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Daily, Tri-Wcckly and \7ookly.
WiLuxat Dno*s .lot-edi Mkciix,
Alfred Cowleb.
ttHMi or the (adcAco Timu'vz
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our risk.
Aildre.. "CHICAGO TRIBUNE." Cblou-o. HI.
Chicago STriimie,
Our readers will observe that the issue of
this morning appears under the name of
the Chicago Tribune, instead of the Press
and Tribune as heretofore. The use of a
double name in a newspaper is inconven
ient in many respects; and in dropping one
of those by which this journal, has been
known since -July, 1958, we are merely car
rying out a purpose entertained from the
date of the consolidation of the Democrat
ic Press and the Tribune. We thought
it best to employ both until the country was
thoroughly advertised of the union of
the two journals, and to prevent any
literary poacher from appropriating
either of them al our expense.
All the good that waa to be obtained by
the use of both names, appears 16 have
been secured, and, as one or the other is to
be omitted, wo have continued that one
having the earliest origin—the Tribune.
This uamo was first applied to a newspa
per here in Chicago. Mr. Ryan, now of
Milwaukee, established a journal of that
name, in this city, about the year 1888; and
it seems peculiarly appropriate that the use
of the name should be perpetuated in the
place oflla origin. The Chicago Tribune,
of which tills journal is the outgrowth, was
founded in June, 1847. One of the present
proprietors became connected with it in
ISIS; and, with the exception of a few
weeks in 1852, when, with another of the
present proprietors, he established the
Democratic Press, he has been con tin a
<»nr>ly connected with one branch or the
odicr of the now consolidated journal up
to the present lime. There is an additional
fitness, therefore, on this account, for con
tinuing the name under which this journal
will henceforth he known.
For the rest, it is only necessary to say
that the change of name works no change
in proprietors or editors. The Tribcse
will be precisely what the Riiess and Tri
bute has been, except in so fiir’as greater
experience end our constantly augmenting
facilities may enable us from lime to time
to institute improvements. Changed in
nothing but in the omission of a part of its
name, it will continue to be a live newspa
per, fully up with the requirements of the
city and country' with which it is identified,
u sleepless guardian of constitutional free
dom, the zealous advocate of whatever is
founded in truth, justice and humanity,
and the upholder of whatever will contri
bute to the renown and true glory of oar
The leaders of the Democracy have
abandoned all idea of carrying the Suite;
but they still cling to the hope of securing
the Legislature through the colonizing of
voters in the close districts, and the thous
and one kinds of frauds in which they have
become adepts through long and faithful
practice. We have just heard of an at
tempt of the latter diameter in McLean
county, the exposure of which may serve
to put Republicans upon their guard else
where. They have had printed a ticket,
which in every particular is a facsimile of
the regular Republican ticket, except that
the name of the Republican candidate for
the Legislature is omitted. The object is
to get these tickets out on the morning of
the election, place them in Republican
hands with the hope that they will he used
without close inspection. Let our friends
not only in McLean, but in even* oilier
county in the State, be on the alert against
frauds of this character. The proper com
mittees should see to the distribution of
tickets In good season, and on the day of
election active men should everywhere ex
ercise a close inspection of all the tickets
that mav be offered.
By the -arrival of the steamer, City of
IVa*Jitngijn,'we have intelligence of a great
h.itUe foughl un the Ist itisL on the hanks
of the Voltumo, near Capua, between the
Neapolitan troops and the forces of Gari
baldi, in which the latter wore victorious
viler eight honra hard fighting. The for
mer, 30,000 strong, fought under the imme
diate eye of the King; the latter were led
on by Garibaldi in person, who with revol
ver m hand, is said to have performed pro
digies of valor. The loss of the royal
troops Is set down at 3,000 killed and
wounded, and 5,000 prisoners—that of the
Garfbaldians at 2.000. In connection with
the account of the fight we have rumors of
the bombardment and surrender of Capua,
aud that three of the Great Powers of Ku
rope had protested against the entry of Sar
dinian troops into Neapolitan territory.
Tlxc Quadroon*
The Chicago T. & IT. Is laboring under a bad
attack of “Quadroon.’* It don’t like the play
of tliat name lately jterformed at MeVickcr’s.
It calls it a “ degrading Negro-mania,” a ‘Talsc
fcUbsenricney to the madman of the hour.” It
dwgdjj&bgreta tluit MeVieker, who is one of
thclqm&S In the Democratic Sanhedrim,
kUouußSow lii« interest to over-ride his De
mocracy. It charges that thcQoadroon drama
“is an effort to destroy the Constitution of the
United States,” aud complains that “ the Qua
droon mania is driven lute* , its brains like a
wedge, maddening its mawkish sentiment aud
crushing out its common sense.”
If this be true, MeVSeker should disregard
his interests for the ssko of the terribly afflict,
cd editor of the Time* & Herald, whoso suffer
ings arc greater thau lie can bear. IVc are
vesy much surprised that the play of the
Quadroon should distress him. In the State
* he hails from the production of Quadroons and
\ Mulattoes is os common a kind of business as
raising mules. There are to-day in Virginia
not far from one hundred thousand of those
mixed breeds—the offspring of Democratic
fathers and black mothers. Amalgamation is
a most nourishing hardness in the Old Domin
ion, and, in fact, in all the Slave States.
The T.&IL reproves McVicker for present
ing to the public the Quadroon play, but U has
no word of reproach or rcprnoffbr thc'authoni
of Quadroons. The actors iu real life escape
its jrc, while mimlcpcrformers suffer its blows.
Is not this straining at a gnat «nd swallowing
a camel ?
New Dress.
The TamuxE is presented la ita patrons,.
this morning Jo a new dress. The style of ty
pography cannot fall to please the eye of tbc
reader. This dress Is from the Chicago Type
Foundry, No. HO Washington street. The
c haracter of the work: of that; csUbllsUmeot
shows for Itself. Thl-> is the second outfit we
have purchased firumtlic* Chicago Foun
dry—the one just laid aside being from the
same concern. Our own confidence Jn tbc ex
cellency of tiic type manufactured by that es
tablishment is shown by ita continuous em
ployment on ourcolumus, which is perhaps the
beat recommendation to the craft that we am
give. The reader will perceive, by comparing
the bid with the new dress, that the latter l« a
larger freed type than the former; the adver
tisement* Abow plainer and stand out more
dlstlnctto the eye; the general: reading mat
ter is presented on a bolder style of type;, the
commercial department is presented on a
longer style of type than before—Nonpareil
having replaced Agate, _ which is an improve*
meat commercial men will ho£ fail to approve.
The general appearance of the Tbjuuke we
trust will be acceptable to Its readers,
SeUuyler Colfax's Appointments.
Hon. Schuyler Colfax of Indiana, will speak
at the following places: '
Alton Friday, October Sfi.
Lebanon, St. dale Co Saturday. ** XT.
Hon. Tom. Conrlu a( .Oie IVigtram
East Night.
Last evening was made memorable in the
annals of the present campaign in this city by
the speech of lion Thomas Corwinat the Wig
wam, last evening.
The simple announcement was sufficient to
secure for the great structure an audience test
ing Us fullest capacity. The Wide Awakes and
Lincoln Rangers, under acting Chief Marshal
John A Bross, were out In full force* and with
the finest display, a$ & whole*, tiicy iidvc yet
made. They were eight companies strong,
and the torchlight procession extended four
blocks, interspersed by fine bands, and pre
senting u most brilliant spectacle.
The procession formed on Washington
ftreet, and tlienco marched to the Treraont
House whence/ll ‘escorted the distinguished
speaker of the evening to the Wigwam, which
was reached about eight o’clock. And here
we regret we must give place to the comment
deserved by those their ladles who
forced themselves upon the platform, In the
lace of a pledge and promise on every side,
unanimously accorded to the Wide Awakes
and Rangers.
These, orgAulzitibus have, throughout the
campaign thus far, performed a most brilliant
mid efficient part in the labor. It has been
done at their own cxirenSfi, at a bdcrilicc of
time and labor. On every' previous occasion
of a rush nt the Wigwam, they have volunta
rily detailed themselves for escort duty, aud
each time reached'the Wigwam—bite, *of
course—-to liud every available place for seeing
and Insuring taken, aud themselves actual!}’
crowded out. It was nndeirtood that the plat
form was to be exclusively reserved for them
last eveimig/ This promise did much to call
them out lu full ranks last night.
EjThey reached the Wigwam to find nearly all
the eeata on the platform taken by thoic who
would not vacatothe same. - Wo are glad to
bay that there were but few ladles In this num
ber, and trust these W ere not acquainted with
the facts. We are almost tempted to add that
there were very few gentlemen In those seats
last night, .while we are fully convinced that
many were there "whose conduct can only be
characterized by the plain, simple old term of
hoggish. Simply and plainly there was no one,
asidCv from tin* regular officers of the
eveuiug, who should have intruded themselves
upon that platform last evening, and any who
claimed it from assumption based on their
connection with the history of the structure
acted unworthily and meanly in robbing the
Wide Awakes of a well earned and slight tri
bute to their usefulness and spirit.
The iutcrun before thcarrival of the speaker
of the evening was filled with brief aud able
addresses, tiy H. Sleclp mid Sanford B. Perry,
Esq., of the Chicago bar.
Win. H. Brown, Esq., being elected Prcsl
.deut of the meeting, introduced Hon. Thomas
•Corwin to the assembly as “an old and tried
soldier lu a good cause*’*
We can make but a condensed abstract of
Mr. Corwin’s address.
lie said: “I would be very happy to borrow
a stalwart voice, for my own has been rendered
so nntlrzn by constant'labor, that I feel It will
be imiMwsibielo make tilyeelf heard by all of
this large audience. Though not hi the habit
of apologizing for appearance, all can appre
ciate (be condition of one who has been speak
ing thirty-six hour* out of the twenty-four for
three months. Laboring undcS* lassitude and
fatigue, lain hardly able to keep my voice
: Man has been described as “of large dis
course, looking before and after.” lu my ex
perience anioiigyomtgmcc,! have remarked as
a noticeable :md juilnlul fact their almost en
tire ignorance of (he iw*-t history of their
country. Events of Importance succeed each
other so rapidly that it Las become with them
a habit to look forward rather than (o cost any
retrospective glance to the causes which have
preceded; and history, the.best teacher for
those exploring its debtbs, “ philosophy teach
ing by example,” is scarcely now regarded as
adorning any guide for the future. The world
dates track but six thousand years. In every
century men have lived to the ripe age of one
hundred years. Could we but re-animate
those skeletons and lay their bony hands to-
? ether, sixty would sufircc to link us to Adam,
f we hud the power of re-habilitating the llesh
and blood and power of speech, how many
whose lives have been before us, would these
contradict ? In the brief space afibrded by the
active period ofiny Hie, I have often had occa
sion lu recall my experiences, and to astonish
younger men with such revelations as It was
afibrded to me to make.
Thu limes require that no trivial labor
should be devoted to the investigation and un
derstanding of the fundamental axioms of our
political principles. Three tickets are sub
mitted to the people which admit of discus
sion, and one ticket which admits of no dis
cussion whatever. If jim arc tu vote one of
these three Uckcts.it should he done alter a
couMderalion of the principles underlying
The Bell and Everett ticket requires no dis
cussion, for its supporters advance nothing to
dheoss. They arc in favor of the Constitution
of the United Slate*, and so arc all of us. They
arc fur the wholo Union, aud so is everybody
else; for even the flrcoatcre have postponed
its dissolution till alter Hie nest Presiden
tial election.
There arc three other tickets asking your
attention aud solieting your votes. There is
the Breckinridge party, whose principles, re
lieved from involution or paraphrase, may bo
stated thus:. ...
The negro slave in any of the States of the
Union Is property, just, os your hat, or your
horse, or your ship is property, and being so
has a right to go where 11 is not excluded by
State constitution.
’Hus proposition involves two absurdities.
If it is pr«i»erty, no State constitution can ex
clude. The second fiiUacy is that we are not
to consider what might have been made i>roj>-
erty, however much that question may inter
est philosophers, hut whathasthe Conkitution
male property? Now, if the framers of our
Constitution hod supposed that they gave to
the white man the same power over the slave
as over inanimate matter, then no set of men
have ever been so bungling lit expressing their
meaning, when they made that clause about
41 persons owing service in one State escaping
to another.” They would have said that any
mail might take his property, wherever ho
could hud it, iu any of the States.
But they have placed it on the basis
of one man owing labor or service
to another, os by an indenture of ap
prenticeship, existing under the laws of the
State. They never Intended to extend it be
yond the limit of the Slate where it existed.
No indentured apprentice, escaping, could be
token from another State, unless recognized by
tho law requiring this provision. And if ft
were not for the Fugitive Slave hill, no slave
could be recovered, and the Fugitive Slave
Bill could uotjhavc existed but fur this pro
vision oftheConstitution. Tliat Constitution
Isitsclfa Fugitive Slave bill, for a slave is in
Its meaning a “person owing service.” For
those who don’t like it, there is an easy reme
dy. to change it in the manner required.
They have no confidence in their own doc
trine, for when their inanimate properly Is la
kento Canada, for instance, the}* reclaim it;
but if their slave escapes there, the Southerner
meets him, shakes hands, aud answers his in
quiry, “How U Massa?” and never dreams of
chmxing piracy upon G real Britain. The Lion
of England erects his mane, aud the Southern
er runs back to bis country and his mamma.
But all the powers arc invoked,and all charges
brought tqpuust,us, if the escaping slave runs
through our States so fast we cannot catch him.
Another ticket Is presented asserting a prin
ciple of great reaching hack to the
ewiv history of onreoimt/y. it is that no one
Ims any power to make laws for the Territories
but the iu.*oplc,«f the Territory themselves.
This is the “great principle” of Mr.Douglas.
Poets may ting, .politicians write essays, phi
losophers dream, aud agitators agitate for the
purpose of reaching the much coveted Pred
deuev. but the jicople must Settle these ques--
tionsfor tbemsdvesby tiicir votes. •: r
The, term, Demagogue, originally meant a
teacher oT the i*uoj'le, and was one of'respect;
lltiow Is applied to a despised character; one
Who, Tor JK-Tponal ends goes about “ humbug
ging‘the people,” Tlmv never rest. They
must agitate. They mn-t. differ: with some
body, or the people might just as well vote for
that somebody asfonthem. . - •
Taking up tho question. Has Congress the
right to make laws for tbc Territories, Hr.
Corwin reviewed the history of our country.
Allowing that the power existed under the old
law .of the Confederation, having been exer
cised in reference to tbc Northwestern Terri
torv. Congress had rosifilrmcd this doctrine
bv successive legislation in 1784, in 1787, in
litlS. In 1801, and in XBUO, the question being
investigated by James Madison, Thomas; Jef
ferson, John Ilandolph, John Man-ball, James
Mmirooi *Andrew. *Jack*oo, John Quinur
%darts. Wm: Henry Crawford, John C.Cai
jioun and William. Wirt, all of whom gave
their adherence to Jhio. doctrine. It was re
served for this ago lo produce the doctrine of
inalleuablo rigbui m the Territories, of negro
slavery being “a divine poem,” and of John
Breckinridge and Stephen A. Douglas.
We regret that we arc precluded by want of
space from giving any abstract of the bulk of
tills address, showing the history of previous
legislation; tbc meaning which the framers of
the Constitution, snd tbo cotemporariea and
successors gave, toy their words and acts, to
the plain. Saxon phrases of the .Constitution,
The speaker closed with an eloquent, glowing
ajHistropUato thc cariy Fotiigrs of the liepub- J
lie, aaking them the meaning of that Conetilu*
uon which they had framed. The beneficial
effects of the Homestead bill were referred to,
and tbe Southern thunderbolts, “ aimed at the
sun,” shown up in their proper character.
Our brief report docs injustice to the ele
gant. address of the speaker, ns but glancing
at points dwelt Upon at length, and listened
to throughout the evening by the immense au
dience with unabated interest.
A Short Speech by Governor Seward.
Port Byron, Cayuga county, was the scene
of a brilliant Republican demonstration on
Thursday last. Governor Seward, who was
casually present, made a very short speech.
After some local allusions he said:
We arc all engaged in building up a great
country, that is to pervade a continent, and as
we hope, to last forever. Every vote given by
ns is so much work done in tHfo great under
taking. The difference between lorries has at
last come to this—that tbS Republican thinks
and studies the effect of his work. The Dem
ocrat casts his vote for his party because he
has always douc so, and he lias always done so
before because his father did so before him.
Now, my good Democratic friends, your vote,
if wrong, will affect not only your
own welfare, but mine, and the welfare
of endless gchoraliona hetc and elsewhere, just
os my xoto will affect your welfare, and that of
the same generations. I submit that If I am
obliged to think and give you good reasons for
my vote, you are equally bound to think and
give me good reasons for yours. 7?<c siiujte
and only issue fa the extension, or non-extension of
tlarery Ulhniyhoilt (Mi great nation vf my Are,
vhteh tee arc all building. On this • point there
would be, if we could get at it fairly, notone
dissenting vote. If there had never been any
Know-Nothing party, nor any Whig party, nor
any Democratic party, we should all sec alike,
that slavery is wrong lu itself aud dangerous
and ruinous to our country, and that, there
fore, it ought not to be further extended. [Ap
We should see this for the reason so simply
and broadly stated in the Declaration of Inde
pendence, namely, that It is sdf-evidenL Meu
cannot fall to see whnt is self-evident. If they
arc not blinded. Past parties have blinded us;
that is all. 1 congratulate you that we are
continually more aud more recovering
our sight Pennsylvania and Indiana have
at last regained their sights [Cheers.]
If we needed more evidence it is to be found
here. Twenty or more years ago, those good old
friends around me, whose hair was black then
as yours Is now, but is now turning white as
ralue is, used to call mo here to maintain them
lu this same controversy. They were
overborne, aud I, although not a boisterous
mini, was threatened to be committed to jail
for my tm) great boldness at the polls
in opposition to the popular sentiment.
The Swamp Angels, as they were called,
would come up in troops from the lowlands,
along the canal, and Mentz would roll up a
tremendous majority against what was called
abolitionism and treason. To-day I came here
through the region from which those ancient
Democratic voters used to come, and io’ they
were crowding the boats with Republican
Wide Awakes for this meeting. It is a sure
sign when the Swamp Angels of Mentz are
changed into Wide Awakes. So the world
does move. [Great applause.]
“ But I uiusl lie short, for It is time for me
to go home. Republicans of Cayuga, you have
claimed to be lu advance of this great movc
. incut, and 1 have enjoyed a share with yon in
this claim. The irrepressible conflict approach
es Us triumph. [Loud cheers.] It is to tri
umph all alomr the line of our counties and of
all the free States. Shall we be outdone bv our
converted brethren, I) 3* newly-enlisted allies ?
[Cries of‘No, no, no!’J Well, I take your
word for it Cayuga will, in proportion to her
population, give the largest vote for Abraham
Lincoln, the first Republican President of the
United States.”
Front Waalilngtort,
[Special Dbpatcb to the N. V. Tribune.]
Wafuikgtok, Monday Oct. £2, ISOO.
It has been whispered about In Disunion
circles tliat the Government loan would nut
be taken by capitalists, unless, indeed, the Re
publicans should come to the rescue for party
purposes. 1 have not taken the plains to learn
the names of all the successful bidders, but as
they are New York parlies, you can readily
determine from the Hat sent by the corres
pondent of tbe Associated Press how many of
them arc so thoroughly imbued with Republi
canism as to be willing to make large pecunia
ry sacrifices in Its interests. I observed, how
ever, that Mr. Riggs was so anxious to secure
some of the loan’for a certainty, that he bid
one per cent premium for a round sum. In
all, he is in for 93,000.000. Now, as Mr. Riggs
is a member of tbe Breckinridge Committee,
its Treasurer, by the way, aud us be is on close
terms with Gov. Cobb* Is it to be supposed
that he would plunge so deeply Into tbe trans
action if said Committee and said Gov. Cobb
thought or spoke of certain Southern seces
sion other than in a Pickwickian sense?
Another Interesting question arises In this
wise, and that is: How much the premiums
have been depredated by the out and out dis
union sentiments uttered by tbe official organ
of the Government, down to the moment of
opening the bids!
Since'writing the above, I hear that dispatch
es reached thc'Sccretary of the Treasury from
New York to-day, stating the willingness of
parties to take at par whatever of the loan had
not been subscribed fur.
The Disunion Hamlins*
(Correspondence N. Y. Eve. Post. - )
Washington, oct. 19,1800.
The disunion cry has increased here and
throughout the South within a few days. It
fa intendedfor rfcct in the Xao York Xotrmbrr
election. There arc many prominent democrats
here who believe that New York will give her
vole for the fusion electoral ticket —hence this
bluster again, and the renewed siltempts to de
feat It is said that more than one
Cabinet member is implicated In the proposed
treason, and the guilty parties are urged ou by
northern members of the Cabinet But it must
be remembered that these random threats are
intended to prevent Lincoln’s election, and
really have no reference to the Slate of things
after his election is accomplished. Neither
Governor Wise nor Secretary Cobb will stir a
step towards disunion after the Novembar
election lias taken place. It is more than like
ly that Yancey, Kent, «fe Co. will attempt the
secession of South Carolina, and Alabama —to
be put down at home by the citizens of those
States, who are less fanatical and more reason
able than those gentlemen.
Kcal estate iu Washington Is higher than It
ever was before, and I know Instances where
professed disunion Democrats hold on to
property with the expectation of an increased
value! Their disunion is sheer humbug, at
any rate.
Xu a Stage.
Malakoff, the Paris correspondent of the N.
Y. Times s.tijh ;
There Is no limit to the wrath of the legiti
mist and Catholic journals of Paris since "the
fall of Ancona. That the pious, the coura
geous, the devoted Lomoricierc should be a
prisoner iu the bands of the infidel and the ha
ted Piedmontese, is the desolation ofaboml
inatiou, and they wonder how the world
stands, or how nature continues her functions
after such an event. M. Janlcot, of the (?<i
zctic de France, more furious than the rest,goes
to inventing words of opprobrium and’epi
thets for his enemies, a method of
argument so unusual in the French press
Uiat indicates a complete loss of self
control in the writer. Among other things
which have bubbled up from M. Janleofs
wrath, are the words 2i<A Botubardcur, as ap
plied tc King Victor Emanuel, a terra which
was lusplrcdln the brain of the happy inven
tor by tiie operations of the Piedmontese army
and navy at Ancona. All Italy, M. Janioot
thinks, is going to he given up to daldtnittn
and JUiazUiism. As to CialdinUm, the victori
ous amis of that General stand in evidence;
but as to Mazzhiism, the great propagandist
has again gone under. It is honed for the last
time, so that M. Janlcot and Italy will be de
livered of their mutual bugbear at the same
Domestic Tragedy in Stephenson Coun
ty, 111.
[Prom the Freeport Journal. Oct. at.T
On Tuesday night of last week, Dr. Bach
nun of Uock Grove, was stabbed by one Con
rad Baker, it U thought fatally, under the fol
lowing circumstances. Baker had been work
ing ilu‘. farm belonging to ‘Widow Spangler,
and was living, it seems, upon terms or im
proper intimacy with the widow. Ho had for
some time had suspicions and Jealousies of a
certain neighbor, who paid, he thought, too
ranch attention to the widow. On Tuesday
night last, Baker, who slept up stairs, heard
some one down stairs with the widow, and
supposing it to be tbc person alluded to,
rushed down, and finding a man with her in a
I*ositlon which admitted of no explanation, at
once commenced an attack. The person at
tacked, who proved to be Dr. Bachman, de
fended himself with a chair, but Baker stabbed
him in several places, one of the stabs sever
ing one of his kidneys. TbU, It is thought,
must prove fatal.
Baker was arrested and lodged in Jail, and
on Thursday night, tore up one of the sheets
tf> )il n bed, and hung himself from tbc grat
ings aver his cell door. lie was found dead
by Sheriff Taggart'ln th C morning, and an in
quest which vras, held, resulted in a verdict In
accordance with tbc facts.
Am-ts,—’There is scarcely anarticle of veg
etable food moro videly.uscful and more uni
versally loved than tho apple. Why every
farmer In the nation has not-an apple orchard
where the trees will grow at all, is one of the
mysteries. Let every family lay In from two
to ten or more barrels, and they will find It to
be to them tbo most economical investment in
the whole range of oullnarics. A raw mellow
apple is digested ip an hour and a half; while
boiled cabbage requires five boors. Tbc most
bcaltby dessert that ran be placed on a table Is
a baked apple. - If taken freely at breakfast,
with coarse bread and butler, without meat or
flesh of any kind, it has an admirable effect on
the general system, often, removes constipa
tion,. correcting acidities, and cooling off fe
brile conditions more effectually than the most
approved medicines.' ,
If families could be induced to substitute
the apple—sound, ripe and luscious—for the
pics, cakes,-eandies aad other sweetmeats with
which their children ore too often indiscreetly
stuffed; there would be a diminution in the
sum. total of doctors' bills In a single JTcar, snf-; :
fidcut to.lay ia’n stock .of .this delicious fruit'
ftir a whole 'Season's xtsc.'—JlaWt Journal of
The following Is the official vote for Attor-
Geueral, Canal Commissioner, and Supreme
Judge at the election held In Ohio on the oth
Inst: .
Mnrray, (Rep. - ).....
Stamlwnrgh. iDem.l
Hutcheson, (Bell-Everett).
Murray over Stambnrgh,
Sargent, (Rcp.l 815;254
Backus, (Dein.) 190,414
Doherty. (Bcll-Everctt)...,, s.IOO
Sargent over Backus 34,840
Brlnkerhoff. (Rep.)
Smith. (Fusion)
Driukerlioff’a majority.
The Republican majority in Pennsylvania on
Members of Coiigrtsrf 1$ 47,792. This fa
within about 2,303 of wbat will be Abcabam
Lincoln’s majority on the 6th of the coming
A Body Found.
[Spcdal DUpatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Maxell's, Indiana, Oct. 2L 1860.
The body of a man Wjaa found on the lake
shore near here, this afternoon. Has on gray
mixed pants, heavy boots, and strap buckled
round him. Sam Davis.
The Presents or President Bccbxnan
toAbd-el Kadeb.—President Ifachanan lias
recently sent to Abd-el Kadcr, the old chief
who so gallantly defended the Christians of
Beyront, as a token of regard, a beautiful ease
of heavily silver mounted Colt’s revolvers,with
a box containing over a thousand cartridges
It was cm exhibition for several days at the
United States Consulate, and the pistols were
greatly admired. The present fa worth abont
SI,OOO, and was accompanied by a complimen
tary letter to the Algerine Chief The old he
ro was much affected upon the reception of
this appreciation of Ufa humane efforts by the
Government of the United States,
Auction Sales this UXornlug.
At 9}f o'cli>ck, of Household Furniture, Crock
ery, Stowe, Ac., at No. 82 Lake street.
Gilbert & Sampson, Auctioneers.
fgy*Sc*e the advertisement of the North
Side \Mde-Awakcs.
The rich aud elegant cornice on the
new Sherman House is just receiving the first
Deserted from ms vessel.— John Scott,
mariner, whs committed to jail on Tuesday, for
desertion from his vessel, the schooner Gem.
Building Matters.— The front of the new
Trinity Church on Jackson street fa nearly np,
aud already uiiows io fine effect
West Side Wide-Awakes.—The West Side
Wide-Awakes will give a Promenade Concert
and Ball, on Tuesday evening, Oct. SOth.
The New Bank.—On Friday, the new bank
ing bouse of B. F. Carver &Co. will bcopened
for the transaction of a general hanking busi
ness. .
Foe.—The city woke up In a fog yesterday,
with mist as thick as a blanket. It broke away
about nine o'clock aud ushered la the loveliest
day of Autumn thus far.
On: Fruit Market. —Our citizens arc re
galing themselves with apples, peare, quinces
and grapes in abundance, pcrfccetlon and at
eatable rates. The best varieties of the former
are selling at -$2.25 per barrel.
Mirror op Italy. —This fine painting still
continues to draw crowded houses at Kings
bury Hull, and deservedly so, as It surpawe
anything of the kind that was ever here before.
It will exhibit again this evening.
£3?" Let all remember that this evening la
the dosing evening of the Pair now bolding at
West Market Hall, for the benefit of St Pat
rick’s Church. Let all who can go and hear
the Concert to be given by the boys of the
congregation, under the direction of Professor
Buuolahy.—A burglar entered the dwelling
of P. A. Iloync, Esq., West Jackson street,
night before last, but was frightened away by
discovering tliat the Inmates were awake. It
is a pity you couldn’t make out on Indictment
against him, Phil.
Police.—Yesterday’s Police Court gave a
variety of petty eases, of nogreat extent or im
portance. Clement North and Harriet Wil
liams were arrested upon the charge of living
together In a state of open adultery. The de
fence took out a change of venue to Justice
Davis, for this afternoon.
Tue River.—lt is about time the water in
the South Branch was pumped out again. It
might be deemed extravagant to state that a
small boy crossed the river on the farm at
Madison street yesterday, but some of them
may be trying it. Will the Sewerage Com
missioners give orders to man the pumps.
Inquest.—The Coroner, yesterday after
noon, held an inquest upon the body of a man
named John Ryan, at bis house, on Union, be
tween Lake and Fulton streets. Hu was found
dead in his house yesterday morning, sitting
in a chair. Ko person lived with him, his wife
lutviug left him about two months since. He
was a hard drinker.
The last of Earth.—The remains of the
little son of Jonathan E. Arnold of Milwau
kee, lost on the Lady Elgin, and recovered at
Michigan City, -were interred at Milwaukee
yesterday. The body No. 07 was identified as
that of a band on board (be ill-fated steamer,
an disinterred at Rose Hill yesterday to be
sent to Erie, Pa., last night.
Hitch tour Horses. —At tho Police Court
the price of leaving your horse unhitched is
$2. That is cheap when we remember that we
have known of much higher figures, say a
smashed up buggy, several broken legs, serv
ed np with side incidents of all sorts. Jibe
law sentences steeds left standing, to the/loi
ter,-let it be executed.
Sad.—We learned last evening that 8. B.
Berry, a well known undertaker of this city,
was in a very critical condition, if still living,
owing to his exertions In connection with the
recovery and Identification of bodies of the
victims of the Lady Elgin disaster. 3fr. Berry
was indefatigable and overworked himself,and
the effect upon his system, it is feared, will
have a fatal termination.
Atlantic.— Norris & Hyde, 100 Dearborn
street, have this morning received the Atlantic
Monthly for November—full of excellent lite
rary matter. Among the contents are a dis
criminating article on ‘‘Thomas Hood;”
“ Fayal and the Portugese,” by Rev. Mr, Hig
gins on ; “Midsummer and May,” and the
commencement of a story, by Miss Harriet
Prescott. '
Corn Planters.— Farmers and (hose Inter
cstcdluCom Planters, will find T a matter of
Interest by referring to the advertisement of
Georgy \V, Brown, in our issue of to-day, In
another column. Ills machines have been
long in use,, and arc well and very , favorably
known, os' those that nsc them can
and ho offers to bo well backed up in regard
to all tile statements be makes.
The Libel Sen*.—The libel shit brought by
Dr. Fisher, against IL 0. Stone for $20,000
damages was m progress in the Circuit Court
yesterday, Messrs. Barker, U L.'Atwood and
L. M. Andricks were examined as to the point
of slanderous tenns used, on which one other
witness will be called. 'Hie depositions In this
case on both sides arc something marvellous.
One of them consist* of (Arre hundred and
twenty jmges of Law cap. The trial will occupy
about three weeks. -
The Famine pr Kansas.—’ We .take pleasure
in stating to our readers the efforts of Mr.
J. C. Steele, of. Kansas, ; have met with good
-success In 'procuring aid from ootfcitizens to
relieve the suffering in that Tcrritoiy, rendered
so in consequccce of the unprecedented drouth,
cutting off .almost all vegetable life In' the sea
son Just passed. Any contributions, either of
money, or goods,
■Unis, can be left at the store of J. E. Mills &
.Co.,- 74 and 70 Lake street, and they will be :
Southern - • w .
„ _ **** EzcnmlTc— And
S« C. A. Ti.jjjwiuv-, * * r nct9.
Stlenllift—WlUl »J6et. _
At the last meeting of S. C. A- T.- at their
Hall, Grandfather Noah In the Chair, an invi
tation, Just received, wsJ perforated and passed
up. It was opened with an oyster knife, and
its contents laid before the Society. It proved
to bavc emanated from the Illinois and Michi
gan Canal Company, generously tendering to
S. C. A. T. the free n*e of their tow-path to
the highly" interesting scientific ’reality of
Bridgeport It was added (hat arrangements
might bo made for the return of such mem
bers as should desire the same, by the Archer
Road Omnlbnsses, at fare Cniy one way.
Megatherium observed that here was an occa
sion, which might not happen once in accutn
ry, for securing additions'to the Cabinet and
Museum of S. C. A. T.,- which] was, he rc
grettedit, running very low. As custodian of
the Museum, he confessed' that he was human,
aud eats on the roof of buildings, uuder his
window at night were—inhuman, to use a mild
phrase. He had tried to break up their noc
turnal promenade concerts with such gentle
results of private enterprise, as blacking bot
tles, billets of wood, and the legs of his stove;
had even tried to abate the annoyance by
breathing on the night air, the time-honored
name of u S — c —o— I —!I? but without ef
fect. He would say'
were short of specimens IhcyVncw the reason.
He moved to accept the invitation, and enter
the HUnois and Michigan Canal Company, and
the drivers of Archer Road' ocmlbuases, on
the list of regular members, on their payment
of five dollars each.
Iguanodon thought the confession of the
custodian peculiar, to say. the least. What
other purpose had 8. C. A. T. that the “dis
semination of useful knowledge,” and what he
would ask, (withcringly) had that to do with
disseminating cats on a woodshed. Was It for
this that S. C. A. T. had been built up, (hat
her treasures should be wasted on “Gray
Megatherium said, that on the contrary it was
a black cat that troubled him. He had made a
minute of the fact, whether a mgritudinons
tint in mammals was not a source of disturb
ing influences, perhaps,for..electric reasons.
He would merely throw out the jiint, and
begged to be permitted to Instance the Inevi
table colored person in our political aflaira,
and the black cat In question. For himself
the fact was suggestive and "he conld wish—
Iguauodon abruptly said he could wish that
his scientific brother wouldn't bean nss; to
which the other rejoined that one of each kind
(pointing severely at Iguauodon) was enough
In a well-regulated collection. Duplicates
were nuisances. Grandfather Noah here en
joined silence, which was entered on the rec
ord. A vote was taken, and it was voted to
accept the invitation, with the amendment
that nil omnibus drivers who contribute to the
collections of S. C. A. T., be entitled to pass
members free over their lines.
The.scheme for the excursion included the
departments of Geology, ’Mineralogy, Numis
matology, (Restricted to American coins,) Bot
any, Hydrography, Topography, Icthyology,
Brewer}’, PoUehomunic, and Aerostatics, The
two latter were added on motion of Squihob,
who suggested that ns ladies and children were
to Iks of the party, it would be proper to slight
ly beguile the tedium of the long journey. He
was empowered to procure the pipes for blow
ing soup bubbles, and the other materials re
quired, at his own expense. The last but two
on the list was instituted out of compliment
to Huggins, an enthusiasts* member, whose
liberality had established this Chair at the
rooms of S. C. A. T., or, rather, two chairs,
sustaining a barrel of w Sand’* XXX," which,
it was adjudged proper, should accompany the
The Society left Randolph -tract bridge at
3 o’clock a. M., wheeling the baggage, and the
more feeble of the children In baud
harrows. A series of topographical and sid
ereal observations were taken, which develop
ed the tact that it would probably rain, and was
already rather muddy, but when did true sci
entific zeal ever flag from any such slight
The instrumental outfit of the Society was
exceedingly extensive and valuable, and con
sisted of a solar microscope of four horse
power, two sidereal clocks, a three minute
glass, (for boiling eggs,) a transit instrument,
a dredging machine, (for frying oysters,) one
of Scovillc’s stone crushers, a mclodcon, and
fourteen barrels of Pike's whisky. The whole
of these were committed to tumbrils and sent
seven boors in advance, to proceed by easy
It needs to be explained, that no political
meaning can be construed from the importa
tion into Bridgeport of this whisky, said fluid
being designed solely for the preservation of
specimens, and not In any way to Interfere
either in spirit or letter with the doctrine of
election. S. C. A. T. has nothing to do with
politics, or the voters of Bridgeport, The en
tire transit Was happily made In seventeen
hours and a half, mean time, by Canal street,
but as Buggins remarked, they would liavc
made much meaner time by the Bine Island
Avenue route.
As the Society of necessity passed the night
there, quartered upon the hospitable citizens,
before rooming the collections in Entomology,
were exceedingly rich. Megatherium identi
fied and captured seven new species of the or
der Cimex. The children, in particular, with
the ready Impressibility of cherub childhood,
got in their heads very many new Individuals
of a highly Interesting character, for classifica
tion of which, their maternal relatives will find
it convenient to refer to the excellent work of
The party were astir at daybreak, and break
fasted with all possible dispatch. In fact, os
Spruggius remarked, about all the breakfast
the Society bad, was a dispatch from Messrs.
Hatch, Mmm & Co. to the Treasurer of 8. C.
A. T., announcing that they did not trust for
oysters, aud the Society’s order not being ac
companied by cash had therefore failed. Grand
father Noah feelingly quoted the line of Mr.
ifann'e Inhuman! ty to man.” etc.
! Igiuaodon, however, suggested that it
might be Mr. Hatch who took this unheard of
course against scientific research. It might
be his way. Spmggins suggested that if this
was so,'the Society bad lost their breakfast
through that hatch-wy.
The Society was called together at 9 A. M.,
and the work Immediately commenced. An
observation was taken first by the transit in
strument, and next with a Porto Rico molasses
horizon, borrowcd_a* a neighboring grocery,
and the results noted down by Ignanodon,and
afterward compared with a transcript of (he le
gend of an ancient signboard copied by Cog
gins, u To Chicago 4 JfUcs.'* The results vary
ing somewhat. Grandfather Noah made a final
observation to the effect w that It didn't make
a dlffof bittcrcncc,” whereupon the question
oflatltnde was abandoned.
| Great interest was awakened by a discovery
I ofanclentremalns,bcaringastroagrcscmblance
| to beeves’ heads and shim*, whlchstill retained
| thvlr otseoni* structure. The enthusiastic Me
agatherium offcredaneighborlng Teuton twen
ty shillings to pet .up one of these skeletons,
but the party accosted being reiy much set up
himself, pocketed the gold piece and refused
all further intercourse, taking refuge, in his
own dialect Baggios begged he would at
least give him the name of thcprobablr defunct
animal, to which ho responded, “Aixspmtm
-Ehyfuc.” which Megatherium has noted down
for comparison with Cuvier, Buffon, and his
✓own work entitled, “ TaJjxjtcs, Their Ends and
The Society will probably issue a volume on
these osseous deposits, and we do not trench ‘
upon their field. They claim to establish the
fact that In some age the . neighborhood of
Bridgeport, perhaps by some connection with
the earth’s axes, has been fatal to vast herds' of
animals whoso bones whiten that entire region.
The Slaughter House theory will only be par
tially allowed to account for the same, it being
a fundamental rnft with the 8. C. A. T. to
make no use of the obvious and con crete when
the purely abstract and scientific will answer
One of the society, in pushing his investi
gations, came upon traces of futmiHendy the
said horn, worn by an ox of unhappy disposi
tion, at pasture; blending with this aarah’s
coat-tails In an exceedingly approximate man
ner. lie was so elevated by the discovery that 1
; ho-found : himself carried 1 beyond 5
hoonils, ana landed on the other side of the
A indeed principal purpose Gf
the vUH wm the expiation of an exceedingly
Interesting hydrographical feature of that re*
gion, in a sadden riseotltba waters of the
Sonth Branch, width there ascend a height of
from five to six feet wlti flic greatest case*
Even the non-eclentlßc ohsetrer of (be waters
of the South Branch, especially during the
warm season, will readily accord .to them a
strength cqi&fi to the task of runuing up hill,
bat to S. C. A. T; was reset#(Jd tire first scien
tific research of the taels and their causes.
Iguonodou accosted a person of mild exteri
or at Hus remarkable “reversedfall” withthe
question whether tho South Branch above the
canal junction would ever tie made available
for manufacturing purposes? to which" the
mQd party answered that “the fall wasn’t
worth a dam.” Iguanodon reproved him, and
asked him If ho-hod ever tried the plan of
conuting eighteen with Ufa eyes shut, as a cure
for profanity. Mild man was extinguished,
but not convinced.-
As the excursion 6f S; C; A. T.- is to be pub
lished In Its annual volume of Transactions,
with the delicacy we hope as public Journal
ists we bare never invaded, we make no forth- •
'er use of the cdptofs notes' collected by our
special reporter, but add iii Tit tho Society got
safely back to the city by way of the Archer
road, availing themselves of the free sidewalks
of that avenue of (ravel, the committee on Nu
mismatology having failed to act, and the omni
bus driven, without exception, assuming a
fiinty stubbornness towards the aavans, of
which even the Rocky Mountains would be
ashamed, since It Is a well known fact that
the latter no longer ago than last month, gave
a fresh pass to a scientific party. One of these
obdurate drivers on being labored with by Ne
gatberium Interrupted the parley with the Ir
relevant inquiry ns to whether hfa maternal an
cestor had found a market for her mangle,
also did he expect hfa eye-teeth soon, at which
the Society seeing the brains of the poor fel
low wandering, probably from overwork, took
up the tenor of their way city-ward on foot.
Bngglus, who had twd # postage stamps, com
muted with the driver and thereby secured a
deck passage. The collections made by the
Society will largely enrich their Cabinet.
Personal.— Hon. Thos. Corwin, Ohio; Hon.
L. B. Crocker, Oswego; Mayor Shelby. Judge
Kiskead and G. B. Kinkcad, Esq., of Ky.; Dr.
Geo. Howe, New Orleans; Hon. P. P. Lowe,
Ohio; C. McDongal, Mobile; W. C. Young,
IL Sturges, N. Y.; Geo. E. Kennedy, Syracuse;
B. Welsh, Jr., New York, are stopping at the
Tremont House.
Coming Events.—A week from Tuesday
next will tell the story that Stephen has gone
South to promulgate, that he isn’t the North
ern candidate at all, at alt He can sustain hfa
speeches in the meantime with the Slate
election returns thus far received.
Home pou the Friendless.—The managers
of this excellent Institution are adopting, by
advice of its friends, a new system of nunual
subscriptions which will work wcllamong our
charitable citizens.
Address to Seamen.— lL L. Hammond,
Editor of the Congntjailoual Utrald, will lec
ture before the Seamen's Benevolent Society,
at thcirrooms.Uml Block, corner of Randolph
and Market streets. Ibis (Thursday) evening,
at 71-3 o'clock. All persons feeling Interested
are invited to attend. D. D. Waite, See V.
Demomtle Elector at Large,
Will speak to the people of
On Friday, October 20,
And the people of
On SATURDAY, Oct- 27th, In lavor of the
election of the National Democratic candidates,
The Douglas bolters from the regular Dem
ocratic organization—the glorious old Demo
cratic party—arc specially invited to attcud.
By order of the Committee.
Sixth Ward Republican* Rally.—The Re
publicans and Wide-Awakes of the Sixth Ward
arc invited to meet with the Sixth Ward Wide-
Awake Club, this (Thursday) evening, at Wit
beck’s Hall, comer Jefferson and Randolph
streets, at 71-2 o’clock, for consultation about
the coming election. Let all the friends of
Freedom rally. Let our German and Scandi
navian friends be on and let the Sixth
Ward still retain the honor she won last spring
as the ‘‘Banner Ward” of the city.
Per order of the Committee.
Bbsckxnridge Head Quarters.—A meet
ing of the supporters of Breckinridge and
Lane will be held at the above place, on the
comer of Dearborn and Washington streets,
on tills (.Thursday) evening at 8 o’clock, when
a full attendance Is particularly requested.
By order of The Hickory Club.
£3-f There will be a meeting of the North
Chicago Republican Club at headquarters. No.
147 North Clark street, this (Thursday) even
ing. A. Garrison, Calvin DeWolf, J. Lyle
King, and other distinguished speakers will
be present. Let there be a general rally of
North Slders.
J. J. Richards, Pres.
J. Atwater, See.
Tenth Ward Campaign* Club.—Meetings
of this Club will be held os follows:
AtGeo. Hoch’s House, Blue Island Avenue,
comer of Eleventh street, Friday evening, 26th
Also, at the bouse of Jacob Frey, on the
comer of Wright and Union streets, Saturday
evening, Oct. 27th.
Speakers from other parts of the city arc ex
pected to be present and address the people.
All arc invited. 11. N. Fiusbie, Pres’t.
Max Schuler, Secretary.
Bell And Evkrett Rally.—The National
Union Club meets this (Thursday) evening at
the Bell and Everett Headquarters, comer of
Randolph and Dearborn streets. Members of
the part)*, and the public generally, are invited
to attend. B. S. Harris, President.
11. W. Ford, Sec’y.
RjT Go to John Jones, 119 Dearborn street,
and get your clothes cleaned and repaired.
They will be well done and at prices to suit
'the times.
: {s7* 1,500 Bufiklo Robes for sale at New
York and St- Louis prices, by J. A. Smith &
Co., 118 lake street octii-Ot
Lnbtns. Plvcrs <fc Bazin’s toilet pow
der, soaps, pomades and extracts, genuine.
Sold by Sargent, Apothecary, Randolph and
State street.
£sy%Ladles and gentlemen who are looking
! for a Dychouso where they will get their work
well done, either In dyeing or cleaning, in ail
IU branches, will find such by calling at the
Boston Fancy Steam Dyeing Establishment of
August Schwarz, No. 73 South Clark street,
and 15S Illinois street. ocl3x-lw
£3?” All should not fall to read the adver
tisement of Profi Wood in to-day’s paper.
scs-ly .... .
Eds. Rural New Yorker.—Seeing an in
quiry In the ttnrut for a cure for Uiat
log disease the Asthma, I wrote to let the en
quirer know what baa almost entirely cured
me. I have had the' spasmodic asthma fifteen
years and never found any medicine that
would prevent an attack when it was coming
on until I commenced taking 44 Jonas Whit
comb’s Remedy for Asthma, Ross Cold and
Hay Fever. 1 commenced taking this remedy
eighteen months ago, and have not had a se
vere paroxysm since. 1 also nso saltpeter pa
per. Salt jieter is present relief bnt no cure.
Whitcomb’s Remedy has done for me all that
It is recommended to-* do. I take It according
to directions —a tea-spoonful instead of aW
ble-epoonfuL It is prepored by Joseph Bur
nett & Co., Boston, Mass, price one dollar
per bottle. Sarah Seelt.
Eodttow.v, Tates Co., N. Y.
* 'Wheeler A WiLscw’a'aswnia Machine?.—
We Prefer them for family use.—Atw York
Thqy arc the favorites of families.—.Veto York
It has no rival. —Scientific American.
awards or iB6O as fab as heard from.
First Premium of U. 8. Fair.
ua . do. Vermont State Fair. .
do. ‘ do. New Jersey State Fair.
ua do. Kentucky State Fair.
Da do. Omo State Fair,
do. Da Illinois Stats Fair,
do. do. Wisconsin State Fair.
do. Da ‘ Chicago Mech. Institute.
And at hundreds ot County Fairs throughout
the Union.
: Office 167 and 169 Lake street. *
_*. _ ' Geo. IL Chittenden,
General Agent for Illinois. Wisconsin, and
Norfoemlcd& J ~--‘ --: - ocS9dtd«tW- :
May be expected at the
W I G- W A M,
Thursday Evening, October 23th.
When a number of short and stirring speeches
will be delivered by our own citizens.
The exercises will be interspersed with
Political sentiments wifi be furufahed by la
dies and gentlemen, and read from the Speak
er’s Stand.
Speaking will commence at 7 o’clock.
The platfonil smi galleries will be reserved
for ladies and gentlemen accompanying them.
Let everybody attend this
By order of the Campaign Committee.
/' * J. WHITE, Chairman,
Ncla afcbrrtiscmettfjj.
TO RENT— House Ko. 300 West
Madiaon street. Booms at No. SCI Sooth Write
street. Ab*o—At No. 13 Chariot-trect. Booth DlvL-toa.
FOR SALE—A few more of tho«e beautiful *oxl3o
feet B-.-sl-lcot Lots At Union Part. Abo. Improved
Proctrt/, paytnz a yearly real of SS3IL Frtce.Si.ooO.
part euo. balance time. Apply at H. H. UCMiflXCnj
Beal Estate oaice, No. 49CUxk street. . octtiat
I~J French and Malaga Lemons Jo«C arrived and tor
<jc«Jl3o?w ISO Randolph Direct.
I INGSL—Agents wanted lo Introduce this heanti
falarL Nonas den are matins over fs® a moatbla
thb Terms and Specimens seat free, be ad.
dres-inc. wiff! *t»mp for return postage. L. L. TODD
& Co.. Lowell. M-O- o«-a<tg33tw
J-i Pnrft Apple Juice will
Tartetle-* ox Green Apples, at the basement. ’r.SrSL 81 -
OGitXtW S. D. Ft;-7L ET^
-1_ EISv—A jreatlrman 1* about tbltfny New York.
Boston and riilndclpiiU. who wilt attend to nltlctral,
commercial and financial negotiations that maj be In
truded lo his cliaree He maybe consulted dalle, for
one week, nt the ofilce of Messrs. AndrlcE A Ballard,
Methodist Block, Room No. 4. ocUiSt
Lost.— Fite dollars re-
WARD. From Samian street on September 2fi,
a lurje fine brown Cow: face striped white and brown,
one enrapltt and one eye so re- The above reward wilt
be paid tho tinder on application to the Bridge Tender
at Madison or Randolph street. oeaxat
T OST.—A Canary Birtl, with yel-
XJ low breast, brown wins*, and a brown *r!mr
around It* neck. The finder will b« liberally rewarded
by leaving it at No. aj La Salle Direct. oc3U2t
ed or stolen from the premises of the subscriber,
at corner of Archer road aud South street. Chicago, on
Sotiatey evening Slat InaL. two lUHISEi*. One ot them
wa« a lar-c black imrre, abont ten year* old. In rood
condition, wldlc star fa forchcaiL and cut overthe hoof
of the icities. The other was a small bar hnr-e. both
fore feet white to fetlock, short ml;, and white #pcs on
forehead, about 10 years ohL and rather low in rendi
tion. Any pen-on returning or civlm; Information that
will lead to their recovery will be HhonUlv rewarded,
Chicago, oct. m. isao. wauat
144 & 146 ZiASS STBSST,
LORD & StyilTH,
And by Draughts, Grocer* ami Retailers sencrallr.ln
City and Country.
fif Country Dealer* can order as above, or addrts*
orders direct—lX Prices, Term-. Ac„ U desired.
zjjT Send far Circular to Dealer*) to
Principal Depot—No. 5-3 Broadway—Opposite the
St- Nicholas Hotel. New Yorlt. ocjadtTMm
:sr it o v.i Mj :
Steam, Book amj Job Printing
Printers* Furnishing Warehouse,
Kew, Spacious, and Elegant Building,
Ko. 46 State Street*
Opposite the City Hotel. ati.l adjoining the Paper Ware
boa*c of G. If. Ac L. LA FLIn. where Im will be
happy to dee Ids old friends and customer*.
The Entire Building
Is occupied hr the different hranehc* of Ll* bn*lnw*.
and !ia» been erected with e-pedal reference l« lu con
venient and economical pro-Hrcution: and It-* Improved
arrangements, together with large additions of
Arc such as to give him the unequalled frcilUltfes for
the execution of
and In hi-? u*a»l wen-known, workmanlike style.
He figures all new businc** bouse*, sw well a* hi* old
en-iomcr* of ten years’otiudlnjc, that his Entire Per
ron*! Attention will in future b ? given to the Priming
Department of hi* boslnes*. which will enable him to
warrant hcautv of »tvli*_ promptness, and the lowest
living rates on all orders with which he day be favored.
r*r- order* for Electrotyrlng, Book Binding, Paper
ItuLngand Wood Engraving, executed promptly and
at low rate*.
fif- Counting Boom and Du«lnc?s Ofllcc flm floor.
WBI commence thl* week
Will commence this week
or wjLsn cotxin!
Author of “Tho Woman la White,** “The Dead Se
cret," 4c, called
The HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL IstmhlWied weekly.
Price Three Cent*. To he hail or all nfww-aeonta.
Conic* mailed on reccjot of tho price lo »urrp* by the
nfrilibera. . A. ILAISTUILL. 4 CO.
30 North William StreetTNew York.
Sub-crlpllon. |L'O a year, or {! for thlrtyfbnrweefea.
Tryonenamberof thl*. the mo-t entertaining and In
stnjeOte periodical rf tho day. with two pac** of |hn
newot and be? t matte every wees. ocS-dja>ci-cod
PcblUb this day
Containing a Digest of the Decision* of the
Courts of Common Law, Equity Sc Admiralty,
la the United States and In Ke stand.
Being the Annaal Digest far ISS9.
Royal Bro C2JT.
And HereiiuudlKC Broker*,
Bays and Bells Land*. Exchanges Property for Goods
Of any Mad; Will attend to any bannex £br
parties at a dbtooce where an agent is
required: Nezoti&te Loan*; Mike
CouecUjoi, Ac.,
Hoorn Ho. 8 Kingsbury Bloc3c«
Office of the Commercial Advertiser and Real £*Ute
. ■, Uaaeua.
A Home and Lot near Union Park; noose and Lot on
Michigan avenue, very desirable property: SO feet
Ground near Union Par it: aJ*o. 13 Lot* on Johnrton
street between Indiana and Fourth, low for caah; 400
LoU on 10 yean time, south of tao city limit*.
- We have land* vim mossy to exchange for poods.
. Any one bavins dry good* or boot* and shoes, who will
exchange for part rash and bolance la UncK wiu had
• »I>urchMerbrcaUlnsooTompkln*JtCo., Room No.*
SiUasibiuySlodc. HimJolph rlrcet.
To PursiCTixs—We have fbr Mle a smalt Drug store,
and good will of a phyildan la good prarUco In thU
city. The prescription ba.lnes* alone 1» irom Are to
ten dollar*perday. A pood chance, a* thq owner la
obtlgocd to co East, Al-o—yivr Lots In the city of
La Cros-e, Wla.. well sltaatftd. WUI be sold very low.
A Rood bone and baggy tafeea la payment. A&o—lO
Acre* adjoining the city Emits, soatxfor-tale at a great
barrai.T. Also—3.oCO Acres of Lmsn fa Crawford Co.,
lowa, fbr cash, rtry low. TOMPKINS A CO.,
Beal £*ut« Broken, Room No. S Kingsbury Block,
nnn cash, mid *50,000
of Rea! E»tate to tavf»t ta flm
el iv» Mortgage*. or vIU bo exchanged for Chicago or
Alllwanct** prooertT, Anplr u K. i IATLOU, Hoorn
IU. o«Sz3t 4
Neto SUibertisements.
Xo*. 3 and 3. West Thlrty-Elghdr Street. Murmy
HIU. two door* from Fifth Avcr.ne. New York, cortln*
Q*«)n»ce»lna.(iU the latter nan of Jane, and receive,
papa* at any time. The etllucc—planned exuready for
the ScbotN. and wanned by hot water, with a pure,
•unuuerllke air—tJ in the highest and most beautiful
part of the cifv,
FhyMcal training a pan of the dally
eoom of education, roeetve* the attention which U*
Importance demands/ The entire ab-ence of low and
depraving Incentive to apntlcaUon, the pervading
•ptrit of a pleasant homo life, and thoroughne** la
whatever xmdlca are undertaken, esc cdaDj character
lie the school.
French I* aj>t,hen. The ablest master* art employed
for French, Italian. German. ITono Forte, Harp, and
other accompliahmrae?. Amonr bis CiemK mut of
whom have, or have bod, daaghtcra in his school, the
principal men to:
Rev. Robert Italrd, P.D. X. Vg Iter. Gardiner Spring*
D. U- N. Y.s Her, Art D. Smith, D. D„ K. Ta Bev. Jo?l
Parker. I). D„ N. Ya Iter. Edwin K. lUtflcld, n. D« N.
Y„ Hun. Jamo* Harper, N. Ya J. Clarion Sima. M.
y. Ya Her. G. R. Crooks. D. D„ S. Ya Wm. H. Al
len, L.L. b„ Prot. Glntrd College: Orrlnstoa Lunt,
Chicago: Eev. H. O. KltcSelL D. D, Detroit;
me Worthing ton Hooker, It. D„ Yale College.
Vor foil Information eee Circular, which may be ob
tained by address In e
_ 14£ V. D. C. VAX 50SMAX. LL.D, PriadptO.
Elegantly Illustrated, Edition of
EmbcUUhed with Five Hun tired Original Drawing',
This beautiful edition of CoopcrV Work* wa* com*
tnenced February 1-t, 1830, end wCI be completed In
Thlrtv-Two Month* from Uul date. a volume cunwln
la; a novel complete, be In; pnbUrited on the Or-t ct
each month. The volume* arc uniform In elze and
binding, and each contains Two Entauvlaci on Steel,
am! Twelve Sketches on Wood, designed' br Parley,
exprcwlv for this edition, and engraved by the First
Artist* of the Country.
SsKT' WZk’&SSS?'
gig,-****. s-isaigsg,
Wyandotte, JaeS Tie r, -
The Bravo, The Rcu .‘•Wtu,
ThePl3«'L Oak Opening*. ,
Wept of WUh-ton-WLih. The Two AdtnbTlS
The Headsman. The DeenJaver.
The ITalrlc. Mercedes or Castile,
Lionel Lincoln, The crater.
The Sea Lions. The lleldenmaner.
The Water Witch, Alloat and Aahore,
Homeward Bound, Miles Wallingford.
The Monlklns, Tlic Ways of the Hour,
Sauna toe, Precaution.
The first twenty-two Volume* are lotted in the above
order; the remainder will follow the same arrange*
meat as nearly as p<*«lble. As a National Enterprise,
the publication of this edition exceeds, both tu uiagnt
tude and Importance, anything of tho kind before un
dertaken In the country. Cooper has been Ju»Uy styled
"Tho Great American Novelist," and the l*nniWtera
believe they have not mistaken the tastes of hU coun
trymen in offering them thb complete and elegant edi
tion of his works. Publishing by subtciiylloa, nt *L3O
g:r volume. The volumes can be obtained of W. P.
pen, and B. C, Orltnrs a Co- Chicago and Crum Book
sellers In all the principal cities, ofcthe pubil: hers will
send them by mall, postage prepaid, for too each.
At the suggestion of naracroas Artists ami Annicor*
the Publishers have taken a limited number of“Ar
li«t Proof*before letter.** of each of thebcautllul Steel
Vignettes, engraved from parley* Pe-lgnafor the Sew
Illustrated Edition of Cooper’d Work*. These they arc
about bulng In folios, each containing eight proof*,
and each proof accompanied with a paze of letterpress
descriptive of the picture. The proof* are being print
ed willi the utmost care, on India, and bunted uu the
fim-t French Plato Paper. Each fnllo will be In a cov
tr of hlghlr ornamental design, printed in tint, Follm
One. Two, Three and Four are now readv for Sub-crl
ber*. and the remaining Four will follow In a few
months. Price to Subscriber*—three dollar* per folio.
As the proof* arc limited t<» a »mall number, (only :<OO
Impressions from each plate) after which the plate* arc
lettered, so Uiat no more can be taken, no subscription
will be received except fur the full set.
W. A. TOWNSEND 4 CO„ 4(1 Walker St, N.Y.
French Black VamUli.
Tld*»nperior Varnish has been approved by the chem
bt* of Washington as being the bed article of the kind
ever Invented fur varnishing Boots, Harness. Military
Accoutrement 4 . &e- giving them a beautiful lustre
without tainting the leather In theWst; but, on the
contrarv. the <-l?y -üb«tanee of which the V-*rnl-hl«
composed renders It pliable and soft. Hoots. Harness,
4c, after beta? varnhhed can be washed in water with
out injury to the lu-tre. ucan also be handled without
soiling the hands. This Varnbb Is also scant for Metals
—Bra’*-, Iron. Tin. 4c. One application m-ikimr them a
beautiful black and giving them a splendid lustre, pre
serving them also from ru»t. Ills lnvnlunbl«- for locks.
d**or buttons. Ac. The Varnish dries In less than three
minutes. therefore preventing the dust from aceuumht
tin? xrtth It. U can also be used by manuficturet* of
unumdla*. tone*. turners of wood, Ac, aalthastho
clh of oivtDS the wood a permanent black and lustre
attbO'Smeflnie. This varnidi Is never sticky, even in
the wanue»i climate. It can also be employed tn ad
vantage for the hoof* of homes, crlnz them a bounti
ful poluh. and preventing the mud from twtculng to
Pf Sold br Druggists and Dealers everywhere.
f <f*Send ft>r drcuUrs to Dealers,
£27” Principal Depot 313 Broadway, (opposite Sl
Nicholas Hotel) N. T.
The Only Infallible Remedies Known.
Every Form and Species of
v e b m 1 N.
Those remarkable preparation* (unlike all others); are
“ Free from Poisons.**
*• Not dangerous to the human fondly.
•• Rata come ont of their holes to die."
Id years and more established In New York City
USED BY—the City Poat Office.
USED BY—the City Prisons and Station ITonre*.
USED BY—City Steamer*, Ship*. Ac.
USED BY—the City Ho#ploi«, Alms-Houses, Ac.
USED BY—(he City Hotels—‘AxtoP—‘St Nicholas* Ac-
USED BY—the Boarding Home*. Ae„ Ac.
USED BY—more than 5(1000 Private Families.
ZF See what the People. Press and Dealers my
HENRY* B. CCSTAR.-AII the summer I bare
b>*cn troiiDleowlthUoacnea and Mice. I waa actually
ashamed of the boose, for the Roaches were every
where. I purchased a box of your Exterminator and
tried It and In one week there waa not a Roach cr
Moare in the boose. JOHN B. GIVENS.
No. 91 Elm Street
HOUSEKEEPERS—troubIed with vermin, need
b- -o no looser, if they use * CostarV Exterminator*.
We have used Uto onr satlsfoctlon. and if a box cost
|\ we would have It We have tried poisons bin they
eff-cred mnlilnc: bat Cottar's snide knock* the
bre-ithontof Ram Mice, and Bed-Bun*, quicker tlu»a
we con write it It U In great demand all over the
country.—(Medina (O.) Oxette.
MORE. GRAIN and provision.* are destroyed an
nually m Grant County by vermin, than would pav for
ton* of this Bat and Insect Killer.—l Lancaster (wls.)
I HAVE BEEN SELLING your Exterminator
for me Ut*t veor. and have found U a euro shot every
timr i havo not known it t*» foil In aringle Instanco."
GEORGE BOSE. Druggist, CanUngton, O.
TO DESTROY—Rats, Roaches. 4c.
TO DESTROY—Mice. Moles, Ac.
TO DESTROY—Moth.% Fleas, Aats. Ac.
TO DESTROY—Mosquitoes.
TO DESTROY—lnsect* or Plants or Yowls.
TO DESTROY—lnsect* on Animals, Ac, Ac* Ac.
-COSTAir-r Bat. Roach. Ac, Exterminator.
“COSTAKY* Bed-Dog Exterminator.
“CO6TAETS** Electric Powder for Insects, Ac. .
• In Bc, 30c. and SI Boxaa. Bottles and Flasta. p and
S3 Sizes fcr Plantation#, Ships, Boats. Eoula. Ac. -
or Sold ETcrywhere-by
All Wholesale Druggist* to large title*.
All Retail Drusgljts—Grocer*—Store-Keepers Ac*
Ac* to all Country Village* and Town*
Wholesale Agents in S. IV €ity.
Ilarral ufad-y A Kitchen.
, Bosh. Gale' A Kobtnson,
M. Ward. CIo*« A Co.
MeKfewon A Robbins.
D. S. Barnet A Co.
F. C. Well* A Co.
Lazellc. Marah A Gardner.
Haih Dixon A Co.
Tripp A Co.
Conrad Fox.
-SchlelfeUn Brother* A Co.
Kahde-took, Hall A Co.
A. B. A Dl Sands A Co.
Wheeler A Han.
-Ilauenuus A. Co.
Hall. RackrTA Co.
Tbotnaa A Fuller.
PeaftdAPirker A Mower.
Dudley A Stafford.
And other#.
Philadelphia, Fa.
T.W.DyouAßona, JRobL Shoemaker A Co.
B. A. Fahnestock A Co. f French, Richards A Co.
, ~ And otht ra.
Geo. C. Goodwin A Co. I Weeta A Potter. j
M. S. Bure A Co. I Jao. WLaon, Jr. *
XT Sold at .Wbolesale^br-.
J. H. FEED & C 5.
The following arc the Rates of Advertising In tixa
One Hijuare, (S lines agate.) one Insertion ft (n
Quo Square each subsequent dav. i3t si.oo) 'at
One Square two weeks, i«w s7.wn a.on
One Square one month. (2x» fU.OOI , 5.00
Out! Square three montlu, (4m $15.00) 13.00
One Sqnsr« (six month?, (9m |25.00 20.00
One Square (me year ai.OO
C27 - A Schedule «'f Prices for more apace thorn
one Square can be ,’scn at the Counting Boon.
S34T” All Transient AuVcnlocments to be paid hx
IST -U1 chan gee charged 80 ceats per Square.
aarss or isnimacio cc wztm.r tbxbcxx.
SUW per Square, each week, for flr*t mouth.
JtiiO per Square for each subsequent tnontti.
28.0) per Square for ouo year.
auction Sales.
AJ AUCTIONEERS, No. *2 T. vkf. ST.
On Thursday. October 25th. at o’clock, we will
sell at our Salesroom*. So. rwj Lake Street, a splendid
oaaorunent of ftc„ consisting of TVu».*-
Te*c«<. ha Lis, Hook-C**r*, What-Nun*. Easy aert Hock
ing thalr*. Marble-Tup Table*. Parlor Chair*. Hat-
Tree*. Damaak Cb-tlp*. Burrnm*and Wastmaod*. Plants
StooKFrtmch Boriauado. Secretaries, Extension Din
ing Tahir*. Cane Chair* and Docker*, Lour.se*, 'Ward-
WBft-. iLili'iiml other Ma(trv«.se*. Cood and Center To
bUr*. Oak Maeboardo, Carpet*, Mirror*. Toilet. Urcak
fanan.l Trv bet*. Klitmi Chamber Seta, with many
other gootU wlrtah wUI be ottered at the same time.
Buyer* of Furniture will aare 25 to-10 per rent, by at
tending oar regular rtl»-a an Tue-<laya. Timrsduraand
Saturday*. Good* nicked and "hipped tor the Country
ocM-ds;i.H GILIIKUT Js SAXPSoy. Auctioneer*
40, 48 & 60 DEAKBOBN STREET.
Directly Opposite tho Trcmoul Queue.
Every Wednesday £c Saturday at 01-2 A.H*
Every Monday at 0 1-2 o'clock A.M., •
Ca*h advanced on Furniture, Dry Good*. BootU
and Shoes, Ac. mso-dWAIy
To be given by
Company “ CV* of the "Went Side*
President, H. a ROGER. Captain. J. WEBB*
H.MSRNEYKR w*. h. mi-lick.
* fc, L. SIMMONS.
1». F. witeox.
W. H. <MiUR!T.
G. W. G VGF.
1*11.\5», lU.ITZ,,
E. MulililiUN.
X. It. JUDD,
An* tsTrsi scidiidt.
s. it. mtsojr.
different Widu-Awako Companies of thU
city are specially Invited.
CiT Ticket/* 20 Cent* each, to be had of the Commit'
lee of Arrangement* and any of the Member*.
JJT* The Programme will shortly be announced,
At North Market HalL
Ornrnr'orniJsEvKsmo—President-.Alonzo Harvey*
Captain—J. 11. Liyboumc,
nr Aamxi;*vT-rp*—A. Jlarrev .1. If. (*|y«
bonne i*.'* W. Buell, C. J. Wilder. GeorgeKaerr, C. J»
Suiuica, C "I Z holcUtfe, I. Atwater.
Dimawnix Co*«a' r "«T.P- McLean. F. Becker IL E.
Pronty, Jolm I re, H. 1.. A a de, Fran* smith, Ulchartt
Barnard. K. Rlokke. F.
RKcmtnt CosoiTTEa-H. E. £■ Knauer. Chas,
Ingersoll. Fred. Targe*.
Hnvoavnr Sftmuiot. 4 —lfon. W. Hon. I.X.
Arnold. lion. N. U. Judd. E.C. Urncd. .Lsq-Caspar
Uuu. Esq, Ell Hates. Ksq.. B. Rawson. tsdy, «•
Schneider, E»»u John Alston. E«q_ W. Muaffsr. tso,
J. S. RumserVEsq, (K». Hubbard, Fjq, W. K. SixiUn*
S. M. Wliaom Exj- J- J- Klc£iard/«. Kxj.
Fiona Max vocr.**—C. TunuleUflV. Duncan MtT.oan,
E. Knan-er. CHaa. Ysuw.k.ll Marin. Auc.BrunnlßZ»
L Frost, Due. Frank Green.
zr Th** different Wide- Awaka Clubs of UlO city AW
specially invited to attend lu fall uniform.
ncke’j 50 cents each to be hail of the Cnramltlooot
Arranscxnonts and of members of the Club.
The prugramme will be shortly announced. ocSSUI
McVickeb’s theatre.
Madloon unct, between State and Dearborn.
Door* open at 7 o'clock. Performance to com.
mnnee at TS o clock, Dox Otneo open from 10 till lu4
from 3 till 3 o'clock. „ . _
Admi*»iox:—Pre*» Circle, M cent*: Second Circle, S»
cenU; Private Boxes, *4.00 and fO.U).
miss McCarthy and mr. vincest.
Thursday Evening Ort. 2»th, second nlaht of tho
New Local Political Comic Drama, written trr a Demo,
rratand llrpublican, POLITICS: Ux.TiiBC«)XTKKTtri
fiiicvto. Argument—every dar matters aa per newt,
papers. Tlnit*—dost before Election ami Election Day.
Been**—The Wigwam and other places. Characters—
Republican*. Demoemo*. Americana, "the Inevitable
and Mother "Columbia.'* Lincoln and DouginaSong*,
from the Campaign Books. NVlde-Axako and Invinci
ble Proce—fon».
The performance will commence with
Macule Macfitrlaae....(wllb «0ng)....,.M1i« Macarthy.,
To conclude with the Farce of
Sam.'Mr. Vincent; Ml** McCarthy In four character*
and three sons*.
Friday, Benefit and La*t Appearance bat one of Mis*
McCarthy and Mr. Vincent.
Corner Madison and Clark Sfc*.—Entrance on Madison.
tTa»* open at a’.l time* for beginner*.
C«it»ar.»*!i Cu.Mt even* Tuesday and Saturday, Pa
rents only allowed as visitor*. Assembly every T ueaday
Night, for Scholars and Friend*. and uopereona admit
ted except those Introduced by scholars. aetkg,tem
Minufaciurtn and General Dealers la
Have constantly on hand the very best finality of
Gonulno Korosono S
Calories* and! Inodorous. Also Carbon OIL thobesfe
brand of Coal Oil. for sale at maniiticturcr'a prices,
transportation additional.
Ur pool Torch-Light OB at a low price,
We havelncrea*od facilities for attending tolhocare
and supervision of Real K-i»U> in CQicugo oudvldlftj,
as well as lu the adjoining states.
Wo are prepared to par taxes, examine and report
on the Utica and value uf property In Cldcago and tbo
From onr past experience In making; Sales of Real
Estate, we feel confident that with the pmert
revival orburinmu 0 f all kind* In the Northwest,
ours will receive renewed vizor. There Is no qneUUni
but that now U the bent time we have bail to Ihvnt la
ICeal Krtate, Purehascn Judiciously made now will
pay bomlMistcly. We tender our service*, our mope,
and experience to persona dcaliloua to buy or self.
Our util cuts
Mo. 1 Masonic Temple, Chicago,
undersigned who ha* Jn nnu*tko for oxer
twenty years treat* successfully all forma of dls
e.v»e without tno use cf Mercury, Antimony, Arsenic*
or other pol*oooua drugs
Incurable under other mode* of practice, readily yield
to h!»—tU : Rheumatism, Dyspepsia. Asthma, Hrorv
cbitlaw Consumption, Liter Complaints Female Weak
nesses <pf however long standing*. ac. W. It, STAN
TON, 31. D. Oden Southwest corner of Randolph and
Slate Streets oeSt43odw_
Land in Northern "Wisconsin, well located and.
unencumbered, will bo exchanged at two dollar* per
acre for anr kind of merchantie at a fi*lr price. Almv
10 acre* of land within the city limits of Oshkosh. Wis
consin. U* exchange tor dry g»**K groceries gentle
men's tnrnhUng goods. cigars. or books sntflclent for *
library of 2.000 volume*. n* be selected from w cata
logue. Address “EUANKLIN, Chicago Tribune
Ofllce. «SSWt_
'\fIN , CE 3IKAT. —The following
JLTJ. partita are appointed to sell this superior arti
cle made of the beat materials, and pat up la smaU.
Jars, expressly for Family ose:
OEO. E. STANTON, O South Claak Street. .
NEWALL A SNOW, 113 South Clark Street.
J. S. CLMtLRY. 187 state Street.
1». 11; WINTON, V& Stale Street. • *
j. H. POWERS. VJ» State Street.
IL U. WOOLFORIy * CO* ‘Mi Slate Street.
<iOSS * HOAO. .tj North Clark Street-
Haskins a JOYCE. North Market Street.
Cha«. X. Noble.
12‘Z - CLARK STREET - - • • jfjjj
Between Washington and Madison Street#,
DEALER in all
Ktroatne and Coal Oil Good*.
The only party to Chicago to whom Downer seeds hU
BSTOA ttßnOßmnL
This Oil U pure and not adulterated whh cheaper
Quids. Ail rood brand* of Coal oils. Lamp* Car
Chnrcbea. Public Bulldlrgs, Storw. ±c Acenev of
CmU Oil Urease, and Depot of GnX&n Mine
ral Paint Company. • uAdSMnuni)
Wasted to .every County throughout the Western
Sutea to sell
Toaagra Laproved 530 Sowing MKhiaa.
are adapted to all varieties of work.
Family Sewing, Tailoring end Boot and Shoo ilaktog.
They have met with a very Ursa salts during the i*ast
year, giving onfveraal satisfaction Addre*s
" 31. D. YOUNG A CO*
1L Falrfleld Mill*.—SO bbj* of this celebrated
brand In etoru and tor sale by . * rn
Jaimiy * ' aq.itftfuato WawaL

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