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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, December 01, 1916, CITY EDITION, Image 6

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Albuquerque Morning Journal, Friday, December 1, 1916.
iiloniiiig journal
J'ulllidKil l' th
... ITi-nlili III
nit Mmitiio-r
..Sin. IMII-il
., Illy I. .lit"!
I. 1 I- l
w. ' v. i.' i . i i ii r. .
II, ! l MrAl.l.ls tkii
M I. l
Wotrr" R-irrnliUl
1. A. Mll l(IIN.
Maninrllr lllilc, hli-iiK". HI.
Yfthtrrn llrirrriiliitli
It l I'll K. Ml I I II. tN,
lark l(w. .Nrw titk.
il nm 'M - Inl i ln
r uf A Hmiil (in-.
in i.l M.111 h 1.
r nt
A' I
Lunar i lii ulnlli'il limn finy
In Si Mi i Tli ! in
Mi lci l"u. ! ' I V iluy I" I'""
1 Kltm i
I iii . I.) i nt i ii r
WiitiV. IH liiHllH
by III
rli I I'l i iN
ill, i. in iii'.nih
I ". :
.Mt TP K Til SIPS'
iiil..i rilii-i In Hi" .1""'
In Iiavr their nin.-r In.
llli'im f tl it H t lie ine I'l l.-
t ; J I : I " t s
ml uhtn wilting
tl It. n fun- ml
III.. 1. 1 J milium.
"1 he M'-nilim JmiiihiI Im
In I ton rutin Ham In ' "l'
.IIIlr til Nt W Ml 111 " ''
,Nl htllj.tr 1 HI I'l 1"! V
H IliK hi T I II . II
I t.i any ciln-r
'I Im Aim Hi im
THE JOFllNAI, taken nrirt print"
Ixty hour and thirty minute of
irlusivrdy iii(ii('ltttid 1 rrss mused
wire. rivlce each week. No other
newspaper piibllNhed In New Mexico
th- more, than twfiity-four houra
of Associated I'reum nervlc during
the Wef-k.
l'lllDAV liKCKMI'.KK 1, 1I1
Tim convention of the Nrw Mexico
Kdiit ntloiuil iikwh hit imi. JmhI rliiHrd
nt 8ii nt;i Ki', wiih 'mi' i'f tlif In nt I'vcr
lulil 111 11m Mti HHil
1 mo or jiliirc wen;
luinillt(1 no rffirli'iilly.
nt no ntliiT
111,. tillllll'IM
r!iintn Kc
mi tlciiliuly the women of Haiil.i TV
did far more for tlm kucccm of t1""
conyenlloll thiin could liuvc heen ex
Jiected of them. They worked thein
Hclvrs to the limit ti) innlii! every vIm
llor conifnrtiilili' nml Id keep every
dim entertained every inlnule.
Tim teiicliern, tn votlnt Iho conven
tion lmek to Kantn l'"e, did Inn'i'ly
In nn effort to n him iih far iih pon
rihle, Um hl.;li compllmenl Hantii l
litid paid In the tencheiH.
Hut the enlei taiimicnl fealnre was
IllWMNH Hiilmnliimteil In the UK. fill
udik of (lie roll vent Inn. 'i'lm '
tlolltil incetliiKH were liileiiMely prai'
tleal, and earnest illuciihloii Here
rnndinleil In each of then mid th'"
eoni'etiHtiH of nplnlnii wiih UMiially em
lanlled In ri'oliitlotiH for the fill ill e
miidanen of 1e,'n In ih or hy wn of
MiUUCHllon 1(1 the li'Kli lal lire.
Tho riotuhln nddrefKiH of the con
vention werii delivered hy Mule Su
perintendent White, President of lhJ
.ViHoi'lall'iii John Milne, I'l i r.nleni
IVnrHi. of the U'lHeimsIn hlale nmnial
K'hool, Hupi i i n I ( tnleiit Slut, of tlm
I'tiiMo Col., cily mhiiola, nml ItoV.
A. P. I 'rIU. (,r Itoriwi II.
Slat( Sllpel llllen ti t.l Wlllle'll tld
dresH wiih a masteily leMew of (he
ediiciitlotial work helm: done In New
Mexico; I'ri nMi nt Mlltn- .i m, uled
ilelllly what Ihe tlachelH of .NeW' I
Mexico llllliT" TTfTI lillllK,ilp iiTl f
hlandai.l of wink; th I.Ik sm s l.y I
1 if. 1'chi j.c had In do Willi Ihe im- j
mediate prol.letllH of the plil.lii'j
Kchuol leai In r, the ii 1 1 1 1 1 i fiHi-M hy Ir.
Mul7. wcte inspn aiinnal, v,i;ts, Im-j
iiioinUM, lili ratv, nlaN lu.i.hlv enter-I
ir, '1 Ho made an earniHl iinl I
(all fully picpainl ph a for modern-j
iv.ini? the couiHiH of study taueht In
the public hcIiixiIh a n , colli Cih. lie'
pointed out why the work hIiouIiI he
made more piactical, and how the
Useful hllldliH were quite an cult I'l n 1
us the iiscIchh.
Sldiii'llil vocal lutisii' Wan fill -lihdu
,1 hy the th e i luh id the New
Mi vii n Nniuia! nniM r. itN of l.as
Vn-.iiH. the qiiaitelln of the Normal
rolle;e of r-iher 'll and the di.ul.le
("im ti Iti
Albuquerque Jill II
M 1 1.
it wi tl in a II
lei tlliR- el t-'lllil-l
la t, If not 1 he be
M.xic... I'Ul'l the
thai I I." lu et mi!
I'e will be even 1
,r lis a- pi els. Ihe
l-'e was one of the
t. cm r In 1, in N'-w
priq.hec.s now h
iiev; year al !-ant.-i
-ttri than thU i ,ir
in point
1 ... no i
cpon th
Hint plii
of liltellilat'ee,
any ol hi r cltv ,
i cale i.'ivi n ti
tlioimh Santa
i. in Improve,
the comfort
f tl
Hi v
Isiluis this ear.
Mr. l;oi
11-III!' Holt
Sea island
.-.V. 'It doubtb-.H VMll
of il i i. o i t y In Ho
I I lit Unln S It plea'
IlloTC thnn Miillie
luade JliSt liflel
X ciiiIm r, he will
(if He
sav n
ih-e ov ci le i tie
s i ut li of Nu
llum; about II
w hen hi- gi Is hoine.
Till: IHIll 1 I'lilM KV.
In ii I l.lV
lllg" MSf ii
tail, el'
(lit ed
ed I
-1 .11
. t he l .'Ill
il,. In the
'f I
hc h
It, ites having the d.i.il
IttlH lint Wol ke.l Will,
w tio m e lol elmtst UI .i'K
this Mate would red haw
Mich a law wile pi i.
pi iuih ry
,1 H.c i
i iliug it in
a look-in if
il upon ilm
daliiio h "iiks
Till" lill.'t plimirV 1 llilefiv Milted
to mTii: the InteK sts of tell in. n, or
nun who have lull col pm .itmes or
indiviiiinils hat king tin m If New
Mixicn had had a illicit piitinirv l,iv
hist )cir then- In no i...s,.u f.-r be-
I'ciing tlie I
i s in n el of ci, b. r tn Wet
w ould have been inalei i.ill
lioiil what it Was wh.n tie
d.fti i . nt
nemlm.t -
Ins ifiuventloii bin! finished ll won.
I HI the l publican th ki t Holm 1 .
I'm sum would have hi en nomlmilcl.
l.ccau.Hi- be had the Mu-ngih of He
party Link (f linn, und I'rank A.
Hubbrll would b.ive (t,te:it, Calum.
r Ml the ili iii'ii la'ic Mile, A. A. Join "
Vouhl li.n Urn unopposed, and if I..
(. de Paca had asked fur I hi' nom
ination fur gnurnor, il Is ilmililfiil If
II II V HCI'lollS Opposition Wlllllll have
ensued. Ilotnundc wuiilil have turn
I 111' unopposed llomlllCC fur COIU'iesS,
in 1 1n- irpul.Iienn side- .mil W. II.
W :i 1 1 (in iuili have defeated v
democrat Hlio might have seen fit to
I I y rnncluMons wllh tilm.
Tim ilcloKalc rysti'in Im as (noil Iih
n ti y that ran h" devised, though
proper rules should In) laid down for
the selection (if Die delegates Id the
ii i ii i tin 1 1 n k conientloifi.
An ii'lvci tlsemcnt tell iih nf "lil-:
iiiinic) ill a gent mine. J in- money in
lli i" In cause a nt of us pill II. there.
There Is rvrry indicillnn thai tin; tn-
nstuietit Ik a ici mn ncnt one
Colniifl JUioHfVclt. till! (iihiT ilay,
1iul.lv huim'.' li il Hint our eh iliallmi
may In- a ii iitiliun nf the ri iliz.i I inn
of Ihn I'lti'iici laiiH. WliHi' Hit- roll. in I
illil nut iniiilif, we liavi' mi iia that
l;c imaiit In till iih Iliut. Illii' Tyre,
iiinl Hiiliin, mill t "u rl lui ki-- nil I 'hint
i Ian i llii n - we arc pnylnK 1n( liiiirli
iitti'iillun In Imlimlry nml i um im i' l'
ami Ion little to tin- il'Vili'l'Iniiit. nf
Ihn Hiiill mil mill Hie mtiiilic.
Tim colonel may tic Held. Hut. Ill
these daVM uf ( xrc'yve cost uf llyitiif,
n nil havi! tn liin-lle for Ihe dull. it
er f.tn tvo. Ah niinlitl ion IncrcaM-H,
Ihe pnilileniH of feeding mii hhelter
Inif mid clolhliii,' are llinint upon iih
Willi nliaiper mid Mhnrper cniphaMiH.
An empty Ktoniiich an, a chilleil
liiuly (In not coniliico to the proilne
t Ion of fine pnelry, fine Hlaliiary, film
ptilnliiiMH, IIkmikIi Ihcy may help iih
take KuinetliliiK (,f a phlloHoihi''al at
titude toward life.
hn I,. Sullivan imtmunie (hat
a If
will make a di termlm d fii-ht
In.'il hi.H old filcliil .John Itailev-
(orii. I.onkH like luosl eveiyhnily Ih
taking a Clin k at John II. now.
cm si: mis th tvid 1 i,i .ss.
I I i In counlry linn a lot of thlnCK for
which Hn people expiess.il thank.
eiili rday. Wliilo l!m rest of tlm
woihl in at. war, the liuri leaui of
(!e.illi linn jiassed im hy. In oilier
l.llhiiln pi n.-qici oiiH landH, hiim;er
mid ill-lease have wrought, havoi', hut
the l ulled Slal'H Iuih heen a land nf
plenty and In rparc.
We have nn occasion to tear for
our fulure. All Ihe eal.i will tn't he
I'. it, Inn prospeilly of a hich order,
eoiuiaied Willi thai of other nations
and peoples, in 1 1 -1 he mils for a l"ii .;
l''or tin- hlessiimH wo enjoy, lor the
protection o have li.nl, I'm- Iho
hrluht oullooli Wo have upon the fil
luie, the people of Ihe Coiled i't.ites
il, illy, ( -im-n loiisly or utini'iii ' itiii.-.ly,
evpresH IhaukH Id Alntlnhly Hod.
1'nliNM ; on know he won't resi nl II. I
don't i. lap atinlher man on the letcn.
While he may not knock you down,
In- Is likely In feel licit way. I
They say tin- price
nipped, Mini Hull liny
!- !'.( f-:1! ' Im. pridjii lily
of (oal h.'i'i
say II hasn t .
W l ';cL
1 : 1 1 M i : 1 1 1 i ; i la learning how the maiild,
1 1 eh. art.-i- he has monkeyed "Hit Hi'' I
i u
l.iiz, saw.
rie-lilrul (.lies in ( liurcli.
ashiiq;lnn, Nov, 30. I'rcsidi nl
i In. in spent ThankHmvltifr day Willi
nieinbeiH of his family and look part
In several special i elebl at Ions here to
which he wan Invited, Willi .Mrs. Wil
son he altiiiib'd his leftular I'rcshy
tirian church, haiti declined invila
HoiiM in the ptiu-Ainerican mass at SI.
I'alihks' i hut'i h mill to n .loint rele
biali'iu ol Mil tl. .itt-.l churches. The
jluikiy for Ihe While House 'I'hanks-
Chun; dinner was i hoseii from ainoiu;
niany si nt in the president of iiil'l'ri rut
pails of Hie coiiuiry. TouUht the
piecideiil and Mis. Wilson will alien. I
.1 ball I.IUII fill the lilllellt of 1 1 1 1
Navy 111 lb I tin lily al Hn- Washni-b...
na v al d.
( ll-ed Mini-Il l' IHslippcnlH.
ik.i. Cat, Nov. Jill. The K. v.
n Hasiiima .Mi IaoiI, I '.apt ist
W a,
mini' ler
.liter lie
la I r. disappeared estel day
had In i a confront ed with t he i
of h Is I 1 1 II I'l h Who 4-1 III l getl !
him with mittue
M.unt; Mill who I
mil ion. I lis w tl
f a iiiillai it y with a
longs tu bin i ongre
is prostrated. 1 In
has four , hild
11. The IteV. Mel. end j
came heie tiotii
i ' put ai mii as a f'
I 'hlragii and had a 1
1 mi l' eastern trained
Thiinl.syiv liu; in I I 1'nsn,
I :l las.., Tex., Nov . .in. Mm e than
I". "I'll 1 llll'.l States tt'oops, regllhlls
and n. il ini..,l gnat ds. men, smil
Thatik-'i'iwiig day lodav In Ho- ;1 l'as,,
bolilel' pallid distil' t, devnting mole
.alt. iition In !.' nml pounds of tin kev ,
le-.idi s the iis-uil ti iinmiiigs. thin to
the 1 11 a -1 a i l a li -a w.illale ioIosh the
border. ibiviinoi- at i: lianas of
('.eeicia spi lit the iliv VMMl the I'.eer-
g'll tlii"pH llCte. Mi'tV f. "Chilli gaill.S
IbllWeCti tMllllH of the atlllV league
ifjwite s'hrdii'i.l for the nfl.-i luioii.
Ibibel t-mi Convicted of M.in-laiigliler.
II I'am, Ti , Nov. tin.. .. Ui.b.
.li e,, ,,f Sierra I'.l.inci. Tex.. Wiis
found guilty of iiiaiol.iiu, lit. r I v a
Jury in the distil, t court h. re m-d
s.iiti-u.id to Mile five r.ii.-i tn tie
state p. nlli ill id i v . lie Has ch.ltgrd
with muidir in cnnmi tj"ti vvnh I tie
i liooimg of U I '. (I'ootl Ih.) km. at
So i ra lil.iii' ;). lt'.bi i lson was i iig ! ;
i t1 in the rattle business nt th" time
.f the sbeoiicg hut has In eii M iiiiii
as ;i T.x.tN t.ing. r mii-i'.
11nm Kc-lgiis I nini t iihuicl,
l.,Ulel eta! O, Mi Mi. I, NoV. "lb -.I.S'ls
, en. 1, mmiMer of tl,- interior, f. i
le. 1 i nm i-ii r of ft. 1. ,gn iifl.itrs, to
il " wind lis f.tnuil lesignati.m lo
General I'u iitiii,1, 1.1)1111; be could n, t
i mil ii.ue l.U iliiib , loiu;, r. aiv..i die, -.;
t.l HI! lil.lllt'til.ila,- slat, In. tit pole N .1
r. aon w.c. ma. 1. known r..i V una s
I el'Oi ti-d adieu.
i n , ' ' . '- s - r
' .I'..' '. '" V .' ' . -i".-,
Ji i i - - - -
'-.;- ';. ..- " v;."! -
l -t 'k , v t it rr If "r"t i J V.
ft ; 1 :i . Ute: ' "
, . i
.-". fit:- V
f ' ' ' I'l '
With Scissors and Panic
i in: i u.i oi- t ni i:i:s i.
ri t i;.
nl.; ill I 1 .1 1 I'l l 's
i Sj ilney
1 : t .
v i 1 1
To tlliil.e W I
of and win k
mii i i-i '-',1 I n in
tn. ii:-1!', II. 'ii
what I l..ii.
iln not 1 1 1 : : i u 1 1
biive ,el hmk
n In lli-v e In and dream
Im- a coiiiin;; lime id
i., I Would n-i, "Na
i'i tle ( tn in ." I'i inn
-.'in of 1 heir la hoi
licit many of Ihein
,1 it in Hint Ii.' hi
Tin V s.
ii. i rh. n
bin l,i;i'.
Th h
a I l li 1 1 1
i in to lliitik llt.it .- ii- pun l:
ii .. I ih ice ( a n i ( 1 1 . 1 1 1 i.' peart
ill). till hale r I" II"'
mid and niolive "I
,i . nr . i i' i Ii.,' '! 1 1
.i II t 1 1 II ' III hel W i I'll
.hi. 'I lii ' ha v e in i
n 1 1 1 1 1 ; n l
11 wars,
f 1 1 i i . i . i -
taken Ih.
1 1 1 1 . i -
I, -red
u im ;
e of
I hat
t In n i nli i pi
j m.-'l pi l n . 1 1 1 . -l
M'I'i a . one.
I'l Ml at.
,l t:
,- thrin i
n.iltoti- 1
'I P
1 i
-111 b. I'll
p. ill
a!, h :;i l
di i Hue ill -111
hel- mat
tin.; belt
In Us in
llll'le I li
Th. I e ,!. Ill
Ill' i I. r i","l In
i.. i cry are dr-
n hn:'..
une our 1'iiW'er
mo.h ru w m 1.1
ho am lent, 11
ml ui y or two
e an absolute
'ill p.icMe.ls III
Ii I e li. .l I'
I their
I ha i i i
ii, bill P
I I'l'
! If. a
I ').' I
I 1 1 1 1 1, 1 1 1
j III. pus,
lb til. I Mil I
I'nr p i haps a
by -Inn- f"l
!;. li'
i ppi In nd
or I
ll! I I hel' III')
l:i's for Ih. in, then, the
In a i'l I i a k in ; el tot I to
I hi ,' in line! or tl.ull
! I: III I Sir bond id' a W lil-
.1 up a ca i nsl I hi elr I 01
I in sui'cl lot claim or
oi i'
TV lil"M
of It II
h II 111. I II 1 1
I lie V I .lo
I I out I' l
til" VI V,
"I I i id.
Win n
si tvc. as
.1,1 il go and hi'
nn n 1 ill I I'M : i
I " Hula i los mil h in
.a i n l eae. I li.it ol
lb,. v,i. I. r biolhe
11) ;
; but
ru l e
. a-. i.i think of t heiu
emg t.i this ciiiil i y or
niplv and i' i ' I" 1 1 .i 1 1 V as
world and v. hen Ihev
b a rer a t Unisphere t ha I
v jo e imi ices o!' l ace or
nli 1 bias, Hull the im-
V. Ill have spent. Itself.
l ',1 .'
id' lie
ib .!
r na'
vv , 1 1 -
t. t,,,t,
i nb'.' iis
tin i:
'rrrh '
llse I,
si r.s'i i i i, u i:.
I Ann i ii-iii M.i ra ice 1
A a,! the 1 a 1 Mil. 1 'en e'i i h vv h
II Hide I o-.olil vv ,11 Mill be, lis a brai l
1. 11 Ilia i a .. . . . i' licked wit hi'l t he I
i ru. tut . of t he skinniest sin-inn
a hv r, vv bos,, t are is nlivv I 1 11 1 led v ,.(
iilismm. I. now ... that li.-r lines b.'ivi-i
I'.'tll luade flllilii by fan!.', bias, alidt
t h . t no to.-. n can ev- r I, nc 1 a t In r j
lid vv it hunt l i iig lung.
Yet t hose vv lo. ha v , i h,.i "ed Into
Hn lire, -bos .,1' tl e kid. Ins and dar- j
' 1 1 o h o a '111 VV 1: II Ct .11 h! 11 t s. I'.lee'.'.O
Iih' a ioi-i .' si-e t.ll .-.I i a lo.;,. tales
of bow ii'infi ,,lii ; a ! ist'.v im; the ovei'-st-,r.
out ; ale. H.iitie tiien h lVe Sllb-
I atd 1
t ist, -. 1. loi ins -in, .- w h. n
' o. S, I" y u II':; : bo" ! a !'. ma'", like
f-. I lb il : "1." II. I'l:.' I : tin il'. Alt' V
iifi'i eli - in 1 waul .""net lung
( '..:. in on li's no fun hugging
I ' 'k
(I.-W 11 t ! Si I- Cl it
: b.i "- lillig.ll. In
llv. 1! is eonipleto
i b at eiiiptv mil inngness Fut most
nil ti in t, i
.ill".- ,'h..':l
Si It M.
!::!,- fa,
i I: iulloWS w hn
t he I i llib .1 i limw .
( I It S
in Tin:
ng in H i
,- 1
il f.'iiml
1 -oMi'g
I "
.' a v low ,ti d
d" Ft-rnin)
"I I . -1 It'll of
. .1 side I . I
-! s ,.
( a i
d Fntna
i Ting win
it '
ft vlt
iv a'er
.f tie
-it,. .;""'
'4- ;--rA
,: y wwzfm
.f i to r
Hied nni'iii ahead Screened the
in' i lerioiis (laikness beyond. Through
this shower i.Iiii the dory, bringing
up on a stci p shchin,; cave floor of
liirr.e water roimden stones. Kroin
Ihe arching wall llulu: festoons of
1 1 j ii s. mosses and small plants: grew,
iceknn; ill wetness. TlltV olive gl'ei'll
( anai li s flicked hy and Were Inst In
1uV Midure of darkness. Th" spotlit-
of Krvitc-t's hinh'un as he 1 i' i i "-i 1 1 1
How ii two UTi'iliirii.s - the Hist of our
I j i oiled ion had an .nm annv, snmlh
i eied si'iiii'l; one iliimsi expecled ita
ri pin I tn briinr tlm: tremendous cus
peiidnj mass crushing down upon us.
"The dory's adiil't!"
The nubile ;:ui Kt' hail worked it
1'inni the :(erp beach Into the fust
sw ri pin - rem tit. With a flying
h ap and plunce. John fortunately I'l
covered it. lor the loin ly laviin wan
no pl.'pe to be marooned til hb'.li tide.
I'arlher southward, we again left
the l-'ii i u.i de laicharecs a colossal
:...-h in Ihe side of (''lores. At first
VVl. iovvi d in the darkiiisH of. night,
Tlmn Hn- bases of the arching walls.
like 1 1 anspareiit water, took on a pe
culiar till i auiarine- dav I
tin ned I
to shadow' and oxidized by nature.
i t'uiiliiinsh for L'Oil feel we felt our
J way into the bowels of the great
i 1 1 I t. Hon- the cave, narrow ing, ter
minated in an Inner cltamhi r. The
dniv soflly heave, to an uncanny,
sui t le, iinih r.-.i a nml inn.
'Hack water! Look there:" (ame
Ifiom the bow. From the inner
jchitubor issue, ;i peculiar rumbling',
1 bet' tin dory rmild be hacked mil
j of the uariow corridor, it became a
si (.thing cauldron. From its center
a geyser fhol hissing lido Ihe dnrlc
IH ss. lele.'.i cped, I hen all was still. We
warilc rcnpprouolmd this interesting
pheiionii nun. which, after a few mo
ments' quiescence, recurred ai'ain and
again. Thai inner chamber "an a
vm nd, iinraiuiy sight, an impression
f iliied eiiiiueriion with another
Will Id. '
i i;mi:i:s dim i m: roin i M s
( Farm l.ife.
i Mice in a while, sonic luckv fartn-
ii i gels a chance to "(lean up" a for-
tune ml a single crop. We heard of
I such a case during a. recent ttlp to
I the east. The favored individual Is j
In New Jersey potato trowel'. Hel
j had I'.t'O acres in spuds this year. II"
Iliad a big. record breaking crop. lle
ls selling his potatoes in New
iYoih al a fancy price, owing to the I
sin ill Mdd I'i all purls or tlie (-(iiiii-tiy.
He savs lie can afford tn re
tire on the profits he will make from i
thl'i single ( lop. Such a comblnn- j
lion of hi-.; acreage, big yield and
f us. We km
man near Chica-
o w hn said he mad
Mii.oiU) on a f.o j
ere field of onions, a few years ago.
I And W" have In ai d of several men
this fall who fed off from $ln.O0'l to
i S..'ii,(iiiil worth of hogs and got them
in tlie market while the pi ice was
hit ween II ami I- cents. When nth-
let t urners get the money, il has a
i tenih ucy to make us all 111010 hope
! fill.
blank II. Siinotids In Uevicvv of lie-
If ou think of Germany In terms i
f a contestant in a relay race, with
rivals putting in a fresh runner
it each heat - How French, now Kits-
.sian. mid last of till Pritish while I (;,,.t attack is ended, not, as has
I the German runner has to make th.-i been so often said, merely suspended,
j whole course -thine, you will exactly Those very troops me d,m i.t less,
catch the Idea that is In the allied j SOine of thdu. In the Pot-.-n.: pi n-. ,v.
j nun. I :-n, the basic principle of niiie.i ! ,.01110 are lit Peronne, at Kovel, at
jstiatrgy. il.ciulieig, at Moiuistir, al Predeal in
I Wc do not know the present Mat" j "inn"le Tti.-v are fighting by the
1 of German man power. We do notjside of the rtu'.gSrs and Magyars and
'know wh-it reserves remain, but we; Ticks; Kalkenhav n's policy ts re
lieve just sci n in the llumauian can' j
that Germany has heen able to nut I
1 in a new army without we ikeninfi I
1 In r oilier fnmts visibly. This would
! s, . m to indicate that German exhaus- j
tton has not become absolute, and j
't at the allied 1 11 Iculatinns have been
ton opt imii-t ic. Put we do know that1
Geturiiiy b id h -ss m. n to slarl with
than her enemies: that her losses by I
comp;.ru-oii with, those Qt llusia or
of Uritain liavo been disproportion
ately high, n ga rd being had for the
li.lal of available man power, while
thvy have been about equal equal in
percentage, I mean to the French.
As for Austria, her losses as compar
ed with Italian have been enormous,
and her existing resources can not lie
larger than those of Italy alone,
without regard to Kus.sia.
Wo may have a whole year of
pounding before there is any real ev
idence, of exhaustion; conceivably
inori.', although this is unlikely, hut
the inexorable logic of a war of at
trition must not In- mistaken, and the
attention of observers should nut be
distracted from this sordid detail by
miy brilliant strategic combination
which wins a local, triumph against
ii in v.' foe at the cost of another set.
of casualties, which must hasten the
day of ultimate exhaustion.
Tiir.-avo iMirrju ix.gukm.wy.
(William Iluli.lt in The New lle
puhlic )
The supporters of Ihe chancellor
still see In the war tlm same con
flict which existed before Kncland
i ame ill. To them, this is csseni uilly
a struggle between liussia and the
AusH'o-l I iingnrian-i '.ermaii bloc for
predominance in the I'all'uns and
Asia Minor. Their hope is to es,
taldish a confederation" of Central Kti
ropo stretching from Hamburg to
I'.agdad. As they see it, tlie war is
deciding, chiefly, h-iv wide shall be
the boundaries of Central learope.
They lire almost ready to give up
northern France and Ihe whole of
Helgium. Thev are ready to pay
I'.elgium an indemnity of .tiiKi.niMi.
iiimi maiks if Helgium will ptetend
that it. is part of Ihe purchase pi
of a section of r.elgaan Congo. Their
even are on the ens!; The,.' hope to
annex Coiirland, ami t() create an in
dependent l'oland and llussia's Pol
ish ti rrllm ics, which Ihcy expect to
take into the German possessions. A
piece of territory in not tlieastern Ser
bia, they call "The. dry Sue, Canal."
For across it. by way of l'.clgraile ami
Nish. runs the railway from P.tida
pest to Constantinople, control of
which they must have if tlie Ham
burg to I'.agdad confederation is to
become a reality.
To the supporters of Tirpilz. the
war essentially is a struggle between
Hnglatu! and Germany for control of
the, sea. They wish to purchase
1 ei-.ce with Itnssia at iittv price, ev. n
at the tost of ahandoning their nil'
Turkey, and to fight on until . France
unii Kngland are crushed. Tiny be
lieve that Germany should n.-.r,c: ev
ery foot of French and K'lgiuiu ter
ittory she can occupy: French t-.-rri-iory
so that France can never again
offer serious resistance; Hcigi.'ti tee-
litiilA' SO that sh. mav h un .1 n.in".
,,,,.., ,....,, , . ;livil -.,1:, I
jirtutzs notorious- postal card puis,
malt, rs thin: "We must hoi'l the
1 last of Ih lgiiiin as a ha : - from
v. hiih to operate .against ..ur Angle
Anient 1 n cm inie-.'."
iiimi:mh ut; in tiii: syddi i:.
(New Ileiublic.)
It Is by no mere chance that the
, .;'., ,,. ..,.,;.;
.i.ii. o t, . o i .. nun i ne rivill.!
.successes on the east hank of the
Meuse. For it must now he idain
cv,, jn the humblest German home
that the verv last of the ib ioian 1 e-
serves at Y'erduu have been with-
,ii,.vvii, mid that the crown i. rime's
versed; there is to im defensive
the west, oftiicive in .he cast.
Thf noise
nf worldly faun- in but a blast
That blows from div
shift 1 its name.
hTiW.iiri the p ,i-t it
ise points, and
blows from.
New York, Xov. 30. Story of the
nne in mid-ocean of tho captain
and five men of a tiny nehoimcr after
they had Huffcn d twenty-three days
of ha rdshipH on their v.'ater-louned
ves.Hel was told hy the officers of the
re-rue ship, the American oil tanket
OnlilKliell, which reached this port
today. Her arrival here marked the
end of a five months voyage during
which she struck a mine In the war
zone and was nearly mink.
The shipwrecked vessel was the
I'.ritish s( hooner Arthur II. AVinlit of
St. Johns, X. 1-".. Captain Diamond,
hound from Alieinte, Spain, to her
home port with salt. She was of
ninety-nine tons register.
According to Captain Hayes of the
Golilshell the rescuers on November
2S found the. Wl'lit, waterloftRed, the
huhvarks, deck houses and lifeboats
swept away and the sails and upper
spars Kmm. In tno shelter of tlm
main mast the captain and crow were
huddled, exhausted. The schooner
was sent on fire to prevent her from
hecominK a menace to naviKution.
Captain Diamond said his vessel ran
into a northwest Kale on November K.
From that, time on the crew founh
huiiKcr, thirst and the elements. They
had given, themselves up for lost when
the t inker arrived.
The Coldshcll left New Orleans for
Bordeaux in June. On July 10, she
struck a mine lM tlm bay of liiscay and
reached rtordeanx In a Kinking condi
Herlin, Nov. 30 (by wireless to Sny
eiiic.) The finest Ion of Germany's
coal supply is being widely discussed
In the newspapers. The German mines
now are providing coal for railroad
service to a much greater extent than
j in peace, times, as a large number of
German railway cars now are Vei"K
I operated outside of tho country', in
l'oland. the V.alkans and other terri
j tory within the hands of the central
; powers. The consumpTion of coal is
j increased by the fact that now no
j German locomotives or trains are idle
land because. German Industries are
I busy to their utmost capacity.
To permit this increased use, of coal
Ion the railways and in the industries,
lit has been proposed to limit its us
! for purposes of amusement and lux
'lilies. It is planned to close the sa
I limns earlier in the evening and to
I limit electrical advertisements in tho
I streets of cities. Tt Is not proposed
i to close tlio theaters.
Field Headquarters Punitive Kxpr
dilion, Mexico, Nov. in. Among the
ii nips along the line of the American
punitive expedition there were five at
least in Mexico in whit ll there wa-i
cans" today for thanksgiving. Twelve
truck loads of turkeys, supplemented
hy FiU'h game as could be seen red, was
th- principal reason for rejoicing.
The "turkey special" which made
a record hrcakhig trip from Columbus,
N. M., brought enough to furnish each
man in the expedition with three
quarters of a pound of dressed turkey.
At field headquarters, twenty deer and
eighty wild turkeys brought In by
Mmmon hunters were distributed also
among vario,T-'(irgani..ilioiis. other
features of the celebration at head
quarters included a polo game in the
morning and a football game in tho
afternoon between teams from Up?
Kiev cut li and Thirteenth cavalry.
Australian '! Strike Settled.
MolbniMiie Australia. Nov. 30. The
icnal strike which has been In progress
for several Treeks, throwing thousands
'of men out of work and seriously af
1 fecting many industries, has been set
' tied. The men will resume work Mon
i day.
Violent lighting Krimrted.
lluch.'irest. Nov. .Ill (via London.)
The Ituinaiiian troops have taken a
sb'.nd along the Clavalziclzu river,
southwest of lluch-irest. The war of
fice today reports violent fighting on
this front and also all nlong Ihe line
in the linrlh,
W si fl is ' fi
i'l C o V I '
x v , 'NV'V N xJ
CskN;- v- nvVnnv. y
i.?s "-N'.SOnVx--X
W4 U Bl. for
Wall paper cannot be satisfactorily applied to wall boa rd,
because of the somewhat rough surface. Yclour Finish will niakc
any room comfortable and homelike. It is an oil paint that give
a velvet-like texture to walls, ceilings and woodwork.
It is easy to clean all surfaces painted with Velotir l iniieH
because they can be washed with soap and water.
We recommend Vclour Finish for all interior work. It 's
easiest way to obtain thoroughly sanitary walls. Come in and
sec the great variety of tints you may select from.
rWT'VUMWKJEiMii . ..HIIH MM i . 11 1 11 1 K pi i"?--' 1
StV r- vv; , ;lif,ti.ttttiiii'i t V. ti it r I
e? u mmm, a
Says wo can't help but look
better and feel better
after an Inside bath.
o"-l owe a urai nnu ICC ont.'s
best i.-i to enjoy an inside bath each
morning to flush from the system tho
previous day's waste, sour ferment,
tions and poisonous toxins before it jg
absorbed into the blood. Just as coal
when it burns, leaves behind a cer
tain amount of Incombustible mater
ial In the form of ashes, so the fund
and drink taki n each day leave In tho
alimentary organs a certain amount nf
indigestible, material, which If nut
eliminated, forms toxins and poisons
which are then sucked Into the biooj
through the very ducts which are in
tended to suck in only nourishment
to sustain the body.
If you want to see the glow of
healthy bloom in your cheeks, tn see
your skin get clearer and clearer, you
are told to drink every morning uj,0
arising, a glass of hot water with a
teaspoonful of limestone phosphate in
it. w hich is a harmless means of wash
ing the waste material and toxins
from the stomach, liver, kidneys and
bowels, thus cleansing, sweetening and
purifying the entire alimentary tract
before putting moro food into the
M"ti and women with sallow skins,
liver spots, pimples or pallid com
plexion, also those who wake up with
a coated tongue, hud taste, nasty
breath, others who are bothered witii
headaches, bilious spells, acid stom
ach or constipation should begin this)
phosphated hot water drinking and
are assured of very pronounced re
sults in one or two weeks.
A quarter pound of limestone jdios
phato costs very little at the dm.,?
store but is sufficient to demonstrate
that just as soap and hot water
cleanses, purifies and freshens the
skin on the outside, so hot water and
limestone phosphate act on the inside
organs. We must always consider that
internal sanitation is vastly more im
portant than outside cleanliness, he
cans.; the skin pores do not absorb
impurities Into the blood, while the
bowel pores do.
Ol'li JITXKY OITF.K This and Be.
PONT MISS THIS. Cut, out this
slip, enclose with f,c and mail it tu
Foley Co., 2S33 Shcl'tied Ave., Chi
cago, Ilk, writing your name ami ml
dress clearly. You will receive in re
turn a trial package conlaining Foley's
Honey and Tar Compound, fur coughs,
colds and croup; Foley Kidney pills,
for pain in sides and hack; rheuma
tism, backache, kidney and bladder
ailments; and Foley Cathartic Tab
lets, a wholesome and thoroughly
cleansing cathartic, for constipation,
biliousness, headache and sluggish
bowels. Sold everywhere.
!Ksurtminelnm'.1iz nrx':m-m .-Tfaamriiwi mail?
you need mince and inimpkin pn S
cakes nml dainties of many kinds.
You can have all these if you leave
your order here, with no trouble to
yourself, our baking is always good.
Our baking for Thanksgiving is cs
cially good, as you will find it if yon
order here.
Pioneer Bakery
S. jV. HAIXIXU. I'rop.
207 South First St.
An attraclive finish
wall board
Tie ni-fictir nanf-Il'll tfTci't
of w.ill hoard may .be made
even more attractive .inu
more substantial-looking by
1 VI - U
,.k : V 47 f 9 J I. U.i .' -
(jni 1111 nm win iiii i-r ti 1 I
f ' J5 r, .-
EiiJi jy -'!- .i i C-'- -( IV fii ,.i

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