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The Chicago Tiuirn and the State
The Chicago Tmn will, not succeed in
'■drawing public uttcntiou from the Lecomp
ton charter and il.s backers, by uttacks on
the State Trusle * ot the Illinois and Michi
gan Canal. Taat gentleman is attending to
his duties at Springfield, and the matters
which the lima bases Us assault upon, will
shortly be adjuelod by the Legislature. Un
til then tbe only reply we choose to muke to
its blackguardism will bclouud in the follow-
Ing extract :
[Prom the Ohlc&roTiiatt, Jane 5,1!0S ]
'• Tub Canal Tbcstee and Tni Leavitt Claim.
In another place wo publish a letter written by
Dr. Ray, editor of tbe Tritmne, npon tbe subject
of a certain ectioa on bis rart as Canal Trustee,
and tbe claim of Mr. Leavitt as against tbe
Canal fund. Dr. Ray has been assailed for his
action by his Uspublican brethren. As Dr. Kay
erplaioß the nutter, we see nothing criminal or
wrooe in bis course. Wc believe him to be gutlt
list of corrupt.on in this matter, and believing so,
and believing his action to have been just, trc Itaiw
7iu hesitation in saying ro."
Sign the iteraonstrancc.
A lew CajK remain for receiving signature*
to the protest, <o b-; transmitted to the Legis
lature, against the Lvcomptuu Charter.
Several thon-aml namos likVi* beeu reyisitred
agnius' the swindle nlreaoy. Copies o! the
be kid at the Mayor's office
by those who nie willing to circulate them.
Let those who have rot sgn* d it «i<> >m iiu
The Route to the Gold Jlliues.
Several days ago we published an article on
the dill'erect routes to tbe new gold Selde in
Western Kaneas. We cf tbe tvro routes
through lowa, one by the Hack Island and the
Mississippi and Missouri, :md the other by the
Chicago and Burlinglcn and inc Burlington und
Missouri llailK-ays. For these routes miners
will furnish themselves with wagons und pup
plies here, and purchase teanm la lowa. The
next route south is by the Chicago, Burlington
and Quincy aud the Uaaiiibal cadSuJoteph
railways. The llacnibal and St. Jcsej/h road
will be Ucisued by the first cf March. Several
days ago there w*:re but thirty miles of track to
lay. That will open a railway communication
between Chicago and the Missouri, and passen
gers will be able to reach St. Joseph, some hve
hundred mile* above St. Louis, ia thirty six
hours irom Chicago.
On the West Side of ihe Missouri, opposite
St. Joseph, the lowm cf Eiwoed is situated, aud
as we learn from gentlemen directly from that
place, fcxteLsive and t-tnple arrangements are
made there to provide emigrants with teams
and acpplier, und, in lact, everything requisite
for their journey. In regard to the route to end
west ot Klwood, we make tbe lollnwing extracts
from the Eiwood of Jun. II*:
The folluwiug table of distances will show
that Elwood ca-j utiprcaclied frmn Chicago or
any of toe Extern cuies more speedily than aty
other city in Kun».ap, it being U.e ot.ly city in
the Te:; ito; y having commuLiji t'on by railroad
with the Eust:
DwooJ to liariKil>al, by Hannibal and St. Jo
seph lUUrcad 2iro miles.
Uiuinit>&l to \>j tUiCaC-j, liar.iuk'ou
and yulucy luilrcad £7O miles.
Chicago is thus placed wituia less than SOD
miles of Elwood, und within miles of Cher
ry Creek, by this route. The distance from El- |
wood to Cherry Creek is ouo il;1os ; the road is
one which has been traveled lor :he last ten
years and ia well known to all uld Cilifjrnianti, ]
as well as to thousauds who have been over tbe
greater part of it in the vurious trains and ex- 1
pediiionb to Utah : 1
Starting from Elwood, (oa the west bank ol 1
the Mibsouri River, and a.rcctly opposite St. Jo- >
sepb, M 0.,) this road, until it re-cbes Murys
viue, goes through a country ulready well b".t- 1
tied. From Maryeville the route continues to '
Fort Kearny, on the Platte Hirer, then along
the Platte to its junction with tbe Sjuth !'lutt«,
and ulong the Sjuth Platte to its junction with
Cherry Creek, Travelers over toe'plains by 1
tbe Southern routes, eull'cr much from the want 1
of wood, water und grass. The following para- 1
graph on the Platte River Valley, is tak-.n from j
Cohon's general Atl>is: 1
'• On the bottom lands timber and water ari ]
nearly always to be found, the latter consisting i
of tine, purling brooks, rising from spring* ia 1
tbe hill sides, and meandering down through |
beautiful grassy valleys to the larger Etrcams ;
with which thu country is supplied."
The above (with tbe exception of the last 120
miles) is the route taken by the Salt Ldke Mail,
which arrives end departs from Elwood weekly.
There are frequent stations for encampment aud
supplies over the entire lice, and the roads are
insuchijood order t th* average time Irom
here to iSaU Like City, i dieunce of l,o(jd miles,
is only twenty day*, aui t e trip haß sometimes
been made in eighu-er: ■ ;s.
We think wo ure wa': iu saying that tho
journer will be !n;i Je, ili-»ccmio*g season,
from Ohicign ta Cherry Cr«»ek, via Elwood,
Fort Kearny and tho I'iutte Valley, in sixteen
IviflDod is the largest city in Northern Kansas,
and Supplies of stock, provisions, camp-tools,
tents, bUokets, wagons aud everything that is
desired for an outth, can be obtained here.
We append the following table of distances
from Elwood to the mines:
Wa'forna "
Wot! ttivur 2H
Clarionvlile M
KlclimoQd (oa Nemaha) t.l
N eniiiliion litver h",
hi? IJ.ue Itf.
Rock Creek 12".
11 m tiaudy i.v»
I.lltle UtuL- 177
Uo Little K.ue -:15
WmCte.k 2ri
Fori Kemiir U.'>4
I'lum Creek
Couoiiu-ood riiirinp; ::;ii
Kuiiftrut ol i'mllc
Montti cf IMe creek A'A
iioulti of Cberr/Cn ek 650
A former Cilizexi of Cook County Killed
by Judiuu*>.
[From the Iluntold'. Tlciea. Sept. IS.J
On Tuesday morning last, about i-even o'clock,
Mr. Paul boynton, who resided ten miles from
Union, on the Trinity trail, was murdered by
Indians, within about two hundred yards of his
bouse. Soldo packers bu>l eucamped at bis
bouse tbe previous night, and in the morning,
at tbey were preparing to le«vc, he started oil'
after his cows, and before be wuft out of sight,
the report of a rille was heard, and seven In
dians teen running from the direction of the re
port. The packers immediutelv gave chase,
and as tbey ce&red the edge ot the woods, tbey
came upon tbe prostrate body of Mr. lioynton,
just as tbe last signs of life were leaving him.
He was pierced through the body by a large
rifle balL It was evidently a premeditated plait
on tbe part of the lodian& to murder the whole
family, and the timely urrcral of the packers the
night before, no dnubt saved, .the now heart
broken widow and two fatherless children from
tbe vengeance of the tiends wbo have roubed
them ot tbeir natural parent and protector.
Mr. Boynton wus from Deer Grove, Cook
County, Illinois, lie came to this Uay in the
fall of 1553, and resided in Union until tbe
spring ol I£>s7, when he settled on tbe claim
where be was murdered, at bis own doorrard.
lie was a young man whose character was
without blemish, and than whom a more indus
triouß, boneetand peaceable citizen did not live.
By his diligence and economy, he had acquired
considerable property, and, as he informed us
but a short time since, it was his intention to
return with his family to his home in Illinois,
tie was brought into Union on Wednesday,
and was followed to the grave on Thursday af
ternoon, by a large concourse of people.
Special Congressional Election—Sixth
Tbe following is tbe official vote of the elec
tion held in this District on the 4th inst., for a
member of the present Congress, to till the va
cancy occasioned by tbe death of Hon. T. L.
Harris, viz:
liortr-s. OonklitiK. Scat'*
Morraa *29 15
fccott *-0
HaUK»m | 'D —177 1711
Macouiio. *53 21
tireene 11-- a
MoLtnomcry Ci'i 1
Obfifctiu *ls
..... .................. 7.i 1 lU6 2
Meoard t?7 STO b
Jtrt«F til So 6
Total lt.vH 6951 5
From this it will be seen that Hooges' major
ity over Conkling is4,OC3 ; overall 4,010.
The vote in November was, for Harris, 16,-
198; for ilatbeny, 11.C1C; Harris' majority,
4,&47.—UtaU Journal.
White Mountain Weather,
Lrm.rroK. N. IL, Jan. 11, IS'9.
Allow me to give yon some idea of tho wea
ther at this place. Oa Sunday, tbe oth, at eight
P. hL, thermometer at lodeg. below xero; Mon
day morning at £eren, at 2G deg. below; at
twelve M., at 21 deg. below—bright sunshine ;
»t nine P. M., at "4 deg. -below ; Tuesday morn
in At aeven o'clock, at 89 deg. below xero, and
tbe sun just peeping over the range ol White
UountaiD*. The snow at this time at the Notch
of the Mountains lie« feet on a line.
Successful Revolution in Hayti.
New Yoke, Jau. 17. By an arrival ut Boston,
we have intereafug infjiuiation fnm Havti. The
revolution was on the 22 J of Dec. by
Gen. Gilford, who, witti only four otheis, entered
the city of Gincidea.uud « imaieJiatelv joined
liy the inhabitants, and proclaimed him?elf Prvsi»
dent. Aur Ciyes, Kliebel. aud all the Snutb,lt is
stated, havo alio declared in favor of Gen. Gif
The capUun of the vessel which hroaght the in
formation states that io passing St. Marks, a for
/tilled town on the const, on the night of the Ist
.instant, he taw the place In flames. Glflord was
t U> have entered the totrn on that day.
Chicago, Alton & St. Louis Railroad.
Progrntnf the StriL* - Cjrrying the Mail* on
a Hand car— 'furtud bach bp a Mob—U. 8.
Mar thai CUho i+t-Mbb YUlds - Cattle Dying
of Starvation, etc. j
[ .•orrespandtfoceof thePreu&nd Tribune.] j
Rpmicficld. Jan 17.1&&. I
The " strike " oa the Chicago, Alton and St.
Louis Kftilro&d has continued cow ono week,
and do better pro6pcct of opening the road than
a week ego. Business of all kinds along the line
of the rotd is Buttering, aod great indignation is
manifested, although no Tiolenco bos as jet been
done to any Itiilroad property us .f»r as heard
The I'ost Master tt this place dispatched a
special measenfier, on Friday last, on a hand
car, with the mails for. Chatham, Carlinrille,
and points south on the line of the road, which
wcb met fat Chatham by a mob of enployeeß on
a strike, with billets of wood and shot guns,
and ordered beck to Sprisgtieid, under pain of
being thrown off the track and serious bodily
Oq Saturduy morning the Post Master called
on United States Marahul William L. Dough
erty for a potse of Deputies to accompany the
mail through. They blurted out on a hand
car, at noon, on Saturday ltst, with the
inuil lor all points bulweim here and Altoa, es
coned by llieMat>luil auil fonr Deputies, (amon~
wLotii .•:,ic :hr-.e Ciiiei-rj djljctivi:-!,) a special
Mi>>engor. aud two meuto propt-l the car. They
proceeded to Chatham without serlom ohstruct-
other than cord wood and ji anU thrown
the track, hat on arriving at that place
they were switcheJ oQ' the tract into the ditch
and met by ah<ut seventy fire infuriated cn
j»l'j}t.es, uuj informed that they could not proceed
uuy hirlhcr. A council was then held, and after
beinj informed by the Marshal of the consequen
ces attending the obstruction of the United Slates
uiails, aud assuiM that Governor Ma'.te.son
had no interest in the c irrying ol the mails oa a
hand car, tut-y a'.lo.ved'.h in to jiass unmolested'
and the Marshal uul pj;-e returner] late Saturday
i.:ght,all thor'ingUly sti'i-fied with riding oua
luud-'ar. The people all
joail syrapatlii/3 with tlio employees, and will
sustain the.ij long a-i they do not resort to vio
One th'nghas beeu allowed which is disgraceful
tu wh-jcver is at fault—that is the peuniug up of
>ome four hun-lrrd head of cittle, within a high
cnclo-ure not ten mlle-j below this place, for one
whole week without food or water, except what
they weie able to get from the mud in which they
.<tand knee-deep, fcfuuie seveutv bead have already
died from starvation, and as many are down
and unable to get up. It is a burning thame that
such inhumanity can or should be suffered on our
broad prairie?, where, even at this season of the
year, tbvy could at l-jast tiLstiiti life if turned
When the end of this strike will be and business
re.-umcd, is yet a problem.
The Postmaster is sending the mail north to
AiLuta arid other points on a hand-car, and is co
ins ail he can to facilitate the distribution of the
mails : upplii-d from points on the line of the road
Y«.urs respectfully, P.
Forney on the National Democracy.
[From the rhiladclphla I'm;, Jan. 11]
Among the rapidly ripening fruits of the pol
icy of Mr. President Buchanun, that ol disun
ion is prominent. To threaten disunion; to
look to it as a
it as a better condition of human hop
pinees; to embrace it as a glorious alternative
before the election of a Northern President, ere
the familiar utterances of many of the Admin
istration leaders in Wesbingtan. They consti
tute the luxuriant crop that grows upon the
grave of the Kansas policy ot the President.
Theee disunion and secession irfluence3 bar
ing bullied the President into u betruyal of his
pledges, then into u crusade upon alt who would
not cry bosaunus to this betrayal, have rcsolred
to take a number ot steps in advance. They
have gradually compelled too Administration'
organizations in the North to iudorse their ear
lier proceedings, and Lre no »r boldly prepuriug,
with the assurance of the UecerurAdministra
tion, to BSiurae possesion ol the Charleston
CcGTcaUoa, boJ i-j turn th-t Cnnwclinn into c.
mere auction-room, where the honor of the De- >
mncratic party, and all its fame as a national
brotherhood, will be knocked down to whomso
ever will bid highest forme votes of the ex
treme men ot the South. To effect this object,
the disunionitits lir&t declare tnat they wilt not
support nny man representing tho principles
avowed by Senator < ouglaH, ;wd next that no
man can be regarded u« a D-iniocrit who is Dot
against there principles, and, per consequence,
iu favor of the new faith—viz: Congressional
intervention I t tlie protection of slavery in the
Territories, and a slave code in tho Territories
Theee are the conditions precedent of the dis
union Administration leudora— without obedi
ence to which they will have nothing to do with
the party ! Do you hear anvbody denouncing
three gentlemen V Washington Union,
lor instance, attack Mr. lvers'ju, llr. Davis, or
Mr. iiarkedalu lor their recent declirations?
Not one word appears in that court organ against
them;of their doctrines. On the contrary, col
umns have been written in approval ol the new
theory ol protecting slavery m the Territory,
if not directly m support ot th*i Have code it
self. Lan«z u^o—long before Jefferson Davis
spoke at Jackson, Mississippi—' tue Union bad
an editorial article, in which the sovereignty
aud sanctity of slavery were set forth, and a
strong intimation given that it might be curried
even into the true States themselves.
But iet a Democrot from the North or the
Northwest talc about *' conditions precedent"
to ftif fii| port ol the nominees of the Charles
ton Convention, and the whole pAck is let loose
upon him. It he afks that Convcnii< nto nom
inate a uran li'«.c Stephen A. Douglas; if he
pleads lor the great doctrine of Popular Sover
eignty ; it he holds up the promises of our cao
didate and our party in Isabels denounced
as a disorgimzer, and onsiyned to the tender
embraces of " liluck Republicans." And all
this in the lace ol the fact that we can have no
hope tor nieces* in lSin>, unless under the ban
ner of scch u man us Douglas. If tbe Demo
cratic parly is forced upon tbe fecession plat
form at Charleston, defeat will be its doom
defeat, certain, crushing, inevitable, and do
ffrttdWe must repudiate the present Ad
ministration, boldly and everewbere, and on its
ruins re-erect the old Democratic Hag, and re
assert the old Democratic principles.
Dcath of Ex-Aldbbmxx Dsurssv. —We learn
that Ex-Alderman Dempsey, of the 7th Ward,
died on Saturday, after ft short illness.
Coicago Maris* akd Fiu Ixsoranck Co.—
A bill has passed the State Senate authorizing
the Chicago Marine and Fire Insurance Com
pany to increase its capital to 1500,000.
Bcacti.BT.-Wm. Floyd was brought before
Justice Akin (or smashing a window, and steal
ing ft quantity of cigars from a store on State
street. After examination, he was held to
answer before the Recorder in tbe sum of (500.
Da. Blaxet's Lectc&e.—The first of the series
of Scientific Lectures at Metropolitan Hall, by
Dr. J. V. Z. Uloney, under the auspices ot his
Masonic brethren, took place last evening. A
more extended report of the same is deferred
for reasons noted elsewhere.
Tkicla&s ok liosoc.—The Templars of Honor
in this city, are requested to meet this evening
at tbe olUce of Jansen & Brosß, No.- 123 Lake
street, at half-past seven o'clock. R«v. J. Boyn
too, of Marshall, Michigan, Most Worthy Tern*
plar, will be present at tbe meeting.
A Bectc.—James Ilogan was brought to the
Armory yesterday on a charge of beating,
kicking, and otherwise maltreating, in a brutal
manner, his wife. Judge Akin fined him |2O,
and added SO days' imprisonment, a punishment
the fellow well deserved.
Thk PnrxTEii's Festival.—'Yesterday bging
the birth day of Benjamin Franklin, of illustrious
memory, the patron ?aiut of the fraternity of tlie
"shooting-stick" and "imposing fitone,*' n orillunt
assembly was given at Light Guaril Hall last'
evening. Any t-cantinefts observable in our col
umns this morning mu=t be attributed to the 4< carly
hours'* nude by our compositors, that they might
"again make eat ly hoare" ibis morning at L : ght
Guard Hall.
PntLOSormcAL AprAnATas for Uicn
School.—We attended a very interesting lec
ture on Saturday evening at tbe High SchooL
It will be remembered that ft few of enr liberal
citizens recently subscribed a thousand dollars
to furnish that institution with b philosophical
apparatus. Mr. Ritchie, of Boston, tbe maker
of the apparatus, illustrated tbe use of the sev
eral instruments in a most interesting manner.
We were eurprised at tbe extent oi the appar*
atui. It it larger and more varied than many
of ourletding colleges possessed thirty years
ago. We congratulate the friends of this excel
lent institution at tbe encse*3 that baa attended
their efforts.
Instructions la the Case of Blcffamea.
Ik Circuit Court, of January Special Term,
ISs9—Judge lLk2iit%zm t prfiiding.—lndicimrnt
j for Murder.
| The Pesple, etc, vs. Michael McNamee.
Tbe following were tho Instructions given for
the people in the case of McNamee. They con
tain a very full exposition of the luw of murder
as it exists in this State:
1. Murder, as defined by our statute, is the
unlawful killing of a human being in the peace
ot the people, with malice aforethought either
express or implied.—i>tc. 22 of Crim. Code.
2. To constitute a killing murder under our
Statute, tbe uct must have been perpetrated
either with express malice, viz.: with that de
liberate intention to take away tbe life of a fal
low creature, which is m&nitested by external
circumstances capable of proof (and this de
scription includes every case of deliberate and
Eremeditated murder); or the act must have
een done under circumstances where malice is
implied by law. And the Statute declares that
malice shall be implied where no consid
erable provocation ior tbe killing has
been shown—as where a person strikes another
with a deadly weapon in a manner likely to kill
or produce gieat bodily harm, under a sudden heat
of passion no' caused by that serious nnd highly
provoking injury iLliic:cd on the person killing,
and which h apparentlv sifScient to make the
passion irresistible, required ny the statute to re
duce a killin the manslaughter. Or secondly
when all the circum-tarcesi of the killing show an
abandoned and malignant neart. Section 24 Crim
inal Code ; or, third, where the killing is involun
tary, but h.*pp 'j-. »vl.Ue the party killing is «-n.
gilded in the of au uct which I;' ii.-'
cons- queuces naturally teuOs tode>troy the life oi ,
a human being, or while he is encaged in the com
roisF'on ot a lelony. Proviso to Section 23, Crim
inal Co h>.
3. Io co::.«titute, tlerefi-re, - hat ".nalicc requisite
to the crime or murd-.r, It is not neccs%ary to jirove
that the moihtl injury was givi-n »<jlh a seiiled
and delibente fl-sign to take lile. Legal malice
not only iric;uu--i hatied and revenge but de
notes tvery w i :>ogful act toward an ia
dividual without just cau?e or excuse;
and is iutended to denote any action flowing
from any wicked and corruprmotive, or wicked
disposition, indicating a heart regardless of so
cial duty and fallably bent on mischief. And
in all ca?es where the luw implies malice, the
proof is complete, and tbe presumption canuot
be removed by evidence tending to prove that
the party did not intend to kiti but only to in
flict a serious bodily irjary.
4 Under our stutute thers are no degrees of
murder. All felonious ki'<ing is either murder
or manslaughter. Uenceever* kiliing, whether
of express or implied malice, is murder in the
lirat degree without regard to the particular in
tent with which the fatal blow inllic ;
whether the intention was to kill or only to la
fl;cl a grievous bodily ir jury. And in'no case
where the killing ia proved Co have been'perpe
trated with express malice; or under circum
stances where the law implies malica can the
(fl'.nce he graded down to ujaeslahgnter by anv
proof of an intention not to kill.
Thefoflenceof manslaughter is ILua tlcs--cd
by the statute:
5. Manslaughter is the unlawful killing of a
ham;:n being, without malice express or im
plied, aod without any m:x'.urenf deliberation
whatever. It must be voluntary, upon a sudden
Lcol passion caused by a provocation appa
rently pullicient to m&tce the passiOM irresistible;
or involuntary in the cemuJisinu of an unlawful
ac ! , or a lawful act without due cuation or cir
0. In cases of voluntary there
must Oe u serious and highly provoking injury
iulhcted upon the person killing, t>ullijieut to
excite an irresistible pas:;bn in a reis:>nub!j
pinion; or an attempt by ti.e person kil'ed to
c.-mtnit a s?rious pertonul irjarv ou the perioa
7. 'l he kiliing mu3t be the revolt of that sud
den violent impulse of n'tß.'icn supprsed to <;■}
irritistible ; for if there should upbear to hi'.vs
beeu an interval between thj »nd pruvo
c-uion given and the killic;*, tuti'C ent for ;h -
toiee oi'reason and humanity to te besul, the
killing shall bi attributed to djlibtra'e rever.g.-
and pnnish;d as murder.
3. Tbe distinction, therefor?, between the
crime of murder an'i manslaughter coiiciat3 in
the presence or absence of ac.ual or legal mal
ice, or in the words of tbe statute, " malice ex
pro3B or implied." And all felonious killing,
not the result of that sudden passion sapped to
be t.-risistible, ciujed by a provocation of tl.s
character described in tbe statute, is murder.
la the application of these principles to the
evidence, tbe court instructs the jury,
Ist. As toexpreSß malice:
That if the jury shall tiad lind from t'.u evi
dence that the prisoner deliberately nssiutled
and beat tbe deceased, Jane McNumee, iu tho
manner and with the intent charged in the in
tent charged in the indictment, and that such
beating resulted in bar death; and if tbey shall
also find that such assault and beating proceed
ed from hatred, revenge or ill-will, and was
accumpduiod with an intent to kill, then the
ofl'ense is murder, and express malice is pro
2d. As to malice implied :
1. That if the jury shall lind from the evi
dence that tho prisoner deliberately aj>a:tulte>l
the deceased, Jane McNamee, ana ictlicted
upsn her ttuch blows as were naturally calcu
lated to produce death, and death did in fact
result therefrom, and no considerable provoca
tion for such beating appears to have been
given—such as would reduce tbe killing to the
grade of manslaughter.
2dly. If the jury shall liad that all the
circumstances of tbe killing ahow an abandoned
and malignant heart, then, in either case, the
law implies malica, and the olleuce if murder,
though the prisoner may not have intended to
kill; Or—
Sdlr. If the jury shall find from the evidence
that the defendant made an unlawful assault
npon the deceased and beat her in the manner
charged in the indictment; And if the jury
shall also find that the manner of such unlawful
assault and beating tended naturatly to destroy
life, und death did in fact result therefrom, tbtn
such killing is murder, and the law implies mal
ice although tbe jury may believe that the pris
oner at the time ot euch assault and beating has
no deliberate iut«>nt to take life.
4. Drunkenness is declared by the statute to
corstitute no exsuse fur anf crime or misde
meanor, unless such drur.kenne&s ehouid be oc
casioned by tbe fraud, connivance or force of
some other peraou or persons lor the purpose of
caueiog the oerpetrauon of an ofl'ence. <sice. 9
of Crim, Codt.
5. And, therefore, if the jury shall find tho
prisoner guilty of tbe tilling as charged in the
indictment, tbe mere fact of drunkenness if
proved will not mitigate the killing from mur
der to manslaughter it tbe jury shall also find
that the cli'ence would have been murder if
druncenness had not been proved; drunken
ness cannot change the grade of a crime.
On the question of drunkcnneß, tbe Judge
i'urther charged for the prisoner:
That if tbe jury should find from the evidence
that the prisouerat the time of tbe commission
of the crime was in such a state of body and
mind, such as idiocy or insanity, whether pro
duced by drunkenness or otherwise, as to have
been incapable of distinguishing right from
wrong, then be is not responsible for the crime
and the jury should find him not guilty.
Tu* CmcAGo UxiTtasirr— Dxskrvxd Conru-
MENT.—The south wing of the Chicago Univer»
sity has recently been completed. It is a fine
structure, and gives assurance when the whole
plan is carried out that this will be one of the
most imposing and substantial buildings in the
United States. Onr Baptist friends will be sure
to complete it at an early day.
At a recent meeting the Board of Trustees
passed tbe following resolutions:
fietolied, That thi6 board express to Mr. Gin
dele their high appreciation of the prompt and
skillful manner in which he has executed his
contract for the cut stone and. masonry of the.
aection of the University buildings which he
has thus completed, presenting one of the tioest
specimens of work, in ita 6tyle, which this or
any other city affords.
Jietolttd, That as an expression of satisfaction
with bis fidelity and skillful workmanship, tbe
Board tender to Mr. Gindele a free scholarship
for his son, George Augustus Gindele, in the
University and its Preparatory School.
Wiluak Jones, President.
J. C. Bobeodchs, Secretary.
The resolutions pay an appropriate compli
plimsnt to one of onr most worthy and enter
prising citizens. Mr. Gindele was for a long
time tbe Superintendent of the Illinois Stone
Dressing Company. The First Presbyterian
Church with its fine doorway, Portland Block,
the residences of Wm. H. Brown and Wo.
Blair, Esqs., and CoL Johnson on Michigan
avenue bear witness to the .skill and mechanical
taste of Mr. Gindele. We hope the next season
will furnish ample opportunity for the exercise
of hia powers further to build np and adorn the
" Garden City."
Fins.—On Sunday evening about 7}£ o'clock,
a Ore broke out in tbe dwelling, owned and oc
cupied by Mr. Jonathan Clark, on the corner of
Lyla and Jackson streets. In tbe extreme west
ern limits of the city, and it was entirely de
stroyed. The fire originated from a defective
fllue, and the first intimation the family had of
its existence, was the falling of the chimney.
Tbe house was a new one, and valued at (3,000.
with an insurance of (2,500, together with (200
more on the furniture, which was partly saved.
Several adjacent buildings were in danger, but
were aaved by'the efforts of the neighbors and
the favorable direction of tbe wind.
Tbe steam fire engine Atlantic was promptly
on the ground, but there being no hydrants
near the locality, it was in a measure powerless.
Fire King engine No. 1 was also promptly on
hand, and got a stream on the fire from a cis
tern, but it was of little U6e.
Lahokxt at Blub Island.—John Bower was
arrested on Saturday for stealing sheets, pillow
cases, eoats, pant*, shawls, &c., from Clara
Jackson, at Blue Island. An examination was
■ had before Justioe Akin, who held him in (500
taiwer before the Bocorder. '
At Clilcazo, September, 5. ISSS.
CuictJiT Co cbt op Cook County—lJc.wGeohue
ifAyiEBBE, Presiding.
The bearing of testimony in tbe case of Fee*
pie t-s Williams alias Barry, commenced yester
day mornibg. An outline of the evidence we
present ea follows:
George P. Sdneon, Ex-Coroner—Held the in
quest on body of deceased on Mocday morning,
Sept. Gtb, 1353, at Grout's Saloon on Uanat
street, West Division, where the killing occur
red on tbe evening previous; ideotibed the
knife as one delivered to him by witnesses of
tbe fiflair; also a $2 bill.
Xicficlas Grout, saloon keeper as above,
brother of tbe deceased, who had lived with
bim—Deceased Itichard Grout was thirty-five
years old. Was not present at tbe time of the
affair; came back to tbe saloon fifteen miuittes
Jjr. Henry Wardntr—Was present at tbe pott
mortem; dsscriced the wound in the left breast
of deceased, penetrating tbe heart.
Augmte Lagorh—A saloon keeper on Canal
street, a lew blocks north of tbe Grouts, testified
that tne defendant and another man offered the
same bill to him in pavment for drink*, a short
tine previous to the nfl'dir. He refused the bilL
Identified the $2 bill shotvn ; also tbe knife.
Jatru* Callahan -The principal witness for the
prosecution, the only one who was an eje wn
neis o! tha aff.-ay; wa; in frout of the aalooa on
the evening in question, auvut eight o'clock.
Heard altercation ; looked in through a
wicdoir in tbe door; saw Barry with a knife
drawn and came in. Defeodant had oflered
tbe $2 bill to Kichard Grout, then
tendicg bar, in payment for drinks.
Grout pronounced it counterfeit. Defendant
dtmanaed the bill again or his change; Grout
"wait a minute until I put a mark on it;"
Barry drew his knife, saying, "Give it up you
ton oi a bitch, or 1 will cut you;" Grout came
trim behind the couuter, stmt the door, and
w c at towards Barry, then standing about the
middle ot tbe'room ; witness saw G. making ra
pidly towards Barry with both bands extendi-d;
could not say if n:s fists were closed, and a.-* no
bad put his hands upon his shoulders or was
about do so, witness could not say he had
touched him, Barry made a quick, downward
movement with the knife; tbe two then clinched;
Barry, by the superior weight and CiOmen
turn of Grout was lorced backwards; fell
orer some chairs, Grout being uppermobt, and
Barry's hand extended over tbe cnair; (witness
then saw the knife was bloody); the bystanders
interfered, and Grout said he was cut; Barry
«aid, "Good God, Mr. Grout, have I cut youi"
Grout crossed the room as if to for a bench
oa the north side, fell before reaca:ng it, and
lived only a few minutes; Barry was delivered
over to the police who arrived sciud time after;
(witness identified the knife shown, that used
by jlarry); Barry waH not drunk, though he
might have taken a couple ol glasses, nness
is a blacksmith, and had worked on iialsted
Owen Fiizpatrlck—Am an cnplojee cn the
Chicago, AU'jn and St. Louis Kailrc--; was sit
ting on the &toop outside the door, and heard
the noise; looked in through the 6aJi lights in
the door; teal.lied as to having seen tbe affray,
though not as distinctly as the preceding wit
ness, whose evidence in" its main points he cor
Potter, also tn employee of tho same
11-iiiroad Company with last witness, was iu the
giloanwben the tirst words occurred, but
left at once to avoid being mixed up in the
-lljir; lizard Barry threaten to cut Grout if he
did not up the bill; after be left the house
a minute or two liter, heard ecuflling, and then
the voice cf prisoner, "ily God! have I cut
yuu'r"; had looked in at the window, and saw
ihe two cuLcbed; gave the alarm and called the
i'oiicemm Dt'.aney and loute, testified that
they took Barry in custody, and carried him to
ti-c lockup at tbe Araiorv. On the way he told
mew that they had a sculib—ne.aod Grout—and
tut ho "didn't know what he did," adding:
'• i'm getting pretty drunk." Atthattimelhey
and the prisoner d.d not know that Grout was
Ttumas L. Forrest, banker, was called, as an
expert by the prosecution, to testify that tho
bin—a on the "Brandon Bank, Vermont,"
wus couaterleit.
li was here objected by Mr. Westcott, on the
part of the defence, that as witness could not
testily of his psrsonai knowledge, tha 4 . the */y
--nulares were forged, Liu testimony on this point
and as to the genuineness or otherwise of the
bill must be excluded. :tap
pending the decision of this poiat the Court
adjourned to 10 A. M. to day. The only remain
ing witness of tho prosecution nnd experts, to
show the bill olTcred was counterfeit, are that
hence tbe killing took place while defendant
was committias an " unlawful act," thns estab
lishing it as murder. It 19 understood that tbe
defence will call no witnesses.
TION* to tob iMraovEiiaxT cf Soora Clabk
Steeet.—At a meeting called by the real estate
otvners, and held at tbe BuroH House on Sat*
urduy avening, January 15th, to confer with
each other in reference to the improvement of
Sjuth Clark street, Winchester Hull, Esq., was
called to the Chsir, and S. Wickersham, M.
D., appointed the Secretary.
The object of the meeting having been stated,
on motion it was agreed that it is expedient
that South Clark street 6bonld be walled and
filled to grade, from Madison to Taylor street,
as soon.as practicable.
There being several contractors present,
statements were called for us to tbe cost, dura
bility, <tc., of the particular kind of pavement
which they represented.
Mr. Greeley responded for the Nicholson
pavement, Mr. Mcßaae for black stone, Mr.
DeGolyer for the cobble stone, and Mr. Terrel
for macadamizing.
After which a discussion arose amongst the
property holders as to which kind should be
Upon a proposition to macadamize the street,
a vote was taken, which was lost without a
voice in its favor.
On motion a committee of threo were appoint
ed to confer with the contractors as to the cost
Ac. of the pavement which thev favored; and to
report at an ndjourned meeting.
The meeting nppointed Messrs. A. Bigelow,
M. B. Clancy, nnd Joseph Gray as said com»
The committee were instructed to report se
parately upon the cost of walling, tilling and
paving, and to give an estimate per running
foot of the cost, including corners and intersec
tions. The standard dimentions cf the wall to
be two feet at the bottom, sixteen inches at the
top, and eight feet high.
1 On motion the meeting adjoorned to meet at
the Burnet House on Saturday evening, January
22J, at half past seven o'clock.
WiNcnssTkit Hall, President. |
S. Wickersham, M. D., Sec'y.
Bcbks Cextwxiai. FasnvAU—ln cnotber
column will be fonnd the programme of tbe com
mittee of our citizens who are to manage tbe
great Centennial Anniversary of tbe Birth-day
of Robert Burns, to come oil on the 23th inst.
The festival will commence with a grand concert
at the Metropolitan Hall, at which Bums' choic
est songs will be sung by accomplished artiitit;
then an oration on the genius and poetry of
Burns by Ex-Gov. McComas—the whole affair
to wind np with a grand supper and ball at the
Tremont House.
We are glad to see that the committee have
placed the tickets at a very reasonable price—
only 50 Cents for the concert, and |3 for tho
supper and ball, admitting a lady and gsntle
mm. Several bands of music are engaged, and
it cannot fail to be a magnificent affair. The
'beat of it all is—theprocetdi are to Ugizen to the
All about a Pail of Watbo.—Mrs. Dtryer
and Mrs. Kirwin, two daughters of the "gem
of the sea," got into a wrangle about a pail of
water, during which Mrs. Kirwin, in a high state
of excitement, kicked over the pail, spilling the
water, which was the property of Mrs. Dwyer.
Mrs. D. seized the pail and planted a sockdolager
between the beautiful eyes of Mrs. K. placing
them in mourning for at least thirty days. Mrs.
K. made complaint before Justice Akin for as
sault and battery; the Justice heard both sides,
pronounced Mrs. Kirwin the aggressor, and
fined tier $5 end costs—sS.OO. Mrs. Dwyer was
Stop Him I—-Alderman Dennis Conghlin
of tbe "Tintb," made an abrupt exit from the
Council last evening, by clambering over the
railing while the business was progressing, and
. made a break for the street, yelling like a wild
lojin. It is supposed be was steering for the
Times office with important news affecting the
Dyer charter. Hall is said to be in the secret
ofhis extraordinary conduct—alco-hoL Dennis
is an independent Dimmycrat, and does just
what be pleases.
Gba63 Sixn Wajctid.— Attention is asked to
tbe advertisement in onr columns of Hungarian
Grass Seed Wanted. The advertiser is ready
to pay the highest market price.
Millikekt.—Miss Noma is ptill receiving new
goods at her millinery rooms nnder the Tre
mor.}, and thn«e ladies who need any thing in
that line will do well to call npon her. To onr
lady friends who live in the country, we would
say, yon need not wear an unfashionable bonnet
unless you choose to. Enclose a description of
what yon wish, tbe mooey to pay for it, and the
directions, and you will promptly re
ceive t*. express something that will be a "well
spring oi pleasure," both in and out of the house,
yclept "a love ol a bonnet." The chop is No.
67 Lake street, under the Tremont.
Annual Meeting of tbe Illinois State
Temperance Alliance will beheld in Springfield,
on Wednesday, the 19th day of January.
By order of the Executive Committee.
J. J3. Mxnwis, Sec'y.
Oar list this morning is rather a formidable
one, and shows that the revues, especially of
the class denominated vagabonds—have not yet
leu the city.
Mrs. Dwyer, arrested for an assault on Mrs.
Kirwin, was discharged, nnd Mrs. Kirwin fined
John Bauer, arrested for larceny, was held in
Louisa Bauer, arrested for larceny was dis
Patrick Mortimer, (boy) vagabond, sent to
the Reform School; Louis Pbifer. vagabond
$lo; W. D. Cooper, do., (IS; Edward Jackson,
d r f 20; John McCarty, do. r $45; Mary Dillon,
ta, $-15; James Dillon, do., £45; Catherine
Fitzgerald, do., s£s
- Sweeney, drnnk t~id disorderly, dis
charged; G. ll Hnrlbnt, d?., $3; James Bur
retj, do., $10; 11. W. Sprats do., |S ; William
Rasp, do., $5; James McLjze, do., ;C. li.
Watson, do., £3.
C. F. Peterson, and A. P. Johnson,"were ar
rested for fighting. Peterson was discharged,
and Johnson fined $3.
Adam Limker was arretted fjr disorderly
conduct and fined $3.
Wm. Fioyd, burglary, held in SSOO to an
John Keller, arrested ic? larceny, was dis
Lowson, boy, larceny, discharged; Hugh
Peterson, do., discharged.
John Itvan, drunk, disorderly and abusing his
family, $25.
Heury Davis and Sam Johnson, stealing coat
and vagabonds, $45 each.
Michael Duer, drunk, disorderly;nnd vagrant,
Fritz Koebler, drunk aad resisting an officer.
John Walker, disorderly and ns.«anlt, $lO.
Abe Ladd, assnult and battery, $25, and for
threats held in S2OO bonds. " ;
Peter Miller and William Liavid were brought
up for fight ng, but were discharged.
Henry Lifke, arrested for beating his wife,
was discharged.
Bdsisess Mex, desirous cf engaging in the
clothing trade, are assurad. that there is no
humbug about our wishing io engage in some
thing else, and that we will treat liberally with -
responsible parties for of our stock
and lease of our store. Tbetentire stock is of a
superior quality and style, naptcd to first-class
city trade, and tbe cash sales of the bouse are
probably larger than those of any two others
in the trade of Chicago. Tatpen Bros.,
jalS 10S Lake street.
A Cabd. Niagara Engine Company No. 3 re
turn tbeir sincere tlianks to H. H. Honore
for coffee and refreshments,' kiadly nerved ut
tbe fire on the 10;h inst. '
P. P. Wocd, President.
C. S. Bcudsal, Jr., Secretary. jalS
Pike's Peak.—Read the cirdof Dr. A. C.
BuGum, who leaves for Pike's Peak in the
spring with a company, nnd wishes sup plies for
the expedition. jalS
To all who want to get a large return for
a very small investment, we say call at No. 43
Lasalle street, and eecure stock in tbe Dement
Building Association. It is a safe institution,
the stock going up, and wc are told, going up
quite rapidly; and that Mr. Dement's creditors,
tor whose benefit be has put up this property,
have come forward and l-ken stock liber.<llv,
and some of them to thu fall amount ot tbeir
claims. jal7»3t
A GLor.;ot*3 Achievement bv (lAYrnrr !
Ciiu exceed the achieved by J. C.
(iijettjVi Medicated paper lor the water closet,
Piiti will ?ooa be a disease no longer known ex.
tcpt in name. Tliis pure medicated paper is un
equaled as a preventive, aud unapproachable
a cure. Tlie proprietors wi.-h ut » lio *jrjl;en of
according to Its merits vnly. It w very cheap—
I.OOU .sheets for $1; 500 sheets for 50 cent?. Sold
by all drugijints, and at the discoverer's depot, 41
Ann street, New York. "J. C. Gayctty" ii water
marked in cacii sheet, aud his autograph ii 0.1
each package. Sent by express Irom 41 Ann
s;reet, New York, upon receipt of price. Tii.*
trade arc invited to correspond as to terms.
jos-2 »v-bU'25
jfcZT Wheeler Jc Wilsons Sewing Machines.
Nuiia-Westem Olriee 107 and IC9 L»ke >treet.
G£o. IL CiiiirsND::*, Ajent.
JCS>* ?ee advertisement ot Boudoir, Sewing Ma
chines, 122 Lake street. jal-ly-b9OC
tZf Seo advertisement of Quaker City S2O
Sewing Machine. L. Cornell & Co.,
0c26 ly 133 Lake street.
See advertisement ot Dr. Sanforda* Liver
Invigorator in another column.
At ihe reslde-ee of the bride's fa*her. on Thuradny
mora'DE. Jan. 13th. bj the Kev. L. L. Ltnslrir, Mr. WIL
LIS P. JjUNsOS. of Alorrisos, and M.sa PfiENA
YufoG, ol Unlonville.
Tn Greeocwtlft, Inciini. on the 12th lmt. ALICE
EMKLINK, aged one jear. daughter ef Professor B. T.
Hojt.of y Cntvers.ty.
Particular Notices.
£ll unit AT TEN PER CEXT.-A
wft 1 »V/vM * »*rty wthes oe t> iell a noal' let
hi alow rrlcs on fair termt and loan tbe purchMsr «1.& 0
or upwards, at tea per c.nt cn oihtr itca.ly, ore or
tiro>ears. Application ta be made to ne p-rsan*lly or
byle-ier. _ J. L. Lfc.*".
ja;s At tVadjworlh 1 Go's. fC Clark , bpx p. Q
To exchange for farming lands,
Mercha-.dse or City Prop rtT.
01 Jewelry. Gold Pea*. Pencil*, &z. Addte«s "J. W.
K..'Boi-lCa. Chicago P. O. Iybb9fr7lm
1? I from I 1&0 10 $1 COO
nfe.o. W. MIWCOMB *OO. to Dearb-ro-gt.
JLI »Ul attend to my buJaeu i2ar'n< my 1 bsesce iron
tie city. per«ona ooalness w.ihme will can utoa
him a' h's olee Nc. Lake itre^t.
iAlia»» F. MO3ELTT.
Money to loan.-
A few thousands to invest In
Rnn&icx from One to Twelve Hontht.
Also, can uae a few ten per ce:t. Coopon lkindi ron
ntarflveyeari B.*.DUSVNLN(iA OJ^
J*lo >7Clark«treet.
JL conveslenceofpropertyowrcrs. I have prorore«l
a list of the oa tats &i Forest Iwi il attend
to Ui» payment of taxes for partiu payiug them to me a;
my ofiue befure tlie wth tosL
jalO-Jw P. J. LiSE. Secretary.
valuable Horses andCarrta-es, wMeh we will ex
eliure far groceries. Loa er. aa.*dware. Boots and thors
cr Dry Goodj. Alio a new Pev?o octave Piano as above.
AUB >rr A Kt>GMaN.
1i6b5341m S3O a&dSJdontb Olark street,
Money loaned oa cijcy keal es
tati SeeariUea. MorUtacts. Trust Deedi Condi,
cwui. isiaine« Notes, and all Rood •ecorr
tlea boaxht and sold. CenlOcatesof Denosiisaad Cheeki
of B. K. bwlO. Brother k Jobnstan, porchaied tor cacti
at ttie blahe* market price. Defers I' Illinois. Wlkod
•ln aadlowalands, improved faaaa. suburbia lots and
City Heal Estate. Office No, & Oecoiul floor) Metropoli
tan Block, comerof aaadolph aai Laulle st«., Chleaco
Drata. Accertoccet and Kctespali la New York on
the day of maturity, or last day ol grace, and coiey de
p sited lor accjuot tn tne city ot new York anaieot 10
cities la tbe vicinity of New Yor< ia TeleßrapLlc Orders,
Eastern pioplrti
Apply by mall or otierwlse to
T. 8. HUBBARD, Urban a, HL
ocss-barg-to* [ ;
Chicago tod MUwinkee Uiilroid Company.
1 Stockholders of the Chleaco and Mllwaakee Ball
road Company, which wis advertised 10 be holden at
their oSee tn Chlearo *n the Hth d*v of Dr-eesber,
isa. atlOo'doek A. 4L. has beet POSTPONED UN
TIL TUESDAY February S»ME9.aili) o'clock A
at which tune said meetlns will be bolden at the office of
said Company in Chlcuco. for the election or Directors
for the enaoiajt year, ana the transaction of cnch other
tnuineas as may be presented.
By order or the Board.
fia2-td>tdft A S. DOWSfI, Secretary.
IDincs Ciquors.
W. T. Shnfeldt & Oo<,
II • - - • South Water Street, • - - - SI.
(Corner of WabssMAveccO
.Distillers of
Also ftUzmbctom of 0
Domottie Ltqnors, Bomlnx Fl«ld v
V The Trade sap plied at Market Sates aod on LTber
a terras. tn>a4oMy
For sale by nXLD, BKNXDIOT 4 Oa
Waieixotox, Jan. 17—Hocsb.—On motion of
Mr. Phelps of Missouri, it was resolved that
during the ensuing two weeks from to-dar, it
shall be in order from the Committee of the
Whole on tbe state of tbe Union to take a re
cess till 7 o'clock for general debate only.
Mr. Morria of lliinois, announced the death
of Mr. Harris of that State, pronouncing a
eulogy on bis private and public worth.
Messrs. Clark of New York, Lamar of Missis
sippi, Washburn of Illinois, Adrian and Stew
art of Maryland, added their mournful tributes.
The usual resolutions of respect were passed,
and the House adjoorned.
Senate.—The S »nate chamber was crowded
to excess to hear Mr. Douglas pronounce a
eulogy on Mr. Harris of Illinois.
Mr. Seward ot N. V., presented the creden
tials of Mr. Wilson, re-elected from Massachu
setts, and also tbe following resolutions, which
was adopted:
" That the Secretary ot the Treasury commu
nicate to tbe Senate as freely as it may be in
bis power to do, the number of American ves
sels engaged directly in the palm oil trade on the
coast of Africa the average number ot their Toy
ages annually, their tonnage, the nature and
value of tbeir exports and imports, and tbe
amonnt of duties derived by them for the Trea
sury of the United States."
On motion of Mr. Hale a joint resolution, ap
pointing Commodore Stewart senior flag otficer
in the N*vy, was taken up.
Mr. Hooter of Va , called for the yeas and
nays, and it was adopted 37 against 14.
Mr. Iversoo of Ga., moved to appoint Friday
of each week for the consideration of private
bills. Agreed to.
Mr. Johnson of Tenn., moved to take from
the table his resolution directing the Committee
on Finance to report a bill in accordance there
with, to limit tbe expenditures of the Govern
ment within the revenue.
Mr. Hunter, Chairman of the Finance, object
ed to tbe subject being referred to his Com
Mr. Gwin of CaL, moved that it be referred
to a select committee.
Mr. Shields, of Minnesota, oHered a resolu
tion instructing the Committee on Territories to
inquire into tbe expediency of organizing that
{)ortion of the original Territory of Minnesota
of the new State which was adopted.
Mr. Yuleepresented apetition from Runbardt
«t Co., and other agents of steamship lines be
tween New York and Europe, praying for a
modification of tbe laws relating to the exporta
tion for the beneht of the drawback. Interred
to tbe Committee on Post Uoads.
The Bubject was debated over one hour. The
i>oint of itsaue being, whether to send it to the
Committee on Finance or Special Committee,
but action was stopped by a message from the
House announcing Mr. Harm' deatu.
Mr. Douglas, to tbe evident disanpoinlment
cf nearly 2,toi) spectators, who expected to
hear an extra speech, read in a low tone of voice
& brief sketch of the life and public services of !
the deceased. !
Messrs. Shields and Davis followed in eulogy, i
after which the Senate adjourned.
From Washington.
Washington, Jon. 17.—Private letters an
nounce the recent discovery, near Fort Buchan
an, of the old Compadre Silver Mines, which
have been for a long time buried and lost.
The Committee on Ways aud Means met on
Saturday and considere tLe condition of the
National Treasury, its deficiencies aod the best
mode of replenishing il The deficiency, by
the Ist of July, it is telievad, will be 43k>'y00,.
Lord Napier has otSsially requested the Brit
ish Government to coolirm or refute the state
ment made in a London letter to tbe Boston
Ddibj Adurtiar respecting bis partiian rela
tions here.
Ata meeting on Saturday, of the Committee
on Ways and Means, Secretary Cobb presented
a report showing that more than (Ij.'Jli.'.V'o of
Treasury notes tall due before the Ist ot July,
which there are no means available to meet.
Mr. Phelps stated he was not prepared to bring
forward any plan so supply the deficiencies in
the revenue, but will do so on Tuesday, to which
day the Committee adjourned.
Washington*, Jan. lo.—The Democratic mem
bers ol the Senate held a caucus on Saturday
for the discussion of tbe President's recommen
dation relative to Cuoa, uud Mr. Slidell's bill
providing the §uj,uoo,ooo be placed at tbe dis
posal of the President to facilitate negotiations
for its purchase. The discussion was very earn
est and animated, and the views of the d.lfirent
speakers widely diverse. No definite conclu
sion was arrived at, though, it is understood,
that tbe recommendations of tbe President were
pretty generally favored, and it is believed that
Mr. Slidell's bill will pass tne Senate.
From New inexico.
St. Loch, Jan. 17.—The New Mexico mail
with d-tes to tue 2?ih uk., reached laue.'cnd
ence yesterday. Thenuilwas p.eked on mules
most of tbe way, in cossequeoce ot bad roads.
The New Mexico L-gislature had elected
Augustus Demerle public printer, vice S. M.
Notbicg had been beard from the missing
Neosho mail party.
Got. IteUcher, in his special mesjage, says
the armistice with the Nuv.joes amounts "to
nothing, as it does cot provide tor the surren
der of the murderer of Major Brooks' servant,
nor payment lor him. Tue Superintendent of
Indian Afl'dir3 and commiudt-r of tbe military
department eay that ther will consent to no
peace upon the terms of the armistice, but will
requ.re the return of oil private and public pro
perty taken during the and the establish
ment of aline running east, beyond which the
Indians bhall neither plant nor grez; their
RufCani*m and Jllurder in Kctv York.
New Yoke, Jan. 17.—The Gli Ward was
yesterday incming tbe scene of nuutroci'-U'* mur
der. .Tun. ox c;»u<tablo of the Ward, am!
two other men, at'ivr c mmtted sundry
acts of violence In the hu-e S2 Elm si.net, retreat*
rd to the street, and us dieted, dr. iltwu -hr.:«
through the hall door. Both *hoN t:v>k < fleet in
the person ol Willlielm B.eUer, the proprietor,
aud his wcuDdj are proni.ir.ced mortal.
The three men then attacked lliclunl O-vens,
a respectable Rigger and Stevedore, and ended
l>y shouting hiui through the heart, hilling
The murderers fl?d, hut subsequently Glass and
Jas. Higgins, one of h s eompaious, were arrested.
The other one is at large.
flic Kansas Tronblc^.
Washington", Jan. 10.—Orders have -u-cd
cd from the War Department .-huil.ir to those
winch were sent to Kansas pending the former
troubles, viz: to use the 4th or o'h companies of
troop* now tbere as & posse enmmitiitus to en; cr':e 1
the laws during the present distutbjaee.s iu that
The Fi>hiog Bounties.
Nsw Yohk, Jan. 17.—Tne Washington corres
pondence of the Ec-ninj I'vtt says a proposition
is on foot fo amend the bill entitled a codifica
tion of tbe Revenue Laws, wi h a clause repeal
ing the fishing bounties. It is understood that
Speaker Orr will admit tbe motion.
Explosion of a Powder IHilh
PonTLAND, Me ,Jaa. 17.—The Kt-rcelliu-: MiUs
of tlie MtMcham Powder Works,eoiitnlauiu eighty
kegs jMiwder, blew up on Saturday, killing Mr.
David R. Jones. The mill' wen.' t»y (J. S.
Ne\vi.all A Co., of Salem. Mass;
Fire in Portsmouth, Ya.
For.T-Morrn. Va., Jan. 17—Tne. Portsmouth
Literary Hail was b rned on Sunday mining.
Losss4.ooo. The Ocean House was damaged to
the amount of {2,500.
Louof a Vc>iel.
Hahpto* Roans, Jau 17.—The ehip Oxn&rd of
Boston, irom Carcili' bound to San Francisco,
coal-laden, sprung a leak in a gale ctf Cspe
Horn, aid was abandoned. Tho crew were
saved, and have arrived here.
llto Til®riidike.Will Ca«e.
Boston-, Jan. 17. —The Thorndike will case has
been postponed till Friday.
Cumber, &r.
Lumber and Shingles.
Bostaeia.-Ihe un4e;r;ae<l have »Ur<e»i-ckof
Dry, Clear. aadConuon fine LumSir. canonic* of
Boards, Punk Fencing flooring. Jjlee &n>l S=&z,t:l»r.
aU I . irood watcb wilt be ftoil at me lowest
sA'ketprieeto c o«- the ccsloea
Yard located *. T*e f n West SMe. on
the sjatb Brasch, near all Wistern ixjoU. Call
and examine tac suck.
To Lumbermen and Others.
Corn M*»: Feed of all kin J« at low riiet.
will save noney by c«Uing ill 43d iti Wert
Lite ureet.
BTSVIS3. N03R13 * CO.
ChJ-ragp. Not. 13,13 a. nol4 ly
JW. S K INKLE & 00..
Ocztrracemeßtaircsssa as to lanrs w alltiaeia
Sail Kpplyci tho difweitacaiiuer of
Joint andfleantnaa cf an sfsaa &r3!asstii&common Lcm
Of Norway and White Pise, we alwayi Oand ready to
•aatoare with any In this raareek Welnrlttthe calls ar 4
of all coostry and ether dealers to oar stoek ea
i indCOntrmgl*.
Hope Fire lu-ur<incc Company,
Cash-Assets $175,000.
Rxrxaxscxs Cbt irrHoarrr) Ia Chicago.
Reynolds. F.y & On-. Ocdtn. Fleetwood A Co*
Benedict. Mailory A Farraa. Ciart A Dater.
T. G. VAN BUBEN, A^ent,
Booth East eor. of South Water aod Ga?k-s%
ttOloWl«tt> CP STAIttA.
ri LASS ! GLASS !! GLASS !!!
VJT Plate and Doable Thick Glass, of larxc £«ea. An
aborted itock lor sale low by
«SaM9 DnsiMSaosihvaartfrwt
tWC. IZ. SCnrVLY. AW, 63
M auJioriitJ ta rertict /or t,'.U a.ij aU
Leculirv) of tha JTe*. j 4 | ijJJH 1 j
SS'i-'- """ * a ' l "i" 1 va-CK 3 "
A1 '°- *'« C "
» » SEW h r
I.l'Jtcll IVHE7LSS.I!
for "hlch'he tU»»e3t caraet rr!c*w«Hh tf
pa.d Addr si or tpp rto SAML*i.L 1_ Htitizl v .
aaatfo Ph urett. Chiozo Lig Iq. *
J. SING. who!cfii«:ok**C<itivr S C nn-n. i. »...
!fua "Iff hcL '' "-' e 10 »l~acr of ,bca
"V^il5 d i rcM "■ "■ =I-*K»cc£
ial3-3a co baiga. N. c.
4 Cow* wantej to talc-* to
t«»lf . . * til . uncjoiir* tw.> p st
*7® «ta s tor return o«il >or ca'l at his o£ f :ni «oam
Clara street, corner of M*di*jo. jl'.S Tw-c?
zhf, rV*ic "X" 1 "' u:lJer , 1!c ns:c ' »=J
, *' Djace A Co. was d w.lvetl on Uie lit
by mutual consent. w il • O*NK.
Hi »ARlt-:V
X\r H. KENNICOTT, -- — -r*
■ VV • denti:t.
ieia ny. 'gqcm
-AT TU£—
Homoeopathic Pharmacy,
A nprily of
o a
A!i-», another bt rf
i BAt-gEY ± RING.
C . M. CADY, Instructor 1 .
Flemsnta-y diss. Ta-sdav. 7 o'clock P. M.
CLos. FriJay. 7,S o'clock P. M.
A: the Lcctore Koata la Portlanl Block.
CF"Tuition:- rer term of 12 week*. jilß trt)-cl«
Tuesday, January 25th, ISoD.
Grand.Marshal of tlie Day, Chief HcGLASHES.
_fJ"" n by * GRAND MASONIC CIVIC and
FHOCtSSiOW ai-icu wl;i f rin o
ctree.. w.ta ue n< .v oa take str. tt, »t II
u c ocit A. it. 13c F.0:»53 oa wii tn-.*u ma c. to Dear,
bo.n Pat*, wheie th; Military wtu be reviewed by
And the Masiib aad Civic
A'tsr whlei. a Sa!ute of
will Ke fired, conrtencls* precUelr at U o'clcck noon. ■
by C*ykoia jAMij siiiri:. o. tLe ArtilLry.—
The cannons loally rear.
K-aoi >licn irom to-j ihore;
i. uiu i duta bOki.a«e cay
To tue Foci's naval day.
laHcniroftbeO\'P ' tTNUri'-t»rn BI£THI>4Y of»ht
l* n „ui Po-t. ROBERT BDBNS. .h" l"c°..lm
wuuuen re lorm uiA.-i.fi Lp 'o Mii.rt
a. d down u cute street, whea ih.v'w:ll be
.Music h» the 1 Isht Guard aid Gre.it Wed'em DanJs.
and tLe TLree fipcrs oi tue Guam.
—at in*
Commtnclns at:. 1 * n'ebek P M.. when t!i<? fo'.l-.wir.*
rare coauiaA.l-a u. Mad.cJ Talent, aad l^jtru
mestxi, will appear;
Mrs. tiIMA li. LOaXWICK,
Mrs. MATILaj:;.
Mr. T. CAArt'POSD the cebbrito 1 Scottish
Mr. WM. MO3SE,
Jltrsrs. CL'EUIS and BOiTTuEII, PiaaUtj,
lien. J. GR£EN. ? IELD. la "Tan o' S' ar ter."
fart r.Kar.
I.—(j.a-d O.cifare. f.ir tbe occaibn, by
Her cocii,; r.~iu.;oJ-o * fir rtj 4:rs of the
"-et V. U/ttie<Ufj: GuatJ Band.
Hca. W. B. Chilrman. will lalroduce
who will deliver a trlef
The birth of toe Poet, and the Cissy'j ; r»:dic'.ioa—
2—Sons,"Tbere wia alal waj bora ia ICyle."
, _ .... air. Crawfrr!.
Son?. John *ni!<--S"»a my Jo." Mrs
-4-*ou< "iiuacin tir4y." Mr Detnp«t t r
J—(;u«rtett ," Ye nnd Ura- so" is.i " wu."
Mis U siwiclt. Mra-Matics-m. Meii.-i. Cr-wf.rd an 1
"Tarn »»' eLu .ler." Mr Greenti Id.
Or*nd tx ra Peatu-e. *• Brace's \icrcd« to t.i A my
oq tlie Field oi Ciiinocki.urn."—sy ih" liuhi»r.d
Cuird coaiain lei by C ptAln McA't:.d-. as-isted
by Chieli toclf a«hea an.t Crawfurd. ih- Ma,l r
be eg led by UeUit'UAni VVojd—.ll la lull nig;.! «i..l
I.—Grand Ore tore of Favorite i-ctch Air*.
by iLe Llg..t »;airil B*n
2 —Sons. A Mu'uMin f,*r V t .at,"....Mr. Cr i^S.-nl.
U —?oag.'"Comi ' tnro't!ie Kye." Mrs. l-.o i»i k.
4.—"Roy's Wife o' A divA 10eb.".. ..Mr. l eroiutcr.
a.—Sjdc, "O. Wb itle aa' I'ls coaeto jga. rav La-I."
a.rs. i»-.-twi "lc.
n.—G'ee. "Wl'.liebrew'd a Peck o* Msut."
•>ic» rs <>»«for>>. aji''»r>f and
7.—Srb I'iXl)"s Fjrte, celeciija of wt:i v.rl-
»tiua« ilcrr Uuetiier.
M«. K Luinbxrtl. wltli fu'l ''h-irui.
Gran' Pin\le, "Aa;d I.aj-'jyte." by i:«e Ili.' J;»r.d
Guard hd by Lieut. Wooj. ai.d a full O.Ci.catrit
• • Im-nedlitely after the Musical Fesiivil,
Wi'l be jtlven at the
Tac Rfalleinen are
A'V;. Janei A. Manhalh fh ef John VcGiaah'r,
Cel. E Toiler. J Wiikla*. U.-lt. Conrul.
Cart Joha >irA't l ur, .! hn B. Drake.
Cupt. Jvp-j Scith, W. W. Mi chs.l.
CinU .•>«. GUaion, J bnStrw rt.
Capt. Ducat, Joba Lao.IALJ-t,
Rscirrrox cc**rrr«.
ll«r*py. D. Af-acr.
Daxald eirwan. I. \V. ua'k.
ts.;t ?-n It. lUyr.i:r.d. Col W H.
W. I'. Ma r, W. Scott etcwArd.
MtLslc bj the Great Western D.ind.
Mai'cil Fest til. 50 d. ea*ii: Tlcketa
f.ir tbe Hall and Bir.qu-t *J— admittlLz a Unat'era*!
anJLady—to b«L4d «t tbe rren >ct Hciir.at all tlie
So tJ. cf Mr. E. «?!!<• Ka - d rf l.a street, or
of trie aieotbers of tne general Corn ait tee.
T.le t*n urand Piano F>>r.ej ns-nl omilon. and
to be presided at by Mes»r«. Carrie B. --t *tr. aie
Sdn<il» fur-i'hedt-y C. L W*tk n* A ' o. «nd N Goold.
T- eO»mrnit r«of Arraniernentsrefppctf-ll? la'onntiie
ad:atrersofibel'o«t, "a tm-. grea; f i.jal, rail *nd
B.rqaet. tb.y h - ) e. wll be one worthy of t_e occa lon.
A ftjjK. con:*lnn< tne c'rosra-aae. ord< ft e so.ci
ii-. i a I tiiAt iiracn r»y'- or tali w>rld-'.v.Je eve.t i:i
tlia<t-at o by »tiae Wo d
et. wi.i becuo.jjii.'J. and to be bala: tie h»ii, rtf J.
Barnit. 15J Lake it. Price lJcti.
tW Ptrties 'rsa he eoant'T tin; the Ana'vrr
svy. will tieretini*d r;?oimn*. if no; aIl of tti« R»1
roada bypre«raUa« hsirßaojUft T\;ie.tnl the
o. tlie Txemoat House.
Therr;e?eJsov<r tba expenses will bec!vea totlie
Coorof CMciga. uaier tbe nti-DiiiLce cf
J C. Ha!&es. M yr.
li. F s'roth.r. L" ACoJettor.
Hon. *V. H. rj*n
ii—ri. A. rrcs. ei. A. Soc..
Alexander WLlt.-. Lt<j.
Hon. W. B. Fir n Jai. A. Manhalh
Hon. Andrew d*rr'e. Alex. White, ►»<;..
lUn. Kobertd. \VL's;n. Joba McG asien.
lien. David Stewart. Geo. Les le, Esa .
cast. J. M-Aittar, IL G.. Jobn Alston hyj.,
Lapt. Juci-i tfaiitft. L. A., Srlvrster Lind. tiq*
Capt. A. C. Da at- P. 8., JotnstewArr Eiq,.
J. K £<lL C-JUia', w. James.
Pro'. Bl>nev. W. Bros . ' *«i,
H. F. 5* ro'.b r. U. S. Ccl.'r, J;>ha Unkr. Eq,
Got. Mcxmea. J alius Wbi e. uq,
LA. Buck. M.W GM.of G. J s GrAnt Wi'jin. E<q..
L. of HL of k\& A. M.. Wilson, tsq.
jat9 id c 3
O 63.—C00k County Circuit Court— Ftbraary Special
Term. A. D. liaJ.
Henry Mlltard ti. C. D. Colberts k Co.
PnbUc notice Is hereby dren to the said O. D Calvert
scnACo. mat a writ of atlacime.t L-saed oat of tLe
ctrce cf the Cerk of the Cook Ooanty Cir.miu Coart
daUd tne tea h day of Jana«rr, A. D. 1%;?. the
snitof tbe tald ueu-y M.lwarU. ana ac*lc<t tne estue
of tie said 0. D Ca'.oert'oa k Cn . tot the som rf one
baodred and eithi« n d.naift. d reeled io th« Sheriff
or Cook Ooonty. wtlch said wnt been retoraed eie
Now. therefore, n-less yoa. the said 0. D k
Co. an»l' penonaliy be aad aapear befo"e the sa!d Cook
County Circuit Coo. U oner before the*n; day of tne next
Soedil term thereoL >o be holdeti at the Coan Ho tue. la
tbe eltT of on the arcond Monday of feb.
rniry. A. D. 195*. elre epfcal ba.L aad plead to the
taldplairtUTs actlou. imumeai will be entered ajnlnit
yna and In favor of the tald Henry Ml'wir l and so
mach of tne property attached as may b* scflclent to
satisfy tie iild rad«nest and costs, win be sold to aatUfy
Uiesame. ... WILL. CUCSCH. Getk.
H. Datis. FU'S Att ?. jait c t
a. a—Cook Oea?ty Ooart of Co mm ja Plea»-?eb
mary Term. A D-.
WTltiao F. D-*eett Heary D Ba«ieti azd D. Fobsrt
Hilli-Ts- Eanioipn Barney H. Dyckmaa
and tuwia
Pobllc Notice U hereby rfren to the said Randolph
Deosaore. baraey H Dyckmaa and JCd»ui neajm «e.
that a writ of Attachment issued out of th/» office of the
Clerk of the Coaaty Co art o Common P.e.s. dated
tbe twenti-fojmh day of Dectmber. A. o laSJ. at the rait
0 thesaldWm s Doiie;t. Henry l). &ass:tt D.
Uobart Hi'is. and against tbe estate ot tbes«ld tiandolpn
Denim re. Baf' ey M. 1 yrkman and »d«ia Denstrore.
for tn.- tarn o r Three Hod! red aad Hlxty-Seven Dollars
aad P:crCenu directed to tne Sheriff of OoolE
Coaaty. which said writ has beearetarned executed.
Mow. therefore unless yoo. the said K*aUo ph D<o*-
more tia ney H.D c ma aad Edw.n a*iall
persnnalQf be aod appear before tne said Cook County
I'onrt ol Oo«aooa Me .1. oa or before the first day of the
next term thereof, to te hold a at the Co art Hoase In
the civ of Chicay* on the firjt Monday ef Tebroarr.
A. D. ISS3. xlTe special batl. and to tne eafd
plaintiff's acUoa. jad«mer*t will be er tered joa
a* d la favor of tbe s»ld Wllliaa E. Dcnett. Henry D.
Bauettand D. Hobart aad *0 mach of the prop
erty attached as may be »of!c!er.t to the iiu
jadiaent aad ecaU, will be sold to satisfy tbe same.
CUucr I Hmscocx, PiS't AH*y,
mi atscn*
SJartifactare 1 expressly 'or
Real Turkish 'Tobacco,
mEEnscHnura pipes.
J. 11. REED i: CO'S, Apothecaiies,
Steam F«rry froa CoantU Bluffs to Omaha City.
IN EBRASs Iv A, NO. 1.
1 C*rry 1: Waoas and Teams «t eacb tr?p. anil
kaa taken <"er at load 300 he J of C*itla and she
can mtie Ilk cro k'sri or ra re -a'h way in a day and
will Ds atl r t > ferry over 'r- m four t> five hundred
w»ccnj a-d learn? from mcr'se t- unmet each car
»• e aasure travellers. who arc g iin* to tae
Nebraska Gold Mines,
Cah. California, Oregon a-.u Wsshiagton Terrtor'es.
t.lat th- rr, ir j, iro-Falrfitl i. Iow««.it», Duho:}-e aa,i
toicti I: t:ra'(]Ut.<. by council Rl- Ci an 1 o«n»ha C<ir
anl qj tse roui rd- o ibe PU'te Mr—. are better
ocarrr. and aur; *b.ad tail? srocaed with waaon*.
° OI ; # *'» l **"'«•*• Pniv.slofs aod g-.oda. thin .my
other. An<l «th tie settle-enta ami turps. a-id tl'
regular »nd well-est-bl n~ e 0 f Mali t'oacLes al".
re.uy estesd.oc n fjrt Keam«y and »oon Ij b-ex
tendrd a i»: e w,y to the ra a-a, ;i i« no a wider
nesa r«.ute tirouif as Indian chantry, bu* c»n or tra
ve' »'d s>i »aMy acd c >m'< rt ol» acj niucU more eainy
than a: yof tit r ad, through Miisoati or lowa.
There is co; t!.e -a-ve U: ■of ir*,J la the Cr.'.fd
P aies 'o trvei aa t eutirelv »n:.->u: mar-hes s ou*hs or
b»d tUcca and >o near;y Mrv*h . lae 6tream« on the
« or L b f a T>T f ar<f 1 trl'«e 1. ex.- pub® Loup
V rk. audhere the W <s:era 0 Company hare a ssod
'•"T-, „ hNOdlOvVr.
j\"Va f i° a 1 E and Ferry Company.
Notice to Milppers.
all r nje« fr >m I'LL-axo E«**.an Provisionsaadall
Preuht wt.i ne *9 fclicwj astlJ ;ar*-er ai>
Ci iciso to Et-'itoa, all rail, by il. S i 31.
C- Kai1r0a1p........ T"/* t**>
CLlc'M- rk.»t a. r-;l 10 k*.ruaaj. Ue'rl^
C - if.iwo to Poi'.os by rail to rLUaJ.-bhia
r r Biitracr-?
C> iCKO 11 * t-w Yrrlc hy all frut's a I»ili.'.ic.*
Chicago lu P..1 >i W!,h »or Ba.Vinst-re. .so* '• '
J. J. H0U3105, tor P. Ft. W. Jt C. E. E.
. i.r^As:
li- Most Orllliant Li-ht
•>t •Sgil r\ Tn aIIa n! I nrrp. J NTT
\\ «. -Mil l -° N '' rfd
►\\o V-fl hours Pirh .1,7. u«f<
r f J TU & KE MONi-US «1t-
+ M. qa<l to el/'.*
i il Landles. When the
-V P -J lsnrrp»ily uimia-
Jjl \5 9' cJthervb
ao '' ie or Smeil.
L i<tav3P^w
tt t ANrnD.—A vorxt;~AND~TcnvH
»? h-ji"r*si "nan w ah-i In obf In Is
-du* i- el nUt'i'l c'-r< Wll d v >t<- H- wh-1«*
l: .;••••• r iiite.es! Uj eia;> .'ycr. AiJresi " C'»rl-t"
ar t l .:- - jalTwi*
» V K hjv'n* fr nj hirt* i'cy n
K. K. -VILLAiII) * YOCNi*.
j t'l :w Hmcr. No. a fl .rlt-at.
i ■irjt of to run~lra six t) twelve
rrrr.tSu .vJ feared l-y K.v«i Ksta f la ChU*a»j ir Ira
rrotedc»ua!y prefect/ Ij Cock Cjur.ty, L;
A. NV.VN?.
Ba™k!n? OTirc. Clari «irtet.
ROOM- to I.ETTVlrif"iol;cl.vg,
snit-.bl-i for a Uay ar.J nfr.tOT.an. wi:hl- two
b»o ' f tr.e Qics. Inquire at ll > a ate s.reeL
bIiUJ lw-j\ 17
V f»*n ly troin< K.n* w '1 rmt
• Ji-.r hnu-% wbl>-!i l« very .1 •♦irtli'e. lithe *auti D »!*■
1.1... Bvr ,ai iut;a*.K*v P ,»t *r.(J win
sell the fursirjr- v r/ <•• ea->. ar>-l b aril uil «;.rii s u ile-
Slra-:-* adi»j by lettc. ij "d ii. p.- I'. S * fij.e
jtN u*
he h utt.-e* on the * v and ncn- .1
11 >oria if.j-'Ws Bai >Jh<. c ».-n-r S .u;:i \V t-r in t W ;i«
siree a. AUt*j lo't* a-.1 a P.n* curner h».<eTi,o l
#4iUbl*f>r .4 dmia- h* I for ■ rain atipf. »o i!ie»
Ler.n hu; No. -:J .-(jutU •• *ut i'r ti
i IJ
I RRsT p' mip fiat bn .(H-j r-Tt
L.ui o: Hi- Eicrfator ui uit>t:a. r.:h:»i C «it:. the enc
on •:.>'! It .tii ii-..ri- * a i) rrle*« on itie
rtyr ar.druna:n< bact t-< tiie t». 4 U ILK. Att;ithej
M Jh- bi2i-j:j{ a-t m;:i ••iu:-.e M.im. w : t:i an • nilcf
Tills h a tioe lo<* li.m r-ir a Fl mrla* aiiil. wr tor Meeuatxl-
i'jr tcrtao, ac. ap.l7 t-.
». H. VV 11,1.1 AM J ,
b s !i Cm iIJ Pcaili Wattr street.
i r nr Sale.
1. Bsiv." tulll 'n CI v« ial li lr.'i*: le"s»tf).
!j - ' J e-.- : »'-• a ifi »lofe t • 1 fcit;
c.»?tiar-ia*n' - 1 "I '-j t^r*
i'Tprii-e *• i t-iisi.a ply ts LIND A tLATKr''aaa'.
n«ar .M «.l',r>a »?iee». hl'i lin*
i.l Pit«^*.MfN —I bate fo- ml-* on- ?->od Truck
U a and llvt» h «,nJ I nn Axel ard !lv
tie-H--«. in» ab »ve sale
-f Kief ni-ad Jt iftce Ccrtc.- Nnr r. vt'aicr
aad lJcart>->'n nr>tti. ;aU "n
o:ficeN». 1. Do!«!'i C!i;ca<o. l'.L.
lac fo.«uwm* tc»»clj:
gchr. ROCKET. nw .V I, wliluFhr A> a.
.. E 12* OfIAV. .. A 1 >s» ..
.. tißfctf E*liLt .. \ i .-j
.. N-a ITIVJHI; .. A 1 4CO ..
.. WiNU" OF 'H K WIND, tlasi A J I'd
.. international. .. it i ..
.. .. i >y ..
... frfjHKu .. a J jja ..
New b*\r.i Ei.c'e*.
Ou liunli, ucar Suporljr St.,
Acd'obe fialih-'l'l.i7 lii. h apt Joxl 1 ? feet, 1
thif" f one*, wt'i hyia'T. brici tot:t,
boiit an-l to be Uaish-d la .j* be-i Tue lot* are
H7 Vet de*o to an a le?. aad w.Il bav-.- a xooU bfrk baru
oa eaca. I'e.ioai j.oa cau m.u< sucli al-
Urai-Dos as taay Ds ilesircd.
Ts.-aj favorarj.e. ApjlyU DT. ORltfAuD. 45 Clark
slreeU from l* to li) o\Uc* A. M. isj
Railroad station diniv; >ALf)ON
a F.-j't, Clc.ir ard C.13 ectloaarj
rt e. !s cp- the raj>t a:: :u: towns '.a ifie ."tare,
»t tl.Ooj. to ht *,l, l lor ca*h sr lor
Cilt neal Mutate.
*;sj tue l"t. t:.e t*'J »tory houte ra it. for to 'X/V:
to be sola ly '3 Uce. cr ex.?haxi/«l fcr 0 l-*a:t>Clly
Pro.ery Mulyto H. b. KaHK<)i) ( k Ci).
dr t)7o* 1:: 1 >• «t-e-t.
o-i fie v.mer n» Wo <d tnJ streeii I" the
•• e v Divin'i 1. a-ar U*ilo:i Pn'k. oi*c.ipie t fy • I* i!a>-
ward. J:,eboa-c u aew. butt nf. hri.-k two-t--i-'n h..J
«on» ba»czicnt tear .> mty-iliree i.tL*i luli-r
ob»trTi'yry; flush Mll tn- no« tas:n • ■...!e
w:t:j a! 1 ti.e 0.0.1 em lnproyecseoi«—mrh e ruiatea
Raid.Ao.4]-w u d fit a de»»ra'-io r...Jn.»c m
lot li rait C 7 111 a bu dre t aaj ttre:«t. «even lett.
wiLha'Vebty fogtal.ej in tti- ie r.if u ; wi,i re 9oid
▼ery cne<p—on eaa J ume. or ibe «h"le uf the pure!
u.iDey may regain on o>'jrt«tc<s i>i It axid o.:ier prowrit.
lor'<>ur or ore yeara or li wi.i b» excu »orfe-l for ui
djuht.d real es a e »e<*untiri. havL* »ears to
ruo ApplftoK. f OiKK'li P. o I? t.ij »l:«. orW
C. H. IK r.NW Ij Uea-b r:> st '-m J-.flin*
Malt! Malt! .oalt!
1 A f\! II 1 BtT - 1 CANADA B\R
lU/JUv IE? MAf» r . In ito'e ard frr sale b7
liT li»ni e
So arming.
an' p'easvit e:lh»e «uit»* at *>s
?• uth C'.vic.e*. Traa-deat Board aaoaafc.s r-»t-.i
■aVJ -•
) iulLs o'nora aewly fitted ap. wi !i bosrd. or, r»v
•nnnhii --rcj, cay oe ob'a.ned oa !i-itun .1: No
C. u. Li^lVai.
Randolph rtmt. between t'hrW aad LVarbom.
FeaaleJlltetreU and Barlesqas C-'-ra lomp-y.
talnn*ot to the I -dies and senUem-n cf Hueazo hav«
■pared m-iUier pains or to m«ke it cue o( ice
eont p!ea«a-t pi ces of amusement in th- cli*.
Cards of Adm'scoa 23 cents. Orchestra s«aU Wc<all
Auction saUs.
/. B. TaTLOi AXyaiuvvvairiiT.
ircnos ASi> coaaissioN meschasts,
No. 50 Wells SU opp» Hoaw,
description of property, to be so!J at Aactloa. foi
dub. oa tame or comnLjeion. Aiao. Carroet
ttockj of General Mercbaodlse. Jewelry. Furaltare. Cloth
In*. 4c. &eal Kstate. Lands. Lots, lioosea. *e. Will pas
partial ar attention to the tile of Lota, U lojes. Lands
«&. at Aoetioo. Inside or outside Chicago. Adtaact.
made oa couiznmeata. Tho best of references in Chlca«c
wli] be dren. Our friead> may rely on confidence aad
protapt retom*—the Ills of eocnsierctf aad tra'le
Bankers and dealers in ex.
CH ANGE, corafr 0' Saadolph aai Market streets
Cliad's Biockx Ctleaio. 111.
azrrx to
"Wol B. Cpden. Chlcazo 8. Lbd. Chkago,
'* JLLTlakham
tK.B)ojer Annas' Baefc, )Uoa
)«17 to geid. Oblo.
A tlantic royal MAIL STEAM WAT
XV. batioa ComoMy's New York a~d Galway Una-
Toeaeit departure ft iq New I'oric will b« tbe iteam-hio
PACIFIC. Captatn N eholsrn. to mJV from ?*ew Yorx
op S.turdiy. Muuj «h 1 i*. aud tb«* Cia-
CAd'HN.Capt. Jae>sra. tosa I'r ta New Y.rk Thur»>
day. Jacu«r* »Ti . touchloa at 3'- Jonns. • ?. to re-
•*>; fecund. *SO: rd **J: iacJadio* fre- ticket* to
a-1 th l * tirinci; *J c lles >nral!roa I rout-s i-« Great Britain.
Third CI us a us; tm« »de » at«. lulie. fork. A ..and bed
din* Pauave t St ?ir«t-Cla* «35: Second-
C'a*J. f26. Vrr freicitt or loqal- eor the Ameri
can Exp 'siCara aor. *1 •t.-eet. *4 Bioa.lway,
aud »t ihrir ftber •.lverUsaa offlct In tr<e interior.
Paaue la the th rd cl m cau be secured at »ny of U)9
above offices to orint perron o it fronaay of the princt*
pal c'.tie* 1 a ire ilt*» h railway In urea: Britala for *95,
or from Galway for *iQ.
Af.*X H LLUD. Maa'ger.
J.V3. C. ?ARGO. ofl e of Amertean Ex>»r-« s Co..
N >. jJ Dearboia Jjtr»et» Chlcuo,
Njy 7or!t. Nor. '3. Ili>g noi* io
-1853-9... .WINTER RATES... .1368-9
Through prelsbt Line*
From dats .vnd until further
notice. Pr-iliht will be carried oyerthla Line aa
;3 .5 3 a ;S S is
. "3 -§ £s c 3 =* ?8
Tr.ia Ci:ewo U -- ~
Boston 11.M11.38 4M7
New York l.tf i.W tu I.JJ LU
PLiiwieiphla i.fo t.as 1.10 so j.ia ii>
Baltimore l.a I.IU «J H 5 L»
Pifjounta *i 75 c ;o 75
Cmei. mtL 0 l.'O Mi 66 41 .... aj
Coluabu*. O I.U) nj r6 45
Daywa. 1) W T» 60 *J
» on'rvrti ma.le to above at #"rel<ht Office, cor
aer We«t Va 1 Buren aad Canal mtreeta.
Coalractato Ikitoa. Ne<* York. Philadelphia sod Bal*
t!inor<t Tia Oeansyivanta C« tnl K.R., <iveo by
A CO.. *»ttoe Steele's Bock, corner doota
Water aad Laa»lle UreAa. aa< 4 »t l>euot at street.
JAi W MUrtoON Jfrelrt Aic'U
J.J. UOC3TON. f^en'l' ieijht
J. 11. OOKa. Creatllne. 0.
Chicago. Noyember 15. l«oa.
X <■ —aJD—
Fast Freight Line,
To aad From .ill Points Ease*
The arrant erneata of tkLs Company are ansurvaesed tor
U:d rapid and cheap transportation ot aiij descrip
tion of freUat to andlrom tae sjut via
AUreclamaUons for over caanr« or damages, promptly
adjusted on .1. uvery of ireuht. We be« to r. fer dhlpperi
to the o( Uie several roads oa «Uch *0
New York 03ce. ITS Broadway. Howard UoteJ Bttlid
Chicago OSce. No. 30 Dearborn itreit. opposite the
Delive' Krngr.t la NewYjrk at 73 Waraer-st.. Hodsoo
, kiVcr iailroad
1 Ranroad Urpot. and la Cbk-ai.o at-Ml. higaa Ceotral
, Hailioad DepuL DlttW a CO..
it' Dearborn street. ClilcarfOw
WALLINu FORD A CO . t*o Bruiulway. New Y«rK.
Caic.uo. Oct. Ka. ocJft bjtu-Jm
tor Cairo aaJ Aeff Drleuus.
J. Stcarser
Now City
W.Il rati, daring the coming ar.J Wlal«r. between
SL Louis aad New • ineaas > «follows r
LEAVING 3C. *.OUI> Oct. \<K '!». al 10 o'clock A. M.
do do Oct. at. '»% do do
do do Nov. IA 'o.", do do
Jo do Deo. A. 'sri. do do
dT co Dec. i*. 'i\ do do
lio do Jan. It. '6H. Jo do
do do r'eb. 7. do do
do do Ven. r, do do
d.> do il'cti 1 f, do do
LtA v INO CAIRO Oct. »1. 'i\ at 7X o'clock P. M.
do do Oct. 11. 'M, do do
ui do Nov. iO. "sd, do do
uo do Dec. liv 'M, Jo do
do do Dec. ft l . "M, do do
uo do Jaa. 19. 6H, do do
uj do ?eb. !*. 'sy. do do
u9 do Feb. a. 'al'. do do
.!«> do M'ch ti, "jy. do do
7r>r I'reiuht or Paauu< ai-p v on board or to the Ageal
at Loui.v W. 1). LOiit Cleric
IhAS 1«*59.
A .1 0
r«KCIAL aru prepared to 'oatract fre'ghtf
Thri'>ii»ca. by authority of the t.'ompanles named above,
si tue:r olJli'e. No. I sieele' uluck, cjraer toutli Water
and Lasille street.%. and al Depot of P.. I" W. 1 0. H.
IL. Cli.l' »io; or at Uepot, Liberty street, PtttsburicU
Hi- u:H,-es of the jUllroad Couiyaay la
lie are .scaled at
N". : Astor Mouse. New York.
No. 1 ?.ijtu Wlliiaa street. New York.
No it,;?»f street. U«nton.
No. 7.* Ferry .reeu HartfonL
No. <MN\.~-o strevt, LM:ra«r-.
Acd .• ie 'tenertl l»e:»ou I'hlladeltihia. (oc2l-lv
.Northwestern hburafce t*om T ) ? y,
IX liii.)
Capua! a Larse barplaa.
JL that Mr. JULIC3 "VHiTE has beerj reap*
u«,iot« d a-ent oi t .is Com • ay, and is alone uthonsed
to 1 vue «tid ren:w policies In • hicarf->.
Mr. auiujr xed to a>!iu»t an ! pa all losaea
irliicg underour Policies el:her Mre or Maim.*.
. „ , JAilta PLaTT Presided,
a R. LcpL'.w, J>ec'7.
uni< will be tiappy to »eo bl* nieodj
ai.ii t;.e mr t.* n| >be ol,| Nor*' western *ca'"ally. at tlio
oll.ee. No. U-* Wawr street, assuring ttiem that
ou; rA'.vasi-.ui tr ,l» iliojo of aaj i-tUer respor.s.fcle
Cotnpan>, ami that Losjes «ii«it .» fjri «.l,u«ied and
ytouipiiy paid. JULlL'r* »KIIC. Aiirtii,
or)» ly li*H K-uttt v.
aoa laviTtD.
7«. l'rl)lQ.)j(jUi, A t .u„
a. :::-3 ct±z*2■iiloiellaaddedT^loaayparl&tti'adVfi
finr of charge
of the 7v?oajt r.vluc.ol ta«'.r rak!U. We shall aim al
:Ls stars la t:;e quaiity uf iu» J. aad with a <ood mllL
rcod taaterials. sr.d eiperieare. nope U» r: md malo»
the fiUkest point of exvcUtacn. Our ''rands of floor
:n Parrels aad l>;us are
PfiiUlt'S' iliiL*, COotre Cxtra, No. 1 WTilte W'hesL
P's'lllps* Mills. Extra No. 1 lied W inter.
Phillips' Mills. Choice Family, wiolee ilxtraaprlrw.
l.«r> >t wholesale or retail:
White Floor. I'orn MeaL lilted
iraljaa Oorn and around.
.'racked tVuest. Middlings,Bran..-?horta.itarjtJ.Se.
11. W. A CO..
S.t Nf 4AH|> * «t**
N;»IondldIr Illtiatrated.
\v. u. :c:;kn, its lake: street.
;ulj r:.o \ GALLiRY.
• .v. mcnicu ••
THK SI'.I.MF or. Th« Phakipear*
.• I. 11 »••■», oiiy'jve ldetl HortrAit*.
sen >ed i>> ■k j. \». t'lliuer. 1 Tol. Imperial uvo.
Mor>-CvO. li-
WO-IW'K HF!*rrr»• AND n'UiHM-Froo 3em!r
amii'o i-. N". •».'.« n '> Kn.r«vings By
Fr*nlc B itoo ir ca. en-.* lit g.i^rL.. Moruo:.». IUW
THB OiLLK'tY '),» F»"«t L'< I'Om. liy I'rof. lienrj
Co pee. «i'>rj-»ji:.l :ti i,;.-I'>; l *lfi nl one
hand edited cu4».v:i. l»>and m Morocco.
•U 50.
THE JWP (tl/.;VIV-K.;tel by Alice and
PneMOtry: ciu t'w cwored by
h:ui'L lioy.Uocva.y. ci .'1 al'. !*<. tu.key
•7-iO. '
buiion# oy. an 1 porti.iiu <;n iteei ui .rv ua BryauU
Longf-.Uow. d.iX3. l*re;i .c i. Holoi'% Aj.. Hoyai
octavo, cljth *:i« »«j; • .ni'iju-. I7.jj
THS noCarffOLD B'WC or Pj'.T IY. -EJlted by
C.'i.trles A. Dans. D-iuUfu'ly Dented. 1 v d «vo.
mji-occ-). <!.' t >a ;u.i 1:1 >r ,CC'> amiqje. »-».
PEN AND P-INCIU—fW Mrs. 'al:naano, lllu»trated with
1.0 tiia J < ci .Ij
BRYANr*< Po<d--»-II.LLV'' \i'3) KDITiON-CoJ
l. ct'-d.ii.d arruue t pjiuo Author. 3vo cioth <.. i. •<!.
Aailq-e notoco. I?.
I S —K - . .fiy ul i<;ri>i: I. f-ic:i c> it uniiK JJI aiuei efl«
gra7Snsi, Jloroco a ilqu?. p.ic- of e 'on IJU.
t.lon i. and in ek* :a:r r>o. iro' 111- author.
>!u Iti gil . mon co, ►>?>. A«o ifl--n it -ly IU
lu.tri'e.l ediuoa of >a-P n* s Burns (i KelU,
Tjuiatoiu dead' 'etaa.e Porta. a'JP.a. Laiuo,
G.*t». • .iy "r. Muorn, sc.. J<:
.ii«-,1-:» >V. u. m Lake itreet,
2NI (_) W JRE J3i.3D"sr.
633 5? 95.00.
C. ii. COOKS <fc CO.,
PUD! 13H583,
IU "Lalio Street. 11l
FS3AY3. FIR'T AND S.XOND 35R1E3 3 Tola.
Price li Cloth #l.' ) per vol
It btoo late to preient aiy labo- -1 ai-ilrsisof the **it.
!ngs of kmcrson—too late to set cown at y eul >J. Who
evrr I .v-s U» de«l wt lit at ntl c.y m »nd is rot d»>
terred lr >m grapp.inr with abstract ,'ithj. w<u find ta
trirs * e?i >y* a rare pleasure In iae exer i-e of h a p< wrn.
Tt e*e v :lura-« sr- atmt tnl t.-» b« aaong lha
mo tv«iuaD'e coofibu'ious t.> f>e world's stock of Id »a
oo' a*i» ha* 'oruished Every p«g-» bears the lm»
preai of thought, but .t u uhjajt.i sibti ise<l. aad redolent
D. 11. CD KK CO..
jalJ-ly 111 Lake street.
wm and 1:
A New Lol of
la Bonf. Wood and Ivory, from 50 cent* to #IO.OO.
ias b*al
JLVJ\y Shipping Or<l*r Ia store and for salt bj
PaNT N a 00..
deg»bsollw 91 Lata str»«i.
lU* 9 itl4 by PSNTON A CO..
d.-ab*qiw g4LMo street.
!.• IV. f per cent' for saic by
dyJ>M.afw 1-aHe . r««t
VUV/ cel?odand'-rrale bv
712U). BKNEDtPT A CO..
jaS *cr.BtyAi>a"« us.
- NBTiiM»recelv <! aadforsa'abv
}a> Ccr. fliatg and Wafr sti.
yj. »l bf niLD. BURDIjr * CO..
uf Cor. 3UUU4 W«cr*fc

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