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Chicago Erifcunc.
. • . Thursday Evening. Not. 1.
There was a belter demand for currency to-day,
oa account ufan Improvement In the European
markets. The banker*. however, were tolerably
well prodded with currency, and produce buyer*
found little or no difficulty In getting accommoda
tions. Eastern Exchange was In good demand on
the street at 1 ptf cent, pram-, and the selling rate
«t the hanks was firm si life. Some of the ban
keA found ihemAclvo* short of exchange to-day,
and In order to supply their customers, paid W per
cent. pre’m.
New York Money Market.— The New York
Ji'or'.d of ye-icrday says;
The rooncr market remains without change in
rate* hat with a more confident feeling in its con
tinued case and soundness, since the publication of
the hank statement, and basinets men have wU;
neA-od the utter poweilessnesa of the political
tunic-makers toaucct commerce or finance. The
ttoek exchange, notorlonslvtbo theater for the effi
cient display of wni-Mlon reports, was of course
the flrd iunueßctni hv the concerted attack on Us
certificate securities, by the poliUcinm* and stock
HDCCulotors. cud promise*, also, tohe the last. The
George Law and Vanderbilt quarrels have l>een as
powerful as those disunion tirades to depress cer
tain stocks, hut those political prophecies have had
thcadxauiaec In depraving a greater number of
the foeks, cud have proved, therefore, more mon
ey-making to those Id the secret of the late stock
speculative scheme.
Thursday Evening, Nov. I,ISCO.
The following are the receipts and shipment* for
the past twenty-fourbours:
BRCEIiTS. _ „ ,
nour Wheat Com Oats Rye Bar y
hbls. hu. bu. bo. ha. bu.
J?!?. isiii Tins woo
aSef n.ll 1053 41101 STS &43 10M 1526
r -ILI H.R. 6*o SJW «t» —• 350 ....
to" 1* 1 ; 493 WIO W0 COO 850 550
C.li.&ttrß/R. 467 7w .... 1M fig
r> a- Vwlt H Ss>7 154*8 85 60S .... H—»
C.tsiLAtn. ... 1500 1050 J» _250
3711 1*0231 10317 6810 2203 4078
D’d Live High
-110-iUors Cattle Hides wi sSe'ds
No. No. No. lbs. hbls. lbs.
« -prt n n .... -8 COOO 85 ....
S'aS l BR DC 72 SORTS 103 9C06
1 62 21122 .... 810
C.&N.W.R.R. SM lfiJ>
C.A.St.L.ILR. S 176 86 1|»
050 778 951 64742 183 14675
snn’BESTS. _ _ ,
' Flour Wheat com Oats Rye Bar y
* ' hid*, bu. bu. bn. bn. nn.
To Buffalo T6IG4 2SWO
ToOstSSo- 152001b200
To Ogdcashnrgh- f59 15500 30*s
To Canada 550
Tootherports.. 10
Total 1019 103162
receipts and saira»ESTß bt lake to-day,
lieulpt*. Receipt*.
,„i # . I.l*l* 500 Coal.ton* BS3
ttm a..1.100,000 SMngic, no JE|,att
~v-i 151 Staves, no 5.000
Railroad tics, to S.MB •,«» ~U
The Jio’umla, with Liverpool dates to the 18th
•was telegraphed this morning reporting floor doll
and Cc lower: wheat very oolite and advanced 1©
2c: Cun. qniet. Later, another steamer with two
day's later -news wcb telegraphed, reporting - wheat
firm at the advance.
Notwithstanding the Inclemency of the weather,
the Wheat market to-day was unusually active,
owing to the improvement In Enropc, and prices
advanced [email protected]£c, doslngfirm. About22s.ooobush
els changed hands. at STXOSSC for Northwestern
clnb: £4Q.65>jC for No. 1 Spring: Biy®B2#c for
No. 2 Spring; ftttd 74*tf tor Rejected—the greater
part ol which was taken tor shipment. The Floor
market opened dnll. and some purchases were
made at even below yesterday's quotations; but
owing to the advance la wheal, buyers had topay
a shade higher figures towards the close. About
4.7C0 bbla changed heeds, at $ for fair
to choice Bpring extra, and 8.C5y®8.93 for good
to choice superfine. There was a very active in
quiry for No. 2 Cora jo-day. and the market ad.
Tsuced 3c: but No. 1 was quiet and neglected.
About««»»bushels of all grades changed hands,
at 30= for No. ? Canal afloat: 35c for No. lin store:
and i:o3sc for No. sin store. New Corn was in
good demand and firm at 25029c«1n store. Oats
were quiet and neglected. Rye firm. Barley quiet.
Highwlncs were dnU at 18c. Alcohol, 39041 c,
Provision* were quiet. TalJow held firmly at 91£
<2>loc. Hides active and firm at 7*voSc for Green
Salteiaod 14 VOl3 for Dry FJint. Broom Com very
A cirjro of Scotch pis Iron bronchi Ulhcr direct
from Liverpool, pcrsccr. Adams, was sold to-d«y
at $20.00 per ton—six months.
Tbe quality of Beef Cattle on the market 10-day
was Inferior, and good Beeves were firm at $2,25®
Hogs were qniet but firm at $5.1505.85 for
good corn-fed. The receipts of both Cattle and
Hogs are light, and generally of an inferior quali
ty, and buyers have held off for a better supply,
which will not likely take place till after election.
Freights were ,yc lower, and tolerably active.
Three propellers and six sail vessels were engaged
at 21 cfor wheat to Ogdensbargh; 14j£c to Buffalo,
from this port; and 18016jfc from Radac. Ke
nosha, and Milwaukee.
Ocean Freights at New York—Oct. 30.—T0
.Liverpool—lso bale* cotton at yd: 4.500 brls floor
• 2* 3d • 93.000 bn wheat at 13?« d. in bulk, and 13d
r.lwurs; 26.000bu com at 12yd, in bulk: 250 tes
i. ct . nt;HCd.ond7U hbds tallow at 32* Gd. To
Ixjndon—4o.ooo bn wheat at 13^0133*d, la bulk,
and 13' i 014 d la bags, and 2.300 brls flour at Ss 9d.
To Glasgow—l7.4)oo tm wheat at 18d, in bags, aud
1,000 brls flour at Ss Cd.
Foreign Dexano pobBheaD3TT7P3.—A promi
nent mcmlvor of Parliament writes to Ids corres
pendent here, as follows:
“ In this country wo shall require large supplies
of rour line crop of wheat. Our crop ha* been se
riously injured bv the cold, wet season, and the
quality 1* so Inferior that good dry wheat fur mix
ing !•* absolr.lclv necc-fsarr. The most we ever got
from yon wa* in IWT.vlr..: 1.376.000 quarter* of
wheat and 4,909,000 cwt, of flour; and we shall need
all that and more this year if yon can give u* it.
The potato cron, too. Is rotting fast, to that there
will be a great demand for Indian Cora also.”
Flour in Phil'a— Oct. 29—There 1* very little
export demand for flour to-day. and the only sale
we hear of 1* 500 bbl* Peon'a extra on terms kept
private; superfine Is offered at (5.75. but the de
mand Is mu*tlv tu *npnlv the trade, at from thla
11 "lire up iosC&7 bbl forextrasand fancy brand*,
as In quality, the market doting dull. Rye flonria
held at $4.35. and peun'a corn meal at $3.50 t? bbl,
but we hear of no sale* of either.
Seeds re PmLAncLrniA—Oct. 29—There !* good
demand for clover teed, and oil offered, some 500
bu. found borers mi SCfafi.iax V bu. Of tlmotliy,
a further *ele of SUO bn western wa* made At $3.50
$ bu. Domestic Caxrted is dull.
New York Hide Market—Oct 30—The mar
ket ie firm, and a fair demand prevails for tbe
trade'* immediate want*. The Bales to-day arc
COO wet salted Rio Grande.s3on p, t.: 2000 Cali
fornia. to arrive, oa p. t.; ISdO Sandwich Island*,
33 lb* at 18c, C mos, and 1179 Port Cabcllo on pri
vate term*.
Toronto Market, Oct. 30.—There were pood
market* to-dav. Tbe offering* of fall wheat reach
ed hWO bu, the qnalßv of which wa*, for the most
part, of a hcpcrlor kind, and generally brought
high prices. The overage forth* beat was from
$1.20H1.*J7. seldom the outside figure, but very fro
quentlv $;.25 VI bu, which maybe taken as the av
erage of the nest samples. Poorer grades from
tl.lO&l.lS. The average of the entire sales wa*
1.23 bu. The receipts of Bpring wheat were
about ISOQbu. which solaat from sl(3-1.05 V bush.
Barlcv was delivered to the extent of 2500 bushels,
which brought 601367 c; avcngcG4c fJ bu.
Baltinorc Provision Market—Oct. 29.—There
is a fair Jobbing demand for bacon, and we note
sales of some Cu hlul*. Shoulder* and side* at 9#
for the formcrand for the latter. For
bulk nsal there i* some inquiry, bat we bear of no
sale*; we however advance our quotation* for
aides £cucrß>; H»/<c I*cing refused for a lot to
dav. hhoulder* are still held at 6J*e. Pork—we
note a small tale of S3 bide mess at $19.75, at which
figure* It Is now held. Of prime and rump there
is none la market. Lard is steady at ISQ.I9ijC fur
western in bbl* and tierce*, and l»Xcln kcgn;city
at 12#c, and refined at 15®15J£c to.
Seeds in Baltinobe—Oct.2D.—Clovcrsced is in
active demand, and we note sales to-day of 880
bushel*.at, $6.25, and 100 do at $0.12„V, at which
flirorc* wa quote good to prime. New Timothy
*eed I* belilagfit 13.002J.25, and fiaxteedat $1.40
(&IJO per bushel.
MontrealMarket—Oct. 29.—Fionr.—Early in
th* week sales were made to a moderate extent at
for snpsrfine, and ss>o tor fancy. For
aeverol days back the market ha* ruled very doll,
and even at the reduced quotation* of to-day there
appear* to be only a limited demand. The latest
sales of superfine were at $5.50. Fancy!* compar
ative! v scarce, and has not declined In proportion,
but i-" a* well as extra—in limited demand at quo
tation. Grain.—Wheat—C. c. spring was placed
carlv In the week at $1.85. and Chicago spring No.
lat $1.23, but both are now noil. Small parcel* of
the fermer.cx car*, fetch about SI.BO. Oats—No
sales of iuiportanoc. quotation unchanged. Cura
remains s* last quoted, with light slock, and very
Jillle demand. Provision*,—Beef—New prime
mess, in barrel*. Is offered at $lO. but is only In
limited demand: latest sale* were at S9JO. Old
ha* been placed at $7.75QA25. Pork— Mcm la
again firmer, with small sale* at the advanced ont
aide figure: prime mess U scarce, and held at sl7;
prime Is also scarce, latest sale* at $13.75.
Aimavr Bintxr Mabket—Oct. 80.—’The offer*
inge of Barley arc fair; principally of stole which
neel<*cted, and to make sales lowcrrale* have been
accepted: yesterday afternoon 11.000 bn Canada
W eel at Tic for Bay and S2c for medium; to-day
15,500 doat 70c for stained and SlK®B2c for good
do, U.GOJ do Stole four-rowed at 65c for bag lots
Wayne Co., Tb®72c for good do, and Die for bag
LorifTiLLZ Provimow Market —Oct. 99.—Sales
of 100 bri* pork at f 16.105 brjs at $18.50.58 casks
bacon at 9J*. 12J{, 132*. and J4c for thouldett. rib.
clear rib. and dear aides. 15 tierce* hams at 14®
74#c. 130 kvga Urd at UKc, 5,000 lbs country clear
aide* ITou wagons at 12c.
CurvxnAKD Markets—Oct Sl.—Received, 7.743
bu wheat; 330 bo '.-ore; 600 bu oats; 465 bn barley. -
Wheat market onlet. Sales 2 care red at $1.07; 1
car white at $Li7: l ear do at $1.18; Scare red at
tI.WH 11 car while at $1.16, all on track. Sale of
f p-wnnt46cootrack. Oats quiet witli aeale
of l carafe Parley steady at OiXQJAc for good
lo prime.-
huvACESt MOct. 30,—The Scnilntl of
this morning says :
The receipts of wheat wore a little better today,
it will be r>nilr*d, amounting to 72.101 bush. The
The shipments-were 110,648 bo. np to 4 o'clock
P. M. ibe market was rather quiet up to the open
ing of 'Change, receivers offering to sell freely at
85K®87VcjorKo. Sand Nol spring respectively,
and76®Blefordabandeztradubdcllrercd: hot
as soon u the New York report was received prices
Immediately advanced 14 cent, and the market be
fame very firm at me f ur No. 2 and SSc Tot No: I.'
Tu'e sale* were chiefly of the former, as sellers in
many Instance*, encouraged by a fnrlbcrdedlne in
frelgln.S were holding No i at above the
price ofl«.*rcd. Lp to the close of Change, howev
er, buyers showed, no disposition to rai«ethdr of
fer*. as la pqrduwtog even at the inside figures,
there Is no ma.Trip (or shipment. The same Mate of
things baa ciJsk-A tor several weeks, and the onlr
hope lor these who have been buying to “»et our'
without loss Is a alUl further reduction in freights
or a material advance In Eastern prices. ’
The achrLooVont was chmerca late this evening
ft Jsc to Buffalo
Dally Review of Chicago Market.
Thursday Ernoxo, Nov. 1.1860.
FREIGHTS—Declined He. The engagements
were: To Ogdensburgh, wheat at 21c. To Bnfliilo
—l*rop. Marflower and schr. David Todd, wheat
(to load at Radnc) at 10c; brig Banner, wheat (to
load at Kenosha) at 16#c: prop. Galena, (to load
at Milwaukee) wheat at 16c; prop. Potomac, schrs.
St. James, liana Crocker, ana bark Wm.Slurges,
all with wheat from this port at 14 Wc. _
FLOUR—Received, 3,711 bbla; shlpi»cd br Uke.
1019 bhli*. Market opened quiet but closed Ann.
Sales were; 2,000 bbla Albion” choice spring
extra at $4.70: 800 bbla good spring extra at fc-Lfio
old; 300bble “lonic” do on private terms; 900
bbl»“ McKinney” do at $4.60 del: 460 bblai“ Be
loit Citv” at $4.87# on track; 840 bbla Smith
Mills” do at $4.26 on track; n» bbla ” Cedar” su
per at $8.93de1; £5 bbla “Rockßiver do at
$3.62# del; ISO bbla “Commercial do at:s4.6o
del; 900 bbla •* Ilydranllc” at slß7# del; SOObbls
“Centre” at $4.81# del; 300 bbla “Bridge City'
’Til?! STUFFS—4 tona good Middlings in bags
at sl4 del: 5 tana Bran In bags at $7.75 on track.
\VllHAT—Received, 90,231 bn; shipped, 105,168
Im. Market more active and advanced [email protected]#c.
Sales were: 4C7 bags Club by sample at UOc on
track; 500 bags do at 88®90con track: 1900ibneh
Northwestern Club at 87#c In store; 17,000 bn do
at 68c In store: 6,000 bn No. 1 SpringntSic In
store: 5.000 bu do at 84#c in store: 85.UX) bo do at
84 #c in store; 80.000 bu do at SScin store; 16,000
bu do at 85#c in etore; 7,000 bn No. S Spring at
KlVcin store; 40,000bn doat 61#cln etore; 40.-
000 bu do at 82c In store; ItOOObu do at 82#c in
store: 1000bu Rejected at 74#c In store.
CORN—Received, 19.317 bo; shipped, (8.172 bn.
Market advanced 1c for No 2, and steady for No. 1.
Sales were: 7.500 bn No. 2 Canal at 30c afloat; 15,-
000 bn No. lat 85c in store; 10,000 bn No. 9at S4c
In store; 10.000 bn do at 34 #c in store; 20,000 bu
du at 34#c Instore; 10,000 bn do at SScin store;
1000bn new corn atSSc In store; 4000bn do at
2S#c in store; 1.803 bu do at 29c In store—closing
very firm.
OATS—Received, C.BIG bn. Market quiet. Sales
wore: ISO bags No. 1 at 19cdel; 150 bags do at 18c
on track.
RVji—Received, 2908 bn. Market firm. Sales
were; 1000 bn No. lat 46#c In store—le storage.
BAULKY—Received, 4078 bo. Market • quiet.
Sales were: 1000 bn No, 2 at SScin store; 8000 bn
prime by sample atflSc delivered on cars to go
Mmth : ISO bags inferior at 28®80c on track.
SEEDS—Received, 14,875 Ihs. Timothy seed very
firm. Sales were: 40bags prime at $2.28; 186baga
good at $2.25; 40 bags do at $2.94. v
HIGH WlNES—Received, 138 brls. Market very
doll. Sales were: 100 brls dty in small lots at 18c.
ALCOHOL—tjnlet at 32a40c gal.
PIG IRON—IOO tons No. 1 Garteherric (per
schr. Adams) at $86.00 per ton—six months.
Ilol*S—2 bales good Michigan at SSc.
MESS BEEP—Good demand for common Mess,
with sales at SB.OO. Prime Mess Beef held at $9.00;
Extra Mess. f9.50C110.00.
MESS PORK—Nominal at
TALLOW—Prime packers’ held firmly at 9#®
10c, with retail sales at the latter figure.
LARD—Nominal at 11®11#C.
HlDES—Received, W. 742 ms. Slarket firm and
active. Sales to-day were at the following quota
tions:—Green 6#®7#c; Green Salted. 7#®Bc;
Klp.B®B#c: Calf. 9c; Dry Salted, 12#®I3#c;
Dry Flint. 14#®15c. ..
jJCITER—Good demand for prime firkin and
crock batter, with sales at ll#®l3e; common
. atber dull at £®lQc.
EGGS—In good&emanaat [email protected]#cper dor.
POTATOES—Prime Nesbannodts in fair request
nd firm at 20®23c: Common mixed 15&16 C.
POULTRY—Chickens, sLso®l.7spcrdoz; Tnr
kevs 7®73acperlb, •
SWEET POTATOES—IS sks good Southern at
BROOM COEN—DuII. Sales were; 1 ton good
at $45.00 perlon; 2 tons fair at S4O.
LIVE STOCK—Received, 778 Beeves, 556 Hogs.
Berp Cattle—There are comparatively lew good
cattle offering, and the market is quiet but firm at
52.25a2.75 for parting stock, and $2.75®3.12# for
rliippln"; bnt common and inferior are plenty and
dull at [email protected] Hoos—The demand both for
h.liipmcnt and packing is fair, and the market is
firm; bnt there were but few prime lot* offering.
Sales of all kinds of stock to-day were:
Beeves. Ave. Price, Jlqgp. Ays. IMt*.
ia 1025 1b5..52.70 51 274 1b5..55.83
45 lift) “.. 2.75 60 946 .. 5.20
15 ....1250 44 .. 3.12# 99 :200 “ .. 5.25
18 1040 “ .. 2.50 69 280 “ .. 6.85
42 1000 44 .. 2.80 200 260 44 .. 6.25
1(5 980 “.. 2.25 100 284 “.. 5.35
12 «wo <i .. 5.00 60 230 “ .. 6.15
14 878 “.. 1.75 aOOSUklft) *t .. 4^o
12 650 “ .. 1.50
NEW YORK, Nov. I.— Abuts— Small sales, $5.25
pots and pearls.
Fnocß—Opened firm, and after the Bohemian a
news, prices of common and medium grades ad
vanced sc, with brisk export and home trade de
mands, Sales 89.800 bbls at $5.30 for super state,
$5.42y05.50 for extra state. $5.80 forsuperwest
ern, $5X005.73 for common to medium extra west
ern, 55.70Qr5.60 shipping brands extra r.b.0., mar
ket dosing quite firm,with sales at the inside quo
tations. °’nn*dian flour In better request. Sales
3.700 bblsat S7XO for common to choice extra. Rye
flour tsicadv. Small sales at $3X00,4,80 for common
to choice super. Com, meal quiet and nominally
WinssT—Heavy and lower. Bales 325 bids at
” Wheat opened very firm, and after the
nows by the Bohemian, prices advanced 203 c, with
brink export and speculative demand. Safes93,ooo
bit .Milwaukee club at $1.2501.30. 28.000 bn amber
Wisconsin and lowa at $1.8101.32, part on ship
board, 86.000 bn winter red western at $1,850
part in store, G,OOO bn white Ohio at $1.48,
ttf.ooo bo red State at $1.34, 10,000 bn white Ken
tucky at $1.55,250 bn white Long Island at $1.59.
live without malarial change. Sales 6,000 bn at
7T»O7Gc for fair, and 80c for very choice. Barley
continues heavy. Sales 15,000 ba at 7OOSOc for
pood to extra state, 79080 c for Canada West.
Com a shade firmer, with fair demand in port for
cxiiort. Soles bu at 68009 c forwestern mix
ed afloat. 70c fordo la store. 75c for roundyellow.
Oats dull but without quotable change. Sales at
SKXQSSy for western Canadian ana state.
Provisions— Pork more active and firmer. Sales
920 brie at $10.00019.12 for mos«. $14.25014X0 for
prime. Total stock Nor. Ist. 30.492 brU; same
time last mouth. 34,042 brls; same date last year,
31.832 bris. Beef qniet and steady; sales 830 brls
at £5 7504.00 for country prime, $5.0005.25 for
country mess, $6.0007X0 forrepackcdmess, SIOXO
011.00 for extra meea. Total stock Nov. Ist, 1.200
pk"e; same lime last month. 14,031 pkgs; same
date last rear, 12.501 pkgs. Prime beef and rfiess
hams dull and nominal. Cutmeatequiet and firm;
sales 125 pkga at for shoulders and 11# for
ham« Bmud quiet. Lard dull and unchanged.
Batter selling at 11015 for Ohio. 16021/ or State.
Stocks—Better but not active: Chi & R I S3,
Canton 17«. N T C 82*1, Erie 80 8 CO. Hudson 58,
Harlem 16y. Harlempfd39. Reading42.MOGl&,
CAT 34 y, M S 17jtf. ill S pfd S3y, 111 C scrip 72>*'.
Gal & Chi TON. M &MlO.
OSWEGO—Nor. 1 .—Flout:—Steady.
Grain—Wheat dull lint wjthpnt jnaterial change;
fslcm 8.500 bn No 2 Chicago spring at $1.06 afloat
and delivered: 8,000 bu winter red western at
$1 20 Com doll; sales 2,500 bn Indiana for dty
u>e at 58c afloat. Other grain* quiet.
Canal Freights—pneett led and lower; boats
In active demand.
Lake Intorts—lßß.ooo bu wheat, 10,200bu com,
13.700 bu barley, 0,300 bn rye. , .
Canal Extorts—4,6Bl brl* flour, 121.700 bn
wheat. 19,100 bu barlcv. 10,000 bu oate.
Lake Imports for the month of October, &857brls
flour, 2.1fi?.643 bn wheat, 444,801 bu com, 29,276 bn
onts, 519,453 bn barley, 110,183 bu rye, 18,015bn
pea*. - - -
i-nifp imports since the opening of navigation to
Nov. 1ft:—111,952 brla floor, 7,881.644 bn wheat.
4.500,730 bn com, 826.217 bu oat*, 1,050,766 bn bar
ley, 17,881 bu rye, 38,400 bn peas, 381,861,923 feet
Foreign market*.
Liverpool, Oct. 18.
UcEAPFTcrre.—Wakefield, Nash & Co., and
Richardson, Spence & Co., report fionr dull and
partially declined 6d bbl; quoted Od.
Wheat firm and west
ern 11s Cd(2.l9s 3d: do southern 12s Bd(%lS*9d;
white 13s Cd®l4s. Cora quiet; (mixed and yellow
30* Cd&37», white 89s<g>41«. •
Per Errora.] Liverpool. Oct. 20.
Breadstuff*. —Wakefield, Nash A Co.. Rich
ardson, Spence & Co.. Bigland. Athaya & Co., and
others, report flour firm and Gd higher, quoted at
2U*Gd(332s, Wheat dull and Id higher, and lu some
esse* 2d higher. Red western llsOdQlSs, and ex
tra southern 18*Gd<&18s; white western [email protected]
13*: do southern 18*0d(&14s8d. The latter rate for
wry choice. Corn firmer and 6d higher. Mixed
and vcllow [email protected]; white 89*(&t28.
Provisions—The same authorities report Beef
hcHrv, and holders are pressing on the market.
Pork*quiet hot Ann. Bacon quiet. Lard quiet, at
61c for floe. Tallow firm; North American 50*,
and holders demand an advance.
Produce—The Brokers' Circular reports Ashes
steady a'. 28®99s for both pots and pearls. Sugar
steady. Collcc dolL Rice Ann, Hah Oils quiet;
whale £33: cod £32; American sperm £l(M: lin
seed oil quiet but steady. Rosin steady. Spirits
of landmine SlsCdQr32eCd; closing with holders
ai-ldng and advance.
London Markets—Baring Bros, quote Ameri
can wheat at 64&C8s for white, and COfo&ts for red.
Flunr 2Ss Sd&B3s sd. Iron steady—£6 [email protected]
for lM)th rail* and bars. Mg steady at 60s 3d. Su
gar buoyant and Cd&la higher. Tea slightly ad
vanced. Common Congou Is Sd&lsSXd. Cofloe
stendr. linseed cakes in good demand. K. Y.
bbl* of 11 lbs 7s 6d bags 10 to* 17* Cd. Fish
oil steady. Linseed oil dull at 81s. Idee firm. Spir
-It* turpentine firm and slightly higher. Sales Vie.
London Monet Market—Consuls closed.on
Friday at 92for money and for ac
count. Tha bullion Iu the bank of England bod
decreased £BIO.OOO. The money market was unset
tled but slightly easier. Baring Bros, report large
sales of Pcuo 5» at 85Q87; other state securities
were la limited demand at previous rates. Rail
road securities firm and unchanged." •
{Latest Markets by Telegraph to Queenstown.]
Liverpool, Oct. 21.
Breadstuff* —Steady. Provisionsquiet.
London, Oct. 20—Evening.
Monet Market—Consols opened at 93X&9S-
Stock*— I llw London Times of of Friday reports
talcs of 111 Cent shares at 20X discount; H Y Cent
shares at 8K&83: Erie shares BSX-
Pari*. Saturday.—Rentes closed at Caf 15c.
London Monet Market.—Money had been in
very brisk demand-at extreme rates, but on the
191hibcrewae grcatcrcasc, although the market
was still unsettled. Good bills were readily taken
at tbe Bank minimum. The Stock market was
quiet without material variation. Thedecrcare of
th<» Bank's stock of bullion was not larger than
was anticipated. Tbe withdrawal* bud been light.
- ARRIVED -Nov. 1.
Prop Mflvflowcr. Langley, Buffalo, sundries. _
Prop Potomac. Gebbard, Buffalo, lOObhd* and 300
brlßfngar. SObrlsmolassc*, 150 brla apples,
1,500 bdls Iron and sundries. ■
Prop Monlcxnma, Bobbin*. St. Jopepb, 1.8(0 rail
road tie*, 35 brl* flour, 50 brie apples, 10 bis
Prop J Barber. Browr, St Joseph, 23 m lumber, 400
railroad lies, 40 cds wood, ISO btls apples, 17
bxe fish. .
Bark Uaus Crocker, Fitzgerald, Buffalo, 200 tons
railroad iron. ,
Schr Mat Root. Snell, Buffalo, 823 tons coat -
Schr Ashtabula. Hamner, Grand Haven, 75 m lum-
ber. 110 m shingles. .
SchrMary,Johnson, Sheboygan, 62cdswood.
.Schr Morning Light. Ilea, Cleveland,tons coal.
Schr Orion, Allen, Pentwater, CO cdaehlngle bolts,
Schr lilnwt jSJn*RolUn. Big Sanble, 80 mlnmbcr.
Schr II Spencer, Blanchard, Muskegon, 80 m lum
■ bcr.
Schr EG Grar, Lovell. Sarnia, 100mlarober.
Sdir Wyoming, Furlong. Or Haven, 160 m lumber.
Schr Wallin, Warren, Holland, 83m lumber. . . •
Schr Parakec. Leclz, Sheboygan, 00 pkg* fish, 23
firkins batter.
90 m timber. _ . „
Sdirlpuc L Shank, McNally. Ba?> Landln". 14
cds wood. ■ i- .
Schr Octavla. Johnson, CentervfllejW cds wood.
Schr Hornet, Eggera, Sheboygan, .380_ railroad ties,
6 m stives. . . • ’
Sdir Dcloes, Dewolf, Pease, Oswego; 275 tons rail-‘
road iron.
Schr Charles Hubbard, IngcrsoTVPbrt Sarnia. 121
m lumber, 400 railroad tics, 40 cds wood, 150
bris appiea. 17 boxes fish. - . y •
Schr Mariner, Baker,'Sheboygan, 92 cords wood. -
Sloop Traveler, Johnson, Port Ullo, 35 cds wood.
•' CLEARED.'....?. .Nor. Ist
Prop Wabash Valley, Morgan, Buffalo, 18,000 bu
Prop Montezuma, Robbins, St Joseph, 10 tons
mdze. . . .
Prop lowa, Jones, Buffalo, 91,000bu wheat, 600 brla
flour.* • • • i
Prop J Barber, Brown. 6t, Joseph. - -
Prop Mayflower, Langley, Buffalo, load at Radar.
Schr Orion, Allen. Grand Haven.
Schr H Spencer. Blanchard, Muskegon.
Schr Huntress. Cnlyer, Buffalo, 14X73bn wheat,. .
Schr Phalarope, English, BuflUo, 17,168 bn wheat
Schr Aahtaboja. Hamner. Grand Haven,,
Schr Fufieria Pier, - ’
Schr Wallin, Warren, Holland. * " " *
FAnnum Point, Nor. L—The steamship
Bohemian, from Liverpool IP. M. of the 18th,
via Londonderry 19th nit, passed here this
morning at 5 o’clock.
The steamship Edinburg arrived at Liver
pool on the morning of the 18th.
When the Bohemian left Liverpool, great
rejoicings were going on in honor of the open
ing of the splendid Free Library presented to
the town by Win. Brown. Thousands of vol
unteers were out in procession, and.business
was generally suspended. Lord Brougham
and numerous other celebrities were taking
part in the proceedings. A great meeting ol
working men was held In the Amphitheatre
the previous evening, and presented Mr. Brown
with a handsome testimonial. x __
The Queen and Court had arrived at Wind
sor from Germany. The Queen had recovered
from her indisposition. ,
Punch has a leading picture, in which he is
introducing the Prince of Wales to his pretty-
Miss Columbia, with the assurance that he
don’t get such a partner as her every day.
France.— The Times' Paris correspondent
says that the departure of the Pope’s Nuncio
from Paris was considered the forerunner of
the Pope's quitting Borne. The same authori
ty savs* “Seldom has the spirit of hostility
been so general In the Church of France, and
never has it been more boldly displayed. Pas
toral circulars, allocutions and sermons de
nounce and all but Implore Divine vengeance
on the Invaders of the Papal Slates and by im
plication on the Emperor. The whole prelacy
is aroused from one end of the country to the
ot The French Note Federal Connell states
that independent of the insult offered the
French flag at Siona, a French subject was
maltreated on the occasion. France therefore
claims that a searching inquiry' be instituted,
and expresses a hope that the guilty parties
will be punished, and satisfaction accorded.
The Federal Council has directed the Gov
ernment at Valais to make the necessary In
vestigation. ,
The Paris Bourse was firm and steady, and
closed on the 17th at C9f 10c.
Italy.— Affairs arc wholly unchanged.
The Paris ittrie says as soon as the annexa
tion of Naples and Sicily to Sardinia is proclaim
ed, Garibaldi will resign his position and au
thorilv, and assume the title and functions of
Commander in Chief of the land and sea
forces of Southern Italy. He will exclusively
occupy himself in preparing for war next
spring, and will make an appeal to all Eu
rope for volunteers,
ft is confirmed that a French merchantman,
laden with stores for Gacta,had been captur
ed by Garibaldi’s ships, and as the blockade
was not recognized by France, she would
probably be restored, to avoid disagreeable
The Turin Gazette says Prussia has simply
made some remarks against the entry of Sar
dinian troops into Naples, but Bessla made no
communication. It fs reported, however, via
Berlin, that the Russian Ambassador at Turin
bad been recalled, and that the Sardinian Am
bassador at St Petcreburgh bad received his
It is stated that 14,000 Piedmontese troops
had already reached Naples by After Vic
tor Emanuel reviews them, they will march to
Cazcrla, to be joined hy those entering by the
Roman frontier.
Via fmiN, Oct 17.—The resignation of the
Marquis FoUazictno had been announced but
not confirmed. Dispatches from Naples say
that a fresh attack ol the royal troops had been
repulsed. Count Mari, the representative of
Sicily at Turin, had resigned. Judicial pro
ceedings had been commenced against Hed
rick Scrvio, the man who fired at the Queen,
and said he was employed by Horuorc trade,
a deputy of the Cortez aUics.
Mr. O’Shea, an eminent Madrid Bonrbon,
died after a few hours* Illness.
The human sacrifice at Dohcmy far exceeded
the number reported. The victims were
reckoned by thousands.
The Tima Paris correspondent says the
Papal Nuncio of the Tulllories has seen the
last of the Imperial Court Ip the character of
representative to the Holy Father.
The Russian Minister at Turin has not been
recalled, but appearances show that his recall
has been resolved on.
There wo* no longer anything said about the
recall of the Russian Minister.
Mr. Low and Frederick Peel were spoken of
as successors of Mr. Laing at the Treasury.
Tire Times says that Lord John Russell was
not authorized to promise that England would
teach the King of Sardinia poUtlcaTmoraUty or
defend the‘Holy or any other alliance against
the national interests of the Italian race.
The Turn* urges upon Victor Emanuel the
necessity of speedy action at Naples, as "War
saw may lake advantage of the delay to throw
Us protection around Francis. It was quite
time that Victor Emanuel had scattered the
Bourbon forces and driven away Us King, The
delay will be inexcusable.
The Daily Xews says the Emperor will notbc
so far duped as to join the Warsaw Confer
ence. Tbe Timet dot ? not think the dead set
of the French Episcopate, or the strong pres
sure of Austria and Russia, will induce him to
waver in his Italian policy which has cemented
and confirmed England’s favor.
Cape Race, Nov. L—The Europa, from Liv
erpool on Saturday, the 20lh of October, by
the wav Queenstown 21st, was boarded off this
point at 5 A. M. to-day by the news yacht of
the Associated Press. The Royql Mail steam*
ship Persia, from’Ncw York, arrived at Liver
pool on the 20th. She carried out news of the
burning of the Connaught.
Great Britain. —The weather in England
continued unsettled and stormy. A Gotha
newspaper supposes that the oqly daughter of
the Duke Baxe Lciningcn, Just turned seven
teen, Is the destined bride of the Prince of
France. —Count tl;e French Slin
kier to Loudoq, hod gone to Paris on a sum*
mons of the Emperor, It was reported that
he would soon replace M. Thonvenel in the
foreleg office. The French Bishop and clergy
continued boldly and vigorously to defend tue
Pared cause. It wasbelieved the Papal Nuncio
at Paris would not return.
Liverpool, Get. 2L—The departure of tho
Russian Embassy from Turin is officially an*
nounccd. There is no other news of import*
The Bourse on the 10th was firm and anima
ted—Rentes closed at CSf 90c.
Italy— Victor Emanuel had not reached
Naples. The last steamer took a report that
Pollavicido, the pro-dictator of Naples, had re
signed. Later dispatches say he and the min
isters remained iu office on account of the pop
ular demonstration, and the expected arrival
of Victor Emanuel.
It was reported that a fresh attack by the
Rovalistson the Gariboldians bad been re
A telegram from Naples announces the re
lease of Count Arrivatorondhis recovery from
his wounds.
The movement of the French upon Siliroa
and other places within fifty miles of Rome,
caused great disaffection. Among the inhabi
tants, petitions to tbe King of Sardinia and
Napoleon bad been signed at various places.
It Is reiterated that Austrian troops were
largely concentrated on the frontiers, and
there was an unfounded rumor-that 6,000
Austrians at Mantua had crossed to Po.
It was reported that tbe national vote of
Sicily wonld not take place till tho 29tb.
The Sardinian Chambers closed thciracesibn/
on the 19th, after adopting an address to tbe
King expressive of their homage and gratitude.
Spain—Mr. Escura, the eminent banker of
Madrid, is dead.
Russia— The sovereigns were to meet at
Warsaw on the day thcEuropa sailed.. It was
reported that Prussia will demand of Austria
os the price of her support in Europe, that
Austria should help In reviving at no distant
day the question of the Danish Duchies.
indijC— The 'Bombay malls reached Mar-,
scillcs on the 10th, and would probably reach *
London in season for the American portion to
be forwarded in the Euro pa. Tbe dates and
commercial news badnot transpired. Anoth
er wager rising of an important character had
taken place at ColUawal
. China. —According to the. Paris IhtrU the
English Minister to China had received an in
timation that the Emperor would be disposed
to conclude peace if the Allies captured the
Brazil.— Tho French mail steamer had arri
ved at Lisbon with Rio dates to the 25th of
September. Coffco was dull; 50.00 to 57.00
rets for good first. Exchange had advanced to
77027 l3d
From TYttahington.
WA£nn>OTOK, Nov. 1. —Semi-official advices
received here show that, owing to the energy
of President Osplna and to Gen. Henan’s di
rections of war operations, and to the patriot
ism of the people, the revolution in progress
In the Republic of New Grenada by this time
U at an end. In the decisive action of Ora
torio, fought by SoOUmcn, COO were left on the
field; and in the combat of Mamgnlcs, Gen.
Mosqulra lost 800 out of 2500 men. It la men
tioned ns a noticeable fact that no revolution
commenced in New Grenada has evertriumph
cd,and that the present one, which .seemed
likely to be the longest and most fatal in its
results, is the soonest put down. The. princi
ples which the revolutionists were fighting,
for were the expounding the Federal Con
stitution In a nullification sense, but the vic
torious party are now urging a revision of the
Constitution in a more conservative spirit.
Some incorrect statements bane been made
with regard to the temporary protection given
in the city of Panama by the American and
English inen-of-war. ; The Intendentc of that
Stale, while employing the city troops In pur
snin" the negro insurgents therefrom, request
ed the joint landing and services, of both
squadrons, and as soon as they were considered
of no further use, orders were consequently •
given fora withdrawal of the forces, f
At the latest dates only six British marines
remained in the city, bnt not by the authority
of the Intendents. '
Thaddens Hyatt, previous to leaving Wash
ington for Boston, Tuesday, for the purpose of
obtaining relief tor the suffering in Kansas,
laid before the President of the. United States
extracts and documents. under, oath to show
the deplorable condition of the people of that
"copies of the 300,000 copies of the
‘ Agricultural part of the Patent' Office Report
ordered by the House of havc
been printed. "- -y- ~' t . '
From Havana*
New Orleans, Novi Phila
delphia, from Havana on the 38th ult., has ar
rivwLSugar firm at [email protected]; ml*, : i Efcp ftocfc
on hand amounted to lOO.WW boxes and 800
hbds. Molasses 31 reals. Sterling Exchange,.
11-3(511-4; Exchange on New York, 21(34.
News unimportant. "!
Express Bobber Arrcatcd.
■ New Yoke, Not. T.—A -inan nmed SWv
bins, baggage master on the Haven Itul
road, is under arrest for the robbery m April
last of Adams's Express of money and drafts
•£q amount of *13,000; and confesses the
Prom the Plains.
Fort Kearney.—The Missouri and Western
Telegraph line is completed to this place, and
we are now in direct communication with fit
Louis. The Company are prepared to receive
and forward dispatches to and from California
In connection with the Pony Express, which
delivers them at the eastern terminus of the
Placerville telegraph line, over which they can
be telegraphed to any part of California. The
tariff from fit, Louis to any partis SG.4O forthe
lirst ten words, and S3 cents for each addi
tional word. Telegraphic connections can be
made with tho Pony Express and St. Joseph,
as heretofore, but a day and a half, and some*
times two days, can be saved by making the
connection at Fort Kearny.
CoL Miles, commanding head quarters of
the infantry, with the baud, arrived here on
the 21st insf. The commanding officer and
surgeon of the port are greatly embarrassed by
the importuuities of the sick and indigent re*
taming Pike’s Pcokers, there not being facili
ties for the comfort of the sick outside of the
army provided by the government.
On the 2Cth Oct it commenced blowing and
raining, turning into almost a tornado. On
the 27th it was cold and snow fell occasionally.
Thermometer that day S6 deg.
The Indians quiet—all the Pawnee braves
having gone south on a grand bufialo hunt
Capt Sully, with his company F, second In
fantry, expected to return to this post from
the Pawnee agency on the 4th pros.
Mr. G. T. Ingle, a resident of Moumonth,
lowa, rctumingfrom Pike’s Peak, was left by
two of his traveling companions, names un
known, at the .hospital door, on the 25tU of
‘ October, when they galloped off. Dr. Somers
humanely took him into the hospital and at
tended him, but he was too far gone with the
fever to recover. He died and was buried in
the grave yard of the Fort on the 27th.
CoL Crosslan, deputy Quarter Master Gen
eral, arrived from Utah to-day, Capt. Heath,
of the 10th Infantry, accompanying him.
The thermometer this morning was 30 de
grees. . : .
Lincoln Procession and Meeting In
Baltimore, Nov. 1,9 1*. m. —The Lincolnltcs
ore In procession to-night. The Wide-Awakes,
numbering about 360, formed in front of tfao
Mayor’s office; 200 policemen were detailed
to protect them. The hissing and hooting is
universal, by men, women and children. They
started on their route at half-post seven. Bal
timore street was thronged with people wait
ing for the grand Union procession. They
were received throughout the route with
groans and hisses. No attempt was made to
molest them. On Lombard street they passed
the Union Minute Men forming, and were
greeted with hisses from the whole line. They
are now marching through the lower section
of the city, escorted by a large police force.
They will bringup at the Front street Theatre,
where a mass meeting will be held.
New Counterfeit.
Indianapolis, .Kov. 1. —Spurious bills on
the Boone County Bank, have made their ap
pearance here. The plate Is genuine, but the
signatures arc a bad Imitation, both of the
officers of ’the State and of the bank. The
spurious issue may be easily detected—the
paper is of a much lighter texture than the
genuine, and presents a dingy, greasy and
blurred appearance. The filling up is coarse,
and on the largo notes bnngUngly done. This
counterfeit appearing almost simultaneously
with the genuine, has cast suspicion upon
those interested in the bonk ns panics to the
Snow Storm*
Fayetteville. Ark-, Oct. SI.—A enow Btorm
visited this place, covering the ground and
trees, commencing about noon, and is still
falling, with every prospect of a regular snow
storm. :
Tito American Pump—Great Work.
About a year since, alter an examination of
tbe above invention, we gave in our columns a
fitvornble notice of it, since which ample time
has been afforded to testlts real merits, which
we learn has been successfully done in almost
every section of the Union. At the residence
erected upon the site of old Fortlndcpcndenco,
South Yonkers, near Kingsbridge, built by
Wm. O. Giles, Esq., (of the nonsc of Andrews,
Giles & Co., lOOChambcre street,) one of these
pumps has lately been put in operation. It is
set in a reservoir, supplied by two memorable
springs. By invitation, on Saturday last ; in
company with Mr. James 31. Eduey, we visited
the above locality for the purpose of witness
ing the operation of the pump. While wc were
present, Mr. Edncy and Mr. Giles measured
the distance to the house, which was found to
be tight hundred andsixtyUteo/eei, and the per
pendicular elevation was tme hundred and fifty
t>\yhtf(d. They then put the pump In opera
tion, and, through a three-quarter inch pipe
(which was verymuchagainst the pump, being
too small,) forced over five gallons of water a
minute the above distance and height by two
men—bvonc man, and Mr. Edncy worked the
pump alone i eith one hand, Mr. Edncy guaran
tees that two men will elevate water two hun
dred and llfty feet. Mr. Giles lias tried other
methods of getting tho water from the spring
to the house, which have proved to be slow,
uncertain, oqd expensive.
We have no hesitation In pronouncing It one
; of the most ingenious inventions in tnewuy
of hydraulics ever constructed. It can, in uu
, ordinary depths, be worked with the greatest
case by a small boy, and its simplicity, dnra
, biUty, cheapness and adaptation for forcing
' water up to almost any height, gives it a deci
ded advantage over the majority of other In-
I ventions made for this purpose. Eor its size
: and appearance, Us power is most wonderful.
I A man can put it on his shoulder and carry
lit almost any distance. The public have
| only to witness the operation of this pump
I to be convinced that too mnch cannot be
I said in commendation of it. Those who have
i experienced a difficulty In getting water up
j into a high building, or to great elevations, or
who wish to obtain something substantial, at a
: trifling expense, easily worked by hand or
1 will find In the American Pump nil they
\ need combined, for it discharges at any num*
; her of given points, and throw's water by hose
from 40 to "80 feet by hand, with great ease and
' regularity. Mr. Edncy keeps samples at his
' office, and a working pump at 70 feet, at his
• factory 433 Tenth street. Full drawings and
j prices will be sent free by addressing James
}M. Edncy, 147 Chamber street, N. Y.—_V. I".
[ Kipras.
Manufacturer of
French. Burr
C. W. Brown’s Patent Portable
Smnt Mills and Separators,
Separator* for Warehouses,
Beltings of all kinds.
Hoisting Screws and Balls,
Bran Duster*. Pecks, Proof Staffs, *.c„ Ac.
Fairbanks’ Scales,
Plan*. Specification* and Estimates furnished when de
sired, and the construction of Steam and Wa
ter Mills contracted for entire.
The subscribers having obtained the agency for the
mle of Steam Engine* and Boilers from the mannfac
TEbTOWK. N. Y„ would invite the attention of pur
chasers to their superior merit* of style, workmam«hlp
and powers; also, their very low price*. The follow.
Ing is a list of prices of Engine and Boiler, together
with Healer. Water and Steam Pipes, Cock*. Valves
Arch Castings and Grates, complete and ready for use,
delivered in Chicago:
S horse power * MO SO hor?e power *L2M
8 - “ 575 25 ** “ UgO
in •• »* TO SO “ ** 1.613
12 •* M ....II! boo as - 44 tow
to - - uoo « 44 “ ...... taw
and In like proportion for larger sizes as required.
Every Engine Is furnished with
Judsoa’s Patent Governor Valve.
For Flour Mills we confidently recommend them as
superior to any other style of Engine, and they will
Save from 25 to 50 per cent in Fnel
over the usual class of boilers in use in the West. We
shall keep an assortment of different sizes at onr cs-
ÜbUshment, where they may he examined and the
necessary information obtained regarding them. Com
petent men will. If desired. I>e famished to wt up and
start Engines In any port of tbc country. Wo also supply
At very low prices.
Mill Furnishing Depot. West Water street, between
Randolph and Madison, Chicago, 111.
post Office address Pox 274. _
14-0 - - Removal. - ■ 14L0
Das removed his stock of
Blank Books ami Sfalioneru
"Where he has netmndlhcreaied faculties for supplying
every article of Stationery required In the
‘ He trill par particular attention to settingup to order
all kinds of BLANK, BOOKS of any desired style of
At short notice. -
F. MUXEOX, 110 Lake street
DRS. n. & C. KNAPP,
Formerly of New Tort, bare opened in Infirmary In
Chicago, on a new system. which embrace* the moat
approved methods—ln this and other countries—ot
treating ALL Chronic Diseases, Consumotlon, Laryn :
pills Bronchitis, Caoem. Rheumatics, Paralysis, and
ALL Female Diseases are special diseases treated in
this institution.
They are the only physicians in America who cure
which they do by a
25*3S*W* METHOD,
And the Spinal Elevator invented and patented by
them. They core seven cases ont.of ten.
• ■ Sonofit All«
They treat successfully, on a new method, all dis
eases of the EVE and EAR.
- Office No, 173 South Clark street, opposite New Post
Onice. Hours from Ba.k. to 9 p.m. angQQ-ly
TO . EXCHANGE.—Hard Wood
Timbered land In a prairie country, ISO miles
from Chleago.throogti which a Railroad now run*. and
C, caah; to exchange for Dry Good*. Groceries
ta and Shoes».‘Of .Furniture. Forfall particulars
call on, or address BAKF.U i MAPPA, Jtcal Estate
Broken. 7T Clark 8t„ Chicago; ottZlxlw
iCTX Downer’eGeoulne Boston Kerosene Oil, Also.
aTarso variety - •. — ;
a North Clark street.
At very low prices at
noufeauw.- • -
|o Ann' GUT GOODS.— To a
hundred mile* from Chicago on some of the Railroads,
and who can give good reference and security If re
el aired, an opportunity la ottered of a stock of goods
and business man of means for partner living In Chi-
Caco Address “Merchant.” Box 313 C. or apply to
WM. A. BUTTERS, Auctioneer, Chicago. HI uolxlt
returned from thn Eaat and has opencif her
Mhool of Palming at 170 Clark street In Warren ft Cos
Music Rooms, where she will rocetve her old Pupils
and those wishing to take lesaons In OU Paimtoe and
pencil Drawing. ocwifit
For the nle of the following
No. 70 State Street, Second door from
Randolph Street.
Country Merchants will please take notice and ex
amine onr assortment before purchasing elsewhere.
tore, safe and reliable extissal remedy.
PHILADELPHIA SOAPS—Oriental- Detersive, Era
give. Palm. Ac.
- descriptive of the same moiled npon the receipt
of 05 cent*.
rapidly taking the lead of all other*, and cannot be
surpassed aa an invigorating tonic and family medicine.
Ponclne, Hotel Toilet, Silver, Ac.
Pen Holders, Pencils, Paper Folder*, Ac.
DR. JACOB’S BITTERS—Which stimulate the liver,
regulate the bowels, cleanse the stomach and parity
the blood. MSSXOdy
PRICE, $1.25.
For sale by
XV. B. KEEN, Bookseller,
No. ns.
LOSSIEG’S histories
—or Tint—
United Staton,
C jDfdatlng of the Primary size at GOc. and a 12 mo. tUo
at thOO.
MASON BEOTHEBS, 5 & 7 Mercer St, K. T.
Sold by D. B. COOK B & UO.. 11l Lake street, and W.
B. KEEN, its Lake street, Chicago.
The reputation of Benson J. Losslnjr as the author of
the “ Field Booh of the Revolution lt> a sudlcient
guarantee for the neat excellence and accuracy of hi*
History of the United State*. Already hU School His*
torles are quite extensively used throughout the conn
try. both In private and public schools. They are used
in the schools of the clue* of New York. Cincinnati.
New Bedford, and many others of oar larger towns
and cllle*.
In mechanical execution, in beauty ami appropriate*
ness of illustration, wc believe they are uneqnaled.
The admirable arrangement and classification of mat*
ter la a feature In which they aro believed to excel.
But the system of concordance. Interwoven with the
foot-notea In the hhno. size of the History la a new and
most valuable feature, both to the teacher and the pupil.
In view of these points of excellence, and others
that will strike any one who examine* the work, we
feci no hesitation in claiming for Logging's School flL*-
toriea of the United States a decided superiority over
any other work of the kind yet published.
Noe. 5 and 7 Mercer street New York.
For sale br D, B. COOKK & CO., ill Lake street, and
W. B. KEEN, 148 Lake street, Chicago. nol-dSM-St
70 - - - Lake Street ' - - - 70
Wo Have Ibe Largest Stock West of
New Vork.
Sell Full Ten. to Fifteen For
Cent. Lower than Others,
.AndiSell fbr
197 Sooth Water street.
And grows snore and more popular every day.
Rattle Cbsec. Mich., Dec. 21st, 1333.
Prot ‘Wood Thee wilt please accept a line to In*
form ilice iL&t the hair on my head all fell offerer
twenty years ago. caused by a complicated curonlc dl»*
case, attended with an eruption on the head. A con*
Uoual course of suffering through life having reduced
me to a state of dependence. 1 have not been able to
obtain stuff (or caps, neither have 1 been able to do
them up. in consequence of which myheadhassnffered
extremely from cold. This Induced me to pay Briggs
it Hodges utmost the last cent 1 had on earth for a two
dollar bottle of thy Hair Restorative about the first of
Vu~u«t last. 1 have faithfully followed the directions
ana the bald spot is now covered with hair thick and
black, though short. U b also coming in all over my
head Feeling confident that another large bottle
would restore it entirely and permanently, I feel anx
ious to persevere in its use, and being destitute of
piwru to purchase any more, I would ask thee if thee
would not bo willing to send me an order on thine
agents for a bottle, and receive to thyself the scripture
declaration—"the reward is to those that are kind to
the widow and the fatherless.**
LicosiEß.Koble Co,, IntL. Feb. Sth, 1339.
Fsor. O.J. Wood— Dear Blr: In the latter part of the
year i£2.whilcattending the State and National Law
School of the State of New York. my hair, from a cause
unknown to me. commenced tailing off very rapidly, so
thstlo the abort space of six mouths, the whole upper
part of my scalp was a most entirely bereft of its cover*
lag. and ranch of the remaining portion upon the side
and buck part of my head shortly alter became gray,
ao that you will not be surprised when I tell you that
upon my return to the State of Indiana, my more cas*
nal acquaintalotancca were not so much at a lots to
discover the cause of the change In my appearance, as
my more Intimate acquaintances were to recognize me
I at once made application to the most sidllftil phy
sicians in the countrv, but. receiving no assurance
from them that my hair could again be restored, 1 was
forced to become reconciled to my fate, until fortunate
lv. In the latter pan of the year 1557, your Restorative
was recommended to me by a druggist, as being the
most reliable llalr Restorative In use. i tried one bot
tle, and found to my great aallsiactlon that it was pro
during the deaired effect. Since that time, 1 have used
seven dollars* worth of your Restorative, and as a re
suit, have a rich coat of very soft black hair, which no
money can buy. Very respectfully yours.
Attorney nod Councilor at Lair.
O. J. WOOD & CO.. Proprietors, Broadway, New
York, and 111 Market street. St. LonlaMo.. and aold by
all good UruggiMa and Fancy Goods Dealers.
Wuoixsal* Acnrrs. Chicago s—J. D. Park. O. F. Ful
ler A C*>., J. U. Ueed <1; Co., Smith, Dwyer & Co., Lord
ii Smith, «nd Gale Brother*. »e«w.£aaly.weow_
Dimension* of bale, 23 In. by 23 la. at the end*, and
48la. Iona; averse® trelSht 400 lb*. In shipping by
Railroad wr t-arc nearlv one-half la freight over any
other Press In use. We can ship ten tons of Timothy
U win a common box car. JOHN K. HARRIS, Allen.
\iile. Indiana, assignee of Patentee and exclusive pro.
pile tor of the patent for the UcltcdSlates. J.P. FROST
& CO., Galesburg, IlL* Agents and Manufacturers for
the State of Illinois. Descriptive Circular sent free
upon application, oclSaltr
TIOX. —Joint Resolution of the Senate and Honse
of Representatives of the State of Illinois, adopted
February 2.
“lb: solved. Hr the Senate and Honse of Representa
tive*. that the electors of the State of Illinois be, and
they arc herebr, recommended, at the next election of
members of the General Assembly, to rote for or
against railing a Convention to form a Xew Constitu
tion for the Sute of Illinois."
This resolution was passed under the following pro
vision of the Constitution of this State:
Aarictß XI I. Sec. I,—“ Whenever two-tblrda of all
the members elected to each branch of the General As
►cmbly shall think it necessarv to alter or amend this
they shall recommend to the electors at
the next election of members of thcGeneral Assembly,
to vote for or agalnt-t a Convention, and If it shall ap
pear that a majority of all the electors of the State vot-
Ins for Representatives have voted for a Convention,
the General Assembly shall, at their next session, call
n Convention." &c.
It will be seen that It is necessary that all who are In
Ihvor of this important measure should rote for It, as
votlugfor members of the Legislature, and not voting
at all on this, counts as a vote against It, It U, there
fore. desirable that the UcteUoT ail political parties be
printed with tito words “Fora Convention "at the foot
of them, and then the voter. If opposed to a Conven
tion, can tear It off, and so vote against it.
sale a small Drug Store, and good Trill of a phrtl
clan la good practice In thu city. The prescription
business alone la trom five to ten dollars per day. A
goodchancc.asthcownerU obliged togo East, Also
rive Lola In the city of La Crosse, Wla„ well situated.
YVlll be sold very low. a good horse and buggy taken
In payment. Also—lo Acres adjoining the dir l.mlta,
south, tor sale at a great bargain. Also—o.ooo Acres of
Land In Crawford Co„ lowa, for wh, very low.
oeZmi29.lm TOMPKINS* CO„
Real Estate Broken, Boon No. 3 Kiagsbory Block.
ALL persons haying
x\. claims against the late firm of STEVENS ft BUS*
TON are herein- notified to present the same to the un
dereigocd, at hta ottire, No. 114 Sooth Water street,
before the 3d day of November next, at which time the
asset* tn my possession will bo applied to payment of
the Indebtedness of said firm, according to the condl-
Uonj of a certain deed of assignment bearing date the
rdnele&m day of March. A J). l»0 ,
' rt. If, iftNSDALE.
ocl WISS-im Assignee of Stevens *Ha»ton._
JL serther having had experience In plke*a Peak
Quarts Mining, and owning good lead* upon which to
work, Is desirous of making arrangement* with some
party having capital, to uke ont machinery and outfit
for mining purpose*. Good city reference given. Ad
dress -I’. F.Miox 4C93, Cldcogo, P. G._ oCKHw_
kJ TIONS.-illa ADA L. BOTT. Writing and Rap
ping Test Medium, will give sittings for theTnvMtlga.
lion of these phenomena, from 9 A. M. to.6P.M-»t
No. 21 South Dts Plaines street. Terms, |l an hour for
vpe or two persona. oelSxfiw
Jotobes. Ganges. sct.
Allen & Dalton,
Solicit an examination of the Patent Combination
It U the only Erick Oreo Store In the World.
Gives uniform and steady heat, which Is continued long
alter the fire Is out. There Is a marked peculiarity In
the BtAe of
possessed by no other Stove In the World.
Does the work the same as the old-ftshloned Brick
Oven, while It has the convenience of the modern COOK
Stove. We also solicit an examination of the
Improvement Cook Stove,
A flrti-clasa Alr-Tleht Cook Stove, which la giving the
most complete satisfaction.
The most popular Coal Store forPartora, Halls, Offices.
Stores. Ac.. Ac. Keeps a fire the entire winter, and u
the only Stove thattula everybody.
Parlor Self-Eegnlator Stoves,
Style*, nnrt the most complete assortment of Wood
I'oul Stoves for all nscs. Stove Pipe, £lnc, xire
iia.Ac„ Ac. New and Large stock of
House Furnishing Goods,
Jut received. Toilette Sets and Japannad Ware.
Tin and Sheet Iron Ware,
Manufactured and sold, wholesale and retail, by
71 Lake Street, Tremont Block,
ry stoves cleaned and set op on short notice.
Small Coal, Small Coal,
Small Coal, Small Cool,
Van Bchaacb.47 State Street, Chicago.
Van Schaack, 47 State Street, Chicago.
CB-General Dealer la Housekeeping Articles. ImyOfl
Aod all others la want of
.No. its
The place to find the best Cook, Parlor, Hill, Office,
Factory aod Store Stoves, is at
143 - • - Lake Street - - - 143
OfA.C BARSTOW & CO.’b manufacture, providence.
U, i„ among which are the celebrated
HAKP cooking,
model COOK.
parlor cook,
And manr other new and Improved Coal and Wood
Heating Stove*—ALL WARRANTED. Together with
a full and select assortment of
Cutlery Builders’ Hardware*
Nalte and Tin ‘Ware. Sheet Iron. Copper, 2 Inc and Gal
vanized Iron, ezecoted by some of tue b« it Mecuamo*
la tac country, prices reasonable.
j. w. Looms,
ltd L aSc atrect.
[Successor to Taoxis GeoboeJ
225and227 - take Street - 2:25 and 227
(Comer of Franklin, Chicago, Illinois.)
S T O XT E S .
Hotspur Cook,
(Large Oven, Exienslon-back, for Coal or Wood.)
Now “World Cook,
Elevated Ovens, eto-
Cooking Ranges, Hot-Air Furnaces, Hooters,
Parlor and Office Stoves;
at a trifling advance on aldany prices.
Kitchen Utcnsili. Tin Ware. Jftpaned Wore, Pump*,
Lead Pipe. Sheet Lead, Wooden Wore,
Fruit Cana, Kedzlc’s Water Filter.
House Furnishing Goods Generally,
Tin. Copper and Sheet Iron 'Wort, Plumbing and
Japaulnc, executed promptly to order.
2i3 and Lato it., cor. franklin,
CUcagp. _
O STILL AHEAD. The acknowledged superiority
of the Stewart Store has elren rise to aeveral imlta-
Ilona. The genuine article Is for wile by C. METZ.
Agent at ISO State ftiv**t. between Monroe and Adams.
Ab<o. a good assortment of Housekeeping Hardware
and Tinware. InpSOcfiSy
Seining jHadjtnes.
O kle & Lyon Sewing Machine Company hawe cetab
lisiedarepotattonforihelr machines Second to none.
Persons purchasing the F. «fc L. S. M. will recti rc a mil
For Family Sewing they are unrivalled.
For Manufacturing Purposes they hare no equal.
Purchasers arc reque ted to call at No. IBd Sooth
Clark atrect, and examine these Superior Sewing Ma
Remember the number. Ifi6 South Clark street be
tw ten Madison and Monroe. oc2T*(tf jS-Ixu
L CORNELL & CO., Proprie
• tore lo tlie Northern and Western Staton, of the
Agents wasted to every town—great Inducements of.
re red. Office and Salesroom at
133 Lake Street, No. 1, 2d Floor, Chicago, UL
Satisfaction guaranteed or mosey refunded.
l. corskll. [selAdCSAm] r. c. wit
S2B, S2B, $35, $35, S4O, S4O.
«/i U7.V« JfIJtCHfJI'JES!
5,500 already In use.
Usable Thread. Grover A Baker Stitch, and wib-
BiSTtD canal to the very heat at any price.
They have wrought their own GREAT SUCCESS, and
are the only sccccl competitors, and caxsr bucks
to high prices and would-be monopolies. Thousands
say It and every machine proves It. Swift, easy and
still; Stitching. Hemming. Veiling. Tucking. Gathering,
? nilting. Cording and Embroidering most beautifully,
nelr Held of success Is the world or sewing to be done
—from Book Mnsllns to Heaviest Devon and Cowhide.
No macldoe claims to give better satisfaction, and no
llemmer claims EQUALITY to our UNIVERSAL
UEMMER, adjustable, as It is, to all Widths and
Thicks zs£ej>. . .
We want reliable Men and Women as Agents In every
town in the North and West, to whom a great per cent
age will bs allowed. Men of all professions and ladles
In all circumstances are now at work for us. doing their
neighbors much good and their pockets no hurt, ny in
troducing our Machines, which are BREAD AND
GOLD for the Poor and all that Is wanted for the Rich.
Samples of Sewing. Descriptive Circular and Cnu
sent on receipt of red stamp. Address
Call at IIP Lake street. Box 3832 Chicago. Hi,
ill. Lockstitch Family
$35, $35, $35, $35, $35, $35.
The ONLY one taking this stitch sold for lesa than
*SO. in form, general appearance, stitch, (alike on
both aides.) size, capacity, speed, stllloes*. ease of mo-
Uon. and manner or forming the stitch, it is vkrt Keen
L'KE and Warranted to do as much and as well as tho
celebrated WHEELER * WILSON *125 MACHINE.
We also bare the
Double-Lock Tight Fast GROVER * BAKER stitch
■2B Family dewing Machine—warranted superior to
any *3O machine, or money refunded. We will send
either or both of these machines. at agents* prices, to
anv oartr engaged In the sale of sewug murLlaes, and
refund the money at the end of sixty days If they are
not satisfied. No connection with Cornell c Co.
Agent* wanted. Call at 102 Lake street, or address
LEWIS CORNELL, Box 3351. Chicago. HU
Ji MACHINE-ilanafactured
Iso. G-l North Dearborn st. Salesroom at the Boot and
Shoe Store, No. 13‘Z Late st* C*d Hour.)
Sewing Machine Agents Wanted
td every county throughout the States, to sell R. S.
Imtse’s MrraaPOUTAsr Docblk-Locc. Rustic. Fast
Obovex * liatxa'a Stitch $2) Family Sbwisc 4U.
Cuixk. the same lor which Lewis Cornell haa acted as
Agent for the last few weeks.
These machine* are adapted to all varieties of work,
giving perfect satlstaction. and are warranted tqnal In
any respect to thoaa selling at a higher price. A large
rer-centage allowed, and great indneementa to enter
-5 rising and efficient Agent*. Wo also have Blake &
onn*ton'» Improved Patent Adjustable Uemmcr.
Address, or call In person upon DK. K. S. PAVNE,
I*, o. Box saoa. Chicago. 111. ee2d-dUMm
,0 0310 31 ILL PROPERTY' 4 E KEYES, 31. D.. Homcco
tiAo OATTI i JTjL» pathlc Physician and Surgeon, wouldrcsacct
* wtt BflfaMi ‘ fully annonnce
In consequence of the decease of one of the owners i
cf the above property, the whole of It I* now offered |
*°UQrin*g the pant tommer the mQI has been complete* ’
It repaired and fitted np In the reiw beat manner, with i
•lithe latent improvement.*,and is now In order to l
raanufactoreFlonrofaqaalityiccondto none In the {
market. The Custom Apparatus U also arranged In
the beat manner. There are
Bmnt Mmß.Jepe^ator^Bnm Dusters, j CHICAGO WATER
_ . ,_/7- ar»rr ; .La WORKS. All ownrn or occnpantflof bnildlnx*
. Thf p .^s.^ d £u iff?the viilaire of ■ supplied with wat-r by the Chicago City Hydraulic
steady Mresm—Wl 16 feet,
of'thrfmoat fertile*diflticU f la U e 1 annualpaymentof theyearcommencingMay Ist. 1»»,
vfnft. r “ 1 KrUle ttUinc “ “ ine ! and coding May I»U l«n. will be due andpayableon
;s™ “■s? gSSSSfSiZVSXZTttSt
For mnS?r p“rttou“ L, QOTRK i CO. , gjthj: with totHwanUmatel
or S. BMITH, on the premises. . 0 or occupant* of buildings which are situated
Como. Oct. 271n. ISa). oc»J»un_ j on lots adjoining any street, avenue or alter, through
*ia rtT'l'l tj *pr t?V AT ATT' A 1 which the distributing water pipe* are laid, oat which
'\TAL i I ImlvLCil iHiV-lal. • at. . are not supplied with water, are also notified that the
IVI stock of PRIME BARLEY MALT for Brewer’s second semi-annual payment for the assessment for
had Distiller’s nse. constantly on hand, and each order 1 the year commencing May Ist, 11*0. and endbtcMay lit,
iiromptlv filled. Also superior Yeast Mall In barrels, jan. will be due and payable at the same time and
toanotactured at Cold Spring Malt House. Buffalo. >. , place. • „ . . .
V Address A. C MOREY, 12 South Water street i By order of the Board, A. W. TIN KILIM. Seer.
Chicago ji seiOdSAu -| Water Commissioner's Office, Oct. 20,1860. [ocSM3o£.l9t
W. T. B.
Corner of Beach and Mather Street*.
Orders for Boxes. Tronic Bodies and Fruit Drawers
'rill receive prompt attention.' Po*t
Chicago, 111. • ocl.-d2SMy
O K-DS A N-D-311751 Ci
Conies brmalL post paid, oa receipt of price. Fob.
by OUVER DITSON ft CO* 377.5Yashlagton
lireet, Boston.
i\ Fairfield Mill*.—SCO bbl* of this celebrated
,w “ d ta “ ore •■SS.VoEDfuEIIEDITn * CO.
jaITGO-ly • No. 219 booth Water it'_
X on hnM md for
ocl7-d2TMm 72 Dearborn street.
•-pcTLUMBERMEN.—S 00 bu -white
etm-asstn. . .ksihiibiimi;,
New York Central B* B«y Cleveland dr
* Pltt»barsh B. 8., Troy * Erie and
Troy and IVeitern Lines on
the Erie Canal,
Will contract freights! the lowest rates to “d from
Also. Freight contracted to and from
fmSBCEQH. •JgSggfc£ LT “ OBE AOT
At Lover Bates than by say other Boots.
Office So. 1 Clerk-St,, cor. Booti Veter Street
lrJ-cg»S-lo> .
Transportation Line.
A. WAfiHEK & CO.,
General Freighter* to the Mine*,
We have Trains leaving St. Joseph weekly throofb
ont the year, fur all parts la the mines, and can give
parties unusual faculties for petting out freight with
dimatch and at reasonable rates. All eoods shipped to
our care, destined for the mines, will be promptly at
tended to. Warehouse on Sixth Street. „„
anZTW-ly St. Joseph. Mo.
And Western Express Co.
18 6 0.
To Shippers of Freight to and from
the West!
Enlarged and best facilities ever presented for tbe
. consideration cf Merchants. Snippers, Tra
velers and Emigrants.
Having largely Increased their Lake ficlUUcs, will bo
prepared, on the arrival of Canal Goods, to ran daring
the ensuing season between
Buffalo, Chicago, Milwaukee &Eacine,
Touching at Intermediate ports on the Upper Lakes
the* following Flrst-Cus* Screw Steamers:
leaving the dock* at Erie Basin and foot of Michigan
i afreet. Itotfalo. EVERY EVENING. (Sunday* ex
cepted), at 7. And between BUFFALO and DE
TROIT, via North Shore direct, the
Leaving the Dock at Erie Basin at 7 o'clock r. u. And
i Leaving the Dock at Erie Basin at 7 o'clock p. m. And
< between BUFFALO. ERIE and CLEVELAND, (ho
Leaving the Dock at Erie Basin at 7 o’clock p. a. And
between BUFFALO and GREEN BAY, the
Leaving the Dock foot of Cincinnati street, at 7 o’clock
p which, running In connection with the unequal**!
Canal facilities of this Company, comprising
150 Boats of tho Scarcest Class,
(Eight of which dally.)
•FVPRE&SEB over bald road, enables them to offer Mer
chants and shippers these evidently superior faculties
for the transportation of their freight to and from the
Eoatand West with reliability and despatch.
The Western Express,
(Owned and operated by this Company.) trill be nm
over lbe»w York Central Railroad to Buttalo, and
connect with the various Railroad* and above Line* of
Propellers, for snch Freight as may require a mow
speedy transit than by Canal. . . .
The Cabin and Steerage accommodation* of these
Steamer* have been nued np expressly with a \ tew to
tha comfort and safety of passenger*.
For rates of Frclghtandi*a.ssage, apply to the Agents
or Consignee*, at the Oillccs of the Western Transpor
ution Company.
At Erie Basin Buffalo.
U State street .....Boston.
m Pier -Albany.
A. E. Colver Utica.
Howard JtTbnrstoicAlblon
J. Meaner & Co ..Erie.
T. N. 80nd.... >
MU & Morris, f Cleveland.
i J.H, Stead ..Sandusky,
J L. Hurd*Co ..Detroit.
! Uarlburt, Kirkland * Co.,
’ J.T. Kirkland.Sheboygan.
. w. F. Hurd ... * vilw'ke
1 j J, Tallr.iadcef JUiW
Hathaway A Penn,
Green Bay.
1 Canties Slip. -New Tort.
9 Astor Uoiue. Broadway.
New Yor*.
191 Hirerstreet ... Troy.
TV. F. Holmes Rochester.
Dunlap dßUoulALuckport.
Stevens t Chaw. J
D. U. Smith • Toledo.
A. Hopkln*
Johnson is Hodge*.
John Hely ludno.
Kenosha PlerCo.,Kenoshn.
W. U. Wright & Co.,
Richmond &Co.. 11 inrk-st.
XE, Agent,
j. W. TO'
Liverpool and \e»T Torfc Packet Ships
Sailing on the Blb and 21th of ea."h bwwtm
New York every Saturday, aad Crom.J irer P 00l ' eaulo »
at Cork) every Wednesday. llT _
Panics rldiln? the old country, or wishing to sc.? 4
for their friends. can purcha*e ticket* at reduced
through rates. Drafts on Royal Baak of Ireland, and
Liverpool, to any amounts. Apply to
jySGcCOI-ly 36 Dearborn street.
| Detroit, Buffalo, Suspension Bridge,
: Xctv York, Xcw England and
Canadian Tonrn«.
For Tickets apply at the Kail road Comp.nnv’a Office,
I opposite Tremont llooae, corner Lake aud Dearborn
streets, Chicago,
! Freight Taken at Lowest Bates
To and from the Fast.
I ml
lOolitical ittcbals. JTags.
X3xlslsxl»!! Enslsn®:!!
Of ertrr tlze and description. ror.«tantl jon band and
made to order at the
Ship Chandlers and Sail Makers,
Wbolesalesale and Retail Dealers In
twhtes, cordage and heavy cotton
I We hare at all times the largest stock west of N. York
of ManUhiand Tarred Hope. Hack. Colton and Hemp
Cords. Bags, Bagging and Burlap*. Osknm.Tar,
pitcK. Paints. Oil*. Chain Anchor*. Tarkle
Blocks. Glll-NcO. Seines, ami every varie-
I t * of Seine and GIU-Net Twine, Cau
> ' vas. Belting and Hose.
! Coal Tar, Hoofing Pitch and Pelting,
Cotton, TPlax and Hemp Twines*,
; Of every description.
I No*. 205 and 207 South Water Street,
• Corner of Wells, Chicago,
i tJyCO-cslOSm]
■ Steam ID lie Klerks.
IST South Clark street, between Madison aadMonroc,
Chicago, Illinois.
j Dyer and Cleaner of all kinds of SDk and Woolen
Goods. Also, btraw Bonnet Bleacher and presser.
! Store and country work punctually attended to.
i tapTTCO lyj
No. ISS South Clark between Monroe and Adorns,
> Chicago, Illinois,
i I have been vwarrted the First Premiara at the late
1 U. 6. Fair. All country orders by espresa strictly at.
! tended to. (jaU-ly
permanently located In thl* city, where he may be
found In readiness to attend to all calls lu the line of bla
profession. K<raldcnce fiS Hash street. OtT.ee hoan*
from Btolo A. iL, and from- to 4P. M. ccwdU2o-6ta
Phralcla’i. formerly of Toronto. C. W„ can be
Consulted and Medical Advice Obtained. (Lolly from 9
to 11 A. M„ to 2 to 4 I*. M.. at the Metropolitan Hotel,
corner of lUnciolpb and W die St. or.a:*lw
jXJ ; No. 6 Aster Place, N. Y.
Publisher and Dealer In Foreign and American Mtj-
I ale. Instruments and Musical McrchandW. bongs and
Compositions for the Plano Forte br me best masters;
' Sacred and Organ Master Dance and Military Unslc
j for tbe Plano-Pyrie, sent by mall, postage free, (sump*
nay be sent Instead of change). Catalogues or Mane
J.for Bra** Bands, Quadrille feui* l *. small or large Or*
••chotrns. price list of Brass Instruments sent on ap
plication. The “ Journal of lira** Banda,'* » sev poo
Ucatlon of Band Music. L» Issued on the 13th of each
month; single Nos. at $1.73 or sl3 per annum; Price $l
each .number; also the '‘Companion.** containing
Marches, Medleys, Ac. Tho Instrumental pans In
these works arc separate and ready for performance.
Director of Dodwortli's Band.
kew crop. isooT
LAKE GREET MILLS will supply orders for New
771x110 Winter Floor without advance is price. Ail of
oar Superior Brands or Floor at low rates. We hare a
>new run of stone for Corn Meal and Feed, and •nail
supply orders at low rates. Goods warranted, and de.
llvered In the city free of charge. STEVENS A NOR.
BIS, West Lafco and Desplalaes treeta. QyU
ll Kona will attend to the cleaning of privy vault*
removing of stable manure, and any offensive matter
Orders directed Chaa. Kunt, Chicago P. O. Box 4149,
. irlll receive prompt attention. (ocSzlm
Saxnmcr Arrangement*
.Trains laava the Great Central Depot, foot of Lake
street Chicago: .
130 A. M.—Lightning Exprrw, (Sondays excepted.)
arrive at Detroit f1.13 r. «- Suspension
Bridge 4JO t. x- Albany BJO r. x*
York Op. H™ Boston 11.30 r. x.
am P. York and Boston Express, (except
Saturday.) arrive at Detroit 7.30 a. Sus
pension Bridge of Buffalo 5.10 r. x., Albany
4,4.1 a. u* New York 9.45 a. u„ Roatun 1 p. x.
7JO A. JL—Ctnclnoail Expreoe. (except Sunday.)
throned to Cincinnati lo 13 hours.
TISP If—Cincinnati ami Louisville Express; (except
* Saturdnv) through to CluclonaUin U boors,
Louisville In 1* hoars.
Bjn P If.—Train. Saturday, only to Mia*. Sunday
Trains at Bp. x. .. . ,
r r Patent Bleeping Cara on allnlcht trains.
The 8 p. «. train connects at Pam with the' Buffalo
and Lake Enron Railway for Baftdo and aU points
east: at Toronto with tue Grand Trunk
Kingston. Ogtleiwbnrgh. Montreal. Quebec.*2s* ***
point* to Canada East, Northern \ ermont, Naw Hamp
shire and Maine. '
Baggsgo checked through. . . , _ „ ..
Through Tickets forsileat the principal Railroad
oScesinthe North and Weas, and at the Company s
oOlre. 54 Dearborn street, and at the depot, root of
Lake street. E. N. BICE. Superintendent,
il. J. fipAtomo, General fe^_
iprrrsßUßG.FOiiT wayne &
Now completed and cars run tom Chicago to rltt*'
bnrg without change, connecting with the great
To New York. Philadelphia. Baltimore and ‘Washing,
ton City, and all the interior towns of Pennsylvania,
New Jersey, New York, Maryland. &e. . ....
Merchants by taking this route, win bare the benefit
of all the Eastern market.* at no additional cost.
Baggage checked through. _
Trains leave the depot, corner of Canal and van
Buren streets. West Side, as follow*: , ■
6.40 A. M.—Morning Express, dally. (Sunday* ex
-7.25 P. McNight Express, dully. (Saturday* ax*
Connecting at Crestline with the Cleveland and Lake
Shore Railroad to Dunkirk. Buffalo. Niagara J-alls,
New York and Boston, amt all the Interior tr.wrsot
New England, via New York Central and New York
and Erie Itallroads- _ ... w ,
Also, south to Columbna. Zanesville. Newark. Mount
VcrcoD. Steubenville. Wheeling, and Interior towns of
Ohio and Virginia.
The above train* connect at Forest with trains on
Mad River Road to Fptlnsileld. Krbara. Dayton and
Cincinnati. Also, with trains at Lima for Dayton and
Cincinnati direct.
Pawns.™ Sound East Kill And this route both
pleasant and agreeable, passing through many of the
largest and finest cities In the United Staten.
Paerengen arriving at Chicago, on any of the road*,
will find attentive check agenu *ti di* depot*. Ilore
eelve checks and convey baggage free of charge to the
ITtUbnrs and Chicago car*. Sleeping Car* accompany
sale at the principle Ticket OflJec* In the
West, amt at the Company's Oihce. corner «»f Kaodulpn
and Dearborn streets, oupofelti? the Utr. ere: UotiaC v or
at the Depot, West side, corner of Canal and \aa
Bnreostraeto, Chicago.
arße particular and aslrfUr ticket* br Fort wajme.
1 U. F, PATRICK. Ticket Agent,
JAS. W. MU SR ON, Freight Agent. Chicago
J. J. HOUSTON, Gen. Freight Ag t. Chicago. _
The capacity of title Road b now equal to any in too
Three Tbroash Pauenser Trains
Between L*m*onrgb ana Philadelphia,
Connecting direct tu tho Union Repot, at nuebunsh,
with Through Train* from all \Vextent title* tor I bfia
delnbb. New Yurt, Boston. Baltlamnsand Washington
Lltv: thn* furubbletf facUlUai for Hit* transportation
of i*a»acugcra unsurpassed tor speed and comiort by
Express widlVt Line* run through to PldladelphU,
without change of c<tr- or conductors.
bmosang Uar*are attached to each train; WoodmfT#
Sleeping Cat* to KxpreM anil ka>t Iralm*. The fcs
lireJt runs dally.Mali and hast Line tuaday*excepted.
Three dally twin* connect direct for New Turk, fcx*
preas and Fast Line connect for Baltimore and wash.
AU Through Passenger Trains provided with Longb
rtdec's Patent Brake—speed nuder perfect control of
the Engineer, then adding much to the safety ot tra
' Train* between Philadelphia and New
York* two Dally Trains between New York and Boa.
ton. 'Through Tickets, all rdl.aregoodonelihcrof
the above train#. _ . ...
Boat Ticket-* t*» Deaton arc goal rlaNorwlcb, Fall
River, or atonington Lines. Boston p.*s*eiiger* trans*
Tickets may be obtalnud at any of the important
Ridlroad OUice*ln the West; also on board any of the
regular Line of steamer* «h the ilb>u»lpjdori)hlo
Hirer*; and at the oulce of the Company la Boston,
New York, Baltimore, or Philadelphia.
Always as Low aso Timx as Qcrcs as
OX AST OTUta Rnttk.
Tlic completion of tb« Western connection* ofllie
Pennsylvania Railroad makes tut* the
(• Itila AT t)TtN l a
The connecting oftracKA by the Railroad Bridge at
PUuburL-h, nvohJlng .ill arayage or (. Ltlageof t r«Tchi,
together with the sax Ing of time, are advantage* reuiit
ly appreciated by Shippers of t reight, and tUc Travel
freight Contracts and Shipping Direction*, apply
to or addre>* either of the following Agents of Wo
D. A, STEWART. ritt*bnrgli;
II S. Pierce & Co.. Zanesville. O.; J. J. Johnston,
Hlpley,O.; K. McNee>y. May sv Hie. By.: tmnsby*
Cropper, Portßinouta, o.; PiMidocS * Co.. Jeilerson
\UU% Ind ; 11. W. Urown i Co,. Cincinnati: Atheh &
Hlbbm. Unclnu.ul; R. C. MeMrrnn. Madison. Ind.;
Jo». E. Moore, l>.nl-vil;c; 1». U. triUicy & Co.. Evans,
vllle, Ind ; N. W. tlraham «t I 0., Cairo, 111.; R. r.
Bass, Shaler & Ulaas, Sc hods; John 11. Harris. Nash
ville. Teitii.; Harris a: Hunt.Memphis. Tcun.; Clarke
& Co, Chicago; W. 11. 11. KoouU. Alton. 111.; or to
Freight Agcuis of Railroad* at diderent point* In the
The Greatest Facilities offered for .the Protec
tion Speedy Tianaportaaon, ol
r Livo Stocfe.
And good accommodation* with usual privileges for
person* traveling in charge thereof.
By this Route Freight* of all descriptions cau be for
warded to and {Tom Philadelphia. New lurk. Boston*
or Baltimore, found from juiv point nn the Iftilrnad.*
of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana. Illinois, WUconetn. lowa*
or Missouri, by railroad direct.
Thu Penn*Ovanla Railroad also connects at Pitts,
burgh with btcaiucis. by which Goods can be forward*
ed to anv port cn Die Ohio, Muskingum. Kentucky*
Tenne-*ee. Cuml.erhiuiL ilum-K ML-ei.—ippl. wbcoa
►la. MKs-Mirl, Kan-.is, Ark.in*»*- and Red River*: and
at Cleveland. Samln-ky and Chicago with Steamer tu
all Port* on the Nurthwe-tern Lake-.
3leretianuaad Shippers entrusting the transportation
Q '«hylrfreight* to Du- Company, can rclywuhcoutl.
“H.V'';■ from any point In the
TV« » heftm r*ua»>iva«U ILdlroad, are at ail time* a*
tovoßtbTeu aw «£>***** j£’ c^'srea^vuPws^JS^L**
fSTBc particular "iih.hU 1 * »•-
LEACH « CO.. No. * Astor Uuu»e, of No. l». »* u
ll.<tnstreet. New York, _
LtLCiI&CO No. “ star* street. Boston.
11,11. llOlvroN.iien. Freight Agt, Philadelphia.
L. L. HOI’IT, Ben. Ticket Ag U PUiadelpnh}.
XHOB. A. scorr* Oeu. supt.* Altoomt, Pa. Ja«-«)-iy_
VT iLVILROAP.-SraMER ARBisr.jaKrr. ,
imandattcr FEIDAT. Jun« 1«. »Awpl J'*™
Well* street depot. Chicago. ** fol!c*ws, Sund.jys «c
--rept *J:» a. m- and !*:.■« p. m., f« »r Dixon, PoU». Pol
ton. Cedar 11-vplds. and lnteni»«alLite points. At T.ln a.
m and 95» pint, for IMvlderc, iMCktord* Prciport,
Warren. Caleun. Duulelth. Dubuque and.lntermediate
places. 4AO p. in. lor Elgin, Bclvlderc, Rjckford. ami
[nicrmcplaie point*. At asJOp, m.for l»eueva. Elgin,
and Intermediate places. ..i.. »t.-o-tx
Passengers for Beloit and JanexvLlc will take Inc
am. train. Dssaenger* for MclKnrr. Itlrlmio-id. llc
neva Lake, and huenueuLuc pclnts, will take thc4p.
m. train. . ,
arsi-ptaewnon »g>« *S*S; OT T. Gtn . s„p- e ,
G. M. WHEELER. Cen. IV-sengcr Ag*t. Uyl-iw
Sommer Arranseiueut, IB6o*
7JOA.M—New York Express,(dallyex
ccpt Sundays), via the old line.
S.OO P. 3L— Night Eiprew, (dally except Satnrdaya) via
Connecting at Toledo and Detroit with trains to all
pobit* Interior In Ohio. Pcnneylvanl;*, New iork, and
die New England and Canada*.
The T 30 t. a. Train connect* at Cleveland at Or. a.,
with steamew METROPOLIS aud CITY Ob BLh-
FALO, connecting with next morning train out of
\VcodmfTs Patent Sleeping Car* aceompanv all
thaNlghl Trains on this route, tu Now \ orw and Bos
l°Tickcts can be had at all Ticket Office* In the Wml
and at the Company’s office* 5i Dearborn street, and at
the Depot.
Train* leave Toledo at *. W-. and 10.25 r,
arrive In Chicago at s.tf) a. and 8 PjM.
(Trio. m. OliA Y.Genl Western Agent.
RAILROAD LlNE,—py**cagcr Trains depart
from and arrive at Chicago a* follows:
Day Expre*" and Mali leave at 9.1 a i. m.. and arrive
at ‘*.ls r. n. (Sundays excepted),
Night Espreai leaves at ‘J i > p. x, (Satnrdaya except*
ed>: arrive at J.«O *. v. (Mondays excelled).
Peru Accommodation. IJUp.u. (Sunuavs excepted).
JOHN F. TRACT, tlca. »up T t
W. L. Sr. Jons, GenT Agent, d«J7
For Mlhraukcc. La Crosse and St. PaaL
Homing Lino—At S.L" \l, arrlrcsat Mllwinkee at
Lli x. and LaCrow the Mine evening.
Evening Line—At P.brt m.. arrlslng at Mllwauteo
at 13.50 a. *.. and at La Crtwve at iO.l’it s. «.
ILith of trains connect at La Crosse with
packet boats tor Bt. Paul. _ .
Wnukesan train leave Waakegan at > a. arrives
at Chicago at R.W a. v. Leaves Chicago at 5.’35». m,.
arrives at Waukegan at 8.55 r. «. . _ .
Trains leave Milwaukee si 10.13 a. and J.lj p. u..
arriving at Chicago at 1.51 p. u.. and d.4-*» r. a.
iaM. »■ C. UALI)WIS-.Bop-t,.
Poaaencer Trams leave and arrive Clilcajo aa fol
lows: Day Exprer* leaves at V.l- *. v.. (Sunday* ex
cepted); arrives at sp. (Sunday* cMntJolt. Mf* l *
KxpreM leaves at &.13 p. *- (Saturdays excepted);
armcaat 3,50, (Mondays excepted. Mendota Acwpi
modatloo leaves at 4.U p. (Sunday* excepted); ar
riveata.lsa.il., (Sunday* excepted.
O. C. li-UaiOSD, Sap k
irll 7.13C0.
cago E-ULEOAO.
Shortest and only road between Chicago and St. Loola
wUhont dunce of Cara, Baggae® or Conductor*.
Elegant Sleeping Cara la Night Train*,
stir XASAOtuasr.
Chicago Depot—Corner Cannl and Van Boren Street*.
Chicago Office—U Dearborn Street.
Trains leave Chicago every morning. Sundays ox.
cepted; and every evening. Saturdays excepted.
Train* leave Chicago 9.0* a. it. 9.00 p. k.
Arrive at Joliet w.a* lo.ij
** Peoria .... 3jUp.it. ..00 a, m,
“ Bloomington. 2.13 3.36
- Spflngneid MJ 5-l«
** Alton , 9.13 K. 40
•* St. Loot* 9.2* 9.M
Train leave* St. Louis 7.00 a. it. s.Wp.x.
Arrive at Chicago 6.10 a. it.
Making direct connections with all trains for the
East amlNorth. , . , .
Joliet and Wilmington Accommodation leaves Chi.
CSgo at 4.30 p. M.. dally. ...
Wilmington and Joliet Accommodation leaves Chi.
cago at4p. x.; arrive at Chicago st'J.G p. it.
Ticket* fay rail for Peoria. Galesburg. Burlington.
Jacksonville. Naples, Qnlncr. tiL Joseph and Atchbon.
Connection* at ti|. lamb by rail f-r Jefferum City,
Syncope. Pilot Knob, and St. Joseph. Abo, by steam,
er every afternoon from St. Loub for Cairo, Memphis,
Vicksburg. New Orleans Jefferson City. Leavenworth.
Pike's Peak. Weston. Atchbon,, and St. Joseph.
JOSEPH PRICE. Treasurer.
R. U. MASOK. Chief Engineer and Ceal Scn't,
C C wHKKi Ri*.oenTVreightAgent.
Summer Arrangement, 1860.
On and after Sunday. April 13th. 1960. two daily train*
will leave the Great Central Depot at foot of Lake and
Sooth Water Street*.
6,35 P.M.—Day Express, (Sundays excepted.) arriving
.at Peoria at 3.15 p. x.; Decatur at 3.13 p. v.;
Springfield at 5.10 ejit Jacksonville at S.M
* r. k.; Naples at 10.3U p. x.; St. Louis at 7.30
p. u.: Cairo at 1035 p. xa Memphis in 96
boars and New Orleans In 43 hours from
635 P. M.—Night Express, (Ssturdav* exeepted) arrives
at Decatur at LW a. x.: BprlugncldiUS a. ug
Jacksonville at .UOI. xg Naples at 6.20 a. x.;
Quincy at 10JO a. M 4 tit. Loub at ti a. x.;
Cairo at 10.% a. v.: Memphis la 36 boon, and
•* New Orleans lu b houre from Chicago,
XF Sleeping Car* on an Sight Trains.
MASTER’S SALE — State of Illi
nois. Cook County. s. S.-Superlor Court ot
Chicago—ln Chtacerr. Jacob Flalier T«t. Andrew T
Sberuian, trancla 11. Benson, Kobert Merrill Jr Isaac
£ r *“"* *-
m the lothday of October. XD. Itw). I. Ira Scott, a*
CJumcery of the Superior Court of CMcacc*
wUU on the seventeenth *«« v of November. A. D nSrS
MlO o clock In tbe forenoon ot tint »lay, tell at Dublin
■action to the Übjheat bidder for 1 ciuh, at tbe north
{ of toe Court House, in the city of CMcaeo.Ui
. sold County 6C Cook, the following described rrat
■ estate, (or so jsnen thereof a© m«v bo necessary to
. satisfy me amonnt oftald decree,'wllh Interest and
torts, together with Master's ft-***, dldxiivrmenta and
Doxhlen, Ortisoeh, L*CroMC,SI. Paul, and all points I (17), and the west half of the west half the noitheut
west and Northwest, tu- , qoaner of section seventeen In township number forty
CHICAGO AND NORTHWESTERN RAILWAY, ■ 0»). north, of ran*© twelve tUi. east, 01 the third prlri-
Three dally Inina leave, vU: 9*s a.m-Day Ex. I SP?v n, - erldi * n M» ti;»oi u»8
iy. ST» m if or Eocktord ■M n m v, i nnniberona d) of the south section of Robinson's
y tolh express trains so directly tbroash to all notat* I »lth the bolldlm:* situate thereon. IUA M.OTT,
In the Northwest, and connect«LjU>JL« and PwdrS
da Cblen with steamers |br St. - Dated October -M. lao. ocSMWdd
f¥~ t m'tnSzi 107 Bockft>nl tbo Day Express I —————^
° Slw’plnj Cara on night trains, 1 XA 83R9 PEPPER,
ociMy GEO.Is DUNLAP, Superintendent, JLt/Vr ° REYNOLDS, ELT ft
Trains leave Chicago at OLSO a. jl; 8 a- it; 12 it; a
st: sod 8.15 p. u.
WooUlawn 6 ja a.m, 9.00 aj i. 1.00 rit 4 - 2r5 Wt «*•
Hyde Part 7.00 9.01 LOS U» 7.0 C
Oakland. ...7.M ».« UO • J.®s
Falrvlew... 7JB 9.13 1.14 »Al *•»
CrWork.,.7ol tSrnA*6«.5S-L
W. a. JOHNSON, Gen. Passenger Agent.
XJ itAILWAT. Shorten and bcßtrocto to Bf ffilo
and 0 tiier Eastern eltieft.
Train leaving Chicago at 8;00p. m„ Detroit at 3do
rive* at Buffalo at 540 p. m.. New fork at IMS a m
Boston at 4JO; connecting with S. Y, central ft ItuifH*.
lo and N. Y. ft Erie trains going East. 1 lekeu via this
Road can b« obtained at the Union Depct.
fal4‘CQ.iy R. 8. CARTER. (»n'l Manager.
3Legal Hiibertisements.
MASTER’S SALE.—State of llli
nolo. Cook County. 3.R.—Circuit Court of Cook
County.—Petition for Mechanic Lien, Frederick
Brsubn, as« of fte„ vs, lleurv Mbbe.
Public notice Is hcrcbv given that I. L. C. Palno
Freer. Master In Chancery of Cook County, State ot
lIIlnoK wUL In obedience to the mandatn m * Special
Execution Issued In the above entitled cause. ofttisa
date, sell at public auction for cash, to the highest bid
der. on the twentieth day of November. A. 1). is»A all
the right, title. Interest, claim and demand which the
said defendant on Die eighth day of March. A. D. 1i.7,
bad In the premises described as follor*, to.witj.oj
number seventy-six 1781. in the Canid 1 rasters Sub
divL-lon of Uic west half (except the m rrfc«*a«t quarter
of the southwest quarter, and the southeast quarter ot
the northwest quarter) orSectlon live isj. In Towtid.l;*
thirty-nine (:S). north of Range fourteen (It). en-t of
the Third Principal Meridian. In Ihu City of Chicago,
County of Cook, and State of IlllnoK
Master In ( hanccrr of Cook fonnte.
Chicago. October 29Ui. isfti. ccdl .Ur.' ld
A SSIGNEE SALE.—WiII 1,.- sold
x to close an assignment at the north door of tho
Court House, In Chicago, on Saturday, the tcrt’i day
of November next, at 19 o’clock m., »:<>t nr m-t*s
accounts and judgment* due the late ilr:*f J. E. ft
IL N. Parsons and 'll. N. Parsons, sa.e idwolat*; fop
cash. For particular* Inquire of C«e«*. Herbert, Attur
oey, W Dearborn street. I . .MKIN.
Assignee of IL X. Paraon*.
Chicago. Opt.SOtb. IflSO. «xSId::7UDt
G’UAUDIAN’S SALK. —lll tho
I matter of the pellUnn of M iry A. SlowcM, guar,
dlan of Clara Stowcll. Edward L. hl*»tvetl, au-Uiio
Slowed and Frederick B. Stowed, minor'. • Ircult
t’onrt. LakcConntv. Qu tußthm to -**-11 Ward - real
estate. Slate of Illinois Lako County—R. s.
Public notice Is berel.y ulven. ti .»t In i-nrsnrrce of
an order made and entered on thc'd.'th day «»f Si'ptv.n.
ber. A, D. l»». by the* Irrult Court In and fn-iln* *r«i/l
Counrv of Lake. In the Static of lldnol* nf<>r<>:-li'. all
and singular tho shunt* at d Intirvst* oi tbv alovn
named ndnurr, Claraßtow* l*. Kdu:»m L. Sn.wrii. Ai’n.
Ine Stowed and Frederick B. Stowed, c-C in and to tho
loUowlngdescribednrendnea, to wit: Th**nurtl.we«c
fractional quarter of irartlomdsection ni'inb-T; v.
seven (37), town forty-four (+l», north, of ram;** tw.-lva
(V»). eaet. In Lake County af<jrvSid«L conLdi-lmr It* tho
whole nine acre*, more or Ir?-*. veld shar*** a»«d I..ter.
est# being one equal undivided sixth j-nrt of the wh«lo,
belonging to men of mid minor', will be -old at pt-.b'ln
auction to the hlgheatbidder for c:.sh, by the ntider.
signed guardian, nndcr and by virtue of sold erder of
sold t.irrult Court, at the door of t!i«*d< i>ot at l.akn
Forest Station, on the Chicago mil Miln-r > ukee >*r Lnkn
Shore BaUromt, In Lake County af,.result!, on Friday,
the second day of November next, A. D. ISt'O. »t thu
hour of two o’clock In the afternoon of that d.«v.
Dated Oct.sth. A. l». two.
By Mxthwi 4 Tarr, her Attorneys, orMd^ni
noK Cook County. S. S- Clrccit Court. Cook
County. In Chanccrv. John R. I'arvonn. complain,
ant. vs. James H, Hubbard et al. defi isdi.i-t*.
public notice is hereby given that I, L. C. Palno
Freer. Master In Chancery of CikA foimiv. State of
Illinois, will. In pursuance of a dvr:»-*al order of raid
Court, sell at public auction lor earn totb-UgluHi bid
der. at the north doer of the Court House of itm
County of Cook. In the city of Chicago, on the Kth day
of November, A. D. IW-0, nt ten o'clock in the forenoon
; of said dnv, an of the choaes in action ami property
belonging to the trnst estate mentioned in the biilo'f
1 complaint In said cause, consisting of a l..rge :wii ber
; of prumleorr notes. Judgment* and i-r.-ln-t,
I various persons In tliliiui*. and the rulannt Mites,
i van ing m amounts from seven dollars l<> i-lxhundr -d
dollar*each. As Bill explanations wii: be n.ude on tho
I d*v of sale «a to the rcshlriuo amis..! veiny of *-nrh
■ debtor as possible. Them- causes In action amount tn
; the aggregate to about twenty-thre--thousiird dollars,
I and the sale will be absolute, proper assignments
: will ba mads to the purchaser.*,
i L. c-. mink frk;:r.
; blaster la Chauccry, cool; Cour.rv.
Chicago, Oct. IS, ISO). ocU'.d.xtd
"\T ORTGAGK K’S SA f, K.—W n cm
,i.» 1. a** Jacob llrswcil and Marv 1!. * N wih*
both of the city of Chicago r. u u Siate . f t-.tmK chi
execute and deliver to rim underdgncd ihvir certain
Indenture of mortgage. bearing date itio «irund <?,»•■ of
July. l>. 19WI. to secure tin- payn.rM oi a «u riidn
promissory note of even date therewuh. riven hvtho
mM Jacob Rr«»ell for (he anni of IVutn* i. TJ i<:i-r.i>d
Dollars.tJl l.fiin parable five year* aster;: •• date there,
utal the LTtv Konkin Kostoh. M.ifMn<*!:i'.M i tt'4, amt pro.
vlillng that the tntert-tttliercon.TvMch -t en I«1 he altho
rate of fen percent. perar.nnin.i.hfiuid i.l-o he par.
able at said City Hank.ln K«~*fnn.Bcie!.Kirnal!c. to wit:
On the second day of January no ! .It Iv cart*'in ever.*
year, which anlil mortage Is ri'mdrd In' t: «• I t io:di r'a
office of Cuolc county, State of lidm-K in book :;>of
mortgages. at page (.IP, anti. wtierc;.«. rte anh hr. v been
made in the payment of the Installment o 1 merest dm
the second d.y of January, i-.0. nml a;--* It the p»> ■
inrnl of the Installment of Interest due the second day
of Julv. IHtf. and both remain mipidd;
Mow*.therefore, public notice 1h hertbv riven.that f,
James C. .Merrill, Tru«tocaad Mc.rlairre r.r. rec ld. of
the city of bouton and State of ti-. accord-
Inc to the term* of *ald mortgage, do h.-nbv declare
the principal anm secured tsiciebv iob*'»Dowdn<vfor
reason of sold default In pay meet of Interest. »n.! ih.;t
I shall tn pursuance amt hv virtue of the pover amt
authority In me vested bv Said mortgage. :,nrt tor Hot
uses and purpose* therein expre-red. on ThcfiSi.e. ll;u
thirteenth day of December. A. |>. wo. !: r . V**!--
o'clock tn Die forenoon of said dav, nr the n- rh itoor
of the Court noute.ln the ettv of Chicago, ... li at m h.
IJc auction, to tin* hlche** bidder lor carh, the ;>n » l-ci
in aaUI mortgage deacribed. to rvlr:
“That f.Uce or parcel of land known an ! «!. «er?he[*
as lot four Ml, In block seventeen ii;t, in r c o. nal
section flrto.n(h*.), million to the c!tv <>i i;id in;
eighty feet iS)» front on Michigan :tv tut-* and one hun
tired and eighty feet (l&M in depth t.» fheaiicvln tun
rear, according ti* the plan recorded in Cook county
KcuUt re. wit h the dwelling homo* and other Improve,
metiirtiiereon." J.VMl>r. MfT.'lllll.
J. M. Paiikxo. Attomcr. * Trustee. Mortgagee.
Mortgage sale.—whrror.i
George Hannah*. nf Alb'on. in ih<* State of
Michigan, diil. on tin* third div »>f Mav. ••xrento
and deliver to the imdendgaed a o-rtnin Indenture of
Mortgage to secure (Tie payment •>! dire - si vi-ml po
r.itsaorv Not** of even date wllb said Mot tyngc. tor
the sum of fifteen humir-'d doU.ua e*<h. said Nutt* be
ing parable to Joseph h.bley or order, one stvtr th.vs
afterdate, one six month.* utter date, and one in t'uih'o
montlisafter »l«te, with Interest at the rm** nf t*-n p. r
eeul. per annum; which paid Mortgage I- renr-Ud In
the Recorder's office of Jo Davits* countv. Cook R of
Mortgagee, on pages 'AO and USRand *» li-r*-;'* if was
Krovlded lu and hy Um* term* of said >!<trt-;sire that,
default b<‘made in the patment «>i -...1 d proa,*«■*. ry
Notes, or either of them, cither of prLictpal *-M:m r*>t.
onthedavor days when the «.mu> st allb-eona-dim
and payable. tl«e whole of said principal and hit r<«‘.n
secured bv said Note* should t'erenpiin become dan
and payable, and said Mortgage should bi‘ hmrediatcly
foreclosed to pay the Mine.
Now, therefore,default h-avlncbeen made in the pay
ment of the first of said prnmls-ory Notes, no part of
said Indebtedness having b«*en pa'd. according to thu
terms of said Mortgage, public no;!.-- is hen by given,
that L Jo*eph Slblev. Mortgagee aioresaid, do lenbv
declare all of said Notes In 3*ld Mortgage tie scribed ti»
be due by reason of said default In payment. and that
1 shall. lor the purpose of making the mom-v due upon
said Notes, and la accordance with the power In mo
rested bv mid Mortgage, on Thursday, (icuber
eighteenth. HWI, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon, nil at
I labile auction, at the north door ot the Court House,
nthecltvof Chicago, to the highest bidder ter cash,
thefuUowlnzdescribed tract* ofh.nU. situated lu Dm
county of Jo Dnvleas, in tiie £Ule of lllln.ks. and
known and described as follows toull: Ihe iienn
west quarter Of section thlrtyllve (Si>: the south I. Air
of the southwest quarter ui section twenty dv (•.■>>>•
thcsouthwestquarterof wcilon twenty.sue rind
the Month west quarter of Die southeast'quarter of >ve.
Hontwenty-flve (25); In town tweniv.nlne r**i.nn;n
three (d). east of the fourth prlncipaf meridian, btii-g
the same premises conveyed to Hie party of the i rsl
partbv Carlos Pierre ana wire.and all right and ciniltv
of redemption of the said George Hiinnshs. his hi in*
and assigns. JOSEPH sIHLEV, Mortgagee.
I*. M. Wit-*ox. Attomej*.
The above sale Is adjonrned to Thursday, November
Stb. ISUI, at the satno hour and place.
JOSEPH jjILLEY, Mortgagee.
Chicago. RU Oct. 18lh. iB6O. oclßtil
Seabrook P. Oldenhnrr and Uo-n |*. O'dcrahnw;
id* wife. ot the Cltr of Chicago. Cook County nndstAto
of Illinois. did. oa the fourteenth dav 01 M-pteir.b* r. In
the year of oar Lord om* thousand eight hundred and
Dav-ntne. execute and deliver to James O. Ill* worth,
of Chicago. in said County and State. a r> rl..ln'
lure of mortgage to secure the paum-nt of a n; In
promissory note, in wild mortgage described. civ <-n be
one Thomas K, Illackney. of CMrsgo iifun -- id. for the
. tmn of live hundred and thirty-seven dollar- amt
elqhty-flve cents. bearing date the eevcute r.tli dav oi
Augil-t. A. I>. IfCi*.*. and payable to Uk* wild Jami-a I*
licyworth or order on the second dav of .Vardi. A. 1».
' Wxk. which said mortgage was hied "for reennl In Um
ortlre of the Kecordcr of Cook Count v. amt Mule ot
Illinois. on the tweiitv.lhlrd dsr of Set,timber. \ It
Uttt. and duly recorded in Hook’forty.line tilts of.Vort.
gases, and Pago torty.live iL* i; nmi where**, definm
has been made In the payment of the Raid mom-v men.
tlonetl in said promissory note. or.inrparttlu-rvor.Had
the same with Interest since tile maturity ot suld note.
U still due and unpaid;
Now. tutrentre, public notice is hereby-given. that !n
pursuance of the power of sale In said mortgage eon.
tallied. 1 shall, on Monday, the lifUi <Ur ni .Vovrnibir.
1 A. l>. 18*’0, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of saldduv.aC
the north door of the Court House. In wild cite of (hi*
cago, sell by public auction to the highest bidder Kr
ca»n. the following described r-mulst-a. lands mid tern*,
ments, to-wltr—Lot twelve (iJi In lilock nlru teen (IV)
of Johnston’s snbdivMoti oi the east half of *><e south.
• east quarter ofbectlou »lt ni», T.;wn»!.l:. tMrtv-i.hio
GJI). nortli llango fourte-n, east of the Ttdrd I rlimlpal
Meridian, situate In the L‘onntv ofCook. and Mate oi
Illinois, together with all the bidldlni's thereon, and
i all the tenements, hereditament* and npjmrtenarceA
1 thereto belonging, ami all the right and equltr of re.
i dempUnn of the said Seabrook I*. olderritaw and Uosh
- I>, oldrrdiaw.LLi wife.thvlrhclrsaml Aligns lu ami
' to tlte said premises,
J.V.MLS O. nETWfiRTn. Mortgage?.
I Hsavxr. A.ntiiuhy >« Gai.r, Alt’)* lor Morttfavo.*.
i Chicago, October UKh, IKiO, otTJ.dAtM6t
I JL tlce is hereby given that I. Satr.nelC. Smith, tl-o
Trustee named in a deed of trust, executed bv I;. 3V.
Phillips, dated October-Jib. bCK and recorded In (ho
, omce of the Kreonterof S* Lalle Counlv. Illinois. In
Kook number Hh of Oceds, Pages 53», UC, :«m mid V'- u . ds
, Cujlt having been made by Uie said 11. W, id.llli** In
, tliu pavmcut of the bondeecurvd Dy said deeit, will. in
! pursuance of the powers contained In said dc d.upon
' the application of the legal holder of s<dd bond. »til at
. public Auction at tho north door of the Court iioii«*‘.ltt
: the City oi Chicago. County of Cook, stilt*- «|orv«i<l.
allot thesouth westqnarUr of Section u"<. loaii-Mp
ST. nortli of Range 1, east of Uio Third Krim-I; al Veil,
dlan, containing HX) acres. Also, tiie northem-t quarter
, of Hie KOU(nwt*t quarter and weft half of the sooth,
west quarter of section 13. TownridpO*. nortli of Tinned
3. castof the Third principal .Mcilahm, coutnli.Jim uO
acres. Also, Lota 5 and hi in Suiidlurd’s SulKllvl-lun of
the northwest quarter of Section ’A in '!owni>Mps\
I north of Range LeastofThtni Principal Mer'dUn.con.
1 tabling together 30 acres. Also, lots 1 and min jj, W
I pUililps subdlvlUon of lota J and 4. In Hlork hZ in (ho
: town of Mcodota. 111. Also, the undivided half of th*
southwest quarter of tlie soutl>ea»t quarter or Section
4, TowusiiipSa. uorth of Kango 1. east ot Tldrd Priuci.
pal Meridian, couuinloe acres. Said sale to be mada
t ou the sixteenth day of November. A. I>. ISh>. at ono
o’clock P.v. SAMUEL C, SMITH, Trustee.
; "\TORTGAGE SALE.—Whereas,
; -I*JL Simon S, WUtsce and Man-C„ hli w L r e did on
1 the 'JSth day of April, A. D. 1H57. execute ami deliver to
; Jacob W. Lndtnm. now deceased. liirlr certain
‘ mortage, bearing date the day and rear oft>re«ald. ami
recorded la the Refordcr'a office of Cook County im.
nob. In book W of Mortpges. page k.7. and did th-re.
by convey to the said Jacob w. Ludlam tße nrombe*
■ hereinafter named, to secure the psvincne of four cer.
. lain promissory notea therein particularly mentioned.
And, where a*. It wua provldedlu and l*y said mortirs-’o
: that In cove of default In the pavtoent of said notes.
I eltlierof principal or Interest. wm» made, the whole oi
•aid principal and Interest should become duo and nay.
able. And the said Jacob W. Ludlam. hU heirs, exccu.
ton.admlnbtraior* or assigns, after twenty datano-
Uce In a newspaper printed In the cltv of Chicago,
might sell a* hereinafter noticed. the MldpremUes. ana
, all right and equity of redemption of the -aid Simon
8. WUtsee and Mary C_ Lb* UV. therein. And. where.
m. dtCiUlt baa been made In the p«y:nent of two of
•aid notes, and of Interest on three thereof ilow,
• therefore, public notice b hereby given, that thnun.
, derslgnrd. James D. Ludlam and Mary Ludlam, ad.
i mlnbtratora of the estate of Jacob W. Ln Jl.im. tie.
1 ceased. wUlon Friday, the sixteenth dav of November,
; AOMafi). atthchour uflOo'etock. A.M .hr that dav. soli
' at public auction at the north door of the Court flouH*
In mild city ot Chicago, to the highest bidder for carlitho
following nrembes, to wit; Commencing la (he cen
terline of the Chicago and Creon Buy road, and on
the Una of Ucnry Hepwortli's land, (meaning the linn
> of Ucnry Henworth’s land at the date oi raid inert*
■ gage.) and'running west 13,7 V 1-3 ehala»h theroo
1 south 7,2) chains: thence ra«t 13.79 I.*.' chain* to tho
center of the sold road to toe pi*c •• of beginning, coo.
tabling 10 acres, and being part »'*northwir>t quarter of
section 30, township 41. range 11. In Cook CoiUitv, Hit.
I nob, and all right and equity of redemption inf tho
Mid Simon 9. WUtsee and Mary C. WUueo, therein,
to make the amount due ou said note*, and (heeosta
: and expenses of such sale. J.viltS. I). H’IJLAM.
Cntrvco, October 34. k*d. MAUV U. LIT) LAM.
AdnUnbtratora of the estate of Jacob W. Ludlam. do.
the afbresald^mortg^^ee.

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