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""[ > Miu :u-uft <''jnrinoll'i i«M Ml J •»«"« im '^ 14 i w«». -»-■■ - -•'
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- --» - : -■»•-.-
PKESS Tiprn.
The ?i/ll rtvinivfl 'tie (?on>- 1
mcrce of Chicago a ! its i'ublic and X'ri
vate-linproveuieiit*' l«r llie year 1858,,pu> ,
lisbed iiiibip journal on tbe l-st ins!., baa lx?cn: ]
tbe PitESS and Twnrxii Couuiiiig Uyoai, So. 1
43 Cla.rk ftrcet, up staiis. l*artief who lailffd
to get.copies of the paper to tehd to their' (
friends abroad, can now have their .orders i
fillesL , . ' . , <
Important from. Kansas, |
Our dispatches this morning onuounco that
Montgoraery bas Toluntoiily given himself
up to tbe authorities of Kansas, and thai .
Brown L- supposed to have left tbe Territory.
Chicago, Alton und St. Louis Railroad, i
The public will be rejoiced to lenru that 1
arraogemeiits bavc been- made Iwtween tlif j
employees of the above .ro&d and G »v. M"af
t«9oQ, by wfcicb -trains. avUL .commence.ruu
ning-rogularly over the ro&d totday. . j
Warlike News from Enrope. - j
The news by "the steamer 'Europi' i? of a
portentous, character. .Austria i* moving t
heavy, detachments of soldiers upou Italy. r
Rumors prevailed at Paris tliat Milan was in y
a state or sfcgt?. .At ,Ge?W. agitation ;
wai increasing. i«»d a report bad been put in
circulation that Garibaldi wop aboui .to ar« T
gaaize a volunteer corps' -of 'rcvelutionMs. t
The AiiFtriau-garrisoiii- at Lombardy. bad all (
been put upon a war-foottyifr; Modena w..s j
In a fearful etate of alarm. Al Crem-iUa tbe <■
Hungarian with the RuV'-Uil- j
tionists. Sardinia, it is said, deques war, i
and is'quile'fure fluy will t->T |
cd. "Tli'ii Serv"a'.i dlfllcully i« ctni t
Tbe"im«-(?rs tdiitli Ilrc-*Pari« Trealy t
were alfout to l>e fippenled-to by--tbe peoj-le t
of lonia ng;uij?t the G.»vemnwnt of Grat r
Brilaiu. A wrious-ditturbanoe-iad bioke |
out in S,\ : i.t, and-Omar Pasha bad called for }
l'rum Ccrustaniinoplc. •• • ' 1
Upon the whole", our foreign dispatch this [
morning is the mor-t warl:lc« bu«lg<fi we have <
baJ to publish hince thccl;seof tbe Wltr'be j |
tween tbe AUios und Russia. • .i
- m ■■ ! t
A Mecdacioos i i
Under the ciption cf "l;old Jiaud on tLeciti \
2ea^ ; , ;, the 7ivii.t- cbnrp'.«*in «=ifljyt.rtiec" tbat' -t
" leading Republican;: aie going around tie j
•' city wilh petitioLs in favor of tb« 'Tom Dyer j i
" Charter;'soliciting the tignatuiesof Demo- .
" crat* to Ihem ; and wben. 4l;e ; j
" petifion-ber.d is cut and t^io'li?t"of
•• names on it V.ie 's'.ttacljed fo tbO-i-HuoQ
.- slranccs agaiiisl said''C;iarier !" ,
We jnonotince thin cluygc a base, fraudu
lent I'al-eliooJ, and dare liie Times to produce 1
ib£~p r<H, r t<» f«b-«!untiaK» it. .N T o .-ueb'itiiDg j
bas.be/iii dote. The s'.orv is l&biicated'out j
of whole cloth. Th»> li*' was invented abd
publifbod for the cxprc.-aj purpose of dcciev-i «
ing Members of.the Legislature.nud break-' j
ing the force of the crushing rcmoustrance!
"which has bwu >ent down U> -fipriogfield l»vi i
•the lax-payers uf CiiiMgo. Every nainc on
the is bona fide, and rep r es£miE*a,
citizen who U hostile t»» the swindling con-! J
winch Djer A* Co.' ace trying toi •
force through the Legiflaturc. t
-' We again proimuncc. .the; cliargi» ia .the ]
' point-l.'Tank' fiilpphffpJVnUerly defcti- c
tutc of the siqajle?t _sfu)blauce of truth, and, c
lvflown to irj'siicli wbeit
Tbat Story Aboot Improving. •'Scale
Street. '
A f-thtdment recßntly appearefl m the *t
signed a* " Sufferer,"- complaining that tb'» j
property holders of State, street bad beetroot- c
,Tagwn«ly.ovcxchap;ed in tlie oucWng t
1 uad to <
Twelfth. .-.'lt Wfts slated that the " oflicial'as- *
FcasmaitTor.doing the . mile of work wa j lit h
the aggregate S7S.4.DD. 5T Tue • 1
authority also slated t hat efliclcnt and reppon-;
?iblc conlrac'ors: would have donetho
vt£ fjUows:
For carl) walls li'-tweea M«di*on ami Van Huren .
itrreta. :i t'.U fctft, or i 0 < onls at t!2 f Cd
Tlirrcrcl co'b llwcii at.il Tirilali
. •tftscU 6.21U ?tc--. «t OOeent'V root 3,'£6((J
»■-tftaillMfrd'ni Madl.«oa t5 P.iU* Ftr-'-t aTersta' , *
tiO» yantp. ai4Jc«ntßTß yard 2.4® 00
a >,n'ai>l frnm M-irti-on to iwei'-b
g»r t VU 4.WU !'•<•[, oriJ..W B<IUHTP ydidj.
Tolal eostoft!)e*rcrk... ]
'. Tbi» ma kts a dilkreuee between whaf wa; ,
charged (S7. 7 ,4J*!>) und wlint It 1? sai{l the jtd (
-fnight.have been (lone for, ot 145.1-10.j
The -object of llio \fritor-is Ut fasten upoi <
the City Gorerument tbe blame of overcbyg 1
ing the pn»]>erty-hobler"f rji ciioniious amount * |
But when the triitb'is l.ronght To li-ht, hi: j
iiiferencts'"fall to the ground and ]»rorc'bin ,
to be either a knave or an iguoramu:?. .W( I
will state the facts briefly : • \ |
The property-Tiolders on State ftrect.be- |
lwccn Madron and Trtelltb l n , 2olv< , 'd logrml 1
•jwid pave their street.. Tlioy desired to havi
4ba?roricdoiie at 111'-' least poFf-iblfc t'.r^^ettf-ej
very natural atul proper. J
concluded that It cuuid be done much choapej j
by private contract than .by Ijic .city, as it 1
would save expeutes cf turvey, j
collections, overcharging, and all that. 1
entered Into a written contract, "tiarlyt |
spring, with Mr. DeGolyer, to filbcu'rb and,
wall and pavo'wlih JolirLcobblci their street 1
from Madison to Tivelith street, distance one j
mile, be ngreeiug to pay all expenses of snr. »
vcying, coHecting.-nineriirtendence.-isc. Tint
property-holders appoiutcd a man to watci
the progret-f.oftbe work,.see .tbat Jhe wait
ing, cuibiug aud filling were faithfully peij- <
formed, and particularly to Keratinize lb? !
paving process, to reject all sloues that wert
fioft, or of wrong size, and to fcoe that ever, •
cobble was* properly bedded—DeGolyor jiay
iug bin compensation, as well as tbe fxpensj
of surveying done by tbe city. In tbese_ser
vices, the property-holders agreed, in writing", i
to pay bjm $'J per fool Tof Oflch abuttef
- *>etween Madison and Van Buren, aad-s[> •
from Van Buren to Twelfth—or $77,409 iu
In order io make the' contract legal sTn i
binditgon both sides, the Council was a-ke< ,
by tbe parties to tbe agreemeuf, to pass tb ■
"follbwihg' drtTcr,
Loug: j
Ordtrti, Tbat State Street from tbe south *
* Viae of Madison to. Tvelttb Street, be tilled up tn
- and area wallaJbuiU oi curb stone .to .
oo each side of said eireet, and that tbe streeft "
intersections and wings of cross streets, &n(l
that tbe owners.of estate on said street,
abail be permitted to do the w'ork afid pay lot"
.tbe aame on private contract .yqder tbe supexvj- •
'Eton of tbe city superintendent. -Paaiedtnnanl- _
mously, April Sit, IJSS. 1. 1. '"
cil called upou to confirm the amount (
■the. property holders bad stipulated to j>ay t
whicb' was al?o" done unanimously .last iCcj
rtsoibcr. |
- Tb'tt-is the bis'ory of Uie ivhole
- m tbe city poveruuieut- tjid. anyUung tg
.-withjC . U-.tW-pK)lH»lv
i. :U£- De'.'Gijlycrtßo' bife.fcobljle-.pfit
;':jnfc fhc: city'is : nof sponsible for ir *
" /action. , Tbeybffd right -to pay-bioi whit
they pleased, and if they puftliit -figucea Jdo !
blgh/tUat-ifl tiieir-.own tbimutoss.--Ab Übcpr
- -madeib«r'l>ed.Fn Ib y. 'ißUfcLllG'on'iU^jf^
tbe old adage, tut we "b'ave'lieard GiatMi".'
j peGolyer voluntarily deducted
per foot from the' i-hldh •
«votilfl 'be'slO,6oO.'- Whetber be made four.
...ahouEaud Of fof l 7 thousand dollars profit ou
lis jbb.ls no xuore concere Uie City-Gov
ernment than ibp profits made by UieTjuiTders
ot t-torefi and along £fUd
The property bolijcrs would hot allow the
city tofnaice tbe contract and do tbe
I And J3t co*{m can have no cautc of
against cUy. 'if/ther- "find iiicy - lravc/[»a|d
tooHaeteiy l ftt^hcsK whittle, as theypafe
their own bargain;
•I'rcvam'iions- for. Jtin d er. *; -!
We beat u«i*ipbik'timk«nnie"'Vf ttife'DHiHoiS-'"
racy aire t'up ;» jK-Uilou
01)0, instead •of»S6O{LQQB aiiaakad laci)y lie
ami *aactioi*'d.-by Ilia .Cqsl
- *Xow
a:tloti nlrrady hitd tn?-tWs ; matter-shou&«iie.
,4 *n4'dUrtirfittlMidi, vlmmgkiko
od dnrrog-tbe cowing- two- jcuck, luveii-fced,
lor a^ct>Wa»B*-4mJaiid! , wtikflllw or;iiQߥ#>Q
>s% Ui:it\<niW Aonlillje sought to be duubltd
by part ie* not immodiatoly concecnM ia ".Hie
execution of the work*.' Tbfcrc' Vnity" b"5 'cit
tuiulypaok'a iliiiigcW toaximidli pAitinftiflin
our city expoDditnres:; l *but that.is-bardly tbe
dangef 1 lifcf. l ! IPtb£siew?>Bfßi2kMrd
Lave bejjn'Too\<con<W>l J," 1 ot ; ns " bold 1 them to I
a stfT(?f*ac¥dWit bJntftlftrtf Wf*wAier |
fuJn !«£ wiTciu'"' Wu^lear, 1 liO'W&VferJ ;
it whi Ijc*vltv difficult f \b*
feel jLbe jforcpol jtiiktj anil
not wouderil tbe u-;c o{ £ucli*aQ argumeLi at i
ibe flirti, irtj :
jurlng. any nian.agaiuFt. witPW. U ipay be.used.
-tftrctttj^oi l tWb il
Partuan*. to eoaoutisemeuV A ' meet i Tr fr ,0 t the i
Board'df Trade *fe6 : fcelA<'oaiSata»(!sy> bboD. 1
Julian 's'. Ratasay, E*q , Preiifeat-W; _W. [
Miteb£!f,Es4.Js«rßtliy;<' t2» - »».i ill
Tbe Commtttee-appotnted- the -previous day,
tocoosiawtbs proffkty ot cdikiog>someaiier
rations jtn tbe' system--of -inspecting- Spring
Wbfrat/Veporfed is feilaws>:( :i - '*» .< .> <:S
To the Praidaxt ami •Mwibert-ofr.tba- Chicago
Board 9fTnadi,..li\ .. uuoifj
GaxTttMßH.:—Your whom was
referred by the Bpacd"-at us 'njcetingjeat'erd&y,
ot artfemgaoy change is Xhe system.recently
«3o e tl± MB W W*r- Jftot ttej hjre car«al
ly coDß:dereu ihe Bubjecf, ana xhtfl *ni!e toey
deprecate Ircquent cbafifceß, -SB cslculbted to die*
turD bUSfCtbi arfdrreiitft
listen j>(;gcsdipg .and
inFpecling grain as it now stands, is in must
Fpvcts all that is required; they would suggest,
that in tfiefr opitftm a
meet the views of alLpftrtiaa and.at
the suse time render any lartber cbunge for a
long titQS'to'Cotne tranwesi&rji * Yoor commit
tee bure therefore unanimously agreed to sub
mit for the considehxliod of "tbU 15jard, tbe fol
lowiappfeimbleandfeaolutionsi >, . ■ » ;r .
' Wiieeeas, 'Alargi pyoporuon'dT the Spftog
Wheut vbaubaa srriTed *t4bi&iQarket,Bipce tbe
lnt inst., has been found lorty lire
(45) to tifty (5<J) pounds per measured bushel,
and has'consequently been inspected as Rcject
«d ; and:Wbenoei, a manilest. injustice yroQSd
be done to parties owning such Wheat, if Hr is
still peimitted io as sucb; and be'inixed- in
.tbe warehouses with' wheat falling coasideraoly
belojf both in point of wef^bt;and
TAlofe; ;" • . J
: :linoiitd r Tbat-from'fttd After the/passage of j
tliifi_reftolutioo, .aU Sprinjj- Wheat arriving at |
-this nj'drkct, -Had weighing per 'measured bjishel l
forty-tire (45) ' pounds, and under: iifty tSO)
rpcOode/flbtJl Be kod gra^edßl u ho.-2
WfuaL" : ... 1
J&tohtd, That tle' Inspeclbo -CoibmitUe be
Tosirocted to. ece this : resolution, carried into
*iaiu?edia'6 effect. • .. T. V.. .j
Htgutd by Committee f. .
; E:*Fa.t. CJiairman,
..'.I Hcrd,
W. Uckgkb; : i: - -
r , - J9 8 ' Tuckkt
On.motbjn, it.was resoivpd t(?; ipjenA 1 tfyfeße
port by aboUsbiog tbe grade' cf Spring Wheat
known t'lnb/i: ■: j
After ccnsMferaWe .the report as
was adopted^end tbe"xieetlng ajJ-|
jgtirned. .' . . : ■"?> .' • :; "' ;. •. .; j
j The Cry,Of ** Mop lhief." |
Editors ritss&nd Tribane: •'•• i
llicnrls an articVtlTtbe Times of tbls
alleging t'jat lea Hog Rsiablicms" arc canvass-!
jng'tlie cify wltb petiUi>Q3 in Givor of the LecornjJ
ton Cbnxter, and al nisbt they cut-ofT:tha names;
<>f Uie Democratic petitioners, and atiaiib them toj
the lints of fcmoiistranU." Now* Mesirs'.
I have lioMlie le i.s'. donbt bat the desperate Dyer
clique are playing this trick thcui-'clves, anil
cbar/ring UjujiQiJ Ibf R^n il^jc4^s,tjsst > a-< tbe thi«; j
cried " St^ptUief! stf»pibref!' ? 1 f yod lo<»k hit <j
jbiaiaittcMiy rprd fur-fl yojt will H/il tbii the
k g ''iiig AbA'i.T'/om'Aiop toj
aiAl yt 6 nigbt(|i» (Jig beadj
and*iiijE| liamt'a willtMil few!
fraynucb Ij-ut lb in iT umlef the n
mva cilor?, l>c:auso lour,out of every five ntoii;
they would meet are strongly opposed to
and iilunder." Pe«pleTjl
inciubiT the I>yer proce-jaiuu aud the Dyer dyu istyi
an] are ijdl anxious for their repetition during
tUI-i generation. „ A |
JuHUlU'lf ls.V,).
" rrrctn*t'r.ein>nt>trTrars?rirtr?th-J
At I'rovidence, about *1 o'clock this morning]
jubt alter the urrirul of the train from New
I'ork by tbe routs, the oflitei o\
Ilarnden's ExiircßS 1 -was r»bbed in i"aingdlar
:Uft the |»remise£ foy s
few moments to"tftSirtbTitc Kntne papers," od
leujrnnig be found that tbe rear door ot tb4
olliee .bad been opeaed'by.meßns-«( a"kej-/4ni
the iron safe curried otf I
. Tbe conteata. ot the saf# arj not detiritelj
kmowo, but cu&rpriaed a considerable ambunl is
monev, notee, dralts and securiies ol various
kinds", together-with
or lefji value, r incident 1 to tue übual'-expresi
A tru>i left- bear the' Baft's was also brblen
open bv the robbers, froth wiich they took *
bigol'niUer and a bag of cents, when, id
snppOfifd, the? •became''alkftned and fled, leavf
ing tn tLe trunk a bag containing 6,000 id
gold.- •• • ...... . ... j
An immediale- b'etnfe'snslittited'by tb®
express agen'a and tbe police, the safe was
titiolly fcuoi in A4will's* Arena*,..about,a-»il*
and & ball'distant frtrm the oflije',' -all its
tents huving Deen removed.
No clue to the rubbers was obtained, except
jbe fuel that a horse .aud aleigb> -wIIh'JWO( or
three men, were seen in the itnniei lake ricinitr
of where tbe safe was foand, shortly before its
discovery. •. ; . - '•
It is rumored that the total anVotiht of the
robbery is near SIOO,OOO, but this cannot b4
definitely' knowa #t. es all the way
bills and receipts were among tbe stolen prop
erty. ..... ■ -. -- j
>'cw York Dry Goods Trade.
IFromttelfewlofklndeDtDdent. i
There have been large imbortatiocs of ioi
eign fabrics since our last, and they are continu •
allvatxitiag. •Tbe,BnpplieswUl..be early, anfl
the trade opens with a good assortment. Srfut i
and Sou'.bwestern buyers are already in tbe
marketi -maEiog a few purchases.
desirable goods will be high, as raw materials
as well as wages bave -risen in Eocopo.. Only
prime goods, and 'goods' tofcde etpeciallyuor
ibis market, are comiog forward, as old stocky
were well a6lfl;Out last yTßar.-.,lHacJt
silks are rather higher in price. Lawns and
printed goods are plenty, and have been sold tf>
pome little;extent. WodleoJ.ar* alao-itt4*irJ3ut
moderate snpplr, with & demand "tfikt indncee
holders to ask an advance in price. ;
Domestic goods arc not*.very active—-the »a
*mi.<-ion boascs asking borae advance.Vi prftci,
which cbt cks an early business; Doth cotton attfl ,
u"iuTt:n"~ guoild s-e'eth "to be'upprecbting tU'lffic^.
at«4u-fair pieman Jf-wkb- alatge-supply,
and in lawn* a considerable i* doing.
Faucr fffenTbToTittlve, aud seem likeltr
to be"tbe leading articJa ia.woolcaa.Car
ing Caseimcres, clutbs and satinets arts
»in very limited demand,but the-stock is lighymil
prices ate firm. (
The following i 3 a comparative statement of the
- -rmports of Foreign Goodstit tbe*port «rf 2fetr
j'ork forlliji.week \ - j
For the Week. 145 T. ' . IS'i.
FLterrd a*, the port •I.KS.WP
t Tbfowii Onmutet LW3,<tf7 • 3,430.Via
Since - ~. . j
Fuured al the port LS7S,uB
T&rowc oa mar*tt
>'*ew- MaMtef#*; ■■ j
[FromtheN. Y.ladcp&ndetf»?otL.2 .<.« 1
1 ' Specie keeps sccamalating, ahd frfll fdr
■ many months to come-the only'
ing tbe <li',000,00& -government loan lo be
awarded and paid (or next week.. - The. amonnjt
. of specie this, new loan irUl- witbdrawfroßf tbe
'bankers, will be speedily replaced try thi.'mi-
J' ernment disbursements, Tbe Governmsnibas
* been obliged to .postpone payment*,-and tbe
moment irebh foflda come in it wiil par-op—bit
it is being much pressed iost now. -'TbvCafr
* torn® "Tielded over a mluidd of the,
Sub-Tressury -last but this 'only.«diad<
(170,000 to| the balance in band at i|s->
, ; '.t'.o??. 1 JT8,000,000 iof, lYeasory eotas Call due '
.within ibg next iii'months, which CoogrtSSbis
• toproride for. 'Tbe Government iyants will be k .
?; ..Urge.; Ify ittfWations are, fbcrsai- 1
. ..ing,,buVoftt n sac to the extent needed tOipr#-[j
ali tbe wants of tba Elxacotiva, . Were
w? 'publishing failures as formerly, we ■sbtfuld
! be oblige'd to s&v tbis week, James Bncbiatfh <k
"Co., suspended; too' largely engird m—onfc
: side'operations, HUbusterlfig/etc;' banks
l hold $29,380,000 of
Ust year•waa^Si.CHW,ooo *• ibis point it
is wlU 'Mata.>ea,cb.
The tpocie average Is a rising one, as only part c
* **of thrTempM7f goid from (JaHfowia wa^-coant-'
-, td in,last week. Tbe telmns for tbe correct
moaey lakas as
d' demand, ttiongh to Ore a'clrrey bd^W^the
p supply. Tlie banks keep
wttih to tfomkii < fca&u» of the (uLmMTdb—limfee
of money on tbe market.
I " i
fOompUed from tie Illinois State Journal. 1 of
; Tbe following bills were passed-: &
| At act to amend tbe charter of the'towOcQf 13.
'Henry. '. ■
; An act to amend an to amend the charter
;of the city ofPeorfa.'a&ttto e'stdbHih"and regu- cii
Jate«fyst«n.qf at)
An act tdauthorize stockholders to callstock- &(
holders'meetings. j ♦ u . is .
An.act.toa»end^bii k p.lOp.§qr. St^i.,.entitled
" Venne." , ~ th
I .An. act. .to aqtborize". certain, v to. .be ,
in.act inrelation to practice.in .the courts of -*
I this State. * . ' " J " rcr>> »
i An act to change the time of boldfh'g "clrinits' ah
!in the Wrtnth distri*!.* •• • - -
| An_act to amend'an act-requiring compensa
itMa'fcrcansrpg.ffefctti by,a wrobfemt'ifct/lifcg
llecVCr default. " " - - - hi
Anactjto amend practieo -inithe several cir- fA.
! cnii courts in the State- of lltincn&l
An act in relation to the repeal of lows by im
; plication.
An act to amend an act to provide for vacat- ta
; ine town plats. Approved Feb. 10,1817.
| An act to extend Jurisdiction and regulate -
, practice .in tbe condty conrt of Lake count*: 39
aid and.eocoorage coonty ugriealtu- ap
ralsoowttes. •.' •
An ae4Jo>ineorporate tbe Ministerial Educa- •:
; tional Slcistjiof Uie iL E v -
si ton. *.} '* •■ ~ a*j
! Mr. Post ib. bill to tho ex
! ComsuttM'MjßinjDitadQorpmibos» >L6st. »'
!&V-B|qJrMC<gfrr»a in Com
i mitWt So relett*trV *'s
; & :
; penjilhe'coflecti«ni«ifJlhe c tf^ji^rtt"* l laxXMfr
i artfpfeJs of tbe Constitution; ali
; the laying and collection of said oir
; pedfred, onihe p^iaj|a ) a)Pthiß --
1 act tbat
AMtollecwrs of this pa
tax not to colleCT'tW nie year ISSS, or D
for any other year, unless otherwise directed by "*
law ; also, tbat the collectors be required to re- 8
fund so much of said tax as may be collected for te:
the year3SSS.< l 33d CamjilteQ <gi Jinunce. ba
Mr. Bryan. A bill for an act to reduce the
taxes, TftAbe .judiciary.
Mr. Post. A bill for an act "to facilitate the
fo'fdfl isurie ~6f acrrtgkgas -opfen'Tmlreads,-: a»4 api
for organizing new complies forth-? purchase <
and operation of tbe same. *To the Committee
on Juaiciary.' ' •'•••■ •••*«.<»..» . oa
1 Mr.-tlendersona
lands in Kock Island To Commitie on f or
Swamp Lands. . t ,. . tt j, . ~ , | i o r
. Mr.'llendeiaon, An act to the sale | Jv
ot the bridges, property, tranchises,' AcV, of the ®d
BockTsland & Cambridge Plank ltoao Company ha
to tbe bity Ot Rodk Ifiland. J on USI
Judiciary. -« i
' j 9Lr: Mtrtioj"A« mt
cab A St. Louis Railroad Company. To Com- fit
mittee on Internal Improvements. m 3
Mr.-Coak.-' .lB ant to
T«. Ua CoanoitiQe oh /nieniatlhwaffttSfa*^-3 No
0-MOUSR' ref
,The flowing read a( j
.-Act to .ajQ;nd act to a
of banking, <?te'. - Id'dui&|Sltce ,
op Banks and Corporations. 8:
[Mr. Uaok 1 .- Act.to amend act a wa
gtDerßl'#y«rtfini of banking, etc. ; tht
a|d toU-prihted.-- ,»
HhvDdVw bP-Moateamtfir:. in additlqri to
act to encourage agrlculiural societies. Tlie act "cit
autbo.iizes the approjiriaiiou of SIOO addilioual t l j»
for the'purpos"es*o"f fftiing
Also, a sum fiora tbe country for tbe purcluise • - 5
of'lanfl«,ctc. To committee ontAfKauUniet.t.» Ci
Mr. Prothrow. Act in relation to mechanic.*'
loins. To committee oh Judiciary.
Mi"; Blai«deit'.v*Acfrt')bu»hi)rize torat©f.Ro-eiie ex
to Iwrrow money. To committee on Suite Bojd-;.
Mr. Miles. A*ct to ..exlend 'jurisQicUou ~of Jus
tices of the Peace and Police Magistrates m Ktiox
county. To commUtee on Counties. ,Wl
. llr. Sbssf Act-for piotectlon of mank.l de
women lu their separate estate. _ lo.commKtcc on fh<
Judiciary. ' : •• • • '«
'Mr. Scheel. Act to amend section 17; chaptii n P
41, It. S., entitled "Fees and Salaries. 7 '' •To cota
jnlUce on Judiciary. ... od
Mi. Blalsdell. Act to exempt lands owned ani _.i
used by agiicultural and horticultural association Ll
.frwn taxation. To committee ou Agriculture!' su
: - Onraotionof Mr. Detrlcb; : tbe -llousc - took uj -wr
"Senate bills upon tboir firwt roidjng,- 1 i".C . su
•' . Act for beuefit of Ilardmcouhty,.; -To commit
tee on Judiciary... " V - " ,
Act tj change nnmeof Moline Bri«lgc Company 6( i
To committee on Corporations. - - - J ha
Act to provide for compenHfttion of countj
court cf Cook county. To committee on Jwll * (
- • -Act to declare county courts alsvays .in sassioi M^
incases of discharge of insolvent debtors." 'T< us
eommitteeonJudicajy. . .
Act in relation to judgments by coitfes-ilon." T '
committee ou Judiciary.-• - . --
Act to incorporate St. Louis ahd'Alfon of
commitice on Cor[io at ions.
.. Ac*Ag;Vs.tftr|n-j«d'courtinliaiiudicialcu-cn't '-If
etc. Posted—ayesso,*iiaya 1. V.'! \h
Act to incorporate town of Fulton. >-To com ke
mittee on Corporations. . n9
Act tdatuend acttoinconnratc Chicago'Mari? i ,
poratioas. j.'. ; • , cjr
[OorTCsponfleice cftlie Krentar Journal.! - ' lat
. .' * Jin.2L in,
hocee.,.. ' y ,:-j t ;; -." J
' Petitions were presented' and" ;froi
Adams County, for a change in tbe School : T/rcv, ari
alioli.-hiug the office of State "Supermtx-adeni < ' '
By Mr. Uie* payment of ccrfaii
(C.inal) claims. - '-'...1 : m(
By Mr. Pdck.ajietitionof Kundyipcrsins
ing to be re annexed lotlie town of Nc*- Trier, i •,, i
Cook County. ' :5
• Swett,*frwi ; .(liftera \
Laws, reported a gcueral act for the establish 5'
ment nnd govermuenl-of-Ferriev fiiad-twici., 7
and ordered to be printed.
a bill for a general laW &uthor;2ing Board .
"orSfpcfVPow, or County Courts.Trthtrr.r-e ma {j.
be, *.o vacate, change,; aud-re-locate State ani Ma;
County.road*. , - • ,- , •. |\'
Mr. Detrich intxoduce'd 1
the Staie;Audityr-for information, regarding th ; jk
sale of lauds by iliV£liuol9"CeiHMl Riilroad Con • 17
pauy. , • \ *
The fQllowingbills-were introduced, read twic
and 4 rpfpcrc J : . " ~ m ' -t"
By Mr. Baticr, IV'dsfabTrs!i"i''SUfte'lttJfbn t !ij
Schoolfor juye'iie.dcliniiuenti.
By Mr. Bute, to incorporate" 'tbe'lfebrcw Ben
cfolent Society of Cbk)*iro. ... .
ByMn Baker, to the Lin I
• BnH*ersity. ...' ... . .
, .By Mr. Peck', to' amehd'tho'chartfirof tiießCh •• • • •
'cago Savings' flktit.utHh'aAd
By Jlr. Uarris,-inxtlatitta to- tbei c T *: £
Pol'ce. Magfatuxtes;-" "• •'-•••- ■•«<».•, j« .....
By Mr. Plato,'to amend Chapter 59, Revise 1
Statutes, entitled Justices nnd-CuftttaW(W«*«. "2®
By' Mr. Biker,-to amend lsw*®r-J«iw!lß;ijß.V
tn,.rMitiou;to' Warcbdascs, Whatfffj* A'-cC/'niid 1 1) -K r
-prevent £rau<k . . -V. I j
THE CITYr .: |
Psbsonal.—The Peoria L'nion contains a moi, '
'plealaiitVnd a feolAi-'Tj • • \
cently delivered before tbe Association in tha. . ■ c
city by Rev. ■&. U.-Bchen«k, of trinity Churct, ! ,'*?
Chicago, pronouncing it "tbe mosteloquent an 1"
pointed lecture whichhss been delivered in P • > 1
oria for y. ( ( r0
says - .
pian ■ofjpiag Ijl
h)6 ring .fnS a» pi
flenA)^d ; of ; co
tw his rofrm} ha 1 ia
W4hin A ' bf
Democrat their friends ye! ■
4:raay W rtt!r>heij th*
lager has fallen to three cents a glass, in dive: j
and sundry saloons abaut town! " Fifteen ceni 8 >
will now treat a crowd of five, an advantage ( f
two-fifths that will tell well in the flowing mi . p " £
• ai&iBid
BntDGcroET Manvibs.—Before Justice D. • at
Wolf-«as-erolred.hr Jtha_insttaaentabty - t
plain and fancy - ul
tent, tbe paxticuUxa.of: a»:optjSge i?erpetaat( d w
.at_Bridgepori-by aiMr.ifind Mrs. Lewis D«v s
upon'a "iJtftches, whose _h us bar d h]
sued o«V4hie watranVxhax«ing and'iUeging th A
Margaret was seized by the malo Davis, dragged m
opt of an alley, thrown into the ditch and be it c'
over the "head witV a bludgeon,~which lnft£b H
-aevsral aerere saiEciant,U> .endaog t 1 ):
her'lifr. lid was held f&rlrial-iX the-next tern.-. .:*•
of the Recorder's I. .". -J. 1" ®
, -■
Two Firbs ix H V.clcck ycst( r." 1 0
• day forenoon an alarai.'of fire was-pounded lof.tl e ;- ,
Fifth l)istri£l, a fire hivingbrofee out in the frar ie n
, sttjictnre 4 H near CjarJ
J ' s -P
' £ n
insecure store M ' u It vfhi
;-"i While the Fire Department*.steam macbin?s
• '• nudatf, were as ahove, an a
1 •wsssoanded for thcThfrd District. "It wiiScaisid n
by tbe partial bunitog 4>f:*« iw«: Xraihe b
bniMingoa-Deiplaioe3*.alraect >c v
and Adams in the West Division. The buildii g
was ociupietf by Paul jln 0 , the «
6tocy m and uithe Sicoadas. a.
' - 1.
c *i^*a» J airoed"^'Jo4m!Siilr l AifcJ sf^^rth' L t
* : abo'awfleWk':.. t&e -fir®. bS^^L,'we 9 0 ? 1 I
adefectfTft'ddoroyr. •••♦-" v*' j. ; _:?j
The two losUncea named complete the nnmber" *j
ot six fires and "Slatta*" within two weeks papt J
ISanaed by l chimney and stove»pipe arc 'l
rangements, a jat* j
this Ecasoa. • 1
-A •!>{? LtTCi-sTfi I 4S^(ft : L<itXX&
tfaut. Atfisut^^&jsi*s tS>fr.'A)Wt
of ft meteoric atone, e:il! more-unwrlMii wbctbe*
any one ever bad bis brams*"daabed?aiiil.'Bjir'(li;
found next daj bulf bnriedia hi»-< potato •pfltofc,
Bat let no
tMnjjßmtly"Msppen«r weli'ss-«tbert/*tni the w»-
cideota 'utaMd era -<i»ite u 'iilceftr. taoduir.to
account tbat t£ to follow,
realizq aidrepeat a similar good foriaßß.so
thftVnirratiNl/-.-- J ..' '.i. .'. . i",,.
.la oac.irfaw. oirtHe' Idtlery 'system,' it 1b high
titfl4 l9'r and pe^petcity- ; : o t-th e
suae, that tba countless shoals of.'gndjfeojji
abovld ti&jrarleil by one 7eritabTe'gold-fiik,..an4
daobtlesiUbe lattery pfopnetara
bftgped*6i£ our word and Toarown-ooßWKMi'eensi
fftrjit, tecjder."; -••'■
•;3iiie rclifcl lijs revulveil oue and tbe'sitafi.wpy
ttai a corn ia the contrary direction? tb(b-«treM4
oitikcartL from nbe lottery, sboald 11/ a
&Qwet;*6tgo!&£Uract fresh
ajpJstißtejwaital by waiting, and taro'crerh-ninr
leif with Ireslj hopeV.--.~-.'i • - •]
• ;Tbis Jba£ bean done rcctnUy foible- aflgAE&gefof
irj£sid£ifl£of oiif city, tn manned'i&pd'forni *9
explained; awl 'again we:advhe' ; .4hai np-oiie will
invest aoeV, or'-lor the first time, in .'lottery- giia
biifig, .bfltause-'of this ia .Tffaljty.bis
! cii£nce&'<fr a splendid prize ia~tbte~p3tUcn&riot->
teiy aris! about as good as bU wbo ebouid invest in
a'tesineot of,tie " ring ciEc*''at.aiCliaEciiFair,
alter LeViw \vi]U bU ort'ejes- tlflrjpot£tefi_'iqw-
Some weeks smce it went the -rollnda oflhe
stitement"we aVtiielimej wjCb d ur ( c<
temporaries, treated at having" rather ;doabtfal
baiia„ We are prepared, bosr£r£r t novr to pro
aouDce it'a /act,
i«oa> in the minds of numb%rt 'of onrmont re-J
aptttable and'beat known citizens. •/•- -*~ ;
Sax&eifaoniba&ge » fffiusg msnpa rasul#nt of
our city and well connected here, yielded to an j
him be- !
fore that time, to try the chances of a battered
looking S2O Indiana bill in a Havana lottery, the
<fdHAraeki4fat > of'l*l?ck9*lgefttTra , £diwatj | t'c»ty
had caught ,Vfe, pfe. liberty to
use the name of the former, and are by so
means'deWclTs'of wrltrrig'dn'a&tffertififcCnint for
fieil&ttes. u fftivieh elmply .to.gira re
markable matter of news.
Time passed on. .The drawing took place in
November, and at the time of the rnmor above
referred the holder of ths lucky'ticket wta
advised of the result. _ He at once set out for
the Southern city where the agency of the Lot
tery was located, exhibited bialicke't, and there
beard the rumorof bis'saccess -contirnred. He
was told, however, that from the magnitude o
the prize*,'U"wouTd be necessafyfftt'bltn to visit
in person. He did so, arriving in thai
'city about a month afte'r
t'-iere-paid, in goldj'fiftythousand
hj translerred to tb'e Vorl
City, returning to this ciiy with a certificate o
deposit in that bank ot the whole sum, leas tbi
expeMes of-bUtrip... . ,
- We give the abova stAtement as beyond al i
q'Aestioh.atrue.o.nfe'-'Wo_.leave ourreadere t( j
..comment uponJt»ea?b yi4bftif.pwn way ; |>ut n< |
deduction will bd msre fake and erroneous thai
fb«t which will lead any one to believe, and acl
the belief, tbat lottery gambling~is'o£j
wif the cban
odKSjhginicg in this Havana loUery, or in an;
any tha-mor&^atlractlve^ - Oa
such f|. scarcely one mill, returned on tb
dollar; or""BcaVceiy'o'nd t/oHar paih forth :
«wretched, peraistcntvictimaoflotteries, aod.th ■
sums by ,lbem tqi^apdered.
In this case, weccatn t from our own knowledge
add tbit sudden wedltb bas seldom fallen int >
bands.Kb6ieit pramis&s.a.bfiUer use.
Cn2ss~Ginciw»-Axi> Quuicr—'Tne iUrcr.
Match—QtfiA'Cr Kbsigss.—A few nights since,
us belore ootie-jriin'otfr-columns,-a-match wa i
played-between the-CUess Clubs ot this city an 1 ;
Qjinpj.bj: lUs.rea.uk telling in faro: |
of the latter. |
iTJ«coa?ctfp#hicftgqfp£ji«f ab^a
| the same time Fond da Lac "laid out" Milwac •
keej indicating thateatbusiasm and skill in thi;
The return match between Chicago and Quit ■ •
ojr wasiplaTeH oa.Hxtday; nigbt, hnl closed'at to >
' laite'an'Bonr io'ti jiut lq type yesterday mort •
ipg. . It is prononnqed a much better game tba i
. itajjredecessor, more deliberate" Skii I
'aridstudy; " ' i'
The game is naTollows, Chicago (white) wic •
move. -
1 P to K 4 P to K 4
' « Ktt.>Kn3 >• -> ■ . ..Cilii to &3
:J M f> <J « 4 tamt*
4 I» toli Kt 4 BxKtP
s'Ptoir»3- " •
CP to IJ4 I 1 Xl*
7 QtoiiKtH O to B3
5 CdJ.lc} I* to Q 3
'yTIP ' •• - -- * QKS - - ••
1Q I? lo «} 5 KttoQsq
U «1o Kt 2 • • (j to KK 3
Mi.fVqlvp" *;* KKt to-Jig ■—•• - -
14 Knot} H3 Ciatlc.*' ' ' * " ' '
14 Kt to K4 Kt to KB 4 i
JoQJltfiQsq KKfoltS
lKN1oB«q ••
IT Jit to K U CCcb) l'xlit
1«< K x Kt Q to K K G
2JKtoti3 QxKt
2l*P X P * •• *H4P»» ••• • -
Ui B x H J\ to Rtq
U-t KtJ JCW3 • - Qto-KS
24 K to O R4 il toK 2
li'< 15to K R6 HtoK>*a
2-J K t-) - HKt3 • • Bio K»3 •
« B * R QUI
28 K to S. tq 11 x F (cb) ind teS*.tras.
■ .At the. close of .the .game a meeting ..of tb s
'•eiab -was called and th» following. reaolaUo i
JTaijJjJpaimoaaly passed: "I'S
; .'.M<s(£cid t \ o_f theClab be ter •
-dered to Judge Crtosfthe Preßideoi,'-«n*dJtd|tt 2
. bperators M the lUietin itiasisaippv.Te!' •
♦ •
'ty-ihey ha«e eaaored mito.'bonte4is#verkr£aim< s -
( wR£ \he , <3fii&GT Ctab,'and 1 tb«t>Jodge>-ljatO] ,
. Ihe : D/ ,
' Frederick. Ci' W»t«rmab «&d '
£oS« • L etec4«<l to membership do
u ,;
| ticoe- ; ihi be: t

i/,\' \ \
rore whichuow prersii»the co«tjtfy>ow. : .*Oi r
exchanges .aaxt'*o6jjolrji 'ho{ 9
vdiaiii&i and mojesi
ggtnes. • Matched are frcigg maide : in i _
played asder-all possible-and -
cemstaocetf.'tbe most popniarof which' r!
is by telegraph.' There Is one'lhing to be said,
, thai the devotees of chess might, many ot f ben ,
<be in.worse bnstnees. The Cness Club is r
"thaa~the billiard room, betterj than the TiChi e
'party,'-indeed, aa a winter evening- s
secocd to none. 1,
J«I /' i v; 1"» nI rj OO J U
Musical Union Soiuee.—The Musical Un'nn
perhaps the most enjoyabf3"*Bf ht^r'lAf^itie b£u y :-
erccllcnt cntertajnmepta .given by tbw Socie y. :
and Uioic \rho were kept away by the biting co I. 1 ,
torn with which tbo weather fiivorcd us have litae
idea benv mach ttey lost.- • Ibe Rfidience-jirese it
wa« a highly respectable though not crowded 0 i£s
and thfough&nt ibc perlSfmahce po? i
hle token of appreciation and delight.
' * Mt?. Shcpperman iWichled old fricadiand oa la,
injny new ones by her render ng of Thom. s' J
charmiwrnew songp''OldFrlend3an4Qld Time;
Rervoifa net powerful, but very pure and sytn-,
"p at &cti 0. il c. i Will kay iitgcpd
; .-yaico, 1 aVcry: of;
Bale's " Gxxl Night.'? Mr. E. T. Scl uj;
% ben's Serenade so -
1 oUfly' wwottil' iU ! ;;Hra:jK)ite
. hi style a id
rnVnoer that of thp ariist,'entirely 1 r.
J.G. Lombard.tung by particular request an tin
. .pdfdtihcd Scotch sons, "O, are ye fcleeplag il4g-
dear ?" and won by his expressive manner and
\njagniflccnt-Totcv; a -hearty -eacora.- kHendels-.
■__-sghn'i "Jluptjug Glee,'" was well renderediat to
are satisfied would-bave been better wUh"a sopja
no voice nnoa the__melody. " Let's be gaj/'
brought down the bouse witlTlu laughter pio-
:e j
Of the c'jora?c3 performed liy'the Union aa a
. ,whglCjTT£jizxc, liet
1 "WtH tile =hearty o»j^fllat>ba^.'t>i^nrtienc^the
- lotoM
'bVit&j repdefedi .Th'ii
Of . ijSids made by the Union isaVnfficu
.. the .society is-bound-to pros
' terra thai
.is ImJk'wS jr§lLaratioas to celebrate the Ceoienmal
L !Udhsßi3tl.lpf Hand's-death, tbeJl4Uiof Agri^-
• AMi' *° rthr or^- h
• event.
i.. 4 ., u , t ni.j .
" .i.i. ..= - ..,.1 :.....
» i-.. ... 0...„
„..,, :1 . »~U ....... ..w.,l '.V ~u . .u
° -It- tti Clio? i£«<il»F-J!«<llV
j I._i '.4 I .... • , -j ■
} --In.tiic CiKstut.,tQuft li pf.
( citx,-bef(W Judgo ; ManieiTe..pseeiiKog > 'wnirfi(>ffl-1
hi£'d(^*thlS' < ih(Arnh]g-oa6 df-tt^cnos^-marked-ui4
crimiiial'daies'ettir VtrroHed' cm- tbe
annals of crime in : \V Thp' ( '
llanry. JunperlaiWill attract
• attention.- "It.will bemost.ivide^recalled,
• an'd'-ttiat l <hrtti^icret- , tbfe ; wbole country a»-tbc
4 :Berrs\! V! T''
1. Intbalitter jact;bf.the .lfgS,
i ctteafioa' wai directed, <at ;York.Cby ter
f minus of tbe Hudson River Railroad, to a ben**
r Fxein.Eomg , bli l rel"wS3
' opefted-and foand to ctintaiaiba .dis t
1 Tflilga'cf ag hialt aml-also.yoctioaa.of
foot and" tbe reinainsVercTdelircretl iuto'thfi k'dep
ingbfihe-CoronGr... r. *. j.. '. l
' |Th'e 'mysterious barrelwas-t/aced-back, stap
■" iby step,. connecting bbe
| of railroad—Albaay, . Jkidge;. and
Detroit—and, irrtbairt <p«siWlrty ef mistake,
found to .end.here,"hanag been'shipped 'by a
' drsymaa at iU R. freight d^poV.on
'th6loth orMarchi . ..
.. It is 'nt)t our'ijurpbsa td' skfte'h the detaiis of
' the case, other than in snch ocilme.as may re
fresh-them in. the mjud.of.tbe readers ot, the
'very full aoeounts at thai tima pnhlished. .-1-
Werner was-the wife «f - Frederick
.Werner,. a tfme, the r biirbfir's
ealoon-under -tha. Revere. Hoasa,.on RindQlph
Btreet; and-onr Citizens, who-at tbat ticaa ffe
!g.nented the establishment;" -rfemember her,'as
during mostof the of th'e.^toilet
andfancy.articles psuaUy.dealtia at such places.
Hermftiden-name-was'S&phie.EUen..Both the
J)riso^r , "6'adtbe:deceased wftre-Prasslans by
.birth... .1.'... *1". V" 11^1]■', 7.
- - • After the disturbancaof the jromno'js relafiops
Telatioirf "whir her-btisbandt -W-erner,- tod hex
desertion hrm",~she' bsdaifie' tha ; mistrelss'ol
-Jumper tz, continued ".that relation'tq the
•time-of the alleged mnrddr. ; --» -• - -—,....
Tf mayjriorbe' Imprnpfer tn 6tate: that-without
.attempting to.indicatejh'Qline of;the prpse'en
-tien, it will -be remembered.that_a.fpJl. state
u n3fint glvfen~bytbe prisoner Jnmpertz,- iaißiheit
■poasessipn, aVfhe t/me' it was'givfnV'wai
•pablUhed in-the. coldmas. of the. jeyeraL. city
papers. •" By thafc-.statement-tbe identity-of the
remains TScirifesaed pris
oner averring that be took this extraordinary
method to conceal the, tuiciM ,of his wretchec
compaaittk •. aAdd»d».i9, A h iv.
enough, the remains were brought to this city
still mtbe barrel, by City Marshal Jacob Rthm
and amid s]l the ahtfckltig' disfigurement of it<
'same, the/ac/.alone.wps perfect,' and 'readily
and tally identified andswara toby the relative
"and acqdalntabfceßof deceased: -' ' - . !
The case as we have Btated is set'down 'for
trial,to conpmience"to-day." From tbe Marked '
peculiarities of the caße, and its notoriety fr(>4
these peculiarities,'.it trill be'the work of- mor4
than a secure ajiry who have not j
; " formed-or .expressed an opinion."i! 1
-The prisoner Jarope.ctz, an exceedingly
Ipokingyoung-man, enters upon tbe trial- with
every semblance at least of the most perfect
1 . confidence .in his; ability tp establish his inno
' cence, or rather the impossibility lof its over
throw, ■ - - I ;
> •-.... » ...,.■■
, Bdbns Celesration.—The Centennial innj
, of Burns's Birth-day (25th-inst.) will-be '
, celebrated in almiost dvery city in the United ,
States; and present appearances, the cd- |
mirers of the great .poet in; Chicago will rank '
, foremost in the : cbaracter of their oelebratio4-
Tae beautiful bnit of Burbs, by Cbantrey, has.M
rived from'Eixrope by tbesteaper Asia Jt ondwi|l
be in this city expressly' for tns* banquet , oji
Tuesday. . ' ' " ' !
1 ' 'We understand also tbat.th'e citizens of Cid
-1 cinnati, in hop.or ot their appreciation of the ef
-forts jnade by the city of Chicago to honor, the
memory of Burns, will present to every lady at
tending Ball and Banquet on thdt cccasipn,
. : a beautiful Bonqbet ' • }
Tbe following notice have been handed us Tor
publication relative to.the celebration: ' <
Boaxs A.vxivaasAQY.—The Committee of Ar
rangements reqneatthat all belonging to the
-military and public bodies attending the; Ball*
and Banquet, will appear in full dress and rega
lia. W: B. Eais, Chairman. ;
• Jons Stewaet, Secretary, j
Bdens AKNiveesaet.—The American officials,
British and all other .Consul?, * and masters' of
American and foreign veißsals, ; kre reqnbsted" to
have their National Flying on Tuesday, the2stii.
; inst.,-.the Centennial Anniversary of tha World's •
Immortal-Poet, Robert Barns. I
W. B. Egan, Chairman. [
. Jofitf Stbwabt,.Secretary. j .
Attentjon Beicadkl—There will'bs ad'rUl Of
the Brigade'at
erening at%% o'clock. ;Erery member is.ex*
. pected to.be present- By ordef of Capt J
: .." ii;' i
.■: LOi.-AJLi ; MA,T r rE U S r ; •; j
" Do, roB the Gold ditto's op TiANSJLS Axn Ks
uaASKAI—J jst" received and-for sale"by ; ajl
booksellers_and periodical TJealer*, "Pease k
Cole's Complete Guide io the Gold District*,"
with aJcorrect map of difierentroutes, distances,"
fares, by railroads and steamboats, to all points
-nn tbe Missouri river, cost of-outfit,. and .valua-'
- tte-informatioo.totbe emigrant. . Sicgla. copies,
' fortardtd to hay partof-ths UnitedSutes upon *
the receipt of '3s> benta. • -A* liberal discbunt
-made-to all-booksellers and periodical dealers.
Addrets -Pease-A Cola, Box 2502, Poatollic*,
- -Chicago, 111.-. - - j»2*-2t # ...
J. B. DACGETT.Esq., Grocer, State street:;-- \ +
■ Sir:—l bavtf .tried -some ef- vonr~ce)ebra2ed
Fox Crackers, LandinburfiiN; in my family,.
and we think them a verr*delkHHis"article, anfl
reoommend the trial of them by boCel keepers
.and f&milics. Voars reiy truly, - j
J. XoTtiKG&i*; { I
They have Come.—What bavc come? Why
tkoy-e uewaud elegant bflokj-orColby & Co.>,
118 Randolph street, with each -of which, they
make a handsome in.many instan
i ces, more than doable- tbe -pric* tbe--book..
Messrs. Colby A Co. ore now go well known that.
for unb ray drtjt&ittrta th»ir-|>»fcs would be sq
. ptriluous.' OT ope thing.thsre is-no* doubt, viz:
That every obt«ina tha fall value*tfTbia .
, • otcentimes more.; • ». ■
£3- The stfKrt of Jewelry- of StVvcns.
ACo^iSJUkc-S^teLpocpej.qfpwporn, is by
far richer and better tbau hay-wa have yet seen,.
j»nd ani tblflat'New Ynrkjiml Philadelphia pricef.
- Many of their goods, more'espdciaDy. ftcirjCoral .
l?aocy Hair Piu3 t -^c. r asß l llsr'iher
i mcst.btatrtlfnVaad cbssTe;d«fEW;-in Jictytfceir;
1-entire slock is ricb'arfd dregant, dad-wd^yrorfli a.
■'tis!t',~lf not to purchase, to 'H^e.
vens'are feagy to _
• er they have-on hand.------ --t 7 : j
■7 A - "Si r.(*AT^tr!—
"XL fifftetfei' ile&l&ted rf -ter'Utf-Watar
■- cToseU.' Piies
i krl&lrn'except in name.- ;^js tttdioated
( paper is nneqaalled-as a prevenuve, a'nd nnap-
proach&ble as -a tat*.' -Tb* proprietors wish it
-5 tO-be.spcXsh.l)f4<cordit!g to_rta_nerits only. It •
is very cheap—looo sheets sheets
for 50 cents. Sold by all draggiati/ and a> the*
discovecer?s*.depot, 41 Ann street, >*ew York/
a - •. 111 i*(3.Gayetffis.waVonna^kadinesch.aheat,
,J - : and his is «n-«aab.paouaga.i -Sent by
» express from 41 Ann street, >'«w. Yortt, 1 upon
.receipt" otwee. i;Tbe trade-aro inviud to coir
'• -respondas-tausmC •EorTsaleTv'J;fl,"R#edA
I' - Co:i' wbelesaia and fetaii.-drag|iiAa. 144 # 11C
C; tiki
r' 3od¥s axT>S«o*^-—'McDooyali. Fsato'cACo.,
-ISO Lake street, corner of Walli;-£aauot-b* , uh-'
s "dtriold."- .Wd*ilLrall'farthe nertS-) days— j '•
Ladies*" Foxei '•! m " "* » KTS
Do Kid Coafcwrt-GaOMi - J .."-a.eo/
QcC Kidlnd Morocco Slipsaad Ties - .50,
Do ' -1.00
-Men's BufTalaOveEabo#B. .• _- - 1.85
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L . Remember the old store, noted for great btri.
~ gains—l9o Lake, cor. Wells. ~jal9lwclTj
K -Wheekr- fc-.WUsba'-a Machinks^i
Xortn-Weitem Dflice IG7- and 16? Lake street. -
a i-.-.-i !- . JG«o, R
■ * >-• - •-■•'j 1
of Boadtttr. Sewing Ma-.-
B chines, 1?2 Lake street. iai-ly-b906 :
». - ; "•
- . tg* advertisement 6{ Qaaker-CUt gQ.
Zi - Sewing, Zlachyia ,V i CoX :
■ i -vi •- In-tu - fjly t.yVb «,
gpaee%dft«i«e«a»BVoll}r.'^anionis r
'tj Inngorator in r ;i;-s -
i*. ' ...MP.- -- i -
«f«dieTentj4bree fearp. >'•?-««! :u jw.
THlKilliAl'iriC xnws
-1 Arrival of ihe Europa. ""
SjAXdt Hook, noon, Jan. 22.—The royal mail
BteamsEfp"'J?y»jtf;'^rom , LTTeTpoo*, -Jan; Bih
'patted tbii tfoinvoobex -
tUpflUonl* Acstr^an, Minister
%UULe^ffcjse.a, depressing Tnfidence"notWf(b'«
standing a sodCnibg the-Jfmittnr.
Accounts from luly indicate <a rapidly iap
The Paris Bourse h'dd'afdnd "time declined
■ per'ctfnL Bhice New Year's,- but-after wards
- , . ..
iw-ltis reported.thftt c Francp sent a very threat-
P.9H to Austria, warning her 01 tbe ton
'sequence'or'ttrd 'AdStrian' troops• crossing
Zavian frontier, --i -^••••• s |
Furthex,deUils of the debate in theSnanish i
Chambers on' President Buehsnra's" Mrasage,;
"show that"O'Domril expresed great, -aurpriaaat.
the proposition in-regard to.Gubi, and dfctared:
-that Gaternmeat waa _disj>osed to demand due
.Satisfaction (or snch an "insulL' - lla "fleclmi,;
emphafTcalfy, 9pafn*wOUhi'never-cede- enyei
* - '
Austria had abandoned/tljQ.project
traticg an imposing force on ihe Servian" fron
tier. ' 1 ._i ..
• ''Greatdepression prevailed atyieana,._..,
Craco was to
_TsCQyex the independence of the'Repbbnc " •
It was rei'mored,''bntTrot- credited,-that Russia
had succeeded in-negotiating. aJoaa ot several
millions ateriiag of Lon
Italv -The*Coutihbhtal"'joan!aa and corres-.
pondeuce continue to give übrming details of the
:>tate of affairs jn.ltaly.
Arumor basbeen'cdfrc'nt'from Part?,tbat Milan,
is in a"s£ife W SCigP j'but if lacked-oonfinnation. • !
• ~The Paris letter. Uotu.^lilan,.
• dated tna Ist in?|„. which t it observes, contains a;
..statement so serious and so s;range'tbat Itpnb-i
lishes'it wiihoht reservtf. Ifis-to fhe efiect f that;
Sdme bodies of the people pasang by the barracks ,•
-crjingiJ'Viva Italia," were .res])ouded to by the
soldiers wiiliin ihe- barracks,"with a'sTmilar cry.!
Theciviland'military uuthoritrwab Milan were 1 |
"treated with J contuaß;ly, and. latter..were.of;
opinion thai thoje. would soon be an outbreak.
Th« garrison of Pavia having" been augmented,
by 700 men and 4 guns, it was stated that the.
University ..would, suon.be.re- opened. it was ex-'
peeled jhat on return of the etudentsVcollisioas
would veiy likely Tak&'plAce." Every precaution
"was bt-fag taken, and Pavia was -almou laa sLUej
••of*6eige/---.-'i .. w _ _ {
. X.f publishes a telegram "from Genoa
stating that the agttattozrwss increasing there,!
' ao'd tbat a-report continued-to be-circulajedthat
--Garribaldi was about.to.organize a
. or was preparing to 'play some*very)
active part. * " • -I
'Tbe"AUatrian*garrison.in-Limbardy were al-|
-ready-on-a war - -j. .. . . . . i
- Warlika preparations were brisk at Cremona;
Modena was in a feartul stale of alarm.' " I
Latest.—A Paris telegram dated the eve -ofj
the 7tb, says that it was asserted there tbat d
scnflle hadlakan the
.and Austrian regiments forming the garrison o(
Cremona., The "Hungarians ioouttngVivej
Itslia!?' L [ : ♦ ' "
, correspondent of the Londrm'7Vm<j
says it is quite evident that' the "Sardinian"
erpment desires war, and is confident that wbj
ia at.hand. ' fbe'Sardinisn Cbambers'were td
on. the 10th of January, and tbe speech o
..the Kiog .upon" -the' occasion wfcs 'atfxidnsl?
lsok«4 : ......
ApsfaiA.—The 'official Dc&UrYtil\Ucht corres
popdent oP .Vienna announces that rreinforte
ments will go from that city to'tbe army ia thi
Lombardo-Venitian kingdom, It Is expressly
qafd the troops "are sent for the protectioi
againqt the revolutionary party. ;
The; Vienna Gdutte states that.tha prcjfict of
concentrating an imposing forde dhthe irohtier
of Servia, a'nd tbe execution of had beet
ppmmfencid, has been-conntei'mandsd; Great
depression at Vienna and disquieting
rpmbra were rife. ' ' ,- 1 •
,|Tbe of ihe conspiracy lately discovered
;atCrpcow, was to recover the' independency at
the Republic. The Emperor Xapolebn's obseri
vati'ona to the A'uatriaa Minister Were known ait
\ ienna on the SJ, and had created a sensatioh
- on tbe'Bourse, but tbe details are scanty, -
The Journal de Frankfort, an. Austrian sem -
.otlicial journal, says that Austria is'strong i&
Italy io meet'any eventualityj'ond boasts' tbst
all Germany-and Prnssta are at its bead an I
backing her. .
Vibnna, Jan. 7th.—The sd.Corps D'Armes qf
the imperial army,'amounting to 80,000 me&
.has' left for Italy.' It is estimated that the Aui
trianstan. now musier 100,000 men within tw >
or three'days in the limits Of their Italian dc •
, A telegram from Corfu says, that if Englan I
consent to the unida of the lonia 1
Republic with Greece, the' representatives, c f
the people wilf communicate the wi-h of tbe hi •
tion to. the powers which signed the.Pars'
.TcanT-*Tftd Tanai TbtrU announces a si -
rionsdisturbance in cdfisequence. (f
which- Omar Pasha had demanded reinforci
: niepte (roia Constantinople. .-, . .
WAcnrsflTON, • Saturday, Jan; 22—Sexa'ts.
■ —Senate hot in session. .. : ...
, - Mr.^'-Morris, of Pennsylvania, presented «s£ •
; Jutions Legislature 1 ot Pennsylvania,
wbic.b,,hp to a subject-now iltraci •
ing the attention of the country.'
,Jones, of Tenn.,. and Garnett of Va* obj.ecte I
to their being read. A discussion - ensued. 01 :
the matter.
The resolutions were finally allowed to b>
read" Thfey Instruct theSinafor* and-request:
the Representatives-of Pennsylvania in Congrea
to advocate aod vote for such a bill as. will nek
only tend to increase the-revenue, but afTurjl'
- ample enooupagement' to the. proddctivfe intei
'. eats bf-thecodntty, mora espnlally on.Coal anfl -
. and expressing hearty approval..of Jhp
'Preaideol'sTecommendaiiod' of .specific'duttes.
Mr.''-McQueen, of.S-- C.,'enquired whether
these things are in tbe Cincinnati platform ?' [
The resolutions were ordered to be printed
and laid on tbe table, . j-
The Hayti Revolution.' ' j
New Yoax, Jan. 22. A letter from Port an
Princei,tinted s;h "January.' states -that-gre*
excitement-existed inconsequence of. the dii
thrbanca at Gonaives. was stagnant ani
tbe stores closely watched.
The Britfsb frigate Melbourne on berwar
from Jamaica to England with over 400 troops,
bad reaehed the harbor, and at the request (Jf ,
"befc'MsJtfßtyVConsul' wouid'remain, there fcr
pTSteottoii of foreigners. 7 —|
'-Sotooque; in *companjt*wi'th-.-&e- Minister-' qf
SUie aadth* Ginerat of thtf
'ital-otrthe2Slhfor'Gonaircs.-- - j
• - - '•"* -—- J --- :•|
' Xater"Qom tTdnrornia. *- |
Xew 22,—The s}e<rmerQuaker
. City,ifith inn., has
amvidhetow.. ShaJbriogs'll? passengerk - |
- The Golden Agfe
era,.and in; specie *for- >'e# York,
and $463,000 lot! Europe; "J* !
.. Business, at SinPranciifP
money scarde. " j
The Legislature organized on the 4tb fnstani.
W. C. Stratton was elected Speaker.
_ The Lecompton Democrats have a. largq ma-'
ijurtty Jd botbibranftbeß.- •' it " * * .
Late Crom Kansa?. I
'YIAAVENWoiin; Jan. 20:—Montgomery his vol
tjntVriiy' given biibß'slf Up'to the authorities no.
"await hfs triarbn J a c&argfeTJf being connected fti.
.'tbe lale~troubre'Bonlhff Sdnthdni'borderj Brtfwp.
is reported tb hive left-'tfce"Territory, aad-oo
further' trouble ia spprfibesded. *; There is no
•eicilejnent'bere.',-* I - -
tr.X. i strj,: K,' ic. Diffistmies-Adi
. .». jasled. : 'J "J" ' -i -*
. - Joukt, Jan. £l.—Arrangements. bave .b*esn~
.made between-thaemployees of tbe.C. Ai
> LrR. R- JUtteaon, by >rhlcb.th6
. commence mnning regularly ovar. th? dn
jilonday, a*heretofore. v -j
- Douglas and Fitch'*: |
• : WASimiGTbx7'Jan. 21.—'hi -tbe Senate, In
' ecntivtfsessiotrto-dsy, an: exciting -di^cassian
Douglas anti Fitch. 1 - Ida
• lattertwtce cbsrged'tbe fofmer-wKh 'uUeriijg
' nntrttbir It & teayed-adnel will-follort< >
*—» >
Toeosto, 22.— I Tfie'trial^of. •-
the telegraph operator, for'the mtir"der ot llaai-'.
gan, closed U®t night with a. verdict of guilty •
of murder, with- strong recommendations to
mercy, as great "provocation was undottbtedly:
-1» ■■>+ 1 ■ 1 • •1T - 1 ■ -.1. - -<. ; -
• -. Fre«het iB tae Uddsoa Hifrer»:. , •
"* 22*.— is- threatened'
inThe.Huit!6n'.*« The' land bewrten
Albanyoi»erflowed irrmany p"Uces,amla.-brid|[c '
A&trtbeformercty. ? - * ;
.-J - - • SaK OF-HXETA,-
• - - r- ' -••• tOK-OF MALTA,
• JLKD THE VAVERLT se-vELs; -• '
:.. . : ,th£be3T. fiaiLTt-APF. 1,
.. .. TOE JiESTL FAJilt?
IS .THE-J»Et7, YoSii. WAV-ERLr., .. 1-
IS:THE-ii£sV*-l'OEli. WAVEiU-X, -".
For Sale by all Ncwa Deiillri. -
~ . ■
prgubacripttoai er anrrna.
. j«^eTist..Mo.U^ratUcrt^e%Bo»t6o.Ma«
&ii{ie rt^jvpftsi:
.. - .op «£w TDBE OlTTi
■' ->V Ismi ■fm irunnin il In Pi n inn j
-Eercoldv ■tr*Ou •> - -•'>Ortca.-riee(«ood«0» M -.
. Be»<4ifUM^r7aJ^suo.,.C^*.4oAi^r.. t .^
. « <r. orvAN -
. - ).!» Boafti Cist eer. tftath Wtttt tod Ock-str
•• > • -l UPSTJJ&A ;
" "07 *M- "OA'DYy lortwctor.-; j
Elementary tSaH. "faeadat. F.'f! j
' Advaaeed Ott* frtd«r,-?M « , clocMP.>M. - w,
'' Jrt thrteetateSodiaja Bsrtlao&'fiiQek; -"' :
it scßtrzy*a 53 uiaVtoH.jt',
b «TOtA*uii ta rectir« 'A-lcertiHirimU Ur &U a.-ui a O VU
Ic&fiagfrpetl of fa - • JilßStnj'
f.ctncec. segaSs.
I . C!w: t lS .r i: "'-"T"' Utrtrr IfaTU.
£?f"» t-j-M '
! rir.? l; c rD -'^'l F <?CKET-BOOK CONTiiy-1
; A , "Wcn'ey Check ind'oiß«r p*6erj. • Tv e ' i*-',. j
. j!sSL 5 ' .'T " f""" Mal ? r !
' ■^W^AT^ < JCosinir ir iJI lr '^* !I J IIB C6Qrt ' lM '" of '
9\erviAd.h\f »xl*tau mAke a*
p.roCUsle ijreoeyla the bandj of ft o*«cti*al n>»3
cto siretMlirKtaW rtß&teace" J'dJ? si STEP'iEjrT
ACR»fI. fcßniamoc BJ»» btßdyy, fcurdia«>c; !»««. (
pujycH. .. sE«.^it«\j.
: coom's; NQYEIS, I
t* f- *i . ~ ■ ' ;
1 ' AXD WpOD. !
Prom Drawing? by P. O. O. ruRT.CT i
A Vohnns PabliaJred MonrtljiCootoiDiog-a
--r. . .
- OTpaxt'
•• i*".A*eaUßristeJlneT4rTClt7.
•• -ftV A»
.iBGARg. ,
' CS: • ]
Ilow fo Dlmfnlsi tosses. Avoid taK-Snlts, ]
• and Save Hoe..Trouble, by
bosineo Accflr<iia* to Lair; ai the Latest
.. • ani beat, aathorttles..
Br Eiwin T. Fxerdley, j
Antlror of "APudticil. pa Bajlaess." 1
"Price, H. 25. , Fpr tale.br •
\HI. B* K£E.\ % £ookie]ler, (
}>2l-17 I ~ ' No. 1-43 LfcJre «trge». Chicago.
201 and 203 South Water Street.
CniOAGO.'lLt.. i
oar flxstlavojce far the>«a-, tf ,
For tlie Spriiig' Trade, :
. "j L«»U;tr Dultn will flnj-tb. fliarl i
to-benrj tUipgrtoraadjf.jces . We bate Infifcl
lar<e ktonment cf t
. LININGS,.LASti and
ffhlchwlllbesolj at the foireit market prict 3 ty
At their LEATHER ASp Ul DE STORE, 201 A £CO Soat
Water «trtw«. (eat of \\d.» street bnJgs.) CL;cmj
N. B.—The hlilKrt nariret prhrf p*li ta t'tsh fc
" Je, » }_£X_
PUN-QH, • - 3E6ABS'
BEMED"?', j
: .11 A LABI .1 ; j ;
Particularly rSVZSR and AGUII
CUilla acd Fever, and all dUette* arising frara t v 4t
cod tlttoaof ihe ll?rr so produc-ii ty tfi
malaria *nd foes of ihe West «-fru:h aj-djae-teti J 1
turpi! liver enlargement of ia* tDlaen. or jicue Cakfe 1
'ta. the sjd'-. bl'loos Interaiittlui Kem tteai Feveri 1
»na. Uidee ). a!) d'uejiei rlsJna trma a tl.llous coodfc '
Uwncf 'he tys eta It* lnmnilents are all ab'4 1
aadserffctt; tiaraletjinta-lr-Sej a. anj pertccuyceT '
tan to ;ttre. Header. If you itrum to ar | ■
tlue. »nd B *t* u ur kaUau ta«e 11 >a 00:4. init- al «J
these thlopa iihieti only ta'JUie wUIle they do sot curt 1
'Mfß'Ri a K. !
| A«ui Btlun »operio» to acy/ime-ly to- oar cu.'kct '<*■ 1
I the permanent cure Qf d Vn
cheerfu.ly retamtoeoJ ft aa wQrtii/ ihAt sr;av nasie E
a d Q:eJ. •• •• |
Very tmlj joarj. JUCIIARD3 k TH3MA3. I
.t. »'• OAUOS.Ch'o. Apr',ll," l£t*.J
To the sufferers of otU a
ratEbltths foliowtnc II»tior .ob»er?ea c oael? tlis ef
fids of l/r. Main's' Axae liul?am in lb » >lclaHy 1 r thfe '
pajt Uire« yearr. I am w»il witn lu reuedlai 1
toei maa to nalana I have frequ-D<!> luefl
It in my practice, abil *itb eailre.jatUfacuoa. froa my
inlmtte kaowlrog? of tbld coia.oiifld. 1 r«:oBQ»nl a .
astafe, prepptand edcient: . •• • • (
; • ► .. H- E. HACKIDOM, ,D. M.
« . iLrrTO*. Tn»t. 3Uyir. ]Ka ,
MSfSIW- S. K. MANN * CO.—GtiUi? MIB i
yoar a>usßaU»mfor we past iliree' y«irs to (cores qf
per*7n«laini» victaJf;. and « o««l7 obser*ia« Its ell •< tT
«e doaot hdlUtela sayioj( «ebil ereitth- bw.t fciieili
ever sild -a ltd ana, rod *hl tff*etcally cure .chilli
fever and a«ie vtinost f t< I. it
•Tiuly jours, FfIILLIJIAN i
DS. MA*?K:—Plca>es.ni dij ofieJja.f zroti cot* df
,ycorjisraeßasamimae:latrly ltljlo a<eat demioi
aod cay be truly Ityi9>i tin! K:nz of aai at.a. 7 1
- ' a J< aad I *
: . __ Lioirtnis. ICeh'Kan. Janeli. *l3* I 1
MESSRS. 6. K. MANN . Getitiv
IHava.iosaytliailkiTftfjr'ieVetaJ ci.n'bs bees c.a
plerelycrostrajwl br cb-i'a fever nn'l aitqft aid asl
n >ve a large facnQf *b» V2re dtfpeadent mr Uixf
fortneir lh|ive tr.edia Vila alltheuuercof
dies In my resell [ii'l tbey are ledon.] bit 1 □ cti
II core nattl t cssd yanr 4rie ti-.!s»ra. i Lave cev (
or bad a p'rtic.e of f,ver slow the Ont coj -. oi
I havs aftjfe used tSi-third battfe. -i bav* qo<* oer» F
sound for t re«s moctpa atd lam coafileakli U the oev
."Ui£gtha)-«ld cevertili. .. « .... T
;* Toms trnjf, • ,Q P. WOOD:* { !
" 8. H—>LV!\.\ di CO., Projrlelors, Oallifr 0. 1
; .0, J. WCQD i CO. St, i-oals. SI - ) 1 Sole-ptaMei'lfc •
Assets for a*l the WeilernSutci and «a( t
•loii^raiigood ardgiis.i. • jx»if ».
FITNCH. ■; ■ ,:SE;G£RSI 1
■ox.'ff. oeLatim; - axd cooPEirfe 1
_ISIN3'.AS3., to-lUin:;Uani's. Jfl'W ii.fi !
tile at SfKNCSH'Mti'lai WareUuuse, tii -WASfrir/tcc
'Btietg PoiUaadßlock. :~ .. -j-*< tr-r?'>!
M' noualfc .
Siperflie. Ssyer'a Aromatic Staled, and ltd
tv'i-lQ wtnte prt*. £|or !»le at BPKNcEu'3 • tt*J«i
; j»4-tt»c.6 • - - • -■ > ' j
tJ . AltandQenalne.Barclay A Perkin'i Pjrter. Jar
»>feat SPCNCtncS-nvlXiWisahoaj«, i ,
.jtS4 |lcr> - 63 WaftUlflgtaa stfeeVPortlaad Kack.l • *
1859;.',.C'O'lLINSW0Ol>.Xtt»E.. .135B: ;
/*iosiitesci!i6 /on. tnE*OPEsn>(j df ■; j
N*vljf\ion x thaf:l i ow|as A Mi. I newand largett
' cla®'Screw" Ftfaoehs." ba*ht t*rg-Ty ladreaied their f
• caparKj , JprPa»«mren;wUiftllttiisJiae«sftllejT»v T -j
. ..& luNTOSLUiOX Clfpw »IL-
stss.^.. .. , .1-
. from tie foot of'Latane'streV. Sonth'
SUe.A. T;aDeacerl^Co.•s•wtlarf.onTa»day.•T:ll^*l« , *
aadSuanlayeveaioßa. Uniica afallpotcts- -
on the Weitshor'e of Laie iCcLiiaa«M f*r ncrrih »s *
Rivers, and at Mack nac. • * ' • ~ | * »
Thnjortßil]#i3f leading riven add poria'
ton itottoo. •
all the prtne'pal points lathe Kiilein 'r
and -Kew Ecala»<fHta>e—ad Canada; • ■' • j "
Concert at VcVAirwrurd u»e Jturuiera 31*3»1j
of Canada, aad at Toronto the GracdTnuk Sill- *
way for MoatreaL t£a»bee. Portland asd D iston,
I ake Ontario Steam?rs or Niagara fall* Oswr*o. Cnye
Mscent.and at <'ziki?*enr with the Vtrtaaat Cec.ml <
R«llroai for Battonaad Intermediate points cn Vemott c
Central between Q;3ecshargn asd Boiion. •
liue-1* aceqoailed for rexalarity ard dk
• patch, fcr-Pawri>«»y aod-fretabfc b«t«roet> the-U'cstem
Ea*t»nddtateajm4 t
- Porfreiabt orpasiveapply u
AiT.SPKVCtiftOo.vAtttCf.- '• } - <
• jjiWmoM- - •-#oct»fLae*l6sl#e#ULtilca<a,llL |
l*tJ?f«(DiE;: "-'-SEIiJARS.. i
• - .-CoaH-CoaJJ!: . j i
."iiSh'n TOjfaldKsefe?; :coi£—rats: ;
JA/VV Coal js Jhtfbe;: In tie market for elllcr '
Tamiiy ose* or steaa. Aa>— " *•.**.
*. >330 tons T-TTTnp I
rj,.. t._ ♦ ♦ALfRSfI tMUtt4CO» ; -I
.... ..KorthPler.opppjiieHi. CfentralA;?.' c
CT*o:d«staayb*ieltai _ • • •
- - - W. B.'BEERFS. • i
:. .. , '.. . g.X,«wn«r Clark »Hacda.phsU.
, - " 4 • j -ajORFOKD ttSOS-. ' - i
- Ccrne* of Laxis i&d CCara strceli. /
- .oTors 5 .
; X O. aadthemenben<cner»Hv, arfereqa»e6ed*obe 1
| InaUesdesce lUk2j:'AY. th«ojitilzuv 1
I IJajU on Randolph street. »X 9 o'clock A. 51., par. ■
"and 1 MMiary to o"toaor-af tins wen- [
I teanial Ann.vers'ry of the blrthof Kotrrt BmUk 1
By a D'spenaatlon granted by D. uT GrxacTMuto H.
H. Jtoville, the menu»rjalliappea'« ta-
FaU Keg.lU. ~-BEbt< EYdZ£tf. ! - ■
jiS3t-c'J> Rcco-dla* gtcrettry^
001/A'wv DiSE wanted la exchanko
forßonoj aadUoitgx el on Castern Ckty Propetty. aad
Tint Mortgage 1 P«r cent.' KUlraaa iondv Jtare bos
;prtMltf*ls t »»*ad with Ad 1 iif, wUb»rml rumaaod dls
"S^ p>t Ibex. i
> /w-TISLDp w>U by ma l ! (posl-»aSd> ra reseipt .
,cltticfoto.;A<drtß._. ~iviC3 . 1
3 it*. ._ , m Laaalle sC7Ch-.ca*o. i
-Qas-- StOCK. • •-
£*fi SKARE3-CHCA(3O.GAS COitßAiiy" '
Vll 7
' iC3;y-st j; ] . »oaRtJT 'BAOg: k 'OO. J
' >- Qfieettf-<3ol«n»ft Chie«so 37Si«a i
- wanT>rjr,'lV"VT ?fV Inrh ; .4
Aa Uaa4.Coapaoy. toat*jHrtdswJ of *
ceaV mob the capuai «oca of j Ud.t-ooyjany wiu
declared in Che' When*., 1 aC OA aOee aa lis'
'jnhCMJ of hi'B*«baafOft»n«<rE«artv -f
,®1 Jjnwur katanL vIU be r*sJ*-
-h J r 1
t>. LA&RABEE. 2ec*y, I
- YeCdlsooverad. „
! ■ ; V&-OF.'
VAw " TV "' "housa-aach. 4m. luu
■ IsaMsasft®
-V 12!wn -Caatfte*-Wbeo the
J cj- *
■ VV ' -ToSiiokft or-Smell,
j - 011/41 -9E&QALL a 5.
j-' .:: : tUauteii/ •"""."
' W '* - ST ED—A. J , AffC<*Ea".'WITH"SO3C
l "jjr.ef •DJ 'r'.od baUaee qaarflcajloar. In a
i Proj'pce Coomisrioa Ifou*™»Mffcity of AtetSw
raad'cg. addrwaP.Q. Bex"lgH." ♦ -H3l-4w-010
W-WTED-:>5.HES >u « -WAGON'S; So
Plke*« ti
j £™r"^^'^a^s
- u
5 '.V »• OcnniT. N. C^eaaeOJywn
i ' iKa """ m """B* ft
j -■-a?«£qg a
nJv i for "Mnhtbe hiiVstf will be
mSrtrt4hfe2 , , or r^, oolrtoiAM^L *- HKsrt SV?I
catetgo. • ■ - ]al»bn*
_)lllta» 2» • - • - Biakrn. So.- 3 UUrk-et.
_ _ £<?• Rent. '.
4-V Rw b! ®- f ? r J" Rentleman, with!-. twc
b luWlws% IT ffic ?_t a ' I . alr ? lu dl itrctL
•Qjorla rardee • Buidnc corner gouth W4ler and W«Ui
#Hot corner basemett.
s..tt*hl«foradlniiu.lia.l- -Fostermsa&cla tothsaabMrl
: No, 313 Sooth Water
• '" W. g. Wltt.TAMy.
fbr aUrta-of ictn, th*Har*ftbaildlc»neil
E«lor the Berttor of Qlbbi the fia<
XolonwUcQ it lUads—beln* AOfeet, mere or lees. on thj
river «sd raaoSar bac* to the G. * 0.- U: fi. R. Attached
to the boliala* to a tfeact eajdna room, with.aa eaaine
. Tula U a floe loc'Uoq for a Klourinf m|lL or lor Mectianl.
cal for terms, ICh apuly to
. ' & H.WILUAMB,
d»Jjbßls3a m Boom WaKr itmt.
for Sale.:
A„>K WM. buin. In ClcYc mil to lsw- lenith
l-o ; M,d icei; brealta. .oVlgu fe;i: lieuth 3 tO-iDv feet
■Jterßrfoe aad wtmjaspl*ioUNl>*SLATSa.Caaal
_Ptariiadbea atr«wt. -
fclTe i°J ** l9 jraod Trnc*
w«*oo'aad Uarneu; fl?» «0041 oa Axel Draia and Har
toriaJo cheae. , laqaire of L. TiK
u£ke comer KorOi Watei
* aadl>yart>org«tmta. • - - frll sq
i£ M K^es? l? '' "
i i »•••
.. URKVEAUIX Ai 1... tS **
• NfeMTINGtIE. .. A 1 .!4W "
.. WING* OF THK WIND. Uau A i!...!... 370 "
...» .. H1..... 3m
.. FITRKU .. BJ tcS
i .11 y |
Now belo« ErecUJ,
On Rasli, near Superior St.,
Aodk>be£aUh«t! ifar Ist. Tioee houes are 21x16 feet
tvtiet, witfi buemeat. slil»aakee brick front
baiiiana to be fialabed la ihebettmaoaer. Toe touar
1-t? fect.dorp h> ao aller. and Till have a good brick bar
on each. F«*ooj Durctiaa.iis auoa caa male sach aIT
leraltoas as may be destred,
TenntaTorame. AD»l»to D 1 HEAINAMI 4a Clarl
streirt. trpm 8 lo 10 o'clock a. M.
Hodse and lot forsale sitcatei
oaxhe corner of and Warren streets lo tbt
*e»t DivUioa. near Uaioo Park, occupied by v P.
me h<ra«e Is ncT. built of brick two stories, ani
«oae buemeat t««aty-four oy fifty-three feet, vkb a fin#
obicrratorr; flalshed la ta« aost faahlnntble manner
vttii ail tb» modern hopro7emeat*-»marble maatela
[tratea.Ac. Ac— w w a.d be a dx*aranie reaideace. The
lot lsrfx<y-«ix by one aoa tweaw-serea fee*
with a twenty fuv-tai:<rr la the ie«rof U : »1U oe soil
caaal time, or the wtnie of the
money m*j romitia on morUue oa U and other Dracertf
forfour or flra year*, or it wdl be cxchaaxed for art
dectowU real e*a-e secxiriUea, hartn* lereral Tear* t*
rp A Dpi* to B. T. BiKKKit. P.O. Box No Jl». orf
U. 11.
Malt! Malt! jJJ alt I j
Ifi H< til BtJ " Ka 1 C,VXADABAB^
JLv«VV V/ IXT MALT, In store and for tale bf
• »agb9V).3ni ISTHenatertreet.
tlemea can procure Board and Pleuant Koon» 4
No. 71 Mnnroeaxett. Alio, a few day boarders caa be
accommodated. jal»-3w-cl3 |
Boarding.— first class board
_ anl feasant rooms, either suite* or slnale. at M
boutli^ci yk street. Transient Board at reasonable raiet
XJ lolls o'roomj newly fitted no, with board, on rei
son*i)is -erea, nay be obtained oa application at No iifi
ctate»'re«t. C. D. Qi,|v*q :
' de*£2m* I
: Particular Notices, j
JL a*, a Pp-cial Meetln«of the St. Andrew's Bode?i
held on daiarday, the Liitt January, UC®. U was • T
That the Sjolety do tarn oat la procession <4i
the *»*h. irat.. la honor of toe Centeontal Anniversary qf
thaßUtUJayoi fico:la'» Bird, ttnocrr anathi
• all tHe»t»ter Bcdttiea, the Mas--nlj; yraumirr.
*D<l the Ovl:axid County respect.u ly In* 1 •«
to join with theOc Aaoroif's coilety lnprocc«ionoa Cbii
a«y. * l
Mcabers of the miosis St. Andrew's Society arj' ri-
Queated ta meet at the Guards' Armory, c©
tueiday, Jtcmrj iita. a: 10«» o'cluca A. M.. *i
th- DTOcciaioi as tt*icd In in* above resolotton. - i
Officers a-e reqawtei to h*»e oa their badges
SSecn>!e>4to have athisile oa »bslr lefl breast. T
laJJcJT-Ul JuUN BrE*VAaT. Bec'y.}
Money TO LO A k
.U Tea percent, per Annum. •
Flrst-diss Beat Istate and [
rotnln fromOnetoTvelre Mocths. !
laJUcJJ B. f. DOWNING A C0..5T Garfc.it.l
CD li\/v\ " .»arty w shej toe t> »ell a itiall let
at alow price oa fair terms, and loan the purchaser »l,Oi}o
or Hs*anls, at ten. per cent, on other lecorliy, one or
■ twojeaia. -ApwicaUoa to be- made to me p«is»aaUy er'
'by.letter. J. L. LK*. I
~ At Wadsworth AOo's. ggClarfc st- t teo«C7X P. 4
•JL- -Uerchaid *a or CUy Prop rt«. tlQ,U)>3 worth
QTjflWelry. Gold Peni, PencUa, Ac. Address "J. W.
BU ' Box 31»d Chicago P.O. • lylAWTImj
Money i money i:—lo*ns in- sumb
- from fioq to »1 ogOcide-oßaood leowityby
iaU3w* .tatg>V. MKWCQ>lß4CO.'BoDetfb'>ro-tt.i
uA ' winaUeadtofflybmtiievitartnciny sbsKccirMa
tiacky. Penoos ba»io*o«iiaes> (allssda
iallaw* • J. MOHKLKT.
JL coareslence of preoerty owrersL I bare wocarad
a list of the taxes oa lota at,L*JLe torwt. Iwl U attej (»
to th* paymeflt of taxes far parties pajug them to v a u
ay ri&ie befar« the ?sth Inst. ...
UTO-ow w p. x. secretary.
vnlch we win «■
c3l *s?-, l , cr
or Dry Gooa^ 4 aim a new ecren octave Piano aa abowe,
I .Vf-V. » ABB')Tr* KINGMAN, r
W' S»aads2l *«wnhClark streHj
- yan BeetiritlM. Tros( Deeds, Bonisi
Nodes, Easiness Nate% and all good oecotlablr seoai
ties bouthtaad sold. .Certlfloataof Deoodtaand Gbe&s
of B. S. riwlA, Brother A Johnston, purchased for eaah
•aithe hkhestmarket prioe. Dealers, lb illlaots. Wlsccß
sla and lowa lands, improved farms, suburban lota aad •
City Real Eatate. c>flce No, 6, (second floor) Hetropcal
tan Block, coraero/ Saadolch and Laaalle its- Cblca® -
' de3b6l3 4m W. PAVIDSONT
. ON NSW 70BS. j
Drafts, Accectacces and Notea paid la Hew York In
the day of matartty, or last day of grace, and money
-p'sited lor account In tae aty of Hew York and seat fo
■hu»»« Ijj t>je nanJiy of New Yore oaTetegraptiio Ordea.
EUEBjr 0088 I
la 3 TttKGIUFH OPFfOm!
CMcui ud HUwamke* g»llr»U C4HP&IT.
X Stockholders of the Chicago and Milwaukee Rail
road Cc*aS>aay, which vil advertised to be holden M
their oSce ia Chicago an. the 14th dayof Deeeab*,
W3. at 10 O'clock I7TL, has been POSTPONED D -
TIL TUESDAY February Bth. ISO, a« 10 o'elock A H..
at ahich uae uld meeting will be holdeo at the office of
said Company In Chicago, fbr the election or Directors
- for the exuoing year, aad the transaction of such othfr
btulae* as may be presented. t
- By order of the Board.
aca-td-bftn A. ft. DQWSB. Becretarr.
A Private Golds b aS maUers of Lav of eaaeatlal 11»
tereel to Womea, and by the aid of which every womi a'
may. la whatever situation, understand her legal eoar e
aadredtes*, Advlaer, eontalnlj g
th* laws of th'e.iflffereal Stale® rela&ve to MA&&XACS
Price 1i0a".., .. *
v .Fot §aiii bj. W. B* IXSS, BeAsettii,
|a2l > • ---»- .... ■ K Lak»istr<«tJ
Aitl& LaM stock wut of
Beatestlootuaoauids. gadbaAimaged
14aeld«roX acy Safes made* >• *< BeoM «y p» « •
i,ei«lO*la«a4otwiUfaa Rerar Ufidet*Jd._ t • ,
raAii gWUHOMSBi ictoia
; JaUrffl* - *• 18J Scout WfWM^
■ V Uußt AKD 3ATIfflTTpi
J -Sales; -
" --'OT- ..... ...1
SilTOr-PUted'W'ars, Marian Haitlß, OU'Pltat-
Tfay#, ft&vta.-
_ Wttf t>e "•oi'd' oa TTESn w. WFDNef&aT-. »d
•TBpa3l>i%Y,.J»aaacr *i0..34a aadJ7 h. ecmta«clii*
at s.S o cto-a eifb d>y. r to L*k-> ..rert, br eWe-af
B*»eis«p I sjarseaßU.«*Li»dlJ,JU«rtci-6t9f 'vlcb Vurql
tare, Uoaseitf-wln* Gubcs. ai.'lc.. co-iU'tni'tn pat
of iIMaM-llah«ffari]r.aDd.B.ack.vtalDa» Parlor (4.u,4n
Plusb acd Hali-Clotfar or Lb*lr«. Ma*bl-ToD Cer.C-r
TaMevOard o*. tuiitn. ct4h*anei, ottomaaa JUur
and HoclLn* Chalra. B-nkCii s. J
Chamber "Furnitwe,
Mah'oirwyaad Black WJa'it'Kflfewotfd
Htuta. Eo ; i nd Cotu**
Marb.eTo? Bureaus and P.'aiaitfaiU'vii.
Dlnllig-Room Furnhure,'
Oakaidß'act-WiltmtK-renlioo SK»Id4 table*, jiuk
!aat l*j. Tumblen. Gablet . Cro -J CarpeU.
Alio—Oil Palnttsn Qtlt rruaai Mlr*ar>.
John K. -
ItZCKfVIS ot.laiAdrtnoX UIU
Ja34d .. .QtUliytT 4 3AMP4ON,. Auctiofteei^
j.a.tATiia." ... .... xirxiou.irmWir/
TAYtOR de CO iy - -
Acchosr ud cojonssior snaewsts,
No. WWtDi 9C. opp. Brtszi Hoaa, 1
• » CHIOAOO. ILLLSOIA - . .. n
doacrlpUoo of pro?«rtT. to be »ol<l a; Aactloa. tot
eaad. oa' timw or wihiMgh. aim. Viwit CiaDw
WoekJofGeneraJ UercJxandija. Jewelr?, K-aranurtf.Clotb*
tojtla Seat SifUte. L*BfU U)t* Uo«M>fc «». \tiu-p*9
Dartlco ar aueouoo toUea-Ueor Lo<4 ll.aaea.
acu at Aaerton. tnsWfr-op oukdJ»Obkca*o. • idvaaoet
bu4« on coaatauaeaia. Tbo bot of rrfereoc«a !a Cbicaso
vUlbealven. Oarfnewtormar relyoa naSdeoee «d
prompt returnable life of ooratncrce and irade.
j. utatlor k c».
Monday-Evening,-Jan. 24th, at 7 1-2 O'clock.
OP TCEL." ' -
/TXjfsre-Obiecty of Paet-VArietiei of Pn^—ThMry
Of IT ctITC V*-09-.>r«ny 'Atrtl-ew-ca
. of pUTeieniKlnoi of Pud la the Ana. *nd fur Dome»Uc
Punx>»€»—Ooneruitctta. . .
TLta lecture vlllba {Kaitratid by Brilliant Xr.
penmen' l
On i TljMes2» eet'.s each, to bo hid aC th« door.
Gruiid £xliibitiuu llu.i
. . -OP
WUI beheld'at tb.lr Auembly Roo-i corner of .Valla
-- • an-« Bandog »t.\ci«
OnXUriUDAV, Jau. 27tb, 1809.
Tbe Cahlbitoa Diaces will cor men o'ctoci.'be
t**nry-t*o in number, rail occupy ab®«»t aa boar-*n4a.
faAir. anil ■ f
The Dances of all Nations in Appropriate*'Cc»-
• tume. - . • • •"
. After the laocy Oaaces. ibe ccinpiaj will partiobate
In me amoicmeoti ot t .e eveniaK
Itokets. l-1 jMlm t»:n* % i»ft*lcnjaa end Lu'v. .
a* For toaie b&rti.u.Ar«. »«e bill-,
.B TJ R.N S? ' '
Jauuary 25Ui, I So:).
Srand.Jlinhai of tho Day, Chief Mc'ul A3H35.
MtLITAHY tBJUiSSiOa . wl.i fno ci
iHAieeimr'. witu wi«? rt* r-jil-von rtrtet, aVll
wj-oct A. lac <, a *ii ih-.-L ma c. to Dear
born vtiete tn? Miflivr win be revtewed by '
bkig-adier ueneral swift.
And the Muash aod Ctrlc * '
After whteb. »r?alntf of
will he fired.com isendn* i»rccllfl7 at 13 o'nloek nobn.
by aucru. o. u.e Artlllciy,—
T lie c*ononj loa tiy rev.
K-iounluw ;us tli-jre;
CtllJi'li, inn.. Jut i
louid fovV* iU»,—
lalloa.iroft:»eOSP TliaTlinAV nfi!,.
l-o.t KOBEItT BKt-y
wUlitien re form •ua uj*.wJi uy L.»u ii-ort lu .UarieL
"''fj L;M HuirJ .»->.n;r,:tt Baad*
and Lie ILrao t^i*rt al ui« HitixUmU Qu,v<i.
i j- \ JiIMX.
A oRASU ML3IOAI. JftUTiVAL »1U Uk.iiUc..
Ootnmenciiv «?>; o'cltclc P Nf.. when tile roilortng
r *f® c ° aOiu%»i u iji Miuic U Vhjj *nj InMfu*
metlUi. WIU ; ' u AU*VU
Mix M.iTlEdoS.
Mr. T. tho Scotilih
V>C4il»t. ••
Mr. A It. DEUPdrilt.
Mr. WJI. 510 JAS,
Mewra. CUSSIS and BJaTTiiKit, Ptaaiita. '
Ilea. J, GUtK.N 'IKLI>, la " Ja-a o* dbaaler.' 1
1' it O Ci K A id M £ .
rait rti*r.
1.-Gra-il Ov«tur,». MiuA-d' f«r tlw eccaalon.' b»
He r ttociu.r.—inuiKlac * i it r tJ » rs of tha
*-« l lao . Ulit Guard BaoU.
Ilea W. U. KIi.VS, CtiUrinaa. wIU Introduce'
who wIU dillTdr a brief
The birth of the Poet, and lU9 JiLsy", p r
S— alal wuboiu -.3 Kile."
B—Bong. ** Jnhn my * 0 - r n a t7^ri
4-bouA- "uuica i^°"T! c ,**
LumbiUd7 IC il - uu,JU - •■ , tcAdii.tr*wf - ra and
B—fior.jt...- ............. .. * '
iZrr : nt U v a ' "tVo «• atl* .t«'rV : .'' Gr««cd A,
5-Or»na K* ra - Ur-j«.V* * l-.re*- to LI A; my
?•«. ? ot '')» tho lilatM«Dd
(-uard. cjaium le Iby C pun M.:Aitbu-. isled
by ticuaihen axi>l Crawlonl. to- Mo>lo
b< led by LieUkeu jit >V o jd— .u iu lad liiaiiiaad
Coaujne. *
. „ P 4RT SKCO.ND.
I.—Graad Ova tare uf ynfotite .-cojeh A In.
• o_ . » . .. » by Uie liuird Dafiif.
I—9od«. A MasJ a Man f.'r .' *-«u"....Mr. CT»wf«td.
3,—Poag. Coml ' tury tbe Itje." .Mr* uo-i»l.r.
4.—S'dok. ••RoyVWlftfw' A>il.V4locV*....M.. l emuetu
**o. *Vb'*t!c au' 11. co uie to joj, inr Lad.'' "
B.—Glee. "While breWd a p eC k o' Msuu" X "' "^ lw,cJc *
. . , „ M l 'ra »fjr !. and Latnbard.
7.—5010. Puno Fjrte, 9<ilecuoa uf dcotcU Airs, w la r.iU
"U«n- ... .• ..ilerr Uoeltatu*
B.—Song, • itar-ipaaale>t Banner."
>lr. P Luuib«ril, with fa'l ("boruj.
,9.-<Jraal PlnaJe. "Au:d by tbe Hht.Und
Guard led by Lieut, uid 4 full O.cUeMral
ImoedUtely aftir iho Mutlcal Peatlval.
■ Tie fa'Jowliu gealljraea are
JLxja UASAOead
Adi Jaoe«-.\. Warikall.- fb el Jih-. Wcnfaihae
CoLHTaytcr. J. K
Caou Joba MeArt k .ur. J tin u
Capt. Jaara Smith, W. V. Ml che*L
CasC M. GUason. J oa iit'i-ir-ru
Ca»k Ducal, Jjfm
Robert Hervey. D.A.ra«, '
lftuald tUWArt. .I. W uu-*i.
opt. Hmu B. Itaymond, col W 11. OatK
W. T.
- - Stale the Great Western BaatL
T.cketa for ihe Mus'eal Peat ril. 50 ct*. «*-h' Ttbketa
fbr ine Ball and liicqu t. \
and Lady,—u» im bad .at fie Turnout Hoae. at all
Jlnt4o Stores, of nr. £.3 e(l«, I>U sUoeLor
ofi&e MembenofitieiJeneral OumjiitUo. ,
Tbe t*o uraad Piano uf-nj yti ta • occtilon. «1
to be presided at bj» auna-i- CurrUs aod ait*
klodL furulaiied r-y C. L >V«lk ui ilo. and N Goold
. TneComfflaueof AnrvMeiQ-suiarriyeafallf laioraitK®
ailmUeraoftb-PjeU >:». tin» great P: t.**!. etuL*ad
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Cblciao, lllaarai d by * Ilia Wo d of tie P»-
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BaJLtrr. WiAkost. fries lUctt
«»ry, wUI oereturnid rseoa most If of ttid ILa l
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0( tbe Tremoat t ' \
The or>eee ta over the axpenes will betlven tataa
poor of CblCi«T],uaJeMhd layer'.hUndjhca uf
lloiuJ. C. Uatnee.
B. P. S'roihir. U. A CoJe«.tor.
... Hoa. W. H.jjUa •• • .
Hoa. A. lli-*ie. Pres. 2t. A. 30c.« •
Alexauder Wbtte.-Ki<i. • •
Mtxaro of rtf* flaaxD brsiaA coiorrars."
Hon. W. B. Pg-n Jal. A« MarahalL-A^
Hoa. Andrew tLirr'e. Atex. Wbitv, t»q..
lioo. Kobert3. Hlisoa. .. -. Jutnv aabta. En_
lion. dtewaru . Geo. Les ie. »iq..
Caot. J. McArtiiur, IL G.. Jobs AUtoa .
tapt. JameadoxlU], b. A., Srlre»te.- Uml. ia. «
OapC A. C. Da. at, P. D.. - Joowilowdr. _
J. a WUalna, B(U. C«uual, W. Jwaei tiij,
Prot'BlineT. • W. Uross •
B. P 8 roib-»r, U. 8. CcL'r, John Ur.ka k! 4
Gov. Mooftnaa. k,o.
- L. of IU. of P. AA. M.. - - ULfcltj WHaou. t
ja*S td-c9 '
Minstrel n. r » axd *HT
Saadolpb atreet. between "-Iva aai t)6*rb»m.
Female Hlastrtli and Barlesqao Opera Uap>y»
Tbe Manager*ln pr-dbotlo* thllaew aod n»»et enter
tatnmeat to ibe 1 <dles and of Cbicaeo have
epared neither palna or exoeoia to make It oao of the
Qioat pleasant -jl >cea of ax&iuement Id the city.
Carda of Xdotaaloa £ oeau.~OraaeaU«lkata SQeentc
dcl^liqo-fralj.. . .
atflt A TIO H ILL,
(Ljde of GUbert, Hid A d.mpioa.) -
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pc.if*pUK«« aoo »tiict BUeilty to teelr-tnie'eWß. v,i r M
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