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Wa?exngton', Jan. 24.—Sisats.—The Vice .
Preaident eubmitted to tbe Senate nn elaborate aQ
memorial lrom the Legislature of Indiana, set
ting forth that tbat ritulo ia miarepreßented in
the O. S. Senate, and baa cotnuiißaioned no oth
er poraons to represent ber therein except lien
ry S. Lane und Wrn. M. McUarthj;. whom, .
t;ierefore,tbe niemoralifits pruy may be cdtnitted
as Senators frotn Indisna in the tedera 1 ! Senate.
A general des.re haviDg been expreeaed to hear >
the memorial tbo Secretary commenced
readme, but it bccoroiog tedious, was referred, £
on motion of Mr. Trumbull, to tbe Committee JJj
on Judiciary, und ordered to be printed. "
Mr. Seward, of N. Y., notice that be
would to morroA- Kubruit a resolution giving
paid Lane and McOurvby the privilege of tbe *
lljor while their claims lor seats are pendirg.
Mr. B:j;ler presented memoriaU lrom Penn-
svlTania in fivor ot c/n-ciKc duties on iron. ,
Mr. Cmnerou ]>reaented fimibr memorials, '
and took to aiuke some b• rcastic re
oinrke on the 2tul cf the-Preaidennt in Kansas ) c
uDd hoped he would exercise the same .
energy in remodeling the mr.ti, winch course of .
action would gain bim the contidenctf 'ot bis
State. n
Mr. Uigler that he too would unite in u
carrying out the spirit i't the repolutions, be
cause he believed they embodied tbo sentiment
of a majority of bis constituents, but bo believ- .
ed :h.a the worst friends of a prompt readjust
ment ofthe turiU'iire thobe wbo would gt.e it . ;
th- form of a party question. No man could ,
misuudertiknd the purport of his colleague's J
remarks, which was to turow doubt on the good
faith of the Executive. At a proper time he
(Mr. lligler) would express his sentiments at
lengtu ou the subject nt the tanll'; meantime he J
was prepared to trett it as a business question ®
hftVcung tbe Treasury und the great industrial
interests ol the country, without making it in
anv war a ijacKtion cf party.
Mr. Cam< nn retorted mi the recently t-xpresn- J
I'd 11 iti-.iiul v»ew- ft' Ml', ljiglei ; lie bitil>rlt ad- 1
mifi dt'.ut te-ituieiu pe: -oustli.it battle bravely f>'r .
tlifir mvu
iuuc'i, w-mld d.> lor her ad >he wauteJ. 1
wiili«nit lurtuer the memorials weit- ie- e
fcrre.i. 1
>lr. I'mm Com. oil F«»rcign Afl'jirs, to
\sli«v.vv w.s- iv'.'-nvd t'..e i' U api»topriaiotis ]
to tacilrate '.he ncipn»itu>a of Cula by negotia
tion, said llt;tt is not coli-iiicred iieCO»-ar>' l«v the
e-'imiiiiu-e to enlarge ii|iou the iuijionauce
oi tue acq'jJMtiou tu Cuba. '
Its uituuate -< •piißiii'-n may be considered u
Uxed purpcee ot tbe C. S.—a purpose resulting
from haniUul aud gf-ograpbicul uiCedhitiea
which have been rctogniz-jd by ull parties und
and m regard to which the
popular voice b*s been tx;>rrssed unanimously.
Tbe purchase und unnexation of Louisiana It-d
us b necetxary coiollary lofluriau, and both
point with unt-rrinii certainty to Cuba. What
the pObfesMon ol the mouth of the Mississippi
wus to t!if W'e-"t, Cubu would become to this
nat'oa. Ojt leading ttate&men have endeav
ored, with steadiness and uerseveracce, to has
ten Hie coafumuiation. Tuere are (jioted tbe
opinions oi Jclleraon, Adams, Clay and Van Ba
irn; ol Mr. iJucfiauan in his dispatch to Mr.
Srjnd/.Ts, of 'dr. Everett, in his letter to Count
Sartig'-s, und ol Mr. Marcyin his dispatch to
Mr. Sc,u'.e. From these authorities it w»s
lJibniicti that tbe uliiciute ncquisition of Cuba
bad long b«-n regarded us not only desirable
but inevit.ibl*. Tne only difference is the time
mode and condition ol obtaining it. The law of
our natioijol exiot-.nce is growth. We can't
disobey while we should not unduly stimulate
it we should be very careful not to
impose upon ourselves u regimen so
strict as t" prevent its healthy development,
liugland, France and Uassia are all expanding
ny ihe B-uie biw ol but their graw:h
is ttie abs-'fi'tioc ol w.thki::- j)'jwers, while cur»>
tbe result of position, higher
c.vmzauoQ ucd greater u;tri:udeof eovernment.
t'»'e hive CLitNer the ngh; nor di-position to
fmd lauit with :n>-tn, sj that llugland pursue
ner anieiation, Fiance iu Atricu or to tbe
UuiLe. L.t Ru.-.pia subdue barbarous Asia and
we ,*.:.ali i-kA on tb-.ir progress if nut wiib favor
with icd.ll=reiice. We claim in this hemisphere
vhe fea:»»e privilege we repeni that. \b but
a queh't :on ot time ; 111-, iruit that was not ripe in
Jonr. Quincy Ad ttus' day ia now matured, und
the question is t.hull it be p'uckrd by a friendly
hauQ compensate us proprietor with
a princely giierdjn'{ Sa«U it or hbatl it cot fall
1-. tbe giuuud, as Spaiu can't lone maintain
her gr.'fp ou ;t. i"i«ere are but
a'.leinatives : 1 <!, the posM-Jflion of Cuba by
one of the great Kuropean powers,
v.hlch ii incompatible with our must
con?'q j -'uiiy be rr«.int«rd. lid. The indepen
d.-uce uf trie island wliich would result in a
protectorate inure or It.-K
our.'-, would follow. Il under Euro.
civn und fervile war entue. The od
1 i annexati >n, und the question is, bow is this
to he done 1 Ihe urtwer is bv conquest or ne
ijitiutiun. Cnnqueet, even without the hostile
interference of «ml:erpnnerii than that of Spain,
wnnld tu* ext.btiMve, aud wit'u such interference
•v-ioul i;iv.<(7e t-ie civil 7. -d world 10 war. Pur
ein'fi", • 'iv:-, i* 'he only prac.icdl course, but
that c-'.n't be aitrmpted wiib success unless the
President be clothed with th* powers to nego
tiate acd pay, us be has suggested in his meS'
sag . Much !:as been said ot the danger of con
liaiug tuch puwrr to the Uxecative, but we
)i»»ve three examples iu nliiirs in Mexico.
Much an tilno be-.n ca:d of tbe iniielicacv
ot the oiler thut would v/nuad the Spanish
p: ide, und be treated and rfj-cf-d with contempt. I
i'"|-ni:itiy \< .us h;t" iiui-df-i'e to nialce the pur
ei:a,»- lei mv., to the <,rM. We >im|ily .-ay
to You have a ui-'ant po>.fsHoii, held by :i
j.r< i-«. IciMl r, wlrr'n it ali:iu-i indispeu-abh
t" u- i.-r the piolee;i"» of our coJunierec, and
«!i.e:i in:iy. i:> pfeuli:w geojrjphieal pn
< ii.:i:M ,r ei\ p-s u! itimi. atnl m>.<- i:i v.bic!i
it i- g-v*-i i.i-d. !-.;<] ;:t Tune to :i niptiite
tv hili 'i.mli 1.1 *'l■ ;i 'jl il Oi-pre,-ate. rJ'iii>po
-11 \ \ .in .» Uvl 11 veaue ir I aJuoauiieg on
.r- av. 1 itvii 1 <>! a .-t-r-v•?»« r u ar> to a oue bu nin-th
011! <(f thi» price we r yi-u lor t. True, yon
liaw iti'u.-Ml t'> -ell hei'eto!t>n-; bat circnin-it.iuies ;
arc ti.ati-i:.- ilailv, and our imw may be \
n:oP: arcL'pi.ilili- ;ii,i;i in Should war bie.iU
nut iti n.ii .-pe, >|. iui t''iuJ .-c.:nv'y h> Ip l»- itig iu
\ ilvci !0 it.::i!ii tbe Cuiui;- H"ii!d i!ie oji
p-'fturiity to hp i:l riu iiie'i ii.d-.'pvudeiice. Further
• ■uf Mini •tec e, ilj i:i;t bjiuch tlie Milj;-ct «)t the
pU'rluM.- I li; iir !, le.i-'!ll to believe it will be la*
V la'ily < Uteri::';!!, it.
iiiiuin ts a country of coup d«? etats and pronun
euimtutLs. The "shniHw r of to-day may be a
uiuitive tomorrow. With the !urm« .of a re
-ponfible government, Spain in u de^poti^m >
t>us'atued bv the Uayouet. linaucial condi
tion t.s one uf ei'.ri-tue tmd the
cri>:ri may urise whni tbe (\va-i>ty may be over
thrown, unless u large mi in of readv money can
bo i-air-id lortiiwi'h. Tbo President he)s we
would not, if we ceu'.:i, acijuire Cuba except by
lioi.orai>le n-'ivitri'-ioiift, ana lie will not depart
irom riiicb a course tiniest; circntiißtanceß which
l e lioes nut autiuijiute render the deoarture jus
t liable and cverrulit'g rule rf self justilication.
lie tells ua it in ay be to renew tbe re
•lotui'.iuLH nnd make au advance without await
mg its ra'ifirat'.oii by Senate. Thif, iu point
of lact, is an appeal to Congress tor an cxpies
mou of its opinion ou the propiietv of renewing
the negotiations. Should we fail to give htm tbe
means be will con?mcr r. an intimation that
we do not desire the acquisition of tbe island.
• The rep rt then goes en to fay, that if, us has
bt tn said, tbe Cunans do not desire tbe tracs
ler, it would be a vrr serious olj 'Ction tu the
Jiit •fir' 1 ; bi<tthe Cubsiis weald ne Icks tban
n.rn 11 tli- y were ccutcuUd v.:t!■ their lot, and
the huve the beet authority lor ns
h<*rt-.cc that orarl) the t-mire mitive population
r f l'u?a diuro annexation. The report then
nrocetds M ccnsideruoie length to discuts the
otarmg ol annex ittou un the a'ave trade, urg
:r.g that ilh g.»l tr. tlie is now ccntioed to Cuba
Mi.t Porto K co, and that could have sup
pressed it w completely af. lius 1 has done but
iiusnou 'iben loie those who o-sire to extirpate
the iiave trade may ti.irt in their sympathy for
the Afnc-iu an incentive to support this bill.
Then turning round, the report proceeds to re
lieve ibe nnuds of Souiheru gentlemen of their
upprebenrii n of tail ore ;o their institutions fi 0:11
toe d;lTr*ren*. elemeu's which Cuban society is
umde o t; lartl er u£d;ug that, tbe auueXation
would increase tbe c.nntortsof the slaves. Next
circircumlocutioii of Uispan-Cabuo dipUmacr
is ccnsiCered and condemned. Statistics are
cited to fhow the value ol the Itluud, especially
us n would give us the monopoly ot and
liually puieiiitte i.> recomuiendtJ now us u mea
t>ure oi economy. Since the relert'UCi- ol the
bill tu tbe Committee, the President hae an
nounced that no correcuomlente hue beeu ex
c:tang«d, ?r.d be t.kes occasion to repeat
That any L«*£c»iii»ti ja tlriuld rtc»ive tbe prior
.r.ciiou ol i.osgress. i'nis emphatic reitera
tiiill !o-o«H C !;;;re>s the Ttft)3US;b:hl.V of
I^..ure it ii *je withheld j itdced, tbe inference
is sutlic'.'-utly clear tbat without some exures
sii/li ol opitiiiiu tbe President will not feel justi.
heJ in renewing tbe negoliations.
2lr. MuKjU'U waa understood that all who
■c-jr.curied with the committee iu the presentn
tiou ot ibis re on, did not concur in sume of irs
recouimendatiyns. Tne report had stated that
it is tbe po.icy of this Ci v» rnmeat to extcud its
dominion* by successive acquiaitious of territo
ry. Ue did not believe in mrb a pi.hcv.
Mr. Seward, the representative of tbe mi
r.ori'y ot the Commiitee, intreduced a bill call
iou* ou the Pre<-:dent to traramit to Congress at
t. e C'liiimeaceuant of tbe next suhsion, u attte
lnent ot the relations then existing between the
un.ted States and Spain. The bill aluo requires
ia- n.i'.i-njent ol the condition of the Treasury
ui\d » Ifecuve cJiiCition ol the armv and navy at
tbat time, to ea:-i !e Congrets to j--d h 'e whether
it may be tecen?ary tu adopt uc> extrsoidinory
meahorts to maiumio the rights und interestaof
the L'aued Stains id r«yard to Spain.
Mr. St ward i-r-.'. e ih-d to the linaucial
hiiidiuucea to toe in-qciMtu.a oi Cuba. The ac
li n or the biilnU . conr ried on the P;e#iieut
ptmers wijich w ul l eonioel tlic Sjt.atc to ra'.ily
ibetu il exeiciKcd. The bid wa» Mi deingatiotl of
Sen ;t -liul ]m>wi-iv. He had .MMp z-ed that politj
c.u would Cuba W gravila'C to
the contim-nt us has been -tated by i;iu>tiion«
but their ojijurtumiv hoj never ine
s uu-d itself, and be doubted ii "wo h d a 1 rived at
that poiut now.
For ten years we bad made no overtures to
Spain for the purchase of Cuba, and ate now
clings more tenaciously to the u-luml than when
the wus m a less prosperous ccudition. She was
now in perfect repose, ile real to ihe Senate a
report cl a debute iu tbe .Spat ink Chamber of
Deputies, showing tbat the Government intend
ed to demand reparation lrom tbe President of
tbe United States lor tbealieged inault contain
ed in his ilese»ge regarding tbe purchase.
M r. Sjwurd thought tbe propositiDn to buy Cuba
now was unwise acd ridiculous, and character
ized the purcbese as much of « necessity us that
01 tbe auction woman id tbe play, wbo thought
tnai it might come so handy.
Mr. Uajurd briefly advocated tbe passage of
the bill reported. He thoaght it might be
parsed, whether the object was obtained or not.
Mr. tord Hiij when tae propceition was fair
»» lore the Senate be would give bis views.
Mr. ioombs replied to Mr. Seward, arguinz
the ccinßiimuoQ.il objtctiM,. Ue thoogbt tbe
beoutor w»s mi.uk.u, | c tlyi l( j al t g o s „.
. ate v.. obliged to rutiry i;, e IT JZ T mhie bj tLe
President, w M no dero K i.t, u n or Senatorial pow
er. unj ben&tor could exerciw bis conetita
rrrtte"o JOPPD ' IDS " »«•»«»»». be
"*Bt iatoK ™ a -1
HocfE.—The House took op Mr. Stephens* t
resolution, setting apart the tirst two day ß .to
February for the consideration of Territorial
business. . <
Mr. Morgan, of New Ysrlr, would not con
sent tmleaa a proriso be added to exclude the
admission of new States. . .
Mr. Stephens replied that there was only one is
State applying for admission. He wianeito m(
take up the Oregon bill as soon as practicable,
and was willing ihat Mr. Morgan ebould offer ot
un amendment, aa he had indicated, after the IJ.
rules shall have been suspended, to admit the ca
resolution. „ . .
Mr. Morgan dissented. He wanted the pro- ■"
viso added. . , , P €
The House refused to suspend the rules—
ayes 105, nays 71, cot two thirds voting in the
alliramiire. „ , . - . 4
Mr. Kelsey, of New York, asked leave to ag
otkr a resolution, which was passed, limiting m
tn^debate on private bills next Saturday to
two live-minute speeches on each.
Mr. Pbelpft introduced a bill appropriating ki
SIO,OOO to pay the witnesses before the several
investigating committees. n .
Mr. ot lnd., offered an amendment *
that no putt ot the money bhall be paid for the
defence of any parties implicated, or for the f<
i constructive mileage of witnesses, which was re
t jected. , ... f<
Mr. lleagan offered on amendment providing 0
that hereaiter no more than ten cents per mile ft ,
shall be paid to ctlicers for the distance actually fil
and ncC6B£arily truveled in summoning wit- jj
neiM-ea. , . tt
Tbe bill passed with the latter amendment e
The House went into Committee ot the to hole
on the State of the Union on the c&nsnlar and g
diplomatic appropriation bilL 3
Mr. Sherman of Ohio, offered an amendment „
limiting th«s missions Great liritata, trance, j.
Russia, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, China, "eru,
Turkey, and Nicaragua. \
After a debate the amendment was adopted. 8
Mr. Stewart, of Md., expressed himself t
ncainat this more of cutting down the number e
ot foreign missions. It was retrenchment in the
wrong direction and would not be approved by e
the people. ... . T i
Mr. Clay, of Ky., made a similar remark. He
was opposed to this miserable system of curtail- 1
ment. The game was not worth the candle. . 1
Mr. Lovejoy, ot Illinois, said some ofthe min
isters were the most extraordinary on earth;
not one, but the minister to England, could ]
a peak the language of the country to which he J
is sent. . , (
Mr. Miles, of S. C. t protested against the pen
ny wise and pound loolish conduct of curtailing (
the diplomatic system. Economy, like charity,
shoula begin at home, and gents thould apply
theuitflres to the correction of wastefulness,
recklessness and lansh expenditures under
their immediate control.
Dur;ug the discufleion oi the to
dinpense with Fortign Ministers, Mr. Lovejoy
said the appointing of them was taken from
mouarchibl governments at a time when one
man ruled the State, and his wife ruled the mon
archy What had tbe > misters to irance been
doing for a year past ? Settling a question about
gilt buttons and smallclothes, [laughter,J and
plaving gentleman u&her to ttie anobocracy of
America, introducing them to the aristocracy
of Europe, and ouarreling with his subordinates
because they we're better dancers than himself.
From »Vusliiugton. .
Washington*, Jan. 22.—The Senate confirm
the m uiinauon of Tbomas Miller as Postmaster
> of Columonf, 0., and that of Jamea Lewis as
1 Postmaster of Newark, O.
; New York, .Jan. 'J-i.—The Iribune's Vash
: correspondent telegraphs:
j. Tne Committee on Ways and Means will meet
on Tuesday. So far as is now known, noma
-1 jority report concerning the revenue can be
i presented from the Committee, Messrs. Letcher,
* Diwdell and Crawford. Mr. Phillips has a
' scheme of hia own. Mr. ilacluy'a position is
uncertain. Howard, Davis and Merrill are in
: fuvnroJ a bill, the details of which have not
1 yet betn divulged.
Mr. MjutgomeJy has given notice to Mr,
r on buha.lt of the Pennsylvania Demo
cr-its, that be will reiist the consideration of
3 anv more appropriation bills until some scheme
e concerning the turilT n presented,
j The Senate Committee cn Foreign Relations,
by a vote of 4 10 3, have agreed to & report
r written bv Slidell, advocating the $30,000,000
® appropriation, and have reported a bill for the
B-uie. The report is an elaborate argument in
? favor of the acquisition of Cuba. Mason,
. Dougla*, Slidfll aud Polk agreed to the report.
J Seward, Crittenden and Foate disagreed,
ji Toe city is lull of rumors to the effect that
Judge • : ouj»las has challenged Senater Fitch.
u Toe only foundation for these rumora is in the
l ; fact that negotiations are goiog on lor a recon
- ciliiition between tut-m.
'j 'ifae 'J'lmtb Washington correspondent tele
<l graphs that the Committee on Waya and Means
5 " will report r> bill thia week, tirst transfeiring 0 I
" number cf articles, including brandies, from I
ir the lower to the higher schedule; second,
\* adopting the decimal gcheduies, thus raising ,
the 12 to 15 per cent, list; third, transferring a
number cf articles lrom the free list to the low
er schedules.
m m -m
e 'i'ho Douglas uud Fitch Allair.
r * Xew Yosk, Jan. 21.—'The 7V'/iw* Washington
lL corrtHponueiii telegraphs that notes have
ie Senators Douglas and Fitch, with a
J " view to exol-tuations aud retraction, or a bos
s' tile meeting The hrnt note was from Douglas to
Fitch, demanding a retraction of the charge of
e falsehood. The aecoad from Fitch, specifying
3 * the c'jaryea, and inquiring if Douglas refers to
: . v them. If so. Fitch reiterates them. Douglas
replies in n detailed letter, explaining and uiod
l - if\im; his language, and giving it a construction
r * much If«s tll'cuuve than as originally under
'J' *.iood. F.tch rejoined amicably, and hia nolo
will probably settle the affair.
Kobbery of a Couuty Treasury iu Ohio.
-!i Cllteland, Jan. 21.—Tbe Plaind'dUr of this
It . eveniui' hhj s tiiai at ten o'clock on Friday night
liirc-e ujoii eu'.tred the ollije ol the Treaturer of
ltl Or-hocion county, or:e engaging the attention
U ol t;ie i'rtahurtr while the others threw a Bhawl
in or*;r hia ht-ua »«ud held him while the tirst rob
•s bed hun ol hid keys and opened the safe, taking
All u-camjied. The money consifted
it of fl.wJ in gold and silver, SI,UOD on Haiti
lj. inort; and Murylaud Oanka, nod the balance on
p. Oi.io bitul;?, uipstly Uarriaan County Hranch
er liank at Cadi*.
a- l or Tike's Teak.
Calkva, 111.,
D " Pike's Peak gold mine*, i» roging here at fever
** k latyc uumotr are ir.awmg arrangements
e * to leave lor the mines from this vicinity, in the
"• Syrmg. A cotmiar.y of lrom CO to oU will leave
n " from tlietown of Warren.
ltJ A company of Riilroad meo have organized
r * at Ainooy,-tbe Southern terminus of the North
-10 trn D'.vinon ol the Illinois Central Railroad,
with uie intention of ttftrting for Pike'a Peak in
tbe Spriog J;.hn Spßuldmg, un old euyineer,
1 onJoCvrtioiive No. i'o, is Captaiu. a number oi
c *' the iji-ttt engineers on the Central Road have
'** joined the coinpnny.
Arrival of the J-autu Fe iflail.
Nt St. Locii. J.iu. —The Saiita Fe mail with
•s- dutes to the idrL, reached Independence
ag yeslerdii.v.
ae Peace Las been coucluded with the Navajo In
ut piatis.
d. The Neosho mail party arrived at Santa Fe on
as the 2d lost. Thty «er« detained by the slow
is- movements of Lieul. Beal's party, in whose
fie company liter traveled. They saw no Indians,
in but Iresh Figna were visible every day. The
:d strergth of the company was doubtless the only
a- reason of their not being attacked. Thero are
Dn no newspapers furnished by the mail.
en ti ♦ . ~
lie From Dubnque.
Dt'BfgUß, Jan. 24-Ji'hnson, who was to
ua have been hanged ou Friday next, lor the mur-
P* der of Audrew OAtlund, has, by a decree from
the Supreme Court, been reprieved, to give an
e opportunity for the further consideration of hia
?r cm.
Ihereiaaroad dog excitement here. Two
men named Snivel and MuGeorge were bitten
' l*st Wednteduy, making fji»r persona who have
■ been bitten during tbe week.
QU —» ♦
xt Trial of the " " Fillibastcrs.
C T Mc-dils, Jan. 21.—Cnpt. Muury and others
j" e have Oven tried before the U. S. Commissioner
'J for obstructing L". S. officers, io the discharge
of their duties uu board the schooner Susan and
• 3 - for violating the neutrality laws, and the Com
iniPKioner has held them to bail iu tbe aum of
Q- $2,500 for their appearance at the Court in Feb
x* ruary.
at - , r .
or From Cuba. A
a- w
0 f Nkw Orlsans, Jan. 22.—Havana papers ofthe
:e Oih mst., puoliah a statement to the eSect that
g. General Pereau had offered Concha fifteen mil-
Lw Ilea dollars to declare Cuba independent.
Thrtrutß are made to massacre atl American con
ao fipira'.ora.
.a - *
its Fire at sturges Mich.
!ta thin m> rnicg, destroyed property to the naount
o- of $25 % 0-.»o; insured $5,000. The Grand Ripida
Mid Indiana Railroad Company lose $17,000.
1: * No ioburance.
11 T , ,
Horses Burned,
ife Newahk, N. J, J.in. 24, —A lire broke out
ea nbcut iuur o'clock this morning in the stable No.
9, William street, destroying' tt, together with
tbe iu'jjiuiug stable No. 11. ' horata, with
cr harntAH, <tc., were consumed.
ry • -
of J he Louisiana Ll* S. Scnatorship.
Raton Roi*cb, La , Jan. 24.—The Democratic
•u lx j;i!«l.itive ImUo'.ed 4*2 lor the U. S.
»c- Scii.i;or. No choice. B'.'njaraiu is two \otes
nt ulie d ; four cauili<jatos. Aojourned un'.il Mon*
ly day.
ti- Tli© l't Loan;
to Washington, Jan. The new United Slates
»n loan la reported to have been t-iken at over 102
percent, i'he comoinatiou bid ia understood
at to have been at 102.
tD Arrest of the Captain of (he 44 Wand
en erer."
M Charleston, S. C., Jau. 24—The captain of the
a yacht ll'aniicirr aurrttidered himselt on Satur
of day. to the U. S. Marshal aud wa s held to bail lir
JL Wooden Cues-A. large Mfortment for tilt bf
of jillly b*C *
3e " >y °" m *o. I*J i *ke urcgt.
r- v-/ icr c lcmtily cr ChtpoM Haadt ror s«le by
6. Atotliccarles,
J g Uiny U} L>te ttreei
le fT L r CEK, - NE - V - N ' l) GLYCERINE SOAPS
r- -■ 14aL*fce«tregt.
_ . DB4
Conmenial and Money Matters* sl.
Mosoat Ev**ibo, Jan. 24, lE9. ||
Mosir, Excbasqk, 4o.—The money market
la entirely quiet. There sppeara to be no move* mj
ment in any direction to affect the dull routine
of ordinary quotations. They are for exchange :0;
premium. Tbe Marine Bank still aella to 1
customers at & quarter below thia figure. 14 Out- W
aidera" are charged Banks discount 10
per cent., as neuaL b<
We hear, also, that considerable sums arc being
loaned at ten per cent on five years' time, by
agenta of Eastern capitalists. These transactions Bt ,
must increase both in extent and number, and ere
I mauy months, materially relieve the money mar
fcet of tbe West. Gold is inactive, and retails at
[email protected]« Street rates nominal at [email protected] per cent w
per mouth, with few transaction?. t
The New York Tribune of Saturday haa the w
We can discover no actual change in the ratea
for money reanltiag from the attempt of some 1:
ot the Bank managers to obtain more remuner
tttive prices. The supply of first claas paper ia
still ao reatricted, compared with the demand, _
that outside parties are found without difkcalty
to take all offered at low ratea. Paper, *ilt- »
edged, bavin* thirty daya to four months to run,
is easily passed at [email protected] per cent, and we near ot
sixty day's acceptance done to-day as low as s
3U per cent; aix montba paper, stngla name, *
eoea at [email protected] per cent, and names not ao well ~
known at 7 per cent. On call money uia»nnd. I,
aot at 4to 5 per cent, on the usual collateralsl of <3
the street and on State etocka. Treasury Note a l
and other lavorite aecurltiea at 3 per cent. We t
underatand that tbe depoaits of the Banks are ,
still largely increasing, and the specie line also, t
which indicate e continuance of the present
easy market. <
Commercial— I The movements of Breadstuff*, <
Provisions, Live Stock,ie., '.during tbe past week
were aa follows : \
Lart w'K. Prev. w'L Last WK. Prev. w k.
i >1 f :
Oatß.bu o.'W ***"
Kje. bu .ji?
«:Ei| is «sis
■rStow? 1 J"; §3
b fc:::: "a -|=' 7
CitUe. No U» !•}■/ 4,0 ,a
Coa.tons 1-J *Va
tilgawinca. bbli.. 9
-wcou&s ..X3.yj(r WJ Ssai
The following table shows the receipts 01
BreadatuQa during the past week, with the
source* of supply, and tbe receipts during the
' same time in ISSS:
SZCETTS OF rujca ASO GBira AT CHICAGO, wskx ssniito
I JAS. 22, 1853.
rionr, Wh'L Com. Oata. Uocs. B'ley.
bbls. bu. bo. ba. No. bu.
0.40.n.E.K.. 955 10}U 351 LSI 7
. Sit£t ! il".fc: tfi iM - r | rn ::::
® C. A. ABt L.
Mich. C 18.8... KW ....
Mich. &. R, U _3ii 2£ll jW
T;til 4 SIR 27.W? S.TM «0 3.415
j Cor. w'k last year t'.bco 4.'—l >- iJ 6
The following table shows the amount of
e Flour and Grain in ator,e with the amount in
£ store a week previous, and the amount one year
s ago:
it Jjul£4*S9. Jaa. 15.'29-Jan M.'lß.
Flour, bb15.......
• Wlieat, hprlcß. bu 1W.8;5 7,4
' WbehUßed. uu v6..0i '
'I Wheat. AV'hlte, tut.ol2 fr.'r .
»f Corn, bu aH ®
e Oat-, bu
SL%r. a ba.*.'.'.'.'.V.*.'*.*.V
Peices or Wheat is Gbeat Bsitais fob Fir
'o tees Yeabs.—A correapondent of the Mark
e Line Exprm of the 3d inst., gives the average
° price of Wheat for iifteen years in Great Britain
£ &s foliowß :
Pe: Qo%rter. Per Quarter.
,♦ iaj4 51s 81 1F52 i 1 8,"-?
II 1. 5 *9i lod tV5;t s*s U«1
K " h** 6,1 •• J? 3 ,?!,
ie im; TOa oi i*m «2s lid
y, ->h <JS lud
liju 4;ij td o»» 4d
3it 1:53 4» 10il
B* 1551 M
[From the Mirk Lane Espfew. Jan. 3 ]
d Tbe past mild week has brought us to tbe
ie close of another year—very peculiar in its char- I
b acter as to the weather and temperature, and |
r. very unaatisfactory as respects the result of ag- ,
ricultural labor and anxiety. A low range of j
Wheat prices has obtained throughout, with I
with very few Ductuationa. Tbe average pried ■
was only 445. 51 per qr.; the higheat point 40a. |
m lid., on the second week in January, and the
2d lowest waa the last, viz ,40a.: the extreme range
a showing a difference ot Da. lid. per qr. The I
a- greatest rise in one week was 2s. Bd., on the
to llib of January, and the greatest fall 2s. 7d., on
of the first week in September. We have thus a
Jg decline of 12a. per qr. on the average of 1557.
to The three previous cerealyeara gave an aver
as age ofTSa. 7d.; butthetbreeyearß,lSsotolSs£,
d- show 39a. lOd. We therefore arrive at the con
an elusion that, with generally bountiful crops, we
t- might yet, for Bome time, have experienced a
to low range.
The acknowledccd deficiency, however, in
Spring Com hu* been gradually u>ing up much of
0» the Mirplus of Whf-at, aud as spiing advatice? we
culculite upon a moderately higher rauge. We
. , do .<0 the more especially as there is no zor«-ii?n
port whence shipments can be made witoout b.-',
f' aud some plaeoa in the Baltic uio tcud'vt(g
I into the interior. France cannot be reckoned on,
l notwithstanding her bte liberal supplies. America
sends little or nothing; and Ode>sa merchants
seem mci*i>o>ed to tempt order* b.v their quota-
J. tious. Human wisdom is without piojilietic
tl ' vikiou; but as the rates are uotv l."»a lOd
°P per qr. below the eleven yenr3 immediately
C l lollowins tbe Act of 3SlC,—s-i s«tn« countries
liave also year ruu thi rt—as Spain,
Portugal, and Poland—aud aa none, excepting
Scotland, eau hoist ot any excess, the biUnee of
ut piobabilities seem< farmjre favorable to a ri>e
er than o:heiwi.-e. Thirf is even supposing the new
itß ly com continues to go ou prosperously ;
he hut there arc no adequate reserves against future
lailurts, though gianary room is at pre?ent
=carce. Notwithstanding the holiday character
ed of this last week, couutiy markets have generally
,b- tvinced some improve:i;eut. mi'uy to the extoiit
Id ol Is. pi-rqr. As the uewjear opens, we sin
in cerely ucpe that this mighty empire will not only
hold "its political pre eminence among the natious
0 j but, iu the jirogressandiprosperity ot its commerce
.. and agriculture, continue to be an example to the
6 world.
Tne tales noted last week were 1CC.321 qra.
wheat tt 405., against 91,034 qra. in 1257. Tbe
London averugea were 42j. sd. on 2/JO3 qra.
th The arrtvala into tbe principal port 3 of Great
>ce Britain for tbe week ending Dec. 22, in wheat
and flour, were 56.091 qra.
'a- Liverpool, on i'ueaday, found a fair consump
tive trade for French wheat at Id. to 2d. per
on 701bs. advance; but sack Hour was C>d. tola.
>w lower; Maize firm; Oata dull, nnd tending
■se downwards; other spring corn unaltered. Fri
is. day's reports was again cbeerfnl, French and
he American wheat being Id. to 2d per 70 lbs. bet
ilj ter. Oats and barley were dull, but beans and
Lre peaaheld for more money. Maizeeoueht at Cd.
per qr. advance; Galatz held at 29, white
American to 335.
Spring Corn generally baa not had the firm
to ness ol wheat, more especially grinding barley
i r . and beans, the former being rather cheaper.
, m Tbe Scotch Markets had ratber more lone as
ftD respects Wheat; it was so at Kdinbnrgb, with
}j ß fair'supplies; but Spring Corn tended to lower
rates. Glasgow was rather in sellera* favor for
,70 Wheat, but the rererae in foreign Beans and
eQ Barley. Scotch Barley, as well as Peas and
Te Oats, were a more cheerful trade.
In Ireland the Wheat trade has been rather
looking up, aales being (-fleeted much more
readily at Dublin than tor some time past. At
Wvterford tradp waa generally improved, lriah
tb Wheat being 2d to 6d per brl. 'dearer, and Maize
er advanced as much. Barley and Oata being firm ;
ge but Fiour waa dulL Cork bad a alow market
□d for Wheat, Maize, and all Spring Corn,
m- _ _ .
>b. Weekly Review of Chicago Wholesale
Mosnuv EvesntG. Jan. 34.
FBElGHTS—The'pr«3tnt rates are ad 'ollorjPaoria
he losi-To New York, 65; per 100&j; to Boston, by M. S. 4
M. 0. JL Rosds.T.c; to Poston, byra'ltJ Pottland, aid
il. thenceb> water. 70c: to B}s'on.brrail tj Philadelphia
jl, and rialUmore. and thencs by w«X-r, CTc: to PUladel.
iq. phla and Baltimore.B6c. Dicjo Iloas—To Kew York.
•U4O; to Boston, rii Albiny, $145; to Bo*ton bf rail to
Philadelphia and I'altlmore. and thence by sicarner, 91.59;
to A!b«nv 4LSS; to BaldmoreanJ fbiladelrtbla, $1.83.
, Ploc*—To New York, tt.CO: ti Baston via Albany,
#LSI; to Boston by r.'dl tu PhUade'pWa and Baltlmorr.
and tbecce by iteamer, IL3t: to A baay. 11.01: to Pbil>
)q Baliiuore, 11 03; to Montreal #l.ft3 to To
ronto and Hamilton. 64c Mess Pjrk Is Uken to St. Louis
via Rock L £L R. to Peoria and tbeace by water at oSc
per bbl.
FLOUR—Receipts darlogth»week.3 556bbU
! D * 113bbls. the*eikpievlona.and9>.X)t)bU the same *«k
Inlrs?. TheskekofF>urlnst^reon?atardaylattwas
j, bbla. acahst S6.UJC bbls. the same week In 1:33
The market do?ln* tbe week bas been mere active, and a
farther advance cf£o: has b«en titablLbed. Sales oftbe
week bave been as follows t—On th? !>ih Inst. W bb I .*. as
roraCltySprint Ertra, at 4150; lWbbli PrairlcililUdo
t'C at It 75; lOObbls Gray II <rk Sape:Cne. at |.\75. On tbe
S. SOtb 7jo bbls. Fhoplere Sprlnc Extra, at 15; £OO bbls.
cs Arcadia do, at #2; 250 bbls Ficelsior do, at HSS;
>n« DaUon City dj at to: 00 bbla. rlty Atlantic do, at (4.
lOObbls- Granite and Wlnnebajto do. at #4.50; 100 bbls
Red Winter, at 15 SS; ICO bbls lowfrrade Superfine, at
, *s>Cl On t'ue 215t90 bbls. Jenkins Sct'ju Extra, at $3.
' S3; tObbl*. choice rprirr Extra, at #i 25; liSbtli. Gothic
While Winter, at 1050.-t0 bbls. cliiice Witter, at 15.75,
Ontbe2sd:—lWbbls. Orient rt bite tVlnter. at (5
bbls, Shipley *Co. dJ, H 15.E7X; 60bb!s. New Cirlyledo
at! 6; ICk) bbls choice Spring Extra, at $5. To-Dar the
tales were limited—with no round lota cfferlnc. Biles
wereGO bbla. Rock Co. Sprin* Eitra, at «LSO; T5 bbls,
l:C 1 Jocj City Spring Extra, at It S3 ;40 bbla. 111 kola fioper
"r - fine, at 13.60.
tr BOJhWHEAT PLOUlt—The market duinx tbe past
w week baa been slutted and prices bave again declined.
Hie followtnc are tbe clodmt Qootat'ons: Common.
7* •LTS«S * 100 »i"; Fair to Choice. ia.25*?2.63X; Dixoa
A ® Wills. »3.25.
OORS MfAL-DernandgcoiaadpHcessteady. Sales
' dnrhut the week bave been made at V ton for on
-0 bolted, and ♦2ss2s * ton for B.ilrcd-cioalns quiet at
r the.eqnotatijts.
WIDDLING3—Common to No. 1. ton^
FIiORTS -412d13 P ton on track.
;D WHEAT—Receipt® daring the weekl-.5"5 ba. asilnst
16.745 tbe week previous, acd 125,523 the same week In
ISW. Tbe stock cf Wbeat reported on band is SO* 15$ bu,
aaalnst C 70,573 bu the same time in Jfcß. The market da.
S, rl'R tbe past week baa been more active, and prices have
ids advanced Cc on Winter, and sa"e on Eprln*. Tbe sales
of the week bave betn as follows: On tbe l"tb. aboat
1300 bn at ai.l7Sl.ia for No. 1 Red: *1 for No, S Red; No.
.E »Spiin*at74«: €Sto63Hefor New Rejected;fi}o foreld
!_ do—all in store; and 65c fcr"BtamptaU" In bass. On
tbeSStb: aboutflXOOObachangeibsndsat<L22®l.2SXc
1 la store for No. 1- jjed; ILO6OLCT for No. 3 Red In atore<
31 Wo®#l for No. t Bfalot to store; EUadtrd Bsrini atfiOff
on track; No. 2 Spriß*at7Sc in store; New Eejected at »di
C In itore, and " gtamptall" at 68®70s debvered In a est
ban and on can. On tbe 3t*t; abont 7.0C0 bu at ILSOIor Chi
uninfected White ia store: No.lEed#L2o la store and nan
$124 on track; No.2Eedat|l.C3 Instcre: No.lfipring do t
•Un store; Btandard Sprln*6oc In store; N0.2 73c In d°x
•toret Old Belecied 63c: New Eejectsd 71c. OntbeJSd:
mirtet qnlet and Inactive. About 3 000 bu lold at tbe v
foiiowlnf! rates: No. 1 Red *1.21 on track; No. 2 Red 6.E1
*LCllnßtore; old Rejected Bjriag693 loetoxe; newdo
70: In store.
To-Dat—The market was quiet but firm. Holders of
Winter were asking 11.25. for No. 1 Red, but buyers
would rot accede to the«e figures. Eprlag Wheat was t-" 1
a'so very firmly held. The sales were: 2.1C0 buNo. 1 gj £
Red at *L22 la store; 330 bu do at *1.23 la store; 1.000 bu •
No. 2 Red at *LOS In store; £sobado at *LO7 In itore: SOO *
bn No. 2 Hpring at 79: store; 700 bu do at 60c In store; g
2,100 bu Canal (better tban Standard.) at 83c with winter. f
etorace: KObudo. rt 82c delivertd; 600 bu do at &Jc on «
track: 6Wbu new Rejected at ?lc In store.
CORN—BecdutJ durlog the past week 27,070 bnshel s Jo
agslast M.fcCS bushtls the week previous, acd 4.221 buibels &
tbe same week In IKS. Tae stock 0= band on Saturday
wts 8.152 bushels, against 4.746 the same date In 3653.
There has been a Rood tteady demacd tbrsnßbout tbe y{
week by distillers, as well as an extra demand by buyers M
for the Cicclnnstl market, who bave been sbipplcßthence ,
byrallwsrs- Pricei during the week did not vary more
than lXc, the range for Shslledbelcg 57<35SKc? W)Bs
In bulk cn track; and for E»r Com ?70 t-s on
track. 9
To nix tbe market wsa quiet and stesdy. Sales were
—7OO bu new Shel ed at 52: ¥ 55e »j In store; 600 bu do at
SSHc ?63 tin In bulk on (rack; 3W bn do at &Sc on track; p
two cars Ear at Sic ¥ 70 Bi on Irsck. J
04TB— Receipts during the past week 5.703 bushels E
against 3,803 bushels tbe week previous and 7,213 th: jsme d
weeklnlKi Tae stock in store Ut2Cy3 bushels, against £
33.223 bushels thesame week In 1553. Ihemirketdnr i'|
ln< tbe week has been remarkably quiet, and there Is no J
demand, except for cty use. which at present U quite v
limited, on account of the more reneral use of corn, 11
bran, etc, Saleiof new crop have been made during the
week at Mc In store for prime No, 1, and 25345 c In bags;
a-rd for ol J crop, [email protected] In ba*s, according to qaality.
To-day tbe sales were:—^&Jo bu ne» cropat-iic dellv- 7
ered: 500 bu crime new Milwaukee at SOc delivered. C
eßYE—Receipts during the week. 6TO bushels agslnst
427 bushels the week privious. The market has been
quiet with a tteady upward tendency. Sa'es of Prime
bave been made during the week at 6i*S7lc per Was on
track, and common at Cjc. I
BA.RLEV— Receipts during tbe past week were 2,415 1
bnshels. against 3.22J bushels tbe same week in I£>l The
amount In store oa Saturday last was £7.155 bu, against
3i,4o3the swne date last sear. The market during the 1
week has been quiet, with good demand for No. 2. Prices,
however, are unchanged, clos'ns as follows: No. 1,65®
7Cc la ttore; No. 2. 43<24?c In store; Choice State, 70a 1
| SOc In bass: Canadian, *1.20 In store.
To-DAYthere was a good demand for Prime, with sales
' of IAO bushels very choice at 65c delivered; 1500 busb ,
\ tls Canadian at *1.20 Iq itore. j
ALCOHOL—Steady an 4 firm per gal Mar
' kct tcT quiet, aad sale* In rpuil pnr<*.»lf principally,
j BIiOOM CORN—Scarce and In demand at *12&5130
per ton for choice.
5 BEANS-ln gcod demand. Sales to oat were: 1300 bu
) prime white, at *1.25 per ba; 150 bu Common at Co^7Cc.
BUTTER—In good demand, especially for choice, at 14
3 (3,17 c; Common dull at li^l-lc.
CUELSE—State OS7c; Ohio 7<3?c; New York 10®10Kc.
COFFEE—Stock-groi and demand active. Tbe follow
ing are the quotations:—Rio HJi®t2Vc; Slarscaibo.all
7 kinds, 12K313HC Lasuajra O. G. JaTa [email protected]
Mocha 18c.
5 COOPER-VGE—Pork Barrels dull and nominal at Mc;
Floor Barrels 34S2Cc.
(JOAL—The receipts of Coal dorlrctbe past week were:
I 120 tons Hlinoii Coal against 765 tons the week previous.
- Tne following are the quotations, delivered:—Bitchis
,y <ii'9-lllino! 9,
Erie, and Mineral Ridge *7; Blossburch *3. Axtiisaciti
—Lackawanna, ere. *8.50; Lehigh, egz, 49 00.
n EGGS—During the past week the supply of eggs hare
r been more liberal, and prices decllncl 234 c, Closing at
liVifcc fjr Fresh and very little sale for Umei at H©lsc«
FRCIT-Gatw—Apples, *1.50 ©C.O3, according to
g qua'ity; Cranbirrles, *;53.53 e 1 bbl of three bushels
,j Dried—Prices firmer; demaaJ good. Tbe closlag quo
*1 tatlonsareas follows: O d App'es. 833 Xc ¥• ft: new do;
*? JS'.'Mc; Pared Peaches [email protected] - 2*c; Unpsrsd do.,
16 lu,S.*; Blackberries. [email protected]: Figs, 12514:: Raisins, M.
U R..
■q FlSll—Peraand good atd prists are firm. Tbe
following are the ruling quotations for Fish In •
'* this market:—Wbiteflsh. No. 1, hf bbls, *3.50; No. 2,
k do,*J. Trout, No. 1, *2 50; N0.2. *i Mackerel, No. 1,
, Q hf bbls. *5.50; No. 2. extra, *7.50; No. 3. J f bbls. *5 50;
' Musa Msickertb No. 1 qrs. 55.50; No. 1 kits, <3; No. 2
n qrj, *1.50; No. 2 kitts, 12.5 J. Codflab, *LSOSS.W) ICO
tt3. Eia'.port. *5.50 V bbl; No. I,4J<3s'Jc V hex
r. Scale Herring, Cois<3c ¥ box.
[4 FCR3 AND gKINS.—The ftllowlcg are the quota
ill tion^—Mink. *I.UJCiiOO; Coon. Wii"sc; Rat, winter. tl(£
'd 12>ic; Rat, spring. . Wolf, prairie. 5*J&75:; Tira
btr. *l. WildCau4j<s,soc. llouseCat, 10c. ekuDk.soc.
Jd Gray Fox, [email protected] Red Fox, *1.50. Bear, 15Q5. Cp
posaam, Vitf iiloc, Mirten, *l.i3cj."-.i5, Fisber.*2.'34£o:
Badger, 25c. Lvnx, *1.50(52 50. Beaver, 75c(31l ¥■ ft;
Desrßklns,l2'S&3oc. Otter, *[email protected]
GRASS SEED—The receipts of Grass Seed during tie
}e past week were: &j, agalast 1G.7P2 m tbe previous
j* week.
'IIJIOTUY—'The demand during the week was good at
<1 r' bosbel for commcn to choice. To-daT, 40
bu prime Fo'd at #I.SO. Ci/,VEa-The receipts of Clover
during the week have been heavier, and silts of hif tior
' 3 were made at *5 35. Holders cf Prime, however, ssi
wi h. bowever.no siles at'bese Bsurefc
»c GLASS—Tae ful!ow!n?are the ceeh rate;:
[« SxlO c'ass cjL by bx. *3.00 Px'B glass cyl. by bx. *3.21
5x13 * " 2.55 l\>xl6 " 4.W
,e l«xl3 " " 2 iW lOv'IS " " 3.00
)Q Pxll " *' 2-63 11x16 " " 3.WJ
_ <ixls " " 2.tii) I-xlo *' " 3.0-1
_ U'xVi " " 2 m lix'M " '* S oQ
7- 10x11 " " 3.60 lix-V " " 3.50
r " GUNPOWDER—RiCe Powder, in kecs. *V55.50: Blait
-» Ing. do do, *3 W«4400; caseso* IB flaiks do.
D " half do. *0.50^.00.
re HIGIIWISES-The receipt! daring tbe past week were
a bbls, aettln!t£s3bb'.sthe previous. The market
during the his been Qra but very inactive at 23KG
"J. .4 . Sales at these G?.ur?s bave conisted pilncipaJly or
ret 11 lot'.
- c HUES AND PELTS-The receipts of the rait week
', a were C27.01G Zi. a ainst 2*/'.l;\3 2s the week prevloa.*
Uin;s-The the week lias teen firm. wi:h a
sooj demand, clo lag as fulbiws: Gieen City. CKG'c;
il, Green Couctry, 7JiCI7Vc: Hreeo Satad. iU&S¥.ci Dry
i-a Flint, Held;. Jor City, and
its f..r Courtry-Janaary s'aughtered.
a- HAY—Advanc.d. Upland Prahie, *52037 53 per t»;
ic TicnotliT, U Ee,*^'i*«o.
lIOG-I—Live—The receipts of Live Ho« daring the part
'- v wvekll7l. ag in-t 17itheweek rrevlous. The markit
y-i uuri g the p.'st week has bten more bujyanU witbsales
lD ' a', an ;d*aaceof 151> on light and heavy—closing
at *4^llo for li-*ht. ?nd *175;55 3") for heavy.
J.OGS-DcsssrD—Ti'.i receiptsof tae past week were
. tbe receipts, with tbe Improvement In weather, rendered
the market stlfier; and the price of Heavy Hogs advanced
', lt during week 2o(iWc. The sales t*-day wire:
er 1' Hoct. areraglogSlO r>» at
|| 7 t i Ho»s. avemging£iW lis at
\\erdnln*ladaskt s.'io.
ijJ. "LEATHER—The closing quotations are: Oak 501e,3(K522c
[Jy ft; Spanish mMJ'e weights, 2:523 c ¥ ft; Bridle Leather,
, us CollarLeath-r, nor; llarnecs, 28c V
• t «C Hetrl«ck K!p, 50'i<iiSc Calf, 75SS5c ¥
he ft: FrcnchKlp. WiSO: Vft; French C*lt?sctt*l.l3 ¥ft;
Feranle CaX *-'3l- ? dcz; Upper Leather, *34343**
'B. dozen.
he LIME AND PLASTER—Lime In bbls, *l®l 25: Lime In
rs. bu'.lc, 75xt11.W; Stacc>, comrDoa, *2j0©2.75: Extra, do
sat at*3 25rj''j0: Land Plaster. *1.503LC25: Cement,
:at e.2.0«: PiasteringUair, 40i
l P* ing the week has been very doll and prices are mere'y
ier nominal. Thefjllowiug are the earrcnt quotations:
First c.ear Dry •■'JJ.OifciJ
Dg Beeond Clear dr7 2MU©36aW
Third Clear dry 1« OW*2l to
j Oommonßoards.Green.... 7.<!o(i S.OO
Dd do do 12 feet 9.(» «
at. do do Dry g.UO'4 9.00
nf t do do "12 feet In 0u^■
P. Clear flooring. d;es<ed lO.uX't .2 00
•a. Coramoo Piocrla*. Dressed lb.Llkil3.uj
ite Sldic*. Clear Dreaded it» jXKti ——
Fencinz SsKtf— ■
and Joists 7.-< |
Shingles. >« 51 2irO |
e v Lath. * M I.sit# 1.7 a
Posts (-onmoato good) * 10D (.uXJlaiw
as SIOLASSE3 AND 2rßUP3~Jlarket active and prices ,
th hive advanced. The current prices ?re as follows:
er New O.leans in barrels 4034Jc: New York S. 11.
"or Mwla'?es,3sc: Cuba.lnbbdj, 30d.r5i; N. Y.iyrupv 45®
cd 45Hc; N.Y. Golden, 51355 c. Belcher's prices a«:—Gold
cd en Syrup, 67c in bbls. and 72: in kegs ; fcxira S. tL Syrup,
47<$'2;; Sjrup Mubuses, 4034*2.
ir © ¥bsi; Pitch. *12534.50.
NAILS— Assorted. <X71>33.73 ?100 fti
OlLS—Linseed Oil advanced 3;. The closing quota-
IZ ® tlocs are as follows:—No 1 Lard *1.»0: No 2 M*:
n » linsetd toe; Elephant 65c: Wfiale 80:: Sperm *160;
• et Neattfo&t Ssj ; Tanners' 75; Bank 75c.
rROViSION3 AND LARD.—Theshlpmentseast during
the past week bave been 75 bbls. Beef: bbls l'oik:
]p ?llbbl< Lard. B;sides tbil. however, about 3XO bbls
Pork bave been shipped to St. Louis. Taemar»et dar
ing tae week has been tolerably active, and all kinds of
Pork products hive advanced. Mesi Pork opened at
' . Sf.andLard and closed &r "n at
11c. The transactions of the week hive been-S fol
V" In Mtss P.isg—Oa tbe 10th. 5-.0 bbs Hesvy sless. at #l*l.
r .Q oa tbe 2Cth SOO bb's do at *l6; on the 21st, 250 bbls M.
0 atsls andl< 0 bbls
oj' M 0 bbh Heavy Mess at *lC.£O; 110 bb's do at *l6 40; 250
do at *l6 delivered at Kenosha; t*J bMa Llubt b'ca «t
*15.50: 17 Ib'j Coaniy ileis at *1550; 19 bbls Prime
V Pjrkat*U, T-vpiT tbe sales were:—so tbls IJgbtMess
r " at *55; 1(0 bbls Heavy Mess at *'i. M.
InOrr MriTSthetransactioas were as followi: On the
° lB l?th—s.OCo Shoulders at *5.30 packed: 2.000 Sides at7l*c
390 packed. Oa tbe 21st—35 tcs Hams at 7S'c packed. On
« Shoulders at S.S'c Iocs?: I.&W do at s>s'c
packed. To riv the tales were: S.OCO Ilims at *7.40
ras lnc)S "-
ij, in Bacos there his been litt'e d-ice. G. AJ.
V » J SWvfart,packer* h vela-tturnedout«otneHimi.wb'cli
are seldng in loisat I0310X:—of very fine quality. No
SbnuMers offerlni.
A ' In Lieu there hare been no ofany Import
ance. Ho'ders aie firm at He with little cr noae cff. r
j, l?gatanTCinrca.
laM»i=d Uixr there has been n-thlng doce. Wequcte
[. tbe market nominal at *S3IO for Mess to Extra Mess,
Beef lUtns. *U per bbh
® POULTRY—Very dull Chickens, 75(5*1.25 per dos.
Turkey*, per ft.; Geese. 35®31c each.
??' POTATOES—CboIee Meshannocks, 60a70c; Commcn.
"° U'SSSc
''fy fcUGARS—Stock good and market active. Prices a
shade higher. The following are tbe wholesale qaoti.
, tlons:—N'wOreans. do good comoon,6.S
. do fair to in'Jy f*lr. 6V®7c: do prime. 7H'67.-,C;
, CS do clailfledand coffee, in bhds.?}^®?. 1 !; Cuba, 6)«d7){c;
Porlo Rico. 6i«'®7Xe; N.Y. Rtfined, wtlte coffee, 10©I0V:
,er * Yellow Coffee, DS*Xc; N. Y. Standard, Crushed. Pow
dcred and Granulated, Utfc. B«lcben prices are as fol
f >»«&
e Loaf Sagar Double Refined JJKo
on. fitnall Loaf guKar.............-j--.0 jjc
oa Crushed Sugar. Double liefbed..... UJ*c
Crashed Sugar
Crushed Sugar :•.•*=' 11
lies Powdered tfugar, rouble Refined... »i>ic
nn Powdcr«d Sugar
Refined O toe
at Kefined Yellow Sugar £ e
Refined Yellow Sugar
v.^^'jftVT& go
ExiraSuirr House tjrjp
g ALERATUS—Babbits. CX®7«c; Potash ia cans, "X
s°' *SOAP-So. 1 Itoll J. <c i Extrv Wrt ■
cpIRITS-BumlniFluidGOc: Campbe.ne.os9sv.Tu..
JS P 6PICE3-P«Wtr- use: p " Qa " o, I l oc! i; Vtn 'nS 203
eoc: Ind:io.eo:3tl U; CtoTO-UXSUs CU.»°»".S»3
j Mr; Ginger. Be. . ,
0 „ IiLU)W-Thenmkeldartalthe-'«kli»kMa tow
tiy, tn4 nomlnil Rt for prime ptclfcn. Co*in y
Ms WOODEN WAjff.-yPinj-TklM-SOK SI
dor: Two-hooped do, SL7S. TcP9-3ln neat, iL7S per
nest; N0.156 V doe; No. 3 I 7.&0; Extra sized. #9.—
Cmjus—Four ilzex -
hm,#LsoVdoz. ffaiaaoAiD*—Zina, *137X®160 per q>«
dor; Wooden, »Usa B«oom»—Extra Wlr*. |3d2.&oper
do*; Twlna, •160®1.87Xc. CioTMi Fat-Headed. IL2S; >.
Comn3on.ll.oo: Pctent, 11/0.
WOOD—Beach aad Maple. HJ&SS; Hickory,
6.E0. Cai
— u&z
Chicago Weekly Live Stock Market.
Lan Snoaa Sale aso SHtrriso Taaos,\ IU!
January 2>lh, ifioS. J &
I IMarkeU rrporied ly TTalUr Sherman exprttdv for th* Prut
aid Tribune, fur the \etek ending at duU.}
Btock revived for wetk -599 Cattle.
Btock shipped via U. C. R. K '-=4 Cattle. c
Sales of 313 ordlaary Cattle fron 11W3175. to eaaiH. o°'
fia'eJcflOObetUrqmlily £rom#3<3S.2s t053.50. ®
Sales of tlx Daibjtn bel/er*, bred and fed by Lather
Bartlett, of Wajne, Dapi*e Coanty, HI., puichased by p
John P. ilushej. at 15.10 ? cwt. poss. boofcht of Adaots *
A&arton. Such stock as this always meets with ready
saleatfoodirlces; butwese'.dotn have an opports&Uy qj
of QooUogiike sales, as most stock received this witter Is £ {
very pcor. inferior quality, owlnt, tosooe extent, on ac
countof L'sht crops and hUh pries ofcorn 91
Sales of 456 Sheep at 5C®3 to $3.59? cwt. grosi.
Sales of £42 Hogs et 13 SCSITS to •> T cwt. L
Sales of few Cows and Calves from $30334 to (37?
Below we give the ramei of owners, stock. 4c.:
OSDMeACo ; 19 ABncdy S3
Peter Brisaan 16 1> Hawkin 11
J Lonx t6 HEGriswoU la
O P Emeyjon 13 Adnm< A Sartoo 13
K Coffin li A IVtrlrk 15 A
HHwirej 12 J Mondie 17
(tFanleasber 27 ASLowry. 14
Buckles A Tailey 44 Jlittl*, 45
HUAlvord IS Llvlsjnton &Co 7
JB Par*kursl J5 fB-nnett 15
J Bnrus M J O'Conaer 16
W Mclttjre 30 JOresorr IS
O White 14 JThompk.ns 10
O A Boaue 45 W lrvia* 11
Total, sirQ
TGaulf 55 J,Orecory 30
O Etratton lUO Oilam ti
V! Thompson 161
TotaL 436
MWRob'njoo 77 JMMclntyre. 7C
Preston i Hushes.. 72 KaniinACo 41
UEOriswold 19
Total .2=6
Chicago Weekly Live Stock market*
T?licVsSaleandßbl»oln>BtQckTarda. Beportedexpress- .
ly for the Press a-d Tribune by THOd. hicotta. fcr the 1
week endloc Jan. Slth.
i No.of CattlerecelTedfor.thisoarket. 4^3
lIoKS ** " **
** Eberp * *' |
i " CowtandC&lres "
1 Total nombtr received - 1.120
Shipped tasi viaM. S. AN. I. R. R 61U cattle
. •• " " 3.9 boss
Rales cf ISO head r>od Cattle at 3S to 4S4>; for extra,
j Sales of 220! common Cattle at 2\'Q"X.
SalJ s of 92 inferior Cattle at 2Q2Xc.
Sales of 160 good heavy Hon at 14.50®4,57K.
Sales of2lsll<ht 800 at3><34H\
4 Sales of 207 Sheep at 13 50(54 37K per head.
Sales of 20 Cows and Calves at slS<323 per held.
The market for all kinds of good stock is active, thesap.
ply beios less than the dema&d.
j Left over, 47 head of Cattle. TIIOS. NICOLES.
* Hovement of 22*
aacttrrs bt aan-wavs.
floor Wh't Corn Oats Bar. Cat. ZTn
bblx. bo. bo. bM. bo. No. No.
" By Lake
j. ByGaLO. R. 8170 16£0 1353 51 M 76 10
. ByßockL B.R. lUO 1M W
r " Br lUCentral..'3oo 1200 SOO 122 too
1. By O. B. A Q... 116 27S 172 i .... 12j 126 lso
. ByS.P.±P.dttL. SCJ ISO SOU Hi
•e Total ICO3 3178 2713 538 G73 125 4*5
it • • *
New York Alarkct.
.o [Br Tzlecsapo.] NiwYark. January 2J.1559.
u KLora—los better and quite active. Sales 15,800»- fcl® «t
♦5.5' 4 a.25f0r Sopeifiae State: [email protected] Extra do; 5.10
&s.;Wfor Scperfloe We.tera; tsS(ss.iO fur common to
'I medium Extra Western. Msraet closing buoyant. Cat
re adian firmer. Sal 9 6UO bbls at for common to
cln.ce Extri. Smallaalrs Hye Iftout at •360(5425.
'• TRiix—Wheat firmer, with fa'.r local trade" caJea G.W
bu'hm'xfd Illinois. SO.'bushgood Mlcbl«»n Wtite
at $1.45: at 9Jc. Rye stead*
iC at K>3yc. Cf>rr fjrtccr and very quiet Siles 12.0C0 bu«h
In •at fr7c for mixed Western ; 82c lor new white and yelLw
» Southern. Oats 57&6icf<-r fctate for Canadian
7 and Western.
1> Wiiukt—Dull and lower. Sales 150bhJsat 2tjK<S27, 1 -j.
): I'hoVuiONS—Pork dell and Leavr: Sales 12L0 (ibis, at IH
0 CilS i3forN' w Mi'"** *l7 for O-d Sfess; Jl i.1j21J.50
** lor P Imr, Bed cdet; Btf*§>oo bbls. at|6.s<.«l lor
W P in:-? i„r *o.jQ3USO for rep. Me r.
x •
f.rprime. Mess Beefncnrnal. »t $.6-918. Cut Hieats
quiet: sales 100 packaees. *ts-KS?Kc for hams;
a- for sbsuMer-. Bacon quiet. Dre sed Hogs in tar re
/•» quest, ai "f&Si:. i aid uncliiir t-1; Silts 'fM t>b!s. at
12c. Butterste.idy. at 11(«2jc for O-.lo; i7w.lSc
o- liniiK—Firm; tales3.sCo.at27c for BuenosAyres; i»ry
c. Western £Cc.
D . STorns—Dull: U S 5». 74-1COK: Mo Rs SOX? Erie 2d cort
. K :7; I'tcifi--Mii'.l e?!,': Krie T4N; N Y Cert t4.%: Har
-0; lem 13k; GAC ExD'»vß3j: ''.eadios 4i:i: Panama
y, llfi!.: iiarJem Prelerred 40. 1 «; M S Guaranteed 4oS: U A
u e , Cincinnati market.
BrTn-ramrs.] Jan 24.
a . Pluck—Active demand; sales £oaj bbls at |JlC<>d.OO
ai fo a.perfine.
40 ni;KT-Cpered ncmlnsl and closed at 25Kc, bebft a
cr piovi"sin«s-Me<s Pork active; demand ch'eflyto fill
contract: liOO bbisat Oond deoand tor
cv l ulk Mea's at C&£c; sales lOJ hhds. Bacon— J c?ej ••!<!
at?\c,dLiiri bajyaa;; lO'Jscis at 12>$c and bbls held
at U jfc.
aionftSES—Active at 2?c. Cofee and Etigir firm at fall
«>i rates . „
55 Kachaose vej7 scarce at .Sc premlnm far
0Q Money abundant and eaty.
uu '
Hank Slntement.
50 New Yore. Jan. 24.
it* Increase lnLo»ns
rt Increase In Specii' 51.3J4.v0
Decreasi in O.rcula i-n
Decr-fase lu f-.ettDept.sliS £*il.CO
re Total »t>ecie 291«i0.50
et -■■' ■ * —" ' 1 —'
r ;<
tk 1859...COLLINGWOOD UNE...1859
25 N'-iviza i")f. the f< Towing A No. 1 new and largest
class ccrew >t-amtrs, tavi»K l-cp-ly increased vaelr
cim-itj kr will fill ttis ilaeesfjllcwi:
p.OK- (ONTONAGON. Capt. \SiL
t BaU - 1
Leave Chicago from the foot of Lanlle street. Scuth
iea Si'if. a. T. rfyeacer « Co.'s wharf, on Tuesday. Thursday
nx and 3 turdiy tveaing*. at S o'clock, landiox at all points
onthewesisboreof La^e Michigan,as f*r northts Two
Kiver.-s ted <»t Vack nac.
;re rhruuch Bills of Ladies riven from Chlcsco and ports
of on th- west abore of Lake Michimi, to Boston. >tw
York Moptteal and all the prlnc*pal points in thet ifttrn
ed and New England SUtesandCaL&da.
Connect at tollbgwood with the Northern Railway
of Canada, and at Toronto with the Grand Trutk Rail
way for Montreal. Quibec. Portland and Bo»wn, and
I2c I ake Ontario Jrteam-rs or Niagara Kail* Oswego, Cape
er Vi.iceni.and at ogdvnsbunf with the Vermont Centrai
/ R.Urual fo' Boston and Intermediate pali-tson Yermoot
** Central between OgJensburffo and Boston. , •
: ¥ Tbei.bove Line Is unequalled fjr rescu anty jrd dl>-
tv. natch, fir Pifarnse'sand freight bstweeo the Wostern
and Eastern and New Eo»laod States and Canada.
Par freight or pasnace apply ti
,\. T. SPE.<«JBR A Co., Agents,
k ji,22-ctnc.4 foot 0 f Laaale street. CblcarfQ. IU. _
- 30 1858-9....WINTER RATES....IBBB-9
Tbrousb Freight Line.
Jtj notice. Freight will be carried over this Line as
below: _ _
;.i» s£ aS Sfi t cS
-to 53 33 £g 5s
! '°° Preta QL!e«so to g
S•* SS S« S £t.
Boston $1.5051.3851.17 6JSI.34SUS
■OO Sew York... 1.80 L4O 1.20 65 1.90 1.11
Philadelphia I.W l.as 1.10 M t,03 I.SS
PlKsouiTth.'... W 70 45 <6 70 70 ,
W Cincinnati. 0 1.00 *0 65 « .... »>
t* r 9 Oolanbus. O 1.00 KJ 60 45 .... SO j
I.;* Paj-ton. O W 75 60 V .... 75
IW Cleveland. 0 7u 60 4a £5 4o W
Dunkirk, Pi. Y 9> 74 t3 4J tjt "4
065 rutlao, " y5 7tf 6J 41 61 74
: Ora'n by Car Load to ClocinDati 3J cents per lfO&s.
11. Bulk Meat to P,ttsburghso cents per ICOfts.
va v'ontracti made 10 aoove points at Freest Once, cor :
~ ner West Van Bareo aad Canal streets.
Id- Contracts to Boston. New York. Philadelphia and Bu*
en t'more. via Pennsyivanla Ceutral K. 8.. given by
• CLARKE A CO., Office Steele's Btock. comer South
Water and streets, and »t Depot at Canal street.
55 JAt. W. BlDtidOS.
J.J. HODnfON, Gen'l' 1 eight Ag'L PiWabarg, l-a.
Chicaao. Janoatr 17. 1^69.
a'- "
nrrsBCCGH, foet watxe a chiciko
in*. AID
.. f OEOIAL AGE'.'rS, »re prepirod to ConttMt Fre'.hU
* Ttniosb. b? unthftit? of the CoawudM nj=eJ K°J*-
. ® u their office. No.: 8 wle'; «o«. comj Math WKer
»t «ad Liulle rtreeu..nil jtDcßOtof P. Ft WJ. O. E.
, . a . Chiawo; or as Ucpot. Liberty street, PltUbtirgh.
r ° l " The Offlces ofthe Pennsylvania iallroadOocipanyia
tne Kast ar» located at
:1,; No. iAstor Hoa;s, r^wTofk.
No. 1 South William svee* York.
No. 45 Kilby street, Boston.
J— No. 75 FerTj v.reet. Hartford.
n-n No. sO Nona street. B*.tlmore. . . , „ .
• teW And at General Depot, Philadelphia. locil-lj
i«t ~
me steAß F«rry fraa Conatll Kaflii to Oatha City.
>EBHASkA, NO. 1.
;he rpnis BOLT has THE CAPICITT to
uc X C*rry 12 Wagons and Teams St eaca trip, and
n „ tas taken over at one load 300 bead of C»ttle. and she
u CM make -10 c;o aings or cure "acb way In a day. and
h'c «iu be ablj to ferry over frjm foor t3 five hundred
40 w>rons aad teams from sunrise to suniet each day.
We assure travellers, who are going to tbo
j Nebraska Gold Mines,
>h Utah. California. 0-e«oa aid Washlncloa Territorlea,
v - tbattheroadi trou Palrfleli. lowa City, Doboqoe. Mil
polatslstiroediats. by Council Blaffi and Omaha City,
ani uw tne Larth side or the Platte Mver. are beiUr.
cearer. and more abindantly stocked wita waxons.
: horses, malts ail eattle. provistoas aad goods, than any
oilier. Andwrb tne setUe-neau and towns, aad the
regular and well-e»t*blaned line of Mall Coaches ai-
eatendlng to pjrt Kearnsy and soon u» bee*.
cte tended all tfie wi* to the mtnes. it ii no longer a wilder
as, ness ruute through an Indian country, but can be Ua-
Te»sed as safely aad comfortaPl* and much more easily
than acy of the vadi through Missouri or lowa. ,
)E * Taere is not tbesame lengta of road ta the United
States, eo leve! an j eullrelr wiihoot marsbe;'ivl
pn bid places and io nearly stra'cht. The sueams on the
cn * Lortb sde of the Platte are all bribed. the U>op
9 rk. aad hero the Western ita* j *ood
1 ' "'Pot the Comdl Btaa »=il Kebriani rem Corneal.
ls * j,lB SacS
1 Cipt.M«tthewi:KENilNQroN o»vßjiK.Ma
fol- CITY OtN.Wti.tts. .'«t Bowel, form .retuUrltafc
Bsllinjt with treU ri*aUrltr from OKil EWJ. Aim
Vfn fteamers are staunch and strong, and to aU
?° weil fitted and ibey hf^e aec
v. t r paasentera, and freight of aU kin*i iiL"*" :
rates. These eteamtra run in dose wfth tbe
e Pennsylvania Railroad, and
L-« prompto»-»s and (Umatcn. , _IL
j»IS b396da No. la 3 oth Wbarvea. Pfalladtlpbia.
'Xo A. Intion Oooomj'. New Tort Ltae.-
IVc Tte next departure turn New fork wUI betb" s
72c PACIKIO, Captain Nicholson, to
sic on S.anrday.Tatuarj &lb 1
«5c CASsIAN.Capu Jactson.tosall New-York.Tfitu»-
-v day. January »7t->, toochlng »* **■ wZr clm*!
X ctivetbe Royal Mali* Prlcee oi JPayy
SM; Second, SSO: iblrd. $»:
all iht principal ciUes on railroad »«t» »
utaas. SS». 'or frelia <m; P*»"®
iva can Exp eaCio;aot, 61 Hudson street, Broao w.
and at their otber advertised offices In tbe Interior.
JO3 paauge In the th'rd class can be secured at any o tbs
gSrSfflce. to wtM oSooioutf"(Pvig;
*>alclUes on the Unea ci tallwiy lc Ureal Britain for »aa,
ALrr , BOLLAOTI. tol».
|.H t Nt?Tcik.NoT. 13.U68. wMmta
■ ' s=a
city nwE issrmcE co., or hiktfoid.
' Cash Capital, $250,(J00, aU paid In.
i.wt jiiriir isr,M _ Cfl
C».-h Items, Including $24,635.79 in Batk $39,9R£.?3 & J
Hank Stock and Boodi. marke*. valae Ua.2oi.Uo
Loans on Mortgwes, Bank Stocks or otber ap
proved securities - 1-6,074.18 ah
Balance on Books, Interest due, and Ofice Pur- . Oil
ahurc 6.K354
Total assets saA23i.4B „
ToUl LlabUlties fir Losses not due ®1g,4m.11 *'
a B. BOWEAS, PresX
C. C. Waite, Bec'y. d
General Agsncr for the Westoa Slates at Chicago, HU
pols. W. B LUONSUURY. S. 1L Paicc.
C. N. HOLMH. Aat for Chicago. 2l
Psori i Marine & Fire If.su'nce Co.
CiPITAL $500,000
Paid TJp in Cash. * 300,000 p
I Lonca Promptly Adjusted and Fald at
I this [j
I Ia4b?101y No.liißontk Water street. Chicaro.'
I office, 142 South Water Street*
I Autlorii'»d Capital, s'W.tiOO I Paid ia andsecared, 175,500
I BAjraGtao oiucctobs:
I J. P. Aldrfb, Jolia A. Nichols
I *4.l'. Wj'.Jer, A. Edwards.
I Hiram B. Smith.
I advisort bibictors :
i WaUon Cart, r ». U- u.»ileUß,
I c,hecJarsoß, Ad*m >mith.
| A. EDWARDS, President.
1 S. C. WILDER. Secretary.
j GFO. F. HaSTINOS, Heurral Asentj
I LEWIS B. RL'NDKLL, t'ity Survayor. i
I Fire, iliriue aad lolaod Navic*tlon Insrraece.
I Fire Insurance Company.
I Injure against Loaa by Kre only.
1 I HUBBARD A HUNT. Agent*. Chicago, comer Laaalls
| and South Water streets.
J j NY, of Norwich. Cons.
I PAID UP CAPITAL $176 000. j
f I In*use a«atest Loss by Plre. . _
' I HUBBARD A liL*N«. Aeenta. corner of SooJh Water
! I and Clark streets. Pkst Floor, Loomls'Block. 0c25b306
I —or
0 I agents
I b the Principal Cities and Towns in theFnlsn,
!j I wto mil
H I With
f. I HI. MAOllht General Ageit for the West, at
16 j cipdssatL ocaUiSa-wa
nr I
"" I Ineorporeted ISlS—Charter Perpetual.
CISH f«PIT3L $1,000,000,
M I (Absointe and Unlopared
co I With c. SarplQ* of ?668j140 10.
CO | And the prestige of 39 years success and. "P« ri «>£s'
w | The Capital alone belas daubi; that of any >ire Ion:*
M 1 ta-ceCoopa-ylatheDnitedttates.
I Oiah on hand and depcslted in Lartfcrd
I Banks sl7s,is* M
-s Cash In tracsit and Agents* hand 5....... 144.719 U|
0 U. 8. Trea'.ury Notes, sper cent. Interest. m
i 9 145Htate Bonis l4afco 00
I Money due the Co=pany. secured by nort-
I Real Estate unincumbered e!
I 8111s receivable vJ
I ouu rcwc «- w « uaazxTVim.
I HI Bocds, C, 7, aailO * ceaL Interest ancu
« I altv 1ei.250 00
""I IST fbvi R,!lroaJ 5t0ck....;............"
I 56 shares Connecticutklver Co. Stock...• 1.-o0 (O
I 50 shares Ptafford Ban<B:ock... 5.)-W 00
I fio shares WaterhurT
I "W shares Providence Bank.«tock
I 13 S shares Hertford Bank stock.. oO
[th V.OJO #harea New TiorS Bank Wock. £
ay I I=. shares Jersey City LW] 00
,% I US shares U. a. Trust Co. New York Stcck. ILiOG C 3
xo : W iharea New York. L-1, and Trust Coo-
I rasy w
[J I $L*56.140 10
I UDMvtied Clatos 1u8.714 68
3 tosses EqlUWy Adjusted and Pronptlj Paid.
ay I UPWARDS OF $ll»0t>0.000 of losses have been
'i»* I paid by the losarasce Cimpany ia the pa:t W
fe Ir "
Tt Fire and Inland Navigation.
I Risks accented at tenss ccaslrteat wita «ilve-cy aad
I fair 'irofiU
rn I Espedal attent'er <;vrc ic l-ireraaceof Dwe!lln« and
I Contents for •ermr -jf » c*r five y'irs.
I Onranlsed or .i UATIO '*.v'• with agencies in
I the piinpipal cities a <1 t aj-i ranaac iona, fre«
I frorathe objec'l >uj -f th -r lr
I madeto any dJ'.7 •--r.' i;-o -n
I to, By strict. •t--r.t:,r.a tr-.-up ujv
•9 I this Company l« eitAbl-'i t •' for the
I policies Isjce-J wwi-jgt -tU>- «-»;• o M ..cly iuLiCr
'R I Ued Agents.
'Ti I Branch 171 Vic..- r-rceu - 4 . •
I Hf-BtuiD's* .tt-u-leil to »t.'; J d'lellty.^a
I J. B. Bi3J*VETr, Oenar«U Agent.
IS I HUBBARD 4--UNT. A-tenta t vcu>
>Z I W. B. PATCiLH-.Hir- \*ent Pe--r:A i liaolx.
g I _y£|NUT
:| Chicago Firem- ti'» instfraa*« So,
SUJee .■?. W. Corner of Lake and Clark-st.'.,
is I CAPITAL - • 300,000.
'A I rh , nM nharch. B. W. lUymond. Geo W. Dole.
I ga. Haddock. J. R. Botsfori Orriagwn lout.
I C. 3. Parwell. W. M- Larraorj, J. T. hd wards,
laU Ia N. HOLDS'*. 3ec'y. JOi E. Surveyor
hj I anJ7 *s^a^S-»y
«• Rorihwstfru lnsurri»ice Como'y,
rE I Capital 150,900 —With a Large Sarplas.
-50 X famed that Mr. JCLIC3 WHITI hu been reap-
I pointed went of this ijiy. and U alaae uthorixed
I to^fp*ilTliPa~wthoHs"d i toaJ^rt , *a=d pa
arlaint under our PoUdes el^^ e p£v^^i deEt
I will be happy to see hit triecda
I patroas of the old Northwestern at tae
I Office. No. 1« X Soutb Water street, asnirin* thetn that
J** I oar rates shall be aalowasthoieof acy other responsible
cSopSfaid that lxiaaes #hJi Jie falrii *diur.ed aad
Cumber, &t.
Lumber and Shingles.
ty. out sale a.vd change of
I \J Bussseas. oa lersfgned have a largest ;ck of
I Dry. Clear, and Oon-non P.ne Lamßer. cos<isis*: or
rrk | BnVnj. p.anx Peadng Floonn*. J.-ice and deanmni.
[0 Iff "HI 6c »ld .t the lowtn
ad market ptlcevo c'oi-tbe(Disioesa
ihe | yard tocated a; Twe.f.b stree. . rid*?, -Jest aue. ."Q
I thefljuth Branch, near ail'»ts".era jiailroad y.pols. Call
red "° Ct - HOWARD a BARTON.
To Lumbermen and Others.
Lna 1 Ii Cera Meal aad ?ee-i of »" taa 4'.V. lo V?i?*w~*
ty. I "rlniea will aave money by calila* at 141 Weii
nt LUe r,r " l * STBVEN3. NORRI3 k CO.
my I Cblraw. Nov. 1% 13W» DQl * **
?£ r w a!t-v cL E A 0O ..
«- J 0 :-:NSHAL IN
»I -X V .11. 4.-WtlLri HHBSS. PiCKETi4OU
J -irtrtßr;ACxaoima*»
led I Micago
■S ai anaai^'ji*'t. fit «> sw a«aßltaM.a
»up j fall riTir''■ *"-taorliUes o.
ay. I
\ be-.
OJi. fLOO&IN^.
I Of norway aid V.'nite Pice, vc
1 I In thlsraariet. % .Vetavi*.»\b®callaaJs
JStoTr co-itiv uul otaoto carnccl e.
5 ''" ° M T "'g&'ga-t OO
$h I V,) ISSS. on th-j rot) *lll <e»»e Ohtow u
l. ! ftoo A. M yor Belolt. jKieOTllie, MadUon Ki Prtlilo
V- I 300 P: M. Per Janarvilleand Madison.
j— Train* arrive at mo P.M. aad &60 P.M.
CarrTlc* the through U. 8. Ma 3 for all poiata la U e
j Chicago to Prairie daChlen wllbott
do Chlen vith . iliily Hoe or Onltod
f to 1 tviaehe* R nrm.AP
lia. *rW-\T ■
eri- Sastorn JCaanfactnTor** Afeiti.
lw* CHASE A CO.,
ncu 14.. Pcath Waw? Btrwt.. H
oa V b ' siwrxa. ?iia* * oo-
fjaritcnare &■ Jflactjirteri).
R. T. Crane at Bro., "v
103 Wit Zulu Strut 103 i£
011 Cops, Goage Cocks, Stum i, Water Gnoses,
For TOarmlUK Hotels, Clin ret ra, Fac- ...
torle., ac, i.;.
de2o th e
Thomas George & Co.,
201 Lak* Street -- - 201 r
Offer at Great Discount for Cash
Oi «I 1 B!iea. th,
Far Wood isd Coal. and Ai
—llso th
100 do*. Ooal Sifter*. £
1U) " Wire Selves, Noa. 24 and 58, L
fr» " Ooal l\od». V
60 ** Wire Order i.
35 M Wire Grldiro&j. „i
so ** Lanterns, at half prica,
Per sals at great bargains for caaa at v
Thos. George fe Co*, J
, • 201 Lake»tre«t. N
Arc toll at Manufacturer 1 * Prlcea by
Thomas George & Co., t
aClLakstirteU *
-i . ■ .. . t
Of alscit every kind caa be feend at '
1 201 Lake Streets \
nUJE llitr.V s,
A fine assortment cf Brajs aad Sled just received by
Thos. 6eorge i Co.,
i XI Lake street.
Kedzie's Water Filter, j
The best article lathe world for deszslsg dirty wilei* ;
planulaeturer'a Depot, 201 Lil:c*aU |
Thorn is George k Co.
5.000 of Plummets'. and Gas Fitters'
WUI be told at discount from Iht Prices.
Thos. George & Co.
P. ft'. Uatts. Warner, aiuliiicr.s i
Manufactuuku-- or r> ilkoad
CAR"* Porfibltf nad^ai
Stsain und UoiK-I'.r,
Portable-<'ir:u!3r Mil.s.o .-tvf* i 'Vv'T'
Vid \z«*a>4i »r '.fc'' of for: >Me Fi.Jar i-i-- 1 l- -J
aoi ii-Jis;
and Uuntl L-tlie»,
U?rSs;bi Pr-.l'.s.W iii. rj g-'arr
811-tf fr.aU.Stehm .tu.lwaipr<iinsc.tni:a::fii l.r-.-i • u.-f
sagle v.okks, Chicago, I LI.
Kara Gods—*'< 3AT£S A CO."
f w. Situ E B. <SAZSZI r.l UALJtIU.
i. c. wak.uk , o. it. ru^sn.
rQapjbecilberatakMthlacjitlicd ofaoi'uyia* Ciscck-
J Uctk&ttie? t.«e jecurtd
S»wy«r's PitcatneatlusfcTentllitliif Fcrcief;
lit Asd are cow prepared to furnUb thua to order "oj
D«eUia«. Cbarcbea, echools. Ac. Also, their BtoTe*
T ootistrostcd oa th-j sia? principle, for parlors. siasl<
r?ooj a.'.d aad. e»c«la'ly
" ntrrL-m# ill ro<» *u:a c.i 'Jiej ire
4E'i *arclcj to aay reqaired t€in?eratu;».
We refer to Missrj. W. n.jir.iton. 0. L «"2«lock
and Carter A tU'\rr. of tiiii c.ty
01CCN., 4 ,0
I'tlcayo. Oct. Wu i*&._
Iff fc»re»it l!».
'r: loos Anaei'ci -or'.c 1 aisttirt.
5 " Br <it " " ,
fv«i» Nails— a*:ort«f<J » J *>'
1,600 ti.ils <»->B-.tlroc—aasvi'ou.
3,10 J.oietia—aw t
sort Q.
1, 13 Ciiti aheevZac.
v * T.Virr3 aai rIAE! 5 -. TISKSItB TOOLS. At.
jj J STOV>a. r> iixei. for Pirlcr*. OSices. StoT-a. Hill*
*ad C!*txr;l»i*s. A'io
lit wtth » fl-:-* fw>rtraeot of
r>) LiU'jt str*«M and pa:te'Qi for iai* by C MITZ. ISJ
00 Statertrte'- i-ctw-.en Mnnr.-? «a-.l A-mcii. oc-J«v*o^Ja
\\ 4viUiUir.»:vli .UUI'UiCItUS.
(0 llOttil -hLT > C*LZT, HOitfS k C 0..)
JS Produce Commission Merchants,
00 (j, ofmypnrtaer< In trie ti-ra of Eckiey. Morse A
M Co. I wli toitlaaf the I'ro-lure U->amisMo3 buaincs oa
C"' the abofestjl- Office No. 7 pjrje-ty's Bji'Jlnf. crncr
95 of C'.aTK iß'l ."'iV;* it. KIKLkV.
M Cbtuatj. Jiiutry »J,
10 Commission •.Merchants,
68 21G SoutU Water Street.
B. ?. C. E. CCI.TM.
d. Ja4 bMlly
en Hjlio A. Willi a W. D. Hocuanuao
riOMMls?slo:> jI iii Hl) 11A *S Ts,
1 V 7 No. 2l'J« Siaih 'Witi- gtreei sec*ad door West
•: of Wellj street UH itf.- eivs *tt. ntlonto
33 iLesilsasJiu cajaro.'ii licia<tiot Pro-lace. Sto- c «c..
on Oo'-atnlas'oa. idv.rn.os mide oa Mils o'Liitx*
ad aad proD<««y in «tore. K«ftf t<» »Jeo. amlth * Co.. 3U
r.ngßanlc.tt :>1 Geo, atce-e t Qj. jato btf-,1 ly
ed Corner of Clark and South Water »:re<t.
1358 - - Winter Arrangemont. - • 1359.
a N. W. GRAHAM & CO.,
forwarding %Werchantß,
S&lppln; Agents Illinois Centrnl Etllroid, and
Wharf Coat Proprietors.
V\ Tncii and flil-les lea-Ma* dir'ctly Crt>m tbeold
DiDOttooar «h»rf Boat, wi !ch enable ui to forward
freuhi to ao<l froa t&e KiJirca-i w«th great Cespatcti aiid
<\ wiUiOnt the exposure or llabiht/ to dacuue, oiuiTcidac.e
la auy other netaodcf biwinlia<. ..
»eabo (five prompt itad careful att-:nt.on to re-ih-p*
me-U i<y rt*er to irvan»vll e Ciaclnoaf.
Wheeling Puubonrb. New i.neaasand Jlsmpjo. ,
-• Cfciro. ilUaoia. Oecjcnb-r loth. 0..« o
, JO.NtS &i CO.,
Store or lor Siiipasat. irte.Ua* Eachaaue oa
CoflHoafur sale. tx«:j.isas on >ew iort bousat aad
•eld. Oasce la Steel • Bi.c*. wraer of Lisaiie and
pouthWatcrstreet. deJtrwqgm
S. K. X M •»
' coiiiiiosxoa aJ£iCEAST,
l HO.TiaXAT-ujXKi.fi H*w voaz.
tie NO.ITBTATI PTKLiST....-.••••, CHIC-WH). iLL.
bat Oaih AdTascc*Q4'ie or
Ikle woar Hoqm Wliw Vo.i
iad iaawiucs. {j e w' fc Vl.
OWAailWjU.L**.) .
«*• " 4-aS»H A
l* D-ijj&orn ilrct*. CUcaie. lLJioti.
Caaa oa to ailaa U. <iaa. Bu-aia <
tSf&c rerto :i. Pf"iccit. Ileyaoida. S.y
=== k Co.. Chicago, ar.l A. gaH-QiiieTe. Wjlalo.
t. Q. saltoijtall. i. L tat«» vaia a AJtfttaa.
»[, if. «i. SVLTOr.VI VLI, St CO.,
U , / lOMllirjlO.S STUCK WtOKEKa. UOE
-1 S :Jr.R Cttfk ami Lii» ««i. ataatl to Ih.
»aJ «1= ui ai*u njaiJ of ctsit
r»rt Uoa. sitter 10 ttjis or la tt.c new tuts »la«et Wa-U-
Uacao.'ttc New York itoc* il*r<et rrceivev daily bj
oa teles?apt. 8 ue» aa.i pa.-e':4ses aaue n tne tftoct, ti-
Tail chaa*c itlowettravea of c.'ta jisacia.
DUMSHX y£o. *
in GitttUjtLr tisiuaiie autatisiio w«.
Oi Floor, tint! otlic*
eit oojutiiatjcsi.
:«« Soath Waterecr. Garkiu-sn 1)1
1. £fltSggc&iy CtIIOAGO.
•• J )UODL'C£ COMMI?>I"N MKil'illAN':',
J W»«#r •:rre:.. , .»i<*.nro.
Lfl 83~ Librral adranr'* Li.»*ie i>a cob.jguinfnts.
Vi'ikkSClJ J. H- >uii'L*m.«. J iours .--asa
a.,. r-jrag.T t«ei> v i:bic» e.»: Kiuus-r, Bro iC',
O:i.ea«o: Bov*l Xaple*. IU; WrotirnV * C^,
Sew Tor"i; 'H«n»3* * rtooJruff. M Uais J Bunu,
9 a lUsk-r. BpnnrCe:d. I':0S l>oi", i.e ca-o. av.M':.v7y
J to
On tfblpmam 01 Proioce lor IJo b Yen
•rkes. *• MCVtICiJNSY,
Mo iyj7-6ci-aJ9O SteeTs Week. I£4 fior: Waier htreel.
i_ *onnnissitm wflerciumfg*
- V V. YORK.
ft* j,ije/wood & Co•, Chlca^u,
• '.wjj Agev- infii.1 1 v :jr^-T"=it
L>-aie/ij ail kiada of JHoor and Feed, aad Coccw/ fro
doee. Who!esale and Bcuti.
Ml uaddC Klatle. corner of
Flocraad Feed iellTertJtoaaypart of ths city tree ci
Us caartt. gyTJI-vLX-iy
It , i.onnnissi tn t llerc,uutr*<
IWO jtsa W*i«* street,
i. ~r;r>-lT « in:
. W ADVANCK»ca«»ra.i» :wr»:»utßes: »•:»<:. pvinz
"• owoer of •'•iln.c ic B'lriiJtj cr > i<ra f-•:
b- aafueeomm'-iiioa. UJJDERWOOH 4 I'u.,
jJ» rhunta. COrB?T Of Botllh WItST Wld FTaHkllS
\'T smeta
)• D>S2IS3H. cjIWJC4j S. D. TA7LO&
J.vJL nola. Co«k County. Clicmil •ocrl ef Cosk Co. L 7
—la Ckancery.
BeonsU B. Ch&sbsn to. Jaara MlaU*. Halt
notice ia hereby* r.vm that la pnmance of *
Decretal Orfier eotered In tho above entiiled raose, ..
on the fourteenth day of Jmuary. A. D. 13JJ. 1. ,» -r .
L. C. ?aiie *reer. M uter la Chancery f>ok Countv,
bute of Illinois*, wll on the twelfui of February. A. i?"
li' 9. at ten o'clock in the forenoon of said day. Mil FJ
afpoblic auction, to ine hUhest bidder, 'or cush. at the ~*r
Nortndoor of tlie Court House, of taeCountTof Cook.
In the city of Chlcato, all the followtn* described parcel JVf
cf real estate uvwlt: The weft fraction of th? tonh- *"»•
west aads. uth-we«t quarters of section No.twenty-teven
0.7j« :n township thirty eishte*). raaietwelve ila» east of re 3
the thiro principal meridiin. In Ccok county, containing
oce hacdred and twenty three sere* more or less. J®**
L. 0. I'AINI tmr.i. ™!
Matter la Chanctry. Cook county.
Chicago. Jan. 20th. la 3. iadl ci^td
Thomas Speer asd Istac gpftr. of the <-rty of Jot
Chiciro. County of Ccot and f'tafe of IH noia. «HJ. oa
the day 01 May. A D I«>7. execute and ilel'vrto jj,
one Lemuel fl. Alk n a certa a ptoiaU-ory note for five _
thco.«ar,d five hundred ooLjri. djt.'d the said tilatn d ty
51a>. lV;?,pajat)le in one y«ar after Us oate. co t: e order i»
of said L. u. Alala. wita inte est ai the raw 0; tea ver Li
cent, wr annum, rayahle haifyeiry at the o:li eof Co
Aik:n AS< rtoo. la C-I;vo a'orefkld. Ar.<l. whtreia, for dv
the tetters-curirxof said n-t.- ard .his intrrest thereon. (le
tietaid Thncsaa tfpeeran i I'b-be ripeer h:s wife. did. cn no
the Linrhday of May. A- I>. I»o7. eac t deliver to fin
the h-iid L. 11. A'.kin a corirfiitv of yteia.Srs herelnaf er to
Cescribtd. wb cri «\!d norUraie w ■.s re<*o-d.d in the Ilr- [q
c.rder'suffice of Cook county, llljjrl*. in Record llock si 1
-•o /hiry cne of ti*7. And. waetea.% sa.
the «4id Lemue. H. AUl_ did by lidtntar? cf *sn /nP'"t »e
bcan^irf'ate'he tw.nt>-niath da/ cf Mar. A. D. iv". na
tssl*nsa!d mor*<a« and motUass ceb. to one Albert de
O. Cof>!c>. w« Ich dee-l o; ai».-ament Is recorded 13 the ih
Kec'jrdet'rfothee Of Cock cocctr. lilin is. b Kecor 1 Book of
lllry-t*", vaae 11?. and th-s*il A Oer. G. <-ocley dd. C
by li. of t. tetli* date the tweity- m
eiahtli dsy i>f Arsust, A. 1 . IV7. and transfer said
rsorea/e and the premises therein dtscribed, together 1
»ith the said ar.K tliere'iy secured iidw t!>e th
J« sepn 1* AJifn which said de:d cf hssbeen a
recorded ia tie iiccorder'so'. ce.,f 1 oo< county, il iao.s, 0'
Now therefore. 0 tice l< herety sivea that d f«u.t nav of
ic* fceea trade In the pnimrat of a»id cote. Mheuader- al
slriii'd. siijll. oa Tuts Jay. tte first dav cf Febru."*ry. rl
0.1*3*. it o'ekes ii the fcreut-vn of s>id day. ty w
v:ttueof ihe of siie In jaid m-. ocat.i'aed. u
sell at the N* lih door 01 f;e Cosrt liru<e IjtheCity of fr
Co- k county. lilin.-is. ai public aucti j*i to the fe
hishes bi.!ii(.r for c «:i. tie foil/Win*de:c-ihed rretuises. a
to-*l': C< ; n:menc:n* at a p-lut on tie North lice oae ci
turd.'rd and two feet and six Inches East froai the N< rth
west ccmfr of lot t*o i-j) in hlock in the rac
tiopaise-ucn fi tea U>) Edition to chlc<<3. thence run- £
niaety-sev. leef.thtLCe tt sttwenty-two 1
feev and n:r.e J Ij) laches ttence ;.orth nin' ty-seven t 1
(:•*; feet, thence fiast to the place of situate In
elicit, ol Llnca.ro, w-.tnall ;.n 1 singular ti:e Unensentd, T
hertd taenia and atpuit.*;7a3Ces ihereuito 0 lon<Ci
tciretae: with ail ttie n<h'. titl*. interest, aac cq j-.ty of
redesign.-nof »aid ih
aiid to said,reuiltea.
Ass <n-e of s.ild ilcrtiiTse. L
Hosmer A Peaie. Att'y for Aaai-nees . , •
luted thl»la.h.iaf of Jan iarv. A. u. I I.'- ja- 1 Id r
O 6i—Cook County Grcuit Court - February Special l
Term. A. It. liSJ.
Uenry Milxard va. C. D. Culhert3) A Co. 3
Pu'il : c z' tlcc is hereby *i7en t J the saJJ C. D. CalhcrW t
sou A Co tiat a wr'.t of afachmei : 1. iutd out of the l
o:: ceof the C'erk of the Cj&tty Circuit Court.
I dated the teaih day of Janu*ry, A- D. a; the c
1 auir of the said _-a*y MilwarX ana «at.-iit f:e est*te c
cftaesi'dC-D Cu"Jrrt»oa A C», (or thewaofoce 4
hundred ani eVhte ad. firs. dj"e."t:d to Shertu 1
ot Cook tXcsty. wilch satd wr.t naj been returned exc- j
Now, therefrre. u - less you. the sxd C. D Culbertscn A
Co. sail pencaaily be aaj appear befo't the said Cook
I Cox.ty Circa tCcuil. 00 or bcloreti.e'*rs: day of 1
ivevUl terra thereof, to be holdeu al the Cou't House, la 1
Ue c:t' of Ci Sr«o. ct the stcond McsJay of Ifeb
ruar7. A. U. li5J. e'.vc special ba.L ana plead to the :
taid p'a:* tV.i'i a.-tiou. :udjtnca". w.ll be emerod
yea •£ tavor >-f the ?aiu lleary Ml.wsrd and no
each of the i»ros«Tty a.tac'.fd aa o:ty b« «ufi:cient to
satiny tr.? said rudjcu-.it
the same. L. CllJßvll. Clerk.
H. Divid. Ill's Att 7. ial* 4w c\
S. ±—Cnok Con"ty Court of Coaiaoa Pleas— Feb
luary f« rs. A. D- l*o
U'illiw f. Djractt. Lletry D aad D. Ilobart
3 iidia. vs. llanio;;.h L'eujm r<. liaraey H. Uickmaa
r, aid E-wm ueasacre— Attachment,
is Public Notice Is hereby *lvea to the ssld Randolph
D~nsniore. barav'r H Uyciioan and fed»m Ofssm-*.-,
thkt a writ of Attachmiat issued out of the nlice of t..e
?lerk of the Co.'k County Court o" Common P;e.s. dated
s the dav of Dec:mt>cr. A. «J l*o'. atthtf su.t
k 0 thesaidWm il O.v.e.t. Henry !►. iJjssetl and l>.
HoCart il.'ls. aid a-amst the estaie ot tliesald aaadjlim
i>ec.*tn:r-. Ua..:eyli. L'yo'i:ain aad fdwia
for ti.-sam or Three lion Ircd and Dollars
aadSeventy-PourCeata. directedto t:.e of Cook
Coantv. which said writ has been re'.urnad executed.
j*ow.therefore, ualeu jou. tbrsald llindod'h
more Oa.a.-yiLD c.mi-aui Edwu UeujU.oi.% a.MI
P'raocaliy be aad before the *ald Coos County
Court of Common fie is. oa or before the first d ly of the
next tera tr.er c of. t«» te holdea at the Court House, in
the city of Chicago on lb-? Crit Monday of February.
A. D. 1 ssi*. «ive special bail. a.~d plead to the said
* plaintiff's actjoa. jud/xent wdl be e-ite.'ed «_aiast you
a* dtafav.ir of the said Wiiliaa E. D.viteit. ilerjry I>.
Bas'ettsnd D. ilonart 11:11 a. and so taucncfliie rrc>
k- erty attached as Quy t>e u> suls y the s*:J
iaJ>"aeat and ccsti. will he «. Id t-» 'lie sure.
' WALItR iUiiIJAU, C.«:k.
GiLLC.* A LI:TCJQ"-Ct. ?lIT * A.i y. I HMw-cS
tjTATs. O; ILI. N.-1., Gi'L.-i'i uF
01 c'ooC. Sl-C'rlt Ccunty Court of Ccmmun Pleas,
"* Pebnwry icm.. 1?^.
Ge-tn;e A mottr, rcmpl't. vs. fcl2r% L. Shertnai aad liar
rid P. rherm.in. uef't? —:n c'aancei?
ASidar.t of tl»euon-rc»iilenc-of >rr» L shermia and
, Ilarrirt F Siurm-H llie.ie'ea l.mu above named, h-v.
J l.icbeeatiled ia the cilice of :.;e C or!: f.m l ■-.<>« L»'.'n
ty Ctari v f Common pie a » tic- !< !"-:cey fwn t • t.'it*
k saiJ lsML3,.ra:i;i aad ll.i ru-. K. *» rm -n. thrt
G--P»e Armour, the jai 1 cn:Lyaluant 1. d i :ii o t
,u cr.roplaii.t n s jj Court. <n t.V 1 ::.iu .•:v».det er«->d "3
ihe -ix'h day ofJ«nu.i<y. 1*j j . a".d 'h.it a
taeteupLii i»«u-d oji or »a'.d .'"U t
-dans. return.f>leont e ti stMoidiy of rtbruary nea%
IV.J. as »sty If-uuiri'l. . .
! unlc.-s you. tue sti.i iuLf .ermin a r .d Harriet
'• F. .-vermin shai p.*i?r.n».iy i>e a:d i-e-.r 1 efore sa-d
C«.ok Cunty C<-uit of C mm-n I'V.u of Ci.uaiy.
o-. the fi.s: day o« ti- text ic ui to »<•* ho.drti at
®»* Chicago, la sud Count , t .<? tiis. ,\.OLdar f Fi-bni.ry.
P Ui3. to ihe *d 1 com. lain.
*■ a"ts* rid < f covpUtnt. tii n..e .i-.d t .•• tr.A tra and
thiiu-i therein cnarsr 1 a-:d -t. e t wihb • u.eu ;h ."ua
fes>ed. and a d«c**r tiv.crwl. jo - a. Ui U«<j
tr " jcr ° f W * J tl ' l * WA . T j. KIMI»ALL. Cle-lf.
A r.\q C wy'.'tV 1 1'--' '*<-1
, DJtlNliT- .-TOPv'ji N';TiCE. C-.iL'N
/jsc tt Ccurt of Cook. C.antv.
lathe matur of the estate of J.icob Fr.drict. decease!.
A I personshavlu* claims tniirt the cvt.te of Ja<*ob
Fredrick, decease, late of C 'OK County,xre toiilled and
requested to at.e-d at a term if the County Jouitof C'»>k
Co rdy. to be he d at t e Court House. t:i the city < f Ci I
cajr>.outhetiniiMoml.yof ~»r.iire\t at'el o'cl ck in
_ t.e I'.rea'..n. f Ttiie pjrn seof tt iviretn-3 lire a jnj'e.i,
n tr.r tJci!a vr:itnx of add e*t.f :i <v» 4nxd ca that
" term f."?' »-pf ifs.i'd a :id>t'n_* . ' ::u- •-n •*- * <.d es
t.f M*Kt>-K!rr.\ Hlr.iiaCn. »d _.n ■.tutrix.
JinMPr.'S -'i d:.-u P .y*\ •. ~,,.«
L:ii'.'-t«". J :!.uar-. ■'<!. !?o'. I -t: J Jm-c-S
\GF, ? \LV. WIIKhf-lAS
i» ;> 5 Ja.-aes r 4r.J Jitt i e ~,A7:»r, eticuttd
ia ar.dd;l v.r.'.i - f
b'.sr -a .U*"" t-.e E :;t!-■; ?: i;tf f Jr. ir-. A. 1) I".>.
;v..d f*c rdeo ia 'he ;'.e '>r .-r's •Mi ' f ■ !rt«*H: e c "-n
--). ty. :ilvcin in U-o. :*-j. .-ia f U-* N
t : s.- are t 01 iwo a..ies • 1 'oiu hjr.-ire 1 d -I.
= la a »xd ::.lei s'.o- s.ir.o dt.e, ci.e due ia iix
m-nthi year iro-> i!?.i'* »td whrrfaa,
the said c-or'r:ue prov.dir< tin' i. s'.o-jcl henide
in the pa>rrtiit of ether o: s»l \ te\ -It'ier of pnnc.p.d
or ir.ter-st, tt-wh- le s*:ou .1 b-corre due and rayat'le.
Ncjt. there.'ore. m'.'ceu f 1 d. default h v.
51 ias neea n idr li th- paym." to the 1 ••to sdd not-.s
A i.n th- a„tdt: tio-n ..f f1- 'i..idcr t v i-re vf. on Mnnda». the
on ti.irty £:s*. day Jar.uar;- A P l-»». at t -n o clocit A. M.
er of that My, at tie Court • U1 1 :" '/t I neCl yof Chi-
Ciuo ty vntt"? or t'.e y.iwer rif «ile i'l ? i!-I luortzarfe
» con atr.ed. tie will «ed a> t!:e ij.dder
for cafh. nil tne riiht sz l equity of re l«-mptiori of ihe
saidJame* Ta-Inr aad J- *?>ti;ne T«y.or in -nd to toe
tout 1 -westan-t-c of *ecti n number nin. teen. In town
»h v tw-uiT. n.nth of r,i..»r s: vnea to. 'our'l •. M.
J co:ta:ni-« «• res. mo e or lei-c la #:ud »>le
«.«iiLty. Idiau.s, '.o make the amount o(3'iia pr.j-
pai aud lotirrst. aad the cc?ta of said sale. ? TRlpp^
Chicago. TeccmberJl. de.l H.d
O Circuit Court of Jook Caunty.-JAaiMfy Special Term.
S A. D. Im*. . . , r
» Je-man 4 Keatcr and Porter idancr vs. Andrew J.
est r> :i rrt.
to Public ao'dce :s h.-reby to tia iu> 1 Andrew J.
Shurt. li.at a *?rit of i'.iue i'o: rc •o>
: . c>{ the Clerk .if'.ircuit Coun »• "o-?S C-.-uMy d.V.ed '*.': n.i
'- 1 - da»of December. A. 0. at h'nit of the ».u .J-r a»a
L_ S. Ktatirai.d Porier acd th-* v.tf f
the ea*«l An«iiew J. Short tor the aura 0. Ihtee anou
sa-d Dollars dir-rted ta the shsrll of LV,«,>: Ciusty.
T. which said wr.t b*s tea retursedcxecuted.
No*, t- erefor" unle s >ou. tho A:iJre# J- . ".ort
shall versonallv be ard ppe.'. tecf'- the ja.d Cucu.t
fourtof CockO-'oatv-a or befo«theflr3L ' yo. t.i-.-ext
ols Speci-il fe'3 thereof obe h-dien at the Co-.r House, la
tHe U tyof Chlcai .on to flr-i.M liif i Jmuary. A.
,n D. *i r e specia. 0 iid;le.id t.• t;;;- s~id pLuatl- s
' actioiiadm-?.tTllb-eater--Ucal ■tyoaar.J n favor
cf las said Jerrraa .S. Kea'or and Pone: skinner, and so
mach of the fot >-. i «.;'-ic_ed as may ce suJS-:eai to
sitlify the said aad —<» w"! J»• so d tos dlafy
the same. L Cerk.
i Cornell. Waite A J.aniesJX PU'Ji Af.'ys. dea^b-^-Jr'M
nil State of Illinois, cook county,
O S3.—Circuit Cturt of Cook County. January Spscia
)N vs. Ge*rwe E. Hoyt.
„m Pabiic Not'?eis hsrchy jrtvea to the • Gecrje 5. Hojt
lhat a writ of at' c rent of the oflce of u:e
Clerk of the Circni: r cu; of Cook County dated the eU h
hZ te-ath day it December. A. D. l\>4. at the suit of the said
\VW.atn M-Culir. John P. McCu.ly and »irk W. Watson
ii„ tnd estate oftiiesa; Uteo. y lloytfortheium
t't. of two hundred «nl rii."ty-e ; ifit do.Ursaud twenty three
' ce=ta. directed to the Sheriff of Cock Ccuaty. which sa.d
n -writ has been returned executed. Now. therefore, unless ,
yon. tiiesaid Geoise r_ Bojt shall persoaaily be and ap
pear before th; aald Cirealt Court of Cook County on or be
(or-tr.f first d&j of the next special term ihtteof. to be
hofJeo at the onrt House la tie city of Chicago, oa Ue
TV first Mocdiy January A. D. li-i'. ntvs special ba.l,
aad pk-i'lto : .. plalati?s' action, iudment will be
on entere-i 'OO. and In favor of t e said »u.iam
lad \ c-'ady, John P. McCu ly an I Mark W. Wats. o. and so
uad muciM-ii.l- rorertyaitachedas nay be s'llficler.t to sat-
II sfv tb" laid uiicraeat andcostswill be «old to satisfy
t£lJ»~.e WILLIAM L. CUC&CH. Cier* ,
• Cornell Walt? A J meson. Pi:f« Atfys C.eii b»--l r> d
Aililtj TII MILL V/ O!Us.
[Ciii-»so Craach of the r'<X iJafaii Mill Fumlshlrg Ea
i3- 1
T.«»aic B. lltjivw. R-**ldent Partner and
Market street. Cli'exrc. Ildao'i
Ct* Mi'ldooes, manufactured at this establishment, are
flnahed on new and Improved prn.iplet. and are as
.151 near Derfectss obtained by the best maaufactaren la
the wcrld. The credit of this t r 0 r »he
past cwenty-flve years in f&rnishla* Mill Fadina
for nearly every State artd Terrttory In the Colon i» »eti
« . known and shall be maintained. JSvtr* £e'ected 3ll'l
-.es made 00 Special Contract from Choice New -r old
Quarry Utock. Noye s Imcr »ved Cockhead and H;U»r
foladles. fiueiln with Iron eyes, warranted best
asa- in uje for larie and S-2ail stones. Also, lacoriers and
: Cdealers in
»nS Extra UstTj Dutch AQkerßoltiua: Cloths.
•v'y SUI.LERS in want of «:L'i f r mano
fa-turisz txtra q-j..iit ?of Fioar. can depend upon cet-
Kj) Qn* the renalnc OLD DUTCH ANaKK. Slaile and
Double Extras. Dollies Cloths made ap in a superior
style, by r-viax leagtn s-nd rtiam ter of Reel in
acdlnches. JohaT. Noye'slmp-vvedCentiifa/ai Pee-l
'cxt lau *nd fiour and Grist VilJ. Corn
MiilCastinra and Machlnerr'o' every descHpUoa ftar
nl'hed to order on short noil. p. from new p'.tiena*
N .ye's Improved Pi'saare Mi'l. Aa-nta or the Buftilo
fJcaJeWork. roubleExiraCcst Sl:el Mil Ptcss Im
proved Turbine.
' . charx* *» ater Wheels warranted . anal to be»t. fitted
* with Cart Steel or Boiler Iron Bucket-. WHrranteJ'o
da;eah!*h tierc-f.tije of rower, Mataine and
feparat r. for mills a- d w*r> hou»e>. Ch ce e Sux*r Cane
Milla. SurtfiV. V UuiePo-weT. tfttxa-M t» for Grocer
les. Noye'a Improved iron Boitin* RseL John T. Note's
Flour Pa'aer. Stationery and Portable kn*inef Belt
int i'.eam Picking Laidphere cpaxe Plaslr*
SiachiaLX aid Md; *jrnbhlo< «eae»alJy.
liavtaz the iar<rst M U yurnisniM 3 ock In the West
fro wecan sell at 5 lower rate than anv other establishment.
N U.—\f e will contract to farniih and bait • Mills
, lii. rlele. er f *niiab nlans aad «o«**ificatloas 4 <* r MlliwH«hti
cf W Address JOHN T. NOTE A CO., Chiouo, IX
iy de?? b:7Ulv
iv- 'Jii'ttr'HKtii.
nggi '■ ■■■
• /. i r ALI. risi±i, evlry
SI J il 4 jt> *n.i fiui<a, Lei,ii,aa:i/.iao •\i'l!C« ;ala.
.-ins *o-' •/-
*rfci»vs.« v • 1 !• - * •vuli ia ihe Cem-ie*/.
38. 'siiiiiriVN""'.'
Ois. £\J\J Eow. forsilaby
p Jei£j SA'Vi'U. 111SS k CO.
0 —Cook Coontr Coon »f Coraaoa Pleas, Apifl
Terra, A. D. 1553. , _
Haloes U. Maaie. ud Edwin Blackman of tIMJ
la*t Win »nd Testameatof Juha Ulsiu Jr.* utswed,
t% Fayette L. Robinson—ln Cflancery.
Affidavit of the hod realdence of Pnyett* L. Robtosoit
defendant above named. bavin* been lied in the office of
the Clerx of said Coo* Coanty Court of Common PleaJ.
Notice Is bereb* alven to the i*id Payette L. Bobltson
thai tie complainants filed their bill of complaint In s»ld
eoart on th* chancery side tflereof. on thtf JUt day of !>♦-
wrobet. 1259, tnd t-i'. a nnaonj tbtreopen laoed
oat of said court aja'ast said defendants. returnable on
the Ant Monday or January next, UsW), u oy la*
Now. unless 70u.the said? xt+\\t L. Robinson abail per*
sonallv be and appear before aai l Co->k Co. Court of Com
mon Pleas of Coox count*- on the first day of the tern
thereof, to be helden *» Chicago in yld county en the
find Monday of &rrU. li»9. aad y.eid. aiwwer or demur
to the said complaisant*' bill of complainant. the same
and the trailers and thinia 'herein chimed and slated
will be taken as confessed. and a decr*e taintU ata&d
yoa according to tha prayer of sal i bl L
Thomas Ca>ey. of Kacka*ee City. Kankakee
wuu.y. and st.to of Illinois, h*e on the eUhteemh (vj»«
d*v of Jane. A. D. eiihteta hundred tnl fifty-el*bl
UeM) for v»iue received. executed act>taln promissory
r.o:e of that date for the sarn of thlrty-'cur dollars and
flftv tlx cents. i«m M\ rayib'e three mon bs art jr * 1 ate
to the order of Mifn iad.ro jn at said S'mon'* resiJeoee
in Ctlrajco. cook Coan'?, r'la.eof lid iris: -nd. wticrw.
s drt Thomaj Case/. In "iucr to seiiue the piyraeniol
said cOl e, has on the dale sectioned* slioed.
sealed aad d .-livcred toMalMu Anno acertal* l naort
in: <*l a v ey' fauJ .dst-laj uua tie lot h«reln*A«*'
which fil 1 mnrtca;e was fcr record rn
tboalit J*j of Jace, Uii, tui 1 amy r'js r 'ert In boollW
ofttc:tSu*» at :>■«<« 6-4;. ta Recordci*» cnll«e 01
coui.tyai riiulL w:.ers»i d.f.«ult hiJ Beta
made in the of i»:d n*i;, bfriby
kiren tii u» by '.he power vrite I io ar r>y ssid mort*a«o
I the ai'i;i;w bcfof-ftiJ. shall on
the t*«ty-fOMlh <Jay Jar.u.»r7. A. 0 e'uir.tea hondrod
a-it flfty-riae. bttrecn Un ho-.'? "f tra »nJ eleven
o'dncs la the foroaooa o. -■"kia.Jjy. Nt tlii door
of th£ Coort Uos*e. in iae *i'y of • nloa/o aforesaid, veil
at puolio to lac :iUhr«t tidjer. /»r caih. all ttx9
rinht. Utlf a"d inttrest nf j»U T.jom.i C.iiey. toietber
v.th a.l nli ruti o'cau::y ar.d >e<l;cit)tlon, ia nod to
the premises Jeicrloed 39 foiows ti>-»it. Lot namfwr
frur Vm t»l3ck A. la the vllLue oflitrtford b»ta< dHjr
f<;e;frt)otia« theliilaoisCyTrsi i*• H7Ol-f, !iy
a.d fiity fo*t deed, altaated in tbe cout.ty of Cook and
elite of llliicli MATUI.Vd ililON.
Chlca«ro. Jmuary li'h. !i'
State ok covnty of
O Cook—S3. Cook County Coort of Contnon Plea*.
Febaarylerm. A. D.
Patrick KW;c* vs. W\l| 33 Welch. wniLin Welih
Dssiel Jlurphraa' 4 Jeremiah A. ivlcjeli.t. In Chiiocery.
Affidavit of the r.en-resld*-cc of . f ereiniah A- K!nj?lla
and Daniel oef«nd*zts above afiotnl bavin*
been filed in the of t'ie clers of a*i>! CcoJt County
C urt »>f Upmoa tioilt? is herefcy aivento the
•aid Jerera'ah a. Hinse>U ao'l Uaal"! f that the
roat>iair»iini tiled hi- b.llof coinplaint in will Court, on
the Chancery »i>ie thereof, oa ue ;we:.tv-third day of
April W7. aatl that a samtnens t;.vt sjued oat of said
I Gmrt Mainit said JefecJa' ti rftum»Me on the fir*
M>>nd«yuf /ebuary ae*t. is is by l-*w required.
No*, unless yru. saM Jereni'afi .\. diojella
aoa Daziel Murvby shall be and appear
before saIJ Cooic County Court of C«nimuO Plea* of
! Cook county. <n the tirst dsy of Lost term
ihereof. to be hoMfn at C!d "4*o. la saM cnn:?. on the
■ first M'Tdav of Ketiuary. I*>J. afid plea«l. ai.s»er or de
■ taur to the s - dd coaiwWaaut's Dill of complaint, tlie jam®
» and the matters ant tlu'reinchiT.ed ;md sUtevl
f wiii be uk«T» as confessed. an«l a «i«-erfe cniered a^alnrt
■ ,ou ,0 ,1. c„,.
t Gillo? A Hltt'bofV. j iT h'.Hn\m
1 O .Court of CicJc Marcli Term.
A D. l^i'.
? Peats adrafol«trV.rix of thi» eatatt' of Alfred
PejtsdeCiMii'd. vs. R.->'-rt -»lc■ >ns. Alfred Jl. Peato.
® Jr.. •Mlllaaii. Pcata. Yt *r:t V. iv.is. Ansa £. fcaia
? and Charles V. l)yer-lrj CLarctrr.
1 Aff.davil of theaon r-siaecee of allied 11. I'caUjr. one
of tt e Je:»i.dani§ above saned. havlt «; t>eea filed ia the
orfije of tf-'* Clerk of sau Circuit Court of Cook
C<»aatv. Nutirj 1# herebv to t\e *aid Alfred 11.
Peat". Jr.. tb »! t!u*<.'.To U ii':n..clfll d S-rl-'Uof coraulalai
1- In the said oi thereof, on tho
io:h daj of D'.c«mer. !•>. .::id t*. it .1? Un noas'her®.
-» «'oa '.sjv.td out v.f sal.K' -urt rt «-vir.»t «aul
3 rr*furcab:e on fie &r*i Mcaday o.' >l\rcti c;xt. A. I>.
lro u . rj is by law rsqxre-U J
Now. uaJ. «s »'u. tii.« said i* 1-. Prats, jr..
3 iliall ier*>aa!ly be aJ.d ai-ii*ir n«rore said clrcui*.
Cvurt of Coo'x ccunly. 011 t.'.i- .!.»/ of t.j# uetv
e tr.-n tJiereof. to be i;oid.-n at CV.'cuo :n sild cooniy
J on the flm Monday of Mar-h. t-'iea l. anj»*
A or demur to t. e s.nd e-«n.;i!.d: irt'»llll of complaint. th«»
*• gjifaean.l t..e »cd t;:'n»:s t?:crela oharaed and
s,ttTi-d w.ll >.r *..»vertaacoafe«i»ed. nid a decree eatereu
? * jou to the 1 rayer of-<ai 1 tiilL
•s \\m. U CHCKCH. Clerk,
k C-iracil. W-.ite A Jann-yn. Coira>'t t n jal i»-9l 4w
\ )cni.ic\TioN sotioe. state oy
.7 1 li'iaols. Coantyof Cook. ja. COOS y Court of
\i Comcion Please. January Term. A. 1).
n Robert S. Orar. Willi tin l» irtn-ur ;ind narce.lut Polk
. vs janiuelJ. W<Uer. 1- H. v\i?,t..n. Kdmuii 1 «I. T-y.
,1 lor. N;iai*." , he:t yi.n» J. W •AiMciimmt.
~, PubiiO Not.ci- .s -r-.»/ i-i-.i . • t'ie rauiae*
, J. Wai.er. L tV. tV;i:st-,n. Kdumr.d 11. Tjy'or. Isaau
i Shelby and J. a *ui of aitiu-tiraeul
i*g'a cut of th-' of!!-*; «>: i:u of t.ie Cot>< County
Court "f (.'••union I'le.ii, da?e I t. v :-tM.-trcr.th day of
Dec-mbo,-. A. If. l\". at tl.e s'jf of fie <a;d iJnbert 6.
tlray. O. ..nd fulk »pj
c H'!a»ton. t:mund ll.T.iilir. J.-i.c.-j ti-y t"d J. H'arren
GtU» '5 fort!<e sum ■■( >fo't : ,-»:nir.-d vsd Hfty I>oilar«.
directett to the i*::cr:tT >f L\oi C-as.t». wl:ic!» said wrtV
r. N-w. therefore. hp>. yo-J. the Jald.-* tnu-d J. Ualker.
'.v. Tension. V.dxu.d IL l'.«ior. It■>.<,: and J.
, NV'arren li.itfso? »crv)n.»; 7 '»e and Deforo
1,1 the <a! J Ca..a Jeer.:? C -urt Vcinon Pl«- on or b*-
v " frre th- flr.t day of the ai'M terr: to be holdca
n " at the Court Slouai 1 . In t.v: City • ' Cuc.v. «io t!;tf firit
'lotday of Ja-aa'V. A- I'- W-*. ip-oial bvl, &nd
rt , clea-i t«> t.;e <ald i>:i: L.Tj* .ut..<o. ni wd; be en
-04 Irrcd >*'U. and in tav.>r«>f ill- n.t!d Kobert I*.
' 3 Umy Wi. liam <». Utrb'ur "tad Maroel.ti- l'-il«..md so
:ii tauo I; <.f tliri'rov-'fty attaCii-- i .is taa-' t'e sjififient to
u " suisfy ti.era'd wi i oo« s. w.'l t>r n-.d t» -«aiUfy
kt * fie same. » AL. Si iUMH VLU Clerk.
et Wjll a P.'";<k.x_P:t:r» v.i'r. b-<o
at Un-Cook «'oun:y ''our. of .Vnnaoa P. <.A
•n. tdw"*! iV T. tv U. C-r n ck. fricda
•id C. V.roM and !l v l-r^.>
in Public a»iuce u hereoy rfi»cn to I.T" s«'d tumael H.
Cirmvlc. rr.Rci* C. Cr>-*4. a-ni it. C.uey Ciarke.
cia-itli ita «r:t -'f A'.:ac:inient wuri outi»rt.ie uS>co
of tl.e i'ie-k cfCt-.-'S Coxnt/ of »\.naior. Plcai.
••'I d ilk d t':l? 1 : <i: tl-vy nfl>otfetn-r. A- l\ -f. »:.<• -u:t of
; of!':« std ?aatuel 11. Cuinia Ifrui.-itC. . rosaatidK.
Ctrcy I'l.jfk?. for tl.e of ui::e huti'irnl and forty
three doil.trs and 'lliirty-two ce-;t.» dirtcred to tho
•I. rneriSoTCou* -:cnaty, writ hi* beta returneu
C unl?o ;oa. hs S-.muel li. Cor
"*J m'r'i. frascla Crwa. am? I- • arey Cl.irle. ihall
:r* per,c-wlly i-tf and a;.rr.tf I" :or= U.e ivokconniy
Co .riof
•? nei: fem inrro-. *o re h-i.loT t""' l -- i^r y 0 "?®
*'!: In the city of ChIAT). on the fi*-t -•! - of K-bni
-I,u ary. A. l» 1-s*. «;va b;iil and ylcad >•» t.ie «aid
vi ~ tlxat.J's action iudifia«n* »'U be er.'t-red */aiartyoo
juidin favnr of t'ie *aid kdTin *v. T A-ciitr?: tf. acd so
of thv pr-p-rty altacce-.i a. .two- Jo
! satlafy the «ild jui;«raent and cc>.'rt. will to *>lu to
t:.e s.w. EI.MHALL. Clert
td Oarr'jMu A liaison. Pit's Atfy.i. j»i b?wi4ir
" n . kj CJuX-?.- , .-n-'ok Ccnr.ty CoU.t o- cVnmon Plea*.
J. ;uary IV.-::s. I ••<:«
I. lt.i-i b:ie mar* v.«. l.ro'ue u. col.n.
•i-t l v a'...'o So-.ic- la lwret\y <ir*n to t:-e *-tul Oeoree
li Jf. C.i.i n ta<vrit of Attach.!---* ' *uid out of tho
\u. oilice of the • i-m of fie C00i... un:;-C. i ommon
U f.rai d-ttxl toe tr?t da? > t Ufo- n'-.-r. a. »' at tho
10. Ittitt.f : L : r avlw.r.t :'»<! esUUe of
v. the vid (ieo.vc A. i:.. !!'. for «:.«• -u:i: vf I ■?*-
[.3 dred dl.-ocif I d :;><_• .-:.-rul nf <■•,- touu.y.
he whl'-S «.i: I wr-t hvi ii-er.
M .\'..qr. t erefor-. uale« y. u. the si:d t.-orse >1
hll Cm',l sh-Jl pe.-v.iilly r-e and a;ye.i;- l.:e said
, ie C.ok Cout.iy C«.nr! of Conrn n mi. -t t!;-» firrt
k" -1 »y . f thy lie** trrio li.rre-'f. t»> l>-' n-ild' - ".! ittoevourt
he lIou;e. ui -:e c:t» of Chioawo. on :V ririt V.ondtyof
Jciua-y. A. L). Iv'.'. live s; eci il i> til. au«l pl»* *d U> Uie
'n. *a'd action, jn hnuent w:d betr,;-r»d aitalnrt
i). yoa. ac-i lu lawor of the urra tf u «uj>J so
,| L . tnuchyfti.e pruyerty i;tic.it-l a* :nav lie wu:n-nl to
to <atUfy tl.eiwtlu.uiUmcat *r:J c< ita. w'Hbe so*' l
"jfi thesatae. W.M.' ».!* ivlMttAii- . IderK.
partur AJO'Q". dol' b<i('>W
Y. O .rrult Court of.'ooi vounty, yi-cruaryffp"-*S;<l term
m f> .iai'.
Msron atil .'nhn o'Ur?*n. Constfr7>tor«. ef<j,
r vt Maiy i.u.-.L 3-:.» an A U>i«. Imic Uor* hjlher
* V.in \Vj«!ie.-and J >:in V »n rt'a;ea r. .
j Acj.-a.it ot ttio u a .i*|.t-«nce .if M .ry Un-M r-ut n_A.
•of IWs. U-\.vt .'slv:r V.*» vv A ; -n-.r tad Join \*a
«>. Wj.-imut, Jefendaon i'iov- r.amed. .ia; .ru i-eon n.e.t n
the -jlhceo: tue Cle. k o; aUd Ct.cC..-:;-t „i CoU torn. 7
f nonce 'S hereby «ivca to t- e . t-:.'. .arcs 0< '• «l*J
aa ! oonjiil.dn.uit.H fil-'d tin ;r i-illof ooni;-!a i.t ia s-iid touit oa
-tv hetiuncery *ide tl.ore.'l m t..e ii.urta
7 ' her
nrt C-.urta<ain?t»v.d de'-cu I «:»<. taurtiaoV on the .ecoaU
L 'V Monday of * : b.uary «ti ih-j.M ast.< by
cxt ow. u-iltaj jou. -he said Mary 'Ur.. -..saa A. llols.
la Isaac H.U c«f»-fV»'» \».«.-u«rr tad Jo. .n V n \._weaer
'A t 1 vrY-_aoy an<i ay >:ar ticf Coartof
Coo* Co.. otitue firstda7 oftl>»- nat <fec.a! term thereof.
? n , tob.'holden ti Uicaso. ia s.iid Cou-.ty. on t
.Monday o Pobaiary. aud tie id. a i'vn?r or demur
~ to the said cotuylaiuaaLs' bill of oucntjlairit»: ie ?.tiae an'l
[.4 the ci. tt«r» ai.il t.li.va therein charge.! and stated will
r* be taken as cmf sacd.and .»-io-ree i uair_<t you.
iy Arnold 1-y -t f}n*gorr. f .'r. -'"I _
Pj eeaic'. Punllo notice is <*i»*n to all per
»u. s acil ..rinar- is a~as»l t:.<» ate of
... hrafam.Majrdece-tned. lupr-.s i.t tn-»,.t-e .or ailjud)-
cation *n<t-LUlemen'. at a re«uUr -iitn o' Uie '. vjoW
.. ut of Coo. C'oun*>. to tie n.■ l.a a- ihe Oou.-t Hou.-»o
Ji j ••rjfieCily f Cii.To. w f>e d. xiu o!a7 ol M.'wcli, A.
rt„ D. I-:. 1 . b i~< .Lescvnfi l.iy t .ire-.i.
wn i.c -;i. MS.IIL Mtcn t'x
r °™ cf the ISit Win »u.-.it o: i.ra> -a .•iarrdee'd.
!tv 11. it. .MteDL.
Blue I<tanJ. J trmrv ll"i. 1-V» ial-tw*_
5? \ I OUT OA'. 11 3AI.E.- s. 'TICK 13
be JIL hereby c.vtn that defau tnailo In
the the yayni'-u: jf a certain Nto ucu.e-i m and
all. i-y a certain iu.i!j md exeoi'~d >.y Alfred P.
Ibe Warts, beano*date I7ih i.»y of \ .jli- J*n • rscorded
iaa la the oflice of the Ke.-otder f DeeiLs I t th- County of
iao Cook, .inddiate of lillnoii. In 110 a Mjr j'ute. at.
sat- PikteTl, to t»-o. M. (»ra7. to •jecuie the V t.tnetit of a
Ufy certain pn»:a:s«'ry q«jW in <*Jd n.oniio:ie.l
t waivh t:-re will t>: du? oa tas d»y vf aCe. rnnclo.-U and
rr d Intef-at K <{•.! Thuusind (flirty-dcve.T U »JariaaJ /orty
m di* Ce&ti. ther.foru 1 s i h f-y v:- a • « if thtf
i'o*»r i- "dd moitrfa*>* co Limed. o:i MOM>\J.thO
s . Jl h i.i/ i f Jan A U *i th. C-u.. :i"U*o. in
fi-city I t'.'.ic k> id •'tr./.y f Co <<. a:d ."Ui? of
s!v IlliM).?. at I'tjj.u,:: A :L. ieit v poi»:i; »:oiu-ito the
fiUii st hi. id. r frc si tn- ;oiljwf:rf d.*so.ir>ed iuts of
pieces of I .ads w th il' n.'iit -juay Ol re
dcia- t!o:i. »i uated i i trie c.t* ol C .!•' u.d County cT
■23 Co k. v* a j-a'.eof .ilinois. to *. : C.« u >di?: l-'d one*
h -if uf Lo's on*u) .uia two i'. '.a U.ocit ivur <,H. eart
Uearbrr- Ad Idioa to C mc >X'j.
Gao. M. Mort<**e.
Ch c tr\ De-. :l. lm-bsA
i h-ih •-«? ijlk- is :.ojt:or«d until
" OUIT . MoiliJJte.
Chic i<o Jtnaa y I'*'/.*. }wV-t»c?o
- ircaii Court of Cook C'oa'ty. Jacu.ai7 rft-ecial
i Tcr J3, I zL'J.
I JOw-a ft'nx'e is. Oe r<e C. ''Kte*. fuj Uli'.O'.j 'ventral
a.o.oid y. aaii T'.e :i.C!;Vi3 Central /Cail
■ t om-iauy-'n Ch»ocery. _ .
r trie of Georte C.
ore-1 i.'.e .lo:''utanrs aboven icied. been filed :n
oSiceof the CU r<o. said Clrcu i Court oJ tCoujity.
Sl.Cc* l<iirri.i'V Iven io the 1 Cieoifjo C. liai-J< UiM
said C""U-:.-r rt I tied td.tblli of coinp!a:nt in »*id • i-urt
oa the Ca»i;c*ry siJe thereof, ou ar.-euta day of
-- Oec-iter ind an a toereupjn
1- iMued out «: »-dd C'ou-t »Jd dJiendaata. re
turaablc oc the firs; H.n.lay of January. IwAaju py
law required. Sow.unless >ou. t-.e s-iid eor.-e U
shall personally beatd at; ear before said circuit Court
of .00* County.' a the fir-.t „ayo. the next term
ta-reoC to be noiden at Chicago, in s*i>J County, on th«
I first Monday of Ja;mary. >nd pe id. answer or ua
-1 icurto tiie >aid comy.«un:>at's till u conpujiit. tn? saao
and 'he matters ai.d txuncstlierein charsstf and stated
9AJ wUlbetak-n as con'.-ved. and * drcree entered 3*amj»
s la you io Uie of laid o.d.
the ;VVJ - • w,cfC>
tea fiooJvta. Larr-e* 4 *G->o> , wt". t. ? 0 . r*.
•et) r>«l* '»
It. HERtAS TUOM -S ill! AND 11 ARY
U»r V> a. his Wife.'tl'.he oayjf April, AD.
best 1-ji execuudfielr certain de.-d \.t trust to the u_de.--
atd sired to secure t£>* p «>ment of a ceru a b -ad bearing
r>en dat • with said deed for the mm of twrcty flvo hun
dred 01 tiars. ex- cut«*d b t the iald 1 dim and aaya
• bie u< John staple* In u.ree jear.i fr-j»r. ibw date tner»-
of w.fi tnieri*»t taereoa Hi tea i»er ceat. payable semi
-71? 4iir,a uli. »nd for which Uitrreit ,td«c%l Soles we; e ex«-
"5 catcdiy s-td aia aunj");red ooeto s.x. and
driauit havini b.ea aaue m tho payouut of iuteiest
fivt uue oa said bond, an'Uie w. Ole prtcipid sura and tho
,1. secoad inie-eitt'ierton havio* becom- dao by and at
ITII uieoyiioa ot a»ld tuples, a d demand mu:a
<Vif accord-X to t: e condiU-ns of &a>d t*oad and dfed of
iraat on of Joiia N. stap-es tn-? h« ider of
•,1a sal - bvnd. N :tic- is hereby *ivtn tcov on :hj Jth «j
"lm- J»:uary. A. I>. lrfc> at the .''crta door 0. Uie C'urt
nt« louse in the ci'y °t i, at ten o'cioe* la the fore*
tt«l nooa. I siall. by virtue of the iu me vesa 4by *ald
,Vrt. decu of trna se lat public auct'on u> tie h gQesl b.dder
for ci*h. all me ri> ht, UUc. teasfita-de<ia:t» of tedemp
>». tlonof said iia in 1 Mary d.. his wl--, of. u».
[e-r asd In ihe premises in said dee-i o tnut de bribed.
iv«'a which said deed w*a recorded in the Recorder*. 01S eof
.'j. taocotiity o. coot aad State cl lillnos. la iKok lid of
-ici Deed* «*.3. asd filed ou «be ls:h day of
" Apr;i. and wh!th«-.1.l pn!tn!s<» In said detfd o- uu.toes
r_, (ribed are kao»u ;s iou nuiaber thirteen (U) saJ four
#VT teen t i-U .n School Commissioner's *abdivldon of (raciltiu-
aiteclou sli>eja ild ia towa*:.lu forty ii.y. Sortn of
ihti tie third principal neridlam ,
! uUa.STGDODniCH. Tro-rteei
u J auaryl-'th. 1T53. jalt b-<W td
■5 Jut COURT OF COOK COOJTTV—In Ujo matter of the
.. LaUteofGtrorKeCoomM. deceased. t #
5 All persona Lavto* claim* a*ainit the eatat« of Geor*©
Coombs, deceased, late of Cook county, are nuune land
dllY r-auested to altered at a term of tbe ourt of Coo*
.... County ;o beheld at the Court liooso in ihe dty
,tr: on the first Monday of February nexUal ten o doc*
f,!.*! mtheforecoou, forth*purroso of having the same ad
. 'I, justed—the executor and executrix of the will and
Tl * testament of said Ueonte Coombs, deceased, bavin* (lx«|
on th a term for settling and ailjusiin* ail cialmaM«la«
laid deceased. t »
~T Chicago. Decetnber B DIXR Kxeealor*
JANS COOMBs, SxecutrlXf
Of but will lalaatat of Qt»rg9 Cocah'. decw*].
). i^U-bIV

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