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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, August 25, 1918, CITY EDITION, Society Section, Image 15

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II Yoi Have a WsubH
"".'". '.Tel 1ft Bwlfa the ili
'.WANTED Position as bookkoenef or office
.p' helper by young lady. Experienced. Phone
Buying for Both Accounts Is
, Witnessed During an Active
. and Broad Market; Cana
; dian Pacific Is Leader,
New York, Aug. 24. Buying for
"b6th accounts, including extonslve
covering of short contracts, was wit
nessed in today's broad and active
stock market, some leaders register
ing maximum 'quotations of the year.
The remarkable change of sentiment
was caused by overnight developments
such as the future sweep of the allied
forces in the western war arena and
signs of easier money.
Foremost feature of the two-hour
session, in which the turnover wa
825, OQ0 shares, were Canadian Pa
cific, which made an extreme gain ot
eight points, retaining nil but the
smallest fraction, and United Statet
Steel's gain of 2 ,i points to lH.iti
top price of tho year.
Numerous other rails. Industrials,
equipments and sundry specialties
were lifted one to two points, the rise
being gradual and sustained through
out. Few isolated losses were trivial.
Final prices showed no impairment.
Bonds moved upward, though mod
erately, foreign issues participating,
especially the French group and
United Kingdom O's, which again
touched par. Total sales of bonds,
par value, aggregated $5,675,000.
A gain of almost $30,000,000 in
actual excess reserves was the most
notable feature of the weekly bank
statement, loans showing another
marked contraction.
' Closing prices:
American licet Sugar TtSIVj
American Can , 4714
American Smelting & Refining. 77
American Tel. & Tel 9714
American Zinc 17
Anaconda Copper 66
Atchison 87
Baltimore & Ohio ES'i
Butte & Superior 26
California Petroleum 19
Canadian Pacific 170
Central Leather 69 V;
Chesapeake & Ohio B.S
Chicago, Mil. & St. Taul 50
Chlno Copper 38
Colorado Fuel & Iron 47
Crucible Steel 69 yt
Cuba Cane Sugar 30
Erie . 15
Great Northern Ore Ctfs ?l
Great Northern pfd 93
Inspiration Copper 61
Int. Mer. Marine Pfd. Ctfs 102i
Kennecott Copper 33
Louisville & Nashville 116
Mexican Petroleum 102
Miami Copper , . . 27
Missouri Pacific 24 ',i
Montana Power 101
New York Central 74
Northern Pacific 90
Pennsylvania 44 4
Hay Consolidated Copper 23 Ti
Reading 91 14
Republic Iron & Steel.... 93 "4
Southern Franco 88
Southern Railway 24
Texas Company 153
Union Pacific 128
IT. S. Industrial Alcohol 128
United States Steel 114V
Utah Copper 81
New York, Aug. 24. The actual
condition of clearing house banks and
trust companies for tho week shows
that they hold $59,555,230 reserve in
excess of legal requirements. This is
an Increase of $29,281,150 front last
ChieaEO. Aua. 24. Just how thoV
cughly, not to say excessively, traders
had discounted crop damages- was
made fully apparent today. With the
damage fully understood liquidation
continued and the market closed with
October options showing a net loss of
3c. Increased receipts were also a
factor though they came ns no sur
prise. October closed at $1.6114.
The oats market, opening firm, was
Unable to resist the influence of the
corn weakness and declined o to c
with tho tone easy at the close despite
buying by cash houses.
' The slump in hogs having been
fchecked today, provisions also firmed
up and closed slightly higher for the
most part. October pork alone de
' clined, closing 10c off.
Closing prices:
porn Sept., $1.5814; Oct., I1.C0.
t)ats eept., ivftc; uct.. 7214c.-Pork-TSept.,
$43.75; Oct.. $43.95.
Lard Sept., $26.70; Oct.; $26.82.
Ribs Sept., $24.65; Oct..$,24.87.
Chicago. Aug. 24. Butter Market
firm. Creamery extras, 45c; firsts.
424414c; seconds, 40 0ii Vjc;
, standards, 44 45c. t
f-ggs Unchanged. ,
. Cheese Unchanged. '
potatoes Unchanged. Receipts 35
Cars. . ' ,
Poultry Fowls, 26 28 c; springs,
springs, 28'c. :,'' '
I i Kansas City. Aug. 24. Butter apt!
hotiltry unchanged. '
Eggs Firsts, 39c; seconds. 84c.
New York, Aug. 24. Cotton futures
..closed wea,k. Oct.. $33.05; Dec.
$3t.0; Jan., $32.80; March. $32.30;
May, $33.06.
. Spot Quiet. Middling, $35.15. ,
Now York, Aug. 24". Mercantile
'paper, unchanged; sterling, unchang-
; ed. .
Mexican dollars Unchanged.
Chicago Livestock.
Chicago. Aug. 24. Cattle Receipts
5,000, Compared with ' week ago
steers tibove $18. 2S Wronger; butch
ers, canners and western cattle o,rj
mostly 60c to 75o higher; some me
dian, fitfisa MM VB ft dollar; feeds.?
WANTED Position Dy "experienced office
man. Bookkeeper, salesman or clerical
line tn store or office. Address E. 8., Journal
WANTED Position by druggist, 16 years
experience; at present employed, but
would tike tn make a change; best of refer
ences. Address Pnt'- pure Journal.
WANTED Hy experienced diversified fnrm
malinger a permanent position to work
for some reliable person that has had suc
cess in keeping help for a reasonable length
of time. A. W. Pogan, P. O. Box DS5, Albu
querque, N. M. .
WANTED Salesmen.
WANTKD Salesman with Spanish
Muammncos. in tsoutn Fourth.
WJVM'KI) Al !.,... .!.. -. 1.
- .a.LDiuuu, IIIUML Sl'L'-M.
Spanish fluently. Answer, stating references
sud salary expected. The White House,
Santa. Fe. N M.
SALESMEN Gupable specialty man for
New Mexico. Staple line 011 New and Ex
ceptional terms. Vacancy now. Attractive
commission contract. $35 weekly fo? ex
penses. Uillett, J a 134 Carlln Bids., Cleve
land, O.
A si r.ui.ooo iTu xoi s COItPO RATION
Selling an Advertising Service to bankers,
manufacturers and retailers, has a few
vacancies for experienced salesmen, not
necessarily In our line. Our salesmen are
now earning $2,600 to $5,000 per year, and
business Increasing despite the war. Exclu
sive territory; commission contract with
reasonable weekly expense advance. Perm
anent position with utmost co-operation
from house which Is the recognized leader
In Its line. Address Sales department. The
liorlsoh llarklSw Co.. Jollct, 111.
Til., recognized leaders In the manufact
ure of Art Calendars (both- annual and
monthly) 'Blot tars .Folders, Holiday Greet
ings, elc, for advertising purposes, is ready
to contract now for 1918, with a limited
number of high-grade men, several of whom
can start work this fall In good territories.
Pack of you we will put the full force of
our prestige as leaders in this line, provid
ing exclusive territory and offering an op
portunity for von l, make more than an
ordinary success. Commission contract with
reasonable drawing account. Address Sales
FOR REN! Apartments.
FOR RUNT Furnishes apartments. Klml
Hotel, corner First and Tljeras.
FOR RENT Two and three-room apart
ments and sleeping rooms. Highland
FOR KENT Modern three-room flat, 213
West Marquef... snuulie 313 South First,
phone 728.
FOR RENT Four-room unfurnished apart
ment, all modern, good location, Inquire
314 South fifth. No sick.
FOU RENT Three or four room furnished
apartments, modern; 200 Block, South Sixth.
Inquire Savoy hotel office
FOR RENT Furnished apartments In tho
Washington, Available for occupancy on
September 1st. Call at Apt. W.
FOR RENT Furnished apartment in tho
Washington. Available for occupancy on
September 1st. Call at Apt. W.
Up to date and beautifully located; no
sick, young children or short term tenants
solicited. Get on the walling list. Phone
2022. J. D. Bukln, proprietor.
FOR SALE leav Estate.
FOR BALE Six acres of cultivated lan-1
" with 4-room house. Price $850: $200 cash,
balance $10 a montK Phone 15&5-W. -iviOAlTEieTsoo.VswfirbuyTwo
ful, modern mountain homes on the Pecos
river, including 100 acres of land adjoining
the Valley Ranch resort. This offer holds
good only to Sept. 1st. For further parti
culars apply Pox 126. Valley Ranch. N. M.
TWO young men want room and sleeping
porch within easy walking distance of
city. Must be heated, have access to bath
and be reasonable. "57". care Journal.
and calves 25c to 50c higher. No
Hogs Receipts 5,0011; left over,
3,804. Market 10c to 15c higher.
Hulk, $18.00fi19.75; butchers, $19.10
1 9.90 : packing, $17.76 Hi 1 8.90;
light, $t9.15(fil.90; pigs, $18.00)
18.50; rough, $17.40 (ft) 1 7.75.
Sheep Hcccipts 2,000. Compared
with week ago killing lambs 25c to
50c lower, with common natives
showing lowest; sheep, EOc to $1
lower; feeding lambs steady. No quotations.
luinnit (lily Livestock.
Kansas City, Aug. 24. Cattle Re
ceipts 600. Market steady. Steers,
$17.00fn!18.25; westerns, $10.00TH
14.50; cows, $6.50(5)12.50: heifers,
$9.00014. fiO; Blockers and feeders
$7.7514..r0; calves. $8.00 0 14.00.
Hogs Receipts 1,500. Market low
er. Bulk, $18,600)19.40; heavy, $19.00
W19.45; light, $18.50 19.40; pigs.
Sheep Receipts 1,200. Market
steady. Lambs, $15. 50(h) 17.78; year
lings, $10.501B.OO; wethers. $10.00
1013.50; ewes, 18.00 2. 75.
Denver TJvcslock.
Denver, Aug. 24. Cattle Receipts
100. Market unchanged.
Hogs Receipts 200. Market steady.
Top. $19.60; bulk, $18.75 (ft) 19.25.
' Sheep Receipts 200. Market un
changed. . -J ' ' 1
(etCAt. ceetepoNOKNce to MONNtNe jourvai.1
Santa Fe, Aug. 24. Chaves county
has to date furnished 1,010 men for
the active military and naval service,
according to State Senator J. F.
Hinkle, , who gives these figures to
Secretary Lansing Bloom of the stitc
board of historical service. Of those
60 per cent are volunteers, the draft
ed men numbering 410L the naval
volunteers 200 and the" army volun
teers 100. -
This means that the enlistments are
almost seven per cent of the popula
tion, a record equalled by few If any
counties anywhere. ' ;
Jesse B. Hadlock of Hyer, a Santa
Fe county youth, Is reported to have
died In the army service at Fort Sam
Houston. Texas. . ,
Miss Josephine Stauffer of RIneon
and Miss Elma LaMasters of San
Marcial have volunteered for the stu
dent nurse reserves.
David Apfelzoller of La. Mesa, Is
the first young man from the lower
Mesllla valley, to be reported seriously
Injured ln -France. He Is 22 years old
and received his training at Camp
Kearney. Before enlisting he lived
with his parents on their farm In Dona
Ana county."
Asa Guffey, Is the first of the bat
tery A men from Roswell to return
from France. He is giving talks on thi
fighting in which the battery A par
ticipated. ; . .
I.Ieut. Tracv ft. Stains. rf Rnswelt.
w 1th battery A, was struck In the left
shoulder by a shell splinter. He was
operated on and expects to rejoin his
Cook Wanted
Wages $40 a monh. Can go home
nights. Phone 1019.
$3,000 7-room, brick, stuccoed, mod
em, large porch, lireylaco, South
Seventh street.
$2,000 4-room brick, modern. North
Second street.
$2.500 5-room brick, modern. South
Walter street.
$4,300 8-room modern brick, hot
water heat, lot 75x142, Fourth
$1,600 5-room frame, bath, sleep,
ing porch, South Broadway, close
$1,600 4-room cement block bun
galow, modern, glassed-in sleep,
ing porch; llighlanda v
$2 500 5-room bungalow, modern,
watd P ' gal'aKe' Four"1
$2,000 7-room stucco, bath etc
cement Walks and coping also
' "A. FLElisCEER
Real Estate Insurance. Loans
111 fcouth Fourth Street.
.and O'lmshaWs. n " w r.t!,.,.,rk
n.u.-i 1 email blue book ?, r-
n" ad two PUKntl
building and vicinity ,a, wlsiX night
K,w"'t lt "'lurned Li ;,)8 West Copper
Wg.DlZlD""' " school
US -0.
WANTED Steady ""man
wages. Phone 1112s.
for farm; good
VV --fctojr 14 to U year, to work lS
yard. Halm Coal Co.
WANTKD-Husky he'lTTraU exempli
ByonJIenry Ives, Florist,
win! Hi 1.0s Angeles Y M
School. Train for service.
WANTED A good Ford mechanic
at Qulckel Auto Supply Co,
C. A. ,Auto
WAN'i ED First-class window trimmer. The
White House, Santa Fe, N. M.
WANTED Neat appearing bov about 14
-JL0-0? J0.b0L.lrLKlliJyJil,?i;a9t--'it''al
WANTED Stenographer, age aboufls. Ap
ply. giving names of references to W.
Johnson, care Journal office.
WANTED Teacher of manual training
and all-around mechanic. Itlo Grande In
dustrlal eichool, Hox ,r8i City.
MEN Ago 17 to 45. Experience unnecessary.
Travel; make secret Investigation, re
ports. Salaries; expenses. American For
eign Detective Agency, 500 St. Loots.
WAXTIfD First baker. American, healthy,
one thoroughly understanding uso of sub
stitutes. Apply by letter to Phelps Dodge
Mercantile Company. Tyrone, N. M.. giving
full details regarding experience, reference
end" salary expected.
(5dl Ml!
Ew fend
Pis-room modern, fire r'U'-o, furnrtc hra(,
KarHjjo, fino location, ivm $m per n.'Hith!
Five-room modern brick, l'utth ward
rent ?S0 per month.
Flvt-room furn!n!ip(l tiungalow, furnace
heat rent U0 per nuntli.
FIve-rKin furnlaiied houso, furnace heat,
Iictei on East Silver Avenue, rent $j0 per
Phone 16. 21$ West Gold.
A nice homo in I.una Place at a bargain;
Uso ! lots on Forrester Ave. Money to loan
206 W. tiokl.
FOR RENT Dwelling;,.
FOlt HUNT Three-room c","tt,. r TTT
IU jm,llT.JLqulre 'y't"M'
FOU liliNT Thi:ec-room unfulm shenn.T
ulldlngs; uo. jZVl
FOlt KENT Four-room
dition. largo yard,
ings. Phone 1802.
FOU HENT Four-room liout.-!,, gocucoHt
foe ?'.nJ"" th,nily furnished room,
for light housekeeping, jjiquire T09 Honia.
Souiii. ,
tor mm nnmsiiED
Modern brick flat, four rooms and
bath. $30.00 per month, water paid.
A nice place on the highands fur a
small family.
Third and Gold
nix-room nungalom dandy location, hard
wood floors, built-in features, lawn, side
walks, prlto $4.4110. If jou want a good
house see this one.
Phone 007 !M0 Wesl Cold
FOR RE IS! Roomi.
FOIt KKNT Furnished rooms for light
housekeeping. 621 West Silver.
FOll KENT Modern rurnnmro rooms; no
sick; running water. UK hi West Central.
ItaKC. Good mil.
skilile und outbulld-
FOB BKNT-Fivo-room furnished hou,"eaT
wutu oeveiun, App y
at 14 West
FOrt RENT UK SA l.lS-Five-rTnTTnHn
house with i glassed sleeping porr1es
completely furnished and close In. Call at
S09West Sliver.
FOR RKNT Furnished one-room house with
canvass sleeping porch. Light and water
paid; 110.00 per month. Inquire till West
FOR RENT Furnished room.
Walter. Pbone it.
118 South
roK RENT Furnishes .wo.rooro cottage
with eleeplns; porch, 1023 South Walter.
FOlt REST Four-rm.m"hTius two glassed
In porches. Water paid. 114. Phone 1 5aa-J.
FOR RENT Three-room furnished, cottage.
Inquire HIT South Broadway. Phone B34-J.
FOR RENT New modern bungalow at 720
South Walter etreet. No children Phono
FOR RENT 108 South Arm.. 7 rooms and
tath, hot water heat, 35 per month.
Open for inspection.
'FUR KENT One four-room brick hound
Willi large yard and barn. Apply 6i!2 Eust
Marquette. Phone 74.1.-
FOIl HUNT Modern furnished flat on East
Central car line, convenient to sanator
lums. Thaxtnn A Co., Third and Clold.
FUK KENT Beautifully furnished eiaht
room house. Also three-room cottage.
Inquire at 311 South Arno. Phone 8:t.'(.
1'OR KISNT Small furnisliod cottage, mod
ern, glasse.l porches; good location.
I'hone 31 mornings. Keys 10.4 East Central.
WANTRU Twenty-five (2:,) salespeople
men. women and girls. Also ten tn)
Spanish-American girls, who speak good
Rnglish. Apply In person at once the old
store of Charles Conroy 505 South Arno
street. The Southern Wholesale Grocery As
sociation. Patrick J. OToole, Receiver.
GOVERNMENT civil service examinations in
New Mexico August and September. Gov
ernment clerk, railway mail, teacher, Im
migrant Inspector. typewriter, research
clerk. Experience unnecessary. Men and
women desiring government positions write
for free particulars, J. C. l.eonardt former
civil Service Examiner,) 1003 Kenols Bldg.,
MEM WANTICD Ilig pay easy spare time
work. We wunt an energetic man In each
locality to Introduoo our line. Permanent
positions; pay up to $10 a week to stnrt.
Opportunity to become our branch manager
with excellent salary or commission.
The work is pleasant : no Investment or
previous experience is necessary to serure
one of these fine position,,. We explain and
furnish everything. If you tiro a hustler and
appreeiato an unusual opportunity to make
big money, we want you and will pay yon
well. Start in spav,c time earn more In one
or two hours each evening than you do now
for a full day's work. Promotion to full-time
position as branch1 manager will be offered
ae soon as you demonstrate your earnest
ness. Make application at once, stating age,
We will reply by return mall, giving full In
slructione for starting the work. The Ruby
Company, Dept. 344, Como Uullding, Chi
cago. 111.
WANTED Olrl for plain cooking. 415 West
Coal. I( t4,
WANTED Couipsieiu saleswoman.
WANTED Spanish teacher, afternoons only
Menaul School.
WANTED Girl or woman for
housework. 7?4 West Copper.
WANTED A lady to share my housekeep
ing rooms 50 1-2 South High.
WANTED Good woman cook, $50 per
month. 110 South Third, phone 854.
WOMAN f or general housework:; no Book.
Ing. Addres. Box :, Albuquerque,
WANTED Young lady to clerk In rotull
store. References required. Strong's Bofik
Store. '
WANTED A girl for general housework.
' Apply Miller & Blumenshlne Dairy, 1722
West Central.
WANTED Woman to stay with old lady
five days of the week. 639 South Arno.
Phone 1429-J. -
WANTED First-class piano player,
be a sight reader and have lota of
Call at Woolworth'a.
WANTED Competent housekeeper to run
.home for a business woman, good Wages.
loan west central or imfteoi3iv
GIRt Women, become Governme"ht clerks.
IH00 yearly. Early appointments from
coming examinations. Free particulars.
.American Institute, Dept. 1.18 7, Rochester,
N. T.
WIDE AWAKE WOMAN to take charge ot
our local trade. $3 to $4 a day 'steRdy. No
experience required. Pay starts at once.
Write today American Product Co., 1077
Third St., Cincinnati,-O.
WANTED Eperlenced Spanish salesladies.
J. C Penney Company.
WANTED Ten bright capable ladies to
travel, demonstrate and sell well known
goods to established dealers. 125.00 to 150.00
per week; railroad fare paid; weekly ad
vance for traveling expenses. Address at
once Goodrich Drug Company. Sept. ISO,
Omaha, Nebr.
THOUSANDS of government position! open
to men and women.. Examinations soon,
LI tell you hw to obtain a Government pos
ition. Informstlonf free. Write Geo. W. Rob
bins, formerly with the Government, and
Civil Service Expert. Jordan Bldg., Wash
ington. D. C.
WANTED Twepty-five (25) salespeople
s men. . womn I and ttlrle. -Also ten (10)
PpanlKfe-Ameiicon girts, who speak Bond
Rnglish. Apply. In person at ones the old
store of Charles Conroy 505 , South Arno
street. The Southern Wholesale Grocery As-
fQc.la.t40.11. EatllfikvJu Q'lsgle. Eetelver,
FOR REST Modern houses. 4-r,- rooms,
' close In, Home furnished. W H. McMilllon,
SOU West Gold.
FOlt RENT Two rooms furnished for
ItKht housekeeping. -10 West Granite. t
FOR RENT Light housekeeping rooms;
no children. 6 IT West Coal.
FOR RENT Rooms ob week. Dam;
no sick; over Golden Rule Store.
FOR ' Ilk NT Nice I y f 11 rn Mini front bed
Mnra, 219 North Fifth. Phono 1U87-W.
FOR KENT Housekeeping room, private
fuinlly. Buth, private eutrunce. Sil North
sleeping porches;
North Second,
room and
rates. Ill
FOR RENT Nice room, sleeping porch, all
modern conveniences. Finely located. Call
115 West Copper.
FUR RENT Furnished roonia and house
keeping apartments, all new anl ntodern.
2ir. North Seventh.
RIO GRANDS HOTEL Rooms and apart
ments, (19 West Central. Mr. Richard
West, Proprltresg.
IMPERIAL, KOUMK Nm clean rooms;
rates br day or week; over Woolworth's,
319 1-J West Central.
-f'Oll RENT Three furnished housekeeping
rooms with private bath. No sick and n
children. 919 North Fourth.
FOR RENT Large airy room sleeping
porch suitable for light housekeeping,
IS.r.o. Inquire 1317 North Flrs
AMERICAN HOTEL, '02 1-1 West Osiltral.
Opened under new managemen', Jiouse
keeping and sleeping rooms, rates reason
able. Phone 801.
FOR RENT Furnished roonm tl Weat li
ver; no sick, no children.
FOR "rent Do7iVahTe"front room, no alckj
or children 714 West Bllver.
FOfTKNTicely furaisned room, first
clans board next door. 6o9 West Gold,
FOR RENT Nicely furnishod rooms, no
sick and children. First class board. 703
West Sliver.
FOR RF.NT Large room furnished; modern
conveniences and heat for winter. 400
South Seventh.
FOR ItKNT- Nicely furnished room with
housekeeping privileges, lady or married
couple. West Lead.
FOR KENT Furnished room for gentleman,
I'hone 1243-J. 721 Hnuth Walter.
-Qg 6-La"d---
loO ACRES Dairy or i'oultry runch Mont
rose county; Joins Station, school, postof
flcc, store: 68 tlllablef water right; fruit;
8-r'Kun house; ham. chicken house, cellar;
83.200. Huffnagle. Rlrlgway, Colo.
CATTI.B and hog ranch, admirably located
In west Florida, within four miles of
Lloyd, on main line Seaboard railway, front
ing on West Coast, branch Dixie highway.
Trad contains 3. 200 acres, 2,000 under cul
tivation, 30 miles wire fencing, cross fences
and'lanes arranged for cattle raising, sx.000
worth of Improvements, including farm
houses, machinery houses, Implement sheds,
silos, etc. Deep water wells and about fifteen
suface wells afford plenty of waler. Orange
burg and sandy loom, yellow clay suh-aoll.
Present price only 830 per acre. Address 11.
L. Ilamner, general development agent. Sea
board Air Line railway. 1184 Royster lildT?.,
Norfolk, Virginia.
RENT Large
porch; Ideal for two,
with aleaptn.
(Ill East Central.
iron RENT Furnished housckeepln
Large sleeping porch. 110 Houth
g rooms
FOR RENT Furnished room for two gent
lemen, 1.50teach per week. 211 East Cem
FOR RENT Modern rooms with sleeping
porches, with or without board. Phone
571. 1123 East Central.
". Kneels! rat t" parties
REFINED southern gentleman, 42, worlh,
JdO.OOn, would marry. Z- Box 35, League,
Toledo, Ohio.
L DARE YOIT. Gentleman 40, worth $12r,
000. would marry. Honorable, Box 241, Han
Francisco, ('allf. .
WEALTHY Farmer's Widow, wishes mar
riage at once, address. Mra. II., 263a Min.
11a St., San Francisco, Calif.
HANDSOME, healthy, loving maiden. Inde
pendently rich, must marry. Miss y. care
Mission J'nlty, San Francisco, Calif.
YOUR life-story In the stars. Send birth
data and dime for trial reading. Janus,
71 Mountain Place, Kunsas City, Mo.
CUT this out for luck. Tour future foretold;
send dime, age, birth date, for trial read
ing. Mm. Xndella. Bo S8. Toledo, n
WILL you write lonely widow worth 8:.no,.
000? Object matrimony, Address, Mrs.
Hill, 14 East th St , Jacksonville, Fla.
LET MADAM KOSMOH help you by giving
your life prediction. Send birth, date and
10 cents. D. L Kosmos, BIOS, LoutevIHe, Ky.
LADll;;'anderson's Cotton Root Pills;
safe and sure. Price $2. Money refunded If
It fails. Address T)r. T. Pierce, Seattle, Wash.
PROSTATE Sufferers to read our announce
ment under Personal. No drugs. The Elec
trothermal Company. George Bldg., Steuben.
vllle, Ohio. , '
MARRY Thousands lonely, congenial mem
bers, worth $'.0,000 up. will marry. De
scriptions Free. Ralph- Hyde, Ban Francisco,
TROSTATE Sufferes to read our announce
ment under Personal. No drugs. The
Electrothermal Company, George Bldg.,
Bteuhenvllle, Ohio.
YOUR future foretold; questions answered
free In full readings. Send dime, age,
blrthdate for trial readings. Dr. Christensen,
Box 735, Toledo, Ohio. .
MATERNITY HOME Private, licensed.
medical attendance, experienced nurse,
safe, painless management, modern conven
iences, legal adoptions, splendid board, legal
advice. Come timely! 2116 Lawrence, Denver,
THINK IT OVER The besu., Investment
ever, Dr. Decaump Positive Ouaranteed
Preventive and cure for private diseases,
$1.00; money back It dissatisfied. eWorth
weight In gold. Box 8, Arsenal Station,
Pittsburg, Pa.
When Irregular or delayed as Triumph
Pills. Safe and alwaye dependable. Not
otd at drug stores. Do not experiment with
others, save disappointment. Write for "Re
lief and particulars, lt'i free. Address Na
tional Medical institute, mows usee, wis.
PROSTATE Disorders, Bladder trouble In
men. Getting up frequently at night Pos
itively and rapidly overcome without drugs
privately at home. Doctors, osteopaths, chir
opractors, physleial culture directors and
others use It. Easily used by anyone any
where. No matter what you have tried-or
trow old the case this method wm bring re
sults quickly. Write for free particulars.
The Electrothermal Company, George Bldg.,
Steubenvllle, Ohio. . .
a a lit flfild. GUI MMlOt fiu Ebaw IU,
FOR RENT Four rooms furnished, lights
and gas; also one room with sleeping
porch. 509 1-2 East Central.
FOR RENT Modern newly furnished sleep.
Ing and light housekeeping rooms, with
gas, also sleeping porches. 614 South Arno.
Phone 1.152-H.
FOll RENT Nicely furnished front room.
To person employed. Telephone 1404-W.
521 South Walter.
FOR KENT Furnished loom In modern
home with sleeping ' porch; also board.
Phono 1315. - - '
FOR SAUL flouset.
FOR BALIS J-urnrsnea home, $2,000. Terms
pays 10 per cent. Phone Owner 885.
FOli HALE Nice three-room bungalow, fur
nished, leaving town. 709 East Santa Fe
Foil SALE Bungalow ; five rooms; beauti
fully furnished, $5,000. Phono 1473-W.
FOR SA LIS Five-room modern brick, heat
ed; six lots. Whole or part. Central. (23
Journal. -
FOlFsAI.E In 6Td Town, alx-oom aciobe
house. Price $750.00, P. O. Box 86, Old
Albuquerque, N. M.
FOR SALIC Nice home, furnished and a
' good paying business, 14,000, half cash.
Bungalow, Journal office. f
roTt HATrlliTt.-fotT"l"odern bungalow"
1 rented. House suitable for boarders; has
two screened porches. Boa (, care Journal
Out buildings,
rOR SALE Nine room house; four room
apartment upstairs; bath room on each
floor; hot water heat; lawn, shade trees
and garage. 015 West Coal. . '
FOR SALE (By Owner) six-room modern
' brick (first ward), hardwood floors, two
porches, basement, price $3.601). 0, p. O.
Box 213, City. ,
FOR SALE Cement block house five rooms
sleeping porch, cellar, city Water, corner
lot one Mock from car line, handy to chops
a little-cash and $13 per month. Call 1801
gonth Ami Phone 1900-W.-
FOR SALE Six-room residence In Higb-
lands. Worth $8,000, and $1,60 will awing
It. The amount the house will rent for" will
pay balance on monthly payments.; Phone
128-'-. Adtteeae P. O. Bo .44. City.
Ladles you can have smart stylish
clothes at a moderate cost If you make
them in the yuoen City College.
This college is strictly a school where
ladles biiug their own material and are
taught to cut and nnike their own gowne
and suits, in a thoroughly up to date
.121 l-S te t entnil
FOR S ALt .cenanKu.
FOR SAI .E-Weed chains t32xj 1-2) ncvel
used. Phone 1:'4;;-J.
FOlt SALE Hor, haruess and buggy
Chns. Milium Old Albuquerque.
FOR SALE i s tiorst"p..er Tn,.t..r, litllo
useptijUes and clutch. Bargain. Phone sjs
FOR SALb Llvetlock.
FOR BALK Two sows and 10 lx-week-old
pigs, 1203 North First,
FOR SALE Two well broken cow ponies.
Besemek'g Dairy. Phone 151. " '
FOR-SALE Hogs, 8 months to six months
old. In -fine condition, "Phone. 2425-FB.
FOR SALE Two horses, "one buggy and
. harness, or will trade for hog or small
plgst 1 303 North First.
DUKOO JERSEY HOGS Registered and im
mune to cholera. Some fine boars ready
for service for tale. Dr. B. B. Honian, EI
Paso, Texas,
" Albuquerque The largest breeders ot reg
istered hogs In the southwest. Can supply
you with herd bonra and young stuff at
moderate price. We ca aleo iupply you
with medicated crude oil for lice, at 60c per
gallon. Plain crude oil at 86o per gallon.
Oil furnlsh-ed to all pig club members free.
Office 1218 South Third.
W ANTEDAgents.
ACENTS New patriotic pictures Over Top,
Freedom. Pershing, Colored Man No
'Slacker Etc., Sample Free. Portraits. . pil
low tops, catalog free. People Portrait,
Sta V., Chicago.
WIDE AWAKE MAN to take charge of our
local trade. $3 to $4 a day steady. No
experience required; pay itarta at once.
Write today. E. M Feltman, Rale fgr 07,
Third St.. Cincinnati. O.
WANTED Salesmen.
WANTED Salesman, on with, Crs prefer
. redi tu BttUthrEfiuttb, ,--.aiiil-l-.i-i,
gasoline motor. 40 horse rioner r.:;
FOR SALE Concord Krapo5rnnT7lkl7"dfor
Jelly. I'hone 2I28-F3.
FOR SA LK-TaiikTwlnUmm and tower.
Jameson's Sanitarium.
FOR SALE Good gentle driviiiKoutfit7""2
rigs, ono double, one single, 401 North
llLll"1 "e 9ti9.
FOR SA l,E Oile-nearly new Vovd run""
about; extra equipment. Address Stern,
Rehloss Co., 116-117 West Conner.
i c.n aiu.M'.i maker for women who can
crochet. Sample twenty cents, sliver. No
stamps. Address Dale, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
B'OR SALE Winchester automatic 12 na.
shot gun. like new, only used short timo.
Will sell on Jts merit, price $25. 602 South
FOR SALE one On it bed and springs. One
small dresser, baby basket, kitchen table
child's rocking horse, call at two West lad
I'hone 15S1-W.
FOR SALE I'luno bench and music cabinet
all In mahogany; piano us good as new.
Will sell chenp nnd make easy terms. H.
Livingston Furniture Co., 21 S South Second.
FO".t SA LE $65 baby carriage In good
Condition. Garden hose. Ice cream freexer.
?ron cot, dishes, lawn swing, pair of rub-'
tier boots slxe eight, and second baud luin-
t S23 West Fruit. Phono 2345.
HOOP' ratm
$0o per gallon. Roof under our ears will
Improve front year to year. W can put on
a new root that will last as long aa the
building. The Mania do Qo, Phone Uul-W.
110 South Walnut
ERIE carbon root painv aua roof cement"
top. leak; last fiva year. Ue Devoa
ready paint, floor paint, Valapar, Jap-a-lae,
mohair top and eat dressing, Motor ear fin
ish, cold water kalsomlne, and be satisfied,
rho. F. Keleher. 408 W. Central. Phone 410.
FOR SALE One No. 15 Keystone drilling
machine In good running order,, capacity
I. 500 feet, with two strings of tools, and S5
II. P. high pressure portable boiler, tine
complete 111 In. Am. W. p. Rotary ma
chine less boiler with 900 feet of good 4 In.
1Mb. Rotary pipe and largo list of tools,
capacity about 1.600 to 2,0011 feet for list and
description address, Sperry & Luklns, Clay
ton, N. M.
FOR" S A LE At The Meyers Co7HVprTco"r
ner First street and Coppr avenue A lot
of furniture and fixtures, Including 'one elec
tric player-piano, one upright piano, bur
outfit, cash register, show enses, largo heat
ing stoves, dlagrnph, trucks, office desks,
chairs, shelving and counters, copper meas
ures, bottling outfit, bar glassware and oth
er articles too numerous to mention nil
goes dirt cheap for cash, no decent offer re
fused. The Meyers Co., Inc., Corner First
street and Copper avenue.
WANTED rvitiscenaneoua.
WANTED A sleeping lent. Phone 1379-W.
WANTED Good tent und trunk. Phone.
WANTED To relit a piano. Address I'. O
Hox 32S, City.
WANTED If you need a carpenter, call J.
S. Hurling. Phone 15S6-J.
WANTED To buy the best twelve hundred
pound horse six years old. John Mann.
WANTED Good shotgun and rifle. The
Exchange. 120 West Gold. Phone lilt.
WANTED To buy goats, ono or more. Al
so milk gouts for rent. Phone 210 1 -F 5.
tA.iD .Rccptlou room and office furn
iture. Will pay reasonable juice. Phone
WANTI';lJ A gT"jir".E"fiat buss-hion. In
quire at Bennett Indian Trading Co.,
Fourth and Gold.
WANTED At once second hand furniture
and kitchen utensils; also cock tnve or
range. Phone 219H-J.
WANTED fay" couple tnot heulthseekers.)
nicely furnished four or five-room cot
tage, Address W. L. J!., Journal.
WANTED Doctor wlshc to purchase lo
cation to practice medicine In New Mex
ico. Address Doctor, care Journal.
FOR-SALE Two' heavy fibre) locking
chain In excellent condition. Apply Apt.
V. The Washington, Jiftcr4 p.n.
114 WST I.KAT). PHONB 1. Wit) ALSO
WANTED Seoond-and men' and boya'
clothe, shoes and underwear. Also trunk
and suit case. Call Hi. CMoago ond
hand (tore. 317 South First
WANTED-5O.0OO bags. T-ay from to to $0
each. (Off ton erap Iron. Pay from I-80
to l-4a per lh. Patriotic duty. St. Iul
Junk Co., 45 South First street Phone 878.
WILL buy aecond hand Ford If in good
condition to be cut down. No objections
to delivery car. If you cannot offer a gen
uine bargain don't answer. "57," care Journal,
MATTRESSES renovated in same or new
tick. Furniture repaired, upholstered and
reflnlshed. Springs restretched. Satisfaction
guaranteed. Albuquerque Mattress Factory.
1011 South Second, Phone 471.
WANTED Careful kodak finishing by mast
ter photographer. Twice dally ervlce.
Remember, satisfaction guaranteed. Send
rur finishing to a reliable, established firm.
Hanna & Banna, master photographers.
WXnTEI) Two young women wisji to se
cure places In Albuquerque' homes, where
they can pay their expenses In whole or
In part by service. The Albuquerque Bus
iness College can vouch for the character
and refinement of these ladle. Phone 627.
FOR SALE hurntture.
FOR SALE Second hand dining room
table, buffet and chair; good condition.
615 West Roma. Ts'.75j
FOR SLENew stock ot furniture Move
and ranges, mve repair, hardware and
tore fixtures. Phone 2032, or address 621
North Seventh street for further Informa
tion. .
FOK-6aLe Two nice heating stoves. 1 nice
range. 1 nice dining tame oak finish 1
dresser,. 1 chiffonier, 12 nice chairs, i rock
ing chairs, 3 beds. 4 couches, dishes of all
kinds. 409 North Edith.
TYPEWRITERS Al) mage, overhauled an
repaired. Ribbon for every machine. Al
buquerque Typwrlter Siohango. Phona 14
in Stoiith m (h
WANTED To exchange Rhode Island red
hens for white leghorn hen. Phone
WANTED Dwellings.
WANTED Couple desires furnished house
for winter. By first of October. Prefer
ably la Lowlands, Address II, R. R., Jour.
nell I 1 - -
118 West Gold.
Itoll Top IX-Kk, $20.00.
Automobile Mechanics' Tool Box,
liefrlgprntnr, special price.
Want to buy what you have to
sell. J'hono 101)
.. . . Attorney
Room IS, 17 and 19. Cromwell Building
Phone 1172.
Dental Surgeoa . ,
Room 2-.1. Barnett Building Phone 741
Appointments Made by Mall
a p. corf
Rooms 4-6 Mcllni Building
W. T. Ml KI'HY, M. D.
rrncllee Limited to Tiiberrnlosls Wright
building; opposite postofflce. Office hour,
to to 13 a. m., 2 to 3 p. m. Phone, ottlc
397-W; residence 397-J.
IK. M A KG A II Of. it 7 f ART W R 8IIT
Practice Limited lo Women' and Chil
dren's !ieases
112.1 R Central Phone 671. Albuquerque, N M.
Practice Limited In Children.
Office Rooms 1 and 3. Wright Bldg.
Fourth and Gold.
, Hours S p. m. to S P. m.
Residence Phone 2075. Office Phone 1
FOR RENT Miscellaneous.
HORSES and Rig to Jeme Spring; aaetlp
Mte. H. Garcia, 1201 North Arno.
For Rent Rooms With Board.
FOR RENT East room wttn porch; boatd,
private family. 623 South High.
FOR KENT Largo, clean rooms, sleeping
porch and board. Phone 1952-W. 608
South Edith.
FOR TliENT Rooms with hot and cold wa
ter, sleeping porche and board. 412 East
Silver. Phone 1468-R
f"oRRENT Rooms w:th sleeping porche.
hot and cold wnter, 1st class table board.
Cnsa de Oro. 813 West ooin.
FOR RENT Sleeping porch furnished
rooms, first-class table board. 101 South
Edith. Phone 880, Mrs Abbott.
"and norch suitable
for two with board, rates $35.00. Phane
1618-W. ins South Arno. '
M RS "w"-lTT"lT K E r7 or the Lockhart Ranch
has moved to 803 South Arno. wnere he
Is prepared to take health aeeker. Phone
cent Ideal home. Has room with prlvata
bath vacant. 1 so 1 West Central. Phone 1112.
SHADY NOOK ranch offer excellent room
and board. Just the place to get atrong.
For rate phone 8439F-4; free transportation
Accommodation now available. Mrs. H. H.
FOR PALE Albuquerque Hotel, 14 room.
315 South First.
f'tiK RENT 4' wo buildings at Seventh aud
General Avenue. Apply to J. IS. Elder.
agent. '
STOCK Issues nfomotlons wanted. We or
ganise, incorporate and sell stock. So
curleties Holding Co., 813 Slewart Bldg..
Houston. Texas.
FOR SALE Hotel, seventeen well fu.nlshed
rooms, centrally located, close to depot.
Owner will sacrifice. See National Invest
ment Co., 102 North Third.
ADVERTISE 20 words in all of 100 syndi
cate monthlies $1; Ho weeklies $260;
20 Sunday papers $5 ;all three lists $7.50.
Cope Agency, St. Louis, Mo.
FOR SALE Poultry and Eggs
FOR"sAI,B Ton Rhode Island Red pullets.
tilt, west rruii.
FOR SALE sijtuibs and Squabs; also plge
... .:, u ......
ons. iipi vti r..in"ti
Full SALE A few (Real) K. IS. Thomp
sons, Ringlet Haired Rocks. W. D. Carr.
721 South Walter.
KulSAI.lv "Fifteen pur" lir,,,i Plymouth
hens, one year old. Also young Belgian
bare rabbits. I'honeJJjel. iJiri:
FOR-SALE Seventeen thoroughbred white
leghorn hens, nil laving 11 Ml"'''''
'pullets ready to lay. Moving; must sell. 108
South Arno. Phone 671.
FOR CAKPWNTKR work, reasonable. Drop
Cerd n North Ftrst lr;
JJI5NTV( $3 per
month. Dolde's Ranch. 4 mile outh ot
town.. Phone 181 -
FOR RENT Office Rooms.
FOR "RUNT i" front connecting office
rooms over Golden Rule Stnr.
FOR SALE Automobiles.
FOR SALE Five-passenger Overland. Will
take all or 'part In furniture. Phone 4:!U.
FOR saT.E Seven-passenger Chalmers mot
or body and tires in first class condition.
fSOO.OO cash. Bargain, must soil. 711 Mar
FOR SALE 191 Itulek light six, 5-pasen-ger,
run less than 300 miles; for quick
sale will take $1,250, Address D-42, care
Journal, or phone 1907-R and leavo ad
dress for demonstration
FORAI.B A pTlze for soma one. Beautiful
1918 Mitchell car. nearly new, a snap
CaBh, $1,175; terms. $1,225. It will be re
duced $25 each week till aolrt. Act quickly.
Phone M. Fourth week. August SO to 27.
BhM. A.11 . nv.h.r. anv time.
L. Silver City T am.; ar. Mogollon I p.m.
I.v. Mogollon 7 a.m.; ar. Silver City I P m.
Best equipped auto livery In outhwU
BKNNICTT M4IT4IH tbssbi x w.
SUver City, M. M.
No. Cla. Arrlvea Departa.
1. The Scout 7:10 pm.- 8:30 pin.
3. California Limited ..11:45 am. 12:45 pm.
7. Fargo Fast 10:45 am. 11:15am.
. The Navajo ......... 1:30 am. .8:30 am.
Southbound. '.
811, El Paso Express 10:15 pnv.
807. El Paso Express ... 11.45am,
Eastbound. . .
10. The Scout 7:35 am. 8:05 am.
S. The Navalo .. :09 pin. , S:40 pm,
4. California Limited .. ,8:00pm, 7:00pm.,
8. Santa Fe Eight. ... ..1:11 pm. 10:2 pin. -
Fro in Sou (a.
111. Ransai City and Chicago, ...,7:00 am,
ISJ, aJUM fill. Wi tl9W uuUi am

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