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MONDAY MOiiNlfTG, JAKUAEY 31, 1859 p re «
r ~ coti
The Buttle at Springfield. 4th (
A graphic report of the exciting jiiglit se?
Fion of the L<'gMatar<\ in which ilio Dy.-r
charter was tought (ffund compell. dto take
the regular course ul husiuess—;op thei with I'res
other matters o! vital consequence to th'.* tax statii
payers ol this: city—will bo found e*i th>' --c- Hill.
ornl page o 1 this pap<-r. rauc '
- a the 1
What the itaata Zcltnoc iajn about He
Uie urlbc.
The Stoats Zctiurg, the leading German or
gan, indignantly rejects the Lecompton Char- dgctj
ter. lu regard to the $25 bribe it declutch w
that the German euloou proprietors feci in- r i ieu ,
6uit«'dbyit, and that to far from this bare- cume
Jactd attempt to purchase vuted i-ucceydii-g, sped
it will cause the few Douglas German saloon the p
keepers there are in Chicago, to join with the for
balance of their couutrymen, in spurning the
bribe and voting the toul contrivance down. noir
The Staatf Z-Atung says- thut the Germans are
going to t-hov.- the L'jcomptonites that they
are uul cattl" to be bought in the market for whic
o few miserable dollars of license rnnney. i can
The Twenty-live Dollar Bribe.
It is a fiivorite maxim villi some j-ersous p r( ,p,
that "every man Lap liia price." The flyer
clique eH'.inuite.- 1 the jtlcc of aGerman'a pxin- j t jn
clplen and self-respect at ttrenJyfivc dolterx j mm .
Knowing that almost every German in Chica- next
pi i= opposed to the Lecompt<m charter, folio'
tUey have uidertaken to bribe the German of hi
hi »er-l<ecr sellers to vote for the monstrous wba *
nviudle by deJucling $25 lrom their lictnso.
The}* are openly cfTi-reil §25 upiece if they
will hwallow the poi>otu)u«drug. That is the
price they set upon the principles of the stur- iQIO .
dy Teuton?. how
"Gc.ing. going.''criesth»Dyerauctioi i-.r: M rl» : i
£25 is offered for German vote?. Who accepts j
the bribe? G.dng, goue. 110 bidders: * I t:e tory,
brib*:- i- ?purned J ' answer the Germans. i »*ia
Twelip Thousand Uoilarfi Ottered.
The l/ccompton Constitution offered *\vi fe ,;i n e
people of Kansafi fcix lni'.lion acres of lam 1 , if liaf,d
they would only accept it. Hut they nobly
and indignantly spurned bribe. Six mil-
lions of liroitd prairie acres was the price s».-t
. • ▼ * mou
tijion their political integrity. It was be- ,
lievcd that seveu and a half millions of dol
lurs in land would corrup'. them, and came
iiiciii to acquie-ee tti slavery aud usurpation, era:
We tind a paiallel iu the Lecompton Char- a ret
ier, wiiich it > proposred to cram down the atuai
tliroats of the people ot this city. There are with
about five hu"dre<l Genupu lager saloons ' d wr
inCheago. The Dyerile? prup'»M! t" levy n J e . ci
ta\ upon the Mi'-iperty-li'ihiers ol lictlre thni j
s.md dollurs, to raij-e the menoy with which c
to buy up the tive hundred lager beer snlcim
keeper-, und cau-e lb em to turn the G jveu.- jj sc
jn_'iit <«f Chicago <»v«*r ii.to the lr.ti'ls .. his 1
corrupt pack «d v.sgabduds to rule i'uJ*pl> .1- an e
der. The free men nf Kansas could no* 1«« him
purcha?ed with six million acres of land, "•■!• grei
can tlie G-'rm in saloon proprietors auc- chai
timed off in the lump for sl2 (j* 10 ! nor "bought dea:
single at $25 a In ad.
L m ■ be <
A New State Apportioumeul. cm
We publish elsewhere u copy of r- nfw
Logisl'-itiveapportiunment which ha< appear
ed in iLo columns of the Chicago Times. It
has bvcu intivdueed in both Houses of the
Legislature without action ou the part of the a
J.iirif CoinniitteM npjioiiited to jireparo it. Co..
The Republican nii'inb-.-is of the Committee htrt
have >.ot b-eii in tify *\*?y nor noti
fied of any meeting at which the subject 7 ,
would be considered. Wc have not the space
to give an extended analysis of tbe bill here- <■
with, but as a sample of its character v."j may
stale that it gives thirty-eight members of the U6<
li-.iuse of Representatives to a t-rriioty which occ
cast 113.0U0 votes at the lute ckctio'i, and ex '
only thirty-seven io the balance of the State,
casting 140,000 votes ! Also that the coun- •
ty of LaSalie which gave 7,750 votes is eu
titled to only to only one Hepresentative, ri
while Kichiand and Jasper, with a vote of e
onlv 2.1123 are given au tonal, and Madison
1 wo
Couuty with only 4,280 vote?, double the re- lea
presciitatiop ! We did not suppose a more
trros-ly unbiir apputtionment could be made
thaa the one we are suffering uuder, but ca!
this exceeds Ii in all the e.emeuts of gerry
mu'idering, by us much 111* its framcrs Furpasß 11
nil tl.eir predectiasors in tbe ;rL ot deleaUng g,,
the will of the majority. fo ',
Drainiugs ol Dyer's Grocery. ru
The gang <»f starved-out cotjs]iiratora who t
are engineering the Lecompton Charter have e l
silled the air id' oprlugtield with a miasma of CI
lalsehoodsconcerning the usual methods of oc
conducting elections in tbi? city. They charge tir
that Denufcmts are arrested and s?ntto lock- ne
up forchet-ring their own candidates on elec- cn
tion day ; that the} dare not be st-en by the P®
police suliclting voleis: and peddling tickets ;
thai they are obliged lo sneak up silcutly and fri
at imminent peril to get their votes into the Bi
ballot boxe* : that Mr. Douglas was shockiug- in
ly maltreated at the Second Ward polls la t
November—aud half a hundred like fabrica- of
tiouF.dilieting only in the vastuess of their
separation from truth or probability. What
arc the facts? Uuder the Dyer dynasty riots
were the rule and peace the exception e\ery v«
tiiu; the peojde wore called on to cast ti.J: io
suffrages. Under a Democratic disper-utfoc tt
Suiffert was murden d ut the Seventh v ard
polls, und the presentation of a Repub- w
liean vote at that place was the inevitable d
maik for insults and bludgeons from morning
till night. Under the two Republican Ad
ministrations there has not beeu a disturbance
ut any election in any waid in tbe city. Ev- C
cry man entitled to a vote has found the way 0
unobstructed, and the process of depositing 0
his ballot as peaceful as that of going to \
church on Suuday. As tvcryb:dy knows, 1
there were three Democratic ticket ped- J
tlleis at the polls last fall and last spring,
to cue Republican, aud each three times as
vociferous. The miserable nonseuse about
policemen peddling Republican tickets and
'• one thousand policemen being swoin to vote 1
the Republican ticket, and paid five dollars \
each fioin the city tieasrury," is so notorious
lv lalse to every man in Chicage, hat we
have not deemed it worth while to notice it
during this controversy. We now proucULCc
it a lie from beginning to end and lrom hwde
to outside; and we deit tee "Chicago
Tim s" akdTom Dyhr and tiie wnoLE OaNO
A Judicious Selection.
Tbe person procured by Dyer & Co., after in
tinite solicitation, to ieod himself to the abor
tion business of introducing the Lecompton
Charter in tbe Legislature, is Hick of Bhswnee
town, Gallatin county. This H>ck is the person
of nil others most soitsble to bsve a hsnd ts the
job—representing the constituency farthest
from Chicago, bsvirg the least business rela
tions with Chicago, and being the most difficult
of access from Chicago, of all tbe counties in the
;State. Cairo, Qarncy, Belleville, Centralis,
J'aris and Katkaukta, are remote, but we have
railroad connections with them. Thry could
sot furnish a member to father tbe bill in the
House of Representatives. Since the Dyer con- j
trivance cannot command a rote within a hun
dred and tifty miles of this city, it is in the high
est degree proper that it should be introdaced
by tb* man who lives at the farthest and most
inaccessible corner of the State, und the one
probably who koows least about the wants and
cares least about the rights of tbe citizens oi
A Shilling a Pound.
1. stoat, able-bodied German saloon owner
Nwill weigh two hundred pounds or there
abouts. The Dyer charter offers him if he >
will vote for it, which would be aelling himself
for>«hillifig* pound. This Is about the price
tjbiluno'*»W'illinm 11. PrcscoU,
The tel' gniph coh ttie snddeu :«nd un- |
expected deuth, on Friday U'M, of Wiliiam H. Xflt
Frescott, the emmiuent historian. Mr. Pres- I ]
coti huh born in Sb'ciii, Miisaachuset's, on the I
4th of Mat, 1796. H:s f-tlier, Wtlliam Pretcott,"
L.L. D., was a Irwrer of marked ability and
ranked amcng tbe noblest ornaments of bis pro
fe?si'-n. His grand-luiber w«h C.il. William luti
Present, wl o commacdad the American lorces
stati(>ned ?n tbe redoubt, at the battle of Bonker r
Hill. His gieat grandfather was also a man of
much consideration, and was cbcsen agent of
the Province to the English Court in 1733.
He graduated at Harvard University inlSll, the (.
and chose tbe profession of the law. While at brou
College be lost the sight of one eye by an acci
dental blow; aud within a year after graduating oVd°
he was stopped »rom fuither study by a violent for si
rheumatic inflammition of the This cir- come
cumstance entirely ch rged his planß with re
spect to the future. H? abr.ndoned all idea ot her 1
the profession ot his choice, und in 1615 sailed same
for Europe where be remained two years.
Soon after bis return he married. He wua \
now devoted himself to the study of deric
the continental languages and literature, when
. • • a hal
taking copious notes, and exercising his pen ra tg.
very freely in critical and miscellaneous essays to a .
which were published chiefly in the North Amer- the
ican lieview. In IS 10 he bad resolved upon his J
great historical work - Ferdinand ana isaos«-. j
He gave himself in the outeet ten years for tfopb
preparatory studies, and ten more for the pre
paration of the work for the press. He issued W jj e
it in 16SS —one year aheadof theproposed time, part
Immediately after it* appesronce ho began his troul
next great work-tbe Conquest ot Mexico. Ne2%|
followed bis Conquest of Peru; aud at the time I Ef r \
of his be had completed three volumes of j to ki
what be doubtless intended as the great work of I
his life—The Hißtory of tbe Heign of King Philip Wer
tbe Second. I
llow all these works were received both in
America and Europe—how they were traiL-lated I
into almost every language of tbe Continent, and migl
how Mr. Preacatt has, ever *iuce the appearance as si
or Irs tirst volume, ranked throughout the civil- j
i/A-ti world with the most illu-trions writers of his- , otr
tory, it is needless lor us to cay. Toe loss of such mye
-i nan is a calamity under auy circumstances, but
L?]- :ially Is it to be deplored when he falls iu the
ini-M of a great work such as that which ban en- like
gaged the lan years or his life. What veuturous thre
baud will dare carry to itd completion what he J, h ®,
began? will
The almost total Uhs of sight bul'jected Mr* craz
Prescott to what would secui to be alm-ist iusar
moutilable difficulties as an author. It was nc-ces- biu<
sary that he should be well versed in the lan- seiv
gujges of Europe, in order to pursue
his historical researches. To accomjilisb the lortn- nexl
er as well as tbe latter he had to avail himself of up t
a reader, aud ia the preparation of his work® an
atnanuen-js. The latter, however, he dispensed
with after a while, haviug procured from Loudon nix :
a writing case for the bliud, with the aid of which I eno:
be could compose as well in the dark as in the light. J
His manuscript was then ia a fair m< » f
lianil by his Secietan*, from which It was put into loin
. * trie
J as'j
Through all tbess multtform difhcuities and j lU |
discouragements he kfpt on tbe even tenor of I «ur
his way, preserving a sweet aud cheerful spirit,
an earnest, resolute purpose, and achieving for ttl .,
himself a deathle>s fame, lu private life he was Sop
greatly beloved-his amiability, simplicity of
character, and loving courtesy of uiauner es- 0 „
dearing bim to all who enjojed the privilege of she
his companionship, liy all such hia deuth will
be deplored as a personal loss—^throughout the wel
civilized world it will bo recogniz »d among all ter
cultivated people as a calamity toman. j
. me
Meteoj:oi,ocicai. Hecoud liept by J. IL H r cd & J the
Co., Apo'Jiecarie- and CbeniUts, 144 atid 14'1 i
street: a!o
Saturday, Jan. Fa'urday. Jan. 1 of ;
iuß°*ETcn. I T7irf»wnyrrKß. let
7\. W . 12 51 I «'-P. M. 7 A SI. I 12X1 a .r
2.M3 I 29.5-J 1 aai 1 fl I 30 I Ul »'•
Cncßcn or tub Holy Comuukiok.—The new
edifice jutt erected on Wabash Avenue for tbe yot
use of this Perish, will probably be ready for be
occupancy on Sunday next; liisbop Kemper is j
expected to be present and precch on the oc- 0()l
» it j
Man* Killed.-A man was killed on the St. I hui
Louis, Alton & Chicago Kailroad, at Athens, on I ab<
Friday night. His name was Alonza Harding.
He belonged at ilornellsville, >"ew York, and jj b(
was formerly baggage master on the roid. He so
woe crushed while coupling a freight train. He
leaves a wife and two children. j lO .
The Case or Albxakker Licotsteik. — The
case of Alexander Lichtstein, for stabbing Peter am
N'eu, at tbe Illinois House, during a dance on
the Sth inat., was resumed yesterday, and after aD
the examination ot several witnesses, Justice loi
Stickney held tbe prisoner in f 500 to answer be- I ba
fore the Recorder on the first Monday iu Feb- J
ruary. j Ju
I ba
Cftr.iST CncccE.—ln about a month the chap
el now building for the congregati«n of Christ j 00
Church in this city, will probably be ready for |
' occupancy. The liev. Mr. Adams has, since tbe p,.
i firet of January, been laboring zealously for his of
* new charge. The congregation is rapidly in-
creasing, and tbe probability now is that all tbe ht
, pews will be promptly taken up. Ito
t Oroikatiok.—Oa tbe 14'.h inst.,aswe learn 110
I from the Churchnvin, the Kev. W. M.A. I
; Brodnax, assistant minister of Trinity Church
in this city, received the order of Priesthood I ju
t from the It*. Rev. Henry J. Wbltehouee, Hishop I
. of this Dicc-sc. The sermon on tbe occasion u
was praached by Rev. ilr. Whipple of tbe w
Cburch of tbe Holy Communion. j*
* D.-ad.— Mrs. McGraw, who was burned so se- j
vcrely on Friday, msntion ot which was made j c .
.* in our issue of Saturday, died on the morning o* I w
c ' thelatterday.alierremaininginherterr'blecon. jj
,] dilion for eighteen hours. Morphine was ad- 1 g
h ministered to ber at stated periods, which rcn- d
dored her senseless, and she thereby suffered 1
very little during the interval from the time ot
j® her injury until her death. 1 t
» c
•C Bceglars Arrested.—A man named George I t
r- Crandall was arrested yesterday morning, by 8
,y ofljeer Douglas, as a burglar. A complete set I E
g of burglar's tools were found on him, about $35 I t
0 in money, and several pawn tickets, represent- I t
c ing four pairs of paataloons, two vestr, and a
coat, all at Lavinia's; and a set of window cur- j i
tains, at Mrs. Uogan'a. Same of tbe clothing 1 _
St has been claimed by E. Dyer, it having been j
stolen from him at the Metropolitan Hotel. I <
ut ■ j (
jil Resißt:kg ax Oeficer.—A boy 11 years of ,
ltc age, named Roben Griffin, who hails from Mar- I
shall, Michigan, was brought before Justice 1
II * Stickney yesterday, tor rcifting an officrr ! It I
Uti was histed that Robert had th* officer down, but
A . e tbis was itcutiy and indignantly denied by that
functionary. To all outward appearances, Mas
•cc ter Robert had the worst ot tbe light, although
ide it was acknowledged that in tbe wearing par I
>oo during the contest the officer waout of
no sight. Tbe juvenile offender waa sent to the I
ijc. Reform School to await an answer to a letter I
Mnt to Marshall to ascertain his antecedents.
Sheqhax Hocbk.—The Sherman House has I
in. recently passed into the bands oT Messrs. Tripp I
>or- & Hale, gentlemen who have acquired an excel- j
ton lent reputation as business men in this city, and j
»ee- it will hereafter be conducted by them. We
bod think none will doubt the entire capacity of
the these gentlemen to discharge satisfactorily the
jest responsible duties they have assumed. The |
ela- boose has undergone athorough renovation, and I
cult wc feel sure io saying that no paint will be
the Epared by them to make the Sherman afirstclasa J
tlia, house in every respect. They mean that their
lave table shall be satisfactory to the most luxurious
auld liver, while their prices will be such that the
the mast frugal shall have no reason to complain,
eon- ' * '
bua- A WIPB WITn A VEW Faiusos—John lxinar
igh- gun, a stalwart 3on of the '* Green Isle," was
aced brought before Justice Stickney yesterday morn
uost "S fur being disordeily, In refusing to go Dome at
qqq an unaeemly hour to b* in the stiects, when re
quested to do bo by one of our city gunrdlansr—
-1B j John, wbeo biought to the bar, gave as a reason
18 for not acceding to tbe seemingly sensible re
quest of the officer, that his wire was in tbe habit
of kicking, beating and otherwise maltreating
wnsr him, In such a manner as to render it actually
her»- dangerous to life and limb to remain iu her pres
if he-, ence. As John declined, entering a complaint
BMlf against'her for her striking manifestations of re
price sard, the Justice fined him 15 for beiitg disor
derly. • - " •
1 it W
Trial of llenry Jampertz, for the Alleged her
Murder of Sophie Wrrnrr, nt (Itlrngo, woa
Marth Oth, ISSS. two
aer (
In the Ciicuit Court of Cook Comity, Judgo * on , e
Manierre Presiding. ber 1
• laid
(Bj ogcement of Counsel' and permission of "iai
the Court, two witnesses for the defence were sbe<
brou.ht upon the stand.)
Mrs. Louisa. Wfghhnir «iror;i—Have known .
prisoner for five yeai* intimately, both in the et '
Old Country and here; I knew the deceased he le
for seven years intimately; she used often to m „ s
come to my house; lired' ia same house with a,lull
her m Chicago; know her band-writing; (letter an( j,
shown, the one on white paper); I think that is
her band w. itine, lam sure it looks tie very rf^ht
same; cannot tell certainly when prisoner ciine rnvst
to this country; if. was five year* ago; we / r o m
were living at No. iS Sprin; street, New York; b„ ari
was then married ;my husband's name is Fre- open
derick; don't know who Jampertz lived with ; n jj,
when he first cumc; be lived with us u year and ner
a half; during th"t time his character was tirst aime
rate; we liked him very well; he left us to go mon<
to a little town, 1 have forgot; don't remember beloi
the came; it was New B-diord, Mass.,; we stair
ciics four years ago; my husband, not one
IMS' £!E,?SB; 1SE k ?,L , SL t S A r : sAS.
Hophie; we Jived in v Mr. Coleman's house on busu
Dearborn street; Werner lived in same boan
house; my husband caoe first; Werner, bis them
wile and a young girl lived altogether in up; er the i
part nt the ouse; they had a great deal of aroo
trouble, th-2 Werners; I lived up st3irs; had with
to go through the room where they lived; the or
girt was the "bofet." ot the bouse; so Mrs. Wer- my
ner had fustes with her, us she wanted money besi(
to keep the bouse in food; the young girl kept he w
books m the tbop; Mrs. Werner did tbe wath- troul
ing aud all the work; washed for tbe girl; Mr. his t
Werner kept tbe gtr. for his mistress; some- time
times she slept ot tbe hr-use all io one bed with Q•
Werner and his wife ; Werner wasn't very men
cross to his wife; she bad to do all the work you
herself, and didn't like it; he told her she can.
might go awav and look cut for herself; os long w ayi
as she was with them she .had great trouble, her;
and cried; sometimes she would say, "I bad live(
better go • guess and clear inyselt; us no use and
to try otjd get my husband back;" by "clear I'vec
myself" soe m*aut to try and get another aftei
home; one day sbe had each a trouble tbe girl -oj
told her s*e could co and buy herself a dress, Ju •
und go; she came u »to my room; we had een two
like sisters; bid me good bye; went, w.-s gone C>
three hour*, and came back and sat on my Ded ; any
che put her band on her forehead and said, Geo
" Well, a shilling's worth of laudanum to tt
j will do ior me;" 1 said, "You are wb*
I crazy to-day; you are are a foolish woman; jail
I you ure strong,go into soaie family and get work; day
she paid ''guess you wouldn't like it to have ahm me
biud five j ears and them go uuJ live oat as a tim«
scivaut g rl;" I -a'd I aui a'laid you got some poi- knei
son in vcmr pocket; nhe lauahed and oai-l "0 no;" sell
tlicn f-hiMvent j>; did nut. sec her again until Q. '
next morniue; duungthe uiiiht'suuie one came saw
up to mv room and Kitd sophie has poisnn-'d her- knn
sell: Mr. Wemci's liiothcrsudSophie took some- Q
out of hir pocket, jiut if in a glass of water bad
auddr.siiki<; next saw Sophie at nine o'clock obje
nixt d:<>; she >-aid, "a .shilling's worth wasn't she
e:n)ii ih lor me;" she said Go t did not like hor; thin
1 the voiuiu'd a little; one ciicek w:w red, the other the
j white as snow; she «iid "please fix a lit'le bed lor pais
me, I c.nnot stand up anyjli ugcr;''fhe laid eti tny ytu
lounge all day; gave her Home tea; she vomited or heri
tried t<>; lav there all uext da}; said >l.e took cou
a.shilling's wortti ol'laudamim iu warm water; felt wor
diuuk; that licr husband gave her some more thai
warm water, and that was tin-reasou she voniitPd; thit
Mr. t-'oleiiiJii be cime in aud hid them leave the tha'
boiw; thev did leave; I don't lui /W where they
went: did iio: see tneui again lor a goti.l while;. aDQ
Sophie went with them; mxrsaw So|»hie hx c \ v:l
moiriisafier; this was three jears a-; 0 wh<:n they
moved; nut s<»j»hie; she told me she lived alone cuS ,
on the North sidn and took iu washing;
she was not living with her hu-luud; ptj j,
Uii> v.'.is six numbs alter tue poi-onu^;
it was directly niter the poisoning thut tbey vuu
I were ordered to leave the house; six months uf- pj
ter that I saw her; sh« nf?ked uie to come over
and see ber oa tue North Side - bad a room
1 there; wished for geJtlemcn; was not able to ai]
doit; ufked her t:» come and see me, we lived ler
in Co»emun'a house vet; she did not come in a gee
good while; Juiuperiz was vhen boarding with gee
me; he was not in Chicago when tbey lived in v
tbe house ; she cume on Sunday eeenirg; sbe ,
| staid to J-.uoper till nine o'clock; Mr. Jumpertz I
atfced her' il the waa cot utratd to go home res
alone; she Enid she did not care, was not afra'd j
lof any uoJy ;be weut along wiih ber ; did cot Bau
let her go elone; frbe did not couie after that for (. ir)
a good while; when she came again, in the week cb i
I time, said sbe was not aole to do auv more bard
washing; asked me.what she should do; I said
to her 1 don't know, you are old enough to know WU!
vourselt; think to get in a small family would coi:
be belter ; she suid sbe did not like to live with hui
strange folks; have been married five years, bad j n ,
children, can't be a servant; then 1 lold her she j nt
j oould come and wash fur me, but yon wouldn't rle
like to be my servant; she said she did notcare t he
it >die wa3 a servant in my bouse; I usked my ,
I husband, and be said she could come; she said nol
I she bad rather stay with me than anybody else ;
would get steady washing to do for three or tour col
men, and make wages light for me; she came Da(
back* I told her I would give her a dolUro week; eX;
so she came, and stayed four months; Jumpertz eb i
I was then living with ub ; don't know if bis first ga ,
acqiiaiutance with her was when be took her
home that night; she took washing tor three bl)
mcD: I gave her J1 per week; one night my ho
husband went awny ;we had washed that day, lbl
and 1 was tired; Jumpertz sat reading for un ; I g j,,
I went to bed about eight o'clock; my husnaud WJ
came home a little bit tight; he came up stairs tb|
and usked where Sophie was; ehe slept on a
lounge in my room, but wasn't there; my bus- id|
band called to her to come up; Jumpertz said: t0
♦•None of your business where she is; my ro ,
husband said: 41 Are you master of my bouse? an
I Jumpertz said he could pty his board; my hus- BC!
band was mad, and talked bard; tbey got mad;
Saphie said Jumpertz bud such pretty eyes she
could not part with bim ; Sophie did cot speak c
tome for some days; on Saturday night the stl
drayman came for ber things ;on Monday Jum- jj.
1 pertz sent for his things, and that waa all I saw j,]
i of them; 1 don't thiuk Sophie bad sense enough n,
to mind ber own self; when she washed she k c
' would fiag so high, and then cry again; 1 asked t i,
1 her why she went on so; she said sbe must try th
to make herself pleasure, she had so mucn ar
trouble; then she would say sbe must look out o!
i tor another beau, because her husband would i u
not like ber any more; this was when ] 0
' they were living with u»», in tbe house; oi
1 she would sing und then cry, then dance and cc
I jump around, then siv " I must put it all out ot tL
my he id; ,? she would cry Irequ.-utly; I would say w
to her fhe hadn't much sense—she was in trouble In
1 too much; would put it out of her head, thou it t e
3 would come tu uiraiu; don't know who luruwied tr
the i-oom where *iie aud Jumpertz lived togctbei; \\
I stie iett the house liist; dou't rcTucml-e' seeing pi
j liim give her nwm-y to go aud buy wiih; tc
* I went with her to nurket ofien; the would write &
e everything iu and kei-p hcraccumts,so I sua her \ ti
it ffriteolteo; have peon that lett*r betore; recog- tl
1 nize the hand wri'ing as hers; she was nunied
" five vparA and had five children—tour still-boru; it
1 tfiehad one that lived nine uionths, then a
i- died ; the girl in Werner's s laving siloou was n
a al>out twenty-two years old; he got her lu u:
I Sew York; be sent his wife to the otd country; l
she was in a family way ; sent ber to get help; tl
the waited in the old country ;be came to Cui- J
cago • she pledged ber jewelry in tbe old ooun- o
e trv to get back ; she went with me to Nassau
street to a man's otlice, a Yankee, who she used
* to live wiib ;be told ber she ought not to have
married the man; he gave her writing; told
5 I her to go to Cbicugo and get the girl out of the
t house; ber husbaod got the girl while she was -
gone to Europe; Don't know where Jumrertz r
a went to, or Sophie when tbey left; knew Airs,
r- 1 Werner before she went to Europe. '
ig Croix txamitud l>y Mr. Mcllrott.—Hare been P
in Illinois 4 vears; lived in New York 14years; *
been married 10 years; was 13 years m New *
York alier 1 was married; am 17 years in this
country ;my husband lived in New York at our *
marriage; he came to Chicago five months be- J
JV fore I did; we had not money enough for both j
pn I to come as we bad a family; s#w Sophie write
, a later to her sister, and to ber father in New
I York City ; have seen Jumperizwritebutnever i
ut I looked at the writing; 1 think this (the Utter)is I
mi her writing; it is m Low Dutch; 1 am High ;
Dutch; the letters here are long ; I can only ,
** read a few words of ber letter ;1 cannot read it:
B* l j it is broken Low and High; it is her band 1
ir think. ~*!.•
ofl Frederick IVtMner sworn-Know the prtso
u ner. aod Sophie Werner; knew bim since 1504,
he when he urrired m New Vork: knew her 10 or
tef 11 years before 6be was married; he worked tor
me in New York over ten months; during that
I time his character was good; he was well liked
I by everybody; he went to New liedtord ; irom
k®* I there to Lowell; then came back to New iork ;
*PP 1 inquired tor me of my brother in Bowery ; he
sel- I told him 1 was at the West; be came on; stop-
A 1 ped in Cleveland a few months and got here in
the spring ot 1556; be stopped at the Dearboia
I House; worked at Frtzzi & Ribollu s; got
*of acquainted with Sophie at my house on Dear-
I born street; be tound me out in the Tremont
House, where 1 worked for Mr. Emerson, and
rhe «rent to board with me ; Mr. Werner's business
and j was in Yoang America; ha broke np, failed,
b- and went awuypMrs. Wernercame to my honse
I and tbey got acquainted'? Sophie was married
668 i to t'red. Werner in New York; be then kept a
jeir I B hop in Spring street; bo tben kept one on the
tons corner of Hroadway and Broome its.; then he
.. 1 stopped bis barber business anu opened a lager
beer saloon; Sophie came originally from Han-
D * I over; 1 went several times to Werner's soloon;
I there 1 saw Adolphiua Troutwein; Werners
nar- wife was not heahby, and he sent ber to (Jer
many for ber health; she took with her watch,
chaid and jewelry, and a big trunk or things -
orn * 1 that trunk there; she had a child still born; she
ie at J e ent a letter to Weraer lor money; be did not
ire 1 answer as be had tbe girl and didn't want her
- 1 anvmore; she pledged her j«welry and came
I back * found her husbann had broken np at N. ]
16011 I v an'deone West; had a shop in Young Amer- '
re- I ica- ttr. John C. White kept the house; I
labit worked for Mr. Werner; one evening aaan
• I came from tbe 41 Wisconsin House and told
I Mr "Verner that soma one wanted to see him;
ually I Mr * erfitr came back with Mra. Werner; they
pres- .1 were all ri«ht for two daya, in back of tbeahop;
daint I then he hired a house, No. 145 Dearborn street,
r lof Mra. Coleman,-and they all lived tbere; I
>r re " think Mr*. Wernar slept in the back part of the
lisor- 1 thop; Mr. Warner alept there, also; Adolphiua
-1 Tioatwain, Oeorge Wenar, iad hii mothtr
slept at the house; tben my family came on ;wo j the
hired the upper part of the house; don't know j one
it Werner slept over with Adolphina; he gave ] foa:
her her living; there was trouble between the • tail
women—Mrs. Werner and Adolphina; she ?aid ' th .*
two or three times she would drown herself; i joir
would pat on her shawl and go ofl and com® i J
back; eness sbe was afraid of the water; there . Mn
was trouble every day; one night George Wer- nr.-i
ner came to ray house and said Sophie had ooi- thv
Roned herself - had taken laudanum at the bar- wij
ber'ssbop; I said: "Go for the doctor;" next sat
morning she came to my house very sick, and tabi
laid down on the lounge; my wife put a blanket m-.-i
on her, and gwe ber fome tea; paw her there ti< t
wheo I came home to dinner; sbe looked pale was
and sick; asked her what she took; she said blic
*' laudanum, a shilling's wortb," and was sorry que
she did not take two shilling's worth, for she lion
was tired of her life, Werner and the girl car- m
ried on bo ; she got better; 1 left Young Ameri
ca; Werner was arrested for stealing spoons,
etc., and lay one night in the jail; r « Tt
he left! ere becau-e he was in debt; Sophie told was
me she did not want to indict her Uusliaijd for : t at
adultery, she loved him; alter this I left the shop 1
and worked at the Briggs House; Cole-man told « €ei
Werner be must leave hi* or live with his JJ
right wii'c; so be lelt aud I had the whole house —1
myself with Mr. Coleman; Jampertz came up Mar
from Cleveland; I had room aud took him to sugi
board; two mouths after Werner left th* city he T
opened a Ligcr Beer Saloon under the Eagle Bank tim*
:nß"che»ter; the girl went after him; Mrs. Wer- said
ner stayed aud made a living with washing; sbe lay
came to live with us and worked for us three blev
mon'hs; Jumpertz boarded there; Jampertz'tlept d ow
below with the two boys; my wife and I slept up x
stairs, and Sophie and the little girl; 1 came home be d
one night at 11 o'clock and found Soptiie in bed how
wkh JumjiertZj gtyg j^;gpJ in the
busu.essbbe had there; Henry said be paid bis g . ru
board and would do as he had a mind to; I told y
them one or them must leave the house; the went
the next day, aud he wenta little alter; she got y
a room over tbe North Side; heard he hoarded qaa ,
with her; I believe tint night I had one <jtsl
or two glasses of lager too much in £tor
my brain; we had a little depute; f our
besides tbis know nothing cgainst his character; 10 0
he was peaceable and quiet; never had but that
trouble with him; I believe I saw her twice in
his bed; I have seen Sophie write two or three 11
times, perhaps more. • the
Q. What wob the disposition and tempera- emp
meat of this woman throughout the whole time
you knew her ? describe it as accurately as you
can. A. She was not very high tempered; al. the
wavs seemed us it she had some trouble about X'oit
her ; she would cry about her husband—they T
lived so unhappy together; she was unhappy,
and said she felt unhappy because her husoand p
lived with that woman; she waastill low-spirited °
after he left her. At
By the Court —Q. How long ago did she and Nati
Ju . perlzlsaveyour house? A. Itmustbeover
two vears and a half; cannot say lor certain.
Crou examintd by Mr. Uiien— Did not see
arjy of tbe poison; was told of üby her and by the
George Werner; he came up after nine o'clock o{ -j
to my house and said she too* poison; asked me ..
what to do; he said, "Sophie poisoned herself;" cmi
walked about town with George Werner yester- Bla<
day; we talked over about this poison ;he told a p p
me ne could not remember what be said at the
time uooutthe poisoning; 1 osked htm if he
knew any more about Sophie's poisoning her
sell; he said he remembered she took poieon ; 0 f
<1 Did George tell you yesterday that he i;
saw ber take something, and that ho did not
know it was poison ? A. He did. in £
Q. Did you ask him if he told you that Sophie eve
bad taken poison. (Objected to by defence, f
objection overruled.) A. I did. Q. What did
she say ? A. He eaid be saw her take some. in 8
thing in a cotlVe cup. behind the wa*b sink in the
the barber shop. tj. D.d you ask him if it was niej
poison? A. He paid he could not telU (J. Did „
y< u tell Werner that you were going to swear
here that she took poison? A. 1 did not, I by l
couid only swear she said 6be took a shilling's I
wortb ot laudanum, y. Will you swear that on be i
that night he told you she took poison? <l.l luti
think be did not. i/. Did he tell you yesterday tar
that be never said so ? think not. Lcc
Q. Have you been about town aiuce this visit q
ana toid anybody that you would come here and
dear Jumpertz by your testimony? A, 1 said " c
that the evidence" 1 could swear was pood for his J
case, I have eaid no more about it. Q. Did you be
btive any conversation with Jumpertz about So- £
pbie betore 6he came to board m your house ?
.4. Yes. Q Whs anything said by either ot ID S
you that by taking her to board ycu could either
ot you gratity yourselves with her? No sir.
Kuow tie band writing ot Jumpertz; have seen
him write in German ; he wrote a pretty nice «
baud; he wrote likealawver; was a good wri
ter ; saw Sophie write in >'ew York City ; have ure
seen her writing; she wrote irregularly; have D.
seen her write; aid no; read the letter she wrote, del
it was none ot my business. Q j
[The testimony for the prosecution was here 0Q
resumed.] p r j
Jacob Kthvi, Cily Marfhal, riiaUcd. HuTe
same of the rrticles found in Jumptrriz's roum,
(articles exhibited, saw, knife, chisel, Ac ); the co '
chisel still has the marks of blood on it; tbe uc
tools were most of them found in q box; tbe COJ
hatchet was toucd in the room ; he stated she
was hung on a hook; 1 saved all the hooka I bu
could find; I removed the things to my otlice; ex
have kept ihem in my charge; prisoner told me '
in different conversations about his burying the
intestines; he told me tirst it was on the prai
rie ; next morning he said it was in tbe sand on m <
the L-jke shore; 1 asked bim if he could find the co:
phce if we would go with him; be said he could m j
not; I told htm we would like to have him tind
them and we would dig them up; he said be of
could not; this was before the body was brought toi
back; it was within three days after his arrest; j e(
examined the door of the room where he said .
she bung herself; there were two small boles ;
saw no indentation on the door about the bole?; & 1
the floor is ot my office; 1 fitted to one of tbe foi
boles one of the books, to see if it fitted ; the
holes were just alike before that—the point of
the gimlet just penetrating through tbe other J e(
side; this letter (the one shown during the trial) an
was tound in his room; there was no writing on
• the envelopo; it was not soiled; the marks on it
have since been put on, also on tbe letter to
identity them; I put my name ot» it; I gave up Dl
to prisoner's order, at different times, the clock, tii
rocking chair and turniture to a deputy Sheriff 8a
and boy from tbe barber shop; the order de
scribed those articles. 8t !
Crost-eramined by 3fr. McComas—Q. Win tu
giive von the first clue t<» Jumi»criz? A. I think
he is dead; be was a butcher; b:id a shop oil W« lis
street, neir It-indolph street; bU name wa< Ilank RC
Riekus; ttiis was on the Sutitl iy before I arrested
Jumpertz; fir.-a visited the room on Mouday; think Ul
the room wa« 1-cktd; George Werner bad the
key, or got it over the dour; did not know whore
the room was till he told us; Geoige said he slept j,.
there and had some thiugs there; we first ex jJ
1 amined floor, bedding, and door; saw the saw and 14
• other articles ; looked at the holes in the door; la
I liad no keys to examine tbe trunks, they were
i locked, I :hitjk; the trunks were not so that any
; one could see iliey were unlocked without trying;
I could not tell if tliere were any bl >od stain? on tu
> tbefiwr; were in the room 10 or 15 minutes ; Ti
went ngaiu after he wasarres'ed; was neverthere ei
: but once betore he was arrested; recollect no let
t ters at our first veil ; think they were in the
1 trunk; arrested him street; Georce
; Wt-rmr went with us because he loomed with
' prisoner; told lr.rn our lull purpose; be has been tt
; to my e.fiice at various times, to Identify the things,
- &e ; last cjuverse i with bim a tew days since;
r he has talked wiih me; I suggested to Mr. Haven T
the inquiries be made of WegMiuer as to Georce u
1 Werner's talk with him; George did notjell me;
'» it was a mau nutued Sumnoflski, I believe; he
i came up and told me; don't know where he lives; *
• there, tie is sifting in the room; the pris.iner's li
j uuMier of talking is earnest a?'d vehement when ji
; I tiave seen him. The wit:ie--s th-u stated again
; tbe statement of the prisoner uwlc to himself, 8
• John C. Miller and C. V. Brad'ey, on tiie evening c
of his arrest, as io tbe suicide o! deceased.
1 Jacob Rihm~CrQss-i£*imvia'.iOn continual—
e At tbe time of tbe etoWrmcnt being written out, I
a Mr. Miller was there, several ot tbe city re- k
z porters of newspapers, Forrest, Matteson aud
, Peck w«re there; also Mayers. [Toecross-exam
inatioa was conttoued to some length upon
n points in the sutemeuts of the prisoner at the
~ time ot his arrest, and the witness* connection
Z with the case as detective 1
Dirtc'. tanned —1 first heard this man Backus,
, r the butcher, talking to a woman in t e German i
Theatre about what eouio vu« iot<i him ,
h about a barrel; tbe towels now in Court were (
L found in his trunk; there are eighteen towels.
» Cyrus P. liradUy, worn.—Have been en- 1
r eaced in Detective Police business for four years <
,1 oast; in the fore part of May, together with
,h Slar.-bal Behm, I looked up Mr. Jumpertz; we
visited the room on the 3d of May—it was on
[ . Mondty—with Rehm and a young man named
j Werner; that morning I had found a note at my
otlice. asking me to go to a certain place, and
o. there 1 got information that led me to tollow up
4* tbe matter; (witness described the location ot
or room No. SO, Pomeroy's Building, occupied by
hr the prisoner;) there was a bed in the northeast
at corner ot the room, a cook stove in the south
ed west corner; at tbe foot of the bed along the
, m east side of the room was a barrel, trunk, and
b - other things; a gnn bung on the west side; on
he the north stae near Jwindow a table; (witness
,»>. further described the contents ot the room as
£ detailed by last witness;) the next day Hehtn
ii« got tbe man who receives treight at il. UK. 14.
rr>t to go into the shaviog aalooa of f razxa & ttt»
ar. bolla to be shaved by prisoner, to identify bitn,
,nt which be did; we arrested him—Behm and my
nd self—the nexx evening at 7 o'clock; chose that
hour to avoid any notoriety and talk; on the
d way to the office he asked why he was arrested;
iae told him he would know in dun time; John C.
i-d Miller was at the Marshal's office when we ar
t £ rived there, by appointment; Miller sat at the
the table; I asked the prisoner questions, which he
he answered.
ger [Witness proceeded to give the statement of
aa * prUoner, as to himself, and the death of the wo
man, Sophie Werner, substantially as before
ter- published].
The first thing I looked for in the prisoner's room
;» - was, hooks as he said; found these now in court; |
one of them, the longer screw, is a quarter inch
not longer than the thickness of the door; the other
ber is about equal to tbe thickness of toe door; if
tme screwed op tight it would not go through; that is
t>\ tbe saw I found in the room; asked him n.this
uer- was the saw he used in cutting her up; tie said it
s; 1 was; these various papers were takeu from him;
aan I recognize my private mark on them.
V ld [The door o! room "No. 30," was then brought
into ttie court. It Is a panel door 1J inch In thick
xop; ne&j, bearing on its Inside surface two small holes
near the top, in one of which, by state
?» h * ment, had been the hook upon vbi;h deceased
,hL2 tung herself.]
>th?r Crou-cxamvud by Mr; iCcCovMit—l looked for
j the wrew-hooks because he said she huug on i /
i one; I raw the hole* in the door; in the box I ; <la\
| found two screws; the witness repeated in de- j Lat
! tail the eccount of hi* visits to prisoner'* room; • ahc
* th.*re wore no otber boles about the casing or ; tiei
j joints r.f the doors. £'{'
! John C. J filler iwa-Wm prtßent at the 1 allc
. Mirshal's otlice; Bradley, U=hm, prisoner and i tuo
mvself were present; I have tl-e notes made at !
thutime; no alterations si"'*e 1 made them ; I ! * Ci
WiJ acting for the city at thit tim®; prisoner i tu 1
sat upon h sofa, Brudlpy aod Hihm near, 1 at a j
table under the gas; conversation was com- i oft
m»:Lcd by liradlev; my np*«es show i o ques- ! peo
tic-cs: I wrote only the ansrers; the pria ner ; co . n
wns rtcited, talked rapidly icd somewhat raca £ n - l
bling ; would go on for a rapidly without : 0I t
quesuooß, and then pauee uutil another qnes- ' *?'
tion started him off again.
[The statement made by Jumpertz in the pree- exc
ecce of ilr. Miller and othdra at the time the gni
revelation of the supposed rurder was made,
was here introduced by the prcsecution, but as j
it appeared In full in all the city papers, we full
deem it unnecessary to republish it now. ]
Mr. MilUr—Cross iximuwd by Mr. McCorr.Jt.
—I read from my notes reporters; the -
Marshal was in and out; bf mav have said or
suggested something. 'f « ,
To Mr. Mcllroy—He madi. statements several l
tim-s as to the letter he foucd on tbe table; be _ r j'
said that the window was open ; he went aud r j
lay in tbe window and wbie tntre tbe wind 0 g
blew it awaj; he did not say whether he laid it
down, ar that the wind blew it out of his nand.
To Mr. Fan Arman— he bled ber; ea
be did not say how many ti£es; be did notsay
how many holes there were in tbe door; first I a j so
kMJiibere were two holes ii>ie door; when I
struck with it; aji positive c>ol!rtDe hook. naa
To Mr. liazin.—l have *3 doubt as to the
hook. pp |
To Mr. Mcllroy- He said he waited three-
quarters of an nour " half 'deadhe said he ao | c
dtstrojed the rope; the rbom is in the htth a j a
story, next room to the corner; it is ihree or
four*doors from the head ot the stairs; room is
12 or 11 feet square. , the
To the Court—Think tbe i'all is dark. a( j 7
The subsequent witnesses were employees of ble
the Michigan Central R. R Company, and an tic' l
employee-of Smith McCJev.y, liquor merchant,
South street, who identified prisoner as bea
the man who purchased and shipped the barrel. Piti
Points not contested by the defence.
The Court then adjourned to 9A. M. to-day. > T O i
■ C.
Cblebbati;k of Washington's Hibth-Dat.— Clo
At a preliminary meeting of citizens held on nc
Haturd-iy afternoon for the purpose of making
arrangements for celebrating the 22d day of t 0 k
February, next, the proceeds to be devoted to « T
the " Mount Vernon Association," on motion
of Mr. Stampoffiki, Geo. W. Gige, E:q,wos «.j
called to tbe Chair; and on motion of B. A. and
Blackburn, Esq., Mr. W. W. Danenhower wes ex f
appointed Secretary. Reg
Tbe object of the meeting bsing stated by the Co.
Chuir, it was fully discussed, when, on motion Lai
of B. F. Sirother, Esq, i-econdsd by Philip j
i-'onlev, Esq ,it was moved that a public meet- In
ing be held at the Tremont House on Tuesday era
evening, Ist of Feb. uary next, at o'clock, £ e j,
of all persona desirous of appropriately celebra- inti
ing the birth-day of Washington, and that all of
the different civic societies and military compti
niea be represented at tbat meeting. the
On motion of W. W. Mitchell, Eiq , seconded iur
by Ger. R K. Swift, it was . *
Jieeoivtd, That the Secretary of this meeting ' n °,
be instructed to send a copy ot the ob .ve re<o
lution to the commandants of the different mili- .j
tary companies, tbe Masonic and Oid-Fellow j
Ledges, and the heads of aU other societies.
On motion of Job Tabcr, E-q., seconded by
Wm. Bross, E?q , it was
Jlcsolnd, That the proceedings of the meeting
be published in all the city tapers.
Oj m.tion of Col. R. J. Hamilton, the meet
ing edjeurned to meet as above. !
Geo. W. Gage, President,
W. W. DAXBxnowca, Sec'.
" Tub Women of England."—lt is with oleef.
ure tbat we announce to ocr citizens that Tbcs.
D. Worrall, E-q., late a resident of London, will
deliver his celebrated lecture on the "Women
ot England," in tbis city, at Metropolitan Hall, >
on Tuesday evening, February Ist. Weareap
prised that has devoted much time
and labor on this production, and we can with fai
confidence assure our readers that a rich intel- se:
itctuai treat is in store tor them. Mr. W. i?,
comparatively, a stranger in our community, as
but the Eastern presses are unanimous in their c - i
expressions of admiration ot tbis lecture. m ,
The lecturer having spent many years of his j n:
life in the homes of tbe subject of his lecture, is
more than ordinarily qualified to present, in a M
concise aud attractive form, those qualities ol
1 mind and person which huve rendered so many
, of the "women of England " illustrious in his
; tory. We are frequently urged, in this age of j K
> lectures, to attend those containing more or
less merit—but seldom do we have so important pi
a subject as this seems to us to be presented P 1
> for our entertainment, or a lecturer better qual- j.*
f ified to handle in as masterly a manner tbe sub
- ject selected. The lecturer's reputation for wit
) and humor is only another guarantee that it ct
1 will be amusing as well as instructive. $<
' We advise all who wish to spend an hour «Jl
1 pleasantly and profitably, to be on hand at tbe
• time and place übove announced. Tickets for q
sale at the hotels, E. S. Wells'boot and shce
store, and at the door on the evening of the lec„ ( (
ture. a;
s Fittseciujll, Fort Wayne and Chicago Rail*
{ f.oad.—Mr. John B. Anderson has been appointed
General Superintendent of this Road. Mr.Andpr- ij
; sou formerly ceeupied the same position ou the
2 New Albany and Salem Railroad, and more recent- tl
1 Jy Superintendent of the Middle Division of the 1(
j Pennsylvania Riilroad. He is a gentleman of 1-1
; large experience and undoubted ability, fortho Q
L * practical working of aßailroad successfully, and J(
{ we have no doubt, will add largely to the reputa- t 1
i tion of the great wotk of which he now has charge*
; Thoroughly familiar with Western railroad inter
e ests aud the Western people, Mr. Anderson is evi- J
e dently just tbe man for this position. n
e ■ a
Ii Comfumbxtabt Concebt.—The committee of
n the late Burns Festivol are getting up a compli- c
mentary concert to Mr. Crawford, the Scottish j
q vocalist, for his unwearied and valuable services t
e upon that occasion. It will take place at Metro- a
politan Hall on Wednesday evening next. Mrs.
£ Matteson, Messrs. Lumbard, Wood, Moore, '
's Boetlger, and others, will assist on the occasion.
; u Mr. Crawford well deserves this compliment, j
f 1 and we trust its results will be a substantial re- i
;g cognition of his services and merits. «
Tni Grand Trunk Railwat Cour.urr of j
Canada.—'Traffic statement for week ending ,
_ January 15;h, 1559: ]
_ Fr>.ir.taiid LlreStcck «
" f&icel. Ma-UanlSundries •
n. Total S I; .
Co:respondloi last ye*r si.b.JiJ
3Q increaae. ILWo.eS |
le »
,Q Masonic Festival —The third annual Festival
im of Cleveland Lodge, No. 211, A. F. and A. M.,
an will take place atjthe Tremont House, on Thurs
'nj dor cTcniog n»xt, tb» j.rox. The character
re of these Festivals in years past, ia sufficient
•Q. guarantee for the approaching one, and will no
irs doubt secure a large and gratifying attendance,
ith -
we Tub Bailei Larcent Case;— This case, men
°s tioned in our last issue, came up on Saturday
for a hearing before Justice Millikcn, and was
n*d postponed for one week.
U P '
ast The following cases were disposed of yester
day at the Aimory :
JrJ John Lonargan, disorderly, fined $3; James
0Q Sullivan, do., $3.
ess August Gott, vagrant, S4O; Matthias, Arnold,
as do., S3O; Michael Kevins, do., sls; James
hm Collins, do., fSO; Peter Stone, do., <SO; Robert
R. Montgomery, do , <ls.
Bi. Alexander L-cutstein, stabbing Peter >ew
iin, at tbe Illinois House, on tbe Sih iasu, was held
ny. in sboo to answer.
ihat Robert Gridin, a boy 11 years ot age, for ra
the sisiing an officer was sant to the Reform ScbooL
i he ta* Call and examine the many new works
just received by Messrs. Colby & Co.. 115 Ran
rtnf dolph street, auch as the "New Priest," or
"Conception Bay." 44 The Sociable," Timothy
wo " Titcombe's Letters," 44 Hymns of the Ages, Ac.
fore Messrs. Coloy & Co. sell each work at regular
retail price, and with it make a valuable present
of some article of jewelry, varying ia value from
n rt- one to one hundred dollars, or if preferred, give !
K another book; thus the purchaser obtains two
tther books for the same price as one can be cbtained
ir; if f° r at any store in our city.
'Wm For rent cheap, until iho Brat of U»J.
.id it the store now occupied by Tappan Bros., 103
him- Lake street, they intending to remove to the
iron building, 102 Randolph street, about the
«eht 10111 P roximo - Apply ou the premises for
.. , terms, etc.
hici- ' - i
holes tpf- See advertisement ot Boadoir, 6ewiDg Ma
ts tc chiues. 122 Lake street. JaA-ly-bOtW
eased g ee advertisement ot Quaker City S2O
Sewing Machine. L. Cornell * Co.,
d for ocß6 lj 1W Lake street
A Cxr.D—Editors Prea and TYilnme: InSatur- W
•lav's Times a letter appeared from R)unds &,
Labcdon, of tbis insinuating tbat I bad \
aljas-d tlicir confidence in sending f<»rsoiDe fron- to i
tier pikers information as to the netv j, os
paid mines. As the editors ot the Timet, having y r '
allowed tun to l«e struck, refu-ed me an? ojjpor- on
tuoi*y:o exp'ain, lam compelled to appeal to qjq,
your Jove of fair play, to risbt mys».*lf. Ou Ne«r • |
Veat 's morning I tnjd Mr. Rounds tbat I wantt-d J mo
t«i collt'ct, for publication, all the information I i (
could i n tUe new >;old mines, and a-fkedtbetise .
oftlieir name? (tbey being new-paper agent-) to h
penil for trr/ntler papers. Mr. R »nnd-i at once v
consented, banded me so ; e paper, and I wrote
s iid note in bu own office, wberc it remained open- •
for several bours. Tbat note ?imp!y a request
to spod a few »f the'r weefeliw with said informa'i 8.
tinn,as a friend of theirs wi-hed it for publication, f.
and a statement tbat the news had produced much I. *
excitement, and that there would be a gr-at emi- loc 2
gration in the spring. With this simple esplana- I
tion lam content to leave tbe public to decide *7''
who his manifested the most "cod impudence*' ° >: it
I assert unequivocally that iTr. Koands gave me
full permission to u e e his nam? In tbe manner I ,
dt i u->e it. Yours, W. B. llosner. , \
Chicago, Jan. 29,1859.
Hostetter's celebrated Stomach Bitters 1
have by merit of their tonic and other medicin
al virtues acquired a celebrity and popularity
heretofore unknown. Tbis has induced an
principled parties here and elsewhere to coun- Dr j,
terteit and imitate this preparation, and palm it
oil to tbe unsuspecting or unprincipled dealers, J c j o .
wbo will retail it upon tbe reputation of the | om]
geuuine article, tnus not only endangering
health and life by the use of this vile mixture Btor
thus sold, but are robbing the pocket r
also. Tbe most prominent operator in I y
U> ; " uJi' r "iiui*iCc, v -ri-~-iS 'Aoa..far brought I fl
name of Cl&rk who prepares tbe mixture ana 1 ca £
refills ilostetter's empty bottles which are
re labelled with a counterfeit and spurious label | tro(
and the cork covered with tin foil, thus they are j on -
sold. U. H. Bcckwitb, No. 101 Water-st, we find t^e
a large dealer in tbis counterfeit article, which I
could not be sold at any price were it not for j a( j n
the genuine Hostettera Bittera. We caution I
the public to dodge these imposters and see our I T3 j (
advertising columns isr the names of respecta* J q
ble merchants and for the genuine ar
tide. Tbe genuine Uostetter Stomach Bitters I
have been impressed in tbe glass of the bottle, I q
also in the cap covering tbe cork, and tbe labels j *
bear the autograph of " Hostetter & Smith, j T
Pittaborgh, Pa. ja2tf-lw* Ga*
■ 1 fret
A Gloriocs AcniKVSMEXT nr Gat*ttt!— ot \
Nothing can exceed the success achieved by J. I itec
0. Gayetty's Medicated Paper tor tbe Water j atii
Closet. Piles will soon be a disease no longer | ove
known except in name. Tois pure medicated ion
paper is unequalled as a preventive, and unsp- res.
proacbable as a cure. Tbe proprietors wish it I liar
to be spoken ot according to its merits only. It ing
is very cheap—luOU 6heets for #1; 500 sheets vin
forSOcents. Said ov all druggist), and at the 1 unc
discoverer's depot, 41 Ann street, New York, tbe
"J. C. Gayeity" is watermarked in each sheet, I me
and his autograph is on each package. Sent by I per
express from 41 Ann street, New York, upon ! hat
receipt of price. The trade are invited to cor- I wit
respond as to terms. For sale by J. H. Reed & laii
Co., wholesale and retail druggists. 144 & 146 J voi
Lake street, Chicago. ja22-2*-cG3 Ma
—' du!
Pu.vcn Cicaes—To tub op Chicago the
In introducing the Punch Cigars to the smrk- 1 pre
era of Chicago, we need only refer to tbe envi- j j
able reputation which tne? have won fortbem- pre
selves in the city of New Ycrk during tbe short sot
interval since their tirst importation. Tbe fame Die
of Puncb Cigars spread like wild fire, and so of
rapid and unexpected wa3 their leap into popu- joi
larity that the importers were obliged to limit to
their sales to tbat city alone until tbe receipt of of
further shipments. Hu
Our determination to start with tbe best brand I the
in the market, and to supply a deficiency always j
notorious in this city, has stimulated us to every gn
exertion to secure tbe first sale ct tbe Punch I toe
Cigars. ] sel
For tbe present we shall sell only tbe I Oa
Buck & Rayner's new Prescription Drug en;
Store, No. 93 Clark street, opposite the Court in
House. I ]
• j as]
See advertisement of Ur. Saufords' Liver I <} e ,
Invigorator in another column. Wl
*** iu
Democratic Scuatorlal Tnrili Caacas. I
"Washington, Jan. 29.—The Democratic
Senator?'hol«l u caucus tliis moruiugou the on
tulij- ct ot the Tarilf, I bi!
Mr.\luntor otrerc-d a rcsnlutiuQ declaring it
inoxpedient to change the luw ut ibe prc-.-iit I
D ,
Mf. liigler presented a substitute q 0
as follows: ab
"liesolvtd, That the revenue l»jing iusuffi- ye
cleat to meet the expends <«f the Govern
ment it is wise uutl expedient lo iuerea.se tbe mi
import duties to meet the deticieuey.*'
Mr. Biglei'S substitute wis voted tlown,and
Mr. lluuter's resolution tvas adopted by a I
iar<re majority.
Mr.Slidell thereupon offered a resolution, T
which was adopted, that it is the duty of
Congress to look rather to a reduction of ex
penditures thau to an increase of revenue. j B
There was much ex:itemi-ut duriug these st
proceedings, during which Mr. lluuter ex- Sc
jjressed the opinion that with a revival of jar
business, there would be sufficient revenue I th
for the purposes of the Government.
Mr. Bigler, it is understood, spoke of the I
goffering industrial interests, and urged in- le
creased duties. He said tbe public debt, now
564.000.000, would be $100,100,000 by tbe w
3Dib ot June, 16130, without the $30,000,000
proposed to l>e added to the foreign inter- j w
course fuud, looking to the purchase of at
Messrs. Toombs and Benjamin were willing J Ii
to favor specific duties on great staples, but
against attempting anything this session.
Mr. Iverson favored an increase of the tar- 1 S
iff as absolutely neces-ary, while not favoriug
specific duties he would give 30 per cent on
iron. y,
Mr. Douglas thought it wa? important that J 0
the Democratic party should settle their pol I
icy as o whether th-.y were for specific or cd
valorem duties.
Mr. Hunter replied that all seemed agreed a
on the party policy that the tariff should be c
for revenue, but that tee mode of assessing e
the duties was not a party test. j C
Mr. Fitch acquie-ced in in this view, remarking t<
tbat Seuat rialDeraocratic Cauctren held for con- I ■
fcrence never sought to bind men to vote for meas- I
ures. Tbe result of the caucus has occasioned
much excitement among members of Congress
and others.
The President will probably send a message to
Congress early next week, showing a deficiency -i
of $'20,000,000, and urging arrangements to re- J
lieve tbe Government from prospective financial p
1 tmbarrassuieuts. reminding Congress that there c
are only four weeks rvauining ot the Session.
Important from sonth America and I -
Ilavuna. I (
Nkw Yoek, Jan. 29.-Dates from Rio are to , k
• Dec. 23 {BueuosAvres 9, A«cnasion. Paraguay I
Nov. 30tb, and Montevideo Nov. 13th. Con- j J
siderable excitement prevailed at tbe latter j <
place about our Paraguay expedition, and the
r idea of a South American League against
» the Americans was bpenly broached from
Buenos Ayr« s.
2 We learu that Urquizoes' envoy had as
o sumed the government of the province of <
; San Juan without tightiug. :
y From Paraguay we learn that Lopez was |
3 actively engaged in making preparations for I (
war. lie i? eaid to have from eight to ten i
thousand troop* highly disciplinwl and com- J j
» manded by Euglish and French ofS:ers. The i
i- fort of Ilumatta was perlectly mounted with 1
r fioe artillery, and tbe garrison was composed
t t ot the flow.'rot the army. Lopez was loud >
0 in his dptem'inatiou to yield nothing to the I
, United States. 1
The soarc-i of the above, it should be men
tioned is unfavorable to the United States. 1
Tbe steamer Empire City brioge Havana I
dates to the 23i. Political news unimportant. 1
9 Suiar rather inactive in of tbe j
hign rates being.asked Some contracts for
delivery had. however, been made, but I
at very high figure?. Molasses quiet and un-
Freights dull at the last quoted
r " reduced rates. I
" 8 Arrival ol the Arngo. I
j jf. Y., Jan. 29. —Tbe Arago arrived this A. M.,
us bringing London dates of tba 12th. She en- 1
rt countered strong westerly gales with high and
rough seas dnring nearly tbe whole passage. Sbe
ir brings 126 passengers and a cargo valued at
Id $2,000,000.
All the prominent points of her news has been
g. received by the Arabia at Halifax.
jL The ship Champion, of Boston, from Calcutta
for this c;ty, went ashore yesterday in a fog on
tbe west baok, lower bay. SUa bu three feet of
water in ber. Crew saved.
Tbe U. S. brig Dolphin, from Boston, arrived
ta at Buenos Ayres, Dei?. sth.
in- 1 B
or Railroad. Accident,
ky Norristown, Pa., Jan. 2i.—A train on the
Philadelphia and Norristowu Railroad ran off
JJ; ihe track when enteriog the depot here to
om night. The enjine. tender and several pass ,
ive eoger care were broken up aud the eugineer,
wo couductoraud many pi&sengeH were serious
ted iujared. No lives lost.
tT sallins or Steamer.
New York, Jax. 23.—Tbe City of Washing
15e ton, which sailed at noon for Liverpool, took
jqJ out nearly 200 passengers and SIBO,OOO in
Ma- Death of Prescott the Historian.
Besros f Jan. 29.—Wm. H.Prescott, the his
torian, died yesterday very Buddenly, from
paralysis. He had been ia usual health up to
it, the moment of his death.
Washington, Jan. 2D-Senate.—The Senate '
to day is set apart for the District of Columbia | r .
bosineas. Previous to being tiicen up, however, .
Mr. Gwin mad? a motion t-» reconsider the vote i r.
on the Pacific Riilroad b 1 !!, and prefuc-d his
p3otion with a f«w remarks, stating that, his ob « .
j-»ct wa? tomaksths estimates adver:i«ed fir H
more specific to prevent straw bids and to iu- '
elude estimates for a branch to Oregon. • L
Mr. Bell of Tenn., said a tew vrcrd3 to show "
show that the bill is ad«qu ite cs it stands.
Mr. Darin !poke in mpport of Mr. G^ia'j
moved ti !uy the motion on the H
but the hour of one srrivincr, tbe vote
jreon was posipoced until Monday.
The res: of the w:w b ft cccnpied with tLo nii
local affairs of the City of > " lv
Tbe subject of a
syl.ania Avenue waa deba'ed all day. Thepp>p. ' T
option to caucedtf theriuh: of the r»jdto tbe .M-- Tra'
tn»poliUin Riilroad Comi.:av was lost. The um
tinns now pending are tIK-'Di-'rict Committcc'd co - c
bll r o gran' a nf 'be roa<7 ter i> vears
to M-s-r:. Van IVmeckrn& Co.,:uid the I)<>u,'la<
amendment to mike over the ot' the r>:» l tje '
to the corporation ot the citv. Finally there b. l - Dor
ing no qnorum pre«.-nt Mr. Brown uh.veJ a call <,f , a 801
the Senate, but was p. vailed to wi-hdr.ivv it ■ ast "
wlifn the Senate ;nlji I llon
Hoo.-e.—The Hjuse wen into committee rn
private bills. , L*v.
A waa read from the I're?id*nt en- toa '
closing a report from the Secretarv of War rec- bsf
ommending pre payment to Gov. Sievess far i Po
the purchase of munitions a>:d subsistence ;
stores during the Indian war in Washington '■
Mr. Houston, of Ala, asked Ifave to intro- 1
auce a bill auiboriziog a loan of <15.000 000. i -*~
can ifiue:-——••made to this on tte Repubh- '
Mr. Palmer, of >ew 1 ork, asseu iea»e iu m- 1
troduce a resolution instrjciing tte Committee I "* —
on Ways and Menus to report a bill so revising I *■ i
tbe taritf as to make tbe revenue adequate to j
the expenses of the government economically l
administered, and discriminating in favor of !
American products, substituting specific for ad |
valorem duty. j
Objections from the Democratic side, when i
the House adjourned. xzr
Opening of the Canadian Parliament. 1
Toronto, Jan. 20.—Tbe Governor-General of
Canada opened Parliament to-day in a speech
from tbe throne. He suya—referring to the Seat
of Government question— the Legislature solic- \J
ited our gracious Queen to exercise her prerog- rer
ative in making such selection. An act more-
over was passed, adopting bsfureiuud tbe decis
ion of Her Mrjssty, and appropriating the ne
cessary funds. This ac: ot the Canadian Par
liament and the decision of the Qaeen are bind- n
ing on the Ex«cunre Go7ernni-nt ot the Pro- I top
vince, aod it will be their duty to out tte
understanding which -_*xisted at the time when acc<
the reference was m-de 'jy which tbe Govern- fhJj
ment will be transferred to (iiebcc for a fixed
period, until the necessary arrangements suall o/c
have been completed. The correspondence t) A
with the American Government will ba
laid before ;ou, aod 1 cannot doubt tbat cor
vou wid recognize a selection made by Her
Majesty at your own request, and that you will 50 1'
duty acknowledge her gracious compliance with 0
tbe address which you yourselves caused to be
presented to ber. - -
lo regard to tbe federation of the British
provinces, he says the possibility of uai'iug, by
some tie of a federal character, the British colo
nies in North Americ*, baa formed the sutjtc:
of a correspondence which will be placed iu
your hands. 1 will also cause to be submitted 1
to ycu, dispatches from Her Majesty's Secretary
of State in relation to que9t'.oas stfecung the
Hudson Bay Company, acd on the subj ct of
the Intercolonial Kaiiway.
In reference to financial atliirs he says: 1: is
gratifying to me to be able to state tbat symp
toms of amendment have ug:iiu chowu them
selves, and trust that snould Providence bltss
Canada tbis year with ber usually bbundact bar
vest, sbe will recover ber lormer
condition. The exercise of u sound and rig;d
economy in every department will, 1 hope,
enable us to bring our whole expenditures with
in the limits rtq.ured by our revenue.
In regard to supplies and tarilT he
asking the supplies for Her Majesty's service, I
desire to assure you that everiniog will be done
wiih a view to pacing the larili'on ueutislactory
footing. The principle of ad valorem duties "5
will be proposed tor your adoption :n all co#es
in which it can be properly and advantageously
luditin Reserve in Kausa^—Nebraska \
Delegate. Th
Washington, Jan 20.--'The Uouse Conimiitce oil
on Indian Atlairs bis unanimously agreed cu a '
bill rtlative to the grea*. Rrserve iu \
Kansas, known as the .New York Rcserre, em
bracing nearly 2 p i'o'»,<'uo acrtfl, aud all pre- 'e
empted bv whites. I'd detaila have not
pired. but it is understood that it ia sattbhc'ory
both to settlers and Indians, and that it will en j
able u'l the settlers to obtain t.tles alter oae '
year. 1
The Committee on Klectiors decided thb t;i ]
morning iu favor of Brd B. Chapman as the a.
Delegate from Nebraska sn pluce of ilr.
Ferguson, the sitting niemb-r. This contested
cise has been pending since the commencement \
of tbe present Congress. *
The Ilaytian Kevolntion-—>oulou<iue j
Ueleated. f
New Ycrk, Jan. 20.—A private letter of
Jan. 10th, from Port au Prince, receded via so
: St. Tnomas and Havana pays that the Kmpercr
Soulouque had oeen defeated by G>«n. Gctl'rard, *
acd tbe Imperial troops were running back upon '
tbe city. nc
Soulocqne bim3elf wa? expected every mo- la
ment, and it is said that Geffrard was only a few A _
in bis rear.
The writer thicks that the contest wa3 nearly
eoded, and that in a duy or two ibe Republic
would be in fall fcrce.
At the time of writinir, eun3 were being tred r j
witbin bearing of tbe Camt.il, supposed to be a A
salute in honor of Gen. Gctfrard.
Heavy Verdict against a HailroadCom- J
pany. %
Boston. 2Dtb.—A verdict wa-» roiiileieJ in the
Sopame Judicial Court to day a.'ain-t the B »-ti u j
and Worcester Riilroad, for 122.250 djiiiice?. '
The award is to Mr-*. Farah E. Sbaw, wh >se bu>- ,
band was killed, and badly injured, some
years ago, by a traiu on the railroul coming tn "
co.lisioa witli the plaintiff's carriage.
♦ m p
1 he Coshocton Robbery. a
Datton, 0.. Jan. 20.—Wm. Blackburn was "
arrested in this city to-day. and a man named
Geo. White in Eaton, both suspected of being
concerned in the Coshocton treasury robbery. =
Officers left here this P. M. with tbe prisoners i
tor Columbus. '
Particular Notices. .
$5,000 to $20,000. I
gt'ck* or Dry Goods. Groceries or other cer*>3&l
property in nchmce r.-r ra*t and part real eata'.e, /
caa be treated with ailvAitajjeo-isly.
A city residesi'e t. ii caih. aad cuUide real r
estits. ftcrta S:de preii-rred. At-pyto *
lIIUL 4 Auctioneers. a
]a3T6t 106 Nj. 5t Deifooro street.
nnn WORTH ofmerchax
Ot)U»' '' 'v/ DISK wmted in eichaaw 1
(or Bonos »nd Mott«a<eJ oo tutera C.iy Property, and c
Pint Mortjcwe 7 per cent. Utllrojd tonda. Noiie tat
princ p.Ls vented with. \d 'rc»«, wiih r«ai Dine and dis
criot oo of Goods, "i. L. C.;" box
Office. in
At Tea per Cent, per Annua.
FOB rivs VSAX2S.
Flrst-claa Beat Extxte aad
rucnlrf from One to T*elve Mocths.
iaaucJO B.F. WJWNlNa*Co..s7aark.st.
dil hHh AT te - v fer cent.-a
I .\Jv' 9 ify w sbei set • sell a »mal" lot
rrlceonfairtenniaodloanthicurchaarr 3
or upwards, at ten per on other »ecuil y. oi« or
twojears. AppdcaUoa to be maac to ne p-rs*n*Ly or
bf letter. J. 1* Lk>.
jals At vyadiworth k Co'a. to Clarfc »:. bot P 0
1 Merctxa-id orCity Prop rt». aVjo* worth
oijewelry. Gold Pea*. Pencils, b— Addre.-s J % w.
K.. CLlcago P. O. iylabyc la
I convealenee of property owrera. I hare procured
i allrt of tbe mcioq l '-» at L»ke Forest. I wid •tend
to ta-payment of t ia<»s fjr parues paying then to ne a:
my office before tlie 25Ui truV
} jalWwjtiy D. J. LiSS. aecretarr.
' JL valuable Horses and Curia es. walch we will es.
ch*r*e for Groceries. Lua er.tlardware. Kooisaad shoei
i orDryGoodi. AUoansVbevenucuvePiaaj as above.
ta6b?M In Ct%r» ytreet.
ran Securitlea, Mortra2ea. Trust i>eeda, Boads
etocta. Basin en Notes, aad all «ooJ cnotiablr eeccrt
tiia booaht and sold OerUflcates of Deposits and Checki
* of tt. E, dwirt, Brataer A Johntoo. purebaaesl tor eaab
't atike highest market price. Deaieri !• lUinaia, Wtacou-
U tin njdTow* lands, iasroted farms, suburban lota acd
m CUy Real Estate. oSlce No. i, (second floor) Metrcpoll
. t4nßlock, cornerof taadolph aad Laaalle tfa.. Cbleajo
dyih6<3 4a PAVtDdQN.
n Drata. Accertascea and Sctes paid la New York on
)f the day of maturity, oriast dty of jcrase, and money de
d sited ior account ia Wis cty of «ew York and-«eat to
. Sties tn the vicinity of New Vor« on Teisaraptilfi Onlers,
it. to Inform bis nuaerouj friends and patrons that
Cehas 'us' re'umed froa a t ur In Europe, an<i bavins,
theurlacipal Los-italto* th»t
iff czw.trs. tsaow prepirod to aoend with zreatly Increased
riallUes all oa«e* reqairlnjr the bes: tkill la Moll ul aad
5- g. jr ,>>-«) practice. Otßce e9 ttandolph at. clLl lm
J I J Giesper than any In tue city.—l will let lor a 10-j
S- or short term of yswa. Do :kssaiiable far Lurcher YatUs
or otaer bus nraa. on the d juta tiraacn miia Side Tracks
of the Chuaco and Ja let Railroad.) and a contract for
brlntlcfto 'rem them tae cars of ail connecUn*
"i« m the cty Pavaent f r rvnta may be
Inlander. Apply at 5i Clark str.eL
Jt27la-clo7 JOHN ETAX3
g; CMtigo ud ailwuke* RiilruJ Ccapasy.
1. StociholJen of the Ghfcaco and UQwaokee RaQ
road Coapaoy. which was advertised to b« boldea si
their oSet la Chicago «s the 14ih day of Drcenber,
at to n'dock A. has been POSTTONED OM
TIL TUESDAY February 9th. taSJ, at W o'clock A ML.
iin. at wtoch lime said-ae«tta« will be aoldea asthe oScsoi
nld Oompany la Chlea<o. for tha aleoloa of Directors
5m for ttit year, and the transaction of such other
t0 bnlS^rSrm3fflpsSSsrl
- i. 8. DOWOT. SocnrtiJl.
'I 2C-U) j
3 : { __
• ' "■ U~.7 : :Z, :, ,Z. I T
: i v ~m t ... j r
I i»lb-MIT j 111
pr'ces of '
rF-B"oW«e t rs and er* a' lo price*
ucpcs Blanch\ri> I
J Tern 0-'-iaer.:- on Mond y F-brairr "tl»
? 3AWYIR. A. M Will c I
' . casLl ? i ato , L ' a » cho Ist residfnee, P
11- Mor.roe street, aad h.• wlsnes no jto apply for ad- etr-
un e«s:h-» are determined to o well for • ben- Tat>
' ie'n £ J. 1 of '-" cie r*!rs Rnc
. lby the tea ) Gilt
The uoudorful narcevw of Dr. woMtei-
Tra'j c.'lctrate.t a-jd urulv.ilVj STOMACH BITTKRA *1
■ fjf>t3 the time of Us ictroducllcn to tie p;;btic. proves
co= c-Us:v !y l - s rranifest sup*.rio ity over any o.ker pre- i '• ur
raritljacf the kind n - w manufactured. lt« acti non ■
the<!lstsl!Te nr-ns bof the mo-t plsasiac character, re- 1
mo?!s« All diseases or morbid'ty, and ftlvb«th->js*ea I o
. a sound and healthy tone. In cures of Djipcpsla. loss of Cha
, aspet.te, 2»neral mectal or piy s!cal weakness, its ope*a.
| tion Umost btneScant. !noe-.d; *ome o f ihe most dire- g»
fnlcas-s that bav-ever been un:!er tseilcal treatment
, have Le n entirely cured by thli peat ssent. As a £ '
tonic, liujtctter's lii'ters are mosi dtlublfoi. especlaly CI
1 brf. re meals. ery.
! Por and dealers generally everywhere. lafi
. . irt-*wdiw t \
Th.9 American Almnnn/* f o r 1859 '
: rpna aherwax lmakac asu he- (
| X poctory of Tse'ul fb-thesyear IS;.'. Nad
. i " "rrice. SIiXJ. for tale by Dsi
' ■>.j l M y TTT '* ,r p tttitixt iJa *
I j 1859. 1859. a:
! -r >i E
i | American Transportation
1 Incorporated under the Laws of the State of New York
| CASH CAPITAL, $900,000. uo:
'• JOHN L. KIMBKELY. Pres'dect.
I FdANKUN LKK. VicePresMent. '
i JAiltd C. EVANS, Sec'y and Treas'r
thlseompsny will be prepared fo transport Pro-
rery. Me-ch-ndljc. *e.. from >ew York. Brjton. Alhnny
a*jd Iroy cf tlie Western cltlea A'so. Klou . Fn*
vliion*, lV>duce. Ac., from any of tii* LaSe Porta to tl j-
w.th as irr«?a£ care and and at as l.>w "J
rates as by a y otber responsible Une. »t the same time
►lvm* throt.'hbills of ladm* tor all property whtn ae- v --
This Cotcpa-y have a'lre nf eliht staunch Prop#l'er«. f** 0,
. | topiy he ween U-nJ.vo Ctilca* . tmeMn* <*» routa "*•
, ats'hehoyjia. stilwsu«ee. Racine. *Ld Wnuke- b* l "
Rin. Uavl a at« hlcaij ample facilities-ii'l wa-eheme
\ accom-noJa 10-sfor reception a.-<s«irtiD* and ahli>-
pimc of all *ri:cles entru«ted to their car*, which will be * ltl
i un lfrthe direvti 'n or tr olr .Vent. wh'> will il»e his per- Dro
• a'ten.lon to theful!lila»ent of coutracts. a» jmiment °
1 of claims and dara
As our«'omDa-.y have a tarse Hn-ofCwU on
" t' f hrie CaoaL an 1 a*e about ta estabilih aline <.f 9ieam
3 Csnil IJ a's a so. wr *e-l w«Tante»l la repre»en.lti» «o
t carnnmeru-customer*, that they can ret* upi K-eitter
dispa ci ana at less rat-s t an huh reto'orebeenriven.
We. therefore, a-k t U rubilc to cca tcue the ia:rjnj»se
1 so l!)>era ly bestowed upon as durln* the nut four j.ai*.
ti OfE :esand I'oci* oa Market be icea Wathiocton and #i
„ Ha lts n street;. Chicago. .1!
e CUA9. E. CIIA3F. Agent.
s oil
3 Kr " ,Unt U?ht
s 1 rt InslhnlUirp. « Nf
VI V M a ejJ GALLON humh <' ; ree „.
\\.Q hour* Oht. la«:s
A 13 cT THuEK MONTHS «iv- 11
d "V* J 1 »il\ lr«r %li httqu-1 to p!»M 1
u lil Ot* Candles W-.en the wt
- ha<
'• c? I "') C)" edtber.li t
n No Smoke or Staell.
e OIL gl PERGALL'rf. J ll ,
y jrv tt t'. l !:'Jm J
y lllautci). 3
== Yt
't »» Aces within five ciVi of the Ci'jrt IL'U'e.
Those il"ii• Jtnj t'< «elt fo- C.ia'» w U ple-«st» d-*cr be loe;t- ']
ti'-n. price, atid add.ess lloi " "Jm;*." l'°?t sal
:C j CtlH
in TT'ANTI'D 10 I'CKOIIA F. nP. KKXT m i
» T *Vi »t Ue«!dence ot the N'lth 'n set
this vity. 100 itfd hel\r-en »he s'reeia of P ne ;iad N-rtli
e- e.trb'>rn, Ii luaa an.l dip rnf, Lotto be n't k»i J
g- th«n 73 feet front, wltlj .* Urxe »• d co-aa rt dlou* H »-.s<r. j
Apyi> at t <e-tStr* of -Val'-rACo. N». IT >tae s:r-;e .
• vr nt •• yrss <l-«ce, Nj. 17J >1 c are- u**
n ia.D Id; cUJ I*. WAT.LKT*.
10 \r-Axri:D a kkw mors hex. wai;
• * f r.ON'."<. Of>*n. C'iw« Mul.-i. and Provisions t"> ci
M «vak In the «prinir. i-'or p irtlml ir» H 'dre«s
ie a.C IlL'-KL'M.M.I), Oi.c.v I l.n-d% tw »
r ro*?.u'-* j.t-I'iif « fur return <ir c;ill *t • Itii'e.
CU k ttreci. corner M»IL-on j.U>'-lw-yJt
at r{ T ANT F. D- T I F.XCII \.NT.E GIOD
7 t Beach sr.d Vap'c woo.l for a epn rf heavy !a
team horses A Mresi J. m
Uoi ;t; cm. P. 0 . v net uf mectinz. 0
jaJ"»-lw* *r
t\ whr.lrsVe Truj Hnu«e. f>T wh'ch real
ia som«'C*.«h wil 1 be cai«L address Cldijuo, P. 0. d;
cr -
' ia VV ke u per. or Ont-ide UUiiness. br an able and ex- I!
perienced ; ers >n. Huve i-eto ereirfe-l In the P ir»anl
-- ir.Rand Coiaml-sifn bu-iit-n
, VT Ajurcas "11orSce ol this paper. j Hj*
W'.\.\Tc:D IMltrlilATrLV —AN AGENT
ly »» ti-'ol -'t -rd< r« the Coun'i-s of 1.->*a
[ij fir BLANS WOR'i and »h- fienera Uu«ine-sofa .
Hock tti:>'t< ry. 'n w! irtj e»ery ia-"' l:iy »>l*ts t make .t a "
, prostatic la the ht.ds of a ;>-scti-at man. who ;
ed ran >lve rc£Tere~fe *ddr is dTLi'iiKN T
> a ACRi-i fnr.ln*ton Boo* lilcde.7. tura-«ton. lons. -i
l urst Che»thi*n tther»'ie James_ He-ry lturrt, H
native o» 51 iache-<ter. tx-Klan.'. arfed 3:! years. Apply J
to th'.s See. j a.-t- Jw
L EING. wno lef' Bto'<'*s Cca*"y. N. C-. some 3j years
a«o. lie or his heiis are enti.lei to aieic;vcy of about
Address U« Id. cTMthUCK. /*
me ct paiem. N. C. w
I v Sfe<l. for which' he bluest martet pr!c* will he
pa.d Addr -ss or npnlr to dAMUai. lla Rli. No 54
Han> o.ph »(rert. Chlcuo jdlMm* D
:as _ _ , " 4
e Q d g ±or Sale. r
Gas and Coke Company, at the reduced price
of ten tu.>hel .» r a yquintlty. ja2>>dw-<3d
BKR." was built >n CI vernd tn IW: lersth.
-5Su-lu) -ee*.: brcalta. ;<3»l*l fe.l- depUi A tii-VX leet;
~ mesjurement 2-3 tons
y-jr price ar.d t-rnij to LIND A SLATED./snal.
near street. ia'jlro
1.1 PR k d-MFN.—I hare fo- sal- one coed Track
W«ioa and h»me<s: live *ood I on Axel U sys and Har
,„.t ne:ses. Ine ab *ve for sals cnesii. lUQxre of L. Tir-
K*NY. a* Riri mond ACu's. efflce comer Nor i. Water
and licarborn sUccta jal-t b^l
l N X/ OiSce.Nj. 1 Do:-j"9 Ch.ca«, lIL. 1
|n j# the fo!lowtn« ftssels:
kS Schr. RO"KET. 'lass Al. wUh a ?t»r 17- »o s.
.. K.IZs dO.AX - At, st 9 ..
P,*t •• EatiUi .. Ki •"?* ••
~ .. .. A I ..
.. WING- OP 'UK WIND. Uaas Ai ••
V .. INTKRNaTIONAL. .. U I :«» ..
.. GERALDiNi •• l« 1 -W ••
.. P?TBEU .. B-J AO ••
J 11 bi»7ii Sm
jt. Now betn* Erecte'.
—~ On Ru»li, near .superior St.,
• lot Andt<ihefl:il.-sh'!t May Irt. Tne*<» hicsc* ar- :sxt^/e;t.
Lu a tmee t iricv w'tn basement. 51ilwm*ee hncs rout,
,h or built an Ito be Qnlsh-dn .he be*t manner. Tne tota are
tor 147 cet Ut aa ader. aad will hare a rood brrk barn
on each. Pe.sons uurcaas ag s-oa can such al>
> (1 Urat.oas sj may bo desired. _
■— Te~m faTorao.e. Apyly to BRAINAEO. Clark
j)3 4 street, from 9 w 10o'clock A. H.
l"l on the •*ornero'.uid tV-urea street* In the
—— •» e»4 Oivism. n«ar Utlon Pwtt. occupied by t P. liay
'llE ward. Ine hou*e is new. built of brtc* two stirtes. and
stone basement twenty four oy fifty-'hree feeV.wlih a Une
ST; ohs-rvATory, dnuhedta tje -tint m*aaer
w.th all the rooderrj ImproTement-t-oarbie nante_*
att *- cratea. Aa. «c —wud be a deiirable rcudence The
_ lo: is «ia y-six ty one hundred an 4 twent'-seven rect.
with a twenty foot al.ey In the retrofit /
».r yvryctie-p—on can a uae. or ihe whole of the
wVL money may re a«la on nort*«e on it »od other property
U ei. fcr our or tl/s years, or U w.,1 be exchwised for un
?hop| djubt.d rea' es a e necuHties.
Ckjts. run Apply to K. r. B.KfckSU P. O. B"*- I *© JIM. or to
a 11. BLttSS. is Dearb-rn 1— toom 8. 4eJl)lm
Malt! Malt! ifialt!
onds -4 /%» . BU. NO 1 CANADA BAR-
I* 2 #. 10-UUv LEYMALT.tu store and for sale by
is* ti9lo3m 157 gensle street.
• > scctmtolatel. with or without rooms at W)
Madison st ret: also a nt of rooms, suitable f r a smsU
ujj oa family. Kcfe.ence*ri7eaaadteiuircd- lw
nlers, Ij t emen ean procure iJoard and Pleisast Rocms at
No. 71 Uucroe s reet. Al>o, a lew day boarders can ba
'OB. a:cJmmodaied. ialj-Jw-cU
s that [) peasant rooms, either suites orsinale. at 5sS
a*lat goolh Clart street. Traasient Uoard at reasonable ratett.
th>t jat-itu*
iiiis 1) raiu O- roo™ itwir w. 'JSfi tS.'JS I
LET " ° a Ml af^.ouy£i^
SlO-K deiSS to*
\ ards
L-w" is Called
lectin* I to 4rire chance for laTestment In a »bey
inmi {f;-- jj no compettioo. and whlchpay* lotheae hard
titStalboM hundred per cent bostn-ss Is weU
w 10 •
den si \ HON —The Seventh Lecture of the Course be
en ber. r rethi Aesotiaihn wil be oedvered a».their roccaj.
) OM- N0.905 Eaodoiphstreet. oa Monday the 3lsfc
l A ML. | s * (tfu o dock, by Ber. W. W.i\ i&T4 D. !>., of
jflSceoi Lou-'sriLe. gy. The public arjlnTttet to aite^d.
lli to »lake street. . ~n
ji39»lw-cll3 BABKECT. KINQ A CC.
Auction Sales
llouwehold Furniture, Mlv«r-Flalc(l
W«r«-, Parian .Tlarfole, nil l»altu
lugs, ana <;itt»M\vare>,
-A. a: atr c i io N .
ON TUrSJAY, ?cbu\r» 1. a*. o'dx-i A M-, ffir
will seil ai uur new s*Je?r *oo.
82 Lake->t Opp. Treniont lluiis 4 *,
A la-ce and d.?j!rah'e as'ortcnent P:r-.lta:e and
UouiekeetlrK i-ons'sllr.s of
P-rlorgnl's in ptu-h. broMi-ile asd h.-Jr-c!oh: Km
**rr*> T»ie »-Tttvs. Mar* a.itf Ma'.our v IVmr*
TaftiK*. Cva«lo . n.".k Pvnr fairs K-«y ard
KncktSftd o;toiaan'. Reco■ ChaLs. ifcd
Gilt framed Miiro.s
Ms Im»v. 1 m»v. Oak. Ro!ew. ( -il ftnUh and \Y»;-nt
"«r Sut-; 'na.~e. d U-ttuu d>.: il..sany Kr-j.ch
It-Jst-a-'s Walnut d->. v w ieup ,m.l :>iuu V:> «"• *
lUir»*»oii and rt'a«L-t-.nd#, Can-* »'•■.ln »• .1
Wardrubw, L:ui*es. lUir. Mi is and ?ei Gr.u< .:at:re,-
Oai. Wa'nrt a-d Chery litensl.'a Tru:-\
Ciaiis. Ereaifast Tablet.
Stasd!r.«an.l ttirz Pci'<«. G5. - -'T:.M»*. I. Jte* P:en
and«-'ha:r». A so— * iplcn Id as .crtm-r.t < f
W re, la ian Martin actuary, ui; K-*
ery. Gla»swar<» ar.d TI i Wary •he a:t*r,t cn of t> f>'v
cbasen p-tftlcularly dlr-c cd to Ui'j «ai- »t.e i-o-dtUe
ao-1 - A SAMP'On. a-.?c'.h.
and Second hand Funtuare on laar«»:.iv *nd
y.jiay. retnia-y :idand 4ih. »j
der icne-l have tVi Jar f< ned •* .*o -»irnersMj
uade- tiie n»m* of HILL £e SWA3EY. ' r tii'j.u
--p se cf ••ondu.tl s Uj ucacral an tj »n *n ! Omtulsiioa
Unnntaa H >KaTlo 'l' t..
in"Lt:\t biv.vs'Ef;'""'
Commission Movelumts.
Will advance oa eve; dwseriptim ofsnudj iMa-.U;-'.' I
for Auct on jJalea.
l. b. TATioa. ma:D *. wi:t irr.
No. 50 Well* XL. opp, llouco.
detcriptlaa of property, to sold at Audita, 'i,
eaaX oa tta< or coramUii'in. VfvrX
dtocxjcf General Mcrctun.iuit'.Jewelry. »'u.-n;tar-.' "iotti
if», Ac. Real £stat«. Landi. I>:u. Hooir*?. t<*. >Vii' i. n
panica ar attention to the i tie "f Uj'-v i! L«rw»
«c., at Aaction. inside or outii lc C;,V.-uo .idv.wn .'
nude on consignments. Vte i>cst oi rr'creuce.t ;a CMc.yr;
<*lil be idven. Oarfri-id» d.it i-iy <i;. •.■mlduace
prompt retuma—the >lfe or rom-ncrve ir I •.r^.le
J •• TA'ti Oil .1 i'..?
Grand •?Tusiral f oliviil.
On Vr«dnesd»y K>enios TtO. -2.1 is.if.
A *m. It E« .n. C-ai in hi.) i f ii.- "r.» fi- i.»l
AcrWiTjar*. ) av- pie »u«c *n- (n cit.^vin
uf Chlc«i) Uiat tl.ej a-i.ctd to < ve ;i
MK . Va A \\ F<>U i) ,
Tfce unrivalled >'« i!.T»stor n- HcoM'jh f r IT* a:.-
w ;i' eu «-Xe U"H a':d • o s ?e v ci* . .11 Ki .il' « f
t: e late Ana.v rsary. ««ia I »>* *;»• ■ vr* «*. t i<it nt t! *•
Me roi ol j;m 11 »n.
when tlie tu)L«in{ rate cuiatiim:. u v.f
*id aypr ar;
Ms. MA iTE3 'N. Hi- celi'-raiod 0. a ; Mr.
Wili'D, Tcut: Mr. M- O'l-. H m « nr: Mi. V. 'IM
I<A-H. Mr. G. AM) m
II Ril b"r Tl I iKU. f*nlo l'!.uiiiu
The IMuhl nil '-Juard. C»ium.Lcded t y Cart dv-Ai f u-.
will .ilsori'.vr In fu.l CosUi e .ifil » :•; t •» «!.i
bac" an«l " Auld Laai wl h nil »ir;i«.
Hj de ire. 'he Glee ot 'Will U -»M took o'.M.i'u!."
Messrs. Cra-»f. rd. Moore vnd I.umt'.vri.
*»«j. M.u.Sst :ind C<n u kt
5)1 Ci-O'i: J iv-Hei wliii ;.. ; r-tt» 'Z \ <vr>
To be hail of E. ;»• Hells 1-i rt.u.d. !;■ . t; 11
A It n <».. L»ke street: *nd t .* « » v. C'.» W
OT lioora opta «t tcnceri t < o.ai:a-»ce al ..
jdl :»f
_«.t A. Randolph street. b«.t*ce . clar* a. d Ucmlj *ra.
Female Mlo>trrU and Opera Comp*>.
roS'l', I'TO'.i'.etorv
Ti;e Manajr-rsln rrei?n'in»'t 1 -is new an l rov-l enter,
salui-ent t, tiie liwlies ;iad ijeatleica oi C.'ei. o li ve
",'ireilneitl'trpsliii -r exp-n«el3 r.iaX>» 't ■ tie <» 't.e
soit pleasant p.*c-s :iiamei..ewt in li e o ty.
Car. c of a nn s».on "i> ivnt . R*-
Ber»e-i for L aillcs i>7 (i ,noi -t
X t-easoa.
D. AVurra !, s>q.
tli.-s U. Ho ra.l h j:. :lj fa, :i.e u «.jr
C ty aid w I dellViT i is c-l &nted n-ciii.e "ii
At M.uxipol taa Ua l % n ru-siiy tvcnlJ'eb. U*.
Mr. W. hv« vla't-d -ii .fY.e k a CI; -.s sin- » >•.'
haa:<eean U »■•uautrv. aad r> i l> «♦. ;-re«» :<.d i'"ii l-v
»oire»"m mo t • rterpnu. t r « ,, n i>» vi«it Cn.i - a<«» .tiid
lav TlUcltla-a* wit .haceiel* a •' kct r•. T •• le--
jjiKi l ia'- 'if t eMI ha. ?c!,inl, and !»< no
o the tno't i t iad p rf-rfu; i>i \lo.-s of in»*
<*nu w»-.i oe*er/'* th«* rl ti regard !ie a.ii >o ucMy won
Jrctn Ar.ieric n aaneace^.
Mcket* 25 .eut< f r sale at l> al imMt,
?. d Wei:#' H' ot -nd ?1 ore. at the «o>if <>u t . .•
da> ai.d -.vetiinis of t:.e lc i<—' i*
Dr. Blanoy's Last Lectnro.
3ls.lSiT„ AT7 S O'CL'Jtii
Hl*nJ E C T :
"artificial illumination."
FtM-P IS.—(Jo-.eral I'rl-c'. le* "f M h'-:;i.'♦•or.—d
rial- used •-r tr .iinein* LI. !i —Melh <» » »:f- o H' i •
nil-.a.M ti by Uid us Lain s. r Liiti;,*
t' onfm c ni .il- r .ii.i
Ttiece ebrut.->l L).i ;n:n'>n I L!iiil w I !>.• e»'i l-i:---! r\ d
all parts ■ f L»c cr- co i i :a-«tr.tr > . .x„cri
men* Tickets ceLU. to te b»d av Li'; >Uht.
The Exci'lsijr >ocklj Fotivul.
L»Hr; - iXO<- L:>l<>R Sfi;ir.TY tr TllF.
City of Ch.cajfO" will Cclebfatv* Its
Ten'h Anniversary,
OS TilE ElGriTii DAY OV KiUr.UAiiV NtVT.
By a Grand Clnner and at the
hzchmond norsw.
Tli* Commi'to* of Arrinc-.-inenU will t I'r;'.
DOUiin» #l»ail be w utl .< to taa* teV.vd c-;u «1 t<>
any i rmer one; which » al. t..at %'•"* V.r t en i «.i».
P. L. ylltldMA.N se rot-qy.
Cleve.'and Lodge, No 211,
A . P. AND A. M.
OoTbarsdaj, Feb. 3, A. L. A. I>.
Yourself atd Ladies are respectfully !r»v ted.
Members of t v .e Fraternity are reu"<-*j:<jd to 'n
ttet I'.x
Finnic by the Orrut ITand.
8. T. DEAN. Caller,
hvlat the Trern-tit end a' 'Jitf
flra of &jersoo. Miller & -0.. 7i Cnoal street.
noso.aar *aJiO/M.
' SLW. lr% K. w - Huc<. (J. M..
H.W. 11. O dtG. .*♦..
E. W. Ml'clicl . '
M. E. TfenSen Tayior. 11. P..
M. E. J V. Z. lllan y U. C..
M K N. D tl»otvd G. li. P..
M. K H, A. J«.hn'o... U. ".,
'l'. L G. w. beariLifcU. M.
rrie or aaa*3fji.-Mt*Ti
imx. ncTfi.c.i. e. si., wt. m i>r ?.<..
W Vf C/»n, \V. M.. N. lla-Urt J. .V ,
T>.y W:LII3.T. l_
f»ung 'leu's is?ocialion s
3d—Q k 3'JMNER. <«ul'ieets "H;aiu"
< 10th—DATA iD TA7LOS. iu'.jitt: •tlfes;. tie run!.."
® lTth-G. P. WHIPPLE. a uli ct;
2tth-Hi2iIMAS MELVILLE, -u'ject: '"*■ ui!i
k J,3 UANf »N.
HKNUY »V U .-U P. J'..
~ J.SO. .,|NG.
J lc^are C mm.
J 1
Cleveland todso .N0.211«.i( F, 4 A,
* Will c .me • ff atiLe Tiea-nt House, ca TcIUKSPAY
t EVENING, February 3.u j -!
O. M. CADY, Instructor.
H?tnenUT Class. To*«d t». ? o'clock e. s L
Advanced Cla*. Friday. 7S •'clnck P SI.
~ the Lecture Room ia Portlaa I Block.
OT Tuition:- «3tf)t>er terra o. U «reek». i»ivlrr-<rH
' 7 (Eo Unit.
I W*'er street, saluble frr legale Grocer <>r
DryGo-ds JooMa* II use. Ke?t moderile. ti
= MATIUkW LAgIXN.-U aou'.h Watcr-n. ja2"i .n
7m tL Poultry aad Produce Un-1 \i th- fit-'. c o 11 s.dc,
* fbr Bale. Address * J.*" Draw 2307. LLicuo, lit,
t> d r to ournew prealje*. Sx ta-a ot J
la-o-February wit. we w.d reel to » Kood t- Uu
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iD Slyt® UOGuLCk, 4 -lILLd.
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