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I 1 1 1 1 I II 1 lllll 1 I
Mbuquerque Morning Journal. Monday, December 4, 1916.
Government Awards
Diplomas to Peasant Wives
Who Have Tilled Soil Dur
Absence of Men,
( A.' luted Vrrh Ciirrespnnilrnoe.)
Moifl-iir-l.iiiiiK, Heme ei .Manic,
-iJi -'- Anions the war
,.(.t.,1inii'ii.'" s thai will handed down
villi realist pride from generation
in la-noral urn I" French f;i in 1 1 ics arc
the diplomas, now framed and Iiiiiik-
i.iL- on Hit' walls of many a
louse, attesting how the i-:isHiit
women and farmers' wives, widows
. , , , , f daiiKlil' is overcame war difficul
ties The soil has well 1 epa il the
clfoi t und, thanks Id llu'in, France is I
sure of another year of ample liv-j
ing. j
The actual cash returns will equal
a reread year in lime of peace-
tlioim'i, excepting oats nn,) potatoes, I
tlie wield was below tlic average.
This country of the Frio, which is
Item-rally .second only to Iho Houuco
in wheat production tun first of all
fur oals, stands at the head for both,
yet this crop was sown almost entire
ly ly women, Kil ls and hoys too younx
or women too old to shoulder a rifle.
There is " Mood example of what. Was
dure on a little farm just outside the
finale of the forest id' Founlaiiu Ideal!
ut Villciner, wncro In a modest farm
house. ii:iliK the framed niploiioi.s ae-j
cunled hy the Hyndicat Cent nil ties;
niaieiilloiirs do France (Central t'nionl
of French Farmers) in the ii.iiiiik ot'j
Madame I'-eaujouan and lier daiifh-l
tcrs, itaymonde, ued 1-, and Jeanne, i
used 1 1. i
Harvested Thie,' Crops.
Braiijouaii was mobilized while the
grain was still standing in 1914; Ma
dame ru-aujouan and her daughters
havo harvested three crops from that
farm since. The third is (he host of
the tlnee for they "lacko, the twist
of Hie wrist," as Jeanne 1!(
puts il, until they had had
Irrienee (f two crops;.
They are proud of the prop
!Ui measured. Like the soldiers of
France, those heroines of the roar
take no praise Individually; there are
SO many, they say, wh have done as
Fed tape, Iho paralyzing force that
oven the reawakening of this epic no.
riod has not Vet vanquished, withheld
Sniroin the farms the aid the Kovern
Wjmont wished to supply, excepting in
la! oases, In the seeding of the farm.
J (icrmati i.t-lu,. ....... ,.f ....... ....i....
I " .' "ill, H-lUll-
teers from the, camps of Interned ci
vilian Austrlans and Col umns. Annn
niitcs Imported from Indo-China, Kn
h.vles hroiiKhi from the mountains of
Algeria, Sengaleso. from the Went Af
rican coast, a few territorials , on
leave, a pood many Parisian school
hoys, and last, but not least, the
Aitierican self-hinder, helped with the
harvest: hut with the exception of
the self-hinder, the help was available
only In scattered spots.
Sei-vant-i llinii Wheat.
A ma lost 10 fierman porter of a 111
viera palace hotel, wh0 in tim,. of
peace wore more ol, hi aid than any
general in the war, and one of the
,.,,., I head waiters of the best known res-
la ui mils in l'aris, hound wheat, side
by side on a. farm in Tieauce. Instead
of the gold braided uniform- the por
ter wilh his fellow prisoners wore u
suit of blue overalls with the letters
I. C. (standing for Interned Civilian)
on their backs to identify them as
Teutons in case of a' disposition to es
cape. They earned the equivalent of
4."i cents a day and were clothed,
lodged am fed by the farmer. Their
fure was exactly the same as that of
J the farmers hiring them and of the
soldiers guarding them. That thi-V
were satisfied appears from the fact
that, out of several thousand, only
three of them tried to get away.
The several thousand C.ornuin sol
diers employed In the harvest gave
no I rouble nt all. To the great ma
jority oT them French farm life was a
revelation and a satisfaction that
found expression in froo-ient inquiries
as to whether there was any pros
pect that they might lie allowed to es
tablish themselves iii France after
the war.
Not all of these improvised farm
hands make good harvesters, though
they did the best they could.
Scir-l!iiilor Sairs Harw-st.
After all, It was the American self
binder that saved the harvest; with
out it much of the brave effort of the
women of France would have heen
lost. Fvery machine was utilized to
Speech That Won Gold Medal in Hiah
School Oratorical Contest in Santa Fc
Following U tho m. ,(i,. r t .I i. i . i i V , .... .. , . .. .
- vi i .-..(mm - r.iiKiiwrt coiiid never uo, ami that was
1 '''". ! Albiniucr.mo hoy, destroy the Indomitable courage of
Which wnn llin .-.1 . 1 . I i .. i.t.... I ., , . . -. ....
"iv in" me jrisn. rnr mice Hundred veins
s. nooi oratorical contest of the
Mexico Educational association
cently held in Hanta Fe:
Jhey say so long thou hast
those lingering chains
deep in thy heart, thev have
printed their servile stains
foul is the slander no chains
could that soul suh-.lue.
"T. Moore."
! its utmost capacity. In coiiiiniiullli s
injoiian l whcre there were none and where the
the ex- f , i-1 1 1 th could not afford o huv one,
the commune procured a machine for
for the i the common use of the farmers In
crop's sake, but they don't soem to he turn.
aware of the reran rlntble effort it re- Traction plows aido(j only slightly
(itiirc.i of them to do the fertilizing, j n the preparation of the sol'.. It. is
plowing, harrowing, seeding i:n,l liar- the recognized necessity of the future
vest in cr Winn one t-.'iks to them l,u(, the outlay retpiired is too much
for the small farmer. Further organ
ization of syndicates for the purchase
of machines in common is necessary.
The elephants of a well-known cir
cus played the loading role in nn ex
periment nt Lavilledieu-du-Tomplo,
pear Castol-S.irrnzin, which the peo
ple of the region ccnfidently expect
will revolutionize farming. Hitched
to a plow, these animals replaced the
horses and oxen that were requist-
ioned hy the army, and proved by the
cgularity of their gait to be far supe- With
j r-or to either the horse or ox; each
"For five vears mv htisland prfiVred ! nnimai did the work of three yoke of
about it, they t( 11 him t go and see
thn ruci that Mademoiselle Marine
Hon Feve got from a 70-ito farm at
SdTkiiy-on-Hrcssc, which promises to
rnnstitute the rocoi d for girl farming
(luring the war when the ih-ld In fin-
How She
Cured Her Huskndi.
With his stomach. The medicine he tod:
only gave relief for while, nothing
cured, writes Mrs. I
Surah liaker of Not j
tinghill, Mo. "Onr
merchant liorht I
fit) in e of Chamber- j
Iain's medicine;
last fall and also re
ceived some free trial
nxen; whether they ate more than
six times as much the reports do not
tell. It is only the meridional imag
ination of the. region, 'however, that
contemplates the practical extension
to Fiance f Hie working elephant.
TiK'unuari I allien!. r (.-U lianncr.
Santa Fe, Pec. .'!.--County School'
itliot'intondont K l'.-icK- (if Tnnnmi'iir! i
l e --! v. .. i
rwmines ui viiaiuu. i-, ,,HS ,,oon MWardod the banner for
If w"e go hack over the wonderful
highways of time to review the an
nals of nations, we find the history
of one nation whoso pages road like
a great unfinished romance to bo
completed in the future, when that
nation will have consummated Its
glory with the palmbraneh of victory
and the laurel of liberty. That na
tion Is Ireland. The country that
poets and authors rightly call a queen.
A name which she has ever ). roved
lieisolf worthy of in all phases of her
history. Therefore let us glance
through the Inspiring archives of his
tory and see wherein she merits so
great a title.
A now ugo dawned; Fgypl was the
land of the past, forgotten save for
her only treasuresthe sand covered
tombs of her ancient rulers a mute
testimony of her death.' Koine, now
the liabypui of the west, was fast
falling Into decay as a reward for her
corruption. Greece was no more than
a name. Caul, Iilspania and Hie Ger
manic regions were still steeped In
barbarism. And F.riton had lost all
semblance of law and order since the
last recall of the lloman legions.
From this state of affairs In the
world's history, we glance ahead a
few short centuries and behold a
most miraculous transformation of
nations. All those vast northern and
central regions wo find to bo both civ
ilized and Christianized. To whom
then is the Kngland, the Scotland, and
t h Gei nianv of todav indebted ? To
the nation to whleU they have shown
the least gratitude 1 1 eland. If we
look at Ireland in the seventh and
eighth centuries we find her a verita
ble university of the world, crowded
with men eager to learn Irish philos
ophy; and under Frill's wise guidance
to study Christian morality mid per
fection. These men, who come from
every clime and nation of the earth,
go bin k to their respective couoliies
and expound the greatness of Irish
learning, until iit length, from out of
the recesses of history there conies
floating upon the breezes of time the
voice of an admiring world, proclaim
ing her the queen of the west.
J tut. Ireland in her zeal to teach men
overlooked the need of military pro
tection. In the days of the Danish
conquerors she was the only nation
of the north to successfully repel
these bloodthirsty pillagers. When
this was accomplished she thought
she had overcome her enemies, and
what further need had she for the
round towers of old? How much hot
ter that the skillful hand of the ar
chitect he turned to planning univer
sities, monasteries and churches, l'.ut
a great mistake It wus, for when she
least suspected her doom, the nation
which she had first hroken
the bread of life sprang at her un
protected throat. Uriton selected a
suitable time to ravage the treasures
with which the country was, so boun
tifully covered. 1'riton destroyed all
that was beautiful within her, that,
which had taken the hand of man
centuries to build and accomplish.1
lint there was one thing that thoj
o. J'.i.t all
ice Toll on
the Colt kept the Anglo-Saxon al bay
during- which the Riven fields of the
Kden of the west were iled crim
son with the blood of her loyal suits
who gave their lives that she might
live. Nor was their death In vain,
for their spirit still moves through all
her ages, and the names of Hugh and
Shanye O'Neal, (I'Moore and S.irs
fuld are the synonms of bravery to
every true Irishman. When Fiin'
valor was exhausted with I ho ebbing
of her sons' lift-blood she had re
course to eloquence and pioducc.l her
renowned Daniel ti'Connoll, itobert
r-minelt, iiiarics t'arnoll, Henry
(rattan' and Fdmund Fnrkt
soeiuotl useless, as tier voi.
the car of an uncaring and unheed
ing conqueror who desired nothing
save what greed relishes. And op
pression was added to oppression.
Thousands of Irishmen have left
that tear and bloodstained soil to live
under another banner, the banner of
a daughter of their conqueror Amer
ica. The nation, now free that so
kind k has given them shelter and
liberty. Though Irish-Americans c ro
contented with their new home mid
have shown their gratitude to this
country by furnishing It wilh treat
numbers of loyal citizens and put riots,
(hoy will never le satisfied until their
kinsmen across the ocean arc free
and Independent, formed in one great
consolidated union like our own; un
til Ireland aiu the Fulled States of
America clasp hands in Indissoluble
Tonight as I stand Here fearlessly
yet humbly, I voice the sentiment of
thousands of other Irish-Americans
when 1 say to Kngland as the con
queror of Ireland: You need no
longer draw the old threadbare cloak
of hypocrisy around you; why not
frankly" confess to the world that lib
erty and Justice are forbidden tin
Irish people even in this late day,
and that only a few months ago yui
martyred in the face of all humanity
two great leaders, Caseinenl and
Fierce, because they awakem-d in the
Irish heart that burning love for
those two magnanimous ideals. Yes,
try what you may, the spirit of liberty
and Justice has gone forth: and
though the leaders are sacrificed,
their martyrdom will only suffer tin
cause to live; and the spirit that has
gone out shall live a life immortal,
lieware, for an avenging host is
marching on though silently; it Is
the plaintive voices of Ireland's sa
cred dead that bo( kon on to victory
Ireland's living; they lire voices of the
murdered ones and those whose lib
erties you ravished, whose land you
stole and devastated, and those cour
ageous ones upon the battlefields
Whose hearts' red blood you gulped.
"We know the past. What is the fu
ture to be? Oh! how glorious will I i
that future when till Irishmen shall
stand united. Yes, 1 see her, the
queen of the west, rising emancipat
ed, her chains shattered no trace of
blood or persecution on her virgin
face the crown so long lost to In-r
resting again upon her fair brow and
I saw to her: i
"The nations have fallen but thou art
still young.
Thy sun is but. rising when others
have set. !
And though slavery's clouds round thy
morning have hung J
The full moon of freedom shall beam J
around thee yet."
Iain's Stomach
Liver Tablets. Ho !
gave us Rome of theta '
huh i warned n v - i.s- i
f band to try them. He
. i I Enid if ',,nt,l An rn
good. His utomacb
had been troubling
him worse than ever.
At last on Friday k
told him if he would
not take those tableta
I was fining to send for
a doctor, and he said
hewould take them. By Monday he was
um anotner man. The blues were gone,
no more trouble with his stomach, and
the best part is that the trouble has not
tkfurne(l.I chiinot praise Chamlwt
lun'a Tablets too bitrhly " r
bringing the largest attendance of
teachers to the !tlfi convention of
the educational association. Kvory
one of his sixty-four county teachers,
as well as City Superintendent Schad
raeh and his twenty-four teachers,
wore in Santa Fe, the total mileage
traveled by the Quay county delega
tion being 32,4 78.
Examination Set Aside.
Santa Fc, Dec. 3. The slate board
of education has set aside the teach
ers' examination held at Chamita, Uio
Arriba county, on the charge of irreg
ularities and has delegated Assistant
Superintendent Filailelfo linen to
hold another examination Decern her
13 and 14.
(pD I1BcJ
Your living room can be made warm
nd comfortable in a few minutei if
you have a PERFECTION
Oil pive ten steady hours of clean
glowing warmth.
A Perfection II eater makes you com
fortable when batliinp, dressing or
resting. Sold at hardware, furniture
and general stores. The Perfection
burns kerosene, the handiest and
most convenient of fuels.
(A Colorado Corporation)
The Perfection Heater can be carried
about as easily a, a woman's work
A allon of Conoco Safety
t tai fc frfMriT .!. mid uKttiiiMlfi
Has Consultation With Champ
Clark and Floor Leader
K itch in ; Will Entertain the
Washington, Dec. 3. l'residcnt
Wilson, homo again today, began
work preparatory to the opening of
congress tomorrow.
The president desires to devote
himself almost entirely to ((inferences
wilh congressional leaders this week,
in an effort to get the legislative ma
chinery started promptly. Speaker
Clark and Majority Iemlcr Kit i hill of
the house were at the White House to
night, and Senator Kern, majority
leader of the senate, will be called
into conference later in the week.
No filial plans have boon made for de
livering a special message on the high
cost of living to congress, lint. Air.
Wilson Is understood to favor taking
such a step when the opportunity of
fers. N'o arrangements have been made
for changing: the now cabinet sclieib
ule, under which the meetings arc
hold Tuesday and Friday afternoons,
instead of in the mornings.
Thursday, Mr. Wilson will follow
his custom of going before congress
personally to read his annual mes
sage. Wednesday he. will entertain
William J. Iirynn and Mrs. liryan at
lunch in the White House, and
Thursday night he will give a din
n r in honor of Vance C. McCormiek,
chairman of the democratic national
committee, to which have been invit
ed members of the democratic and
progressive campaign committees.
The visit of Mr. MeConuick to
Washington is expected to be marked
by the appoint incut of a chairman of
the inauguration committee. Active
plans for the inauguration will be
slatted then.
Very soon after congress convenes,
the pnsidont will make nominations
to Iho tariff commission, the shipping
loard, and the board created by eon
gross to administer the workmen's
compensation law for federal employe.
Fast Las Vegas, Doe. 3. Manuel
Maniuez Is on trial in the district!
court on a charge of assault, as the
result of mi alleged encounter with!
his mother-in-law, Sirs, l'orfiria San-
ehez y Henavliles. Muniulx is said to'
have kicked, shaken, tttruck and other-1
wise abused Mrs. F.enavldos when he
met her coming from his house wit h j
a sack of clothing. According to the
story, Marcjiiez told the woman to gel
out Of his house, and she replied that
was what she was doing, couldn't he
see straight? Tho alleged encounter
followed and tho mother-in-law
screamed. Mai(iiez'H brother appear
ed on the scene at this Juncture and
is said to have held tho embattled
son-in-law while Iho angered mother-in-law
8elzed him by the collar and
tore off his shirt. The family row is
said to have occurred al the Manpiez
home at 1,om VigilcH, north of l.as
D. J. Turner was convicted in the
district court on a charge of having
entered the home of Itomun (larcia on
the mesa east of her and stolen $i! in
The Ideal Christmas Gift
$ vri-vT'jPlX . wl " .-v,",")'"-Jil '.'( "'T i -sissy
Owing to the strong demand, we have had
for Cameras since the close of our recent campaign,
we have ordered an additional supply which we will
give away with each $5.00 Account Opened Before
January 1, 1917.
Present Your Child Wilh a- Camera and a
Savings Account in
Tfie First Savings
isi Company
Albuquerque, New Mexico.
1 1..
n norn pirn
U'J i riLUlU LU
London Nowspape
Litllo Welshman
Made no His
British Cabino
las Fully
to Leave
'UK I. ( in fill
caliinel head
ollier b-ailin,:
i example, but
I loiia r-1 ,a
short lei III, lis
I .lu il ( IcoiT.C,
bled l-i ji.ill the cal
nil-1 v lilin:; Iii loin a
cd b.i 1. 1. ..v. I (, aiol
unlonisla u ill follow his
I the Migi-.-Mloii.-i I hat
should take ol ''lee for a
a "u a i in in :; ji.iu" fui-
is (Ulle hull' lolls."
Tho 'I'm i vi i' iiij's:
"1 'oi lain 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 st e is a i e resolved n
to contiiiiie in oil i . o iin.Mliing like
the presi nt terms. ( In. r iiinong
lb. -in ..id MiiMl-iioorj;,. and la.ii.n-l--'W.
II wan r. ported last i,i(:,t
tin. I liny bad both resigned."
J. I,. ( iar in, wi lling in the i H serv
er of which In- in editor, says
i oiinly 'hunger Wuntcd.
Santa Fe, Doe. ;t. Two county
changes nr.- already proposed for the
coming session u,,, l,.HHluture In
addition to tin. perennial Cluadahipe
ooiiiily-Fort Kiimner, the Fddy eounty
Aitesia and tlie (,'iant oounty-Lords-
buiy now county d. hemes. Cue is for
the ision of Lincoln county so as to
( j ma ke l.iueolii a county seat iigHin, and
r j i he olher Is an nlti-nipt. by Tuos cm;n
, l.v !o annex that portion of Klo Arrllm
I.Io.mi-i ;
wit li tie
treats Fa
lie lust
uoc might to In
lion of tin- war. II'
' In resign, Sa lllll
of I lie admii all y sli
it a civilian.
1 , li -that
coiiuly east of tho l;lo Crnndo.
Ilrvlcn Deioslls land Money.
Santa Fe, Dec. 3. Land Commis
sioner It. F. Frvion today deposited
with .State Treasurer ( i. N. Marion
? 74.3fi7.2ll, making the total for tin
year 74i!,300. ( if tho amount paid
over today, the university receives
J2,.'I00; state college, ,:;:'; Normal
university, $310; Military Institute,
$437, and other institutions in pro
portion. For the December apportion
ment among the public schools $101,
r.mi.94 are available.
I Jt ,
It Is mid
that. I'roniier A
accept Mr. Lloyd (
the war council must In
reduced iu number. It
Kew Sonih
rare i;ane syrup
lu d.
o retU(st
riillinan Scriice I St a hi
Santa Fe, Doc 3. At tl
of the state corporation commission,
Fiillman service will be maintained
between Doming and Silver City for
tho next ninety days and if it proves
satisfactory will be made permanent.
The commission also secured the re
instatement of an agent at Fndee in
(Jiiay county by the Koek Island system.
Til I 'M.
T. J. Norrell, V. F. Lank of Cotton
wood, Tex., writes: "lleyond doubt I
have received groat relief and take
! great pleasure in recommending Foley
Kidney Fills. Kidney trouble makes
one worried and hopeless, hy aches,
pains, soreness, stiffness, backache,
rheumatism. These symptoms, as ivi II
as sleep disturbing bladder disoid.-rs.
yield ipiii kly to Foley Kidney Fills.
They cast out poisons and purify the
Mood. Sold ever where.
j " be a sailor, n
1 London, Dec. Ileynohls' news-
i paper .-as that David Lloyd -C-ol go 1 FT
lias llll I Ilia le, His llllelilloll or 1',-slgll- I t- . .
ing. Ills resij; in I ion, adds Wo- pnper, I
has l i en ,1, I: y, , at the i eiin-st of i L '"
soveial of his i olh'.u-iies iii the i aid- ' P .
Lot lli........ lilll ..,.,.1 , .C ,-n... I k --'?'. -
I The nasi. us given for tin' possible w ,fr C
I resiitnath.ii of Mr. l.b.yd-( ieorgo, are f A (1
that In- has (lelniilely ileeid. ,1 that tlie E f,!.!
met hods or (iilal, nines:;, 'indecision ." ' '"' I ' h . h '
ami iletay. wlioh . Iia la.-lei i.o tlic
action of the present war council, en ,
the lildsneels of wiiinius the it.
rstood. ad. Is the nam r. S-it
liilth has declined to 6
oorge's Mew that f S
materially f ..jf
H bolil ved 4
I Lord I . 1 1. ' 'J
Mr. Llovd- i t il
i .; . ':,;
conn- rl
of a I-'
""" 1,1 W
of I'rt -s. i M t " j. : . -Sir-.i b
im- f;o't',i'i!',i Ti'V-1 i mm i j j
ML- lllll 101 r h-"sl,.v ; BV
s.at , 11 Ci'L5
as- k--?"V:.;"v:v;'-;
e has P . i tummni ii a km : ' ...
tanciiior Names Delegates,
Santa Fe, lire, :i. -C.overnor Mc
Donald today appointod Neil n, KleM
of A I i . 1 1 1 1 1 1 , i . 1 1 , i Thomas II. Catron of
Santa Fe, and A. A. Jones of Ijis Ve
gas delegates to the Congress of Con
structive I'atrlotism, at the New Wil
lard hotel, Washington, D. C, Jan
uary T to 27.
I hat .t r. 1 tuna r - La w a i
contemplate follow iug
(ieorg.-'s evample.
Mr. Lluyd-i l. oi go, eonlinii
paper. Intends to i a lupaion I lie
try. There is every indication
Llo.Vd-1 .eorge-( ntsi'li eomliiti
Iavor of the mini
tion of the war.
( 'iiiiiiiii lit
The political ( I isis
le Of (ilseiiMMOll in t
papers. Tho We. k
its origin is duo to
v Id I.oyd-( leori;e proposed the f
lion of a small war coum il, im
Sir lalward Cat-son, hut eo
I'roniier .siuiih .-,ii.l A. ,r.
first lord of the adiiiirally. 1
son and Lloyd il.oige, the
Disimtch adds, are not
A. Iiiiiiiii Law should h.ie a
the eouneil, hut he is lllldi ,'idei
The Sunday Times says.
"Sir h.lw-ir.l 'a i sun's iul no
suck.tis arc not aware fli.it 1
Fancy Syrup
Known throughout the South for their unusual
goodness and food value.
Use,! for i!l syrup purposes making candy, with hot cakes
or just for itself as a mealtime sweet. 10c a can and up.
New Orleans Coffee Company, Ltd.,
New Orleans, La.
"WllANS C0FfUv""iy
""MllWI.1 J

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