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Albuquerque Morning Journal, Monday, August 26, 1918.
Soldiers to Be, on Way to
Training Camps, Undergo
Quick Changes; Y, M. C, A.
Helps in Difficulties.
San I'lam-isco, Calif , Aug. 2S.
Front "south of the slot" u portion of
Kan Francisco where it is said, three
world's champion pugilit-ia In bygone,
oays lived on the same street iii. the
sa"ie time, v couple of hundred led
fisled selective draft men swim down
Market street to the Ferry bnildins
headed for Camp 1-ewis, Tacoma.
Wash. Another cluster, with a win,,,,
different ancestral nationality shew
ing in thick curling black hair, quick
smiles and splendid teeth, swirled out
into the Embareadero, tho bin pla..a
which fronts the Ferry building, to
the music of un accordion playing
"Tipperury," and the two crowds
jammed through the .station pules to
gether, leaving the outer waiting
rooms iiacked tight with friends and
relatives. A young man in uniform
boarded their train wi'W them unci
H it down at one end of rnr. He wore
the khaki of the Y. M. '. V.
Music Adds Zest.
Half way tp Sacramento, tbc m.im
rntary depression of departure began
to fade. Youth becani" alert. So 'lid
the young man In khaki who ont-v1
into a discussion of the possibilities of
accordion music, with the owner of
that instrument- Presently it was lis
coursing to the extent ()f Hs billowing
'lowers, an dthe chorus of "liose
Marie" swelled above the car din.
The Kinging wen on for hours.
In the next car, half a doen 'aid
Attacks of Indigestion
"I believe Chamberlain's Tablets have !
saved my life, writes Mrs. Maggie Coil, j
(Jolden City, Mo. "I had pains in my !
stomach so bad 1
thought I could not
live. Our doctor said
it was congestion of
the stomach. I would
goto bed perfectly well
and wake up in the
night as bad as I could
be and live. Our doc
tor said it would do
no good to give medi
cine internally. 9 Ho
had to inject medicina
in my arm. Since tak
ing Chamberlain's
Tablets I can eat any
thing I want without
hurting rae." This!
form of Indigestion in
eitremely painful and
often dangerous. By
taking Chamberlain's
Tablets after eat in.
and especially when you have fulness
and weight in the stomach after eating,
the disease may be warded off and
avoided. Chamberlain's Tablets not only
aid digestion, but strengthen and invig
orate the stomach , q
If .
I f :i
Dy .1
- i i
Karnes were running, with air obseiver
or two for each player. The cm' was
busy, and the Y. M. C. A. mini, who
had left the musical car. lingered . nly
a moment, to see that no Icncso'iio
souls were Isolating themselve.
j Gloves Kettle Dlf iVioiieo.
The third car had nothing t do,
apparntly. Nobody, was playl-.itt; no
' body was singing A row was brewing
In a far coiner. From nowhero in
' particular a set of boxing gloves le
I vealed themselves in the you 114; man's
hand, and a moment latiM' thev were
Attached to the wrists of :'.vo youths
known as preliminary rignters in in
four round inon-Trofe--sonul bouts
allowed in California. Cram;i"d as to
footwork by the arrow aisles, they
whaled away undaunted, and the
squabblers at the end of the car stop
ped their row, to see the fun- They
did not take their grievance up again.
In another car, haif a dozen domino
games were started, with sets pro
vided by the man who wore the
Actor Does His lilt.
But the find of the trip appeared
In a young vaudeville actor anions
the drafted men, who was on the
"big time" cireitit in private life. Me
gave bis "sketch," he gave imitations
; of other actors' sketches; he recited,
he sang, until, In tairness to nis tir
ing voice the men shut off their still
enthusiastic comrades from further
At station stops, the young man in
uniform moved from group to :-ku;i,
nearly always with a word of ,rMe
In the conduct of the men. It npriai.l
they themselves had not noted their
good behavior particularly, but after
he spoke, they began to pay attention
"Cut out the rough stuff " became a
talisman through which the restless
outdoor youths, held themselves and
each other In check, during many
hours of travel. ,
First Alii Work.
Tn quiet times, the Y. M. C. A, man
did a little rough "first aid". One
man proclaimed hoarsely that he had
a cold In his throat and his coughing
would keep his companions awake.
A wet towel, surmounted by a dry one
pave him somewhat the apnearnnre of
an Elizabethan courtier, but he did
not cough. A splinter in a finger be
gan to be restlef-s; It was nipped out.
A blistered foot was treated to a
chain"1 skin pad after the direction
of th" Piatt shore manual. When these
things were accomplished, the met.
were waiting for some fresh suggest
ion for amusement.
At Ro'eburg.' Ore., the train Rtop
pd soe time. Out came the boxing
gloves ten sets of them. The Y. M.
C. A. man had a good supply it ap
peared, and the citizens of Rosebnrg
were treated to some of the" best
strictly amateur bouts seen on this
coast for yars. The "South of Mark
et" men and the "North Beach" men
gained new understanding and high
er regard for each other before, the
train whistle called them away from
cheering citizenry.
At. Portland they marched, ten
abreast, through the city streets, and
men whose workaday English was of
the most meager description roared
through the stanzas of "The Star
Spangled Banner." Rested once more
as to muscles and minds, they frol
icked through the hours at Camp
Lewis. "Tell the folks at home," said
one young giant, "we didn't even
scratch the paint on Mhe car. Tell
them that."
The T. M. C. A. man told them that.
Bombardment of Antwerp in
Which Civilians Were Killed
Carried Out by Germans on
August 25, 1914,
His first task will be to recruit 100
laborers to go tb': Shelbyvillu, Tenn
for employment in the Duponf pow
der works.
London, Aug. Zj. tour years ago
i today August 25. 1914. the nermann
I began their campaign of frightful
ness in the air. the killing of non
combatants by dropping bombs from
The first German air murder 01
civilians took place at Antwerp. Tt
sent a shudder of horror through the
whole world, but since then the world
has travelled far on the path of hor
ror. Belgium Holds Drive.
The Battle of Mons had opened and
the French and British forces were
falling back rapidly under the over
whelming pressure of the German
armies. There was only one cause
for dissatisfaction at German head
quarters the delay which the little
Vtttttrlnn nrmv bail i m nourift rlnrinu. thn
J 1 - I
passage through Belgium, and the
stubborn refusal of the Belgian king
to surrender, although his capital had
fallen and bis army had been driven
Into Antwerp.
It was under these circumstances I
that the order was given to make the
first erlal of Germany's great al
yweapon. A Zeppelin was sent to
make a midnight raid on the city of
Antwerp. The commander had spec
ial instructions to try for the royi'
palace, for King Albert was felt to bo
the soul of his people s resistance.
Hid Not Attack Forts.
Antwerp was a fortified cltv In the
1 lanh ninu I BPI1B0 nt IliA toi'm lint Ilia
ring of forts was located far from the
parts Inhabited by the civilian popu
lation, and the main forts were at
an average distance of ten miles from
the center.
But the Zeppelin did not attack
the forts. With its engines stopped,
it drifted over the city and discharged
six bombs, all of which fell near tho
An American army officer who was
in Antwerp at the time wrote the
following account of the incident:
"No bomb actually struck the pal
ace, hut one narrowly missed the ca
thedral. Three found human vic
tims. One killed four women and
two policemen. A second killed one
man and wounded two others. An
other fell In the courtyard of th
Hospital of St. Elizabeth, smashed all
the ' windows, but wounded no one,
although the crucifix hanging over
the bed of a sick child was smashed
to pieces by a fragment of shrapnel.
In all, ten people were killed and
eight wounded."
New York City Heads Are
Planning to Replace the
Many Employes Who Are
Answering Country's Call,
Trv the Want Afl Wav
of the
That ever-ready servant, ,
instantly responds to
do the housewife's
Every hour of the day and night this faithful at
tendant stands ready and waiting to save her
time, steps, trouble. and worries; to simplify the
direction and management of her home.
It never lags, sleeps, rests, eats, argues, or quits
for a better job. ;
If you do not have this wonderful, help
ful servant in your employ Get it I
If your house is wired, yet you're not,
taking every advantage of it Do so!
If you have some appliances but should
have more Get them!
If some of your appliances are tempor
arily out, of commission for the want of
proper attention Fix them!
Let our experts confer with you and put every
thing in first class Electrical shape.
It is a duty you owe your home, yourself now
above all times! . '
1 . -At Your Service." ilJ:-W,-f,
Itoswell. X. M. Auf. 2.r. Koswelli
Is going through the struggle which!
has been fought or will be in practi
cally every city in the United States
the rise of electricity and gas rates
due to the higher cost of everything
entering Into the production. The Ros
well Gas and Electric company's fran
chise calls for a maximum of 15 cents
a kilowatt hour. The company has
been charging this for the past few
months on the minimum rating and 8
cents for additional current used
above the house rating, which Is based
approximately on four kilowats per
The company was forced to pass Its
bond lnterest,due August 1, and ap
pealed to the city council to amend
Us franchise for the period of the war
and six months thereafter, allowing
it to eharde 20 per cent more. After
a stormy Session of the council, In
which a number of citizens participat
ed both supporting and opposing the
Increase, a special committee was ap
pointed to make a thorough investiga
tion and report Its findings.
' The company then asked the com
mittee to appoint an expert auditor
to go over the company books in order
to obtain the real facts. The commit
tee refiwed to go Into ther accounts
of the company and reported unfavor
ably to the council. The report admit
ted the Increased cost, tut said the
committee felt that It would be unfair
because of drouth conditions and
"other circumstances" to ask the peo
ple to pay the Increase and that It
should be borne by the stockholders
of the company.
Thn enmnanv accordingly an
nounced that It would be necessary to
charge the maximum amount on alt
electricity used In order to reduce par
tially the loss which the company was
suffering each montn. This practical
ly means that the small consumer will
receive the service at. former rates.
and that business houses and other
heavy users of current will bear all
the increase. The Increase In monthly
bills, will amount In some cases to 80
per cent.
. Now the business men are up In
arms and there Is Borne talk as yet
entirely Indefinite-Mhat the council
will be asked to reconsider Its action
New York, Aug. 25. To draft men
and women civilians to help police,
clean and guard from fire this metrop
olis. Is the plan of the city heads here,
who are today struggling to overcome
the exodus of thousands of husky em
ployes for the fighting front. Already
scores of women workers have been
set to sweeping the streets, while re
serve forces of volunteer firemen and
policemen are being used to fill the
gaps left by enlisted and drafted men
from the cops and smoke-eaters, un
til every able-bodied stay-at-home
can be impressed into these flagging
city services, however, the authorities
do not hope to neutralize their grow
Ing war drain.
Itioting Itarc. ,
Proving the rule of almost unex
ceptioml good order among the hun
dreds of thousands of soldiers passing
through this port, the recent race riot
at an outlying embarkation camp is
this week in no way worrying the peo
ple of this city. While the past year
has seen huge armies of our boys.
camped and embarked by the harbor
here, few. If any, cases of real disor
der have been known hy New Yorkers
about whose homes and offices tht
vast mobilization has been carried out
For the future, Gotham has no fea;
of further loosening tn the discipline
that has preserved general protection
and order wherever thn army or navv
have camped or moved.
Coallcss Cooking.
Thousands of dollars worth of coa'
cartage and labor can be Baved by a
central supplyof fuel for rooking In
every community, the fuel conserva
tion committee for thiB state has just
shown New Yorkers, following deep
Investigation of this subject. Instead
of striving to fill their bins with coal,
with all the added hauling and hand
ling entailed, the householders of
Greater New York are advised to re
ly upon the pipage of fuel gas, that
will not only save money for them
but labor and transportation by an
army of coal handlers. Carloads of
coal and many silver o.uarters to buy
thrift stamps can be saved by house
iwlves by this means, the fuel expert
assert. ' t
Teddy's Triumph.
' Patriotic plaudits instead of poll
tical plans are filling most of the mail
bound for Theodore Roosevelt at Oys
ter Bay, the pilgrims of this progres
sive Mecca are now reporting. As
the father of Quentln Roosevelt, the
(American people have acclaimed the
Icolonel more loudly than ever as a
political or administrative leader, the
neighbors out on Long Island declare
iNew Yorkers will never forget the
sand sense, restraint and resignation
that Theodore Roosevelt has shown
throughout his great grief, and the
whole nation is apparently applaud'
Ing with them. '
Ignore Influenza. -Refusing
to get excited over tht
steady strain of stories about Span
ish Influenza, the people of this porl
are giving little thought to this latent
subject of rumor. With the health
officers pre-warned and a wartlnu
vigilance spread over every lncomint
vessel no one seems to worry over any
epidemic that does not directly ham
per our war making. Outside of root
Ing for our boys abroad, New Yorkerf
appear to find little worth thlnkin
ehout these days.
Kmployment Offlc Opened.
Santa Pe, Aug. 25. 1. A. McPher
on, In charge of the federal war labor
bureau of the state, today made ar
rangement for the opening of thn
Santa Fe offlcea In the Catron block
Assistant Insurance Commissionet
Peter A. M, Wenau wil be In tharge
London, Aug. 23. "More homo
newspapers" . Is the appeal which Is
being continually made to the library
committee of the American Red Cross
by American soldiers in hospitals in
Great Britain.
The library committee Is at present
furnishing reading matter for more
than 25.000 men a month, both in
hospitals and In camps. The books arc
either gifts or are purchased In Lon
The mflB-nxines are newsnaners must
of necessity come' from America. This
class of literature gives greater satis
faction to the men than books..
Iamy, N. M-, Aug. 25. Heavy rainrt
the past two days are making tho bean
farmers squirm. "Too much rain,"
they say. "How are we going to get
these beans cut?" A few weeks ago
the abundant moisture would have ad
ded hundreds of dollars to the value
of the crop; but Just at this time the
delay In ripening caused by the wet
weather may result In some of the lat
er fields being caught by frost, Alsc
a loss Is probable from a scarcity of
labor, qs much of the work will come
with a rush. Enrly planted fields are
ready to cut as soon as the ground
drys off.
Effort Being Made to induce
' British Parliament to Pass
Home Rule Bill at Once;
Scheme Not Widely Favored
(Annnelntrd Trrm Oorrenpntidcnce.l
Dublin, July 21. Sir Horace Plun
kett, chairman of the Irish convention,
has published a series of articles in
the Irish newspapers wilh the object
of inducing the government to pass
at once a home ru?e act for Ireland
upon the lines of the majority report
of the convention.
Vending the putting Into operation
of the act, he suggested that the es
tablishment af purely Irish executive,
composed of men of all parties, and
responsible either to the Irish conven
tion which has not been formally dis
solved, or to the imperial parliament.
Too Many Parties.
He appealed for the formation of a
middle party In Ireland of moderate
men. 1
Sir Horace's plan was not received
uith fnvor hv nnv section. The Free
man's Journal, representing the Irish
party, objected to the formation of an
other Irish party on the ground that
Ireland has parties enough and that
its difficulties are "caused as much
by Internal dissensions as by external
hotivivnls .Tohn Sweetman. for many
years a leading member of the Sinn
Fein party, und one of the tew weal
thy men In Its ranks, wrote to say:
"I cannot nirree that Kngland can
now settle the future government of
Ireland. She must now govern Ireland
despotically till the peace coniere,,. v
and it would be for her benefit to gov
.n i.a wiih n little common sense."
This view that nothtng can be done
about homo rule till the end of the
Mir U nlsn the view of the unionists
and William Jellett, the most active of
tho Irreconol'ed southern unionists,
has put forth Ills opinion 10 mo
mediate government of Ireland in
much the same sense as John Sweet
man. Off on Canning Trip.
Santa Fe, Aug. 25. After a week's
activity in Santa Fe, the woman 1
tnrt m mv. with Mrs. I.ola C.-Armljo
as commander and a number of Span
in the Dlntrli-t '"",'t of the County of Bern
alillo, Statu of New Mexico.
No. 110B2- ,
K.lwiir.1 r. I.lpplit. Plaintiff, vs.. P"ra nil
in t.imiltt Defrntlant.
To Dora Dillon l.lppltt the Di -fendant
Above. Named:
You will take notloe that an action l,aj
k ru,t iilnt you In the above imineil
court by Kilward C. l.lppltt, the plaintiff
nova named, tile eell"'", uujiml 1.1
notion are to-wlt:
. The plaintiff prays for an alxoluto i
..,,. fi-,,m von nnon the around of your
abandonment of the plaintiff and upon the
further around of prlnrtpal oue alleged In
'he complaint, anil filed Herein !! ie -hi,
iluy of AuKUBt, 1MK. and the plimilff fur
ther prava that II be adjudged that he tu
the sole intereat In lota number.!,! Klever.
UU and Twelve (121 In Block numlel'ed
Six (til of the I'erea Addition to the city "f
Alhuquoniue. New Mexico und in tot num
bered Tan IS) In Block lettered 11 of the
Highland Addition Houth to tne my ft
Albuquerque and of all other property and 1
effect! in his own name and th.it yni have
ni Interest or claim whatever .to any of!
the propel Iv of the plaintiff, n1 vu me I
further notified that unless you cnler your
appearance In auld muse on or before the
Dili day of October, l'Jla, plaintiff mil ap
ply for Judgment against ynu. In aald cause
hy default for the relief demanded In the J
That the name of the plfllntlff'a n,t,-rnay
la George ft. Klock, whose office aodrrss Is
rooms 8 & 9 Stern Block, Albuquerque, NVw
Witness my hand and the seat of the
above entitled court this 24th day of Aug
ust, mis.
(SEAL) Clerk.
Deputy Clerk.
ish speaking 'young women as lieuten
ants, will go to Pojoauue on Mondax
with a motor truck and canning and
drying; apparatus, there to assist in !
saving the fruit which is weighing
down the limbs of the trees. During
thp week a demonstration kitchen has i
been busy at the Elks club in whicf
fruit and vesetubles weie canned and
dried for all those ho brought them.
Paris Lapidary and Hindoo Sell
Pearls After Treatment at
Four Times Original Cost;
Faking Detected,
( Associated Preaa Correspondence.)
: Paris, July 30. How an American
white pearl wort"h $U.400, was treat
ed with a chemical, given temporarily
tho rosy hue of un Oriental pearl and
then sold for $ r 2, On 0, has been dis
closed here. For doing this, Karboz.
a pearl broker, and Varmn, a Hindoo,
were fined and sentenced to Impris
onment for fuking. By use of chemi
cals they endeavored to Increase the
value of the pearls four-fold.
This case clears tip the mystery
which has existed in the Paris mar
ket for five years since a dealer In
precious stones first learned that
"manipulated pearls" were being soli
Varma, who is a lapidary, claimed
in court that he possessed a method
of improving American pearls and
that he had been promised a share In
all the profits derived In treating, th5
'one which led to his detection. If It
were sold for more than $21.(100. He
was at work at it when it was seized
by the police. The evidence showed
that Varma has used on the pearl
acetate of amyl and collodion.
A pearl expert, Relnach, told the
Judge that Varma had given the pearl
the rosy tint of the Oriental pearl by
glazing it with chemicals but that the
glazing disappeared when the pearl
was placed In alcohol. Varma was
sentenced to six months in prison and
to pay a fine of 1 1,000. while Uarboza
was sentenced for three months atrl
to pay a fine of $100. In Its judgment
the court stated that sea pearls from
the irlent are very luminous and at
tain high prices, while fresh water
pearls, called American, are leas fine
generally white and of lower value
The pearl treated by Varma, the court
added, has been offered to leading
Paris and American Jewel houses
which had failed to detect the decep
tion he had practiced. The court de
clared that Varma's treatment added
no value to the pearl and that it had
only ik temporary effect which dis
appeared if the pearl were rubbed or
placed in alcohol.
is! yJ0
WtJt tht A'm tit Cam"
The First Day
Doesnt Count
When you judge varnish
you must wait more than a
day; to pas9 the verdict.
Nearly c'J varnishes look
dike when first applied. But
when time and exposure
have tried and tested them,
t hr n it ia that quality tills
then there is only one that
you could choose for future
And even tho first day therd
is something in the full, even
lustre of Cosmolac that is
missing in other varnishes.
Cosmolac las tough, alaatic finish
for all sutfacaa requiring varnish
indoors or out. It la not aflactsd
by hot or cold soapy watar, lun.
ahine, alcohol or alkali and will
not crack whit. Tianaparant as
sheet of plala glass, it tnhanraa
the fccsuty of wood grains and
decorationa and prcaarvsa wood
work from ths ravages of time.
For all "varnish" work us Coav
molac "wlib ui man on uw
For Sale by
J. C. BAl.imilMiK
Mm. ro.
Albuquerque, N. M.
said to have been acquired recently
(by Col. C. D. Collier of Santa. 1-e. Ihe
mine bad not been worked for many
years, but had 2,300 feet of develop
ment along the lead. When recently
work was resumed a lurge body of
ore running from $180 to $860 a ton
was struck and there appears to bo
enough In sight to make several for.
' Strike of Gold Oro.
Santa Fe, Aug. 25. Word eomei
from southern Panta Fe county of a
phenomenal strike of gold ore mad
in tho famous Uncoln-Lucky mine.
Washington, Aug. 25. Discussim?
the food situation in enemy countries
Food Administrator Hoover laid -Germany's
prospects for grain from the
Ukraine did not materialize. The stock
of grain In Germany, he said, Is aboul
the same as last year, Austria's con
dition Is not quite so good, according
i information available In Europe.
Rumania and Bulgaria, ho said,
both exporters of grain, are without
grain even for their own use, and Ger
many must supply both countries 01
let them starve.
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed proposals for constructing
or Improving the National Forest
Road project located within or partly
within the Santa Fe National Forest,
8tate of New Mexico, County of Pan
Miguel, will be received at Room 202,
I.una Strlckler Building, Albuque'-que,
New Mexico, until 1 o'clock, I'. M on
the second day of September, lfi!8,
at which time and pla,'e they will be
publicly opened and revl. The right
Is reserved to reject any and all bids,
and none will be conji.im-od except
those from contractors ascertained to
be experienced and responsible.
The length of project to be con
structed or improved Is approximately
4.21 miles, and the principal Items of
work are approximately as follows:
Clearing and grubbing, grading road
way and constructing culverts and re
taining walls.
Said contract form and the maps,
plans, specifications and estimate of
quantities may "be examined by te
sponslble contractors at the following
Room 301 Tramway Building, Icn
ver, Colorado.
Room 202 Luna Strlckler Building,
Albuquerque, New Mexico.
State Engineer's Office. Santa Fe,
New Mexico.
District Engineer.
S. A. Taylor, one of the general mer
chants of Nolan, Is In St. Anthony's
hospital at Las Vegas, suffering from
acute appendicitis. Mr.. Taylor had
been for several days under the care
of a physician from Springer, but feel
ing that he needed other advice, arose
from his bed, got into his car and
drove to Las Vegas. Before he ar
rived there his appendix bursted, and
be is now In a precarious condition
Department of the Interior. United
States Lana urnce, santa re, New
Mexico, August 12, 1918.
VnticA Ir herehv artven that rhe
State of New Mexico under the pro
visions of the Acts of Congress of
June 21, 1898, and June 20, 1910, and
Acts supplementary tnereto naa mane
nnnlltlnn fni thtt follnWlniT H.
scribed unappropriated public lands,
as indemnity scnooi lanns.
List No. 8341 Serial 036305.
SVVM Sec. 22, T, 7N., R. 4W.. N.
M. P, M.
The purpose of this notice is to al
low all persons claiming the land ad
versely, or desiring to show It to be
mineral In character, an opportunity
to tile objections to such location or
selection with the Register and Re
ceiver of the United States Land Of
fice at Santa Fe, N. M, and to estab
lish their Interest therein, or .the
mineral character thereof.
Register U. S. Land Office. v
To the Journal-
Tobacco Fund !i
How Our Soldiers Will Long for
Good Old American Tobacco!
By special arrangement The Journal guarantees to deliver,
through an arrangement with tobacco manufacturers, two dollars
worth of tobacco, for every dollur subscribed, to our Boldlers In
France and on the way to France.
The packages (G0o worth of tobacco) are put up In attractive
patriotic packages. In every package we put a return postal card
with your name and address so that you will get word back from
the battlefields from as many soldiers as you subscribe 25 cent -pieces.
' Near the Trenches.
"As I recall now, we had come through the gate of the school
house to where the automobile stood when a puff of wind blowing
to us frpm the left, which meant from across the battlefront, brought
to our noses a certain smell which we already knew1 full well.
" 'You get It, I see," said the German officer, who stood along
side of me. 'It comes from three miles off, but you can get it five
miles when the wind Is strong' and he waved his left arm toward
It as though the stent had been a visible thing. 'That explains why
tobacco Is so scarce with us along the staff back yonder in Laon.'
"All the tobacco which can be spared Is sent to the men In the
front trenches. As long as they smoke and keep on smoking they
can stand that." -
No Matter How Small the Amount Send It in.
Our boys are going to need tobacco In great quantities. Fill out
the coupon now Today Is None Too Soon and make it generous!
Bring It, or rnail It, to The Journal Office.
......!So pk(. No. 3. Popular clgarrttes having rat all valua of 60. ' 1
tie pkg. No. 2. Popular pipe tobacco having retail valti of 660. , '
!5c pkf. No. 4. Popular cigarette tubacrq having retail value of 19c
25c pkg. No. 1. Popular ptug chewing '.obacco having retail value of (to
In accordance with your offer to aend popular branda ot tobaooo and
clgarettea to our aoldiera In Europe In unit of SOc package, each for 160.
I enclose
Tour Name .,
Street Addresa
City and Btet .

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