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Albuquerque Morning Journal, Saturday, December 9, 1916.
Secretary Daniels Appeals to
Confess and People or
Preparedness to Defend
Rights of United States,
tioiis agree !
1 lie t'hll'.l
lir roil il
made 1 . 1 1 ( . 1
tlmt funds
Inc. k. I Mil all mt
nlih c t In ir in in. mil M,
SI .ltl Hill!'! (UI)llllUI' 1
finviil nri, Secretin)
lures In bin iiimuul p-pol'l,
c tntiight, liml Which urg'
hi- apiuopi l.itcd l once to
lirKlh building forty-two additional
"I I'll II my duly to warn mm sol
emnly as I mn," tin- scon buy says
lifter reciting Hie huge cKpciidltnrcii
for the imvy a nt hoi im-d tit Hie 1; i nt ses
sion of congress, "against the (lunger
that lies In ii possible feeling nil the
part of our people Unit the nnyy Iiiih
Mow been iittemleil to, ban I cell
placed where It belongs, nulling the
great nnviei) of the world, nliil there
In nothing further to be done. Com
placent ri'ti o.pc tlou, Ih the father of
dry rot. We Imve made n magnlfl-
cent beginning, but It must hot lie for
gotten by the public that the name In
telligent til'prci latum of our needs,
the name willingness to provide for
these needs, iiuihI be shown thin year
And every succeeding year If we are to
finish what we have commenced."
Secretary Iianleln recalls that the
Kill nppropi til t Ion bill carries provi
sion for a possible limitation of arma
ment agreement.
Would Prewne World pence.
"I earnestly hope the time Im not
fur distant when thin act of congress
will ri'Miill in Hin h an ngi ccim-nt," he
contlliueit, "and that the natloiiH of the
earth w ill have the slati MiintiHliip to
device effective means of preserving
the world' peine without coiiHtantly
building ever-lncrei'sing dreadnoughts
nt ever Incroafinff cohI. 1'ntil that
hour Brilvcs the Vriitert States can
not wifely adopt any policy other than
that of continuing he policy of stead
lly Increasing IIm naval strength."
Picturing the result of construc
tlon now ( onlernplated, Secretary
I'anleln say the main fighting cle
liK'titn of 1 h t fleet, completed and In
rommlNHlon in lli-l, will be twenty
seven dreadnoughts of the first line,
supported liy six baltle cruisers, twen-t.v-five
second line battleships, thirteen
weolit cruisers, 1 OK destroyers, twelve
fleet Wibmnrlnc anil 130 const de
fense nubirierslhles, While there Is no
possibility ut predicting what rank
among tlin naval powers the country
will lake, lie ndds, the Kit I hoi l.atlon
if Hiich n program linn been accepted
fin uBHiirancn that the fulled Stales
lias definitely cuilxit ked on the poll' J
of building an adeipiate navy.
(.rave problem I'm-cil.
The secretary devotes much atten
tion to discussion, of the problemH en
countered by tile department III net
ting the new ships laid down. Hulld
Iiik f ii 1 1 1 1 H'H mid skilled labor mo
Jacking, ho says, and the program u
recommended for l!it, featured by
thrco tin 1 1 1 i-nh 1 1 1 h and one battle
cruiser, will tax private and public
plants to their utmost even with the
Increased 1 u 1 1 1 : 1 n k eiiilpment author
ised for navy yards. II was for that
reason, the secretary adds, that he
Oul not follow the general board's
recommendation and urge that the
lour of the six remaining battleships
of the three-year pingtain and both
of the. battlo cruisers be laid down at
The navy bostd alntes In Its report
HccompHnying that of the nvrctary,
Unit Itn Information uh to buildup fu
ilitbn IndicuteN the program
outlined could be built. It aluo rec
ommend U, fcitditlim fWw4la mine
nweepein, one supply ship and two
hcu-koIiik tu!H to the total of the llifi
Mnp three-year inoiiiam.
Si-cielary IlanlolK Indicntcn clearly
the itiffK'iiltleH faced by the depart -
until, howevtr, In the followinx Ian
tuee. No I ilriordiiiMr) 'imi ri,
' Ths l.iat iimmiI bill iloen mil (.ivc to
thu ilipartment any udditloiiitl or ex
traordinary power In connect ion with
placing th contract fur tli vc.
wt-la or in obtaining maierl:. In fur their
coriMtruclion. Jl 1st hoped that the
necessity v. Ill not urlw of having to
iim for such power, a a number ui
Kblpl'iiihlei and ma n ufacl in ei have
shown mi uttitude of willingness to as
sist (hu tie payment In meeting the un
usual Hiiuiiiion ereaieu ny uie oihiih
of the country to commence and to ex
pedite an entirely tin pi cceih nled na
val p'ogiam at a time hen the In-
lustiuil rcsoiirciH of the louiitry are.
iliilniy taxed to linn almost capa
city In meeting IIm demands of Irc-
uiiihIoiis Italic activity, both domestic
mil limiun, in every hi. no It of busi
ness. It may he nccem-ury, lioucvcr.
or coiiKK'sti to eiiitet leKlxlation or this
halacler to insoie the al ly comple
tion of the pinKiam of com ti ml ion."
The fepoit ioiicIks brli fly on many
ii i ( i it i h of ihc navy il' Im ll in ' ii I ami
ommemlM hiiihly the mw otK.ihi.a-
iiiul no - ordination that In helnK
ffi'cted by A'lini' il llinson, rhiif of
operations. In addition to Die lepoit
of (he Ki nci.il hoard, a full Htalcincnt
by Admiral Hcnson is appended,
showing the rapid progrcsH being
made in In every line of ilcvelopiiieut.
The most disappointing feature of the
year, according to the general board
and Admiral lienson, Ims been the
slow ptoKies.M with development of na
val aircraft.
"I'ndoiililedly much preliminary
work Iiiih been done experimentally
which does not show," the board says,
"but the application of this very Im
portant branch of the service to the
pliu tlcal uses of (he fleet ha not yet
been ruily developed. Satisfactory
aircraft do not appear as yet to be
available for use with the fleet."
The. board recommends a new or
ganization of the flying service under
a directing officer In the office of the
chief of operation. While admitting
the slownesH of aeronautical develop
ment, Admiral lienson evpresses the
hope that u big machine designed ami
built by the navy and now under test
mny solve Hie problems encountered.
Only Seventeen Aeroplane.
The report shows that the navy now
lifm seventeen aeroplane In active
service ainl that sixty more have been
ordered. In addition several French
ami lllltlsh-madc machines have been
ordered. '
In its brief review of the Huropean
war, thu general board finds nothing
to warrant modification of Its previ
ous belief that the battleship Is ' the
backbone of the sen power of a na
tion." For this reason, (hn repoit
adds, the board has determined that
the number, power and size of the
guns toie placed aboatd new battle
slili'H should he Increased without sac
rificing armor, speed or cruising ra
dius Ijukci' ship must he built to
contain all these characteristics, the
report continues, nil for tin; 1HIS
ships the board has recommended
"tho most powerful battery which .1
believes can be constructed having
dun regard to tho present state
of the art of building heavy ordnanco
in this country "
It is uliown that the batteries decid
ed upon to meet these reiiilrements
will be twelve Id-Inch, Ml-callher gtms
for each ship. A test gun Is now be
ing built.
1 lisciiKsliig enlistment in the navy,
Secretary Panicls show that con
gress has aiithoil.ed an Immediate In
creasu of 2ti,00fl men, only 2 , fi 2 4 of
whom have been obtained.
"llcte aualti He new and serious j
problem," he says. "More than ordi- j
nary inclhnd must bo used to per-I
Minnie, young men to decline countless
opportunities opening before them In
commercial life In favor of servici)
with the government.
"Were It not fur the gratfylng re
sult in enlistments already shown, a."
a remill of the policy of the last few
years of offering educational advan
tages, pa rtlciiliu ly along technical
lines, to our recruits, I would feel In-
rmi IF-': lW-uU-U:
si $ ft A Jr . , - j
' . - i ' t i , ' , 'tH , J
ft r i ' , ' . ;. '" z " it , '4 1
f . I !' '!.,,. i SA ft , ' v '. -
I, j t ' i , ' - h
If v ' t " j tyt fr i r a -a J i ' ' t- t i y i
I s.yW.--. .? :A
Jru i.f.,"'A " . , . k I-:' . . ..11 ,'. ,iv . - :
S :W V. - r' - I- 1 f
' I
' 9 ' X ' it i A, " ' ' v , li i : - v 1 . 1
Allies Gradually Close in on
Bapaumc, Where Heiecs of
Past Have Fallen; Scene of
Franco-Prussian Battle,
deed that Hie
problem of securing the
'men ir.ulioi i.i-d for our fleeets was an
almost hopeless one. As, It Is 1 feel
I sure It will be solved, but It Is still a
orobiein and w hat I des e in thl re
jpnrt la to wain the public against
i considering that the mere passage of
Haw aulliori.lMg niblilloii.il men I
equivalent to having these men actu
ally on board our ships."
If your Back hurts or Bladder
bothers you, drink lots
of water,
When your klilneyg hurt and your
laek fifl note, don't ret scaled and
proceed to load your stoni.t' h with h
lot of drug that excite the kldneyaj
and lrr;tat the cntlr urinary tract.
Keep your kidneyn clean like you keep
your bowela clean, by flunhuig them
With a mlkl, harmless fait which re-
niovea the body urinoua waste and j
Humiliate tin in to their normal hi'- i
livlty. The function of the kidneta
la to filter the blood. In 1'4 hours they
atrain from it too grains of acid and i
want, ao ( cun readily undrrntand
tha vital Importance of ktreping the i
ktdne0 active.
I'rmk lot of water you can't
drink too much; also get from any I
I'harniacist about
tlta; take a
a glasi of
far Monsisa journal bpicial nafo wtitat
St. Louis, Iee S. , threat on (ho
part of the Southern l'resh terlatl
church to wtlhilraw from the federal
council of churches of Christ was pro
n ntt d at the .ii. nil leiiuial convcnllon
of Iho council todav when the Hov.
K. S Jacobs, of Houston, Tex., Intro
duced a memorial from the general
assembly of the southern church.
The meinoilnl sbited that the activ
ities ()f (he federal council In Interna
tional mntteis and In aoclal reform
vcte deemed Inconsistent with the ob
Ici l of Hie federation and subversive
of the piinciplo of si pa rat ion of
t lunch and stale.
After debut n the federal council
adoptee) a tevulutnH, d,. elating that
there was no cuniltct between (hp de
flated put pose tif tin. liiurih feder
ation and its ai tivlllt s in behalf of so
cial reform, and that the memorial
from (he Southern I'lesbytct Ian
i hun h w hs based nil a misconception.
The pKsident of the federal council
as authorized to appoint a coninilt-
l in' 10 iiiii'iin ine next general ussem-
blv of the Southern l'lesbv teriail
t hutch next May and explain (he al-
four ounce of Jad I "' 'lie tideial council m the
a tablenpootiful In hope of preventing the withiliaj of
water In-fore break- tin- MHithcin i lunch.
fast ea h morning for a f.-w day
Hal your kldtirta will He( fitie. Thl"
J.iinomi anli.i made from lh acid
.f grapr anil lemon June, combined
with lltlila, ami has been used for gen.
-rraUorit! to c.li-jtn iin-1 : tuiuintn tlog
! kidneys; also to uriitrahx the
eciiia in urine so it no longer l a
ource of inltatlon, thus ending blad
cer weaknt-s.
luA K.. IH I- I,i..I.lI.. I w.
- " liirflj.r ifur, inillllll ll,-,
4ll.. n . fa L k .A.-. ........ ... I
j'v, ni.nr. .jt-.ijiiii ui nir.si.ii
l.thi-wter drink hb Ii everyone
ahguld take now and then to keep
their kldneya clean and active. Try
thla. aUo k-p op the l.r drlnklnsJ '" 1 " ' " " " 1
and no oubl you will onder whatTr,','5f)' ,hrr' 10 fouP
became of your kidney IrouLia ud
Ki-cruli lor I'cniteiitiarv.
Satila Ke. IVc. S. .-our plisonei
from MiKinlev county sentenced this
week by Hist net .lodge Herbert l-
at iJ.tlhit', M'rr- today
the stale penttciiliaiv b
nfls Altrett I lore, of I'.a-
Mchitn unit Krank tjutnn.
The ircrtnt for the prnal
aie: Juliua Kurd, seven
to Dine ei.ri for nunsluuKhter; O. C.
S-tt, four to five year for burglar
and Uiienv. fMnk Ra-hau-m
Veara for Lr
K.tt iif.l.p:.
lodged III
. I Ileputv SI
, tiiah ; .1 p
i ,.i , ii,.
Insi ii ut ion
reny;. Kit-hard Haywnid, four to
( Ai.mis-IiiIi-i1 rri'MH Cerri-NiHinib-iiee.)
Talis, Nov. ti. The alius are creep
ing closer to liapaiiini' every day and
bringing neater the eventuality of an
other grout buttle Ihere where French
heroes of nearly all the ages have
1'oue.lil. The town lias seen almost
as much war as reroiine.
ilencral l-'a id herbc gained there,
.lanuaiy S, I S 7 1 , one of the lew
French victories of I he Franco-Trus-hiun
war, defeating (Icmial von (ioc
beii. Tho possession of the town bad
previously been disputed a half doia n
tunes. In slewed two er three, ani
sacked once. Iiuis XI besieged It,
look it, and ilistro.ved it. Charles
Vulnt restored ll. l'lancls I bcsU'Kcd
It unit took it. It fell Inter Into the
IiiiiiiIh of the Spaniards from whom
It was taken and made French by do
la Meillcrave, inaishal of Franco In
tt'.t.'.. with the aid of the musketeer
of il'Artagnan and the (laseony catlcts
tif t'yiano tie I '.el gei ac.
For the (ierinaiilc coalition today
as for the Prussians in lSVO and tho
Spaniards 111 1H4 1, Hapaiimc is a po
sition of vital importance; It mark
the limit of thtj last ridge of tho Al
tois lulls to which itn niny presaed
Ironi the soiilh and west can cling;
After Hapaume come the plans of
Flanders with ( 'a rubral, X'ali'iictcniics
and I'tniai In plain sight. Hapaume
taken, l'cronirt become untenable
and Saint Qncntin an unsafe .shelter
for the (Ionium iital'f.
VlllllO of I'OsilhMI.
Tho Ucruinn certainly iipprcciatc
I the value of the position no less than
I did Charles (Joint and the Spaniards,
and they hae organrcd it according
ly, but the French Hi-Inch mortal's
ate almoi't within i.inge of (he low 11.
It was at a critical period of the
thirty year war that liapaume be
came French. M. ile lit iMelllciaye
had probably more to do with its con
titiesi than eilhcr d'Ai iagnan or Cy
rano, but there Was less romance 111
Ills role.
Ie la .Meillcruve bad taken Arras
lifter tho famous siege, then turned
to Hapaume, tailed "(he key to Flan
ders. " There are many analogies be
tween his eatiipaHti and that of the
allies lodaN. Today, as then, the
people are finding Iho war "long."
'1 hen, as today, pallor military critics
pu ked out the flaws in the plans and
complained of slowness and lack of
eiiciKV in executing thein, Tho army
of Hie Itapslniigs had dug itself III
it t oil 1 1 ti Hapaume as the Hermans aie
dug in there today.
Then, a.s now, mettlesome soldiers
of France chafed In tlii trenches,
l.ike the poilus of 1VIK, they wal
low id In mud when in the open and
w.idcd waist deep when Ululi igtouud.
Marshal do la MeilUiaie was then- a-lnoints
uiixe i'1'i'ii eoeiais 111 toe prtseui '
war, criticized for (Mutiny ta'ics.
and his laurels, gained at Alias, had
begun to fade, he saw the shadow- of!
olsgince falling upon him. Cardinal
Kc belli u, impatient and Impel tons,
insisted upon greater activity and en
ergy Then, as today, the reply Mas
"more cannon, more a inmuitit ion ,"
Kiehclieii sent nunc cannon, more
ammunition, with an older (o attack.
oiuii-il of ar.
IV la Miillfiave ass. mi l, d his
lieutenant geiieials. te ta'igueH mid
llatcourt. 111 a council of war to de
cide whether they should nsk the
"I know in the regiment of the
C.uarrt " mM M. rie Lorguoil, "a most
capable otfi-cr and a man of spirit
and 1 sources. He came 10 me lately,
irtni-nlng from duty, and told me
wauiitJting that impressed inc. Call
him in. marshal, he will repeat bet
Ur than 1 what he observed."
TI.0 ernctr cf cUeu cme la, aud
with the iiccept of ArmaKnae. told how
he had noticed 11 portion of tho town
wall at the suburb of Haint-I'ierro
that WH not ho Well defended us the
rest. 'Simulate an attack in force
iipon another part of tho ramparts,"
he said, "and give me a company of
my comrades fiom Hascony; I prom
ise you I'll gel. Into tin. placp."
"Well, sir," said the marshal, "1
will send your commission to be
hlgtied, but you shall an.ver tor the
success uf this uuiiico!;t venture with
your head."
The following day, January 13,
Hil.'i, Hapaume was taken by assault
and the nffl: cr who planned and or
ganized the attack and led It to sue
cuss earned there one of his titles to
Hie baton of marshal himself. It wua
HiHlotiniis are conflicting in dates
dna many details as to the taking of
llapiiiitne. Some place, it 111 lti4l,
other in 1(145 which Is tnoio proba
ble. In the latter (ase Cyrano de
llergerac could not have participated
Willi hi cadets in the final assault,
lie had been wounded at Arras by a
sword thrust in the throat (hat had
sent him back to 1'aris tin invalid for
Iho rest of his ilny. n'Arlagan,
though, was thero undoubtedly, and
it Is cerlain that he played an import
ant role in the victory.
i:i l'aso, Tex., Dec. H. A telegram
was received in .Iiiatez over the fed
eral telegraph lino from l'urral yes
terday by an American brokerage
firm which staled Howard Oray was
dead in I'arral. Tho message read:
"1'leaso advise the Alvarado Min
ing and Milling company at Kl l'aso
nil (heir properties arc all right. All
of tho employes of tho company are.
safe except Howard lita.v, who I
The message wan signed by nn em
ploye of tho Alvarado company and
was dated 'Tunal. Pec. 6."
(iray, or Howard Weeks, the name
his relatives say was hist correct one,
was repotted by two Spaniards arriv
ing here yesterday from I'arral to
have been shot and killed by Villa
bandits after Villa occupied I'arral
on November a.
liolatives (,f tiiilllermo SnVman. son
of the late (Jen. V. D. Snyniaii, of
the I tiler nrmy, were malum;, every
effort today to verify tho report of
young Sny man's death at San Pablo,
Mi-miui, Chihuahua.
J. C. Villoeii, a brother-in-law of
young Snymaii, came here today from
Chamberino, X. M., trying to get In
formation about hi relative by tele
graph. The report of Snyfnnn's death was
teceived hero yesterday by 11 relative
of Snyinan's who received n letter
from Mexico saying (.uillcrino had
started for the bottler three weeks
ago and was reported to havo heen
killed en route, according to the rela
tive. Viljocn and other relatives still
hope be escaped Hie Villa bandits and
ill succeed In reaching the border.
, immmy
hah hds hi ,m mmmrv
Report of Secretary of Com
merce ftedfield Shows Re
markable Strides Made in
Business Development,
AVashington, Dec. 8. I'npt teedent-
fd growth of the country foreign
trade, t'he loommerciiil' advantages
which will accrue from peace and the
opportunity presented for a heavier
export btisines and greater Invest
ment abroad are net forth today by
Secretary Itedfield, of the department
tif commerce, In hit annual report.
The report gives figurfiu showing the
nation's trade expansion of two years
and stun up the country's commer
cial dominance as follows:
"Our foreign indebtedness has been
1 educed possibly three billion. We
have loaned abroad a total sum since
the war began on August 1, 1914. es
timatod at $ 1 ,r,(IO,llOO,(HMi, and in-
Teasing. We are the wealthiest na
tion in the world and the most pros
perous one. We have not wasted our
men or mean In war. Relatively to
our fiscal power today our debt are
trifling Xation les wealthy than
i-ome of our individual state bear a
heavier burden of debt and interest
than we.
Only ircat Nation at I'cntV.
"We are the only one of the great
industrial people nt peace. Xation
turn to n for good and mean with
which to pay us for the goods. None)
of us, in our wildest financial fancies
five years ago, would have dreamed
that things could be as now they are.
"To protect our reserve of gold,
which is the ultimate base on which
our domestic credit rest, we must
maintain our export trade and must
continue to increase loan ami invest
ments abroad. The work of the l'u
tenu of foreign and domestic com
merce Is devoted to these Important
duties. The report, of the chief of
that service shows its extraordinary
growth and effectiveness. In tliou-s-
ands of business offices it aid Is ac
knowledged and Welcomed. Never
has our government, put at the dis
posal of our business and Industry
tho helpful facilities that are now pro
vided. "It is of national importuncc that
the great service which shows such
practical results should be given the
men and money necessary to carry on
its great work even more efficiently.
The force of commercial attaches
should ho enlarged. Further sums
should be provided for the foreign
traveling service. The department
acknowledges with keen appreciation
the aid which congress has given. The
Hinds for promoting the foreign trade
of the country ure now five times
larger than they were four year ago.
The results are many times greater
than Hie increase In funds."
Jhro Money Xcttlttl.
The secretary urges larger appro
priations for all the bureaus of hi
department, and for enlarged build
ing facilities. KxperlH in many lines,
be says, are being employed con
slant ly ut higher salaries by private
concerns, thu crippling the depart
ment in its work. This is particular
ly true, he says, of the scientific bu
reau. Higher pay is asked for these
t Xpert s.
"Never," say the report, "has the
demand for scientific and technically
trained men t'cn so great as at pres
ent. Tliis has resulted in the loss of
many well-trained men in the bureau
of standard's staff. The time has
come when some of the salaries paid
such experts must he increased or
their services dispensed with. This
run not be done without a loss in
quality and the deterioration of the
high standard of the bureau's work.'
Kxpert In the bureau of foreign
and domestic commerce, the report
declares, are pair! imich less than men
similarly placed in other government
(iepnrtments and In private employ.
The report tells of efforts during
the year to reduce Industrial wastes
and f It paper saving and other
campaigns and work In introducing
new sea foods through the bureau of
liNt,oi,Ascornico J
The Two
Favorite Syrups
of the South
Used for all syrup purposes.
Sold wherever the best is sold
The two most popular brands in
the South. .Rich in food value.
New South
Pure Cane Syrup
Fancy Syrup
New Orleans Coffee Company Ltd.'
37) New Orleans, La.
1 ,n1
body'g i
Syrup 1
are sold
t 10c
nd up.
1 il tin.., 13
ntr J l?ltr!r0,"J""'1' i?k
no IDE Of
Annual Report of Postmaster
general Sets Out Many Im
provements in Service Dur
ing Last Twelve Months,
New York, lH-e. 8. It was reported
in murine circles tortuy that the Amer
ican steamship Virginia had been
sunk in the Mediterranean. Efforts
to trace the report did not meet with
confirmation, the owners, Huston,
Williams and AVlmnore, questioning
its authenticity.
The Virginia, of 1,380 tons, sailed
from New, York Novemher 24, for
Spezia, Italy, where she arrived De
cember 4. later leaving for (ienoti, according-
to the maritime register, al
though the owners said today they
had heard nothing; of the vessel since
she left New York.
tar mohnino journal special lkascd wiltcl
Washington, Hoc. 8. Postmaster
(Jeneral Burleson's annual report, is
sued today, declares there was a post
( ffice department surplus of $n, 2(1(1,
OIK) during the present year and enum
erates as among- the year's accom
plishments Improvement of the par
cels post, extension of city and rural
deliveries- and development of the
postal savings system,
A surplus of 12,u00,000 Is shown
ays the report for three years of the
four the administration has heen in
office, and it calls attention to defi
cits under previous administrations.
The department makes many
recommendations for improvement of
the service. Some of the most im
portant are these:
(;i eminent Ownership.
That early action he taken by con
gress declaring a government monop
oly over all utilities for the public
transmission of intelligence and that
as soon as possible the telephone and
telegraph facilities of tho United
States lie incorporated into the postal
That $300,000 be appropriated now
for acquiring telegraph and telephone
utilities in Alaska, Porto Hico anil
The second-class postal rates be re
vised to make second-class matter
pay more of its share of transporta
tion expense and that the one-cent
rate bo applied to all so-called drop
That public buildings erected for
postoffiee purposes be standardized
and that their costs be commensur
ate with the needs of the service.
That funds be expended in a num
ber of large cities for buildings not
of ornamental design but designed to
iiccominodate the postal service be
fore more money Is spent In smaller
Knvn.1 where buildings sre not- needed
and can not be Justified.
(Iiange ltuildins Policy.
That changes be made In the pres
ent building policy which Imposes a
fixed charge on the department that
has grown burdensome.
That the classified service be ex
tended to include the position of post
master at offices of tho first- second
und third classes.
That the department tie authorized
to bund its employes so that tho gov
ernment may be protected more ade
quately and that relief may he af
forded officials ana employes of the
That the pay of rural carriers be
equalized by fixing salaries on the
Lusis of the number of pieces and
weight of mail transported, lenglh of
toutes and time required tn serve
them, Instead of solely on length of
routes as at present.
That $100,000 he appropriated for
experiments in aerial transportation
of mail.
Kiisincss .Methods Advocated.
1 hat legislation be passed to en
able the department to organize post
offices on a. more business-like basis
and to standardize the salaries of su
pervising employes in an equituhle
Orowth of the parcel post will cut
the cost of living to the city dweller,
the repoit declares. The service i
now handling ninety million packages
a month. Liberal changes in its rcR.
illations have done much to tiring
about its extension, it is declared.
I'nder a law passed last July the
department on November 1 put parts
of the railway mail service on the
space basis of pay, using rates which
are the maximum provided by the
act. These rates, the report says are
excessive, and under the law tlie de-
partmcnt will on January 1 file with
the Interstate Commerce commission
a comprehensive plan of service which
will embody a recommendation look
ing to a reduction of the rates.
Cough Medicine Tor Children.
Mrs. Hugh Cook, Scottsvllle, N. Y.,
says: "About five years ago when we
were living in Carbutt, N. Y., I doctor
ed two of my children suffering from
colds with Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy and found it Just as represented
in every way. It promptly checked
their coughing and cured their colds
quicker thnn anything I ever used."
Obtainable everywhere.
You bum manj opportunities- 44II7 U 70a
tn nit ru4 Journal vast ta
Be Better Looking Take
Olive Tablets
If your skin is yellow complexion
pallid tongue coated appetite poor
you have a Lad taste in your nioutli a
lazy, no-good feeling you should take
Olive Tablets.
Dr. Kdwards' Olive, Tablctsa sub
stitute for calomel were prepared by
Dr. Edwards after 17 years of study
with his patients.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are a
purely vegetable compound mixed with
olive oil. You will know them by their
olive color.
To have a clear, pink skin, bright eyes,
no pimples, a feeling of buoyancy like
childhood days you must get at the cause.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets act on the
liver and bowels like calomel yet have
no dangerous after effects.
They start the bile and overcome con
stipation. That's why millions of boxes
are sold annually at K)c and 25c per
box. All druggists. Take one or two
nightly and note the pleasing results.
Koilils M11M tirnnl Hales.
Washington, Ilec. S. P.uilroads
tho nortnwrst were ordered bv the In- I
t"istate t'limmcive commission today
to grant through and tolnt rates from
on the Washington Western
railroad, held to be a common car
rier, on the hat-ls of coast group rates
and similar to arrangements now
maintained for branches on their own
llynitmiters (Jet Stiff Sontomv.
Atlanta, C,a., Hec. 8. J. L. Wilson
ntid J. H. C.unter, striking motormen
convicted to dynamiting a street car
liero November 7, were sentenced to
ten years imprisonment each today in
superior court. It was the maximum
Iron (oiiiaii lricorprnte4.
81111 tn Kc. IVc. S. The Hanover
liesseiuer Iron anil Copper company,
of Wilmington, lel., today filed incor
poration papers with the Corporation
cnmiiitsjlon, the caiptaVn-.ation- br-lng
J.'.no 000. The New Mexico head
quarters are ut Kicrrn, C.rant county,
and Heii.i.imin K. Mi-Kitclincy is
named statutory acent.
Oklahoma Hank iVhlM.
Alluwe, Okl.t.. Dec. . The State
Hank f Alluwc was robbed this aft
ernoon hy fhe mawfd men. who ob
tained l:MHl and -escaped m nutoiilo-
Then vou must know that
sickness leaves weakness and
you should commence taking
to put an edge on your appetite,
put power in your blood, induce
resuui iieep and retore
your nerve force. Scott' '$
is a true tonic-food which a
iree from alcohoL . .
All merchants, and the wisest of the readers of store ad
vertising, realize the value to ail concerned of "Early
Christas Shopping."
Merchants who expect to bring about this ideal state
of afairs in this city must do their parts they must VO
Store "ads" in every issue of this newspaper from now
until Christmas should contain valuable and interesting in
formation for Christinas shoppers in fact Phould be Jus'
as complete and informing today as on the day before the
last day of gift-buying.
The majority of shoppers are influenced in their buy
ing by the buying opportunities offered to them tn the lat
est store advertising. If these buying opportunities include
articles usually selected for gifts, the matter of "Early
Christmas Shopping" is simplified.
I-et all of our merchants who expect to have any share
of the "Christmas Trade"' this year start aggressive adver
tising campaigns NOW." ror the people will buy NOW, Just
as readily as on the dav before Christmas, IF THE IX
Phone Thirteen cr Sixty-six For An Ad Man
pcoa a Be, StooaM. H. J, tv i4

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