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MO fDAY MORNIKG, JAKUAEY 17. 1859- tin
-r= _ 0 f
MAsfronrl state Bond*. lh(
The constitutional amendment limiting the
State dcht of Missouri to $30,000,000, has Cl
tlie State Souate by the heavy vote of j
HO to 5. Missouri C ? « have dccliued 2\ pc; r , me
cout. since the rumor circulated some days lut
since ndveise to this aclion—the quotatlou tin
on Saturday being S4J. OT:
-• * T
Annexation*' ber
Tbe area embraced within the corporate lim- Ftr
its of Chicago will comfortably contain half a ooi
million of population. But tbe Dyer Charter J 0 c j
proposes to annex something less than one
third of Cook county to it.
The point of tbe joke is, that consent of the
people to be 4, u.ken ia" and taxed has not been Bhl
obtained; ror have the modest gentlemen con
descended to ask the citizens of Chicago wbetb- glo|
er they desired to extend the boundaries of tbe
citv over tbe etigtbering townships. We
wouid suggest as an amendment that tbe corpo- Coj
rate jurisdiction of this city be extended over Kid
the Second Congressional District. ga,
Let no pent up Utica contract our powers—
the whole fcoandless prairies are ours. He
Authors ol the Lecompton Charter. cy
TheLecompton Charter owes its paternity, it Lal
is said, tn Tom Dyer, H. W. Zimmerman, Eiibu T
Granger and the editor ot the T»w«. There i» 0 .
were two or three oibt-r broken down backs of Lui
like iik partially let into tbe secret. But the l h ,
character of the document was carefully sup- Cc j
pressed from everT r« spectable, tax paying De
mocrat in the city. It was not intended to ope-
i-ute for the beneM ofthettx paving class of
citizens, but for vhe professional iaxtaUrs. It
was batched oat in midnieht conclave, unknown Lu
to the people. Neither Democrats nor lispubli. *te
caus wiire cansultei nor permitted to know any
thing about iu When cooked up to the satis
fuction of the conspirators, it was slipped down
to Springtield with the hope of mtking it a par- o a
tv* measure and rushing it through both Hcotjes
bv brute force. .
j T Oc
The Feeling in the City.
T!jo town was in :i hubbub of excitement
oti Saturday, on the subject of the Tom Dyvr
chatter. About fuity feet-of in
double eoluniQ-', were appended during the On
day. fo rem >ti-lr.i: , .C' <to be forwatded to tbe
I,"gMatur>'. Politic il diifercnce« are entirely OtJ
disrs'garded iu the general eagerness to il?
struugle tbe Sprluglield brat. Several lead-
in; 4 U-m-vcraU hive the remonstrance
—ljohing u]k»q the question afi one of the
last ifiiporunce io tbe lax-juyei'ft. T'jc Gcr- La
mans aud So uiiliaavuij.'i are jKirticuluily ex
cited by ihe Dyer plot, regarding it at the oa
same time u< a sciierue to double their
for the bwefit o! half a dczeu discomfited
demagogue-, and as ait insufl'erable outrage He
on popular righ'H. A call ior an iudignatiuu
meeting would produce a ciowd, from l»oth
ptviie-, whie'.v i>o buildiug iu the
city could contaiu.
- pc
Four Mayors,
Uuu« , r Tom Dyer ? s charter the city is to
have four Miyors ! The present duties of the
Mayor are to be performed by three other
Mayors, to be called <, Commi*«ionery J and
all lour are to be under pay. The one that
retains the num-j of Mayor is deprived of tl *
every particle ol" executive authority, but is Wl
to receive pvr year to support the dig- p S
nluj of the office. The other ti't eeMayors are lo
to attend to tlie police performed Jc
by the Mayor ; for which s-crvice they will
divide between th"ir Honors about SIO,OOO of
' rc
taxes, p-„T annum.
The people ar- graciously penujited to
iUct the Mf.yor ho lets nothing to do ; but q]
the other three .Mayors ar«- to be appointed, lo
for tliercason we suppo>e that the jieople arc l' c
not competent to make proper selections— aj
that is, they might not happen to elect the 01
three patriots who have phmeed these pleas- ct
ant neMs fur themselves. et
a • ti
Agricultural Statistics. a!
A bill is nobefore the Legi>lature of ic
Michigan jirovidiug fur ascerlaining tlie an- M
nual creal jiroduets of that State, and our jj (
correspondent at Lansing writes that it is oi
very popular with the? members, and will pase w
without c.ppoMtiou. Ohio and lowa have ri
each experienced the a«lvautages »»f such a
la»\%audthe people of these States would
not be deprived oi it for uny consideration. 61
It only remain-: for Illinois, Wisconsin and
liiuiana to follow^ the fxatnple, and as the
L<*"Ma!urcs of the-e States are now in ses- °
>ion, we fiueeiely irunl a similar law will be
enacted by each before adjourning. b
A law of tliirf kind can Ij-j executed witu- t |
out throwing any additional expense upon T
the Treasury. Iu Ohio an<l lowa it is made £
the duty ot tlie a!-«ejs.>rs to procure the iu
formation wished, and this is: dune without
any material increase of their labors. Let
the three Slates named make a similar pro- £
vision, and hereafter we .-hill know by Au- *i
gust or September «»f eueh year the number *
of acres of wheat, corn. oats, barley, rye, 11
etc., iu th" Northwestern States. Such knowl- £
edge would teud to keep down speculation in o
grain, and would enable larmcrs to dispose of c
their crops without being itnpo>ed upon by 1
sharper? - .
The Proposed Aggressions on Mexico— c
Mr. Allison's Itill. r
The following are the details of the important v
bill introduced on Tuesday by Mr. Mason of j
Virginia, from tbe Committee on Foreign Rela- t
liods, authorizing the President of the United f
States to use the public fcrce of the United *
States in the cases therein provided : [
Whereas, ihe President of tbe United States,
in tbe discharge of the duty imposed on bim by t
the Constitution, from time to time to give to
Congress information of tbe state of tbe Union,
and to recommend t3 their consideration such
measures as be shall judge necessary and expe
dient, has informed that, by reason of 1
the distracted and revolutionary condition of i
Mexico, ot cerlbin of tbe States of Central <
America, aud occasionally of those in 1
South America, as well tbe property as tbe f
lives and liberties of American citi- '
zens, peaceably and carefully witbin J
their reapectivc limits, are subjected to law- <
ies»iviolence, or otherwise placed in peril by
those claiming to be iu authority, and for re- >
dress thereof negotiation and remonstrance, in i
the forms of diplomatic intercourse, *re attempt- i
cd in vain; and it being manifest to Congress i
tbat such condition of things in tbe States afore
said will continue so long as government is <
found tbere in tbe unsettled and irreponsible
condition at present, and at times heretofore
tolerated by their people; and it being tbe in
dispensable duty of tbe government of tbe
United States to proiect its citizens ogainst law
less violence without tbe limits oi ibe United
Stutes, wherever loundon lawful errand ; there
lit it enacUd, d~c. t That whenever it shall be
made to appear to the President any citizen
or citize&s of the Uoited States have been sub
jected, witbin the limits of any of tbe States
aforesaid, und without commensurate offence on
their part, to any act of force on tbe part of
those claiming to be in authority therein, affect
ing tbe lite or liberty ot aucb citizens, and tbe
case, in tbe opinion of tbe President, demands
on bis port tbe interposition hereinafter provid
ed, it shall be lawlui tor tbe President to use
tbe land and naval forces of the Untied Slates,
or such part ot tbem as h* may deem requisite,
in such way as in bis judgment may be most ef
fectual, by force, wituin the counirv so offend
ing, to give full and adequate relief sod pro
tection to any citizen or citixtns of the
United States so injured or imperiled,
and at bis discretion to obtain redress
lor any wrong ao done; Provided, That
tbe President shall report lo Congress (if in
session, forthwith, or if in recess, at its first
meeting thereafter) whatever may be done by
bim tit any ticne in tbe execution of this act.
And provided farther. That as soon as tbe ob
ject tball be obtained iu any case where the
provisions of this net shall be carried iuto exe
cution, tbe land and naval forces so used shall
be withdrawn.
Mr. Mason gave notice that he woold ask tbe <
Senate at an early day to proceed to the consid
eration of the biiL
MibftQuri Matters.
St. Lotus, Jan. 15 —Tbe Constitutional
amendment limiting tbe State debt, paaeed tbe
Senate yesterday by a vote of 50 to 5.
No uctioa was had on the bill providing for
the protection of tbe border counties against tbe
Kansas banditti.
Mr. Wakeman, a passenger bv tbe Overland
Hail, reports that the Mexican boundary com
jntsstoners had a trunk containing valuable
papers stolen from their traveling conveyance
•t a short distance thia side El Paso.
Meeting of the Board of lumbermen.
Stock op Luiibkb ox Hand—Sales of the
Tear, etc.—On Saturday afternoon, a meetingof
the Board of Lumbermen was held at tbe rooms th
of the Board of Trade, {pr the purpose of hearing di
the report of the amount of Lumber oa hand
sales, etc. Mr. Beel>e, Vice President, iu the
Chair; Mr. Salisbury, Secretary. Wl
By request, Mr. Hilliard stated tbe object of the ln
meeting, and read tbe following statement ot the £t
lnmheroa hand iu lsjG,l6o7,aiid at tip close.of
the past year: iQ
*r 16, 15»7. te
Two rears ap tbe 15th of this month tbe stock of lam' Di
ber cn band In this market was aa follows: oc
First and Second. Clear, feet. 1L759.663 .
Ciew Floor®* 4,1iw170 to
t'ocmoD do 12.419.6i-8
Fencing latuivcG
Jost 8t.7J4i.12S
lioarcb. &c
Lalh 50.945.000 '
fcTOCK (.IS L'ASD I»tc. 20.
On tbe 10ib of December, a year ago lait month, the
stock of Lumber. SLlurles and Lath was as follows:
First.cecnad and Third. Clear 24 3U 011 41
CoomoD Boarta and i'laaki 4;,W j.373 tu
Scant Ir.p and Joist p;
Common Flooring H.OtJl.y il
Fencing ylOOti£l cn
fcidinc x .
Culls 11 M4BTS th
Sawed Timber tUdUfcTl y
ITLSTJ.Ott d .
Hewn limber 5.1X0.000
~'Usil . .. 17iU^073
Sblrßles £9.»5L0 - o th
Liiii a7Utos,w 0
*TOCE <fX HAKn DEC. 15.1&9, Ca
The quantl'y of Lumber. La'.h, and Cedar I>G
I'osu on ban J the 15lb of last month was as follows: Q<
Lumber, all Kinds and Qualities 1?8.45fi.G0d n r
hblutlcs 21.»7. - : (unJ
Lmll llMMjfcvU t.o
Cedar 7tS,fciy
By tbe above statcmeut it will be seen tliat the
qu.utityol Lumber aud Shingles uow oahaud is
ab.iut tbe same as two ytara ago. Lath is not
quite half. Jg
lks or hjiumi, 16'^.
Lumber on Land Jan. 15. 1c57 w
Uecclvtddurirtitle year jJtt.u&lv; M
On band Dec. 10. eame ye«r 17J.474.07J y t
Sales of the year leo/ 4i4 a.il2J
On Dec. lOlli. liJT tT5,474.073 TJ
Received dunes the year lsii 'J7s,ViiiK*> A 1
""Srjra UI
Oq hand Dec. litb. I£»3 co
fialej cf I=s: ..323,WJ1,67a 8t
OF SIIISGLI6. I£*3. fp
Sbincl'sonliacd Jan. 15th. lf£7 22.454.003 j n
Received doiioßtheyccr ltl.b 2,'J00
On Land Dec. 10th, 1&37 p.ttJl wjj
Sales darlnr the year 1557 J216T32U j.j
On banfl Dec. lOlh. 16'j7 CM!2I.O'O A 1
K»cd?<4dmiuetbeyear lii'.Soj.iXAJ j u
157.5N> oto ot
On band D;c. 15th, IK* iI.'.'TJ.UU
Sales durisß tbe Tear 1M 1i5.5t13,000
fiLts or LATH. IfciS. j
Latb cn ban! Jan. 15tb. IK7 S0 91®.(.'00
Itrceived durln* tbe year t0.130.1wu
101.07« it«)
On bard Dec. 10:b. I&S7 57.U55 ioo E *
OahsnJDec 10th. Je>i :. lfc
Heceived duiini; the yearleO: 44.3jj.15U
Onhaad Dt*c. lilh. 1;3? JU.jjj.ojo **'
Sales for the year lt"»3 01.CV9.1u3
On motion, it was resolved that the above re
port be accepted, printed and published.
Tbe meeting then adjoarned. j J(
Twenty-First General Assembly. ol
Our Springfield mail failed again on Satur- sr
day. We Bupgest that the Post-Oflice authcri- M
ties put a four-ox-team on tbe route. In thia i>:
way we may be enabled to pet tbe Springfield
papers of last Wednesday. We Uke the fol
loTTiDg from tbe correspondence of the Evtrdng
■ Journal : J
PrfliscrirLD. 111,. January 14.1550.
In the Senate, this morning, among tbe bills Ul
read twice ond referred, wer»» tbe tollowing: d
By Mr. Judd—To establish a fc>t;:to Beform jj
School for Juvenile Delinquents.
By Mr. Btodgett—To uumorize the sale of the M
Chicago, St. Paul & Fond du Lac Kailrood, and n
to enauie tbe purch&bers thereof to form a cor- in
! poration. .
! Bv Mr. Parks—To supply deficiencies in the
; appropriation lor tbe Institution of the Deaf
and Dumb lor tbe years 1857 and 1853.
A bill torn law providing tbat judgment on "
confeßgiou by warrant of Bttorner* shall not be F
entered until tbe money demanded shall be ac«
tnuUy due, wos taken up and passed.
Tbe bill for a lawdeclarirg county courts at
nil times in for tieunug upphcatiooa of h
insoKect debtors for discharge", waa passed— ai
Mr. Brooks only voting "^«o."
Bill foro law providing that no person shall
be convicted of grand larceny unless the value
of property stolen shall exceed twenty dollars, ti
was read twice and ordered to be engrossed. (j
In the IIoUBe, Mr. Churcb presented a memo- T
rial of tbe Illinois State Medical Society, in be
balf of the education of idiots ; referred to a
Committee on State Institutions.
Mr. ilicKiun presented a petition for remon- gl
strunce acamst tbe chartering of n Horse Kail. h
road in Chicago t referred to special Committee C(
consisting ot ttie Cook County Delegation.
Two bills for laws providing tbat confession
of judgmeut by warrant of attorney, before the ti
money is due, sball be void, have Ex. en before v
the Judiciary Committee, who reported them
back this afternoon ; one of tliem was laid on
the table, and the Committee's substitute for li
the otber was laid on tbe table to be printed, w
Tbe substitute elicited a warm and lively dis- •
cussion in which Messrs. Blaisdell, Mack, Green,
Peck, Butz, and others participated. L
Mr. Davis, of Montgomery, introduced a bill b
for tbe permanent location of tbe Illinois State |,
Agricultural and Mechanical Fair. It appropri.
atea $15,000, and appoints Jud(>e S. H. Treat, "
S. A. Buckma«iter, Ksq., Gov. William McMur* t;
try, and Mr. Solomon Harkev, ogents to lay out p
the same lor tbe purchase of fori}* acres ot land
witbin one and a naif miles of tbe city of Spring-
Deld, and lay out the remainder of satd appro
priation in titling up tbe said land as Fair
Gronnds lor the exhibition during tbe aatumn u
of 1651). It was read twice and referred. t
Tbe Senate bill extending the time for the ,
collection &Dd paying over tbe revenue in tbe
Towoßbip Organization counties, was reported 8
back from tbe Committee on Finance, and i
passed. t
A lengthy debate occurred in the House this
afternoon upon a bill for tbe relief of tbe secu- *
rities of the late SherilT of McLean Connty,
whose account with the State is deficient about 6
i'j.uOi), for tbe year 1557, in tbe course of which
Mr. Swett and Mr. Hurlburt, two of tbe most .
talented members of tbe House, "locked horns." i
Some able speeches were made. Messrs. Hurl- <
burt and Korton opposed the bill upon the j
ground tbat it would establish a dangerous pre
cedent. It was ordered to be engrossed. '
After having some fun over a bill to change i
tbe names of two persons, tbe Honse adjourned. ,
New Counterfeit*
A new and unusually well executed counterfeit
three dollar bill on, tbe National Bank of lili-
nois, at Equality, has just appeared. It is ex
ceedingly well calculated to deceive, and will be •
likely to prove extensively successful m this re. i
gion. Tbe plate appears to be one altered from
a counterfeit on tbe National Bank of Rhode
Island, and the bill has on it the Bhode Island '
coat of arms, an anchor.
We are advised tbat these bills are jnst is
sued, and that scarcely any of thera can yet be
in the bands of honest persons. Any one offer,
ing tbem should be at once arrested, as snch &
step may lead to a detection of tbe principals to
tbe attempted fraud in this city.—ispringji<ld
i Journal. lS</i.
1 The New Apportionment.
, The Joint Committee of tbe Legislature on
the new Apportionment, consists of tbe follow*
1 ing members:
Senate. —Messrs. X. B. Judd, ol Cook; B. C.
. Cook, of La Salle; W. C. Goudy, of Falton;
and A. J. Kaykendall, of Johnson,
llocs*.—lst Congressional District—S. A.
* Hurlbut, of Boone; 2d DisU—S. L. Baker, of
Cook; SdDist.—O. F. Harmon, of Vermillion;
4th DisL—Wm. C. Kice,of Warren; sth Dial.—
L. D. Erwin, of Schuyler; 6th Dist.—CyrnsEp
'' ler, of Morgan; 7tb Dist. Brewer, of
Cumberland; Bth Dist.—W. B. Anderson, of
Jellerson; 9th Dist.—'Tbos. S. Hick, ot Galla-
J tin. Republicans, 0 ; Democrats, 7.
The Thorndike Will Case.
|* Bobtox, Jan. 14.—8. H. Curtis, one of the
1* counsel for Lieut. Marin, appeared before the
'* Judge of Probate to-day, and asked & postpone*
( ® ment of tbe bearing on account ot tbe engage
-1» ment of Rufus Cboute. bis colleague in the case.
10 He also gave notice that the jurisdiction of the
court in tbe matter wonld be contested on the
Q gronnd that Mr. Tborndike was not an inhabit
-5t unt of Massachusetts.
'i' By arrangement of counsel, W. F. Gardner
'• and'W. 11. Davis are appointed special trustees
b * of tbe property, pending tbe legal decision. Tbe
* e aatisfactory bonds will be tixed by tbe coort on
e * Monday nest. A fall bearing of the case ia as
signed for Friday next.
4. The Steamer North American. I
Portland, Me., Jan. 14.—Tbe Canada steam
ship North American will not sail for Liverpool
to-morrow, as advertised, as it baa been found
. neceatary to take her into dry dock to repair
. tbe isjury she sustained in striking on tbe rock
ofT Cape Race. It ia hoped that she may be got
Qf ready to a*il on Saturday of next week.
be ■ • ■
Horace Greeley and the New York
nd Tribune,
m- NiwYoet, Jan. 15.—The Tribune of to-day
ble denies emphatically tbe troth of the rumor that
ice I Mr. Greeley contemplates leaving that paper
I and concerting with another jovr&aL
the city. *
Judson T. Hutchinson, one of tbe bro-
thers of tbe celebrated'Hutchinson Family* t v
dicd at Lynn, Mass., on the 11th inst. th
The Sdndax Lsadxb.—An excellent number
was oat promptly on Saturday evening and go-
ing off like hot cakes at No. 100 De&rborn street
it al.
*' 010 Books to Read."—Sherlock has " gone C
in out of tbe wet," and is now with his antiqoa- w
ted lore, the occupant of the basement No. S2 n<
Dearborn, where bookworms should hunt him hi
oat. Sherlock is the''early bird" and is sure ' D
to catch that kind of worm. c>
iTS" Mr. W. F. Packer, who was fined before the j c
P.;lice Court oa Thursday last for assaulting his jj,
wife, wishes U3 to say tbat he had great provoca-
tioxi for committing the act, as will appear before at
the Police Court next Wednesday, when bis wife
will be examined, on his complaint, for adulteiy. w
Severe Acctoest.—A tew days since, a gen- lc
tlemiin was thrown from his carriage near the
Richmond Honse, producing a compound dislo
cation of the Astragalus (one of the boneß of
the ankle). It was saccessiully rednced by Dr. D<
M. Parker, though it is generally impossible to
do so. e1
1 ♦- Ti
Tiie Buscn Case.—lt is probable, we learn, jj,
that on affidavits made by prisoner's counsel, the St
case of people vs. Buseh, indicted for murder, will m
be continued from the present term of the Circuit B ]
Court. It will in that case be placed ou the docket p
of the Court of Cumnou Pleaa at the coming tria tc
term iu March.
257* (tcdiy for February is no whit inferior to
any of the former issues of this excellent ladieß*
magazine. The steel engraving in this number
is a very fine specimen of the pictures with
which Godey presents his readers. For sale by
McNally k Co., 81 Dearborn street, who have M
also Arthur for February, and Fridoy's New
York dailies.
, st
Stealing feom the Rcixs or a Fiee.—John a'
Peterson and John M. Fritz, were arrested Sat- a
urday and brought before Justice Akin, on tbe
complaint of the Rev. Dr. Eddy, charged with F
stealing a boiler, door*, forks, spoons, &c., g
from tbe rains of tbe late tire on Ontario street, - S I
in tbe North Division. They were held in |SOO
dollars each to answer before tbe Recorder.
Offering Coitntekfeit Money.— Charles Wat- ti
kins was arrested on Friday and brooght to the
Armory, on a chatge of offering a counterfeit bill
iu paymeut for drinks at the "Colosseum Saloon," ™
on Rindolph street. The bill was returned to a
him, and be left. An officer arreted him before w
he had proceeded many rods, but in the meantime d
hj had thrown the money away. He was Gned SSO. o
-■■■• ■ • w
Violating the Gaue Laws. - James B. Whit- f,
ney and Henry Bruning, were arrested Satur- a
day for violating the game laws, they having in q.
their possession a lot of prairie chickens, which
they offered for sale. It was proved tbat tbe
chickens had beeu killed since the first day of t|
January, when tbe game laws went into effect. 0
They were taken before Justice Akin, who fined
tbem 1(5 each. j;
The JrarnitTZ Case.—The trial of Ilenry Jum. a
pertz, indicted for the murder of Sophie Werner,
ia this city some mouths since, best and most
widely remembered as the case where the remains
of tbe deceased were found packed in a barrel,
which bad been shipped to New York, has been
sot down for trial on Monday of next week. 11
Messrs. Van Buren and McComxs appear for the
, n
£3* We learn that a few nights since as one f
of M-jores Police was pacing through o
Li.salle street, he heard water drippiug in li e r
store of 11. C. Livingston. Mr. Moore concluding t
all was not right, learned the proprietor's res> v
dottreand sent immediately for him, who on ccm- f
ing over feuud the wafer pipe had burst in the v
second story, and in a short time it would ba\e
ruined a largettock of flonr. Thus by the prompt, p
ness of Mr. Moore, a few dollars will cover tl e t
damage. c
AatiE&TED tor Adcltcry.—Dr. William Gu!- c
lick and Emma E. Packer, were arrested cn g
Friday afternoon and brought before Justice x
Akin on a charge of adultery. The arrest, we f
believe, was mude oa the complaint of the bus- (
band, of the lady, who it will be recollected was G
arrested tbe day before for an outrageous as-
sault on Mrs. Packer in tbe street, and also for
threatening ber life, and was fined $25 on tbe j
first charge, a-d heldin {4OO on tbe other. Dr. j
Gullick wus a witness in the threatening case, j
The parties were held in S2OO for examination. .
Tun Reform School for Girls.—We ate i
glad a definite move is being made in a direction* 1
long j-ince and often urged in and through our
columns, in the matter of a *'lief arm School for
Girls, 1 ' to which end petitions aie now in circuit- (
tion among our citizens, which we are confident «
will find syuipatlrzsrs amoug our City Fatheis- I
Let the same beneficent plan be adopted for the <
little homeless, friendless girls ot cur city that has $
wrought the noble result among tbe boys, in the
institution now uuder the charge of Mr. Nichols, i
Let us have this Asylum and home for the little <
hapless ones who may be moulded into pests or
: bles-iogs to their race, according as they be left to :
the evil influences of the alley and the street, or "
taken in hand by a wise and liberal Christian
philanthropy. :
Savagb Assault.—A most s&vage and brutal
assault was perpetrated yesterday by A. R. Ladd
upon Henry Richmond, at the Metropolitan Ho>
tel. It appeared in evidence before Justice
Akin tbat tbe parties had previously had some
slight misunderstanding. They met yesterday
in tbe bar-room of the Metropolitan, when Ladd
threw off his coat and asked Richmond to drink
with him, in & pleasant manner. While they
were drinking, some words passed, when Ladd
struck Richmond a violent blow over the eye
with a tumbler, and then " pitched into " him
in a savage and brntal manner, trying to gouge
out his eye, and also threatening to have his
heart's blood. Ladd was seized by the bystand
ers and given into tbe hands of the Police. He
was taken before Justice Akin, who fined him
$25 and required him to give bonds in S2OO to
keep the peace.
A "Sass Cullotte" ox ms Travels.—A
few evenings since, at a rather late hour, &
young man appeared at the door of one of our
most respectable citizens, in a decidedly primi
tive Co6'.ume, consisting of a single muslin gar
ment, and rung tbe door bell with great vio
lence. Tbe gentleman of the bouse appeared at
an npper window and demanded to know wbat
tbe intruder, in his unseemly costume, and at
unseemly hour of the night, wished. Tbe re
sponse was that he was pursued by several
formidable ruffians, who wished to wreak doe
vengeance npon him for the crime of ruining a
yonny lady who was & relative of his by mar
riage, and begged of the gentleman to admit
him without delay. This was of course refused,
as he seemed hardly in a proper costume to be
admitted into the presence of a family; but he
was referred to the Police Station near at hand.
The yonng .gentleman started for tbe Station,
at the top of his speed, greatly frightening a
laiy whem be overtook on the way, since
which nothing has been heard of him. Snakes
hid evidently taken possession of bis boot:, and
hs was endeavoring to escape this hated pre
The Chicago Athletes at Metropolitan*
Hall.—We cannot allow an inadvertence of our
lut issue to be repealed to the extent of
, omitting the justice due to the Gymnastic Ex
hibition at Metropolitan Hall on Fridayievening,
on which occasion, in the presence of a numer
* ous concourse of spectators, the athletes trained
e nnder the competent charge of H.G. OUignon,
at his Rindolph street Gymnasium, gave an en
tertainment which was of a very high order of
B merit and won warm applause,
e The (literally) exercises were handsomely and ,
0 well introduced by a brief, happy and pertinent
k address appropriate to the occasion by Charles
L. Thomas, Esq., which did him high credit in
manner and matter.;
The gymnastic exercises which followed were
)l each and all an argument in favor of the physical
d training which in a high degree they exhibited.
£ The performers in astonishing and marvellous
feats of agility and strength, were our own young
men, clerks, students and young professional men,
wbo bad thus gained, nnder Prof. Ottlgnon, tbe
k goond body—ever an accompaniment to the sound
mind—which alone can give to the latter its fullest
usefulness. We have a thousand proprietors of
er puny and weakly thews and sinews, who wonld
pe the better for a coarse st the Gymnasium.
In the Circuit Court the case of Michael Mc-
Namee, on trial for tbe murder of hia wife, in
this city, on tbe 2d of Jnly, 185S, was given to F
the jury on Friday, about 5 o'clock P. M., the
Court adjourning to 8 P. M., to give an oppor
tunity for their discharge, should the jury by
that time have agreed npon their verdict. C
Long before the honr last named, hundreds
ot persons were in waiting in the hall of the
Coort House, and at 8 o'clock the Court room &(
was crowded as daring the day, to hear the an- 1E
nouncement of the verdict. McNames is of a °'
higher grade «f intellect and feeling than his B
immediate predecessor, Finn, and with an in- G
crease of tbe anxiety which has sat npon his tl
features daring tbe trial, he awited.the verdict S
to him of snch fearful moment But tbe jury t{
hud not ngreed, and after a few moments delay k
the Court was adjourned to Saturday morning
at 9 o'clock. it
At tbe opening of the Court on Saturday it c
was again annouocad that the jury were unable
to agree, and the delay told appreciably npon H
tbe hopes and spirits of McNamee and his 11
Tbe Barry case was proceeded with, the fore- *
noon being occupied with getting a jury. &
At the opening of the afternoon session, how-
ever, it was made known that thej jury were
ready for their verdict and McNamee was again
brought into Court. The jury entered their
seats, were called, and then amid a silence al-
most painful to tbe ear, when the spectators end j
all present held their breath, tbe little slip of
paper was passed from the foreman of the jury J
to tbe Clerk of the Court.
It was a moment of powerful sensation when
tbe silence was broken by tbe verdict of
" Gctiltt OF Mohoes." *
The unfortunate convict, McNamee, was power
fully affected, and Biriy, bis successor in the j,
prisoners btx, on a like fearful charge, seemed c
scarcely less &o. A3 the former was again con- n
ducted to his cell, the strength of both officers a
in charge was required to sustain his fainting foot- g
steps. He is now the second convicted murderer
awaiting sentence in our jail, where three others
are awaiting trial on a like charge.
When the first of these trials, that of Michael tl
Finn, came on, the five separate defendants to *o tl
grave a charge were, it is said, in the best of
spirits, by dint of keeping each other's courage j
up. The first conviction, uow followed immedi- f;
alely by tbe second, is said to have justly struck 8
gloom into the hearts of those yet to come before £
this Court. n
' 8
Slvgulab Case of Poisonisg—Ax Incident tj
woßTnr to ue Reheubebeo, —On Thursday last r
an incident occurred in a family in this city
worthy to be remembered for two very promi- t
nent reasons, as tbe lesson taught should not i
only convey a warning inducing that cantion
which will prevent a similar occurrence, but t
furnishes a cure should the preventive faiL Let t
all our housekeepers bear ia mind the three fa-
milar, and two of tbem domestic articles, which c
in this instance saved tbe lives of three interest- c
ing children; and let the disaster prove sala- <■
tary to prevent, by every means, the recurrence *
ot a similar accident. -
On Thursday afternoon last, three interesting c
little one?, children of Col. Hotchkiss, residing c
at No. 275 South Clinton street, in tbe Wes* J
Division, Frank and Fred, twins, aged three c
year?, and Jessie aged two years, were all sad- i
denly taken with violent convulsions.
Tiicy had been lelt at play, alone, in a back par- <
lor, lor a few minutes, aud were found by their
luoiher in the above condition. Much alarmed, a
physician was summoned and simultaneously by x
dilfuient persons,-ttid Drs. Kirk, llahn, lind Rey- j
nolds were on the spot in a very short time—the {
former first arriving. The case was pronounced
one of poisoning, aud it was found tbat the child- .
renhad got access to a drawer iu the secretary,
tliey could only have reached by climbing and
which vva* usually k"pt locked, wherein among a
few other drugs and medicines, was found a little
viil of strychnine, procured for poisoning rits-
Of this strychnine the children part j :£
pasing it to be sugar; but its inteasj
taste being discovered, they returned it lo the
drawer. j
Dr. Kirk, os ascertaiaing the fact,administcr- ]
el a large dose of warm lard; Dr. Reynolds
fallowing, gave chloroform, and on Dr. Hahn's 1
recommendation, camphor was added. Within '
five hoars the little ones were pronounced out ,
of danger, and are now doing welL Strycbnice
should, in the family, never be placed within >
tje possible reach of children, but the remedies 1
of lard, and camphor, and chloroform, especial
ly the two former,are within reach in moat fami
-1 es and should be remembered as antidotes in a
list every intelligent person should ever keep
in mind or within instant reach, to meet the
more common accidents, where priceless hnrncn
life may be tbe reward of such precaution.
City Fuie Insckance Coup any, of Hartford,
C.-jnn.—'We find, in a late number of the Hartford
Courant, the subjoined notice of the above Insur
ance Company. It needs no endorsement in Ibis
city,« here it has for several years done an exten
sive and, to its customers, a satisfactory business.
Yet coming from Hartford, where its officers and
its condition are 50 well known, it is calculated to
confirm tbe reputation the Company has earned.
We are glad to find in u distant paper an article
at once so complimentary and appreciative of onr
enterprising fvllotv citizen, Mr. Lonnsbury. He
has won his way to well d.-served distinction as
an underwriter. As a local underwriter in Chi
cago he bas built up a business which in extent is
hardly equaled in ihe country. In this, his new
field of labor. Lis energy and business tact have
more extended scope, and we are not surprised to
learn that, under his more immediate management,
the business of tbe ab jve Company is very rapidly
growing in the West.
It will be seen by an advertisement in another
column, that the agent of the Company for Chi
cago is that experienced underwriter, C. N. Hol
den,Esq. Under such management, general and
local, success will be tlie natural result.
The following Is the article from the Courant:
We call attention to the January exhibit of
the "City Fire Insurance Company," in our ad
vertising columns, and are pleased to notice sat.
isfactory evidence of its improved condition and
increasing prosperity. Its business, since the
inaugaraiion of its present officers, and increase
of capital ia Jaly last, has increased in a ratio
far exceediog the most aanguine expectations
of its managers, and tally confirms oar predic
tions ot its success, made at that time.
We understand the present policy of tbe com
pany is to divide only moderate dividends, re
taining a portion of its earnings antil an ample
rc-iiuuranci food shall be added to the capital,
and we can confidently recommend its policies
to persons seeking insurance, knowing tbe com
pany to bo one among the most reliable and
prosperous institutions of onr city.
The company is fortunate in having secured
as its General Agent for the Western Depart
ment, W. B.Loucsbury, Esq., of Chicago, 111.,
who is favorably known as an Indefatigable
worker, of much skill and experience in all the
details of underwriting. Under bis manage
ment for tbe past nine months, this company
has greatly extended its Western agencies, and
with gratifying success.
Afta,*ST of a Bubglae.—On .Saturday after
noon Officer Paul H. Dennis, of Pinkerton's
Police, and Captain Kennedy arrested W. Floyd,
a young colored mm, at No. 347 Soath Wells
street, charged with bnrgtary and larceny at tbe
cigar store No. 400 State street, a few nights
since, as already noticed by us. His booty on
the occasion was several boxes of cigars a part
of whieh have been identified and recovered
from his room as above. He is to be examined
Sttdcxts' Festival.—The graduates and stu
dents of Bryant tc Stratum's and Beli's Commer
" cial Colleges are hereby respectfully invited to
* meet in the lecture room of Bryant, Bell & Strat
" ton's College, in tbe Lannon Block, on Tuesday
' evening next, to make preliminary arrangements
for aStudcoU' Festival* in celebration of tbe union
I of these two influential and well established Com
' mercial Colleges of the Northwest.
Many Students of both Colleges.
Stbauxq raoM a Fellow Boardzr.—Lewis
i Schabel was arrested yesterday and brought to
t the Armory on the complaint ot Henry Wood
a man, & fellow-boarder, who charged him with
n stealing a wallet containing four sovereigns and
two half-sovereigns—amounting in all to about
■e $25. Two witnesses testified to seeing him pick
np the wallet, while he was setting in Wood
1. man's room, and did not see him put it down,
is Justice Airin held Schobel in S3OO to answer.
a C3f"The regular monthly meeting of the
Yonng Men's Christian Association will be held
nt their rooms, No. 205 Randolph street, on
Monday evening, 17th insL, at seven o'clock.
0 f Members are urged (as business of importance
Id will be brooght np), and all yonng men are cor
dially inrited to attend.
At Chicago, September, ISSB.
Cihcuit Coi'irr op Cook Coustt—Hos. George
Oa Friday evening,immediately previous to tbe
adjournment of tbe Court, the McNamee case hav-
ing jnst been given to the j ary. the case was called j]
of Tne People c-. James Williams, alias Martin b,
Barry, iodicted for tbe allezed mnrder of Richard
Groat, a saloon keeper on Soath Canal street, in
tbe West Division, opposite the Chicago, Alton &. C
St. Loais Riilroad gronnds, in the month of Sep- &
tember last. The trial was 6et down for the fol- f,
lowing day. n
At the opening of the Court on Saturday mom*
ing, tbe prisoner was brought into Coort nnder £
care of the officers. The City Prosecutor, John C. il
Miller, Esq., is associated with District Attorney b
Haven in the trial of the case, the defence being
managed by Messrs. Kerr, Dmcoll and Westcott.
The prisoner is a young man of about twenty, «
whose antecedents in onr courts, to say no
more, will preclude all referenca or showing as
to character in the management of his defence. T
The getting ajnry occnpiednntil &bont4 o'clock ti
P. M., when tbe following were sworn in :
the juar. \ p
Lewis Yonng, rnando Jones, b
Wm.fi. Reynolds, ienjaainH.Crav.mß, p
John Dillingham, Luiner B. Warner,
Marshal G. Edgerton, Charles G. Coakey, a
John Roberts, Geo. W. Booth, ti
Harvey Danks, James .Hart. ii
Tbe opening arguments were made on Satnr- ?
day evening. The hearing of the testimony 11
will commence this morning. C
■ c
Fiee Coupames Nos. 3 and s.—The follow
ing is the report of tbe Committee in the Coun- *
cilon Fire aud Water, which had the subject > °
nnder advisement, in relation to the obstructions
and impediments pat in the way of the ste&m b
fire engines Enterprise, Atlantic and Island |
Queen, by companies Nos. 3 and 5, when on e
their way to fire: o
' That, by investigating tbia matter, they find
that on tbe night of the 11th of Sept. 1853, as 0
the steam tire engine Enterprise was proceed- 8
ing to & tire on South Canal street, they over
took No. 3*B engine, the members of which let 8
down their brakes and then ran their machine I
from one aide ot the street to tbe otber in such |-
a manner as to prevent tbe Enterprise from 13
passing tbem, thus delaying the arrival of the ?
steamer in getting to tbe fire. And on tbe .
morning of the 22d of September, when the
i steam Lre engine Atlantic was proceeding to a j 1
i tire on South Canal street, tbey also overtook 1
No. B's engine, and the members Berved them 8
in the same way as in tbe case ot the Enterprise. r
And on the night of tbe 27th of November, as c
the steam fire Engine Lland Quten was proceed
ing to a fire in block 60, in Russell, Mather & 1
Roberts' Addition, i>he overtook company No.
s's engine on Canal street; they also letdown D
their brakes and got their boss carriage beside P
them to prevent tbe steamer from passing them,
thus preventing them both from getting to tbe f
fire in time to do any service. This, in tbe 13
opinion of your committee, is an act on the part P
ot Nos. 3 and 5 which deserves at least a good F
deal ot censure, if not an order for disbanding E
tbem. And, inasmuch as your committee were *
unable to ascertain tbe fact tbat there was a ,
great amount of property destroyed in conse-
quence of the conduct of said companies Nos. 1
3 and 5, tbey would therefore respectfully re- *
port in favor of overlooking the conduct ot Nos. j;
3 and 5 for this time, but warn tbem of the con- *
sequences for the future, in case tbey should be
guilty of like conduct. . 1
The report was laid over by the Council and ,
ordered to be printed.
Dn. Ulaxet's Lectdkes.—We deßire to call
the attention of our readers to a series of pop
ular scientific lectures to be given by Professor |
ttlaney, in Metropolitan Hall, on the 17th, 24th
and slst inst. The subject of the first lecture, !
which is on Monday evening next, is the "Cbem- 1
ical Geology and Coal Deposits," to tbe consid- <
eration of which no man perhaps can bring 1
more scholastic ability or varied and extensive 1
ex t-rience than Dr. Blaney, while as one of :
tit citizens ot Chicago, be is universally <
i and esteemed. Let all, therefore, at- |
tend his lectures. ,
Lass Street Bsidge.—At the list meeting of <
the Common Council, tha following order was j
passed in to'tho Street licidge: j
Ordered, Tbat the City Clerk be, and he is
hereby instructed, to advertise ten dajs in the
corporation newspaper for bids for the construe- I
tion of a bridge across tbe South Branch of tbe
Chicago river, at Lake street, and the furnish
ing of materials therefor, tbe same to be done
according to pirn and specifications in the office i
of the City Superintendent, in ten weekß from i
signing of contracts. Bids to be returned to
City Clerk, and opened in tbe Council at its
regular meeting. Tbe city reserving tbe right
to reject any ond all kinds of bids.
IloaSE Railroad os vna North Side.—At the
last meeting of the Common Council, a petition
was presented from Wm. B. and others,
asking for authority to construct horse railways
in the North Division. It is proposed to build
a horse railwiy on North Clark street to the
city limits, with the design of ultimately ex
tending it to Lake View.
Cliee Streit M. E. Cucßcn.—lnteresting
meetings are now being held in this church ev
ery evening of the week, except Saturdays, un
der the direction of Rev. Mr. Stewart, the
Pastor. An usual degree of interest is mani
fested, and the results are very gratifying. All
are invited to attend.
Pbosoxal.—Messrs. Judd ot the Senate, and
Baker, hlggins, Peck and Butz of tbe House,
arrived home yesterday morning, tbe Legisla
ture having odjourned from Friday till Mon
Da. Baowssos's LtCTcas.—Dr. O. A. Brown
son, "the celebrated Reviewer," will lecture at
tie Mechanics' Institute this evening on the
"Popular objections to Catholicity."
Kate Delaney, for kicking up a disturbance at
the Burnett llouse, was tiued $3 and judgment
Edward Wclden, simple drunk, $3.
Lib. Wood, drutik and disorderly, an old offend
er, fined $lO.
Tobias Anderson—same old Tobias—vagabond,
fined S3O.
Tlkw. Smith, drunk and vagabond, fj.
Charles Ferris and Stephen Budrow, fighting—
Stephen was fined $5, and Ferris discharged, the
former being the aggressor.
Chas, Watkios, passing counterfeit money, 150,
Thomas Leeks, violating market ordinance, $lO.
C. Metzker, drunk, 13. Was discharged on a
charge of assault and battery.
Joseph Cook, arrested as a vagabond, was dis
local matters.
Eg* To all wbo want to get a large return for
a very small investment, we say call at No. 43
Lasalle street, and secure stock in tbe Dement
Building Association. It ia a safe institution,
tbe stock going up, and we are told, going np
quite rapidly; ana that Mr. Dements creditors,
tor whose benefit he has pntnp this property,
have come forward and taken stock liberally,
and Borne of tbem to the full amount ot tbeir
claims. ,jal7-3t
rey Messrs. George W. Stevens & Co., 9S
■ Lake street, corner Dearborn, have on hand, as
, usual, a great variety ot elegant Watches, Jew
, elry, Silver Ware and Fancy Goods, than which
no better, cheaper or more beautiful can be
* found in Chicago. Those purchasing anything
I in their line will do well to give them a call be
i tore buying elsewhere.
\ A Globiou3 Achievement Br Gatetty!—
» • Nothing can exceed the success achieved by J. C.
I Gayettj's Medicated paper for tbe water closet,
Piles will roon be a disease no longer' known ex.
cept in name. Tbis pure medicated paper is un
equal ed as a preventive, and unapproachable as
a cure. The proprietors wish it to be spoken of
according to its merits only. It is very cheap—
} 1,000 sheets for $1; 500 sheets for£o cents. Sold
by all druggists, and at the discoverer's depot, 41
Ann street, New York. "J. C. Gayetty" is wuter
' marked In each sheet, and his autograph Is on
8 each package. Sent by express from 41 Ann
a street, New York, upon receipt of price. The
trade are invited to correspond as to terms.
jas-2w-hU2S .
*5" Wheeler & Wilson's Sewing Machines. |
Nortn-Westera Office 167 and IC9 Lake street. 1
s Geo. IL Chittexdes, Agent.
0 See advertisement of Bondoir, Sewing Ma
1* chines, 122 Lake street. ja4-ly-b906
h •
d fg* See advertisement ot Quaker City S2O
Sewing Machine. L. Cobxell & Co.,
0c26-ly 133 Lake street.
j. ysf See advertisement of Dr. Sanfords* Liver
Invtgoratorin another.oolomn.
In this city, Jan. 15. Mra. XLIZA A., w.fe o' Joseph A.
16 Leonard, aged 3J jean Relative* and friends are
Invited to attend the funeral wtthcut forthtr notice, oa
M«nday. \hh last, at 1 o'eloec p. nu u ber late real
>n dene a. aU9 doqth Olarg street, earner of Harrison.
VX Plate aad Doable Iblek GUM. et lam 4s«l Aa
mum MMiiaaiMibvttKMi
Washington*, Jan. 14.—Senate.—The Pacific i
Railroad bill, being the special order, was dis- :
cursed during the whole d 'y's session.
In the course of tbe Mr. Doolittle
submitted an amendment, providing that any con- «
tract by the President be submitted by him to 1
Congress and take effect only by joint resolution. '
This amendment was adopted.
Finally, a motion by Mr. Mason to recommit _
the bill was lost by 20 against 23, and another uy to
Mr. Toomhs, to lay it on the table, was also lost
by 29 to 27.
Senate adjourned till Monday.
Washintos, Jan. 15.—Senate not in session.
Hocse.—On motion of Mr. Winslo -v of North t
Carolina, a resolution was adopted calling on the
Secretary of t*.e Navy, for intormation generally
concerning tbe Navy Yards, the obj-cr being to
facilitate tbe business before the Naval Com
On motion of 2lr. Howard of Michigan, it wa3 (
resolved, tbat the Naval Committee report what
legislation is necessary to redace the expenses of
the Navy, and whether any yards and docks can
be abandoned.
The House then went into Committee of the (
Whole on the bill to codify the revenue laws. i
At the instance of Mr. Stephens, of Ga., the 1
consideration of the motion to commit tbe French j
spoliation bill, reported at the last session, to
,the Committed of the Whole on the state of the
Union, was further postponed till February Ist. >j
This does not affect the bill recently passed by
the Senate.
Mr. Comins, of Mass., while not approving of
all the details of the bill, woold give it his sup- t
port oa broad national grounds, it being impor- 1
Unt not only to the navigating but all tbe trans
portation interests of the country. (
. Mr. Giddings gave notice ot an amendment to \
'abolish the traffic in slaves, to which this coun
try in the treaty negotiated with Great Britain ,
in ISI4 is committed. He said: Will gentle- '
men countenance the traffic in human flesh and 1
. involve the nation in tbe guilt of perjury ? [
Mr. Smitb, of Va.—Wbat do you tbink of the
Coolie trade, and of the French traffic in Afri- '
" cans ? t
Mr. Giddings.—l think it as bad as the coast- c
" wise slave trade. If it was to sell the gentle- 1
man and his wife and children, 1 should object. !
' <
Mr. Smith.—l suggest whether it wonld not [
be as well to comment on the interesting fact
that thirty-five vessels in free States are engaged t
in tbe slave trade, and only five in the South- *
era, before he undertakes to reform the morals (
of his neighbors. e
Mr. Giddinga.~l would as soon lay my hand ,
on a Northern as a Southern pirate. lam not j
sectional in my views. [Laughter]. t
In tbe course of his remarks he said if he {
should be nominated for Governor of Ohio, be <
wanted to make a straight out issue with the <
Democratic party. He wanted to know from 1
bis colleague, Mr. Cox, whether the latter's i
party was for or against the slave trade.
Mr. Cox rose to pay his respects to bis col
league for a few moments, and a crowd gathered
around him. He said tbat Mr. Giddings knew
tbat tbe Democratic members of'.be former ses
sion voted that it was inexpedient and uniust to
restore tbe Airican slave trade, and tbat Demo
crats North and South are opposed to it.
Mr. Giddings remarked tbat he bad alluded
to the coastwise slave trade.
Mr. Cox resumed and said that Giddings had
undertaken to place the Democrats in a false j
position, and inculcate the idea tbat tbe Demo
cratic party was pro-slavery, when he knew
tbat it was neither pro-slavery nor anti-slavery,
but placed itself on the doctrine of leaving tbe
people to regulate tbe matter as they deem
proper. He boped that his colleague may be
nominated for tbe Governorship -of Ohio, and
when the election was over, tbe latter would be
left to ponder over the result, and exclaim with
Aristides, "I yield to Popular Opinion in every- ,
thing even when the people drive me into 1
exile." [Laughter.] His colleague favored
negro equality in a speech, tbe other day, bat in
his printed speech, modified his language.
Mr. Giddings remarked that bid colleague
misunderstood bim.
Mr. Cox—Are you in faror of negroes in Ohio
Mr. Giddings—l expressed no such opinion.
Mr. Cos.—Will you permit them to vote.
Mr. Giddings.—l would whenever negroes eseel
the Democratic party iu intellectaud moral virtue.
[Excessive laughter]
Mr. Cox.—My colleague docs not come up to his
doctrine. Is be or not in favor of African Equal
ity and Negro Suffrage in Ohio.
".Mr. Giddings.—l would put them and the Dem
ocrats on the same f'.otmg, [laughter] but 1 will
not interlere ia the quarrel between tnem.
Mr. Cox.—the difference between my uge and
tbat of my friend, if lmay so call him, will not
allow me to put bim to the torture because he
cannot be elected Governor of Ohio. Ia ri>ing, ail
I wished to do, was to jut the Democratic party
right, and it is right. The gentleman can come
on with h!s force and we will meet bim.
Mr. Stanton of Ohio, wonted to ask Mr. Cox a
Mr. Houston of Alabama, objected. Tbe House
had bad enough of this. There was much con
fusion daring tta proceedings, evrrybody be
ing evidently interested in the dialogue.
Mr,* John Cochrane in closiog the general de
bate on tbe bill, said be did not anticipate tbey
would embark on the sea of abolition and slave
ry discussion, simply on aqaestionofcommerce
and codification of commercial laws. He pro
ceeded lo answer the objections to, and advo
cated the passage of tbe Dill.
The Committee rose and the House adjoureed.
From Washington.
Washington, Jan.l4.—'The House Committee on
Territories ordered tbat tbe bill for tbe organi
zation of Arizona be reported with the bounda
ries asked for by the people <-f the Territory
through their delegate, Lieut. Mowrf. viz : all
the territory sooth of tbe parallel of latitude
north 33 40 from Texas to the Colorado ot the
The House Committed on Foreign Affairs to
day agreed to report a bill similar to tbat of
Senator Slidell, who proposes to place in the
bands of the President $39,000,000 to negotiate
for the purchase of Cabs. There will be a mi
nority report.
At least twelve or fourteen Republicans in
the House will vote for tbe Senate bill for the
admission of Oregon in the Union, and oppose
all efforts to tramel its passage.
Washington, Jan. 15.—Commodore Perry
has been ordered to tbe command of tbe store
ship Relief, soon to leave for AspinwalL Lient.
Fitzgerald, restored to the Navv, has been or
dered to tbe same vesseL
Mr. Mercer, who was dropped as a midship
men, and restored as a Lieutenant, has re
L L. Dawson, of Texas, late clerk in the Land
Office, has been appointed 21 Lieut, in the Ma
rine Corps.
Tbe treasury statement shows an amount sub
ject to draft of $3,115,000, The receipts of the
week are $726,000—an increase over last week
of nearly $52,000. Drafts issued amount to
$550,000, and drafts paid $644,000; nett balance
in the treasury, $1,011,000.
Important from Washington.
New Yorx, Jan. 15.—The Tima* Washington
correspondent telegraphs the following:
Rumors are current of a serious misunder
standing amongst some members of the Cabi
net, which may lead to the withdrawal of Mr.
Toucer. The difficulty grew oat of the con
tract for the machinery of the sloop-of-war to
be built at Philadelphia, Messrs. Norris k Bro.,
charging on oath tbat the successful competi
tors were privately informed by the Department
of tbe amounts of otber bids, aod were thus en
abled to under-bid all others. It is said, how
ever, tbat tbe President and Attorney-General
sustain tbe action of the Secretary.
President Buchanan denies orally that any
communication relative to our foreign policy,
baa been received either from England or
France, but has thus far failed to respond in
writing. Tbe Foreign Committee insist on a
written answer. _ •_
TheLecompton Democrats of Indiana
fuse with the " Anlies."
Indianapolis, Jan. 14.—The Legislature in
joint convention this afternoon elected the fol
lowing officers:
State Printer, John C. Walker, of Laporte
Agent of State, James A. Cravens, of Wash
ington County.
Canal Trustee, Richard Raleigh, cf Vander
burgh Connty.
State Prison Directors, P. E. Cookerly, S. H.
Bushrick and John Brown.
! All anti-Lecompton Democrats, the Adminis
tration party voting with the anti-Lecompton
Great rejoicing among the Democrats is the
result, _
Report of Board of Lake Underwriters. I
Buffalo, Jan. 15.-The annual report of un- :
derwriters, published this morning shows the
totaTloas onsteamand sailing vessels with their
cargoes, daring the year 1653, to be $732,212
' a decrease from tbe previous year of $655,703.
The total loss of life 10r,1555 was 122—a de
. crease from the previous year,
r- » i
A Sympathy Meeting.
1 New York, Jan. 15.—A meeting of sympa-
L thizers with the yonng men lately arrested in
* Ireland, for treasonable practices, was held last
1 evening in Tammany Hali, and a committee »p.
1 pointed to collect funds to aid in their defence.
Canadian Seat of Government.
Toronto, C. W., Jan. 15.—1t is said that Dis
u pitches have been received from England, by tbe
• Canadian Government, that Her Majestys award
of Ottawa for tbe scat of government be carried
50 bacs Cnptred Peacbe*
br<i Pared Peaehea,
S bris Dried Raspberries,
90 btii Dried Blackberries,
60 keo rreoes Ptoaes.
10 baakets tiumtarian Prunes.
T w ken Turkey Praaes. _ _
Jost received an 4 for aale by WILLIAM LITTLE A
<Xi„ !■>! dona Waigr ttreeu
i I; S6O boxn Paz>c7 Caac&ea.
r. KO boxes faney Pra&ea.
re boxea 801 l Loaeocera.
'P Toraaleatitil&ouin Water sueet, by WM. LITTLE k
CO. delt-ti
5 Bla NAIB Co.
- 2: x x yx-ocr
La ManaTactarea and tot sale at
, I lieu . KOaDdSpJUMMnM.
Nou 3.ftpertiscments.
t-V C •££ SCIItTE,Y, Aje-U, {3 D^arbonutt.,
it aidAtfrinX t» receive AJcertutmetUi f»r this and aU tin
Leading Paprrt of lA« Sorih- ir*erf. ]al bi4 ly
badness man wlabea to obtain employae&t Is
well edacaiedani aesoi e'er*. Will d-vote bUwVIe
timet 11be Inieiest ettlj employer. Addreaj " Charlea"
at this office. Si*
suitable for a lady aod jrwtleTaan. withi- two
blocks rf tbe oo«t 'fice. lon aire at lu & ate oriel
bllOOlw-l* 17
*.,c£A N £ E v? < ? ri, ' r Bandolph and Market stmts
(LladsßlockA Chicago. Hi.
Ultt TO
Wm. a Oirfep, Ew„ CWcajo a Lfad, Chicago,
L B A Co.. K I Tlakbam " ;
t. K Iljoaer " Farmers' Bank, (
_jal7 3m field. Ohio. '
Caab Capital, $230,000, all paid 111.
ASMTJ. JUCiiT liS, 1?^?.
Cash Items. Including |2i,tS3.T3tn Batk
Uank Sloe* and tJoodt. market T*l»9 Lfc -tixW)
Liacj on Mortrwes. Dink S:«cks or omer ap
proved secu'itles 130.Q711'i
Balance on Books, Interest due, tad Office Fur
nitre 6.5*3 »4
Total assets **
Tottl LublliUes for Losses not due eid.465.11 '
0.0. B~'r. a p "'"-
Am t. Geo. Akcqu
ialenß.wlni C. N • HOLDCi. JUt. for Chlcigo.
Directory of Cblr*;» far the Ye«r 1959,
wlllbeiiiaed pntnotlr darlnxthe Orft w«e. [a Vij. I:
*lll rmoraceail remova a. ehasffsa in busineu Craj, aad
Important statistics brou Jtt dova is th*i date
ins paoiuaer,»xe comldeot that tndr setond Issue
will be «ftrest improvement apoa their previOos volume.
lthUicir iatenuoa lo uro uio » u.rectiry oi CQic**o
pcrect la every partl-uUr, aliln* sacj aa exhibit ol Uie
cit»»od ber m:l convince our rtvsls that
Lblcuo U Q-t aU "mere bub-le. " 1
D. B COjKt: * Ucß UloitOrOßY OF CHICAGO 1
win be a cospiete guide to the clllsen and stranacr. 1
embracing the name, occupation and address or e#try 1
res dent w.in q toe city boundaries, mercnaau, banters,
laborer*. maaoTa-tarers. ageiU and cler.s.
THL BljSin ad MlttSUtt will exhibit every branch of
true or t*ro esslon tfranxed aLihabeiicaUy, and classifi
ed uader appropriate teadln«si I
I'De Appeudlx wu be very fol-, contaklnc fall lists of i
csarts, oaaks. tnsaraoce txtaaea,\Qlorpor^tedlociciies. i
schools, and an rauroids. ac. I
ADV'KiT.SIJiU- *e wl 1 leeetve as usual a limited
amount ot adve tlilcg. Ai a medium fur advertlslac
D. B. uooke ACo's Directory Is uasuipassed. »-ur edition
Is always iar«e. ana tUI surplus copies are dtstribot«d
Bratuitouily tue rteji. oar advert.»ers will
nod acup/oi tbe Directory a„ou tb9 table of nearly
every puunc home In ll laoia, Hisconsin an 4 lowa. Tais
modicl ad.erthioi; La wcrtn v*s.iy more than anyttdnc
mat cao be done w.ta country newspapers,
UcilCiNVAid».4d wui commence taeir labors earl*
next cioatn, and all coatracts «Ll oe made La our name.
D. U. COOai. & CO.. f ut> Ua rs,
1117 lUL\k»atreH
Vol 17. Pr.ce 15.
jart received by
__i* 17 I>. B. cOOtifc. A CO'A. 11l Lak<s street.
. Cal- at
1-17 l>. B. COOKB A 0 *3.111 LaVe st-eet.
WiST. Friresocents. jil7 111 L%>e street.
one-half tanned with Bark takdi from the
Vat 9 and complete 1 immediately bv au application o a
Comi>ouad miae or a«teri«l common every
where cjn.vuugnu injurtiaschedic-ts or acid. Ktvla*
r<illt y a d durability equal to any lan kn*wu ; j-re
servlutc all the go >d qui-iues if Freach Tt'.nfn . and
watrra tedtoidvea Increase of one ooond in eiaht over
ice common treihods. No mtch:ner* neeiled, aad no
out ay of capital, as trie lacrea-cd "e'lcht lolly para for
material u<el—capital toraed from Unto twenty times
per jear. Shop. tu«n, count/, or atuie privLeges told
thsap or exchanged ou fair terms Adiircas,
Axent 31orsin s ianaint. Bos o*s.
_jal7-cll dlt wlpa levetand. Ohio.
I Capt. Matthews: KENsISGTON Capt Baker, and
CITY OS NaW k v HK. "'apt llowe*. form arr.uiar lln«,
sailiax witn great r-irala/ity from eacn cort. Ta:-e
t-teamers are staunch &nd strons. and In all respects
well dtted and provl ted i hey have cood aecmodatlons
I rpasseu'era. and frelabt ol all kinds Is taken at fair
rves TDese pte«mers run ln close counect'ou wftbthe
TeansjlvauU Kaltroad, and fcoods are forwarced with
promutn-»s md dhpaich. HKSUY
jala byJs • m tio. 3il 5 uth Whtrvrs. PbUadeishU.
■\r~¥T\y m"u s"i'c st'ore.-
1.1 9A CL.\HK KTHEbT,
Opposite the Court House, Chicago, at the SUn of
"0 ■ I ■ 1
The Star Spangled Ban-ner,
Take this "pportanl'v to res*>ectfolly Inform the ilcs*c
Sn.crawf Cblc.3% and the Nirt vest. are noa
of tne lant'it %nd most a- iraeslve assort
ments of cal Merchandise to be found West of ttfev
Yorkcoaibtini lu part of
Church limit, Cite ud Javenlle Book".
B'elnwayl Sin's
Prlne* A Co's
Wm. Hall it Pen's
Celebrated Guitars, Flutes and Banjce.
Also, j ist Imoort/d from Europe. Ylo'lns. Violoncellos,
rornopeans. Corner, Fmtlnas. Coacentnas.
Tamborines. Pitch Pipes. Uostn. Bows. etc. e'c.
Best Italian, Lnelish. Frenclt. German and Ame-Iran
STKt.NOstor Vbilo. Vblonceilc, Dcuble Baa. (iuitar,
Bani* Harp, etc.. et*,. ete.
UT;a:fl are the tuil'iles of tVls H*use that Dealers,
Teachers and Semi arles In the Nnrtbwestmty brre ot>-
tula tbe bes' of everylh-nx Mosle\l as ebe» ply "nd with
rnu-h greater dispafhihaa fram the Eastern diles.
Oivuiis Pianos. 3le)ndeons. an J all kinds of Mtulcal
Instruments toned and repaired In the mjst rtllafcle
x r. anoT. \ No. 93 Cluk street.
c. ic cady. ) ial3 CUICAIO.
15,000 Dundlts Wire Fencing.
with Dealers for first
la qurntlt'es of not less than one ton. deliverable at oar
Wareaou?e at aay time previous to the Ist day o' Jane
next. Five per cent, cash to be paid when the contract
la made. b<Uancd on de.lve y. Purchasers ire invited ta
correspond wiin us tt oooe.
THv)4li»-01CdERa0H,«3 Wabash avenue. .
laH b59l (3Aw3m Bcrch's Iran Buildioir, Ch
The eo parteenhlp heretofore rxUtlna biweei
Da?ld J. allilaraand *iU%m a. Krctauigt-r. under t~e
firm ram: of 1 aild J. Millard A Co.. has this day been
dissolved bv mutual consent of paxtlev. and all b ;slness
or the > te firm will be settled and a<i tasted by David J.
Miliard. isq. DAVI J. MILLAS'»,
Chlcaeo, JanaanVl l*o
business will be coadnued at the old standby
DavlJ J. MUlard. jaiS tm*
heretofore exlstitfc und'r ih-» style cf Davis. Mooiy
awj, was ilisioltea ontae Is: lns:ant by mutual cinsent.
C. B. lawyer lj aaUur.zed te use the firm name iu liqui
dation. • . SAMUtLC. uavia,
MATi KW IfoOl'Y.
Nai-nax W PKFtKISj.
Chicago. January Ulh,lSi>.
fore carri-d oo oy Davis. Moody « Cj. »U be coatlnoed
by th; m dirsljned under the namo and of Davis.
Sawyer Jt Co.
C-iaaLE3 B. w
ftAIHAN W. PiKa»l.«n.
Janayy Uth. 159. Jai«» b&i Iw
Bope Fire (u>Qr<ince Company,
Cash Assets SI7S,(MM).
Ecrxazsaa Car AureoarrT) la Caicaeo.
Reynolds. Ely A Ox.". Ocdeo. Fleetwood A Co*
Benedict. UaUory * faman. Ciart 4 Daier.
T. G. VAN BCBKN, isent,
South Cast ccr. of South Water aod Clark-ft.
for tlie Holidays.
Elch, Rare. Bewtlfbl aad Os-fal. now rece'vln* at tta
L*r*e aad Faaaloaaole Jewelry fctore.
Nearly opposite Mr. Palmer's Drv Goedi otore% Tbe
Ladies and of aid thoss desirous of
procurtne nice presents for jhristmas and the holidays,
kre invited to cad rod exaxlnetae Untest and best va
riety of tbe most dfsirabie it»les of (roods for that pur
pose to four din Chica*o, which will be sold ehean tor
»-a>h Silver-ware neatly ea*ravel free ot c Jsx*t
JiMM H. HOto,
ooSobS3o3a to doard A Avery.
Valentines! Valentines!!
~Tn~assorcme>t greatly EXCELL
i j\. ING any that has hlther*o been seen la Chicago
i will scon be ready at tbs store of
■ JOcNAX.X.7 It C3 r 81 Dearborn at.,
* PradoDtfnKthj CasVPtailadl«>es!n*of t!Hr Itoods
thef aretnabled toofftr EXPJtAOEOLNARY INDUCK-
MtSi'S to Western Dea.ers- Their Valentines are all
SSSt waeable. and are tut uo la lou of ftVa dollars
worth aad upwanta. Dealers will dad It to their advan
» ta«e «o order from them lnst«M of aendtn* to New York,
x as by boylo* ln Ctdcaco freight wUI coat then b.t a mere
1 DO a« m o*nlei?*are filled la rotation, dealers wbo wifh
an carlTiupply wQ> da veil to order at once. Orders by
maliwinrec«lreajißOcha*tenUaa as if the parties ware
■ theaaeiTes present »w lensa Cash.
~ t - eaaelTe,pr Address McN 4 LLY A CO..
» - Caleaan. Illinois.
nle by the Oaak er Bbl by
■" * SAWY*t PAIGf A
VA is
OUv celredandf'wsale bv
3 lag ior. of Ptate Water sta.
VT NETT3 and fors\leby .
jag Cor. State aad Water sta.
J yjrsaleby FIILR BINXDIOT A -
» ],< . Cor. State and Water ita.
maiato itoo, sisixuioi a co.
m: "" CHEAPEST :
Most Brillhat Light
Yet dljeoTem].
(X cvJa a Hand Lamp. CN3 i
f\ l\ \-M | (v GALLON borotn*three
VYtvJ r* boor* each day.' lasta
S& -rJ TUaEE UONrtJS alv
V v*» Candlea. When the
P« Lamp lapropeily tiimia
rr L 3 ed there Is
or Smell.
. aetlve joan* Bit. IS years ofa»e, as aaals'art
or to leara some light business Haa ius*
A Sloan's Cocrmerc %1 « olefe. and
speaks the lnel : ab and French laajpi t*e fluently. Salaxv
go object. Address box*. ja!s3i*
.I. telllient BOY; one whose aaren's r*»lde In
itviik-a*, H.W. ANURIAS. ,
]a!3b.V9?t Q RandnLh st.
,* * ACCEPTANCES. haT'nc fr'tn thlrtv day. to
jalltifcaiw Baiter*. No. 1 CUit-g.
* * lasams of *2OO to 11000 maolor tlx to twelve
months. a"«d secured by Real Ksta'e In Chicago tr Sm
provedeoaaty property la Cook County, in.
jalo-6t-b>g Baa Mag Offlce; 36 cfara^eet.
go Rent.
House to let and fubniture
FOBS4LC - A famHy aboat eo!nc Earn w;ll rent
tfielr boose, which Is very desirable, lathe J'onth Di»l*.
lon. wltalo five minutes walk of tbe Post Office, asd will
sell the farnluxre v*ry cceafl. aad b Jard till sarin* If de-
A PPIr by leuer to "A h. p.- Fn«t. office
331 JaU iw*
ihe eomwndtoos offices on Ihe fl-st and second
fljorm Pardee's Bai.dlnc corner d»ota W«ter and Wtlli
street. Als\ two lofts aid a floe corner basemen,
suitable for a dininx ha'l For '*rms appl# to the aubscrl
&er;n theboi.dlat No. al2 Booth water s»r-et
RE*)T for a term of y ara. that larce bo Idln* nevt
Ea*of the Elevator of Gibus. -ritfinA C*.. wllh tbe ftae
Ixji on which It stands—belsz feet, more or les*. on the
river and ronnln* bact V> the Q. AC.L\ i R. Attached
tothebaUdlu4 ta a steam etixtne room, w.tb an tnaioo.
ThlaU a fineloe-tioQ for a Flaaria* Mill, or for Mechani
cal porposca. For terms. AC- apoly 10
bgli 3m 2LI Booth Water street,
JTor Sale.
BCB," was bollt 'n Cl-vetad In leaath.
1.3 jo.loo iee:: brfalih. iO HiW (e -it deptn 3t»tlot feet;
xaeaarement 2 >3 81 Pa tons.
Forprice and t'roi a;ply to LIND A SLATED fana',
ntar Madison street. jalSlm*
PRF3 < MEN.—t have fo*- aal* one snod Track
Watcon and tiaraeu; five Kood I on Axel U.-ays and Har
ne:ses. the for sale cheap. Inqaire ofL-T.F-
FvNY.at RiclmondACw's. effice corner Nor n Water
and Dearborn streets. jau b*9l
Office Nj. 3. DoU's Rmii.iinff, Chicago. 11L,
the following vessels:
Schr. ROfKEr, (lass A 1, with a Star 4Ti »«. a.
.. EilZ\ 'OGAV. .. A I ..
.. tiBEV E*(}LE- .. A i ?rj .
.. NTG»TI*Q*IE. .. Al 4u> ..
.. Wl.NO* OF T HB WIND, Class A a .3:11 .
.. I>T!£RNaTIONAL, .. B 1 :>J .
.. GEaALDiNK, .. HI 3«0 ..
.. PkrnKu .. B 2 sua ..
Now belaa Erecte*.
On Rnab, near Superior SI M
Acdlobe May Ist. T'je»« houses are ?sxlS feet,
tb*ee nonw, with bisetnent Milwaukee brick 'root,
built and u> be fiaiab-d ta .hebeu manner. Tae lota are
14? 'eet deep to an adev. and will have a itood brck ham
on each. Pe.sons purcaas.ng sjoa caa make such al
terations as may be desired.
Term favoraoie. Apyly to D 3. BttAINARD, 45 Clark
street, from V to 10 o'clock A. M. jw
Drug store for sale.—a retail
Dm* Stor* !n the Nortn Division, very drtirable
location, and will be sold oa rood terms If apflled !'T
so n. Forparticularsaddrcssßox "loJ. 1 ' Chicago l'. O.
Railroad station dining saloon
Combined with a Frolt, Clear and Coa'ectlonary
bv-oe, ln one of the most beauUul towas la tlie autc,
valued at ILOi'O. to be sold for cash or exchanged ftr
Chicago Citv tteai KaUte.
also, the lot, and the two story house on It. for >6 000 ;
to be sola partly co lime, or exchaniteil tor U. lca<o City
PnJpeny. Applyio &. IL KsßKOor A Cl>.,
dels t>7'l3lm &* Laaalle street.
House and l» >t forsalf. situated
00 theswrnemr Yr*aiu cud <Varrea streets In the
n e«t Division, near Uilon Pvk, occupied by * P. Har
vard, Tee boQ-e is aew, bollt of brioa two >torles. and
stone baseoeat tav&tr fettrby flrty-Lhreo feet, wl.ha Cue
observaiorv; tialsh-Mij tae tioh fisfiMi.»hle manner
with all the modern Improvements—marble mante's,
crates. Ae. As —w. a d be a desirable residence, llii
lot la slx>y-Bit by one hundred ana tweat*-«even lett,
with a twenty foot alley in the ie>rof it : will be sold
very che ip—oa can u time, or tbe whole of the purchase
money may remain on morgue oa It and other property
for four or five years, or U will be exchanged for oi
doobud real ei a*e aecartties, havlnx aeveral rears to
run ApplvtoK. T. BsßKit.'C P.O. Box No iIVM. or to
tt H. BORNA 19 Dearb rn st <oom (*. ieJJlm*
Malt! Malt! Malt! '
1 A fll 1» 1 Bu - 1 CAN^VDABAK
JLv.'a v-T Vy LEY MALT. In «tore and for aale by
la® 1310 2m ISTKenxie street.
ILY. where few or no b*ardfrs are taken, by a
joun* .»ntleman In Qant ot a qmet boree ana who can
dve refereoces if r-iulred. Address "C. W." box 4>*4,
Chlcaao Fost OiCce. jalaSt*
anl pleasant moms, either suites orslnsle. at 255
' Scoth Clark street. Transient Board atreasonable rated.
suits rooms newly fitted ap. with board, oa rev
•ooabla vrrns. may De obtained oa aoillcailon at No
Sutestrevt. C. D. OUVsH.
de 23 im*
Oencral Agencies.
General Pdtent Office Depot,
Inform thepnblle xeoerally. that they have op«oe4
their office at We awve place lor the transaction of a
It b their aim to keep on haad. at all times, for exhibi
tion and sale. as lance a variety as possible of patented
articles of the latest and most asefal inventions; andlhey
will take treat pleasure In recelvlnc vUlton wtu> may
wish to examine their articles, wheuer wlta a view ol
purchasing or not. ... ».
Theofllce is tnrownopen as the head4uarten er InTen'
tnrs wbo may wt«h to dispose 01 their improvements; and
tne proprietorsrespectftuiy Invite inventors and ariisans
to call upon tnemattaelr pleasore. Patent* obtained 00
new Inventions on reasonable terma. and with Uieleaat
tosaible delay. The ondeniimed viil keep tborooahiy
posted ap In alltheaevpatenutasuedal Waahlsaun. and
will receive ami sell on commission all classes of useful
and pa*en> ed articles, toxetner vita Individual. Couniy or
Btate rights to ose and sed the same. Care wUI be Lakeo
to receive no patented article or right f*>r sale that is not
OoaMSMdofaenoina merit; It being the parpoae of the
nnnto maintain a cnancter worthy tne entire eoofioeece
ofadwaotaay wish to purchase new and osefal Improve- 1
menu. TRIPP. HALJB A CO.. 1
No. IW Lake Street.
Wea. Jones. No. SI Summer et, Boston: P. Q. Field A ,
Kllby sc. Boston; James M. llale. Milk BL. Boston:
Bo wen A Bro.. 7i &.. dUcago; M- I>. oilman A Co.
Udtfvotb Water bt. Chicago; Hoyt A Pierce Jfi Ptate
Chicago: A- J. Murpay. BurUngton, Vt.; J. Tripp.
Albany, N. Y.: Mlran Peck. Albany. N. ia Charles Vro>
man. syraciue, N. if. cotfb4oi-ly
51 Clark Street* Chicago, HI.
to all legal boaine* and. ln ccnaeelloa with G
W. GRAY. Practical Drooghssxan and Architeet. viU at- 1
tend to procuring Patents, filing Caveata. drawing Speci
fication, Bonds, Assignmenta. prosecstlng Appeals and ,
Intringment*. procuring Re-lseiea, and all other boslnea
oonnected vita patents: and have made arrangements
whereby Models and Ragravlngs can be tarnished If de
sired. rhey feel confident, (Tom their experience, that
IheywUl be able to satisfy ah parties wbo may wish pat
mUMoaml or va tmi- °
tyitaaSLly L. L. BOND. »
April L WW- Fore an Attacbmecta.
John B. Tomlinson vs. John i- Wright
Affidavit of claim fl ed ior 1331.91, wlib Ittemt from De
c-c.ber3U iS>7. for services rendered and materials
tsrais-ied b/pluntiff lo defendant
TAod m»w. s«nrl'. Nov »6. 183 S. on motion of T.
Ptmonto.\ Attorneys for tne Plaintiff the Ccutt order
lodgment to be eatered aga'nst the defeaoanls In default
of an appearance, and Rj ant» rule ad the Prothoootary
to the damages. In pursuance of the Ist aeclLn of
the act passed 3th May. IS6O.
Attbtt; MITvIIELL. Prothonotary.
BT Ta« o«.e*T.
Tae defendant will take notice that In pursuance o'the
above order and rule of Court, the Prothonotarv will as
-1 the damages tn the above case on the 19th day of
Febroa y. at hJ office at Harriiborg. at Jj) o'cioci
A. M. of said day. WM.MI^HELU
iaMw-b913. Protnonotary.
April T., 1334. Fcreeu Attachments. .
Frederick Geety vp. J*"hn e. Wri^t,
AffiJavlt of Claim fi.ed for lIILW. with Interest from
1 Ftbrnary 10. for woxk and labor done, and matertala
fandshed to De/eod.nt.
Afld now to wit. NoveTberaJ. l»i on motion of Kan
kel A Slmonton. Attoro»ys for rlalntifli the Court order
judgment lo be emered against the delendant, m uetanlt
of an sppearance, and rrant a rule for the Prothonotary
1 to ass*ss the damage in pomance of ths Ist section of
the set paaaed xajSthL V&i.
The defendant will take notice that In pursuance of the
above order aid rale ot Court, the Prothonotary will as
■eaathedamateslntheabore caseonthel»th or Feb 0.
* ary. lsiS. at hla office at Harrlsburt at lOo'ciock a. M.
of said day. *
■ mn bbls. camfhexe ix prdZe
1 till ghinnin* Order la store and for sale by
_a.W v cr-i-r-m PaNT S * CO..
dgMbfigiw »»Lake street
, lUVJ sale by PESTON A CO,
* X Lake street.
, lt)U par east* Ik sal* tn W3TON A CO^.
Franklin Festival.
Tb» Printers of CMcwo wl'l hcM tfae?r Sixth Anooal
Tndrft] la ©ooTn*raorit;oa of too anno o' w>at J'H«-
ir.nm*-*>«in»a. Philosopher aad Printer, BiNJAiILf
Tlcketj And Ladles' Invitations m iy bo obtained of the
following gentlemen:
Piru no Tubc*i Ornc«—J. ff. Onklln and 2. Irwia.
DuocsiT Orrxcr —Chit dmltbandD A. tanntiuhom.
Timcj orv c*— MC. Misaer. Od < art ud d. Darla.
lUaaLn Orrtca -rr D. Ad »ms nd W. W. M«Co-dy.
J. a. Tbomp« a. ii Lav I e ■•reel; II ik Rwanda, it
Brand*'J bo2ce: »>. toedalry. it Rand's Joo Offlj*.
wish nr earriax** «iii leave their addreaa wlii
Cant B'o»rt limes QtUce.
HCKK.TA t3.UX uia_
Will c'ellver a it **«hanW Institute Hall oo
Mon lay exealaj. January 17tb laSJ.
' Popular Ohjectlona 10 C*ihollclty.**
WAdalsslon 15 gnu |iHM
On Monday ETealogs, 17th, 24th and 31st Jin'j
Under lie auspices of th 9 Masonic fraternity.
MoidatEtesiso. Jaxcaar 17. IS&>, at??< o'clock.
Coal Mlaisx in K'ement #f National Wealth— rUtort
cal ««e?ch of the Devel t meat of Coat Plelda—<*<ocrat>b>
e» l Distrboti n of Coal—Varieties of khII Puel—*»rl*ia
of Foa l Pu«L Geologically Coasider»d—do Chemically
Coca dersd - P. s li Ho'tiny —PrHelical A, plication of
Po'iil tuel—C)ai Mialn* In tta maeot aod
three lecture*. Jfcnsie tickets. iU o nta each.
fA. Ij Hurley i"! LaU* ttroei; M«tb«tifol
fk-old. <0 Lake si-; A. A 'I. Kjtn. lil La«e sireet; J. LL
Gist. lOtjJouh W.it«»r st : W. M. K<*a. 10 doutn Clark
itreet; Dr. Hunt li* La*e »treet: W <V. «llK:htll. !MN
tv*«ie-5t.: Mulr. La ;c'*'idi A .4 Lasalle st: and at
MaiKiMe Tetnnlea. Uearhom street, and comer Pultou
and Clinton streets, West Side.
Will take place
The Committee appointed to attend to th* Celebration
of ibei'e tear! I Anniversary o r the B:rthday of Robert
ttaraa have m ide U>e follow □< arranaementa:
r&at »(r ai.d Co~cert of Hum*' pocu« tad Beeltatlont
be r.Teo at *tetrcpolti»a Ha.l: aijo, »n Oration 6r (ior.
McCotnaj. The bf»t laletl oi the couairy eo*
gated tor the Concert.
Ttie Conr-rrl will oe U lb«ed by a Grand DaII and Soj«
per at fh« Tretnoat tlou»>*.
The C <oiu itee exueov to *aye the whole Ce!ebratloa
one of ibe best ever *tTen In the country.
JTull particular* will be given In a procramiea.
W. B. EGAS. Cb«lrm4a.
JA."t (IH-Nt WiUON,
John MC«
ia?b»M td JOU-. S KWaRT Hec'y.
Randolph strett, belween 'ltrS and Dearborn.
FeviieHltfetreU and Optra toap^y.
The Mrtnasen H >h'i new ar«| no»el enter*
talnmentto the I
apare<l nrlther palr.s or to m*ke It 004 of Übo
I moat ylea«ail i>l cw ot amutetnent \q the cHy.
I CarO# of Adm'tsioa ii ceuts •Jntbealra JOceoU,
Auction Sales.
Arericx and comissio\ aKacHiyrSi
No. 50 Well* St, opp. Brljzi Hoaa«,
deacriijtlon of pmoerty. to be aold at Aoctloo, fbf
eaab. on time or oomnumoa. Vease'a Carvoe*.
General S'*. Jewrlry. PurnUure. Cloth'
In*, la. Heal l£sute. Lands, Lout, tlouaea. *c. Will pay
paitlca ar alteattoa to the tile of l.o'a. 11 Lahdi.
ac.. at Aociioo. Inside or outalde Chicago. Advano**
ma<le on cocj!*nmeQli The hest of references In Cbicaxo
wUlbeitlven. Our friends may rely 00 confidence aad
prompt retuma—the dfe of com-neree .in>!
octshJia-nm J. \L TAYLOa A C<X
■ pavticulac Notices.
Cll nHll AT~TEN T TKir~CEXT!rA
I •v/\J ® ' Btrty w we t« kU a «cial k\t
ut .»!'»* 1 r!ce on falrttrrat andioan the purch*s*r <I,OTO
or upwards, at te-i p-*r c ui un oiticr ireu.l y. o"<j ur
twojeais. Apu.lcailja n tie m ide to tre j» li 'nJlyor
b>*<e<ter. J. L. Lh^
jti3 At A Co'a.»o Ciarlt s; . baa P. O
J. Merch:r«l»e orC.tyPrnp r-.'. iVia' IIQaO) "oxth
ot Jewrtry. HoM Pe I'er.cla. i.. Addrua "J W.
K.. ' UOl -t'H Clilcsit P U. iylab'.*V? Ira
1» I from «1U) to tl cia eoa «ood «ecirl'y by
tife-O. W. SMViuMtt A CO. ?Q Ue<rb ru-at.
N'uTICK. I,L*JHEi: HAViiN, EifQ.,
*i|, 4ttead tn t.j budnen dur n* mr » b»«z;ceiroia
t- r cliy fer.oan r,a'M>< .-uii irj. w ihraa will <-aU oioo
tilm a Q*n oUce .V:. IK! Laae tire U
nil3-»* P. MO-ULCTT.
Mosey to loan,-
A few thousands \o Isyejt la
frjta One to Twelve Muntha.
Alan, can use a few lea per cent. Coupoa Honda, ma.
nlr.J a*e yenra. u. t. DOWNING A Cj..
j-*lO >7 Clara street.
_i. convealence of property owrvrs, I hare procured
aildt of Hie taxes n;i I' taai L-ke Korrst Iwt u aUood
to U3-* payuieat or t^i r * p\ruc» paying them to ae ai
my o.fi. e bef.re tiie nut
jalikiw D. J. LtKB. Secretary.
i. Taloable Uorses and Carria es, wtilch wa will ex*
chxrae for itroceriea, Lua er. naniware Hoonand ebora
or Dry UoodJ. Aiao a new ftva
AUtf 'Tl' A Kt>iiH*N.
iaub 3t la aJ"> -tml ■< »ntt> ClurU MreM.
»T L tatb decurltirt, AlurUaKea, Trust Oeeds. Bonda,
btocka, Businesa Notes, \i:d all cood oewotlablr seeott-
Uea bought aud sold. CerUdc*t«sof DeuoaiUaad Checks
of IL K, ew:rt» Urother A Johnston, forcaab
at tHehUhest market pric<?.
sin and lowa lauds, haoroved farms, suburban lota aod
City Keal fcjtat/* OCHc« No, ti, CsocQQd'Joarj
tan Block, comer of llacdilph aad La.talle As., Chicago
deUb64J ia W. DA VlUriON.
Drals. Accrtances and Nctcs paid la New York oq
the day ol uatumy, or nut d*y of 4race. aad taouey de>
p jite l lor acc.unt in tn * c.ty jf >ew Y'jrk and teut 10
cities lo the vicuuiyof New Yor< on reiexrawLlc Oruera,
Ja3t,a»Uia OPFIOfc
Eastern property
Awly by mail or otherwlae to
T. S. HUBBARD, Urbaaa, Hi.
Chicago and 311waofce« Railroad Coapaay*
1 3tockbolden of the and MUwaakee BaU>
ma»l Company, which was advertised u> be holdeo al
their orace to Chicago on tne Mih d*» of 'j*e«B!b«r.
I<S\ a* t'i o'ploek A. M., has been POSTPONED Off-
TIL TUESDAY February sta. 190JI at o'clock A Sl
at which Lm-» tai l will be aoldea al the office of
said Company la Chicago, for tne election of Uirectora
lor :be ensuio* year, anrl the transaction of such other
buglQesi as may be presecicd.
naSfei" 1116 ward, downU, Secretary.
Cumber, &c.
Lumber and Shingles.
Buaiaeia. -Iba ua«te;s.saed have *lar<e of
Dry, Clear, aad Con-non Pine LuinO;r. coa«Uiln< of
Boards. Piank Peadn<c Floorins.
Als>. aood dhlnalea, wntca will bo sold at the loweat
ma-ket price u> cos-tne Dosiaese
Yard located a: Twe f & »tre«i *nd.j«. west *lde. on
the Sooth Branch, near aU Western aaiiroad oepot* Caii
acd examine tue stock. _.
To Lumbermen and Other*.
Lake street mills wilLkcrnish
Corn Meal atid Peed of all km J* at low rate*,
forties will save money by calilna at HI «o<3 t«5 We*
Lane au-eet.
Chlcadto. Not. U 1&3. ■ 00H p4W fr
J. W, 3 £ IN£ L E & 00..
# QKNK&AL orjosaa IN
aoans oasui. an nana mm,
oararrasxeineouaresaeh aa to lunr* a» alltiacaa
fbil iCsf»ly of the different qualities of
jotat aad BcanUlai of all d&ot acd'n" 1 " common Luza.
ior. Lath, ahlrulca, Ao.
Of Norway and White Plao, we ainjt stand ready to
oamjare with aay la this aiarkeL Welavlu the call* ap<
ftOeaUon of all ooostry aod other dealers to oar tfocA *m
kisd and facUlUet for filling orders aad contracts.
lUiues & Ciquors.
W. T. bhafeldt &, Co.,
A- IF - CHOSKB-S - ,
(!•••• Soatb Water Str«el«
(Ooraer of WabashlAvasttJ
.D'.stUlen of
Also Manafactoren of
Dommuu Ufiun, BraOl VlaM,
iWTit Trtda nsoUed U iiamt latM aod 00 LH*r«
> jtzmr.
chess"clubs "
WUI Sul u
potshot's, 40 ao. c&abx ax^
A New tol of
la Boafl, Wood aad Ivory, from 50 ceatvto tllXOd.
laJ TSil
A\Sm*t IAVJU, EAJS* * 00. K4U*

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