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Washtkctok, Feb. 15.—Shkate—Mrrcritten
den took tbe floor on the Cuba question. He ad-'
znitted tlie desirability of CuM and ilre'Prtsidctit'a
cooßUtuiiobal tight "to Tiepotiate for it without
legislation; but, said be, suppose 6pain*werc to
sell—suppose Engiand and France, who proposed
a tripartite treaty, were to permit her to Roll the
inland she holds as trustee, where are we to get
the money ? Wo have been obliged to get in debt
for our household expenses. \\ r c have raised one
loan ibr'market money,'and'fthotber is wanted.'
The Treasury emits a funereal pound wboi we
knock for money, for none is there: r Hc did not
mean to say the country coold not produce any
amount ol men and money, but it is mote convem-,
ent to do bo at one time than another. It is in
convenient now to have Cuiened on m and our
children a ten million per awmrm inteivst
two hundred million .luan for the purchase of
•. Mr. C. here made a digression u .apeak of Cen
tral Amorica and <Hher >rcak States. Once it was
the policy, be Raid, of the American Guvvrnment
to maintaio a friendly feeling -with all tbe natiett*
of the continent. He remembered when tbe
American name was Joved; wben it was dear to
btrngfeling rambles; iWn Uie'deWatations ol
encouragement that hid been spoken 'by the voice
of Henry Ciay were read at the bead tff their
armies. How have we lost ull this ? Bead tbii
llessage, and there you will sec that we are at r
Taronce with Mexico, Costa Rica and Guat&mala,
and that we are barled in difficulties from the Fe
jee Islands to the Bpauitb tiiroae.
Do all theae specks of war 4agar wall for the t
revenue? TetablU is now pending place
the military and naval forces in the hands of
tbe President, apart and above the action of
Congress. The bill was most unwise, it was
to enable tbe President to make littletrats with
little people.
viewed the Ostehd manifesto andiCs
impliedbiqt. that if, Spain will we wil|.
t»ke. Utevresident supports bis*demands for'
the example ef-Jefiftaon, but
tbe cases are not parallel. Before tbe treaty is i
assented to b^Congress, aad 'even .if Congress
sever consent, the President c&n drawthe'money <
and tfcke its safe keeping into bis own hands.
The President himself may be above suspicion,
but the constitution dues not entrust bim with 1
one dollar. The Executive should be pare and
nnsoiled by money. He should be unsuspected
and not ever exposed to the unescapeahle suspi
cion of money dealing. -
Further, it is unconstitutional, beca&te it aug-;
menta the President's power, and destroys the
balance between the Slates, li we iiad Csba.--
and bad paid $500,000,000 for it, we would say
to her, 44 we have rescued you from European
tyranny, and eared you from being a bulwark
against us in tbe hands of aay European
power; establish a free and independent gov
ernment or your own under our' Constitution. <
It will be better for you, and we beUev«Xpr us."
He did not want to see our Anglo-Saxon raoe*'
mingled with people who do not understand or
appreciate our institutions, and he did not think •
that our country's greatness was to be achieved
by adding acre to acre, but by filling it with arts
and industry. He believed that whole
scheme of poliey would burst like a bubble.
The bill is a mere piece of fanfaronade. .It is a
part of the fireworks now set at large to give
a different complexion and hue to the ratber
darkened features. .....
Mr. Benjamin replied to some'of 4htf"poitrts
in tbe remarke of Mr.- Crittenden, and Mr.
Crittenden then reviewed the points in Mr. B.'s
Wxshikgtok, Feb. IC.-Sbka.tb—Mr. Fitch,
from the Committee on 1 Printing, reported a
joint resolution that after the close of ilje pre
sent Congress, such public, documents' as both
Hoases require shall be*printed in'one lot, thus
caving the expense of separate jobs, re
eolation was adopted.
The oill introduced by Mr. Seward on the
30th of January, additional to the act which
prohibits the Slave trade, waa reportedly Mr.
Usyard from the Judiciary Committee
amendment and without recommendation.
On motion of Mr. Hanter, the Consular and
Diplomatic Appropriation bid was taken up.
Mr. Clay, of Alabama, moved to strike ont
$75,000 for the expense of sending' back'to Af
rica the negroes kidnapped by the brig Echo.
Mr. Browo, of Misa., spoke in support of Mr.
Clay's amendment .
Mr. Hunter, of Ya., reasoned that if thn Pnn.-
stttution sanctioned the suppression of the
slave-trade, it-sanctions-the-dioing of-it with
Messrs Seward, Wilson, and all the Republi
can Senators advooated---the-appropriation.
Paring .the disiussion Mr. Clay read an article
showing that tbe colony of Liberia
zng in a ratio that will depopulate 'ft in 100
Mr. Clay's amendment-was hrst*-40 to 10.
The bill was set &side_to take up Cuba
proposition. " . .. •• _
Mr. Thompson "onCy~"cpened the debate,
addressing an cudience'of 2,000 persons.: He
apoke two hours in a facetious but somewhat
rambling strain, interrupted by. continual
laughter. He wus wholly against the acquisi
tion ol Cab,a and was exceedingly astonished
that tbe Senator from Louisiana was in favor«»f it
Tbe acquisition would dru*v off truje uad com
merce to a trettrr climate and into thcTnrrof na-"
▼ana, till New Oriean;* wonid bt fhrivelled up and
Jjccozne like LexUgtan, Kp.,%fc:finlt«bi-.d town.
Cuba, the young>'£t child, vuuld lieus u<ual Uiu
pet ot the l«mily, and iu»w much it would cart to
getherin trim, tbe Lord only knows. ..Oueof tbe
best po??s of Romctmd Kiid ThatXfintxmplro had
•' tumbled to piece* lro;u mere ntrrytitvwinfl he
feared Lbui would be <>ur ftUe. Our people, from
their Anglo Saxon "Llood,' have derived the bcl'ef
tbat it is rigbt and proper to tiflce from flic Span
iard.ibe Mexican, or ibe ludiin anytiiing Tlicy
want, and it is not homicide or mnrder to kill bun
. cither. We aaul to A meriuauiae aud Clxwi ianke
Cuba, do we? It rem titled bim of two youiTjf '
Kentnckititis "wlto went there on a MtraHar
One brim; 0 good lonkmg lor an American", f»ot to
bean overseerfcrawldow—^that Christianized Wr:
Tbe other rau away with un old mail's
and within a year the old mau was living ou one
corner of tbepLmtatiunaud himself in fnil
session. That is tbe way wc AraerteinlzsrTbQ Cu«
bios would not stay if we hud the island.Tltry
have too much luaiinct for that. Place tnci Ihm''
on tbe prairie and the buffalo woald soon vacate it,
or put tlic tiger where the deer "haunts nud you
would not find one there in forty days. The. blue
rut peacefully po&rfusscd thii country u;itil tbe
* ■" Norway rats acquired it, tben "InKtlncnoTQ }b«n
tbey had g.t to leave and they did. Cub i seemed
to Mr. T. to be tbe elelueut of veakuess
rather tlun of strength and. teudinsf to
ioterrupt our j*euceful relations
powers. Il« did not believe England or France
wauttd it, but. if tiiey do,Jing'aud wimicbi for
- it, and France will go for it tor tbe gliiry of the
thing. The bittlo nftheGudi and Titans, and the
bat'le of the Fallen Angels as de*cfijjud,by tlie
Poet, do not rqiyil ingmnUtrur England'trtfatfare.
Recently 10.000 VoMlri' tavtiliy on tbe plain of
Teheran were charged by a regiment of Scotch
Greys, led by throe Lieutenants, who full one afur"
another. The Uiitihb I'odc tbeni dowu lSe niue
. pins; re-formed andctinrged till
in twenty niioulea there .were not so nutiv-Per- 4
aiou* lett.tts thi're.were liy- Leonids ut Tljurm
For a thousand ye*ra her Temple oi'Janui litiHw
never l»een bbut. John Dull,is in fact, a bloody old
bruiser who has beeo ro mfng about tbe world,
brow-beating, insulting and whipping every
body he has a.mind to.. .Alter we bad Cuba wa
could not raise such obstructions as would keep
htm out of tbe gulf, andior tbe reason that we
have nn navy to match tbe English and French"
■team fleets, we would be driven out of the
water, not because our people are not brave, but
because we could not stand a fight. If wj are
to hold it, it must be by • fortifications,-*ind he
woaldhave a committe, coqjnoied ofthe'ofli
csJf^Q weot to the Crimes', to whom he Wmld
add Senator Davis and' Gen. Bhjelds,
and Bay where tbe Redans atid Ualskoffs Shall
«ar their crests to withstand the Englishlipeta. 1
He had nlqo other io'superable objections tq the
bill. If it means anything, it means tbat the
money is to be drawn by the i>paniA''Wnater
who will make ,a treaty/ and is thue'cHerihg a
premium to revolution. In conclnsioo, Mr. *.••
bitterly condemned thiA'rahi/»ant Spirit that cla
mors for war. It is a wrobg spirit tiM wtooe
teaching for' the conotry. -After "We'get irtto"a t
war with France and England, we Wlll repiv it
to the laat day of our lives.. will saddle oa'
with debts which it will take as long time li get,
rid of as the Israelites were
bricks without stratr.' Old tfotin Bull Hlglt be
likened to-a bull dog yoing about hunting
op fights. Cu3!or, Pompey, Jumper and Jubiter
follow iu his trail, and when be pins ucy thing
they go in and* worry it tb 'dWHipSnd tbeii ont
goes a nalion from the map of Europe, or if left
in,lt.is crippled alltUCLrest AUulife ioa>a* the
expenses of the flght. f Oar lower orders bave
an inveterate "hatred tgalnst'Great r6rit4ia—
whether jnst or nojast»'hew'ottld nbt say—blflif
bate a red coat and Britisher, is an elemeat of
our nations] character. - eitlsup
pers and read Shakspeare together, but ih£t is :
so more than two ofd' Isdies-lrtring a bit of
aeon da! over-a cop of tea; and batinc eachfoth
er likelhe deviL We can back agaiost the! bull
dog a terrier that has seven devils is him.daven
out of Maiy Magdalen. Getting into this jwar,'
we mnst go through with it. We will snfler4o
it however we may -oome out. —• 1 j
Mr. T. finished by adopting an aspiration of
Daniel Webster's, that God will so Sba'pa our •
ends that they will reaolt 1 i Mr. Tblmp
aon bad proceeded but a ; ahort time when be
was obliged io'tekV his "seal deliver his
apeeeh mho «ras4oo weak %o stand.— I -
Lord Napier chanoed to be seated near him,'
and was evidently omch remarks.
The Senate'went into' Execullve Session 1 and
afterwards- adjourned.'- • *-- -
Hoosa.—KearJy an hoar was in a call of
the House, no quorum being present atf tbe
usual time • f meeting. - «• -> " - - • I
The House tabled the bill tacreasing the lum
ber of Burgeons, Aseistaat-ttergeoas' s'ar
•ers In tbe navy.
■Mr. Stephens of bn
. Territories, reported a bill providing a temper*
' -porory government for Arizona, wrdtkedfthat
it be cooaidercd new.^-4t : <naloes'no approbrif^"
tion of money. -He presumed that every one's'
mind was made up, and beaoe no fartberlcon
* 'alderation was necefiscry, l •-
Mr. Kellogg oT IH.,'-moyed -an amendment;
providing that when there are 10.000 actual k-esi
dents in Arizona, lhe. ; iiegiaktßre aball provide
bylaw for the election of a Gorernor.
tary of State, Marshal and J edge*, Hhoaie la
be commissloned by tbe President. j . s -.
Mr. Siepbesa said thia bUI-bad been Totnm&*
on the model of the other Territorial bills! lit
was now
manXrom-lUinois propoasd. l - r .{. I
Mr. Hmkin propoeed-a new •eetton><to tiU
eflect that whe£Ariznp*copLains the feqdisite:-
popatation of Congrasa, asceiv.
tamed by a 'Oensoa, it ahali-be lawful foi- tlia v :
legislature to'provide for tti iei&,
mittedtothe people for- ratification; -thisfpro
••• • - r *-5
Kt JoiiM, or ofciMua io'ili' >aLmd
- '"DtUthTbUl
C f l ' n<s forth tbat-'
'teen'fcasiß&.ebiabliebing elaTery therein, there
fore/ "
Hesdrtd, That this act sball not be bold to an*
tliorize ; AtHcaU alaVety in tbe Territory, and'
.alavcryremaius abolished as at the time of its ac«
frotn Muxieo-. : •
Mr. Grow* said tbu was almost tbe same )an-
Ruace aa was used by Col. Benton, and wo* tbere*
£ofa provbo.
Mr. McQocen, of S. C., .objected to tbe introduc
tion of this amendment.
Mr. Kilgorc moved to table tbe whole sul-ject.
Apreed to, 131 against 78. ■
Mr.Sfccpbens,iromthe Committee on Territo
ries, reported a bill to provide 'n temporary gov
ernment for Daootah. Be said it contained no ap
propriation. The territoiy was lying outside tbe
limifai of Minnesota, and was now without a go>*-
Mr. Morgan moved to tabic the bill. Carried,
137 against Gfl,
Mr. Stephens also reported a bill providing a
temporary government for Jefferson, (Pike's
Peak,) which was alio tabled*
A bill granting a pension of SSO per month to
the widow of General-Gaines was passed.
. The Senate'* amendments to the Honae Agri
taltpfol Colieg* bill taken np. *
Mr. Cobb moved to table the bill - lost, 10S to
95. ' •
The Senate's amendments were concurred in.
Senate's amendments to the bill for relief
'tp tne widow or Commodore Parker, and tben
into'Committee on tba Bena\e's amend
menta to the Indian appropriation bill.
transferring the Indian Ba
rean from tbe Interior to tbe War Department
was debated at length and rejected.
The action of the Committee was finally re
, po.rted to the Hoase. Concurred in ana ad
•Anti-Tar JSoVemeat in Fittsbargb.
Pittsboegb, Feb. 1C. —The Anti-Tax Conven
tion inet this morning. Every word and town
ship was represented by foar or six delegates
eacb. Thomas Farley was chosen President
Thomas Williams made a speech three quarters
,(j)f an hoar in length. A committee was ap
pointed to prepare resolutions. Adjourned till
two P.M.
"At the afternoon session the Committee on
' Retolntlons reported tLe following: ;
Raolztd, W bile we wish at all times to treat
with respect and deference judgments of coarts,
yet there are occasions when resistance to de
crees of courts is right, and it is the dnty of cit
izens, and necessary to liberty and the security
of property, that the recent decisions of the Su
preme Court, in the mandamus o&se, should be
resisted by every constitutional means, and uss
every possible devioe to peaceably hinder, de
lay and nullify the decree, because It violates
law,' insnlts the people by sobering tbe
naked assertion of opposing counsel to over
ride the sworn statements of our agents.
,Xt decides on mere technical grounds the most
momentous question that ever arose in Ameri
can jurisprudence; denies the people a hearing,
allboagh their agents under oath pleaded cer
tain facta which constituted a valid defence. It
is a dangerous attempt to substitute for law tbe
individual opinions ot Jadgeß. It is a gl & riog
usurpation of power in defiance ot established
.raises and law.
That we are opposed to any tax to
tpay the principal or interest on tbe mnncipal
bonds, .given in payment for railroad subscrip
tions. We deny tbe power of the municipal
authorities to make -them aad the Legislature
to authorize to do so. That tbey were obtained
by fraudulent representations and corrupt
' means, withaut the consent of a large majority
of tbe people. The bonds sold at a ruinous dis.
count, in violation ot law and tbe conditions
!opott which they were issued. The money
squandered in ertravaeaixce and corruption,
leaving tbe companies insolvent and roßds un
finished. To pay the whole amoant would bank
rapt the municipal corporations, cripple our en
ergies, strike a death blow to onr prosperity,
and rain property holders. The bondholders
have no claim in conscience npon us, for many
of them were parties to these frauds. Sereral
other resolutions of the committee were offered
and passed unanimously, also many volunteer
Washington Intelligence.
Was&utgtov, Feb. 16.—The President in re
cognition of the satisfactory manner in which
John Nugent, Esq, discharged his duties as
onecial minister to British Colombia and
Vancouver's Island, recently tendered him
tbe appointment ol Minister to Bogota, which
he declined, intending to take an active part in
the politics of California during the summer,
.iivs.iriends having indaced bim to become s
-candidate for Governor of that State.
. Mr. Morril'a bill appropriating about six
million acres of land among the several States
aetordlnp to their federal representation, for
the establishment of agricultural colleges aod
the promotion of tbe mechanic arts, has been
'finally disposed of by both Houses.
Its enemies are congratulating themselves on
an anticipated Presidential veto.
" The Senate in Executive 'Session to day rati
fied .the Dakotah Indian Treaty by. which an
extensive tract of country is secured to tbe
United States.
The Senate rejected the nomination of Emory
D. Potter as Collector of the port ot Toledo.
French Extradition Treaty.
Wjlshiagtos, Feb. IC.~The additional article
to tbe Extradition Trea'y between the United
Slates and France 1b officially promulgated. It
extends also to persons charged with the follow
ing crimes, whether as principals, accessories or
accomplices, namely: Forgery, or ..knowingly
passing or pntting in circalation counterfeit coin
or bank notes, or other paper current asmoney;
•with.intent to defraud any person of persons,
und embetzlemeni by any peraon or persona,
hired or salaried, to the detriment of tneir em
ployers, when those crimes are subject to
*nous punishment. • •
State and Congressional Nominations
in Kbode Island*
...P.Boaidinci, fi. J. Feb. 15.—rThft Jteppblicans
held a Convention in this city to-day for the
purpose of nominating candidates lor State offi
bera,.qnd Membens of Congreu. Thomas C.
Turner, now; Lieut. Governor, was nominated
for Governor, the present Executive declining
.to be a candidate for re-election. ..
""VTm". B." now in Congresß frtim the
.Western diKtriet, was re-nominated.
Xbpin as Davis, from liarsago | a Pemocratie
irepubKd&tf, wits nominated In ihe'place of Ben
jamin 1). Du'rfee.
Arrival of the Overland Mail.
- St. Loois, Feb. 16.—'The Overland Mail with
dates to the 24th ult. has arrived. It brings
no through passengers, and the news is desti
tute of general interest.
"A newspaper of Republican politics is about,
"being established at Saa Francisco.by.C. A.
Oregon dates are to the 15th nit. The Leg
islature has passed a bill changing the Capital
pf the State to Portland.
A-Bookselier Arrested for Heavy For
; fferies.
llaaTronn, Feb. 15 —Dr. L. P. Brockett, for
merly of tbe firm of Brockett it Hutchinson,
•booksellers of this city, was arrested this eve
ning for forgery. The paper forged is mostly
held by sereral banks and individuals ot this
citv. .The nmount 4>f paper vow k o«t is fronl
"$15",000 to $20,000. Dr. Brockett hasifie'retofore
beeo looked upon as a maa'of sterling integrity.
Movement of Steamers.
New--York; Feb.'l6.—The steamship Asia
sailed to-d&y with 60 passengers and $910,000 in
TUe steamer Vanderbilt, wrecked on Fisher
Island, in Janaary, was floated off to-day, and
towed into-this port.
New Orleans JHarket.
KiwOelviks, Feb. 15.—Sugar dull and de
; clined fair to fully fair Corn
'foabyaift'uf 900 -for mixed;-'Exehavge on Lon
don [email protected])£c; do on New York, sixty day bills
Mill Bnrned.
• ; CwmjLKß;- Ohio, Feb. 16. N. 8. Wheeler**
mill on tbe Grand River, in PaineftvUle, this
State,.was destroyed by tire.on Sunday last.
' litres sll,*oooinsurance $7,500.'
Commercial and Money Matters.
Wjdsisdav Evenlas, Feb. 16.
Mo.vEr, Exchange, Etc.—The demand for Ex
| change is comparatively very light, and it Is likely
to continue, .sp.for, some weeks to come. This
the rates at l>f per cent., and though the
-means of-making it-am rrrnrilinftiy yet
ve may. eke oat the tmall rapply .till navigation
opens and produce begins to move. Discduute, as
usual, 10 per cent., with continued scarcity of
'satisfactory business paper? ' per cent.,
with .email demand. Street rates Domical at [email protected]
per cent, per month. Transactions limited.
, CoMKsacuL.— I The xeceipts of Wheat to-day
were 13,222 bushels, with tine road not reported.
Notwithstanding this increase, however, the
market was buoyant, and an advance ol 2c was
gained on No. 1 Red, with laleß at [email protected]
in atore; No. 2 Red advanced lc, with sales at
[email protected] in atore ; Standard Spring adranc
«d 2e, with a good demand and sales at OSc in
store; No. S Spriog advanced 2:, wilh' sales at
.&£@9.oc ia tsd Rejected advanced le.
with sales at>[email protected] sales of the day
atoonnling to about 28,000 bushels. There was
aome inquiry for No. 1 White—which is scarce.
"Holders of Flour were decidedly firmer this
morning—generally, insisting on an advance.
; Buyers, however, held'off, and sales did not ex.
a better demand for Corn, and the market ad*
vanced lc, with Bales .'or Shelled «
per CO lbs on track, and 5Sc for Ear Corn.
The feeling in Oats was also [firmer; bnt the.
: transactions were limited, at iSc*for Rejected in
ia store, and &So for Siidium' new - crop deliv
. market was more active at a shade
betterprfaes—Fringsaellingatß[email protected](»; and.
CMrnat fiOfcCSc." "
tWnarket for Dressed Hogs was nnusually
Jail aad jaakt were limited, at a decline of 12W
neglected. Hfgh 'Wines'
■*^n»i>plng. > - t fleeds dull and'lower.
AlHilwauk'ee yesterday the~recelpta were 697
bbls floor; 7,183 ba wheat; l.lDO' bu'bats; 844
t bac«orß. Th» tbiasMraißg thus
tSJiwlbe market t
market was leas active to-day than
yyi<|) illkia endeavoring to tnatntain yes- ri
UaiiraMiißM oa No. 1, and bnyera abowing
la.ooming up to the scrjteh.:
:f haw wsrs a ffw aales of small lota
XOt aack«MlotfM alMdy. Lasteyenlng 10,000
hands at SLO6. Extra plab-
I' being aotrce, remains firm.aadohoio# Mifiples
are in demand at [email protected] 1 25. Reeeipta are
smaller. •
1 Flour is more active and firmer. - 2,000 bbls
extra spring floor of a country brand told to-dar
at $d f. o. bi ■ ' • • « •-» • »
Oats, corn and barley are firm bnt unchanged.
Hogs are very firm and receipts lij^bt.. The
receipts for the past two days add' up &4 bead,
and lor the season to date they are 34,148. * .
At St. Louie on the 14th the reoeipts were:
Wheat, 6.400 ska; corn, 1,340 bags; floor,
I,4GS bbla and 150 bags; whisky, 210 bbls. The
Democrat of yesterday thna abridges the mar*
' To-day several orders were bad for floor,
which will probably be' filled in a few days,
tboufcb transactions were small that were made
public. Provisions were ratber weak, though
sales were effected on private term*; a quantity
of mess pork was' offered at $18.60 for Mrrcb
delivery. Nothing at all is doing in baeon and
lard—holding rates of bacon are lie for clear
jor ribbed and for shoulders;
Lord is not offered, nor is there much demand
for it. Groceries are quiet; some are cot otter
ing, bat keeping in store. Whisky, [email protected];
Corn, 75c. . ..
A correspondent, writing from New York
city to the Detroit Tribune, says: ,
On arriving at Kew York I found pat a thing
or two that will be of interest to many at the
West. 1 found that wheat and floor are dearer
in Detroit than in New York, and I can with
foil faith inform your mercantile readers that
rnin is sure to follow, the insane attempts being
made at the West to force op the price ol pro*
dooe. 1 have seen and watched jnst snob proi,
csedings for. the past thirteen years, ood de
struction certain and Barely has been the result
in every case, so will it be next spring. Receipts
of all kinds of produce are moderate, so also is
the demand; no largo am'onnt of wheat, corn
or flour could be' sold at present rates. Here ;
are the facts. White Michigan-wheat is quoted
at sl.6o—now and then 500 to 1,000 bushels
could no worked Off*at that; 6,000 or 10,000
boshels is one lot coold cot be sold—
no one would touch it. So with red
Western, [email protected] is the quoted price, bat no
man can sell 6,000 bushels in one lot atpiese
figures. So with corn—mixed Western is beld
at 87c, bat there are so sales. I ordered 5,000,
10,000 or 15,000 bushela.'sold'a* &4c, but no
sales could be effected. These facts should
show our produce dealing friends that the pres
ent excitement at the West is without founda
tion, reason or judgment. <.
There is now in New York and Boston all the
floor, wheat and corn that will be needed ontil
the next harvest, withont 'an increase in l the
present receipts. And in regard to eorn 1 will.
state one fact—the crop of the State of New
York never was so large in tbe memory of man,
and she will make op the entire deficiency of.
the exports from Illinois daring the coming sea
son. So whatever fools may do, wise men will
stand from under.
Tbe Cincinnati GazttU of 'yesterday contains
the following synopsis of the market of the
14th inst:
.. There was no important movement in tbe pro
vision markettto-dey. Holders were firm, bat the
demand was limited. Nothing transpired in Mess
Fork, which was beld at [email protected] 75 for good
end first brands. Bulk Meats were beld at
for Shoulders, and 8% for Sides.
There were some orders for Bacon, mostly for
fiichmond, Ya., and 275 hbds. sold at
lor Shoulders and Sides. Lard was neglected.
Holders continued to ask for prime
barreL There was a good demand for Flour,.
and prices were firm ut [email protected] 60 for good sot
perfine. A sale was made of this description fur
March delivery at $5.80; indicating faith in the
The higher grades of Wheat advanced [email protected]
per.bnshel, with an active demand. Other grains
were firm. Whisky unchanged. Sugar end Mo
lasses dull and slightly lower, with outside sales
of the latter ut 37 12c.
At Buffalo, on the 14th, 4,000 bushels Illinois
White Wheat sold at [email protected], and 600 bash
Chicago Spring at 95c; Cornß[email protected] Timothy
seed $2.50.
O. Preston, President of the Walworth Coun
ty (Wis.) Agricultural Society, believes " the
deterioration of tbe grain crop is attributable
mainly to the nse of bad seed, or at least to tbe
rising seed not adapted to tbe diversified soil."
He urges'fanners to "meet together in their
several school districts and interchange vie.sp.
and talk over what experiments theyiiave found
profitable and promise the surest returns. It
cannot result in any additional mistakes, and
may very materially advance their interests."
An lowa paper of the 6th instant sajs
We have never approaohed.QQ near jv famine
in this country, especially in tbe West where,
we inhabit, as we have the past year. The wef
weather which prevailed and characterized all
most tbe whole of tbe season filled our soii and.
kept-it so full of water as to prevent the growth'
and maturity of our crops,' tbe effects of which
ure now manifesting themselves in an unwonted
ecarcity of breadstoffit, threatening a rise in
price which will occasion general distress, if
not actual want, to thousands ,of ouirpopula
A correspondent of the Prairie Farmer writ
ing from Fana, IIL, says:—
.Wheat in this section is badly hurt by the
freezing and thawing-, weather—not so bad on
•od ground as on nld ground. The early sown
loblts fair, bat tha. seeded laie late 1 Delieve'
will amoant to litte this season.
A heavy sale of pork was recently made at
Lexington, Mo. The Lexington Etprat says
of it:
A tew days sinco a sale was effected for the.
delirerr at this point, between now and tbe first
of April, of 11.000 sides. weighing about 440,-
000 pounds at per lb—fooling up $37,000.
Tbe sale was made by Co?. Anderson, and tbe
purchasers are parties in St. Louis.
Chicago Daily Wholesale Market. _
Wsdicsdat Evxsxko, Feb. 16.
FLOUR.—Advanced 10c... Silet :rtre:—soo bbla fair
Bp'logExtra at 1525; 61 bbla "White do at
44.62H; 68bbh "BushneU" Bed Winter at 15.75.
WIIEAT.-rMarket etUl buqjaot.. Wntca-Advacced
l(S2c. Siles were:—3.oooba No. 1 Bed in
store; 2,000 ba do ut SI.S7X In etore; 3,(00ba do at SI.SB
hutore; I.OJI ba do for delivery at shller'a option. all
nextweeV. at #1.2 J in. tore: 1,-WO fcaNo: Sited 1 «t #ll4
Insure; L2W biido at#L:l<)< la store: JLSOQ tu do*at
•1.15 in store; 1,200 ba d-» at 11.15 la ban oa track.
Spwss—Advances 2c. Fales were as'" follows :-3 000 Vd
Standard in lota at 98c In store: SCO ba do at 11.00 on
• track; 300 ba No. 3 Spring at BSc la store; 4.600 ba doal
&9Kc la store; 2,70) tu do at S9c In ftore: 1000 ba do at 90c
1 Instore; 800baErjectedat7Sela.store: 800 ba do a 76c
instate: 300 bud at 78c In store. . •
CORN—In better demand and advanced K®le. Sales
tO'darwereaa foliows:—l,s6o bu at 6934 c per6o lbs In bulk
on track: Mobndoat63cen track; 100 bags at 03: deliv
ered; ®0 ba Ear Oora at 6Sc 70 on track.
Saleato-dar we:ej-SQO ba Rejected at
43clnitore; 100 ba medlamnew crop at &3cdeUreul.
BYE •60baRaprimeat?35 *6oiwontTack. - 4 .
fcAttt/ET—Firm Sales were;-LSOG ba Bedlam Sute
atSOc delivered: SOO ba*ood No Sat&cdeHveird; 700
ba pilm* Etitsat Il.Codelivered; 8 0 ba Rood No Zla.
basa fi! baji inferior do at-53cTlellTer
ed: 10C0bnNo2*t50cIn store, with wln'ers tor**e.
BEANS—Quet. 8 lea to-day were 200 ba fair to sood
"atW.OOQI.IO; 100 ba prime at #160.' *
BEFD3.—Market doll and lower. Baieato-day were:—
10 bssci Cloveret 15.75; 15bicsTlaethyat21.87& Han
mrian Grus Seed In demand at Eodßsc. None in mar
IllQllWlNE!—Market heavy. Sales to-day were :-
100 bb a on private terms— arjderstood to be
.:.DBCSSED. QoGß—Uarket very dull and declined
Sales were: • .• u *
a Uors. ave*aslajr U? at *ioo
iA do do 210 do 7.ftPi
27 do do 173 do
&4 do In lots at W.OO and #7.oodlfldl;g on 400 lbs.
PROVISIONS.—Market dallktd lsnnld.vMesi Perk
, nominal .at <17.75; Ueas fB-9)9.1A0Qi-.Cat MeaU.
nrj'ected. V. *
LARD-Nomteal at UKOIISO.
TALLOW .-Scarce and 1a demand, at JOKc. ...
DIDfS-Steady. CltyOreen.6Xd"c; GrsenCountry,
7Q7Vc; Green Salted. BfcßYc; Dry Flint, 16aiSXc; r
■ Extra do. 16 Ve.
PELTa-Cilr. •i.IWSI.BO; Oonilrr. isataj.
POULTRY—DuII. Chickens, SiSSLIS 1 -' per
dct.: Turkeys *(39Vper B>.
BOG*—Receipts heavier, and market easier, Eales in
bblsto-daratlf?. . • v ►
CORN iIEAI#-3 tons CnboUed sold at 13.75 : Baltet*.
BUCKWHEAT FLOUR—Neclected. liarket nominal
at <2^2ii, and#).Ssf rDlroaUUls.
POrATOEI-InWritipplyalCs®7sc. . ' "
DRIED fBUIT—6S bbla ehtdoe Dried Applet at 111
Bov«ae&U of Bnail—nm» Feb. 15,"
aaoatm sr
Vloar Wh'l Oora • Oats Bar. OH. Eon
• kbla ba. ba. ba. ba. No, No.
By Lake .... ...-.-.-.7;...»
ByGaLC. R.iSM . 4165. 1369 1133 653 14
ByßockL R.&. 100 17'>o aw S« 67
SrUlCeiriil..... 5i4.j.,;,;i.a0 39 11
ran. 4Q...175 m 1011 fiO « 60 2C3
BrfsP.4F.dnL. 263 ia 535 1220 19
ByO.A. ABt.L .:
Total-...-.. S S I 13X2 3223 2293 19C |5 43>
New York Market.
[Br Tuaure.] . Nnr Teas; 7eb. 16,159.
"FL^CIU"PIonr leta'actlveTbut "cotrmon and mediant
fradulia*vadVkDcedse Saks 10*»bbUate5i85*5.S0
Tor ttit-rr tUXri IK.-.1WK.05 fjr 'e\Ara*SUl« »5 3*».50 kr..
tuper Wcatrm: fo- common to median extra
Western UarkrtcioslcKqa'.ttaDdfirm. One boodred
-doUuawaapald fortb* ruut to t«k*.or leave, wltlin SI
daya l.lOQbbla aunerMate at |o.S(L Canadi»u.flear a
ana 'e rrts«r. ■i&@72s' f"r Turaacm to-cholw eatra.
tmsll stlea :ye llsur 53.75&4 30. _
||>aAiH—Bil-aS-OOObu >Vln
terßcd Western within the rwip? of
write ?outlifnr at Rye Quiet 13087e.- Barley
Sale* 14-600 ba., We«tera mixed Com
<3ulet andDoca , nalUßWlß*.c. SalfeatitXiO bn new white
aud yeucw-octhern ut 9>tt&4c. Oa.s sieadLr at SIHXo
1 Jcr aute: for Wea:eJa. '
WBi.-tt.—JUiLer easier.. bbla at
Pnnns:jxs—pork bravy and lower, ttalea 1000 bb a at
•17.7&f.-rcln mee; llfll cww* for
pritue. tteffßtO'Oy. tUlea WO bbla a: W6O for coantej
prime: S7.7sfcj>.oofur eonntry ceti Beef nam* atetfly."
I batea2&»«.bla t #[email protected] Wfvr ptienfe U««betfcooalaal
1 ntsl*ai9. Cat meiU ten bnorant. flaleiaOO hlidsak
o^O7iicforaQoaldera,and lor baa». D-eued
: doll al bHftftc. l Btcun «nle% la-d—sales SOO bbla-tft
! Uuttcr li modecata miavstat UQilde for.
Ohio, and IC£27 for But*. Cheeae firm at &£llXc. Hldta-'
more active, galea of 14.000 atSTc.
—DuU fculfirm. IC Beadlnebonda
ftf 15M6.70: 8«>; De; ft flbdana 99*f nd pref'd
SJ; Pacinal'76V: Panama U4Jti UalAUbte CBV; BS0;
cb-.AKIcoX; MCO.H; M816!<: atonlrgton6o. : »••••
Cincintratl Market. •
BTT*LKn»i»*.l OnKanan. Yeb,ll6L .
FLova-rUoohansed; fair desa&djaod fail rat:a;aataa
lSlMbblk tS 60(i*6.ti0 for super. Kecelpta 11* t. :
u HifKT—UaU>nd anacUed; aAles of 1200 bbls at 35X
S2o V- aoilac noß'Dal.
P»ovi.«ioxa-Very llule dolrc HetPork nominal-no
sale*or deaaad of about 100000 lbi balk
meatsaoldatior ahooldtra and fjr «lJea:
cou:d bavf been obtained for modsboulde<s Prime
bbla Lard was »o >d at 11 *.. belne «farther dedna. Baron
doll: 76 hbda skes eolu at i>S'd9X-nollanc
fccaue—Onll, inlsiricev drooping.. Molasies da 1. at
Cotra—uneaanwd. • - ...
Duil. at #&COdS.7CI. Seeelpts fair, de
mtnj llm'.ted.
konr—lacood demand Erehame flrm, and Eastern
scaice. WewUrUaaaln be!t»r rop^ly—qßWWaotiatsed.
New, York Cattle Market*
BrTcjtoiiiWJ " . . , Hnr Toix.Kb. ! ia. ,
' Thefe fchfcroentlfts'week'QTiltea loathe re
ceipta of tjaeT cattle, and eooseoaeaft advance* oi Me.
UuutaUoaa7®llK for inferior to beat yfi", aDCljtf •
' Torpremlnmratde'. toeelstsJJW.*"- —,
cheep qaltaaoUve Ptla« narsg ton #499. Some
very extra hronsbtlU. Beeelpta L6OO. 1
jfcaro>, sad.aellinf jrt.CXf7Xgo».j Be-,
Company of BoJTalo, Febm*ry ltitb. It 9.
Tbe Irmtee ,1a to tb« <Jh«tter. tubmH 'he
'.foUowlßxatatemffitof the affal tcf ifie'Cccipaay on the
3d of Febrauy. 1 ;
Uceitrned Fcemlnma. FeK 3 '6B. «>9.42> 23
Pnm'ums received for the year......312.U.8 64
Tola' Premiums *3!1,465 06
Amoant received <ct Marinerl«ks..|i7472> 49
Anuont received for Fire 1U kf.... a73IS 35
J12.U8 (4
EimeJpremicmifor iheyeaf.. s3lS.4d^3i
Marire liases, re.lnor:nee aad oom
mUsloss 1U6.F34 31
'Fire L055e5......... ..*
Ezpensea..../. 13.714 3 6.1W.C20 !3
. 7:TFfo 19
Dcdod unpaid losses, esthnalel 4.00J 00
Total profits forthejear
:<. v j A BflJi.lfl .
Cash on band and tn Baok tir«J6l 87
l/ianion fcOnrtjandMcrictcs United Stiles,
Mateottftw ttocka aad.other,aecar.-
tiei .' 2-"7 *4® "4
Bt-atn Tax, pnmpt, and personal iJ.CiiO 71
LiiK recriv«Ltle...i.;.,.r...i 24>21 7^
JalaiiCd duetroui Agentsasd cthen 42,5-7
Salvaaes aud vets:l propeny. SO *54 «7 »..
. i • Tetai Assets.....*..- 1 ....i.a> a
Tee hive dtc'arei a BDlv:d«rnd o f Forty
percent. (40j.<mtor the pro Its f* tbe year. Parties la
temted can obtain their ceriiflcatt son and af.er tbe l«t
cavcf Maicbmat. ~ • , •, „ ■'
The ires ce« have als> dee'ired a Cash D'Tlieodof
SeveaCTjprretnt or me ucutinllxg euip of tbe Com
pany, oJt cf tbe accumulated laterett p jjable, on lb.* Ist
da» • f March aiiberffice of the '
nieTrajleesbavefarUjeroeclared tha*.afterrcor'ng
suae three boadred tboosand dodars of profits
' t&o.' ihaitfcecettiflciteslssaed ty tbts Company in 1i53. ,
aid lSi4 be red«em:d la Uazli on and after Ab| lsi*of
March text on persecution a-, ihs »fficsof Compa«
Dft aad that all ißriher »h«Mmeih*l cease.
A A. EUSTAPHIiVE, temtary.
' TaDBT'«B3.
Deanßichmoni?, > RHFIsU. , . ~
'' U Brto*tcock;" r * ; BSbm»rd«' M' -V
11 M Kicne ¥ H Tows.
1) N Tottlßv < l ' ' ■ OyiCS Clark.
GeoSUaxard. fcQ frDaulJa*. _
XOPaimer. Scbujler -'o e,«- •
Jas O Evans. A a E-><taphleve,
BepUmui Lathrop, UTWilJ.oms.
. Jaaco Packer, ; • rratt,
fl • Jewett. M 8 aawfey,
5 K wo'thington, J De bier,
D \V Howe.l ■ Mies Jones. > /
JAMESU. EVANd President,
BiLAi d, Fldd. Vice evident.
Joa*tosaT*a»,lnjpeotjr aad. kndpeyr.?: f
■2............D01e's Uui1i1ine.............
Cor. Clark and South Wattr sis, Chicago, ■
Li j Ifplg.cg7 2wJ , M
...;it * M ; 1 - ■
C O k'P A N.^','
•'* —OF— '''
Peoria, Illinois.
FEBBUAE? FIBST, 1859.; '
Amonntof its Capital Ftoc' r J500.000
Amount of It j Capital f tock paid up,i W"Juho
TLB Assets of tUs Compuy nre ;
Cash oohani and inVaodsof agentv! $ 29.60* 90
Re*' Estate, a: incumbered t-,315 09
bonds owned by the Co- drawint 10 per et 12,700 W
Loans secorel by Uoiteape of He.l Es'ate,
worth donble tbe amount i aiei tiitrcoa,- ■
" ' drawiic 12 per cent i .Wrest 113.643 71
All oJier £ec;r.tles. consistia« of
bills, notes, drais andarc.-pt^ir^sjnator* • -
" tn«d*lly. having froto- sic. tto ni ety data '
frjmdatetonm,diawin< U ter cent, in*
tercet-.... 173.291 C 3
Total Aaiets
Amonat 6ne or not dae to Banks or other creditors
of tbe Comniny.... IISOO'
Lnssea adiaitea and dup dod^.
Losses adjunedandnot dae...., I.'oo
Ltssts onadjustel none.
Loeaee in sns'tnse and waiting fenber j-roof^3.oo
A.l oJier claims agalaat the Ocmpany cone,
lose Underbill. Peoria. B. LT. Rourluid, Pe&ria.
AiexaßderQ.Tyog, " Mdney Polsifer,
H.N. Whee'er, *' Charles HoH.nd, M
Lewis 110 land. Wm. A. Herron. **
Wilt fc nem.
Milliam Fena. " Pnlio Uoland,
Sacsel Howe, t'hlcaio, ,
CHIS. : HOLLAND, fiac'y.
J. Aug. Wright, Agent,
J48^..; i... .South JVatcr.St j.. 118
•: . {feiac2l»4wl . . »•:;
—or TBE— - -
On the Firfit day of Janoary, A. D. LSS9.
Jf&U Pi tht 'Auditor cfJKt&I&U 'of-JUinoii, fluc
tuant to the Statute of that State.
- The name of tbi* Can*«sy b>"Tae Hame Insararce
Company." Incorporated In 1553 and located tntbechy
of Ciew zork.
... .1 OAPITAI.r
Tbe capital ofs\ld company a toaliy pail »
Opto rash t5.;.......i;.*;...-<6O'WH)OW
Tbesur. laiontcelrt Jan., 18W. 7J
Total amH capital and sarplui .41.041,431 72
Atncnntofcashlabank... t 83 4'jl *9
. . .. .. balanoeinbandiofaeectsand •
in ecorfteeCtraasDiUslon 17.720 64
..- Untneambereireal estatebwned by
the c0mpany..97.61100
.. Loans on bond aad mottfagfa beln*
first 1-.ln of record on nrin-aabered
> realrraV. worth at h*»<v #1 l?!*.5oO. •
and on which there is less than one
.. ' Loans m bwdt and mortKistts'o3
wiucb there- is due more than one
f * - year's Interest ; none •••
. v. ~ Loan>oustocktaadboDiispayab!e«a •"
demand.the market valae of becuii
_ ties pledged. 1153 0?7 109.550 00
• .. 'aJ'OtheTr.a2atn>:det>vthe'emapany
-• noiincluded *nprecedingitimi .. .. cnone.
-., * ba'.kbtockt ow.ei tiytbe compaiy,
•market value) £3,000 GO
~ dae tht company on wl>lcb jadgmcau \
- -.--havebeTiobtilned:. >orfc—
• U, ti. Treuery Jiotes; (mark'tvalue.) 77147 £6
~ AssessmtC'S on the stock of the cjm* •
panyealkd In and d'e aad unptld. "
• ••-orpremlara notes dae and ■urjpsid:..-• nont- .
kliasoori State bo da, 0 per ct. (mar
ket value) 17150 (0
~ Interest actually due acd napalJ.... 14.128 30
Premiums doeand lectedenpol-
Ifles issued at the office 1.68& 84 '
~ Bill-recciva'le for premiums oo In* '
land savisaUon risks... 8,03* 74
Aaawtiof Locsei and doe aad «t-^
paid none,». •
Losaes licorredacdldtrojts.ofad- C J ■
justment $10,116 29
j 'nC , Loom reported, 00 wnlcb.no.atUon . ~
has been ttkeo. v ...,
.."1. Ulalas Rwks*esresiH*d ey the Co.. 15*9x4
Dlvidecdsdcelared du-and unoald.. 24j»0U- .
.. .. either cash or script de*
el*red,lntnotyet cne...... non*.
• M«neyborrowed...-. tone.
AU other existing claims ag&'tist Cre*
:.,©op3pa3TV EODR'• -
T«tal ain't Lisies, Claims and Liabilities ..^isJ3_t3
The greatest amount Issttred at icy one risk Is *30.000, ■
batwflt not,asageLtTklrale, eicetdliO.OCW. •' '
lieeompaaFb*Teoegeneral ttile as to.ttwiamount al*
loweo to be Insured In acy Cit», town, vjilagd or bloc <.
. it b tin* tbe intention of toe compaa7U»ois;nbate ts
risks In such a manner as nat to lose mote tcan tIO.OUI
by a s<r«ie fire.
T?o part of capital cr earoinrs are In a=y
other S a:e as security for io ses therein., , _
Ananejtedcocy.cf.tha cha.-tar«r AiV oi-inworvoratlon '
accompanies this Stalemect. __ -
~ . State or Naw York. J..
City and of New York.)
Charles J. Hartio, Pres'dent, and J. Milton Ftrtlh.Sev i
retary. ef tbe liome InsnraneeOomptnr. belcg feveraTTy
duly sworn, depose and «»y, and cart for htmacii eajs,
tbaitheToreroiagia a true, foli acd eotrcct ajuesieai of
the alTdlrs <of ta d CProration, and that Uiey are tae< -
alKive dewrioed officer* thereof. .. , ...
• v -> fSeneAJ • * CHARI K3 J.-lrfAllTfw.Sprfg'duit
[d4nedj i. UlLTO.SisiLiill. SesnMij. ...
Ecbssibe-J and sworn before cie th's 24'h day"cf Xah'
uary, A. D. liaS. J. WSL
Commisalooer In »<w York fg
the-ft?ntg of iH*na >.
"CerUftactcto expire oo the 91st Hay of JSuWtt, 1(60. c
Acditors Orncs, Ptati or Ttu»oii)
i , . • . BpdCßaeW. Jaanaq 24 ISSJ. »
WKieyaa. the Some Flrr
ted at New York, la the Kta*e of New Yorr. has tiled
In this office a tUtemcnt of lh?-couiit:ou of its a&*l s
Mreqetredbr "'An Act torenl*b«4beAceaetes of La
sarance Companies not incorporated ty the :ft\le of
lUln.li." approved Feorua;y 17th. 1555 and aa »*t
AiheiMl»to , y.iha,-efcn l approved Januu> Kdr-U&S, aad,
"wbereaa-»ssd*eiD»an* has taWJteii i»>3*aca«rr cwU -■
dence»bat it >s possessed of the required amocnt of caci* -
talvnTesiedia flocks aad nertgaKes. and hai fileH.la
.Uiiaoa • a wttten tastrumeatalgaedby the President-- <
ttdßeeiitar> UlelctjfappogitlngiLlS of Chi
cago. its agent for the tranaaitton of the business of laid
company, aad f&lly and unraaeTedly him "to —
aervlco of tor aod 00 kebalf of
said compaET. that service "of pm£4m nt-on
hlo, tb« saidacenvabalibeukeaaad tabe asvaddas
iraerredtiponthecfmpaay. and'wavering aU clalmxT
arv by reason of each aervfce,. • . 1
Nov, th*'ref>re.ln'pursuance of the afbresaid. t.
Jam K. Uoboia, Auditor-of Public Accoanu of tbe
Rate of minoU do hereby certlrt that the <afa H. Bi •
WllxaarUtis aotbotUed aa an A*ent lor the said Co mjany
to transact the business of insurance in this State, until
tie 1 hirtv-fint day ol J anoary, lafiO. k> far as he n«y be
lefa'iy empowered so to > 0 by said Compar y.
•ia xestimoey whereof I*nare hereomo tubscribei ay •
name, and afflxed the aeal of my office, this 38th day Of
....... ..
{sealf Andltor Public Aocouata, "
. ( i . f<s clst4w'i
Chieag» Firen«ii'B lnsaraace to* j
•Ami. W« CtnurV aid Ciark-itx^'' l |
... J. :.UP BTAIB&.i
... » bisioroßßv' :: " Y .
TTinsMi fTinri Ti" S W. Geo. W. Dolt,
tlLHaadock, JVK. Botaford, OniaxUm Ucti - '
O.ELFarweU. w. 1L Larrxhee, J. T/kdwaru
THOais CttCßCir, Prert.^
OLH. HOLDEN, ■ JOS. *. BBOfIU fiurteyor" "
OF TH* crrr OF CHICAGO. I - "
pare, lU. lsath .Water * (
• Atftwrtaed Oa^fM,- BBo,<ool Paid itr aedee ettred) lfsj^l
■ aajioißC ciaacTons: , ,
J. F. Aldricb, Joha A. Kiehola
X. C. Wilder, JL'Bitnufaa, >--* ; :i
• • • Hiram B. &a I tiu ' •; j -
•••»*• , iDTiioir siaacToaaS
' Wctoott Our,' ' a.U. nazietoa, ' "1 .1
C, M.iienaeraeß, . AdaaSmlih. . " 1
A. EDWARDS, * • .
6C. VtLDBB. Secretary. • -- . r 1 '<
' GRO.'T. nXsTlKas,Geaeraf Ageatt---'
• LEWIS B. RDNDELL,CTiy'Sarveyor. f _ 1
' O- Fire, Harfne'and I aland KtvicaUon laspra&ee, J
jeiitw • ! 3
Kre lasurance Comply,' ;
PAIS *3 00 000--
Ingurea*rinJtLo«by*sreooly. T
A AgeaH. <Moaie.comerUaltf 1 *'
■•pEifrlUfaOiiia,J-'r- *:ih' ; !
PAID U* OAPCTAI. «iy6 006. ..
TUrongb to the Guld .Mines In Ten. Days.
ProaiUlori'iiid th;Gr«t Salt Lake and
Cherry Creek United S.ates MaiLwUluinadaly -
... ExflrcaLice of •
Conpoxd poaches drawn. Males, 1
Through r-om Ate V.'son. Kamaa Territory. on the n reit
XVtest' rn fi-od t t the Missouri JUyer 13 DENVER CITY,
atthf Wrnj.ifcfCberfyCreek.
•"* ,r rrUrfcT&ily&cfeoflil&nsE
TLi? bth; 03W dillr line of ttves to tie Gold Mines,
"Willi stopping places anil relays of
3?Vettii Mules Ev6ry 30'ftmet<,
Passengers fryffi'a line wflltfetalri'nlirocgh'mni At:bl
•on to the Gold M nes Id Ten D ys being'TWEKtlf
D*V4 Itaj time than by ax/ ttba*c*preianee.
Par? throdfch to Denver City.vhrrrycretk. ilWfroia'
> Atcb'srn. . .. J
R B —Passenger* wi'HjeVjirJ'dthmogh totne tn'nes,
tbe Gunpaay laving eUab bh*d EaJm every
twnty ilUoi. F.r.y lbs. Ba**aae wia alia be'allowed
esch r.r»Jij; J f
P uengtr* waibe'rlnmnw iba*. tt>o nusibeirfare
~ ar J Board frcrn A'clLon to the oku ani IrtUfct on
forty lbs, b»»*egs. "
TLrosgh Tkketsforsal* from CMeagi a' t*e office of
tbeCbi'Aio, B-riojtJD k Qiinc-Utlloid Deiot.
Oi y S'.k Hckets 10 be soli per d.y, comTcndag
M*rvhls'U.:. . .J >t
i. oF"Tc.itswl3be ready for sale in adrance en the
• lOthof Mafch. •
John M. Hockfday &, Co., ,
Prorrieiorsof the OLiled &a'ts Mail L'ne to Salt Lake
Tels 3ae36 and Cherry, Creak.
American' ! Trari^rtation
Incorporated under tbe Laws of the State .of NewlYcik
CASH CAPITIt, fg00,00O;
FAANKUK LEt* Tlee Pr«eji»ent
J AMtS a EVAN4 See'y and Treas*r.
V / tlils company will oe prepared io transwirt Pro*
perty. Mercbindlae. Ar.. from New York. Bosiod. Alb in v
ami toiyjld abj'cf *A'so. Flon*. Pro.
visions, Produce. 4c.. from any of trie Lake Ports to tide
.-w»ter. w.th*sgre« eare and dispatch/'aDd <t!as low
rates as by a-iy other responsible llne,attbe same time
■ *lvingthroughbLls-of.lading iar aW ptapert»..'whett de*.
aired. ,
This Compary hare a line of elsht staunch Propel'ers.
to piy between Goflaio' and
'atSbeboysiQ, lUlweakee; Baeise. Watxke-
Ran. Havl: cat <"blcas, aniple faeDltles »nd wareboose
accoincDoJulorifor tbe ReepUoo assorting and ship,
plnxofall ar;lclcsentra»tedtotbeir cue-.wMcfc will be
under the of-ibelf Aaeou-whowln tlve bis per*
son«l attention to thefalflllmeat of contract#, adiailment
.0/ claims and damigr-a.
As oarOompaoy binrea lazxe Unt Boats on'
*tne trie Cabal, sni are abrm*. to establbb aline<tf Steam 1
Canal U;aisa.so. w<f leel warranted In represenilcc to
cor numerr u< costomersT thai taey can rdr vpoo areater
dlspa cb as<l at leas rates t'ian baa h reUforet»eet>Klreo.'
We. therefore, a'k ta« ijnblietoconilnue tbe oatrontte •
to Hbera:iy bestowed apon as darlnc tbe vast frar ytars.
Cffiietand Dockson Marketb«.«een Washington and
Madison streets, Ohicaao. ill »'
1a318mc125 • OHAB. g. CHABV, Ar*nt.
18e e .
Qliiiois Rirer Packet Company.
Incorportei 1858—Capital' Stock, $200,000.
D. J. HANCOCK. Pres'L "WjL P. HANCOCK. See'y.
I for to it, Loulxani ail points on the-Illinois
Rivfr a'the lo«ert rate', Frticbt by .OilcaK' and
Rock island lUilroad w ''cori*, aad Steamboat from
tlence. Forparticoitrs apnlfto
~ . T, W. k GX. Aaents,
fellm-di-f - l&liiS'tth
1865.^... .WXNTER.HATES ... .1868-9
notice. Jrught will be .carried oterthU Line m
below: ...
|I ii if If B I I|
.ItooHLlcw.to,, BJ.
""o,. 0 * 0 a 50
, Boston «1.8311.3811.1767H.M11.E3
• New Tork; 1.80 I.«J 1.20 65* IJO L«
Phiiadelpbla.,..-. ,1,«0, 1.23 1.10, M 1,16 1.25
na1tita0re....!.....:..'.. I.tiO'l.2Sf'l:lo' «U5
Pituonnch w to 45 *6 :o :o
Ctootoeaao. » />•()' .9 IMV. 6i 70
• Oo!ambn% 0 1,00 S-j 65 45 .... "«r
T>aytnn, O t£ 70 60 45 ti 70
. CleTelaod.o... 7U, .CO. ,45 ±S 45 6')
Ihrakirk, N.Y. «•' 74 •« '49 '6l 74
oiSlao. • "■ "79 - fij
Grain by Car toad to Cincinnati 3J cents per ICOiba.
, ■ ftnlk lXeat to Pittßbartl] IS cents per 100-M- • .
uo&'nicu made to aouve poUHf si feciabt Office, Cott.
oer We«t Van Barenaitd Cacal streets.
Contracts to Boston. N'eff York. Philadelphia and Bil
tlmore. >via PeansylTania-'Ceatral E.E.. given by
GLAKKB A vffiee.'dutfe's 8 oek; corner BoiKo
Water acd f.asaile streets, and *t Uecot at Canal street.
JAW. W. MUtJdON. PreitW Ar»n% thlcigo. ■:
J. J. nODrtt'ON. fleo'l ' te!*bt Ai'U Pa.
Chicago. Febroary IU. la?.
1559: 1 JVOHTHBUN 1859.
Tran*p»ri;uiou Co.'s Expressi
This compaky are now pߧparbd
to Rive throosb BtiU -«f Ladloe to New York and*
Hoiton, for thatraosDortatlorj of Property opoa favor*
- aNctcnpj. tr m ensuring aad the-D.ocDt seW
reiiifot of uiueren bat 01 the same.
Thed. T. Co.'d Pr-iress rlil transport eeQds from New
Yorklotbe v\'es;iiur'nKthe tnrwjy by tail,
acd*o'j tbe opb- hsof nnvisi'ioa bylue N- Y. 1 L H. B.
to Hnikirfc. ajd thence by *ropeilrr to Cbica«o> -
83T Maik packi*ra "ti T. QoJa Sipreas," aad ship
tg Yr* fcl-K, R., foot of Daaoe street.* or Pier 8, Eas<
" .A*enta,No. 3. Wtntieißlij/New York. * * "
iriTUES fc CO.,
J off? Tmoiot Onr-IjßaHeahdKarth Wattetf-Ohlcxo,
\J Nivl«* ton, t»*e followfnc A'No. 1 new and largest
clafj screw ' a\l?< Ur*-?ly increased their
C4:.a':it» <t.TPa«enscn, will fiU tUs line as fjllcws: *
FOUNTAIN C.TY, Capt 111UNTEE. Captain Dicisos.-
P»ok. • CapU WlL*
Ball. • . |.
Leave ClJcaco from ttie fool of Litaße street,
BIJf. A. T. ayeocer 1 Co.'s wharf. onTuetday, Thursday
aodS lurd-sy cvealngj. atSo'clock, laniliox idall pointy
oa tlie Kejs blicxe of Lake iHcLian.as lir ndrtbij Twb '
Rivers, *atl *tMaci'nac,
Tbroasb FlIUs of Lading riven from Cblcup and ports
on tbu west shore or Lake Mlchlean, to Boston, New ,
York. Mocu eal aud ail U*e in tbe Eastenr
and ifcir Eatland EUVt-saad CloadJT^
Connects at UolKaswood. with the Northern Railway
of Canada, and at k»roatowiib. tfce. Grand Trunk, Rail
way tor Moaircal. Portland and Boston . asa
1 akis Ontario or-Niutar* falls Oswexo, Cape..
Vincent, and ai 4«densbnr3 w.th tb«»' Vermont Ceotrat'-
Kdtroa t fur Boston and intermediate points on Vermont
. CentralbeureeoiUienalmuJkAad.ttofctou—..... •; •
Tne«bove Line is aaeqoa'lert for xrd du*'
patch, for frelsht b«iween»the Western.
, and Eastern and Ne wEpjlapd States aad Caaada.
For ireisht or apply t» ,
A. T. SPK.iUKR k Co.. AieoW,
' i::........!.....'.... V...:.:.... 1 Hsy. • .
. . A"D . , r
to ALL Xisr>:&l CXyiE.
; u " "'iSitMe it : a .-:i
P®KOlAtr±Q««'». ve Prelrhli
ThroiSihTby satWtiftrofQieTtnaiiaßTes named above,
Ho. Block-rearner tJoatti Water
■ »>DepotW St. #t
lL.Cbic»co: oru Depot, Liberty street, Plttsborcb.
. -. tted2aß.*of.Vie rtstttf is
tie are located at
No. 45 mtjj street, Boston.
No. 75 Ferry -iTeet,-Hartford. ?
No. W No r ui street, Baltimore. Tvt v
vigd Depot, Philadelphia [oc2My. '
■^S.• • d&
■■■" Thff~SteaTnsbtps ** ,
MIISEAB FPRAOPE. Oapr. MttttttWi: ' I
KLNiISO lU.N Capt. Hater.
i;iiic.oF ainr»«j Ctov Howe*
*■ , • Fomi A Ilefftilar .J '
sanic* k wlt& Brett'*r^iirify J^m "each porC TheSa-.
steamers are staanch and stronic. and In alt respects
well tilted aad provided ibey hive eooil acc -modaiians
whtaa33«Qktr»,apd;fepUht-p<'«U fak
rates Tuese ?te»mera rnn In dote connection wrtbtfea:
Pennsylcanla jtikl(foods are forwarded :With
proaDtn-is and HfcN'RY '
- -)aio«9o9<m; No.iClS ctb tTharv«^PtiCadafch!a»io
¥>>r '■ Cairo ;;aW jWew o rleaust
3Vhe splendid fast - t-RTTr
.r.u. >
Will rcn. dorios the ciciln/ Fail and Winter, betvrtk'
.-8L aad New Orleans »sfalkiira- 1
do .v.-.t do OeL 10.-'m. ... do„. do
do do Nov. I*. *»i do do 1.
do.. do . Dec. S,'W»... do da-*
■ do-* - - do • Dee.-®, SB> do do
.. da- ... do. Jin. 19k 'in*. ■ . do do t
do .. do-.- X*. »t. \AO-.
... -.-de .wdo -' Feb. ti.'ifc.do ~11 -df^- 1
•do . do JTeMnd.::4o:r do
LIAVIJia .CAIRO Odi.lL. -i& a* f. M.
• d* "idaw lOcU tt* '*l -...1 ido
do do )iov.-Jfc..'£V'. .io do
• - do - •• do Dec. 10, '6B, 'do
' — tto —" do* • —do— ,do
/do,. do. - Jaa.'ia«Mr r jv do do*-
- do"- - A - do do
. j <0 .• 110. •,Fe<w.*t*W.i «i i •/d©'; ■ 'doJl
do 'do" AT« IX TB. , do I jdo
•Tor Frekhl or hMt atv r«J *p*9 ar«o ttf Ara4.
'ttßCLeoia- • . W. DL LORi CIaTL
• - ■ J ■■ » ,
Sttiß Ferrj fr»« Cootil BhdEi to «inka CI ty.
.X cirty 13 asA
has takeQ over at one load 300 header QaXU£. and sm
canca*ke4ocroj»'n4<orm l ire,eaaivrarin » 7 day. and
wui Be'abii t3 wwV'ftam J f«iria ftre -
waeonsaadteams from senriae to aunaeteieh'ttay.« 11
: i '
Ueorjiska .GojH f <
. • Utah. California :Ore»o aad .W— f«riUries,
IbatUu roads trow fairfieii. .lew* Cto»., Dwhaqtfe. and
»olntatateroe<Bate.byUeancUfli4liiiani;oi»a6a City,
a»d»a (be acrtb sMe of Ue £latteiriTer. are better,
Beatec, aad.mare.Abaadaaiiy iSlocked jwm.. wagons*
bcrse&AalM«nl(9ato.z7roTbioM aalcoodb Ibaa aay:
.otiter, Andwiib tbe HHuimnU aiit |owafc,»nd Umi
resnlsr rnd weU-esubb*aed Uce of-MaU «Mib« at,
re*dy extendUk tf'■ps*KQKyry and soon to bau.,
tended all vfac w«yw> o> tentW U 1s no longer a wfldec**'
. stem route, an f.ryian eoontry, (wveaa be tra*
" Vrted'aj nSgi aad «affc»e*!y aodtn«cli taste easily
There brut CitMßvleKlft.orfMd
Btatea.se leveiwndenUretywtthoai maftttes. tfooghs or
badalaoeaead Mnearty S&e Areaaia on tbe
north sua «f tfceflaJM Loop
Ark; milm* Ai.Waka te>m« cood
Ftny. moamyK.
Tor tbe~OonseQ Bbdfraad Retmaka Ferry Ootn»aaf.
i' ijal&tt»-cl y ■> n u?« '< .' if
t Captain
■ JUL ..v'
.• ; U()
*.» a. Jamea Conoingham did in the month of Ap'll
A. D. llja. execote to me a mortaa*e wbie!> *al J mart*
»*e « a flirt f.r record In tb« Recorder a • ffice of Oeok
Y 91 ??*?:. 1 ? *b*ktatoor li'doola, on U>e -;&thdav of Antii.
AjJ. lua. and dp-y recorded In said office 'n Book M of
»onea«ea r+jttlbi. which said mortgaae was made-ia.
wCcure tfls nayment of ttiree certain promissory nvtee in
auo.mort-a e D>rtl«l»rly .he o-e ofsal.t
n te*la*tLatarinff havitu falleo dceentbeSHh day of
Ap»U. AD. ldH-acduftasit havisg been m,d~ In the
psyetest ui tald _sotelas*.matariag. Ii wh'ch sail mort
sareh * wovwoa thutt default oemade-.rr
toe paymrnt, «r slid notes or ek;h>r of then, eivaer of
*riael-*l -r on the day o r dajs whereaa th
taoe shal become dee a*d paynbe, taattben and li
that easel an empowered iaaedby said mcrWsge. after
city of
Chicago twent'day< before the day o' sale. V» s il the*
trendies In sild moitoce Oescribes and all ot the (qait t
of ndemptlooof the said James Casala-him at
tbe O-icrt House di'cr m tbe «tr of Ohica>o. to the Mj&.
estbiddarfor o>ah> a*, the time mentioned in said notice,
apd to mate, exeeu.e ant deliver to tbepcrcbas<r or
pur:bffers * de«d or deedi of toe premises iobj d ant
out ef tie pr eeeds of »acb aala to pay tLe costs or such
Sale acd ih-p ioclp.lanl lnteres*due cn si d notes.
now, theretore. notice i» herebygivoi that in ponu"
aaoeoMbeau*horityg.v<asfia ana by the mortgaee
aforejaH.lshaUon Monday, the Tin davof Mareb. *. D.
lw, at 10 o'clock m the toreeoonof g\id day at'the"
Both door of the Court tLu e, in taeriiy of O ica*n.-n
the of,C-ok, a-d -tat* cf Ilßnois, «ell to tLe hi h
esthdderfer cash «be prtmis-ji in sxd mortgase de
sciibeiitow.ti-Tbatpaii and parcel cfL tone (is la
Blow C4j. in tbe < ri« na« To*n of CbUaso,
Cooityof C*>ok and fita'-e of illnib. bcuaded as ft>l*
•lowsi t>tKl;niccciL«be eastlLeoisaij lot thirty (?«) teet
norti of the aiuthea-t ccrn-r. aad lunarn* th-dce
nor htrly al ng ibe wert line of *"ellj itrtet twtoty feet,
thetceweai-n> oaa teeparaicilw.th v*aOui*ton street
the west laeo said lot, being about elefcty (KU feet,
therce southerly along tbe west Use of »aid let oneil>
Cweatv US) t'e:t tnence ea«(erlr oa a line paral-11 «<ih
w.s* Ington street, about eighty fee*, to the pUce or be- -
Caicago.February 4.D. ljj9 , . fcUUI-c.SQ
•A . : be*n aade by Stephen Dtrr and Horatio 6. Lam-'
'bard In the piymest cr a promissory note executed .by
them and dated on thefinh day ef April, and payabie'to
tbe order of Timothy Kirk ten month. a' ter date the. Eof,
aodbelcgfn; the turn cf nineteen hundred and five'
deilan ALtiS). and drawing interest at 'en percent.
. Public ncttce b therefore hereby given that In pursu
ance of tte powers contained in'adeed of Trust executed
by said Derra&d > ombard. of date with tV m oote» run*
ninsto thencdersigaedaaTrustee, Llh-imas Freeman,
the Trustee named in said deed of trust; v il on the dae*
teentbdayof yrbraary, A. D; IS9 -att«no'clock to the
fote-oonof said day. sell at pob I; auction furcath to
the Ugbejt bidder, at the north dcoro' the Court House
of the county of Coot, in the city of Cbleago. ail toe real
estate and property described in aid conveyed by said
deed of trust, to wit; lot number eleven UU ia block
DUttbertwenty £0) Is Caeoeater'a Addition to .Chicago,
situated in the.- Ity of Cblcazo. con ty of aad etate
of Illiaols: said deed of trait recorded In'he office of
the Recorder of said Cook coun»y.' April Ctb. IBid, in book
49 of.D«edJ, page<ill, THOKaSFRECMAN.
f*9eWtd Tmstrr!'''
- ' L Charles C. Clarke and Mary 8., Us wife, of tfaedfy*
of Chlrmgo. OooLty of Oook, and ttue of Illinois, ese*
cue« to me a* a de«d of tout of the premkea.
desc;lbe •. to secure* pajmert of a - eria'n
peomiasnrynote of Five t ucdre*l and elity Seven bol
iar-, .tbereia mentioned, which deed of trust bears d.l*"
May fifth. AD ISS B , and lsrecorrie«i in the Recorder's
"ffioe or Waiwccta county, aid state of Wlscscrfo. tn
Bx.k2lof Mottca«e?, Pa<es4io and4ll; a&d whereas,
default ins been made la tte payment of giid tit te and
appl)cat:oa haa beea made t > me by the l»<al holder of
said note, to seil.aald prem ses. under said dt ed o: trust,
for the p-rposee therein expressed. Now. therefore,
public notice Is hereby given that I ih ill sell ateublia
auction, at tbe North door of the Court House In ihe
city rtr Chicago, in said County atd State, to tbe blahest
forcsab, at ten e'doca in the.ki'fv>Ta. cc the
Nl.-sTH DAY OF MARCH, a. D. U59. ifcaweaises aZ
acrib-d la said deed of trust, to wit:-me undivided
two-thirds (Xi «f tue ntirtb half tbe -©rtuweet ouart-r
Seciijn twenty-nine (23). Town nu-abtr one (UN r h
ab'). eiat of the tcurth P-iacbal
H.ndiin, aodcootttnlngfir\y three aad onethird (5«J<)
arrei, te the saros more or less, the same being land eel
aliart to F. clarWand Charles O Clarke from
the ettite of tbe late lt. H»ory Qarke. > i
Chieaeo, February 2nd. 1&&). teS3ot elbi
hereby given that defau thiving been aatle in
we payment af a certain Promi»ary Not« secured la aad
mortgage made and executed by Alfred P.
Worts, bearing date uth oay of AoiiL ani r.-corded
in U» office of the Recorder of Deeds for the Cooaty of
Cook, and State of lllinoU in Bo k35 cf Mcrgacei at
Page ,44 to Geo.' M. Gray, to secure the payment of a
certain proQisary note in «*ld rnjruare tentiaaed
whichCtcre wmbedaeon thedv?of sale, principal and
Six Cents. Now. therefore. 1 st-atl. by vinue «f the
power la said mortgage edwtalßftl, on TIICRSDAY. the
ten'h day of March, A.D. 16fi?,at tbe OuunDoae. in
ihe city of Chicago and County of Cook, and.State ot
w l i? o 'S loclt Pibllc aucUonto the
Mgbeft bidd:rfor e-isb the lollowlag described lots or
plooca of lands, together of re.
demotion, situated la the c:U of Calc--<o, and County of'
acd State of Iffinols. to wh; Tne uodivlded one
• moc.finu:.™.
Qhto g o.7 t b. urn. GEO - "■ 68AY ',y a °n°,;S'
' 9 , S°f- l t„ Ooort or Cook
tiountv April Term A.D. 1?69.
Franklin E. Gregory Jcha Eltao. Omaod lotton,
• _»jullSliUUtlu{4lOO, it
Richardson. Oe- rge Barnes. Jabe* W. Lyman. Har
. .veySoenMc. Edfard aleaandee, John u. Weatervet
• andOmr & lt uvvi. A Nortonßine Byron U. New*
. ell. Rudolph ficLloesser, ElbridgeQ,Newell, andehaa
Sonne. ■
Affidavit ofthenoa-reiSdeneeof ElbridgeG. NeweQ. one
of the defendants above named, having filed tn the of
fice ol the Clerk of said circuit Court of u©ok County,
Notice tshescby given to the said Etbrid*e9. Ne*eb that
said cooplfUnants filed t heir bill of complaint in sa;d Court
on the .Chapceryside thereoC on.the teeLty-ninthday
of Noveittber. Itftg, aad that a' summbts thereupon is
sued out of ealdiOcurt against said defendant, return*
stole on - the.first Monday of January, ]£W;as lLby
law required. .
Now, unlegs yon. tbe said ElbriegeG. Newell shall
pmojially. be and appear btltre said Circuit Coart
of Cook County, on the first lay of the next April
term thereat to be hoiden at uhlcafo. In the said
Oounty of Cook, on the &rst Monday of
and plead, answer or demur, to the said complainants' bill
1 of eomplalnt, the same and tbe matters and things there
in charged and stated will betaken as confessed, and a
decree entered against yon according to the prayer of said
- complainaata. WM. L CHURCH. Olak. '
. Webster, CoTpl'ts So«*r. Ja27cloi4w
O.—Cook County Court of Common P!e&& February
Term.'ls69. •
Silvester L'nd. Satanelß. Slater, Ex*cu'or< and 'Vos'e-i
of Jabey Barker, demised, vs. Jcaepb Wtl le.>rcrjr,
Ann Wllile. his wi e. Mary Ana.Barber, Lucy Ruber.
Harriet Barber, ihartcs Y. Bell, and Eiiaa Bell, hU
wi:e—ln (.hanccy.
Affidavit of the non-residenee of Mary Aon Baibtr.
T ucy Barbe-, Harriet Baroer. Charles Y. BetL and Eliza
Beit, h:s fclfa part <J the defendants above namec, uavu k
been filed in tae-oSce of the Clerk of said Cook Co tat*;
, •OoartofCcmmonPlegSL.A'otlcelaherehfgiventothesald
Marv Aau Barrer. Lcc7 Barber. Haniet Barber. Charles
¥. Bell and E:!si Btl l . tls wife, that the complalajnts
tUfQtpelCOUlOtroniftalw*tu tbe aalil o«cirt, on ttie Ohau«
eery side thereof, cn tbe day of le£9; and
J . . th)t a.somnons thereapoa issued oat ot.said Court
against said defendants, returnable on the first Uon
day of April next A.• D. IS6J», aa ts by law required. • '
Now. usl'ss >ou. the said Mary Ann Barber, t.icy
- &*lt ant Ellaaße.l,
Lis wife, shall personally be and apaearjh*fore
Cook CQu:tj. Court Commun Pleas, on
tbeflrtt w ijeyOem thereof, to be hold£n
aft Chleago In sala County on the first Monday of
April. 1859, and plead, answer or demur to tt e said
eampiahumVr bill of eomjilalnvtbe rune and* the mat
ters and things therein charged and stated will be takea
as coofeved. and a decree entered against yon accord*
lnjttoth? prayer of said bill
• Mattxtr; Talk Kins, Oiaerts floors. •• fr>lw cI3
of Cook County, February Special Term
Kirc vs.- J«haP,,ConXllng.*Gardon Cforkllng.
' 'CarCllfle A.'Conklinz. Sara*PA ConkUns. Gsdiry Bry- i
a-t, PetrrPecoy and ChariesX Treatiart^Xa-tlhan
. Affidavit of the ndn-res?de~ace of i"ohn P. Cockl'nr, .
«a*don Cookltag aod rar lce A. C'nk lng his wL'e,
SaralfA.pQflldln',fi&<J£reyßrjwt'aod ch rea J. '!>.
main, detendants above named, having been filed in*
the offioeoi the Clerk ot said Clreitk Coart of Oook County
, jioUm iaifCttby riveq to the sqjd J hi P.Coakitw, G»r»
<fonCbn»a** a- , a CaioHW^rCotki , i{ bl* w:ff, S-rah
A. Con Ji-r.Go ifreT*:rjantaad char es J. T< main that
• .said complainant.filed his biUof complaint in said! Court •
' 'oo' be Chancery ■vide thereof-'on thefi stdayofFeo»
Court against said deiendanta returnable on the second
, Monday.of February Aiis by law required.
• -jiow, niefsy«o.->he waid Joiin Pv Ooakllnip Uaroon
. Oanklinftutl Oaroil .e A- Conkllng his wife, tfarnh A.
Cocklio*. Godfrer Brfantand Charles J-Treaaln shall
peraosallj M and .api ear betoie said Oitcal. Coartof
. Cook Co.. on u>« Brat day a/the next *{wdalbermtbaeot'
tobeholdecat trncago. in.said Couaty. on U»e aecoed
. Mondayo.Jdxuary, I&SS. and tlea4.-auwer or demur
, to the saldooßaplainasU'xQl of complaint, the same aod
- tbe i»uer>asdthlnr»4hereiQ charged and dated win
■ «»?■:
- WM, L.CHURCH. Ci9k.
Gea-ge COQtt v<J'r. r ;e^cl-7-«w
m£a/ot a W. Wition,
vs. George E. Hoyw
Clerk of the Qkcalt Poun of Cook County dated the elgh.
■ 'Uveib day of Odceaber. A. D. laic, at the salt of the said
- ' Wimsn MeOeily and Mark W. Watson
XMctiattto estateoltteetidUee.B Hoytforlhesom
ot two hundred tod cinetr-elabtdoilanaiidtweaty-three
: >oesU, directed to the fihetiffofCookCoaatj. which said
- -writba b&enretoreedevecaded; Now. therefore, unless'
jou,thes|Jii George jt Hoyt ah ail personally be and ap>
fore the fiint day of the nfext et.6cial tern' thareof. to oe
hoidenat the Jorrrt Housp in thecitrof oa tbe
fl/i*. Monday 6f Jisuary A D. glfe special bail,.
aad plead to taesald plaint A* action, judgment will be"
entered * -on. and fn fawor of ine eaid WiTlan
. SinOoSy, John V: HeColly arrt Mark W. Wate. n, aad so
.tnuehottni.czopertyaUacbedaj naybesafflclectto sit
strthr.-said aadcottewul b# ooM 4o satisfy
the tine, WILLIAM L. OHUBOa, Olerc .
- Cornell W*H«4 Jametou. Piff's AH'yi b®63 6Td
-QTATS Oi? ILLIJiOIb, GuUrtl'lr O?
ro Ccroi of Ocinnxm Fieal',
'UfctrtePsTSro&alui Charles Tattle ytlOrrille Finch."—
Auachjnrnt- .-••••.• ■ • •
.Public aoact 'lf benby ; g!Ten to Bre ssid OrvHie Viach'
-that'a - wnt"w. Attacimiest .isued cut of the effica
eTthe'Ciertr cf Coot Caustr-Cotzn of Oommo»Heas.
dated the ef PeDsaryr-AD. i*t»,at the >ulvet.<
Jltriag A Charles J3. andXh vies TolUsssLacalcst
tbe estate said Oryule Finch- or tne sum of r-x-
Orrilli nnch U
peyionsilj.be T Bd appear, bctere tbe •aid.Coekcouay <
SortoT»iMoa Am aa'sr oeSvelbeitaft Oa o: the 1
next tern ihereo', to be hoiden at the Ooorv House
is the city of. Gkkacv,oa the • first -Mooda- uf Febru- i
ary.' A D.1?55. give - special bail acd plead to the said 1
plaintiff:* action iuigtasntwill be.en:ered.a»lr.styoa
-and Inj favor .of the eald Ohariss U Booth saifturtca ;
Tut le, aad r> much of tbe property aua«ed a« oiy 1
• s
Porter EUiai'tr Si' ildrt. ■}.'
s e *ajsss^'Ka?s!sss?a;j?a;^'
dtrof Dfceibfr, u ihi nU ot the ulUoau
SrtMhfud Poitwßllraetud antaal nfrats. 1
the said Andrew J. Short- Ar Ibe weia of threw Thop-.
perwnaltr ,be aa* > ppear the aaldCiroaii,
the first d»y of
1 PpeaialTeTß Usenet wbe boMeirat the Onr Heuae, in
Oomell Walte k Jamesoa, Plt'flaAU'ys- deSb^>X)d
B. Dycknuo--
andCwtn u?Baigtfiti Attsiiliftiait n
■ Un» t-WTtt •*.JttArtsaA» (Mad oat ef the ÜBJe of the
xSr&ot-lkmCook Oounty Oowt o(Cem»cra Plaaa, daj?3"
tbetwenty-fourtkdarof.nwombei. A. it llS$« the suit
ortbeaaidWa. ■ DocgeU, Henry D. Basxu and D.
#sais?sas, , e®StiSs;i , ti e .ffMS£'
Bow.rkwißMi Mlsw JIIII, thegaWßanifdfph Deo*,
note apra9*L Drckma? and Edwin ©eovmore, tfiall
be and appear beftre thraald.Oook County-
Comswn Plea. 03 or brfjre the first day of the
next terra th^tto thwOowt'House,la
the dty of Chicago on ti**tni Hondo of fetraari, >
aa may be saffielens to satlsQr the aazd'
Ooort of County, March fcrn,"
of Sobert Cam ah a^.:.
ii(w4ißt be«
tamable on first Monday ofMarehanwJWLaelsW
» the said Robert Oamahaß
► aiMl irginanybeand ao*< kefpge.aatdObalt Qourt,
ofOoorOowsty.nx the ftretoayo/the next March term
' *"* ']
onurfffiloC fee iib>' j
..SlllSffigrtM siaMd,
wfflbetMMiM onnrasaart aodadagee epietwa aoiasi
1 All Persons Engaged In the Manufacture of Lnmber In any way
vTr/rarsi I*^'" 1 *^'" Ee Issckd A P ra c - ISJi - Aswtio.vai. I*ote*ot Patented May 4. ISSS, since which time Kile i
S»u'Jii ta * orLaal,e ' ftom ' n » Ua, ' ,rLo « TOtoaor ® fc « to «=".»ia'Do«N.O^ s . Mto( 0( W ;^,g, w j xv ,, |ta!ttalUlMWlMocJto ,' |0-l „. o(
THE sroitro #£ILLS
BoththeeeMfflg are AUTOUATia or SELF OPERA*
TIYE, or can easily be worked by hand without any
cbante or alteration tn their construcdoa s are the mogi
mi leldom get out of repair. They are Made to
Wear durable and tubstantial—for Year in
andYesrout. Tbe Saw Frames are of Iron entire: tbe
Carriage and all are to endure heavy work, to in*
aare accuracy and durability. The Pateuee bM been m
for the past Thirteen Years, aad now offers the retult of
hlslabors and experience to these who wish to avail
themselves of the benefits, claiming that Lumbermen are
here oßeredthe
now before the public. Also claiming acd ready to prove
thai tbe LOG MILL wID pe. formaore than Thrte Timet
the work of a Muley Mill with the expense of One.
Ttie BIDING MILL will perform from K Hmore
work than atyflldleg Mill ever know?. Tht per cent
dean profit theseMlTs win makeover the above est!*
mates of work will be. as will be seen at once by a nr**
ticalmaa, much greater from the fact that the expense
of running, less hands employed, aadiucut to nothing
for repairs, are items In the manufacture of Lcmber
that eafc up the prcfits to an alarming extent If not
watched. These Mills attend to these items In pervoa:
thus augment the profit of the manufacture.
The Above Engraving reweseuti the Sldizg Mil tor
Yectly. It is well to state that these ml Is are not depend*
eat upon tte mere statement of Mr. Ferry, the In senior.
*bey have been used by many, ane. thoroug» lytesv.d In
all respects, and are recommended by ail for above any
Mills In tbe United Btates, Wehaverooa betfera few
of the many flaUeriot testimonials from high an*
responsible parties.
Prom manufacturers.
The undersigned. Manunetorers of Lumber, having
had in use Whliam M Ferry Jr's Patent Sidins MlUs. do
hereby testify to ibe rescel'eace Lbove all other kinds
we have seen in operation.
The difficulties heretofore experienced In the use of
ether kinds of Mills bare fieea their liaMthy
to get out er repair, making tbe manufactory of lumber
more extensive and tae Inaccuracy of thldraess in lum
ber manufacture subjectlug cs to the loss of so?d mate*
rial—asCuila. By me ose of Ferry's MiHa <be*r slapUet.
tyand the itruuth and workmaalllre mau:.er of their
constructon d >es a*ray with ••ilnkerog." and they are
rellabie for work. These Mills, with bis late Improve*
meats, are the only accurate s-tticg Mil.s to uniform
th ckness that we hive ever ustd cr *een In o-wrailon,
and we recommend them from our own knowledge and
experience to bethebett and most profitable Mills we
know ot Th; patentee's ex.erlence as a Lombennan
h : sdou)Ucss c*l>ed bis attention to what we have here*
toforeso much seeded, aad we are confident ail using
his Mills will agree with us in tbe exprr*sloa above given.
FenyASon, amos.Ncrtna. HunterSavidge,
Stephen Monroe, • Galen »astman. t.o. Ma on.
liaa'l F. Fargo. J. Hilda k Co., Kellog Wthe 1 Co.
8. Lawrence. Richard Robert* Georve L. Norton,
liofrfciaa h liroa.. johu Uiancy.
1952. raaesfferTralas -will leave the Weils ttr»o
f. depot dally. (Sundays excepted) as follows:
lor Frtepcrt Galena. Daoleilh. Belott, Jane«TUle tad
1 Prairie da Ghlea.
PviautraaiUill....,., 8. SO AM.
atd Richmond.* £3O PT M
i Throo*faPaoea«er..~ LOOP. H.
•_Two rhroo*h /rains wIQ leave Central Depot it foot m
Lake street, aafollows:
__ roß3iuDiA.miiETßinßr.rA7i.
, JPalli (Sandaia excepted)... 8.46 a. M. aad!.OOg.B.
Leave Pnnlrlta ".CO A. H—write In Chicago 5.30 P. M
' 'tew do T.wP.M.-arrivelaCnicaso4.i.6A.M.
ssxaiGo, ruifoi ivoiowi un.
Leave Polton 10.00AM—anrlvela Chicaceat 6.C0 P.M.
Leave DeKalh e.15 A. M.—arrive la Chicago
. Jacejville at &3Q P. Jt—arrive la Chicago a!
to® A M.
• ■ • . vox arm vailbt
, Leave Zlsta at 7»U) AM.—arrive la Chlnsfo 9.KP.M
_Psuen«r« for all points oa the Galena and (J&ici*t
union Railroad, and Poltcu Unes> thovid the tratav
; Iron Wells Btreet Depot. ••
'One of WoodniPf Patent Sleeptn* CvtiU leans Ca
traLDepotnlthtty wlth-i.OJ P.M. train for D*ale:th«
v r^ 11 U}e above tralna_coaaecti with the Great JCutaro
DscMdbenriiig troaChicago. -
Throoab tickets can be bonjhtat thsfoUowtnjroSee*
g. Jj,Bpaakiin**!, earner Lake and Dearborn streeia.P,
P. W. M C.IC E." Hcket OSce. corner of Randolph and
Dearborn streets; Mlehima boalhern Offlee onder the ■
84TereHoBaa.andattheCestralaQdWellsttreetD*9ota '
' ' 'rn - « " ~ JOHN B. TURNIR, President.
P, JL Hill* flqpt
. fl. U. Poraa. General Axect. nog
Por Central and Western lowa* Nebraa*
kt an< Kinnit
Composed of th» ••
Chle*s» k Kock Istiii, Pe«rti k Buua V»llej
' aotfaißslssippl k Blsmul Kiliroils.
A CITY and WAshloetoawitboatehaaeaof Can.
Jollst. L*Salle,pA
Peoria,- Sock liiAaiDaTeopdiV M&Matlna. lowa Ohy.
WaaUnKtoftaadVbrtfesM&aei.- • .
. Thre*', Pwentc Ttalaa leave Chicago dally
.mia DfcpcWfeomfcr.Vaaltaeaaad Bhena-*a streets as
• follows: • • • * • -
IU» A. tL. Da? Xxprers, Bondari emstM -Tor Jollet.
Peoria. Eoek liland, Ussc**
• <• line,lowa CUrMd • ■
ILCQPtM^KIcbt £xpns«fiAMriajaexeet%ed-yorPeo>
rIA ftocl: lalaad. DaTsnoort. MBscathe,lowaChj.
The Ch'cw and Rock Island aad KUskripplaa ilf>
ioari BaUroads-foria toe only through roat« froca Chi*
c»fo to tee tnterlor of iowa.
'PaMecrer tralaa um throczh to Ibva Cltj and Wath- ,
listen wUhont detestipo. u dianas of c«ri at the Ml* '
tisslttt SlTet. emsstnt the EaUroad Bridie betweea
AM.and S.a
.'ioUatAecoamoditlgß attJi AM.
\A\zd Salle, with for Gal»« |
At Peoria with the and Oaoawka Railroad tm
• -GiSsrfennrAntißnrtinstaa.'*
At Waahlagtca wiUt Line of Btarea tj Ocaloo%-
/Kaoxriile, .and* all. poiaia la Oeatral aad Booth era
Vj QWfc . . » ~..4 t .. J. .U . ...
ferloctdesMolaea. Oooadl 8100. WaahltHon. Oik«i
toosa. Wewtoß. Wtntenett. -Port Dodm Sbui Cfy,
- .. Myahsatqwa^Marietta, lowa faiu. Oedar Rapid*. Oedo
faSvand aSpolhta la Oeatm ihd Ne
braskaand Santai.
Local asdUtfoach tick oto en eala at the Detot. also at
ofleeof Port warneand ChleafoHallroad.
•<>ota mi Raadc4pa«t>«eta. aadoSo* ICohlranßocthen
BaUroadvmiar JUrere tiotd.
- W. L. BT. 'JCTSV. Oca'l 7iaket AneL tarU
KidßiaAN booth a a ttr~
l««.__'WiaUr An*»*« Mat
JL * teatoa.' • PhUaddpftla." laitiinire. Waahlnxtoa.
-Cfivehlaad. >tt«Btwrxlk DBnMtrk. Bagaio. K»«.
Rochester. Srrame. Troy. Albany. Salra. Bingham*.
Worcester, and all point* In the New
: . «© Ai JC Jjefl aad iecoaedatioa. tia old
6:45 A M. New Tork Express learea OUeaco via oH
' 6:00 P.' IkE 3ew aad Boetaa rtm. «m Mt^y
Icaallne. • r-
A.M-l«ta fcadayij
Adnaiwlth train for Monroe and Detroit.
/ f eoaaecUoss-at Detroit with
Wains oa Great Western Railroad.
&0Q A. M. (daOy. tianuar* «xceptedjcoanectin«
. Bkhartwlih train for eo*«n Air I3ae.
8.00 P.M. Wailj. eTceptfcjiiwdarJ annnfrt at Adrian
with train* for Monroe and Detroit.
' ' - ' OCT TOP
•, • -^tlaonwnaitTPifl
, tefa32Sfß^ l tsßTO^S^ > • AJ^ tnta
flckeu can be baa at all ticket OSces in theWeit, aad
, at the Cq3J?»a£iO®ca maertha Rerere Hoaae. cera«
feadctph aad Dekrton cteete aad at tne depot.
,«.ijaO-]' CA.M.BRAY.Qeperml.WjMsmAienl
i l ; 'J«Mrta'ap rats.
|wi ,i l 4s ß J imia i ou , >her , nfltke.,Rains will ran as lbl>
LttT*eCUntonat....:.. M .. M . M aUAM.andi.Sof. M.
, ArrtTeU!4eclaniia r Tm«...-..ai15 M,and&oo M
Leire MechaalesrlCe.:......;;. 900 AM. and2.oo 44
• Arrire-ataickg^^..urn M.ande.oo "
fTnnprnipfTliTiTfiifMliTiiliis Tm ntilnin orer tha
DfaysAig-Llaeofih<galenaiaad RaO>
:%iniUbMaik( Snesp^.uil^ktti
AtTiakee_Raa waa Btacea lor forooio. at OatNl 1
Grare with.Blaaea for fSCtr. At MeehaaSeerffll wtth
ftar A Uaboa. My Yeroca.'Marion aad 1
Will Bind it to their Interest to Itimlnc oofr of
From Practical Sawyers. ,
The uadersigned are praetfeal Sawyers, and having 1
waed ant seen in u*e other kinds of Clrcu'ar Baw m ii». j
we prefer those of Wat M. Fer.y. Jr's Patent above a& i
otnersi .
Wecan cut mere lumber with them la the same thee \
than with any of the ether kinds heretofore In use. for \
M a^t ret, .°7 : JU , m It Ferry's j
. Machines takes the ilaca of keeptsg in repair e*mpU- r
eated machhery and a g-vater comber of be-V as In all
other machines webaTeweo taking np more of la a Ume
13 "Jlnkeriag." The Areor is o' Can Steel
a-d ail the work connected therewith is finished in sooh .
a manner that we are not troub ed with Journals that ?
heat to the damage of the Saw and detention of £e MU?
All thei workts stronr.tl-epie. and convenient We can
J«Mw°ftt»e S:w tnslaatty a d«lthoutstopvisg
the aiUl. for different qoalltiea of Tl.i ber. or as different
Bawsmayrjeed without < eating or having any tendency
to h-atthe Arbt ror the ?aw. The convenleoce of the
f l ]®* "canta" on these Mllla very great
The • does" bold a cant firmly, .ven in treaty Umber, aod
the peculiar -bead dor* deea away with tbe use of a
mill bar." Th- experience of all mill owner* and
Sawyers Is thait e 'mill bar** lathe cause ol wore ao
cldentsthan anythlnc else. Tha -adHty ot fitting tbe
carriage for receiving and cutting different length cant*
Is unequalled.
we near no complaints of irregular thlckne»s In the
lumber from Ferry's Mi'la We take pleasure therefore,
in reoommendag t eae BClla u the HANDIEdT and
BES r we have ever seen.
Thomas Merrill Jo». D. Stebbina, Ela* Tarrant,
NtcpUsLawle*. Henryßrasted. John Tarrent j
O. u. Bramnte, Gilbert Thompson. Samuel KimbalL
tterett C. Messenger.
From Lumber Inspectors.
Vfe. the underaigned. Lumber Inspectors of the dty of
Ch'esgo, being frecuentl* emp'nyed .ntbe Inapectloo of
lumber msnu'actured*roo Wllllim M. Fe rr. Jr's Pa
tent Siding Ml Is. wooid hereby testify to the accuracy
manufacture of toe lumber sawed by said
want of uniformity of thickness Is a prevailing eom*
plain; purcnaser* ef lumber, aod ibe satlaractloa
«hieh.lnthts pa.tScalar, Inevitably follows the saie ot
lamter eat from sal t mill* la the sorest Indication that a
decree ot perfection has been attained in their cons l rue*
Una and operation that place tbem unequalled by auv
. •n < nrn tons. The work Iha them lathe best
recommended in taey need for perfect,eraetlcal and suo
cea ful machioea.
We take p eamre In commending Ferry's Improved
Mil a to general tue.
Chi cars December 90.1588, Grand Haven, Mkhlgaa.
O. H. Hortcut
From Dealers.
the underdraed. Lumber Healers in the dty of
Ch.cago, ha>log handled and »old more or lae lumber
2 m w 4 Ferry, Jr.'s Pa:ent didlng
pleasure In hereby certifying that lumber
manufaHared from said Ferry's Improved Mills Is of
uniform thlckneu, smooth and accurately sawed, and in '
' ton »erp et pre'erible to Itunb-r maauactnred he inv
other selfseiticg mill wi*h which we are acquttotetL
Ih-Importance of havtn* evenly sa wad luaber iur asuc*
cessfa t ade Is so < s entiai aad to generally known that
commenttn this regard ts unnecessary The beet anl
most reliable iwcoramendatlon we eau offer for said mills
litheualformlty of satisfaction which lumber manuftc- "
tured therefrom gf.ee ioout numerous customers. W»
therefore uahesttatinglT commend Ferrys Mills to erne*
ra» see aa the asou perr«Kt self-eettiog raschlne known to
Capaciiy «/tU« Bond it not»Jfrual toanvin
g tte Ocntnirv,
r«t Three Through Passenger Trains
\J Depot at PKtsbOTWiththroogh trains .rom all
M. ,7«htero CIUm tor fauaajHooia. «ew York 009(00, Bai.
M. Colore and Hajhinslon CU«; thus ftirnlthlag faclutia
jj. for the transporta>iea of paneagers ansonaaed tor
weed and comfbTt bv any other roote*'
Express and ii>t Llaca run throagh to PhlUdeloMa
wltnoot ehangeof canarcondactora,
H. fmoklDfcaraareattashed to eaca train: Woodruff's
U ffleeptog Cars to express aad fait trains. The kxoresa
« * 4 * l >lie Sondajsexctpied. Thtse
dally trains coaaeet airect far New York, kxprte 55
Part Une connect for BalUmore and Washington.
_ Trains connfet at Pittsburgh with the 1 A.H, £xor«k.
. Trains connect at Ptttiborgh with the 5 P. M. In
v™*** la PhiUde.phlA or Baltimore a* • A M.
Hard ta Ncw Yotk «ti3o P. M. MxU Trains &ve ««r
*. •* Philadelphia U p. u.. New
six daily tnlos between Philadelphia aad New York •
£* New Y,>t * •» J Boston. ThrooslT
H. Tlcktta, (ali aS) *re soed on either of the above Trtlns.
„ RiTcror rftonlnrto "*
of the 1 estuax line of steamers oa the UlmUsipiTror OEdo
rivenl; uditicket Westward at the offloes o{ the Co ta
li Dany la Boston, Mew York. Baltimore or rhlladeJphiai
ct tare *lw*js ts Low ts kj uy ttHer Eonte*
M _ V"Ask for Tickets by Pttteburth.^l
The eomnleUoaot the Weitgra connections of the
* PetmsylnolaßaUrnadto Cbleaco mates this the
Ihrtct Lvu towtci UaJ&ut and Vu Gnat
» <»«»«% of tncUJtJbe Sail road Wdge at
P Pittsburgh, avcldicg alldrarige wr fcnlaie of PrelsbL 1
id together wt.h the saving of time are ad raatages readily
is. te L «liwr»y asd the travetlag
Parties nMoplngßartwaidwDl Had It to their advaa-
Hft to too b* Uu route.
Por irtlaht ccntracts or shipping directions spr*r to or
- addressor the 'oUowm* Sm monw:
9 AnawarVP^t»s&ursh; DoyleAOe, flmbenvtUe. O;
n J JJohnsoo. tlpley, O;
•* By; Ormiyii Creoper, Po.ta>
n °oi AtaeeaAiUbbert.clndanv
U. O; Ea Meidrom. Madlton, Ind; WUilam Rinrtm
'J« p ® "'Riley k Co, IvansvOle, Ind;
N WUraham AOo, Cal'o. id: it PBaas, St. Louis. Mos
jahnHHarris Waahvii:e.Teoß: Harris k Hunt, em-
V le rr? S < S 4rte,k Ca rhlssgo, 01; wH H Koonts.
J Alton, 111: Murpcy k Waiie, Uuhooae, Iowa: or to
P. eight Agents ox Kallroads A. different points la
The greatest facilities offered for the protection and
speedy traosportatlcn of Lire Stock, end Good Accom
modations with usual privileges for person* traveling la
_ charge thereof.
this Boats he gbts of all olserlptions esa be tor*
I. braidedftom Philadelphia. New York. Bos'oa or Ha'tl
f. norhUi aay potu on Us railroads of Ohio, Kentucky.
I'idUaa, lilinnlfc Wisconsin, lowa or Mlwerl. by rati
, direct.
7. VhcPennsylvansaßallroadalraenDecteatPlttsburgh
Wu2t steamers, bv which soods can b« forwarded to any
. pert oa the Otoo. Uuulnguia, Kentucky. Tr-.neuer
, CumberUnd, Illinois. Ulssia*lppL Wlsconja, Mliaoari.
'• gansaa. Arkansas and Red klrtrs; aad at Geveland,
caad-aty *nd Chieaso wlm Steamo* to all ports, oa the
■ NoztL-Westeni Lakes. **
. Merchaaaand dnlppers enUngtlngth*
. of their tre iht.o thl*company. can rely wiihconflcence
l ' on ttg speedy trsnsit
. . Bates of freight to any point in the Wert >y tire
I* Pennsytwla Btf L-oad are at *U Hmes as -favtranle as
J* arerhirsed br oSher Railroad Comsanlei.
a T psr4aukr to a*xk saeiagee- TlaPren. B. R."
p Merehaitginihe Weu oraertng toodt'from the last
will do well to toed them to be sfclupedbf this roate.
■ Par lea attending to tneir own shipments from the Zsst
,• • -will CndU m* their aterest to eall on tn» Aseats of this
Company at the •ofcOßlng places bciore sh ppiog: er let
-1 ters addrveed to either ofUwe- apon the subject at
treUh s will owet wuAjrompt sMtrnt-n.
9 £. J. tneeo»-T. PhilaJditUa.
Magfawk Itcosa. ?«Xortb street BaltHoore. .• ♦
B {*c6ivA Oa» No. 3 AAnrUoose. or Mo. IdL i»m.-ft.N.Y.
B KKJI>T Kr»a apum.
HTHTaODBTON. GenTPreUb; A«*t. Philaielahifc.
! :; ♦ L HOCPT. Gen'l JicMt Afi, PbU«delaiU&.
■ • fgQa A. ftpwi. Altooas. Pa« - »ja!3
i ISM. Wiatar Anaacae&L u&f
9 A Depot.'ft»ot«f Laiestreet, Chicago:
tu) A. M.—New York Bxnne—(except Bun dan) arrive
at Detroit 180 p. Itr Snsveasioe Bridge, or
BaSaloM A.)Li Aibaay *»p. On
p... Tort to«-P.t»aPyUti**^fketi5
ftOO A.K~CTndnaatl Tiure» OhjiUW mmUiK
- Arrtre at (ltirtnnsa
%|CCA. M.—Detroit Aeeeaaodatioa (except iuaday) ar>'
rive at Detroit lOU6P. M.
; * oo *- M -^^ , afelrSL£ssiiTs;
' Onlycn,t»la oaßnn£Vu£o7.lC.
- All trains eoaaea at P«Ra with IheßeflUo aad LaM
1 JartD Railway (brfisiueud aU ust* aiTc •
, ssiMfeset
jCasv Northem veraonk Btw ssairM
IpTliilllfi 'Tirrk-r iltTii iiimTl
fwi» H nr. ».n r -4-a „
I tntbeWert,andatthw*Mneril offloe.eorn* I**e»3
Dearborn streets, oppoue the ftenoui Hooak flit its
1 sad atthedepoCCootoXLakenreet.
* Oea.
m GHAWOSOrTIMB..., 1850 1
jjagtop. OM Qatam MB. P M. i
Bawuei ei-ipull anlsee
dsu lUi r, 1 £ in
llngton 7JO A. M.. teacy if JB A. V. ~
Tralnale*vo BMtwaad m ftPawai •
** Galcaborg JftOO A.M. 4 ffi >?
iiMtzriaU wtt B&ls QMrnl TsUniil jsTlli to i
Amboy. rivnn, Preerrrt, Hal ens ami lnmMlli'.ZujJT
f«ni. Ignaiigss? :
as aad the best adapted to the wants of the lumber
C. Vesrs A C*.. BflßkM* A'Maeio&,' QUen Bestman.
Jsa, V. Dickey, jaeepb Wilde k twn. Throop k LeMnrd,
y»L°®* * Lyon, Bowam k k rton, N. LaJlcrt a A Co,
* AJ. Blcney, Loomls 3t Lud'ngton, J M. Uaftcn A Bro.,
A Hro, Henry Ho«lan.l k Co.. B, Breesier. J
W. Chun. 8. A. Irisi, 11. Woodworth A Oa, Parsons A
IjrJlV bioojer A MwL Qo , JoliU
Cltncv k 00.. Ottawa. lU,
Ctdcaso, Dee. Mb. l&i. 4
We beg. also, to refer to th t following gentlemen, who
are well acquainted with all ihe practical workings, pro
fit t and ben :dtj of my Hills:
f?™>- 2,"; T. Powat* Grand Rapids. Mich.
J| on - Wltde-D. P«*ster, do. do.
Hon. George Martin, eo. do.
lion, li M. McCrav. de. de. '
Lucius Patterson, Esa, <*o. do.'
Htnry Msn'n. Esq , do. d«'.
#weU Wood, Eau.. do. do. ,
{} J« Walksr. Kiq., do. <to.
*l?* i: AUeasak Jllob.
Hoo. IL D. P sv Holland. Xieh..
Hon. Ueory Penoyer. Grand Kven. Mlth.
Hou. T. W. ferry. d«. jo,
«; Mason. *s*, Mnakegoo, illch.
Bebt, Esq., da do
J««7. Be<u White Rlvee, iilriu
In O'derin* amschios. h U to knew whether
Touwaot a Z«s/t Aontior a JtiffAt hand mucMn*, ■■ the
carnages are a* eoseiract :d as to tdut CromtOe it* in
running back, to prevent beafiLne t->e b»w or scrntcuirg
th* Lambef. aadf^rtbo raasoo that In some ttfiLslt Is
doirable to have the cVpcular mill In « gi*en potltion r» -
latively to the log way or to the upri«hi saw an* others
tn«re»e«* as onaTenieoc* rtrqnirtr* We mast know
wnat Aana mil iiiwanted asUtt offset boxe»cannot M
pa** tuuuL or rtntd on a kjl JUiml r»»uu
uje Siwiog floar, with the to&lti.-n of !«-<
■jae, mmper »Udes asd s*w or uws alre*«»y in the mill,
* t ". , '*«VjodaatOieartthrlrtndvraated.or theone «r
dering tp.e mill can do so himself br r la obn-rvatlon and
eUenUontotbeffHowng: etandiDgbehln.l
saw, trjncglt, if the carriage passes at jour nstit band,
ttus righthandmachine; If at
aaosl marhltie Tne millwrieat wilt readily se« th-t if
•w-apwrtetit ssfytyptaeedbe wveo two uivhtneai
as me htind. tbea t»nae of tbem the ctfits will a*»e »»
'wing over the carnage frctnthe back part of It. and th«
other will receive as it should, ftom fare kid#
or side tnat the saw »rtds.w frame are on. Thettlllscwi
be used butihe cf<n*en ; '!nce and facility cf
.ftke.lumber. Is
qmte an Item In mills doing a large business.
The we'gbt of ildlnx Mill, comrfelA Is about....2.CW >4.
' lx>* Ml'ls " l«frjm4.iXoto-ia««ri.
I keep hratL at all time*, tbe af>ote «lila. reu4y to
StJpfrom my dork'o any port ou th# Ltkes, or 10 an?
point In tne United t>tates or Canada, anw if
•end a man to sot then up-aad give lnxxact.oas
thtir ope atlon.
Any further particulars can be had by addressing me
as ioilows: . .
PEBBYjBCBG. Grand ITavea Pcu Offlce. Ulchlgan.
Or to my General AgeoU for the United States.
~. Tripp, Hal& I't.t'o,,
• . Winter Arruiigemcut.
Qnst M»a ud Sxpnaa Bout, to St. Paul.
h/jber 29til * 1 ? 68 * PMeeager Trains will ma daily,
i (Santos axoepted,> as follows:
9:00 A-iM.—atiDStaUocs.reaching MUwaakwe
I L2BP. M,—Btepplng at Kvanston. &!*hlaad Perk. Lake
• t- • Wankewv and Buttons north, and
1 arriving In Milwaukee at 5-15 p. ud cod
necun* with LaCrosse A Milwaukee-Rlllroad
tor ax, Paul ami all Minis. la the M :rth-wcst.
k *.«*• J 9x ?J um * M nuMJJurm oaiaxno at.
ten P. M.—Stopping at all Stallone. and arriving at Waa*
kagaaat fc3S P. to.
At MU wanks? wlthLa Crosse A Milwaukee EaUrftrt for
' Hartford. Horrloon, Beaver Jam, porta** CKy. iii&on .
Sparta, and lAOrosea eoaaeciing aifiparta and La*
CRM* with thrrr dally lino of Maxt* ior Bt. Paul.
Winona, fountain City, UemTi i^n.nn ti wini 4*t».
oott, Hudson. Btlllwatcr. Hastings. dt,Antboay. Minneap.
I ffHt Vj Mlimwu _
Aim» Ooasicr at Junotlsn with the food da Lao and
with the Horicon Railroads, lor Pond do Lac, Oshkosh.
WaMuan.fiipoa.and. Bedln. Aliwwita tb« Milwauteo
aad Mlsaiasiapl and Milwauketaad Wateitowa Railroad
• tor Whitewater. Janesvllle, Madison. Prairie, da Chlen.
-£t.-Psoi HariiaDdand Wttertowa.
k At Rscine.JbanoUun. with tea Aaelneand Mississippi
KLkhoro, Delavan, Darlen, ii>
1 rnkM ftaios leave Milwaukee at iOOi.lt, ud Chl«
. ca«o atfc4iA.il. dally. . ™
' aoa » M. L. 3Ygg. Jg- Bnp t.
-Li, from ChlcsVo-to Pisuborth wLhout change, 00a
necdng with the areat
ToMew ¥qra.Jfntlartripfiia. JUiticiore and nsaXlnjto
HerehMtg, by taking ftlsroat*. will have the bene
fit of all the markets at no additional cost.
Bacgage checked through.
Ttaina leave the depot corner of Cuul and Ta» Bar en
streets, vest tide, aa follows:
A. M.—Morning frm ssa, daßr.Bunda»« except*;,
fetf P. BL—Hunt sapregh daily, Oatortayi excepted.
iwMirmaMiireeMaewtaiarrwaaaaad Laco dhwio
fcOfroad fcTSmMr*. NiMn Palls, New York
aad flotoaj. and all Interior towns or r<v>r ttiiland. via
Mew Tort Oentraland New York and Xrie 2ellroad«.
▼•Twa. EMmbenTllla. Wheeilna. w! pnteriT town» ft
Ohio and Al»e trains at lima for Dayton and
direea ...
ftaraicn ttomd ea«t will flad Uila route both pleatant
. tsany of4ha laraeit to. J
finest dtieeintae Doited
****** « Chlewpk m any of tberoadt.
wlllnnd attentive check takcra at the depota, to receiver
• 'ebeeksanueoaveykwasetrw of ehanra te-tfae Kitta
borshjind oara. sleeping-Vara accomoany*
Tttlettftr talis' atari the pttjslpal ilcket oflcee la tl e
wart, and at tte Ooojisy • offlet, corner of Eandol; L
"d Dearter* aveeta, or at tha depo* on Tan tertu
CQlOlftl • *
. . DAWL V. UOAk nta'lAsatiißUein.
J,£l*i)(JbAilaT.Bnpt. W. D.
. The PlttaWßift. fßrt Wayae A uhlcano R. C»-
Vho Penn«y»nalJ
S? atrml K^ r ?.* d U°op«it« t°* the Ua'jiportaOon of
xcroogn freight*, property can now b» stUupedon thu
■to*-SrSi CU 2S > - suibot N<.
Tor* and BoAon. with oromptneaa »nd devpatch. owc«
trade ean ee made at t£e following places;
Mo. S Alter Ptaoe. )
No. iLUoy ttreet, Boeton.
Depot, Twelfth street, comer CanaL Chicago.
.^HoaßfesT-eSS^ jfSiSfS
-IHM - AKuwemr- -1« s-o
" A 5D < ST i lS* SmSKT" NOY. 2S.
D-aLr{yiJui'ffiiii'S?i«?* t <!,,lr^ Creol- toot
SILmU. Cairo aad New orieaas'Expr«ea....ll;oo A.M.
a, t . excepted.)
(Daily, Sondaytexoepied.)
Tor Peoria, Terre Haate. Alton,
Jeffenuu CUy, TCin— oa river
6 top M*' Sapoleoo, VlciSw*. Natch es, Qaivtatoa.
. _ w^t A»4atttatMedJgU polate.
A Mock train..with a paaaenser car attached aa fir u
Kankakee wmiaara a»T3OPJI (daily, ttandara ex-

from SL Loala and Cairo at 3:10 A.M. aad
..Tha 11.-«.Pjl. teaiaa make dkreet eonaectiona at
HAqM«jdAl*m BaiJroad for Alios
«!? C * Uo . railroad ilaa of
Mttuwrator Mew Orleans ieavlnc Calru oa alternate
1 ■akeg dfrect eeoilertloaa at To-
Qj»*t We*ern BaUroad for SortcgfleH Jack-
Ohio tod HaUroad forSkLonlJi
JMrak'tiM Obtapaaya Oafee la 'Ote Great Central
Dwot: at the Ulrtusaa Central Ualiroad usee, corner
9t Lata aad Dear»-m aMeai: at the PVtabor*. 7urt
. *•: 4 • V. X. CUcao QJfialoo.
tnueo, ST.Pitt 15BIOTO DC LACK. I.
- aumorim.
*—** ** "-Tniili Twmii ibllaialimiii
da Chleo.
F: X. Per J—svtßeaad Madboa.
' MMMnttttUP. KaadUOr. X. --
Mattioriae »ota«i tatho
"Tiinari to PnM* daOMaa wjthaab
Krwk mcia sAimma JCSI
M • ' ur.
,'tU *

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