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enlist AND TiaiU'Nt.; Th "
WI DNLSEAY UOr.'.'.IKG, JAKUEAY 26 1859. j c
extra copies. I
Eilni i-.iii.-s of tin: I'Jiuss ast> I'mnrsc. cjii- ; Gl'a
Utijiti'i: a lull t ''f ll»o Burn- V < >tivul i winding
tin- Ornli.m of Gov. M« Coma>, can W had at our
g t t
Oojiutliig K.u.m,an:j :;t the varioo? News n< jk.is.
Banking in Wisconsin. t BU'
For an important ar'irte on this snbjocl, pcc
Money article on fourth paj:c.
A. Lame and Impoicnt Conclusion. Ora
T'H' l,i\vnnu'e Republican that the celo
i»rjied Lam- and c<»«lc-st Was l>ccn deeid- BALL
c d at Washington. In the ciroct that neither party
h;iii jm-'iuiptioa totm- j»ec*.i.*ii clai»i?d, but
tli.it it is school hud. y o£
No Ilurry. kundr
Th,. S:anl.-li M;uis>r ut pectus Chief
to think tli-.it a pi-non wV> lms lnvn j-p.it m
,i,„ f ; , co u.-cil nul \vah to li'.W'' V,t- \\u-". puUrd. *<■ <'
H • s-tvs ti»* shall il'iiuuj'l his s,«ti;*til llic
* luilTlßi
sail.uou.nou bill lor til'- btiu|.;ki ''l lU'' * jue( ..,.
.inWi'Ci.lllt, OUS.-W l*s»- .Wrr
o r . i.„. i, • will no' Inve tn l-.m- in a liun v. of .j,
r ™ j
Senator from Louisiana.
A i'r..in Isat<o Roup* r-ay= thattlf
Dcm-'crutic caucus litve d<np;vil Sen:m>r
IJi'i .vi'iiin, iiml lh;it linn. „d. r nad t]
upu-K-t f. r ihc 11-.m-e «>r E.-prcwiintiT.-F from yc . ft
New OrhMii-. v.uhl* wi::i;u t'.vo volt"; of u
niiuiinutiou : ;il?;j. ;;uii :;V»i--r-11 :v»' Ikmmi l«" th? {.l
reived Irnm f«;r tlso fri'.'nu- <T n^'b
U-Miiuut -.md >MVWZ<: to unU-'. oi to
.#■ -■ fur d 1
About CaNllolO. had ii
Considerable time w-s fprot in t'ru* Senate t j lc s .
uetenlaf in dtacusMPjc whether •• cat-holes" Cj!
hart been provide! in Senate chomtor for e vou:
the etcape of newa tracepiring in secreteesfcion. n .u:c
Mr. T>-ris deui«d the truth of New ork k
Jura'.-l't nport of t-ii rcvurks to Mr. Nukl
in with the iuttcrV qnarrtl with overl
l'itca. _ aad 1
. 1 aiiiii
{37" A fugitive eluve i-s:ilcwcrV bas buper-
Hsded other logics of tLUrral i;t '
Kuneus. The r.wonu T'ah's biys tha u
tijr. Mvddry L.»b jajtili-id m bia rDI
lav.' jn ocec-din.'S nV Fort Siotv.
rKciiiiu?p. onlr
K-V , r>J , jL."A' TiSlutit-: , -"it
<TKMb: \on .he fiubr.'t-UuT in
re"urd to the oper«t'.ourt ot
citv? I liiu t ' e-y nmuants 111 T ec -
Vvrk, und n-''. hr.rmcr tho t,' fortivie to no r 1
bt cd a castor:.it of th« Mar:ae liinl:, lam
obliged tu }-s.v V) 1 psrcpnt. prtHuium {.:• my
i;rchun«e. -N'-w, 1 hh-.'u'd !tk* to know «hy 1.1« **■
that oHit-r Ixaks iu this city ca;.not feli hi* than
chiinui! a.-i i'jvv tbe M jucc jja*:k II it is a (( f (;
optiution on lb; r- ri a trif-jority ct
the lurce biDES, th.; ;• * *»-1 c s!joa!i konn* it, end
the "fcbavere" bboiild ce tipoptfd. 1 have eacoi
beard it i&tituatfd ihu; ouc
up the Tii'e of Kxeuuaue «a uL'.icipuuon ot u j.*
dMiund iipun i' Jrorn lie ciiv. i'hc truth ,
ot this ft-".'nicni 1 rouca ior, bnt it raoy
lead to a ui:-covery. I hure b«'ard it suid oT X>
lijnt u frivol sh«s are irUTeated in j,\
u»<d - ,
try batiks Tor coiu, end that th«:)' found it would
not pay to do so if Kxchanjie «*a« kept bt one nion
per cent., consKpicutly they bare done all in pick
their power to tcrance the r-te to make thu un jf (
bueiness protitable. - ,
If this is rraily 83 i: ahocid hi knovrn, and 1 u ''\
:L«-k vou lor mferutution on the fcul-joct if 'J i
it. . the
The Uick wouid certuinly refuse to
seli l-IxMange at IJ.; per cent, il cauid (Mt ui
tuft to do ec, umt if it i.llbrd to do it, w " 11
v why c.iauot oihtre V 1 lure becu inhinned by lirec
ot that beak that they ore ?uppl;ed ut
that rate with all th-y require. Heanfl u'ive us
iipht on tbe snbjecu Watbu SmruT.
Our W.itn- ijicn. s . .f 1»- lai> read the 1
*V|' 'i i:iiu-m;. ]|.J« :i!I tlie inl'Tliiat icu l!iat
>ve in to the ni -iiv! > v.'hieh have r[
.«r.ivciT.edthem:*,j:*!iry nf thi*lMal.ei> in y?
the ji'ice (if exrh;;ii;;t'.: :sJ th«iM' vhifh iiitlueiUT
the Marine Ikmk 10-"i| 10 at oih? ami a
fjiu'.u-r jiiciuiiiiu. j-xjieiifiicc lu-; >liown that
thi< i:ic«|iuility 0 iniiot e\'st Jii.nU tl;i\s. ICi'luT
the Marine lUnk will eotne up l""nin«-nt rates,"
« t>r the others come down to the h.w.-r liqiue. 1:1
We always gire the luc!a in regard to iinun- J
cial mutters precisely as we hnd them, in our
money article. The rea?ana for all chanpes, K
when known, are alfo stated, in the preweut - 1
instance we referred to the absence of hafitern
hills, the accumulation of currttey and the T
steady demand tor exchange, as the reasons for -j
tl.ft rise. If. howeror. exchange can be main- „t r
ti*.itit ct at 1' ' !T«.'inr.im. or rn-n a: :ower rates, on
it will be a great relief to the binincsd public. j
Settlement o 1 lh« Douglas and Tilch
q Diihculty. ,u '
V.'ASinstiTos, .1.1:1. 'J.i.-Th" «15{:i<-ulty Mwfpn
I)i5igl;:. HII-: K'U-h -.v-,c -..jjh-l thi- . veil- bai
iucr.nml W\-A roi.Min tin- f«»r- uH
r.--l«»ndiMiee. II >s«-r A . I'rvor ar:cd ;i-the tn-n.l
ot M--. lMu"i.i-, .iiui Mr. ii.f jjiuiu .. • liic liieud of etr
>.h. Fiteli. "
hEAUNU'otiTU City, .lan. 24.—An utlempt
nude on Saturday to rescue tlie ne(:ro now xiii
nwaincg trial on the charge ot oeinc a tngiuve tr
t-lave, but the ollicera having tbe cegro churned,
und with the assistance of u micceeded in "i 1
repelling theatteaijit. Much excitement exirtfl,
and more trouble is anticipated. f u
*■ ;z
Mi-Tiiou'ii.ui.ifAi. ]!i:coiit> ke;»? by .1 11. K-vil «V
('•>., AjiOthvearic-and ('hi tui-j> f ]4 S .uid l4ii Lake .
Mnet : ...
J .n '2'>. '»u"»U«.J n.
i:vk'»vs.imi. I inni*i»M»rrKK. g i
7a.m. , fj »i. I '■ e. v. I " A m. | 12 v. I <• r. m.
i 2-1.4» I I .-J I ::-J I - t»
l*EiihOSAL.—lifwiu l'julscn, the fainOttft chess
p! played chess lapt eveniDg,
ttiiiglc banded, against ihe cutire tiaincy Cbc.'s
• Club. We bar« not heard the result. c
First CiiriPtiun (Disciple) Church uieets tl
cr htreetw, (Wcstrfide.) Sptakir-gthis ereuingat o
on Monroe street, between .Vberdcco and Iluck- r
7;J o'clock. c
Accn^sr.—losiph Mitchell, a member of
the Chicago Light Artiiiery, fell from his seat
on the kaist-n attached to one oi their lield
]>ieceß, during the liarns proc.-saion yesterday,
one ol the wheels pweed over him, lnjariug
uim eererely. but we believe cot [
# Caiicts' Soihbe.—Da cot forget thai tlio '
fourth of the teries of msst iutercstinj; t
soirees com»a ell ut the armory, Linda lJlock,
corner of Market and Handolph streets. Music c
by A. J. Vuas 1 Ciaudriile Band. The "Lan» 1
ciers" are on the bills. 1
Fatxl idiSTAKE—Coroner James hel-l an iu-
tjuopt ycFterday moruir.? on tlie body of a child, .
uamed Mary McKcil, daughter of Ilr. MeXell, re» ■
siding at
-h* the The verdict of the C»nmei's
Jurv was that "det'eased came to her d :.tl!i l»y a:i
overdid? of morphine, \*y mWake.%
ValisTis*s—At L. Jj. Andrews', £5 South
Clark etreet. Country dealers are re?pectiul!y
incited to call bnd examine the rich t»nd beau
tiful stock beforo purchasing elsewhere. The
utock will be opened for retail on Tuesday, Feb.
Ist, when the public are invited to call and ex
amine. Iteuieinber, Andrews', South Clark
Bi'kns Festival.—Owing to the great uutuber
of peisons not l<* itig able to get adaiih-ioa to the
0 JkleiropoJitau llall h>i evening, the Committee
Ijuve arranged to rejHat the Concert, to-m rrow
~vexing. Parties not able to gain udmi-.sioii er.n
u* th.' .-ame ticket*. Tickets will be sold at K.
S. Wells' .Store, I'andolph street, at lite Tr?nioiit
Huuso,and at the Ticket Offi :e <>l the Hall.
W. Jh LOAN, (ThaiMji.iti.
John SrKWAur, Sc.-'y.
GotNi; Aua.s —The liiat train frciu this city on
the fit. Loui.*, Alton and Chicngo Ht'lroad
the geuoral "fi'-rike" among the employees, by
which operations had been .su-]"ended s >mc two
• or thne wci lrs, left their depot on the West, Side
:it lialf pa>;t nine ye-terdry n,'iriiiiig. There were
three cars filled tj their u'taas*. capacity. We
trust no further disturbance of roquUr ojierati ms
on great will hereafter take
Naurow EecAra.—As the eveam tire esgtce
•««L.')ug John " was leaving its boube to go to
the fire 0D Sunday ufternoon, one ot the pipe.
• men, Thomas Harry, fell from the loot
i&oard, and before he could recover from the
dull, he was alrbck by the horse attached to the
9 teese cart, which jjjsfißwd him. Straoße
cnoagb, be escaped wiC;cot serious iujury,
although bis bead wai pretty tererely cut and
Th l ? Ba us I,'eatpmiial Festival. I
' ' ation
!;§ o SEE liT BU I n ß 7c
_ velopt
- ' er nt
Tuesday, JftJuary 25, 1859. ot t gm
cles ol
Grand Procession, Civic, Mil- cough
it-dry, and Masonic.
in th«
— —- * ~ the or
tin- I,ollcf-rt at Metropolitan
"li'-il. Tho
t brillu
Oration of Ex-Governor ICoOomas. ol the
r— — '
~ 1 m->re
• Gael.
tub £»ay. | aiD » |
VoEterday, the £stb of January, as the one
hundredth anniversiry ot the Peasantßard, and lite of
Chief of Scotch Posts, Uooert Barns, waaob- of tbe
Berved in our city with m irked success and
tdiit tully protftaed indeed to all wbo were n *
awars 0? the'euergy aud tast of tbe Committee 175'J,
jbaviog the ml.tt.2fiu chanj-;, und indeed almost be an
j iueepjMJte from a iif .rawiu,UoaLl rerira not
►•only *a th»i jainda of tie eogs of Scotbpd, but born
of »1! renders 01 ciusiic literutuj c, mc
and claims of Burn?.
Sach hud been tbe annouueements made, and sn iLal
0= stica an extentive scale were the attractions times
lurnishcd, that it seemtsd uigh impossible on one my p
nad the dame occasion to realize and perfect all,
re*, to the honor of the admirers of Bnrns be jt to thi
ea'.d, thal.fromthe eariiejit hour of appearing on jove
the pl-crf ot reudtzvous yesterday morning, well
nigh tu the "call of the incense breathing morn" doirn
ol to d-y, no one flagged cr waxed faint, aud head
far dowu umong the emill hours when all else
had merged into the mazes of the merry dance, nd {
tin. s.iiU' Hut'iusiasm held sway. demt
Cjc-.m-ncing with the day in tbe order of its °^m
evouta uppirt-iir.ing to the occasion, it must be wor jj
n-u:cci :hut ai first it f.eemtd as if Mature her- j u ijj
c-li kepi ihe of atorm and snow-fall no ei
nhich u cjciury agohowltd around, even to its
overthrow, the buvel where Barns was bom, tu;es
aad new in 1559 camescrjwlingly down upon the No )
aiuiirira of tbe bard, as then, in 1751#, upon the
tiist tender hours of the poet's natal day. J
But no one flinched. Seotiu's sons hove never ot hi
turned pale or sunns from winter in any of its
phwe3, and at tho rendezvous yesterday on Weft .
State street, through n tedious delay which can in hi
only be accounted tor on tbe general rule of "fira
."it will happen," the multitude stood fast, jnp ° (
horse a-d foot, the while tho 6now fell fast, re- bis s
rpecliag neither plume nor epaulett, nor uniform genu
nor regalia- iiis L
tur ncritw. Tl
It waa nearly oue o'clock, three hours later his ]
than tbe V.me appointed, before the eecort °^ (
of (?eu. K h. SwJt came upon the field, the
Chi:ago Dragoons, Copt. Charles Barker doing his )
escort duly on the occasion.
The carrid/e which followed bore Hon. Wm jj Ul£
]{. H.v.n, the President of the day, bis Honor wen
M-yor Haiiics, and Hx-Cor. McComas, Orator lore
<- x bis
of . :e day. mec
Following thes-s cuno the City i-athers, un-
der the efxort of the Fire Brigade, Capt. Ray
mond, eighty strong, one cf the finest corps of jj
picked men we have ever seen, handsomely ere*
uniformed and displaying rare perfection; of
. . bea'
dm*. lbei
The review wtia brief, when the whole line, thai
the right of which bad rested on Lake street, ean,
wheeled into column in the following order, the
while a saiute of ons hundred guos was being 0 f t
tired lrom tbe Lake shore, at tlie foot of Ban- wot,
' do'.ph street. j"
The following was the order of march : An
[ Artiiiery. t'fipt. Jojuta-PiblUi. an
j"it.KTHi nixn. *' B
CliVarj D"Bjo(ium. O.iji!. Harkcr.
1 WaihineioabUfitOavatry.CaM. Fred.Schoeabach. tho
MfiOT CI'ARD r.ASn. 80D
x WiLiliisjtoa GreuduSen- Ca;.t. T. \i elller.
. Washlsjitin LUht Gatrd. Capt. Btelnoiull»*r.
llhlil-indGuartl. C»i>t. MbcArthur. (
r V(';\-lii2tnoa Cijiiain F. MfttNra. reu
Unimct Guards, <'aj't. O. Sluirt. too
>lcntS'>iaery tluards Capi. U eessn. thi
great i:\sn. car
r Major, \ dciuu-n.uud Oiii:rd of the day. fou
t, KuL-t.ts T.-mplnr?. ,n :
_ o.:d FeU.jr-. fol:
n .-t. Andrew"? S wit'i ;.laiJ and tl.htle.
e Tie Citizens' l'irc itruM e.
r The o:djr of nurcb through our principal
streets gave temi ol thousands of our citizens
3 » on opportunity of wi;nes-ing a pageant which th<
il lets impjsiag than butter weather auspices
wauld have rendered it, was nevertheless bril
hunt und worthy of the occasion. ;
.last ut this time too the ?kies releuting, gave cl
-- bacc the sao, the clouds disappeared, and the
r * u'tjr dav aud iv t :r.ng were all thut could be de-
Jj] gired. The precession was tbe memorable und th
jjucccaslal leatara ol the day it detserved to be. wi
a 8 Tj'e concert as the notable feature of tbe eve
w tjing,promised attractions—some novel, und oth- ;iu
r5 crs :J! ii«e attractions becauhc known aad ik
Jq up.-ir» ciuted by our public. j l^
j, Extraordinary preparations had been made jj (
for un extraordinary attendance, and the im
pressiou that Metropolitan llail would be crowd- ™
ed to its utmost capacity-was more than real-
Tbe hour tor commencing was ut 7K o'clock, p:
'' and )ei at the opening of the doors ut 0 o'clock,
huudred-i were more than re.idy to lake posses- ti
s'on t f feats, nr.d long bvfere the time appoint- o
td, settee.-", extra neais and aisles were full, with «
everv uvatluble inch of stauding space. It is | t
doubtfu' wiieih.-r on any like previous occasion b
this i' l '.he lariat ia our citv. was made to V
CSS * .1
contain more persons. 1
j 1; is ut.ti:n.»tid, nevertheless, that fally ore u
ets thousand persons weris turned away, utterly un- 11
»ut able to enter the llail. These and others will 0
:k- rejoice to learn that tbe concert is to be repeat- t ;
cd this evenicg. 1
As to the concert itself, it was with scarcely
a parallel, a success, both in the enthusiasm f
with it was received throughout, and the I
e sterling merits the origin of that enthusiasm. J
a * T * From twenty-eight hundred to three thousand j
' UR persons were present, comprising not only |
Scotch citizens—who comprise many of our
the "solid" residents—but also all classes or our |
.ing most intelligent music-lovers. j
•ck, We were sorry to see present from five to sis I
isic of these Fenseless women and foolish mothers
,an- who will persist in liiting their babies upon ,
the patienre and forbecrance of public gather- 1
mgs, on this occasion torturing the nerves of '
tbe immenfe audience and interrupting the en- 1
' joyment of some of the liuest portions of the
j (n entertainment.
We suppose no law c ia reach such cases, and
we can only hope that mothers of so little 6ense
Ve'\ i» :, Kht only increase their race in numbers pro*
portiocato to tbeir wits; a generation or two
puth might thus forever rid the world of the class,
iully After tbe opening overture, Hon. W. B.Egan,
eau- the President of the day, introduced tbe orator
The of tbe evening.
Feb. Ex-coVEiuron u'cohas' oratiox.
1 er- To '.develop what is in them, of tbe spiritual
Jlark aad the Cod like, in tho form und mode of their
own peculiar being aud individuality, is the un
ending and divinely appointed life-battle of all
tuber men und of all races of men. Every man into
whom lias been breathed " a living soul," is in
0 some sense an unwritten poem ; perhaps
liltcc the soul-struggles of tbe humblest son of
■mm - man, could tbey be portrayed us they are seen
r „ n by the ftoarcher of all hearts, would be more
wonderful than the brightest und most terrible
1,1 conceptions ot Dante or Hilton,
inuiit Millions of us, in some sort, give utterance,
in dumb aciion or in unmusical words, to tbe
loves, the hopes, the feara—to tbe of the
souls'tbat ure within u?. Millions more periah
und " leave no They 44 die with a most
ity 011 voiceless thought," with all the joys and all the
Ji sorrowft of their aonl lil'e unsung and unknown.
' Hut the deathless struggles of the souls ot men
?s » and of races cannot <nd without expression,
c two The burning thoughts, tbe consuming passions,
t Side l '"e undefined longings after immortality and
aspirations for a better life, like a smothered
? WL '\° volcano, must and will have embodiment and
- We utterance.
iithns Once in a centurv one among us Is more gut
t ed than his fellows, catches some partial tone of
1 tbe inhnite, and, bird-like, trills again and again
his fsw glad notes ol music to the dumb mil
; liols tbut are around him. And thus bard after
bard arises, each singing the snatches of song
15° t0 which his soul's endeavor has wruog from the
pipe- inhnite—each fragment of Bong being but an
» loot- ec ho of aome single note of the great unwritten
I aouleong of hit race, Once in a thousand
>ni tne years, after the tbroea of ages, tbe thtkinah of
to the poetry rests upon some sublime embodiment
trange of hia race, some son of genius, immortality and
ininrv fIOIJ g. who, gathering all these rivulets of musiQ
j ioto btt r ®pt soul, pours forth all that is genu
ut and musical and godlike in man, in one great
nver of harmony—along whose banks men of
all after ageß mar stray, and in its million- t ble.
voiced murmorinffs find an ec'no to erery oupir- ) 0 f " 1
ation of tbe soul and every pulse-beat of tbe 1 a 6
teWL . - I The
Such Is more or lew the poetical history ot
every civilized development, and especially is p»rtc
it so of Scotland. Every ph/uf of poetical de- , ««g co
velopment is to be found distinctly marked in j .
her national progress. Her heroism und patri- . 10 £ c
otism found fitting,vo'ce in thi rhymed cbroni- their
cles of her minstrel bard#, Wiutoun, Uarbour [ a pp r o
and " Blind Harry"—wbese strains have been
cangbt tip in fater years by the bard of Abbots
ford and flang forth with a fr*»er and bolder evenn
tone—a tone that wukes every touch of heroium u 're|)
in the human heart. Her pastoral life found a jnou
echo in the ** Gentle Shepherd" of Alien Rim-
Bey. Her 2liltonian spirit flowed forth upon
tbeorgan-tooed harp strings of Thompson and Fit
Pollock, whilo Ferguson sang the of her )i:mt
city life. r.. r <,♦
Thui the life song of the Giel floated on
brilliantly bnt fitfully, partially, and fragment- S eDei
ary. The half smothered voice of the " cbildrcn chu<e
of the mist" and of the mountain, was not yet a pa r
fully heard. The soul of the Scot demanded w
more than this—demanded a Shukspearian lyre,
whoße golden stringsshonldcDmpafli every note even
that thrilled through the heart strings of the given
Gael. That should sing not. only to tbe moun- >un< j
tain, lake, and moor—of city life —of pastoral
life—and of the hero life of Scotland, but should 1D
alto sing, the home life—tbe soul life-tbe heart as o>
lite of bis raca— should sing the whole love life Terp;
of tbe Scotchman in numbers as genial and soft
as the love light in the eyes ot bis highland
moid. °ld
.And now at length on the2sih dayJunucy, room
175'J, this great national demand was about to t^e
be answered. On this day, one hundred years *"
ago, on the banks of Ayr, and beneath the uec - ;
ehadows of " enld Allowy's haunted kifk " was Treu
born tbe embadiedjpi ,e,, " i f- I ' ,o * ou^., Pf Scotland occa;
To speak fittingly of the character and gcuinß
of Barns, were not only impossible wituin limttß ball 1
snitable to the cccas:oa, bat were to mental porti
times impossible, " Sic flights are far beyond .....
my power." Burns has epaken to us and to ait :
men, in a thousand-tongued voice, that must •
thrill our hearts until they shall respond :
to the woes and joys of hfe. We feel him, we |
love him, we wuralup him, but to attempt to de- I At
liniate thisimmortal child ol song, to d.»giurre* Uiaf(
otype him a? be stands, leaning upon the very
dome of the tempU of fame—high over the *hro
heads of heroes, orators*-ind statesmen, in famtl- lof B;
iur converts with his great ilomer, j .....
Shakepeare and Goethe, requires a steady nerve :
and a d&ring heart. To tully pmryy him would •
demand the pen of geaiu-i, notuaiqa-1 to his 1
own. :•••
The life portrait of l'ar.l3 is engravej oa his i't
works. His character and i;eaiui stand recorded
iu bis poetry with a patent life .and ttuM, which
no eulogist or hisloriau can ever improve or imi- uiotl
tate. :•••
II»3 was morhi-i *vr ovotft rained pic- J :
tuiesoi iir.cy—iii'lefrd. Un pictures infancy ui all. :
No Coriuiirx— no Marmio.ij—uo Hiawatiu"—no f...
C.ilibuus or Ariels racked his Leatcd orain. Ejch
line and word was vi»» immature of s->:;\2.p.irLof I
his own great soul—the cadeticud n-verbcratious Ar.r
ot his own henviug bosom Wnat Lis » i,ea or I Oi
his heart felt, was carried, as if by the wand of J
enchantments, into music. His poums and sjngs
were but the gulden sliaduivs ol tue lilo that was :•••
in him. He was himself bat a living poem, a •
"grandmedley overture'' of the Sc'tci heart, :. <t
longing to throw liiinself iuto song withuvoae* j
tint would not be flis hares— j Ti
his scorLS—lns fiiendship and his loves, were the I £ p re
genuine utterances of all that wa» hunuti— so 1
sublimely liusau that, when poured for:h trout
his honied tongue, they sceuud Amo-l divine. I lead
Tbe fionl of Barns will live to us forever in stc
his poems—as we read them now alter the lapse To
of a century—he stands out before us in all bis I m
genuineness, simplicity and greatness. Ills j Cj
" Cotter's Saturday Night" is tbe home life of
his boyhood. Th-* loiltcs of a drunkea neigh
bor, mixed with the superstitions of his child- I wer
hood und filtered throagh his oan matchless tho
humor become " Tamo' Shunter." Ilis satires 1 eifl .
were of living men—men destined now to live j '
forever. Ilia womea were the actual beings of A
his love ;we say bia iconitn, for ihty wore wo- th
men and not Tney were tlio warm I 0 j x
heurted maidens of Scotiund, Q . J
"Wheserocy lis'shealthad ki'seil sis fondly." j c ,^
Barns crcitid little or nothing. God had I
created quite satisfactorily to him ulready. |
Other poets, I'romKtheus like, might steal from
heaven its hrc, and worship the airy figments of I tea
their own brain. Barns worshipped the inhnite 1
that was in the humblest Hfe ar.'und him; he j
sang tbe divinity th.t was in fallsn man; he
clothed no angels in tbe lorms ot men. But, • '
Oh ! with what tones of melody did he not slug i s
of the heaven that still licgers in the breas; of
woman. This ///'•'poetry is tbe truest, hea'.thi- I
est and noblest of ait poetry. Do bat think of j 4. ?
l'ope humanity in his "Essay upon . T
Man," and then henr a Scntcbman reid " John 1 *•
Andtncn, my Jo John." Or tell me what were >\ i
an age of bliss with your "Zaiiecas," your
*' Jtowenas," or your " Arahy's Daughters," to I s
one lone hour wiih llijhlaixl Haty "beneath j
the jjay green birk" una *'Uawtuom's Bios- 13
Bom," when j
"The*o]len hours on angeU wldci, I s u,
yiew o'er me and iay dearie." I
Others sang much of fanciei~-Burns sang cl I f fo
realities. As leaf after'leaf of bis spirit unfold- jlh
ed to tbe world, his manifold and loving nature
took the impress of, and mirrored lorth, all J
things in sunny lovliness, until his heart be- |
came a living reflex of the v/iole. From this
fountain flowed forth the mnsic of bis soul, aud I
in that song, alt men fouud response to every j
woe and every bliep, to every virtue and every
lolly that .an is heir to,—lor the coiden wea
was ppun from a soul that was an tpUome of hu
manity. I
1 Others might be tae poets ol a religion, or or
a class. Burns tlie poet of mankind. I
8 Others might siag of the fashions and foll'.e? of I
1 the day and perish with the occasion that gave I
s them inspiration. Barns sang of affections that
were with n« in the beginning and will be witli I
'* uh even to tbe end.
Sir Walter Scott was the poet of the " upper I
e classes" and sang of Scjtlani to the English— 1
and the Eogltsh have praised him. Barus was
the poet of the people aod the people havj lovni
J * him—be was the interpreter ot Scotchmen to j
d themselves and to tbe world and tbey have
loorshipptd himl __ j
A century has pj--cd away and toe glory «>f S'r I
Waller already begius to feel the touch nf time, 1
e . while here, tu-uight, in what was then the un
known home of tbe savage, ill the center of a ne»v
aud wilderness coutineut. the repie<entalives of I
id nearly nil of the civilized race*, give n spont.v |
noons oflering,more heart-touching than aK jui.ui J
. triumph, to the memory of the poor man's poet, j
llohert Bums. I
n* A century hence and Scott will be rc.id by th \ j
d. curious, while "Coming through the rye," will he j
1 enraxd on the Sep pes of Tart ary aud 011 the I
banksoftheLaP.au. j
As a nun B nis challenges the love and sym- |
k, pathy of ail true mun. In him, more than in a;l j
u other men, were combined all that is (li> Hike and
• s-tr->u£, and all that i« human a:nl trail, iu our 11a •
58 * turc. He was endowed with agc uiu-that was not I
at- 011 Iv capable of doing all th ims iu a wav in wliu-'i 1
genius ulonecmiloihtni. Hissoulwasloy;t!,?en
»itive and great—he was patri >tic and tine to his
u Irieiid'hip-t— be was deviled to freedom and tie 1
on brotherhood of man—he was a deep and true sym
to p.ithi>er with the wo-s and sutV-rings «»t hi- kmd. j
.Hisjnanly spirit neither in-mted nor crintred to |
the great;— while ho wept at ttie miseries of the
>ce unfortunate, and extende 1 the trieiidly gr.«>p of
, n . ledowship to the poor. Poverty uuv have at
„ times faoJeiidl, bat it could not ivpre--> his unl'r
ri or damp the geniality ot his genius, lie won
at- tame—yet it uid not oltvalo luiu—ho st ill hang
the s<»n? of the People.
.t_ In allthis, fcnd more, Burns was etrony, and \
* we can admire him. But it is rather for hts pas-
Btn sions—nnv, even for bis frailtits that we lon I
Lbe him. In Burns, there was no ineulferable pro- 1
m jection—no mystery—no well-poieed prudence
' that kept the highest side ever to the world.
lD(1 llis wildest passions were sucg with a soonding I
nly lyre,—bis maddest follies lay in light,
our The genuine, trne heart of man beat in the I
bosom of Barns-a heart that thrilled at every
beat with all the kindly qualities ot our nature,
in excess. Bis was no canting sentimentality, I
six but the normal aud natural out-gusbing ot aI •
ers warm heart—a fall, sound, whola man, that •
was poetic from no eccentricity of mental ac-
P° n tion, but from tho superabundant overflowing
ier- ot s htalthy nature, lie drank no nectar—he
lo f quaffed no "rosy wine,"—but with a generou3
glass of "gude old Scotch drink," got often
ea " "fou and unco happy." His love was no sigh- i
the jog alter fariu in a cow-slip, or sylphia forms
so trail,
an( l •' Youn'cht base seen the rsoon sldne through"— I
, nse Bnt a rich and golden lore for some bonnie
lass, I
i)ro -Wbo?ehosora waathe drivenfnaw, I
two " Twa drifted heap J sae fair to ice.
8. His warm and impulsive nature carried him I
ran in his convivial habits, and in his attachments
to woman, too far; and it cannot be deoied that
they became frailties. -It may, perhaps, be said I
of him, that be was one that '* loved not wisely, I
but too well.'' j
, His passional destiny was that of all great
' . poets—boundless longings, never satistled, and I
h®*r 0 beart yearning for an eternity of love, mocked
! °°* by tbe fickleness of man and tbe changes of
. time. Tbe world presented to this child ot ge
lnto n j us t tj e i Qre 0 f pleasure's pouting lips, and
' 8 ln dimpled cheeks, and laughing eyes; but as be
B madly revelled through the golden hours, and
1 clasped its glittering shadows to his heart, nn-
BC®n earthly music from his other and far-off home
D °^ e whispered in his ear—
nble v
"Tint pleasures a*e like r«rple« sprend—
,n«a We seise tbe flower, tlie bloom Is shed;
ince, 0r j lke Uj,. IDoW .f a ji, i n ttie river—
-1 tbe a tuoment waitf. tbeo gone tozever:
' the Orllk-the borcaiis" r»ce.
•_ K Tint lilt ere you can point their place :
.nan ortlkethe rahboir'slovely ">rn.
most Kvaoileliln* amid the etono."
But these frailties, the very excesses of tbe
nobles'- qualities, are but spots upon the sun
™ ea ol his genius. Th6y doubtless add to our sym
*nn«* pathy, pity and love for the man. Let tbe tears
, 1 of millions who have wept in generous sympa
thy over h s honest toil and well sung woe*,
nd f° reTer record of bis follies from tbe
' tablets of time'. Perish tbe heart that cannot
say, " with all his laults we lovo bim still," and
tbat *' he is • man for a' thau"
acrsin Scotchmen! You may well be proud to night,
mil Millions of hearts this hour do homage to your
J?"' plougb-boy poet. Be prouder still, Scotchmen !
■onff lUb Barns daerva thtir homage The history
n thft of your race, even from tae fur off cloudy glo
nt an ries of the past, stands clustered "thick with
rttJn bluabing honore." Your coun;ry'e browa ure
iIVnH wreathed with many fair, immortal flowers—but
*"f . f far tbe raratjUnvtr in all that wreath of glory,
iment bloomed " ft hundred years ago."
■j and We can go into no detailed description of the
musiQ Concert, or dwell even briefly upon its chief
feature*. Mrs. Best wick won fresh laurels.
Messrs. Crawford and Dempater were »dmira-
I'lliriCn WR.MF.ST)AT HllliNlNft. ,IAiv' TARY 26 > 1851
ble. To hear Mr. Greenfield in the recitation
of " Tam O'Shanter " was almost to ishare the I Editor
fins frenzy ia which it was conceived.
The Highland Gaard at tbe close of the firtt 1
p»rt of tbe prflgrarame gave in excellent style
" Scots whae ha, &:and their soldierly bear- f vcn:
iog and admirable drill, excellently well set off ID S 1
their other roeriis. Tbe feature waa and J ttiec
appropriate. - Th
Wc are convinced that the audience of this
evening will fill the hou-e a secoud time, and with "
:i 'reiietitiDii ol the colhofsiasm to its lull ! lt°P c
amount. mile
From MetP>p<>liUu llall to the even more bril- rathi
li:mt festivities at the Treuiout Hoose, the trans- city,
fur at the close of the concert, wu?, if not entirely I won!
general, at least to an extent that told how well- to ig
chugcti was the conception that the one should be tiont
a pu r t of the other. j then
Me«rs. Gage, Brother & DrjVe had outdone I woul
oven is saying much, and kid l bins 1
1 {riven up their entire establishment to the thou* If
' .-and gne<t.i of the evening. I ests,
The large ball room was richly decorated, and ble 1
I as accessory fields lor tbe lovers of the art j to it
i Terpaicborean, the ample parlors bad been the
thrown open aud ctven to fancy danceß. The I
old Tremont Hall, now an extensive billiard B hal
room, was also restored to its past in reviving ua,«
the gay scenes it knew in days of yore, and con- j ish.'
uftctedas it is directly to the corridors of the I Tl
Tremont, increased largely its capacities on the nttl
.occasion. I wou
Tti*. c.tviff tr(»re thn«» * f ,u * •""'»* I ooal
ballroom. At the north end was the full length I ort!
portrait of Waehington, with the motto: j froo
: : I doll
: InHev.ealts.if I'lUikno nore, : son
: Than justallUi-landwdcom;. :
j I thel
At the sooth end of tho Hall rose a graceful (
Uiaryuse, in which refreshments were dispensed I
throughout the night. Here were also portraits
I ol Bruce aud Wallace, with the motto: j
j • I prei
• • \ mot
The entrance to the Hall was draped with P av
American and Britiah,andabove tbem the I
uiotto: I
| '• "One round. I isk H *ith ate&r. *. |
: To him. UiebarJ, tha»'d farawaV : y^i
The ea?rt s.de of tbo llall bore the Coat of upo
Ar.na of .Scotland. j Vin
I On tbe west side, orer the muatc and caller'B | j
platform, was the motto : I ix:h
; I I met
: "To p'e them music, was his chsrze." : j 1
j The supper tables were richly decorated and W hi
spread with ail the taste and profuseness the m ig
woat of the Tremont'a perfect cuiiine. The aD ,
I leading table ornaments were as follows : I nee
I sia'.ce of Burns (after Plsxmsn.) j
J 'foob of Burns at Ayr. [
I uuii'anil Cottage and Its enrroundlass, tenants. Ic. |
j Cjriotbiaa temple. ]
These and others almost beyond enumeration j '
J were elegant and chaste, in the bighe3t style of I tho
tho confectioners art, aad all tbe work of the in i
j employees of the establishment. I e '
It muat not be forgotten to be mentioned that the
th- proprietors of the Tremont presented each cid
ot their lady guesta 011 this occasion a choice wh
bouquet of "fresh fbwers, from nurseries ol our the
city and Cincinnati.
I TUB b.vnockt. • I °P'
Our crowded space forces us to pass all ex* tai
tended reference to the banquet, beyond the fol- I opi
lowing list ol toaals end responses: j
1. Robert Burns I
I \V. L LjUL I
i. Scotland, the land ofLone-t nion aud bonnjc la:s*a.... 1
. I Hm. James. I in:
. 3. Tac Und ire live Id iilVilßriJi; th.
r 4. Memory cr Fir Walter Scott.... A-iiaivie tbl
| I 5- Highland Mary and Bonnie Jean Cc
1 I iso.kJ Crawford. |
? «'•. T'-.e HtirMml U p slm nts ro>
- 7. Tho memory ot lobelia Usras-tlie Tonnet-sl: sister of
J. (iraut «ilson. CO
1 * liic Pvets and AuthorsofacaUand... .
j j - Craw'ot.l. I
. y. The Press \Ym."'i/rJai I r0 (
A beautiful and aj-propriate feuture ot this j
share of the festivities was the following ode, 3
j I from the pen of Beuj. F. Taylor, Ejq., of the I
• Ju-tni'.g Journal, which will rank among hia j
! . j best prodnctions: j K<
i j Hor« be: starry vhilkceplM I C o
f j o*e-:i Cimpbell by the Clyde— 1
y Byt'ieTivje-ia " Wisiri" s'eepin;—
a "Shepherd" by the Yarrow's side—
Lao lof plory. sons and story.
I l»and of Tountaini and of I co
r Did ye dream that Bolk could die? th
•_ I Biaksand Btats beclid apaia, I
'' I Bohmt Bcrss Is pa&siac by! I
,t cnoai'?.
!i I Everywhere, evcrywh€re. I
j Fmlbs will break and trars will ytart. 1b:
r I Matins rainbows ronnd the heart. I 0 ]
- 1 riooshmaa. Dianof Avs! 1
,s lo
,1 Hctrt of lea'! Cantblsbc dylne.
0 I Comlcff tbasfubllmelydownl I c;
• d ] ly>. an hundred winters Mphlns, j w
j Le-ive un'trosvn tby holly crown I j
r I Not li sorrow dawns thy marrow. I
i>, j ** IlititLAWD Sliav" t y thy side. . Jt]
11- MnWnc I'feand l:vekeep time: j a
»v I Uesuty be thy deatbhss bride. j tl
j!" I Weaving ail our hearts In rhyme. i ti
[n j Heavybaart and »rroky rafter j °
; l f j Orowlns Uebtwitb Burns'ssonu—
I Calmrrteari aid clearer lauchter— I a
n 1 pialded bosoms brive and stron*: 1 g
ie I Larks are s'nriac—blm-hell? riarins I c
j Naked Hea't In open pilm! 1 x
il- j Withtby "daysof auld lane syne." I t
id j Wit'itliv Cot'er's evonlns I'sa'm. j t
: 'd Tbcu!::ist male aliases'.bine. I t
ot, I Now the thrush's silver sennet I |
I'll I Trembllnsfrom Ihe t'lossom'd thorn.
'U- Water thatiiu white upon it— j
ii- Sweeten Lyric ever born ! j
1 o I lircc* is brea*.ins—Wallace waklnz,
tt> From th- cla«p of inlchty Peath.
I Morven swells the Dmcsows!— j
to I Lads* and ladies' blended breith, ]
I:c ' liushes sweet all ptcimer Jonp
of '
at O'er the fl\l»y'.nthe furrox. 1
I--r Brndinc law with lovin* words— J
"ii By the rai<u</s broken burrow— '
Sc 15-4 of liti"."ieJ a'.d nf l»ird«— '
I nrc'zei blM'lar— :lvers tlovrinc. ]
C( * j llark tlie beater BotnyDoo-. -
i* B ' Losan Aftru Ajr.
?rt traUeihiatlca-v-.t uns.
ro * nll'.chland Ma-y" in tbe choir!
la. I ciior.rs.
Ug [ Kverj where. everj\rh»rc,
I Smiles wil break and tars will *tart,
the I Makins rilabows rocn l the heart,
s ry plou.-'iman. tirotli-.r, Bar-J of AST •
Wa cannot extend our report further, albeit
l"a I wehavo but sketched in outline the events of
k** j the day.
• cc " They are altogether creditable to our city, to
our re&idents and to the committee in charge.
ou3 I; is entirely consistent aod in keeping with the
lca spirit of the affair that the entire proceeds are
ras t0 be Riven to tbe poor of our city, under tho
I {supervision of a committee. Thus ba3 ended a
I Festival memorable and leng to be remembered,
inie I —• - ~
Just Ltkc Tu*m.—Oa Monday afternoon, a
I servant employed in the Tremont House to light
fires, accidentally fell and broke his legatee
enis ankle. Messrs. Gage Brothers & Drake, as soon
that as they learned of the accident, bad himconvey
said edto his home in a carriage, and ascertaining
ieljr » that be waa in a destitute state, had a quantity
reat of bedding, and aa abundant supply of groce
and I ries, provisions and fuel sent to bim.
:ked The employees of the House, not to be out-
f S Ji[ done by tbe proprietors in generosity, started
and a subscription paper among themselves, to
she which both men and women put their namef,
an< * collecting in a short time the 6um of fifty dollara
iome for the relief ol the man and his family. Dr.
ilahn waa called to attend the man, and famish
ed his services gratis.
Scch deeds should not go unrecorded. They
rellect great credit upon ail concerned, and form
a picture pleasant to gaze at, in thii dollar-chas
ing age, and a lesson easy to learn by the dull
• tbe est scholar.
Dfcun Plkasaxt Erisoor.—The graduates of the
tears Jones School for the year 3 355, accompanied by |
mpa- the present first division of the Grammar De-
Toe*, pigment, paid an unexpected visit to W.
lunot Woodward, E*q., at his residence, on Siturday
' and evening last. Tables were amply famished by
the pupils, and a merry evening spent in social
converse and the interchange of kindly ameni
men\ ties. Before departing, a splendid copy of
story "Toe Court ot Napoleon" was presented to Mr.
P l0 * Woodward by Master Hsmill, in behalf of his
companions. There are some oases in the
_but teacher's desert.
:lory, ■
" Tue JciiPEKTZ Case.—The Jura,icrlz case was
if the called up yesterday morning, and was continued
chief until this morning, when a final decision will be
urela, given npon tbe application on his part for a con-
Imira- 'inuauce until the next term.
| Clark Street Paving.
Editors Press and Tribone:
i 1 was much gratified in reading the report of
| the proceedings at the meeting of property
holder*, held at the Barnett House on Saturday TO
evening loat, to see that so many were beoam-
I ing aware of the importance of permanency in
the character of the improvements now in pro
| gress and in contemplation in our city. tbe
j The strong preference expressed for the appf
" Nicotson" pavement, over all others, gives J^ t^]
! hope that we are not to be cursed with another jj
mile of those "villainous cobbles," for they orde
j will admit of no more mild expression—bet j aQg
I rather that we are to have one steeei in our the.
j city, which shall not be a reproach to as. It • M
I would seem to be the duty of our City Council |j
j to ignore 4, bouilders" in listening to any peti-
j tion* for paving, for surely the testimony egr.inst tor:
j them is so continually before our eyes, tbat it wa y
j would hardly be possible to advocate them un- 4]
j blnshingly.
If tax-payers will but study tbeir own inter- j» e Jj
ests, they will not put down another foot ot co'o- con
ble pavement, und the disposition of those ebout tba
j to improve on tlark street, seemstoforeshadow the
the doom of this great imposition, £B it has
I grown to be. Let us have improvements that g fl g
shall be such in reality, and reflect credit upon mei
us, as not being " penny wise and pound fool- . J r (
1 ish." i
The cost of the " Nicolson" pavement, is a mu
little more than that of the ."boulders," but it J™
would be cheaper at double'their cost, than any 0 f
I ooulder pavement tbat bos ever been laid h*re, coo
orthatcau be i~a, with any but selected
from the East. Is not the block between R>u- nftt
I dolph and Lake street to be laid with "A'teol- oa
son?" I hear it rumored that there is much cat
opposition to it by some of the property-holders j
there, which surprises me much, as 1 had sup- ttl€
posed them all to be better judges of their own at
interests, than such a course would imply. ad ,J
j lam glad to see your paper advocates this
j thiog occasionally, and hope to see your views Wi
presented as frtquently as possible. Reform Is an<
I much needed in many ways in our city, b-tper-
I haps in no respect more than in the matter of tjj,
I paving. Tax-P-ayir. ry
* sti
A card. •
OLtcasco. Jan. IsW. ) -
SfESsns. Editors:-! obscn-e in your ls.--ne of 3
yesterJjj- a nolics uf tlie payment to Ifcv. A. D. OH
EJuy, by this Coaipany. of tlie amount insured Jjjj
I upon bis hoaxes recently barned, (SG,OOOJ" in ai f rl!
I vince of tlie maturity ol tbo claim. op
'I I wUU to say tbat while I feel duly gntc-ul, on ed
behalf of the Company, for tbe intended cempli-
I ment, I have authorized no such advertiseni?nt.
I This Compmy has been before the community l' c
for the past twelve years us underwriter*. Curing
I which time tho number of lo«se3 paid by tbom, au
i I might, if they were dealer? itclap-trap, coctilfute Mi
J uo extensive puff—l tru.it however, they h-ye co m
I need of such appliances.
j Very respectfully, m,
I JrLtus WHITE, -
| Agt. N. W. Ins. Co. t 0
{ ■ 1 - * at
j j Opesixg op La Sallb Stbbet.— Ellict An
f thony, Esq., tbe City Attorney, informs oa that
e I in the mandamus case of the City of Chicago ti.
I George W. Colby, the Supreme Court refuses p c
t I the award of a peremptory mandamus, and de- cr
3 cides that the City Collector is the only person [ L
g who cau collect any tax or assessment; that by
r the amended Charter of February 13,1857, the r j (
office Of Special Collector was abolished. This m
opinion will settle many of the diiiiculties per- th
> ) tainingtothe collection of the assessments for ot
I. opening La Salle street, and conrcquentlyimme. bi
I diato 6teps will te taken to collect that assess- « m
i r or
j ment. ot
" I ' . to
j Masosic Fsstival.—Arrsngfircents have been
si I made with Messrs. Gago Bi others i Drtke, of
'i. I the Tremont House, by the Cleveland Loige,for
I tbeir Festival on the Sd of February. Tbe
£ I Committee have chosen wisely, as the canicious
.. I rooms of the Tremo&t will hold all that will ai
® f j com?, as there wes at least 1,200 at the j
•j* Burps Festival last evening; and there was
.. I rooui for more.
I The Festivals given heretofore by this Lodge £
I have been unsurpassed, and we predict for them
' a crowd. tl
IC tl
is j RocnßßV.—Tbo house occupied by Caspar 8]
j Kc.-sel, No. SI Edina pbee, was entered Mond.iy
j alienioon, through a rear wiudow, while the fam»
I ily wero absent, and robbed of $77, which was
I contained in a pocket book ia the drawer cf a o
j sewing iiucbiuo. |
Raising to the Gradb. —The contractors have *
I commenced the work of raising'- Clark street to -j
tbe grade, between Lake an j Randolph streets.
I d
I Uostetter's celebrated Stomach Bitters c
I have by merit of tbeir tonic and other medicin
lal virtues acquired a celebrity and popularity t
• I heretofore unknown. This fact has induced un- £
principled parties here and elsewhere to coun
terfeit and imitate this preparation, and palm it c
I ct! to the unsuspecting or unprincipled dealers, t
1 who will retail it upon the reputation of the c
I genuine article, tnus not only endangering
I health and life by the use of this vile mixture
j thus sold, bnt are robbing tbe pocket
j also. The most prominent operator in
j this nefarious business thus far brought
ito our notice, is a fellow by tbe
J name of Clark who prepares tbe mixture and ;
I refills Uostetter's empty bottles which are
re labelled with a counterfeit and spurious label ]
I and tbe cork covered with tin foil, thus they are j
I sold. C. H. Bcckwith, No. 101 Water-st., we find 1
j a large dealer in this counterfeit article, which
I could not be sold at any price were is not for (
the genuine Hostetter r s Bitters. We caution
I the public to dodge these imposters and see our 1
1 adverrtfcing columns for the names of respecta-
I ble merchants and drunjgiats for the genuine ar
ticle. The genuine Ho'stetter Stomach Bitters
[ have been impressed in the glass of the bottle,
also in the cap covering the cork, and the labels
bear tbe antograph of " Hostetter & Smith,
Pittsburgh, Pa. lw*
Prompt and Commend able.—J/r. Editor:
Permit me through the columns of your Jour
nal, to acknowledge the receipt of ten thousand
seven hundred dollars from the Chicago Fire
men's Insurance Company, being tbe amount
of my policy on on my house and furniture
burnt on the eveningof thelGth Januiry. Their
prompt payment of the same befere maturity is
proof positive of their ability to adjust all losses
they may sustain. Yours respectfally,
ja2o Jonathan" Clark.
A Glorious Achikvemkxt ut Gatetttl
Nothing can exceed tbe success achieved by J.
C. Gayetty's Medicated Paper lor the Water
Closet. Piles will soon be a disease no longer
known'except in name. This pure medicated
paper is unequalled as a preventive, and unap
proachable as a euro. The proprietors wish it
to be spoken oi according to its merits only, lt
beit is very cheap—looo sheets for $1; 5->0 sheets
aof for 50 cents. Sold by all druggists, aud at the
discoverer's depot, 41 Ann street, New York.
" J. C. Gayettj" is watermarked in each sheet,
"» t0 and hia autograph ia oa each package. Sent by
r ß e » express from 41 Ann street, New York, upon
1 the receipt of price. The trade ure invited to cor
respond us to terms. For sale by J. IL Reed &
1 " Co., wholesale and retail druggias, 144 & llu
the Lake street, Chicago. ji22-2ir-cC3
ed a - - '
sred. Boots axd Shoes.— McDougall, Fenton & Co.,
130 Lake street, corner of Wells, cionot be un
0| a dersold. We will seU for the next 30 days—
light Ladies' Foxed Gaiters - * - .75
a Do Kid Congresa Gaiters - - 1.25
' " Do Kid and Morocco Slips and Ties - .50
soon Do Morocco and Calf Boots - 1.00
,vey- Men's Baffalo Overshoes - 1.25
Do Catt Boots of our own make . - . 400
. Do Kip Boots of our own make - -3 00
ntity L) 0 Calf Congress Gaiters . 2.00
roce- Remember the old store, noted for great bar
gains—l9o Lake, cor. Wells. jaly lwcl7
°, n \* Wheeler & Wilson's Sewn? Machine?.
tfte Xoitb*Western Office 167 and 169 Lake street,
s, to Geo. YL Cnrrrest>Es, A^eat.
tmef, * ——
illara J53" See advertisement of Boudoir, Scwmg Jfa
chines. 1"22 Lake street. jU-ly-bOOG
nish- pg" See advertisement ot Qaaker City S2O j
Sewing Machine. L. Cobxxll & Co., I
The j. 0c26-ly 133 Lake street !
form gf" See advertisement of Dr. Sanfords' Liver
chas- lnvigorator in another
t tho Sheet Lead Worts.
1 vAsurAornaus or*
Lead Pipes Sheet and Bar L^adj
social niii.KM IN
meM ; PZO UB AC,
?y of
o Mr. Asents for
» lhß : -iT3-
3t. lioniH Shot Tower.
tiuued i*" A uscrtmontof the aboTe KaanUcUirai eoa.
a con- Collins Sc Blatchford,
tsX3t/&l'U Oomer of CUntea and Fulton
BY □
— 'BIBDSE. i -
WAsmNQTON-, Jjn. 25—>esate—Mr. Pugh a.
row to a question of privilege on the subject of • J 4 -.
tbe report of the Esechtive Session which had dicta
appeared in the New York and especially At
in the Herald. He hanced the Herald to tbe Stc- l
retary to read tbe correspondence. ; poii-
Idr. Crittenden sasgestinj that it w.is out of . Fri
order, it was stopped. \
ilr. Pogh expressed iu moderate but decided ;
language his di?aDprohation of such a breach of i *»* a
the confidence of the Senate. < >1
. ilr. Fitch agreed with Mr. Push in denouncing . som<
tiie impropriety of tbe correspoudence. i .2^
Mr. Davis chanicterized tbe correspondence a.s
untrue, an-1 said tbat be had applied to the Sena
; tor trom Illinois, [Douglas] no such language u.s to w
wafs therein reported. an '«
Mr. Douglas agreed in this assertion. -p
Mr. Davis would suggest an inquiry into the Jp
oftence against the Senate, lo agreeing in con- mci
demnation of the offence, be said amidst much Jou
laughter that he had accidently discovered and
communicated the fact to tbe Vice President j;**:
I tbat there was a small room within earshot of ' .
? tbe X. E. corner 61 the lobby, having no egress •i '
except by a trap door. The room was searched
1 and found to contain two black cats. He would aLlt
t suggest an investigation as to whether work-
i men had been bribed to construct hiding places
for eavesdroppers.—Anybow there is a cat hole
in tbe north east corner of the lobby. o£_t<
Mr. Mason said the experience of Senators \
i must have indicated that information of secret j \ '
t transactioos in tbe Senate is obtained less from \ ta * |
the eavesdropping persons than from a breach A . i
of confidence on the part cf pome one enjoying ros;
•, confidence. He referred, an on example, to the
a secret deliberations on a treaty tire or six years /1
since ~»,ir.b wero Uniij apresu aory iu ui X
newspapers. Uo coeclnded with seme remarks l
on that portion of the Press correspondents who
h cater for the depraved taste of the public. p,
a The subject was then dropped.
Mr. Green submitted a resolution calling fcr \
'* tbe correspondence of Mr. Nugent, Bpecialageat
n at Vancouver's Island and Columbia, which waa
adopted. .if
The Pacific Railroad bill wa3 then taken up.
J With the exception of brief remarks from Mr. '3
s Wilson, who cfiered nu additional amendment,
is and from Messrs. Simmons, Broderick and Da- Fie
vis, Mr. Johnson, ot Tenn., occupied tbe whole *°£J
day in explaining why he would vote against —-
tbe bill, which be considered neither a nec»*ssa- "V
ry act under the war-making power of the Con
stitution, nor as a test of Democrscy.
The discussion of Mr. Slidell's Cuban report J|ha
was assigned for Monday next. he;
Adjourned. j,
). Offi:e Committee, made an adverse report on i "
,j the memorial ot the Mount Vernon Association,
taking that the Regents thereof be granted the y j
'* franking privilege, tho Committee being of the i3u ;
opinion that saia privilege ought to bo restrict-
, Q ed rather than extended. Also an adverse re
port of a memorial proposing the abolition ot
ll * the Post Otlice Department. q,
On motion of Mr. English, the Committee on
•y Pest Othces was discharged from further con
in. sideration of the memorial ot Charles Butter
° held, praying for the establishment of a line of 5J
11 » steamers between the principal American and
te Mexican ports on the Gulf of Mexico. He
:o moved to reler the matter to the Committee on
On motion of Mr. Jones, of Tenn., the me-
moiial was tabled by 6- to 33. pi
Mr. Eaglisb made similar reports with regard
to the memorial ot A. L. Bieeker, and associ
ates, for mail steamer to South America _
n- The motion was agreed to, 115 against SO. Xj
at Mr. Covode, of Pii., said he did not wish it to
be considered that be voted against tbe bill be
cause the P. 0. Department during the late J]
efl Pennsylvania election had a clerk to spare to
e- co into hi* district to operate against him.
in [Laughter.] -p
Mr. English repcried a bill regulating the - 1 - 1
J payment ot the pestage on newspapers and pe
ricdicals. It provides that periodical dealers __
lis may receive their bundles on paying postage t
T . thereon, the same as regular subscribers. Maps,
engravings, photographs, etc , pay a postage of
or one cent per ounce or fraction of an ounce. The £
ip. bill proposes • punish persous whs receive
t B . , money for postage but fraudulently withhold it,
or who fail to deliver letters taken out cf the -r
office addressed to others. The bill was referred
to the Committee of the Whole on the State ot
ea the Union.
of Mr. Wood, from the Committee, report- t
• or ed a bill to establish amutional liue of steam-
fhips from certain ports in tbe U. S. to Great
Ce BriLiin. J
us The House went into Committee on the civil
ill and diplomatic appropriation bill.
3e An amendment appropriating $7,000 for the -r
Japan minion r;as uiscuised and Dually udopt- *■
13 ed by one mejirity. u
n.i«-infl |irnc4fdip?ft Mr. Currv, of Alaba- cc
ge ma, compared foreign missions to hospitals for t -„
broken down politicians. g «
• m Mr. Keitt replied that it was net the fault of t >j
the system, but of a party which has pressed
tbe appoiutmeut of unworthy persons—mere
>ar spoilsmen.
I.iy Mr. Sickles thought the reforms now sought -
m . to be inaugurated wouid not be approved by tbe i ■
country. •
ras Mr. Dowdell, of Alabama, moved to strike* c
f a out the appropriation ot $73,W0, to enable the
President to carry out the several acts for the /
suppression of tbe slave trade. He denied that
kVe tbe President bad any authority^to seud the Af
ricans on board the steamer Echo to Liberia.
*° Tbe act was an assumption of i.o«er.
ts. Mr. Phelps, of Missouri, defended the Presi- 0
dent's courso. Further di«cussion ensued. °
Mr. Singleton, of Missouri, moved a proviso
tbat no part of the money shall be used for the i>
support or education of nny Africans heretofore £
ers or hereafter captured and returned to Africa.
:in- The motion was discussed at length by Single- t
•ity ton und Curry, in favor, and Nichols, of Ohio, t
un- against. *
un- The committee then rose when the House ad
uit opted u resolution calling on the President for
srs, the report of Mr. Nugent, special agant to Van
the couver's Island.
iog Adjourned. f
ure , t ,
'ket i
'in Arrival ot the California Overland j
ght Mftil.
tbe St. Locis, Jan. 24.—The Overland California
ind Mail ol tbe2lstult., arrived here to night,
are The dates from Victoria are to December 251h.
iDel Frazsr River was open again. I.ate discoveries
are increased tbe faith of tbe richness of of the gold
find fields.
neb discredited rumor prevailed at San Fran
for cisco that Senator Uwin would resign bis seat
tion for that of the Secretaryship of the Treasury,
our and some stir was noticeable among those ambi
eta- tious of succeeding him.
ar- The Overland Mail from Kansas City bad ar«
ters rived at Stockton.
ttie, A hundred thousand dollar prize in the Ha
bels vana Lottery had been druwn by parties in San
lith, Francisco.
i* Dexter Brigham, of San Francisco, had failed
with liabilities amounting to *193,w0.
lor : The weather was tine and business dulL—
our- Rice, sugar and candles had sensibly declined,
sand The passengers by the Overland Mail re
•'ire- port the weather remarkably line und tbe roads
sunt good.
ture , The Indian Agent at Fort Yuma tad returned
heir from the Mohave villages, without accomplish
yis ing the release of the women and children men
"sses tioned in a previous report.
CoL HolTman left Fort T.joa with an escort
k. of cavalry to establish a pest for his command,
the 6th infantry.
Tl— A large tire was Tagiag in tbe woods near
>y J. Fayettville, Ark., which, it was feared, would
ater extend many miles and destroy much property,
nger A larg« party of gold hunters were preparing
:ated to leave Fort Smith for Pike's Petk.
insp- Mr. ButterEeld has abandoned the project of
sh it conveying tbe mail from Fort Smith to Mem
. It phis by river, on account of low water,
leet* Aa unosual amount of scow was met with oa
• the the ?sth parallel, which detained the mails. The
'ork. Indians were very hostile,
heet, Much excitement existed ia Caraon Valley,
it by respecting the laws ot Utah.. Meetirgs bad
upon been held taking strong grounds agaiast the
cor- jurisdiction of Utah. Tuo probate judge was
ed & required, by tbe resolutions of these meetings,
111$ to abstain from the exercise of the duties of
:C3 bis office. Other meetings sustained tbe Utah
authorities, but favored a separation from that
; Co., Territory.
a un- The Oregon Legiskta-e occupied several days
in discussing a proposition to adjourn nue
dU— inasmuch as a Stite Legislature has b«n
125 elected, find the probabilities were that 0te
.50 K on w °ala Bt >° n assume the reins ot self-gov
.l w ernment.
1*25 •
4 00 From Washington.
£ WasniXGTOX, Jan. 25.—Mr. Phelps'Tariff bill
" ° will be presented to tbe House to-morrow. It
t bar- proposes no specitic duties, but raises the scbed
cl7 ales to decimal points, and ot course increases
tbe free ku>t. It is asserted that Mr. Phelps
liine?. has decided not to propose a loan to remedy the
rreet. immediate deticiencies, but a reissue of Treasury
;at. notes. _ . w
The bill of Messrs. Howard, Davis and Mor
g Jfa- rill proposes a systematic increase in the Tariff,
h£j comprising both specitic and ad tilortm duties.
Nsw Yoax, Jan. 25 —The Ti'ntt says: " Re«
y S2O ports reach us from Washington relative to se
., rious diflicalties between the President and his
eet organ, tbe Cuion, which are likely to terminate
in severance. It is asserted that Mr. Wendell,
Liver through his connection with tbe establishment,
is a loser to the amount of about $50,000.
Tne Bcraid't Washington correspondent states
iv'T) that the Spanish Minister declared yesterday, ;
while copying tbe $30,000,000 appropriation bilL ;
that if the money was granted, he would de
mand his passports.
**** * Destructive Fire in New York.
New Y" obx, Jan. 25.—Tbe store No. SI South
, a A street, was burned last night, and the adjoining
store badlv ipjored. No. 31 was occupied by
Hawkins & Ketchum, Sampson & Nephew, R.
Evans & Co., andxthers. Loss $40,000.
During the fire an explosion of powder took
place, injuring badly several firemen.
The property was insured in city olfices.
The Louisiana U. S. Senatorsbip.
Baton Rocos, Jan. 24.—Tbe Democratic Cau
cas met to-day, but made no nomination for
United States Senator. Much excitement pre
rot eon* vails. Oa the last ballot, at SP. M., Benjamin
was dropped, and Sandidge lacked two of a
r> nomination. Orders have been received lrom
ft Washington for the friends of Benjamin and
1 Sandidge to unite.
I ?s*cn)
U. SCKIVE V, .( ij A ;TJ, i} 3
«* u we're A , 3r ihU a..,1 aC tA«
i * -j> .Vor-.Mr-.;, jalbsS4ly •
ThlipfpalAr Annual l*»o* ready, and eor.ulns:
-Astrotoa ciJa'i-ns fortbe Year Jv'
United S:arej_tx«a 'ive n=dj a .
tbeMecjb-rf rf t;e r=lredStatesS-aste, co
l'tlc?liy cU*sae.'.
A I.U Pf t>.e V«ra*-«rj cf tbe ITca;e of ' e:resesti.-W:s
p l >li'learrc:Z'«.tletf.
Price ti cea a. N.-HH J k HfDE have li.
k H. will send copies by taall. pist-oaM o.t re*
ceipu ja-6c^M:
V V w(iol?»i'.e Cra? Hnu*e. fnr wb'ch real and
eos? Cish wil: b; pai'X Adir.sj b:x -i'JLy. CLlcisj, P. 0.
Man who Is coapeteat to ae* as s-.l:s=an: w.lUs
tu >»ork Ht any tones> eaifcloymen:. Adiress J-'bn Ad
an 1 , Poit Office. ja-o wt* mm
CO.—Car> ! »al and
MLTL'aLLIfK cO.—\atQired capital. •3.U-"'.(jL<J —.
Joan Hartley, Atfer.t. No 4 -nsonie CtiiCa^r.
itL FIKK. MARINr*. and l-IFd INiUSANCE. eflectrd \ 1
i-jr aay aauunt ilefca-td, ut rc*aoa-lie r*iea. ia reliable *
_l, 'ibis popctar Ac-oal >i cow ready and coctiiaj: on _ <
•kllejioa lie urns of tlie 3.ale of New > ora By lowa- ** °
slits ac<t W&ria—an enurtir tirw featureta tf.e .\^3«u*c.
fnue 1 >cen s. XORitld A UtfDK hayeit. V
Uaa Lhrht aod Coke Company, at ihe p*ice
of ten ;e-Ui.crmihel ;cra yQm=t'.iy. J
j "\\/ r A^r£D—A FEW MORfcl MKN. WAG V
I * V CSON3, Oxeo. Cows MuUa, an.l ftov'sUas \o » *
I taae to FUe's r'pai in thespricg >'or ? r
A. 0- BL'rl'L'il. M. I>, C'U.ca. 0. 1 l.auis, i.uclc »mic tw,i ® <M
ros:aes st.vnusf.jr rticrn mat:.) or ca 1 t.is ..Ci;e. IJ-. iro
fcyjutu cla k tirteu came.'- Maauon
J-. iajpopuis. Aasuu ui;u« ici.ty »ij't ©in alas* T"
Ls: s,i bia.es, i.-jrj ct L*»rijiative 1
Slcelinis. liolu.n.*iJc:tJoaa. jcc. With ot;er L.»ttercf
pe*tcate'»; aaJ ituu.aiuiierea;, aat
Price ctatf. XOHfIJS k BrPEbir? !t. bU
v v Beach and Hap!e wood for a jpan cf heavy
Lor*ea A iJress J. stLKiaK.
. ... . tkiXTST Cli. I'. 0. ttiiinj p ac< ct mettuu. ?i£
J-_ Tiij popular Annail U noo ready and coDtaica-
Lec;iu-tte all ti.e Lu.caii OtuetU • I , L
rlect:ocß iu 1:5% carefaib* cacjullol and corep-treJ w.:a
.order elrctious for I'rioate Alisai-ax %
Kkcticcau. .NQKltiaA tiVUK n A velt. \
II NEKSIIIP heretofore existlcs between Wu".ni
ffiSJavf? A " Kcama w "•'J '<•
VVILUAji thUa. -
V rr : ." - c ' iiave I■:"a da? fi mcd .eo pirneiiMj '°'
B3der t!is mm? of HILE. !: S'.'/ASET. ! r !!ir [ J.
pse ti ccnduitl-if ia: uirncral au liju \ol CommUsion -*•
Uu.-icesa lIOdATIO HH.L, 1-
tnica»o, Jan. lSj>. cAMUEI SWAitY. I
HILL ,1C swasev, J|;
AXO— 1
Will advance oa eve*y dtfscrijiHn of goods ccaslraed
for Accttoa bales. ~
Hostetter's Stomach Bitt.=rs,
i old by BOLLE3, SifLTII i CO.. lit street Th
Hosto'.ter'a Stomacli Bitters, "
SclJ by f. T. WATKIX3 i CO.. .U Suts
Hostetter's Stomach Bitters,
SclJbrJ. U. KEED.t Co.llla:dllibt C !iKt. =
Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, J
FoIdbrHIVKN. FASIiELi CO.. 77 Witerstrset. -
Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, ]
foMbrSAUGEXr i ILSL-:V. liO I.iiejtrc.!. n
Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, 5.
EoM t>7 J. E. e. yaLJ.E!: & CO.. V Witer Itreet.
Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, «
gold by BOCKF2, ISM 3 & Water street, J
Hostetter's Stomach Bitter?, -1
SsM by L. USAD* C&.*2 Late street. jj
Hostetter's Stomacli Bitters, &
Fold by 0. r. *'ULLta i CO.
; Hostetter's Stomacli Bitters,
Uive. fcr th'.ir To;'c and o\h»r Mell.lnal Virtues, be
't come so celebrate 1 ami pounl.ar. nnprin: : p'ed pa*-
t»«*a here aad efccwnoc Lm
sive'y.aad to prevent deception we refer paicbaiers tu
| the ibive partlejforthe tfe-.uiae ariidj or to tbe pro
' ptletcrs,
• Hostetter «V Smith,
t jaiJcjTly PITT.-EfaOP. P.V.
5 /rllE TJUBUNK ALMANAC FOR 1>;»!».- j
4. Cont.i ns a L ; st of the Members of tLe TLJrty-Jfixth t
»• C""=r«*Js »s far as i'ct chDS-.n. t
' P,ieo Uc:ntt NQRHIS A lirr.K 1
Ofthelate3tstyle«aidtlne» , .ouiH , y. withaUrr: amount ,
of Crtsli. to • xchinx? fur iteal Estate ia or iur.
rotinalnß roun'ry. 1
0 Tlje qja-'ity anil the Watches tc„ veumur- '
e p.u>»ed Tbey Wfre purchasrd at aa AiJwee S«\r ;n cu-.-
ofthi Eastern cities, at a crea: sacdUce, aad will be cii !
pr.s-Jof equilW low. |
A's-) Several s-i'ttM? fo- «lr:T : .n*cr drift Sone
>. that can makctheir tai c in three minute*.
And a si h l®t o'lV.syoD'* nat a!l of which wi'l
'» be excbani:e<l for Re-tl Ue. a'.<l wnere »tie inducements
are suSicieiit t 1 roi>orlli-a 0: C-:sh will he paid
l- Aaply at the otlice of tin; N> IU North Wa.
ter >l-e*t. CbicaeJ.
,r office hours tr.m !> to U A M.. ami 2 t >5 P. M.
J- jj. X. PILKSVG.
January_-*th. j : t
X t l '® Piru 1 *r Vote'nr P.-es'dfat br Stares
• in 151«. lsSj and 1:M Coo;lled extres«!y fortheTribnae
t* Alaan^c.
PrlL-e 13 cents. NORBIS k HYDKbarelt.
ia T H K
■i -TCK
-- FEBTJABT, 1859,
Onsht Women to learn the Alpbabrt '
Tlie Momla* Street,
a- laaCeLw.
m Hamlet at the Bort.-'i
El l.ianero •
. Uiillj sni B<»sr3.
2d "The N-w Life" of Dante.
Tlie Pr.ilt-.r.
Did T?
, TLe Mlrlster's Wojln*.
d. Tbe Pa'm and the pine,
e- Tf Pr jfe<sor at tt.e Breasfast Table.
j_ Wbitr'a SLafrspea.-e.
38 Lis-oflkxiis.
. Tbe arneral approbation of theln*ell!«ent readies rcb
? He. aal the increasing clrcalaticn of this M»*»zlne. fur-
Q * c:sh the conductors with arap'e proof that lu alms are
appreciated, and that lttaj met an acknowle hretl
Taerenfral features which fcavs K'ven the AThARTIC
j Up popularity hitherto will be ca'efu ly preserved and
' new i*ill be addtd&on time to thne.
ar The PnbUshers ta<e p:easnre In anncuacinc th*t the
\<X *'SIINI3IE£'3 WOOING." a serial story by
y. ITlr*. Harriot llceclier Sto\vc»
- thr-uzhthepresentvo cae. Itls n-:t necrisary to be
s:eaith»rubH2 attention for an anthor so n2iv:r>a'!y
known anianrredUeJ. The ic:neoftb9 novel Ij la'd
0 la New L'as'aad. at the period lmaeJUlelf f.Mtowlnc the
w. Bero utlja. ia which the author will have full opportu
nity for the display of her varied powers.
j The pa*esof the Atlantic are stereotyped. amTback
numbers can be supplied,
ha TE4M3: —Tare* DclLart psr arnuT. or twentv-lva
° cen'ga
price ih'* pub.Lshera wU ma I tbe w >*k to aiy pirt of the
?8, L'n.ted S'a er pre p«il. jhsrripiij-.s ciay
\f eithrr tbe tirsi or any sufcs'q .eat nomb -r.
K; Tn- cf :he At ao'ii !s cen's a year pre-paid,
all CLCBd :—For Tea Dohan th- Pahliafi--rs wl.l send five
iat copies of the Atlantic for one year, the iaoscrioera 10
pay their own putaz-
Cltri>BJ!n, Teactieri FoatnJisleraw.il receive the
wcrk for T«o Dol ars aye.tr.
i:,e Ho3k«ellers aad Newacien will obtain th* terms by the
_ Q LundrttL etc.. u;-oa Uic puuiiiht.-?. _
OT . U P.osUn.
This p"Dal ir Annsat i« no-* ready and cantvr.s:
A List rf ihe Jlesibersuf ths United States uenate, po
litlcaiyctas'lfled. , ..
bill Ih-ice 13 c-*n ». NORRT* * F *i«r« ".
Apothecaries and ChemNta,
rt - Eejtoannoanse that the» have comenee-J business fa
.IT t"e arnve location where the 7 hipf to aerit aa< receive
*t"» pubdc support. A full fcck of C.^pt
;ea. ea's Foreign aad Aarricnn Perfuxery. T' il-l Articles.
p. Wices a-.d Lsquor» for medic'nal Ac.. b tSbeen
rhe " rar-failyseleeteifromthe most reitab.e houaea lt> New
se- a;y—purity ai d K<*nu n*nr»s nad«. in every la
his etanc'tnefl a: conaideritloo. t these aiwuys ts
essentials, the? wi l eadeav>rto reader e deraiUoeat
n tf their business Msa is'actory ani reJ*b!e ai poaible.
'ell, jianj jean experience as
mt » I>ractical
1 tea In this and other cities tn F-urope And America, baa fitted
I theta with aad Quall—caii3t3 ot someiiapof.
tanceanl consideration.
iy Physicians Prejerlptions and Medicines will be pro
de* carelunJer oar cwa s2periatendar.ee at all
boors, aad on no account what-ver win tnqnaliaed per-
Kas or iunio.-i te iatrujud ;o cupeaje cedlciaea.
jaSScj7lw .
The !ufcacrfl>er U to fbraish. la tarie or aaall
ain|f Qcanties. MMthEY <k CO d
1 ru Corrugated Eooflng.
' * r-'snew article, so la use. excels all ether
eetalle sabslancrs for Rootta*. beta* more durable.
took tr-TZx**" vnot. ani as loo* m th.
buildiaa. It aiao reduces tbe rate* of Insurance 10 per
« we'l as plan* of the various methods.of
puttiiw it on. can be seen by cailbu at the office
Phfenix lusuraace Company, 1-U tfo ith Water jtr»eL
■' ChJcasro A. ED-VAKDa. A.ent.
ttiousd—a pocket book contain
-1 »or « Maaey. Cheek aad other capers. The owner
pre- cto iTe nby CAI hw at ho. U) aouth street,
imin ja3t 3t*
ialSc3S3w Oor. Twetitoit and *Jlna Place,
T 4 arm
Hast Brilliant Light
Yet dljcoTtred.
S,lr a Hani Lamp. CNH
GALLON bnraiai(thre«
r hours each d*T. Ja*ta
TUBES iiONTHa m\y.
lnjt a 11* bt equtl to euot
Candlea, When the
Lwno Ijortperly trlmm
,* ed thcrili
\o Saoke or Smei?,
lUauteit. js
v \ ber or \ e tock of General Merchandise, a Ytl--
ahle Imrroved Parm of 1-X) Acre*, near Aurora. Kane
t-oamy. 111. Also, m flee tmprOTed Residence Lrts In
t_e cty cf Aoroia. Au, Saw Mill property
onUran i H ver. Mich Pt ditUcolais slease aidrets *~~
** R ' Box Cblcuo. 111.
keeper, or Onklde Btulnesa. b? an able and ex- , _
reri:C<"eil person. Hare been eu<i<ed In the P rwatd- AC
anil Commission far the past twelve y a*s.
Aucrtss " 11." offica 01 ihla paper. i*J>tw-Bu*
?■ ti ff o't''t triers the Conn'le* of lowa
for BLANE WORK an I »h« fenem' BasJue-s of a
Bock biL«Kry. la eTery ladlhy exists to make !t a
trottahltf la the har.da of a oracUcal man. w. k ®
ran »tve saiisfict:ry reference Addr-ss STEP-iEN T. ax -
ACR-d. brr.inatoa Boot.binder. barUifton, Io«v t 4r
Information wanted op henry S, 1
l ant Cfcc'thitn otherwise Jame* Henry Hcrit,
native of Manchester, Bcxlaa-f, a«ed W years. Apr!*
to this cltce. Ja34-2w
VT'j.STED-A partner w.th some
1» and *<-od ba.'ane» qoarfljatfonj. In a
Contni*»loa Hf>uie I- thlt city of five yeirs
S'a=.d ti. Addreis t'. O. Box *1271." iiil-lw clO
KINO. whoteftStokesCoun'y. N. C.. some 3Jyears
aco. He or hlj heirs are enthle 1 to a lecacy r>t about - i
«iUO. AdJrcas D. IL frARMUCR.
ial>3tacb galea. N. a
n P-*e.l. forwhiehihefcirf k Mt market pr!c< will be
paid Addr-u or arM' to dAMU&L L. UfeBPI, No. 54
I itaaJoith »irett. jala-lm*
j j
(lo Bcul. ']
RTrk ciiaxce.-tee best meat" c J
roultry and Pro.'ac*' ta- 11n the <*!ty. Fo thSldc.
I fo" Hile. Address * J." Oraw 2*o;, Chic«o. 111. EV
j l<t«
I to o-arnfw premise*. Ns. La«e st-eet. on 'he
l*t 0* Februtry ae»t. wc will reot to a r"od t c oant the if
Mjrewecoiftccuvy. r»c J57 Siuth W»l-r street. Ap.
ply to COGuETT. BAis3t.Tr A HILL 3, WI
I the cemtiodlon offlces on th« I*«t and second . ■
tl >or la Pardee's Bal-dti*. corner ixutij Water aad Well* 5
streej. AU\ t*o lofts aad a fine corner basement. a<l
a diaia-' fc a'l for»rnas applr to tbe inbscri Tl
cerln the boi;dln<. No. ili South Water str-et
RENT for a tenn of years, that lane bu':ldl2*next n
East of the Elevator of «-r.ffln A C>.. wtth the fine u
let en *h:ch it sundi—belait h) feet, more orleat. on the
rivt-r and runnln* buec t-> tne O. *C.U. & K. Attached "1
ti ih.- Ua t .oia< is a steam enatne room, with an cuine. [<
This Is a fiae lor tloa for a Pljarinc Mill, or for Mechanl
c&lmnwcs. k'or terms. Ao. ap:>ly to
S. «.
b£lr> 3a SU booth Water street,
i r or Snlc- S
_L a- 1 Bu.-Ry for sale. Inquire at Press anil Trl-
bun* OjTiee rvS4Tlt
BiK." *as built in Cl-vein t In IS>>; lecnth.
Ivs?-stw lee': brt-a Mh. :d l lw fe;t: d-ptbfluJ-IX. led: *
censarement 2vl tot:s. C:
price and terms aiply to LIND A SLATED fana!, -
Madison street. ;a!5 lm*
Votice. —to drayui-:\ and ex-
PUF^?>fFN.—I have for sals one mod Truck
and Harness; five wood I on Axel Drays and Har-
ll.f f«r #a!« cheao. InQaire of L.
SIciBJ-.ndACo*j, tlhce corner NorUt Water
and Dearborn stritta. ja!4 b'.'Ol 2m
. OfUce Nj. X Do'.-'s Dalldir«. Ch.cazo, lIL. *-»-
vus fj'dowa.*
ScLr. ROClißr. A 1, with a Etu 4Ti roca.
.. Z.AZK <OGVN. .. A I >9 ..
.. witty EAIiLK. .. tW ..
.. .. Al 4tO ..
.. WINO OP rut WIND, Clasi Ai 3?l) .. I
.. I\TKRNaTH>NAL. .. B 1 ac'J ..
.. OKSALD.Nt. .. HI »a ..
.. PaVrvfcL, .. Bd .. .
j 11 by*J3o '
Now beln* ErecteJ,
On llu»h t near superior St., 1
Aadtobe HaL-b-! i Ma? Ist. Tue*« hjuses an* JjJlo feet,
tnrre sToncn. w ; t»i buen?nt. Milwaukee brtck 'ront,
tmi.t and to be tlu'uhr.l iu \ue be-t manner. Trie lota are
147 'eet df-p t » a.i a'W. an<l will have a ttood brca barn
uaeach. Perjnaj purchas n* sjon can maae such al
ten»Ur>as as mas be d^ired.
Term favocaD>t% Apply w DS. BHAISA&D. 45 Clark
street, troa V to 10 o'clock A. M. iaa
House and l< -tforsale situated
or. the corner of Wo-v! an I Warren streets !n the
ward. The h.iu'e 1* new. built of brtoK two stsriei. and
stone bascmeatt'eaty-fuurDy fllty-lhr« feet, wlih a tlao
ob«-rvV»ry; Huiih^tl'u the mo.i: tas:il manner
*,lii aU the uiudera inpro*emeot*-inart>le mauled
. urates. Ac.. A; —w, u d be a dei:rable rejldence. The
lot u»ixty-9ic by me bucdred ana test
wltbatweLty font alley in the re«rofit : will ce sold
vcrj- <•£:« -p—on caa%i ume. or the whole of the poretnae
I nouey u 1/ren.u:i un niortJUe on i: aait otiier pr>«ierty
fur four or Bve years, or U will De exchanged for uo
d /abt-.d reV. e* a'e «<C'onUtv havin* ieVT»I trara to
ran api-1* 10 E. T. BaKKK*. P.O. Box No. 31i»*. or to
C. U. gmtNa. lti Ucarb rn St.— :00m ■■ 4rJolm*
Malt! Malt! jdalt!
• /W Id » NU 1 CANADA BAR -
XU«\JV./V/ L£Y MALT. Iu store aad for by
J 3m 157 Sent.e street.
tieaen can procure Board and Pleaaant B«cma at
No. 71 M'ior>e AI-o, a tew day ooardert can be
ascsiaandated. jala-jw-elj
1 y an t p'ean Jt noras, either suites or single, at >0
South Clvk street. Traasieat Board at reasonable rated.
!u:tso f rooms n-wly fitted up. wirh board, on rea.
snmbie >rns, a.a/ oe ou aiiptleaiiao at No 215
t-ta:e s*r-«t. C. P. UUViB.
de"J: to*
pai'licuiar Polices.
'* /v DJBB wanted la exchange
J. r B«.hjs and *!oitza«es 00 Kailem C.iy Property, and
v pnacp-ls t rved wl'h. Ad-'rtM, with realrtmeanJ dia-
of Ooods. 2. 0.;" box Jliß, Co:ca«o.Pctft
r * uili .-e C*4 lm
t! VOTICK.- -ALL PERSu.V.-i Having
n the Cblcico Xe:h%*lca' tnstitate
, are rcft-tste i U i»r«uat tteia belore t-e 3ltt task, ea
u cles; 1 asu directed to __ _ ~
P W. GAIJ3. Pmldect.
e By ordtir of the Beard of Directory ;aj^-5t
Offica of Galsnj. & Chicago TJaioa R. R. Co.,
CuicatKi, Jaaaary Jit. liW.
L\ i« htt'tby t'.vea Uj the stockholders of the Galena A
e- Lrlcscn L'aloa Sairoal Compaoy, that a dividend of
?t I") pcrc- .1 tue c-ip.ia. t:o;K o( said iGiajAai wsa
' declare lon the Mb ijit.. ps-ab'e at Wis oareon the
a IStn \.ay ot ifjii'mr# uexu ia fclxcliante i>n New York at
u: L.»r. «o no:dsrs or ».Jd s:oc'k. atihe clj«e of buslnef* on
. triL ljt il 11 >f _? tn'i i*t Intlant UiviUeods wUi b« remit.
Gas Stock.
ie V3v I for sale by „ , .
jaJi-K-grj FO3RB3T BROd. A CO.
?e It 1 At Tea per Cent, per Annam.
™ ros rxvii 711BS.
:e F!rst-class Real Istate aad
n:nl-r from One w T#el?e Mouths.
ja2ocJu 0- P- DOWNING A CO.. 57 Clark-si,
" '{St i \fv \ AT TEN PER CENT—A
1 # V/U* »*rty wshes ese li »tll a *nai: loi
at al .w trice ca ralrtermaaadU)aa the parchaae* #t,xa
'®* orupwarla, at tea per ceat oa o'Jitr »eca.-J'y. .<Jne or
two years, appdcailoo to be made to or
; K? leUer. J- n rt
g, jalj At A Co'fc t6 Clark ti» box P. 0
Slcrch»-cl ie orC tr Prio rtr. »SjaJ
01 Pe*. eenciij. Aa.
• Box2laa. Chicago P. O- 01ab3»7 lai
. X convenience of property owners. I hav« proenred
r auit of the uxesoatruat UkePortal I wiiiattend
>» to ta- uavtneni af Uari for porues pajlnrf them to ma at
m* n{**ee txf-TB the 'wth last .
» faliw® bl"*4 D. J. una. Secretary.
IS C valuable Hones and Carria-es. which we will ex
,3. c v. T -~. f or Groceries. Laa er. uardware. Boouaad fcboei
«? D'.Vuood.. ** . new -
. IYL vara decurltlea. UcrUrwes, Trast Deeds. Bond*.
0f * fitoeks. Business Notea, and ail coad narotiaWr seeair
ties bouciit and sold. Certificates or DerouU and Cbecks
of IL fL dwt.t. Brother A Johnston, purchased tor caas
all a: tae hUhest market price. Dealers
er- tla and lowa 'ands, traoroted farms.
Ctty Kfeal Estate, t)See No, 6, Uecoaddoor)
tan Block, ccraeror Randolph aad
TU deib6Ci*ra W. DAVIDaOW
tall I
Dratx Acceptanceaand Notea wjd to on
. th. of maturity, or last day of aad money de
p nei for account in to. all qf -^e—y 3rt 0
i"; ciUo la toe tianla ot NtV"""™ OM « , >
JO n .gjn MuuaAlf H oiroi.
toj CMctgtud MUw*mte» g»ll«»* UMfaj.
1 Stoaholden of tho CUj«o «nd I^l.
VT- road Cnmpaay. which was adrertljsdto b* hoMmal
their ofiee la Chleaao ea the
Ber l-&% at to o'clock A. *L.haa Uh-
TTI TnESDAT Febraarr 3th, Wo doc* k-m*
at which tuns wtlTte theoffl^^
SE "«£LiS^o?^£3
boaine* as may be presented.
e. A H. DOWM.
Silver-Platsd Ware, Marian X&rblo, Oil Paint
ings, Mirrors, Tea Trays, Ac., Ac.
TBDFLSDaY, J«dqw7 2ith. 2&b tod 27ib. cfmmesclos
at J.s o'clo.-k eacb d-*y. a' Jl Lake street, by order of
Recsivw a tares and n>l<mdld asanrtment of xleb Furni
ture. Hoii-eke-oina (toot's. Ac.. la. cossistloc la part
of Jlkmi Mahorany and Black Watou* Parlorsoita. la
P.iyti aril Uai- Cloti. Far.or Chair*. Marbla Top Cect'r
Ta'Jlf*, Can! Do, Ftigfr*. * ete>a-l'ete*» Ottoman*, Zur
aadtfodcsa Chaira. tlockCiao.
Chamber Fumitura,
Mahorwy and Black WaJnit RoiewocJ *L-lab. Chamber
Kn-imet' , d Do, Mahown/ ?nd Coaa*«
Marble To? llareaus ami Plata do Wmj.
E!?® 3, Loccae. Superior Ualr tt*ta?t*ea. Veathem
PUluws, Comforter*.
Dining-Room Furniture,
Oak and B'ack Walnut Pxtrntlon JMnlna Tables. Break
fast L)n, Tumblers, G%blet«. Crocker* a .<1 Cameu.
Al'o—Oil I'alntinA Gilt Frame Mirrors. tWverPUKd
Pyrtaa Marble dutuefc reaTrays» Tabic MatU, Clock*.
Ac.. Ic.. Ac.
John"«J. Valentine,
RECEIVER o' late firm of Gilbert. 11111 Jt Sampaca.
iaSMd GILBiRT Si 3AUP2ON, Auctioneer!.
;. B. TiTuis. au*xa u. mmwt.
Arcnos .wd comussiox jxkbceots,
N'o. 50 Well* St. opp. Brlfja Uoqm,
deacrtatloa of prot>«rtr. to be soUl at Auction. Ibv
eaah. oa time or commission. Alto, Carvoet.
ftoctiof General Jeweiry. Furniture. Cloth*
tax. Ac. Real Ustiie, Lands. Luta. Uousea, Ac. Will pay
parUcuar attention tulbetaieoi l<ou, H 3q«es. Lands.
| Ac., *4 Auction, tnsl.le or outside Chicago. Advances
I madr on cooiiytimrnia. The best of retoraacec in Ohlcaco
prompt reiuraa-the life of commerce and trails.
m J. d. TAYLOa A CO.
Young Sen's issociatioa.
j SJ— QtOiJil SJIINZR. dubject: "Sjala."
lO.h—BAYAID TAYLOIt. Pmj-ct: *UfelalLeNortV*
17:b—K. P. WHIPPLE Subject:
. , JNO. LtfLfc rv INu.
J*3> Legtqra C'mrnlttee.
Cleveland Lod-e No.'.ill, A. F. <k A..T1.,
VT;11 c ne rff ai tie houio, oa TUUU3DAY
EVKNINU. ycbmarT .\U jU>Ul cai
Giaud Cxlitbitiun Uail
Will be helJ st tb- Ir Alterably Roots, corner of iV«ll»
au. UaoJoith »t.-eet,
Oa Til L'USD AY, Jau. ISSO.
Ti;e Tjb'b t on Diners will cornmenea at J o'cloc<, bo
tweaty-lwo in number, «ml occodt about aa houi-ani-a*
half. coo»Ut
The Douce# of all Kations ia Appropriate Cct*
After the ?ancy Dances, Uie cumuaoy wIU parti do Ud
la me amajemeau or : ,e eteoiac
TlcWtta. d 4 ; *'10) tl:n* a «irQiieman
OT" for my.e »t-; jaii-V*
C. M> CAD?, Instructor.
Klementa-y Class. Tueiiiiv. T n'clnek P. M.
AdVioced Cltaa TrlJa/. ~ t o'clock P. M.
At the LecMare ttoira !n Portlani Block. *
— iioD p«t term o. lJweoti. |altf-1m p!4
Tost.— on* satl*i;day bvenixc. bk-
J tw-cn Meirouol.tiD Ua I >»nd Boby stre« t. a Lady's
P.U-ti Fur Vlii'A'lii'. The flai'tT wi,l b«» r«*
w*rd d Q'\ to SL.' tl'hitt Si LLWI«. N.». 1,
Canal ftreet. j£i~ t*
Important to Printers!
.lwDrtment of Printing .Tfatarl
ala lor Stle,
The consolidation op tot: tress
and th .• TauiTsa Irui tlrd u- » I at*- dusllcate »»•
, sortroent or ii* for • iir We about
t»o wt?s of J.«b !k>fk anii Now* rvo* la fools to suit
castoaers. Al' thl-» mfHi) (s In e od order; taoch of
It Is almost new. Itlioderedfur Ml to pnatcrs mxM to
sdp«i crnt onuer enst tutcc
uur.cauiocua embrace* the ollow-n* artlcts. at tho
crii-e« named:
i) Pair Kevs at half e*><.
tf Chaaes for »h*et at *<o percest. dticnaaC*
» »b-et«x4J.
i 3S Job Ciiairv larse and small at 3)1 per ct. "
lbs of Mew iljorxeuls Type, (never oaod but once), at
25p-rc*nl dScoont.
; 40 Ibi Bourgeois Ididers. new. at Jf> per cent, discount.
2S> lbs f Boariteolj. nood, ver cent "
lbs Mlnioa. little woro. 40 •• **
► lm l''» Mlnlna. nearly new, 3tl
, IJJ Ibi Ut-yI-r, UtUe wtrfa, »> " "
Wrsßtefler. J3 " "
j a <reat man? r.-nu of fasblooabto Job
B TtT".' f«r ; a pori ! > a <»: whicn u -'en-rUKni with what
. UcosV ani for wulA is oderel li>r v<i:
, WeUht ftrat Sell
s Description « f Type. nffnnt. <*o<. for
Sl'.ne Title No2s. IT.-4. #J.TS
J Pica Bold yse* 7i 4.V1 a.wJ
. J line Pica
_ J line Pica " f>-% i.H •!.*)
, 'Jline diOillPlc* Oareudon 3 -j.ltf l.ld
ureylnr Clarendon 2U li."0 ll'.'"
a t OD4 Prira-r Cnn-lea.-ed "■< 4.90
CondftKkrti Siiaded 5.1U 3.W
l.on* Prira-rrfcntitt IVXL
Ptca<smpt fiV «.u' 4.(* l
2 line Long Primer Title 4 t.T6 1.26
English Shaded 3S -
3 lice fti'hsh i> 3,-jA
" Paraxon Ttte 1S 'i.uu
3 line KnglUa Shaded. 4.4 i 3.0)
31ln-fcntUsh a 4.'i 3.75
* Nuuparvll übaded 1 1.30 1.00
i tne Minion Shaded 4 ;».<*> 3.5 d
3 line P.caUrnamentetl 5.1U 3.40
Lnn* Primer Ar.tlque s» i.4U 3.U5
_ UUottPtca bUadtU r.* 4.« i.«»
~ 3 line EritlisliOmameiJad 7 4.7t» J.W
Double Picadcrlpi JJH JS.:» 10.«)
3 line ?mall l*lca Church T est * 4.;"3 J. 75
* 3 UneSmall Plc\Herlb« Text 7S 3.W 3.W
e 3 line Nonpareil Title 4 3.i« l.A>
_ Brevier kxvuded 3.74 2.50
rv 3 line Pariw >n Shaded Text
. Sline HmUl pica
® Loiui Pruoer Arabe»Que :1 U.'V t.OO
J. 3 Hue P-irajron Vrnaueutod 4 i.UJ 9.UD
3 line Pica lltle ....*• 3.iJ4 1.7f»
' 3line Plcat.hurch Te*t 6'< 4.44 3.u)
D (i'oai Pnoier Arabe*jUf <S
%. Primer A'nbe l'«it 3S A -W
13 3 line Loan Outline..... » 3."W
brevier Bold. Italic 3S
Nonpved Antique, cewstylu 6 5.<W 3.J0
m In ailiillua lu tae fore«oiu«W9 tare a larce varety 0"
W»kJ Type nearly tu-M as n"». ,\l*> a large quantity
ofLeada, ftulrt. rum!\nre, an.l thirty or foity foals of
faaiiloaaoltt Bonier. tf
j Hope Fire Company
bub liMta slll,#oo.
*• HminCM (st ArraastTr) Is Caicaao.
* Eerooldi. *!y* 0«.. o*dea. Fleetwood A Co
_ Beacdiot. Mtiiarr * Tantao. Clark AUater.
G T. U. VAN Bl'RtN*
te Soath last cor. of South Water and Clarfc-«t,
a " MlttfrfS UP HTAim.
51 I'KLM «: & CO.'S
improved patest
* I rHiif iMiara. and tlie only la »hlcb
on Ibe Patent
lu pj. VIDED s W JzlXjXj
Cao bi ohta'ned.
05 Clark Street 93
■y At the of the ?iar ?oai*led Banner.
We ire prepared to fam!sr\ Prioce'* Carl?ai«l Melo
deons both al
N AVliolesale and Retail,
At Factory I rices without any addltl:n for IrcUhk
paicra of roanau i^sracKtSTa:
P-,urOc*ate. C to 0 • £
Dt Four and a Half Uctave. Cto 9 w
Plre twuve, f to k" I^l
, Fire Octave. i>oubl?ttred. P to V 130
_ raJcaa or p.'xjo ca^ao:
A rveoda7e,/to •{J
lot >l* Octave. Fto P Jr!
XiU Pire Octave, j£;ttblu H«A Pto f jL*»
or Five Octave, T*o Banks of Kej» S-w
9. Two Paaki of Kay?. Fire Beta of Ree>K ETcht % On®
a aod»a-half Octave l">jt P«dalx Ca«s iet
3 » PtdalßisS • uW
tr Call and examine oar nock of Mmical Mercbaa'
a* fiise before elsewhere. .
ppjie-vetb'f adrertlsemeLt, for the next 00a W.UM
Is LbCQi3omclhDK c!sc - EOOTi Om
ifid _ . » No. 9oCl*»k strwt.
i_ ..MIITM. raiiLEH L ao.
a, jrooHDxas AHD ST&AJI yitubs.
0,1 No. 118 and 119 Frmnklln Sore««.
*«■ H.J.IioOO-iaiLU.M'M.
IY I ,11 klnrli »r Copper, Tin. uul Sijert Iron
S. Wort Rillro*i *nil olOw Pompfc ReMicenlori. ArtMian
S "fioS. nui>i jm.i Bail
wSii mSenr BoUeti and IU lloJ. ol Plaabo-i
Jg "Juto'tiJ Jawmtd Ttn Win. w "r®? o 's r fe<S ) r 2
Sf salt: s«i«:: salt:::
l_ rrai tjxdersign'ed have on hand
K X 1000 Barrel. Oane Bajta» ?•!«. wktab liM «r»
£ L.M.na ******
wyz w^!lzj_—.
1 M l-w- n 1,,, )•■ Amanilne, *o, &>r Chaoowl Hand*
b«r. " aAiiiiNT t i-iun.
S sH U4S3 i -'i
ES It PI«M aod DooblolMck QU*ofl«»i««. ia
7 .

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