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.;„„,,i..„,i« fl Wfr •■ •.«■ .»-»•«••.• «—.:.-•»»» n irr*» j .i>?.>ntt>T-wn hiwi«i»>i>» •"•••'» ■ / .iq ;
The'lwo Cook Coi
- me-Tim* m* the Oonneil eijonritd on - I|g |wo
Monday ni K ht last Top t<ro reeks, Jt, did no
■nch thing; it .djonratdwithout dlT,«nd the a • •
Mayor or any two Aldermen can call a meeting' It liutl a
for any day or any hour theT. tbict propett- 'jrwii
Wbatghall we hare next? . _ bccora( , a
Important Bill Passed. ~"
The bill proridlng two mote Jtfdgta of Com- ■ '
mon Pleas for Cook County ha« paased both' the
Uousm of tbe Legislature and will nndoubtedly hu
receire tho sanction of the Gorernot,. .The bill iElrallon _
ia an exceedingly important one to this county,
. and will be of immenae TUlue to auilors.in expo- ■
diking business in the <?n}ru. Mr. Va* 8. powpr -j, (
QIKS i< entitled to mnch credit for the tact and c3mpe
perseverance be kaa diaplayadiir pttaaiug this
important bill through tbe Legislature. . toana'Tt
fhp Cuban Scheme. . ' ' • WK * mB
We copy on aiticle from the New Tork for tbe i
Tima or Monday wMcb tbrows some light on
tlie Cuban project. It would seem th&t tUe
bill granting ihe IVoaidcnt control of thirty. O JOmpi
millions of the public money la a measure i>r of
(pecnlaium us well of politics.'
. grand scheme iß ( .n foot ibr.Trying-tip '
Spanish bunds in Europe at tlteir present rate. '
a! depreciation, and raifijjg ftuirparW' l^': ' ' ji,, g
ue by forcing tbe Spuniab Government to pay_
lliem iu fan or surrender Cuba as an eqniva-* DIS q Ol
lent. Tlie Tima fays tliat ia order tc recoil
cile the pnblie mind of America to this nota- _ , .
ble transaction, funds v.'iLL be freely used,
topical application of nitrate of 6tl«er made Tllirty fi
.with a PresideoUal probang to Uie vocul or- «cret aj
gaaa of public ■ ' *• -jfhindci
•' —r: "7 lation,«i
The <( Times and tbe City Floances. to pocke
Oar. neighbor, the Tirnu t is, certainly gilwd
in the art of ■ Its genius in knrj . e
this line ia pretty well understood in-it* uulilii
issue of yesterday if must have aatonisbed wbicbit
its most, ardent admirers in. tbe cap»city alj]e (
it displayed foi- packing the greatest possible of u , ia
number of Wte atatements into a t iren com'- ratislacl
pass. We will take for example, particle
upon the cily iinaocw, and without uudertak- , vr i lt . r s
Inir an analysis oi »U tbeJaUetooda it contains, inujct
X some of thoae in relation to the ;0«,t1,e
Comptroller. That, pfllcer. js .charged as fob
Iowa: 0. He refuses to present to th« Couu-, t
eU an annual exhibit of finances of the city."
2. Ho refuses to obey tbo law. S. He disregards
bis oath it officii e st -dares sot
accounts to tho people, .jj, There will be no .
such exhibit madp untilaler the election. C nui'»
Now let us see what becomes of this fabr:« of *
lies when brought'jn contact with 'U» actual
. £acts in the casa Th'o duty of .theComptrolW.
in retard to the annual atatemeut o[ tiw Snan- rI . Lt M
ces of tbe city, is prescribed" in Section 1& m-Si
words: t '^s;
Sec. 15. The Comptroller- stall moke oat Mr. , St/m
annual statement for publicauon, in the^moWtf
of Jfettruwy ta two wmls at least bo- j( oj
fore tbe annual electiDn. glving a WV- ana de ,j ( ,
tailed sutement ol »U the receipts ujd crpeaA- ,»•
lores ot money during the Tear ending o» the
Ural day ot raid mouta. The said eta'.ainui )ltarß
tiiallnlso detail tha v liabilities and resource^»t Ihthß
«atd city, tbe condition of all unexpended- w- infi(un
propriations and contracts nnfpiSlled, and ttie
balances of money then remaining m tho ' re .»f; .^Vii»JJ'
• ury with all aums due and »be ,y [w
uunes ot bU pertona who may bare become an- f
taulUre to tbe citjr, and the amount; »
: bands voaccounted. for,, .and, -other thiega lrjfje .
oeceeaary to exhibit the true tinanctjl couoi-. cn^)rc
ijon of tbe city •' wbfeh-'atatement. when e*a®: t o oar
ined acd approved by the bnaoee e««m»ttee,.
• liiail be published .by him »■Ue corporuuou
newspaper, at least one week beTore the annual
. election., ... .. . eign,
It will be seen by tbe foregoing that it is tue • ■ into-1
dnty oftbe Comptroller to make oat an annual £efl,j
statement of tbe condition of the «Uy flnanots,
two weeks before the election.- Tbis «t*tenieot Ktieo
. ;iato.beexamined' by tha -fuiaeoe C S¥ mitte.,. ceso,
and, if approved-by-:tham.is to be published ou f g
in the corporation newspaper at least one week' torni
before the annual election.;-l'beae.«i» the re: Euro
quirements, feyeqau-emaota °^tbo
trailer have been complied with. That oilier misu
completed his trial halante on the Bth inst,.,; c
made up bis stalamenV and to the tnD .
finance Commitloe on Tnesday-lasL Itwasap- to or
virored by that body, returned to the Con.p-. Cubj
trpller end delivered by-bim immediately to the'
printers at tbe preci6,osmomi;nt that tbe Tiiirtr wort
batch of falsehoods respectinXit were being eir..'
elated through tbe city,, Wo presdme it will Ul
appeir in tbe Co'rpoMtionMiewspaperaßrtiJorrow , o bb
jlljleUjUy—ten-Or-treTSndatabeforeeUotiop, befo
insteud of seven,-whichis ninhWlhe law r»-
quires. Compare Uuyie facts and tbe letter o •' tKle
the law aa above quoted, witb tbe barefaced mis- ' wha
representations of the ?,•««, and thai aay if .it
• will be possible to -comprpas. a«teatar number,,
' offalaeboods into a Riren space than tbat aheat
b M succeeded in doing; -It wjU be welKor tb. gjr
Tima.io inform itself as to what tbe law reatty
is, before it again nndertakei to arraign a city
. ■' 'is.
Charges njainst Lf, b. Marshal Pine.
The Washington correspondent of tbe bew
/ • York 7Vm« and teipgraph tfcose jour-, U U
nala that one Martin, a discharged bookkeeper doc
' in the Marabous' office' has preTerred' charges,'
gainst bim to the
nnce in office, tni«ppHcation of tbe pnblie mov .sbi
geys. riolation of the Sub-Treaaury law by bia tor
cneihod of *depoait,'and with pafib'g tbe «Xv. J fc j,
penses of the Umtad States Courts with depre-
c!fled bank notes, insteadj?f with gold and ail- .Ja *i
▼er. He alao>diat|?esA' m overdrawing his PJ®
yearly salary by more than one tbonaaod dol-; ,
lara wiftiin a period-of four'rionth*, tb>salary.
* , fceicg #*»,000 par anncm, and the , # .i.
' ♦7,200- • ■ t » ,
It is said tbot tbU Martin Ss aDonglasite, and t
was acting as a spy inttc'cfitee-.- been '
tbe "money clork," who drew the cheeks; tbe # .■ n f
Alarahal concluded to intrust litis responsible
»nd delicate duty to his own brother, which gave f
great offence to tbe said Donglaate; /he posted f n
to Waabington, tbnatening io be anmmarily re
venged* andthe'cUarges.in'qacstionAre.tbe re
«ulu It,is also staUd.thathe made wrong
tries in the' books for thepnrpoee of cresting C\
w difliculty between tbe Uarshal .et
went. 4
W* preaoou- tbie ilarihal will i*eply to the
. ■ch4rg'>atbroagh'the-c((!amoibf'bis psnpr,; tbe
Jleraldtthis J7e credit the ¥
trotrartbV dtlekiiflWi the Ki# * <*
Vock papers. The following dispatch was «ent
trom tbia city on Monday by tbe Marital: 0
Otieaoo, fab. 24. 1159. . s
C.K. Pine,- U. S. Marshal tor tbe. Norther®. A 7
. District of Illinois,, brands as' iatemonaly fafer
tbe report, telegra pbed tromJTesbtogJon by the
»«orreßpondent of tbe ffsw Tprk Mtrald, to the t
accounts-ere Werdrawn. He pays
• the report originated with a discharged boo<- - 8
beeper/who »t tbe others went to t
workfortbeporposeof jsjiuiagbdfa. lie pays t
. be ia prepared Wdiaprove Qv«,
- * ' to idTMttfraUrrt. i •
The Chicago, "AUoa RaO« <"
" road-attd the Bond*
holders. •_ ;/ V- ."
A bill has pssssd both Honsee of '<
tnre auth6rizing the'beidei* ofthe .third;raort--
gage bonds ofthe Chicago endHftsfsrippi (Chi- :
•cago, AHon k St Look) BaUroad, to perchasd.
eaid road and form another conpany. %bia third
* V aioftgage waa exectUedJHarcb 1* 1554,.1e 4 < * n " ™
'E: WHttstos eed-George'K.'
lbr one million dollars, at ten per .interest* .
" li-tio 'cobp"dnS oVwfiicb," life those of -
# bonds, bare aot jjjeea paifclpi; jeara. jWe
understand* it is to t loroi v a r compa-/ j
ay'bj converting the aod the.unpaicT*
** of ttiV fTrst'anfl'seconci into stock, pro-
Tided tbe •hrtdera of "the Utter shall accede to .
- ' tbe operatf pa^>'
jeclto'the prior iocdmbTflA'cas.*'. li tiie
eecsadwortgigeet do not e^iu^^^TajUper*;
* >TP* 'atili ferther
! ete'dinjrf
• " v ,J a* - t _
' " 7C * r, P^ t [•'"
A ia
' iKMAXArous, Feb.
in tbe Stenale^^tf^f^faiaMt Bensto(|j
Qoodte. of of Washing-1
ton, in weeeqtieneeoriolßl peraonai remarks. J
f , made.if
i 4At£bg between thß a*brdther of I
Senator Gooding interfaced'and struck Beff
ron on4be bead - with fcim
; eeverety." IUUa injury was done
w to either partjy. J.
# H'Ooodloewa4«raad^%tW««ir»:hßt[bad
: ao ngiqeAnltytoe
. ' ketft etter be mm ab udt twr
„--.:4jtan>w««twa»«ac^S7 ; su3 1
~ , .iCklcago Court BUI. Kassod 1 G tS?u
ISliecial Di«patcbU>tlierit»iaoa7ribcne.l Intellig
'' ' J ' fnumViHJ). Feb. IS. »-0. lerday m ,
UiKgiog:iiM foMtexforgaiiizAtiou of lUc thai
CouU County ConrL of Common cre.il- I tirely k T l fi
ing (wo more Judges for tbe transaction of j
liu-inr 1 pass: d lie Suiiafc this .afternoon: j There 1
It liutl already pi.-*ed Ibe House, aid now meat of I
Iwly'irtrtilinbe jlgnalurc of tin- Governor to becn ««'
| fttfiO OtUB
become a law. . ." . t'ons &re
city Loans. ' ■ pleasant
■ The ZVma mokes a great burra orrr the Tact *"®». •*
tti(A'''tbe Treasurer's report shows that money P
bu been borrowed by .tbe present city »dmin-'
istration. Will the : Kiwi inform the pnblieby '
what, administration the same thief; has not I
AwndoneV iaob administration come* into ] . '
poirtf'bifcre '<iie* citr taxes are collected, and
ia compelled to resort lo temporaiy loans nn- ....
til tho Collector malcee'bis What the I Th
toans 'Teferred'to in the Treasurer's report «
. ibi made fcr, what rate ol interest was paid *
for the same, and what "proportion, if any, of J , . L ]
the amount remains .nnpaid, will be fully set j 0 c
forth in the .report of the Comptroller. If the u *
Timu desires it, it will tfford ns much pleasure j * na '
'to compare tbe-aimewiih thefinancial exploits 1
of the Drer administration. ■ I f oun
* i » r - I to-day
The MiHfon Scheme
'.. * " j COLLEQI
'"liieSemt ifc&ag of th« Cnlan Projeet. j-esta-da
, . .•• - - A Scbcnck
[Corr«®oaflenc<jptlieK.Y.liintß.l | Pbystciß
- 1 Wi4iuacToK.reb.l3. c j a?g
TYe ate beginning little light npon the 1 .. ,
Thirty Ailiiou bill, nudWlearn somcUnogoithe- .
:ire pllsrfojjlffurwJrd. Tlie | bcst exj
' developments of no distant day will expose it as u | thesis,«
'CTsiDdcorobiinition of political and financial i-pccu- J ofthe xr
UUon.HUtol'wbich several Otelincii»anle»i'Xpect , . f
to pocket wianiug-i—snuieof whom are certain to ~
U-' cUtdteu, and llins rcdhced to a proper.fhiiiieoC lfokr, V
- eirifoaiog cU the details ol the plot. I wood, J
some duv.s paft I have lieard of arriui;remr*ata | Tlie(]
Tnikl'iffficre lor the isruu ul uCubiu Scrip, wr.b .....
which It'is expected to buy up all the editors aod | the folic
corre-pundeuts, and all tbe lobby agents whomay I j*. G.
be able ciibt-r to advubce.or retard the prospects jatoia \
of this new Cuban movement, but I eoaul-get no | Jobn A
B3tißlaclory cloe*ti2vbcir uieaniog, uuiil 1 r< ad sn j Couklic
ctilx»ute ; coinn»uulcaisoa j hou. 11l
subject, tiiibUthtd -in states. I Jll; lix
writer speculatinc upon tbcpft)b.ible« fl-ct or the J \\\ \j X \
pdwace of ibe Huu. Miles Taylor's bill. »ulbi>riz UL e , V
itjrj ti7e payment of SL2O.OOO;UiK) lor ihe pnrckise Ridiarc
,« k t CuUi > UoUU.Uie ; folloffias: language:, I Peters*
"Snaiadarcioot I**l*l'be offer. Id the flr»t place she I III.J P
• kbovt-ths tuin ot «l2owatW.ij tbe fan wloe o. u.e 1 Myron
1 U w
-U«olWb«wrthbMihm»ll?OTt»»nthPtotla\- 111.; W.
null i-rtl' Ih-ir '•</ "1 ' " J "'. Ur.XJlK'aull I . .. t
!' • ta»Y-i-U 81l Ot«i:h «r uw lUT.lin<om ll)r AU 4
~ Rlirei;Qr^a^til^f o rtßt|.uUVl9Utn. »iie question j U p oa g
) • •»Vy bT i« k
' *couTey»uceto Amer can coilectlt up- I J. I)ral
.. cd Ui r nuae pjlwifUs. •I • • Tire
f • Tft«wi&UT.»<Uh?<Aae<N>taaeitlcfn «r-th»-•Duplet to A 1 lirc
citUfDO' vircuiv cm bi cwllccud 1/ fiisUioed by tbc J j
1 "lntJrrloacHli^ool (4ir/l*t»d 'n wtooe ft forteUoer I
has &3 r«"<*our*tf atlaw l»u* If*fur«-ij kd I tbe Ik
r' cH M.. €ti
■* v "•"freticbi«in»aTil be b!iO*9 lieforfr a iriLu ;al it if I 4ell If
'rl •LLIMitQC(t ' < t>lc, iie o<o 'Jecorcr it if Ibe I'C a I . t i... i
«»' innn o?«ul5a:ae; Liff. irnot. Imprison tilra. If much- tUC lul
K l!w^«theh.u ( dJo» aninu^t
pie j
l-*C4iC-l»' ad übt but Jiiil Ljuij. Jsapjlcon o vrTY .1 -. -
' wjr»o. If Ineilto i ropo*ea»a t;recjorj wrant;e- j ]y nec ,
m a dcniwas : V u 4.^.^. r-^rw*«(ki
K' --WtHi nirffVisnUiMMt Ihttltt-af-tteSfofegotog'] «PPW
• naiaff»l»U4is#*!w«w of inquiry*. vi-iu» metro]
is at once cUaivdol many dijjicuUief. l'oliomng 1 tgatci
i-ltcp witswn.o carel WpbK&ue*,™ the
t jjy u Cuban of lej-pec'abthty and ngWildea. ol j j
? 'in up the very dorm*
Ihthc paraCTnpb dtT-a to U»e 0
iufiuetmc of Ills iospiratjou doubti'is# uwy l>c attn- |
ie butod- nome'hing «f the toidgcu zeaMvilli truicft ten ni,
+l' ptcfiftd -—| ingat
' e The Admiiswixjiion. lur»Migu Crjuenil j v
Cb-*.'h» bw WtertulSvpcjal Lauur,in_ieljlion | •
• to the Vj lisari' I'reHy—aimoonced.a rouua doc- IDe
*® in Ticclntiuir<Jie dutr ol our Gwrwuent lo j third
''*• c'nfttrce the oi.ligatioDS -brPJrelgn OorernuieiiLs
a" to oar o«n cUiZefS.*'* . . » - • I *u« n
e »- >Ttie Coban agent desigrß to make that pncci- I tne u,
Trte-tbfc life of hta speculation; and it only re- | ce ede
tnaio* lO'efltobliab tbe •other-doctnoe, that lor- worM
eign claims may b;, Americanized by passmg.
Ie • ■ into American hands; and vl,en thua Amtricap. tue m
al the ojierutiou of tho role laid I compl
dowfl& Mr. Caa"»,"ond substantially re-ufiirmed I , uclll
'• 6rth» l'reaidenta little I»'.er. To soJhbvo ibia .
»t schema is the first to, b# done. Assuran- ™ »
, . CM OM , Bg iten that the United hutes will recOjg: of Ma
j ' aits this netr species 6f anddeo naiutalUAtioo, I crowc
v our Speculator in tho Cuban fancy destitn* the inro <
et lormalionot BU Ameriotu socipany to «o into I
•e- ' European markets and buy up » larg* amount-• «af«l
hundred million or more-of Spanish as tt
Iwnds, the best of which sell at lets than hhj
' .oenta uooa tha dollar, while the others, If I W
jniiuke not, ba had for leaa than twenty-nre I jjjec
it. '• ner cent. When this ie wrojophabed, the Uai
11' t*d atiilei are to aeaert tbe. Uass-Lamar doc- |
' b ? trine, and aay to Spain, " I'ay theee obligationa even'
Rp- to otxr citUena, dollar ff«r we taite l p
»p. Cuba and pay them for you.'/ Oi courte bpam I ooj
. -. ha*e no resource but tn yielding with tbe I
, best grace in her power. She might, it ta true qnet
ectber blacks free, aad ao render the lal&od I ifoni
if worthleaaj bat that would only take oar"writot
sir,/ '4keec'tioa u> ti» Jongdom colony ,j
l :n lor-aatiaCacliot. . - • ■ _. > , . -
" u Here, & will be aten, we nave a bjsif for eren
ow lobby operatiors, euch aa the-world nerer aaw [ jj,
on', before, la order to make it Bucceaslnl, it « J ttr <
rl cropoaedioieaue u Corruption Scrip. , IdQC JI *
f tbrtwill.be the ly engraved teec
©' ■ thJetnwn *be fatit-of tbo "paper;' • but thai te I j>,
aia- what every bonuet man will nnderatand it to l i ze d
f rt 'mean. Tbin acrip la to entitle tbe holder to a.l ftQ d
. '■ canaln share ot the profit* trhich may be nisfce ] ezpl
ber - nnnn'aoy giwr amount of lionda by 1 tj
leat Uk® opjJtTiUqa described. The laccm- j ti'ml
th» wnaiivtW ft a*le one; lor the lionde, under no I join
- .o»rett»a«ancea, are liaely erer to be worth ttnv I i
than now; and tbft wrip wW w>!f call for probia Sol.
cil y wben aatua'.ly netted. Tha manag-yc of tbe
i' ghe
Atnooa tbe editor*, correeponrieats and other I
. uoor *d«Vila of .ontaiders, will fciUier ailence. | wer
® afl < serdfieato make 1 folli
f,ew the 4 * CorrnptWn Scrip " pay, by giTiog it ti- Sut
onr-,- talitr'aid value. , tSec^Q r ii&-il JieprcaentaUyes, S. a
eper. donbUesa, will be permUUd ty v } o^ rf J2
-oil SaanUh'Bondai.WiW they-are *" Ii
[ fi '' '^hYotffiatton M its a I f|
ca *" •' fair bnatnea? trangactiOD/ and^*"s. {* , m,,,
mov •btdor.orMUHtQf oorrnpUoa. hynp m«wns. t I
r bia lor although tbe development of the whole p<o- jWh
jact dependa entirely upon- prc-arrangementa 1
€X v -for aapport in- tbo oanaer de- |
! P r «- •eribed, of couraeno nwn'4 rota wilt be.*flecjea
I ail., .j«ahe leist bvihe teal ot tje T*
phis 'plan will nefMmaelf twentf-fit«, Htty or an
, . bnndred.thocftand dollars. . . t
dol-; | • • . |
SS". ,'; ; THE CITY. •
' = ' 'lib
The mdoa was totallyxoltpsed this morn- :
' aD * reader;-trad-went down -with htr count®.
•'the nab'ce veiled in the earth's' shadow.' ■
"'bis. t3TL. B. Piatt4 Co., No. 45 State street,
g,re ierring their .ftiendato.do'iwjtt.frcsb cuts of
"ted f rom a j, B(! e one hundred and iilty pound hali- ge
J>pVjilst'fr»P salt wster, .'.... ' Vt
iren- . '.
•stinK 1 US' fid Ufi Idlte n
,Tern ' ■ 6t! war/cli(-.'>t!i 15. • " "WiaitW. Feb. 16.
». JCiROUTTfa. I b.
„«£«*■ * * , IT* I 6f. *.T? AV. f 1
•o »e i.ij I OM I as I so I » 1 '< «
! the :—: fc T
it the * \Vxia> ItEfrntiCiXW—The ®ejiuUlcari3 h
I Of tlw Nintb t 'WeTdiriH nicat on Thurnlsy night »
i sent the Utli otiMiniaJT ja iiathew Shnh's Siloon r
; ; onTValcoUstreet,.between White and Wlutins;. f (
*1159, Etrcet-i, tWeTjfoclis nortlt'or Chicago avenue, ut I
'iTltoM.'l'< i '
r farae - • • E
by tbe Ppq^JJpjj?«TTk.C^CßilL*PptJttT # t3Th9 Oircntt a
t0 : tbe Court met yeaterday. »t tbe nanal hour. The J
upon, motions tot new.trials in., i
'ent to the murder cases ,is put cIT until .next Wed- t
e pafa' neadift and is the mean .time the Court takes
• np tttfl cmlbnahieM. i
Rail« i 1" .11 3".® 6 * 51 * 1 articles of-the stolen dry goods J
Solid* ' found io the of the Latter Day Saiuts,
' " . iEfrotrn anl' Vrencb, aad now on exhibition al tbe
jegidi* 'City Marshall office, were yesterday Identified by
f ; m«r£- kessre.-Wm. U. Ross & Co., m stolen from their
pi (Chi-. fitore".' - ■ • ...
cbQ *j- •'* ' ITiXTTAKr Ball.—The -Chicago Pra
ia third .geoix* will bold anoUier of their assemblies. at
"Uould r s Equestrian Gallery on
rk .. .«ml State itroet, on' Tdesday evening, Febtnary
ntereat" a grand military and
f <Abst ""crvlc balll * Ticliets onc dollar.
*. | We- :— —• —— .
compa : ' . Tnk Bcam of the Peopla vs.
Boach tor murder in tbe State street tragedy
t&, pro* will kabrongbtto trial a week Crom lionday next
xede to Jn tfce Ooort"of Common Pieas. Tbe prisoner's
rmarl'sir Mi—i I rirnnlil, Hbyne, BlackweU
adTbemat. ' 'r- ' '
w-Ourjgood friebd K..K. Jones,: 1
ve two na with apples," in * right,
if. I'.a" *4(eaeroii*atyle.J Tha gift waa too liberal tbal-
low.tbe applsa to become applas'of discord tn
oecntiitf, Ottreaactcm. 1 •• • -
r.v . r .'■ ■■"■ * ' 1 ■ .• • •
Vashing- c "TinOu>Fouc*.at-Ho«» > IwjiEremre.— 1 wjiEremre.—
to'i"pfe>lous engagement of Jletropoli-
"Van~Han, tbe Concert of the Old' Foltt this ere
aek Heff- tiing will be at
**P im I with M2-£*Ure chaace Al progrsmme. Tbe
was ( one troupe have of friends here and ia
iiet'bad '•ther ciße* by-tbeir.excellent* *n& rare mariL
iXnlw tion at Metropolitan Uali, tbe Old rolka 'will
SJEfSJ glrs Q»lMrt at tha DififlC
!2 | 1 v
Grand! Fxcnrsion to Crystal JUalie-*Oa Convc
To*Uay, Thursday, Feb* 17) Tbe B
Intelligeocs received from Crystal Lake yes- - having tt
terday morning (Wednesday, February 16tb f ) montHo
eays f that the ice on that.lake ia qolid and en- aett'ing fi
tirely glare, and tbe " Excuraionuta" will leave .peg# of a
the Fond da Lac Railroad Pa weeper D«»t this « Anil
morning at half-past nine o'clock. Ijaimilat
There will be two large balls for the entertain- forbcarw
meat of tbe guests *, the Light Guard Band has bare gro
been secured for the occasion. There will be highly d
•'so other diversions at tbe lake, and anticipa- ®
tions are entertained that every deaife for a anacirre
pleasant and «• good time" coming will be real- tion; in
iied, baide.a view of, the extensive ico catting in m
ank packing, still in fall operation. Motars. man
Cbeesebro k Fuller, of the Tremont Exchange, -tion. •
will prepare, witb their usual good taste, a din
nerfor tbe occasion, to be served up at the Lake. p or ted -1
• Doubtless some of tbe excnTSionists will pre- *bich, i
fer to take their lunch with them; to eke oat the many of
same as they may % wisb, with hot eeffee from the
refreshment car. mefits, t
Thirteen cars are in readiness, and wilidoubt- portions
less be well filled. The train will leave at nine
• A. M., to ratnrn and reach the dty about five
I o'clock P. M. *' The fsre, it will be remembered, fit* rece
is SIOO for tbe excursion, for each gentleman, Compan
*ud fifty cents for each lady-a generoos. reduc- ,
j tion on the nsoal fare, which is .$2.60 for the terested
j round trip. All aboard at baU-past nine A. tt. aid us w
to-day for Crystal Lake. . J'lfy'gj-
I College.—The annual Commencement transpired
j yesterday afternoon at Bosh Medical Coilege, and' lsaama
[ 'was,fls usual, an' occasion of interest! 'The exer
| e'isea were opened with prayer by Rev. Ntob Hunt J CCO p R
I Scheock, followed by reading tho l'hcsis, " The" conferrii
I Physician," by B. W. Brlstow, of the graduatifig' ajatett,'
I * J ' * • i mappre
j cla?s. ' drum n
I ".The awarder preminms ctmefiexV. For the gy^toaj.
j iKistexiininitiou, Wm.Birl Peters;,for tbe best namedi
I'thesis, J. W v Lawrencc." The following atudents jjittbi
of the graduating clasi leciivcd honorable men
lationt G. Corey, L.-Y. Armstrolig, EO. F. open ag
l?oler» W. H. J. R Pearce, llyron Under- panics i
wood, J. U. W.ley, ond B. W. Bristow.
I . The degree or M. D. was then conferred npon /^tbi
j the following: would*
I • L.G. Armstrong, Wis.; E. U. Ayres, 111.; Ben- Mtatjt
1 laioin. W. BrNtow.lll.; A.M. Blackmao, unio ; calamit
I John A. Cook, III.; Georae W. Oorev, Illj J-It w»tb u«
CoukUn, III.; N. M. Louihitt, Infl ; E. C. bjliuee
hou. 111.: John H. Fiizzdl, lU.; Blexton Hdtns, range f
111: KtcUard Hull, Wis.; \V. L. Kreider, 111; JL.hu year's I
W. Lawrence, 111.; W. H. Lyfoid. Ill; LtfayeMe Yeat<
Lake, Wis.; r. Mason, Ind ; Siiu'l McJ*air, lU ;
Richard McGee. lil.; J. R. Pearce,lll.; Wm. Ewl aeo4 •
Peters»lll,: E.O. F.R'iler, Ind.; E. A. BU;ile,
111.; P. R. slingsby. Wis.; A. B. Tailor, lud.j q**® jj
I Myron Underwood. 111.; J. F. Williams, Mich.;, (
E. L viiijrsiou Welliug, N. J.; R. F. WiUiams, Co.. «U
• 11!.; W. C. Uopwood, Ind. / , Ba A ff^
An houoraiy/degree 'of M. D. was rouferrtd- :■ a y.\v
upoa S. ii.ilitchell, of 111., audof ad tuiidem on Ne * W p°|
1 ! ni H*rtfon
1 J. Drake, 111. > -Joan*]
,- - - Tire Valt-diciory Address tb'the ilibg *rvik«
: j wa« delivered by Pror. Bralnard, after whiiit. o AJt.
1 I the Benediction was pronounced. A : collation, w £ Q j"
f j *ell fpread aml arwell attended- to', r followed in
A the hall ol tbe Cabinet at the Oollege. Tf wmt
'I ' ■ vicctai
} I Tn* Italian* Opcoa ik Cbioaoo.—lt; is scarce- a k-1i
•j iy necefsary to remind music lovers of the near ea y°st
*■ i epprobeb of a treat so rare and novel onl'side tbo
i I metropolis as tbe Italian Opera with, H n
' I teat corps of artists, a treat so.lonc.and eagerly ,+ \r
• anticipated b? ourcititena, and to be enjoyed ca^.^
f during tbe oomiag week. - "Vm'
1 1 -We need only to remind the reader that the . J-Ao
sale ofreserved seals for the entire.season ol
j | ten nights will commence at 9 o'clock this mow- •; o,a
I iug at the Tremont House, whieh will do'nbtleas Ameri
jbe the eigaal tor a rash. - called
> I The sale of seats for tbe first, second and 'Hecret
"j tb ird nights of tbe series will commence <ra Fri-: ."Tbi:
* s dsy&(i»XU. On Monday night wUi-be given theki
i- the Opera of Lucia de Lammermoor, to be bug- aud c
> I C eeded by thesterling favorites of the operatic beeai
r " world. We shall take occasion again to refer.to
{!" 1 the merits of the troupe of M. Suakoaob, *o Hod a
d 1 complete in its organisation, and possessing hqttei
4 I such a rare combination of talent. Tbe name of deciei
jf j the gifted Virginia lady, Cora DeWilhorst, and re«ailt
j- of Madame Colsob, are alone epongb to securo' ' .^ c
J » I crowded houses, but wben we bare in addition, f9
10 I Attrodio,- Hqbires, Brigcoli aed-Junca, we can qnirei
S:. aafely flcedict.tbe production of jnaaic'.sa rare
»b as it will be excellent.
,y I . f , • ,+.®
I I WAsniXGTOs's Bibth Dat Bak^dst.—The nary.
re j Executive Committtee bating in cb&rste the or
'Cl I rangementof the celebration, met on Tuesday
□a j evening at the Tremont House, and completed
I the programme for tho occasion. It was unani-
I mously resolved to have aOr and 'National Ban- -]j D g
,e, I qnet for ladies and gentlemen at the-Richmond iotb
House at 6 u'clock P. M. Gentlemen's tickets fictit
of $2 50, Ladies'sl.so. And also b Grand Backet
jat the Tremont House, at 7>£ o'clock in the we , K
'or I evening. f O4 !
Ifessrp. Jas. E. Dalliba, P. L. Sherman and
B "J jr. i 3. JahnatoivJr., * Onmmit- hty
ed j tee on Richmond House Banquet. <reso
ifl I Jiesßlctd, That the chief-marshal be author- nor
t0 I ized to procure acarfs for various marshals, aids "ton
J. a 1 and esaiaUnts, and supply t>em et.-tbetr own wei ?
I expense. eoat
by 1 The foUowjng Committee pn.Tfiasts and Sen- coci
m- timenG Tor Vere appointed to act * P«*»
no I jointly i. j 1 • « *i' > i
k*'* At vhe'Tremont'Honse^anqjt—W. B. Egsn," "*be
I Sol. M. Wilaonsod J. W. Bell. .
the I the. Richmond House Banquet—P. L.
led J oraat Wilson. the
her I 08 . jobn C. Haines ;nd Hon. W. B. Scates, ▼»«
ace. j were elected President.of the foje
ft ke 1 following gentlemen Vice Presidents: Jobn IJ. . yb<
Ti- Sumur, H. £. Sargent, Jaa. E. Dalliba and W. I e »
fe>. S. Johnston, Jr."
M-I-- Ik jrnioitrii— A large numbet'ortlic friemß"
fJI of tlieMe K.S. I'erkics.asembleil at tbe Revere teo
ns; Jluuse, on the cvetjiny of lb' Jtth Fcl)ruafy,' 'mal
?10- WherV'npdriA.'W. Bo id' Was 'ciltel 16' Uie cluir .be.
! S" andP..E,SpaJis.wlip(mcdßesrat M y. -Jg
-led Oa motiou the Chairman appointed J. 11. Peck,
't)..e F.?q., G. H. Kimbark, U Sherman and Cliailes T,
an I # Gosaiittee to draft an expression ot their -
,1 seailraentwa triliatototUe »»tic<!ry-ef their dei
j parted friend.
»• ■ The Coamittce -reported the tollowifti*resola-' P° J
rtionrti^icS>'"reoS lu ! m oasly'toSiida. . .- b T
P™" ITassEas. 'fte 'daik'-winge'd Angel, bas over
ate- iliadonedand bidden lorcvcr finm nmrial viswn prs
I our valued and esteemed fnend E S. Permns— wi ,
i therefore, ... , • in
4 ( Jiesolrtd. That while we deeply regret tha
rcel » i ou 0 f one poaaeaaed of nobility .
cuts I 0 f Boa i which rendered him at all times tbe . bii
hali- eenial companion, the faithful friend, the truly M|
usrigbt man. we cordially armpatbiie with hia.,
azed and afflicted mother, hi. bereaved brothers «
. v and Sisters in this dark hour of bitter gner, jai
I aud hereby tender to him an expression of our yj
1 Jte I feeling, of .(Hiction and on warmest-
,16. to tbat'Sr mother who has been "
_ I honored in the liie of hereon, we woold fain.
cder something beyond "Tmpaiby.bovnisTatn. b .
Tne 11 and that has afllicted con alone bring '
Ucaiii healing to such aoirow aa none bat a mother tl
I °*&SeTi, That we, in behalf of bis beresved -
relations, as well as in behslf oT.his many d
hitin&.l friendsandoorselTes, extend-te-ifc'ttflnnion, t;
ue, at Eeq . proprietor of the Severe House, and to .
h s estimable lady, our sittoere acknowledg- j r
' ments and heaflTelt thanks,' loir Ibeir unwearied o
lircnit t and kiodlT attention and generosity to oor de- ti
Th . ceased Iriend during his illndss, and to hi. im- -
' -. I mediate friond since bia death. And ale. to Dr.. v
islam . V. li. Harttuti for his strict and untiring at- S
Wed- I tenuon to the welfare of his pattfent." t
i.b,| Jittokttd, '.That a eop* of theaij
' ■ sent to his mother, sister ond brother, and that ri
a copy of the same be pnblisbed In tbe daily. -
goods j-?* 1-11 A. W. Koor, ChainEao,
SiiuL->, 1 F. E. Bpum, See'y. , -■■ j
lalthe 1 "• Pacs, 1 j
n their Cvas. T. Boav j
• •j Tai Ltri or Jcicresrx—Am liutmonov Issubd
■^ ra " 1 —An injunction was granted yeatetday in tbe.
>lies .at Circn ij t c ollrt i,j j a dge Matrierre against the is- ■
Adams 1 gue 0 ( Life and Trial of Henry Jum
t?btnary • j *pg r^ z> hare been brought out {his morningby .
jy and Mewri . Horria * Hyda, 100 Ds«bcrn atreet.
.. J-Tbo injunction waa granted ettbe.prayer of the -
Jpl# rs. I prisoner, on thejground
tracedy j nomeront letters and other doenmenta pertain-;
[ay next I i°g to tbe life and career of priaoner, the pnbK
isoner's | cation or which, at thia time, ;it wfca. alleged
lackwell I be detrimental '-to"tbe pria
| oner rn its infloetrce on-tbe puttie mind, incase;
1 4 new trial aboold be granted b'tm
Late, baa) BaiaHT-asoDsiiccaATic.—Two brothers, Ad—
a right, am and John Bright, were fined $lO yesterday
alto ai- 1 fortbelrebare ina row «t the close of eDamo- :
scordtn cratic meeting on the North Side, in which they
( pitched into and knocked down two.msn named -
| PolaAi»ef|Ber»etiao extraction. It is bnt aecond
davo.— j nature for tbe Democracy to get up disturbanoaa.
etropoli- j ftu*. It is thair aole " doctrine of eleo
ate Hall, I
ae. Tbe I Loox to rocs F*sr.—ln these times that try
■e and ia I mens, woiams and children', aolea, tke iodncar*"
< m.riL menu bald cnt at Wiswall's, are a sufficient ,
A,Mei»- reason why taaUies' as . wsU ss individ»ak
j'lks Will j »bonW go drr-shod. 8»s his tf-
(MIH'AGO. Tliumiy MORNING. FEBRUARY 17, 1859. .
Convention of LiiUe Underwriters,..
, The Board, of Lake. Underwriters tap now
hoTing their fifth annnal meeting st- Ue Trm
mont House ifl tbis cifyi. in anßwW'lo a;
asttinc forth snbstabtial'y aa follows, .tbe par- fa«iiiieirc
' , ... " i " «tth«9bdi
.pose of assembling:-■ ::•••:'; • -■ r abUdt«io
"An intircbange of'views, «d e '
* riew of the business of tha past,-to explain and ofef #ll
assimilate any diflarencesinaapirit of maluil •tVseM/bi
forbearance, and to correct' aoy wrooga thai
bare grown'np with onr past dnsmesa: "arethem
highly desirable that some of the principal om- necoo
cars ot Eastern'Companies,-doing a large btw-*'
ness npon our Latest sbouidbdpareaenl and take l SfcooHtl
an active part tn tbe bnaibeaa' of -the- tfonven- forb*<eu
tion; in paat years tber bare done so, bet have,
Tatber truated to* others • not more rotereated,- ' t>T pourlci
and In many •ifet&e:?
the management of aU the details of tbe eouvw
tion.' • - 'i"~ ' ful conai!
Many of the NewTork Companies ootar large® 'nottowhi
emoumts in value of goods ,eed* prodoee- tratas*
ported-across'our Lakes,' tbe•i-pretmoms on
which, in same cases; largely exceed- tfcoae-oC
msny of ooriocsl Companies, while ths'amonat 1 •
they contribct« toward tbe expenses of' sustain- «r«
ine tbeayatem of beneficial andradiealimproye ; '
mefits, adopted by onriJoar#, iabot poorly pro--
portioned'to the direct peonnlary beneats the/ - i Piobibf
receive from tbem. ' Witb tbe exception of one
Company, there are-no-otbara ib-Kew X<p)L>.
city, that contribute in proportion totbft
fits received, or'in proportion to tbe local Lake S2IT
Companies. To sustain this Board, and'to con- 0
tinue theimprovemeots-nowinaugneated ia OflC' >tiia«eeen
system of Like
terested in tbe bnsineas mnat. come forward and i n theltv
aid as with their prtunce and vuohm. The work, moi Tt
is not ret done >'ew questions ef interest, Ti
tally sfl'eotingtbe weliare of Insnrance Uompa- work. •Ib
nies, are springing up eauLMj
economy, ihe money.inreatedin a co-operati»e r
iirmrqTament of andjeyortance, 0( ou'fao
a small canatderatibn, ada all tor- istfrawnl
ward with commendable liberality to bear their:
. part wiibonturging? goofl has bean -uonaofo
accomplished, and tog many.benefiis.haTp been. "■
conferred, since the adoption of our improved g
systett,'to lightly tbrbwtbefa aweyi'orto grow'
ioappreciative of.fcbem,- by lbe: appsrentij bum- £
drum monotony of our harmoniously working ' • •-5
syifoaj. -We feafr'thal-eomtfofbe/frbtfttbe above- .•> ~j
named and other oanses, are loaißglhat interest. «
inittbatthepubjacideaervesj-swe.aboqjdpan-r « i'.'-'fl
der well before we sacrifice the great_advantages f
we hare'attained.' 1 'our baainesS' «:»*=« -
open again to destructive competitioDi'pttt Com-j 1 .1. *
panies without capital on a tfootinjf.wub those.. •.< . * r*»
with capital. bring,in all the discordant r,
that rnled wah ua when cbaos presided, as be
fpretbia Bow'd wua'orgoai*ed,-and repentance ;.r .»
would iollowiere tbe rnio b»4 commenced. W*.' * -,.» i
wantyour aid ,on 4 otteqdance,.|o.overt,foch a j
calamity, Wwe Cordially JnTlte you to taeet .
with us, and to divide the dutiea'atid re«ponal-<
. bilitiee of tbe.ConVfccttqn, te abape.und ac-r; --a >
range for a ianccessrul proaecutfon of anotber'a
year's bosiness. ,, '' ' 4 '
Testerday the following gentt'emen were 1
. . ,-i; it, .'V '
'. OELIOaTSS 'PfiB'SIHT.'* > " , IU > „ ...
: Wm J "Wballnc. rrc=i)ent ot ■ .iosuiadee
, , Prtrfdenf of CnbSadißtilee'lainrinee ■
/v, Mll*hnkw . . r • . llOUur
A A Malasitrieve. Be*4tiuy x.fMtttiiiliimraiS»Co.. .u^.co->i
Baffnlrt t ' . tn©CO»t
N « W .F < liorr. Gctrtral A*et>t 'of Cp...
Worilil; Mejchanti' tfo'.iiu iiijtjrancS 00-. MB« ;• •
; WVjkM. ' • ;; '•••■• • j. 1
D FCurry.
0 AJtraoJei.'Preildejt of'Piweolx InatUMbe 00., iLI- by]
*E D -T e sr ,, *endi''Prtaiaest of Mlifeukee w!df?
1 Vi" M iwankte. ,• . rJlrlcifaa
UofAoo 'oT Mercbiata a cm-
Tr*rt'sm»;n'*lo»uraoce.Co., ililraukee- . •*, •> ' Coosttu
-Wraetrwatd Dritl*n Xraij ica. Ai tirahci Co.. an! Pro- drte«>
\-isCl^lowarao(w,c«,of-4l'«f<H^Q..-O'W» 1 w ... .jjaaaai
A &lw rja, Pbci'aU losarance Co., Oil- jnteresl
C&KO. ... ' •• 1 • ' '" I '' ~' «iyi J 1 Mtgn
* G SHnSbard. JK*u*anit QuiVerCltylo'urance Dos. piue«a«
, B l)-*an ;, Wi*t!bte- P*e.flc' Mumaf Insurance C 0.,. CAj9 ,
t* ?WUmartli, Agentof llonieOo.^ J Mee ; ?BrVr;\tcjjii,; U l^l^
J Arentor3?J'iaCo. : .afcT»etnrtt.
G W itounttt Afieflt or nan Cb> oL Ha
* cag--». ' J. O-N
'' - ; t . w^W?
B 3 WrUbi a*f I'eoHa at Cbieifo; , Uawan
. ' o 11» «»Wii. ARcfli<?f iwa Vo.. a* v#wrs;. . Itaartin,
* JtflmiTOrtffiUi. aEiftaOo.- - -i-'.
* •; O^-.organ^Uisg, l WuL Stcwird'cf: tbe Btili^h
a Americaa Assurance Company,, of Tcroßto, 'wiSls
calleflto tbe chair, anil D. P. DoWrfns appointed v , r
i 'HecreUry. •• •' -• .-v.
1-: ->^>^l
q thekiud 011 record, and their tffarts Xo-iaprove ?J
;. aud equalize Under on -tbe- Lakes have
c been most succciatuli pud extendbeyoud,tbc mereu . -
0 * "iiodabetter ci7ja of ire.«sels,better abd f " ; ,
g better management, gresft.
,f decrease ia the. loss.' the arijk*
d result of their '' - u ' ,g ,p,tr
o' ■ Wc lt *ls'lbe interillon'of ;.uj£{
to so wotlif/tlie as'"
q qniremoata or the timeds.Tbia is ayeryj-important
. e matter'for and W see the
move. . .' \ t"'- doe,
4 . p# bvsiu^'of^|«day.was merely cftW
10 wiy. ' - - w/
r * -CmcAOO Hat MiBKST.—Tbe 'TrairirFarmer
%■ -of tfeis week eontniafl the following, wftirregaid
to the Haymarketin tbiscity*. -' J ; c; J '
ll * We ere informed Ihcre ore a class of swind- pajao
n " ling hay dealerswho operate fn tbebay marked *•" -
id io this cityi* They briog in'ligbt lo»d», 4 T>reaent
t* fictitions'orinaeciirate certifieates-of the Weight _
of-tbeir loads. Represent-tbem-ns baring been'. ■
,w - weighed on 4 Scales, n iWdaS to re; J
weigh oc any conalderatioo," aod 'lf^be 1 tictim
•does noVicaiat upon it, Ahey succeed in-teHiug a- "
n< » load weigbiog one half-to one-ihird less than • 'Rnkb
.. tbeircertiflcaterepresents. Agtutleman whoSe * W«.
hay did not last aa long as flre ldads ooght to, - M
- -resolved to see it weighed when ,he purcbsafcd- - rid?
more. Went to market. Oertificsitea-were ex-.
ids hibited. All right, -but'He , wanted l to-*iie , R -
weighed. ; Objection was made •'that-ii would' v/i
cost ted ceinta and 'tbey had paid 'for-weighing
sn. once. The gentleman offered to pay the
icf penae of welghiDg; stHl theae swindlers' refused. wa
Ue offered to wdt only'payfor weighing/bot
n, -the Sealer'-far 'the tronbfe-of drivinij y?
' scales. There were lw»"or tUreaWknnert} who 1 -Wa
L. offsred to wetgb; did-80,-weigbt-all right, and- D-Jj
.the eentlemaa juirebasad of tbem.* v^,o w « we ad- • "g;qw.
M •♦rw tftfrtity MehSß-to b»- _w«
[he fore purchasing,—We ..also advise sqmebody ■
11 : who "has thb power, to make ati 1 exadsple. of .-a
#•-' lew of ttieseewiedlirs. TWy fWjroithe poor --t.
aud' uasuspecting.'Tiey sboeld be Jnca
Harked with a hotiron if repeesi^T. 1 It,is a sat- rj,
3&C -isfactibn MMis lmow No
with an honest man, aud if-be'le-hooist and in*
ere teadsgiTingyoa be l will -- 1
iry. mske no objection to toe iert ot.wewhwgi i'l .Si ii
iiir ha refuses i i< l oi: to ,4..were
any oy<er to.do ii, rtqwajou a ,
foutioosc4rtigcate,'or acettittcatsjjtificuuoM,
weight.. . .. -.'J .-/. ■.: . -CSal
' Ths (nipt#
, ac - WBasit-ir-Kelneitiiiaed iii ont.las't isaae
(German rejoicing iu a-^ten^'name/'And-wttely
pcsaeMinx the-bnefer aiiai ofjlieflry ,Mor
: been.amsted'intbts'eUT laf-.
Ivcr . oeay V**" 1 %X
OS— . with tke booty in Ms possession and eommittfg. lim .
ts ,' iadefsulfofiMOta-fl.;-; : [ '
iliiy ".
tie . hisrssiidense, -wh»r».bla'««rettsd»-(|lrl'name4' i
iiers erty siipposed.;to'b,ejilolen. I .Sbo to
rief, jail likewise, in default ( of tSO^^baib^AmoY^j
00r ths articles'fpijoSin'liM.p^eMmß,were seve- k
ateer epoons, bearing the marks ," flr"- -" u i" '
been "B. A:-C.,"^ L.- M;,'";abdi- nnmjier of ,
fain.'- ''jtieeUt; v Vdweis;''Ac.',' fur jThich f '|es^ 'jfe'llV-
*" n „ balance, oflho osfnea. .yAnted at
X? . thsArtsorf. I
sTed- 'f: '3
nany. dsjaainoe io rejfard w&.statgfl t p
mion, tbstLEt Wamtef.'W „.]
laried of the Elgin dairymen, and that -tba willt J
ar da- tained.from -him'wuld'barelied-npod«a biiftg' 1
'■ purb.''' A few : dlfri tbe-.arfielei
mlUc basiMss 'to Messrs. .Smith BigMiy, ?In, j
'ns be v ttr BaHd streeV betweeh Wells anlf Prinllin. »
regard to his successors. ..m.h t ;i ,<
1,.. J
liltee. VoUowsi.'ii . i .... ,w- - - <;;•? ]
—■ * I .1; -j-• '' .iv...wVioS Uq .- .
x Hati|aad.Se | fd r ief te M.i.st,^. T^tvMfHt e * , .= - .j.
Isseso Toj J
in the. OomCTdUa
.the is-- y, n l lli*.tikaa-iand
7 . IsnWH,'yw «f* ;l ,
"?*Y 'Ke^abV'notifiedtb'at there"firtl»isops!ii6&" "
*7T ' .jUMttaMaJKrtt i
L - ! eveaiag,-«e-19>b tbs *ot»lmati()ni<*' -
pnbu- ~ . ...p.,a. gw»s»i», .Cbiaf Kngii^r.
!•' pr'S' 1 ' : ■
, .frame kaiUing oothtt
1 - (Mrt-te VabA-N^«^W*w«W' li liiai» and,
srs, Ad— Ten
aterdsy lirocck, sod Diraad.. pj. ltL- Q. .Wslksr. i a S®» -
1 Demth: ,goO;-inSursd-la the*ereha»la,la«rabeiOb.-.
icb they af ptiliidel'iftili''.:'' V"
inamed- " -•• % ■. j,,j
tsecond '
irbanaea. .bed* '
if eleo- room, No. S2 ianpwWr iae«#tm^
. ..
wars aa* 01l - -', " Ul ;
that try ' ; ——TXTSTn*iT7nr7~TT;
I induce-' *" ; , T>XSB^ <;Sj i.ji ~. ; ,
lividnak. i
i*- .wsbUluil t,ilJ uc.'n ■>=;«'"'?'-M ,
b',is, blr-j all " ' 1
(M, oatbslTttilaiCsHo'cJoctr.JfcJi 1 .tV.
fiewerage. Conißussloßers' Bcport. J at94*£e
BawVaAoe-OaJtiiiaHflaeii's Ornca.l--- I kinda. ol
Caicioo. Jatusr/ p J stores in
nW.ji i ry' ti* City 'of j'
I r Oricaav te'lbnai** ameaMcd -:
Gn-rta»9:-p>l>arib>t2iaairAobtha«pdlac December I.cloUiine
laaaiieirort mder.ebarxeofttilaß(*tdwaapn)sfcotea 10<J _ eJ
•tthyood auecesa. ThoTor prt ef preyVilin baj« ™* i
h*bliatt<tbiß«ketsontraeu ar lower rat»a ibao hereto- | co&temp
r f*r aakl beaatooao j ootneffl
tbefulieitenioftbeme«isatoarco«io*ai. L *
Ofer aloeteea nl'ea of aewers wtie laid, wtleb etth
l lW»eccca'eWd, ibe who!«- arnouq-na* 1,-. _ . y
■ laid to «be Cliy. ever thirty siUee. Toe skeS and loea- j XST '
„tl«a.a< u»efW*«*a, wiaitbernaabolea amcikbb-sias,. I Ardent I
aretbcrwnbytbeaecoojp nyjnsmapawl staument. |.. .
' Tbe condition o r *be fttad* of the Board dtflartba }-tASmI« 1
-period inihslr re»ottlsabownXa the flnancbd ( .. .. ,
-''^ni; l .h b f;K»& 0 ( W reeeitlj askril• L
lorbe.btalßed. itla ourpurwie to proceed aetoooas I U. Miri:
prac.lcabie.mtbtJbeeoatUaclloaof u.e «er»» m.id *4 | of
Jo«ur,pflsinaldaa.To« cbapalos the water In. tbe river,
■by pourtcs Id dally « nesewarx. an eacal aJtoout frooi : MM v*
•vfelibe: 1 Wetblafctt hatter to .anncyawi haw to w<U I may ba
, Xoran»presal«Koe*«"KT f<w»tteb i OTccii»Uoc._ We tow [ 'under tl
by tblsmea-s tokeeptbevatersor the rtrtrlaa beayb I—
ful eonal.loa for tpre>earjat least,a&d «0 if | ' c
'nottoretodtrAl'tiweaherttraieeessßryanymore exteciWs 1 ■■< £
.juntifc»a l econo»iQ*l-Beans-atcwMMalrstba e*H si 1 larigori
icacVf.'ared frattf tbe etfrropQon of a >t.eazo, llovinr f r *•■
tbebe«rtof the city. ' ... " I ,•
' ilia iibnnVVniis aiwrtrstiimtlmrlTan nf ttirirnrMnf I
,'ceaaoo«C4nflrnubefaf^ableaaUclfajkiuaexweasedta {
<cr last report as to the worktoj. of the ajstei. The I
sewers«refobodU» be ifff-dearlcr tiSareat»b eiteot. I >
'fcsoocitt >s hoped fervben we couttdertbeiowir*dea. | a vß '
«vbleb to adopvaadtbatrauahton rcewolg
.condWonof.tooiaoV'ourstreets ,1. qcS64
the facility bai been affjrded. bare beap coaneefed »Ub I
.tba„s-jwera.bjLPrivatei drains. .Ibis is }oopmßttel 1 ,-vr
andUlstobebo;ea-tbatwitt retarnlrc ftaarclalp'ee. ) -i
-bwltritittaneceatary lasrorementawlU 'be oralfp led. I
rbla rfotrd at reeocuDeaialiaa.o( tbe Oostfil took 1
la'o earefd coaalil»ratbtt tbe QQeatfon.pf compallos ( '~~~
ownen o' lofa to m»ke tbe nereasary eoaoMtloos wtlb ' fa» c . *
'tliaaewerL 1 Hadtbeypraceededtodathlauwaafejr d I u cauJtar
that most «f tho owner, would l&ava tbe itoarito tut ia ( XeaKwr
the dratoi after the eiplratl of ibe ao;jce i ro»ldedfor .1 . " .
to Oielaw.leavlDSineeTpentetobeeflUeeiedbtaaaere- 1 ——
meut. Thlawodldhave^^deprtredtbsßjariJaf'Jbeu eoT I /CEC
too lac. e a poipon et tue r 'und*
the arsoust afplicable to the pro^CttUpEi matn I
work. * Id tD»cy *treets ibeeo»t of iLci rtTatedralaa will } PA
acme exceed tbat ot t j«i*blie *ewer» f pr%
, "it rife.be »a<a. al that jthosßtecntlon of sum an I FOR
iitfUmTofWrdc.aadtbetorktoKtooftolaixetuaKOUQt 1 ,
ot ou'fuod» without litertaajweuWbiWl-dWrserloßS f
isarßVenketirii'Bo tbat ve were almofldoderS 1 t ■
.of learias tbe Oy: pre-»m to,U»e)ud*nieot of 1 t
'la'<cwuei«of i' m>y bi by cousidera- 1 V\ i
•Uoflsof ooneemaaceandliealib." - L'iueeL'o*
'js? .- " • .TO
gs° 5-3 , . I.^wTo,
e#2 ■' --■fS] « . [we°.?«l
• ~ . .• w«S ; ' •" sie>- •- • - t-rM o • " I -
. ... iVf.sb as-§gj':-Bg| a .. -.1-vrisi
■ „ ;..-.-jia>fs.n>' .-.- -|g • 5 XH del
355 p -» - • Si_! 3 \ • 1 ce.t-Sel
*° 9 ggrgSS g r 3 I cttj fcr t
, r -1-rr-r-r-'IZJI* JJ I
' -Is-- IIPI #
. .'.I ;■!<■■< tf "■'> '• .■ '1 -nQD
'S»-; £ : csib c 1
.. ga:.:.86531 SlSl Z
'-iOMlfj ■ | • as
" fi-ltefli'l \m
.. \,:u. >Sg: :-:?•* aj? ?» I MH«
■ » - i •.* * r *»*. . •. -1. ia tbe U
,s* -a . St' .' i 1 tbla oay
•■ >,'> ••• 'aS'-ftfSrtSS.JSiIFS -•• I debledt
•S» . • sl|§S3s2»|iaf '■ - 1 ?S»S ,U< !
• . n - *-■ g^*-<^sA<--w . . . I Ifir.Hmal
' . ,'iolidrafriip^iwl haveah»beenWXaail artln 1 . .
,' ,uv?
I ;td»e<blat»oltbaß«w«inCOTOjottattneaa. .- | , J trt
;. ..! 1 ;ia<»l w
. ,w " K ' i * , ' i , ) O £SB iij( i pEaii l issi „ . | trJ
t - .vaecatw*-.-.. •-~ . - - V
American F.*cb%nae Bank. < drafts No.»to 13 .•/ T ,_ |I « -
■' , rfi bonds I
50'd........i5nw I
i: 3 . The ,
Coostmciion icc\iVbouMd»toa*ta '' 1
■ UaajuidNdoTa«X
' Interest, E*c!wo*ear.d -dticoqtr acct, tat" t.
J t97»V« [ .
Pipe* acc't. for bouse «Jrajus i ................. .tl--' I
•. Cttya weraeftax. uaftor tfjfl. 4 Ad. J
.' , Fluley A Jurpln; mone» advanced for extend- . • I . v
•i'J n.teWer 1C0.0J)
3H. W-lek-r. do. |W.W «m e j
, I). J. Lake, do HS !S 1 -
•• ■ oa. W 1. .
J. do ?£» P» I
' JottfonAolcctt.do...i;.;..-.i.-..». J l#ct|ou
;t ; W. W.5atwn,:e0.;...i...^....'.^..—t fltMbtS'
, llaward k tfartou.do t ........^.^..., '' "j 1 o !n or i
iteartln, Greep.do Tgr Yillnan.sewer tI£3.U) I ynnti
»•'' ''vfSwansa ■ l.oiA'k
b W. HUtlebr*ri(J.Bln»lDKfdod.iLOrtsa*e 1 1' rbua c
a. |
d l : . #i(ft«e».l
rfc BV
e W- " ■.--£££ ■' .^;
„ 3 .- -• • - 105.6859
' e ' Balabeacssb onbaad Jaly 1, WSB,- pw last • 1 '
reu W,GOM J-JaW.
r e 1
swimiTvaEß. ' "I
«:'• An *
- Cooitucion ... .
LT 'CtenLsla.-i-jwers.apoarttur.. w.w I
.iibWdra'aa, perpk#re£aaded I Canif
e " IdH j"-n <ai U tj!7. ; ' j Le«
at : ajfflta:**pen»ea-..josjSr'S i Part«
=0 •Wl3^r.i«-ef J A I Co\aeaV to 1 ,
due Jan. 1.1859 15.®7.95 I
tie . I fel7
-Expended *iai,cirt«e4 tbafleweraaa Dls. I I
tr trict v'.st ai . *'' '1
r- *qatd.DWrict.
y v ,w&t,vi :rr Nj •
"l" J '" w - 1 --.. .. IJCAWsW--..; I
ItTj, Paiaooa cyb Jan. •' d.47» .00 | .
- - tniosfto I
ounarsnasas. r. .- | ~..
E. ;Sends Aea
eJi ■ jA-uaadJuly, I^£P).» ? . I to:I
re- J Oweu *TTa:r'et-(tifflc-rent) stt.« I • _
«r. l-TUrpio.'B«>#y ad»«need to exUnS ••
J'; .JT.li. 9ft»er.u»aßa»a''jfaQcedtQaxtenlW«3t -;•
jW--' •-'Wdshte«tonstreeiaewer IOOJO •.
;otf U#*r*et.«ani-MnoDerad»a»ceatoostaid .Are
af . " |St:
ed. washl gtcQit:eetsfwSN..;.*:/...v.-v...r.:.. . -SS4.U> tyol
-yabdha* flioat»,sßjn>redTanee(J toiataod- • j- •
,y~ West Was-iruton W.MO jai
Lho yr w .Patton.maitja-.r^ncedtoeitendwest.
fbo 1 - "ffuWrj-araVtreetse^er........--y■ • 100.00 T)
iod : adraaotcJ to e^cand-Wesa- - .
St: t:
oor - - "1.-:-'.' .1.-- ■■■ • Hit.ntHJt J)EI
"st- Kout:. I):.ir'ct..i.„-. ■ "
ling Norib ""
j n .
will a* " y r 1 no 1' -* * k
'Tf, n C?ft'efQtcuo.baLscreri«et«...' 2^*»-7 ,...W3..<13 ,(&«
}U a f nnrionf AS.VIJ J* • i
io . M - .-.
V-: 00 ijl'ii XJ'.J. ■"■•t ''•••' "j - • '"443.917 Jfi.
W,, . .v 3 y. 1-
that T,.
baht %eiU.«s«uuWlea
•"• J 4 ' m- ' '
nt-td' AeMaVwrtofthi'weAesetf^ la«wnrl.)• • ' ij t \
-j rteaatik tf»unn«>; aaa.«»>.M
- : i'
uu-. a?
#Te * JUof-whirls rsw»eettollyaib®Jtted* j '-.y* "

■•it'eV . .|iO£jA<ia cMATTEftK j •
ed at 1 • ~vJ ; v , \
- 1 " : , ;.
lawftuidv/ i» mM wmmwi* I ;•*
r most GeoW . pale, TC-J. ■-» ; ;
Wtbe : . Hsfillttrnß. Dw', , , ' l '"OneWttn 8. Hnbbsrd, ..
by, Bn',' 'W:'H.;B.'Dlvii; -' .1
tallS? MitabewiialKo, h "-*»JSV ',. ' , j ..■!
mklin. _ u - '■ B. L Blackburn, • , ...
"din-" »i '
~ .CharlesH. Hunt, 1 j ii
.1 bil ia>- a' H^TTtfiftfffrH.' 1 , l 3;
.—The - ! Br. u Arthttr Thht^
1 ii
Luther Hsven, i
s§JUK.- j-w Chrekerair ' ' Jas.' S. DallibS:
F. OraS/" )A uii '•
i .
Tickets cap be geatietn^'
atujnlofr ' X .
l Assist- R. L. Fabisn, , '
! Dr. *. T. W. CUickenng. ..
1U '" I ' : j
•ste*a#u2S3« sr
jciife' ',j§SsSKSwifei^«^fe(a^^£
-ifc §BBBteg&»afe K
at94*lAke street, Pentoo-ik Co'a., Who 1 keep ali i,
.kinda. of medicines,, aod. ooc ef tbe beat drog : '
etqres in the city.,. > . | "
' tST Don't forget Keith h Son's mammoth I
. sic tiling sals to-day. Tbe atnek -is .ennrmoos I
aod veir assorted, and. will. be.sold. Parties | Vj
' contemplation a jonrney to Hke's Peak sboold J ■ k
not neglect toittiand. Bae sdvertisemeet. ( j M
• •• * •' • - Ctl6-3t ./ "
52T" Fafrand's" Bnl>stitute for Tobacco end |
Ard«r\tßplrttsareßoWatPeatboACo.'B. Try ! .
tbaaal. • ; . '• ■ ■ --y ■■' ftU-Btf. .
.Biarnoar.—Grand Soiree et-1
*O. Mirisole'sPrivafeDio'cinff'Acadiiriy,'corner j \ 9p
of Madison Ulark-streea. Is now open for .the ! , t
season. 'Gircolars explainiag time and ferms, . '
may ba had at jhe Academy. .. Juvenile etnas I *>
'nnaer tfi'e ihstroction of Madame 11. 1163k*'- •I •
.gy Saa advertiseßoentof X)r. Sanforda* Liver |
Invigoratorin.another column. ,i | HBBM
• 'isr fee djjrcrtisemeat'of Boadofr; SbVrfng iU- I A • S
ctunes.ma Lake btreeU' '•' • -- ja4 ; iy-b&C|6 , , 1 . ; -
OT &ee idreHiaement of Quaker City S2O I-
•Bewag- Hscbinc : ' L» CannLi.'M C 0,,. , I -TlPft*
-ocMdy- ■ . i• - • 132^'Lekastreet , [
. ■ '■ ■ J ; l ; 'l'jft
1 J?ero 133 -
->• " - -•- • - •'• •••••* ' ..As*
tare;n,'sci2fTEy, I trwlthai
it outsorted tm r**tm A&nniMPMt fre tikU-aadpa t*4, j beaade
La*tf*4rtrp*i<So* ■* " lalbswly ftoaeoew
.i m ■ i. • GftBATI
; I«3TITCr& j "SAVi
• • Admission SS Ceirtar, ,•. .1 «
. . i ■ - ;—i , ...' ■■ —'■ j Call az
1\ . LWG3. Applr to 0 iLSfti-BBlae CTrt r—-*
Street>orandre«aboKaiaCidcasog. U.i . ieltos<3?w 1. , t
? ' ■bmeßoiewoodPtino forte,'madebrflaleACo.. | .
cvTork. as 0)4 Plaaa. or sana tJroc?ne» or l>rv | \%/A
coda Wuj be taken In part payment. at No. Ua I , y\,
We-tMadUoattrecU . ■ felltw* | rfyimn.
31 darvlrnedlareajytonteetlatijlyearLoarsatSper { '■■— -' 1
ce.user aanam.oo Oestcai tuainoa Pnperts In abla t- a-'FJ
cttj fcr tbe of ballolss tl.»t ciatfatftrea. ; I J\ ~y
' - ' J. N PA"K£S. * l ' r ..j
r. fel7caat.hr ■ ■ -■ M 0.9» Waiblnsanc street. |
, kUtimiial ■
('AS STOCK ■fo a VS A L'B. «!2l«
■ I Bic>k-1(e
ro-talebf P G SALYONmt£*OO.. . IH. bUS
Ullci tit i Ocr.ClarkandJLaaeita._ 1 ■ 1
Dissolution, —the co-pabtser- on
ship hcretotcreexla'JnebeiweenG. G. J
a«<t Becrr GonW-mdirtbrfArm orflarbeiland A GoaLl- 1
la tbe Uter»i*aleoubfe«ad.Kiiilas64llitrybaiine3S. was 1
ttlsaaF -mnclve-iby mutuil eepaert, Al per*f.cj la- I
debiedto s*!j I .mi
toaettletbaaaaie«iCi4il&am)tevUin,wbolaak)&eaa-' l
5 P FC
- • H.GODLD. ' • < |'l tl
CbleSKO. Pebrcsrylfiih. 1S». ' , I afa U
KVrheUrenrandßiledtablean<tßl'llssGaUerybu«- 1
.latsi will becostlaced aa aaretofore at «&« ohl staiid |
co-uer of Stale attdAdaxuiaUett h 7 tbemba-riber. I ."W i\
f#»'Trta«l# - tf.U.BUTHIRLANO. | I , A '
tyjooraalcopy. » - ' ' ' ' ' ' "
; Pieedley'sLegalAdviser.. .1 VV
The Usil Adviser, or Hoir M 'Dtnite!ifies ! I a^adoj
Avctd L\« Bttlu. a-d »%Te «lae trouble aod cucuey oy I
c anoaetlcc boaTulu iccrrd!n< to Uf, expoanotd byl' v
l ,ibebtitaad. ti!' vro'.l I
' 23Uwm.a»y j *?fe<iley, | A I
[ Author ot a I'ftctleal TreatU: ca licuiaeai. ( x\. '
S>|« -•ISS. j-gfjjS
,' '■' " - AtBO- '" -'---A I ffitS
J Tlte Baslttfss Mia*s Assistant and Legal Gild*, I
i • ' " OotlalcifistheLaeioT" | •
ii MtelVsaa,TQdiaoa» dt'n«K lowa and tTkeonslaoß Col. I
, I'ctJouof Debis. xechaa'c'« Lela Cjctfa-i*. JlortfHges. I
i . ftMbtaef Married TTotnea; Dower.'*oweattee«*to 1
?> talttory Not«s. to«ti*r witb VHK Musi' APfliOVfcu I _a. i
, yoauofDjeds A-tldes Or acreetarnf. Lea ra. Koaer 1 ano r
, .oi A'tjroer Anldeiof tl>-Pari:er«ais.. Boodfi, and *a- I -feWO
I ota»r fyrms witb fall" iilretUota f.r drawioe ax*d 1 _
i eaeeatlnf »be iaTf. and tt*e La«a of ihe'yrfted Sia'ei j ITt
.leiadesioKaiaraliaat'oo, Prt-emstlunUitea oa public | I"I
I lAids asd UllUaij county Uijda a Cttailete f
" ' Atftktaatla
Prlce.w —liOetta, : ; L '
.Por Sale b* I I>ry Gi
; W.& KEENi 1 MaW
•4 . .fall. •' - - • 1 ltfLakastreet, i j w4^
1 1 I
tr ' All who to Plke'i 'Peak are lnvd<d I
?5 • aaraaao:un«aa« - 1 Xp
f* RUBBER .' GOODS, „■
b 1 Amen* wbfefr-'are'- I
Camp Blankets, Beds and Pillows, ftttej'tllllii, w«o
'teciloi.Pantalo.na, Olo'aia. Boota.hbora. ] feu
Part orailof wblcbare lodspeaiabiy neeasinr for the I
S eotafort aad conyea'eace o those cross*Of tb4 plalw I fiH
ferciacitreamsaairlrtr*. andworfclostn ibe Mlacs. 1 .1^
•J ' -™&2&g2£tfs*./. .SSSI
— ferrc3l7HaHtp 31 ■Peirt>orn-»t..'near Late. I V l}M
, - TljoSprlQaratKl iinnimorTerni 1 P
_>»«»- ....... -
Nortbwest'm Femalo College
™ , evanston. litieibis. | _liif
,Cb [iS >illaa Kortb from. Obiesco.} ' | m(
totax aaactaa caaaose.' •- •' I L'
•®2- (par ball
« . Co lese ..;.*! . 71 s/ 1
41 :XbeaecbsrKeilaelnde.Boart. Toitlan ta allatndlpare- I w
cured oi cra'uat4« and ssj.v( ibltbjtrajreaoePUr I ytilj
« ' ebartfd as 17 latTSJ. * except M-nern'lrtiiiwsea. t n
od- .Oraameotal Braschea saa taialUAbelnc-1 •.
la- U«lh bo perceived .«
io «*n«ih»t jaamwboareuow.vjaJcCilgstb* edac»ttfl«- l
••rl -of tWreansbrtrirmTsbt-bewltfCsuwioettrattbe I»OB
5? ecatat wbicb ibey are now boarding ibetn.tttSaegay. I
: tro»«pUticaaxa6^a.. - /. I : » i.
-Fliytlnlj Betrtal a.d Mfrsl Blseljltae, • =
-* Are j'Jj
-SO ' itHciaai' - _ ' . ut. Bar-Ha :Hc^ov
iio I 22
'. ..•. ■ ■-1
~»>fl«ve -W-lalorS
'■■• : '/;aTsikv&irx Sp^'s;: • :\"i
?.to - * \-" *v-,'7. "7 v./. •' " v r*s
5 SOIO *RMI m«« nwtro t
m <6SiiiiSES£4is
ftno*' t.~i. o.'W -:j o >.l-0 J:-. . . '"''f
iiM '■ v "'fS
- • •» oo •-' I
M .<, --^.ooes«oave«.^— sa n 1..,
2i? ii'r.im.V' «>Jis
x.i(O ariaiir.r '-fttj- ' >?ly«rtsfteet.'Cbrff«n. 1
V.■ » -tL.mi I .""a. t.CsWs».:i j r.
! ~.i • .
! », s.-.i"-'- s\ .1 :-■ ! , ' ,
! - „ .-. V 1..V.1 >• '-.- 1- - -. - Ostsnk,! v.. -'-1 !
i.,.,1. ~ '-. .V >.....u-i jmt
i r... IbO«Sh»U»»: 1 '-...U.1l i
". ~»al ;.3J BtHIWIan -'»itla a ! . ,
,1 -,M !HorB.*IWO»«. : ''a
' ... Wkoastß*iCp»k.:.' ' «•'« ■
ibard,. „
•. Brown's. lironeWiti Trollies,
; u!*- lUSfW" ssjaon, t ... /' i -
tha.eoaah tr tettß^.ttlawaa,I{jff 1 {jff jj „
II - !
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!g., 1
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GALLON buratoc three
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' ' Of n'lsarge Stock of
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Tb« Stock wSl'eoatsars -faTDcably hs extent and x
tf with aaj erer oftced tn tUa dtj. aad extra effisrts wtll
beaadato dcMUoutlatbe sext TSISTY 'DAY&.'and 1 '
toaeoemoiAtldieTenrarticle will be disposed of at a iin!C<s
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In tbetr' far this year wtli da, well to lanruTa
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Call and oonvifi.ced tbattheaearefsc-'a... ,
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iDnuted. Mcl
■ CaTucat
Kor^acsof Vleebold Satate la the eltr of Peo- Stni
rla. Illinois. Tbe pro&rtv la nowlei ca a teraof fiyq :•
ye«S at a restal of SO Coo per aamun. Apply to P. I?!* s ?*
Q.iC box<c3.J?coria.lllnri«. . . lelola* n»mtse
. XjL"tk«aydraaio USls.OdhtcnatTSec,between7«ake Z>oaGio
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) O tfcOroofbly tßsdsrstaoda' tn all- Ua
I baa a knavlei to of aeacr Ad.
I dreas fbr:'ne week "B. H. G.** f. 0. no* 38i3. ChW Unto*
j. caao. gfrlaa aapadeaoand feta tw dSX_ Ciraa s
I O-these* rices of as aoantedobasloessßaan to act aa <he £<e
J BK.k-ke-vr.Balcsm«u.or otberwl«e» wm pleaae add eta m»<sto
jH. bUgJQJC. beq loSl. Chicago P. 0 . ft92w* " r j u^'
J O IbeSnbscftbar o<er»fbr aalenlsraeaoortßentof
t Ttaootted fro a, Hemany, tti-.-Wsbuusalea. Canary • • „
1 Bi»aa,<}tetnllacheaaadlianet«. •
j • feSlia* - '. 171 SouthQtarkstreet.) . r a|)
| l KlllG;wbolaft StokesCcnaty.'N. 0. aorae SOyean
1 sfa Ueorhlthelrs are entitled to a lna^ynrabout Mr>e
| twro - Addms D. H. tstARBCi'K.
j jaiMia-c». ■ ■ Saktn. N. a :
I Lj wjbca to sell omoo very fOcA-s|art>t«MafiteW>r . 'l, 4
I'traueforaomeflr«»-raterann Laod. JOBKPd PW?- *^^»
.1 SJClftoeeCdtten etata-iuteurß. B. croaalitf. fa aw* 5* "
I —. - - ■ - - ■' . Goo i
1 vV *Be*<l. forwbfebtbehkbeslßarkrtprlcewUi.be .. oW-J
(paid AddTfU or aptdt to fIAtIUKL JU U-khiri, Jto 54
| Haadolpbatrett.Cbleaso. " • Mt&lcn* "Rjfc
I v Por Pike's Peali. > y
|/V OfKaara*. Inclodlae fifty lbs. Board 'l'til
I ihroQcb. aad stztydayaVrovkloaatuere'. can be secured a ■ al
I far #77 at D.-. Bt'r?UU'd OOc«i. 136 Somh Uark tt.. ; mnraln
rubt.ssO.rn: teltiw* ilO.^C
| ~ , —. ... ...."■ Mr E
<&o Umt.
I . aerlea <
]j? tbe ucdtmjraed. No, 113 Wolaott. corner of On- Which,
1 tario rtreft. ICHulreot A?fT»RKW J. B-toWN.
I feli-lOKSy . go. ft) gaxaio-phatraet. ..
[ XX. Forßale—TmUareallnewlutfusmer. Hra-e
1 I s tUAiedoutbeSoutnfildtiln ApleaJantlocali'y. Arfdrejs
I leUeatH.
|1 street. arritaWe fcr - Wholesale Grocer* or 'Hie
I I>ryGo->ds Jobbtna Uiuaea. itent moderate. APpiTto ' <*£
I MATTliaff LAFLIW.CA«goatb Water-st. la3B ciatsw.
. I ri'O
I I. on Erie street, near M*r.et. Eiht ro'omf laeach*
1 boose at S4l permcalb. Inquire at<3 Garatfreet _ '
; 1 fetciSjlta £.waRIK: _ 4
1 .!■ ■ 1 ! ■■■ .. ■ ~ ■ ■- .i ,i ... i— . |Q«
I xtaluable wriiAßme raopzaTr
|T to Kent. ' ,
' I Wbatt lots 2T and 28, ia Btoc3c 83, -^ n
| Pebdo) deedon. on the east S!di cfßcuab Brah'cb, be- thefci
m I tweeaHaßlsonand Van «area street. Tber can bs, JAtbb
t reiUafbraamileyeiroratenaorytarji Izqiilrcf j HA
; I fe3la M. O. LAENSP.Vt Waabioatoa if. •
I '(} to ouruew prtelaea. 9&.SS Lavu street, oa 'be
I lit of February next, we wUI reot to a *OOJ troact tbe w R: a
I btorewenawoaasy, no. UJ B*«tb Wat-r street. Ap- • 3,3
, I
I'• la&lat • LtiV
f lT tbe-eosraodloos offices on the fitt and if epDd ttfjsi
I floor In Parderaikdidfau, corner doatn Water aod Wells io«ai
I'ttreeta.' Al*a, two lefts aad a flue corner baseaeit. e«nia
i l aalublehradinuu hail- ForUnasapol# totbetubsot- Mr
I berlathebulldlos,So.3l3 Boutb waterstx-et. • -notb
I HUragSai . ae WILLTAMH. th«a
rpo MILLARS, MECHANICS, .<iC.—7o ' 'MS
•' ) -L" MW. tor a term of yean' thst larse bulldicf next
■ I ..Th'
" 1 1 lot on which 1t (22ijtu--beln* so feet, more or le««. oa the. tbe o
. I riTer andranninabacatotheG. AO. O. K. & Attached ru^ll
£I w tbebulidtos ia a steam eustna roosa. with an cosine. ti.ei
? 1 Thtslaafloeloo»tloaforafl{mria*ailll.orfbrMecbaßt-
i:| .iKa4.MUBn ... suamui Walentreet
'• L. Jot Sale.
I . ... ; gaiei
u 1-JD .Acrea Good Farmlar Land,.situated In
5.* rvste ooucty. IH_ 45 miles from cblcazo. and 3 m:lea
"• «o«b°sj^rffi h a? 3 Sr' > .', 0 ftS
•|-dbea«e»tbMWdlßrdiyeropeilyvOTf»ranydeferlpUoa .
I of me chaodlae mat can be nafte Ad<lrn» - 1 '
L- J hcttlU9ublcasoPO- r<l6ln« JLJ.
'H"rnoflr^ALE.—a LOfK-SMTTH fnor in
I 1? tbebeni**<focsteon33!cuonf lodtU*ml^- , 1r5 rltr,' ,Tl
| wUbcoAPleieseUaf Voeift- laqulre of "*T. 11. *at 66- erec
j Laaalleatceafc . ' .•/ felolw* :
a I cheap for cash.^,
®» I r House aed Lot on Jeffatson atreat. near
, _ J jioaae naw, csuulns ten taict
. .I wfilbe soldata DpCUDKD SA&GAO
r ret casa. orTiaH cash, balance oa four or Ave ye*ra tuna .
r J boxChicago* PortQfllee. fe2Wtc233.^i <22
i.'o AHQ nx. ,
IJ7 ' tveaof o'ae of thereat Batcber Sulla In tbe Weat
, -.1 i».*Moawlthiweaa«*Uasar v iet * - *TT
. I AlsO-1 Tubal«■ bQUer. six borte power, new. Aa- wi
• :• ftMoAce HortlW - * feiw-caso .. ,
2 •
1 i - iro
-Oi tbe scttbßld«.nesr the take,'" «... v*
fa, .*«■«• - 1
O? I Aiariactoioittonot'iiepa i4»«moceT»l|l b. tai«
ieai™.te. . Aa
I" : "- iyr l LaS. iffeef-
>B, T Titt'LiASl) Cables foe sauL—t»o- V
" 't *5 VSrilee'nt Boaewood Tables,' wiVi
i.. L Cn>ttTt» aga iktte.BMd. a w>f Ir rf
' f uamedlatrlr. Can be seta oTert
, - Eaadotsb Box
5 I Chicago Peat Ofhce. ■ • ttlU« cSH At
j J i?OR BY VAN iNWAQW* & CO., -
- ' Ctsia'Al, wttb a Star,' *7s '--
HBii--- '-p
. • : r " f :;•••.
i' ' - A '••*•'•• ■ iji ••
; -, r . "
i :!., 1., ehltwfcfeEwrmaa. •: ■■■: .. .-. ■ isn.»sw_?»-
: f .,s •^-"gassttc.
! .-■■ iwnai* ASen«W,T.*K.«. «.U», Pnaalra. ll.r.
1 OJ " yS3B:-
W7.tw-. t er^s« , besiaeWteatoe6)i*hßranen(«thtidelra<Mur \
IkrVs of theObi.asoaad Jalet a cotVract fcr J
sfctTa.-' frso'th'm toS cars ef air .
>< oar - the.ctv. Paroaat t r reaM ©arbanade )
i :Ct
lit- 'tiiKsfteisa' dwellings roaaiii;, :
J n. -■©nß*at:«V«lSnpertoT'BV .
1 three swnea. with Weir•
l i r .nie. wta are
tagjm- '.
Spaa: bib* ;
J2Ji • IranafM «M«M<i-KraWJ
J££ASn»lMtaSaf Ut-lbe-rwaFlat-wA-ee saM ..
Sear :
~Malt-l-llalt! maltl' 1 .. •.
I ..L k NO ' l CIINADA BiS,.
«e«2» ■tjftmt "finHD 'IIKLDSf.'OF XiglßOM'
tl t
~ChaDge »r Ban
rather Kemp's Old folks, SUPI
Owircto MffTBOPOLITAK HALL beloaprertoajly ett> BILTR
' aaaetf.TbaOldfblkiwtU stre
' nadebjr
' ' • alstlas o
1 •' t The'trooae contra of ??***'
37 T.AHTRE aud ezanxuesv VOCALISTS,
. . Witbihdr .... , ;
Trin MaasaebssH'i-a:! of whom appear'MM'
, . ■ i Solid Oa
If ri>
Fclm." wfcea tiifj wit a:c?ax ia-MdrtofitUnßali. ,t„_
OT BitartUy Afttraoon. &&A2ts OuHCIRT at *
o'coekP. H. . '. ■ . fe!7 >s^
'■ if atMngtan'tt Birthday ! - ami
■ . -i- - niu
ia udof tba
■ ■' . \ taw
ThelfxecntlVe Cowmlttee of tfce* Ladlfa'ML Terneo
Poßdaaaocte tonUM nwdi pkaatra. la inionnlfcc tbe g
pAtrouoftbeS.elet/aadibe FubUcln irenerat. thai a „
winbe»l?e'aar )
McVickor's Theatre, CHOIC
CaTa«da7..yeb.2a»at3o'cliciP. ii., wben theprind
palArtlaraof j
StrsVo^fh' 1 ? Crand ltillu Opera Cstapasy SV™
-.M 6aw.to*»h<r*totte CHOIC3 -M OMB«tlA
frcn ta. Ar*Jr« jor Moat, la Mew Yrrk Tl* or«- t.jP'
*r*mtnew'bb« t&e ot.il tuUrcatlag aod Tule t ever of- ■,.
kredtottdac'iMana »11l eoutatami sad eoacerVrt
cUce»rroa <be folio* Cdc Odctaj aocpraMrtoa; ii
DobQiora!!lJ!.• ' ' '' alaitba.'' - '• vada^t
Xrvvaiore. . ,<• .ioberiteWabU, 1 »?Mot
'TnvxLL' 4 BBriaa
<■ .. . ifa-ltaaU' , Cblci
Tbe Pr pnrt. Semlraißl'a
- : •- Oreatioo;; - * • ' M.|Faal.
E-RUib ?02>.». Daeta, Freoeb cQUia. ete. i
'l&ebfieeor aaab*eu flxedasfbltovsTDrara aWi
Clrc-a aad Pwaoev «.'B»E ,DOLLa.. 1 flKTir
SISST6TWJIH* tor Xhi-iOraad«>ala
Mat : nee can be ot ulaed of the ladiei and. Ktaotieaeo «•/
>he Eteeot.ftf CoruTiUtfe. a 1! ihe pnodpai -tfasie ard
Prlacl «1 Ulßctf. iremont ri -
llruf«,vb«iejkltlH jWp*n*liMA«>»Ko«»» u> tbafeau- «"•••
T.lwrtlV tr«tsic«#(l . _ . .. .
.-■ *ihiaiatOe*>T4T2Bai.l»e«'sitae br StrakDMba Itaßan WlUad
A srogramirm wOT-W #nlr annooneed. . (j
uoia axaccnts coemixraa. wotun
UiVCT .. ...i Mp» S Lo4!n*t«a« i -■"
MriWSMcCormlClr. f 'Slra A»flwl.V M .
'SttaQa« j •' A I .taw* oaataer :
ai'jj r u*ru»cd. . . 1 Mrs I'tfW- AITC
Mud K N Lull - • -r J hnsioa. »«V
Mn WdNcwtrfrrTe - . ' I *u»P W 'd«,
. itcvlC WiUxty. . I 3ifs Dr W B i<(ar. ! ,
• Mri W r rreeiweod, . L lira 20. Dabs«* '
• Mr»6lH«s»er." f 1 I^SC
-• acfrs' iTmrTirtfCTaWrTraa. JeU:
•ForHSMorrl#. ; ' f" ——
DrWii&an '■ > r- OMHjenitea. •
' Geo Ji a jjw.t, ■ I W W IMncabowar,
"W WMli<htU?Rca. I OjintJeiw.
.7 DW-Uei. rT . • J . DrWoiSaol
- ./ .• _ • 1-'^
•RtfOJlf.-rl 1 OBBowe feHdOfltd I
• aba eitfr# Sawauo# leo al<litaini oooroenee tb • W) Co
iDrtraln* o'cWck A* aitteTlU
' UO.UUOUfE. . • »<>«*
Mr ETRlKOadt. lb-*"D'r^ctorof Lbe Os«r«.*'re*reft- nr
fa t? the puftHc that he bva reuted K v
pur;roe*Q! idvtaia abort
•erica «T . • ■ j . . . j;
< Grand Italian Operas,
I\*hleh.fal::n9cqiisec.- ol the arrah.earcu'pr«Ttoa»lv rs
eou:luU<d. cwn bf rx\ noeo bcrood • " _
- " - '-TBW'HICHTS- ftrt<
T eaTaarem»i.tim\Jeftr tbe ten are afiba _ _>
mof « im* iim AH »hi«raat nrtfi's cofntov IJt.
conpaoy .*Ui •taoetr. «bo wtU b« vub |_)
pcrtiM br a-reioJ ettlj cata ti.tk fo? tbute ieznvd »rd Ho. T
m)uorp»tts wttb *a c-,11-e >rche»tra *ua Cn -rnises from asaoa
tee *>-atlerayt*«ro. New lutk. aadai 1 tbe pcrumal
- 1J(
Tbe Director luieaia to produce la tbote tea nbd>ta. 13
y l£sl DJ*«osl.<
All of modern repertoire, tbcrtiore ll will belspowl- -ist
bletoreceiiao7 eD«fa. |»(
r Tb< leaua wUlooomence on fl
SfoadaV Etb-Ib*.Feb. 3^tiU,*»H P.M. gnat
ymyr ppRRA smar.whan Doulatm'i Grand Qpwa.
■vrafbewe«lneedfoTtb\Sßt«btoßftr. Onwhlcbocowion _
► fhefottoeliiE sriatariMwaliaUo their flat aoptaraovd ——
' DE"*n£.HO3ST.^■ Ibtf celebrated jlj
J - aT>oo->. In tb<"ipeatro»«»« Latia. -
- .Bb.ißX SdCttiid. iba ial«at<d joaac Taioc, as Id
g *¥loSt)3 AifOtlO.tbe famoujßaxltcar. utofd Aib
® . *gi« XIJX)UI aa SaynQOd. .. ( CO
- Le*J». HFRI
ihe utoQof Adßta<toaviitbe~Oma Qrcle aad __
' aoeti<r, cne f>«Har; Beserxeil 9*aU W ce.Tt* extra. Ati- 11
4 ufiaioff oath? er-elfinS'. wUtntierrtVli-e TV
a luaiaeb GaL«a w
l" price of athajWea win
•BOtbefeaatThrthfri'iaaTtierflreafractToo ffPsrtdanA
tb« srrai ex pec to lictate J. by tra«avori)nx. far m> abort vt
" an « -Ua. ao4.lmawri* eoaw-aajr* to «a*. \
0 ' Tbe> a e ttie same prices »»-lch tee la Wa* fork, XI
rt BcKtbo and cbferfmlt paH. ■ J 1 "
» tb« orlacpat lam Ilea in-Utlc* o.reapccifaUjjni».r(a tbe J»j
S' pu-llctbtttbojedeslroji «f edaa<r..f fba .0- m
? U.e»r»aoo of rro nisbic ippi l lu^L I
t ItALXAM OPaaA uClOifi . O#«C% lAfcHONT J-
UjCn«. at» o'aLca. A. M.
v Oidar af tba Salo of Scat*; r.u
_ Thla Jloraißfc Tbozada*. Feb. l?tb» at 6 o'clock A. W- No.
- eomoifacea lies*ie of teaUioilbe etlbe teatoa of tea Wal
> Ti M*rrow Wdiy. «i9o."e>*ck k. M-. toiaiaeneea tie _T<
gaieo. oiaoia.
- If a Oat Uolur HcAeU will be ao.d oali oa ibe dar af Q1
T . tht» eatabllabaaat daibu tbo Opera )or
flMiiri Tli r- Tir ,t r-' I TT"TTi*r . .. Urn
<3 lUe tltksi Office or •. caricaj-eaiawai be op-n Ja lr t K
frem 9 O'eirdt, A. it. uIO*«CCT; P. M. - f»ls-tf-clJ>
j» Jji'flTUßE BEfOaE IHS
- ... .Totmg Men's Association
tr,• Lectureof'tlie Courie'wUl b.deliv- ®gj
«' "ereuat "• * ••••'..•■
aelripoUt^Hi.ll, Tlok3*Jß<al»g,Feb.XT, ■-<
5 WMpm - ' t
Z s
v.- : feiadnat
f l ' ' AN NIVBE'S ART .' i S
li ' -' '•• oa- ' I E
u. mshington'a.; Birtb... Day! Z,
SiflMtri" Catrl ; -Crie<3 ' Q
■"* : DBKSS.-PAHAD*,:^
. .. .Aadtath. I
'CrindFnH prw'.HUtt»rr~
i> Mfj
ja , ... mda»B«»ktw«s.. • .
r!' -TOESBAT EVErao - iL 5 ' J
CS- FeUTOJ. ISS». fegf Mr, [ Ol i
Ta wtlett an. MlWr' io- ». *
- 5J ,
'-f tri: n" , tr>rrro , R if ;
-BO«oeA*T«AHAQ»i»i • J
Hun.WeAenA.DottlUfc, Co}oaei Tajlot, , »
• • • • ' Hoa."Wo *.E«an,"-
' .Ren'R:K-BaflA7 *.. Oaor.W>nua. ;
.. •' .i' :Fwsa.fi, s J
- oFnce« o» rHB rranNS. " - ;
tlAfT.- ato. 'ti. aAJBOBH- I
a"»- . " " .Moitrtm "co'»nrr*r, ]
jS* - ' ££•.'£& ;
. n6oft 1 \
*■ *• •'"•XlOTOttobtl' Wc'tberell. ' »?*>». Roia. ,
fVT ™ n? r °- ll } m "'
Übl. , ... .r. , Lleoiezunt JH: l
1 lone.. t tWModcby A,J..VAA3.of
farfi, 1 aiaO. \n&»o<«asGanliStf*»»d_eappnr-.«®
rackjr bo bM at ta« Treni' Dt BrfK*sa. aa-.wwa and kevere
rt far H»n»e>L *w¥rf ' ' «w« Wnr*>« '
ie«K„ , l DrlmSM. J Ll* at Wdshfa
nade iiiuaeL - " |
»"■ -fvanst -"Sen's Association -
> 1 F. ; LKcmTrttT'I 1 1 7KBB VAST..
n ;Sfc£BbiJSSsK*ac«
x _ • j.. .ii .. ; Jja9i AHtt.vixsok• I -
gfeel, • : • - tenure <Vgwdu«*. _
kbam 'lYl —. . - i .
ITKD -1.-. M-t»elKtai.ao«.lo Forttaidßloe*-- I
llath... .■rM'«>-l»>l.S>il« l>w*>' " lalS-t*®*
>■ Has- ...... - - ■ . -■■ ■■■■——.
* aaC , j - - 3-, ;: —
: " ;
u rSsn ' 'i' " —" '"'
sa... = Vor strees Wortfc ;M- |
for «a- of wb a«aadMafc»teft«l>aoa
'■ —~- .-JACoawitnaiia...
Bia,'. T»eaadiT«ri«J«lU ».afciaUleaa ]
Kg: i
K »di b-*.ii I ..:
?fs i
»,sis bailio ,\a -usj L IJ '.V
H*r!beAl<iajM aaati
Indian Salts.
Carpet a,
On THCBSDAT uumiDlT MOaSINOS. Teh. lrifi
•mi IWuit 10 »'doek. *lll »o sold tl oar S»rj. No. *j
Lase street, the 'arve*t and beet mortment of Vuroiiurs
ercr offered »l mcUoo Jo inlaeUn tor st *t which ■«
made by the beat manufkctur*re;atbe United State* eta-
Slitia* of _
, aiCB pakijdh ruasiTUßß,
la Brocatella. Pto*haal Hair Cloth Pa torSolfi. Trt«a.
Tete* **eeptioaCaair» OW-axm*. Book Cue* 3 J,* r+ : lf *-
Plata Centre tibial Card *l% Parlor Chalra.
raj flita Kocklaa aad Caiy Chalrt. Wtwt>ooa Mir. or*.
To Kosewood flnUh. Black Walnut and Mahoeany Salts.
Ftodcb asd CotUce Bedstead* Marn)»Tb»and, flala
Bureaos nt Waahstaaits. Mattrsuev Wardrobe*.
Luwau. CsaeO ial» a*4 io«kcn._
DnnaG-aooM rDaurruaß,
Solid Oak aad Walnut DlalnsJUtectloa Tables, KocUa*
Alto—A lair® uwrtouat of Carpets. Oil Palntbf*.
aiT«rßated «*are, Stores. ltt>dos. luaMer'.
Also—J sqcoad hand Plaao fori*. Together wltli a
larae koomneoi of tfoustkeepinaVicoda, '
.. fHiit , •, ;» •■> • ■■ ' > ; •■Aactlooeen.
16 k 18 DMikoa Street....l 6 Jc 18
~WUt Kll as tfcjdr AseOoa Mxn.lt> k 13 De«rtor A..
9| WtAMsJir, Tbiriiiy mi Friday, Feb.
ltth, nu ui IMb,
S«ltt to oonsuoc. at #X o'clodc predjdr.
$50,000 Worth
—o» f '
Irer offered In this asrkeit
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tor AoetMatUl«s»
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UK. A. IDTTH3* B. a »OTDr*.
CSe« tbo' Post OfßteJ tlSnota.
adraaeaj oa all kind* of Merehaadto. -Mt
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tb«n la U>» city, by M&dlo* Uttoi to vk4< boarding
Tbs Morth*«st«m female 0o1>k» *i Krao*(on will
Coaae&Cf>QieoDrlD{rT.rm onIfJK«DA?. &i»rcbl»>.
Tout D otttqect, pa: half year.
18) 00; Colleve Departoenl wf b»'f ?-af M-
Ademi Uio President, W.P.JON Si, ry*cmon. or
Bo« 00. Cblcajo. MUwcjß
vl'e cui b« ae;ommodated wttb Hoard an ) Fle*-
MoipPnwlftoooMoa Wabaab avmicm* tOuia oi T*e Kit
itrm. Addm< Box "606 " Pom Ofllce. fcliJt*
II for a and ladr, afroat'Dariorasdbed.
room at 7* arenas,
ft4cW4 ten J. M. QHKBV.
Um&cd ea& prooar« Bovd aal Plauatit Etoms ac
No. 71 Mnoroei:re«t» Aiao, mtew day boarder* eau t>o
i aeooptaodaiad. jal»lm cis
Boarding.— first class board
and ptauaat rooau. eitber taita* or rirntl*. at >S
South Clark street. Tnuuieai Board at reuooable raltti.
n colta q' too ma aewly fitted oa» with board, op rr.v
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1 Iti At Ten oer Oe&t per Aanam.
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Bare chance for profitable
—North PI- 1 © Property ftr sale y
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r L PubUcooU.elsberebyilTeatoallTaa Pajfr»th*t
tbeftate o«ttnt*«n'* Town tax. PenonalanJkeaJE'-
Ut«,(ortk«s<arlSU. Uover4no oowaniouilbeymu
w.tbm t«o weeks from date to ibe Collector at bis
L No. 83 North 0 ark street, owner nf Clark and North
ca Water streeU—Joatlfe BraclcK's Office _ a
O. J. Wli*DJta. Ow. lee tor N CbleAtr>.
i 8 TtbnuuytOlb.isa. fell iw
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time ■» tea per eeat. oo tblcajco pr-perty. yirt» \lort
utu bavloa from qv* to AYetesrs toion.««ot<!da6
US S?rtt«B. JjTltt at Wadswortb A Co's Han*.
- {J? Wo 66 Clara rteeet. Chlwo.
,V 1 barlrK m»deair«B*«fments to Sew York, PrU»-
delobiaaadPrOTldeaoe for »b» of Loans oa
u_ r«*i ruiu, sale of 3 ocks. Bonds. Ac. »lUi recelvo ap
street. Sboitwell-securedbtu-
7 > Mean*
iniwn Mint Aaeatn»T Carpet Mill Prooertr. la ctalr
moot, WewMamtsblre
wmteroower. 4Kae*»« of Isod. with aa boiiillaa
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OMtlrur the orUfnAl propHetors ne rty WOt> 0. Tbe iuo
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Pp doetttfr Wwlera Propem or*epeh«idl* «*ne b»ir
1U onaloal eoM. To any person dea'roiu of exdumdo*
• f frr ttftm ptopeity this pr«.eau ao op.orta*
datid ». Kism,'
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DrWt. Aoontmeoaai Note. »«li la »•» Jork oa
the day of maiortxy. c* u* day of wrace, and, aoaer de
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\ dllealn tbe Tldaivot New Vora oaTeiMra^ioCjrdera,
i MMMa En * E o»rc»
A I\L T«m BrartUM. Mort««*
■*" irtwatanAa Imomred farms, sobortan lots and
ruty sual Keuu&uiaee No. i Csecoml
urn aaA.OTTOQ' t'mtol.h *Bd
l : - w Jri. to Inform bla nwneroos Weo-Js and th^
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[ •• ooootry. t» "sow prepared to *tt*od wjto emw laareaseo
L. * aII eiui nenlrtaa tbe best skill ta and
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Aoetof Mkukeal oMrobandUa keo» tv,aoy otbar
SoS?lSme Mortbwert. I art s fo f A • eal
ebniNl " Mo<M Mttlodeao," made br Mason_A Bern lio,
ac*ct fW Uattta. Newtaa •* Br**»ti > ■
lha pat»t Wr«»t lota proper 'orm
k. mi. gjd of Mean ai»d puweifol taachiowt.' A tt aln
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the Ibers of kbe wood lastoad >"< belaa bylb 9
- - - 'SnttoskyMr.il attrrtpied at short bare th eir
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DtG form they are made to a»uoe la tha Pateafc
X'ilS 5Kb! WnC E*t«T la wairmatad.
Aii knds of Cbar-h Mnsle Ikuksfsr .—ws.
. T« i hMli—l ifll'T-r MINNE.
%>rth Ha HA. Priceiii.cla copy 1® ceotfc sen. by njall Dort
:lJl aU order* mo« ad'fretsed
T toy.' FIUWiNa Lakx*.. Chicago ia 5 DW* tr
• a. a —Cook Coaaly Circuit Court, Febrairy Teim«
Beclual Cb»riM Willi t«. S«-
'! , k.Mf dTS» to tilt aU Belotkh
that awrte of Attachment Iwaedonfof Uio
_ 522r5fthe Um* of tho-Oaok Oooaty GtmlkCoort.
IY d«t«d tbe foorteeoth day of gebmanu A. D.
iSof ttwsaiil auasw tie«k an« Charlea W»*tb and
JSiwm the eatate of tba aUd tieinncb Nssmaop. fcr
KrWV ■RriTßii.trW <»• S°W St
; aertntJ-Mne Genu, directs la Ihe B^» rti LjLM
' u.> ulen too. the said oelzulA.h wau
, ; m . rtl X-10-W"""TM. L. CBBEOS^
,nM JwaMltW*" 1 '- wT
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aMH. , . , Coanty
eotlobaad >e»[«*•"* ** mt ik»CoQrt.Bottgo
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