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Albuquerque Morning Journal, Sunday, December 17, 1916.
miiTit nets.
Ill FOR Lift
Recent Pet of Congress Now
Meets Strong Opposition on
Ground of Inefficiency
Shown in Border Service.
VasliinKton. Dec 16. The national
ara, only a few months ago the pet
congress, now face a battle for its
existence as part of the federal mili
,gry establishment.
president Wilson originally stood
lth former Secretary of War Lind
iev M. Garrison in favor of a federal
miH(jtt the continental army in lieu
of further efforts to transform the
ttate militia into a force available for
federal purposes. The president, in
Hs message to congress Just a year
.lSOi recommended the continental
arniy and said nothing about the na
tional guard.
V'hen congress convened last year,
however, it was evident that the old
strength of the militia with the leKis
lators had not. diminished. Led by
Representative James Hay, always
champion of the guard and chairman
0f the military committee of the
house, the pro-mllitla fa'ction soon
had the supporters of the administra
tion policy on the run. President
Wilson, tiking the view that his con
tinental army scheme was hopelessi
beaten and seeking for the best plan
possible of adoption, switched his
backing to Hay with the result that
Mr. Garrison resigned.
Bonier Service a Factor. '
As a result there waR a veritable
stampede of congress to the side of
the militia. The militia pay bill ana
other provisions designed to place the
militia ns nearly as possible on tho
footing of the regular army were
Now there is a distinct change In
the situation and the most potent
cause for this Is the experience of the
militia itself. Nearly six months on
the alkali wastes-, with all the tedious
duties of a regular soldier and nothing
t0 fight but rattlesnakes and sand
hurs, lias caused much of the militia
hankering ' for federal service to
evaporate, and has furnished abund
ant arguniept against federalization.
Senator William E. Porah of Idaho
has already announced he will offer
a bill to undo the work of federaliza
tion accomplished in both the Dick
law of 1912 and the Hay-C'hanilie.
lain law ef the last congress. Repre
sentative Hay. arch champion of the
Kuard, is gone, while Senator Blair
Lee of Maryland and others who were
equally ardent in behalf of the guard
were defeated for re-election in their
states In November The apparent d
cline of the guard as a political
power has brought many jmen out
against it, who were previously in
favor of federalization.
McKigo Silent oil Pi't'lum'diioSM,
It is significant In this connection
that President Wilson makes no men-
on of preparedness In his annual
message to congress. It also is stated
now that the army leaders have suc
ceeded in winning Secretary of War
Newton D. Baker to their way of
thinking and that, sometime before
the military appropriation bill is con
sidered, there will he a statement
from the army heads that will deal
the militia a body blow.
The chief, complaint against the
militia, which its opponents bank on,
is the claim that 40 per cent of the
guardsmen have refused to take the
oath pledging themselves to federal
service. This applies only to men
who were in the organization before
the Hay-Chambcrlaln bill was passed.
Senator Borah bases his opposition
to the militia on the ground that it
failed as a body to take the federal
oath and on tho ground that a citizen
soldiery, drawing pay from the fed
eral government, although under a
divided control, is bound to become a
political machine. He will charge
that federalization is really beneficial
only to the officers who drw the biB
fay, many of them from both state
nd nation, and that federalization
'as never favored by the rank and
We. He will , assert that General
O'Ryan. commander of the New York
militia, specifically, is drawing pay at
the rate of $16,000 per year.
$61,908,200 for fJiwrd at Stake.
Backing the opponents of militia
federalization are4 the advocates of
compulsory military service. If they
ran destroy the militia and at the
amc time prove inability of the reg
Ur army to secure Its quota of vol
untary enlistments, they believe uni
versal service Is inevitable. .
Advocates of militia federalization
i the other hand will charge that
'he present agitation against it Is the
Direct Private Wire
To Logan & Bryan, Chicago and New York
Messrs. Curtiss, Manning & Co., of El, Paso, announce
that tliey will ojen an office at 110 South Second street,
Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Decemlxr 20th, 1916. Cur
tiss, Manning' & Co. deal in all New York Listed Stocks
and Bond3, all New York and Boston Curb Stocks and all
New Mexico and Arizona Copper Stocks. Their correspond
ents are Logan & ryan members of all exchanges.
After December 20th:
Curtiss; Mahhlng&Co.
Direct, Private Leased .Wire to Logan & Bryan
result of ,a eareully worked out
cheme, in' which the call to the bor
der was the big scheme.
The state militia regiments stand to
lose a stake of more than 460.000,00(1
annually if the federalization law Is
repealed. Jn accordance with the law,
en a basis of the present militia per
sonnel of about 130,000, the war de
partment has asked 161 998,200 for
the national guard service during tho
fiscal year of 1917.
FRENCH And chinks
Pekin, China, Dec. 16. After num
erous conferences between Dr. Wu
Ting Fang, minister of foreign affairs,
and Count de Martel, the t French
charge d'affaires, a tentative com
promise settlement has been reached.
The compromise provides the res
toration by the French to China of
the territory in question and the re
turn of Chinese policemen la to bo
permitted. Thereafter China will vol
untarily make the district nn interna
tional settlement, open to all the trea-
ity powers. China also is to make an
effort to check anti-French boycott
demonstrations at Tientsin.
Chinese officials and the press are
agitated by tho establishment of Jap
anese police stations in Amoy, Fukien
province. The Japanese maintain that
these ore merely an extension of the
consular power to control the turbu
lent Formosa Chinese, held by tho le-gatiorr-to
bet Japanese subjects.' The
negotiations over the recent trouble at
Chan C'hiatttn In tinti.Aen XTntivAlln In
I which Chinese and Japanese troops
! clashed, have been suspended by the
I foreign minister nnd Paron Hayashl,
(the Japanese minister, pending tho
(imposition of the Tientsin dispute.
Formerly lived in New Mexico.
Sacramento, . Calif., Pec. 16. Dr.
Charles H, FUlier, reported killed by
Villa bandit at' Santa Rosalia, was a
physician 111 Sacramento years ago.
He attended. Jefferson Medical college
in Philadelphia in 1897, according to
od friends here today, afterward
practicing In this city. While still a
young man, he went to New Mexico to
practice' modlcine.
On Monday, December 18th, 1916,
at 10:00 a. m in front of the City
Hall, I will sell one bay horse about
10 years old; will weigh 700 pounds,
fthout H hands high, both back feet
white, with white star in forehead;
branded on left thigh.
J. n. OAU'SHA,
City Marshal.
Chamberlain's Cough Itcmcdy.
This preparation is especially valu
able for colds, and its remarkable
properties have won for it a wide rep
utation. It acts on nature's plan,
loosens a cold, relieves the lungs,
opens the secretions and aids nature
in restoring the system to a healthy
condition. Obtainable everywhere.
FOR H.M.R nnnwti
Foil SALE Modern five-room cement block
house, good location. Call at l3 South
High or phone 13.17.
FOR SALE Four-room house. modern,
screened sleeping porches; on car line,
close to shops. Am leaving city; sell cheap
for cash; 914 South Edith street. Phone
FOft SALE Cheap, for cash, small home
near car line, In highlands; Ideal for
health-seeker. Also,., ofcotoe 60-foot Ut w
kast Silver, near Highland Park. Hammond,
R24 East Silver, phone 1625.T.
I 'arm J
WANTED To hear from on ner of farm or
unimproved land for sale. O. K. Hawley,
Baldwin. Wis.
WANTED To hear from owner of good
farm for sale. Northwestern Business
Agency, Minneapolis, Minn.
WANTED- To hear fnun iu iut of Kd
farm fr sal. Htate cash prk-f and de
scription. 1). F, Hiinh, Mlmienpulia, Minn.
I1 A HE you ftimwer this: Lonely farmer.
worth W,niH), will marry. "H," 57 Fourth
direct. Sun Kmnrlsco.
HANDSOME wldow worth $;0.ik) or
more, lonely, would marry. "O," Mitsijion
tfntty. San KrunciBco.
CONHl'lT Mme. Iitkirhii, office hours.
a. m. to i.X) p. m. 1211 South Second
street. Hperlul r pjw intnient hy phone.
IiB a (lcic:tlve; iutf renting work, travel,
best paid nmfenMon; reprenent atlves want
ed everywhere. Hartley l-tectlve A k' '-'
St. Joseph. Mo.
Vhan Irrerular or delayed dm TrluUpb
Pills. Rafe and always dependable. Not
aold at druf etoTea. Do not experiment
with other, aae disappointment Writ
for ''Relief" and particulars, It's free. Ad
dress National Medical Institute. MJlwao
k ' Wta
FX)lt HENT MlrllanHtis.
WANTKD Bonmpro.
WANTED Hoarders on ranr.n; niso to rent.
three-room cottage, with sleeping porch.
Box M3. Ssnla Fe. N; M.
WANTKD Two furnished rooms with sleee.
lug porch, for HsM hnuHekeeping; health
seeker; sIKle price. Address J,. iar Journal.
iOil BALK Two of the h,st residence or
. Apartment house jots, 100 by HJ, In the
Highlands, at a bargain. If taken at once.
Part payment fash, balnnce on time. Lots
on corner and one block from public library,
two blocks from high school. Address
Owner. Journal. ' '
I O t It Jjj.11 'Xn.1 "''??J-U
KtK RKNT Ln Washington apartments;
will lease cosy furnished apartment for
period of one year; reuonable to responsible
party. J-37, Journa.1 office, or phone 1113. "
11 Toi HUswii s WsheH
Tdl 11 Tftragb flbo
$3,500 G-rootu brick, modern, sleep
ing porch, good cellar, furnace
heat; highlands, close In.
12,600 5-rooin frame cottage, mod
ern, corner lot, South Walter street;
$500 cash, balance 7 per cent.
$1,500 4-rooni bungalow, bath,
glassed-in sleeping porch, corner
lot, 4 th ward.
$2,300 5-room frame, modern, two
sleeping porches, good outbuild
ings, 4th ward,
$1,600 5-room frame, modern,
sleeping porch, garage, two blocks
from Central avenue, on highlands.
$2,650 E-room bungalow, modern,
lawn, shade and fruit trees, good
outbuildings, lot 60x180; good loca
tion, Fourth ward.
Many other bargains in improved
and unimproved property.
Seal Estate. Insurance, Loam
111 South Fourth Street
1'iwml Ilrlok
lu Itonn.s
8 Maths
i Fireplaces
llrlrk liiir.tge
Terms clin be arranged.
Ground Floor '
Cromwell Hldg.
VHANTED Iron, moulders. Albuquerque
Foundry and Machine Works.
WANTED FlfitT''Mn , whits, barber. Tho
Klk Barber Shop,. Gallup, N. M.
W A X TEb-An ofYlce hoy with hi cycle. Al
ply in person to Hahn Coal company.
WANTED Ourpenteis; ail kinds laborers.
Employment Agency, 110 South Third.
I'll, ne 3.t.
WaN'TKD Hosenwald tlrojlte.s require, the
services of an experienced flint salesman.
Apply to Manager.
LEARN actual auto (.pairing, bookkeeping,
shorthand, radio, engineering. Y. M. C. A.
Los Angeles. Catalog tree.
WANTED Vftuiig "'man as stenographer;
salary small at flrit, but chance to learn
good bualpess and advance. P. O. Box 435.
M1C.N Our Illustrated catalogue explains
how we teach the. barber trade quickly,
mailed free. Moler Barber College; Den
ver, Colo.
W A.'TEI First-class stenographer; goort
ljr 101 icuipo.aiy woiit nun jror,ccu,
being permanent. Address (i. A. Kuaeman,
WANTED Reliable mini to n ines, nt Den
ver company; .fine opportunity for rlftnt
man. A. H. Ouborne, Alvaindo Hotel, 8 to
10 or 7 to 9.
W ANTE1 Kxi)erlenceil clerk who speaks
Spanish; must understand come b'Hikekcep
lng. Inquire fhas. llfeld t'., I-"" Vejras,
or Albuttuerriue,
WANTED Salesman and collector; splendid
opportunity for riulit ninn; must come
well recommended. KliiKr Sewing Machine
Co.. 214 Houth Berond street.
W ANTED Bookkeeper and salesman; must
be thoroughly competent and understand
Spanish.. Good opening; for right man. A.
Kempenkh, Peralta, N. M.
WANTED Experienced log; cutlers, m cents
1,000 feet fall scale; tools furnlehed, saws
filed. Apply Chris Wise, Bacramento Moun
tain Lumber company, Atamogordo, N. M.
A Kl'HE job for you with hi- pay and sttady
work. Thousands of jtovernmput positions
open this year. Write for bin free book 1V
lF.r.s. which tells how to get one. Earl Hop
kins. WnshiilKton. D. C
WANTED Male bis.kkevper III country town
fur penernl merchandise store; must be
quick and accurate. tVmie well recommend
ed. Hiitto aire, salnry expected, married or
sliiKle. R. A. Klstler, P. O. Box 416, Albu
querfiKe, - N. M.
WANTED At once, experienced bookkeeper
and general office man; must be ln good
health, fast, neat and ncournte; man who
pifcuks Spanish and rn operate typewriter
preferred. Apply, giving oge, experience,
reference and salary wanted; will pay good
salnry to right man. Jlond-Sargent Co.,
Giants, N. M.
MEN, learn automobile repairing, driving,
welding, Ignition, battery work, machine
shop practice, In best-equipped auto school
in the country; established 1905; 3.000 suc
cessful graduates. We help our students earn
their living. Write for our Krwe Twelfth
Anniversary Offer. National Bchool of Engi
neering. I. os Angeles. Cal.
WANTED Iilnlng room girl.
Lock hart Ranch.
1'lione 1".W-
WANTED-OIrl for general housework. 211
South High street.
WANTED fllrl for neneral houseumk. Ap
ply 222 Wst Silver.
WANTED ilrl for upstairs work, prlvata
family 70 Weat Popper,
WANTED Girl for, general housework;
mornings. Call r,16 East Crand avenue.
W'ANTET) Girl for general housework, Ap
ply mornings. BiKi West TIJera avenue.
WANTED Woman to do chamber work and
wait on taWe; good wages. Apply Extcr
House, Kelly, N. M.
WANTED Woman or girl ,jur genoral
housework. Apply mornings, Mrs. John
t,e C larke, M West Koma avenue.
WANTED Clean, refined, middle-aged
woman for housework; good wages to
fight party. Address No. 2. Journal office.
WANTED Apprentice girl. We do acour
dlon, side and box pleating, dressmaking
etenlng gowns, ladies' tailoring. tl6 North
Seventh street. Thone 1241
,1'ivTL'ii u'liiiuii f.,r u,Mieral housework;
must be competent! small family; house
contains every convenience; no washing
or Ironing. Don't phone, call at the offlcs,
;i2 West Lead avenue, r;, v .
... . . ..iMi t;,.... u, tte uoniuii us chinn-
, ice . i n,
bermaid to work several hours each day,
ecept Sunday, at 2!ie per hour; must thr
oughly understand tho business. If not
competent, don't answer; position penns.
r.ent to right party. Address XXX. cars
w i vi'iiift Mositiiin liv comtiotent elderly
lsdy. caring for children or sick, dry or
hour. Phone H"l J.
WANTED-Strong. healthy, well educated
young man looking for work. Address
J W. I... care Journal.
WANTKD-PoKllloli a salesman n genus!
store, ten vears' exp;rlenis; speak a llttla
Spanish Aridr.ss F. K II . care Journal
wTxTED Position as hous keeper for gen
tlemen or widower with children; tail
afreid of work. Call after p. m , 0" South
Walter street
sTEND'lR'APMEK-We"il-eilueated. . xp. rl.
enoed gin. who has studied Spanish, wou.d
a situutlon In New mixico. in ,e,,.,
give details of work and salary. Ad
dress Miss E. I,. Way. 1117 I'nion avenue,
8t. Louis.
you SALE Oil TUADE-Kor city or raneh
property, a good profitable business for
one or two people. Will take about $2.W
Address S. H. Journal office
IXH( KI;F Jrm!.
lll:.i. Incubator. 1 Jiult, Trees. Cf
, k ii c lit acres, suctirice ';:;k, n. jr
I.ead'vuod. Mleaoun; 1 down, monthly t0.
Curt a a, 70i OiHe, St. U-iuit.
Thtcc-roiim Ittick house wltjli slorp
ig porch; Inside toilet nnd sink; cor
ner; 60-ft. lot. uno block from cr
llnc. rrioe. ONLY $ l.'JRO.
Small jinymcnt down, lutlitnco like
PorterfieldT C.
ALnrQrr.rtQrE niifj.isf
Highest price paid for second
hand clothes, shoos, rubber, brawi,
copper and old . earn, etc, 306
Bouth First. I'lione 972.
LUST ;ud degres Masonic charm,
21 Wast Oiipper. Reward.
l,OST-(lun Return" toil J, Luceiu. KU
Bouth Second street. Hec-lvc reward.
LOST Collie dog with collar on; answers-to
name Ijid. Reward. C. L, llarttnun, TIs
WANTKIs Slwcn.
WA.NTE1-An extiertenced salesman for
general merchandise. Can laka sums stock.
Pox UK), Negra, N. M.
S A L eVS Ef; J fiO wee kly and $r..oit yearly
from reorders. We give merchant
rhewliig guin vending machine free. Millard,
33S Broadway. New Tyrk
WANtED-Sales Mauaget. somelhing new ";
business necessity, retails f' to Sim); enor
mous profits; no competition ; exclusive ter
ritory; free samples. Jisyers Co., t Wain
wrlght. Pt. lxiuls.
WANTED Salesman, vacancy January lit
w!h old hoiue; pertngnent position; 'covar
New Mexico; staple line sold on exceptional
terms; high commission; ;!.'..nu weekly ad
vance. Hales Manager, Suite 0:1. Wood
ward. Detroit.
WANTEIV-Saleemun, cupable sue. i;tlty man
for New Mexico; staple line on now ,ind ex
ceptional terms; vacancy now; attractive
commission contract for h.tlance your and
1 s 1 7 ; ;tr.,no weekly for exooise i. , Mllea K.
lllxler Co.. IM-f.1 Cnrlin Itlrtg . Cleveland, O.
AT ONCE Ten Indies to travel, demonstrate
and sell woll-ostabtished line to our deal
ers; previous experience pot necessary; good
pay; railroad fnre paid, (loodrlch Drug Co'.,
Dept 440, Omaha, Net),
AliBNTS- Men or women, A real I st to
goodness sells Itself liuf ; vr !M light
weight popular priced necessities Wo po-V
loo per cent commission; S'i a day cun be
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ence required; enormous demand; sells fast;
big repeaters; valuable territory open, all or
spare time; elegant agents outfit furnished
free. Write today: postal will do. P. D.
Conway. Kales Mgr., 6 American Hldg.,
Cincinnati, Ohio.
KK HA LM Crystal
Koomlng House,
. oil .sA rTTiiTtuiiHuiiiim as. AUUn
care Journal.
FOR HALE The new Itrady hotel, iwenty
rooms: a bargain If sold at one. Ill l-
South First. .
FOIl PaTTh "iellulue hargalii, Eiist Centrfll
renting property; chunee for small store
or business, Call ll'J North Walnut.
FOR SALE Eurnlshlngb and business of the
High-land house; paying! sickness reasnn
for lllnr n. Mnson. Highland House
FINK opportunity to Imlld up permanent
business In automobile Hue; no Investment
.except for stock of goods. A. H. Osborne,
Hotel Alvnrado. to 10 or 7 to .
lU'Y oil stock in 60 niilll"ll clollur compnnj',
100 )er rent dividends In 0 days possible;
production now coming In; ground floor
stork. 1 cent a share, doubles price shorllv.
St par value; fin biiysj 1. 000 shafes, Write
full details Amalgamated Oil Co,, HSi) Ol
cord Bldg., Oklahoma ( II y Okln.
h nEE'for-six nnoTtlis My teiial offer to
Introduce my niaganinr, "Investing for
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Shows how flOO grows to fj.-jna; write now
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Hnrher. MIS. S2 West Jackson Blvd., chlcsga
W ANTED-To He'll fo'rl-ilslir Tus.il. tile best
paying saloon In the city. or even ttte
of New Mexico; esiabllshitl three years,
with nicely furnished rooming house of ten
rooms.' Th? rooms now rented for MMI P'r
Tiionth; sa n license only $100 per year;
rents of both saloon and m imlng house
only f40 per month: saloon dally dales avcr
Kge over flOO per day; nn Hhow the pros
pective buyer this business will psy for It
self hi. four months' time. Do not answer
unless you have got the money, as I have
other business interests is why t want t)
sell. Lock Bo'x 144, AlbU'luetnue, N. M
WANTB1 Three second-hand cook slows.
214',i ;,-Siontn heconu rooim fi. -TJXnrET
cUnlim. hg nd fluff runs jnauV
in nracr. w. a. oimi immir .",
"WANTD-Oraln sacks, all ortai wagon
call for them. Phons l. K. W, Fxt
, A.. tit a fluff! rthnn lifts
v..m''t,' i umk liv dav or at
' home. ', Mrs. II. HohlUein. 1J Barelas
t.. A
WANTKD-Young man lu sliare room nd
poreh'wlth board In private family. 4ui
South Walter. I'lione Kl.
WANTED -Money. f. to loan on fitsl
rlasa business proK-rty at i per rent. H.
Mc lughau. Jin west nolo i none iso.
WHEN you want to buy, sell, rent or ex
change household goods, keep busy until
you find Htar Furniture, lis West Hold.
WANTED To trade, Oermnn Mauser sul '
matlc nlst.il. if cJllber, 10 h, : used
slightly; for double or slngle-acllon Colt's
K3t Souili Arno. "
run HALE White Leghorns and otheia for
table usn; also turkeys; reasonable. C U
117 MeKlnlev avenue.
FOR (iALE Single comli Huff Orpington
cockerels. leve months' old Thos. Jslier
ood. Boi John street I'hon 4M.
yt'AMTY fOlMN,"
Buff and White Orpingtons snd HlacR
Mlnorrae. C. I- ft F. Farm. 1.. H Morgan,
Mgr. P. o Hoi fit. AllHiU'ienilie Phone
FOR HALE Orand h. . Ilea i-ocsierem "
some of best strains In Atnerha, also
breeding pens and few extra fine cocks.
C, P. Hay. 23 North High street.
T oirlsA I.E -Rirgains in chickens Feud bus
dropped, now Is the lime to prepars your
chickens for eirly sellings; ne pen Ham
burg pullets at f7i; 1! Huff Orpington pul
lets and one Huff Orpington ro-sn-r. worm
$f.i) all for fl' . f rh .Ire Harred Rock hens
and pull.-ts (ThoOipsot. stralnt ' Th"
chickens Ime finished moulting and h
been laying for it month It will be
worth your while to tall sod see them '
J5 ficajta Edi;u. Pou
tail (ttii
I'Xr Snlt: Nice lit tlo three-room
tent cottnBe, furnlRhed and rcudy fur
occupancy. Lot S3XH2, connected
with sewer. Ono block from cur
line. It all goes for $800. Terms cun
be arranged.
Wanted, $7,000 to loan ou firm-cln.
security, 8 per cent Interest.
210 Wctt Gold. I'lione 90 J.
Fire Insurant', lawns. Notary rnlillc.
r'OB KENT Itousi keeping room with sleep-
Ing porch. ii:x) North Sixth. j
Fl' HNISllVl) looms, steam heat, modern ; i
bath. Over (lohlcti Rule store.
l0ti KENT HemrtTfuilTfuTnisrie.l room lu
private home; close In. 616 West Popper, i
FOR RENT - I'm nis h ed-V oo i iT hi' I K ill and i
cheerful; heat, spacious porch; board it
desired; also garage. Phone I'.JV.I
t'Ml ItUST '1'wo nioJein funiisbcd light
housekeeping rooms; bath and sleeping
porch. Phone l:H-W. West Marquette.
FoH RENT Modern romns. steam beat) no
fik. m 1-1 West Central.
l'UR HUNT Nicely furnished outside, suuy
liy routllS. .:t l-'J Soutll Second.
FOB UKNT-Furnlslred ruoni; hot water
heat; nn sick, no children. 414 W. flllver.
Foil KENT-Furnished n i; gentleman
preferred 414 tiouth Third, phone 1H7HW.
tott' RENT Four nicely fiunisbed rooms,
modern! 12l South Heuond utreet. I'lione
I'OR RENT Nicely fiirnlshecl front room
and sleeping porch; board if deslied. Call
after 4 p ni. 7is West Cold
AMERICAN Hotel; all outside rooms, Iran
stent: ratei by the week. Phons Ml.
WIS 1-3 West Central avenue.
Foil RKNT Two lergc rooms and pantry,
wRtr running water; nicely furnlshul tor
llouerkeepulg, C16 West Coal
FOR RENT One" large front room, nicely
furnished; two beds; rrxmi for three or
four; 116 per month. 214't Mouth flecond.
FOtt RENT With or without bonld, room
with sleeping porch, hot and cold water,
steam heat, every c onvunlenoo; icasouablc.
West U ild-
FDll RF.NT-RiKims M East Central.
koR RENT Furnished rooms. i'18 livuth
Walter street; phone Wi.
FOR RENT-Housekeeping r i wtli kllch-
enelte and sleeping porch, lib. Soullr Arno,
FOR RENT Hnimy'sTnithenst iihiiii, sleeping
porch; modern, very desirable; In private
futntly. 4ul Bouth High
ji'OU RFJNT Two modern, airy, autiny
housekeeping rooms wltlr glaesedln
porch; separate entrave. tin East l.rand
FOR RKNT Rooms, sleeping porches, ami
board, at reasonable rates. 1-4 South Edith
street. Phone 2076.
FOR RENT Rouiiii and board, leepfing
porches; convenient to all anltarlumi.
North Walnut street. Phone ltAJ.
THE MISSE8 ROHINSON, i'lu South Walter.
Hoard f7.uu week, pleaanntly eltuated rooma
with sleeping porclres, at reaaonable rates.
Phone .
TlMK'nAlir RANCH FOR iTkAI.'T'll. Free
carriage, city mall service, eloctrlo lights;
room or cottoge with board, f.'ta per month.
phone Itim. Mrs. W. H. Reed.
IlEAI.TIIHttliKERS' Ranch, nuiet, altriic-
tlve, free from snuika und dust; dally
mull; conveyntien free; p.u'ch or cottage
with board, f:(0 monthly. Phone ;'4I0-FI.
SHADY Nook Ranch offers excellent room
and hoard. Just the place to get strong.
Fresh eggs, nnllk nnd butt it. For rates phone
HtlTI F-4. free transportation. Mrs. 11. B.
rllll NA I Pi Meoi1t
FOR SALE one horse, I7. loai South e;dtth.
T'Vir"SAf.E RiThbi'tBrsoino good bucks uid
enough for service. l(s South Arno street,
FOl i-S Xi .10 - I'll l n y -1 w .. yoiniK ral.blls, aix
does nnd one buck: fll. I Iff- Soullr Fourth.
gistereil. Jel'
'. Noble,' L'24
sey bull, four Jersey cows i
South IMII street. Phone l'.'-i W
T F "ALE - F I Teii Jersey"- luernaey heTfer,
fresh In thri'o weeks, first culf. 2 1 '.' tons
alfalfa. 3a young laying hens; . house furni
ture crmiplele, cheap, rents lli.uu. I6 South
ai l KiMis. both new and sooonri-nanu,
bought, sold, rented and repaired. Alhu
quermie Typewriter Exchange. Phone tl4.
I2i South Fourth street.
1 i
AUTO or any other kind of INSURANCE.
Spskfe 1FW Suite
Best paying rooming house, centrally located,
Two corner lots and two houses close in A in High
lands, Must be sold at once to close estate, CHEAP,
An elegant location for three houses for rental pur
poses. Close in and in very desirable neighborhood.
Very Reasonable.
Some very choice homos at prices that are right.
Money to Loan in Any Quantity
102 Horflta TMnl
Corner Broadway and Coal Avenue
The Price for These Lots Will Surprise You
P. IF.
Phone 643
Fir SiS
Otto 1 K-ln.x'.ri-ft. 16-ku. Klvn
i;u d culvert, reii!firced end,
one tielt-diivo ptinip-Jurk.
SHato Mr Oik
T. U MuK)allen E. K Mi-Mmdd'n
Illcjx'le Ilenttqunrtrra.
Pbon 1111. 120 U'twt Oold
lull REN T-Hlg room
house. Apply 111
Kent avenue.
Foil IIGnV Five-room bungulow, unfur
nished. ' wljh range tlO W est Marble.
! tUi)EN TFlvs-room liuaerillt Weal
Maroustte. Inqulte of Dr. Eastardsy.
FOliIt KNT-A five-room, moTcTn L7ic
house; mapl floors; three sleeping
porches; range with house; new garage.
Call llf) West Oold svenue.
lalR HENT-A very desirable bouse lniuln
at tm West Silver, or W. W. MeDoti.ld
tek Sooth Third.
Fou-rknY"FViT.7ouiii brick, Hues biocks
from poslofflce; garage or barn; newly
papered; West Sliver; modern. Apply
Mrs. Mitchell, 4u? South Seventh. Phone
Foil RENT- Nifty three-i 1 modern fur
nished bungalow, U;':l South P.tlllh.
Foil RENT Small, compact, modern dwell
I pit, sleeping porch PHs F n st Crntral
FOR REN T Two tooiii furnished lent cot
tage with sleeping porch, loU Soul 11
Foil RENT Three-room furnlshul house
with sleeping porch, tliiWI per mouth; wul-
er paid, toll South WllIUl.
l-'olt RENT l-'out -room fuinlsluol modern
house, glassed-in sleeping poreh. i"lo South
Edith. Call I HI 7 South Edith.
l't)R RENT Five-room lurnlshed house, in
suits of two or three rooms or altogether;
cheap. Inquire at M7 Houlh Hroidway.
Foil RENT Modern-dwelling,- six rooms
and sleeping porch, completely furnished;
close In. Call .111 South Arno; phone WM-J.
FOR liEN I -J imiary let. modern liuimalow,
unfurnished. I'lione :.;'.l.
FOR RENT Nicely fulolslied house. See
Prlchard A Prlchard, 207 West Oold. Phnna
FOR REN T Part or all of piiiulc home,
strum heat; would consider Joint house
keeping plan. Phone W6.
FOR-rtEN'TTvenioni brick., modem, com
pletely furnished; gas and steel range; two
blocks from depot; no sh l Inqii:ie over
Golden Wule store. It-win 2.
FOR RENT South aide sunny apartment,
furnished, at lb-4 North Second.
FOIl ItTiNT Four-room furnished flat,
modern. :'l s-uiih siith. Iimulis Saviy.
Voll R ENT Four-room inoiinn furnished
flat, with large front and back porches.
f,!7 West Sliver.
Volt RENT-To well people, sunny, dslr
iible four-room, nnfurnlshnd aisirtnient.
t:A South Edith: phone H.K7W. .
For PENT I.siko steMoi h'-ale-l furnished
Hparlmi-nt at the Wa-hlligt"ll after Dec.
Itl h; Hsu West Central avenue. 1'hriun lt:-
dltlon, cheap A. I.liile, at While garage.
I OR HALE AHU-iie.ll car. five passenger,
In good condition, very reuson-ible. cn at
Coleman Hlank Co., Kl West Central.
gnre h
1 m
114 South Second St.
RiMims li. IT act 111, Cmmwell Hulldlot
Phone 1171
rioi7fcv"iHitoii v '
Atlorneis at I
Suite 1, Law I l rsrv Hulldlnf
DM. J. K. IRttT
lleni.it MnrgeiiB)
Rooms 81 Harneit llhlg, l b me "44
Apioliitmrnts Made by Mall
rilVMtlANS AM MIlt.ltlNS
I'hjslibiu sud nurgeaisi
Phone II? Hnrnsit P' '
Prsetlcs l.lmltnl to Kie, Far, hut a ad
Office Hours: lo lo 1 t to 4
Slate National Hank lioliilmg
Ml. N. II. ON AIMf N
I'raetle limited l lie, tar, and
Office Hours: lu to V. I In 1
110 l-t West Central Aeenua ph..s Mi
TiK. t."f. "tanm m
Ulteelnllsl In Fie. Far. No snd T'irual
Melinl llulldlng. Albuiteiio
llours-lu a. m. to 4pm I bone ?li
Tuber. iiIihiIs of Ids 1 hrmil anet I anas
Clly office. JH 1 1 West iVntrsl Aenue
Office llouis: 10 la 1: s m ; I lo 4 p. in.
Physicians In rhsrga:
W T Mt'ltl'lir. M D
F!V! VY VAN (UlMitll. M n
fi'flee: Whlilng Jiuthlina Piv
li iT "m a itia h ft (i. k 1 h i. 11 r
I'ractlea IJmlled Id Mvmra'a and I hll
ilrrn'a lleu.e
ll?J K Central Phone Ml Albuquerque, N M
Tai " Arfoirvrvs A Vll"M M I VOWi
PITT ItoSS, County Smtetor, Kdiouiol
Ross. V. H. Mineral Son.) .t. fin West
floli avenue Hm IK. Albii.pi. ipn' N M
VI Tl.ltIN Altl
F. J. Wol.MA. M D 1:
I,ata Veterinary Inspector t r I'nlled Htstea
Onvrrnmeiil. Phone HOtW. Alloitiustque,
N. M
ok li. It:
lull SAI.lv Ten loulios
Phone IM.'.I
I-'i K SA I.I-: - one beating st.ne ami. si orrt,
$s 1 1 1 South Fourth street
loll SALE- i'lano. .slnf luk.n at oil. '
611 Houlh Arno I'looie 11. .'It
Full S.W.E-lHcr ;iKI ,ti.ni,.,o.lt. c..'. A.l
dress ,, Y, . Journal offo-,,
rir"sA l.r-ro"'h. p. Weber gasoline en
gins with pump liok s; s-uiih K-tiili
FOR SALE Smith Premier trprwtlier, go-u
aa new, f,! Im phone I4 IN Mouth Feurifi.
Hi oi', P A I N T-l'Se" kind thiiT" sTTpa-i he
leflka and preserves the r--"f; foi cents
per gallon, 4oc lii barrel lots, al.tiixano
Co , nn South Walnut street.
FOR SALE II. use. luiggr I Ion no.
Singer s.-eltu 1010 hlne. olh.i t . p. - r Her.
lalile, be-l, chillis, eli- ; cheap If taken at
once; leaving clly Phone 1:1.I 01 tail D""
North Fifth s t
Hill NMF rtnniTieiei.
bolt HALL l'le 111 re i.nob. one niio- fi"iu
town; good h-iose so-l ooiliillitliiKS, fiolt
trees. Ilaiiwr Saddlery, P'.i III w-o-l Cop
per, phone 4-l,
T'l HI HALE Five acres. Ilnploted ill
ranch near cllv; prl- e. Jl.a.."; sin ill
ment down, baianee flo per ni"inh
par rent. A .1 . 1 1 .--ir call l J I . ui.li.
W bv.
ell v.
. -.1
- el V
.1 .',
jo r-
.'i-, III, KIM II.
II ESI' ..cross ili-r, el i- 10. loiii
on main ililcli; manv eroes ilMih-s. 1
foot for oulllvatlon; II aires in alfalfi,
ery i heai If sold iiili klv, pall casli
lllllliet, 11 Noilli l-'ouith sll-cel. Alloc
MltS, ALICE PMtltlSII. eletl. in ,Ii, h
InaUer; work gilttrniileod Room 310, Oc-I-deulel
rtti.irlments. phone :t:si
TIMF! rAltle")
S-'corro, N. M
Trips, to Any Point, Any Time, Wire eu
phoria for Information it My Eipens,
Winkler Hotel, Socorro, N. M.
Slk-hour Pns--enger Service
Leave silver lily 1 i p. m.
Irf-nva Mogoiion t:i a. in.
Oars meet all trains. Largest and best
equipped solo livery In the southwest.
Sliver City, New Mtl'
KeiweJI-Cix nsio Uliii! Lioa
Dally snd Hi.ii.tay.
Open, led by Koswel Auto To.
Essl-hound Town Wes, hound
Fan Ik 10 Itoswell 7 ivi aj ni.
It ?i) p. ni Pb ai-ho m.
6:00 p. m Tlnnlo 0 III a. in.
4 40 p. 111 Hondo 1 n 1 hi a. 11. .
4 OB f. m Lincoln 11 45 a. t...
XI p. m,..', Ft. Stanton 12 Jii p m.
I.00 p m (.'apltan 2 r,f. p. to.
J on p. ni Nogal t '.u p. in.
I IS p. m Carrizmo 2 II p in.
Through fare, one way. t 40. Inieriii-ili-
nte points. fc per mile Haggagn carried .11)
lo I7t, poiimls. Fitly pounds free. Km ess at
lo per pound.
WAY I'll.
No. Class. ArrR
s Departs
a-ip sup
:IiOi. II i
(,.,1 la t:,
..vip IM."'
Ill 3"l
I. The Scout
. California Mmlted . . .
7. Fargo Fan!
9. Tho Nasaji
R'!i. El Paso Ksi-ress
Bh. Kl Paso Kspri-ss
10. The Scout
S. The Nsvsjo f l.Sp f lP
4. California Limited
(I Kip 7 Oip
ir.o I MP
I. Bams Fa Kight
from Snith.
110, Kansas City A Chicago
tin. Kansas Clly Chicago
j'jt 'y-??TT?y.?i"''"M.
KliAK I'HM,. snd feniht.r pi e :', I I
FOR SALE -ll. ouliie kouno ol
phone 1007,

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