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Arrival of tbe Arabia.
Yohk, Jan. 2S.— I The Royal Mail steam
ship Arabia arrived at Halifax this morning.
Liverpool breadstnfl's du.L Provisions are
eteadv, Consols lor money quoted at 95"^
Tne news by tbe Arabia is a week later from
t»U part* of Europe.
Disquietude continued on tbe continent, and
warlike rumors atill circulated, but tbe panic
had senaiblv abated, particularly in London.
The I'aris bourse showed an improvement but
still fluctuated.
Tbe English Parliament bad been summoned
to meet on tbe Sd of February.
The Helgian Cubioet has been dissolved.
The latest information in regard to Italy is,
that large reinforcements had reached Lorn
hardy and that chances of a revolt were dimin
rrirrnrat ev the ahahia.
The Ambi.l p:t«sod the Asia, for Liverpool, on
the night of the 15th, off the SfeviTiea.
The „£:uu sjil«*d at uhout the eauie time as the
Arjl-ia ior Xew York, and trad on the 17ih
oil' KdstricL
The Edinburgh arrived at Glasgow on the
12ih iust.
Thu .'•toam propol'er cf the Gahvav line
ashore in Gahvay B.iy, aod it was feared could not
bv' oil.
The sailed Irotu Galvmy on the 11th
lor St. .T'i'aur-, uud the from Sjuihainpton
on the 1-ih.
The tiiei-cli of the t>f Sjrjinia at the open
ing of tiie Chambers was construed iu a warlike
!«eii.-e. Ik- said Piedmont was not infusible to
cry of utigui-h, and oucluded as lollows :
"I.et us resolutely awaii the decrees ol Provi
dence !'' Prolonged acclamation? jollowcd.
The King of Naples had pardoued sixty-onc
political prisoners.
It was rumoivd tint the British Chinese squad
ron wa« to he augmeutai by twelve sail of the
The depression on the Loodon Stock Ex
chunge continued uutil the lGib, when tbe ex
citeuient greatly subsided uuder more s&tisfac
lory accounts trom the continent. More confi
dence was shown in &U departments, >nd con
sols lett oil'at ua advance ot %. Tbe London
Hints e6timit«6 tbe depreciation in public
Mocks and shares iu European markets iu con
sequence of .Napoleon's policy at £60,000,000.
On tbe l-i'.h tbe Stock market was still stronger.
Tbe advices from the continent being reassur
All the Eiiperor's Ministers are said to be
now in favor of peace, und the industrial popu
lation of Prance look with aversion upon war.
Foancb.—Among the rumors current was one
thbt Walewski was lo be soperseled by Persigoy
ns Minister of pjieign Alliirs. Another that
the Austrian Ambassador had ieft,and another of
the formation of an army of Observation on tbe
Alps. .None of tbem were confirmed.
Tne Paris correspondent of the Timrs says that
the l'rvueU .Marshal-j are charged to take com
mand ol the ;rrcat military di>iticit>, and all Gen
erals on leave of absence are ordered to iheir
po.-i». He also sjy» that Wuie>Tfcki has protested
against the omitum-, impression that appears to
rale Mipivuie, .<nd determined to retire Irom a
Hsene wheie nioneratioti is no longer listened to.
Anuit; the rumors irom Paris is one that Geu.
Mcliahou Ls to command the army In Italy, and
that 30,001) men of the Atrican contingent are lo
cro«s over t»i Italy.
• -•The Cunstitutiuncl has an arliclc admitting that
there ait serious difficulties between Prance and
Au-trij concerning tbe Danube aud Servea, but
siys war is on!y p.saible in the event of the nip
tur.; of treaties. I
Prince Xapoieou had cone to Turin to e?pou>e I
the Prince;:* Clotilda, daughter of the King of I
Sardinia. The impression seemed to prevail that |
this would H'( ure the Mipjioit cf Trance to Victor
Eounuel in becomingiKiug »>f Italy.
Italt.—iiaxuors ot dis&tTecuon are uoabated.
Many persons were leuving ililan every day.
The police had to efface Irom the walls such in
scriptions &8, 4, i)?ath to the Germans." Tne
troops were greatly "excited, and strict disci
pline was necessary to prevent excesses. Tbe :
advance guard cf the Austrian confirments bad :
reached Milan. Additional guns bad been 1
mouuted ou the citadel, directed against the 1
A Milan letter of the S'.h toy 3 the chances of
revolt were diminishing daily.
It whs thought Prince Napoleon's presence in
lvu'y would lead to unmistakable demonstra
Acstuia —The people ar6 represented to be
well pleased with the spirit displayed by the
Emperor in regard to France und Sardinia.
Twcntv-seven thousand men were on their
way to Italy.
The Porte having acknowledged tbe new state
of things in Servia, there is no question of Aus
trian occupation in that quarter, und the treaty
of Paris is not likely to be broken oy the inter
vention ol that Power.
TiruEcr.—A telegiaph cable has been laid to
Anotbercollicion between tbe Turks and Mon
tenegrins und some lives lust on both sides is re
A n*w loan of 15,000, OOj francs had been con
The ladia and China mails h&d reached Eng
land, but there is no additional sews of much
Commander Keed was at Macao.
Reports were curreut of serious disturbances
within a hundred miles of Canton.
Later from California,
Xlw Yu<;k, Jan. l!rt.—The steamship llliuois ar
rived today fn"ii Aspiuwull, «ith the California
ninlsiif Jan. .'•ill, received ut Pan iuia via the
Golden Age. She br.i'gs ;l,'J{)o,(i(J() in treasure,
and -"0 ji,i-s"UL'ers. Tliiptiricip.il cou.-ignets
are WeiN, Fafgu Co., Fic.-miti &, Co., Auieri
ca'i Exchauire 11 it'lc, aud Wiu. Uelle i Co.
Nearly all Hie items of interest have been an
Siu Franei-o markers very dull lor the entire
produce range.
China :i'H Ea-t India -io-jl;s inpMlyaccuiuuLit
iug. G.'ld thtst coining in more !d»era!ly.
liii- l'fesi«i.nt's Message hvthe Oveiland Ex
press re iclied San Fjancivo two days in advance
o) ibs receipt by way ol the Panama route.
Tue l-V.i/.jr iliver are lojking up. The
i-:e in tlie r.ver h<d brnkeu uji, und sleamcrs are
making their u-ual irij'S.
Lsihum-i dates ure to the A fracas oc.
curred at Aepiuwall ou the oth inst., between
ftonic huilnrb of the frigate Kjunoke and the for
t-igu reti'iejiJs. There not much damage
Tbe Co?t:i Ulca ConprebS, in extraordinary
session, on the lid l);c., ratified tbe Uelly treaty,
wiiu slight modihcutions.
Gen. L »niar's manifesto to Nicaragua had cre
ated some sensation throughout Central Ameri
ca. wiiile the firm conduct of Buchanan towards
lilhbusterism was fully appreciated.
Samuel Holland, an American, died at San
tiago, Chili, on the 14th December.
Serious riots had occurred in Lima and Csl
lao in cocsvqtitruce of the importation of ready
made bnutien from the United States, of which
the workmen attempted to prevent tbe landing,
the mob and gaard cunie in collision when sev
erfc' on both Md*.*s were killed and wounded.
President (;a-til!a ordered a detachment of
troops iu the r-mie, when anolher took
p].«L-, in wricu mvera! wcie killed. Finally
a c■jiunii'>i'Hi was appointed by Congress, to
tieat with thy populace, which resulted
in trie ritiuduc.ng iu'o Hut body a measure de
creeing iliat ulter tlie of August 1539, all
manuiactured good- shall pay a duty ot 20 i»er
ceiii. o:i tae p:v.-er»i land", and iliat all raw niateii
, ais shu.l i JC itduut'ed tree. ttolh cities were
jilaeed uuder martial during the riot*.
Later from Mexico.
Xkw Oclkash, Juq. 2S.—The steamship Ten
nessee, trom Vera Cruz, with dates to the 24th,
lias arrived.
Gen. Tries and Admiral Ssrinin came as pas-
A Spunihh fleet w-s at Sacrificio on the 20th,
bound lor liavuno.
The French aud English lliete were at Sacri
Tbe J'ro-jrt'Ht quotes a rumor that an Ameri
can war vendel Had threatened to blockade and
bombitd Jl.rratun for confiscating the cargo of
an American merchantman by order ol tbe
l|ates from Mexico ure to the l&th.
The PthtiuttiKhto, Mirumon's orgaaat Guada
i.'jara, states tbai iliramon w;ll not accept tbe
Piesideucv tavor Hjbks, but adh"rea to
M iramnn nas marching on tbe capital.
iJegallado ir.iti at Moriia.
iramon lad ordered & forced loan of |OOO,-
vOO at Guadaligur*, including foreigners who
pbio ucrt«-r a threat of cxpnlsion.
The I'resf. in the Capital states that the
r reach ;.nd English Minis'ers had notified the
gc\ercment that unites a million of dollars was
pain to fatistT the claims of French i.nd Eag
hsh eutjects within six dujs, tbeir fleets would
take poc-sessiou of Vera Cruz:
Tbe Liberals hud taken Muza'.hdn.
Caamant had f*Uea back on Yantepec. Dlaoe
and Coronado with Salvo were before Yaca'.ecm.
iliramon sent OvKi men to its asaistance, bat it s
thought the gurrnou wyutd bi obiice'd to sur
Wiramon had drc'ared veheuieatly against
Koble's plan prev;ous> lu b « (Miramon's) elec
tioa, but has Uitu a ;: tu t a.uc o . lUblet is still
presiding, DackeU by th und is
tnendly with Minnnon. It is sai<l that it Mira
mon declares for Zaloago, thwt llobles willjola
the Liberals.
Tbe English and French Admirals had made
a formal und iLieateniijg demand ou Juartz tor
prompt p-ymtut ol ;be interest ou tbe English
General Tracone has been rtleoßed Jjy Kobles
after a year's impneoumeEt. It is rumored
that be will be placed in command of tbe Vera
Cruz forces.
New York City Jtcms.
Kew Yoek, Jan. SS.—Win. ; -cker, who was
wounded last week in aim strie., in the affray in
which Richard Owen was killed, aied to-dar at
the Hospit&L
The Uarlem boat to-day ran into tbe city
barge conUining the physicians on tbeir way to
Ward and Blackwell islands, wben three per
sons (all boatmen) were drowned.
Hon. Mark Spencer died at his residence in
the city to day.
iKaitoßobbing Postmaster Arrested.
AUoisosr, Wis., Jan. 23 --Frack Uachanan
Postmaster at Beverly, in this county, has been
arrested on a charge of having robbed tbemaii.
The robbery was committed nearly three months
but bus been successfully traced out toy Dr.
ij' o1 Post Office agent. A wife and
cntldabare in the disgrace ond buffer by the
puni£bmentof the husband and father.
A. Little Girl Bnrned to Death.
29,-a. little girl Keren
Her clothes took lire from ucaSm? ««uee.
while filling a lamp that was lii.h^S eC «h 00
terribly burned. Her parc"te ft ?l e - w "
two other children alone in tbe tSS '
lug their abunce the cccwr.Si j
Washington, Jan. 28.—Bkxate.—Mr. Grin
made an apology for his' language yesterday
with reference to the proceedinea on the Pacific
Railroad bill. H» then mored to reconsider
the Railroad bill which he hoped to revive with
such modification as would meet the riewa of ita
Mr. Seward presented a petition aekinjr an
appropriation ot $250,000 lor erectinr at .New
York und Brooklyn defences against foreign in
HoopE.-The Houto adopted a resolution
calling on Secretary Cobb tor actual and proba
ble receipts from customs and public lands for
the current and next fiscal year.
The Judiciary Committee were discharged at
their own request from further consideration ol
tbe charges against Judge Irwin, he baring re
Mr. Stephens of Ga. ? introduced bills for the
establishment of territorial governments in
Arizona, Dacotah and Jellerson. Referred to
the committee of the Whole on the state of tbe
Mr. Grow, of Pa., Rare notice that when tbe
Arizona bill shall be called up, be will clTer an
amendment, which was read, setting forth that,
whereas territory acquired trom Mexico, of
which Arizona is apart, was at tbe time of its
purchase tree by law from African slavery, and
no soch slavery has since been established
therein, therefore nothing contained in this act
shall be held or taken to authorize African
slavery ia said territory, which shall remain
free from slavery as Mexico. .
Oa motion of Mr. Morse, of Mo., a re.olutien
wus adopted calling ou the President to furnish
copies 01 the instructions to our Alrican sijuid
rou, and those giveu Ly the Isxitisli Goverument
to their forces on the same coast; aUo, informs,
tioa as to the number of slavers and suspected
slavers ciiitured, uud oilier matters pertaining
thereto, since the ratification of the treaty ci
The llou?e reconsidered the vote by which tlie
Consular and Diplomatic bill was 3 esterciay de
feated. The question being taken, the bill was
pai-ed—lol against fS.
Mr. Cu:tis, from the Committee oq Military
ADairs, reported a joint resolution for the pa\-
meut of the officers and mcu commanded by Ca]>-
Uiius Watts and Small, who eucamjKd at Camp
Washington, Ohio, but were not actually received
into tlr* service, during the Mcxicau war.
Mr. Vallandingham, of Ohio, wautc-d to know
whether the Company from Dayton, commanded
by Capt. Stout, w.u not precisely in the sauie
condition as the Xt-uia and Piqua Companies. If
to, he wanted it iucludedin ths re^olulion.
TbtM ex.lutinn was referred to the Committee
of the Whole, when the House adjourned.
Tbe California Overland Mail.
£t. Loris, Jan. IS Notwithstanding tivoacci*
deuis, which rendered it to puck the
Overlaud Mail for a distance of about 00 miles, the
trip was accomplished in twenty-three and a half
Three passengers left ban Francisco, but were
obliged to remain at a station 50 miles wot of
Fort Cuadbourn, in consequence of the breaking
uf the coaea.
Tbe roads in Arkansas and Missouri arc much
The attack on the Coddo Indians, an account un
which was reC'-mly telegraphed irom Washington,
"is fctated to have grown out of thefts aud outrages
committed by the Indians. After the fi.ubt, the
Texans made a treaty wi'h the lnoians, receiving
their promise of good beh ivior iu the future.
Mr. Pardee came with the mail from Fort
From Utah.
Leavenworth, Jan. 2Sth.~The Utah mail,
with dates to Dec. 2S'.h, has arrived at St. Jo
repha. There was no quorum in the Utah
Gov. Cummings' message is de
scribed as brief and pointed.
The weather has been very severe, tbe mer
cury standing at 23 deg. below zero ior four
consecutive days.
The President's Message was carried to Salt
Lake city in eleven days.
A new and entirely practicable pass to tbe
Sierra Nevada, which will shorten tbe distance
to the Pacific materially, has bten discovered.
Fifteen mules had perished at Sweetwater, and
seventeen men were b&diy frozen.
Steamboat Explosion.
New Orleans, Jan. 23.—Tbe tow-boat Trade
water Belle, belonging to Cooke's mines up tbe
Tradewater exploded her boilers ten miles above
Southland on Wednesday night. One of the
liremen is missing. The cook, one of the own
ers, and Carrol), the pilot, were dangerously
tcaided. Another man slightly scalded.
The boat was burned to tne water's edge.
Commercial and Money Matters.
FainiT Ercsisa. Jan. IK9.
There has been scarcely cny perception
change in the money market since yesterday's
quotations. Business paper fiom the country is
rather more plenty; but bankers have still too
much employed capital. For the season, how
ever, business is quite as good as could be ex
pected. Exchange is still The Marine
Bank Belling to customers at tbe lowest figure,
and to others at 1 y,. We hear, however, that
several of them sell to beet customers at the
lowest figures. Outsiders are charged by nil
the banks though one or two large sales
were made by the Marine Bank at
Bank discounts for local paper 10 per cent, cs
usual. Eastern thirty day bills are taken at par
to half per cent Gold Stocks in the
city are not large; but there is no demand.
Street rates nominal [email protected] percent, per month
wilh few truusactions.
The St. Louis Democrat of yesterday says:
There is an increased supply of currency and
itsells at discount. Bankable funds are
yet scarce. Receipts of money by the merchants
throuub the different express lines, are large,
huh ol currency cud coiu. Though the demand
, for exchange iB small, tbe subtly'is limited also,
particularly oa New Orleans. VVe quote rates
as before:
New York S'g'it p*rt) prem. s*<s>£preni.
I'hTa Boston aud Ua'ii're. ** " ...
;<ew Orleans X&X " V<il "
The time bills cn tbe East and South are thns
! bought:
£o<*ar<.*.»..... V off. M days oIT.
»J<lays IViHI.4 ol 4 month*. C (^3>iotr
The above ure tbe rates for bankable funds;
for gold tbe rate would vary
Tbe Cincinnati GazttU of Thursday £"th bos
the following:
The money market exhibited no new feature
to-day. The supply ol capital continues fully
equal to the demand, and good paper is taken to
the full extent of the offerings at [email protected] per
cent.—lo per cent, the leading figure for first
clu-s signatures ; outside of banks the business
doing is quite limited.
The Exchange market was rather better sup
plied with Eastern checks, and there was gene
rally an easier feeling, but ne chnnge was ob
bervable in rates. Dealers were free buyers,
over tbe counter, at Ci)c for New York, Poilia
delnlna, Boston and Baltimore, an t some houses
paid %to neighboring bankers. Tbe Ohio Val
ley and Commercial Bank continue to draw at %
prem., and the former sold more freely to day
outside of its line of customers than heretofore.
Geld ia tirm at % prem., with a moderate de
mand. Bills are sparingly oflered, and the de
mniid continues good at prices within the range
of quotations.
ntrnro. feluso.
New York Slcht WKWSprem. Drew
New York. <iJ 'dS 0 * ,prt ' nu
New Orleans •* >aCi I>4 "
The reports of the banks of the United States
made nearest to Jan. 1, 1850, show numbers,
specie and circulation as follows;
Clrciil.tlon. Dmoiiu.
In>>, I.h)j t>i ;*« t>4.> lvi.l'ii.Ui j
!?? is-i*" 31 ! sSt«si§
l%»<. llii "JO^ollV
I-;.'. K3i 7)412 B 2 ISJ.JI.SH
iii!#, lbi.'. i;73.411.ci-T
The anucxed are the aggregates of the items
of the statement of the condition of the backs
of Wisconsin, made to the Bank Controller cn
Public iectuiUes 5 r**4is mi
I'drate tccaritfes
, The last statement of the N. V. Banks is as
j follows:
Ja*. 18. J»n. 52.
Jwui •c.m :.v> nis inc ffio
Loans .%4V Stt 12SS40.US0 *Se Wu'Es
Boede... 1i)3cy.711 Inc..
Net Deposits WCj6.4m.y Drc.'.'uki.va
The weekly statement of the Philadelphia
Banks presents tbe following aggregate, is com
pared with that of the previous week :
„ . , J-n. 17. J»n.?4.
Cwital 11.W,p55 li.c. 1741
r.(">3i: Inc 471-,
UoeTnmoUiortiVs, smtThj 2'u"ni23l mr" V2r
l»aemt.erl.«is. 5 2*»B 31S 3.u«w
I>rpo«'t- 17a2LS»« J?" i-r*:,
Oicalit'on 2b•0:64 liCTt*.H5
Toe stateMitrut of the Rhode Island'Bank#
made ou the 17.h inet., ia us follywu:
rrOkld.-nMRaaVi. Outof ProvMr-ce ToUl
Cfi-M • I's i2lo>o 15.614
''licoljit.un Stui.Hl 34TM -> 'l
L.nk noUfa.... 5.i4.45t Uri-iit
Du;byHu.lii.. l.,tc.uai
-111!,?!' rn, iue American Truuspiinii.
f''- v • ol llicir
P? £? 7 tonnage
<jf na> J.Jll tons. Tbp loml number of
T ii'Ji I '?' J ' 30: '' Tuul m ' lcs "ia, JS3,»ri
i^n l , ;»?h.M,r n,1, 1-f i0I! > 2 - SM ' 1 - #SS of wU,cll
w.ij, ni..ai. llu-v :.H,k lroin tins port'jy.
•Sflre/-'bt"'" a r at . I V u !><« 1(15,021 t'iiis
WbcaU bus - -
CorLbu™...:.. ?15.K9
OaU. bos £26 265
Klour. t bU
Hlihrinets b>)la. tfri.7l6
Ueef and to- k, itbU " "**'
livefitcck.lbj "**
Asbf, Jbi
Lard, ft* «S' J, 2i2
O J Cake, lbb, luaUAc..
T g~!;« tlie U J> frelfhU calllot it p er
Dowofrcilli (it aTerage pr'cei et Bnffiioj'.**.*.*
ToUdvAlue #BT®I */7
Ihe;e flames we hive obudned fiom the office
or the Coujjiany, iiiid th'-y arc reliable iu ev. n
respect. l)
Tlic American Comiunv have
lh ?. •«->». K
[ wliti uny lu"f-y, v.bicli Jniurjuce Oiniiiaiiiii^
iti 1 ,""" lo !"•■>" tmnsiioning
Ills large aiu .um 01 property: *1i...,-ing Hiat
tlielr prujidlL-th n jvc bceu well managed and tliat
Uiemaata, have bteu very
' u tbis ml » l!lit ° r transporta
' I«""c<"ar aUentlon of the
.Baaid el yndenrritere who meet st Chicago pext
month, and ask tbcm to regulate their rates by
steam vessels, so that the lake resiels can com
pete successfully with railroads, which make the
rates charged for insurance an argument why they
should have the preference in many articles of
freight over the water route.
The above .ia from the Buffalo Courier. It pays
a proper tribute to one of the best transportation
companies in the country. Its success in the
pa.st baa been truly remarkable, and whatever
energy and experience C3n do to merit the confi
dence and tbe patronage o[ the public in the fu
ture will be the object which the American Trans
portatlon'Company will labor to accomplish.
Comhekcial —Tbe Wheat market opened tbis
morning with a few sales of No. 1 Red at $1.30 in
store, aud No. 2 at $1.13; but before the close,
the market weakened, and several lots No. 1 Eed
were sold at $1.29, and oue car-load atfl.JG in
s'ore, with No. 2 Bed at [email protected] The market
for Spring Wheat was also easier, aad holders
were more willing to entertain tbe propositions of
buyere. About 4,000 bn changed bands at Oic
for Standard ; [email protected]: for old and new No. 2 ;
and £oc for Rejected iu store. In the evening tbe
news by the Aiabia bad a depressing effect, and
the market closed dull.
The Flour market, however, was as firm as yes
terday, with very little Spring Extra offering.
Corn was firmer, wiih sales of Shelled at [email protected]
C'Jc per GO lbs on track; and Ear Corn at 55c per
70 lbs on track. Oats in fair demand, with sales
at 45(<£i0o delivered. Barley firmer. Sales of
No. 2 at 50c in store, aud choice at SOc on track,
llighwines iuactive.
The market for Dressed llojjs to-d3y was firmer,
with tales of heavy at $C [email protected] 50.
Provisions very firm. There is little or no Pork
product offering, aDd we quote Mess at sl7.
Lnrd vi-ry firm at 11c.
The market for B?ans is buoyant. Choice
While sold to-day at $1.50, and common to fairat
*[email protected]
'lucre is a good demand for Timothy Seed, to
ship to Kentucky and Missouri. Choice sold to
day at SI.HS, and common to good at [email protected]
Wc learn that John Young, E?q., of Montreal,
has purchased a'. Liverpool, 10,000 bbls Superfine
Flour at 15s per bbl, to be shipped to Quebec at
Is 3d freight. It is supposed to be Oswego flour.
Montreal, Jan. 22.—Fcocb—The market has
been very much excited during tbe week, and
thongh the transactions have not been numerous
the speculative enquiry baa put up our quota
tions fully 65 cents per barrel on all grades
Superfine Flour is, to-day, saleable at $5.75©G;
Fancy at $G [email protected] 25; and Extra at f G.40(26 GO.
One sale of 15,000 barrels Superfine was made
nt.|G, and the quantity now remaining in first
bands is not large.
There has been a good demand for wheat, but
the stock in market iB very light, and no sales
have taken place. There is no com here. Bar
ley is in request at [email protected]&sc per minot. Oita
have advanced to [email protected] per minot. Tbe
quantity of Peas coming to market is very light,
and prices are slightly higher; 62}£@S5c are
the rates given to farmers.
In Pork tbe transactions have been very mod
erate during tbe week, at, for Mess, [email protected]
18.50, Prime Mess |l3 [email protected], and Prime sl2 5'J.
Ashes are in active demand at [email protected] for
Pots. Pearlß quiet at |G,[email protected]
At St. Louib on tbe 26th, Shelled Corn sold at
95c<3*1.00; Ear Corn, [email protected]; Oits [email protected];
Mess Pork held at f15.50, with offers of $15.25;
Whisky held at 30c; Beans, [email protected]
1.70; Timothy Seed [email protected]; Clover, |G;
Flax Seed [email protected] Receipts of Wheat, SGI
eks; Corn, GG eks; Flour, 495 bbls.
At Cincinnati on the 26th, Mess Pork, owing
to large orders from the Souih, w«s firm at
$16.25 for prime brands.
At BufTdlo on the 2G:b, Milwaukee Club wheat
| sold at fI.G7, and White Ohio at $1.40; Illinois
and Wisconsin Spring Extra Flour, $5(25.25;
Corn, 75c; Canadian Oats, 52c; Canadian Bar
ley, 70c(<|75c, and [email protected] for State ; Dressed
Hcgs, IKWYj.. Whisky, 25}£c.
At Milwaukee on the 27tb, Extra Spring
Wheat sold at Extra No. 1, sl.lO
@1.15; No. 1 SI.GG(£I.IO; No. 2 [email protected]#l.oo ;
Timot' y Seed, [email protected]^; Dressed
At Louisville on the 27th the transactions in
provisions are thus reported by the Journal:
In this market, we notice sales yes'erday of
235 bbls mess pork, city packed, at $19.50, 4SO 1
bolfl same at $15.50, 350 bbls Lexington packed
at $15.50, 30 d&ys, and 500 bbls pork, 500 tierces !
lard, also Lexington, at $18.50 and time
not Rtuted. Also, 040 bbls of old mess pork at
$17.50, and 200 bbls in lots at $17.25.
: From the N. Y. CourUr and Enquirer of the
2<>:b, we take the following tables of the im
ports and exports of Bre&dstuß's and Provisions
at New York during tbe past week:
Flour, bbls Wheat, hu. Corn. bo.
BeVuts for the week.... 21.&25 l.tilfi 11.142
Do eioceJan. 1 loi,:s:a 5/JWJ Lt.WSJ
Exports for the week 10.177 1U.I& i.65'2
Ho eiaceJaa. 1 3-1.6W lUTaSf ?.O>o
Do Bams time IS5*.. t£l,K>7 133 67* 117,191
Pwr put week. SJcce Jan. L
lleef.tcs and bbls 1.574 11.163
l'ork. bbls 3,757 17.W1
lUcun. Ac., pkps 7.7.'l
Lard, pk<(B 3 BTi> l ; i,''i3
i xpoaw. * ~
Knrtbeweck. filnce.Tan.L Da. I?S7.
Ce»-£, tcs aad b'U.. C.7T4 u (XR) 2RVS
l'ork. bbla 2.314 7.471 7.K30
Uacoa. 4c.. Es tri.<i7l SS-I 0>)0 9201 w
LtrA C'S : 7i>.c» O 75J fnx)
Lbcess. Bs W.4:j
Chicago Daily Wholesale Market.
FmoAT tvEsisa, Jan. 21
VLOCIt-Sal'sta-dajr were:-CObbla " Rlchrlew" White
Wluterat $C 12H; 50 bbls " JontsbDro" do at i'j.l^K: 50
bb!s "Aurora C.ty" fprl:s Extra, at flt'Ji; 50 bbla
choice Wisconsin do at 15 25: 111) bb> do at to 3!; C-l bb'j
*"De Witt- EuperfiaeattC T3.
WllßAT—WHires—Declined. Sales to-dap were:—
?,500 bu No. 1 £td in lots at $1.30 In store: I.COOtu do In
lots at $1 la tt >re; Gs3bado at 11.25 In store: l.Coobu
No, 2 Eed at $1.13 In store: 300 bu do at $1.13 in store:
I.OOJbu do at SLIO In *'ore—market closing weak. SrsiSG
Market eai'.er. Sales to-day were: I.soobuS:andardln
lots at £Jc In store: 2.000 bu old No. 2at S3: in store, with
4c storage: COO ba do at C 9: In store: SOO bu do at i>oc in
store: COO ba new No. 2 at t'icla store; 7W ba ne«r Re
jected &t tOc in store.
CORS—Fires. Salts to-day were:—GOO bu Shelled at
C 2: per 60 !bs lu telb cn track: 600 ba do at C3c la bulk oa
track; 800bn do in bass at G3c on track; two cars Ear
Cera at 55c per 70 on track.
OATS—In fair demand. Sales to-day were:—SirObu new
crop at 43c delivered; 400 bu choice do at 50c dtHrered.
RYE-Very little oDerlnp. Diit'J era payhj? C5G75: cer
COB! at depot.
II4ELEV—3OO ba choice at Soc oa track; 3 obu No. 2
at si)cln store.
HIGH WlNE3—lnactive and nominal at £2®2tc.
AL'o"iob-54S5Gc? ga'.
BEANS—In gool demand, aad market buoyant, Sa!es
to-day were:—loo ba comioa at $1; 141 bu fair do at
$1.25; 150 bu choice at tl.'Q.
GRASS SEED—In pooil detand and prices advanced.
Sale* of Timothy tsnlay were:—Wba prime at $1.55: 10
bufioodda at $i.S3; 6? bu fair do at SLS9. Clover noml*
n 0 at 1C&3.25.
Goad to Choice, s2<3lsft DlxonMillsats32s.
COBN 61EAL—In good demand at $23(524
Unbolted, and s:s3C6?ton for Bolted.
PROVISIONS—Very firm. Mess Pork held flrralyln
rcuid lots at sl7. with sales of 40 blls at $16.75, and a few
small parcels lUhi Mess at $15.75. Cut Meats scarce and
Li^D-None cfffrinß of any consequence. Cj packages
mixed lots sold at 10"<c. For round lots the market is
fi:ta at lie
TALLOW—Market li very quiet Country, ■
CitjS.S'aiOs. ' '
DRtiaED UOGS-ITrmtr. Sa'esto-day were;
9Jloa averarfne 273 Ca at
.. *. '* P. 35
lju 5 3S
nnn« r - CUt. Grt-eo, o>4®Tc: Grem Couctr'.
,( t' '•« V.i&X* Dry Flint, 15> '
l.l«(iS— Fresh. 16c i' doiea.
HOL LTKY-CM-kcns, $1©1.50 ? doz.; TurkeraJ37c
vE>: Sj'jtwls.
POTai'OES— l»*r*e Quatitl ie* of onwiund off, rice, with
t.oK isa)eat6yit<oc. Gicd sound Methannocka.
Qoveacni of Broadstairs-"jaQ, 27,
incurm bt uiLwxra.
Iloor Wfct Ocro OaU Bar. H'o Oat
By Lake bU * bIL No *
ByUai. Ol R.*R i« 2132 SII7 *643 "sfi 15? *215
By RockL R.R. 16i 14(W 3D {«•s 54
By IU Central.. 245 1*24 .... 70 45
ByO. 8.*Q... JM Wi 57a -±rj fro JQ
BFa.p.AP.dBL. IK iea 4t
Bl&A. 48LL. luo tfrtf 16 80
Total »3 6253 8430 1150 474 «4 IS
New York Market#
{pT TuxaaiPß.] , KtwVriEt January 2S.ISS9.
Vificn— rhe BpeenlaUre demand far F.oa*
and prices hive advance! li'&lsc. nales of 11000 brls at
•4W.4 75 for nnsetmd; t5 3'ic4sW for raperCne State*
$6 '.'CK£r> 10 fo' extra te; to for superfine W, tt
era: for shipping br*cds eztri iwnd hoop
Ohio, roarkn c!osinr Ann and buoyant, Canadian firm,
er. fmali sales at $6 Ssa".is for common to choice ex
tra Sratll salrs of Kye Floor at $3 £034 10. Backwheat
Fiour at 12 376.J.32 ¥ 100 tti.
(tRAt I—WJit-a'-tirm-rwitu1 —WJit-a'-tirm-rwitu a fair demand, chiefly
uUtlre. Sales of 56.00U bu at sl2S(£l4O for winter red
AVcsUirn; SI
terms; sl.7u for white Kr. Kye «ulet at 6'x*?Oc. BaHey
Quiet. 2 ba fair hUtesold *t &ic. Oora d2ll and low
er. dftleso: ll.Oix) bu toand mtxud est-ro at fyjo; bur
c?teoc4illy refuse to p.y over iCx\ Oat* 5n fair request
anii.uli.t 54£57cforsiUteaadGOSESc far
Wutskv—ln midtratc demaad; sales of 4!0 Lblsat
I'no^ioss—Pork ruled heavy: salei COO hblj rew prime:
*l6:or prime mtss; $23 for (1«t; and slt> 87 for t:tin
Tne**. Beef quiet ; sa'es 400 bbls at for prime.
$7 forroeii. $8 tdVilU 50 f u r rtpasked tnesv $11(4
II.&j f >rtxtr*meu; l>cei hams quiit at $lO-M); vrme
rntrfsbeefnoiclnal at Cut Meats
forh.tas; a»al-0f75 pk{» sbou'den at 7<%8 held at 7,
wiUi buyer* at 6¥. Dressed Hcgs stf ady at 7ftßj. llacsn
<lul» t; short libb d city middies at 9s, and 6 iitids rough
udet at !-V. Lard fi iner; »Ues MM bbls at 12&125. In
eluding su)bbUM«rch and April Ul2^: sJoke*s»oid a
1 j h. Boturlnfalr >eqoest at chteselo mode
rate demani at [email protected]
Stocks—A* iu I -wer, Tenn 6i 93S'; Pacific Mall 96.
r.; V Erie 14. Ha souSJ hantm yreferred4oW;
Mich CentralslK: OAT sl)4 ; Chl&Rlo'K;
A>i crcoicr 2j>—tu advance.
Foreign markets.
Pn AtABU ] Lrrapoa, Jan. 15.
Ba* Attn cm—Messra, Richardson, fipenes a Co., quote
flourdu:t end nominal. Wert rn Canal at 192205; Phil
adelphia and Baltimore, SuSSls ; Ohio. 21<i22j, Wheat
firm at the omenta % bat uul' at tae close. Red W eMem,
<si)Hftß,M; White do. 6«i7s; WMte tiootbern, 7ste7«6d; .
k®. r ? * n; l steady. Mired 3Ss: Yd.ow, iS^SOi;
White, 33<43st>J.
fu' iol , b . eI »« Qnoteiiesriabe terdema d, i
middhn* and ! v-.r grade of 2«6d.
t'crkLruL and holders :i :.dva ice. Bacon
®teaf<y, Lardflria. baiqaletforneT. > s*>i. CLe*ie fine
qualities tad. aad advanced l(E2a. * dow Gd
demand; North W
fi^? Ka^t i U - , ti 4O ?i oecUoe H *■ cd * hut cloied firmer. Coffee
S *ll oilier qualities advanced. Clover
fct.tdlngoo.idttnanaatfc&tssi. Lrnsetd Oil quiet at3oj.
ciosctl buov*ot. KJc* ate*dy OcHee
ai62S i5510,,ar Flli<; X 6& Scotchtltsteady
, oatl la
Jp articular Notices.
I Members of tlie First UnlU'lan Cbnrch to ba held
at tbe v»»tir Room of the Cbnrch, on UO 3DAY fcYEN
INO sex', at ? o'clock.*
Apen«r*l atieodincils reiaeited. as bualneu of !m
--poUncce wllloome before the mtetloe.
Ja27-3t* By crcer of the Trnitee^
$5,000 to $20,000.
BUck» of Dry Goods, Groceries or other oersooal
property u> exehuixe for part caih and part real estate,
caa be treats] with advaatveously.
A citj retlileoce *lßi wa' ttd fcr cash, and cuUlde real
est it;. r*tjiUj ti.de preferred. Anp'y to
BILL A H Auctioneers,
Ja2T6t 10J No. 51 Dear&orn gtreet.
©•JW»w' 'U DIBE wanted tn exchange
forßoaat andMoitcs'es on Eastern City Propeity,
Firs; Mortgage 7 wer cent. U«llro3d Honda. Nooe tat
prtnclp*l3 feited utth. Addrc**, wilh real same and dis
cretion of Goods, "i Z. C.;" box 31&, Cdlcwo, Pjbt
Office. cr"4 lm
Notice. —all persons havisg
accounts «Rilnst the Chlcfo Mechanics' Institute
arereqacsted to present tiem be.'ore t-e 2Lit lnsw. eu
doseiaLd directed to
P W. GAIES. Preildest.
By order of the Board of Directors. ja2s-5t
At Tea per Cent, per Atnnci.
roa rxvn ttdaho.
First-class Beal Estate and
commercial notes wanted.
runnlPß from One to Tvelve Mocths.
U2l)cA>< B. F. IK)WNLNG ACO., 57 Cl&rk-st.
(jfcl | AT TEN PER CENT.- A
Cn ' pArty wshes tse t» *?11 a aroal l l^t
at alow price on falrterms.andloan the purchase »I.oio
or upwards, at ten per crnt on other tecufl y, oae or
two years. Application ta be made to me personally or
by letter. J. L. Lfc.*".
jalo At Wadiworth A Co'a. C 6 Clark st. box 2*7 i. P. O
Mercba-jd se or City Prop rt». a'jou* 110,103 worth
oi Jewelry. Gold Peas, PeccUs, Address "J. W.
K. t *Box2l6fl. Cblcago P. O. tylab^'lo
J_ convenience of property owners. I have procured
a list of tbe taxes on let* at L*ke Forest. Iwi U attend
to inpayment of taxes for parued pajlo* them to me a:
my omce before the £oth lzist
D. J. LAKE. Secretary.
A. valuable Hones and Carria es, wnlch we will ex*
change for Groceries. Lna er. Hardware, Hooisand fchoeg
or Dry Goodi. Alio a new beven octave Piano as above,
U6b?3tlm 533 and 522 Hnntb Ftrfft.
Secorltlea. Mortgages. Trust Deed*. Bondi
Stocks, Business Notes, and all good cesotiablr tecurl
ties bought and sold. Certificates of Deposits aad Chccki
of R. K. tiwlft. Brother 4 Johcston, purcii&sed for cast
at the hkbest market price. Deaieri In lllisdis, Wiscon
sin and lowa lands. Improved faraj. suburb an lots ace
City Beal Estate. Office No. & (second tioorj iletror.oil
tan Bloek. cornerof Randolph and Lisalle sts.. Chicago
de3b^ia4m W. DAVIDSON.
Drals, Acceptances and Notes paid in New York on
tbe day of matmity, or last day of grace, and money de
p sited lor account In tbe cty of New York and tent to
cities In the vlcinliy of Ne* Yor< on Telegraphic Orders,
EXVSEB7 0088
XV to Inform LU numerouj friends and patrons that
cehsslas're'urned from at ur In Europe, ao'ibavlcg,
wb'letiere visited someof the principal LOS"ital« o tbst
country. Is row prepir«i to attend withzreatly increased
facilities all cues requiring the bes; skill in Medt-vl and
Eor.lcalpractlce. Office fe3KandoiphsU j,2^cll2la
Docking propsrty to let
Cheaper than any In tne c'.ty.—l will let lor a loig
or Bhortterm of years. Da:ks suitable for Lurcher Yards
or other buiicess, ontbeSiath Branch (with Side Tracks
of the Chicago aad Jo'ict Rulroad.) and a contract for
bringing to aid from them tne cars of ail connecting
ttuilroios in the c ty. l'a?aent f r rents may be
In lumber. Apply at 53 Utfk 6U\eU
ja27-lm-cIOT JOHN EVANS.
Chicago tnd Milwaukee Ballread Compißj.
1. Stockholders of the Chicago and Milwaukee Rail
road Company, which was advertised to be holden at
their office in Chicago en the 14th dav of Dceeffber,
1553. at 10 o'clock A. 4L, has been POSTPONED UN.
TIL TUESDAY February Sin. Itis3, at 10 o'clock A M..
at wblch time said meeting will be noldea at tbe office of
said Company in Chicago, for the election ot Director*
for tbe ensuing year, and the transaction of such ether
business as may be presented.
By order of the board.
n<x2-td-t»73 A. 8. DOWf»3, Secretary.
£)aritcuatE & iflacijiucry.
1859 SPHHTG TR&DE 1859
45 JVahash Avenue 45
Surcli*slroTi 33u.ild.in2, Chicago.
Tbe Enbscrlber has now In stock
All of which Is clTered at the Lowest Market Prices for
15,000 Bundles Wirs- Feucing.
*lth Dcn!e:s forfirjt
In Qurntit'es of not less than one ton. deliverable at our
Wareboufe at any time previous to tlie Ist da? o' June
next. Flveper cent, cistito be pild wheathe contract
Is made, balance on de'.ive y. Purchaser luvitcd to
corrißjond wlih us at once.
THUS. d. OICKKRSON.tt Wabash avrzine.
laiO c-1 dlrotw3m Durcb's Iron Bulldintr, (-h caio.
ti „ r. >. UiO.,
102 Wat Laht iStrett 102
uAarFicrresji? AST l>rALi.ra M
OU Caps, Gaage Cocks, Stearafc »TatirGaage!!,
For Warmlnt Hotels, Foe*
lories, «xc,
P. W. 'liUl'S. W •iTii l. ' r • fastr.
i,.| ANU'. /ii-'il.-ilhl:. . • ;i ~I L
jL?J. OAR*. P.»rU'.>:-:..?
Steiisii Kisuriii.- * >iKi
Poru.bl»" •'ir< , ! , r,. ?•••»*,» «*tir.c»,
Atrfit; I•'• :r K it* ii«l* »■ t. ' • ; Mii : t
*nd IJol's;
V. - Jillii
*».! w ltu -.v-^Worlr
-OvV>i; \SD tiA.VI' P.TO.
*ud Mil! t»fi«rn:«: jik*" -j.-dt r.
Mar* Ouod*-"»ATSS 4 CO.*'
r. w. j*:«s t: * «•«>?.. t.duixiss,
a. a. wah.hj.i u n:t«*E.
Aprll22. IS^C.
Tbe subscribers takes this method cf nodfyia* therab>
He that they have secured
Sawyer's Patent Heating & VeatUating Faraae^
And are now prepared to furnish them to order foi
Dwellings. Churches, Schools. Ac. Also, their Etove*
constructed on the same principle for pwlors. singls
rooms and LaUs. and. eb;<ecially
ventllailn* uerfectly all roo"ns in Th.ch they are cied
and warming to any required temperature.
We refer to Messrs. W. "-V. Boylncton. O. L
and Carter A Baurr, Architects of this city.
particular* tnqu're of the subscilhers at thel
o.tice So. 61 aud &id.»atb J Assiie street.
y, LiivTER A tU
i"hlcftio. Oct. >*n,
IH Likn *ire«i IU.
•40 Tons Aunealea /tuce Wue nonbsri.
5 " Bristit
kOJU Kess NiUs-asdorUd iites a.;:I Vruidi.
LSOO . 7 Li.' -t Ir.>n—assorted.
JjO J nietta—a*, riu.'.
iul • •; '' K<h
1? Caria Sheet ilno.
OPPKftBO tTOiin. aaEASId an ! OOVEHa,
SIVtT? ana C\E- TIS>*EB'S TOOLS. Ac,,
tku4-a« r 4.1rl
I.TJ. STOVES. 6 rises, Tor Parlors. i?Bces. Stores, Halls
and Cborches. Also
To-;etherwlth a fine assortment of
Latest ctyiea and pattens for ca!e by C MET 2. 180
btatestreet. between Morrne in J A-aois. oci> bis 9 Sin
Fiss, Fix 8, Figs,
OF OUli OWN Itti'OmTlON !
Stltc ed by a FilmJ In SmyrDa,
Far Soperlor to any e?ir tiered In this Market.
A targe lot ju: received at
J. H. HEED 6c CO.'S
IMAUo ....Like Street. 141*143
j 'BiCifilf LBil) PIPS aS D
COLLINS i IlLAlClirilHll,
tfismoTuatfe- ci
Lead Pi|ir. fllieci «ud Bar L«-ad,
P I G £j £1 A C
rft, i_K>uin ishot Tower.
I Vi roll assortment of the above ifannfactnres ocn
' starUy on hand.
Co Ulna & Dlatclilord*
tUSovl-ts Oorner of Qtnton and Pclton str^eU.
W dersioed Is prepared to mannf.vmre
Cistenu, far SAinwater, Tan.h> for (Ha Katrct
AnaßaHroa<B, and Eectifleri.
Also, dl« Wells, and furnish C*oin «©d other Pasnt
ooUoo, at old itaad Jf a. st west Lake vtr««l
Dement BnlMiag IsseeiatiM !
Value «f Preperty. 95,000
A Card from Cliarlcs Dement,
Exception having beentaken to the legality cf the De
ment Hon-e Gift Enterprise, by which I proposed U sell
and dispose of the Hcoss, t?gether with other valuable
property at greiUy reduce! prices, I would gay to the
public that before opening an office here. I advised with
prominent gentlemen lnt_ls dty. who assured me that
no one wf old attempt to molest me. I seems that they
were mlataken. I profess to be a law abiding man, and i
therefore at once stopped the disposal of tickets as soon I
as I found the authorities were opposed to it; and now
having consulted eminent legal counsel, I have told the
property to a JointSiock Association, and now offer for
sale to the public the stockof *ali Association.
The name and style of the Association is the "Dement
Building Association."
It Ishopei the speculation now afferel will be equally
if not more attractive to the public. I would say that
such arssdatlons or corporations are regularly provided
for by tbe statutes of the State, and I regard it ss a for- .
i ttmate move for me that 1 have made this change, as I
| can go Into any State In the Onion and sell oy stock cer
tificates without susslden of violating the law, and with
out molestation.
And for the satisfaction of persons turchaslrg the
stock of this aaa. elation It is thought proper to state that
wheneverany of saM stock is offered In the market for
sale, it will be safe to purchase It, as no stock will bede-
Hveredfromthe office of tbe I ssoclatlon until It is JUL*.
PAID, and the company have value received. And
wbere thrre are any incambranees upon any of tbe prop
erty purchaied by the Company, will withhold doable
the amouct of the incumbrance f om the purchase money
untilsaldlacumbr«nce <s removed.
All persons' holding the txkets of the Dement House
Gift fcnUrptise will viease return them, and If they want
ttelrmooey tbeycanhave it, or they can have a ceitifl
cateintbls Association, which we think is equally a*
advantig'-ous to them.
Call and see us at No. 45 Lasalle st'cif.
The Dament Building Association
Own the ve y valuable Reil and Personal Ts'ate des
cribed btlw—for which payment In full Las been made
by the Association. Title warranted perfect.
Cost Sloo.ooot<tba!ld It alone, aside'ram tbe Grounds
connected with it. It is well known to the traveling pub
lic ssone of the most mag&ifi?ent hotels in the Stave. It
is tmlltef Limestone 11- by 90 feet tqra-e, tite stories
hiib, and rontons absut 13) elegantly finished rooms,
some cf then very large ones. It has bas throcghoct
the entire bu'lijig, Dam basement to cupola
There are als3 some very desirable
and several very valuable
All of wh'ch are va'uid at very low ftgnres in tbe sub
joined allotment—as all who are acquainted with tbe prop*
erty in their re*recUre nelghborooods Till testify.
Uhe'e are also some very desirable
which Is also well known as the most elegant se'ectlcn
tbe West— a.< efwhic is
valued in the fZoning allotment at New York wholesale
The Board of Directors of the prorose to
make an annoal Division and Dlstrlbatlqn of Beat Es
tate and Personrl Property of »he Anocationnot bceded
for thevurposesof the Atsxiationbyan a'l:tment ofa
portion < f th? same ti each abate of the Capital Stock.
Ibe Capital it divided into
The Directors h%ve divided tbe surplus property now
ovne l by tbe coivpuiy Into &OU.O lots or portions-as
numbered, desiribtd and va'ued below, via:
ao. op Lots poßTtosa. discbip's ?rcp'tt. valci'it.
& 3. ti, 7 and 10, on wblch It stands t£o 00
2 A beautiful double cottige. and lots 9 15 and
ltfln Mendota. block 21 SJCO
3 Lot 10 in block 2 in Cairo, on Ohio Levee
theDtst Inttiecity 2SQO
4 Lot 11 In clock 2 lo Cairo, Ohio Leves. 2^oo
5 A stone dwelling ana ts and 3 In block 43,
pledSdn'lj situated in tuitoncity 600
6 The neX oi s*X s 0,121, n r5 e, 40 acres timber
cne mlie from Slrrrison L&'O
7 Lot 3. b 16. r 5 and a tw) story frame dwelling
in F'i ten City 1,250
81. 17 in bloc* 14 in w fraction, Fulton, near R.
R. Depot. SOO
9 Lot * i'i block 14. la w fraction, Fu.toa, near
the R-R. Depot 3.0
19 Lst 9 in block 14, in w traction. Fulton, near Ibe
R. K. depot 600
11 The wK of nr>( sec 8.123, n r 4 e, to acres In
Carrol* count), 111 EDO
12 The sw. 1 ; of n«}{ sec 3d, t S2, nr 4 e. 40 acres
go;dcralrle fCO
13 Lot 7. block 13, r o. in Fulton 500
14 Lot 1, block 16. r 7. " 400
M*_ Carroll <OO
16 L 14. t>l*ek 14. r3. In Fu'toa 403
17 TLe lw}« of nw3«' sec 11, t al n r 8, w 3d p m, 40
acres in Manbali county 409
M Lot 5. blocs 14. r 2, In Fulton 890
Id The eK ntU of nwji sec 6, t22 n, r9 e, Soa*res
In LeecouLty, 111 2-0
Lot 9 block li-r 2, In Fulton iOj
Lot 12, b.ock 14. r i M SiO
ttt Lot2i, block J 5. In Cairo U0
'ii Lut2ib:cck 45, " 20J
il Lot U3, block 45, " a»
•J> Lot 24. bloc>" <5, " £OO
•Jtj LoVJ. block 13. r 1, In Filton lsu
S7 Lot 8, block 13' e fr, " 150
25 One large gilt Mantel Mirror at N. r. wholesale
jirice - I£o
19 o^ee^egAntbronseCfflceCicck.atN.Y.wbole»
price l^i
30 One eiezant m*Jb;e case parlor Ulcck, at N. Y,
who'esale price 100
21 On»«:ltr!erM:rrr.wiihgilttrackctsandm«r- -
32 l<o; 7 block 9, rl. In Fulton liV
3JLotB block?.rl. * liu
i 4 Lot 9. bloc« 9. ri, " ltO
W Lotls. tl>ckß,rl. 4 1W
Lot bio4k 9. r 2. " 100
37 Lft-i blocks, r S. " 11X)
3J Lot 6, block 10. e fr, *' lUO
39 Oae silt P.-t Mirror marble s.&hs and R'.lt brack
ets 60
43 One ph Pier M'rror. msrble slab and git brack
et! CO
41 Or egilt trier Mirrar marble aab and gilt biack
et* fO
<2 une gilt Pier silrror marbla sl-h anu gilt brack
ets f0
43 Lot 7. bloc: 3, r 4, In Folion 60
A 4 Lot S. block i, r 4 " £0
45 . ttf, biosk3 r4 " 50
40 Lot 1. block 2. r 4 " 50
47 • ot 14. blockers ** 50
4S Onep&lrorcnteStatuettes of MeiCury... s<)
49 OoeKiitMiTar.. ij
60 One triple plated silver ectieeUith, large sise.. 45
51 " " ** " 45
6'i " " ' " 45
53 " " ** 45
54 M " " " 45
£5 •* * 4i
56 " •' " small size 5»
57 " " ' " ?5
6* " " M 35
y •• •• " ** 35
60 " * *' * 35
61 to7o Ten ""titans ofttn clstsn'. m
bestead-, eacb 230
71 to 73 1 r*e In three m rble top center
tall:«. eacb 75
74iot*l E ghteen portlora In e:cLt*en cu leo tair
Ma'triß'es. 40 Ins each. I2J 360
91 to ICI Te - portloni In B. W. Jcnnr Lind Bed
steads. 910 each 100
103 to 11-t T*e ve portions In twelve set'j- akui:iog
chars #l2each 144
111 One bronze s.atuette of the Indlai Chief Te
cumseh S5
115 One brrnf ■ s atotlts of Pre! £ fit ilbtm n«
himself. £5
IIS One broos* statue of Lamartn-; ia
117 to 120 thlrUen portlo.s in thiiteen p«lrs Satin
Dsm'-sk Cortibi. IX) each 260
130 to 144 Fifteen p jrtljns la fiiteen pair Lamaak
Curtalox.llUia b ISO
143 to 160 Twenty portions In twenty talr tacs
Curtain*. IT each... 140
161 to 180 Sisteen por'Jo S Ij eilteen iettst-iiie
plat d table Spoons. 16 each iO
151 tj 1M £lr rontons in six Imitailtn B. W. Bed
stcadp, #6 each So
IST to 1M four portions la four silver y ated Uaie
Boket<.«l'-ea<b 43
191 u» 19J Three po/woqsl . threesUferplatedCake
Baskets,tlOesob 80
lMt 1 * 203 Ten pinions In tAnSl.ver Plated Catiirs,
very fine. #l6 eacb 160
2:4 to £l3 Ten portions In t*n Pa:lor ctoves, <lO
each 100
214 Ose marble top Centre Tabl:i>. in office.. b5
aid o 220 Six portloni la tlx pair Cord and TasseU,
very elegtut M
221t05;6 SixpOTtiansln six pair Ocrds and Tas
se'.s. fine, 44 ea 24
227t0 243 Sixteen p->rti"us In sixteen setts triple
ni.tedTeaSp.cns 13 eacb 4S
343tft554 TwelveportionaLitwelveflneDoorMat#,
r: r»ch U
253 to 26J Six p .rtIOLS In six pair Lord ■do Tassels,
12 etch 12
2<l to »ix tortious in six pair Cord -nd isssels.
•1.5) eacb 9
25713 2ss Twenty po-tions In twenty sliver plated
Brtter Selves. SI.&C eic'i 30
227 to Twenty pcrtJonsin twenty s lver plated
Susar La les, St.ii) e.ch 29
107 to 313 Twcl.e pcruons .ntwe vo DoorMits, Si
310 to S2S EUht portions In eig.t par Cor.s aud
T sssis. |l eacb 8
to £SO Tweaty-four portions la twenty-fourbusi
ne.'Sfo*ia #5 t-ach
SSI to mi,OM Seventy nine tnousana six hundred
and titty psrtlonso' Utb jiraphL e&ch 19x22 in.
of i,einsnt House, 25 cents each 19.962K
Total value cf Property for dlslilbuUon ...t94.912K
On cr be'oretholStb day cf M*y, 1839, the Directors
w'li make a distr.buticn of tbe above property—by allot
ment—ln lots cr portions as above divided and numbered.
The dlstr.but'on by allotment will be sade by drawing
for the tame too, for, and on behalf of each share as
numbered from one to tUbty thousand. cn'<-sa a majority
of the stockholders shall desire some ether <rodeo* (S
--vision, or otuw Oie ts put said p;»»peTtv to: to
which evest the Director feel bound to conform to their
interests and wlshea, whenever tfcer stall be satisfied of
tbe fact that It Is the irCeresi and t£/a\ of a majority of
tbe stockholders to make a change. Otherwise, tb'.y will
be governed by the foregjing plan of division
The mole of drawing will be to place 60.C00 numbers
car, espnsd jg with the number of snares In one wheti—
and in another whet 1 *4.t00 numbers corresponding with
tbe nmcbmof tlie lotx csr por lons into »Lieb the prop
otyls dhulcdss aN>ve shown. Wb&n these ure thus
arangtd. the wueels vrlll b* ia*ned ;or
boun; so tt.ai the numbers will be so thiroushiy inter
m'.ied t*at co cht ce of un'almea will be possible.
Tbe dr-iw ng will bebr some child seUc'.ed by tne Dl
r<c:ors j re*;nU and frOm time to titce, wao snal: first
draw wattl couto-'nlng the enmber of »harrs,
a number—and then ;roa the w&eel contalotng the nam
bers of the "u.ij or portions, another number—which lat
ter cu: bir thall re: resent the l<*tor poroon of prjper>y
la (he a v ove a -hedule belonging to the .-tare drawn.
Thus if 45 uCO of tte ebixei are fi st drawn from the
wheiM conijiulngtbe numbers of the tha*ei—and num
ber 6 Is drawn fiora-be wheel coatalniag the numbers of
thelo'sorpcriionsorprptrtyin tie aboiescbedule In
case' umber 0 b-l. g a ttooe dwelCng In Folton City, aad
tw* lota worth «1 6jo woJd te the lot or portion draws.
a~.d to belaigto the bolder cf s-id share N0.4i.00050
so oa until the entire BJ,n*i shares wee drawn f.-omtbe
cne wheel, and the M.OUO lou or portions were drawn
the ether. . .
After tbe drawing, or dlris on of the nroperty. aaabove
set forth, the numbsrs of racb share drawing one of the
first9sol t«orpo:Uocs wlllbe pnbLshed la some on* of
tbe Ch cago da ly paves . . .. . .
Tie owners of shares of stock will most certainly draw
the ab6ve mlde-'i and every means to make It a fair and
Impartial dtawin* will be adortwL
The drawing or division will come off aj aoon as ar
rangeoe-ta can be made aatUactory, and the tlme aEd
particular place of wblch in Chlca«o dae notice wtH be
given In some of theCoicago paper*. _n, -
Tne D rector* or two or them. wOl attend ana
gonerin; eud tne drawings or dlvlro-v.
stock can be had of Charles Dement, at
ChleagOirFultonUty. iU ftieetlptrj^iwe.
All orders adoreoeU W Charie# Dement at either of
those places acccm&a'.ltdby tbc cash far a ilntle
aharw. or «.-* tor ten shana wJI be prc*>»ly attf»«led to
by blm. and eerti£:a.es of stock forwarart accordingly.
RefSence^!r?ide to Ocort BtaW« of 1111
nols, t ages Tt6and 76J, aad w Scario»Acts of laS7, pae
161, relaUve to Joint Stock Aa»^UOM
The Dement House u sisna ed at Vallon City. «n a tte
eart bank of the ^ ds »
go—a most beautiful pUc?. andaift*
riveristobe bilcged- it is now of tha Air
1 lne K. R. from cnlcag-% aad U to be <rf
tb*ee other Rallroias. as sare as said brtdge Is nuliu
which Is now regardedaaalaoita eartalnty
The fallowing are the offlcera of tbe OiwUtlon:
J. J. Joxsa. Sec'y. Jot A Taima, trewoma.
Ma. Digm u a haavy land prorrietT, bs' seriously
embarrassed oy the recent flnandal r ®T?{* °s*.®V
a parodoaJcal but g.-apblc Uie j^»^bejs
"land poor" andbastaken*hsw»etho<i to relieveblm«
sdf of a portion of his lsnJea estate aid all ble e®u?®-
qaectooveilT. Tn«
v«nri« of resoonalble U uir ss who pledge t em selves
that the drawing shall be made, and &Wj made, or the
money rtfanaed, U sufllnimt gu»Jacte«
of Durposft. ths t»'tis oftss raal estate, as set
down in tbe schedule. Is not more than 'bit
U% Jltraid, *■
1859. - NORTHERN 1859.
Transportation Co.'s Express.
Via Kich. South. »a 4 N. Y. & Erie B&ilroajs.
ft. to give through Bills rf Lading to New York an<l
Botton. for the transportation of Property upon fnvor-
Able terms. i'mensurinzdlsiatn!!. uil the piospt set*
t ement of d'.fTeren'fci ars.n* oat c( the use*
Tbe N. T. Co.'s Express wiil transport goo's frcn New
York to tbe West durng tbe winter, til the w*j ay ra!U
and on the ope- hgof n»vigaion by the N. Y.4LE.E.
tojhnklrk. ud tbence by rropelltr to Chicago*
tW~ Mark packages "c* r. Co.'a Express,'* and »h'p
by N Y. k K. K, R.. foot of Daue street, or Pier 3, List
AgenU, No. 3. Cotntfesfilia. Mew York.
3UTli£i & CO.,
J .37 lm-cIM Cor. L«*lle md North Water it.. Chicago.
1859...COLLINGWOOD L1NE...1859
Commencing on the opening of
Navlga 100, tbe Moving A No. 1 new and largest
class Scrrr Kramers, havl-tg largely Increased mm
capacity for Pa-'sengtra. will fill this line is follows:
FOUNTAIN C.TY. CapL I HUNTER. Captain Dicssos.
Prcr. ONTONAGON, Cipt. Wtt-
BiiO. i
Leave Chicago from the foot of Laulle street,
Hide. A. T. Spencer ft Co.'s wharf, on Tuesday, Thursday
and S iturdsy evening* at S o'clock, landing at all points
on the west shore of Lake Michigan, as f*r norths* Two
Rivera, and at Mack'nac.
•Through Bills ofLsdloff rirea from Chicago and ports
?n th- west shore of Lake Michigan, to Boston, New
ork. Montreal and all the principal pgLts In the Eastern
and New England StatesandCaLada.
Connect at Collir>gwood with the Northern Railway
of Canada, and at Toronto with the Grand Trunk Rail
way for Montreal Quebec. Portland and Boston, and
1 axe Ontario Heamets or Niagara Kail* Oswego. Cape
Vincent, and at cgdensburg with the Vermont Central
KUlroad for Boston and intermediate points on Vermont
Central between Osderrsburnh and Boston.
Tneabove Line Is nnequalled fjr resu'arity and dls
patch, fcr Passengers and freight bttween the Westers
and Eastern and New Em lard States and Canada.
For freight or passage apply t)
A. T. Co.. Agents,
js22-6mct4 PoetofLaaalestreet, Chicaxo. HL
For Cairo and New Orleans.
The splendid fast
N«w F*lla City
WQI ran, during the coding Pali and Winter, between
Bl Louis and New Orleans » « follows:
LEAVING 811 iX)UIs Oct. lu, 'SB. at 10 o'doek A. M.
do do Oct. 30. 'ed, do do
do do Not. 19. 'SB, do do
jo do Dec. 9. 'S.*, do do
do do Dec, 29, *6s» do do
do do Jan. IS. *59, do do
do do Feb. 7, '69, do do
do do F»b. 37, '99, do do
do do M'ch l. 4 . *ss, no do
LKAVING CAIRO Oct. 11. '53. at 7X o'clock P. M.
do do Oct. 11. '£B, do do
do do Not. MX *SS, do do
do do Dec. (0, 'SS, do do
do do Dec. to. '53, do do
do do Jan. 19, "59. do do
do do Feb. 8. *53. do do
do do Feb. & '59, do do
do do fi'cb 0, '52, do do
for Freight or Paasagt ai-p r on board or to the Amat
at St. Loula W. D. LOR£. Clerk.
1858-9... .WINTER RATES... .1858-9
Through Frelslit Line.
From date and until further
notice, freight will be carried OTer this Line as
below: __
;2 «£ «S 23 j» *2
fS rS £S =s
From Ohlcago to S>.
-a "a °s *
Boston 11.60»1.38ll.U 67 «1.24«1.:£
New York 1.80 L4O 1.2) 63 1.3> L<d
Philadelphia. I.W 1.3d 1.10 bi LU> VX
Baltimore i.u) 1.i5 1.10 *4 Lus L'l3
PiUMoHch SW "U 45 45 7U 70
Clock,nail. 0 1.(0 60 f) ti .... »>
Ctlambos. O I.U) SO 65 45 .... K)
THyton, O P0 75 60 4U .... 75
Cleveland. O '0 60 45 25 45 0U
Dunkirk, N. Y 9> 74 13 4) 61 *4
bnflao, '• So 79 CJ 4J 61 74
Grain by Car Load to Cincinnati 32 eentsper 1C0&3.
Bulk Meat to Pitt sbunthaQ cenU per 110 tM.
Contracts made to aoove points at Freight Office, cor
ner West Van Borenand Canal streets.
Contracts to Boston, New York, PhUadelpbla and Bal*
timore. via Pennsylvania Central K.&., frfvea by
CLARKE 4 CO., Office Steele's O.eck, corner riocth
Water and Lasalle streets, wi<i >*t Depot at Can*] street,
JAB. W. MUfieON. Freight Acnt, v h'ciico.
J.J. HOUdTON, Gen'l»telght Ag't. Pitubo-jt, fa
Chicago. Janaary 17. 1559.
185* i»oa.
VT —vu—
r'ECIAL AGENTS, arv prepaicdto Contract Fre trbu
Throoch. by anthority of the Coopanles named above,
at their office. So. 1 tfterle'j tiluck, corner eouih Water
and Lasalle streets, and at Depot of P.. Ft. W. A C. R.
B». Chieaeo: or at Depot. Liberty street, Pittsborsh.
Tbe Offices of the Peanajlvania iaUroad Company !a
tne East are lucated »t
No. i Astor tioase. New York.
No. 1 South Wihtam street. New York.
No. 49 Kilby street, Boston.
No. 75 Ferry \ireet, Hartford.
No. WNorLi sWf-U H*thnor<».
And hi tne uenerAl Depot, rmladelphla. j&cil-ly
Steim Ftrry fro a Council Blulli to Omaha City.
This boat has the capacity 10
carry 12 Wax3ns and Teams at eacb trip, and
has tgken over at one load 900 hcai of C<itt!e. and she
can make -10 cro-.sings or more <*a:h way in a day, and
will be abli to ferry over from fuar to five hundred
waeoni and teams from sanrLse t"> sun*et each day.
usore travellers, who are gains to the
Nebraska Gold Mines,
U'-ah. California, Oregon anu Washington Territories,
thatth-roids iro" Palrflel 1, low*Citv, Dabaqce. ana
and na the north side 0 ' tbe Plaite nlv-f'. are belter,
nearer, and more Abtndxntly stocked with wasona,
maU» an 1 vttl». provislo3» aad «>ods. than any
other. tne Meltle-neatj aaJ tjtvue. aid the
regular and weli-csubl saed line of Mail <'uacbes al
ready eitendlng to Fort Ke&rary and soon to be ex<
tended mil the w.iy to the m ncs, itli no longer a wilder*
ness route throngs an Indian couatry, bu; cut be tra
versed ai saM? and comfurt*blf and much more easily
thanacy of the r*>a>lj through M'isoari or lowa.
There Isnottbesase length of road In tie UuHed
Slates, so level an 1 eniirelr witUoa'. mushes s;ou<<bs cr
bid places and so nearly stra'gh'. Tbe streams on tbe
north s<de of the Plat'.e are all bri l«e1, except tbe Loop
P'Tk, aadhere the Western Oompioy have a good
Ferry. KSOS LOW!-,
For the Ccundl BlcCs and Nebraska ttrrj Company.
jalO 3m <9
Igation New Ycrx aid tialway Line.—
Tiienezt departure f> ira Ne* i'ork will be the Steanuhlp
PACIVIC, Cai/ta'n Nicholson, to Irom r*ew York
•>n Saturday, January eih l ov, &Ld the i>te%ms'rip CIK
CASPIAN, t'apt, Jactson. to sdil fr.m New Yjrk. Thurs
day. Janaary i'lu touching at St. JoLns, v . T. to re
ceive the Royal Mali* Prices of Passage First ClaaS.
Ml; fcecond. tSO: itird. including (re: ticket; to
all the principal cities on railroad routes la Great tiriuln.
Third Class must trortde plate. knl.*e,fork. & „ and bed
ding I'assice t- St. Juhns. Fmt-Class, Sio: Seoond-
Claailia. Forfrvigutor pa««e Inqul'e of the Amtri
can Exp tftCam.&ny, 61 Hndiin street, 64 Uioadwoy,
and at tlit-lr other advertised ofUces in t-c Interior.
Pasajre In the th : rd clus can be secured at any of me
above offices to brlni oersOi*o jt from .v.y 0; t'.e princi
pal cities cn the lines jt railway In Urea- Brl'ain
or from Galway for »JO.
AL'-X fi.'LLA.4D, Man-ger.
J A3. O. FARGO, otfi :e of American Kxpre.-* Co..
No. JU peaiboin oti *ec. Chic&no.
New York. Nov. >3. InVV »-o3m
\Uines & Liquors.
I, tli 4 - J.,
-•♦,•5 :a "TUitSfK'"- 70S
41 - - - - Sou til s*atcr ytrceti - - - - (]«
'.Tsbaic Av»nne.;
Dls'Jlhn o r
k'.s- C?
JtALLiilii niGH*MN&? AND COAL.
arThe1 v adeiat D'Jed at Uarket Sntes aud 00 Llbej.
a ternuu ao9a4u3-ly
Important Notice.
Januarr, Trains for
St Louis, C&rio, SlempUj, Vickacurg, and
Horihern Miuouri, Kantai and Stbrasia,
B/ way of tbe £t Lialf, Alton fiiJ (Jateigo Air-Line
Kailrcad leave New Depst. corner of Wfat V'Ci Boren
and Canal streets, goln< couth, as fellows:
Si. ca'ro and New Orleans, CSaadsys excepted)
lesvm Ch c'ga at. 9.i0 a. m.
Trains arr]\ofn.m St Loots &t L.a A. M.
Alohiu** », with ill «hs great .1: .-anhtm
At JoUeUwith the Sock Island Railroad wejt, and tiie
"Cut Off" esst.
At Peoria JaacHox with the Peoria and OquLWfca
Siilroad to Pecrla. Gilesboigx Berlin Aon. and inter
mediate t alloc:.
At iilooslaxten.
no th and south. „
Atdpringaeio. with trs ureal Wtsterr iilLl EaJroad
•at to Decatur, and west \o Jacksonville and Naples.
At St. Louis with PactCc Railroad to :iorthem Mlf
kbtL *•->«" and Nebr Ua rod with St. Louis. Cairo
and New Orleans new line :f to Cairo, Mem
phis. Vlcksburg and New Orleans
far* Throogb Tickets can be had at the Company's Of
fice. Nf. 43 " earbam street, (opposlt* Trsnont llo.:seJ
Chicago, attce Depotcorner West Van Barca C.mi
streets, and at the principal railroad ticket ©See? >. e
Kastem. Middle and Western States.
MT* Rites ol Fare and Freights s&me as ty any ether
Jollet 'Accommodation.
Slopping at iate.meJ.at* tiati >a»-~leiTe Jollet a: if.'O
A. M.i l»ave CMcsgo at4:i) P. tt. \m«e at Culcago «t
lthoo A. M . arrive U Joi.e: -t r:3O P. M.
LDAk><i>u a. D. 00KE
Sen'i Ua3iT] uaa'i ?. .
li, 44 & 4*5 Wahash ivenoe. Chicago,
EiG? \ND SA'Hs of every descrintlub
tralsied ou snort notice,
unu printed with
lew /ist* SMVCTii-LL
gnczoN FASwr.i •
Dealers In
Dimension & Rubble Stone,
Jollet office at their Qaamei.
Chicago office and yard. Charles between
Bsren and Barrisou stmU. west od« o: roatn dranzb.
JiO. IS 67AT£ sTR££l.
band thefoUowitr - ,T3'-:
e«i '•"«*!
V?»l • il '"
is*?: -•*"
r»r '"^2:
Ada are
S,UOOreamsof WHAfPIN'J ''AfH:- ' r.-nt»u-«
1,000 reams >1
2UO rf.ams Cap anrf l.c"ei •• ' * n.tc-at :•
Printer's Stationary. w.- w-
kegs of Vitarr'stc .Of JOOI
Allot wklch V.j a.:ihe i »*f«i -;o*M
ble rates. „ _
j^»Caskpasaf.'.r ßag . -A
smalt size 3-i
I N 8 U R A iS T C E
Martford. Conn.
H. L, LOO.T! I•, Pre»ldeot.
H. K>"LLO~G, So .retary.
Gener.tl As^nt,
Exaoiard and apsmveJ by the Anchors of Wisccni'n, i
lowx Icilltra. Oiilo,'-llto.s 4tj-j Censesje •. in ccniUil i
ance wiih the Litrsot tb ses a'es.
CAMI CAPIT.II* $2,000,000 00.
CA3:I AfS.Ti e^.
Cash, on hand «n-l In bnak | 51431 11
*' due and irom itfenr- iiTt'ti
H»7 iharesNew ttricaui s'.oefcj Hi 5o
iieo ** llartfcrd •• •• lusojt*)
lOJ " otnerN E. *' * a7-<<uu
Aa't loaned on Mortgage* of Real Erate cO
.. .. .. p >ec j Ka 0 j -tcck? a*.ju LU
£0 Water Bonds of the town of New Brfu:n,
Connecticut IJSOO 00
19 0 P. ALIL E. Honds guiracteed hj
Accumuiateu Interes: on Investments CO
Ileal Estate owned ty the«Jcin>&ny unincum
bered 6.4W71
Total AiSsU 5413 084 66
LlnbUities. telcg unai'jsstedlcsses and those
not due 531,2-43 CO
The foregoing PtaUm-r.t rresentsfuch a view of the
Company's position as must imprsss tte eitvieUin on
the minds of all of Its totv-ncy aLd Lealltry condition.
lbeamoa:tcfl!sl!ab:l;tieiia less t';sn Cojtanics do
ia< »Miiie and extern re a bmlata ra.l/ show
"no long and t*rg-; Lst o: tinted lu:«cj, ' u a jet cIT
a*%ins: acrumolaiions a-e .e-n b-re.
If, Lherefi re. you watt iu»uran-< la a First-Class Insu
rance Currp*ny.goto the "PlltESlX** thromhany of
it«autto<ized Agcnta and icu.- application will be re
ceive! and busiaees promptly ait^cdedto.
the towns and cities
ol tneLaicn.
BRANCH oFFI:e. Not. 31 and 33 Wer.Third st., cp
pt.&lieMm:nic lempi*. -.lccinna i o.
Aneits appointed, corns? itdence attended to. loues
adjiis'.'d and paid, and a.l "Uiiatis of tbe tttsiern
Brunch attended to mtn a!soaich an t fidelity by
11 JlAtiiLL,'jcflerai Agent.
£ £ MaSHlu } Scecial AvenU a-d Adjost.rs
the Niagara Fire Insurance Company of tte city of
New York on tbe fi-st cay of January, l?stf, in conformity
with the Law oi IsIldoU:
Pint—The name of the Ccmrany lathe Nlnsara Fire In
surance Ccmpany, and is located In the City and State
of r«ew York.
Se.*on t—The kconnt ofits CasltilStocklsTwo IlunJ'ed
Thtusaud Dollars.
Tli:r«l-Tae amount of 1U Capital Stock, raid up is
Fourth—L Cash on hand atd In the bands of
ageits •iX913.73
2- No tteai Est.ite.
3. 1. Three New York City rtvecu*
b nds, 6 per cent t!5 WO
2. Seven Brucklyn Ci:y iter l»m
6 per c-nt bonds
3. £lx Uudson Klver Ist
mortice. 7 p-r c- nt ia,ouO—II.SCC.CO
4. Detts due the company secured by
hocds acd morgues, bems ail
Cr>t Ll*na and of which mcru
than HOC OA) is upon property
worth doub.e the amount mnrt
gaged thtr«n at 7 V c-.nt interest. 21 i2.T30.00
5. Loans on gfeks tavable on de
mand of this maikrt value of
i Debt* for irem 7J- W
7. Al; othsr securiries 8 5i3 ft
Total Assets of the Company 1311,063.1-
Fllth—Tbe Company owes no bink or other
creditors nose.
Slxt*—Losses adjusted and due none.
Se<entb—Lessee adiiisted and not uue none.
fci.'h h—Losses naacjusted '2'JUO.fO
• Nltth-lo'Ses n scsuense w*ltlo< furtherprcof 3,0.0 00
Tenth—No other claims as»lnit the company., none.
Total of Liabilities of the Company t 7.i/ I .W
Eleventh—The preatett amount irsured In any
oce risk 15/ 00 00
1 No general ru'es on points.
Twelfth I but sitcom exceed eg •lO.O'W,
Thirteenth | anil jlrsle risk in tne city, and
J $5,000 oat.
U B. wir.LMARTH. Agent.
j-271mc10) Corner Clark and South Water street.
F" _ ARMER'3 union fihe insurance :
C.'. Capital and $50,000
Acquired Caplral 53.C00000
Nj.4 liiS:nicTemble t Chicagc. lIU
FIRE. »nd LlFr' IN'iL*aiN:K"ff-cted foran7
aaoun*.d-».re- at r»i»vnai» e rairs ia rel'uth!+ K'stera
Ccm:a: lec . j*J7 ly
Petri; .ilarii;B & Fin- I- su'iica t'o»
CAPITAL $500,000
Paid Up ill Cash 300,000
Lomm Promptly Adjusted and Fald at
(lilt Agency*
J. AUG. WRIGHT. Aient,
ja4b?lol7 Sc.l4s streeL Chlcaro.
?HE I'l[lll.All LSMJKA.M'J-J if..
zy inh « 11 v ci:i- Ati .
Office, 112 SoulL Water Street.
a'it I C Si'i/-'.> ■ I'a'-l ia *ui secured, 173.M
mxiniJi. Oii.kCTOi:>:
Jo Ml V.
1: vl*ll n t cti'ni'Tnn!":
VTiLnn Carr, M.
- f- rreai-'-m.
i. ••. v.
.'• ;.v»;s. Agrtsn
cite Insurance Company.
ajslr.r*. L"«sb» Virecnly,
aCßioy. l "' h i'CST. '.*hi(? J Uo, corner Lu v 1.3
andSonir. otrre's.
NY, of Norwich. Conn.
tn'nreaxiinit Lou by Fire.
nC'UURD 1 HUH;. A»eni% curoerof South Water
and Clark streets, Fi.>or. Lnali' Block,
Ca»li Capital, $230,( 00, all paid 10.
f* .•VSfiRT 15T. 1 a 59.
Cash Items, Ineluuiox sJ>.Cil73i= Ba«k
Jank Stock and Hood*, mvket
Mor!gws.BinkSf>CiSoro f.er ap
proved secu*iti«s l»»(/72b
Ba'ancj on Uooks. Interes' due. *r.d Oflire > ur
Total a<srt3. v v
To „l Liabilities f r M felfi "
c. a WHTS. Sec'y.
General Agjnc* for the Weitern SUte,} at Chicago. 1111-
co£ W. B LOCNStIUSY. Gen. XSStf S. 1L ftuca,
C.N. HOLDtN. Art forCh'cago
- or TBI—
Incorporated 1S1» cnarter Perpetual*
CiSH CAPITAL $1,000,000.
[Awolnta and Unlmpared
With a SurpluK of |6G6,HO 10.
Aniths j.rrst:<fs of 33 yr\rs suc.-sa and
Tne Capital aloae ten any ?:■ J Is-ra*
racceCompaiy in t:e Dr.ite-i State.".
.*??s*Ts JT7T Y
Ctsn oi" nan J asd dewjited la Hart-'ora
Bir.ki ».««: > 18
Cash K »ra» «lt and Agents'
U. i Vr«-\:ury Notes, iprr c?nt. interest . ... .
ltSStaU 80nd5.... !4acootC
Money doe the Coctpany. secured by mort
nn . 1.41j* 04
ESTEtfate sn'ncumbered
BUis receivable >A.a9 >4
HI Bonds. 6.7. *a< le cr*.'. 1-.kti.-s. an' .-
illr Inl.arOOO
157 sfiar-g rtUir.-a-l Stock siTTiOO
W siiir-s r«ar;t.-cTlcat Hlvar C 1 StoeV..-- LJSO <0
SU shan-s A»fTrtrd lUti>. B'oek liWiC
WJ shares Waterbury BsnX Stock. •. .- OJ
.'«sh*r.-s ProvMecc-'
shares Hurt ford Bank stock TSVU 50
'AC2O iiiA-'cS Ntw Ycrk lUnk Ptoeif.... t-iiTfJ :<•
15 shares Jersiy Ujty flank Staok l.vr 0
Ift' shnres OS. TnistCo. New York S'.f>ck . .LOjO '<
150 shares New Ycrk. L. I aod Trust Ccm
pany : \a."k Jl.7a} X
Cnsemrl Jiahas not -i-.ic if
Kqlubly and Proaplly
OF SU-yOO.OCO of los-ev ? o»c*.
paid by Cie JCtna Instnnce Ojmt-mv 'r. t'>e if
Fire and Inland
Risks accertei'. at term* with five cv r.-.J
fair nroCt.
tspoda! attention g'.vju uj ia»uranceof OifeUinA-s nsd
CoQten's for 'erms of 0' o ie or five years
vrgan-ael or> a HATION Alj b«Js. with a»enc!es in
the priapiruU cities a-d towns. Cam transactions, freu*
fromtiie objections ofth crodi*. system. Applicaticn
made tn inv daly authonsed A<n:nt pro-ootly attended
to By strict ttentlon to a le*'tlinav» Inwance business
this Company is enabled tj oier both lodamnity for the
past and security for the future.
PcUcies I«ned wttbout neiay oy any a r tt« dutr aotfcor-
Ised Agents.
Branch OBee 171 Vine street, Cincinnati.
SW Burinesj attended to with dispatch aad fidelit7.^9
J. B. BZSSETT, Gan»ml Agent-
HDBBARD A HUNT. Axenta, Chicago.
W. B. PAICa, State Agent Perrta. J'Unola.
Chicago Firemf-u's losurauee to,
w W, Corner of Like ud CUrk-st«*,
OAPZTAI* * ------- % 200,000.
Thomas Ocujoh. B. W. Raymond. »reo W. Dole.
£. i Haddock. J. K. BoUford. Orrinxton Lon..
an. FirweU. W. iL Larrabee. J. T. aUiwards.
C. N. I.OLDSS. Sec'y, JOS. EL BIOWN. Sorveyor
aaJ7 *Sa ariaß-ly
Sortliwesteru lusurauce Com*vy,
UataausßK» at IS33J
The pubuc are respectfully in
formed that Mr. JOLID3 WHITE has been reap,
pointed agent of this and is alone* etherised
to i«oe and renew policies in Chicago.
Mr. WHITIIs authorised to adjust and pa all kirac*
arising under our Polidea either or Marine.
b. B. Lcdlow, Bec'j. L 1 . ,
iyThe andersiined wtll be tavvy to see hi* mendj
and thepaaons oftheoldNortbwestern genially, at tne
Oifice.No.l4S HSooth Waurstreet, assuring them that
oor rates shall be as low as those of any other responsible
Comnanj. and thai Losses ahall *)• falrlj adjusted and
promnUypald. JOIIDS ifLUIX Agmt.
oStfbSilj ÜBH Bomb Water itnrt.
D la, Cook County. fcEL-Cock Cra-ty <"ourt of I
Common P.eaa—Chicago, Janun ;M;h. 1e69. <
Grarrvllle Kimball ti Lake Comstock, WariraT.Hecox.
Edwtrd X* Comstcc*.—la Chicc.-rr.
Public Notice 1j hereby iirea. that I. L. C. Pjl-c Freer. :
aa Receiver. aspolatedbythe Cooiula thcab.,ve entitled <
came. will, oq ibe SUteentb d-iy < f leLruary. A. D. las - .', ; \
ax the north door of the Court Uooseof tbe county of !
Cook. la the city of Chicago. at tea o'clock lnth<»fore ■ t
dooq ot sala day. tell at Publ.c Auction to tbe blxnest | (
bidder. fgr cuo, a certain *ood to the tenuity cftca : (
th aund do.iar» execa'ei by WVrea T Heerx *» (
<j« l's rto lake Ccmnock as wb-lxee. ree tin* that thi i
ob!l<cr is indebted to the obluee in t~e ram of five ihoa. 1 ,
saad dollar*. t art ol the cuxcbajt money of tun ileal is- ,
tv'e be' e:asfter dfscrlaed. vd conditioned f-r the nay- 1 j
meat cf said j*m ol Are thousand d< l!ar» to Kdward L. < j
Cocis.ock.coi of »a!d Luke Oom.\tcck, upon his becom- 1
1-k of a*e, sad said Bond pay ible tt> Mid 1
LuSe Comstcck. at ibe rate of elahl per c-r t t.cr iLnun 1
aaiaaity oa tbeO b flay rf F'bnjtiy In eac'i ye»r. uaul 1 j
the aatd Bond matu-es. W3 ch wi Ibe 01 tae iivh day of , -
Pebiuarv. A. D. l3?l, nil Bond secured by a Dee-l of
Tr;sU which, al'h the sal J hood, b-ir date Peb-uary 3 b.
exjcutH by said Warren T. Uecox. and ru r>'n< to 1 ;
,«al I oeteibh A. * 73k- 00. atd :on*ejtr« to said Wyn
keop *ll that part of u t three t3), «u D cek ce un'red
aid foriy-'.te (Ul>. la «b- .vbojl >cct!ca Addtloato ;
CM'nti, co-LCjeuc B< on ihe noitheeU ro ttr cfsall
let three i 3). runnis* tnence -cab ca the-«ejt line »■!
•sid lot • ne hen 'red th< ty r.lne fe»i to an alley. taenia ■
e.ut-d «c 1 «iid aLey tMxty ihre«s fiet. pax-.il
lei w.th ihe we«t 1: e lo Monroe si ct th-rce *o*t
alin< th-? south llai of Uosrue street thvty-'h-ee ft?t.
t>tbe p'a?e ef bezhnlnr. Sad Dr«d 0: T u<t rrclr.n*
tie eosd. *nna of the Bond sub»taatl.ul». ami c<»;.t.ia:i:*
a P-wer of sale. L. C. i'AI.NB k'tt&K*.
j BccetTer.
MAiiTEtrS 0\1.K.-6TATb OK ILLI
□o!a. C oa Cuast7. Circuit »ourt o. Cook Co.
—la Chan;«ry.
Bennett B. ti Jamct Mlchle.
Public aotice U hereby area liut ta par-utic* of a
DccretU Onto entered 1c t: e abote eau led <*iu*e,
on the fourteerth day uf Jh&uatt. A. I>. H >. 1.
L. C. ?al£.e 7r-er. M uter In Chancery ' Cook Countr.
Mate of I;t wll ua tee t*e!fij of Kebruary, A.
D- lr'9. at tm o'clock In tit- forenooa cf« t!4 uay. sell I
a'/pubi'c aucdon. to tae hi*hes; Didder, 'or rub. at too ;
Nottu d"or of tbe Court Uouse. of t .e C"unt-?of Cook. ;
la ti.e iitf of CL!ca<o. a'l ihr fi>Uo»:r.< de»cri" , e\i parcel 1
if Tbe wnt frvtlun uf the ror;h- ;
wes*.ands uth-We-t qasrtert <>f seclii'j X v twenty-»evea
n toimstdo thhty elihi ( >), r»n*etwei*r iU> eaai of
the thirfj prndpal meriilin. la Cook cnucty. catAiaia*
one hundred aai t»iaty ihre« acrei mo:* or leia.
Materia Chiacery. Cook couaty.
Ch'caw. Jan. 20<h. l?of». iaii I
0 Circuit CourtafCock Cooaty.— Jaasary Special Term,
A. 0.134'.
Jernua i KeMor aad Porter Sklracr ra. Artdr-w J,
Public notice U hereby to the said Andrew J.
Phcrt, that a writ ofattaebmeat Isned oat of theoj:ce of
the Clerk ofClrc&it Oosn 01 00k County dated the fourth
day of December. A. D.l-&J, at .Ut suit of me saII Jcrama
8, Keatrr and Porter tiil-nier aad azalaat tbe estate f
the said Andrew J. Short for tbe sea of Taou.
sand Dollars directed to tbe riberll of Cock Ccuau.
walch said writ has ' eea retcraed-zecated.
Now. t erefore oale t you. the laid Andrew J. Short
shall personally be aad rt'et: be or-- the said Circuit
coartof Oo.>kU.-.unt7va or before the flrst of theaext
7e a UTereof obe "5' Iden at the Cour Uouse. la
tae C tyof Clikaa •. on Ui 5m M >ndiy v f January. A.
D. 1259. ri > e special uall. sad Ll&id to :c > plAifltlJ's
styonand a fttvor
of the said Jcrtcan 4 KeaJor aadPor.er Sklaner. aad so
ooch of the t -ot --rty u taay be saficlent to
satisfy the sali .cdpc-s'aad - n* win p- vHioj tlif>
theiaiae. WM. L onCRCH. Cerk.
Coraell. Waite 1 Jimejoo, Plt'ffj Att'js. de~' b?i- rod
Ijss3.— Circuit Coart of Cook Ccsaty. Jaaaary Specla
Tera. A. D„ I**!?
Wllllm Hci'utlT. John F. McCally. aad Mark V 7. Wat&a.
vs. id Hoyt.
PubUcNotlcelshercby?i»eat.->the* GenfeS.Hoyt
that a writ of at' •. ..eat Issued of the o.Uce of the
Clerk of tap Olrcolt f ou-' ofCcok County dated tbe eUn*
teeath ilarof A. D. 1-C;. at the »uit of Uie «tid
William M-CtjUy. John P. McCady aad >t«rk V. w 4 ti«a
md a*ttii.!tthe ofthe midt»eo. K lloyt for the sum
of twohuadred riactv-eUht do.larsaud t veoty t:.i ee
cents, directed to the Sheriff of Cook Connty. which said
WTit has beea returned caecated. now. therefore, unleat
yoa.thesnid Geo- ge ». ilojt shall personal!* be and ap
pear before the said Circuit Court of Cook County oa or he
fore tie first da> of the next ti eclal tei o tbtreof, to be
holdea at the ouxt lldum la the city of Chtciuo, oa the
first Motidny of January A. D. 1-Ss*. klve special ball.
aadplea-iU) l.i iald plalatlffs' action, judpaent will be
entere-1 . 00. knd la 'a7or off - said UuL-trn
.McCally. John P. i!cCu.ly aal Mark W. Wat* a. aad so
much <>: u.. k rcpcrt* attached as Q«y be ju£der.t to sati
sfy tL' -aid .uicasrt andcofti wtil b- «oid to satisfy
the Mae. WILLIAM L CHCKOH. tfiera
Cornell WalteA Jamesoa. PU's Att'ya df^L^dt'd
[Chlcaxo Bracch of the "id Buffalo Mill FumUhir* Ea
luao B. nrmra, R-aldeat Partner aad MlUwrlxh . S3
Market strteu Chlca*?, lloao't.
M'lUtoae*. tsaaofactared at this establishment, are
fiatshed on net* and improved prta:lplea aad are as
aear perfect as obtained by tfce best la
the world. The credit of tMs c?tahlls.,trpr.t for the
past twenty-Aye yean la ftirn'shtr.k* Hill FlnJinn
for nearly every St;ite and Terrttory In the Cn'on u well
known and an«U be maintained- K*tra fe'ccted Mid
pi ores rnvle Contract from Choice N»»w .>r Old
Quarry UWc Noye's Improved Coc'<head and R-Uer
PolaJles. fiwelia st. n'B with iron eyes, warranted best
in sse for Ufye u<l snail stones also, importers aad
dealers 'u
Extra llJAty Dateti \n\tr Cloths.
MILLE&3 la want of 11/ T»l" f^rraaao
factoring Cxtra q-A'i:. "f *lo-ir. c.»n do-nd npoa uev
tin* the Beaulne OLD DUTCH ANiE'L finale and
Double Extras, C : o!bs ma le up 'n a superior
style, by *vm* leig* - i -nl i-t .if jn 'eet
»cd lrcbe«. Jorn T. Sj-fv'a Imp'.Ted •Jentiinnai Peed
Ini "id T-onr aod Grist > Ua. Flar.t.it- n
SliilCaatlnss and o' Ses.-rlpt:® fur
al'hed to order on »h irt ni-11 frop* n- w p ttern*
N »ie's 1 Pmu e Mi l. A*-tiu or tf.* Uuff\to
proved lu-t lni*. u-sina K'- nc'ln ard C*ntr;tl Dls
•banre »*a'er Wheels fa.rant^d'<tuai to t
With Cast or B>i!er Iro . Itucket-. »urranre t to .-ro
dute»hUn rcrr- t.«-of rower. . J mav M-tjaneaad
sepirat-.r. for mil !• a dwir hju»e«. Ch aee.-us rCane
Mills, tfaa -r Mi I 11 >u< Po*/.r M l« f--r (»'o:er
les. Noje'a laipr .ved ro-\ ilr» tin* K-.cL J. b. T. >ov«'s
Plour Pa'ser. stationery nod I'crtto.e ba»in' j Belt
Inc. Hoj** an t " s !«ajj P>ckin<. La .ilp'-co p • Plicintf
UachlUiS a~d M.i- Parauhia: cc2eia)>y.
liavinir the largest )1 u
we.-ao seliat a tower rate IJiaii aa. otber establishment.
N U.—VTe will contract to fumlsa and bud • Mills con
clete. or furnlsn r>Un< and sp<-*'fl'*atior.j or Mdlwrlfhta.
or Address JOU.N i\ NuYE ± CO.. Chicago. liL
deSO ly
- or TU«—
Hartford Fir« Insurance Company
3lide to the Andltor of the&tate of llllnoi>,
JANUARY 1. l^oO.
I The aaae of the Company h the Hartford Pire Insa
r»a:e Company, audia located at dartferd, CW
3 The amount of CanltU e'tockl* I.VO.ftm 0)
3 Theamooatol Capital tfioikpai» up 15... •>'J.iAU ia>
Cash on hand IC.-lij 12
Caab la biads of Acats or Is coarse ol
traasmlailoo J^lC I *' 21
boek ouet e -»;•! ij
811 receivable, st-ur»dby »ersoa'i security, ii
Heal tlitate boeacumbered liovOJ
Par V*iue. M»'k?t.
511 shares Uatt'ord b'k Stock *sl liX» *7.4*1 00
4oU .. Plant* 401*0 4<MW 00
luil .. Conn. River Bank'* Co r'l'* a.»«J «HW
•. v 0 .. Pormers' A Mecli's B'k ct'it. 2 ,<w>
.. Kxch'arfe .. .. I'.O l ' ■v.wi*'
1 4».. Cty .. .. Hiaui
ISO .. B'a ofHartfotdCo 7.V*J s.O-5 IW
■j)t .. Charter Oak .. .. 2-.4-yio
lj>» .. Mercantile .. .. li,i*A) 14,I<U0>
l:a .. Mercu'tsA Maaufra .. .. l-.Jy L.i r»k» u)
lo? .. Jltaa .. .. 10.7 0 U3ldw>
2*) .. .1 merlelaEtch'se .. .. »-.o" 21 ijl wj
jiO .. America .. 3t'.iO"J
•J" .. Han* of roerce .. •O.u'Ji H ,T i> <MJ
ikO .. Impjtter k Traders B'k .. 3>UW 10
• y .. Miuhaitan to. .. .. 10,i«ju 1A" 0(0
ill) .. Merchants' .. •• M.nO llt^OW
3jo .. bnloa .. .. 1W la.iMUi
at) .. Ocean .. .. 10.1W vo> w»
10 .. Bank of North America .. 10.1*0 ILOOiO
U'.D .. Metropolitaa B'k ..
l o .. Bnc«atone •• .. 10 0 0 j«>.A ■> ou
1W .. bank of Commerce .. lo.w
10 Baffolk •• •• !.«<> » JIO i>o
I*o .. liiae<niLeither .. •• lo.mo lu,j»xJio
ILO .. Granite •. .. iXJ
luO .. Webster .. -. liU-j-J I>J
l'O .. Nat.oa«l • •• I*J u«*» lO.JiOn)
l'O .. Atlantic .. •• l'M»» 00
li*i .. B'k d ate of Missouri .. I4i>o u.ittwto
ltO .. Hartford* N. ILK E. .. lO.t-D liiau tv
•j) .. Carp. Illver .. .. liaM'O
1 LSJ .. Coaa.K.v-r 'ompa >y .. 1:1'.no ;uou uj
•Jt Hartfora B'ds. 6 H> c , «lue 'JiT^Uiu
2 Ohio rt4te .. 6 .. .. I*o. H',i*o 10*075 <U
2j iiict.l.-an .. '» .. .. 2>'.«w 2-tuJuu
2i>Tmrie?see .. •> .. ..
C. S. Trea ar/Nttia,,«.S VcU l» w>J UuJi to
T. tal araouni of Ais?tj
5 No liabilities to Baaks. or ctiera. duecr
lot due.
A No bosses adjusted and dac
7 L'»»a<seitheruaacius'ed or'.
S AJjusted and aot uue. * *'
9 L:aiea la su wiitlnt lur
thtr proof. lr eluded la la.t
answer above
10 Ail ether claims i jta.es*. the Co.
Total am't f L:ab'iltl ~s, "#tW,CO9 ?6
II The rule of tbr Coma my not tj exceed S.O.iiO ia
ary cne »i*k, su jrctto ksaby a s.c/lr flrti.
1 LI The amount Iciiie Jaa diy or vib«*e.dep<rnc3 npoa
lu s.r-—teoerally ai; thedcsirabler.ik to bj ha>;
«.t to theruie iait r bove aaxed.
13 Tze amo:a. lasored la aayo e bl-ck «f buMdinrst
1 open ltjs.ie aid coastrac ba. sabjcct
tothern e
11 Thi Act of IncorporaVyn Is va- saae a; Slsdla Jaa*
1 ' ls>i
j XIJIO. C. ALllNi Sfcrctary,
! [Certificateto expire tatheJlst day of Jaaaary. 13>0.]
ACDrroa'i Ornct Statb or liiiwots.)
?paisci/tELQ -Jaaua/y. 14A »
Whereas, the Ha:t'crd Hre compaar,
located at Ha tfor». In the Sute of C:-anecucut»
bas filed In this office a stat-ment of the condl
-1 tiuaof its aJilrs. as required by "An Act to reza-a'e tbe
I Aieadescf lasarance Compa i« mt Irccrporated by
I th'Stateof IlUnola."appn>ve'| t'ehroary 17, i<i».andaa
1 act »mcada»y Uiereto. approved January J, Lsi^; and
'• whereas, said Compiay b-is furalsaed aa Is factory evl
' deacetha*. it Is of th-required aaouat or capi
-1 tal Invested ia stocks «ad mcruwes. and h*s tiled ia tbLi
[ office a written Instrument, s gued by fie President and
I SecrvtAxy thereof, appointing ti. B rr'-.llmarth of CMe«o.
Ita Ai-ot for thetraasaction of thebcsinw«of said tjmpa
' ar aad aathoriiinahlmto ackaowt
; service r>f 1 roc.ss for a- d on bebslf of tald Com*
• oa.-y coasentla* that service of process upoa hlro, the
j ujii As'Qt. shall be takea aad held to be as valid as tf
served upootbe Company, aad waivlaa all claim of «rror
i by reason of such service,
1 j,ow. therefore, la purroaace of the orovluoca of the
I Act L Jesse K Dubois. Auditor of Public Ac
i counnofthfgUte of LliaoU do hereby certify t:iat tbe
1 nld Hen;y U. Is authorized as aa Azent for tbe
I' uldCcmpany. to the busiaeas of ia
tMs Mite, uatil the thirty-first day of Jaauary. In tfteyear
eiabteea hundred and sixt*. so far as lie may be locally
empowered so to do by aald Compaay.
I in testimony whercot 1 bave uervoata subscr.bed my
aame. aad a£xed tbe seal of tay oilier, at dpriaxfie-d.
this fifteenth d*y of Jtaaary A. D. IffeJ.
Jtads: K. DUBOLi Aodltor P. A.
IT. B. WILIIiKTU, ircnt,
Coraer Water aadclark a^L
aiifl ' ii.-if rrn.svi
• iTAFBoaHAtii*, aV AU. ilUK.'i, ETKKT
I j i Leu , -.ca /.itc »,'o - iia*; alac
' A*-' ;.r- Urartu and.Carr ages,
a'.i r>?iniMie for yine.-4ia;anil ma 7 be
cm xmd.'ttad r«ad* to trve rwmpt sueatua to their bo»l.
r-f* atV-:rv „ „
1 h . %ua Tan.: It tee Cem^teiy.
n'-«u TH'tJHT i Mr«'l i'RS
OUU celved «ad for sale bv »
i»5 tor. of Stale and Water it*.
\JT NSTT3 just recmv'd aad for tale by
jfcj Cor. State and Water Ha
Hleaohed elephant oil fob
«al*h» ih- ''w* or BbL by
: • AAWTIC. PAIQI * C*o.
1 • .. --• P- 1J ! „•> it>»
; t\b. allports mouth-wash.
1 / PrtMT«d aad sold wholes*!' aair«Ua.b*
SAAdI2iT A U4L*Y. Aeotiteewl*,
*m m UteKMi.
Te7m. d A~l^isi9 C 0 Court of Commoa Pleis, Aprfl
Blackm.aa Ex»rator of the
.! ai f T:stamecto' J ,hn lllKh, jr.. deceased,
*w « if e Grocery.
,°k nua r f , i Jen '-'e of Payett-j L. Roblnsoo.
i!?t n named, bav n< beea led n the ofHceof
. h d S° ot Cow** Co-irt of C-.mmoa fleaa.
Notlee Is hereby <lvea to ibe said Payette L. Koblrson
thai the complalaaatj fi!ej uielr bill of coinpl*int la said
court oa chancery sde Ui-reof. oa theJlst day of De
ctmber. and a soramona ihereapoa Issued
oat o'said cour* a;i ast v»l.t defendants, returnable on
tte firat .Monday cf Le au (liia;. aa oy law
Now. ente:» joa, the said Pay-tte L. Roblnsoo shall per
soaallv be aad appear Before »ui 1 Co->k Co Court of Coa>-
P eaj of Coos countr „ u the fl f »i ,Uj of the tera
ti« r«ot to be hol.le i »i _ Chicago In , Id coonty oa tbe
first Monday of athL ISw. ard i».e,*.'l wwer or demur
to th-sddecraplalna-jv fclil of com; !A,a«nt. tbe tame
and the matters and things 'here'n thar<ed and stated
wdi be lai-a aa craf-ase<U aad a deer'a entered
jou accorUlu to lb; prayer of s.»t: bl 1.
Mather. Ta*t± Blag. Cappt'Ls laUbf^iw
•>} Cook—BS. OoS Oaaty Court of Cctamoa Pleai,
Febuary Term. A. D. l5oi».
Pat*lck HUrias v». wm am Welch. William Welch 2d,
Murphvaa'* JyemUhA. ainsellu. In Chancer/.
A:H favltof the aoa-resldw ce of 'e r enj'ah A K<ns?lla
ar.d l)«pitl Mu-pby. iel nd above nsn«l. bavin*
bee*» filed la tho oiWce of tbe clerk of add crok County
C urt of Lommoa P ta«, notice Is heretiy fdven to the
«iu e;rm ab Klrse U .»a ? D.n>-I Murp-y that the
filed b« bU of complaint In ».»i.fCoart, OQ
the Cua::ce 3 sloe tbe-eot on tLe tweoty-lldrd day of
April 1-3'. ir.d tii.it i ui.r.m-'tis tias Siuod out of said
Court against drfestd* tj. rrtum.tMf oa the first
51oud<yof rebmryo it. ,«.v. is i» l»? Uw r. uulred.
Now, unl-ss j a t.;e Jereia'ab A. dmsells
ant Da: |el M-t,I v sh .11 pc-'-.ndy i;e and appear
b-fore aald Cook C<-U!it» ».>tirt of C<'mo«.n Plc«a of
Cook cou»:y. nrj tuo tlMt .1 »y of the ceat term
tf;ereot '<> be holden At C'i! .». ». !r» <.ii l cuu.y, oa the
first of Fe';aary. I-.j. ,LCd answer or de
-1 mur to the sud couiplAinaiit's M.l o' complaint, the fame
, and tiie matters »ad Uurus tiierein charged aad state'i
; will be taken as coafesjed. and a decree eaiered ■*/»<"«*
1 joa to the prayer of said bill
i , W. KIMBALI- Clerk.
Qidoi.t Hfc-hrfcV. Comoi'ts {'ol'm. j .7 MHo ♦»
0 BS.—Cook Couaty Circuit Coart—yebruary Special
Term. A. Is. IcAJ.
j Henry »ll«ard vs. C. D. Culb«rts)o * Co.
Pnblic notice is hereby clvea to the said u. D. Culbert
sen k Co lost a writ uf attachme-t Lsued cat of tlie
ortceof the Cerk ofthe Cook County Circuit Courl.
dated tbe tenth day of January, A. U. ISW, at th©
suit of iße said nea'y Mllward. aaa tae estate
of tie sa.d 0. 1) CuloerUon A Co. for the jam of one
hundred aad elahie.a d.oata. dj-ected to th» BherltT
of Cock Ccsaty. which said wr:t u*s beea returned exe
Now. therefore, m'fw yoa. the said C. I) Culbertsoa <k
Co. sa«l: personally be aad appear before the said Cook
County Circa:t Coa; t. on or be;'>relhe"rst day of tl*eaert
£pecl&l term thereof, >o be boldeu at the Comt liouae. la
the citv of Ctdoaxo. oa tbe second Monday of #el>
ratry. A. D. 1»j, clve hwc'al L aad plead to the
said plairtlfTs twtlou. iu>Ument will be enterea anlnsa
ycu aad la favor ofthe 'aid Henry Vltward. and so
much of t£c property atlac.-ied u rra7 be MiUiclent to
tatiary the said ;ud*iacat <v)*Ls. win be <ol t to satisfy
th# same. l»3i L. CIIUUCiL Clerk.
11. Uatia Plff'sAttr. ia]»'4wc*
State of Illinois —county o?
COOK—B3.—Cook County Court c'oaiiaoa Pleaa,
Jaauary Term. l*ot».
orrin iiie.-man G?orxe M. Corßn.
Public Notice Is hereDy nveu to U.s »ald Geon<«
M. C.irfcn tbatawrlt of AtLichTieat l«sued out of tbe
of the lerx of the Ccox County Court of Comtnoa
Pleas d >ted the first i!a» ot Uecrmiier. A. D. at the
suit of the sa ; d Orr.a Sberman and against the e?tate of
the s»ld tieorfe .M. lor tbe sum uf T.\re«* lluiy
dred Dollars. »llrected 10 the Slurli of »'oos County,
which said wr.t b'O been re.unied execute!
Now. t .crefor*. ualeaa you. the scd M.
Co*a shall peraonallv l>e and appear before tbe said
Cook County Court uf common « ou or.bc.'orethe firs*
day of the uex: tern to bclden at the Court
House, la ;t;e c:ty on 'j;e Urv. Mocdayof
Janu:t-y. A. L). ilve speoitl h ill, and vleul lo the
said plajnliiTa a«moa. ju.La::ent will Df cotr.-rd iwalnrt
yoi aad la favor of tae r.ud Oma and so
much of tl.e property att ;c:.ed as may t»e suSiclent to
lo satlj'y tne
tefy the same. WALTKII KI.MUAt,:. Clerk.
t'calljrd. A Jones. t J n'J< Atfys .U-H bsMaW
xoii County of Cook, wd.—Circuit Coorl o? Cock
Ooaaty April Teria A. D. I*^.
'h'. Gresorv John T.ltort, O-isand Luttorv
M. sea W. lUcbanlson. John M liradoarv. George K.
Kl:hardsor.. (ieorx* Uarncs, W. Lytnsn, Har
vey? encsr. K.Uard Aletaailer. John w. Weslerve V
an.tOrtir .■* 11 u«. vs. A Nor.on K.on. Byron b. NVw.
ell. ItJCiJyu UUiiJ<u<l. .NewelC aadChas,
AXdavlt ofth«sna-re«ldear-*o' Elhridn.G. Newell.one
of the defendants above aam-iL havltm ->e'*Titl!e-i in tne of
tlje ot the Clerk of said 1 i;cu:t «•- urt of < o< k c\«nt. •
Notice is herct>y <(tveatatbe »*'d Kil>ini««- itiav
Slid complainant* filed ineir bill ot complaint In sa>dCcuit
on the cbaacery jid; thereof, on the twet ly Linth day
of November "o". aadth.u a sj-'m<ir>« tMer-uooa Is
sued out of sa-'d c'onrt vsain*t said defedaif. rt*Utrt«
able ca the first Monday of] January. as ICby
law required. . .
.NOW. unI.JS you. the sa.d L.bricaelt. Neiell shall
personally be aad appear before s.ud Clrcu; Court
of Co"* Ci-oaty, oa flrstiay '.he next Aptil
term the*«*f. to be he.don at i_hic<wo. In tli« salo
Couaty of Cock, on the orst Monday jf Arrl.
aad plead, aajwerof {Ufaur. to the said bill
01 complaiat. tbe same and the matt«r» aao tuitwa there
in c.'iarited and stated till b;'tax,;j .vh ro-fc.> ed, and a
decree -nier*»d a*alrit you ae-or.iL*'* t<> tin* 1 rayer ■>', iild
complalnan't. WM. L.CHL*'t- l<*rU.
P.a alia Webster. Comp 'tt Hrl'-. cl 'l ; w
O t. n-ult Court ofc'wk County. Pehiaary Special Term
A. O.l"J*.
Myron You"* and .'ohrt O'llrtan. Conserv;uorsi etc..
vs Mary i.uetL A B)ia Ina-iC Dois. tlslher
Vaa Waitener an J J >i:n V m Wiieo *r.
ABiia»lt of the Q"n rrsl'»-tii*e <»f M 4 ry Uu-ll ?us n A.
Bo la. Isiac Bols. Fs'h-r Van wiener and John Vaa
Waaener. defeadaats abov>» rame'L ha»ln*hcen tlietl in
the office 01 tbe Clerk ol said Circuit Court uf C"c* County
notice is hereby aiven to the <iaid t ete.;i;an's th.ttsaii)
complainants 21-d their tiill of ccinpla nt ia said C<'<irt ot>
heChancrry side thereof oa tlie fcurta d;»y of Janu
ber lio>. and that a summons imued "utof a.ild
Court aialtut *ud delendanls. reiurnnble oa the »econd
1 Monday of Peh.-uary nrx?. a? ir by law required
1 Now. unlessyou. 'Ce *aid Mary -i s.ia A. Hois,
1 Isaac Bols. t»t «-r Tvi W.u-i.-»r and Jot a Van Wsiener
! snail b« and ao e.ir>;cf-' e >aid Cltcul. Court of
1 Cook Co.. on tbe first day of the n- \l il term thereof.
I tobehclden aft blcajt". lu said Cour.t/, on tt.e teconiS
I Pebruary. ai.d - lev!. :titi»«r w demur
i to the said complainaaU'bill o'c implauit. tiie woe jjiJ
tbe m.-ttera and things therein charged and stated will
I be taken as coaf Med.and a decree entered against yuo,
I accordion to the prayer cf said bllL
Arnold. Lay A Gregory. Coresl'ts S»'r. i■« > Ji*d
ESr.ATt'; OK GKAHA* M.\ Kit db
cea«et. Public notice ia hi*re!iy a ! .v-n to all per-
I »o-s hav.DK claims acd Oemaa ls a.tanat tie rvate <1
r hra>iam Marr decease.t. tourrn-nt tb<- s»n:e for ailjudV
t ca'.ion acd k ctl!emtQi at a rentier >rrm of the
Uurt of Coo* Count), to be uoidea at tbe Court Hou.-<e
in the City f Chi --lio, on tti* fl. si Monday of March. A.
D. btl-j< .».e lev nth day thereof.
MJ'Jle. MARS. Kxecrrrlx
» ofthelait Will and Testament of Marr deo'd.
M/ H: LL Marissr. A*eo~
Bine titan I. Janu try ll h. l*j' J »aH rtw*
Mortgage SA^.E.—NI»TICK ia
hereby s'T-n !"ia! defau th »vln« beea made M
the p.iynct.t 3f aceit iln Pr >i»l >»ry Note «?cuiei tn ard
ti» a certain male 3'id CTec.itfd by AJfretl P.
1 Wurta. bearing date I7lb iay uf Aviit. Ivi. au< recorded
la the office of the Ke<-order »f D'-eds f <r the C'juaty of
C«;ok. and state of Illinois, in B>< < j • . f M at
Page tn Geo. M. Gray, to scure the p.-ivioeat of «
cenain pron:sory n»te m »nid in meuttcoml
wtiuh f; r? will be d'i- »:i fie d »>- ot salo. **rmclyal and
Interest. K.<ht Thuasind 1 hirtj-deven l»-'larianil »'orty-
AiX Ceats. New. tUer>-fure 1 s'l.ul. liy v;r«u-» of thri
poaer hi »aid noiU'i*e co dasned. >'Q MuNitVi.tlie
it h day of J.uiu>iry. A !>• Itft-*, at th- C >ur% llouie. in
tlie city i f Crncaico and t-'ouaty of Coax, aud rtate of
Illinois, at lt)o'cio«.k A M. seil at lulrl: au.lioii to tlie
biddt r f>r 0 an tbe following desoau.-d !uU or
pieces of lauds, witii U- runt :uid -qinty of re
dem: tioo, slotted ia tbe c.t» of C.icuo, i.id C'oanty of
Co k, ,tf ij s» e ,if litkioH to wit: r..e undivided one
half "f Lotjon-'ti m i twn 2\ la tlloca 'ou.* l«>. Port
Dearborn Addition lo CUICKO.
(tfcU. M. U2AY. MnrUa<e.
Cl.'.c'iro, Des, 2W, 135 - . de-4 lm-b=-l
The ab*ve «ale b ro*tposed until February 4t'j, lAi'A
at tbe same time and ;laci
«BD. M. GP.IY, Moruaeee.
Chic uo Jsnua y :3d. I'.J. j u4-M e»o
iy 1_ Thomss speer sad Inac SprT. of the city of
Chic***. County «f Ci.ok and Mate of 111 nr.la. dlo. oa
the ninth day or May. A D 1i57. efcut-and dtliver 10
one Lemuel H. Aik n a certa n pronds-ury note for dve
thousand five hundred nollari dat-.-d It.e flld t lt:in day
Mat. p iyat>le in one yar after hi 'ate. to tre order
of said L. il. Alklc, wltn iiitf est at trie rate o' t«-a per
! cer.t, rer annum, payable h.ui yiry 4t tlie ofl. t 01
1 Aikin AN. rtoo. la C a i>re»aid. Ai.d. for
the better salil nr>t-and >be IntereM therectz,
■ be»aid Tfiomas Hpeerana Ph>be ripeer b;s eife, did. on
th«M.ln'.hdny of May. A. I". l*i7. exe«.u e aal deliver to
the said L. ti. Alkir a morra** of piem «s herelnarer
Ce»erlbcd c-. « dd mnrt*a«e w»s reen d-d in the Re
cjrder'scfflcecf C)Ok I.o'iLty. illia<'l% iu Uecord BOOU
>0 7hlr*y une cf Mottaw , n*e i' 7. At.d. wncreaa.
the said Lemuei H. Aiai- d"i by indenture of »?s jome"!
beanu* oate ibe tw nt. nimh daf ul Mav. A. 1). l*i»7.
i-ssi2ns:ild mor'faa* an<l rel». to "Oe Albert
ft. cooley. which >Jee<l O' ass snment is rec rde 1 :a the
! Kec order's ortlcj uf Coo It eonnty. lUin* Kin 11-cord Hook
thlry-t# , iaae 11!*, and the said Aimr t»..ouleydd,
by tn imtup- o* 'icttime: t. bea Idate fie 'weity*
. euhtti day cf Aiuust. A. • . IV7. riij.l jaid
monraireand the premi»ei therein .1 scrlbrtL n«ethvr
! w:th the ►aid nt • then-hy secured Uido t e ur.iler, Uued.
J «enb P Allya «h:ch said de.d cfajnUumeni tun beea
recrd'-d l:i t e Itecordt-r'sort.ee 'if 1 oo» county 'l'lnolfc
Now therefore, n- tire i« herui-y <.vrn that d:fauit haV
been cia.le lu f.e ujuu ui of» id note. the under*
. sl.-rti-d. shjil. on Tu.slay. t-e ft.at da* of Febru.ry. A.
I). l"o». t'-n o'c'ork t i ihe fi ren- on of s»ld t>y
! v.rtueof the p-"»-r ot si!e m i.-.id ro rtu«i:e rr.nt.vned.
sell at the N-.'ith duor f.r Court lJ..ui< ii tt.e <. ity of
; Ctilcsuo. Cc« k ccun'v. Hlln'iii at puo 1c auctljit to the
! bhi-'er for c sli. tie ''ol '.fin-tdevr il'id i reinUro,
{ to-al : C^miuencin/at a p i::t on f.e NotWi ti: one
husd'td ai.d two teet an>l lixlncties Kiat fr'jin the N rth
' west corner of tot t*o >'-•) In blocs t.r.e u.', inihe'r*c
tlonaijenUa A t en (li) fidltion to thie <-• ibeacerua
! nicit south n'neiy.i'*" a eeU»li;ice W s*. twentj-two
.feek and nine U2 J-ldinehes tt.en-n -• orth n n tT-.ievrn
! (:•:> feet, thence Ka.-t to tlie ulaceof be. hidDrf. s;tjate la
! sal Icitr or t,tiu-;uo. w,Ui all •a 1 the tenementa.
; her»-ddatn»nis and at'PUite"v.ceJ itiereuuto b-lonk c/.
' to*eltier w;tli ail tlie ii.ii', tltl#. l iten*«t. atic eq ilty of
redemitlcn of taid fh »nd Pa»be. ids wile, lo
' acd to said 1 reml'es. P .M.LYn.
; Ais anee of sai l Mortianee.
' Hoimtrl Peake. Att'y for Asslmeea
pAte-.l ■ hWiJ s-i, 01 lan a:y, .V >J. 1 jf*' cl-td
A W.o'i t# Co or* o.' CoUini)i l'it~.- - Feb
iuary Ura. A. l>. l'o.'.
Wili'.AQ a. Dxrae-.t. Uezry D D. }Jt.bart
Hills, va Haa:o.uh «.
Public N« tlce la hereby 'J -fci Riiodobh
Densmorp. j.rn-r U Dy „ tD,c } ?,*•
5 that a writ of Attachment is*ded cal <JTfi.e r.tUce of tlie
1 Clerk ol the Co-k Couiiy Court o Common Pie«a. QateJ
t>;» twent>-fourib da» of DcCrujbtr. a. u I*s '• at the eult
1 o ibe wl Wm hi Dor-eit, items i> B*i».tt .a 1 l>.
Hot ait H.IX aLd tu. c«ta:e >.l theaiiJ o-aad-iiuu
* Uensm r- H* rey H. f yek'uaa and id«tu jtDST'cre.
for tbe sum of Three Huu fred au 1 Dollars
t a*iddcventy Pourceats directed to t:ie sieriff of Ok>k
County, wbtchsald writhaa beta returned cx -outed.
nuv, thereior-.. unless yco. the said iloiovh L><n»-
enre Barney liDcmi aaJ k'd».a ue:i?::.o.-<*. ahall
b" and appear before fie jaid Cook County
«'ourt of Co nmon Me s. on or before the fir.<t day of Ihe
next tern ihe'eot to i. e boldea at the Court House, ia
the city <■• Chic.v >n tne fr.t "dnnda/ cf
1 A. D- UO *iv«s special bail, ard plead to the iMiid
rla'a'.ltTi aclo f i judgment w'dl be cr terud M-slnst you
a-diafavrof C.e sud William K. Heary i>.
B«-»ett aad D. Honart 11 I <. :4i«l so mu:u of Che prop
, eitk a tached aa may 0. to jat!< y the said
iudiment i-d c S'J will Im ».id t • nat-'fy'h-sane
! GtLLO* A HtTCrfO>Cl. IT iA w
1 i?l James Tasli r and Jost-tle Taylor executed
aadddvcre<t to th • uadersUa-d. Kx-kl -i Tripo a cer
til.l oT t .e pre.ni es !i:r itcscnbed,
' bear iji! <t;it«* tt.e nireteent'i d:iy •f J itiuar*. A. t> lva,
1 aiidrec rde»i la ihe ter's »»h :e of coun
ty, iHI' 0.4. ia Bo>>!. No. ?lx .f D>-e *. <«> tad 3-7,
to secure the payment of t*o roiei f four hundre I d.d
la s e*cb and >nter«»t,of same dtte. one due la six
m )ttha ..nd In ore year from daus and whereaa,
I the aa:d mortaace provides'ha' If default shosid be made
la thepjjrjent of ether of sil I if tea. At principal
orlptercsU tbe wh-.de s fe .ou d btcone iue and pajable.
Now. therefore, i.efee is bstehy th kt, default h V
ia« oee2 m »-ie I» th<* piymnr.t o the At, of s<ud notes
oa tbe of me b jlder t}:«-.--of, on Monda/. the
ihlrty-fl's". day Jmuar* A l> l?V'. at t-a r.'ctcc* A. >L
1 cf that cay. at the Court ..ous- d:>o:. In the CI fcf ChU
1 ca*o. by virtue of tae power of aaie liMi l mortage
con.air.e 1, th- a idtrs'uned will sell »o the oidder
' forca&h. all tue ilcht aad equity of retemptioa of >be
Tajlor aad JoteoblneTjytor la aad t> the
Eouf:-»estquaiter of «ctl 'a number nin-teeu. In towa
kb v twenty, porta of r»r.*e «vai east of loor.'t ■*. M.,
oontaialcc Itid aires, mo-e or lesa. la said Whltesido
<k unty, liliaoj. 10 make the Muoaut of saia aot«s. prla
paland lateres!, aad ta>- cu::a of said j.-ipp
Chicago. Decembe-.g. l^ - *. dedl boa* at-i
Tj COCBT OP COOK COUNTY—In the matter of the
taute of Qeonte Coombs. deceaaeU.
All persona bavlo* claim* aaaiaathe estiteof Geonre
Coomos. deceised. late of Cooa county, are notifie : aad
requested to attend atatenaoftheCoaa'y curt of Coo*
Couaty to be held aa the Court Uooae la the city of ChU
I caxo oa the first Monday of Pebraary next, at tea o'clock
id tae forenoon, for the porvose of bavin* tae same ad
jusve-d—the executor aad executrix of the Laat win aad
testament of said Geonre Coombs, deceaa>.'d, havia* fixed
oa tli«l term for aettllax aad adiua InK all claims vraln^
■aid deceased.
Chicago. l>ecember Ist, isa
ÜBSaY B. DIKK. Zx ecu tor.
Of last will aad testament ot Goo nee Coomb*, oeoeued.
aTA tt Court of Cook C-uaty.
In the matter of tha esta-'a of Jacob deceased.
Ait Derars having claims acalnst the eet.te of Jainob
Fredrick, tale of County, are notified aad
1 reauested to at' ead at a term of the Couaty Com tof Cook
' Cooty. to be bed at Court Houao.la the city of Chi-
I caeo. oa tbe Ant Woodsy of March next, alien
1 t-efcrenooa f irthe puro seof htvlagthesaaie
• th* admln'stratrls of s«id estate bavlug QX«d oa Uiat
' I term fo-- settdo<a>d aojustlnc all dalma acalast aid e»*
'Sr iiVKli \RITTA PiIiO&IQJLi Adalaiatratrtx.
Tiioanos A Buutor, A*t'iSt
Chlcaeo, Jaaoary IW, jalWa-038

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