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For Ttlegrtplilc &>'» «* I'°° rtll r«S'- The"
Its Introduction in the Legislature* jf. y,
Tiie Dj'er ctiarU?r, like a mad Jog, gets pr £"
more rabid uod dangerous every day it is t-uU Fitch
fercd to live. Jn its latest stages it has be
come k> utterly itmifi'erable that we look con. p art j
fideutly lo see the slioot it through hts r
the hjsid at occand liavo douc with the
wickedness of cxpo-luj to its faops the bun* derec
dred tiioos-iud persous at;d the millious of g^ow
properly in Chicago. »VUut will our citizens come
kit to a piovisiou iu tliis instrument wbicli kjaci
, , strati
deliberately ixvites eighteen* wots os the gQ eT
uxi>kr it ! Read ti'Ctiou cluveti of
the bill iu our SpriugS-'ld correspon
dence in another column, and judge
whether we arc niKstalin%the purpose of the kjne
l»andittl who are plotting at the State Capital brask
lo take the uuvcram'tui oul the treasury of Bp * cl
the city t\ A-p.y from tbt vo'ers and tax-yavcre. .
In th* event of the l'at'ute of Judge Kt.bcrt t
S. Wilson to app nut the iuii»cciori *ud clerks
of the neverul wards—a responsibility ivbicli
we believe be »ould not willingly aevume—
tbat duty dcr«>lves up .-n the voters of the
wurdiffi vnntc. Wtiat U this but inviting a cn tin
riot among the ion or fi'teea hundred excited
voters who inav be i>n baud to participate in
the organization ? Of erQC
course the numb-r of bat ties will be limited frQm
only by tiie number of voting place.% We tiulic
have merely to tay thai, if the Legislature
fee? fit lo prescribe tU:» style of thing for the
people of Chii-ug'*, we believe tlu-y can bo Cj., .
occouv«noda?«*d wi'b \ vievf/if its fullest const-
qutnecx. We have had violence and bloodshed
iu one election under the L'vor dispensation;
aud the pi ice was no: deemed H'O djar lor
the preservation of ;he poi»ple ? .s rlulit*. fcTJ
And what will b.* *aH or the caudlo-bnx ° eWt>
fore c
ts»viu«lly ptnpos.rd U be enacted iu a»i«)iher y
co.v.iugeucy—allowing the preliminaries t«» iar
bi settled by "any iiutub'.-r' of voters who OD( j
miy assemble on the previous evening, "in fine
pnrsuauce <•! such notice a- nmy be published
in the Chicago Tanci '-'i Tit- g-*uiu«joi felony
could batch nothiugin-.re Knavish and intuit- aQt j (
ing to a free people T'ie deesis of CaJh-.m't waa ,
and hi- g ing, who 'led from the hut indignu- j n^
tion of all clas-e.-* iu Kansas, were n:»t more char/
wretchedly vill.iim'Us than this.
Cut ne have not told th'* liiill oi the new
divulged enormities ol this Mil. tuid /or a
n Btart
thorough vt* r--1e? ti»v leader to aQci
our Spiiugli-M letter. TuU Ujafds <.f
I*l die Jind Public Wo ks a;e :na>ie s.vereign, Cbici
and iiT'-sp-n-lble ••li'ter t.i she people
or the O.'uncil. Tite Polic ]J.;ird ui:id''
tt body p.«iitie wi'.h .er 1-. draw «'ti the tX
treasurv ml IV.'dum. The Hoard oi" Public ~ .
tho i
"Workr i- juithoiized '•> levy and collect f ore
wiihou' n-drcss or appeal! It is ti, e c
invested with ih»* lunciious of ihe "Water and <j ert
Sewerage tin; City auperin
teii'ient, the Sifei Coimnis-iotier.-, and so for Es
as their own expenditures are concerned, diyi
with tho-eof lite XL»y«.«r, the Couipt.oiler and obl
the Cotntnon Cjuticll 1 Thus a cr in ag- tflUD '
gregaled in the uund* of mx irresponsible
men, to
usual method of elee'ing the oineer.s to be in- j.
vestenl with thtf".- ix-raouliuat} poAers, is
abolished, aud The ulmle made contingent A
upou u rupli ji*. she poll* i:i the morning, iu
which the party inu-'.ering tin* greater Jiutn- aßt
ber of roughs a<<d £houlder-liiL:< rs, will le ro ' }
certain to triumph. ' J '° '
. mat'
Th-'bill «a» iiiSroduced iu lt:e Leeisbiture
oil Thursday :tfu-r''n-oif. The purpose of il< oat
cngineeis wa> to -u. ji ed t!.e rme? andiu.*h it we u
through ttytli biH T 'elie.- on the* same day. A trea
ftormy time < a* «t the n-nniit.cd full
in nil ; .'i e< :>• cjU' i;e-. The
(scheme Jailed, .*o fai a- the ui>hingwa* coi'«
ceuied, an«] the l>ill U;i.* fituiHv older* d t«» !»«• D^ue
• , " bare
of h
Proposed Kepeal of the I'ark 4ct, dooi
Wc undo'fitaaJ tau i petitein hua Ceeu for- witt
warded to SpriegtL-id, eigaed by u c^n.t itrable ec ,
number of property-holder.*, ptavitig lor the re- et»b
peal ot' 60 ruuch ot in entitled jo Act. ap* bare
proFcd lG:'i, 1557, to amend thj Cuir- ket j
ter of the City o{ Chicago, ns aathorizes the and
location and tsasajobtuue «i ol' ihc S >aia Pjrk,
aid, prospectively, N'o-tU and W-.'&t Si Je I'arks. P<
By the terais ol the which i'. ia now pro- day
posed to repeal, a park is to je eril&blUhed ia >b:
the South Division, oae hundred J;i
acrea ot l<ind; and tmn.'.ar kg are to be ebtab-
lidhea in due time. o'u> in the aud one in ~lk "
the North Division of the city. All the prtlion- P
nury Kteps hare bren taken v.'ith reference to
the South Park, but s » gre bus beea the op d». I
position to it cn t'os part of tine-.' who will have
to foot the bills, tliat hare
retrained from tiu-l aeti j;i. Ou this account
many hure conclo<ied that the proj *ct has been J' o1 *'
entiiely übundoned. llu' thid is not to; the *
ComuiifrMonera cul proc-ed at uuv time to cur
ry it out.
The tict as it n»>w stands subjects the people A
ol Chicago to u prospectirn debt ol from two to Mai
three roillioua of dollais—perhaps erto mnre of
than that. The taxes to meet the interest aloDe y<-»
on the sum wculd be onerous in the extieme, 03
to Bay nothing of ultimately paving the priuci- nie
pal by the Bame nieunii CLUflv Irom this view 6S
of the subject the ac. has alwajs been one of px<
great unpopularity with the tax-payers of the *'•
city at large, and our present bt»lief is that even
the persons who wtre inbtrunu-nial in getting t(l
it through the Legislature, under the cxpecta
tion tbat it would add la»gt-ly to the ralue of w<
their property io. the nt*igLborhood ol the pro* 111
posed South Park, would now bs> rery glad of
its repeal. We hare not heard s word said in
its faror for the lart twelTemonth, and doubt re
jlber there be a property-holdtr in the city 1 Bc
who woold defend it. It is lo\ unlikely that a
bill will be presented in txco.-dance with the I Q .
petition for repeal, and if eo we think it will pass
without opposition.
A Building Blown up nt Mackinac—
J hrcc Ateu Uounded. ?
[Prcm the sl*rksanr Hert'd.] 8
About nine oVUK'k oa \V. «ne.-d.iy marnmtj. I)e- t
cemtHsr 21', our cifzeu* Were *t.«rtled b}' a loud re
port, a* ol the tiring o: a Cituuoo. lListening to *
the Rpnt from whence the noise prx-edcl, we \
found the birsre two-htory budding three doors ,
above this offiw, owue lby Messrs. Cliapnnii i: *
Gray, and occupied i»y Mr. John M«ttv a-* a
eery and saloon—a nu*sol ruin-* It app iti.it
the owner ol the st-jie the evening pieviou- re
quested hU clerk, Peter M.t.y, to put on the «tm o
ttie following a can of easier oil, it
lutd congealed,and alien vufficiently melted, to
fill a nuraWr of Acw>rdinsly, the
next morning, after making ji «arm Dre iu the
move, took a three gallou can, supposed to
be cantor oil, but which :n fact \wa of Gf
te u pounds of »«ovrder, «nd placed it oa the
H'ove ! wuich, tn a 'w mnm-ntrt In-Cdme heated,
and, as a muter ot t onr*<\ exploded 1-blowing
the building to atoms— burning and
bruising Pcterund L-.ui" Metty.of this place, and
Joseph Chevcreux, or Wo\> Blanc,all men «r tarn*
New York Dry Goods Trade.
[Prom the S. Y. Evening Po<U Dec. SC.]
A fair biotas is d'>iug in Hie Domestic Dry
tJoods market. Tliere ioe Hrrira!? of soath
ern and >outb-*ehteiu metehuot-'*, which hare
jjiven new activitv :<> the d»ing that cla>s
of trade. The t:;d'iv tfin the W»-t proper n'e
m«»d»-r.ite, a* thosj
plete Ftock ni) .ut the 15th n! February. The
general jobbing trade are acivc iu fecunng ►toeks
for the early sales, and the houses are
quite engaged. Toe manufacturerH arts fcti'.l em
ployed on contracts ye'.,to mature, and ure tlim in
thoir viewH.
Heavy bhcetiug* aud shirtings hare advanced
at the Ea<t, and la:pe j-ules have lieeu made.
Bleached goods hold the advance prcviou-ly no:i
ced. Ttieie is moie moveujeiit iu heavy drills, aud
■eveml heavy huve taken place 'or
export to the South American tuarkels. Printing
cloths contiuue to adv.,uce, as tue stock is low
and the demand quite pre*Miig.
Keoknk Indebtednehs.
[prom the K. T. Ereolojc Poat. SSih.]
The Mayor of the city of Keokuk, lowa, is in
town conferring privately with some of the
heaviest holders of the city indebt#doefs. He
proposes TisitiDg the Boston and Philadelphia
bondholders before calling ft general meeting in
this city. Tbe compromise atJced of the credit
ors is, we believe, to accept railroad stocks of a
nominal market value, at par; lor the coupons
oT the coming five years, or about 40 per cent,
of their claims, by which lime the city expects
to bt in » position to mnjns i&tsrsst psjmaaW.
" Hotv IVot to Do It s* "
The recent
Douglas and Fitch, will be found on tbe next TrUl
page. As & preeticil illustration of*'how not 3
to do it," we regard it as unt quailed in its line,
Tbe funniest note ol ull ia the last, wherein
Douglas chuckles over the success of the strat
agem by which he hid drawn a retraction from
Fitch, and reluses to permit its disavowal. Tbe In th
Jf. V. Eotniug 2W htly characterises the whole
proceeding thua:
The correspondence between' Douglas and
Fitch is highly Pickwickian. It is tall of ifs,
but*, explanations, withdrawal, and everything Mi
but tbe evidence of a desire to light. Neither Plbn!
party meanß to tight, except on paper. Fitch *»r Jc
has ri»tber tho ndranta/e. so far bs soy exiet«, Juraj
for no thorough going duelist conld accept ex- when
planutiona eo tqutrocal io» tbose which he ten- they
dered to Mr. as; and the haste with which move
he lays the correspondecce belore tbe public ertz
shows n
contest. Thie, hc»>ri:r does not prove Fitch'a Q
brarery. De ru»f *> do s'mtthingelee to demon- btr h
strate personal cou - aj;«}, merely back down
so evasive a to».«.s Mr. w'kotc armory ttou.
of guibbUt xcould oulli't th* jntknee of all the
dutii%U in tU tiiii-iU, however pers2\cringly
they may urge hini t > aa I
Four of the men engaged in the recent J
Lynching ol two ut Omaha, Ne- I insD!
brafika, here indicted for murder, und a I w- ith
special session of the District Court bus been I
called for their trial The hUenlf lus alto been toJu
indicted lor neglect of duty iu regard to the 1 Iti
taking away of the prisoners. |
I him,
' ■ • - - ; J paf»l
K3T See McXally & of Val- I Mi
cntines in our advertiiang columns. 1 of tfc
, , . I then
CuAaGtD with Laecckt.—Anna W. Jones I heei
was brought before Justice Akin yesterday af- I
terncon on a charge of stealing a pair of snears I they
from a neigobor, but the evidence not substan- to th
tiuticg the charge, she was diecbarged. I
Mctcoiiolouical lhxoaD kept by J. II Bced & j w
Cj., Apothecaries aud Chemists, 144 and 140 Lake j a u d
street: I aga-
T-ursdar, Jan. 27. Thursday, Jan. £7. j
Ix.ii , vi u. 1 Cr. m. 7a y |l2 u. 1 6p. m. wer
•SLJ2U I 23.«J I iaio I :-!) | 3* I Hi J um
Stbalisg X*WePAf£BS- —William Lucns, a
neweboy, about 16 years, w-s brought be- | tbe
fore Justice Slickney yesterday, charged with I
stealing newepipera irotn McJfiUy & Co , on j j roa
Dearborn street. As tuis was his lirst <Hence, I theii
and he seemed penitent, be was let off with a j cam
c . M with
fiae ot * 3 - • clan
Toe Seetz Case —James Serlz. who waa ar- I
rested on Wednesday on a charge of beating | this
and endeavoring to corrupt his own daughter, 1 pros
was examined at the Armory yesterday morn- j *^
ing, and the girl failiug to eubstantiate ber J j/
charge, tbe case waa dismissed. I becj
Chicago, Altox &. St. Locis Kailboad.—On I
and alter to-morrow two passenger trains will j w j lt
start daily from this cUy, leaving at 10:10 A. M. mon
and ai 0:30 P. M. j on ~
The Joliet accommodation will leave j or
Chicago hereafter a* 5 P. M. j riod
The Lv.cuTßTr.ts Stawhsg Gasb;—The case of 1 ® lfl '
Alexander LecUtsteic, who was arrested some I v *
time Rince for stabbing Peter Keu Rt a danci at 1
tho Illinois ilonae on the Sth inft., waacalled up s^ tQ |
for examination yesterday. Before concluding, I cei*
the case WES adjourned over until to-day in or- j
der to secure the attendfl'-ce cf witnesses. I
' j seei
Executios tf Jaeobi —Yesterday was tbe I ittl
diy 6et for the execution, at Pitlsimrgh, of Ja- j
: kobi, for the mnrdcr of bis wife. Tbe circum- WdX
utunces ol the case - his arrival nt this city with j her
bis paramour aud children, his fPght, pursuit I
and final capture-are event«of too recent oc» I
carrence to need rocapivalation, tbey are slill I the
freth in the minds of all our citizrns. I bar
, [ tho
AannciAL Illcmivatioh—l'aoF. Dlanby's j
Last Lectdrb.—Prof. Blaney will deliver the
last of his interesting course or lectures, at Me- I tha
tropolitan Hill on Monday next—sub- I ten
Arliliatbt ULuiaioaViao. A Ei®opiva of tha J
mattfrs particularly treated of wi/l he found tn j tnk
our advertising cjlumna The attendance I mo
on thn prcrioud !es:ur.'rt given by J'rof. B , ts j j^®
well as their iiistructire churactrr jud the happy J
treatment of the subjects dit'Cusfced, guorantee a j wo
full audience un Monday evening. | t 3o '
I abf
I Mil
Fiue.-The alurui of lire last evening about |
niue oVlock, \vas caus"d br the burning of a I U 0
barn occupied by John Keller, and in the rear j mu
of his d-ve'ling house on i ullalo street, a few I
doors North of Twelfth. Tbe barn, together I j ea
with its contents, consisting of hay, lurniture, 1 yoi
ec , was eutirtly co sunied. A cow, which was
stabled ia it, was got out without itjury. Tbe j thi
barn to Halaey W. .Scoriile, who | wa
ketpsthe hntel on tho corner oi Sontb Clark I tbt
and Twelfth streets. I
I tur
Police—The following was the docket I thi
daytnunnng: j V*
Jolin SLiguiri-, corn, was dNcluirged.
Janus List, dtunk and disorderly, fined $lO and | ma
sent tn Bridewell lor 10 days; Henry Cahel, same I bo'
olVe'iee, J-it; James lluyhes, do. S3. 1
I'jt Fl>nn, Viig.ihona, f 13; Hugh Lynch, do. I £ j K
>;•; Henry King, do. *3O; Thomas McGinnity, let
d ». s2>; John U'llmce, do. discharged; Andrew I 08
lionu'ivan, d». jl'); William Walker, (not the 1
"gray-eye J nn:i 01 drfstinysls. I ofi l
Willi im U ;i-, arreted lor stvalii g newspa- I A.
pers from HcXally «t Co., w.ih fi'ied $3. I
Lmi.-a V-:ng, strniiti-r fr-.-in Joseph wit
S'o.-kt r, w.!-; lu'M in sjoo lo ari-<wer. j get
- I vei
Aube'teo ron ah Hailkb. —Thomas I
Martia, of Uietirtu cf Hurt & Martin, merchants I
of in th'H .S.a'e, was arrested I lom
yesterday uod brought bei ire Justice iiilliken, j
oa tbe coinpl-iat yj J. 1), Sherman, a dry goods j wa
merchant ol tin* c.t\ f eh. rgicg him with larceny I t e p
as bailee, o{ ris to t'ne amount ul f 1500. The J str
ex'kriiiuatiou v; tl.e pris'iiifr wan postponed un- I P ri
Id u at 2 o'cljck. I. :s stated that Mr. I
1 hu* b-1 jin the nor ol tending goods I liv
, t<i Burt A: Murii.-, to be- /Id by theui as agents ; j ho :
they to make rttur 1 (if the rr-.ceeds once a j
f week. The retume not being satisfactorily j jjt
,f simt-where ol the amount named I
n above, llicce tbe urrest. The prisoner waa 11 ]
lt required lo bond i for his appearance in tho bo
y sum of fl,r»00. ga ,
a U9
UoRBtDLB Occoaßßt.cs.—Yestfcrdav about 12 S8
o'clock M. as Mrs. McUraw, Kif, of John Mc- jV
Graw, tecond h-cd lurniturc dealyr, residing at p.^
117 Jackson Ktrc-et, dtrcc'ly in the rear of the th'
.. CAhfjrou llovwe on th- nnrah ear. corner of I
South Cltrk and Jackson streets, was melting | jg
some tar over a tire in her kitchen, the tur took I ii<
V. bre, and suddenly the vessel containing 1 10
\o tbe burning tar, its contents were thrown over I
• c her dress, insUutiy eavelopiug her in flimes. Ini
She gare a loud »)Crt;aio, which has heara by 1 f(
r.,. Mr. Jennings, tie kreper of tbe California I y
'•>t Hou?e, who happened to be close at band. He 1 b
sprang to the door, bursting it open, and at the I 11
it, same moment Mrs. McUruw rn«hed out, her 1 r
to clothes completely enveloped in tUuier, but to t
Buddenly tbat Mr. Jt-nnicgs did not at lirst dis- I 5
j 0 cjrer the frightful condition she was in. Mrs. | '
Gf* McGraw ran into the street, wild!y ahritkiag, J 1
until sho reuched the frout of tho California j
House on Clurk street, when some men cangbt I
and her in their arms and quickly wrapped their J
and c uts tr.'.uod her, hut not until every article of J
Am * her clothing waR completely burnt from ber j
person, and her body a perfect crisp from ber I
bead to her feet. A physician was called who
n administered inch rebel as be coold, but there
is hardly a possibility of ber recovery. Mr.
tare Jennings was enabled to extinguish the Lre in
l*-* the kitchen, which at one time was almost a
(>m- complete sheet of tlame.
The *
ocks Uocsa HcxrifQ —Editort Prut and Tribune:
rare —I am one of those unfortunate individuals
tm- who ifßnt a house, but bow to get one, ,4 that is
min tbe question." I bod none advertised in tbe
papers; but 1 ocas'ioni lly, in my travels through
need thc6treets, see notices of *'Tnis House to Let,
lade, inquire of L>odimn9 L&ndgraO, Real Estate
noti- Agent, 2)01 Rural Lane," or some other like ;
, aud localitr. placarded on trout ot a tenement which
B . ; " r 1 think will suit me. 1 seek Mr. U, and after
several ineffectual attempts, succeed io boding
i low him, to be informed tbat tbe bouse it Ut. And
iheu I may g) through the like manipulations
" maty a time and Ott," and still be without a
honse. Now, I want to ask hoube owners, if
thev hare bouses to let, and want good tenants,
is in why tbey do not advertise tbe. fact through the
' tbe papeis, stating location, number of rooms, the
He price of rent, when it can be seen, ic., as is
Iphia done in all civilized cities, and thereby afford a
ngin "ready relief" to those unfortunates who are
redit- in search of a place tbey may call "home,"
aof a if only for a brief season. Jonx Jo.nbs.
'cent! I tu Kß e *^ oD °f OQr f l^® i® * pertinent
rpecta 1 one > a °d ought to attract the attention of those
3«aU. j l&t*:«ate4—[£n.-
was <
" I vis
TrUl ef Henry Jnmpertz, for the Alleged that
Mcrder of Sophie Werner, at Chicago, ensic
B*rrli Gill, 185 S. 1
. BeCr<
' 1 in bt
In tie Ciicnit Court ot Cook County, Judge &
Manierre Presiding. •
° she i
' Jum
tsstikont coNTWesn. Was
Mrt. Mina Veitenhcimer ncorn—Frands Do obj>;<
Plbnl mteri»reter~L;ve on Market street, corner tQ nei
oT Johuson, Milwaukee; kuew Sophie Werner and S
Jumpertz; it was in tiummer, don't know the dite WJ th
when 1 tirat kuew them; a year ago last eummer, Wer
they were living on Johnson street; afterwards pcrei
moved to Market street; Don't know when Jump, ner*
ertz lelt Mihra'aket:; it was about Christmas; wher
Sot»hle left on the 3d of Match. Did ;
Q. Did you have any conversation with her ou in th
litr having us to her reasons for coming to Chi- parti
cagof A. Ves. Q. When was thisj conversa- vorc
tion? A. At different times after Juuinertz had whet
goDe. Q Ilad you any at ttie time sbe lelt? A. Doe
Yes, was there when she left. Q. State the whole Q. \
of tbat conversation at the time she went away. Jum|
(Objected to, overruled.) A. She said to me time
that Jumpertz had written to her to come to bim, oiicu
that they would I've together and open business come
in same small towu. Q. Had you conversation El
with her at different times reUtiv* to Jumpertz? the J
A. Oh % es, often after she hud recircd letters from and !
him. What did Sophie state to yon relative ertz
to Jumpertz ? (Objected to.) up si
iHttrict Altornfy stated that the prosecution in th
desired and intended to show that the prisoner and !
found that Ssphie was determined to come to time
him, and would not remain, and tbat be delib* Chri
erately perpetrated the crime alleged. He only
thdbght it would be competent to show all that rccei
paf»ed between them. lette
Jfr. McComai—The defence were not afraid ouc
of these details, lie would say frankly that
there were some that they had objected to tbat ters
be even wished were ir. it was done because At
of their dnly to their client to take advantage
of all debutesble ground. It was not that
they felt the eridecce objected to was irjurions ~
to their cli'Ht. , '
Mr. Jlavtn -Tboflght the position of counsel .
was singular. If they wished the testimony in
why dirt th»-y object?
Ifr. McComa* -Wished to take advantage of tl|Cn
all debatecblc ground, not intending to decide ,
aga-rist evidence or show of its bearing.
Mr. Vd'i Ar/n'in stated be had objected j?
to all reported statements of Sophie ] er \
Werner as to contents of letters written by
Jumpertz. The exception was taken on the lum '
gronnd that it was debateable, as just stated. . );iro
Tiu iJitlrici Attornty referred to the fact tbat t |, e
the defence bad claimed that Sophie Werner q. i
came to Chicjgo by Jumpertz's permission to bid Ull ']'
him adieu. The prosecution wish to establish the)
from evidcuce tbat tbe relatiocß of the parties, thin
their conduct, her state of mind, &c., that she A.
came from Milwaukee incited by him as if to live auyi
with bim, but realty to gat rid of ber. ller ds- weu
clarations as showing 6tate of mind will be Mot
competent as j art of tbe rts gesta. Tbe defence ther
will attempt to show all tbe surroundings, as *ay
tbisisa case of circumstantial evidence. The Q. \
prosecution in tbe Parkmun Webster caee cov. n<joi
ered with evidence eight years of the relations A.)
of the ' arties. A.
Jfr Fun Arman objected to the question only
because it was too broad. It corered too much, go t
By the Court held tbat any conversation of
tbe deceased at this particular period of time m y
with any of tbe witues&cs is competent testi- thn
mony and will bo admitted, on the ground tbat
on i»c inquiry a3 to tbe state of mind, sentiments
lor dispoeation of a person at any particular pe- tiie
I tiod, hifi declaratioLS und conversations are ad- kne
I missible. Tbe are parts ol res guta. [1 Green,
I Ev. Sec. 10S, p. 157. ] ( )f ,u
I A, She told me nothing farther than that she the
] bad received letters aud wus going away. Q wri
State what she said'/ A She said she bid j
ceived letters and was to 'olinw him. (J Dir hat
I she say anything else? A. Only tbat he told ate
her to veil herself closely, speak to no one, and j
I thut he would call for her, about whieh she wri
I seemed very sorry, she did not like it. (J. Wan ift
it tbe last leiter from bin. ?A. I don't kunw; it she
I was fchcrtly before she lelt. ( L > Whit did bD3 wai
mean by his " calling for her V A. Sbe was to ma
wait at tbe depot in Chicago until he called for ter
I her. (J Whut else did she say ? A. Tbtttina Jui
I letter *ne had received before that he had writ- pla
j t-n, tbat be wantedber to sdlallber things, put my
I them together in a second b.md store, and it joi
I they did not bring but nine crti-jfU dollara to Shi
I have them sold and send the money to bim ; coi
( that tbey would buy themselves new. Jui
I To Mr. Tan -The contents ol the let- Wi
ter were told to me by Sophie lies
I Counsel for dtfthce moved to strike out all up
I tbat part of the testimony referring to the con- ala
I tents of the letter. Overruled Mu
I (J Was anything further said ? A. She said Oth
I she wou'tl write lo Jumperiz ;hat the would Tm
I tnkc a ftw days to sell the things, so as to get A
I more for them; she could not get so much lor let
I them in such a hurry. Also thut she would take Ca
I but :ew things aloue with ber, as be had written thi
1 her to sell everything, dresses ond all, that he wii
] would buy ber again nice dresses; recollect I c
J nothing further. Q. How lofrif was this letter th<
j about selling the things received before she left ale
I Milwaukee? A. 1 cannot say. <J Ilow Jong shi
I was the last one? A Cauuot remember. Q. Yc
I How long before she lelt did she tell you she SQ<
I must take a few days to sell the things? A. It up
j may ba*e been three or four weeks. Q. Did uh
I you ever hare any other conversation about rer dif
i learing Milwaukee? A. No. Q How far did (
j you lire from her? 4. Two uouses distant.
Q How ofieo did you see Sophie ? yl. Almost tei
I every day; she used to come and sew and see de
I tb« children. Q How did the ?etm? A, Al- me
j ways very £ay ; these visits cnutinued up to Mi
I the last moment; she came to bid me good bye; ce:
I she said she shou.d write to us in weeks. in
I Q. Do jou know what preparation Sophie made let
I tur coming to Chicago. A. She packed her CI
I thiuga put them on a dray and took them awav. rei
j <J. D.d ehe s«y novthing ot the business tbey $2
were to be engaged in, Jumptrtz and herself? ce
IA. No. Q Did bbe do any sewing. A Sbe wj
j made some towels; gave no reason; don't know th
bow long it was before she left; may have been «h
I a month or six weeks, don*t know. (J Didshe tri
I huve conversation wita you about opening a to
I chop. A. Ves; she said she bud receired a an
j letter from Chicago ; tbey were going to open he
a shop, (oarber's shop;) it might have been two ro
I months before she came. va
J Crots iximintd by Mr. McCoinat—Q. Ilow mi
j often did you see prisoner and Siphie togetuer. th
IA. Very little. Q Did their intercourse seem Ju
I pleanaot. A. Yea; I wanted ber to wash at my sti
I bouse, and went over there; looked in ut tbe ce
( window ar.d saw them on a sofa very loving to- iOi
1 gether. <J When yon say she was gay. was ehe ce
I gay. A. tfo; she was friendly civil. be
I Q. D:d ahe not seem in high glee. A. Y'es. Q
I Did you ever see ber in low sptrit«. A. Only
j when sbe received that letter, then she was in as
I low spirits. ne
j To Mr. MilUr -I mean the letter when she at]
I was to come alone veiled. 1°
August Htrrttrg, worn.—(Mr. De Pfnul, in-
I terpreter ) Kesiae corner of Main and Johnson ea
j streets, Milwaukee; work in the "Seebote"
I printicg office; knew deceased; do not think I ni
ever saw prisoner; knew ber when her child tb
was born in Angnst, 1557,'1 thick; sbe «u then
living on Market street; I think it is Pollard's g<
1 house- Mr. ilaabe lived above; as I beard from
others, Jump°ri* le*t for dilwankee in Decern- r«
1 ber; bare had conversations with deceased re
lative to Jumpertz; apart of that time bad oc- in
casion to come to ttaabe's honse, as we workud ei
iu tbe same printing odice; during sometime-- u
it was in tbe montn of October-1 got marruid ot
and moved to Green Bay street, and saw them »'
bat seldom; afterwards moved back again and n
saw them more frequently, after the 'Uh ot Jan- fj'
uarv and spoke to tbe "Mrs. Jumfenr,'
s8 ehe permitted herself to be called; [ r
' it was only the last four week- that my wi.e weat J
' tofcecMrs.Raabe,and Mrs. Ifciabe aud Mrs. Jn ii- 11
» I p*t'z went to see tnv wife; i was present;
> tlien said among other things tbat site had rtcelv- *•
r | a 1-in r, in which she was ctlled to ootue to 11
[ Chicago on the Ist March; she said *he could not ®
? 1 do itnu tw sue could not sell her things in that
: timo. t«eeause she had been requested in that letter [•
, 1 to k*ll her things, even tier dresses; tuatwiehad
5 I ttcoivctl itaother letter after that; was to come
r I veiled and speak to no one; that she was tore- 11
I 1 ninio lu the dejjot nt Chic-igo alone until he called a
_ I for bet; tie warned her not to go away; (objected ®
to; «klence tnowd to strike out statements of *
:a 1 witnes.*; overruled) llecollect nothing further u
[ e j hut that she siiu tint he was a s nart '
, e 1 niati atid did not believe iu any God; £
1 recollect nothing more of that conversation; 1
er j never Ind any opportu "iiy to know of the rela- c
to I tinus of the parties. Q• D'ashee\erMyaiivjhin ' t
is- a,M,ut , Vit " lr ration*? (Ohjeded to-obieeiioa <
1 overruled ) A As 1 recoiu-et, she s«).l s
j with her lirst husband, and then U*<nai.a- n iViTr t
,E. .J w.m Jumtvrtj.. <i. DM s!!c 1
pia I it ' M '"t being married to Juai;.ertz' a v,.f t
,ht "t «> i.ie tim» i„; i
1. , r lir ' L ri> mjrk !l;,u Ii j,.. r ,
*T 11111 " u ' c livi »« '«S«I«.T us I.Jhe/i5
°r r '• 11 WTpr,M Uf .0 , oU the
ber fie tow toto; '
rta td lliL'j' (o.reuad I'ru m, r) » t -ie ,
ber secretly l,v 0D Aiaenuu l.reaclier; -!,e SJJ'iV,. '
,ho 1> >d n-niten several times lo lmn tliit she wa,a c j
ere f° <• """S'S »«4 »Ue >va S oak ; :
Mr 1 rem.in win ti m< innin- ree? '
Mr. lec! aotiiin.; lur:her said; slic lei Miltr.. t„
> " M "".l.ahj P. II.;
st > packing ber lhini.ii, and cooldonl?
coaverbe here and ihere. Ba o Bl id .JJ
wm roidk to Chiogo; that ahe ».! „f„'.
lavi I !tV°V M rf'' r(:lj ' bolM,,i| i "°» manage it ,s° „
M( . »iji alie had got monej-, and had cone to M r
oals w Uk tb9rec t» a ud got some paid b c w *
II ' 8 Von oxber money abe hud from ten
the f, S0 - 1 "qaested ber if the did not like it S
lOga back again; the „,d shewoaM
Let, " n, ° " r J ,»==»« to ho* the
,t.to »!»■>(!: 1 °' j s fcod an hour's time to „e her ?
like » LWe and oil doth; pa°d het
hich |l 50; she had tome more money on aLantit of
liter waahmn; 1 reco leci that ,t dirers time.
Sing h " *!" mQn H. 10 Jomvert* at Chicago sil
in 3 «tat»d reveral time, the had to earn money s
Lions J omperil had bought a lot he had to nay oB ?
, ol a ooee said to her ut to tend the moni/io J„m
*, ir V". lz ' ut k «P h "« lr - She tail she "t
ants, goini! to send lt ; It waa perhaps some djva be
, tho tors she lelt. She was ut a g 00;1 te mptril - m 0
the g°°d humor, longing for him ■
'•»" , C l aU ? z!lmi!ud , Mr - JfrC-'oii^.-Jadse
)rd a of her .temperament, because she »»s ,
, are }° «° > h . ere wub m T "ijej have aej„ ber
me « «a»hlnn and ironing- went there two or ihre«
„ times, perhaps; atajed from half an hour to an
. hour, conversing; we all conversed together ■
lncßt can't Bay how man, times we were there' it wai
those oa visits. Q. Haro jou eyer had opi >0 r lun , UI ..
. [to aes hsr la her dally avocations whin shS wm
not receiving visitors? A. No, I have not; it I exai
was only during tbe last foor weeks my wife aod I that
I visited there; have seen her at Raabe's before j oer*
that two weeks; don't think I ever bad any oe- j ties
casiOD to talk to her; I even avoided speaking I save
to her, because there always seemed some | cont
secresy between prisoner and deceased; I alloi
Q. What made you snbseqaently throw off yonr I cop]
reserve? A. Because I sympathised with her I waa
ia her misfortanes of which I became aware. I the
Q. VThen did you hear ahe was going to Cbica- I part
go ? A. It was ia tbe last lour weeks. Q. Did I to t
she ever tell yon where she was married to I cat'
Jumpsrlz? No. Q. Were you in the habit of | bet*
calling her " ilrs. Jamperlz?" A. I was. Q. I opet
Was it from whatshe said? A. Yes; ebenever I the:
objected to it in any way. Q. la these mla63r« | mov
tunes spoken o£ did she telfjou ahont Weroet? I kidc
A. She said some person had come to tbe house j the!
w;th whom Werner had gone away; she said I Exa
Werner was her first husband; that she (the I thee
person.referred to)came to tbe house, and Wer- J verj
ner went :away with her, she could Dot say 1 part
where; thought he be at Chicago. Q. j surf
Did you at that time know it was a high crime I teel
in tbe laws of this country to marry twice, both I the
parties living? A. No. She said .she was di- j sion
vorced from her tirst husband. (J Did she say I ped
where she was when her husband left her ? A, I crin
Do not recollect. I cut«
What did 6be mcanby longing to come to j not
Jiimpcriz? A. She said hbe had lived a long I rigl
time with 'rim acd wanted to come. Q. How | hail
ojien did sVe say she bjd written to hitn to let ber I a fi
come? A. That she had written several times. I sun
Elizabeth Dtbus, sworn Am flftecn yea r s old I waa
the Oth of May; live on Market hstween Juhnsou I rail
and East Water streets, Milwaukee; knew Jump- j ioo
ertz and Sophie Werner; tbey lived cJoie by U3 j bacl
up stairs, the fits', time; the next time they lived I not
in the third hou?e ftvm us; I was there to cany | can
and bung away washing; was there three or four ord
timed a day; Jompertz lett Milwaukee before I alee
Chris'mas-; heardJio reajea or his leaving; Sophie ] two
only Raid >he thould soon follow him; knew ol her I ber,
receiving lettera from Jnmperta ; seen her write j Bft y
letters olten; only 6aw two of Jumpeilz'i letteis; I bee
one I read; (objected to hersta'ing the contents; J coa
olijL»ctlon sustained;) I have seen her put the let- j j q,
ters away as eh« received them. j £
Adjourned to 2 o'clock, P. 3f. I pre;
} add
City Marshal Rthm recalled—Prisoner stated I ' r J l
to me that he destroyed the letters of deceased, j mtß
all hut the one shown on this trial. Did he I mei
say anything about looking over her baggage and I
deatn>yiug everything that had her name upon I
them? A. lie said he took ail the letter* out of J *>*»
her trunk and burued them, so that they could not I fho
be I ,DCI
Elizabeth Debus— (Direct resumed by Mr. Mil- I ura
ler.)—Q. State what was iu the letter you i-txw. I the
(Objected to by defence, tbat tbe proper founda* I lon
lion tor proving the contents of the letter, by I lj;
parol -, has not beeu liid, nor the authorship of I and
the letter established. Objection sustained) Imo
Q. State how mauy letters you siw Sophie have, j be«
au l who they were from. A. Cannot gay who J injf
they were from. Q. D.d Sophie ever Kiy any- I not
! tiling after Jumperz left will* refrrence to him ? j inti
A. 1 did not hear anything. Q Did you ever bay I coo
anything to her about Jurapertz ? A. After he I ora
weut awa", she always f-aidhe wa<J her brother; I wai
Mother asked her, "Was he her brother?" and I frti
thi-n she said, "No, I live with him." Q. Did she I ha 1
>ay anything more about Jumpertz? A. No. I ed;
Q. When did she go away ? A. Wednesday alter I tioi
titjon, .March 3d. <2- DM she nay why she lelt? 1 all l
A. No, I can't tell. Q. When did you la«t teeher? I «o"
A. My motli'T with wcut to tbe depot; she I exi
only said ''farewell" to my mother; I ?aw them I ii tt ,
go to the depot; did not no myself. <2 Did you I b Ol
sleep with tiojmte alter he l- lt Milwaukee, and | CQ |
h-»w otten? A. Yes; I cannot tell how oftco; ji D
my mother would not let me deep there the la*t -I
three weeks. Q Did you sleep there otten be* I aKI
lore? A. Always slept with her until New J tj C
Years; hhewoulitake tue out of ray bed, saying j e8
i-he was afraid to sleep alone; slept there until I 0D
ttie last tiireeor four weeks befuiv rftie left; dou't I 0 (i
know what picparation she mule to come to Cni- j ,j e
cago; she sold Iter things; Mrs. Purple bought I cu
her tvedstead; Mrs. Kiche and Mrs. Ilaibe, all I on
bought things. Q. Did she state why she sold I
the things.' A. No. Q Have you seen Sophie j cej
write, and how often? Jl. or five times 1 m '
To Mr. JJeCornat-Never read any ot her I : g
handwriting; only saw ber writing as I passed I th
atont, j
To jy'utrict Attorney - Can tell ber hand j t
writing. [Latter shown.] Cannot tell exactly I b „
if that was ber's; am not so certain about it; I *
she wrote in this manner; deceased's writing I q
was smaller and not so plain as this letter; she I
made her letters smaller, but like this; ber let- I
ters were not so separate as this; have seen I
Jumper z's letters; read one; he wrote more |
plainly than Sophie wrote; I K°t the one 1 read I
myseU from tbe PoSt Ollice. Q Did yon, when 1
you read the letter, Talk about Jumpertz? A. I .u
ahe only said it contained good aews -now sbe j
could Chicago-that after she got there, j
Jumpertz would go with ber to SU Lauia. Q. I j.
Was any business mentioned? A. I did not 1 .
hear that; tbe day before she left she packed I ■
up some large cakes, saving M we will take those I ij
along; she teas to be in Chicago on the Ist ol |
March; she Suid he had written thatktfort. the I
Oth of Murch (he must be in Chicago. Do I
tou remember anything said by J a
A Ido not. y. llow long did she receive this I M
letter before she packed up her things? A. I
Cannot say; as near as 1 can say, it was two or 1
three (J. Had you stoppsd sleeping |
with her bctore that time? A Ye?, regularly; I |j
I only slept wiib her seldom a: the time she got 1 at
the letter; it was only cccnsionally; ceased J , n
sleeping regularly with her four weeks before ] tl
she got the letter. Q. llow long after New j w
Yuai'swasit? It was only a weeks before I ,]i
soe left; there were some ycung men sleeping I
up suiris und mother thought there was oo i ft;
more reason ;or her beini: afraid. Q. What I
did she bring with her? A I cannot siy. I
[Oross exumiO'itiou of wt;nfj*s declined.] I bi
Edward I'ollart, eicorn.—(De Phu 1 , interpre- 1 jj
ter) Live in Milwaukee; knew prisoner and | u
deceased since August, 1357 ; th?v lived with I o
me in tbe bouse; knew when Jumpertz left 1 si
Milwaukee in December, 1557, I think; saw de- I b
ceased on the 3d of March for last time, with me ( b
in my saloon; she told me she had received a I a
letter from her husband, written ber to come to I ti
Chicago; she asked me if I would refund tbe j *
rent paid six months in advance; I did refund | c
S2O, ;'nd wrote a receipt which she signed ; (re* j 8
ceipt shown); that is the receipt; she said she I a
was to leave the next day in evening train ; gave I b
the receipt on 3d March at 12 o'clock—uoon; 1 i
she said she should get ready far the evening I n
train of the sbe said she waa going I t
to to her husband; said nothing about 1 a
anv buuinubs they were to be engaged in; saw I t
her only that time; Jumpertz tirst rented the 1 c
room io August, 1557; he paid the rent in &d- j e
vane-?, in the middU cf December, for six I t
months; when be rented the bouse in August, 1 t
there was no one living there; don't know where I ]
Jumpertz was living; the house ia on Market I I
street, between Johnson and Martin streets; & I <
ceriain Haabe, toreman ot the " Seebote" print* | f
iog otlice. lived io the same bouse; prior to De- I i
cember, Jumpertz paid the rent of tbe house; 1 <
be paid all tbe reot. I j
•CrosS' Eximiiatijn. —Declined. j 1
Mr. McV&mas, of counsel for the defence, I 1
asked permission to examine a couple of wit I \
nesses tor the delencc, now in this city from I i
abroad who are poor—unable to remain without I ]
loss. I ,
District Attorney.—What does tbe defence 1
expect to prove from these witnesses ? | :
Mr. McOomas.—Vf'd shall attempt to prove I
nothing, of course, that occurred at or before I
they went to Milwaukee. (
Mr. llatat was ready for the prosecution to ]
go on with tbe New York witnesses. j
[ The Court. —The witnesses for defence refer- 1
red to, may take tbe stand in the morning. I
Michatl Tangley, bicorn— .My business is dray- I
iug; l»een or eiulit yeara in tbe city; am I
[ engaged at the Milwaukeedepotj.is uraytueti; been J
there a ytar iu:xt tail; b-.'lievc I <l< (eiiduut on I
I sth March, ISSS, at Milwaukee depot ia the after- j
i noon; think it was u'ter 3 o'clock; he me to I
I h:ml some gi.ods lor him to Building; J
he gave me the numb r of the room; u>ld me to I
» deliver them there; the «oods were at the depot I
in this city; he told me rom No.'iU,iuPotaeroy's j
' huildiug; * I got ou? hhl of houseUold goods, one J
mattress, one roctiug clnir, oae leather trunk I
[ with bundle attached, aud another trunk; I de
livered the m to room No 30 up stairs, in Pome- I
> roy's Baildiug, right to Clark street bridge I
ou South Water street, ou the north aide of the |
' street; went up four pair of stairs; the room was I
' \ a t>.o upper storj; nwt a lady there; the asked if I
I t'icsc were the got»ds seut there; I suid ye.?; I de
' livervd them aud asked mr my |uy, and sh«> paid
r; i rapped at the door, aud she opened; the
i a.-ked where was the mati who sent the things; I
j said I did notkuo*; she paid me hatf a dollar ;
r I left the things in tbe room—the things I have
r mentiooed to yon; there was no light nor gas
t lit ia the room; passed no remark on the wo
- man ; she seemed to be tair-haired; it seemed
' t3 me she was combing or fixing her hatr; an
i* other drayman had been hired, but he could cot
tind the room; ha took the goods back to tbe
% d-not • doa't think she wore a dress bat a shawl
d around her; I taink it was about 4 o'cloct; abe
- paid me 50 cents ia stiver; was there only a
'«• miuute. Q. How do you ttx tbe date as the sth
° of March ? A. I get >t OQt of xh * de P ot rece, P t
u* book • 1 saw the gocda a little after that at tbe
is Court House; (trunks shown to witness;) it ap*
d pears to me tbey took like tha trunks I dehver
ie ed to the room; I was standing by the depot
a; when prisoner hired me; don't know how long
:d the Roods bad been there; tae trains coma in in
w the afternoon; i think the goods camo tn before
-d that afternoon; never have seen the rocking j
f *' chair I carried since ; 1 saw one like it at at lbs
Marshal's otfica. _ „
3U Crotg Exjmiifd by Mr. Van ArMm—l tirst j
spoke to prisoner ; aiked him did he want the
>y go-.ds hauled; it was four o'clock about; it was
3e light, 1 coulu see the woman; tbe other dray*
man came to demand his pay of her ; the pri*-
XB oner was not there;, never bad seen him before;
£* pissed no remark oa any body about the bnild
"•». JDjj.
Worcester Beach jrtrcr.i— Reside at Ifo. 92
ujji "ea\«6th street, New York; am a physician ;
•' was called to make a pott mortem examination oo
7 * mutilated body oa Sd of April, 1853 ; waa re
her < l aeßl<J( i to do so by Coroner Hills of New York
toff- • wting as assistant Coroner *t tbe
sbe was acting as physician and assistant
She «h TOB ? r J body was at Ddllerae Hospital
,as ,s^ e » Q 1 j lr V a ' r it; did not go to the depot;
I ®tieadofthe barrelwagoatwhenlfirstsawit;
um. out of the barrel bv Joha O'Brian,
not *5-<\®A a k I^< a d House of the Hospital, as
bt} cl o ih-. T UroD ff Hills and myself; there were
tfUt » wa ni.» round it which we removed;
rookX/m™* 80 . 01 ® clothM in barrel; we
ldR ? placedihiS?,s s 60 e * amin e-i body; I
r .» 1 corre-oond i 6 4 0 u R artß together to see if tbey
. Ler i^ 0 « Kedto lhe avM bod *"»
hree ot the bodp nif ° OJ < bfuexamint}dlhe aariica
® aD »f there T er ' OQ,i t>urp?6fj of seeing
|»M2 "Old be idMtiKli" °r 0 mirkß wh,ch il
'»7i ,aceß « the Dlaee* ih examined,the cut aur
«!! Tidtf d; aeaerSiSll* b ® bod 7 hac * been di*
IWM . boaM Uffid * 2 tha Mm *T h * beoQ cut, the
' I made a report of my
examination to tbe Coroner (a copy shown;] tbe
that is a copy made by tbe clerk in the Coro- Field
ner*o ctfice; tbe bead and two inferior extremi- at B<
tics were severed from the trunk; the cot tbat Phyi
severed the head was just below the trachea, rel fi
continuing directly backwards. (Witnera tfaa main
allowed by Court to refresh memory by tbe had
copy.) The limbs were both cut in two; abdomen come
waa laid entirely oyen, incision commencing at bead
the bottom 0( belly, and continued upward and marli
partially through breast boae; my report says charj
to the third rib} Ido not recall it; the other ftmin
cut was at right aagles, transversely, midway 44
between tbe two ends of the cut, laying
open oce side of the cavity; the otfte* «:dc ot
the abdomen was not cut; the viscera were re- r
moved, stcmach, liver, iotuti&es, pancreas, . J
kidneys, bladder, and uterui; tbe viscera of .!*
the thorax were ondistnrbed,thelnnga and hi ari, e
Examined tbe organs ;of tbe chest, found
them healthy; examined the brain, lound it [
very much congested in itsexurnil surface, the L .1,
part that would show congestion; tbe interoul l"*"
surface waa apparently healthy; examined the
teeth particularly for tbe po-'peae of Identilying j, C(
the body ; one of tbe arms hid two little inci- j
sions in it; there was on thia arm a cioih wrap
ped around it; it was not put on straight, but ta j \
crimpled op j was wrappped quite firmly; the j Jr u
cuts were inside of the bend ol the elb3w; cm- am j c
not say positively which arm; think it was the 0 f t b
right; 1 feel certain it was the riijht arm; the ,j d
hair was cut quite short; tie body was that of 0 f (;
a female, of rather light btild; did not mea- 0 f jj
sure toe size; tbe hair w&l brown; the body f OQD
was well preserved, tbe face retaining the nata- me t
ral appearance; I pursued the ordinary ooarse (j ot(
in opening the head, incising the akin, taming
back the scalp, sawing off top of skuil; could neM
not from the body form aoy opinion as to tbe 0 f
cause of death; tbe eyes were rather sunken, of
ordinary siza and blue color; the barrel wua an - a i e d
alcohol or whiiky barrel: toere was an address,
two initials, aad "Jennings," some nnm* c j 7e
ber, Leonard street. (A barrel shown.) Should j aa3
say tbat was the barreL Q Had the stomaoi D£w
been present, and tbe death been by poison, | e d g
could you have discovered it by analysus. A
I might or might not. f ouc
Crou-txawined by Mr. F«n Arman —The
presence of the stomach woold have given me
additional means of discovering the couse of ooe]
death; discovered no uousuaTexternal mirks of m 7
| irjurj; all the organs of tb« abdomen were ri
i missing; in my first enumerat;on I omitted to f rOQ
mention the spleen; the diaphragm was unmu- wa3
I tilated; it is a division between tne thorax and & f ltt
I abdomen; there were none ot the organs par- op .
tiaily gone aod partially present; 1 examined
the lunge, brat tn tiiu, them took then out and tb al
incised them diUerent ways; they were in a nat- j t
ural condition; there was almost no blood in k ee ,
them; found no moroid appsaranoea about tbe b aT '
Inngs; examined them ana tbt» heart particular- s <j (
lj; cut the beart to examine cavities and valves, ir^e
and examined large arteries adjacent; first re- mai
moved sknll, then tbe dura mater; it was Bl{t i
healthy; found tbe pira mater, its blood vessels ft c j
injected with dlood; in health these vessels are 0 f D
not visible to the eye; took out the brain; cut
into it in various ways; tbe sinuses of the brain aQ
contained a little blood, no is4re than u bealtby
orain should; tbe only evidence of congestion pu j
was of the blood vessels at the surface; have
frequently examined beads of persons deceased;
bave seen others more and others less congest
ed; it would not be proper to call the conges* wet
tiou a distose\ it seldom occurs alone; it gener- WQ
ally occurs with other diseases; the conges- os
tion i? question might have caused death; 0D( j
examined the cut and severed surfaces; the flesh a t,c
bad been cut with a tolerably sharp knife, tbe t h o
bones had been sawed; as to tha difference of
cuts made before and alter death, could not dis*
tioguish unless some time bad intervened after t^e
death in the Utter case. Witness described 0D
again the cuts opening the abdomen. Tbe ver- waj
tical cut opened to tbe third rib, about six inch* <
es above the bottom of the sternum. Toe cut
only partially severed the bone; have no means j
of knowing if the cuts we»e made before or atter p 0
death; they could not bave been long after; tbe f or
cuts on the arm were on Uje bend of tbe eluow;
one was in tbe vein usually opened lor bleeding; C | K
the other one is seldom bled from; it is tbe eS(
cephalic vein; tbe median vein shows itself ( Q 2
more prominently when tbe progress of tbe blood , V o
is impeded; only one incision penitrated a vein; bai
there were no means ot knowing if they were dt i
made before or after death; cuts made immedi* c bi
ately after death can hardly be distinguished; the
by immediately i mean one or two hours; it tin
woold depend" on tbe rigidity of the muscles. st<;
(J. In the caße of a wound after death would not ro<
a cut after death gap open more than before frt
death? A. It would if made after a little time ; on
the wounds in the arm, tbat in the median vein, vh
was half an inch >n length, the other shorter; W
on the former the lips were nerceptibly parted, frt
the others less so; internally, there w«a under sp
tbe skin evidence of bleeding; some blood had
passed out; it would run out a little shortly af- so
ter death, but long alter daub it would not ki
do so; in the cut there was a slight coagu- to
lum; tbe other presented no such appearance ; a
have practised mcdiciuc for five years; never in tb
save aa a&tudeuf; it is customary to bleed 1»1
iu the median vein; the gashes were of the usual wi
t ! Z2 iu blecdiog wucre a spring lancet id uied; he
witii a thumb lancet they woul>J«uivc bccm>millor; w<
a cloth was wrapped about tb& area uii scjuutily LI
as a bandage, but wrinkled up; remember ouly a
this oue cloth; do not think it wjs bloody; from in
tie appearance of the body did uot pretend to h<
give any opiniou as to time since death; decompo
sition depends mucQ on the weather; did not ex
amine barrel particularly; did not examine tbe m
inucus metnbraue of mouth or throat; do not pi
think I mutilated or cut the neck or throat in any n
way; the appearances suggested to me no mode of . .
ileatn; I was searching for no particular mode; as n '
Assistant Coroner for three years have held tuauy b
Inquests and ma Ic examinations; I only used a
saw in severing tne skull, no where cUc on the n
body; the incision tbat divided the ueck must bave ~
been pretty sharp. (Referring to his minuies.) I ci
find I mid somewhat doll cutting instru*
1 ment; never examined tbe brain or bead
1 of a person wbo died of strangulation; "
such a death ought to congest the ri
brain, tbe heart wonld act more violently ; tbe al
> blood also impeded on its return; in tbe case of j
1 a death by strangulation, where subsequent mu
> ti Nation took| place, tbe traces of congestion Cl
1 would remain in tbe small blood-vessels and a
capillaries; tbe lungs should also present a
state of congestion; tbe blood-vessels then are
as small; in a case of drownlog tbe death is by *
) strangulation, lungs and brain not congested; n
; in cases of death, by irritant poison, as by arse
; nic, the brain should be congested; it would
; take place by the violence of action; the lungs £
t should be congested also; would be ne ex
r ternal marks of arsenic; in*ll cases of violent
s death should look for congestion in the brain, 1
also in tbe Inngs, but less kurely, perhaps; in 1
c narcotic poisons should tind still more conges* \
, tion in tbe brain, also the lungs; in my report
3 1 said the brain was intensely congested ;it may 1
t be too strong • term to apply; in death by nar- f
& cotic poison, should tind the brain intensely con- \
gested; would not expect to.find lesions and ex- ,
travasations of the blood into the brain; bave
; examined brain of persons tbat died by narcotic 1
poison; surface much congested, sinuses full; i
tbe lungs were congested, 1 think ; tbe brain in |
that case is all lean recall; examined the re
i mains alone, except tbat a young man from the
& hospital stepped in, and just glanced at them a
t little; I cut the Tjioath, extending it outward to
examine the teeth. '
e To Mr. Mcllroy.—Discovered nothing on the
neck to nottce, except the cut dividing it from
e the body.
e isamutl A Bilit, wofa—Reside in New York
City; in ISSS was one of the Coroners of New
0 York Citv; .have resided at Harlem ;on the 2d
of April last, word was sent to our police that
there waa aVthe Hudson River Railroad Depot,
Canal street, a cask, supposed to contain a hu*
r- man being; in the afternoon of tbat day went
Qi to the depot; was shown the barrel in question;
,Q 1 examined tbe contents of the barrel tbroueh
,tt the bung-hole; the bong had been previously
f r - taken out; on rolling tbe barrel, heavy solid
matter was discovered, and by placing tbe bar
=» rel so that the light could strike through
w the bang hole; could discover flesh; tbe bar
rel was a good strong alcohol barrel, directed to
= a Mr. Jennings in Leonard street; there was no
indications tbat the head had been taken oot:
£ the paint put upon it was unbroken: we took
out the head of the barrel and found the
body; we did not examine it there; only :aw
it was dismembered; left the cask with tbe
J® agent; an my way to tbe offica called at the of
bee ot Mr. Keller, Superintendent of Oat-Door
Poor, that the Dead Cart might be sent to take
ibe body to tbe Dead House at Bellevne Hos-
Jt pital; it was taken there that P. M., and Dr.
t Beach ordered to mate an examination of tbe
bodv; it was done next morning; the inquest
' waa commenced, inry empanneled, and view of
tbe body taken and adjourned subject to my call;
this was done to see what we could learo in the
meanwhile; was pres»Qt at the examination; the
® body was in almost perfect preservation; exam-
I ined theheadamlcountenancethoughnotclosely;
® should say the features locked natural and little
changed; cyt-s seemed sunken; nose a little press
ed, perhaps by carriage in the birrel; one of tbe
be leps tbo left, I think, was severed above aod be
* low ths knee, the bone eawed; the other leg was
•th severed, the bone below the koea broken; saw tbe
I P I cloth taken from the arm; It was wound irregular
b* ly round the arm extending above and below two
*P* incisions; the hair was cot off short; itwasot a !
ligbt, pemaps brown color; some of the teeth j
jot were gone and some decayed; from the then con- |
0? dition of the body could form no idea as to tbe
in cause of de.Ui; have made few post-mortem ex
are myself; the remains, ca*k, &c.. vrere 1
og left at tbe dead house in charge of John O'Briau;
the (the cask shown;) tbe barrel looks like the same
1 paw; I recollect delivering th® cask to sir.
rst Bebm, City Marshal of Chicago; wen; with him
tha to the railroad yard aad identified it a* the right
one I hid beeu speakiug of, and had ordered sent:
ay« I identified tbe same barrel at the dead-house I
ra- liad first scea st the depot,
irr Croui examined ty Itr. fa* Annan—l)i& not
ild- myself examine the remain*; made no examin
ation u to tUe "use ot death; aa* no marks os
92 the fico of »nr kind; cannot describe minntely
hi- tha mntiliiion. o( tbe bndj; the remains were
, 0 o wonnd about with clolhmj! and stops of c oth ;
re- I think there wa four or hie yards of mostm ra
ork one piece, beside, a ikirt sod acme other cloth
the ing; not there when it was taken from the bar
ant rel; saw the clothes wrapped round the remains
Hal Hrat a", the depot; did not examine it minutely;
f Kin . kood Stat, of prestation; took
to preserve iu Don't know it sny
an. worn—Am a detective of
.key Uaitroftd depot; a 5;.h ward
,dy; attention to £ tellm* me in
(ica mai person tu it, saw Knrr«l was
the body At Ward's Island, in the Potter a
Field: we dl#ltftefrifd all bat the bead, that was ward
at Bellevue Hospital, in charge of the Head last 1
Physician; there was some clothing got in a b*r- he de
rel from tbe Usod House; the barrel and re- beg I
mains were put ia the same state as before; we for hi
had to ait an boar for tbe Head Physician to cccss
come end give us the hiad; we examined tbe r .ltt
besd find tbe neek, to see whether there was any betw<
mark on if; found nothing but the cut; took oerne
charge of the remains and barrel. (Barrel ex* Mr
amioed.) That is tbe same barrel. bono;
Adjourned to 7K P* * conbi
Crvss-ezamirialion int J/r. JleComaa—Am a de*
tective policeman; have been so since
examined the neck closely, because a New Vork fo QS i E
pjpers a'ed there wo* a mark on tbe neck, as of we w
a cord; I did n»t read the paper; the doctor at iril
the spokeot such a report 83 having been *1 u
in the Herald} the body was examiued alter its
removal from Ward's Island, about 6ix
after ita first discovery; the Dtad House is the
place where bodies of person* found dead, Ac., »»*
are ke[>t to be claimed by friends—if not claimed,
tb'jy are buried; tbe head was kept at the Hospl- j
tal, in alcohol; did uot examine tbe body particu- p.
larlj; the features looked natural; wemerelyex- V°
amint-d tbe surface to see if we could fiad tiaces J\-
of the mark spokeu of.
iJaab HJwi again Re-aUtd— Am City Marshal
of Chicago; visited !few Vork about the middle
of May, 1953, to tind the body spoken of as j.*
foond'in the barrel; Ex-Chief Matsell referred **•
me to Detective Masterson; we conferred with ??*
Coroner Hilts, and the matter was left in tbe t:
charge of Masterson; thence went to Middlesex,
near Lowell, Moss ; saw a Mrs. Ebert, and got «
of her a letter and coma trunks ; went into tbe
bouse first and asked for the, trunks; she de- Do , lt
•oied erer baring any; tbe little girl said £
ther« w&a a letter her mother had better ea
giro to me; after & while she did so: ]ller ,
Jumpertr aaw the letter published in the an( j
I newspaper; be asked me about it and acknow* adm
! ledged that he sent such a letter; I went to
Lowell, hunted about for tbe truuka, finally
found them stowed away in tbe depot; sent
them back to Chicago ; they are here is Court
with their contents; took out a likeness of pris
oner; it is in my otfice ; called at .Sew York on " T
my return; saw the barrel headed up -it in tbe B«v
--barrel here in Court; I received it at New Vork Uarr
from Coroner Hills and Detective Masterson; it to mi
w&3 opened in the other Court room m this city _ •
afiar its arrival; I opened it; the oody was cut Da ij
up; tbe emjll was very offensive ; several doc- 4t kj
tors were there ; tbe inquest was commenced
that day, though not held in that room. '
John O'Mritnsicom - Live in New York; am ®°y
keeper ot Dead House in Bellevue Hospital; Divij
have been for two years; remember receiving wve
s dead body in barrel; the barrel was opened o'clo
when delivered to me; Dr. and a police-
man delirered it to me ; the body was in a good y ie
state; there was in tbe barrel a quilt petticoat, q qui
a chemise, a pair of drawers, ana a long strip OQg
of muslin, and a piece of tap* over a yard long,
twisted about the arm; it was aboat
an inch wide, tbe tape; 1 washed 001
tbe clothing by direction of Coroner Hills.
put the body in acoffin; it wa* buried; tbe bead —]
was kept at tbe dead-bouse in Alcohol; kept tbe bet*
articles of clothing in the dead house, with tbe char
barrel also; saw tbe body again live or six tend
weeks after, at Ward's Island in Potter's field; 0 - c i (
we searched far tbe uody, officer Masterson, tbe !
boatmen and 1; seven boatmen rowed tbe boat,
and thew were all in tbe pit shoving the coffins
about to find the one; we found it; knew it was 8 * 7 '
the same from the cuts; we put tbe body into Ri :(
the Bime barrel with the clothes and tbe bead; eTe '
that is tbesame barrel now in court; I delivered
tbe barrel to tbe man that drives tbe dead wag* cho
on; did not see Mr. Rebm; tbe heir on tbe head
was short,
Crots examined by Mr. J/cConvw—Was cer
tain that everything was restored to the barrel A
Jacob Rchm recalled—Went to room No. 30,
Pouit-roy's Block, .ibout tbe 3d of May; it was be
fore the anest ot Junipertz; C. P. Dradley aud
George Werner were with, me; we saw tbiee
chairs. bedstead, bed, table, one trunk, eome j.
e>, a baird,eoflee mill, liatehrt, clock and look- B.J
ing-jrla.-*; there was oue roekmg cUiir, the others
were common chairs; we lound a saw, chisel,
batch-t aud lance*; the mom wan -o dirty wc could
detect no traces of blood; oa the handle ot the
chisel we found traces ol blood; the room Is in
the fifth story of Pomeroy'a Building, fronting on
the rver; will ua b» certain if it bc*tte 4iU or sth
story; it is oa the north side of the building; the
rooin lus but oue door; the articled were taken
from tbe room on the Gib ot M.iy; he wa- arrested
on tbe sth about 7 o'clock, on Dearborn street;
visited the n» mi the next morning with (leon:e *
Werner; I think it was ne; we removed thet »ings \
from the ro in; toyk them to my office; on one tai
spoou found in the room were two iuituls either
"S. E." or *•». W." have forgotten which; have £oj
some of tlwe articles in my uow,
kept as evidotiee; have delivered the rest i
to his order, a st'-ve, bedstead, bed, table, chairs, .
a gnn {ound in room.tlie barrel of uisnoi.etc,
the rccSing and clock -vere delivered on.a j
I like order; John C. Miller and officer Bradley ~
were at my cilice when prisoner was arrested ; )
; he aak»:d me on the road to tbe office what be
*r.u arrested for ; I did not tell him; asked him j
bis cam?, he 'oiu me Urnry Jaaiper:s ; be made
a statement to Mr. Miller which be took down *
in writing; be he was 21 years old, that
> he was bcrn in Prussia. 13
[The witness then gave in detail tbe state* A
, ment of the prisoner at tbe time ol tbe arrest* 1
published at tbe time in our columns, brietty to ( 0
r the efl'ect that Jumpertz stated he returned to
, his room No. 30 Pomeroy Block, and found her <•-
hinging d-iad. She bad fastened a cotton cord
1 f> a screw hook, in the djor and herself. -1
'l He took her down, laid her on tbe bed, aid de- J
cided to conceal the body. He removed tbe £
contents of the abdomen, and, took them on tbe
\ prairie and buried them. Then procured a bar- j
t> rel, cut tbe body up and put it in, and shipped it £
6 as stated to New York. He gave bis name as
John Miller at the d?pot, had destroyed the re-
J ceipt. He sent the birrel he said to a fictitious p
d address in New York city.] *
* This portion of the evidence wal in progress •
y when the Court adjourned to nine A. M. this
; morning.
d Not a Ttpi or a rosvia Joseph.— Joseph
I® Htoecker, of Teutonic lineage, fell into tbe toils (
c " of the "beautiful Lonise," a courtesan of several
a years' practice, -who charmed him into a dance
in bouse on Ohio street, kept by one LindrofT, and }
®* there relieved him of a gold coin of the value of t
? $2 50, which she refused to return to ita right 1
r- ful owner. Joseph being indignant at snch
n* treatment, made complaint before Justice Akin,
*" who granted him a warrant, end the temptress j
ic was brought before that judicial functionary, j
1; and required to give bonds in |SOO to answer
y* before tbe Recorder.
36 j2j"Tbe Board ot Officers of the Excelsior So*
to ciety will meet Saturday evening, Jan. 29th, at
o'clock, at the office of Elliott Anthony, Esq.,
No. 77 Dearborn street.
' m P. S. S&k&xas, Secretary,
rk —. ■
jt, Madame Akerstrom's Exhibition Bail,
XL' which came last night, wad a perfect success,
nt and, we oelieve, tbe first of that kind in Chica
in; go. The fancy dances by tbe pupils were exe
zh cuted in a style which reflects great credit on
•ly Madame A.'s abilities as a teacher. The cos*
lid tumes were faithful and elegant, and tbe little
it- girls never seemed happier. Their bright faces,
gh with the most tastetully decorated bill-room,
xr* bad a most pleasing effect. Three of the dances
to were executed by Madame Ain person, and a
no connoueur could not hesitate to pronouoce her
it: an artist of rare excellence —not to be surpassed
)ok in any of tbe Western States, If any where else,
the We understand that Madame A. intends shortly
aw to give a fancy dress ball, open only to sebscrib
tbe ers, and on which occasion most of tbe fanfy
of- dances will be repeated. We anticipate a bril*
>or liant and delightful affair.
os- JST" Hostetter T s celebrated Stomach Bittera
Dr. bave by merit of iheir tonic and other medicin
tbe al virtnes acqoired a celebrity and popularity
est heretofore unknown. This f»ct haa induced an
of principled parties here and elsewhere to coon
all; terfeft and imitate this preparation, and palm it
the cS to tbe unsuspecting or unprincipled dealers,
;he who will retail it npoa the reputation of tbe
un* genuine article, tnua not only endangering
-l?i health and life by the use of thia vile mixture
ttie thus sold, but are robbing tbe pocket
also. Tbe most prominent operator in
the this nefarious business thns far brought
be* to oar notice, is a fellow by the
was n »me of Olsrk who prepares the mixture and
tbe refills Hoatetter'a empty bottles which are
lar- re labelled with a counterfeit and spurious laoel
two and tbe cork covered with tin-foil, thus they are
a sold. C. H. Bcckwitb, No. 101 Water-st., we find
a Urge dealer in this counterfeit article, which
:OQ ~ could not be sold at anr price were it not for
the the genuine Hostettera Bitters. We caution
tbe public to dodge these imposters and see our
advertising columns tor the names of respecta
-13 0» ble merchants and druggists for the genuine ar
"J 15 ticle. The genuine Hostetter Stomach Bittera
bave been impressed in tbe glass of tbe bottle,
also in the cap covering the cork, and the labels
15 bear tbe autograph 01 " Hostetter & Smith,
» I P iu ®h ar ßh» ja26 lw #
not A Gtoaiocs Achicvsmsxt bt Gatvttt!—*
sin- Nothing can exceed the sucoeas achieved by J.
son C. Gayetty's Medicated Paper lor the Water
tely Closet. Piles will soon be a disease no longer
rere known except in name. Tnis pare medicated
>th ; paper is unequalled aa ft preveutive, and una^*
nin proachable aa a core. The proprietors wish it
oth- to be spoken of according to ita merits only. It
bar- is very cheap—looo sheets for tl; 500 sheets
sins for 50 cents. Sold by all druggists, and at tbe
oly; discoverer's depot, 41 Ann street. New York,
took **J. C. Gaycity" is watermarked is each sheet,
any and his autograph is on each package. Sent by
express from 41 Ann street. New York, upon
e of receipt of price. The trade are invited to cor
bar- respond aa to terms. For sale by J. H. Bleed &
in a Co., wholesale and retail draggiata, 144 A 146
jugh Lake street, Cliicsgo. jaS2 2«r-c63
Liver *
I my See advertisement of Boado!r, Sewing Ma*
: hu- chines. 122 Lake >treet. jal-Iy-bLKW
Is in , T A
was See advertisement of Quaker City S2O
tha Sewing Machine. L. Co&xklx. & Co.,
'few 0c26 ly 133 Lake street,
ay at -
;sgo, KT See advertiaament of Dr. Sacfords' Liver
band Iflvigormtor in aaother colimo.
An entertainment was given by Mr. Ed
ward Ely, (Merchant Tailor, Tremont Block,)
las{_Tbnradav night to his employees, for which
he deserves much praise; and the undersigned rw~r
beg leave to tender him their sincere thanks .
for his cordial and geoarons deportment on the r
C CC2S;3n. iJMuyjt
' .It tends to show the friendly feeling existing p
between the parties, creditable to all con- I _
oe ;? td L. 1 , rno.«
Mr. ix not only enjoys the reputation of aa MATiili
honorable and straightforward business man
with tbe community at large, bat also tbe entire \
confidence of his workmen for his gentlemanly
treatment, and paying them promptly the high' No. 305 1
est prices for their laoor of any establishment in 1 9 v"'
this city.
Wishing Mr. E'y all possible succecs in bis "OEM
bosineas, to give muny another annual party, _£\ to
we would simply add that wa believe if a like jta-iw
spirit prevailed in all establshments, tbe pres- ci
ect hard times woald not only be less felt but \
soon disappear entirely. MidUon
J. Cbriatler, J. G. Polensky, fiiuiir.
U. Yfarnick*, M. t 1 r i
H. Deerkiog, W. Helnecke, y\
E. Drusa, A. Gty Doe, Those dt
J. Rictxe, W, Fiaher, tlnn. m
Chr. Hansen, John Kinseler, odice^
J. O. Nordell, Hernetx, WT^
Chr. L Hagen, E. J. Lassen, y\
Ch Alsberger, E. Lassen, thia city.
A. Frank, John Haberlee, ihtafii
P. Burn, Aue. Wie« hman, apjJi
H. Bomsted, J. Kertten, vr#t ,.' ty
M. Haagenstad, Th. J. Schefller,
H Schwartz, IL Maa-«. O-iE
Mr. Arppe, Jjbny O'Brien. X. to
- - - »■ iii«re U
Frederick Douglass, the greatest of liv- ua ?.. fa
ing wratars, will deliver three lectures at Metru
politan hail, cjmxencing ou Friday evening, pan en
February 4tb, with bis great lecture on the Ra- **"*•
: ces of Men, which has been repeated before the jj
literary societies of the East to the gratification
and dehghtof assembled thousands. Tickets of
admission 25 cents, to be bad at E. S. Wells,
Randolph street, and at the door. X \
Kelisioos Notices.
"The F-iHof A lira," fdrms the subject cf ducoane by
Eev. iir. ILbbard, at tbe New Jeroaalea Temple, on
Harrison street, bstwesoitateitreetacd Wabath avenue For 5
to morrow evealaj. at haU-paat sivea o'clock. laJ9
"The Plea of Mjfterj," U the «;bject of the dccui- -D_-
nal dbcouras 03 SaadiT eveatcK at the Unitarian Church *
at half-pai*. seven o'clock. Seats free.
Services ol the Church of the Asceailcn. (Episcopal)
en Oak street, be:tveea Wells aa JLwalle streets. Horth J0...
Dlvlil.n. at ha'T-patt ten o'clock A.M..and
seven o'clock P. M. Sundaj School at half past one
o'clo Bev. H. H. Morrell, Re:tor.
-The Rei. II U. Morrcl'. Kictor of ths C [lurch 0 Yorl J
tlie Ajension. wili preach t'je Fourth la the Winter YflU
Course of Sennoos to the rou*i aea ot T.laUy Chorcb,
onfiandayevenln*. Subjtct-The Hidden Kock.
—Rev. W. W. Kin«. will by request, rep«at his sernioa
cn Immortality In fit Paul's Church n:x . Sunday even- O ti
IM, at "h' o'clock. Btcnct
—First Christian (Clsciple) Church, oa Monroe street. _
between Aberdeen and Backer streets, (WestSde.) have T-I
chanzcd ttelr time of meetio?. TaeLord'sSupper" at- yvTrrh
tended to Immediately after forenoon preachln*. 10S jaSJ
o'clock. Sermon In the evenla* at ?S o'clock. Instead ot .
The Rev. Dr. Foster, of the Northwestern Unhcr
sHy, wVI preach In tie North PreabjterUn Charch (Dr.
Rice's) to morrow morn'ns at 10.S o'clock, and In the 4 \ i
eveulnjj at 7X 0 'clock. rEE'3
—Rev. Dr. Curtis will preach at Flnt Presbyterian pjrtJa
Charch. Sabbath mornlnt and evening.
At Ersnstgn oa the £6'h January, hy the Ri*v. Pr. » *
Kl'loer. Mr. JOHN 8. u*E* of Chlcwo, and Mas gf-ur
KMtLY W. lIoLfOMB. of the fjrmer place.
DIBD. Su?'
January27th. ASSIES.. danMer ofSe'ahsnd Olivia
B. Bee«e,
I>-\* 1 ttlence, she ha»icone tj r-st. \
Where r.ere<- a sio s all tl\\ 1 Ler breast, *
Ni trouble di>mrt> her. no fe*r annny,— . ,
N- cloud o'er slia-Jo * h rlnnoc nt j y. 4
Sheh«ssone Lome to lleaven. thatiand of Jove, f\.
or I'jr.t andßUiinesi and b'e«sl&Ks. abov;; wiUsi
Her bf*d Is ul.l •« wcl on Je«uV b:eait;
LtearltUeose.sheUswcetlyat rest. IV
1 \\ no SB, Oxen. Cowj Malt*, aud ProvUimi to fwrn'
tak«?to t'ikr'* feak in th<? for ptrtlcuUra h tJre«a m*.u
• A.O. UU>FU«. 51. D. ffctea-o. Illnjls. *»«
rosiazs st-imr>sfor reWmroMi.) or ci!l at t;u .>thce. U' l ■
Cla k street, cutner MadL-on 1
t t\ r ANTED TO EXCtUXGE G'iOp '
Beach and Map'e wood for a span et heavy
' team hones. Andreas J. StLKIBIi.
' Box 7J7 Cat. P. 0. ititlni p ace of mectlnc
* jaa>lw* St.
t\'iSTF.D AS- IK A
' f\ wholesale Prux Hoo«e. for wb'ch real es'.V.tf aid
some cash wil l>i paid, \ddrcss box lU'.U Cbl j; P. 0. rpg
a A v
, Vv kefper. or Oat»lde Business b* ac afct- «nd ex- /~\
perUceed cerain. Have tjeea - ■ i
foe and Control slon businpis f»r tae pa ; t iw-lve y- »•$.
; Auareas "li ."oflceot this paper. jjj>:wK) *
9 * f» OnJtrs tbe Coan-l-s of I<iwa
0 f or BLANK WORK- an l the Genera Busln* scf a j,-j (
n Book iiuiil'ry.-n wMfh every »ac\Uiy l • make ita
prjCta-.le acency In the ha'uta of ® factl.'al m»3. who
r ran »lve satisfactory reflereace Sddr ss STKP'jEN T
ACRhS. Boja tladery. burlUKton, lJ#a. .
d j \ t
l.'unt Cht'thaa rtherwlss James Henry Hurst. •
native ot Mwchejter. ExglaaC, aged !•> years. ly J±
e t»this c Oce. is2±2w
f* L KINO, who lefißtokuCaun'y. S. CL. some S^yeara
ik wo. Ue or his heirs are eathiea to a legacy of about
lk fi»«L Address I>. IJ. r\KHCCK, 3Jlt
a jald-3act> gaiem. N. C.
>» Bred, for which 'he bLthest oarset he
paid Addr-ss or apcl* to BAML 6L HiBW»,So »l 117.
ttanCotph drett, Cbieuo Jsis-lin w
■ Ttl:
i» ito Uent. ™
— tie;
I\ Poultry and Produce taai la the eltv. ?o ti Eldi. ctj
lia forS-le. Addreaa ' J.' l>raw 3*07, ChIC4«o, 111, of «
,d P to ournew prealiei. Nj. 18 La>e st eet. on - he * OO
lj. o'Febrour next we Will rent to a good t aant the
Of Storeweno#*.ccjpy,-*c 15^8;a'h at'r street. Ap- .
. ply to DOG GET l. BASd2.Tr k, lilLLd.
lt i»a-la
in, -he com-">dtO'»s oflces oa tha 4*st and
... fl3orlni*4rdee'sßul.di"»«.e.).-nerS>atn W«terand Weill
!8S street. Al»\ two lofts aad a flna corner baaeoecC
tdUbleforadtniQv ba'l ror »prmaapply to the subjcri
7 » ber.n thebal!dm& 50.313 south
er ft- B. wtlltam-'*. c
I RKST- for a term of years, that larce bnOdlrs nest
%a. East of the Devator of Glbbs. -rfiQi *lth the flae
I/jl on which it «Und»— feet, more nrte». oa the Fi
&t river andrunnintt bac'i tbe G. AO.U. B. 1 Attached
b) the batioia< >s a *team enaiae room, witi an enalae.
«1'» ThU U a fine loe tloa far a FJourln* Mill or for tf echini*
"" j
d»24 bSIS 3a au Booth Water street.
jfor Sale.
. G
Qas Ll*ht and Coke Company, at the price
eft- of ten ceuisper rushel.» ra yquiatlty.
II was baltt >n O-vesnd In 1W: leaath.
, l-oK-lW) 'ee'.: brea MU. .6 *XWfe i- deplh 3 (jHCI feet; _
ttle cieuarement S"3 tons- ___ .. • tji
*es For price and t-rmi asply t?LIND 4 SI»ATK'. anal. B
jjjj' n«ar Madijoa street. W' p _ ,
da j3| PRFS ; MFJ*.—I have for aale one ir»od Truck P
her Wa«toa and Harieu: Ave soad lon Axel D.ays and Har
...j nessn. ibe ab >ve for aale cheao. InQUire of L. TiF
aBQ F\NY, at Blcbmi'nd ACo'a, office corner Norai water
Isa. and Dearborn meets. jaHt>S9lga
rib 7 BT Van t.NWAGEN £ CO., J
" _|j Office Ni S. Do'Va Balldlas. Chleato. 11L, te
Uie followias vesaela; "
Bchr. ROCKer. Haas Al. «ltha Stv l? 2 iu: s. c ,
.. KJ2V 'OG*'*. .. AV *2 ..
.. eSfc.YR*GLt .. At **
tera .. »«G-.TiMl*i K. .. AL ...«o ..
ciQ. ..
C -r* .. INTtaSATIOSAU .. B \ «9 ..
.. GBaALD.NJi. .. H 1 JXB ..
an- .. PKTaKu .. Ba, M ..
)un . j .11 toTn3ci j
era, j] '
tare Now belns Erecte',
cktt ou Hash, near superior St.,
S And robe ftiUhel Say Ist. Tsei^hsnsesaiwSalftfeei.
aiJOi C»ree a'orira, with MHw»o»ee brick ."root,
the frnlit ftjj tn hr» floLih-d la the be*tmanner. Tue lots are
and X 47 'cc* Je *f to aa alley, and will have a rood bnck barn
oaeacn. Peraoaa pureaajx* ajon can make such al
ttfa VernVioas a* may be desired. .
aoel Term favoraWe. Apoly to D 3. BRUSA2D, 45 Clark
r atteet. from S» to 10 o'clock A. M. laa
1"■ oathecornerof Wo'kd and Warrea street*ln the
t for •» ejs DlvUioa, near Cnloa Park, occapled by vP. Hay
[tioa ward. The ho««e U new. bollt of brick two stories, aad
, fume basementtreniy-fooroy flfty-ihree feet, wtkba fine
oor observatory; finished In the 'ajit fashionable minoff
ecta- with all tie moder» lmprovemects— marble maai^a»
» ar. ara:es.*a. An—»vn.d be » desrable residence. The
tters vith a twenty foot alley In the re»f of It : will oe aold
»ttle, vefTcheia—on canal time, or tbe whole of the purchase
ihnts money may on mort*i*e oa It aad other property
fiT for four or flvs years, or Is wul be exchanced for aa-
D> th, doabtsd rea> <M.a'e secorltlea, havlsc several years to
ff* SmApplMoE T bSkß*. P. O. Box No IIS. orto
a fl. BLR.Si W Dearbjrn sL—loom 6. 4&301 m*
r! r Malt! Malt! iilalt!
Ift Al >1 i BU. SO 1 CANADA BAR
„ger lOjOOU
sated ia«ba*a3m isTKeaiie street. I
* h j' Hope Fire
iVbo op WEW ttohk CITY.
rork. Cash iSHts SITI«<3W •
fftmana isr acrffoarrr? I* Chica oo
y aefnolia. trAOo . Onden. Fleetwood i. o>*
apon Benedict. MaUory * raraarn. CiarkAUdWr.
T. C. VAN «ITHJhN, l^eim
k 146 South last eor of Socii Waier ar Cl.vk st.
iiH! 1» tm» rali'A
Tfcis pspalar Annual U now r«rady. an j coatalna:
t> Astronom'«lCveiia ii.naforthe learl? s>,
Government of tbe Called d.a'.«s-kJt« m«lve aadJt •*
r S2O the Hembers cf tbe UiltedSt Atesßsate.PC
, I deally c!a*silU<L . .
tat A List of the of the Hou?e o / . aarescnUUV*
PrieeUeeais- 2JORHI AHTDKhavelt.
UTef rf 4 f AH.tUI sead copies by w & on tw
LV'C /£ SCIHI'E.Y, -t htr'.iAi*'} S3 Durbunuit.,
it <tuikoris6.l (u rerrict A'/r*rti*emaitM tur t/Ut anJ a 2 IA4 Ji *
XfuJuy? Fni-rr. rS (A* .S'orih- Tl'irf. jal \f Iloi
JL W*ict street, anlt%ble f'r a Qrocer or
Pry II ose. It tret njoileriUJ. Applv ta a\i
MlTlllkff LAFL ooqth Vftlci-a. jiii ei3l 3w
A TIOM.—The SevtnUi Lectare ot tbe Course be
f re t*> 9 Aaocutli'Q *ll be ae>lver«d ttf their roomv » u.
Ko.SQj Saodolpn»tieeL on Mon<laj Kvcolac. ttaJl.si
1 at. at?>i o eloc*. t»y Rev. W W. sVaSTA D. 0., of
Itfultvtlle. The t>u&ilc ara la»lte t to
Removal. -we haVjj kemoved J,'„
to X*. ii Laie street. T*bl
jta-lwcll3 BARSSTT. KIXQ Jt CO. Rock
, ft\V GENTLtMEX KOiiiOKßa OAS 0111
'i txacccmToia'-ei. with or witaoot roooa at 2»0
Mtdbon strrct; aljo « m'.t of rooms, aoitable f r a iisjUl " s
fnuily. Kcfo.gacea glrea anJ required.
T V Ac e« withla fivs trilri of tbe Court Hoa>e. _
Thosedesulai ta sen for Clih w.llpleue de«r i brJoc».
tiin. meatlja price. aaJ address Box * Poit
Ollice. Oa
f 7 a yi--: Class Rcildesca oa the N-rth ehfe,
thiidty. lcc%t;d be.w.'en thec'reeuoi Pine and North ft
' earbnrtu Li lau* and 3ap-ncr. Loito b* not lai and l
thta 7i icet iroai. wlib a l*r*« acd cnaia«Hllom Hiuse. W »r
»ttie• t&:iof WiTi Co. Nj. 17 e stcc:, Irn
*.rat i*yres'de«ce. So. 172 3t e aveace. Ct
\tJi tvv tll'J WAU.B&. try.
to a rue chance for lavettmect b abu !neis vhere
ii>«re U uo compst tloa. and • tiicn pays ia tness luml 1—
ticaes folly one buadred ocr cvat Tba bailn- m U well
uunlUacd p«i oa tte Inci&ue. uJ wUUa a ye-r'a timo ,\
u« w.nn *33.000. klean aow t>« parcaawd (or S4.OW. a.l
part cnb The proprie:or Is »t»oui to JeiTe for l*>kc'i
Vet*. U- Box i^q-cia
A Large Assortment of
Of all ilzes. both Wood asdßone. oo
For sale by W. B. K.EEN, Bookseller, ru
laJ9 !•» Lake street.
Brydon Valentine Company, jg
10 Clark Street 40 j
Is our on."jr A<;ct fjr the West andScuth. r *
QrCountnr Meichait} and Pedkra loppUed at New 1
York Jobber's prices, with
lankee Motions and Faucj Good-.
■a i 9 ct:2 ly /
to the Wor:ejt<rihlre. ?or »a!e at SPBSCER'3 D .
Itiiian Waretoiue, co \\'ashb*ton street. Port"uiu h u "
Btoct. ja29 It cIH a \
lor inv.»!di. Fjr sila at SPSNCKR'd Italian
v*»rfhonse. CH Wiahlnxtoa strett. Pcr.lind Btock. m
lx£3 IvciH w
i lit for Children Inralida »nd Dy«pec.tl>9. Pjr
sue at SHENi'EIi d I aliaa Wdrjuouae. m W»»Dtnaton 3.1
itreet. Portiand il'ock. ia29.lt cIH
» ' Pl'k'ei. Paueeia H Pr - «r»ve« For sule *t SPEX
Portland B:ock- uJMtcIH
Flour ! Flour!!
fr m our own Mllla and npon Conaljßtßent. A
| Ft<"ur o r a'l grades pjrtScal*r!y choice rraiea tf Whlu*
Winter Whea*. jTtcarfrom Wa:o2»;n and Southern llll
C tr <lei'crsanil coruaoje'9 can be rot'ed a» to qcal'ti
and price andord*n fro»n th«* country pro 01 lly Q led *
t,yu«. cJScs asda.ore. 276 J?«uth Water street. V
1 iiSl cl-l HAWKINS U CHAFM.VM. «
Valentines I Valentines!! 1?
UNO any ta* t has hitherto teen seen la Chicago. D i
ulll soon be ready at UB store uf
McNALLY 00.. "
' SI Dearborn street.
By adoptlu« CASH pla-i In dlrpoalnr of tbelr tonda -
tht-'r arc enabled t>> otTer extrapnltoarr in'tucements to
Western deairr*. Ttelr V«jentlnea are all frt-sh «nJ «ale
able, au i are put at> in lots of Hfe doHar*' worth and un
wtrt's. Pcalera wilt ti d it to ttseir a«l»aot.»ie to order
j fruni ir eia t >»tead o r sen Unit to '* ew Yura. as by bajin*
, lns.bica4o freight will c< st ti.eta buta mere notaiualauia. -j
, A»orviersareQ.eilar>.Utoa.d alerswuo wlau *n early
1 supply wll de well to order »t flues. Urdern by mill will
receive as Bucn aa If the parties were ttcm- c
selsta preieiit. Z3f~ Tcrma cisii
) Addr.Si atcSALLY * CO.. .
ia2J3; Chlcico. Illinois. A
j _i—
St. Louis, Alton and Chicago Railroad. f|
'• Two Express Trains Daily ?
ln«t. trdi.» will lea»e corner v I Canat a .d
Vaa buren streita as fullowa:
"* 10:10 A >f. Matt *nt Kx?r-f<. (*i-'l»ys exc*pti'd.) 5
T K.(I r. iL N utit t.xpr.-is. (3-ttu d.iji ex>ep:ed.i
a ARIUV£3.
* Nli'.t >"x;re«s -'iuj A. M.
,* Mall and
leaves Jntlct ?:t"»A. M. !
Artlvr* st C'clcac ) A. >l.
v Leares Chleaeo ~..5:"0 P. M.
* Arrires at Juiisi oWP. M.
jaaty A. 11. M3QRK. Sunt. 1
ut Diamonds, Silver and Plated "Ware,
1 will coanenre [too thU da'e to Sell »t for
!? Tfclny Uajt his larsa andext«nsive stock of the above
named comprising everyth n* confined to a
TVe reason for so dMna It to redace u oi ch as resi
ze tie his larse stock before reraovlr* tempor*rly for •
rp aliofttlnje trat the store he now ra»y b«» r?-
built In a sty'e and manner bfcomtn* 'hp ar*at *u,p<>riußi
li. Cty >.f the VV'ett. -he pat>lie can now avail theaselres
of «n opiKirt in tr oe»er be «.re olTi*«ed of aeieutinir "r- m
t'.l«rclfartld itork of foods, such artl.le* a« they may
desire atltsi iricea ihm ti aenera'iy raid at a-JCtijn
'E aa.es ar.d nave ama-b belter op/uitun.ty to zupedthe
>,» goods ard make selections.
C® tw~ The Ladles will r let thla rare r»rporlualty pasa
without veeurtcx tome of the beaitnul ante e< coinprn
w the clace. No. 117 Lake »tre«t. Chlcaso. LL
n<3u3o t(jJO JAUEd 1L Huai.
S." -roR
--t fitiuilics aud Travelers.
ro FSi 1* Iti 1.1 «V < .
ne. At tbe Pharmacy*
163.... Clark street 168
jaSMy clli IIA'-BEY i KtSO.
= Gilbert iVuctioneera,
r}ce ItjTe reaoved from to
si . . . Lake street. ... 83
=l. £& <»> i
The BteanuVp9
rack PHISHAB PPRAOt'E. Capt- Mattheft'l.
?S Kt - S = lS g, t^o C ,T^ r RK.C„ l Uo.e,
rater Form a nr«ut.r Ljnc,
■■iitn* with ereat r«*alirity from eaeh rort. The»e
i= a*uro*d. "Sfc;'? i"S " lUI
Pike's Peak.
The only correct and reliable
mtde to the Gold lilrfricta will be sentto anjad
ttf 05 eetU Mu«l« Uthoar^hed
Maps, with cita'd lt«n> oj i mLt 1 p o
LE etc.. etc.. S cents. Addre* PIA-E k COLE. P- V.
' LL
T H Ss.~tyjs£iasß'^
TO»r«u »VhTrtka. SaULake
tioaaeomannicationjrtthi Ka»»"L n^omiles nearer»>
an 4 Pike's «t
Ptke'sPeak tnanan* onlys Omltesto *lk£s
\h« Port. Kearney iwtarrdnceth
peak.an«iT a vhe
taneo» Si c", »-';<! ,f
Learenwortb. aaa a iijronih eeary Ctty.
At'hlaoa D olK>du>ctlooavcon . |
nectln* with »n.i Tort Biter. Tte treat
Falls. Lawieace tndlanola. a Monday for Salt
oyer!and mail P rtßr^l*erand Ngble'a
Lake.Tta Fort Kearoey- f'£ Unfl 0 . gtaco tun
n jea.
from B*. iT,,tu-oota. If»wtt«;^° l
Point. W»J)raaka^W.B«ltLtf>Twn. Plttsboraaaotl to»
Auction Sales.
Household Furniture,
U«rc« Farlttu ,tlarbi». Oil Paint*
lus>. and ii]tttatvar«i
OM TCWDAY. Feh-ovr L at 9H o'cl&ck A.M., we
tUI sell at oar osw aafewcom,
82 Opp. Trcmont IIous?,
A la*m anl mostment ft Faraltoro and
dooseaeeclre t/->o<l«. coot'slintf of
Pir!or Snl'i In ploih. brosatrlle acd h*Jr cIo»h:B»»
Ktrtt. f>te-a*T;tei UsrMe»tot » 3 a M&ncKary Centr*
Cvddo,. nook C*w* Pv:cr Ct.alfJ 1U»? and
Rocklrg do., (htoraanr. Koctpitaa Ch&Ua, aad £.e*aat
(jilt Framed Mljroti.
M 0»k. Ko«ewo-d flnhh and Walnut Cham
ber dut»: »na~ei«d O d>.: M&bo*\ny French
Dedsteai's Walnut (!->,. Mar let.p and plain DreaalD*
Harems and >V.uh»taada. Cane Crair* and aoc»ers.
Wazdrobea, L:ao*es. Hair. Mom and Grass jiaUrei
"" DIKING-ROOM furniture.
Oifc. "Walnrt and Cherry Zitectlon l>inin* Table*.
Cbaiis, brcAJtlait Tablet.
surd!ocand Plttlijc Desk*. Oflee Tibles, L«tte? Prea®
andcbairi. Aiao—\ iplea :ld aascrto'M of ellier-pi»ted
W.re. fa.Ua Marble Statuary. On Palstlao and Tea
CROCKERY and GH&3WAR3.-A variety of Cwk
«ry.Uia»»w&ra acdTta Ware 'lUo a'tent cn of p-r-h»-
chasc* a w*f Ucuiarly dir.c.ed to Uiti sal* Pale posltlyo
and without rtierr®. OILbKII •• * j*AMP*On. Auc'ia.
and second Land Furniture oo llmr«tf ay »nd
F.Uay. reoma-y 3.1 aad nb. jaSJ Id.
Fire Proof Safe,
Jewelry, Counting-room Desk*, Coua*
Shelving, «lc.
o'c'ock iwi.i aeu w t-i r ut reserve to clos-i icq concern,
oo Uieprtrulaea. No. UC Iliad. L<h street. Lo'd'a new .roo
IStild-cg, by order of the A<cnt the bailment ihe Stock,
rutuivs Ac.. cundslia* of 4 arte and varied aaann
ment of P:ne Perfumery an 1 Tin and otacr Toys: Ger
muU k!n*G!a «es. fktdiels Ivor? Whlths. Poraaola.
Nik Ties. Fancy Huuooa. Ai*ct rUejts and boac-rtcaaj.
Flutes, VloMa Moi-tiao. Tliimi It), tnttnala s;ouoa.
Ctiia* Govda, Cornoc' p u•, Ncc»• cs, Fancy
Boiesaod a tboiuand others UiLl.u too u>
On; Fire Kin* *lr Prosf Safe. ?o»< ll s o.
Iwo Coaitloji Ujo:u Uciis,»iih p it?ou holes aoJ book
Ore Letter Picas. Oifice C'nck, o:S£e Clialrs ood Table.
Three Canon Sores aad Pipe.
Tie entire sVtld* Cjun-.era, Sio* Cases. Offlce Rail.
In* ic
j.>cll-)Jt JOUM RAN SIS. Aactiover.
/M) X »TiCS.—TUE UX-
drrJ*ae<l Utv<* fi'i J.i* f> -nr-l •* ro pir'Detihlj
aade- tlia n»m« of HtLL ic SWASS7, f r tb»* pur.
p Kof cCDJu.U ,; .»u ti >o vi J Cominiuion
Uu«inc* H H I>.
CUlc;v»o. Jaa.is. !so». t A V IUUL iWAStY.
WUI advance on eve»y dvscriptt >rj of conaliCQcd
for Auct ou salev
rystrictly A co>tMISSION Lors&^a
UO'i A TIP II ILL. 11 J ■< .VUL-iL.
i.a.TaTU)B. AUUI) IU tujtnt.
No. SO Well* SU opp. House,
description of property, to be #old at Aactloa. fbt
on time or comralMino. A'.»o. Vtsse'.i. Canoe*.
Bu>ckaof General Mereh<ui>li»e. Jewelry. Furpliurr.Uotb-
In*, ic. Real Katate. L*uda. Homea. 40. Will uu
Darticn'ar attentioQ Lou. looses. Laoda
Auction. Inildif or outalde Cbicuo. Advaacea
m*de on cooiUnmenta. Taebe«t of references tn Chicago
wlUbeitren. Our friend* may rely on confluence and
' Uf ° coma ' J?"a"'l"u)3 * CO.
_ jVmusancuts.
J. Reason.
; Tims. D. Worrii!!, I'sq..
i i l»i;s. D. Worrail s on ins «:»? ffW'a tbe &asl \o our
cfty and w d deliver t.N c.-lcbr.ited if-enre on
At Mitrupol.Ua Hal. on Tueslrty Kveciirf. Feb. lif. at
TS oc".'«.
Vlr. V. hu visited m 'it-if l'ie Kis'e n CU.-s wcce no
hai te?n 'n ill s country. *ntl ru» tf-e i viev Ailed «pon by
soffle o» ou'moit rHerpfi»t-4 10 * Uit 50 f 5
uvjrlU cltla-o* wit 1 lii-t c«jieb:a'.«-i leet re. T,.e le:-
turn !• » * alaate of tie old mk.'.sli Sctiool. and Is one
o the mo-1 facta*'!..* and p.werfji or.itor* of i «c *«e
acd weu tietervetba rica regard lie .iru so uobly woa
T frotnAmcrlo 11 :raaieuees. , , ,
' ur rickeia 25 ;enu. t r sale ;it prlnclyil hotels.
* H Weiu* -nd. 4 'io • 3 ore. and :il lUo Oo»r »t» Wie
day aad fcrento< of ut le:iute. I*" s *--** .
i Dr. Blaney's Last Lccturo.
3l«i INaT.. AT "S O'CLOCK
BaBJ R C T :
STST-M.—General Principle* of H'umln<««lori—Mate
rial? used f "r producing Ll»U'—Mctb';«Js i»' rtTcCtlatr Ilia •
mlaaupnby caad.e*. Lam. s. Vap-ic Ldinps aad Uaa—
it omm;c Ucnsulrrailons . . ... . ... , ,
Tliece ebrated Dxniraond LUht W'l bi? e*n nlted ami
allpaila' f iblsLec cr- co t lusly byixpert
meuti Tlckda ccctj. to be !i4d ai ue djor.
The Excelsior Ftstival.
' X Cit/ of Ch caio" wilt celebrat; ;'-i
Xetit h. Annivt'i-Mary,
By a Grand Dinner and ioL'eo at the
i'e ti, 1C XX twt OIV X> XIO XJ SB.
v Th» of ArT*n*ttnTOts will te« l.« it that
notliinesri*!! be vntl-.* to main .ibe >n iv*l enual to
:!- any t rmer une. whlcbis ;Ui ti.at %•»# Yor*c»n "p«ire.
» ) uy Id c'W P. L. do.retary._
S mHIRD anncal festival
a J- ~ or "
S Cleveland Lodge, No. 211,
** k., ?* AND A. M.
u ' OnTharsday, Feb. 3, A« L..'»isj9, A« !>•
Youisdf ladlea are respectfallj lnr teiL
= Membert of the Fraternity a?* requested to appfar 'n
® tte* dla.
Tlanle by tho Great Woatern Baud.
8. T. DSAtf. Ca':er.
•ncktUtna?be had at the Trempnt Home, and at the
Area tf ttj eisoa. Miller A Co.. 71 Canal street.
ID. M.W. lra\- Hue«, G- M..
*t. W. 11. G Reyno'di. G. b.,
E. ••. W. Ml-ehel'.'".
, M M. K. Reoben Tay:or. H. P..
168 M. K, J V.BUu y O. C..
M. K. N. D. EJbociL G. 11. P..
M. K H, A. Johniou, H. K.
T. L O. W. Dearlc.K.U. M.
, s> WM. U*n. w. M.. p f w|Uon T i>l9 e m ui
T-inng Meu's Association.
3d-GfcORGE SCMNBR. £ob]ect: "3oala. rt
IIP 17th—t P. WHIPPLE. *abject;
S4th> UiSRMAN MELVILLE, Cutj«t: "Sooth >eaa.
afe Ji3. "RANT Y/IL^N.
UKNRY W. D'stloP. Jr„
Jm "a?J5 ü b.. m iu»
Cleveland todse No. 311. A. P. * A. -TI..
"uV Uoo«. .» "CMDf
',*££ KYIMIMQ. febnaff M. ISS9 : \
i». -vrnsicAL DXIOS ACADE«Y.—
o. M. CAM, Instructor.
At the tedare Hoom In PofUKiJ . ..
H cui utocur. no»nl »aJ H.umnt tomil
t J fetnea can p*-* »i.~ « m .i»t hoarder* can be
nTti Mooroea rete Alw. »>ew day

8 T VStisK2Ss££S& SS
d. aonablo i«rma, m*y be ob.*incl oo »► OUV*R.
. „tj Bute nre«t.
,455 _
> ei»w -A*D—
printers' it arehouae.
THE prepared TO
ROAD dS'T^.'SS'iu)'
la* u>ord« OO aßplisailon. i>or>G*. Tr«a«n***.
-iprv nihl'irfl* • i
*° V .J! uVd Co*, about li> year» «!-». wblch
iry Ctty. |j »lcn a Lw» property *nd payta*
«aa»eon- owner c*i i» T# uUDWI'-'ta k CO..
xshopoer e barre« »» Bay and Uln*Ule«V^t.
•Lo ir«at j;27Jt* jj u
t for Salt - ___ ■ H & C•' •
aso »«* TJ T. O -cv •
KU L»» -JT" IS •* TV
wyxa'icioreo *od .Of ttl*»
and Lou- _ _ wa'ttTT MI
deairable ~ t*n. «»!»»"•*»
(i. R.R . .>«<.» ——
on on the laSS I GLASS X \ G V 7a
lttph will i-jr fpt DoobtoTWck GU«. of ****
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