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Owing to a decline in breadstuff's, there was
a belter demand for currency to-day, and the
various banker* lathe cirywere pretty closely
pualu'd lo meet (be rcquiremenl* of the com
xuerda] public. Eastern exchange was conse
queully easier, and the buying rate* ranged
from Jtgi per cent, premium. The selling
ante at the hanks however is Still 1 per cent
EARXIMOfi or mb OxuatA & cmcAoo Exiox
JUiuftOAD CoxrAarr.-—The folloiriog table show*
che earning* of thU road from Oct. 10 to Oct. 22:
, l»y. • 1860.
Freight £23,9151.86 $|S.423.rK £20.150 50 Inc.
b.yi2.W B.IHG.CI 720.00 Dec.
Mail*. 1,125.08 1.250.00 133.00 lac.
•<{ctkct Railroad.—The earning of the CMcago,
Rcrllngton and Quincy Rall;<»aj j n the third week
in October were:
„ . . A AtSd. tsfiO.
U.Sti.42 U. 103,;» 2.223.94 luc.
.$12,461.42 $59.524.WJ $17,057.01 luc.
following tabic shows Uvo comings of this Hoad for
Abe week ending Oct. iy
J > as«cn6m..l..r..r
Freight nad Uvo Slock.
Holla *ad Sundries
Total... SM.OiU9
pandits week uf ia*t jear.; 46.9et.8l
Giumd Tsuvs lUttVAT.—Tlic following table
Viowre thecatnlngs of Uita Boad for Utc Tfcck endu
ing OcUC:
Freight and Lire stock
Parcels. Mails, &t.
week last year.
IVeoN-Eanar iivr.vi.vo. Oct. 21,18C0,
''The following arc the receipts and shipment* for
the past tweniy-roor boors:
Flour Wheat Cora Cats Rye Bar'*
bbli*. bu. bu* |m. bu. he.
.. 437
B. Lake.
Caua!.. G3UI SU'j's&i
G, £ O.U. K. U. ICfi .... 431 IH»l
C’.AK. I. Itli. on SISO PAM SI
3. C.H.K. 3«3 x&i 5g50 .... XO .*..
C . s ‘-S«* 13537 4357 4VJ
f Il * IS9B 8433 •••• *>* 35tf 65®
C.A.aCtL.B.II. .... 3500 4300 83 1050 ....
Total COM 90001 18076 4021 2301 2512
LJv« ni?h
lat4 Cattle Hides vl'* Se'ds
_ , ~ „ ©». Ko. fl*. bbK ll*.
<r. &c.xr.it n i«i « «2f» oo ....
f-rflK I .* 3sn 01)15 £23
iaa> s+i IGO&staa .... 22760
S’f-: r iH! 14 637 4530
C. .4. bl. L. ILII 120 9710973
Flour Wheat Cora Oats Bye Bar’y
bbls. ha. bo. bn. ha. bu.
To Buffalo.
Total ....113116 10300
Umlpti. JlialpU.
xlonr, br»«„ 3» Wood. cd» 1(0
•Apples, Ms nil HldtimenU.
Lumber, ( t 100,000 Wheat, liuth 110.506
Vo 13.000 Salt, Mi 100
Vl'RI, ton*... |«S2
The steamer City of Washington, with Liv
erpool dates to the 10th instant, was tele
graphed this morning, reporting Flonr dull
and lower; Wheat declined 1 to 2d; Corn
Arm; Provisions dull.
The receipts of Wheat to-day were only 90,-
054 bushels, anil the shipments 113,418 bush
es- Notwithstanding this exhibit, however,
asfioou as the steamer was telegraphed, the
market immediately fell 2c per bnshcl,*l which
there was more activity. About 100,000 bushels
changed hands, at 831-2 to 84 l-2e for North
western Club; 81 to 8134 c for No. 2 Spring;
and OS to 70c for Rejected—the market dosing
Ann but quiet at 73c for No. 2 Spring and 81c
for No. 1 Spring. The Flour market was heavy,
«md we note a further decline of 5 to 10c, with
*oles of about 2,000 bbla at 8430 to 8450 for
lair to good spring extras. There was a better
demand for Com, and prices advanced 1-2 to
Ic—about 50,003 bubhclß being sold, at 35c for
No. 2 Canal afloat; 34 to Ssc for No. lin store;
33 to 34c for No. 2; and 30c for Rejected. New
Rejected Corn was in limited request at 28 to
28 l-2c in store. Oats were dull, with sales of
3,030 bushels, at 17c for No. 1 in store; and
1814 to 181-2 afloat Rye was quiet and un
changed—4oc being the current price for No, 1
in store. Barley dull, except for good and
choice parcels—the sales of No. 2 being at 40c
In store, and fair to good by sample at 48 to 05c
on track. Timothy Seed was Ann, with sales
at *2.15 to $2.25. Hlghwincs, 19 to 19 l-2c.
Alcohol steady at 40 to 42c. Hides steady.
Broom Corn is in large supply, and the mar
ket. very dull
The-market for Beef Oattic -was quiet—the
weather being too warm for packers. There
was no visible change, however, except for
thin stock, which were dull and lower.' There
was a lair shipping demand for Hogs at the
previous decline, but the market at the close
tended downward—the sales ranging from
84.85 to 8525.
Freights were rather easier at the opening,
and two vessels were engaged at 16c for wheat
to Boflolo, and 24c from Milwaukee to Oswego
—but at the close vessels were held more
IssrecnCK orCottN,—The Board of Trade, by a
recent resolution* have repealed the former rule*
vrith regard to the Inspection of con, and estab
lished new grades as follows: “Pore White,*’
"Pore yellow," *'-Mixed," and “Rejected.';
The names of the grades indicate the quality,
«nd as the farmer can save at least Sc per bushel by
keeping the pare white and yellow com separate,
we hvro no doubt bat they will make an effort to
do so.
Ocean Poxtsara it New York—Oct. S3.—To
Liverpool: 3,(JOu hrl- Flour at 3* 3d®3? 4 Vd; 90.-
000 bush Wheat at 123)12 Vd in hulk and 1 fiUO
bales CotUm at \«d; 25.UU0 bath (•orn allied In
bulk and ]],<* d in tags, and 500 boxes Cheese at
45e. ToLsudon: 3a.*«oobu»h Wheat at 13!%@13>6c
in bah*: 1.700 brls Floor at Ss 9d. and 100 bales
Hops at f*'(L To Glasgow: 12,000 ho*h Wheat at
18d In bags, and *>l brls Fluor on private terms.
A ship to Cette-with slave?, home via Sicily,.(two
ports) on private terms, aud « British brig of J47
ionis£o the North aide cf Cota aad back for SI,9W.
CiscisKaTj Tkoduce Mxbket—Oct. 22.—The
Gazette of yesterday contains the following:
Theproduce markets livday were a* blue as the
weather. The stagnation heretofore noticed con
tinued. and if possible increased. Most offhs
ample articles are In The downMwrd scale, and the
CoucetJ-loub that holders are willing to yield are
Jiot shflldcot to bring buyer? forward. There was
a few Bales of extra hour at $5. while nothing was
done In superfine, 'i'he latter might bo placedlo
•ome erteut at $1.75, but even tin? figure Is now
above the views of a majoritv of shippers. Wheat
broke down, and dosed dull at for
prime red, and $1.12 for do while. Millers bought
•Daringly, cod’there was no demand*for export.
Corn web steady with light receipt?.* Oat? dull at
33c. with large receipts. Prime qualities of barley
And rye were in fair demand and firm, bat the low
cr grade? were dull.
Uotre aks Pnorieioxs ix Cacnfsxn.—The Go.
zellc of yesterday «aye;
la hog? there were sale? to-dav of 500 bead, de
liverable first half uf November at ,$0.75 net. and
000 do. same delivery nr $0.50 gross, indicating a
steady market. One provision house in Rt. Louis
made, this season, we arc informed, $50,000. It
packed but few hogs, bnt bought largely of pro
ducts At low figures, la the spring, f hi? I? the
way ta whirix mot,; of vhc profits were tvallzed the
past year. There wa?a moderate demand formes*
pork, with «aie? of city packed at Clear
iwcod rides were wauled at 23>;c. hut holders ask
ed J»o demand for rib sides or shoulder?,
which are doll and nominal. Tboru'U a continued
etcady outward movement of ]»ork and tmoon. The
first bhlpment of new English middicß of the sea
son wOs made toriay by Mitchell A Ladd. The
lot consisted of cue hundred Ikixvs, and wa? con
feigned to Wakefield. b>a?b A Co., Liverpool, via
B. A O, BaUroad to Sew York, and thence by
steamer. It wa? shipped on a thrumrh bill of lad
ing. . A large portion of the early jacking vriU go
Jo jfingland direct, this season.
Gtunr in Btobj; nr Bcrralo.—Tbo Bufialo jrf-
TertLeer of yesterday contains the following:
Statement showing the amount of grain held In
store by the Western Elevating Co., also Including
that In the Richmond Elevator, Monday morning,
Oct. S2> YSOO:
Spring wheat, bu—,
Club wheat; bu
Sed winter wheat, 1m
AVhitc winter bu.-..
Total wheat, bo
Sound corn,bo
Hot com. ba.. —..«
Total com. bn.
Oats, bu.-.. ’*.
Barley, bn ’
Jlyc, on
Tea?, bn
Total grain, bo.
SiurazKTfi rnov finEßOToajr.—The Evergreen
City Timer gives the following Hat of shipments
from that port, (or the week ending Oct. 19th:
Schooner El Tempo, 6,009 buahcla, for J. O.
Thayer, to Buffalo.
Schooner Arlstca, 5.000bn. for J. O. Thayer, and
400 bris flour for A. P. Lyman, for Buffalo.
Schooner Oeo. Barbour, C.GOO bn for John Bert
pebrv. » o.- ... .■ ■ •
Sctiooncr Sacramento. 5.000 bo, la now loading,
for J. O. Thayer, for Buffalo.
We understand that Mr. Thayer is hourly expect
ing an 6.000h0 teasel from Chicago toioad whusi
for Bnffklo; making in all 32,000 bu wheat and 4UO
brls floor; exclusive of shipments by propeller*
from Kirkland's pier. This will do for uuc week.
Bbw Paatnee xr Lata yxrrx,—The Lafayette
Courier of the S3d says:
Messrs. Telford £ Co. arc busily engaged in
idangbtcrtng and packing beef. .
U, T. Sample £ Sons have been killing since last
Wednesday week. Over twelve hundred have been
killed. Tvl* tea. expect to pack head this
Baltdiosx Pbotmiow 22.—The
MarketUsdlldaU. Bacon b
for shoulder* sad 115tC for eldea. In balk meats
there mu nothing done, bat we quote u before,
trodden Bt'&34ciatdfcldeß at lQ.%c per lb. 1 Port—
Ho sales. We quote meeftst prime
$14.60 end rwnp at sl4 per bbV. Utd it steady at
Ib&l&Kc (or Western to barrels and tlcrcea, and
38Kc In kefft; iSjtfc for city and S3Qls# per lb
for refined.
Milwackze Market—Oct 23.—'Thc£r»fi/s«Jof
this njornlug say*:—The dull market aud dedlu
lug prices* ot the last fewdava begin to show* very
decided effect on tlie supply of wheat from the
. country. The receipt* to-dar were only 72,2»tt bu.
Tin* shipments were not to heavy as yenleruay.bm i
still Urge, amounting to 130.305 (ju. Under a mud'
crate demand to complete some cargoes to-day, the
market opened 1c above the doting offers of yes- ’
terdayafternoon; but *s nxm a* the Immediate
nvjiit* of boyern iron; wpplied. price* receded %c.
and the market Imcaznc dull* al 1 - parties disposed to
hold off, fur the steamer's news. The sales report
ed upt,othrfloseof’<Aiaagtt t amounted tonoout
i -Spring in store, and
for No. 2. In the jifleruoou there were
some buyers In the market at WJtfc fcw.No. 1 and
hi for No. S, but receiver* were holding at the
opening prices. There was a fair Inquiry tot flour
at reduced prices, hut holder* were generally above
the view* of shippers. About OUU brU entuged
baud* at $3.23©3.£0 for country supcrfliHsaudst.ss
for good country extra.- . . , /, %
The decrease In receipt* and dull market had a
tendency to depress freights, and we
that offers were freely made to take TTTnt IWc
bv steam and iti&c by sail to bnt shippers
refuted to pay more iw>£ aS c for sail vessels. No
engagement* were lQ adc public.
Huff .'market there la a trm feeling and furflour
.neru I* a moderate Inquiry in* l * l ,
homo Sales of *« «*n ea «triUie at
&!*&■{ 6bU jWtr *1*11; extra at fd, 15; OSS
bhU OWo extra bills Ohio extra family, on
I’ri’.tilu terniT. There is a steady home cousump
rivc drtffttnd from our lowest quotation np to S7,UU
fiV Common and £aucr, according to qualify. There
was lees wheat offering At the Corn Exchange, bat
the demand ha* fallen off and price* remain with
out change. Sale* of 1.50bfc2.W0 bu gw>d and
prime Southern and Pennsylvania retlot sl.4o(g>
1.41, and 3.000 ba good Kentucky white at £l'.w.
and common Western at £1.45. C«>ra 1* steady
with moderate receipt*. 4,000 ba fair and prime
Vc-liow - sold t>ort at Wt&TBo, And part on private
terms. A lot of prime white sold at 73c. Oat* are
dull.* I.2ft! bn k4<l at 35c, and ft)o bu Inferior at
33c. 400 bu Chicago spring barley bold'rtl f»r, Bar
lev malt command* yS&y-Tc. Cwyvt jibed comes
forward slowly and is wanted; o*.c* of 150&900
bu prime new at tffito.C |£>;b 64 Tlnuitnyl*
wort|i hud Seed $1.C2&1.C3.
A ikiK\it lU>c iixnKCT—Oct. 2i—There i* a sort
■of panic among Uie bog men. During the past
three diyfi price* liave been declining steadily and
unexpectedly. The supply at East Albany 1* large
and the demand ha* scuJcnly fallen off. The ex
planation Ik, anticipated Urge supplies, in connec
tion with the fact that fur some time sale* June
beenmude at price* much higher than (he ruling
rate* of barreled pork jufctlflos. The ’decline, a*
will be noted by quotation* below, la fully >,'(&*£ $
Jb since our lust weekly report:
Health & brown report the sales at their yards,
East Albany, a* follow*;
50 State.- stock at 6.12;# fclOOlhs.av. 139
JWWesterncom fed.... fl.Bl •• •• 173
jsw Weetcmcom fed.... C.CS •• au3
«aCanada»tW ftd G.OO •• •• lUS
855 State still fed. 4i.W •• •• 217
SlttStale*Uliftd e.!2>f •• •• 238
4<4 State stock C.OO •* - 81
iriiCanada stockaud Cat. 6.50 *• “ id
200 Stale com fed onp.t. •• “ 112
83State corn fed onp.t. ** *• 155
Boston Market. Oct- 20.—Corn Exchange— I The
receipt* yesterday hare been OKRbrh Hour, 7804
•ba Oats. 2ft> do Bye, and teoo do Shorts. No
Corn. Th<* demand for Hour continue* fair, and
price* are steady. Sole* of common brand* West
ern at $5.50&6.73: fancy brand* at $5.t5>&5.00;
extras si j8.W35ff,20; and superior at Aff.T55J8.75
hrl, lududing ail kinds, ijoulhern 1* firm and
»>ellias at £c.23 forfgijcy: $c.75(JJ.7.25 for extras;
and £7.50f08.75 tor superior. Cora ba* been in
moderate demand, but price* are (inn, with light
receipt*. We quote Western and Southern yellow
otw&Slc; anu Western mixed 76C 4# bn. Vats
are dull at 42&44 C btl Fob Southern, Western and
Canada, a* to quality, live 83(Jp8Cc. Provision*—
The demand for Pork is firm and price* ore steady,
with sale* of prime at £15(2>15; rat** at £19.50 Gp
20.50 V bri; and clear at t24<&‘i3 V bri. ca-h and I
mo*; Beefranges from for Eastern and
Western. Lam 13&14 c in bris a*d kegs; and
smoked ham* J2£)l3c $1 & Cash and 4 mo*.
Wt«TK 2lfktrc«orA Wubat.—The New York
Shiflputg lA»i of the S2d contains the following:
Avery handsome sample of white Minnesota
wheat. In the head and in the grain, boa beeu ex
hibited ou ’Change this week, by Messrs. Dollner,
Potter & Co., which, from it* superiority aud ex
traordinary history, deccrves especial nonce. The
original seed, consisting of only Itco grain/, were,
found in some etniw wulch had been used in pack
ing goods, and came from Germany, The heads
preaeut the appearance of three heads grown to
gether, hot such la not the case, a* this Is a pecu
liar characteristic of this spedtjs. The crop from
which the sample wa* taken was a very heavy one,
yielding 70 hnsncla per acre. ‘
. 55.533.16
. -J;j.K>D.B4
. 2.518.09
. SS.UU7.IKj
Baer Packing at MnscaTiitK.—Boland & Co.,
of Boston, owners of the extensive fcla lightering
establishment in the lower partof the city, lure
Jut* purcluibed 400 (at cattle, and commenced
pla lightering uud packing them yetlcrdny. it will
be remembered that 400 head of cattle were slaugh
tered at this establishment last spring, and we ex
pressed a babe at the time that the bueiucf* would
tw renewed inis fall. V?e are gratified to stale that
Leland S Co. have a large navy contract to fill,
which will probably require all the marketable cat
tle Id this region. They pay gross for good
cattle.— iluecctint Journal.
Toxxpo 'MAnKET——Onr market to-day Is
“ gloriously Inactive.’* nut a sale haring taken
place. Floor—Nut mentioned. Wheal—Held at
£i.U7(&1.08 for red, fj.ls for white. Buyers wiU
payfl.OSfor red. and sl.l* for white. >o tales,
fora—Holder* ask 44c, but no buyers. Freight*—
Two vessels were chattered at be for wheat and 7c
for com to Buffalo. To Oswego, wheat 15c.
Pauley ik Albakt— Oct. 22.—Barley ia very
dullto-dav; the samples are mainly State of ordi
nary quality; prime barley is wanted and would
command a good figure; the only sales reported to
day are 800 bueb spring in car lots at Tbe; on Sat
urdav afternoou 5,500 bash choice Canada West, to
arrive, at 84c.
Pittsburgh Grain Market —Oct. 23.—The mar
ket since our Uwt has presented but few changes.
The mills purchase wheat readily at red $1.10;
choice white at $1.25 per bn. The sales were as
follows:—iJarb’y—wUej* of 4(Wha at 75C; 160 do at
7Jc; 150 do at 75c: JXX) do fall at 75c: 150 do spring
at 70c; 200 do at [email protected] Oats—sales of 800 bu ai
28c; KWO do at 27c; 400 do at 27®2Sc: C2O doat 57c;
ISOdoai 23c; lOOdoat *»c. Corn—sales of 180bn
new on wharf at We; 900 do same; 400 do at 50c;
sates of old at higher figures. Wheat—sales of 420
ba red at $1.18; 550 do white at $1.25; 400 do red
ot$1.1«&1.18; TOO do white at Jlye—
we could learn of no sales worthy of notice. Pri
ces ere nominal.
Whisky ik CtNcixsATi.—The Cincinnati Gorette
of yesterday, says;
Whisky had another fall to-day, it having sold
down to 17c, closing unsettled. The supply Is
largely in excels of the demand, and unless the
firoducUou Is diminished, the promises to toach as
ow a point soon as it has reached In the market
for a great many vears. A losing business for dis
tillers. notwithstanding the great abundance of
com. will, of course, be tbe consequence. There
are too manr distilleries. by ooe-half In this W ext
ern country, aud the over-enpply of stills makes
the whole trade unprofitable.
Exports or JJRRAWTcrrf.— I The exports of
floor and wheat from New York for the week cod
lug, Oct. 18th,. were, we believe, without prece
dent. The quantity of flour wa590,889 bbU.aodof
wheat 896,844 bushels—equal to 1,551,289 barbels
of wheat. The exports were mainly to England;
to London. 21,539 bbls flour, and 117.252 bu wheat;
to Livcjpool, 31,420 bbls floor, and 472,492 bushels
wheat; to Glasgow. 5.368 bbls floor, and 179,000 bu
wheat. Cork look 55,000 bu wheat, Bristol 90,000
bn. Gloucester 15,000 bo, Galway 20,000 bush, aud
Havre 16,000 bn. The Colonies took 15,000 bbls
flour, Bristol 1,500 bbls, Australia 4,400 bbls, Africa
1,000 do, Vencxucla 2. COO do, &c.
Impecttou of Grain.
> Boasp or Toads Boons, 1
Chicago, Oct. 25,15G0. f
By a resolution adonted-hy. the.Board of Direc
tors* all rules now existing in reference to the In
rpectlon of com have been repealed. and new
grades established,. to be as-follows, viz;— Pure
white, Pure Yellow. Mixed, and Rejected. The
resolution to take effect on'ftnd alter the first day
of November next. SbtiiCatux,
The Crops of Great Britain.
[From the Mark Lane Express, Oct. 3.]
There can be little doubt now a? to the result <u
the effects of the harvest. There has been another
week of almost continuous wet weather, while
there is an Immense amount-of corn yet nut.—
Rome people still consider it a duty to take the
must sanguine view of agricultural matters, and
argue, up U> within UicYaal twenty-four hours,
that our prospects arc as good as ever. Keen oh
server? note ••there .J* scarcely any wheal nncar
rlcdas acute judges pronounce-the sample as
•‘seldom Injured.* 1 The fortnight of uo weather
“did wonders,** and the months of foul “noinjury
to speak of." Those who happen to think other
wise are mere croakers or speculators, and the
farmer himself Is proverbially a grumbler. It
come*, then, from ?o satisfactory state of things,
we bare nothing to .fear or-provide for. Krcn.
should other supplies fail u? for a time. Great
Britain eau at ouoc go 10-her own produce of the
rear to furnish food for her owupeoplc. Audio
the faco of such consolatory assurance the markets
take another rise, and the new wheat Is found not
fit (or the miller.
It must be very evident that adviser? who co- -
courage so self-deceptive a feeling of.confidence,
are calculated to do far more harm than those who
put the public only properly on their guard a* to
cudtlng couseoacucca. The other nations of the
earth may incline to believe all that is advanced In
tlii? wsy, and bo leave na for & very critical period
to our own resource?. It i? not “ the croaker.** or.
in other words, the man wbolook? at and •peaks
to fact? a? they really stand before him. that Is
writing up prlcca. He sees and would avert what
is coming. “The Bull"' of the.Coro Market—
though, perhaps, he may know U not—le die san
guine gentleman, the superficial, flippant authori
ty. who tell? you "there ia nothing to be alarmed
about;" that “a wet season Is-qmtotsgood a* a
fine one;*’ that ‘-‘neverwa? tie corn ent more fit to
carry,* 1 or “housed In fine orrder tor use. ” Hit a
blind faith alone in such policy a* this that will
lead ns on to the edge of - the-precipice, when
prices w ill go up with a lump, aud we find only 100
late that we have wilfully shut oar cyeatutbe evils
before us, and disregarded a .warning that, was
every day and everywhere offered.--' - - - •
Our own special duty, however. Je with one class
of society—the producer. In his name. then, vre
ray. that the harvest is both late and badly carried. ■
There ore palpable facts that it is now Impossible
to deny, whatever the estimated yield may here
after turn out.. In tiic Midlands and the be?t part?
■ of .Lincolnshire there is nearly a? much corn out as
In. The greater j«rt of tb« wheat already thrashed
hap hern sent Imo the market in a state utterly
Unfit for ere, and sold of course at a proportionate
price.' lu Suffolk they arc kiln-drying the com ere i
thev dare to offer It; while tbebarley is “heating**
ia the flack. The fanner no longer an habitual
or idle grumbler. Many men In trade, under simi
lar adverse circumstance? to those of this reason,
would have made far more complaint than has yet
I’C'cn heard from the agricall uric t. He has, in fact. .
ImpedflgajqiA hopetcTthe lukJiQd inclined with:
a very remarkable •• spirit ** to make the best of his
caw. ThU should only cDllllc him to more con
sideration from other*, and for such It la that we
now .Something a like month since we sold.
!-“A crop gathered lu such’a condition wßl.~of’
*«onr?e. require a deal of time to make and harden.
tlthcrlutUe rick or the tarn; aud however late
harvest may be. anything like a ‘tenoral return of
new wheal In the market will Wlatcr *llll. The
yield, however. 1* now In almost every direction
anticipated to be indifferent, while the sample,
even with the moet careful bousing, can scarcely
turn Oftt VCdL » I r;
. .4tf7,131
r ,44,000
, ~440,004
- 48.75 C
.. 14,927
.. I,2UU
Sr’iori* aCate«x. , St: Louis ifc.
jji&ican tbha reviews tbc.markets:
The week opens wllh'ctcar. pleasant wiAlbcri
very fair receipts of flour ai>d groin. considering
the low stage of the river, and a dull aud drooping
market is the city superfine dour
could not be sold. Bur $3 fur prevent delivery* on
board. Sales reported were cuuflned to country
brand*. Wheat also ruled lower. The SouLUuro
demand for com ►wjaa 10 bn liglj, after alj. mid
tide demand is boioe- supplied At alow rate from
Kentucky. The range here 10-day was 4l®A.»c for
tihellcd mixed to white, and JMc for corn in the car.
Keertpu uf liarluy were >ojuc seven thousand bu,
?ct little prime was offered, and the market wan
uartWe. Parmer* are too busy seeding to ecuj In
'their crop. Potatoes arts very plenty and cheap.
• Wfchky di-cllm.-d to I7’*'c. owing to heavy receipt*.
In provisions, hogs, or groceries, nothing was done
worth noticing.
Ottveso Market,
bnraoo, Oct at—Ptouft—'Cachaocodl' •
GnuK—Wheal a pUade easier. Sales 8.500X0. X
Chicago ajtrlue at tI.SJ; 0.000 Xu. 1 Milwaukee
cb»b at i 1.15; 8,(03 unite Canadian at fl.fSS afloat:
Comcuet. Barley dull. Sale* 1,000 bu ordinary
Canadian at 70c. Ujc In limited demand. Sales
C,Buu bo Canadian at 07c afloat. ■ ,
* Cauxl Kcctorira—better .engrain..
Wheat He. com c to New York.
Luce Imports—27s brl« dour, 21,800 bu uhsat,
6,200 bu barley, 0.000 bo rye.
Exj*obt»—l/Bo brU flour, 23,000 bn
*Ucat, 12,000 bn corn, J7,100 bn barley.
Daily Deview of Chicago Market.
Wednesuat Evekimo, Oct 24.
FREIGHTS—Easier but close firm. The en
gagement* were *• follow*:—To Buffalo: tkhre.
St. Andrew* and, Storm King, wheat atlfic. To
Oswego; brig Deshlcr, wheat (to load at Milwau
kee) at 24c. -
FLOUR—Kccclved, E,C« W)l«. Itirkctdnll nnd
B©loq lower. Solo, were;—BOO bbl, "Uartleii
CUy ” *Frlosextra at |4.GO del; 100 bids “Tar-
Ue ** do at $1.45 del; 300 bids ** Orange "at f l.or.S'
del; sSbbl« -IlaOilo MU,"do atst.6odcl; ICO
bbl«-Geneva "ot sl-33; 100 bble ■•North Star"
on private term,; CO bbjg Soatbcrn Dlinol* White
Winter at SO.OO del; MObbls gnnd rprlng extra at
$ 1.158(0; SCO bbUdn attLSlßdel; SMbblsdn
WUB.VT—Received, 00,001 ba; (shipped, no. 110
.bu. Market declined Sc. Sales were:—TOO butl,
SdrtbweetemClabatesxeln »toro; 3,o(Uba do
at Slcla etore; 1,000 bn do at Sl>;c In etorc-
003 bo Ka 1 at Sic in .tore; gl .;. c “ a ‘
store; s.ooobnuo el */c luetore; 3.000 1m No.
nl77>4' C in store; I,oooha do at773*o in
sioro; 45.000 bu do at 760 in store; 8,000 bn do at
TOX'c iu riore; 1>«X) bu do at 78?fc la store; 71*0
bu Rejected fltCSo fu store; 3,500 bu do at 70c In
' CORN—Received, 18,‘JTSbu; shipped, 16.300hu.
Market better. Sales were;—lo.ooo bn No.
2 Canal at 3T>c afloat; 700 bu No. lat 81c in store;
2,500 ba do at 35Q in ptore; 3.000 hu No. 2at 33c In
store; 12.000 bu do at 83>*c lu store; 10.000 bo do
at Sit in etore; 1,200 ba Rejected at 30c in store.
New Corn quiet. Sales were; 1,000 bu new Re
jected at iu store; 2,000 baeUcl* do at 23c in
OATS—Becclred, 4,021 bn. Market dull. Sales
W orc’:—l,ooo bu No. lat JBJ*c afloat; 3,000 do at
19c f. o. b.; 1,000 bn do at 17c In atom.
HVE—deceived, 2,861 bn. Market quiet. Sales
wcrc:—l,6so49cln store; 150 bags do at 60c ou
BARLEY—Received, 9.572 bo. Market dull.—
Saled were r—l,ooo ba No. S at 40c In ttorc; 750
bA"B in lots by sample at 4S<&ssc on track.
SEEDS—Received; 3C,2tf7 Iba. Timothy In fair
dcmsud and firm. Sales 21 base good at $2,35; 25
bag* ordinary at $2.15.
UIGITWIKES—Received, 103 bhla, Market
steady.* Sale* were:—SObbls country atl'Jc; 120
bhla city in lots at 19#c,
ALCOHOL—4O(tM2c $? gal.
CUT MEATS—BOO Green Hams on p. I,
MESS PORK—Kew, $18.00; old held at $18.50.
MESS BEEF—Mess, $S.00&!M»; Extra Mesa
LARD—Nominal at H&n%c.
TALLOW—Quiet. 45 bbh prime city at 9#c.
BROOM CORN*—Very dull and heavy. Sales
were 2 tons prime at SSO.
SALT—2O tuns St. Übes coarse, at $6.00 ton
BUTTER—Good firkin Is lu lair request at 10#
@ll#c; but common Is dull at 0#(2,10c. Choice
Dairy in demand at ]2&l3c.
EGGS—In fair demand, with sales at ll®ll#c
POULTRY—Chickens St6OQH.73 dux.
POTATOES—Good Ncchannocka ia request at
20c; common mixed heavy and dull at lo&l&c.
' ONIOKS—23O bu prime at 20c.
HlDES—'BeerfVed. 00.562 Jbs. Market steady.
Green Salted, TKt&TJiC for (air to extra trimmed;
Dry Salted, V2&I8; Dry PHnt
LIVE STOCK,—Received, 1210 Hogs. 528
Beeves. The weather to-day was warm, and but
few of the packers operated; the market for Beef
Cattle was consequently quiet at previous prices—
closing dull for ordinary and Inferior stock. There
is a good demand, however, for extra shipping
cattle at full rates. Dogs were more active to-day,
but the markht still lends downward. The sales
today were;
45 Beeves averaging 1375 lbs at $3.35
14 “ ** 1360 “ 3.00
Sti “ " 1310 “ 3.00
25 “ “ 1200 44
ill JO •• ‘ k * lEH “ 2.75
* 21 »• “ 5108 “ iWJ
Z' 17 . - *‘ JIS) “ 2.:»
:« is “ “ inn * J 2.50
t is •• “ i«w •* 2.50
yT is •* •* an •* 2-iu
18 - “ IWX) ** 1.15
ij* 17 ~ *' SO “ 1.75
W 52 llogtt “ 286 '* 5.25
IH " k * 253 M 5.25
00 “ “ 222 •• 5.07 V
67 •' •* 275 “ 5.25
40 “ •• 212 " 4.85
10? u 205 “ 5.00
210 *' *» 235 “ 5.00
74 ' 4 ** 255 “ ,7.15
140 Sheep “ 1W 3.25
Foreign markets.
Lokook, Oct. 11.
[Latest via Queenstown.]
CREADSTurra—Messrs. Richardson, Spence &
Co~ Wakefield.
declined Ud^bbl—quoted 2fla tid<&3ls6d. Wheat
dull ami declined !<&Sd cental and western llh
Cd(§rt2s Bd; southern 12s 6d®l2s 8d; while 12s r«d
te. Coro firm; mixed and yellow Bfa Cdo3»s ;
white 395&40*.
Provisions—Beef doll. Pork quiet and firm.—
Bacon ouiot, Lard quiet. Quotations are barely
maintained. There has been an average business
doing in tallow without quotable change.
Ashes—Pots quiet at 21s lOd: pearls quiet.
Groceries—Coffee quiet. Rice quiet.
Lokdok, Oct. 10’
Wheat—Wheat has a downward tendency and
quotations are barely maintained.
Groceries—Sugar steady. Coffee quiet. Rice
quiet. Tea slow of sale at unchanged quotations.
Tallow—Tallow tlightly advanced; quoted at
Ms 6d.
Oil—Linseed oil 30s.
Inox—Scotch pig firm at £5 255.
Indigo—Tbe annual sales have commented. In
ferior qualities dull but unchanged, with an in
creased demand.
[Latest via Queenstown.]
LtvEnrooL, Thursday Noon,
Produce—Kostu firm and active at 5s 4d(&ss sd.
Groceries—Klee firm. Other articles generally
Lokdok, Thursday.
Groceries—Uloe firm with a t-llght advance on
all quotations. Other articles arc generally un
Tallow—Advanced; quoted ats»7d.
PebCitt or Washington.] Liverpool, Oct.il.
Latest via Queenstown. —Liverpool Bread
stuffs firm but dull. Provision* dull.
London, Oct. 10th. noon.—Console for money,
93. Circulars per.City of Washington report flour
dull and lower; wheat dull and declined K&sd;
corn firm; provision market dull; sugar firm;
coffee firm.
London money market generally unchanged, hut
the demand-bad rather increased. American se
curities—lllinois Central shares I7,*tf®lßcdieooant;
New York Central, 87c.
New York Market.
y?FW Tons. Oct. St.—Fhocn—Heavy and about
Sc tower, with only moderate demand for export
and home consumption. Sales HJ.009 brls at $5.50
«33.55 for super stale: $5.45®5.8d for extra do;
45.25Q3.25 for super Western; U.5y©5.75 for com
mon to medium extra do; [email protected] shipping
brands extra round hoop Ohio. Canadian flour In
limited supply and market qolct. Sales 800 brls
at $0.8507.5U for common to choice. Bye flour
steady, with sales 150 brls at [email protected] fur com
mon to choice superfine.
Wmisbt--Market heavy and lower. Rales TOO
brls at 22,&€62Sc— closing at the inside price.
Grain—'Wheat—Market unsettled, irregular and
[email protected] pbu lower. Rales 80,y00 bu winter red wes
tern at $1.333,1.3*. closing with the Utter prlcc.rc
fused for prime; 3-J.OOO bu Milwaukee club at $1.25
(&1.2R; fi.yODbnatnberFouddaLacat $1.23; 12,000
bu uorthwor-tern club at f1.25©1.2G; Lsou bu liand
some C’tosda dub at $1.37,' 28.000 bu amber Wis
consin at $1.47(&1.25; 31,500 bu Chicago spring at
[email protected]'aad 2.C00 bo white Indiana at $1.43.
l{yo continues steady; *nlet*4.ooobust She. Barley
In fair request with sales of 34.000 tm at "s. fur
rUU-. QOc for Canada East, and 62(&9q0 for Canada
West. Corn In pretty fair demand, prices get tend*
ly without material change; sales 11,400 bn at
70c for western mixed afloat and In store, chiefly
jit the latter price, and 75c for round yellow. Oats
•rule steady; sales to a fair extent at 33tf<5.40c for
western, slate and Canadian.
PnoVision s—Port market dull and in favor of
buyers. Rales. 150 bbls at t19.25019.37wr for mess.
for prime. Beef market ijuict and
lower. Rales. 450 bhls at [email protected] for country
prime, $5.u0fr5.25 do mcsa,so.UO(&9.soforrepacked
me?*, and $lO®U for extra mess. Prime mess
“beeT and beef ham? dull and nominally unchanged.
Cut meats arc nominal at S\'c for shoulders, and
llfillll* for hams. Lard market steady. Sales tisi)
bbls at l2‘jCj,V-lc: included In sale? are 300 bbls fur
December at II fic. Butler selling at for
Ohio, oudl6£f.2lc for State. Chceao bteady. at
(Jnllc for superior to prinve.
QRoeKntEs—Coflee—market continues firm, with
trnaeactionstoa.modcraUiextciU.at fall previous
prices. Sugar—market steady with a moderate do
uaml; sal«Mfi2ohhds Cabaatr£f(s.7.Kc. Molaisscs
quiet end unchanged; sales lOOhhdfe Porto Bleu at
39c aud 100 bbds JJarbadoe? at 35c.
Hinr?—Steady at 25c for Buenos Ayres; 24g£
21)fc for Bio Grande. and J6c for dry western,
leather—market firm, at about previous quota
■ Stocks—Again lower and dull. C&RI W,C&
T 3J,V, M S guar 34, M C ci Beading 44Harlem
pfd 41V. Gnl A Chi 71. Harlem 15**'. M b IT. Hods
«. N T i C 1 C strip 75. Erie’Boitf. Mo th 7t»V,
Trim Cs The Expre** (3d edition) remarks
that between the boards there was quite a panic in
wlodcs. with «vlee at 1 per cent.- reduction with re
newed pressure to sellers. The amount Of stocks
held by broker*, and for account of speculation for
, a rl-c, wWfcevsr larger. This fact will go far to
proven! a speedy rally, and a greater reaction may
W expected. The profit* of the Bulls fur the last
ninety day? have born Urge, and thus far no fail
ure:* are reported. Sound etocks are well main
tained. while unproductive tharcs arc got rid of at
rates favoring the buyer?.
New York Cattle Morbrt.
New.? York. Oct, 21.—Bees Declined #
cent, malnlv on grade? below strictly prime, prices
varyins from filufijic— Becehit?,
Hkect Advanced fttlly2sc per head,
with good demand. licceipts, 12,000.
Swtjo!—Prices lower; dock plenty: full quota
tions, for *»till fed and for com
led. JteccJpta,' 10.000. • • •
Mllwankce Maiket.
- Ha.wAtrsx£, Oct. 24.—Floub—moderately act
Gnaw—Wheat declined lQ»2c, with some activi
ty. AfeWaale»madeattsJ®«sc for *iq. 1 aodXo.2.
Rbcexitb—4,7Bl bu flour. 11,078 bu wheat.
SuiPztrxTs—2.lUo bris Hour. 114,375 bn wheat.
Buffalo HUrlceb
Currau). Oct. 24.—Fnoun—Market doll and un
GnjLiN—lVheat doll and heavy; sale* 9,000 ba
No. 9 Cldcaeo spring ot $1.10: 7,800 bn No. 1 JJII
--ankee club at $1.03. * Corn doll; sales 12,000 ba
at r>ac. Other groins quiet and no sales. .
WiiiMsr—Nominal at 21c.
Canal, FwautiTs—firm at 20c for wheat. 18c for
com to New York. • „ ■ • .
Lake bbla flour. 253.000 bn
vbivt.lU.oW bu com, O,WO bu oat?, 97.000 ba bar
ley. 7,OUU tin tje
t’atran Exroitrs—J2C,OX) bu wheat, 40.000b0 rye.
v AEIttVED...Oct. 91th.
Stmr Comet, Evans. Buffalo, eundrie*.
prop Montezuma. Bobbins, St. Joseph, 83) bbls
Hour, lUO bbls apple*. •
Prop Evergreen City, Chamberlain, Bnffalo, ana
dries. ‘
Pn»n J Barber, Brown, St Joseph. 100 m lumber.
Bark BCL, Stubbs, Pcrhtlgo, 175 m lumber,7sa
t tilth. ,
&d:r Correspondent, Donohue, Cleveland, 575 tons
B<ir??ew London. Rewcll,CleTeUnd,4oo tone coal.
Sdir S A Clark. Johnson, Sheboygan, 93 eda wood,
sdir Goldllontcr, Carrie, Presque Isle,-807 tons
’ toil, '*
CtBAKJSD Oet. S lth,
Prop Moutctoma,Robbliu,St Joseph, ICO bbla salt.
Prop J Berber, Brown, lit Joacpb,
Prop Evergreen City, Cbaaberlalu, Buffalo, 15,500
bosii wheat.
Brig C 3 Hutchinson, Williams, Gwen Bay.
Brig Robert Huron. SfeCuno, Oconto. •
Schr Conrtwrlght, Christian, Buffalo, 10,800 bush
Bchr St Andrew, Noyes.Boffalo, 18,70) hu»U wheat.
Schr Quebec. Hatpin. Kingston, 1f,.(>5 bash wheal.
Schr Storm King, Whitney, Buffalo, 10,500 bush
wheat.- -
Schr CorlmhUn Hall. Duffhlo, 10.091 bush wheat.
Schr Hamlet. Folaoro, Buffalo. 0.000 tush wheat.
Schr Banker, Motley, Milwaukee.
Passed Detroit,
Oct. 23.—Ur—Stnjrs Forest Queen, Colamhln \
prop* Akron. Dscotah. Omar Pantos: trip Hamp
ton, New York, EW Cross; schr* Star of Hope,
Ocean Wave, Hamlet, C C Griswold, Bread
naught, Somerset. ‘
Down—Props Alleghany, Galena, Illinois ; ecbn
Wouream, Augusta, Cuba. Contest.
Lake Porta*
BUFFALO. Oct. «*»- *
Conker, Cldc"— .„ -Arrived, props Wenona,
Croc'"— * Mchawfc.Pbcatt. dn; barkHans
—i. Fitzgerald, do: *chra3lß Hale, Tucker,
do; York Slate, Dlmmoclc, do: (joldea Harvest,
Comstock,do: Ostrich. Pratt.do; Mary Collins,
Dickson, do. Cleared, prop Plymouth, Dickson,
do; vchrs Mat Moot, Smul, do; Mary Coffins,
|)iek«m, da.
Manufacturer of
French. Burr
C. TV* Brown’s Patent Portable
Stout Mills sad Separators.
Separator* fur Warehouses,
Beltings of all kinds.
Holding Screws and Balk,
Bran Dusters, Fecks, Proof Staffs, &c„ Ac.
Fairbanks’ Scales,
Plan*. Specification* and Estimate* famished when de.
tired, and the construction orstcain auii W»-
ter Mill* contracted for entire.
Tbe Rubscrlbers having obtained the agency for the
Rale of steam Kristine* and Boilers from the oannfAc.
TEkTOWN, N. Y„ would Invite tiic attention of par.
churera to their superior merits of style, workmanship
and power*; also, their very low price*. The follow,
inc 1* a lUt of prices of Engine and Boiler, together
with Heater, Water and Steam Pipes, Cockt, Valves,
Arch Casting ami Grates, complete and read; for nse,
delivered In Chicago:
S horse power an 120 horse p0wer.......f L 250
8 ** “ ....... So 21 “ “ LMO
10 ~ - ra/ao * " LfiTS
sx> as “ “ 2,000
18 “ “ 2.100140 ** “ - . . 2^oo
and in like proportion for larger rixes as required.
Every Engine Is famished with
Judson’a Patent Governor Valve.
For Flour MlUtv confidently recommend tlirm as
(superior to uuy otheretyle of f-ngluc, ana they will
Save from 25 to 30 per cent in Fuel
over the Qtuthl class of boilers !n qfc In the West. Wo
shall keep an assortment of different sires at our tuw
tahlhhment, where they may be examined and the
neceawiry Information obtained regarding them. Com.
peteutmen will, IT desired, be furnished to aetap nnd
start Engines In any part ofthe country. Wc also supply
water wheels, shafting, gearing. &?.,
At very low prices.
Mill runUsWac Depot. West Water street, between
Randolph and Madison, Chicago, lU.
Post Office address Box i.’Tl.
and examine
- Lake Street - - - TO
70 - -
Wc Rare the Largest Stock West of
New York.
fiPT.T. HOSE TfTATJ AIX othek dealers.
Sell P'ull *Xt?ri to 3Tiftoon 3?ev
Cent. Lower than Other**,
JVxml Soli for
197 South Water street.
Especially designed
roc the Use of the SCodical Profession
and the, Family,
Bavins superseded the so-ralled ”Glos.” “Aromatic,”
“O irdist,” “Medicated,” “Schnapps” Ac„ is seven'
dor led toy all of the must prominent Physicians, Cbem.
Isis, and Connoisseurs as possessing all of those In.
trin i-lc medicinal qualities, (ionic sad diuretic) wiilch
bel'tngto an old jkp pvhk civ. put op la quart bot
tles and sold by ail Druggist*, Grocers, Ac.
A* 2fl. DIM.\GEIZ Sc CO.,
(FStabUshcd la iTTi) Sole Pcopaimms.
Ko. 19 Broad Street. N. V.
W CP" For jsate, wholesale, in Chicago by Hoyt A
Pleitrt, j. n. Deed A Co, and J. TV S/FuEtr A Co.
(oc4 CIS? Cm]
Children'* Fancy Hosiery In great variety,
Ilaod-Knlt Worsted Goods that cannot toe surpassed.
Press ajtd Cloak Tbikuixco— the latest choice styles.
Buttons Tassels, Girdles—a fall assortment.
GUt Belts. buckles. Slides, Ac.
Emdboideeirl— Collars. Sets, Edging*, Lares and
»**Us. Infanta* Robes and Waists.
French and German Corsets from the best maim fac
to rlos.
llair Nets of the latest styles.
A full assortment of Zephyr Worsteds at Wholesale
OCI3J 78 Lake street. Chics go.
-i-> store;
No. 138 Lake Street.
Wo*-sr*ft#~J.Poo pounds of every shade sod color of
Split. single and Doable Zephyr, Spaced, Tlnselondttie
uev Solfcrtno color, st Wholesale and JtouiL
Pratts Yisx.—WO pounds of Ibis superior Yarn.
Blue Mixed, White, Scarlet. Clouded, BlutC Drsb, Ac.
Urge stock of German and French
Traveling. Reticule, Work. Lunch and Toy Boskets.
Cradles and Catos. Guts, Chairs, Workslorula, Ac.
Rian C_w-.es—SO dozen of a superior sxanuCictare
Also, Parrot and Squirrel Cageo.
Tots «cn Fixer Gootw of oor direct Importation
from French, English and German Manufacturers
Also, Cases of Toys ol 90 dozen assorted, for *ls and
f3oacasc. Tin Toys In endless variety. Ac.
Y ikkex Xotjoxs.— A general assortment of every
thing In Uda tint.
%3f~ Merchants and 'Wholesale Dealers throoefaoot
the West wilt ilnd oorstoelc complete, and prices as
low or lower than the lowest. Toys and Fanev Goods
are Imported by as direct, consequently we mm com
pete with any house tn the country. Domestic Goods
direct from ttoCLmatm&etarer enable ua to oderen
perior Inducements. Call said try as at
BBS. H. 6c C. KNAPP,
Formerly of New York. bar# opened #a Indrmary la
Chicago, on a new evetcm. which embrace* the moet
approved method*—ln thb and other cnnntrtfs*—of
treating ALL Chrome Disease*. Consumption, Larm-
JteUs. Ilroni-hltt*. Cancer*. Rheumatic*. PoralyaK and
ALL I rtnalc DUm«;s are *perbl fll»ea*e* treated In
thf* Institution. They ore the onlr pliyridau* In Amcr.
which they tlo bf aNa»r Method, and the Spia.il KltZ
' atnr Invented and patented bythem. Ther care fctcr
ca.ii* out of ten, and bennlt ALL.
They »l«o prepare hTooili.Wa*h. which will relieve
the severest toothache la a few minute* It cares all
soreoe*** and disease* of the gums, and iuutu and
dwavlne teclU. and bring* them Into a SOUND
ana nl-iLTHi Hate, and restores swertoo* to the
breath. la no ca«c d*ve* It fall. Str Card la Weeklv
~S a M Sonth Clark Mrect. opj>odte New Post
.Office, Hoars itoa B*.sctou r. a. nics-c32i-ly
DR. E. F. DeDESKT, Homcro
laßilcPhJilcUn. Sarteoo, tc- K»ltsg loclcd
uivoicsu;o. begs leave to mmoaace to the public that
«. e -E? y rV 9 0 .* 11 AtMc «d Chronic DUcaeca
at No, Wert Randolph street.
tbc Doctorh*« enjoyed the advantage* afforded by
V*c harm-ctm L-rdvenliiee and Clinical UoanltaU of
Leriln. Vicuna and Frwje. where he studied old school
A ?I U’ £ w? r d.? ** b°P u °f Mr. A. Lotte, the
snewaor of Dr. S. Hahnemann. at the lloenljal at
Cpclkeo. Ccruany, for'acquiring a thorough medical
education, with a practical experience |n qS» Western
country atbo. and reeUcooAdirnt that be can elvecnjiru
Mtlslaetiun to those who would entrust themutm m
t SSS4 OUB “ c!oa: ' L3t- * i > nt i< iu »p-£f.
po2v T coyvEy.
\J TlON.—Jointßesoltillon oftheScnolcand IJousn
of ReprescutoUvea of the Stale ofllllawlg adopted
A u*v:
-liesolved. Itv the Senate and lluuae of
mc*. that the elertore of the Mate of DU note be. and
they are hereby, recommended, at the next election of
«f the General Afteenjbly, to vote for or
*■*“ * s " Co“Uto
v^ss u i!riSuWtriL^. fcu “ wto ”' pro
, AtTia.li Air. t«ec. I.—- Whenever twoAhlrd* of all
the members alerted to each branch of the General A~
ecrohly shall tliluk it neecssarj' to alter or amend tI»U
Constitution, they shall recommend to the elector* at
the next election of member* of the General Aaaaobly.
tovutefororagalhrtoConvemloti. and U!t ahalt on
pear that onEyoriiy of all the electors cf «ie£Ut« rot-
Ing for Representative* have voted for a Convcntton,
the Geueral A*eemblr shaiL at their next *cmlou. call
a Couveadon," Ac.
It will he acen that it !* necessary that all who are In
favor of UiU important measure should vote br It. as
voting tor memoera of die Leglslatnrc, and n«t voting
at aU oo this, count* as a vote against it. Jt li there
(or«. desirable that the tickets of all political ponies be
printed with the word* ** For oCotnrenUou M at tea toot
of them, and then the voter. If opposed to a Couveu.
don. can tear It offi and k> vow aramst it.* • • ••
W. T. p.
xTA atoek of PEIMB BAULKYMALT ftrßwwer*#
and DbUUcr** use, constantly on hand, and earn order
promptly filled. Al*o eapenorYea»tUalt Inbarreta
manufactured at Cold Spring Mall Bouae, Pajalo, N.
Y.. Addrcs# A. 0. HOBBY, tt South Warn nreet,
CUcago, - hUUMsi
A (treat Battle on the Voltarno.
St. J*onxß, iJet. 24.—Tbc news of the City
of' Washington give the details of the battle of
Voltarno. The Neapolitans, estimated
20,000, attacked the Garibuldians »•- *
ofa thick mist and car"'- ’ ~«uor cover
for a tlnjesacr"'' ‘ —wa some positions, and
baldin'" . -vcoed In driving back tho Oarl
♦’ —whose numbers did hot reach half
aielrg. Garibaldi went forward, revolver In
hand, cheering on his men, and after a deeper*
ate light of eight hours duration, tho Kcapoll
tans were broken and routed, and were pur*
sued close under the walls of Capua.
Ilumore arc current that Capua had surren
dered ami that the bombardment of the town
wua progressing, but neither had been con
tinued. The line of the Volnroo was still
strongly protected, and it was said the Neapol
itans were prepared to defend their positions.
Borne Sardinian troops assisted the Garibaldi*
hus in the battle. Garibaldi had called on the
King of Sardinia to go to Naples and to
send him 14,000 men immediately. The Pied
montese troops had entered the Neapolitan
A Brigade of Germans was cut off from the
, main body of the Ncpolltan army and driven
to the mountains. The GaribaVUns took
5,000 prisoners, and it was estimated that the
Neapolitans had iJ.OOO killed and wounded.
The loss of the Ganbaldlans was stated at 2-,
OuOmcir. Tim Royalists subsequently made a
fcorlle from Capua for the relief of the German
Brigade, but were repulsed. The King of Na
ples and his brothers were present at the bat
It was reported that three of the Great Pow
ers had protested against the entry of Sar
dinia into Naples. ilazzini had entered Na
ples at the request of the pro-Dietator. Ad
riens from the Papal States Indicate no change
in the state of affairs there. The Pope re
mains at Rome. Gen. Lamoridere hod
returned to Prance. The Preach htul occu
pied numerous places near Rome. It was
reported Uiat a third division will be sent from
France to Rome.
The Paris Bourse was dull and depressed.
Rentes 08f tfOc.
Military movements on a vast scale were
reported in Austria.
News from Pekin to the commencement of
July bad been received via SU Petersburg, but
there was nothing of Importance.
The English funds were depressed by heavy
exports of gold to Prance.
Later from Mexico.
New Orleans* Oct. 23.—Private advices
from Mexico say that the Liberals under Gen.
Ai&Zvn bad captured Guadalajara.
Kbw OiaEAS3,OcL 24-—The steamship Ten
nessee bos arrived with Vera Cruz dates to tbc
21st inst.
Minister McLean arrived out on the 17th.
The Savannah sailed for New York on the
19th, and the Susquehanna for Key West on
fame day.
The capture of Guadalajara is confirmed.
The an tiering* of the people during the edge
was Immense.
Gen. Degolhulo had been detected In com
munication •with the enemy, and wus ordered
to Vera Cruz for trial.
The British and Prussian Ministers had none
to Jalapo.
The distress at the capital was very great.
It was reported that Puebla had been alran
doned and her garrison called into the city of
The health of Vera Cruz and the U. S. squad
ron was excellent.
Fire at Leavenworth.
Lsavenwobtif, K. T., Oct 24,—A fire at S
o’clock this morning destroyed eight or ten
frame buildings on northeast corner of Third
and Shawnee streets. With two exceptions
the buildings were of no great value. The
stocks were mostly removed with but little
damage. The total loss will probablv amount
to SIO,OOO, on which there is less than $2,000
insurance, SI,OOO of which is in the Western
Massachusetts Company, and the remainder
divided between several other companies.
The fire originated accidentally In a furniture
Prom Pike’s Peak.
St. Joseph,Oljt. 24.—'The PhibuMiihia Board
ofTradc delegation arrived here tbls evening
in uood health.
The amount of dust broucht from Denver
by the Pike’s Peak express for the lust week
Is $14,422,« J. *
No news from the mines.
The route between here and the Peak is
thronged with emigrants and trains, going both
More Faction.
New York, Oct. 24.— The Tribune Wash
ington despatch says an order has gone out
hence to the States of the Northwest, directing
the Administration Democrats (o vote fur the
Douglas Electoral ticket.
The same correspondent says: “ I hear of
the default ofthe Postmaster at Keokuk, lo
wa, and also of another In a leading town in
Illinois, cither Alton or Qtilnry.
Roller Explosion.
Lee, Mass. Oet. 24.—One of the boilers at
Platuer 6c Smith’s new paper mill, in this
town, exploded this morning at 4 o’clock, se
riously and’ probably fatally Injuring Jno.
Dnchcr, of Kent, Conn. The damage to prop
erty bv fire and the explosion amounts to So,-
000. The same building was damaged lost
June, and had but Just been repaired.
Republican Bally at Ottawa.
Ottawa, 111., Of# 24. —The Republicans
held a mass meeting here yesterday. Speeches
were made by Messrs. Grow of Pennsylvania,
Galloway of Ohio, and Palmer of Illinois. In
the evening there was a torch-Vi"ht procession
of 1300 Wide Awakes.
Mr. Growleft at noon to-day for Chicago.
From Boston*
Boston, Oct. 24.—A letter from ‘Washing
ton, states that the Postmaster General has
adopted and ordered a one cent self sealing
envelope, which will soon be throuhout the
country. The Breckinridge Democrats ofthe
6th District, to-day nominated Dr. Geo. B.
Lorlng, for Congress.
Welcome to Carl ScUarz.
3riLWArKES, Oct, 24.—There wng a great
Republican Mass meeting held in this city to
day, to welcome home Carl Schurz. lie ad
dressed the crowd this afternoon. To-night
the Wide Awakes have a torch-light proces
Beller£zplodcd at lowel.
Lowed, Oct- 24.—The holler for beating the
Suffolk Jlllls exploded to-day, killing Walter
W. Briggs, assistant engineer, and severely in
juring Charles C-Steame, an overseer in the
New York, Oct. 24.—The Candle Factory
ofO. P. Jlcncci, on Staten Island, formerly
occupied by Garibaldi, was burned yesterday,
with several other building*.
Steamer Sank,
ilEMpni!?, Get 24.—Steamer Fred, from
Memphis to Cincinnati, with I,UOO bale* cotton
sunk at Island No. 10. The boat laatotalloes.
The Rivers.
Dubuque, Oct. 24.—3 feet 4 inches on the
bar. Thermometer 72.
Particulars or (be Rassacrc ortho Em*
fgraut Train.
Oar dispatches from St. Joseph, Mo., on the
22d, stated that an emigrant train had been
captured, and the emigrants murdered by the
Snake Indians. The dispatches to Iho New
York papers arc fuller, from which we obtain
the following particulars;
Mr. H. Scheiber bad just arrived at Treka
with news of the massacre by the Snake Indi
ans, of an entire emigrant train, consisting of
46 persons, in of whom were men, the balance
women and children.
The party were first attacked about fifty
miles on the west side of Salmon Falls, on (he
2th of September. This attack lasted about
one hour. The Indians then withdrew, and al
lowed the train to proceed five miles. Then
they again attacked them. The fight lotted
two days and one night. : On the afternoon of
the 101b, the Indians bad po of the
train, with the exception of *>lr men, who, be
ing mounted, escaped. AftertraveUngthrough
the woods for nine days, these six were again
attacked, ami five of the party killed. Scheib
er alone esenped by biding In the bushes. Af
ter traveling for .-even days without food, he
was found In an exhausted*condition by some
persons who took him to the Dalles, Of the
nineteen males in the party, six werediseharg
ed soldiers from Fort Hall. Mr. Scheiber is
the only one who escaped. He says that the
six men who left on horseback, did not
leave until the Indians had complete posses
sion of the traiu, utd from the screams of the
women and children, he was Jed to believe
that the whole party were butchered.
**■ WORKS. AH owners or occupant!*of hntMlr.cs
HippUed with water W the Chicago City Ilulraulh:
Company, are hereby noiLUi-d t]>*t the eecohd »e»>L
annual payment of ibex ear commenting Mar i«t is A
and cndl’ig May let. JSU, will be due and pavtiblc on
the let of .sovoiuUvr u«t,ai the Water Coiund-i-loner’s
Office, comer of Lake and La Salic Streets room No, 4
over >larioc R.Dk. Thenarmcnt herein declared to be
due on the in of November next is for nsc of water
u»Mhe half£tar commencing with dial day and ending
Owner* or occupant* of haUdla-s which arc alt nat ed
°b] o jte any street, avenue or alley, thrnnsh
watch the dfctrioaUnz water pipes are laid, bat which
are not supplied wiiu water, are also notlUcd that the
jeeoad eenAantmal payment for the aaaesament for
the year comtnrncing iCay Ist. ism, and cudlor May l*u
be ttoc and payable at the same time and
By order of the Board. a.W. TINKRAM. Sec'y.
W aierComiaUioßWa Office, oct. 20. WOO., (oc22dJo£lot
Thc«« Tuntaeea are the result of years of expert-
S?)?, c an( * “T 5 aoperlor la Kcooomv, Capacity, Dunu
. f l l . ai rr *nd Ea*« of Manavfn»»nt to any other Furnace.,
fhe beat way to Warty House*. Banks, Seminaries,
inufvftc*. StQfga «od Auldtog* 1* by
John L.'Wll«iiv Wabash Avenue; StUca Bur-
Park Flare: Felix G. Beneaa, G.B.
u a v‘. wn ' K. O. Rali, Thou.
-Bl Carpenter, Uelolt; n.Thompson,
f:'*'!- • J, W. iiane#, £*q<t. baallu, D. Bond,
Waynei DonLE*a_Kvan^
U ,n * S■ R- Adams, Esq Waba-Ii Avenue; J. il. Adult.
Backer- Rcr. Li£ Dell; Bigelow. MuUke & C<4
>. W.Thayer, new Sherman Doeee:D.
Lonz.Uke*tre«; Seth I*. Warner. Wabash Avenue;
Michigan Avenue: Wabash Avenuu
ilctbixUal Clmnai; Jerome Beecher. Michigan Avenue;
•'abash Avenue; E. a Smith fc Co* Adam*
Tho*. Church. Wabash Avenue; L. Neur
lOß, K*q, Batavia ; "tv. tr. Boynton. Architect, Jtichl
fsS ; , Z. Farn*worth. wano with them,
r.F^ , fv^ V^?,e * t i e 40(1 e by JOSEPH C. H£N-
UfcltoUN. ilauufactnptr. IS4 Clark Street, Chicago.
near the Now coiwia House. oc2&J3«4i
' works.
• IST South Clark street.betweenMadlsonandiloaroc,
Chicago, Illinois.
n££f/ *" of 811k and Woolen
Good#. AUo, Straw Bonnet Bleacher and Prccaer
Store and country attended to.
Van Sciuack’s Housekeepers’ Emporium.
—Mow that the weather has become su'Sgcelivfc
of In door comforts; au establishment like that
ofVan Schaack, at Mo. 47 State street, the sign
of the “Golden Tea Kettle,” commends itself
to the lovers of domesticity, and the*"
hold appliances condo'* 1 — * * wUfte "
VaaSc 1 *- * * —to to the same. Mr.
extensive premises, in one of the
hugest stores In the dty, arc Ailed to their ut
most capacity with an assortment of wares
that have come to be Included In a metropolis
tan establishment under the comprehensive
head of Housekeepers' Goods. From furnaces
to fine table cntlery, from stoves to. plated
ware, whether In Iron-, or tin, or wood, or wire,
all that can tend to convenience or luxury of
the kitchen or table department of a well,
regulated fdmily,’* the same is to be found at
No. 47. The great feature In stoves, and one
which is creating a decided enthusiasm In this
market, is the Littlefield Railway Coal Burner,
whosemerits are “beat seen by’looking at the
stove itself, or consulting those who have the
same In use. It Is unquestionably the best
and most satis&ctory stove la use for bandog
coal, and deserves to be seen by all who desire
ceonomv inftiul and fcerftct heating of apart
ments. U constitutes one of the leading rca
soas just now why our readers should drop iu
at Van SchaackV.
A Simple asd Powerful Pump.—A Pump
of exceedingly simple construction, yet the
most powerful, in Its various classes,of any we
have ever seen, we had the pleasure of exam
ining at one of onr hardware establishments,
the Housekeepers Emporium of Thomas
George, on the comer of Lake and Franklin
streets. It Is the West Patent, which Is wide
ly recommended for its extreme simplicity of
construction, great strength and consequent
durability and cheapness of repair. There U
no stuffing box—the pressure being held by a
cup packing, like that upon the working pis
ton, working In’ a cylinder, fitted for the pur
pose, within the upperair-chambcr—which we
think la a great improvement, os stuffing is
so liable to be deranged, and leak under strong
pressure, to say nothing of the loss by friction
incident thereto. It bias also two air-cham
bers ; thus the action of the valve is cushioned
upon both sides. The valves are very accessible,
and simply and cheaply repaired- They work
much cosier than any other pamp we have
ever seen, the four inch C3*llndcr being worked
by children, In wells 100 feet deep, and they
arc extremely cheap as well as simple and
and strong. They are not liable to get out of
order and are not in danger of freezing in the
coldest weather. They well deserve examina
tion of all Interested.
The Fashions.—Fall styles may be now said
to be extensively introduced. For gardens,
lawns and trees, both forest and shade, a quiet
drab or u dead leaf” lone is noticeable, If not a
a novelty, and will be worn for some months
months to come. Trimmings have gone by
and indeed arc very nearly out of style, only
admissible in the evergreen family who will
adhere to their old and standard tints; ail
other styles of leaves, grasses, buds, and even
fruit have passed out, and there will be no
fresh trade orders until another season. It Is
not as yet noticeable that tbo visit of the
Prince of Wales has affected these styles in the
least The season for bright tints seems to
have gone by, and such are only admissible in
skyey effects, say at dawn or sunset, with an
occasional gala night of the Aurora Borealis.
As the end of the year approaches, the January
settlements will bring in a general shade of
“dun,” which will be worn by all who do not
attend to their UUUi bills in time. Wc cant
find the color of excuse for saying anything
Musical Matters.—Ou Tuesday evening
the Chicago Musical Institute closed its six
weeks session. Wc believe it lias experienced
the disadvantages of a political campaign
which elbows even music aside.
We learn that Mrs. E. G. Bostwick contem
plates a fresh scries of her popular and success
ful soirees, to commence next month.
The Philharmonics arc “going right along.”
Over two hundred members have signed the
constitution, and the directors feel very confi
dent that this number will soon be doubled.
Hans B.iktka, the musical director, Is nowjtT
manently settled in this city, and will com
mence hU rehearsals next week. Thu first
grand concert will probably take place about
the middle of next month.
gzST Oar merchants speak of a thriving
trade for the season; our wholesale houses
seem particularly busy, and shipments arc be
hind orders. Stocks are heavy and the trade
inducements of this market wero never better.
Wo yesterday found this especially true of the
IcadingSou thWater Street Grocery House of
Messrs Day & Allen, long si jobbing firm of
Al£li standing in the interior ofthe State, on
, the Illinois river, and now pressed closely by
the business transferred, and added since their
establishing themselves in this city.
25y Dc Land & Co.’s Salcratns is still an
interesting subject for the housekeeper's at
tention. It Is just what they have long dc
dcsired, and which, now that it Is In their
possession, they arc not inclined to part with.
It continues to give the most complc satisfac
tion in the kitchen and in the dining-mom.
Manufactured by D. B. De' Land & Co., Fair
port, Monroe county, X, Y, Sold by all good
grocers everywhere, and at wholesale by the
wholesale dealers In Chicago and Milwaukee.
Tun Norwegian Cluck Fair.—The Fair
for the benefit of the Norwegian Evangelical
Lutheran Church takes place this evening at
North Market Halt The excellence of the
object should crown th« efforts of the friends
in this direction with a large and abundant
financial success. This society arc desirous to
pay off an outstanding debt upon their bouse
of worship, on the comer of Erie and Franklin
streets. The opportunity to help them is very
• happily blended with an occasion of real cn
A Suggestion fob North Clark Stket.—
Why will not persons interested in the im
provement of North Clark and North Wells
streets, particularly the former, borrow a les
son from the West Side tunnels now nearly
completed and bridge in the same way that
serious nuisance of a railroad crossing. The
Galena company wonld doubtless be a party to
the enterprise.
Republican Sociable.—A General Good
Tune may be expected at the Wigwam, Thurs
day evening, Oct 25th, when a number of
short and stirring spceche* will be delivered
by our own citizens. The exercises will be
Interspersed wilh campaign songs.
Political sentiments will be furnished by la
dies and gentlemen, and read from the Speak
er’s stand. Speaking will commence at 7
o’clock. The platform and galleries will be re
served for ladies, and gentlemen accompanying
them. Let cverybodyattcnd this political so
ciable. By order of Campaign Committee.
J. Wiiitb, Chairman.
183 South Water Street, Chicago,
tjjos. a. nmxirs.l vo. x witura. I «. o. van waccskb.
RareaeKCTS.—Marloeßa .tr. CMcmko. III.: J. F, Dnnn
A Co.. Bankers.r.alestour- XIV.; A, D, Beed A Co.. Bank
•ra.Oa!eshnrir. 11l ,;C. Ban«l» , ikCy., B-inkem, Knox-tile,
til, : J. P, Hoe'hklo A Co„ Uanlirr*. Peoria, 111. - y s>
Henry A Co., Banners. Stcrtlnj. 111.-. Uums*cy, Drottirf
A Co„ Chicago. 111.; ileimlne * WoodrnlV, ?t. Lonl*,
Mo.: GreeJy A Gale. m. Loot*. Mo. : Cdrrtnguia »t
Proton. Oswego. N. X*.; It S. King. Buffalo. N. Y.; l>
A A. T>ow» * Co M New York. tVS’OJ.jy
L. a m-att * co.,**.
05 - - - Randolph street - - - 05
OrdcrafroiU the country promptly attended to. (fo!8
No, uWabatiLAveoue. Chicago, 111 ji .
Weigh out of LereL No check
Bod*. All friction received oa jr |Wf
Balls. sclXO-ly w HP?
38 - - - La Salle Street - - « 38
Have on liand. at all times, every *trle and flnLh of
V* ood Lead and Zinc Coffins; also, SUroutL*. And aru
prepared with Hearse# ami Carriages and evcrylhlur
requisite for Fnocrnl*; and nuy be found oa baud and
ready toglre promptatteniloa to their bosloesxat oil
They alrO have a Chapel and Vault In the Cemetery.
X(\l k Ebls. CRUSHED, POW
Kf\ Tcs. PIUMK RICE, for sale
tl y cheap REYNOLDS, ELY & CO.
1 K(\ PEPPER, now landing
.K0() Hlf Chests Y. 31. TEA,
V/ \J ELY & CO.
8 ?,5 3 RIO COFFEE, just
tJU\J received and for *ale by
1 A'Bis. NO; X NUTMEGS: “•
pIRCUXARS, tastefully cor up at
VJ TBBTmvx^Qreice.uei.Sutn^a,
WANTED. —A gentleman accus
tomed t9 boslccw. a good accountant and book
keeper. wisbc* a eltuailon,—ciu attend to outdoor
badness If desired. Good city references can be irtvea.
Address I*. O, floi J 13. - *
- ~—77 . v
' v — —l*7 an English girl,
r » who can the best references, a rttnation
&« Chambermaid. to QO*ewlng, or taking can: of chil
dren. _Addrcaa “E. T." at thli_ofSce> ocJixSt
\VTAXTKD.—To Wholesale and
.T » Retail Growers and Store Keeper*—Wanted, *
tltaatfoa by a young luan willing to da any kind of
work to commence with, who ha* had 1- year* expert
cncelnLoQ(ioa,£nclifltL Addrese ** W, H. CJ* -4rtß
P. U. box- ocUi3t
WANTED. — A Medium Sized,
•ecood-hand SAFE and LETTERPRESS, and
Iso a BTE-Ut BOILER with 2s todldcfi 3ae* 12teet
QOSbyS feet la diameter. Addrcfra box '£ I MF, [oCMX2I
\\7'ANTED. —Information W anted
* y . of ROBERT FLBTT. who left Genera, Via
coadn.la >l»rvh last for Milwaukee. Intending to sail
oa the Lakcd. Aar Information regarding him or
where he may be found, will be thankfully wclwl by
bit brother. JAMES C. FLETT. >l9 South Clark
itrect, Chicago, lU. P.0.b0xa?73.
Chicago, Oct. 23,193), oc2U3t
* 7 _ V e JJN cta W« 111 a private family. I* a
good Cook. V> aahcr and Irvner. and willing to do
general lotu*e-work. Inquire at £3 State street,
corner of llarrtroo, No. 3 up «t-vifs> ogjaxit
r * ’ PLV tho Sonlh and West with Ocaooa**
r.cp.Eft* >«DL* Tkkiuocr*. Aar active man can
niako flOaU.ty, borne are nuking twice lUat. Liberal
terms to imiuptrlou* men. IL GUUDON. 19 couth
tiara street. Boom 8. oc37i3t
\\f ANTED—To Borrow, Twenty*
.' ' FlveHnndred Dollars, on good security. Ad.
drraMhroog ll Boat Oilke Box iiTT I. Chicago.
AAT ANTED—By a yonmr man of
* KOodmoraUand»lt»UUy.a«UaatioaasT*«*rher
*? ? **(»« School or Academy. or principal of a Public
School. Unexceptionable references given. Address
Box 13*, SandwkMlL ocl9<3w
J. \ IW Tons of K*>o4 X IMOTUV DAT. for
which the Idghpot market price will be paid In Carh on
delivery at our rrciw. Maxwell street, corner <W Bine
i .‘ : . ind “ v . c . !lur - W«*tChicago. FUISIRE BROTHERS,
oaic« tj Markettttrcfct._ ociQxlui
WANTED—A Stock of Dry
¥ T Good*, Jewelry. Clothing or Boot* and Shoe*,
in exchance for Improved or unimproved Real E-tate to
CWcsgo, Milwaukee or Portage Cftv. WL*. Any cue
S L '“*P?I U »*k« an exchange will please addre-* P. o.
Box DJ3. Chicago. oclOilw
\\T ANTED—Tile undersigned lias
** 2 fc ,n Beftliylnc well'locaked in »
noorbnlhg dry fn the Interior ofWhe<Mi*ln. and want.*
a partner with two or three hundred dollar* cash, to
ntc la the purrha,e of hlghwluqa for tmmodUte u*e
In Addition to the liquor trade, the c.-t.iblUnaect Is
ina*lu£ from two to three barrels vinegar per dav. the
protit of which wtu pay expenses. with real
name (or no reply wla bo given; -Alaonlactarar-'* Tri
bune OlUce, Chicago. oc-JxSt
\\f ANTED—Agents to in
i i a Pleasant and printable BudnevC lu'whlch
Lauin and Gentlemen of good address can nuko
From $2 to $lO per Day.
Can between the boor* of 9 and 11 a. and 2 and 4
p. »„ at .So H Masonic Temple, me l*o»t of
tier; orndureo#, enclosing «aap, P. O. Do* .1.113. Chi-
Ogo. 111. _ oelO-dL-Ltm
dfor Sale.
SALK—A few more of those
jAddrps. from 12 to 20 fert long, inannfartttred
nmm f.ew York fatatc Spruce Timber. Clorlng out at
T. 31, UIBDAJU), Ha Kliulc street.
SALE— 18,000 Acres of Lnntl
X near Fort Dodge, lowa, at alow figure hr cash.
Apply to A, J. GALLO BAY & Co.. tfeDLake street,
Chicago. <tihdmiw
SALE— : A I.i-ht Pcd.llers’
'I a 5 oeirlyiiew. will bcsoldchcap. Apply to
GEO. ETcONGDON’, 3S Lake street, (np-statnj
F)H SALE—3OO Acres of Choice
line Lands for aalo or exchange for good City
Property. The land Is In ’VTlncon.-LL on t'*c Oconto
River, thirty miles above the mouth, near Ehlrtdge A
Dalcom’s Mills. two valuable Horses. Bncgv,
Harness. Ac, For further Information apply u> RUill*.
K. HILL. Proprietor of Garden City House.
T7OU SALE—The Stock of :i well
L csttbUshednsdprofitableuiannCurturlng concern
in this city amounting to 1.1,000. One-half cash and se.
curetl short paper, balance l:i well located real estate
In iMstity or fanning Isodtt In the eoantry. Address
"S.. P.0.80x MR»|. »vJ»xlm
£o lirnt.
r PO KENT.—That Large Dwelling
-1. house on the comer of Harrison and Buffalo £tv
all newly papered aud pointed, wltligus, hath cellar, ad
In first rate order. Ij*rrc lot and stable. Apple to
JOHN jt. Ht'CZIJLNAN, Ao. sin Randolph Pu from
W to Vi o clock, ocITdAVJw
X In a pleasant loontloa—^low toa gocdtecant. Ad
dress “\_oung," box eg 10. ucgtglt
'T'O LAAVERS. —A sent in a Fur-
X nDhed office to L’t. Inquire at Room B. No. -li
South Clark street. ocMxlw
KEXT—Tliat lanjo Dwelling
JX House on the corner of Harrison and Buffalo
street.*. All newly papered and painted, with sabbath,
cellar, alt lit first rate order, igirge lot and stable.
Apply to JOHN 8. BUCHANAN, No. UH Randolph
street, from 10 to 12 o’clock. ocl».d3SL3w
TO RENT —The Commodious
Store. No, -16 North Clark street, under the Fos
ter House. A tr*t rate location for buslaeas, particu
larly C’hdMng. Jlardwan*. Ac. Apply to UhO. F.
I OSTER. «»r M. H. HAATEiC. of the Foster Uou-e.
r rO RENT—One Now Three-Storv
Brick Hon***, with large yard and large bam. on
Old street. ca*t of Michigan avenue—otc of the finest
location* ami neighborhoods In the. city. Reut oulv
f23 per month. Apply on the premises, or addrew Po«t
Office Box ISOO. .
r J' < o RKXT—Four Sturv Brick
JL Store. wttUcelUrSflbyitttfcct. on North Water
BtrcrLderignetlforStoraffe. Can bo rented for pork*
carting and packing. Apply toG. W, ADAMS. No,
> Ml North water street. -eTtsim
1-* FOR SALE.—The* Hoe Iddlilery itcarlird to the
I’nilricStiUs MUbatCilatuavllle, iicar Elgin. on Uic
CMi-utio and Galena HMlroad. Applv to DAVIS £
MS-SN, -IG La Salic street. ' octJ-dfiTT-lm
I» A A - *! Hivn Pimoa forValelow. n.v*os and
r» v » « • Mclodeons to Kent. Orders for Tuning
Pianos.Melodcoru. Organa, and all UmU of M'ulcnl
Instruments promptly attended to. All kinds of Mo*L
cal lostnituents repaired at short notice
BOARDTXG —A lyonflciiian and
hla wife, or one or two ‘logic gentlemen, will find
b<wl aod pleaAict xooma. fiimlahcd or unfund
wtUila tea minute* walk from the Court House. West
Side. Addrus« I*. O. Bo* 41313. oe?.* iVV7-3w
BOARDING There arc uuvv
vacant at and A South CtackatrceLocmc
plvAsant fount rooms suitable for families or tingle gen
tlcnirn. It Is also a convenient location for <htv
hoarders, as It Is only one block foom the New po-'t
Otllce. Terms moderate. ocSflslw
Boarding — a smt of Front
Rooms to rent, with Board, at 19 and 2 • MlrM.
gao avenue, llelerencca required. oclO-d2d>-lm
OO ADDING Pleasant Rooms
J—J with Board can be obLnlnedhtNrt. ID Van Unren
strccu between State and uvruq... o-M-.'.m
* SfATTOS.—TI«e Illlaol* Starch at
Ottawa, an* now nunofaeturlag the Purest Starch In
the world. In body, quality and whltene»t it caonot
os excelled, and □•dug manufactured enUrrlv with
spring water, which i* natnralle ooß.n-t ralnwafar.lt
eycVvla* m> nefarious ehtnvlcal. hence U Uluffnltcly
more desirable (or food and Uuudry i>arpo*c» than
any olhertu use.
Aa an asauranre to the public of th<* mrrlfa of
the surrh. any amount of Urn moat salLdactory refer,
eticca could be given, bat In L'4‘ casts reference scorn to
lx- unarcfAtary, hs nil by procuring » mtl«* for trie),
can MtU'y rhentM’irca. In Inn ing the starch b«*Mr.
Ucclar In eeclng tha! it h taken (rum boxes marked
To Wholeoate Dealer*, the Cnmpanr would aay wllh
Our mi equalled focidtr I<>rniaUufactarlQg.ftnd tin* very
Rrratadvantage w« bate over all other fhctoriasof
P'lretiastng com &t low prices, wo can sol) you ut
figures that will make It to roar Interest to aendna
J-xir order*. Every box of starch that leave* the
factory Is warranted equal If not superior to anr pro.
finrrq Jn the world. All onlersandcomnjutUcafl.in*
addressed ■‘lllinois Starch Company, Ottawa, Illinois’*
■will receive prompt attention. []eti.cßi Am
Have on hand, at all an cxienrtTc stock of
choice STAPLE STATIONERY, suitable for the pro.
fcj‘loo. GcutJcmea can have their orders filled
promptly and at low prt'c*. Legal Tap. Blue and
white, heavy and fine quality, as #I.OO and f j 00 per
ream. Lcgvil at fl.Oa #5.00 and n«T
l!«v.w»nd. Letter Knrejnpe*. White and Butt, at SI SP,
FiM. EI4S. 12.50 and #B.OO per i:<*.usan<L Letter ami
FcMvcap Paper*, at ?4AO.r.IJX) f £t,sd and *di>l per
ream, CoimucreLil Note, as #l,ja «.(» and #t5D per
ream. Lawyer's Hand Doekrto. at st.ttJ and St ts each.
Ju«tiee'*Xhx'kcf*.at *LOO. Sl,'A |C.ouaDd»:tonearlt;
togtUier w«*i every article of Htotionerr for the
OCii-c and (.'•juaslag noom,canbe obtained of o« at the
limn reo-or.ablr ptlrrv. Ucd Ta«c. Scaling Wax.
Ink and lakeland*, O’UIU and Qufll Pea*. Gold aad
Steel pen* of »►—t qu;ul:y. Letter Pro**ea and Copy,
lag Bools, Pciieli*. Ac. |), U. COOKE * CO..
oc?l 111 Like rir**ef.
-TV claim* strain*! the late Arm ofSTEVBXS * HCS
TO:? are hereb't notified to riwat thn Mine to the nn.
tler-Kiitnl.athUo.iirr.No. tit S>ath Water street,
before IbnaiUaeof November next. at which time Hie
tn my pv?*c—ion wlUbe nppil'.'d to payment nf
Vk Mdeimlne-H of according to the roodf.
tloaa of a certain deed of tuslmmeolbearlfl:; date the
nineteenth J*j- of -March, I», J-W.
oeltolisi-lia Assignee of s*tevess ,t linston.
«plomlW Rotea-iwi muiirrt Table*, with 3far.
ble or ?!ato Bed*. with Beat CnuliloM In the -world, for
f£X $250, and f-Tno. Everythin* complete. pJea**
f«wi your onlco b£ tuall or otherwise, unri I will nil
the same as If given In person. All tables sold brne
are warranted. VT. U. OBIKKITIL Practical Billiard
Table Maaat*cCarcr, .Vo, l-lC Fallon street. New York-
City. .. tocWUi-Sm
Rates Only, $1.50 Per Pay.
Located near the Central Itnllroad lVpol%alUtecTDj£.
log of £<uU Sliwt Bridge.
S. W. fiZA. ft CO., Proprietory.
ft CO.,
(Soccrasor to Wear*. Carpenter ft Ci>.>
Cedar Rapids, lotva.
. Rmaocrs.—Real. Drexel 4 Co., !xew Tort; Iloff
toan ft Oelpvkc, Chicago. Jajocn.ly
I J TUISS.-MU. ADA L. HOYT, Wrtllns amt Hap.
ping Test Medium. will give sittings for Uie laveadmt
lion of thew nneo-jmcaa. from 9 A. iL to til*. M , mC
No.ztSoaUiDcarisiscaidreeu Terms, |1 anhourfor
one or two persons. oclSxsw
ron ctTr property.
.a.- as*-a. n. 3vc,
Ccn&Unj or iffl scm of prairie and 40 acres of Umber
laad. Aodrew, I*. O. Sor 1 L ocAHTMm
X be occupied on the ut of Korember. A
large and handsome uoce and baMnurac. separate or
together; *Uoo&ccssu)d toomj.wUl be rrnfrri cheap,
Apdir at the Bundles, Eoom 14. B. P. BiIERaiAA.
Ui Dearborn street. ociSdaodw
ttoops, droops," noops;—
XX Foot Hundred Thousand Extra Flat (flour
Barrel) Hoops, ttom illchlsan. Ibr sale by C. J. Ma
imr., »(. £, comer BootbWster mod Well* ttRCP
$ Co.,
Sew York Central B. 8., Clefflnnd*
mtabursh u. K m Troy * Erl© ana
Xroy and Wratern Line* on
the Eric Cutil,
And frnnoWaln connection with the above) the Buffalo.
Cleveland and Chicago Line on the Lakes, consisllntoi
Win contract freight at the lowest rate* to and from
all the principal points East, via steam on the Lakes
and lUil or Canal between Buffalo and Albany.
Also, Freight contracted to and from
. ruiLAwajtyiu.
At Lower Kates than by any,other Route.
OSm Ko. 1 Clark-St, gor. South. Witar Stroot,
jyd-cCtAim _
Transportation Line.
General Freighter* to the nines,
We bare Train* leaving St. Joseph weekly Ibronab.
ont tbe year, t »r all parti la the mine*. soil can Sire
pnrtle* nntiMLtl facljltlt'a lor getting out ftelabt with
dlapatcb and at reasonable r*vc». AH goo<li* shipped to
our care, destined fur tbe mine*, wilt Be promptly aU
tended to. Warehouse on Sfxtb Street. .
A. WAIUtKN ft CO.,
St. Joaepb, Mo.
And Western Express Co.
JBL 1860. M
To SXUppen* of Freight to and from
111© AVmI I
Enlarged and beat fteflitle* ever presented for tbo
consideration of Mreehaut*, Shippers, Tra
velers and Emigrant*.
Having larcclt increased their Lake CielUUea, will be
prepared, on the arrival of Canal Goods, to run during
Um ensuing season between
Buffalo, Chicago, Milwaukee & Racine,
Touching at intermediate porta on the Upper Lakes
the following first-L»a»*a Screw Steamers:
mssovßi, iirr. vernon,
LcavtogrtUe dock.-* at Erie Basin and foot of Michigan
•tract. tJufTnlo. EVEUV EVENING. tSondats ex
erpteri>, at «. And between BUFFALO and OK
TRuIT. vis North Shore direct, tho
Leaving the Dock at Erie Ha-sin at« o'clock r. m. And
Leaving the Dimk at Erte Basin at • o'clock r. And
between BL b> ALO, ERIE and CLEVELA.\6. the
Learlng tlie Dock at Eric Darin at 7 o’clock r. x. And
bctwceaUCt'F-U.Oaudttl4iuivN DAY. the
Leavlnrtbe Dock foot of Ctoclnnatl street, at To'clock
p. m.. which, running In connection with the unequalcd
Canal ticllliies of iLU Company, comprlklag
150 Boats of tho Class,
(Eight of which will ’rave Buffalo and New Vork dallr.)
and with the N KIV YORK CENTRAL KAILKUA U, snd
EAI'UEaSES over said roud. enables them u> offer Mcr
chjinwafljJ rhjppcraiatvwf evidently superior LiclUtiea
for the transportation of their freight to and from the
East and Wcat with reliability and despatch.
T/ic Express,
(Owned and operated by Uil* Company,! will be ron
over the New lork Central Railroad (u Buffalo, and
connect with the various Railroads and above Lines of
Propellers, p>r such Freight as may require a more
speedy trsnrlt than by Caual.
The Cabin and steerage accornmodatlaas of these
Steamer* have been ailed sp expressly with a view to
the comfort and safety of passengers.
Fur riles of Frelghtand Pansage, apply to the Agents
or Cotb-lgnces, at tao Offices of the Western Traospor.
tathm Company.
At Eric Ihuln Buffalo. I ICirntlcs Slip. .New York.
11 bt.nc street Boston. 19 Astor lloorc. Broadway.
113 Pier Albany. | New Y’ork.
A. K. Colrer. I’tlrj.»l9l River street Troy.
llow.ird£Thnn:otLAlblou I IT. F. Holmes Rochester,
J. llcaner & C0...,...Eric. J Dunlap AUould.Lockpon.
T.S.Bond....»n^»_j_ H ,, isteven** Chase,!
MU & Morris. >• «cfelaad. r , j, Smtttl • f Toledo.
J. 11. ..saudasky. (A. Ilunklus j
J. L. Hurd A Co . .Detroit, i Johnson <b Hmlgea,
Unnbort,Kirkland 4 Co., \ 3£iui(nvoc.
Mackinac. (John Hely .Racine.
J.T. Kirkland.Ssliebovgait. i Kctioatia
V/. F Hard ... i \\\ If. Wright 4 Co..
.1. J. f allmMl=r ) 3U: *l W.alfSHi.
Hathaway 4 Pena, i Richmond 4C0., l clara-st.
Green Day. 1 Chlfagy.
J. W. TUTTLE, Agent.
Detroit, Buffalo, Suspension Bridge,
Sow Vork. Sew England and
Canadian Town*.
Tor Tickets «rPl r at the 7t*l?ro*d Compeav'e Office,
oppodteTrcmuiiliUmse. comer Lake and Dearborn
struct*, Chicago.
Freight Taken at Lowest Rates
To and from the Fast.
Liverpool and Xcir York Packet Ships,
SiiUliurontheßth and '-’'thof eachmonth. NEW YORK,
New VorK every Saturday, and from Liverpool (calling
at Curb) every WedutMiay.
Parties \Wting tho old country, or wbblus to *eud
for their fricoos. ran purcha-e tieketa at reduced
through raico. Drafts ou Ifoyal Bauk of Ireland, and
Liverpool, to any aiuuaot* Annlvto
For the sale of the following
>o* 70 State Street, Second door from
Bandolph Street.
Cova'ry Merchants will please fake notice and ex.
amine ourooaortuvne before purchasing eUcvrbcrc.
rspEcriye, on fever axv aoce ciluim-a
sure, safe and reliable kxtiksxl remedy.
PI IX LA DELPHI A SOAPS—Orient*!* Defcnlve, Era.
stve, priim. Ac.
n-mk descriptive of the *ame mailed upon the receipt
of 45 cent*. 4
tapldlr taking the lead of all other*, and cannot be
surpassed m ah Invigorating tonic and family medicine,
ptxicluc. Hotel Toilet, sliver, Ac.
Pea Holder*. Pencil*. Paper Folderv, Ac.
BCTERIOR INK, BLACKING, store Polbh. &e,
DK. JACOB’S BITTKBS—WMeb atlnmlate the Uver.
regniatcthe bowels, cleanse the stomach and potto
Vive blood. •crjycOdy
S’. Ob -3.. 3SC BRZO G,
■Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
05 - Lake Street, Chicago, 111. - 05
Would tropcctfolly announce to their old patron* amt
the Trade, that they are now In receipt of a large and
fall assortment of all good* lb their line. ocVT(t3Vt
Having commenced the manofactare of
Z Btn prepared to pay the highest market price for
OH Cafes For Sole at all times.
« , c * A. BOOERS. No. * Hilliard'* Block.
»c-4-dIP6Jin Cor. Clark and g. Water BL. Chicago.
prepared to receive orders tbr
‘’rir srpEinou olieln and ptjuple booking
tLATbSr would rail atteottoa to the low cost of thU
mi.-r*uo« material, and to the greet purity of raln-
WHtcr collected from slate tools, not bcLiirliiinniimat.
Ed . of a&ingles or the poisonous
qualities of painted metals,
t T ! ie established by tbe Company brine
iniUe CUy or New Vork. Parties wl-*blns to procure
please nWrw the Company, corner 13th meet ami
loth avenue. Nav York, or the undersigned, wuerp or
drrawUi retire prompt attention.
G. KCBiIAK, Agent.
27 Cortiaodt meet. New York.
Dimensions of bale, S3 In. bv IS la. at the emK and
Wla. long; aventstr wefctht 4W lbs. la "hipping by
Railroad wn mto nearly one-half la freight over any
other ton# In u-se. Wc can ship ten tons of Timothy
H*>* I? a common bo* car. JOHN K. HARIttN. Alien,
'life. Indiana. a* U: turn of patentee ami excitative nm.
prteiorof IhPfWCetit fortfte Halted States. J. P. t'ROUT
« CO.. lielwbiirg. 111,, Agent* and Manufacturers tor
the State of Illinois. Descriptive Circular wot free
upon application. • ocuixlm
YJ* REEN r APPLET.—I am receiv-
VJ, Uvtlargehtiontldeaof choice Green Apple* from
Michigan. carefully packed In good barrels and which
will be sold extreme!v low to families and the retail
proccry trade by the slngl* barrel. or la larger tpi*nU
tle-*. tVW soon be la receipt of some choice brands or
Orders Ihw the conntrv for Apples and Cider will
•receive pranpcmod eorelhl stteviuß.'
H | u, rlXLcr, .
situ Baseznent of No. M suto ■creet.
Xl The undersigned has recently Jnada arrange,
meats by which bab readrto> the Mlvof
property tzi this city through his Eastern. aiteode*.
>lortre*e» ues«tlated w heretofore, and a 4 the bad.
reSdasJm No. »o Washington street, IhjrtUnd Bloch.
AJSTD aixrsic
Segal Hibertisemous
nutter of the petition of .MiryA.dfrrHl
dlin of Clara Stuwell, Kdwiril 1., rt-iwll
Htowell «nU Frederic* If. St:»wc!i. n,h<«. ciictdt
Court, Luke county, On petltl-a tns.d Ward'* «e.il
saute. Slate of lIIlnoK Lac'* t onntv-r s }*.
labile notice U ticceby ulven, tut In >i >*».-/)(••♦ *>f
an order made and entered on th.* i*;n
her. A. 1). It'da.'by ««• tlreulf <‘»ntrt tn ««•.< Jbe ttu* -jilrt
County of Lai**, in tin* Slat** of tltini>Uui>'M.il-! „ti
and •Insnlar the ahnrn* nnd lnliT««t-i <r ih • aL«,.:.
named minor*, rtom stow r.l>, Kdwnrd 1., Stowed,if*-,
line Sttwell ami Frederick U. Hnwcil, of U ;m-l 10 Uni
following described premises to wit: 'fltenorfivekt
fractional quarter of frarllonat.-u'rMurt rrmb* rtw* nty.
mtco (27). town forty-four (H•- north. (fr»npei*em»
(ft). east, fa Like County aforesaid, eoiUlnink In thn
whole nine acres, more or !e»a. i»nM «hnn s nnd Inter,
eel* brine one equal undivided sixth n 4) t<%( ti,p whole,
belonslog tocneli of Mill minors wij be Kilg at Dublin
auction to thahyhfil bidder fine &v.ii. by *Ue unjlrt
tUtned ztwrdian, under and bv virtue of mid order rf
•aid Circuit Court, at the door of the depot at Lako
Forest Station, on thcOMoaco and 3i/lwn»k«rr or Lika
Short Itallroad. In lake Comity af*rc«nht on Friday,
the second dav of November «e«t. A. It IWO, at Uio
hour of two o'clock In the afeernooa of tbit day.
Dated Oct.3th, A. D. IW.
By Mantes * Tarr. her Attorneys mrakiaw!
MASTER’S SALK.— Sr. -lie of DIL
noU. Cook Cooatr. S^j.—Superior Cocrt of Cld»
earn, In chancery.
Win, H. Townsend ti. Thomna B, McKlvPr. Loving
McKPwpr. b|a wife. Jonathan Clark. (4«ur;« K.
Crocker. Samuel 5, slater, and Uobert dirk. IIIU to
Forerlom* Mortgage
Public notice |h iif n bv* rivets that In pwtumice cf-rt
decretal order entered in Ihn above emitted can*e or,
lhetareoty.fonrt).d:»» orSept-mhrr. X D. Rt». I, Hiram
r. Mather, aa Master In Chnnc*ryof tbeSuierlorCnnre
of Chlrazo. will, on Die iventritxlli day of October,
A. D. ItSiK at ten oVloelc In fie forenoon »f tliftt day,
MU at public unction to the Idirhcrt hlddcCfor cash. at
the north door of ttie Court House. In the v ttr of Chi-
I cjso. tn Mid County of Cook, Die follow!#* described
piece or parrel of LimU mr ruin h tltcrcf aa a»av bo
1 nccp*»«ry toMtl«fr in* snionrit „f *.-M iVcree, with
lotere«t and cost*. t<*z»tli*T ulth the >k*tcr*a fees,
commla-iona and dl«bur*einenl<too wildMic.)
The north half of north half or ti>«* n»rt) > a*t quarter
of north east quarter of Section ttilrre-ii 151. Town
\ *blp tldrtr-clqnt (,•»>, north lUucc ttilrun mvt), eiatof
i ine Tldrd >feiitilan, rr>* r» Jnz ibri from >lx.
tc (rfl) fe**t from off the raatrlde, ».nld «trlh *f land nJ»
rfjrlit of way for th«* Blue island A v* nm- plane Itoad—
add land ten < lOy acrcv. Die came mere i.yle**: s-ld
Sremtwa brlnz situated tn the Connte nfCorkancl
Wto of Illlnnla. IJICAM F. MATJF.Jt.
Mmcrtn Chaacerr of the snprnop Cocrt oiChlcuqo.
Sr«»» * 'Comnl'U Solicitor*.
Dated Octubi-rSd, lS*a>,
-ITJ, do!*. Cook County. ClrrtiU Coirt,Cx>k
Couuiy. in Chancer*. John R. Fafrona. -ororlaln*
ant. tm. Jinoft 11. Ilnbhard ft 3i_ defrnduiiOi
• Public notice U hereb* given that I, 1. C. Falne
Freer. Matter In Chancery of Cook Count-; Sal* of
Illinois, will. In nuesuuuice of a decretal onFrormdfl
Court •cl! at public auction for cash iothehlL*-»t old.
dee. at the north “door of Ui» Court Horn* of tho
County of Cook. In the dtv of Chicago, oy thdOtli Any
of November,.%, D. 15* A :*t tm o'clock In ttworaiwou
of sold dar, all of the rhoura In action ompmprrty
betonsing to tho trust estAto mentioned In fee bill of
complaint In said cause, consisting of a Ur* number
of promlMory note* Indumenta uud iiccouiwasaluat
varloaa persons In Illinois nntl the n«t)arrs
varying In amomt's from seven dollars to «t hundred
dollar* each. A* full explanation* will b* imtc on Uio
dar of sale a* to C;~ r.-sidene? -Hid »■venv of rvh
debtor as possible. Them* chosea In action oiooni In
the aggregate to about twonfr.uirec thomwio. dollar*,
ami the sale will be absolute. proper axgouienht
will bo mode to the pnrvbasvt*.
l. r. jmivr Fitzr.r:
_. Master la Chancery. Cook louuty,
Chicago. Oct in. oclt-dSOu
all w Jacobßusselland Man’!l. nn«*en.bU wfr*.
both of the clfv of Chicago and £»ate of UUaol*, ltd
eveenteand driver totUo I tlufir cert In
Indenture of mortgage. bearing d tie ;h** second dajnf
July, A. D. W>9. i<* secure the n •yrretu of a crrtdu
promissory note of even date tjie'cwll'i. given hr no
■wld Jacob Rn*si*ll for flic <*nm of K«" rt»*. o
DnllarMf liOWt pavablr live veto* sf rf C;> date there
of. at the Cltv I tank In llmtoir. M; soarjinaclta and J ro.
riding thnttne Internet llicreim.vvM- h should b>* at t•'«
rate often percent, per annum. »Bmdd aim b**pay.
able ntratdvtir Bants.ln IV-ton.scmJ.inrnall' - , to »Uj
Oa thearrond day of January unu .it iy earn In every
year, which raid mortage Jan ctrd. d !■« t* e ■*
office of Cook count*. j*ta*e of H ! lnoI*. in b»-t wot
mortgage*, atpage 6IP-amt <• life * do at' - * Use b-’cri
mmdelnt*tepnvntcn»ofihel t*i*rro*rdno
the second d J of J.troarv. l*»;a a d also id tb>jwT
nirm of the Installment of Ibtarrtt da- Cu ae;ond d:»y
of July. ISA and both n-m.n ■ «:m Idr
N“w, therefore, pnb'lo notl- h* V r *bv rivet*. t’*at |.
•lames c. Merrill, Trustee an* M*»r a' r »• repaid, of
Xbodtyof B-stoa and sruie of Mate chatctt accord,
lug to • tie terms of »aM »«* rtg»g- d. > h b dccUro
the principal sum *H>ured thereby mb'irvrtoe. fur
reason of uid default In :aym*nt of .'nferc»t - mi fine
1 shall.inpnnoanceand b. vM«e o t v u- power snd
aathorlty In me rested bv s»M n.crtgag-. Mid tort’io
uses and purposes iht-rcln exprewtd. on Tl nrxrtry.tbo
thirteenth day of December. A. D. U*A at eleven
o’clock In the forenoon of said d«r. at the a rUi rto*»r
of the Court llimse.tn the eltr of i hi ace. -ill at p« b.
11c auction, to the highest blddc* for cash, I he premise*
In said rnorfgtge described. to wit:
“That piece nr parr-*l of land known and described
as lot four (I), In oloch «o< , nle , u i •“!, In fractional
section tWe tv. ta«. adit ton (o the ctf’ of Chi b Ifig
eighty feet «M> fronton Miehf ;annV' mt'ittidom h-m
--drcdandelgbtyfcetfl’*)' lad'pth '•> i-ie xJJC/ln l.‘o
rear, according to too plan recorded In Cook county
Registry, with the dwelling low and other Improve,
mentathereon." JAM£3 C. MKRRILI-.
J. iL ?auu£J, Attorney. Tnalcc.McrT gjfioc.
. iccu-dtfU-tdt
Afl George Ilatinaba. <'f Albion. In the Vtde of
Michigan, did. mi the tMrddsy of Mav. i xwiti*
and deliver to thu undersigned rtcvrioln Indrn'.uTv of
Mortgage to secure the payment of Hire • set end pro.
mlMory Sotva of even d-ite with said Mortgage. fc»p
tl>e sum of fifteen bundr d •101 l ir* earh. s.n!d N"t« s p.*.
Ingpavable to Joseph Blbley or onU-r. oneHixiydavs
after date, one rlt months.irter iht'.e. mulonc In tweivo
months after d de, wlthlntercM at the rule of ten per
ceaLper annntu; wldcbMUl Muit;age I* reeont»*»l In
the Rrcordrr’s office rtf Jo Itavtcr.s coitnfv, jioo’-C R of
3l«>rtgagee. on page* 2l» sod :w»; and wtl. r.*aa It waa
nrnvfiled In and by the terms of»a!d .Mortcare that,
if urfiinltbema*!" In the 1-avmer.t of *ald prmd«»«rsr
Notes, or vltlier of them, either of rrluetp'd «>r IntercM,
on the day or day* when the same »l»aSl b* c«m«e diuv
and payable, tho whole of asld principal and Interests
secured bv said Not*-* should tnereni-on b> c*m>e duo
and payable, and snid Mortgage should bcliait(*dkiti‘ly
fart closed to nay Die some:
Now. Iheremre.Uefaalr having made In the pat*.
mctit of itm first of sold prrniissorv Notes, no part of
said indebtedness Iciving h-cn j»:iUI. according to iim
tenns of said Mortgage, public no'lce Is I'eri bv given,
that L Joseph Stblec. Mortgage** aioreaald. do t'ctvbv
declare all of said Notes In until Mortgaff** derv’ribed t*»
be due by reason of saltl defaniun pavT’ient. mid iI.AC
I shall. U>r the purpose of making tlie rnonev due upon
said Note*, ana in accordance with the power In no*
vested by said 3lortgnge. <*n October
eighteenth. 1960. at ID o’clock in the forenoon. «<■!) uC
RubHc auction, at the north d"or of the <w.tt House,
i the city of Chicago, to the highest bidder .<»r< x>h.
the following desenbed tracts ot land, sirnati d In tho
county of Jy Daviess, In tin* state of Hdiuh*. amt
known and described as tow)t ; lii» north*
wesCqftwtler of section thlr.v-tive i3T.»j the south half
of the southwest quarter ui "Cvtom (Jfij;
theaouthweaf quarter of Rcctlaa fwcioy.fivc and
the southwest qiwtrlrr of itieMiuthca-t'oii irtcrol'
lion twenty-llve r.r.); in town rwente.plm* riPL rangn
three (3>. cast of the fourth principal im-rldltin. btlue
the aum* premUrw convevvd to the p.irtv of the first
part bv Carlos pierce and wife, r.ntl at! right aud equity
of redemption of the «Cd (ii«r:c M.«nn,d i*. Us m-lr*
and assigns, JOSEPH tflllLKV. Mortgagee.
ft. M. WrLsov. .ttfiortier.
Tne above sale la adjourned to Thutadav, November
Bill, 1300. at the same hour snd place,
.lt>sy:vil SIBLEY, Mortgagee.
Chicago, 111. Oct. I£UJ. Djtt, uelSUl
-*-?JL Sea brook p, Oldcrsftair rind lints IK Gld.’pJmw,
bt« wife, of the CUT of Chicago. Co«»k Cnn«i»vaiMJsr«ro
of IRluoK did. on the fourtu.-nth day ox acpteuib.r. In
theyenr of onr Lord one Uummnd tight hundred ami
fifor-nlne. execute and deliver to James o. Uv>wurUi,
of Chicago, in «utd County and St.<C(*. a c.-rfsiu Inden
ture of mortgage to i«oiiro tho payment of« ort*ln
note, in said looilgige dvM-rilwd. rl\»-n by
one Thomaa Klerkoey. <rf * »»/<?*«<» ufl-rr*>id. for tun
sum of uve hundred iiii.l il.lrtv*f>ni didi«r* aivl
rlghty.five cent*. hearing date the wvoncpvnih dav of
Augu»L A. 1». 1859. and payable w the raid Jnmr* (».
Heywofth or outer «n the •Mi'oml djv of MarvK, A. I*.
l-TA which wild mortgage w;t* iiJed ;or record hi tho
olrtrrof the Ib'voMtT of Cook C'ouniv. and Slate of
d.iv ofSt'/diinVr. A. I>,
1859. and duly recordedlu Ijook'focu.'iluo (illiof Mott
eageimind Pag* forty.live (l.'o; amf wM-rra*. default
baa been made In t'>** p;>\meot of lues.d-1 money iu< p
tlonrdln aald proml*oirv note, or unr part thereof,end
the name wtl’.i ?lne* Co.* maturity of Mid note,
la null duo and unpnlil:
Now.tlierrfon*, public ttolW U hereby given, that (3
pursuance of din p»*v»«roC ante U« mud mortgage «*on
tllnfd, I »halL on Monday, the tilth d:tv of N«n« ruber.
A. D. imi. at ton •fclork la the forenoon Of e.ld dav.sC
the north door of the Court Ho'iae, in a. VI rltv «>( Chi.
cago. aril bv public auction t*v tin* hlgUrH bidder for
Cult, tbr following described rf.unfc*!-*. huida ai-d trnr.
ItlcnU. to-wtl;—L.« twelve <J>. hi llhtrtg
Of Johm*ti>» v inbdlvldon of »ho ea«l half of the *outi|.
east quarter jf Section *dx \h\ VoTrmddp thiitv.r.hio
yW). north Range fourteen, c-.pt of tin* Third lulmipjJ
Meridian. *ltiute in the Couni, of Cook, and "f
Illinois. together with all the bulMl*‘**,a th<no:i. and
all the tenement, hm-dltanu iit* mid apport* nance*
thereto befooling, and -all tin* right and equity «d re
demption of the said Seabpvrk I*. oJil*t»!i.iw ami l!o**
D. oljerritaw. hU wife, tiulrbeln* and a*lgt» In and
to the aald premia*.
J.\MfcS o. HF.YWORTU, Mortgagee,
nt*T*r, AJtTttnvr & Gii.r. AU’ia for M.’rfg-ifn-,
CldcsgOv Ociobcr 19th, ura. oclU-iUltMftt
JL tlce t* hereby given that I. P.imoel C. Smith, tho
Trustee namwi In » dc* «l *»f tnmt, orin-ut' d bi IS. AV.
Phillips, dated October Uh. KV*. amt recorded !n tho
Office of the Urrofd.T of S» LnlV' CountT. lUV.ol*. la
l(oi>lc numtb’e is* of J'agi» Ai>,.V'r. '- w ttnd wo, dr
fault having been made by thn Oidd U. tv. ndldp* !rt
the psymeut of the b»mrt secured hv oM dead, irfjf. fti
pnraaauC; of the powers contalni d l i «..Vt n[<m
the appJliT.rion oi the Ugal holdtT of add b-md. an) nt
EtibUe auction at the not Hi door of fie Court lloo.e.tu
leCUvot Chicago. Counlv of t'oVc. Sfcit-
all of the o«u>t!i quarter of Mi tiun A'., Tos n»lUi*
3T. north of Ringe i. ra*; of the Ti.irrl principal Merf
dlm.contafolcc IfOacrn*. Ala*». the m>rTho:ia» ijiiarrrr
of Oic south went quarter and Went bail of (tie Mituh
wert quarter of Section •il,Towa>l>lp;‘*'«.i»«ttb of Itacige
2l east of the Third l*rlnclp«| .Mi-rtdlm. eonfilrlng i:0
acres. Alao. Lota 3 and Pi tu sanatoria sub^dtldem of
tl»e northwest quarter nf Section ÜB, lit I«iwr.ahip :lh,
north of Range Lcaat of Tldnl Principal Mv.rtdljin.cim.
talnlo- togitiicr 30 arrw. Also, bus inrd Bin n. IV.
I'blLJpa'Subdh bJun Of }i>Uß:»ml 4. !;i plm-lcftt In Uio
town of Meudota. 111. Also, tlie cndhldrd half of tho
BOuUivcat quarter of (he miulhta.-t nnarier of cvrlloit
4 Townsldp -D, north of Range 1, cart of 1 bird Princi
pal Meridian, eoutaiulng '4O 3tro. Sn)d sale to bo mado
on the tlxtcentls day or November. l>. pra. atoao
o'clock k u. SAMVEL C. SillTll. Trcwtog.
X Simon 9, WUU co and Mary hla n Ifb. did on
the ;>th d.»y of A**rii. A. IK |W. eveuti* uml deliver to
Jacob tv*. Ludbm. now UectMS-d. their certain
mortage, bennies date the dav and vvwsf umoM, and
recorded vn Vne Recorder’s ciftce of CookConncy. 1111-
nola, la book X! of 3lurtgugca.j>‘»«e 484. and did there
by convey totne *ald Jjetib w.Lutllatn tac
hereinafter nvine I. b» j-ecurc the j ayim-nt of four cer*
tola prombworv uotwMbcrvln uartleuLirl** tuetdlcned.
And. wUerrsuOt w;»* t-r*>vldedli and by said pi«*i tenge,
that Incase of default Its the pitmcut efpuidumca.
either of principal or Interest. w*i made, the wnnie ..f
add principal and luitm-t '*i>i>uldbvtoiuc du*: no'* buy
able. And Che su'd Jr cob W. Ludl tm. hi* heir*, csecs*
tots, artml.UslruUir* or ae*lgua, after l>»cntv d*'i* no
tice la a newspaper printed In the cltv of cid.r , .w.
might sell asherei»a(Certiollr< d.tUe saidprcmlv-*. and
all right and cqaltc of redemption of the said hintou
». Wlltaco and )l; f.' C» hU » I.V. therein. Ami. where
as, default ho* been made In tho paymentut two v(
said notes, ar.tt of Intv.rc't un throe thereof. Now,
therefore, public notice l< Jtcrrbc glvejj, rhat the up
dcnlgncd. James D. Lndlsm and Mu nr I.rulhm, nl
miaiatraC.'>r* of the earate of Jacob L*rdl:««», «Jc
etnsed, will on FrtiLiv.lhc »lvto ■mh day of November,
.O). 1800, at the hour olio o'clock, AAL.of that d*v. *cu
at pnbllr aaci!* v n at the north door c>t the Loan Hn»'-o
Innald city of Chicago, to the liiglu-tt bidder for «‘«sli tho
following pmul-****. to wit: Ctuumencfr.g in ‘ho cen
ter line or the CUl'ngo and linen lh»>- r»:i i. md nu
the line of Henry ll , .*nwort , i'* Sand, nn-unlitg tin* lino
of Henry Jfepworfh's iar.d ut the of raid inert*
gage,> and running west L3T.3 14 coals'.* •. iheucu
wraUit49chabt*: th.nec emd I.JTP !■'.* chili-* t<» the
center of tho mW road t a the place of beginning.
Lining 10 sxcreis »ndb-lng part of northw«-t quartef of
section 30. totroshlp 4L range li. In C*o;; t ••jid»y. Hd*
nola, and all rlaht and equity of redemption >n U>e
*ild Simon B.Wilt*ee and il»ry Wi;t-e?. tluTtln.
to make the amount due on »>»lu notes
and expenses of such sale. JAMES. D. |.I DLAM,
CniOAun. October fit. trib. MARY
Admlnbtrators of Hie ertale «f Jacob W. Ludbm. de«
ecued, the aforesaid *■«•.
MUSTEK’S .SALE.—->f Illi
noU. Cook Conntv, *. t*
CM<r«;o~ln Clincn i-r. J : ,evb fWi*r lre , * J«
Sbrrnian, Fnnrta H. J*S!, fc 2!fi
P. Pointer, Pnttcr I’a mcr. aiaratrltk*. bltetkli. BUI
to Forevi<w Xomaze. .. x , _ . ■ >
Pobilo ao(lr« U'liorebvsh'Bn, Cmt in puttuaoce of i
a UPCfrUiJ order. enlrr**il In ro tniJtljd r:iu*o
on the isth day of Ocober. A.D. ISCB, I, Ira Bcnti. a*
iliftirtn Chauctryof the hnperUrf Conge of CM.*a:;*i,
will. OO the dtfvrn.. ewju nay of November, A. I>. 1* rt,
at 10 o’clock la th« Copcuoon of but day. ?**n atpab'lu
auction to the hUhe*l btW**r for rash, ntttmnortli
«f Conn Hooae, in the city of t: lea ■»», lu
•aid County of C [tie following rc.il
I estate. (or »o mnrU t»Mvof a* may be uervwtry ti.
satisfy «J»o amount of aim decree. with fntcre-laml
cc*t* together wltnili-cer'a fees. uHiurnnncnt- .m-t
eommlvl«*oso« **ld •*!«*. to wit • 3 n the - de
2 ( OfCook. and state of Ijiiuolt.
known aatft«noni»wc« quarter of ac‘ , *lot»»ev«r.tc«n
«rt».andUiew«t half of the wot tmif Urn
f sefcntccn (ntownd.lp number fi.ttv
‘TV" ' u i- »«•« »»» I ftW
cipsi meruuao. Also lot number seventeen at» or u.t
twnlt !os?iv? 5 of«»» *o»«b nclloii of KohlneoVa
_^S r <S£te c a:S; 0 -^^aasaas
w tfo. 6 Aator Plac», JT. Y.
.I^n^f r is dDe^ e f lfl and Aturrftvi jf d .
r^VssH2 tnent * * od Miulcst McrchamJU**. Sa d e< aad
ft>r HiePUnoPortaby Urn N»- : »£.*«#.
gSKf-Sai ©TO ilU»lo; P.i.co asdMmwi/SiV,Jo
J2ri“wL Pt * m S ,y ° rtP i tf<ut &y ninli, fr«, a
cbaoso). C*t.ilspie» of Mu»lo
iJran Dtiad*. (XfnnJiiUo fUfldii, of Ixr'uOr*
WbSJu of itriM. SatlS"£
PbCfitloa, The •* Joarcat of Bran*
'fcallnn of lUoJ Ma.lt li Warn ”"hj lsa'7fii.
NO!*, n * 1.71 or sli p«.* », mum : Prtr**t
4r - »h«s liMiruioctHhl p 4 ri» l£
liKMt worlu ate Mparam and n*H<|y for i)«rf''rtu»:co
H-invijrE. ffoywym,

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