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connEurK op cair tco.
Tin* fall an<l 11 -borate review ol the Com
merce o! Chicago aud of its Public anil Pri
vate Improvement- l*n- L\ie vent* IS3B,
lishi d in tbi> jiHiniul on tho I<l tnst., Las linm
j.-Minl in iMiupltlcl form, and may lie bud nl
tliePuEssAM) Tjuiu*ni: Counting Iloutn, No.
415 Clark «*trcef. up Mtiiis, Parties who mibd
to get copies of tho paper to>cndto t!»*-ir
friends abroad, can now have their older.-
Extnpf Copies on Mland:
We havo a few more left, of the Paces and
Tciuckb, containing & fall and accurate report of
the ttaroß Festival, held in this city on the 25tb
jnst. Price fxvb csnts each, in wrappers.
News from the Lccompton Charter.
Our readers will find gome important news
nfleeting the progress and transmigrations of
the Dyer Charter, on the t-ecoml page ol this
War in lowa—All about a County seat.
On Mondi.y the 17th in*l., us we learn liom
the Marietta (lowu) L'xprets, a company of men
from the neighboring town of Marshall (bath in
Marshall County,) entered the place and car
ried (ill' three prominent citizens of Marietta
who had recently officiated as judges of an elec
tion to decide the question of a county seat for
the said county. Arrived at Marshall, one of
the prisoners, Judge Smith, was informed that
there was great danger of his being lrnched un
less he re canvassed the returns and declared
Marshall the winning town. After some farther
intimidation Jjdge S. made out the required
certificate declaring Marshall the county test.
On the 1011, wyjg rnweing a train of wagons
loaded with ned men followed by about foity
persous on loot with muskets on their shoal
ders, entered Marietta with the intention of car
rying oil' the county records, As., but they were
met at the court house by the citi/._-na of Mari
etta and repulsed without bloodshed. The next
day tht court lioube was guarded by about four
hundred armed men, but no lurther attempt
was made to take the records.
From New York.
New \ ouk, Jan. 27.—The steam tog 0. Du
runt, lyiug at R-.*d Hook Puiu'., was burned this
morning. Partially insured.
A tire last night at Staten Island destrcyed a
barn adjoining the Seameu'ti Retreat, belonging
to Mr. Yandero.lt. It w*s undoubtedly set oo
lire, hut situated some distance from the Qai-x
--antine grounds.
A. Lyncher fried.
lowa Citi", Jan. riamuel Shalladuy, one
of the parties indicted lor the murder ol iioyd
Williams, Home months ago, who has been oo
trial here during tbe past week, has been pro
nounced guilty of murder iu tne fcecocd degree,
'lhe cube will probably be taken up to the Su
preme Court on a bill of exceptions.
TirlJj] CITY.
.Mittoi:oi.im;ical Ilkl-oi:i> I;qit l>y J. 11. l: C oiI .V
Ajiotbociriea aai! Cijuiifct*, 14-1 .ind IJU Lake
frcci :
WcJntsJar. Jan. £7. WcdncsJay. Jan.
i I V-'Jt: hv-l^-rv
*£>' There is a letter in the Po*t Office at
niu.tiuington, 111., (<>r Junes llwle, ol this city,
which lie can obtain l.y fending a slump to the
Po»tmasler of lJloomington.
X*' All parlies baring bills against the Com
mittee of the Runts l'ctiival, ur'iie St. Andrew's
Society, are rv'iue-tc t to wild them tc-tby (Fri
day) to John Su-wart, b ,x 172'.), I'o-t OlKce.
K?" Andrew?, 05 South C'ark street, has
just received a large end beautiful assortment
of Valentines which country dealer# will do
well to examine, lie also has all late papers
and magazines, and u large stock of novels.
CSyWe understand that a concert for the
benefit of Crawford, the Scotch vocalist, who
sang in the liurns Festival Concert with so much
acceptance to the audience, will be given in a
short time, due notice of which w:ll be given.
"iNTHKNAjtRHK-nn: I'nonitrr, Fn;s. T *—Figs,
the genuine article, direct from the dominion* of
tbe Prophet,are advertised thN morning hv J. If.
Reed A- Co. Tliey arc capital. a< we can testify—
jii-t ilie lor the siuk, at<il not l»y uuy means
"had' ? fir a well mm "to take/'
Hanniull'ani) Bt. Joseph Railwat.—Wo call
attention to ihe udrerlisement of the Hannibal
and St. Joseph Railway iu another column. For
passengers tor Kaneas and tbe new gold lields at
and around Pike's Peak, this will prove a rapid
and most desirable route. A more extended
notice of it will be found iu another column.
UTT The repetition of the Iluni-T Festival Con
cert on Wednesday evening was a complete >ui;-
The attendance w.» a large, ami the various
pen*on> wlio tool; part in the performance, ae
«jiiitted ihem-flvts in a mo-t eredilal.'e m inner.
No concert ev.-r given in this city attracted mure
ju<t atid eulhu«ia!-tie admiration.
JB3" The man who said he had "rather he
irrizht than he Fn-sid-nt'' undoubtedly had John
Wright,our capital raterer and piiuce of good
feeders, iu his eye. Joim Wright's lettauniul, op
pot-itc the Court lluuse, on C!a:k rticet.is at all
meal lumrs hauutcdhy liuuLry seekers after jilactt
tit hi.-, table, and t.ooue awa>' unpty. Mark
lady's rune who was thrown from
a baggy by a runaway horse, on Wednesday, an
account of which was published yesterday, was 1
Mrs. Marx, wife of Air. Marx, of the lirm ol
Felthensal Marx, grocers on Milwaukee ave
nue, who owned-the horse. There was a child 1
in the buggy with Mrs. M irx, who, as welt &s '
the lady, escaped any serious injury.
A BacTt.—A warrant was isfioed yesterday
by Justice Akin for the arrest ol James Sertz,
a Bohemian, who is charged by bis danghter,
Mary Sertz, a girl of about 17 years, with violent
ly beating her, and also with the tmnatnral ,
crime of trying to corrupt her in a most crimi- (
nal manner. Tbo brute will probably be ar- ,
rested to day, and brought before the Police
Court for examination. •
Wife Reating —Patrick McCarroll and John
TTealry were brought to the Armory yesterday,
for beatiug cad maltreating their wives. Patrick
struck his wile a severe blow on the head with a
club, making a frightful wound, which rendered
her Hcnhclesa for Mine time, lie was fined S2O.
Ilcaley was found guilty of kicking and lieating
lils wife in a promiscuous manner, wlicu she is in
close proximity to maternity. Judge Akin fined
liim $lO and Nmt him to the Uridewcll for 30 days
Poluce.—The cases yesterday before the Po
lice Court were as follows:
Mary Ann Conley, drunk end disorderly, tZ ;
Ellen Dailey, do, *l9; U. IC. Goodwin, do, $3 ;
Richard Dwyer, do, 15 ; Mary Vose, do, $10;
James O llarran, do, sls; Robert Montgomery,
do, st>; Patrick Brady, do, and vagabond, S3O.
Patrick Brady, accused of stealing lumber
from a Railroad, was discharged.
Mary Ann Messmore, larceny and vagaancy
Patrick McCarrolt, arrested for beating his
wife, was fined S2O; and John Uealey, for the
same offence, Tras fined SHO, and sent to the
Bridewell lor SO days.
Waogebieb or tdk Wicked.—The wicked ones
who inhabit the city prison, under the Court
House, make themselves merry, and provoke
the mirth ofthegsping crowd of loungers out
side, by posting on the windows of their apart
ments notices like the following:
flee the Sheriff."
and others of like purport.
These notices, like all advertising, bring large
numbers of customers, who, although the raleß
of tbe house are rather arbitrary as to what
they shall eat, what they shall drink, and the
'.hours for retiring, are compelled, sometimes
much agai&st their will, to accept tbe accommo
dations, and be content.
Pkhsosaj —Mr. and Mrs. Mozart left this
city on Wednesday Ug t for Sew York, where
ihej intend hereafter to permanently reside.
• ' ,
i Trial «f Henry Jumper!/, for the Alleged
- I Murder of Sophie \Vern*r, at UiJrago,
March (Ml, l$. r >S.
j In the Circuit Court of Cook County, Judge
I j Kanierra Presiding.
Tbe Court o;>ened jesterday at y A. M., with
" a marked increase in the attendance of specta
; tors, who promptly filled every available eeat
aud place they were allowed to occupy. Tbe
new arrangement of i:it« Court room largely in.
crccse iub, at the same time with
greater btillnet-s, uo.c i latter, however, must
be set down equally to the praise of the ollicers
of the Court.
Tne prisoner was breua'nt in, attended by clli
cer Tenbroeck, and the jury ««ere in their
places at nine o'clock.
During a portion ot the forenoon, Hon. John
M. \\ iliOfl, of the Court ol Comcton Pleas, sat
beside Judge Maoierre, whib the bar was very
fully by a Urge attecdai.ee of the pro
orKM.sa Poa iuk itoplk
District Attorney Haven, afier refernsg to
the heavy respinsibilities of all murder trials,
which were much increased, when over the act
of alleged homicide huag a mystery so great'
and so dense ob to bi:lif4 all investigation.
In this cade it would be nccesst-ry to go back
to the time anterior to the alleged homicide.
Evidence would show that two years ago the
prisoner became acquiiuted with deceased.
That an Intimacy apruag up between them,
sod they afterwards lived together ia fornica
tion and aduitery. An unpleasant notorietv
wascaused. Tne womm was about to become
a mother, and at the prisoner's suggestion thev
went to Milwaukee in Jane, 1557. He there
found work as a barber, they living together, ot
first claiming to tie bro'btraad aisitr,. but as
ber co:.iioeineat approiched, laying aside all
concealment and pad&icg an mau and wife.
They so continued fur some months.
la the tall of 1857 the primmer retiiriiij.l to Oil
cagu,aid lomid employment ivith Krazzi A: I! ; -
bojl.i, under the -Malteson IloiL>e. 11c went back
to Milwaukee, made arrangements for uecea.-ed
by Idling a h"ii*e nnd giving her privisioiH, •.
for seven mouths time, and theo retuiLedto work
here a- above, being nil! iu i ;eir emj»lov up 10
the 'iiue ol his At ti>t hv. board-d'ou La-
Willi' j-'.reet, near Madi*»n, but ni and irom I-Vh.
lytli, l s 6S, he liired and (jecupied the room No.
30 in l'ouicioy e Building, on bouih street
ii'-ar C'laik street Llidge, overlooking th'- liver
cjutemporaneon.-ly witu which ho wrote tod,.'
cea-ed to dispose of lu-r (fl-ct? at Milwaukee und
come io Chicago— to enn t cdlcd, to hjK-ak to no
one. aii'l ili.it he would meet her at the depat.
Tue evidence will tbow that on the«e mstruc
tions deceased came to Chicago, her laudJord
refunding siid in abatement of rent paid to July
lbt, IS3S. The prisoner me. her. Tnedr-va.aa
who took her bandage to the room on lhu>*3J of
March will testify tout she paid him fifty cents
at tbis room,/ 4 No. Ctf," the last time she was
alive by oiher person than Jampcru.
Tup Lcxt evidence introduced is to come from
New York city, where, on the 24 of April, a bar
rtl h found at a railroad depot, diroct-d to "W
J. Jencirg«, No. ICo street." No
such peiftuiiaod no such nuiuocr has been found
the barrel is returced, and remtina uncallfd lor
at the depot. An exdminat on is beta, and suspi
cion excnel. it is fouod to .contain a aiiirem
bered human body—that of a woman. Corouer
Hill, (f New Yrrk, who will be put upon the
fctund, will testify as to the Inquest which fol
lowed. Detective follow up tne course of that
barrel; their traces end here ia Cmc:gi» aud
by cllicers R-hm and Hraciey loi
lowed that tue prisoner was arrested. In hia
pofßsssion were found a clock, a
ncmsel, with marks as ot a bloody hand upon
the handle. Prisoner is identified by the mau
who received the barrel at "the M. C. Railroad
depot here. - - -
The remains art 1 returned Jo t\r.i city, and here
examined beioic a Coroner's Jurv. " Singularly
enough, Umagh two luootlis had" el;ip>ed since
deaiu, the face atij leaVirr-i of the remains we it
reaiiily iecogoi/. ibie.aiid itulv idcutided bv J-er
ae<]ii:untance? who win be pir'npon ti.e .stand. '
i \:r; ier, the clothing ol «lece iM'd,ia two l 1
| trunl*, has iK-tm f.moti «t Lowell. Mas-., direcod 1
iu Jniiij«eiiz t Handwriting to 4 Jfrs. Lln-rly, '
i xiiiliit.- io th** City n I—**.«*r in p:to:!»wV- '
liaiidwriiing, sigjiel, by b;iu within .-i\teeii t 1 iv< '
, artcr tne aii.-geu huiuic-Jc, anuius tue u 3 msliiiC- 1
ol Mrs.Eo-riy in n delicate afl\ir with a girl '
named Car -Jim . j
The circumstances of prisoner we shall show 1
:to be narrow, from hia panning hi» gloves
Physicians will tell yoj, that from the body, as .
i brought to this city, it will be imposstole to 1
show tbe cause of death bv poison. 1
The statement ol defri/duut will be given in
evidence. He alleges thai deceased hung her- I
oelt, leaving a ime to him, trying she could not i
live any loader. He Saj'.s this letter blew out of '
the window, aud was lutt. He states she Lung i
bers<-ll on a c mrnon caat-book screwed into the
Je of the door. Tnis door and nock will i
be proauced, and we shall show it to be impossi. 1
ble that the hanging could hbve. thus taken t
place, and the story is a fabrication throughout, i
The counsel referred r.t length to other circum- <
stances, as he claimed, those prece- t
ding, giving construction to prisoners' conduct
and expressions relative to deceased.
They would produce a letter, purporting to 4
have been written by Sophie Werner, and the *
jary ahould judge from the evidence whether it I
was genuine; tticy should show that Sophie f
Werner had u quantity of money which he ap
propnated towards pjying for a lot; that before :
be was arretted, various persona inquired of him f
what bad become of her; that he replied to one
" that be had settled up with her and she woald
never trouble him again." To another that he
had had trouble with one woman, and he should *
be caretul how he had trouble with another. £
They would show that the deceased came to
this city tram Milwaukee expeciiug to go with '
him to St. Louis to open a shop; that she man- c
utaetured a number of towels and brought them
with her, and they were lound iu her trunks. t
Mr. llaven then proceeded to read the indict
ment, whiclT is io three couuts. The first sets
forth the killing "ins.ime means aad manner 1
unknown." Tn« second names a rone as the iu- *
Strnment. The third is identical wub the pre- ®
ceding, save that f'.u'uuiii'j is alleged. f
The indictment, tfie prosecutor stated, is a \
copy of that in th-j Purkuun-Webster case,
names only changed/, lu ibat celebrated case,
to oejections raisttd a.;aiust the indictment from
it* lack ol detinitencrifl, the opinion of Judge
Shaw (Bemis* Report, p.-171,) established the *
rule that where ibeciuse ofoeata Is uncertain, 1
the indictment ib made to cover in advance what *
may tioally appear in evidence.
orcxiNG roa tub nsrexci. *
■Ur,lfcConi<i* t openiig for the delence,gave a k
•ketch of the life of delendact, who was born at
Bonne, Prussia. He is 20 years of age. For C
some time in his native land, he was employed ,
about a medical college, to prepare tubjects for t
dissection, whence and where he learned fa- i
miliarity with the human frame and its disaec- 1
tion. He came to this country in 1554. Was a l
a resident of New Bedford, Mass., and later at f
Lowell, where he bccime enamored of a young 1
woman he still cherished allection for. The re- \
lations of prisoner and deceased were fully dis- i
cussed. It would be shown in evidecce that de- *
ceased was of a desponding turn of mind. That c
she had twice before her intimacy with Jum
pertz attempted ber own life. He never became
acquainted with her until after she had left her
The motive of killing was denied. It would he (
shown that she was about to leave him to go to
Rochester. He would be free without auy net of j
the kind. As to the method of disposing of the 1
body, it was horrible, it was revolting, but nflcr 1
the codoealmcnt of the body of the salcide had i
been decided upon, tbe wny was one that would 1
strike any inind as the best aud surest; to enclose 1
the poor remain* and dispatch diem to a blind ad- t
diesv« at u distance. The cutting aud dbmembtr*
lng only followed when it was discovcicd the j
body would not go into the barrel without ho do- j
ins. It had been already di-embaweled, and j
once commenced, the work mast be gone through ,
with. The jury mu*t consider all es t-uccessivo
steps necessarily forced upon the defendant when
the first mad policy of ouecalmeut was decided :
lIJK)U. |
Mrs. Minnie Kudu ftcorn (Francis De I'hul 1
sworn as mterpreter) -Live at Milwaukee- knew (
Jumpertx from June, 1857, tO March, ISS« the
time he was in Milwaukee; he was a barber- 1
knew Sophie Werner; they lived in house next
to me in Johnson street; can't tell how lone- 1
never was in the house; saw them often - suo'
poaed Jnmperti was ber brother; never heard
it from bim; he never spoke to meat all* after 1
they left Johnson street they lived in Market 1
street; they occupied the cellar and main tloor •
upper room was occupied by one Ribe; was at 1
their hoMe in Market street a number of times
know nofbing particular about the confinement
of tbe woman ; she told me of it once; the child (
was born of a Sunday morning; don't know *
what month; can't say within three or four
weeks tor certain; don t think it was over a
month; have seen Sophie Werner write 1
several times; saw her write the' last
letter she sent away, a few days before «
she left for Chicago; can't say just how l
long before £he came; I was at the bouse; I
should in seme measure know the letter if 1
saw it again, but not certainly; it was on blud f
paper; it was a common letter sheet, of tbe i
usual size; (a letter produced single balf-saeet
on white paper,) can't say as to the writing; she ?
wroto smaller and closer; she wrote abetter
nand -it was blue paper on a fall sheet; on the .
. V lwo pß * e ® aßd a haU w ere written; !
(on that shown but two pages) tbe paper was
sir*—lull letter sheet—there was an
other half to it. Sophie came to bid me good- i
; bye as she left Milwaukee; bought two stoves
j and a bed stead of her for sll for the three
; pieces; this was the same day she loft; cannot
d ( *j,y how much money she had; she had
; o good deal; I have estimated it at S6O or S7O;
1 thit.k it was tbe 3d of March when she left; at
; CP. M.; she took with her a mattress, a barrel
, of bedding she had sent before; she brought a
; clock, clothes basket and looking gUss with
i her: she hed two boxes, chest, and trunk;
j they wrre traveling boxes; know nothing else
1 she brcu«ht.
j [Statements of deceased to witness at the
e j time of starting objected to by defence, but held
QmtUon hy Mr. Miller— State what, if any
thing, Sophia Werner said to you at the time of
i leaving Milwaukee for Chicago.
A. She said she wanted to go now ; Jumpertz
j had written to her to come, and that she was to
sell everything; and if no other way, at auction;
e if she couldn't get more than $8 or $lO for it,
i. sell it, and bring nothing with her; she was to
a go in the night train, closely veiled her
self, and speak to no one on the train;
that Jumpertz had written her that he did not
b desire her to remain long in Chicago with him,
bat intended to go to St. Louis and for the pre
sent had hired but one room; she said she would
mk it again once more to go to him, but if he
f did not treat her any better would not remain
long with him; that he had written her not to
j bring her clothes,that be would buy everything
necessary; did not ask her what money she
hod; she did not show it to me; she hud con
siderable; put it in the right side of her bosom;
she said something about the money.
[The question as to this conversation was ob
jected to and sypiained.J
i Thir.k she sturted on Wednesday; have never
seen her since.
Crot* examined by Mr. McComai—Qtustlon - .
(letter shown.) I)o you believe thia to be tbe 1
>' handwriting of Sophie Werner ?
A. Cannot fay with certainty, from appear
ance; she wrote much liner and closer to
' (J. Do you believe the letter to be the writ
ing of Sophie Werner V
A. 1 cannot ineist upon it.
• (J. Do you beiicve itisV
4. 1 do not.
(>. Have you seen the letter before, and how
.1. I doo't know if this is the letter Beck bad
at Milwaukee.
Adjourned to 2 I\ M.
The dlrcc* examination of Mrs. Kuche having
clo-eil, Mr. V.tn Anum, Jor the dc.'ence.movi d to
exciuiJt? that part of the evidence which related
to what decea>ed of the prisoner. Thedeci.-
io;i ol the court was suspended tor a time.
C'ro<x / 'xamination of Mrs. Karhc by Mr. 3/c-
Cviiuis.—lLcugu Zi Sheriff Gray; ne came' uuh
you; lhe letter was j-howu to me; have read but a
Tew words of it, not much; it was give in my
hr.tnU for u few* minute; did not look over it eau
tixily; i-'a-l only here and there a word of if; tbpv
a>l,« d me if it was her handwriting; I coulil
not in-isl upon it; raunottrndeisiaud Eai-li-h; tne
1' tier showed to me hy SheriH" Grav and Mr. Mc-
CoU'as i iiid not >jy wus tin- hatiiJwnting of So
phie Werner; I th.-'u .said the inner wan her-; as
to the handwriting C'uld not >ay; it svns written
a good (k-il larger than Sophie wr>tc; did n»t
giv■ ? my ooiniou «hat ttiat was tier haiidwritin";
:i:i'lt>'o'd ilia', they u-ked if it was her biuidwri-
.-lid I could not ...J,; wj« ;!-ked >■> 1 b---
lif-ved i f . was; could not wi'ti certainly aci-umvl
ed-.'t- t!i it ai iif-r handwiiiiiig
IQ. Hid you tell tue interpreter in any way it
not ln-r hand»vnting ? A. 1 told linn i : ;e c >i;-
tent-i tuiixliL be hvi V, di.l not believe th? hand
writing was; have not mm the letter the gentle
men fbowed me bef<-re or since, am =ure ot that.
Q. \Mio liavey-.u talked wiih siuec jou leit ilie
Court Hiu-etlr.s moraing? A. OfTr-r
Siti'rifl'Gray had me in charge. Q. Who have y«,u
t;dk:(i with in A. Mv
Mis. K-h >r liav-'not mm Mrs.
tad: about the letter; Mr. Keller with a jioliee
nun c.uue for me to cni« tf h-ue. (Oilier Kautlin m
Never .-aw pti-oner .«ud deceased
oiinr-r thau once together ia th-:ir hou-e; it
wa- oa Suuday; they were taking *upp.«r
--d. l itr.i i-ea J tne letter So; hie s nt to Jumpertz;
oid not fee a word .1 it; ivvcc r.rad
a void \A letters Jroai Jumpertz to her;
Sii'.- t;.!d me once a German goicg
f iek to ihe old country and she had given him
four little gold dollars to take to her sister; me
letter she got afier that money was seat, and
Sophie said she bud sent $lO to Jumpertz; he
was to send it to Germany to got some jfwelrv
of Sepine's th-.t her sister hL,d ; ibe letter from
Jumpertz abcut geicg to St. Louis was before
the rending of the gold dollari; the gaid dollars
went to her sister at home; don't kuow where
bhe got them; knew she scut them, bscauee 1 <
saw fitr writing with tbem lying on the table; 1
it might have been tu l'thruary; caunot tell hew '
locg h-:'ore ; she told tne she wanted to s?nd $5 '
| bot could only send $4; that her mother had
; died and her younger sw.tr witfi hi r older •
sifter; as to the jewelry, the said slie was sick '
in Uer:uany and h.kd to pawn »U. . Hr.n'r
know il she said to whom ; she said it was good '
that her mother was dead, so that she did not '
know that she (Sophie) was not living with her '
husband, but with Jumpertz; she said if she '
wrote to her sister that bhe was not living with
Jumpertz any more, then hersisterend her has- >
hand would come here and she would live with 1
tbem; Sophie told me nothing about her troubles 1
with her husband; she seemed to wish to gain '
back the good esteem of her sister; she never -
spoke of the otherd; never heard of her making ■
up a quantity of toiveis; when I saw herbevv 1
she generally was tewing for other people. '
1 Unci rtiuintd by Mr. Mtlhr.—(Witness here '
ideotihad some articles ot clothiug Ac., as be
longing to deceased.) The $lO was sent abont 1
before she left M.lwaukee; she bod said 1
if she had money she wonld send it to the old 1
couutry and she did so ; she wanted bim to get 1
tbe jewelry, which was in paivn. 1
(District Attorney Haven stated thrt it was j
desirable that tbe examination cf thi3 witness t
should be finished at this time, as she was hour- I
ly expecting her continemsnt. Mr. McComas, ]
for defence, repliei that he could enter into no
agreement as to the departure of this witness <
from the city. He had taken pains to converts '
with her, as stated in her testimony, and she
told him and gave him different statements «
from those now given on the stand. He thought '
she might be mislaUn: certainly there was a J
conflict, there might be a fraud, though he could
conceive no reason for tho same. i
The Court suggestad that the doubtful part of \
the examination be gone through with again. t
Crofß Examination J&iumed -The contents of !
the letter I saw were Sophie Werner's; J t
thought so because sbe bad spoken in'that- r
same strain to me. (J How often have you. t
6een tbis letter. J. Twice, once at my house I
and once at Mr. IJeck's. i> Never again? A. *
No. q>. How often have you seen the letter <
shown to you nt Milwaukee by Sheriff Gray aud <
McComas? A, Once; never sow it again. <
To Mr. Hartn —Did say to tbcm (Gray and t
.McComas) that the innerpart was Sjphie's, but *
not certain as to tbe band writing; did not 1
know; tbe contents belonged to her letter ; the t
letter was double; tbis letter (the white letter ) I
is only half a sheet. t
[Witness again dsscribed the letter sent by 1
Sophie"as a full sheet of blue paper, a portion x
of one side blank.] E
To Mr. Jlavcn and Mr. McComas 1
were iu tbe room auout an hour. There was in 1
the letter something about her sister, about
which 1 so concluded that tbe coutentfc.were \
hers. t
Mrs. Jit'iza Mabiticorn— Residein Milwaukee; 1
knew Juuapens and Sophie Werner when they {
first moved into the houße on Market street; it
was the summer of 1557 in August; I was living •
in the upper room of the same house with tbem; *
at first Sophie said Jumpertz was her brother; *
after Jumpertz had gone she said the child she
gave birth to was his; was present when tbe '
child was born ; a midwite was there ; Jump- (
ertz was arwork in tbe shop that day. 1
[Question as to the child objected to by the •
deleuce. Mr. Haven stated that he proposed 1
to show the child was born dead through the *
wilful treatment of prisoner, to Bhow the relation 1
of the parties ]
Mr. Jan Arman urged that it was irrelevant 1
and illegal to attempt to show in the course of a 1
trial for one murder, another murder of a child '
unborn. [
-1/r. Mcllrcy thought evidence on the point I
might come mat £»me*stage of the ca<e. if not i
before, certainly to rebut te.-timouy as to char
-Vr. J/iirrn urged it< as directly
showing the relatious of the parties.
The Cuiirl held that any tc-stimmy showing the
relation of the parties was competent. Witness 1
might stitc anything withiu ber knowledge a* to *
the treatment of deceased by prisoner at the time |
of the birth of the child, or the general manner of j
their life. c
Mr. Vcn Arman urged that under one ind : ct- ]
ment for otic crime, evidence going to show an- * :
other uniounting to u feioDy was not admissible.- J
2b Mr* Sruier—Did not see Jumpertz that ilav; .
the child was horn iu the moruing. €>. How louir ?
did the child live? A. It was ptul-b >rn.
Answer objected io by defence, and exception r
takeu. r
Q. \\"liat was the appearaac; of the child at
Objected to by defence, aud sustained.
Q. \\uen did Sophie leave Milwaukee? A. On
the 3d of March; prisoner had left before Cnrlst
mas preceding— c-timot tell the dale. .
Q. Immediately previous to her coming to Chi- 4
cago,did vou converse with herab.ut cotuiug?
■A.. Did not talk much about it. About a month
before fhe came, we lalkel mime nbout it. h
of her receirins lcltcra from Jumperlz. It wjs ?
shortly after he had left- h
Q. State the contents of the letter. P
Objected to, and objection sustained. With- v
dra*u for the present. o
A* Saw no other letters. v
Q. From ber own statement do you know fi
why Sophie left Milwaukee? [Objected toby b
delence—overruled-exception taken ) 4 Be
cause Jumpertx wrote that she should come- *
she gave me no other reason; I knew their 41
things pretty well; they were sold when sbe l '
came. Q. Do you know why ? [Objected to— n
overruled ]A. The defendant told me he wrote r
her to sMI the things. r
Mr. Van Arma» moved to ttrike out the an- a
ewer as consisting of what Sophie said, which 81
could not establish the contents of the letter. a
The Court in overruling the motion held that f,
my conversation between tbem relative to their
-H leaving ililwaukee for Chicago would be admis
® sible.
A She satd that Jumpertz had promised to
. marry her; *he told me be told her to sell the
stair, just after she got the letter; it micht
have been three or four days before she left that
a she came up stairs and said she had got a letter
to ecll everything and to come to Chicago; she
waa to come on tbe Ist ot March, but it took to
£ the 3d of March to sell the things.
J/>. Van Arman moved to strike cut the an
swer, as the.proving of the contents of a letter
e or written document could cot be accomplished
d in this way.
The Court held that no fixed rnle conld gov
•- ero this class of cases. He was disposed to ad
'f mit everything that could throw light on the
z reason and cauees of tqe deceased leaving Mil
o waukee, as a part of the res gtsla.
; Excepted to by delence.
■» (J. What else was said? A. She did not speak
° to me any more but to others; she left on the
" afternoon of the 3d or 4th of March; saw her
» when she went; saw ber at the houße for the
last time; never saw Sophio write; she wrote
> a very tine cramped hand. (The letter on white
a paper showo.) The handwriting 1 cannot re
£ cognize csrtaiuly; from tbe contents, she may
have written it; ibe handwriting is coarser; her
* writing was more unequal and less distinct;
® Sspbie carried some chests, a rocking chair,
J Home quilts oa top of the chest*, when she left
e Milwaukee. (Witness identified tbe trunk,
* dresses, &c) This green dress she had on when
* she come to Chicago; was present when she
packed the trunks, tbe day before she left.
Q. Did she say anything at that time why she
came? Objected to and overruled. A. jfo I
was there but a short time; bad a little one only 1
& short time down stairs. Direct examination
herp closed.
' Jfr. I'au Arman moved to strike out all the
testimony of the witness as far as i; appertained
to conversations with Sophie Werner relative to
♦he contents of the Icttrr. Written documents
Hiraifh the beat evidence of their contents.
Every reason why she came to Chicago from
fter own statements was admissible, bat evi
dence relative to contents of letter was of a dif
ferent nature.
The Court held where an act is proved in evi
dence any declaration accompanying the act
m-y ho proved in evidence. It is not the -ques
tion whether tho statement is true or false.
Tho eole question is, is the conversation admis
sible as part of the res geita. Motion to ex
clude overruled.
Croft txiiuined by Hfr. IfcCotnat— Cannot say
if the parties lived peaceably or otherwise
cauld hear up stairs pretty near all that was
on down stairs; could have heard any
dilliculues; can't sav who bought the things
cau't tell wlio first got the goods lor Sophie
hho brought a good deal from Chicago ; Jum
ptrtz bought fuel, &c; they did not buv any
household furniture, to my knowledgeh'epah
her rent far half u year before he lett;'ahe had
DfceESbries in tbe boose, fuel, provisions, <fcc.
for a long _time; can't say if he left her any
money ; ebe'did not say; she was washing, and
aaid he wrote to her to ask her to send to him
all the money she had, as he wanted to pay for
a lot he bought in Chicago; belore she left they
celebrated her birthday; he gave ber a $lO gold
pirr«i, the one she afterwards sent to him.
'J. Was she low-tempered and desponding?
[Objected to by prosecution in form, not m sub
hUoce, aa calling for conclusions instead of
acts. Held by Court to be admissible; the
prosecution mieht afterwards call out acts, to
if the opinion of witness was well founded.]
-i. She was generally pretty gay—sometimes
w«iS despoodmg up mairs, and then would go
down and be gay again; she would say, "Ob,
if you knew nowunhap;>v I nm!" but never
would »ell any reasoa ; «he would often say she
Ind sorrow at her heart; I would ask what
fhe would say phe dare not tell; never saw the
writing of Sophie Werner except on letters; 1
remember that the sheriff ami Mr. McComas 1
were at my bouse; a letter w«s given me to
read; Paul, who keeps a beer s&loon, was
interpreter; don't know his other name;
was «?keu it the letter was the writing \
of Sophie; annwered as I have here; 5
1 asked to be permitted to read it; said that as !
to the eontcuts it might be hers,, as to the writ- ]
ing I, could not tell; could not understand tbe 1
in'erpreter wbea he spoke iu English; did say 1
the letter might be Sopbie'p, said it was the ]
suae she oiten told me; X was absent-minded \
on the day my child was sick; don't fully re
member all I said; 1 did not feel certain that it
was Sophie's letter; 1 only spoko of the con- ,
tent?; did notsay 1 thought it was not her hand- *
writing; there was no further question asked
me; I heard the interpreter interpret what I
s-id, but could not fully understand; Sophie
often spoke of Werner; sometimes said he was
the author ot all her sorrows; that she could il
stab him with a knife; she never said anything 1
about going to Rochester; doo't know anvthiog
about her making towels before she left Mil- T
v.-aukee; miaht not have known it it she hno, as
-!>« Jvd uui como np Btiirs much nor Igo down u
mush tue last part ol lhe tim*; the letter „
showa me was much her mode ot expression; ?
<i. Do von know a yntm-r nun referred to in the ~
letter m Charley i A. Not by that mme. Q.
Ah tut any yonng man going to Europe? A. Yes, v
>!ie told me he was going and she ?ent mouev
to her sifter by him; only said ber sister was in „
want oJ it and she sent it. Q Did she say anv
thing about any jewels? A. Cau't say. Q Did I
, }ou know* of a young man cmn : ng to her room
drunk? A. She t-ohl me uUout it; (hat he came
dnit)l;, she did not *ay he misbehaved; it was not
long licl'ore >hc left; could not siy liowlong,a *i
i'oituight peihaps: don't kuow certaiu.
Direct K<»umei by Mr. MilUr.—She read the
whole of the letter to me. (The whole letter
thotfti.) 1 think that is not the letter I saw;
she never speke to me about going to Roches- j
ter, only that she had written to her sister and J]
that this young man had been there; the sen
tencea in the letter about Charlie and about the
sister are like Sophie's; I can read the letter
easily; it does not all sound like Sophie; my tl
husband was present; cannot say who bought
the furnitnre; it was sold to many of the neigh- :
bors; cannot tell for how much.
Crtiss-cxamiration resumed—To Mr. McComas—
Cannot say if tins U the same letter shown me by
Shrriir Gray ; don't remember the paragraph
about Jbche--ter; it might have escaped me; do
not really know tor certain if It fs the same baud- 81
writing; I think this is written better than the
last,one I saw in Sheriff Grav's hands ; I should
fiythaf was nearer l.ke Sophio'* handwriting than 4 -
tin-'; don't I;, ; o«v for certain.
iridtricb William JMi Sworn— Live at Mil
waukee, Niuth Ward; am a printer iu "Sabote"
job ollice; knew Jumpertz and Sophia when 0
they moved to our Home, in 1557 in the fall ; 0
the house is on Market street; they called them
selves brother aud sister; afterwards 1 ascer
tatned it was not so, he was her lover
never saw her write; took two letters *
to tbe ..Post Office from her to Jam
perti • ii.- Chicago. Q. How was the
word Henry sp-lt ? Objected to and sustained. 11
Could not tell her handwriting; never saw any
other writing; she gave me tho two letters.
<2. State if you know what these letters con- r '
uined. Objected to and sustained. (Mr. Ha
ven explained it was something contained in the ?
letter; evidence admitted.) A. Oae of them con
tainedslo; 1 got it registered at the otlice. Q. f
Did anything call your attention to the direc
tion on these letters? Objected to and gus- a
Jl/r. Jfavtn wished to establish a point as to ?
tbe destruction of these letters, and by permis
sion of toe Court called for this specific purpose
the following witness, introduced to establish
this one point: ' 1
Jjcob lukm —Atn City Marshal; arrested
prisoner ; he told me then he had received let
ters from Sophie Werner; that he wrote to her e
and she answered; he told me he barat her let- f
ters fhe was dead „
To J(r. J/eC'ovui*. The statement was made jr
in my ollice ;be *aid he burnt all her letters v
except this one, [tbe letter often previously re- p
ferred to in the evidence.] 0
Ilabc, returned— Q. How was the word "Henry" c
In the address on the letter spelled? Objected to. x
Overruled. A. Hen ry: tiiat wad the lirst oae; D
I can't tell any m.nv; noticed it becau-e I spelt it \
■when I read it at the Po*toflice where I registered
it; Sophie left Milwaukee oa the 3d or 4th of
M-irch, ISSS, a year ago; She bade me good by;
raid 'he was goiug to Chicago; she bad a dray ?
with trunks, Ac., on it.
C'ro*t A'xtimin«l by Jfr. JfcConuu.—The letter r
spelled " Henry " was tbe first ot tbe two. It
was put in in February; there was but little
time between the two; in German Henry is i
spelt Heinrich, in butch Henri: that letter ,
[the letter shown] is in German; tbe parties t
lived peaceably; lie paid for the rent and pro- 1
visions for some months in advance. g
Adjourned to 9 A. M. to-day. s
local matters. 0
Punch Ciqaes—To the Smokus or Cbicago. c
In introducing the Punch Cigars to the smok- t
era of Cbicago, we need only refer to the euvi- b
able reoutation which thev have won for them- c
6elves in tbe city of New York duriog the short fi
interval since their first importation. Tbe fame *
of Punch Cigars spread like wild fire, and so r
rapid and unexpected was their leap into popn- t!
larity that the importers were obliged to limit
their sales to that city alone until the receipt of H
further shipments. o
Oar determination to start with the best brand o
in the market, and to supply a deficiency always a
notorious in tbis city, has stimulated us to eve- tl
ry exertion to secure the first sale of tbe Punch "
Cigars. g|
For tbe present we shall sell only the ii
Back &, Rayner's new Prescription Drugstore, 2 .
Ko. 93 Clark street, opposite the Court House. 1'
Hostetter's celebrated Stomach Bitters
have by merit of their tonic and other medlcin- «'
al virtues acquired a celebrity and popularity
heretofore unknown. This fact has induced un-
principled parties here and elsewhere to coun- a '
terfeit and imitate this preporatiou, and ptlm it ft<
ofl to the unsuspecting or unprincipled dealers, a
who will retail It upon the reputation of the 01
genuine article, tnus not only endangering
health and life by the use of tbis vile mixture $
thus sold, but are robbing the pocket &1
also. The most prominent operator in M
this nefarious business thus far brought I><
to our notice, is a fellow by tno Tl
name of Clark who prepares the mixture and ol
refills Hostetter's empty bottles which are ai
re labelled with a counterfeit and spurious label m
and the cork covered with tin-foil, thus they are is
sold. C. H. Bcckwith, No. 101 Water-st., we find
a large dealer in this counterfeit article, which ty
could not be sold at any price were it not for is
the genuine. Hostetters Bitters! We caution -b«
the publie to dodge these imposters and ace oar te
in- advertising columns for tbo names of respects.
b!e merchants and droggiit* for the geoaioe ar
. ticlc. Tbe genuine HosteUer StomecL' Bitters
~ liave been impressed in the glass of the bottle,
}? I ttlso in tbe cap corericp tbe cork, acd tbe labels
[ bear tbe aatopraph of "
£ j Pittabnrgh, Pa. • ja2C lw*
a® I A Globi3ps AcaißVXuexr Br GiTrrTr!—»
Nothios can exceed the snccess achieved by J.
C. Gayetty's Medicated Paper lor tt:e Water
Closet. Piles will soon be a disease no longer
, knowTj except in name. This pare medicated
paper is unequalled as a preventive, aad onap.
pruacbable aa a care. The proprietors wieh it
to be spoken of according to its merits onlv. It
d- ia verj cheap—lOou sheets lor ; 500 sheets
ie for 50 cents. Sold by all druggists, and at tbe
difiCOTerer's depot, 41 Ann street, New York.
"J. C. Gujetty" is wutcrmarked in each sheet,
and bis autograph is on each package. Sent bj
express from 41 Aon street, New York, opon
. receipt of price. The tr*de are invited to cor
* respond as to terms. For sale by J. H, Reed &
I® Co., wholesale and retnil druggists, lti i 340
Lake street, Chicago. ja22 2w-cC3
|f Wheeler & Wilson's Sewing Machines.
Xorth«AVc=u.TU OQico lU7 ami 109 Luke .stieet.
y Geo. IL Chittenden, Agent,
T . Jss* ?ee advertisement ol Boudoir. Sewing Ma
y cbioes. 122 Lake street. jal-ly-biAiG
[ l See advertisement 0! Quaker City S2O
' Sewing Machine. L. Cobnbll & Co.,
* oc2G ly 133 Lake street.
*■* See advertisement of Dr. Sanfords* Liver
| Invigorator in another column.
d tr ,
8 t Tt
Wasdlvgtox, Jan. 27—Senate.—An act was
passed providing for the payment of tbo expen
ses of the investigating committees of the House
of Representatives.
Tbe Secretary ol Navy was directed to furnish
1 all information in regard to Lieut, Cravin's sur
xev for the Atrato ship canaL
Various matters pertaining to the Post Office
were referred ; among others a resolution of
fered by Mr. Hale, requiring the acceleration
of the mail between the cities of New York and
Mr. Fitch, from tbe Committee on Printing,
reported in favor of printing 5,000 copies of the
j majority and minority reports respecting the ac
quisition of Cuba.
Mr. Hale opposed it a; a useless expecte, but
it was carried.
Mr. King introduced a resolution respecting .
the tariif, which was laid over until to morrow,
Mr. Rice introduced a resolution directing the
Secretary cf War to lay before the Senate the
report of CoL Wright's Campaign against the
Indians in Oregon. Adopted.
The Pacific Railroad bill was then takeu up.
As amended in several particulars, one of
these amendments, by Mr. Douglas, provided
that all desert lands wi'.hing4G miles of the
middle station of the road should be open to
pre-emption at 10 cents per acre.
Another, by Mr. Doolitile, added a section
intended to prevent speculators from keeping
back tbe lands from settlement.
Another, by Mr. Poolittle, made it the duty
of the Secretary of tbe Interior to advertife for
proposals for Northern and Southern routes,
leaving the Central as it now is, and report to
Congress at its next sesson. Tnese were seve
rally adopted.
Hocse.—The House proceeded to the CDOaider*
ation «tf the Consular ml Diplomatic bill and re
lusetl to concur in the amendment ol the Commit
tee of the Whole which to curtail the
number of Foteign Ministers, ami send them only
to Great liritaiu, France, lUwria, Spaiu, Brazil,
Mexico, China, Peru, Turkey and Nicaragua.
Ycjs 4U; nay» 145.
The Houee also rejected Mr. Crawford's
amendment prop ising tj reduce the sum to en- »
able the President to carry into effect tbe act.
of March, ISI9, for tbe suppression of tbe slave
trade and other subsequent acta from $75,000 to
$40,u00. The object being to withhold tbo I
amount necessary to comply with the contract
with the Colonizition Society for the education
and support of the recaptured Africans of tbe
The question was then taken for striking out
the entire clause containiog this appropriation.
Negatived, lti3 to 2s. £
The bill was then rejected, S3 against 09. :
Mr, Branch, oi N. C., mured a reconsidera
Mr. Letcher, of Va., urged the parage of the
appropriation bills necessary to keep the Govern
ment together, and to avoid an extra session.
-Mr. Niclmld, of Ohio, said it .seemd to be the
j-euse oi the Republican* that if they were allowed B
t<« vote in cerium amendments, such ua strikiu r v
out the Mi-sion to Persia, t! ; e bill could be ?ave(K tl
,Jir. .Letcher saic m* such uppuriuur.j wvuu *.«
given. He had uml«.:>toi>J tlie Speaker to :«a»*
that the propositions in connection with the bill
were presented iu the only shape they could be
voted 00. If there was conciliation, there
would bo !os* d fficulty. j
Mr. Giddings said his vote depended on -*
whether a bill was to be reported to appropriat
ing thirty million for the purchase of Cuba, He
would stop the Administration where it is.
Mr. Letcher replied that such a bill had eman
ated from tbo Committee Again,
Mr. Giddings said be would take no steps in £
that direction. w
Tbe Speaker reminded him of the irrevalency
of tbe Cuban question at ibis time.
Mr. lLngbes, of lnd., said if the Speaker had
noticed bis objection to tbe question of Mr. Gtd
dings, this matter would not have come beforo
the House.
Tbe Speaker said he did not bear the gentle- m
Mr. Hughes replied that he could no; helo
that. 41
The Speaker,—l hope the gentleman did not *1
intend to be rude to tbe Chair.
Mr, Hughes.—No. But if I had I should have
j only been paying off an old debt, £
| Speaker.—lf the gentleman has any personal
I quarrel with tbe Chair, the House is no place to
| settle it,
1 Mr. Hogheß~>l know that, and say tbe same
j to tbe Speaker. H
This colloquy occasioned considerable sen?a- ,
I tion. u
1 Suggestions were, made by Messrs. Hopkins,
1 Howard, Ritchie, and the Speaker, with the view Ll
! of relieving the House from difficulty, and re
! opening the bill for smendment.
After further debite the vote by which tbe
bill was rejected was recons : deied. a.
A motion to strike out the Austrian mission
was disagreed to by 71 against 120.
Motions to strike out tbe missions to Switzer- ..
land, Rome and Bienos Ayres wero severally
The mission to Persia was stricken out.
The Hooso again voted on the bill and again tr
rejected it by 91 against 94.
Mr. Washbnrne of Illinois moved to recon- h
aider the vote, and to lay that motion on the
table, pending wfcicb, Mr. Hughes wished to
BBy that he regretted having made the remark '1
to-day which seemsd discourteous to tbe Chair, J
and took pleasure :n making this statement, el :
The Speaker responded to Mr. Hughes ex- tti
pressing htmeelf exceedingly gratified at tbe h,
disclaimer. ar
[Here the line failed.}
The Financial S # - jgsle at Washing, ft
tun. At
Nsw Yoek, Jai, 27.—The Tima * correspond. £
ent last evening telegraphed: "Tbe bill on ft
Post Routes reported to-day, provides for a V
weekly mail fron New York via Panama to San r!
trancisco and Aitoria, one half of which ser
vice may be transferred to the Niearaguan £
Route when tbai is opened, but with no increase is'
of expense. Also a weekly service from New »
Orleans, via l'«baantepec, to Acapnlco, Tbe
New York line must provide for taking these m
mails from Acapulco. The pay to tbe New >e
York line is tix*d at |uoo,ooo per annum; that
of the New Orliaas, at (250,000.
Tbe Tribunes Washington correspondence \
gives tbe followirg synopsis of the several tariif |
schemes of Meurs. Phelps, Phillips and Mor- d
rill: S
Mr. Phelps' b< v l provides far a loan of S2O,- co
000,000. duty on brandies, wines,
Ac., at 50 cents a gallon; on spices, trnits, nuts,
Ac., at 30 per cenL ; iron and all fabrics of ailk, 1
wool, hair a&doordage, 25 per cent,; all cot- I
tons, hemp, paict. oil and glass, 20 oercenL ; ij;
sacking, baizes, floar cloths, 20; wool, flax, j
steel 1n bars, 15; linseed, rubber, cochineal, tin V
and copper, 5. I
Mr. PhiUip»' bill proposes a loan of $21,000,- .
000. Its plan of duties is, wool under tbe value Li
oi2o cents per lb. tree, over 20 cents 30 per
cent, specific duties; on iron in bars sl6 per -
ton, railroad iros sl2, pig iron SIG; sagais, T
brown per cent, per 10., loaf sugar 3 per J,
cent.; nutmegs 20 per cent., all other spices and or
fruits, specific duties; linens, cotton, silk and
woolen fabrics, 50 per cent. Mr. Phillips also b:
raises the 4 and S per cent, schedules to 10 ; R '
the 12 to 15, the 19 to 20, the 24 to 25,
The bill of Messrs. Morrill, Howard and Davis
includes, in accordance with toe previous vote H
of tbe Comiiiuee, a loan sufficient to redeem J
outstanding treasury notes with interest, in j
amount $21,00u,00u. Tbe principal items oi &
their proposed tariff are specific duty upon ~;
iron, pig 6, railroad 10, bars 15; hoop, band,
sheet, Ac., $1 per 100 lbs., and varying accord- po
ing to size; salt 5 cents per bush.; sugar, brown 1
1 cent per Id., clayed 1)£, loaf, lump or crushed I
2>a ; linseed oil 15 eta. per gallon; copper 2 cts.
per lb.; lead 1)£; lead in sheet, pipe or shot n
: spices, specific; wool, under the value of "
16 cts. per lb,, free, over that value, 39 per lb ;
woolens, specific 16 eta. per lb., and an addi
tional doty thereto, varying from 15 to 25 per €l
ewt., ad valorem ,* carpets, specific; faccy sorts,
50,55.25, 20; coarser sorts, ad valorem; cot
ton clothes, cambrics, calicos and threads are B<
all made specific, and other manutactures pnt
at 25@30 per cent ad valorem ; finer 30peret.
ad valorem; brandy, specific $1 per gallon; (
other spirits 40; cordials, 20 cts; madeira sod ~
sherry 75 cts.; cbampaigne, hock and burgundy (ft
$1: claret and Sicily 30c; cigars 40c per lb, n
and 10 per cent in addition thereto ad valortm. J
Many other articles are made specific. The iree ra
list is changed slightly, but_ rather increased.
Tbe old schedules are all put into S sections, one Tl
of 10 per ceaL, one of 20, and oae of SO, on all at
articles not otheriPise provided for. It is esti- £;
mated *hat this tariff will produce $00,000,000 bo
in a year of average prosperity.
Washixgtox, Jan. 26.—As less than a majori-
ty eannot make a formal report tbe probability f
is that nothing on the subject of the tariff wiu V
-be reported from the Ways and Means Commit- M
tee this session. The above named bills, may,
ia« however, be brought into tbe House by courte
ir- sy, with a view of obtaining a decision on their
TS separate merits. The Committee have decided
If, that they will report no Joan bill with
}ls out a revision of the tarifl attached, and have
b, fixed the amount at to fund the
Treasury notes and pay the interest thereon.
The loan to be payable at pleasure after two
—. years and before six.
J. All parties are in a quandary about the tariff,
er it seems to be understood that ihe Republicans
er and Pennsylvania Democrats will generally sup
id port specific duties, but the majority of the Ds
p. mocrats, rather than do this, will let the tariff
it stand os it is. even if they have to come to di-
It reel taxation to support tbe Government. Tbe
ts result may be the passage of the $25,000,000
ie loan bill, and nothing more for the relief of the
k. Government during the next fiscal year,
•t, Washington, Jan. 27.—Frfm iniormation re
>y ceived at tbe Treasury, it h estimated that about
m one-fourth of the recent $10,000,000 has already
r. been-paid io. The ouly certificates nl' stock as
i yet issued are to the Bank of tbe Metropolis,
It} Washington, tor SIOO,OOO.
The Indian Office has received dispatches from
Miune&ota, stating that hostilities are again
, 3> threatened by the Sioux atid Yankton Indians.
Prompt measures have been taken by Commis
sioner Deuver.
i- No Signs ol' the Steamer.
Halifax, Jan. 27.—There are as yet no signs
of the royal mail steamer Arabia, now entered
•0 oa her thirteenth day from Liverpool
N;n) 3.Dricrtiscmcnts.
5 C. 11. aCHIVSy, A j Ajent, 63
tzca *» >wn - n A-trtr;t~e:r>e:iis fit llit ar. l all fa
Loillnj Taper* <.f tha .VurtA-irLsf. ]alb«4ly
« i existing betweea the
n *be Lumber basinets usder tae name of
3 Day nth at ay diisolved by mutual ccnsert
AUacc.uc.sdue by aid owing to the lale fiim will be
\f l?jL b7 Loea " tr t >ay, wtio alo«e bai to use
l JXO. w. KENNfJjy,
" CUcaso. Jinaarr lsa. 18 .
! Tiss, Figs, Figs,
! Seeded * Friend In Smyrna,
Far Sonerlor to any ever offered la th!« Market,
A Lirge lot just received at
J. 11. HEED & CO.'S
Lake Street, 1H 4 H3
Choice and Extensive Assortment
—TF -
Consisting oi" J
GLOVES, &c., &c. ( &c.,' .
J»cw oa Exhiltill-n al rnr j
55 Chambers &33 Keade-Sts, '
S'X Moniba for Bank Paper, darable in cur- :
v?-V c of wawmy la the c ty ot N t w ,
-f K- 1
Beinj? a half jeirly JonroaL contiicin; l rctrosteclive
view of every dijeovety and iiatrovecient la
tbe MedicalSciencts. Uy U*. BRAITIIWAI TIL
... c . . OnoiDollar. a
tor Sale by . j
W. B. KECX, *
J-J -IT-
D. 33. COOUZ3 & Co' 3, E
✓ a new store. 11l Lake street,
(jirecti) opfuaite their old store destroy-d by fir*.) will
be rdeaseu to see taeir/rieads and ctstomets and all la
waatof «
..ES?S"°. r c .°?. : " s , rss, ' c, '« "I" l>ellrar.,la c-r.-nl
a.sortnit.„to. Looks in evtry cepartuicnt of literature.
craS™ 1 , v S l i^ :: ?!? rI T' a ' ,d,< ": : ' llt(I " retail, or 13 tbe A
country trade ai the lowest price?. tl
aisorttasetoff ° Q bl=d 41 Uioal * a TerjexteaslTe \\
Xj -A. W BOOKS, s
Larjre and Adapted to their Market,
la every variety a:d at prices that cannot fail to phase.
We are prepared to ripi»ly ordeis for vi
Lett*-, Note and Bill Piper'. Envo'ones. Slates. Slale ?
PcsclK Lead PencLs. Dr.wlcg Pa: er. Hra;ol ,
Board, «;rayons. < rawme Books. Wrllin* r,:
Dookt Pass 80. ks. Memorandum S"
Books. Account Bi.oka, Xc, _
And sverytLlnu appertaining to that Depirtrnent at the
Lowest INlarlcet J?*i*ices. Jj
If you need anything la the line of Books and Station,
try call firs, oa D. B. COOKS * CO-
So. 11l Lakestrett.
H. & fcT. J. R.R. IS NOW OPEN*
I 115 miles west from Hannibal aad Ti e*st from St.
Joseph. lca»las only IS nlles, staging between the Mis
elsJppl and Ml»so-rl Kivers. Oa the first d»y oi March
tbe enure road will be completed.
This rome afTcrdj We mo t direct, reliable ard eitedi
tions communication with Santas, Wehraska, t-sltLake
ft?.? Kke'sPeak; carrjin*passengers2.y miles nearerto
lnke s Peak than any other tt llroad. Fretn ?L Jng«h I
the tort Kearney route 1s the only s">o to Pike's I
Peak, and v.a the AJarysvllle Cat-Off wi.l reduce th s ois- nr
tance to 475 ml ej. From Su Joj t pa Swets leive daily for ca
Leavenworth. Western and Kansas C'.ty, and also to
At?hlsc» Md Lrcotaaton, piaitrir thro us ti Geary City. M ;
Doaiuhia. Wlncester, Hickory Point and Oicibosa, con
necting with lines Tot-eka. Owvia. Grasshopper i
Falls, Lawrence. Indlaoela. aad Fort KUe7. Tre treat
overland mail leaves bt Joseth every Monday for r*
Lake.va tortKearney. F.r.Br.d«sand Nobte's Pas?, S
To Omaha and ccuscil QlufTs a d#liy lice o'stages tun N
Josephs pas ir c tbrcu»h and byLlnJea. I&wa
K2&*. h n r . tsl s. a < P :l! ;' . Pwiensers trom T\
t'2ln aeo l.P« l^ :i . l i:. Cl ? claDa, - LDaTU>o ' P'ttsbunraand Loo- £1
Isrtllewmfind this la every respect the mo»t desirable £
routs. Passen«erstrorßCMca«o»laTheC. 8.4 Q. R.R. ut
•*. w. R.it. conceit at Qalccy with boats for Uannlbal.
Upon the opeaia* of the road and naTicatloa on tbe n
MiisL'SiDPlthe tine between Caicuo ard St. Joseph will jl.
i educe J to 2*5 hours. - ari
Trains leave uannlbal daily at SA. >f. Leave St. Jo clc
P. B. GaOAT. 1 Ticket Agt. ji2i cluu I
* tolaforaibls numerous friends and patrons that
he has .as; re urned from a t .cr In Eaxipe. and havla*.
whtle t'.ere visiUrd some of the triaopal Los-'itali ol that P
country. Is now prepared to attend with creaily increased 4-
facdiUes alt ci»es reqilrin* the best skill In Medial and Cu
Surreal tract'ce. uilice r.' Handolph su j.2-jcll2lgi
Found.— we have in our roasE3- ™
slcn a Red Cow, about to years old. which th<
tse owner caa tave by provini property and payia* tei
cbarew_ LL'DA'U'K & CO., i
SI Green Bay *nd Uinsd&Je it-eei.
and RELIABLE culde to the Gold Districts will /"•
-bi sent to any address on tae reofti tof io cents tlnite \~
Mats, with c -st atd items of aaoatflu di». \
Upces. ftuci etc-. etc.. cenU. Address P.£v U 2
COLE. P. O. Bjx Cliiesgo. M. uST-a.*
Docking property to let J
Cheaper than any in tae city.—l wl'l let Icr a lor*
or of
orotberbus nesa, on tfleSnuth Branch (with Side Tracks
ot the t"hua*co and Jo let Sjiilroad.) and a contract for
bruuinptd ui<S from them tae can of ail connecting C
Rsltroaos la the c ty. Parnect f r rents nay be cue*
in lumber. Apply at 53 tlirk street. nij
ja27-lm-clo7 JOHS EYAXfI. I
The tribune alm.vnac tor ms.—
This popular Annuat is bow ready, and contains: i.i
Government of the Uaited £;ates— Executive ard Ja- or
dicial. tw
Allst of the Members of the Uaited States Ssiate. po- by
lltlcally classified. j
A List of the Members of the House of i!e;resentatlves ~~
poilUcary classified. fl
Price U cenu. NORRI3 A H7DE have It, J
fyS.4 H. will send copies by mall, post-paid, on re* or
celpt. K.
Hope Fire lu-urauee L'ompauy, 'J
Ctsk Assets $175,000. ™
Rxruocxa (rr arraoam) la Chicago.
Reynolds, Ely A Ofden. Fleetwood A Oo* I
Benedict. UaUory A Faniam, Clark A Dater.
T. G. VAN BURKN, Asent, or
Sooth East cor. of South Water and Clark-aL r
aolQlvlup CP STAIR*,
CUcag* ud MUwmkn Rallrdad Conpaaf,
Tie annual meeting of the
Stockholders of the Chlraxo aad Milwaukee Rail- o f e
road Ootnpany. which was advertised to be holdea nl it
their oSice in Chleajro en the I4th day of D-ceeber.
l;p3. at tOo'eloek A. IL, has been POSTPONED ONI S
TIL TUESDAT February Sta. lax*, at 10 o'clock AM, •*!
at which time said meeting will be holdea at the oSce ol ,
said Oompanr In Chicaco. for the electioa of Directors
for tbe pruning year, aad the transaction of rtffh other n
buslneM as may be presented. I
Br order of the Board, J
OfgUd-t»n A. B. DOWyg. ggrretarr.
LASS ! GLASS!! GLASS!!!— a l
\jT Plate and Double Stick 6laa. of Urn ilua Aa n-i
aaorted slock tor nl« low by
_ rwrotrioßrirsow* smith.
IMM SnßiMi»ao«b«MraMai 1
I'd' LUMIt
« °IL
a. a rni
" cr>!i Most MlUju,t
•g. Yet discovered.
li- <A f\, In a H«nil Laat^tfXE
a A Vjfl GALLON harnldßree
i\ v\\U rf hoar* each day. lasts
50 V C 1-4 vV TiUEE MOSriia •:».
Ie l2*a>utit«io»Uo ei-iht
A' Candles. When the
aJ" >i| Larap laprcpnljclniss
-- l» -J ed thereU
»t X? K M \V?
ly <J?SX*L So Smoke or Smell.
2^l*3 191330
E U)aute&.
t*!-. t-> Pi*tV.^.^».?v^',v* Mules, and Provisions to
A C nrfrru w ft r Particulars a Idre?s
~ S,\u~"J7™. r^ 1, ; Ch ' a ""- I'linolj. (luclortut™
18 KioT.-n • ? s . r ret= nimall.) or call at his ».flice IJ-J
(j «.outh da fct.reet. corner jiSu-Iw-c'i
5 t "tonefa'3?™" 1 ' """' Vs£KIBK. heSTy
jait-lw- 1101 Ctll ' tlu ' n;t D " ofmeetb*.
Employment wanted by a youxg
Man who ?» t» ec< tu j»I sxan • w.llinr
* PostCfcce. CSt earlormeat - Address J^hn^a
it " » wholrnTe Prus Home, fnr wVrh real ++'->>+■,- i
s "jairiUr* 1 WiJ ' berald ' A(3llri?S3 Chi:*g3,'p, o.
■ keeper, or CuttiJe Bminess. bv
perisneed imc. Hare been e&case-i in tbe Forward
e 15 n bu ( ? i '? , : M frrtae past twelve y< as.
f Auorcas H. ogee of this saner. ja3s.>y.go»
ACR).« tfn. In »i r7 t> rc2 s r^ 0c ? A dJr " STEPuE.N T
I.JI hr<:J Book-Bindery. harlligton, lawa.
tnformatiov wanted of iienrt
1 jgsfr
_j » xrotey snd grod buisness cual fixation*. In a
1. KING, who leftfiJoVfS CouTr. K & ioa#!!iT«r.
''"' ° galea. .VC.
mi,l i&T 1 ' or *t!chlhe highest market prie- will he
£o Ucnt.
Kare chance—the best meat
foully Had Produce ftanrt la the city. Po th Side,
,U "a2Mw* Ad<lre3S J - Draw - Sj: « Ctlcjo, UJ.
t!. i 0 PP«aJ?e«. N5. 21 La»e ft-eet. on
i tbrUil7 ae,t « * e Wl!l re &t a cood Weil; the
fctorewenaweceurr. m- is»s.cth w. „t TKV *
L%la UOGUtrr. BAiitTr A hILLi
c . on . ,,l .') J i o^ s ° ace3 oa the "' st Mi secoii
i? far lee 9 lSui,di"i<. comer Soata Water anil W c lli
tl 1,0 J O ., 13 :i "' l 1 corner basemen,
th- K»I i! 1, ippl» to the »ab»cri
• 'h tf .bui'diax, No. 2U south Vtater s'r-ct
. J' 1-
r ® f(.r»term of yvara. tliat larze baid:r*c-Tt
East or the Elevatur of bibos. «.ri:tiu«fc Cw.. wltu the fine
i°'" "/• !ch " ■» 'e-- nore cr It?.."b tSS
river apd runnm* back t-> Uie G. AO.U. K. R. Attached
to the bandlm Is a stia:n enztne roota. w;ta an tnalae
lull Is a fiae lo<t/tioo for a Flourio* Mill, or for
ealborsofea. For tcrxas. At. to
_Q<.l brlj »ra JU Bouih Water street. !
i r or Sale.
Gas IJsht and Coke Company, at the reduced pHce 1
of tea ce :ts per ru;!i-.-t icra y qu tatuy.
BF.n.'* wai fcotlt 'n Cl-ve«nl la lvi; length.
leet: brea ita. iti »-loj f C: t: d-p;h 3 t3-ICI fetf
c:e ijsrenieat 2-J 611-j tom.
For price wl tmrn an>ly to LltfD A SLATE'. CanaJ.
near Madison street. ja ij Ira*
Xl PRia^MEN".— I have for one sooi Truci
A* acoa and Harotrjs: five sood loa Ax-I D.-ays and H jr- •
cfae4B » InQiiire of L. T.K- ]
P.\M. at lUclmcnd ACo «. .-*/•- curncr N'nrii. STate- i
iUsjt-tt \
tfc fol.o?£ N , o t -,!es? : ''' t " dldili «- 1U "S7?1 I
l ' , t! 3 i!:* Ui ;. lSlir i;3 10ci
.. (iRKV EaULJS. .. AU. Sril "
.. NTGHTINO\JF, .. A ! 4co "
:: SV^N^?Ar w^B A F :::;: ?3 ::
J-Übs7J3n - U1 -
Now belax Erected.
Ou ICuhL, near Superior St.,
And to be finish* 1 Slay Ist. Thei«* hoases are 25x1-5 ?e»t.
three s'onea. with basement. Milvatuee brick frost,
ballt and to be flalsh-il la the be«t taaaaer. Tae lota are
1-1- feet deep to aa alley, aad trill hare a food brick bara
on each. Persons suoa caa aue such aU
terutioos as may be dejlred.
Tena faTorao.c. Apply w Di BUiISARD. H Clark
street, froia f to 10 o'clock A. M. jaa
House and li .-t for sale situated
on the CPraero? Woi.l aad Wirrea streets la the
M est Division, near occnpied by a. V Hay
want. Thehoc»<? isnew. ballt if two stM»»«i. atd
■tonebasementtwenty-foarcyfirty-tiirce feet, wiihahae
observatorr; tialshevtia the rcost faanl-uiable manner
with all the modern improverSCnts—marble mantels.
I «c.. As.—wemd be a desirable re3ldeace. The
: l0 sixtr-si* by one haadred aai tweaty-sevea feet,
wlthaiweaty foot alley in the retrofit : »ui be sold
verycheiu—oa can U time, or the whole of the purchase
money may reaaia oa moruwe oa U and other prouer.y
for fear er ore years, or U will be exchanged for aa
doubtcd real e*ta*e secarltles. havicu lereral rears to
rua Apply to E. T. Bi&KKiC P.O. Box No orto
0. U. BLHNS. 13 at.— ■toom r. 4cjp lm*
Malt! Malt! Malt!
Ift flf 1(1 " U - N0 1 CANADA BAR-
Av/»v,/\/\/ LEY MALT. In store aad for sale by
. ..* n „ WiUTNEY A KIMBALL,
ia6 tWO 3m 15" Eestie street.
I Member* of the First UnitaMin Charcb to b-» held
at the v.fctry Room cf the Coarch. ca ilO SDAY EVLN.
ING nex - . at 7 o'clock.* :
Azen«r»l attend incj Is revested, aj buslaeis of lm
p«rt*rcewillccme befcre tLo raeetiag. a
jaJ7 wt* 15y orfer of the
$5,000 to $20,000. s
Stccks of Dr7 Goods. Grcceries or other Personal
property la exchaaxe Jcr part ca«n and part real "ttV".
caa be treated wivh adrantacrou«ly. n
A city residence «Js > for casii. aad cuttlde real
estjts. hcita ii.de prelerred. Atp y to ~,
. . UiLL it Aactloneers.
jaii ot likj No. at Dearborn mrre<.
c!" (H \n WORTH OF mkkciian 13
®' V/ DIBE wanted In exchaaae
fnrtfcraas and Mottmei on Eaatera City Propetty, and H
JriptMortsafie 7 percent. Railroad Honda. None but
t'irated with. *d lres«. with real came and d'.s
cjptlon of Gooda, "d. Z. C.;" box J196, Cnlca«o. Post
uffl c- ia-si ct'4 lm
the Chlcniro Mechanics* Icstitate
arereoacsted to present ttea before tae 3lit last., en
closed aad directed to
. , t PW. GAIIS. PresUeat. , n
By onler of the Board of Directors. jaio St |? 8
Office of Galena & Chicago Union R. R. Co.,
Cuicifto, Jaauaryi'j. IsjJ.
_LI U hereby fivea to the st*rkholJ*n of the Galena A T
Culcaira Ualoa Ra.iroad Company, taa: a di*idend of ~
two per ceaL opon the capital b.>:k ofs tid Ccmpaaj w*s
declared on the 1/th last., pa* ab eat this office on the S;
ljta cay of Febtuir/ nex:, la Exchaaxe on New Ycrk at
par. to hoidsrs of said s'.ocW, at the eli«e of business oa JJ:
the-lst di» of January iaitant. biridsnds wlli be retai> rJ
ted by mad wjea sj ordered by trie owa*ra
ia2J lw-ca: v,. M. LA tit A RER. Sec*r.
Gas Stoolr. S
v/' " STOCK, for sale oy co
wS lw-cti FORBEgr BROS. A CO. «»
Money to loa. s %
At Tea per Cent, per Acatna.
roa nvn tiabs.
71rst-daa Real Xstate aad
nmnlrjc froia Oae to Twelre Months. 1
jaJJcJO B. 7. DOWNING A CO* 5? Clark.st.
Q1 /\fj. | AT TEN" PER CENT—A
l»v/' party wshes oe t» sell a imali lot N<
at a low price on fair terms, aad loan theparchaser ILOCO *1
or upwards, at tea per cent, on other lecarliy. one or ]>i
two j ears. Appiicatlaa to be made to mep;rsaaally or ,
by letter. _ J. L. LB*. .
jalj At Jfc Co's. fo Clark st. bax £.-72. p. Q
A Merchaad se orCltyProp rtr, axa*, tIXiOJ worth 1
oT7ew«lr7. Oold Peat. Pencili, Aa. Address "J. W.
KVBoxilil Chicago P. Q. iylabdVTlm
Taxes at l.vke the
conTeaieace of property owrers. I have procured
a Ust or the taxes on lots at Lake Forest. I will attend
to ta?_paymeat of taxes for parties payto* theai to me a*
ray oface before the last.
D. J. LAKE. Secretary.
X valuable Horses and CanUies, wolch we will ex
change for Groceries. Laa er. tiardware. Houis aad shoes
or Dry Gooda. Also a new Sevea Octare Plana, as aboTe«
(aSb?34lm 5» aad gonth Clark street.
Money loaned on city es
tats Secantiea, MorUaxes, Trust Deeds. Bonds
Ptocki. Basiaess Notes, aad all good negotlablr securi
ties booxht aad soli- CertlScatesof Cbecki
of S. K. Swift, Brother A Johastoo. porchased tor caab 111
at the buhest market price. Dealers tr lUinols, Wlscoa- <
tin aad lowa lands. Itanrofed fanax sabojoaa lota aad 8L
City Real Estate. 02icc No. d, (second door) Metropoll- 8<
laa Block, cornerof Randolph aad Laalle *t«.. Chtcaxo 11
de3b6<3 4n W. DAVLDBON. Nl
Dralj, Aeeeptaacei aad Notes paid in New York oa '
the day of maturity, orlaatday of trace, and money d®. '
p -sited for account In the city of Mew York and seat to Ti
dtlea In the Tidalty of New Yore oaTdetraohlo Orders,
iistasMn i
i Auction Sales.
\ L_ c TIO N" SALE iTp
tots, perfumery,
" Fire Proof Safe,
Jewelry, Conntln~-room Oenha, Coun
•"E ters, Shelvlo = , \ c .
ss'^ r
K . la * Flr Pf o3 ' SAfe. <*ort SISJ.
rackj Cou3llc * Ueaka. with p!j»on holes and book
T ""-
"• to?*c eM ct« S lo * Cut!, oace r»i:.
:* . iia c " o2t JOHV RANKIN. Aacliuittr.
D tuJerth^ l ';TO e "f'HXLt.' l 4 SWASEY'Vfih"''"..''
T £o"°ij CnJ ' l;U -* Comniiioil
Chicago, -o. isu. iSSfuKLaivAiSY.
~ Commission
'• 1F.11 1 a, 10 c S on «ve,r djjcriwioa 0 . modl „ ajta ,j
_ wr A act; on gales.
? Platform Scales, Etc,
t m?pMORNING. Janoin ifcth. wi will i e ;i at
I corner of llarrt«on ana GMswsld stieeii
> ** a * with the Otfice Paraivare.
■ git. B PM X » «>n Platfonn scile. in complete order.
""" Ac -
J. b. Taylor & co.-,
ircrios axd coaaissios jiebchists,
v °. SO Well* su opp. Urlz3> Haue,
de * cr l? tloQ of to be aold at Auction, to?
cash. 02 t.oe or conratasioa. Also. Vesmeta. r&r*nM
1 K^f? 1 t i ? cr 1 b4O »' lls ?* J<W u lrT * Cloth
la*. Ac. Real tautc. Lands, Lots. Uousea, 4c. Will Dai
4 } t?Q^.oQ . the ade of Lotttloaaea. Lands,
Jul. j M Aoc.lon. Inside or oatalde Cnlcarfo. Advancei
made on conaijracjenia. The best of references in Chicaic
wUlbe aivea. Ourfneada may rely on confidence and
cr °°^ l . r * t . aras— th« of cosunerce and trade.
Young Men's Association
3d—GEORGE SCUNER. Sabject: "Spall.**
10t!i—BAYARD TAYLOR. Sutj'ect: "UfelatheNorth."
ITth-E. P. WHIPPLE, gabject:
24th-HEitMA?f MELVILLE. Pubject: "Scath Seaa."
iibNRY W. Jr.
Lectye Committee.
Cleveland Lotlso No. 211, A. F.& A.TT.,
WUlcsnerfTatthe Tremcnt Hoaae. on T3URSDAY
EVfNING. Pebruarr lsoi>. jiis.ld-«t
C. M. CAD Y , Instructor.
Eleraenta-r Civs. Ti»jl»7. 7 o'clock P. IL
Advaiced Cl.iaa. Friday, TS' o'clock P. M.
A*, tbe Lecture Room In Portland Block. J
Ttiiilon:-».> co per term o. Id weeks. ial^lta-cU
Boarding.— two ou tubee gen
treaen can procire Board aad Pieaaaat Rooms at
xc. .1 Monroe street. Also, afewdaj boarders can be
accommodated. ■ jafsiw.clj
a . P' l,; "*at rnomv either suites or single, at
bout.i Clark street. Transient Board at reaaonable rated.
JL> suits of rooms newl7 fitted up. with board, on re.v i
terms, nay be ob*.ained oa ap; lication at No ils
State street. C. D. OLIVkR.
ilea: Uia*
—of im
ilartford Fire Insurance fompany
M«ile to the Auditor of the State of Illinois,
JANUARY 1. l?,j'.i.
1 The name of the Company li the Hartford P'.re Ihto«
rince Cc.my.tny, aad is located at lianford, tt. A
3 The aaocnt of Casit.il gtock ii #.vo fAi ai
3 The amount of Capital pal jup 15... .V.i\u«o wj
t . ASSETS. ,
Caihonhacd IjJ 1
Caahln funds of or la ecarse'at' ' ""
transmisiion SilC- it
balances on bo«a aue t' e Company Is
B 11 receivable. s«ur«d by 1 erson't security. «y y74 i.i
Real ijtate Knencumocred lj.o*j ou
. . Par vilue. Market.
allahares Hart.'ord B k Stock lot li'J fl 4jj (*)
4j.m .. Ph.L-alx .. 4uum) 4uiaw <■)
1L"I .. Coao. Riyer Bank'* Co. 5,110 « -WO id 5
• 11 .. Parmers' k MevlTs B'k afk, 2' ,«u"i LiauO 10
£to .. .. .. i".o ■> <«..(.«) ui
1.4 .. Cty .. .. 12*0 U-^iiO
150 .. B'a of Hartford Co. .. .. 7 0 - u_j 10
») .. Charter Oak .. .. a».w« a-.*to«o
.. Mercantile .. .. ij,u.o UluuO)
l-J .. Mercti ill Maanfn .. ••
.. .... 13.7 u HJldto _
-a) .. American Ktch ue .. .. u to
iU .. Bank of America .. iMLKO ;iJ,itoiU
; -*• .. Bank of Ccd merce .. :U.vuu 2\7ioiW
.. Impoiter k Traders B*k .. 3ift>o l'o
, -0 .. Manhattan co 10.LMJ Us oiu 1
.Ui .. Merchant* .. .. i-i.ixo n uru uu ,
1 fi .. Union .. .. io.ww ioh,ouo S
-.0 .. Ocean .. .. lu. tO ivou l*"
1-0 .. liaak of North America .. 10.1*0 ll.ooiO P
- 0 .. Metropolitan B'k .. lAtou) u) aa
I'U .. Biacfcstone .. .. 10 0 0 i'\s«oo an
lco .. liank of Commerce .. lu,w>» lu.>7j ou
10 .. Suffjik .. .. i,w.o 1 uru 00
no .. HidesndLeather .. .. lu. to laiuno V\
no .. Granite .. .. lu.ho lujojlo si
KO .. Webster .. .. lc.(»0 ia"s-> fM
100 ..
1' 0 .. Atlantic .. .. 10.UM) lo.nji CO
iai .. B'k JJ ate of Misssarl .. IU.OIO 10.1110 to
luO .. Hartford «N.IL KR. .. lu.lol liijO i«
i."' .. Coco. lUTer .. .. 4w») luuott)
.. Conn. Raver Company .. J,UjO uj
£» Hartford b'ds. 0«• ci. due Ife7«J. a*7 - :o to
- Ohio atite .. t> .. .. ItU, I<j,oo lu"u7s to 1
C'J Michizan .. .. .. l"ij. £'.m<o tlnioio
20 Tennessee .. 0 .. .. ajouu ou
(J. S. Trta;ur/ Notes, i< cU H.WU 14,0j.» to
Tctal amount of Ass?ta IIV?
5 No labilities to Banks, or otiers. due or
tot due. Ue
* N'olonea adjusted and dae.
7 L««#eseither unacjuited ori C«
8 AJjatted acd actoue. { 3?
9 Leases In su-prnse wxltlnx fur- *»
thcr prcor. leclad«d In l&4t _
answer above.
10 All other claims s gainst the Co. <n
Total am'tcf Liabilities, w
11 The rnlr of the Comu*ni h not to exceed 9.0.0(A) in
ary one tbk. sutjictto less by a r.nil«*flre.
12 The amount IcsoieO .n a dty or Til!«*e.deptads aeon «a
tla sixe—nenerally all the desirable na* to be haa; ,
sabj xt to the role laitkbove laired.
U The amooni insered in any oce blcca of bui'dlngs, 411
deperdi upon itaaiae and construction, subject 1
to the ru'e above referreJ to. of!
14 Tbs Act of lacorporation la the same ai filed Is Jan
uary, l?ai i
Tiao. C» ALLl'.\, B<creCary« "j
[Certlflcatf toexplro oatbvtlat <lay of Janoarr. IMO.I
Acnrroa'a Orrca Stat* or Illihob.(
bPaiHunxLaUanuary. )
Whereas, the Harl'crd Ftre Insurance Company,
located at llartfon. In the State of Connecucut,
has filed In this office a statement of the condU
tlon of lta aSairs. aa requlretl by " An Act to remila'e the
Asenciescf Insurance Companies not Incorporated by J
theetaUsof lillools.'' approved February 17, t
act amendatory toereto, approved January '22, I<u7; and
whereas,said Company hu furnished sa'.lstactory evl>
dence that It Is possessed of the required amount of capi
tal Invested instocKs and mortgages, and has Qled In this
office a written instrument, sned by the President and
Secretary thereof, appointing tf. U wTUmarth of Chicago,
Its Acent for the transaction of tbe bosinew of said
nr.and fally atdunresirv-rdly aathorisinahimto acknowl
edge serrlca of troceu for ltd no behalf of said Corn
pat r. that service of process upon him, the
salJAsent, shall be taaen aad held to be as valid as If —"
served upon the Company, and waiving all ft.twi q/ «rror "A
by reason of such service. Ii
Kow, therefore, in pursuance of the orovMoas of the A,
Act aforesaid. L Jesse K. Dubois. Auditor of Public Ac
coanw of th<* iute of lUlnoii, «Jo hereby certify t-iat the
said Henry U. lllmarth is authorized as an for the
said Company, to transact the business cf Insurance m
this cute, until the thirty-dm day of January, in the year
eUhteen hundred and aixir. so far as be may be legally Lai
empowered so to do by said Company. Bta
In testimony whereot I have Hereunto sabscr.beu my m
name, and afflied tne seal of my olflce. at tiprlmfle.d, ~
afteenth day of January A. D.
JiadE K. DUBOLJ, Auditor P. A.
11. B. WILLSAITH, Astnt,
Cornerd:uta Water asde'lark-sts.
the Niagara Fire Insurance Company of tne city of
New York on the fl-st oay of January, I:3S>, ia coxJurmlty
with the Law of Illinois:
First—Tbe name of tbe Company is the Nissan Ire In* V ,
sorance Ccmcany. and is located In tbe City and State ai'
of hew York.
Seconi—'The amoant of Its Capital Stock li Two Hundred
Thousand Dollars.
Third-Tbe amount of lu Capital Stock, paid ap. Is
Fourth—L Cash on hand aad In tbe hands of
»K«ts *2,913.73
2- No Real Estate.
3. 1. Three New York City revenue CO
lK.nds.6per cent #23.(00
2. Seven Brcoklyn City Water
6 per cent bonds 17.C0J
3. fix Hudson Klver hal.road, Ist
mortcue. 'percent |9,iOLi—ILSCO.OO
4. Debts due tbe company secured by
bonds and mortcmes. belnjt all R
first Ll*ns and of which more
than SIOO 00) Is upon property
worth doub:e tbe amoant nort
xageri thereon at 7 f Ccn l Interest. 212,750,00
5. Loans on Bt*cks payable on de
mud of tbe market value of a
•tf.Sai 27.035.75
6L Debts for trem'utns
7, All other securities 8 513 «
Total AsseU of the Company *314,065.72
fifth—The Company owes no bank or other v--
creditors- none. J-
Slxta—Lo«ses adjusted and due sane, JL
Serentb— Losses adjusted and not uae none, xhr
llthvh—Looes uaaa jus ted XSMXCO aa<
Ninth-Loises n soaoense walUn* further proof 3,0.0 00 on
Tenth—Mo other claims ac«ln*t tbe company., none. ra
Total of LiabQltlaa of tbe Oompany $ 7J00.00
Eleventh—The greatest amount Insured ta any
one rlak. li,COQ.OO
}No ceneral rules on these points, _
bat seldom ezceedlcx 910,010, 2
and slcde risk la tbe dir. and
feOUQ oat.
. H. B. WILLUABTIT. Arent.
iaS7-Im-cIQO Ooraer CUck aad BoaUt Water street. a
Important to Printers!
Lar *"° Aaaortment o( Prlntluz JTaterl
*!■ f«r Sale.
"■ SSStK."i h ."j"l*? 1 "■ * '"CiJoolliate «-

5 «a »
•» KLn " k;e *"" ou '" " "*->=•«• •« tba
* JcSSS £££& 85»-J~
1U) U i Minion. nearly new. iin • •
" l 2 >» Mettle Vorn, £ • -
i. S3 Its Brevier. - -
TW 5 ?T, f " ° l l» I'inU Of nubloDlbll Job
s is« , d^: c '^ ,lU '
pi«BowF*ce 210 **-.?*
3 H ,-s
lon* Primer-Condensed r* *'3 4 - so
Condensed Shaded.... I*S
i K"sSS" a,;r, '"' Tcll - 6
3"a* J-™* PrimVr'TH e J" 7^
J «*»£==;:: i< j'g ||
Pardon Tit e ;*•*? 3-*
llae COKllsl Shaded kv j'ji
Sllae knxiisl Pica :{•?-
- Nonpareil tfbaded ? ,'S f\'n
. 3 laeMialon d&4de«l 1 \'*\
3 line P.ca Ornamented """"J* sft
Loog Primer Antique/. *
aline Pica Shaded..::.. L' Ma I'lS
i;."; 7 J'" ju
t poul,le Pira-crlpi.... ~w 153.1 10 Si
, *ae small Pica Church Text::.*.' "' 6 '<">! ?"-j
9Uoeamail Ptc« Srm<«Texi "" *<«. ?'j.i ii»
. |UMSonpjrt!lTlU?.!.." V. f j.'
S BrtTler Extended ?u f-1 \? t
: JllarSmul Pica Om.raeiiUM V ji 'f'"
Lou Pmncr Animus .a !;£
1 || f«
? Use Pica Church Text ?v J?j I'.'o
Ofeat Primer Arabesque i r, £
Jilioe Lon* Primer Outline 5 3'ij 3*
Brer.er 801.l Italic f-£
hocp,vetl AailQue. newit*ie.'..;;::;; i I'm j £
In adaiu°n lo tue fore<"in< w- Lati* \ laric varetr'of
of^L?uU P H.. I i tf y I" u aew - Abo * ! quantity
or ,a! " r ° t r ot
ii. T. Crane X ifio.,
102 Wat La»t Hireet JO2
Oil Caps, Cotkj, Stejua X Water Gniges,
For Winnlug Hotel*, CUarchw, Pao
Jea -•••
Thomas George & Co.,
201 Lak# Street 201
' Offer at Great Discount for Cjub
Oi all Sisea.
For Wood and Coal, and '
100 doa. Coal Sirtera.
:: )J rir ?, t^ l T ei and 3a
6t> Coal lloda.
60 " Wlrs Oyster Bollt*
& " Wire OriilJroai,
>i * Laalerna. at half orice.
Tor Hie at <re*; B*maJa} for ftn at
Thos. X C»,,
Ml La*e»tretl.
Are sold at Masufacturer'a Pricea by
Thomas G«sjr?e i Cj m
MI Lakebtreet.
Of aim oat erer? kind can be foond at
201 Lake Streeu
nun /ko.VA,
A iae aajortmeut jf Bra;» and dWel jua* received by
Thos. fieorge X Co.,
201 Lake street.
Kedzio'sWater Filter,
The best artlde iatli; wor! 1 for cleaaalse dirty water'
I.Tlanufactarer 1 !! Depot, 201 L*'he-«U
Thumis George 1 Co.
5,000 of flammer*' anil f-as Fitler*'
Will be sold at SJX discoani from lirt Pricea.
Thos. Georgo & Co.
P. W. (Jules, ttararr. Dfliiliiitrs i Pntvcr.
MA.NL'FACTI:I:KK< OF railkoao
CARJ* PorUMe «i>'l ML»ti..u»rr
Steuui and lioiltrs,
P >rtahl* I'lmjl.ir Uklp-P
aad Aaeata Mr the i>i K':i-'ir m.' l t'-iru !4'i'»
aad B^U«;
anil llmikl liUthn,
1 tfprfsbl Prtlla, W»o«l \(*.-hiO»ry<''Ui*r*;iy. .nii'a j!»* Ml'ij
Slitte Si«*m anil w.kt«*r'«» iR«*. :iulalii>'t Work
MjII ai*.lo t« jrUrr.
"ijoca—"(JATtW A CO."
i r. w. jaTf s. a. T.caaijiaaj.
4. U. D. K.
April a. ISM.
Tbe lubscdben takes thla method of aotlfytox the pab»
Ue that they have aeccred
Sairyer'a Ftteat Uutla; X V«atll»tlns Fsnnce-,
And art now creparsd to fornlatt them to order for
Dwellla<a. Chorcbea. Schools, Ac. Alao, their Stovea,
<w3strocXed oa tbe aame princlDle. for parlora. rinala
room* aad L&lk. and. e*redaJ!y
Ventllatln* nerfectiy all rooTialn whici they are ojed
and ▼arming to &ay required temperature.
We refer to Meiara. W. »V.
and Carter A .-tr -hitec'j of Ihla city.
UT'Tor particular* laqu re of tbe fubtalberi at thefc
office No. al aad >3 S«»aU Laaalle ttrevt.
/. L£STE3 k < 0
Oblcajo. Ort. "Rb. IWB. opphg7-ly
tn L«k* HtrMi. IM.
%>> Torn Annealed Teooe aawrUd aanbm.
5 - Br'thl
S.OOO Sea Nalla—auoitedslaea and bran da.
LSU) Bdla dlievt Iron—asaorted.
i.O J inlett a— aaa 'Tt«d.
ao R. G.
15 Caaka Sheet UrtA
STOVES, 6 daea. for Parlora. Oficea, Stores. lla>U
aad Cburcbesi Also
Together with a flae aoortment of
Latest stTtea and pattena for salt by 0 MKTZ. in
Btau» rtrort. between Monroe and Adam& ocJt" im
Sheet Lead Works.
MJUtCTAOTuxxa or
Lead Pipe, Sheet and Bar Lvad,
Agents for
St. Xjoula Siiot Tower
WTX ftill aasortmaatof tbe abovs ooa>
itantty on hand.
Collin* «k Blatclilord«
P Corner of Clinton and Paltr»n «tr*eta.
Sextons and UndertaKers,
style *ad rintsS, Wo««l. aad Zloo ('otiian : alao
lhroads. Andin prvpared wi'Ji ilrar&ea aad
aad •Terythlnj tor Faaerr*ls:aad m.iy touoit
on a&ad, *aJ r«ad/ to <it« prompt »u«aUoa to th«lr »Txal*
oen at all Sioara.
Tber alas ha*« • t.oape! and vault in tba Oruriery.
*n» *RtiiHT Jt mmm f'»fe
190 NIIR * CO.
Mmifichgad aad tor tale ai
tllui UOaoJSO SUletlml*

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