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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, November 29, 1916, CITY EDITION, EDITORIAL Section, Image 8

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Albuquerque Morning Journal, Wednesday, November 29, 1916.
lilorttina Journal
"ubtnt.ad bf lb
Ii A MAO'HFmtON. .,
vv t M.riii:itinr
X 1 li M, Al.l.lBTI.Il.
A N. M-iltOAN.
M I.. KnX
7r iilMiit
.lluallii-aa Mnt
Nrm h. ilU'r
lly E.IH'T
Hmihd kpMtai
( J. Mlt.HWIN.
Mar)uvt ItMa., lhlru-. til.
rlrrn HrprrMitnllK
ft. I-II H. Ml U.K1AH,
tt I'urk How, yaw Tor.
Bm.r.-i aa an-omt-ilaaa. matta ml lb.
t!i M i1 All.'iin.i,u, N. M., maar Act
i.f lir. M uf March L U7I.
imrvmr eirt-uiatlnn thiiD any fHIiar pvr
In Nw Mrilm. 'lb only ii-r In Na
Kioilrn iu.m1 vr dar In tha j-aar.
I'Hf. ry malT or k on'l, ana nntk. TH1
Vvarir, In a-ivani-a . IT all
ni ..ii.'K to m uxcnlMKi H
Cut'"' rib. i. to Ilia Journal ahan wrlttnf
'i liava liner papar cl.ai.il In Daw ewl
dihM rnuft t-a aw to glva th. ' a avtilra
l.a Morril'ic Journal baa
UII'jB rami II an la ais-ril
ai4-r In Naw ataiiuav"
.i waeapcr I, Pact, try.
h'ahwr rlreil
i Tt. aftf rtiliar
ft. aniari-o
fPHK Jnl'HNAl, tK nnrt prtntii
1 Uiv houra and tm.'v n 'nutea of
t-irluHvely A"'n"' tied J'resa leimed
win .i ivice arL . k .;o oU"-r
news, per published Hi New Mc.! o
Inlii-i. moio tlmn t vvenly-f ir ho ' '
of Aan( tatetil l'ro unlce dui'iiiff
the neck.
tt'KI'XKSl'AV. NoVKAIIiKIt I'lt. 1!tl
I in; rhi: tawn cmi
A . i Ir t ' l"'i'M ' -r in In I'hiln-
lli Iphla Inst t)l. f(M Suu . ClmiH
Ihe M ! i - ;i it ' I t J ) '! Sn tit ft Onus of
the ih (i 1 1 moid nloi" windaw iin. I 1 1 -In-il
corner who, hh tlm liolldiiy wi.
in n ;iii nil ln'H, I' um-d nun ill i oy fir
niiiii'sli'i iiihI nit u i einihder to pni
iiiii Unit lli putohnnu if t'liil'itmiiH
tovs mill Ihn bestowal of CtiflHtiniift
I. ii I'cfH am in order.
'I hi- mow nt In a worthy one, mid
It Is to I"' l.u.ii'il Hint It Will Kplcud to
oilier tucliunn of tha country mid
become ifcnriul. 'J'u eoiiillicri hillze
the h'i'i ml of Pantii Cl.nii', Ih little Ims
Until n sun llw.ii. T0 clotliii tlm 'lfln
fiiiii ii'H of childhood In llin ronrHn lm
l.illiiu nls of ovcry-d.iy llfn mid pin -ml''
tliiin In lli in n I kit pint! n fur th
mid1 i f ruining a fiw lra ilolluts i
mi rxlM iiio of grrpil whlih a wholr
Hiiino imlilli' hfiitlini'iit mIi mi lil mil ul
i rut r.
Simla CIiiiih ckIhIh In 11 very !'
V li y In tlm inill'ls of mllllinm of Willi -i-yt-d.
triiBlfitl clillilnn. Hut Jit. xistn
IIS 11 Kl'il lt, II H (In III! f.lilll'B DUMC
viiihIh trmiHfin in lioi il i Into cir 'H
mid ImHpih Into roln'H of )urii-. 'J he
child who en I In tin' ri ic-s nd
ili d fi;iiri of inc- i iilton-hiitthiK "ills
ti r ih lluii si. mils In Ihn hIiop Aimlow
of tlm rrnwilcd hln-.ct any rcniiiuli r of
the Hood S.ilnl Nick of Ills Iroi.ins mid
his niiillicl's hloilcs Is Inn 'd U I'"
iiiiu Kii I'll- mid mi iitinornu yonniiHtn
Tlm ihlld Who nci'ilM Hinti irross tun -trilMllHin
to old Ms ihhIi'IsIiiikIIiik of
I he li K' li'l him W liolly f.ilh d lo K l lnP
What. Kulita ClmiH inoariH.
The mystery of Simla I'Ihiih Is
mmi' limn luilf Jils rhiiriii. Tho f.n'l
llint lie is never Willi, no less than the
met thai he In Kelieious mid kooiI ami i
Mud Is what n in li en hhii i ' h a tnilv!
wondciriil ci ratlin, to I" cheilsdicil
iuid In Id In i o 1 1 1 u uiemoiy from one
l'i tier.ii Ion of i hildren lo another. A
Santa Clans that can La Heen mid
tollihid Is llo mole to he lospectcd
than an Idol of hiasH or sloiiu Is to
Le w i .rshlMid.
Twutiith century conuuerelulisiii
l as .li stioved many beautiful Illusions
that had Letter been left untouched,
let Its clasping han't Ntop short of
l ballet I
ii; the found Ions of childish
The department .item Santa
an abomination the symbol
ipialll Ich of inlie , ml I ca 1 1
the direct iitil tie s.s of that
of t'
I a w hlch t hit re 1 Sal
i 'la us stain!
,ii the splr1'
ild Le ci I 'ii I
He h
iii'lhini; to
Unas. II
. d
I: I
'I 1
' aii. '01
. it
r a
! Hie
of he
;i It 1
I hla l Lollhl
a ' at
nt. tuber
ir jiidf;
nin! dif
li lit f I "lo t be ihesIS '
col h unit i llll L. I'l. I I
I.I Willi tin II Motley I
ally In coiiv iiii i ills I1
1 1 lie : i j. nli: mini w r ,
I f'
1 1, i 'older
J III I Li l lit l . Oi l I (.I!.
h tin
1 nt voter
I ticket I'l
f the t'u'.t-
' ot
n I.
v I
1. 11. 1
li ..lent
it It she
"f dlff, 1 1
d SI 'I'
1 be a bal -
nt p. iillci or
II llii nher of elector
a iiiatier that is not
land. Hut the fact
't vol. is
ll by Ihe
do ca-. sut h
n tin us from
111 III
11 lull
it ev el y pi i
i 1:1'., I
s a com i
Ihe rally
1 1
i f the
;-a,n t,
tlavs I
eh i tiiiii
the ft-u
f Ihe IC
i 111
'1 his eh iin nt
h. f Hi.it H.i re
Id fnmlv .
in- was danger n
power In ill.- ha". I
ton mut i
if C'l- people, nnd hiul Ihe const in
ten pioviibd that the pi chldciit 'nl
Vice It Milt III should I'l' I'llI'MII b li
i-'l vole II probably would lud ha
lien landed by tint utatts In wl.i.h
Hie fedeluhst p.i ri V predolull'a ' tl A
i oliiptoiiitM.- was ih - eftti e et!t t tet' bv
wi'l li It mis pi-Kl.ied 'hat llie n-t j
ixet olive n'lllbl l't- claa.cn
t iai i v m lo 1 1 i dv of mr
M .s ir-viino il v ia.il. 1 l'e be.
fi.-il in n. inc a pnsub'iit
I II .'l luas.-. i f the pe.'pb
this plan, silt ll a thine a-'
f oiivelitliui which iditmhl
'. It
I. I
a poli'.'Ciil
-minute in
li.jjlt. foi
advance of the cKctiuii
resident and lee iresident W as not
considered mssll'le. The people were
to have no (otnein exrept lo vote for
c leitors mid tlm leelors weic to col
dliont for th.- ilKht man to urn In
Tor Ileal l' n hundred yea is the
electoral collc-Bo has heen ahnul Hie
most useless piece of nu cha i, ihiii In
Ihn maihinery of our nowrniiieiit.
The feileialiNlle idea of a sie( nil dais
of men helter fitted limn the mass 10
name the ruler of the nation was
sl'tiit-livcd. Hut II was found moif
col vcrilint to el around the uhslnir
II u than to remove It -It was easiel
(.. iiijiolnate mid elect tlcclurs pl''.-
ed In advntiep to vote for n pu vlousiy
I'O.olin.li-d candidate Ulan it was lo
amend the coiiHtilntion hy a Lolls hniK
thi electoral i (dlcKe. 'oiise(ii'litl.V
he electoral college has ( out in lu ll, an
niiai hioiilMu HtandiiiK h a mi'iiuriient
t,, a deiiil-and none theoiy of xoyern
menl. Theie have heen divided electoral
v'.dcH Klveli hy cei lain slalcs in a
iiuml-i of elecllomc of recent yeaif,
I. ill always the eh'cloial majority fm
I lie hijccesKful caiidlihile has Leeu so
larmi t hat the phenomenon ntliuclcd
lit t In attention and caused no attlla-
II. hi lor a ( ham'ii In Hie nysleni in
cleclini? preaidC'iits. I'.ul Ihe close
ness of Ihe elei lion this year and th'
lad I hat one, elector w on oi lost In
oiii. of the close states minlit Well
Juive turned the scale as Lctwrcn Wil
son nnd lliil'hoH have caused a gener
al lire lo he eenlered on the electoral
colleen ami have i,lven i iso to a de
mand that that Inidilullon he
The electoral rollece Jias no frlen'ls
and neliher parly Is wedded to II as a
miller of political policy or expedi
ency. Aelivn leadership In opposl
lioi to It Ih all that Is needed for Its
finish. It slundH as a polerillnl In
rlriiment to defeat the will of Ihe
j people ami II Hliould oe I elei.ai' ii lo
the h' tap-heap.
Wilson miidn a ''porch campaign"
at Shadow Lawn and lost the entire
cast. HurhcH made slump speeches
Irom Iiclrolt to the I'mlfle coast and
lout II ntlio West. What's the
. tisw cr '.'
Tlm lilt convinllon of Urn New
Mexico i:ducallonal asMiclal Ion has
heen an uiniuallfled Kuccess. The at
leiidaiien has heen Iiiik1', llmre Iiiih
heen teal enlhiislasiil on the part of
tlm dcleKatcH, and untold (,'OOd han
I. ecu ncci inpllshed.
The J mi in ii I conmntulateK tlm peo
ple of Kn nl a I'd upon tho admlrahle
manner In which the hlK crowd was
Handled and upon the smoothneMs
that attended all (ho arranneinenls
lor Ihn convention. The traditional
hospitality of Ihe capital city was
never heller exemplified. Santa I'e
has reason In ln proud of herself, as
the rest of the stale Is proud of her.
Naturally, Simla I'd wants tlm con
vention 1 1 k .' 1 1 1 1 next year. It is a prl.o
to he valued hy any lit V - a prize Hint
has much more than a cominereial
value hut Ihn commercial valilu of
which Is not to he despised 11 Is
entirely lo her credit that she has In
vited ihe teachers to ret urn next year
mid that she Is presslnir Ihein lo ac-
I e epl the Invltiillon.
j N ot in ii II , also, Albuiueriim W ants
! Ihe convenlion back analn. Tho
i i ii i n c of this city has been placed be
loie Ihe delcKates and A lbuiUeiue-
nns aie vvoiiiinn nam in win inr i
bonie I o 11.
The a I nunieiits in favor of A It'll -1
1 ii ' i i ii t as a oiinvciilion city have
been ndvaiued loo ofleii In the past
In need loilcrallon now. It Is only
necessary to say thai If the convell
lloii Is held here next year Albuiner
t'lie ciuneiis will enduavor to surpass
even tin 1 r fornier efforts In behalf ol
(he comfort and entertainment of the
vlsll Ol s.
The teaihers have been lo Albu
ipieiipie and thev have been to Santa
l'e. Ilolh cities have nlveii llielr befl
lor the tiiichers. It Is now for the
teacbeis lo say where they will hold
I he conv cut ion In I a I .'.
A col t espnndent writes to ask If
l'aiih.inks haft cone la I ulat cd M.H -
shall Whu! weiuhl he conmalul
him about "
Hill will HlO people Who losl
on the elect ion be r peeled lo
jiaaiiilale those who won them'.'
lliillroiiil Cn-cs IliH'l.clcd.
Wa-.hliii.ton, Nov. "V liockeling In
j1''1' siipn-ini- court today by the ib-
'"" """"
in inc .uissiniri, oitianoma ev- v-mi
rtilioa.l'H suit was the next step In
Hie eft oi Is of the kh el iiniciil anil rail
jronds l.i tb lei mine the constitution-
I a I it v of Iin- Adamson
Ceiii lal Havis auiniunc
I. Sohcllol'
1 thai when
in lav he will
e the case.
Hie cotii t rei mil cues M
enter a motion to adv. in
' l'ai in Hoard M ml villi:
- Washington, Nov. 'J v
j f trni loan board, w Inch
turned from lis final tour
.Illy to determine (he best
I A Id. luv.
Tin- federal
hat. .lust re
nt the conn
location for
i I'
t stabliNhment of the twelve fed -
ii.il fai m loan banks, today Leu. m
k1 nil vi n ar thei iias of testimony re
ceived limine Us trip. Announcement
t Ihe si -lection of the twelve fctleial
districts In whn'li the banks are to be
located Is expo ted w ilhlll twenty days.
I'li-nt jr of 1'ic for Soldiers.
San Antonio, Nov. I'M Neatly fi.lMMi
lea ii ii .1 2.tti'l i-hkea are bfuiK linked
the housi vv l ves of San Antonio to
il a v tor the ll-.Oaii holdiei at Km t Sam
! I li.r.-toii nnd Camp Wi'Mitll. The tin
itaiv cluli la uponsorlun the plan. The
sohlieiH w dl have turkey and all ' Ihe
fix. i ks ' supplied by Hie tovei liuient.
which with the home baked plea ami
cakes, wi'l make a nubHtaiittul Tluinks
B'Vlla,' meal.
1 r-..v afr fe? MmtlWM t
l V rW UWM-XMil'Jtr -A i nn nh I iwii msJiiiir i Cm iWU-i hi
i "Ci-r: vjjr Krrw iO ji rWi'ur A e nv II. I j JUlf it Ms
a r itii -avT.ievisvw mw.& u wii'K-'iitfrtsftiK at n .fr r jj'Uijrfii'i.w i
: .a i" ir
With Scissors and Paste
I 'I I .It M l t IS M I
(James lluneker In New Voik Sun )
Sehopenliiiuer and his mystic UIJ
lo live urn bolh rather ainusiiii; sur- j
vivuls of anluiiie animism. The pro- ,
I Ii-iii Is nol whether we 1 an do what
we want to ,o, but w In llier we call
will what we want to will. bait Ihe
Illusion of individual 1'iioihmi ol' will:
lu tin. I.iul ilho.inli In be ill' .in. ill 'I
,' ni , , 1 ' . ,
, , llni! I ever seen'' "
worlds and most plu, alisl ic of j .-N-., ,5 - ,.,, W1IS nuthctic. Jim
iililviji ses. It's a poor i on. c. I ion j , .( , v u , , ,A , j.,,,, ,,,,, ., h( . ,
of eternity Hint dm sn'l w 1.1 k I -lU, ,- (,,. peileeily well Unit it
both ways. As there will Le 110 end was all over wilh linn. Wl'cn I pin
In IhhiKS, t he 1 e never was a I einiiliu! 1 on f.i :e down to his and .a'd '. . ""!
L.tei nil v Is now. I'l oil ssor 1 1 11 eh S. I , ,' ... Hi kid 10c for t L.c I s I tune in
It. Klliotl wiote in his brilliant re-fii-
latlon of llernson thai "the I'iiIiiic, we
Inive nf n iiei e-sily for such an ex-
Plaiuilion ( the attempt lo explain t he
universe) arises Iriini II
011I111 ina-
t urn of our la -nns, Inch think bv
lissoclalinu disjolnlcd ideas: . .
llo last ' x 1 1 III I lilt loll Is possible or pel-i
llllpH even exist.," which will please j
I In. n-lal iv isls and pain t lie a I'm, lii -
tints Hut deprive mankind of its
dreams and " ls hke Ihe nani'bly
1 h I Id 111 Hans Christian Aiiiler-ill's fa
ble. A lairv punished this child bv
Kiviiur him dreamless sbnnbei 1 1 1 1 -out
vision, old us well as .Volin;; limp
till ;h nr.-.
I'es.'JliuiMii as a philosophv it Las
been I lie, I out. is Ihe last silpelsti-
lioii of pi linoiilial times II is a I 1 1 1 1
of cconuiiila. It Is le-s a pbil"S"pbv
than a matter of ti-m pel a Int nl. It
was the mode dunlin the last hi
the dcpaited lenlnrv, and as an s-
sue It is dead
that followed
was piiiprily.
linsWeled It
rcsHinilsiu Is
as Hie hiinianil irianism
It . Is hie vv 01 1 h Iiv Ihk '.'
If somewhat cvnnally.
ilcpcnns en the liver.
Ihe pathetic fallacy re-
d It
ditinal formula, ll Is now
our stick of mental at-
Tin: i mm; n.wook.
i t mt look, )
i-.-loleaciin Slin k ill " I'ell 1 hous
land Miles With ii I 'on Sled" pavs :
t,lm liil-nle to ins nisi ooi;. v-,
nook. The doc. loved to play a lialili
ol toe. H e.idini;" w nil his ma
and whenever N.inook won he ' would
nue in v .mklc in his laws and make
mt- hop aro, in, i on one fnot t() Lis
Mica! tlclu-ht " lie was a wise .Imi,
anil knew in athance hist when- the
pai Iv would slop for the nuilit, inf il
111 Iv it-fi'Sin.iui; a li'-od t-iiini1"
place and Lfnni; up his voice in de
Piihl Cold meant Utile to hlin. I'lft.v.
ho. nl below .-in, all niuht. loim al
Mich t.-ni pel at iili'S he Woi,l, sleep
coiiteiiletllv. "He would slaml ulnl
l ike any In kuik; ou olfcied and ni-v -
ri- nti.r a sound but vive a Lark of
oi fhinee wht-n vou were .lone, ami tu- ,
would bear von no ill will m Hie
woi Id and iepe.it his otfense at the
lii-vl oppoi l unit v
N.inook h allied to open a unto, i un
truly to onl. is One day- sas Arch
ill at oil Stuck, when this happcnetl, "I
It's Loiiiol to be pathological. i '''i'1"'" ' -'";' '"1;.'',, V;''.' '' his beloved Stotland and all t In, I Scot - ' '
TIM-: Hl. SSTIM. I V I A'l'S Willi I .I'SS Tl II I'l IO I-' ! '" 111 ' " ' all lorn i a and Walt bun a I last Jef
I l.,,s AllHilcs Tillies I IWI.Mlt llll,ll.is I j bke a piece of driftwood, t" l.llotf Sa- I J lfmVlh
I'lcMib-iit I i.i I'm 10 I'la. iidopletl a ,N,'W ",u Ibr. ihl. t i ni.ia could be have louse, ii tin-,: Yf. VP fTf ' A
svslcm win, Ii during Ills rule theckt-tl A company baa been t oini.-.l lit ; u ,,,,,,, ,. ,,V). .,-1 foota.-l that j "W" "f S A, T
liml praclnalL cvuiiKiil.'-lied l-i ik.iii- I Stockholm to i v, loil ii swi-di.-h in-I ..,,.,,.,,.,. rn.i.i: oi. lii , his j A9l j JTfo
,liii-c inMivico. I veil, on tor wiieliAt. tehphoii.v. 1'- , , , ,.,,,,. 1mI. ! t fj j I l
in-.- ....... ..i,i.-.l :, coo, mission siml- I pel i.'i'-nls. it is said, have tlciiiom .rat- - ,, ,o 11S ., ,,, ., , Sit t - il'fl
larlothiit wind, llson has dcsiKiialc.l cd Cial co ,, in no ,,, t ion u- easy at a . ,, , . A .,, ,.,. -,. ,- , . Z IJ j V (v rlv--
to In,,,.!,,, in.,, the wa,s of , a ,1. oad .t a acc of I k i loni'-t- ..a .... also h . ,(l, -.,,,. ,,.,v, LY M'J 'APl
Ham I, uob. This , ilsslon Z, , l""' "i"'" ! nT'-V ' WL 1
bets moiled lln bandit leaders of a state or j . I " ' 1 . ... ..... ... , im.im II ft ""MKi'
H::-,:;;;,r-,.,';:;i,:1;' v.s , ,u , ,..s ,o,:. ., ; :r;;r ir;:; B J Xtm
was ni.olc as lo Ihe amount th.,1 ban-! (Lan.lor.) , I-,..,, has a I In-i, ,1 I .-.,, 1,,, . ll LA 7 M-MJL lilX.
-r;::'r,;;;;:.,rn::es;;; -,:,..,..,, ,,: T, CTf
cic,, ciiulal in MtAico al Ili.it time the indilTe.eitl to us: bv lakmu Jovtullv i M ,,-l,. I I-',, , , I, -.s ) rQ-' W W I f.vAff S J
i. v.-r.uic income of the brntaud was j the betict'il that conies spoilt a iicouslv ; V ,, K, ,.. 1 1 ,s , ,,, ml, audi ,l" Vfi, ' A li
v.-rv small, not more than fJU pel bv wis!,,,,-', no more intensely I or ,,, i , II, ,-1 ua I I ., Ua , u I b, , ,-,. ,, il,,. f fV r. k - 1 1 H
month luav. l, ictl the outlaws ta I w hat is a h air's I i, atllh ticv lorn i-,l- 'Una .1.. it .v. n ,l.,v and! A Lt A 'iSSC XaatVg1 s H I HXl
h to serve a.s ',. ales." pro- I , , ' , .V l'. v '"iVli i In'-: notl'n ' ile!!i,!'i'',!' I'll!'! n' ' .I'l'nb'iic's'a'n 1 i f t 1 7P
I aln!"!, 'in? amVlalve Ibeir en.uv 7.n """'' 'i'"- v,s,,h,, ' " ""' j yTfSV fAtF ti'
land sciM.e to their coll nil. v. Most ' " i I 'f rj "UL'Jr, jif I 1 1 .
lit the bambts .luuiPtd a. tins of,cr. M I M I. . MoT! I'S ', oN,i M . I - - -. j &T f M JKrJB :
i TIiom- win, ,11,1 not accept welt- stood! , -hil b'lna I'v, nim; l..-d.-r.) : All th-,,! hi-, "i ,11 ill ,v ,1 ,,, , ,1s. ! fr I ' If 3f?3?S
ii, i itiiainsl an adobe wall ami shot. The i;n-al buv me. of Uussian la CIImI !,..v.- ,),.-;. I m I b o 1 1 l; h I .-, of! I .--a,,,,' .. , ' If JTSm
Ivt ar bonds in lids country is n;nill- I ii! K i ll " jf & "A r4t l-"i iST
I ,.,,i- "i-iirmiiiVUnoli. leant, of i;i,.winr belief in the im-Mia-'u hat, a," I;,",!. iiun.d.s M II I tHJ . &
fee n, nil-nte to Ills nisi oon. .mi- i io.i. I , - '' i'ho.mi. . a- - - in. v.im'irirmmMH!,.-. vV Viiuaiai'iai'ini.Jie t ii--j
, ... , i... - - i 1 la- l mill "l , niiiiciil ,I,,,ii ,ii, E : . . ' TLjS' ' "1
wmm r:r: i . mm m
picked up a slick ii ml ,if Ii iin
s ha I p Plows with it. Tin n I
'Now, you slay ill here: I'll fciv
n sound tlilashllie, it' y.ui no
iicnin ' I he moment i loosed n
lar the ilia; went eleliherntely t,, the
I'lite, pulled out tho ilnlti' with his
leeth, lilted Ihe latch ami opened the
i-ate, then liirned round and said In
me: ' I aw-w ovv-w nw-w ov - vv ovv !' It
was so poinlod hat. a passerby who
Lad paused lo see the pi ncci diiiK said
to me: 'Well. vou know whole
.' c an l to' That's the (b
( Ins I. ft In Ihe six 'i -1
had ow 11
,IIM mul driven bun I had
hjs toiiaue In lore, tboiinh
1 wav s b.v ed him be.-1 of the
never ft
i had a
hum h."
A I'Ol.l l l i I H M ItT.
I M. ( 'lut e's MiiKic.lne
A fond parent was telling
1 ifordof the really bimht n-n
r :t year oh da lighter,
del lord was much Iniprt .ssi
"How old d'tl vou say bill
.'" ha asked.
1 ilit
iai k
I In
1 .011:1
1 1 u I v
a ii-vv 11 eil
mul lo r.
"I in ye
M.lemiilv ,
s omi-t inn
their ai;i-
k now,'
I bav.
t hose
said (I
01 1st.
1 1 tillt
a siispn ion
bililren lie
AT VI MOl II1K Ol' 21).
f i ( Sha 1 lit ovv n Md , Cor Halt 1 nun c
lia.elle Smiley, it
(diver M. Siuiliy. 1
i:av e bin h a few tlav
1 hlltl, I I of w bi'in a i t
Hlvell I'lilti lo twins
pairs of w Inch vv ere
months The couple
aired, vv if
-ar this
ann to In r ni h
livint; She has
four times, two
born wit bin 1 1
have been mar-
- mot tier is now
lied Ji years ami 11
veais cbl. He
father was ISush-
TNDI It Willi II
I 1 lUllooll.1
lalll ll.- Iltivelaiiue, ill ills book. "Th
Peeper Causes of Hie War, qu
Nli-Usi-he as follows-
"Ye have heaid It s'ld of obi Hless-
ed aie the ok, for they shall inherit
Hie earth. Hut I s., unto vou. l'-lcss-c.l
arc the valiant, for thev shall make
the earth their throne. And e have
beanl nu n sav. IUcsmmI are the pool
in spun. Hul 1 s iv until yen. I'l. sscd
are the mmlily and free in spirit for
j a i
j b,
shall enter Valhalla. And ye
bcaid men sav. I'-le.-srd an- th
emakeis Hut sav unto vou.
l'.lcsscd a re those who make war, for
thev shall be culled, not the tin!. Inn
of .lahve. but the , hihltvu ol Odin. '
who is cir.it' r than .lahve." j
Not inanv pn-lcss this philosophy,,
but some i-ractKO It- Matu ptufessi
.... He . for :, posstldo T .V. !"' . I tl 61 B VtA W 13
i iiii'iit tin in li tim-iti 'in.i r "'''' ii'iiii nit'ii iinwii , i. j vail ii v ft ' i " i r i ; ii i" . - n
iron, the low ,,f niblcs in ,,ii, ; l'..,,,a,i, cm ,f wcw',1,1,1 .am j U XZiZ4 ' K lL
SI CI . I . 1 1 1 1 1 M II It 11 llltic ' -o" : 1 , 1 HUN .
lanilc llov.-Loiue, ill his book, ' Th.-', ' j I START THE
few ' the contii t.v philosoihi- of Jesus, hut
-aid. 'l' W pi-artier It. ,il of us SOIIIC
voii limes lollovv one and sometimes Ihe
that I olhcr counsel arcorUliiK to our 111
1 ol- 1 euuisliin' 1 s and our ti 111 pel'aiiiciit.v
Thc minister who can make his con
mta;alion lealir.i the ui;1iih:.s.s of Nlctz
si he s counsel and the beauty of Je
sus' counsel, and can inspire them
with persistent cnuiaKe to uttempl
and with power lo attain Jesus' ideal,
will never lack iiiliiestcd hearers.
ii I. ut ibov would pay till iilt'tition to
a plulo.-,
1 ml mt ion
j We vv
. 1 1 . 1 in
! is Wbal
f IMlll'l I.
tl I III til
Ol' Un
til. II 1,111
a int
d .'line
nil 1 1 "in our pi
s nor 1 lu oloii.v ,
Ihe people lllea
1 pi .0 In al 1-1 ea
is 111 ilh-
l.ul life, 'bins
1 by 1 heir dc
Iiiiiu. I I I I I IHC HIM I OK V l s
! I
I (T'.lollto Clobe.) j
The t 01111111I tee in elia 1 ;;e of llie
i 1 i't-onsl 1 in t ion of the Cuiiadian par-i
llallU'lil bllibllll;; lias decided lo heat j
the hllllilllli-, by elect rlcll V 11 tin- ell- '
1 lllicel lln; lepoit on the feasibility of!
I I he sc belli is prov cs l.i V 01 a bit-. I diet I I- :
illy is 1 luap in 1 it ta w a a nil elect 1 it a 1 j
j beatiiu-',, besides sawm-' space, will it I
ii. I limn: li I . piove more c ouiunical,
'and Ktneralh mole satisl',n tin v than'
- iikiI heating. j
I S U A I N sc I
! It Was a III
MIAIOK tl'.l I. llAV.
I Cell I 111 V . I
a 1 1 1 1 -n 11 1 1 a hi-- day lor Unhurt
Vinson when the CiKaiettti
v. ret liiisa mooieil at the foot
allow hltle gulden which
11 the s bores of the 1 .01 1 1 K to
I .011 is St
and Hit
, ol the 1
i leads fro
the old l't II
thai Kav , pi
urn t 'In v II Ion at C ri -z.
Illl'esille and J-'.t-1 1 111 111-1'
I 'oh'-mia 11 cumin " nil
c In- A nit 1 i' a 11 ail 1st 1
l.niv In- niel the
lady vv ho became bis vv lit
have foreseen that the
simple act of tvum his c:
( on It) he
apl a 1 t-iil 1'
rope to
the landiiiK post that lliolnlll- was to
make of 1 1 1 1 1 : a world waiiib ier that
lit would cut him olf iblniilelt from
I his beloved Scotland ami all that Scot -1
land 111 1 : 1 nt to htm. I hat it w mild h ad
I him to California ami wall linn al last
bke a piece of driftwood, t" I'aiol'f Sa
moa Cl'llltl he III V e foil . ei l till-,
would he Jin v- set foot a.-h.iie that
W'M III Ml limner I nol lilt,;; ol. till 1 1 1 11 his
plow i "1' e llliili I il the .11 1 I ell I . pad -
dow usl i i a III I . i I 'a I Is a mi t he
v I a n late In- I I al 1 1 ii-z I
V 1 lie tail V . I 1 lll . llll- 1..V, v . .
Every Niqhf
For' Constipation
. . . . : ... , . "-. " a
eS 1 -N -
New urlians, Xov. !.. Stray rifle
Liilleis from a rifle fired on the r.ril
isli slemuer S' yl lii.in of the I.cyl.mil
line, IhiiiihI in from Liverpool, pierced
Ihe smokestack nf the pllhlic health
service ship Neptune on Saturday, at
the mouth of the .Mississippi. The
Neptune npuileil the affair today.
No intimation was jiveii in the re
M.it ,,f the nl'lair as lo whether the
shots were deliliei ately fired at llie
Nipliuie, or whether someone a hoard
Ihe sclliian was at lai'Kel practice.
It w is slated, however, that the
slmls wife fired after the officer in
chailfe of Ihe iUatantine slation had
refused yi iinisslon someone on the
steamer Jo shoot the rifle.
New Vork. Nov. 2H. With the pro-
Cecils of aliened speculations aniouni-
I imr to $U'.',"". Ailolph J. Loeffler. :
a welt Kiocery clerk nrRiinlznu a
lain of i iuar stores In saloons and
on tliesi earninKH liven in a line
iipartrneht. owned two . iintoi'ioluics
and I'liiplo.ve.l a chauffeur, accordin;;
I to a confession which the police assert
made today after Ills arrest on a
charge of forgery.
I.oeffler, :ia years old and married.
accuse. I of falsely raisin a hill of
ndiiiK in connection with larite i?ro-
(ery exporN oeimr maile to Iiciiikci'-
ent nations Ly the wholesale firm
ih employed him. His aliened
1 1 hefts were in small amounts covcrim;
I two years, the police say.
Slramlcd Slcainer Keurlirs I'nrt.
Ninth S.Mlney, r. It., Nov. L'n. The j
'Steamer I'io ralna, winch wasi
istranded at I-lat I'mnt last niKHi. ar i
I rived off Ihis port today, apparently!
I undumaec'l. I' was at first reported j
that the steamer was Ihe AmeriiUe. a
vessel w he h is said lo have called fi.r
I help in radioi.'.raiii.M picked up hy shon
stations. No word has heen leceiv
i here of so ii a slcainer.
Slcainer in no Maimer.
fi attic, Wash., Nov. Ss. Accord
ing', to 1 1 1 - 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 1 1 s- received today at
the haval sliil ion at Tatoosh, the Noi -Wcciaii
st i' a 1 1 1 ' r Niels Nlelsun, reported
yesleidav to be in distress, is in no
ilunri r. The ne ssaiie stated thai the
enasl i;ii:ii I i i.Hit Siioliomish w:is ex
pected to pe k up the vessel shortly.
A mother's unending work and
devotion drains and strains her
physical strength and leaves its mark
in dimmed eyes and careworn ex
pressions she ages before her time.
Any mother who is weary and latitjuiil
shouiil start taking Scott's Jvmulsiou of
Norwegian Cod I.ivcr Oil asa. strengthen
ing food ami tiracing tonic to add rich
ness to her blood and build up lier
nerves before it is too late. Start Scott's
Ivmulsioii today its fame is world-wide.
Jt is free from alcohol.
Scott & bownc, BUiuuifield, N. J. lfrlS
rj r A .a
is more than
t is composed of wax and oils so combined as
to give a brilliant, lasting shine and to soften and
preserve the leather.
The ShinoiA Home Set
The handiest, most efficient shoe shining set you
can buy at any price.
Sold at a nominal cost to
ShinoiA users. A10)
FOR HOME, GRIP CR ( f'Zg&:'' )
At all Dealers Take no substitute 'fJ THE home set
Let the cozy, itidy warmth of the No Waste No Smoke No Odor
ffeaicn Smohitii Oil Heater help
ou yet uf, on the rilit siJc of Uicbcd. Sold at hardware, furniture aiul C""
Atmirliofanntt h and it semis forth rl stores. The Perfection hunis
wanith In a minute. It is liht and Conoco Safety Oil, the handiest and
ea to cany. l)0st economical of fuels.
(A Colorado Corporation)
'For Throat and Lunw
Kolil by All I'adhiK I)ruitsrlstn
OAittnnn un h lulu
Says Cream Applied in NofstriU
l a. tno Air PuutaJitrtitt -tVid-Kt 1
I Instant reliefer ho wnltini?. yonr
: cIoKt-'cd nostrils op(;n right up; th,. :ur
passaf' etc of your ht;nd clear and y,m
can hreathe freely. No more hankiia'
i siiufl'liiiK, blowing, headache, (r, '
i iicsh. No tatruurnllnir for hrea'th at
ninht; ymtr cedj or catarrh disa
i pears.,
f.'et a siijall bottle of F.ly's rTKItn
Halm from (.ur driisrulst now, A,y
a little of, this frut-raut, n ntls,.,tlt.
healing creuin in your nostrils. ( pen;
elrates throuKh every air iassa,. uj
the heail. soot lieu the inflamed r
swollen mucous memhrane and relit!
coiivs Instantly.
It's ju' fine.' Hon't stay stut'ff(.11D
with a cold or nasty catarrh.
V '1 UK III (I0M. l:i:,VN!) ,
SytJ I liillinl Al vur I'riif.Uil,, A
f C ' hl-. tni-t. r i l.lui, u TlianjMX
fin. a. in-il ..: c.ia n,,,:i,JC
r ""'til ii uiuu l'uuu. V
fn viJ 7"L" v ""'' "frmir V
if" ftf lriiirUI. A' k :..fC II 1-4 III a.l'CIra
IC Xf IIIAIONIMlliANIM-lli;,,1,1
15 12 yc3Uloiown8iil;est.S,iie,t,AUivSil7
I you m i d mince and pumpkin
1 cakes .-mil dainties of many kimls.
j Vou can have all Hp if . ,..V(,
1 V oiir orilcr here, with 110 ti oiible In
j yourself, our baking Is always goml.
Mmr Lakitii,' for Thanksmv ine, is , s
j cially kooiI, as you will find it if you
1 order here.
Pioneer Bakery
S. N. It I.M(, l'rop.
207 Seiuth lir-t St.
Shoe Polish
Salt I aka
'"i mm i. i.aiaia.in.wtt-o.

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