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a. A II 1 111 T I I I aa 1 II I
Albuquerque Morning Journal, Tuesday) November 14, 1916.
Cbe JIlMJqucrquf
lilorning journal
Publll.nl b, th
r A MATHienKON Prnli1.nl
W. 1 Mol'RKIOHT. ....Uu.lnvM U"r
H. 1, I). MoAl.lWH'1 Kit K'lliiir
A. K MOHOAN Cllf Kiliir
U. I. FOX Kdltur
D'Nlfn Harraenratlaa,
Marquatlc Hlili , I lilrnfa, HI.
Kaalern RrpraaxfitfltlTt,
mA I I'll H. Ml I.I.K.A.
m "rk Maw, New V.r.
Rnt.rrd "nnd-rl... m.tl.r At lb.
poat.'fflaa f Albuua.rcjtM, N Al., M4 Act
fpf ivrr.H of March t, i7l.
Ijin.r i'ir iil(lnn than an, oth.r pP'
In N.w 1lc Tha nnly jpr In Ww
MiHm laaurd avarj ria In lha raar.
Iiallr. If carrier or br mall, ona mnnlh. Tn
Taarlf, In advanna I'.
Nub.irii'rra in lha Journal wli.n wrllln,
wmi" hava'hit. th.J'H.'l '" nmw4-
ra mil b' aula lu a;lihf'sl a.Jia.
"l ha Miming Journal ha a hlh.r droit
tallnn ratlnr iKan la toaoraad tu a"r elh.r
tn-r In Nw Mallow" Tna Aniarlrma
N.K.parr iMrarturj.
TIIK JOUH.VAL takes and print
lxty hours and thirty mlniiti' of
oluBlvly Aimooluted I'rpMn lenaed
wire nervlee enoh wfi'k. No oilier
newspaper published in New Mexico
IhIk more than twenty-four hur
of AaaocUted I'rena Aervlo during
the week.
Tt'l'NUAY NoVK.UHI'.'ll I 4, 1 9 I S
Till! M'l IM)ll Ol WIVHIl
Tim .;..;.; :.. ,:t t ! !:'" ';
tho inn ill toinpoiiiio .one. Mmiy
people Imik In II Willi iIkiiiI anil the
I IIIIM lllllllll llf OXistlUK IIIITI'ly till
tprliiK returns, with llio birds am) the
IlKWlTH, lllill llH lll'W ll'llp flllWIIld In
lhi win k of rebulldltiK or ' fnrtlfylnR
thn IIiIiikh iilrfinly Imlll.
Mini' foi Innately situated than
limi t people of the mil til lilupoiule
yinii'. We of Ni'W Mexico have 1 1 1 1 If
of Hie HiveillloH of winter expi i loiie
ed III tin' northwest or on tin' Atlan
tic slulcs lioilli of Florida, lint mi
have I IIOIIK'll of IIh- tunic cold to nlvf
ltihty In our population.
I!ioii,1 doubt It m I'llimito will' ll
nuiHi'ff tin' nrHlfst different'!' I"1
twi'rli tlio iM'Opli' of Urn norlli ti in
pi riilo rnmi uml the 1 1 njili h. If we
mi- tn do ot oiir In Ml we nniHt live In
a rllmiiti' wlii'iii wo ran frrl the front
In tlm hlood lit liiiBt once u year. It
Im (loul.tful If a first cIiihh citizen ami
u liuiwuia nn he i iIhiiI on the nam"
nnaiter ("cctlon
Thero in wiinitliliiK InvlKomtiiiK I"
(lll (Ollll'Ht of WllltelH. II wiih tlm
poi t-iwitnraliMt, Thoi can, w lm wrote:
"It wim HiiiiiiiH r, and now iimiln it
In winter. Niituro liive thin ihynio
xu well that, slip iievcr (Iron of repeat I
It wnt "in thenK wouIn '.:.at Thorcnu
ili-Kcrllii'd Hie utoiit piuibo natiiri'
innkfH to rel fiuiii her work of cre
ation am) coiihIiiicIioii. Mil fully up
pieelateil the aiiHtere cliainiH of the
HeiiMon which Ih Moon to (nine upon
ih with the Bimw Mini the liltlmr
wIiiiIh. MonI of Ihure who fni'Kot
their old tlnllKht In tho InoonllKhl
liciOHM tlio kiiowb mill the i.ilmsl, cor
illul Hpirll of winter neck unlit hern
'aliroi nla or the w inter rcmnlH of
I'loriiln, and iiiInh the wninlei fill ex
hlllratloii which coiiiin from the zero
weather now mid then enemiiitereil j
In tho land of the cold weather.
Thoiciiii found the New KukIiiiuI
w inter no w holeHoiiie, no simple aii'l
modi rate that h wrote n prone poem
Ithont It, anil Bpoke of ItH "boIIiI Inani
ty." It InlKht he well (or tin-He of u
who nnmt fine winter ntiil who per
haps aie fortunately iin.ihlo to flee
fiuiii It, to reMiinl It In soinethlnM of
his poelh' luht. lie writes:
"1 should not he asluuneil tn
hiive n Hcriih-oak fur my cunt -of -inns;
I would lain have Inen winlniK
tliinimh the wooils uml tlw Iii'IiIh
iiihI eooveiHiiiK with It'.e name miow.
Miht I aspire to ptalsi! tile inoih'r
nle nymph, Nature! I niusl he like
hi r, iiuiih i ale. Who fhnll cntlclzil
Unit coinpunlon ? There Ih my coun
Iry clnti; we dine at the bIkii of lh
p ruh oak."
In New Mexico, except III altitudes
i niislderahly nmro tlinn five thousand
leet, even the thin -Hooded have no
oceiisioii to complain of the sharpest
weather, hecrtuse the atinoHihere Im
mi diy that one never hecmues nhlv-i'1-y.
There Im no chattering of teeth
here, even when (lie mercury regis
ters 1-eh.w lero, lust a. heallhy t Din 1 -1
ii K of the Hood w hich adds '.est In the
v it 1 k to and from the office for those
of im who aie mImo fortunate rnoiiKh
liot to he utile to ow n an autotuohile.
ltefore IiKe, the llinniin IiIk kuuh
iiiii i'il u in 1 1 nifily to l eineiit founda
tions. Home of tliem fifteen feet thick.
All that had to he dollo wiih to (leal
uwiy the supei t truct iircs of fiictorl' H
which had U'Cii i rceted J.y Hermans
The Kiinif thinif occuired ut Nainlii,
liny, l.leire, and when Antwerp wan
rem lied. The same preparation had
In en made In-fore every fort III Franco,
and Binnalllnif slatlonti existed lit
many point lu DiiKland and Scot
Innd, mid wherever a Herman fa tor.v
had lain hnllt ill tho Uritlsh Isles,
and Iheio were many, it wan found
Hint the site hild hern delected with
military Bklll mid the foundation
of cement perfectly fitted for the em
placement of hinvy kuiih.
The whole of I'Tance, KnKland and
ItiiH.sia nwninnd wl"' Herman Hpies,
and the nreiit iiihoiiiiIh of Itussia were
iliBlriiyed hy fire or dyiianilte almost
Hiuiiilliineoiisly with tho rieclniatloii
of war.
The destruction (if the Ureal nisen
iil In retroKiad may serve as an i x
nniple. With the dei hiratlon of war,
Tel-y Tf? rioairTinpl,'',vv'i 1 i t 1 '
(llHchaii.ed fioiu the aisen.il and a
rlroiiK Ma v Muaid wan plated around
It. Hut nil round were houses- Just
iicrosH streets, which had hern rented
or hoiiKht hy the !ci mans. These
houses were set on fire simultaneous
ly, uml the arsenal, with fifteen hun
dred machine nuns and many mil
lions of shells and cartildKrH, was de
stroyed. All of this occurred on III"
nlliht !oi iiiiiiiv'b decli. intlon of war
against Kussui was announced.
Willi ail of this prepaiiitlon, It
si eniH more than likely Hint liermany
p. Ihe roi'ton r"ooiillile far llio war,
nolwlthslnndlliK the vIhoioiih denials
of the hancellor.
nifford I'lnchot will nut take him
self ho seriously In tho future. While
he explained to iveryliody why he
couldn't vole for Wilson. Very few
people ya'cin to have found In his rea
sons iiiiv reason why they should not
vote for tin' re-election of the president.
what Tin; wi st w i
lioiihtle'is It Is difficult for the hlK
ci liters o f the l ast to realize tlinl
they no humor have the power to rl
i cl a president. It Is xood for tho
whole country to know that New
York, New .leisey, Indiana, Illinois,
MIchlKan, Wisconsin, l'ennsylvanla
and nil of tho New KtiKlnml states,
iiIiiiik Willi Iowa, Minnesota, South
I n kol ii mid (iri'Kon, could (to repub
lican, and fall to elect their candidate.
Hut more significant s the fact thnl If
i very suite north oi ine iinio river
The Doorkeeper of Zion
Till' (lMi'ktTHTS of Zion
. Tlicy do iii it jilways stand
la 1 it 1 1 1 ict and wlmlf aiinor
With liallifrds in tlicir hand,
I'.ut lit'iii"; fixe of Zinn
And all her mysteries
They rest a while at Zion,
Sit down ami smile in Zion,
Ay, oven jest in Zion
In Zion at their case.
The gatekeepers of liaal
They do not sit or lean,
lint fume ami fret and posture
and fume ami curse lietwcen,
For Ik-hip; 1ound to J'aal
Whose .sacrifice is vain
TTcir Ycsr'is"Tr.'tTTt wiftr I'.aTfT,
They dare and pant for J'aal,
They mouth and rant for liaal
J'W liaal in their pain.
But we u-yi fo to Zion,
Jiy choice and not through dread,
With these our present comrades
And those our present dead,
And, hcino; free of Zion
In Imth her fellovvships,
Sit down ami sup in Zion,
Stand ii and drink in Zion
Whatever t tip in Zion
If offered to our lips.
And his literary judgments remained
praetleally unchaiiKed. He admired
Iiryden especially for his unxpected-
lll'HH. ,"
"why should luy
Alexander as the
Ills poem makes
his short poems,
and a thorouk'h
Hyron said imth-
With Scissors and Paste
;oi.i i-nt is a hi: "mk'.
Why don't jewelers melt up $10
and $-0 Kohl pleceM In order to use
the metal In the manufacture of Kold
Jewelry'.' 'Indeed, Kohl ploces were
used some 4U yearn iiko hy eiilerplis
Iiik Jeweh'I'H with success, too until
the practice was Mopped in it very
novel hut cffectlvo way. In those
days Jewelers hoiiKht enoii?h $111 and
f.'H cold pieces lor the work ill hand.
The K'lld was melted, the iicrpHHiiry
nlloyn were added, und all manner
of fine lariiscan work wiih turned
It wiih not hint;, however, heforo the
Mrovcrnioeiit l.ei',111 to wonder what
was beconiliiK ol Us Kohl pieces. The
When the money ?ave out. the Jen
niiiKH brothers decided to no hack to
TeMi and rob n fleiuian tradliiK store
and a hank, and asked o. Ileury to
Join them, but he refilled.
In 17 () ; Henry had married Miss
Attiol KsleM, and she wiih now living
with their ilauKhter In Austin. He
corresfioiided with her through Louis
Kl'eisele, ami In r'ehrua ry of I .St 7 ho
learned that she was dangerously 111.
At once he started for Austin, deter
mined to Kly himself up and take
whatever punishment the courts hail
In store for him.
When I . Henry entered the peni
tentiary on April L-r,, 1KHN, he was net
to work as a driiK clerk a position
that he had filled in Texas beforo his
bank clerk days. He proved very
useful in this capacity and made
many friendships with the prison of
ficials and with his fellow convicts.
He collected much literary material
while he was In prison, llHtenlnir es-
lofflcliilu lw, oeolllo were tint
and east of the Mississippi were to K n,irdtnK KOd, ho u iiilet Invent iKation
ii . ,'ini ine union ami l ie s iiichiioou o .ice. i was inen niscovereu
1 ........... ... ..... Iii.oliillir !.. r.,.iieilu fpi.m Arifmii, uml
defeat I'liat me masers or koiii jeweiry wi'io I" ....... w ............ ......
to ninliie-. llavinn louiiil llie cause.
It wim not dUflcult for the officials to
find a cure. They did It by "pepper
Ihk" the coins with Iridium. Keseni
IiIIiik; black emery In the crude slate.
Iridium rciiires a heat of H . P 4 2 de
crees K. to melt It. Hold, on th.'
other hand, can be melted at 1,1111
Kahrenheit. It Is easy to kcu- then,
how the unsiispectiiiK jeweler, melt"
J i iK up his Kohl pieces at the temper-
'sotii, W'jlfon hnd ii majority of lour iituro reiiiired, Kot a laisTo number
ot cm III tho cletioial college, with "f unnielted specks of Iridium In his
. m.'titl u.hin It riirili'il
of Iowa. Houth Makota ami j yi (,.ul .,.,,, ,,Hln.,y whon
iilnsl him. With the south ;, mmlysls mid deilui tloiiH revealed
and the west, not HicIuiIIiik- Minne- .tiuil he had been trapped.
mla, a calidlilale may be elected with (( 1.'XIIY'S TAI.KXT 1'Ol'M) 1
two votes to spare. ('Hunting Mlnno- I ' ,1 All,
The late William Sidney l'orter,
known by the pen name of (). Henry
west of tho Mississippi can
tic' without takliiK Minnesota,
nlilch Is mostly west- Into considera
tion.. Iowa, Hoiltb Hakotii and Ore
Hn have t went y-t h ire electoral voto.i,
or within one vote of Ohio. Without
count im,' any state east of the Miss.
! Isslppl and north of the Ohio, except
Kililo' ami without couiiIIiik Mlnne-
tho state
Oregon i
have flttcen vote to.
I pota, he can
j spare.
These fuels are hoIiik to put a lot
of politicians lo ftniirliiK, and In the
future there will be less concentration
of effort. In New York, Indiana, and
Ohio and more effort In the slates of
the west.
orenou went for Hushes by a vorV
i-inn II vole, us did South Pakota, and
Iowa Is as UiicertaliT as Kansas
Whether Minnesota Im for HiihIh-h or
Wilson Is not known at this wrltinK-
The "drys" are rejoicing over tho
results In Houlh Jhikotii, Nebraska
end Michigan, but the siilfranlstM
worn defeated In West Vlrnlnla and
rejoiced prematurely over South Pn
kota, whero they were also defeated,
thonirh the first reports wero that
Hie slate hail Untie for tlinn,
( Hil l' (;l (s MY HI.sKiX
It Is ruiimicd that Chief of Police
(lalushfl is n;iinu to resign to
accept his old position us depu
ty marshal In rhui'KP of the Al
biiiineniiio office. It Is known
that Mr. (iiiliishn and tho mayor nml
Alderman Swcltzer who la chiilrmall
of the police committee and nearly
all of the other committees have been
at loKKei'licadM for some time. Mr.
(ialuslia has mven the city n splendid
police service and has enforced tho
law. The mayor and Mr. Sw cltzer hank
r a policy
as the K'eatest short story writer of
bin Keiiei n I ion, served three years and
three months in the state penitentiay
at CiilumhiiH, Ohio, for embezzlement.
'I'll is fact Iiiih just come to Unlit, six
year, after his death, lie was cIuuk
eil with Inn ink embezzled $!ifi4.48 on
Oct. 10, 18114, $2.(i on Nov. 12,
I MiM. and L'lill.Bii on Nov. 12, 1S9!. He
was found ifuilty on l-'eb. 17, 1SH,
and sentenced on March 25 of that
ye ns to five years Imprisonment. 1 1 e
"iiiered the penitentiary on A pril 25,
and came out on July 24, lUtil,
his. term of confinement IiiivIiimt been
reduced from live years to three years
and three months on account of kooiI
helm vior.
llollevliiMT the facta of the case re
flect nolhliiK to the ureat author's
discredit, Professor ( A Iphoiiso Smil h
of Hie t'niversily of Vlrninla has de
cided lo publish a complete story of
o, Henry's trial and imprisonment.
It will he Klven in the "O. Henry Hlo
Ki aphv," lo lie published by I loiible
day, l'am Si Co.
on ,lan. 21, ISilll, William Sydney
porter became payintr and recelvlliK
teller of the Kirsl National Hank of
Austin, Texas. He had written anec
dotes and Jokes for the papers, hut
was not at that time known ns an au
thor. It appears, that the bank was
carelessly nuinaifed. The patrons
used to enter, go behind the counter,
lake out J 1 no or $2(10 and say a week
later, "l'orter. I took $200 last week.
See If I left a memorandum of It. I
meant to." The affairs of tho bank
were manured 8o loosely that Por
ter's predecessor wan driven to re
tirement and his nuccessor uttempted
According to Professor Smith's re
cord, o. Ibnry resigned from tho
lu liccemboi', 1S4 which Is
.. i.i,. h i ileal iv a year oeiore i no nine or me
ii bird misappropriations w ith w hich
the Indian Territory. This was the
material which he used In "The den
He Onirter."
O. Henry did ,111s first serious lit
erary work In the penitentiary. From
thero he sent out many short stories
to tho miiifazlnes, or rather to a friend
In New Orleans, who forwarded them
to the editors. He had only two stor
ies rejected while ho was In prison,
mid out of tho first elifht stories that
ho sent to Ainslee's MuKa'.Ino, seven
were immediately neeepteil.
on the day of his lihenitirtn from
prison, July 24, 19(11, O. Henry went
to Pittsburgh to llvo with his dnuKh
ter and his wife's parents. Ho took
up his quarters In the Iron Front ho
tel, which his father-in-law managed,
mid henceforth ho sent his stories di
rect to tho editors, Instead of by way
of his friend in New Orleans. Three
stories slifned Sydney Porter appear
ed ill Everybody's Maf!iizine in HHl'i,
and lo other stories ho hIkiiciI tho
name Oliver Henry, S. 11. Porter,
James I.. Tlliss, T. 11. Dowd and How
ard Clark. Hut tho pen name O.
Henry, which he adopted while a
prisoner in Columbus, ho kept to the
time of his death, nnd it is by this
name, assumed within the walls of a
prison, that he Is known in the annals
of the world's literature.
(Kleotrie Itallroad Journal)
The railway terminal coniuils.iin,
composed of John K. Wallace, Wal
ter H. Fisher and Won J. Arnold, has
recommended the electrificu,tion of
the proposed Illinois Central railroad
passeimer terminal In ii report to tho
city council of ChlcnRO. This recom
mendation wiih essentially embodied
in the followiiiK terms: ''The commis
sion feel.s that the development of a
terminal station on tho lake front of
a capacity sufficient to care for all
or practically all of the roads bav
in"; terminals In tho territory south
of Vnn Huron street between State
street and tho ChloiiRo river, w ill per
mit the working out of a plan for the
adopt ion of the electrification of the
passeuifer traffic of tho Chlcatro ter
minals, and that tho electriflcallon of
the pnsseiwr terminals will be a step
toward electrification of all railroad
trucks within the terminal district."
(Mine. Hernardlnl-SJoestodt in Car
toons Magazine)
All, of course, have loved ones In
danger, and never absent from their
thoughts; many have sustained pain
ful losses, but they make it a point of
honor not to speak of their sufferings
and fears. If suddenly someone's
Tin ic are mure i cpnUlcuns than
ilMiiocrats in the lower bouse of con-
urns, ion "ma I'"' iMCM.iciit n.i " on. fcm.wu to fn
, .. i ,i ,., "" "Wn v",y I he was chained. l.onvinK Austin, he PVes seem to snark e not nuil. Via ur-
" U1""1 " 'oi.M.lcn.hlo ."'-,, noiuithslandimr the i.lodKi'H .. tost to,., Antonio, whoro He.l- i'.". ? ..?.. .'. -?0.1 .'L" L-
i f . . ..11, .x.i.t.i i . . i ni .. ... iiwi.i , ii iii uir iiintni m n .mi t-i i uiii
' " i' I"" "'"" '" n"i' nun " ,,f democratic city pliilform. "ted a liumoroim wei-Kiy wnicu was a friend, with a bizarre little gesture.
He has a peiMiahe wiy iil.oiit lilmi should Mr. Oalnsln, leave the ser- I '"lled llio Hollini; Mono, ami uuer in hashes something from the corner of
when It ci s tn dcallnc with the re- vlce of the city because of the clash.
present, itlvcs of the people.
Cham i llor von 1 '.et huiaiin-1 lollw c
h.iyt, HiiM.sia and Ureal Hiitam preclp
ll.iteil the war. If so, why was neith
er Uioal I'.ritaln nor Itusn.i .i 1 inn oil
for the war?
Also why was tt that Column heavy
artillery was rushed iniineillati ly to
ccmriit foundations nheady prepured
iuiiIit the j'Ulse of fai tuty foumhi
lions. nt tho itmet KtialeKic points for
rumbling Itclnian and l'liiuh f "It -I
cSkcs ?
Hcfoie the liussian iiiohiliz.ition oc
furred, the Uerinan limy was lu
camps, prepjied lo (lie last button.
The riat tjuns, whlih rrusl.ed foil
losses, that hud cost millions of dol
lars lo construct tin thomh tiny were
t Ssl.ells, weic all ready to inoxe.
it Is putty
take account
next election.
Main the voters
of the causes at
Tho republicans will doubtless pay
mine utleiittoii III the future to tho
tiaditloii that supremo court Judges
should not resign for the purpose of
ruimiiiK for the pi cnldciu y ,
Now conns the story of an lows.
Woman who Hid her husband in the
backyard after ho had Wen absent
two nlthts watehliiK for news of who
i.:td been clcott-1 pies'.dent,
Tho west has deinonsl rated that It
holds the balance of power between
the last und the muith, nnd probably
will do it in Hie future.
"As Maine goes so K"es Ihe na
tion," ulmi )ih'8 lo Hie .. lupin-. ip.
ited a hiimoroirS weekly which was
culled llio Hollini; Stone, and later to
I Houston, Texas, where ho Joined the
Lstatf ,.!' (he liaily Post, eondtictlnif a
column of verses and pal airriiphs.
When bo left Houston, never to re
turn, he left because he had been
summoned tn K" immediately lo Aus
tin nnd stand trial for iilb'Kod em
bey.linietit of funds from the First
National bank of thut city. Profes
sor Smith believes that had ho Ron
to Austin, be would Imve been ao
uulttod. Ho protested his Innocence
lo the end. and many of his fellow
townsmen believed him. Hut he did
not Ko to Austin When his train
reached Hempstead, about a third of
the way to Austin, O. Henry left It
and took the last train to New Or
leuus. After a brief stay In New Orleans
ho took a fruit steamer for the Hon
duian coast, nrrlvlnif nt Puerto Cor
tes or Crlvn or TruJIIIo. On tho
wharf nt Trullllo he met another fu
gitive from the law. Al Jenntntrs. now
a citiJen prominent in public affairs,
but nt that time a fugitive of law,
whose cans of trnlii robbers terror
lied the southwest.
O. Henry Joined Al Jenninirs and
his brother anil with them circled
the entire coast of South America.
her eye, wo pretend not to notice II.
And then, tho feelliiK of hcinR one nt
heart with all tho others on the only
point that counts Is it delicious and
stistaiiilmt comfort. A simple, quiet
stoicism seems natural to all.
We have slaked our lives ami hearts
on the card which is about to be
turned, and await the Issue with stnil
liiB faces, tho women never foriret
timr lo 1h sweet nor the men ami
able. The jrrnvlty of the times Im
parts to the fleet inir moment a hun
dredfold value. We love one ino:h--r
hotter, and that explains, perhaps,
the mysterv of our happiness. Tin n,
tiH. tho Hunt f victory Is nt list be
irlnntnir to brmk throuprh th. floods
so That our hearts now bout with
pride and triumph emotions to
which we as yet hardly due to ie
expression lest we tempt rate too tar.
(HoNton TnKiscripO
Thoroughly to enjoy Tennyson's
conversation. It ws almost necessary
to have been a fellow student with
him, for he mad constant reference
to colloquies and discussions that he
remembered from hm student duys.
"Hut," ho asked,
den have drawn
Krent fool which
him? Cow per. In
was an Individual
Kontleman to boot.
InK not liternlly true in praise of
Pope's Imagination and fancy."
As for Hyron1 own narrative po
ems. Tennyson much preferred the
hefiilloiiK" drollery of Durham's Nich
olas In the ''ItiKoldsby l-eifeiuls" to
'The Hride of Ahydos." He liked
his own shorter pieces best, ami he
thought that llrownintf's ''Hide From
Uheiit." his "Cavulier Lays" and his
"Hcrve Itlel" were "worth all his
modern epics put together"
Tennyson was always absent miml
ed. "As years went on," says Mr.
Kscott, "he almost rivalled ill this
nullity Sir Isac Newton himself.
Henry Irvlntr, the actor, who latelv
saw more than most people of him.
was his frequent Kuest both at Fresh
water nnd Aldworth. A bottle of
port penernlly appeared with the des
sert; tho Kuest was always offered
and never touched the wine, which
the host, In nn abstracted manner
would slowly sip, jrradunlly eoiiiiim
to the last Klass. As he swallowed
this, he would turn to IrviiiK and
viy: ')jiaaii tm i .--a!:. f
port after your dinner?' "
Notes of Interest
From State Museum
lis JiuWe
and certainly
is a sardonic
Pure blood enables n,
. 1.'. v..- l l ' ' nree so ci oio , " '' ulh''Mivi' ,,rtr..
paintim-s were ad'h'd to the liollinH their work properly. Withl "
exhibit ye.sterdav. one Is another lire alUBKish. there Is I.,S8 , . " ''
of "The Mail MU1 me noe ; r.... .. ...... ....,..ess, a lleran,. 1
rful in Us way as Markhams of the intestines, and, i K,..,"?. f
more urn pine . uie k iiiiuiihih oi dyspepsia '
touch to it audi Pure blood is reiiuirej' ',
makes a laKtmis' dinprewion. i";"'mh ; ir the i.ro, r.
other two pictures arc landscape., j formance of Its functions. I r I"
one a street cornel in -uni a nu . I '""' ".-"T "la "lakes
. ... . .. ....... .....i lie- , hlooM eon t i u lu , .""is
Oilier .Ulll llOIIM-.s ,n . - . , ,,,. ,
.i ... i..,,.. v..,.. t, 'vii o sun. i cessf ill in the treatm...,. .'
pill' I''. "ur. , - - - .- i i or S(,
1 .. ... - .c. is il men. ses nun !i 1 1 in .. ' "0
i... i..in.r i. r oi lot- aooi", i..,.. ......
.1,, i.,,i i.oih oaiiiiinL's which i rectly on
SOIII' i ones " ,
..nvev to tho eve the dreariness of .
the life "f the Pueblos, the futility i
of their fitfht aKainst Nuture, cir- ;
ciiinstances and the waves of modern j
tihancemeiit that will compel them.
lA'oiiluully to dcselt ineir pueoio,
their coinmiinitv life, their traditions
ami their religion. Hotli pictures
merit bcinif called masterpieces.
!..., the liemlmr (iraphlc of last
. .' ,. ii 1.' l.'i..!.. ..I' W.-i'n n I no. Pa.. 1
wick; ii. - "' " 1 '. ,, :; Vtl'ioiir INIWX (111 To . '
H xhippitiK home ancient potte v , I i t
skulls of prehistoric residents nnd ., . " 'l Ul s
vii,.. i- evidences of an ancient civil- I ' I
SO j.
acts ,
.iiiiueuTs. I.
roctlv on tho liloorl "
scrofulous and other i,.K
n peculiar eomhinatlon of n ,
fylntr, nerve-tonimr, stren."h
Bubstaiiccs. (let it today ""v'!
jlndoor LifeJVlaftes hi
ti:a' on, op koi;i:iv n .
WI H.IIT IM)WS (in hl-t
I I.
the Miinbres valley.
n a iioii-ooinmisKi
isth l'cnnsylvani
S r. i
I'.M'IT TO I'KillT
( Murder Correspond. ire )
(Helow it i some lines written by
one who fame here with his com
pany, but was turned down by the
medical department as unfit on ac
count of bad Iuiiks. He whs found
dead with a gas tube in his mouth
and KiiH turned on. Who can tell
hut what Is necessary ho would hae
made as good a fluht as inv of is?
It is an esttabllshed f.-o t tin t a per
son must bo brave t.i take his ow.'i
"l'nlit to flKht!" Tern"lv the sur'-on
put It
' I'rPI'" Uood find! if he but l;n w
Th Inttii- 1 have Ktru":iel llirou.m
A I. title liislltiK days am! nic;,..,i nr.'
months and years,
A b.il'.'e knowini' Ii i hope but
b!.i( I'rvt feat,s,
A Utile to the (bnth
For lile.'tll.
''H-if:' 'o flKhl!" Yen, Kiippos-- I an
ti fit;
And yet I wonder if that surgeon
How, nli;ht after iili;ht, I foiiKht the
III bitter stl'UKrle with despair,
With sweat pouring down ihroiiKh
matted hair,
And death waiting there, so teinidiiiK
In that bottle on the chair,
If he slill would have said, "I'nlit lo
Homo, mother, family, sweetheart,
friends all nut behind
That I might fight this battle wiih
my mind,
The battle every hopeless one must
When death seems rood, and life is
only fright,
With rotting lungs, and .vhee.ipg
A man-shunneil outcast, wishing only
Hut I battled on, nnd in n way I well
until last nl'.'li'
The surgeon said, 'You ore unlit 'u
You hoys down on th'i border cannot
k now
The battles fought by those who
could not g ),
Hy those who wee pronounce 1 ' I'r.-
flt to fight,'
Aid 1,0, tonight,
When "taps" h'i'i soiiipI'mI slowly
sweet and clcir,
And thoughts flow back to those you
told most dear,
Perhaps you'll breathe a prayer into
'he night
For those who stayed ut home, ''Un
fit to fight. '
Oipt. Co F, 2nd Mo.
Peonlo who
J iselc
n the
,J 1...I-IV moil to the
... ,i,',i-n,i,h comnanv of 1 lav-'! life is '"'healthy
oned' officer! d"Ts and who are deprived of , A
i Cuur.l.s ut invigorating air iind exerclw
! take precaution to guarr!
V- hr.w.tiit ;
inport, Iowa,
rral'hs of th
tilila Fc
1 lying Set
llV In. I
md a dan.,'. . r
....... ,.n. ,i ,.o,.,,n ..r , .'"" 15 t ,a
a milliner " I'""'"-; " s""" "e uocty. t. . ;
cliff ilT'cllings and of : exerciso in the fresh air ',
which will be used m sup- wean m t no oxygen carrying n,,.,;.
f pictures for the anim- : me unnm, go mat It is unahU i ' 1
public schools nnd homes. duce strong
i..f-1-Li oh in
.I,.,s.. reiristf.red lit I II' f ml - I 1 110 tormHUOn Of tinaii,hfl
"iii"1"- ' .. I ,.t ... . ana nn.
ill III cst
I iav ton, ol
Tex .: John
were: Oscar .1. i avis,
II. K. Tcintileloll,
1; K. I'-. Craig, ClaiKle,
l.eedy and wife, Flora,
London, Nov. 13. An official state
ment Issued today regarding military
operations in Saloniki and Mesopo
tamia says:
"Saloniki Three enemy airplanes
were forced lo descend in their lilies
".Mesopotamia Two I'.rltlsh air
planes successfully dropped bombs on
Turkish irregular troops on the
Kuph rates river."
Was Palma Is Head.
Kust Has VegHs, N. M , Nov. 13.
Was Pa liiui, who served a term of
IN months In the penitentiary for as
sault upon Marcino laicero of Wagon
Mound, is In Jail at that place, l.u
Cero Is dead. The. two men engaged
in an altercation Wednesday night,
nd Palma, who is a large and pow
irful man, is said to have struck l.u
cero with a club. The man's skull
was fractured, and bo died shortly
afterwards. Charles I,. Frakcr, Jr., j
jusllce or me police 111 Wagon Mound,
chased Palma nnd caught him. lie
placed his captive In charge of two
men for a few moments, and when
ho returned Palma was gone. He
was not located until Saturday, when
he was found on a ranch west of
Wagon Mound. It is likely that Palma
will be taken to the jail in Mora.
lay mc
New Yor
alio ,M .
strong muscles am, vitality ' 'I
formation of unsiehttv .J H
healthy fat Is the result
If you are 15 or 20 pounds al,ov,
normal weight you are daily drr",!'
on your reserve strength alul
itnnllv lowerinir v,.,, ..,.... 'cl"n-
- " vitauiy hy cir
rylng this excess burden. Any ; .
who are satisfied in tl,er o;.J "
I llo. I Ih..., r.t.. ........ .. . 1 IIM,I1
ii"' inc., or any K,l0(i
nd get a box of ,,il ,.f i,,..
capsules, ami take onV uflcr em
NINO JOUKNAl. SPECIAL HSrO WIRU UlClll Ulld 0110 Jll.St lll'f 11 TCl lrl." '.'
years " "'S
few days
Nov. U.
I Schneider,
Twenty yea is ,,ght.
with his wife i K.ven
and babv girl, arrived 111 M'W ion.,
Iiehuiless, from Volim, Itiissia. He
hogged help from a charitable organi
zation .'md was given a job as a fur
dver. In return lie made a vow that
w hen his da ill' liter should bo niarrie'1
all men who were hungry, as he wasi
then should be fed.
troaiment v .
1 " reported to show a nutiei'aU
reduction in weight, improved $m
lion and a return of the old mm;'
footsteps become lighter anil the sk i
less uaooy in appearance
Hons fat disappears.
oil of korein is inexpensive ran,
not Injure, and helps the dieUn,,,.
'I'll., immigrant became a prosperous; Any person who wauls h. ri-ihu. r.
fur dealer, ami yesterday aiiiu'iiucoo or zu pouiuis is auviseii to give tlm
Inc.. r,,:i
the comimt marriage or tun uniiK-iiiei i
lo a diamond merchant. He drove toj
the Hebrew .society's headquarters in
his limousine and explained Hint ho
was leadv to keep his vow made aj
seme of years nfTO. j
How many inimigraiits have you!
here now"" he asked. lie was told!
about L'H". I
"Not enough." he declared. 'Co out!
into tile neighborhood. I want to fee, I
any number up to l.HitU, perhaps more,
if vou can get them." I
Nearly l.nuii poor were fed at his;
expense between 1 p. m. and mid-1
night. I
treat menl
apply you
a trial.
Money Savers
H lbs. small sound Apples 2;,,
."ll-lh. box small sound Apples Sir.
SO-lh. box all sound larae Apiiles ll.'iii
Xow England Mince Menl, pki;.. in
I'Mill tonality Seeded HaWns. pkg, Mr
" lbs. fancy Cnlorado Pntiitin ;
H lbs fancy Oniiuis js, .
A N r- AN h KN k N IJI'M""1')'!'''!""" 1'.'
Petrograd, Nov. I:'. (via London).
A spirited artillery Imltle is in prog
ress in the Nayavuka region in Ca
licia routhcast of l.enibcrg, where
hard fighting for important ridge po
sitions lias been continuing for sev
eral days, the war office announced
In the Carpathians, but in the wood
ed dilsriet and to tile south of iKiina
Wartra, heavy fighting also is going
on, the Austio-fleriiian forces ill the
former legion suffering great losses
when one of the attacking columns
was swept, buck by a bayonet charge.
Pearl Hominy, lb.
Now crop soft shell Walnuts, Hi.
I'ani'j Mixed Nuts, Ih
2 lb, rresli Hoasicd I'caiuils ...
W isoonsin Cream ( liecsc. Hi
." lb-., nii'f Hrokcn Hice
best .lap Hice
Iicst Head Hice
Hire .Mealy Prunes
fancy large Prunes.
alilornn, Dried
Will ltclensc Americans.
Kl Paso, Tex., Nov. HI. After mak-i
ing an investigation of the cases of;
Heiija niin I'.rahan, scout for (leneralj
Pershing in Mexico, and .losepli Wll-i
Hams, an American .Mormon, both ofj
whom are in jail in Juarez, Ca rra n.a. ,
officials announced tonight that thai
Americans would he released ut once!
unless :i 1 1 1 1 it iotla I evidence was oro-
duced against them.
I'igbllng Pink Hull Worm.
Austin. Tex.. Nov. IS. All the men
and resources of the Texas depart
ment of agriculture have been put at
the disposal of the I'nited Stales ag
ricultural department to aid in pre
venting the pink boll worm, recently
discovered in Mexico, from gaining a
foothold in American cotton fields.
Ihivld V. Houston, secretary of agri
culture, reiiuested the Texas depart
ment to act promptly against the
worst known enemy of the cotton in
dustry. F. W. Havis. state commis
sioner of agriculture, announced today
that he will visit personally the cotton
seed oil mills of Texas and insist on
a rapid and thorough cleanup of all
seed imported from Mexico.
Krumbles con
tains the phos
phates, mineral
salts and the
protein, which
doctors say all
children need.
Look for
this signature
14: fe
All Wheal
Ready lo Ut
1 His.
:i lbs.
2 lbs.
. Ih.
I'anry Calilornia Pcaelies, 2 His. '!' ,
ScliN'icd largo Kansas Huns, (c, 1111
llcsl iiiality Olcomai'gcriiic, Hi. ..!
Snowdrift, medium Hie
Suowilril'l, largo tiXt
We can save you money on S'""'
l arge cans hi st Hominy ..
I ni'gi' ( alls best 1'iiiiipkiiis
I ,si rue cans 'I'onialocs ....
.'5 cans nice Pons
Kxtru (piallly Sugar Corn .
S-ipuirl .aUanic, I'aib :'
Hlack i:naiiicl ( oa llo'ls Sir
llonyy l.alanicil Wash Tulis.
li.lc to l.l
I'ino in ti ii - HriKims.
Cotton Hlaiikcls
Wool Hlaiikcls
Col si.o Cojnl'oiters
I'ull sl.o Comforters .
Men's hi'iivv fleeced I ndcrwear . .'
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Hoys' W inter Cups . .
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Hoys' warm soils . . .
Hoys' Sweater Coats
Ladies' Ixing Coats .
(iirls' Long Coals . .
(.iris- Hoods
. .. mill iii
til. ltd ami n
, 1 ..Ml anil u'
lllill "I' !
ami iic
St. HI i
.SU B i
.$1. !
. . :
.'..in,. tfi" :
, ,$J.2 t I''''30 !
. ll.V' and "I1 i
'jd.tlll toIW !
. . . Sl!.75 ami P ;
').-. :trc anil i
I.iKlics' Wo,,l Sweaters S !." f
Heavy Outing riumul. y '
Bia-lll Sonth 8eoond 8Uei
Phone i4.
A ix noons tki rvKRicn
Told in t'oliiriido.
Cripple treek Colo 1
night's low temneratiire i.rr.Lo ..n v..
voniber records in the Cripple Creek
district. The thermometer dropped
to IS below zero ns against 12 above
tho previous record.
rank i i bewjr nuiki-a tialb that h la ariilur
parlor of lb, Bru, f F. J. i'h.,, "v, X
Hmt atun-aald. and that auld flrm will E,i
aara and r,rj c... ,f Cutarrh tbat cannot bt
cun.,1 by th uk f Uall a Calarrn Cure.
wi"i to twfura n, ni) anWrihj
prM.',..-. tbta utb da of IVcpeiIst. a. !., iss4
'' A. W. dl.EASON.'
. Koiarj I'ublle.
.J i c"Urrb "ira IntmuliT ,
t"Z " ' " Sl"'J ,ot ""lala.
T J. CHENEY CO.. Toledo, a
Bv'14 bf all DrOMlita. TSc. .
Taba U.ll'i .nit Pll!a lor couatltloo.
Bo Ctxided. hy -Mothers
Tho comfort and securonesa of the
expectant mother is essential to tho
welfare of H.o fnt...... v,n.l T
.- V. v. .4, 1UIUIU I 11 II U. Jll Vll 1 " 0
cLsinS caution be goii'led by the expert- ' ',
' lit
"Mother's Friend" n -wav to eliminute se
vere suffcrinir and tnuiiro vonr own mnid
recovery. It is easily applied and Its lnllueiiee over
the effected ligaments Is soothing and boiieflciul. Get
it at any dniKKist. Send for the free book on Motlier
hood. Address
The r.radnehl Repilator Co.,
'-'09 Lamar lildjr.. Atlanta, (5a.
''0nyx''(ii Hosiery
You Gt GOOD Value lit A N YPrice-SII, , pat or Cortoa JSc lolVMptr pJi
Lmery-Ifecrs Company, inc.
153-161 EAST 24ih ST.
ADr vnn MTirip ....
tNv u iuu oMiiiMtu WifH YOUR COMPLEXION?
Tt.-r , .
una your complexion Bill tab can of Ju
j -p- ..... Ulll UC LUI. VJ JM.
CHOOsa DODC !r.B .
DAINTY Tnnernr... .
V "AfylL at- -f l-l !.
wvojx ...wint;. me anin line iwn'ti

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