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Mbuauerque Morning Journal, Friday, November 24, 1916.
m Treat Awaits Visitors to
Convention of New Mexico
Educational Association in
Fe Next Week.
Cel Jov :!. The visiting
ifnxl week are especially
t0 u. the treasures of the
0f Sew Mexico in the Palace
Aside from the his
' i ronilnence of the structure
1 the government building! of
., oi - it offers muoh to the
rtud( ntl The exhibits may
.i.A intn four groups. '.
-hitei-turf. at', liaooiuuj am.
i the reception room will he the
lm of the Santa Ke art colony.
hart't cli"-"' lUCh pictures as are
i al of hia ityle. To the art stu
?nt it nffonis an opportunity for the
riien of technique, and compo
" The Santa Fe-Taoi art colony
! 'in(iudfs almost two score of
. nt,'rs, meet Of them of national ami
S-eof International renown. In .id
mm to hP Santa Ke exhibit, iev-
f the itudtoe at the palace Will
"oHJ tu art teachers and students.
., a Francis murals, although not
will be on view as well as
.. lWJ paintings which have been
,., to the la'iseum and will lie the
tddation for the permanent gallery
,. museum. Those particu
Interetted In Indian design and
., (pp cation to modern craft may
nt tht f tudio of Mr. Chapman, who
j roa(e u ipeclal study of the sub-
Architecture of It- OWn.
In architecture, a visit to the palace
lltg M the new museum offers an
opportanlty of studying the only in
tlieMUi American architecture thus
BBtfteyed In public building. Else
iktri the Greek and Roman, or the
lUllHI alii Spanish Renaissance, with
ben and there a Flemish reproduc
tion, rt the vogue. Hut New Mexico
Ui eg architecture of its own, rooted
r that of the Cliff dwellers and Pueb
... of ancient times. The fine portal
: the nld Palace, the towers at each
tad, UK) ancient visas In the reception
rom, the hand-cut slabs, the thick
the portions of the primitive
nail shown under gliiss in two placet,
ill are of interest to the student of
thitecture end building materials.
The pattern for the huge corbels In
the library was found imbedded in the
indent wall. The visitor must re
member that the palace underwent
many changes during its more than
HUM centuries of occupation as the
,f gA-rurtHI. for eaeh governor
i.l l is own Ideas. Rut as fur as pos
sible and practical, the ancient ar-
Kmenti the primitive architecture
have been reverently restored and
itaterer was Incongruous and an ac-
Wion of modern times has been re
moved. The placing of the historical
Mrals In the vestibule and those of
the cliff dwellings in the other rooms.
an example of museum installation
that is Winning high praise from ex
pats, The Indian symbolism It
found in the decorative motive even
i electroliers and wall emhelllsh
ment as well as the shape of the in
"t" in the walls. This Is uile proper.
1'ir the palace is apparently huilt not
inly upon the site but upon the very
ssttl Of an Indian pueblo. This is
further emphasized by the display in
'he vestibule, of the Indian artifacts
found in the exc avations for the new
museum building.
la this ImililiTiL' thp visitor will see
Micas, at least in part, of five great
"iwion churches, and that without
Wtteylttg the architectural unity of
tie buildins or its architectural re
stion with the Old Palace. Acoma,
"hita and Ban Felipe are shown In
'he south front; Laguna in (he east
wtt and Pei os in the rear portion
""he auditorium. This means that
mission church in the south
west is represented, foi all or them
conform m ,nm( respects to one of
the fit types illustrated The carved
beams, the corbels , ,11.,,, and clolsj
ers. are worthy of Study. The patio'
win be cue of the loveliest in all the'
world, and vet it is very simple in its
arrangement, ultimately the designs.
carved into beams and corbels are to j
he colore, l. rjM mUi1 s. , (, (Q jJ
HOOTS for the development shown by
the geometrical figures Df the corbels j
and designs. The Moors were prohlb-I
ited from representing the human!
figure ami their designs were geomet-j
flcal therefore. They were great cut
erg of wood and their splendid buUd-l
lugs In many Instances had wooden!
ceilings The first u.tl. a II
- ovutiia vi ill el i
Fe came in part from Andalusia. I
whit h had been evacuated by the
MOOT! less than two centuries before.!
and brought With them many of the I
urchitectur.il Ideas of the Moors. No-'
jtice the beamed ceiling of the office, j
and what is to 1 e the reception room'
I of the Santa Fe Society Of the Arch-i
aeologieal Institute m the south front1
and southeast corner of the new'
building; the arrangement of the al-1
CCAUUj and skylights in the art gallery
I adjoining; the huge hasement With I
I mere khan U, feet .if floor spate!
I in which laboratories, w orkshops and
store rooms will be located, i tbeerve
the pleasing and Well proportioned I
towers, the southeast balcony of the I
second story with its corbels and ,
beams, the second story gallery and!
moms that Will be the home of the
Woman's Museum society. Po not;
overlook the magnificent view of
mountains, valley and city from the'
roofs. The adjoining residence, that
of the dirt- tor of the museum, is typ
ical of the New Mexico Mission and;
Pueblo Style adapted to residence pur-;
poses. Just as the now museum typifies
its application to ecclesiastical ami
official purposes and the i "hi Palace
to museum anil exhibit as well as
tudio ust's.
Priceless rchaeological Tressiures,
The archaeological exhibit In the
museum is priceless. It is declared
by experts to Include the best collec
tion of the pottery of the ltio Grande j
valley In ancient times. The culture!
of the ancient peoples of New- Mexico'
is adeauately repicst-m. ,i. They went
people Of neolithic or new stone ago
ami some of the specimens are unique, i
The basketry, the fabrics, the cave,
anil cliff dwellings, the fetishes, the
symbolism, in fact the entire mode of:
living of the aii' lent New Mexicans Is!
set forth. For the sake of comparison '
clay tablets of the. Babylonians of the,
time of Abraham and otlier pernios
arc shown in the library, where one
may also find tl"' archaeological anil
til,. Pinch Linguistic library. The
visitor must remember that the study
of languages furnishes one of the
most Important keys to the secrets of
the past. An art ami ethnological li
brary Is also in' lulled in the collec
tion of hooks, as well as phonographic
records of Indian songs and music.
Hlstoridd Collection I- Valuable.
The east end of the Palate of the
Governors is given to the collections
Of the New- Mexico Historical society.
Perhaps the most Interesting room Is
that of the Spanish colonial period,
with its articles. of topper and wood.
Willi its altar paintings on wood ami
hides, with its relics of that romantic
period which preceded the American
occupation. The pottery room, show
ing specimens of pottery from the
more important Indian pueblos, is also
important. The historical library is
quite valuable and the collection Is
rich in Spanish manuscripts.
The 1 1 Id Palaoe is New Mexico's
finest heritage from the past and
ever) teacher should vlsil it before
leaving for home.
selection frauds in
kansas city shown
111 -
IkHfaks Groat 1 Healer
S ,. U 111
Kansas City, Nov. IS. Evlden
a. .i,.t imtlna in Ibis city 11
erection of November 7. was dlSClO
,,.,i,iv when affidavits of men who
alleged to have voted repeatedly, w
placed in the hands of Francis
Wilson. United states dlstricl atl
pay, and Arthur T. Bagley, spei
aafent of the department of justb i
Tk. nuaM have been hold In Ion
district attorney because me election
Involved presidential electors, a I nit-
e,l Slates senator and B congressman.
The affidavits show that one man
voted thirty-nine times, another voted
forty-seven, a third voted tnll
and a fourth eight times
According to the arriQaviis,
election frauds were not confined 0
one political party.
To relieve anv
kin affwtlon. It'flitni-
matlon ,.r irritation, drop h
" the jrui ,lor, ,( (i a iHrK,. nr
,nll jl of
ibis "Intment popular In
"'"it in i """"'x became uf lt
" e, ! hlUi '" 'reating an at-
'"" number f ailment,.
Washington, ov,
trade, as shown in a del
com men e statement i oit.c
total of 7.4'i:t. I, ' 11
Ing Novetnl er I, " billion
dollars increase ovei 191
and one-half billions over
October exports of
show a decrease of 424,4
i Sontcmber. but Imports o
j represent a growth of l -'
September. The falling ot
I ln October, trade export
due to the season and tbt
continued expansion of sal
,can goods abroad.
For Friday and Saturday
Coats, Suits, Dresses
At Nineteen Dollars and Fifty Cents
We have at many different times surprised the Albuquerque public the extraordinary value's df.re'rd tltm
in our Coat, Suit and Dress Department, but never before have we a. this season t the year been able lo 'i er
cnrVi mnaoii .... i a ..l.,.. :...i i: ..i... ...:n : .:, D i. . ,,....,.
ttvii uioiuy.M UaiKaillS. KIUIICC ll ''ill WllltlUVN tllvM.I
Department will convince you.
W e are prepared to show you the
largest assortment i coats we have
ever carried comprising Velours,
Wool Plushes, Tweeds, Novelty
Mixtures, Plaids, Camel Hairs.
Zibelinesj Broadcloths, etc. Many
oi them are fur trimmed; others
trimmed in plush and nutria- but
all of them arc up to the minute
styles, plain or belted effects, large
collar effects, full sweep and beau
tifully tailored. Many coats in this
lot sell in the usual way for $32.50.
Special $19.50
Tlie lady w In is in need of .1 stylish, well t;ul
ored, well litiino; suit, will do herself proud by
p 'ing its ilif opportunity to show her tlie many
beautiful models we have here for her inspec
tion. Suits of Whipcord, Gaberdine, Velour.t
Serge, Poplin, Novelties, Checks, Broadcloth,
etc., may be had in this mid season sale at ;i
urt'.'tt saving. Plain oi fancy tailored effects,
velvet or fur trimmed models, handsome mod
els with jnst a touch i embroidery, others
trimmed with buttons and braid, pl.iui or Wlt
ed effects, all with convertible collar and each
and every one of them a late fall 1916 model;
We van sav for the dresses offered in this -.i!c
that we are ourselves surprised al Hje values
we are prepared t" k'u' you. Satin and Taf
feta Silk dresses, of Ikm quality Georgette and
Taffeta, Georgette and Satin cbmbiiiation, Vel
vet and S.iim combination, all-wool Serge and
Poplin dresses, many of them trimmed in up
to-dati' manner, others embroidered in differ
eht colored embroidery. In ilns lot ol dresses
u have a great many t" choose from and wt
arc sine if nii will hnt allow in In show you
tbt beautiful models we have placed on al
this remarkable low price, right now in i
sea son. von will find in-i the dress VOll arc I'
$32 50 Snecial . .
ing ir.
alues to $32.50. Special, .819.50
Choice Nineteen Dollars and Fifty Cents
The Economist
ancis Joseph's Remains to
Be Conducted Ph rough
Streets of Vienna
nerial Ceremonies.
sind lie viewed bs
Jowph will he laid
pel ml vault in tl'
where lire tile torn
stirs On the tliiv
monarchy will no
ii period of six in
three equal portl
mourning, deep n
mourning. An ord
not us yet prom u I
duraUon of the oi
niso the period
theatera and other
ment shall reinnlii
the public FTancli
to real In the tm
Capuchln chyrh,
hs of his predeees-
of the funeral tin
into inoiirnliiK for
ontha, divided Into
us, of the deepeat
oumlng ami llghl
er by the smpei oi .
. alt tl, will fix I he
oil mourning ana
during whleh the
places of amuoe-loaed.
f FRO. BONA will
"itimatl "": "'"'ant "''' tfoia ta-
'"t Man.. ",r 'rr1ti"l"n. 0 D
. """"""if Stoai in Itati.m at
rln'V1' f"r Bemer-
.";,'"I-,;,XA '- u'titei
M thp pfrltnt ute of
r, 'f in ,T " """itie.i ptmaaeBt
1N "I'M. IASS-ilh
' Mrll.ti
CallvD. M. M.
1'iuk Co, Hatcm. If. M.
t)ru Co.
Alrcmft itii- l'rf'
' WuRhlngton, Nov. -' -Bi.li t
! hydro-alrplne opened todaj
i war department dlacloaed uch
,lety of price and t tmUnions thi
careful study can determine
the government will accept '
companies submitted proposals
.. . t. 1 1 9 iiiiii lo I
I Ing in prow ii""
lor machine. Borne of the bidder
DKtpoted to build aa few as foui ma-
I'hn.c-. others offered to build M
VtUt-ll on Vlam-"n I '
Portland, Ore.. Nov, Ore
gon short Line and Northern Paclfi'
tallroad companies file,) Bull hereto
UH attacking the 'Adamaon elgit
I hour law ,f unconstitutional, I ntteci
gUtea District Attorney ,,'
I Lmcs and the four railroad broth
L rhoods were named .a defendant
iciiiia, Nov. !!, (Via London,
3) Death c&me to Bmperor
o is tnaonh as sleeD to a child
! while the sovereign was reclining In
a chair ill what he called his work
room, His strength had been ebbing
rnpldly from - o'clock In the after
noon of yesterday, but he refused to
I,,, i ikeC to his bed. After o'clock
tie began gradually to lose conscious
ness and went to the end Without
uttering another word, resting peace
fully ui his chmr with lu handa
folded as if he W( re In prayer.
Tins afternoon a death mask of the
cm pcro i vvjs taken aa a preliminary
'to the embalming of the body and its
i em oval to H of burg where il will lie
,. i ,t,. The heii wifi be vsgted'tn
i silver cup. while the intcslines,
' lungs tun stomach will he piaced in
Get your dimmers the .'besl.
llauser s Saddlery, 109-111 West Cop
Intpneing rrpinonle.
The bodj must be transferred from
ti e Schoenbrunn palace t0 the ttof
i ura ,, the de "i of the niBhi in a
, drawn bj six Mack horses.
Th, cortege will be accompanied b)
I torch ix irers and the outriders also
carry torchen. After them win
squadron of cavalry and
' ., . . of i he mounted Buard '''he
hearse w 111 be preceded by the court
I , ,i i In lord slew. 1 1 tl and court
chamberlains In carriages each drawn
by six horses After the hearse frill
com, .,.,,1 lags containing the heart
I:.. aihmr run followed by officers
o( tril bods guard, pabwe oflictaH
The oortege will move through sev
eral of the principal, thoroughfares
f' Vienna and be met by fCroperor
Charles and the Archduke SI the
Black Eagle stairs, whence they win
ac ompany the body into the chapel
of Hoftyurg, where it will He in state
Washington, Nov -3.- -The physical
valuation of the New Orleans, Texas
and Mexico rnilwav announced today
by the tnterstate Commerce commlS'
ston, places the coal of reproduction
at $8,86S,83t, I' is oapltaltted a1
J 10,931,011.
I The report show the Original cost
i of t ho line equipped was lt,t94,3.11
I The record cost of road equipment
.was found unduly large,
j 'The Issue of H'S.nnn.nOO bonds."
! the report says, is really a portion
of an authorised issue of ((0,000,000,
I and although Hi"' Issue Is n allv s
part of tin- capita ua uon oi ine mew
Orleans, Texas and Mexico, it is an
obligation prlmaillj of the st. Louis
a nd Sa n FT a nclSCO "
The railroad ts part of the nulf
coast lines vvhi. h skirt the nulf coast
ffr"iii New "l it ana to itrownsyllle
j The announcement of valuation wai
I the second the colli 111 I ssi I ill had made
in its work f appraising the railroad
I systems of the country.
wampum belts given by the Indians to
William Penn, at the famous Elm
treaty .t sine kamakon,
Henry Ward Ranger, noted Ameri
can marine and landscape painter, bus
willed his estate, valued al IS I :i.a:'n.
to the National Academj qf Design for
the purchase ot paintings bj Ameri
can p.'lllltels
"The word ' lassie docs not ill all
signify something dry; as dust or cold
as stone, but ratio r something brim
ful of vitality ami rich m permanent
human values," says i writer m one
of this month's publications,
ritlng of the Metropolitan Mu
eum or vn. A Everett Petersen lays
the following, also gppltl able In the
Museum Of Ntvv Mexico In a Cer
tain Inatitu
miles (
peel us of a
visit to lb,
All. We ni
this t v , i
how Ileal Iv
aie ncaibv
Ibis Wl
ion more than ii liunili cd
the metropolis, the proi
1 1 1 in in con res features a
M tropolttan Museum of
i d to lo'le such a Uiiiia; as
p. . in a w bile tn rea It.e
, Inal It is for us who
lo neglet t the oppot tunll )
il erf til insl il ill Ion af foi tls us."
iv laoi v committee of I he Nee
Mexico tleographloal society will meet
in tin museum on Monday afternoon
ai 1 o'cloi k president k a. Jones of
Hie i hOOl Of mlneS 11 preside.
Tin following registered at tl"' mu
seum M U Pfammuelleri Chicago
ii L Baldwin, Lena, ill.; j, J, Mer
rill, Chicago; Prank Hudson, Kansas
i'ii.v a T Weaver and Qeorgs Brown,
of Jollet, in , who had v Islted t he i 'i
larito cliff dwellings th daj before;
Hellion Cross, l amar, ColO.i K I'l.tii-
chini, Albuquerque; Mi. and Mrs.
.lames M Kennedy, Predonla, Kan.;
w E, W ood, paritt lew, N M . Mi
ami Mrs win i'iikc Canyon, Tex.,
Samuel T Dana, Washington, n C,
I ctor Edgar L Hewi u espeets
to return to Santa ITe from San Diego
by Monda) but must leave Immediate
iv to be in aahlngton, D, 1 1 . for ths
opening ol the short session of con
gross before which he has matters of
great Importance to the museum ami
school, a meeting of the board of
regents and of the new museum build
ing committee win be held while he
Is tn the Cltl
rTI AT . I PL & 1 1
i ne ivarurai oiorrenin
Ctio1 Doughnut
To Ml I'lnt of r I urn brrad ilmigh,
work In one cup of tiitinr tNtatM
with two rmi niul our tfMtCKMfl
HM)td ColtoU-nr Mia HttUnut'
inrti or i lni)amtn with 'Mir fourth
cup flout: ndil this od Mioutfh
in. tr Hour to innke vtiff dowghi
Koll tinil tut. an.t lei them rtf
tmir in. tiour ItIuio ti irlng la J u
hot Cottolent
tt9 it iOU Uflf our Cfirtfr KJn '.
t rWufu.
Notes of Interest
From State Museum
Bants b'e. Nov si Carl Horg, the
celebrated California artist, tslegraphs
Sheldon Parsons of the Santa re In
colony, that he has shipped an eahlh
! it of his pictures tn the museum The
exhibit win succeed that of tht Sana
Fe artists next vvck It Is QUltS a
tribute to SantS IV that fun. us ai
tisls UK hide this cil v mi tht il i In ml
Henry E. Huntington has )uat paid
3(o.oot for the famous collection of
Americana of n rhrtatle Millet ol
(England fnoludod Is . copi of "Mow.
M.Mco. Otherwlas the Vcaagi of ui
thony or fcapejo," puMtsttad in llll
and valued at $15,000
The Heyt i isauan ..f tnr America r
Indian lias .lust pUrcltOSOd Urn' Of the
The best doughnuts you
ever tasted
DoughflUta tntidt by th Cottolene rccip
tainptinp, taste xx. iii can be eaten wit It
thorough enjoyxnent by ail.
Foot! prep.in d with Cottv.lene is not onlv
petiinu. but wholesome and dlfWtlMe M
Use this puts faod product for all your shott'
and frying.
Artanne with x-.tr Rrocer for a regular supply.
Tails of convenient mtc.
"Cottolcrtt mokff good cooking better"

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