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The full an<2 <laborate review of Iho Com- i
mercc of Chicago uud of its Public :m<l Pri- 1
vate Improvements (ur the year IK'jS. pnH- ®
IWied in this journal on tbe Ist Inst., has been tl
issued in pamphlet form, and may be bad at £
the Pitcss axd TumrNE Counting Room. No. *
43 Clark street, up j-fairs. Parlies who jitiled p
to get copies »>f ti-e paper to f ei;d to their p,
friends abroad, cm nor.- h;iv«» their «»rdei>
_ e'
Itural ? s ,? Address. tu
We give this morning on the third pugp, the tu
first installment of " Itural's Capital Address el
before the Stnt«j Horticultural Society, and nc
shall publish ths remainder to morrow. w '
_ hi
The Louisiana ?enatorship.
A Wa-hincton dis ; aieli uinioimcc-s the rc-elcc- *vi
liim »»1 Jlr. Btiijamiu to the Uuitcil States Senate, cc
lor th.- Ictin ol six year.-, fro-a the 4lh of March
A Fresh Kansas Excilemcut.
An apocryphal rumor has reached Leaven- <
worth of & collision botwten Old Brown's men
and apo'tt romitaius of some tort, iu Southern
Kansas, resulting ir the death of several per- we
«ons oc etch 6;d<.
The fugitive slave turmoil in Liiveswnrih h: s
resulted in the ttcape of«Oie negro. Parties mu
were in pursuit, and the excitement undi- lM »i
™ 1
Hank of St. Paul. in
Tlii-bank l-a< ju-t gono -into operation. T. 11. tl,;
B. Eidridjre, Pre.-ideut, auii C. J. IJuraell,
—fonui rly ol ililuaui;re. The capital ii sluJ t - w ji
OOD. Tue of tln-ir eirculatioii is eutiieiy the
Ohi 1 blutk-. Their one.-, twos, lives J l '?
and tens. All the bilU have the deuominatimal t ? c
liijure prinlcilaep»->ih- face, in red. Ihc onks livi
have a bcau'iiui riv *\ ii A-, with a Jiuidy exeLUtcil but
steamer. Twos have a laini'-r ph-wing. Fiviis,
on the 1.-fi >itie, luve a hunt«-r 11111115 ;:t a j, u j
Tkss huve a Lall-a-iigih Ji-male on th«* hit, and a 6to
BulTalo hunter on the ri; r tit. ce ,j
Bunking House Kobhed. "J 11
The La S«!le J'nss learns that A. J. Mutti- y et
son'B bunking h-uGe ut Prophetstoffn, White- wai
aide county, wu: robbed on Saturday n'gbt, 15ih lru '
iust., of iOa.ouO ia bonds and mortgages of the
Camancl.e, Alb-uy A Mendota R H , and about
$7,010 in co;cs buloiifcing to Mr. M. It seems
tbe cleik v.as attending an evening mn-tirg in
the town, and was called out by a citizen who Cj.
prolessed a wish to exuiniue his account and slr(
dep sit some tunney. The cltik weut with him
to the bank, und while they were transecting '
the biibiness, a gani» of men with faces blacken
ed r*j>hed in end seized the papers aboVe men-
liontd. Miv
JBeunelt writes lor the Ledger.
The "Xt.-w Y:-ik /.rjg-v- lur next week '' —tint fcl C
is, for Sa'uniay, Febr.iary 5-h— was vi.'oiou-ly I
cried around the Pust-Ofllee yol'.rday, and iu the gal
geueial curiosity in read ongiual poems by Jamt-s y m
Corduu lUniiclt, the inaiket 'was nc'.ive. Mr. ba£
Beuucii's contribution;: were found to cunsi-t ol
four love dittie«,in the la-l Mages of chronic and I
confuui'- d Tiie to Mary Ann'' Ev:
must not In: eoui'ouiided with the pojailar ballad Tin
or My Mary Aim, wliicli far surpa-ses it in rvllim mci
and patho<. We subjoiu s(jme from Mr. tall
Bennett's'*Mary Ann. It murt I e pn.iui>ed that
the poet is wouiug Marv Ann in U-half of a par
ticular lriend, who, we siippu.-e, had no time for . ,
, 1 * , ... .. tiul
Jove-m ikuig and n - ) grnius lor"po!ne« :
Thm »lo?t il<> alt—ays. even e it— _ tr
« liis'i ce lairly is no fin «H miner— ® ir
Will equ .1 irrat e—and g :inet»n-s k-t *• 4 3
OH a comii.iuictii. bat luv.r II titer.
OH. Mary Ann. swoel Mar« Ann. ,
I n» vor romis». n-r?r t-r< if r; ■»
Bui tc 1. eutct tirl, <ifi t/-|| uit; wljea
It vi.l te t line to ruuke ]:□ cfT.*r.
A friend ofmin-. a linnds'.mc fL*'.li»w.
>Vanisra'i!» ii-wa urt-Uy lairy ing
IJriilit • yt-a. #oli clitcks. hc! runlet* yellow—
In tlwrt. h sjiir.t. «- r •> I'crh
«... ext
We're not Kf> ruJf asmanr deem (!) « a .
On- mo-itli hi twelre we're tcrri'.ly polite,
A r d when we talk nf nianyine. we mean
i'ockell ita hundred t:iuu»*nd brlwlit!
" A Fragment," ulso by Mr. Bennett, sugßests La
tbe inquiry, what became of the balance and
which end did it belong on ? The following is w j,
the conclusion, and doabtless contains the moral 0 f
of the fractured eiTaaion : tec
Sh-fpoke Hr» et. wliate'cr fald,
Sne looked to kindiv in the t-Jialc. c *
My n-*ari wit'i j ■»>• melted tl.erc-. 0 f
1 quick forest iny evert" c*.re
\Vlien alruj< lli • - ire*: iiijrb wt
I tli" flijtan c tniue* l ut lone,
IJct wii! I.i-ii; 11 v tlie maiil
J« f tn t-d f rln.rt. 1 wlslmJ J- had 1
He«.n lonper brt'.-e Maker riiiile.
This Mr. Bennett must not be confounded
with Kmerson Bennett, the author of several
stunning romances {•rfUr Conner.) alsoacon
tributor to the New Vork L- ij*r.
The Mount V«rnon'l'apers for next)week give
& sketch of Everett's trip from Boston to
Canundaigua by rail in December, with special
reference to tbe economy of carrying ham
sandwiches on journr vH bf rail, by which you
are enabled to keep your 6eat in the cars and
save fifty cents to pay three months subscrip
tion to the New York Lvlj'.rl It tells how Mr.
Lverett was very nearly roasted in the cars be-
tween Boston aud Albanv; how he found a :
- ' an
Bleeping car at the iatter station, and by a mi«-
take paid fifty cenis too much for the privilege
of occupying it, which he will look out for next
time. (Uow could Mr. Kverettuse that vulgar
word "snore," even in quotation?) Wo learn j,j
ftlßO.that Mr. E. was unconscionably bored by
two talkative passengers who kept him awake
all the way to Schenectady. This sketch, liko
Mr. Bennett's poem, <<cems to be a fragment,
for we are promised another installment bye and
bTe. Bennett writes lor the J.*d<jtr % and Ever- sa
ett writ«B for the Luijtr. |,«l
Chicago Historical Society. ar
Mo.vrnLT Mkktino —The usual meeting for
January was held oa tbe sSih—ilr. Brown pre-
The reported all r>lo)
included an extcp-ive collec'.ioo of the law 3,
journals, repor;., Aic., of the State of Sew "
Hitmpshire, to the number of 2i>o, forwarded bv at
the Executive of that State. U
L-tterswere lead from M. F. Maurv, L. L. D ,
and Dr. Peter Parker, lata Commissioner to
China, of W arci'piinij member?hip ;
and from his Hxcelltncy Gov. Bixsell and others, -
relating to the des re of this Society to secure b
some legislative action for on authorized sar- fi
vey of the ancient remains in this Stite. fi
Valuable manuscript papers were also pre- b
sented to the Society, including the proceedings a
of a meeting held in Kankakee, in the autumi b
of 1800, with two lorms ot petition to Congress, 0
detailing the condition of tbe Illinois country— *
then a part of the Indiana Territory—tbe pro- g
ceedmgs being among the earliest preliminary e
to the form*! organization oi tbe Illinois Terri- c
Government, which took place in ISO?.
These papers will prove an important acquisi
tion, ao little original matter being preserved or ]
known relating to that period. i
Tbe Secretary then read an extended comtnu- ]
nicatioc, presenting a tketch cf the Society's <
proceedings and financial condition, from its
organization in April, 1650, to tbe present time;
which was followed by a report from tbe joint
Committees of Finance and tbe Library. The
latter expected a* voluntary subscription, by
members, ofovcr(l,000, to aid the Association,
end, upon their recommendation, other mea.
sores were adopted securing an adequate pro
vision (or the probable wants of the Society for
the ensuingyear.
S. D. Ward, K f q., Treasurer, having been
compelled by the pus* of public duties to resign
that office, Mr. E. I. Tickbuvn was elected to till
his place.
The proceedings ot this meetiDc were of uuu-
interest. By a recent addition o<" several
gentlemen as "associate members," to v.hotn
tbe /'rivilegea of membership are extended
without the responsibilities imposed upon &c
--live members, the Institution hes been placed
upon an encouraging foundation, with promise
of more extended operations and wider useful
Libel Suits iu New York-
We understand tha; the d-aits, of which a
morning contemporary spjte n lew davs eince
—of Sherman the Tri'-ui e, and Sher
man against tbe TVvui-wtierfm Sherman
claimed damages to ins character of $5J,01)0
.from each of tti«? pipers 'or libr-'.looMy stating
ma transactions with the CumUcrUnd Goal and
Iron Company, ar«j now eiMC'.ljr in the con*
<litioo sifted in the Xews T'ae cuit against tbe
Tribitnt has not been cumtneoced; and the auU
the Times baa ueeo withdrawn bv Sher
fn%n, he paying the costs.—Tort Evening
Tott, 2itA
Douglas JUovemenl.
WjisuiKcro*. Jan. 21.
The Philadelphia Penr,syleanian, ol the 21st,
states that a seciet movruient is in progress to
bringJudye UdiiKlas on tliecourse lor tbe Pres
idency immediately. "This f..ct," savs that
journal, M has just come to our knowledge, and
we leel it to be our duty to tbe public to an
nounce it." «
On Friday night last a private meeting was
called al the St. Lawrence Hotel, in this city.
The perpona who convened the meeting were C
the chiefs and leaders of the late reception
given to Mr. After tnose invited were
assembled, in a quiet and private way the object
was made known by Forney, who acted as
spokesman and leuder to them. He made a
proposal that instant and prompt action should
be bad to invite Daugl&s to occept of an inde♦ Ci
peudtut uomiua'.ion for tbe next Presidential tb
election, without regard to tbe selection of tbe u-
Charleston Convention ! oe
Attorney Genrral Knox, also present, dissent- 8n
ed lrom tbe proposal* of Forney. The ground in
taken by him w.is, tnat it was inexpedient so th
tu act. The most ptadent course would be to
submit tbe cluim* 01 I) juglas to the Charleston
Convention, and :n. ks i-very «*U'ort to secure the m
nomination for bun, bui nhnuld that fail he would 1
willingly le?ve tbn party, nnd aitL Douglas lor
bis leader, try th ir 10-tucvs with the people.
Other p<thods who were present differed from Wfl
both, particularly ilcU uain and McCormick, nia
who were oppj.:tc to uny action that would be rn.
contradictory to tbe usages and discipline of the ,
Democratic party. alji
fllurder 111 St. Clair County, 111. n<^
tFroßttLeChtkter.il Ikrald and Pres.]
One o! Uiu.-.o to il, caiciilat'iig nunieio which 5<
j-hock tbe reu>ib.iiiii-> and euiil the blood, was An
cuimuiikd in the vicinity ol linden, St. Clair \
C'ounry, last Friday uig'iL Amm named Beadle
weut to tbe house 01 LU neighbor, a Air. Levi ' nes
with wujiii he had Ki-mc iliifi -uliy, fully prepared Mv
to commit the honiiilc deed ol mnulor 11- ——♦, ua's
a- tLw oiiuuiii.i.»,ivcs iQdio;i:e, wuh his plans well »
uiaiuit'd. Appruaciiing the leiies iu front of the
lion-e, iie tna'Je a nm-c by breaking the paliu?-?,
to induce his bunted Ticti;u to open the door. The con
ii'Hr-e ae.'uiuplislied the exjjcced eu'l, tbe dour t i, e
.»«\ung open, and Hie wile of Mr. Levi appeared
iu the entrance. The nest inoinon'. a heavy
charge of shot fiorn the fatal gun was lodged O'l
iu the breast of the unsuspecting woman. jj 0
She lived but a short time, and '.here alone,
with tbe gory form of bis murdered wife, did
the wretched husband pass the remainder of the 1
night, fearing to leave the bouse, lest the vil- j e(
UinouH heed lay in ambush without. His fran
t:c hbrieks were heard by some neig'.bors who ,
lived ut the distance of three hundred yards,
but owing to the fact that a grocery was kept dt-i
nmr bis house, thi-y were accustomed to hear j
the boisterous shouts of the drunken broil, and p
jmid bim no regard. When morning came he
stole away to cany the shocking news to bis -Z
neighbors. atic
Tne murderer remained in the neighborhood
until tbe afternoon of tbe next day, when he
moda his escape. No information of bim has
yet baen obtained. Tbe cause of tbe murGer cau
was a dispute between the parties about a small J
tract of land.
• livi
MjrrKouoLOGiCAt. Bkcobd liejtt by J. 11. Reed & (_
Cj., Apotliecarie- and Chemists, 141 and HGLake ,| OII
street : .
Wednesday, Jan. Ct">. Wednesday. Jan. 26.
*a.m. ■ 12 m. | Cr. «. 7ax. I 12 m. |ti p. n. r
| liil.tij I I -7 I 1 41)
New Ditfo Stoke.—Bead the advertisement of I)iv
Mi^sra.• Buck A Ilaynor, who have just opened a Lt
piv-eriptiou drug s-toio at fO Cluk street, oppo* V
tile the Court i
Lost.—A victorine of bUck Lynx fur, on
Sabbath evening, near tbe Olivet Church. The
finder wi.l be rewarded by leaving at 510 Wa-
bash avenue, j
Dockiso Pnor£iiTY.—We call attention to Dr.
advertisi-raent for docking property to let. I
The proposition he makes is liberal, «iud buainess
men would do well to call oa the jiropriator, aud clt J
talk to hitn about the lease* - .
■ Pet
Sensiulb Fashion.—We obsrve that many of j
the ladies of this city have adopted a subetan- j
tial wuter-proof boot as the most appropriate j
defense against tbe mud and water of cur del
streets. The idea is a sensible oae, and ouglit j
to be generally adepted. j
Aukbsted roc Ajsaclti.no ms Wira wim ax *
Axe.-Pattick McCurroll was arrested last
evening ana brought to the Armory, for assault-
ing his wife in a dangerous manner with an (
axe. The case wan postponed until to day for
examination, and Mc'Jirroll cymmittetLin foOl)
to answer at that time.
Launmeyer was arrested yesterday and fined SSO
by Justice Akin, on a charge of slaughtering I
within the city limits. This cfi'ense, in violation *■
of a city ordinance, we understand is commit- J
ted daily, by buctberß end others. We trust the 1
example made of Launmeyer, will have the eflect J
of deterring others from a "Tike violation ot this *
wholesome ordinance. \
Improvements on* Sootu Clark Stbeet.—S. <
Witkowikv, is now laying the foundation for a ,
new blocfc on tbe corner of South Clark and eQ
Monroe etreetp, adjoining Shaw's Block on the
fiouth, which is to De five s'ories high, -l.") feet j rc
front, by S2 feet deep, the front to be of marbl", ,
and to correspond in height aud style with
Shaw's Block. The first and second stories will
be finished for stores and ctliccs, r.nd the third
and foarth will be combiued into a grand ball
for concerts, ba!ls and other like purposes, to
bfi called Wiikowsky Hall. jj (
Uev. I)u. Howard's Lectcbe this Evening.— •
, bv
On thifi(Tljurfday) evening,ss before announced
in our columns, a lecture ia to be delivered by
llev. Dr. Howard, for the benefit of the Illinois j Q ,
Baptist State Missions, lt will be at the First
Buptist Church, and commecce at TH o'clock.
Tbesuljcct of the lecture is "Harmony of the
Professions." Adujittar.ee 25 cents. We trust
that the known clrqucnce of the lecturer, the in
terest of the subject, and the good cause to be
promoted by this means, will secure a full house.
Sent to liiuukwell.—Two notorious courtc
san* of the lower ot.k-r. named Maty DuCTy and e2
El zabetli Wood uliui "S.vaiupv Meadows/' were
arrested ou Tuesday and brought before Justice
Piicktipy up'iii a eliargf ol robbery. The com"
plainant went into their «leu while dniuk, and
tave on-> oi' them hi- p:> I;ri book, which was soon 81
returned to bim, uf enur-e minus the money.
Uudcrthe lads i-liciicl, no case of robbery could
be made out, but they were fined, the former $lO.
and the latter $2."» lieing vagra its, and as they e '
enuld not that amouut, were sent to Bride
well to serve out the amount at the rate of 50
ceut< jui day.
Horse KiLLr.D—NAnBow EscAra OF x LADT. U
—Vesterday afternoon, a hoise attached to a V
buggy in which a lady was seated, becoming
frightened while standing in uincy street, ran
furiously through the strc-jt, ovcriurnirg the
buggy and throwing out the lady, but not dam- n
her seriously. Tbe borse continued on 8
bis way at a furious gait, until br> brought up
against the stone abutment of the high aide-
walk on the corner of Yen Buren and Clark r
streets, with bo much violence as to break his fi
neck. We could not learn the name of the lady
or tho owner of the horse. j
Hand Book to the Fields.—Our enter
prising friends, D. B. Cooke & Co , will issuo
in a few days "A Il?.nd-Uook to t':e Gold (
Fields of Nebraska and Kansas," it b<ing a
j complete gnide to the gold regions of the South
s Platte and Cherry Creek. This is just the
; work emigrants to the newly discovered gold
t regions will need, it embracing reliable descrip
e tions of the country, climate, different routes,
F the oest camping places, and all information in
, regard to a complete outfit, Ac. Tbe work is
i- prepared by William If. Bvers, late Government
Surveyer, and John H. Kellom, Superintend
r ent of Public Instruction of Xebra&ka.
n Married Acaisbt His Will.—A few days
Q since John Kearn left Milwaukee and came to
U this city. A day or two after be was followed by
a young woman, who claimed that he had done 1
j. her great and enduring wrong, end refused that
reparation which it was only in bis power to
m K* ,Te « Tk® yonc,t woman learned that John was
at North's Amphitheatre on Tuesday night, and
c . j hither she wended ?i.t ••ay—.-pplied to officer
jd Hunt, who is stationed there, and with that ofii
,e cial entered the h' xes and pointed but tbe sin
jj. ning John. 1i -• otlieer took him into custody
and lodged him for the night in the lockup.
Vesteid -y inore : rg he was brought before Jus
tice Sticksry, £ru required cither to marry the
a girl, or give bo*u ". iu SSOO to eppear before the
t c r ® Hecorder to answer, to & charge of bastardy,
an John wisely chose the former alternative, and
)U0 11 tbey twain w.;re made one" by Justice Stick
ney, to the twinkling of a clam-shell. John,
j D . some two hours after the close of proceedings
tbe at the Police Court, was seeking information of
;a it «• Charlie," of that locality, as to tbe best course
to pursue to obtain a dirores from bis newly
mads epoue.
"The Barrel Mystery."
Circuit Court of Cook County—Judge Manierre
Yesterday morning at'the' opening of the
Court, District Attorney Haven announced that
the interval of time allowed by the Court had
been sufficient to furnish the prosecution the as
surance that certain witnesses, on whoße alleged
inability to be present, the defence had based
their application for a continuance, would be in
attendance, whereupon the motion was over
ruled, and the call of the jury proceeded with.
The prisoner Jumpertz was brought into Court
I add attended by officer Carthew. The attendance
was large throughout the day, and the interest
manifested even at this early stage of the trial
pave an indication of the impression this remark
able case has made upon the public min«l.
The People arc_ represented by District Attor
ney Carlos Haven, assisted by Daniel Mcllroy,
Esq., ana the City Prosecutor, John C. Miliar,
Esq. The couosel for the defence are Messrs. Van
Annan and McComn.
Wc may men! ion here tha k . the New York wit
. nes?cs, as earliest associate! with the " Barrel
Mysterr." -n* l «i»® uror.uriog of which thf»ca=e
uas been delayed, arrived here yesterday.
They are, Coroner Hill, Di. dtucu, connected
with theßsllerue Hospital—both of whom were
connected with the inquest of New York, cHy on
tlie remains taken from the barrel; also Hush
Ma-terson, a member of the Police, and Daniel
O'Brien, keeper of the Dead House at Beilevuc
The call of the jury was commenced with the
decision or the above motion. Tiie following
were called and passed upon,variously, as thown:
Thomas Corbin—Carpenter; four years a resi
dent of the city, in the West Division. Accepted*
Henry Barritt—Challenged peremptorily by the
David 11, Howard—Master ma=on and Duildtr,
and Inspector under Sewerage Commissioners.
Was a juioron the Green case. Accepted.
Canute Lawson— Norwegian. Set aside for
William White— Farmer; lives at Palatine;
e s ghteen years resident of Cook County ; three
times on a jury in that time. Aecept?d.
Ficdtrick P. Hamilton—Farmer and dairyman,
livin? st Wheeling. Challenged by the People.
George H. Bliss—Farmer; resides at Evan?-
•ton. Accepted.
Alfred Gorman—Challenged by defence.
Carter Lamb—Set aside for cau^e.
David Bloom— Challenged by defence.
Edward Jf. Wheaton—Sdttor ; resides in West
Division. Accepted.
Letter,D. Castle—Farmer at Palatine, accepted.
William H. Woods—Set aside for cause.
Stephen A. Shepard—Farmer, at Palatine, ac
Amos H.*Briggs—Challenged peremptorily by
William S. Warner—do., for cause.
Ira Mix—Peremptorily, by defence.
William 0. Saell—Ditto.
Hervey Saab «-Ditto.
WHliamß.Milne Carpenter, three years in
city from New York State. Accepted.
Henry Stuart—Challenged peremptory by
James D. Ludlow—Ditto.
Chate -Farmer, Barrington. Accepted.
John G. Fenlon—Peremptory challenge by
James A. Boyer—Ditto.
James P. Brintnall—Ditto.
Benj. U. Watson—Ditto.
Jaimt H. Henry— Clerk with Hoyt & Pierce,
Grocers, accepted.
William Mitchell—'Challenge peremptory by
Daniel W. Clark—cause.
-Josiah P. Cook"—cause.
Wm. M. Dunn—cause.
0. S. Hough— peremptory by defence.
Wiiliam C. Towle, do.
E. 11. Hajght—cause.
Jama M. Loomit—Hatter, Chicago, accepted.
J. P. Daltoa—cttu3e.
Lemuel Barbour—cause.
Jamea Flood—peremptory by defence.
John M. Blair—peremptory by people.
Liwis Dodge—cause.
H. L. Rjger— peremptory by people.
0. Leonard—cause.
" Dan " Davidson called, when the following
ensued, Dan assuming to bis interrogator, Mr.
McComas, very much the expression of the cast
iron visage of a street door-knocker:
Counsel - 4l What Save you been about?"
Din—' 1 For bow long, say ?"
Counsil —" Well, lor live years
Dm—(witn emphasis) "Drinking whisky.'
j (laughter.)
Counsel—(not taking Dan's measure) u Your
Honor, 1 think this man may bo excused. He
says he has been drinking whisky for the past
five years." (Great laughter—Dan as cast iron
as ever.)
The Court.—(Aware of Dan). "You might
interrogate him further."
Coumel.— 14 Well, sir, have you done any
thing else the past five years*"
Dan,—" Well, perhaps I have nUn some
thing occasionally."
[Laughter not confined to bar and bystanders.]
Countel.— (Final charge.) " Well, sir, when
did you commence so doing?"
Dan,—(Cast-ironically.) " Think it was very
early in life."
[Laughter, amid which the Court excused
Dan, for cause.)
W. Daridson, G. Kimball, J. B. Johnuon, J.
D.Sherman, D. Horton and A. G. Wilder were
successirely set aside for cause.
Oicar Hanks was challenged peremptorily by
Jlickard L. Chapman, Master Baiider, accept
ed. •
The Jury thus completed, was sworn in as |
follows: |
Thomas Corbin, Stephen A. Shepard,
David H. Howard, William S. Milne,
William White, Benjamin Chose,
George H. Bliss, James R. Henry,
Edward H. Wbeaton, James M. Loomts,
Lester D. Castle, Richard L. Chapman.
The time occupied in empanelling & jury was
much less than was expected. The jury were
sworn in at half-post four o'clock P. M.
District Attorney Haven here rcse and stated
that, urriag to iue uionotc of the hour and the
recent arrival of important witnesses, it was de
sirable for the prosecution that the opening ar
guments of counsd be postponed to this morn
ing. The Court therefore adjourned to 9A. M.
As the prisoner Jumpertz came forth from the
Court Room, in be charge of the officer*
crowds of persons l&e'd on both sides every step
ot bis progress towirds his cell, curious to look
upon the man conneted with a former mystery,
j and now with the evjnt of the present trial
The prisoner if, eve nave before stated,
Prussian-born, andistwenty nine years of age.
* He is in appearance fine looking, rather ap.
proaching indeed to tb "pretty " in features.
t He is of fair complexio and wears a fall beard
trimmed moderately dose. He was genteelly
dressed, and altogeher from these personal
characteristics, excit* surprise in the minds ot
-g most who forthe firatime see him in the pris
,o oners' dock on trial'or & crime of this magni
lT tude.
Ie i District Attorney liven will open the case
for the People this moaing, to be followed by
t 0 Mr. McComas.
Railroad Earnings.—'Be earnings of the
1 Salens A Chicago Union IR. Co. for the third
® r teek in Ja«uary, were a« bllowt :
U ' Fretehl M.rs.oo
n . Paiseocexv 5.251.5?
ip. The following Üblo exhilAs the traffic o! the
n- Grekt Western (Caoad., Eiw,y for tbe week
be ending January 2lst;
, *rel.lit «od (lock •"-gW-JfS
Ij. iUUi andSondtlu..
nd Total -—7—
ck .
'»• C-uu W«r.nT7^Z^li lLWA r.-Traffic
lof '° rw,elc endms J " , »T 14th, £53 ;
™ uaband&ondriei !.«>.«
Toe Bcnura Festival.—Am tbe features
omitted in our report, from the lateneßfl of the
hour, was due reference to the dispatches which
were telegraphed to this city from Committees
of kindred Festivals in progress at other places,
as follows:
Hamilton, 0, W., from Thomas W. Findlay,
President; Buffalo, N. Y., D. McDonnell, Pres
ident; Brantford, C. "W. f A. Robertson, Secre
tary; Detroit, Jas. Black; Michigan City, Ind.,
O. A. Francis; Montreal, Burns Club; Toronto,
David Wilson; Albany, James Dickson; New
York City, and Cincinnati.
These dispatches gave each a sentiment ap
propriate to the occasion. The last named was
as letlows:
A noble man was Roble Burns.
Of Scotland's hills of firs and ferns
Ma"kin 1 from him this lesson learns,
A t.ue heart ne'er from freedom turns.
lie loved his friend. He loved his g!as>.
He loved his land. He love J his la's.
Wffa'Unidrinkta Boras, why let him pass.
He's but a coat aad silly ass.
The Greeks may show their wisest men.
And Rome may boast as treat again.
Uut In the shada wot. their a rns,
They cannot point cs to a Bams.
To Hon, Wit. B. Egax. Chairman, etc.
A word of explanation is necessary to do
nwuy with any false impression based on an un
intentional phrase in our report. We by no !
means intended to convey tbe idea that a te«
dtons delay of three hours was owing to Gen.
H- K. Swift, Without attempting to locate the
blame, it certainly did not rest with tbe gallant
General, than whom no one suffered ?rnr»
The case of Mat. Conlktfob Mat.
Conley, who keeps a saloon at Xo. 15 South
Clark, was arrested on Tuesday, and brought
before Justice Akin, at tbe Armory, on a war
rant sned out by John Dempeey, in the same
business on Xorth Water street, charging Con
ley with making a furious and deadly assault
upon him with a big knife, at tbe latter's saloon,
some days since. Dempsey swore positively to
the assault, and named tbe persons who were
present and saw it. The examination was post
poned until yesterday, when it was called up.
Mr. Conley produced evidence which complete
ly disproved the sworn statements of Dempsey.
Several persons te9t:lied tbat Drmpsey was
picked up in the street and carried into Con
ley's saloon in a dirty and bruised condition,
and that Mr. Conley, instead of assaulting him,
had waßbed and dressed his woundd, and other
wise taken care of him in his bruised condition.
Dr. Collins also testified that he dressed Demp
sey's wounds, and that they were evidently
made by a fall, while he was intoxicated. Alter
hearing these facts, Judge Akin dismissed tbo
Police Court. —The following cases were dis
posed of yesterday:
Jacob Paul, drunk and disorderly, |5; Timo
thy Donahoe, do., $3 ; Margaret Leslie, do., on
old offender, $10; Jacob G. Walter, do., $10;
Robert Grindstone, do.. $5; William H. An
drews, do., $3.
Mary Welch, for baing a vagrant, was lined
(10; John Lovell, do., $25; John llannegan,
do., $lO and twenty days.
John Laumeyer, for slaughtering in the city
limits, was lined $5.
Peter McXena, for an assault, was fined $0 ;
and David Taylor, tor the same oQense, was
lined sl.
Mat. Conley, who was arrested on Tnesduy
for nn assault and battery, was discharged.
Patrick McUarroll, for assaulting and beaticg
his wife with on axe, was held lor examination
The Cue?* Match between Loci.* Pai'i.?e>*
and tur Qcincv Cr.riJ.—The match b-uvt-n
Louis Paulsen, of thi? city, uud tbe eombimd
forces of tli s Quincy Clicks Club, cf<mmrnccil on
Tuesdjy evening at ,s} o'clock. Mr.Pat»la»n l'!.»y*
ing while, and having the fir.st move, cho.-e the
favorite known as tho Evans (iambit
Ten minutes was the time allotted to each move.
The game la-'U'd only two hours, tlie Q iincy C : l1>
resiguinc on the ISlh move. The idayers oti the
part of the Qj'ucy Club wore 31 E. Morphy.
"TVTfcS.V.lilor J<»U; G. ilo/lon
and G. Rowland.
KonniNG a Clotuks Lixb.—A clothes line in
the yard attached to tbe residence cf A. D.
Ciapp, cgrner of Pine and Erie streets, was
stripped of every article it contained on Monday
last. A large number of valuable articles
were taken.
Senttotus UEi'oau School —Martin Sher-.
rv, a boy abont twelve years of age, was on
Tuesday sent to the Reform School for robbing
the house 81 Edina Place, an account of which
we published yesterday.
Larcent.—Michael Myers was held to bail on
Tuesday afternoon, in tbe sum oi $ - JOO, for
stealing $C from the money drawer of the sa
loon 431 South Wells street, kept by Peter
i.O'. al matter*.
Exiiicmos Kali. Tbe pupil* of Madmie
Akwium give a j:rand Exhibition Bill a' lirr
Dancing Academy, coiikt«il' Rimlnlphami Wells
>treets, thi- evetiing. Atlmd by all meats, a* a
pleasant time may be expected.
jjiT 4 ' The SochMc," 44 Hymn? of tbe Age*,"
and ''The Now Priest, <t Conception Bay," cau
l>e oh'aincdA)! Messrs. Colby & Co , 118 Randolph
street, together witti numerous other work< «" tbe
l'C«t authors, ju«t puhlnhed, with eacli of which
Sles'ts. Colby & Co. mike a hand-tome present nt'
jrwelrv. or, if preterred, auotlier baok, making
two books at tlte regular reuil price of one.
Z£/~ llostetter'B celebrated Stomuch Bitters
have by merit of their tonic and other medicin
al virtues acquired a celebrity and popularity
beretolore unknown. This fact has icduced un
principled parties here and elsewhere to coun
terleit acd imitate this preparation, rod palm it
ell to the unsuspecting or unprincip.ed dealer?,
who will retail it upon the reoutuaon of the
genuine article, tnus not only eidangering
health and lite by tbe uee of this vie mixture
thus told, but -re robbing ihe pocket
also. The most prominent operator in
this nefarious business thus f.r brought
to our notice, ia tk fellov by tbe
name of Clurk who prepares the mxture and
retills Ilostetter's empty buttles which are
re labelled with u counterieit and spurious laOel
and tbe cork covered with tin foil, thus they are
sold. C. U. Bcckwiib, No. 10L Watir-st., we had
a large dealer in this countetl'cit cxticle, which
could 30t be fold at any price we.-e it not tor
tbe genuine Hosteller's Bitters. We caution
the puilic to dodge these icipr,si c rs and see oar
advertsing columns tar the names of respecta
ble mirchunts and drugcijta tor the genuine ar
ticle. The genome Hosteller Stomach Bitters
have been impressed in ihe glass of tbe bottle,
also in the cap coveric£ the cork, and the labels
bear tbe autograph ut " Uostelter J; Smith,
Pittsburgh, Pa. jaiG lw*
A Guoaiors Acqiktmest ut GATETtr!—
Ncthing can exceed tne success achieved by J.
C Gayettv's Medicated Paper lor the Water
Closet. Piles will soon be a disease no longer ,
known except in name. Tnis pure medicated 1
paper is unequalled as a preventive, and unap
proachable as a cure. The proprietors wish it
to be spoken ol according to its merits only. It
is very cheap—looo sheets for $1; 500 sheets
for 50 cents. Sold bv all druggists, nod at tbe
discoverer's depot, 41 Ann street, New York.
•'J. C. Uaycttj" is watermarked in each sheet,
and his autograph ia on each package. Sent by
express trom 41 Aon street, New York, upon
receipt of price. The trt.de are invited to cor
respond as to terms. For sals by J. 11. Heed &
Co , wholesale and retuii dnggists, 144 & 146
Lake street, Chicago. jd2*2 2rr.cG3
82" \Vhce!er & Wtlsoa's Sewing Machines.
Xorui-\Ve>teru OUi:e 107 aud IC9 Lake streeL
Gi:o. IL CiiiTTENdcn, Ageut.
83* See advertisement ot Bsodoir. Sowing Ma
chines. 1'22 Lake ?treet. ja4-ly-U»00
See advertisement of Quaker City S2O
Sewing Machine. L. Coexell k Co.,
0c26 ly 133 Lake street.
See advertisement ot Dr. Sanfords' Liter
Invigorator in another colcmn.
In Eut Bortnn, Mais., on tbr 2ii last., by Eev. W. H.
Cod*ortr. WM. F. B.iDICOTT, ortLls rtty. and Mlis
ANNIE 11. EKUDING, dauxbtex oIE.iL Re Jdins. Esq.,
ol East Boston.
Dope Fire Imurnuce t'ompauy,
or arcw yobk citt.
C*sb Assets $175,000.
Reynolds. Kir* Co* OcdexL Fleetwood A Go*
Benedict. Mailer? k Famain. Clark A Dater.
T. VAN BOR&N, Agent,
Foutb last cor. of South (Cater and Clark st.
DftlC W l« t . DP STAIRg.
jLI NKIISHIP heretofore exUtlcc between Williim
i til is andbcni'tnln W. ttaaeforUi. dealers Ln Freiiinjd
B*li JJeiiA. Fou trr. G<me. ie. also Comalstion Uer.
rhams.i>thls d*y dksolveJ, All accounts to be aald to
Benjamin W. St*ne-'ortii.
i jaoe-iw WXLLIAjI ELLLj.
Washixctok, Jan. 20—Sts«.—A joint re
solotion was introduced, oskinj for twenty davs
extension of the Legislature ff Kansas. In
ferred to Committee on Territa^es.
Mr, Hamlin presented tbe credentials of Mr.
Fessenden as Senator from Mautf for six years
from March next.
Mr. Sewurd made a motion to admit Messrs.
Lane and McCarty, claiming to be Senators
trom Indiana, to the privilege of tdsisnon npon
the lioor. Pending tbe decision ipon tbe claims,
Mr. Trumbull spoke earnestly n favor ol the
admission, and hopen this ott of courtesy
wonld be extended without diicussion. The
refusal wonld be disrespectful $ the State of
The question being put whether to take up
the resolution, the nays bad it, Mr.
Iversoa suggested that it-be taken'up and voted
ito lay on the table to prevent its coming up
pgain daily until the end of the evasion.
An animated debate ensued.
A resolution was passed callicg on Govern
ment to procure from foreign governments the
removal of the present restrictions npon the im
port of tobacco.
During the proceedings ilr. Cameron, of Pa.,
'characterized the resolution as a device to ex
fond special protection tc tobacco, aod suggested
that iron and other products be included.
The motion was opposed by Iv-jraon, Davis
and Hayard, and advocated by iiell and Seward,
and tin ally laid on the table.
Tbe Senate then took up tbe Pay\iie
bill, and rejected tbe several br a'
and Divi«—' ho «"*^ meao / ft
'"iTieSenate went into and
on tbe re opening of tbe doors tbe oonaiderotion
ot tbe Pbcihc Railroad bill was reacaied. Vari
ous amendments, including one by
Mr. K'ce for a Northern route were lost.
Mr. Hammond moved to tabic the bilL Lost
—2l against 2i).
All of the amendments now being disposed of,
one o'clock to-morrow is appointed icr the vote
on the tinal pasßage of tbe Dill.
Hocse.—Mr. Cr»ig, of Mo , from the Com
mittee on Post Otiices, reported a bill providing
for tbe transportation ol the mail trom the At
lantic to tbe Pacific coast.
Mr. English, of Indiana, from the same Com
mittee, reported a substitute therefor.
Mr. Clark, of X. Y., trom the Committee on Ju
diciary, made au adverse speech on the bill to
amend the act cstab'istiing the Court ol Claims
s:» as to permit creditors to sue the Government.
On motion of Mr. Grow, the report wa> icferred
tn the Committee of th.' U'hoie on the rftate ot the
Mr. Ch tjimau,of ren:ii=y'v.ini.i,frfim Committee
nn Judiciary, reported a bill punl.-hiug t.ie forg
ii-g «>r counterfeiting of military land county
warniuK certificates of loc.iti jii or jiuiclU''-*, «io.,
or knowingly ntterirg or circulating the?amt-, by
a puul-biueut oi not than no.- more
than ton years in the peuilentiary. .Mr. Chapman
cadedattention to the importance of the b 11,
ing thai it had received tne unauimom approba
tion of the Committee on Jud-ciary. There Is
uut a f>tatute at this time to punish such oflToUies,
although there U lor loryiug Tuea:ury notes.
The bill was paved.
Mr. Keleey, ol > T . T., introduced tho Uome-
Ftead bill, which was referred to Committee of
tho Whole.
Mr. Grow, of Pa., spoke briefly in its f_vor,
and gave notice that he should ask a vote to
morrow, unless there seemed to be general con
Tbe Houpe went into Committee on tbe Con
sular and Diplomatic bill, and rejected tbe pend
ing amendment, tbat no money snail be expeod
edinsuppcrt or education of recaptured Afri
Mr. Crawford, of Ga., offered an amendment,
reducing the proposed $75,000 to enable the Pre
sident to carry out the law of ISI9, to $45,000,
He contended that the President has no author
ity to contract for thetupport and transporta
tion of tbe Africans ot the Echo.
Mr. Stewart, of Md., favored the contract.
The Xorih makes war on the President lor en
forcing t .e slave law, and if the Presi
dent enforces the law for tbe suppression of the
slave trade, the South make war on Lirn. lie
was opposed to this ultraisui.
Mr. Moore, of Ala., thought the Government
should not boister up tbat rotten concern—tbe
American ColoniZition Society, in Liberia,
which has proved n failure, au asortion.
Mr. Mtllsoo, of Va., did net know what else
the President could have done relative to the
recaptured Africans.
. Mr. Case, of ltd , conld not see how thev
could, consistently, vote money to educate these
Negroes in Alrica. when the education of Ne
groes in slave Stales ia made a cri uinal otfence.
Iveitt, of South Carolina, contended the Pres
ident has no right to make the contract. He
said the charity of the government has bten
prostituted to upholding this Colonization So
ciety, which sprung up from a spurious senti
mentality in a single night; which received sup
port irom old maids and dilapidated politicians,
who D'-groii i Wwi in:.o
manity. # y
Honbatn, of South'.Carol'ina, proposed and ad
vocated an amendment, confining the appropri
ation to the carrying out of the act of 131 V.
Sewurd, of Ga., looked upon tbe'laws for the
suppression of the slave trade as a violation ot
the Constitution. He wanted Georgia and tbe
other Sonihern Stutes to settle the matter for
Harksdale, of Miss., endorsed Mr. Seward's :
remarks. i
Groesbeck and Hughes concurred in the act
of the President and in the name of tbe Demo
cratic party and ot tbe nation, thanked him for
bia humanity.
Mr. Clay of Ky., said no man was more op
posed to tbe slave trade than be, and be believ
ed be was sustained by bis constituents, but be
thought tbe present laws punishing it aspiracr
so severe, that they could not be enforced.
Oiher penalties might be provided. He did not
believe a white man could be banged for it,
either in the South or in Boston. He was op
posed to the sib section of the treaty of Wash
ington, as it was an entangling alliance with
Great Britain and caused outrages on tbe Amer
ican llag. He bopad notice would be given to
Great Britain to put an end to the treaty so that
we may preserved our own police on the seas.
Mr. Miles of S. C. announced himselt as a sec
tional man. He did not class himself a Demo
crat, bat would unite with them where be could
do so conscientiously. When they called upon
him to depart half of a hair's brealh from bis
principles, be would turn bis buck on them tor*
ever. He is not only prepared to advocate tbe
reopening of tbe slavs trade, but tbe sweeping
away of all laws which Btamped his constituents
as pirates and placed a stigma on Southern in
Goocb,of Mass., said the apprehension was
expressed by a gentleman (Mr. Singleton) as to
what a Uepublican President would be in tbe
event of such an election. He would say that
ia bis opinion sbonld tbe Kepublicacs succed to
power, they would give to the law tbe same
construction which two Democratic Presidents
have given it ~tbe same construction which tbe
Dsmocratic party acquiesced in for twenty years.
They would not go a »U'p t'uitlior than the prece
dt-iits would justiiy, supj»orttd by the opinions of
leuiliug Democratic statesmen. The construction
given by the i'at to the law of 1S1:» U a correct
one. The clause under cui-ii leratim, a-kms au
appropriation to enable the President to cfliOt a
contract with the Coloirzitim Society, was
>:ricken out, but tbis does n >t dispose of the sub
ject, which will be voted oti in the llou^c.
Modification of the Tarill.
Wasuisgton. Jen. 26.—The Committee on
Ways and Means at a meeting yesierday deci
ded several important points : Ist. Infatorofa
modification ot the tariff ; Phelps, Pnillips, Da
vis, Maclav and Motrel in favor, und
Crawlord, Dowdell and Letcher agaioat. The
sense of the Committee was tuken an
to whether a modification of the tariQ
should be combined with any loan to be
granted. Tbis was carried; Messrs. Phillips,
Morrill, Davis, Howard, aud Maclay, voting
aye,and Phetps, Crawford, Dowdell aad Letcher,
nay. Mr. Phelps then submitted his bill fur a
modification of the tariti. It proposes to raii>e
IO.OiX',OOO of additional revenue by adopting
the decimal divisions suggested by' Mr. Cobb,
transferring articles from the free list to tbe
suitable schedules, and transposing s >me of the
existing schedules. Iron is put at *25 per cent.;
cotton 20; woollens 15, end 100 percinta of the
tariff of IS4S aro reduced to 50— all the duties
ad valorem. Tbe loan proposed by Mr. Pnelps
is $4,000,000.
Reported Dloody Hnttlo in Kansa*--
Kescoe ol a Fugitive Slave.
Leavenworth, Jan, 'JJ.—'T.ie Times publishes
a letter, giving an a;couat of th« conflict between
a party or meti otider Brown, and a po<»e under
tin* Drputy C. S. Marshal, nsar Paoli, Lvkincs
County. 'Five of Brawn's pi-ty and the Deputy
Marshal and two of his a.*dr<tauts are reported
killed. Account not vouched for, and probibly
ihe friends of Brown a=>ort that be is not in
the Territory.
A second* attempt, in sncce-s wc<
made to Hie fugitive '• Charlev,"'
aliai Peter Fisher, last night. The door o: the
room in he v»-as corQued wa< cut down,and
rescuing party ler» the city with the negro.
Excitement runs "high, and a party has gone in
Barns Celebration.
Ntw York, Jau. 20.—The centenary celebra
tion of tbe birth of Kobert Burns was'heid with
great eclat in this city last night by a great num
ber of clubs and assiciittoos. The most noted
festival was at tbe Astor House, at which Win.
C Bryant presided. There was a very large at
tendance and speeches by Mr. Bryant, Horace
Greeley, Dr. Youap, Editor of the Albion, and
others. _
Incendiary Arrested.
Altox, lIL, Jan. 96.—A man named George
Hodgkibs has been arrested by officers of tbis
city and Roxbury, Mass., in Jersey County, Illi
nois, on a charge o! having tired a church at
Itoxbnry anme two yaers ago. He was teaching
school in Jersey Connty when arrested. The
officers lett with him for Massachusetts this
morning. _
Barns and Cattle Burned.
Lb Rot, N. Y., Jan. 28.—The barns of Ralph
Sweetland, in the village of Stafford, containing
four horses, two cows and a quantity cf grain
were entirely consamed by fire last night. Very
small insurance. Loaa not known.
/ .»
From Washingtonv
Wasiiisgton, Jan. 2G. —A letter frtg*Soper
infendent Neighbours, dated Jan.
lOtb, addressed to the
Affairs. mentions tbat a band of whi®fetafrom
the El Paso country bad stolen of
a tribe of Indians known to be reJprkably
peaceable, and massacretng several offiiem, be
sides wounding annmber of their cotSjianions.
It is apprehended tbat in coateoience oUJbls
outrage the Indians will commence war -o'pon
the border settlement?. •-» .
Although coupons cannot be issued for lets
than six months* interest in the new roan, yet
should the special bidders regard it ad
vantage to receive coupons of interest ftoptbs
Ist inst., with the certificate of stock, thty will
be so issued at the Trensury Department on the
payment of the interest from tbe first of Janu
ary to the date of the deposit of the priopipaL
The action ot the House to day in laying on
the table three several memorials asking for the
establishment of as many new steamer line?, is
considered as indicative of hostility to all such
measures by that body.
Tae Secretary of tbe Treasury, in a recent
document sent to tbe House, suggests an invi
tation from the United Scales, to tbe commer
cial countries of Europe, to meet in a represen
tative body tor consultation on e uniform cur
rency, uniform weights and measures, and a
uniform system of commercial statistics, being
of the opioioa that this reform will be favorably
received, and probably adopted by each of the
countries so represented, lie saya tbat our own
Government occupies a position, both political
and commercial, which will justify her in takiog
the lead in tbe matter.
Nsw Yoek, Jan. 26.—The Times' Washington
correspondent states tbat Secretary Cobb ia op
posed 10 tbe proposition of the House Commit
tee of Ways and Means for the increase of tbe
ioiflu ll'A'Jj Kr£LI e _ d _ £«?> Pfr;
competent to give an opinion, tbat tbe revenue
from imports will reach |<i3,000,000, which sum
he considered sufficient lor ail contiogencss.
He is afraid also that if the present tariff id in
terfered with, that tbe movement in tavor of
protection will gain the bscendancy und control
tbe action oi the new bill.
Tbe Trt'/une'i correspondent says tbat the ma
jority of the House Committee on Territories
are in favor ot organizing a Tenitory, compris
ing the Pike's Peak region. The name ol Co
lona will be dropped und Topos» substituted.
Hills for Topoaa. Arizona and l>«cotah will all
contain tbe provision tbat territories, when or
ganized into States, shall be admitted into the
Union either with or without slavery, as the
people MjV determine.
Fires at Shuueetown and Cairo, 111.
SrniNGFIELD, LI., Jjn. 2(3.—About 10 o'clock,
ouSumJav murniug la.-t, a lire btoke oat iu the
Gateway Hoaso, iu wiiich entirely
consumed t/e hotel and the bu'lJing*-uilj tinm;.
Most of the luruiture was saved, us ul.-o the cou
tent* of the two stores in the fi r st story of the
house. The building was woith probably $4,00).
Ihe house ol B. Siia:ines->y, E q, at Cairo, wa->
destroyed last Monday nijjht, u>g tber with a
part of the contents. His lu.«s is abvut
From New York.
New \oek, .'Jan. 2G.—There was a rumor in
the cuy yesterday, that the steamship Washing
too, which sailed hence on the 25tb of Decem
ber for Nicaragua, bad arrived at San Joan, but
in consequence ot being unable to send her pas
sengers across the isthmus, she had proceeded
to San Francisco via Cape Horn. The rua.or
probable came by the Qaaker Cuy, at New Or
Scuator Benjamin Kc-Elccted.
asoixgtov, Ja i. 20.—A telegram received
here from New Orleans, announces the election,
by the Democrats, of Mr. Benjamin for another
term in the United Statea Senate from Louis
Sailing 01 Steamer*
Bostoj*, Jan. 2G.—-Tho Itoyal mail steamer
Niagara sailed at noon to-day with 13 pastengers
for Halifax and CD for Liverpool. She takes out
nearly <73,000 i^specie.
Arrival oi Bremen Steamer.
New 1 ork, Jan. 2G.-»Tthe steamer New York,
from Bremen the S;h inst., arrived this morn
ing. She did not touch at Southampton, und
brings no news.
Next Ohio State Fair*
Colckbcs, Ohio, Jan. 25.—Tbe Slate Board of
Agriculture decided this evening to hold the
State fair this year at Zinesville,
Sailing of a Steamer.
New \ oiik, Jan. 2G.—The steamship Jura -ail
ed thi.P. M.. lor Liverpool, wiih J'Jju.uOO ia gold
A Murderer Convicted.
BiLTisiOi;B, Jan. 26. —Peter Corrie, one of
the murderers of Ollictr I'igdon, was convicted
this morning of murder in the tirst degree.
4 ■ Steamer l>ue. *
Halifax, 1 P. M.—Jan. 2-i.—There are yet no
signs of the steamer Arubia, now due with
Liverpool dates of the loth.
ycu) ijlftncrtiscmcnts,
t3rc. 11. .<ciil vt:s. .t Ictrt;.;., .1 r ,j, 63
it aritJ.orLot t~i reccUe J !cr{!>t,:f:iC* mr <ir, ( uU C.t
Lrn-liri'i of tA« .VcrfA- HVj.*. jal b»<M ly
X. slca a Lite; Red Cow. al-ou'. 10 years ol'. wMch
t e owoer cai 1 ave by proving property ar.J psxin*
c!>rces JAM k « LUDA'ICK A CO..
and KELIABLK milJe to the Gold Districts will
h • «em to any address 00 tLe rect-h lof j ce_u. >iccle
L'.thOiTa h-d Maps with c- rm! itsm- of *a outfit, .lis- '
uaces. fares, etc.. etc.. 2j crnti Ad lress I't:* K A
COLE. I'. U. B.'» Qh;e-go. 1.1. • •
Docking property to let
Cheaper than aay in tr.e e.tv.—l wi'l l-t a 10-c
or short term of ycais. l)o;ks suitable for Lcmbrr V »rila
or otter baj otsa, on the 8 uta (with Side trucks
or the Clncaco asd Jo l«t Railroad.) anl a contract fir
brlneinctj and 'rem th?m cars of ad
R;.itroaiis!nthe cty. Painectf r renta nwbem.tic
la lumber. Apply ut 55 CUrk BtTiCU
1i27 lm-clO" JO IIS EVANS.
I Mem k er»or tlie First l*Qi'a l:n Ch.trch to be held
at tbe v -atry Rooai rf the Ctiurch.«,n MO i.VEN
-INU rex:, at T i.'cloct'
>t'endice?is renerted. aj business cf -m
--poit-incewiUccoe beftre tin* m-eiin*.
3f llj » r er of the Tru-.tees.
$5,000 to $20,000.
Strcks of Dry Goods. Groceries or otter oersooU
property in rxchtixe for part ca«t» ana part real ettaie.
caa be treated with adTantaKeously.
A city residence wa t d fcr cash, and cuUlde real
estat;. Hide pte!»rred. Aipyto
. , HlLb A Auctioneer*.
ja..t)tl(>> No. 51 PeAfbom street.
BY lIOLME LEE, Author of "Kathie lirande."
We sbaJl commence tbe pabliratlrn of the abort* new
novel In lut Nk<t Yoik ceki.W.eklt Taau-sa. Oi
Tuesday. February 'rih. Tfcos?wto whh to secure tbe
firsi tart of this ex'jemtly Intere»t'ac novel, should
tend on thtfr »übscriptions iintnedi »te y. Tun Son.
WstTLt Tr;bc** is printed every Tuesday aad Fridiy,
on an Imperil sheet of eiabt paces. &.-.J con\its all the
Important Fortlcn asd Domestic news of the day. our
varied and eop'oas correspondence—Uooe and Abroad
—Reports oi ttie Proceeding of
D:ln*a,in)pfrUst A*ricultar*> IflformVion full repo.ts
of the Catt!<% Horse and rensral Jlarkc'.s We
sba'L as hitherto, mi e Th* s>m;-Wk»klv Tribcs*. a
Literary as we I as a P<.l ticsl aai Nevs raocr. and we
are dsttrmined tbat It shall reman la the froit rank of
Family Fa;ers.
Tie fcliowin* extracts'roa tieleidlsc Utenry jour
n.lso* London will.lve the reader an Idea of what is
though; of this tew novel la Esrope :
•"W<* cai ut of Holfs Daujlit-r.* wb«t few
fictions wo=l-jasM f y o» ii tr»w e hvueve no
cnecanrealli wi hau: becom'.ne wis r t nl b tt-r. or
a .eel ni o' natitud ? t-» tae wr t t who cia pre-
Sri.t to u» such varied aspe-ju of cur cotnmoo nature, tn
w.thout one word *r
oi-Ideate or <l:sjlei«e the lac?*. »essitiv- nrrral
:eelns Weirnowifnn work s*>e:l rla t'.e JlDmatic
vuor of its s yle or in tae driica:? and trcta or i:« f-ei-
Ics. ItiseTlitf-tlyth- rvsul: of pro'oond observation
care.el sru ly. and couli hivec. ten w ;tt-n . nl» by
aperson f pr-at powers and an intimate ac-
of tmn-n «"n
--• imp'tevsrjsUttjnor U:e."—rj'ttirai*! Seirt
ojCit lurW.
"This ha re«Uffoodnov«L • • Th* tcne fa
heilia.- an<t oataral th-ao.*Ul lneu'c«t-Hl turfol
a-rt lnpirtart the I wr ate ex-<»e.!i :cly happy acd
wtU chosen —Lorulon tiazette.
•''SylvanHo'fs Dauzht-r* is a f.is:lnatl»ir yonnr wo
rnxru with wtorn we our rea«le-s to make ac-
Qua.ctaa:e far th-.m«elv ; s. .t t. well \nd yliJly wr.t
ten. there Is notblcp «1 s jptrCcia'. Tb? astnrr
ha» eTiden ly wished l> do her be*t. an \ sr:e hts »uc
ce-d'd in w.-ifn* anove> that U well wor.h re.-.ajnß. and
wniehjosae*a<rMhj c*rdintl vrtue extremely
Ltemttag."—London Al\<Ti<xuj>i.
1 '". U written la careful
: and fcoi E-ghih Situraat/ Jiecitir.
On»Copv.oneyar |3| Five Copie*,ecey-ar.|11.25
TwaOoi;ies.oneyear.... 5| fen do. (oneaddr>) SJ
TIIE SEMI-W£EKLT TRIBUNE Is sent to Ciennmea
at 13 per anncm.
Aty tersanteadmz nsa Club cf Twenty wM be en
tit Ud to an «xt.a cot y.
THE DAIL7 TSIBCT*E is printed on a l.trte lapfrial
sheet, aid pabush-d ev-ry morclns tnl eveuire. (Sun
day exwpted). and mall'd to rabsc'lners for six diLars
per annua In advanei. S3 fnr s;x months.
TUt NIW TORS WEEKLY TRI3DNE. a lar*» elcht
puejaper for the coua'rr. Is Du*>li«r;ei eve*r ?(atardar,
and«DQta'xs Kdit?rtals o ■ the Imports -t to: icj o'tje
times, tbe news of tile week. iatereitH* c»rre«pinden.e
frcm allpana rf the «orfcL th- Cait e. ll«rse
a"d Pro<m* curirtt. InteresUn* atd red«bie Political.
Blecnanlral ani Arri-tl a.-al artl -lea. -tr. ic We »s»ii
dar c< this year, as hi her.a c nstantiy Ut or Ut
thequilltrof tbe ve eni«rta:nment aff ty
Taa T tsrss, wt l.h. we lateoi.»bal> coatinae
f>fcethe oe«t Pamty Weealy
te W««W. We consider t-;e Cuitle tlarktt Reports
aloae richly wort a a ytsi'i tubssription pilce.
One Orpy.«neyear ti. Five Corles. o?e y*ar..| 8
Three 0 pies. o*e jear.. o > Tea Co Us one yew ... 12
T*eotr Coptea, (tJ ons aiare«s ) at the cf 41 per
annum jo
Twenty tto address or each subs riber.) and
any larger number it tae rale of #1 iOtacn C 4
Any person send'naus a Club of Twenty or more will
be ecUJed to an extra e cy.
£cb»crit ons may coamsaee at snj time. Tenrs al
ways caahln advane". Ail letters to be addressed ta
iaT4tdiw<39 Tribaae Buildings, New York.
1850. NOHTIIEU\ JSo9.
Transportation Co.-s Express.
Via Mich. South.'«nd N. Y. 4 Erie Eiilroais.-
L to nlve throath Bills rf Ladinj ta New York and
Boston, for the tr*ns-»ortAt'.o3 cf Property opoa ftvor.
acle tennv t~u« ensurinc diuatcX and the p:ocpt «et
tenrnt o' d'fferen e«arsn< out«f the sace-
Ttie N.T. Co *s Kx rrss wiil iranspo't pio's from New
Yot kto the >* est dur" ns the winter, all ttie w-y t«y -ail
and or the ope 1 *rf airui ioa by the N Y * t. R IL
to Hu 'kirk, aad f.ence by i ropei.»r ta t.'Lic «£•».
J2T Mailt packic-s "N V. Co.'s Express. ' *.-1 *v 3
b* N Y.4E. R. It.. foo:of Duiie street, or Pier fcait
J. MY* R a . J. L. WARNER a*d CnAS. ALLt'OV
Affects, No. J. Cotntiesgli j. New York.
j'27 lm-clti« Car.Lasa'leaad No-th Water tt.. CMca^o.
Rifles, shot guns, revolvers.
BOWIE KNIVE3, asd g.rersl rotS's 'o» the
10.es at 2sy Lake street. IsEJ.T. ARUEY
QT"A6ti3'« or Hayw- rJ's Powder. clJj ly
CO MP A3ST sr^r'
Hartford. €Ollll.
N. L, LOO.MI*, Preildeut*
11. KELLOGG, iejretary.
IVI. ISI A.GILL, General A^ent.
Zximiced and approved by the Auditors cf W*>«« r.t'n,
Jowa, Indiana. Ohio, i.1ia0.3 *od I'eancsse.-. lo coiapu
aace wi'.ii the L»w»o' th se i»:c^
CAMI CAPITAL $2,000,000 00.
CASd AfSiTd. lU.v-1 «.♦,
Ctsb. ro band *n I in bank % ■ j 4;,j \\
" daeanJ rum Ajtents *. .5 .71
11-7 :h.i.esNew »»,ra Daax stocxa *. 11l • j- iJ
ik'J ; Ualtf-jd - - in iw w
lUJ o.terN, f. " •• «,n y;
baaed on .M. rua ei of R-al Es-*;e.!!!.'. :*) y.» 10
01 Uxu&-t.ck> U-j;otU
W Water Bonos . riLe ti»a of New iinu*:u,
Conneciicu*. . j. 0 ivj
10 2. P. aI. R. it. touaj. ptiirtulceJ 1... 7i u m
>c:uujui4teuin:crest ou Invotuiecta (,y
K;al L;i*te <.waed ty the uaiacuci
bered c.i"i 71
Total AiSftJ 5419 064 65
Liabilities. bel£Ruza:'jijtedL-Sjes ard thoje
naiihii 53U43 00
tt r re-ects a view of the
C->u.aan>*s positiOu as must impr:ss tue c}avicti>non
tbe minds «I al.of its to t-.dc> health? coa'iitl"D
iLeaniuU t»1 lialiao.l.tlej;s less tfisn Contanies
in<r.Ur.e aad extent ve a b4>iae s nea.ra.li >how
Ur*e i.bt 01 utp*ij loue*.' as 4 tt-t tJT
, arnitis' acJUKU-aiioLs a r c ie-u b re.
1 I, ititrefi re. >oj w a ut iLsur.in •- in a First-CU«s Id«o
--riuce Loirp»Ly. *0 to tfls '• I'li'ES.X" thriu.a 4-.y of
iti A«cUU. aad icu: >tpnc4tiua »iU i>e re
te'v l ant ous.aeis pro:ai tly att.uucd 10
Z2T"AKeLts iu cius*. o. the pr.iaiueut uwas uadiiiles
01 iocLJAII.
hlt.iNCil ;;FFICE. Nos. :U aadOJ Wes. TLifd s*... cp
p; ti.e Mas uiw lei Did.-,, iucinut I. c.
.ts api.'O)LUU, i.dence attended to. ;< sssa
aid laid, and at ■ of the c;a
branch atuaded to Mita uispatcb an t nddity by
R. B. MAGI!.L( A - == '-
ii, iL SIAUILL, ) Aser.ta and Adjiit.rs,
—«OF Till—
HartforU Fire Insurance fompaiiy
.llidetotheAuditor of tbeStite of Illinois
.lANL'ARY 1. l>ry.).
t Tie nme of the C:mp ivy i- tae Hirtfard F'r.» Icsu
r<u.e Ccmpany. a .d is looked at iiar.lord, Lt.
2 The amount cf Ca >it d -t-jck i- I", »li i«i 0)
3 Tne amouut of Caritil K pai \up ii... ,->ui><iiO
■I ASSETS. "*"**
Cafhonhasd #4j.4y» 2-
Cash iu U-nds of or ia ccurse of
trsnsni'.j»loc Cl.lo- 21
PaUnces oil book cue t « C'.i|'.uy 1- 7* • Co
B II receivable, s? ur'dby • el* ju'i seiurilj. t:'.''7J fj
11-.al Latate .neacucjoered U u ► Itj
Par v.dne
511 thireft Htrt'ord L'k itock 15' lv) «7.tj:io
.. PLa- ;tx 4u l> i) 4»>wW
li«) .. Co-a. fliver itink'jc Co Si's 6 u\) I'-to-iiu
211 .. Farmers' A M*xii sll k it'k, 2 .'i* l U m»i w
£l4 .. Kxrh:n:e .. .. I'.o o *. omii
1-4 .. Cty .. .. li4ll j W
1 150 .. li'it of llait.'oid Co 7 -.u-j w
I '.Ui .. Caarter (Jak .. .. 2ni>4i 2,4<i<U
I li» .. JltrcantJle .. ~ J'.uo lt;twO'
! JM .. .. .. 1 ~MI
'U» .. -huia'.»" »' .. .. ia; m ujiuu)
2aJ .. Americ-nEtch'se .. .. S..U ■» LM i-ii ki
j*(J .. liin< of America .. iA.uO
ii>> .. lUr.x of C. u m-rce .. a 1 000
:10 .. Irrpvter A Tradcis B'k .. 3 wo •' J. »•' 10
Jo .. Mauhattir. vc. .. .. li.uw li.-.oiO
100 .. >ler k hinia' .. .. lii.m Oil 001 w
ifM ~ Ltiion .. .. Ji'.lUO 10 : V'l t*J
2-0 .. Oc.-an .. .. 10 to «-t»: l"
10 .. baakofNorth Atn;ri'a .. louo ll.ooiti
,"U .. MetropolitAU li'k .. Ji.4'o u 1
1 0 .. BitCfcstoce .. .. lut)0 i"..'i • 10
Iw .. lurk of Cjmscrce .. lo hi » j
It) .. Soffjlk .. .. l.ttO 1 2T-' CO
lui .. lilac■•odLeather .. .. lo.'io lu.^otui
lit) .. Granite .. .. lihoi iu,;oim
1(0 .. Webster .. .. li'.f 0 lo.:o>0>
100 .. Nit'.onal . .. loivj lo;'<o'U
10 •• Atlantic * .. .. I'MuJ lu.'i>oo
ljj .. li'tc d ate of Uicsiari .. lu.o>y onmu
110 .. Hartrord.* N. 11. RR. .. lO.iOi lCJ.>w
J" .. L'ouO. River .. .. 2w<) Inu 111
111 .. Conn. K:v.-r •~cmpa ,, y .. U'tiJ tn iv
J4 Hartfjrd li'Js. C > c:. due l'7'i. Sussi
JOhioPt*te .. 6 .. ~ lr-t». Hum lu'iCi i«j
•J-J >Hc2Uan .. «i .. .. 1-tW. 2J.H«J J H-I I«J
.. .. .. lt.-i arwo
U. S. Tria.ury Notes. i4.S ci.) H.iim H.<n»
T ta' aaoucs of A«»?ts
5 No Uab'llti<s to Kankf. or due or
lot due. •
No loues aiijasUd ard dne.
7 I.TiestiUitr una-jos'-ed ur>
s A 'ju-Ud and n< t uue, > o. «
<J L.s>es Iq iU'p<ose wtilinK lur
tber prcoi, I'clawed in la.-t
antwtr above
U' AU other daimj. ga.cat the Co. ?. £ 531}7
Totalan'tcfLlabliities, V s .:«i>W
II Tberulrofthe Cotcoiiiy ij uot to exceei $ O.ikj iu
at y cne t i-k, »u j .*ci to kssby a a ncl-fire
12 The amounting ued n a city or vii'-wre.depeni s u^oa
its s r.-—teneraiiy ai. thedetlrablerisK to bj Laj ;
sulj to the r-ii? .at bove s%.ied,
13 TLeamo-n*. insured in an>o-.e biocic nf ta!M!nca.
ocpe*d< upon it>s:ze ai.d co: sulject
t« th* rn'e abjvereferreti 10.
14 the Act of lacortcrat.ca b uie sasae aj filed la Jan
uary. Ir3i
TI.HO, c. ALLVN» Secretary,
O'ertiflcateto expire vn the 31st day of Jaauarr,
AcDtroa'i OrrtCß. J?riT* or Itxi'sou.)
tPH.>>:r:LLn "January. W;». {
Whereaj. the TTart'crd Hre ln«ur*ace Company,
located at Hartfor*. in t:.e ?iite of C-'nneCiicut.
has filed 4o this ofEce a itatnaent of the ccndi
Aeencies cMnsuracce Corapa-!e-» n d I; cori>r>rated by
theStateof Illiaols,'' nnmived February 17. -roi. and an
act amendatory taertti, appro\ed Ja nary ii Ivil; and
whereas, said Cocaptay h.s f-rnis.ied SitisUrtory ♦*vi
drncetbat it Is t'o**-s3-d of th* reyuifd amount ol capi
tal icvesied In stocks -a l m ruajes. and hu ti.e 1 in tul.i
office a written instrument, s .ed by Hie Presid--c.t aiid
Secretary thsrtof. atP"tntla* H >» ilmarib of C'.ica<o,
its Arent f»r the transaction of the b-"«ines»or sai 5 C «:ipa
nv.and fudyai-dunres rvedly auUioriiin* himto ackn.>wi.
ed<e service of i ruc-. »s lor * d • n betisif of tai l Com
pa y. consenting th it service of proems upon hira, the
said Ae-cU sliall be tasen and he!.) to d as if
served utK-'ntue 'Jomra-y, and waiving al* claim of *rrtr
by reason of such service.
Now. therefore, ia pursuance of the n-ovi-lons of the
Act aforesaid. LJeaseK Uabois, Auditor of Pub ic Ac
count* of the rtate of I.liajl*. «!o hereby cert.fy t.i.«t tiie
liid Hetry 11. i miarth ia authoriaedas an Axest for the
■aid Comp;my. to trtn?4C the bu.<inessof lo>ur;i.ce ta
t' is ffUte. until the thirty-first day ot January, in trie year
eikhteen hundred and six t. s • Ur at be may be lesahy
empowered so to d ) by sa:<l Company.
In testimony whereof. I have hereunto nb«cr b- I my
name, and affixed the seal of my o!Q<*-*, at X
Uiis fifteenth day of J'nusxy a. D l'si. l .
JtoSe. K. DUBOIA AuditirP.A
ja^7c3Jlm Comerß:utn Water and* »'a.
the Niattira Fire Insurance Comp «nv of t,e 1 i y of
New York oa the fi-st cay of January, l?i.». ia ccLf.rudiy
wuh the Law of Illinois:
First—Tie came of the Company Is the Ni«iara F!r» In
surance Cr and .s located in tie C.ty and siaie
of r»ew York.
Se on:—The .mnzct ofltt Cac itsl Slock la Two Hundred
Tiird-Tae atsotint of Its Capital Stock, paid op !s
Fourth—L C*h on hand aid In the hands of
2- Jio Real F«t «te
3. L Three New York City rfT^ras
b. tds 6 per cen» tij tA,'J
2. ?even Il.io*lyn City
6 nrr c-nt bo-:ds 17,t0)
3. Plx Uudson Hner ra: roa'l. Ist
mirt.»ie. 7pcrc.nt 11,^X100
4. Deitj due the company hy
and moraaaef. beicir ail
first LI-n» and of wa.rh m- re
tbaa flWiXu ts udoo prjpery
worth duuue the amo.nt mcrt
ease*ither*oQat7 Vc n« lntere»t.ii2.7SO.CO
o. Luana oa St CIS taxable oa de
m*n-l of the cuuk.t value of
U9.CT : ... 27 rJS 7'
6. Debts f«>r ; rem urns 71" i«
7. Al»other tecuxults 85136 l
Total Assets of the Com; any 11l 1,065 ii
Ffth—The Company owei no bank cr other
ere-Jt»ora.... nose.
Plxttj— adjusted and n .ce.
Se»enth— ad.ustrd and not du; no _ e.
tleh'b—Losses ar a: justed 2 i»u 0
Ninth-Liases n ansyecse w*it!-* fortherproof i.u OtO
Tenth—No other claims wJejl th; company., acne.
Total of UabllSt'es of the Coopanj $ 7.2.'U<>
Devemh—Tbs grcatett amount Icsured In any
oce risk lj.i'OO CO
1 No reseralru'es m the-e points.
Twelfth { but »tl.<o:n exceed'L* fIC.'XO,
TLir.eenth I aid Azg'c risk In city. &cd
j «S.OUQ out.
IL B. WirLVARTIf. A«ect.
Ccraer Clark and South Wa'eritreet.
CO. Capital and Sarplus S"50,000
Acquired S3.COOOQO
JNO, B. ACKLE7, t.
No.4itiSinlcTemble, Chicax.. 11L
a-nocn-desje at reasooab e ratrs la rAuii<U L.jtem
Com-a:-leS Jj ly
TLUtrpuiir Annua' U "«w r?mly. anl coatains:
A-trocom calCi c I'a ions fortbe tear l?si.
Giv.TijneQiofthe UalUrd d:a«i-Lxeca l»e and Ja
A i Itf of the Mcmben of the Uslted Sutea Senate, no-
LUcally c!*«sified.
A list of the Members of the Hou-eof Zepreaentailves
poiltlcal'j classified. I
Price Ucen.s. NOBRI3 A H?DS haTe U.
E7*N. AH. will send coplca fay Bail, post-said, oa re* I
celpt. ]aiic?J4i I
Host Brilliant Light
Yri dlKOTerfd.
In a fl*ni Latrp. • NP.
GALLON bonjttgtrjye
bour* eurh Jht. i&itj
TliaEE MONTHS. *l*.
In* «lu bit qua) to eunt
Caa dle s. When the
Lamp Uprvjpctly titmm.
S'o Ssoke or Smell.
T\'anted-a few more mex. wag
taieto °JT n ".u Cosr, l Males, and Protfiho* to
A O Rf" v i,' , il til 2.»*? rlr ' c - or P ,f, ticul«r« a Mms
rosh*:.. ,Jr f v M. D, Chiei.o. II qoI,.
fjr or call at Ms ttii-e. W
touthUa k. j laviw.. j,
jaivlw* B ° X ' C ' ChU P * 0 * ltuia * P«• ot meeting
~vl af who J s competert t»ac* a* sd sxan: w.iliag
r honcs; en:loyment. Address J-iin *a
am_, ros. t Ja.fJt*
foffl?ct«rt M "U'e. r-rwhVh real es'aiea-d
jTi/i Dxd - «' Jjr « ChiciK.j, P. 0.
a *ICCI Of r,en ral Merchaad r se a Vain
e^ a 7,? VtJ ¥i:a of Acrei. * ur!?a. K«e
R*•'VJt . > { - sch f ,^ r carti:ula s please
tQX LLltfafc-O. ll'. j Jt .
n**\*.\"9tr' or C t Qt * iJ by a-i abl» an t ex
pen need tersin. Have been
I:sandtV»mm -sKnbusii-s, f rtae pa t tw*We y a'S
Au(.resa H. oJce of this paper. aj*
f.-p H^A , T^^ n wVTJ^ ,r, r of lowa
ni-kTrv 5 Woß ,\ ,n l Bjsln- scf a
Bock bi..4iry, 11 wr.i,-h every .aciliiy »al«ts t > make t a
trotli: 1e a_ : e;ry la the hands m" «»■*
kral 4Cl " II 7 reference Addr ss STEPi.EN T
hW-liri-'i iaa ° Q -blcde'y, uurlumoa. Ijwa.
n i!jl Eri '-\i Cb, "i thlra c t lhr,r * !le Jim.*, lleary llarrt,
° M«che.««. EitsUa.*. IK.I V ,atu « oi^
Wtns ta,e. ja24-Jw
P !L p :^ ,:l , in ; l ''". 015 bu.snes< qu.il Q -atfonf. In a
in! CommissUn H uie 1 «bl| lily of five
»A..l.ng. Ad'i.f>sP *\ Box '1274" j^l-lwolJ
I KINO, who left StoV-s Cou Vy, N. C„ some Jj yelxs
siu'o * t°i r rs * re entl.ieit to a lenacr of abc-at
" U. U. ,-rMIHCCH.
jai-im n Saiem. N. C.
for »W<-'» f l»e bUhest market prfcewill be
iLo Ucnt.
Rare chance—the best meat.
rou'try aad Pro,'uc • -Ui-t ia the «-it ? . p 0 thSlde,
,W ja-'3 li»* J 2507, tbicwo. 111.
1.. «• i°, cur n w rreiaUe«. Na, La»e it eet. on he
Is o tel ruirynesu we w <| relit to a tood t. nant the
. tore we nowoccjty, »» 157 w qth Wat r street. Ad-
UOQuETf. BAiaaTr A uILLd
I : he cota-n.rl'o-is oa the and second
tnorln r*r iec s Bul.dl-x, cornrr d iuui W iter and Weii«
tree's. A!i>. two lota a-.d a flo? comer baseme't.
s-it.thl- Mr .1 «l nta.- 1 Fnr'orms uppl# to the tubacrt
c *'. r ' l n hui J'a*. No. JU South ater str-et
] 1- -.m * b wn LTAM q .
* enTl 0/ j"ars. that buidineneft
ift of Uevator ofUibba ••nffio A C... with u,c fine
Lot on which it standi—beine "0 lest, more orles*. on the
. riv . e K "Jfuanln* b.ict Uie (J. AO.U.K. R. Attached
t> the bjltotu* ts a »t;ast enutne room, with an malne.
Tli-«u a tine lo* tioaf.ir a Fl -urij* Mill, or for Mectuafl
cal mrposea. For terms, Ac., ap .ly to
d>.ih»l 3 ntn 21J frouth Water street
Jar Sale.
" J (las Light and Coke Company, at the p**ce
of ten ce .13 per l u»iiel ■■ r.l y qur.tny. jUtvJj.y'ji
- J. BAR-
I 8'.8." was built ; n Cl-vecn.l la l».*>i':
Lj-y.-'oO tee - : hoaii'i. '.ii Hju fe-i: depth a ui-KH, feet;
meisurcment 2 3 »l !*3 toi.s.
For price a-d t-rni, ai ply to LIND A SLATE*. J'anaJ
near street. j^loim'
.■i-» PR h s*>f?N—l have fo* »%!-• one mod Truck
Watfou aad il«r.-.ei*»livefcu».d I on A*eli>.»yj and liar
ue'fU- the ab <ve fi-r *ale ctr»... Inquire of L.
FANY, at Ri.:. uicDilLVs, «.C3ce Corner Nor'b Water
and l>earborn_»txet'j jat-l to
. N > 3. Dole's Bulldii*. Chicago. UL, '
tue vei»el»:
Bc^-?°.C KKr ,la 3, A '• »itb»FUr 4T- .0 a
.. k. 12v 00\v, .. \ 1 va
.. O'tKY KAiiLfc. .. \ J ;.j
~ r*!o'.Tr (» uK. .. A 1 40» ::
.. Wi.NIJ- 05' -IIKWIND. UaaiAj 3.0 !
.. I •»TKKN,.TI «N\L. .. it I iw
.. GERALU.NL. .. 1. 1 *•
py rn>;u .. B-j AH ..
j llby'xjir
Now bela* Erecte*.
On I£n*h, near Superior St.,
Andtobetliidhel Mat Ist. Taese houses are feet,
three sones, with buement. Milwau«ee brick 'root,
built an Ito be tlniah-d In .tie be-t manner. Tae lots are
147 eet dep to au alley, and will have a xood brick baru
oaeaca. i'e.sons purcaasn<( soon can make such al
teraboas as may be desired.
T«rm lavorati.e. Apulyto Dt. DRAINARD, 45 Dark
street, from y to 10 o'clock A. M. iaa
House and l>>t for sale situated
03 the corner of Wo"»d and vv'arrea streets In the
'• eit DivUi )*!. Uear Uiioa Parit. occupied by • p. Hay
w.vd. lnehou«e is new. built of brtcx two stories, aad
itoae basement twenty four ty fifty-three feet, wi.ha Hoe
with ail the modern improvement*—marble mante's,
pates, Ac. Ac w iU;d be a de*;rable residence, lb-*
lot isilxy-si* ty one bu-dred an 1 twent>-»eveo feet,
with a twenty fo.jial.e7 in the retrofit : will be sold
very cneip—on can u time, or the whole of the purchase
money may re-Tiala on morta%«e oa it and other property
for Jour or ttve years, or it WiU Oe exchanxed for un
doubt d real e* a - * securities havin* several Tears to
run Applr to K. C. IS • KKKti. P. O. Box No il*». or to
tl U. UC-UNA ij Dearb rn si—toom 4eJO lia*
Malt! Malt! ulalt!
ififlllil Bt; - - Nl) 1 CANADA BAR-
LKY MALT, In store and for sale by
iast*>K»3m 137 Senaie street.
Boarding.— two or three gen
t emen cu procure Hoard and Pie oa.it Rncms at
No. 71 M>>rroe s reet. Al:o, a lew aay boarjers can be
a:jcmaod,ued. jal j iw cto
1 # an I p'euaat ro-tnn, either suites or sinsle, at >5
S< uth C'ara street. Traaaient Board al reasonable rates.
ja4"J '■* •
1 ) jults o'rt>o*aa aew'y fitted uo, wl'h board, on rea-
rnns. may De ob'aJied on aaiUciUoa ai No 115
etate vre*t. C. 1). OLIVsR.
deJs in*
I-J tw»en Me'roool.tan Ha ' and Boby strett a ! ady's
Fitch Fur Vi-«o.ine. The fljiter wi.i be s lit ihly re
wnrd d 01 appluatioo to bL-EfEd A LEWI'. No. V,
J Canal itree . J»!s^t
~jr«Hiii*: & co.'s
* > F*>v».>iajcw. and the only Imtmmeats in which
the Patent
Can b: o'ta ned.
93 Clark Street 03
At the M.*n of the Star Spangled Banner.
We ire pr.-p.i.'ed to fynlsh Prlcre's Unrivaled Slelo
deons both at
M'holesule and Retail,
At Factory I ric;j without ary add-tico for Freight.
fatrrs or poaTisu tysrscjixsTS:
Four 0 to J - * 45
Four and a Half cc'ave. C to P eO
Five t»c*.*T», F to F "i
Five Octave. Uou d j ttced, F to F 130
raicu or r.a.to cv.-ao:
FveOc-are. Fta F slrtl
rlx Octave Fto F ] tfl
F ve octtve, l> ui-l- tie «L F to F liO
Fire Ociave. Two Banks of Keys 2ju
Two P&nksof Reji, Five Seta of Reeiis, EUht Stops, One
aa - a h.iif Oc ave Fo.t Pedals, cne Set of Rec.'9 la
Pedal B tsi ind-.pendeot SXo
tf C ill and examine our stock of Musical Merchan
dise before purthaslni eNewhere.
Pr'ierve tb s adTertisemett, for the next cne will be
abiul some'.h nj else.
K. T. *oot. \ . . No. 95 CLuk street.
c.M.capr.{ >s2j CHICAGO.
Salt! Salt!! Malt!!!
2000 Barrels Coarje Sa'ln* "alt, wMchthey are
niwrff for sale. JOSL»LLI3A 0l>„
i«il No. t» nwritreet,
J. Wooden Cases—A Urfi assortment for tale by
i a iLSLiY, Aroth*carlet,
; jallly »9H "o. m take street.
tore remedy or Hands, for sale by
aaRGKNT A IL£«EY. A'othecaries.
J Ul-!y-W72 1-U Uka street
Ui Rouasel'» Atnanilne, 4e, Charoe<l Rands
an t i lpt, or sale by 9aRjENT A lISLSY,
tall I? b971 <4O Lake street.
Glass i glass i i glass ii i
PtaU aad Double Thick QlMfc of lanrt Al
fort uiaocA tar sale tow fcy
rnmaCaQßDncv* amra.
mam OnadMbßMbvaivarMl
Auction Sales.
o partnership v.men the ux-
J'Mjnel tiw tv, da.
'"P 1 " * SWASEY. It
Kn.Ti/« 8 ucn.r*. AU II «, ! Cnmmliilja
.ISD -
Commission Merchants.
Wiiladranceoa eveij- d«scrhtl.ia cfgoodj consigned
for Auct oa !<alea.
iy STRICTLY A COrfwlieloN ; OCSE.
uo-aitj nm. axMCO. swa.-ut.
Platform Scales, Etc,
Cn FRIDAY UO-LNlXfi. J.r.uir 5-ih. . • -HI .fll »t
t,el'Ca: (vn, cnr>e-of tlaril«oa *■>.. Oiiswold itreets.
u.e BuiiJinj « < L t w.th th*«»S •« Fur l.ure.
Also— ti-fix lon Vlit'orm ?c»le. In complete order
firicon'i ®»>nt Drjyj. stoves Ac. Al«<». ti,«
eac.o log saidyud j tJ7 J ciu>
ircTios- and coasissios 3E2chayts,
No. 50 Wells St. opp. Brissi llouse*
description of property. to be so!J u Auction, for
cmb. on time or commission. Alrv Vewela Cvtoti
Stocks of Generxl Merchandise, Jewelry. Furniture,' .'loth
me. 4c. Real Estate. Lands. Lota. HousesiAe. will pay
pvueo-ar aueauon u>Uie««ieor Lou. rl-uscs, Lands,
Ac. at Auction, Inside or outside Chicago. Advances
made aa conaunracnta Tnebcai of references In Chicago
wtllbeaiven. our friend* out rely on confidence and
orompt returns—the Life of commerce and trvle
Tinng ilcu's Association.
3J—Q.'ORJE S'JMSLu. subject: ~3 .a1.."
TAYLOR. Sutjfct: •LlfefatheHortfi "
ITih-E. P. WHIPPLE, -ul-j.-ct;
24th-HKuMAN MKLV.LLK, >u.jeet: "Srulh Seaa"
Jts* 'RANr-WTL3>N.
lIKSUY W. B>Mi>.p. Jr.,
. - JNO. L*LK .tlMt.
. J l - > _ ifcrure C miuUtee.
Cleveluud So. ill, A. F. A A..T1.,
Willc mtf ffnae Tiera ol House, oa THURSDAY
EVFNINIh February -'J. j '2Vtd-<^»l
Grand Exhibition Ball
Will be LeIJ ht th lr A» e7ibly Ron * corner of iVeils
an Kaidoipti »t «.eU
On TMCasDAY, Jmi. 27111, ISSO.
""xhib t oj n.uc a wi.i .M.-msi • .t J o'cloc%, b«
t»rnty-t»u in mniUtr, nail ijvcapy &u Lom-«ni-«.
ba.f, ft .a co-»lsl -1
Tha DiLcea of all Nations ia Appropriata Cca
After the Fancy Dince.*, ti.o c<jta;iiny will
In iue aiuu-emeuiA >•; t .e even t
Tlj»tts. ; ailoitun/a ii«n*.ieoun indLti'y.
Orioriijoemrtl.uui.i. »«■«• U.U* j«.< U*
C • M. CADY, Instructor.
Klement4-y Clau. Tu->d t». 7 o'al.vk t». M
Advjjced Clos. Vrl.U/ a 7\ «'cijck P M.
1+ Tut.lonr->J term o. »J weeki. ialß Ira-cU
particular Notices.
'* f\J DJHt «Antod la exctuan
<.f Btmos »jd Moi'u ui; Cty P.-Oi,eity. *nd
Vim T i>tr cool. R U.o-J Uocd*. .soao tat
pnac p.!s i-r *4 *.tb ' *»U ntme *nJ <t »-
Ciii.tooof GojJs, "s. Z C.;" bo* U.«, Ciic**(>,
um;g ivcicM 1 a__
acccu .ti »iLst thp n-ie £\ Me ha- l.»" I.umuta
*rereq»ijtei u> pr<--tot t_eia l.c ore:..c3ui Ju'., ca
i.li)S3l*Ld direct.J to
' , , , VW. OAIFS PrciJert
Dy order of the Hoard of birvc ors. jiuiSt
Office of Galena & Chicago Uaiou R. R. Co.,
At. lajy.
"vroTicE to sro'jk" /loers -nuiice
1* 1« Ijereby tiven to tli- stockSj ild-rs of the Gdin* ±
ciiicmtj Lnluj K.i r-*-. Cimp.% y. t iai a olv dend of
percent upon tlie C4piwu oiu xoi jii.l - oinj»D»oris
docl<tre lonth .* iJih i» t., p»- »at tttM otn~e nn ib*>
Ut»uar of Kvb-u u. oeXh i:j Kx.-ii* .in •»»<? y.rlt kl
i<*r. iu iM.d.n 'it sti.l .■».« i v ,». :ii ihe cl i«« of busing on
luv .I*4 J*. ol J.mu*ry lust uit. Ukvtd-n.lj wIU Do remit
ted "y tn%.l w:u-n a>» urdi-red !>/ t ie ..wn rs.
t:iii U-ca7 w. M. La It vKH Sec'T.
Gas StocK.
VI w d COCK, for sale by
J '"-c - goaßiid? r.ROd. k CO.
At Ten per Cent, per Acnum.
71rM-ol«a« Britlfcafctte and
rwinl-K from One Twelve Mo.,th-i.
iiJUcJu B. r. 1/OWMAU ACo..s7Clark.!t.
Cii no:) AT TES rK|l yt-sT.-A
I •Uv/ ' p 4r*y w shri »ei' «rll a <roaJ" lot
«l * l< m t Hce on fair term*. andio<(a U»« vufciias:r j C.o'o
orupwirU, *t ten p»t c nt <m oilier »ecu-i y. one or
iwo yews. ApoitcaUoa tj be inauo \o me p*rs»Q«Uy or
by .e ter. J. l LK.»
jxlj At A Go's. toClark st, P. 0
•A M ;»ch.i d-e orCtv Proj r'.». •lO.ctW worth
Oi Je«-lry. 1...1 i I'-u. A.-. "J W.
K..' UoiUluiCUic<i<> P. Q. lylal'WT 1m
JL conve-.icnc-of property owrcr.v I have procured
alixt of tile UX"9 Oil Itd *' I. ■Ke yores'. I wiilaiu-ud
to ia • payment <>t t Lr p irt.ei p.»yi tLeui k> uie ai.
my nm e hef- re tile iit!i iujt
_J b'.'ol I). J. L VKB»_dncre tary.
Taiu:iDle Ui>r<es an<l Cirrl.t eJ, *a!eh w-willex
chtrre ftr Urucenei. Lui er. ttafdware >too<«aud Abo#a
or Dry (joodi, Auo »ac«ft»»a Ui;ia*e Pt-m » us abvve,
Abtf -Tf * KINUMAN
<AOL»'G4 In 3JJ •< <utti ClatH Mree*.
ifi. ?*Ti rfecurltln*. Trus; Ueetls. Doads.
Buiinna Notes, and <iil 4ood nmutiablr tecart*
ties and sold CeruQci'esof Ucoaltsami
'ji i. K, Mwi:t, UroUier s Jonnston. purcnased lor easi>
tiie'litest morWet pnc?. Ue vcn i llimols, Wiscoa*
?La and low* iimU, Improved tiur:uj «ut>urnAQ lot* sod
Ctty iteal ►jtiie. »»flice .''o. •>. HeconJ ;loor; Metropolis
'•an Blocc cornerot Itamtolph a >d La-alle «U., ClMcmo
'lnih6U Am »V. DAVIUHON.
Drals. Accet Unces and Notes p*J J In New York on
the iiay of ma:unty. oruut d«y of and mo..ey de>
p sited fur see :uit in c:iy of <e* ana lent <o
cities In Uie vicuii.y of New Yuri on uruers.
CU£UI 0089
ja-i fKLfcottAftt O^iTICK.
Chicago &nd 311wanke« Rallrotd Company*
JL Stockholders of the and Mllwaakee flail
roa>i Company, wmch advertised to be bolden U
their oUce la Chicago uq the Uth l»v of 'i-cetnber.
tSJ ttj!L VHn <* A. M.. has been POSTPONED UN.
TIL TUESDAY Vebruary dti. t-tiH, ,«t Ui o'ciocfc A M..
at wb'cti timnsAld will bo aolden al tlx* otEoe of
said Company la ChiCMO. for ttie el -etlon o' Utrectors
for ensaiax and the transaction of saco aUTer
baiinesa as may be presented.
Br order of the board.
mw-td.i4Tt A. S. DO'.VNH RMretar*.
AX*oTasaa.£l£3 and 02SI0X3TS,
Bejto a^.n' - '*:n'"^tha , the h*ve o bus'nen« In
t eau Ve lo ,it!on - !o-r • ta*» Ji p> to ..nil ui* rcccl»<
asuje uf put) ,c supp<>r:. A tuii» »c'< of
TOICjK.T AHlZCliia*,
Wine* a d L'quors for medic n\t pit ih-s»s A'*-. h»sbeea
'a f_lly sel.cie . ftotn ttie moil te. »t> e liou»?s I • >e»
Yrk ci i—purtiy d nu u n-a in »d •. in fl"i» n
itaoc't efls
he; wi. eu le+v • Ur« iJf# -'*> re time.'.
> f ttietr business u ** is sctory auJ a> puMiPle.
i*nctical Ap >tliecr*t*ie.M,
In thlswd oiher clHes In Kur p-» acd Am rl us, has fl 1 ted
tuem wttb »dv*a'u*-i aud qua.Llo*;lj£S o. sooelo.por>
L*r.rr »n l conildenUluO.
M r Pbysl«-laas P*e>er!pt.oDs and H*dlc!nes w'U j« pr«-
rareiunier our twn Dcrmjml superiuteLdai ce »t all
hoirs. aid on *cc >uni w.iiliver wtti a>q iAI aed per
sons or lualoid ce lniruiud
Cj7 iw
V> *3T«. County of US.—Cltcult Coart oi Cook
Go amy April Term a.D. UiD
fruklln K
M ses W. john t< Ilridbarv. (i-o-gt K.
Klehtfdiou. <«ei nt* Uuruts, Jit-ts >V.Ljm«n, tlar>
Kd»*nl Joan . .»e»ier»*t
andOrru 'ina>, r*. A Nor un Kj c Byron H. New
ell. Rudolpa £cLloesser, Newell, Andvbsa,
Affidavit of the non-residence of ElbrMae G. NewelL
de;endants above named, bavlni Seen died lot no cOca of
Uie ClerK of said Cl.'cult Court of Cot k Cctuty,
Notice Is hereby itiventoifie said Klbrld.e -'. Newel; uiaa
sUI complainant* flled ttelr btil ol oorapialnt In sa.dCcart
os the <.tiancery *ide thereof on the twei ty olntit day
of Novemoer it»\ and that a saromoos tbertuuon la
med out of said voort said defendant, retom«
able on the flm Monday of J&auary next» aa la by
law required.
Now, onlesa you. the said Ebricne 0. Newell shall
personally be and appear bet.-re said Circuit Loart
of Cook Coonty, on t&e llniJay of the oezx
term tbereoC to be ho.den at Chicago, to me said
Coonty of Cook, on the nrrt Moi'U> it Apr!, Istt).
and plead, answe* or demur, lo the said oomplainanU' bill
of complaint, the same and the matters and ihlszs Uer»>
la coaiited and sUted will be taken as confedsed. aa* a
dxree entered a«alnstyou acrnniic* to theprA/erniiaU
Franklin Webster. Con- pl'ta ao.'r, Ja3Tclo.4w
For the Uolidays.
Bctu Rare, Beaotlftil aad
Large and yasalonaole Jewelry etore,
NeaHy opposite Mr. Pilmer 1 # Drr dtore®. Th*
ladies and teaUemeaof Oa and loose ieslroat of
procurins nice pres-ats for unristnm ifldtbe holidays,
aremvltedtocall rad lar*ee» *ai best va
rifty of the most desirable styles of *ood» Tor th»t par.
pose to (*« foard In Cblawo, which will be sold cbea? for
aUver-wareoeaUy enarajr® t free of crar*©.
noMbCOto aaeewaor to HoaH A Arwrw
) Far sale by YIXLDv BILNKDIOP A 00^
sJ flnr. and ***»•»
l\J to lAWTU. PAIBI A.Ca ,WM»

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