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Albuquerque Morning Journal, Sunday, August 25, )19 18.,
CHAT! wins
Will They Use These Grips
To Hold British Enfield Rifle?
Rousch Leads Off With Triple,
Magee and Cueto Passed
and Griffith Singles to Cen
ter, Scoring Rousch,
Cincinnati, ., Aug. 24. In the last
half of the tenth, Kousoh led off with
a triple. S. Magee ami Cueto were
purposely passed by George, and then
Griffith singled to center, scoring
Kousch, which save Cincinnati vic
tory over Hoston. Score: '
llostoii. .
A B. R. IT. P.O. A. K.
Herzog, 2h 3 2 2 1 1 1
Crun.lall, rr 1 0 l" 1 0 0
Taggrirt. If 6 2 3 1 0 1
Ohadbourne, ef. . . 4 1 2 n 0
Terry, ss 3 n I 3 0 1
Smith, 31) 3 0 1 0 4 0
Konetchy, 11) 4-0 111 ) 0
Wilson, e 0 0 4 0 1 1
Ruwlings. rf 21). , 3 0 1 3 3 0
George, p 4 0 1 2 4 0
Totals 38 G 10x27 17 3
x None out when winning run scored.
AH. K. IT. P.h. A. K
C.roh, .",h. . . .
T Magee. 2h.
Houwh. cf. . .
S. Magee, lb.
Cueto, if
Griffith, rf. .
Hlackburne, si
Archer, c. . . .
RinK. p.
Mitchell, p. .
11 30 11 3
Totals 38
Score by innings: I
Boston 330 OfltHOftO 0 fi
Cincinnati 012 300 000 17
Summary: Two base hits, S. Magee, j
Herzog, Chadbourne. Three base hit, ;
niackbnrne. Stolen liases, h. Magee
S.- Matfee, Chndbotirne 2. Smith. Sac
rifice fly, Terry. Double plays,
fleorge to Herzog: Fmith to Rawlings
to Wilson: Terry to Rawlings to Kon
etehv. Pass on balls, off Ring 2. oft
Mitchell 3, off CSeorge 5. Hit by pitch
er, bv Ring 1, by fleorge 1. Struck out
by Mitchell 2, bv George 4,
pitched, RinK 1 2-3.
f - yW,
' !
I I - s
v :
Geo; Sisler.
I (Ity Paul Pui'iiinn.)
There wus a ilay when the rfvlii."
of these felloww on their hats held a
big Interest for that part of the pn!-
: lie known 'as fantlom, but tha-. clay
bat. passed.
The main thins the public wants
to know about these lending laitcts
lnninpsj lA whether they can and -i HI u: e tMeir
I brndjall Kriis on the stock of a lifie,
. " v.l'ether they will use ,h.!i;' truinw:
Chicaitft R-3, Drooklyn 3-1. tl.i owint; m nis in hni lieji h ind fertn
' Chicago. Au(f. 24. Chicago won J0' , ; ;j,
both Karnes of a rtouWe header from I )I(I" wp hlive t!le I''Iiiik mitts of
Brooklvn and now leads by It 1-2! of the greatest batters in- the
games in the pennant race. The first American league. . 1
game was a slugging match, while! There s the mighty Tyrus Cobb
Grimes remained on the mound for young, a nealthv, husky athlete
the visitors. Kllltfer outguessed Che-' There's Krank linker of home run
nev in the second game which was a fame, young George Hums of the
nitching battle. With the score tied Athletics, Geori'e Staler, the south-
and a man on third, Cheney attetnpt-j , ,, . .
ed to pass Killifer, but the Chicagoanj
threw his bat at the fourth null and Passed ball Wheat. Innings pitched,
paw sensation of the lirowiiH, and Tris
Speaker, super-outfielder of the In
dians. True, all are married exept Speak
er, but all with the exception of
Hums are making and have made
enormous salaries for seasons pasi.
None would leave dependents in
straightened cii'cumstancei, '.nd there
are thousands of boys in I'ranee who
lave gone willingly, knowing that 11
would not be easy sailing , for those
at honie. .
This is perhaps the last time this
paper will print a picture of batting
grips until after the war,' When base
ball w1IF eonie-'hacli into its own.
It would give us great pleasure to
be able to show photos f these same
ins grips mi fnl'ield rifles. ' .
That wo'ulil be a picture that the
singled, jsendlnp
home. Score.
Johnston, rf.
Olson, ks.
Baubert, lb.
Z. Wheat, If.
Myers, If. . .
fYMara, 3b.
Doolan, '2b.
M. Wheat, c.
Grimes, p. . .
Smith, p. . .
X Miller . . .
the ...winning;, run
Totals "
t j
AB. R. H. P.O. A. K
4 1 2 1 0 0
4 0 2 2 B 0
3 0 1 7 0 0
' .... 4 1 0 0 0 0
. . , . 3 0 1 3 0 0
... 4 0 0 3 2 1
4 1 1 6 1 0
3 0 1 0 2 0
... 0 0 0 0 0 Oj
..... 0 0 0 0 0 j
34 3 8 24 1 1 1 I
Chicago . .
. . :. .001
" ' ' .rt.fr. R.
flOO 000 1 4 0
000 2lx 3 S 1
and Miller;; Mar
tin and Killifer.
Batted for Smith in ninth
citim so.
AH. K. H
3 0 :
Flack, rf.
Mann, If. .
Paskert, ef.
Merkle, 11).
Pick. 2 b. . .
TVal. 3b. . .
O'Farrell, o.
llendrix, p.
rittshurgli 1-:t. i'hilailclpliiu :l-7.
Pittsburgh, Aug. 24. Today's dou
ble header between Philadelphia and
Pittsburgh was a fifty-fifty affair.
First gnpie. Tt. H. K.
Philadelphia . .000 020 001 3 ti 0
Pittsburgh ...000 301 oOx 4 6 2
liatlerlrs: Jacobs and Adams;
Cooper and Schmidt.
Second game. U. H. E.
Philadelphia ..001 400 2007 8 1
PlttsburWi ...000 001 0033 4
Chicago . . .
Cincinnati .
Xew York . .
St. Louis . . .
Boston .
Brooklyn . .
, .78'
. . so
. ro
. . 50
0 2
great sporting public of America
would a ppreeiate.
Old King Baseball is dead until
after the war. The interest isn't there
t ny more. People are interested In
smother world series, one that Is be-
1 a contested along
I lcirdv. in Plunders.
V.' will bid farewell to the base
ball star-! ,,( toilav. When baseball is
lesuuied tlie Cobbs, Sticakers- Bakers,
Collinses will .have passed mil there
will be ;i new genetation.
We will thank the stars of today
for the pleuHiir" they have given us
in the past ,und because they have
.meant much to us we' will, fervently
hope they will not disappoint us now
1. ml that September will see them
changing their baseball uniforms for
another kind.
and Smith.
Iloog and Adams; Mayer
At St. Louis, St. T.otiis-Xew York
game postponed, rain.
.34 8 15 27 14 1
Totals '. . .
Score by innings:
Brooklyn 200 100 000 3
Chicago . 030 140 OOx 8
Summary: Two base hit, Johnston.
Home run, Hnndrix. Stolen base,
Johnston. Sacrifice hits. Hollocher,
Olsen. Double plays, Olson to Dau
herc. Doolan, unussisted. Base on
balls, off Hendrix 3. Struck out by
Grimes 3, by Hendrix 3, by Smith 1.
For Cramps In the Stomach.
If you have ever heen doubled up
with cramps In your stomach, you will
be Interested In the experience ol
Charles Henry, Oswego, N. Y., who
says: "About four yearn ngo when
suffering from cramp in my stomach
and bowels, I used Chamberlain's
Colic and Diarrhoea Remedy. It is
by far the best medicine of the kind
I have ever used."
Don't neglect the "awi-BIt" Red
Otis Club. Join Kwlay.
1.. Pet.
Boston 70 .Ml .583
Cleveland 07 1.2 .lit'.:1
Washington 05 ' S3 .55 1
New York 58 57 .50)
Chicago 58 5 8 .500
Philadelphia .55- 71 ' .437
Detroit . . . 50 fiti .431
St. Louis 44 61 .4 1 9
L. J -. S . '
TiitU'ii Is Winner.
Southampton, X. Y.. Aug. 24. Wil
liam T. Tilden, of Philadelphia, won
the singles final and trophy in the
lawn tennis tournament here today on
the turf courts of the' Meadow club
Tilden defeated T. It. Pell. New York.
In straigst sets, ti-4. 6-2, 6-4. Tilden
and Vincent Richards wo lithe finals
of the doubles by defeating Walte.
T. Hayes-und Balph II. Burdick, tho
western champions of Chicago, 6-4, 1
fi, 6-3, 6-7. ' 6-4.
To Business
KEEN foresight is a trait that all you suc
cessful business men possess. That's
why it is that you today know what. most
people will not realize for several months.
In vour business vou feel the effect of restricted material
and transportation. You know that the same conditions
are affecting the clothesmaker, plus the fact that the
Government is using a large part of his raw. material.
In all probability you will need new clothes soon. May
be you ought to have them right "now but have not got
around to it.
You Will save money if you buy Society Brand Clothes
today. It may be years before really good, dependable
and stylish clothes like these can be had at present
prices. Obviously the best clothes will he gone first.'
Don't hoard clothes, but get your Society Brand suit or
overcoat while you may. :
ft. mi-anFoo f Inthmor f n
'Correct Clothes for Men",
4 i ', "rlf ( 4 .11 ni; ,1
lUli til H li IU J I
.iiiiii:uii;iin!!:!imi;iniiiti:i!N;i:i'iHiiinitlill't SrxXS..
if' MfV
;mr tut
! Chicago, Aug. 24. The first three,
games of the world's baseball series
I will be played in Chicago, starting
Wednesday, September 4, It was an
nounced tonieht by President Ban
Johnson of the American league. The
rcmaining contests, if anyf will be
playeii on the home grounds of the
American league pennant winners
War charities will share in the re
ceipts of tli. championship games.
President Johnson said:
Details for the annual classic were
announced by President Johnson
latter official sanction for the game,
'had been viven by Secretary of Wa.
I Baker.
I Baseball is i xneoted to contribute
i between 'ln,(Mifl and 40,0000 to war
'charities under the plan suggested bv
'the national commission, which agreed
I to 'donate 10 ner cent of its revenue
.from the series and recommended
I that each league, as well as the con
jAesting clubs, participated players.
! officials and other officials contribute
'it like amount.
Because of the demand made upon
the public for contributions for
patriotic causes and also for the in
vestment in Liberty Honds and Thrift
Stamps, the commission decide! "to
materially reduce the prices of ad
mission in onled to enable the patrons
to attend the games at reasonable
prices." The pr.lce of box seats, which
a vear ago sold for f.0. was reduced
$3. Crand stand reservea seats
will sell for $1.50: pavilion seats ioi
$1 and bleacher seats at 60 cents.
President Johnson also announced
that the national commission wouli
cable dally reports and teaiures 01
each game to tho American canauiau
troops overseas. .
(leorge lliklehrand and Clarence
Owen are the American league um
pires selected to officiate In the series,
while the National leagu self,"
the veteians "I lankO'Day and Wil
liam Klein. . '? ... ,
Many radical changes win oe m
In lhe arraiurements for the
Of the coming world's .Hei'les.
n iu v.ti.n.,tn,i that owing to
reduction of the admission charges
the gate receipts will fall nearly fifty
per cent, empires and all others,
aside from the players,' who receive
pecuniary benefits from the series,
will have-their coinpensatlon cut in
half. '' f "; V , .
I'nder the agreement. , reached by
the two major leagues and the na
tional commission last winter the
phiM-rs of the winning and ' losing
teams will receive respectively $2,000
and $1,400 each, in place of the
usual division of sixty per cent of the
proceeds of the first four Bame"! Pr
vidlng the sixiv ner cent amounts to
!2,N:i4. In case the sixty, per cent
falls below the figures the respect
ive shares of the players participat
ing shall be scaled kn the ratio of
the decrease in the aggregate play
ers revenue this year as compared
tO 1 t 1 7. . ' , ,' .:" I , "
Gedeon Misjudges Coffey's
Easy Fly With - Bases, Full
and Two Gut; Ruth Scores
at Head of Double-steal, .
Boston, Aug. 24. -Boston defeated
St. Louis by scoring three runs in
the Hecond inning when, with the
)ases full and two out. Gedeon mis
judged Coffey's easv fly, which went
as a single. Then Ruth scored at the
bead of a (double steal. Score:
St. IjoiiIh.
' AB. ft. IT. PO. A. K
Tobin, If 4 0 1 0 0 0
Maisel, 3b .1 0 1 1 3 0
Sisler, lb 4 0 014 0 0
Bern mitt, rf 4 0 0 1 0 0
Hendryx, cf 3 1 2 0 0 0
Gedeon, 2b '. . 3 0 0 3 4 0
Austin, H8 .1 0 0 0 4 0
Nnnam.-iker, c .... 3 0 1 5 0 0
Beifleld, p 3 0 0 0 4,0
Totals 30 1 5 24 1 5 0
.. llORlOII.
AB. It. TI. PO. A. 15
Hooper, rf .3 0 1 3 0 0
Shean, 2b 3 0 0 2 .'! 0
Htriink, cf 3 0 0,1 0 ,0
Miller, If 3 11 1 0 0
Mclnnis, lb 2 1 014 0 0
Scott, rs 2 0 0 2 4 0
Ruth, p 2 1 0 1 4 (I
Agnew, c 0 0 0 2 0 0
Schang, c 2 0 1 2 0' 0
Coffey, 3b 2 0 0 3 0 0
zDubuc . 1 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 23 3 4 27 14 1
7. Batted for Agnew in second.
Score by innings:
St. louis 010 000 0001
Boston . .' 030 000 OOx 3
Summary: Two-base hits Hendryx.
Three-base hits Hooper. Stolen base
Ruth, Coffey. Sacrifice hits
Gedeon, Mclnnis, Scott, Coffey, Hoop
er. Double play Gedeon to Sisler.
Base on balls Leifteld 2. Ruth 2.
Struck out Llefield 2, Ruth 1. Pass
ed ball Schang,
AVnshinston 4. Cleveland 0.
Washington, Aug. 24 Washington's
defeat of Cleveland, combined with
Boston's victory over St. Uuis put
Cleveland four games behind the
league leaders. Score:
All. R. H. PO, A. E.
Beschcr, rf. 3 0 1 20 0
T'hapman, ss. ... 4 0 0 4 1 3
Speaker, cf 4 0 1 2 0 1
Wood, If 0 0 4 0 0
Johnston, lb 4 0 0 1 1 0 2
Turner, 2b. , 4 0 1 1 3 0
Kvans, 31)., p. . . . 3 0 0 0 I! 1
O'Neill, c 3 0 0 0 2 1
Knzmann, p. .... 3 0 1 1 2 0
Totals 32 0 4 24 1 2 5
Washington. '
AB. R. H. PO. A. R.
Shotten. If 0 1 1 0
Poster, lb 4 0 1 4 2 1
Judge, lb 4,1 1 7 0 0
Milan, cf 3 1 1 3 0 0
Schulte, rf 3 0 1 2 0 0
Shanks, 2b. 3 1 '
livan, ss 3 1 1 2
Casey, e 3 0 fl
Harper, I f J. J
Totals 30 4 7 27 9 1
Score by innings: n
Hoveland ""0 ft,ln 001
Washington , 010 300 OOx 4
Summary: Two base hits, Speaker,
Schulte, Judge. Stolen bases, Besch
er, Uivan ami Turner. Base on balls
off Harper 2. Struck out by Harper
Chicago Philadelphia 4-2.
Philadelphia. Aug. 24. Perry was
invincible in the pinches and Phila
delphia won the second game of to
day's double header after Chicago
sTuggeri a victory In the first contest.
Scores: ,
First game. H. K-
Chicago 201 005 1009 14 0
Philadelphia ..000 003 0104 4
Batteries: Qulnn and Schalk; Wat
son, Pearson and McAvoy,
Second game. R. H. E.
,.1., Am nfin nan 1 x 1
v nicugo -
Philadelphia ... 000 110 OOx 2 8 3J
Batteries: Benz and jacoos; i cnj
and Perkins.
Detroit S-Ot Xcw York 4-2-
New York, Aug. 24. New York
made it three out of four from Detroit
breaking even in a double header. In
the first game Cobb 'batted in four
inns. First same:
Score: Tt. H- E-
Detroit' 002.200 1005 8 I
New York 002 010 0104 H 1
Batteries: Boland and Spencer;
Finnerin, I.ove and Walters.
Second game: R. H. R-
Detroit .000 000 0000 3 . 1
New York ....ouh nu ux z a 1
Batteries: Danss and Yelle; Mog- j
ridge and Hannah.
Public Is Offered an Oppor
''. tunity to Invest in a-Company
Which ' Has a Plant in
Operation in .Pueblo,
It is an acknowledged fact by auto
mobile authorities that Dr.' Baker's
wonderful Invention of the steam boil
er has solved the troubles that have
existed in the manufacture of steam
nutomobiles every since the existence
of the motor ear. This wonderful boil
er will not scale or corrode ho matter
what sort of water is used. The boiler
cannot be injured through boiling dry
It is fool-proof 'in every particular.
Has a world of power and speed. As
you realize steam is the best power
known to man, and it. is only the con
ditions as explained above that have
pretented the steam automobile in'
dustry from becoming the largest of
its kind. j
The Baker Steam Cnv, known as
the wonderful boiler, has overcome
all the difficulties which heretofore
have retarded the progress of the aut
omobile steam industry. A visit to the
Albuueriue office will convince any
one that the Baker Steam Car is the
perfection of steam nutomobiles. Re
member that we have a factory built
at Pueblo. Colorado, machinery in
stalled, and are steadily manufactur
ing these Baker Steam Cars, Tractors
and Trucks.
The citizens of New Mexico are now
offered for the first time an oppor
tunity for investment in the stock
of the Baker Steam Motor and Man
ufacturing Company. Automobile
stocks show one of the highest per
centage of successful investments, as
well as one of the most profitable in
dustries known to man. Stock now
selling fit !ic per share. All common
stock, fully paid and forever non-assessable.
Do not puss this ,up thereby
adding another regret to your already
long list. Seeing Is believing. We have
the proofs. Call or write City and
state office 111 Suth Fourth street,
Albuquerque, New" Mexico. A. O.
Bracy is the manager for the state for
he western industry.
The committee on arrangements foi
the Santa Fe fuel conservation meet
lag which will be held in the higl
school auditorium at 8 o'clock tumor
low night, yesterday announced the
complete program for the evening.
Judge C. M. Botts win net as chair
man of the meeting. F. K Summers
superintendent of the Rio Grande div
ision of the Santa Fe railroad, is chair,
man of the committee on arrange
ments. ,,
The principal address of the eve-
I nlng will be given by Judge Itichaid
I II, Hanna .chief justice of the sup
reme court and a member of the state
advisory commiltae of the I', S. fuel
administration for New Mexico. The
committee feels unusually gratified in
obtaining this eminent speaker, who
is expected to throw much light on
the subject of .practical fuel con
servation. Judge ilanna is thorough.;'
familiar with the fuel situation aivi
will tell in his interesting manner,
hew practical coservation may bu
The fuel conservation campaign of
the Santa Fe Is simply another patri
otic step added to those already taken
by the men of the railroad. In th
Liberty Loan campaigns, the W. S. S
drive, the Salvation Army drive. th-
Y. M. C. A. drive, in fact whenever
the Santa Kg employes have bees
called upon to aid In winning the war
they have responded nobly, anil now
that their commander-in-chief, W. C.
McAdoo, has asked they conserve fuel
they have irone after the matter with
their usual thoroughness and are
planning the meeting as the first step.
The program for tomorrow night
Violin. Solo Miss Grace Stortz.
Address Judge Richard H. Hann'n
chief justice supreme court.
Piano Solo Stanley Seder.
Address J. K. Ilartnett, assistant
to general manager.
Vocal Solo Miss Grace Stortz.
Address A. K. Bauer. gener.'l
transportation inspector.
Four-minute practical talks bv
train and engine men on conservation
of fuel in service.
The. Albuquerque Sluggers will
cross bats at Hopewell field to
day with the Helen aggregation,
which they defeated at Helen a
week ago. The game will be
called at 3 o'clock.
The Helen players are coming
to Albuquerque not. only with the
strong determination of making
up for their defeat of last Sun
day but with the idea of taking
a game from the state cham
pions. They are being backed
by an aggregation of rooters
which is accompanying them.
They are expected to arrive this
morning. The probable line-up
for the game this afternoon, fol
lows: Sluggers Gonzales, center
field; M. Chaves, catcher; Sala
zar, first base; Chavez, shortstop;
D. Chavez, left field; Burns,
third base; Cordova, right field;
Guilliam, second base; Armijn.
pitcher; Guevara and Pena, subs.
Belen Gilbert, catcher; Stock
ton, pitcher; Castillo, right field;
Linn, first base: Pyde, shortstop;
CJuintana, second base; Moore,
third base; liustemante, left
field; Sebrum, center field.
Join the "Two-Bit"
Red Cross club. You are
Palntb, Oils, Glum, Jfalthold RooflD
and Building Paper.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers li
Sausage a Specially
For Cattle and Hogs the Ballni
Market Pricne Are Paid
92b West Gold.
Phone 44.
A remedy for infwtloiu
id th urinary tract.
, rainless, noD-pouoauua
and will not itnetur
HriwvMin 1 to 4 day.
PRICE $1.20 Sold By Druggists w
Treatise with each bottle or mailed oa retjutst.
Wallace Hesseldcn
General Contractor
We are In a position to (tire
more value for the money than
any other BULDING FIRM In )'
Uiln vicinity.
Office With
The Superior Lum
ber & Mill Co.
Hudson for Signs f
Wall Paper
Hudson for
t Picture Frames
X Fourth Bt. and Copper Ave.
Albuquerque Foundry
and Machine' Worki
rviiKiiirrrt t'oundcr- -tiCU"
Caating tn iron,- Brass, Bon. Alu
minum, Electric Motor, UHint;
Pump. i and irrleatloA. f ..,,, 'j '
Work and OffkAlbaHttsrtjM.
'HELD AT Y. M. C. A.
The first swimming contest for jun
ior, preparatory and emploved boys
of the Y. M. C. A. was held at the
association tank yesterday. Swim-;
ming contests are to he held each Sat
urday hereafter. , '':
Acting Physical Director' C ' J.
Green has prepared a chart on which
standard records In the various divl
slons are to he kept. The chart will
be huiiR on the wall ' near the pool.
The events, which will be recorded.
Include snims arranging from 20 to
?)0 vards, the 20-yard back stroke,
4 0-yard , breast stroke, the (graceful
dive and the long plunge. 'i
Records of those who led in tne
various classes yesterday In the 20
,ard' swim, follow: Preparatory divi
sion Karl Richmond. 17 3-5 seconds;
Paul Knw, 1! 4-5 seconds; Fred
Blake, 20 seconds. '
Junior division Roy Allen, 13 3-5
seconds; Lee Miller, 14 seconds; Cecil
Mi7.e, 12 4-5: Pert- Uberman, 14 sec
onds; Otto Skinner, Charles Renfro
and Mariano Armijo, 15 seconds;
Ernest Abbott. 17 seconds.
Employed boys Fred Kremis, 13
Seconds) D. Cavanau'gh, ; 13 3-6 sec
onds: Wegs, 15 seconds; Lehrman, 14
seconds; B. Harris, 17 seconds; I
Pachechi. 15 S-9' seconds; E. Sehu'U,
1 -seconds;' WV'ttoperS, 7 7 second
" Kremis, cv-a'tiUKh'' nhd 1hrnvaif)
passed three ' special' swimming ' testf
tn addition to theH0-yard swim. .( &
Tell it. through; the cltissifiei
colnmnife iof Th JarnI RS-
S, O. S.
S. O. S.
--Small Boys
-Little Girls
The Morning Journal wants a lot of
Glean Cotton Rags
Here is your chance to make money with which to
Buy War Savings Stamps. -
By collecting the rags, and bringing them to this
office. .
Prevailing Markfct Price Paid. " '
S.OtS. S.O.S.
y - : ; J
H 1,4 VT' I, i 1 ii, kt r ' 4 " " 111 'i '" " 1 '
JAlbgiierque Lumber Cmpany

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