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For~Telejrraphle *** F° nrtb Pik<
—- ■ ' on t
The fftrite on ihe Chicago* Alton ana ,
St. t.onis It. it.
We arc uoablo to learn anything ol the pro- P r °l
gress made towards an adjustment ol the diffi- '
culties on the lice of this road, and nobody in c
this city appears to be any better posted than '
ourselves. 2fo trains passed over tbe road yes
terday in either direction, and none are exptct
ed to-day. CR ®
Wisconsin Ranks in LiQnidntion. chai
The Bank Comptroller of Wisconsin has given 00 j
notice that the State State Security Bank at tbin
Gemekon and the Merchant's lifcnk, Madison, jt em
hare relinquished business and deposited a euf- it
ficient siftn oftaoney to redeem their outstand- "uu
ing circolation. Bills of the former will be re- garc
deemed at the State Bank of Madison; bills of ftn( j
tbe latter, at the Back of the Capital, Madison, com
Tiio Indiaua pub;
Our correspondent at Indianupmis writes us
that Hon. Henry S. Lane, one of the newly
elected Senators, has gone to rt asbington, end
that hib colleague, Judge McCarty, will follow
io a few days. Dunham, Sjcretary of State, re
fuses to certify to their election—another evi
dence ol tbe Buchanan style of popular sorer
eignty. A copy of the proceedings of the Leg-
iatature in the matter, properly substantiated by
affidavit, will supply the place of credentials .
from the State ollicers.
The Politician* anil tl»e Slate Agvicul- oom
tural Soctcty. just:
An esteemed correspondent sends u• a couple mon
of pages of criticism upon the letter of " ttural" witfc
relative to the disgracelurproceed'mgsatlSpricg- to t 1
lield on the occasiou of the election of officers otht
of the State Agricultural Society. The publi- Tiui
cation of tbe communication in question could ond
not fail to lead to a controversy for wbich we subj
bave no room in these columns. As the amend- *Tb
mentof the Constitution will probably prevent gem
u repetition ol the evil complained of, we submit tbe
that it is the wisest course to let bygones be in tl
bygoues, and labor solely with reference to the
future of the Society. Meanwhile, we are wiU ven '
ling to accept the 6tattment of our correspon- tion
deat, that m> section of the State and wati
neither political tbould be held responsi* t^ m(
ble for the actions ol tbe hot-beaded and un-
scrupulous men whose din«raceful course ren- wou
dcrtd a change in the Constitution necessary, spri
* < . mcr
Murder and Muusltiiightor Amendment ol s
cl our Criminal Code.
Tb' Stale Se;i;itf l*;i« aliill, l>v a Vole Cr '
1 . ' a sc
of Jls i'» 12, '• I') utneti'l Ihe On initial Oi-ilo atfl en
iiiiT'-UM? lli-j pu'ii-liineiil cf nianrlaiighter." u j aJ
It ptoviili - tliaf a jury wln.i hliall find a pris- y
oner guilly «.l'mati-l:iuglit(T may, in reml'.-r- our
nig tin: V'rfrik-l, li\ t'j«.' u*nn of min
in tin- J'i nite||ii:uy for lif", or for any mini- "p
Ijit ol j i n»>. 1 liis v.;;> n Mile>liful<! for a liill hea
ri'lctieel to tin* Jmlieiary Coiiunittop pro
viding lli.it jut it*-, in lindirig piisoticr.s j!uiliy
of .Murder, may npecilv that tiny t-hall lie
or sHjlwc'.'d to the lVnitcutiarv for ~
HI" or Jur any Ic.-j period of tiiue. The two j
hills ai Hie nam-- in ell', ct, only dili'i niig In 11
IU" phra-.'ology which, in tbe lull us a
leave.s lb" ile.kth pi-n.iliy the tole i.nnish
ment of .Murder, 'j'iie il"iinitii>Ln of the S
tvvu criau'S aro umrhatiged. It is au (>hvi«»us
1 bi
and gross deket Iu our Lrimuiai Jun-pni- coc
dence that llien: should he no lnt< i niedi:tte wai
of til." e.Uatac'.er the hill we hope it Buli
will Ijieoine a l.iw. big
- ' ' ' ' mo
Alurpliy and Andcrsscu. 0 i {
The great match bi'.ween Mr. Morphy and M. of,
Audertsen, to long talked of, concerning
which to uiuch interest is felt in chess-circles, C | H
commenced ut Paris on Monday, Dec. -0, the col
conditions biuip'y tbat the player wbo Joi
hrst won seven games should be proclaimed the
victor. In Mouday'is encounter, ilr. Morphy f or
bad the more aud played tbe Kvans gambit. A - wit
tersome very fine ccn»binations, extending to J*'
eeventy moves, M. Andersen won tbe gcrne. t
On the 'Jlst, Mr. Morphy and M. Audersßtn ao:
played the tecond gnne of tneir chess match, elf
but without any decisive result for either party,
tbe game ending ia n draw.
— ch;
Custom House aud i'ostOflicc ]
The follow .ng Bill passed the Senate on Tues- I 1
day last, and is noiv pending in the House. It
will be seen that it contemplates tbe establish- tio
meut of Branch Post Oilijes ia both the NVest ti<>
and >'ortb division of this city : j
A bill for an Act to amend an Act entitled j*j (l
"An Act to cede j jridiicunn over land occupied Hl . t
by the United Stutes lor li/>ht houses, custom p 0
houHes und other purposes; approvad Feb. IC, Xlt
lbf>s:" Di:
lie It en&rtril bytSe i-ei:>'.e of the Ptn'e of lUinoh. rej»re- ji.,
sciit.il l;i tin- i<fin As'<uniil>:
litrfH . ti> un A"l of the of (h'» np- P c
proved »fH. Js. l»\Vi. rni'ii.-n "ah Act to cuilej jrui.ic- an
Hun over t*c»U cct-uiile t'ytlie UnU'il htat-aiur l:c>it Cil ]
house-. csK'tm li'iUMis auJ forotli<*rt>uriusrs." exc!a»tve ~
j w«n cmiit - * ito tlie L'uitea i»t*ti» mrcrt'je 4 1
land c luit-d a! ti c s.ulh • :st corner of llm-k one Uun- CjU
tlredanl tlueteca In tup S:hom rectlon ailJUlon to clit- jJu
ca*a, brine one ti ndrt-J a* d twrnty feel ca Monroe
utrecl hnd ru:.ni:;i: uouli one tjuadrel and foriy feit. the
»ame wl nli &o xcu - 'or a Imil jlqk or bui.dliicj to be vc- "
euiilf't liv a ftlire nous-, ic
And uli-rcas. t'i«- Uirenjtni'nt of i!ip Ucltnl Slates bat <
pur- It-ißtd ait aiMlltonat iiWo ol linal humediatrty north
ol and adjoaiaieilie tra.rt herein tirf. rr described, li-iuc f o ]
fifi/-tw« f<«*: froiit or Di.-siburn fctret t t»r one luiodred
auu iwcniy feet depj>. f.e width Us. aforesaid, upon
wl.ieli tbe «ails oft:;e ball ;i:ic in itocpss oi traction are of
Viip«rt*»oatrd. Nv.«. >avrt-l re, Wtl «nacte«\ tli»\ ex
ctuslTi. jurl»dii tlnc an i Is hir-'br pr*nted and G 1
«-ed<d to tlie l'nl;«-d NV»nT America i - r thr Jii>t abi>ve to
<i-e<nbtd j>arc»> ofliir.d !iu>lu!l inatiner and to tlie j n
j*atne exieata* ixHi arnl l-yilie act.u> wtitcti »vrx
ani'TiilnienU cfdrd to f i.td etates over tlie tract * ri
clra>-, it.ed mniiil net. wS-b ill-,- r«-h r «iolshinent of on
UxAUon ai.ti JiV-ci-ni'-t:! tutre a proviaed. ED
'tii&t ii.e»iiiuv exxiU'ivL-juriftd ciMn and trp 1 *-
lH'di'ti and i'xcni(i!ijn 'r.»m Ui.thiu a d *.«i-Bsuient, OC
U cranied and eiir fe:red by t'ie A«*t to «hi;h ib> Uan gc
inncnlo.pi)'.. i- c.\t< ndi'd to lands a: d tlielr at<- ce
|n<rtr!i*nc«s, not «-\*cf«i:tu in aea two hundred fret ,
fciju'.re. Mor nt-ur tin-c m«-rof L'.ke a'.d 11a rt«d le
iu Uie H'e t Clvlron «: t'ie city <d Caicaj:?, or aiy other be
tract oflaa i in sub! division, or th same area, tint has .i.
been rr be np.eeteJ <>r nurcimed aud enuvered. o '
be'u-ciitile 1 b> tic United S n cs for apoit otlice. branch St
j>o*t otlice or oi lirr i>u*)ltc «'thee or bui.dituf. acrtacer ni
Utn'tte oi the hrerrt-wy < f ttie Tre*sury of the Untied .
MhW dtßcribinz ihe lti.di m> ftrqolred tr purrhast-d tor V
I'ie i)Urtu>-» f i»io.es - id. ouly rsro'<led In Ihe office of the "
Uecorderof D «-iln Co<>a county, tbtll be coi.clufiTe
t-»i !>!•}■••• uf lbe trai't or parcel olUnd Iw vrhijli the rij:bu
herein tr«t-tert s-iiA'l aji. If.
rkc.it. 1 lint tlie aatue viduiirr jurlidiction. and leel*" K
latton und t-xi tii. t'-on froiuUtiathn and nt si> i*
prsni«a at.d eoub-md by the net, t«> wliu-h this It aa
atiiemliiiei.t.!« iitrcbj eit-n I'-d to lands, and their ap- S
jiu'teiuiicis not exrei-tilns in nr«a ttro hundred ft«t
uu c i navei'een or 111.17 hrraaftcr be selected or P
purcnasect. ami c.>. Teyerf. iu t e North Dinsian of the C
c.ty of Chicago, to b? o«nu icd by tli- L'ui'ed tjuu-i for a
iJOS*«itticr-, branch pn?li>:lice. or oiber public office or
bjilduifc Anil a ce'UCcalc oft-e S-cretary of tiieTrea
mry ol 1 :n* so acquired
or curclia*t'«l the purjiOM-s afoiej.dd. duly iconrae tin 0
tae olti u-of tae K-*c..rder uf heeds tn Cook coo' ty, shall 1
be coaeluflve e\i.h*:»c-of tract or par.cl of land, to
will*h the ruin* ru-rt-u Krani ?d stitll api'ly. • (
.-KC.-4 IIihIhII c.t.l aad er;aiiual t raccks Issued under
the authority of the sai Jrt :te of Illinois, or by any offi* '
cer UiereoC may bf t xecuird on the t remises that may
b<-acu bed or occupird lor tlie purposes mentioned in 1
thlt act. in the sacie iLunuL-r aj if jurUJicnoa had net 1
be«ncrde»i. '
Sec. o. Tali act shall be deemed aad taken aa a public 1
act. aau shall lane e3cct from aad after lis pauatre.
Manngcmcnl of Fires.
Editors Preu and Tribune:
Siu:e public utiention been called to the
of the late Jefferson strccl fire, per
mit me lo sdute a lacl or tiro bearing on tlie gen
eral Mibject*
The Cltief K:igint er complained that he had not
hn*e enough ut that lire, and that he was crippled
in hi?i operations In consequence thereof. Hut why
washcfdiort of hn-e? lie has not fcen proper
to auswer the questioa, but 1 will for him. Your
city readers ivcoiL'ct Unit a lire broke out in the
liou»c of IL'V. Dr. Eddy, On'atio street, on la*t
Friday night. Several Bectmns of ho<e used on
that occasion were permitted to lie on the afreet
fur two d.iyu, frozeu up aad unfit for u-e. This
hose could not be employed at the succeeding
lires, becauw it not cleaned up and put in
condition before lt#e Jelfersou stieet fire broke out,
notwithstanding three lull days iuteivcutd bc
tweeu the two fires. Hence the department was
uhortof the late Drc. \Miy was it not
gathered up and takeu to ihe engite hoose and
thawed out tbe next day alter the lire ? It was |
the Chief £ <gitu-tr'r> duty to have i; done. lie is
paid a salary by the city fur attending to thla as
veil us other branches of hi* official duties.
Km there are some other things to be &iid about
that Ootario street fire of List Frldjy night
From the time the alarm wa.s first given it waj
fully a quarter uf au hour before the Court House
hi.ll was rung. It is reported that a citiien was
obliged to go up to the cupola and wake up the
bell man befoicthe a:«rm was given. \Mieu the
cry or fire wui raised a member of Fire King
Compaoy livii g ou ibe North Side, ran to tbe en
gine house on Dearborh near Washington, helped
to take the engine over to the lire on Ontario
btrcet, remained some tune getting lor ac»
tion, then went back to the engine house for more
ho3e, und had crt)a*ed the Claik street bridge
back again to the fire before th.- Court House bell
struck the alarm: tbe North Market Hou>e bell
bad been ringing all this time be'ore tbe sleepy
head on the Court House lookout gave the alarm.
Should not «ncta k a man be dismissed forth
trith? AChizek.
The Gold Regions.
Editors Press £ Trilune:
The lost Sunday Leader charges you with Hi
giving unreliable and humbugging information gplej
regarding the newly developed gold regions at -\y
Pike's Peak, asserting that your editorial!, &c., eves
on that topic are liberally paid for in advance,
and other similar charge*. How is tbi« * I Di
propose to go there next spring and should feel rtree
delighted,to m'b you cletr yourself of taid fogs
charge in the Ltadtr. Old Scsiceimr. lerdl
Chicago, Jau. 11//., 1859. Bent
Remarks.—We have not seen tbe bunday
Ltadtr, alluded to by "Old Subscriber," and caUi]
can hardly believe that it would make such o ff eu
charges concerning this paper. It certainly had worl
no foundation for them, and if it has said any- t
thing of the sort, must hare intended it as an
item to 41 tell" its reader® or its issues. Ai
It is very silly to aay that we bare published Ileal
" unreliable and humbogging information re* Brat]
garding the newly discovered Gold Region,"
and utterly false that we hare eTer received mer
compensation for it. We hare giren the cnr- to-d*
rent news in regard to the goldmines. We hare
published both sides, the discouraging aa well
as the encouraging, but bare nerer vouched for M '
tbe truth of any of these statements, but bare
repeatedly cautioned the public against placing bolß '
too much reliance upon the fbating reports re- 16118
presenting that great wages could certainly be re P r
made. We bare been convinced for some time
past that there exists rich deposits of gold on
the bead waters of the Platte; bat we bare roa^
nerer said that it would prore to be a second g ene
California to the miners, or that the aanferoas
dust coald be easily-or .abundantly procured by t0 w
oomoiun laborers. Jtnough is not yet known to .
justify an opinion on this head; but twelre
months hence we expect to be able to speak Si
with more certainv. As to the various routes Xew
to the mines we hare published extracts from 310 »
other papers, communications to the Poess and £tea<
Tiuiiu.fß, and hare expressed our own opinions, Justi
ond expect to give all the informations on the out *
subject tbat we deem of value to the public. ?£>>
"The gold field is a subject tbat is attracting rery
general attention all orer the country; it is
tbe leading topic of conversation and thought *
in the West. This whiter and next spring there "
will in all probability, be a vast exodas of ad
venturers to try their luck and settle the ques
tion whether gold hunting among tbe head
waters of the Platte will fay for the labor and
time expended in procuring the shining dust.
We have said, and again repeat it, tbat we Dii Q
would odvise no man to go to Pike's Peak next by J
spring who ia in fOßsession of steady employ- j
mcnt. Let those who are out of work, or are
ot a roving, adventurous nature make the ex- f ace
periment, if they choose, if the thing prores
a saccegs there will be plenty of gold a year f ttr
hence; if it turnsout like the Frtxer River spec
ulation, tbe fewer tbat go there the better.' M
We ure constantly receiving letters asking for Jlltu
our private opinion or information about these of tt
mines. We have no "private opinion "or iug 1
44 private information." All we know or have colo
heard on the finbject, wo have published, and Hlu*
this we shall continue to do without " fee or tcge
hope of reward."
Washington News. Ti
Jjcui'jhi* 1» caption—AUuuce cf Slidt.ll and COL
Joutt—lhtuybif Plan for " 1 hading" the Ad- ciou
fniuuirati-jti The J\nnrylcaniz DtUgation jj rV;
and the Tariff. .
IFrora tbe N. Y. Herald.] . Ie
Washington, Jan. I'. ISi?. 1,111
Senator Douglas arrived here last evening, the)
John W. Forney accompanied the Senator from au*i
Philadelphia. Mr. Douglas waa warmly wel
comed by his friends at the depot, from winch he
was immediately conveyed in a coach to bis fath- scas
er-in-law's residence. A subscription paper was
circulated yesterday afternoon among his per- *-
sonal friende, and two thousand dollars were xnus
subscribed lor the purpose of giving him a grand 0!1 j
reception; but tlie Sonutor preferred to go to .. .
bis father-in-law's in a more quiet way. Tbe
mouey, it is said, will be used lor' tbe purpose opci
ol giving the Senator a grand banquet in honor add
of his re tlcc ion as Uni ed States Senator from
Illinois r 1
Mr. Douglas* house was thronged with politi- (,rc '
cians uji lo twelve o'clock ut night, but we did m<i>
not observe the cards ot Messrs. Slidell and y UU
Jones, who, it is said, hare neatly prepared
notes of invitation lor th«i Senator to meet them
at same quiet epot somewhere on tbo continent,
for tbe purpose of I'tperimeatitg on each oibor
with "villainous saltpetre" and lead. Tbere &
will be no duel between Douglas and Messrs. of .
Jones aud Slidell. When these gentlemen come
to the "pint," their friends will step forwerd citj
and amxablv odjus'- the pending diihculties, or c*ti
elee put the trio under bocdsto keep tbe peace; jj qi
aud we may add, tbat if such should be tbe
ca»<e, the bonds would be heavj enough to keep ' rol
these gentlemen in their seats in tbe uew Senate jba
chamber. the
It riiniiju-d I'iata uiovcnu'tit id on foot on the ..
pnn of
to ilie administration, both iu its foreign fori
und iJ'iMU'.-tic pulii'v, l.y withholding sipprciiiru- 000
tious, etc. A I'-ading boatheni Senator is men- . ,
11,1'inl lifinir eiiliueiMed with this movement. 1Q
The I'rtiiisj Iv.iui.i tJeuiojratie delt-gatlou met for'
la*t and hid umlor consideration the que*- cur
tici: Ot the tariff. This olj.rt ia meeting was to
hcouiv unity of :ictiou upon tins question, and, if
iio?-iblf, c.irry out the policy of the Presiileut'rf f u l
Message iu regard t<> s-peciGc duties. Senator
Bigler pre>id:'ti. After an of views j
they ujijiointtd a eoimuiLtce, couijiDsed of |c».ir
persons—namely, Jones, lleily, Dewart Au
and Montpnnery—to nt'etid to the bu.sinesd atid wh
call the delegation togeiher wheu The CD£
Pennsylvania delegation will l*e a unit on the .
question of the uull, and will exercise great ia
llnente over other sections of the country.
La Crosse Railroad.
The K. Y. llerald of the lOih has the *
following concerning the LaCrosse Railroad: Ro
The coming week will witness the extinction '
of a Kidway Company which has long occupied \\*
aprouiineot prsitinn in Wall street. We refer
to the l/i Crosse Railroad Company. We are
informed, on tbe best authority, that the pro- •
tracted struggle which has sj long been carried CI
on by this Company, has at length come to an 7 e
end ; its creditors cua no longer be put of!, aud >Q
on tbe 10th inat. the trustee of the third mo rt- of
gajre bondholders will proceed to take tbe ne- to
cessary tte;<a to take of tbe road, hi ;
leaving the stockholders and the unsecured 101
bondholders without any veßtige ot security for
their property. This result bus long been fore- *}'
seen, and is undoubtedly tbe late wbich awaits *
many of our railroad companies. Und*r a new d®
1 organization, with a modt-raie capital, and freed I*'
> from pressing creditors, tbe La Crosse Company ,a
• will doubtless revive.
'*« - G
Nnry Surgcou Attacked by Apoplexy.
I Nobfolk, Ya., Jan. 12.—Dr. Williamson,
Surgeon in the Navy was attacked with apo
) plexy to-day, ond there are no hopes of bis re
e cavery.
1 -| i L
T . t5T* Hurnß* birthday (tbe 25tb) is to be honk
q ored in New York by an oration at the Cooper d
Institute br Her. Henry Ward Beecher, end * b
dinner at tbe Astor House, at wbich William c
v Cullen Dryant will preside. In Boston there t
q are two celebrations and two dinners—one high* a
• l priced and an exclusive affair; tbe other cheap v
ic end for tbe million. i
The liusitics? before tbe Police Court yesterday *
0 was brisk, and the profits large. Here is the 1
;r * docket: 1
D * Anna StafTur.l, keeper of a house of ill-fame. *
aud Maria Mary Seyni iar and Josephine 1
lot Smith,as iumiies, were belore Justice (
C4 j Siictney. Anna. Mary and Josephine were lin:d
$lO eacu, and Maria £.*>.
''J Ada and J.unos Johnson, as keepers' of a house
»er of ill-fame, an-t Kite Knosier, as an inmate, wtrc
)Qr lined, tbe loioicr S2O eacb.nnd the latter flO .
. iliehael Magee.a boy of 11 years, was arretted
tllc as a vagrant and sent to the Reform School.
a*t Jo. Siuott, lor gett : ng drunk aad abusing bis
on wife, w<iß flued $3, whicU his wife p*o.
, James Magee and Catherine Atehpolo, Tor get
c \ ting drunk aad kicking up a shindy, were fined
his $3 each.
ing John Doyle, drnuk and vagntney, s3l.
j, John Gee, for getting drunk and striking his
wife over the head with a pitcher, was fiueJ $5
'Ut, mjj sent to Bridewell 10 days,
be- Authony lleiuar, for beiug druak and
was ,rrs fiotd $5.
Henry Browo.a'sault with a deadly weapon, 10.
1101 John Fardowue was lound guilty of an indecent
and exprceure of his person, aud fined ss—a very
was light i>enalty for so grave an offence.
, D. S. Knapp, for l>eing drunk, hid to pav fo.
Jamef Fitzserald, vacaboud, $lO.
1 as liobert i-iir.gerald, larceuy, $5.
James McYey, disorderly, discharged.
Johu Crearv, vagabond,^'&s.
Mary Satterlee, drunk and a vagabond, so.
ght Mary o*Sbaughnesf«y, same offence as the other
was Jl.iry,only a little more so.slo.
SUSC James Fitzgerald,arrested lor slciling clothing, |
etc., iras discharged, tbe evidence not lixing the
was crime upon him.
tbe Daniel Spiudler, using threatening language,.
the discharge.
-« Tim O'Couner, arretted for swindling a '•seed,"
was discharged.
; cn- ,
Iped Pons Swisdlec.—'We bear that a gentleman,
lorio not a resident of this city, who has been operating
to to a coosideroble amount in poik, has snddenly
more disappeared, leaving his creditors minus the ralue
-idge of from 2,000 to 3,000 bog?. He has purchased
betf hogs, .giving checks in payment upon certain
bell broken;, which checks were not honored, and sold
eepy bis hogs for cosh, thus pocketing the handsome
jinn, sum of $20,000 er more. The facts in the case
'ortb. will probably be reached aad made public in a
I ew daji.
Hiss Woodeckt'b B«»«nx imj Evcaso.— A jjj
«plendid bill i> offered for the occwion of Men
Woodbury's Benefit ot McVicker's Theatre thij
evening. See advertisement.
Dead. John McHugh, who was arrested in our Coos
Btreets 6ome time since In a state of insanity, hav- ili
ing a litUe boy with him, died very suddenly yes- S
terday in the Coanfy House, where he had been Ch
sent by the authorities. He was from Philadelphia.
Calling Names.—Eliza Wright, was brought
befote Justice Stickney yesterday, charged with
calling lire. Louisa Hart standalone names. The er n
offence being repeated in the presence of tbat tber«
worthy functionary, he fifled her tlO .which carries
her to the Bridewell. how
Ahebsted for Steallvg a Hoese—David L. not 1
Heath waa arrested yesterday by one of C. P.
Bradley's detectives, and brought before Ju-tice he K
llilliken, for stealing a horse from Henry n. Pal- dark
mer of this city. He wai hell for eximinatfon at tb
, , took
to-day- on b
~" on b
A Fitting TaiDCia.—Tbe King of Denmark p a j r
hai recognized our old friend, Ex-Coroner Geo. get e
P. Hansen, as Vice Consul for the State cf I'.U
iioia. We congratulate our Danish fellow-citi- t jj e
zens that they have so able and gentlemanly a stain
representative in their adopted State. ot^e
r near
Tn* Sfbxsgfiild Asd St. Loins Mails.—The
trains of tbe Chicago, Alton and St. Louis Kail- Qar ,
road, having stopped running, (tbere being a die r
general " strike" among ita employees), the ® catl
• American Express Company bare volunteered
to carry the mails between this city, Springfield bebi
and St. Louis, free ot charge. * htt
, tbe :
Selliko Liqcob Witholt a License.—S.
Newman, Hope rtrec-t, near Morgan; F. Tcutch, j j
310 Jefferson stieeet, and Patrick Mc.Matius, Hal- tbe i
stead etreet, near Twelfth, were brought before
Justice Stickney yesterday, for selling iiquor with
out a license. Newman suCTered to the tune of f ron
Teutc» SSO, and McMauus *3O. of bl
, amii
Discharged.—Tim O'Cor.ner, driver of hack °oti
No. 11, who was arrested for "plucking a seed'* 1
out of SG.oO for conveying him from the Slichigan dow
Southern to St Louis depot, an account of which righ
we published on Tuesday, was up Ik-fore Justice B P Ot
Stickney yesterday, and discharged, the e\ideuce (j rt
not being of a character to justify his convjction. lom
> * nevt
Stabbiso Affbat.—An afTray took place at abot
Dunton Station, on the 3i iust., in a saloon kept
by Jacob Sigwell, between Lyman Lamb, acd th e
A. H. Smith, of tbat place, in wbich the former her
stabbed the latter in the left breast and on the
face, just below the eye. Smith is seriously e
hurt. Lamb bas escaped, and all efforts, thus on I
far, to liad him bare been of no avail.
Magnificent.—The Christmas i.umber of the
Jllmiraled London Xcxct is a beautiful sjtccimt-u j Q g
of the perfection to which the art of on t
ing has l»een brought. Besides the magnificeut h^m
colored supplement, it contain* forty juges of
illustrations and reading matter. It is for i-ale, thic
together with Punch, Brit's Life, Xcics of th f tbei
World, etc., by McNally A Co., Dearborn elro.t*
1 1 di
Toe Wedding Festival or the Co jdiekcial oq |
Collecies.—This evening at the elegant and spa- kno
! cious halls and parlors of the now as unittd |®°j
llryant, Bell & Sfratton's Commercial College, in gr
the Larmon Block, is to transpire a brilliant uflair col<
in the graud festival given by the proprietor? to 100 l
their invited guests in honor of the occa?iou. The
au*pice.s are of ths best jiromise, and the affa r
will he memorable among the social events of this sit 1
Chicago CiYmsa«ivm Exuiwtion.—A literary,
xniLsical and g}imii?tic exhibition will be giveu WQ!
ou Friday evening, the 14th iu-t., at Metropolitan tb e
Hall—being the til'tli aunual exhibition since tiie ing
opeuing of the An ititioluct*«rv
address will b-j delivered by Chas. L. Thomas, g j^|
Esq., wbich will be worth bearing. Mumx by the and
(Ireat Westrrn Band. This p'omiscs to be the
most attractive eatertaiument ever offered by ihe wgJ
young gentlciuen connected with tbc.<Jyniua>ium. q ue
.\ti advertisement, will l<e noticed iu auother the
1 and
columu. y c
A CniCAoo Yoc.vo Ladt Fatls Hbib to fia,- aQ( -
GOU.Ouy.—Wo hear that a youcg lady of this roo
city who has hitherto followed the humble vo- lb e
cition of a sewing girl, and whose name " larj
Mary Schooley, received a letter yesterday, otl
from an uccle residing in New York, stating I the
jbat herself, in connection with tbe writer &f j aQ£
the letter, and another uncle, also residing in I j n
New York, bad fallen equal heirs to the com* I in
fortable sum of £27,000.000, or about $135,000,- I
000, by tbe recent death of an uncle at Calcutta, J
India, where he bud accumalated bis immense I of
fortune in mercantile pursuits. This story is I roo
current in our city, but we will not, at present, I
vouch for ita truth, though we hope to have it j the
fully confirmed. J wa
)l( I ih
Acocm.v Club.—'Tbe* annual meeting of tie
Audubon Club was held on Tuesday evenirg I i o j
when the following ollicers were elected for the up
I sai
ensuing year: We
President—J. Edward Wilkms. I h B ,
Vic4'Prmd*ht Howard Priestley. I inj
Stcrttary— A. H. Boyden. I nil
Treasurer—Albert S. Evans. j * Q e
IHrecton—David A. Gige, H. H. Yates, J. H. I
Boss, S. B. Vernon, H. A. Blakeslee. I
Tbe following resolutions, tbe first ofl'ered by
Wm. S. Johnston, and the last by S. B. Yernor, I
were adopted: mi
Jitiolced, Thnt the warmest thanks of tbe
Club are due to Albert S. Evans, Esq., lor the 1 ro
very able, energetic aud satisfactory manner sp
in which he baa managed tbe financial affairs I
of tbe Club and tbat bis unanimous re-election I
to the olli:e of Treasurer is an evidence of the j si'
bigh estimate placed upou his services by the I nc
members. u
Jbnolvtd, That the State Legislature be pe
titioned to pass a law recognising dogi aa 1
*'property,*'and punishing s'ealing or willfully j
I destroying the same in the same manner aa I th
1 like o'flences against other property are pun- 1 ®
lsbed. lt
I S. B. Vernon, W. S. Johnston and David A. I
tisge, were appointed by tbe chair to draw r(
up and present such a petition to the Legisla* si
, 1
- Ure * , it
Abrxst roa Violation of tub Post Offics
1 Law.—Julius Crone, real estate deftler, who t
. 1 keeps an oflice at the corner of Clark and Ban- J tl
r j dolph streets, was arrested yesterday acd |
1 I brought before Philio Uoyne, Esq., U. S. Com- I
n I missioner, on a charge of an intringement of I
e I the Post Office laws. He was held in SSOO to j 0
i- j answer. The facts elicited on the examination j 1
p were as follows: On tbe evening of the 4th 1 8
I isst., ilr. Crone deposited in tbe Post Oflice cf I
I this city a package addressed to Hon. John A. I
j Corwin, of Urbana, Ohio, which he represented I
I to the clerk as containing only four printed 1
sheets. Circumstances excited the suspicion of j t
1 the clerk, and upon opening tbe package, he I
found it contained seven foolscap pages of man> I ,
ic uscript, being the charter ot the Northwestern |
• * Christian University *t Eranston. ]
J The following is the law under which the ar- I |
rest was made: 1
rc I *'lf aiy person shall enclose or conceal a let- I
I ter or other thing, or any memorandum in writ. J
J ing in any newspaper, pamphlet, magazine or 1
I package, etc., or make any writing or memoran
-1 dum tbereon, which be shall have delivered un- I
to any Pest Officii or to any person for that |
t purpose, in order that tbe same may be carried I
by post free of letter postage, he shall forfeit I
I the cum of five dollars for any such offence; 1
I and tbe letter, newspaper, magazine, package, I
1 or other thing, shall not be delivered to tbe per- I
son to whom it is direcied, until the amount of I
1 ainßle letter postage is paid on each article of I
0"' which tbe package is composed."—Poti Ojnct
Zatct, paued March 23, 1525. 1
Jai This arrest derives importance fiom the fact
cry j that this description of frand upon tbe postal laws |
I has been largely practised, and special instruo I
1 tioas bate been issued to Postmasters throughout j
1 the country to prosecute these offcuces to the full j
j extent of Uie law. I
Acting U. S. District Attorney Mulligan repro
tier I tented the Government, In the abseuce of Mr. I
j Fitch.
,n £' j We have seen Mr. Crone since this arrest. He
e I is a well kno»vn citizen, and justly esteemed by
age, all as an upright and truthful gentleman. He
I state* tons that on Monday evening last he wrote j
e^' * a letter to Hon. John A. Corwin, of Urbana, Ohio, l
an! directed his clerk, as he was about leaving
nan, I his office, to enclose some drawings of a building,
itlng I or buildings, which Judge Corwin is about crect
enly j ing at Tolleston, Lake County, Indiana, with it,
alue I and ditect the letter. The clerk, by mistake, en
ased j closed the charter of tbe Evauston Uuirersity,
rtain 1 wbich was also intended for Judge Corxrin, and
sold j Mr. Crone the next morning took the letter to tbe
»mo r post Office, supposing that the plats or drawings
case I only were In it, and paid the amount of six cents
in a I postage on it. These, Mr. Crone assures us, are
| the facte, and we bare no rauro to doaht his word.
of th
. blooi
At Ohicaso, July 3nd, 185S, {Jj™
■ were
Cook Cocstt Cnxuvr Cocar, Uok. Geoeg* -whei
Clmrla MilUr tioom—h.m a policemen, waa Ftni(
on ci'y police in July, ISSS; knew premise* oc« tbe«
copied bj prisoner on Michigan street; first drj£
went there on 2d Jn!y, between 5 snd GA. H.; was
Mr. Halloch, policeman, was with me; I went appc
there becaaae I heird from Callom* saloon keep- that
er next door, that there had been a zonrder lerre
there; saw defendant there; saw the woman neii'
lying in the bed; saw blood on the floor in three no t
rooms; when I first came in, asked prisoner wbi
bow it happened; he said he did not know; she foan
went out night before at 9 o'clock, and be did the
not know wben she came back ; that he woke traci
op at 4 o'clock and saw her lying in bed along wall
side of bitn; didn't have much talk with him; oa }}
he woald not speak mocb ; his look was kind o'
dark; he was walking about the rooms looking °> ft
at tbe chi dren; li&lloch and I arrested bim and eT
took bim to tbe Armory; took notice of blood
on bis shirt and pantaloons; there was blood we ° :
on bis pantaloons close to his pockets; be bad a wa9
pair of shoes on, but no socks; I went back to ®? e J
get another shirt and pants lor him, andlaid tbe * llc '
other bloody ones awny; they are in the City ***
Marshal's office. Witness described in detail
tbe arrangement of the rooms; found blood a° ce
stains in tbe kitchen and tbe appearance of blo °
others haricg been washed op ;in a wash dish COT^
near there was sand and water, which looked as '
if it had been used in washing up blood; the tJ,;S
traces of blood looked more like being smeared
on rather than like drops; saw blood in the mid- ler Y. (
die room; not as much aa in the kitchen; it was .
scattered there just aa ia th« kitchen, not in
drops; on tbe door opening east on the little or U1
dark room, b-aw tracesct bloody finger marks; [^° E
behind toia door, in the middle room, I noticed j rd
a little blood on the wall, in northeast corner of lct^
the room; in tbe little room there was a good Al
daal of blood and bloody clothes; looktdas if
they had been used to wipe tbe blood up; noth* C)
ing in the room but the clothes which lay on >*an
tbeiioor; brought tbe clothes away; (clothing was
! shown,) I recogaizs these as tbe ones found; w itb
think tbe woman bad this (a calico basque) on; beet
this is tb* pair of pantaloons and the shirt taken who
from tbe defendant. (Witness showed tbe states <j
of blood on these garments to the jury.) Ei- 4 g 0 a
amined tbe stairway leading to the rooms; found f e nd
no traces of blood; the woman I found lying on wile
the front part of tbe bed; her bead turned to min
the left side, face turned to tbe wall, and drawn at
downward ; ber face was spotted black ;on the wen
right side of her neck there were long, black Cbii
spotri; saw the examination of her person; there Kne
were olack spots on her hips. '53.
CroU'Examirud by Air. llattccks—Met Mr. Cul- thei
lom on Clark street bridge, who told me of it; on '
never went to tbe room before ;he waa walking betf
about tbe rooms; the children were up and woo
walking about; met tbe let Lieut. Sherman ofte
standing at the door at tbe head ot the stuirs ; mei
tbe woman waa Ijingon tbe front of the bed, woi
her bead turned to the wall; McNamte waa oft
standing right io front of her wben 1 asked him. per:
[Witness repeated tbe conversation as before.] Son
We did not at first arrest him, but kept our eyes 6 tor
on him until tbe Lieutenant came up ; don't re- B he
collect if be told me what time be went to bed
Witness described from tbe diogram the Icca* L
tion and appearaoce of tbe blood spots in the fc Q *
rooms. Never saw McXamee before that even- prii
ing; could not judge of his appearance much ;
on tbe way to tbe Armory he asked me to get b
him o glass of whisky; left bim in tbe lock-up; " 0I
about half an hour came back and asked bim to S
give me his clothes; be was lying on tbe bonk, no
tbink he was asleep; be jompea up and gave mic
tbem to me ; I bad gone back for tbe clothes; me
saw at the rooms a small pint fiask standing on oth
the fioor; some one said there was whisky in it; reli
I did not examine it; did not examine the body on
on tbe bed to see whut clothing she had ; don't doi
know it any one but me bad then been there ; io 1
took no particular notice oi the clothes in tbe he
little dark room; tbey were in there wben I wil
went io there; could not tell if tbe body waa dri
cold; did sot put my hand on it; the blood bit
looked dry both on the fioor and the clothing; bet
atked the prisoner how tbe blood came drugged dri
about the fioor; be told me bis wife bad been 41 1
drunk tbe afternoon before, that she could not wo
sit up and be drew ber into the corner sj she dri
could sit up. ab(
'Jba Jxror—lie told me the blood came from on
bis wife, wbo was unwell. on
haac G. Halloch, ttcorn— Am a policeman; we
was a policemin tn July last. [Witness detailed bei
tbe information ud to the murder and proceed. mn
ings thereafter substantially, as by the former brc
wiicess.j Prisoner stood at the he&d ot the is j
stairs us we came up, and said, "Ibere is a bard at;
sight here boyf;" be started to tbe front room kn<
and we followed bim; be went to tbe front room, tbe
and there the woman lay on tbe bed; be drew sb<
down tbe coverlid from her lace; then bo tol
went to the window and tpit out; [the subse- kn<
quent conversation was detailed aa before;] on ce«
toe way to tbe lockup he asked us if we would go iu^
and take a drink with him; be asked us ooce near r
McVicker's on Clark street, and again on South L
Wells street; he was dressed in hickory shirt 10
and block pants, when we found bim in tbe (
room; shoes, but no stockings; blood stains on pai
tbe prisoner's clothing, as by last witness, id 1
pointed out; oa the right leg of the pants was a r
large blood stain, and from this 1 myselt picked .
oti a long hair; should say ten inches or longer; .
there were two or three of them I took ofl; there hn
I were more on at the time. [The appear- Pei
1 ances of blood in tbe rooms was described f er
in detail.] There was a stove and lounge
jin the room; the wash basin was out in '
jon the roof, with balf a gill of ne^
j blood* water and sand in it. I brought it in. rti
There* were spots of blood on the floor. A spot ...
I of blood on tbe door leading lrom the middle
I room to the kitchen. Helped remove tbe cloth- 60l
ing of deceased. Tbe body was lying on the hq
j settee in tht middle room. She had been taken jj 0
j there by the doctors, Coroner and others. She
J was bareiooted.bad on chemise,tkirt and baique.
I There were bruises on different parts of he: per- of
j son, on her limbs and privates. The bruises
I were all over her. There was a pair of stock-
I ings laying in front of the settee; 1 picked tbem ea
lup and aiked McNamee if they were his. ile ad
said tbey were. Gave tbem to Coroner. Tbey
I were wet and saturated with blood, ts if they
I had been used to wa«h up the spots. [Thestock-
I ings produced ] Tnesa are tnepair; I recoc- V 3
I nise tbem by tue tops. The clothes on the body
J were bloody and torn. The baeque was torn s]<
I considerably. Tbe garments were cut in getting g t
I them of£ d<
I Cresi'txamintd by Air. JfaitocL-t.—Don t know at
if 1 was first at tbe room; Miller was with me; ca
we started from the bridge; met McNamee at la
I tbe head of the stairs; tbe [conversation and qi
I movements of prisoner repeated as before;] Mc- d(
Xamee was walking back and forth in the two tb
( I rooms; void him he must come with us; be st
1 spoke ot the children ; told bim tbey would do
I well enough ; can't say bow they were dresseJ ; gt
I McNamee bad on a pair of Eboes; be bad no st
I stockings; the shoes had been worn; did not oi
I nouce they were new; Vicker's is tbe "X. 10 b
U. 8" Saloon, corner of Clark and Ktczie b
. I sireets; on Wells street be asked again for w
i liqnor; L went back to the lockup for prisoner h
f j and took him back to the North Side; it was ia w
i I the middle of the fornoon; Miller was net with w
. I me; be was not asleep at t e lookup wben I wes n
there; at the rooms in the kitchen there was a pot i
on the stove with corned beef and potatoes in it; s;
' I there was bread on the table; in this middle w
r room the appearances ot the blood spots were i
similar to tbofce in the kitchen. [The witness , n
described tbe appearances in tbe diu'erent rooms r;
lin detail.] In tbe front Toom beside the bed 1<
j there was a smalt bed tick on tbe floor; did not c
1 I see a jug or flask; tbe blood on the bed was in li
o various places; most from ber private parts; .-
i. 1 tbe bed was an ordinary turn post bed stead; t
, j don't remember of any blood oa the pillow; I
j had seen McNamee beiore but never spoke to |
*' I bim; bad seen him at work about the stable. I
3 M [A question as to the oppearance of McNamee J
0 I at tbe time of his arrest was objected to by the
n j District Attorney as immaterial even though it J
k j should be sworn that tbe prisoner was intoxica- |
2f I ted. Intoxication could not be urged in mitiga- .■
I tion, indeed some authorities made it an aggra- 1
!C * J ration of crime. He objected unless tbey were 1
prepared for the extent of showing insanity re-
I suiting from intoxication. \
3 ® I The Court ruled that all evidence as to tbe [
a * appearance of the rooms or the prisoner would
m be admissible as> part of the ra gaij. As to the
legal bearing and weight of a particular state of
I facta it was a question for the jury under tbein
-1 structiona of tbe Court.]
st * The prisoner walked with us readily, and wo
i*- 1 noticed nothing unusual; looked as he ordin
or I arily did as I saw him at work; be did not look
• a * as if he bad been on a drunk; never to my
1D " I knowledge saw bim drunk ; never apoke to him
iat I to know him before; hare been to tbe stable on
ed errands ; tbe bed where she lay waa saturated
eit I with blood, mostly at the middle ; did not say
I to any reporter tbat 'McNamee was drunk that
!?*• I morning; found the wash dish on tbe rear rooC
er * I it stood on the left hand side ;on tha right hand
°* I side was a tub, a barrel sawed in two, with
of I wa'er and clothes; they seemed to be the family
washing ; there was about half a gill of water
I and sand in the- wash dish; the color.waa
: act bloody; gave the dish to the Coroner; saw no
iTPS | marks ot blood on the roof, stairway or out
t house; noticed no indication that slop water
bad be«h earned; tbe spots of blood looked as
'oot j if some one bad lain there aod bled profusely;
full I the light reached the room from the little front
I chamber throngh the door; there were several
I persons in there when 1 went in; cannot say if
l in> the portion of the clothing had been changed;
Mr. saw no firewood or fuel that I remember; looked
I abont tbe store for the flat irons asked for; saw
u the pot of beef, tome dishes and some bread.
Direct examination rtmmfd—Examined tbe
1 stairs from basement np; it waa what I first went I
He down for; tbe Second Lieutenant and myself ex- I
amined them carefully; found no blood or water. ]
To Mr. Mattocks—Don't recollect as to the.
>bio, weaiber; I was on my beat tbat night; wore a
ving woolen coat, as asnal; there was aa access to tbe
iintr rooms by way ot tbe roof and th« stairs by the
billiard room in the second story; I did not go
down tbat way at aIL
lh it, 'Jo Mr. Haven—Examined only one entrance
en- with reierccce to blood; could not go down that
P '.s f _ way—it was fast; ciu't say as to this entrance.
" tU 7» 7b 3f r . not examine the west en
, and trancentall.--
otbe To Mr. Mcllroy—Examined the stair? they
_4 np .. usually went UP.
iieorgt P. Hvwt} worn—Was Coroner last
061118 vear ; neld an inquest on body of deceased, on
9, are iTichigan street; first learned of tbe case between
iford. 7 and 7Ji oVloct i g°s. «l»nt half-past 7.
[Tbe vjtoe?.? described the onlerand anunsenient it hi
of the room-*, and the blood stain*, ia detail, as from
by previoQs witness.] Ia the little dark room bloo
were traces of blood, as of profuse bleeding; can* wbic
not say how much; kliould say nearly a quirt; the was
blood bad apifartntly been there some hours ; not i
there was a wasabcard foand in thfrroom; (wash- was
board ehomi); that is the one; the appearance* thei
were a« if a person bad lain in this room and bled; woai
when the jary was empanel'*!, the body was un- then
covered; she wore a caii« ba«qie and sfeirt; the whei
body wa3 bloody and bmi«e<l all over, black and head
bloe ; the face was brui-ed, as if it tnd been skall
Ftnicb; noticed oi one of the :<ips an abrasion of than
the skin, which lo )ked as if it had been struck or -ride,
drafted a:rain=t some hard enbstance; the bed prod
was bloodv; when I flr*t came there and saw the the 1
appearance of tbe fioor. I looked about for tair* been
that rnuht have been used to wipe it up. [Re- woai
ierred to the washl»is;n, as d d the former wit* the 1
neii.] Veiled ail the cater premie, but fonad
no trace* of blood; went to the Armory; thea j aai
came back and examined the stairs carefully;
found no blood outride «'{thekitcben; goto? frtxn
the tkrk clo?et into the middle 100 m, found a ,jj e( j
trace of a bloody La ad »n tbe door c-iMng; on the
wall in tbt* northeast corner found a spot of blood cann
on the wall. coab
Crots-Examirud by Iff. J/a'.icckt.—The marks
of a bloody hand on tbe door casing were rath- COQ j (
er large size; eaw Mrs. UcNemee'a hand, it woa blow
ot ordinary size; paw co other band marks; jj oin
went there about ball-past seren; think there } ear j
was some liquor in u tnmbier; eaw a jug, about
one or one and a half gab ; ihink it was in the
kitchen by tbe t&yle; I swelled of it; there
was eome whisky in it; think I saw a little black e£ j
tta*k; tbe blood in tne kitchen had the appear- f ore
ance of barisg been washed up; only aa* clear
blood on the lioor ia tbe little dark room; it 00
covered tbe whole part of the room; a f t£]
the light was admitted fiyrn the little front mom; hoo ,
this room had a brd in it} carrt say if it Lid been any j
occupied that - Ba * r
terea on the floor in the Rttle runm; did not ex
amine Uicbtd
ten whether the water ui'iie basin was dirty waior jv
or blood v; saw no iudicatfus of blood outside the ~
rooms; did not exiuiiue lat one. the a?ual en- . '
trance; in the middle rvra.-'Mnk tierc v.ts a set . •
tee; saw no recently btok^Vuruitard.
Adjourned to 2P. M. j- j
xTTca^oo-NtitsaioN - . t tre<
Crots Examination First saw ile- hera
Natnee at the Armory Ic cfcdp abaat S o'clock; he woo
was on a bonk asleep. lLid little courersatien won
with him. Ile appearedFlike a man who bad no \
been intoxicated the nitfgt before; like a man woa
who b*d '• been oa a bustr' bari
Oictn He Brian ftrcrn.-lHaTe liTed in Chica- aboi
go since ilarcb, 1553 ; ami painter; knows de- oat
fendant; were brought up boys tegtther. iiis ber
wile was named Jane. She was a cousin of stra
mine; knew her from her infancy. They lived 1
at New Haven before coming to Chicago. They giv<
were married six years. Defendant came to she
Chicago in May 'oT ;he csme belcre she did. diec
Knew where they lived cn Michigan street in she
'53. I bourded with them before they moved E
there, and then, with an interval lived with th«m the
on Michigan street to May 17th. The relations the
between them were n>t very pleasant. She was
would drink and get intoxicated very often, and con
often when he came bomt* there *ou!d be co mm
meul ready for hiui. Lie would ask why ; she not
would say she could not do that and take care as v
of the children toa. There woula be words and dea
| perhaps he would strike Ler; 1 would interfere, the
Sometimes 1 would get a ljaf of bread at the bloi
store, and we would eat that, la tLe alternoon hea
she would often be in bed drurk. or^
[Question as to whether witctss ever saw de
fendankoffer violecce to hia *ife otjected to by yji
prisoner's counsel as claimC-d to have no bear- upc
ing, but admitted by Court sho*ving the rela- cer
tions of tbe parties. Excepted to.] j, ee
Saw defendant come homy one morning and opt
no breakfast ready for hi at; his wife was in the bee
middle room; 1 was ia the kitchen; he asked tbe
me where Jane wa?; 1 tnld b'.m the was in the cou
other room ; heard words and some quar- (
reliog; went intfl the roam ;he bad his hands thii
on her throat; asked him " .Mac, what are you hoi
doing she went ou 4 . ur.d hr foil wed her, and inc
in the kitchen seized her ng:v^i; I interposed ; no
he made me no answer exceA to say, "What cou
will I do?" I then asked h* why she would der
drink; told her there woalwbeno quarreling sw<
between them if ehe wculd n§t drick; advised Wt
her to quit; hhe,«tid she "wvor would quit iny
drinking for him aflt-r eome *vords atked ber dea
"to stop from drinE for ae;" she said 6he po I
would; thi3 wa3 ia May; cercr knew her to tiiii
drink or saw liquor in the hoiee after; this was hia
about a week uefore I left; her latt alive rit-?
on Sunday before her death jftl was then living get
on I'eoria street, keeping b«ise; she seemed cou
well; she was not at my housi the night before tra>
her death; had Eome talk wflh defendant on att«
morning of her denth; I was*hcre; Mac was Jur:
brought in by an ctlict-r ; I saifi to him, "This a
is a wondt-rtul thing ;" s.i:d b«t " V«':is not fib© mu
at your house lafct nuht'{" I aijd, '• ehe did not niy
know whjre 1 lived be suid, " I met her on cji
the stairs at 7 o'clock last night going down, cot
she said she was going to see; her ccusio;" 1 trs
told bi:a, " no, she could not dn co, she did not sio
know where 1 livedktox ot de- o!i<
ceased, (u letter shown); that la her handwrit
iug. g°
[Ex-Coroner ilaosen wa? reciiled i-j testify as
to the hading of the letter in the dark clo3et.) D j
Cross-Eximi'itil by Mr. Jditiycks.—Knew the Do
parlies from a child; wnea defendant waj not ca<
in liquor bis character was mild. br
[Oa the part ot the pro&ecution, questions aa
to the general character of the deceased for so
briety, were ocjfcted to by the counsel for the tb:
People a3 iuadmiaiable. The Court, alter re- in;
ferenco to cases h-ving kindred aspects, ruled
that the general character of the deceased is
never admissable, unless it forms a part of the tit
rti and may teed to explain tbe act oi
killing. But in this case, general character for
60briety, or irritability when under ictluence ol hi.
liquor, could not tend to explain tbe transac
tions, as such quality of character or disposi- tit
tion could not tend to furnishing aa explaoation re
of the killing. If ber character had been such so
that she was dangerous when under the influ
ence of liquor, the evidence might have been
Hut it was competent lo show her conduct,
and condition on the particular occasions in
quired of by the people]. _
The altercation took place in tbe forenoon; I J;
slept in tbe kitchen cn tbe settee; 1 bad not <u
guaeout; McNamee came up for his breakfast; cl
don't remember that anything bad been done f c
about it; phe had the appeurance.of being intoxi- y.
cated; did not see her drink; never saw him It
lay bands oa her before; never knew of their q
quarrelling except when 6he bad been drinking; y;
don't know wnat passed in tbe middle room ; as
tbey came out I don't knewwfcst she said; when
she was drunk she generally lay abed ; when si
she bad been drinking she wculd tmtalizd him ; l (
she promised me more than once thai she would »
1 stop drinking; it was after the time the quarrel fi
ocrurred; she promised me before; 1 kuew of tj
1 bis bringing in liquor to the house; I warned a
- htm not to bring it in; he said he would not; b
was there on Sunday before the murder; she J
had not been drinking; she asked me when I
i would come back again; 1 toll her 1 wished she T
i would come and Me me the Fourth of July; *
i my family came into tbe city on May 14th; J
t Mrs. Mi'Xamee never had called i>a us l-vc.iu-o she •
; said she wouldn't f ber cUnho; j-he knew where J*
i we lived; my tamily had been there to see the *
i McXamees. used to'go Sutidjy?; he woul.l draw
s, money'rem the office and give to lu>r f<>r necessa- 1
8 ries; she to providing lor the family; she fi
1 iei»elihe little beiiroouj to when I l>oard» \
t cd there I paid my board t j i:rr; she was cro-.- to
a luia when she was drunk, and sometime I would
; ?ce him ri eto go I'orwaid to strike lier; knew
; them to get out of llie uiccwriis of life; have ,
; knowa them to quarrel they were out of :
0 jnovUiotis; beaU-ays gave b« r rajnoy when he j
bad it; have known b;ui to borrow it for ber; ,
. there were times when there were cot proviaions
iu tlie bou-u? lortueuU.
® Direct HemT^rd—To 3lr. 3ic
it llroy.—'the lime 1 p{x?ak ol occnrred ia May;
never saw after that of driuk; never
l " faw ber drink; judged of her drinkiuu' from her
u aptwaraocc and what the said; never knew ber to
i- buv liquor; she told me after tnat that they were
. e getting along web since >he hid quit drinking.
B . Dr. H". C. Hunt, who was present at the prst
mortem examination, though no: participiting ia
lfi it, testified X'to position and apj>eanince of the
Id body. This testimony we omit as in
ie points being identical with that follow.
of Dr. Ddaski .W;Vr, *irorn—llave lived here six
am a practi-ing physician; was called to
fee deceased between 0 and 10 A.M.; tlr>t >aw
bi»dy lviag on the back iu a bed ia trie fr iat ro.-»m
ro with cuilt and tw.i or three garments; found
n- braises ever nearly the entire >cr:ace of the bady;
sk mo>t the neck, che-r, and head; oue
oy incised wound oa the left side «f forvhead half
im inch long to the skuU; the scalp was very much
oa bruised and effu-ed to cover entire t-p of
ed the bead; no fracture of the skull; on removing
ay skull found much serum ia membrane* of brain;
iat more b'ood tnaa natural ia of brain;
ot vessels larger than natural; ch?st; Innrs healthy,
nd small concretion of fibrin ca oatside of heart, not
ith recent; abdomca: liver healthy; peritoneum coa
ily talned bloody senna; intestines in spots blac»c,
ter like braises oa exterior; mem? not unhealthy, but
raa rather larger than i.anral; marks ot extensive
n0 brutes oa tbe vulva: traises very nutEeroiis ex
at. ternally, but generally n-.t severe; several cn
ie r head aad chest; oa hip an abrasion ot
M cuticle in longitudinal licea a« if made by
I T . drawing tbe body O the fl»r; ia my
ont opinion death resulted from repeated blows on
__l tb© head; the other braises might contribute,
r jf bot the first named were of themselves quite
; d. sufficient; as to the instrument used, I thought'
the bruises on the bead were produced by some
aw blunt instrument, except the incised wound on
1 the forehead; the other bruises were produced
tbe br blows with fists or kicks; they were circum
vent scribed and oot of any extent; 1 Attributed tbe
ex- bloody serum of the peritoneum to tbe severe
tir. external injurie?; I saw the stains of blood in
the th® rooms; gave no particular attentiaa to the
re a blood spots; saw blood "Spots on the walls; nev
tbe CP bad seen deceased before; she hsd nn two or
the three articles ot clothing; we took cfl a calico
tgo bafque, black skirt, and chemise. (Clothing
produced.) That is tbe basque, 1 think, and |
incc the others; they were then discolored as now;
that saw tbe woman between 9 andlO-A. H.; Ihink
e. my opinioa was she had been dead from five to
i ea- ten hoars; tbe blood on the floor was dry. ex
cept in the bed; the Mood oozing from
they one part when I saw her; the death did not take
place at tha time of her periods; the blood did
last not eome from th£ arteriea.
, on Croti-caqoiinid*—There was from external ap
rcen pearances of the body at once ft question wheth
st 7. waa abortion had oai takn pUce |we foand
it had not; the blood about the rooms was not
from these organs; the bed waa saturated with <
blood and stained with bloody serum, some of -
wbich eseaped after death; we decided there (w
was no abortion; the blows on the body would uou
not alone cause death ; tbe most severe wound |
was on the genital organs; the black spots on =
the intestines arose from external irjaries; the m(
wound on tbe forehead must have bled much; J
there were other small wounds on the scaJp *nd <
where the blood ooied; tbe wound on the fore
head half an inch in length, penetrating to the I «noo
skull; no broken skin on the body elsewhere Box 3
than on the bead; thiak no large vessel was di- v-«r
Tided on the forehead; it could not have been
prodaced with this (the wash-board shown); theci
tbe bruises elsewhere we thought might have ial
been given with that; can't say bow much the
wounason the bead Died; think tbe blows on Inr
tbe head would have been more likely to cause
death in an intoxicated thaa tn a sober person ;
iu ao*reon dying of intoxication tbe brain would
beeffuaed witb serum and blood vessels enlarged; at ,'h,
have examined the brain of persons who had I tte t
died of intemperance; in this case we found se-
rum and enlarged blood-vessels in the brain ;1 I '
cannot say tbat any one of the blows on the bead 1
could produce death; they could not all of them j
have been given with the band; the incise wound j w.U i
could not have been; could not say bow many
blows there were; the soft parts were broken 1110
down, and the bruises ran one into another, iy
leaving no lines of demarcation; think she may | tj-er
have been dead from hve or six to ten or twelve
hoars, not more than tbe latter; saw her on the von!
bed before she was moved; if she died in the ta*<
bed she had been placed there a short time be
fore she died: her position was natural and her aa
clothes well arranged; there was no effusion of
blood on the pillow: she may have died soon I
after the blows; may not have lived over an ]
hour or two; made no critical examination of
anything else than the body and its immediate
surroundings; blood commences to coagulate
almost immediately; tbe appearance of tbe blood _
gave no criterion as to time which had elapsed AC
after death.
'Jo Mr. 'The external injuries of the
head would account for the appearance ot the
brain; these continuous bruises on tbe head Tr
would produce insensibility almost immediate- I
ly ; she could not have been thus injured in the it
atreet, and then have come up stairs aod placed
herself in bed; my own opinion was tbat the |
woman was placed in bed after death ; tbe I
wounds on the bead must bave bled; there were 1
no marks ot bleeding in the bed from those j
wounds; tbe scalp wounds and bruises must 7c
have caused unconsciousness; the clothing
about tbe person was regularly arrayed through
out; thequilt covered ibe body; don't remem
ber as to the hands; the head was nearly I -yr
straight with tbe body. J i\
To Mr. Mattocks—Afler these blows were j
given it is impossible to soy positively bow long
she would live; she would most likely have I ..
died within three or four hours ; 1 don't think j
she lived over one or two. . I
l)r. Ephraim InqalU—Was called to examine j
the body of deceased. Position aad clothing
the same as,described. The only incised wound AN
was on the temple; tbe bruise on the head was
continuous and amounted to one bruise, and | _
must have been tbe result ot many blow?; could oaie
not siy bow many ; aided at the post mortem ; j tae
as we cut through the scalp we found a great
deal of exfravasated bbod wbich llowed out; I
tbe ventricles of the brain were tilled with a 1
bloody semen; the organs chest were J
healthy; in abdomen found ibA bloody semen; I LJ
organs healthy, also uterine orgaos. [Tbe de- |
scription of appearances at the post mortem did j j
not diffar in any material point from that of Dr. I
Miller.] Think death resulted from the blows ]
upon tbe head; the wounds on tbe body would ( t3
certainly contribute to tbe cause of death; those I i'""
on tbe bead were alone sufficient; think she had I
been dead from six to ten hours; it was my
I opinion she died in bed, at least she must have I
> been placed tbere before rigidity took place, as I y.,
I there was a naturalness io her position she ** *■
i could not otherwise have assumed. |
CrouEzamintdb'j Mr. Maitocki.—Should cot j
i think she could live more three cr four I
t hours alter such injuries; 1 noticed ouly one j
I incised wound on the temple; there had been j
; no bruises on the forehead. We could hare |
: counted tbe blows had tbere been any lines ot I
1 demarcation. Could not tell tbat the head was |
: swollen, as tbo injuries were beneath the hair. I £
1 We did not notice the amount of swell- ]
t ing. Could not say which blow caused
death. The results of the Injury were -i!
! po blended that we could not count the Mow?;
) think would have died from the wounds ol'the ;
i hruJ; there were no distinct the it'j'i-
i rierf ">n the head and ou Ihe body w u!d act to- ■
r gethe:; the latter alone wuuld not cau.?e death; m
I eou!d not tell whith were giveu tirst: >a»v i:«i ex. I -
i traorditury appearance about the bed; give no 1
i attentiuii to b!"0«l sp>.ts in the loom; think tl » in- I 5
i juried 011 the head were inflicted witb u-tiek with I •
j a sharp corner; think t: e too «'f u l»«>ot i *
5 might do it; the hand could nut in ■
t mvj opininu; tlie cut i<n tae ion-head I 5
1 cJuld not bave been given by a fill against a I -
, corner; it was a clean, short cut, the edges re
-1 trading; it was not a serious wound; tbe abra- |
t sion on the hip might have been caused by a *
sliding falL I ;
Direct rtsvmed to Mr. Mcllrfty— There was a I ;
good many bodily injuries; ibey would produce j J
8 ashock to tbe nervous Jpateni and exercue a j '
depressing inlluence, enhancing the efl'ect of the j \
1 icjnrtes to tbe bead. (The wash bowl shown.) j ±
t Do not think the incised wound on tbe bend was I «
t caused by tbat; it might have inflicted the j |
bruises. I I
a (rilman Palmer stcom—ln the employ of I <
Messrs. Wright A Currier as night watchman— I 131
ttstihed tbat he slept in an adjoining apartment I
e throughout the day in questiou ; beard no noise w'.i
5. inltbe rooms of the ilcNamees ; also aa to rela- I
j tions of the parties, and prisoner's general |ca
habits. I
8 John Ji. of W. »fc C. tes- j
e tihed as to McNamee's being intoxicated on the hti
day in question; that he, (the prisoner) slept I
throughout the day until witness went up in I
,r the afternoon to call him to bis work; also as to 1
>1 his appearance on the morning of the inquest. I w
>' Adjourned to 'J A. M. to-day. The prosecu- JB<
i* tion will conclude their testimoney with four I j
n remaining witnesses, one of whom is the little I
; h son of the prisoner. I
m u iuajl"m atte it s.
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« I tlmcre aa<t Waihlnirtoa Ct#: t!ui furn'-jr.lrjr
j I for the traaiborta lia of pt«>er.«;ers iia«3r;)A»*ed r,r
1 1 Bffi a~>l corafor. by aoy oiher toa*.* ■
I LxprtasaaU iitt Llaes run throwh to rhl!.» le.tihla ;
w I wi aout ch#n;e of cars or coaJuul.rj. '
rr I Pnio*scccars are atta-hfl to eicn tn!r.; Wioii:u-?'s 1
1 S'.ecu'ct: Cats ta aad ta»t ir* a*. T".e tx' trji J
v J nianU:!*. Mali »cl
C- I daily trains cctaeft cirect for N-w i'or*. > stress uu >1
c -. 1 Fail Line C3one<i for Haltiranre I vva-hl-tftoo. ~*-
j Traiaa connect at flusburxii with tl.« 2A. >l. Exrr-s*.
I Arr.*e Id KtiilaiHphti tr xi«l;Usore at 5 I*. 51 Aail la
58 1 York at IU "O P. M.
I Trains conceit at with the SP. >! Faftl 1
_ 1 Lioe. or at ? A M j
r " 1 ardiaNcV York at 13U V. m. M«U Tr»la» !'!:<»
52 1 rurnh 6 A_ M-. arrlfias at II P. M„ N-.-w
». Yora 4 o't A. .M.
j daily tr4c»
3- I Two eiuly between New Y rca-ill?
:b I TicK'U <al! Ha lt «re Bfocl cc c;thfr of )7-r Tr. :-n.
re I Boat T.ckets to B-ntort are K.od vii .Vj.-wYh.
1 r.Teror rton'.naoti U-«v 1
1 TJ.'kct' K4«twaril nay be oHiiceJ st asyofthc ;rn-
I icrtin;r*lirjad oCices lo I eWe..t; juk. 0- 1> >ar I any
Io: the >CAB ; ar Ice of ste*raer* oa the 5{l«»! 5:341 0..U
ad I riTtr»: aailticSeis WufwartSa* the < t \z.t c< n:-
I yaay ia llcstoc. New YorK B*Wooreor r:iiia«k:?!ua.
k» fare always as Low as by an? olbrr Root?,
m- J fcr llctetjbyP'.ltsbur.'h.^Q
of 1 The eospletisa ot ths corne«;os« o.' tho
he I Psaafy.tauia iUi-oii tj Oilcig3 U-j t.V_-
!nt I Jjinci Li'u faiiZitn ike E-ui iit
I T>e conaec*ina of trarts by the R.xil-n'iJ 15~ !*• at
I Pltubarsh. avoid!"* all "r fenia*- pf F.-rj.-Kt.
I tf>(t«th:r w.Jh the of t!ae are a.l r-t-M y
' " atp.eaciaWvl by shijiers of (reiiht an! tha
IoA i tu"ll *.
1 Partle* shlrrlntEastwaidnlU Gni it to their aJvaa
er * tare to »tiio by thLartu'.e.
of For fr*ithtecr;tract»crrh!psT? direct cn% arr'y tt or
>« I adJien e.uer o' the *ollow:nic a«e-ts 0' t- e
, I Da > thwart, P.t< sDotib: lij>leav>>. Suhesnl..?. i> :
IT P llerce *0». ZtnesTt'le. O: J J Jchasor■. altley. O ;
3th K VcNeeiJ. MakS.iUe. Ry; Orm»byA Croyper, ro !S-
I tac.otb. O: Pidilock 1 »o. Jt.fT rrriT;re, Xaiz H W
I ttrown 1 Co.
Cy | tl. O: KC Meklrnrn. 5Jt4!-on. Xr<l; willsra b'.asnaxn.
,u I Loosvl.ie. By; P o'lUley <t Co. Jna;
I N WOrasatn & Do. Cal-o. Id : kK Sa»«. Su Locla. Mo ;
I Jobs H Uanta KaahrlUe. Teea : HarrU Jt lluni. <ra
• | phi* T«na; Clarke 4 C Uicajto. lli: Wit ll Krootz.
ina I Alfn. Hi: Msrpr.y m WaiJr. l>u , »TJ<jQe. liwa: cr to
:aa I f.tiahi Averts ul Jtaiir. > a*ij as diff.reit mj.u 1q the
I Toe emirst farJV.Cii effeTfd for lh' prote aid
Jil, j cretdy trajsronathn or t ive stoca. ar ! Accom
'or- I oodatiocs wliij OiOai pririietea fcr persJas U-«tc.u:k ia
0 f cliar«e thtrejf.
err Brtl.!tßcot«Fre'*Ki of an ('{•cristi'-rs can te fjr
t ;« I varledlrcsi Philadelphia. Nc« Yrra. It's ca or lia:ii
-Ils nofe.toaaypout on tae of O'lio. Keatccty.
na, I l.idiua. liiiooia. Wacocih. lowa -y rail
I direct.
... I The P«iTsflT*aaa uailroad »I»o cinredi a*. PittibTrrh
' }r I with s - earr.ers. b» wi «r>cis caa be u> a.ny
«• prrt oa the O-io. si»r««taraT3. K-ctcrky T.- ne»-r\
1 «'umh«riaad. lLiaola. M : ts:s>ipti, MLaou- 1 .
1 Ka3*av Ar»*o»x» aad lied Wnn: ard at Cle-rcUnd.
■adChirara win Slcuxento ail ;ortacaUie
• Q P 1 Nortb-Wtitem Lakes.
in- 1 Mercbaaaaad Sr.ipiveTun'JUstiDfitl.e
I of their in* thlvo ihl« caa rely *i-h coni. cuce
" « oatta«t>e*dy traaitt _
sOl I The lta.es of p reiiht to azy pciat ia the We«t the
and I Pesssylrasia Ra'l.nad a'e at *ll t2nrt aj faTkraileas
I ar#«*barfed by otaer Coa'aaiei.
- I pariicalar to CLaik p*ct«»rs " rtaPjtia. R. R."
3US. I MerehtcUla th« >»e»t ordeHce «oorfi fr-n tfc* >ast
lan I ■!'' £ ° wcll d rect the 3to be »'.iyped by tois roa;e.
I Par le»a:t«id!rsto tseir e«a «hba»T:t» fioci the Faat
- aia will ficd it to tte:r call aa tae Axezts of th:s
I Cctspany at the oLo*la< flaces bi ore sh tucf: cr lew
to 4 i *«"» adsu« ted to tiibtr ot ibto caoa \h; aabjecv oi
I tirUh • will seet w.th crompt aueauoa.
I B.J. SnctW. PhUaJel -bia.
'S. 1 MajravA Kcoii strfet. BUt zicre.
1 l J eech*Co->aUA5t-rHcaje.orSo li «*n.-«t.N.Y.
Liec 1 * Co . f,a. H li'iby «r*t bottoo.
C ' H. it Oea'l Freish; A«"t. PkllalelphU.
L. L HOCPT. Gea t licitt A*% PailvatJptU.
j THO3 A. gO-J'T. tjea'l Altoaai. Pa. jjU
I O B«—Conk Co&sty Ccor. ofC:ia=ca Pl»aa. Aptfl
n r f Tern, A. D. Is* l .
iUUea U. Uaaie. aad Fd*ia Dlackaua £1 of the
■P~* last *lu tad Tts?aa-ct of J ;6a Jr> deceaje-J. I
Sold 1 tv P»jeueLfc*o«uu»oa— I
t 41 1 AOdatitof th; n-a resldeace of Fa7eite L. Hohhrwn,
I I defendaat above aimed, haryubieailied In the cXc# of
ller " 1 tie tUra of scd Cooa C«urt of C raoion fleas.
I on Notice li hereby alvea to tha ial>! Fayett« LScblrscn
Ann 1 that th* cospiaioantj filed their bill cf CvDplalit la tad .
coart oats*" charceryrdetaeT«f. oa th« aisi day of D«-
1 cosber. and tzit a naffioni thtreap:n isaned
I oatuf aaid coar 4{tas; saiddefendan't. returnable ca
I tie aaooday cf Jasturr aeas. CisiX'.' u 07 law
rtftll I r,^o*. calcesycm.tSesaMFay'tteL.Unbirsan s'-a'l rer-
\■ 1 I aoiall* beaa4ap3sarCcf l «esaUCo''kCx Cocrt "f Coj-
I n*a Pleas of V>-ox ccaaf. patheflrtt diy of-lie terta
nis2 I therroCto bo boldei at Chicago La**idcoanty oathe
1 fir* Moaday of Arr.1.153?. nd aa-wer or dejasr
1 to tb*aaklccaplalaaot*' bill of coajlamdU thonas
an<iths natters atd thlaas -here a and itattd
I will b< takfa aa crafriaed. and a decr»eeo:ered aghast
lines. I jooaMOrdaf ta tiis l-rajer cf silt tn
.-u,t 1 WALTia aiMBALT-ct-^k.
'^p u 1 Ta't A Bin*. Cjmp.'u ScTxa. ;aia»>a>*» _
IvX oiu _ , - .
5 I Luwir Oil fwpany. 47 ■< ,
I Garrsr—• LiTtc* tn the eooatrr asa bets* dscrtTM cl
r #2O the »e of I bare e*jerltr«xed In neaily »1| kiada
I cf aad Oils betore tht pabQe. X find no - Ma* ao
> , J ciy ia and aaLaiad-rj aatiie Lncaar Laza? asduU* Ont
rallan of cQ bsa lasted in cae orvlinary Used laav.
THIRTYIK«Hf MMtUTA, boraln* turn
Liter Yvmi, _ „
J \P.aooon» a
T) '"i j
T. B. CARTER &. CO., "
7 <h
WII o?er the b%'ar:cf o? their ilock of Se (
At a Great HeJaciioa trza foraer asd
TLtry *t:i birsaia* in all B?J
*-hawls and Clunks,
7 wv>
Aai other GojUj wiicb liify are dolroiu ofdoilnjout j.
twf:« tikla; an lav« Wry.
TBS. M S OASiil :
T. 15. t'arter &; Co., 10
' eatl
13G Ljike Street 130 to*.
tni 2^
i.rviis S
IS Tit*
V ■'"*jr CHEAPBBT j
Most Brilliant Urht
.1 C\.' n * H»n<! fSH
\ \ \ m ■
hour* <l»t. la«ts 2 1
LA -f 3 Cj TilaKE MONTHS. «ir. •
\ U M «ti\ lit »li. httqutl to cirffit
V" C*a.Jles. WheJjtbe
.V i ♦» Ltxrp Uftrcpt-rly uraa-
V l.ij ed tbsr. Li
WuV Saokt
Skate 11 E^p^d"
40 - - - •.<>. Clnrk \i
- ' - 1-"'" v
lUautci). - ' \
"j CMisn: waxtkd IS I:XOHAXOF.
i J f.T a f j »rr«". Any o-«r wlshin.to on
w II ;1 *?..• »1.J.-fia U?x 4,' i. y.
Or I Tj
4i.T; h« ! nt fr m 'Uirtf
fi"'!* n - nl k .< ft run. 6. K- vCILLaUU * YOrmn
Uiiaerv N<> '2 •
t 14<st, —iia-* or iw > I'flmpleat can flnrf ft
r.:i" e i - ( Areata fcr Drw «□>{ ir
l-nv.lf vt rki •>' <treil tnt«»r»s. KxOerienc it K!
I'tnvviTji'Mf T" i. *r»t» i t l-' 1 lok.* ir-ft, i-fMRj
lio ,r.> t 1; x ";j:: jtU-J -hi'Tt
VV i !i;ti nM.'v) »■-» i: >») runnloir »tx t»twr!ve fo
tr-'-.t 1 -* .i •! iv ltc*l ►'s'.i'e In i.rim
I n.'Vnl ci un'y i r:rv::yli Cooi t'ountv. L.i
A. IVAN.-*,
il- 1 -T t Cltr*
\\ r ANTi:i> T-t FX.IIIANIiS l-'OK. IXM R
pr ce v.ry
c'.er. A i.l-evi ti >x N >. Uj. C:iif;uo P. «l. C
(lo UcttL ]
\ •!*.?
" Hul Jlk. co.-.ier W «tsr *tnl WrIU r
»ir>-f a. a !;t 'n'ti a .it a iaj r<>rr»«rr fcwmeTt. v
« i}"*m. f-Jt "r-u to i4<? iob»til
i it n the No. Scatli f*r-ft
j ]•.' 1 :«»'> -m A» WILLIAM^.
4 KK>T for a term of Tear# thai i«r<e bu'Jilio«n**t
Ivwt of Ci/» tievai'ir of lilhfts. <-rra» Jt C«.. wlln »fie fiae
on «sicvi it in i-k' s u 'eel. ro'ir»* or Ifst. oa tbe
rlvi-r ii-u's n ti. *C. U IU H. Attached
\ ' 'art bj \s * r-.iint room, wltii »n m<lne. J;
!!.:• U » ti::< I'»* ti <a !or aV. »arir.« MilL or fur Mtcluol-
i C4i mtiscfc fur UIIUJ, AC.. atH'lj U» r
*. K J
<1 t 3m •' J tkju'li W*ter street p
; i r nr Sale. "
. ,5. Do!-s T-:aiM;r<. Ch!c«o. 11. -r-.. 3
fj I.*::; vc»n!s: 1
: fc-r. < A 1. wHh A St tr 10.1.
.. hi.l / \ -OHAV. .. A j >i ..
.. UKKV .. A 2 J-J
» .. .. A 1 4(«i
.. WING-OK r Mh. WIND. CliSl A J :i-0 ..
) .. l>T>.kt*»ATl>»SAl.. .. lit ..
.. <iKft.VLl>iN% .. Hi 3Kt ..
.. f>Vr»p:«, .. B J A3 ..
) ll tkr"J i»3
11 Now be la* Erect:'. j
\ On Rtt»li, near Superior St., (
P M.»r JA. L W'J Wi Ssxtrf feet,
.. ttii-o vene*. Wt*i biv.'n<".s. Mlivaa*ce hrk* 'ror.f. {
bjiit anJ u b;.- ii:UM»-'t U ilil- be»t ra.ianer. Tae lou »J8
HT V» t t-> in a *S'l will have % «tooJ br'ck bam
t , oneicti. «"rn t'lirrnn Nx c*j :u<Ua sucli al
„ trf-it a* RJ.I7 t>e ile«:retL
i Tertn fATnTnue Apy'T l J D 3. Bit ti Clark
frotn 'j to 10 o'ci j<-«i A.
1 * Pru» ?'T« in thf N'ortn Pivisloa. rery dulrable
U 1 .i-;it!uu. a:.J »::: tu s:!>l term-s If *ct!le-l icr
I s j :i. f-r ;■ AnicalarsiJdreai iV'J "UX ' Chica* l ! P. O.
* _l-U -
on :v*
b!v:::'i3. Qf.ir Pvk, urcuyie t by *. I'. Hay
>' wvt, ia si-*, bailt of art-j* t*u »U>r!e*. *u<l
; ' i:r.n- hvrntfLi t *e:ity fear flft7 t.'wee feet, wlih a One
rMrrvt-nry: dsis'i-Mn t'ir "30»t raaui"u»hle rouuier
wrtn a j » 11.- mo'lern im;rovementv-»ciart)i« maate'a,
i, itr*;es. —w u J tii* a desirable re»ldence. IL-j
, Un ry rn* h-ndreU t#eat/»eTen feet.
Mitb a twenty *!;er in tf.e re»rofU : wUf oe told
wry i-:.e »p—oa c.in u tic;-.*, or the whole of tJi 9 parch we
(t a-'tier liuy on wrum- on Iv attd other proi/trtT
for'our or fl»e y»**»r*. ttr U Will b»» «-xch*r}<»-i for on
duabl.d r-<*l eu e tecarrtiei. haviai »evrr»l Tears to
Jo ruu Ajplytok:. T U\KKait- P. O. Uox Na Jt>». or lo
R. I'. BMUt. 4eu)tm*
Railkoad station dining saloon*
Combined w-,:i» a Fruit. Clzv and Coa'eetlooary
.» eu-e. in on* oj itv>»i »-*it lui t'.*nt la the
-t. at ll.ixu, tj Ue »ii>l for euli or excijaccei for
l r Cc.lcxj-' 1 Ll* He.i". K.-t.O".
~ e aU.>. the let, and ti.e two »u>ry house co it. for lo ou) :
" to be toll partly rn Uaie, or txchao<ei| for CltJ
Proimy R. U. lt»KK»)Of* CO..
°,i New York State Apples,
Fur f»>t» P. DICKENSON,
ixn. dc!7bTj*4w Corner of Cvi and Uxhlno»«ti>
$ Malt! Malt! m alt I
■*« iU.UUI/ LTT MALT. in«orear.d for«alebr
ia r > l IjT rt'eet
" !3oatinng.
tj-. I ) ant p!eii4r.t rooms. eith«* i-iitci orsiacle. UPv
rail 3<uth C'.vk afreet. Traaiitat It '*rd atreasormbie rated.
J ) full*o'rcors.l aew'f ti'ted a?, wiiii bovd. on re«-
3 ',» nsiMf >ms, est Be ob'ained on aytllcotlia at No iL>
««• fiuie«T-<rt. C. I>. OUVKH.
Uje deiS to.*
the J-
Pure Solidified Milk,
ea the best reflaed Eqxjt. and especLdiJ
th:s oiasteJ for ChUdrea acd TraTe3era.
1 04 ?or sale •
Like SUeeU 141 A 146
hU. 1
—' AndJeilcn la Floe Cooklat Article* aad iellcadrt ft»r
larallJa. jAbSZ
Hope Fire In-iurance Company,
,tfJ * OF JEW 70UZ CITY.
Tot Cfc!i Assets $175,000.
'sen R*7xazsCM (»r actboutt) l> Caioaoo.
iad E<nolda. K'yACo-. Cfdea. TleetwooJ A
E>e- Benedict, iJxlorr A Taraam. Ciark A Dater.
"cn X. C. VAN BI BES, A : eaL,
ccr» aa'J ty iat tJRJTAIRiL
Tilc o\l\J cdndaad'Tule M
» aa jas lot, of am* aod Water rt>.
. Kj Tjt sale by HILIX BBSKDIOT A CO.,
- Cor. 3ui« aad Water ita.
X> laruliiu FI'L3. giyiDiCT * CO.
mj. AJC ssiTi m t cO .
Om l* s ' Cor, atatemd Watmr
Si "Devovai—o. R. W. lull HAS HE
a. oato w
!i::i;il ; l! l-I 1
jr siis» -a'.i.jrrSON.
T3KE fUis, o*l j
emqajtt siw ass aiicsn-aAai)
Crockery, Glassware, JCirran, SiivwPUUd
Wars and Oil Paintings,
On 7«nHT MOISTNQ. Jaanary 14 *> IX f'docl etch
day, w<U be told at oar sale jnasi. Xt Lake street, alarm
and dnruii aa-trtroeet or mmlta-a. Alan. a pan of
the effect* of a :amilj deciialo* BouieJieepla*. conaiat
inx In part of
R!chP»-lorSa'ts, (< p'ec£i.)l*t Plu-h and froea'ella,
TrK-*.Te\rt. Marble Top Tabiaa. Kltxaat QUv Mim>rv
Partsa MarbleSiaJaavSMaa. Card and Cmtr* T*blei,
lluen. t*ook Cjlcs, Parlor ttockJ« and £ll7 Chsira.
Rich Mahogany. Walaat (Rosewood I'.a'iih). aad To
am»led Cnaabrr *nlt«. Mthoaanyaod Wen it lOttam
B-ds eni". Ma*hie top and Plain Bar-aaj and WaaS
stan-ls. Ward Rob«s» l>ance«» Hair. Mow aod other
MaUre<sea, feaiier PlLowj and Bed vioil'.s, C*ne
Kxtecilca D'nln* 1 *£>'«. \i Oak aod Can*
Chair*. t;a«c Wrf- *"»ar»u At* Oloc.a aad
a m of OFTICE FURNITURE,, Or ock'ry. Glut
ware. T.nwa-e, £s. Jkz. Alio, a tveviufot a>»e r ment of
»»iW*r dialed Ware »-d GU P*lnUng«. Together wtUi a
lar«i» aj«ortmen* of Hooaekeeplns Goodj.
tir gal* vitbout reserve.
JalUt-tri GiLB-RT 4 SAMPSON, Anctloneer*.
a. tatloju auva x. vktiit.
itcnoi ira coaxissioir xekceltts,
No. 50 Well* Su ®pp. B>«—■ Hvue,
tO deacrptioa of property. to b« sold at Anctlon. (br
eaih. oa time or eommUnon. Aljo. Vesaela. Carvoee.
Stocks of <> enersl Merc tun-ILie, Jewelry. furniture. Cloth*
log. Ac. Real Katate. Lands, Lots. Hooks. *o. WUi pay
parUcnar attention tothea-ueof Lou, ujiim, Lands.
I m Auction. Inside or outside Chlcaoo. Advancwa
I made on Tie beat of reference* 1b Chicago
1 will be riven. Our frtends may rely on mofldenee and
prompt return*—the iUe of commerce and trade,
j oc&tvUd-<jm J. B. TAYLOR 4 CO.
O. A. BROWM3ON, L. L. D. f
Lerta»e at
Mcn.iiy at-aiu*.
tfnfj cff- •
♦ » j»l'i td
Da wMcb ocearion the irlll appear aa UKd HALIi£3 In
I jffcfwtltrevl front HIAWATHA, an* wIU assear aa
MDY GAY SPANKER In Ibe StrriliK Comedy of
Kv«nini,January 1-ttU.
Two Militirr Pl«c» will be The ent'r*
(*»tsp«ny will appear n?«>Q t <• MA*e. At ten o'doek
on JTr d*ymcrnl -* tiere w: 1 he a ria4 pr MOted <o ibe
K»cailr>i» fr.-tn the
Tae.e »lU a ta bJ a l*«rado uf the entire Wtaft.
CKion ». jail 41*
k Prankliu Festival.
T:iePrlatera of (T-lcun wl't holl «be'r Slitb Annual
festlral !n c"nrjta-racr»lron yfttie Tivce o* tSxi I'liv
ir "u< * .»!•"<out, PUilu«opaer and Print<r, BkNJAMIN
nokcu and Lad!e»' Invluilons ui >y be Ruined of th«
fo'lowini gent'rmtn:
Pani *xoT*ißC*«OrTic*--J. K.C-nkllnand E. Itwln.
Smith and I' A. cu:ii'in*ham.
Tm-s urr c»— M 0. Misner. O. S uart and •. A Oavia.
lUuiin «'rnc«-U I' Ailuu*aid VV. W. Sf UMIT.
J n. W Ua.t'l - H K. J*.->un«la. at
IL unJi'J. It UiUc<*: O. Nied4iry. 4t Rami'* Jon O!S^.
Tiio»«* wissi nr earrfaiei «tU leavb«tSJeir addreu with
Cut S:u*rt. Tlcnej OlUco.
On llooday
UnlertL* aajplcfti of tbs Maaonlc fraternity.
Krc*f»a. IT. 1i59. a! 7'< o'cSo-k.
CoalMinlnaan *f M«t'i>n%l WraHli— r Uwrl«
c*l ."««etcbof the D«*vfl pmcutof Coal Flel<l»—Oto** M>b
ca'D'nrlbutl n of Coal—Vwfftlea of rrull Pnel—<>rl*la
of Vocal /ud. (lfole<lcaily t'ooaiderrtd—do Chemically
Con« derwl— Itormy practical AtpUcatlon of
Ko»all iuel—Coai SJioiuM la lllmuu, lu Itetful and
□T*Tl*kt>ta, #1 CO. each admlitlnc to the coarse of
three lectures. Single ticlceU. 50 c at# each.
T> be ha>l of A. U. Uurley L*lce street: N«thaol*l
Cr-oUL ."0 tjtke «t : A. .k 11. K->tin. til U4K» »ireet; J. 11.
Ut.»U lOtiou !i W*w st.; W. M. K/*b. 1U ekmtn Clark
ptreet; Dr. Hunt. Laa** street: W W. »11ichtlU24oN
> W4IO- »i-: Mulr, a 1A *>iaaJle »t; and at
HwrlcTetanic* strcvt, iul cornrr Xulloq
and Clinton streets. West dHe. Ja3^t-baS*
Will place
The Comsilit''e appointed to attend to the Celebntloa
of theCe- tennUl Annl'eirarrof ti»>» B!rihdayof Robert
Burn, have made the ioUow □< arranaemeots ••
rtata (>*ai.d Co'c-it of Bii/r.s' i<oLi« ao<l Kecitatlona
beatyen at Mrtropollt<n dail; also, an Oration by I*ot.
McComaa. The best talent of tlie country hMbeen en
osed tor the Concert.
Tne Concert wUloe ftlljwtd by aQx&ndßall aad
per at the Tr%nont t<ou*e. ,
The C mtn ttee e*oet to have the whole Celebration
' oce of \bebcA efct siven In tbe cauntry.
j yull partlculara will bealven lua fuiore procraose.
» W. D. EOA*. Cbalnnao.
l U.*^TttOTllKa.
Mcd' ArlH A.N,
, j»:b:»»ltd JOH.I H-KWAUT t*e«'y.
|>X B*ndolyh street, between CNrk aod Dearborn.
F»»»le SlnstrtU »oi Barltsqut Op«r» loaj'y.
) The SLtnacrrs In presentlna tbla new And ao»el enter
• tainm-ntio the I'diet an-1 lenuemm of Cbicaao ba**
r. spared nriUier paina or expense to make It one of too
j moat plea'a'itt'l <ce« of amas»*tnent In the ctiy.
« Canls of Admlsaloa3sceota. OrcUe»tr» daaU J)cent«.
;e deil-lmo-tsiu
i {3artitular Notices.
o 31 from lICO to II ma 'e on arod «ecarl'yby
j»U Jt' tifc.o. W. afc»VCO>tH * CO. W Detrb'rn-aC
ry (.1 *lll attend to my butoeaa dur'QK my i haasce wo
e. tne city k"er«om carina Dusluew w:tbm# will tail otoo
ir Mn.| h|.Qac..-'c.M Uu. .lrd ? Mo , tLrr .
« \T O y E Y TO LOAN.—
[V I a few thoiiaands to Invest la
° Rannln* from One to Twelve Month*
Alao. can use a few ten per cent. Coapoo Honda. rm>
JL ennrealenceof property owrm. I hare procured
of uie Laxes on tf'ta at Lake yoreai- 1 wl u atwod
to ui • payment of tjuri for parties paylJJ theO to me at
. n>7 »Bi,j P«ruce Uie uisC
» * jalO-Jw b'jot P. J. LtKE. 3<cretary.
m , I. valnabte i!or»e« and Oarria-ea. wnleh we wilt ex
charge for lirocwiea. Lun er. uardware. Houtaind ahoea
or Dry Goods. Auo a new s*rrrn uctase Ptaat aa above.
)adb>3llnt sa)an<loii*mjtti Park rtree*.
t-S It I. TiTV SecviUet, iSortrwea. Troaa Deeda. Bond*.
m. Strwut, Bualnrv Notea. and all aood nenuablr ••cart*
Uea twu*tvt and sold. Cenlfleateaof Depoauaand Checks
of a. K,flwlO, Brother A Johnston, parchaaed forcaall
iD at tbwbiaiieat market prtde. Deader* I' lUinvU. Wlacoo*
ila-jv 1 .! lowa'-anda. improved (arms, cnborban lota and
if? City Tti'
un Block, coniero/Saodeiph aod L*»aUa Chleaao
' M - PAVIDHOta.
~ ON NIV 7081.
Dra.'U AcccoUncn rr. l Not*, piij la Ns# York oo
the day of maturity, or last day of xraee. and mon ry de»
p slte-4 »r accvuot in the oty of Mew York and tent io
dUes In the vidmty of New Yors oo TeiexraptOo Order*
)«at«»~tei E *" E °<?» a o?rcm
. tf Aoplr hy mill or othervto* to
T. a. HUBBAI3, Urb&u, 121.
fr cucag* ud aUwaikM S*llr*«l Caapuj.
_ etodtholden of the Ghlftaxo aad IClvukee Rail*
| • road Company, wbich waa advertlaed to b« boldea at
' * their oO« la Chicago an the Hthdavjf
l-6j, at to o'clock A. H.. has b«nPOSTPONED UM-
Tit TUESDAY February dtrulata, a* 10 o clock 4 M-»
)Us at wiichbnie said will benoldeaat tbeoffxeof
niij Company In Chleaco* fr>r the eleedao of Directors
for ih« year, and the traaseelw* ol auca oihar
v, bxriore aa may M presented. -
To Railroad Camp's, Maehiaests,
re. • AND OTHE S
l*> oo hand ard foJ sale b?
s. J -' A Oa/axflw«T Anna.
~~* MbSOSw m tocaanaaPUaagNaw York.
*•' X Wooden Caae*—4 Un» for sale by
•iLiLkY, Apoth'culrv
rs, J ilUj t973 "► atreet. _
TI- 1 J «rd remedy or TTandk for sale by
w &a&OiCiT 4 lUUJC&rASottecarle*.
iai.ty-bST3 l»i Lake street.
Lr- vJT Boesei'* Amatttat. AO, fbr C3la»oed HaD^

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