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Airiral of the Steamship Asia. Tb
Sixnr Hoot, Feb. f.-The Boj»l Wall BMram.
ship Asia, from Liverpool Jen ; 2-4, has paased BUQJ(
this point on her way to Kew ±
The iteamship Fafton arrived out on the 25th. o 4lb
The political rumors are conflicting. u
There was less confidence in peace, and a par-
tial revival of the panic on the Paris Bonne.
The death of the King of Naples waa reported lhftJ
but not confirmed and waa discredited.
Toe Austrian loan of £6,000,000 is aonounoed j nd j
for the Londontnooey market. eqQ)
Warlike rnmora continued, notwithstanding
peace assnrancea. on t
The latest Continental correspondence ears
confidence of the maintainanceof peace was los- 0J
ing gronnd t and warlike preparations continue ,I^l
in France. T
It is rumored, bat not believed, that Perstgny j er j
wonld aoon succeed Walewski in the French
foreign Ministry. , .
There bad been a partial recarrence of the
panic on the P«ia Bourse; S per cent! -^losed.
Bat at 63 95. London exchange responded to
the fall, but not to the same extent.
- It is reported that an offensive and defensive
sdlianoe was concluded between France &ud
Sardinia. vn
The British Government had resolved to take
gnfficient measures to protect English interests
in Mexico.
The London Tinws in an editorial denounces r
sugent'a manifesto to Americans in British Co- s
lumbia. c 0
The King of Naples is reported to be very
ill. of-
The London Post of the 21st, announced bis
death, bnt it was not confirmed, and on the fol-
lowing day regretted its error. _J
It is denied that Prince Napoleon was receiv- • «
ed with enthusiasm in Turin. His marriage is Q r
said to be uopopnlar there.
Quiet prevailed in
The Swiss National Council voted half a mil- Q f
lion to immediately convert nil their guns into j
the percussion principle. 0 .,
The U. S. frigate Macedonian was at Alexan
dria, Jan. 6th. Dr ,
The widow of the poet Wordsworth died on *
the 17th Jan. . m \
Mr. Snurgeon is coming to America, but the al- ,
leged contract for £IO,OOO with Trans-Atlantic
Churches, is untrue, he having declined the offer, ft
The Paris Dcbait thinks there are excellent rca- t .
Bono for trusting in the preservation of a general
engines at Yincennes are still mnking
rifled cannon. -
The Paine had an article to the efT?ct that the
avoidance of war was not to be considered alto
gether certain. This, with false reports of in?nr
rectiont* at Milau- aod Venice, and a collision bs- •
tween Austrian and Sardinian troops, caused a te
action on the Boorse and a decline of X per cent. w«
On the JollowiDgduythemarketwastnuresteady,
closing at a iwctioual improvement. On the 21st en
the matket opened firm and animated, but subse
quently declined, and closed flat,
The alleged abolition of vises for passports M
seems to have been un exaggeration of the new «
rule makiug modification in the easting arrange- te
The expedition against the insurgents m Al- th
geria was successful, the tribe* Uxviug made com- cl
plete submission to the French. gi
The garrison at Borne will shortly be reinforced
by two regiments of the line. tr
At Turin, the belief in the coming war was de- b'
cidedty increasing. Letters from reliable authority li
- *t Milan say there was not the le-ast cluince of an si
Insurrection. tt
It is stated that the sending of troops from Ans- U
tria had been suspended.
The following news was taken by the Kaniraroo: it
Another peaceful article in the ConstUulionnel O
says Austria had is-ued a conciliatory note on the n
Servian question, which calmed the public mind, ii
Notwithstanding the pacific turn of events, war
like contradictory tumors were circulating. Many p
steamers and transports were preparing lor sea in C
France* ... li
The Mcmticur announces the entire al>olition of .«
vises of pas^porlß.
The British xcinißter for Washington is to be a
instructed to urge the opening of the Amer
ican coasting trade for British vessels in re- {
turn for like concession by Britain. t
It is reported that Parliament will be asked
for a considerable increase ot the naval esti- v
Accounts from Lombardy still cpeak of disaf- p
fectioo, but so outbreaks. • _ f
Austrian reinforcements were still going in.
An amnesty to political prisoners has been \
modified to require their banishment to Amer- \
ica. t
The edict provides that all persons taken in
any flagrant attempt against the safety of the 1
State be immediately tried by a Council of War.
A telegram from Bombay of l)ec. 24th. News j
unimportant c
The subjugation of the disturbed districts was
rapidly progressing. Ishmael Kahn, the rebel
chief, had surrendered. The details oftbe Chi-
na news speak of short supplies and an abun
dance of teas. The leading journals of Germa
ny were exceedingly severe in their attacks on t
the French Government, and urged the neces- c
sity of perfect understanding between Prussia, i
Austria and the German States. <
Popatar demonstrations or sympathy and loyally I
greeted the F,ai]»eror of Austria whenerer he apt
peared in public. 1
. Prince Batsfcldt, the Pruss'an minister died at t
Berlin on the 10lb. <
Bombay mails of December 24th reached Eng
land January 20ih. \
Neaa Sahib h-id fled to the jungle. # 1
Latkst.—London. Saturday-^The Timet" city
article quotes the Funds heavy and inanimate, ]
and after the regular hours experiences a fur
ther fall, owing to the statements about the
Austrian loan und thecontemplated augmenta
tion of the army ond navy. 4
The contract for the purchase of the Great ]
Eastern was concluded yesterday. £OOO,OOO has J
been subscribed, which is thought enough to pur- 1
chase and complete the ship, and provide a 1
working capital. 1
The J)aify Newt safe: Prussia has signified J
to France that she would look not with indif
ference, but with great anxiety, on any unpro- |
voted attack upon Austria by France.
Another Democratic TariQ Caucus.
Washington*, Feb. The Tariff Democratic
Caucus met tbis evening. John Cochrane was
cbo<>cn Chairman, and Messrs. Cavanaugh and
Butfin Secretaries. The largest number present
Kt any one lime was fifty, of whom four were Irotn
New York, six from Ohio, one from Illinois, and
several others ulno irom tree States.
Garnctt, Irom the committee of live, authorized
at the former meeting, reported a resolution that
means ought to be provided lor the payment of
the treasury notes now maturing, and that ihc de
ficiency of the treasury nliculd be met by the rc
duution of the expenses of Government. Mr. Gar
nett made a ttpeccb in support of the resolution,
and was lollowed on that bide by Vallaudiugham,
Crawfurd, Stephens, and Smith of Ya.
The delate was also Indulged in by Cavanaugh,
Phelps of Mo., Sickles, Taylor, und Groosbeck.
They did not go to the full extent of tbo«! who
preceded them, but admitted the necessity of
Several propositions looking to the reduction of
the expenditures of all branches of the public ser
vice were then submitted, but without taking a
vote upon them the caucus adjourned.
Wasbivgton*, Feb. 7.—Mr. Garnett's report at
the Democratic caucus last night favored a re
daction in the expenses.of lithographing, en
graving, binding of public documents, the pub
lic printing, cutting off tbe Congrutional Globe.
reducing the expenses of the branch mints,.
coast survey, etc., reducing the army estimates
several millions, and navy two millions; the
saving of nearly £2,000,0000 by a suspension of
the work on public buildings; tbe reduction of
tbe franking privilege to two ouoces; dimin
ishing the nnmber of mail routes to California;
making the ocean mail service self-sustaining;
and cutting cfl light houses, supporting them
herealter by tonnaee duties.
Mr. Crawford cfl'ered a resolution, on which
so action was taken, authorizing the Secretary
of the Treasury to re-issue f )2,0u0,000 Treasury
notes, and that any other deficiency should be
■applied by retrenchment.
Wasuikotox, Feb. s.—The Democratic mem
bers irom Pennsylvania met last evening and
adopted resolutions opposed to a permanent na
tional debt, indorsing the President's recom
mendations, repudiating the acts of the other
Democratic caucus, and appointing to take steps
for united action with other Democrats who ap
prove of tbeir position. All tbe Pennsylvania
Democrats but two were present.
Terrible .Loss of Life at a Fire in
New Tore, 7tli.—A fire in Fulton Avenue,
Brooklyn, on Sunday coming, caused the loss oi'
aeveraf Uvea. The lower floor or the building was
occopicd as a confectionery shop, and the upper
blories by Mr. Edward Gill's family, of
himself, wile, two daughter* and two servant girls,
Honora aod AnnKeegan (^isterf), Thos. Gill (his !
brother), and Otto Graves, a boarder.
The lire was firstdiscovercd at 4 o'clock on Sun
day morning, and when the firemen arrived, the
third story was in flumes. At that time llonora
Keegan was hanging Irom a window sill of the
upper sioiy,and Thomis Gill letting himself down -
1 Irom a window of the third floor. The flames
burst into the face of the wonun, and t>bc fell to
tbe ground. The rope to which Mr. Gill was bang
ing broke, and be also fell. Mrs. Gill was Fcen at
. a window in the third story, in an imploring atti
tuue, bot she soon fell back aod wan accu no more
AiUr the fire wa9 suppressed, the bodies of
lira. Gill and her two children, and Ann Kccgan,
were lound lying on the floor of Mrs. Gill's cham
ber —all dead.
Mrs. G. was 27 yean old, her daughters respec
tively 2 and G, and Ann Kcegan 17.
Thomas Gill is dangerously injored; Honora
Keegau,it is thought, fatally; and Otto Graves,
slightly. Edward Gill was absent.
Xiater from . Kayti«—Republican Sac*
Holmes Bout, Mass., Feb. 7.—Tbe schooner
Mercy, which arrived here last night, brings
Port an Prince dates to January 16th. The
revolution, had extended to neirlv aU parte of
tbe Empire. At St. Marc some severe lighting
had taken place both on land and at sea, with
considerable loss of life,
tioulonque had been compelled to retire.
A naval engagement had taken place ofl St.
Hare, six vessels taking part. The Admiral's
▼easel waa badly damaged, and the whole fleet
bore ap for Port an Prince.
Reinforcements were joining Geflrard from all
parta. It was believed that Soulouque would
not be able to force hi< way into Port au Prince,
the city being surrounded by Republicans. Sou
lonque ■ cofiee had all been seized and sold at
auction. A Danish brig bad been chartered b*
him to load, bnt it was tboncht it would not be
allowed to enter at Port an Prince. When the
aehooner Mercy left, the city was under arms,
•ad no man was allowed to pass ont.
Bank Statement.
N«wTosx,reb. 8.
following i, the S'ewTork bank stite
ment for the week ending Feb. 7th:
Increase ltf Loens „ amosx m
pSS £
mil* _
Important News from Frajer H'"l
- Utah, California, Australia. El
few <
81. Loon. Feb: 7.-The Orerland Hail, with We
date«tothelsUiuU,hß«aTTiTed. . i ee tj
T, .teamahip Cortfi had arrived from the
North bnnSng only *IO.OOO in Frezer Biver the
gold. The Hirer waa open, and the "e&ther eo clan
mild that mining operations were being re- wiU
'Tur. Dow. was ehot dead at Ft. Tale on the .npp
" 4 ilr fonnd murdered in Washing- p,. r
1 V-toria had damaged offi,
t'hat had staked the etre ,
Indian ranch, in Edon fig"'
ennaws and fiiteen men, and killed tourteen oi
the Utter. Several whites who bftd gone c
out to tbe mountains are missing, BD PP°?®9 *° mor
v,_. kMB killed by the Indians in retaliation.
More than 100 Indians have been killed by the
*-whites there within three months past. In i
The Indiana in Carson Valley were also suf- p CC ,
ferine Mej. Dodge has returned from Pyramid
Lake * Reports deep snow and great suffering
among the Indians, many of whom, > D «PP era
inehim astheirgreatdeliveier from their stanr- ran
teg«nd destitute condition, were eeeu to shed
Sara The pine nuU, which have been the de-
•nendence ol bandreds, failed again this year. Abi
She Indians of hie agency were » ll P ea « for
All thej ask for is sometbiog Sta
provided over 4,000 Indians with food and
01 At Yankee Jim'a Bar, ten highwaymen stop- 1
Md a stagecoach and robbed it ol *3,000 belong- wt
mi to Wells, Fargo 4 Co. a Efpr"'- p - gra
Sear 200 people bad returned to ban Francis- »
CO T"ecSfoSa&ea.nrerreportsthe«nm 5 .0
of 1757,000 in tbe Treasury. the
The orango. the almond and the grape are
being cultivated with some Bucctss at Loa An- J
8 Thi President's Message was received in
Oregon on January 3d, and was not wellre
ceired. as his recommendation relative to Kan- '
saa looked unfavorable to tbe prospects of un
Oregon for admission. . ._ . . del
In Calveras county, C&L, so®® murders had bu
occurred among tbe Chinese. They are divid
ed into two parties, and further trouble waa ap- P"
and suicides were plentiful in the
■ iwtorioua Ned UcGowen and a party of 25
rram K1 <>rii were acting lawlessly in British
' Columbia. Gov. Dongla<s intends to prosecute Ba
' 111 An arrival at San Francisco from Australia
. says that gold bad been discovered on B itzgeroy .
Eiver the mouth of which ■» 1200 miUa north- du
ward'from Sydney. Tbe excitement is intense |6
and the rush of immigration tremendous from
Sidnev, Melbourne and the larger cities.
AnnmoKAL.—Mnjar Dodge, who has lust re- S3
turned from Pyramid Lake reports that the
weather is intensely cold, and that there is great
suffering among the Indians for want of food aod
' Fifteen Indiaoß, who had stolen some horses, *1
were killed by a party of whites in Eden \ alley, re
5 Major Johnson, with a detachment of Cth in- |e
T fantry, was en route to that country to look af- ot
ter the Indiana. ... f
Tbe California Supreme Court had decided »
that the Legislature has power to tax mining P 1
. claims: also that tbe law prohibiting the lmmi
aration of the Chinese was unconstitutional. h(
3 Parties in California were maturing a plan to
transport the entire letter and news paper mail
. by the overland route in thirty dajs within the b»
V limits oftbe United Stat, s, assuring no exten-
n sion in the case of failure to transport within g
tbe given time, and no special protection against
>• the Indians. «
That portion of the President's message treat. n
i: ioe of Kansas was not favorably received in
J Oreeon on the ground that Buchanan s policy *
e would retard tbe admission of that Territory P
I. into the Union. _ ,
r- Tbe Legislature of Washington Territory Lad tl
y passed retolutions instructing their Delegate in
n Congress to urge tbe necessity of "WiJ'shintr a
line of military poets from Walla Walla via. t|
>r South Pass, to the Missouri River. ,
Passengers report that the Gila mines were
>e almost deserted. ... Vjkm t a
r- The Mexican boundary commission at rort g
e- Fillmore were about starting to resume opera- d
sd The Indiauß had again obstructed the road
•i* with rocks at Devil's Canon.
Copious rains had fallen at Sierra Genco, sup- e
•f* plying the mining country with sufficient water
for the wbole sjason. e
Tbe Camanches had stolen eleven mules iro.a
:n Delaware Springs, and titty horses from Phan
r - torn Hill; most of the latter belonged to set- (
in 1 of cavalry under Capt. Palmer, *
ie i e f t F or t Smith for Fort Arbuckle. 1
r. The mail coach was detaioed six hours, mok- \
rs j D g the running time, less that, twenty-three f
08 , t ■ 1
D * „
a- "WAsntsGtoK, Feb. 7.—Sbvat* —Communica- t
in tions were received from tbe Secretary of j
«• statiog that in bis opinion tbe sale of the old
a, forts could be applied to the construction of new *
ones; alsotbtt Indian Agencies might better *
ly be performed by officers ol tbo army; also that i
p. the army cannot be judiciously kept within tbe y
line of settlements to avoid the cost of transpor
at tation, inasmuch as the Indians are kept in
check by the near proximity of troops.
2- Tbe Agricultural College bill was taken up,
whereupon Mr. Clay of Alabama, made a strong j
speech against it. Gwin, Well, Brown and Da
ty vis reported their sentiments upon it, which
■e, have already been given. The bill was then ;
•r- passed with some amendments wnich will require
he it to go back to the Uouae by tbe following j
*• vote: Ayes-Allen. Bell. Broderick, Cameron, j
Chandler, Clark, Crittenden, Dixon, Doolittle,
at Durk«e, Fesseoden, Foote, Gwin, llamlin, ilur- j
as lan, Kennedy, King, Seward. Simmons, Thomp- »
ir- sonot Ky., Thompson of S. J., Trumbull, Wade 1
a and Wilson, 25. Says— Bayard, Brown, Chest- '
nut, Clay, Cliogman, Davie, Filzpatrick, Greep,
ed Hammond, Houston, Hunter, Jones. Mallory,
if- Mason, Polk, Pugh, Reid, Rice, Sebastian,
'O- Shields, Slidelland Ward, 22.
Mr. Houston then trieu ineffectually to call
up tbe Civil Appropriation.
Mr. Slidell desired to take up the bill for the ;
acquisition of Cuba. He said attention to that
measure which bad to his care re*
quired that be should urge it on tbe notice of tbe
Senate, and rather than have it set aside by less
important business he would move that its pro*
9a i visions be added as an amendment to tbe Civil
and Diplomatic Appropriation bilL Finally he
i gave notice that be would call up tbe subject to-
Ivf morrow, ahowiog iU constitutionality.
„r Tbe Pennsylvania Avenue Horse Railroad bill
Y!. then came up as unlinished business, being tbe
third day of the debate upjn it, six parties now
w seek the concession. The contest seeming to be
q Q " maioly between Van Derwerken & Co., the Me
iUl' tropolitan Railroad Company ond the city cor
' poratios of Washington and Georgetown.
Without taking action on the bill the Sanate
r bQ Boost.— Mr. Stephens, of Ga., moved a bus
of pension of the rules in order to enable him to
effer a resolution setting apart Tuesday and
iof Wednesday. 15th and ICth, tor the considera
%er- tion of the Territorial business. Disagreed to
"•a by 10S against 69 -not two-thirds.
° Mr. Farosworth, of HI., moved to discharge
tat the Committee of tbe Whole on the state of tne
re- Union from further consideration of the bills ap
en- propriating $85,000 for the improvement of the
ub- harbor of Chicago. Disagreed to by 101 against
He. 70-not two-thirds.
its, Tbe House under a suspension of the rules,
Aes passed the Senate joint resolution for the pay
the ment of the balance of $70,000 to Georgia, on
iof account of militarv services against tbe Chero
tof kees, Creek", and Seminoles; also the Senate
tin- bill to pay Maine nearly SG,OuO for expenses in
iia; enrred in organizing a regiment of volunteers
agj for tbe Mexican war; also tbe Senate bill au
tern thoriztng the Attorney-General to represent tbe
United States in the proceedings in Equity,
lich pending in the Supreme Court, between Massa
ary chnsetts and Rhode Island, relative to tbe
ury boundary line.
i be Tbe House went into Committer of the Whole
on tbe General Appropriation. Various small
em . items were acted on, and tbe question of re
and trenebment discussed by Grow, Davis, of lod.,
and others, when without comiog to any cosclc
om. sion, the Committee rose. Recess till evening.
iber j. m m
tops Fire in Boston*
a a P* Boston; Feb. C.—At about three o*clock this
morning a fire broke out in the upper portion
of Russell's Mechanical Bakery, corner of Bat
tery and Commercial streets, which was totally
in destroyed. The building was of brick, with
granite front, extending 64 feet on Commercial
oue and 131 on Battery and Salutation streets, and
i 3 0 f- containing two of Berdan's automatic ovens,
was kneading machines, &c., and 23,000 bbls ol flour
ppcr 00 storage.
itTof Tbe bakery had gone into operation on Thurs- |
'iris day* when 15,000 loaves ot bread were baked
(his delivered.
Tbe falling walls partially destroyed two or
Sun- three adjoining wooden tenements.
( the Daniel Henderson, tireman, was killed by the
mora falling of one of the side walls. Capt. Wllson,
the °f the steam tire engine Eclipse, was seriously
lown - injured internally, and several others were more
imes or less injured. One man is missing and is sup*
>ll to posed to oe under the ruins.
'ang- Tbe total loss ol property is estimated at
;n at $300,000, on which there is a partial insurance,
atii- Mr. Russell will immediately construct a Are
wore proof building and thus carry out his intenton
of establishing a Mechanical Bakery in Boston.
;s of Tbe tire was undoubtedly tbe work of an is
;gan, cendiary.
bam- ■ i i
A Woman Convicted of SH order.
s^ec * Albu?r, Feb. 7.—Mrs. Mary Hartung, who
mora baa been 00 lrlal here daring tbe past week for
ave£l tbe murder of ber buaband, Emil Hartung,
' was this morning found guilty of murder. Her
trial has excited much interest, and the jury
i Ur . have been out since Saturday afternoon. The
prisoner is quite young and handsome, and her
case has created tbe greatest sympathy.
loner „ , ,
Fire at Grand Kapids*
u r Detkoit, Feb. 7.—A fire at Grand Rapids early
ti this morning destroyed *even buildings including
the Backus block* Loss ou merchandize and
building* $20,000. Partially insured.
I Important stealing Case,
iral's MoxrooKxaT, Ala., Feb. 7.—The preliminary
fleet examination of X. Marony, agent for tbe
Adams Express Co., is progressing. Able
m all counsel are engaged on both sides,
'BC*' A* H» TAYIOB 4c OO^
,ldat Dealers la
;db. Dimension & Bubble Stone,
rsoM JOLnrr n.LTwoia.
JdU«i o&ce althete Qoaxriei.
Vms, Chicago office aod yard. Charles street, between Tsa
•area and Harrison streets, west side ol boath Branch.
Th» AwprfrftTi AlmnTiaw for 1859.
state- X posltoqr of Useful Knowiedte. Io: the rear 1899.
Price. SLOO. For sale by
sw.ro WM. B. KEEN, Bookseller,
1aZ147 No. 143 Lake street.
Commercial and Money Hatters* I
Monti' r Krenlss, Feb. 7. 1 con
Exchange is decidedly clc ,ser than it' wis a j
few days ago. Rates, howe* /er, are unchaagad.' | gjj
We qoote at 1 t0 'customers. For col- I G
| lections and to outsiders „Vae rates are firm at 1 ac
the higher' figures; There is very little "first I
class business paper off'.-ring. The scarcity I
will doubtless contioue for several week*. A I wS
supply cannot be looked lor much befo're the i
opening of navigation. Discounts as usual 10 I
per cent. What few eastern thirty <Uy bills f
offer are freely taken at. par to half per cent I id*
discount. Gold with few sales. The Me
street brokers are doing very little at, nominal
figures ranging from [email protected] percent. pi:rmo'nth. j
Com* kbcul.—The Breadstuff* mar kets this I
morning were generally buoyant, aa d an ad' I jto
ranee was gained in Wheat, Flour and Corn. I
In consequence of the Asia'* news tbeing ex- *1
pected* transactions were very limited. | Br
The light receipts of Wheat encouraged hold- I
era to additional firmness, and buyers bad to ad' I tt*
ranee their views [email protected] on Winterand [email protected] on I bbi
Spring in order to secure the few lota offered. I - f% ®
About 10,000 bushels changed h&nds at $1.25 I
for No. 1 Bed; sl.lO for No. 2 Bed; 88 @9oc for I
Standard Spring, and [email protected] for new No. 2 I c
all la store. I »
The Flonr market advanced [email protected], under an I q
active demand for both Spring and Winter I
grades. Abont 1,500 bbls changed bands at I
[email protected] for White Winter; and ss.l2}£@ I «|
5.25 for choice Spring Extras., At the close I
there wore very few lota offering. I
There was a more active demand for Corn to* I
day, and after the opening, prices advanced | M
l^c—sales being made at a range of 63>£@65c I
per 60 lbs. on track. There is considerable fig- I
uring going on concerning round lots for future I
delivery; but the only sale reported is 5,000 I
bushels for delivery in the first week in May on I Co
I oi
. private terms. I
Oats ore very firm. Barley easier. High* I Th
' wines nominal at [email protected]—Holders all asking I
[• 253, with however no sales at that figure. j
i The Provision market remains inactive. A 1
' sale of 120 bbls Lard was made to-day at U%c. lAi
i Dressed Hogs firm at [email protected] I
At Milwaukee on Saturday last Wheat was J
• dull, and Extra declined 2c. Dressed Hogs, I
5 [email protected] Receipts:—Flour, 939; Wheat, 1
1 17,3G1 bu; Oats, 1,207; Corn, 770 bu ; Barley, I
• S3S bu; Hogs, 48. I
[ The Belleville (I1L) Advocate of the Sd aays: I
I At Hinckley's Mill near 15,000 bushels of wheat 1
were bought last week, at an average price of 1
$1 per bushel. One day during the week he 1
| received over 3,000 bushels. We could not I
I learn the amounts taken in by other mills tin I
other taills in this city, but judge there could 1
not have been less than $50,000 paid to our I
i farmers last week for wheat alone. What should I
; prevent easier times in the money market. j
The Rochester Union says that Buffalo agents I
have been in the towns up the Genesee Valley t 1
H on the railroads, purchasing corn, oats and even I
e barley for that city. There is probably half a I
'* million of bushels of wheat in the elevators at I
[J Buffalo, but other grains are short, and con- 1
sumers, who have hitherto relied upon deposits I jj
t. made there from the West, in the fall, are com- I
a pelled to go Eastward into the interior for sup- I
j plies. I
The BuSalo Commirdal says of the Hop I
d trade: I
n An advance of frcm 30 to 40 per cent. I
a bos been established in the pries of hops within I
the past week or so, with a more active business I
doing in the new crop lor consumption, 150 bales
re ot waich were sold in New York on Friday lest I
f at [email protected] for Ist sorts to prime, and [email protected] for |
2d sorts. Old meet with a moderate speculative I J
a * demand, and prices are firm, with sales of 100 j
ld bales at [email protected], as to quality. |
Dressed Hogs sold at Albany on the 4th inst. I 1
p- at [email protected] I -
er At Philadelphia on the 3d, Clover Seed sold I
;a at $7, and Timothy at |2.l2j<. I
n The New Vork Utrald of Wednesday says I
that 4 the duties that will be paid into the Custom j j
House during the present week will amount to I i
' nearly, if not quite, two millions of dollars, and I ,
k- those of next week will not vary far from the I
ee same 6um. This revenue is from goods already I
arrived, or known to be on their way. It is I
staled by inany ot the most intelligent jobbers, j
that the orders which have been sent out for I
:a- goods exeeed anything that .has been done in, I
ir. former years, and that the revenue during the I
J d present month of February must exeeed that of j ]
er any previous month. The hotels are crowded I j
at with people, and the spring trade is opening I j
be with a spirit that encourages every one. 1 •
ip. By the Corn Exchange record it appears that i
og the receipts ot flour and grain by Boston deal- I |
Jjjj ers during the month of January of the present I
en year and in 1853 were as follows: I
ire is». IWB. I
Poor. bWs <*.344 'fqin I
tfttur, Uf- bbls x \,A-\ dura I
,0 » Com. buiti 1165 M I
le, toueat," .Alt- I
' (Saft M .... 56.50* S",TbI I
ir- g! 1 . 3 - .. —UM 3.1331
'P* Pliortv M V.*.*. 15.522 |
de lire yiour. bbls lw i/° I
B t. Cora Meala. bbls ■ill Uw I
p, " 1 '
7. Chicago Dally Wholesale Market. I
in » MokdAt Evzjsisq. Feb. 6. J
,11 EEElGllT3—Unchanged, J
FLOUS-More active, and pricea advanced 10©15 c. 1
u a tUlesto-day weresM bbls " Mendoti City" Sprite Ex I
tra at 15.25; 180 bbls "Granite" at 13.12 X; 50 bhU "Pe.
re . calorics," do 10} bbV Morris" d> at 13.25 ;• 1
he 100 bbls 11. White Winter at W. 25; 200bbl» Wis. do at I
ess 30JbWs"Quincy"do oa private termi. I
rO . WHEtT—Wist sa—Market v«ry to-day I
T il were:—l.JOO bu No 1 Bed at#l.2j In store; 203 bo do at I
he $1.24 on trick; 8-500 ba Ko. 2 Red at 11.10 in ctore. I
to- SraiMO—Advanced2®4:. Sa'eawere:—S.WJbn. Stand- |
ard at 90s la store t ZOO ba do at £Sc In store; S.Cooba I
bill new No. Sla lots at 80c la store: 300 bu do at £lc In store; j
the 3Jba Rejected at 70c In store. I
ow CORN—Advanced l(3lKc, Sales to-d»r w;re:-5,000 I
be bu for delivery la the first week la May oaprivate termi; I
tie- 700 bu do at 63Xc per C) tti on track; 1.50) budoat64c I
or- on track; 700 bacJo at 55c on track. Eir Com scarce and I
irn. in demand, wlti sales of one car-load at £7c per 70 Cj on |
ate track. I
OATS-Tery firm. Sales to-day vere;—(oo bu prime I
>us- new at 54c on trick In ban. I
to BARLEY—iupply better, and mirket not ao buoyant I
10 laics to-day were :—l5O bu choice at &3s on track; 303 ba I
} ra- inferior at tOc on track. 1
t0 ilYE—Nominal at 78550 c per CO tts oa track. I
BIGIIUIXES—HoIders advanced their prices this 1
|"^ e morniQßat 25c, at which, howtver, there were no silct- I
f.f* DRESSED noas—Firm. Sale? to-day were: 1
16 Hoes, averajOcs 250 &s *7-00
aßt 25 ]6O ttj 6.55 I
7 .. \?8 6.60 I
| eg » .. «0 »S 7.C0
IB yI PROVISIONS—Market rill InacUve.. Mess Fork noml- I
0Q nal at 117.50; Cot Ueati firm et 6c, and 8o for Shoul. j
;r o. ders. Sides aad Hams, loose. I
t ate LARD—I2O bbls Lard sold at 11,Sc. 1
iq. TALLOW—Scarce and In active wu'itat 9V©loe.
:ers SEEDS—Tlmotby Seed In fair demand at SL&OSI.K;
aa- Clover In better supply, with sales 31 bacs prime st |6.l2>£
the 100 bu Flax Seed attl; 70bu do atll.SO.
ity, HlDHS—Market still firm. Sales were at the following
isa* quota'loss: Greea City, CHfi'c; Green Ccuntry.TX®
the 7*; Green Salted, B®6Vc Dry Flint. 16»16>{c.
PELTd—Couatry, City. 4131.M.
iole POULTRY—Scarce and firm. Dressed Chickens, 12 V
lall dor; Tarkey*. 7£9 c
EGGi-Freah, 15®16:?»dot.
Dd-> BUTTER—Choice. 14d16r. Osmmon, 13014 c.
F' c " BEANS-Market not oulte si b«yanL Sales are:—
lo £> aoo bu extra prime at $1.50; 100 ba do at 4LS7X; 50 bu
POTATOES—NominaI at6Sa97Xa
yjia DRIED FRUIT—IOOO fts sold at9X®loc for Apples;
tion 10Ji811c for unpared peaches; 16X®30 for pared Peadi*
Bat. es; 17517H for Blackberries; and 90e for Raspberries,
ally GHEES FRUIT—^7S bbls oomraou Apples sold at H25; I
vith Choice 15®7; Cranberries, per bbl. |
•cial »
tnt Cilcaso Weekly Live Stock Market. 1
Innr CUch'sSale and Shlpoln* Stock Tarda. Report*d expr«s
--& (or the Press aad Tribune by Taoa. Niooixa, for Uie
week VcO. ?th.
urs- No. of Cattle received for this market 578
iked - Hoo 7 "
- ab»n> • • .
M cows aad Calves Si
0 or
Total number received L7IS
thA Shipped tost vlaM. 8. AN.I. R. R 4SscaiUe
the - *• ••• " 485 boss
t>o ?' Sales of 543 head good Cattle at 8K to iQiX forlextra.
£ of S3O common Cattle at 3&SX-
Sales of lUlaferlor Cattle at2V®3Xc.
p * Sales of 295 rood Qoss, SCO lbs and upward at 4*®sX
a for extra.
* Stlei 0f403 llabt Hoo. at 4Kd< X.
lire- Sales of4C2 Sheep. 90 9s and upwards, at4d<X.
nton Sales ofS4 Cows and Colres at S2OdM x>er besd.
,on. The stock market Is quite active lor aU kinds of stock.
1 ia* There Is small advance in Cattle and Hon from ocr last
week's owlas to two or three packers having
commenced t) psck them, G«od Cattle are scarce.
Ihe ysrds are all cleared out of stock.
iTfor Hovsmcnts of Breadstnffs—Feb, 2.
nD£r aacxim st aan.WAt&
Her Tlour Wht Oora OaU Bar. Oat.®
j Qr y, bbla. bu. bu. ba. bo. Ho. No.
The btgSu'R*R IW 1670 U76 «D "*• *lOl *i»
.her By Rock L R.R. Jto 'iAi V-Q t
BrlllCentraL. IT • ir
Bj O. BT* OT.. 23V 16JO WW 21
ByELP.AF.duL. 150 ft® 3' I!
By aA. ABLL. SUO 15CO 600 .... .... GS >4
early Total: "las W3O ."777 S3 373
iding 1 1
and Fion r and Grain in Chicago, Saturday,
Feb. 5.
Flour, bbls. 18.737 Cora, bu MM
Wheat, fpr1n«.bu...231961 Oatvbu I£to »2S
_ Ked 1273JS Hye. bu ..750
mary white a.553 Barley, bu. 61127
the Mar
Foreign Markets.
pxaAti±.l tmaroot, Jan. a
BaiADjnrm—Richardson. Spenee A 00. ouote Flour
dull and nominal. Wheat dull mth a de«Unla«.tenden
cy, Cora h«s a downward tendency,
mixed 2Ssii2Si6d: yellow 29s®»s6d- t
no. Paovisioxs—Beef more active but aU dejen,piuons
* sllfbUy lower. Pork Qm at an advance of Mgd. Bacon
duiL Larddullat66a. Tallaw firmer at
paoncca—Asbet dull at 29s for Pots apd 3U«*323ja for
, Xm* Peari« Ooffce, aUady. Bujar, firm. Rloenrm.
nrt* 8 ttplilts of Tur>eatlne, firm.
LoxDoa, Jan.^lSs9.
Barinf, Bro. qunte wheat dull and l&Sd lower.
BE- b# lronite,Ml ' 4 *^ a6,l ® :Wlos forralls aml £6®£sss for
829 Gaocxnß.-4orar buoyant. Tea firs. Coffee quiet
Rise firm sadM®6dhiiher. . .
The money nurcet Is fenenlly nnchangedand abona
sntly gappHed. Tne bullion in the Bank ot Enslaad has
decreaatdfOQO Oob riace the last weekly reyori. Consols
■eet. closed for money andsoooant.
New York Market*
CBr Tblbobu&l Nsw Year, Tebntary ?»189*
pLotxn—Dalland beavyand prieesuncbaused. Biles =
MOObrlsat«tO«BOft* superstate; *5.75®390f0rex. p
tr* ititc: t5.15a6.53 for euper western; #5.75«6.80 for
to medium extra western; f6.50Q6.30 for ahlp- i, •
olnr brands extra round-hoop Ohio—market doting dull. je
floor Quiet,. Small i>lw itt6.8097.5S for Hs
moa to cholceextra. Small tales Rye floor at sltO®
.Buckwheat floor doll andbeavy at #176®1 , .
Gain—Wheat doll g*d scarcelv bo Arm {prices. bow. s
ever, are unchanged Sales IS 000 bu, •l.aaW for MIL da
dob,) J7 for mixed-Kentucky. l,7ii for white Kentucky, £>'
Lttfarred, L4MM.6sforvhite southern. Rye firmer; No
galea 2 Go9bo,Bo&tt.' Barter Qalet:«Xa9a Corn very »'
dull, alzed western nominal; ®4®67 lor an*and to coi
prime; tales 7.000 bo new southern and Jersey yell«w at y*'
*o£B3. Oats very quiet, 610G5 tcr Western and Cana-, gr
Dull and lower;
paoviiiosa—Pork more active. closing heavy: sues '
4,0.0 bbls old mess »t #18.50: newmes9#2U; clear 113 61® joi
liLTO— ineludlog LOCO bbls aew met! June at ai®. Nsef f? c
ttead.; sales 14.0UObb's at a6.JO®7 country prime. •»© J. b J
10.73 for repacked mess; 111® 11.75 for extra men. Beef «Ji
hina very firm, with small tales at SKQl'.fiQ. Prim? to
Me*s Beef Quiet at [email protected] Cut Meats firmer; sales *0 an
hhd»ateX»7cforahculdeis.aK«9XaJorhams. Dressed wl
Hogsinfairrrfluestat7Xeii%'c. Lardfirmen taleslMO *o
bb sat 12X011Ha. and small parcel* at 12X& Butter 1q
good rcQue»t a'. ll&SOe for Ohio, 166.57 c for Stale Cheebg Mi
finnatto»Btff;>rOblo.lO«llHefor State. r
■ Blocksdolt U H &sofbs. lltl*: Cal 7r.fie 10 N>nd«E<;
Pacific Mol< 76: Hulev 13K; It 159 X: Gal A Cbl CSV; Hark
lempreferred4o)*'; CO AC23: Panama 116 V. Ft
■ » Pi
Cincinnati Market. ;
BtTzlhsath.] ' Cmccrrut. Feb, .7.
Flour—Unchanged. Sales 1.005 bbl*»operflneatfs 65 be
delivered at Pittsburg, and LOOOdoat 13.35 deliveredhere O:
whissv—Unchanged; demand moderate. Sales 1.10) co
bbla at 27c.
Paoniioss-Qulet Mess Pork and Lard neglected.No Ai
tales. 120.0U0 lb* Bollc Shoulders so.d at GKc. Nothing Cc
done la Sides. Market dosed neavy. A speculative pur
chase of 1.000 bbls Mess Pork was made, delivered In N. ]
Y. In May an J June at *l9. MolaEtesfirmatSSc. Sugar an
firm at 7®lj aod good demand Coffee unchanged. be
Clover eleed dull *t sti.6e<£(?s. Active demand for Cc
Modey. Ixchange without alicrallox th
—otihb— * yQ
Oi the first day of Jannary, A. D. 1859*
Made to the Auditor of the State of lUinoit, pur- to
tuant to the Statute of that State. di
The name of this Company la "The Home losoraoce a
Company." Incorporated in 1853 and located In the city q
of New York. O
The capital of said company a*taally raid n
tip in cash is $6,000.(00 00 gi
Thesur.'loiontbelst Jaa.lSW, 443.431 72 y t
TcUl ain't capital and surplus.. *.11.042,431 72 qj
Amoont of cash In bank •* 65.401 £9 _
.. .. balancelnbandsofageataand r
la eoaneoftraasmletlon 17,729 el *
Unincumbered real estate owned by „ V.
the company - 67,631 00 Ji
.. Loans on bood and mortgages, beln*
first ltln of record on unincumbered *
real tr-at*. worth at least •L179,50C- &-
and on which there la less than one oi
year't interest due and owing..: £91.532 C 3 P
Leans cn bonds and tnortewea oa si
which there b due pore than one U
I year's interest none d
I .. Loanaoastocksandbondspayableon w
I demand.the market value of securi-
I ties pledged. 4153.997:. 109,530 00 0
I .. al other I.aas nude by the company G
1 notlncluded in preceding Iterai none. d
I .. batk atocu owi.ed by the company, t
I tmarket value) 63,000 CO J
I .. doe th® company on wticb judgments s:
I have be-n obtained T °ne. y
I .. U. B.Trei*ury Notes, (mark't value.) 77147 26 b
I .. Assessments on the stock of the com' b
I pany called inanddre and unpaid, u
I orptemiom notes due and unpaid... none.
1 .. Missouri State bo; ds, 6 perct.tmar-
I ket value) 17.150 CO
I .. Interest actually due and unpaid.... 14.123 30
1 .. premiums due and unco'lectedonpol- _ c
I ides Issued at the office 1.66 a 84 C
I .. BUI* receivable for premiums on ln«
I land narigatloQ risks- 6.021 <1 t
I Total Assets |1.077,&y0 40 c
I Amouitof Losses adjusted and due and un- [
1 paid none. f
1 .. Losses Incurredandlnproctßiofad- <
I tIO.Uo 29 (
I .. Losset reported, on wnlch no action i
I hasbeentaken -? 59 ,1rJ t
I .. claims forlcstei resitted py theOo.. ,
I .. Dividends declared dos and
I .. .. either cash or script de> i
I dued. but not yet cue non*. ]
I .. Money borrowed ; none. t
I .. All other existing claims against the 1
I compaoy cone. j
I Tctal an't Losses, Claims and Liabilities... .133,553 63 j
I The ereatect amount insured at any one risk is 130.0C0, |
I but will not, as a general rule. exce<d 110,000. .
I The company have no geaeral rule as to the amount al* (
) loweo to be Insured In any dty. town, village or blocir, ■
| it b -ins the intention of the company to dlstnbate its
I riilfff In mip.Vi a manner aa not to lose more tLantIQ.OOQ '
| byaslrmeflre. . . . . .
| No part of its capital cr earnings are deposited In any
I others a:e as security for lojses therein. :
I An*ueited copy cf the Cbarteror Act of Incorporation
I accompanies this Statement
I State or Nxw Yobs. >
I City and County of New Voxk.J SJ *
I Charles J. Martin. Pres'dent, and J. Milton Smith. Sea.
1 retary, oi lire liome Insutanoe Company, beio* severally
I dulyswoßL depoteand say. and each for himself says,
I tbattheforesomgis a true, foil and correct statement of
I tbe aCflin of ta d Corporatloa. and that they are the
oTed ,l!S® offl ;?UA^.UAßTlv.P„ia ! nt.
I td*ned.j J. MILTON SUItH. SecreUry.
' I Subscribed and sworn beforeme this 24 b day of Jan
I nary, A. D. 1559. J- WM. BUeTEED.
i I Commissioner in few York for
| the Siate of Illinois.
' I Certificate to expire on the 31st day of January, l&dO.
I ACDrroas OmoE. Stats or (UJ>ots»l
' I tipringfield, JanuaiT 23. i
• I the Home Fire Insurance Company, loca
■ ted «t Ne» York, la the Btate of New Yorc. hu Bled
I in this office a statement of th* condition of Its affal s
I I as required by "An Act to regulate the Agencies ol In
-1 I turance Companies not incorporated br the state of
• I llllnoK" approved February Ijth. 13i». andl an act
1 I amendatory thereto, approved January 23d, 1F59. and.
I whereas, said compan* bas tarnished satisfactory evl.
. I dence that it is possessed of the required amount of capi-
I tal invested in ti;octs and Mortga<es. and hss filed in
I thlsoffl e a written instrument sbened by the President
I and beeretary thereof appointing 1L a. wiUmartb. of Cbl.
I I cago. Its agent for the transaction of the business of said
I company, and fully and unreservedly authorising him to
• I aeknowiedgu service of process for and on behalf of
t I said company, contenting that service of process upon
blm. the said agent, shall be taken and to be as valid as
I U served upon the company, and wavering all a aim of
I error by reason of such service.
, I Now. tberef're. In pursuance of the >ct aforesaid. L
\ I Jesse K- Dubois, Auditor of Public Accounts of the
' I State ofllUnoU. do hereby oenlff that the udd U. B.
? I W imarth is authorised as an Agent for thesald Company
J I Co transact the business of insuranee in this State, until
\ I t Q e iblrty-flrst day of January. le&O.so far as he may be
i I leiraUy empowered so to co by said Oompary.
\ I In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my,
i I name* *od affixed the seal of my office, this 28th day of
15 I JiSoary. IK?. _ (Signed)
I Jaeall Atdltor Public Accounts.
I fe3cISUW
;■ I Caah Capital, $230,000, all paid In.
!- I AfigXTS, JAUOAEV IST. 1869. A . r „ a
• I Cash Items. Including 12V85.78 In Bank ♦3?.9a5.73
. I Bank Stock and Bonds, market value La,305.00
kl I Loans on Mortgages. Banlt Stocks or other ap
trored .ecnffUe, 150.07116
t I Balance on Books, Interest due, »nd Office
1 nlture
:. I Total assets
I- TotM LiihltlUe, fat Loi»« not
u jo.a Waitx. Bec'y.
' I General Agencv for the Western States st Chicago. M-
I nois. W. B. LOUNSBUttY, Gen. Agent, S. 1L Pjuc*.
J? I A ?li7 g» C d2i^w^i t ' C. N- HOLPEN. Art for Chicago. _
id IJj CO. Capital and Surplus.. $150,000
te Acquired Capital $2^000,000
I JNO, B, ACSLEY, Agent,
it I N0.4 MasanlcTemble, Chicago, EL
10 I TIRE, MARINE and IJP3 INSURANCE affected'or any
I amount at reasonable rates In r«wiwE*jtern
! Companies. ja37i9oly
Peoria Marine & Fire lusu'nee Co.
00 CAPITAL $500,000
g Pud Op in Caah 300,000
II - I Low, Promptly Adjn.tcd and Fald at
j »h«a Agencfi
| J. AUG. WRIGHT. Agent,
I ialbPlOly N0.143 South Water street, ChicagaS
q Office, 113 South Water Street.
I Authorized Capital, 500.0W I Paid in andsecured, 175,500
I ii.tici.ta directors:
I J. F. Aldrich, John A. Nichols
V g. 0. Wilder, * A. Edwarda,
I Hiram B. Smith.
I Watson Carr, 11. llazletob,
I C. N. henuersoa, Adamhmuh.
I A. F.DWABD.S, President.
' I B. C. WILDKB. Berretary.
bu I okO. F. HaSTl>(*B, General Agenti
I LEWIS B. RUNDKLL, Cliy Snrreyor. ,
I ty Fire, Marine and lolaud Navigation Insrrance,
I je»4 , s>My
I Firo Insurance Company.
I Insure against Lou by Tire oaly.
• I HUBBARD k HUNT, Agents. Chicago, corner Laaalls
!** I i&d South Water streets.
CTS I NY, of Norwich. Oonn.
*| I • PAID UP CAPITAL $176 000.
St I Insure against Loss by Tire. . _ .
I HUBBARD A HCNI . Agenta, corner of South Water
713 I and Clark atrceta. first Floor. Loomis' Block. ocSSbatW
Chicago Firemen's Insurance Co,
™" I effiM B.W.Comeref likeu<Claik-sts^
5 K ] OAFZTAZt tfiOO|OO0«
I Itocmas Church. B. W. Raymond. Geo. W. Pole,
| rg, Haddock. J. K. Botsford. Orringtos Lent.
I 0.8. Varwell. W. M. Larrabee, J. T. fidwarda,
:ut I aaHOLDKN, Sec'y, JOS. £ BROWN. Surveyor
Jjyj I ic37 *SB afl3»ly
Korthwestern InMiraaee C^mp'yj
• I (EfITABUSHZD B 1831)
Capital 150,000—With a Large Sirplu.
L rr\HE PUBLIC ARB respectfully in-
I J_ famed that Mr. JULIUB WHITE has been reap
-I*3o I pointed agentof thisOompiay, and It alonef sthoriaed
n "fe'w'Si m low.
u B. B- Lcutow, Beo>. _ t . _ ~ _ .
I |#The undersigned win be happy to see his Mends
m I and the Datronaoftbe old Northwe«em generally, at tbe
I Office. No. 148 X South Water street, assuring them that
I our rates ahall be aslowastboseof any other responsible
_ I Oomnany. and that Losses shall oe fairly, adjusted and
I promptly paid. JULIUS WHiyK. Agent.
| oSsbaaily 148K Bottth Water streets
,914 I
II IDhteg Ciqaorg.
x W, T. Shnfeldt & Co.,
our j MABOfiOrnilßS FOR
ons I soatli Vatsr Street, - - • - U*
1 (Oorner or Wsbash AvecaO
I {Digffilsrs oii
] Also Manufacturers of
j Domiu uqion, Bamlnc FlaU,
let j —a*t>—
I Trade gappllsd at MiitO Rites and on Übe>
Cy SA—Cook Go only Oourt of Common Bets, April
ILdnesH. and Cdwln Biackman Executor of tbe
last Will and Testament oT John Jr M deceased. ,
vs. Fayette L. Robinson—ln Obascery.
Affidavit of the non realdenee of Farette L. Robtaaon. 1
defendant above named, having beea fiied tn the office of {
the Clert of said Oook County Oourt or Ootnmou Fleas.
Notice la hereby given to the said Fayette L. Roblrsnn * '
that the complainants filed their bill of complaint In tald nj
court on tbe chancery side thereof, on tbe 2ltt day of De- S
eember, ISSB, and that a suomons thereopen isned S
out of said cour*. aga'nst said retnreable on u
tbe first Monday of January next, (IttiS). as by law y
unless you. the tsldTayrtieL. Robinson shall per- 1 ®
sonallv be and appear before sail Oo»>kOo OourtofOoa- *w
mon Pleas of count*, on the first day of the terra u
thereof, to be heldet at Chicago in a* Id county on the £
first Monday of arrtt. IS'tf. and p'ead anrwer or demur
to the tald eomplainanta 1 bill of complainant, tbe aame r.
and the matters and things 'herein charged and staled »i
Will be lakin as eonftssed. and a decree entered against u
io«accoratato.b.l'jWiLl. Cl«k. "
Mather. Tat A RlQg. Compi'u Sorn. ial3hS664w
Cook—Bß. Oook <%>snty Oourt of Common Pleas, ai
Kebuary Term. A. D- 1559. In
Patrick Hisgtns vs. WUUam Welch. Welsh 2d,
Danieii!orphyan<» JeremiahA.iiinßells. In Chancery.
Affidavit of tbe non-resids~ce of Jeremiah A. Elnsella t\
and Daniel Murphy, defendants above named, having i
been filed In the office of the clerk of said Orok County
o:urtof Cosmoo Pleas, notice is hereby given to tbe ®
said Jeremiah A. Blnseila snd Daniel Murphy that tbe P
filed hi' bill of complaint In said Court, on "
! the Chancery ride thereof, on tbe twenty-third day of P'
April 1657. and that a summons bas ssued out of tald "
Court against taid defendants, returnable oa tbe first ®
I Monday of Febuary next. 1&39..a5i1s by law required. »
Now. nnless you, the said Jeremiah A. Kinsella ?
I ana Daniel Marpby shaU personsby be and appear °j
before said Cook County Court of Common Pleas of
Cook county, on the first day of the nest term £
thereoC to be holden at Chicago, In said county, on the "
first Monday of Febuary. Ib®. and plead, answer or de- \
our to the said complainant s bill of complaint, the same »
and the matters and things therein charged and stated F
will be taken as confessed, and a decree entered against °
GaHop k Hitchcock. Oompl'ts Sol'rs. Ja7b&*64w
BS.—Oook Oounty Circuit Cc art—February Special «
xenn. A. D. 1569. a
Henry Mllward vs. a D. Culbertsoa A Co. tl
Public notice is hereby given to the uli O. D. Oulbertp
ton A Oo that a writ of attachment issued out of the
otlice of the Clerk of the Oook Oounty Olrcult Court. ,
dated the tenth day of January, A. D. 1869. at the (
suit of the said Henry Mllward. ana against the estate i
of tbe said O.D Culbertsofl k Co., for the sum of one i
hnndred and eighteen duLiars. directed to the Sheriff j
of Oook Oounty, which said writ has been returned exe
M Now, therefore, unless you. the said O. D. Culbertson k d
Co. shslipersonaily be and appear before the said Cook 0
County Circuit Com t, on or before the first day of the next f
Special term thereof, to be holden at the Oourt House, in ■
tbe cilv of Chicago, on the second Monday of Feb* c
ruary, A. D. IS&3, give rpedal bail, and plead to the Q
paid actlou. judgment will be entered against
you and In favor of the said Henry Mllward. and so t
much of the property attached as may be sufficient to
satisfy the tala judgment and costs, will be sold to satisfy .
the game. WM. L. CHURCH. Clerk. q
H. DAVg. Plff's Atf t. lat«-4w cj t
OOOK—SS.—Oook Oounty Court of Common Pleas, a
Jannary Term, 1559. „ „ „ i
Orrin Sherman vs. George M. Coffin. ,
Public Notice Is hereby given to tbe said George
M. Coffin that awrlt of Attachment Issued out of the
office of the Clerk of the Cook County Oourt of Common
Pleas dated the first day of December. A. D. 1858, at the
suit of the said Orrin Sherman and against the estate of
the said George M. Coffin fer the sum of Three Hun* t
dred Dollars, directed 10 tbe Sheriff of Cook County, >
which said writ has been returned .executed. .
Now. therefore, unless you, the said George M. ,
Coffln shall personally be and appear before the said y
Oook Oounty Oourt of Common Pleas on or before the first *
day of the next term thereof, to be holden at the Court .
House, in tbe city of Chicago, on the first Monday of ,
January, A. D. 1=69. give special ball, and plead to the ,
slid plaintiff's action, judgment will be entered against •
you. and in favor of the taid Orrin Sherman, and so ,
much of tbe property attached as may be sufficient to .
to satisfy the said judgment snd costa will be sold to sat> ,
Isfy the same. WALTER EUIBALU Clerk.
Spafford. Porter A Jones, Plt'ffi Att'ys. de» b&M6w
n-ls. Cook County. £S.-Cook C'U-ty Court of ,
oommou P'eas— Chicago. January JKth. 1859. ,
Granville Kimball vs. Luke Uomstock, barren T. Hecox, (
Edwird L. Comstoc*.—ln Chsncery.
Public Notice is hereby riven, that LLC. Paine Freer,
as Receiver, appointed by tbe Court. In tbe above entitled
cause, will, on >ne sixteenth day of February, A. D. 1&59.
at the north door of tbe Oourt llouse or the Oountv of
Cook, in the city of Chicago, at ten o'clock in tbe fore
nooa of said day, sell at Pubbc Auction U> tbe highest
bidder, for caaa. a certain bond in the penalty often
thousand dodars. execu'ed by Warren T. Hecox, as
Ucl'e >r to luke Comstock as tlbilgee. reciting that the
oblKcr Is Indebted to the oblicee In tbe sum of five Ibou.
sand dollars, t art of the i urcbase money of the Real Ft.
tsJe hereinafter descrioed, aod conditioned for tbe pay
ment of taid of five thousand dollars, to >MwardL.
Oomsiock. son of said Luke Comstock, upon his becom
ing of age, snd the interest on said Bond payable to taid
Luke Comstock, at tbe rale of eight per c*ot per annum
annually on tbeShday cf February In each year, unti
the taid Boad matures, wnich will be on tbe 26th day o
Febiuary. A. D. ISTI. taid Bond secured by a Deed of
Trast, Which. *ith thesal<t#ond. bear date February sth.
1858. executed by said Warren T. Hecox. and running to
said detekiah A. itynkooo,«od conveying to said Wyn
koop all that part of u.t three (3), in Block - ne r on4red
aod forty-one (Ml), in the hebool Section Addition to
CnlAvo, commeuctng on the northwest co.ner cf tald
lot three <3), running thecce tcu:b on tbe west line ' f
said lot v ne hundred eULty nine feet to an alley, thence
1 east aloog said alley thirty three feet, thenceforth paral
lel with the west line to Monroe st:eet. thence west
along tbe south line of Monroe street thirty-three feet,
tothep'aceof beginning. Said Deed of Trust reciting
1 the conditions of the Bond substantially, and containing
a p£wrr of eale. L. C. FAINE FREEt<*
BS.—Circuit Court of Oook County. January fipecia
wSaro"McCuUy.' Jobn F. McCully. and Mark W. Watson,
Public NoUce is btteby given to thessi-Gecree K. Hoyt
thatawrit of att*c. .nent issuedout of the office of the
Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County dated tbe elgh
teenth dayof December. A. D-1853, at the suit of the said
William MeCnily, John F. McCulJy and Mark W. Watson
end against tbe estate wfthc said Geo. E. Hoyt for thesum
of two hundred and nlnety-elsbt dollars aad twenty-three
cents, directed to the Sheriff of Oook County, which said
' writ has been returned executed. Now. therefore, unless
yoc. tbe said Geoige & Hojt shall personally be and ap
oe&rbefcre the said Circuit CourtofCook Oounty on or be
ore the first day of the ne*t special term thereof, to be
holden at the Jourt llouse In dgof OUcw on the
first Monday of January A. D. liJo, give special
I and plead to tae said plalntlJ&; actioa wlll be
i entered.i*ou, and In favor of the said WlLlam
McOully, John F. McOuily and Mark W. Wau.n. and so
f much oi wit property attached as may be sufficient to sat
t tfv the salu judgment aidcosu will be wid to satisfy
. the sSotT WILLIAM L. CHURCH, Clert
Oomell WaiteAJameson.Plfl'B Altys dgabSa36od
\ Cook. Si—Oook County Oourt of Ocmmon Pleas,
\ CharSts^fßmUi Charles Tuitle vi.OrviUe Finch.—
\ Attachment.
i Public notice is hereby given to the said Orvilie finch
i that a writ of Attachment issued out or the office
f of the Clerk cf Oook County Court of common Pleas,
dated tbe: firgt day of Febuary.'A. D. ISafi, at ths suit of
, the said Charles H, BoothanftCharlesTuuleandAgainst
i tbe estate of the said Orvllle Finch 'ortne sum or six
teen bundled ana forty-two dollars and forty-eiebt cents.
9 directed to tbe Sheriff of Cook county, which said
1 writbasbeen returned executed. „
« Now. therefore, unleuycn, the ssld Orvllle Finch shall
personally be and appear before tbe said Cookcoucty
r Court of CommonPleas,onoroeforetbefirstdayofthe
f next term thereof, to be holden at the Oourt House
In the city of Chicago, on the first Monday of Febru
ary. A. D. give special ball and plead to the said
clalntlff's action, iudgmentwiil be entered againstyou
andln favor of thesald Charles II Booth and Oharles
Turtle, and to much of the property attached as may
> be sufficient U> satisfy the said judgment and costs,
will be sold to satisfy tne same. .
Thompton A Bishop. Plt'ffs Att'ya fe3cH93od
ceased. Public notice is hereby given to all per
x «Qus having claims and demands against the estate of
U ferabam Marr deceased, to preasnt the same for adjudi
. cation acd settlement at a regular term of tbe County
6 Oourt of Cook Countj. to be bolden at the Oourt Bouse
in tbe City of Chisago, on the first Monday of March. A.
* D. being the sevt nth day thereof.
u. urn, own* iuc K. LDol± .' Mißß< Executrix
'? of the last Will and Testament of Graham Mairdec'd.
J BviLbLMasSxr. Agent.
Blue Island. January 11th. IM9. iaV: 6w»
j> I hereby given that defau-t having been made in !
the paymeotof a certain Promisory Note tecored In and
by a certain mortgage, made and executed by Alfred P.
M Worts, bearingdate 17th aay of AoriL Ib5S. ani recorded
« in the office of the Recorder of Deeds for tbe County of
Oook. and State of Illinois, In Bo.k 36 of Mortgage, at
0 Page 741, to' Qeo. M. Gray, to secure the payment of a
certain promisor? note m s&id mortcaze mentioned an
which Uiere will be due on tbe day of sate, principal and
Interest. Eight Thousand Thirty-Seven Dodars and Forty.
10 Six Cents, Now. therefore. I shalL by vino* of the
power in said mortgage contained, on MUNUAY. the
84h dayof Jannary. A. D- 18W, at the Oourt House, In
tbe city of Chicsgo and County ot Cook, aod State of
Illinois, at 10 o'clock A- M., sell at public aucUon to tbe
highest bidder far ctsa the following described lota or
£ pieces of lands, together with all right and equity of re
demotion, situated in tbe cttr of Calcato, and County of
_ Ooi.k, acd titateof Ullnola. to wit; Tae undivided one
half of Lou one U) and two In Block four (4), Fort
I. Darboru AddMoa to 0h1.«0._ M HortJ^.
Chlcaso, Dec. 83d, 1858. de24lm-bS2I
'0 The above sale Is pottponed until February 4th, 1853.
10 the »me time QK4T _
IS Chicago. Janua:yT2J, 1859. jaJ4-td-c7B
Th" above sale Is postponed until February 6th, 1859,
at atthesametlmean«fpiace GE0# OEITi Martnttt ,
Chicago, February Ist felcH7td
O Circuit Court ofOook County.—January Special Terra,
A. D. ISS».
•» Jerman & Keater and Porter Skinner vs. Andrew J,
PubUc notice Is hereby, given to the sald Andrew J.
Short, that a writ of attachment Lmed out the office of
the Clerk otOircdit Oourt oi Cook County dated the fourth
um day of December. A. D. 1858, at ibe suit of the said Jerman
sTkeator and Porter Skinner and against the estate cf
tbe said Andrew J. Short for the sum of Three Thou
sand Dollars directed to the Sheriff of Oook Oounty,
which said writ bas been returned executed.
Now. therefore unle t you. the said Andrew J. Short
shall personally be and > ppear be the said Circuit
Court of Cook Oounty on or before the first day of thenext
Special Term thereof >o be bolden at the Court House, in
tEeCitiof Chisago, on ths first Monday of January. 'A.
D. 1559, rive special ball, and plead to the said plaintiff's
1 actloniudgmentwillbeenteredagal'-.styou and in favor
of the taid'Jerman S. Keator and Porter Skinner, and so
much of tbe property attached as may be sufficient to.
tatistythetaid betoldtos»tisfy
tbe same. WM. L. CHURCEZ. C erk.
OomelL Walte A Jameson. Plt'ffs Att'ys. de»bßa6od
i.vX nola Cook County. Circuit Court of Cook 00.
wlq chancery.
Bennett B, Chambers vs. Jamtt MlchSe.
Prtllc notice Is hereby gtven that in porsuance of a
Decretal Order entered In the above entitled cause,
ill* oa the fourteenth day ot January. A. D. ISc'i L
L. C. Paine Freer. Master In Chancery of Oook County.
V. Bute of Illinois, will on tbe twelfth of February. A.
v D~ 1859. at ten o'clock In the forenoon cf tald _ day. sell
at*publlc auction, to toe highest bidder, for eash. at the
North door of the Oourt House, ot the Countv ol Cook,
lo the «!tv °f Ohicasu, all ibe foUowln* deacrtbea parcel
or real ejtate w-wlt: Tbe west fraction of tbe rorth
west ands- qlh-we;t quarters ot section
300 (s;), , n township thlrty-elrht (3S), rangetwelve east or
" the thlro principal meridian. In Cook county, containing
0e one hundred andtwenty-three awes more orleu.
O. "Air's TUKa.
Master in Chancery. Oook county.
_Chicago, Jan. 20th. issd. is2i c+dtd
8. Oeunty Oourt of Oommon Pleas—Teb
ruarr Tern. A. IX. 18W. aa .
WUliam E. DoggetC Henry D- Baasett and D. Hobart
Hills, va. Randolph Pensmore. Barney H. Dyckman
, and Edwin ., . , ,
PubUc Notice is hereby dvea to ibe said Randolph
Densmore. barney H. Dyckmaa asd JCdwin Densmoie,

ror Clerk of the Cook County Court o' Oommon Pleas, dated
the twenty-fourth day of December, A. t>. 1859, at the suit
or the tald Wm. C Doggett. Henry D. Baatctt and D.
_ Hobart Hdla and against the estate ot tbe said Randolph
%• Denianre, Barne'H. Dyckman and Adwtn Dessoore,
'• for toe turn or Three Hundrea and Dollars
and Seventy-Four Centa directed to tee Sheriff ofOook
Oounty. which said writ has been returned executed.
How.therefore, unlets you..thesald Randolph Dens
more. Barney H. D?ckmai and Edwin Densmore, shall
personally be and appear before the tald Oook Oounty
Courtor^Common Pleas, on or before the first day of the
X; next term thereof, to be holden at the Court House, tn
iea the dty of Chicago on the first. Monday of February,
__ A. D. give special ball, and plead to the said
see pi.inttfr. judgment will be entered against you
i ardlnfavoTofthe taWWilUam t Doggett, Henry D.
k Baaaett tnd D Hobart Hills, and so much of the prop-
Lhe iuosmenj ana oosw,WALTER Kf*4Baf.T- a erk.
QAmreAHiTCHOocc. Plff f .A«'y!i^.^
ete JCi COURT OF COOS OOUNTY—In the matter of the
mi Suie of Geonte Coombs, deceased.
All persona having " utfT " against the estate of George
Ooomha. rirrraarf! late of Oook county, are notified and
lns*M-the executor and executrix of the last wlll and
tftimmt of aid George Ooomt*dectiwd, havteg fixed
on that term for tettllnc and adjusting all clalwii again*
said deceased
<» l «co,D«Mberl^ K ira T b. DmtjKxeeotor.
1 JANE OOOMBA Executrix,
Q« Oflastwffl and t**Uotnt of George Ooombs, deceased.
[ M|| - ■_ ■
+ D¥^Kj!^T^ATQR 7 a NOTICE.—CuUN
1 fiufce maSrof Tridrick. deceased,
ij All persons havtnrdalmsianlnst the est«te of Jaeob
late of Oaok Oounty, are notified and
requested to attend at at«mof the Oounty cotut of CM»k
[> Cocnty, to be held at tbe Oourt House.in the city of Cbi-
SS on Monday of March next, al ten
r wMwji
Ost.-4>»ok County Court of Common Pless, Tebruarr
Term, 160.
SjlTeaterL'nd. SaanelS. Sitter. Iz<eo*or« and "rus'e*s ,
of Jabev Barber, detected, vi. Joseph WlMe, "tnlor,
Ann Wilde, his wl e, Mary Ana Berber, Lccy Baiber.
Barrtrt Barter, uhartes Y. Bell, and Eiisa Bell, his .
wlfa—ln thane®'?.
Affidavtt of the non naldsnci of Ifarr Ann Batb«r.
Tocy Barbe-, Harriet Barber. ChariatxTßelL- and jtlixa
Betl,b'swlfß.partAfthedefendantaaßorenaae(i.bav!i-g >
been filed in toe oßee of tbe OUtfcofsala Cook Cocntv
Court of CcmmonPlesa to thesald
Marv Aon Baroer. Lccy Barber flan Ist Barber. Charles
Y.BeU v aodE ll x« B ll hla wife.'that Iksrtfomplalaants
01-u their bill of eomplsiint la tbe sdd Coot, pa the Chan
cery ride thereot on the 29th day of Jane*rr« laß. and
that a ran-non* thereupon out- ot said Court
against said deflradanta, returnable on thf first Mon
day of April next A. P. 1953, aalt by law reeulreA.
Now. cnl-sa ton. the said Mary Ann Barber, Lncy
Barb*r. Harriet Barber, CbarlesT. B*ll an 1 ClsaB&l.
Lis wife, shall personally be and appear before
said Cook Cou* ty Court of Common Pleas, cn
the first Uaj of tb» next terra thereof, to be hold's
at Chicago In said Uocntv on tbe first Monday of
April, 1959, and plead, answer or demur to U e said
complainant's bill of complaint, the same and the mat*
ten and things therein charged and stated wlil be taken -
at ccnfeeted. and a decree entered against you aqeord.
In? to th ? prayer of said bill
Mather. Tat k King. Ompt'tt Sol'rs. fe3-tw p!5
L Chailes O. Clarke and Mary 8.. bis wife, of the ci y
of Chleag<\ Coucty ofOosk. andStUe of IliboU. exe
eu ea to me as Troatee a detd of tmst of the premises
hereinaiter detcjibc. to secure* psymert of a
promissory note of Five untdred and fcixty Seven >-oi
lar , theruu mentloneJ. which deed of tnst bears d.te
May fifth. A. D and is recorded In the Recorder't
«'Os« nt Walworth bounty, and Bute ef Wlso-vrtln. in
Book 21 of Mottgaief, Pa<es 410 and 411; and whereas,
defruit h»s been made in pajment of aild ncte and
applicat on has been made time by the letal holder of
sud note, to sell said prem'iea, under said dted ol trust,
for the purposes therein expressed. Now. therefore,
public notice Is hereby given that I shalltell at public
auction, at the North door of the Court Bouse in the
dty of Chicago, in said County and SUte. to the highest
bidder for c«sh. at ten o clock In the forenoon, on the
NIMH DAY OP M AROH. A. D. 1669. the premises de
tcrib-d in said deed ot tnut. to wit:—Tbe undivided
two-thirds CXj or the north half the northwest quarter
Section twenty-nine CS), Town number one Q), Jiftfh
ta?g» number sixteen (IS)- east of the tonrth Principal
Jtndisn, and containing fifty-three and one-third (WK>
acres, be tbe same more or less, the aame being land act
apart to Beojamin T. Clarke and Charles O. Clarke from
tbeeititeof tbe late Cr. Henry Clarke.
Chicago. February 2nd.-1869. fe2 30t cIS 3
O K.—Circuit Court of Cook County, March Term.
James Wtls»n and Benjamin Exjleston vs. Robert Csm>-
han-In Chancery.
Affidavit of tbe non-residence of Robert Camansa.
defendant above named, having been filed in office
of the Clerk of said Clrcu't Oourt of Cook County,
Notice is hereby given to tbe said Robert Cam ah an that .
said complainants filed their bill of complaint Is said
Court on the Chancery ride therecC on the eleventh day
of January, 1859. and that an a summons thereupon
issued out of said Court against said defendants, re
tnrnable on the first Monday of March next. 1859. as U by
law required. Now, unless yoa. the said Robert Camahan
shall personalty be and appear before said Circuit Court
ofOookCounty, ontheflrst dayof thenextMarch term
tbereo&tobe noldenat Chicago, In said County, on the
first Monday of March. 1359. and plead, answer or dr
murto tbe said complainant's bill of eomplaint, the same
and tbe matters ana things therein charred and stated
willbetakenas confessed.andadeeree entered against
yon according to the prayer of said bllL _
WM- L. CHURCH. Clerk
Arthur W. Wlndet. Onmnt'tt fel-4w c! 36
Chicago. Cook County, lUlno a, In ortlf r to se
cure theptymentof a certain note male asd signed by
him together witi one Robert L. Dulap. forth* samof
three thousand dollars, dited Drcenb-r 4lh. ISSS, pay.
ai.le to Erastut Valley or crder. in one year from date,
with Interest at ten Der cent, per annum, did by a cer
tain deed of trust executed by blm bea-log even date
with taid note, grant, bargain and convey to the under,
signed Hiram F. Slather, of Chicaco, aforesaid, certain
premise* described in sail deed of trust as follows, viz:
"Let four (4) in block sixteen <ltf), of Carpenter's Ad
dition to Chicago, with tbe daelHng house and improve.
mentsth:reon." situated in tbe city of ohlcsgo. County
of Cook: which deed of trust contained a power of sale
to bemadi by 6aid Trustee on application of the )eg*l
101/ier of said LOte in case of d:fanJ of payment. Asd.
whereas, default has been made ii ptymert of the
amount of principal mentioned in said note. a> well as in
payment of interest tiLce the 4ih day of December, 1*57,
and tbe iaid Vrtstus Bailey, tbe legal holder aod owcer
of said ncte, has applied to the subscriber to sell (aid pre
t»otre Is. therefore, hereby given that la pursuance of
the power above referred to. aod in order to raite the
amount due and to beccme due for criocipal and Interest
on the note aoove meuiloned, together with the c->tta
and expenses of advertising and aeillrg in pursuance of
raM power. 1 shall, on SATURDAY, the twelfth day of
February next, at 11 o'clock In tbe fo'tnaon of
tb«t day at tbe north Croat door of the Court
ttouse. (a the said oty of Chlcaso. oQer for a*le
and sell at public auction to the highest bidder for
cub the premises described above acd in said deed
if trust, and all the eq.lty of redemption cf s*ldJosl«h
E Co.burn therein. A d*ed in fee will be made to th-;
purchuer by vinue of raid power of rale, bald deed of
trust duly acknowledged will be found recorded tn the
•ecorder's office of Cook County, trader date of Decim*
Der Oth. 1815. tn Book idiot De«ds, Psge£ia
illuAM F. MATHtiR, Trustee fur Bailey.
Mitjer. Tajt Attorneys.
Dated January 3Uu ltf9. lall-td cl3o
Vj sots. County of Cook. BS.—Cbenit Oourt oi Cook
Oountv April Term A.D^l^9.
Frank Qq E. Gregory John nitjn. Ormasd Lntton.
Metes W. Rlchardsod. John H. Bradborv, George tl
Ricbaidson. Gecrge Barnes. Jabet W. Ljman, Har
vey Spencer. Edward Alexander. John u. Westerve t
andtirrir 8. U:us,vs. A Norton Riog. Byron ii. New.
eli Rudolph Schlaesser, LlbridgaG. Newell. andChas.
Affidavit oftheson-reridenceof EibrldgeG. NeweH. one
of the defendants above named, having been filed In theof
fice ol the Clerk of said circuit Court otCook County,
, Notice is hereby given to the said Ebridje l». Ne«eUthat
slid complainants filed tbeir bill of complaint in sa>d Court
on the chancery side thereof, on the twenty-ninth day
of November. 106$, and that a summons thereupon is
sued out of said Oourt against said defendant, return
able on the first Monday of] January, 1353. as U.by
law required.
How, unlets you, the said QbrlcgeG. NeweU shall
i personally be and appear before said Circuit Court
i of Cook County, on the flrstday of tbe next At»il
, term thereof to be holden st Chicago. In the said
> County ot Cook, on the tint Monday ot Aprl>, 16J8.
i and plead, answer or demur, to the said complainants' bill
i ot complaint, the same and the matters and tbina there
in charged andatated will betaken as confessed, and a
decree *otered against you according to the prayer of said
» compt&inaota. WM. L. CHURCH. Clerk.
Frasklin Webster. Compl'tt So.'r. ja27c!ol4w
1 <&ommisston itkrcl)ants.
; Jl merchant.
No. 6 Milliard's Block, comer Clark and Sooth Water-st«»
Agenta for the FULTON STABCHWOBKS. Fulton,
N. Y, (Late Oswego River Starch Company.) They
manufacture all kinds or pure Com Starch of a su perl or
i quality. Orders addressed to M- NRLSOM, P. O. 3400,
g will receive prompt attention. ocSbiaily
Produce Oommiasion Merchants.
_ I 1 of my partners in the firm of Eckley. Morse' k
II Co, I wilt continue the Produce Commission buslnet on
y the above stile. Office No. 7 Pometiy't Balidlnz. corner
e of Clarx &o<i Water sueets. GEO. R. ECKLEY.
« Chicago, January 30.1859. leJJ-ticn-c3o
'j CULVER &. 00,
j Commission JMerchants,
< ai6 South Water Street.
B. F. Colt**. & E- Cclvxe. |
•- w«»n a.Williams W. D. Hocqbtxluio
•* U No. 910H South Water street, second door West
ie of Wells street Bridge, give their exclusive attention to
thesiJeandpurchaseofallklndsof Produce. Stock. «t<x,
on Oommlssfon. Cash advanses made on Hills o* Lading
and property tn store. Refer to Geo. Smith A Co., Ma
1. rmeftanir, and Geo. Steele k Co. jalO b961 ly
0 I Oomerof Clark and South Water street.
,1 Chicago, Ha 3 b950 6mJ Illinois
It 1858 - - Winter Arrangement - - 1859,
a .
d N. W. GRAHAM & CO,
; Forwarding Merchants,
? r Shipping Agents Illinois Central Uallrold, and
;• Wharf Beat Proprietors.
rt \ V Tracks asd Slides leading directly from the old
Depot to our Uharf BoaUwoich enable us to forward
freight to and from the Railroad with great despatch and
SI witnout the exposure or liability to damage, unavoidable
In any other metood of handling, . _ ..
■9l We «'■> give prompt and careful attention to re-innv
meats by river to fiashvUle, KvanaviHe. Cincinnati,
Wheeling. Pittsburgh, New Oneans and Memo hla.
J8 Cairo, llllpois. December lHh. IsM. deobTOTSm
a, JONES & CO.,
if. A store or for Shipment. Sterling Exchange on
bl Con3on for sale. JCxaiange on New York bought and
sold. Office In Steel's Block, corner of Lssaile and
j, ponth Water street. de3b66l3m
j. t» E. S I * B
™ aplT4B6&4y
ITs Uaih Advances made on Produce in Store, or shipped
'or to our House In New York. apli-lj-»47
to. pTt»tiw"'".l Chicago.
J- jT 14 Dearborn street, Ghlcage, Illinola.
im Cash advances on Shipments to Silas H. Fish, Buffalo.
Hf"Refer to j. H. Dunham. President Rernolda.Oy
k and A. A. fastaphleve. BaCalo. i>3o.
[ * y. Q. a, L TTXXBAK a lItWt.SV
iu \J NCR Clark and Lake streets. Will attend to the
hi purchase and sale of Stocks and Bonds of every deecrtp-
X. tioa. either In this or In tbe New York Market. Quota.
S tioas of the New York Stock Market received daily by
th. telecraph. Sales and purchases made at tbe Stock Ex
en at loweat rates of comtniaion. audCaVfUm
°' DUMSEI EHO. k 00, 001-HISSIO* KES
Qlva their excisslvt ttteatton to lbs
L oi Flour, Grain, and other Produce,
>b- 141. Jouth Water eor. Clark street.
nofes6S3ly CHICAGO.
D" r No. 150 Sou Water street, Chicago.
■e< ®»LlberaladTaoc»« made on consignment*.
■55 KsrEEEJicg*—J. M. lanham,Chicago; J *oung Scam-
Sf mon, Chicago; Geo W >ole.Ch.caso : Rnmsey.Bro ACo,
Chicago: Royal Moovt, >aplea. Ill; Woodnid fc Cfl,
New York- Uentng * Woodrou, Ht Loais; J Buns,
Banker. Springfield. l ': C S Dole, Chicago. ap£!'SS-ly
Commission Merchants*
ity Cnderwood 4c Co., Chicago,
■he anysMy Agents for the Hortb-weti
ap- Dealer in all kinds of Flour and Feed, and Country Pro
ud dace. Wholesale and Brian
IC and «3 Klnale, corner of Wolcott street, Chicago. HL
Flour and Feed delivered to any part cf thetdty free of
1 chOTS; mya.ylOO.ly
i« Commission Merchants,
_ isa s. Water stmt,
J| am-felT CIIICAOO.
ck VV ADVANCES onUrainiorthipmeat East, giving
|d- bi oV..r oririlege of«llinl to ] S,-lork for
oomer of South Water and Trankila
. mnoaao.. ••■TUIROU
D. KRIEQIL miltUWy _R i aTAYI^^
' aud UudcrtaKeWj
ob affgfe IfO. 38 LA 9ALL* BTRRXT,
hi- l—l - tißiah. Wood, Leaa.andZlac CodEss.aJao
Jo pared with Hearset aud Carriages
>d * for Funerals; and may be found
£ w give prompt attention to their bust.
All Persons Engaged in tbe Manufacture of -Lumber in any way
Patented Ju1y21,1557. Patent Re-Issued April 6, 1858. Additional Impovement Patented Jlay 4,1555, since which time sales
have l>een very large.
of Lumber from gnj kind of Log cp to 23 or SO feet long: or. with Double Carriage, 50 to SO feet: using a Saw s>f to S feet in dlametre according to slsc^of
Both these Mills are AUTOMATIC, or SELF OPERA*
TTVE, or can easily be worked by hand without any
changeor alteration In their construction: are themogt
simple and seldom get out of repair. They are Made to v
Wear-warranted darable and Year in o
andYesrouu The Saw Frames are of Ircn entire: tie
Carriage and all are ut:e to endure heavy work, to Is- tl
•ere accuracy acd durability. Tbe Patentee has been a |
forthepastThlrieenTears,asdnow offtrs the result of J
hlslabors aud experience to those who wish to avail t
themselves of tbe benefits, claiming that Lumbermen are 4
here oflered the |
now before the public. Also and ready to prove {
thai the LOG MlLLwlll pe.fonnmore than Thrts Times '
the work of a Muley Mill with the expense of One. *
The SffeiXG MILL will perform from Hts S more \
work than a:y EUdlrg Mill ever know.?. Th( per cent. L
clean profit these Mil's will makeover the above estl-
mates of work will be. as will be seen at once by a prao I
tical man. much greater from the fact that the expense ]
of running, lets hands employed, and nsct to nothing j
for repairs, are Items in the manufacture of Lsmber <
that eat up the pre fits to an alarming extent It not 1
watched. These Mills attend to these items in peraoa;
thta augment the prefit of the manufacture.
Tbe above Engraving represent! the Bidirg Mil cor
rectly. It Is well to state that these mi Is are not depend
ent upon tbe mere statement of Mr. Ferry, the Inventor.
Aliey have been used by many, anc thoroor ly tested In
all respects, and are recommended by al! far above any
Mills in the United States, We have room but for a few
of the many fluttering testimonials coming from high and
responsible parties.
From Manufacturers.
The undenbmei. Manufacturers of Tumber. having
hadlnuseWitUsmM Ferry Jr*s Patent Sldlnr Mills, do
hereby testify to the r esc&eace tbove all otlur kinds
we have seen In operation.
Tbe difficulties heretofore experienced In the use of
ether kinds of ScU-deulng MlUa have been their llabulty
i to get out of repair, making Che manufacture of lumber
i more expensive and tne Inaccuracy of thickness In lum
i ber manufacture subjecting osto the loss of good mate
rial—as Culls. By tne use of Ferry's Mil's, their simplici
ty and the strength and workmanlike manner of their
construction does away with "tinkering." and they are ,
reliable for work. These Ml'-ls. with k*s late Improve
ments, are tbe only accurate a-tticg Milts to uniform
th ckneasthatwe have ever ustd or *een in operation,
and we recommend them from our own knowledge and j
experience to be the be;t and mo«t profitable Mills we
know ol Ths patentee's ex:erlence as a Lumberman
h»s doubtless called hUattention to what we have here
tofore so much needed, and we are confident, ail using
his Milts will airee wtth us in the expression above given.
Ferry A Son. Amos Norton. Hunter Svrldge,
Stephen Monroe, Galtn Kastman. UU. Ma-on,
Dan'l F. Fargo. J. Wilde A Co., Keliog White A Co,
8. Lawrence. Richard Roberts. George L. Norton.
Hopkins A Bros., John Clancy,
\J 1853.PaisengerTralns will leave the Wells street
depot dally. (Sundays excepted) as follcw*:
s * ForFreeport, Galena. Dunleith, Belolt, Janewille and
2,ST Prairie da Chten.
A Passenger and Mail 8.60 l_M.
Passenger (daily) 7.10 P. M.
e r Elgin. McHenry. Cryrtal Lalse aid iJO P. M
c3<> poa Dtxoa, ruLtoa ass ckjttxaj. iowa.
Through Passenger I.QOP.M.
DeKalbPassenger 3.*) P.M.
t a Two Through Vralns wQI leave Central Depot at foot of
rotoAUDiA. sosLxm avp st. Ftoi.
lvxb. Dally (Sundays excepted) 8.46 A.M.and7.OOP.M.
Leave Dtmleßh 7.00 A. M,—arrive In Chicago 5.30 P. M
Leave do j.OO P. M.—arrive In Chicago A. M
West Leave Fulton 10.00 A. M-arrive In Chicago at P. H.
onto LeaveDeKalb&lsA.M.—arrive In Chicago at A. M.
won Axis hassox aaiiCH.. .
1 uJ* Leave Janesville at 10.20 A. M.,-arrive In Chlcuo at
11» 6.30 Pll
Lii_ Leave JanejviHe at p. M.—arrive in Chicago at
nz ami vallxv aAoanto.
iNT, Leave Elgin at. 7,30 A. M.—arrive In Chicago 9JSP.M
Paasengers for all Mints on the Galena and Chi can
Onion Railroad, and Fulton Lines, should take the trains
from Wells Street Depot. _ _
tools One of Woodruff's Patent Sleeping Cars will leave Cen
tral Depotnlgbtly with 7.00 P. M. Train for Dnnlelth.
,859, All the above trains connect y.'h th? Great Eastern
Unes diverging from Chisago.
Through tickets can be bought at the following offices:
H. J. Spauldlng's. corner Lake and Dearborn street*. P.
F. W. AO.R.R. Ticket Office, corner of Randolph and
« Dearborn streets; Michigan Southern Office under tbe
9 Revere House, acd at tbe Central and Wells >U eet Depota
JOHN B. TURNER, President.
AQtl p. A, TT*t r- Sup't.
H. H. Poaraa. General Ticket Axegt. no3o
le old _ LAKE SHOK£ EiIUOIS.
1858 Winter lUt
A- Boston. Philadelphia. Baltimore, Washington,
nnAtL Cleveland, rtttfiburah. Dunkirk. Buffalo, Niagara Falls.
nnf ■ Rochester, Syracuse, Troy. Albany, nnira. blnahaop
»ton. Springfield. Worcester, and all points in the New
- England States.
&0O A. M. Mall and Accomodation via old MVihlgin
. line.
s A. M. New York Exprtai leave* Ohleaco via old
n tv Michigan line.
bLn 8:00 P. 2£. New K ork and Boston Express, via old Mlci>
ge on lean line.
t and ftiS A. U. lTaln (dally, except Sundays.) connects at
i and Adrian with train for Monroe and Detroit.
18m TpflMnp close connections at Detroit with
—— tialns on Great Western Railroad.
9 5:00 A. M. (daily, Sunday* excepted.) connecting
Elkhart with train for Goshen Air Line.
t. 8.00 F. M. (daily, except Saturday.) connect at Adrian
with trains for Monroe and Desoik
4sM' WUlaeeompany the Night Train.
leaving Chicago on the &45 AH, train
ORK. get a Night Car at Cleveland.
•nckeucaabehaaatall ticket Offices In the West and
at tbe Cots pany's Office under the Revere House, corner
i itt Randoloh and Dearborn streets, and at the depot.
aylO G. M.GRAY.General Western Agent
U ISSB. until further notice. Trains will ran as tot
Leave Clinton at. 8.15 A. M. and 4. SO P. M.
'* Arrive at Mecbanicavllle, .IS.IS M.andS.oo M
ißLta. LeaveMechaalcsvilie. ..
Arrive at Clinton ISL3O M. and 6.00
Oonnectlng with Through Trains fw; Chicago, over tha
bOK- Dixon AJMJns of the Galeia and Chicago Union Raß
to the raod.
escrlp- At DeWltt with stages for Davenpo-t and Maqucketa,
iuota* At Yankee Ron wun naaea tor Toronto; At Onton
illy by Grove with Stages for Tiptos. At Meehaujegvllli with
:k Ex- stares fbr Anamosa, Lisbon, Mt. Yerncn. Marias and
S4m 3edar Bapifis.
The Shortest, Cheapest and most Expeditious Routs
between Chicago and Centrad lowa, it being only 134
mile* from Chicago to the Mississippi River, and thence
directly into themterior of
tr An Agent will be at the Depotln TuUoa, to reeelva
«ce» allßaggageforCuntonor the road, which will be ooe*
.1. rt,er (r« 4
Clinton, lowa, Nov. 27 1858. delO
For Centrml and Western lowa, Nebra»
sc.m- "n 4 Kmnsas.
Oosuwced ot tii,
~ Cklogeatecklilut, FeerUkßiren Vallej
t Is, aiil Hhdsslppl fc HkMirl Sillreida.
' I CITY and WasMnston without change of Cars.
re,t vnly direct route Swn Chicago to Jollet, LaSalle.F«r%
. v t) Peoria, Rock laland. I>aveiport. Muscatine. lows OtK
Washington and Fort deeMob?ea
Three tndns leave Chisago daily
from Depot, eorserVan Burenand Shera-o streets as
® V, Day Ripre* Sundays exeepteo -Fo.- Jollet,
ro.HL La Salle. Peorta. Rock Island. Dave port. Mcsca
tine.lowaOtjand Washington. .
JZr. U.OO PTZj Night «xpress, Satordayt exeet ted-For Peo
and Washington.
I#o 8.00 P. M. Jollet Accommodation, stopping at all stations,
arririig at Johet at pTm.
The Chicago and Rock Island and Mississippi and
O touri Railroads form tbe only through route from Chi
' ■ cago to toe Interior or lowa.
acq Paaenger trains tun through to lowa City aad Wash-
T? imkon wtboot detention, or change of cars at the Ml»-
giving rissimi River, crossing the Railroad Bridge between
rkfor Koeklsland and Davenport. M
-fnroogh Trains arrive at Chicago at 4 40 A. M. and 13
p. M.
rZT- Jollet inomnmodatfam at US A. M.
At La flalla, vtth IlUnols Oentral for Galsa%
Dnnlelth. Cairo and Intermediate points.
KOI& At Peoria with the Peoria and Oquawka Railroad
of Stagee ts Ojcalooea,
Knoxviile, and all points In Oentral and Southsni
1 A?lowa Otty wilhWeetera Stage Oo'aUne Mall O oacb«
for Tort desMolnn, Ooundl BJuiWaahtuton. 0£»
9W loosa. Newton. Wlnteraect. ftoux Oi*
MarahalltownTMarletU, lowa Falls, Cedarßapldt. Cedar
VERY Tails, and all points in Oentral and Westcrnlowa,
riagoL tickets on sale_ at the Depot, alto si
found office of TortWayneand
'bust* koraandßandofinstreets,andoffioa MkwßßSoQJhilßi
laUnti Oder Revere m n . M
erT. _JOHS V. TUOTi SupX
ik W. L. R. JOBS* Qsbl Bokal Ami, b|]|
Will Find it to their Interest to Examine ot*e of
-A. T ONC E .
Will saw beautifully all kinds of Siding. Fendnx. Floorlns, Ac.. Ao. from Cants 18 to 2) i eet Unc
From Practical Sawyers. »
The undersigned are practical Sawyers, and having
used and seen In ute other k<nda or Clrcu'ar daw M lis, j
wep'eier those of Wol M. Fer.y, Jr*s Patent above ail y
others. )
We can cut mors lumber with then la t v e same time ]
than with any of the ether kinds heretofore lnu«e. for >
these re»cns: The care of ba; one belt In Ferry's )
Machines takes tbe ilace of keeping In repair o-mpll* (
cated machinery and a g-'cater ruaber or be!ta as Li all
other machines we have seen taking bp more or Ie ttime
every dayin -tinkering." The Arcor It of Cast SteeU
acd allthe work connected therewith Is finished tn such j
a manner that we are not trouh ed with iournais that t
beat to the damage of the Saw and dctent'on of Uw MilL
Allthe work It strong, tliiple. and coovment we can
alter the range of the a.w IntianUr a- d with >atstoppleg
tbe as 111, for different qualities of tl rber. or as different
Saws may need wlthoot seating or having any tendency
to h*at the Arb.' ror the Saw. The convenience of the
"dogs" lor boding **canta"cn these Mills <s very great.
The "docs" bold a cant firmly, *vrn In irosty timber, and
theseculiar "bead dog* dees away with tbe om of a
~mlll bar.** Th" experience of all mill owners and
Bawyersis thatt<e 'mill bar" is the cause or rrore ao.
cidentatban anything else. Ths ardilty o' fining tbe
carriage for receiving and cutting d'fferent length cantg
Is unequalled.
*e near no compla'nts or irrerular th!ckne*s In lhe
lumber from Ferry's Mi:la We take pleasure therefore.
In recommendlcg i ese Mills as the ttANOIESr and
BES r we have ever seen.
Thomas McrriU. Jo«. D. Stebblna, Ellas Tarn at.
Nicolai La wins. Henry Rrasted. John Tarrecu
O. b. Bnunhle. Gilbert Thompson Samuel Rixba'L
Merett C. Messenger.
From Lumber Inspectors.
We, the under7igne<T, Timber In«pectert of the city of
Chicago, being freqoenil' cmp'tyed >n the Infpectloo of I
lamtermsnunctureil -rom Wl'lltm M. Fe ry» Jr.'s Pa- 1
lent Siding Mi la vosld hereby testify to the accuracy 1
and perfect minufacture of tue lumper sawed by said
mills. 1
Want of uniformity cf Ih'ekuess !s a prevailing e«ra
plaint anrmg purcnaaers of lomher, and the sathtaction
• hich.lntbla particular. Inevitably follows the sa.e of
lumber cat from sai l sills Is the surest Indication that a
degree or perfection has been attained In their construc
tion and operation that place ibem oaequalled by anv
other mill »mwn to us. The work from tfieo Is tbe best
recommeadaMsn t:ey need for perfect, eractical and sue
ces ful mactlnes.
We take pea»ure !n commending Ferry's Improved
MU s to general u>e.
Chicago. December 30.1838.1 Grand Haven, Mlchigis.
Christopher Johnson, I fteorg •D. Harvey.
DW. Ulgble, I Jo k n W. Hopkins.
Frankl n Emer*, I Heor«e «*. Friant,
R. G. tioodwlllli, 1 Henry Brower.
O.IL Horton. I
Prom Dealers.
We. the undersLcued, Lumber Dealers tn the dty of
Chicago, hating handled aad said more ir lesa lumber
mirufActared fr m Wil lam M Ferry. Jr.'s Pa'entSlding
Mills, take pleasure In hereby certifying that lomber
manufactured from said Ferry's Improved Mills Is of
uniform thicknets. smooth and accorately sawed, aad in
thlnetp ctpre'ertble to lumb-r manttiactured by any
oiher aelf settlcg mill wi<h which we are acqu\lnleiL
The Importance of bavin/ evenly sawed lumber lor a iqc
ceasfu t ade la so • s entlal aid so generally known that
commeottn this regard is unnecessary The best and
most reliable recommendation we can offer for said mills
ii the uniformity or satisfaction wldch lomber manuf*c
tured therefrom gives to onr numeroos customers. We
therefore uiheeitatingly comment Ferry's Mills to grne
ral use a the moat perfe. t self-setting mtchine known to
The Capacity ot tUs Road i* now Siual to any in
the c'ourUrv,
Three Through Passenger Trains
D«pot at Pittsborv with throo«h trains >rom alt
*e«tern Cues lor »ew York. Boston, Bal.
tlmore and washtsgton Cits; thus fumlahlng facilities
for the transportailaa of paoeogers unsurpasaed tor
speed and eomfort by any other route.
Express and fait lino run through to Philadelphia
without change of can or conductors.
fmoking cars are aitaehed to eacn train; Woodruff's
Sleeping Cars to express and faat tralna Tbe kxuress
runsdallr. Mall and Fast tine Sundays excepted. Three
dally trains connect direct for New VArk. kxpress and
Faat Line connect for Baltimore and Washington.
Trains connect at Pittsburgh with the 3 A. M. Express.
Amve in Philadelphia or Baltimore at 5 P. M. And la
New York at 10 a 0 P. M.
Trains connect at Plttsborgh with the 5 P. M. Fas
Line. Arrive In Philadelphia or Baltimore at 8 A M.
asd in New York at 3.30 P. M. Mail Trains leave Pitts
burgh 6 A. M.. arriving at Philadelphia U P. M., New
York 430 A. M.
eix daily tralnt between Philadelphia aad New York;
Two eally trains between New York and Boston. Through
Boat Tickets to Boatou are good via Norwich. Fall
River or Stonlngton Lines.
Tickets Eastward may be obtained at any of the Im
portant railroad offices lnt v e West; also, on board any
of the regular line of ateamenon the MUaitaippl or Ohio
rivers; and tickets Weatward at the officeaofths Com.
pany In Boston, New York. Baltimore or rhlladelphia
■fare aluajs a 9 Low as kl any other Uoate.
VF"Aik for tickets by rlttabursh,^]
Tbe eomsletion ot the Weitern eonnectiont of tbe
Pennsylvania Railroad to Chicago maaes this tbe
IHrtct Line Mween the £a*t and the Great
Tbe connecting of tracts by the Railroad Bridge at
Ptttsburih, avoldlci alldiayage t ot Freight,
together with the saving of time are adrantageareiriUy
apgreadated by of freight and the traveling
P *P«itisa shipping Eastward will find it to their advan
tage to ship by this route.
For (Right contracts or rhipp!ng directions, appJy to or
addren eltaer or the following agents of u e eoaoany:
D ACtewarvPittsborth; DojleAOs,
HB Pierce AO*. ZanesvUle, O; J JJohnaoo. alpley. O;
R McNeeiy. MauriUa. Ky; OrtnsbyA Cropper, fo.ta
mouth. O ; Paddock A 00. Jeff nonvllle. Ini; U W
Brown A Co. Qnclnnatt O: Atbem A Hlbbert, Cincinna
ti. O: RO Meldrum. Madison, tad; William Bingham.
Louiavlile. Ky; PQ o'RUey A Co. XvantviUe, Ind;
N WGraham ACa Cairo, IU; K FSata, Louis. Mo;
John H. Harris Nashville, Teon; Harris A Bunt, - em
phis, Tenn; Clarke A O-sChleaaq. Ill; W H H Koontx.
Alton. Ill; Murpßy a Walle, Dubuque. Iowa; or to
Agents of Railroads at different points in the
The greatest facilities offered for the protection and I
weedy traoSDortaticn of Live Stock, and Go*d Accoo- |
modatlons with usual privileges (or ptnons traveling la
charge thereof.
aßythlsßeuteFregbte of all dlsoriptioos can be for
warded from Philadelphia, New York. Boston or Sa>tl.
more,to any point on tne railroads of Ohio, Kestueky,
lodiana, liLlnols, Wisconsin, lowa oy Mlseocri. by tail
Hie PennsylTama Railroad aire connects at PiUaburxh
wtthsteameza,bywblchgoodsean beforwarded to any
port on the Ohio. Muskingum, Kentucky. Ter.nessee,
Cumberland, Illinois. Mississippi Wisconsin, Missouri,
g i-i—i Arkastas and Red Rivers; and at uevelaod,
Bandaskv and Chicago wlin Steamers to all porU, on the
North-western Lakes.
Merchants and Shippers entrusting the transportation
of their ire! ght»oihl« company, can rely with oonlkecce
on Its speedy transit _
The Rates of Freight to asy point In the West by the
Pennsylvania Railroad are at all times at favcrasle se
areeharged by other Railroad Companies
iF"Be particular to mark packages'* via Peon. R. R."
Merchanuin the West ordering goods tram the last
will do well to direct them to be snipped by this route.
Par lesattendlngtotnelr own shipments from the East
win find It to their interest to call on the Agents of this
Oompany at the toUowing places betore ah pplng; or let
ters addrersed to either of them upon the subject ef
irelgh-s will meet with prompt attention.
K.J. Bneed*r. Philadelphia.
MagrawAßcona.6o North street, Baltimore.
Leech A Oa.No. 3 Astor House, or No. 1 & wm.-st.N.Y.
Leech A Co.. No. M Kllby street. Boston.
H.tL HOUSTON. Gen'l Frdaht AaX Philadelphia.
L- L HOCPT. Gen'l Ticket AtXPhiladslphia.
THOS. A. QUOIT. Gen'l Boku Pa. lal3
lIM, Winter Amaftaani ISM
I Depot, toot ef Lake street, Chicago:
€3) A. it—New York Express—(except asndayi) arrive
Ton 10:40 P. Jl.: mixletptu tU Ojnlrfc
feOO A- M mnmS
Arrive at Cincinnati at 8.*!?. M.
7:40U- M.—Detroit Accomodation (except Sunday) ar
rive at Detroit I(US P. M.
• P.M.—New York and Boetoo Xxprees (Hatardays
anainwl uaA - L
Huron Railway for Buffalo and all points East; atTr
rontowlth Trunk Railway to Kingston. Oe
densborgh. Montreal.Quebec, and afipolnte In
XtA. Northern Vermont. New HaapsMre and Maine,
for sale at the principal Railroad ofiUea
In the Wot, and at the genenl offioa, wrtm Lake tsmi
Dearborn streets, oppose tbe TrmanTßouse. Chlcw,
H. J. Spauubo, Gen. Pasi Agent. M. 0. ILR. no»
1858 CHAHOE OF TUU 1849
Through Passenger Trains will leave the Oea*
tral Depot, foot ot South Water street* dally, as laU
ihSoer&ttP.M4 Qulncv *tf.PM.
MfIP.M, Rxnreee (Sundays excepted) ertvoe atMen
doia 11 P. Galeshurr a. 00 A. Bur
llngton 7JO A. Quincy if JO A. M.
Tralnsleave eastward se toUows:
Leave Burlington.... THSA,!t A 8.46 P.M.
- Quincy 4MAS. ALSO P.St.
M Galcsburg. IftOOAJL A 740 PJ£
Aurora Paseenger leaves Aurora <:00 A.M.
Rxpresejratae Arrive, at tihlqqo fc46 W*. A MO AJC.
Anrora Paseenger arrtves at Chief»lMO AM.
Asriton.Tort Oowadl Btufi*
Skwx Ctty. and all portiooe of Kansas and Nebraska, also
wtth WestsrnSlam Qnstsaay for Meotnwe; thenoe by
rail to giioknki
At Qntncy dtreet eotmeetioas are Mda by stage (20
stiles) wtth HaanibaL and thenee A Si.
Thle is the only direct roaae dcriaatAe winter nonths
between the East and KauMetftAsreh only about 80
St. Joeeph.
AtPljwth wii> sisgeetorßeokak.
Bokaiemay be hsdS thebepot sac at the Mte*»na
as and the best adapted to the wants of the lomtwr
,0. Mean A Co.. HIIU*H A Morton, Gal«n Ksstman,
J*s. V. Dick-y. Joseph Wilde A sno. Throoo a le*rneiL
Wl»*xALy:a Howard A «»rten% N. La'lost. n A Co.,
K. AJ. lUmev. Looola A Lodlncton,J M. DalrrnA Uro..
Braaiey A Hro. Henry Ho'lan-I A Oa. B. Brevsier. J
W. Uuan. 4 A. liist. 11. Woodworth A Co.. Pvsors A
btpuffer * Mwwl, llanaaii. L*y A Co. John
Cl*ncyACo.. Ottawa. lIL
Colcaco. Dtc. Xth, 135^.
Webe*. also, to refer to ths following rectiwho
are wfU acouiiiud with all ihe practical wwrkioo. two
fit i and ben this of my ;
Hon. Wjn. T. Grand Rapids. Mich,
lion, WUde* D. Fratcr. do. do. %
Hon. George Martin, do. do.
Hon. O M. McCrsv. d«. do.
Lucius Paitmon. £sq.« <*o. do.
ritnry Martin. K»q, do. do.
R%rt;ll Wood. Fsq., do. do.
Hon, Jju. V. Camobell, De'rjit. W^ch.
C.J. Walk*r. £iq„ do. (to.
Hon. P. J. L ttlrjntn. Alleean. Miob.
Moo. !L D. P st. Holland. M;ch.
Hon. Uesry Pcnoyer, Grand Uaveo. Ml h.
How. T. W. Perry, do. do,
I». O. Mason, ksq., Mnskegon. Mich.
Robt. Morris. Kk.. do. do
N. H. PerTy. Isq.. White Rive-. Ml'h.
John Van Arman, ktq., Oblcagd, lIL x
W*iter Lull. K a.. do. do.
In o'derln* a wacVne, it 1« n»»»e««ar» to know whether
you wanta2</tA<in</ or a J?v.U bind nuicAin<t, as the
carrlscrsares>coi;siruct<dM tort)i«tframtbe a«w in
runnlna back. U> prevent he*t!ne t ;e «*w or icratchlng
th-Lember. and fjrthe retson toot lu some m'ilsit U
desirable to hav« the circular mill In a given portion re
latively to the loc way o.* to the uprUh*. s*w «n>t otheni
the reverie- as convmi»nc« r»qn!r»M We must know
what Atfjxi mi'i is wanted stlitt ndiet hoxe» cannot ht
used on a riQht AumA or right on a l<Jt A<imi fill
A sketch of the s»wln* lloor. rt!i the nwltion of log
sTde. lumber illdes aud Sitv oriMws already Ire the mill,
will give me da a to «en<l the kind wanted, or fit* ooe or
deriogthe mill can do so hlcuvlfby r is observation aod
attention to the ft llow'ng: behind the circular
saw, facing it. u the catnajre passes at jour rl«ht hand.
It Is a right haadrntchlne; If at yna- left han«L U Is a'lcfl
hand machine Toe mlllwrfgut will rrad.ly s?« tbst if
an upwr shtsaw)s placed be ween two
satn«hmuL tncnt>oseof thnn the cants will ntve t>
•wteg over the carriage frtm Uie b«ck part of it. and th»
other will receive canta.aa a fthouic ftom \h* fac+ »Ulo
or side that the law snd s.w frame are on. Ttiesiltscao
be used elth»r way. but the convenience and facility of
putting on logs or cants and trek leg rid tf the lumber. Is
quite an Item In mills dolug alarms business
The we'ght of Pldlnt Mill, comrlete. Is abont....!LCiOO'!ifl.
7 " Log Ml'ls - 1« from 4,1X0t0-isou 9.
I keep on hand, at all times, tlte a h ove «iiia, rearfy to
ship from my dock to any port on ihe L*kes, or to any
point in the United states or Cana-ia. an>i lfrequiietC
send a man to put thetn up and give instructions about
thtir opeiatlon.
Any further particulars can be had by addressing mc
sj follows:
FERRY3DURG, Grand Haven Post Olttce, Michigan.
Or to my Qeneral A gents for the United State*
Tripp, llale & Co.,
1 ial9-3m No. KM) Lake street. Chicago
Winter Arrangement.
Great Ma 2 and Szprett Route to £t Paul.
ber SAh. 1668, Passenger Train* will nu daily.
(Sundays excepted.) u follows:
9:00 A. M.«-&g>pln£atallßUUona,reachin* Milwaukee <
k2QP.M.-Bteppinc Kvanston, Highland Park. Lako
JTorrest. Waukegan. and stations north. and
arriving Id Milwaukee m 5:15 P. 4t. toil con
uactUu with LaCrosse A Milwaukee &*Urosa
for sw Paul uii all points is vbe North-west.
*OO P. M.—etoppwg n ad Stations, and arriving at Wm
ke«aatt*.&P. il.
At Milwaukee with La Crosse A MUwankee Railroad (by
Hartford, Horrioon. Beaver Dam. portage City. Lisbon.
Sparta, and LaCrowe. connecting at Sparta tad La-
Crosse with three dally line or btaces lor St. Paul.
Winona. Fountain City. Reed's T^»>it Wfr g«d Win*. fre»-
oott, Hodson. Stillwater. Hastings, Jtt. Anthony. Mmneao
olla and Minnesota.
Also Coxaccr at Jonetlon with the fond da Lao and
with the Horicon Railroads, lor Pond da Lac. Oshkosb,
Waapun, Ripon and Berlin. Also, with the Milwaukee
and Mlssuslapl and Mllwauaee and Watertows Railroad
for Whitewater. Janesvllle. Madison* Prairie da Chlen.
8». Paul Hartland and Watertown.
At Kadne Junction, with the Radneand Mississippi
Railroad, for Burlington, Kikhorn, Deiavan* Dad en. Be
loit and R'Kktox
freight Trains leave Milwaukee at iOQ A. M.. and Chi
cago at &-w a. M. daily.
ua*i ML L> BYSBB. JB„ Bop t.
«Ll from Chicago to pttitbonh without change, ooa»
ncctlog with the treat
To Hew York, Philadelphia. Baltimore and WasAfcigUo
City, and all the Interior towns ofPeansylviaU, New Jet.
ter. New York Maryland. Ac.
Merchants, by Ukiag this route, will bavs the bene
fit of all the eastern markets at no additional cost.
Bamie chocked through.
Trains leave the depot corner of Oanal and Tan Bareo
Streets, west tide. as follows:
hJi A. M.—Morning Kipregfc dally. Bonday* exosptee.
*46 p. M.—Niant kx&kss. daily, aatordays excepted.
Ooanocunai>tcratuewithCleveland*ad.Lata anora
Railroad toDuklrk. Buffalo, Nlasars fails, Mew York
aad Boon a. and ail Interior towns of t<e*f cngiand,vla
sMWXotkUontnl and Mew York a&6 ir.e AeUroada.
_Also, so«tn to Oolambos, ZanesTUie. Newark. Mtrotl
HUmbenvilla. WhaeUng. *a<i Interior towns (f
Ohio and Virginia. Alio trains at Lima for Dayton and
Cincinnati direct
PUKMert bosnd east will find this route both pleasant
tndagreeable, passing through many of the largest aid
finest cities labia United Btatea.
fntrinj at Chlcaco, oa any of tberoacfa,
will hnd attentive oheck taken at the depots, to reedxto
checks and oonveybaotue £r» or ehanis to the
bßrih. and Chlcaco cart. Bleeping Can accompany
each train.
Tickets for ule at all the principal ticket offices In U©
West, and at the Company s oSlce. corner of Randolph
and Dearborn greets, or at the depot oa Van Bona
street. Chicago.
Mt psrUiTalir to ask for tickets by fort Wayne.
DAjf'L W. 8080. Gra'lAaenk Chloaso
JOHN B ANDKH3ON. 6«n'l Bupt,
J. ft. £ ÜBAKJtY. dapt. W. D.
The Ptttsborvh, fort Wayne A Ohlcaao B. R. Co..
havlnc effected an arranieaent with the Pennsylvania
Central Railroad Uoaaeany, for the traniportatlon of
Tnroosh yreUhrs. property can oow be ahlbped on this
line oetweea Oueuio, Philadelphia. Baltimore, New
York and Boston, with promptness asd despatch. Coa.
tracts eaa Be made at the following places:
No. S Astor Place, )
No. 1 9. WUllaa New York.
No. S Battery Place, )
No. ft Kllby ftraet, Boetoo.
No. it Doc* street. Philadelphia
Depot, North street. PhlladQwEuL
Depot, TwdAh street, ooracrCaaai, Chicago.
Mark packacos via P M K. Wayne AOL H. *.
Woe tether Information, Aa. apply to
J AH. wTmUUSON. rrelsht A«ent Chleaio.
3. J. HOUSTON. oeni fnlsbt Act, Pittsburgh, Pa,
trains wIU leave tha Gr«at Oeatrai De»ot, foot of
(tooth Water and lake streets:
St. Lools, Cairo and New Orleans*xpre«....ll;oo A.M.
(Dally, Sundays excepted)
8L Louis aad Calro.Bxpreea. 10cU3 P.M.
CD ally. Sundays excepted.)
Tar Peoria, Deoatnr. Sprlnxfleld. Tsrre Haota. Alton,
Jefferson City, Kansas, and all poinla on Missouri river
Memchis, Napoleon. Vlcksovnfc Natches, Galveston.
Ami &u in termed} ate points.
A slock train, with a passenser ear attaebed as for a*
i will leavo at 5.50 rJL (dally. Bimdaya ex
oapved). On Saturdays a passsncer oar wiU be ran oa
this train as for as Urbanna.
Trains arrive from Lools aad Cairo at St 10 A.M. and
11:10 PJL
The llrfM P.M. Mas make direct connections at
Maitoon with Terra Uaote and Alton Ballroad for Alton
and Bt. Lools, and at ualro with the railroad line of
Meamenlor Nqv Orleans, laavlns Cairo oa alternate
lUO P.M. train makes direct oonoeetlons at Ttw
with Great Western for sprtnsfleld. Jack
sonvllia and Nanles; at Mattoon with Terre and
Alton Railroad for Alton and St. Lools. aod ai Qan with
OMo aad MlsslMppl for av LooU
Apply at the Company's Office In the Great Central
Depot: at the Central BaUroad Office, oornev
of Lake and Dearborn street: at the Plttabarvi. Von
Wayne and Chlcaao Ballroad Office, oorner of Dearborn
and Randolph streets, and at all Hfaiamboat and Railroad
Office In the £ast and North.
a CLAWO. aeaUflnpl
W. F. JOHNSON. Oeneral Ticket Agent.
ndgp W. B. ABTfIOB. Supt. Chlcaco Divisional
U ISCB, Trains oa this road will toavs Chlcaco aa
SKOO A. M* for Belalt, Janentttai Madlsoa aadPraWa
da Chi en.
200 F: M. for Vadtsoa.
' Trains arrive UliXO P.M. and 6-50 P. U.
Carrsinc the thnoeh C 81 MaU for aolnta to U>»
from Chlcaco to da CMen wilhool
of CwL Jd
a Pnlr'e da AdaOy Qaaof Unß«4
f418 , 40 0.

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