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connERCE op ciiicago.
The full aud elaborate review of the Com
merce ot Ciiicago and of its Public and Pri
vate? Improvement? for the year 1858, pub
lished in this journal ou the Ist inst., has been
issued in pampWet form, und may be had at
the Pit ess and Tribuve Counting Boom, No.
43 Clorfc Ftrei't, u]» Plaits. Partioswho lailed
to get copies of the paper to *ecd to their
friend* abroad, can now have their orders
Beecher and Tyn?«
The admirers of the above named gentlemen
—and who are sot?—are referred to the third
psge of this morning's issue.
Western Kesonrce*--Letter fromW. B*
e n ?B letter, which we puMifh this
morning on the second page, wi}l be read
with uQu>:ual interest, us well on account of
the subject discussed and the ability with
which it is treated, iu from the well-deserved
reputation of tho writer for <>lour, com
prcbcoHve view? and great ?-agae!'r.
Tho lel'er was written Rome time ago, us Hi
date will show, but failed reaching us until
quite recently; but the time that has inter
veiled detracts nothiug from its interest, but
on the contrary leuds au additional attraction
to it. since it hA? brought about the fulfilment
of some of tbe writer's predictions, and given
us the beginning of 1 hut geueral recovery from
prostratiuu which the letter so clearly de
monstrate.-. to be inevitable.
The legislature ol Wi-cuasiu has made It the
duty of township Ai-seisors to ascertain from
the farmers, whcc listing property lor taxa
tion in tbe Spring, the number of bu-.hels of
grain cacti one raised during the preceding
year, and tho number of acres devoled to
their culture.
This is the third "Western Stale which has
made this provisiou for procuring those im
portant statistics : Ohio, lowa aud Vuseou-
Ein. A bill providing for tbe *ame thing is
before the Michigan Legislature, and will be
come a law. Ulino! Q uv.d Indiana have not
vet moved in the matte. "Will not t-cme
member of the legislature of each State draw
up an amendment to the,duties of Assessars,
providing for the procuring of these sta
tistics 1
One Little Fatting*
The limes says that we have not yet attacked
the intrinsic merits of the Tom Dyer Chart
er, but bave contented ourselves with raiding
small objections agbinet it.
This reminds us of the old lady's preacher.
She was wont to remark that be wks a most ex
cellent man, and had only out little failing,
which was, that " he would s*csr whenever be
got drunk 3"
Tbe Tom Dyer Charter bas only one litte fail*
ing, viz.: It is a swindling, snti Democratic
usurpation, devised to override the well-known
will of tbe people, and to enable a tax eating
minority to get into power, to rule and plunder
the tax-paying majority. But like tbe drunken
ness and profanity of the old wom&u's parson,
tbcae are only blight objection* in tbe eyes of
the Timtt.
France aud Austria*. Cause of the De
cline iu the Funds.
The usual levee was held at the Tuileries on
New Year's day. The diplomatic corp-e and all
the great functionaries were in attendance, and
during the prcentatious an epcut occurred nhich
occasioned quite a panic ou the Paris Bourse, and
a heavy tall in the funds at London audtlscwhero.
The Paris correspondent of tbe Loudoci Tt'ma,
writing on the evening of the Ist iu.-taut, says:
" 1 have just heard tnat du ing the IcVte
the Erapriur told the Au-tiuii .Minister, ih'AiOer,
ttiat lie reK'ctte l their relaiiuu* were su bjd.but
that his jiersonal sentiments for the Kinperor of
Austria were as ever. 1 may aud, that :i
rumor circulates (but lor ttie truth oi which 1 do
uot vouch) thut ilatslial Vaillaut, Minister of U'ar,
went up hUlisequently to Habner, and *ii<l to liini
'lsuppiisu I uiuat not givu you my hand alter
The same correspondent, writing oa the follow
ing day,say?;
•• The few words addressed by the Kmi'ernr to
H. Ilubm-r, the Austrian Minister, during ttie re
ception »t \es\erdav, and which 1 communicated
in a postscript, are, I ll»d, literally correct. Thty
weu? s|»okcu with u more t-mphiiiic tone of voice
and animated gesture tiiau the II np»-rt»r generally
employs, and retaiuded s-jaie of the listencis of a
scene betweoo the Fitst and the
AmUanf-ador cf tliat day, pr.-vious to the rupture
or ttie treaty of Amicus. They aie conruriiied
upon in variot;« ways in all circles where politics
are the topic, and 1 learn that in tue higher finan
cial regions where they are kiio*n, they have pro
duced an effect which it is difficult to exaggerate.
4, 1 will nui indulge io speculations as to what
they portend. It is well knowo that tbe Em
peror keeps tbe greatest guard over himself and
never allows an unguarded expression to re
veal bis real thoughts ; but it is certain that on
this occasion he betrayed an excitement which
could not pass unnoticed by tbe diplomatic
corps. IflheHourse were open to day, I bare
no doubt that the etfsct would be heverely felt.
1 think it right to add a lew words of explana
tion on so nnusuc.l an occurrence. For two
or three months negotiations hove been going
on between Austria and France on tbe Eubj?ct
of Italy. The Kniptror expresses himself very
anxious that retorms should be introduced there,
and particularly in tbe Roman .States. Tbe
Austrian government has been urged to use its
influence with the i'ope and the King of Naples
for that purpose, and the Emperor Napoleon
has, 1 am aseurrd, agreed to tbe withdrawal of
tbe French troops from H?me, on condition that
tbe Ausirtans should also evacuate tbe places
they bold. On both these points tbe greatest
opposition is met from Austria; though it is a
fact beyond dispute that tbe Italians are more
discontented than ever with their rulers, more
inflamed than ever witb hatred against Austria,
which no merit of her representative or ber gen
erals will ever mitigate; and as ready us erer
to rise against those they look upon as their ty
44 Whatever be tbe real motives of the Empe
ror Napoleon—whether he finds that tbe contin
ued occupation of Kame exposes him to odium
on the purt cf tbe Itulians. or from whatever
otber views—be is fully aware of this exaspera
ted feeling, and of the consequences which may
follow, and whicb, perb&ps, he would wish to
prevent. In tbe midsi of all this conies the Ser
vian complication, and the probability of an
Austrian occupation there also. Thi«, it ap
pears, the Emperor Napoleon most decidedly
gets his face against lie will listen to no occu
pation, except a joint one, of Servia, and under
tbe authority ot the powers who signed tho
Treaty of Paris. We imre every day new ac
counted tbetfr>jrTe#cenc« ibat prevails in Italy,
and tbe sympathy which Sardinia shows to the
discontented, as well as ot what is passing in
Servia. Ail this has reduced its eflect on the
Emperor's mind; and thus, notwithstanding bis
habitual reserve, be cuuld not out show it yes
terday, when the representative of Austria stood
before him. This, 1 think, you wiU tind pretty
nearly the true state ot tbe case. Tbe feeling
against Austria is very bitter, and I cannot say
it is understood. W&etber it will go to the
leoicth which ail eeem to apprehend, I cannot
"On Monday, the 31, there was quite a panic oa
tbe ilourse, toe decline in the fuuda being equal
to fully one per cent.
The Paris Canstituliormcl, of the 4th, contains
lextuaUy tbe words the Emperor addressed to M.
tinhuer oo the Ist. The Emperor said : |
" I regret tliat our relations with our govern
ment are uot so £o»d as tuey were, but I request
you to tell the Emperor that my personal feelings
tor bim tiave not cnacgcd."
A turrher decline took place on the Paris Bourse
on the 4th, tb* thr«»e per cents, closing at 71 91
for money and 71 f»Q for nccouut.
No Use lor Dead Men.
LFrocotbe Eprlnafield JoumalJ.
W«-tM by tbe proceedings of Congress that
Mr. Douglas delivered e eulogy in the Senate,
od the 16ib, on tbe lion. Tnomas L. Harris, de
ceased, of ibis State.
Thi* is very kind, very considerate in Mr.
Douglas; hot the people hereaway would have
a far better opinion of his sincerity, had he ex
hibited a little more heart and sympathy before
Mr. Harris' decease. When poor Harris l»y
upon bis deatb-bed, and onlv a few days before
be breathed his l»*t, Mr. Douglas wis in this
city, and remained here aeveral days; yet aU
though only a tew miles and a few hours dis
tant, Mr. Douglas kept entirely aloof from his
expiring comrade. How natural, bow touching
it wonld h«ve b en; Low indicative of true and
manly feeling, for Mr. Douglas to have forgot
ten politics lor one day, and to have taken a
kind iarewell of the man who hastened his own
death to elevate Mr. Douglas! How,such An
interview would have gladdened poor Harris*
last hour*! Hat no; Mr. Douglas bad otber
business than that of to a
dying friend, to attend to. Those who witnessed
his cruel apathy io this matter, severely com
mented on it, and it was remarked at tbe time
that 44 Mr. Douglas bad no need of dead men."
Mr. Douglas now goes into the Senate Cham
ber, and tatks in solemn tnockerv ot his affec
tion for the deceased. He conld better have
■town it by visiting him on his dying bed.
Such cruel aelfishne— as Mr. Dong lis here
■taaifMted, it uaperalielod.
We hare du»cusatd the coat of tilling, curbing
end paring oar streets io a former article, and
published tbe comparative expense of paving
with Joliet cobbles, limestone blocks ua tiicol*
son wooden blocks, ehowing that the difference
in tlie cost of paring materials was very little.
We also pointed out the insuperable objections
to the employment of the Joliet cobbles. All
tbat is saved in tirst cost is more than lost in
the first year's .weir, '.as compared ;witb the
Jticolson pavement, and that to 3 without taking
into consideration tbe very annoying noise made
by cobbled street*, the serious damage done to
horses, the jostling and smashing of vehicles,
and the rapid accumulation cf dirt apon such
The experiments made with the N'icolson pave
ment in this city nta pravtd it to be better adsp
ted to our streets and toil thao ouy other paving
material yet tried. Thiais the third season's wear
on the piece of pavemeat laid between Wells
street brides aod Lake street, and where it
ther'e any other pigment that has stood travel
and frost as well for tbe seme length of time ?
Notwithstanding it was laid with soft wood, the
injury it has sustained is scarcely perceptible at'
this time. It'looVs «*• »r it vnnld Ufiteii jcoxo
moro and conticao in good repair.
Xicoleon pavement bas been in use in Boston
for nearly ttn years, and has proved its excel
lenc: a&d durability to a most satisfactory de
cree. It has been aubjected to tbe Severest
tests in that city on narrow, heavily travelled
streets. The three and four-horse drats with
their narrow tires and enormous loads, tear the
best &f pavements into ruts in a very short time,
and it is to this sort ot test it has been subjected
ia the " modern Athena."
That onr citizens mar understand the estima
tion in which the Xicoleon pavement is held in
Bo&ton, we poblieh tbe following editorial end
official recommendations:
tFrora tbe Boston Da Ij AdvtrUser, May 10.1 £'.&,}
" We cannot forbear exprewing the opinion,
founded on on examination of the Nicolson
pavement, from the date of its tirst introduction,
and a comparison of its state from time to time
with other pavements laid contemporaneously
with it, that it possesses tbe property of dura
bility, in a state perfectly adapted to its object
beyond any other that has been tried in this
city, unless it be the most approved and most
expensive of the patent iron pavements; and it
may perhaps be doubted if even this will bear
hard service as loeg as the Nicolsun without oc
casional readjustment, if proper care is ttiken to
make choice of a kind of timber that might be
expected to be durob'e. The method of tsbeping
and laying the wooden blocks composing the
wooden pavement, appears to be successfully
adapted to securicg their permanency, and this,
we think, has been fairly proved by the tests to
which the pavement has already been sul-jected
in our streets. >*o person can deny that it pos
sesses in tbe most eminent degree the qualities
attributed to it by our corresponded, viz:
smoothness, quiet, ireeden from dust and from
jar; and these are qualities Of tbe highest im
portance. It is always felt as a great relief in
driving to come upon a piece of this pavement
in the streets where it is laid ; and the
upon these streets have constant cause
tate themselves upon tbe advantages whicHbey
enjoy, in being favored with a pavement in front
of their houses and stores, which always and
permanently deadens tbe noise of paj>sfng ve
hicles, as much as the "tan" or straw some
times Lid in the streets ia cases oi illness, A
pavement which possesses theso durable quali
ties ; which proves to inexpensive to keep in re
pair ; and ot which the tirst cost is so moderate;
ought not to be neglected by those who have
tha care of our streets.
liosroy. Feb. 2!, 1837.
The undersigned, Mayor and Aldermen of tbe
city of Boston tor tbe current year, have here
tofore had occasion to notice tbe construction of
the "Xicolaon Pavement," now in use in vari
ous Dotiions of tbe city, and are moat favorablo
impressed by its various good qualities. In re
sistance of frost gives it peculiar value; lor it
renders the work of repairing gas pipes, water
pipes, etc., in winter, quite as eaj»y as in the
summer ; there being no hard frozen soil to dig
through at great delay and expense. We con
sider it a highly useful invention; safe, econ
omical, and durable; while its sanitary proper
ties prove its adaptation to the streets of South
ern cities.
The mecbunical arrangement of the blocks is
such as to eeenre freedom from noise, and risk
of slipping bf facirses; surface drainage is also
perfectly effected,—the wooden blocks being
quickly dried alter exposure, by the use of the
bituminous composition, or mastic, the durabil
ity of tbe wood is preserved, the musses be
coming hardened by impregnation, so that the
exhalations from rot are not present. Tbe va
pors whica might exhale undrr the raTB ot the
bun, are those which neutralize miasmata, if ex
isting in the air. The gravel so perfectly unites
with the maotip, that a kind ot rock is produced,
specially adapted for roads over porous or im
perfectly drained soils.
It hm been severely tested on the bridge
leading from the city proper to South Boston,
over wtiich passes tbe heaviest description of
travel. It has atao been successfully tried in
some of the most crowded streets of the city.
the great o'-jecta of pavement,
cleanliueta, aatety, durability, economy, ready
removal for repairs ol underground works, im
pervinusnrss to frost and moisture, and sanita
ry properties, they recommend it us a pavement
of valuable and tried qualities.
J. V. C. Smith, Jfiyor. G. W. Mesainger,
W. Washburn, C/i'n. Joseph L. Drew,
J. Dunham, Jr., ) Benjamin F. Cooke,
C. T. Woodman, > A. K. P. Joy.
Com. on leaving. Charles Wnodberry,
llobsrt Cowdm, Silma E Gould.
BoiTos, Decembirl! ]*s7.
The undersigned, resioeots ot Soutb Boston,
or its vicinity, having occasion to pofcs over the
bridge leading to Sea street almost duify, have
noticed, with great ba'.isfaction, tbe beautv, se
curity and durability of the "Xicolson pave
ment," which is luid down on tbe southerly
portion of the bridge.
Considering the incessant travel over this
thronged avenue—much of which is by tbe
heaviest team.", carti&g iron to and from South
Boston—and that a large proportion of the
Quincy grauite, in load* of many tons each,
passes over this bridge; considering, also,
that during tbe eighteen months this pavement
has been laid dowu no perceptible wear of its
surface, or displacement from frost or otherwise,
appears; that it affords an admirable footing
for horses; exhibits great evenness of surface,
and promises durability without requiring fre
quent and expensive repairs; and, understand
ing that its original cost is moderate, we are of
opinion that ita general introduction is highly
important and derirable.
Cyrus Alger, Tbos Thacher, Jr.,
Et>en. A. Lester, I*. T. Reed,
Henry Washburn, Treat. Jlay Stale I. Co
Alger k Reed, Wo, B. Dorr.
Boston, December 6ih. 1557.
Samccl Nicholson, Sir .■—Hav
ing examined t>pt*cimeu*of your patent wood and
pitch pavement, ou the causeway of tbe Boston
Mill Dam, and on South B*?ton Bridge, as al*o tbe
i other imiJtovemt-uU you liiiv«> made iu this kiud
of pavement in Mason and Exchauge streets, and
! having made due inquiry of person-* residing on
I the street* and Itridgt-s above mentioned, as to tlie
[ actual wear of the new roads paved by you, and
I the intlueuce of heat, cold, and water upon the
paid nuils so paved, I am prepared to state, that
| your method has been proved to be a valuable im-
I provement, of great importance to the
I ty. It U obvious that your pavement is, while
i firm enough to support the heaviost carnages and
I loaded wagons, ibe most nuisekss and clcanlv,
giviug but little if any dust, aud forming no slip
pery mud.
It is t-o tight »9 to prevent the entrance of
water, and therefore i.-i uol liable to l>e heaved by
against which your mastic or cement also
bets, beiagan imper'ect conductor of heat.
In reply to Tour qoestion, as to the tffect of
this kind of pavement in southern and western
cities of tbe United Ststfis, in preventing the
emanation of miasmatic vapors from the soil, 1
would state my confident belief, that by shutting
off the water trom tie surface of tbe street, and
br preventing exhalations caused by the action
of tbe sun's beat on wet soils, or earth an d veg
etable matters, that your pavement will act as a
highly sanitary means, wherever it is exten
sively employed in paving the streets of west
ern and southwestern cities. It will evidently
protect the cities so far as it can be made to
cover op tbe ground, from which miasmatic
vapors arise.
Rtßpectlully. your obedient servant,
CnxoLts T. Jaccso*, M. P.,
Assayer to Massachusetts and Boston.
The fc-t. Nicholas Hotel Compact*
IFrcmtlie s \ V. Evenm* Port, l*th.]
We are authorized to state that the report of
a difficulty touching tbe requirements of tbe
agreement entered into by the four trunk lines
between tbe Erie and Peonsylvarja Central is
without foundation in fact, nor h«a their been
any deviation on the part of either company
from the compact. We suppose that a call from
Mr. Moran of a special meeting of the parties to
that agreement was prompted oy tbe additional
ireight which the soothers roads are enabled to
secure, by reason of tbe continued favorable con
dition ol tbe Ohio river. At tbe regular month
lr meeting of the four companies, to be held at
Baltimore on tbe -6 ;h inau, this will no dcubt
be a prominent matter of consideration. I'ro
bib'y propositions will be made by the J*»ew
York roads to alter tbe water rate, with a view
of reducing the difference between water and
rail carriage. The southern roads will of course
meet the matter with the fact that during the
summer, when tbe Ohio is low, they are sub*
jected to a like disadvantage.
Earthquake on the Island ol Jamaica.
New Yo&x. Jan. 2L—Advices from Kingston,
Jamaica, of Dec. 27th, state that a temffic ahock
of an earthqoske was Celt there on the morning
of tht 23 d, causing kbu damage.
, New Vouk Money Market—Government j
' Loan*
i [Proa the N. T. Evening Pott. 19th.]
The tone ot the money market ia perhaps less
in favor of tbe borrower. Bates are without
quotable change.. The probability is, however,
tnat rather better terms will be established dar
ing the coming fortnight.
ilie prospective wants of the government
have no doubt an influence upon lenders. There
is much reconnoiteriog in the market with ref
erence to tbe award of Monday next. The im
pression appears to be quite general that
bids will average full one per cent lesstban the
first ten millions.
The Citr of Washington brings a heavy cargo,
which will increase the payments of duties at
the Custom-House, which were before large.
Tester ay the amount received was over t300,-
000, which is tbe largest since August, 1857.
The actual snipment of bullion by the Africa
was $474,500, which is about what was expected
A Tell-'l ale Book!
The Ohio SicU Journal says it is well under
stood that the Investigating Committee on the
Treasnry defalcation have io their posession a
private book kept by John U. Bresltn, which
shows for w&at purpose about $500,000 of the
people's money washed, and the names of the
parties that used it. If this be so, it will prove
a book of doom lyhen opened to the public.
[ JK3"At tho Armory, yesterday, ttie docket gave
only a few small cases—a light hau!.
J33T The ice cutters were at work yesterday on
our river. Last night was favorable to the giotvth
of that stable.
our fourth page will be found tbe an
nouncement in full of the managers of tbe De
ment Building Association.
The Cleveland Lodge Festival.—This h
always a crack affair, and will take place this year
abiot the third of February proximo.
Dr. Bnowssos's Lecture.—Dr. 0. A. Brown
fcoa delivers the final lecture ol his course at
Mechanic's Hall on Monday evening, as
will be ieea by announcement elsewhere.
Tiie American Smoker.—We know several
native but the genuine "American
Smoker" u a little instrument sold by Ed. Od
hand at hi? Tremont
and John Lilly, two notorious counterfeiters, ar
rested by Marshal Dougherty, of the Southern
District of Illinois, plead guilty iu the United
States Court at Springfield, a day or two since.
JCS* that the house of woreliip of the
Church of the Holy Communion, Kvv. Mr. Whij>
pie, rect« r, on Wabash avenue near Sta : e street,
ia sj near completion that it will be ready fcr
occupancy a week fiom to-morrow.
£CgPA superb painting, "The binding of
Samson by the Philistines," is on exhibition at
D. 13. Cooke & Co.'s Bock-store It was a prize,
drawn by a gentleman in this city, at the late
drawing of tbe Cosmopolitan Art Association.
E utsiNcs op the G. &, C. U. It. It. For. Jan.
—The earnings of the G. & C. U. It. 11. for tne
month of January were as follows :
PreicLt «3.5W.59
I'aweLfferj 6,11tf.e7
The convict murderers, llcNamee and
Finn, share tbe same eel!, on the south corridtr
of tbe jail. The latter maintains the same com
poEure and absencQ of emotion that has charcc
terizsd him throughout. McNamee, on the
contrary, is a man of more feeling, and is &t
times painfully affected by his terrible situatior.
J55" In the Circu't Court, yesterday, Ja§. Page,
the lad who plead guilty to a charge of hon-e
stealing, a few days siuce, was arraigned for sen.
tence. From extenuating circumstances set forth
by his counsel, and further from his having bet-n
already some time imprisoned, he received a
nominal term of one day in the Couaty Jail.
A wretch of a fellow named Baker, h:s
been arrested and held to bail in SSOO for forge
ry and passing counterfeit money, the twin
crimes the irait of his desire to defraud aa ig
nerant German lad named Hemlich out cf the
paltry sum of four dollars, a dear price, howev
er, it would seem for Baker's little souL
£3~A day or two since, a'* victim*' fouud hi:n
eell' the possessor of a amaH vial of the solid
essence of Pike's P-^ak—lulf aa ounce for a five
dollar bill, uud a good barg tin at that—in a region
where brast-fdinga were io a demand to warrant
that The police could do nothing, for the
Pike's Peak operator had floivu. The warning
will do to pass rouud.
Tub Wkathsr.—'The change downward in the
mercury was marked yesterday and towards
evening was registered in red noses, and gen
eral street appearances of a winter pattern. E.
L. O'Hara sends us from bis drag store, No. 20
West Randolph street, the figures for the past
few days aa follows :
:a. M. 12 M. ep.M.
Sandxy.lG Si 27 ao
Monday. 17 £2 24 24
Tue»d*r. IS 20 N$ 31
Wcd'jeiiUj li». £1 41 41
Tliur.d.y. 30 42 40
Friday, at 2d 24 ')
Mosieu UiscniuCKD ox ms own llscog.vizancs.
—ln the Circuit Court yesterday the case cf
People rs. John Mosier, indicted for tbe murder
of John Kassner, in IS5';, nearly three years
since, as stated in our lust issue, was called for
trial, but from the absence of witnesses in tbe
long lapse of time since the occurrence, and
from the known circumstances of the affair,
whicb stamped it as of the nature of a justifiable
homicide, the prisonerv Mosier, was released on
his own recognizance in SI,OOO to appear at tbe
next term of conrt, when the trial will be had
for manslaughter.
Fi.-hv ok Foolipe. —The Journal of yesterday
The '« et about Hie.weight of a fi>h, a few days
since, was finally decided by the parties in inter
est yesterd.iv, a live »ucker having been procured
from the Calumet.
The odd.- 4 were 10 to I—s-£OO to S2SO that
phces would weigh half as much in the water as
out of ft. Oa the trial ot the scales it was found
the weight was exactly the same, and the S2BO was
paid over to the winning party.
We bet "10 to 1" tliat somebody's head con
| nectcd with the above woald weigh as much to on
ounce, after the brains were removed. The som
1 of ?279 might nave been saved to the loser by an
investment in some approved elementary treatise
on Natural Philosophy.
Hart en's Magazine.—The February number
of thU King uf monthlies has been laid upon our
table by Messrs. McNally & Co., and in our esti
mation its contents are superior to any of*its pre
deckers. Beside the rich reading matter which
it contains, it Is Illustrated by no less than sixty
five original engravings from the hands of first,
artists. The ladies will te deeply in
terested by the well written article entitled 4*Fol
lies and Fashion." The lover of history, of ro
mance, of poetry, and of news and politics will all
find this number particularly commendable. May
be had also at Norris Sc Hyde's Xo. 100 Dearborn
street. Also at Tremont House news
The DsA&nasx Stbebt Volcano.—lt is tbe
talk of thetown that tbe gambling establishment
in tbe Dearborn street five story marble block,
has within a short time post been made a bank
of istve rather than of dtpoiit by the active ex
ertions ot a few experts in such runt. Humor
fixes the sum lost at one sitting a few nights
since at $7,500, whicb, witb other drafts bas left
tbe institution bat weakly. All the more reason
that the new city charter of Dyer, Haven & Co.
should pass, and thns lend a helping hand to
these private bankers, who being 44 good Demo*
crats," might, under favoring auspices; make
their establishment a desirable (for them) ad
junct to the City Treasury.
Cdicaco Toceibts 15 Trouble. —We learn
that a day or two since, at Bt. Louis, a well
known Chicago shop-lifter, named fleck, having
tbe several aliases of Levi, EUas, Abraham, &e,
was arrested in order to ob ain his likeness and
find bis confederates. After sitting for bis pic
tore he was set at liberty and Bhadowed to a
steamboat bound for New Orleans, where three
more of the gang were found—lsidore VTyman,
A. Newman and Louis Baker.
Tbe entire party were taken into custody and
their baggsge, consisting of four well-tilled car
pet bags, was Mixed. A new tronk was also
found tilled with choice ailktT In their posses
lion were fonod thirteen bolts of silk, one dozen
fice ganze veils, one bolt of cloth, and several
remnants. They had also four loose coats with
capacious pockets on the inside for the storage
of stolen property. The party were en route far
» winter at the Sooth, jut like honat folk.
The O'Beien-Febiuce Case.—We have receiv
ed a couple of letters based on our late reference
to the course and issue of the case of O'Brien vs.
Ferrick In the Court of Common Pleas, involving
a title to a cow valued at's4o. ifr. O'Cricnlin
fortns us that he docs not and never did live in
Kilgnhbin, and that hit 'cow was "a nine year
old," instead of sis as stated. We add the three
yeare with pleasure.
Mr. O'Brien more than hints at the possible in
vestigation of some of that "shearing of a most
unmistakable character" at the nest session of the
Grand Jury of the Recorder's Court, from which
circumstance we infer that he disagrees with
twelve "obstinate men" in relation to the question
of property. Seriously, our article contained no
intended reflection oa either of the parties to
the case.
The other communication touches '• a long row
of bricks," and involves a'question that the pub
lic, wheu they have a little leisure from politics,
may peihaps attend to, but which long before
that time will have teen considered upon and de
cided by right-minded and Intelligent men. The
case of Mr. cow might do the world
some service if it could awaken in every mind the
reasoning and results attained by our correspon
dent, who takes the " upwards of $100" costs for
a text to a discourse upon the propriety of levy
ing heavy taxes for county aud city purposes, and
ILo nftlitlamanoe of oar «vurU, *Ju>. while the
county offices coin fortunes annually for ihcir
" County bills unpaid, or cut down to the lowest
figure, nhile a few fortun.ite f>ues are addiog,
each, to the honors of their offices emoluments
disproportionate to all reason, justice and pro
priety—this i-> the clue to*c«fa' und f ecs, like these
in the O'Brien case."
Tbe writer proceeds as follows:
"While on this subject, let me oek how far
the record fees of tbe county of Cook would go
towards paying tbe annual county expenses, and
whether there might not be an advantage to the
public, even in (evening these fees one-balf, and
further increasing the revenues ot the county by
the fees of tbe County Clerk, atlixing a liberal
Stated salary to these as well as all the otber
offices from Judgeships downward. When tbe
Supervisors at ttieir next session paert half a day
in discussing tbe payment of a bill of f 18, will
tbey fill out tbe good day's work by footing up
such an approximation of figures as m&y show
bow much tbe county could save by. tbe adop
tion of j-alariesinstead of "fees," and howmuch
advantage the public wonld gain from the les
sening of the coats and fees at present exist
We are astonished at the elasticity and duc
tility of tbe tale of Mr. O'Brien's cow, but tbe
deductions are worth noticing. Some of these
days the question must be decided, and in the
only right way for the people and tbe public.
Ia the meantime that cow "still Uvea," possibly
to do still further public service.
Bcfiixrss Education—Tusoar a.kd Pbacticb
CouiiLNKo.—lt is often urged and quite frequent
ly with too much truth agalost iastruction by
systems in departments cf business, that tbe
students are only *' book learned," and about as
well fitted for realities as was tbe swimmer who
learned to swim ou a table. It is not strictly
true, but it is true, that storing up ever so com
plete a system of rulet in the student's mind
will not make him a business expert.
Messrs. Bryant, Uelli Stratton, proprietors
of the chain of Commercial Colleges in six
leading Northern cities, have recently intro
duced a combination of theory wito practice,
which putß the oar into the student's hand, even
with the book before him, and well instilled
ruU* of business lifa are developed and muscu
larized by the very cemblance of rigid
nesa routine.
la Banking, for instance, ia the Commercial
College in Larmon Block, a bank counter, with
its various stands and desks, bas been lilted up,
io right baoktng-oflice style, and at this desk, in ;
the various post 4 of Cashier, Tellor, Book-keep
er, &s.,the class is thoroughly drilled. With
this bank, the business of the student is transac
ted, and tho whole interior and relative life of
banking and mercantile business explained. To j
borrow a figare from the medical schools,
Messrs. Bell & Stratton, the resident Principals,
have introduced disaecUou and the anatomy of
business in all its branches. No eubjtct is slight
ed, and everything is tbuß from working models
explained and drilled into the mind and the ex*
perience of the student. The pluu will univers
ally and at once commend itself aa an excellent
Euitss CtxTEnxiAL Anniversary. -The ad
mirers of the genius and poetry of Robert
Burns, the "Ayrshire Poet," in 6nd around
Chicago, are all on the qui vice with regard to
the approaching celebration, to come off on
Tuesday next. It promises to be the most mag
nificent afl'iir ever gotten up in the West. In
tbe forenoon a grand procession takes place,
composed of the St. Andrews' Society, High
land Guards, and other military companies, Ma
sonic Lodges, the Mayor and Common Council,
and private citizens. In the evening an ora
tion will be delivered by ex Gov. McComas, to
be followed by a concert, in which Burns' beau
tifal songs will be sung by excellent artists, and
on which occasion the Highland Guards will
sing that universally favorite ballad, " Auld
Lang Syne," as well as his highly amusing
poem as "Tam O'Shanter" (to be recited by a
genuine "son of the heather.") After this,
comes the Banquet and B*U at the Tremont
House, where beauty and mirth will predomi
nate. Large deputations from tbe cities and
towns along the lines of railway centering here,
are coming to join with the citizens of Chicago
in the affair. "
A Wo an wira tub Skxto.v.— It has beeome
quite tbe custom in city cturches to induce a
kina of religious dimnefts of the light during
the sermon time at evening service, by partially
shutting off the gas. This is all very well, if
the thing be not carried too far, and it certain
ly is so when tbe light remaining is so insuffi
cient that the expression of countenances, both
of the speaker and bis audience is lost in dim
ness. Then the only advantage gained is to
those who hear with closed eyes, and are of the
opinion, from a thorough perusal of the Bible,
that there ia many a good thing got "in a
dreatn." Will the sextons leave tbe people
light enough to see each other face to face, and
clearly, otherwise the pulpit orators are rare
who will not, on snch occasions, look down on
sleepy congregations. ;
Tub Law Isstitcts Libeabt.—To the credit I
of the County for liberality, and to tbe praise of
those who gave direction to the same, tbe Li
brary room of tbe Law Institute, io tbe third
story of tbe Court House, must be pronounced
oneoftbemoßt elegant and, altogether, suita
ble apartments for tbe purpose we have ever
seen. The Institute will, in its inflaenco upon
the bar of our city and county, abundantly ren«
der the investment a good one. Whatever
tends to elevate the standard of the legal pro*
feesion, is of direct and readily appreciable pub
tie advantage. Tne room has been handsomely
fitted up and carpeted, and tbe present pros
pects for furnishing the shelves are the most
favorable and promising.
Rixeubkb ins Littlk Folks this Evrxixo.—
The repetition at Metropolitan Hall this even
inn of tbe late highly successful and charming'
exhibition of tbe children of the Second Cni
▼ersalist Sabbath School, is responsive to a gen
eral request of many disappointed in not being
present on tbe former accasion.
I ■ ■
local, matters.
p<y Mb. fcpiTQß: Wnat can the Sons of
Halt* be up to now? Is it another Morgan dis
appearance alTair? ft by these insignia—these
blind placards? Is not the country in danger?
Who can answer? Is the Recreant's doom
foreshadowed ?
Grorer & Baker's new and unequalled
Family Sewing Machines, running at great
speed, almost noiseleatlr; now open, at $50 t
(65 and £75. H, Alsxawdkb, Agent,
j&l9 St cSI 166 Lake street.
Boots axt> Snots.—McDongall, Fenton & Co.,
190 Lake street* corner of Wells, cannot be un
dersold. We will sell for the next SO days—
Ladies' Foxed GAlters .... .75
Do Kid Congress Gaiters - - 1.55
l)o Kid and Morocco Slips and Ties - .50
Do Morocco and Calf Boots - • -1.00
Men's Buffalo Overshoes - 1.25
Do Call Boots of oar own make - - - 400
Do Kip Boots of oar own make - -3 00
Do Calf Congress Gaiters . 200
Remember tbe old store, noted fdfr great bar
gains—l9o Lake, cor. Wells. jalS lw cl 7
gf Wheeler & Wilsoa'a Sewing Machines.
KorUi-Wcatera Office IG7 and IG3 Lake street.
Gto. 1L CmrrjJKDE.v, Agent.
yy See advertisement ol Boadoir. Sewing Ma
chines. 122 Lake street. jal-ly-bSMJ
pg* See advertisement ot Quaker City |2O
Sewing Machine. L. Coaxsut. & Co.,
- - ocSG-ly ISS Lake street.
A Glorious Achi*vw*xt bt Gat*ttt!—
Nothing can exceed the success achieved by J.
C. Gayettv's Medicated Paper for the Water
Closet. Piles will soon be a disease no longer
known except in name. This pnre medicated
paper is uceqaafled ea ft preventive, and unap
proachable as a cure. The proprietors wish it
to be spoken of according to its merits only. It
is very cbeAf^— 1000 sheets for $1; 500 Bheets
for 50 cents. Bold by all droggtfts, and at tbe
ditcorerer's depot, 41 Ann street, New York.
*• J. D. Gayett»" is watermarked in each sheet,
and ma autograph is on each packoge. Seot by
express from 41 Ann street, New York, upon
receipt of price. The trade are invited to cor
respond as to tennft For sale by J. H. Reed &
Co ,* wholesale and retail druggists. 144 & 14C
Lako street, Chicago. ( ja22 2w-c(53
Messrs. Colby? & Co., 119 Esndolph
street, are just in receipt of a choice and ele
gant assortment of Books by the best authors,
published in the best manner. Amongst others
we notice on their shelves Dr. Holland's Bitter
Sweet, Mrs. Holmes' Dara Deane and Siapgie
Miller, Homestead and Hillside, Miles Siandisb,
and a host of others by tbe best authors. Messrs.
Colby are conducting their basines3 with their
wonted liberality, and making a handsome pres
ent of jewelry to each purchaser of a book.
Prof Spence will lecture before the Har
mouial Society Sunday morning and eveniog,
January 23d. Conference meeting at 2 o'clock.
ju22 It
See advertise-nent ot Dr. Sanfords' Liver
Invigorator in anotbe.- column.
—ServlceicftheCturchcf 'lie As;esston. (EshcnpaL)
on Oak street, between »»"Tisand Lasa'ie itreets. North
DiviJon, every Sunday at talf past tea o'clock A. U.and
•even o'clock P. M. School at ba'f-pa&t one
o'clock P M. Eev. H. Hcrrell. Rector, reiidence 311
Welli ftrect.
—The Characteristics aa-\ Worship of idira, forms the
sublet of discourse at tha Mew Jercsalem Eemple, to
morrow evening at 7% o'clock.
—Divine Services to be be.«lat theHrstEcslishLuth*
eran Courcb. corner of Wab»sh avenue and Ccccresss*.
to-msrrow at 10X A. M., anil "X P. M. Her. Dr. Martin*
i-The '\Uolty of Mankind will he the subject of the
discourse to-morrow eveninjrtn the Second Presbyterian
Cburch'Rev. Dr. Patterson's). Tie services wDI cod.
mence at 7.V o'clock. -
—The Utv. Dr. TUceviU deliver the second Lecture of a
coutse upon the "Fu'ure St»te." In tbe North Presby
terian Chuich on Sabbath crealns 22J last., subject—
" Wl l til ManVlad be Saved."
On Thtiriiday
Rice, ADQUd'UaP. Sd\hPa.dOß INBSAXGaIL
AtOsw-fe, Illinol.*. oa tbe even'ne cf the 11th ins'..
ASr« L C'l*£. wfe of /uha 8 Ssctc, aod rfaaxblero' |
'ihTsasC Jeontogi. E»c.. of Warwick, triage couLty,
N Y... l * the 31th jeirot ber>fre.
We have on hand, for sale, a large surplus assortment of
Which we will dls&Qie cf at
Tne assortment consists in part of the foUawing ar*
tides: .
4 Reims Green GlaiedMediaTi, for Covers. •
H .. Pint
>4 .. Lbchtuiue
H t/eid ..
H .. D»;eo Blue
a .. white
X .. Tellosr
ri .. DeepKed
3 .. Deea Vun>;e
J .. Warit
U - Y How
a .. blne T binPolloPtJ^.
£4 .. .. Heavy
ai .. White ihia
5 .. lilac heavy
1W -. Assorted .*iz' , s and Holes cfEnslisb. French
• an ■ \tneric*n Tiisu«s.
"T .. Rla»- French *ettcr.
'J .. llotT Bath ►■oet
16 Beams white tiacV Note or Bond Taper, lUI7X
3 .. .. Maj Piper.
1? .. Blueiomme:cialfrencbLitU.r.
1 -2 .. White
«6 .. Blue 'lat Letter,
17 .. .. Bath fust.
TJ .. .. i'TTch Utter.
U .. While Batti P.IS .
6 .. .. <»Ilt Krtped B*th Port.
W lle.in .. y*eoch L*tleT.
15 .. Hue
11 .. Wbite ..
6 .. Bin* Chech Car. > .
I<> Reims Wflile t-xcevre Cap.
9 .. .. Co-tnerdaiNote, French.
14 .. .. Haled ..
15 .. •• P*ain Dimatk Wove Com'l Note,
loj .. B'ue Fl»t l<et.er. nUIQ.
4>i .. treim Wove Itatb P«kt, plain
iru .. Blue -. Pre.ch Onamerc'al N'ote.
2 .. tTe*mTinted Band Note
W .. Whl-e French commercial Wtte.
a .. Whlie ihm Bank Pokt.
(AU of the above are pUia papers except where noted.)
We have also ab-.ut
lt>i Reams P'u*RaJed Foolicsp,
I l>j .. Wilte ..
UD .. Wbite and Blue Plain Foolscap.
SO' -. -• .. KuedLetcr.
q 0 .. line Otlondered Meiiiams. rf 20. S5. 30. S3
Hod 4J a: to trie ream, alienors.
200 posea Picis *reocb Enameled Cards,—plain and
a variety of pattcio*
IC.WO f beets Card Poird.—*l quat tea atd clors.
A Fine Co'orrd Inks, Includloß 1,000
fts Co.orcd Poster Ink. for sale cheap.
At the Ofucetfthe Press and Trlbnce.
gra.no '
"Sloan's Commercial College,"
Is not ConsoUdaUd, nor m sny wty thaagrd*
fjrie'CM] yea»s. which all the citizens of Chlctco
»ul tue country wherever tue woliese is ksown are well
Ic-taUi.yan the sam man. If I was qualified, whilst
fletl was a VrokiFia New I rot tie less so now.
Some b«ve b;en aec-lr- d by ui>jliciou4 nntlcei thtt my
cut i*celaths coo o ldnted I inn«t
lUfjiic to tny rooms. In Poitlaml bloc*, and see tor
themselVis. There are more s:ujeots l • attendance at
the urcscat lime tlian during the same mo&tb any previ
ous yeJ«r. ,
Life ScholartWn only $35.
K r Cat ilOKita. ±c., address T.J. SLOAN.
j*D- v lw Prt^den 4 . and Proprietor.
Xi from Chicago to PiU>burßh wLbout change, oon
utciiru? with the «reat
To New York. Philadelphia. Baltlasre an 1 Waa)ilcictcn
Gty. and all the interior towns of Pennjylv~nla, New j«
»ev, New York Maryland. 4c.
Merchants, by taklnx this route, will have the bene
fit of all tbe eastern markets at no additional cost.
Rimn checked throuab.
Trains leave the depot corner of Gin&l and Tan Buren
atr.cj. west .ide.aa toll
7:s) A.M.—Morals* Kxureas. dally. Sunday excepted
&;45 P. M.—Ntxnt txpretv dady. Saturiajs ezce&tet*.
OQa3ec4ia**4c.Te<Ui2e *ad Lajte Baore
Sallroad to Dunkirk. Badalo. Niarar& New York
aad Boston, and all Interior town* of £nioand.via
Sew York Central and New York aneKr.* arilroa-li.
Also, aoou to Oolccbos. Newark. Mooct
OUo and Also trains at lima for Dayton and
Cincinnati direct
Passencert bound east will find this route both pleasant
aada2recable,pasAlncihroosh many ol tbe lariteitatd
finest cltita in tue United Btates.
Pauenaer* rrrlvlna at Chicago, on any of therosis.
will find attentive check takers ai the depota, to e
checks and convey bwxace fre- or rhar*e to the PtUs
banix and Chlcaco cars. Elfiiplntj Cars accompany
eaob train.
Tickets for sale at aQ the principal ticket offlces In tl e
West, and »t tbe Company s oOce. corner of Raadoli b
and Dearborn streets, or at the depot on Van Bortn
Be 5 articular to ask fariUekcts by Tort Wayne.
DAN L W. BOS?, Qen'l Ascot Ohica#'*
Ibe Pltteourxn. JTort Wayne k cbleaco R. S.
bavins effected an amusement with the Pennsylvania
Central Railroad Ooopany. for the transpurtstion of
T r roujra FreUb's. iroperiy eaaanwOe ehUpedonibu
ttae uetweeo C&lrac9. Philadelphia, Baltimore. New
York and Boston, with promptness and desnatcb. Oon
tracts cau oe m.vie at the following places:
No. i Astor Place. )
No. t 8. WlUlamitreeO New York.
No. & Battery Place. j
No. ft Ktioy itreet, Boston.
No. ei Dock street, PhllaJelphlL
Depot. North nreet. Philadelphia.
Depot, Twelfth street, corner Oanal. Chlcao
Ha:k padtaces via Fv Wayne AO.R. H. '
for further lntormaUon, Ac. apply to
JAii w. MCtfPON. Freicht Aeent, Chicago-
J, J. HOUSTON. Gen'l Frxiahi Aa't. PiUsharfb. Pa.
1 no 3
' Otianse of* Time.
trains will leave the Great Central Dc9ol foot oi
Pouth Water and Lake streets:
Bt. Louis. Cairo and Kew Orleans Express....lL-00 A.M.
(Dally, eundays excepted.)
8L Locls and C«lrt> P.M.
(DaUy. Sundays excepted.)
For Peoria, Decutnr* Sprlnr&eld, Terre Haute, Altcn.
Jefferson City.Sinu. on Missouri river
Memphis, Natchei, Oalvestcn.
NEW OtvLka^ia,
And all intermediate p-lnts.
A stock train, with a nanenser ear attached as far as
Kankakee will leave at &.sc P.M. (dally, Sundays ex
cected). On Saturdays a psssenxcr car will be ran on
this u ain as far as Orbannt
arrive from Loots and Cairo at fclo *,m. and
Tbe P.M. trails make di-ect connections at
Mattoon with Tem llas*e and Alton Raltroad for altcn'
and fit. Louis, and at Cairo wl<h the railroad line of
hteamers for New Orleans, leavtnf Cairo oa alternate
dan. „
Tbe 11 JO P.M, train cakes direct connections at To
lono witn Great Western Railroad fo- Sptinsfleid. Jack
sonvllle and Naples: at Maitopa with Terre and
Alton Railroad Ur A'ton and &L and a*. Odin wtth
Ohio and Id'ssisdpbl Raltroa<t forßt Looli,
Applr at tie Ooapany'a umce In the Great Central
Depot; at the Michigan Oectral Railroad offlce. comer
of Lake and Dearb rn street: at the Plttebarsb. Fort
Wayne and Chlaxo Railroad OtPce. comer of Dearborn
and Randolph streets, and at au Stcaraboat s-nd Railroad
Office In tbe £«st and North. _
JAS-COLAKKS. Gen'l fcst
W. p. JOHNSON*. General •ncketAsMtr
noA* W. B. ASTdOR. Boot. Chicago Division.
Hope Fire biMirsuce Company,
or new yoax oxty.
Cash Assets $175,090.
RxyxasvcM Cat Auraoarrr) Ix Csieioo.
Reynolds, Ely A Co* Ofden. Fleetwood A Oa»
Benedict. Uailory 4 Farnam. OlarkADater.
T. «, VAN 808 EN* Agent,
South last cor. of South Water and Clark-st,
BotOlvlw PPBT4IP'*
uviu. rjust ft 00.
Washington', Jao. 20—Senate—Tbe Pacific
Railroad bill was di»casseil the day's sea.
The resolution introduced by Mr. Saward to
day and referred to the Senate Post Office Com
mittee, providing for the continuation ot the
conveyance of the mails between New York and
Liverpool, "ia Southampton, Havre and Bre»
men, anthomss the Post Master General to
contract with any parties who will give ade
quate security for the faltbfa! performance of
the service for the lam of f 13.500 for each
roaod trip o! tbe sea, and inland postage to be
at the option of tbe contractors.
Among tbe general boeinesa transacted, Mr.
Btgler presented a memorial from tbe citizens
of Virginia, urging specific duties on iron.
Mr. Harlan presentee amenorta), asking that
land* be granted to the Territories of Nebraska
and Kansas for Railroad purposes.
On motion ot Mr. Hunter, resolutions of in
qniry were adopted, whether it be advisable to
transfer tbe revenue-colter a-rviea from the
Treasury to the Navy Department; also if a
plan cannot be devised to sell the old military
posts, *nd devote the proceeds towards the erec
tion of new ones.
Mr. Broderick made a speech, stating that
certain correspondents of the X. Y. Tribune
were not correct.
The ppvate calendar was then taken up, and
ten private bills passed, including u House bill
granting a coprright for a work on the Indians
to Mrs. Henry U. Schoolcralt.
On tbe discussion of another bill, asking sl4 -
000 interest since 1794 on a f 0,000 claim— '
Mr. Clay, of Ala., was severe on the claim
egiinst some of those who bOver around the
Capitol like birds of prey, to fatten on the legis
lation of Congress. Some such agents ouy
claims, as a matter of speculation, for a cent on
the dollar, and arge them in the name of the
original claimants.
The bill was finally passed, bat mnch cur
The calendar contains two hundred bills, less
' ten passed to day.
I Acjourned till Monday. '
j Washington*, Jan. 2L—Senate.—Mr. Kin<r pre*
senteil a memorial from the citizens ol New York,
I praying for an increase in the pay of officers in
the' Navy.
Mr. SewarJ introduced a joint resolution con
cerning the transportation or the mails between
2<ew York and Liverpool, an<i between Xew York
aud Bremer* and Havre, via Southampton. Hi- I
l'erred. v 1
Mr. Wilton presented a petition from the See- !
retary of the " Cincinnati*' of Massachusetts, lie
i terral.
Tue private calendar was then taken up.
House.—Mr. Farnsworth, of If!asked leave to
off-ra loog preamble,s>tiingfortb the importance
of our posse.-3ing all of the Briii-h American pro
vinces, concluding wi h a resolatiou in.-trucling
the Committee on Freign AfTairs to inquire into
toe expediency of initiating measures to secure
them by honorable treaty.
Mr. Garnett, ol Va., aud others, objected.
The Hou-e then too* up the private calendar.
Horses-Mr. Grow offered an »«endment to the
bill to amend the pre-emptiun laws, to the effect
ihat from and after the passage of this act no pub
lic land* shall be exposed to sale by proclamation
ot the Pie?ident, unless returns of the surveys
thereof hball have been July filed in the land i fftce
ten ymra or more, which was adopted by titieen
The H.:u=e, by fonr majority, rejected the bill
by reinsing to order it to be engrossed tor a third
The House then went into Committee of tbe
Whole on tbe President's M*s?ace, and immedi
ately took a recess till 7 o'clock.
During tbe evening ? ession, Mr. Purviance and
Mr. Thompson presented their views upon the
Hous*.—The bill to indemnify citizens ot
Georgia and Alabama for losses sustained in the
war with the Creek Indians was diseased. But
without definite action thereon, tbe House ad
From Washington.
Washisgto*, Jan. 21.—Tbe petition presented
by Senator Wilson today from the Society of
the Cincinnati ot Massachusetts asked for a set
tlement of tbeirclaim for the balf pay for lite
promised in the act of Oct. 1783, for tbe Conti
nental Army. They do not ask this as a mat
ter of bounty or pension, bat that Congress re
deem ua plighted taith.
Secretary Cass has applied to Congress for on
appropriation tor tbe salary ofTownsend Har
ris, Mioister resident at Japan.
Tbe House to-day was opened with prayer for
tbe first time by a Roman Catholic priest in fail
The President to-day sent to the Senate a
message in reply to the resolution calling tor
copies of ouy correspondence in relation to tbe
purchase oFCuba which has not been made nub
iic. tie says oo such correspondence bas taken
place which has not already been communicated
to Congress and adds: "In my last annual
message 1 stated tbrt the publicity which has
been given to our lermer negotiations on this
this subject, and the large appropriations which
may be required to effect toe purchase, render
it expedient, before making another attempt to
renew the negotiation, that I should lay the sub
ject before Congress. 1 stilt entartain the same
opinion, deeming it highly important. if not in
dispensable to tbe success of acy negotiations
which 1 might insiitute for the purcaase, it a
tne-sure should receive the previous sanction of
Congress. •; Tbe message was referred to the
Committee on Forego ReJstioas.
Arrival of the California Overland
St. Locij, Jan. 20.—Tbe overland mail, of
tbe 27th uit., with two passengers, has arrived.
The President's Message reached San, Fran
cisco at 3 o'clock on the morning of the 2Gib,
nioeteen days and two houra from St, Louis.
Tbe Message hardly meets expectation, espe
cially on the Pacific Railroad.
The holidays were being observed with extra
ordinary unanimity.
Dates from Victoria are to tbe 13th of Decem
There was great suffering on Fraser River,
from cold.
Tbe steamer Enterprise left Fort Hope for
Lingley on the 9th, with 125 passengers, and
was frczsu in on her way down. There beiog
no provisions on board, the passengers attempt
ed to go to Langley overland. Snow falling,
tbey lost th;ir way, aod after three days' inex
pressible sufliring, during which five ot' six
were frozen to deatb, tbe weather moderated,
and tbe steamer got tree, and came down and
took tbe survivors to Langley.
A petition ia oeing circulated at Victoria for
the removal of Gov. Dauglass.
Mining had almost entirely ceased at Frazer
River. Business stagnant. Considerable rain
bad fallen.
From Washington.
Washivotox, Jan. 20.—1t is stated that Mr.
Stewart, U. S. Marshal of Georgia, has been re
moved on tbe ground of not exercising suffi
cient vigilance in regard to the yacht Wan derer
Judge Samuel S. Black, of Nebraska, is to be
Governor of that Territory.
Tbe Committee of Ways end Means report a
recommendation to re-establish the rates of the
tariff of 1546, or nearly so, upon certain prom
inent articles. The highest rates will probably
be 50 per cent on liquors; iron will be re estab
lished at SO per cent.
Wasoisgtox. Jan. 21.—The following naval
appointments have been confirmed bv tbe Sen
ate: Surgeons—Edward Hudson and McCoun ;
Assistant Sarg^ons—Lining, Bertolotbe, Leach,
Christian, McGe«s Giobs, Burnett and Wm.
King; Pursers—K. P, Pierce and Fulton j Cbief
Engineers—Stewart and Siimern.
Tbe following Marine Corps officers have been
confirmed : Captain—Pansill; First Liaotec
ant—Browning ; Second Lieutenants—lngra
and Kathbone.
The Hayti Revolution,
Xnr Orleans, Jan. 20.—Arrived, tbe Brig
West laUian, from Port au Princ-, January Ist.
A passenger co firms Hie news of the in-nr
rcctiouat Uajti. Gen. tbe leader, was
chicr of Solouqae's staff. He had raised 2 000
men, and Solouque left Port au Prince on tbe 27ih
with G.OOO, to attack him. AH quiet elsewhere.
Xett Xoci.Jan. 21.—We have received advi
ces from Por*. au Piince to Jaouary 4th.
The Emperor was moving against the insur
gents. He had inspected the army and taken
other preliminary measures, but iu a bulletin
seed on the 4th, mats the insurrection as a
tempoiary riot; not endangering the stability
. the empire.
- jatty of insurgent? bad occupied a position
on tbe River Moanems,but ku. beanos of the
approach of the Emperor they precipitately fled,
leaving their ammunition. Tbe Imperial troops
then occupied their po?itioo- The army exhibited
no &igns of disaffection. Solouque bad issued a
proclamation announcing his determination to lead
the army in perron.
Gonaires is declared in a state of blockade.
A Disgraceful A flair.
Washington, Jan. 2L—As tbe Hon. George
Taylor, of tbe House, was passing one ot tbe
Halls of the Capitol, this afternoon, be over*
heard a highly offensive remark from Mr. Wal
droo, of N. Y., made to tbe laiter*» companion.
Approaching Mr. W., Mr. Taylor asked whether
that language was directed against him. On re>
ceiving, after some hesitation, a response, Mr.
Taylcr resented tbe insult by bitting Mr. Taylor
with bis Hsu Mr. Waldrca struck back with an
umbrella, of which Mr. T. got possession. After
it passed from Mr. W.'s bands, he struck htm
with it, and then threw it at him. Other parties
interposed, and prevented difficulty. It
is said Mr. T. presented tbe charges on which
Mr. W. was removed from tbe office of Deputy
Collector in tbe Custom Hoose of >ewTork.
The ataaonlc Fraternity orOanadau
Tckosto, C. W. Jan. 20.—The first regular
half-yearly meeting of the Masonic Grand 2*odga
of Canada, since tne union of the two Grand
Lodges, in July last, is being held here, com
mencing yesterday. A letter from the Secreta
ry of tbe Graod Lodge of England, recoguixiog
the independence of the Grand Lodge of Ca
nada, was laid before the meeting and gave gen
eral dissatisfaction. A uniform ritual fcr all
Canadian Lodges was adopted.
A, Suspected slaver Seized.
Boctos, Juu2l-— I The bark Lawrence, belong
ing to this city was seized yesterday at New Lon
don, on snspicion of being abont to proceed on a
Slave voyage to the ccast of Africa. Tbe Law
rence formerly belonged to Kennebec, and has
1 been employed la the wtnllog buiness. I
A Fatal Explosion.;
.i- W 5 J !5' OIO - v ' Del -' Jan - 20—Abont fonr o'clock
"is f. M., one of Dapont'a powder mUlj lathe
Hasl-y jard, exploded, killing James Gibbsona
ana John Grant. The shock was very severe, and
waj fait for miles aroond.
The IronisTille Jailor~Case. " "
Locuxitr.*, Jan. 21.—The Kentuckv appellate
Oourt has decided the eelebrated LooisriJJciail
or esse in favor of Thomas, the American ia
Santa Anna President of Venezuela.
Krw Toax, San. 21.—Advices from Veneinela
of Jsn. 2 state that Geo. SanU hid b«en chos
en President of that Republic.
Nero 2Un>crtiscmcnts,
WC B. SCK/rZy, j iMrttf.vt 6J Deartom-*.
x> o-Aorisoi U recrte, f*r on-i off tIW
Leading Paper, of Qu .VonX- Tfmt. j,
alb r-gwmrdel by ieavmit at itAs. m**. ua i."'
SoO 000 OFmerchoT
Baaai lad MonJ, „ eichuut
■ - i*'*CT-U t a
cf tk* Chl«««a Law las h u t« *re re-
I*-'"-"" ANTIIONT. Stc'r.
A Oi ; PIKE ' 3 peak; GOLD
ajLualle st. Cmcato.
For the Gold Mines
' asa itojent"/ &
ani o.ner Ricles, hhot Vig'Si;.
ua'fc and oiher a&u«. \7vW%
a teueral outfit SCT
fjr the Mian, at bo H
Ltk «irr«i. # d
Gas StocK.
V>> » STOCK, for
j*3l».ct2 FORBE3T BRQ3. 4 CO.
Lecture on Oambling^
fondar Aflernoon and Etc , Jan. 23.
• BLER, will lectn'e »t ilcVleker'i Theatro nßuo
ojy «rt c rnooTJ.tlselid mat. at 3 o'dt-ciu a-d ln»bs tie
r.laxa: ,*» o'clock. The afternoon Lecture will be nee
for»ll. For tbe Lecture, ntsor
iinalitlcJietaandia cent* forieatl'man *nd la-r will be
F,of - NELtO> K.Nti34wili
«ai* thi Gaobler't Vtfs" and "a bbaUi Be U. * and
accompany blmaelf oa tbe Pl»no Farte. . i«itl •
Office of Galena & CVcago Union &. B. Co
IHICACO, Jaloatj CU, 13J9.
"\roTicE to Stockholders.—not ice
-L" li btrtbr llyento the ttockhoMtno(th- G■!-=»*
cuicaso cnion iU.roao Company, toat a dlv.drnd &f
twopcree&t. uponthocapiuuso kwaJdv-'oinaany w*s
declared on the Ulh lu»t.. o»* kb 9 at thia oac« on \ha
latatuT of Ptbruirr next, InKxchanre oa Y t rk at
par. «o ho.dcrs of #iUd «u>ck. at ihe clo«e of bualnrfs 00
tie .Itt da. of January iflttant, Dividtods wilj be remit
ted hy ma;l wnen so ordered by tbe own ra
JaJJI r-ca. V».M_ LAnRaHEE.Sec'y.
A Private Guide in all matters of Law of essent'al Ic*
teTest to Women, 'and by the aid cf which every woman
may, In whatever situation, understand her le«a] coune
andredies', and be UtrOw i Le*il AdvUer. contalnln*
tbelawi of the different ?iates relathe to MA&AIAGE
and uivorci; breach v.p psoml-e. ac.
Price Sl OOL
For saie bj \f, b. KEEN, Bookseller,
ltf Lfcke atreet.
I- O- O. DP.
The members uf union lodge no.
, ! . a - * nd t&o members .cner*u., arerequiat-d»o be
m atte.jd|*Qce lUl&i >AVt th" JSjth lait. fc t.-dd P Uow'»
lla.i. on K*ndo ph »treet at 9 o'clock A. 5U for tbe pur
'£ a-TniMmenUto properly j .la la vie Civic
and Military Procevioj u ue h*d m o .or of the v.ca
tena! U Ann ve.s ry«. the olrtnof aob rt Burna
dj a D'*oen»«tioa granted by o, Matter H.
H. Pc •vilie, the metuoerj sill appear on th* -cca*ion la
Fall hex Ua. UKN tTiTKrf.
jUaufaj Be-o dlflu dtcretary.
Coal! Coal!!
I J\J Co»l .1 thebe»t In the market for either
family uses or steam. Alao—
-300 tons Prepared Anthracite IBro&d Top.)
3JU toss Lump Shamobin.
tl* o:de;s may be lett U
„ _ W. D BERRY'S.
8. E. corner Clark k p& rts.
>ttD oEOs..
Oornc cf Lake and clars aireeta.
.. . ALPREu cJUTH 4 CO.
_jaj>3m-{«0 North Per. opoosl e ill Central K.
Lime, Soda, Potash and Iron,
New and Valuable Remedy for
Prepared by
J 11. REED & CO.,
apotheoariis and chemists.
1W k Its Like Ptreet, 141A1M
1 ai
:i CWcmo. New Tort PhlKJ.'chi- . 1h ,..
Cl'vtl.irl PcbolTjolD IKS?
entire Co.lo Cor.ol!d«t!oi ot " Bomi
Mer.-mfle Colle«" nd • »e>l". OonSSIS "
do*cni.cwd u one I Btltn'l n aaoer th. n.mi Md
rt .e rt BkLV. V&Y4ST > SrRATro" DUb, V "h
Pw rietnr tod Auodtte of Cnlc**o Col
tuJtoji!jon»iiplic«loDt lb. M . nil.nA
the best family paper,
For SaJo by *ll Newi Dealers.
i#~3ubscriptioas {3 (0 per snsum.
D BAKER & CO., Pabllshers,
ja22c7lßt No. 13 Brattlestreei. Boetcn. Mass
VV ■»rl 4 *lan. .Tri-Weeklx i tnaof A No. I ae* md
tanwwslaai. fatf Screw It aacr*
O>MMLGOy.Capt. WiL-l kVXBGRZEN CITY, capt>
Htm. | bta
C.XT. Gael, I HCB. Captain Diccso?.
Leave Chlcaso from tbe foot of LaaxDe street. Scuth
Sid*, a. T. Soeacer « Co.'i oa Tu«*d*7. Tcorsday
and 3 turd*y'Tenlnci. atSo'do.k, landloa at all poi&u
on thewesishcre of Lske Michigan.as t»r north as Two
Elvers, and *t Mack nac
itmrash Bills ot Ladios slven from sorts
on th'-vest abore of Lak> Ulehlrtn. to jioiton, *tw
York UoP'teaifcodalltbepriacpalnoi-Ulat;eE*»teni
and fle* £o*lx2 j fiuutandtiaLad*.
k Conne't at witbtbe Northern Railway
■kCanada. and ai Toronto wnb the Orasd Truijt
■yfor Mo-i&fau •aad »iJ. af i
Take Ontario fleam-ra or Niagara FalH Osvt(j. Cape
- at • ffdesaborc wtib the Vermont Central
R iirrat for ikntonaodintermediatepol^Uon Yeraosi
Central between OFleesburxa ud Botton.
Tt»e»boTe Line U unequalled fjr resu arlty srd dli
patch. f.r P*tstcce'saodfreUbt batween the
and Ea,t*ra and New Ei.landtltates and
Pur freUbt or puiu« aroly t->
A, T. BPi ■iOKR k Co.. Asenfs.
J mc 14 Poet 0 f Laate atf eeu calcaao. Dl.
Metallic-Tipped Boot and Shoe*
An improvement baa been an>ffcd to Boo'e and S b oes»
by vhlcn a G a*t Bavb c 1j Exoms* b mado. Every
boot and shoe aeaUr ka*.wi lb»t child'en wlJl we«riut
at tne toe m- be«-eoustructed ab*>e In from fur t» nc
w< eka. and that It >">sr ithena dried toe stiu of manuf*o»
toiers to obtlaie this iiffiruity.
meeta and overcomes It A rnall p!eee of copper Is
neat y fa» ened to tba toe of tbe boot or aboe.
a comptete to it. aad readeri"* the etTaru of
tbe most mvetcnue stamper laeffectaai to-klck or wear U
We present this invention with ike 'uOcstksov'edfS of
and exoertence la iiaP'Mtical Uillty. U«rlocncwfor
nearly twoyears been tnbjected to the seTcresttefta.lt
ba*. oy its own istrtnalc mertu, actually anrmounteil
every objection tb*t ooold rn-Mbly be broucht »f <ln»t rt,
astheaexmpanvinx cerUCeates. which are but »I*lra»-
eracd of bundredsoxothera.wihabundanUy e»not* rate.
WanMTrno be'ltasonlnsas'nsthAttbeMetaUlo-tlpned
SftoetsllesUned 10 entirely looereede. for Children and
Youth, tne old tt>le: and we eonalder It a moderate
itatemebt that one pur tf \ne Metallic T*.pj willoutweir
two to three raJr* of tbe old style. m*king » savins of
neafAy twotbirda in taeeiaenje t f aboes.
Xissr. WiDSWORTH i, WEILS, *r Cblugs,
Bavebern appointed Acenta foi th?sale of tbe Boot*
and ghora and ar - autaotlx.d tj dispose if lown and
County EUfbts.
v ooqii' rations a-ldreseed ti them ur the undersicned
will r«ctl« e prcpe» »rtention.
46kSQ -VateA it. Beaton,Mass.
N. B.—This Invention Is a complete stotectlon from
tha cuulnaol t- « PralrW «*raesea »~dls <»p«dallyadacU
eito ulners* u«.a .d all occupation* whlca pa Uealarqr
expA*etb'teeof tbeboctorahoetob«Ui«catorwom.
j mu-cBl
XJ Prsparsd and sold wbolsssls apdrsUHLW
4- u^-i^>grwh*.
j Most Brtlttmt tight
Yet (Escovered.
''/ I r\ In * Larp. fNB
r\ (\ \jS i Cf' OAt.L<i> tian»lu<t. l rr<
Y\>VJ rw w bean earh a»y. la«jj
\V" I 3 pV\N jna all bttqaalto eLbl
^ n Caadlos. Wbra the
ca L*»o Iswtopolj ulam>-
Xo Ssoke or Smell.
PiiJL.'r-'" So'raej. ,a»l fl-it'oii'. ta >
•7° , oc « Comtnissloa H'ow I • bl« diy of flv« t.trt
ts'FORMATi"S' wasted BT A BK
clrcomu.iirt. a— M 'olio.. :
»r rtifi IK ® h,# hnra '* 1 ' >ewca«tle. j
vi .' °® ** » » o*ve b v en tutkhU t,% Vn.»» m 1
t totheiharltf ofalledL
* l Z® ,bl 'T oli ' e one or more in»«r
-ffi?l of tte yi. b0 "* ,6 " 1 °:w »« «»o. Km"
Pike's PmJ m 4 ,4 Cow, f »" f e i"> Uke to 1
Q -m' ? r pani aara a.!Jr es a a I
U Ullffl/Jl. Jl X).. Cblt»«*lL 111 . (inr.ailnt lan r. H
CLar«at?i2 rt,ar ° r t^*i or C4il oOJ.-c. 'W So run :
Cure street, caracrof Madiioa. j 4l j i«. c <
K ii-'i'.T^ o i = r ;S ' oi " ,C "V »• N - C..K>m«aj T tv»
T, f " ' ' c :1 «aU.ltfi to a le«ao? or a&oot
"• "• ?r*KHCCi£
I.IJ-3B CT gaigq. s c.
__i, * or 'he market nricflwll be
11! ".V. V-' lodAMLiL 1.. HIKrZ. N> 5i
ph »trtftt. Cbtc*<o iju*
r ACCEPTANCES hav'nr fr*ra 'hirt* da» tA
r "- *-
<Eo Ucnt.
" be offices oa th* « «t and
"Tu b«- b - ui d^"N ° a IQblcrl
3 ut,ark '- m X.B
«Lt X . len ?« of » c4ra - ,4r « bo idtacnevt
East of Cerstor of Glbbs. -nflla A C#.. with lh e Hue
Lot oa »blcb It «0 mere ortet ol the
fX T 5? Mdntaoiarf bac< tn tee O. AU.U.U. K. AtuZhe^
Thlf l« a 3 flni a i' ,s h* SlUa U?* 1 "? room - wltfi S3 enalti®
Tbla Is a flae 102 Uoa for a tfloarfa* mul or lor Meunanl
calooreoses. fwtenaa.A&.aoulyv*
iTat Saic.
'TO bßCtiGlffTd —A DaCG STORK
X wenshaated aa \ a bu.l nV\ hi» sold
OPreaj aabettrnu. Direct t-. jiJJ.U'ce
-8<3." was boilt -a Cl-tetad la IW: lei.th.
w' l ee-: hrealm. .u t Iju te deauiatJ-ltX 'e. t
meisnremeot 3*} 91 9i ions tv.evv.
ror orlee acj t-rni» atplf to USD A SLATED,
a<ar M+dltoa street. jj 5 '
Notice. -tu ano ex
Ptt^a-MFS.— r tave fo- sal-* one jr»od Track
v»aaoa aad aar-iets: flv« » o .>d loa Asel D.-ajs and Har
laqmre of L. T.>'-
Ld " mc '
1? 0R SALE. BY VAS INW ujtVATco"
- NjemMiVfE. ;: A?.:::: \U ■*
:: Sm l 'N%t'<!;4Z u ' D - u -£F :: ~s; "
:: L £' Nt s "
J llb>7M3a " BJ ** ••
JUKST CLASS nwri.M'ccu voa suu:,
Now belca Erecte',
Ou Ruhli, near Superior SI.,
AndtobeflnidhM Uu Tae* hia»« ar? :s*H fe<L
t&iM w'th btttfmeiv Muwjavee brick 'rout,
bulit an 'to be tialab-d la .bebe-t iaaun«r. Tne lots are
I*7 wt de*-p to an aitef. and will hi»e a *ood brrk barn
on eacb. fe-snDs furcbasoa i«oa <•»'» mase >uca aJ
tcraLoos as may bs dessred
Term Apvlf u* Di. DII US A ID, 45 Clur k
ttr«L fromSto 10 o'cljcn a. M. )aa
House asd lot forsale situated
00 the eorner of Vfa •>(! ia I «• urea streets la tbe
•»e»t UlvUij-o, Bear Uiloo Park, oecqaied hi % I' !!*».
ward, is aew. bollt im.:< two stories, and
stoae basement tweaty foar-y flfty-tftrw feeu wl.ba
ailjl-i U t.l- uom 'aaai aMe manner
w.Ui all tns modern Improvement.'*— marble 4.
**ca. «C. A- w ud be a de». fable re»:deaco. lh
lot U jl*'y-st« ey oae handred aaj tweat»-seven feet,
witb a twenty foot aliey la tbe le'rofit: mil oe sold
*erycbe«p—on cao*» Ume or the whole of (be purchase
fflooey auy rejiain un taort*«e oa It and other oroiert»
for'oor or fl* c yeara. or It w,d oe cacbanied for an
doubed real Mae securities. baYin* several T»*rs to
!?°h iff.'.V'? f: f, B -"Kil ? u- IWS« Jim. or bj
U U Uearp ra st tootn ?*. 4fJU lm*
Malt! Malt! .nalt!
Ift Ol If I B0 - S " 1 CANADA EAR
JL V/ LB? malt, in store and for sale by
l*Sb>+o 3m IS" Kfai.e atiert.
femen esa procure board aad We-»' nI u K , ,t
no. 71 M.jnroes-reet. Aho.afcw—-
a;wmaodated. twareers can be
UOARp is a t _ FIR?T C L BOARD
o? B ,». a - a ueasaal motns, either suitrt orslnale. at
,~j Cur* street TraaJcat Uoard at reasonable rates.
Boarding. sikgle rooms and
•alts o'rooms newly fittod ap. wltb board, oa rea
sonable -rma, may oeob'aaicdon application at No *ils
Stale » , re«t. C. D. OUVaS.
dci; iu.*
Particular Notices.
A' a ?ptcla? Meetlnso' the SL Aa 'r*w s flocicty,
d on SsAorday. tbe Li. b January. 18ia. U was
R&oUt t Tbat tbe SJcletr do turn out i i^pce e sf"n on
'neb last, in hio>>r of t'ie Ceoi<*an'al
tb 1 Birthday o> tco la'» Bird. Robkst UCaX*. and that
al> tbe-i>ter d-'Cet.ra. tbe aierotty. tbe Civlj
and County • 15cia.i. b-rwexe* u If to join with
tbe Bi. Atiiirew aso;.ety inprocc_a.OQ on bat uay.
Membefi of tbe llltils ?t. Andrew's *ocMy sre re-
Qac*fd 1 ■ meet at tbe llshlaad Guards' Astnory. on
ineiday, Juairy iita. a. lU-» o'cl»c< a. M. toju.n la
tbr as <tu;d la in - aoofc 'esolntion.
Officers a-e requested to a«»e oj tiitlr t-adses, aad
Meaioe s to bare a tbis.ld oa >bclr tcft "reaj - ..
jaJOc27-ld dtEiVAdf. Sec'j^.
Mosey to loan
Al Ten ter Cent, per AenqgL.
ros rivn tbahs.
first-cIAM Real Istiteand
rncnlrg from One to Twelve MoHhs.
jaJJ cJd B. 9. in>WNl>q A CO.. 37 Clark-it.
fill > AT TEX -CENT.- A
krt I m\s\J * ' B*rty w sbes oe t» sell a «mal' lot
at alaw trice on fair t«noa and loan the purchaser iLOi u
or apwarda, at tea per e«.ot on oUier iacw.l J. one or
two years. ApuUcailJo to be made to ae p or
J. U Lfc*.
jai3 At Wadfworlh ACo'a.ftfClark i;. baa &7X. P. 0
Mercha-dse orc.tyrrop rt*. al>ou' •lO.i.UJ worth
ot Jewelry. Gold Pea*. Pencils. Ai. AddreM "J W.
K>.'Bo»Jldd Cbl<aco P. O. tjbbs>7lm
from lIUO to II COO ma la on cood 'ecaH'ybv
iaU3w* okA>. W.r»»WCOMftACO.a)l>e*i^rn-».
«Ul attend to or dor nx my > bsaneeiroa
toe da. Pmons La*ta4 oaslnest wab m« will raJ atoa
him attrs oflce Nc. S#3 Lake itre-L
UliT*" y.
JL convealenceof property owr ers. I bare pnvarrd
aUst of tbe taxes oa Vts at Like forest Iwi u auend
to u 'paroott of for parties pajiug tbem toaeu
my ora. e before tbe S&tb in,t *
laKMw b9»< P. J. HK&. gecretarr.
X valuable Horses and Carria es. walcb wa wil) ez
chtrje for Groceries. Lna er. Hardware. Roo<sand eboes
or Dr* Qoodi Also uct**e Plani aa above.
ladbiH In
af ONtY LOa.S'lD o.t CITY Kr.AL ta
if 1. TAT» Beesritiea, MorUa*ea, Truss i>eetis, Booda
Aocks, Business Notea, and all rood netouablr s«nrl
- and sold. Certlflcateaof Deo«»ltsantishocks
of R.S. swift. Brother A Jobnftoa, poreaaaed tor caab
at tbe bkhert market price. Utraiers 1; llitnila, Wlacoa
sin and lowa lands. Improved farmo. saboroan lota and
C&y leal fatalg. Office No. S, Csecond door)
Un Block, comerof Eandolpb and ' su., Cbica<9
dgaxxaia w. PAVIDHOW.
Drata, Accertanceaand Nctes paid la New York on
the day ot maturity, or last dtj of Krace. and moaey do.
p sited lor account m tne cty of new fork and »ent to
cities to the Ticjii.y of New Yor< on Teiefraprdo Orders,
ESS£UT 0008
TKLWttAyu ofyiqa.
Chiefs aad IDlvaak*# lailraad
JL Stockholders of tbe Cblraco and Milwaukee Rail,
road Company, which wa» advertised to ba boideo al
their office ia Cnicaxo «a tb« t«th day of
at iq o'rlock A.IL has been POSTPONED OUT
TIL TUESDAY February 81a, ISB. al ll) o'clock A SL.
at wbicb tune said meetiM< will be boiaen at tbe office of
aald Oompany ia for Uie eloetion of Directors
for tba year, and tbe traftaactioa of nc& otixar
boalnesa aa nay b« prtsaated.
Br order of tbe board,
nfdß.td.oeT3 A 8. DQWKB. BeoaUrr
JL SALAMANDER SKTK Larteat stock west of
NTw Aot*. Ne>Wt |ook'p«oavld«. and beat arrarged
inside, of «nJ»ajes made »o «»oey. Books or Patera
«Terloatlnone of «arsafes. Never ondeta^id.-
PttAIT«WuKO«eTER. Agcota.
iil3d?lw urt&rgih Watf street.
jLvJv/ attbaLonarOilDccot. ia»»c4g
ruPSrasu steel HOED aaxiKiris,
St,'*-** "TSMiu
faction Sales.
BICH fctrnitctbb.
Silvcr-Plated "Waro, Marian 3£ait>lo, Oil Paint*
iogs, Mirrors Tea Tray.«, 4c, Ac.
_ be sct(l on TUE3P\Y. W*n*»m DA Y
►JL . \ * J 6Q4r7 ' 2®fc'Qd2lh crm-neRCUu
atj.S f» do-* MC& rt y»■ » bak- > ie-«. by orde of
securer alarge and mleadiJ a-aorta at-f -.1. h KumL
tare, U'jafdt- .'n« !*».*•» J•. Ac.. o »iaMn* Id p-_t
£» >le«an' M*ho**j y and B ack * a.no >%r «r ulu. !n
Pfaihard FUI Cict . •ar orth.lr*. Ma bt Tor. Co t r
**' l*fc Ca.IJ ► t.j*»s uttoaiAO* in*
udHOLlcjKLbilrs il'ikCti >
Chamber Furniture,
MjWuysad Black **la't RosewnM M Uh. number
Uso * s, *ho»»rr nd Cottase tffdtea a,
. k l ® T,) ' B »r«» , a aid *aa itrnda Piali CO •»<!.
S« tt»r;S' n . to ' rb ' >o.ti, e „.
Dxniny-Room F t urniture,
w'iL.ut *T>«u\'oa i»!» Ina Tabes Break-
U'N T-turletp, .fo ko> » 1 v'fepeU.
Al o—Oil -alntint* Giu ITraae >1- orj, «l *er-
Jtc na Jc 1 ' <l icC.ocU.
John li, Vaicminr,
RB'EtVEEo 1 Ut« firm of rQbft IJUI A 2>amosen.
GLLPiIiT £ SAMPSON, Aactioneera
irciio.v iso coaaissio.N asscams,
No. 50 WeU« HU opp. i)rtjza Uoom,
w d,*.-rtDtloa of property. to be sold at Aoctlon. fo»
cash. on time or commission y->. V«®*u c±r»rJ!a
dtocksof UenenU Merchandise. Jewelry Funiltur® Cloth-
Uuc-Ac. Keil H.UUL L«Jv Ui
jirUcuar attention to tae «de if Lot* U a»e*, Lands,
*~*t AocJon. Inside or outside Chlcaao. Advances
2uikL°? . eftcsl of referencesln Chicago
» a<U . ® ajr rel7o ° and
pro rntt f ' uni>—Uie iiio ol commerce aad traJe
octf-bJi-wa j. A TAVLUa M CO.
Tucaday, Jaumry 2SUI, JSJ9.
Graad Marshal a! tio Day, Chief McGIASHET.
festivitiksTK IHI-: DAY WILL
Mil rS «"b i' i^?3 A N D CIVIC Ul
>4, P3DC«,SSiO*4 -Mca w!u t ruj ra
0-r o v; tr 4 e '« wt ?^ o u ru ' kr -» ,,> « oQ »tr«cu »t u
d oq wll. ta«o ma c. Co Dear*
bo.c P*r<. wae»e Uia MultAff wm be rtrlcwcd by
brigadier general swift,
the il*soolo »ad Qv'j;
A/lfP whJci. of
willy flroX eoanjeacln* Drecjel# a: U i'aloek nooa
WlmJiiJuuMira,. 1,., Ujllt iciluV.-
Ilia c*3aonj!ou Jly rt*r,
K *oi itm,j tj.t lue »bore;
Caiwtijk) Ultl I liuta tluyiut D»»
lolue rJtVinitui Jtf,—
iDHonaraftbtf Ol*' •rvnß'-i»T« ttlOTiiHT ofiK«
xotahim} Vo.L. ttOBBRT BORW4 Th" PMeSJSS
•flunfare iora l L^7 ai
dum **? t j auto ■MVet, »U«a ibo/ «01 b»
£ t'£.Yf.VG J'£ s/JTIVJi.
—at ma
metkopouas hall
ajnatoclo* UIH ojslick P M.. .h«u Uw foUo»l=i
""" n " aU *° 0 -' "° J im '""
Mrs. MATI&3ON.
Mr. T. CiA»V'fOiD, do celobcc«i Scoltlih
Mr. WM. MO3BZ,
Mean. *ad QJtrfukliL ?Ualit«,
! aso rut
Ilea. J. GRSKNViELD. la " Jatj o'
niT nur.
I.—Grv»d Ovfttars. co.uy>«.J for laa occuton. by
Jit? r ooctu r,— c f** rti \n o/ lb»
" 0/lua UtiS Guard mad.
He a, VV. U» CUilnaaa. will latruductf
' -waa -ma deliver i brief
llic birth of Ke Pu«t. «ad!Ji» DredlcUoo- '
3—? on«. " TSertf w.a »ial wai woiu la Kfle."
, l-.-oP.it " J 'Jii *al .> n tar Jo," \Vri C ,l*"l7ci
"uincui Ufdy."
1— I,U «rt<?tt . • icll. il *Q lat »v» .i'Uj Ut ' w " *
Luubi'£* ICC * Alr * • >llUl * s '' D - «-r«#i.rii aaj
7- pcit.tioo "TAta•>' 3Uji : Gr-nifl ,d
f,? * J««#■ £l,a m,
qj Uia Kiel'i o. Uu-jOciomiC—o, !h,. Uutiv«i»i|
j-ov.l by C
by tbirti t,c(ia<H.u w j Or%*fotd m u^
u " a - <ajll kSo tmi lluu-fcS
i.—Oriad Ore-tive of Ktiuru* n-occh Alra.
; doUfWif «s
i-o: f. "\VI.;i» br.-*'J » p,rt „• Sl.U(."*™"
_ "*• ™ 'r-i^fur». «i«ors.ind Lombard.
I Uao fwtu:. <•! xuUu « tu r.rU
-•»«" Uo ' ,ue '-
I IK . • ,,r : < LmuD-r.L with rn l I'boiui.
« , D^ e * b# tae lit* lat u4
Uuard U d t>y L.eut. and 4 (jii U.ciie«trw
La sediitely after iba Mmtcal Fe«<lvaL
Wi l bo xtveo tAut«
The following geml-men irft
»L *JI *x34n&Ra
AtlJ. JaotM A. sfanb»U. « bet John Vfcniwher,
K T*jar. J. Psp s brt.. LoamL
C«pt John ♦'CA't'cr, J ha H. l> «ke,
Capk J*a«i 3u.iLh. W. W. Ml ci)c L
Cl JI.OUUVD. Jau Sit* r„
OpL Docal, J tin '
Eiccnos c&MvirrMf.
D. A. <• age.
suw*rt I. *. W oak.
• 3 m 1). lUymond. Col W tt. DatK
W. V. Ma-r, W. tfcoU cleivard.
by the Gr«*t \T«?tera Eiod.
T".c'<eti for ih* Ma*c*» feu **LM ctt. e«*h* f.clteu
for tue Kail aad Dan)U-t fci~adcn.ttiu* » UroUem%a
aud Udy —4O b» uad »t tie frtiuj<.L iioa e. at all (bo
»o<le d«o eS. of B. a 14J *»".<>jJ„a Ureet, or
oftue jieiubcra of tie <iftierai Coiu a.u«.
Tbe tto v#rv»d Waao Kor-ej a»-d uD ui occ*»loa. an J
to lieprfiiJtd at by >iea»r<. Carrie aud t>.ft*tr. at a
kindly furjt»hetiry C. L VV«tk'a< A ■ <j. arid .N Goold,
T..eCwo>in>t t»iof A:raarfe(a;a'»r«pi'clf u il<
admirers of tb>f poet. 11 a thii t;r«ai K lan «au
Uii? e, will o« ooa «uriby if l.a occa ioa.
A tut t'iiiiir,tiiiii'. > . onJ« ft e »oais
aaa a i that I. mem r u»i* 01 tui» w wUI-iijde rTf_i 10
L'hic»*o. .liu«t-;it a by . flue Wo d Ka.rav o< of I ie Po.
et. »lii be Duoiltljdd. and 10 b« aad at Uw nad. r «.! J.
UaKN»T. 1-uj Lake at. t'nee l'J ct.
• •"Fvtitfi MJi bscoaat * a'.ffn lliu the \nn'T*t*
SW7. Will otj rela n?d r?iujni»: if uji 411. >tt tli<! it a 1«
roads. b/i>reviaUarf lies rLueaal ih: ouica
0. Uic Ttcaoit tiuuac,
Tieor-eeefi orer tha exueiiM wilt berfvea lotbe
poor of Ciilcjxo, ua-lertnc iin-r njtfi.ee uf
lira. J C. Haloes, M 71 r;
H. F 3'.jovL r. U i.
Uoa. vV. h. »s*o
11 ua. A. Hi v;e St. Jl So?.,
Alexaudtx lV1.1i;, kaq.
Eon. w. B. ki a Ja».-A. MuatulL CtO*
Hoo. Aadretr UarT'e, A'eX. W'hlir, c *q.
Uoa. tiobertd. ULsta. Jutm Mcti a*Lea. CiC*
lira David SUwart. fleo. Le* i w .
tat,;. J. it A iLur, u. 0., Jvtta A»»toa ttq.,
LaoL J.mei rfoiltu. b. A., Hilv.we. Lind. a«q M
C»i>c a. 0- l>u at, f B-. JoLa nuwari tiaq.,
J. K WUttn*, U.ifc. CouauJt w. Jarcea, *sa,,
HV.Q-». W. Bros . • fcq .
B, If H ro>b r. U. S. Col.'r, J-.bo Ur.ltn, £q ,
Got. Julias Wbi c, r.ra.
LA iiaek. 11. H? G M. ofO. J s iir*ot'<VL'a.u Eaa
U of ia oflf.A A.M.. Cha.lca WSUoo. tso.
)a.3 id o
iUodoliih street, betwesa Clvi aud Dearoora.
FcaiJeaiajtrcli and Barlesqae Opera Comply.
The Muacers la presenting tan new *zd sovei rater-
Ulnmeal to tiie 1 vdlea and vctteu:n of rbioaco bar*
coared aeitner pains or exoai*"? w m*kc li ooa 01 Vao
stostpleaMoi &ma.*m<mt »n ibo clry.
Caroa of Admlsaioa % ceaia Orcbe*ur» disau 30 cenu.
Washntton rrtti. W*h«ib
street, » Lao 7 s Gold WatcS snd Ch*Ju »Uf» Qtom at
tV'Deft Tu# flaJer «U1 • e üb»r lJy rewftrned b* r- o-s.
Lai tbesam: to O. W. HKi .D»N. I"' &k«IL ]*2l 2v*
Silver-plated Goods
rarely. 3coors. Fort-. T a-wta. O bhta. A?, to
r>r sale Uwer "bao ut oilie l» u e 1q rbemtv. a.
* -O.'d Frec.ctt L'binn Etpomjru, 'tu Ltk*
tt?ett» b<t»eea Cia>k and Uetubj.q jT2oi/-cA
"flOßill o m LL,"
(Lata ofGiilwL Bill £ Simoaoat)
si DiASßoaa sißssr 54
Bespectfitllt ser.
Ttcf. to canlfi wlihl-t to die,, klnd of
ProJu o. li*-. K.I.U, tumUurZ
*c- p.trons i.f tb® .»jj Unix. t>eio* m s/wl
for past patrooa«e. It wi «ti i to act witu
prißDmei* aou »tr,ct fld«n, ( y to t, elr latere* s» feiaon#
decliaiPK Uoosekeepb-* «t;i flo I at uli rooms a Ji«o»a.l®
opportunity of dla v osiaa of tbi-ir gwdi.
iH " -trictiy a Co«aal«sloa liocue.
liberal Cash Advanoef taade. JtlMm<c33
O. M. CADT, Instructor.
Jlemeata-y Class, Tu-*da*. 7 o'oiock r. tf.
Adraaced CUm. Friday. o'cio<k P it
Ai (ha Loctars &oom in Portiaa 1 £!oek.
EJ"TalJoa:- C.JO &«r term of H weeks. |
ata.ee>. w.tn al u* '««#* inlu - u> th oa st d I ,ar«
.ot ra aod wtft ,r *C* B/ >b*
oaa of thl arlcni Hi of ail 9 ion. e* a
tiaine to » iew sL cues, aad mua ta lom -i - o.t M
»rvvi 11 asw. ro aai« by
3A«o*at * luyr.'poib««t,i
**** ** !4> Uka otsM.
9mi%l Salt!!
-i *®9o SamU Coatm e»t!a» SalK wWoh ths/ ar%
ao» efftrln for nia. JOCL >uia m 00..
]a3Mv.cU So, w tioaua itautnw^

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