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VOI,. CLXXV. No. 39.
Albuquerque, New Mexico, Wednesday, November 8, 1922.
Miller Is Defeated in the Gubernatorial Con
test, While Calder Loses in Fight to Retain
Seat in Upper House of Congress; Speaker
Gillett Is Re-Elected.
New York, Nov. 7 (by the Associated Press.) At mid
night the congressional returns were complete from only
seven states.
At that hour the election of 119 democratic represent
atives and 67 republicans out of the total of 433 had been
reported, but these figures were in no wise indicative of
the political complexion- of the next congress, as large
blocks of districts with heavy republican delegations in
some, and heavy democratic delegations in others still
were to be heard from.
Albany. X. Y.. Nov. 7. Gov
ernor Miller, receiving the returns
in the executive chamber if the
capital ear;y tonight, conceded
Mr. Smith's election and sent a
telegram ot congratulation to his
With 2.530 out of 2. 747 districts
in New York city heard from.
Smith had run up a plurality of
442,804. .The greatest margin ever
given a candidate by the city in
any previous election wan 417,000,
won by John F. Hylan in the may
oralty contest last year.
New York. Nov. 7 (by the Asso
ciated Press). At 11 o'clock
eastern standard time less than
half of the returns for United
State9 senator and representative
in congress were in and less than
half a dozen turnovers in the
present lineup had been recorded.
In the house. Speaker Gillett
has been re-elected and Meyer
London, the or.ly socialist, had
been defeated.
In the senatorial contests, the
Now York republican state com
mittee had conceded the defeat of
Senator Calder by Dr. Royal S.
Copeland, New York city's demo
cratic, health commission. In
Connecticut, Senator McTean, re
publican, was leading Thomas J.
Spellacy, his democratic oppo
nent. In Delaware, Senator Du
Pont, republican, was leading for
both the short term and the Ions
term to follow. In Indiana, for
mer Governor Ralston, democrat,
with only a part of the state re
ported, was leading former Sena
tor Albert 0. Beveridge, republi
can, in what appeared to be a
close contest.
Speaker Gillett, republican, was
re-elected from the second Massa
chusetts district for his sixteenth
term, making him the patriarch
ot the new house of representa
tive, an honor held now by for
mer Speaker Cannon, who was
not a candidate for re-election to
the new congress. "Undo Joe"
Cannon has had 2 3 terms but
they were not continuous.
Three chairmen of important
committees of the house of rep
resentatives were returned in the
re-elections of Representatives
Butler and McFadden of Penn
sylvania and Dempsey of New
York. They are chairmen of the
naval, banking and rivers and
harbors committees, respectively.
New York, rrov. 7. Up to 8 p.
m. eastern standard time the re
turns from tho national congres
sional election were coming in
slowly and the polls in many ttates
were at that hour still open.
The "solid south" returned as
usual democratic delegations in
Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi,
with indications that other demo
cratic strongholds south of the
Mason and Dixon line were in no
Returns from the northeast and
west, however, were just beginning.
In Massachusetts the first returns
showed Senator- Lodge running
ahead of his opponent. The out
standing result early in the even
ing was tho apparent defeat of
Governor Miller in New York by
Alfred K. Smith, the democratic
governor of two years ago. Smith
carried Syracuse, the home city of
Governor Mille-, hy 6,704 votes.
The first five women candidates
for the house to appear In the re
turns were beaten. Four were In
Pennsylvania and one was in North
In the south Senators Trammell
Of Florida. George of Georgia,
Stephens of Mississippi and Swan
son of Virginia evidently are elect
ed. Senator George smc-oeds Mrs.
W. II. Felton, appointed by Gov
ernor Hardwick to succeed the late
Senator Thomas Watson. Site was
the first woman senator tut never
took her seat.
Early returns from the sena.
torial contest In other states were
not indicative of the results, al
though shortly after 8 o'clock the
New York Times announced the
election of Dr. Royal S. Copeland,
democrat, to the senate, in defeat
of Senator Calder, republican.
Alfred E. Smith's plurality over
Governor Miller of New Y'ork con
tinued to mount as' the returns
piled In.
Thn first turnover in tho con
gressional elections came In Ten-
Denver, Colo.. Nov. 7. New
Mexico: General1, fair Wednesday
and probably Thursday: somewhat
warmer Wednesday extreme north
Arizona: Fair Wednesday and
Thursday; no important change in
Conditions for the twenty-four
hours ended at 6 p. m. yesterday,
recorded by the university: .
, Highest temperature B8
Lowest .29
Kanga .... , -,...23
'Mean 44
Humidity at 6 a. m. ........ ..SO
Humidity at 6 p. m. ......... ...4K
Precipitation ..k...O
vmu vuiui;iiy
Direction of wind .., . ., . .Sojthweat
Character of day Clear
nessee, wher Cordell Hull, chair
man of the democratic national
committee, whs elected to the
house from the four.h district over
Representative C. iss, the repub
lican incumbent. Mr. Hull repre
sented the same district when de
feated two years ago.
Philadelphia, Nov. 7. Returns
from 96 districts out of 8,021 in
Pennsylvania, give Clifford Pinchot
for governor, 7,417, and John A.
McSparren, 4,125.
For U. S. senator 29 districts
give David A. Recti, republican,
2.6(50; Samtel E. Shull, democrat,
The same number of districts
give George Wharton Pepper, 2,
079 for the otVier seat in the I7.
S. senate, and Fred B, Kerr, 1,225.
Phoenii, Ariz., Nov. 7. Four
precincts reported in Maricopa
county, three of them in Phoenix,
give for governor: Hunt, democrat.
722: Campbell, republican, G37.
Two precincts in Yavapai county
give Hunt, 294; Campbell, 4 00.
Denver, Nov. 7. Unofficial re
turns from precinct 0-2, in the
Capitol hill district, Denver, gave
for governor: Griffith, republican,
329; Sweet, democrat, 79.
For secretary of state t lie same
precincts gave unofficially: Milli
ken 311; Noland, 108. .
Colorado Springs, Nov. 7. Two
precincts in El Paso county for
governor give: Griffith, republican,
144: Sweet, democrat, 90.
For congressman: Third con
gressional district, two precincts
out of 466. give; Hardly; republi
can, 123; Horn, democrat, 104.
New Haven, Conn., Nov. 7.
United States Senator George V.
McLean had a lend of nearly 6.
000 oer his democratic opponent,
Thomas J. Spellacy, in figures from
39 towns out of 169 in the state.
The totals were: McLean, repub
lican, 80,335; Spellacy, democrat,
i ..,u.
Forty-one towns for governor
gave: Temploton republican, 101,
7 23; Fitzgerald, democrat, 96.5S2.
Denver, Nov.
ei net t o report
7. The first pre- .
in Denver on the
Continued on Pule Tun.
Prediction of a Great Party
Victory Made Monday Is
Being Verified by the
Election Returns.
Washington, Nov. 7. A state
ment issued at 11 o'clock tonight
from democratic national commit
tee headquarters in the name of
Chairman Cordell Hull, reclared
that "the prediction of a great
democratic victory made last Mon
day in a statement from democrat
io national headquarters is being
verified by the returns from nil
sections of the country which have
been heard from at this hour.
"The wonderful victory won by
Governor Smith and Senator Cope
land in New York," the statement
continued, "will only "vary in do
gree, according to early reports re
ceived at democratic national head
"General dissatisfaction with the
republican administration and
the republican congress is clearly
Indicated In the returns received
up to this hour.
"The early returns are from the
cast and the middle west where
democratic candidates generally
are leading and If these leads are
maintained not only will these sec
tions record a victory, but give
promise ot a nation wide revolt
against the republican party with
a restoration of tho democratic
party to power so far as It can bo
accomplished at this election. The
republican party has failed the
country utterly, and every indica
tion at this hour is that tho people
have decided to return to the party
of performance, progress and pros
Providence. Tl. I., Nov. 7. With
a load of 4,64 1 in 103 districts out
of 194, .Senator I'ctcr G. Gerry of
llhode Island Is deemed practically
a winner over it. Livingstone
Beecltman, his republican oppon
ent. The remaining districts to be
heard from ore for the most part
democratic strongholds and for this
reason Gerry Is held to be the fa
vorite. In the gubernatorial race
W. S. Flynn, democrat, Is making a
strong race and holds the lead
with returns in from 105 districts
out of 1!)4. The count Is Flynn,
democrat, 'I8.tti2; U. J. Gross, re
publicun, ?7,Cii3.
Special Session May Be
Summoned for Nov. 20;
Senate and House Lead
ers Endorse the Proposal.
Washington, Nov. 7. President
Harding expects to issuo a call
Thursday or Friday .'or a special
session of congress convening No
vember 20, it was announced today
at the White House.
It was said that although the
president was not ii. n-ocably com
mitted to the proposal for the spe
cial session which has generally
been expeetel by congressional
lenders, only an eleventh hour
change, of mind ould prevent him
from issuing the call.
The plan for a special session
after the election has received the
general endorsement of se.iate and
house leaders. It is understood
the president feels that by meet
ing at least two weeks in advance
of the regular session, tile legisla
tive program i.f bo so advanced
as to enable congress to clean up
its slate by the time tho regular
session ends next March :. The
feeling among administration of
ficials has been that unless on
earlier start is made than would be
possible with congress meeting the
first Monday in December an extra
session undoubtedly would bo nec
essary after next March 4.
Although the program for the
special session has not been work
ed out.deiinitely it briefly provides
fr consideration bv the. house of
the merchant murine bill and work i
by the senate on the Dyer anti-j
lynching measure, which has al-1
ready passed the hous . Admin-!
istreition lenders hope these two!
measures can be disposed ot by the j
time the regular session convenes, '
and house leaders have assured the,
president that by the timo com
mittee work i: a number of the'
regular appropriation bills will j
have been finished. , j
The house appropriations com- i
mittee has been called to meet Kri- ;
day to begin its work. I
New York, Nov. 7. With inl.r
est in the election .greater than J
it tins oeen tor years, New V ork
, . , ,
evening newstia tiers . fter 7 o clock
as the result of an agreement en-
tered into by newspaper publish -
ers when -n-oti'Vid that tlte ijrcss -
men oh the New York Evening
World Iu.d idcjted not to work ut
ter that hour.
The agreement of the newspa
per owners, provided that morn
ing papers should not issue extra
editions before - 10:110 p. m.
Thousands Jammed the bulletin
boards near 3'ark Row, und In
other centers were foreod to avail
themselves of incomplete eieotion
editions which were turned off the
presses of four newspapers before
7 o'clock.
.Marshall, Texas. No". 7. What
is believed to be a new record for
growing sweet potatoes on black
land in Texas was made by C. Ii.
rioacli, a farmer living near May
field. From ten rows, liuo yards
long and three feet apart. Mr.
l.toach has gathered SO bushels ot i
potatoes, the ground used neirg i
something tinder one-fifth of, anj
acre. At this rate, an acrj' of
ground would have produced 400!
bushels, and since the potatoes are I
being sold at $1.00 per bushel, that
acre would have yielded S400. The
potatoes are of the Porto Rie&n va-1
riety, and some of them v. eig'.i as!
much ijs six pounds each. '
Ilristol, Va., Nov. 7. For the
first time in 22 years a democrat
has been elected to congress from
the ninth Virginia district, giving
the Old Dominion a solid demo
cratic delegation. Unofficial re
turns tonight indicated that the
majority of George C. Peery, demo
crat, over his republican opponent,
John H. Hassinger, for the seat
now occupied by Representative C.
Baseom Slemp, republican, would
bo close to 2,000.
One-Third of the" Precincts
in the State Give Demo
cratic Candidate a Lead
of 18,229.
Boston, Nov. 7. Close contests
for senator and governor were in
dicated by returns from more than
one-tliird of the election precincts
in Massachusetts. The vote of 521
precincts, including 2 1 S in the city
of Boston ga o Gaston, democrat,
for senator, a lead of '.229 over
IrfKlgo, republican, and Fitzgerald,
democrat, for governor, a lead of
10.79G over Cox, republican. The
Boston precincts heard from cave
Gaston n malorltv of 43.795 and
Fitzgerald 47,2(12. Thomas C.
O'Brien, republican, was elected
district attorney of Suffolk county,
including Boston, by a substantial
margin over Joseph C. Pelletier,
democrat, who was removed from
that office by the supreme court.
The 621 precincts gave for gov
ernor: Cox (H.t, 120.672: Fitzger
ald (D.). 131.4CS. For Renator:
Gaston (I).), 128.176; Lodge (K.),
109,917, 1
Official "Eyes" of America
Gather lor Conference in Berlin
' iH fl '0' 'M; M W4 a : Vfc ;l
The amliassadoi's from the
United States to tho middle Eu
ropean countries, conferring in
Berlin recently at tho calling of :
z '
Seven Republican Congress
men in Wisconsin. All His
Supporters, Are Believed
to :Ha$ Won.
j T;.'-.
I Milwaukee. Nov. 7. Senator
i . . . ' '
j M.. I ! oliette. running as
j a f'efrtlbtfceli' fiy today's "Wisconsin
! election, vim a. five to one favorite
! i t,,n!clif .jn-lv ref urns, has been
elected I'ulted Slates senator, by
a majority conservatively esti
mated to exceed 1100,000 over his
opponent, Mrs. Jessie Jack Hoop
er, who headed the shattered dem
ocratic independent ticket. Avail
able returns from 21)11 out of ,r,:;:t
precincts nt 10 o'clock give 1-u
toilette 20,767: Hooper. :i.7ati.
Closely following Senator I.a Toi
lette was his running m.'ite. Gover
nor John .1. Illalne. who publicly
acknowledge: th senator's leader
ship and advocated his platform.
The vote on Hie gubernatorial race
at this hour from tho same num
ber of precincts was Blaine, re
publican. 1,861!: liently. democrat
Independent. 2.31)4: Arnold, social
ist. I!N."; Welles, prohibitionist, 67.
Seven of tho states republican
incumbent congressmen, till La Toi
lette supporters, also hnc been re
turned, according to early returns,
while In the eleventh district, Hu
bert H. Peavcy, republican, was un
opposed for election.
i Louisville, Ky Nov. 7,-r lueom
' plete return!) from the eleven con
i gressional distriets in Kentucky
I show but two close contests. In
! tho fifth republicans claim the el
ection of M. H. Thatcher by op-
proximately 3.000 votes, with 5!)
precincts missing.' Democratic
headquarters claim the election of
Kendrick Iewls by approximately
1,000. - ,.
Scattered ' and incomplete re
turns from ;5",Out of ItlTi precincts
in thk tenth district gave John W.
Laiigfer.TCpubitcan, 7.1 a'; V. Tom
Hatcher, democrat, 4 . S i 'J .
Tho third district. previously
considered doubtful, rolled up an
unofficial majority of approxi
mately 6,000 to elect It. 1". Tho-1
mas, democrat, over W. O. Moats,
New York, Nov! 7. Senator
Medlll McCormlok, chairman of the
republican senatorial committee,
sailed with Mrs. McCormick for
France on the Mauretania today.
He said that he had voted by mail
beforo leaving Chicago and had
arranged to be kvpt informed by
wireless of tho progress of the elec
tions throughout the country.
lie said that he would invest
igate economic conditions on Fur
ope and how the United Slates
might help in its economis rchabil
Itration. Bady Alan Johnston, si-ter of
Gifford Pinchot, republican candi
date for governor In Pennsylvania,
was another passenger on the Jiau
retania. .
res .Moines, Nov. 7. Frank O.
Sebring and Herman Ogron, both
giving Des Moines as their address
were arrested at the polls or tne
first precinct in the third ward
here today charged with violating
the election laws.
Accordlne to County Jailer Mo-
Murray, Ogren Is not a resident of
tho precinct In which he attempted
to vote. Sebring Is alleged to have
signed tho papers as sponsor for
ambassadors, snapped alter their conference.
Ambassador Houghton to discuss
the conditions in middle Europe.
Heft to rigid: Ambassadors Wash
burn, to Austria; C'astloe, attache
to stall? department at Washing
Present Delegation in the
National Assembly Is Re
turned; There Were No
Contests' at the Polls. '
New Orleans I.a., No.-. 7.
Louisiana in the election today re
turned to eonLTresis her present
delegation of eight democrats. The
seats were not contested.
6. um ft
Strength Than Usual, But!
the Entire Democratic!
State Ticket Is Elected. !
Birmingham, Ala., Nov. 7. The
democratic state ticket, headed by
V,'. Wr. Brandon for governor, to
(hy was elected in its entirety, al
though repul lican strength in
some sections was reported the
heaviest ever recorded.
r. ii :k noon won t bf
Birmingham, Ala., Nov, 7. Sen
ator Oscar "V. Fnderwood of Ala
bania today formally announced
that he will not be a candidate for
leadership of tbP democratic mi
nority in the senate after March 4.
"Tlie condition of my health."
said the senator, "makes :t advis
able both in justice io tlie party
and to myself that I should not
offer for re-e.ection. 1 do not
want my friends to feel any un
necessary alarm about my health
but it Is not robust enough 'for mo
to continue after March tlie duties
of leadership which require such
constant attendance."
Upon reaching home here from
Washington recently. Senator Un
derwood was attacked bv bron-
ehitis and he had to cancel his
'speaking engagements. His term
as senator from Alabama extends
four years from next ;lnrch.
Both Propositions Have
Been Carried by Enor
mous Majorities. Is Pre
diction of Observers.
Chicago, Nov. 7. Illinois' $55,
000,000 soldiers' bonus referendum
and the light wine and beer propo
sition were sweeping the state on
the face of early returns tonight.
The bonus votp in the downstate
precincts with 131 nut of 3.548
reporting, showed the proponents
of the payment to soldiers leading
bv 190.7 votes to the precinct. In
Cook countv the first eight pre
cincts gave the bonus law a lead of
185 votes-to the precinct. Tho wine
and beer referendum led by 106,7
votes to the precinct In the first
131 downstate districts renortlnir.
and by K5.1 in tho first eight Cook
countv precincts.
While the returns already In Rre
few. political observers predicted
that both propositions have carried
'by enormous majorities.
ton: Hentano, Hungary; drew, to
Switzerland; (jisbon, to l'uiand;
and Houghton, to (lei'iuany. Con
ditions in central Kuropo were dis
cussed by the diplomats.
Rescue Crews Bring
Five More Bodies:
Believed to Be the
in the Workings.
Spangier, Pa., Nov. 7 (by the
Associated Pressi. The lteilly
Coal company's mine, swept by a
pas exolosioi, .yesterday inorninz,
Wua cleared of its dead today.
Late this afternoon, rescue crews
brought out five bodies believed
to be the last in the workings.
This brought the total of known
dead to SO. Thirty-two miners
were rescued. Officials ot the com
pany declared that a re-check of
their records made it practically
certain that 112 nun were in the
mine when the plnidoii 1is)k
place. Tlie total of lir.ted survivors
ineludns six miners who were in
cage when .the flond of gas
and smoke issued from the mouth
of the shaft. The total dead in-
t eludes the three miners, rescued
I alive. wi;o f.iilcd to regain con
: .'eioitsneps.
I Further search of the headings
was made tonight. Mine official..
:irnl resetie men realised the possi
bility that one of two men might
have enteral the mine yesterday
without reporting to their boss.
All miners listed as missing have
been accounted fur, however.
Contention Is That the In
junction Issued by Judge
Blakeman at Groesbeck
Is Still in Force.
Wichita Falls. Texas. Nov. A
blanket challenge of all bu'loct on
which Alayfield'.s name appeiicd
as senatorial candidate and of till
votes for Mayfield' oast by such
ballots, was presented at practi
cally all boxes In Wichita county
today l'eddy supporters The
challengo was present-'.! verbally at
each of the polling puiecs, the
contention being that the injunc
tion issued by judge Fiackinou at
Croesbeck against placin-; .May
field's name on the ballot i'3 still in
force and effect.
Indoanapolls, Ind., Nov. 7. Jo?
Sparks of Columbia,, S. C, was to
day appointed chairman of the
American Legion National Rehab
ilitation committee, it wnu an
nounced by the legion national
headquarters. Sparks was appoint
ed by Commander Owsley and suc
ceeds Colonel A. A. tiprague of
Mr. Sparks served as private
during the world war with the
Third and Scventli pioneers. He
haw been liaison man of the fifth
district of the veterans at Atlanta,
Ga., for tho past year.
New York, Nov. 7. A breach of
promise suit for $200,000 was filed
here today by .Mrs. Lillian C. Hunt
er on behalf of her 2U year old
daughter, Gertrude Gladys Hunter
against Paul F. Heller. The latter
50 years old Is a member of ono of
tho Newark's wealthiest families.
rhiludelphia, Nov. 7. Jacob
Gimbel, a member of the depart
ment store firm of Gimbel broth
ers of Philadelphia, New York and
Milwaukee died, nt his summer
homo at Atlantic City today.
The Vote in Albuquerque Was Almost a
Landslide; the Republicans Practically Con
cede the Loss of the Entire Ticket, Includ
ing Legislative Candidates.
Cm Hie faee of returns received
up until 2 o'ciorU this morning,
liernulillo county lias returned u
substantial mujnrlty for the deino-
state and county tickets.
cny of AllHiuncrnue the
demon at h
Was almost a
landslide. Th
city will reaeh
cor. ling to tin
For city and
apparently nil
ly conceded th
majority in the
J..-.00 or mote, ae-
deinoeraUc claim,
unty the majority
bo well ovi r 1 . 1 1 1 1 o .
i-:t night practical
loss of their entire
tie: r t. carrying with it t ho
liuliil.iles for t'no state lcg-
Islat lire.
It w;is apparent early in I lie eve
ning, when reports of straight bal
lots were given out. that the dem
ocrats had carried the city pre
cincts by tin average of from two
to one to four to one. The sub
sequent count showed that this
proportion held good throughout
the scratched ballots, though re
publicans had claimed that they
would gain when the seratcht'i
were chalked down. On straight
ballots the democrats ami in the
city by 1,412.
Reports from the. country pre
cincts early indicated reduced re
puhlican majorities in tho repul).
lican strongholds. Itanchos do
Atrisco turned in a democratic ma
jority of 25S. Barelas showed a
close vote. San Jose went demo
cratic by ISS, and the republicans
carried Alameda by only 11 votes.
I'ajarito went republican by two
to one. Scattered reports from
other Idealities showed small dem
ocratic majorities, and it. was ap
parent that tie? democrats would
carry the county. The official es
timate at democratic headquarters
tv as that the county outside 1he
city would go democratic bv :!00
to -on.
The vote was slow in co-iiing in,
and probably all ilv returns Will
not be received before tonight.
Precinct 12 1 .
For senator: Davis. 14.": Jones,
2 ."il. For congress: Warren, laO;
.Morrow. 2(1. For governor: 1 till,
141; llinkle. sr.J. For lieutenant
governor: (JallegoK, 14.1; Bnea,
2411. For secretary of stale: Hes
George?, 141: Chacon. 2fiO. For
supreme court: Barnes, J 4 75 : Brat
f i.ii. 2 IS. For land commission
er: Mil Her. It.": Baca. 217. For
attorney general: Sedillo. 151!;
Helmick. .242. For auditor: l)cl
gado, 142: Vigil. 230. For treas
urer: .Matson, 102; Cnrbin, 230.
For superintendent: Blaney, 144;
Partial Returns Give
31.263 to 20,915 for
Frelinghuysen: Final Re
sult Is in Doubt.
Newark. X. J., Nov. 7 With re
turns from all parts of the state
dragging slowly in, Indications at
Jl (('clock tonight were that the
results in New Jersey's senatorial
and gubernatorial contests would
be extremely close. At that hour,
representatives of none of the can
didates would hazard a confident
estimate of the final result.
Only 2:'. of tlie state's 2.461 el
ection districts had tubulated their
votes by that time. These gave
Senator Frelinghuysen, republican,
20,915, and (iovernor I9d wards,
democrat. :!l,2H:l. in the fight for
tlie senatorial tog?..
the same districts
republican. 27.515;;
democrat. 3H.-112.
At midnight reti
districts out of 2.4 '1
For governor,
gave Itunyan,
and Sis.lcr,
litis fiom 702
4 in the state
gave F.dwards 10!', 654 and Fro
linghiiysen S'J.tlOs for I 'tilted States
senator and Silzer 102.5iit and
Hunynn iiH.tSO for governor.
New York, Nov. 7. Women In
politics make 1110 sick, "ruminated
lOugene Komanski. dry coeds mer
chant as he. surveyed th" line of
feminine voters in front ot a poll
ing place on upper Broadway.
Tho next tiling Komars'u knew
ho was in a wvt side court, Ms
face bruised and scratched, his
clothes torn and jiJlar missim.
answering a charge ot (iisordtily
conduct, preferred by oi:e of the
"The worst ot it is." paid Koman
ski, after he had told his story,
and been dismissed by tho court us
sufficiently punished. already,
"they called me a. 'big Tammany
cheese' when I'm a straight repub
Omaha, Neb., Nov. 7. Nebraska
retired Gilbert JL Hitchcock, dem
ocratic United mates senator, in
the election Tuesday and at tho
snme time chose another demo
crat, Charles W. Bryan, brother of
W. J. Bryan, as governor ot the
Senator tliteheock conceded his
defeat a few hours after the polls
closed, sending a note of congrat
ulation! to 11. B. Howell, republi
can candidate.
: I U I ( UUI11I tUM 111
Fckles. n is.
24 9. For
151; Ciiego,
live: .Mohr.
For corporation com
Hill. 144: .Mont ova.
representative: Weil,
2 Jo. For represcnta
1.")1; Jordi, 24 2. For
representative: Candelaria, 137:
Chavez, 2 55. Commissioner First
district: Ilerrera, 141; Armijo, 252.
Commissioner Kvond district: Je
sus Ilimioi'ii, 14S; llezmck, 215.
For commissioner Third district:
I ti) mh i n. 151: Fuit, 243. For
treasurer; Sanchez, lis; Svvope,
215. For clerk: "Werner, 151;
Harris. 2 lis. For assessor: Ilub
bell, ill. For shtiriff: Lewis, 144:
Camera, 25ii. For school superin
tendent: Rurke. 155; Muntoya,
23S. Probate Judge: Sanchez, lijj;
.MeClelbin, 21.'!. For surveyor:
linss, 411.
I'roeinct 12 115.
For senator: Mavis, 02; Jones,
220. For congress: Warren, 57:
Morrow, 220. For governor: Hill,
00: liinklo, 220. For lieutenant
governor: Gallegos, 115; Faca, 200.
For secretary of slate; l)e
Georges, II"; Chacon, 20!i. For
slato auditor: IJelgado, C."
205. For treasurer: .Matson,
Cnrbin. 10O. K0r attorney
2 9
era I: Sedillo. 120: llelmielc.
For superintendent: P.laney,
F.ekloH, 220. For land commi
sioner: Muller, 70; L'aea, 202. For
supreme court: liarnes, 67; Prat
ton. 210. For corporation com
missioner: Hill, !io; Montoya, 182.
Fur representative: Weil, 110:
Griego, 107. For representative:
Mohr, lor,; Jonli, 171. For rep
resentative: Candelaria, 53:
Chavez. 2! 7. County commissioner
First district: Ilerrera, 5S; Ar
mijo, 211. County commissioner
Second disfrlet: itomero, I!2; Keze
niek, 210. For commissioner Third
district: Tlankin, 04: Butt, H07.
For probate judge: Sanchez, 4S:
McClellan. 230. For countv clerk:
Werner, 61: Harris. 211. For
sheriff: Lewis. 70: Zamora. 190.
For treasurer: Sanchez, 00; Swope.
217. For superintendent: I'.urke,
00; Montoya, ISO.
1'reclnct '20 1C.
For senator: Davis. (: Jones,
201. For congress: Warren, 87;
arWriMY 207. For povunur: Jfll;.
70; llinkle. 217. For lieutenant
governor: Gallegos. S7: Faca, i97.
For secretary of state: Te
Georges, 100; Chacon. 1H2. For
supreme court: Barnes, 0U: Erat
ton, 201. For commissioner of
lands: Mulkr. 101: Haca. 1S5.
For attorney general: Sedillo. 91:
Helmick, 2a2. For statu auditor:
Delgado. 02: Vigil, 181. For
treasurer: Matson. 14S; Oorbin,
145. For superintendent: lilaney,
S3: Fckles. 203. For corporation
commissioner: Hill. 100: Montoya.
i 1 For representative: Weil,
I 141; Griego, 151. For roprescnla
jtivo: Mohr. 137; Jordi. 153. For
j representative: Candela.rio, 372:
Chavez. 210. For sheriff: Lewis,
120; Zamora. 170. For probate
i Judge: Sanchez. 70; McClellan,
220. For assessor: Hubbel, 137.
I For treasurer: Garcia y Sanchez.
Si; tevvope, 202. For county school
superintendent: Burke. 114: Mon-
Ujm'toya. 1S3. For countv clerk:
I Hill,,,. TiMt .n- T......
i, in, j in i u, j .j i . i- or
county surveyor: Koss, 232; Glad
ding, 1. For commissioner dis
trict one: Herrera. SS; Armijo.
2nf. Second district: Kornero. 65 i
Hezemek. 227. Third district:'
Kankin, SO: Butt, 203.
1'reeiiirt 2fi j .
For senator: Davis. 127; Jones,
425. For congress: Warren, 132;
Morrow. 414. For governer: Hill.
129: llinkle. 424. For lieu
tenant Tovei-nor: Gallegos. 11S;
Haca. 423. For secret a rv
of state: Des George, 124:
Chacon. 41". l-'op supreme court
Barnes. 117: Bratton. 428.' For
land commissioner: Muller, 117;
Baca. 4L'3. fp nttornev general:
Sedillo, 122; Helmick, 421. For
statu auditor: Delgado. 120; Vigil.
400. For treasurer: Matson, 168:
Corhin, 377. For superintendent
of schools: Blaney, 122; Eckles.
HI, For corporation commission
er: Hill. 129; Jtontnya, 413. For
representative: Weil." 139: Griee-v
1 or representative: Jtobr.
Jordi, 402. For represcnt.i
t 'andelario. 22; Chaves, 419.
sheriff: Lewis. 120: Zamora,
For probate judge: Sanchez,
JleClellan. 400. For assessor-
t ive:
1 29.
liubbell. 170. For treasurer: Gar
cia y Sanchez. 129; Swope. 423.
For school superintendent: Burke.
134: -Montoya, 417. For county
clerk: Werner, 117; Harris, 427.
For county surveyor: Boss. 442.
For commissioner, First district:
Herrera, 123; Armijo, 418. Second
district: Romero. 110: Bezemek.
137. Third district: Bankin, 130;
Butt. 415.
Precinct 2 2A.
Total vote cast. 557. Straight, re
publican, S3; straight democratic,
I'reclnot 2fi 1!H.
Total vote cast, 1030.
republican, 120; straight
cratic, o!t.
1'reeinrt 12 21!.
Total vote cast, 666. Straight re
publican, 84; straight democratic,
Prwinct 12 2 A.
Total vote cast, 562. Straight
republican, 62; straight democra
tic. 206.
San Jo.c.
Straight ballots:
176; democratic, 351.
Final: Republican,
cratic, 135.
Straight ballots:
148: democratic. 141.
For senator: Davis, 93: Jones 41.
For congress. Warren, 90; Morrow,
4R. For Governor: Hill. 90; llin
kle, 43.. For lientenant governor:
Gallegos, SO; Baca, 44. For secre
tary of state: Pes Georges. 90".
Chacon. 42. For state auditor, Txl
gndo, 90: Vigil. 41. For treasurer:
Cvntioued on I'ag Inu.

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