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SATffEDAY WORKING, JiJiUAEY 15,1859. j '
Far T«lffrr*pUle Sews see Fonrtli Paft. j
Circulate the Remonstrances. J
Scores cf citizens called on us yesterday to *
sign the remonstrance against tbe Lecompton 9
Charter. Those who have it in Land should *
multiply copies, and place one at every public
place, where the people may have cn opportu
nity to put tbeir names upon it. There ore ten
thousand tax paying citizens anxious to Bend b
their protest to tbe Legislature against this vile, &
tyrannical scheme of multiplying taxes and
plundering the people. a
— » e
Education of Idiots. T
At tbc close or the sitting of the House of .
Ripresentatives at Springfield, on Thursday, D
the Clerk rcid the following:
•'I am requested to announce that Rev. Dr. n
McFarland will deliver a lecture this eveniag in
this Hall, on the *'Education of Idiots." Jlon- o:
hers cf the Legidaiure art invited to atUnd /"
The announcement was received with shouts ®
of laughter by '.he members present.
■ • 8]
jQrganizatiou ol the Wisconsin Lcjris
" : r , . . luture.
* Tho \VifcCQßtin Legislature convened .on ti
Wedresday last. Tbe House organized'by tbe
election of tLe following officers, all liepubli* C 1
Speaker—U*. P. Lycn cf lticinc. 0
Clerk - L. H. D. Crase. 0
Sergemt-ot-Arrns—D. Emanuel Munk.
The Ssnate did not orgmizs on Wednesday. &
Tbe Republicans had nomiouted Hiram Brown,
recently of the GazdU, for chief
Clerk, *bo w*i doubtless elected the following
The Mount Vcrnou Ladies Association. f (
it givea us pleasure to state that Mrs. Eliza* q
beth Willtt-d Birry ha 3 been appointed vicr
Rjgeut for Illinois of the Lidics' Mount Vernon
Association. S'ae is the wife of tbe able and ft
accomplished Secretary of tbe Chicago Histori
cal Society, R;v. WilJium Barry, and her up- a
pointment will be received with great satisfac
tion by a'l our ci'.ize-R. Tie purchase of Mount
Vernon—tbe borne of Washington and the °
place where his sicred dust repases—by tbe la* *
d.esof the Union be consummated at tbe
earliest possible dev. We shall take an early
opportunity to lay the plans-of tbe Association
in detail beiore our renders, end we bespeak for
them a prompt and liberal response.
_, m a
A Falsehood Railed. "
Tli'? Li*c r mj><"n ClmH-r lobbyists are re-
pcrtingui SpntigficM that u gn.-ut luuiiy of a
the IcaUii!if Ilirpublicatih of tiii> citv sire iu a
fuvnr of tin* Dyer Olr.irter!
V:*'j p:«>uou:ico ihU siiitcmeat a point blank i
fal>cbuud, and challenge tliem 1<» inentioo a „
singh: u.un*?. Tin* tnii»i !«, not only arc the u
liepub'ican* in mw opposed to the ])mp h d
a'jorainiuittn. but lrsrge numbt rs of Pi-mo- e:
C*u' fc alvo. I w-jiilil puzzle lint lobby \ul- tl
f.ire« to inline s score ol res;.cclahlc tax*pay* ri
ing l)emoetai.s v,bu tli'.lr assent to tbe
Leuoni.»i''.i cjurb-r, itf'or diJucting those c
who c-pecl. to iio'd office or cblaiu euliliacts t<
under it. j]
Tho coiHplr.icy the people ha« 2:
feft' biickors cutMde of tbe lax caters,
and the members (if th» Legislature can sati* e
fy ihwnseivL-P of th-it fact by looking at Hie |j
vJjd are in Spriugfield Jrom ibi.- city
enuiueeiing tlic ]d"l. C
- t s
A Pleasant Prospect lor '1 ax-l'aycrs« f'
11 tbc Lecompton Charter gof.s into force it
will cost as much to support tbe propoued police
system as it does now to carry on tho govern
ment of tbc city. Look at its provisions.
Ist, There are to bu tkret well salaried Com
xnissioneis, not elected by the people.
2J, Tuc-y slall appoint a Secretary and Clerk
for each of tbe three Divisions, all with fat sal*
, it
ones of course.
Sd, There is to be a Superintendent of Police
with a liberal salary. °
4tb, There arc to be thnt Assistant Superiu- c
tendents, well calaritd.
s'.b, There are to be iu, Captains ol Police,
well paid. R
Ctb, There are to b» tu cniy-onc ecrgtants band- 0
somely ci»nipctst.u.d.
7tb, As muny aud tile as the Bourd shall
please to appoint. The number will not be less
than twu buudrcdurd may be twice thut num* E
her. n
Let tax pa>crs cipher up tue expense of sup-
porting this army of pensioners. This is a spec- n
keen of the siyle ol retrenchment and reform 6
provided tor in the Lecompton Charter. The r
City Government is now carried on for eleven *
mills taxation. Twenty mills will not suQice
under tbe proposed charter. '
Tlic Strike ou the Chicago, Alton aud \
JSt. l.ouis I{. K. ]
Verj - little bos been done towards a settle- €
meat of the ditliculties on the line of this thor* ]
ougbtare, between the operatives and tbe man-
bevond that reported in our issue of yes* j
terduy. TLe com:i:iitse of tbe employees at j
Bloomington are in quiet j obsession of all the
offices, shops and machinery at that point, {
where tbe general business of tbe Company is
transacted. >'o violence bas been committed \
and none offered to uoy of tbe officers of tbe t
road. Tbe committen telegraphed to Gov. Mat- \
ttson that they would deliver up tho road on <
condition of receiring two months' back pay in \
cish, and two month*' wages for every month j
that the road was operated until ell arrearages \
were settled. No answer had been received, up (
to our latest advices from Bloomington.
Mr. Uaßbrouck Duvis ol this city, as Attorney <
fur the bondholder.*, went to Bloomington on y
Thursday, to avcertain tbe condition of affairs. 1
The committee proposed at once to put him in \
possession of tbe whole road and operate it un- |
der hi? orders, on condition that the eamiugs ]
should be appropriated to their arrearages of
salary. Mr. Dc,vis consented to tbc arrange- ,
citut, but letrcinj; subtequently that Matteson j
had possession of Springtield Station and was i
f with irjunctions to prevent trams pass- ,
ing that point, he returned without accomplish
ing enTlhing. The Si. Louis litpuliican alleges
thut a ccmbioation between certain bondholders
»3d tbc operatives has led to this strike—the
truth of vbicii we question. The operatives are
indifferent who bas possession, provided they
get their p-y, und their action has been predi*
c ited solely upon the bread and butter question
affecting themselves. We understand that all
the stations are in possession ol the employees,
except SprirgSeld.
CJ extern .Vtics Items.
lowi. Cirv as a I'oek MxaxtT.—'Those who
arem tbe aud bave tue best means of
knowing, inform us that not less than SO,OOO
hogs bave been bought in the stree s of loita
City, tbie win'er. Tnese at $lO per baad, (and
they will average more than this,) will put into
tbe pockets of our farmers ibe handsome sum
of fSOo.OOO* As tbe trade for tbe winter bas
sot yet oegnn to dimini&h, we may safely calcu
late upon nearly 15,000 head yet to come in,
which will swell the amount paid to this city to
nearly /ialf a mitlizn cf dollart. The bogs sold
tit this point are brought in by the farmers of
this county, lowa, Tama, Maraball, Poweshiek,
and others, $5 per hundred is the ruling figure
at present-—Jowa Ctiy JUpubliain, 121 A.
Rem. Estatz—Real Estate bas, we are happy
to lie-r, commenced to revive. Sales in dillier*
ent of tbe county, ore almost daily com
ing to our ears.ond among tbe lirst and foremost
t6 our friend B. Z. Greene, agent, wbo during
ibe past fortnight bas sold over fIO,OOO worth
of land and town property.—Urbana GautU,
Rascally.—A IHt'e girl, the daujzhter of Mr.
Compiun, on Sjlurday eveuing, while at
u par.y, severely injarcd by a club thrown into
tbe room through the wlnduw by some scamp on
tbc outbids. Tue m ; asilc struck ner on the head,
causing wvere bruises.—CkarlexUm, (Oo,Vt Co.)
Fatal Accident.—A w>u of Mr. Geo. Grace,
of tuis couuiy, ic or 17 jcara of uge, in attempt
ing to place a caj» & pi-tol, on New Year's day,
let the bauimer full, canning Uto explode, and
forcing tbe wadding Into tbe f eshy part of one of |
his anna.—The wartdtug was-picked out as well as
it coold be oy his pareuis,and tbc wound dressed,
it not being thougnt necrc-Bary to send lor a pby
s.clan. Alter three or four days, however, the
wound bccomingreiy painful, apnysicau was sent
for. but Jt waa too late; the young nun expired
on Suuday morning.—Plymouth (Jitd ") RrpuMi
Madame Le Vert, in one of her pictures
of Cuban life, says tlie womeo there have a
noble trait of character—*' they n'trer apeak ill
of eaca other, but alwaya find acme palliation
lor the error* of their otrn sex." "Who will
Dppoee annexation now ?
A Registry Law—Agricnlttral Colleges, 1
etc., etc*
WmxEDiT, Jan. 12.11*9. (
Mr. Hurlbnt, or HcHeniy, bu prepared for ]
presentation in the House, a neceuarj and <
stringent enactment for the registration ol rot« i
era in oil the cities towns and precincts of this (
State. It provides— s
Ist That no person shall be entitled to a rote
whose came is not registered. l
2d. Thbt the Town Clerks, in connties that
have adopted totraship organization, shall act 1
as registers and each for his own town. ss
Sd. That County Courts, in the conntiei that
bare not adopted township organization, shall
annually designate one Justice of the Peace in *
eacb election district who shall be register of
rotes for the same. ]i
4th. Each register to keep a bound book, sab* 0
ject to the inspection of any Toter, in which the
names oi electors shall be inscribed. _ 0
5. The register to give notice of his appoint* v
ment and his readiness to receive names. t;
C. Krerf person claiming to be a roter shall _
be registered -the rcyiatrj to be in alphabetical
7. Registers', tvrecly days prior to election,
shall make ontcertitied copies of their lists and
forward them to the Judges of Election. s
3. Judges to keep the same subject to the in
spection of any voter during the day of election, ,
and return it to the otiicer from whom received.
9. The judges' list to be the proof of regis* ®
tration. r
" .11Y. Apcurote 'djite of reglflVration to. be.kent. ,
11.-lo'towns the Trustees, and in cities the* J
corporate antborities shall annnally appoint *
repisters. a
12. Provides penalties for false entries—both *
tine and imprisonment, and incapacity to hold e
office. P
IS. Enumerates the penalties for false person* c
14. Neglect or refusal to do duty as register h
punished by line. u
15. Fixes compensation ot regisUrs.
10. Fills vacancies. n
17. Registers to be sworn.'
18. 11-gistration no cvitkace of -qualification to
vote. Tlie ifegistered voter way be challenged
for all other causes. Non-registry is proof of dis
ID. Judges to ebeck the names of voters when c
arc cast.
20. Judges may be fined for receiving a ballot
from ati utiiegistered person. i'
i!l. Dec.ares tbc act to be in force from und q
after its passage.. . c
Mr. HurlburtM idea is to prevent fraud and il
legality, tvliicb uow Uneaten the subversion of ail
our liberties; and bis act carried out' iu good *
faith could not but be beneficent in iU operations t
Many of the friends of a Uegistry Law would be f
glad to have an act under which a board of regis* i
tration in each election district would be not only *
registets but judges of tbc qualification of the
electors; but as there is no likelihood that s>ocb
an one would meet with favor from the majority ?
in this Legislature, Mr. Uurllmrt has drawn his 11
bill ai a compromise betwe »n conflicting opinions; n
and tbongb it may not become a law, )t will here- *
after f-erve a3 a precedent in all luture attempts c
to guard tbe elective franchise from the abuses by
which it is now disgraced. Mr. n. is abundantly
able to give reasons for the introduction of hid
measure; and when it comes up for discussion jj
will probably be heard from.
Mr. Davis, of Stephenson, an active and very
eliiciect member of the House, has made a moro
that will have an influence out of Illinois. His j,
resolution is as follows:
JUtolvid, by tbe House of Representatives,
the Senate concurring, That our Senators in
Congress are hereby instructed to vote for, and &
to use.all honorable means in tbeir power, to
secure tbe passage of a bill which passed tbn
Houre of Representatives, in Congress, April
22, 1658, and which is now pending in the Sen- *
ate of the United States, appropriating to each a
State in tbe Union a quantity of public land
equal to twenty thousand acres, for each Sena
tor nod Representative in Congress, to which
tbe States are now respectively entitled, for tbe
purpose of erecting and sustaining Agricultural a
Colleges or Industrial Universities in each of t
said Slates; and that the Governor be respect* T
fully teqnested to forwurd copies of the forego- „
ing resolution to our Senators in Congress.
The resolution was almost unanimously
adopted. In a body containing so many farm* v
ers—a class that does so much for, and receives '
eo little from, tbe government-nothing but *
unanimity on tbe subject could be expected. *
The S:nate has done a good and the Houso & *
bad thing—tbe former in passing a bill which c
increases tbe penalty for manslaughter, and
gives jaries the power to fix the term of injpria- (
onment according to tbe aggravation of the c
cases before them ; and tbc latter in refusing to j
amend the law of Larceny in such a way that (
definition of grend larceny may 'jo enlarged, >
and men who s'.eal less than ten dollars punish,
cd in the county jiils. As the law now stands, t
the larceny of property of tbe value of live \
dollars sends the thief to the Slate's Prison t
for a term jnst long enough to ruin him and de- j
Btroy all hope of hi 3 reformation forever. Tbe J
matter was long and ably debated in Judiciary i
Committee, and though ttrenuous efforts were 1
made to secure an amendment of tbc existing
statute, the labor was Yam. The House
refused to engross tbe bi:l reported, and *
this hoped Jor reform falls to the ground. *
Thofe who know the most of criminal 1
law aud prison discipline feel that a mis* '
take has been made. Tbe Senate bill, tor tbe '
purpose named, did not pass without a struggle. [
It gave rise to one of the ablest and most ex* 1
citing debates of the session,,in which Senators *
Kujkendali, Post, Cook, Bryan, O'Kean, Hig- 1
bie, Henderson, Martin, Judd, Richmond and
Fuller, took part, each with more than his cus
tomary animation and ability. The vote on the
passage of tbe bill w&s 13 eyes to 12 cays. Let
the stabbern and blndgeon men beware.
In the Senate this afternoon, the debate on j
tbe resolution submitting a call for a Constitu* j
tional Convention, bas bceo warmly debated.
Tbe necessity for important changes in tbe fen* ,
| damental law have become so apparent that lit*
j tie opposition was mudo to tie resolution pro
| posed; but as you will doubtless ccpy largely
from tbe pronograpbic reports of tbe debate in
question, comment of mine is unnecessary. 1
The House has all day been engaged in mis*
cellaneous business of little general interest. A
warm discussion arose this morning on the
vexed question ot epecial and private legisla
tion, during which much opinion was ventilated;
but as it all resulted in no definite action, it is
hardly worth remark.
As indicative of what may happen, tbe fate or
a resolution introduced by a Southern member,
in which the Committee on Education are in*
structed to take into consideration the propriety
of abolishing the oflice of Superintendent of
Public Instruction, is interesting. A motion to
lay on the table waa defeated by S3 to 35—ayes
and noes being called. The resolution passed.
It cannot be that in tbeir eagerness to strike at
tbe newly elected Superintendent on partisan
grounds, tbe Democracy will consent to leave
an admirable scbool-Bystem without an intelli
gent and responsible bead. But if they so de*
termine, and are willing to take the risks, tbe
Republicans are powerless to prevent even this
piece of wickedness and folly.
The "Peoples' Legislature," or in other
words, the Third House, which was organized
in Vandalia in 1620 or thereabout, has been in
sessien for two evenings past in Representatives'
Hall; Lord Coke, the old Speaker, ia the Chair.
The proceedings were not of a very humorous
character, though some sharp and a few witty
things we're said. It must be true that the wit
of the age is not equal to that of an earlier pe
riod, orthat the appreciative faculty has dete
riorated. Perhaps when men had nothing to
do but langb, causes of mirth were more potent
than n«w.
A. Stale Reform School, Etc.
[Oorresponlenee of the Prtn and Tribune.3
EraixonxLn. Jan. IS, Id.
Rev.Mr.Kichols,or theCbicigo Reform School)
U here with a petition and bill for the establish
ment of a State Institution organized upon the
plan of the Chicago model. His views and pur
poses commend themselves with great force to tbc
moral scusc and sound political intelligence of tbc
members with whom he has come in contact; and
i all parties interested will be di*appolnted if the
session closes without the accomplishment of all
' that Mr. Nichols will urge. His demands are
ridiculously moderate. No one knows or can ap* J
, proximately estimate tbc number of juvenile |
criminals aud vagrants in the 6tate that will, or .
• ongbt to, be subjected to tbe reformatory process;
f "but it is certain that there arc enough to quickly
s cat up the m?agrc appropriation of $20,000 or
» $15,000 asked for. This sum, whichsoever U fixed
I upon, be thinks will not only bay 1&0 acres of land
t In a proper neighborhood, bni erect the necessary
* buildings and carry the school through two years,
or until the next meeting of the Legislature. He
does not. moan to build After. Jacksonville
s plans. . - 4 .
a Tbe location of the proposed institution Is left
U an open question; but opinion setnu to point to
& Ottawa, er some town above, ooJFcx River, as the
II most desirable point for the trial to be made. The
governing power wQI be in the hands of a Board
of Guardians nominated by tbo Govemot and con
firmed by the Senate, who will receive no com
pensation for their services.
Mr. Parks has Introduced a bill to provide for '
the appointment of conservators of confirmed 1
drunkards—stipulatiug that, on comphrnt of a
relative, or in default of relatives, any inhabitant *
of tlie coanty, that any individual resident there- *
in is a confirmed drunkard, a jary shall determine '
(be same, and the Judge of the County Court sball '
appoint conservators of his estate.
A petition has been received in the Senate, and '
referred to the Committee on Banks and Corpora- '
tions, for the enactment of a banking law on a
specie basis. (
The House has resolved to receive no billi of a
private nature after the first day of February.
Mr. Swett from the Committee on General Laws
lias reported a bill which is laid on the table and f
ordered to be printed, to vacate streets and alleys,
authorizing the authorities of any city or town to
vacate such streets or alleys upon petition of two
thirds of the owners of propeity to be affected by
such vacation. (
Forty-Two Aldermen. \
The Springfield correspondent of the Journal 1
saye that: 1
♦•The Lecompton Cb.rter for Chicago, after '
having been amended so as to provide for the i
election of forty two Aldermen, was to have \
bean presented mis afternoon, it
bly be introduced to morrow, tlfa editor of ibe
Timet having taken it in especialcbarge, being <
assisted by Judge Allen and ex-City Superin
tendent Granger. Our members have not been, .
and will not be, consul'ed in the matter. Tbe
endeavor will be made to pass it before any ex
pression from the •'popular sovereigns" of Chi- '
cago can reach the Capital." t
Granger is particularly in a hurry to get his i
hands into tbe publje treasury. -.Would it not. (
be well fcr him-to j>ay-over that $4,000 of public \
money in his pocket before he dives in again. j
Tna Bcech Muanaa CAsa.—We learn that a (
continuance has been or will be asked in the ,
case of People vs. Baecb, indicted for murder j
in the State street tragedy of last summer. The {
question of such postponement will bo decided (
on Monday next. j
grllr. James Barnet, Pi inter, of 189 Lake '
street, wishes it to be understood that he if not
theJamei Harnett who was brought before tbe
Police Court on Thursday and fined $lO for be-
ing "drunk and disorderly, and whipping a
woman Bnd child."
Information Wastw of John Brcderick, a <
printer, who came from the East, and arrived I
in this city some time in July last. His wife is 1
now at tbe Merchants' Hotel in this city, and
would be very thankful for any information con- '
cerntng his whereabouts. Please address Mrs. ,
Broderick, at the Merchants* Hotel, Chicago. 1
Will tbe Western papers please copy. -j
Tn« Moxboe House, Sr. Louis—The public ]
hail with pleasure the debut of Cot B. S. Comp* ,
ton as proprietor of this House. Col. Compton i
is an old and well known " caterer," and one of 1
tbe most deservedly, popular and gentlemanly ,
landlords in the Eastern States, which have lost |
what St. Louis has gained—a " lirst class hotel ]
man." For a long time the Planter's and Bar*
num's have enjoyed the field without a rival. |
The Monroe, let it be remembered, with its J
new outfit, new building added, and Col. Camp- J
ton always at his post, now occupies afront rank ,
and will be found No. 1. Try it onca and see.
AnatST op a, Hotel Tdief. —Sewcll Fisk, a re- 1
cent emigrant lrom the State of Minnesota, was J
arreßted on Thursday, aud brought before Jus-
tice Stickney at tbe Armory on Friday, charged
with stealing overcoats from various hotels. 1
Two of the overcoats —one belonging to William I
G. Colson, and the. other to Elias B. Towne—
were taken lrom the Jarvis House, and another,
which was not found, was taken from tbe Briggs
House, where be left an old coat in its place.
He had still another overcoat in his possession,
for which an owner is wanted. He had sold one
of the coats. Fisk was held in |SOO to answer.
The Tnisc or tub 'Murder Trials.—ln tbe
Circuit Court will commence this morning tbc
case of People rt. James Williams aliis Martin
Barry, indicted for tbe murder of Nicholas
Grout, on South Canal street, in tbe West Di
vision, in the month of September last.
The case is briefly as follows : Tbe prisoner
entered tbe saloon of deceased, and cfiered a
bad bill in payment for drinks. Deceased took
the bill, ond pronouncing it a counterfoil, pro*
posed to put a stamp upon it. Prisoner drew a
knife and threatened to stab him if he did so,
and iu the altercation which followed, plunged
his knife to the heart of Grout.
VioLATzasr cp Game Laws.—Richard Kirk
patrick was brought to the Armory for viola
tion of the game laws, he having offered some
prairie chickens for sale, representing that they
bad been shot since the Ist of January. Ia the
examination he eflirmedtbat he told an untruth
about the time the game was killed in order to
insure their sale, and also brought a witness, his
employer, to prove that tbe chickens were killed
previousUo the Ist inst. He was discharged.
We would state that the game laws go into
effect on the Ist of January, aud fifteen days
thereafter are allowed for the sale of birds
which may bave been killed previous to the Ist
The "Pons Swindle."—We are happy to
learn that the parties who supposed they bad
been swindled by a pork operator, have come
out "all right." The hogs were stored wilh
, Thos. Nash, Esq, the well-known pork packer,
who, as soon as he beard the position in which
i affairs stood, took effectual measures to prevent
any advances being made on the warehouse re
ceipt which he had issued, and d:livered up
the property to the original owners. The disin
terestedness displayed by Ur. Nash in this, at
great trouble, sacrifice of time, and considerable
risk, securing the parties in danger of loss, is
highly commendable and truly worthy of re
Ass-Ujltisg akd Beatinq nts Wife.—William
F. Packer was arrested on Thursday, on a wer
rant,on.complaint o! his wife, for an eggrarated
assault and battery committed upon her the
night previous, it appeared in evidence that
Packer and bis wife bad separated from some
cense. On Wednesday evening last he went to
tbe bouse where she was boarding, in Indiana
street, and inquired for her. He was informed
that she was out. He then left, and shortly met
her a short distance from tbe bouse, seized her
by the arm and throat, struck and ehoked her,
called her vile names, and threatened to mur*
d»r her. She got clear from bis grasp, and ran
for the house, he following her and entering tbe
the hall of the house where he tore a breast pin
from her bosom aud a bracelet from her arm,
and stamped them on the floor, and committed
other like acts of violence. He was fined s2o.
He was then immediately arrested on the
complaint of his wife, for threatening her life,
and threatening to give her no peace but
to continue to annoy her in every, possible way,
until he coald finally drive her to prostitution.
Upon this charge, he waa held in (100 to appear
before the Recorder.
A&axsT or Watch SrorrEßa.—Two young
gentlemen, one of them approaching the "pick
of fashion/' who gave their names as Peter
Farreil and Emmet alii* Charley Lytle,*ere;
arrested yesterday at the Michigan Central De
pot by officer McCanley, on a charge of practio*
ing the watch stuffing game- upon 'an unsophis
ticated German countryman from.New Buffalo,
Mich., named Joseph Wursoer. It appeared in
evidence before Justice Stickney that Wufxaer
came to this city and sold a quantity of wood,
and on Wednesday evening went to the depot
for the purpose of taking the 8 o'clock train for
New Buffalo. -Afew minutes before the train '
started Earrell- approached Wurzner, and re
presented to him that he had a family in the
depot, and was very anxious to go east, but had
not money sufficient to pay his and their fare,*
and then took out a watch, and begged of him
; to let him have |4O on it, and that he would
pay back the money and redeem the watch be*
fore the train reached New Buffalo. Lytle
I stepped up, and pronounced the watch worth
I SBO, and taid he knew a man on the csra who
would giTe |BO for it.
, .Theae representations, and various other arte,
» such as are usually practised by this elan of
i gentry, tndueed the. oountryman to'let'ftrrell
. have sl4, and take Uu» watch as security, wbioh
I he soon ascertained vas a bogus gold watfih,
o made particularly lor the stuffing business, aai ;
e actually frorth, froin, to * * Upon thesi'
e facts Justice Stickney held Lytle m fcSOO and
d FarreilJn S6OO, to auver before the Recorder.
Cook County Cibcutt Coubt, Hon. Geoege
Masie&e PfiESiDiyo.—Third Day.—Tbe Argu
ments of Counsel in tbe case of the People vt.
Michael McNameo for the murder or his wife 00
copied the whole of yesterday, the case being giv
ea to the jary at half post fire o'clock P. M., tt
winch hoar there was an adjournment to eight
At the latter hour the jary had not agreed apon
their verdict, when the Court adjourned to nine
A. IT. to-day. The attendance upon the trial has
been large, aod tb e interest maintained through
out, an witnessed by tbe thronged crowds of spec*
A Alabbugb Fbabt—'The Festival in Hoxob
or TZ» Union or Cokmk&cial Collsqks.—On
Thnrsday evening, transpired a most brilliant
aad saccessfol social gathering at the apartments
of Messrs. Bryant, Bell & Stratton's Commer
cial College in Larmon block, tbe oecasion ol
celebrating the nuptials of " Bell's Commercial
College," the oldest institution of its class in
the West, with tt at of Messrs. Bryant, Bell &
Strattoo, the twain becoming " one and insepa
rable," and under the charge of its present
proprietors, promising to become one of tbe
most promising in the Bryant & Stratton chain,
which new has ita sisterhood of flourishing in
stitutions in sevetal leading cities in this
Tbe Festival was admirably conceired, and
passed cIT as admirably, showing itself to be
cuperior even to such weather adversities as
those of tbe evening in question. No better
upartments and suites of rooms for- a festive
the scale of this Festival, exist ia
Chicago'. At tbe hour of gathering, despite the
tailing rain and the muddy streets, they come
iu by scores and hundreds, filling the spacioos
ball-room, into which the counting-room had
been transformed, and the ample parlors and
drawing-rooms, until, as it is estimated, from
one thousand to twelve hundred guests " came,
saw and concurred" in tbe success and the at
tractions of the evening. There waa ample
space and scope for from three to four hundred
dancers, and yet .there were no " wall flowers "
save from choice, as the other apartments gave
tbe attractions of music and conversation. Over
the dancers, Dean and his band held sway, and
the hours passed merrily, lacking no adjunct
that a well-supplied refreshment room could
An interval of the evening was employed in
an impromptu meeting, Dr. C, V. Dyer in the
chair, when the following resolutions were read
by Hon. Thomas Hoyne, and passed unanimous
Whereas, Commercial Institutes cffjrdicg
thorouzh instruction in mercantile science, ren
der the whole community debtor to theirfound- ,
ers; and whereas our citizens have
borne witness to tbeir high appreciation of the
.merits of that noble pioneer iu tbe West, Bell's
Comtrerciul College, and to the gratitude and
warm regard that Judge Bell, its founder, bas
won not more for his pre-eminent ability as a
commercial educator, than for his sterling qual
ities as a mao; and whereas, tbc generous sup
port extended to Messrs. Bryant* & Stratton's
Western link in their lengthened chain of Na
tional Mercantile Colfeges, affords tbe clearest
proof of the confidence these gentlemen have
inspired, as worthy co-laborers in tbe impor
tant educational held to which tfcey have de
voted their best energies; and whereas tbe
proprietors of these two institutions, governed
as well by considerations ol public utility as of
private interest, have united their colleges, and
thus bave concentrated all tbeir resources, en
ergies ond icflaence, Therefore,
Raolvtd, That this union, advancing, cs it
mast, commercial education in tbe West, by muU
tiply ingfacilities for acquiring it,and rendering it
at once more extended, thorough and complete,
is a fitting theme lor cordial and general con*
liesolttd. That we see, in tbis consolidation of
ability aod eifjrt, a new element of strength,
giving assurance of a breadth and perma
nence, not otherwise attainable, that will
result in tbe rearing of an institution
in our own .midst that will bo honorably
identified with the commercial prosperity of
Chicago and the Northwest, and present facili
ties altogether unsurpassed in tbe hidtory of
commercial colleges for equipping young men
to control tbe business interests of this empire
of tbe West.
Jiesolved, That we recognize in this consolida
tion thb same earnest purpose and far seeing
judgment that in the "day of small tbings,"seven
years ego, when tbe one commercial college in
Slate was struggling into being, enlisted tbe
sympathies and commanded the admiration of
all intelligent citizens, far and near, and thus
achiited tuccest.
Judge Bell, and bis associate, Mr. Stratton,
were successively called to tbe stand to respond
in brief but happy speeches, and then Dean and
bis band came into power again, and the meet
ing resolved itself into a committee ol the
whole on the resumption of tbe social pleasures
of the evening.
At a meeting of the Alumni, of Bell's Com
mercial College, held ia one of the parlors, the
following resolutions were passed:
At a meeting of tbe Alumni of BilL's Com
mercial College, comprising the graduating
class of 1552t3, held January lSih, 1559, Jirah
1). Cole, Jr., being appointed Chairman, aad T.
£. Spaids, Secretary, the following resolutions
were offered byTalmadgeE. Spaids, which were
unanimously adopted:
Jiesolved, That we, tbe first graduates of Bell's
Commercial College, feeling vividly the many
obligations we are under to its respected
founder, aud holding it a duty we owe both to
oarselves and to him, do hereby tender to the
Honorable D. V. Bell a heartfelt and sincere ex
preesion of our deep appreciation of his virtues
aa a teacher and a man.
That, collectively and individually, we have,
throughout the period which bas elapsed since,
as members of tbe institution, we enjoyed bis
teachings and pure example, ever reverted
to them with grateful pleasure and almost filial
.That wo date back the foundation of oar busi
ness education and ability to take part in tbe
great straggle ot bosinesa life to tbe time when,
at tbe thesbbold of our commercial experience,
we were guided by bis sound sense, practical
ability and lacid powers of explanation, instill
ing into our mtnds tbose principles of just
thought and strict business habitß ot which he
is so brilliant 'an example, and which he is so
eminently qualified to impart.
The jffair throughout was eminently credita
ble to the liberal and enterprisisg gentlemen
now associated in the management of this lead
ing and prominent institution, destined to win
fresh laftrels and advantages to be reaped by
our public from its influences on the cause of
education in our city and the Northwest.
Ths Firb Alarm Tilkgsaph.—lt will be seen
by the following action of the Common Council
at its last meeting that further action upon this
subject will not be had for the present:
Aid. Bross, of Special Committee, ofleredthe
Your Special Committee, to whom was refer
red the matter of a Fire Alarm Telegraph, hav
ing had the same under further advisement, beg
leave to leport that a petition, signed bv seven
ty firms and property owners, who together re
present several millions of the property of tbe
city, remonstrating egainst the purchase ond in
troduction of a Fire Alarm Telegraph, was re
ferred to your Committee at a former meeting
ot tbe CouociL Your Commute have carefully
examined tbe whole subject, and are satisfied
that the introduction of the Fire Alarm Tele
graph would be a great public advantage, lessen
ing the price of insurance much more than tbe
interest oa its cost—indeed, that it wonld pro
bably save to the city by preventing large tires
more than ita entire cost every year. But your
Committee do not deem it advisable to urge the
introduction of the Telegraph against the re
menstrance of 60 large a number of citizens
whose property we believe would be proteeted
by the said Telegraph, and therefore vour Com
mittee ask to be discharged from the further
consideration of the subject.
- Report concurred in.
Our "Thcmpwq Ligact" thrown into yhi
Shad*.—The editor of the Milwankee Sentinel
discovered an heir to a big estate—one that
completely throws our Chicago heiress into the
dark. Tbe Milwaukee editor's beir is a "callerd
puwon"—» poor, blind vagrant, with only one
leg—who resides in the 4th Ward of that ambi
tious city. He ia of the ancient and distinguish
ed lamily of de Moors. His newly discovered
fortune foots up seven hundred millions—wheth
er pounds, dollars, acres or—something else,
the editor does not say.
Stbaunq a Cow.—Andrew Betxer waa ar
rested yesterday, and- brought before Justice
Stickney, charged wittf stealing a cow from A.
H. Powers, of 441 West Jackson Street Betxer
waived examination, aad was held to answer in
S9OO. Henry Korner, as accessory to this lar
ceny, was arrested on Wednesday, and held in
S3OO. -James T. Smith was also arrested aa*n
' accessory to this larceny, bnt was discharged,
the evidence being insufficient to hold him.
Bryant & Strattoa'a American MercJumi, for
January, haa been laid'upon our table. It has
r a well executed likeness of Mayor Tlemann,
I, with a discriminating biography of that gentle
-1 - man. Thero are ajao articles on *'Oar Treaties
t. with Japan- and China*" "Marine Insuraace,"
1 "The Sclenoe of Educating," "Specific rt. Ad
r >alorem' Duties," ".Commerce of the United
1 States," "Taxes of Different States," Ac,—all
• of interest to the merchant.
City Mortality ior 1858.
The city mortality for the year 1858, as shown
by ILsts kept in in tbo City Clerk's office, h as
S. Dlv. TV. TMv. N.Div. ToUL
January 29 <6 32 117
February 52 >3 SI U6
March. W 61 SI U«
April fi*- 45 It* 116
May 5S 60 St 129
June .. 41 67 31 1H
July 117 fcl 70 564
August. 123 102 113 377
September tw CO Pa 231
Octobe-.... »i 42 i-i 103
November 4> 53 M 136
December U 49 3t 13»
i (50 iw
Tbe following is a comparative statement of tbe
deaths daring tbe months of a series ot years past:
1851. 1534. 1553. l&W. 1557. ISM»
J«nniry 112 121 110 i« li;
February *6 lul lUJ -103 -1W ISB
Marrh 81 s<s 121 W 12* 166
A Dill W lU3 105 !• 8 lfo 116
M*y 73 147 y» 131 llf 139
Joie 8J Stl W 121 U6 139
Ju'y 11l Oil £tx> SU Sfß
AUffu t ti2 7JI 413 342 372 *7*
September. lyi (31 3U9 231 327 2N
(►ctobcr 114 4i>3 145 147 i;d 1»S~
November 9C 200 A ISJ m W
December 131 113 114 122 130 120
Tctali i:ofi 3ia L'7o liO 2170 2M3
Musical T.viok Academy Tie directors .of
this institu ion have determined to commence an
elementary class in music next Tuesday evening,
under the instruction ot Mr. C. 11. Cady. Yoang
ladles and gentlemen who wifb to learn to eiog
will find tbia a favorable opportunity. Members
of this Academv are entitled to free admission to
all tbe concerts of tbe Musical Union given dor*
ing ench membership.
It is expected that the Musical Union will give
a concert on Friday evening of next week, in
which several novelties are to be introduced.
Particulars will be.givea In due time.
Hops Hosb Co.—At a special meeting of
Hope Hose Coxpany, held at their house on
Friday evening, January 14tb, 1559, the follow-,
ing preamble and resolutions were adopted:
Wm&EAS, It bos pleased tbe Great llaler cf
the Universe to remove from our midst our late
fellow member, Orville L. Moore, therefore
Jiaolvid, That in tbe afflictive dispensation
of DLviae Providence, society is called to mourn
the loss of a most estimable citizen, and this
company of a faithful and true member.
Aesohtd, That in onr intercourse with our
late fellow-member, whose death leaves a sad
void in onr number, we have ever found him to
be actuated by upright principles, tirm pur
poses, and pure motives, tod that &3 such bis
removal creates a vacancy which can never be
i litsolvtd, That we tender to the cliiicted fam
ily of tbe deceased our deepest sorrows and
heartfelt sympathy In their great bereavement;
yet tally realizing the inadequacy of all human
consolation to atone lor the loss of a son and
KetoUtd, That the members of this Company,
in consideration of the many virtues of tbe de
ceased, wear mourning for thirty days, and the
bonse and apparatus of the Company be draped
in mourning for the same time.
JUtolted, That a copy of these resolutions be
sent to tbe family and friends of tbe deceased,
and published in tbe Chicago and Ottawa pa
pers. D. 11. Lliwklltx,
B. R. Lbwis,
John Bcccte, Jn.
A. B. Hilliebs, Committee.
Secretary Committee.
Andrew Betzer, stealing a cow, was held in
SIOO to answer.
yndrew Bill, a boy, arrested as a vagabond,
was sent to the Keform School.
Mary Oleson, drunk aad disorderly $25.
Richard Kirkpatrick, violation of game laws,
Robert Black, vagabond, $5.
James H. Smith, arrested ts cccessory in
stealing a cow, discharged.
Emmett Lytts and Peter Faorell, watch stuff
er«. held, the former in SSGQ and tbe latter in
Wm. F. Parker, for assault and battery on bis
wife, was tioed s*2s. ALjo threatening the life
of bis wife, was held in S4OO.
Patrick Flynn, vagabond, $5.
Sewell Fork, boUl thief, held in S3OO.
i.ocai, matters.
Fsn'ciko Academy -216 South Clark street, up
stairs. Riboni & Co., would respectfully in
form tbe citizens of Chicago that they will open
a school, Jannary 15,1551*, for the'purpose of
teaching tbe art of fencing with sword and
stick; also the manual with musket and bayo
net. Sword exercise taught in eight lessons.
Military gentlemen and others will find this an
active and instructive exercise. Terms 25 cents
per lesson.
School hours from 9 to 11 A. M., from 2 to 4
P.- M. and from 7toyP. iL Kxboxi & Co.,
jal3 31* 21G South Clark etreet, up a'-.uirs,
A Glorious Achievement bv Gayettt !
NoLhirjg can exceed the success achieved by J. C.
Gayetty'si Medicated paper lor the water'closet,
Piles will soon be a disease uo longer known ex.
cept in name. Thi-s pure medicated pap;-r is un«
equaled as a preventive, and unapproachable as
a cure. The proprietors wish it to be spoken of
according to its merits <;uly. It w very cheap—
-1,000 sheets for $1; SOO sheets forso cents. Sold'
by all druggists, and at the discoverers dfpot, 41
Ann street, Xew York. "J. C. Gavetty" is water
marked in each sheet, and his autograph i 3 on
each package. Seut by express from 41 Ann
street, Xew York, upon receipt of price. Tbe
traJe are inviud to correspond as to tcrm>.
jao-'iw-b92j _
Jss* Wheeler it Wil boo's Sewing Machines.
Nonu-W'e.-tera Office 167 and 169 Lake street.
Geo. IL Cihttende.v, Ageut.
US* See advertisement ol Boadoir, Sewing Ma
chines, 122 Lake street. jU-ly-U'U6
See advertisement ot Quaker City S2O
Sewing Machine. L. Cofwau. & Co.,
0c26 ly 133 Lake street.
X 3" See advertisement of Dr. Sanfords' Liver
Invigorntor in another column.
Religions Notices.
" .1 itai, or tLe Mi>*t .l.vii-ni Cl.itrch."—The first Of A te
riesof Bdbbith ereniagdiscourses oa tbe successive dia
, pensationa.willbs given at the New Jerusalem Temple,
on Harrison street bsiweeo State street and Wabash
avenue, to morrow evening at half-pu*. sevea o'clock.
—Services of the Charchcf tbe Aj:en«ion. (Eplsccpal,)
oo Oak street, betweca Wells aad Lisi'le streets, North
Division, every Sanday at hi!f past ten o'clock A. M. and
sevenio'clock I*. M. £aaiay School at half-past one o'clock
P. M. Rev. Henry 1L Usrrcll, Rec'<or, residence 311
Wells street.
—The North Baptist Church will hold services In their
newhousi. comer of Dearborn and Ohio streets. Sunday,
January 16th. Preaching at half-past ten o'clock A. M.
and balf-pa.t seven o'clock P. 1L
—'The Harmonlal Bocletr will hold meetiuci In Metro
politan Hall on Sunday as um&l. Sneaklsg !n tbe morn-
Isr by Prof. Spe&ee. Conference la tbe afternoon at
twoo'c'ock. Speaking inthe ereiiasby Mrs. EHtt.
—Preaching by the Rev. H. Speacer, at Westminster
Chapel. Morning aad evealng services at the usual
—Rer. Dr. Rice. Pas'or of the North Presbyterian
Cburch will commence arcoarse of lectures on the "Fn
tnre State " on Bibbath "evening, the 19th Inst., at half
paitieren o'clock.
—Regnlar aerrlces In the Enallsh Lather»nChareh; cor
ner of Wabask avenue and Congress street to-morrow
at half-pact ten o'clock A. M. aad quarter past aeroa
o'clock P.M. Sabjrctfor theevenlng discourse: 'The
Vice of Gambline." Tbe public are Invited to attend.
Seats free. Rev. Dr. Martin. P*;tor.
—The Rer. H. R. Green, of Ccnrect!cut. will occury
the pulpit ofthe Tabernacle Baptist Church cn next Sab
bath morning and evening, at tbe usual hoars, in compli
ance wi'h an invitation of the Church w.th a view cf be
coming their Pastor.
—lhsfifth of a series of doctrinal dUcsu as will be
given at tbe Unitarian Church cn Washington street, on
Sunday evening at 73< o'clock.
Botajest— ** The nature of Christ. Seals free.
BLJohn's Church. UnlonP-rt West Side. CEsisO
pil). Service In thU tfjureh every Sunday ocml:g at <
10X o'clock, anuintiwevetlrg atTS' o'c'ock. Prarer !
meeUngln the Veit-y at 7K o'clock on Friday evening. |
AQ are Invited to come. H. N. Bishop, R-.ctor. |
lfcgl Christian Charch, (Disciple). Church on Mon- j
roe street, between Aberdeen and £ucker it* est, West '
Side. Meetlngaadrpeakin*everjSondayatlQXA. Mt. >
and 3S P. H. Eea:sfrte.
—. Jhe »izt«silh dljoduive of the serlca of Sunday ev
enitg. Temperaoce sermons will be delivered by Ser.
Jeremiah Porter at the Edwards Congregational Church,
comer of West Hantaan and Halstcad strteta.on Son
day evenlas, Jan. 16th. a. 7 o'clock.
Bahject—Filial obedience, and Total Abstinence or the
txaaule and Reward of the Rechabltts.
la»eroovedtotheOfsceH3Saath Water street, recently
occspleo b» the Great we»tem In crance Company,
where tbe subscriber wtQ bo nappy to see his friends and
tfaepatroniof tbe Company.
ta4b*tt*w J. AUG. WRtGHT. Agent.
SO ban Dny«red Peachea,
fe> brts Pared Pescbea.
5 bris Dried Raspberriea,
SO bris Dried Blackberries,
60 tea Freneb Prunes.
10 bwkeu Urmganan Prenea,
kea Turkey Prnaee.
Jest recdved an a for sale by WILLIAM LITTLE k
\J £0 boxes Fancy Candies,
350 boxes Fancy Prunes,
WO boxes Roll Loscngen.
For sate M tat booia *V**or street, by VH LITTLE A
GO. , deli-ty
ISeNA IB 4: Ou,
X X 2E P L O XJ J& 9
Xana&etasM ctd for tale at
aIM.I " • MS ami SH iiwt
Bleached elephant oil for
sale by tha Cask or BbL by
UP CI H. SCHIYEX, A IterlUifiq Aftni, 63
it avAoriterl U rectit* AdttrtitemsnU f»r (Au a*d oQ (A*
leading Papert cf the .YortA- ITtrf. jgl bSP4 ly
llerehaidse orCityProp rt». a'wu* SIQ.CO) »orth
or Jewelry. Quid Pent, Pendla, Aj. Addre?s "* J W.
Box alto. Chicago P. 0. biabWTim
Board wanted in a private fam
ily. where few or no brardrrs are taken, by a
young kt&tleman la qnestof s Quiet hone ana wtio eaa
rl»e re'ereoces If r-qalred. Address "C. W«" box
Chicuo Post OlScr. jatiSt*
B«B," w« built 'n a-re sad la 1&51: lessth.
leet: breaiih. S6 t-luOfea*- depthso3-lX feet;
measurement 23 61&5 tons.
For price and tmai arply toLIND A SLATE*. ranaL
ntar 3iadlaon street. jaiS lo*
active young Boy. 16 years ofa«e, as awls'ant
B'4>K-teevrr, or to leara some light baalans Has jus*.
sx ad as ed at Bell A Sloan's Ooccmereal t'o'legr. aad
•Peak* the Aaelish aatt French langatge fluent y. PMarr
no object. Address box *. ja's 3^*
"Cii'nnn AT TEN. FEE cent-A
" party wshes me t» sell a smal' 'nt
at aluw price oa fair terms, and loan the purchaser *l.o*o
or upwards, at tea per ciot oa other fectuiy, o«e or
two yearg. Application to be made to me p-rsoaally or
bylcter. _ J.u Lfcie.
Jal3 At Wadgworth A Go's. C 6 Clark st. box P. 0
JL/, The eo partnership heretofr.re fxlstlog b»t*eea
bavidJ Ml'larj aad wildim 11, Kxttsiag*r, under t"e
firm name of 1 avid J. Millard A Co.. has this day beea
cissotved br motcal coaseat of paitief. and a'l b:slnesi
the » tefirm will be settled aad a<iiu>ted bv Darld J.
_ , _ W, 1L KiIEIsI.IOER.
Chlcaso, Janairy 13,18 a?.
KVThe buslaca will be coa.lnued at the old stud by
DavU J. Millard. ji:s lza*
Dissolution— the co partnership
heretofore exlstkguod'r style c f Dails Moody
«uu>»as dissolvedoalbe Is*.instant hymutnal cmsent.
o,B.fawjcrlj a3th&r.ied to use the Arm name laliqai
daUoo. SAMUaLC. is&VIS,
Chicago, January Uth. I^9,
fore carried on oy Davis. Moody a Cj. *l.l be eoatlaued
by th'U'd'irs'gned under the name and stjle of Davis,
Sawyer A Co.
Jacaa'y 11th. I ; S9. jalSbgyaiw
I CspL Matthews :EENsISGroN Capt Baker, and
CITY OfrNtW *tßlS. ,, apt Howe*, form a r<*ularltae.
sailing wlta great r-gularity from each rorC Tne-e
are staunch &nd strong, and in all resects
wed dued and provided i hey have good a:c modations
I rpaasea 'ers, aad freight ot all kinds is taken at lair
rates These run ia doie couiect oa wftbthe
PeaasrlvanU Hallroad. and gcods tee forwarted sith
promuta »s »ad dl>patch. HICSUY
JSlsb99d-tn No. 3x!S nth Wh:rv»s. Pbilidrlrhia.
I 1
largtit stock of Magical mercbaadUe ke tby any other
house la the Northwest. We are a >le agenta fcr ih* cel
eb«at:d "Model Melodeon,**made bv MasiQ A baotlii.
M ostno: also vats for L'ghte. Newtoa A Brad*a y's
PIAhOB, with ths M P teat «ich » rest rlaak. n wh chia
oted by no other Manufacturers la tte world, aadii tie
mosilm o taat mecbaalcal Improvement. larea i o
ntiL-g lxoaasmost mtk rs do— which »ives th r ics/o
meat am tallcaad disagreeable souad—or usi r g woe din
ihe cr«.lnary wa —wb.ch render* it pec.tiarr to
th* part of the i -.strum-at wherein the are«teit pos-lble
itrecgthfs requlr d—by cuttl >g serosa tae c4n r>f the
wtH)d. U»hte. Ns*t'>n A Bradbun's bave a meta 1
whtreby the» sprlag th;s patsatWie-t into proper 'orm
by the aid of steam and powerful machinery. A st ala
of te*> tons will mak noimprets on o tae arch.w b 'a
toe fibres of the wood lastead cf belax wea*eaed bv the
contlaalty r<eliglaterrupked at short distaa'ea. nave
natural p wer of res staace g eatly augm'ated by the
pes liar form tbey are made to a«ume ia the Patent
Arch W're«t. b>-ry ins ramea*- Is warranted.
>il k ods of Char h 31us:c Boalsf.'r »al *
Tha fhea r *it and lates ttlee bo<-kout Is ths
BA HA. Prl:esL.gle cjpy <0 cects, sent by mail post
pad: cer dcten e.5» all orders must be audressed
to HIGGiKd BHO.- m 43 Lake-f., Chicago jaibi-daiy
15,000 Bnndl'g AVirc Feuce>
We are prepared t: make contrasts with Dealers far flnt
la Qurntit'es of cot less than one ton. deliverable at oar
Warehouse at aay timeprevioos to the Ist day o Jaae
Dext. Fivep-r cent, cash to be paid wheathe contract
Is made. baUace oa delive y. Purchsse.s «re invited tj
corrojjud wivh as at once.
TIIJ& 8. UICiiERSON*. Wabtsh avnae. •
ialt b'»l <!Aw3a Borch's Iron Bulliiar. Ch ca^o.
Advertmng; Agency,
Hoplas to merit a continuance of the patronage I bave
received for the past three years, I beg to call joar tfen
t'oa to a few ofthem\iy favcrable notices lately receired
from tbe Press, and to my fadiit'es for inserting adver
tisements la the best aad most widely clrcalated newapa*
per* of the NorJiwest. which, with every Information,
obtained at the Aceacy.
Besrectfully. C. H. SCBIVE.V.
Chicago. January 3d. 155 i.
Cdceofthe D*ily Pnss aad Tribune.)
Chicago. Dec. 15*. {
We have transacted a lane amount of bisinesiwith
Mr. Scriven. the AdvertisLg Aze-t extending through s
period of th ceyar.% the greater pa t of which' bu3iaeiS
lias beea dooe within the last twelve months We con
sider him perfectly rellaole. prompt and competent, and
wih a thoroiua kaowledn of tils busineu. We take
pleasure ia recotameadiag hit Azeacy to >'Ur citlzras and
t • the Press of t-e Northwest.—[ A Induce Cj.
Tbebenefitsof an advertising age icy are now readily
ackaowieoged by advertiser* and pab.lshera C ti.
Scriven. of tnls cit/, is tbe only agent we baie au
thorised la tae Northwest, aal it is oat justice tohimt)
remark thit we co- si icr him mos< relUble. Hli arrange
ments are aever oispated by advertiser*, aad no bills are
i more promptly adjusted lean tbo&e coial&g througa Lis
Ageacy.—[Chicago Commercial Express.
Democrat Office, Chicago, Dec IT. 1553.
C. H. Pcarvra'd ADVB»TiiisQ Agioct.—We Lave duce
each business sith Mr. Scnvea during the past two j ears,
aad bave always found him prompt and rJialile. We
cordially recommend him to the Press at large, ftelievlng
thai ail business relations will b<> satisfactory and agreea
able to all parties concerned.—LO. L. Heed.
Chicago, Dec. 17.
We bave done baslcess with Mr. tcriven. acd It aas
be«n transacted to our entire satisfaction.—LO. L. Wilson
A Co.
Dally Times Office. Chicago. D»c. 18,1553.
Charles H. be riven. Advertising Ageat la th- c.ty of
Chicago, has had dariag ■ae last year cocsiderable busi
ness transactions wita this c nice, aad we have fouad him
3o be promnt and h3nor*ble t3 ail his engageiacats.—
laheahaa A Price.
ChicagoADTgansaa Aoxscr.—Mr. C. H. Bcriven, the
enterpnsins Chicago Advertisiag Agent, is extending hu
business Ifc gely. and will conduct it as oeretoiore, on the
libsral scale. To the Press of lowa ana the North,
west we cordially recommend this ateacy ss being
perfsct.y re iable aad prompt ia ail busiaeas traasactio- a.
No in the West bas paid more atf.otion to tae mat
ter or labored with more earnestness for the benefit of the
mexchautsln Chicago thaa bas th s gentleman, and we
trust his services will coatiaue to be duly and tullr appre
ciated. There Is noway to s-fetor tae count:y Pres«to
pursue as to have reliable sweats l i «very city from
whence tbey receive patronage. Io Chisago there lsnoae
more safe or won by than utL Scnvea Make aim your
ageok and U there is anything to bedoae In tlie adver
tising line you will be ture to heir from him and grt your
pay ror tbe same promptly.—l Daily lowa state Democrat,
Davenport. Dec. 8, lead.
gcarris's Adtext siso Aoacr.—Amorg the advertis
ing agents with wham we b»re d >ne oasttesssincethe et
tabiUhmtot of the Courier, we bave found Mr ftcriven. W
De jborn street. Üblcsgo. the most prompt and rcl'able.
His account! b*ve always been promp:lya justed
ever due cr presented, lie Is an energe tc business msn.
and we recommend bun to all persons who require any
business in this line In Cblcaga.—iUalena Daily Courier,
Dec. li, liii
gcaiTd'fl AnvxaTtssso Agxsct.—We t>ke great plets
uretn recDtnmendiag to editors and publisher! the Ad
vertlslag Agency of C. H. Hcriven. In thicaao. We have
business with aim for tbe la>t two or three
years, and c*a certify to his energy and fidelity ia pro
car Jig advertising, and to his promptitude In pacing ail
bills contracted. Those editcrs and pu&luhe s who de
si e ti exuni their uatronixe in Chicago, auould secure
the services of Mr. Scriven as their agent.-LMoiine UU.)
Citixen. Jan. 4,1&5?-
Anvsm&UM Ao saesv—We notice many cnmplalntg
amoag proprietors, at losses sistaiaed by va*
rioosxxaUed Advertlstag -geacies, sadwhile we unite
la the general demand forthe m>st strict: ules and reve
lations by which to govtni transactions with th b« Agen
cies. so asto prevent frauds aad swiadlnx.we deem it
bat an act of } .slice In this cornierUoa to remajk that
dunagthepasttvo and a half years. »e received s
large number of advertlsiag orders from the hand cf 0.
II ticrlveo. Em« of whtcMo, that he haa slw rs seot
tnem at remunerative rat«a. and lh*t he basin every la
stance paid his bll s whea preseated. prompt'y aadtuoor
entire satisfaction, ' or deil with him hu been as tine,
probabty. astbat of any paper ia tae Wee, outside our
lamr dliea. and wecive this notice as ama-ter oi »;mple
juu ee. bellevuw Air. Sctlvsn to be talrly entitled to a
g tod ohare of the rood •bland patron «enf the Western
press.—iFreeport tLU J-umai. Dec. 16,1S»1
Crncaco AorssTtsiso Acut —On the prlachleof gir
iag Loaor to wnomboaar u dui,we are to
say of our apeat in Chicago, Mr. U. IL flcrirea. that we
have alwar- foaad blmconectaad promp in all his bus
iaess transaction* To sacS ofoar coat*moor*rtcs as have
not already secured aa ageat m the Garden tlty, we re
comm-id Mr.S»lveJ as rellaale and trustworthy. We
are satisfied, after conslderaole experience la the sews-
DSper badae-s. that it Übesk for pubiiaheito deal wita
their sdvertusrs ins distant ci:y t'trucuh a rejpoawbie
ageak— llowa) ually Journal. Dec. 17. ii>3.
We pmams th*t no psbllshers have been so badly
fl-«idby bogus advertising agents as those or lirru U
H. Scaivas, of Chxago. Is. we aw ba»oy to say. an ex
oeotlon iO the abjve. We bare done business with hint
eversxcehise*tabllihmentlnCaieajp.anl have a w ys
found him prompt, boiorable aad uprtcht. Publlsaers
wishing s reliable agest In Chicago, wU Had him just the
ciantbev wanU—L** Times,** Cedar Rapids, lowa, Decem
ber lu. lESS.
At Dres*nt there are but two tdvertJjinr Agendea that
w-rtognlse:—iMPetteaglUACo- New York andCH
Sriven, of Chicago. We h«ve found these genxl'mtn
both prompt and responsihis, aod as such we recommend
them to our brethren of the press—[Mineral Point* wis*
Tribune, May U, 13*
We hare bsd dealing' with Ur. Bcrlre& (or two ytar*.
•ad have always frond him prompt and reliable, aadtaka
pleasure in recommencing nls Agsncy to tbe frstemi y
of tbe e-tire a onhwest—[sock Island Daily "Oim
mercial.' 1
Mr. Set Iren Iss prompt Agent. We wish b!m nrcess
[Daily Wander and Argua, ttocklsland D.o. 10.1833.
Pauras's Anvasi oisa Acdct. Cmcaoo.— I The tntlmats
bn>lness relations existiiia b-. tween maoy portions of U-ls
Sta'e acd Chicara. Induces oa to can the attentlhi of ths
Frog of the f. and tuii.esi men. to the adveruf cc
h'useof 0 H Bcrtrec, No. 63 Dearocra tt ett. chlcacn,
wtiose dfslfgr with us sod his prompt and faithful
manierof doing business, wan-ant as In recommending
him to those who mi aire anything tn his ti.e.
soegtst, slso, to the Pi en of tbe dute the propriety of
placing their Isnei *n file wtah aim for toe inspection of
tae bosioes* men of Chicago and the West, wbo may hare
business In this Ststc—LDetrolt Daily Adrtrtiser, May
1L 1868.
Cmcaoo Aoocr—Ws take great pteasnro
In recommending tho Advertising Agency of Mr. C IJ.
Scriven. Caicago. to oarbre-hren or tn& Press throuahout
tae *at T-" n w experience In tae bnstnesi baa e nvinced.
ns that It Is gcod podey for newspaper publishers to do
thdrbssnsss lit distant plsoes through ths medium of a
rvlsblesgeary; It is aiao the cheacest, and by ur the
method, tor merchants artvenlse to any extent
EhtSertnot loeOed >n tbelr ImmedUts Tidnity. Mr.
Scriven haa dons cocsiderahie bulness Car ai sines the
Mtahllahmeat of hU Agency In chtcsao, and we acre al
ways fund him prompt, reliable and liberal In stlhls
deahnsx. Wersgwt that thers are butfew ether Adver
tlsloc Agents of whoa we caa say ss much.—lMilwsakeo
Daily fignUael Dec.
Officeofthe Republican aad Gaiett*. 1
aterliaslß., Jan S. JJBSO4
> We bats donebtticesi with a tL aarfven tor the pm» two
ssd s half yars. aad caa safely say. thst m all our busT
neerelailoaswithalowehar-toiudblm apromrtand
reliable advertising s*ent, and fa no e«e has hdhbslfs
tea to pa- S' y bill wer ereaentsi t jhlm by us. W« taks
■lumii sln rii —n —• wt — "• the eraf* sho
art oots.qaUat dtiH him. To thw sh» •». J*m
rry+nritiim la mmiiTSirT. WJf. CAJTEII.
63 Diarbom Street, <Aicayo. >
iuS lu, Tiara k flat b W
OPDOalte the Court Hcmse, Chicago, at the SUn of
The Star Spangled Ban-ner,
Tike this *CDortanP» to resoeetfbnr fnfbna the Mei'c
oojenof Chicago, icd the Nort west, ihaithfr treno*
recerln<«Re of the tantrst and most a-inflve aecrt
menti of Moa'calMerehandljetobe found West of New
lorkcoa-ijUai la part of
Church Xasle, Glee ud JaTeaHe Book*.
B'elnwaj k Son's
Prtnc* ACo's
Wo. Hal! & Pcn'a j
C.lehratei Guitars, Flutes and Banjos. |
Also, jvi*t Inrwrt/d frot3.lnroi>«, Vlo'lni Tloloacellca,
•_orao£>e*ns. cornetr, Accordsoni Fiaiinu. Coacerunaa.
Taaborinev, Plteh Pipes. Scrs-'n, Bowa, etc. e'c.
cr^Lii* 1 i* a 'ci Co i lEll %,^ , ' encl V and American
BTElMOiforTiaiin. Vlaloncellc, Dcuble Uas, (jciur.
Banio Harp. etc.. eft,, etc.
nr'sojaareite £i:ll U<h or ttU H'a<e that D«il»rs. i
Teacher*, ud Seal ■rietln tbe NorthweKm»T here ot>-
t*la the bea". of everyth na Maa-'cU m chei ulr »od with ,
norh areater dlipawhihaa frata the fcUsiern tfclea.
Orxan*. Planoa. Meiodeons. anj aU kind* o* Musical
loatninienti taned and repaired In the moat reliable
* t.eoot. ? No. S3 Ctuk street.
C. M. CADT.) iala CHICAGO.
For tbe great majority of Newspapers
published la tbe entire North-West.
In connection with car Type Fcandery aad Priater'i
furnlihbg buaineas. which we hare carried on In this
city for tna pis; Ta Ylirs, we have for a lon* tine beea
a;l!riled to establish a bona fide and recnlar
The following U only a£Ur avnplsof hundreds of sim
ilar letien from PuDllshera laths West, and we publish
then that the bus neis men of Chletto, whs advertise In
Country Pacers, ma» see the positions occupy In
to the Press of the North' West, and that
can they reach the Coantry Newspapers and Jiare their
advertisements rusmr attended ta.
Tb; Wisconsin Eiitorlil Csorentloa at its Second An
coal Session In Madison, tn October, paaseda resolalion
ccndf ma«a« " the present system of General AavertUk*
AseocUs," a;d appointed as their only authorized Ad
vertising A*eot a. this point, to receive and contract fcr
Chicago Advertisements.
OrncsorDnrocnT. Turr. Sl;ci.>
.. _ ... . **tar«Jay, Dei 4. l-is. )'
Messrs. Bouncs A Lascdon:
We art h'*Lly p>eascd that yon have coni<»E , *d tn
st »nd betwcea ine Publishers of ihe AdctrtUina
andjUany avail ou sel.es •fthe primes tenured. 01
miking you our agents id Chicago.
Tac ixuatry ire** seem to bare beea uafortsnate
enough to recel.e the *it«atloa of acltts or scoundieU.
who. havlax b.ea broken uj in swliulla* lottery uu
'•tftit*' ienterprises oy tan autaorides. vak< to acta*
aa bocuj "Adveit.sla* Aacnts " It is hi,th time t e
tcoaa<lrels were iouUk!. root uid bran«b. ana »e bop
jou wiu bo u.e year Inlluence «s to Induce T> ps « vuudera
in tbe cities 01 toe La-oa to foLow .ce exanoie
you Dave placed oe ore inern By urgtag this aaiter us
oa thi attcaiioa ol .Type FouajwT, fa oUier p'.aeei we
feci sureji a wiUcsc'er f«vor oa a safftrln« couuiry Pre&s
Tbe -Kency lor adver Ma* in tbe Oouatry Pre»s ledu
i. aKlybelotgsto some branch of the cr»fi, and tuere
are aoue more wo.t;.y ta- trtfl.ng emolumeats ar.s*ox
tiom U than tne founder who ia in coaauat cotamunica*
Uun wit** fe P.ej, ud vqo bas aad • entitled to lar
mire coaCdcace taaa t_e swiadll g scaap wbo cia»ls
laoaome 7 atf aareU there tt oft tne prater ot bts
bard earnlap. aad lmuoie upon the fcuoder by preteaij.
ia* «o tne ir-uc wlih " every deicrii<ti(.n of u.int
latr nutcrlal, whea la mtit cases me coufd
not uua shooOna- tlcl" froia aba nyaru siioveL »ud
Is mjre fanuHar with t. e usw-or togas jewelry
tlber, ; o. ofsuch Is the tax we receive frc,a» a nujjrlty
wf tbe fe» iba ever Inteaa to pa .
kndos d ts the clan* seans. fi.ledoa%anJ we hope
to a ear that you bare reuued ihe entire aseccy of yjar
cuylatUjiiue. iotrs. Ac.,
DcQt-ois, PerTy 00., Dec, 5,13 ii
Ar'Uable Adver>isisg Area'j is what bas Icag b«*n
needelin Chlca;o, i Lave kuf.red tj a coawder»b!e
ext nt tLrjUAh tne rajcdltr of i.biea{> Advertlsloc
iutijiu.and nuwlaaheartuy glad that two heats and
wellkno^a'typoa'—aicu aajoaarc gentleaea,-have
determined ta see their fel.oircriif'stnenriKited.
Yours KespcetTaHr. Psl'L WAISIN3,
td. andPab. **ilinia* Journal"
AorEiTiasa Aoesct.—Eot-aoi A L»aaLO*.-one of
mis oruass oi ine cewspauer press U ihe
Irrespoasib-e h*nds u.io which th-.- Adrtrtia
lan A.ejde Lai of late years lall.n. There is no» *
ncirspaptrpublishejlnth< couatry waoie 4.cocoj< b oka
donutaaow large amouata due from advertlsioi:
ageaU.and woicult Is In v«la to a .eaip, to c. llect ia o
»o-b bad repute naVa these advertlsi g «xeadea cat l&ai
wetw/sceme t>reaardwnh aa*pedua rntrtev arm
pr v poila«»»iransa;iM>is or*adj at ouiluej*. aail bava
fo. »ome Lme put ourtraatacUoaa I rctlr t*>
s.cj old fliois as we kaow to be baaest aad responsible.
MebAVe oeeuled Into thta <rtlaoi recuxa ay an an
nouncement >rom ile.*a.*a. ttoucds A Lan<don.oi Chicago.
ib*t they Inteud to 6pea an aivenisiu* ta coa
n wlta tselr fu.-LLh;ru baji„c>«. itaaa
been ourg&ou lorvune tj <e «equiinted transact
bus <.esaw4ta these keatleaiea for oaas years tast and
U*zr%)rdau3greatplea*ureialmprjvl£utUtiso piortanuy
ef ridiiraug tnem u uprubr. courteous prompt, and
fal hful ia all ihrir bussaes* relations. Tbey ctioy tue
conajeLce and etteeta oi ad ho know Uiem, and tbe
Lew biuluttd La wnica they axe to eiabarx »U
pr k re a mutual ad»kniage to tbelr customers ana theui
actVM. Me wlsa them abusdaat succea. aad hereby
autn -use thtm to kct as the obli a»verUsuu uku of
the Irantcrtptm. Chicago.—l'eoria 2ran*crii>t.
Tu* Caaixer —This beaatiful liul« visitor for Ihe month
0' November L) at bjid. Wo have exhausted our st«c*
of panegyric In praise of the I'.tWnrf. ana cau only su th««
. lti preacat cumber is op to Its predecessors.
Kuuads A Lacipion, iu couducturs, la obedience to a
request cf»be Wisconsin K.itoiUl Cuaveniiga. bavede
ciaed to act as Wewjpaper Agents ftr tbe dt» ofuiu-aro.
Accomyaajißg the tiUrUrt a blank form is i.rwarded.
which pubUAUera wla sign aad retur.i. We bave fix d
curs up, and is is now oa file at Caic**o. Oar aoonectlon
with Newspaper Attests cas been anpro'table to ta. and
we nal about coauaued to let them so to the gent I man
with tancy Ictt anj caudal appenoage; but so area*. r*ith
bave we la ttvuiids A Laaidoa. aad auca is oor oaflo
encemtaelr regard lor toe true »• teresta of the Western
Pren. taai Uiej can mats for tne Timet aa j bargaia w&ich
they see prop'.r, aad we wi-1 horor thejr bv a
prompt fulhdmcat.—Sort!, Iwi Tv:*i.
Thi Paurab' Cablssr.-This little shwt Is
aga;n berore ua. Amoag otaer good thla»s contained la i
tu Is tatf anaocncemeat that vbe proprietors, tt'ssrs.
Rounds A Laa.daa, intend eitaolishlag aa Advert slag
Axeacy ui Caicaxo. for the brnclit otth« couatry Pre. a.
We bad tbis aaaouncemeatwita joy. for we are sick of ibe
wnole tribe ot Age«ta that we bare dealt wlta heretofore:
but in the afiove-n*med geatlemec, country
bave trieadsttat will deal houesUy with them, feuccea
to them.—tijJuigMm Pioneer.
ADViariiiso AcrscT.—For aloogtlmepast the publish- i
ers of the .Northwest tiare sadly felt tie need of arUiable
aad tru*tworthj Ageacy. aad ia eonsecuence
have suUcrej materully. We tuvetwa*, oltea decelv.
ed. th*t we Becaa to n».k apoa ail agencies wh »»eat us
tavors wlta distrust. ButtaissUte of tbinirs proa.«esno'
loogertoexirt asiureatcrpnsiagirleads, Me-sr« Sounds
A of Chicago, jo-s about esiabluhiag aa Advrr>
u<tng Ageacy walch caoast t«L tj meet the aasts of the
priaters of tae ftorthwest. Taeir eaterprtslag sptrlw cou
plea with ti.e nccessarj capital to lasu'e prompt paimeat.
niU thetn precedence. -Xrivulg Co. Meruit.
gr The neatest paaer which comes ta our exchaaxs
Üble U the Fruiters' cWn«t, of Etuads A Langdoa, Chi
cago. It Uaa exqoislie spedmea of the art.
lit the way tnese gentlemen, la addlt.oa to their bes!-
aeasotkecpiaga w«renoose of ercrytaiag needed in a
pruitiag olhcß, have volunteered to act as Ad vet ti* In*
Agents for suco newspapers as desire it. Our acco*lut
ance with them fcaiiih* as that tbey whl prove aa
ab.e exc«ptloa to Uie seaeral rule wltb suca »gencles.
aad we have se- them uawa as our ageaia U Chicago.—
(,twi Hay A'tr^KVU.
\3T Messn. Rounds A Lacgdoa the eaterpri'lni? Type
Founders of Chicago, have takea the lalUative step
waereuy the of tbe present "advertUlog Ageaey"
svladle caa be away. Tner oiTer to act ss A<lvcr>
Using AJreaisfar Chlcagj for the Press of the whoie coua
t y. Now we all kaow them to bemea ol uaduubt.d u-
Ugri y, and taexeisnotapablish»r la ilichlgaa oat would
Buouer ti ust his busiaees to them thaa to any of tae au
merous an J Irrespoaslble agents of that city- Let as all
a cept titcir
(.ther agents. We »Uittiea effects similar contract with
tbe Ci flnnati Type Fuu.dir, Jo:inSvaof Puil«deU.btv
aad Brute, or s >me well kaowa es-ab'J»hed toaader ta
Nrw Vor*. aad we wtli save thoos .ads of djllar* t > the
Press ufib-sutsiaoae year. We D»ve all suffered loss
by swlndllatfAdvertUlav aireaU: now lei us compel for.
elga advertisers to taelr&ialae* with ou/- aceou rath
er thaa tnero. Here uaa opportunity for reform »l h jut
coatOaßAU. a aod k> ftr as tM« paper La coo*
cersed. U wiJ taice ao a torooah any
ageacy bat such Tyue Foaader as Is wed estabLsued aad
knuwa to fte rcs^oaslbic.—iluU Ofrsh j i> **».
[jT" Messrs. Rounds A Langdoa o« Chicago, parpese to
estaoilsh a ctewspauer Axeacr in Chicago,
pn.Tided they had suitable encouragement rrata the ocun>
uy Prej. our oart, webareeaUraooaQdeneela the
firm, aad have filieu up the bl«akscntusappuiatlag them
cur ageota fur tb it city, aad hope adth? lowa taper* will
do iiaewtae—Aiaa cb. JUjiMtr.
As Excxllixt Idcx.— \tthe tolldtatloa Of a num
ber of newspaper pohlisben, Measn. Rounds A Lang
doa. proprietors uf tae Chlcagj round ry. have
bade amnjcements to open aa Adve ti«i3£ Agency tn
wuh their estabtlihment. this wiu rve good
cc*s to tae craft an j we will Dear of no nure dishonored
advertising bills In Chlcago.^WwjW u-iAiir.
Yielding to the expressed deairs of the la geaeral (
we have opeaed, la addiiioa to our Foundry business, a
systematic idvertUirg Ageacy. and shall hereifter make
It a prominent part of oor business.
We are prepared to make contracts with all business
houses who ire alive to the importing* «y* aJttr
tifity. and who deaira to adratiso la one or a hundred
Country papers, la any section of the entire Northwest, at
satisfactory raUa.
Parties can at all times And nearly every paper publish*
ed in ths West on &Je at oar office, and caa there receive,
informafoa aa to circulation, aad the bett means of plao '
lag their trade before the public.
Having dsal with, almost every publisher la the entire
Xorthvetf.tethepaat ten 7can, we are faly posted as
to who are taspoosiole parties, ad the drcalatloa aad
bxainesa of most of the oflsea. Ihia fact. In addition to
ourstaadtEC aa bosiaea msa, wetra,t Is sadeieat guar*
aaty to Chicago Hooses that their bosmess will be done
'safely, promptly aad reaaoaabiy.
o£c9 t lTo. 155 (O.d Ho lid) Baudalph Street,
XT JU U* Jlr*i lA« Tint rii.jki o/ Sltirt. f]
i ». > ~Priaters' Warehouaei
cautioned against aexotiaiiag a Pork House Be
ocjtCa eopy'of whka ia gtvea below; for three bandrra
Dressed lloa. sal d<ued Ja <uari IL. 13j9. as the saoscri
ber will net nold hlreaelf leipeaihle mere'or.
Chicago, Jantarj 13th, ISO.
. , . . _ CHfiaxo, Jaa.ll.lfi9.
Reodred la vtora of C. H B«sr«« three ba.dr*4
bspickel for hi a. Tb* product whea
cured a.d aal:ei to be h:ll robi«ot to the return of tfelg
recei.t aad aemertble onlyto the holder thereot
Arersir* weight o»-Hogs aooat 90 tteaads.
Salisbury mansion school, us*
A flrst-OUss Boarding satf -Hsy Vsaool fcr Tavnx
Indies J. Y, ftSA'OLFtlselpaL
Husaascn n Caxeaoo:—'«n.B. Qcdea lsa; Bwr.
Wa. W7 Paxton:-J. I*. WeWe; Lntber Haten,
AasC W. a
Louasbery, Joha P, Chap in, j. Young Scam
znoßittq. Isa te*
■l; " jgjU CHEAPEST
Host BrillUnt "S"
Y«t discovered.
/X Io a Htnd Laiep, <"NB
t\ I CY' GALLON hornlanthree
\\v\J boon each d*T. last*
IA „f J Cj THuEE MOS fH3 jtfv-
Incatt hWqoalto cfibt
V" lijGYv Can J tea. When the
> L*tot> Unrepair utan-
L 3 & edlherib
**° olo ' ie #r
on. a 1 PER GALL'#.
tDautci. .
nldiKe acei Amer!*&a women of experience as a
Un* or HrtUifkeeoer. A prira'e family pr*f*m-d. His
•jrreii Cock tn « Crstrlasi huel for the !*«t fire yean
jilt* t** 06 * 9 Men 8 1 * 1 ® iLioeL
. v •. te'Jljent TO7; ons who«e oaren'i r»*tde In
- fX T'-- • a - W. ANuRE^d
jaU • £3
z * ACCFPTANCE3 hiT'n* fr-m 'hlrt» diy, to
'°P* W ruu. A. K. *ILLAHi> * YOUM..
i9 Bt-ikm So aCUrk-gt.
» » U nss of *JJO to IIOCU run"lor six t"> twelve
aooih*. ant jecu-vd IteM e in Chic«o tr lm
Dtotcu coonty propert/ la Cock County, 111
t .... A. S. tiVANB.
JalQ-6t-b9tu Barila* OBce. 26 Clara nreet.
FOl3 }U- A f4Q ty abaul «oin« l£artw.:i rent
jueir hou-e. which l« very
»aU 0/ itis Po<t OSc«. and wlii ,
lelitfte furaliurer r> rr.eaj.in l bard till aoricrtf
Ah>!> by lette; to "d li. P," rr. a . cfflce
ten rootas; bavr>oa. -a» fl*:u-Fs.
and e*«ry ,l;nce. foe hoa** ta on ''ne of the b* si
strerta In tb» d:y. a rail? fr b- Po-t • ffi c The Oto-
Dlbo»' , a3«ra n?ar every tfamlnatea Rtnt #475. a «o»lt
■mount of iTurultare Tor »ole A dtrtn p. O
BoxaUj. jai; a
be ccia-nAjio'ii o2ces on tbe tt and aecord
tlwr'n fAH-e'tCui dhceo.-ner/'Uta W'terand WtU<
wree ». Aln. fo Ls a>d a doe corner bweise: t
a ra't tfor *• rsuippl* «o tie lubjcrl
oer.n'hebui diai. No. 213 eoatb «»ater»*r-et
} M B Wt| LTAM-*.
tuatof tbr- Ue*aMr of CMbDs. -rifflnl »itb the floe
Lotoa »bicb It etaniti—brt'i? *0 fe?t. more orlet*. on tbe
rirer acdrunnnji b*c» Uie G. aU.U.K. It Attached
w the buiiatui is a *t<am etulne room, with an tntlne.
Tblj U a flne loi tioa for a yuoric* Mill, or for Mechani
cal purposes. for tercu. ac.. tn
B. U. * n.LIAM',
ds.4 b«tj Za 2U boaib Water ftreeL
i r or Sale.
* PRKd-StSN.—t hare fo- »a!-» oae Truck
Waxos and H»rr.eis: five «ood I on Axel Dr»yj and bar
nejje». the ab">ve t*r cht**o. luquire af r.K-
V*NY. at Etc! mnnd ACu'j. iQJce eerier Nnrn Water
and jjcarbota uretU. • iat4bi9i^m
. pace No. i Do.-'a fcnildia*. Cb.cajo. lIL.
tbe fallowlc* tcutU:
Echr. ROCKET. *".m A t. with a Stir <7- kU .
.. OGAV. .. AL
.. E<i;t,E ..
.. NIU-.U-OMK. •• At '.MM
.. 'Ha; WIND. UUI A 3 3*o ..
.. .. B 1
.. GESAt.D.Nt, .. h J aa !!
.. B J x-3 ..
1 lib.-.-i-'u
Now belan Erecte',
Ou Runli, near >uperlor St^
Asdfobe &oL)b*l May lrt. bsoaes ar« iSxIo feet,
tbtee sorita. w'tn bueinent brick 'root*
bollt an 4to be flai»b-<t ta >he be 1 manner. Toe lota are
I*7 'e« de-t> to an a.ley. aa>l wilt have a tooU bfrk bam
on each, i'eitont burc&u na jjoa can maie iucU ai-
as may Oe desireiL
Term f*Toraoie. Awjiy to D"w CriAINARD. 45 Clark
street, from 9 to 10 oVloclc A. 51. jaa
Drug store for salr.-a retail
location u.d W'll he sold 03 sood lerms If atiplled .or
bo n Forpdrllcuianaddreaa Box "IsJ.'* Cb'.cajto P. O.
Railroad station' dining saloon
Coobiae.t witli a Fruit, C.jar and CoaVctlonaT
la one of tbe raoit hraut iui towns lu ilie titata,
▼alaed at IUXU. to be »oU lor eaah or exchanted for
Cilf Ueal KOatd
*lao. t'le 'ft. aad tbe t»o »tory toose on It br 16 W ;
tibe j pjrtly en time, or e cehaiwcd tor u |.-a<o City ,
Papery. Apilyto a. U. iifiHKOOl' A CO..
del-* t;a Lmlif street
House ant l«-tfur<ale situated
oa the Wok) *nd vv*rrea streeta in I'ie
»•«»* Qivitivr. u..*r L/iloo P»ra. by « J' H*r
ward. Itjaww i. uew, b-ilit.»/ attd
«toneb«emeatt*<atj fi.ur-.y ilfty-ihree feet Wf.baßue
ob»erra«or/: h no« fuhi >i;»ble manner
wim alt the ncdera iayroveaeotj— raarbia moateifc
rratea. As. Ac-w.u d b« a de4.r.U>:« Tb«
lot !a»lxy-<U ry <n* hn-drei ani tweot«-WTen f««t,
wttha'wenty f<v>t i n tbe te'rof It : *UI t»« sold
▼eryene p—on can u ume. or 'Jie wiiuia of tbe purchase
money may oa ot U prorett?
fcr'ouror ysara. cr 1: ».il he excDanjte»l for u*»-
doubted r'.'il eii< »ccurltl«s. havic* leTrral to
rua_ A Dpi* to K. T. P.O. B<ixN« 31'JJ, orW
CII. BLUN'i 15 Dearb ra st —»ooa *. 4r.H)ttn*
Malt! Malt! >aalt!
Ift Ai ! t i En - • N " 1 c.unadabar-
XvA/v v LET MAt»T, tn store and far sale by
. . 7 WniTNEY * KIMBALL.
u5 1510 ca Jj7 Kirnaie rt»eet.
Hoarding.— fir>t class board
and p'enait r<v>fas. suiles orstnale. at S'v
Bcutb Ci-uk street Tnajitai Board atreaaonable rated.
Boarding. — si.vRLE rooms and
taltso'rooaianfwly fitted op. wlib board, on rea
sonable -nns, may oe obtained qd a9i tlcaUsn'at No 213
BUteVre«t. C. £>. ULIV&2.
Lars© Auortmeat o( Printing JlatcrN
mla lor Salf,
Tee consolidation of the press
and the Tribcsi Las civea u a lar* j duplicate as
aortment offrtrt-r/ra »t.-»ri'<la for s-Ue Vehivo about ;
t«o too aof Job dork ao.l N»«1 i'me. ta font* to suit I
caaio-aert. At- tLI» trueriaJ la In j'od order; maeh of l
It la almoit new. ItUo3cr;dfor wl to pnnKra at Si to
* SOpet e:nt nnuer co-t pr.it
Oar caUi>~cu« ea.bra:es tbs ollowinc artloe*, at the
prLea named:
SO Pair Ne» j Cases, at bulT ccn,
iioJobCu-a, " "
t5 Cb*ae3 tor at » percent, dbcoont
6Cna*eaf r a»s>> ** •*
25 ioo Cbaa««. la: k and tma'X at 33 pa- ct. *
COlbsLo t Primer, at 40 p*rcea*. i ljct>ant.
ib»of Mewß>orteols rype, (nerer aaed fiat osee), at
prr c* nt d.acoaot.
40'bj new. at 25 per cent discount.
25) lbs Oobpfr-Pa»ed Boargeoli,iood. per Cdal **
U lbs Minion. I tUe worn. 4-» " "*
luOl' a Minion, nearly new. JO
lJOlbaHre*! r. litUe worn, 50 * **
Wit.a Bferler. 'if " *
Webaveal«o a fon'a of f vh!onab'e Job
Type f*»r ia]>>. a portion o'wbicb ts 'Mcr.Ded with what
UcoaL and for what a ia ofcreJ tor «d«. tu:
WeWht flnt Sell
Description Type. of font, cast tor
Sline Mtr.ion T;i2e 6* .♦7.14 H. 75
Pica face V.s<i S.WJ
3»lae Pica Arabr?sqae.... 5S
Illne Pica - 5S 4.JS a.?O
3 line Small Pica Clarendon.... 5 U.tJ l.'Q
Brerl'r Clarendon ,20 13."rt lu.oo
» on* Primer Condensed 4.90
Cood<*oscd Sbadrd &.10 8.50
Lon* Primer ecr.be Text t> 4.U0
FcaScript... S.OJ 4.0h
ailneLona Primer Titli 4 1.7 i 1.23
Zodiab Shaded 3!< 2.*5 1.50
S line KQ'lisb 6 3.W 3.J
Pmruna Tit
3 Hob Koatlth 6* 4.4J 9.00
atln-i taclisa Pica tJ s.TS
fonpnrrtl ffhade-i 1 1.30 l.uO
S IneMlntoa shaded 4 3.6 a 2.30
2dne P.eaOmameated S.lii 3.40
Lock Pratr A ttqne 9 &.<0 3.^5
3 Une Pica Hbaded 4.43 3.UU
Sitae EnglishUraaaient«d 7 4.74 3.(1)
Doable Picatfcnpt..... 2-' X
t tlae Pica CLureb T ert- 6 4.> i 3.73
2 Una Small Pic i rcn&e Text. 7X 5.40 3.50
2 line -Lptrell Title 4 2.(8 IJO
Illne Para* n Shaded Tea? l'H I:.W 12.i«
8 Una Hmdl Ptoa Omaratrated 4 -'.* l 1.75
Lcn« Praser Arabesque 3 3.U0 S.uO
HL.e Paraxon cjrnauicatet? 4 i.uO
J line Plea title t> 1.75
2Uoe Pic*, burch T«xu b'S 4.4 i 3.u)
G-eat Prtiaer Arabesque
Great Primer Scribe 3S > .W S."O
j ilae Look Primer Ouiiiae o
Brevier Boid Italic. X."i K*
Mocptred Aa laue. rewCTle 5 S.JJ 3.50
la addition to ue we tare a !a*fe ra*ety or
Wo*d Type n-tarly a* r>id as new. Alu a iarceqautliy
of Lead*. Kuli a. Farnitare, and ihtryr or f.».ty ton'a or
Bleo laatdonabl-i Bjrder. tf
just aKOE I T.ED.
. Skates of All Kinds
pinroao T*a,
40 • • • So. Clark stmt. - - - 40.
Hope Fire tiimr<ince tympany,
Caah AiSfts sll^ooo.
Szrxancn (rr acTsoarrr> la Cff^caoo.
Reynolds. IHyAOo.. OIJ.-a. Plevtwood ACOm
BeasdJct. UaUory A Jaraao. CiartADaxw.
T. G. VAN Dt REN, izentf
South last ccr. or Soath Wale - and Ctert-jt,
UP tfTAiax*
To Raiiroad Comp'n, Haehlaests,
and oths' ti" : ...: :
Best quautt of oop' wastscos
■Untiy on band and aala-by
iL K. JiifcdUP * Ou. HaDvafAs'ia. •
UflbPt* >w 44 York.
i I Woodm Oaaea A lart» awortissaajoi uie by
B*&.f]CA£ « iLSLvY, Ano(a*e*iiaa
|alHyfc973 •o. 14» altah'reet."
Handa, *cr tale hy
"jMrfST A IuSLZt, AioUieearSfc .
t- • jtlljy-MO : . .. • 14a. Lata itr— t.
, Eoa*aT • Amandhii -ft Chmw&JptM
a&j Lip*, rrr sale by Sa3QX2It a I ■ tUKY.
O. A. BROWNSON, L. L. D. t
Will ffeHver » Leotire at
Moo-tayexenlna, JanaarrVrih 186*.
SaWrct—■- eopatar Objections 10 Catholicity."
MyAdßlsalonift en»» UIIM
Franklin Festival.
Tne Prln'era of GHcuro wi'l holl 'he'r Anneal
festival la eomm-iooraUoa of too qvs« o< that I'll*
*°<* Printer, BANJAMIN
iIiAMSLLii it
» 111(1 laTlulloa* mif b« obulned of Ua*
10 lowing geoVemen:
P*"W a*o Taiß{r«»Ornc*-J. K. C-nUaand 1 Irwtn.
Duocsit Ornct—Chai dmlth and D A. Cunnin&ham.
s**» Orr c»—ii a Mister, O d'urtud 4 Davii.
Hk*au> Ornca -II D. Adtoa aid W. W. i!*Ja dy.
J. il Thomp< a. 63 Las«te H £. Roonda. at
Rwanda J bOtSce: ii. ledilry. at Rand's Joo 0!Bj*.
Tnoae wiab n* earrta**» «iU leave Uidr addreas with
Cut. Sto%n» limes Olflce.
TICKSTd *2.00. jiiO
Oa lloßday Erenluss, 17lii t ilth tad 21st Jin»y
Coder the aasploea of tha Stuoata fraternity.
Moxday KTrsmo, Jasoaat IT, lStt, at IX o'do'k.
Coal Ulnln* an ITemeot ef N»Uooal WeaUh— r Istort
cal *«e'ebof the Dtrvel cmeot or Coal fields—
cal DistrtbuU a of Co*l—V*r.rtlea of tcasll roel-orUtn
of roes! rueL Geologically Co .siJered—do Chemically
Coeßdered-Fot.U Botaey—Practical Application of
Foii! jaei—Cj«i Mining In Illinois lis fcresent and
OTTl'k ts, #1 00. each airalttlnc to the eotVM of
three lectn-ci. Sinuie tickets. Si) e nta each.
To be ha Jof A.-0 Barley 43 t«ke ttreet; Nathaniel
(wold. 40 Lake tL.i> A. A U. Kjbn, 11l Laseatreet; J. H.
O.st 101 Sou b Waler st; W. M. B<*a. 10 Soutn Clar*
street; Dr. Hunt V 2& La*® street: W #. *Ucb«lL Mo N
Wato»st.: Mulr, Co.: .5 Lualts si: and at
M*K>McT«nr»le«. Dearborn street, an 4 ooraer Fulton
and Clinton ttrwu. Wen dlda. jaitfK-WM
Will Uko pUce
Tie Commltt*« aocolctid to attend to the Cdebntloa
o f ihoOa tcsLl'l Arnltertarrof the Birthday of Robert
uursa haTD mule Uie ;oliow q< arrarjemeoU:
rhal a & aid Ct>~cett of Uara*" &ou« and fteeitalloo*
be « *ea at tltiropoHen riaJl; alto, .a 0 rait on br Uot.
McComaa. Tbebr»t laJcnt of tbe country ea
giced tor the Coareit
The Conrrrt will »e feltowetl by a Grand Ball and ga»>
per at >ba Tremoot Uou c.
fbe C'Otn itee einmto ><aTe tbe wbola Celebratloa
one of ibe beat ever *J Ten In tbe country,
yull partlcx*ri wiUbe*l?ea la a m;nro oroeraarre.
It *. -111011188.
la7b*m td JOB* 8 MWaRT t4c'y.
Minstrel hall—no. na and 117
Bantlolph itmt, between Clvk and Dearborn.
Fe«iieUla>treU tod Barlesqne Optra itap^y.
The Manacersln preteot'ox thlaoew aad aovel eater
talomeotto tbe I die» and iretteosa of Ctdeaco bar*
•pared atilber palna or exoen*e to make It one of the
oost p!ea<ar.t rl c«of the ct^f.
Canla of Adm'si-.00 cenia. UrubaaursdeatsSOcentfc
Auction Sales.
J. BtTiTlO*. iLftOH VBTIR.
>'o. 50 Wells St* opp. Briggt Hoom,
cuicAaa iLLisoia
kl description of property, to be sold at Aacllon. Ibt
c*oh. oa time or cuouumioo Alao, Vr»«ia Carroea.
Btockaof General M*rehind!se. Jewelry. VamOare. Clolb*
In*. 4a Heal Est*t«. Landa. Lots. Uooiea, *4. Will pay
p*rdco ar aUentioo totbeadeo' Lota, u uiea. Land*.
Ac., at Aacuoo, Inside or onuldo Oulcmo. Advanoai
suide oa eoatianmenta. Tbe beat of refcreocw In Chleaco
wUlbetlvea. Utirfjieadk mxy rely oo eoaildenee aod
prompt retama—lite Ufa of cotaavrce an<l trade
Particular Koticcs.
from «IlX} ft |1 m 'e oa rood 'eoirt'y by
>al3 3e* r»>.Q. W. i>aWcQ4fl MCO *0 Ue«rb ru-at.
x.l »lli attend to my ba laeM darn« my i bitbce rom
»r ecl'y Per.oai tiuji ifs» w thciawUl aa u.oa
Uiqi b • ofice Nc. 21 Laie itre.k
U112«« f.
Money to lo a n.—
A few thousands to Invert In
R.inning from Ooe to Twelve Montha.
Also, caq om a few ten per cent. Coupon run
cio* Jive jtMit. A. r.l>OWNlN<f k C
j .la bl Clar> rtreel
JL cnn?e ilence of property owrer*. I have procured
aOit of tbe taxcaoa i< tsat L.ke tTorest 1 win attend
to ui paymeui of t*v * p atiej P4jt jf them to me at
ay o3i e t>e* r« the 'isUi
O. J. URt Secretary.
I viluaote Horses and Carrla es. wnlch we will ex.
change for brocerica, l.au er. ajudware Howiaaod eboca
or Dty Ooodi. Auo a Qcw !<«* vn urta#« (Hani aa above,
, . vt , lt Ailß 'Tf A KI »(iM IN.
I>t>bVjn!a 53'> «ndSJJ «-»ntb .ifM,
YJOXiV LO.vN'hD U.l Cirv IttAL Lij
i' L Mor-ia«a. Tnu» Deeda. Bond*,
olocka, Uiuineia Notej, jud ill <uod oeaotiablr »ecurt
ties bouxhi And sold Certittcueiof Deposluand Cbf-ckt
of S. K, 3W]lw Urotaer A iotiuton. purctiaaed tor caab
attheb;rte«mir*ijiDnc;. Deateri 1 Illinois Wlscoo*
iln and iowa !&&da. iui'iroved farina, tnboroan lota and
Real Estate. Oflic; No, >v (aecond lloorj MetropeU*
Ua Bloclu corner of dandolpb and LaMllo ita., Chlcaco
Drat*. AoeerUoceaand Notes paid in New York oq
the day ol maturity, or iajt d«y of ttrace. and
p aited tor acciuat m ta-j city of >ew York and tent io
cities la tbe vicuuiy of New Yor» on r«ie<(rapulo Orders
. „ ensEuTooas
isply by mall or otberwiae to
T. 3. HTTBBARD. Urbana. lIL
Chicago ud Slilwaiike* lallraxi Conpaaj*
1 tftockboldors of tbe and MUwaakee Rail*
road Conpur. wbicb waa wlrertls*d to be huldm at
their o.tice In Chicago an the 14th d*v of t»-reoher,
116 H. at vit'rinck A. M., has beeo POSTPONED OM
TLL TUESDAY February J 4n. at lli o'clock A
at wn:cb tai uld mentiax wilt be oolden it tbe otßce or
uldCompAoyla Chlcaco, for toe eleoUoa ot Director!
for (be ensaiox ye*r. an 4 the transaction of men Uh«r
tusinea aa may be preaeate'i.
By order of the ttoard.
DOU-Ul-M73 A. a. DOWNS. gecreUry.
Cumber, &c.
Lumber and Shingles.
Buaioea. Iba ua ie.a.cned h«v« alxr<? it ek of
Dry, and Coi-noa Luinbir. coa«Uila* of
Bosnia fiana Veaclns J jloe aod deaoLin*.
Alls *ood dhlogle*. wiled will be aold as the low eat
swket pi Ice u> coi- tC4 osaiaeia
Yard located a: Twe f n i!ro9> • Weat -Itfe. on
thedoath Urancb. near all Wurtetn aailroad pepoU, CaU
asd exanuie tae stock.
To Lumbermen and Others.
I J Cyrn M«al aiid feed of aU kinJe tow rate*,
ylrtiea will save moaey by c«llin2 at 111 «nd IV!
Laae «r««u
Chlc**o. Nov. 13. ISM. aoUoOaiy
JW. SKiNKLK A 00,.
' ZUKI 14.1TE. dilliibLXa. TIMJIU. PICKZT3, 10.
xun oaval an iioooa nmn.
OJUWU Ifl&olfc
jar Arranieaen'j ar* nob u to lnauw at all tlmta ft
»|U npply ofthe SUerent tsalltlet of
Joint and AcaaUlnc of ail aisai And UasthA conmon Lob«
Mr. Lath. Bhla»iefc Ac.
Of Sorw and White Pino, ws always Hand :eady to
•oeuwre wltb any la this market. We Invite Ue oalia w4
attention of all country and other deal era tip oar m
kind and fadUUeafor 9Uln« orders andoontraoU.
for the Moliilaya.
Blch, Im. Beantlfal and f7j»fbL nov at ihc
Laice and faanionasio awra. *
Nearfy oopoalte Mr. PUmer's Drr Qoods iWorea. Tba
Lultea aod jceaUeAea of U»oa«o. and thoeW lwtrooa of
procnrla< oloe p eaeota for Jhristrnaa and tha bollday%
are Invited to sail rod axa-ainetna l*m»< aad beta
rtetyoftba moA dtalrabta it»lee of roods for iha pur*
pose to 1-4 too- d In which w»U twnid cbaap rtr
caan. BUver-ware aeatly snaravei tvewof ooarw.
tL H »r3,
no3obCßla Soooeiaoru A Avery.
Valentines! Valentines!!
f\- XNO aby that.baa hitbwo been aaai la Chlca#6
iruicoa be read# at thj »tor: of
aicNAXO.7 8t
By aioptlnc th > Caah. la dl«ooa.'n« ofth'lr cooda
tXe»ar*.a*fi4ed tooff-r rXTMAOBuINA** INI>LCB>
MkNi'S to Wetttfn Deter*. Tbeir *rw ail
frest&aHaa.'eaha and are ia> op lnlotaef ftvo
vorth and aowa-oa l>e*lcra eill Bod Uto tb«lr ad*a»>
tare'O order from them tn*teaaof saodregio Vorfc,
bayloa In C-lca<o 2r«J<ht will ooattaexab.t a mere
I Aa ordeta are filled In rotallMt. dttlcr* who wl#h
1 aQfarly .apply wll do welt to order at oaoa Or tars by
mall »111 reoel«e sa pocb ateoUaa aalf thaparUea w»ra
' theiaaeivea preaent. WTerms '
Addreai - Mun »LLI A 03.,
]s!33t Laleaao. lUinaK _
~r\f\ PIECES SATI.VETta jtjdT RB
OII\I oetvedand «ala bv -
*.or. or guaea-tfTTaier
Vl£Lu. bftNi£Dlcr,> CO-
I«3 CW. a_ate aaTdiWator *a.
lorMi«b> /IXIABOUB^

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