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volume xil :
thu&sday noaynro,
The Stale Bank of Illinois.
Reports were in circulation on Taosday »
afternoon affecting the standing, of the
" State Bank of lUinoi?," at Shawm clowa.
The facts bearing upon tho ca&e will be fouu<3
in our monoy article, and in tho letter from
our Springfield correspondent elsewhere.
The bank is all right.
Making a Virtue of Necessity. 1
The Time* say* it Intends to go before tbe
people of tbe State at the nest clcctiou, on
tbe Dyer Lecomptoa charter. This is a very e
ingenious anu pleasant way of stating a most t
disagreeable necessity; The public will under- t
stand that the intention tbus proclaimed by c
the Times is precisely similar to that enter- 1
tained by tbe convicted felon to close bis life *
on tbe gallows.
, a 1
A. Sodden Change. t
As long as tbere was any hope of getting r
the fifty-four Democrats in the Legislature to c
force Dyer & Co/'e Charter down the throats J
of the people of Chicago, the Times earnestly
advocated itn pan?4ge. The moment tbe sub
mlssion clause inserted in the bill, tbe
-Itme* abiudoDod il, and its editor went to t
Springfield to beg bi=- friends cot to pass it. j,
The Timt* bas as wholesome a le&r or tbe Q
people's vote on the measure concocted by p
its own clique as John (Candlebox) Ciilhoun v
bad oi the vote of tbe people of Kan>B6 ou
tbe Lecomploti Goiisiituliou.
The Democracy and tbe Tariff. j
A L'cmocratic caucus on tbe tariff was held *
at Washington yesterday—Mr. John Coeb- 11
ranc of New York, in tbe clia'r. A large n
majority were opposed to any alteration of c
the prewjnt du'icF, and in lieu of notion on °
the problem of nn empty Treasury, it was n
resolved to raise the wini by a fresh loan aud p
appoint a committee io swelter through the b
dog dav?s—maturing a plan by whicb the gov- s
may bold Ufcll up by the boot straps t
for the year ot two. Tiic couimit\ee will
be expected to propose a financial solH'me by e
which forty milliouß ol receipts will cover .i fl
hundred millions of exneopes, and create a 8
sinkiog lund for uu i-xient-ive of £
Treasury notes fallinj; due. We suggest that
C»bb aud Floyd lie placed ou the committee, 0
and that they liuve power lo couralt Frank v
Steele of Minnesota, with a view of applying
the fiscal principles of the Fort Snclling trade B
to their complication. '
' ' ■ • m i:
Health of Jndge McLean. e
We are sorry ti heur from Woshicgton that *
Judge IdcLesn's health is evidently nguiu 1
giving way. On his return to the Capital bo *
was for a few days enabled to vigorously prose- J
cute bis duties, but by Ja*t accounts be was no. (
able to attend the sittings of the Supreme Court, r
and it wus SHid he would soon return to Cinciu 0
natu— CUvdand llera'd, *
■ b
Andrews bus a large assortment of vul- *
entices for sale at 39 Clark street.
. v
JOS- Frederick Pontius, of Rochester, will lec« |
lure upon "The Kacw," at Metropolian llill, on p
Friday eveniug next, the 4th in>L t
£ST" The Third Annual Festival of tbe Cleve> $
land Lodge, No, 211, A. F. and A. M. takes place e
at the Tremont House this evening. j
UniCAoo Homcopatbio Msoic&l Socisty.— j
The regular meeting of this Society will be held {
this evening ct Dr. Bbipmun's oflice. I
'. c
ty Georgo Sumner, Esq ,of Boston, wilt 1
deliver tbe regular lecture of the coarse before j
the Young Uen T s Association this evening at e
Metropalitan iiall. Subject—" Spain." t
Fuesu Salmon akx> Grvek Peas Our friends 1
Taber, Hawka & Co., of the Richmond House, will j
ecrve up fresh salmon and grcua peas fur dinne 1 * j
to-day—being the first of the Mjarou. j
£ST Tbe Church litcord for February is
promptly issued and contains the usual variety j
ol matter. Ei.t2d;by James Grant ,
Wilson, Esq. 1
Qvick Time—Two hundred and fifty barrels of ]
higbwines were shipped by a firm In this city, 1
over the Michigan Southern ltiAil, i6rXew York. ]
Tbcy were received in Ni w Ymk and sold in j
Hcveu days alter their delivery at tliw depot. 1
■ j
Map or tub Gold Usoion.—Hufus Ulaochurd, *
LaSalle street, bas for sale Jjhntton's new rail* 1
road and country copper-plate map of the Kan- \
sasand Nebraska gild region. This is the only 1
correct or reliable map of the routes to tbe sew
gold fields that we have seen. (
tsr The Eaglish papers of January 15th, the
Chess Monthly for February, and the American
Almanac for the current year, have been re*
ceived by McNally & Co., opposite the Post Of
fioe. Also, Braithwaite's Retrospect, and ,
"Whit*. Will be Do with it."
Tue Suicide at Blue Island—The man who
committed suicide at Coopei'a Grove (Bremen), on
Tuesday, was named Francis K'eut, a German,
He cut bis throat in n cow-hi»u*c adjoining the
prcmiß'9 of Nicholas Euglohart. lie hud shown
signs of inKiuity for two or throe weeks berore he
committed the rach set. The Coroner wcut to
Blue Isbnd on Tuesday niplit to hold au ioqucst,
and returned at a lale h ur last evening.
. pEsrarcTivK Fire.—About two o'clock
day moroiug, a fire broku out in the eraall row ot
wooden tiuildiugs ou tUu bouih bide of Lake dtivct,
between Wells and Franklm, which almost en
tirely destroyed Nos. 203,207,209 and 211 Lake
street, and corinidenibly damaged Nos. 213 aad
215. The fire origiuated in No. 209, whicb was
unoccupied, and was, with .hardly a doubt, the
work of an iucendlary.
205—'This store was unoceojiicd, and is owned
by Mrs. Sarah Walker. Toe building was of Mnall
value and uninsured.
207—Whs occupied by Garrison Bloom, below
for the sale ol bats, caj«* and clothing, and
the upper part as a dwelling. His furniture aud
stock were mostly destroyed. He estimates his
total lot's at $3,700 —insured, for $2,000.
209—Owned by Dr. Foster, aad uuoccapied.
The building of not much vnloe.
211—Occupied by Wm. Shaeflcr, as a lager beer
eiloou, whose whole loss will not exceed sso—no
insurance. The building was owucd by F. Otto.
215—Occupied by Solomon Witkowt-ky, dealer iu
closing. V'.ry tiitl- of his stock was sived.
estimated at sl.ooo—'iu-uredfor SSOO. Build
lug owned by Dr Foster.
Tlie were all o'd and of anink-ror
order, u«d coiM-quentlr the lovs on them is not
The Executive Committee, imuiedistely after the
adjournment of tbe meeting of citizens on Tues
day night, were called together and His Honor
Mayor Haiocs chosen Chaltman, and W. \V. Dan
enbowcr apppointcd Secretary. The following
resolutions were unanimously adopted:
Resolved, That room No. 1, be the bead quar
tern of this Committee.
Retolved, J hat the fcUted meetings of ibis Com> I
mittee, be held on Tuesday and Saturday evenings |
at 7| o'clock.
j&solced, That J.B. Drake, E-q., be requested i
to corrc*(»ond with tlx Agent ot tbe Sxakosch
Opera Troup*, lor the purpuric of giving a matinee
at McVickers Tneatxe. on ibe 22J io«t., tor the
b<mefit of tbe "Mount Ve ni>n Fund."
Rttolved, That the la lien or this city, be invited
to atu-ud a meeting, to h - held h! tbe residence of
Mr«. John C. Hauics, comer of Bureu and
S«ngamon btrcets, ou ThuisJay, afternoon Mt 2J
o'clock, for the purjK>sc of making arrangements
for a baz«ar or tair, for tbe benefit of the "Mount
Vernon Fuud"
Renited, That Geo. A. Gbbs, Esq., be request
ed to Interest the abipiiets, fchiji builders, aailon>,
etc .iutbis movement, aud Invite them to take
part in the procession.
Resolved, That the Butchers, Draymen and Ex
pressmen of our city be requested to parade on
JUsoloed, That the CJinmaadauts of Regimcuts
and Volunteer Companies b«; requested to meet at
Boom No. 1, Tremont Hou e ou Friday evening
next at 7$ o 1 lock.
Hetohtd, That the Leadera.of the Biuds in the
city be requested to meet this Commitue at Room
No. 1, Tremont Hou>e on Saturday evcoiug nexu
Resolved, That Alex. White, B A. StampoflsWi,
Geo. W. Gaire, Philip Conley, John H. Kinzie,
Christi«n Wake, Wm. Wayman, Bcubeu Taylor,
and Jo W. Bell be a Finance Committee to solicit
Hubscriptious from our citizeos for defraying the
expenses of the proceedings, and that tncy pro
ceed immediately to canvass the city.
Adjoaned tomect.as above, on Saturday eve
mm: nexu Josv C. Haikss,
Wk. W. Dakekhowcb, Chfllrman.
For the Mnrier of Sophie Werntr, i Ilia M ! s- J
tress, at CtiTcagfl, March Utb,. 1858. i
— ■ ■
! In the Circuit Court .of Cook County, Judge
Kanierre Presiding. ,
Tbe important murder trial still continues to j
engross a large share of public interest and at- t
tention. The Court-room is densely thronged t
throughout tbe day, and good seats command f
on many tbe premium paid by
waiting in tbe ves'ibule abali an bour or more i
before tbe opening of the door.
Much talk has bten caused, and tbe subject ®
has been vigoronsly dt£cnssed what wonld be t
the legal and necessary result, should tbe trial t
remain incomplete on the approaching Saturday 0
nigbt, when tbe preseot term of tils Court ex- j.
pires. Obviously ibe long and careful proceed- c
iogs already noted must have remaiped to be >
done over again at some following term.
The present are that but little mir» t
gin will be allowed for tbe jury to decide upon £
their verdict before the bour of necessary ad-
journmfent on
of little moment as. ere this a law bas been t
passed by the Legislature' now in. session, pro- *
vidiog for just this class of cases. v
Intelligence reached this city yesterday, that c
Mr. Feck of tbe delegation from this county, on s
the Ist met., stated in the House that he bad |
just received a letter from tbe State's Attorney jj
and City Frosecuting Attorney of Chicago, stats
ing that tbe trial ot Henry Jnmper:z for the
murder ot hiopbie Werner, now in progress, will °
not probably be concluded by Saturdav eveniog f
next, at which time tho Court is compelled by t
law to adjourn. He, therefore, oiked tbe nnani* jj
mous consent of the Uou66 to introduce and t
pass immediately, a bill to„a!low~tbe Court to h
hold over, when capital trials are pending, until
such cases are disposed of. Leave waa granted,
and the bill rerd three times and passed with
out a negotire vote. Within less than an hour *
- alter it passed the Uoubo, n message was receiv- j
ed that tbe Senate had concurred in its pas- t
sage. t
It bas doubtless become a law, and though it P
may not be needed, is timely and well done. *
The Prosecution having closed their testimony
on the evening preceding, that for the detence
was commenced as follows: £
A. W Ooetz, txoorn-Have known Jumpertt t
nearly two years; tirstsawhim inChicagr; en
gaged him to work for me in Milwaukee; be fc
worked there eight or nine months; he worked
in two establishments for me all that time; bis
character ss a peaceable and inofiensive man
was good ; it was a little over a year ago tbut
1 first saw Siphie Wereer; sometime in the '
winter; saw her at ber bouse in Market street, °
Milwaukee; think she was liviog with HenrL o
(J. Did he make to you a full di»clo»ura of bis e
relations with Sophie? (Objected to: objection
overruled.) A. He told me that he bad a wash
woman who bis washing and cooking for a
biui, and he lived with her, and ebe kept house ),
for bim; tbia was in Chicago; and be wanted
to know if that would be uny objection with me; 8
he wished to get away from here and take her e
with him; 1 told him no, 1 had no objection, all
1 wanted him to do was bis work; be said she >.
was in a family way; while they were residing
together had a conversation with S. aboat J.; P
I was to m«et J. up to his bouse, for the pur- I
pose of showing bim a lot; got there halt an r
hour before be did; got talking to her abont
their living together, saying we ;oked Henri a P
great deal about ber being his sister: she said *
she Mipposed we knew she was not; told heryec; t
: she asked me if 1 was going upon the bill .
with Henry if I wouldn't aak him to marry her
really; aud to give Ler tbe answer whatever it h
maybe; 1 spoke to Jompertz about it. and he 1:
positively said 44 No;" she wasn't tbe right
persoo for htm to marry; I asked bim why he **
did not marry-her; told bim I tbonght she 8
was a bard-working,'saving woman, and might 1
make bim happy; be Skid "A'o," be couldn't, i
sras too Aid. e? to
effect; there was nothing said which indicated
anger at her; 1 came into ibe room and told E
Sophie that 1 ha-1 ucked Henry and she need e
not depend upon him ; tbut he bad absolutely
refused; expressed no conviction myself; she
said, " 1 caonot be mad ut Heury if bo does not ?
marry me; I told her that now ibe child was t
dead she was clear of hiai, and she bud belter
keep clear and not get in that condition again.
He wu* preparing to go to Chicago then; she '
said " Vee. 6bo supposed it would he the b*Bt S
thing: sbe did like Henry v«:ry much." From c
wbat 1 could hear he treated her very kindlv;
1 shouldn't think be had much money when be
lett Milwaukee; he had iust booght u lot; when
1 came back from New York I wanted to raise
some money; J. a*kcd me bow mnch I wanted,
told him $l5O or $175 and would give him ten
percent; be let me have it and 1 gave him a t
no:e for $212 secured by mortgage; be gare me
that note for a lot vatued at $370 or S3SO, sub
ject to a mortgage of $125, and SC2 of which was
due tbe first of last Murch; all of the lot, except 1
this $125 wus naid up; this was a year ago last
December, 1 think; we all used to joke bim io
the shop about his sifter acd bis sleepingVith j
ber; be atways spoke of her kiodly.
Alexander HUur % of Hoffmann & Gelpcke's
bank, called by the prosecution, then read a
copy of tbe bank account of Jumpsrts during i
Cross-cximtnation of A.. IF. Oodz -Saw de- '
fendant in jail; had conversation; asked him 1
why he cut uo the woman so; replied that be 1
cju'tdo'i get her in the barrel without it; that's
about all 1 remember; defendant said "they '
say 1 poisoaed ber;*' ( said you had better 1
prove it is not so bf shotting tbe entrails; said
he didn't know where they were as he took |
them out at right; this was iwo or three months
ago; it was either in July, Aucust or Septem
ber; Sophie *as mude aware of tbe purchase of
the lot by me ut tbe time whtn *e were on tbe
way to look at it; btlievrd that sl.e would make
him an industrious and saving wile, when 1 told
bim so; never had a coDve:?ation with defend,
ant about a irutujciioc in the old country ;
beard of it but n<<t frombm; it *a» a person
acquainted «vi»h bim. Q WiH you t« H wbat it
was! 1 . [O j cud to ami obj cito .-u->taiued on
the groanu ihn unvtbirg said alter his arrest
was inodmbMtile ] Never heara bis cnaracter
questioned before or utter his urrest; never
beard it talked of more p»nicul.»riy otter his ar
rest ; be wa« ••pofcr'n ol us a c»«»vf»r feSlow.
To Mr. McVotnat—While be wu in the other
iirm my partner spoke ot industrioos ;
should have bren likely to have heard of it.
Jliiler Jluduhbtrgtr, twom. - Lire in Milwau
kee; know Junmertz; huve known bim since a
year ago lost May; became up from Chicago
and came into our shop; 1 was partner with
Goe=z; be worked there from May to the middle
of December; be iirst worked for Mr. Goetz
alone, and afterwards for me; bis general char
acter w&s pretty good everywhere among those
who knew bim best; met S. Werner several
times on tbe street; she came after Jumpertzto
Milwaukee; be said be hud got a woman in Chi
cago and he wanted ber to come up and keep
house lor bim.
[Witness also testified as to the circumstances
of and conv erections in tbe late visit of Mr. Mc
Comas, counsel for tbe prisoner, and Sheriff*
Gray, to Milwaukee. Sheriff Gray was also
called upon tbe same point]
William 11, Eddy, morn. - Live on Archer
road; keeaAstore lor the storage of goods at
81 Randolph street; knew a woman whom I
supposed to be Sopbie Werner; told me ahe
was the wife of one Werner who kept a shop,
the third store from 84 Raadolpb street under
tbe Young America; talked with her abont the
time an tndictment was obtained against Wer
ner and a woman named Adolpbina; took
steps to procure that indictment; had observ
ed tbe woman Sophie in the shop; appeared
to be a servant girl; saw her bring in towels
- and ebirts for tbe men; one morning I was com*
ing from the Court lloose when sbe spoke to me
r by name and began to relate ber trouble; sbe
said that she was treated worse than a nigger;
that she wan wiUiug to Tork for respectable peo
t pie, but to work for that we and steep in tho
same bed with ber and Werner, she wouldn't do
that; I asked ber to detail more particularly
the history ot ber troubles; abe staved that NN.
was her busbund and that abe was compelled to
I sleep in the same bed with bim and tbe woman;
that ahe performed all the menial services for
[ the family and in the shop, and that this wo
-1 man treated ber with more contempt than she
2 had beard slaves or niggers had been treated;
9 wheo sbe spoke of wishing to be dead her man
ner was peculiar: there was a continual gloom
1 over her; don't know that lever saw ber smile;
f sbe said sbe bad no desire to live under such
1 trouble, and tbere was no prospect of its being
L ended; told ber this was rash, and 1 would act
a as ber friend to relieve ber trom that trouble;
t asked her where sbe lived, ber name and tbe
name of ber husband and tbe woman; told ber
.- 1 would attend to it immediately; tbe Grand
*, Jury of the Recorder's Court was in session at !
e that time; met John Whitton; made complaint |
to him, and both of them were indicted; the hus
:• band left shortly afterwards; said she was once
n happy; expressed distrust of the ability ot the
law to reader her any service, that she was poor
s and tbe law was no good; said to her she could
t go and sbe passed on down tbe street crying;
S did not talk to her afterwards; observed herot
ten; alter W. left aud ihe property was transfer*
J red to thU woman she would come into tbe shop,
n look round and suddenly go out; think her ap*
L pearancea of sorrow were increased; sbe told me
i, that she was destitute and wa« sick; that she had
-» some kind of complalui whicb preven ed ber from
r, doing any hard work; this woman was left in pov
it tension of his property and afterwards disposed of
ie it; have seen Jnmpcrtz; siw bim ouce or twice io
o- the shop where be worked.
Crow think this conversation
e- was about two years ago; Daniel Mcllroy was
State's Attorney at tbe time; it was on tbe street;
tbinltl spote to her afterwards; think sbe was
above the medium else.
Isaac Shelby #«eor»—Bemember Sopliio Wer
ner; tire occupation of the woman seemed to be to
tend the counter; found her. tbere one'day; the
looted dejected; she remarked she" felt bad, she
would kfll herself;" wild "he is jealous of me; he t
has got another woman; 77 b*r dejected manner \
struck me; she had been crying; she «dd, "1 feel
■ very bed; I beliove Ivball kill myself." 1
'Jo Mr.Haven—She hadu't been in lbs shop
loner be'ore that time. b
7b Mr, McComas—Saw her a Her that; the
was more or Iww dull af'cr that. -
To Mr. McKroy—Think her hair .was of a *
light color. fa
To Mr. McComas—Think she would weigh 130 .
or 135 pounds.
John £uts ttcorn-Lxv* si comer of Oik and
Wolcott streets; work st Frazza & Ribolia's; $
been with tbem two years; knew Jompertz „
when I .came there; he was working tbere; £
think he came back from Milwaukee before 1
Christmas; was working there on the Ist of n
March; be was working there then; at that
time Jampertz got ap from & chair and wanted c
to go to the Post Office; went and got a letter;
came back and gave it toSieglitx; tiieglitzxead
it, aad it kaid, *' 1 want to come to yon, kiss yon. b
and then die." Sieglitx said, " Ob, what fool*
ish thing*." He took the envelop off and 1 saw
Milwaukee on it; be threw it in the store; be n
said- "11 don't hnrt me any—l can keep it;" tl
sent me for an enrelop; 1 got it, and then pat y
the letter in a cop and carried it home; I went Q
to the Post Office between three and fonr
o'clock; don't recollect the exact time or day
of the week;beenatjompertz'sroomio Pitkin's d
building; saw a bedstead, clock and rocking j
chair, and other furnitcre tbere; bonght s bed
stead, sofa, lounge and other articles of Frazza,
before he wsnl.ty .Milwaukee. c
Crots-Exam\Tu£~Cxa , L tell the time he got o
the letter; 1 bought a Test in the middle of
March fromja 'man on Lake street, and it was
before this; Sieglitz read the letter and George
Werner was present; didn't read the letter; ti
only it made me Uugb when Sirglitz said "come £
to you, kiss and then dje;" Jompertc didn't say .
anything about it; be never snowed me any
otner letter; iwas sitting near the stove; saw c
" Milwaukee," and the mirk through the envel- p
ope; it is a store stove; we burn bard coal; he a
said be had no use for the envelope; put it in
the stove; be showed it to Siegliiz; it was be- I 1
tween three and foaro'lock; did not take Sieg*
litz or George Werner to the beck part ot the r
shop; told George to come up to his room and- »
he wonld read it to him; it waa after be burned
up the envelope; 1 can read German; saw the c
mark u Milwaukee;" had no particular reason
for looking at it; after be put th&envelope in
the'slove be sat down andread it; Georgeasked it
him what the news was, when a customer came
in; Sieglitz was doing nothing; be read it; I
have been in the jail to see Jompertz, to carry
him papers; have been in every Friday or Tuee- t<
day; sever spoke to him abont thejletter; he
never cut mv hair in the jail; 1 can get that
done in the Bhop. ,
To JTcComas—Hiw a letter in the SlaaUZa- c
tirng to Heinrich Jomrertz. o
trederick Etcher ttoorii -Publish the Rational
Democrat; advertise letters for German par
ties; io our paper of the 2d of March, ISSS, [,
tbere was a letter advertised for Henry Jam
periz, (referring to a tile of the paper); it waa *
spelled "Hein. Jompertz"; publish no paper I
Monday and publish it Tuesday. ii
To the Court —lt is a two weekly list. _
Croutxamined—The letters lay io the Post
Oflice two weeks; can't tell how long these let
ters have been in Post Ollise; don't know when
the list was made up, t
To JfcOomat'-A letter published here may d
have been in one day or fourteen.- j;
Mr. Mc'Jomas for the defence stated the de- tl
sire of the counsel for prisoner to put in evi
dence the detailed statements made by (be pris
oner and published in the daily papers of this 0
city. i
The Court did not consider the newspapers as
admissible evidence, it could only be reached
by putting the reporter's themselves opongtbe
stand. The matter was postponed for the pres- j
Cyrus IP. Pom(roy, in the employ ot?S. li. ,
Pomeroy & Co., who leased the room to the
prisoner, exhibited a diagram of the -Ith floor of
Pomeroy's building and the location and ar
rangement of the rooms. The excellence and
public advantage of the black-laws of our State, ,
was demonstrated wbea in the course of tbe tea- *
timony of this witness, statements of rastters 1
believed to have a bearing on the case, l)ut told ,
him by the colored porter of tho building, Wilt
ham Jackson, were excluded on the usual j
ground, m hearsay evidence, nor could they be ,
sworn to by the porter, he being a colored man. ]
Tbe point, whatever its value, was thus lost to '
the people. j
' Atexahfcr IMol&fivom—Am of the "£rm of" ,
Frczza & Ribolla; Jumpertz has been in our i
employ for most oi tbe time since became to 1
tbe city in 1556; character of prisoner was
good ; did not not recollect allowing him to go
to the Post Office for a certain letter.
Dr. Paddock and other medical witnesses
were put upon the stand; their examination
and cross-examination going very thoroughly
over tbe gronnd of death by poisou and by va
rious modes of killing, with the appearances
thereafter, modes of detection, Ac.
At tbe evening sesdion nothing was added to
tbe evidence already in possession of the Court.
At 9 o'clock the case was closed.
The arguments will be opened this morning
by 1). Mcllrof, E*q., for the people.
Mbc&amcs' Inbtitct*.—-An interesting meet
< ing of the Mechanics' Institute, was held at
| their library room on Tuesday evening last, P-
W. Gates, Esq, the President, in the chair. Af
ter tbe transaction of some business ot no im
portance to tbe public, Mr. Gates read a long
and entertaining address or inaugural, in which'
he set forth in a plain and comprehensive man
ner the present condition and future prospects of
trie Institute, We give a synopsis of bis ad
dress. Mr. Gates, after enumerating wbat be
believes to be tbe duties of the presiding and
other officers of tbe Institute, »nd speaking m
terms of commendation of the present Board of
Directors, says that heretofore, from ignorance
of their duties, or some other cause, the affairs
of tbe Institute have been conducted in a very
loose and unsatisfactory manner. There has
never until now been a set of books kept, show
ing how the rffairs of tbe Institute stood—what
were their receipts and disbursements, the assets
and liabilities—and consequently when tbe
present officers came into power, no statement
of its condition coatd be found. The Recording
Secretary was called on several times for a re
port, bnt wasooly able to guess that the liabil
ities of tbe Institute were about {2,500, and that
about SI,BOO of tbe amount was due tho Ist of
January, ISSS, Toe President strongly depre.
cates and condemns this state of things, and
sajs pointedly that any business to be success
ful, must be well done. The Secretary should
be a thorough and neut accountant, and should
be required to show a balance sheet whenever
called upon by the Directors, and a full state*
meat at least twicea year. The offices of Secre
tary and Actuary should be merged into one,
and be filled by a man of thorough capacity.
Tne books aad accounts of tbe Institute were
placed at tho disposal of the President by & res
olution of the Board of Directors, and a compe
tent man was employed by that officer to go
through tbem and see if order could be brought
out of confusion. The result, as near aa could
be reached, was as follows:
Baling In barf?oV Levis Dods! * 231,33
JBs9—Jsntarrl. . ... . ..
lotal receipt! for Initiation fees and dhea for ti<s - _
year eodloc January 1.1359..... * K7.75
i mount of receipt* lor rents and use of ball dur
inf ttn> year.. 1631 60
Receipts of t*>e Mechanics' Fair LM.46
Keceivedof P. Carpenter for Bcatssoldhlo 70.10
__ *5.2.005
Debti o' 1837 tUHH T.
Bent paid P. f. W. Peck SS3 $ I
Uhrarf JwW
Eveuln* 8«bool 6ICO
Mas k Coke Jo. s bills, Siiai
Fa el 19 00
PrtaUnaand advertlaioK.... MM
jCxpensei of Annual Fair tan 64
Expense* b<L2i
For e*pec»c« Incurred mis jear. not likely tuoc
ccr next I.MaSI
$3,099 06
Cash In hands o* BecreUry and Treasurer....... 1»0
Total 05
Amount of indebtedness January 1, 1859, as
per statement by Lewis Dodge, Secretary, to
P. P. W. Peek J1,6e7J0
Via. H. Wells 160.00
lutotftxcr &954
Bappo9Mamonntdneroradvertldas>... l&ooO
Boa*£Saiitb. 60.00
Barry k CnihUiK &0.00
1 tA. Ke11y.... 3SW
Kdirard Hamilton -3LOO
[ O.L.UtUe -
L,. Dod*e
1 Mapl's
i Clulda
" TotaJ ....U«KB
, From tbe manner in which the aeconnta were
• kept, it is imposaible to tell wbat was tbe in-
L debtedness of tbe Institute at tbe Commence
[ ment of 185S, but It is supposed to have been
• $1,482.55, and the result shows that tbe mdebt.
» edness ot the Institute has been increased about
SI,OOO It is evident from this statement that
j some change should be made immediately: tbe
a expenses must be reduced and tbe receipts in.
D Tbe President estimates tbe receipts for tbe
coming year as follows:
a Pees and dues (same as last year).. ILfIOO
" Best of Sail
s Reedtsoi Fair 4900
.{ Expense* (save as last year.... 17.699
j LtasAsbtolUb? L419JM16
lapeasesovsr rcotiptt.
The expenss of fitting up tbe Hall, which
was £l*ooo, will notoccurthis year. Deducting
this, there would still be a balance of expendi
tures, against receipts of S2OO, without any pro-
vision for paying tbe old debt and replenishing
the library. J
Last year,therp'was & resolution passed allow
ing tbe Secretary ZZ% per cent commission for
collecting fees and dues, which proved to be a
wise plan—tbere being about six hundred mem* c
berfl thereby added. Tbe continuance of tbe &
same plan'is recommended.
Tbe Board have, offered three premiums, $25,
sls and $lO to tbe person who shall secure tbe c
greatest number of new members daring.the year* 8
Tbe President, thinks this plan will accomplish *
much. n
The renfs or the Hall, by proper effort, may be *
considerably Increased.
A'resolotion ba? been passed allowing ladies to },
become membere of the Institute, by paying one- ii
half the amouot which male members pay. This D
movement, it is believed, will decidedly strengthen jj
the Institute In eveiy'particular; and preminms b
will be offered to the ladies for tbe largest list of
nimes for membership secured by tbem. *
Other means for paying iff tbe j
debt of tbe Institute were recommended, .such as
holding fairs, festivals, etc. The President urged
upon every member the necessity of each one se- &
curing at least one new member, and that every &
other effort possible be made to save the Insti- e
tute from bankruptcy and dissolution.
The President recommends that tbe Cocstitu- a
tjon of the Sooiety be so altered as to allow tbe
Biard ot Directors to appoint the Secretary and £
Librarian of the Institute, instead of being
elected as now, and these two officers thereby £
placed more immediately under'their control; t
and the abuses whicb have crept into these de*
pirtmenta be thus avoided. jj
Lcslures by able and popular lecturers are E
recommended. It also recommends that the ?
Associated Congress be egain permitted to oc*
copy tbe Library Room of the Institute. u
A Committee was appointed by the meeting s
to raise subscriptions for tbe purpose of clear
ing off the debt of the Institute.
The by-laws were so altered as to allow ladies tl
to became members upon paying .half does, t
And also allowing persons not connected with
mechanical or manufacturing business to be* j
come Honorary Members upon the payment
of is. t:
« v
TeiipsaxNCx Mbctixo.—The Chicago Wash- a
isgtonian Union meets to nigbt at the rooms of
tho Young Men's Christian Association in a
Lnyd't) Block, 205 Randolph street Tbe meet- c
ings are open to all, and a good tima is ex
pected. ' *" £
Heayt Hogs.—Twenty-nine were brought to g
this city by i'. Grant age, of Bureau Co., yester- t
day morning, tbe average weight of which waß 577 £
lbs. each. They were bought by Cragin «L Co. t
at 17.50—the biggest hogs and biggest price of
the season. They were of tbe Leicester breed, t
, £
There will be a meeting of tbe members
of the Chicago Baard of Trade at tbeir Rooms
this day at three F. M. r
Fer order of the President,
W. W. Mitchill, Sec'y. a
257" Tbe regular meeting of the Citizens *
Fire Brigade will be held at their rooms on Ibis t
(Thursday) evening. A full atteudencl is de- c
sired. S. B. Raymond," Capt
H. N. Mat, Sec'y. \
■— - i
Usxtkd States Cibccit Court, Fep. 2d, 165S 1
Jcdo'b Dbohmokd, Pucmdiko. —Camp it* Son vi. j
Q. ti. Hubbard <£• Co.- .This was an wction on an
implied warranty of tbe merchantable character i
ot 100 barrels of t. How, furnished by defendants i
to plaintiffs in November, 185-1. It appeared 1
that tbe sale was by order. Tbe plaintiff's were ]
manufacturers of candles at Sheboygan, Wis.
Tho defendants were packers end makers of i
tallow at Chicago. They accepted the order,
but tinding themselves unable to supply 1
the one bundred barrels of tbeir own <
rendering, purchased it of Crogin & Co., 1
• - u ptftlanCh The tOC tblt tirovod
of greatly inferior quality—claimed to be mere
soap grease. Tbe Oonrt charged that there w>s
an implied warranty of the merchantable quali
ty of the tallow, inasmuch as the defendants
knew what uge it was wanted for, and especially
as it was a eule by order, with no opportunity
to examine it. Also, that in sucb case tbe ven
dee is not obliged to return tbe interior article,
but may rely on his warranty and law for the
damages, and that in such case tbe measure of
damages is the difference between the value ol
the article as it should have been, and tbe value
as it was in fact The jury found for the plain*
titi $1,175.
E. C. Lamed and S. A. Goodwin for plaintiff,
M. Cdusin for defendants.
Tbe following cases were disposed of yesterday
George Spring and George Davis, for disorderly
condact in pulling down sign*, <fcc., were lined 13
Barney Thornton, drunk and beating his wife,
fined S2O
Michael Riley, drunk and disorderly, $3 ; Au*
drew lleulpy,do,s3; Abigail Doolan, do, $25 and
30d<ys; Frank Vogt, do, $5 ; Daniel Hanlon,
drank and drayage, $3.
Albert Trumbull (a boy), larceny, sent to R>
form School.
Joint Trucey, stealing wood, $1 and five days iu
Patiick Hennessey, vagrancy, S3O.
Gilbert & Sampson will sell this day, at
their new salesroom, 82 Like street, a very
large quantity ot good second-hand furniture,
carpels, crockery, £c.; also an extensive assort
ment of new furniture ot every description.
S*le to commence at o'clock, P. M.
Lost. Left home oc Friday last, Martha Bed*
ington, about 11 years old. Sbe has dark brown
hair, dark eves, pale complexion, and is rather
small for h child of her age. Had on when she
left, a dark plaid dresa, red cape, and worsted
hood. Any information concerning be
thankfully received by ber parents, at 143 West
Harrison street, second door west of Jt-iferson.
_ feS-2t
A Glorious Achieve*k>*t bi GATtrrr!—
Nothing can exceed tbe success achieved by J.
C. Medicated Paper tor tbe Water
Closet Piles will soon be a disease no longer
known except in name. Tnis pure medicated
paper is unequalled us a preventive, and unap
proachable as a euro. The proprietors wish it
to be spoken ot according to its merits only. It
is very cheap—looo sheets for $1; 500 sheets
for 50 cents. Sold by all druggists, and at the
discoverer's depot, 41 Ann street, New York.
"J. C. is watermarked iu each sheet,
and bis autograph is ou each package. Sent by
express from 41 Ann street, New York, upon
receipt of price. The trade are invited to cor
respond as to terms. For sale by J. H. Raed &
Co., wholesale and retail druggists, 144 & 146
Lake street, Chicago. ja2*i-2w-c63
See advertisement ot Dr. Sanfords' Liver
Invtgoraior in another column.
49* Bee advertisement ot lloadoir. Sewing Ma
chines. 122 Lake street. jal-ly-biXHj
jgf" See advertisement ot Quaker Citf S2O
Sewing Machine? L. Cokxbll & Co.,
<rc2<vly 133 Lake street
On Wednet3ay. February id, BENJAMIN, fon of Bsc-
Jaoiu and ELaabetn nolttook, actd tea week* azd five
The funeral will tike place at the parents mldeoee
West Hanls-.n street, to-day at 3 P. If.
> llope Fire Company,
I Cash Assets sm,eoo.
' EsrsoioKm (ar actboutt) la Ceicaoo.
i Beynoldf, Ety k 00.. Oidea. Fleetwood k Oct*
! Benedict. Uiuiory A f araam. ciarkADater.
I T. G. VAN BUJiKN, Aeenl,
South Cast cor. of South Water arc! Clark-aL
» otlOlTlttP CP ETMH&.
|lB e 9 .
' Illinois Hirer Packet Company.
) Incciported 1858—Capital Stock, $200,000.
! D.J. HANCOCK. Pra'U Wal. P. HANCOCK. Sec'y.
' A. lor freight (o 6L Louli aad all points on the Illinois
£ River at tbe lo'ett ritei, Freishttatenby Cuieaxo aad
' Bock Island Railroad to Peoria, aad Steamboat from
? t&eaee. lorpartlculirsaprty to
I T. w. ALKXItiDEB tOO n Aaect*.
j fetlw<l46 183 M B>cth watgrgt.. Oaleato. ID.
JL [tuceenorsto Stanfordkfcwsrds]
1 No. AOS Broadway, New York,
Have Recently Published
As Beve«led b- Its Own Writers,
t Facts lor tho -American. 3?eople.
t 13ai0....C10th....tl (0
" This toportaot b-iok ihoald be la tbe v andj of every
e InteliUeot la oar cfuatry- »t uoo tirade c>f
aboae >stlns' the tystem it treats ct bat a clear revels
t ia of liMMla-frßn wovactanda'd* ana aathoiitles.
and embodies facts that noshtto iltrlle Into watchfulness
ever* proteraot taatresds it."—{frcteitact Churchman.
0 IVOi-ples sect to asy addteas pre-p' IJ, on the reeel&t
of tbe price. For sale bj booluellsra peairaliy. Canvas
lii ta pp. 9 Uii BtrMt,
' L4SS •^1"
WAaHurcTO*, Feb. 2.—S«jtat»—A memorial e
wu presented from tbe Indian Aid Association
of New York, sa kiog Cob pre s* to organiza so
sew territories without consulting tbe Indiana _
Mto what portion of their territory they wish i,
to be located on; alio, asking Congress to grant
none; for Indian aid.
The Secretary of tbe Kayy transmitted in ac- n
cordance with Mr. Wilson's recent resolation, a
statement of aii the contracts made for lire oak, *
which was ordered to be printed.
Messrs. Seward and Sing presented various
memorials from New Tork and Long Island for
works of defence. d
Mr. Bayard, from the Committee on tbe Jn- p
diciary, introdoced a resolution spproring Min
ister Reed's decree of Febroary, 1955, regolat- ti
ing tbe consulates in China, and declariog that t<
no legislation is required to legalize it. Adopted.
Mr. Broderick introduced a bill to establish a
line of steamships from San Francisco to Shang.
hai tia the Sandwich Islands. Iteferred.
Mr. Pagb moved for any correspondence with £
Prussia relative to the compulsory enlistment' v
of persons claiming American protection, in the
Prussian army. Adopted.
"The'Houae oill for the poaiabment of coun
terfeiters of Military Land Warrants was read
aod passed.
Mr. Bajard, from the Judttiary Committee, .
said be would to morrow report on tbe Indiana *'
election case, in response to/ the memorial of L
McCarthy and Lane, claiming!? be Senators. 0
Tbe Agricnltoral College bill was taken up, 0
and on motion of Mr. Pugh wis recommitted:
Atm—Bayard, Berjamin. Bright, Chesnnt,
Clay, Clingman, Davis, Fitch, Filzpatrick,,
Gmn, Hammand, Houston, Ivereon. Johnson of e
Tenn., Jones, Mallory, Masdn, Polk, Pugh, *
Beed, Bice, Sebastian, Sbields, Sltdell, Toomba, ii
Ward, Ynlee—23.
Nats—Allen, Bell, Bigler, Broderick, Chan
dler, Clark, Collamer, Crittenden, Dixon, Doo-
Utile, Douglas, Fessenden, Foote, Hate,Bamlin. s
Kennedy, Kin?, Seward, Simmons, Stnsrt, s
Thompson of Ky., Thompeon of N. J., Tram- •
bull, Wade, Wright—26.
The Indian Appropriation bill was then taken
up and farther debated, but without taking a
vote npon it the Senate went iA* executive ses- =
Bioo, and on the opening of thArofrt adjourned.
Bodsb.—Mr. Greenwood, oSKrkaaaus, from ft
the Committee on Indian Affairs, reported a £
bill providing for the issue of Xand Patents to =
tbe Shawnee Indians, and the naturalizing of ,
them as citizens of tbe United State*.
Mr. Houston, of Alabama, suggested whether J
this could be done in this way, as tbe Constitu
tion requires a uniformity of naturalization. f
Mr. Greenwood replied that tbev were not on
the same footing as foreigners. Some of tbem h
were able to take care of their own afTtirs, and
as intelligent as many foreigners. . (
Mr. Bliss, ol Ohio, said it was inaugurating a t.
new policy to make Indians citizens by-special tj
act of Congress, and sogges)|d whether *£* e
matter'was not left to.the Statts alotje. i<
Mr Greenwood remarked ikjt tlie bill was id
accordance uitb the 9tU article If the treaty with *
tbe Shawnees. r
Mr. Colfjx, of Ind.. said that many- of the "|
Shawnees were as hit*.lligeDt as some ol the gen- J
tiemcn in tbe Hoa±e aud folly competcufc'to take LJ
care of their own aDaira. Tbe bill authorizes tbe
Indians to alienate tbeir lauds under tutU reguU
tious as the Commissioner of Indian Attain may
prescribe. We should open their country to set- a
tlemcnt uua encourage tbeir advances iu tbe pur- a
j?uitß of civilived life. fl
Mr. Montgomery of Pa., lemtirked that tbe citi
zens of Texas were naturalized i»y treaty and so
were others. At present ilie.-e Indians have no
redress for trespass, as none lint citizens of the
United States can tnc in tbe Federal Courts.
Tbe naturalization clause was tbeu striken out,
and tbe bill was then rejected by a majority of
Mr. Taylor, of L&., made &n ineffectual at- (
tempt to introduce a bill providing for tbe ac
quisition of Cuba by negotiation.
Tbe Hoase then went into Committee on the
Judicial, Legislative and Executive Appropria- (
tion bill.
A desultory debate followed—G&rnett, Gid
diogs, Smith of Illinois, Bingham and Stanton
adrocatiog retrenchment, and Davis of Miss.,
Phelps, Phillips and Keitt defending the ap.
| pr->priation.
1 Oo a motion to reduce tbe appropriation for
mileage, Mr. Bingham said the abuse of mile
age ought not to be tolerated. Tbe rates were
fixed unequally, some members receiving near
ly $12,000 and others only (64.
Tbe item of (200,000 for mileage was stricken
out by nine majority.
Without coming to any conclusion in regard
to tbe bill the House took a recess till seven
o'clock. Oa reassembling a general debate
took place.
From Washington. ]
N*w York, Feb. I.—The Daily Nevi Wash
ington correspondent says tbe $30,000,000 Cnba
proposition is likely to pass tbe House.
Tbe Timet correspondent telegraphs that 1
letters from Central America announce a matri
monial engagement between Miss Oasley and a
young English nobleman, now Lieutenant on
board tbe English war steamer Valorous. Sir
William is proceeding rapidly in his negotia
tions with Nicaragua, and hoped soon to return
to London.
Washington, Feb. I.—At a meeting of the
Committee on Ways and Means to day, no ac
tion was held npon the Tariff. They are await
ing the return from tbe principal Custom
Houses for tbe month of January, trom which
tbe Secretary of the Treasury expects to draw
definite conclusions as to 'be revenue that may
be anticipated from the present tariff. He ex
pects these returns will foot up 16,000,000.
A Democratic caucus was held to night. John
Cochrane acted as Chairman, and Messrs. Baffin
and Cavanaugh as Secretaries. About fifty men
were present, principally from tbe South, but
including two from New York, two from Min
nesota, one from Ohio, and lire from Illinois. A
great diversity of opinion existed as to tbe prop
er method of meeting tbe present pressing emer
gencies of tbe Government. But a very general
impression prevailed that tbe estimates wi*re al
together too high, and that measures must be
taken to rednce tbem very materially.
Resolutions were finally adopted; first, that it
is inexpedient to disturb the tariff of 1857 ; sec
ond, that a committee of five be appointed to
report to the next caucus, means by which the
expenses of tbe Government can be reduced,
and the caucus adjourned until Saturday sight,
when a g neralcall is to be issned to the Demo
cratic members, and tbe question of retrench
ment is to be debated *
Washington, Jan. 2 —ln pursuance of tbe res*
olution adopted at tbe Democratic Caucus on the
TanCf last nig.it, Messrs. Girnett, Vallandincbam,
Crawford, Burnett and Marshall of Illinois, were
appointed a Committee to report at tbe adjourned
meeting on Saturday some plan of retrenchment
in the expenditures of Uie Government.
The Select Committee appointed to examine the
act# of Mr. Seanwn, the late Superintendent of
Public Printing, expect to complete their labors
next week.
The select committee to examine the alleged
abuses in tbe navy djpartment and nary yards,
have already aQ d continue summon*
ing more witnesses*i&a* they can conveniently
examine during tbe present session.
The Senate in executive session to-day re
sumed the'eonsideratioo of the nomination of
Emory D. Potter, as Collector of Toledo, but as
n»qoorum was present tbe question was not
i The Committee on Military Affairs is still en
gaged on the consideration of the Washington
and Oregon Indian war debt. Messrs. Lane
and Stevens, the delegates from these Territo- '
ries, last nfght had a hearing on tbe subject be
, fore the committee. i
Nova Scotia Telegraph Company*
New York, Feb. 2. —The annual report of
the Nova Scotia Telegraph Company has been
published and distributed in this city, from
which it appears that there were SO,OOO mes
sages passed tbrongh tbe Halifax office to and
from other offices in the Province last year. It
also appears that tbe annual receiplaoi the com
pany less tbe amount paid tbe connecting lines
I was $20,900, and that the repairing and working
of tbe lines cost a trifle over f17,000. Other ex
penses have absorbed the whole of tbe receipts.
, and the Directors say that it appears that when
the country offices are taken collectively the
total expense of maintaining and working them
exceeds tbe income by about f4OO, so that the
> profits of the company ore derived exclusively
from tbe Halifax office.
' Tbe directors also state that with all their en
i dcavorsand constant and wearisome at.entiou, tbe
' expenses of the line cootinue to absorb • all of
their receipts, and yet these are the lines which
certain >pecnUtors in Boston and New York have
been trying to induce the mercantile community
to purchase at the round sum of $120,000, or to
» lease at a corresponding figure.
New York State Medical Society*
Albiht, Feb. 3.—The New York State Medi
cal Society has been in sesxiou here yesterdiy
• and to day. Dr.Mooday of Staten Island, moved
that a committee of three be appointed to inves
tigate tbe facts in relation to tbe quarantine, but
tbe resolution met opposition and was tabled.
1 Tbe prize -'or tbe best dissertation on scarlet
fever was awarded to Henry A. Carrington, of
Hyde Park. Tbe committee on vaccination re
ported thai small pox was more prevalent in the
I State at the present time than wver before since
■ tbe introduction of vaccination, and recom
l mended that the Legislature pass a law em
powering tbe trna»ees of each school to exclnde
from the benefit of public instruction all who
have not been vaccinated.
A resolution was adopted approving the action
5 of Mayor Tiemann in endeavoring to place the
control of theaanitary affairs of the city of New
York in the hanps of medical men, and exhort
ing tbe Legislature to pass laws to effect such a
; result.
More Difficulties in Utah.
St. Louis, Feb. 2—A private letter from
Bait Lake City, Jan. ?tb, says Judge Sinelsir
y adjourned tbe Grand Jury die upon petition
•f oi nine members in which they declare tbeir ins
£ Vtiity to proceed in tbe examination of witneases
u in consequence of tbe excitement and violence
i manifested. Jury composed o! 9 Gentiles, 12
>t Mormons, and a factious spirit ran so high that
*■ revolvers were drawn and a general fight, with
difficulty, was prevented.
The letters adds that the idea of an impartial
[) jury, or justice being obtained in that city, ia
preposterous, and a martial law probably will
M MtabliahsdL
New Jersey Lcgislatnre and Uie Quar
antine War.
Thixtox, N. J., Feb. 2.—Both Hocaea of tbe
LeKtalatnre have bj a strong vote adopted em
phatic resolutions against tbe Qairaotino at
Sandy Hook, aad instructing the Ssaators and
Representatives of New Jersey in Coagrees to
oppose action to that end by the General Gov*
From Mexico*
Wasbxsgtox, Feb. I.—The steamship General
Rask, with dates from Brazoa to the SSth alt.,
has arrived.
A conduit has arrived at Hatamoras with one
million dollars ia specie and bnllioo.
Gen. Garz i was preparing to march from Tam
aalipas to tbe assistance of-the Liberals.
From Utah.
LxavaxwOßTß, Feb. I.—The Utah mail, with
dates to January 7tb, has arrived. News nnim.
portant. M
Tbere had been a grand review of all the ■
troops by Gen. Johnioo. They are represented
to be in a high state of discipline.
From fit* Johns* ~
St. Jonsg, K. F., Feb. 2 The steamer Cir- ]
cajeian Bailed from here at 9 o'clock this morn- d
in?, tor New York, where she will be dne about n
Monday, the 7th.
Wind N. E., with heavy snow-storm pre- 7
- . tl
ltlval Steamship Lines.
>*svr Yoek. Feb. 2.—The Vanderbilt opposi- A
tion line to California advertise tbe Northern 11
Light to sail for Aspinwall on the 10th of March
next, to conaect with the steamer Uncle Sam
on tbe l'acitic.
" - i » m ■■ !—'■ -
"J* Mnnicipal Election* -
Lakcastsb, Pa., Feb- I.—At the municipal 1
election in this city to diy, Sanderson (Dem.)
was elected Mayor over Barrows, by 7 majority, Si
in a heavy vote. ■
Sailing of the Enropa*
New Yobk, Feb. 2.—The steamer £aropa
Bailed at noon to-day for Liverpool, with 41 pas
sengers and |072,000 in specie.
JCeto IVbDcrtxscmenl .
UT"C. //. SCHtrzy, A Ayenl, 63 a
i* nutliorteei to rccelte Adc<rti*emenit for Otis anJaO tin £
Lituluvj Ptij-ert of the Xorih- ifut. }al bBM ly \
========== 8
T T Apply at BUCK k RAYNER'3 New Pr. rcrlptloa
Pros Store, Sil Clark street, opposite the Coart Hoase,
Chclato fed if o
I. oa Eriesueet. near Mir»e'. Ebcht rooss la each .•
hoase at S3l permcoth. ls<ialieat42ClazjtstreeL ~
(c3c>o)lm E. WAED. c
CD LU enclosureof the sabseriber
Uie 24 h alt., two dark brown ml'ch cows,
Oaev«rylar fc e and the ether nachsaali-
er. oce carries her teal TCry ,*f If „
low. loe above rewar4 will be paid fortheir ceuvery to i
thesubsalbcrit bis p'acc near Ultarenrllie, or at the I
si-bic of rlaitk Hopkias. on a*nColLb street. 8
fe3 Cla74t HENRV KVIQHT. -
The co-partnersblo hce ofore ealstioc between 1
iiic ttnderwKccd under the firm name of Converse k e
Ihampscn * as this aay dissolved by mataal consect. ~
Peb. 1,1553. J T. THJMPj'ON.
TLean]ers'r:ed Boot
a!fl»at ilia old stand No. 10U Kanaoi;h street, anil l
alone aathiiized to collect al' demands da* tbe late
firm aod settle all demands th- same.
, feacty> at KUAMCuN VERSE. Ja.
Shred aud {sheet Isinglass,
Cost's fpnrkllu? Gelatine, ;
SARUKYV i. ILSLF.Y, ipothetules,
fe3 cHB no Lake atreet. ,
ROOT & CAB?, |
At the bl:n of tlic SUr Fpaigled Bianer. '
0 louj may it wave
*orthe aalf of Fioginc B-xiki of every deicrlptinn. This
is the only ilacewheie all of MASON BROTUEoS MO
gIUAL tOufJC.MIO.IS are coottantlyoahaad.
Churob. IVlusic IBoolce*,
Jabllee Sabbath Pel!, Sbawm. Hallehlaa'e, Oaatlca
jjudf.New aodOd Usrmina Ssera, noitoa Academy
Coilec l«7. Ps>tcry. >atlocal fsaiailst. TtaakfiiTina.
Lute cf Z on, As. All the late and popular
G-lee Books*
ladadloff Ffsthal <"' lee Book. N Y. Glee aad Cherai
book, (iee K ve. Voca.ist.lo Jal Glee Book. Family Ctr
*>* Glee Bvk, N. E. ee Book. Mlnoebata Qlee ilooi,
Ualon Olte ucor, t'.cl laa Glee Boos, Ac
Juvenile lioolv*.
Normal Plde r Soae BooV of the fchoot Boom. Little
Books »or Little Slaters, Aider's School Music, Wilder'*
MuiiLfll t'etneoury. No'mal roac Book. Yooaz Shawm.
icuo<iin»trel.6.n*lEg Book for Boys and Girls meet*
loss, As.. AC.
Boolis for Fornalo Eeminariea.
The Mas'.cat Gasket, a new book receatly pablished.
an J already istri.dacedln*othe crindpal teaiaarles of
Hew Y ri. Brooklyn and Chic Mo; «vlbua, «vlbua,
Acadrmy vocaiUt. Maslcal Class tiook, Matlcal Bgqaet,
Music*. Kcho, Irstiiate Webb's vocal Uiass
Bock. Ac,, kz. Also, a creat variety of
Taaeaod Hymn Book*. Operaand iSacred Chores Books,
Cav.atas Oratorios. Ac.. Ac.
General astortmeni of Technical and Sdentlflc iluai
cat Works Mu.'i'aitltera.urs.
y A Liberal Discoont to tbe TVade. .
H Coor. Ba.—Cook County Court of Ocmmon Pleas,
lebrorry i'erm.. IS&9.
Charles H. Booth aad Charles Tattle Ta.O:Tille Finch.—
Public notice Is hereby xlien to the said Orvllie finch
that a writ of Attachment issoed out of the office
of tbe Otsrk cf Cook Couoty Court of Comison Pleaa.
dated the-fist day of Pebaary.JA. D. 1869, at th* idtof
tbe said Charles U, Booth and Charles Tattle and against
tbe esUte of the said Omlle of six.
teen bundle. 1 viu forty-two do ia.-saadforty-eltht cents,
directed to the SbertlT of Cook county, which said
writ has been returoed execoted.
Now, tbcrefbre. unless joa, the s'ldOrrille Finch shall
personally be and appear before the uld Cook county
Oourtof Common Pleas, co or oeforethe first day oftho
aext term ibereo'. to be holdea at tbe Cocrt House
intbedtyof Chicaco, oa the Orit Monda- of Febru
ary. A. U. h59. Rive special bail aad plead to the said
plaintiff's action tuinaent will be entered acalnatyou
and In favor of tbe said Charles H Bjoth *nd Charles
Tot le, and «o much of the property attaehed a* may
be sufCdeat to eitisfy the said jud«meat and costs,
will be sold to satlitythe sane
waltib szhball. cirrk
Thompson k Bishop, Pit g> Att'ya ft 3 cU93Od
1 (zlstlnvbetweeoH M. Hirjrfos and A J. Hlrjdns,
aaderitenameanlstvleof tUnrins Brothers isthls aay
ditsolred by mata*l constat. H. M. at somes all
theilatjillilej of the late finsaod to whota -.U d<*bt« must
be paid. H.SL HiGGINS,
> CMcaffo. Feb. L 1853. A. J. HIGGLNB.
U. M HIGGINS returns bis tbaiks to his customers
' for pa«t favors, anl hopes by strict attention to basin ess
to merit their future patronace.
. ** My stock is by far the largest aod moct complete
' in the Noithwtst.
weekly &cm all the Eastern
IW My c italotue of my own publications Is new the
r finest cfaaypublbhed In the Uaittd ttates. f» which I
1 am coattaotlT addlnc from the best composers lo the
J Kastern aod Weston SUtea. U. M- HIGGINS,
I fe2-lw-c154 45 Like street.
Hit. higgixs, pub
• LIkHER. iS Lake street, still has on haod the
1 lanttit stock of Mosicalmerrthandisekeethy any other
s bouae In the Northwest. Lao soleactnU for tbe cel
ebrated "MtxlelMclodtfjo,"«ad# b? uas'in A llamllj.
"ostoo* aboaa-cts for Lichte. Newtoa A Bradno-y's
PIANtfS, with the ** P teat -*rch - rest fiaok." wh.ch ia
ued by no otber Manafaetorers la tbe w?rtd, aad is the
most to »o taat taecDtoical impriveoezit, laslea ! o
u*ler iroa as wort mak ts do—which aires ih* ln3.*o
meotam tails aad disagreeable sound—crudTsawoed in
tbecrt lnary wa>—which reedcrs It necssary to weaken
f the part of tbe iistromeat whuela tbe greatest porlbie
strength is wulr <l—by cuttii< across tbe craln of the
Q wood. tJshta. Ns Win k Bradhory's hare a meth*< :
a whereby thej sprios this patent Wje»t into proper form
i. by the aldofsteaai and puwerful marfalnery. A stain'
, of ten tons will eak nolmprej-on Oj the arch. wi'»n
A the fibres of the wood lnile»d beln< weakened by tbe
, tutor*! p ira of resistance gieatly an*ra»nted by the
pec liar formtker are made to ansae in the Patent
8 Arch Wre«t. Erjy insTutora'- is warranted.
2 aUkindsof Cbur:hftl3Xicßo«ksfor salt.
The cheapest and Utes'blee Bookout is the MINNB
HA-HA. Priceit-gle copy <&cents, sen* by mall .post
>• paid; per dossn «.W all orders must be addressed
Q to 1L AL lllGGiNa. 45 Lake*'.. Chicago Ja S bt« ly
y* is honea and faltofol; capable of attecdbc to
6 tre«cripUoa builaess aad cotafraidif wtrk of any kind,
y MiutipcakGcraaa. Aodreaa box 53i. unbuqqe. fe33t*
'* kJ'/iV/V-'v-/ racmhs. to use la a I'jrftlinate
c outlaeu. to be secured on uitncumbered Ccty Eeal Ka
if tatcwoitb eiWO. Any one rartna tbe ao»ve sum to
l->anwl.l pUeie adiress. ttatlaa tapns. £NTKHP&IPK,
J P.O. box3lS7. fe3lw»
0 V t«J Een'.
Wli&rf lots 27 and 28, in Block 89,
gcbob l <«ectbn, on the east s'd» of Soaih Branch, be
tween HanUoa Van *-u en s'reeta. They can b«
re'Ud foraajifleietroraVtna ofy«ar« Irqoiroof
i. fe3lm E. O. LAftNlto. »7 Waabinatou ».
J Pure Sperm Oil,
* Lar A e Stock In Store which we offer Low.
J H. BEED 4c CO.,
w l# k US ....Like fitreet, IH k 1«
U - US
* $14,000.
/V of Goods asd Hoase and Lot ia this city tor sale.
_ of the aooun. will be taken in Improved
** F»nnlat AddrmlaaedlateUy **J. itoxiaoo,
IT with description of property. fel-lw*
L valuable Horses and Oarrtate*, which we will ex.
- s chanae for Groceries. Laa hardware. Boon and bhoea
» or Dry Goods. Also a new Seven Octave Piano as above.
fafib*J4la S3O and 53a South CUrk street*
1 Jty to Inform his nomerosi frienis and patroaa that
U be has !oit froai a t >ur la brope, aad havlas.
ts wtdlethweviiUedeocwof the^r^tci^al nooltaliot tht^
R all caseereesbine the beat and
•ar»l«alpractice. OfSciwKaadolySjfc iaSSoIUIB
OTL 11
t 1 '•'■ JK' cheapest
-"Jr Host Brilliant Llgbt 0N
Yet discovered. q
/X n la a Il&ad tienp, <" NB t
, VJ\ « -JmM {A3 GALLON hamlugtbre« EO i
«T hoarv each d»y. \arts U i
U r> TEjLEE MONTHS, jtiv- 3
•£ -..iV* ln*»h-httqn*Uo elrbt „
Oaadlea Wbea the £
.V Rfl LaroolsnrotKrlTUtoa- X
<y ta ef ed there U c
S««te or Smell. 3
OIL 81 PZEGALL'a. J- 1
A Eooss conu'claT iLz or eUht room* la th* Boath
DiiUJjin. m In* rent. Tbe Pnreitnre wilt b« boaaht cr
rented If driireil. Address Bos " Fc«t Office.
y V a Ftot Clun Retidenc® oa the Kirth BWe. la
tnU city, loetted be;«eea tbe atreet* of Pise and North
' earborn. Ii lut and Sapericr. Lot to be sot lei*
th*n 75 feet front, with » line acd enamMlooa 1
Apiiif at tae of W«lirr 4 00, Nj. 1? £ta'e street,
irittryrea deoce, No. IT2 3licil<ao aveno^
_iaatutdi9 JaMta U. WALLER. An
Bom Ghe'thva ctherviae Jamn Hearr Harjt,
aailve of Manchester, Eoetanc, aced yean. Apblj
tothncfflce. ja2-i-2ir
IT Bcred. for which ihebkbestiaariet price will be At
paid Addr.'aj or applr to SAMOxL L. HkHrZ. No. M
Kaadoiph atreet, Ctxlcaaa jalilm*
Poultry aad Produce itaad la the dty.
tor Addreaa ' J.'' Uriw ¥907, uulcigo. LU. c
-I*o Houaeand Lot on thseor*er of Wb'cot; aod
ktreets, now ocespled by T. 9. PhUCpa. The house
and jcreoid an lo perfect order, aad tUiu) ofthepor
cbaaeaoQ«ycanrriral3 os R>od and Mortcue fer a
yean Atp'.y »tthe effifeot PHILLttrA a VAN
WAGKNkn, No. i Loomi>' HtuulL-g, eoraerrtClark a-d
Sooth Water itretti. fel lw-clii
Gas Light and Coke Company, at the redsced price
of lenccatspcrtnuhelicra'yqoaottty. ja>>-3y-<g
BEB,** «u built In CUreaod In ISSH: lenuth.
ioo leei: brea4tb. 26 »100 fe:t: depthSt3-10t feet;
ta«aearement £3 61-v*s tons.
For price and tnmjapply toLIND A SLATED. Canal.
near MadUon itreec ja!slm*
Xl PHFdiMrN.—I have for tale one cood Track S
W«*oq and U*rae*i;flTe*ood I on AxetOraya and Uar
u»e«. the ab'>re for ule cheat'. laqolre of L. Ti/- W
r*NV. at Kiel-mood ACu'*, cCQce corner Nor.ti Water k_
and Dearborn toccta. jalt bWt 2m
OfficeNo.3.DoWsßaUdltitf.qhlc«o,lll. Or
Uie following vessels:
Schr. ROnKET. fimo.a
.. OBt* EMILK. .. SKJ ..
.. ft'GbTING ME. .. A .4(U ..
.. WING." OP r HK WltfD. Claai A i U7I) ..
.. INTBKVaTIONAL. .. B I*. a* ..
.. GR&ALDiSE. .. H] .•» .. 1
.. PXTaKi* .. Ui. JJo .. :»j
J 1>
Nov belojt £red«i, 21
On Bosh) near Superior H
I AndtobeftiUabed May Ist. Ttesehonsesare**46feet,
three s<onc& with basement. Sfliwaakee brick frost,
ballt and to be finished ia the beu manner. Tae lots are
14? feet deep to ao alley, aad will bare a good brtcfc bara
oa eaeb. Person# parcbasmg soon caa make such al
terations as may be desired. *
Term favorable. Apply to DB.B&AINAED. 45 Clark A
ttreeU from? to 10 o'clock A. M. iaS
House and situated
oa tbe cornerof Wo->d and Warrea streets In the
we»t Divlsioa. aear Uaioa Park, occupied by v P. Uay*
ward, Tbe boose is oew, built of brlca two stories, aod a
atone basement twenty-foamy fifty-three feet, vlihaflne
obserratorr; finished la the qoa fasbi-mable manner
with alt toe modem Improvements—marble masters,
pates.4a, Ac— wcu.d be a desirable residence. The
lot Is slx<y-six by one baadml an 4 tweatr-sevea fert,
with a twenty foot alley in tbe re »r of U : wUI be sotd
*eryche«p—on caaal doe. or the whole of the purchase .
money may reaalu oa morusge oa It and other property
for roar or five years, or 1* will be exchanged for aa>
doabwd real es.ae securities, having several yeara to
run apply to K. T. P.O. ItoxNo il«. orUi
C. 11. BURN Ald Dearb ra St.— loom ?. ie<eJU2m*
Malt! Malt! Jialt!
6 Hi it I BP- NO 1 CANADA BAB -
,* • LEY MALV. J|. Mf>re aod fcrsaleby
is 6 bWO 3m 157 Keosie street „
b« acccmsodatei. with or withoat rooms, at ->0
Madlsoastreet; also a rooms, soitabl« f<r a smitl 1C
family. Kefereoces glfea and repaired. lw* j.
tiemen caa procure Hoard aad Pleasant Roc ma at
No. 71 Monroe s reeC Abo. a few day boarders caa be
ascommodated. jalilm cls
I) and pleasant rooms, either guiles or slagle, at S4
Booth Clark street, Traosient Board at reasoaable ratee.
JalMo* C
Boarding. —single rooms and
salts of rooms oewly fitted ap, with board, do rva* *
•oasble terms, may be ob'ainedoa application at No Ula
Stater rest. 0. D. OLIVkB. ;
deaa-to* J
1. Water street, suitable f:r a Wholesale Grocer or
Dry Go-'ds Jobbing H>oie. Kent moderate. Apply t)
MaTIHiW LAPLtN.49 rfootb Watern. ]a3« ci:i 2w
to oorotw premlte*. Nj. id La>e st eet, oa t
Uv of February aext, we will seat to a good t< oaat the J
Store we now occapy, i»c. IST 8 «a«b Wat*r street. Ap- 1
the eomvodfons offices on the fl*st aad semnd
floor la rarde«'j Bol.dlac corner Boota W ster aad Weill •
strtt'j. t«o lofts aad a fine coroer basement. \
suitable fca'l Por terms apply to tbeiabscri 1
berlatheballdla^,No.9l2 tJoath i
J«»b»ss«m " 8. B. WILLIAM?. \
REST, for a term of years, that large baildlcg next
East of tbe Elevator ofGibbs. <<HOsi Cj.. with the fine
Lot oa which it stands—being M feet, more or lets, oo the ,
river aad raaaiax back tn tbe G. AO.U.B* K. Attached ]
to the balidiag tj a steam engine room, with an engine. \
This U a fine loc*»tkMi for a Flooring U11I» or lor Ueehanl* 1
(particular Notices.
chased the Interest of John J. Isola In the hoose
i or Boekee. laals A Co.. an j whl coatlaae thej*»h'lo
sale Dm- betiaeas as before at the old sta«r«L No,CS Sooth
Water sfctet, mdtr the style of Eocsee. Phillips A Co.
: CMcaio, JcD. U 'O3-
fel-lot cm OKO.V STUN fENBPBOB.
Dearborn Seminary.
• 1 tion for T-ung Ladles will begin oo Monday, thellib
• last.
Clrcalsrs can be ablalned br addreatlng the Prlndptl.
i orby eaUln<attaeSja^iaryß"Udloc.
, fcl-Sw-cM< Z GBQVEB. Principal.
to a rare chance for la vestment la aba«loets where
* tbrre Is oo comp*t tloa. aod which nays tntbese-bard
1 ttmea felly ooe bondred per cent Tbe bdsio-si Is well
5 estaUlahed nd oa tholncraase. »ad will la aye/r stioo
5 b«wortht2R-0(P. Ucaa aaw b« parcaasea for UJXO,
' Cart cA Tbe proprietor Is about to leare for P jres
\ Peak. Add;ess-P. O. BoxlSQ." jaS*-6t<139
I $5,000 to $20,000.
* B Ptccks of Dry Goodj, Groceries or other persoaal
property to exchaage for pa.-t casb and part real e*ate,
caa b« treated with advaotageoosly. , , ~ ,
' A city realdeace «ls > wa' t«d for cash, and caUiue real
J estite. ftcrth B.de preferred. App'y to .
i HlU> k Aactloaeers,
Ja3T St 1W Wo. a Dearoora street.
r ch i inn worth of merchan
P OOU*' '* 'U DISE wanted In exchange
*; for Bonos ud Uoiua«ea oo Eavtem CUy ana
prtnCpiUt eatedatth. \d lres«,.wuh real name and dla.
cdptonof Goods, Z. C.;" box 3138, Chicago, Pj»t
« Officq. iaJi c«M lai
ItL At Tea per Cent, per Annas.
; for rxVB xbabs.
Flrst-cla* Aeal Xatate aod
p. ninnlßg from One to Twelve Months., tm _ w
« [mSBcIO B.r.lMlWNL*<OACo^67Clark.st.
_ dll (\(\i \ AT TEN PER CENT.-A
CM»VV* ' »arty wahea me t»aeJl a snal'lot'
at alow price en fair terms, and loan the purchaser sLOCO
or apwarda, at ten per c<ot. oo other security, ooe or
r two years. Application to be made to me personally or
i b* letter. J. L. LKK.
jyis At Wadsworth k Oo'a Clark St. boa SS73. P. 0
I Merchaadse-orCltyProp rtv. about SIO,OOO
U otjewelry. Gold Pens, Pendk kz. Addres **J. W.
BoxaiW> Chicago P. O. lylab9»7 Im _
Draru. Acceptaocea and Notes paid la New York on
the day of mautrlty, or last day of grace, and money d©-
1K shro for accoont in the city of New Tork and sent to
cities In the vicinity of New Yor< onTdegraphie vraera,
1 e " E WL£&m,r a *.
~~ IVJL TiT* BecmUki. Mottma, Tnal Ml Bon&
Btocka, Bnsiness Notes, acd all good necotla&lr secarr
U«boa*ht and sold. Certlflcaiesof Deposits aod CbecJa
K. of &.K. d«lA> Brother k Johnston, parcassed for ease
. at the bluest market price. Dealers 1«. Illinois. Wlscoßj
gta andfowa lands. Improved (arms, sabaroan lots aac
? oun State, Ot&ee No, S, Uecond door) MecmaU-
g«ninbh and Lwalle sts~Cblca«o
__ ddb6C4m W. DAVtWON.
|| CUeag* ud miwitke* Biilrtad C«apuy.
I Stockholders of tbe Chicago and KUlwaakea EaQ
road Oompaay. which waa advertised to be hold en at
_ their oßoe la Chicago an the ltth day of Di*eavb*r.
m laa. at 10 o'clock A. It. has b«en POSTTOITED "ON
-1 TUESDAY Pehmary 9u», 136#. at 10 o'clock 4. ki
lt at wbich time said meetiog will be bolAea at th« off eeol
K. aid (hap"7 is (or tbe election of Dfci ctora
a for the awning year, ana the tranaactlea of eeatt ether
« borfosss ggatav oepra—its A
d *°* r d' k & DOW*, iisil uy.
The Excßisinr Society Festival. ""
. Otjof Cbicace" willoelebratslts AC
Teath Axxnivemiy,
By a Grand Closer and Soiree at iho fe
xixosaioxrz) SOT7SS.
Th» CotsaiMe* or Arraoirem«st» will tM to It that I
me e<iiul to
any farmer oae,wt!caia all toat amire.
W.B i TlcePmldsnta. •
ClLl&Lfr> 11. BAT. )
p. L. 81IE2MAS. te:TeUry.
/, P. BAECOCK. Tieaiurtr. I Q
J. R.U ruiln, TF Wt E.D. W. Kofclnjcn.
X. JL I'Turr • H K. Voc P. . tft »ney Baltb.
v. h tftiii.jrr* if, t* Vonroe. C. B. firweU.
K. Vm Bur-n. O. W. Roan tt, ffa. A. Growr. 54
Birth Day!
THE f£Sbi
Nitioaal Gairi U&tU
Win celebnue the Naiioaa HIII- ASA
■■ day by a •/
And la the will idra a f k«
Cnnd Fa!l Dress Military
At their llall, tcrnerct Marke'. j [j. V -ip ffl/
and Rtniolph !t*efts. ' -*i ijVSK(j
TUESDAY EVESUrt} /■t f' 'ft? 2<
Fob'y 23d, 1539. ;" j,| Jf? If.f ; 1
To Milieu 111 MUltaxr *ro ti. - M J Clii
Tiled lo be -rusnt :n i'gj
FULL UN ' lF OßM.Hg£ggj|||^i
H in. f t«; hea A. Colonel T *jlor; F
Uou.Wmß.Kna Col jot) D&rta Be
Oen B. K sent. CapU Wyman. n
(ten. Bcaablee, Citt> Piriir. »<u
U«pl. McArUrar. Capt. Ju SaHh. fi
Lieutenant Gate. M
Capt. Gev. JL. Ssauiboru, r
Jas. D; Witt. A. S. Cobb. il
£. B. Knox. a. W. itoaih. rci
UeoVßobt. Wetberail. Roht. Bom
Lieat J. IL lliyaco. Wm. lonia. r
Lleutcoa-it J. !L Ctyboarse. m,
tr Mode by the GBKAT WESTERN BAND.
and GenUemea upon
llamai Anatomy atd Phjslalopj,
Or the Struct are and Caes of the Various Parta of the
-BY- I
ProL R. H. PADDOCK, A. M. M. D. |
—IT TSC— |
Institute £lall,
To c-onntn.*# oc Qix'. Moatla ErpQioie. F«b. ?th> at
T'a o'dwC. and to b« e«cU Batorday aod
aiocd*y following ml completed.
tickets fir the Coorje. •LWeA-h. ror»3nx'eL*e
Ure, ii tenia e«h. Tj be b'daiUioUniaßtorea ofj. H.
keedACo. Laie »t:eet. L. T. Huueston. No. 60 Nirth
CUrfcurert a-1). iirjan. No. so West MadUOo itr^et.
Gale Br tLer*. No. JIU Hkndtlpb «treef. and «t the office
•of l)r. Paddock. P- nmd Block. Room 13 fel-M cUI
Cleveland Lodge, No. 211,
A . F. AND A. JI.
OnTborjdJj, Feb. I, A. L.5559,i. I>. 15.19.
Touxaslf a .d Ladlea ire reapectfolly Inv'ted.
Members of the Fraternity are reqaeited to acprar in de
Tlualc by the Great Western oand. ]
3. T. DEAN. OalSes. t*
Tlck«u may be at the Treuoot Kodae. aod at the ai
fira cf ccerson. Miller A Co., ?i C«oal stteet. «o
iioso.iar xASAGins.
Ira K. ur. Buet. O. M.. ni
M. W. H. G. U. &.
E. W. Mitchell.«. Pc
U.K. ReubrnTaylor, U. P„ pr
M. E. J V. Z- Blan y. O. C., c^
M. K. N. D. Uvood. G. U. P.. w,
ILK. 11. A.Juhn«Ob.U.R. d<
T. L O. W. Deartoc. G. M. 9<
oonMirru or aajt4iacMa*T3.
Rtiben Clereivsd. P. iL, W. T. M'Her. P. 9. W., 9 \
W SL E*aa» \V. M.. N. W. HuaUey J. W., tP
P. F. Wltooa. T- }al!>emtd 51
Tuiins Hen's 4s>ociation. «
3d~GI>ORGEdCMNER. Babject:
lOUi—BAYAXD TAYLOR. Subject: -LifelotheNorth." -
17tb-E. P. WHIPPLE: faVJiCt:
Uttk-UEKMAN MELViLLE. "3culhSeaa." _
".fUST W1L305. A
HKNRY W. B'SlloP. Jr..
jiSj i-crare C'nanlUee. V
Cleveland Lodso No.]ll«A. F.AXJI.j 0
Will c me i ff at the Trem-nt lloose, on TUDHfIDAT
febmarr 3d. isa. j^td-cSI
C. M. CAD?, Instructor.
Flementa-y Class. Tuesday. 7 o'clock P. M.
Adraaced CUas, Priiay. o'clock P. M. i
At the Lecture Room la Portland Block.
tyTnUloa:-10Jpertenno. Uweeks. jal^-la-cli
Silver-Plated Goods. £
O variety. StQooa. Fork'.T«a-ieta. Gobleta. Jk±c.
fir »Je lower th%a at anr othe* h a-e in the city. A j
JAEGER A CO.'i French China Knporlum. 101 a
itxect. between Clark and Dearborn. jASO-lr-ti*
Country Merchants
lanre inck of Crockery aod O'aas-war* before
maaiiwibelr ponhaser« e!a-wbere. with the uioraore
thiuou bes. eadeavurd will be o> tde to make It for their
adraauireto purcriane clock ill e China Emporium of
A. JAEuEH A CO.. .UJ Like atfeet, between Clark and
Dearborn. l<3M*-c34_
New and Attractive Goods.
VV aitent'oa of the ladies «f Chlcaso- andikepnMe
In sen*r*l Vo 'ur la'te and co«»p ete ttock of fine Irjnca \
Chloa. fine Cut Bohemian Glass W*re, Oiockery Ware,
BrtanlaWue. A:.. Ac .uwere satufiedl tie euallty
and low trleeauf t>ur coods. aau>RlTe the beat
aatlsfictionUa'L A .'AkGEd A UO. WOLakejrtreetbe.
tween Clark and Deart><.n J>a»ly.c^4
Fine China.
ed DlnserS is.
Fine decorated and richly gilded Tea deia
•• ♦» •• •• roUeiflets.
Beautiful decor*t«l Mo*' * Cuos Ootofoes. Tete
aTe e&ta,CaM tt*steu !c~ of «?enr df»cri«uptu and
will twsold verylow a*> V jAi.iE.l a CJ. 3. liß Lake aW
X. BCB4C of Infanalo* their cttjtjm*r« that they ha»e
r-raOTed ihelr stock ofcrock*ry. <uua and china flrmn NO
gw takevreetto the new !io. 1W Lake
»uot-.hti.titjwa>t>« Uinkfui;j l
anceof the Boeral
them. A. A CO, ltf* Like itrwtbeiween
i Cark and Dearborn. ja-30»»y.w .
VT Emporiufflof A. JiEGEX A C 0„ No IQB Lrte
Hr*«C betwee,. and Powbnni. 1
1 " SO. 44 61 AT* ar/tAAI.
h*nd U»eJ..::ow!3» *ise».il priali,
» >»<7 ,
Sl*«t «*«» • '
■ rutf ibtis
a:xii inii
3.W Jii3i AJi2T
P tnfl t/i> irrpitint»i»rtevworva»*ol nl BOOR Pa?ll
J " ituureamaoi
; !.!*!« reams M*nilJ»>>o. _ ,
An ream* Caii-ta-i L««<r.aLil a««iera.aaaortmeatoi
i Prinier'»-«taUoa« , i7- amt\ nnni
Ij«i» ksjia of father 1 * .•learateo AJfD BOO*
lM A;i<>fw»iea will B-v»;u ♦"r «• i»a. »tth«low«e«
ble raits- , . _ , j
®#»<'aak ,*aid • »r Xa< . ■«*
e »>!• 'M '
» Theml»crib<r!sprepartjlo ninilii In 1»«8 or «a*U
quaatiea. MOdELET A OO'd
i Corrugated Booflng.
WISS'." rwaca we nta orln«r»iice 10 w
Mw«Hasolanaof the yarioos metboda of
>• witaSf£»■ i»M SjiX
.f J CLEVEUKOi omo.
IX I KL-I.LV■iiiwrtu.tlieomklruot.hwJftitoM*
Umiwof «>" city of rleTelaod and^* a bhloi
£ S.I otli«rw»*erO eiJiet. is »rUtt«rins
e«i^promptastentoa. *• 3
S 1. & TAVLOK 4
£ Dealers Is
- Dime ?|^S n I oS B ?^< 1 OI S StOlle,
i JSSeS&atsiaajr
a imPm*
li O file. too.,
s *** "' * w *"" '
T- HODV »io« * on.
I .SSXASi! GLA3B :! GLASS!!! -
41 fx plate aa<J Double Tbiek Gl»«. aflv«aMa« *»
ST: m »MlTir_
L ***•+*» » ■—»* * -
- L
h |«U4H>S79 *• ***•
■Ruction Sales.
m A. BUTTERS & oO n
(Near the Pojt Ofllce) CUca*o» Illinoia.
adv*ncej on all kind* of Mereiacdls*. -MM
d<-r J*ned hw tMj d»r eo par'nerahip
aids'" the a%me of ULLt* £c SWASB 7. f r par*
p *e of oonJu:U:eiUj ttencr.il antl »n «or) Commission
Wieu HO**TtO Ml*.L.
Chicago. Jaa.3.!BS% tAMUSL SWASKY.
Commission. >lcrchants.
Willadvance on davrfoiloo ofzoodj consigned
for Aact.on Sale?.
BoauTto htu» flaSfl bjoidp, iwiair.
and Second lland Furni
ture, Engraving, t arpei*, Crock
ery mad StoTeSf
on thuiubat *na today mornings. vebm.
in 3d tad <th. »* t>» o'cl«ea A M.. »*ch d«y. we «U1
pell tbs iDtlrs *£T<JCta ft twit 'ami lies dec.lnl< * noaae
keeplnc, and coin* to Plke'aPealc.aieurnew uievaoro.'
No. 93 Lake I'r.rt,
listing la part «f
Par'or Salts, hair cloth »rd plush do; Tete a-Trte*.
Martl»top rabies, B*ok Caaes. eta-era, 8oaa» Uau
> tanda, Card and Centre Tables. Parlcr and fc*aj Chairs.
Oak. Rosewood. Walnut and Maaoaaay Chamber
Sa'tj; Rosewood and Mahoeany Bcdsuvs .Varfl*-tcp
and plain Drenta* Care*tu and Waahuanda, Ward,
robe* In Rosewood and Mah*i*oy. B»i* aiUmn,
Feather Piiiowa aud Bolsters. Comiirterr. Cane Chairs
and hoeaeis, OUt Frame Mirror/. tteceplhn
Mahritanr. Oak and Walnut D'nl*»» Cxtenifon Tablea.
Chairs. &lde.Boa?dr. Crockery. Oanware* Cracker? and
olher£t3Tes. Kl»cheo.ware of all kmc a.
Rich Tapestry. Bras 11*. th«*« p'y and other
Bezant tfnsravinss in (il.t Prime?, Coc»».. A.\ To.
Wter witb a »reat v iriety of other ft odj &ile positive
and wliboit rtser»«.
feJ-td c's2 GILBERT k Anctloneera.
[Ctdc*ffoßncchorthe o'd Bufaln MIU farnUblnx b
Übllatmrnt ]
JfAiO B. Hruv*. Bnl«*ent Partner «nd Ulllwrlxht. S8
Uiukei stneu Chlcuo. llono'a.
MlHitoOM, mAnaftctared At this e*tabUihiaect» in
flnLsbeil on new arrt Improvd principles and are M
pear perfect a* obtained b* the b«t manofactarera .In
the world. The credit or IM* •tt*hlL»pm«—,i r or the
Mat tweoty-Sv* yean Id fornlihln* Mill Fiodla**
for newly every J 1 Late and Territory in the tln'on •<••1
knova sod ab«M be maintained. X»f» Pe'ected MHI
Bioae*m%te<iO» , pec>al Contract term Choice New --r i»l*l
Qntrrf Block. No/e'i Improved Cockbead and Hi Iter
botaittes. flueila »iau»» *mth \r^aejta. wan anted *xe»t
10 uw tor line and small tfcnea. Alio, Importer* aad
dealers la
Extra Hmyj patch laker Bolting Cloths.
MlLLKßSlnwaotof KOI.TI.VJ « LOTH* for man#,
ftctartnc Extra qoatttTof Floir. can d-Mieud opou «et
ooc ihe noalae OLD DUTCH aNKSU. glunie and
DcuOle Extra*. UollitntCloih* made ap la a luoerlor
Orle. bT ClTlnt lerurtn >»dil diameter of in feel
aod laches. Jotia T. Ni>ye'a Improved Oentti!u«al Feed
ing and Floor aod Grht VU:«. l'li*r>tsit.o Coio will.
MulCaatloe* and Macolnert o' ev«rv <le»rlt>Uo'a far*
ni-hedto order oo *h<>rt noti. e. from Qew pattern*
pli>Te*a frapro»ed Pr»**a"e MIM. Aifoi* 'ortbeßaflUo
Bca'eWerl. rouble Ex.raCuA *i.l Wcfc* Im
proved Ta'bteej Kc-ac'lon and C* QtrAJ Di*-
chanre wawr Wheel* warranted >qual to oe»U fitted
wita Out t*teel «r duller Irou Huckct*. warraote I to w ro*
da*eshUh reP**i:tii"» of power. Proai Marnine and
9eparat r. Tor mll'ia'd »'r h«u»ei. Cb oe e ."u<»r Case
Mill* SoairJtVl UtfJsePower. So**-Mvl* fbr U*ocer
let. Noja'i Improred »roo Hulling KieL Jubn T. Nore'a
Woor Parser, Siatlmieryaod Portable fcorine* Belt-,
trc Hovt and M'enin l'»c4iu*. Laudphero tipjko Plaalos
Mscbtais M.I! y-irubliliu icaeinlly. __
Uavtiic the largest tt :i >urauiiiu« 8 ocfc lo the
we can tell at a liwer tNan an* other establUbmest.
B.—N?e w'UcoQiraot to fn<nl«l» and bail * MNUcoa*
pl-*w. erforaljb nl.in* *nd «u-~*tdn%Uoai fnr Millvrlahti,
IT Address JOHN T. NoYE 4 CO.. CMCMO. 111.
I{. I'. (JPtUft & Bro.,
102. .. IV'it Lakt Strut 103
luycricteuaa ASDCXALBRS I*
011 Co pi, Ga*£t Cotks, Strain Hater Guget,
For Warming Ilotcla, Charcliei, Vac
torlcs, ai'i
P. W. Gaits. Wamtr. i;ti!ili«trs 4 Frustr.
iVI_ CARr' rtal.lr»Pd:»u»i: •nnry
Stemn Knsrines mid Boilers,
«ad Aiteou i«»r :0e s»le oi h'oruble
Bitglnc ami Hwint l,*tnea,
Jorieht i>rtll^ t W*xl 4aJufi« *»«»
aifJe f«*m,Sut»Hi ana w*iert;»UK««, iiuuhcii Ur*a wort
rows* A.NI) UA>l> i"LA2«KfIB, *TC.
ai>Caatlos»«>d Mill Oe»rto« made (• order.
tfark Good—"OATKH \ 00.'»
» «. v «fu K. a. ciaualU'
ApnlS. l«t
IS ..Uka rimai.
TNTOE the country trade to ths
L foOovisx: .
l§o Tom Annealed Wire—w»orted oonbarfc
5 - Brtubt ** "
coot) KaeaNiUs—•eortedriseesadbeißdlß
uod 53a abeel Iron—•aaortdd.
" - Jiuili.na aaatad.
HOO ** " "19.
15 Oasfea Sheet Zlse.
KXTCIS and ****- TOOLS, few
McGregor's celebrated hsaots
jjJL BTOVI3. <i Jo*" Parlor*- OUlcea. Btorea. HalM
Ud Churches. Alao
Tocether with a flue ajaortoent of
*-»-t* *j\» ml pattella for Mia b? C **STZ. 1W
StAtaftreek batwoea Sioorod and Adama. ooiW W69 So
T!m Mbacriherf takaa thla method of auUDuk tha pob*
110 that itej hate Kcared
P»t»t k V'MtllalMt FiruM,
and tro n ow prepared to tt» order tog
Dwtlftm Cbarehea. Bchoolfc *& Alao, tbalr Stovaa
<jq (ha aao< prlttdplo. Pw petoci riosla
(ooms tail baOa, tad. aap«d«lli
TaeflUtios parAwtl* aO rooua in whteh tkay are airt
Utiii warmia* to ao7 repaired temperatsre.
WerefcrUlan. L wi "* took
aiki Oarter Jl Baarr. Architeote of thla dty.
particular* iaqoira of the sabacilber* At
o£a Wo. si Kid 438*111 LMllls 4 co
chieMo. Oct. ah. m ' ° a "^!:'jL
IDincs & Ciquors.
W, T. shufelilt & to.,
MAaOTAoroaMa »o*
A . £•- OROSKBT,
SMIk W«MT IDMIi - - - - H.
(Ooraar of WabMh Avaaa«.>
iDtstlllan o/.
' fi«« Kaoafactoreri of
goMW Uiwn> Burnln* B*M>
arret TT»!O M»OUB1 U «»«■
. Urmi.
Dialers and consumsrb
ill IXT.tU.
a. w. dbmsmob *
ran oi osAnai
- S£\S?^StS2.tSSSSSr , o«'>~-"'"'"»"
Sffi CSoU.^BDrtM.
i ss£ft£2ssr n * 1 -
_ •<" l« **•*-
- OOIISC property to let
or >hort term of au e track*
of ttwChicacoaad JoUei QOMectia*
D brtSn«to aod iftroa do
aaiiioadstathe oty. _f^ n ' , L~
to taaoer. Applt M ® W** ll <tr ,v IVA^L

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