing and R.n haitl
nient Is All Alon." Hai'tibe,
?ritki,'t Clones I'aup.r.-.n!
! tot Re-HtYtioi! Willi Spoiii i
i i
at Shadow I aw e, VesltM i
day Afloint1!!,
Hughes Men, llaviii", Pospaii
Oil of l iniiiii". aai I ssi if, Aie
FilliuACeiintiv With Alatm-
in.", Kuniois,
Loss of Life on
Steamers Wreck
Now Ninety Two
, Helfast, Nov. 4. The loss of life in
the disaster to the steam, is Kctiievei
and I'onncinara aggri'gale ninety-two.
, inly t'u persons are known to hav.
heen saved,
The crew of the Kel never mini
hered tliii teen, one of whom and also
one passenger of the i 'oiim inara were
saved. The two vessels lie partly
suhmergetl within sight of land.
Heavy seas are breaking over them.
Hughes has allowed the republican
managers to wane against him.
Mr. Wilson has boon shocked hy the
methods of his opponents, hut noth
ing could In. luce him to depart from
his determination to appeal to Un
people solely on principles and per
formance, and to refrain from any
thing that might savor of personal as
persion. The president has never
made any dii.-et answer to Mr
Hughes' attacks, and yet Mich answ. r
would ofl.-n have heen the easy waj
of brlii'.'iiig discomfiture I,, the t. puh
li. an candidate.
Explosion of Newspaper Pho
tographer's Flashlight Pow
der in Parade Creates Bomb
, i
j Denies Charges by uon.j
I Bros,, as Stockholders, Re-i
j gar-ding Allowed Reckless:
j Expansion-Plans, - j
fay this very deliberately and
'ir.out any desire to impugn the mo
' those ho have represented
jl advocated tlu older ways of con
; the j.op,.-R affairs, and yet in
' of the unprecedented bitterness
:hp present campaign and the ap-i('-nt
re. klessness in the statement
' -"' and moti'v, I cannot avoid the
,ru,n that some unhandsome
J'S;,)" underlies the present strug-
" f he rcpuhhean leaders for of
ana I,f'w. r They are evidently
';7 ,"hi:. other than the ap
.'"'al "f pai-ao opinion. Thev niani-
' ' i h it
at'erness and passion
,liff;oil t.. iviih
nt.rs'e.i v.ew, of Mihlie nolicv or
n anv . ...... . , "., .
sts of the nation as a
k.-d hy Campaign.
4-'"fit t
" w zre.,tiv
' 'T t ti...
iMp to talk with th
'' 'he coming election
-T.s-ful of the fact that
listressed hy the char
aniiaign which Mr.
,. 4 Ww Mexico: tftin-
; '1 -V nday fa.,-- nut lllUch
m ' eratare.
I)Tr ..1.
for ,L nt-tir.n KErortT.
1 t
lentv.f.,. w
. . ouur, enoinff .
- "r ' 1 ' :- I '-rat u re, 7 degree.
. j '' r ,n-e. 4,;; temperature
! soutlme.st wind, clear.
lietroit, Nov. 4.---Hem y !''' '.
statement made ptilde- hole t
i denied that his plans for lp a'lv
panding the Ford Motor om.
husiness could he considi-M-d ' '
and unwise." His stateni, nt v. :
reply Mi the temporary u.. "
which Horace and John I 'o,i
totnohile uianufact urei s, '
against the Ford compai.v la-' 1
day, restraining thr . oihp.mv
UsillL' its assets to dev. lop i's
along lines n-c.-iitly ariiioan--.! i.
In the iiiiunction petite-n ;
I Hrothers, who ow n 1 a pt r '
Ford Motor far cmp.")'- s s r.
tnanded that most of the . ,-ta ;
immense surpius should I
in dividends to stueki.'.M. ' '
allege that Mr. Fords d;.r- '
'iron mines, estahltsh PI is' '!!
on the Ia-troit liver m r h. :
I double or trel.ie the cap... i' . .
Ford plant in Iwtroit 'r
and unwise."
Mr. Ford declared that Hi- '
of his company's s'i'' ess h.i h.
a t , 1 1 1 ' y to 'a ll a 'i ertiieh-;.,'...
of automobiles at a small loa:.
profit on each car. This eh a. i..
was to he carried out in 1 i- ex,i
plan. Speaking of 'he lo,-U". I
ers' assertion that the p: !
j would hung fir.an. ial in;ur 'o
j Mr. Ford said:
1 -They own' 10 per con of !!:
I and 1 o n about " p-r ' 1
I injaie them $'.0 Worth w.'h .-;
I s.-.n... time iriiunng n.-e;f t
j The injunction cas
I on V.iv en;h.-r 11. It
New- Voik, Nov. I. fharhs I'Aans
lluelies closed his campaign for the
presidency in this city tonight with a
lug meeting at Madison S.piare (jar
den. The speech he delivered was
the fifth of the day and followed Tour
m the open air in different parts of
the i ity during the afternoon.
liel'oi-e the night inc. ding Mr.
Iliu;hes rode at the head of a great
torchlight procession, called "a wheel
of flame," the nine "spokes" of which
con et tied upon Fifth avenue. Many
thousands of men. each nit lying
II,, mine torch, weie In line as the
hi no sjions came together, one after
another. So long was the parade that
it was split into two sections, one of
which inarched up Fifth avenue mid
the other up Madison avenue lo the
The hroa.l avenues were filled with
long ribbons of Ibtht as the republi
can cohoris moved onward. Inter
speised at frequent Intervals weie
hands which play. il martial and pat -tiokic
ars. The car in which the , au
di, Into rode was the only automobile
in line.
Flashlight r.vploded.
Much t xcltctiioiit was caused by an
cMdo.sioti in North street only a f.-w
feet from Mr. Hughes, as he sal In
his automobile wailing for one of the
divisions of the paiade to slait. It
was believed at fust thai a bomb had
heen hurled at the nominee, bill In
tor Kg a II of the bureau of nun
Pnstr.iles deilai.-d a plod ogi a phet's
flashlight, powder cause, I the explo
sion. The only ,er.-amM injui.-.l, the
,,,, i. said, were two newspaper men,
l,o were sllghi l.v hurt.
Vh Mr. Il-igbes in his car were
Ilepbuill and two detectives
Tl... nominee did not seem ,,,-iturbed
l.v tlie incident and smilingly a,
,,',,!, aged the ,l.,uditH of I lie olowds
.,,,,..,..h vU.r- It he passed as the par
,,,.,. uaced on, fouileen abreast.
Main IdinilMiicd Ardor.
: ,:!;i;g lain vv hn h b. ga n fa I-
. a tt,.. i de lag. in, damp-
,n...wh.,t in'- aidor of the dern-
. . .. V. ,.l .......led the I OjiUbli"
, , ... ,,i i r e Mt! . li'-' r i ii 4 ' i o w d -
,,( ;, ,el, ,e ,. til" I I III " h
, Meh I' tl " I'CWCy Ml "Il III
t'"H .-'(uaie.
i ,s . , i i i c i.,M . oml o ta bly
" .,' !.-. ;- a :.-! e1- ' f ' se.at Was
w i ., . ; ,. id 1 1 ' of hands h.-r-!
-. ,. , ,:id:d .' s . ouong. M n
.... ,.,, by I.", thro-
, ..... .;. ', - . ,, n. r.ne a n. l-.h.
J :: I MrJ. Clonic I.
"i , ,: : d a b"X.
li.tli.in troops continue lin n otl. n
sive in the C.nso region ami have ad
vanced n.-atly a mile toward the Wlp-
I pa. h t iv.r, and have tak.n ,'..'S ptas
i oners, s;us the Italian wa' olficc In
! the zone cast of Cul'.ia. A nsl l lans aie
I maintaining an intense lire.
I Italians report t he .apt in ol" an
observatory on the slop. of c-ma
Itozche. Several bil t I b s ale being
I stubbornly fought south ot i:o. :ar.
I in Calieia, Hear Mb lihhou. and lap
, nicadolna, here I he .hi in,, ns
launched an tittiok Willi . onsidei a blc
forces, tlerman troops o. cupied part
of the a. Ivan. -..I Itiisslan In in In :- on
the heights cast of l.lplia. adollill The
hattle ia colli in uiiig.
1,.1'H .Success.
Continuation of Ceriaan Mi.-o.-sses
by the capture of .nl.lil lonal palls of
the Itu.ssian main position on the left
hank of the Na ray uvl- a. in chiiiiied
from Ib-i 1 i 1 1 : '
Uumauiiimi have ndvained lo the
w.sl of the Fallen rivt and ulai at
Tab!" F.iiiyu. - I I... ;a.; .it of lln
j An:-! to a Ill-man lore s , ut of the
I Jiul I Ivor Is cnlltituiuu! and there has
I il il ho III III id men I all II long I he
jhatiub.. river. The oc iipal ion l,y Ihe
j It lllilii Ilia Us of lloscil height, on the
! 1 1 iinga ria n -1 : u ma man f i out. la ad -j
milled by I he l.-i man v ar offic .
' which, hovv.-v" r, ),..,! Is that the Ten
( tonic :, III, s have r pi in ed a II n n i ' n
ia ii p, , ail ion and 2 ..il pi i.-oiici a Mint h-
j west of I'l.-dcal.
j lli ili -Ii lit gain l ien. b s.
j ( I. nun n I'm , es which . u I. I cd tin
j 1',,-ilisli tr. lo lies near iluim hv. w. i,
I ev p. died a ml a I b a man conn I . i a I
! I, if k cast of 1 Im u.l". unit on I be
Silllllie ll'oltl I Il e.l II, h,al I,..', a,
: according to the Finish war office
I Tho I I. I Ilia II a, linn alt s baa made
j public the details of w hat la ' hal I' l
j ied as a second l',:n doug i as.-, slat
I lug that a Finish palnd sliip llyiio;
i A no I lea II , oho s, dot t o cl the I I. I
j ma n no bina l ine i ' II, ra ii dow n a
; rowboat containing Ihe only two sur
I vivors of I he siibmai me. and has san e
I prev cute. I these i.uivivors from i"
' porting t he in, ul.nl lo the i let man
gov el lilnent, will, h h ..H Iclirli.al of il.
it Is claimed, 1 1 u- Ii an invu lub ,1
lulsoner, liansfei i...l lo Switzerland.
The I Ivors. -as News :ig II, y baa I"
celve.l a re, oil thai Ihe Fucaan
dre.-o Ina light Sevanlopol. one of lb.
most pnwoifiil u m-1- of Ihe Kuhsiiii
navy, struck a mnn eii-ht day: ago
j mill wan pill I I v del I o ved.
Ipy MoRNisa joi'Ms A. ftrum li..n.t,
I...I, :i llrall. h, .1 . ,o I I'l' ' l
dent Wilson , los.,1 he , .mpaoo tot
re-i lection at Shadow I aw n ,..:a
With a ap.'ech in w hn h he :o , u . .1
the opposition of at icinpi im: to ...
etce Wolkillg in. II and i liali:. d that
political capital t- being m oh- out ol
unsettled ,ii,-."l ions, w loch. if not
vet I led w ls.lv . I ll 1 1: 1 , hung I he , ..in,
tl ill liny tlllle lllto the wotbl ii.ll
flu t."
I'l edi. t lllg ,h inoci -Hie v l. bo V to l
Tllcsd.l , I he pro-.l.leitt lie, I n "d
"II. l lllg despoiled of illl Issue, thev
ill e filling I he . olllll l V W ,1 h alai nolo:
Straws Which Make Up Great Newspaper's Final Showing
Are Not .euanled as Sufficiently Accurate to Venture
Forecast: May Be Landslide for President, or, If Eleventh
hour Trend Should Turn Toward Republican Standard
Bearer, It Might Result in 0. 0. P. Victory by Small
Mai'om; Labor Unions Are Going for Chief Executive Al
most Solidly. Unless Reported Breaking Away in Some
Sections Should Become More Formidable Than Now Be
lieved Possible: All the New York Herald Does Is to
Give the Vote for What It May Be Worth.
tov Y.w )'.''', .,),. this in.'nn,!,' ,,, .vi.w t.v (inn! th)
!''! ' ih,'" h,:iJ,-n.'ni! si!it.'i.n a,- .... i-... . ,....
'"" ""l ""lv "n""' "" ".i:t. I'M., -v ). A,',,' '.', , ',,, ( ,,nl-in! .11 Rirlit ,',..
couullv with lllilllis, but lh, i'lel , , , .
I ,,11,1,11 .,, of lab, u. l I ' ' ' '' '
I Th. S III, ag, lie thai thee III, ,1 ale li. lj
Ill, Il own Itia t.ls ami .laie 1101 vol s
i us lb. y think, but at last, I th iol.
I ot, I In. .liiii l . all lanor.-l- is i,w.,i,e
Cornrol NoOiln.t toil railing.
"Lot I hem fill t he . . until ry . will,
alai nis: the .il.it nci arc their ,.w n, not
our:,, Thi-t used lo . .nil I ol the cl edii
1 1 ii'i' rv 'toe I 'il l- . .ml i o' not b-
lllg bill the helling."
IIIV I. 'How ell l-a U , be poll
A '
Ifi'-s' l
N, v. v.., t:. i The oh.. :.,
j fea' lire of Ih, . '. fall Iv lo t.v
j ina I I ' I v. as I be l-l pomlel a n, ' ol
I pi ,r.-L.. If,,,., I Opel .lllole. Hpl e.llal IV
I s.n , ia It a 'i and low i'l.ole lulls lO-n
again to the f-.M a b.-l a ut nil gain',
I Th. n- w.ie noo .aci' n w- maxim-no
In addition to Hi1" l b d hy l int
ed .s-( si, . and I 1 , h I 'oj.per, bid
: I h'-B" WC I e III ,,,l 1 . Iidlio; f'-al Hl'
; VVPh pu: iron .it a pi o mm in, I i
i -I, , r. ic t d ah, a. -I -hilly. Il is a
i I I il a I h o- hi i p. a ."; 'loon ill la
,1,0.110 ".) f-T r.i.i 1 ' I -l oda".
As for ' o.p. t ,tid aide I in. ' i!
,y ....I IV .,..' I
f.,r bo-.l Cl 1
Uf , E. AfJ0CIATI0:i
' I , I. Oil" I ar
' "I" ' op, ia
,, !,..(.., , t f.l .,.,.-11. . of I'l
K,io. tl" i'lco ' , , - I, CO. IT,
'I he .V
hOilt $ ', .'.Ooll
to cinp.-l Mr. Fotd d'.str
$:.., of thin aria""
-p. li.l.i' us..-..' to I-a,ll ;,. it" m "
I ,ri a-so-iatmlllof -a".'' ''''
,. ,r I-.., T"a, h ' ib"'l
-i.tiori 1-r -J Ano'l'r I ' . -r...
; . ; a - e -i m pil J . a '-a a ii o-i or
r I- ; ,! , r..r-i I '' -i bad ) ' .
la a'.or.l T'ie l''g a l.'.i , '
in, t I ' -!',.. ,. r,t h , V "a
r j. at, th'-ro ' "-r- ' -'oi
.,!'..- .!' ili'V ' ' ' I " f
i I : i
'. , fa
in iv
e. a, I'.- I
d. - ired
i ! I ' I 1
- d I .
, o , f , . '
g I..-'
fit. .1.'
, fo: . n o
,-i'n A i
'fo 1 1
i '
imu tim: Mitvw iiMiur n in i iiu; n. i m mi chimm
Malianii, ,
t iilif.-i ii.ii , . ,
ooi ml.!
: I oniici 1 1. ut , ,
Wilson Hughes
. ... ti . . VoWlih! ,
Wilson Hughe
llllllcl, "I IcellllK I I a i I , g 111 In, ,,ll o l,.)uiaic .
ahead) the llli.plliitloll and Impulse-' T,,., ,
".eolglil . . .
J bh.li,, , , ,
Illinois . .
In. liana . .
Iowa .
loin ii..
Kcnliick, ,
I , ..III' lull, .
Mil' -ii. hii-i tu
Mb bi.'tiii, . .
Minn, '.'la ,
Mi.. I- ippl .
Ml oml . .
Molilalia . . .
. . II
. . New Hampshire
New .ler-cy . . ,
I.l Vi'ii Mexico
Ncn in Ii
7 Vorlli inolliui i
Noi l, Iiu I.,, la
Ohio 'j
ol. lab.. mi,
I I llc.,111,
I'. iiie , l null, ,
la llli. i.lo I Inn. I .
It South I inolliui
10 So Illh l .,it,
. . I ciin.-so,. (
It I Hill
I I I III. .tl ,
11 llUlllil, ,
it -hi io I. i,t
cs II !' Illl), ,
W Iseonsl,,
" ' V 0,,,,,l
1 1
I .
i 'oi ni
11117 22 1
Mole Ii, Comic. II. in in. boh " I. nil. .Is , n h, ...sium not Inning
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