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Cijicago gtafamtc.
WedsxsdDec. IS.
The money market 4 ot>ti more hopeful, and there
ie a better feeling t 0 day mry perceptible lubusl
ncbß circle g\»icrai\\\ stock* iu Sev York 'were
mori buoyant, and ibt», a* much as anything, had
* Hlmulntlng cflcct, for as yet there U scarcely
«iu; paper offering, and transactions Of all kind* ftt
the week part would hardly tho#ecran hoar
two months ago. Oat it is cheering to see people
fra) better; that will, If it eon last, inspire confi
dence, and the wheels oT commerce will begin to
move. In boelffCbß stagnation is virtual death. |
The West ought now to be making exchange tap ;
idly cu lie pork and provisions; but Instead d»
that, complete prostration reigns in ail deport*
menisof trade. We Mill believe that the neebssi*
ilea of the country will (dree a gradual Improve*
mem before a month shall pass. We arc now
within three weeks of the drat of January, when u
.large amount of State and railway, and other inter*
cat, will be paid. As far as now adVleed, State in
sc real that has heretofore been paid, will be paid
on the first of January, and wedo not bear that the
railways will let the Interest on their bonds go by.
The interest on city Indebtedness will also gener
ally be paid, and nnicse aomejtcrriblc political ca
lamity be Cal us, the facteabove alluded towill tend
very materially to restore confidence tothebnsi*
neas interests of the country.
Exchange was still held flrmlyjrt 10 per cent. to.
<lay, bnt the snpply was mnch better. Bankers sold
wore freely to customers, but some of them were
ntill nnable to meet all their demands. Baying
rate, 9&9)g. At such times balances are kept «t
the lowest possible limit.
Gold—nominal baying rate, 0 per cent.; selling.
10. Demand light.
□▲m>k>xelt Dote.—We pnblishcdalctler afew
days since from a Boston house to one In lids city,
offering to divide the high rates of exchange. It
room* H>mc of the If cw Yorker* have been equally
considerate, as appears from .the following letter!
*• Xsw York, Dee. 3,1860.
-• Uessr*. . Decatur, ID.—Grata.- We know
it la a groat hardship for you to pay snch exorbi
tant rates of exchange, ana to evince an accommo
dating spirit, ore willing to pay one-half the ex*
change, for which yon may debit ns, or yoor bank
ers may draw on ua for the same.
“ Yonra truly, . ’
We trust such letters have become so common
That It will not be necessary for us to publish any
more of them.
CXcnmENT aiojfrT.
The following Are the dosing rates of F. Granger
-AdAtnsFcq.. Ko. 44 Clark street, edltorbfthcChi*
•'O i?ar-t you Lift, for cormrcy, atthange, &c.:
Baying. teeU’g.
Prem. Prem.
9 10
>cw York Exchange * 10 1
!Mjw Yurt wjventbanka. • .. I
New England, •* 8 I
»w Jersey ** «.*» • •• j
Pennsylvania “ •
Maryland ** <
<JOo,Ky.,&La. 7
Midi. & Cana. *• «
Indiana Stat% •• 7 .. |
lowa •• 5 .. j
>Ua&onri •• par ..
j-'ree Indiana ** ®
Ooia 8
Solvent Banks. I
Uiijcredited Illinois *0 I
Virginia I
•Tennessee •* I
?»orth Carolina » 1
cJoulii Carolina 5 I
Tire Chicago Bakes to those or the Cock*
trv.—We published a circular & few days since
irom the Chicago Bankers, offering for ten days to
pay the country bankers five per cent, preminm.
for the exchange made on the bonds front retiring
ten per cent, of their circulation. One of them lo
cated In one of the central cities of the State has
»cntihe following reply
j. Y. Scaxxon, Esq., Prert, and others, Chicago:
Dear Sir; I have just received your Circular
letter of the Clh lust., and without, forthe present,
accepting or rejecting your proposition, desire to
cube some suggestion; foryour consideration and
TbadifficulUci,of which yoacoiDpUlD, originate. j
tou state, in an excess of circulation of Illinois I
Bonks, over the wants ofihe business community. I
Till* excess is, of course, created by th# issues of I
those Banks which fire, without dispute, gottenup |
for mere purposes of circulation and tbe profits d«- I
rived from the interest on securities deposited I
with the Auditor, and not by the Issues of such I
Banks as arc properly organized and managed I
with reference to the wants of the busluesaof the. I
tfLaic. uud have but a moderate amount of drcula- I
ting notes. The Banka in this place have bn] j
about fifty thousand dollars circulation each, and I
no one, 1 apprehend, will say that this amount J
is at all In excess of the wants of the bust- j
nes* of the place. Is itju/ftheu, that we, whose I
circulation is now but little. If any. in excess of I
live minimum capita! allowed by the General Bank- I
inglaw. should be called upon. In times like these. |
to ceilrc ten percent. ofthatmodemle circulation. I
which certainly is not now in excess of the want
•»frtie community? It strikes me, wry forcibly. I
i!u»t if the *• call* had been made on the Banks, to I
which I hare first referred, omitting entirely I
those of a circulation not exceeding, or hut little I
exceeding, the minimum capital allowed by law, it I
would have been more Just to all. andnone wonju j
have had jnet cause to complain, rae remedy
would then have been sought where the difficulty
originated, and those who arc innocent of wrong, j
vxwpt such wrong (1 f it bo wrong) as •• Poor
TrsVMva- guilty of—would notlw punlebed for
the wrong doings of others. . .
Again, supine wc yield to your demand, and
retire ten per cent, of o*ur circulation. In the man
ner you propose, what security have we that Un- '
calls upon us for coin at our counters, now almost
cifiJlv made by some of your brokers, will not sttll
cuaiinnc. until, Instead of ten per cent, wc span
have retired, perhaps, fifty jht cent ? bitnated a
wo arc here, at a very accessible point, inis, n
seems to me, will most likely be the result to us:
while the distant and Inaccessible Banto—those
which, confessedlv, have caused the difficulty of
which yon complain—will be actually called upon
to retire,'perhaps, not even the ten per cent, pro
posed by vou. Yours respectfully,
Wc leave the bankers to arrange this matter
among themselves as best they can.
Sr. Lons.—The Democrat of yesterday gives
rather a sorry feature of money matters in £t
Louis. It says:
The week open* with no Improvement In the ex
dunce market. Indeed, It was almost Impossible
lu buy il »»t all. on the East or Sooth, except for
sold, with which It conld be had at K V cent, pre
mium. But gold Is as scarce ns exchange,, and can
not be bought at any price; 6 per cent, is its nomi
nal rate, and 6 prum. is the nominal rate tor ex
change, In linkable funds, though more than this
would be paid if it could bo bad. Illinois currency
1* at a stand-etlll, and become* more nearly on a
par with bankable funds as Missouri money be
comes more depreciated In vaJoe. The money of
the discredited Illinois bank* is pretty generally
Thrown out, and can be bought at a good discount
from those who hold it.
Cincinnati.— lllinois and Wisconsin currency
Is eUll quoted at 15 per cent discount; lowa 5 per
cent. The Gazettt of yesterday says:
The market for New York exchange contlnui
to improve, an advance of V having been «Uh-
Uehed 10-dav. closing Una at yrm. hujtog.
aodl nrcm.bClUng. TheVallcyßantadvancedit-
rote to H prem. .Philadelphia was 3ftol dj** hoy*
Jng and par rolling. Baltimore 2*®3 dis. buying.
«n% 4 dir*, selling. Gold advanced, with wiles at I
prc«»* . ,
Philaueltiiia.—The Aortft /swi<sn of Mon
da. report. a« lollowe: •• The money market -era.
clnec today.and the best paper paeecd leal free
ly at 12®lti per cent per annum; the demand le not
large outride the haute, tint eapltallate are very
New Orleans.— The fZWfo of Saturday report
the money market excessively dose. It says:
The week closet upon a very depressed Honey
market, and there Is no Indication whatever that a
favorable change In financial rt&lrs U
The heavy paymenti* of the Ist and 4th proved toj>
ranch for the commercial and mercantile communi
ty who*c ntmo-t energies had already bee* ei-
Imotted. and. ns a natural consequence, we ha\e
been called upon to rcootri aeveral saspenslon
iduco our review of the 80th nit. In most cast*-
however, no ultimate lots la apprehended, asthe
cxccrt* ofHfpct* over liabilities it* ample to obviate
all contingencies, or at least *® J*
under ordinary drcum-tances. The hanks, though
In rood condition, have done nothing to Mtextuc
the general distress, except to r^^ n *
regular customers. Oolnldc capitalists have par
ticipated somewhat In the alarm, and it has be
vome almost impossible to effect sale* of even tin.
Ten’ beet paper upon any terms the holders could
name. In the present stringent the
market, and until coafidenccls fttlly restored, quo*
rations of Money must, of course, be
nominal, bnias an indication of the wanU of bor
rowers. and the sacrifices which they submit to tor
The purpose of meeting their legitimate obliga
tions. wc would state Dial short loans have been
made at 3®4 and 6 9 cent. V month, on the choic
est collateral:).
col'rsc or tub >*. r. stock exchange to* tub
Loan of the United States of 1874
New York Central •
Now York and Erie
•Michigan Guaranteed
Michigan Southern m wJSxSSSk
XffiJ l !!” ~ «®sß«®eoSwX !
Harlem Preferred.. veHo^ll
Bnrllngton ud Qnlnqr "SsSSS
Harlem Common ”***„
Vtcmoax CK.mii llau-noau Eattmnoi.—The
earning, of «» Michigan Central Railroad for the
month of November, are ai follow*:
1859. 1860.
ts9.ttUt.3S $ 69,947.75
5.493.85 ’ 5.650.69
Gain $U,6».10
Tirnmn cssnux* Baiuu)aj>.—Th« following arc
the estimated earnings of the Illinois Central Hall
road for the week ending December 7th. 1860, and
for the corresponding week of IBM ’•
isaa. 1859. me- Dec.
PMtsarmM.l9W7 isjwU) .... ttt.9o
w3Sr SL«8« 21,193.00 fI£SS,BS ....
aSSianeoev::::: «:«».<» w.qq
TfzwnraDAT Etxkixo, Pec. It, 1860.
The folloirtng arc the rooelpU and ebipmenU for
lb* put forty-eight hour*:
yionr Wheat Coro Oata Bye Bary
bbln. Ira. bn. bn. bn. bn.
e *e.ti.B-R ot Km » « »“•
1185 CO6B * 6i»
«.A.*St.UB. .... • SO
T0a1... soar ism am ie» bst i»
Hon? Hojt Uri
Ko. Ko. »«. »W*. »«.
a.ic.TT.Ei as “ ••
C.4E.1.E.5. 30 .„. .... BMO SO ...
c £.*£££ "H <u a wot ’.... slass
C.tH.W.EA a a 640 .... —■
C-A46U1..K. V —■ .... J.. ■■■■
70 661 141 Sara 08 6U68
The receipt* of Hogs, live nnd dressed. daring !
the part 24 hours
light mnr kci was firm hut inactive.
Llv l Vere In good demand by packers aud
•hlppcfs! and sates Vcrellght, nt54.30(2,4. , r5gr0*»'.
and |ibO for heavy dressed Hogs. Tn View of the
Mghi receipt* of HOgs, severalof the leading pack
ers are UlkinroT closing op Ibelr bouses, ns the
price* ire to much higher than those of any other
market io the Wwt, that tbcyh&not sell their
product to any adnm’tigc, even although they re
ceive 30 t* ul * premium for their Eastern ex
The provision market U quiet. The demand for
Mete Fork and Lard la entirely confined to the re
quirements of dry goods and grocery houses, and
the sales 10-day were IJghta' f 14.15®15.00. Lard
U easier—there t>€log bee rollers at 10c, at which
price'we queVc a sale of 100 bbla. There is no
Cut Heats, except for Green Hams,
which are In limited request by the local trade,
with sales at 6KCWte Tallow it firm at [email protected]£c
for prime city.
Under the influence of the depredation reported
bytheLlverpoolitcamer yesterday evening, the
Wheat market opened dull and heavy; but rather
unexpectedly the New York dl«q>atche* showed a
visible improvement in breadstuff*, and the mar
ket here became buoyant, and prices advanced 3®
4c, with tnorc liberal transactions at 15c for North
western Club; 72® 18 for No. 1 Spring; andCS®
19c for No. 9 Spring—the market dosing firm.
Floor was in fair request, and steady, and firm,
with rales of Spring extras at $3.10®3.90. Com
was also in tetter request and lc higher—with
►ales of Yellow at 29c, and Mixed at 83c In store.
Oats were quiet, with sales at JBJ,'c delivered. Bye
was In good request, and » round lot of B,GOO bn
was sold at 45c in store. Barley was dull. High
wlnea dull at 15c.
The improvement which took place in New York
to day Is probably doe to the importation of gold
by the steamer telegraphed yesterday. During the
past two or three weeks, shippers at New York
have been unable to sell sterling exchange, and
breadstuff* have in consequence depredated. This
supply of gold, therefore, will probably bring some
shipper* into market.
Daily Review or Cfiieago Market.
\Veokescat Enanxo, Dec. 12,18G0.
FLOUR—Deceived, 3.057 bbls. Market steady
and firmer. Sales were: 30 bbls Red Winter ex
tra at *4.30 del.: 130 bbls “Mount Vernon” at
*3,90 del?; 200 bbls ‘'Smith Hills” at S3.W del; 100
bbl* do at $9.85 del; 250 bide lair spring extra at
Received, 14.500 bn. Market buoyant
and advanced B®4c. Sales were: 3500bu North
western Club at7sc In store; 2700 bn No. 1 Spring
at 72c in store; TWO bn do at 73c in store; 1000 Im
No. 2 Spring at 68c instore; 19,000 bn dost 68#c
in store; 8500 bu do at C9c in store; COOO bn do at
09 ve In store; 10,000 bn do at 70c In store; 1003 bu
do at 71c in store; 6000 bo dost We la store. Sales
by sample were as follows -—3oobn Club « 80c
track; 300bn do ataOc del; SOObu do at ncdd.:
aMbuNo.lat 74c on track; 400 bn inferior No. a
at ©con track. . „ , . , ~
CORN—Received, 9,491 bn. Murlret ndrauredlc
SHIM were: li.OOObn Mlicdot SScln .tore; 2000
1m Yellow «t29c In store.
OATS—Received. 1893 bu. Market quiet but llnu.
Sales were: 329 bags No. 1 ntllSlfc del.
RYE— Received, 687 bu. Market quiet, bale*
were;—sooobu No. 1 at 45c ln store.
BARLEV—Received 1524 bn. Market quiet. Sales
were: 140 bags by sample at 46c del,
HIGHWINES—Market dull. bales were: 75 bbls
Market firm
cr. Sales were: .
10 Hogs, averaging 290 lbs at
9 •* “ 835 lbs a; $.60
- 4. •» 250 lbs at 5.50
MESS PORK—Quiet. Sales were as follows: 100
bbls at $14.75; 150 bbls at $15.00. !
LARD—Market easier, bales were: 100 bbl- ,
Green Hams, at 6*, c; 1000
Market firm. Prime city, :
W dull and V®>ic^°'veT
the following quotations: Green, 6c; Green Salted
5aSKc; Kip? 7*<&7*c; Calf. 8c; Dry baited.
10c; Dry Flint, 12® Pells, 25®80c; extra do
Timothy nominal at $2.0002.10; Clo-
T< MILL &&FFS-10 tons coarse Middlings at $9
° BUTTER—Choice Dairy in request at 14015 c;
good firkin, 12®13c; common. 10®llc.
EGGS—Fresh, 14®l4#c tfdo*; Limed, dull at
®1.50 W do*.; Turkeys dull at 3®6c S lb.
GAME—In good demand for shipment. Sale*
were at the following quotations; name Chick
-ns $2.25®2£0 dozen; Quail, 90c®$1.00 ; J
d °LIVE HOGS— Received, 603. Market firm
Sales were a» follows:
45 Bogs averaging 275 Ds. at
“ 535 44
3(0 •*
285 “
:* 204 44
r ‘ 310 **
« -
35 *'
Cincinnati ProvUlon market.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Cikcisxatz* Dec. I*4.
Hog®, #5.00®5.55 net—receipts moderate. .
kinds ofprodnee arc dall & d depressed. S. V
NEW YORK. Dec. IS.—Ashe*—Quiet and un
changed. Small Mica at $5 for pots and pearls.
Fnoun—-Market verv unsettled and somewhat
difficult to quote. The Enropa’u new* proving
much more favorable than was generally antlci|uit
cd, has Imparted a very cheerful feeling to the mar
ket, and holders have been able to realize an ml
vancc of lUtoSUccnts a bM. The demand, however,
in confined chiefly to the home trade, with som«
little speculative inquiries. Sales 13,000 hols »i
$4.5004.60 for suiter state; $4.753,4.95f0r extra
elate; $4.5001.00 for super western; $4.7505.10
for common to medium extra western; $5.0006.‘->
for shipping brands extra r. h.O. Canadian flour
may also be quoted firmer, with moderate buslne-*
doing. Sales 500 bbls at A 4.85 08.75 fur common
to choice extra. Rve flour in moderate request at
$3.3504.00 for common to choice super. Coni
meal quid, with small sales Brandywine at $3.50.
WnisKV—Market firmer. Sales GUO bbls at 18Xc.
Closing firm at 19c.
Grain— The wheat market Is very much unset
tled. Holders ask 805 c hu advance, which nat
urally checks the cxjKirt demand. Sales 3.900 bn
northwestern club at $1.06, 17,500 bn Milwaukee
club at $1.0601.11,4,500 bn winter red western at
i $1.1601.16 in lots. 3.300 bn white Canada at $1.25.
1 1.600 bn white Michigan at $1.4501.30. and on ship
board 6.600 bo Milwaukee club at £I.OB— freight
[ iSVd. Rve quiet at 65c, Barley held higher with
[ out sales. Com firmer with moderate demand. In
part for export. 67,000 ba at G0063c for
mixed western In store and afloat. Oats arc a lit
tle firmer, with moderate business doing at S6OB&C
for western. Canada and state.
Provisions— Pork quiet and unsettled, bale
-s?fl brls at $16.50 for mess: $16.5001“AO for unin
spected new do; and $10.62 X for prime. The beer
market Is dull and neglected, bales 300 brls at
s&sOolUfor repacked mess; $10.50011 for extra
mess, prime mess beef dull and nominally un
changed. Beef hams dull and nominal at 1101&
for western- Cut meats dull nnd almbal unsalea
ble. We quote shoulders at CO6XC; hatn*BXo9c.
Drefsedhogs heavy and lower. Sales at 6#o6Mc for
corn-fed. Live hogs quiet. Sales 1.400 at SXOSX C -
Bacon quiet. Sales 350 bxs western short-ribbed |
middles at 9c, and 200 do to arrive at B*»c. lard— i
market heavy with more active demand. Sales 000
bris here and to arrive at 9XOIOX. Including prime
western to arrive at 10c, Butter selling at 10014 c
\ for Ohio; 14021 c fur stale. Cheese dull at 901 OX**
for Inferior to prime. . 4 -
Qbocebik— -Coffee quiet and steady, sales to
day of 700 huge St. Domingo at lie, and 500 bags
Rio at 12X013. Rice without striking change.
Sales 40 tee at 2XO4*; cash. Sugar—the demand
continues active, and prices are without Important
chance. Molasses quiet aud unchanged.
Stocks— Excited, but generally without much
chance. Chic*Rl47X- Cleveland* Toledo 24.
(ial&CblcGiX* lUC scrip SHX, M C 47X. MS
guaranteed MS 11 Reading 35 s 30. Harlem
151- Hudson S9X- Mil i Miss BX. Erie 29X.
c T4V. Pacific Mall 79#, C& X W Ist. mortgage
40. Erie bonds of *75 60. Tennessee 71, ' irglnia 76.
Missourio6. USssof’74B9. , , „
Cattus Market—Beef Cattle unchanged. Re
ceipts 8.800. Sheep and lambs unchanged. Re
ceipts 8.000. Cows and veals dull. Swine lower
and dull. Dressed GO6X, and OJfi: lire Ann at 50
BX. distlllery4Xo4M-
Flouring and Grist Mills,
Em.t MU* and forW . reho „ w
Belting of AU Kind*, ntl , lUllc „d Edl4
Bran Dniters, Picks, Proof Etaff#, Ac* Ac.
Flan*. Preelection, and Eatlmatea fnndrtted whea
end the construction of Bteam sod Water Mills
contracted for entire.
Steam Eostnes, Boilers, 4c,, 4c,
TLe sobscrlbm having obtained the Apency forth*
•ale of Steam Enrlnea and Boiler* from the mtnnfrc
torr of G«ULI)IXG. BAOLKT A BEWLLL. of Water
town, N T* would Invite the attention of purchaser*
to their superior merits'of style, ‘»OTkTn* ; D»Up wid
Dowem also, their wry lowpriees. The following l» a
ust ofprtoes of Enelne and Boiler; together yith Cent
ex, Wat* and Steam Pipes. Cock*. Valve*. Arch Cart
lop and Grates, compete and ready for uae, delivered
InGhlcago: _
0 koiaa po»er. IWO IM Lon, jwwtr ,L»»
a •• “ ...a., 5t3125 L-£5
10 « - lorM ■ *.«s
1, - - «0 35 - “
u - •• Lido I w * -
and In likr proportion for larger alzea ft. repaired.
Every Engine Is famished with
For Floor Mills we confidently recommend then as
superior to any other style of Engine, and they will
Save from 2( to 50 per Cent In Fuel
ever the nsnal class of boiler* In use In the West, We
keep an assortment of different sizes at onr ea
tabl*shment. where thermsy. be examined and the
necessary Information obtained regarding them. Com.
nctentmenwin.lf desired.be fornishtdto set npand
start cnelnesLn anypartof the country. Wealsosopply
At very low price*.
vm pnmlshlßS Depot, Weet Water afreet. between
Randolpn and Madison, Chicago, Illinois.
Post Ode* address. Box 274, odTSMy
145.135.83 4048U* 8.W8.W
170 «S 141 Ml 06SUGB
Ifce Cboleect Selection erer Exhibited Is Chicago.
j. SC. RBB3D ds 00.,
144 and 146 Lake Street,
\J Benue of Tnoior. EendoMi* Certor. dl>-
JoeepO H.ToekerendEamod
P Carter reOrloc from toe Ann. COarlea Kandolph
irtuSiOntStoeCommKelon BnelncseM heretofore
2SsSeplect aodwmaMoeemeaß ae^Uand
Bottoeae of ttolaio Ann. JO^PHaTOCKEB,
XXXVITH Session,
WAfifincoTosj Dec, 12, ,
Senate.—Mr. offered, oo am cement
to Mr. Morrill'* TitriffhHf. was referred
to the Comml»»Cw uu .Finance with the bill.
Hr. Hunter,from tbcCommlltec on Finance,
r ilrt)rtcd the bill authorizing Treasury notes,
amended by inserting SOO instead of SIOO, as
the minimum amount, and with an amend
ment that this proceeds of the sales of this pub
lic lands are U) be set Ujurt ns security for the
redemption of the notes. ,
Mr. Hunter said it was an object to give tbe
notes to the lowest bidder.
Mr Anthony said, let the notes be gold for
what they will bring. The Government
should deal with all creditors alike.
Un, Hunter—We hope the Government will
topay all Us debts. "We propose to
set aside the proceeds of the public domain so
as to encourage bidders to gel notes at par.
If ten millions were issued, will it not help the
notes, not only of this Government, but ofthe
Governments of all the Slates ?
Mr. Anthony called for the yeas and nays on
adopting Mr. Hunter’s amendment,
Mr. Hole said the Government was pledged
to redeem these notes. .
Mr. Cameron quoted a statement from the
New York Da'j &*>k. I would like to Eee
notes issued In sums not less than S*JO.
After debate, the Senate passed the House
Loan bill, previously reducing the amount
from ?10,(XW,000 to $3,000,000.
Mr Yulec gave notice for reconsideration
after the bill passed. The resolutions in refer
ence to secession were called up, Mr. Foot in
commenced speaking, when Mr.
Yulec interrupted him and asked leave to move
a re-consideration of the bill providing for the
Issue of Treasury notes.
Mr. VVIgfoU continued his remarks till 3:55
P. M.* wheßf on motion of Mr. Hunter, the
Senate proceeded to the consideration of Ex
ecutive business, after which the Senate ad
House.— The Speaker, pursuant to an order
of yesterday, called the various States tor pro
positions relating to the present condition of
the country. ,
Mr. Thayer submitted a series of resolutions
declaring among other things that the repre
sentatives of the people regard it astheirduty
to forget all parties and sections, and devote
themselves honestly and earnestly tothecausc
ofthe country, that any citizens of this
Jlepnblie willing to barter the public welfare
for their own advantage, thus creating am
mositv between the States, arc wholly unwor
thy of the confidence of the American people.
That the present unfriendly feeling has arisen
from the usurpations of Congress and the Ex
ecutive. That the rights of American citizens
arc above Congress and the President, and that
Territorial governments should not be com
pcllcd to derive their rowers from ‘Mr con
sent That there t*balf be no legislation what
ever on the tnbjctt of slavery. That every
Congressional district shall be entitled to one
Presidential Elector, snd each State to two
ou a general ticket.
Mr? John Cochrane submitted a preamble
declaring a conflict of opinion dangerous
to the peace and prosperity of the Union con
cerning the true Intent and meaning of the
Constitution relative to African slavery, and
proposing amendments to the Constitution to
establish a dividing line similar to the Mis
souri Compromise line, prohibiting Congress
from passing laws interfering with the iuler
fUite slave trade, or the rights of slaveholders
in transitu, or temporarily sojourning in non
slavcholding States, and declaring all State
laws in any degree impairing or Infringing on
the Fugitive Slave Law, nulfand void.
Mr Adrain submitted resolutions declara
tory of non-intervention as tbe true remedy;
that all State laws in conflict with the Cousti
tutiouaud laws of Congress] ought to be re
pealed; that the Fugitive Slave Law and all
olher laws of the land ought to be respected
and obeyed, and no obstacle thrown in the
way of their execution; that the Constitution
is the result of conciliation and compromise,
! and ©an only be preserved In the exercise of u
I similar spirit. . ,
Mr. -Morris of Pennsylvania offered a resolu
tion instructing the Union Committee to in
quire and report whether the Personal Liberty
bills arc in conflict with the Constitution. And
further to inquire, whether tbe Fugitive Slave
law is susceptible of amendment; to ascertain
more'certainly the actual condition of the fu
ture. _
Mr. Stewart of Man-land offered a preamble
setting forth the principles on which the gov
ernment is founded, and that when It threat
ens to become destructive to the great objects
which it was Intended to accomplish, every
Stale should be placed in a condition to pro
vide for it* own security; that there is good
reason to believe tbe certain Stales arc about
lo withdraw from the Union, eld, and conclud
ing with a resolution instructing the select
committee to inquire, among olher things,
whether anv measure can he adopted to pre
serve the Constitution in Us purity, and to se
cure the Southern rights; and if this is not
possible, then, as to a reasonable and jnet mode
of a settlement, with the separate part.
Mr. Leake offered a resolution that the Con
stitution ought to be amended so that Con
gress may have no jurisdiction over the ques
tion of domestic slavery In Slates, Territories,
Districts, Arsenals and Dock-Yards; that it
rh ill he the dutv of Congress, efficiently and
jolequatclv lo protect it by Legislation, where
it exists;'that no territorial Government has
the power to Legislate on the subject, and the
right of the master over the slave—while tem
porarily soioaruiug or in transitur through
non-slavcholding Slates—shall bi guaranteed
and protected, and fuuUive slaves shall he de
livered up or be paid for by the States in which
they are rescued. ,
Mr. Smith of Virginia introduced a resolu
tion instructing the Committee to Inquire as
to the policy of declaring out of the Federal
'Union, any member thereof which may aim
lo nullifv the acts of Congress.
Mr. Jenkins offered a resolution Instructing
the Committee to inquire as to the expediency
of the Fugitive Slave law, with u view to the
1 prompt rendition of fugitive slaves, and of
giving proper compensation to owners of these
not returned; also, as to the propriety of pro
viding by [Constitutional agent or Congres
sional enactment, the protection of the rights
of slaveholders in the common territories, <Xc.
Mr. Cox of Ohio submitted the following:
Wnsusas, One of the culeC and first com
plaints on the part of the elavcholding States
of this Confederacy, is the refusal, neglect and
failure of certain Executives of the Northern
States to deliver up fugitives from justice, in
dicted for treason, murder and slave-stealing
in said slave States; therefore,
Jloolvfd, That the Committee of •» for the
re-establishment of comity between the States
be required to consider what, if any, further
legislation is necessary to carry out the second
clause of the second section of the fourth ar
ticle of the Constitution, for the delivery of
fu rilives from justice who shall flee from one
State and be found in another, ou the demand
of the Executive authority of the State from
which such fugitive shall have fled; and that
such Inquiry be made with a special view to
punish all judges, attorney-generals, execu
tives, or other State officers who shall oppose
the execution of said clause in the Constitu
tion, either In respect lo the delivery of felons
who may be indicted for treason, or murder
In attempted slave insurrection, or who may
be indicted for slave-stealing. .
Mr. Hutchins introduced a resolution in
structing tbe committee lo report what legis
lation U necessary to give full effect to that
pan of tbe Constitution which provides that
the citizens of each Siateshall be entitled to
all the privileges and immunities ofthe citi
zens of the slave States; and also what legisla
tion is necessary to secure to all the people,
whether residing In or traveling through any
State, the full benefit of that part of the Con
stitution which pecurcs them against unreas
onable searches and seizure in the absence of
probable cause. , .
Mr. Sherman introduced a resolution declar
ing that the only true and effectual remedy for
the dissension* that now exirl between the
slave States and the people thereof, is in the
faithful observance by the several States, and
the people thereof, of all the compromises of
the Constitution,and ofthe laws made in pur
suance thereof; that the special committee of
thirty-three be instructed to inquire whether
any State, or the people thereof, have filled to
obey aud enforce the obligations imposed by
the Constitution; and if so, the remedy there
of; and whether any further legislation w re
quired to secure such enforcement; that to
avoid all further controversies iu regard to the
several Territories of the United states, the
sold Committee divide the said Territories
Into States of a convenient size, with a view to
their prompt admission into the Union on au
equal footing with the original States.
Mr. Bingham introduced a resolution that
the special Committee of 33 report to this
House such additional legislation as they may
deem necessary to suppress and put down
armed rebellion against the laws aud authori
ties of the United' Slates, protect the proper
ty thereof against unlawful seizure, and the
citizens thereof against unlawful violence.
Mr. Mallory introduced a resolution consti
tutionally establishing a line similar to tbe
Missouri Compromise Line, providing for tbe
admission of State*, and prohibiting tbe
interference of Congress with siavory.
Mr. Stevens introduced a resolution, in
structing the committee to inquire into the
expediency of amending the fugitive slave
law, declaring it a felony to resist the Federal
officers in its execution or attempting to res
cue a fugitive while in the custody of the Unit
ed States Marshal. t
Mr. English Introduced a resolution that the
territory ofthe UnitedStatcs should be equally
divided' between the slave and non-lavchold
in- Stales—daverv to be recognized intheone
and prohibit**! In the other section; that
the right of property in slaves shall not be de
htroyed or Impaired by congressional legisla
tion; whenever a slave shall have been res
cued, the owner shall he allowed the double
value of a slave, recoverable in the State
courts. . . ,
Mr. Kilgore introduced a resolution for in
bmictions to the committee lo inquire Into
the expediency of so amending the Fugitive
Slave Law as to provide the right of trial by a
jury where an alleged fugitive claims to be
free; when citizens of a now slaveholding
State assist i« the escape of a fugitive, or in
a forcible rescue, the owner of the slave shall
be indemnified. Persons thus acting-to bs
subject to criminal prosecution; and that the
committee propose such other amendments as
may be thought necessary to give satisfaction,
without destroying the efficiency of tbe law,
or without imparing the constitutional rights
of any citizens of the United Stales.
Mr Holman Introduced a resolution declar
ing the rights of secession wholly unwarranted
by the letter and spirit of the Constitution;
that mutual and common obligations rest on
the Federal Government to enforce in good
faith the laws enacted pursuant to its authori
ty, and instructing the committee to enquire
whether any action is necessary in view of the
present condition of the public affidrs, agHnst
the attempt by any State to nullify the laws
necessary for the existence of the <»nfrderacy.
Mr. Davis, of Indiana, presented a petition
asking Congress to preclude Legislation on
Mrf’Niblaek presented a resolution provid
ing for indemnity for slaves rescued by force
or violence, and that the committee report by
bul or otherwise. , _
Mr McClcrnand introduced a resolution re
volving that the committee of thirty-three be
instructed to inquire and report whether Con
gress has constitutional power to make the
. 4.»>
. 4.80
. 4.73
people of nny particular State or municipal
'.■orjjoration therein liable to indemnify the
owner of any slave escaping into such btate,
«na wno dm been K&fiued from rightful custo
dy or otherwise; and also wbcthcHt is expe
?feai io establish a special federalpolicy lor
the purple of executing the laws ol the uni
ted fetatts, and promptly suppressing Any tm
lawful resistance thereto; and also whether
any further legislation Is required to secure a
prompt action and full enforcement of the
itfiarautees of the Constitution; orwbcthcran
amenUtnbut of tiie Constitution Is uccfcssary
lor the purpose. . , „
Mr. Noel introduceda resolution instructing
the Special Committee to take into considera
tion the propriety and necessity of abolishing
by amendment to the Constitution the office
of President, anil of establishing in lieu there
of an Executive Council, consisting of three
members, to be elected by districts, composed
of the contiguous States as near as practicable.
Each member of said Connell to be armed with
a veto power such as Is now vested in the
President; and If such plan be deemed practi
cable by said Special Committee, that they re
port to this House such details thereof as may
he necessary to accommodate the same to the
cxi&Uug Constitution of the United States;
and that said Special Committee also be re
quested to take into consideration the means
necessary, if any can be devised, to restore tbs
equilibrium between the fret and slave State*
in the Senate; and particularly, whether this
end can be accomplished by a voluntary divi
sion on the part of some of the slave States
Into two or mors slave States.
35r. Hindman proposed amendments to the
Constitution expressly recognizing propcav
in slaves where slavery now or may hereafter
exist, and express the denial of the Federal
Government to prohibit or interfere with it
any where, or restrict the trade in slaves be
tween the States; also, to express mi agree
ment to protect slavery wherever the Federal
jurisdiction extends and guarantee the pro
tection of slaves while passing through the
free States. Any State defeating or ImpMnng
the Fugitive Slave Law, not to hc cnUl cd to
representation In Congress until the nullit.v
imr laws be repealed, Ac. . .
Mr. Larrabee introduceda resolution recom
mending the several States to call a Conven
tion to the Constitution, to
the end that the people may thus be enabled
to confer together in the manner provided In
the establishment of our Government, and
adopt such measures as in their wisdom may
be proper to promote the common weal of the
propositions were severally read
and referred to the Union Committee.
Mr. Bonham said he had received notice to
attend a meeting of the Committee on Milita
ry Affidrs on Frfday. As be did uut to
remain much longer a member of Congress,
he Mt it bis duty to resign bis position as
member thereof, in order that the vacancj
Say at once be filled. He did not adopt ibis
course owing to any dissatisfaction withthe
Committee. He bad always cherished o
lively recollection of their uniform and cour
teous kindness toward him. He was excused.
The House passed a bill making turtber pro
vision in relation to incorporated land office*,
and the bill extending the time for Oregon to
select certain lands;
Sir Thayer, from the Committee on Pnbiif
Lauds, reported a bill crating the land dist
rict of Dacolah, and providing for JJe ac
tion of a delegate In Congress from that I«m*
Mr. Grow opposed the bill, and mentioned
that he had prepared bills for organiziujryan
ous territorial governments, including Daco-
s*lr. Cox inquired whether they would be re
ported with the same provisions as those oi
last session, prohibiting slavery.
Mr Grow replied ip the affirmative, andsaid
the House could if they choose, stnko out the
provision, was referred Com
mittee of the Whole on the State ol the
U Mrfsherman, from the Committee on Wavs
and Means, reported a Deficiency Appropria
ble Morris of XIL, wished to offer a resolu
tion declaring devotion to the union, ana
made some remarks thereon.
Mr. Huffin called him to order.
Mr Morris —I hare said all I wanted to say.
Much confusion now existed
Mr. John Cochrane thought that there pro
ceedings were a sufficient argument why the
House should adjourn, which was agreed to
amid calls for the ayes and uocs on the motion.
Adjourned. _
From Washington.
[Correspondence N. Y. Times.]
New’ York, Dec. IL—Much dis sat igraetioii is
expressed ai the appointment of Guthrie, a*
the money men here say he_ cannot rcplemsh
the Treasury, while it is believed that a North
ern W an could have been nominated, who
•would have had the loan taken at one per
CC Secrctarv Thompson had a private interview
with Gov. Floyd, in which he is said to have
urged the propriety of both resigning. Ooy.
FlSvd declined co-operation and declared hi
purpose to remain at his post till the close o»
the Administration. . ...
A. prominent South Carolinian arrived tin*
evenin'' from Columbia and reports the popu
lar sentiment there is opposed to the peace
colic?, as now understood, between that state
and the Federal authorities. They urge the
immediate seizure of all public property with
in the limits of South Carolina, ihc procla
mation of Gov. Gist seems to lavor this sent*-
left for home to-night, with the under
standing and declaration that he should never
come back. Miles declares his intention t«>
leave on Friday, permanently, and pays noth
in" can stop South Carolina Irom going out of
the Union, but that she will not interfere with
the Federal authorities, unless she la [inter
fered with.
From Louisiana.
Boston. Dec. 11.—A bill to provide for the
election of delegates to the State Convention,
to be held at Baton Rouge, on Ibe 28(1 instant,
passed both Houses. In the House a strong
effort was made to put the question ot Con
vention or no Convention bciorc the people.
The Military MU passed both.lleuses, ap
propriating half u million ol dollars for the
appointment of a Military Commissioner and
a Military Bureau: also Ibrtlie organization
of volunteer companies and arming the same,
and for establishing mllUaiy depots. The
Military Board will be convened immediately.
Some one tent the purchase of arms amend
ment to the House, forbidding the purchase
of arras the at North by the Board, which wa*
lo The House bill, confiscating all goods arriv
ing from Northern States after January Ist,
and applying the proceeds of the sale ot the
same to the purchase of arms, was reterred to
the joint committee. This created considera
ble excitement , ... .
The Legislature adjourned nil to-morrow,
when the session will probably adjourn.
f lC o, TTm, CurtU lu Philadelphia,
Pnii-XDELrBiA, Dec. 12.—Geo. \\m. Curtis
was to lecture to-morrow evening at Concert
Hall hut as the proprietors of the Hall appre
hended a renewal of the riot which occurred
at the National Hall, where Mr. Curtis spoke
la*t in 11)i6 citv, on John Brown s merits, they
have refused ‘permission. Mayor Henry has
hcen in consultation with the managers of the
Lecture Institute, and advises them not
to force Curtis on the public,.especially on the
day set apart for their grand Union demonstra
tion, when they desmTto convince the South
that Northerners desire the protection of their
rhrhts. The Mayor offered them the tive bun
ded police to ‘preserve order If Curtis per
sisted in lecturing, but advised them to desist,
as even this force'' might not he eutliclent to
stay a riot.
milliard Fillmore.
Buffalo, Dec. 12.—A spontaneous lacciing
of some three bundred of tbc most substantial
cillrciK of Bulfulo was held list evening at tbc
U. S. Court room, for tbc purpose of request*
ins: Hon. Millard Fillmore to proceed to tbc
Slate of South Carolina as a messenger of peace.
A committee waited upon Mr. Fillmore, and
Mr. F. expressed the warmest sympathy with
the purposes of tbc meeting. He said, how
ever, that he bad been invited to attend si meet
ing upon National subjects. «l citizens in this
State, and that be should feel bound to await
the result of the latter step.
The ITlnrdcrcr of Tlra. Shank*.
New York. Nov. I*l—Alfred Buchanan, the
young man who was arrested at Susquehanna,
Pa., supposed to be the murderer of Mrs.
Shanks, was vostcnlav brought back to this
citv. lie denies having committed tbc offence.
Circumstances seem to point directly at him
as the guilty party, and his assertions of Inno
cence are not credited. His parents state that
be Is half n ittcil, auil that it was necessary
some years since to place him in the lunatic
ftsvlnm at Blackwell’s Island. These repre
sentations seem to be well authenticated by
the young man’s appearance.
South Carolina Legislature.
Columbia, Dec, 11.—The Legislature had an
animated contest to-day for the election of
Governor. Two ballots were had, without a
result, and the election was postponed until
Coltubia, S. C M Dec. 13.—The third ballot
for Governor took place to-day, and resulted
os follows: Pickens, 56; Johnson, 45; Jami
son, 2S; Rhett, *JB; scattering, 6. The ballot
lings ceased to-day.
The small pox U increasing here and causes
great uneasiness. ,
There is a prospect of the Legislature ad
journing to Charleston to-morrow.
Louisiana and ITllsslsslppl*
Baton Rouge, Dec, li—Thc Senate passed . un T vr nro now
a Convention bill, after an eloquent opposition T> OAK DI > U. —1 licrc arc now
speech from Randall Hunt. Mr. Adams of JD vacant at 23 and Sondi
J?iEsls?ippl was introduced and made a speech, ; £j2s^ , e J jD i, I a c.uveijent location for day
announcing the action of Mississippi, andaek- j Boartem a» It i* bnt» noment’a wa:u from the New
ine the co-operatJon of Louisiana. The ball i Po*t Office. Term* tor single gentlemen, P er
vu crowded. . . • yec *l
A bill to appoint commissioners to sister ; . ■ . ■
slave States created much discussion and was •
lost. A resolution requesting the Governor
to communicate with Governors of other VFW \\T) SECOVD-
Southern Stales on the condition of the conn- idlWEgßn £*
try, ra Adopted by both honsef. - . o "KlJf'Mc
From tUe “ Border War.” uld, orMii.S-
St. Locis, Dec. 12,-Latest netrs from the »i clahe.
border is to the effect that Montgomery no.
not been at Monnd City for two -weeks. Gen.
Frost bad determined to station three compa- i rpjjß BEST PLACE 1A lUb
nles of cavalry and a battery af artillery at two I e .„ lotrocote setrt«t reotomrh or Ambro.
polnts opposite Bonrbon and Linn counties, i rr e utenes. b « Jf ATS S?,®fiHmiPSnedoS
Kansas, to protect border residents. : gW
The Brigade was to start home on Monday j Js* h ftiJUSS« “ffiJfrlls-'S to
bst. cents. Citizen* and *tr*n«rs a» cordially mv.tea to
\ call and examine ibelr »pvci^|“s
--c. w. w.*tsoi:. [deiaxstj
Wires Down.
Boston, Dec. 12, evening.—The telegraph
wires are still prostrated beyond Calais, and
the balance of the European news is detained
somewhere east of the break.
Republican Nomination.
Dover, X. H., Dec. 12. — The First District
in Convention to-day nominated Gilman
Marston for Congress by acclamation.
Tlie Border Scare.
Leavenworth, Dec. 12,—Gen. Harney, with
troops from Fort Leavenworth, will strive at
that post to-morrow. It is thought» portion
of the lorcc from Fort Riley will remain in vi
cinity of Fort Scott.
Later fram China and Europe
Sew York. Dee. li-The me.vra.hip Kedar
hrin''s Liverpool dntea to the lilli, ono Lirtlier
act Ills of operations in China. On two occa
sions 30,(XW Tartan Cavalry luivoncedouthc
Allies and were completely routed, nith 0,000
killed and SO guns taken. T!» “Hies had only
IS wounded. w
The Tin,a correspond! m says, Consul rai...
and three others, were taken prisoners whue
choosing camping grounds, and conveyed to
Pekin. They were well treated- .
The lieddqUartcrS 6f tuc Allies are eight
miles from Pekin. The Chinese sent a nag of
(nice with provisions for a treaty.
demanded the release of the prisoners before
negotiating. The Emperor’s brother was ap
pointed Chief Commissioner to makepeace.
All was qnlet at Shanghai. . .... .
Latest Government dispatches say the Allies
are within six miles of Pekin.
The London Tunes reviews the Secession
movement and reiterates the belief that the
Union will bo maintained. , . _ -
Count Flahant has been appointed French
Ambassador at London. . •
The King of Belgium was seriously uL
The French Imperial decree provides for a
more direct participation by the great bodice
of State In the Government The Senate and
Corps LecislatUT aro annually to rote an ad
dress in reply to the Emperor s speech ana
provision made for a due expression ofopm
lon and the publication of the debates. The
Ministers of Colonies and cf the Emperors
household have been suppressed, and the lor
mcr united to the Ministry of the Marine.
Pcllissier hnn been appointed Governor oi
Algeria; Chaseelonpe Ijutat, Minister of Ma
rine, and Admiral Hamilton, Grand Chancellor
of the Legion of Honor. Other changes In the
had iatredneeda
hill for a new tariff increasing the duty on cot
tou goods, several kinds of iron, .
The whole diplomatic corn*, at the request
of Francis, had quitted Gaeta for Rome.
London, Dec. 2.—ln thecom market yester
day there was a general decline of one to two
shillings; while some descriptions, from their
inferior quality, were unsaleable at a redac
tion of four shillings. .
Foreign wheat, the arrivals of which were
very huge, was abont one shilling per quarter
lower than ou Monday week.
The Times says Americm railway securities
showed increased flatness.
From Wadilngton,
tVAf-niNCTOX, Dec. 12. —Ex-Governor Thom
as of Manland, now at the head of the patent
office, has accepted the Secretaryship of the
Tr Ju\h?mectinff of the committee of 33 to
day, Mr. Nelson submitted a proposition
which be deems a suitable basis for adjust
ment. Ultra Southern members arc inclined
to reject all propositions and declare a recon
struction of the Government is inevitable.
Another Slaver.
New York, Dec. 12.—The frigate Congress
and steamer Seminole were at Montevideo,
oct,2otb. . ,
The store ship Relief arrived to-night from
Loando, brines the African squadron, als' as
prisoners, UnTcrcwof tbe brig, supposed the
Bonita, captured oil* Congo River Oct, 10th,
with 713 slaves aboard; also brought Capt.
Latham of the slaver Com.
Xlie Union Demonstration In I'lilla.
Philadelphia, Dec. 12. —The Union demon
stration to-worrowpromlscs lo be an immense
affair. Tlic public buildings, courts, and many
stores will be closed, and the citizens generally
will unite in the mass meeting at the Stale
3Ximlclpal Election,
Manchester, X. XL, Dec. 11.— David A.
Bauloa, Republican, was elected Mayor to-day,
receiving 1,200 votes, against sl2 cast for Brad
burv, the Citizen's candidate.
Fire In New York.
New York, Dec. .12.—Waldron's Varnish
Factory and Williams* distillery and Cow Sta
bles, South First street. Willlamsburch, were
burnt last evening. Loss SIO,OOO to $15,000.
WAITED —From 82,000 to
*6.000 in Drops and Medicine?. Store Fixtures
nod Liquors, for wUdi 1 will exchance par-
Inp probity In the city of Keokuk lowa,
WANTED— Siirht Exchange on
Memphis, yew York or Bosloil We wttl ad
vance on shlpmcuis of Produce, made to our corre
WANTED.—A sterling servant
1 > girt (Irish excepted) for a* small faintly,
twentyminute*distance In the countir.to
of a Putall lamlly and take cate of a cow. Addrew W.
box 6U9£i I*. Ou statins where to be seen, dead's.-3.
WASTED.— Bv :v rcspcctaliW
yonnn woman, fa - Protestant.' a slraaUon a-
ChanihcrniaUl and SrmuatMes In aprir
toe best of reference-, ran ho Men at Mre, UATfc
otllce, »71 H-ashleglon M«ct, where female help In
erery Et-UiuU can he ban. •
'VVT'AVi’ED.—Two Good Coopers
VI 10 so Into the conntrp, Jhcady rmntoynicnl
f ,. r *).« winter. Inquire of <«KirHN, BRO>., No. 5
ComcroCi r.ulilla;, corner of Clark and south W atcr.
WAXTED. —A irtiitlemen onj
, , wife Wish Unapt In a prlratn hirnHy. or wherr
tilers are bat lew hoarder*. *' ould prefer %«e»l Slur.
AddrciS “ C-," at thU otllce f'rone week. delOxlw
WANTED. —A Gentleman wishes
to obtain board In a private
there an* no otucr boarder*, south . ide preferred.
i'lea*e address F. O. Box 1007, location,
■\VAXTED—A youmr man ol'cooil
V t character and hablu. vishcf a situation in aom*
bulvc fcu>lnc»*. VTIU vorfc for the latcn*sti of hU em
ployer faithfully for a moderate salary.
man Addrea -J- Cm at tills office. del«Cteod
TI7ANTED—A competent man to
5 eomcray'i* iluiiulng. south M attr street.
WA XT E D.—To Kent a small.
comfortable hon-e. pleasantly• located. faruW»-
ed ur unfurnished. Furnished mfcrrt-L Addre*.
“lloCrE,’* l*est OSflco Drawer d9*»7. sUong terms
and location. tUsalw
WANTED. —A situation as Clerk
br a person acquainted with baslnes? In gener
r.l. anrakfag and writes Engllfh. I- n-neli and (-erniaii.
WUlLnc to mate Mmaclf useful la any kind ot m»V
new. Atldrej-i **M. M P. 0. Box 3113. Chicago, de.ilu
"WANTED— A pleasant suite ot
f T rooms and board from l>t of •January. for n
centleman and hl» family. coiwl-Hmr of Are Pcr.*on*.
in a private family where there £ but lewor no*tl.c.
boarder*. Adorer* Hox GOD I. liefcreuecscxchaused.
WAXTED —A few Agents or
Traveling Salesmen: those who are engage- 1
for Llqnor. Tea or <V>mmls*l(»n How*, can get tzood
par to take un additional agency T-r two ruple Ax
tides. Tlio-e now encaged f *r the factoryfre making
monev. For particulars address Drawer ovIII. v».
WA NT E I).—A situation ns
Book Keeper or .-alMnian In some pood busi
ness. Have kepi hooks for the last five year#, and I
well ncaaalnted with the Lumber badness. Ilefers to
l*tc employers. \vin>. willing to work for .small
t jlary. Address lILKUV, 1. O. Bor h!) X. dc,*lw
‘VU'AXTED —To from
V T Six to Eleven Hundred Acre# of Land Ln Mich
igan. Wisconsin and New Hampshire. for a ftock of
Pry Good* or an assortment of Lout* and >*aoofe. a
c ood bargain can be had. The advertiser will par dlf.
lS?»sb. Apply to J, W. DO AN & m.MO'tr.
born street, uoUJUMm
,Ifor *alr.
Y?OR SALK—A Stock ef Roots
a. and Shoe*. amounting to about JC.OOJ' perlnvolce.
Also, a small stock of Shelf Groceries. 'Mil k wld
f, >r part cash and good short paper, the balance iu i-ood
rarm lands In thl* or adjoining State#, at fair ppves.
loanlro at 01 Slate street. dc.xit
IT'D!: SALE—A Stoc-k of Dnijts,
L with Fixture*. 4e. 4c. amounting to about
*3.000. " ill be sold tor part c«ri*. and irooi*h.rt paper,
the balance lo larm land# at fair pnc»«. Inquire at
•>4 Stateetrert. oetatt
FOR SALE.—SS.OOO worth of
Boot* and Shoe*. Tenne—one-half ca*lu Batinre
real estate or other unproved property. '1 he ttock
entirely new and of best manufacture. Addrw* 1.
Drawer 5775. delOilw
Horses for sale.—a Span
of Dapple Ony Horse*, with Harne*#.
*c. The hoi>c* are wen matched, warranted sound
and kind, and are good traveller#, and ran be purchased
atabarttaln forcash. Apply to 325 bake *treeU cor*
ucrot franklla. derdt)l3-lw
F}R SALE—Sleis&s ami Cutters
at all prices, from (30 to fian Doob’e or SJncle
seat, for on** to two hoive*. trimmed or without trim
rung*, max b-* seen at SHELTT » 4 TLTTL>r& Ka*t
rra Carriage Reposiuiry on .Market elrcct. near " aih*
Icftos. Or ad Ires* li. D. HILL. Chicago. 11L
BOARDING.— Pleasant rooms and
hoard may be bad at |O9 Wabash Avenue.
"ROARDING.—A gentleman and
I I Ms wife, and two single gentlemen, canbeac
commodated with board and p.eaaaot rooms, at
Adams street. dellxiw
Boarding.—a Suite of Front
Boom* to rent, with Board, at 19 and 21 JI!eU.
gaa Arcane. Reference required. poi..d*.»An_
BOARDING. —Pleasant Rooms
with Board cat be obtained at No. 49 Van puren
•troet, between State and Wabaaii arcane. ccl.xim
»Eo t-vcnt.
oale op bonds pledged
by Cass County, Stale of HUnoU, and
lahgg”- L ,sgjaa.r“ tor /ri-ffiar
No. 3 Loom!* Bnlldlng,
Comer of Clark and South Water streeU. Advances
made on Consignments.
The Ladles of Trlnilf Chnrelt
xCrPay ®o-Worrow,
geu-dGfi-st . -
So. TO Stale Sired, Second door from <
■\T cVICKEB> 8 THEATRE. Tao?™T« M t
iM Mfldlwn atreet. between State end Dearborn. R. R. LANDON, AGENT.
mioort f.ren at- o’clockPerformance to cm- SJPALBINO'S CErHAIiIO 7HJ.B.
!mf from 3 tmVtl“loch. X cormtrr Merchants 'em p>ase tak=“ o “ C, X '
Enjafiement of the dUlU.pU.hed America I"** anr£ nje Era.
*■ B - ROBERTS. ,1 boot and shoe polish.
D K D^ D JSffi.M“-’sse l r” i ‘ h * £ rAL U ISG-SPIIK^OGLEE-1n...r.^
THIS It A«-P ICKF.It OF PARIS ; i »P°» t"* l ' 1
o*, THE POOB DBESS-JUHEB. ?f-» cenw. t . lT tfk&—Which »r«
| Ssi^Msassas
To conclude irtth the anceesiflil Domeatlo Bren. ..., RLEa . LOSDOS COBDIAL oIS-Oennlne.
iritha tme moralleaaoo, entitled A vn nscn.'
Friday—Benefit of hie. J. B. BOBEEIS. • OLD DE, SWEETS INFALLIBLE LCroiEET.
tr-In preparation. to he.prodneed atia gnat**' BOSTON' jr.
; »"F6™foxFßr dealers—
H S *S»^3sss».-«h-.
Toons Men-. CMUUon AmocUU.O, ,
} theblocd. -
TOD Lecture before ibe
at metropolitan hall.
On Friday EvcnlngScxl,Dec.lt, | Q A spKtscs
deiMßMt_ j ri , KolK ,iwthe v,n,y o.'tl.co»h
stem.!«.« : SSiSrJoff
S£w«a^eS*^iSMS :
the great SWEDISH I B§ggS»rt
JL NIGHTINGALE! ! CSlf SrSffe S ««• >» su “ W^mnin
At Bryan HaU, he water* have b cc^s =ady>uc.
MISS MAIUOX EIETEXO. harlnj lately arrired | “oJjWon. tue tdm°tnl .mßtm?«nf”.
from Europe trill sire Teo Grand Solo OperaUc Con- . ~i t lruii S 'Mrat. ol tic ucjlrmal tame of
errta, aa tsted by foots Siam, tie Knott, at Bryan SS-’iat. rs: ~. „ .. D
Half on . t “BSf Emmet* T.Ben«n Bsrtn
Thtmday and Friday, Decemtwr 13thand 140. • >o _i ! iu;uri.|,
MU* Blrteno will sing a numberef piece* lo the <Uf* Ma?a?; Br'j.J?. t--c»*uWf%. Vln- A'fer^W
feront European languages, and will al»o tomjuse • nmvß d the * atc^\^‘4 “£ c sZivenU rear*.-tarming
and Sine wveral pieces ot inuMc while on the stag** , acaae of cwoidi. ». r . jj r . Bi-c..
ilU* iftrteno I* the only Vocalist from Sweden Oat . cured fey i V J- wat.p«are dgbly
ha* book in the United state* since the appearance of . aay*: -1 am Dr cL pbell >ay»:
JC Auuinc the piece* wnc will be “Cornin'thro’the | -Tti»-y < iiiu>ibe uuuiy * U
Borgia's Drinwne Song. >tar*efflea Hymn. “Ele Varino , w , wra before the. Academy «i
cl&tto.Ml* Birtcao'a FarwcU song, compose* by . »ar i y v rE;to i n-l'-rdc»;
" erM -kow darkla thla ,ortd and ho, drearr. , | *S{ffi£?£hV «£ ol aV.r S
When we part from the friend* that we love j pirtlcalariy sMl*i»tcO- % *;virile. oianeuna
Milwaukee Quickstep, (by request.) “Home, fewcet . and ur V* a^,S
to be hoped that those of our citizen* of foreign • til ‘ry ? - C m-rp ‘
hlrth rrbo ran. ,111 allrnd. and hear some otlhSt 1 gSSSJfc.tr.- f«tr.
Xalional Sonss In their own lanffnasc. . rtajtca. anil the, iliti iaear.tne. bo
'Tiokefs $1«€0 • The water may al»hi to>. illconva i^e«ee
tlCaeiSoee ** j ««rt jn ytiai-h ief low •) pf* •>.,< innttlti' Will PfO*
Z3T Children will beadmittedat Half-price, by pay- £-££ protracted fever. C V ..VtWburKsaeh a/are
ln w at the door. ... . i mote digestion: i * diarr'ama.*. ii-uic of the mu
Hoots open at 7 o'clock: Concert will commence at depot dent on a relaxed or u.ctrat'-. ■ ca » cll ] o m atfic
half-past 7 o'clock. . ... , ; cous membrane of the laiteitinc?,. •, h A ii,- a
ZIT Tickets can be obtained at the Mnric Store* of | uoas or Uthla-K attended j»i»npho»i»- ... t „ , U i:rlatlc
Cady & the principal Hotels. • uLith-; aaitaSde being pr- L _ ctl j.|i n mil
dellxSt acid.a*b»b.gniorvw.d\ot.ta:id -a, ucai;
- t>J ni
be Died, properly diluted, as a ereat r, ' lf; '-iL r ‘ ’ves
! minlßh tmrsl and preternatural*u at. k
—intW. fonuad by»p«p«U cuuuecicd -
ksUnc comlitijn of the MOmacli. a« l:> I j ‘' r .? 3 Vl
bra*tt.Uwillproiobett.*r than hydrochloric arid, to
ease* of collca plctoDinn, and iu. if'.oa--
art-lus fro.n ti.e action of kad. tr.> u atcr a u.
nrbve to be a-» admirable arts L to. In chroi.l r-
larfneUH. chtw h- mucus esama. aua » , ...njS
wlbtna.chronic optt.almb, (externally i a
Seemed »ore threat. ca-ys of r.U.aUou, uadtn
laaecrrheaand elect, and aUo in .
When takcu fat.-mally. a wisk uLaj» L’ic
Water, diluted, uken iLree tliaesad-iy. U»aibcitmt
®o£f‘t«lin.'idnl« them and . ivnj
•pecuble Indlvldnal*. ir.avbe wen <*u application to
the AeevL Dealers nuppUed on Uhcral terras
ry N.i WattrGenolre unices rroyurcd irvid
19 j|. W. BOsTWICK. cole Agent.
Xo.aUUtcadway.New tors.
Snhject:—TEMPEß AXCE.
CoQunecctng Thondar Evintos. XoTemter, UOi, 15W,
Certee to consist of Twelve Lecture* by the following
Prot c. oscanyan.
Hoo. 1L J. RATMOXD v
Rev. A. L. STONE.
Ticket* may be had at the Bonk Store? of S. C. Gripe? ‘
i Co. and D.U Cooke A Co. and at the
Know!*?. under the Halt at the IMehm ond 11 on >e Tre
nu»nt House, Itrlgea House, and of Cie Librartan at the
Rooms of the Association lu Portland Block, and of the
L. Taomu, mrl Ch«. P.
g bishop. it. q«iii»«<i.
TJRYAX HALL —Clark street,
D opposite the Conrt House. Chicago, lIL
Eminent musicians pronounce this Hall unsurpassed
by any Hall lo the Union In in its.
Acoustics and General Appointments
It will seat wo more pvreoni thauiuiToUierHauL*
tl,e dtr—by accurate count and report of CARTER «
Boom 1? on the first floor,.the
entrance being on Clark street, the greatest thorooeh
fare In tho citv, opposite Court House fcquare, yet the
C Tte iSSf' onuln.'ffir Hcilr •!*“ o y l ?* n uSir*no»
der.ttalportrait* for the White Honso. Thls t.aUen
contain* the Identical nUtnre for R«M
iiii-ilh! was awarded at the W nrlda also
•• \\Vhstcr In reply to Uayne, and■ I*° r* U* ® •hJJ‘
president* V* Lincoln loclnsUc. as well as of man}
other Illustrious Americans, Heally. r „..„u
There I« a spacious Lower Hall for Faint, r rentals,
Jj3km4 »he P into- It I* provided * W
noIVCMy Office In the UaUdlnr
\T« acadkmt, „
f .Truer Madison and Clart et-*.—Entrance on Madison,
class open at all time* for beginner*. P _.
CniLDKKS’a Claj* erefT Toeaday an d .
rvnt* only allowed a* Tl*ltnr«. Assembly carry Tore
«Uv nJcl*t for Scholars and Friends, and no
edited except tliose introduced by scaoUra. aebdat-cm
(General 'Notices.
3lasontc Temple.
No. 1
TVT ANTED—Chicago city proper-
V V tr la exchange for Ooods to the amount of
"WANTED.—An Improved Farm
Vt mine EUteof Illinois la uichanccfiruatoi
proved bat well-located land*, and la cash.
WAXTKD.— A Good Residence
«n Xorth or South SMo. «onh (Too. to
tr.W) In cash. Unit of the porauwc.price will he_pn-d
in cultivated Illinois farming lan a, the balance la cash.
WAXTED.— A AVoII-Ciiltivated
to neat Chicago, worth «5.M0. toe* chango
for a fine rvrldcnce on the“' cst bide, near t ni-n i arlc.
WAXTED.—A Gooil Tivo-Story
» \ Trtmc tw.tlloc Hoik. on the Sonh
side, to be removed, in exchange for Illinois wmtn a
WANTED.— Chicago city prop
ertr to the amount of UW la exchange ft
afO acre fsrm well situated, good Improvement*. an
only ao milcj from Chicago.
\\T ANTED.—New York or Rronk-
V T \ya property.ln exchange for a fine residence
on the NorthaldcTor a choice 4 acre block ob the Wret
k„V Ml I’«tlcnUr. ! or i? lv,to HrooT
4 CO.
Heal Estate and I-oan Broker*.
ddldttl-St No. 1 Ma-<mic Temple.
A CUAXCK.-Wr ran fell K.
i\ acre* la«t sonth of the Brighton Itonv and
fronting on the Blank- Road at py acre. cash. p.
1L KKUKUOf & CO. No. 1 Masonic Temple.
The favorite Fast Sailing Ship THOMAS VT PEAKS,
Dcf-v Commander, will Be dbpatebed for Melbour e
S'r in Jmmtt. excellent «ccomm<Hl« lon» for
v r»t and Second Cabin l*«eacnger*. Apply to LllAa.
it'TP-iSKNDEN. 1U Wall street. _ . _ ..
; i,:,' : 'L;arrain Am-tralU■-»«?«. Wlltlrj»ooßrothers
«.(•,» [delC-dMO-tOdl New York. Pec.s.li*».
\ O O K
llimois MONEY WANTED!!
The following Bank Note# wtU be taken AT PAB
for GROCERIES at No. 59 North Clark atreet:
iaWH!?&SS&SB£ m.
pr AH Orders from the country, accompanied wUh
the above money, will have PROMPT attention. Ad*
dm# W3I. VAN FLEET. Po#t Office Box 6-173.
do., lb.nlrs Haims ium 10 ply caa do to « .\o. m
C Sl£Sum TTM. H. MCCHAT. Collectcr.
r PDIOTHY HAY. —100 car loads
* of the best Timothy Hay In bale*, well bound, of
490 lbs each, and Ten Tons on a car. for *ale
Make application immediately to the undersigned at
“deiSml str "'' FBISBIE BBOTHEJSS,
VfONEY TO LOAN.—For one,
it JL t»o. or teroo X'tn on city [™rW
pajwr wanted, Apply to J. L. LLC.33
censer of Late. dull eoyly
"VTEW CIDER.— IOO Bbls. mora
! 1 0 f phelpt’ Son-Fermenting Cider lost received.
AUo2oooßbia.rrlsne Michigan Apple?- On coaugn
deu-dss-iw So. 215 South Water street.
For all Etitioniemtio
pioaiA, otDAWU jl iodumstiii railioab
p - M - Local rrrioifA LCRR
Billiard tables
SEW and second-hand,
Rosewood, Marble Beds with Improved Combination
CoshlaasTso per cent Icm than they can be bought else
whereTAlio. Oil T»bl» rMoUloiirt “ | lrepjtt«l«
short notice at the only BUlUrd Table i actory in Chi-
C *“°’ 185 ZSadison Street,
(Between Wells and La Salle streets.)
delldfiSO-lw A. B. GRIFFITH, Agent.
j. cianort
»a&. sre^ s &si&.
I) The most perfect mtchlne for shelling, cleaning
and sacking com, ever Introduced. maa-
ufactxuer. L A. BEEBE.
'tSS&mdw euc««.Tn,p.o.Boii>a
Jor tbs ealc of tho followloj
jr. u. joii.vsovs,
AfOUTfiAGKE’S SAT.*:.—Wlwrc
Li I u jicoh Knwii »>■'! iun ii. ““'{'Si.i'lfKj
both of th- Cltv Of CMr«c". m.l *gfe ™J arSS
vek which -»ld m»rt!P?c l-rcc«.M. w
m&d? tii tl'C rarincntof t-.«? Ir-taJA** nt • . ;•*•/.• • ..
K5 r lS'-’ mu"S &SVV <u- to
raft ;££g»
•*• .arts
o'clock taO** CiremKio • I »a‘a **.!>.»■•« ■»- n ‘’U w, » ~ v
£/••£i“nrtllou«^.lnt»» , r»« , P 0 »* ll a ; *’:,* rU “* l t .
Sg?SS? SiirfehS Ate T to" w I. uto >™Vi to
prove- .rote tfwiwu. .lAv'ty.. MbKiai^
J.lLPamcm. Attorner.
The fiborc sale I? ro'-tpou'd ‘ toe
SKS*** *' '•****■ ■.ss.*"“
l °iAf Packes. Att-rccr. Trirt.f iic rt-rcr-
Chlcaso. J‘c.l th,
Corner Lako anil Dearborn Streets
Trom and ftfttr Ibi*. uaU’.r-r ’«er uXcc. c-.
Btpresscs *l!:arrive anil»ie; art ■ AV *:
An'.v t.
10:3* v M ...
m rsDt*rou.’Vt.’VK yn uikAjio.
IfcW i». *
ftta *•. a
T;M A. H.
?yOr. 22
ws A. * i* w
iftw A. M. ; .vS; £*•
5:10 ciScaco, fl-ltun"* 10-A c-ssir. V,- ■ „
8:H p. M —Ai;.3 a. m.
S.W p. M,
3:43 P. x.
11*1 ,V m
** F ' 3l Chicago it* soiyrn\vr.>TEr.y ; ' '
Ift-JO p. v V • %
w» p. h .. • ;• ■■" l - \
Our t : :u«* I-anert“lTcl ra md frern Ml ai:l
rates always low a* hj* an; ‘‘th: r »-3.« -r-:.-*. < r
TiMIrEK-’vniLAni LPEi A. NEWV.
PORTLAND. OLt.nr.t-.« .J .!•.»' H. A I—. i*‘‘h.*
connecting tr i:i . t.-vrel.;. !*•»•* V,:*• "'Jr,'
bimnzat intern-d;.i: M ’ -iP cV'mVvrVr
t*d onr lines m.T ta** ii ANN! ..W- .v i. J" _LI.I
RAILROAD. giving U-. I.uT.-»m I U ; *tl- a I-. »*«•■
trr.iictl.n-. <■» h:t- ; n *• in »•
EAPRtoo eu.Mi'ANY.
♦ ~,1 *,t van* of i'i•• Gold Region#. »'v. would al*o
the audition rf ciot.'mcr* to or .;, c ‘ r i.
Iwttrg Invoice* ondrlly**..- #•. v'p-* 4 - t -o.«h»_ ->
i*um racilliir- for T.ieULmg/f ori\r>j.
tarv do not c&rc * rv>..L • r t.iuk»r • ui. w. -
in*;ich c:i*o# we h«>l • i.nr'<lve* rv po..*.b . . t-R re
turn of money v r pn>:«T!y. J. 1 ’’ r _
d«Tr<l will «ot uiioru ourr»‘gu*_r rr.if l*. , A V.
tnlr,» the »amo can bu *-1 c t^
atgce-1 to onr f-srut and M' e , t l
wi« u
ri?elV'iai'.fl.ve M MMds »> tDr ofiereDD.
£5?»." , ' uvw4 “
Supcrinter.deat’* O.Hee, Cui , r?-.v*. Lev. iCth, Iw-.
dcilKi , ?iNl;ii
IN COOKE 4 CO*?, 11l Lake street.
D. U. COOiK & to. L; « B» 'y-vllcr..
S '. ~1 Ljk-‘ e.rvC.
DB. COOKE & CO.'S Standard
• Edltionof thfLaw-j.
Tkkat and '*
siieep. |IO.'JO. Emlracl..; ail benerd haw-.
Prire *IO.OO Can be sent br Mail or Exr^ 4 ./ r
tee Publishers, i>. B. cooKL -a cQ. *u La.e -tt.
HarlJ e completed the alteration* and enlargements to
4 their Brewery
Arc dot. preparrf to furnl-'i the tro'le '*lthi isptrtor
ortlcle of
I>ur« Extract of Malt and Sops.
OCce at the Brewery *ad at toe store of C. L. Har
mon. No. 135 South Water s-lrcet. ; .._nw. u+c.
poMoHCMm b. L. rHERMAN. &*c._
Q, pd, SPEARS) JRm
on c i
i: A ST:
ri'i M
.. ... *1 p. «r
Wales a 4 cur." ago* union.’ ' J
EuiiN’i*sfi‘ii:*LiNi:’. * r -'a
Which are warranted to be a
J. «t> A. EBHZO <3>
Wholesale and Ret* l ! Dealers In
66 - Wits Street, Chicago, HL - 65
_H.MM7.ni. *9 W«cr.tnet.
I w eon* tt-ru -tteud W the cleaning of privy Taulta,
aSnore. and «y «atolw»Wg
Orfersdirected Ch*a.Kuna.ChicagoP. 0.80x4M9.
wia receive prompt atidnUon. ouaj *-“
O TAKERS, S8 La Salle aireet. .... ,
Hare on hand, U *U time*. ererr atyle and dnlab Qt
Wood L**d nod Zinc Coißna; alao. Shroud*. And are
prepared with Hear*** and Carriage, and eTemUnr
feooUlte for Funeral*: and mar be found on hand and
ready give prompt attention to their bttslneja at *ll
150 Bags 00. ss*- ssssstassar
To onr new and emaaodloa* warthonae*
Xos. 42 anti 41 State Street,
orrosm errr botxu
Where we iUaII be pleased to see our old
Amends. OootUtleUvered In nr pa£®!g® £?,
fpeeSebarse. We h*pe to continue to merit «M too
u jjiTUy.
43 and « State itrest, opposite City AM*-
Eailroad*. Banks, and Insurance Co'a,
too win
Envelopes for Blanks. Chwt ftSh-osO Tick-
Kid Colorod fapora adapted to yooy MO.
prices/ Call and see bo&re baying.
,t vn rii.vo.iM papers.
soancsd the
Cheapest and Best Papers
m tbamarltet. and laUns preference oyar aUottar
_ 1,, j« m « t* T . ( or advantage to call sad exandna
are desirable* and what yon need,
o wSSiof ■Fine Note* and Uatba for ' C““ot
be eSeUed. Letter and Cap Papers of evsrykind and
S iSiy everything yon naed and at low
pStoK - Call and vatltfy
42 and 41 State street, oppoallo City Hotel.
tem Oed In onr .toel: all Bad. •Jd jealldjw of Straw
«3 and -U SUte street, opposite City Hetal.
»3gl S^y Kto«i
short notice. . v ,_.
lorn Hearns Flat Caps, white and blna
ff!?s •• Doable rlat Cap. vhite and bins.
!r,, - VoUo l*o*l. white and bine.
•• DemvandMedlnm. white and bloA
•• rut Letter. „
t axy - Plata Letter. Cap and Notes.
•* Flue straw and Binders Boards,
r* • As-H'rted filartd papers,
ss - >1 irtrto papers.
Of thebest manufacture.
« and U State street, opposite City Sotsu
cc’.Td inUaalim
Of every Description.
110 Lahe Street, Chicago*
Commercial Printing
Is executed at short notice
r. mnNSON,
■-tfti pjanv Book Kaanfcetnwr,
‘ * is. BMt and Chea^ 11 CitT ’
at HESL? e ’ 8 '
- .. . • * • HE
113 • - • Lake Street
Tb«Be.t and Cheop.it In th.
At Hesler’s, U3 lake Street
The Beat and Cheapest in th# city.
At Hesler’s, 113 Lake Street,
'Xb.Bnit urn 1 Choaii.Bt in th. .ItT-
At Hosier’s, 113 lake Street
Tha Boat and Cheapest In th. City,
Art-Union Distribution
IIa« fur lt«* object tha Enconragament and Adranfle.
meet of
\nd will comprUo for If* flnt Annual Catalogue the
fj;l .wing work# In Painting and Sculpture contributed
l,v the ,\rti-t-: mo*t of wiilch are original works.
; !i. y sre to !>e drawnfor la the manner of an Art-
Uu.-is, on or about tbs
First of January Kext,
IVh- r<* •hev (with other* not t-> bo drawn tor) will b>
.v.uUitdfr-m the.'tn <-f iH cembtr tilt the day of Un
lirao leg. from y o'clock a. m. till w p. m.
AScents, except to purchasers of tte Art
DbuAbuUou Alckvi*. who will be admitted
i;«< i. a.
f . k: r. «.
ITU?*. Valued at
I.—ldeal Statue of “ Washington- represented la
ht« v..uth a* having hacked hi* father*
cl.i-rfv tr-c—l«> be executed in Statuary
V »r’jte. MllVVnu
j —Llf.-sUc Tortralt of f'ol. T. L. Harris. Painted
fro-oUfeUv vi.P.A.ll-vvLT. . . .. 9»
X—** »•»<• IT*'i f."—an ideal head of a girl with
vaiL Itv Uniti •••• _ —• '** 77.
1 | vtll In Canada. Hr 5. P. Tstcr. ICS
.V-ratth—pa :-lalaceoe. “ - ])»
rt O’lail Shooting on the Prairie. " W
:-" »v l .,Mku Uridg<%* By Uuw»kd Sranan
Abbey. By Tbact W
v.i i e -Vi ne-Garr Castle. - “ W
•V_;; vl .,rair-ratheHarvest. BySTßoxo
j - Z ;; ;* £{
rVZsetili*;: ByTsscr .. J*{
•r-I.sn.hsi-.ive In >'••**• Jersey. ByTatcr. ... . W
j;,i I; ana IN—Portrait t mne. *-u» rrprrjent
”* ’ »>..• lUt n* -m*s of the several bolder* of tn«
f,!*i -:n any fncndtliey may
,K-knaie. HyV.ai. Vidaed atlMOeacU... 1^)
Vl—sheep.*ad 1 *n;b. PyTctcr
?.hei , p and two I.ambL Uy ls»cr ;«>
•l— I a-.l*-apc—Prcuca scene. *.y Tract
•'•■-v ITT TU-ill'eer. - “ t\
'on the Dodder. “ *’
“i|-i:*i*r«..itl'l»y. - » i-5
Mn'o> n A lism-gla- 1 . or of hi-life-site Hurt
of \bra‘ i *:si Line-In. at the option of the
aoveral drawer*. N alued at f r » each IJ>
Tickets acfimpaatrj by a Cne phott>graph 0ft..0
c. Jn-, j • Vot m IV wusoToy." may be had at fSeaci.
rnmh-r wtl! If limited to ;«gl»t honrtrr.l.
Vl-.ey n.ay be ohtalnnl at the principal L«o*andJlw»ic
I”.id lnuo^^l»uonli«crotn^
r:o v.
JAS'GIUNT■ v. , ft?o?r. ? u. KEiiVOOT.
Sk'IDX bTOXE. Treasarer.
P. P.—Ollt Frames to all the painting* are {winded
la the above prices.
Ter Tickets should be addressed to tb* Trtastrvr,
CCI. SAUL STONE, Chicago, m.
V. B.—To reader the proposed EXHIBITION a# at
trectiv* xml mi-rltorioua k P’ and prompUTe or
a true
oar contribution* of a«> worta of art a*>t prm
s°n “d at tit.* firet exhibition to JW orjdnee then re.
imtv. d forth* rare and *ato reinrn of which to toe
«w;i-.£pTpr.-pWg“wlUbe given. Communication*
sucli may be addrwied to
X*. -W. ~V OLK,
Boy ««» Chicago Post OSce. or to hi* room* In the
Portland Block. no«-d34Mm
11. STEAYART <fc GO’S.
Chemical and Erosive Soap,
money saving family staple.
Plcbm Observe x
Tilt 9cap ivik the first premium at the World** Tab
in I ondtiC, where TOO dlOercnt Soap; »«n«"«WW
ttem. after a trial of three hour* washing oot palnta, tar.
jjfoo*e and printer's nk.
itl.—This Soap U, every ounce of It, washing mat#*
'‘"i-tvtwo n«a «■ d;r-ctcj It dtamw. »«* *n
pounding and machine friction, and will save full fifty
Ur ccuCcf the time and labor Oiually required to do
the washing of atomlly. ... , , . .
SA—w*kr-In the use oftols Soap, bard water need*
ao~ breaking" of cieactlng. Simply oae a amail ex-
CC will look much whiter and cleaner, and
la&t V ncir The .-cap Itself sullen* the fabric and
le«*<’c* the dirt. It 19 warranted not to laj re toe finest
A stroas solution or 9 :ds wDI clean palnta, fur
niture. kitchen nienslU, etc, with toe greatest eaae,
rapidity and thorouebnes*. . ...
uih.—Used a* a Toilet Soap. U cleanse* the skin ot
dirt, grease. tar. paint. printer s Ink, etc, leaving It toft
and clear. It Is Invaluable for hand washing.
7th.—lt will remove oIL wheal grease, paint, etc,
from silk and wovk-n goods, a'd the best nannels may
be wa-hed In it without belngfllled. or with othersoaps.
Dealer* and the cnhUA generally are requested to
give the St ep ft trial. , .
Mr. It. H. atewart, being ft practical soap-maker, has
experimented upon and tested these soap* in vartopa
ways, ard otfere It to the public is a Soap which win
We are willing it should rest upon lu mrrita Ap
ask Is to give It a trial andlf itooeanotglv* tollaatla
faetton. tae money - ID be refunded. _
Of" For sale at *B the leading grocery store*. So
cci-d3L?ua Monufa-togy, at Slailfrat, Chicago.
-TV made dt tiih
at •WAZA'& am. «ASfl.
Attention In Invited wtt
the accompanying letters of patches,
mortals in &vor of theso “JSTSo Crfppsoy »•
A Odd Model *l. awarfad
Amerind Inttltnle et V»' T ° r ' [ '“
Witches have now been ln J
neatu ten jean. dart ”*'““ In
tented n to accuracy. darablUtr. mem.
.very conceivable manner, and bare pro «
«l«a to b. tba moat aatUCtcUTT tlme plecto mt
°TbUrarallbaa boon bronjbtabont bT * ,t J lc *
ratio. of mecbanlcal (Clenco to too co ”* ,nl ' U °° “
ofalcb fromltavery Inception,renda/tos
1 Uhod, mathomatlcallr correct In all b " pbr ““J'
I and nacesaarily as parfect a llm.Xoopc* *• «***■
1 bletomaka. i-
I Tba company bare Watod their Watcbea l.t ““t *»
•uncea byVtnal dally notlnp. andtbortao.Jo* ““
Wlbaabeenthat they have exhibited a f»ltfsV*M»
regularity to the best marine chronometer.
[From the Prslrie Farmer. Oct. 13C0.J
A*«*tcaj* WAtaiM.-S early • yew »S«». we received
'tom Messrs. Robbins * Appleton, General Agents of
• \m«riran Wat'-h Company, snd **pald for" s good
“■ *1 looking wr.’eh, - Wirrautcd." with the request
after thorough lrt.il we should esy what w*
K *, tof U, editorially. It has been oar constant
|boof “ i 3a nearly a Tear. w » !*-»'*« 110 fault to End
co ™ p *°J; way it has ticked time, w# do not want a
v » tt«i tm niece than tils has proved to be thuafkr.
better ome-. WQ KSttlaled lt QU rscin It hav
Onto lajniav #h4jf * mlnntoa month fiom ••traoal®
to lts “ a 80011 tl *o-*tew It
i time, Aaaea t taaliaJly made. Were wo going #0
' labnn«uymn“4f. r L. American IVotcb.
pnrchsse, we shoold j..
' Orncs or to* Tr.tstfn.)
_ . Vosk. Oct 17, lrt9. )
** _ lUisw.
AxnictJ Warcn > oaraar. Wa. , f ymr ntetlM f „
Gsrrturts— Having carried one w nafideaily that
the last eighteen monthal can ear w Qraoc#UjU
they will do. and may be bought with »*» , rouMl
they will keep time, 1 belleye the watch anew
J7»w Tea*. Aag. X 535.'
CrttiurtS.—ln reply to s oars ofXth alt. we tala
pleasure In stating that the American Watch now te
use upon onr railroad, has varied only six sccondMa •*
little over six weeks. Respectfully.
S. w. A "7. A. Toatrr.
Contractors on the Uar. A D«L Bay K. H.
To Meaer*. Boaauis & Arruroy.
Boston. ?«pt- IS®*
Mr R. Z. Roustrsv Tresanrer Atnerlran Watch Co.
Dua Sis.—U gives me great pleasure w comply
with your reqttest for a report of Cie performance
of the American watch I purchased of yon Decern*
her'* 1358. It was set on that Jay, and it* variation
from tree time to the 13th of February IS?, when
l let It run down, wastes second.* Cast, From that
time to the present, it has run with nearly perfect
steadiness, having during the eight months remained
at from seven to nine second* Cast, and this with un
commonly rough usage. I can commend yourmann
factors In the highest term*. Tours truly.
JaHEA U. Cl-vpt,
’Firm of Clapp. Fuller A Brown. Bankers, Boston.
CAUTION.-Aa our watch U now extensively conn,
terfelwd Hr foreign timnatoclurxr'. "« b*v° “ I f*™
Ole public um ao.Kch U otoor production *UcO I.
m..ccomp.nled bp. cert«cd= "tf
tbo camber of too watch, and -Utu-.l b» our Tretaoxer
B. E. Robbia* or by our pMdcce«aori. Appletcn.
Tracy A Co.
A* these watches are for #alo by Jewelers jjanaraliy
throoshoot the Union, the American Watch Company
do not solicit orders for tingle watches.
Wholesale Agents. 135 Broadway. N. T
noMMWFAeow.xSm - -- -
Wigwam. Tonic.
ars recommended by the First Physicians ofth®
Country* on acconnt of their PUEITY AND CHEAT
They are pleasant at nectar to the taste, and are pro
nounced tbo beat Toulc and Stimulant ever offrr*
Their curative power* In f«w of GENERAL DE
Ete„ are unparalleled, and a* a guarantee that we ftel
warranted la claiming what wo do. wo beg leave to
state that oof assertions are endorsed by
prof. ft'SLLin.lN, of Yal« College,
Prof. U AYES, ofMaisacliusells,
A Vnd hundreds of others.
*or aale by Or occr* Wine Merchant* and Oruggtott
v , n - tvolOTOdy
;eaarv '*£• _ -
gbeat 0/IBpst eail
Hollister & Wilkins,
Ui nil-' LakeSlrMt ... !?5 4 IJ7
Xb* Best £o«4s at Low Prices*
1 and Offer for sale. of their own Import*
are on nab- muauimture, the arcea*
on and of iM * in the Northwest of Medallion,
and brat a**orUc Tunosm.TUree.lMy.FopeTitn*
Wilton. Velvet. lii*w i niJ raJiLO>;tonaml W.kjl Inuralna
Wtm rluo. Venetian. Tapestry
Wool butch. Scotch L. ,t*d j-t;dr Carpeting*. all of the
Ingralm iwdy lUumvl** -,j t „ ltrrn9; comprising tlia
greatest variety. rrlrr* *> n -.,&i,.a5-*4.rtnirnteverbefor*
lanrc»t, bei*t ami it*o*i dv«» tl Ul ..i oCer at '.Ua lowest
opened in Chicago. and wUv 1 u *» uucr
possible price-*.
Of thww.offfr . I.ree - ' ■
• Hirer*.reran!. QtiaU.y u> ’l'. ,
American ii.an«.a»iun*. m wl‘D h" • rt ,.j 4 tnoiu three
a-haU'yard* and two yard* wide, at lle.-tw Sheet
•hillings to six Milling* per yard. *•*•, lwc - t y.|oor
OU Clotluk twelve lev L w w yard
test wide, at prices from tour to li n - H'v .iuxia*il
AlffO—T-blr mi Cloth* In psn«Tu*«nd o v ViO
Stair OU Cloth* In great variety.
mattings and rocs.
toena MatUngs for Otllce*. ChnrclmSs >«*VV?%Soa
In all wldtha. Zroni one.half to two ysr.U wide.
*i»nw bo Li while mill Checked, one, **u r ",”J
yant*wlde: Moaate Jg-
Tuned Kasw. ‘
Rmstu Skeleton, Adelaide and p-bUu cl
greatest variety lu rUc usd pattc n».
CURTAIN goods.
In WOO.L bn.u- or gill; t.lll «:unals BaD‘-% and WM,
Centre ravels, lax.ps. l-rapcry
Curtain lilmp*. Silk Uordcrtrp. (
all kind*of TrimmliUi-aeceuvur. loff ..-tinted
.low Shade* la UOtd borders. Dry ,°,VnlJUdßlu
Shades. \\ Idle. Duff. Ore- n und l.luc
all Width*; together with Hr*) s I'utent **
lure*. Ihilance 1-Uture*. |*utn:uua._V‘ mini L*r*2ian3
UalleV* ihiteatUxtarcjc IVnduhna FUtnfes. Lr*a?»Ma
Rronsellolier-ciolu Jiacji-lhU.ci-.aad Ur-^ckeW'
Cords and Ta**ei*.
Table Uncn* la partem* sed by the eard. Linen N(ip*
vtr.> and liotllcu, MamUlea tiulU-*, tinea and Cotton
Sheeting* of ail width*. Linen ami Cotton Plllow-Caa.
log*. ToweK CT.iUI lT*uo :in<t labl** Lovew cmbroU
dered. Printeil ami embotwed; Fnrnltnre Chlntr ; tog*-
getber with a largo ayaortruect oi inures, Plcturo
Cord* and Ta**eU.
Spring HC'K H;ilr. Cotton. Sea Grto*. Kvet lrior and
Slosi MaltresAC*. Feather lied*, lloi-ter* cod llllow*.
nunketa. ‘iulltu. sbeeu, Pillow L'-unuew Foot
Stool*, lillwnl Clotlia. Plmhe*. Ui--r,el!od doth*.
Curled H:drof various sra'ier-. Skis- and htre.»lor by
the bale. Sca-tirasa. Spring*. WebUuii. Itcu Lwjt, Mat
tres«T»Usazi 'rwls«f"r LpioUurer’* >ue.
BolUfltor <S> wiuaxue
fSf & IST...Lake Street; (Dpatalrs.)...Hs 4 IS
Ijj • • take Street • • 193
jiANtTFAC?tmfias or
wnotwatJCum a*r*«tPiut , '*.>i*
Envelopes, .Wemoratnlum and
Pdas Boot..
Wm'i'XWQ mis akto n.xnsß,
Cards and Cardboard,.
taS Lakogta
umsiH iovemi aid das paemn
Wom met with the approval of Oas Bngtneerw and pro*
noonced by them superior to any thing of toe Una is*
vented, They are warranted w saveiconsumers of gaa
from »to MUr cent, amt keep In order ten years.
The public art respectfully requested to give them a
Beljlnff apoa the Berlin of Uie Nneblno
Inraeoae to attach them to meter*, and remove them
U iSer do oot give entire satisfaction AT il\ OWN
a* pITTSf.
a*mta wanted In all cltlea where gaa U use 1. OSoe
ftHae Northwest. No. 146 South Clark siree*.
ocfiLdaTXm rrcprleier.
QI L! OIL!! OIL!!!
Sole Agents tor the Pennsylvania Koek Oil Refining
Co.** on equalled Dlamlnatlog and Lubricating Oils. A
South Water street, corner Wahash avenue. Chicago,
s. VA3DXXJUU- [nen-dtTS-Sm] a. t. caasa.
\J Da. BEELTPB Liquid Catarrh Remedy. War.
ranted to be a sure and permanent cure tor Catarrh
A Circular, with toll particulars of the dlaense.'fto.
i A A Hl£ Bbls. MACKEREL.

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