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Weekly Bevletr of Commercial aud
Jttouey Hotter?.
Tcrepir EvKrtso, WsrcblS,
Kokst, etc.—Tho money max ket during the
put week has been exceedingly quiet. Cur
rency is abundant, and good business paper
scarce. The light receipts of grain has ren*
dared produce paper also very scarce. Eastern
Exchange firm at per cent premium. Gold
nominal at per cent, premium. The bro
ken ere doing very little.
Commcbcim-.—Tfce moTCtoenta of tbe princi
pal staples during the past week, #nd since Jan,
1, will be found \atho following tables:
Weekcdin* Previous Flooe Bamet'me
M*rdj 12. Keek, Jafi. L In I*M
Florr. l.bla. 619!> fcslS? v»«<43
ba , £S,HiI sr v 4si 3&L3 9 1.3 U. 23
Corn, b0........ bi.S-T &«.:!« *-,*40
o**a. tu ii,*.!' 7 ji.u;: 57.2«w hs.kj*
Hyr, bo fi-tt fc.liS 6aw
Htrley.bu 2.225 3'5« €«.<«/
Tin GU.tMI ritLOiJ
Hides, U>% ;»Uil 1*7.«1» 2&KW I.W;WO
Lead, ik» ■ij.ciu \r.,tr< hi:,<' 42
Yailow. bUI .... 17 • ••• ''< l ....
(•artt, bt)fg 57 4 ftSl
foik. bbls VI 6W 2 0 4
iivMlrta. N0... 4*2 21*4 1 ;552 ?*rcfl
!>r»'d noa Ko. Vy>
(JaUie No <W 1.5(5 11.H2 iu;ftl
Ofta.KU* 41" '.l' ?h«
I'UliWinn, bbls. 40" 543 4'Aj? ....
Wool, B* fcX» .... S'J3;I
W*<leid> fr(vious filcce
WBrrli 12. WW. Mr>.\.
FlrAUr.bbW*......*.. 1.4r7
uiieat bu *t>i *u~ 2-r.i2 moo
Con., b0.... .. .... ll.tij 2Lftj3 JS.IW
«)*U. bu ~.. ....
iirtm betii. Iu .... S%4"> 517 H 210. <0
JU.« ex...., S,fc*6.'« 2
Lard. bM5...... />«7 Vi.n'W ....
rorir. bbl* 1.0 l Si,£!4
Jle.t V>b» 17"'1 4*-»S ....
C\*( Vests lbs 35i.<j2 4£ui*.
•iVljc. bbls iry i« VCPi
Utj H0.3. No l.V.'i 2,QJI Huisi 39:50
)> r?scd uon, Ko., . siw in,wy
C«ttlr.Ko sis 53 6,i3» 5,750
Hl.l.wlnei bblf H3 1.6 6
Wcol. a*. 8.7J0 1013J sy.blS
"ho following tuble sbows tbe receipts of
.iiraiu nuJ flour during tbe past week, vitU tbe
sources of tapplr, compared wiib tbe receipts
Uutiug tbe corresponding week iu X&SS:
azoarrs or noca okaix *t cbicioq, wsxk ksdiko
MIKCU IS, 1559.
Flflnr. Wi»X Corn. Oat* Rye. Jl'ler.
bbls. bu. ba. bu. bo. ba,
Laie 5 7io
ij.a.o. C. tt. U.. 1 V.fOS 1fi.052 3, 45 10J 4t3
&.B. LJW ftT.W U6> 600
Jll Ceol'i H, K... Mw UTI3 2«-7 212
0. B*Q, H. 8... f u iSO C7r3 1.12U liu
SUr.AF.UILIi... b*6 lifeJ 154 M 3 .... £.'2
C. k, &Hu L. R... 377 S.7U 500
Mich. CI. U.R.. I? C 65
Nlea. P. B U I*l SJ C!S
(11'.4 t.W.tt. &' 3J)
T til fUW 85.661 26.>4 11.2'.C G3I
Cor. Wiliit year !(/>'.'7 iw.iCi
Tbe following table sbona tbe receipt* of
Grain, Flour, e'.c ,on tbe 14*b icst:
Etctjrrs CF FWDB, COAIS, £ic , J4AUCH 14.
ftDor Wfa*t Oorn OaLs uw. Hog
bbtL bu. bo. ba. ba. bo. ho.
!l{Ulis .. .. ...
Gku 8. RE. IQJ PC7 22 VxA C7C
Uyfiodft H.tt. W ....
Hj 111 Central.. 1» »W 50 49
BrCLB.AQ... 10! 03 2il 3
Hy&p.4F.oaL« W 63 .... 4....
B/O.A *BLL. ... SIB ....
total .. . fcts* "tst? a 755 C7u Hcl 43
Too Milwauktie Seutind cf ibis morning con
tains the lolloping review of markets of latt
The soli weather of last vrerk, and <he conse
quent bad condition ot roads throughout the io
urior of tbe S'.ute, prcr&o quite a material check
to the progress ot busiatss, and our of
iaciadisg tliur, show a decrease of 3C,t)72
bubbels. The lollomng table shows the reccipi
of brpsdsutl'4 last tbe preriocs one aud
sicct- J 40.15t;
"WptiitnAWg Week Flrcc
Warcti 12 prcrioos. Jan 1
Flour, bbls..., ' 1 *4 S.-03 w.4 } 2
»Vbe.t bu £'».'WJ Cl."}:?
Oat.i-u cm 4i.i»i«
Curfi. bu 4 1"-J .\7«7 <></.">
Haiiev. ba 4b23 'u\ Ui
Kxc. ba 470 tW 4,1 M
Ify reduciug lloar to bn&hels, it will he &ecn
by tbe above that the receipts or nrain since tbe
begineingof tbe year foot up 825,410 bushels.
The receipt of floor and wheat by tbe four prin
cipal railroads leadiog to this city, from tbe c'oee
r.t navigutiun to the 12ib iost. ore equal to £56,-
190 bu-btls. The amoant io store exceeds Uvb
by hai'er tbao luO.O.tO.busbels, show
iac the amount of wheat on h&nd here at the
pr<!??nt time to be very nearly, if cot qaite one
million of bushels.
About 5000 bartela of spring wbeat flour
changed bands in our market last week, at
orices ranging general!/ from fG to JC,CS for
fair country to choice city brands; but these
figures were only obtainable in tbe early part of
the week, nod the market closed dull at a nomi
nal decline, several lots selling on private terms
understood 10 be at lower prices.
Tfte bu-stness in wbcat was comparatively
small, at a shade lower prices. There was
acficelf anjib;ag dose in other articles.
At Milwaukee yesterday tbe receipts were:—
Flour, 314 bbls; Wheat, 1778 ba; Oatß, SU bu;
Coro, 170 bu; Barley, SCS bu. Tbe samepaper
WWMM, M(>UU »Ut nbutb, Hvl»
to dav, receipts being light, cod tbe wea:ber
unfavorable tor business.
Tbere was nothing whatever done in flour,
und tbe sales of wheat do not exceed 7,s'iQ
buabels. Buyers arlvancod their views nt leust
00 fijatnrday'a effars, and a sale of 0,5u0 So.
1 cpring was made at $1.09 in store! Some
pnialllotß of extra club w.-re taken at $1 [email protected]
Tne market closed linn at these tigcree,
vri* j au upward tendency.
w HTO neglected. Abcui l.fiOO bu of corn
sold at [email protected] for ear and shelled. Not much
inqairy for barley, but prices nominuliy tbe
same. There ia coneiderable poor gragfl seed
on the market, wbicb ranges in value from SLS'J
to fes. choice Timothy is tares, and will
bnwgjfi.SO to 1.65.
Weekly ItcvJcvv of CUlcaco Market.
rUKlOUTS,—Ther<* have been no chtrtrreil for
•It.wii friUlt yet c Ts'dt-TuMe UrOHiut'oaa Mv
l-e'.nt iiridc In flit:»jk out for tins TJie rro3:nc:3
at jir«e »t «re that n.tci wll oi>m Very low, ut « e l,av-> a
Rood Ucctof Vttselshere, witliles6tliaa l lie meal axouot
«»f »UTiin oa liarjil. The outly oj,cnbK aaviffcvion atsa
w : .U brtn* craft from the liwrr hket, aid thos iucr.-;i'c
f»fWm{M»tition. Tne jclir lluch Il.ircUr, rcw ot tbU
l»orl is oliartfrc"! to take ttav««# fro* Detroit It'.ver to
Liwniooi. for *4 0-HJ the- outward trip. lUiuoat*
Ftu-Kin?:—Pruvhiun* to New York, tK'c per 100 ;bs: to
«!». via -sc: toltaaton. vj» Pjii add;>'.l?L fO ;
to »r««l Ba't>mve, «»a. F1 )orto Nrw York,
•t.U); lolsostoa.v'a Atbary. |1 21; toßjslr,n.v»aPhUa.
itclplua.<l.ls; torbtludcljiljaaC'l Balllmt-re. IMO; to
AloQtreal tic.
f'.OCT?-Hecfints t'ur-rc laii *ook. C.ly.Oibls.aj;amfit
6.y95 tbe w-elc p ec-^dlng.aai 10.3".'7 the .wrrespoa>:in«
week in Isie. Ihe nldpxtxM by ri;!wnyis vr<rc l,2Cti liSU
• Tlie market durloc the Phtt wtfk. ouioc to Vght
Jia« btca In'ctvc. utd prlc.a have advanced Iq(L2. , c
Tlieofferioßshaie teea very lUht. and the braaJs of
oo tlie market Lave luen certral'y cf aa 10.
fcrlor quality. Ihua U a fair dmuit d forlMnemrad-a,
but tl e cl»lef Inquiry I* forf prirsFxtra. Palis were a.
fallows:— <)a thc9'hin»t. 40j liMa were wld at
Ivis f»r C'lmiQon Ui cood »\ inter Fzlra and *2 i 5 fjr low 1
cradeSuperAae s= ( :riog. On tJ.c JOili io£t. 209 bl>i* at 15 50
for fair ?"prl n r Fxirs, «ad s c.15 for Mr Winter Extra. Oa 1
tin-11th: —TOO bh'j at 1523(35.30 for f.lr Sprint K*tra,
and S4 \2',i for low pra-.e tuper O tbe 12th: -4DO bbls
for fair Wluur, and fGOO for common do. On
the 14th:—1,2(0bVltLt alls forS.Ohb'# cumtuoa i>prlas '
Extra and t,OW>bbjrßciodil-»onp.t.
To Darth- market - 1
lva;-IQO nd Cyuny" WMte Wlrter. at *0 50;
200bbls "IlltacU Mi I/' do, at«.K> ; £ic Vbls/a'r trbJJc 1
Winlerfpcor packrpes)at• '.1«; toObbUmedlrrngpriaK c
Extra at #J.3O; ICO bhta do do at 15.w; 100 bbls fa'j do
at #i.W, t
WllKAT—Receipts lis' weak, 25.56; ba<VW u 'ln»t t
4SJ tuibvls tbe wtek prwxdne, aadl39S«bmheUthe ~
co.rerpcm'itß wab Ust year. Tbe market darla* the h
tost week bu been very Qu'tU aud trices h*ve declined *
abruUc. Tbe condlllonof lberoa-*f jo the loterlo- has s
rt-duc;doar rtce'vts verymatcrialfy, aid till La,had «
the i-ffectto Click bujinett-s. eealators btinc centrally «>
unwiilioK to operate to aty Rreat extent In tbe ta-e nf »
tuch iosUn.'fli-att i«cl;t». •] hare is lUtle doubt but with c
hs*v»er receipts OU r rna-ket voalj be more bu-yoxt *
Ua der» have been\trj Eita, znd 1 ut Uw hive evJocid
any deelre to place thdr gtocka oa the market. The
raoswioij, f tfa- week wcreuf,;icws Oo i n < X
No. 1 Red; lllSiU? for N%a of
Jteu; for StaoJard fi.trloc 9*t9U: No, 2 Strioe a
, a A\ el< J bi ° SL,CWObuat f«*r Ko. i Red-
J 0r V, f Ul " An **>> «l toQWH fir Standard »:
Sjrini»,atd .<}! for No. S Bpric* Oo the llth. »o Obcub- at
tlsattl SSfor No. 1 Bel; ll.tgf.r No.a R-d; <1 01 for
etatdirdfpHOK; ttodlKK»ftJe forNo.s B©rfn«. On the V
IStli. 17.M tu at «t for No. 1 lied; ♦neXGAl.a) &•
fur No. S Brd: 91 02®] f J lorSLurt'lui fpricg; en-1 {rsi Oi
Sic for No. 2 fpr dc. Oathel4ib,l2.UWba a hi
for No.» Red; •1.19tit1.2)f0-No.SHed; #1.04 frr 6 and d<
ard 6princ; and S<»Wc fjr No. a Sprios-ai with 2: sio - d(
net. u
To Dit the market was rather nas'tt'el Sales were si
fj] ov:—1000 I u No. 1 Eed (4c sHcTtft:) at 41 30^-
SOolu do 4cstor se) at tl 31; 3.C00 bu do <BXc®*c"stor
OK«) at»;.2o; <WW bu N0.2 Ked <4c stor ce) at tl 20— ® 1
aoW last night; 2 60'* bu do Cc etoraze) it ailJjlWMbu .
Reje-t.-dK-d (2s storaeo at #100; 70J lu Standard 61
Bptln* •:or**r) at •101; 10>5 ba old No. 2 SpHnjr (4 C «
atort-ge) at S5 •: J 4'o ba do on p. t.; 3'X» bu R-jecttd c 1
SiiriDgit67c 00 track; £,(*oba **BtamHiil" « c »tor«e. It
at 9Jc. {
COll v-Zcctlpli lift week, J6.T4J ba«hrt« aphlort 32 7J.
bushels the prectdlrs week, ujl 15,53 ba»heli the cor
mpotdlnx «eekin Tbe tLipmrntj by eastern ratt. J: c
wjys were I[. <oi bus in. La The tux. kit durirg the past 6*l
week has been quilt, but pr'ce* Lave bees felly sustaiced
-■•. he racxe of tbe week bflr* :ScQ?2cycr 60 an. cn track. <4;
There haa Doth'.n*tr*ntplr*d lor fJUJ*il<sliTer7—boytr i
aoi sellerßbcln* 5c S; apart. fir
ToOxr.—The mrrA.et wa, firmer, ard an advance of lc ft-
was enioed. Sales were;6oooba II" **
toci, i lr«. to arrive WIl », eW . , t I4e ; JOO|J „„ */
Mo. lat CSoperMa, | a store: 1300 bu do at 73c per 60 **
on track; SOJ tu do al 74c per Co on Irxck. Uo
OAT 3- Rtcelpu last wceV. b u«heU by RaJ'wtr d u
nci 5.730 bctiidt by L«ke--n rlt. ii.sy7 boshels atainst
•J.W7 bushels tbe week rreviru?. and 16.645 basteU tbe (J
correspondluß lbttuirkttdoriajrtv e wetk U,
bu been verjp inactive, »nd prices tend down* o rd. I , li
Good mixed Oats bave wld at 50®152, acd pnme 0&t« U l
forseei atGOCifcoC.
To-dil*. heelies were: SWbaa fair ttixei at ECc la y
ba/son track. |
lIYE.-Rccelpts last wee*, 6*B tuibels. The mot* e 1
Dktllleri have bet-n more nrseztt. a&d ad.
vtnerd about 2c, cloalnc sX 9CO J&a-tbe latter
lor prime rnly.
liAßLbY—Receipts ilart week. 2,226 bpih'U £el
6.tU)bu»be'stbeccrittpoodlcg vreeklastyear. Theeea.
eon for maitlag belax now near a close, tbe coraumpUve
demand dartu* the list week has been very United, tad
tbe nark, t baa been unusually doll. Bales have been f
confined chiefly 10 ssall JoSa on track, which btve sold —~
at a raoxeoffco®Boc, accordlns to Quality. To-Dxt SCO
l>u fair Canadian li*v. e y m>u at#L33. Maw—Tbe jotr.
ket Is a'utted, acd uStx are toade only in retail lots at 800
©l.lO for B'at?, and %\ 2S<auat w Canada, per lbs. G
UDTItE. -The supply of fiuuer d o riox tbe week ha* ®
b«a very limited, aud prices ' are advanced MHc ptr
lb. There bas b-.en a thlppbx demtnd to Western
dtirs. whose iupplleab"-ve beea cut off owtof to tbe con
dition of tb« roadr. Choice Üble roll batter Is In cood
demand at J£&2oc; S&od do, lfidlSs; ootmooa tab, 40
CllEESfi.'—The supply of Itanlurpfc
j limited, and the tnxktl Is film at 13®l<s»
* Uesnve >0 mvket. «iowln*
- OOFFEK —Mark't active and fiim at th« to.
lUd ir «iotnlon«:-ni6,llK®l3'J:l.
ncaitC Wtt l4 H c *« °* G.
the e ra»DAOE -Hinllli. J2Xc! Hb-i Eoee, I!3UKc:
3nr - j SE ™
ipty CANDIiES—TsIIow, *.
ren- ® l#a
Pearls 7WS~ h, small lata
* er ® AL"OHOL--M*nQracturtr's prijts, U..
fold &4&Mc. . ac
bro- UROOM CORS-In f'ir detaaad a«8a«lM ?lo*.
coxdiuK to 4 :allty. Shipped last week. £.OOO »?■
• HElNS—Theetockbaibe?nacd isqulte bexvy.wbUe
inci- tjhe d-raini ii litUa elie besides retail. Duiinc tbe week
Jan, twaerth'ieliliof Prime White beento'dfor s.tyment
toSt. J.'sei>b at 1 wbtebtnty be couriered tbe top
of th? mirlet. laft;riorQaallt.cjseU
NW' t COAL—Tlie 1 ut week were 4to tom by 111. R\t!-
<43 vxy. The foliowinx tee tlie qnctalionsde'iv«rel:-bitc
-1123 xniocs-lllino'a, ¥ too; Cblpptwa tGOO&&5o;
uriar IiIU « E-- and lilnaal Ridie. tfU&lx l»o«9-
6a>o burpL «3. AaTuiuctTc—l<acka7acna- fxx. a£,oo<i£.W:
;«.(W Uh r c»>. CC" W 6"<iW 00.
.W0 more liberal, witb a rood rhlpi
...» inUid i t lCcfcr f:ctlu
*••• PfeUlT - OTixPOt—APt'lei, ecaree. and 11 demand xt <s©
16 V bbl.; tx'n chni-e, *7. Cranberries. V bbls
l.itmr.3 aail Ora3>e«tUii4 V box. DiiiO—Market plat
y r-d, ftjd trice# b>wer. B.u'.Uens Mp'-s 10'jttluJt'c;
.... Kmiern Uo lie: Pared Teac .es 17&13:: ucpxr«l dnlld
•••• ll>ic; B ockbtnle-.taet ltiipbcrri t.Stc;
,•••* lUMcs.iLU..«3<iS.£s;(*oUyerS3Ui.
Fl£ll~Ma:kctaeiive. sad j-rlcei a c'uade U*er. TL*
folic wiiut are the cloi os a aotatioui: - U uiti rtsn—No. f.
ib*)) lit bbls. $1: No. 2. |3oJ. Taotr-No. 1 tS2S; N0.2 €3.
V,?°. Uxcctß»i,~BoiVon, No. t. bb's, 117: No. 2do 115 ; No.
.... 3,d0, #l3; No. Ibf btl?, «9; Ko. 2 di. IS; No.Sdo.
ColTisn—Grand Eank, 4175; Slarblebead, fj»
V '.V7. ft. Qeorxe, 1555. liu:RW»-Eiet;£.rt,i;.soperbbl;No.
.... L sCcp-rbox; Sca'e. tOcptrbox.
*•" FtTRS AND fcSlNS—DemanJ cood arid prices
fraL Tli? closing qaotatl.ns are as fallow#:—
HSO Mink 4LM62.00; Coon 25iii0c; Sit. winter, HftlB;;
13c ; tluok. 50c.; Gray Fox, 25d40c.: Red Fox, tLSO;
lj«ar, S&£S.: Opossum, 15»ir>s.; Mirien. #1.75(22.23;
>of Faber.,s®« : Exilicr, !3c.; Una. <1.50;.; Dior Sktoi
the per lb.; Ct'.er.
:ipls I>ABS—' The follorfnc are tbe wholesale cash rates
PxlO glass cyL by bx. 12.<0 Hx'S glass cyL by bx. 13.30
"i>xi2 *• 2-M iwxifi •• •• a.oo
* fxH M " ».&i llxltf M " a.uo
fx 15 ** " a.w 1-xW " M 3.01
10x13 *• •• 4.65 12x30 •* ** 8.50
ua, l"x>4 " M JJ.tW lixdJ - M 8.50
•••■ GCNPOWDSR-Ryie Powder, lakess. ms.s); Blast- 1
Ids, dodo, f3503tu0; caseso' lib flasks !9i39.£W;do.
.... hairdo. f&5O0«. 00. I
IUQHttINES-Ilee?JptslastWjek 40Jbrls a*blna£4S j
brls thf week previous. Tiie iaari;et during tbe wteli bas :
• . been dull, andad.cttne cf 1; bas been txper.ei.ced—
cJ. s?n« ,\t £se
- lil OfS. i'ULTS. ?~7be recc ? pta bis t week accatt to
a'ttto 2,1 ncainst I*7 6# lbs tbe previous wetk. Tbe
' *.hi;.xnerita were 240.C33 lbs. Eit)E3—The xr.atket durlrc
" 0 the past week bis teeabuoyint an advance of Ji<3lc j
Idneestjblfcbed. Tue following are tbe clo lnsqaota |
il:ug; Green Saltei. 6i'<593; Dry I
».'oa >M"t. Hdl'Xc. PttTj-Ia eo'd «<emat;d andpricisfirm.
N«. French Country, tlSl SJ; Ciiy, tL25'£!.75; Cdl.' Eklna,
.... 12jperlt>,
*;;; uors—^aiscv^,
"49 live and drereed. I ait week, MS
araius'2>»huad t!:epr:cediag week. The market for
**." Drewed hssbeea lo%ct*.ve -salesbslcs prlnclpfcl y atre-
till l r cs
b.vc b .ea actlre. wilb a fair eUpiloß demand at tL&OG
5.25 ktos*.
:on- LKATHER-Uarket firm and quiet at fo'lovr'rß qunta
lait t s .oi»;Oaktkile.SJus-S' Saaniih middlewelgbta. 253
3<)«:91b; Bidle Leather £22 V D>: Co'lar Leather, [email protected]°c
i - ss lliimesJ. 25c f It; TJem'o'k Kip, 503-653 V- 24
Q . Hemlock Oz. 75®M: *a ; Freocb K s p.B.«Poc ft;
eck Ffe&ch Culf * 4c ; Feaale 0«lt V dot;
.. Hemlock Upaer at 136512 per doa. Oak Upper Leather
cilit UMR KiiX)
and bulk, Stuco, sotnaoa, 915 >32.75; Extra, da
atl3 25S'U0: Land I'lattsr, Ceaent, ILSO
rce : P»asteriw; H*ir. 40i
ia 1 LUMBEtt, LiTii AND SfflN-"3LE3-Du-ln« tbswetk
v 4 '2 we have reed red one cr two cargoes of Lumber acd «ev
era! careoes of S Joclca ty Lale. One cargo of Strips
f r.Ti froaitVhite Lake sold atfj-pv.d quality. A contract
was intde du- r.R lb-} week fjrIOO.OCO ft S'rips frcm Grand
w Fiver for (8.10. Three cargoes of Manitowoc t-havei
Sblndts were aold at I 2.&0 per thocs&nd. Duties the
F e severs! & Louis dea'er* have been In ths market
1 . " cud|M,U< ico:thba«be c fromtbrc;dealers
■oee year's The mark it. otijerrrife, bas been
_ laacive, <n cc:o-jrt of tbe ba<l toads In tbe country,
Iti's wUdi 1 reveut tbe ttocks in b-tericr cl'!es being tolJ.
ovv . T.t pro-pen ofa*s early opeticß 0' nav'gi'i.u Las und
the e, ito ret derbo'.dits e el-r In thfclr piicex Tbe excite
one meat In - pretty we-I subs ded, and nearly tli
t l itd':a\;rsarewUlbptoßela'.|9. Eotae few ore hold*
lour Ina at $3.51X410.10. Uhi fglloxlns tre tbe standing qu?ta
,at tions:
fi)r First Clear Dry ....tSO.OO©
)cse Second Clear dry Sft.ou&RU)
•t of fblrd Clear dry 1* iV*v£».ua
Oomnioniso*ris.<?repn....». 75© e£o
,wl * do do 12 feet »,W«e
rme do do Dry. —9.00
do do " 13 feet 111.004
ClearFlnorinx. dresvd «MXte£2tf)
®iy Oommon F;ocrimt, Dressed.. 16'4>(elS.titt
was Sldine, Clearl)rea«ed.. —
Feocine fKhfe P. 50
dhlnKles, V U 2.60^*0)
bu . Lath.*tl L 75
u ' Pouts (commonto Kood) V 100 7,00ai0.0C
I )er MOLAES£3 iKD SVIibTS-Jisrket active. The fol.
lowlns are the cloUug quotations New Orleans In
•••1 b&m-tj 4-uaiir- Ko* York s. ji. Mula*sea.
her 4 l>e: Cuba, ia bhd<, N. Y. fyrups. 3'<6<oc;
K. Y. GoIdL-n,
»ur. Syrup, 70c In bbls, and 75; in kecs: Extra £. D. Bjrup
s'iQ a.HS'IS*.
fast NAVAL ?TORF3-Rf«iln, J3.2553.50 Vbbl; Tw
No. V bbl: Pitch, KSO&SW.
NAILS—AswttA «.7iXi3.7J ?100as,
5(3 OILS-Tue closliiir qaotaJorsare;—No. 1 Lard SI.CS;
e8 » No. 2W-. LlnffM EJe/)ha«t£3c.-TFta!e 80j; Sperm
ll.tX); Keatifoot%s:: Tanners* 75: Bank 75c.
, PitO\ ItlONi AND LARD—The 'hlpm -n(s if Prsvis»
the ' oas dur;n|S tiie f t6t w "« s ' w«e: bb!s Beif; H'Jl bb's
.gj ••5t, , *53 tl'H Cut Meit-; 1C5,<5.< 2,j Lard Th; rece'ip's
' su of Lard were. 15.414 tti. The market f?r all k nds ot I'rj.
visions daring the pts weex Uai bem dull acd spiritless,
l Utre hi* beea nothing done in Mess Pork, txctp'. Jq
BUill-ois. A few d4}B bince loj bbls M-bS sold at 117.25
e t # and to-day a talc of t0 i>bls a* 110 75. Iherehas
5, beea no'.L«:;K done iu Cut Mea's. Ia Bacon there Us
1 for f,ip cmsumptive demand lor Uhim, wbUb *e quote,
Wtf plain ; t l' 1 ;, t.ad cured iit l-KiU-.',-. Mew De.f qu ct
i'cSj fiiinuwiiui tt#. J i>»o L-.rdi?neglected. A smallss,le
... a prJiuo C<-uatry was made a few clcys ib.eea'. He. tlace
uol wll cl ' h'istransiiired.
dsa I'OUiirKV-Urefrsed have been la good dr
;|l( . maad at «U.S..<*3«, Ptr -lot.; Turjeya, 305,11 c
V tt; UveTu.keys.ViV it.
. t0 I'.JTaTjK-v—Xhe market durb ctl.c psstrrrek bas been
!>at> ,t •, aud tiime have becu in Kooed-mand at a
, tQ advance oa l*t week's quntatloas. Prime
FtJ ; -c-li'.n-ock Good do tiKs;Bj; vomaoa m'xed
11a' i-fjAIX '-Marte; active atl.l firmat Mowlnt uuolv
10 tiotu:—NewOrlcuii—caramon. OiiUiiVci.Boodcommin.
.c: filrtoful'y f*:r 7J Prime, 7,V»7Vc; ClariQcd
Mt -ad Cofl.e in hhds fHftiOKc; Cube, Cifc7*c; pt>rto
ine N. Y. iUlined While C.ff«e. N.
M» fcUudt: d, crua'.eil, pow Jered and granulated, 32c.
pts f-Ucwici; are D.lchcr®* quotations, as per circular of
KS-ilouir. d«tid SUrcb Ift:
of t«af htwar i'ocble Refined lt »v
1,1 email Loat cuxar.............. n n
in. Double tie tic ed. \\ A i
p, Cruahesl tiusar ,r * JJ> C
- 4 unuiicj tiwu s J f-'
*s I'owoweoMaar, EeQned'..'.".'.'. i{l's
'3 Powdtrid bu<;ar o
Kehned U'hitetiucar o * }.,?£
a,r Uebned Yeliuw a *
50 Ketiued YellowHuxar *B*"*
0a itefiawl Yebow eu*ar XXX.iil
ra, _ SOAP—No. 1 Family, 2%&ic; Extra, Erosive,
On SPlßlTS—Durclns Fluid tf)c; CAinpbene, 70c: Tareen.
[jjg tine. tloc.
SALT-Coarse. «12'< Vbbl; Fine. 91.00 by tlie car
Nt 2 50* bbl
s°; , Pbaeuto.
lie Cljvca I2>>ijjsc; Oiatamoa, 3l4iJc*
aR Cjiarer be.
Ihe week lushels 0 r «1,-.ch m« receded !
- s , by Lake from WUcoofcUi. The s'dpai«nu were 3MJO ttj
bo --ntar.yoae-balfof «hbhweat Bouth, Tj^uruy-iiefrf
l, e has beenan tctlre diUi-nd fjr Tlmoihy durijß ibe pa»t 1
:d r frizes advanced 2®'c.
is caJe# 10*DAi were: tOJbap;oitri«coaaloa*. #l,Vs,f;ee
id storasetiuthe lstuf Aprit;4i bucaolctlulotaa' #3;
I y WTufhirasus. Cuovitk very dull *rd pressloxon the
D j market, which we quote cominsi at #3.5085,74. iJcx. *
th. OiMn G itass.—The 1 e:eip:s cosUtueveJ7li<ht, with a
t. KJod deiuaad at «1 S3©l U). A few days siace a small
,-d lot vu eoJJ *1 |I 50. itax-None offerin*.
! e T * L bO V. -liect Ipts las; week, 2,07 C as; sblpmeafs.
, <3 fCJ as. TUi market continues bare of :tock, and sales
8 of tbe week were very limited at ivx&lls. Clciinc no
{ mloal at 10Vc. . •.
; IV^OL.—Hcc.'ipls duilog tbe week, KO &j; shipments, J
I Pfjo ag, Tbe market Is quit-1 .actWe and qnotitloas
nombiai 1 140&S05 for Fleece, and W«isoc for Polled,
r HOQDKN W'AEK.—l*ArL»—TLre©.boope4 P«lts, I
e Vdo*;Two-bo«peddo.»L7s. Trw-3 In nett. 4L7S oer
» B=t: N..1« » J„ I; S „. a , IM . EXU.TIS; W.- ,
, P" 1 '":-!™: ,Ue »- ,?aisKi * 4"«- 1
I h*m. dot. Wa»Uß3xfcDj—Sao, t2.37ija4.50 per J
1. Dos; Woocieo.tl.s4. B«oo**-Ex«ra Vflre, «S«a.MPer
'• dos: Twine.IIBCALB7XC. Clotbxs PiawHeaded,tL2fc '
Oomoon,tLOO; Patent,*l^o.
n m n
r New York Market.
- Br Tauwaara.l Ktw March 15. t®
u , F»*»tra-Der andb;a*y, bbls attUo*i9o 1
• fo' euprrflie ataie; 56,5U36-0 for ex ra tti!-- ts Suza i
c r *t» .0 i6.K» for ,!o r-»u*d h»fp O lo—
d «J, ii 1 8<,owr *i'J 1 .ipjJtoey- C luadiaa fl mrouet
•J *"*• e dou?cul p
C V* M T A b«W «tfe\ Radwithoit chance n
u JVI at #LH< for 'hica.t» fprin<f; P
•j <Sl.4G|of itl n-jU. Ry«j du'l at B»4*oe liar.ty
r t*t., o; ®s> C
u n dolt an<t droopiac. rales small. Mixed w e , lem
r.ouiiO»li7 fie Had ti,«r reiiotc «,iuUiem dn —
II Lallan 'or^tate; western aad Ca
• ti:4^r' CT ~ W Wli7 tnjc?Jia f ed - Sales ottlo bbls at 23 U '
T r,Jl iM^*{i, ,ox ?'' ,J /V l ?t ,< '".«ddu:i«iEdhean--cloain«ratb«r "
iii'jHijV ZY? of u^J bblsAt ai7.:.vai7.-«f»r o'd m»s:
. Be f -j
1 <,ay ,o rcam«ooa. Sales 4M bbls at fi
I- couuu >: bj-tny-
ix i»fi»- wp * c *£ d i-WcACo du; t12.:0u»13.0i tor
h •n m «, lD r; e ;A u I *' "»«*•
' liiff .inn-vi -k • : "«eou quiet. Drcaied at
hog dull n< •'•*>*. cut meats fteidy. tialt-s 150 rack.
5* ti : I*^'»b-uldeis; eSWV>4 fjr hato» L-rd
' Buuer quiet at for UiJo; -
I 87«* fur aia-e. Ciiecst firm tUiilk * *
_ j»Tf>cxn—S*/ , ckS'teal». Va. ih 9S- Tmt a.Qi.
c 111. frceUnt) bocdi Vli.; ?kc Mail 7«54.'-i °*
c !>«•*- and U ? dv>-!»X; «r.
? ?>< i *- 3 : p * a * 117 5l - c - C7X: %W; st. _
t V-/ E. J. and Turirer RLobarb.
£uipb. father. Oreoiote.
L C&rb. Ammonia. Indico. y
r lodine lodide Potuu.
Corks, E sent'al Oils, V.
1 Selected fort, taM. Le»i
Msec, Alex ax d TlnaveUa Eencs,
J fcS6 c 320 Wholesale Dragrists. V> Bou. Water-st. —.
> <£3%%w hot |
3a,t Received
! Clark Street 40 it
£fel7«S4slyJ t
Banking anb
win* Jiooao.LitmiH Thomas ucDaf..;.,o£o. o, lxckab,
r. IS .rromTtftUenUonclventoCoUectlons. farnerertoL
IL Ho.cb AOo.F. G.Adams Underwood <x Co.
mb4cgr i ß3m • .
JL» —or—
.&c. 1* B. ALEXANDER 4t CO.
of Deposit Fo clcrj ar-d T)om«nlc Exclude &ad
ColertloaKicbyireonNtw York. Boston. Pbllaaehh;a
bUe I^o s » b;afts m Ens'ai d. trelaod. Scotland and
w , k xßm\.* •ftajwe.Geiratny. r'wtiterlauil, Humcary Be'ul
. 1 »'i.. rtorway, Kuasta. Poised.
,tnl ffl "Stiio ' 'iSS 1 toutl 'Auitrau «J
top GaUicla. tOClar. . * C *L. ab3
«c- —ijr>—
CJatk-*L, ?'p
Asm set ran
Brili&h Co/nmcrchl TAft Insur-ifi?: Coihyjn*-.
130 LONDON and Canrat *S,ScKU.&
ibis setttiy ■*. P3lf?3 tt ■ N>tar7 fabijj.
and. deposit bakk
WE.tttJi, = &. t 0.,
iCEDAR rapids, IOWA.
rt* ioax waaaa 3. p. caartXTta a. s. ert£i3.
1.1, —axrxa to- *
! <3. A*afriran Ex-haow Bank New York.
Ko Mcßridetfrotbers.... "
J. K. Homans.jr.. Kditor Magaslne, "
do. f, I. Tlakbam k 00-.Bno er5.................CWcac0.rJ.
»-• ftuives.fidbbs kCo., Boaters Woostcr.O,
Ooofc. Saorent A Downey. Hankm lows City, jowa.
No, J,G. Graves,M. D. ••••••■- Nashua,N.U,
ices GKANGi ff, WELOON 6c CO,,
--16;; O CHANGE, enruer or Randolph and Market streets
Jat, (Uod's Block), Chicago. 111.
,»5. VTm. B. Qtclea, Eaq. Chicago 8. Und. Eso~ Cblc.&«o<
. LB. k
E. H. Hooper " t*naeri Bank, Uacs
jal? am neid. Ohio.
3*ol Ooilecdons made at the oxoal rate*, Exchange on the
5.50 brindpal clUosofttie Uoluaboofdit and sold. Seal Es
i.so tate bimjebt and aoU ro eommlsrlon. Land w.irrss?* lo
oatedattloper 1M acres, and si<c per acre Land 023ce
ut- tee. AU sited warranto In s»jne r«> portion,
do. BSFERENCKS;—MrjineBarIi, CblCßgo: Ucsry Farraa,
Viva., Prerirfcnt Chicago and R. L Railroad: American
... ijtchange i!»cjc. Hew Tcrk: DurV.es A Ballwk, £t.
24S Looit
p. JL> caaaoa,
tSTPmiattattcaUaa ten to tbe ccllcctloa of Sct'-j.
He nrafts. etc.
. ta Refer lo QeonteStaitfc A Co., Marine Rank. Me:-
' fcaatsbavlnßsU-an and TxattCo,. aniF. u. AUaus.
Dry w. r. cool-mcge. "yj e. w. g*o?g?..
£DH->a. I. 'l'lKKiiiSl & CO.,
Corner Cl*riz and V*lt® streets,
0r C.
re- _
r cs CHARJ.ES H. HAM &. 00.
O cbioiKe. 2< CI vk street, Cblcaro.
-ta- OovviKsioa DsraarsiejiT— HAM. CHAMBERS & CO.,
Dealers >n Stwarltlei. Bcf aod Fell Paper
3 * s Secured tor Real Kstate. and give spec!si attention to in*
40c restmenls lor tastem Parties. &plt>-t764-ly
B; JaKCa a, osi'ce..*.... JAW/U faru.«.
O Devonsbire street, Boston, rive infttcular atten
:la Uoa totho Mines of Lake Superior and are prepared
to tarnish reliable iaformatlcn resccctinK them. A
. tn taonthiy review of tbe «ock cad Money tfaiktt *Rb
w quotations of all the Correal Bccuntles, will be sent to
any dvslred. gpas.'fc.vi y
rtk i. a. laxb aju easroaa a. Diotstaua.
«' tANE, S.USFOKD & CO., '
*•; UEE A CO. Bankers, Kockiord, Illinola.
met cou<tctlcos made and remitted prootUy •« current
.•ei rates of Exchange.
the Rtyaa to—Ocean Bank, tfewYork; Bbce and leather
, et Ueslcru 1 Bank. Boston; Bx'„b»cfle Bans. Ciilc.uo. au£l
!en BANKERS, Chicago.
JL/ sliowedonHpedal Deposit" Liberal accomenda
au * Waasxrantedtodeposliors, Independent cf the state cf
ite> the money marxet.
-ii aad Letter* sf Credit. Insumjtosal!, ca
the principal cities of tbe Called (Hates and Europe.
Id- KXCUANGK ON EUROPE, to Importers, at New York
lt a. Quotatioua.
TiUJf LOANS on private bonds ard rjcrtcszes seat,
tlated. tVe«&ern State, Caenty, City or RaUrcad Loans
aeKOtlated ahrcad. jana
*»jgcaa. H?rwrii>v. Atgr.gTLtea, orro air^r*.
Specie, Bank Note, i
BuyooaztaallyForeign aad Domestic Gold aodßilver
icq Ocins, Eastern Bank Not-a and tTncurreat Sioner. 3cli i
Cxcbansc oa New York, and make Collections thrcucbout
; qj ieU Ttf ly «iv
,a iowa ciry. iowa.
35 13 Make collections aud rertlt to any part of tie
Union. Land »V arranii bought, sold and located.
„ attentioceivento tbe pay meat oftatea.
Attorueyi at Law connected with our bouses.
Cfc OOOK A DILLON. Dareapcrfc lowa
"a a*r> a to 1
t. W, Clara A Co- Philadelphia.
H W. Clark. Dod« A Co., New York.
J.J. Dixwell PrejL Maw. Bank, Bort?a J
) S N, Holmes A Son, Pit'.aburkh.
J. V/. Cinrk k Co., Roeion.
E. W. Clark A Brother, 6L Lch.».
J * iiatcb A Lai.Ktton. St. Louis, (
si Geo. Folth A Co., Caleuco. '
j Q jMm Q. Sarcent, Wacbinwoa. D, <\ P
as HALL k BJOTUTRS, AURORA. 1L111(013, I
ct , collertloas entrusted to thtra will nsrw prompt a!- ♦,
Sererto Bank of the Bute, New York* V G I
'lt- A Jwnfl and George -0., CUcsrc. " * 4
ce x. v.aaii, a. r. itadl. r. i. r.xi.V- *
A. C# OEItTEL, c
1 and Collection Office. Also, Notary Public. 0
,o Dearborn street. C>il;a.< % Ft. p a t ,
d Mon?y, aishtaaj TtoeEllb cfExcbaajrc. ."n;j V
wl.f. r Cp ! a ' cU r, k
•d Metropolitan Bonk, New Ycrk. ®
lo fihenaan ACoUlcs, ••
Marine Bank. Oblre&o.
J. IL Duoham 4 Co., Oblcaw
a r p£irs^° rrioi:a Md BAirL p - OFHCIR. General
or .rartnera.
Ais£sr & WORTOBT cs
!i Ko. j\ mpru ry. ASK Cr . ypwiao. KJ.
|c Illinois Savings Institution, s
tfncorporaUd i*< Wiry, 1557.] J 1
cs.c'S.''l" Sa^" o"*'' 0 "*'' '•' OD " U d ""» re
1 Si.*' 10 * tewt,t " ft « «« of iU Per mlw c 2
tlt cf Jlnnß-y gj
" a°^wn?" it - J UDoahtm
rfZdZw a twm 9 ? Hcbpard. ji \y Raymond. Vt
4 John # Reed. Henry Whltbeoi
1 «" a ■ j
• Office No. 7U. WMblmrton ftreet, Porttud Block. II
. K. C-KIUMH. oU?/* "■
■ BsaasJisg
. ocd*rofpayßent.atetm-«ctrau«««xS«iS! - fc
i Mtaox. George v\
1 Marine Bank. Ohicaxa. ' * h )
It A. Benolst A Co., gt. Lcula.
A itrotljtrlon. Csadna»u C( '
OEO. j WITH Sl 00. Ej
-U_aodDoneatlcExcb Yc
OenetAlonsaadsontlllb-orladpaldtiM ta tkstWi P
i od Statoa. oa tba most favor Me terns.
uni ietit H
UtHrj-1. K. f.«rn k (X, CUivw. tal
/ala raonprea. Ha. I Wit! r.feel. Met. Tor; u<
A 00., SL Lcsit, lii I
O. O. WEITSE7 k OO- ii;
(join, mi Cocarreat M'.'nry bowtil esd acli
ftenlma paid on pit* and Eastern Bank Nct-a. Derc
& 1 received and laWert allowed on Special De^u
w ■ s «» u » u « «'"=« ss
rmSttoa >onnr< on itrelptr- {i[
oisiT-pgß q. a wmrat? a eqs. tn oim a. J
X. a. BAKBOB *
•MSSf" D3Conr *° e " 4 »•«*»
<aatica ' Bm - Pn!ia &
No. • Cuax BraxTT—- Loo*t* Boodiw.
A * the Eastern ClUea, Discounts Botiaess Paper, Deals
ta European aad Domesac E»*Jian*Rßpeelfe. Lani War- IS
i Notts, and brakes Collections «n
all accessible polnta oc&ij.bloi
mabihe bank.
\J racce Oompany.
3. V. CARVES. Cashier and BecrcUr?, at i
OoOtettOßfaadetaddrans rcniuedtoall pariAorthe
Oatoe. a-nt-ly
H. A. TUOKCB A 00. Tl
Uunoia. £re*
NT" made In the dlterent dttes In tbe ? l ii'
Oalca. ttxnbanwattbalowtss eurrext rates. nUMtf dcrl
Ls dWairaate,eorßeref Olazk a
miU f C Z.J,Ox ltj, Msq, Cu»» ifet*.'!. Si *l. ToM
1880rT^77TT.71869r ==
The Northern Tran>portation Co.
"* son. run ibelrwcU known a'jd posulfr Une Of
Wwt'Clasi Screw Wteamtrs
RfguUrly between
ut per Lakes, conntctln? at Osdensbarsb with the
Ogdensbnrgli and Vermont Central B E. Bantc, j
Tse>we»n Bvlloirton. Tot cord, Manodes.
Sew OsHfgo Line of Thirty Hnt-Class Bo»(s,
and oo JA ? v' l l*'tf e l Cinil, b ? twe r n "iwew. Trey. Albany
and New Vork. coaatcticj alio at Dunkirk w.tb the
' And fotmlw: a trl-we-klr Dee I»etre«n Dankl/k acd I
y. iblcajo and Intermediate Ports. I
OT MfrcUmlUem irked "V. v. Co f n Extress" wUI !
te fj*wa*dfd fn« *ew Yciit by kn Exp-esi Frelx't I
T?? SSmftSl ? ;cd fcrit; Tallroatl. azd prompt- j
if rwarded fioai Duaklrk .'oneat ratex I
tn. ujer-ba-.'s ore icaoecfnlly i:r#ed to sto
tbe AzeaU of rh s Company ia Nsw York and Breton. |
beforr* mak2i,t contract#. e j
«*.; J U. WAHN>-R *x«jt, {-o 3 N y.
n M 8 tAPPAN c-rn»r6iha'-cl I'i'OtOQtsts., Phila.
H(>\EY k O<AWi-ORD, tjioegj. N, Y - I
,u, PARKfK, Arent URie :s« u»eh. N Y. {
\ : X'JA U>.. Jeve'aid. O. J
Civ H'J b.IN3, A»»*at, V 3 H'ate *i eet. LUsi.>n. I
* A rOaU'IAN. a cent V. O I-'ni !0J State tl.. Boston. I
HfKa MlCff*Kf/ SU i
H. V. y IU inG k CO- Fa iot Cl.v. Irwa. I
JiUJB WASUuIHN. Daven'Oft, Io«a. [
MATHER & CO.. Chicago.
583 ' ablQ3a>c4;» j
ut. BtiiTalo, Cleveland and Chicago Line of I
**• " / rit>"D the Pr pnetorj of thh 7.lre I
.bU wUI put oo thh route from Baffilo to Chi- I
cago. Seven First Clasa a tteam- ■sisafini ww i
era, of rr-at s fen*th and speed. j
Forming a 'irl"Weekly lAnr, |
■*** And rosnl-e in connect cn a*. lioff-lo with the NEtY |
ftrts VUR< iE«TR4I. B. Jt, »'d ibt ANTi* CKN-
TkaL T.INE OF OiN/«|y hO**t"«. on th' and 1
it Cleveland wftl the CLKV£LAND A PIITSUURO'I |
R\iLK )aD. touchlncatDetiolt, M-cktoae.BfceHoißan. t
P.jrt tFsihlnxton, AUlrauxee. Bscine, Ktnoiba aad I
Wauaesaa. 1
TuiiH-e sn'.wprepved tols uecoitncts aoi.dti
tbtoa*)r ceipts'orpropfnydt»tlnedto Deiriit Cl-ve- I
ItnJ. isufl.ilo nr.d all way rtat'.orsrn th* N. Y. I
tt'esUr.aai Ucstin and W.rcest-r Railroads, ana prtn I
el'j tplac son the Line oi th* fcrieOantL Albany. Troy, I
Bjjtjo. New Ycrk and Pittibu'Eh,and from those \>lacea I
I** fih-bry-an P rt WwVntr.on. Milwaukee, Racin*, I
. K-no!ha,Wauke<ancodCiilc.-g^.
tne Ta<? LbtHjJ palrr'D*« exieo Jed to tbe Line past I
*+• afjttoa ty tbeiraifllQ< ruhuc, hajltdocel ibe l*r pre- {
'w- tors to ice tiy tn.sea etU»lr Mcs«aciada'.t. n for ®»s*«a. t
ace *vr. acd tho-»- tltama* ach-ap. safe and comfortable I
rontt*. will tindltby ta»ior >hii lloe.
•a, ln.uT.neeow property cblored by 'bis line canb- ob- I
cin Uine4 at a Irsi r.ae tfia-i by aay o'l.tr, t havi-ax «lth*n )
gt. tli-t»opii'tßea»ouitr*nsported tropertv (o an amount I
txosedlncs»tee& million do lars value «i:houi any I
r)r lOSS 1
Lu: *» ith there uoeqnallfd fa'lliUfa, tbe proprietors Lope I
to receive a libera patrona<e, I
JVnil.M"re,ArLM- Y.O.R.R^Nr2-7Broadway, N.Y. i
M.B bpauldirs; •B*.fpiU , r.ioc'-Exireia2J» " •• J
VJhaxfceitiQ. Thomas « Uo. l'r-c Hit>rM of Mrrchan'a' I
in. ntrai Canal Lute. No 191 New Vork, I
—— ctHW.-it, act. Cleveland a Piiu'iundiß- H. Pitts I
e:- Wtv handler,<»enl FX 'gt. do do Cleveland. |
Mix A v o rrl% J^^.•^allrdli)y3d^'rdJla , , do f
J.J.TalijiidKe, do* a•> Mliaa'akee. I
A: CO..
Cvr. er of Ci*ik and romti tValer-»s Cldcceo. I
ir Sllf L r ON.t'EAS!£, ftt-inajrine Agent, I
it. _ O Tee foot o! AtJchUanaa-eat, Bulfjdo, N. Y. I
tnhl»lm«c33j ] . . j
.h. C\. ixation Comaaoy's New York aid Galway I
. Tt« next tfepirtnre ■' >m New York will be tie Slcamtblp I
day. the3lstofiiarcb,toccblßffatßt. Johns,l'.. to se- |
cutvetbe Royal MaU< Priccsof P^ssaze:—First Clfca, I
0., |3O; fc'tcond, tadi «.b!rd 130: Inclndini? fre» ticket; to I
per alithe nrindi>al c;tie» oa railroad r at;g in Great Brit&lr. I
In* •i'hirdClasjmustproildepiatu.ijrj.tork. and led. ]
f dinx. Passage t- St Johns. F fl-'Jiaax <33; 8-coud.
ix Fcrfrtigtitnr na-ea.etafubecf tu< Atneri. I
ciaExp ms Cam any, f l »'uds3u street. 64 B;oadway, I
*•• and at their, ctbe,' AdVertis-sJ offic»>s In the Interior. I
Passage in tbe th'rd claei c.m be cecored at .'.ai ot tie I
t aboveoflicca to brina peisoa.oit froui aay of the priud- I
5 paldtlcscnthellnrt jt railway inUrcstßriUln lcr»>®, 1
en. oruomUalway fortdO. |
' a JAS. O. FASQO. o£3:e of American Ext:rc..s Co„ |
[Ch No. Jt) Dearborn Strret, ChJcauo. J
VJ ».WW. noit^V'Sfial
JL TlirongU to the Csltl JJlnes la Tea Days, I
Prorrietors and Contractors of tbe Great Salt and I
Cherry Creek United b.c.Cea Mail, a I
Express Line of [
Concord Coaches drawn by Six Mules, J
Through f-om AtrUaen, Eantai Territory, o-i tlier-reat i
mi Wi-stiro Bend of tbe Missouri River to wENVtIt CITV, I
atth# Utuuof Cherry Cieelt. I
Tbi>L'neCcnaertsw;th'b 1 ! j
C 3 By a Daily Line of Steamers. I
irk ThisUtheonlr dillyllueol
vriti'Ru pt u-c plaoi-s *nd relay# of J
ti, JFresli iViulea iiiveiy SO ivXUes, 1
L OB I y this liae will be tak«*u ibroc*b Jrom Atcbi- 1
J son to tbe Gold M-nes lu Ten D»ys. bsins TWEN'I'Y J
DaVS leeitlme by HcyotherconveianQe. 1
Fart to Dtuver City, Cherry Creek, SICO from ]
_ Atch'stn. I
E. N. will be to the mints, I
the Ccmvouy bavins eitab hh-id Ea*ln« every I
twtnty rliits, Fvirty lbs. will alia be aiiowed I
each pss.enser. I
P fsenctrs wdl be-*r In mini 'ba'. tl'O pttgibeirfare I
rer aad lloarnfrom A'cuUou to the mines anl (rcUht on I
cii torty lbs. j
»ut Taroysh Tickets for Bal? from Chlca«"> a' t'-e office of I
* tbeChkaro, Bur-lncton AQaiuc; Rallieal i
On.y Six rickets to be ntdd per diy, Cumsendzg |
MarUloib. I
WTc ttawllibe ready for sate in advance on tbe I
lotb of Starch. I
John M. Hockiday &, Co n I
Prorrietorsnf the Uultel States Mail Line to Salt lake
lelfi'ia c£& and CbeTy Urck. I
fc 1858. ygy* 1850. ;
hi THB
a. American Transportation
Incorporated under tbe Laws of tbe State of New; York I 1
CASH CAPITAL, $900,000*
J AMtS C. EVANd, Scc'y and Treas'r. .
Vy this company will be prepared to transport Pro- ) 1
petty. Werch«ndUe, Ac., from New York. Boston, Albany 1 '
« and Troy t i an; of tbe H'eatern cities. A'so. Flou\ Pro. (
vlaioat, LVoduce, Ac., from any of th* Lake Ports to tide I
Wafer, with as great care and disnatcb, and at m l'.w I '
rn.es as by ai-yo'her respoaiibfe liae, at the same time I
>V tlvinKtbrouKb bids of ladins for ali property wbtn ue- I i
sired. I
, This Company have a lWe of eltbt staunch Prop«Vera, ll
!.•" to p'y by'wcea MjUain an'l Qiilcaa •. tiuchinß ch rmU« I <
'• at rfheboyjran, MilwaaUee, Itioine, ifenosba acd Wauke- I '
aas. Uavi.-c at *'bleat > a*n»te facilities and warehouse It
. accotrmodaUonsfor th-j reception assorting and ship. 1
dux of all arslcks eutruslei tj their ewe. which will be I 1
uudrrtbe dlreoioa of iLelr Axest. «b'«wii\ xive bit ver- 1
g soaM atteniionto thefoibllaeatofcoutracts, adjuitment I
of ct&tnu and [
AJoor»'oai>any bare a 1 arte lln» of Cant] Boats on ! 1
_ t l «• trieCaaad. anl are abtiu*. ta estabiUa *ltneuf Steam J
Can\l B a's aso. we warranted \n riptesea lte to I j
turounjefU'CQstoiae.-i thatt^ieyoanrclr cponxreater |
I- dispa'ca aad at less raw than huh retoforeoetfndven. I
[j We; therefore, t public to con'lnue the patronage I
a . so liberally nestiwed upon oi dartac she oait four years. 1'
. Offi-*esaod '>ocksoa Market bsiween Washington and M
Madison stretds, Cblcaso, ill. I e
ja3l.9m aIS-i CfTA3. E. Off A** 1 . Acrf. I t
Steui Ferry fro a Coincll Bluffs to Omaha (it; <■
,A- carry 12 Waxons and Teams at each trip, and I r
has taken over at ooe load 300 bead of Oittle. and she I t
can m\we 4(J cto s'qri or more l ach way ia a day. on-I I tl
i will be abl; to ferry over from foar to five hundred I i
*• wsfons and teams from cunrbte o sunset each day. [ t
\\ e amre travellers, who are n jinx to the 1 j
Nebraska Gold Mines, j J
. ntah. California. Oreton aou Washiaxton Territories, j V
* tbalths roads tro*a Fairfield, lowa City. Dubuque, aad I V
polatslntermedlat '. by vk>oncU BtaSs an-t Omaha City, I
and up the berth side o' the plaue uivc, are better, I si
nearer, and more abondaAtiy stocked with w&xont, I a
hordes, mule* aai cattle, provisions aad Roods, than any j t
other. And w\A» the eetUefceuu and towns, and the I
,t regular and weil-establisned line of Mall Coacnes al- i
ready extending lo Fort Kearney and soon to be ex- I _
tended all tbe way to tht mlnex, ttiano longer a wilder* ( *
neas route ttiroo>{S an Indian country, but can be tra- I p
vets:<tas aafsiy and comfort tbly aad much more easily | v
tbanauy of tbe r-»ad»tbrouxb Missouri or towa. I tt
. Tuere Is not the same leturta of road in the United f
' State*, so level %nJ entirely without marshes. s!ou«b8 or J *
bad Places and so nearly stra<shl Tbe streams on tbe | p. l
north side of tbe Platte areail bribed, except tbe Loop I J:
Fork,asdb£retbeWcstemnta(eOompaay baveairaod I °
rem. tsoi lowk, I g
For tbe Council Bloft and Nebraska Ferry Company. I A
iali?Uta-c8 I .
IQS9...GOLLINGWOOD L1N8...1859 I o.
Navbraion, the foLowtnx A No. 1 new and largest 1
; class Screw Hitmen,
I e*uarityforPa'*enKer*.wtUflU»bta\\n*»»tMlews: In,
FOUNTAIN CiTY, Capt. I UUNTEIL Captain Dicxfos. | £
P'Ct. J ONTONAGON. CiPt. Wlt» | ui
EVERGREEN ClTY.oanU wsa, \"
Leave Chlcaxo from tbe foot of Lardle street. South I
£lde, A. T. Speocer « Co.'swnarf.onTueaday, Thursday I
arnlS turdiy evenlniti, atSo'clo.k, (andinx atall points (
onthewest*b<ireofL.akeMlchliao.as tar nortbka Two ]
Rivers, and al Madrnic. | XI
Tbrouxh Bills of Ladinz tdven from Chlcaeo and porta j
oa th» west shore of Lake Mlcbtauu to Boston, hew I V
York-UonuealaodaUtheprinclpalpolntsiafcheEastem I
and New EujdandStausandCanada. I
1 i,
CjQUtn at Oollinwood With the Northern Railway I ra
orCanadx,andat \Jroatowita tbe Grand Track, Rib- I I
way tor Moatreal. Portland and Boston aai I /r
I*ke Ontario frteamsrs or Nlacara Fall* Osweso. Cape I o'
yiacent.aad at oxdenabars with the Vermont Central J
RJ(roa<l for Bostonand intermediate polotson Vermont I i? 1
Offrtral betwemOriensburxu and tetanr Eo
The above Line Is unequalled for rexularity and dls- I &(
patch, for P.s»enxers and freixht between the Western I
and Bastern and New Ea'laidtitaleaaad Canada, I
ForfTeixhtorpassajreappfy to |
• ,«. . A. T. SPK.SCER A Co., Axents, &{
Jsß-omcH Foot of Laaale streeU Uhicaro. PL
<feg LINli - I
Tbe fiieamsblpi I 5.(3
PHINXAB FPRAGT7E, Capt. Matthews, .. .1
KENaINGrON Capu Baker. I B.C
CITY orStw YORK.CapUHowes.
. tonn m Ursoi.r Unr, I
wlllnx with treat from each port. Tbeie { w
Steamers are staunch and strong, and \n all resrects l
weU fitted and profited, they have cood acepoodatlons f •
Kt pasaensers. and freUbt of all kinds Is taken at fair I *
rates. Theae e>«aer»ron in dose connection wftb tbe 1 ,e i
PennsjivanU Biitroad. and goods are forwarded witb I - 1
promptn'ss and
iaiab»>«m uth PbllalHnbla. (
F<tr Cairo anil Aeff Orleaos, cb
X BalU&g Steamer iTOW '
New PaIU City f
Will ran, durinx tbe comln* Fall and Winter, bexwee* 1 Vj
At. LoaiJ and New Orleans a 1 follows: I low
LEAVING ax. i/OUls Oct. 10.at 10 o'dock A. M Lei
do do Oct. SO, '&4, do dp i Art
do do Nov. IS, *59, do do { t-ea
do do Dec. 9. 'M, do do i Arr
do do Dec. B, 'SB, do do S O
3® do Jan. 18, do do I Dix
do do i eb. 7, 'fia, do do i nai
3S do Feb. S7, do do
... da da M'cb l*. '&*, do do I A
HAVING CAIRO Oct. 11, 'tl at 7k o'clock P. M. Gw
•l 0 4° x = t- ft, tt. do do I itas
do do Nov. iu, do do I
do do Dec. 10, do do I
do do Doo. w, '53, do do I *1
do do Jan. IS, do do I
do do Teb. 8, *6B, do do I
do do Feb. a, 'SB, do do I
d 5 do ATcb a 'SS. do do
fat mUht cr hmft ajip ton board or to U>e Axe&l J ~R
"pgiifA Ug
•' —— _ I ■ j QL
For Pike's Peak.
Hakd bread and ceackers.—the
subscribers w>ildca!llheatie-tJonofem!icra.ita to I /™\
acpermr facilities f.ir supplyln* tbem with Hard I \ I
Bread and Cr-ckers. Uavlnx been many years It the 1 thfc
California trade, we fan a sure allwto entrust their or. I
dera to as perfect aatblacUoo. ' I
<\ EFNDALL A 60N8,
mha-lm-cssi. Comgr aahtajton and Dearborn sts. I 3:00
For Pike's Peak. S
of Kansas lacladbufirty 11*. Bxmce. Board I chaS
wiroaxh, and sixty days Proririooi there, can be se caret i
Offlcfl, J» flomh OJarFsfc, J Sffi
OfcleftCOfllL. ironedforlbU week. tahlcWiw |
Co. „' ro ™ TE » A*SA*»EME*T.
BA- WCU = """
eOl „ galisa a Chicago vinos b. j^-mainled
> forPreetort, Beloit, and '
tie I _ Prairie da Ghle*j.
Ie and Mail BPOA.iI
j Pfyeniter fd»n y > *'* ' 7 10 P M
tttc, j McHeniy.CrystalLakeaLdßlchiaoDd, 3*a>pl £f*. .
ion, I 1
- M. !
ta I °!lc^' ( LP«*«sa4er . ianp. is. I
•ejotnt foot i>t j j
ie 0 * ".H./B rADi- !
ie j Can Jan exccptedj a.fc a. 11. &5-17.C0P. n.
... Donielth H <
j£ l t I 7.W K M.-«rriw jii C!i'.cv;o 1> 6A. Jj, 1
i£ts J
I Tali/.; lO.oia.M-fcrrlvela Ohicdso at t: ng P v.
Bf© 1 -fvreDa.-Citbtj.lSA.i! «ive laC-jcAiii attf.iS A. a!
J , . ann:? asp Xisr-->a 3*ASM. 1
j Y &?&"****•* 10 3) A- JL,—arrive la Chicago at 1
bili *:CS aJ^L 45 * - * 1118 *' 130 ? * iI - wr ' TC ,n Chicago at ?
. I , . , FO* fciTTJ IXLLSTI iULt.-J,... ?
I tej-,= iii#la A.H.~.Mrivc lu Qjrfcvte 9.(5? '1 I
0. | . .-iacMe:- jj* oalata outheGalcEJ «-.j Vaictx' «
I Rnilro*J.ana faltc-fc Uc««, shoeiSt-k- ;b; trn ; c« 1
ton. ) Street D-ucv.
I . >rv '* Patent forswill !t&ve Cen "5
trtl I>«ot akhll* with 7.W P. M. Train for Doalrtth. I
1 Ml ttc above tralaa connect wiUi the Grset Fr-Mrr:
| from Ohleaco. 1,
'• J bonibtsi
1 ° £ °
f rf A.Hm. Ss ,t iol2 "- T » sai,ralit ' L "
7X- I fl. M. Poarga, General Hcket Agent. ccS9 $
3m ( For Ceatttltud Weatero lowa t N«bru*
k* and Kuuu, *
gj cmaso is® sock elasb k. su liss. h
and 1 Oczipostaoithe
iin. j Cliltisokßottlsliini, peorli fcßartfta Vill«j I
M(l I and Mississippi fc Missouri BdlrotiLs '"]
rpayorron FEOM "chioago TO iowa »
"jj "?crc. J
*» r ' Thr« Twits le*?e Chl«Me CiJJi M
...» I coraer van Bdrenaa-i Bhcrsi'vn strtitiaa »
5 i *• d
tea. i lLco ft
Til* I Iv\S»Ue, Pforia. Hock lalazti iJs*ca- tl
lt _«=e.low»Oit*tni v» aahlojrtoa. Y,
ob- U * CC Cfursn. Balcrdarß esjn tri-ra: Peo- u
ttn 1 ra.jfcwc.-s tM3d.BaT«ttpctt, Htts«Uio.lflwaG«y. v
unt I SSu nS'&llSftCtL
°» t
) casototi'.etntwiotorlowa. 5
I PMMDzer tralna iantiron(di tolowa dtyand Ws«h- *
IY. I ?*V >n ', wit i lGat deleo-Uoa, cr cimoite of c«r< at the Mli- <,
j Us'ppl Elver, tlis SaUroad Bridie hetweco \,
D ._> | Socle litand aadOatenport. U
J p £woo*btraLß»arriTeatClrfcHO*t44oA.ll.*al t8 r
,r,i { Jft'.i»*'c<;cciEiod»U<iß s.: VJSA.IL
let. [ , \--}^&-a.vHh\V ! iZQia Oeiikai RaUro^fcrGfler-i
I Cairo wd \ntenaediite tkjlbVs.
co I «A r ttc Peoria aad Oanatrka ftaUrctd l«.
c °* I Gal«b*u>. JJnrliDrton.
I At »VA-tias;<rn witb Iln« of Btax» t? Otcalcosa. ""
I SaoxTiile. &&J cU colnt« In Ocatrat aad Saulherc ll
__ J loro.
V. ■ ">, l3 v v i l a .v Cto'cUae tf
•» I ur}crld:vMolQ£s. Couocil hla£A WasrUi£tc&, Oua
-1.~ I 100 ta. Newton, "ft'lntersttt, Sort Dod»e, fitoux G*j,
hip I Maraiw.tctvs, Marietta. lowafall*,Oedar C'r)«j r
I 7klls. acd a'l oointa LaOeatral asi Weeismlova. Ne>
I brvjia aod Kissia ,•
Q|> | I.oo&laadthroaihtlckeSj oneaie
_ie» 1 ttfflteof PouWejmeaad Oolea«oßailroad. comer Dear
I ioraaQukMdolpbftreett.&Ld<?flc3 MlchlganßotiLee
[to 3aJ):csdudsr icTtreUote).
nil W. L. ST. .TORH. r.aa'l 71&! "«lr &
S" ;SSS-9--WIKIES ABRANGZirEKi'- -13£ 8-9 '=
j Chansd of Time,
r. AN AXD AfTfiS StTNDAT, NOV. 28,
will leave the Great Oartral Depot, foot cj
. ( WaterscdLakeitreetj:
6a } fit. tea's, C*lroand OrfeAaa JCipre«....ll;WA.M.
TT Ic» r . <Dai,j. ondajs excepted.) H
I * Lonia and Cain Ixpress 10:00 P.M.
I » « _i {prtlj, Saniiyt excepted.)
I For Peoria. TerreHacte. AJtcn. a
y®* 1 Jeffenon City. Kaaaaa, Md oa Mlaaoarf rtyej
I Memphla, Nfipolecn. ViciiKbniTt. Watches, GalTestec. 0
, n <* HEW ORLEANS. «
1 a I And alt tctermediaie p-rlaU.
I with a pawenper car attached m fa? aa
[ Kaokskee will leave at 6.80 P.M. (daliy. SandaTS ex. -
Imi ted). On Saturdays a paueoiter c*r will be run bz o
SB. I ttt* a- aa Crhanni.
•itt i U&TIL^ 6 from 8t 1x3613 d ClSro 26 9:10 * li H
Clr « _ ooKKEorjo^a
i ,Toe - make direct eonn»ctioni at
i watioon wi 4 ± Terra and Alion for fc»ioa i
I aadtiß. Zjoola a&d at Cairo vith the railroad ilcc of S
I -teamers far New Orleans, lea Yin* Cairo on vi
I dan. " s
iihl I , The 11:30 P.M. train makei direct connert'oca a* To
j lono witii Greit Weatem Eallrcad Jack.
4 aonTUleantlr<aole*;at Uattoon vith Terre li«nt« ttno
v> i Alton RaUroaJ tor Alton andSL I#oaI«, andaiOdm ritb
:W. 1 Ohio and Hailioad for &k Louie.
om I Apply at tue CoaDany'a QSice In the Great Central m
I Depot; ft tbeMlchican Central Hallroad ottce. corner t»*
its, lof Lake ana Dearb rn street; at the Plttibnrgb. Fori r?
cry I wayoe and CLieaso Eailroid Ofßce, corner or Deartwra o!
ted I and Randolph etreets. acd at all fitcanhoai and Kailroad k
I OJQce inthe Kaa; and Norto.
S W. P. JOESBOIi. CmtAhuMKmb Gsn ' lEo£t 01
j noag V. SL. ARYKCR. tiagt. Chicago DlvU'co. JJ
, I 77u> OapacUy of Ais Road U now EqvaX to anv in \
ie j . ih* OuufUry. Be
Tbroe Through Passenger Trains
V. jn«n?KK>* PiiTSOCGIi AKD
I VJ Deaot a* pliuborrwltb trams >roie all 1
| Clues lor rmiaae'puia. »eir York. Boston, Hal- i
• I Umcre and v'.aihtKton VUji thus furniahlr-R fac'dWea
( for the tran»pdria>l<*n of pa<Becxeis nmnrpasaed fcr
I speed a'-d comfort by any other route.
{ last Licsj run through to Philadelphia ...
■ { wl'bouiclianee of cars or conductor*. ti
1 I fmotiaecAraareavtathed xo eaea tiraln; Woodi-aff'a
I Sleep'.csCara to expfesa fait traana The lis ten
I nuxtdai'*, Uait «ndPait fcundaji exrepted- 'three
I dally tr&iui conuect uirect for New York, kxprcas and 1
I ji'ast Line eonnert for Baltimore ana WMhinicton.
I Trails connect at Wttsbm?h with the a A.M. tTpresa. S'
I Arrive in Philadelphia or bal'.imore ai SP. il. And in Q
I New York at ll) 30 P. M. \
• r . I Trains ct-nneu at Pstlabn?ah with the SP. H T&a
I Lloe. Arr<VtfinPhUir)e<ptita or Baltleore V. I A M.
I ardloNcw iork ati3JF. &. Mm Trains leave piUa' Ul
ro- I ntirab i K fcl.. anivinx at Phlladtlphii ll P. &L> New o-r,
njr I York 101 l A. S4.
rr>. ( ftx d«iilr tt»las bet»e;o Philadelphia and New York;
ds I Two taliytiainabetweeniiewYv-ricaadbojton. throow
- lW I llckft*. ull ttati) ure «ood on either of the above Tr» mi.
ne I iioat i'fckeis to Bottou are sood via Nornich. f
ie- ft'veror Mo&1n«ton Llrei.
I Tickets Ka»twardmay be obtained at any of the Int
ra, portaatr-iltroad office int eWw, ala3.oah>a?d tua c.n
U* ( of bteiqterson the UUal-slppi or Om
ie- I riven; Wtiiward&V the
ise I pasy in Boaton, New York, UalUaoreor thiladelphia. j
hi I F»r« ilvrajs as tow is by «ny other Bontt. if,
at I „ HT-A.lt for TlckeU li! fllUbaptk-M S
[ The complrUon ot thl Western oonnectlcni of the M t
3*3 J Penni7<rasLi HaUrouJ ta Utlc«o ma*ea thii the £ij,
to i Dirtct Lint between tie gust and tfu Uriat
» j Horthttat. Wa
Re I The connect la* of tracts by the Railroad Brtdce at SR.'
a. I PltUburfh, avcidira all draytiw «r fenl«e or P.cUht,
2d I toeeth-rwnh ibenvlocof time are »dfasia*ef readl-/ \
I appieaclated by shipper! of freight and the travetiiu r»^
I *• wm
I PjjUc- *&lpp!ns Eaitward will find it to their adrac> p
c I taee to thlp by this mote.
' [ yor freUtn coniracta orfhlpplnn diiectSona. apphr to or
addre4i either of the f oUoßnn*aure-t«of tr e comuany: ~
I PA.-tewait,Pit»«tiar<h; DojlnAOo, Siabenvitic, O; pi
f) lUd Pierci* 0-,Zincsvi'H O; J 3 Johnson, Hlpley, O; *'
. [ R MeHcsly. By; Ormsby* Cropper, I'o tj. "X'
'A } iQvOtii. O: PAddock A Co. JtS ra>svUie. in.^; aIV \
J® J Urown*Oo. Cino:nn-jil o:AtbernAilibbirt,Clflciroa.
L 'i I ti, O; H'J Meldrum, &ladl«oo, isd; wuiiaa Blnxaaa. NeC
:fl j LonjrMe. ay; P G •»*iU!jy k Co. Kvawvide, lai; _
( N WGraham & 00. Cai'O. Ill; U PHasa. 8u Loots. Bio;
I John K Harrii KasUrlUe, Tenn; Harris A ilont, em- Cltj
| phta,Tcnn; Clarke A C.-. • lilca*o.lll; W0 d Koonta. ie 7]
I Altcn. ill; Mnrphr * WalJe, i'abaaae. Iowa; or to A **
b, ] P.e\ftht Aceclsof HaUrrads at different polnu In the ct „°
d West. £
r, I The areatest facilities offered for th? protection and , r
r, 1 speedy transportation of tive fitock, aad Good Accom. *v r ' :
i, I modnUons with tuual prlvilesei for persons traveling la *!
,y j charae thereof.
r* f By tils Rcnt« Pre'ci.ts of all dtecriptions can be (or- a^d
r . | warded torn Philadelphia, New York. Bos'on or Ua t(- Net
i. I tnore,VoaaypoUtoa tne railroads of Ohio. Kentucky, A)
. f I idlttna. Illinois, Wisconsin, lowa orMUsouri. by tail
I direct. Qhli
d f ,Tt« Paans»lvan<a Ca'.lroad al»o coccects at Pltuijunih Clnt
ir I wuh steamers. bvwMcbKOods can be forwarded to any
e I pen on the Ohio, filtukloffua, Eeatucky- Tc~ce»er, ft
p I t'umberfacd. liiinoia. Ulosisafppi. WUconain, MUsonrl. and
$ I Kansas. Arkansas and Red Kivtn; and at Cleveland, fine:
l dandvaky *ad Chlcaco wi h Steamers to ail porU on tha P.*
r I Nonl-H eatern Lakes. will
I ilercbauaand Shippersetttrnstlni;the transp'rtation chet
-} of their ite'aht.o thl* company. caartJjwlihcoafltence ban
9 i on Its spevdy transit east
i The Rates of PreiKht (o any point in the West the It'
| Pen&sjlvauW Ra'traad are at «ll times as fa7(.raDieaa Wet
( arecharced by other Railroad Coni- anie*. and
} !9*tieparticulartoinarkpacKsses M viaPena. R.R." r-e»
r I Merchactsln the West ordertcß jr>oda Irem the kast Be
. I will do Well to direct them to be thisr^Qte.
* 1 Par lea atttadingto their ownshipments hointhel'ast JO
r | w!ii find ft to their icterest to cali on th? Aaenta of thta J.
I Company at the oliowia* places boore ah pp:u»c; cr Jot*
* I ten addre sed to eilher of them upon the sobKct oi Lb
" i trelch s *li( meet w.th prompt attention. havl
| E.J. Bneea-T, Philadelphia. Gem
| Masr»w 4 Kcoca. to North street. Balt'mort. T«'ts
i | uc«h A Co- No. 3 A?tor House, or No. lb. rt rx-st. N.Y. lino
r i Leeci 4 00-.No.MKiiby street Boston. Tori
i J H. iL HOUSTON. Gen'i IVckb. Aa't. tract
) L. L HOQPT. Gen'l llcket Aa't, Philadelphia. No
( TQOfi. A. HOOtT. lien'l £un;t. AJtoona. Pa. iM3 No
■ I . . ■ - ■ U. No
E J Msß..—».*»Wuiter Arrangement 1859 ' at 1
i I ~L Boston. PhHadelphta. Washington. - ■■—
. I Cleveland, i-ittabnrah. Donklriu Baffalo, Niagara fai'a rn
; I Rochester, eyracaae. Troy. Albany, Bxalra. Blnehamp.
' I g-ir'fr^'Mf^ r ° rcc,ter * Md pointala the New
■ I &00 A. M. Mail and AccoaodaUoa. Tia old Michigan /^V'
j A. M. New York Expren leaves Chicago via old
I 8:00 P. M. New York jud*Bocton Express, via old Mic2>. l?*Pi
I - . iaanUne. 7,351
' I A. M. Train (daily, except Sundays.) connects *\
I Adria i witn train for Monroe and Deuoit, «. 4l t
I maklot cloee connections at Detroit with
I « » . trains oa Great Western Railroad.
I aOO A. M. (dally, Bonuay* excepted.) connecting <> tn
1 „ Bkhart Witt train for Uoa&enAlr Line. l 0
I 8,00 P. M. (dally, except Satmdiy.) connect at Adrlac _ ,
( with trains for Monroe and Detroit.
j _ owe or -
f Win afocmpany the Night Train. __
I leaving Chicago on the &45 A.U. train P 1
J get a Night Car at Cleveland. Be:
I ttueiacaabebaaetalli'teketOfilceslntheWest.aa* t
j attheCoTcpaay'sO&ce on tier the Revere llouse, corner
I Sanuolph aad Dearborn streets, and attneuepst. At!
| acrlO q. U.GR&Y- eenera» AgeaL Ambc
I I ■■ —— 1 - - fa? La
j gV/ l;i".. unUl fcilher notice. Train, will ran u fol. Ectii
I Leave Clinton at M 5 A. M. and 4.M P. If. tt A ] 3
J Arrtveat MecHanlcsville. Uls iLandtCO ** joaeS
J I«ave Mechaalcsvilie. »00A. U. aad ICO "
j Arrive at CUntoa. 11*) M.eadc.oo "
| forChicaira, over the Cruas
I DlsonAlr Liaff of the Galena aad Cnlsag? Dsloa Rati- Ala-)
1 nod. T!ck
j At DtWlUwith (Um for Davenport aad Uaauoketa. Ce-.in
I At Yankee Ron wita Bum (or forcnw. at inioc aad at
I Grove wUh Stages fcr Tipton. At Ueehanicsvilil with cc. cor
) "J**®* for lisbon. Mw Yemen. Marian and
I Oedarßaplda. But
I The Shortest, eheapsst aad most Expeditkmt &ost«
I Chicago and Central Iow». it beiax only U q. t
I miles frftta »>. taj tht&c« Qt» A
dlreglylatoiSeUit«riorofXowa. __
I Agent will be at the Depotla Volton. totectiva
j au Baggagefor Clinton or the road, which will be ecr*
| _ QflnUn. Toya. n fly . g? use. d»n
cmueo, st.pjfiasdfo.to dl lack.>. y-w V
I X;^:u on *lll leave Chlsag-: a< JQ:]O
I 9:00 A. M. Tor Beloit. JaaarlUe, UaiUoo aadPraliU
I 400 P; M. yor janwrilleandUadl or. Nl«ht
Trains arrive nuj.o P.M. aad 450 P. M. Maiii
I i«SK?SS!F thrvogh C, 8, Mail for ell points b U.e
I aortaweat.
} UTlhroQah froa Ghleaga tc Prairia daGhlea withcat Wj
fT|i m§ Arrir
IWM oia U S>UgL4f,m% l*3sM
P! Si*, THACiB LEAVE Chicago DA'I.Y via

M,rt &SSSS
_ . Btthiarocte,ssving TtTODOLLAR' eanh*»«ii«t
IM. theprircipai iickft'o®g!fi f & " U Rt »"
p v I*. Wiua Gen'lTlok« J l,V ]C ' a * SO CK.Suit
a iC
CO It Io P«"Mt t# Enlgftots to the CoM Btglom.
aio »t
of fcnuelT 0i ,btf " re ' { * nc,ra fl,,a
„ with a ca»h e«ltai&Mio'K^s2T*#^ ax,Bt <f ?° ,r c!rrT
P. !l eataMUhed * TrV or _ l *° do Urs. has
a "' •«>» **»>.« .TuSiKJ^iwiffisSrJ
f?-p >ebjl OIKIEI. TL;. lootsijuothViK/.f S|S
• $ KAUa SS
;Uu c y " trttr loin,
e f4r'.b t
Ueof to- <OMrtcrllT r( ti,, rtute ' "
» t?Sri^r p - rtlc,il "»'tee.
»vu oi Pae:fle KAiiroai
_Pl3c3.->4 est.
rf frdght aad Pa'sengers Itt ertlre
WA *°o the »H#swspl to the Ji'a*oart pWcr. The only
j j>a»aergeratou».jcaeph,an.i hywuirh
?erc. h2fW e pfv cl » e M!!SC Uiroo * , i- Paaieiuer* io Kansas. »«•
<••!*» .This rou s e atl. rd» t v .e rao t direct, reliable ard«xr*ii.
ft"" HoMcmn_a>nniMUon«th Ku.u nfwu! "rSuti
"V s ? 1 "? W "He, oelru- to
oret. Peaktfianany o.herßailroad. Pr.o St Jr*-ih
cica- ?o|t Bcaroey rou'e Utne btst onlys)o£cDeju» Plic'j
t^wKml^" 10^80^1 *U reduce UjlTo^
nfj" . l-«w fit JiKsb d.lly 10 leva Point. N,br»«.
?«J tL aid fcoutu for AtcLl
li.n, wa uonlpbaa. Leavenwon)-, Weiton aad Itaniai Ciit
~" Daily icaye t\. Jojeph fcr aU leasor ant int^riM
IMls- tp*Mof Kan3^ , - i aad Necnuka, to Ltcinpton Gtsry
CM. Sii"' v * 0 T p °! !lt * <~ ,? o,<: » lc O'».™n>:ia;tnswi<liUnti
ron. E Itj" fall* jj*rrace mil
'Mb- ir^?ME*&^ m ..?u ,c J*SI '■"/-'•e-n
ween l£ Hi. »i ■ H»st, wiL find this li all reisecta
Pea? wickefitaadahonestroute to Pikci
118 /*i:engew frota Ch'caao. via the a B k Q.B. B.mak«
cooneclloLS at Qulccy with beat for
Tralts e*ve llaatlba' at 7>* v SL lor *-Tk.
. upm arrival of packet irom Qnlocy. CI » J o«'»a, or
li -* *'*reaa]owastyaa7other ro-«t«.
0 P. B. QKOAT. Gen'l T.cket UD!tT '
tosa. 7771 "ZT
iem 1858. winter Amajcment, 1553
ichct VU mCHISAS ClttllUL AAD fiSKiT
, BSi -i
up p- Phn "icbt!, rii iitSl'
£ g.g enZd »> *•"
P.M.—New York and Boston
IP Arrive Detroit p. M ;Bnscra!
ri'jnjridge or Buffalo fctil P. M; Albany laoo
B-to* u 11.46 P.lt
«D 0 r. li.-Jplni.na2u aai Loalgvllle Kxpr«ss~<excec>t
; , 28 j fS^i'J,^k u todiasU u
Only oso train on Monday at 8:00 P. M.
Stcn. IHt ' Mre 13,1 """
fa thf west, and at the general office, earner Lake and I
92. Dearoorn rtreeta. opposite the Treaont I
aad at the depot, foot of Lake street. I
~ • . _ R. N. EIQZi fepicteaieav. 1
aa H. J. flwjjiara. Gea. Paaa. Ageat, U. 6, R.-R. J
1868-9....8P8XNG RATES.... ISBB-9
, „ Tlironsti Freight Line.
j^J ow ? otice ' Prc - S ~ l tc cirrl.'i over this Line u I
• T f- eS 58 eS s5 1 Iz I
s.ck. « 2 «s « 4 —5 I
iPP ?rca Chicago tc v" e - S*® ?s I
with _ g ~ 1
-S «« »£ -£ S£S f
i. 805t0n.... *t.tis*t.2(sl.o3 ,H) 11.15#1.23 I 1
>tral Yotl vV
PhllfdeJphla. 1.«5 1.10 f6 ho 1,10 LW 1 <
Baltimore. 1.45 1.10 95 15 uq WO I I
born yta&orrt W 70 46 45 to 7n | 1
ro3 S.7 efc s* tI, J? , 55 70 w « :o <
rotta Ckjlumbas. LCO 80 65 A, .. H) I 1
*t J5 iyTc . 0 ' 9-X 75 ® 55 *> H I \
cieveland.o.. 60 50 3d i 0 40 tU I (
.•on. Dunkirk N. T aj « oi 3J w I ,
Liiir csuflao. •• fcr &; fid ai es « t
4 b Balk Meat tft Pittsburgh. 60c, G -aln acd High wines to I «
iW< Qoclnail, o,3ic. co, da. to Da>too. 0., IClc. | 1
„4*> tlovec»ui Graaßetd.Bddissralcs. I t
y coa;r«tt made io above poln:s at freight Office, cof I i
ner est Vaalftuvn and Canal streets. I t
ConUacU to Boston. New York. Philadelphia and Bal- I t
A. OpARttK A CO., utfice Steele's B'ock, corner Sont6 I 1
..if Water udLaMiltfatreetg. and at Depot at Canal ktreet. I t
t , r
all J. 3. HOObTON. t»en I: telght As'u Pittaburt. Pa. I S
Hal- Oiucaro, Mveij4. 1
Wes " ' - . 1 ■■ - . -_ I
!cr Winier Aiinugeiuent. «
imCACO iSD mWACEEK Rtll.KOtn -
•col Ctie&t Mail and Kxpreu Boat* to Bt Paul. I
* / ber 29th. IQS. P&»ecger Trains will ran dally. 1 0
fjji (^aadajsexeectedJaafoUo»s: | t
>ew A. M.-?lg^aiaUguUoaAreachingSlUwaokee [ $
Si IdO P. M.—Swpplng at Bvaaston. Highland Park. Lake | S
*crrest. Waxtkwaa. and suUona north, aad I
i! ]: amvtngln Milwaukee at B;l5p. m., aaa c»o- I «,
aecun**itb LaCroaw A Milwaukee Riltruad I £
Im f&r at. Paul ana all polaia in the N I t
wacgJAias raaix Lxavm CBICACO at I ~
'j<jNiJ»jTiorta I i
1 I 7
... -iAOlord, Horricoa. Beaver Dam, Porl*?e 1
»"» «aru. and LaOwiee. connecUng at cpa:ta nnd La- {
Crow with three dally line of ttws 'cr flu Paul I -
'«rUii)a». yoantain (Bty, Heed's LaudiM, ii«d Win*, fia 1
tne eoU.Uudapa.mlllwater.Hastiaa.tit.AaUiociy Ml&neap- I *
oils and Minnesota. I v
, tnf Als<> iJasxtcr at Junction with the Pood do «ae acd f 1
tul lor Pond du L&c, Oabkosfc. I A
W&upon.Ripoa and Beriia. Also, with the &lll«-aukee I
„ and Mississippi and Slllwaukee and Wattrtoxn iUllroai I .
'• J: 1 to." Whitewater, Jaoesrihe, Bfadison, Prairie do Chi en. 1 11
SR. Paul Hartlar.dand Wttertown. I ol
hi R«fae Junction, Witt the Racine and MbSlsstoJ | -f
,m * Railroad, for Barilnston. Klkhom, DtlnVin. Darlen. ti I
\oil and I C
4C * Freight Trains leave Kilwaokee at fe'Xl A. 51. and CB j ? 1
cswoat&CA- M. daily. I li
0r co 2» M. L.BYS&S. JR.. gupt I g
oa. fto» CWca*o to Pittsbtttßh change, ooa. f ®
im necung with the srvat 1 rt
[ 0 . To New YorS, PhUadelphia. Baltimore aad Waiklcgto IJ2
;m- City, tne Interior townj of PeaaaylViala. Newjet |
tta. lev. New York Maryland. Ac. I
to . Merchants, by taking this male, will have the bene. I -
lh e fit of all the eastern markets at no additional co A j
ftagnge chcckedthrouxh. I L
ad Train* leave the dspot corner of Canal and Yan Buren 1 C
ia . ttrccta, west ilde.aafollows: fa]
la A, M,—Moraia* Gxprm. dally. Sasdar excepM, | u<
8 ft! P. M.—Night Express, dally, tfaturdas* excepted. 1
Late Shore 1
Railroad toDaaklrk. Buffalo, Nlara>& New York 1 fej
or- and Boston, and ail Interior towns of f?e« tcsUnd.via Ith
tl- Ne» York Oentnlasd New York and SrießeUroads. IK<
Ky, . Alio, so%tn to Oolocibus, Newark. Meant Jti
all >*«»n. 3«»fccavaia. Wheeltae. tart lot-HT towns oj | it, 1
Ohio and Ytadhia, Also L-ains at Lima for Dayton aad l th
xh Cincinnati direct Idu
tr. rasscngers boend east will find this route both pieaaaat I 1
,rl, anJagreeable,paaingturough many of the largest aid I s-i
id. finest cities iatae United
he Passengers rrrtvlag at Chicago, on any of thero*ds» I tei
will hnd attentive check takers at the depots, to reeehe 1 on
on checks and convey baggage tree of charge to the Pitts- Ide
ce bnrxh &cd OhJewo ears. Seeping Cars accompaay I ipi
eashtialn. | lhl
he Tickets tor sal«s at all the principal ticket offices la tie I coi
as West, and at tho Company s office, corner of Randclyb I
und DeaEbora streets, cr at the depct oa Van Barto I B
»" ttrccU Chicago. I
kst I «
UAK'L W. 8088. (ka'i AisbL Ohlcaift 1 A
ist JOHNB. ANDt:KSON. Gca'l fiopt. 1
ill J. f», UCBASCSY.gupt. W. D. I*ll
•*- . Ti> AND SHIPPERS. I toe
oi the pitubarKh. Pert Wayne A cblcaso R. R. 00. I de:
having effected an armigement with the Peansytvaal* I c:i
Central Railroad Company, for the transportation o< I D.
proper.y caanowbe »hl»»pedon tWi I not
Y, lin* oetwecn Chicago. phlUdelphlv Baltimore, New 1 Kit
York and Boston, with promptness aad despatch. Cap I on
A tracts can be made at tne foliowiag places: I itt
No. i Astnr Place. i I «n<
_ s°* I«• .WUiia® New York. { err
No. 8 Battery Place, I loe
>t No. M Kllbf itr«et. Bojtca. [ wh
No. 8 Dock street, Philadelphia. I of!
Depot. North ttrtet, PaUade«wa. I Uo<
Depot, Twelfth street, corner CanaL Chicago. I T«i
Mark padtiges via X HWaynefcO. R. R. • I ifee
;3 Sot ftirtner information, 4c., apply to Ue
JAS. W. U(7«ON. Freight Agent, Chicago* I Bn'
r J. J- HOUSTON, Gea'l Prtlght Ag'U Ptoafcajxh. ?K v <
aoa 1 N>
a. I uj,,
J CHICAGO, Br2WiGTO3 k QCliCi' B. K. »g
• IB: 9 OBAK3E OF TIKE 18J9 I ™jj
a PVN AND AFTER MARCH 4,1539, TWO I r °";
a v/ Tircnjth Pw:itter Train, will le»7e the Ctn- I£r t
lowi] of ctreetg, daily, as fbl j
A MeadcU GaJesb-rr 4dOP.lt; Bar f
t* M tlnstor. ts3sP.M.;Qulacv>:«.PM.
r 2:37 P. Jf. Expre*s (flaaday* <xrepted> arrfres at Men- I
a dou 5.43 P. M.. Galeabar*9.4s A JtL. Bar- iTw,
lkurton'i.»P. H., Q3;ncyß.oi A-«. I ftr
6:10 P. iL k.endota •(C"mc.odatlon->-arriving at Men- l nli
„ dcta ll:tt P. M. f
0 IValnsleevc Eastward as Callows; I I?,!?
Leave Burt'ngtoa. 7:46 A.IL Afi 45 P.M. I £«
5 •* GaJestourg. lfcco A.IL A »tt) P.M I Siw
-* Mendcta .. ......4WA.M.aodSHAti(S AM. I S,
n Express trains Arrive at whtiro&4s P.M. A 4:35 1
fieodou Passenger arrives atChicagi 11:0) A.M. I
At Ut&dcts with Illinois Centra 1 Railroad north lot 1
Amboy, J OI
for La*alle. Tonlca. wicona, Panola. Blcoaiaitcn,D«c»- I
j tsr, St. Lonls. Cairo. Aa 1
At BtmlngSon dose connections a"e made by two L "* L
train* with Burlington and Mlssoar) River Ball I ,
Elor hit. Pipasant. Palrfield. OtttcaWe. Oska.'ooaa I ,v™
ton. Ptrt D«s Mofaes. Port Dodge, Council Blofi* I
tuoaxCity.asdaupcrtlcttgofKuguandNebraika. also I
• with Dally Pac&ct* for Meatrcse; thence by rail tc 1
• Eeoltsk I f'r
at Quiney direct ccnaecttong era made by da-'ly pack I ir„ ,^
• ft with ifanaibal and therce w«fe Ixasnihal A St. I
Joseph Railroad for St. Jogeph, Leaven K«sm>* I »??
OityanrtallTOtt'-cns of uansar. Nebraak*. Pike's Peak, | ..Vn
Cheny Creek. Ac Daily packets on the Missouri JUrt* I JvS;
• CruaSt. Jo>e,b to *ll points on the river. I rr°?
Al*"> at *lta cal'j packets for Kccluk, 1 ?- ii
V/Ckets may be had at the Depot at me atiehlgaa l n e <
Ce-.lra 1 *»'»-<•»•« office, ccmer cf like aad Dearborn gt» f .• , u
aadattbePlttbirztL rt.WameA t hlcago Railroad of- I
cc. cor. cr of Randolph aad Deatbom street, | _ T ? c
c - HAMMOND, fienlfnpt. ££*
Ea**L Ticket Ag*V usj j J* l ** 2
St* ZiOtiis, Alton and Chicago I
I Jamei
Two Express Daily
TOR ST. LQUJS. I ortce
ln-t, trtlrs will )ea»e Depot, comer of Canal aid S? a *
Yas Bar«a atretta aa follows: lu -
10:10 A. M. Mall Kxprea. (?nadayi excrptedj which
P. kL Night ixp;ess, Uatordaya excepted.) Now
sight Exprvss 9:16 A. M. °J ftei
Mall and A. M. J
P. £ £?<
W|M| t. moou earn «m; Ooea
lt to lalortist to Examine one of
PiTExiED JjiJv2l. ISo4. Patent Arrii r ia*j . _
i lave WL,[i v "i' Ijfst'. " r- ' Adoitioxal lai-orciitvr Paiexted Muv 4,13jd, k iaco wliscli time tali »
THE E LOG- ivr tT.T. <a
'■"»»or»r e «io M: „ r . lt . lhDmb , oollrt , se-a
the tlr °
I Boththes#*m7. "t^wH^ieeiuai
WIU taw beanlifaTy nil IL
Both these Mffig are AUTOMATIC, or FZL7 OPSRA.
nVE, or can eagUy be worked by w".th:ut any
ttasgeor •»Iteration In their construc-on t are them?st
rmpie and seldom get out of repair. They are «ad< to
Wear -warranted durable aad substantial—for Yev la
a-TdTeiroat. SawPramesareof Iron ectlre; tie
Carriage and all are aa=e'ta endure heavy work, to In
■are aceuracy and durability. The Patentee has been a
'orthepastThlrteenTears.a^dnow offirrs Ihe reeult of
tuslibots and experience to thoae who to avail
themselves of the beaentj, Lumbermen are
here ofieredtbe
acw before the public. A!«o clalxU* a=JreaJytoprsve
thai the LOG MILL will than Three Times
the wcrk of a Mu!ey Mill with the expense rf One.
The SIDING MILL #!U perform from K to Kmoro
work than ary Vlidirg Mill ever know-. Ti; per cell,
cieaa profit tatsi Mil's will makeover the above cti
matea of work will be. as will be seen at ence by a prae
UcJmaa. much greater from the fact thattheexpinw
of running, las hands employed, and fleet to nothing
Ttxxiirt, tm itenu In the aoaufactore of Lamter
that est up the profits to aa ahuming extent U not
watcM. ThtseilUlsattend to tt.ese lUaaa ia person;
thus j-pgraent the profit of the manu'&ctare.
Tee above £ngraviag reereseoU the a dug ML'l cor
rectly. It lawell to state that cJ la are not depend
ent upon t. v e mere «U? em--.t of Mr. Perry, the Inventor,
ahey have been naed by many. aaMhorouf'lyteitrd la
si: respects, and are recommended by all f\r above any
Mills in the tJniudSUtes, Wehavero-iza buffcra few
of the many flatteringcomiag from hkh aal
rtarosriblc partlf*
From Manufacturers.
"Hie aadmtaeL Miaatcturera of lumber, having
hadmnse Wtdism ai yerry Jr's I'atett gldlar hUhs. do
hereby ttstlfv to the reiceUence ibove all olhtr kiadj
we nave seen inoperaticn.
The difficulties he;tn.rore expeHeaced la the me of
ether klad*GfiicU.*et:icg Mi'. * ta»e bsea theirliaMiJty
to get oat o- repair, making the m.tnnf-*ctnr» of lumber
more exteislve and tr.e Inaccuracy of tbickccj ia jam.
brr nuavaitme subiectiag csto the loss of socd mate*
rial—aa Culls. Ky t i.e us- of Mil's. theJr slmollci.
tyaad the ttrtmtth and workmanlike nf tbelr
s°.?iK a^ ic,Q d ltt4 with "tiuierjng." and they are f
rellab:e for *or*. These Mlils, with b»9 late fcnnrove. c
ments. are the oi'ly accuraie s»tUrg M:U to uniform ?
»h csneiathatwe and or teen in ojerailon, „
anlwerecommend them from rurown krcwiedtce and
txptritnee tabethebext and raJst profitable Mills w© ?
knew of. Ths patentee's u» a Lumberman i;
u-sdouitlrsi eiiiedblaatteatiuato vhat we have here- 2
jotore so much aeeae-J. aad we are confident, ail n«in t •
his Mil's will a*ree with us m the expression above given. «
PernrASon, j-mosNnton Hunter Sjvldg-% „
Stephen Monroe* Paatmaa. 1.0. Ma-on. ?
Ijan IF. Kftrgo, J. Wilde A Co.. Keilog Wtite A Co. {,
?j Richard Hubert* Ueorpj L. Nortoa. ?\
Hopking A firoJohn Uiancy,
Terra S A.l) C< 'iM C ° U;1 ' 3 <!ot:n ot Co,llmo ' , plou - Acrtl
WitllanjJ\ DUlanl Tj. John 3. Wright. 0.8. Wright, his
*3'f. y«^aa:j a * V*rt<r.o*ont*bcovllle. JamtsClapp
and W. W. Kantom—ln Chancery
I »mdavit of Uie non residence ol W. W, Sanson, one
1 orthtf defcndanlj ibovs n-imttJ. har.o< b«a H.cd 13 the
y. otnc«or thetler*of MidCooa County Court 0!
Fleaa. Notice la hereby «!ven to the said W. W. Ransom.
thvth- complainant filed bU bill of complaint in >aid
Crurt vn the chancery side tnereof, on the U*h day of Ue
ctmber. lioiJ, and t.at a ssomons therejp.-a isssad
• out of siid coor aga;nst said defuadaMa, retc.-nablc oa
U.e first Monday of april next. u«3»). u 1* by law
■5 reattlr.d.
« Now.cnletstoa. the said W. W. Ban*om. sha'J par.
'■ «o=Alii; oe an 1 appear before lal i Cots Co. Court of Com.
« moa FeasofO»o< countr, onthefirsniiy of the next
" trtm thrrrot to be c»jo?i at Chicago in t*id coontyoa
U e first Jionday of arrU. t!&>, and plead. aa»weror demur
1 to the s*hl comolainaLt*" bill of comjta;a%Lt, the same
artu the matters aad things cbamed and Uat«d
will beiskflaas andad«cr»aentered against
< you according to the prayer of sjl Ibi 1.
, » « WALT4R KIMBALL. Clerk.
;* John G. Rogers C,ww'«a 4»
kY 83.—Cook fount? Cotut of Ccnxmon P.eas, April
j I era. !A?>.
• Aivtn L. Rose tf. Hiram an 1 WCllam W. fit
t tenstaiL b<sasstc-eelnbaiikniru-y
J Affidavit of the non-residence vi liiram Pearsons pb» r f
. the defendaata above qtmed. ttaTiug been filed la office
of the Clerk of said 00.k County Coart ol Common Pleax
• Xottce ts hereby aivra to the sMd liiram PearsocstLu
tfc« complalnat-t filed Ll.- bill of la said*
Court on the Chancer/ side thereof; on the first day
1 of March, ISC9. and that a summons thereupon
iieued out of aald Court against said defendants; re
tutnableon the first Monday of April next. ls»y. aslsby
tawmnired., Now,unless jou.thetaJd liiramPeareons
i shall penonally be and appear before said Cook Cooaty
' Coart ef Cujntos He<J of C*ok cconty, on the first
J d*> of the next term, tn be beU Ch'cago la said --ountr on I
Ue fii«t Monday cf May. U59. and plead, answer orde- I
murtothesaid comp<autint'sbtßofcomplaint, the same f
and the matters and thlagsthenla charged and stated I
will be taken as confessed, and a decree entered agalaH (
you according to the prayer of said bill.
lrT , .. W. KIMBALL, Qnk. I
Bantets A Hawley. Compl'ls' feol'rs. m 1.2 cAta 4w I
1, Cork ?3 —Cook County Charter Occimoa Pleas, | ;
April Term. I&S9. J
Oiooad'tes Mauran and Franc's 8. Glbbs vs. Aasustus I !
Mi-m.-Mecfcaalca" Urn. I ;
1 ATSdav t rf then>a-re»idtncecf AasasiosMartin, d-- I 1
1 fend»nt luring filed 1; meoffleeof I ,
1 the Cler* 01 sJd Coo v vousty Court of Common Plraa I i
No Ice is hereby gWen to the aVd Augustus Martin that I
tie bet)?loners file • their peiui'o la said ti: art. oa tht I 1
thl'tietb d»y of beceiaber. ISM and that a vaemona I
I thertu^onlssued out of »*id court aga-utt taid d-f a. I
daots returnable on the first Monday of Pebraary. 185s#. I '
a* Is by law r- Quired. J
Now. unless >ca, the said Aunutas Martin, jball per- I !
1 s-nally be and appear b« f-.re aald Cock County Coart of |
Commua ?le*9ot cock Coo t*y. oo the first or (he text 1 '
term ihvrrof, tobeholien at Chicago, in s\id County, I 1
on ihe first .tlomlay f AnriU ISI9 aad p'ead. answer or f
de. ur to the a*ll petitioners* tethkn. the same and tue I
ipattcrs and ihlrw therein ehintd an« srated will b« I
taken ajconfewtd. acd a decree-ctered k*»ln*t you sc. I .
cortUfg to tiiepraytroi a.ld petition. I 1
. KIMBALL, tterk. | 1
MaTHxa, Ta;t A Ktao. Pin's Au'ys mb 7*w c3t». I <
IJ-L • Na.'hAa*el 8. B;uton acd Kml y L. Bouloa his | %
• Ife.of Chi. axo. I'.ntli. execa:ed and deliv«rs.-» unto I I
toetaeunderdined Lraotng tt. tftad;ev a certain ta- I t
denture of martgige or the premUe* btHoaf er des- I t
ihetwenty oln'h day cf Octooer. A. a
D. to secu;et<epayme&toffcu- ce'ta-o prcmis cry ) t
notes therein mentioned, with a condition In said mo-t. I
gage that it default be made In the raym*z.t of s*lj I J
prbmisaorycouaoreltherof ihrm, tl h;ri>l 1 a
Itl-Test, onU.e diys *.hereon .fee same sha.l become due I b
end payable, the «boJepf said principal and in«re»ise- 1 0
erred 09 the >atd promissory cotea in aald n 'rtaue 1 o
oe-tioaed. shall thereupon become doe and payable; I r
wacng»ldmortjnu;e was filed fcr recud on the first day I tl
of November iWd In the Kecorder's Offije )n aad lor 1 a!
Cook Count'aad dtate of Ella&K aadrec.-rded ln&wk lau
Twenty tlx of MorUuta. page S&9. Now. therefore, no- I
tlce is h'rtoy given tut defsuu having beenmadeln I
payment rf the third rote, or throne due November ( ~
first A If. l:si »sd by the terms of said moitcsige ihe I t,
woUbecattedueandpayabe. I r
Nw».thtre ore,notc«;ißhfrebyglTe3thatonßatard»y. I v
thcnlneihd yorAprU. cfgatd J k
nay.atthe tanh door of the Court Hoaie lathe dtyal 1
ChVjjro by vinos of a power of sale i» tald oort«s»e I
roculned. and In panuAoce thereat the andaslcned I vt
willseda:publ>caaaij&tathehlghestbidder.forcash.the I «!
followlEgUsfffribed piece or tarcelvf ta~d. si uate. lyine I n
ao • heiag id lcecirotCb!c2f3. co^cfyofCo-k
(.analTrus'««s bubdiTlsiua of the w st hair of sectlaa I
twetty-g;ven(2?/towrah}pn3aberihirt/*cJne(»}n<,rtliof J tl
range fourteen (I4> ear. and bouded as follows, to wit: J »
commtn i gataorl.-t«<nth4ea»tllneofsaidnauotfony I
40)onenun<lrrdUOQife%tnorthoflbeca'tendofapa Ution I t'
Vncecnoutlot&fty-'Wjitt ofrataiubdiTisloo; sad fence 1 r
sk&ownaatbepartitionfeacebetween lands owned br 1 F e
th* btirs of Joseph Uaueto.: acd tbe grantees of Asber I .»
Rnae<ter: thmce fwt fi.ty(£D) feetalicg aaid e>st lin--, 1 i?
taenc* ne-ttottieCsn'reofou-iotfony 40j thenctfsooth I « '
aloegthe middietf said tarty (40) fl:ty t.30) feet. I .
thence East parallviwubsud partioa iezct t • !pe place I 5*
oftcdnnl g.thesanae be'ngtne premises described in I 77
said mortgsge. to«t erwltn allth* nabt. tiUe. Interest I IT,
anj equity of nof the gaid Nathaniel ? B-utoa I
and Emily L. Boa.oa b a wife, la and to the ifor*—!* I ,
preml»ea. 1 J
Chlei*a.MarcH3d 1«W. I
mh>tdc3sl LEAMI.NG b. B.IAD LEY. Vo rtjngge. j S
County Circuit Octal. April Term, AI J °
' _ „ Jacob Harrfg vg 3fat:h!ag Saydfr. I iv!
thaiawrit of at r hmentls«2edoW o/th? St
tKerkoftheOireult \our> ofCookCouaty datedthe tweo. 1 Ir®
daf of J*na*rr. A. D. 1859. at the suit of Use | «.J
aald Jacbb Harris and against the estate of theaaid Mat- I
ttly SayJer fur the sam of eJevtn hundred and four I §£!
dojai* aad fif«y cectg, directed to the Sheriff of Cook I
County, which said wttt has been retorted executed. I
Now, therefore, sales! you. tae aald Matthias Border I lh V
thail pqyaai.y j.e yid appey before Uie said Cook |
County Circuit Oonrt on or before first the da. of tho I
Deit wnnUOTot to be Mdmutct .Sit i'oSe la IZ"
of Chicago on; the eecondMoadiy of AprtLA. | f2i
D.U&, jdte and plead to i.e said plaisufi's-J
action, judgment will fce entered rou. aad la I
favor of the old Jacob ilartia asdso tmch eivt-yro. I ?? ?
t a im. pur *■ L J
°watJ Ooart or CocHnon Plew. Awil I O
Jlmeiliieer. WIUUnJ. Bfck and John Sccbn. John I
hereby givea to the said John Hrou*h- | P®
aaiUat a writ of attachaect lrsaed out of the I
o..ce of UwCtcrkof theOook County Court 0' Common I
Februvy, A. D.IS», at I the
thaßitofthe iklJag.Beck. Wm J.B ckaad Jahaßeek I !?*'
ana agalntt the eitiu of tne said John Brcugham for 1 tiei
theaamof three hundred and twenty-five dvtiars. and I d'ed
sixy-eight ctata directed to the Sheriff or Cook Oosnty. I of V>
which said writ has been returned execstad. ' I cu'e,
Now, t»ereiflrew unless you, the said John Urouaham I No
tiaii peraoaaUy be and appear before the aald Cook J Js*°
Opvsty Cwutof OcmmoaPieaa. ooorbefnretbeSmday 1 ® o ' ll
»w ft'* 1 ?? tenathereot to be boldes at the Court Hove ] ?«'•
0^, Chicago, on the fl'«t Monday of April I
fu fpedal bait, aad plead to the said I I ®?»
platatlffcacttou (odvaeat wiU be entered J actlc
ud fa favor of the said James feck. *imam J. Beck | { eToi
a&d John Beck aad so much' of the property I pr?P<
MDvbe snfflrleot to satisfy the said and ( &4cb
w<a will be sold to th* same.' I _
OomeO. Talio4J»ine»nf^•SSau'tL"' I
— - ■ mm. uuq i,
Prom Practical Sawyera
othersi ,€ery ' Jr » latent above all
1 Sll'fV 0 Uxa ; i , iaa "of^^o C iaw^ 1 ca'fu* :
{? h' a'the Arb. ror the Saw. The c«nv#Ele*M rf ih«
f lag "cants" CQ these Ml", •iVeA g^aL
s.ws"-titt?; "£li b « v - iVti? ";L o „T£n ",2
Thu 'aetity o' fining tho
uSSS,te re -' iTl:ii " u " 1 tewthfaS;
SkSFSgS?3J,SL m >'"
Prom Lumber Inspectors.
n^t*i I>e K 0 r^ <fr « 'nsJ. Lumber In«ce:tfrv of the city cf
j "l * frenuentlr emp'nyed >n the )n»Dii:lii>!i at
i a^f^ ,in i', ,^ared ." ro P WHil.m ? e n j{ 's pt
l ocJd hereby uxliff to the acawcT
KUiti taanuftkcturd of tne lumoersa*ed by siid
*»ani o* ual r o*mityof thickness is a prevailing e«m
--n 1* * ra , l ss pafc, i ttse>B iam»»*r. and'.lie
• hich 1:1 tali pa-tlealsr. IneritaM? taila,, « J
d^f^^.rV 5 ' 111 ? 15 toe cX a
1! 1 p.tucUoa has been atClned in tlie-r cjniTuc-
'beat u .equiil— 1 by soy
other tuill auowu to us. work frcm tneoi Is t'ie best
Mlu e to t Sie?^.' ! W, fapttDT.,l
Gr » nJ H »veo, Michigan,
d ( , )eOT * Harvey,
Jo"a W. Hopkins.
£ r ?Z k } ° «eor.e *V. Piiaat.
0.U.152S™ 5- li«n Drawer.
Prom Dealara.
_We. the underdone!, Lumber la th* Hirot
"iH* 10 't »old more or Wg lumber
ur t c t ur eJ lr*mWU!Um M Ferry. Jr's Patent
Mills, Ujo pleasure W b.reby cert fyiag tn« lumbe?
aald Ferry's lm.rxived MlKs Is of I
and aceuratelj s iwv.l. and ia
r. ,^ amb r maaufnetured by *ny
£»? r aelf-*tt.cg mill wl«b which we are acauunled
Th' importance or havln* evenly saw«Hllu:r ber tor **uc*
"' * «?"»' » BMtallT ktSin fh« (
coromentm th.s rcgwd ts unnecessary The be«t an<l
mo*t rcdable recommendation we ctn offer for said mills
turcd w *f fjc<toa wlii.'h l-mher maauf<c-
YtJrr l^sTT r [°®* , r ea 'oour numerous customers. Wa
Ferry * Wilis to
knnwa to
JOli, VJTaTB °' r ' ILLINOIS, cook COUNTY,
April Count* Circuit Court, Februan Term,
:V t! , Awutui Btck iad Cb«rte« Wlrth T >. Diltticb Nau.
CISDD mtoo. ,
Public Notice Is hereby xivea to tie «ai<| Helprfch
n. one ndr»^ I lh nof Attachment tatted out of the
ia t£« Uerk of the Cock Coazlj C:rcotc Ctoart.
offloa ii??#VhtS J ?rt te 5 c T t?* ? cbrna fX*-- t - i>. issft a: tie 1
mom. A . u * Q ? lt " Week an. Charles MUrtfc and «
i ►aid the eitate of the said Heliyich Naomaao. for
of Ue- £ e ,?l®^ T, l ? Hui^ 1 U| l Uollmud '
Swaad fv^sV' w *&e Sheriff of took J
>Jc on r^ l^ , tT^^'* 1 ' lw T lt has been retoraed eyacateJ. J
y law _ Now. therefore, oaten you. the said , tlnrtch r»au. i
SiSf H? 41111 Vetera the a*id <
' *>*• J'' rCTI ' 4 . Court, oa or before the first 1
Com. c?* *£ c o# ** t ? ra tiereot to be hoiden U the Coon e
next g°««. i 3 £« .&» of Chlcwo. on the tot }
jtyoa , .ts' Ofe sj>eeia] b*fl. and plead to the '
lemur JJ 1 * JttdernentwM be enierwd I t
t*me Beck acd Charles I c
.Ul<d ,\° ® pr the property attached u may I t
■a* rai ™ ral "" «"«• 11
i£_ Worman q r aUu . CnUaC S
April I .flew, Bwenwnn and Cuharla- hit wife, of b
.Sii- dli oaiie Qra.day or rent mier. A. If. itsjA. tXKulr a] si
- » to meiairuitthe fol- I d
'IS ' ww'n< rearmed itemlajj t> »«.are ist payiatct of a n
office «t<»la|*comi*»QiT Not* m»!« by John (iconce oauer. lit
fleas. trann and cajabia to Albtrt. u Owt«J or order. »J* I ?
lUat monthsaUtrVie date the'eit la* the prhciptf asm of Ipi
»*ld" indTw? Hundred DoW* (tiJtf. I with I pi
tday mte:mtcerfoa atunptr cotter*oooo *jj?r daefor lir
upon wonej»-«:rrowiij. wnicbMtld detil Is rtciniej m tbeOf- Ift
•, «' Ull-o, ia Hook I tl
üby Itf Oefds. onPireSl4; *nd wa«e** u** been Ie»
r»ODS maasln»be D«>meat aid iipp'iraiioa ta« lot
mat J bcenn»»detom»b» that***! twUUr tUetcjf. tj-eU u.® I If
first »W PttnUejuniur to*, for the but- lln
tron I po«estbrretn eipr««e*l. j w
irde- | N;». « her?bj it'reo, ih»t iI ea
uae / «h H '«? l at p«!«e auction, at trie Norh D.or of the I el
Ukted } * cmt Ucuk Ih u»- ejtj Couoty of Took. I
alnil ( jni Bt«t9».f liiLoU.totae b'cne»t hljj <r f o r cAah. at I
I t nuw udock in tiero-enooncn 84tur.i4y, ilia I
*k- I ' J*r of ifAfCti, a. p. ISW. the premie de<crlbfrd I n
* w I ! a £> d A eJ . 0 L ,re ? u I
i J? B'ock ss*tr-«lx (di). to the «nd MlchUiia U»aal I J
fIF I Tni lee ' SuodttUitw of t.i« we mar; of tbe to.thwMt I a<
il I W *!}? T Jiecuj'JO-.ne O. !n T .wasftls thUty nine (3H). lor
lew. I Bortft of Htiuernarfetrn <U% eajt of the T. irU ertadoal I
iitci I lawetoatej tbe-eorj, and»lth ui anj sirraiar Uienri*l I
■ | {«*«* *ot| aaaees th r»uato le(oi»:o«. and all I« r
■ » I 'be «4bt, tiite. ' i neflt aadcqa ty of reJempUon at tail I
:e of I John tieorc-; tfaceroaoaa.il C*lUriae. tua wire, their I Ai
Iraa I heJrt cr «*J*n i * |
that I Thljsa'e to pe icaie fqr ths purposes la tUd died of I foi
t the l trnsb fticresAiO. I {Q
I CMin
law, i —— ■.i -- i (2i
rtof I O Cock a—Circuit Court of Cook Con'nty, MarOi I
lezt I <WB| iSi/, I |
at j. I MajyA.dto»*llTt Janes 8. IljTen, Paauel R, na»eo. I
ror f W«or*e W. J bnfon. Jtile.M- Johnton. ovara Sto*elU I
Itue I s » Uj 7. ejL Aduine Staweli, and fredcrick B. I ji
tbe I »o»eit—laCLa'.ceiy. I M
I P!. Affi « tT l l v nh,f ao3-r<*lJence of <??cnt%JT. Jobo-00, | tin
( HJea IJ.Jphtson. Clara Stowpl!. rd«sri »o»el-'. Ada- I ih<
Ir. I and tfedeHck B. Bww<it, d«feodun»abo*e I wii
:5. named, baTin* been Cletl in the cfflce if tre ric r *ofs*ld I be
I I coi
.q I «Mdt>e*'«e*v. Jobnaon. Meo 3C. Johnson. Clara Slow I No
S^T ell A , a * llotf s to * sll "J Frederick U. ICb
hU I No«e>HiiaiialtA fl!r4 berbniuf co;iulafnt len
im° I lnaald wourton ontheiwe.. Ib«
to. I ty-fowth day or la&9. aaa Ui.t a summocs I pa]
dea- I tbertnpon obi oi said Court a*4inst « i!<l 'JefeoO. I tm\
. A. I aa»t returoacle on t«e flnt Monday o: JlarcU next. I am
cry 1 mfi9.>a»labylawxeqasreil. I m
°'h I _ £ow. onieta ycn,tbesaldGeonte W. Jihn«on KlenM. I at
Mid I WwirdstoweU. etcwelJ I Co
i)i.r J »do Frederick »i ftoweli ihal; persoQ<Uy bt? aatf arocar I f.<r
doe I b«;ore»aJd olrtolt Coa tof Cook county on the dm d*y 1 flw
l»e- | of thenexttens ther«c£ tea seCn.'catf.\ to aaM I cu
:ue 1 coonty.oa the Ant Monday of March. IS&V. and ciraJ. an> I ant
we; I nrerordMnartotteiaJdcoinDJaladflU'bnofeoraytalnL I Gn
day I tbe«a.Te aadibtf oatteraaoa u»! ju tbetela c!iarsetl*x,d I (a,,
lor I stated will be latea u caafeated. utu * derree caterid i ail
»k f *«ain*tyca acco.-diD* to p"j»-otuU hill I
I «o a_ « . ***• CUOKCtt Cert lor
sin j H> R. grnanai Com&'taSorr. fgA5-030»4ir. I «tj
*y IK& ffl * Cock Cccaty Circuit' Coort, April Tens, A. D* I ,b
'ft I »!<» I NOt
rl, I ftsftdiP. Corby and BenJasi'n f. Goula tx the Do- I
.21 I beans \se»t:rii Ral.road C.icpaay. IBM I
f*s I Pablieooilceli b*tebf ileenioibe i*i&The;Dnbooue I «*i
[5- I TVr»tert»K*llrcad Co.tpnvr t at a w«t ofaittchmwu la- I
S« 1 Wedoujof the office of ihsJSerkf^TCook Uooaty circoit I P
*s* | Crurt. dated the Sisliavof Pwtobtr, h. D, i£6< a t the 1 Hi
I i«mlnir. Qo-an I
*T® I tolaaaiaat\bet>uUea* ifw aaid rbe Otcoaue fail ead I i*'
I ajy.rortoeia-aof fiveti-osard flvefitfn.Jrrddjl. I
h. 1 1* « directed to ttie 8-olff or Coj« OonaJ y, whltii I LI
,?• j wnt hai been retained executed. I
SJ I -N-* there.'ore. uala* yoa «be aald The Dobooao I »,
£2 I Bailroiw uinpa y >tal per»oaallf beandaiK I
k« I jewetofetfce Mid Uco* Cooaiy Clrcull «- ouri on orb*. I w ? tt .
1* I foretheflrUday of the next te m therroC to be hoiden I 5 f u
I axttXeCovtUoeaelatbec>tfcfCMcaiQ.on the«ecord I H* T
i,k I Monday of April, A. D. 1f59, saedal ball andcleM I
if I to»hea«lJp'alct ff • acios, will be enter*! I
v! I ajtaiastyoaaadlnfATorofttieraid fraccts P. Corb* and I
rf I beo.amla *. tjcwin andajmochof tt.epn»p»»wauaeh. I v^c
™ I ed as may be uuajij ihe taid ioJ«inenl and J
** I ocauvuibektdtotvtlafr the same. I m
.2 1 w>i l
j OonielL Walt A Jameaon. PUTa Atv'y. mh* 13734 V 1
■" I O 8. WJook • ■Cniiiit.CoiKty of Cosaoo plm« ■• I »«i.i
f J April Term A. a.
* I JoMpb WiUvna Pre*hl*ut tirtheaa* ef»heßootb. I aadc
& * I e»n i ««okof Indiana, ta Bber B. *r»rd-AfjcS'oC I
I ..PofiUeNotice iahereby alrentoJbeaafclS. erß. War 3 I G<x
„ I Jhat a writ of Attachment Issued out of the ofice of the I
™ I ClerkoftheCoi»kCount*Courto?CoimDonPle*a.dated > •* «
J® I the twenti4tlrd day of February, A.D at ts- mlt I A/1
m» 1 0 Jj»«phlL VhUlaciJ. azdarfa!a«itj?esi*'«of I J»I
» I y* w ard for ta- nm «t Tweoty-Twj Han- I
t- Twesiy.Two *3d t5-lw DoUxrc directed to Uie I *Hdr
I Sheriff of Oook County, which aa!4 writ has bees re- j &ceo
11 ( tamed exacated. f of N:
_ I Now; there'ore, no!e>» ya. tie iaM Iter B. W->tJL I B<k*
1 null reryonajy be and aopcar before t'le ial.l Cook I *u t
* I Ooasty voart ot Ccmm-a Pints, a a or before «fae Art I Notei
l ® 1 wofibe next Tena ibtreet tobebo'dea*ttheCoort I of sal
= 1 fioose. fo the dt? of chic'go, os the em Monday if i day 0
,{ Aprt l , A. O. ISM. Pali, aid pfeaJtafe said I lotne
*-| 6Ulr.ilff*a actloa. b«»DUt:d ttJaa; joa, I mo>u
u I Md tn liTrrof - the
a 1 ?J 100 property a'tasbed as may b<» auHcient to satla'v I oforl
0 f the said and ccnt<> wU- beeold to talLC* tha I sane
I Itoe. WAX.TXB SIM RALL, OokT | ??,»%
( Uoociss. Torxia 4 Koixxn. pur's Att'y. I
- j
I S Co °* Coaaty Creait Court. March Term, A. d\ I fsVm
1 I WUlIa- P.Son W.ThaddlaiShermaa, I 0o^<
. } Ptbflc Notice la hereby «Wea u the laM Iliaa.nM I ei«3i
, I Hbertaai that a Writ or a»achment lwued oat of Lb»o? 1 D £ »j(
* I cf the clerk of ihe Oook Cetmty Ofrolt Comt. dfted /Pf <ie
1 I the day of December, A. dl i-m «r»ri I
; j Rltof tbtllfil VlllJO P. Son lodUtbui theeaiiieef 1 Naw
; tie wldTtadd!a. sbomaa. f Tthe waT?I dS& i
I I d ed and eLtbteeall luu doUara, dUaacd taibe 1 I'/nni
' s' "• wtlck ft?;*
' I t«Wa«. u-lea jot Ho u.'<i Thujdiu Our- I dw*!!
: I ber "™ >te • S Oook I rf>.|d
1 I OonstT ctrewtCro?c on or be*ore the ftntdaroftbe I ih«nt
1 I <*f be hnljea at the Oon*t la 1 »«?> »,»
I 2w, crejpeda: bur. and plead to the «iM nlalntifl*a 1 rH..A.
sgßfiSsetitefis: Si
sisf tie best *kpted to the wants of the lumber
t/J* WHKM 4 Morton, flalen KasUaan.
wuJfv L ?«**'* WHde A son. Tfiruci) « learned,
v a?*di » Uo *W' **« rton,N. J u irirt a A o?.
n 'i L " Lud'nsto i, JM. UarcnA Uro
He."nr 110-toS * .la., a tir™." j'
*»>'« »• T U; IFoodworth A Co., Faraons M
Bsct*Wults,"™!: iUMM - w i Co - Jolm
ColciijO, D«i aJth, I®3.
f? 's■>KKiUmrn. who
""" lad '■" u " a - i "°-
p. f*-
Hon, Georse Mortlu, do. da.
Hon. o M. McCraJ at.
Lucios Pitunoa. £m„ c* 0 .
Htnry \larJn, K»q. do, doi
fUreU Wood, Esq.. do. do
c j wt^l^ obtU ' Detroit, Mich, *
Vl* *• " "'i'r, .jo. an
w22*«£ n AlleifVL Mich,
"«■ 0. ILK. Htitlud. Mich.
"St "'IF?:%!"■ M-Jl.
L. J>. Uason. ►«].. Sluafeei:cn.*3tlcli.
S^?5 es f ,* r 't*'i COuStr u cte d as tocfljetfriitflthe s*w In
Ifiere»«?r« !»a cuiVtnjince \y H ni ;,,. LnnJ
oo3F > w ' tu t Mitti aor ioi
Wide, lumber 'lldtfS and s*» *.«WJ already ia th« mIL
Will jlre TO dx «to ra,l the kind wanted, of Stwuer
atu»nM«T»t?»ti *" by (i» absCTiti* a and
riT flcr-l ,fir E * : iUnri ' c iC behln«l the circular
u 1 - 5 *if the c at *our rUht hAj>d
hin.? m* «i w Jl-U * l«*nd. UU a teft
ninu miklibe rne n>j)>wrijrut w*U rtad'lv t!»L if
f Uf*rt'ht «w Is placed m u blnA of Jl
8 1 ' ,pe , of the cant# will nvre t»
,we f rcral ' i eb«k part of it aad i.'jw
other wiltrvcelre <*anu. asitihoull. from ih* fkc«» ndH
K r i ?e f'Vi Le S4War ' a 3 - w fr are o2 Themin,JiJ
i«'* rw,iy buit ''? «n»cnence ant fuctiiiy or
H«i 'i:li a ( ?' oz f or . f the lumber. L»
qui eja item in mills dote* a lar<s bujlnest
The we *bt 0/ Sldlnj MjU. cotarlet'». Js alva; afCO 5-.
J k f er P na ail time* the
n'r.ni w'n lwrt L<kes. or 10 any
®5 , 2V une . onlted ,St*W* or Cana,ja, aau If reouJmL
!h°i ope^Uoa. UlUem °° Md gi? ® lo»mwt'oa# about
aa A Josow? er partlca] * r> by addroslna m*
WM, M. FERRY, JR., 1
FER&YKBCRO, Grand Haven Post Office, '■""h'trrij
Or to my General Aieats for the United States.
Tripjs, Wale & Co.,
1 * rw '" Cbl3]> * rt '
' Y > 111 UK ' lUii;i oiiS^wSiwiA^,
cm - * n ? , " e * ConnloiOim d'J la th« month ot Aorta
e»ecoIo w wmun OHD-Simorl,?^
,1U - j l ;.' «">< < f *n «i" 5™
to S„^& ) , <^V'., .r < i < Sf£ :, S n 3: S^Sii'JS.S'rlSKia
MhfmnrF U ® 0 B °°' t 0f Mo "W*. **H»O IJtk Which
a ?* J? r WIS tQ tecure lae of lour *
t2t ? "/ c ®i«ory Botes la sua raortea-e p^nfenlnJr
wd lhe oae of said note* last B aturln*
tor (ice c a tie Jtth nay at dpilTKSji,'
ind J*oU hfcVtn* brea ia th» p.iyicert 01 raid" not»
x* UmJMterinr. fa wh ;c tj m{J monTwe 'i :o-t -in J ®
i. i toviaioa lh«t it de'aolt oe made in tne of «*lii
«'ih. rof them, tffiof\ rtccW? lote"m
ja#a*<i whereon tJis S4»ne thai become
' fS * i* P*lab e, taat tten and !.■» tout e*ae j*J<t o*m»u
or « ?££>» ®^ ,n, '*';® t ' 0 * In aodby taid tßfirtsme after
5 'f»' iita?a"nUccMln JidJoajt
•_ £ n*o9tti or deedtof to® oreaalsea so and
,ucft sale to pay the ensu of sacU
- Ja:ere»;du*ra i< d notes.
N Do . llctf hereby m*en that 1, the bi>
. ao f u- uai'i nnta h«*tn» ■
laf saaaeaar'ib«ant?if ?' u},il * {a Oimatu in pur
« f?l°2?2. r,h eaat t> orliy,i« a ,o said u»m«n In anu by
af d/# i <w i 't' 11 *" ofl M ooday. the fourtn
pi- day of AoriL A. D. It&i, at 10 o'clock In tho tnr
* . ao °? of *^ J ,fae aor tii door of the Court Hcase.
\ T ' lJ}-V >e , C A'? CHeajw, in the Count* of Cook, ard'
Uiiaola. sell to the hl'hctl bidder fcr r»4t>
.J a mortaaito derctlbed, to w;t;—Thaa
6 ' 4r <£' ;l Ine,1 ne , In Bloc* flfty-'oor tMi,
fr <*«£ „rn i n *i' n of Cbsca*o, Oonaty of Cook, and
£ of ll.JnMs. bounded a# follows - brri' nine on rh<«
•n SJIi of said lot thirty C3O) leet eorto of ibe netheait
*« Sr 'unniat th-ocenor herly al;n*th» wen Use
*' otr*eit fe»t. thcooo wr«trn> ooa'inepara*
:» *'JSLSf rt4 iy u ? rt w«« 'lae o said tet be.
h f<?«V thenee wutherlyaloiiK the
f I lot one (1) twenty CJU) test, toence
r 7 0D * ton* paralfli »»th W«sAlnKtoo ctreet, about
le elf hty feet, to the place ofbednoloe.
td-cap Atiinnee »f tald Mott«a£o. •
u '• L p*nr frrer T,oj| r ,la
it Dred of Tnj.t. execote«l by FriocU W whitV?
oo the ath day of Jc»y, A D. liii, win. by rc&*v> of rfel
ai ftu ton the pirtofaild White H thepaymeokpf hbrer.
ornmlMory not«s to tae letyy and rfT. Pl
, tn wl l need <■ f Tnu. on v£»£SiAuS
J1 of tha (eeai holder of aal<l note knd tn boisuaace of tha
I t Km Sal D-rt o- Trust MMvl?»r ,Sr « AibllS
lr Auction, tj the hUbetl b'dder fir cash, on the «Lr
teentn day m March, A, U. W53. at t n o'clock in tt£
Bf f« r rl. QO J? , ?. «>®north dooroftoeCou* Uou£
° f ,Jh . l ? r>. In cjuuty of Uook. au the wad
** t *^®® n *|V<d to mj oy siiddteiof trust,to wit - th»
fnf ! ' * f'etof/ot No. six <o). In block tweoty'^n,)
- <-li,UiiUp^cho.)lgecti J n adilitlrn to Cblcara, siuuoela
p the el'y of Chicago, coonty of Cook, 3late biJiJiyjjTwiS
* (he appurtenances theretobelon.Jc*.
™ . .>4 PAIMS JRSE3, Trusfee. »
Chlca*o, February 2S» ib 39. mhl-ui-ciiV.
"• ORTG Aft E S.VL K. I El' ACL7'
If i. having been tn%de In the performance of the con-
H.^-°*°^a ceita.aln'fentore of morticaae executed ta
j- the by owrjo A. Gibbs ano % d
e wife, and tdward W. Grlfln aad Fraocea *i hliwlff
d bev la* d-1- the iota day of June. A. D. jjm
- Si, ■« ? "v" J"™" 1 " ? °lce or Cooli Mr ; j, %Si
i SJS*»? tir pn * a *es. at pa** &4. and in book u «-r
L Chattel Mortritea. at pa*e4i>»: aaiMymeot of thesev
£ '? m< °f secured by »a;d mortitaite havln*
i- bfra and <3t!*a t baritu been m«td« in tii?
s paymect thereof, and the same silu r«mHintoie due and
onoajd; Jnolfce is U».«fore boreU/ idvco, that under
* *7' l ? p * ttr ? l^ le * 0 J l" 1 Ul« morttfajce rrn
; f. o e A. M. of that day. at the nunti dour of mil
J ( ourt Houk to lb. clt, or Chloito, u i übllc venduf!
£ tolowtM dMcrttM fnmlw wd rroo-nr »
r Oxlß* theDrtmUnand prontrtTtu lad br i?ld mo t
-1 caw described and conveyed;, to *lt: All toe r!«hr tit'«.
* Md ln tere »t, f Ulrf uduo* ,*e A. liioba ,nd W
, OniSa in atvl Uv iou three and four (4) la block Are-
I ( ?«".? . u, ° url « , o« i to*o (now cliyj of Chlcur. and also.
I ail the Improvements tnereon. the warehoml^VffvatonL
macnlnery.and ait other apnaralu* belonkbi* tu
cr iu .aywUeaOLerUlr.lCft to itid wS K"
«ty—the ltt;re»t of mIJ flfuba and Uilfflalai
toororernVtsgewn wd«
1 11 i ota >a-wrt.htwQ.^SiS
«ibbs and >ii«uel lieroan, br ease of taid lou a»tJa
P?r**tT- ° m « of Cooit oounir, ia Uoc* 47 of bee da. aft
, " d =»J®
?eb. nCSSB
hoTaa. Miua A !>a»a. AUoroeyx ftSeflSW
v ' . WMA.Qwy«iHp.tw» M a.
!° «*id peter Keed that a
;°f attachment U.aed oat of the office of thecie*k
of the O-oc Qoiuty Clre-It Court, dated the elevetti
hJI. a tfJ?** 7 ' *' ,h « Of ( he said »0-
ttaml A, grove* aad anJoat taecttate of theaaid Ptt«r
Herd far the sum if three hundred and Qfty-one doilara
»!x cents. dlre<ted to the »h«rltr of Cook County;
wckhirfid writ 1 aa b-en letumed ezeetited,
th® said m<r Reed,
POrxjaaUy bs and «rwar before t(ia said Cook Coamw
Utcatt.Cow. an or be'ore the tint day * f the oaxt
ta«>reof, fe>b«hold;a«ttheCou.t House, In the dtT^
iveclai aad #le*.t to the sod sUlnuff a acting
iotfement wid be entered atalut sou. and t ft
William A-Qro_.ee ™toe SSS^%
uchcd aa may be sofficiect to svfsfy ihe^OiS2iJ!^
aadcoata, wu be sold tosatisfrihasame. " •
SoQMffig. Hi.to pijf a'aW*!S uSiqq
._yy. ,fl » moalh ot Ncyetober
to Boot W, Offlw, a mfiijo. v >||~w
rop record b ths lueotAer'a of.
800 of Cook Cooaty, duie of Ddool* ao the ]gtb da*
of Nav«Dber. Usd.#nd duly Jtosnled )a said o*o«S
w-K a of Montaats. Pace W, wkich Slid mcrbaM
wu aiM4t to secme the paymeot 01 two Premlwer?
ttld m°ft«%ee pa»ucal«rly dficribed. tbeoVe
S. m4tttik« bavin*laJ en due oatteflftii
j day of November, ldft'*. and defarnt hifln* been m*s*
la tne p»jment of a»ld aot* laatmatwln*. lawh'ch udl
I thepkymeot/w said n<tes, or eliher 01 tbtmj
of prlrcltalor interest, on the div or djys wfir»
•atne al all oeoome doe aod oayab e. that tt-.^^Ji®
saU Hoot, W. Oa«r or h1.7-
powfred ij and by call m< rtcaae, after
sice In aaewaoaoer otiaUdia the ei'- t fvli
Couoty. Male of I'licoit tea day- n//,Xi.s-'iT? k
tell theoremlajaia aild rtTLSHft'
&V«Vs?fh. o iS2f h"^ y a?W SSivf^S
preose« ao sold aadt oat of tbo
e tod » ffiiAP" talfc 1011
Jffil 'M «lt.». 1° si* tw?
swU """
BttUMoO) .

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