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Commercial and Money Jlatien.
- - TCBOATXrsnbf. leb. *■ - - -
Moxst, ErcHAroa, Ac.— Fipftccial matters
»re entirely quiet. Quotations btve ootchanged
in any part'icular for the reattwo weeks or more,
and the troth is there Is scarcely any Tariation
intone of tbe market for many days together.
Exchange is close, bat the wants of cttstomers
are folly supplied at quotations, the raoge-bo
ing percent, premium. DLsoounta as
usual at 10 per cent. Gold steady fct
with feirsaUa. The street brokers hold rates
nominal at [email protected] per cent, per month; but their
transections are confirmed mainly to what would
generally be classed as second quality paper.
The X. Y. 77m0 oT Saturday, 6lb, saya:
The Money Market is settling down to 5 per
cent, to the lirokers, [email protected] percent. for Di
scounts bevond 60 days. Some very.abort and
choice acceptances are current within 6 percent*
So far es demand loans to tbe Brokers are con
cerned, the BAPks either yield tcs per cent.—at
which rates tbe private .lenders are Bumert.us
or do a p*ruai busioors at 6 per ceot.
CoMMEttCiAL.—'The moT-:mcaU* in tbe principal
staple* of tli:i> marUel dunng the week, and
since the firnt of January, comjidWa With the same
time in 1858, are as Ic-llows:
coiiPA&iT:v£ isvcau.
WeeVe'diag Pinc« fame Time
Fib 6. W« ek. Jar. L in l^ e -
Flour. Ibis 74M <f*4 Sri7o6 4 4 ii7
wheat, bu
CornTbu Ji'jy. SiWI 154.6W I^3lß
•o»ti hu h.C4. . . V 73 •- 5i.753 ZL96t
Kje bn »l JUI 5 42) H. 637
KaHe>. bu 4.W 8.162 24 -_6'
Gr« sb- ed.
Hi*cl bT......4'H34 SI4.V-6 r,»Wf?4 ' . 713
L-*d, ft U7.IU 4sL2-i>
Tallow. bbU-••••.. : • . ....
Lard, lib's i>*> 41
Pork, bbls *1 I'H 7i2 ....
lireH<*m.No....- 837 I.M# R.SSO SS7IC
Dressed Hogs. No 2.«X»2 i,fM Iv.b C 16 22J
O-.tUe ho HSJI 1,444 6U17 t,bv>j
4'jO 2JO L«M3
JitgDwlnea. bbla.. tt»J S»7 2.714 ....
WI.OI, tt» W0 7.t70 S3 670
ooarxiuTivs xxpjws«oh cbicaoo ths sast.
WeeVeid'g Pr«»vious S'nce fame'lnie
F«.b.5. Wee-. .. Jan.L 1655.
FJcur.bblf 1937 1.317 4 7|6 17405
Wheat bu,...... .. 3 9 0 1.2U 115*>1 1,174
Con,, bn 15,031 fc.CJi 4112>J 7fc6
CfTw bu :...... I.i's 2.W4 4.139
-Sff?.^ t ds.ttJ-.. .5.7UV 4i.7M ]fiJ22i ....
nta tfc .S1. J . 476 it 7,079 tSOfi'.ij LOJ7.ICO
iri-AbUs 1.144 -'.3» 2.:i7»
Vort bbls 2.1)42 1,435..... 15it>8 65.*4
B'-f. bus l?f Sw INil W4
Tiill rm. bbls *<> ; 5 9 3 31b
l,r;Uo,ca.No 420
I>>'Scd nogs. No.. 547
C«ltl-. No 322 UU 2,617 1,682 ,
HUt'Wiiita. bulr 17
Wcoi ft 7.70) 1.64J 8,152 £3 200 i
Toe receipts of Breadstolfd daring the pest I
week, with the sources oi supply, will be found
in tbe following table:—
axoxnrs or rLO?a avo ORani at c&rcAoo, wgzr crsino
rgs. 5. 1835
Floor. H'n'L Corn. Oata. Rye. B"iey.
t>M« Mi. i>d ita. ba bu.
G. AC.U«R- R- fc'f 16 97 10 9-7 8 447
Bick«fl» d R.U. lXil SfcSj 3"») SiC
111 Cern'r ti. K. . >»55» C.fM h;-
GB4 0. h.IL.. 2.W» 1- i>o 12 IXI 27&J .... lot
tLPar.LUh... -e-6 7-4 l. i«d. i,350 ... L.us
C.AASUL 4L.. 700 Bi,6J 21UJ .... 37) ....
Mich. CLR.U.. 3-i 187
Ml«" PR H lrb LIS4
O.P A P.W.ti. ii,
T til
Co?.w'ilait year 5 126 a,OOJ i(.-13 437 .1,749
The lollowiog table bbowa the amount oi
Fioar and Grain in store in this city on tbe stb
Inst., compared with the amount in store the
corresponding date in 1655:
Feb. 5. I£M». Fe>. C. S"4
PI out. bWs. '6 757 3*.#'3
furinc. bu .2?*90l SUW>>
do Rrd l»u 127 *33 e,^2
do Wurtc ou a 3ii
Cam bu *.«'4 4.7Jrt
o .ti, ba lw».a(i3 30,t-y
Hye, ba....... 7W
B*lcj. ba CI.U7 5171-J
The Flour market during tbe lirst part cl .the
week was quiet and inactive ; Lut during tbe
past few d&ys en increased demand took place,
and prices advanced an ad
vance since our laat vretk'y rerict? of about-De.
The "Wheal matkfctj during the first two or
three days of the week, declined [email protected] Win
ter, and Sg-loon Spring; but rallied again, till
tbe news ol the Jsia to duy caused a decline of
S: on Winter—.Spring Wh<*ut barely maintain
ing yesterdiy's figures, and closing heuvy.
7'nere bes been an uctirc demand lor Coro, ted
tbe market cla6es at im advance of 3s on tbe
prices gives a week rgo. l)j;ing the week a
cargo 011*2,0;) ) huabele wus sold, for delivery on
the first week in May, at G9s f. o. b., and 5,000
bosbds, Bame delivery, on private terms.
Oats, Kre itnd Barley hare all been buoyant
thronghout tbe week, though at the close there
is more Barley cflcring, and tbe maiket is not
so atrong. -
Provisions bare been very tirm—with little or
so Mess Poik or Lard offering. A large busi
ness bus been done in Cut Meats at an advance
of on tbe quotations of last wet k.
The receipts uf Grasa Sued daring the week
were heavy, nod the offerings large. Timothy
has maintained previous prices; but Clover has
deelited 12}^(5,25c towards the.closo.
The Hide market has been buoyant, with an
advance iu Green Silted and Dry Flint. To-day,
however, the marke; and dealers louk
for a decline.
The advancs in Corn has kept Qighwines firm.
Tbe demand, however, Is very limited, and the
adrance which holders ask hce rendered the
mirket quite inactive.. ..
Tbe following table chows the Highest, low
est, and closing Prices of Flour, Grain, Pro
visions, Stc , during the week:
Bi.-hcsl Lowest Clos'ng
Prce. Proe, • ••4*«4ce.
Flour. Frri--g Extra.... $5 2i 54.75 14.75 CtS.2"i
- >»Uiter 6.&>» «.CO li.W <®6 25
No. 1 Red »,he.t 1.2*1 1.2J 1.U3 w
Noaut» do 1.10 l.trt l.')H (t
Mnr.d«rd Spring C 0.... V«J (i.'6 O.K» kSO.U)
Old No 2 tfi.Hn o>4 o>o (t
New N0.2 rpiing I'M 077 I'bO «O.SI
Curo. + txJ ftj 0.65J, W.t'J O.fii u
Hitb*iri«-8 C'.vl 0.21
Tlmutliy beed 2.1k) I.fd l.vu (<«-2.00
Mesi l .ia<*l7.a)
iJud C.lU' 0.11 O.U.'i&u.uV
Tbe following tuble shows the Grain and Pork
in atore at Milwaukee on the Ist inst, compared
with that in store a year ago:
Feb. 1.18'.?. Feb. 1.1555.
Pour, b'-ls 35.97r C 1503
font bb> >4 542 net rep*nei.
Wl-PHt, l us 425 242 3*5917
Outs. *■ 114 Wa
Bari T. " SIM 13.533
Com. 17. Uj
Tbe lect-lpts of aud flour al Milwaukee
for each of tte past five weeks cuiling on the dates
prefixed, and.Abe. total amount received sicce
January l->», are shown by the following table;
Wert( J'loar, Wheat, O-tv Tarley, Corn, e.
_wd;Pg. b-»'« Sua l»u« ).□<!. bes bus
Jsn. « 35.547 25899 7 7«t 1 Tri] 4,ti90 7<i
di 15 S.4H 4i.2i> 938S 32>6 6.2 5 62S
do 2J J S 6-5(3 Jj.Vnl V 22U -«i
di 2 &i 7 64 516 12(34 2 3>« M 5 ft
Feb. 6 ss.9t* V 4.624 1i.a.7 1350 7 4'j7 lue
Total 14 642 270C96 6iltii 22.C38 £5 lws I^3
Bxcnirrs. at.dctcoit »nu>G last wllk.
Four bbls f><34 B«il y tu ' 1.171
WueatbJ ~...273 Wool ft< 3J-17
Oarn. l.u a.7»7 i-og. OJ font No I.2U'
Oa* bu 71U - Po k. bL>l-* jj;
Weekly ltcviciv ol «.liicugo Wholesale
Tc«soAT Emwe, Feb. B.
FREIGHTS—Tbe pr*SiCtrat*s air u 'ollows:—Pa: vis.
IOHs-To Nlw Vcrk. 65- prr liC&i; tT Botton, by il'cbl
tan 8 utbira and MlehlgiS C.-rtrul R Eo dj, 7.c;
to Botton, byG'atd Trunk Rulw y, to Pj tland. and
thenceb> wa'er 70c; to B)s'on, byrail tj PbilalelphU
and ralUoare,and thenc* by wit-r, C7c: to PMladel
phiaandßaU.morr.sCc DsxdSKO lidos—To New York.
•t.40; to B-s.oa.vi 1 .Übsay, Si 43; to Barton by rail to
Philadelphia and l al'lmore. and thence by s'esmer. iI.J 8;
to Alb.or Slid;t-) Biliivo-eani HhUilfel:.bli, S'. ii.
Ptnca—T.» New Ynrk, #1.20: to Boston via Albany,
#LS4; to Bofton by rail t> PiiUaie'phia and Baltimore,
and Uie ce ly tteamer, 11.14; ti A baay, 1104; to Phil
ad}tpbla*ndßihi«or«,aiJl»: to hloatreaL ILOS to To
ronto and liamll on. C4a
PL"Url—Ktc.ipu during tie res week 7495 bvreK
vais bbls the «tek txevious, and 5,1% btls the
Skmr *e k. Iq 1859. The shlpmmt\ by eastern
dhrfnr tbe'iMttrweekWeWt-2.137 bbK stains* 1 3471 bli
th- wtwlt Tbe amcurt of Wmor oa<hi:d 00
the Sth Irs'., was 16 727 bits against 23 918 bbls tbe a use
daelnlS'l Tne mark it in the first-part oftb«week
wastatbor doll, tut towards tbe close a fresh d-mand
•pra'.gup. and the market advanced Ahttt. at
which it has been quite active. Tbe dem:nd, however,
tip to yir.erday was, cbl:fly for gpring Extra brends;
tfnMthen, howercrtbere Jiss.l>een a gord Inquiry for
"Wiuier grades. Ths salesof tbe week have been a* fol
lowi:— abcut <OO bbls were acid at*s for
choice v> br iTin Sprln* Kx>ra, acd M.2C for choice 11U
nola Wbl c Wjiter. On the 3d. 29Jbblsatt6~fcf XUlnals
White v> lour, and 45 for choice I UnoJj Fpring Fx ra.
Oa the4lb in»t:-SCO bbls ai *4&5 for low grade to
chcic: 8p: Ing Extra. On tbe srh. about 150) bbls, rt 14
for fair Bape:fiae epilog; 54.7525 Oj f or medium to
diolte Brring Extra; and *6 f:r lUintls White Winter.
On the 7th hut, abcutlfiOO bbls chutged bands at 15.25
for rood to choice Pprtag Extra, and *066.38 fcr gocd to
choice White Winter Extra.
To-Dat the market was not so setlre—^there being rery
few rcund lots cfTering. Ho'den hewever. were firm.
' Sales were :-103L14s "Phcnlx" WlnUr at 6.00 : 60 bbls
••Prairie WUls" mixed Ep.lcg and Winter, at <3 50; C 6
bbls White Winter UIC li
BOCK WllEAt FLOUR—The market daring tbe put
week hss been very du'l wl h sales of gosd at 8252.25,
and Dlxo i at U25. jU which quotations the mar
ket dosed du'l.
CORN MEAL—Market dtrirg the put week gteafly
with a'air demand, and sales cf Bolkd at *2s&26per
ton, a&d Unbolted at «33 per ton. atwil-h themsrket
MIUDLINGB.—Common to choice •1&3 IB per toa.
WUCAr— Reoalcu. doting lbs put week 5P.600 bushels
agalist £2,466 bujbeUthe wiek previous aadtß 9«7 bush
els tbe same week in IKS. The amount In store oa the
Sth In it., was JU.«9 buahels ags'ns'. 821155 bushels the
samedtteln lbsi Tie market for Winter Wheat during
the past week haaheen quiet and s:eady-holdcricon
tinulaf fir» In tbe fas* of deollnlng markets in the East-
Towards tbe dote, however, tbe mirket gained more
buoyancy, and oa the 7ih sales No. 1 Red were rery limit
ed a*. 81 25-hotdersa.kiactl.26. Spring Wheat however
his beeadu le: and bid declined 405: V boihel on the
qnotat'«Ql flren ta«ur laslwaek's review—gaining an
advan * however eaual totbededlce cn Saturday and
Monday last. Ihe transsctions of the week have been
aa follow* On tbe 31 Inst., 9.000 bushrls at
tor No. 1 Red; «U0 for No. 2 Red;4sfc9oc for Rejected
Bed; 83c for btaadird fipricc 63a for No. S Bprisg-all in
•tTc; aud 76e ror **Btutnp-tair in bags. OntheSd last,,
U M bi LtK M tSi»i.3X tor No. 1 Eei ,1.(3 for Ko.
S Red; 95c for No. i Bpriag; bficfor Standard Spring; life
ibrnew Ka2 Bprtng; and6BcforßtlectedSpring-afl in
On the 4th: lO.OOJ boshcls at 1L21K«L25 f;r Ko.
II Bed; $1.08®1.06H fcr No.l Red; 86a for &andard
On the
tit ifl,ooo fcuiSea.lt «1 !Bl.a l'r to. 1
alffl for No. 8 Ktd: 800 forcld 80. ISnrtoi: anaTTa
ttj'fcr new No.» Swliw. On tie Tlh lmt »boat Ilea)
btubtllfct llUfa Ko IBed: 1110 for No 3 Red; 09
Mi for Sland.rd Ecii-r. SgtaSntSnlWMinafer
"Eelert(d Beriaa—,ll la «l"te. .■■■ - -
_ th* Dfcrk ft WiS dtt*lCT tO* L.tT, WhiSS it.
diced 2c withvery limited■ J • S.rlag wheat, howev.
gf TJJ fully !«uitiDel. Ba'ei were:—Wi*rss-SOO buNo.
1 Bed at «1 25 In (tore; GOO baNo. 3 Red aUUUta
Snnro—lo:o ba Sundard at 83e In liore; 10 obudo at j
90cIn itore: 800buoldNo.2atS4cl , istO7e; 2003 ba sew
N0.2 at 90c in store; 1300budoat81cln*gttt.*; IQftja Be"
jected at Mj la I'.ore: 8W bu do at 70c In store.
CORS-Receipuduricg tbe week 32,735bushe!s, against
. 25»SWbutbe week previous, aad 9,000 bushels the sa-re
weeklnl6sß. Thesh'pments during tiiepast mwere ,
15,0il boshe's—chiefly to Detroit and*ClndahatlrTbe
mirket durlagihe week bu been buoyant, lq advance of
Jc bavin* been gaicei since oerlajt weekly VeWeVr. Thfcre
hare been numeroas Inquiries for roan 1 lot) for delivery
la Miy and June. and a cargo of 12.009 basbels was cold
far deliver; In the first week in May at 69c to. bj,'an3 la
ter. 5000 b j for the ssme deUrery on pirate terms.
Tvcirthe m»rk«t was very firm with siics of TOO bn
ahellidatflsc»6ofcsontra:k; 7Mbadoat*3>ie ontrcck
■ OA W—Receipt! during the pas', week, 8,744 bushels,
ajalnst 7,873 busbeii the werkprevioos, and 7,213 haUmls -
the lorrejpoadine
thefilhluL vu lW.WbmUe'4, agUas:3o.4s.)bttihelstbe
a une lime last year. Tae mirket daring the week tas
beta firm—especia'ly prime new and old crojjj t whlc.i
have beat In to 3d demtnifor c'.'y trad". The ales of
the week have ranged from 40345s for Rejected U Infe
r.or la stare; and4B2sis fjr ga:d to prime in ban on
track. :
To-»ATtbemANetwasflrmbut lna:iive. Silas were
CGObu cjmm:n at4lc delivered; SW bu chuice new c:ep
BAjtLEt'—Receipts during the pistwsrt 4,943 bushels
against 3,052 bushels th* wetk prtvLus. and 1,7® bethels
the same week in 1*53 The amount of 8.-rley la store«n
Saturday lrst was 64.127 busbeh, sgilns. 83.713 tus tela
the came dtte In 13# Tiie market daring the create*
r&it cf tf.ewe.k vs< bucyacUaud prices werpa.shide
better for trine qnlltles-aud parcej of choice rtste
brings as hUh as *1 00 f bu.lieL Doflni the past' tw°
diy«h wever tbe offerings have been larger, and buyers
Lave held eff In hopes of a decline. ; .
To oiT the sa'es we.-e: 203 tu No. 2atWa in store; SO)
bo rood d.ate at 70s on track.
RYE— Kece'pts during the week, SOSba&els, agalcsi
101 basbels tie week previous. The market during the
week bvs been firm, with a pood demand fcr dittiJers at
78S80cf60Bi at depot
AL9OIIOL—The saaiktt durLnp the week, owiic to the
firmness In Uigbwines has been firm at M 356: V fsl. al
tbe msrket clc-ses.
810 Jil GO&N'—Scarce and in demand at
V ton.
BE vKS—Receipts ftHos tbe week, SiO The
market In the fiMpa't of the week was very firm with
sties of chol?e at *150(216): bat dari c t e pu' few
diys the sopplyhes been lar*s,: ni the ccariet li sot so
baajant talss to-dxt Tire:—?t tu choice li tl.Sd; 82
ba cosinoa at 11.25.
BUrrEE-The sapply of Butter daring the week hss
b>eoc»od—mosily hLwererof aaUferior qaai.y Ti.e
ma-ket closes Qaiet at the fll wing qaotatioas: Good to j
chjlce RulL at Mdl'c; Commoa. j
UUState6»7c:Ohio7d9c; KewTorkIOSIOKc. !
COFFEE— v arket tend'n? upward. The stock is fair,
anltbem rketfirm at the foliowin; quotaUora :-Eio,
Maratiibo. Laguayra, 13XOH:;
O. H. Jara 17©l7Hc: Mocaa, 15c.
COOI'KR&G T .—Very dall Tork Barrels, dal and
nnnrnalatt&SSKJs; Fioar barrels, 31 , 5»562.
OOAL.—The receipts of Illinois Cjal by the railways
during thepait week tre:e:—lnO tons, ajrainst 220 tons the
previous wetk. Prices a-eunchanßed Ihe solluwing ar«
tbeqacU ions <
ion; Chlpptwa. tfiiO; Briar UIU, Eiie. and Mineral
ttfdee #7; Blo»sburgb IS. AKrHai.cn*—Lackawatna, egg,
18.50; Üb!gli, e»»900
KGGS.—I he demand durln; tbe pas', week has been ac-
&nd prices U .ve been l(i'-c better. Fresh, Ic&lCc V
d.zeu. L'jneit g sdoll atl3(&l4c.
FRCI r.—G*£tN- App ea in rood rupply and prices ea
f!er Common. H<£s; Cbol*e, 53.5C57, Cranberrle', 18
(28.5' per bbl of three bu'hels.
active and advanced Edits
during .he we?k foot up about 7aUoolbs at 9,S&locfor
Apples. PaieJ
blackberries Ritpbcrrie', 39c; Figs,
RniiU.B. M. box; do Layer *3®3.0».
FlclL—'Tbe near roachof Lent hai caused abetter
dem aid an J a grestsr firmnes! in tbe m irket Tbe clos
ingqiota'-oasare:— No 1 lif. bbli, 13.75; No.
2. Troa« No. 1. $2 75; No. 2, $2:25; Mackerel. i!al«
Ifcx, #9.75; No. 3. extrt, 47.50; No. 3. h . bbls,
Meu'UickJ-sl.N}. Lqci. 15 5); No. 1, Kitti. 13; N0.2;
qri.ll.s>; No. 2,k'.UJ <2.5);
2i; St. Gior.-ei. Uerring. E«'?ort, ♦S.tOVbbl*
Sca'e llerrlcg, GOSGSc V bar.
FURi A<il> SKlNS.—Mirkn active and prices firm.
The shipments or i kins, Pelts. &c., during tbe pis; week
were23.."-0J lbs TheM-owing a e tie rutin; qa- tatioreia
this Mlnk#Lt«®iOD; Eat, winter,
Uit He; Wolf, prairie. 61X2.75:; WJd Cat, 50c.; House Cat,
10c.: skunk. 5Jc.: Gray Fox, 23340 c.: Red Fox, ILSO.
Hear, #5®S.: Opsisam, 15®16i; Morten, $1.75©2.25.
Fisher, [email protected]< : Bad«r, 35c.; L;nx, ll.W:.; Deer Bkiss
15®l®c p*:r fc.; Cf.er, |3a«.
GLASS—TQefui;owln< are tbe wh:l:sa!e c£sb rate::
9ilo glass cyL by bx. #3.<o !>x*B glass cyL by bx.-«3.30
VrU * " 2.55 10x16 " " «.tW
i»xU ** ** 2 6) lU\IB " " S.W
«*xl4 " ** a.6i 11x16 " •• S.lhJ
S*ls ** ** 2.«J l.tW ** " 3.(W
luxia " •• 2.6» i2x&) •• " a.SJ
lUxM - •• 3.6J LJxJj •• " 8.50
GDNPOiVDER—RtCs Powder, in kegs. »V 35.5); Blast
ing, do do, $3 cases o' IQ> tla&j. 19(29.59; do.
balfdo. «6.50d>.0J.
HIGH WINES—The receipts during ths week wereC9l
bbls acalost29?hblstbeweekprevious. Themirketdcr
ing tbe week has bees firm at and "towards
tbe close, otriagta tbe advance in Corn, holders advanc
ed to 25c, at tbe m*rk t Is Cra but inac.ive.
liIi)LSAND PELTS—Receipts of ll.des during tbe
week were 405,134 tti, a alnst 314 919 C>s the week pre
vious. Tbe submenu by eastern railways were: 5i19,47t
a*kla»t£C7.u"9 tbstl.e week previous. Tbe market during.
tLe past weik advanced KGsXc, but at the close the mar
ket Is rather duller and prices are not.so, firm. -.The fol
lowing are the closing quotations: Green City,
Green Country. 7(27V; Green 6&lUd.
15X&16Kc. PtLTa—City, 1U3L50; Country for
newly slaughtered
HAY— Upland loose, 11.50315 ? toa; Tlcotiy
HOP?—Ers'.cra m:rkets all advaiccd. fales of new
■ Uopt here at 13(J!9r.
HOGS—The receipts cf Live and Tressed Uo;s (Soring
the put week were:-3 bead, against. 3.i-03tbe week
previous The *lil:m*Dts were:—42o bead, live and
dressed, against 1626 bead tbe week rrevious. Ihc tntr.
ketduri gtheweex his adtanced3iSs3c. Todxt tbe
sales cf Dressed were as fellows:
20 Hogs averaging 230 2>s at..... 1?.2S
18 24S 7.30
6 iM> 7.00
13 .. at Iff 7i aad *7. dlvidiig on 200 Ss.
LEATHER—VarVet active, atd prices firmer,
with tu upward ttcdercy. \he closing quotatiois
are: Oak bole, V fr; Spanish caldile weights. 2®3
23c ? &: Bridle Leather Soj ?' &; Ca'isr Last her, C004G6
Vdoz; Ilarasss. 2ic ?B: Hcm'o-k Kip, 503KMe t* tt;
Hemlock Cdlf V &: French Kip.B - O9oc Tib:
F.-encb Calf, Ss£l.Cs¥ It; Fezalc £>&42ct>dog;
, Upper Le»tber. V di-z.
LIME AND PLABIE2—LiQe in bbli, 11® 1 25; Lime in
bulk. 75y%t!.00; Stacci, oonjmoi, 1 Extra, do
atl32j£3jo: Landl'lajter, Cement, lIJO
ttiOO; Plastering Hulr, 40i
bus*;nessdaritgtbcpastwe?kb»sbeea mere active,ard
prices are a shale firmer for common boards and fendrg
UpperqiViUtlts ire qalet,*itb but UtbJ demand except
fcr city use. There U a Lir demahd for Sbiug'es, and pri
ces are firm for fbaved. and first quality sawed. Lath
quiet. The fullowingare the ruling qaotalions7
rtrst Clear Dry *BO.OOO
Second Clear dry SU)O&26.<Jt
Ttilrd Clear dry IS Uuto22 Of
Common Boards. Green 71>0© 8 00
do da 12 feet 9.00*
do do l>ry BOO* SOU
do do M 12 fret —
Clear Flooring, d.esud iO.uXa.22 00
Common FioonDic. Drcased 16 uOQIS.OO
4dlne. Clear )6
fencinc 85>tt—^
dborthtuds acd Joists. 7.6<J's.oG
Shingles. V M 2.7»« 8.55
Lath, V M UJW L 76
PocU (common to good) V 100 7.tOttlU.W
*MO LAPSES AND SYCCP3 - -The mtrket daring
'be we.k was quiet bet firm. Tbe follow
ing are tbe closing quotations:—^New Oileans in
b«rrels New >ork S. H. Mtlassea,
Ssc: Cuba, In hbdi 30iiS5*; N. Y. fjTUps. ii
K.T.Go.dva, Belchcr'spricesarc:—Geld
en Syrup, 67c In bbls. and 72: Inkrgs; Ex:ra H. li. Syrup
47®12-; g.rup Mula.s 5.40(5455.
NAVAL f*TOR v B—Ro in, tS 5033.73 f
VbM; Pitch, «4 253«50.
NAII£-As orted. t3.70®3 73 f 100 ftj.
OlLS—Steady. The closing q.retailors are:—Ko 1 Lard
11.(0; No 2 yi.-; Llnsetd &sc; Etephaat 63e; WbaleCOc;
Sprrtn tl 60: Neitifoit 85:; T*niicr»* 75: Bank 75c.
J'ROVIbIO.iS AND LARD—Tbe receipts of Provisions
and La d dt ring the past week were; 113 Ir a Be:f.£2i>rls
Pork; 11,-JGd ft Lvd. The shltmetts were 19« Iris Beef;
2.i42 luls l'ork, onl 345 brls Lard. Ihe market during
the p -it weex for all kinds of Pork Produce his been very
firm but inactive. Ti cre Las Lern little or no Mess Pork
ft Lard offering, anl the principal transactions bavebecn
ii Cut Meat*, wh'cb tare advaicM }<c 9b. The
transartions oft :e week bare been as follows;
In Poag the following soles were made: On ths 2d Inst
Job lsPrireandilua;prorkat#ll.W Mess Perk l.ilnn
at 117.25217 M.
In CorMcATathesaleflb.vebeenas'foUowß: On the
AdlocU. 1300 S'dea aITVc .ouse: ICOQ tUies at IXc p&cVetl.
Oa tie 3i. &.OO gti raiders at 60 packed. - On'tbe 4ib, 1000
Sides at Sc packed; 3W Shoulders a. Cc loose; 3W Hams
at 6c loese Oa the 7ih, 50W Uams at Sc vaekei, tn be de
livtred at Milwaukee. To-ost tbe sales were; 1000 EidcX
atßJ<c packed: 2x»gliouldersat packed.
luLiapthe sales have been as follows; On the 21,
l?ootc*Lird at 11 Vc delivered at Beardsiown In April;
100 It's at He. Oa Ue 4lh, 23 brii at 11 1 Jc; 7 brls at 11 Ifc.
Oa the 7Li, 1.) brls at llftc. .To-bat 125 brls sold at
' HKc.
In Bcry there hss been rather more Irquiry, with about
200 brls told In lot* at ISiS W. Extra at 110.
POULTRY—Very scarce and in demand att3S2.CS ¥
dox. for Dressed Chickens; Turkeys7X®#c f ft; Geese
40: each.
POTATOES.—Sound Meahtnnocks in good demand at
75&S7!aC; crmTon mixed. 65<£7<)c.
t UG ARs>Markit Advanced. The following are the clos*
lagqaotat'o«s:— dogood
common, 7Kc; filr to July fair. 7X®7*c; prime, B®6Xc;
clailfiedand coffee, in hhdjt,B. l Cuba. Pcrto
Mco,7J<®7ste: N. Y. Refined, white'coffee, [email protected];
Yellow Coffee, 8V«?Mc: N. Y. Etsndvd. Orushtd. Pow.
dered and Granulated. llX©l2c. Tte foilowicg are Btl.
cher*slat(st pr.ces:
Loaf Bugar Double Refined.. 11 v>
Small Lo*f Sugar o licjf
Crushed Pucar, Doable iteftced lifco
Orushed Sogar
Crushed Sugar (j HcK
Powdered Sugar, *>ouble Refined u>to
Powdcn-d fiugar 0 lick
Refined Wblteßa*ar o lurk
Refined Yellow Bugar pv-e
Refined Yellow Bogar a..k!
Refined Yel:ow fmar t\t.
BALKRATU3—Babbits, 6K®7Hc; Potash in cm fjf
ttOAP—Na 1 Family. 4i; Extra, £S6c; Enriv& Bc.
SPlßlTS—Burnln;FlollCOc; Camphens,6s«63c: Tur
pentine. 65c. - - . ..
BPICE3 —Pepper, 1IM:: Pimento, 10c: Notmegs. 70©
80c; Indigo, <0:09112; Cloves, 12HOISc; Cinnamon, 30®
83c; Ginger Bc.
BIEDS-The reoelpta daring the past week were 109.892
fin, against 48.7 M lbs the week previous. Ths lam re
celplshave rendered the market rather hoarier, although
holders hare generally preferred holditg thdr stocks off
tie market. Xw:tht.— I Theaales during tbe week hare
besn limited at a range of (L 90&2.00. To-day we note a
caleofTObaprimeattS; 50 bu common at $1.82, Clovxx
—The market opened briik. acd sales wer«madela the.
fore put of the week at #(<36.50. Durisg ths part few
days, however, the market has been duller, acd a daclina
ofl2K®ttc has been experienced. 10-Pit wenoteassle
ofßbuat#6,and 43 ba prime at 8.12 X. Flax.—'Ther®
has been considerable Inquiry for Flax Seed during the 1
past few days, irith sales of 100 bu at li. and 70 bu prime !
*lO brd«nhcre cannot be fiJed."T^^kerfhare*one
on hind, and th# purchases made during the wetk, h»ys.
been flrtm UAch# § tad holders of cormtry log. The only'
sale of ths week worthy cf note has brsso a sale of 80 bbls
4t 1Q& Thumaikst elosu firm at 9X310c. The
shipments durinf thepsst week wer« fCTbbS. **"
WOOL-Th-recelpUdarinttbe pa>twerk wrre9lC»s.
and the shipments eu; 7.720 Ihe market is rery
qoieta<-dttneVanced. .Pri:«s»i9®43c: Pu'led,B«a3le.
WOODEN WARE.—Pin.?—' ts.oo
»dos; Two-hcopeddo.BL73. Teas-Bla nest,|L7s per
nest:'No.litf V dos, HoITS 47 50; Extra s'.xed, 89.
Chcam—Pour tlxes, s?ai3 53 f> dca. Jccklt*—{ilng
him,llW*dox. WA«EBOAans—Sac, per''
d 3*; Wooden,BLM. Beoohj—Extra Wire, e2«32.Mper
dos; Twine, lISCOLB7MC. Clotxu rcO^EOdcd:iLSS;'
'Oommon.ll.V}; PaUut, 81^0,'
WOOD—Beach'aud Mapla, $(.5035; Hickory, 10.030
«,Wl -
Weekly Live Slock markets - * 7-
1 • AVD Paipriso YAass,i
Febroary 7ib. IBs9. i
[XarhcU rtportrd by Waller SJurvian rrprttUg fOrQ* Frms
aitd Tribina, for th* *etk ending at ctoic.}
Piock re -tlved for wesk
* "T0w:...:.".:.:.' 1370
Stock sbloped via _M. O. R. Z.rr.r* ffFCktffe.
fiales 0f*304 ordinary OalUe'from 1267.2 7553.
Salts of £O3 good sblppin; Cattle ar , *36&£63;'t< fof '
Salrsof some InferiorCatt'e tslew a5t2.2552.50.
Below we tbes>'es, weUhTs.lw' ""
Davb to Bodkins,24'CaU'e. 28,470 »•>, at 12 8"H.
Encrson to Batcher, S cattl*, 4,(60 &», at 82 23.
Hawrsto Uorton.B csttle, 12,775 &«, at 15.10..
Chesborough to Nelson, 57 cattle, 72.8"Q ttt, $3 40,
Huctingtcn to Simorson, 16' cattle, 2L675&', SI 75.
Brad ey to Hughe?, 60theep £.9 XI &•, 8L
OsborntoConley.Bl sbeep,
tome sbtepsoldby theheidat •252.50.
llawley to Tebor, W bogs, 10.060& S. 15.
Olmsted to X«ls:n. 27 hog«. 3.SSO ft j, 84.
Biles cf 20 cows acd ea'.vei from t?4 830336 V head.
Goad cattle in demscd forshlrping purposes; severel
shippers in the market waiting for the arrival of good,
fat, heavy cattle. __
Below we give thenametof owners, stock, ic.:
cattls. • •
L N Barter 15 OP E«ers:n..£o
WDavi' 32 A Gregory 14
jjnavis 16 OHowlaoJ 13
WMosj 42
T.DOimst«d..: ; w adai oid .*. .. .. u
JHBand 14 JllEadgell...., )5
LD Toblai 7 Ol' t*"ard 3
N Alorrii 14 H "wire H
8 M Bradley 8 DDanctr 22
URftCkln. 25 IfCPayson 16
OUA'orton 22
JB theskreugh 57 Total jiQ-
f»PEmt*son 70
R Witni * . <
C 8 Dole .v;... 76
lUBr d'ey .i'... 67
M A Osborn tl
Total .SM,
Chicago Horse market.
Tcksdat Evenlnt, Psb. 8. "
Thfrehasbeena very act'.va demand f:r Good Work
Horsis and Roadsters daring^tbe P-st weik, with
few on the market. Sa'es have be n limited at 81u()d
125 fjr good strocg borsei. and [email protected] for Roacst-.rs.
There Is alto agood demand for Family CarTlage'horsee.
One palrscld afew days since at BSSO- fir yew old' bays.
F«irCarTia/ehcrs<Bwillbrng 83003350 per pair.
During tke p&3tfewdaystbereb:s b«en Jiere
frcm Pt. Louis to turchasej.2 0 bor«es for a company,
whichistoitsrt for Pile's Peak intheep i He is boy
l.g none bu', strong, he tvy harees; the sujipj euch.
IsatpresCLt llmil-.d. '
Thes ockof Ucrses at tbe vax'oas sale itables In the
city do not exceed 100 bead.
Qovemeuts or Breadsttiffs—Feb. 7.
asenrrs bt eailwats.
Hour "Wh't Corn Oata Bar. Oat. Hcgs
bbls be. ba. bu. bu. No. bu.
Br Lake
BrttaL H. R R & 753 1771 4- , 3 163 .... 71
ByßockLß.il.... m .,.
Br IU Central.. £Ol 2 6.". sfi '...r' iCj " a; 44
Bj O. B. a Q... 2'-3 IW 2(o0 .... . iG 43
Bff.P.iF.duL. .35 174* " *IW
ly O. A. h SUL
Total a2~1343 "TO "177
New Ycri£ .Uarkot. .
rßr TiLramra.] Nxw Y-rx. February 8.1559.
Ftora—Dnll !nwtr. E:ks
saprr Sta'e.s 65&5J0fjxeatCASK"r, 5 1555.3J r r tu >t
W'stern—uu*rk'trla lnr (In lan ) h'.avy C- n irttandull:
sal s smaL, Extra6.3o4b7 25; small saly at3.5(l
01.2 i.
W HEAT—DuII and hiavr, to sell fie:'y hclders wo' H
nibnuttoa raateral de.line. SJe»3SO
bu 'Mnter Hed Indiana at 81 Br 3.10-J Kentueicy
at *1.70. RyeurcMrgeJ. Sal<-a KO ou Jerbt-y at 53c
- Ear.ey actire at [email protected]»>c. Btlcr* 12000 b" wi'bintuerdcce.
Corn dull ani nvminalat for'ttflxett'WfcifVrni
ntwwhlte hcutbern la rpeca -Jtive reqatst
1 Oat: firm and qultt a".
fcr Btat : Cl(sGscfcr Western.
Watssr—Dull nnd 'nwtr. tiales 150 hhls at 27HOSS&
' P<~r*dul ; . H Jes 1 COO btls at flti 50 for n«-w
•Id do; 813 60a 13.t0 f>r pr'me, inc utinz Ujfi bbls new
roev for Mny at • S. Bee firoi. K*.eaf3s bb'a »t S6 .'4l
<47.00 co-ntry iriue. 7.7'-<<6h.oo country meta. 53.75GA
10.7 a rep*c»c;m««. and tlIA'3 Cx.ra mess. B-e: hams
firm, bales of IU) bbls at 814 sl | Ql7.Sovr;me.
firmly held at * SQiy. Cut meat' Btcacy.
pkgs. atßV(&Ss<i forhULS an-l for ihoulders.
Lard s ea-Jy at 13KI2'«c.Including&wbblsf'irM:.rch at
llr.andfilO b>-Ktor Apill. May and june IJc.
hegas*e«d/f!t7o»>i«Kc. Ba ter Ingiodr-qaesi. lltt£o
for Ohio, and 16£2-»c lor Bute Chte*e firm a 8/SI2S
tT-Kt-s—Firmer but icartive W '7a.UL'k,.SdO '
re "4H. N Y C P-riflc M«h 73 HHri'tn Pr- ferred
S*sf. Head ae M C Pansma 11C, A Ch.c a go
w,s. ciT at-s,
Cincinnati Market,
Br TiLBGAAra.] , ... Cisctssah, Feb, 8.
Flocr—Dull snd unchanged.
. WflnxfcT—fisleat2 0 bits at
PaoTi.uiiiiosa.—Coiitracts tor bulk metis were set*
tledai6H(«tiX ; in cess porf, baccn tr
lard, rot atp lcis mut be regarded as nominal. TLo
ho:d?rs co not s.e • wiling S3 aay concejs'.ors.
Vdtises active vt 3Sc. and h. Mere In moe c»Be«a»k
h'aher orlcis. Sc*tr active: 290 hbds joU.a*
Coffee firm; s*les 700 bags at l^i2>£c.'
Kooer mirket more stringent wlitt rather a pressing
demand. lUtet of kxcbatge unsettled.
B3T*Tne following llstof Business Houses and Maas'a-v
nrinit among the best acd oo&t rrorv
aent in their respective lines of business.
(Fla»s tvl vtfii.-* Wholessle.
w. a. wzno
Wholesale Agent for Wines, Liquors and Segars, 17 L&-
salle street, between Lake and Water, (one door fron
the Merchants' Hotel). Chicago, HI All kinds of t<rop
arty taken In exchange for goods. Agent for Ales and
Porters. aol»lr
White Lead Works,
Zi. LYOM b. 00.
OSice ard Factory corner of Haisted and Pulton streets.
West Side.
, SUple tad Fancy Dry Goods. Wholesale*
t jo&oeks or
nhlQ-ly No. 80 Lake street,
Clothing.. Wholes*!*.
Uanufacturen and Dealers In
' S3 and 69 Lake street, Ohlcare
182 Hanover street. Boston, Mass.
Affritnltaril implements, fce.
F. XO. OHAPQIAN &00. .
Asrioalturol "Warehouse.
No. WKinale street...'. North Eds
* Wholesale Dealers in
trAgents for Manny's Keaperand Mower. mh6-ly
Paper Warehaase Whelesale.
Uanufacturers and Wholesale
All <ses of print and book ecnrtanU? on hand. Oast
paid for all kinds of Paper Ptock. Warehouse No 11
Laulie-st., between Lake and 8. Water-sis. mhWy
Boots and Shoes Wholesaled
Manufacturer* and Wholesale Sealen in
No. ao?flouthWater-sfU,cor. Chicago.
a a.millcc."" cjhlSly cvas.bkowb.
t.w.waixwortb. 0h154y ceo. >. wklis.
i • Manufacture!* and Jobb**s In
Manufactory at West Boyieston, Nassacbusetta. Imhfflj
Crockery Glass fc China Ware Wholesale
Importers and Deal -rs la
Table Cutlery, LooVca Glaasta. Castor*. Britannia War*.
mh44j No. I(j6 L*ke Street.
Cloth House .Wbolesale.
81 & S3 South Water Street*
Are now recelrh* their csual larre vtockof
Bro&doloths, Cassimers
SATnrcrs, iumucet XKAHS, COTTOHABU
CutlßfS, Uieis ud Llecb Drill!,.
To which they Invite the atttentlon of tiie Trade.
HT Agents for Scott's Reoort of Fashions, zah€U6B
Hats, Caps and Straw 6o»dg Wholesale
Btets, Caps and Straw Goods
Planing Hills, Sash. Doors, fct*
wax, OOLDXE'S SASH factory.
All kinds of ush. doori, and blinds, wtndbw and*doo:
frames, mouldinjcs, flooring and sidlna.const taUy on hand
or made to order on tbeshhrtest notice. Also,-plaain*.
orc&larand scroll aawlcc, acd turning, exeentedlnsD
their branches. House trimmings of every rar. ety and
length to suit cugtomera. Oountry order* solid', or. and
promptly attended to. Bale R>>oa« and Factory at 234
MoprpfstretL awr Gas Wcrfca lafl
Carriage Repository.
No.74!forth?aise3 Kassflchl
rtr»ofCarria«e*Bjyai«tnd- ng Wagons, Rep aim
Ing neatly executed, Hoee < -iagea. Book a&aLad)
derTtucfcsmade to order. . „
Repository, U American Transportation^Oo.'s Balidlnc
Market sC, Chicago, 11L Koekaways. Slide seats. Tec
and no top Buglea. Conevrds. Aa All work wsrriaxf
M w n rnr |
J.V/\/ Shipping Order in store and for sale by
PENT">N a CO..
dePbSOlw >4 Lake street.
A.yk'i," l6 - PEOTON k CO.
dg»bßt3lw - >4 LUs street.
Icn barrels .of alcohol, 95
_ ~-£T TBI—
Hartford Firolnsnranoe Company
Bltde td tbe Auditor fif of lillngli,
JANUARY 1.1650.
1 The naue of the Company Is the Hartford Fire Insa.
rtnes Company, and is located at Hartford, Ct,
9 The amount or Capital ttock !• SSOXOOO 00
The amount
* „ , ASSETS. . j
Gash on has d... ......43,455 23 I
Cash In bands or Agents or la ocurje of !
trsnsmissioo 84.104 n 1
balances ont>o*k Cocptny........ 18.7»3 S5 !
Real Estate unencumbered 15.0JU 00
, • - - Par Valoe. Market,
fill shares Hartford B'k Stock $5llOO C7.45J 00
- M .. PbceiLx 401 M) 4OOWOO
100 ..* Conn. Riverßank'gfo Bt's 6.100 «4oOM)
'55" " Pvmers'AMech'sß'kSt'k, t.ooo Sleuo (U
. SOO .. Kxchsnge .. .. l n .o-0 8:00 00
I<4 .. Cty .. .. 12400 14 26JU)
150 .. B'g of Hartford Oo 7 600" TfrS 00"
2t>J .. Charter Oak .. .. Sa.OuO 2-,4j)(0
l&i .. Mercantile .. .. 13.U0 14.I0U0)
133 .. Merch'tsAMannfrs .. .. I'.SOO 13 660 00
m .. AJma-- - - .. .. 13,7 0 1431<500
24) .. AmerieanErch'ge .. .. 2j,0 0 2l<sltw
ao .. of America UO.COO 23,1 Cu U)
• - -Sua .. taooj 00
&0 .. Impojter * Traders B'k .. 3 ) 009 83.W to
2<l .. Maahattau CO. .. .. IC.OW 13.8 OCO
MO .. Mer.hinu' .. .. lo.oco ll oio W
--roj-Laion .. .. 10.0w!ok*)00
300 .. Ocean .» .. 10/00 9.C000J
10 .. l'aako'North Ataerira .. 10.00 11,0 000
.. MetropoliiAß B'k .. £uucn 3J.450 U)
■ I'o .. lii«ckstooe .. .. 100.0 lt'.S^OO
100 .. Uat.kof Commerce .. I0.i<0) 10,375 00
10 .. fc-C,;k .. .. 1,000 i.27U 00
HO .. l r lde*ndLe&ther .. .. lo.*iO 10,5010
li-o .. ftraa!f> .. .. 10.COI laSOl 00
100 .. Webster ..- .. 1(>,(M) VX'bO (ri
lW .. Natouid . .. 10000 10.300(0
" ' l'O -.T -Attnttc- .. .. lO.OUO
10) .. BTc3 atwofMlssiml - 10 0(0 'O.OO-JlO
luO .. liart:ord *N.IL RB, .. lo.IOJ 12.2a0 iv •
20 .. Cji-P. JUvrr .. ..- 2ubo luuliO
120 .. Coon. River .. 12000 3,100 00
2t Hartfjrd B*ds, 6 V ci, due 1*7(5. 2LUU 24 7SOIO
2 Ohio Utile .. € .. .. ■ 10,000 lU*o7o 00
29 3Udilgaa .. 6 .. ..
20Tcnnetsee .. C .. .. I*2, 2UUW ta^iOU
U.&Trca-.ar/Notes. i4X«cO M.OOO 14,035 to
Total amount of Assets, #154.€32 23
6 No liabilities to Banks, or otners. due or
tot due.
A Koloues adjusted ard due.
7 Lo*ms either tna«'3usied or) »coAt«oa - - -
8 Adjusted ard nctoae, f tw.eiS 89
9 Ltsses in sa*prnse waiting fur>
Uitr proof, lr eluded in la:t
answe- above
10 Allotberelalmst-gainsttheCo.
Total am'tcfUablUtlfs. ' 903 96
*ll' frberalf of the Company ii not to exceed »■ 0,000 In
acy cneilvk, surjicttoUssbyasingl^flre.
12 The amount Ins ued.n a city or village, depends upon
.. . itssl^T-rteaprallyabthedesirablenaktobebai;
sntj.it to the role .a* .bovekan-ed.
13 The amocnt insured In anyo'.e block of buildings.
_ .oepe-di upon Itssise aLd construc>lon. subject
t« Ui>* rn e above referred to.
14 The Act of Incorporation is the same ai filed In Jan
nary, leoi, - - • - -
TlidO. Ct ALLI'N, Secretary*
[Certificateto expire ontheSlst day of January, ISM,]
AuDrroa'3 Orncx. Etats or Ilukois.)
bpaixcnxLn. January, 1559. J
Whereas, tne Faitford fire Insurance Company,
located at Ha'tfor >, in the State of C-Tmec xuL
lias filed in this office a statement of tbe condi
tio 01 its affi'rs. as repaired by "Aa \ct to regaiate the
: Agencies cf Insurance Companies
I tbe Bute of Illinois," approved February 17, ibss. and an
I act amendatory thereto, approved January 22, 1651: and
'whereas, s&id Oompraay h*s furnished sa.isfactory evi
dence that it Is ittsieased of thi requlr.-d amount oT capi
tal iLvested in stocks rad mcrtgatres. aud hns Qiea lathis
office a wiltteo Instrument, s gnealy the President and
Becretary thereof, appointing H. B tt' llnarthof Chicaao,
Its Agent fir thetraasactlon of the bushes* i».' said Compa
nv.and fuily aLd unres -rvedly authorlziaK him to acknowl.
edge service of i.ruc<«B for a- d on bcliair of laid Com- ■
pa y. consenting that service of process upon him. the
siid Ag-nt. shall be taken and held to'be as valid as if
served uponttie and waiving alt claim of uror
byreasouof such service.
Now, therefore, la pursaance of the nrovWons of the
Act afjresaid. L Jesse K Dubois. Auditor of Public Ao-,
count' of th»* State of I linou do hereby certify triatthe
said He-i-y B. Ml Imanb is authorized asan Agent for Uie
fgUdOjmpany. tt tr ansae the batiness of Inxura-'.c* in
(Ms state, uatll the thirty-first day of January, in theyear
ekbtcen hundred and tlx>». to far &i Le may be legally
empowered so to dn by said Company.
la tnt tauny whereof. 1 bave hereunto subwr'bed my
name, acd affixed the seal of my otttce» at tiprlngfie-d,
this tifleenth day of January A. D 16c9.
Jfcd* K. DUBOU, Auditor P. A.
U. B. WILLMARTti,- Agent,
ja27c93ln Corner a:utb Water aadClark-sts.
—ct— _
Hartford. €oan.
fi. I, LOOMIS President.
11, KEL LOGO, Secretary.
M.MAGILL, General Asent,
Eximlaed and apnrovel by the Auditors of W!scom«n,
lewa. Indiina. Ohio, illlaols and Tennesse:, In compil
auce with tbe Lawsol th-se S;ates,
CASII CAPITAL $200)000 00.
CASH ASStTi, 1U9.054 C?.
Cash, cn hind sni In bank t 31451 11
" due and 'rom Agenti :til74 'G
14-7 shares New York Dank stocks 11l t3< 50
1100 "• Hartf'-rd " ** 114 505 00
10i ** oifcerN E. " '* 87-titW
Ata'i loaned on aicrtga*esof Real Estate 3d 200 00
** " " Pledge of Bank -trek*.
20 Water Bonds of tbe town of New Britain,
ConnectJcat 10 500 00
10 0 P AI. RR. Konds, gu~rauteed 7,500 CO
Accumulated interest on Investments 3,35/ U)
Rsal fcutate owned by the Company unincum
bered 6,406 71
Total AesUs $419 084 <56
liabilities. Velng tcadjtxsted losses and those
not due $31243 00
The foregoing Pta'emrot cresents such a view of the
Companv's positloj as must Ingress the conviction on
the minds of alio' Its so'vtncy aid healthy condition.
Ice amou .ttf 1U liabilities is lees than Co-npanles do
in<a"lar«e snd extens've a bailae>s generally show
"no long and Urge list ol unpaid losses," as a set oil
against accumulations a*e se*n h*re.
If. iherefrre. you want lo a First-Class Insu
rance Cotrp\ny. go ta the " PliiE SIX" throu.-haoy of
itiauthoilted Agents and vcur application will be re
ceive 1 and buslßets proa lly attended to.
inmost of the prominent towns and cities
of tbeUnkn.
BttANCII.'FFIOE. Mos. 31 and33WcT.ThL-dst., op
ptslte Mas-nlc Tempi?, \lccinn*L O.
Agents appointed, comspoidence attended to. loss?s
adjust* d and paid, and a.l luslneaa of the Western
Branch attended to «itadisoatch aai fidelity by
ItßMAfillll M. MAQiLL, ileneral Agent.
U. II! MAGILUI B " c1 * 1 Area " ,! ' J Adimttra.
the Niagara Tire Insarancs Company of toe clly of
York on the flit day of January, 1&*, in conformity
with tbe Law o( Illinois:
First—The name of the Cotnnany is the Niigara Fire la
surance Company, and tslocated In the City and Stale
of York.
Seoon- 4 —Tbe amoant of its Capital Etock Is Two Hundred
Thousand Dollars.
amount of Its Capital Ctoek, paid np Is
Fourth—L Cash on band acd In the hands of
»geLts •22.915.73
2- No Keal Estate.
3. I. Three New Tork City revenue
b nds.dper cent #23.000
. Pevcn Brooklyn City Water Lorn
6 per c<>nt bonds ;....S7.COj
1 Bix Hudson Ktver fcaLroad. Ist
mort«a<e. 7p-rcnt •P.&0J—<1,500.00
4. Eebts due tbe company secured by
bonds and mortgages, being ail
first U *ns and of which mere
than SIOOOOO is upon property
worth doub:e the amount mort
gaged thereon at 7¥ c n* interest.2ls,7so.oo
5. Loans oa St cks parable on de
mand of the market valoe of
W9.SSS. 27.633.75
6. Debts for i rem 73* W
' 7. AL other securities 8513W
Total Assets of the Company $314,065.72
Fifth—Tbe Company owes no bank cr other
creil'ors none.
Plxfi—Losseiadjusted aad due none.
Seventh-Loss*' adm«»d and not aue cone
KUh'b—Losses utja-Jasted 2 iOO fO
Ninth -Loses n snsaeose walth* furtherproof fi,0.0 CO
Tenth—No other clahns agJait the company., none
Total of liabilities of tbe Company 7J1j0.00
Eleventh—The greate-t amount losured In any
ote risk..... ... 15,(00 00
1 No teaeral ru'ea cn thee nnintg.
Twelfth 1 but sdttom exceed'eg *IO.OXI.
Thirteenth I a-dslrtfe risk in tlie dty, and
J *5,000 oat. v<-
, . H. B. WIt.LMARTn. Asttit^
jt27 lm cIOO Ocrier Clark and South Water strast^
oaoicn Ist OX.ABS iNsnnawcm
—cr rna—
Incorporated 1819—Charter Perpetual.
CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000.
{Absotete aid Ualmparsd
With a Surplus of $666,140 10.
And the prestige of 39 yean saeeess and experteaoe.
The Capital alone being double that af any Fire laio*
rascewmpany In the united States.
*\ ASSETS. JULY Ist. 18Si
Cash on hand and deported In Hartford
Banks- M .*175>,124 16
Oasb la trarslt aad Areata hands 144,719 C 5
U. & Treasury Notes. I per cent
1(5 rtate Bonds I7Z
Money dee the Oompany, secured by mort
gage.. 4.4,5 04
Real Estate tmlacumbered.... G5.3Q 01
Bills receivable. 64,499 M
111 Bonds, 6.7, andlß f eenL interect anna
V 7 shares Railroad Stock..... fa,773 00
H share* Ooanecticut River 00. 8t0ck.... L2SO 00
B0 shares Stafford Bank Stock ' Ltfo 00
GO shares Waterbary Bank Stock 6,250 00
96 shares Provideaee Bank Ptodu L 973 03
s,Si9 shares Sartford Bank stock 59Q.112 CO
8,(00 shares New Toik Bank Btock. 543.740 00
15 shares Jersey City Bank Stock L 530 00
100 shares U. 8. Trostpo. New York Stock. 09
1150 shares New York, L. L and Trust Com
pany Stock. 34,750 00
Unsettled Olalai sot dne *103,714 B
Losses EqltaWy A4Jut«d ud Proaptly Paid,
UPWARDS OP tiltooo,ooo of lcae* have been
paid by the Ataa ln*&r«nc6~Oscipaay in tbe past S3
Fire and inland Navigation.
jJßsks anepted at terms consistent with sotoicr and
fettdal attention given to Insaranceof Dwellings and
Contents for terms of of.one or five year*.
-Organised on a NATIONAL basis, with, agenda. In
the prinpipal cities and towns. Cash transactions. fr«e'
from the objections of th- credit mtese. Application
made to any daly authorised Agent *pro«atly attended
to. Byatzlctattentlontoal«itlmat4ln*»ancebttstoesa
this Oompany is enabled to offer both n lty for the
past and security for the future.
FoUdes Issued without Oelay by any of Us duly aathor
teed Agents.
Branch Office 171 Viae street, Cincinnati.
prßaihea attended to with dispatch aad »*-w«r Jt
7. B. BSnZR, Ga&ar&l Ag«at<
W. B. PASCH. Stats Agent Peoria, Ufinois.
• - *--O*TH«
Ol theFlrat day or Jtncarj, A. D.1859,
Uad4 to tk* Auditor of th* StaU of Illinois, pur
ruant to thi &tatuU of that StaU
1 i
The name of thla Company Is "Tie Heme Ingararce
ta 1G63 and located in the dty
The capital ofa&ld ocmpany a-tnally ra'd
up la cash U (GOoiOuoO
Taesnr- lasoatbelst Jaa..IMM. 442,441 7a
Tttalaa't capital and surplus 11.W1,43i ;2
Atasaat of cash in back ...$ S9
.. .. bslaocrlnbaadsofageitjand
Ualneaaberelreal estate owned by
tae 67 621 00
first wa of record on arlat-nsbered
realta a}». worib at Isags il 17&iuu.
aad cn *hl:h'tLere 1« less t>,vi one
year's latenstdneanj owlrg S 1.532 03
.. ixaas in, b;cd« aad morteHyes oa
wh.cb there la doe more than oce
year's laurest nOQe
.. Loan* o«. ttocas and boat's payable m
'dtsund.the 2D«rket Vklae of §ecctl«
tiei (.lodged. 1152 Ul 1C9550 00
«1 ether I a3»ai-dj» vtbe coiapaLy
aotincluded :npreced:cgtUmi .. .. noze.
ow.ed by the company,
daa th* company oa WLlch Jadjmi nta
nobulced. -ore.
U. S. Trei*ury Nvtea,
.. Asses?men*a stocx of c.m
pany cailtd In ana d e aid oaptlu.
crprtmiam noien due and aopald... ncc&
MissiurlSiaUbo ds, 6 perct. imar
ket value) 17 ISO 10
Inrcre:t actua'lydne aadonpali.,.. 11.158 20
Premiuasdaeand a*.co lectedcspol*
id s issued at the office LC£5 84
BUt recdva'le for pretaiumn oa ia
land tavlgitloa risks. 8,021 74
Total Assets. 11.077.990 40
Amouatof Loe;ei acjuted and due and an*
paid cone.
Losses iicumdaidloitor.siofad
•jartment. 110,113 29
.. Losse> reported. 03 WLleh ao a:uon
basbeentikeo 9.59! 21
Claims for 1< s es reibted oy the Co.. 13t>9»4
.. . -Divideidadeclaicd dai andinoaid.. SIJ 00
.. elihd- caab or salpt de*
cnred.l-utrotyet cue non:.
Money borrcwed. none.
AUotber exlaUnk claims sga'nst th:
compaoy none.
Tsfel itn't Lisjea, Claimsanl
He srealest amooat inured at acy one risk is|2o.oCO,
bat will not, as a Re~trai rule, exee- d I :U,COJ.
I The company lu.ve lo ceneral; uie as to amount aU
iowtK. to oelas jred ?n ai.y c.t>, town. v-Uagscr blcc/.
lib la* tbeinteatloaof tne ocmpiaj tooistnbateiU
risks la each a maaceragnst tu lose mote t an 110 CW
No part of its cap til cr eamioes are deposited in any
-• otberfi a e-eesicaiiiy for lo therein.
An attested copy cf th« Chart-r or Act cf
accompanies this gtatemect
Etatk or Naw Tear. >
City and County ot New Yo:k. S s '
Charles J. Martin. Pres'deat, nod J. Maton Smith, £es>
retiry, of tne llome insurance Compsnr, being severally
duly sworn depose and nj. and each 'ur htmsel< says,
thai the foregoing law true,
the ancrj cfrad 0 rtoratioi. and th«t tie? are tLe
aVove d-*rribed thereof.
. ttitnrd) t-HARI E3 J. MARTfv, President
[:l.ajed,j J. MILTO.t iMitll. ?ecritary.
aad sworn before me th!s 34 b day Kit Jan
uary, A. D. J nM. BU •Tiie.D
Qotnmlsaloner in *ew Vo:k for
the SLate of .llino a
CerliQcate to expire oa the 31st day of Janaarr. 12&.
Auditors Orrioa, Stat* or t>.uvot& I
epringfield. J»nu»rj i\ laj». f
wlierras. the Tlo-ae Vlre Itsornace t*otapany, loca
ted at N w York. U tbe Sta'e of rtew Yor.«. has filed
la tliis *.fliae a statement of th j coaditioa of its affal s
as required b/ ' An Act to regalatc tbe of ia
saraace Coapinles not iacoip >ratel >y the ct\te of
Ulia lO* approved Fenruvy 17'b. 1153 and nn r.<t
amenda'o y tbe et\ approved Jaauari ild. I'SJ. and.
waerras, add compan- hai 'cnifbel satLslact.irv evl.
dencetbat it's possessed of the required amo.ni of capi
tal investe 1 ia t* aid M and ua« filcl ia
tblsoS e a writt n nstrameitsigaedby the Preaidmt
aad- cretarythrreo'appolntiae li u ofChi
catro 1b agent for the tr*asa t j-s «f the busnits of ta d
company, fu ly »ud an-cse ved'y anions a. Mm to
«~k seivice of prooe ; s for aad on oebalfof
saidcompaar c asenttns that service of i>rucr»i a .oa
turn, tne said jwenu sbali be taken acd t% be as va<l i u
if served noon tbe cmaaoy ail claim of
error by reisoa of such service.
Now, ta>ref re. la parsiinse of the act aforesaid. I.
Jesse K hnbols. Auditor of Public Accauats of tbe
StaU oftlliaol- dob»re«y certify that tbe -aid H. B.
Wi laartb Is ustbotised as aa Acat tor thesall Company
to transact the busiae«s 01 lasuran us la this riiale, unti
t~e 'hirty-flrstday or J&au*ry, cof*ra»he may be
lega'ly emoowerelso to • ouy said Oompvy
ia tesdmoay I b»ve bcreoato subscribed my
namo. aad iiiuted tbe seil of my office, this isib day of
January, <iUr.ed>
j seal i Aaiitor PubUe Annan's.
1 f 2clal4w
Caali Capltelf S*2SO|4JOO« all pai«l ia.
A£lXTi JIK7ABV IST. 1539,
Oaih Items, laciuiina |2i.t>&?sin2ia.k #?5.955.74
llaikdtock aad Boud*. lai-ketvaiu* LiiiJa.l'U
Lo&as on Mortgure?, Uaak Stocks or bp*
proved secu'ities I^o7llo
Balance oa Books, interes*. due, tod Office Par
Total assets. 43A0U3
Tot il Liabilities fur Lotses aut du? #16,4^.11
U B. BOWEtti, Prts'L
0.0. Wait*, Scc'y.
General Agsncr for the Western States tt OUcago. Illi
nois W. B LOUNSdUdY. Gen. Agent, H. U. Paicx,
Axs't. Gen. Agent.
|al» ci d3w wira C. N. HOLnVN. Act for Ch'cago.
CD. Capital aad Sartlas $60,000
Acquired CapUaL 53,000000
JNO. B, ACKLEY, Ageit. '
N3.4Uds:tdcTemble, Chicago, 111,
FIRE, MARINE and LIFE IN'iciUNrE »ff-ct e d 'or any
amocn'.des.re: at reasonable r*t;s la reliabU Eotera
Comjailea. Ja27 wSS ly
Fcorii Jlariflc&Firiil'isu'ncs Co.
CAPITAL $500,0C0
Paid Up in Cash 300,000
Loaaca Promptly Adjusted and Fald at
, J. AUG. WRIGIIT, Ajent,
ial bSIO ly N0.143 Booth Water street, Chicago, t
Ottcej 142 Soutli Water Street*
Aatioris-d Capita), JOO,(X*J 1 Paid in aad secured, 17*'.5C0
J. P. .• Jobn K. Nicbols
S. C. Wilder. A. h«lfi-ards.
.Hiram It. Sio ih.
Ant lao p. r oiatoroßs:
Watton Oarr, u. li. Ilazlrto^,
C. Ueauersos;
A. F.llffAKlls, President.
E. C. WILDER. Secretnrv.
<«M>. K ».vSIIX(;s, General Agmti
LKWIS B. ItUKUKL!..City Survejor.
££T* Fire, Marice aud Ic!aui haviuatico losrrasce.
Fire Insurance Company.
PAID UP CAPITAL $3 00 000.
Insure against Lois by Fire only. -
SUBBARD k HONT, Agents, Chicago, corner LasaEe
aad South Water streets.
NY, of Norwich, Conn.
HUBBARD k UVNi*. Agents coraer of South Water
and Clark streets. First Floor, Loomis' Block. orisb3QC
Chicago lusurauee to.
9fflM N.W. Corner of
OAPZTAX 8300,000.
Thdmu Church, B. W. Bajmoad. Geo W. Dole,
K.H. Haddock. J. K. Botsford, Orrington Lent.
O. ti. Farwell, W. M. Larrabee, J. T. td wards.
a H. 30LDEN, Bec*y. JOA E. BROWN. Surveyor
\ortbf?es(era Insurance Cpmo'y,
'->HwiUl 150,000 —With a Lar*« Surplus.
LimillO»l lb. JDLIDB WHITE hu beta rew
poteleAi'TfltpfthisOo-a? my. and is aloue* athorised
. to lsijfcjt£ftfa£ft Ddlldes In t htca»«.
Mvln*l*j^aixu>or>s«4toadjust and pa all tcsres
- KlstiMMinttrPoUctes either Fire or Marine.
.. iFirtV ' '•'> JAiIKSPLirr Presidec*.
8.-B. Ixdlow, Bec*y.
ttdersitned win be happy to lee his Mends
aad the patroas of theoid Northwestern gea»raily, at tbe
Office; Mo.IW S South Water street, as*arng then that
our rate* shall be as low as those of any other responsible
Company, and that Losses shall -e falri> trusted and
promptly paid. JULIUS tVHITE, Agrnt.
ocaSbSaily ti»H tfoatb Waurstmt,
|)ianos, &c.
I exlsilngtelweea II aad A. J. Hltgins.
ta tstrleof a\sA~t H.others lathis aay
dissolved t y duluil cons-bt. II SL Higgin* a.«sarses all
thedatiUlileaotthe Utefinnaad to wbJin Ud-kt«icast
be paid. H.M 11 GGIMi.
Chicago, Feb. 1. ISP. A. J. HIGGLN3.
R. is HIGQISB returns hti tbaiVj to bis customers
for rait favors and tnnes by strict aUcntlan to business
to merit tnelr future patronage.
, "My strck is by tar the Urgest aad most complete
InJV Northwest. •
received weekly from all the Eastern
pDMisbets. -
Ur~My citilocue of my own pabllcitloas Is the
finest cfaaypuolished lotheUalt d states, t> which I
am eoanaatlv addinc frMa the comr>o«ers li the
Eastrrn and WesUra States. IL St 11 IGGINi
feS-lw-cts4 45 Ltke street.
- LIi*IIES. «sLak<* street, still has oa band the
Urgrst stock or Musical menLaadl-e kept by any other
house In the Nortnwest. lam sileagent for tbe cel
ebrated M Model MslodeDn." made bv Mason k Ham 11 a,
also ax*at far Ughte. Newton k Bradiu y's
PIaNOS, with the **P. teat «tch >vrat rUak," wh chia
osed by no other Manufacturers la tne world, aad Is the
most Lax) taat mocaanical lmpnveaeat. lar-cat o
tulrg Iroaasaost mak-rs do—whlca gives th*
meatam tallc aad disagreeable aouad—oraslfgwoodia
the ordinary war—which recrters U to weaken
thj part of the lastrameat wherein the greatest possible
*trenglaisre4olr d—by cottlag across tae grain of the
wood. Ushte. Newtoa k Bradoary's have a meth't
whereby they spring this eatsat Wre>t into proper tors
by the aid of steam and pswerfulmachiuerT. A St ala
: of tea toos will oatk* no Impress oa o. tne area, w*-'0
the fibres of the wood Instead of being weakened by the
continuity belsg Interrupted at short distances, nave their
natural of rta;staaee gieatly augm ?nted by the
pec-llar form they are made to assume in the Patent
Arch Wrett. Every instrument is warranted.
Atl kinds of Church Music Boeksf.ir'sal*.
Tie chearest and latesv uleo Bookout Is the MIWN*-
Ha-HA. Price single copy 53 cents, sent by mail post*
Paul; per dozen c.si All orders must be addressed
ton M. BlUOlKS.4sLaktssU, Chicago ja'6l^96ty
X FORTES Manufactured and fbr sale
u retail at Sutern srbolesale prices by
W. T. RllO Practical Piano Forte
Mate. All Pianos of hk make wtll be 11 Q V i»
fouy warranted. Old Pianos will be takea In
aad and repairing promptly attended to. Apoii
at bis Flaao Forts Masafaetart. Na. ISi West
" J*~U ST ""Bl'C E I V E D.—
A tut* Assortment of
Of aQ botfi Wood and Bone.
For sale fcj W. S. .UEV, B»«kMlkr .
USS J lfllaln street.
8* —Cook Coanty Court of o:mmoa Flsas, April
Tens, k. D . ll&a.
Halaes fL Magic and Fdwin Blaekmaa £x*est?r of the
last MfUi snd Testament of Jnha High. deceased,
v*. Fayeue U hoblnson—la Ocatcery.
Affidavit of the ncn-raidence of Fay«t« L. Roblnsrvo.
defendaat above asmed. laving bees (Lted in tbe o&e« of
tbe tiers of said Onofc Coanty Court of Ccmmoa fleas.
Notice is hereby alvea to Uie said Fsyette L. Rcbl'son
thai the complainant* filed their bill of coirplalit in »a'd
court on the chancery side thereof, on tha 2lsi day of De
cember. I*4B, and that a suomons therespen laced
oat of said coar* aii nst sail defeadaats. returnable on
tbe first Monday o! January next, Q&59). as by law
Now, cnless yon, the raid Fayette L. sbaU per*
•onallv be and apiwar before saldOckCo OoartofOos>>
men P'eas of Cook count*- on ihe first day of the tern
thereof, to be hsldea »t Chicago In s'ld coanty on the
first Monday of ArrU, 1839. and p'ead. answer or demor
to tb* aald oomplainant %' bill of complain»ct, the same
aad the matters and tUogs therein charged aad stated
will be takai as ennfessed, and a decree entered against
you according to ths prayer of salt bl L »
Mathar, Tat A Blng. Csopi'tsHoTra. ial3t*aH*
Cook—£B. Oook Ootrrt of Common Pleas,
Jr ebuary Term. A. I». IS3.
Patrick HUgfns vs. William Welch. William Welsh Sd.
Dinlei Murpbr an* Jeremiah A. ii las ella. Ia Chancer f.
Affidavit of the noa-resldr-ee of Jeremiah Jl KinsrOa
and Daniel MuThr. defiaduts above oanmL having
been filed In the offiee of the clerk of said or ok County
0 urtof Common Pitas, notice Is hereby given to the
said Jerem'ah a. Elaseila aad Daatel Man>*y that the
complainant filed hi- b.llof eomplalntln sold Court, on
the Ohancery side thereof oo tbe twenty-third day of
April lso7. and that a summons baa ssrcd oat of said 1
Court sga'no said defendants, re tore able on the first
Mondiyof Febaary next, 1659. as Is bv law required.
Now, oalfu yoa. the said Jeremiah A. Kinsella
ana Daniel Murphy shall personally be and appear
before said Cook County Court of Common Pleas of
Oook coanty. on the first day of the fieit term
thereof; to be- holdea at Chicago. Ia said c'uniy. on the
first Mosdav of Febuary. 1959. and plead, answer or de
mar to the sild complainant's bill of complaint, the same
snd the matters and therein charged aad stated
will be taken as confessed, aad a decree entered •r nW, * t
you according to the prayer of said bill
W. KIMBALL. Clerk.
Gailoi A Hitchcock; CoooVti Eo>'n. j .7
83—Cook County Circuit Court - February Special
Term. A- i>. 1559.
Henry V.flxardvs. C. D. Culberts-jn A Co.
Public nctice Is hereby given to the aald O. D. Coftert
sonACo that a writ of attachment issued out of the
on ce of tbe Cerk of the Cook Coanty Clrcnlt Coart.
dated the tenth day of Janutry. A. D. IS9. at the
sultof the said Mllward. ana agalcst tne estate
of tne said O.P Culoert*on k Co.. for the sua or cne
hundred and eighteen dollars, directed to th* EhertS'
of Oook County, which said writ has been returned exe
Now. therefore, unless /on. the said 0. D Culbertson k
Co. sbsl< personally be and appear before the said Cook
County Circa-tOomt, oner before the "rst dayoftbenext
Special term thereof io be boldeu at the House. In
the titv of Chicago, on the second Monday of Feb
ruary. A. D. 165*. irlve special bwL and plead to the
said pl&lLtlira actiou indgment will be entered sxainit
you aad In favor of the sali Henry Vliward and so
much of the property attached as may be sufficient to
satisfy the said mdgmeat and eotfa. will be sold to satisfy
ths satne. CHL'RCU Clerk.
H. Pavn». ■ i*? fe 4cct
COOK—SS.—Oook County Coart of Common Pleas,
jaanaryTerm. 1559
Orrin Shrf manTS. Georje M. Coffin.
Public Notice Is hereby given to the said George
H. Coffin thatawrit of Attachment lr«ued ou*. of the
office of tbe t'lerk of the Cook Oounty Court o' Cocrmrvn
Pleas d-<ted the first dav of Deoemoer. A. D. Is6i. at the
suit of the sa'd Orrin Saerman aad against the ettate of
the fteorje U. Coffin for the sum cf Tnre«* Hun
dred Dollars, directed to the Sheriff of i ook County,
which said writ hu been returned executed.
Now. therefore, unless you, the said George BL
Oo*n shall personally be and appear before the aild
Oook County Court of Common KleasonorbeSoretbe first
dsy cf the next term thereof, to b? holdea at the Court
House, In tbe dty of Chicago, oa the firat Monday of
Januaiy, A. D. l£d. give special bail, and plead to the
said plaintiff's action, judgment will be entered against
you. and in favor of the *a!d Omn Sherman, and so
mach of the property attached as may be sufficient to
to satisfy tbe said judianent ad costs, will be soli to sat
isfy the same. WAL' Ell KIMBALfs Clerk,
epafford. Mfr A Jones, flt'Si Att'ys de29hMtew
n i*. Cook Ccnnty. cS.-Cosk C u-ty Court of
Common P eas—Cclcsgo. Januam X;h, lflc9.
Gra-:v.l!e Kimb'«i| ts. Luk« Coiaitock, »>arunT. Hecox,
Kdwird L. iomstoc-,—ln Chsnc-rv.
Puotic Notice is bereby •.-iven. that I. L. C. Psine Freer,
as Receiver, appointed hyths court, in the above entitled
caase. wilL on >he s'steentbdsy ' f Fetrnary. A. L>. Isjii.
as the north doer of tbe court House of the County of
Cook. Ia the c.ty of Chicago, at ten o'clock In tbf fore
nocnofsaid sell ai Publ.c Auction to the biggest
bidder, for cas'i. ater aln 'OLd In tbe renalt? rften
do.Lars »xecaedby Wrten T Uecri. as
O-1 g rto i u*e Comsiock as vJb Uec. rcc.tlng that the
ob i or 1< Indebted to th? oblige-; In tbe sain of five ilio j
saud dollars. • art of the - urci as>- money of t'ae Real *s
• t'.ie t e ein i flcr descried, and conditioned f..r tie pay
ment of saids 'mo.' firettuusmd d-.Lar*. to Ki»a:J L
Corns.ock. so j of <ald Lake t'oastock, upon his l>ccom-
Ivu i f fue. »nd t >e Interest on <at<t bond payable t~> s tlj
Lu<e Comstick, at the rate of eight per c*ct per annum
sn-utliy on tCe 5 h day tf F-b'ury la each ye:r, ouul
Ui.-sa'd 80-d matu*es, wi ch wi lbi on the 2t>:b day of
Fema«rv. A.D. IS'Lsali Bosd'aecured by a Deed sf
Trisr. which, a Ith the sail Bond, bear date February 5 b.
«Boi ex 'ute ": by said Warren T. llecox. an-J ra niuto
sal I iiezekiih A. «t>. ard conveyirig to said Wjn
kcop all it at part of three (3>, in Bock ne ton fred
ana fo:ty-ui.e (Ul;, In
Cih«i, on *.he nsithaest co.ter cf sail
let three i 3), runnirg thecce tcu h on tbe *est line ' f
said lot ' ne hundred eUI ty nine fert to an alley, tbenc-)
eastsliirgstid alley thirty three feet, tbeuce n.tth paral
lel with the west L*.e to Monroe at eet. th;nce «e*t
alth j sooth lin) of Monree street thirty-three feet,
begtenln*. bard ot T u;t reciting
tie coudi'lnns of the substutiallv. and ci-.taining
a P-'w»r of sale. L C. PAINE FtttlE**.
jaiisidc3l ReT« , tT*r.
irruit Court ofCook County, Februaryfipfciallerm
A. 0..15&-*.
Jchn II" Kl*b vi John P. Ccn v ling. Hardon Co kl'tif,
Ctrolin»A. Ctnkin*. Kvai A.Cnnkilrg,G dryßiy-
a a U fettr Pecoy and Cuarles J. Treman, • In Chat
Affidavit of tbe oon-res'deoce or John P. Coakl'n ,
Ga dja Ccinklicg mid tar tne A. C:ak.l:g bt* wl'e,
A. Conklin . Gorif.ey Bnan' and Ch tr.es J. Tr -
mi In. defendants above named, having been filed in
tneotficeoi the Clerk of slid Circuit Court of Cosk County
notice Is hereby given to tae said J In P. G.r
cjoaCcn'liig nrd Csro'iie A. Cm k.lrg t!* w fc. s.ra!i
A. t):n 11 v. (So Irrey es J. T tmiln I bat
sild complainant tiled his bill of complaint la siidiCourt
on be Chancery side thereof on tbe fi cf Fetu
sry aad that a summons thereupen issued cat of said
Court against siid returnable on the second
Monday of February Iqsu. Cl=i>) aa Is by law required.
Now, u'Jersjcu. ihe - Hng. Harccn
CorkMngand «;aro.l e A Cunkl'ng his wife, Sarah A.
C-ickiin*.oodfre* Br>ant?nd Ch.r'.esJ.Tre.aaia stall
personally be and an;ear befo e said ClicuU Courtof
Cook Co.. onthefirstdayof the next special term thereof,
tobsboldenat vblcan. in said Coaaty. on tLe second
Monday o February. 1a39. and rlead, antweror demur
to the said complainants* bill ofcomplalnt, the same and
tbe matters and thlrora therein charged and stated will
be taken as conT•ssed.aad a decree entered yoo,
according to the prayer of said bllL
George Scoviile, Comp .'ti f cl'r. i e8 cl:7 <w
S3.—Circuit Coart ofCook Oounty, Janaary Specla
Term. A. D., IfeW.
William McCuiiy. John F.McOaDy, aad Mark W. Watson,
vs. Georae E. iloyL
Pablic Notice Is hereby given to the six* Gecree & Hoyt
that a writ of att «e. .asm issued out of the office of the
OlerkoftheOlrcait Court of Oook County dated the elgb
te-nth dayof December. A. D. at the salt of the said
William il--Cully. John F. McCully and Mark W. VTstson
and against the estate of the saldUeo. E Hoyt for the sum
of two hundred and nlnety-elaht dollars atid twenty three
cents, directed to tbe Sheriff of Cook Coanty, which said
writ hu been returned executed. Now. therefore, unlets
you. the said Geoige K. Hoyt shall personally be and ap
pear before ihe said Circuit CoartofCook County on or be
fore tne fcrst day of tbe next special term thereof, to be
hoidenat the. ourt House In thedtvof Chicago on the
first Monday of January A. D. l:w, rive special ball,
aad plead to ue aald puuntlffic* action, judgment will be
entered * > * - on, and in favor of tre aald WU.iam
McCuiiy, John F. McCully anl Mark W. Wats n. and so
much ot tj'. property attached as maybesnffidentto sat
gfy the taid judgment atdcostswlU b« sold to satisfy
the same. WILL'AM L. OHDRUti. Clerk.
Cornell Waltc A Jameson. PiiT's Att'ys de 23 bSo3 6-M
Cooc. 83.—000k Oounty Coart of Common Pleas,
Febrnsry I'ercL. 1559.
Charles H. Booth and Charles Tattle vs. Onille Finch.—
Public notice Is hereby giten to the raid Orv'lie licch
that a writ of Attachment Issued out of the ojflce
of tbe Clerk cf Cook Oounty Coart of Common Pleas,
dated the fi*st day of Feboary/A. D. at tbe :aitof
the said Charles H, Bcot'i and Charles Tattle and agalcst
tbe estate of tbe sa:d Orvtlle Fiach orttiesna o'six- i
t*en hondt eJ aaa fcrtv-two forty-eLzht cents, :
dlrtcted to the Sheriff of Cook coanty, whacn said I
writ has been returned executed.
Now. therefore, anlessyoa. <he sildOrrflle Finch shall 1
personally be and appear boiore the said Cooxeon'.ty |
Court of Common Pleas, cn or oefore the first day of the
next term thereof to be bolden at tbe Coon House
in the dty of Chicago, on the first Mondat <>f Febru
ary. A. D. 1*59. give special ball and plead to the said
plaintiff's action iadgmentwill be entered uainstyon
aad la favor of the said Charles H Baoth and Cbaries
Tut le, and so much of the property aUaohed aa may
be gnifident to satisfy the said judgment and costs,
wDi be sold to satisiytbe sam^
Thompson k Bishop, Plt'tTs Att'ys. ft 3 ciM3ol
_Ei ceased. Public notlee is hereby given to ail per
so.# having daims and demands asanst the es:ate of
HralamMarr deceased, toprts nt the same for adjudi
cation and tetilement at a resutar .erm of the Coantv
Oou't of Coo< Ooanij, to be oalden at the Oauft Rouse
in tbe City A Chicago, on the fLst Monday of March, A.
D. H3X btlnc tne kt> nth day thereof.
LUJIK M-\KR, Execa'rls
of the last Will and Testament of oraham Marr dee'd,
Bv 11. H. MAs«sr. AteoL
Blue Island. Jazavy 11th. U53. iaU ew*
Circuit CoartofCook Coanty.—January SpedalTerm,
A. D. Ifi&f.
Jerman 8k Keator and Porter Skinner vs. Andrew J.
Public notice is hereby given to the said Andrew J.
Short, that a writ of attachment Issced oat of the office of
tbe Clerk ofClrcalt Ooan oi i ook County dated the fourth
day of December. A. D. ISoS, at ■ ht salt of the said Jerman
B. Keator aacl Porter Skinner aad axalnst the estate cf
the said Andrew J. Short tor the sum of Three Thou
sand Dollars directed to the Sheriff of Oook Coanty,
which said writ has teen returned executed.
Now, t-erefore tnle s yoo, tbe said Andrew J. Short
shall personally be and ppear be or* the said Circuit
iJoort of Covk Coaaty oo or before the first 4 iy of the next
Special Tern thereof obo bolden at the Oour House. In
tae C.ty of Ohleag -. on th*. first M or Janaary, 'A.
. D. give special b«!L and i;leAa to tn<* said ptaintUTs
actionjudgzaestwiubeenteredagal styou aad .n favor
of the said Jerman S. Keator and Porter Skinner, and ao
much of the rrcct-rty attached as may be saSdent to
satisfy the said judgment aad r >«ts wtll be sold to satisfy
thesame. WM. L. CHURCH. Cerk.
Cornell, Waft; k Jameson. Plt'ffs Atfys. de 3 b?ii aa
XvJ- no's. Ooek Coanty. Clicuit Coart ei Ooek Co.
—ln Chancery.
B. Chambers vs. James Mlchle.
Public notice Is hereby given that ia pursuance or a
Decretal Order entered In the above entitled cause,
oa the fourteenth day of January, A. D. l&Si. 1,
L. C. Talae Freer. Master in Chaaeerr of Ctok County,
btato of Il.molg. will ca the tw«;fttr of February, A.
D. 1&9. at tin o'dock Id the fc:essoa of said ifay. s;ll
at "public aacU:n. to tae Uaaest bidder, 'or cuh. at the
Nottbdcor of tbe Court llouse, of tie Couatvof Cook,
ia the tity of Ohlcaso. all ihe foUowinc detcrit>ed parcel
cf real estate to-wit: Tbe west fractioi of tbe ror-h
- ouvters of section Nxtwenty-teven
C 27). m township thirty eight (Se), raagetwelve lli> east or
thethlrc pnn:lpal meridian, in Oook coaaty. containing
one hundred and twtnly three srret taors or leas.
Ussier In Chancerr. Cook county.
Chicago. Jan. 2£Kh. lai9. . ia3ic42td
B. Si.—Cook Coaaty Court of Coamoa Pisas—Feb
luaryTerta. A. IX. ISK.
WUltam E. IHcgett, Henry D BatseU and D. Hobart
Hills, vs. Randolph Denstn-ire, Barney H. Djekmas
asdXawln oensaore—Attjichmeat,
Public Notice Is hereby'givea to the said Randolph
Deasmore. barney H. Dyekmaa and Edwin IVngmye.
that a writ o' Attachweat Issued out of the office of the
Clerk of the Cook Qoonty G»urt u' Oosmon Pieia.
tbe twenty-'oarthday of December, A. U 1543. at the suit
o 'ihe said Wm K Docge;t, Henry D. Baas'tt ani D.
Hobart HUla, and against tbe estate ot the said jtandolpb
Densm:re. Barney il. Dyckman aad kdwtn Deosmore,
fortatsomor Three Hundred ana Mxty-Seven Dollars
aad Seventy-FcurOeaU. directea to tae Sheriff of Oook
Oounty, wmchsald writ has been returned executed.
Wow. therefore, onieas yoo, tbe said Ranoo.ph J>rn*»
more. BaineyH.Dtc*maiand Edwin Dens&o.-e, shall
personally be and appear before the said Cook Coaaty
Courtof Oomraon Ple*s. on or before the first day of tne
next term thereof, to be holdea at the Court House, in
the dty of Chicago on tbe first Monday of February.
A. D. 1550, »give spedal baiL and plead to tbe said
plaintiff's action, judgment will be eatered you
atd In favor of the aaid William £. Ooggett. Henry D.
Bassets and D. Hobart Hills, and so anch of the prop
: erty attached as may be saToent to satis.7 the »»ri
iadjcment and casta, wSI be sold to same.
. GaLLPf A Hmacpgg. PU's Att j. latMw-cS
T'i OODKT OF COOK OOUNTY—In thenaUerof tiw
Estate of George Coombs, deceased.
All persons having claim* acalnt the estate of George
Ooombc deceased, late of Oook ooaaty. are notified and
requested to attend at a term of the Coanty Court of Oook
County to be held at the Court House In the city of am.
eago on tbe first Monday of February next, at ten o'dock
In the forenoon, for tbe purpose of having tbe aazae ad
josted-tiie executor and exscatrix of the last will and
testament of said Goorge Coombs, deceased, having fixed
on thu term for sealing aad adjaxlng all dalma against
said deceased.
Chiogo, December 15L1853. '
HXN&Y B. DIES. Executor.
JANE COOMB 4, Executrix.
Of last wm and twUirint of George Qyisb*. deceased,
delt-tA»7:W '
r\ rv Coart of Oook County.
In the matter of the estate of J*cob Frtdrick. deceased.
Ait persocs haviag claims against the estste of Jacob
Fredrick, deceased, late of Cxik Coanty. are notified and
requested to at*end at a term *f the County Courtof Cook
. County, to behe.d at tie Cfeurt House, in the city of Chi-'
cago. on the first Moauay of March next, at tea o cljckJn
tie forenoon, for the purp-seofhtvinftbesaare adjusted,
the administratrix or said estate haviag fixed aa tisst
term for settling and adjosting all dalma sgalast said ea>
tsle. MAHQaRITTA FRKHBTOR. Administratrix.
•too*? 90» 4 BaHur." AW»a
Cblcaco. JanaaijW 111? In <1
m —Took County 9gcrt c f Common P:«aa. February
Tens, lit*.
I'fvetVrLnd. Pa-aa;ifl. P'tr. Ix-cu'cr* and ""«s*e?s
of J»- ey B»rV.«r defected, v*. J< iepa W.l'e. »«n!or,
Ano hlj vi c. U*7 inn 6 jter, Ircj Bvb«r.
Ha-rtft B-rtc. .harles Y. Belt. and E.ixs BelL Ills
wi e—la i b&Qk'e j
A&davit ol sue do" residence of Vary Ado Baiber.
Tucyßarbe-, H»rretßirt>«r, CbarlesY. BeiL asd Kllxa
Betl, h'a -tfe. part rf the defesJaais above tnoM, bavtos
been filed to tr.e .ifflce o' tbe Clerk of said Cook Cownt*
Court of C*mmonPl-»s. Notice Is here*» riven to t*esald
Mart A-u» Barber. Leer Barber Han let Barber. Charles
Y. Bell and C ti B I. t'i wife tbatthe complain'&ta
film toelr bill 01 complaint In the said Coart, oq ibe Chan
eery side thereof, 03 tbr S3ib day of Jasa >rj. ItU. aad
that a lamaoa? teerecpoa issued cot ot said Coart
aealnst sad c--feid mt*. returnable ©a tie first Mon
day or Ap U next. a. 0. ma, u \? by lav repaired.
Now, unl .oa. tie said Vary Aon Baroer. Lney
BarW. H rrM Barber. Ch.rlesY. 3-11 ant Clssß*i.
Lis wiV. ; aa'l pt;«onal!y be Aid appear before
said t ock Cou ty i*on to* Comar.n Clear, oa
the first uay of tf>>» next thercot. vo be bolden
at Chicago in said wouzt; ca the first Monday of
April. 19a&, and oltAil. atsve: or demur to tie aald
complainant's bl'.lof c.myiaint. t v .- *n.«: aad the mat
ters and tMnq tfcgrsia rbar**.i m.! W.ed will be taken
as confessed. tad a a?creeentcrr>lt.alnstjou aeeerd
ingtoth: crayerof said bill.
w f[vtß4LL. Cerk.
Ma'hT. Ta*tl K:ig. C? 1 .'t* *n"r« fri-t* .-IS
fil BUST E E T S S\.], E . - WHEREAS
JL Ch.tles CLClakeand M-ary 8.. bis wif-, cf «Le d j
of Coo- ty of Co *. aai ?t P lno'i exe
fne-t to me a* TrUite? *de-d of irmt cf the premiers
hereina.'tjrce!c lr»- .t«Sicari l ep»>me:tof* er.*tn
proxlacrynote o' Five-u tired and IstySrVrn •o'
lar/» tberda meLtiuoe watco dsra if tr ft d.tf
A)ay(Lth.A.D I*6*. aa.t Urecvd:: * la i!i- Be o der'j
« ffie® of Wa'woiti voittj. a d dut - f Wise ••sil. la
BjokSt of Moit«*.es fa.e»4 1) aad 41.; «Dd wt e.-eia.
deua t hit be« 3 nade la t.e ua>raea. of aild te aad
asplestoa b»been mad" t" me b* the le<*l b-.ldfr of
aud note, to a»d aaid prem'tea. aider said d» ed o' troat
for «he t;er»ln e*srei«eX Nj* xh reforr.
PObUe n:tlc- u bercbj*i?eatbat 1 thiUae'i attabile
aocuco. at the Ncrta door of the C:u:t hcaso In the
ci.j of Chienio. ta n'c Coaaty «cd to tbe hlkbnt
b'adiY for c-tiv atun o'elooc I renoja. oa the
icrib'd li said d'ei or trait, to wit;-The aadlvioed
t*o-thlfdj (X' oftpeo rth b\lfthe - ortb«e»t
tweaty alae CO. Tcwa mabtr one (1. N r h
Rajt->aambe-»l*:etaiW e»»: o. ihe tctth P ti clcU
M-ridi'iC. aadeoat%lalac fi' T three JD'l coe third
acrrs. te the nor acre or less. lh* s*m-> being land wrt
&tartio Bcrjaaka V. ihirlu 0 CUrke bum
the eitite ol the :r. ll*tt CI
Chicago. Feoiuarr Sad, i t a3o; c 143
£S.—ulrcait Coart of Cock Cocsu. Too,
aad BesjuaU tl Eobert C&aia
hin-Ia Chaactry.
Affidavit of the aoa-resMesee of Bob<rrt Camhta.
defendant above amri beta filed la office
of the Clerk of aald Cireat Coart ol Oak Coaaty.
Notice la hereby «trea to the f&m Kcbert Camabaa that
aild compla-naati filed their bill of coaplaiat la taid
Ccort oa the tide thereof, oa the eleveath day
of Janaary, ISZ9. aad that an a aoomoaa thereapoa
Usced oat of aatd Coart acalast aiid defeadaaLs, re*
tigaable oa the finl Monday of Marca next. lad*, as la by
llwreqaired. Now.anlcss joo. tfce sdd Kiben «'in«han
•hallperMatlty beaad aojear before said Llrcait Court
of'.k>ok Coaaty, cathefint aay of the text March term
thtreot to be holdeaat Chicago, la said Coaaty. oa the
AntMcndar of March. t;&<, and aoiwer or de
mar to the <aid compiaia ct'ifclU the same
aad the matters and thuusthereia chanced acd stated
wii>betxk'*aAs aad •» decree eatered aeilnst
yoa itccordini to the prayer of s Ud bilL
WM. I*. OHOKCH. Cler*
Art or \7. TTla iet. M 4w rls^
t4 / IIKIit'.AS, JO.-iAll t:. COLHUh t N, OK
Vr ( Coo* Co~aiy. TUoos. la ord'rt>se«
enrfr'h , *p >mentof a <"enam note m» '» a*d signed by
».t ■ ooe &>O-*rt L Da lap. fo-th* sum of
three tnoas%ad doltat. d»tfd r 4'h. liSi, paj
aiie to Krastatbkileyprcrder. iaoae jcr >r..n date.
*i h interest at .en vc cnt. per ancanx, dl i by a err*
U:a oeed of tiut eiccoied b. htm bea Ins evea date
*aM acte. rrant. and convrj u th« ooder
s'soed UlramF. 31»th.-r. of jtfjjeiaJi. ce:t»la
prua:se 1 describtd la sal ■ dee 1 of trait as o:l wj. vis:
• L'.ticarU) a bl-ck s.s'.tftn (l-i rf Csrpeate-'s AJ
dlti'io t<> »itb Uie rt»e! bs hou<i a-d improve
la.atith.'reuo." ihaa:eJ la thee.t.- of tiLago. Cooi.ty
of Cook: wh eh f t.u*t c ct Jse-! a ;o«cr of sale
tobetaadibysald rnstee oa ai.p:lcii!3n of the iet«l
hM-erofsvd nteiactseol d p*yient A r d.
whereas, deaalt has beea mule it iMjaj.-! t ol the
are:<uet of oriaetpal meatlo eo -a vid a«wll a« 10
M*yc.eit of icterrtisi- c< tlie 4ihi'ay of December. 1*57.
an- tie »«id VrutOi Biil«.y. the hgil ht-IJrrard ow-er
of-aid ccte, has ap;uel to ih; tab»cr.b:r to se.'l udders*
sis? ;
t otre Is tli:r;f>vi%h-:ribrtivm4batia panatace tt
•h-i p wer abok'e rrfeirc<l to. »i dia order to r<»l»e ib«
aicoont dai« sal to bee. m ■ one fur > riic :al *>ad Interest
00 thtf co'e a' cTf me.iiocei. Uie-her wi.htli-i c its
an<: ex-ecs.sof sal miUzla of«
iai*p .««r. 1 s~.alL < n dAfCt- DAV, 'he Iwcilta day o*
Kcbroary atX', at li o clock ta t:e ronnoo" of
th t day at ilie ncrh f:oat d>or of the Couit
aoa.'e, la the siid«it? or UL-a*o, o3tr for a Is
aaa »eil at pablie aactioa t; tLe hl«L»st b'dder for
ca-b tus trtmues described sbore ard li said dejd
• f t-os;. atd &i theeq it; cf ts feaptu aif s*kd J«.si*h
£ Ooihcro'hereix Ad e<i:D;ee«>l< bi trade toth«
purchue. ty virtae ot raid power of -ale. laid deed of
Uuii duly aukcowledxed »Ul n~ foend reeoruei to the
«ec.trder'B 'ffice >' Co.-k Connt?. tnde' d*te t.f Dectm-
DcrSMh Isls. :adooki(2o! De-ds. hssri 1 ?
iiluA.M V. MACH-.it. irustee fvr£.*s*.uißailey.
M*t..ck. Tarr & Kiig. Attorneys.
Hated Jaaa*ry 3U% lgv3. ja't-'dcKO
( MIANCEHV NOTiOfc—vVi\\ vt. ol' lI.LU
kois. Coaaty of
■"Vjact* April Term A. l>. I*3o.
E. Gregory Jolia Tilt-t».
M'.ses W. Ricliards.T. John H Ur-ulaur». Omis? k.
Richtrdioi. (Jth.nc-; Liarata. J art W. Lim«a. d«r>
Kd-r<trd Aie»aad.*r. Jjjn v. Weiterv-.t
andOrr.r 8 11 a«,vs. A NorcaKir t Byrootl. Sew
ell. RadclphSchisesier, Elo:lJieU.Newell, andChas.
Aniiliylt of the coo-rea'desc o Eitrl:»t G. Xews'J. one
of the dt leadaats above aau-. d. haviat >een £le<i la tae of.
flee of tbo Clerk of said »Ircait of t"o~k Coaat/,
Notice ta hereby idvea to the sui Eil>r.J.--Neveli u.at
silt comalalsaaU filedtueii dCcart
os the cbaacerysidL* thereof, oa tb« tveMy-oiota day
of Novemuer. ISSfi. and that a jummmu tbereauua la
in ?d cat of said Coart against sali dtfendaat, retura
abie oa the first kloaday o:[ January, l-i.'. as ia.by
law required.
Now. oldest yoo. the said Bbrlrsr G. Newel', shall
persoaall7 be aad appear before said Circuit Coart
ot Cook Coaaty, oa tae finiiuy or the
term thereof to be holdea at in tbe mu3
Coaoty of Cook, on tbe urst of lSCt>.
aad plead, answer or demor. tothisal d ivsnspUiaaats* bill
01 compiaiat. the &ame and the m&turj acd thiaxs tbere>
la charred and stated will be taken as confessed, aad a
decree "atovdagalastyoa thepr*yerof«a!d
comii'alna-ita. WIJ. L. CUURdI, Clerk.
Fra?ilJi lYebiter, Co rprta do.'r, iaJ7 clO; 4«
Commission iiitiUjaiUs.
No. 6 iitlllard's Clock, corner Clark pad fouih VTMer-rts.
AfesLs for the FDLTON STARCH VTORK3. Fulton.
ti. If. (Late Os?ezo River Starch Company.) They
maaaf&ctare ail kinds of pure Corn £t.ircbot a superior
qoality. Orders addressed to M. NjN, p. o. -J4OU,
will receive propptaneatioß. otf blil 17
Produce Commission Merchants.
of my pariaer* la tee firm of K:Uey, Mors« k
w L toatlaas tbe t'r>lu:e uiam i>ua baslnes oa
the above stile Office Sj.7 Poaety's Udidint, coraer
or Claraaal Wateritreeu. QtJ. ii. KCKutY.
Catcaxj, Jaaaary JJ, lei J. a-c a-c '6
Commission .Merchants,
216 South Water Street,
Bxxo A. Wiluau< W. D. llocoaiauaa
No. 210H Soath Water street, secoad door 'Vest
of neils Btr«t Bridge, give vheir exclajlvj atttotloato
Produce.titocx. V.,
oa u.immissioa. O-nh td/aaies made oa rlils o'Lading
aad progeny m *tore. Kefer to <teu. tmlihACo., M&-
riaelUak.aad Geo, gtee.e k Co. jalQ bioi ly
Ooraerof Clark andSoath >Vatcr slreA ~ '
Chlcw Qvi b9>J 6aJ lUlaofa
IBSS - - Winter Arraagaineni. - - 1859,
forwarding tllerchnnss,
Shlppln: J genu IlUnols Central Killroad, tad
Uharf Boat Proprietors.
W Track* aad fiiidea leading dlr-ctly from the old
Depot to oor H&krf Boat.WLtcb ruble cs to forward
fretthtto and from tbe lUiiroadwlth great aespatch and
w;taoat the exposure or liability to damage, unavoidable
In any other metaodof handUac,
>Vealao give prompt aad careful attention to re-ship
ments ey nver to .tasbvuie. e <nw.ii,
Wheeling, PiUsbarKh.f»fiWcr.cans»adMen3pula.
Cairo, llilncis. December lath, laae. b7g7Cm
XX Store or for SlupnenU £terfinx txchaage on
London for sole. Ixena&xe on New York bought and
sold. OJSce in Steei's corner cf Lasaiie and
boathWaterstreet. d»dbnUßm
R. »■ * 1 " 3
MO.ro BiAYiasTUjrr acv TOU.
«0.17 BTATZ &TBJ£a.T OHIUA&O, iLL,
Cash Advaaeea made on Prodacs In Store, or snipped
to oor iloose In Mew York.
UIMW LAW, J Ke _ ?flr w 4A**- 9. TILLaX
ipwAkD Vims.} t lora. Chlcaro.
14 Dearborn «re«t. Create, lll.soit
Oaah advances oa bhipmeau 10 mUs Buffalo
J. B. Uoahara. President, Reynolds. Ci
• ChiCAgo. aad A. A. kmuphleve. Buffalo. i>3t
_ P. G. 8A L L Ac CO.,
\J NtK Clark and Lake street*. W.u attend to the
purchase aaa saleof&jciu abd Joadsot every descrip
tion. either ta ibis or in Uie New Vurk UuoLa.
ttoasoftae k'ew lfork Stock Market received daily by
telegraah. daios aad porcaasea oaue at taa dtoca Lx
eaangßat lowest ratal ot conaigslsa. aaiAaa3»-<m
GiSthS sxdaslv* attention to It*
Ot floar, Graxa» and other i'rodace.
Its. w Clark iWen
nee !y OttICAGO.
J Xo.lSuSoa Ch;eaco.
Xf Lit>«raiadraoe»« made on cnna)gam*al».
XxriktscsJ—J. H- .1 .<,**«•
moa.CrlcsgoMieoW Jole.i'bteajo: itumse*. Brj AC«,
Clueago: Roval Momts, X«»les, 111; W-yyiroil « Co,
Hew York; Heolsg ■* WoodruJ, Ist I»f>n. : s; J Bonn,
BankT, Sgrioz:>i-l. f C < l>.i:e. <'b cax». -
Commission Merchants,
.N K W TOB K . *
L'ndenrood £c Co., Chleaso,
aatC'Avly Agfnt< forthe j»art£-»est
comsaioa kbbchaht,
, Dealer In »11 kinds ofFloar and 7e«d. and CosnU7?ro
dace. Whoissale and KeUil.
tO andS43B3naie. cornerof Wolcott street. Cilca?o, ID.
, Floor and Feed delivered to any part of the dty free ol
charge pyOl-vlnu-ly
Commission MercHantx,
152 9. Water Street,
AUV'ANCILSoa tirain Eajt, gsriag
be owner onviJere of sellitg in Cu-falu-or NewYors for
be«oraeeo>umissloa. A CO.,
* ehanta. oomer of Sootb Water and Fraaklla
Sextons ana UnclertaKersj
& Li EALLlfiTairr,
style and fiaish. Wood, Lead, acATtac CaSna; alao
oa. Aad are prepared with Ileanes and Ckn-tages,
aad everytkias requisite for Panerals;aad may befouad
oa aaad, and read; to {lra prompt aoeaUaa to n«ic boat*' " I
aeaa at all boars.
Tie? aVse kave a Ckapel aad Taolt la the Cemetery,
aoft TUQHT 4 X9OLO&S. i 1
18S9. 1850.
„ • - THE j
American Transportation
laccrporated under the Laws of lie State of New York
CASH CAPITAL, (900 000.
JOHS L. KIMBSRLY. Pres'rfect
F*aNtfLlN LKK. Vl«j £r»«M<rrt,
JAVItS 0. EVAIia, Sea'iud Trea»'r.
thh company «U1 b« prepirtd to transport Pro*
per 7. *'rehjadlae. Ac.* from New York- Boston. Albany
a-d lroy tT ui cf the »r«ten» dtlea. A so. Flou*. Prv
visions, Produce, Ac., f.-om tar ot to* Lake Ports to i!d-»
w»:er. with asmat care and dbpatch, anl at u law
rates üby aiy other rcspooal&ie tine, at the time time
»lvu>g throogh btla of lading lor all piooerty when ao
this Comparybaveallre cf eLhtstauzeb Prnpil'er*.
to o'y between Biflaio and Cnlcag . t->ochLac «m routs
at atiebr it in, Milwau<ee, Racicts, geuotba ud Wauke
m. Havi'gaK bieag»amplefacllltie«"ii<l warehouse
aceomiKMiaiiorafar ibi reception assorting and sblo»
ptngoi all arvcl?scnuu>tei t ■ thsr cue. wnteh w:U t>«
undrrthe ot ii elr Agent. who will five bis ter*
sonMatteadon to rtufuillLaezt of contracts, acjuitxnent
or claims and daog**
As our L'omuaiy have » Urge Ua* of Cmml- &->«•• r
t>cferieCanal. in! a-e atva t» e*tablv»aline« fd.eara
Canil b airato. w? "eel warranted tn ttpresen It# to
rurnuaer. tt- cnstome-** that tier can rel» cpri greater
d'spa-ci *o i at les>ratst anbuh ret>.oreb«nglv«n.
We. tbe elore. « : k t.t i>ubuc ;o con 1-jUc the
to Ht'en tr b-*v;wed at**" as <Linnz' be n ist tour jcvi.
< flits and l»oci»on MirkeSteAen Waihlngton *nd
Ssans- o »f.eta,ihlcago. >ll
1-319mU2i CHA3. T. CHA**. A*» 1.
18 5 8.
Illiuois Rirer Packet Company.
laeorportei 1838—Capital Stock, $200,000.
for Freiht'oit. Loul* anJ all points oa the Illinois
Rlvera*tbe'o»e«tra?e«. Fr*kbtt*'enby C..:cag>and
Rack lalatd Railroad to -eorii, aid 3:eamboat frota
Hence. Forpirticul w npnlr U>
T. W. ALtXv.sDEH A C\. taenia,
fellm-clto> 3 cth » aurat.. Obl.-aiorill.
1358-9 WINTER RATES... .1868-9
Through Freight Line.
notice. Freight sill be carried over Line as
below: _
5 a :f ? a Si Ala
—9 *9 gi S«
frea o!*lca*o to 5"" t -
St S s Sv ft "S St
•* " •• A a q A
Boston •l.KUl.aui.i: 67 11.24 s!.*«
New York l.sO 1.4u tfi l.iJ Lt4
Pblltdelpbla.. 1.6 a t.ss l.lfl W Lio iii
Baltimore l.tO 1.25 l.! 0 H |,is 1.33
Piuaoonth » TU 46 46 W 70
CmcK.oati.o H
Oalomboa 0 I.uJ fc! 1* 45 .... 80
Oayton. O W "5 S» ♦' .... :s
Clereland.o :o u> H 45 eO
Uooklri. tf. Y 9* 74 i 3 4.' '4
taOao. " 9i i« 4J 61 74
Grain by Car Io»d to Clnclacatl 32 -«»?• cer ICS.
balk SluatUjP.fsbarKhW ctxts per UO as.
I'onrracjs ciade to aoowe poian at »re:*h» Ofice. ccr
aer Weit V a.t hurts a&d <tr?cU.
CootracU to UoOoa. Se» Ycrk. acil Eil«
™ao» J".* Pearuj.Tacta a.a.. siven by
CLARKE A CO.. iKCce iteeic's Bock, corner tfoa*a
Water and Lasalle tUeeti aoii »t l>ei.ot at CaD'O ttrert.
_ JAr W. SICticON. Ar n*. > h'c 'S3.
J. J. QDCM'ON. Gi»a'l »e!*ht A«S. IMUha-jt fx
| Uhlea<ro. Janeary 24 bo 9.
I&3D. NOrtTUi:,;.\ JSSU.
Tran-pjrt«itoii t'o.'- Express.
Via Hich South.-Ind IT. Y. 4: Eria Eiiltoada
toitiTe throash Bills r t -> Njw Yo:k aa«l
Boitoo. for thelr*os'.o'titlo.M'f upoa
aelewnnv t u«enauria. doiacc u and the p ie f
t ero-'nt of il-Scren e» *r an* out -'f Hie s.iuie
r Tben.T. Co/aKx rnn wIU nanstort K-'Oisfro-n New
i Yoiktottw »v«tuurn*tl'» -lnttf •. >U lae w»y hy sail
and oa the op» 1 «of a»vi(.'ilou l>/ tie N- V.4LR.IL
i to Ihnkirk ajd li;ecce by i r-u« .«r t J
'• . OT'Alaiki.Hckig.s ".t r. Co.*# Kipreu, ' «i'l *h ; 3
> V. A tw It, It., wo; of Ditk. e or Pier a, lii« 4
' ttlver.
Acects No 5 Co»nUetSlij. New York.
.MC't Cor. Ln.lemJNo-t&WMertt.. CliU-a^q.
1C59. ..COT.T.TNGWOOD LINE . .'1859
Xivfcvlo-. t*ie f I'o*lr;ic A Jfo. X new »nd lar,tfit
class Screw ft aueri. r btlw i<r K ly lncr<a.ied tuetr
CA.aitj n r Pa »ec*trs. will fill uls I Lit? »s fiilcwi:
FOUNTAIN C.TY, Capt. 1 HUNTER. Ctntnla Uictso*.
f'cc. I Ur>TONAUUN. Cjpl. Wit-
Baa. 1
Leave Chicvo froia the foot of 1> strer!. 3 uth
A. T. Saeacer i Co.'s wfi Tu-sJiiy. T" or miny
and i tun! >y < Teniae, a' 3 o'clovk, Ltn<lb« >tt all polnu
on thewe4tsocreoft.iJ{e Mic;U*a.44 f-r Birth »» Two
Rivera. *nd it Mack ntc
tbnug*i Hll'sofL4dtn<BWen froTj ChLiin an.l porta
nn tb- west sbore of Lak? Michisao. to Boston. :-ew
■ York Mor'iealandaHthepriac'ufclpol.ULjti.tfKutera
and Hew £aaaad BUteeaadCaLaU^.
Concert at Cal'.i .nw.iod with the Sorfiwn Etal'wny
of Caaada, and at Ttroato witu the €raod Track Rsii*
• W4y for Montreal. yu:l)fvj. Pjrtl mJ aad B ail
l I akeOnUrJoMeara-r* or Nl/uara Otwrgs. C«pe
I Viacen*. and at cxileushttr; with the Vermont Omral
K.Uroal for Butonaod intermediate p iIIU oa Vermust
i Central between U* tensburx i and bo»Um.
l'betbove Line is aueiiua'letl fir te.u arlty »rj dli
i patch, f. r and Ireiaht b*tw-ca the Wejtera
aad Eastern and Ne* Ea.Und su'-e* aad CaaadiL
Por ireiaht or pasiatte apply ti
. A. T.afsKJKR A "0., Atenti,
jt&omc«4 Foot of Laane »Uect, Chicago. Hi.
IHa."* 1*149.
riTisßcu>ia, »oar KIISE h CHIUI O
. ro aix aa»Ti>c« crrrrj.
f lARKE Jk («?XP.tNY,
(J*ECiAL are prep ve lto Joalract Fre «bfa
Throaxb. by aathcritv of lue wO'-panles Darned above.
MthelroSce, No. 1 Steele'; .il'Xlt, cornerßoatb Water
aad Lasalle stfeeta. and at Depot of p.. ft W. 4 0. H.
R.. Chicago: or at Depot, Liberty street, PttUhanrh.
Toe Offices of tha Penmylvaaia ■*.»»«*■« Oompaoy ta
tie Kaat are located at
No. t Astor noose. New York.
No. I Soath WUilam street, Sew York.
No. 45 KUby street, bostoa.
No. 7o Ferry ,reeL UailfonL
No. 3UN0%0 »we;t, Bktlmorf.
Aad at toe trtaeral Dcuot. t*nliade!rhla. io;21-ly
j££> L> L 2* lu .
The Steaouh'pa
PHLISAB Capt. Matthews.
KLNcINGION Capt. haker.
CHY OF Na.W > w RK. Capt.
farm »llrgul:r 14m*,
■alllns ceit rnolarlty fno eaeh rort. Tbce
fte&men are staaach tad stroos. and in all respects
weildtted and provl Jed ihey hsve <ood accneodatlana
1. r paaea>*era aad frelaht ut all klrjda la takui at Mr
rates. These eie*mer»ron to do« eouoectioa wfih the
PeansylvattU KAllroad. aad goods we forwarded with
prompta-M <nd <fl»o«toa. * lUSRY WiNboa.
jaijb.JS3.-ia No, aild ath Whirves. Philadelphia,
?9r Cairo aud ftew Orleans.
A. Railing Btcaoer ' dfltaHi^K
N«w Oity
Will ran, during the comla* FaH Wlntv. between
Bt. Loals aad New Orleans a a follows:
LKAVLNO ML mOULs Oct. lu, "ie, at 10 o'clock A SI
do .do Oct. 30. 'on. do do
do do Nov. iv. 'Vi, do do
do do Dec. 9. 'S?, Hi do
do do Dec. 2S, 'ti do do
do do Jan. ti *53. do do
do do Keb. 7. 'fiu. do do
do do Feb. 77, 'Ow, do do
do do ftl'cb U 'fia. do do
LKAVINO QAISO Oct. IL le. at 1* o'clock P V
do do Oct. It.do do
do do Not. KX 'to, ow do
do do Dec. I<X 'ii do do
do do Dm. K'£ do do
do da Jan. la, ■*, do do
do do Feo. 9. *» do do
do do Feb. 8, 'i». do do
u. <fdi t,liL do £
° r f-u " *"» '
wm. wets. |
SteMiFerrjfroß Council BlaUito Omha City* |
-L carry Wagons and Taams at each trfo. and
n«t taken over at one load 300 bead of CatU& and she
oa make 40 ero.sings or more easb way In a day. and
will be abls to ferry over fr>m foar t3 Ave hundred
vsgona aad teams from sonrlao t> suo»eteach cay.
We aasnre travellen. who are gjlnc to the
Nebraska Gold Mines,
Utah. California. Omon ana Wsshlnitoa TerrltorlesL
that the road* iro-n Falr&etd. lowj clt». Uaboqve. ari
p^latalntermedial-, by Council an] Omaha City,
aad a j the Lorta s!d< o< the Pla'.te alve-. are better,
nearer, and more abindanuy Kocied with wagon*,
bnnea, moits an I cattle, provtaloas aad gMda. than any
other. Andwi:h the and towua. aad tbe
recular and well-esUbLaaed Uae of Coacaea tl
re*uy estesdlnr to fort Keim-y and soon to beex
tended all the way to the rn-nea, UU no loaaer a wllder
neas route tnroajn an Indian coaotry. bat can oe tra>
ve»stda» la'dy and wmrurtAblf aad much more eaulf
thaaaayof the r->adsthroosb Alu»oarl or iowa.
There la not the saae length of road In the United
eUtea. so level and emlrelr wtihaut marshes, giouaha or
bad pUcea and so nearly stra'ch - . The straams on the
north tde of the Platte are ail ort'ol, except the Loup
Perk, aad hero the Weatent eUo Company have a good
Perry. KSO3 LOWk,
for the Conadl BlaZs and Nebraska ferry Company.
xjL Igatlon Comoaoy's New York aod Galway Line.—
Tue nest deoartare Cr im New fork will be the Btcam»h)n
ISOAVIAN Capt dto. Win. Jackaon. to sail troo New
York February The £teamsh.p PSUNC* ALttKnT.
Cat tain T. J. Walersi to sa>l New Y-rt on tho
a i day of Uarch, touching at dt. Johns, >. F. to re
ceive the Royal Malu Prices ot PMgaae:—Flrat Claak
CM; Second, tSO: third. Vsi: lnclotLog fre4 ucketr to
all the principal otUea an railroad routes Li Great Britain.
Third Gtsamust provide piau. anile, fork, *<\.and bed*
ding. Paaave t. Sty Juhaa. First-Cliiiai «3A: Second*
Ulya For frelgiator pawa«e inqube of the Ameri*
can £xp ess
and at their otner advertised office* In tne IniexW.
Pisage In the th'rd daaa can be secured at any of the
above oflcca to brtns person* oat from any of the princi
pal titles en the lines oi railway la tiroat Britain for taft.
or irom Ualway lor •eo.
J A3. C. FARGO, offlce of Amenean Kzpreea C<x.
No. tt) Dearborn dtreet. Chicago.
New York. Nov. IX taM. noM^lm
fuinbcr, &c.
To Lumbermen and OthersT
Lake street mills will furnish
Cora Meal and Feed of all kinds at low rate*.
Lu tuwu aT9 by at X4i aad i«i West
- -. t . _ STKYEQ, NORRIB A CO.
Chicago. Not. 18,1SS8. |j
dfeloKS.* IStaota
i>*razraozemeiigaremti aa to *• alltfmeaa
EBll casttly of tb* dtf sent mtntiaa of
fTT.aaft LUMBU.
Uautts. common Laa.
Of Borvty tad White Ptac va alwajs stand reads to
•oap4rewUhanyiathlaaurkeL We toTlteUe calls a»i
CUntloq of all oooatry and other dealera to our stook m
feaad and fartntias for finis* orders aad oeatracfe
_ T W Or
W. T. Shafcldt & €d.,
11 - • • - SosU WaUr Stnet, U»
fOarnar of Wahaah AnsaU
iDlstinara of.
lla> Kazdtem, oi
OomiMtU Uimb,
applied atHkitsHniia aadonlJbqw
t Urbl
' Railroads.
wzsrsa ▲a»Anossasirr.
l%S.raaseagartrmlma will leave the Wells ttr»m
: depot dally. (Soadayiaxoepted) as/ollows:
' For Freeport. Galena. Duc!elth. Belolt, JaneTille aad
Prairie da chica.
Pvaenger aodULall 9501.1 L
Pisero/erjdallyj 7.10 P.M.
BitnTMcHeniy. Crystal Lake aid Richmond, 8:20 P. M*
roa ntxox, fultoji am- cittul iowa.
Throtatb Puwatn LuO P. 41
DeEalhPaeenger i.i»P M,
Two Through . rains w!U *«aT* Ctntrai Jepst at fbot of
Lake strvet, as fo tlows:
foarauoia. uwi.'ffraa»o®T. ""icu
I'tllT czccptedj. S 46 A. ii. .\a«l7.<JOP. M.
xm*a azDoccAuo csioa ay
Leave Dual el tb 7.00 A. M.-» arrive In Chicago ». So P. M •
Leave 7.J0 p. :d,-ar:i*-fl m V 4 a. M.
. TQLToa aaciow* uja.
Leave/ii*. 10.30AU— '." (>. 0 Y M.
Leave j>e^a?>>a.!sA.it—arrtvt.
is-yinjr* * apiiou.
Leave J^nerrileat lOt'A M..—«rtv r Ob!i-uo at
5.4) P M
• •♦av. Jane Tils a! P. M.—arrlw ir . • at
s-j~ «f'a r.ujr -.t.
Ik4< ;>sw. >•. A. "a.—ar.l'v *.55 P. ia
j'TUyt.'rcfA .'j; «i: - ou:MO
U !<>? tt.alro.v'. rnlt-?!- • •.?.'+ \< ' • . a.as
from -Vsii*. -?rzit S"»r.'.:.
OUe u' Wo 'druii'a • -!r » Z • ti.l .rtvtj Cea
tral Ue;.ct r-r>-.j ;.a p. ii. Ir ic '•; l;o;.>:*.h.
All tb-iruve <' K+Aert
LLIM'Uvu~S!U4 I'J-O.
ThreatUek-s v .~v . .. \:;v:..„l:.a. €
F. W. il', iS. T'^V- 1 . >.' t lt-a ar.d
□rarfc<.r. dreau, iSlcL* l »•-_ . • .'arrnOS?« aader tha
RcvsrtHcuae,isdMij;... ~; (i v/rlU'irjitDrp. u.
_ . _ „ JOirN •» prrildeav
P. A. Hau. Stty't
H. 11. General Hckut AxtaL toZ>
tiSB saosk
Boston. Ph'talelubia. :<altln>'re.
Clevc-dOd. i Ittoburgh. uunkiri. Ballftin. Kails,
ton, Worcester. .<inil all potau ia u.e New
Eagland duws.
&00 A. M. Mall aad AccoQodstloa. vti old Michigan ®
une. »
&45 A. M. New York letvsa Ch'ctcj via old
«... Michigan lite.
8:00 P. M. N sw > ork aad Cosion Express, via old Mlctw
Igan lis?.
&A 5 A. M. V.mn (daily, ez:e;t connects at
idria: wiUi trola for Mozroe and l>ot:o.t,
maktc? clo«e cocnec.lons at Deirult w.lh
> a#, . trasos on Ureal Western Railroail.
&C 0 A. LL ti'ady, dinu*y» ex:epted.> conn^cH'ii
.* with train tor tiottitia air Line.
8,00 P. U. (dally, excrp. fsturdiy.) connect a; A lrlac
wan trains for Monroe and Detroit.
____ Will ascotaoaay the KichtTrala
tr Passengers leavlo* Chic-go on the «4o AM. train
get a N igbt Car at Qev'.iaad.
rtcsetseaa be nao ai .01 ileke; OSces la the Wot. and
attheCoapaaj'sOiflse ua.ierttij Severe House. «ro-* «
Randolph and Devtn<ni »treeta, aud at tns ur, cw
sua' C». M.iiSAT Ueie*a:'Vesver-j i^at,
IW. un'il fuitLer noiice, T**Lns w'il ran as foW
Leave Ghton at 2 I *A. M. ar..l L.a P M
Arrtveat Mecha-lcivlilc, 1-.15 \l, isd «.*.<• ••
Leave Xecnaalcavilie yiOA.«l. tn>l«v-i *"
Arrive atCiiatwa lU.i<J M, ind v.iy "
Conn<^tl.'<w! , ,!iT^roa»::': , ra:i3 fo, Chlc.\*ro. ore. >lo
Dis:a Alr-Lmeo:
At PeWltt w!tb jt".i;e« tc.z t .•uid Majju^Vsuw
Hlia 8.t.l r;Ufc.< i.. Ut<l>
Qruvewith etag«f« for T.:>tc;. At Mechan'-jv:!'! »iiii
ita-re* Tor Anamosa. LUb.lO. lit. Vsmca. .u;J
Jeilar Rap'Js.
FdtLluLi.* is.o I.2JtV'' D.\»'.V.
The 'honest. Cbeipetft nail ucri
he*we—. (.i.ica«3 Central lew. '.t »«■•.->/ ci.Jy I' 4
bo tho M:»i.iiaivT. iive? -.i.c.u-#
ilree*!> ;ato lie lat jtla. oJ lor-.
,1*"" An aacat«..ice ai the _-.v. r '. L.» /u.tc.\ '.;.:rceiv«
Vcjvd ±iuozti ihe river tree t.f -
«. HitlT.':. \ -,i. % •
Clla'on, lowa, Mot. 37 t3\ Ueli)
1358 WINTER ARRrtNOiai&iT 1369
ForicniraUud Uiwru N«hrw«
k» t»d Ktiittiaa,
i'UiOtij V"-0 »■:. 1 *
Cccji>ej«»aof the
ls!acu, |*«3rU ivCarpiu Valley
and 321wlsalppi £, nivjoarl JUilrtisu^.
JL CITY and Wa'M:.jct .a wU!.oa: c\vi.*i» or
UJO Jlrsctraaii.'rsw 4^»«.
Jfjrla, llfjck I*l v:i-1. Miu.-nlrc, .• «•!» c. i 9.
Waa:.iugton aci >i-rt sia\nj».
I'aree !„•>.: r!l*
f.-oci L*i?;u cv:a;'r Via Htrnr.ss.i .Vifmu <.as
follow-; **
ILOu A. M. ij». .'Ui;dAy* *:i*eiteti - r •* '•■* ef
Peom. iuCi U- ii j. Davtt. ;n. . »t -c*.
.las.lcwaCil; 4.1: aohtugtoa.
11.63?. U , Nljht Srp?M*.
.•via Wa'hinjftoa.
5.00 P. 'ot'ietAcoomiacdtUoo, si«**,-b)'aga* tl',si..
arriving at JoMel P. y.
Thooii;cjwo*ndft.-ck litmdvid Mla«MppUrdM.».
sourHUilro.vlaf.jrata.l oil/ route from ch'..
catcotot'ietuteriaro. lo*rw
faaaeimrr tr-uns :uu through to low* n'.yajdVtv?-
mgton withoutdeteitioa,»r o. c r« at the Mi
slsiipi Kiv-r. croM-n/t taj Brt ae bvtweeti
Roc a lsla:id a.;d Uaveayort.
P. A.
JoUo*. AciJorambiiiUi''. cj'ii H.
L* Sii.e, with Limou Ceatrai fL-fr*.-* to. (> '«-vk
DanlciUi, Cairo and Intermediate point,.
At Peoria with the Peoria and Knilrov' l»i
Qales-jnn, -ad iiuriiucton.
At With Line o/ »» OK-aloo«.
Knox7Ule, aad ji! • o»au la Cv'tual and »autlien>
lowa. »
At lowa Cltv witli Wi-itera 3tJ«* Co s L'.::- *JI oacb»>
for Fort desuolnM. CooacU B.ulu, Wa-Mutoa.
loosa. Nemon. Wleww.t, Fort IVjiUe. mo.ix li *
Marxhalltowa. Ma*lettv lowaPitiU.CM.«t cedi-
Falls, and aU polats laCa*.>u-ai >3! Wea-ralnwa. Njv
braakaand K.-.csaa.
on tale atth: Drroi.^ ! «oal
office of Fort Wa/ne*nd Ohlca<<> Ktli. con.er
born ami iaadolp.'i streets, and odea ills'.'**d r«-jolfi«n
Railroad under Revere lotd.
_ » „ „ JJOHS 9. TSAOY, 3ci« V
W. L. fT. JOHN. I r-T'O
Winter Arransemeat.
Great Matt »ad Ejrere«Koato to tt Paul.
, tcr wh, ISM. pHs»ea«r Trulna will rua Jails,
IBuadaya excepted.) as Solluws:
tiavicancioo,riOJ4 con. wur with* a ooox ?ra,
9:00 A.IM.— at all Stations, reachiac Mllwaat^o
at li'Vf P M.
LSOP, R-Btopplng at iSrawtcn, highland Pwk. Like
Forrest. Waaaeiuu, aad eutionsnorCi, and
arrtving la )uiw«ukee at i:la P. id., ana con
necting si ih LaCtOiise A Mtl-«aake- lU'.lroad
for tit. Paul and aiipwtu.a in ihn N rtD-*rjt.
wiaxuui ?xa:a luvu cuicaciu at
tOO P. 14.—atopBiag at aU dutiuns, and ainvUij at Wm.
At Milwaukee with Lacrosse A Mlitvauke- ht
Hartford. Uorrtoon. Beaver Jam, Portage City. Llabco .
Sparta, and LaCroaM. ccnaecatg at airarta ar.d
Crosae with three dally dne ci c!»#es icr »u Pauir
Winona. Fountain City, Hecifs Lan.ling, Ked Wing, Pre»
wnt;*, tlmlann Wtlll»at>.F |
olla and Minneaota.
ALao CoiHf.or at Jcncllonwlth the Fond du Lac and
with the tlorlcon ttAllrcadfl, tor Fond du Ijjc, Oahiioji,
and Uorun. Alw, wltn the Milwaukew
and UiaaiMiapl and Milwaukee and Watertown
for Whitewater. Janesvllie, Madison, tnurie du Chien.
Bt. Paul Haniud and W dertown.
At &adne JuncUun, witn tue SaclseAnd MlsslsilpLl
Railroad, lor Bcrdngtoa, Kikoorn, ueiavaa, Darieu. ue
lolt and if'cklod.
Freight Train.l laayo Mllwankbo at ?:L0 A M.. and ChW
cago at &W 4. U daiiy.
aaP M. UaYlSg. J3.. Sapj.
rrrrs3CßG. tear waksk a cuitito it.a
from Chicago to Piu.uutili without cLange, ooo»
nccUng with the great v
To New York. Philadelphia. Baltimore and Waaiiotfta
Oily* and uil toe interior towns of Fenajyiv-ala, N tw J rt
ser. New York Maryland. Ac.
Merohantc, by taking this route, will have the bene*
fit of all the eastern markets at no addltlonU cost,
checked through.
Train* leave the oepot comer of Canal and Taa Bareri
itr-.eu, west *lde, u 101 l ws:
7:30 a. M.—Mornlag Kxpreaa. dally. Sun'la7- except*?.
K45 P. M.—NkhtAXsreaa. daJy. Baturdax exceptco,
OonaecungaturegUnowilnuievuiAa'iaua Laae tfLc;o
Railroad to Dunkirk, Buffalo, rtiwi** Fails. New \ork
aad Boston, and all InWrlor towns <>f Xi'" Kngiaud,v'a
New York Central and rlev Vork acn ieluo^Js.
_Alao, >o«Ui to Kit 1:1:. riewark, Moo&i -
••yjou, Aeubn7lil« a;erJor towns f-f
Ohloaad Vindaix Alialrainaat Lima fur Dajton aad
Clnduaatl direct »
Faeengersbound east wUlflad this roato both pleuant
aad agreeable, paaslng larouglt maay of the targe*t aid
Aneatoltlealnkne Lai ted Hutti.
P*aaeagera *mvlng at Unioago. on any of the roaCx
will nod auentlve chock takers as tho depots, to rccenw
checks aad convey baggag* of charge to th*
burgn and Chicago can. Sleeping Cars accompany
eaca train.
Tickets for salo at all the principal ticket offices in
West, and at tho Company • odftce. corner of Haldol: h
and Dearborn atreotg, or at tb* depot oa Van Bdmq
street, Chicago.
£• partial*# to ask for ticket* by fort Wajc-j.
JOHN B ANDPKS3N, Ocn'l Pup;.
J. £*, i< ÜBAttHY. tfapt. W. D. '
l-O MKttt;HA.t'ra A.ND SHIPPERS.
The Plttaourgn. Fort W«>ne A * oicago R. R. Co.,
baTtng effected an with the
Central Raliro&J Company, for the tran»purUtion ot*
TToogtt frdgh'a. progeny canoowbe ablypedon tii<a
U'oe between Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New
York and Boston, with promptneaa and despatch. Coih.
tract# can o« made at the folio wing places:
No. s Aator Raca, i .
Ho. 18. WUiiam street,> SaifTork.
No. i Battery Place. )
• V«« H ttiioy-iiraet, Boston.
No. If Doog street, Phli«Jeiphla
Depot. North street, Phiiadstrati
Depot, Twelfth street, coavdanal. Chloagn.
Mark paokama Tla K Wayne A a tt. U.
For further lnlonnaWa, Ac. apply to
W. MUSfcuN. muht Agent, Chicago.
J. J* HOUsi'UN,Gea'lfrtlgbt Ag i, Pituounui. p&
1168*8 • -WIHT33 ARRANOE3ISNT - • 18; 8-9
Ch:uis\) oflHme,
trains will leave the Great Central Depot, foot ui
Muih Water and Lake streets:
St. LouJa. Cairo and New Orlsana txprea.... 11:00 JLi3»
(Dally, fiundaja excepted)
8t»Loo!a aad Cairo Jtxpreaa>.....A IfcuOP.M.
(Dally, aundaya. excepted.)
For Pocrla, Dacutur. >"pring<etd. Terra Haala, Alton,
Jefferson City, Kaasas. aad 41 Qoats oa MUaourl nver
Memphis. Napolewu vicaoarg. Natchea, Qalvcxton.
n2w orlkaNh,
Aad aUlateraedlate pr-lnta.
A atook train, with a aawannar ear attached as far as
Xankake* will leave at &.<>« PJt (dally. Sundays ex*
oa jted). On Saturdays a naatntrr car will bo run on
talsUalnartfkraaUrbanna. *
Irotabt, Louiaand.Cairo at?. 10 AM. aad
Tho lUCO P M. connections at
Mattoon with Terra Uau'e and Alton Baiiroad for Alton
and Bt. Louis, acd* at Ca'ro with the railroad tine og
e-teamerafor New Orteann, Isirtng Cairo oa alternate
. The lUOP.M. train makM direct connections at To*
lono wiin Great Western Rallnad fordprinsfleld. Jacc.
aonvill* and Naplea: at Mattoon with Terre U>uu atul
Alton Railroad fur A'tcn and &. Louis, Aid Odrn witL
Ohio and Mlatiadrol Railroad for dv ljouls,
Aopfar at tho Company's 0000 In the Great Central
Depot; at the Michigan Cactrat Railroad uSice, cornee
of Lake ana Dearb ro street: at the Pittsburgh, Fort
Wayne and Chicago Railroad Oo*ee, corner of Dearborn
and Randolph streets, and at all and Railroad
Office In tha anil North. _
_• _ •. JL „„„ JLLJ JAB. G. CItARKK, Qcn'lSupt •
W. P. JOHNSON. General Ticket Agent.
no 2» W. R. ARTHUR, tiupt. Chicago Dlvla'on.
rvs and apter Monday, dec. ia,
\J 1368, Trains oa this road "will leave Chicago aa
9(00 A. M. Fcr Belott, Jaaesvillew Madlaoa aad PrabU
da Oblan.
P: M. For jaseiviUo MadSaoa.
Trains arrive at LUO P. M,
- Carrying the thrwogh C. A Mall for all points to it*
from Qfriio to Prairie do Chi en wtihssl
ahaogs of Can. JH . « !
gonnoctlay da Qhlen vXa a daUy line of Uollad
680. L. DCWT.AP.BwI>

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