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VuHntorox, Feb. 2L—Siun-Ur. Blidell
took objection to Mr. Pagh's wnendmnnt,
which was on Saturday added to the Diplomatic
appropriation, and ehoired that its eflect would
be to prevent the President from sending anj
•nvoj on special business which he mieht
deem necessary in theoaae of Mexico and else
Mr. Gwin mored to lay the motion to recon
sider on the table, aa be considered the prac
tice of moving to reconsider the appropriation
bill wonld be productive of serious embarrass
ments to the legitimate course of busioess.
The Vice President explained that Mr. Gwin's
motion was in order, bat its effect would bo
really to lay the motion on the table, liable to
oe called tip at any time daring the session, and
wonld, therefore, virtually suspend the opera
tion ot the bQL
Mr. Gwin withdrew his motion.
Mr. Simmons again went at length into the
question of exchanges.
The Vice President nod Mr. Green presented
memorials from the citizens of St Louis, praying
for on assay office there. Referred.
Mr. Hunter wished the motion of Mr. Simmons,
to reconsider the vote by which the Consular and
diplomatic Appropriation bill passed, considered
&t once, so that the bill might be Anally passed.
The Diplomatic Appropriation bill was taken
up, wben Mr. Simmon«liga'in went at length in
to the question ofexchanges.
Mr. Trumbull followed on the same side, and
was succeeded by Mr. Toombs on the opposite
Mr. Simmons' amendment, limiting the rate
of exchange, was stricken out aod the bill
pMtod, 25 to S3.
The House Army Appropriation bill was read
and referred to the Finance Oommittee.
The Cuba proposition was then taken np,
wben Mr. Mason offered on amendment by way
of substitute, to the effect that Congress con
cedes the propriety and ultimate necessity of
seqniring-Ouba; that without committing itself
to lature measures, Congress at present con tines
itself to a declaration that the United States
is prepared to receive the Island, whenever
Spain is ready to transfer it for a fair equivalent,
and that this country can never remain neutral
coder any policy which would sever Cuba from
Bpain in favor of any foreign power.
' Mr. Collamer spoke against tbe Cuba proposi
tion. He denied that an expansion or territory
was a necessity,of national growth, and contend
ed that in our own case tlie acquisition of addition
al soil by conquest or otherwise was at variance
with tbe whole framework oi oar government,
and especially so, if such additional soit docs not
border on our own, and would require on army to
defend it.
The House refused to strike oat SIIO,OOO from i
the AiHewtf Appropriation, and then passed the
Mr. IDllson made an ineffectual attempt to re
port the bill repealing the Fishing Bounties.
r A Speakers warrant wa9 granted for the arrest
of Harry Conolly, a witness before the Priotiug
Investigating Committee, who left the city.
The House refused to suspend the rules to en
able Mr. Phillips to introduce his bill providing
for the payment of outstanding Treasury notes,
&c., and then went into Committee on tbe Post
Office Aprropriation bill.
Mr. Blair offered an amendment authorizing
BattertieldA Co. to carry the Orcrl&nd Mail
by any route they may select. He wanted to
compel the Postmaster-General to execute the
law as it stands. He had been informed that
the Postmaster-General owned a large tract of
land in Arkansas, and this was the reason why
the mail was sent over that ronte. Besides this
there were considerations oonnected with tbe
Pacific Bailroad which induced the movement
in that direction.
Mr. Reagan opposed that amendment and do
fended the Postmaster-General from the charge
of selfish motives in the selection of the route.
The amendment was adopted.
Mr. Sherman, of Ohio, otiered an amendment
providing that the advertisement of the mail
roates in each State and Territory shall be pub
lished in two newspapers only, of the largest
circulation, in each.
Adopted with an additional proviso that they
■hall be aelected-in the same city or town.
Mr. Colfax, of lnd«, off ered an amendment,
which waa adopted, giviog the contract for
printing the Post Office blanks to the lowest
Mr. Olin, of New York, offered an amend*
ment, which was adopted, that the contract for
wrapping paper be given to the lowest bidder.
without coming to a conclusion, the Commit*
tee arose.
[Recess till 7 o'clock, for geoeral debate.]
Evxxixg Sebsiok.—Mr. Abbott condemned
the extravagance of the Administration, and
the Dred Scott decision.
Mr. liovejoy opposed the acquisition of Cuba.
He spoke of tbe despotism of Slavery in tbe
South, and said that if free discussion and a
tree press were permitted there, in twelve
months there would be more Republican votes
in tbe Slave States than Democratic votes in
the Northern States.
From Washington.
Washikgtok, Feb. 21.—About twelve Demo*
crate from tbe Northwestern States, together
with those from Pennsylvania, voted with the
majority on Mr. Phillips unsuccessfal motion to
, 5 cm»Uls liUnto introdtmn hi*
loan sad tariff bill.
The negative vote wus composed of Demo
crats in eompany with four Republicans and two
Rumors have been circulated and believed
that the President would transmit to Congress
a message in case of nos-action on tbe tariff
question, reminding them that an extra session
would be necessary, but there is no truth in the
General Renau of Caben notoriety has return
ed to Washington.
N»w Yoke, Feb. 21.—The Washington corres
pondent of the Ettnuig Pott says the Committee
on Ways and Means have cbangid their posi
tion and decline to report the Morrill bill, bnt
agree to report Phillips's bill for re-issuing '
Treasury'notes without* the proposed modifier
tion of tbe tarifll The rote stood—for Morrill's
bill, 2; for Phillips's, 6.
It will be seen in tbe Congressional proceed
ing® that the House reiused to suspend the roles
to enable Phillips to introduce bis bilL The
vote stood 122 yeas to 91 nays—not two-thirds.
Congressional Proceedings*
WjisntKOTOir, Feb. 21.—Hoosa —The Hoose
proceeded to take action on tbe amendments to
the Army Appropriation bill as reported irom
the Committee of the whole on the State oi the
Union, by concurring in the amendments.
The appropriation fer the erection of barracks,
hire of janitors, etc., were reduced to the extent
of |400,000; and as between four and five thou
sand animals are to be dispensed with, the trans
portation of the army, etc., $4y0,000; $183,000
for other objects, including $109,000 for the
Springfield and Harper's Ferry armories, Rtrick
cn out, making tbe total redaction $1,478,000,
thus cutting down the appropriations for tbe ar
my to $14,000,000.
The House refused to strike out SIIB,OOO for
the arsenals. The army bill passed by 116 against
A Steamer Ashore with $208,000.
The Black Warrior, from Havana, 15:h instan%
went ashore on Rockway bar. while in charge of
a pilot, Sunday morning. Her passengers and
malls were brought to this city last evening by a
pilot boat. The steamer remains tight, and has
<m board $203,000 in specie and a valuable cargo.
Three togs have gone to her assistance.
There is no news of interest from the city of
Later.—The Black Warrior, ashoro at Rocka*
way, has five feet of water round her at low tirle
and as yet remains tight. She has but little
Jreight, Underwriters 7 agenta have goue to her.
and will probably discharge her specie on the
beaeh. The wind is strong from the X. E., which
in favorable for her getting oft
Bank Statement*
St T*LtatirH.J New Yoar, Feb. 21.
The following is the New York bank state
ment for tbe week ending Feb. 21st:
T)ecrea*e In Loans $1«»>.822
lactase In a 57
Decrease la Circulation iosV-4
Decrease In Nett Deposits 1... Rio 4fii
Total Specie 26.3i4.n55
ib*. Boston items*
Bostoh, Feb. 2L—Rev. Joy H. Fairchild, a
well known clergyman, died at his residence in
Kouth Boston, aged about 70 years.
Captain Phillips, of the bark Goldfinch, has
arrived at this Jport from the coast or Africa.
She reports the sloop of war Dale to have sailed
from Loango on the 25th November, to cruiae
off tbe coast.
The fire Inquest on tbe burning of Russell's
mechanical bakery, alter a lengthy investiga
tion, find that the fire was kindled by an inoen- i
diary well acquainted with the premiaes, but
the evidence tails to fasten the guilt on any
ConrtHonse Burnt*
Madison, Indiana, Feb. 21—Tbe Court Hou«e
in this city was partially destroyed by fire about
midnight of the 20th, damage estimated at S2O -
000. Records and papers all saved. This Court
House was the first in Indiana. Tbe buildln" was
recently erected at a cost of $40,000. Workmen
have already commenced cleaiiug away the ruins
jirepamtory to rebuilding it.
From New Mexico.
St. Louis, The New Mexico mail, with
dates to the Slst n'i-. reached Independence this
evening. Tbe Lower House of tbe Legis-latnre
has paflaed a stringent hiu' for the protection of
ulave property.
The Santa Pe Qaxtllt severe?v censures the
manner of conducting the treaty «itb the Nava*
joes, and the stipulations thereof.
Pine and Martin.
. b J ® Prirat. ditp.lch from Wuh
ington that D. B. HatUn, who went tbfcre to
ywear the United Btotes Marah.l for this dia.
tnet ont of office, in rercnge (Pine sbyb) for
being discharged from the poat of book teeßer
u probably under arreat for purloininir paSeri
from tbe Marshal's office here. The diapatch
®V a • warrant for his arrest has been issued
and if Martin has not made his escape, he will
very probably be eacorted back to Chicago by a
government officer.—Evening Journal.
Commission Merchants.
k ftGO South "Water Street.
fJSyjftPygyjjtttPttaa tl ven to the sale of Four.
Pfortalocs, Seels, and Oountry Prodooe
Csaeioopy. fcU * m
V/ n. PMWOII ll r
CMm fer Unvater, Tanta io r Oa, XetrM
«mßaHmafli, pica-gi l lab.m
S/sS pcqpix
It3T To-day (22d) there will be ho meeting of
the Board, of Trade, and of oourse, there will
be no market reports in Wednesday's paper.]
Weekly Review of Commercial and
JKoncy Matters.
Mosdat Kvsrato. Feb. 21.1839.
Mokkt, Ac.—The money market during the
past week has been quiet. Eastern Exchange
is steady at per cent. prem. Discounts 10
percent. Terr little first class paper ofl'ering.
Comusecial.—The movements of the princi
pal staples of the market during the past week
and aince the Ist of January, compared with last
year, were as follows:
Week eadlojc Previous Plnee Same time
Feb I*. Week. Jan. 1. In IFSB
Plour. bbls. 7 9*l TUWS 42.033 (3.838
Wheat, bu SUSt 61.265 SW.ICO m 6«t
Ooro. bu 52.t98 83.210 3 a 624 64.529
Oats, bn 9.W3 £.340 48.(5» 67.781
ttje. bu 2.J> 5 6GI 6 246 5.100
Barter, ba 10.761 G.G52
GnusSmi. TM..H-G.758 7T.1«6 878.157 34L<6i
llldea, tti (37.932 2,127 tu73 704
Lead. Bu 31,4j0 C01,(H4
Tallow, bbls 9 9 &7
Urd. bbla C 7 3M
pork, bbls 1.545 82 1.W2 „
Livefiocs.No.... Hj3 lSi« BMi
Dressed tion. No 1.223 2.^
Cauia No I.UHJ ffio
Ooa.toos 4% ;S&) 2KB
)<lßQwlnes, bbli.. b57 &S7 3.893
Wool,Ai. 2.670 SC.MO 46.7e0
oompabattvi cxpoaTs raox Chicago to tes ijjt.
Weekeod'* Preriooi Since SacxeMme
Feb. 19. Week. Jaa.L 1658. ■
Flour, bbls. 1.406 5.««7 8 808 SO 232 I
Wheat, bu. 2256 4.937 18 *&* 4554 ,
com. ::::::: 10,531 U.TW 65a« 7«
Oils. bu.. ........ .... 577 4,<» ....
Hides. Ibi.
Pork. bbla... 5.7i9 673 19.9*0 81255
Meet bb!«........... 36 2.09* Lg7
Tallow, bbla >44 66 L 123 930 j
I/.ve iloiou No WIS 1.194 6.137 25.100
Urecsed Uoca. No.. -lO 776 4.KW 17.200
Cattle. N0... 2ia 496 8.441 2.187
HlKbwinea. bb1i..... 231 257 1.081 83
Wool ttu 11.960 7.tW> 28,9« 87.490
Cat Meata.l lbs 519,100: 1
Tbe following table shows the receipts of i
Breadatu&a during the past week, compared '
with the same week in 185S, and the sources of j
a conns or plops iad g&aix at cxncAOO. wnx nsnro
FEB. 19.1859.
Flour. Wb'L Com. Oata. Kye. Fler.
bbla. ho. ho. ba. ba. ba.
a.AO. U. R. 8.. 1.161 17.464 11.029 4 9:4 700 3.195
Rock «alaud B. 1L tf4 7iM L3lO
lU. Cent'l K. R... Wt 2.198 .... HO 3.250 I
Q6 40. K.H... 2655 ltlui VSS 1.251 l."60
(J. A.&PL L. K... 774 17560 1.107 •
Mich. (TLB. 8.. 220 139 !
Mich. 8.R.8 IP3 1.2H .... 419 .
aP.AF.W.B.B. 155 £.123 1
Total 7 934 £4,344 22 698 9.993 29G5 ia'6l ,
Cor.Wklait year 8.301
The lollowing table shows the Grain and
Flour in store on Saturday laßt, compared with
the amount in store the corresponding date last
Fib IP. Feb. 20.1653.
Floor, bbla 25 956 38.537
WtjcaUßurhlK. bu. 274.4)2 1062
Bed. bu 195.5«r 8163
.. VVhit<, bo ................. 7.729 3IC
Ooro. bu 25.810 4^57
oa-sbu 108,517 6J.fefcO
Rye. bu ••••
liarley. bn C 3.677 41.&0
Weekly Review of Chicago Wholesale
Mo wit Evxnsa. Feb. 21.
FREIGHTS.—Tbe present ratea are as ollowaPaova
toss—To NewTork, 65c per 100 lbs; to Boston, by Ulchl-
Ran Scuthera and Michigan Osutral &. Boads.
to Boston, by Grand Trunk BtUway. to Portland, and
thencebj water, 70c; to Boston, byrall to Philadelphia
and tialdmore. and theoca by watsr. 67c: to Philadel
phia and Baltimore.s6c. Dausco Hoos—To New York.
•L4O; to Boston, via Albany, SLti; to Boston, by rail to
I'hlladelphla and l>altimore, and thence by steamer, 11.83;
to Albany, to Baldmoreand Philadelphia. 1L25.
Flocr—To New York, II JO; to Boston, via Albany,
(L 34; to Boston by rail to Philadelphia and Baltimore,
and thence by steamer, IL3*; to Albaoy, ; to Phil
adelphia and Baltimore, #LQS; to Montreal. 90c: to To
ronto and Hamilton. 64c.
FLODB—Receipts durine tlie past week 7.934 bbla,
acalnat 7.395 bbls tha preceding week. The ahipmentaby
eaztera railway* were 1.705 bbls, against 1637 bbls the
week prerlous. -The market daring tbe past week has
been very firm but lhactlve-the principal sales being of
fair to medium Sprinc Extras, at an advance of 10©15 c
V bbl. Choice Winter and tprime brands have been held
above themarket, aid tbe transactions In these have
been very limited, £ales of the week have been as.fol
lows:— On the 16dt, CSO bbls. at [email protected]}£.for good to
choice Spring Extra, and #5.75 for Bed Winter. On the
8 th, 600 bbls at t4.50Q5.25 for low grade to fa'r Spring Ex
tra; and for White Winter. On the 19th;—COO bbls
at 15.23 for f*lr grade Spring Extras, and $6.75 for Super
llueWinter. To-ciTtbemarketwasralhereasler. Sales
were: 90bbla "Parilsli" WhiteWntcr at *6.25;&0bb1s
"Kallroaa Mills'' do.attG.l3X; 100bbla "WesternMilll"
Spricg Extra at to 00; 115 bbla Bprtng Superfine at t4.H;
60 bbla Winter do att<.7s.
WHEAT—Secalpts last week. &4.C84 bu agalntt 51,265 bu
the preceding week, acd bu the corresponding weak
iolßsß. The shipment* by eaitcra railroads were bu
aca'nat 4.9J7 the preceding week. Themarket duringthe
fl«tp?rt of tbe week waa buoyant, but on Thursday last
l-de:llnei. aincewhichlt baa been dull and drooping—
owing principally to bearier receipts. Tee transact! :ns
fitib*"Mb u foltov*:—Ont.*l6ih—2S UQOtu were
■ ild at S3 27(5.1.28 far No lllod; No 3 Bed at t1.14ai.16;
epringSsc; No. 2 Spring tec(2.9oc: Rejected
Sprirg 75»<578. On the I?th-IQ.COO bu at the following
rates: No. 1 Red at
Spricg [email protected]; No 2 Spring t7<493c; Rejected 7'<GT6, Oo
the 16.h: 12.000 bu as foUows: No. 1 Bed *1 JISI.2C: No.
2Redtl.l2; Standard Spring No. 2 Spring [email protected]
87c. On the 19th; 12,000 .bu changed bands ; No. 1
UeJ tl 220*1.24:; No. 2 Badtl.loftl.il; Btasdard Spring
No. 2 Spring. £sc&B6; Rejected 75c.
To-Dat—The market opened weak at Saturday's quota
tions, and In some instances a decline waa experienced; |
batbelorethe c'.ote the mirket Improved and pricea were
firmer. Sales we. e; 3,000 buNo 1 Red at t1.23 in alore.
5,000ba da at4L24instore; 4,600b0 N0.2 Bed attl.lo
• In store. 300 bu lteiectedßedat('o;ln store; 300 bu do at
65c on track; 1400 bu Standird Spriog ut SCc in store; I.EOO
bads at in store; 300 bu do at 94: on track; 1,000 lu
No. 3 t'Drint at 81; Inatore; 2,50-3 bu do at &5c in store—
closing firm.
CORN—Receipts last week, 32.693 bu against 33 2'.0 bu
the preceding week, and 15.326 bus the corresponding
week In liol The shipments by Eastern railways during
the week were 11,131 buahela against 13,792 bu tbe prece
ding week. The market during the pait week has ad (
vanced 3d4c, under a good demand by distillers and ship
pera. and some speculative icqu'ry—the wsrebousemea
during the past week baring been taking No. 1 Corn In o
To-dat—The sales were: 300 bu No. 1 at 60c per 56 &>i In
store; 1203 bu shelled at 65c per CO &>s on track; I.QUO bu
do at Co: on track; 700 bu do ato6)fc on track; £OO ba Ear
Corn t\ Clc per *0 Ba on track.
OaT^—Receipts last week. 9.C95 bn against 6340 bus
tlie preceding week, and 10,5f>0 the comapcndlng week In
livi Ths market during the week has been more active
eiil prices bave been firm, with an advance of l£2c 0 n
prime qualltlea.
To-dat—'The sales wer;: 300 bu common new crop at 60c
on track; 700 bu choice do at 5Gc delivered.
RYE— Secel .ts duri g tbe past week, 2 9G9 bushels,
against 661 bushels tbe preceding week. The market dur
ing the past week hu been mere active; but owiugto
larger receipts prices have beeu a shade lower. Bales to- t
day were:—Boo bushels prime at 90e per 60 B>s delivered.
BARLEY—Receipts last week, 10,761 bushels, against
C C3J bushels the week preceding, and 6.780 bu tbe corre
sponding week In 1856. The market for Prime Barley baa
beenfi:mand act'.re; but inferior qualities, and neaily
all that baa been in atore daring the winter Lave been
du'X Salejto-dat were:—3oo bu good State atßss on
ttack; 160 bu do at 90c delivered; 160 bags Inferior at
60: on track.
CORN MEAL—Firm and in grod demand at [email protected]
for Unbolted, and t25.50<»2<l forßo.ted.
RYK FLOUR-U&065.00 V bbl.
BUOKWUEAT FLOUK-Oommon, *232.25. Dixon
ALCOHOL—Market steady at G&&56 y ml.
BROOM OJRN-Yer7 scarce and nominal at sloo®l4o
V ton.
BEANS—Market not so buoyant. Sales during the \
week have been made at tl.&O for extra Navy Beans: but
the bulk of tbe sales of choice white have been at tI.SOQ r
1,35. To sat 150 bu choice white sold at tI.SS J
BUTrEß—Common 12d13c: choice 14®17c.
Last week. Since Jan.
Flour, bbls 8.315 a .ia ,
Wheat, tus 47.413 374.*JCS '
Oata. *' C6OG 47,791
Com, M 10.122 76.84?
Barley, 41 1.5«7 16598 ,
Rye, M » 2.206
nour. bbls.... ti.4Sl Bvley. bu. 1.279
Hheat, bu 7.719 WooL&s 14.6T2 ,
Corn, bu .... 11.439 Hogs on foot l.Bil 6
Oatt, bn 2 tit Fork, bbls 1,440
Bye, bu 1.7E2 {
COFFEE—Active and very firm at the 'ollowlng quota
tions:—Bio, ISMaiSc; Maraealbo, 13H®14c; Laguayra,
13Xai4c; O. G. Java. 17dl7Xc; Mocha, lfic. f
COOPERAGE.—Very dull. Pork Barrels, dul and
nominal at 80®' e sc: Flour barrels,
COAL.—The receipts of Illinois Coal by the railways ]
during the past week were;—lSO tons, against 380 tons the \
previous week, price* are unchanged. The following are
tbe quotations delivered:—Brrcjiixora-111in015,t6®5.60 f)
ton; Oblppewa. t6£o; Briar Hill, Erie, and Mineral
Bldge t7; Bloaaburgh tS. Axtuxaot a—Lackawanna, egg.
tm Lehigh, egg. W 00. j
COED AGE—Manilla rope. ISKc; Hard Rope, 12>ic; c
Jute, 8210 c. j
CANDLES—TaIIow. H&UKc; Stearlne. 17c; Star. 19:.. I
CHEESE—New York, 13c f) n. No Western Beserve cr !
State In market.
EGGS—Receipts duringthe week heavier, and marke
declined ISJo—closing at 12913 c fjr Freah.
F&UlT—Gaxax—Apples, c0cm0n.54.605t5.50 Vbbl;
Oraeges. t&6O b box; Lemons, #494 60 ¥ bo* ; Cr*n
berries. tSa.B JO Vbb'. Daian—Market active asd buoy. 6
ant. Apples, UXellXc; Pared Peaches, 185920 c; f
Unpared do. ll®iir. Blackberries 17K«»e; Baspbcr- \
ries.Bo; Fl-xM.fi t2.S7K®:f bcx; Do. Uyer. t353,50 t
9 box c
FlSH—^Market very firm, bat quotations the same as '
1 la>twee». Whltefi»h.No.l.hftblat4; Do. No. 2. *176. 2
Trout, No. Lt3.7&: Do. N0.2,t337X: Mackerel, |
ton, Ne. I, bbls. tl8; Do. N0.2,t15; Do. No. 3, tit: I
J)o. Ko,Lhf bbli, t9JO; No. 2. hf bbla. tS; No. 3,hf !
Codfish. Grand Bank, t5.25; SU George, o
t5.60. HftTlo*. Kastport, t6 » bbl; No. 1.40®50c W>ox. I
S»le Henlcg. * bf a. j
FURS AND SKIKS-Tbe shlpmants or Pelts and t
tkins during the past week amount to 51,83 fts. against
12,984 Mihe week previous. Tbe closing quotatU.ru are I
as follows:—Mink tLM®2.OO; Coon 26590 c; Bat, winter,
14916 c; Wolt prairie, «0»75c; Wild Oat. 60c.; House Cat, £
lo&;bkaok,soe.; Graj Fox. BSQ4OC.: Bed Fox, tL6O. I
Beat, U9&.1 Opoesum, 15d16i.; MarWn, t1.75a5.25. Jj
Fisher.tsat-; Badger. t»c.; Ljnx. Deer g
UeiSc per ; Otter. tSAi.
GLASS—TUe following are the wholesale eashlrates: u
Bxlo glass cyl. by bx. $3.00 9xlß glass cyL by bx.53.90 ft
9xll J. 63 10x16 ** i.oo k
9x13 " " J6O 10tl8 - - 800 7
9x14 9.6J llal6 - ** 3.y0 «
9x15 " •* E.«O l«xl6 *• " S.OJ c
19x13 M - 2.56 12x10 44 - 8.60 .
l«Xi4 •• « a.tO 11x30 44 44 8.60
GUNPOWDER—BUe Powder, In kegs. $535.93; Blast-
lng. do do, t3 5094.0): ca*e« o! Ift fiaaks.#9a9.W; do.
halfdo.e6.6oafi.oQ. c
HIGH WlNES—Receipts during tbe past week. (37 fcbU,
against t27 bbls the preeedlag week Tbe shipment* were
SU bbls. The market during tbe week has been Ann but n
Inactive with sales of6o bbls at34Kf d
BIDIS— Kecdpta laat week. S»,siO lbs against 237.94 J
Ibalftefpreeeedlng week. The ahlpnenU vera
lbtacaU#lTLS7l ftsthapreceedlng week. The market E
4olßf the Veen firm, With a gl/fbted. £
vance on extra Dry Fllnt-closlng aa tollowaGreen
CU7.6K«7c; Green Country,7VJOßc; GreenlSaZted.BX
«BVc; Dry Fllnf, 16«17c. Paura-Clty.
OounUy. 7tc6t145.
HOPS-/Inn at 15«13c.
live and dreoed. 2.026. against 3.601
the week prevloui. The ahlpmenU were 8.123 against
L 974 the week previous. The market for Dressed Hogs
duri rg the past week has been dull, and a decline of 60c
has been experienced. Salea To-Dat were:
.6 Hogs, averaging 250 lbs; at. ts.ro
IS •• 310 lba. at. S6.&U
7 *' " 220 lba. at. 66.65
4 " " 250 lba at. ta»
LEATHER— Tending upward. The closing quotations
are: Oak Bole, -o®s»cVtt; Spanlah middleweight*. 28$
Dc Bridle Leather. 320 9 ft; Collar Leather, 86&40o
* «os: Harness, 39e V ft; Hemlo&k Kip, 60065s B ft:
Hemlock Cal- 759853 9 Cr, French Kip. V&;
French Cal( 95&i.1-r ft; Female Oalt #399439 dos;
Hemlock Upper at #36942 per doe. Oak Upper Leather
♦45343* dot
LIME AND PLASTER-lime In bbla t1d1.25; Lime in
bulk, TSoOtLOO: eommoa.t2st>a2.7i: Extra, do
at Land Plaster, tLSO3L62X; Cement, tU>O
as.oo: Plastering Hair, 40a.
ket during the past week hai Increased In activity, and
prices of some kinds have advanced materially. Fencing,
which we quoted last week at $9, can scarcely he bought
now at that figure, units] it be In connection with Urge
bills of other qualltl-L Indeed, but few of the merchuts
will tell fencing alone to any but their regular country
customers, at any reasonable price. We have therefore
quoted It at t539.60. Some are holding at $lO. There
are some kinds of common boards which are scarce, asd
oommandfiOehlgher.sochas twelve feet lengths. There
is a fair demand for Shingles; but the prices are not ma
terially changed. Ihe following are the quotations cur
rent at most of the yards:
First Clear Dry 930.009
Second Clear
Third Clear dry 1&0U522.00
Common Boards, Green &009 &60
do do 11 feet 9,00«
do do Dry —9 9.00
do. do M 12 feet 10.009
near Flooring, dressed 90.00* 23 00
Oommon Flooring, Dressed I6.cooia.no
Sldina. Clear Dressed 16.009
Fencing. 9.009 9.60
BhortStudsandJolsU. 8.U9 860
Shingles, * &L 9L759 8.55
Lath. * M IMM 1.76
Posts (common to good) * 100. 7.00910.00
MOLASSES AND SYBUPS-Market steady. Tbefol
lowing are the closing quotations: New Orleans in
barrels 40944 c; New York 8. H. Molatses, 359
40c: Ouba. In hhds, 309355: N. Y. fyrups, 35940 c;
N. Y. Golden, 60951 c. Belcher's prices are:—Golden
Syrup, 67c In bbls, and 72c Inkegs; Extra 8. H. Syrup
47952 c; Syrup Molasses, 40945 c.
NAVAL STORES—BoiIn, #3.6093.75 Vbbl; Tar $495
Vbbl; Pitch. $16095 00.
NAlLS—Assorted. t3.7093.75 ft 100 fta.
OlLS—llnseedflrm. The elodngquotations are:—No.
lLardtl.tO; No 3 95c; Linseed 87Jfc;EIephant85c; Whale
80c: Sperm t1.60; Neatafoot 85c; Tanners' 75; Bank 75c.
PROVISIONS AND LARD.—Tbe shipments during tbe
paitwetk were—2oo bbls Beef; 3.729 bbls Pork; 519.100
lbs Cut Meats; 354 625 lbi Lard. The market during the
past week has been very duU.
In Mess Bnr there has been nothing done—holJere
shipping their stock to New York. We quote it nominal
at tS 60910.
In Mus Porx there have been very few sales. A few
dan since a lot of 800 bbls city told at $17.85, since which
the markethas been quiet
la Cct Meats there has been nothing done, although
Shoulders have beea freely offered at a decline of X9tf c
on last week's figures. Some Green Meats bave been sold
at [email protected])£c for shoulders and 7Wo for Hams.
Liao his been more active than Provisions; but sales
have been principally In small lots at 11X9UKc for bbl
and tierce, and 12c for keg—at which the market closes
POTLTBY.—Tbe mild weather has rendered the Poul.
try market doll—clotln* al SLCO9L7S per doxen for
Dressed Chickens, and 798 c per bbl for Turkeys.
POrATOES —Choice 60970 c; Common, 60255 c.
SUGARS—Market easier. The following are the clos
ing quotations: NcwOfiLXA3s-Oommon,6Y®7c; good
common. 7tfe; fair to fully fair. prime 7X9Bc:
clarified and coffee in hhds. BX®loXc. Cuba, 797Kc.
Porto 7V9ts; N. Y. refined white coffee. 10X®Uc.
N. Y. standard crushed, powdered and granulated, 12c.
The following are Belcher's latest prises:
Loaf Sugar Double Refined i»!{e
RmaTl Loaf Sugar ...0 115£ C
Crashed Sugar, Double Kefined .....12c
Crushed Sagar B ligo
Cruahed Sugar. O llic
Powdered Sugar, i)ouble Beflned. lie
Powdered Sugar. O. llVe
Beflned White Sugar O luxo
Beflned Yellow Sugar. A. 9Vo
Refined Yellow Sugar B 9«c
Beflned Yellow bu*ar XXX. 9c
8 ALERATUS—Babbits, 6K©7Xc; Potaih in cans. 7X
913 c.
SOAP—No. 1 Family, 4c; Extra, 696 c; Eraslve, Bc.
SPlßlTS—Burning Fluid6oc; Oamphene,7oc: Turpen
tine, 65c.
BPICES —Pepper, llKc; Pimento, 10c; Nutmegs, 709
80c; Indigo, 60c95l 12; Cloves, 12X915C Cinnamon, 809
83c; Ginger. Bc.
SALT-Course, t!I2K Vbbl; Fine, $1.60 by tbe car
load; Dairy, $2.60 9 bbl of 320 fta. with 25 emptv bags.
. SEEDS—Receipts last week 1C3.75S fts, against 77.105
the preceding week. The shipments were 48,680 fts-7.000
orwhich went to Sw Louis. Timothy—The market f.r
the week has been duller, and pricea have declined 6c
towards tbe close. Sales to-dat: £OO bu prime at tL&0;
22 bags good at tI.«7K- CLOVEa-Market steady, with
sales to-dat ot 45 bu prime at 6.12& 60 bu rood at t6.
TALLOW—Received during the week, L 990 fts, and
shipped 28,980. Tbe market has been very bare, and but
tew lots have beenpliked np at lOKc, at which It can be
readily sold.
WOOL—Receipt* during the week, 2HO fta, and ship
ments 11,960 fts. The market Is quiet but firm. Tbe fol*
lowingarethe closing quotations:—FLSßOa Merino and
Saxony, 40945 c. Pollxd—Extra,4sc; Super, 33c; No. 1,
83 cents.
WOODEN WARE.—Pails—'Three-hooped Palls, $2.00
?dot; Two-hooped do,tL7s. Tuas-31a nest,tL7s per
■est; No. 156 V doz; No. 2 t7.50; Extra daed, t9.—
CEcass-Four sixes. $9913.50 V dot. BocrtTs—Hlng
ham, tL6O 9 doa. Washb3arw—Sue, $137X92.60 per
dot; Wooden, $1.50. Baoox^—lxtra.Wlre. $392.50 per
doa; Twine, SI6O9LS7Xc. Clothh Pco-Headed, SL2S;
Common, tLOO; Patent, t1.60.
WOOD—Beach and Maple, $3.5094.60; Hickory, $69
6.50. _
Chicago Live Stock Market.
Laxa Saoas Bale uro E&rrrcto Yasds, >
February 31ft., 1859. S
[l/ixriefi reported bf ITttfttr Siurmmn exprmrttf for On frtu
mint Tribin*, for tfie ne*k mi,]
Stock rerelved for week 640 Cattle.
II ll "
*• Hoga,
Total.. 1146
EHIPPED BT 11. c. a. a.
Rankin & GsUsple 42 Cattle
*8 Wright 67 "
Drumniond k Co ••
WmSlmnnson ** a "
Hume L VanDjck 27 M
FFcnton ......3* "
212 »**
Van Brunt *W. 485 Hon.
Cragln & Co 745 ••
TotaL Hls "
Sa'es of t 0 ordinary Cattle Irom 2J»93e.
Sales of 240 better quality fromSX93Xc.
Sales cf lew extra goou shipping Cattle at 4c.
Sales of 1432 Hogs from 4X94X&
Salej of 174 Sheep from 3X94a V cwt.
Sales of 18 Oows and Calves from $22934 V head.
Below we give a few of the weights, price, Ac. *
Upton to Henry—l 6 cattle; 19.310, at $3 25.
Bemor to Hrncock—2B cattle; 31.570, at $316.
Bly to Curtis—tcit'Je; 6.0:0, at $4.
Burr to Bly—ls cattle; 17.10 J. at 13.
Gregory to Creke—l4s sheep; 11.835, at $4.
Stratton to Hancock—37l bogt; 79.690, at $4 03&
Ilawley to Tabor—ls bogs; 2.115, at4Kc.
Thomas to Shaffer—l9B hog?: 18.365, at $S 40.
Below we give the names of Broveis on the market for
the week;
cattle :
SFllnn 7 Hnntinrton Bros It
TWWo->d 7 PHoblcr 13
88 Ilawley 15 DBurr 15
Marshall &Co 31 L B Parkhunt 14
H K owles 17 J Mondle it
C O Upton ....16 John'Odlly 15
D Swire .16 LHtwes 14
Fanl ibre&W 27 PBrongon 13
Fliutre 38 GWBarton ]|
B Bu'ts 13 J B WUliama. ii
O Rankin 22 C 0 Dole & (J0.... 21
II Hcnson 29 _
Limbe-t ACo 60 . Total 540
HBeld 46
D Bankla 1 93
WMelott ' 83
Total "m
Chicago Weekly Live Stock JXarket.
UUch'a Sale and Sblpplnc Yards, Beportid express
ly for the Press asd Tribune by Thos. Njoolu, fur the
week ending Feb. 21sh.
Total No of Oattle received for week £4?
" " Hogs *' 44 1,161
* _ Sheep 4 * 44 9o
44 Cows k calves 4 15
Total of all kinds L 833
Shipped east via M. B.AN.LE, R. 2«eatUe.
** " " " 675 hogs.
Salei of 160 head good cattle at to $<X for
Salts of 375 medium do* at S3X9SX.
Sales of 114 inferior do. at $15692.75.
1 Sales or 349 gcod Hogs, ICO fts and upward at $5.25G
Sales of 603 light and stock Hogs at $3.60 to $4.5065
for fat.
Sales of 95 Shee» at per 100 fta.
Sales of 16 Oows and Calves at S2O to s3o9stQ per head
1 for good.
Tfce Market for all kinds of good stock Is actlT*. There
Is a good demand for Shipping and Packing Oattle. Good
Hogs are ready gale at 6Kc and upward. Sheep are
very scarce. _ Tnoa. Ntoons.
Horement of BreadsniiTl Feb, 19.
asonns ar aaiLWAn,
Flour Wh't Oom Oats Bar. Oat Hoes
bbla bu. bo. bu. bo. No. No.
By Lake
GaLD.R.BR. 257 W76 634 797 673
ByßockL 8.&.... 1400 161 iffi
Ry*lU Central.. 296 B&S2 UOt 33 87
ByO. B. AQ... 401 630 29C0 -.6
ByB.P.AF.duL. 100 971 .... 617 ■ 128 .... 45
B/O.A. ABLL. 60 47M $7 47
Total. 1163 IMP M 1412 1901 194*371
Mew York Market.
[Br TgLßGaira.l Naw Yeas. Feb. 21.188,
F oca '•tttjout importaat change. Inferior grades are
doll. Medians and gr>od brands sre very firm** held.
Sales 10.400bbls, at 56,309 $5.63 for Super SUte; SS.M
9 S6.lu for Extra Stite; $5.'«0955.60r0r Super Wes'era:
for oommon to medium Extra Weatav;
$6 40 9 $6.5$ for shipping brands Axtra &.U O. market
doalog quiet. Canadian scarce and firm, at $6.75 9 $7.30
for common to choice. Ilye Flo ar #5-76 9 #4.25.
OrvAiK. Wheat booyast with *alr demand. Sala
35,00.) bushels at 90c. fcr unsound Chicago Spring. #1 4u
for Whterred Western, #l-60 for white Mich ins, and
tl.Wfor white Canadian. Bye duU, at £3 9 85 Barley
Malt. ?5. Oorn a little more steady. Sale* 16.UU0 bushes
at 65 9 86 for mixed Western in store and delivered.
o*t» firm at &4 9 57 for State, and CO 9 63 for Western
: andOtnadlan.
RWbuet—DulL at SCX.
P*oYtsio*-.—pork urm*r; sales 1.800 bbls at 517,609
17.65 for old
t19c1ear,t133791160 prime. Beef unchanged;44o bbls
told at $6.5097x0 for couaU7 prime, #77599 00 country
mes?, $t.709tl repacked mesa. $11.60911 extra meaa.
Beef Hams stead;; sales 200 bbls at $1491760 Cut
Mea*s doll and heavi; sales 30 bhds at for
shoul -01 and tX993ic for htms. Dreaed Hoa quiet at
6K99& Bacon quet Lard firm; bbU ai
12Mc. Prime Dm Beef nominal at $16919. BaMerln
fatrreaueu at 1191Sj for Ohio and 169*7 for State.
Oheeie steady at BMeil>»c. Tallow duL; 10,000 fts prime
gold at He.
HlPrssteadrsdes32COatS7S27)«efor BuenosAyres.
lOclor Cry Wester. r
SroccsHalU CBS's*74. loss:Mich IV cents 96: CalTt
84 Mo6'*BiX: Va Teon s's krie of *JO
104: Ouot>erl«nd preferred' 2 Pac'fic Mall 79>». NY O
7S*; taC60«:B60: M H l'Xl P4C»C*IISS: ! ns * *®n
60; dht A Hl6l Jfc IO Harlem prefefred B 60;
OA T3QJf;B«O. f T
Tbe tuhecriber is prepared to ftirnUh In larce or stasH
quantles. MOfiiUJnr A OCS
Corrugated Hoofing.
This new artlde,» extenrfvety in an, exoels all other
mKaHc NbHasoei for Boo9n& Mng oar* durable,
cheaper, fire and water proof, and lamtaslonaas the
II radioes ihe nfcseof&treSe !$»»
■ 1)101100, fee.
05 Clark Street,
.. And all kinds of
Beg leave to inform their customers who are In want o
That a new assortment are on the wsy from New York,
and are experted to arrive about the SOtb Inst.
Owtu* to the unprecedented demaud for tleie sucerb
Instruments we bave r.ov Wt on hind only me ?H Oc
tave Carved Piano: Price#43o. behave, also.
Two JVevb Buffalo Pianos,
Which we can sell very low, as folio its':
One 6H octave. $225 00
One 7 oc'ave 275 00
IVC'all and examine before buying elsewhere.
aucinr,) fe!7 95 Ciark street, Chicago.
• LIfIHEQ. 45 Lake street, still has on band the
largest stock of Musical merchandise keet by any other
bouse In the Northwest. lam ssleasent for the cel
ebrated ** Model Melodeon," made by Mason A Hamlin,
Boston: also ag»nt for Llghte. Newton A Bradbn-y's
PIANOB, with the** P. tent arch " rest flank," which is
wed by no other Manufacturers in tbe world, and Is tbe
DOitlmM.tant mechanical improvement. Insteai o
using iron as most mak *rs do—which gives th; lns>i>
ment am. tallcand disagreeable sound—or using wocd In
theorLinary wav—which renders it necessary to weaken
the part of tbe instrument wherein the greatest possible
strength is reqnlr d—by cuttisg across the grain of the
wood. Llehte. Nerton A Bradbury's have a methy l
whereby they spring this patent Wrest Into proper form
by the aid of steam and powerful machinery- A st ain
of tea tons will mak* no impress-on o„ the arch. w>*'n
the fibres of the wood Instead nf belnz weakened by tbe
continuity being Interrupted at short distances, have tbelr
natural p*wer of resistance greatly augmented by tbe
pec-liar form they are made to a«sume in the Patent
Arch Wre«t. Every instrument ij warranted.
All kinds of Church Music Doatsfor sale.
Tbe cbear.?st and latea;<ilee Bock out is the MIVNE
HA-HA. PriceaiLgle copy <&cents, sent by mail post*
paid; per dosen c.50 All orders must be audreued
to H. M. HiGQiNS. 45 Lake-s'-. Chicago ja's bV9oly
X FORTES Manufactured and for sale ..rf*ft?,
atreUilat Etstern wholesale prices by
W. T. REID Practical Piano Forte ft a Ttl
Maker. All Pianos of bis make will be 11 * I i<
folly wananted. Old Pianos will be taken in exchange,
and tuning and repairing promptly attended to. Apply
at his Piano Forte Manufactory, No. West Madison
Susiiiess tEarDs.
Between Third and Fonrth streets, 81 Louis, Mo.
B. Is Notary Public and Commissioner 9l
Deeds for every State in the Union.
References in Chicago—Bcripps. Brosi A Spears.
fßxsgßicx srixa. Uel-ly-vissj ciLvia & btot.
/\ LAW. SJ South Oiark street, opposite the Court
House. Chicago. Illinois. Will practice to the Federal
and State Courts of Illinois, and in thefiapreme Ooar
of tbe United States.
Roberts. Blsoxwklu [de!7] GilbebtW CcKMna.
Attorneys and counsellors—
Office No. 97 Washington street, adjoining Lar
mon'sßlock. Chicago. Illinois,
Attorneys at law, 7-j and si
Dearborn Street, Chicago, Illlnola. no! 9 b534 3m
954 Obrk Street 924.
House. Sign and Shade Painters. ocß blll«6m
A ttorneys and counsellors at
ZjL LAW. No. 47 Clark street, Chicago.
pettkihSßAsa, oclb4>ly jpsics mclvet.
/V erarsT. Chicago.
Room Na 8. Walker's Bulldlns. P. O. Box 4277.
X. tRY. Ql&as and China, l'uble Cutlerv, Locking
i.nssea, (ktatursand Britaunis ffare,No.U6 Ltke htri-ei.
Cjicago, fll. uih'/T'is-I*
6. H. A Xi. 14AFZ.IN4
Are now receiving tbelr winter stock of Fine Paoers and
eastern Book Papers, which they offer at low prices.
Printing paper of every slse and best quality. oc7.blCl
and Carroll. Chicago. lIL
Masttfactorer of Stidonary ar*t Portable Btean
Machinery and Mill Gearing.
W Oastinca msde to order Repairing premptly al
tended to. feSi-17
Opposite Court House CUlsaye,
Tito Spring and Summer Term
—or THE— i
Northwest'rn Female College
[l9 Miles North from Chicago.] ]
Academic Dtp., (per half year) tC3 CO
College " " ** *• 74 51
Thfsechargeilncludeßoard. Tcltlon in all studies re
cur ed of gra'uates and all of wblch are :requenily i
charged as" Extras. • except Music. M«dem Lnncuages. j
Ornamental Branches and vashing—the list item being '
chargea fifty cents per dozen. It will be p»rcelve<) at a
glance that many who are now teglemkg tb» education
of their daughters might beeducabngtsem at the sime
ccstat which they are now boarding them
wh-le they grow up lu ignonu.ee.
Physical, Mental asd 3Ior»l Discipline, |
Are all provided for at this Inittutlon. Each Teacher '
has a I mi ed number of the voune ladies under her es
pecial ore, to insure ii'Uness in their b«blta an'iproprie- 1
ty of deportment, /or particular* the Pretliunt, 1
W. P. JO.NES, A. M.. kvan-t n.
fe!7 c 250 3w or. Box 430 thlCAio. ]
JLV BOWIE KNIVES, and general outfits for the
Minesat22o Lake street. GEO.T. ABBEY .
for Has trd's Powder. ia37 cIOJ ly
For the Gold Mines.
PIBTOM, BOWIE ,> , ~ ... t
ILt«IVES: also, a large■ -..-cv-'-1.,
assortment of Target r]
and other RlQles, Shot 2
Guns, and other app*- t
ratus for a general outfit K-.-a
for the Mines, at 86 &&
Lake titrfet. f
Ja33-3m<7a D. F.ATON A CO. t
FATnrt Jj pIA j
SCALE S . /|
85 Lake street. Chicago.
Sheet Lead Works. \
KAXTTUjicataa oy
Lead Pipe, Sheet aud Bar Lead, I
z>za XjS az>, c
AffenU for *
St. JQouis Shot Tower, j
tf*A full assortment of the above Manufactures ooa* i
stantlyon hand. r
Col Una & BUtehfordt p
tpSi>6B7-ly Corner of Clinton and Fulton strata,
W, T, Shufeidt & (Jo.,
A: £*. CEOSEEY, t
II • • . . South Water Street, - - - - U«
(Corner of Wabash AveaseJ
Distillers of;
Also Manaf&cturera of C
DoMstlt Bamlns FliM* £
-us- *
WThe Trade garmlled at Market Rates
a Unas. aa**4fl».ly
ranted Pure, asd a Eunerior Article, bright and -
ftee from odor, for boning and lubricating, at wholesale 2
and mail by uItFORD, CAMPbrll *oa M
On. MascricruasKg, 4
W clfll lm 19 Dearborn street. Chicago. si
mUv S3 Bbls Flos Sulnliur.
15 Cases Refined Borax.
S Oases B«thln« Bf>o:ge,
40 Bsgs 63cl'y Sumac, **
SO Caalcs Cnlna Clay. f?
Tor gale vj BOCKKE PHILLTP3 A CO., f 1
fcl*4y No. S Sjuth Water street.
3 500 ■"' OHEST3 YOUKG HYSON, g
Of late Importations lor salo at low prices and on liberal 7
J_W bx& Hew Raisins jat'recelved and for tale by J
XtIV/ now and for sale at axnooxo riioas. &
noll4y-b4g7 REYNOLDS. ELY A OCK LI
jflvV/ UO bags prime Lajruayn Coffee for sale
duu t m L]
t)U oeSbter REYNOLDS. *XY k 00.
hlvv and far sals low by
• wwTwpr.n*. wry a no

J, ceased. Public notice is hereby dvrn to ait |ier-
Boas having claims and demands aganst the estate of
hrabam Marr deceased, to present the same for ad>udl*
cation and settlement at a resulw tens of the Oounty
Ocurt of Coo* Count). to be boldea at the Court House •
■ n Chicago. on the first Monday of March. A.
' D. 1659, being the sevrntß day thereof.
LOOUS MA&R, Executrix
ot the lait Will a&d TrsUmfr* of Graham Mazt dec*d.
B7H.fi. Hirar. Aeeot.
Bine Island. January 11th. IBM. {al3t>W
XjL lgatlon Company's New York and Galway Line.—
Tte next departure ftam New York will be the Steamship
Prince .Albert,
Captain T. J. Waters, to sal) from New York, oa the
Si day or March, touching at St. Johns, J»*. P. to re
ceive the Royal Mail* Prices or Passage:—First Clais,
' *9o; Second. 150: third. *3O; Including free ticket* to
, all the principal dtieeoarallroad route# in Great Britain.
Hiird Class mart provide plate, knife, fork, Ac., and bed.
dine Passage t» SL Johns. First-Class, f36: Second.
Glas& *3». Far freialii or paaaee InquUe of the Ameri
can Exp en
and at tbdr other advertised offices In the Interior.
1 Passage in the th'rd class can be secured at any of the
above offices to bring person* ont fro n anyof the nrlnd
pal dtles on the lines ol railway In Urea'. Britain for *36,
orlromGalwfortao. HOllAm
JAB. 0. FARGO. office of Amrriran Express Co~
Na. JO Dearborn Street, Chicago.
New York. Not. 13. l>wi- - nnil fiia
Through to the Mi Blnei U Tcs Days.
Proprietors and Con tractors of the Great Bait Lake and
Cherry Greek United Sates Mail, will ran a da ly •
Express Line of
Concord Coaches drawn by Six Mules, <
Throneh f'om Atchison. Kansas Territory, on the Great
Western Bend of the Missouri Alter to liENYER OX 7, 1
at th* Mtuth of Cherry Creek. j
This L'ne Connects with 'he <
By a Dally Line of Steamers.
This Isthe onlv dally line of itua to the Gotd Mines, j
with itopptn* places and relays of 1
JBTresli .M.ules livery ZO Miles, j
Passengers by th's line will be taken throcgh from Atchi
son to the Gold M-ces In Ten Diys. being TWENrY i
DAYS lt-as time than by any ether conveyance. ,
Fare through to Denver City, Cheny Creek, <IOO from i
Atchison. i
N. B Passenger* will be boarded through to the mints, i
the Ccmpany having established Eating Hotues every
twenty miles. Forty lbs. Baggage will also be allowed
eaeb pas.enaer.
P isenger* will betr In mind that HCO pusthelrfsre
and Board from AtchUon to the mU>es anl freight on
lorty lbs, baggage. ■
Tnrough Tickets forsale from Chicago a* toe office of <
the Chle&xo, Bcr.lngton A Qalnc« Railroad Depot. ;
Oaiy Six 'fickets to be sold per d.»y, commencing
March lath. |
VTx ttswlUbe ready for sale in advance on the
i l<Xh of March. <
John M. Hocklday & Co.,
Proprietors nf the Onlted States Mall Line to Salt Lake
fe!s 2m cSB and Cherry Creek. \
1839. 1859. j
American Transportation
Incorporated under tbe Laws of the Plate cT Mew York
CASH CAPITAL, $900,000.
JOHN L. KIMBE3LY- President.
FRANKLIN LEE. Vice President.
, jAMaS C. EVANS, See'y and Treas'r.
this company will be prepared to transport Pro*
perty. Merch»ndise. Ac., from t«ew York. Boston, Albany i
and Troy, to anj of the Western cities. A'so. Floa*. Pro. 1
vision*. Produce, Ac., from any of tbe Lake Ports to tide
w*ter, with as great care and dispatch, and at as low 1
rates as by aoy other responsible line, at the same time <
►lvlng through bids of lading for all property when de
sired. i
Ibis Company have a line of elaht staunch Propter*,
to nty between Boflalo and Chlcag ■. touching route j
at Sheboygan, Milwaukee, Racine. Kenosha &&d Wauke- i
cm, Having at <lilragj ample faculties and warehon«e i
aoeosmodatiocs for the reception, assorting and shin* i
ping of all articles entrusted to their ctre. wnich will be 1
under the direction of tbelr Agent, who will five his ter* ]
soail attention to the fulfillment of contracts, adjuitment I
of claims and dasug?s. |
As our Compaoy have a large line of Canal Boats on i
the trie Canal, and are about to establish aline ofSieam i
Oan&l Boats also, we ieel warranted in represendLg to 1
car numercm customers, that ttiey can relr upon greater
dlspa ch and at less rat*s t>-an his b retoforebeenglven.
We. therefore. a*k tir public to continue tbe patroniso
so liberally bestowed opon ns dorlnt theoast four years.
Offices and Docks on Market between Washington and
Madison Chicago, XIL I
ja3l-9m cU-i OHAB. B. OHABR. Arwit.
18 e s .
Illiiiois River Packet Company, :
Incorported 1858—Capital Stock, $200,000. )
D. J. HANCOCK. PresX <** l. P. HANCOCK. Sec'y. i
a. for Freuht'oSL Louis and all points on the Illinois 1
filveratthelo'estrate*. Frelsht taken by Chicago and
Bock Island Railroad to Peoria, and Steamboat from
thence. Forparticulirsapnlrto j
T. W. ALCXA.*oDEK A 00., Arents, 4
fcl lm-cltf IB3X 3 »uth atcr at., Otilcasorill. t
1888-9. ...WINTER HATES... .1868-9 !
Ybroash Freight Llue, .
From date and until further i
notice, Freight will be carried over this Line as
s® si a 8
IS If eS e§ |1 pg ,
w! u «o*» 22 z u "S '
wo «S '•S a£o
Boston #1.9011.33 41.17 €7 lI.M V.SB
New York 1.80 MO 1.30 63 l.*> L4O
Phllsdelphla. 1.60 1.25 1.10 M 1,05 IX
Baltimore l.tiO 1.25 1.10 K Los 1, 5
Pitisourgb 90 70 45 45 7<l 70
Ciccfcnatl. O fo TO 60 ii « 70
Ooiumbus. 0 1.00 80 €5 45 .... bO J
Danoo. Q *5 <0 60 45 ( 4 70 i
Cleveland, 0 70 60 45 85 45 60 1
Dunkirk H. V .9i U U 4J 61 74 ■
lUflao, " 95 » W 4J tit 74 <
Gra'n by Car Load to Cincinnati 32 cents per I'M}as. c
Bulk Meat to PittsburshSO cents per tw as. 1
Contracts made to auove points at Freight Office, cor* ?
ner West Vau Hureaand Canal streets. 1
Contracts to Boston. New York. Philadelphia and Bal*
llmore. via Pennsylvania Central B.ft., given by *■
OLAHKB k CO*, OCice Steele's B'ock, corner Soa'n
Water and Lasalle streets, and at Depot at Canal street. J
JAi*. W. MDeUOri. Freigtt Aeen', vhlcsgo. (
J.J. nODHTON. Geu'l' relghtAg't. Pittsburg, i«a. J
Chicago. February 10.1559. ®
Steaa Ferrj froa Co until BlalTa to Omali> Citj"
This boat has the capacity to '
carry 12 Wagons and Teams at each trip, and 1
baa taken over at one load 3DO bead of Cattle, and she g
can make -10 cro:s'.ngs or more each way in a day, and
will be ablj to ferry over from four to five hundred
wagons and teams from sunrise to saatet each day.
We assure travellers, who are going to the
Nebraska Gold Mines, T
Utah. California. Orezoo and Washington Territories, I
that the roads iron Fairfield, lowaCitr, Dubuaue, ana b
points Intermediate by council Blofi and Omaha Oity, C
and up the nerth side or the Platte ulver, are better, J
nearer, and more abudantly stocked with wagons, «
horses, mates anl cattle, provisions and goods, than any A
other. And wl.h the settlements and towns, and tbe c
regular and well-established line of Mall Coaches al. tl
ready extending-to Fart Kearney and soon to be ex- a
tended all we way to the mines, it is do longer a wilder* d
ness route through an Indian country, bnt can be tra
versed as safely and comfortably and mqch more easily «
than any of the nad* through Missouri or lowl L
Tbere is not tbe same lengU or road in the United *
States, so level anl entirely without marshes, sloughs or tl
bad places and so nearly straight. Tbe streams on tbe &
north s:decf the Platte are all bridged, except the Loup A
Firk. and here the Western etage Company nave a good c
For tbe Council BlaSi and Nebraska Ferry Company. &
jalß-3mcß ll
1859. NOBTHEBN 1859.
Transportation Co.'s Express, J
Via Mich. South, "and N. Y.l'ft Erie Railroads,
!l to give through Bills nf Lading to New York and
Boston, for tbe transportation of Property upon favor- G
ableterms. Um ensuring dispatch, and the piompt set- S:
t ement of dlfferen-es arisio* out of m
The N'.T. Co/sExjress will transport goods from New ti
York to the West during the winter, all tae w*y by roll, m
and on tbe ope lag of navigauon by the N. Y. gK. R. R. di
to Dunkirk, aad tbence by fropeller to Chicago. A
KIT Mark packages "N. T. Co.'s Express." and slilo si
N Y. A E. B, R., foot of Duane street, or PlerS, East ot
Agents, No. 3, Coentles Slip, New York. M
1869...COLLUJOWOOD LINE... 1859 g
VJ Navigation, the M'owlng A No. 1 new and largest
class Screw Kramers, baviac largely increased tbelr
capacity fur Pa<sengers, will fill this line ss fellows: -
FOUNTAIN CiTY, CapU | HUNTER. Captain Dicxaox. V
P'ct. OrtTONAGON. Capt. >VtL. k
Leave Chicago from the foot of Lasalle street. Sccth
Bide. A. T. Spencer * Co.'s wharf, on Tuesday, Thursday Hj
and S .turday evenings, at 8 o'clock, landing at all points nj
on the wesishore of Lake Michigan, as Ln north u Two ♦»
Rivers, and al Msck nac. ye
Through Bills of Lading given from Chisago and ports u
on the west shore of Lake Michigan, to Boston, I\ew
York. Monueai and all the principal points in Ue Eastern u
and New En/land Statesand
Oonnectiat Colllcgwood with the Northern Railway h:
of Canada, and at 'orontowlth the Grand Trunk, Rail? fl;
way lor MoatreaL. Quebec. Portland and Boston aud as
l.akeOnUrlofteam:rs : «r Niagara falli Oswego. Cape es
Vincent, and at ogileasburg with the Vermont Central
R Jlroa.l for Boston and tntennediate points on Vermont si
Central between OgJensbnrgn and Boston. af
Tbe above line is unequalled for regularity and di> th
patch, fcr PautDrers and freight between the Western <
andLastemandNewKoslandStatesand Canada.
For freight or puuee apply to _ C
Footof LasalestreeUCnlcajq Ut
18*8 |M39. Cl
lis it
to au. MBTwa ciraa.
'TOTAL AGENTS, are prepared to Oootract Freight! Co
rhrough, by authority of the Companies named above. P e
as their office. No. 1 Steele's Block, corner south Water
aad Lasalle streeta, and at Depot of P., rv W. A O. R.
L. Chicago: oratDepot,Liberty«tm», Pittsbunch.
Tbe Offices of the Pennsylvania RaUroad Company ta *B'
tie tast are located at i?
No. 3 Aster House, New York. be
No. 1 Berth WUHam street, New Tort,
No. 46 K»y street, Boston.
Not 78 Perry street, Hartford "
No. 80 Nona street, Baltimore.
And al tae General Depot. [prfl-ly
The Steamships • j
PHUIAB FPSAGUC, Oapt. Matthewi. Sh(
KENSINGTON-CapC Baker. th|
CITY OFa£W iußK.Oapt. Howes, dc
Pon* a Recnlar ft'
sailing with great regularity from each pert. Thete
bteamers are and strong, and ta all resects S?
well fitted and provided ihey have good accomodations
and freight of all kinds is takes at fair .v°
ratea. These dteamer* run In dose connection wfth tbe
Pennsylvania Railroad, and goods are forwarded with SrP*
promptness and HENRY WINBOR.
No>.Xc2S-uth Wharves. Philadelphia,
C«r Cairo and Sen Orleans. Sj
The splendid ** R,p -iiffSr -2
hlllni Konig _ „ CI
Nnr IVIU Oity S
wm iwn. (Mm ti» oimlM Fyfl md Wb»«. Mna UB
Bt. Losia and New Orleansetfollows; Jan
LEAVING ML IqDIS Ort. » «»0 o'clock A- 11
do do Oet. M, 'U, do do A
do do Nov.
do do DeC. *.'54 do do oft
do do Dec. V> do do Not
do So 11 *B. do do sak
do ft do do Coc
do do Feb. fi, J*, do do of .
do do M*ch U >4 do de Isr
LIA ViSfi QiSo W-MfSttW o'clock P.M. S
do -do Oat. n.*S * 4° <r "CO '
i 1 pis 1 & a
$ 11st s * |
' t■ y t ■" •*• _. i ■ * i
_ Cegol
5 i-Vf-.i™ l CtmnlufiiMi did to the month or ip.l
, A. D. IK6. execute to me a mortgage which aald oort
t r.00Ml ? tte Eeccrdor-. üßee or 000 l
J S o sf'rJ? u ". f . tile •>' moota. oathessthdvof Anill
"'d dpi j recorded In nld oOca Inßoofc S9 01
l, mortga<es. «m»e la, which said mortgaxe was made ic
secure ta>e nayment of three certain promissory netes in
1 i u , a »»rtr»*o ?»«lcul»rty described, Uie one or sale
h*Tlng fallen due cn tte 30th day 0:
nPJH' . 18 ?J fce , a haxjng been made in the
paymeatoi tald aote last maturing, in which said mort
5 gaceij eont-lne-*1 uroviaion thatl! default be made m
tne payment of said notes or eiUnr of them, eitner 01
trlndr-tl <rr Interest on tbe dsy or days whereon the
sane aha 1 become due a-d payabe. that then and in
= 1 om epcowered lo and by said mortgage, afU:
publishing a notke la a newspaper printed in the diy 01
• Chicago twentJ day* before tEe day of sale, to sll lh«;
- PjeojUes in said mortgage describej and all of the equit;
not redemptioncf the aaLl James Ca»nln<h»m tl eiel.i ut
the Court House fleer in the at» of Chicam, to the H*fa.
est bidder for osb, at the time mentioned in said cotice.
e and to make, execute an<i deliver to the perchaser m
s purchisers a deed or deeds of tne premises so so d an<J
1, out or tre pr ceeds of sncb sale to pay tbe costs o'
0 sale and the p:lndpzl an J Interest cue cn sad notes.
«„Is hereby rven that ;n pursa
ance or the authority given m«-la aau by the mort«««
aforesal '.lsbailon Monday.the 7ta diyof MsrcQ. -. U
WH. at 10 oclck ia th« lotecoonoJ sdd day at tbe
r t corthdoorof the Court Hu.e. in tteeityofC-icago.:n
• ""vW ad staieof Ullaois. 'eU to tte hi 'h
e est b.dJer "cr cash the premists in sa-d mortxate de
u W'tJ-Thar r&it and parcel of L.t one (U. In
1, Bloca fifty-«our (H). in tae To»n of Chicago,
Coucty of Oook. «nd Ftate of Ulnols. bcunded as lot
cn ibe east lite 01 sala lot thirty CO) feel
Dorta of ibe a3uthea*t ocrntr. and running tbrnce
ns lhe llue of Wells stnet tccnty feet,
j thence westerly oa a dne oaralell with waihington street
Mthewestiineoi aald lot, being about eiehty (stl) f«je»,
>• alotgthe west line ofeald lot one Q)
twentv (jo) leet, tnence easterly on a line paraltll wiu
Washington sureet, about eighty feet, to the pUce of be
ginning. WILLIaM 08WAN.
• Chicago, February l»h. K. D. 185*. fel4td-eiSO
1 Sm. B i~i? < SL ooii:itT 00101 of 0001111011 Ke *- A Pril
Jamaldeck. WlUiam J. Beck and John Beck. vs. John
Public notice la hereby given to the said John irouih
, am that a writ of attachment lrsued out of the
' o%ee of the Clerk of the Cook Oonnty Court 0' Common
> Pleas, dated the nlnetenth day of February, A. D. Itt9. at
• the suit ofthe.saidJas. Beck. Wm
ana .agalrit the estate of tbe said John Brougham lor
the sum of three hundred and twenty-five dwuara. and
■ixty-eight cents directed to the Sheriff ot Oook Oounty.
which said writ has been returned executed.
Now, therefore, unlea you, the said John Brougham
, shah pmocally be and appear before the said Cook
Oounl7 Com t of Oommon Pleas, on or before the first day
of thenext term thereof to be boldea at the Court House
in the citv of Chicago, on the fl-it Monday of April
: A. D. 1859, give, epedal ball, and plead to the said
1 plainliirs raagment will be entered you
and In favor of the said James Besk, to 1111 am J. Beck
1 and John Beck and so much of tne property utached
as may be sufficient to satisfy the said judgment
1. cosu. will be sold to saUsTthi same.
1 Cornell. Walte A Jameson. Pt.'ffs Au'yr. fel-j eaa
1 J- CtsrlM (XCUfkeindUirrfi., his wife, or the city
t of Chicago, CouLty of Cook, aud £t\te of Illinois, exe'
feu' ed to me as Trustee a de*d of trust of the premises
hereinaltsr describe**, to secure r he payment of a eert&ln
I promloory note of Kve oundred and sixty Seven Uol
lar.', therein mentioned, which deed of trust bears d.ta
9 May fifth, A. D la®', and is recorded tn the Recorder's
office of Wa'woita (.onsty, acd titate of Wlscsrsln. In
Bock 31 of Mortgages, Pa.es 410 and 411 j and whereat
defsuit bis been made In ue payment of said ncte and
B apphcat on has been made t>me by the le-al holderol
ssid note, tq sell said prem ses. under said dtedoj trust
" .the purposes therein expressed. Now. therefore!
SS2 l J"ktUieU at public
l auction, at the North door of the Court house In the
cl'y of Chicago, in said County and State, to the highest
Wdd<y for cash, at ten o'clocx laths io'enoao. onihe
Nlj-TU DA* or MAROH. A. D. lb». d"
"Crib'dja deed ef trust, to wit:-ing undivided
two-thirds (X) of the north half the *onu«ast euar**»
Section twenty-nine Of). Town number oneQ,
Bat*;1 number sixietn Ufl. eas; ot ibe iourt»>
: Mcrialin, and eont*inlag fifty three and. one-th£d (Ski
' acres, be the sam s more or less, tb- &ici e beinFiTn.i it;!
aoart to Benjamin F. ulark- nzd charl« c
the estate of the late Ur. Henry °* * fron
Chicago, February 2nd, ltoa. fta3otclW
r \/i ortgaijE sale.—notice• is
1 it!-*- hereby given that default having been made in
Promi*ory Note secured In and
• « acenaln mortgage, made and executed by Alfred p.
I faring date 17th aay of April. I3M, and r«orded
o office 01 the Recorder of Deeds for the Count? of
S? ok *-??? of lillncls. In 80-.k & of MoßctMk at
9* 0, : Of*** lo secure the payment of a
cmunpromisory note in said mortca«e mentioned en
. which there wlitbe due on the d« of sale, principal and
w^ , ;£ 4hl J* oa ?t ad "gh":^' D °darsandNinety.
Six Cents. Now. therefore. I slsll. by virtue of the
9 P 0 ®^ d . m ortga*e conUlned. on THURSDAY, the
I Jenih day of ilarch. A- D. 1869, at the Court House. In
s the city of Chicago aad County of Oook. and State of
• S ll ? O^' &AP 0 self as public auction to the
t highest bl.idtr for c »sa the following described lots or
, " U , ail *- 5SS ett u er "-'i l «ll r® ot re
; «="1 Connti or
J Stateof i llllnolito wit; Tne undivided one
> half of Lots one (t> ana two -21, in Block four (4) Fort
r Dearborn Addition to Chicago.
• w . .. Ic . n GEO. M. GRAY, Mortgage.
9 Ph cago,Feb. Bth, 1859. feg
|— Cook County Circuit Court, Februarj Te:m,
■ Augustus Beck and Charles Wlrlh vs. Helmich Nan-
Public Notice Is hereby given to the said Heinrich
1 Nauaann that a writ of Attachment issued out of the
office of the clerk of the Cook Oounty Circuit Court.
day of February. A. D. isia. at tbe
. suit of the aud Augustus Beck ana cWies Wirth and
r sxaliist the estate ot tbe said Heinrich Neumann, for
the sum of Two Hundred and Eighty One Dollars and
s Seventy-Mne. CenUidirected te the Sheriff of cook
1 County, which said writ hagbeen returned executed.
1 Now. therefore, you, the said nelnrich wau
mann shall personally be and appear before the said
Cook County Clrcu.t Court, on or before the first
day of the next term thereot to be bolden at the Court
House, in tbe cUy of Chicago, on the first Monday of
L M trch. A. D. IS&9. give special ball, and plead to the
said plaintiff's action, judgment will be entered
' you. and In favor of the said Augustus Beck and Cturles
wirtn. and so much ofthe property attached as may
be sumdent to to satisfy the said judgment and costs,
» will be sold to satisfy the same.
1 VT „ „ ~ „ WM. L, CHUROT, Clerk.
horman 0. Perking. Plfffs Att'y. feu>4wtiti
J lois. County or Cook. 88.—Circuit Court ol Cook
> nonntv April Term A. D. 1*59.
Franfclln E. Gregory. John Tilton. Ormand Button,
k Moses w. Richardson. John U. Bradbury. Georxe K.
5 Rlchvdson. George Barnes, Jabes W. Lvman, Har
) vey Soencer. Edward Aleaasder. John**'weaterve t
\ and Orrir 8 Ti us, vs. A N'oron Kicg. Bjron H. New
■t eIL Rudoiphßchloesser.Elbridgdß.Newell. andChai
I Sonne.
I Affidavit ofthe non-residenceol Elbrldge G. Newell, one
I of tbe defendants above named, bavin* oeen filed In t beof.
I flee of the Clerk of said circuit Court otCook County,
I Notice Is hereby given to the said Elbrid<eO. Newell thai
slid complainants filed their bill of complaint in sa.dOcurt
k on the Chancery side thereof on the twenty-ninth day
of November. Isoß, and that a summons thereupon is
sued out of said Court against said defendant, return
able on the first Monday or January, ISSd, as U. by
law_fe aired.
Now. unless you, the said HbricteG. Newell shall
personally be and appear befure said Circuit Ooort
, of Oook County, on tae firstday of the next Aptil
term thereof to be hoiden at uhlcago. in the said
County of Cook, ou the cnt Monday of Aprt.. 1&&
and plead, answer or demur, to the said complainants* bill
of complaint, the same and the matters and thinathere
in charged and stated will be taken as caafoaedTand a
1 decree entered against you according to the prayer of said
1 complainants. WM. L. CHURCH. Clerk.
Franklin Webster. OoTpl'ts 80 'r. ja27 clOl 4w
is.—Cook County •ourt of Common Pleas, Februarr
Term. 1&50.
SjlvesterLnd. Samnelß. Sl«ter. Ex'cn<or« and "nulees
of Barber, deceiaed, vs. Joseph Wilde, >tnlor,
Ann Wilde, his wl e. Mary Ann Barber. Lucy Barber.
Harriet Barber, ibarles Y. Bell, and Kliaa Bell, his
wi:t— In Chancer.
Affidavit of the non-rssidenee of Mary Ann Barber.
Tucy Barber, Harriet Baroer, Charles Y. Bell and Eilza
Bed, his •lfe.partcfthe defendants above namea. uaving
been filed in tne office ofthe Clerk of said Cook Coant*
Court of Common Pleas. Notice Is herebv given to the said
Marr Aau Barcer. Lucy Barber. Han let Barber. Charles
Y. Bell, and E':si Bill, his wife, that the complainants
fllra their bill of complaint In tbe said Court, on the Chan
cery side thereof, on tbe Sftb day of January. 1559, and
that a som.nons thereupon issued oat 01 said court
against said defendants, returnable cn the first Mon
day of Aptll next. A. D. 1559, ej is by law reaaired.
Now, 'unless >otL the said Mary Ann Barber, i<ney
Barber. Harriet Barber. Charles Y. B*U and Ellxaßed,
Lis wife, shall personally be and appear before
said Oook Con:ty Court of Common Pleas, on
the first day of the next term thereof, to be bolden
at Chicago in said Oounty on the first Monday of
April. 18&. and plead, answer or demur to tte said
complainant's bill of complaint, tbe same and the
ters and things therein charged and stated will be takes
as confessed, and a decree entered af*ir»«t jrou accord
ing to the prayer of said bUI
, ... Walter kimbau. citrt
Mather. Tat A Hlnc. ftriAw c! 5
circuit Court of Cook County, February Special Term
A. 0..1859.
Johnß Kirg vs. John P. Gardon Cockling,
Caroline A. Conklinr, Saral A. Oonkllng. Godfry Bry.
ant, Pettr Pecoy and Oharlss J. Tremam.-In Chan
Affidavit of the non-residence of John P. ConkTur,
Ga-don Conkllnx and ('ar- lne A. CankJng his wife,
Sarah A. Con kiln-, Godfrey Bnant and Chines J. T re
main. defendants oamod. having been filed In
the office 01 the Clerk of said Circuit Court of Cook County
notice is hereby given to the said J hn P. Conkllng, G»r
donConillcg* ard Caroline A. Conking hlswlfr, 8-rah
A. Oon<U*r.Godfrey hryantaadobanesJ. Tremalnthat
said complainant filed his bill of complaint In saldlCourt
on he Chancery side thereof, on the fii it day of Febu
ary 18S9; and that a summons thereupon Issued out of said
Court against said delendanta, returnable on the seoond
Monday of February 1n5t.,(1969) as Is by law required.
Now, ualefsyou. the said John p. Oonnllng. Gardon
Oonkllng and Caroline A. Coukllng his wife, Sarah A.
Cockllae. Uodfre? Errant and ChtrlesJ.Treraaia shall
personally be and appear before said Cbcuiw Courtof
Cook Co.. on the first day of the next special term thereof
tobeholdenat Chicago. In said Oounty, on tne second
Monday o> February, ISoS, and plead, aiuweror demur
to the said complainants' bUI of complaint, the same and ,
tbe matters and taicss therein chanted and stated will
be taken as confessed,and a decree entered you.
according to the prayer of said bilL
WM. L.OHURCH. Clerk.
George BcovDle. Ooap 'U > ol'r. ted c! 97 <w
k7 89.—Circuit Oeurt of Oook Oounty, January Speda
Term, A. D.. 1&63.
William McCully. John F.McOolly.andMarkW. Watson,
vs. George E. Hoyt.
• pubUcNoUeelshereby^veqAothesU- : GecnreZ.Hoyt
thatawrit of ati-c. oaent Issutdout ofthe office ofthe
Olerk ofthe Circuit Court cf Oook Oounty dated the eigh
teenth das of December, A. D. 1868. at the suit of tbe said
William McCully. John F. McCully anid Mark W. Watson
and against the estate of tbe said Geo. E. Hoyt for the
of two hundred and ninety-ekht dollars aad twenty-three
cents, directed to the Sheriff of Cook County, which said
writ has been returned executed. Now. therefore, unle«
you. the said Geoige tHoyt shall personally be and ap*
>earbefore the said CircuitOourtofOook County on or be
ore Ue first da> of the next term thereof to be
hs! Jen at the Jcurt House In themty of on the
fint Monday of January A. D. jdre special ball,
and slead to tut said plalnuS? action, judgment will be
entered a t*» ••• ▼oa. and In favor of tre said WiLlam
H eOblly, John F. McCully and Mark W. Wats. a. and so
moehoiiai. iropertvattaehedas may be sufficient to sat
■fy the gala judgment aidcocu will be told to satisfy
the same. _ . WILLIAM L. CHURCH. CierL
Cornell Walte A Jameson. Plff'sAtfya de»b363<>od
Cook. SS.—Cock Oounty Oourt ef Oommon Pleas,
February Term* ISU. _
;Larie« H. Booth and Charies Tattle vs. OrviHe Finch.—
Public notice is hereby gives to the said OrvUie Finch
that a writ of Attachment Issued out of the office
of the Clerk of Oook County Court of Common Pleas,
dated tbe fir* day of Febuary.'A. D. 18S9. at th* suit of
the said Charles H. Booth and Charles Tattle and aga'jist
be estate of the said Orvtlle Finch 'or tae sum of six
teen hsndie j ana forty-two dollar* and forty-eight cents,
directed 10 the Sheriff of Oook county, which
wntbasbeen returned executed.
Now.thgefiare.unlaiyou.the said OrvUie Finch shall
personally be aad appear before the said Cook county
Court of Ooomoa Pleas, on or oefore the first day of the
next term thereof to be hoiden at the Ooort House
In the city of Chicago, on the first Mondai of Febru
ary. A. D. UO, give special ball and plead to t£s said
plaintiffs action, judgment will bs entered *unstyou
and In faror of the said Charles H Booth and Charies
futile, ana ■> much of the property attached a» may
tegmßdent to satisfy the said judgmeoi and oottg,
will be sold to sattsU the same.
Tbompeon A Bishop. Plfffs Att'ys. fc3 clB 30d
Cbcuit Court of Oook Oounty.January Spedal Term.
erman S. Seator and Porter Skinner vs. Andrew J,
* Pubiic notice Is hereby dven to the said Andrew J.
Short, that awrtt of attachment Issued out of theot&ceof •
thtOlsrkcfClrcsitOqunaiOookOouatydatedlhefearth .
dooTDeceßtber, A.D.l&M,atUusaUof the saidJen&an
STKeator aad Porter Skinner and against the estate t
the'saM'Andrew 4. Short fcr sum of IfcreeTaou-
Now. therefore unle a you. tbe said Andrew J. Short
shallpefspQAllv be and'pp«r be« the said Orcult
Court or Oook Oounty oa or before the first day or the next
Special Term thereof to be hidden at the Oeer House, in
tbe (Sty ot Chicago, oath* first Monday of January, 'A.
D. 1569, give weSal ball, andalead to the saldplainOrs
aeOenluScTOtwillbeenteredaAnstyoQ and .n txm
of thesaidJennan a Keatcr t and Porter uiu
C> EEL—Obenlt Com of Oook Oootj.
4vtu. WD«m led Baajamln Strieiton Tr Kotat Cuu
oka—ln Cca&cmT.
Affidavit of the nan-residence cf Robert Camahsn.
defendant above named. Having been filed in office
of the Clerk of said 1 Cimtt Court of Oook Oounty,
Notice is hereby sdven to tbe said Robert t>)»t
atid eomSainaats filed their bill of eoaxplahit In said '
Court on the Chancery side thereof, on the eleventh day
of January. 135*. and that an a summons thercspea
lsnied out of said Ooort ac&last said defendant! te. '
aUUperKPaHy be and appear befbre said Circuit Court
of DookOSunty, on tbe first aay or the next March term
thereof to beholden at Chicago, in said Oounty, on the 1
flistMendayof March. IStt, snd plead, answer or de- 1
imbeutrnM sural i
Mtar W. VMM.
All Persons Eugaged in tlie Manufacture of Lumber In any way
Patented July 21,1R57.
have been very large.
Wia u* heaati/allj >ll Und, of Sdlo* lenctai Flooring Scanllkt to. to. from OmU Uto » lMt Um.
WIS saw beautifully allkJ
fiolh these Mills are AUTOUATia or SETaF OPERA
TIVE, or can easily be worked by hand without any
change or ilteratlonln tbelr construction: are tbe most
simple and seldom get out of repair. They are Made to
Wear—warranted durable and substantial—for Year in
and Year out. Tbe Saw Frames are of Iron entire: the
Carriage aad all are sit eto endure heavy work, to In
sare accuracy asd duztftiltt/. ' The Patentee has been a
fcr the past Thirteen Years, aad-now offrrs the reiult of
his labors and experience to those who wish to avail
themselves of thebene&ts. claiming Lumbermen are
here ofiered the
now before the public. Also claiming and ready to prove
thai the LOG MILL will pe. form more than ITirtt Timtt
the work of a Uuley Mill with the expanse of One.
The SIDING MILL will perform from X ta S" more
work than a~y SUdlrg Mill ever knowr. Tht per cent,
clean profit these Mll'a will make over the above esti
mates of wcrk wIU be. as will be seen at once by a prao
tlcal man, much greater from the fact thit the expense
of running, less hands employed, and next to nothtne
for repairs, are items in the manufacture of Lumber
that est up the prcfits to an alaimtag extent It not
watched. These MUls attend to these items In person:
thus the profit of the manufacture.
Tbe above Engraving represents the Sldlrg Mill cor
rectly. It Iswell to stats that these ml Is are not depend
ent upon tbe merestatement of Mr. Ferry, the Inventor.
a*hey have been used by many, anc thoroag" ly test- d in
all respects, and are recommended by all far above any
Mills In the Unittd States, We have room but for a few
of the many flattering ecmlng from high and
responsible parties.
From Manufacturers.
The undersigned. Manut?ctorers of lumber, having
hadlauseWLliamM ferryJr*s Patent 81 din* Mll.s, do
berelnt testify to tbe r excellence tbove all other kinds
we bave teen in operation.
Tbe difficulties heretofore experienced in the use of
ether kind* of Mills bave been their liability
to get out or repair, making the manufacture of lumber
more expensive andUelnaccuracyofthlckaetsin lum
ber manufacture subjecting os to tbe loss of good mate
rial— as Culls. By tee use or Kerry's Mills. »heir simplici
ty and the itrenxth and workmanlike mancer of their
construction d>>es away with "timer.at" and they are i
reliable for work. Thete Mills, with h<a late Improve
menu, are the only accurate s ttlrg MiLs to uniform
th ckness that we have ever us*d or *een In
aad we recommend them from cur own knowledge ana
experience to bethebe.-t asd profitable Mills we
know ot Th; patentee's exierience as a Lnmberaaa
b's doujUcsi calied bis attention to what we bave here
tofore to much nee.ied. and we are confident, ail
his Mills will axree with us :n the expre«sion aba* j eiven.
Perry A Son. Amos Norton Hunter Ssvltixe.
Stephen Monroe, Galsn »•. O. Ma ro.
uan'lF. Kargo, JWUdeACo.. KellogWLlieACo.
S. Lawrence. Richard ttjberu, George L. Norton.
Hopkins A Bros., JohaC;ancy,
18&e. rassenger Trains will leave the Wells strea
depot daily. (Sundays excepted) na follow::
ForFreeport, Galena. Dunieith. Belolt, JaaewiUe and
Prairie du Chi en.
PaigengerandMaU. 8.50 A. K.
Passeaser (dally) 7.10 P. M.
Elgin. McHenry. Crystal Lake and Richmond. 3uSU P. M
roa nixos, ruuox avd umu iowa.
Through LOO P. M
Passenx;? 3.30 P. M.
. Two Through A'ralna will leave Central Depot at foot of
Lake street, ajfollowt:
roaojzxsi. pcxurra awd bt. mox.
Dally (Sundays excepted).- 8.46 A. M. and7.ooP. M.
Leave Dunleith 7.00 A. M,—arrive In Chicago fi JO P. M
Leave do 7.-JQ p. M.-arrive in Chicago 4.v5 A. M.
Leave Fulton laoOAM—arrive in Chicago at &00 P.M.
LeaveDeKalbb.lsA.lL—arrive In Chicago at».» A. M.
sstorr ass vaoisoh sxaicz.
Leave Janesville At 10.30 A. Mm—arrive In Chicago at
taop. M
Uave Janejville at U0 P, M.—arrive In Chicago at
4K5 A. M.
Leave Cjda at 7,' JO A. IS.—arrive in Chicago 9Jo P. M
Passengers for all points on the Galena and Chloaxe 1
Uidon Railroad, and Fultoa Llnae, thosld take the trains
from Wells Street Depot.
One of Woodruff's Patent Sleeping Ovswill leave Cea
tral Depot nightly with 7.00 P.M.'Train for Dunleith.
All the above trains connect with tbe Great Eastern
Lines diverting from Chicago.
Through tiekets can be bought at the following offices:
H.J.Spaoldlnx's.corner Lake aad Dearborn streets, P.
F. W. AC. RIR. Ticket Office, corner of Randolph and
Dearborn streets; Michigan Southern Office under the
Revere Home, and at the Central and WellsstrsetDepoti
JOHN B. TURNER, President.
H. H. PozTxa. General Ticket ArenL no 9
1158.. Win tor Arraagamest 1851
JL Boston. Philadelphia. Baltimore. Washtactou.
Cleveland. I'Htsburjfh. Dunkirk. Bsflalo. Niagara Falls.
Rochester. Syracuse. Troy. Albany, lflmlra. Blnsham>
ton. Springfield, Worcester, and au polntsln the New
Easlaad States.
scoo A. M. Mall and Accomodation, via old Michigan
6:45 A U. New York Express leaves Chicago via old
Michlgsa Uae.
8:00 P. M. New York and Boston Express, via old Mldw
&45 A M. Iralu (dally, except Sundays.) ooanects at
Adriaiwita train (or Monroe and Detroit,
miking close connections at Detroit with
trains oa Great Western Railroad.
5:00 A. M. (dally, Suauay* excepted.! connecting
Elkhart with train for Goshen Air Line.
8,00 P. M. (daily, except Saturdayj connect at
with trains for Monroe and Detroit.
QTpas*ngen leaving Chicago on the 6:45 AM, train
get a Night Car at Cleveland.
Tickets can be haa at all ticket Offices in the West, and
attheOotrpany'sOffice unaertne RevyreHouse,comer
Raadolph and Dearborn streets, and at tae depot.
tnylO ft. M.GRAY. Geneva' Vetera Agext.
For Central and Western lowa, Nebrai.
Isa and Kansas.
Composed of the
k Rotk Islam), Feaiia k Butai VtHej
ni Hlssisslppl k HlsMiiri Kallnads.
Thbough fromThicaqo TO IOWA
CITY and Washington without chaaxe of Cars.
oalydlrectrcutcfromChlcagotoJollet, LsSaile.Per*
Peoria. Rock Island, Davenport, Muscatine. lova OBfc
Washington aad Fort des Moines.
Three Passenger Twins leave Chicago *»ny
from Depot, corner Van Buren and Shena-\n streets u
ILOO A. M-Day Express, Sunday*exeeptea-Por Jollet,
La Salle, reona. Rock Island.
ttne,lowaand Mashlnxton.
IL9OP. Night xxprea. Saturdays excei ted-For Peo
ria. Rock Island. Davenport. Muscattae, laws Ck%
aad Washington.
LOO P. M* Jollet Acoommodatloa. stopping st all stations
arriving at JoUet at (Lte RSL
The Chicago aad Rock Island aad Mississippi and Hi
tourl Railroads form the only through route from Chi.
caco to tne Interior or lowa,
i Paaenger trains ion through to lowa City aad Wash
lagton without detention, cr chaaxe of e«r« at the
slssippl River; crossing the Bail mad Bridge between
Rock Island aad Davenport.
Trains arrive at Chlcsjo A.M.and IS
VtitH a at J.SS A. X,
AtLsßaOe,wtthDlinole Central RaQroadfarGalsM,
iMnleith. Cairo and intermediate points.
At Peoria with the Peoria and Oquawxa Railroad t«i
Galegbunt and Barilnxton. .
At wuh, of &tscss la Oscatoiu.
KnoxvtHa, and all pemts m Central vd Southcra
. lows:
At lowaCUyvilhWettern Stage Oo'sLlaetf all Coaehes
' for Fort des Maine*. Council Blußi, Waahligtan. On*
ioosa. Newton, Wlntertett, fort Dodge. 3oux Cj/,
MaiibaDtewn. Marietta. lowa Falls, Cedar Rapids, Cedar
Localud tickets on sale at the Depot, also al
office of Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad, corner Dear,
born aad Raadolph streeta, and office Mlchlgsnßua«iaia
ander Revert Hotel. —' - 1
w. L. ST. JOB*. Gi»>i uaStiiL 1107 ' S'li
LeA7S CUnton at. a 15 A.M. aad 120 P. M.
Arrive at Mechaslcsvllle, LLIS M, and 8.00 " l
Leave Merfxanlcsviiie. &,00 A. M. sndl-X) **
Arrive atCUaton ixso M, and 8,00 M
Ooanertbarwith Throaxh Trains ever the
DtoaAlr-IJneof ud fltioftgo Union
At stages fbr Davenport and Maanoketa. 6
At Yankee Run waa utagea tor -rorouw. At Onion
Grove with Stages fcr Tipton. At Mechanlcgvllll with
Aaaaoaa. lisbon. ML Yemen. Marion *p4
_ „ »fnGHT isuiira UA'CH J
. *hs Shortest. Ch*anea» and most Expeditious Rods
Mtwsvt GMUgo'tnfr PMiral lowa, it being only 13«
" d
TVill Find it to their Interest to Examine one of
-A. T OITC E .
Patent Re-Issued AprU 6,1355. Additio.val lim)TKjiE.vr PiraxruD May 4, ISSS, sine which time ml.'
From Practical Sawyers.
The tndenlriea ire practical Sawyers. an-! havtn*
used an i seen to u e other kinds ofClreu'ar Saw si :!*
weprefer those cf ffm. it Fcr.y. Jr'a Palest all
Wecancnt merehmberwith them !a the same Urae
than wtthanyoT the ether kind* heretofore luu«e. for
the»e reuonj: The care of bu< om belt li fern's
Macldnestakes the Usee of kr«i-<es In r-rairc null
cated machinery and a g-ratsr rurobjro* belts _j in <U
eT ? ry .?V ,a Jknrerirg." The Ar:or 1* o- Cm Ste-L
and amhe work connectedtherewithls flnlihedln tacb
ft manner that we are not troub ed with journals that
he,*t to the damage of the oaw and d-.-t-r.ton of t±e *ill
AU thei work is sb-on*. *lreple. and ccnv<ai eat r*n
* a *f-? flhe 8 w ,*n«Ur-Ul * d *lth ct sioulr r
the Mil!, for different qualities of TU ber. or u dilcxent
Bawamayneed without • eatingortuvln* anyten-eccy
the Arb-ror the Paw. The <:• nvtnleacs ofihe
dons ror bo din* "cants" on these Mills a very great.
The* don holdacantflrmly,»vtnln r.-st7ilu.ber.and
thepeeuliaj 'head do« * dees away wth the use of a
mill bar." Th- experience of all mtli owners and
Sawyers is thatt e 'mill bar" ii the •ause oi trore ao.
cldentathan anything else. Th« aeTlty of flying the
cam<i#e for receiving and cutting dJTcrent lcnrh „ar.ci
Is unequalled.
»»e tear no eomnlalnts oflrreeul&t th!ckn»s to the
lumber from FerTj'sMl la We Uke pleasure therefore
to recommend!:, g t ese Mills aa the UaNIU£3T lud
BEBT ve have ever seen.
Jhonm Merrill, Jo-. D. fltebblns. Mas Timet.
Nlcolat Lawless. Jtmryßrasted. John Tarrent.
0. i». Bramhle, GilbertThompsoo. tiamaei KlmbalL
Merett C. Messenger.
From Lumber Inspectors.
TTe, the underaJgneJ. Lumber In«ceeteri of the city of
Ch csgo. being frcQuentl' eoo ! nyed <n the toipcctlno of
lumfcermanui%ctured rom WlllNm M. Ferr. Jr'sPa
tent Siding ill la. vocld hensby teatll> to the accuracy
manufacture of tae lumber sawed by said
Want of unKo'tnltyof th'ckness !s a prevailing
plalataunng pureuasers of lumber, and ih«? axtljfnctlon
%hlch. la this particular. Ineritably follows the aa>e oi
lumoer cut from saH clllsls tbe surest Irdicailon that a
degree o. perfection has been attained la the;r c >n«: ruc
tion and operation that place then by kuv
other mill »nawn to us. Thework frrmttieajlathebest
recommeadautn taey need for perfect, rtraoUcal and suo
cestui machine*.
We take p earere la commending ferry's Improved
Mil s to general u;e.
Chicago, December 50.1363. Grand Haven. Mlchlgw.
Chrirtooher Johcaon. Georg-I>. Harvey.
P. W. tUgble. Jonn W. Hopkins,
Prankl n Itmerr, •*. i'tlant.
R. G. uoodwliue. Henry Briwer.
O.IL llortoo.
From Dealers.
nnderslzned. Lumber Dealers In the dty of
Chicago. ba*ing ranUled and »old more or leas lomber
r 4- oWU lam M lferry. Jr's Patent biding
Mills, take pleasure la hereby certifying that lumber
manufactured from aa!d Ferry's Inu-roved Mills la of
usujrm thickness, smooth and acotratrly saweiL aad 'n
thti i e»p c*. yre'er ible to luab-r manufactured by in*
other self ie:tiLK mill wi;h whlcb we are acquuntett
III* iinportanceof bavin/ #Vfnl» M'vnt lumber iur n «ua
ceufu i ade la so«s enilal ail so general!* known that
comment la this reritd is unnecessary Th« bc*t and
most reliable recommendation we c*n offer for laid m;:ls
of satisfaction which Umber manuf*c
tured tucrefrom jd-es >oour nuuwrous customers. We
thercf-ireuihesttalinalv comment ferry* Mills to erne
raiuiewihe mo-t Derfc.-t«eir-«ett!Djr mto.ltoe known to
H inter
Great XiU and Sxpn* Boat, to SL Paul.
V-/ ber 29th. 186 d. Passenger Trains will run
(Sundays excepted.) as follows:
lxavx am at 00, yacm statio* ook. wist watu a oock its,
8:00 A., M.—gtocplns at all Stallone, reachlnx Milwaokx
at Lh&a P M.
I LDO P. K.-Stepplnc at Svauston. p U k. Lake
. Foirest. Wauxegan. and autlons north, and
5 arriving In Milwaukee at &ld P. M.. and con*
necting with LaCrosse A Milwaukee RAllroad
for St. Paul aud ail points la the N jrth.west.
r WAOxxQix nun uurm caiaioo at
feOO P. M.-Stopping at ail Stations, and arriving at Waa
ktgaa at (:3S P. M.
. At Milwaukee with La Croae A Milwaukee Railroad foi
' Hartford. Horrlcon. Beaver Dam, Portage (Sty. Lisbon.
Sparta, and LaCrosse-eonnectlng at Sparta and La-
Crosse with three daily line of biases tor St. Paul,
Wlnuna. Fountain City, Seed's wing. Pre*
cott. Hudson.Stillwater. Hasting.St.Anthony
14 ftll« axH Mlnmwl»
Also Cosxr.cr at Jnnctloa with the Foad du I ae and
l with tbe Horicon Railroads, lor Fond du Lac. Osakosh.
Wsupun.Ripon and Berlin. Also, with the Milwaukee
t and MisdssiDpl and HUwauxee aad Watertown Railroad
£S r M«disoa. Pralrte du Chita.
St. Paul Hartland and Watertown.
I At Radne Junction, with the Racine and Mississippi
9 Railroad, for Burlington. Eikhora. Delavaa. Dan en. h&
I lolt and R*>ckton.
eJK h i«itt'as 10wsak " u ***-■^ cu
no 3» M. L. BTgm. JR.. Ann V
1 Xl from ChlcaSo to Pittsburgh without chaaxe. ocn
i necting with tbe great
To New York. Pniiadeipma. fiailimora and iv ashlngto
City, and all the Interior towns of Peangylviaia. NewJer
scy, New York Maryland, Ac.
. , Merchants, by taking this route, will have the bene.
1 fit of VI the eastern markets at no additional oost.
Buouge cheeked through.
Trains leave the depot corner of Canal and Yaa Buren
streets, west tide, as follows:
7:3) A M.—Morohut Express, daily. Sunday excepted.
I K-taP.M.—Nlghtsspresc.daliy,Saxurdais excepted.
Connectin<aturesunewiuiClevei«ad*t:d Laxe Share
Railroad toDunklrk. Buffalo, Niagara Falls, New York
and Boston, and ail Interior towns of .<e-y sagland, via
New York Central and New York and ir> <ieilroads.
_Also. so«ui to Columbus, Newark. Moust
r «»»oa. SWutenvilla WheeUatt. '.sterinr tcwus ef
Ohioi and Vwiaia. Also trails at Lima for Dsytoa and
Clnclanatt "if'rt
I Pagsengenboond cast will find this route both pleasant
•adagrenble.paadneihrongh many ofthe largest aid
. finest cities ia tne United SutesT^
P'oengtrs prrtvlng at Ohicago, ca any of the roads,
i will and attentive cheek taken at the depots, te recetifi
checks and oonvey baggage fre« of eharga to the Pit*
i burgh and Chicago cars, bleeping Can accompany
each train.
Tickets tor sale ataH the principal ticket ofllees in U e
West, and at the s office, corner of Randolxh
aad Dearborn streets, or at the depot oa Yin fiurtu
street, Chicago.
Be particular to ask fer tickets by Furt Wayne.
DAN*L w. EOAA. Hen'l Agent. Chlcua.
JOHNR ANDKEgON. Gsa 1 fiapt.
J. N. LUBAttaY.Supt. W. D.
The Pittsburgh. Fort Wayne A Chicago R. S. Co.,
having effected as amngement with the Pennsylvanls
Central Railroad Company, for the transportation ot
Through Freights, property can now be shipped oa this
Un. oeweea OhleMo. PnlUdelohU. B«ltimorn Utw
York aad Boston, with promptness and despatch. P?p
bacts can be made at the following places:
No. 3 Aster Place. 1
g°- 11- Wlrnm«tree(.f Nor lok.
No. 4 Battery Place, J
No. 541 Kilby isreti.^Rastoa.
No. 8 Pocx street. Philadelphia
D=?o« N«r\b street. Pbhadelphia.
Twelfth street, corner Chleago.
Mark packages via P.. Ft Wayne AC. R. it.
For farther Information. Ac., apply to
JAS. W. MU3BON. FKlght AzscC Chlcsco.
J.^ HOUSTON.GemFrtiuxrl PuSburiS.K
1848 C&AJfQB OF TIMB 1859
Through Passenger Trains will leave the Cen-
Depot, foot ot South Water streets, daily, gf Joi.
7JO A. M. Day Eiiiuwi Oundars excepted) errlvlng at
Mendota I±oo M.; Galesbcr* P. 4L: Bur
. Ungtoe. txle PA!.; ScisTFM.
6-10 P. M. Express 'Sqndais excepted) arrives at Men-
P. Galesburu 5,00 A. M« Bur-
t . ®tonTJOA.M.. QumcyilJoA.M.
Trains leave Eastward as follows:
Leave Burlington. 7:45 A.M. A 145 P.M.
•* Qulncy 4:«0 A.M. A P.M.
- Galeaburg. 10:00 A,M. A 7:00 P.M.
AuroraPaaaenge- leaves Aurora 7:01 A.M.
Express trains Arrive at 6& P.M. AUOUL
Aurora Passenger arrives atCblcag • lOttU A.M.
At Mendota with Ullaois Central Railroad north Ite
At oroectloo, ». Hdl bl two
Btfuxc». a&d an pomoßsof Ksjums and
(Vmpany for Meotn»st thano* by
*AasasandSoaghen> NeMSAfau
Thj Is we only direct roue duriugue winter months 1
last and Kansag, t} laere la only about SO i
_ . M a HAMMOwi. Guo'lßot.
Itu. Winter ArraagaaeaL 18j| !
< X .DepoUjPjot of Lake street, Chicago:
. *3® A. It—Sew York Express—{cxreyv Sandayilarriva
at Detroit A3O P. Sua«n3o atoidSor 1
T.KL, 3mJu) ,
P.M.—Sew Jorkand goetoa gxprsss , (Safagday
Arrive DetrdtKas p. iLfsSS. *
? v*: Albany liTSj
ftoo p. M.—aad Looirrille 1
AooP*°lt l . Qnrlr ' n,;l u SOXM.
Omiya&s train oa Sunday at BtOO p. M, 5
AJE Ditoaeoonettti Parts aad Lax» ■
Hnrtm Rauway far BuffklQ aad all polatg East; atTe
rootowfaft H niingsiiß.Ot
SSJiNq^MrttTmSusS new HiusUrsandl
checked throMtL/ «««. \
BiH? a * *** to tba wtaU ofUid lumber
t £ •* Cn., nUUunl A Morton, flaleo laslraaa,
imOL 2**"*»» Wi!Je A joo. iW r» * l.e<t&«d.
jy' l «**i > Tca. ., rtnn. N t.u Insi o * r«,
iipTh -
w ».««« i } e r rT . , , lo «. lan ''* co " B Hrowwrr. J
iJ[\,V ann » 8* V» IxUi, H. Worvlwortli * Co.. Vwsor* .%
""""• L » * <■'«•
Calcaco. Dec 2CItJ. Idßi.
t0 ,fl; Mlowin* »entl««*n. who
2r? W acQU*JnWith *ll .he practical wcrklun. pro
ftt»*cab«n.*<Jlßofiny WUU:
hS? win T ' I?"J"* arM,l 1 S -'P |J '- M'th.
Hon. wllde- D. F. Hi p, do. do.
Hon. George Mirtlo, do. do
I °'t* l '« 1L s 'cCrai, dw. do.'
Luritu PaJt-rsoo. Go., <*t». d*
Wtory Mju-.'a. >»q , do. »lck
Wireu J,.. jo.
p . «w\w- c £ m »» h *U. Ccralt* Mich.
*■• J« W,u«t, K*q., do. do
if oa *M i* Mich*
{•« lILO Pit, Holltad. M eh.
Hon. Henry P. qoyer. (irand lhvee. Mich.
* °y,' ?; v - **"!-. to. do.
L. (h Uwon. >«q.. Mc*k«*oo. Mich.
Uob;. -.mil Etq do. do
W. H Ferry. Esq.. Whl;* RJv«". Mtrh.
John Via Arnw. fcq.. CMci«3, Hi.
w vtervoK. E d o.
In O'derlnc a machine. Ii l« n»ce«»%r» to knn* «h»»h.>f
* i-fjt fuuut or a Hkjht httnd macAina, *• the
canisters are s»cons'ructru as to«flirt from the taw tn
rannln* rue*, v pirv-nt b«atln* t" A*, or waUM
hV'i* r ?"° u^ :U In
}l, , . to J ,s T* th ® mrtl in » aivcn po»itlon re
«. v 43 We mu&t bnnw
A . A< "' lA °, r r * ,u °» * k/t fuimt ii.UL
!£SiftS'r » r;
!?.. ./ tK Uow n ® ; hchlcd the clrcuUt
?K U lt l»* C *««S hwid.
ttti a r*tcl-t hiir jiuaiajin*; If at yoo" :uft h.«n<L l> la a lef.
hiodmachlLe Tae irll;wn*iii w:llr. aildv s-e th*t if
aa upwTlihtsaw !a placed Jie w«ent«o m*«!iinM. of the
auneA.md. tatnt.oneof U»em tae c-iu^muawj t>
lba t earrl,4te 1*■»»» «>e b*ck part of lu and the
{!! «« lui «w»nd frime jpe 00. The irlllican
MtiiJl i Wl ' buut '? cocteuienca and facility of
puttlnzoa lonor C'ir.ta aad xebiocrid vftlie lu.obtr. U
Qut'eaa item la nllla doloc a large builoen.
The we'gtt of eldint Mill, comrletc. Is abnof....iCooß(».
ti i. .* *" , a . '* l < from-i,0i0tO'l500».
I keep no h«il,at a:l times Mliu. ready to
•b.pframcr/ do'k'o «ny tort on ih? L*ke», or to any
f-n 1 ! « tne f ? i ?Uu§ or an - Al *' au.» If rfqulieif
«end4tnaa (<ica»tlieui uv and give iniiractoai about,
ope atioa.
as A ro 1 Io»M- her D4rtlcalars «*abe haJby adJmaloc ma
JEaaVoDClta. Uraad llavca Port Office.
Or to my Genet al ißcnUforthe CblU-d3Ute«.
Tripp, Hale & Co.,
iat9-3m Ho. km> L«ke itreet. Chlcarv
>. Th* (XtpacUi/ o/ ViU RoiicC it now JSqual to any in>
ins Country,
Three Through Passenger Trains
CBErWEE.f PfrrsarGa ASD PHiT.ADErpnT*
Decot at Plttsburt with throi«a trains vom aU
•• o-teru Uties lor .,ew Vork. coaioa. Rai.
. *? d Cit#; Uius furnl^lnaraSiwls
h or the transporta>Ln cf p&'seavers uaaurpassed i&r
, *peetl and comfort b» any other rout*.
LxprcM and »a»t Llnea run throonh to Philadelahla
e wt.noat change of earsorcouaucWrs.
J Wnodrnl".
i. aJeeplogCara to express and la«t traina The
i ™°.« Mail -ad Pi« , | .•S?undaJs"*rtatSd ihS5
.tahy trains connwtolrect lor N-w kiuress
..Trainsconnect at Pttsbureh with th« a p u
Arr»veiDPhlU'_e»phl4 or llaltloort at 8 A M.
® InNcw York at i3UF. M. Mali Triiut leave PiUs
■ " R WL. N«
• ri^.®. l f? lna v b ? t " eeß .. phUjldc, PW« and Mew York;
? ew Y £« 4nJ Hoitoc .
I *^° d oQe »her or the above Tr«la«.
; *" » 00d ,l »
I obtained at any of the lm.
railroad offices in t e Wert; also, ou board any
SintfwweL e the MQ-sippi or Otgo
nankin m* w « l *urd the offices ol the Com
yany In Boston, New York. Baltimoreor shiladelphla.
f«e Alwijs 19 Low as bj any other Bonte.
_. for Tickets by Plttsbursh,^J
ibe eomnlstlon ot tb« H'eaern connecuons of ti«
Pennsylvania Ra.'road to Cnlcago maaes tht# the
Dirtct Lin* Ixtwetn the JCast aiui th* Gnat
The connecting of tracu by the Railroad Bridge at
Ptttsbursh. avoiding all drayaxe ur ferriage of Freiebt.
together wi.b the saving of time are adraatagesreadUr
J»P|«claUd by ship ters of treisht and tbe Uaveilmc
Partlea shipping Eastward will fir.d It to their advan
tare to ship by this route. ««*au
For frtlsht contncta orrhlpplng directions, app* to or
addres*eltueror the 'ollotlo*agentso' t» ecomoaay*
r * SQr * h i : l>o»l«AOo. Stubenvilie, O:
r ?. u ,Li J Joho«M. ulpler. O:
8 JicNealj, MatSfUle. Kr, OrmsbyA Cropper, fo t»
mcuth. O; Paadock A Co. Jeff rsrarllle, lad; H W"
°>\ AUlem *Hlbbert, Cladooav
*3.° Meldram. Maduon, led; wilOsm tilaghaaiw
jn A Co, Evansvi.le, Ind;
P Oraham ACo.Cal'o. Ill; it Y t)as*» St. LoaW Mo •
J 2£ n £ Uan ?s f "hvlUe, Teon: Harris A Hunt, em!
pitixTena: Clarke A
Alton. iU; Hurp&y a Walle. Danuqoe, Iowa: or to
Agents of Railroads at different points In the
*.. greatest facilities offered for the protection and'
speedy transportation of Live Stock, aad Good Accoa-
SiMW thereof a * n * i tUocm r ° r D«was traveling la.
By ttis Ruuti Pre sbta of all oUalptions can be Jor
wsrdedfrum Philadelphia. N«w York, Bos:oa or Ka>u
more,toaay polut oa tne railroads ofObio. Kentucky
direct** lillnula. WUcooaia. lowa orMlssoart by taiii
The Pencsyivansa Railroad al>o connects at Pittsburg
wtth steamers, by wMca «oods can be forwarded to anw
port on the Onlo.. Musalnsom, Ktfutucky. Tei.aeMn.
' umberland, llilno s. Wlseon«n. UUsewl
Kaoaask Arkaasas and Red Ulvtn; and »t aewtead.'
ad , "odChleaeo wt.a Steamer, to aU potU,oatae
riortL-wcstem Lakeg.
» B ?w r S?f n »*^ o<l trippers entiuitlag the traiaportstlon
of their (re ght .o thU company, can rely wl;h couflc euee
on Its spendy transit
The Rates uf Freight to any potnt la the West >y the»
Pennsylvania Railroad are at all times as faviraolea*
arerhansed bv ot%er Bali road Com^anlei.
Cfite particular to mark packages - vlaPenn. H. a."
MwchanUla the West ordering goods Jrom tbe Fm.i
wilt do well to d>rect «L<ia to be snltned by mis route.
Par les auenciuxaiAtnotr own shipments fruin the Kas*
wilt cndtit-i their interest to call oa tac at tuls
Company at the ol'o>ln<( places beJore BhppiLg-.tr ks
»<r» auure sed to eitner of them upon tae subject ef
trct*h s "ul meet with prompt "Mention.
E.J. sn«ea«r. PhlladeUihls.
M«raw*Kcoufc bONorlb street, Baltimore.
A 2Ast"r Uouse, or No. 1 a. i*m.-st.NY
Leecs A Co., No-H Kllby str tet boston. * *
?*» Gcn « ,, Freight a«X Philadelphia,
ftwa i .M • *?] Ag-t. PhlUdelphla.
THOB. A. aOuiT. uen 1 ifuwv Altoona. Pa.
Change oi'Time,
nins will leave the Great Central Depot, foot of
south Water and Lake streets:
St. Louis. Cairo and New Orleans Express....ll:oo a m
b. t . , JOwttuadays excepted.)
BC Louis tn<l Cairo Express. lftOO y Aw
_ (Dally. Sundays excepted.)
Far Peoria. Deoutur. Springfield. Terre
_ _ _ _ sT. LotUS,
Jefferson Oty, Kansas, and oa rtvo
Meaphlfc Stl.aton.
Aad all latermedls*! Q-iats
A stock train, with a car attached as fhr m
« »iu o. ™ .□
a®SiL STil,e f *' 0B Sk 4=4 C,JrO tl 9:10 > W *ld
I P.M. trains make direct connections a)
I Mattocn wlih Terra Hante and Alton Rallrcad for Alton
aad St. Louis, aad at Cairo wlih the rallrowl line ot
.'teamen for new Orleans, leaving Cain oa alternate
I days.
\ , Thell:3o P.M. train makes direct coaaectioos at To
lono with Great Western Railroad for Springfield. Jack
; *°uvllle and Naples; at Mattoon with Terre Utute and
Alton Railroad for A'ton and St. Louis, and at Odin with
Ohio aad Mlsslsdopl §iMr*si for St.- Loul&
Apply at tae Company's o£ce In the Great Central
Depot; at the Michigan Central Railroad uffiee. corner
or Lake ana Dearb ra street: at the PUiaourgh. Pert
Wayne and Chicago Railroad Office, corner or Dearborn
and Randolph streets and at all Steamboat aad Railroaif
Office in the East and North.
JAS. O.GLARXE. Gen'lSupt.
W. P. JOHNSON. General tlck«Ag«nv
neap W. R. ARTHUR. Bnni Qhlrjfp DlyiMoq.
1363, Trains oa this road will leave Chicago aa
ftOO A. U. Forßeloik Jaaesvillek Madison andPrable
da Chien.
iOO P; M. Fcr Janesville and Madison.
Trains arrive at P. M. aad £SO P. AS.
u Carrybg the through U. SL Mall fbr all »oiaU te tte
, Vlhrouidt from Chleago to Prairie dtrChUa wlthset
change of Can. M *
Connecting a Prairie duChlenwltha daily Bn« of Uatted
States Mail uoscbsa
own i, nms?.a»
IX 4co _
<W trv»- <i*
. orlotU. Ibrmtebj 1. H, RlgD * CO..
Ml Drualm »nd am iw * tw laic-n.

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