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■ the
Commercial and Ifloner Platter*. - .< B i c
> Fbtuat Erxxao. Jan. £U g Qr d
Jloartr, Excsjlto*, ic.—There is rather more Wtt
activity in the Pork trade, consequent upon the f ee d
cold weitfcer «n4 n belter dtmind. There u ( »«
not enough oßering. bowerer, to affect the ex- ui> ,
chmße market or relieve the banke of their eur- 000
pto. currency. Exchange in maintained eteady T»e
io-d. T hr nearly all the bank., « W premmm. J™
The Marine Bank is telling to customeri at 1,., Qn d
wtnaing to go into tbe arraneement for the in- pr.t
crease. Our e«banges In all the Western cities tro.
represent exchange u close, with no immediate j,
prospect of improvement. Rar
Bank discounts on local paper as usual, 10 per on^
cent. Thirty-day bills ere taken at par to a lfae
quarter pe»- cent discount. Gold inactive, at
P er cent P remium * Blreei brokers and
can hod very little paper of satisfactory quality.
Rates nominal, at [email protected] per cent per month. lar|
Bxxkxmo at Dobcqck.—'Tbe Dubuque £,xprctt of
and Utrald has obtained a statement of the I
amount of depositß and the exchange businces
in that city. It is as foilowg: • cou
Exchsnxe on New V.irt durinc ISM ,! S IS tf ni'
Jtxcaanae on . .
lc»chance ca bt. Lou'i *•* * * ' IU
llxchangeon auropeat-u taiujrp.nces.... ___ __ tuii
The deposits at the eud of each quarter amount
ed to
21 «u liter, 3oth Jane Jv 'H- f,
4in qutrl«r.3lbt Ike tiv
I hereby certify thit tbe above stattmenl is true tj lur
th. b« or a.y tno.kdK aud c le:
Book Keeper of Gelpcte, Wlnbluw A Co. mi
This firm remark that tbey have only been "we
established bo tne lourteen months, and wentin»
to operation in very unpromieing time. f> lt
DccrQcs. Jan, 15.1539.
On New York «SUK ll "
Oa no
DEPOSITB LS 1555. 15
MarcVS>, V 36 De
Jun-S$ '""i'fni-t n
Oji .Vi De
i»cc H t n
Icertiry the above etatfrncal to be correct to the btsl
ct m, Book-Kceper. Ac
j. l. lancwoetut & naos.
Btatement of amount of Exchiope bcmcht and *oM by
J. L. LtnuifottLT 4 Brothers, llanaers, durjig the year
endinj l>ec. 31, ltie: m
New York S
Pt de
JTorelan and all other porta • "- 1 *"- 1 * lr(
fitatement of amount of denosiu taken Quarterly onr
inr tbe year eadiii* Dec. ?1, Ossj :
April Ist WW.SJ-S5
b. ]
Oct. Ist.. SoVii'w io:
Jan. Ist, IBM M „
Icertfy tS* above to be true to
edce and belief. *• LANUffOUllil. th
The Marine Bank of this citf is tbe only insti- an
tution here that ever gaTe us a detailed state-
ment of the amount of exchange sold for any
given period. For the six months elosing Dec. to
£l,-ISSS, this institution sold #G,7-12,000. The F'
total sales at Dubuque for the year ISSS, ac-
cording to the figures above given, amount to w
$1,745,062.43. We very much regret that we r
have no means of obtaining the figures for this vi
city, as they would show, approximately, the pl
value of our exports; bui nearly all our bankers
have refused to give us this valuable informa- g;
tion. lt
Wheat market to-day was
more quiet. At the opi'D*tn£, holders of No. 1 lied b
asked $1.23 in store, but there were no buyers at fi
that figure. Subsequently .-•a'.e.s were made to a
miller at $1.24 on track, and a Email parcel at (
$1.20 in Htore; Ko. 2 Had sold at $1 30—a decline b
of [email protected] oo yesterday's inaiket. The feeling in i>
Winter was not quite »o buoyant asycittrday; but b
holders were generally firm. There was an active a
inquiry for Spring Wheat with sales of No. 1 t ,
Spring at SI.OO iti store; No. 2 Spring at 7sc in o
store; Standard, at 80c in &2c on track;
Old Bejixted at C3c in sVoic; -and new Injected v.t n
71c in store. List evtning2.4(Jobu While sold at
$1.30 iu store, and 3,000 bu No. 1 lied at $123. 8
The Flour milket was firm but inactive; Choice
Spring Extras Sold at Common do.at *
$*[email protected] 50; White Winter at $5 [email protected] c
Corn remains steady. Oats quieL live in
active demui'l with at 71c jicr 70 lbs at t
d.*pot. B
The Receipts of Dressed llogs to«day were
very light, and buyers were anxious to secure I
good heavy lots, and [email protected] wai paid for t
those averaging [email protected] Ordinary lots
at fU; and L'glit at $5. i
There is a better feeling in provisions, and i
Mess Pork is in good demand at tlG—with sales i
Of 250 bbls of M. O. and Me9S at sls and $lO
Cat Meats are scarce, with a fair inquiry. Sales
to-day were 34 tcs llama at 7}-£c packed.
There is a firmer feeling in Lard, with sales of
45 bbls at lOJ/c. At the close, however, there
were no sellers below 11c, and even that figure <
was refused by some. 1
Tbe Board of Trade appointed a Committee (
this morning lor the purpose of considering the
propriety of making some tlteration in the sys- t
tem of Inspecting Wheat. Complaints have
been made because wheat weighing lrom (
45 to 49 lbs is branded Rejected and placed in
bins witl that weighing [email protected] Ibs; and it is I
proposed by some to mako a grade between Re
jected and Standard.
The Hog Crop of the West.
AND 1559.
The Louisville Cotntmrciai TiVr.ViP of the 10th
contains a detailed statement of the returns
from various packing points in tbe West, from
which it draws the following result and con
clusions: —
Pint Svpply for th*. year 1555. *
Hors packed at packlns points, as per slate
Dors cur*»d »« t»'nces not hicluaou In ttatement
■u'U>y fcidtrj at homt.-, which, upon care.ul
lnqo ry. we uiaco at ••••••• W.WO
Donrere'Tel at New Ynrk 'lurinc the jear ana
consume 1 tiy Meat m "Ice
llo*iirecrlP«''l and coi «utßi''i in same mwnntr rt
JJalliTiore. I'bUa Jel. hla llostoo otimnUU
at oiie.hail the New f crit receipts, aay 1175.."9
Making a tot *1 supply f.tr the year ISM 0f....3,4' ; 0..V0
Steor.d Supply for the year 1559.
Hocsoackeil at packl-c points as per statement.2.-'MSO
iiCSi decreased wtigbt 1(53^70
Hobs eurerf a* places inclu'led In
and b7 feeder* Jit humi. wfil h for rrasons
atateO below. ccntl.m-ct>: carc'.ul Inquiry we
rlsceat but 100.CC0
E"«sr ceHtd-tth-.-c'tyo" Newport f;r f.eih
Meat Mara. 1; "let.-enrt." which *e r t •
m»t« at tier tirurcj f»r th- v»ir 1*57. mnldent
th'j will Hut « :
whfeb wee C"S.Of4
Recelp s at !la< lrnori.*, 11 ;s:oa, ani riiUadclphla.
ont-nalf New Yur- 14L4!^
M«kln(t atotalsuvtily f .r th- ytr IK? of 2C47,7:f.
De&ciencyas ejepaxud ~ilh the tupi.ly for 1&>?
01. •' c.7. e .9
In a recent number of the litvifw we gave, at
Borne the rontons for our opinion that the
country curt aud tbo Eastern shipments of llogs
would prove so largely deficient, but w« will
brieflv restate them. In the Summer and Fall
of 1b57, feeders relied upoo extraordinary
pricex tur their Hogs when ready lor slaughter,
and fed with this hope before them. Contracts
for Winter ddlivery were mude during this pe
riod at i'>\C U P tO ' c ne, » *h'ch gave an unprece
dented fiunalus to tbe leeding. The Corn crop
proved tbe largest ever raised in quantity, but
early Irosts greatly injured tbe quality, render
ing the larger part of the crop unfit for any pur
pose except feeding ftnek, end this, too, enconr
aged un immense prociuciion Before packing
commenced, honvrer, the terrible convulsions
ofISCT over w hulu>ed ulike ail interesta, and tbe
price «f icatead of being at
the enormous rates relied upon bT feeders fell
mm low at 3 ;: 4 'c net for good Hogs in this and the
Cincinnati market. WiU this frightful decline
Intriceß cumn an almost total destruction of
oonhdence. Feeders could only sell their Hogg
«t a ruinous lose, and if tbey brought them into
tbe packing points and packed on their own ac
count tbey bud to risk tbe solvency of their
agent*. With these alternatives betore them,
feeders naturally cured largelv "at home 1 ' and
thus it was that " home cured" Bnik meats and
Bacon embarrassed the markets throughout the
But bow diffm nt the cour>c of the markets this
■eason! The Corn Crop, almost a total failure—
the price of corn cuoruiously high and constantly
tending up—leeders not holding enough to iattcn
what slock should be frd lor tbe winter market
ftnd carry remainder throngh the wiuter; price of
Hogs commencing at $5 net and steadily advanc
ing to $7. Wlut was the natural, the inevitable |
Simpl) mid clearly Ibat the leeders would !
bring their iast hog to the packing points 1 The
quality of the Hog* packed, the large decrease in
the average weight, is conducive on this point.
The increiwe in the shipments of live Hogs lo New
York, duting t'li t*priuK, ►•ummcr and fall of
1858, doubling that of the previous year may be
traced with equal clearness and certainty. Tbe
immense corn crop of 1557, very little ol which
was fit for any other use but stock feeding, could
cot be consumed bv tbe boes intended tor tbe
winter market of '57 and '56, and stock hogs
were allowed the entire freedom of fat cornfields
the whole winter, la tbe spring these bogs
were all in fine coud.tien, many lut and ready
for the knife. At this juncture came the disas*
tro us spring ruins and floods, destroying the
prospects ol the crops in the corn region
of the West. The llog Coolers, too was strik
ing random but destructive blows first bere,
then there, feeders in all sections.
The result was most natural. All hogs ready
were at once sent to market. Others were bur*
ried into condition and then sent forward. The
result wjs a receipt of 651,000 bogs at New Tork
against 286,000 tbe year before. In placing the
receipta ot New York for 1650 at the figures for
1857 we are governed by the following consid
erations: We have shown why feeders should
have sold off closely tbis winter, and that tbey
did so sell. Having sold all bogs that packers
could be induced to receive, including thousands
upou thousands that never should, and which
under ordinary circomaunees never would have
been packed; with com now selling in remote
and almost inaeowsible regions at trom 60 to 60
cent* par bushel, and daily advancing, is it pos
sible thatftsden will fatten their hogs for the
jpring cr iumssr Bark:tf or thu the tiupaents
to the Eastern citi«-« cm react, much leM M- |)ei
ceed the figures of 1657? .
Again iv ia well known that a * ar K*LPj|J or
the host taken to the cities dl *VJl £ ® r # £i p
" blob '* fed. Wc have instituted ">q mr 7. in r ® tIF
card to the number of bow n °* Vale
western distilleries compared mlh \btwmhiT
feedine at the same dates laat Bea * on * <s e
have before us a statement ? ure J
for 17 poinu on the lUiuots, ftlvs«6Sippl and
Missouri mere which aD , R " re Kr V
000 for 1659 aguiost 70.000 for 1859. We are «id
vised that the dialttWrieS in Indtant wtU abow
similar though perhaps not so large a de-
crease, It is certaio that many hare stopped <
and more will stop owing to vhe unheard of
nriees at which corn is selling- This 1R equaUf
true of Ohio and fatly conlirms our view us to
the supply of hops lor the
It is estimated by thos« best informed in re- tfg
card to the matter, that the namber ol hogs now
on ••slop" in the region of country within 75
miles of Cincinnati, is 00,000, against 115,000 at
the same date last year. The parties estimate
the number on slop at tbis time in Eastern Obio
and Pennsylvania at 60.000, against 100,000 at
the same date last year. Tne deficiency in cattle
bogs (young bogs following cattle) is also rerj
large. The number will not exceed Out-fonrth
of last year. E
Id regard to the extent or the deraaud for 16j9, mei
compared with that of IboS we present tlie-e con- and
tddcnitious. It is uuivtrsally admitted that tbe pro;
consumption in the Southern States will largely pub
exceed that of la-rt season which was greatertban pro
ever before known. In regard to the consumption ooi
ol the middle and E isitrn ri'ates our readers have
tiutto rem'-mber the prostrate condition of a" um
wiuitig, manufacturing uud bhippingiuti;re.sts dur- M j
lug the larger part ot last year aud contrast it
with their present attitude, to lonn correct con« p ro
elusions. Every Sjiiudle, eveiy loom i* now em- #al(
piojcd! Thefurnacesuudloree= aii<]rollmsrmills
and colliers are all at work. Tue luinbtmig bus-
itif»d tn'in M.iiue to Wisconsin if o'-ijiu hi lull ac-
tivity. The old cold fields are giviug a-s large re- .
turns as ever. New und productive and most ex
leu-ive ileitis h.ve just l>etn discovered which J™
mus r with uuerjmpk-d rapidity the world a | or
•wealth—:he basis ot prices. ™
An emigration to me " Pike a Peak gold re-
gion next spring is certainly rivaling the great tifl
overland Exodus to California; when Brat her oui
golden gleams stirred the souls of enterprise. I
All this must be realised before we can estimate cto
justly the probub'ie extent of " demand" and wb
the course of prices. Upon this point we moke fl&;
no predictions, but leave our readers to judge i, v
for themsclvea. £5
In regard to the supply of Lard for ISoS and crt
lS5y, we give the following figures: tb«
Decrease of packing points as 6hown ly state- cn J
ZOCJt «•...«.*.*•• ....«••• iJ|LD'iW*5 i
Decease fir yie'd of So j.0:0 iiegs short in coua
try cure2o Bi each.... V ca
Decrease ia livgs at Northern cities, £0 &( j
AnrcCTte decrease in supply 24,967,CCS
In regard to the probable demand we can see
no reason why it should not at least reach that
of 1655. It is certain that the stock of the 0?
» world was much smaller opon the Ist day of cri
January, 1659, than at same date in ISSS. Any by
decrease in consumption must arise entirely
lrom enhanced prices.
0 CO
Chicago Daily Wliolesalo JTlarkct. }[ c
FaiDtv Evcstsa. Jan. Si. tl
FRElGllTS—The'prMtntrattsareaa follows Pact vis- w
loss-To New York. ltX) Bj ; to Boston, by M. 8.4
M. O.E. Eoids.T.c; to Boston, by rail to Poitland. and
tbence b> water. 70c; to Bas'.on, by rail to Philadelphia
and tialUtaore, and thenci by watsr, CTc: to Pbiladel
phlaand Baltimore.s6c. Dkb&ed lliws—To New York.
] *UO; to BasUin. vii Albiay, St 43 ;to Bojton. by rail to jo
' Philadelphia and l'.alUmore, and thence by steamer. fUS; eI
to Albinr #1.23; to Baltimore and Philadelphia, #1.23.
» Ftnua—To Sew York. #1.20; to Boston, via Albany,
•1.54:-to Bostonbyrfill and Baltimore, w
and thence by tteamer, #L2I; to A'.baay, #1.04; to Phlt- V|
a adelphla and Baltimore, #1.05; to Montreal. to To-
e ronto and Hamilton. Wc Sless Pork la Ukealo St. L")als n
8 via Bock LB.IL to Peoria, and theace by water at 65c u
- per bbl p
FLOUR—Firm but qo'et. Salesto day ws re as follows: A
B SObbla Jenkins Sjrioic Extra at #5.!i5; 6) bbls choice
SprlnsEx ra at #3.Sj; 20J bbls Hydraulic do on prfTate
terms; Wbblscholce Winter at 15.73; 12= bbls Gothic do o
at #5 DO. °
5 WIIEAT—-Market firm list iractlre. Sales were—2.4:o •
d bu White (not io jiected) at #I.3J in store: 3.0.0 bu No. 1
it Red flast evenlnc) at #1.23 In Btore: 7U)ba do tt #1.54 on
track: 300 bu do at #l-0 in Btore; 200 bnsb No, 2
R«d at #1.03 in ttore; 7W bu No. 1 Spring at
#llnsto;e; 700 bu Standard SprinK atfette in store: 7CO
e bu Spring [about cquil ta Standard] at 82coa track: DOO
n bu No. 2 Spring at 7ic in store; UOJbuo'd RcjectedatCj
it In stotc; 7ba new Rejected at'lcla a'«re,
CORN—Steady. Salea were: Two cars Ehelled
e at ui.Hc on 111 Central track; f.ur at S:c on track;
1 two cars do at 573-.C on Galena track: two cars Ear at G2c
n on track; one car do at jZz de lve.-ed.
-• OAlß—Unchanß'd and nominal at COi4sc in baes for
. new and for old c:od.
RYE —15 baes Rye at 71c ¥■ CO fcs, at dvpot.
BARuEV—Qa'.e. at C>a.7oc fcr No 1; for No 2;
and 75&ttc for extra choice.
•e GRArS SECD-Timot ty fcirce and in demand, with
sales tf 40 bushels at# l.tS. C.o?er in Rood demand, with
sale of-0 bushels at #5.U=. Holders generally aik #s,io
in UIiiUWINES-Nominal at with, howevsr
it none but retail sal-s. Market glutted with larce con
signments from the Iliiooii River.
ALCO 40L— Firm at
re PROVI;IO-Vi—Firmer. i-Jeawcre: Alibis Pork, at
re #lsfjr M. O. and #lu for M;sj; tcs at 7>>c
; , r packed.
~ LAHD—Firmer. Siletwere: -13 bblsprime atlQa'c.
DRkSSiID llJGS—Receipts very lipht, with a pood de*
maod for Heavy, for which the market was firm, Sa'.es
d were:
es lfW Hoss averaging 2V as at
,• iu " " " e.<v
0 <j •' •• u-0 M 625
3g Zb " " 2TU " h.uo
£co *' all under yuu " 6.60 •
7j " at |j. ti.so a na #O.Oj, itiridiut; on ]6< »nd 2v*o >s.
- U) *' tl #a.2j aud #a.7j "• " 1:11 lbs.
TALL J W.—Prime CUyPJ.'c: Country
re HIDES AND PKLTJ -Firm. Green City,
re Greene untry, 7.'«'Ci7.i'c, and £-• for extra; Green Salted,
Dry Fiint, Pelis, city, #1.£0&1 7tf ;
couoUT, 75c(<rf1.25.
CORN Mt'AL—UollcJ, #21325. per.,toa; Unbolted. #22
;e &2i.
S* to prime, #1.70<it2.40 V lUOtts; Dlxoa Mills. #3.25.
j. e BEANS-Common s'Ji.Oc; choice #.®1.25,
POl'ATOES—ileshaTinocks, ""Hi-'-jc; Extrado. f'j'S'Oc:
m Coma oam'.xed. 6y<%56c.
in poUi/rilV-DulL Culckens, 7ic(ilLDo per doz; Tur*
is kera. s<*Sc per lb; Geese, each.
; e . EGG3—Fre H.15C416&
I)RtS3ED MEA^S—Beef by the side, 2&3>sc per lb;
Mutton. 2&4 c per lb.
DRIED FdUUI fS—Aju>'ei. old, 83SV;;: do new,
9i<c; Pe%ciei.pared..l':rf2o;; Black
berries 17&15 X
55 COOPERAGE—Pork barrels doll at Mc.
Krocrn or ru>oa asd graiw at cbicico, wees ekciko
th JIK, 20, 1659.
•ns Floor, Wi'L Corn. Oata. JTojra. B'ley.
bbls. bu. bu. bu. No. bu.
fI.AC. n. R.U.. 809 2.011 2, IjSB lai
)D- C. 4 U. I. R. K.
IlLCenflH. R. I..VU K> ....
antQ.ii.iL. 2<n si 2 2.0*0 .... ....
bt-P.AV.LLK... t4 .... iMU 712 3S
C. A. A 8V L. K.
Mich. CI. R. R
347 Mich, afi.ll
Total "gS 4.4CJ 5 *C77
WO i >
New York Market.
,4 ' 5 [Dr TtLtcEirH.] New January 21,1E59.
FLim—Demand cnnM'iues mn-'erAt". fates 12,000 t»rls
,7"9 at •4.l*"'<rf'' for f per f-'Jite. #*> for extra do. #3®
—— 5.16 fjr super Ww em to.•> "'tj.yOforcommont» medium
.Vo extra We tern. #5 £•>'«') ll) «or extra
rounl-boop Ohl">—closing very firm. Can&dioa scarce
and firmrr; «alf<i2it.> t»rl« #o 3j.f0.5l 'or common to
150 chiice extra, ltye Flour firm; »alcs -00 brls. at #3.60
J-70 W4.'ij.
Gha's— rery fi-m quiet: tales 9,000 bu. at
4*>for white MLh. lor red Southern. Rye
<1 'let: '.'Oiti'Sc f rpri.oe NTt3«*ro: salet 700 nu Jerse* at
£->r. rpeculatire demand fjr Unrley contiiiues *r>od. and
tri-ej tejd utiward: the t>arcba«e on speculation Is all
,CCO nude by one linn of bu at and tiSSIe for
common to eo:d B:a'e an 1 Oauadii*). Corn dull »nd
fcC4rfe'y«iO lirm; tales 2J.iO) bu. at for ml»<l
Wrbtsni: seme holders refu*''to sell lor less than c7<2
Oatsflnner; *s,!o< at 56<r.Ji (orfetats, for
Canadian, and <?0 lor tVcs'.ern.
win-KV—ueavy and lower: sales ICS br!s in lots at
,4>"» 27V<A2V
I'Kiivistoxj —Pork finner. B<les 1,023 b v l* at
7if. #l7.ti2 lor oi < meM: #lB 'or new d>; #ls<il6 for ptlm
nsrjn: #ls £5316 S3 for oU: #IXSO n;w. Prime Mess Beif
' 9 Mcndy. Bales i'.o bbls at *.7 f.»" country prime;
for country mefs: 13 &Wiilo.ftof , r repacked mess;
tia75(i11.50 for extra me-s. Reef Hams firmer, tftles
the 3-5 btils at #l2 &o.st6 £0; prims mesi be-f #lr*> Tre'Sed
O n K Hopain Jalr rrqtiest a'7«?c. llacoa <julel. 3o.l*>j
lbs city parked s'dt-satec. Cut Mea a » firmrr.
'I" paekaces at9>»(s.l , . I v'" f;r ham*: 6><i2t>Sc for sbyuidcs.
■"all Lard firmer. &aln> 900 bbls Butter steads *t
ttrr 20c for Obion: is(ii2j f.-r Sute. Cheeseflrm at7S(4lO.
, J ctocks.-Lower. Mnffa&SM: Lac irr»nta -Zii Harlem
le**! 3imo.tc*re74; Pacific Mai' rK I b9\-, canton SJ;
CtS Cuu-hcrlaud proferied 21>4. 8 t?i; >Y C fc4'i<. S 5; Lrie
I*s Panama Reading 4:\' MBSOX: do guaranteed
P 47.5»: G A 071H: C& ESi^, e ao; Cac 1; ilarlem pre
iee- fared 3.-*.
rop m rn m
Cincinnati market,
mr- Br TtLwrirs.] CiKaxxATi.Jan2!.
or- Flotr - Firm. Sale* ftM bbls; #5.0ftJ5.10 for superfine
1_ - aid W for extra.
lQ « u Z>i. aid ibe market steady.
3DS Pmjrj,ioNri-NoJ-ni,orantcb«.ci. Pork les* ba**yact,
the 000 ddj ai •17^17.50i Xhefo-mer ra'e for * lat at Cbll'l-
I not>i«. Uu a in-ati flrtn ttutauict Lard atlffcrt lift.lVio
fell bbaofM ts P- ra so dat #lß—MHrc.ideU.-ery.
thn fuaaa—6S®6Hc; Terr firm. Mol*s»e*beldat37c.
I- fWkD—Clovcr#6 73; held moetly at#7.WJ.
line Mc»s*t—Market unchaa*ed. Katea of vxehance'firm.
i o( and supp'y limited.
ogs -
"e Recently ImproredJouval Turbiue
nUy office, No. 81 South Clark Street,
anc- X Water Wheel to tbe public with the fallest confidence
a^]e and assnra&ce of ha
ihe '
so in Without any exception. They are well adapted to (and
0 - ]Dt> have been tested Uy Mills of aU description*. Theyidve
I nf AjQd are well adapted to very Man as well as rery low
v beadsandfalls. Tbey will work well in back water with-
J_ U( ' out any material loss of power, and are not troubled
Tbe with ice, astuey are set inside of tbe forebaT and dis
hich chanted onderneath. It requires a small amoonlof rtar
.. log to Ret op a hlßh speed, eosts but little to set op. and
OQla runs upod a step mat needs do oilint-aad will last for
the yean, Tnis Wheel Is capable ofyieldlnx a power of from
hni7K vutotfi per ceol. of tbe whole power of the water (aceord
. ,5 In* to the decree of fiolsn of wheel) onder hixh heads
leiaa ud falls, and In all cases it is warranted to work up to
boss the power laid down in tbe table and to dve satiafacuos
Ao?* vhen properly put up and seared.
. J Bute, Ooooty and Town territories for sale,
laaa- for further particular »e« circulars, which can be ob>
the Ulned at tbs Aaeofs Office, No. hi tioata Clark st,
,~4 nn FRANCIS HAJtV*Y, Preprietor.
PS" G. J. MoDOOGALt. Aleut
itrik- -
hur- Na 6 EHUartTi Block, oomer Olark and Sooth Water-aU.
The Arenta for tbe FULTON STABOH WORES. Pulton,
rork N. Y, (Late Oswoko Blrer Starch Company.) Tbey
_.l „ manofactare all kinds of pure Corn Starch of a superior
K the QoaUty. Order* addreaed to M. P. O. MOO,
;s for wUJreceWc prompt auentlon. ocgblffl If
A Wooden Oaaet—k Urte aatorlae&t for aale by
SaiijCat « U£Lkt,
ckera Jail ly b873 »a l*o * ake street.
k»-« rare remedy tor Chapped Nanda. for aale by
_ , , ~, A IL&LEIT. Acothecariea,
mote jall-ly-b37a l«3 Lak» ar»et.
Dement Association !
Value #f Property. 05,000
- the
A Card from Cluurlei Dement.
Exception bavini been taken to the locality of the De- ve ,
ment Hons e Gift Enterprise, by which I proposed to sell me
and dlipase of the Hons;, tocether with other valuable J®]
properly at ereatly redacei prices, I would say to tbe to,
public that before opening an office here. I advised with alr<
prominent gentlemen in tJs city, wbo assnred me that c a v ,
no onew> old attempt to molest me. I seems that they sei
were mistaken. I profess to be a law abiding man. and
therefore at once stopped the disposal of tickets as soon wb
as I found the authorities were oppesed-ti It; and now wh
having consulted eminent lecal counsel, I have acid tbe fc{;
property to a Joint Stock Association, andnow ofTerfor
aale to the pabiig the stockGf <aii Association, g, (
Toe naae and style of the Association is the "Dement «f
Building Association."
It Isbopelthe specala'ion nowefferei will be equally thJ
if not more attractive to the public. I would say that mi
such a«S3ciatlooa or corporations are rejtularly provided
for by tbe statutes of the Bute, and I regard it ts a for- 8a
tonale move for me that I have made this chance, as 1
can go Into any Btate In the Union and sell cy stock cer- j 0
tiflcates without eusslcion of violating law, and with- Nt
out molestation. rh
And for the satisfaction cf persons mrchasing the ca
etockof thisaasiciationitistbought proper to state that
wbeaeveranyofsa'dstockls offered in the market for
sa;e, it will be safe to purchase it. as no stock will be de-
l'veredfri*ithe offlce of the Association uaill 1« js JUI/< fill
Pill), and the company bave value received. Aoa -u
where ti»»-re are aaj lQcatnbranccs upon any of tbe prop- ih
criy purchased by toe Corapany. will withhold double n
the amount of tbe incumbrancer om the purchase money fr
until Baidlocuttbr«nce's removed. II
*ll persons boldio* the t ckeU of the Dement House Ui
Gift lintcrpilse will please return them, and tr they want gi
tfielr money tbeycan have iL or they can have;a<ceitifi- ac
cateintLis Aa&ociauon, which we think is equally a« lc
advantcK-;ons to them. r«
C^^d Ke u.«ho.tl^Je. I tre|^ 3DEUn(T _ L,
The Dement Building Association ;
oiro the TC7 v»ln»bl« Eeal ltd PertoniU I t'»te dM
crlbed btl w —for which payment In 101 l bas been made
by the Association. Title warranted perfect.
Cost SIOQ ,000 tl bnlld It alone, aside'remthe Groandi d:
connected with it. Itis weHkno»n to the traveling pub- H
lie as one of the most ma«LiQ -ent hotels in the State. It tc
It built ®fXJmestone 113 by HQ rect tqra'e, five stories =
Ll<h, and contiins abjat 15) ehganUy finished rooms,
some cf them very larce ones. It has baa throughout
tbe entire bu'U.nc, from basement to capo.a.
Ihere are also some very desirable
and several very valuable "
All of which are va'ued at very low figures in tbe sub
joined allotment—a\all who are acqua nted with the prop*
erty in their resrectrve celcLbornoods will Ustliy. -
ihe'e are bifo same very desirab;e
which Is also well known as the mort elegint se'ecticn
tha'hasefferbet-nbrouuhtto the >\cst- a. cf whlc is
valu*d In the footing allotment at New York wholesale
W TLeßoard of DlrectTS of the A*s-ciation propose to
make an Annual Division and Distribution of Keal es
tate and Peraonrl Property of she A'soc ation not tetded I
for the mrposesof the A»a>ciatlon bv»n a l:toeat of a r
portion < f the s»me tt tach share cf tbe Capital Stock, |
ibeCarital it divldedinto »
The Directors have divided the surplns property now <
ownelb/tbt 'nto suo.u Jots or portions-as I
numbered, describi.il and va ued be!ow, vis: C
1 Griftd Capita Portion. 1) mtnt Uuuie, and lots ' ID, on whlih It ttinds. tcOOO <
2 A btautiiul double coU»tti. and lots y 15 and 1
16in Meiidota bloea Si 3.5C0
3 Lot ll» in block 2 in Cairo, on Ohio Levee i
tneOest in ttie city..... ;;•••• 2
4 Lot 11 In dock 310 Cairo, «»hlo Levee 1300 t
& A stone dwelling and i-ta 2 and 3 In block 4?,
pleasanMy situated in InltonUty COO
6 TheneX oiswH 58,121, n r6 e, 411 acres timber
cnemhe fromM rrison L6^o
Lot 3. b 16. r 6 and a twj story frame dwelling
inFdtonOity 1,250
£ !■ 17 in nloca 14 in w fraction, /ulton, near R.
B, Depot EOO
0 botß in block 14. in w fraction, Pu.too, near
voeK.R.Depot &.Q 1
10 Lat V In block 14. in w miction. Fulton, near tbe
a. R. depot.
11 IhewX or ne)«' secfi, t2i, » r 4 e, to acres la
CarroVt ccnnt). ill £OO
12TbeswK ofnw,'*' tee 36, t2?.nr4 e. 40acres
13 Lot 7. block 13. r 6, in Fnlwn SW
14 LstLblocatfi. r7, '* ••••♦•••«
10 theseX
Mi. Carrvll <<>3
1« Ljt4,
1" TbeL.wU of Lw); ssc 11, t J nr &,w3Jp m. 10 1
acres In alaribali county 403
15 Lot 6. bloc 14. r 2, In Fulton 200
Toe eX neW ol naj* sec 6.122 n, r9 e, 2ua rea
in Lee couuiy, 1H ,3 r 0
D) Lota block ltr 2. in Fulton
Ui Lot 12. b.otk 14. r 1 " 2i«
UJ Lot 2L block 45. in Cairo u-u
'JS LatUb.ock 4a, - £0)
V 4 cot 23. block 4S. •' 2t«
ts Lot 24, blocir 4a. ' -00
W Lot 1 block 13 rl. in Fulton 1M)
S7 Lovt 1 , block I3'e fr, " 150
2d One large gilt Mantel Mirror at N. x. wholesale
price I*o
t9 Oae elegant bronae OfSce C»ock. at N. Y. whole
ia!e price 125
30 One elegant maJb;e case parlor Clock, at N. Y,
wbo'esale price ICO
31 Ooe Kilt pier Mirr r. with gilt tracke's and mir
blesiaN 103
32 Lot 7. bioc< 9, r 1. in Fulton 100
• 34 Lotti blockP.rL *
14 Lots. bloctc9. rl. " llX)
W Lot 15. » IjcU 8, rl, " IK)
:-t> Lot li biocf y. r 2. " lUO
37 Lot 4, blockS. T X " IvO
: 8i Lotti, bl'.cklO efr, 11W
Z9 One gilt Pier Mirrurmarbleg.abs and gilt brack.
' eta CO
• 40 One Bill Pier M rror, marble slab and g it brack*
cts 60
i 41 One gilt Pier Mirrcr marble s.ab gilt brack*
eta. * CO
42 One gilt Pier aitrror marble fclab a&j g:U brack*
, cts. f0
43 Lot 7. block 3, r 4, lQ Falien 50
41 Lot t). block- 1 . r 4 " 60
45 t«t*, block 3. ri , bO
46 Lot 1. block ii. r 4 M
«7 • ot t4. block 1 r 5 &0
4S One p*lr&rcnze Statuettes of Metcury &o
49 One gut Mirrur. 45
«0 One triple plated tiivtr enttee aith, large site.. 4>
51 " " *• *• 45
iij " M "4a
53 T. .*! 4 )
&4 " M * " 45
55 •' " " 4a
t W . " ilze 3$
b-j " ' * 3°
(J0 " ** 3s
61 to7o Ten portions often deiant ciihcgaa7
bfdstead', #JS each...... 2M
r, 71 lo 73 T vort.oni in three m .rble top center
tablja.sii each.......... 75
74 to i"l K gbteen portiora In eighteen cu.-leu i air
Maur<iuv4olng each. 12 * 250
• 9Jto 111 Te • portions In B. W. Jena/ Llnd Bed*
it?aJa »10eacb...... vvv 10<I
1 lOito ill Twe TeporUonsint*e.vesettsiaki.lilQg
. chars. sl2each..; 144
114 One broLZs a.aiuette of the Indlaa Chief Te-
2 115 one broni; s atu'.tte of DreJ fccoit liberal nw
116 One oronxi statue of Lamart ne ... »»
UTtoIJO ibirtcen portions In thuteea p*lrs catin
l)am«skCartiins. each 2*30
7 IDOto 144 pjrtijus in fi.teea pair Uam^sk
b 150
145 to 160 Twenty portioas in twenty i air iftCd
Curtain*, ♦" each HO
ICI to 180 aineen pottio's ia sixteen setts t.lU\s
pia'-d Table Spoons. 16 each £0
Is I*l to 186 Hz ponlonsln six Imitation B. W. Bed*
1 steads, ♦6each......... ;••••.•■ 55
n IS7 to 190 foar portions iu four silver p ated uale
a Iti»ket". slv eaih..... 43
e 191 to 19J Three portoaaia vbreeiA»er plated Cake
f> Baskets, $lO each. 30
0 iwt» 203 Tenx>«rtlonslnt»nsi.verPlat«dC4«t:rs,
Tfir fine. *l6 each... •• ICO
A 2:4t0 SIS Ten portluns in ten Pa.lor cloves, #lO
e facb...... 100
ii Sl4 One ia<-ce marble top Centre l'abl s. in office..
d 219 o 220 Six portion! la tlx pair Cord and Tasiels,
11 very elegau*...
>r 23t to 2-'6 Six pottlcni lu tax pair Oords and Tas
d se a fioe, 14 ea & •!
d 217t0 242 Sixteen pinions in tixteen selti triple
2 nl-ttfdTeaSp-i.nl #3 each -15
»r 2i3t0254 TwelveportionsL*twe'vefineDooriiat».
ft rich -I
it 255 to 26J hlx p.rt.oistnslx pair Cord *pd Tassela
412 rach
S 2CI tn 2-0 *lx cortlons Is six pair Cord «&d Taue.a,
1- 11.61 each ?
: Brtifr Knives, 41.&0
« 2S7tc 5j6 Twenty p&rtionsln twenty «Jver plated
?s tfu*ar Li les, $1.50 e*cli -0
d Do7to3lS IweUe portions in twe.ae DourMUa, <1
>) 13
■0 31910 355 Eljht portions in eigtt par Cor«.s and
a T-sseia, $1 each ?
• 3;7tot») rweity-lourporiloas in twenty-fourboM*
neis coats, $i tach .. .......
m 351 to W.OW Sereoty nice thonsana si* hundred
J; and fiity portionsol eichlfcx£2in.
|e of Lement House, 25 cents each
e- Total value of Procerty for dlattlbution ...$?4.9125'
Onor before thel2th day cf Miy, 1639, lbs Directors
will make a dlstr.bution of the above property-by allot
ment—in lota cr portions as above divided and ncmbered.
j The distr.but'on by allotment will be cade by drawing
fjr the came too, for. and on'behalf of each share as
ncmbered from one to eighty thoniand, onWss a majority
U of the stockholders shall desire some other code of di
-0 vision, or some other use ts put said property to; In
M vtst&ltntttßinramoniMixmstto conform Vo their
interests and wisbea. whenever tbey shall be satisfied of
tbe fact tM* U Is the interest and icith of a majority of
tbeslockbolderatomakeachange. Ovherwise.thty will
m begoverneibythe foregslngplan of division.
Ibe mode of drawing will be to place 60.T00 numbers
cDTiespondin* with the number of shares In on* wheel—
and in another wheel W.iXW numbers corresponding with I
the numbers or tlie lota or por lons Into wnlch the prop- I
ertvis divided as aboie shown. Vi hen these axe thus '
arangtd. the wneels will be turned for ai lca»t two :
boors, so ti.ai tbe numbers will be so tboroosbty inter* I
a mixed fiat no cbioce of anfalmen will be oossible. 1
" The drawing will be by some child selected by tie DI- I
rectors preacnw and from time to time, wno snail firs; I
draw from tbe wneel conta'nlng the namber of shares,
* namber—and then rrom the wheel containing the num
bers ol tbe lots or portions another namber—which tat*
t« namber (ball represent the lot or porilon of propeny
belonging to the »hare drawn.
Thai if 45 000 of the aharej are fl>>t drawn from the
wheel containing the number* of tbe shares —and nun-
EherSla drawn from-be wheel contaialrg the numbersof
the lata or ocrtions of property in U.e aho»e schedule In
lC $ <•«<> r BTnber 6 bet g a stone dwelling in Polton City, aad
t«a lata worth sl6uowoaldoetbe lot or oortlin drawn,
aid to belotg to the holder cf s.ld litre No. 4i.ooo—atd
1 soon until the entire SVWahareswere drawn fromthe
one wheeL and tbe 61.000 lots or portions were drawn
ve After tbVdrawine, or divii'on of the property, asabsve
aet forth, the numbers of share drawing one of the
firsts&l .Uorpoitiona wiilbepabushedin someone of
ow tne t:b-cago daily pacexs , ,
th- Tbe owners of share* of ctMk will most certainly draw
ed theabofe-utlclefcaDdeverymeanatoinakeltafalr and
Is- Unoaitlai drawing will be aoopted.
ar- ihe drawing or division will come off as soon as ar*
■nd rang<*me 'ta can be made sati-lactonr, and the time and
for particular place of wMcb In Chlcavo due noUcewJl be
om tjTenlnaomeeftheCntcago pap«a.
rd- Tne D rectorr, or some two of them, wul attend and
kda iapertmendfje drawings or division.
- to certificate* of stock can be had of Charles Dement, at
ton Chicago crPaltonUty, ill Pilceilptrsbare.
All order* addressed to Charles Dement at either of
tboaeplaeea accompanied by the cash aifor a aingle
ob> chare, or W for ten shares will be promptly attended to
by him, and oertifica.es of stack forwarded accordingly.
Reference Is Bade to Cook'a Revised tttatu'es of 111 -
nols,races 7:6 and 765. and to Serfo 1 Acta of 1857, page
161. relative to Joint etock AsiodaUora-
The Dement Hotae is slut* ed at Pulton City, on the
« O east bank of the MUsisalpp!, 135 mile* due west of Chica
go—a most beautiful place, and at the pclnt where the
river Is to be bridged. It is now the terminus of the Air
(U. Line &. B. from Chicago, and is to be the terminus of
.. three other Bailro mjs, as sure as aald bridge la built,
h«r which is now regarded as almo.t a certainty.
-lor Tbe following are tbe officei s of the Association:
if Directors.
t D CHARLES DEMENT, Pre>ident.
7 J. j. Joan. Sec'y. Jot 4 Faxsaic. Treaicrers.
t* Opinion* or tbe Preas on tlie I>ement
KD Bolldlnc Association,
Ve bave not aald much about this innltct'on. although
Hbaanoteeenbecsuse*eoid not talnk it an entlrelj
*■ tiir one, and jost what ll cla-ms. and we wonld aay that
•.a lfacy one aas the disposition to take the chsneea, we
.O, bave no doubt tbey will have a fair aaow for their mtney.
nit fcwmebodrwillfetaomsvalaablepriieforthesmalltTim
of one dollar, consisting of one of tbe finest. Hotels la
I. Ifee Bute, mini Tiloiihle and plant* aweUiai hoawb
tracts of farm lands, city lots, and very floe furniture. tf
Borne aamnhs of the silverware ory beseen atthe Ticket «f
Off ce wind iw. No. 48 LaiaHe street. ™
Wegi-ebe'owthefalloelrtnotlcMofthis Institution rz
which shows we are not alone In the bfllef that the con
cern Is a St.and on". We know Mr. Dement, and do not
bell?ve hi
coo.l faith.—CAtcapo Democrat. 1C
- The Dement Boildl-c Aaoclatlon seem' to be attract*
In* * (to d deal of attention of late, and although we do
not approve of clft eni-rprlae« as a general thins; vet In V
this case we see i o cause io object, as we believe It t • be
a *t:a'«bt-forward and fair proposition to «ell the proper- BC
ty In thes'bedoleof prlcea at a very kw rate tor ca»h.
aod the fact of an arrangement hav.nc been made with 0[
one oi our tl ms for tie purpose of »l*ln' a
ftuaran'ee to penonibuylnb tickets, that th'y either have
a vh*' ceif dra»lcg a prise %.t setting their mun»y back,
aod the uaquestionable ciarac cr tf ibe gent emeu se* p,
lectcd to manage tbe dra»trg trave the good falihof
the gentlemen Interested In It. Acd we rannut think of
anythlogtnat cons ro smala cam aaooe dolla r . tnat —.
wcultl be likely to plve ss good satisfaction fr<r a Christ*
m«s or a New Yew's pre-eit as ooe • f i b*-se tickets. We
say that we bope Mr Dement will sacc*ed in his under.
t kU'. as we believe f.li raotivrs In going Into this ar- n
raigement are meritorious. Mr. was born and A
rali'd In I <lnols and has too many lnterrs s berr. aside
fros Khatls in Lit pro "mme, to do anything that bnot
strictly honorable.—Timet.
Tbs PrxtsT EsrEsrntsc,—ln another cclumn win be
seen tbs tr^sr-mme of ttie Dement Stock As'ccatloa.
wblcbsreAsfo* itself, and w • na*pno doub'the s'-ste
rent* there tnadi a^etrue We are antUif.ifd to a\y p
that every arratgem r.t * 111 be ns«de . eceesarr to give c
the most e .tire s tUFac lon to ticket hoHers; "h't tbey
v. ill either have a fa\r chwee to draw a prlte. or gtt their
money back in the even', anjthlrg should occur to pre
vent a dr-wing. From ou* acquaintance with Mr. de
ment, we believe he he s&rs. and that he has .
notgcneiLt'ithls ta make money oat o It. by
pat'. nK up property at e*. but, as he sat a,
to make acas* s»le cf lt to meet demands wn ch Lel« de
slrou*of paying, aad tj live the property from being
crrr}tbing be con d to dl?ro»-ofth< Dement Hcia«et»
sev r*l r- iig ous bo lc, vho dl- allthty c.uld to buy it
—but tae timei were too bard. Mr. D meni bas tasen
an office at N'o. 43 Metropolitan Block. Latalie street,
wbeie he will be in for a abort ilme o >U' ply an?
wbumay *:ah tickets His office i«in tbe Celtic Bank,
where I die* may <*ail an - ' pet S*x>ck K «*>rlitlon wjthptr
fect propriety.—Oiicago rrt&i and Tribune.
We spoke la relation ta Mr. Dcnwot'a
Stock Assocla'.lrn, at 4s Ltsille street, ot ihe reliability
i f theccnsern—tbatitwas both safe and re.iaWe.
, then, we art i-apty 'n htioc able to ttate. *1 h QjicuU
! co/i/trawifioa *bat J.r. t>»m-' t. la order to make tvery
i thU.RS*UifACioryf»t:e ticket hoi sera. Las ma 'e arrange
ments wita Mrtsrs. Joy A Prlsrve the wtil-koom ice
msicbans of tMs city, t" become tbe receives of all 4.
moieys that may came lata Mr. Dement's ban'Js icr the
sa eof tlciets. tio that, providlLg the dra*lng does not
take place as advertised eacti ticket riol<ter can r-otlve
his money bacton trtsenta'.loa of hl> ti k'tio Meiers.
Joy * Frisili. are too well kniwn throoglo-t tie
■ Northwest as Ice klngi anl moce*ed autocrats, to need
any coamett from our hands A.I we cin cay is to ad.
rise our friet ds to "ito In." aod bay ail the tickets >lev ■»
can«Unrdto. Th" '■iastitotlon" is J
—Chicago Jburiitu. *
The Dimsst BctitiSQ Associitios.—'The partlco'ar
atienil.n of tbe reader Is cahed to a lensrtby advertise
m»ctin this number, atnounclng one of tbe grandest
Kta fnterpiises ever preietted for pnbltc patronage.
ihe lisl of prtaes embraces one capital prize—tbe
Demeit at Fallon Cl'y, *h:ch c:st or ginally
SKI) 000. n w put In a- |jO.IOJ. and ibree hnndr.d and
fi-rty-n:ne others, varying In va'ue from 13 50j to S3 e*ch. *
The ixperience cf our c tltens In matters of ib ; * knd of
late ye<r'. ha- caused toem to troa *i h dl,truu upon
gi't enterprises; bu the array of names at the foot ot the
advertisement, and the plan to be pursued in the Raw
ing must implre coofiiecce la the tcbeir* r» d • a
rapid and extensive sale of stos*-— Chicago bandau
Ltdffer. J
Mb. DntKsr Isaheavyland procrlet-r. ba' ter'cuyly
oy the recent financial revoifl 00, or. to tu j
a paradoxical but g-aphlc pbrase of the We t. he h
"land poor" and has liken -b s method to relieve him.
«elf of a portltn n f tjls l»nied estate and all b ; s crn<e-
Quect povti ty. Tae tact that be places the mosey In the
hands of reioonrble trustees, who p>d£e t emselves
toat tbe drawing shall be made, ani fairly made, c
money refunded, ia snfQdent gnarantee ol bis honesty *
ofpurpote. Tbe vauitlou of ue estate, asset
do«n in tbe schedule. Is not more than one-Lalf *t<at
It wa» ron»ldered oelorethe late revuldon Clin
ton Jlerald. i&-1
1858-9.. .'.WINTER RATES... .1858-9 j
Through Freight Line. {
From dats asv until further «
notice. Freight will be carried over this Line as
below: _ „
•S ga t *6 i
|s |s ga 6§ E| =g 5
fromOlucaso to g s g 6 C s St
a ©•& "a a
Bolton i1.8011.88i1.17 67 51.24U.-8
New York 1.80 1.40 I.tJO t>s 1.2) L<«
Philadelphia I.W 1-25 1.10 M 1,v5 Lis
Baltimore.. 1.60 1.33 1.10 5j U5
Piusourgh 90 70 45 <5 7t) <0
CtocU-uatL, O I.M H) « 43 .... *i
OolumbasTO- 1.00 SO 65 45 .... W
Dayton. O SO 75 60 40 .... 75
Cleveland. O <o CO 45 14 45 00
Dunkirk, tl. X J* 41 CI *4
buQao. .......... £*o 4J CI <4
Grain by Car Load to Cincinnati 33 cent? per ICOC2.
Bulk Meat to P.trshar*hs scents per IU) as.
contracts made to a&ore points at freight Omce, ccr
ner West Van Buren and Canal streets.
Contracts to Boston. New York, Philadelphia and Bal
timore via Pennsylvania Central U.R., riven b*
CLARKE 4 CO.. office tteele'a Bock, comer bou h
Water and L&aalle btreete, and at Depot at Canal street.
JAS. W. MUSaON. Freight
i J J IIOCSTOS. fien'l' telght Ag't. Pittsburg, Fa
J. H. 'OOH£,Gcn'»Bupt., Crestline, 0.
i Chfrruro. Kovember 15. lw-
1 VJT -vi»-
i to tT - f - iisrcag oirna,
AGESrS, are prepared to Contract Pre-ghta
) Ttroueh, by authority of the Companies named above,
) at their office. No. 1 dteele'i Ulodk, corner south Water
and Lasalle streets, and at Depot of P., KL W. 4X3. R.
) K.. Oblcaeo: or at Depot, Liberty street, Pittsbargb.
i The Offices of the Pennsylvania Aallroad Company ut
j tne 1-last are located at _
i No. aAstor Mouse, New York.
» No. 1 Sooth Wihtam street. New Tork.
) No. 45 Kilby street, boston.
) No. "5 Ferry -ireet, Hartford,
j No. &0 Nona street, Ba.tlmore. .... , _
) *"d at tue General Depot. Paltadelphla. [oc2l-ly
3 Steam Ferry from Conceit Bluffs to Omaha City,
° ri-'uis bo It has tiie capacitt to
3 J. carry 12 Wagoni and Teams at each trip, and
bas token over at ooe load 300 head of Cattle, and she
0 can mike ID cio-sines or uure "ach way In a day. ami
o will be abli to ferry over from four ta five hundred
'■} wacons and teams from tunrlse t*> suniet each day.
0 We assure travellers, who are gains to the
0 Nebraska Gold Mines,
0 Utah. California, Oresron aid Washington Territories,
n thattb»roads tro~» Falrfieli. lowa Cit?, Dubnqoe, and
points ict-roedlat.'. by Council BlutTi an ] Umaba City,
n ani uy tbe cotth aid- o' the Platte nlve-. are better.
y nearer, and more abmdinilr stocked with wagon*.
a hnrses, mul< san 1 cattle, provisions and goods, than any
~ other. And wi h tbe settlements and tciwna and the
X regular and well-establ'soed line of Mail Coaches al.
ii re»dy eitend-ng to Fort Kearn-y and soon übf ex.
1! tended all tbe Woy to the m-nta. iti< no longer a wuder
7, cess route throujti an Indian country, but c*n be tra*
, versedai saMy and comti,rt*hl? and much more easily
than aty of the r >adi throtuh Missouri or low&
• Tbere is not the same Uugt-i of road In the United
States, fo level an l entirely vuhoai marshes, sionitbs or
• bid places and so nearly stra'gh v Tbe streams on the
north s'de of the Platre are all bri i«el. exc.-pi the Loup
'I Prrk, aadhere the Western ct«s Oompaoy have a good
r- Perry. fc.SO3LOWK,
'? por the Council Bluffs and Nebraska Ferry Company,
g lalß 3acß
1 Cap'-Matthews tKtNsISGrON Capt Baker, and
CITT OfrNaW koKii. uapt Howes farm a regular Huo,
■n sailing wita great r-gtfarity frotn mcq wjrt. Tne«e
Meamers are staunch and strong, aaft tn «3t resp«cta
n well tiued and provt ieJ i hey have wc.teodatlons
T< r passengers, and freUht of all klods is takvnat fair
u rates. Tntse tiletnversrun In clote coaate#Wn wtthtbe
Pennsylvania Kallroad. and goods are forwarded with
iromMn-rs and diipatcb. HtSRV WINSDK.
jalo bWj tin No. ZS2 S uth Whtrves. Pplladdphla.
X\- Uation Compacy's New Tork and Galway Line.—
10 Toe next departure ft am Ne» ?ork will be tbe titeatnthlp
PACIKIC. Captain Nicholson, to sail from New York
,0 on Saturday, January feth l aa, and the Steamship Clfl
CASPIAN. CapL Jac*son. to sail tr*m New
a-10 day. January aTti, toucbiug at St. Jonns, * J . F. to re.
cciretbe Royal Mali* Pricesot Passage-.—Flrat Ctaaa,
0 tW: becond.lso: ibjd #-JU; Includinc fre- ticket; to
all the orinc'palcitlei on railroad routes h Great Britain.
>3 Third Cl«s must pm»tde uiate. knife, Tork. 4%, and bed.
ding. Passate t> Si, Johns, First-Claas. *33: Second
-13 Ula»s,S2s. For frelgi»t or pa«a^elnQol'e of the Ameri
can Vtt l ess Can.any. Hadaon street, Broadway,
10 and at their other advertised offices In tbe Interior.
Passage in the ti rd class can be secured at any of tbe
30 above offices to brim person* out from any of the prlncU
pal cities on the lines ot railway In Great Britain for *25,
M or from Galway for •*). „
JAS. C. PARGO. office of American Express Co_
•f, No. JO Dearborn btreet, Cblcajco,
New York. Nov. 13.13 M. no;H dwSb
:i Fast Freight Line,
'* To and From All Point* Eaxt,
The arraaj-ementa of this Company are unsurpassed for
the sale, rapid and cheap transportation of any descrip*
tlouot freh&tto and trom the Last via
13 All reclamations for over charges or damages, pmnpUj
adjusted on delivery ol freight. We be* to rtfer Shipper*
P totheSuperintendenUof the several roads on which a e
Tork Office, 176 Broadway, Howard Hotel Build
Chicago Office, No. 90 Dearborn street, opposite the
.S Treoont House.
Deliver Freight in New York at?U Y7am er-iU Hudson
S' River Kaitrosji passenger Depot; in Boston ai Western
Raiiroad Depot, and in at MiLhican Central
_ Railroad Depot. DKEW A CO..
Dearborn HreeU Chicago,
t- WALLINGFORD A CO., 176 New Yark.
d. Chicago. OcLUi. oca baU-Sm
m f/>r Cairo and ,\cit Orleans,
of New P«tlla City
Will ren, daring the coainy Fall and Winter, between
W fti. Louis and New Orleans » «follows:
LEAVING St iiODLs Oct. 10, "Sa, at 10 o'clock A- M.
do do Oct. 30, '6«. do do
va do do Nov. 19. 'ofi, do do
I— *lo do Dec. 9. do do
th do do Dec. 23, 'bu, do do
>p- do do Jan. IE. *69, do do
us do do Feb. 7, 'W, do do
■ro do do Feb. ST, 'M, do do
er> do do M'ch C, '&?. do do
LIAVING CAIRO Oct. 1L *64. at IX o'clock P. tt.
31- do do Oct. IU do do
rat do do Nov. MX '53, do do
e*. do do Dec. (0. '6B, do do
m- do do Dec. do do
at- do . do Jan. IP, *o9, do do
ny do do Feb. 8, '69, do do
. do do Feb. Is. '69, do do
•he <io do &l*cb 0, '63. do do
m- «Q r yteight or Panart ai>p ron board or to th* Ageol
■ of Lonia, W, D. LORE. Clerk.
In Ocll4d-b135
si £umbcr, &c.
Lumber and Shingles.
of pitosL\u uot sale and change of
aw V_/ Bosmess.-Ihe nnderslgned have a lar«st->ck of
nd Dry. Clrar, and Co'snon Pine Lamber, concsilng of
Boarda. Ptask Fencing Flooring, Joice and Scantlinc.
ar- good Shingle*, wnlch will be sold at the lowest
.nd market price to the business
be Yard located atTweXb street Eridgs, West fide, on
the South Branch, near all Wuternitallroad Depots. Call
•nd and examine tne stock. .
*, To Lumbermen and Others.
tto Jh Corn Meal and Feed of all kinds at low rates.
sir. p«rtlca will save money by calling at IU and I*3 West
Llll- Laae street. •
Chicago. Nov- IS. 1856. noU t>4H3 ly
CII t w. SKIN KL E & OO ..
'iit, Q.""*" ri*it. ÜBiinnMHUiw.
OoraiTangementaarevßeb as to insert at aUtlraei a
L CaUgssoif of the dlflerent aaaiitiea of
Dt * m.TAtt LUUBKS.
** Joint and BcanUing of all siass and latictha. comiaan Lum-
Mr. Lalh, fihiniS. *c.
Of Horway and White pine, we always .stand read? to
ajmpare witn any in this market. We lnvita the calls a?d
Qkb ■ttj.ntinfi nf yii aad ether dealers to ooraoek oa
-ely luodandiacUUesforilllnsorden udeontmrta.
hat ma*-»v-T>»>«
■« Tali *"*" '""""Swna. faige t 00.
K. T. Crane & llio., p
103 Wat Lake Hired 102
auxryacrcims a>d Deaixfta ■
OU Cops, Gmge Cotks, Steio k Water Giages,
For Warming Hotels, ("tinret.c?, Fmc
. . torlcts, AC) -
deJO fj
Thomas George & Co.,
201 -- - Lake Street -- - 201 a
Offer at* Great Discount for Oath
Oi all Sixes.
For Wood and Coal, and
100 dox. Toal Sifters.
1U) " Wire Beivea Nos. 24 and <3X
ft* ** Coal Hods.
M ** Wire Oyster 8011-J*
to * Wire Gridirons,
W Lanterns, at half price, *
Tor sale at great bantalos for casa at
Thos. €«orge t Co. t >
XI Lake street.
Are sold at Manufacturer's Price* by
Thomas George & Co.,
2CI Lakehtreet
Of almost every kind can be fcand at
201 Lake Street!
A fine assortment of Brass and Steel just received by
Thos. George & Cj m
301 Laxe street.
Kedzie's Water Filter,
The best article In tbe world for cleansing dirty watei 1 1
iPlannfaetarer's Depot, 201 Ki&lie*«t*
Thomas George fc Co.
5.000 oi Plummets' aud Gas Fitters'
Will be told at S3tt discount from list Prices.
Thos. George & Co.
P. W. Gales, Wuraer, Maimers S Eras«.
Maxdfacturers of railroad
CABS Portable and Staticnary
Steam Engines anil toilers,
Portable Ctrftilar Saw Mill*, CA'.ei' l'«teu. fcrcw Cutter,
aad Agents lor tbe sale of Portable Flour ami »"oro *iif»
and Bolts;
and Hand l^atlicb,
DprfQ- Drills, W-M Ma-blteryK''nerally. fihlag;e ill:*
91idp"re£U,S:cam anil wa:erGauges, uuishttd yra.'iiWork
«y*Caaticgsaud.UiHGearing made tw order.
Mark Good*-"OATKS k CO."
f. w. GATts * «• u-ARsea r. caaufixa
1. a. WAUJtlti -D B » rKAlia.
The subscribers takes this method of notlfyln* Cte ock*
Uc that they have secured
Sawyer's Patent Heating & Ventilating Fni naM ;
And are now prepared to furnish them to order foi
Dwellings. Churches, Schools. Ac. Alao, their Stavet
constructed on the same principle, for parlors. riDslc
rooms aad halls, and. especially
Ventllatln* perfectly all rooms In wblch th;y are used
and wanning to any required temperature.
We refer to Messrs. W. W. Boytnrton. 0. L Whtelock
and Carter k Baurr, Architects of this city.
particular* Inqu're of thesubscilbersat theb
oXce No. 61 aadWS.utb Las&lle CQ
Chicago. Oct. 6th. i'Si ocob?7-ly
ID. Uks (iimt. 18,
Tons Annealed fence Wlre-Msorted nanbtrt,
"5 " BriuUt *'
1 1,000 Ken Nails—assorted sizes and brands.
LSOO Bdls Sheet IroO—assorted.
3uo " " " J inletta—ass'rteo.
800 a. Q.
15 Casks Sheet Zinc.
I ill STOVES. 6 sites, for Parlors, Offices, Stores, llalla
and Churches. Also
1 Together with a One assortment of
Latest styles and pattens for sale t>y 0 METZ 130
Bute street, between Monroe and Adaina. oc3» b:S&3m
s Commission iilmt)anls.
y (ro Rita ELY CCCLET. MO&£E k C 0..)
f Produce Commission Merchants.
of my partner* in tne Arm of Eckley. Mo>s£ k
Co, I continue the Produce Oommie*lon husinef on
r tbe above ttjle Office No. 7 Poneny's B jUdlnv. corner
of C.ara an<t M'ater gtreeti. GEO. B. ECKLEY.
£ Chicago, January UJ.ieSJ. buj-c'io
21G South Water Street.
Ja< b9l< ly
REtn A. Wn.riiM< W. D. lIoCOHtILISO
'' V_y No. 21UX South WRte- rtreet. second door West
\ of Wells street Briilne. cive iheir exclusive atttntionto
1, tbesileaad[urcnas3ofa.lkla<isof FroJuce. s'.ock. Ac..
r on Oocamiss.oo. C.si made oa •*»ILa o f Lading
and property m (tore. K«ler to tieo. smi'b * Co.. Ma
r.ne Uank. aid Geo, k Co. jalO bail ly
I Comer of Clark and South Water s'reet.
Chicago [ ; aj bSjQ 6m] Illlaoli
1658 - - Winter Arrangement • - 1859.
Forwarding Merchants,
■ Shipping Agents Illinois Central Kallroad, and
Wharf Boat Proprietors.
VV Trackaand Slides lea4ln* directly from tbe old
Diputtoour Mharf Boat, wi-lcb enable us toforwari
freuhtto and from the &ai<roadwitb great despatch acd
witnout the exposure or liability to damage, unavoidable
_ In any other raetaod of handling.
rr We also give prompt and careful attention to re-ship
-1 meats oy river to Aaahville, kvaasvil'e. Ciatlaaaf,
Wheeling Pittsburgh. New ur.eansani Uetnpais.
Cairo. Illinois. December lath. la>i oc^:b7^7Sa
t>» /\ Store or for Shipment. Sterling Exchange on
London for sale, txcaange on New York bought asd
sold. OUce in Steei's Buck, comer of LasaUe and
eouih Waterstreet. de 3 brjj 3o
Sr. a 1 * a
Lees & wai*leh commission mbh-
Cash Advances made cn Proanre In £tore. or ahipped
to our House ia i»ew Vork.
;uuslck> ts>«*ora jaica-a. waijjra.
[, «pwaai> ta" ■*-! Ohlcaro.
14 Dearborn street. Oaicave. lllir.cb.
advance* ou dnipmenti to sti<u J. rlah. BoCaio.
to J. iL Dan£atn. Pfeaiueat, Reynolds. Uy
4 00.. Chicago, and A. a. Buffalo. »»:«*.
m r. a, eatTossriu. a. 1. ruiaiLi.ii iußaaaasuu.
\J NER Clark and Lake streets. Will attend to the
purchase and sale of Blocks and nond* of every descrip
tion. either In this or In the New York Market. Quota
tions of tbe New York Stock Market received daily by
telegraph. Sales and purebases made at the Stock Ex
changeatlowestrateaof commission. aaJlaa9»4m
QiT« their exslaaite attenUcntoths
OtFFloatr t Grain* and other Produce,
oa oowwuna
lit goalh Water cor. CUrkitr«el... mMMn l|i
oi PoyW3ly CHICAGO.
J No. 15-1 Sou Wa««r street, Cliicago.
Liberal advanen taa-le on consignments.
H. )untum,CbH*a;o; J Yoaa?
- nion. Csirago: tleo W )oie. Chicago; Kumser, Kr> 4«*o,
Crtcjffo: KovaJ Moo«rs. Naples, 111; WoocruJ v Co,
Xew York; tlenlng t Woodruß, St Louis; J i:nnn,
Banker, Spria-tieUl, X'; C Uote, Cbieijo. ap^'ia-Jy
,? \J to make
On Shipments 01 Produce for eale la Buflalo or New York
on arket. R. McCHuiNKY,
all iytf-fen-aSQ Bteel'a Block. 154 floct • Water street*
b. Commission .llerchaiils.
Underwood ft Co., Chlcaso^
fflbr.'ivl* Agents for tbe XortO-<»egt
Dealer in all kinds of rioar asd Feed, aad Ccunti? Pro
n doce. Wholesale and Retail. _
MI aad SO Slule. comer of Wolcott street, Chicago. HI
floor aad Peed delivered to any part of the civyfree oi
ehaiwe. mra-vlou-ly
Commission Merchants.
Ist S. W.Mr Street.
m. .iew" rrtiCAQO.
ADVAXCP.Soo.lr»n>i«'.t">P,'»e"> K»>':
"j Bt a«oeror,rjlt:tor>t:ti-Ci= for
■Pd br aamec.nnmi.iiuu. QvDt-BWOOn' A Co.,
ca je22-ly::sr; 152 ai»f utr^et
■S \j» ohantf. comer of South Water aad TrmskUa
, aKHIEQH, mjlo4lo-Jy K.D.TATLOB.
Peoria Marine & Fire lusu'nee Co*
07 PKOBIi,
Paid Up in Cash 300,000
Lomc«Promptly Adjusted and Paid at
J. ACQ. WRIGHT. A*ent.
la< bPIO ly N0.113 Booth Water streeu Chicago. 1
Ofllee, 142 Soatli Water Street.
Authorized Capital, fI'J'KUUi I'a'd In andsecurec, ITS.I*XT
Mi.WGl.lli DUtCTftUt:
. T . P. AWrirli, John Nichj's
E. 0. Wiloer, A. Kdwarda.
B. Smith.
Wataon Carr, G. li. Haztetni.,
O. >. H*t;uerjOß, Adam f»Qjita.
a. KPrt'ARPS, Pres'd-ct.
K. C. W\LI>ER. Secretary.
OKO. F. HaSIINQS, (Jearrsl
f<RWIS B. UFNDKLL. City Purveyor.
Fire, Maria- aud lolaa'l NariratiDc loN"raccr.
Fire Insurance Company.
Insure aicalnst Loss by Fire only.
fICBE ARD k HUNT. Agent*. Chlcaco, comer LasaLe
and Eouth Water street*.
ITV, of Norwich, Conn. 1
PAID UP •APXTAI* $176 000.
InnuAMfeit Loss by Fire.
HOT!BARD k corner of South Water
and Ciark streets, Floor, Loomls' Block, oc^b^
A. G E N" T S
In the Principal Cities ud Towns In tbe Tnloc,
' Who will
IQ. H Atil LL, General Axent for the West, at
ffinHnnmtl AgJO-baS^a
Incorporated ISl9—Cbartcr Pcrpctnal.
[Absolute and Unlmparcd
With a Surplus of ?GG6,140 10.
And the prestige of 39 years success and experience.
The Capital alone belag double that ef any Fire lain
ranee Company in tbe United States.
Cash oo hand and deposited la Hartford
Banks 4179,154 15
Cash la trar sit and Agents' hands 144,719 06
V. 3. Treasury Notes, sper cent. Interest. 2.300 Oj
143 State Bonds IKwO 00
Money due the Company, secured by oort- , .
Real Estate unincumbered L 'l
Bills receivable.. &t.4?9 M
161 Bonds, 8,7, and 10 9 cent. Interest annu
ally i«n,sbo oo
857 sbarcs Railroad Stock £177'.) 00
bi shares Connecticut River Co. Stock.,,. L 250 id
60 shares Stafford Bank Stock 6,iVD (0
60 shares Waterbury Bank Stock 5,250 00
?» shares Providence BankPtock l.M7i 00
shares Hartford Bank stock 2"»,U3 60
9,030 shares New York Bank Ptock M 3.740 (V
15 shares Jersey City Bank Stock LSOO oo
100 shares D. 8. Trust Co. New York Stock. IL3DO OO
. 150 shares New York, L. L and Trust Com
pany 21750 00
♦Lwd.l4o 10
Onsettled Claims not due J1C2.714 63
Losses Eqlubly Adjusted and Promptly Paid*
UPWARDS or 511,000,000 of losses hate been :
paid by tbe JCtna Insurance Company la the past <fJ
Fire and Inland Navigation.
Risks accepted at terms consistent with solvency acd
fair nroflt.
Ispedal attention given to Insuranceof Dwellings aad
j Contents for terms of of oae or five years-
Organ'sedoa a NATIONAL basis, with aaeades In
; the prinplpal cities and towns. Cash transactions, free
from the objections of lb • credit system. Application
made to an? duly authorized Agent proaotly attended
to. By strict attention ti a lecHlnat* Ins«rasce buslnea
this Company Is enabled to offer both indemnity for the
past and security for the future. ...
Policies Issued without celayby any of Ua duly author
ised Agents.
Branch Office 171 Vine street, Cincinnati.
attended to with dispatch aad fidelity.^)
X. B. BENNETT, Oenarel Agent.
HUBBARD k HUNT. Ageaia. Chlca^s.
W. B. PATCH. State Agent Peoria, I'Uaols.
Chicago Fircni'-u's lusiirance Co.
• Office 5. W. Corner of Lake asd Clark-£t?*i
OAFITAX - -- -- -- - >200,000.
Thomas Church. B W. Raymond. Geo W. Dole,
E. H. Haddock. J. K. Botaford. Orrinvton Laat,
C.B. Parwell. W. >L LarraHee. J. T. Edwards.
a N. HOLDEN, Sec'y. JOH. E. BROWN. Surveyor
auJ7 va^ly
Xorlhwesteru Insurance Com^ ! 5*5
Capital 150,(KM) —\nth a Largo Snrplns.
formed that Mr. JULIUS WHITE has been reap
pointed arent of this Oom-* my. and is alone' othorised
tobwue and reasw polldesln Cblcajr l .
Mr. WUlTElsautborsed to adjust and pa all IcsseJ
arising under our Policies either Fire or Marine.
JAMEdPLATT President.
8. B. Ludlow, Fec'y. . .
undersigned will be happy to see his mends
and the patrons of the old Northwestern generally, at tbe
Qrfice. No. ll* X South Water street, assuring them that
our rates shall be as low as those of any other responsible
Company, and that Loases oe fair!) adjusted and
promptly paid. JULIU3 WHITE. Agent,
OGtifbSUlly 143S South w»urstreet.
T. W. Baxter & Co.,
xisuraorraxß or-
C. TT. Brown'* Patent Portable
Flouriny and Grist Mills,
And Dealer! fc»
Smut mil* and Separators,
Separators Tor Warehouses,
Beltings of all ainds,
Hoisting Screws and Bails,
Bran Dusters, Petto, Prool Stȣs, &c*, 4c.
Mill Generally.
Plan* % Specification* and Ettimain fnrnithed
ichtn <U±irtd, and the corutruction of Steam
and Water MilU contracted for entire.
Theaubrcribenhavingobtalned the acsncyforthe tale
of St«am xagrnea and boilera. from tbe
Hannfaetory of
would Invite the attentloa of purchasers to their superior
merts of style, won manihip aad pewers. also their very
lowpricea. The followingtsaliit of pricei of Engine ana
Boiler, fgether wrth Ueate*. Water and Steam PipesL
Cocka Valves, Arch Casting aad Grates, cou.plet« aad
ready for ius. deJvered In Chicago:
6 horse power #?oo 30 hone power 1L250
8 - ** 575 55 - - LS"O
10 M ** 735 SO ** ** 1.675
ia " •* ....... soo ss *• M iouo
11 - " ....... 1100 40 ** " 2,200
and la like proportion for larreraixeau required-
Etery Engine is furnished with
PorFlcur Mills. We confidently recomnend them as ia.
perior to any other style of Koglae, and they will
Bava from 25 to 50 per csnL in Fuel
Overlhetaaal class of Bollera la use at the West. We
shall keep an assortment of d.fferent sixes at cur estab
hsnm>nt waere khey may b# examined and tbe necessary
Information obiaLted regarding tneo- Competent mea
wil. it desi-ed. be furnished t-» se*. up and start Ea*inea
in acy pirt of the country. We will also supply
At very Lcno JTeure*.
Mm Purn!shln« Depot, West Wat«r drert, between Bin.
dolph and Madison. Chicaco.
BT" P. O. AdilreM Box No. (»i4m-b33
LTJL Dolt C.'ok County. CUcuit Court of Cook Co. i
-Ifl Chancery. T«
Bennett B. Chamber* TlJsmrs Uichle. 11
Public no'iee is hereby given that la pursuance of a
3eeret%l Order eatered Id the above eatl'led cause,
)Q the foutteerth day of J*nu*r?. A, D. 1-K 1. ,
L. 0. ?al/ie rreer. Muter ia Chantry <>f C«unt», .J
state of Illinois, will ca the twelfuj or February. A. I;
D- ls-9. at ten o'clock la the forenoon of said day. sell y,
itTUblic auction, to tne hlihest bidder,'or cnh. at the u
North dror of tbe Court of tie Count* of Cook,
la thetity of Chicago. a'l :hs following det crimed parcel c
cf real e»*a!e *«. wit: Tbe weit fr»nlon of the ror h- °
■es* and s uth-we<t Quarters of secti >a X>.twenty.«even *'
li"}), n towiubip tr.luy eight C», rangetwel»e tli' east of '
the *Ur.'(.rinjpal meridian, la Coo* county, eocuialcg
ore hundred siid twenty ilree acre* mote or less.
-t , Ma«terinChaactry, Cookrtinnfy. S
Chicago. J in. 20:h. l&a>. jail ctiui £
sale.—whereas ;
Tbornis Sp-er and Isiae Ppeer. of ilie Hly of j
Chlcgo. founts of Ccok aad Male of Ul nob, rtii. oa
the cloth day or May. A D 1i57. execute aad del ver to y
one Lemuel H. Alk<n a certan pron:ls«nry note fcrrtve
thousand &v« husdred ocllari. du d tt;e sild riata d »y
Ma». 1457. p-ijable ia one y»ar after Us >ute. to t: e order
of slid L. H. Aikln. with inte m: ai the rate of tea per
cent, rer annum, Favable bait je*ry at ih- nil eof (
Aikia k Ncrton, In a oresaid. And. wh-re*s. fcr c
the beitersecurineof said ud he inter.it t'-eron. I
ihesald Thomas fpeefana Ph»he f'peer Us d'd. on l
tbe tJnih day of May. A. 1»- I*o7. exetu'.e an 1 deliver to 1
the said L. 11. A'ila * corcu* of pem »ea herrlmf er t
described »hci «Ud inortrfase w?s reeo drd In tte R*- !
einler'sofficeol Oct \JotuAy. lU'.dMs in Record i
>o.'ibiry one cf Murtrage-. esse V". Anil. w:.e:ca.-. i
the said Leone* H. AUL, dl.t by iodtaiuri* cf .-arre-t :
be&tua date the tweatj-ninth ia; ot May. A. IV i
assign said mortgage aad motuve ceh to ice Albeit -
G. cooley. which deed or ftaa enmeat !s rrc rdo 1 :n th- 1
Becorder'a office of Cook coocty. lllla' ti. In Reccrt L'or k I i
ihiry-tv. »aie 113. and the said Albert G. cocley d d. 1
by iaJcnturt of isjlgamert. bea'lj* dite the metiy. I :
euhtb day of A. t>, arlra and transfer i*M
mon>ta*eand the pretnlies therein dcscribeiL t<vct:irr
»ilh the ta'd note thertby secxired usto t-,e acdrr i.-aed.
Joaeoh P Allyn which said cf &&\lcncaeat Lu be?u
recorded la tLe Kecarder'sotEce cf Losit c<">cnty. il lao'.s.
Now therefore. n:.tice li hereby (f".vtn that drfau t Uav
incbeen made la the pajmttilofs«ld note,
ilznfd. sh«ll. on Ta«?sJay. fl;»t day of Febru iry. A.
l>. 1 la-». at ten o'clock la the frrea<.ua of stid diy. t y
Tiftue of the pi»*r of siJe ta ul>( nt rt<»*e costA'ceu.
ieilM theNoith door ot tae Coon home is the city of
Cblca«o. Cook cmntr. Illlacia. &t put.ic auction to tbe
hlgfces - . bidder for c*th. ihe loUjwlb* desc-\bed rrt""-lj<s.
to-»i : Commeccia* at a p~iat ou u e oae
fcacdred asd two feel and rtx belts Eos', froa the N ne
west eomer of lo'.two Vi> in blccX Llt.e V- u . latiie 'nc
tloaalsection fit e.i tli) a<M:t!cn to Chic sj. theac* rua
n:s« Scuili ajae»T *e>«a i? 7) feet.tbsLce VV s' twer.ty-two
f»-ei aad aiae c.2 > 1:) laches tr.eace :>ortb a zl-. tj-sevta
U'i feet, therce tajt to the placei»f
bait citr o! w;ta all ;n i Ricsalar t.'i; ttnt
hered tarnws and atiturteainces a s«.iwtir.
tcitetae-. w.th i;i ti,e i un*. till*. Uterrsu auc tq • itv of
tl< nof t:\li i b uiaa ?Detr »ait I'Lel-e. h!s w'.'e. ia
aid to s*id 4 rvtcl ct. J i'. .\LIY.«.
___ Aas saee of Mor^siee
TToemer M Pe*%e. Atl'y for AssiiQ.*es
Dated of January, a. o. 1 t'. l - ja-' ti
O Si—CooV County Circuit Cosrt—
Tercu A. D. 1»J.
llenry illl*a:d ti. C. D- Colberts? 1 * k Co.
Pablic notice Is hereby idrea to the said C. D. Cwlseri
tea k Co that a writ cf atiachme-t Irsacd oat cf tl,e
o:ice or tie C'erJf of the Cook Coaniy Clrrui;
dated the temh day of Januir?. A. D. lv.'. at the
salt of the said iiea*y 3li!ward. ana tae eit«te
of tse said C. D Cu'iD<rt«oa X Co . for ibe ium .'f one
hundred and tlihwm d.i'ais. drected to th« SherlJ
of Cook Ccunty, wl.ich sxd wht been retarded exe
Now, therefore, orlea yon. thesiM C. D Culbertaoa i
Co. antli personally be and appear before the said l ooit
Coasty Circu-t Cou. t, on cr day of ti.e next
SpedU tero thereof, vo be boldeu at the Court lloiue. ia
the city of Chicaxo. cu the second Monday of /eb
njary. A. D. l=oJ, riTe »pec!al ba:L aad plead to the
taid plalctllTs acCou. ludjtmeai will be entered
yna and in favor cf the taid Heury Mliward aad io
aoch oftue property attached as may be su&cieat to
satisfy the said jucUoent add costs, wtu be sol<i to satisfy
lb* sane. 'WM. L. CiitßCll. C\c:W.
H. Davis. Plff'a Att t. ul» 4* ct
S. B.—Cook Coolly Court of Common Pleas—Feb
tuary fern. A. D, 1i5. 4 .
WJllaa F. DscxetU llenrz D asd D. Hobart
Bills. Ta Kanjolih Lensm re. Harney 11. Dyciaiaa
aad kawtn uecjaore—Attachment,
public Notice Is hereby riven to the said Rar.dolj.lj
Dcasmore. Bampy il Uyckmaa and td»la Deatiaxe.
litata writ of Attachment Issued oat of the edict uf thf
tierk of the Co<>k County Court c Common Picj. uatei
the twentj-fcurth day of December. A. u at the lull
0 thesaidWa E Doejeit. Henry D. Bsss-.lt *ni I).
liobart ildls.ax3d against the estate cl tliestld <!ph
Detuiaire. Barney U. ryrkoan aad fcdwia Dessircre,
for tae sum oi Three Hundred aad i*lxty-?e?en Dullirs
aad Seventy-Fear Cents, directed to U.e Scertff of Ccok
County, which said writ has beenrctaraed executed.
Now. therefore, unless yea. the said lUn<!o ph Um*-
more Ua.cey H. D'cma » aad Edw.n DeuMaoir, a'iail
personally be aad appear before tSe said Cook County
I'oart of Co moon Pleis. oa or before the first day of the
next term thereof, to te holden at the Court llcuie. in
the city of °u the £r>: ilouday cf Fctrairy.
A. D. lai9. five roecial balL ar,d plead to the raid
plaintiff's action, judgment wlii be eMered you
a* d lllfav'-r of the s*'.d Willlaa L. Dostet*. Uvury l>.
Bassettand D. Hotiarl UiLa. and so much of tne i iop
erty a:tache>l as may be su'eaent to satis y the siid
iudjnaeat and costa. will be t-> »j''«'y 'he same.
WALlta KIiIDALU c:e:k.
HrTcacvT. Pltf's Any. i
Cocc. S3.—fcflk County Gocrt of Ccnimon Flea*,
Februrry iena.. ISo9.
A mour. compl'f, va. Eira SLernua aid liar,
rlet F. tbermau. uef'tj —in Chancery.
Affidavit of tbenon-resMence cf Vzra L Sherm%3 aad
Harriet F Sherman, thefle'eadanti above njiued. h»v
--1 ip beea filed in the ollice of t te C crk > f svu Coua
ty Court «.fCommon fleu. id h-terv stlvcn the
said tz r a LvSitrssxn and l!a:ric> F. rtn-n. thut
Armour, the salj corny ainant &:*d las bill ot
compUitt ns»ld Court, oothe Ctiance.y s.de tier»-u: oa
ihe r'x h di? of January, lsj?. asd ia;a a jicm »s
therecpon l*iUed out o »a'd t «hid (Jtfrti
din s, returnable on t-ie ti stMoudiy of Ftbruary next,
IsiJ. aalsty Itw r»-qutr»iL
Now. unless you. the said Fz*a I» rheritnn ar.d narr:et
F. faermui ;>hal< ixrmjoally «>e and a; pear t «;fi>re sa d
Ccok County Ccurt of Cimmon l'U-as of Coo* Cmiaiy.
o- the Q s: dayot the next ie;ta the;ejf. to be ho:den at |
Chicago, la Slid Couate. 031 e first Monday • f Febru «ry. j
15.9. a n d plevl. a* cr denur to tiie s»M Ci»:m l.iln- I
a-ts' Ci.l cou\yl*«it. W\: sizie and tLe raa t-ja aad 1
ihinss therein chargeJ anil »tiie l wlii b- uue:i .t-i run
fciicd. anil a decree ca'.creii stains'. >O3 a:cord.Cn 11 tae
Lrajer of said till.
\YA.T.T r U, Knill\Ll» n-: k.
STtRLK «fc R LET. CitEl'i'ta' Sol':s. j »U' l*-C-l
-rV tt Ccurt cf Cook County.
In the mattt r of the esta'e of Jacob Fr.drick, decuase l.
Al'persors havbff clalmi azain»t the t2t«te of J.i<*oh
Fredrick, deceas ■<). late of C <ok County, nze norihe t and
requested to at e.-d at a term" f the County t of Ccok
Co Bty. to be he'il at t e Court tlouie. ia city < f Ci.i
caxo. oa the first Mood iy of s-rJineit atteao'rl ckin
t;efyreaf.cn firthepur;i secfh»vl'»thes.ir.ea
ihr admin'tfratnx ofs*ii e?tit- tuvita tix.»l ou that
term to.* sctldctf a*d oil rl .uaj ajrti .>t s:»M c>-
MAKU*RITTa KUr.DUiC'a. Aduin y.Cdit.x.
Tirosipsoi' k li:su-p. A'i* a.
Chicago. Jacuar> 3d. lajJ. ]>l3 3i:i-c2.>
COOK—SA—Cook County Court 0: Common Pleaa.
January Term. l-js*.
ttr.io She man vj. Georsc M. Collin.
Public Notice Is hereby uvea to the said Gforse
M. Coffin thatawnt of Attachment l«tued out of tae
office of the «'lerk of the Cook CouatyCourt of Cotarcn
Pleas d».ted the first dav of Decriai'er. .V. D. lSi-5. at the
suit of the said Orno Sherman aad against the estate of
the saliiGeorce M. Couin tiT the ium of Taree Hun
dred Dollars, directed to the Sheriff of Cook Couaiy,
which said writ his been returned executed.
Now. therefore, unless you. the said G;orze if.
Colin shall personally be and before the said
Cook County Court ot Common »leas on or before tae first
day of the next term thereof to b- hold rn at the Court
Home, in the city ofChlcaxo. on the first Moadayof
January. A, D. Ibtt l . ftlve special bail, and plead w the
said plaintltTs action, judgment will be eatere-i
you. and In favor of the taid Orr-n Sheroaa. acd so
much of the property att\cbe«l as may be suSiciest to
to satisfy the saidiudionect acd costs, will be sola to sot.
isfy the same- WAL'KR KlslßAl>i. C.erk.
tic&fford. Porter k Jones. Plt'tfi Atfys. b«.'»<hw
Circuit Court of Cook County.- Jaaiiary Sptc'.alTena.
A. D. IsaJ.
Jerntan 4 Keitor and Porter Stbnjr vs. Andrew J.
Public notice Is hereby slven to the aa!i Andrew J.
ghcrt. that a writ of attachment lined out of the of
the Clerk ofCircull Court or cookCcor.ty dated the fcurth
day of December. A. D. IsoS. at >h» suit of the sak Jcriaaa
8. kf*tor and Porter Skinner and against the estate t
the said Andrew J. rhort for the sum of Three Thou
sand Dollars directed to the Sheriff of Cook County,
which said writ has teen returned executed.
No*, tnerefore unle-s yua. the said Andrew J. Short
shall personally be aad ppearbeor- the said Circuit
Court of Cook County on or before the first d*y of the text
EpedalTeTJ thereof 'o be holden at the Cour Qoose. in
Uje City of Chlca* hOO th first >.f January. A.
D. tdve mecial ball, and plead to ta-
<stynu and n favcr
of the said Jencan S. Keator and Sorter Skinner, and 90
much of the proterty attached as may be sufficient to
satisfy the said judgment and " >su will h«> «nldto« t!s?y
thesame. WM.L.CtICSCH. Cerk.
Qornell. Walte k Jameson. Plt'ffi Atfys. deS* b».'.j
88.—-Circuit Ceurt of Cook County. January Sp-cia
Terra. A. D.. Wi'.
William McCullv. JobnF.McCully.andMark W. Watson,
vs. iL iioyt
Public Notice is hereby (dvea to the* " Ge«-r»e E. lioyt
that a writ of at' c neat Issued out of the oSce of the
Clerkofth*Circuit Court cfCook Cooi.ty dated
te-ath day of December. A. D l&s. at the suit of the said
William MrCuily. Jobo F, McCuily and Marx w. wauoq
and airalast the estate of the saidiieo. K lioyt for the sum
of two hundred and nlnety-eUhtdoilarsaod twenty thre«
ceata. directed to the Sheriff of Cook County, which said
writ has been returned executed. Now. therefore, unless
jou. the said G«o«*e C Hajt shall personally be and ap
pear before the said Circuit Court orCookCouaty on or be
rore the first d&> of tbe next special terra thereof, to be
holden at the -onrt House In the cityof Chicago, cn the
first Monday Of A. D. l*St>, vlve special bail,
and plead to said plalntifs' action, judgment will be
entered;- -» * 'ou. aad In 'avor of tre said Wil Ism
JKcCoily, JohnF. McCuilyanl Mark W. Wats n. aads-a
much at ta>. uropertv attached as may be (undent to sau
sty the said judgment aidcosta will b« «old to satisfy
the same. WILL'AU L. CHUKOH. C.rra
Cornell. Walte k Jimeson. Piff *s Att'ys <lei9 bKi3 n % d
[Chle**o Branch of the "id BuTalo Mill Furnlshki E*
Tfiio B.nmvt R«flden* Partner aai M';ii*rish% i 3
Maiket slrtei. Ch'caco. llano's.
MTOrtoaes. manufactured At this establUhnest. are
finished on new and priaslolea an.l are *J
near perfect** obtained by the best manufacturers In
the world. The credit of thl* establishment 'orthe
put twenty-fl?e yean !n farniihlct WLI 7iod.cn
for nearly every State and Territory Id the Dnfoa i- •*n
known and thali be maintained. E*tr* fe'eeteil Mi 1
Btoae*iaadeaaft>ee'al Contract from Choice Nrw cr old
Qaarrf Block. Noye'l Imcrited Cockhead and Haler
Soladlea. fitted la ttosfs with Iron eyes, warranted best
la a*e tar Ur*e aad «xall ttcnea. Alio, Importers aad
dealers lit
Eitii Bun Dutch inktr Boltla; Cloths.
ifTLT.rgs la want of BOLTWtt CLOTHS for ansa,
facturicr Extra aodliif of floar. can dfpead opoa *et
tln* the ranlae OLD DUTCH ASSES. Smle and
Doable Extra. Boltin* Cloths made up la a superior
style, by rivSo* lenrUi «nJ d!am?ter or Reel in feet
and laches. JonaT. Noye'slffiprtTedCenUL'aral Feed-
In* tad Fioarand Grist Mil'*. Plaotatlta Cora >*ilL
Mid Castings and Machinery of e»ery deserfDtioa for
al*hed to order oo short aoti. e. from new patterns
Noye's ImoroTed Pressure MUI. Ax-nU 'ortheßaJilo
Fca'e Work. Doable Exit* C»st Steel MTI pfcki Irn
prored Turbine. Perrualoa Re-aaion and C»otral D!a
chance water Wheel* warranted »qoal to the best. Cued
withCaat Steel or Duller Iroa Poeleu warrantei to
da-eahkb oere«cti*e of power. Plant Macnine and
Seo\rat.r. for mllis aid wv houses. Cb ne efiuprCase
Miii« ScffirSJl I Haue Power. Bo*a-Mi'ls Tor O^o.-er
le«. Noye'a Improved iroa Boltlac RceL JobiT. Note*
Floor Pasker Ataliooery and Portable Engines Belt
lax. Hose aad fl'eaa Packlae. LandpMere Spite Plants;
ilaehlflrt aid Mill Foralsblnnreaerallr.' .
Hatlc* the iarsen 11 u romtiainn sock la the west
we can itiLat a lower rate than an* other establishment.
N &.«3B%willeontr»ct to famlib aad bail l Mills eofl.
plans and specification* for iLllwrUhti
Sextous and UndertuKers,
.10. 53 LA ?ALL* STSirr,
Have on hand, at all I'lms, evkht
■ijleaad finish, «*cod, *sd Zlae coics ; also
siroafis. Aa-tare prepared wtth Mean** aad rarrajes.
aad »*erytiiaj resoioie for Kacer»>: and icny be found
oo nod, aad to tfye praset »ueßUoo to iheir bai!>
eee* at all hoar*.
They al»» bare • Cbsrel acd Vault is the Cemetery.
± Mr#'l.l kK
Baatora BKanofactaror% Aftati.
- CHASE * CO.,
14—-loath Watar Strat*..—.—
ty I4l4iai 3 KXBZOAOO
i i tr —Cook Couaty Oourt of CTtmson Pleaa, April
Term. A. D, 1333. fi
liaises 11. Mule, and Pdwia Blackm&o Ex*cutnr of the *"
last *lit snd TistameatJ.-ha Ul«b, Jr.diceasrL
▼s. Piyette L. Jtoblnson—l- C :a'ccry
AtE.lavit of th? non of Payette L- Roblns-ir.
dcfeod«nt above nunrd. bav.D* b«e-> flifd in the o&cs of .
the tkra of sUd Cook County Court of C mmoa fleas. /
Notice ia hereby slven to Payette L. Robl* son \
thai the ComplaJaant, fi'ed Uieir bill of corrplJot In >ad (j
court «m cbaccery a de ti;eieof, on th* 2tst day of De
cember, lt&t. and liat a tunmocs
out ol said coar- rut itaid defendaa a. returnable on U
the first Monday of January next. (Lsi?). uey law >
Now, nnle.-s jou. the s*ld Payette L. s v all per- •.
sonall* be and appear brfote »ai I Co Cocrt *( Coal
men Peas of Cro« couat' ou the first da? o' the Wn
th»rtof. to be holde t *» Chlcaao Ins Idcojnty oatre
first Moodayof «ml. H'O, *id u'ead aniwer or deronr
to th* sUd ctiaplalnaatv bill of >hf«.*ai'i
and the catte:s aad thlon 'here a eharzed and »tatrd
w:li bt »ak *a as confnsed. and a decree entered sxainst S
yoa sccorulax to th .* prayer of i bl L
Maths*. Ta't i bin* Scl'rs. jalUbr^iH#
Thomas Ciey. of K*aka«e< tity. Kaakakee ,
C iua*y. and ?t tr i f Jli'm l *. hu on the e (I~> ,
■:< Jan<». \. D. euhle a hur.dred am oltv-elaht J
Gv?> for* uer?ctlve i, acertala rr ml tory c
to e < f that dateior the sua "f thir^y-'vU-dollars and
fif'.r tx cents • I i-ii. three iaoa Ls r• Hi \
to r.f >.r i-rof M »tru«« s.m .n at ».* : d ? mon'i trsi.'esce ,
la Ci li-ktfo ; ook Cctin'y, ."laieaf lli.o j; -uJ. W"er«i». !
s%!>!Tt-na;\% (•»»«;. in ••cdur to »e;uie th- *
sa :, l e. on f.r d«t- '.bivu •■.tat;oa:d. si*ned.
jealeia- !<t Hr-rM t>Mit* i.>« Sm n tcertil mort- ,
•vec livcj.-ie oia d Jt.tuiai i'mon V:e Ut b*itln*lter >
d- • r:> ed. wlrch »al>i wf>ru:w* w*i fiUd fcr m
M»?iM d .y nf JuLe aa ' Uu'y reo?r *cd in
"'to.ljif;' it i>-.«'e e4:. r.; 'ue RecoiJn'i iac: of '
Cifk cou-»ya-.r.sJlX A-L. where s has Ceea
naif lath- i a of f„i,i n-te, a«w net I .*; :a h<»r*bT
•Ifn t:ittAy .he poser V'-t-d in m? r>y w.d
I t ; :e ua erj'*Ee .ms tc as shall ta
the '.«**rty foi-rta day Jituvr- A D elihteea hcnlteti
a .1 Cf t-t ice. bctcein th.- ho.'a oft-a eleven
oVln-i la the Joroocoa o: niad«y, at door
rf theCojrt lloue, ia the l y of alcana % n e«.d, #dl
at rut/li • «u;t pa »o •!» Lithest :orca«h. all the
rirf.it ''.tl*d ia'.trejt o" i^l' T um s Cucy. t%>*ether
•:th » 1 r.:j rl-t* tc' »-ca 'y un ledcmttloc, in aod to
the p:eral.*e< rfocri'.ed as fj.<">*s Let numb'r
f* ur 4 , iaWijp,k A. tc tbe vtlisre cfH«ruor< b*la*
fes - fri'Btlas tuel .LioiaCeii r»l Ryllroa l ',
a d a.tr fi-et deed, r.tcated in the ou ty or Look and
tta'e of i;i:-v.is MATUIa;» rlllOS. M-t.-i;ee.
Chi.-aaa. Jst.aa-y il'h. !»*<«. j iIJ-ifvUw
j. ' Cock—Rß. Cook Coart cf P.:aa,
Fctaary Terra. A U. IsCi*.
PaH.'k Hildas va. Will an Wdch. WVhh 2.1,
DaLleiMurph. aa -1 Jeremiah A zuusella. In CM.*accr/.
AffiiaTi; of the noa-resM«-ce of -erem'aii A. K!as*l!a
ar-.l i»»ni>t Jlu"t.hr. tie: nd«Lt* ah >ve nuaed. haviu*
beer, filed in the oilice of the dark of sdd ccok Coucty
C urtof unaoa anile is tcr*:!'y idven to ihe
•aldje'em ah A. Kir.M-U an] DaoM Mu.p>y that the
eomc.lain\at filed hi bll of complaint la Cuurt, on
the Chancery side thereof, nn twer.tr-thlrd day of
April Uo.*, and that n sumtn->rs : ai SJCf»I nut of said
Court uiM'nst said defea'li t*. rr:urn«M>- rn the tint
M'-nd-yof Kebuiry a.'xt. .li.-*. as is bv law r*..«'-L-ed.
Now. un'.-fss 5'U. the said J-Teta'ah s. K;aseU»
ami Daa.cl Mcrtliy sirJl j euonaly be and appear
before said Coolc C. uutv Court of C.'mTTn n Picas of
Cook coun'y. f>n tn«* first day of tae rest term
thereof, to be at C:.i - a«o. io « jI ) cunty. on the
firr. Mon.uv of Firhuary. aad ple-id, ai.«weror de
mar to the stid complainajit's bid of coiapiatnu the »ame
and the natters aa I there'.a .and stated
wi.: be takr-n n confessed, and a decree entered stalest
jou acixrduw to .he prayer of v.' i »>:IL
W. UMBM.U Clerk.
G t-lo i Cirnai't* So't«. j " MM'. 4 *
kv JW.—Circuit .Cviiirt cf Co3k Ccua'.;, Harch Term,
A D.I-iW.
Marzuet Peats adrr'tlMratrlx of the ertato of
Feats deceas-l. ti. K .b»rt Msltnta. Al;re 1 tl. Peats,
Jr.. * v lilianj M. Petta. ¥r*' k P. Anna E. i*eats
aad Charles V. Dyer-lu Char eery.
Artdavit of the ::oi r?sidcbce of Alfretl R. Pea's Jr. cue
ef tte abjTe canseJ. ha7it k been tiled la the
office of th? Clerk of said Circuit Court of Cook
Couatv. Nctice Is herehv s'.vea to the»ald Al'red H.
Peat% Jr.. that the comyl.ilaant flird her bill of complaint
In the said coart. on the Chancery side thereof, on the
iO:h day of DiCfSioer. Is5 m . aad that aaam coos there
upon issued col cf ssldCourt azalnst said defendant*,
returnable ca the fir«t Monday of Mirch ccxt. A. D.
laiy, as is by law reauired.
Now. ual'«s jou. the said .Mfre-l 11. Peats, Jr..
i shall terminally be and appear b«fore said circuit
Court of Coo* county, on the first day of the next
tsrm thereof, to be holden at CrJca*o in said county
on the fint Monday of March. l-u:«. and plead, answer
or demur lo ue said cgaplaiuanl's bill of complaint, the
same and the matter* and thinn therein chanted and
i tuted will oe taken as confeaseU. and a decree entered
against you according to th: rrayer of »a!d bilL
i W M. L. CIIUKCII. Clerk.
• Cornell, WJte A Jaacscn. Comal'ta So.'rs. jh! jw
Illinois. County of Cook, as. Cook Coua: y Court of
, Common Please. January Term. A D. lay.
[ Robert 8. Gray. Wlilism G, It irnour and Mareelltis I'oik
vs.?%muel J. Walker. L. W. VVVunon. Eimund rt.
I lor, Isaac thslby an i J. Warren GrUiby -Atuchm-rt.
. Public Notice is nereby pr-o to the sajd Samuel
J. Walter. L W. Winston, tdinund 1L Taylor. Uaac
Shelby and J. Warren Grlwby, that a writ of attachment
j Usaea out of the otflre of the Clerk of the Cook Couaty
Court of Common Ple-is. dated the thirteeath day of
December. A D. ISit at Cie suit of the said Robert
Gray. iiliaxn G. Barbour and Marcellus folk and
th- estate ofthesiid Samuei J. Walk-r. L. W.
» U Inston. EJmund ll.Tailor. Isaac th-lby and J. Warren
Grirs >y for the sun of !«evea hundred aad Plfty Dollars,
. directed to the ->f Couk County, which said writ
hsj been returned exrcuttM.
. 9 Now. there'ore. nnless yf>a. the jald?ana -l J. Walker,
L. W. Winaton. Kdmusd 1L Taylor. IsaAo ihelby and J.
, Warren Gr:»hy snail personally be aad appear before
1 the said Coca Ccuaty Court of Common Pleas, on or be
fore the first day of the next term thereof, to beholden
at the Court House, In the city of Chicago, on the first
s Monday of Ja-uary. A. l>- I*s?. ziv* special bail, and
1 plead to the said plaintiffs' action, judgment wi!< be en
-1 t«*red asainrt ynu. aTd In favor of the said Robert 3.
1 Grsy. Wl tiam G. ilirb'u- and Marcellu. Pol*, and so
s troch i'f th-j property attached as mav be to
satisfy the said jod*mie&t ani cos s. will be soM to satisfy
the s.vr.e. WALtfclß KJMBALU Clerk,
t WaiX A RocmtA Pttff'sAtfy. -OJ
t Cs«.—Cook t'ounty «'ourt o." t'oiamon Pi»aj,
Term. A. O. J-j:'. |
I kdwin RT. Armsfror.« va. Jar-u-l IL Cor n ci. PrancU I
j C. troM acd it. Carey l«rke I
!. Public notice la hereby el»ca to U;» aa'd Samuel K.
e Corel ck, >ranc!s C. Cross, and It. Carey Ciatke.
tn.tcthata wr.t of Attainment :»saed out or the
of the Clerk af Cook County Court of ''uocioa Pleas, i
j dated the 15th day of D;cem?r. AD. ISS*. attht inltof
the said Kdwin A T- and uslast the estate
of the slid Samuel 11. Cormlck. Prancis 0. t'rois and H.
Carey Clirkj, lor tie «u:n of nine hundred and forty
three dinars and Ihiitf-two cents directed to tae
Sheriff jfCook.-ounty, whicasald writ has been returned
. executed.
" Saw. therefore, unless yex :ce a dd Samuel H. Cor
mick. Frsncii C. Cross, and K. ' arey Clarse. shall
.* personally be aad appear before the *a!d Cookcou-.ty
s * Cocrt of Common Pleaa, cn or ■jeforethe first day of the
II next term thereo', to be holden at the Coar*. House
in the city of Chicago, on tae Mood*. ofPcbru*
ary. A. O. cire rpeclal bail «ad plead to the n&ld
pLVrtifl's act!i)a judgment wfd be -a ered asalnstyou
aaala favor KdwiaELT Arctatrors,aca *i
much cf the Mtr»c!.ed a> may b* sodicietit vo
_ satisfy th" vild jUdinaeat aad costs, will be sold to
FtaLity the tnai'.
WAT T*l3 ZI-MUALL, Clerk,
i. Garr'son A Ilaiis-'n. Pit's Att'ys. jal <w
iil James Tailor anJ Tayor executed
a anddelvtred to th * uade - si<a-d. K2»*l:l-l Tripu » cer
ie t*ln morti;w;s of trie im-ml e* her-in-ft»*r
3 f bear. rif( date tr.e nineteenth *f A. D Ivj,
j. and tec media tl.e lie.-ar-ier's "ilice of coan
ft ty, Illinois. In ?'o. Hi of Dee a. rases and J.'",
toaerur-Jthet-ayme-t of two notes ■ f four hundred dol
f I.vs e*rh aad inter.a?, of utme d%te. one due In six
j snd rneia o-e year iro-n <late and. whereas,
it the said n:ort»t.-ue provides thit if defailt shoa<d be made
in the payment vf e ili-.-ror s d 1 a-des, either of priacipal
jf orlnterest. the whole s';ou'd b«come Jae aail payable.
e Now. therefore, rot ce is fjetehy irtv-n "i»t, hV
n in* neea oitJe It the payment o the fl it of s»ld notea
o on the of tae holder thereof, on Monday, the
0 thirty fiis*. day Januarv A. D. !<«. at tea o'chn:* A. M.
>. of that day, at the Court House <loor. la the Ci y of Chl
caao.byvtnue of the power rf sale li satd mortitsxe
X coaulne.h the underVunrd will se.l io the highest Didder
fur cash, all tne ruht and equity of redemption of ihe
said James Tajlor aad Joseotiloe T-ylor in and to the
south-west quai ter ot »«ctl n number nln-teeo. In town
*• fch p twenty, notth <»f raa<« seven east of fourth f*. M.,
, contaml"* I6J a res. no-e or less, ia said Whiteside
'• oruaty, Illinois, to make the amount of aal-J notes, priu
. pal aad Interest, and the costs of said sale.
'> R. TRIPP.
Chicago. Decenber3l. ISS-*. deil b"aj Ad
j. O Or<ruitCoart;ofCookCounty.Pebrnarjfcp«dalTenn
w a. D.lsj-*.
Myron Yeoaz and John O'Brtan. Conservators, etc..
vs Mary UueiL Susan A. litis. Isaac ilolj. iulher
t Van Wjiceneranil Jj&n Van Waaen r.
cj Aai(Ja»lt of the non-resld»nce of M«ry Dn*ll ?us n A
j B»ls. Isaac tiols. IC*ih*r Van Wiener and .lohn Van
L Warner, defendants alwve name«L havlnirbeen filed In
* a the oilice oi the Clerk oi said Circuit Court of Cook County
;r notice is hereby civeaio the said i.«fea<tanis tbalsald
,o complainants filed their bill of complaint tn said Court on
'.heLhaacery side thereof on the fourth dayofJana.
<j ber lixn aad that a summons thereupon issued not of said
Coort a/aln»t said defendants, returnable oa the second
j Monday of feb.-uary next. (1=53) a* is by law required.
Now, unless you. >he said Mary Uueli. Busan A. liois.
' Isaac iUs, Kstirr Van W and John Vai Wasener
* shail tersoaaily beand ao. ear befo e said Cltcuh Court of
Cook Co.. on the first day of the next special term thereof
tobeholdenat «.hica«o. In said Couaty. on tue second
Mondayo Pebraary. lso?. and tlead. anwer or demur
to the said complaiaants' bill of complaint, the same and
the matters and thion therein charxtnl and stated will
te be taken aa coaf -ssetland a decree entered azainst joo,
accoroln* to tue prayer of said bUL
Arnold. Lay A Gregory. Comol'ts Sji't. )fcsoKl6a>d
u JZj ceased, public notice la hereby civi»a to all per-
MJ-ahar.n« claims and demands asaost the eaute cf
g hratamllarr deceased, to present the tame for adjcdl
>4 cation and leulcmentata regular terra of the County
i„ Court of Cool County, to be n >lden at the Court Hotue
i L \n the CHy of Chicago, on the first Monday of March. A.
D. hclnjc the tcTt nth day thereof.
Jz LUCIE MARR, Kxecu'.rix
of the lait WUI and Testament of urariam ?iair dee'd.
,u . Bv U. IL Ma.-jtr. AtecU
jy B'ne Island. Janqtrv 11th. !«&>. lalitiw*
5 ITX hereby rivea that defaa th iViaii been made In
the paymeatof a certain Prami>ory Note secu.ei In aad
t>y a certain cncrts'ce. made and executt-d oy Alfreil P.
Warts, bearlsgdate 17lh J«y of AurtL Wl, aa J recorded
In the office of the Recorder of Deeds for the Couaty of
Cook, and irate of iillaoli. In Bo k U* cf .M >r:<.ue. at
Pass 7-1 >, to Geo. M. Ura/. to secure the pannem of a
certain prom - »or* not* in said minirare meatioaed «'i
23 which t.i--re will he da? on the <1 ty of sale, pnaciaal and
Interest. t-katThousiad fhirty-cjevea Dj.larsaad forty.
Six Cents. Now. therefore 1 sr-aii. by vi«b» of the
power la said co-tained. on MONDAY, the
21 b day of January. A D- !«♦. at the Coun. Uouie, in
tlie city cf aad tf Coo<, aad state of
Illinois, at hio'oio.-k A M . sell it suh 1: auction to the
t<Uhi3t bidd r fir c sa the follDwia* dr»c.laed lots or
pieces of lands, toje'her w tli al: r.jht aad »qu*«7 of re
demption. si uated in t:ie c;t» of C Jc uo, and County cf
Co k. vada eof tihauis. to wit; T-* u-tdivided one
bilf of Lots on->u an-i two - . tn blocs four (•), Port
Uearbsru Addition to Otua<*o.
GtO. M. GRAY. Moruate.
Ch'.csgo. Dec. Sid, deJ4 Im-bAII
O as. Circuit Ooon ofCookCuosty. January Special
H. K'.ax'e vs. Genres C. Bates. The Tlliaola Oantr*!
RauOAd Company, ua Tae Central Rail*
Comcany—Jn Chancrry.
AS davit of trie non-residence of Geonre C. .Bates,
oceof the dcfeadanis above aimed, haviuir been filed in
o2ce of the Clerk of said Circo't Court cr Co -k County,
Notice Is hereby »iven to the said Geonro C. Bates that
said eomplamaLt tiled his bill of complaint la said Court
on the Chancry side thereof, on the nfteemn day of
December, anil that an a summons thereupon
Issued out of said Coatt against said defendants, re
turnable oa the first Monday of Jana*r7. l*i>. ails by
' law required. Now, unless jou. the said ••eonje p. Hates
re aaail personally be and appear before said Circuit Court
as of Cook County, co the lint uay of the next special term
in thereof, to be aoldeaat CaicaiO, ia said County, on the
tie first Moa lay of January. l3«*. and pleati. answer or de*
n mar to the «aid compiain mt*s bill of complaint, the same
•it and themattenaad thiaotherela charxeU and stated
n will be as confessed, and a decree entered wainat
Id vou according to the prayer of said bUL
rr WM. L, Cli U2C3, Clerk,
-st Lamed A Goodwin. Comal'ta Sol'rs.
id drti h»t4*»
Vf g, his wife, rathe fifteenth day of April, A. D.
liii. executed tnelr certain deed <-f trust to the under,
n. tmed to secure pAimsat of a certs n bond bearing
•t. even data with saidueed for the-som of twenty-five han-
dred ooilars, ex-eated b# the »aid ' ho mas S.m and paya
or lie to John a. Staples in tt.ree i ears from tae date tnere
et cf. withintere*\ttereon at ten per ceaV. payable temW
annasily. and for whicn lnt-rest interest Notes were exe
1L cuUdcy said elm acd numotrcd frcm one to six; and
default bavinz been maue :n the pajmsat of i&teiest
daJ oa said bond. aa< tae w. Ole pracipaJ sam aad the
] 0 aecoadlnte e.it .ereon havinx become due by and at
a. the option of a*ld eUples. a.d demand therefor
ij. according to tLe COLdiU-ns of sa-'d bond aad deed of
trost on application of John N. Staples, the bolder of
"o. bend. Notice Is hereby liven that on vhe day
jj January, AD. at the Ncrth door of the Co tut
3e nouse lathe ciy of Chicago, at un o'clock In the fore.
, r . noon. I saall. by virtue o( the power la me vested by tald
.-a deeu of truit se I at pcbilc to the h khest b:dder
it- for caih. all the rUht, title, beaefitaad eqait? of redemp.
• £ Hanoi said Tnomaa tim an 1 Mary S.. his wi'*. oC to,
and is the trtmisis in slid deed o' trust I® ertbeA
a which said deed was recorded In the Recorder's ofQ-e of
,t the couaty ot cook aad State ot Illinois. In bcox 106 of
a- Deeds, pase «-3, and filed for record on the Ljth da 70f
j. April, and whkh ssiu premises la said deed o' truit des
erved are kno*n rs lots number thirteen (Ul) and four
— teen lUjm f'chocl CommlsSoner'a subdlvldon of fraction
al sec.loa iix.eea >lo> In towaahlp forty (-ku. North of
tae third principal meridian _ _
J,naarytnh. 1753. jaltbvJJU
:T _Ci COURT OP COOK COUNTY—In the matter of lie
* 9 State of George Coombs, deceased.
AH persons having claim* against the estate of Geonre
Coomas. decessed. late of Coo* county, are ootlfie 1 and
•'* requested to attend at a term of the Coaatr* ourt of Cook
Comity to be held at the Court House In the city of Chi
cago on the Ant Monday of Jfebruary next, at ten o'clock
in the forenoon, for the purpose of having the same ad*
lasted—the executor and executrix of the last wi}t and
testament of said George Coombs, deceased, having fixed
on thittena for sealing ai.d adiuilni all claims against
I. said deceased-
Chicago, Deoemher Ist, 1553 *
HENRY B. DIKE. Executor,
,4 , JANE COOMBsTixecutrix.
dal Mrt-btP
Winter Arrauseinent.
lasi shore llnx.
Great Mail aad Szpracs Bouia to St. Paul.
On and afterTmonday, NOTCH*
ber 2Pth. Puaenger Trains will run dally,
(Pundavs excepted.) u follows:
LaavxcHiaaa-i, rum statioji oo*. w tsrr wana A coo* m.
>.OO A. IL—at aUStatlons, reaching MUwaoiw
at L&M ? M.
L-JOP. *. - topping at Bvanstoa. Highland Park. Lake
'o"** 1 " W'aokegan. and Hutlons north. and
arriving la Milwaukee at *is p. a.. *nd con
necting »ith LaCrosse A Milwaukee RUlroad
for dt PuJ and all points In the N 'rth-we»t.
#aotou> runr uuv» (tbtciqo at
l:tw P M.-Stoppifl* ?» ail Stations. uj arriving at Vu.
kegan at fria P. M.
At Milwaukee with La Croase A Milwaukee Railroad fbr
Hartford. Honicoa. Beaver Jam, Portage C.ty, Lisbon .
.aparta, and LaCroM# connecting at Sparta %nd La-
Crosse with three dalW Une of Mages 'or St. Paul.
Wlnoua. fountain City. keed'a Landing. Bed Win*. Pre*,
colt. Hud«on.SUllwaier,tJ»itiajea r SCAnthony M'nneap
oils and Minnesota.
Alst Covit>-cr at Junction with the Pond du > nc \ad
with the Horlcon Railroads. lor Pond du l-ac. Oshkosh,
Waoran. Rtpon ard Rerlln. Also, with the Milwaukee
and M'ssWtpnl and Milwaukee an ♦ Wvertowo Railroad
fur Whit-water Jaaesvllle. Madlion. Prairie da Chlen.
st- Piui Hanla-J and W-l'-rtown.
At iicfne JuncH"t. with trie flirlnt* nJ Mississippi
Railroa-L. for K.khnm. DeUvaa. D-inec. Be
lolt and l»"ck f .nn
Freight TtHs Vivo ITH-rankee at ~io A M., and Chi
cago at iW V >1 ' .Mt
no£J __ L- JB . flap V
biiohi&an aotjt aba i«
LiXK SIIOSK d i tl).
1858 Winter liiS
'rußouon rocte to new york
». Boston. Ph'ladelpMa. Hait'rntre. Washington.
Cleveland, »ituburab. Imnklrk. tf-iffali. N!s*ara Kails.
Bocteiter. Syracuse. Tny. Albany, Ifmirv tilnzhamp
ton. S;rirnflcld. Worcester, uj all point* la the New
Eatland Sut«s.
5;00 A. M, Mall and A.'CooodaUoa. rli old MlcMjtaa
. line.
&-15 A. M. Sew Vori Psoruj leaves Cb cwo V.a old
>llcb!itin Doe.
8:00 P. M- New York and Boston txpreis. riaold Mlci>
6:45 A.M. ir*:a (dally, 9t;nila7S.) coanecU *1
AdrU > wlta traia for M-icrce and Petroit.
niuia.' cloie connections at Detroit w'.U)
trains on Grrat Wntern lla.lroad.
5:00 A. I»L ( 'ally, excepted.; coanectlss
Ckhartwi:h trrdr. for Ocmtra Air Llaa.
8.30 P. Lit. (daily. cjc»o'. ?*tu>day.> connect »l Adrixa
Willi tr*loa for Uoorocand Uelroit.
W'.ll t*'Comjaay the NUat Tra'n
o^ :, .v«en<er« le*riuif Clnc»<o on llie 6:4j AM. train
Kct a Cv at Clerelaad.
Deuaa »i »J tickfl OCce.'ln t!>« Wsst. and
at the Cos pwy'iUfSce aa-irrtiie Revere Houjp, coraw
Randr.lpb an 1 tkarborn strwis. and attne de; ot.
situi ■ •. M.'rßW Aweat.
CfsUAfci),lo\VA 151) SKSBiSUi RilLßOib
IflS-i- unill (urUitr notice, Trains will roa u fol
Leave Clbton at i- 1 '• A. M. aad 4.30 P. M.
ArriTeat Mechaal«v;Ue 1:1.13 M. antl M") "
Lfavs MecliajJcs-stLe, !* A' A. M. and "
Arrive atCUatoa
Coacecliaswlia TumanQ Trilaa for Ciilcapo, overtha
Dlmn Alt-Llaj of i!is Galena and Chleajco Colon SUil
At D«»Witt with stues for Davcr.9o-1 and MaqaoVeta.
At Yankee Kua ».uj swvas« >or i'or'ji>uj. &i OaloQ
f»ruvtfw.th f.;r n;to:. At Mecbanlrsvilll with
itajej for Anaoosa, LUbon. Ml Veracn. Marlon and
2<rUdr lUyl t».
Tie .Shortest, Caeaueu and moil £zpe<ililcai KOOU
Culcaxo ai.d
mtics froo Chicago to the U:s*lstl3t>l ii»«r. &ad tuenc*
directly Into the Interior of lowa.
fV An Axeat will he at the Detrotla Pulton, toroselta
a'.i P wraae .ar C ; lnton or thf road, which will b« cor«
vejed iCiOc; the river free of cr.*r;t*.
M. SMITH, tax. k Sopl.
Clia on. lowa. Nov. 2T 1553. delO
F«<r Centralaiid Western lowa, Nebras
ka and Kanua.
of the
& EocU Mind, Peoria & Barein T»llej
1 and 4 211«joarl BiUroatU*
f JL CITV and tVAihloirton without ch.uj<io of Cart.
cmly direct .-out<*from Chlcjuo to Joikt.
[ Peoria, ijck Ulaad. Dareauorv MtucaUne. lowa Cllr.
WMfilngton Aad fort de* Xolaea,
t Thrfe Pa«ea/pr Tralaj leave Chl-a«o dally
i foUowi;
lLuu A. !f.,D*y 2zprs:s, SanJajtaxceytw-Por Jcllet.
, LaSAlle. Peoria, Rock Islar l, Dato; oort,Mosca.
Une. lowa City and «iwhia<toa.
: IL-CP. H.. Night Sicr^*.daUirdayi eiee\\ed-for Peo.
rla, Rock ialaad. Davsaport. Moacatlt e. Irtwa Cliy.
1 and Washington.
t SCO P. 11, Jollct Accommodation, rtctplu* t all jt.tUr.as,
1 arrlrlncat Joilet at-vii P. 11.
The Ch'ca»n an.l R»ck l#l-4ad and Mississippi and Mis
aoorl lUllroads form tae only throuxh route fro a Chi
> carfo to Via Intetinr of lowa.
) Passenrer trains ma throc/h to lowa City aad Wa«b
--t ln*toD without deteatloa, 1 r clitnae of cn at the Ml»>
fbs'ppl River, the Railroad iJrl..sc between
Rock Island aad Davraport.
i-orouUiTrainsarriTo at CMc&io at 4 40 A. Si. and p3
. P. M.
_ JoUet Aeoosucodatlon at 9/5 a. IC.
. At La Salle, with Illinois Central Ka!!n»k* for Gul's*
Ducietih. Cairo and lalertaedlam trials.
At PeorU with the Peoria aad Railroad »•»
' aad BurUnxton,
1 At WaihiaittoQ with Lice of t> Cscitlnow*.
Kaoiville, and all rolau In C(-atr<U a:kd aouihem
V lowa.
. At lowaCltywlU)We»teraßL ,
for Port desMolne*. Council Ulufb. Wun!i<ton. Ota*-
ioosa. Newton. Wlntersett. Port Dod.ce. Moux
. Marshalltown. Marietta, lowaVails.cedar Rai>t<ls. Cedar
1 Palls, and all point* In Cecbal and Wcstrralowa, Me
braskaand Raasas.
Local and thromth tickets oa tale at the Depot, also a)
[I otflce of Port Wayne and Chirac ltallmad. corner Dea
ry bora and Randolph itreets. aad uflce Mlchlaaa (tootherx
» iailroad under Severe hotel.
I • JOHN f. TIACY. Bao't
' W. L. BT. JOHK. Gea'l Ticket Agt>al. mylO
® Country,
Three Through. Passenger Trains
3 at Pitt*bur» with t!ir<>j<h trains mm all
d v»e«tetn OUes!or ftuiale'PUia..,«« York i:«ston. Bat
r- tlmtre aad «*a»hictti»n Cltj; thus furnishlrs i*cilltl(~i
I. for ihe transport.ll ia of uniurp u»cd :or
3. a n d coiufori by any oiher ruuie.
1. Kxprestacd ia>t Llae-i run thrJiuh to rh'.lidelphia
7, wt :;nut change of can or con:luct'.r4.
1- fmoklnit cars are atta:hcd to e*ca train; WicdttifT's
X Pleep'ng Cars to and lH»t trains Th«? »Xi>reas
t, run# dill''. Mall «od KtU . I l-,-uitiU>»exr<l'Hd tbrtt?
daily trainscoanect clrect fur .N»w Vn'W. Menu aud
d Past Une connect for Ualtimure an'» Wi«hicgtf n.
i. Tral.is connect at PiUsburali •uhu.e- A. M. Kxprrn.
r- Ai'9e la fhtlairlphla or lialllmors ati P. M. And lu
-a Tnrk at 10 Kt P. M.
e Trains conae-t at Pitts*nr*h with the 5 P. M. Pas
L Llye. Arr.ve la t-hiUiicr.pii a or Baltliatir<* at H A >l.
|. ard In New Vork at •3Uf. m. Af»li Traioi leave Pltt«-
e rmrah •> A M,arttvln< at PhiUdelp-ua IX P. M., New
•r York iJ' A- VC
e and New York:
e Two eailj tralna between New Y li roiuti
1. Tlcktta <ail Hail) «re «ood oneltlirr r-f ihc Tr-liut.
Boat T.ckeis 10 H«iP>a are good r!a Norwich. Pail
e lilveror Ll'ev
i- TU'kets Kasiwvd may be outlined at any of the Ini-
CortantriUri-ad offices lat eH'e-l; aJto. ou 1» iard any
of toe lernuar line of iteasiers on the Ml>sLsippl cr Uala
rivers; and tickets Wpsiwvdat the oJllcea ot the Com
pany in Boston. New York Ual;lmore ur rhllade'phla.
s tare always as law as by any otbtr koate.
a WAsk for tickets by plttsbursb.^J
The completion or tii* w«,tern of tht»
P»nnjy v» ila Kallro id to Clilciwo raa«« this tho
a Tie coinedln* of tracts by the Railro%d Brid«* at
q Plttsr>ur»h, avoid]; / all Jiar-.cc "f ftrilaie of Prel<ht,
f to*etb:r wi.h tlie«»vln*of time are alraota^esr«**t'liy
j atpieadatcd by ihiviera of frcl/Lt and the traveitnsr
0 puoli*.
]. Partiet «blppln* Baatwaid *lll find It to their aJvan-
J ttreto tliip by thisroute.
4 P<ir frcUht contracts orfblppin* apply to or
addie*t e:U.er 0' the 'oilow-n* <>' tie compan/r
L D a .'tew Art. P.ti st)ur«(h: UoyleACo. O:
X II £• l'lerce #O •, Z*nesn fe, 1/: J J Jciiusos. nlpley. O ;
)f K .McNoeij. Ma)s«llle. Ky; Ormsby .k Cropper, ro.ts
t mootn. o; Piddock k o«\ JelT tad; li W
d Browa ACo. Cincinnati O: Athcra M Hlbbrrt. Cladaoa.
tr tl. O: RU Meldrum. Madi'oti. hid; wuijunj
d Lou srlile. Ky; k* ti -/Riiey k(X Kvansvl le. Inj;
U N W Graham A Co, Cai-o. I>i; M P 2*a«", du Louis. Mo ;
v John 11 Harris Piashvllie, Tenn : Harris Jt Hunt. era.
phia. T<na; Ciarke A C'. f hlcMd. lit; W 11 H tfooatz.
Alton, in; slurry * Waile, DuMJuae, Iowa; or to
P.elxht Asentaof RailrraUs at different poiii'j lo tho
- kVesk
' Ta« sreaUst facilities offered for lh»» prote-tlon aa-1
H>«dy trai,«portatkn of live Stocc. and Good Accom
r: sodatioas with UiUAt privileges for pei-soos IraveiiflK la
chatte vhtreot.
£ *Ry this Rcut» Pre ichts of all olkHpUobs can be for
*e wardedfruro Philadelphia. Ntw Ynrk, tins on or Ka>U-
K more,to aay polut on tae railroads ofUhio. Keatucsy.
1 <dl%ua. Illinois, Wuconsln* lowa cr Missouri, by rail
, direct.
l » The Pencsvlvanta Ua'.lrosdal>o concecU at Pittiburah
with s:eamera. b* wrLa aoods can be for«ardeil to any
_ port on the Ohio. Muikinxuts, Kentucky T<- newer.
t'uoberland. Illinois. Wlscoaiin, MUsoart.
Kansas. Arkansas and Ked Hivtrs; and «t Cleveiaad.
a fand-siy »nd Chicago «i n Steamer# to all ports, on the
d horth-Westcra Lakts.
>. Merchan saad amppers rnUujtln* the trun.-portalloa
d of their ire'Kht.o this company, can rely with confluence
it on Its (petdy transit
it The lU»es of »rei*ht to aay point In the We«t >7 the
a Pennsylvania Ra Load are at all times aa fsmraule aa
'i are chanted by olQer Railroad C >m- ante*,
id V*B« pa/ucuJar to matk pac*»se» " R. R.'*
y. Merchsctsln tho e>t crderlait tfoods from the Kast
ie will do well to d rect them to oe snipped by this roatt.
14 Par lesattrndlnntotaeir ownihiparcts fiomtheKast
;q will Bad it their interest to call on tae Afeats of tn'»
of Company at the oLonn* places beiure sh ppu.k: cr let
ie t«rs adiire sed to either of them upon tnc subject of
it Uetah s • til meet with prompt attention,
e- K. J. ooeeOir.
itt Murtwi kicocs. kO Vortb str'et. Bait mere,
c. Leech A Co.. >a J A»nr Uotue. or No la. itm.-st.N.Y.
rt LeecT A Co . No. M K'lby ii^'atoa.
11. ti. Ueo'l PreUb ■ Aa'U PU'ta 'e'phla..
L. L IIOCPT. Gen I ilcaet Aa't. Phil.drlphla.
21 THOd A. gpo'T. Gen'l »qp:t. Altoonv Pa. jn!3
K. IS3B. Winter ArraagamanL lUft
a va aiCHicin cksiaal md gkat
I Depot, foot ni Lakostreet. Chicago:
s, £uJ A. M.—New York Kxprcse—<eacevi Sondayi! arrlv?
lo atDetrolt 5.50 P. M.; aust»ens>oo Urldxe. or
y, Buffalo 4;30 A. M.; Albany *;W P. M.. Sew
U u° r * Phlladelshla via JQmlra.
af &0Q A. M —Clnrtnaatl lapreaa (Bundaya excepted);
a Arrive at Cincinnati at U.*XP. M.
e- 7:<CCA. SL—Detroit Aooomodatlon iexcept Sunday} ar
ty rive at Detroit Ufcii P.M.
ta P.M.—New York and Boston Sxpress—<Satnrday®
rt excepted). Arrive Detroit p. M.;auspen
-31 don Bridie or Buffalo 9:0) P. M.; Albany lU.CO
is A. 54,; Mew, York t3C P.M.; Boston U.46P.M.
s* S:ou t. M.—ClarinnaU and Lonlsvills Kipr«w-(eicept
ie aatnrdav.) Arrive at CladLnaU 11 MA.
■d Louisville -too P. M.
tt Call oae train on rumay ai &u0 P. M.
*ll trains connect at Paru with the Buffalo and Laaw
Huron Railway for Buffalo and ail poinu Kait; at T»-
roato wtih thelGrand Trunk Railway to Simeon, Of
deoaburxh, Montreal. Quebec, and ai'polnta In rinaA
7 fcas*. Northern Vermont. New Uampalili* and Malnei
' checked throush.
). Throuah tickets for sale as tbe priadff al Railroad offl*4a
in the West, and at the general offlcs, oorner Lake ao«
iK Deartwm streets, opposite the fremont House, Chlcaw»
a> andatthidepot,footof Lakertreet.
a. R. N. EIOK Svnertntenden^
e. H. J. ersxgaa* Gen. Paea, Agent, M. O. R.R. aoJO
B 1353 CHANGE OF TIMS 18i9
>° {\S A.VD AFTER DEC., 13, 18JS, TWO
ia Throuth Paa.'Dter Trains will leave the Oen
-3f tral Pepou, foot 01 Sotoh Water streets, dally, as fol>
'i 7:30 A. M. Da? I*nr«i (Wondays excepted arrtrin* al
,t Mecdota I±OU M.; Gaieabors tJD P. M.; Bur>
L; llnjrtop, «36P.M.; Quincr WPJL
ci 6-10 P.M. Express ezrepted) arrive* at Men
£ dot* 11.56 P. M.. Ualesburg VCO A M., ilar-
Z llngton7.Jo A M , Quincj U-20 A M,
>, Tralnsleavelastwaraaa fiallowa: w
4 Leave Burllnctoo- •: < tSA,SL A 9.45 P.M.
h QST7... u 4.-0 AM. A I:JO P.M.
It m GuJesbar*. lftW AM. A 7;wo P.M.
3 r AuroraPasaence leaves Auro.a7:oo A.M. A , _ ~
. Kiaress trains Arrive at uhicaro s-to P.M. Afc^OAM.
r inwn Paspenser arrivesatCntca* - l«tcw A.M.
a r At Mendota with Ullnoli Central Railroad north fbr
Ambof, Dixon. Preeport, Galena and Dunldth: andsootli
for Lasalle, Tonlca. Winona. Panola. Bloomlncton. Dee^
tor. be Louis. Cairo. Ac. . .
- At Burlaiton close connections are made by two
Y dally trains with Burilnxtoa and Missouri River RaU»
, a roaii for ML Pleasant, *alrtel4uouoa»a. OsksJ«H*.
iC cSanton. Port Dea Moines, Port OodMft,-Copcil Bluff*
ra filoux Qty, and aUoortlons of Kansas and Nebnaka, ai*>
•j with Wtternduce Company for Montrose; thence bp
lK rallto Keokuk. { .
j. At Qoincy direct ominfetloi*. axe B"4 a
mil*) with Hannibal, aad thence wflh Hannibal A St.
£ Joeepn RallroaU for St. Uajrmwortb. Kansas
7a City and all parts of aansa* and Smthem Neoraaka.
rH Tale I* the only direct route dortngvae wILWr montha
between tha*a»tana Sansas. aathcwU oat* about si)
miles ««»y* In the whole olstancw u> St. Joseph.
Ai Plymouth wlta sucea for Ssokak.
Tlcketamay be had at the Depot sou at the Mlchlsaix
4 Cea " i

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