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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, December 17, 1916, CITY EDITION, Image 7

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Albuquerque Morning Journal, Sunday, December 17, 1916.
iiiiiibiiiiiijii.iiihii . ii .I ii.ii ''iiin iwihwi .iiiiIih w. ii n iimm, jiu.i hi nwnwnw in. ihii.iiwiiiu'iijwhii.ii jwiimii'i nun iiuwi.iPiiujii'i i tin in iimpjiin.'igiiiiiwmi" ' - ?;-;r;'; ;
i 5 : . . . - - - '
tA .
Bethlehem 'Steel Advances
Twenty-five Points; General
Rise in Shares Character-
; izes Exchange,
Now York, Dei-. Ifi. Alli1 ioiial ro
i'" crirs today of two to five points in
Hwks recently under pressure, with a
''illy of twenty-five points in Hethle
hom Steel, were mainly duo to a hasty
eovi-ririfj movement by th sliorts and
"o little liuyins, particularly of rails,
''y investors and operators who seeui
' ! to feel that the hysteria of the last
f1w (ias had run its course.
Today's rallies included Cnitto
paH's and jckawanna Steels, the
former making an extreme gain of
lioints, and two to three points in
"'I'Wrs and other metals. Far more
convincing, however, was the snstaiii
'd movement In rails, low grade is-
Ji's beins the foremost features.
s'lnliir.l shares were relatively less
aive hut strong. Total sales of
i'!lks' s:'",HiH) shares.
.The Lank statement was in keeping
general estimates.
T'U' markets for foreign exchange
!re nominal, but mainly lower,
'"nils were irregular on limited deul
Total sales, par value, 1,975,-
i" m .-, n a . r
mm vr 1 turn wwuhm wHVprif
iMW' "The Store With the Christmas Spirit" W)?
k tsmtsr ........
u L 1.1. . n mi 111 11 1 """
-pvHemqZflifyilt tmmmmmim wim wmmm jnwi 'wa.'WWWW' HWt y '""' "iu .i..mimii .1 nmt 11 nun urn ii.w.i u,nm j i..mmim.ii..wiii . iwh hi mwiniHgyownwi' f? L""'"; T. ' B'-it , , iTliir. Tr niiirtiiitoiMi'-i-'-ii'fi i-nnn- mtr:- ,..-:t.Mtii,toam'
feiMi?if4A '-rT mi hi 1 m in m i-1 iiiii"iiijwiifctfii.-iiiiM'iliniiiiiiiiriiiiil Mtwiniatamt'iwV miiMMi) iinimir mtimiii uniiinni i r iummiinwiti i" " ''' 111 inri " """"'" "' .
tnitcd States imnds were utuhang
H on call during the Week.
' ln'!ing prires; - -
"riean fleet Sugar 1
f-nean Can r,7
:rlcan Car & Foundry...... 69'.
It is only natural that at
Christinas time, you should want
.. ... i v.. ..Ml
in i ' pi.ii .u uiii ni'M. niu ii
fWI chrcrful and look so. if von
dress in our new Varsity Kifty-
five stylish suits and Varsity 600,
the latest overcoats.
Fine Silk Reefers
We are showing- a very attractive
line of Silk Reefers in all the new
shapes and colors. Very suitahle and
practical Christmas gifts for men.
Bath Robes
Our Christmas selection of Bath
Robes contains all the newest de
signs of the best quality and color.
Made by the Pacific Mills express
ly for us.
Prices Ranging From
$4.00 to $15.00
Americun Locomotive
American Smelt. & Refining
American Sugar Itefining .
American Tel. & Tel
American Zinc, Lead & S. .
Anacondu. Copper
Baldwin Locomotive
llal'timore & Ohio .
Brooklyn Rapid Transit . . .
Butte & Superior Copper...
California Petroleum
Canadian Pacific
Central Leather
Chesapeake & Ohio
Chicago, Mil. & St. Paul
4 8 '
69 V.
S3 '4
rr. v
Bfi V
93 Mi
Chicago & Northwestern
Chicago, IL I. & Pacific
t'hino Copper
Colorado Kind & Iron . .
Corn Products Itefining
Crucible Steel
Distillers' Securities ...
(cneral Kleclric
39 U I
. 4 7 V2
24 U
. tiH
. 34
. 37
. 1 1
. 4D
. i or.
. 17
. lOf,
. 27-
. 4X,s
. 9 9
. 39
. 23'i
. IKVa
. iv.
. 25
. 5 5
. 23 2
. 33
. 56 '4
. 2Si,4
. 81V4
. t" H
. 98
. 36'-2
. X3,i
Creat Northern pfd.
(ireat Northern Ore
Illinois Central . . . .
Interborough Consol
Corp. . ,
Inspiration Copper
International Harvester, N. J...
Int. Mef. Marine pfd. Ctfs.,...
Kansas City Southern
KennecoU Copper
Louisville & Nashville
Mexican petroleum
Miami Copper
Missouri, Kansas & Texas pfd.
Missouri Pacific
Montana Power
National Lead
Nevada Copper
New York Central .
X. Y.. X. H. Hartford
Norfolk Western
Northern P,'nifi-
Pacific Mail
Pacific Tel. & Tel
py Consolidated Copper
Republic Iron & Steel
SlritMick Arizona Copper
Southern Pacific
Southern Railway
Studebaker Co
Texas Company
I'll ion Pucific
I'nion Pacific pfd
f. S. Industrial Alcohol
United States Steel
Special Boxes of
Christmas Hosiery
If you don't know what to get for father
or brother, you .will always guess right if you
buy him a box of fine Hosiery. We show all
colors in Phoenix, Onyx and Wilson Dros. fibre,
lisle and silk Hosiery. Satisfaction guaranteed
with every pair.
Prices ranging 25c 33c 50c 75c $1 and $1.50
Dress Gloves
The approaching holiday season and the
weather both call for fashionable Dress Gloves.
We therefore have greatly increased our lines
in all the becoming' colors and shades of leath
ers and styles. Every pair guaranteed not to
rip, and exchanges gladly made after Christmas
if you guess the wrong size. Prices ranging
from 50 to $5.00 the pair.
Cnilcl Slates Steel pfd 1 IX
I'tah Copper 1 0S
Wabash pfd. "li" 30
Western L'nion 10 1
Westinghoiise lOleetilc 55
Total sales for the day, X50,oim
( iik i( noAitn or Tit.xnK.
Chicago, Dec. 16. Wheat prices
shot skyward today, impelled by the
Russian duma's rejection of peace and
by announcements that the I'nittd
States would not .at present offer to
mediate. After exoited bulletins hcy
carried the market up 10c, quota
tions fluctuated widely and closed un
settled, 4 to fle net higher, Willi May
at 1.112 (ii 1.63 and July at $1.3?M
1.37. Corn gained 2 to 3e and oats
2 to 2'2C. There was a setback of
10 to 20c in provisions.
one of the most turbulent openings
since the war began was witnessed in
the wheat pit. It seemed as if the
crowd almost to a man was rushing
to buy. The French victory in the
Verdun district added to the vehem
ence of purchasers, but some decree
of caution began to be manifest after
the rise was approaching 11 cents.
Reaction proved brief and the hulls
were in a strong drie again during
the last Tiour.
It was said that 1.500,000 bushels
or more had been taken for Kurnpc
within twenty-four hours, and th:U
(,,,Mnrt:int relief was at hand in tnoi
matter of trans-Atlantic h, lipping fa
cilities. Corn strengthened with wheat, but
moved much more slowly and kept
within nearly normal limits. Business
was restricted by scantiness of the
movement from first hands.
Oats showed little or no Independ
ence from corn.
Lessening chances of peace mad"
the provision market sag.
lt',..,hinifmt Dec. 16. flail
nearly 2 5,01)0,000 in net bank de
posits and of more than $1".
in reserves by fedeial reserve banka
during tbe past week, are Indicated by
the board's weekly statement made
public today. The statement shows
the banks' condition ou December la
as follows:
Cold coin and icitificat
in vault,
Cold settlenieiil fund, $177,3 4 1,000.
Cold redemption fund with Tinted
States treasurer, $1,543,000.
Total gold reserve, $135,302,000.
Legal tender notes, silver, etc., $7,
907,011(1. Total reserve, $ 143,209,001).
Five per cent redemption fund
against federal reserve bank notes,
Hills Discounted anil Bought.
Muturitle within 10 days, $23. XI 7.
000; from 11 to 30 days, $51,307,000;
from 31 to 60 davs, $52,1 1 X,000; from
61 to 90 davs, $.!2,342,O00; over 90
days, $1,0X2, 000. Total, $ 160,661!, 000.
I'nite,l States bonds, $42,11 IX, 1)00.
me year I'nited States treasury
notes, $1 1,1 67,000.
Municipal warrants, $ 1 1,1 95,000.
Total earning assets, $225,676,000.
Federal reserve notes, net, $ 1 9,504,
000. line from federal reserve banks, net,
All other resources, $4,656,000.
-Total resources, $74 1,051,000.
Capital paid in, $55,73 1,000.
Covernment clopoxus. S L'X. , (.l mi"
Member nank deposit,
Federal reserve bank
net, $643,-
1 2, 606, 000.
All other liabilities, $x6.io(l.
Total liabilities. $74 1,051,000.
Cold reserve against net deposit and
note liabilities, 6X1! per cent.
Cash reserve against net. deposit and
note liabilities, 6H.6 per cent.
Cash lescrve against net deposit lia
bilities after setting aside 40 per cent
gold reserve against aggregate net lia
bilities on federal reserve notes in
circulation, 70.2 per cent.
New York, Pec. 16 -per,
4 'i 4 per cent ;
bills. 4.71 per cent:
dav bills on banks. 4
-Mercantile pa
sterling 60 day
commercial 60
,71 li tier cent;
commercial mi uay num
demand, 4.75 per
4.76 per cent
Bar Bllvef .'tiC.
. .... , ,
4.71 per cent ;
cent; cables,
Xmas Neckwear
If you admire pretty patterns and distinctive
designs in Mb foreign and American Silk
Neckwear, you will surely find our showii un
excelled. We have on display for your inspec
tion over 2.000 Neckties.
Prices ranging 25c 50c 75c $1 $1.50 $2 $3
Boxed Handker chiefs
Handkerchiefs are always appreciated as
holiday gifts, and our stock was never more
complete with the new &"' a,K'
Handkerchiefs in Xmas boxes. Prices range
according to numler of Handkerchiefs in 1mx.
Pure Irish l.inen Handkerchiefs at 25, 35
and 50( each.
Mexican dollars- 5Xc.
I lovel 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. bonds W( inly.
Railroad bonds- Irregular.
vu;i:m,y hank ktati:mi:t.
I New York, Dec. 16. - The statement
of the actual condition of clearing
house banks and trust companies for
the week shows that they hold $94.
'417.320 reserve in excess of legal re
i 1 1 ini'ii Ih. This is an increase of
'$20,650,4X0 over last week. The state
ment follows:
Actual Condition.
Loans, discounts, etc., $3,342,47 1 ,
(Mio; ln l ease $ I 1 ,9 7 2,000.
Reserve in own vmilts (ML $127,-
16 1,000; increase $ I !I,X27.000.
Reserve in federal reserve banks,
$1 7 H, 6 59, 000; Increase $ 1 3,5X 1 ,000,
Reserve in other depositaries, $55,
(111,000; increase $1,294,000.
Net demand deposits, $3,294,1146,-(KKI-
Increase $ 4 5,92 X.OoO.
Net time deposits, $ 171,32 1,000; de
crease $276,000.
Circulation, $2X,X52,000; Increase
IB) of which $360,609,000 Is specie.
A e.g regale reserve, $66 1 ,X7,0(M).
Fx cess reserve, $4,4 4 .',320 ; in
crease $20,656,4 X0.
Summary of state hanks and trust
companies' in (ireater .New York not
Included in clearing house statement:
Loans, discounts, etc., $769,6!i6,000;
increase $iX,r,no.
Specie, $6l,x;i2,200; decrease $905,
flio. Legal tenders, $10,017,500; increase
$1 24.M10.
Total deposits, $930, 067, 400; In
crease $4,3H5,300.
Banks' cash reserve In vault, $14,-
1 S6.X.I0.
Trust companies' cash reserve 111
vault, $5X.592,9(MI.
k ss CITY .HI.
Kansas Cite, Dec. 16. Wheat No.
2 ha til, $1 6 2 'it I 67; No. 2 red, $1.67;
No. a. l. 5X; I !!., $ I. .'..: May,
$1.60 '.
Corn Xo. 2 mixed, XX'uXOc; Xo. 2
white, XX c; Xo. 2 yellow, X9c; Pec.,
XT c: M iv , X9 ' .
Oats- .-i. 2 wblle, '( ';'; .no. .
mixed, 5 4c.
Smoking Jackets
Our Christmas line of Smok
ing Jackets contains all the new
est designs of the best quality
and color. Will make a very de
sirable gift for any gentleman,
and one that will give satisfac
tion and comfort long after the
holiday season is forgotten.
Prices Range From
$7.50 to $18.00
Comfy Felt Slippers
Send him a pair of Kelt SlipR'rs for
Christmas and the comfort that be will
have in them will give him a smile of
satisfaction all through the new year.
Xmas and the social season suggest
new Shirts as an appropriate gift for
any gentleman. Good taste is express
ed in such a valuable gift. Our Shirt
(! 'itartment is show ing all the popular
patterns and designs of the season.
Kind out his size and let us show you
what a little money will do.
If you wish to give a nice pres
ent that anv man would consider
himself fortunate to receive, send
him a warm Sweater. Our selec
tion is very complete in all colors
and sizes. Priced very reasonably Jj
1J2.00, $3.00, if l.OO, ifa.OO fji.? r
. ani ur to 98.00 Ha U
in ri i u.
F.lgin. III., Dee. 16. Butter Mar
ket higher Twenty-five tubs at 3Xc
MAY YOllk 4'OiTON.
.New York, Dec. 16. --Spot cotton
(,)ulc!. Middling uplands, $1X.35.
Xo sales.
Cotton futures closed easy. Pec.,
SIX Hi; Jan., $17-96; March. $IX.I9;
May, $x.:ix; July, $IX.-1il; Oct., $16.57.
K sS ( ITY I'ltOIM t i:.
Kansas City, I ec. HI. Itutter
Creamerv, :!: fil'Sts. 37 ',; sec
onds, :i5c: packing, 2T'ic.
Kggs --Firsts, 35c,
poultry Hens. 16 ; roosters,
1 2 ',c; turkeys, 21c
Cliic.'igo, liec. 16. Butter Market
higlur. Receipts 5.1X0 tubs. 'r 1-
ery, extras, ,",Xe; extra firsts, 37'n
firsts, 3 I 'a 35 c; seconds, 32'a"'
3 3 '.s.
Fgs- Reciipts 1,376 "ises. Market
'heese I 'ncha nged.
Potatoes Receipts 25 ears. Market
poultry-- Cnehange, to higher. Live
fowls, 17c; springs, 17c; turkeys, live
23c, dressed 29 'o c.
!.l I Slot k M XltkKTS.
Chicago MvesRs-k.
Cliic.iL-o liec. 16. Caltle -Receipts
5011. Market steady. Native beef cat
tle $7,0111111.75; western steers, $6.70
'ilii'T,: stockers. r.iiii''i x.iu cows
and heifers, $:i.X5!i in.io.
I logs Receipts 16,00(1. Market
r,,-,,, ,.t -..l ei il:i c'm a v el a ue to 5e high
er. Bulk, S'.l.Tii'ii 10. In; light, $9,204'
9 x.'.: mixed. fH.So in 1 o. 20 : lieavj, $9.65
iii JO. 25; rough, j'.i.iiii " ii.mi; pigs,
$;.:!.-, (t 9.1 5,
Sheep - -Receipts 3. nun. Market
steady. Wethers, $X.X5f. 10.00, lambs.
$11.0011 13.35.
Kansa City I.Ucstock.
Kansas City, Inc. in Cattle Re
. v mill M,ii-Ui,t hIc-iiIv I't-mve
fed sU'cis. $10.501112.00; western
.v. .
sleeM, $6. 5(1 "I I o.5o ; cows, :f . l: .".
x r,(l 'heifers. ''..'i0'o Kl.30: locker
I ii 11,1 feeders, $6 HO III X.iiO.
Hogs - Receipts 1.000. .MallM'l
sleailv. Bulk, $:i.70'u 10 15; heavy,
$10.00 'ii o.2o; packers, $9.90 n I o. I 5 ;
light, $9. 60''! Hi or,.
Sheep - Receipts L'.l Market
steady. Lambs. 1 2.00 'u I 3. on ; year
lings,' 0.50 'ii I 1.35: wethers, $x,;,0'i'
O.'iO; ewes. $7.75 fy 9.00.
ciivcr l ivestock.
Denver, Dec. 16. Cattle-- Receipts
X00. Market banged.
Hogs Receipts l.ii'io. Market 5c
higher. Top. $10.05; bulk, $9.S5'u)
1 0.00.
Of Interest hi Married Women.
Most married women look after the
health of their families and almost
every woman can do so to advantage.
Mrs. William Flaherty, Skaneateles, X.
Y.. writes, "Mv husband used two bot
tles of Chamberlain's Tablets last win
ter when he was suffering from indi
gestion and biliousness. These tab
lets relieved him light away and bv
continuing I hem for a few weeks hi;
digestion was strengthened and gen
eral health Improved." Obtainable
every whei e,
Albuquerque Foundry and
Machine Works
Engineers rounders Machinist!
hustings in Iron, Brass, Bronze, Alum
inum. Kleclric Motors, Oil Fngtncs,
Pumps and Irrigation.
Work Hint Offli-e MhiKllienpio
WtlSJSSCPV"1 . -"
For Rheumatism, Stomach Trou
Ides, Kldnev Ailments, Inflamma
tions, Arterial Hardening. Loco
motor Amxlii Nervous Rreakins,
,'tc. Perfect Treatment, Perfect
Climate, Health, Pleasure. Ijirge
Modern Hotel. Booklet. Round
trip to fay woui) from Albuquer
que, SIS. 70.
I-'nvwiMwl, V. Mj
F. M i'l- it
14 m
r-r .-11 ,U i i hi 1 f 1 if l. a

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