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aad Weekly.
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machinery lu '-ur last uight,
city ribera to Ihc Tkiiu*ne will be served
with thoir paper Inter than usual t*>-duy.
J. W. Sheahan, l*sq., late of the Chicago
Tima, has oonnm-nccd the publh-atimi In
this city <:*' a new dally jwti*»*r — The CVorc
go Pmi. He ar.uour.ee* that ihc Pont will
not indulge in political discussion; but con
fine itself mainly to matters touching the
interests of Chicago an 1 the West. We
«lo not doubt that the 7W will he o success.
U bus our good wishes.
The arrogance and impudence of Sena
tor Toomlu lirmk mil in a new place. He
has been in the haliil *»1 displaying his
pkutatinu breeding in the Senate al Re
publican expense; Vnl since thut Itnsgol
I.K) disagreeable to in; borne, he now cracks
his whip over the hcad J *4 bis
Hi« letter is the command «»f.n musicr, nut
the entreaty of u servant.
Wc wish it to he mulersloocl thttl we arc
not responsible for the t ittnor thut tlie Chi
cago Timr priming cstahlisluncut is to lie
removed to South CHrohna. uml that the
Timer is to lie hereafter i-sued as an avow
ediv, as it is now a covertly, disunion pa
per. Tlie injurious report arose undouht
cdlv front the treasonable and insulting ar
ticles with which tin- editor of that sheet
is pleased, day after day, to 111! h.
firm, is the word.
The dispatches from Vfuahingtou this
morning leave no donhl of tin: intention of
the Republicans of the House mul Senate
to submit to no compromise by which the
verdict of the people tendered in Movent
her will lx- nullified. They stand firm on
solid ground, declaring their content with
the Constitution ns it is, and the Union as
our father? made it. There let them slay,
sure that the masses are with them, and
will consent to any sacrifices or indorse
any policy necessary to preserve that Con
stitution and hold tills Union together. He
who now yield? so much as the breadth of
a hair to the demands which rebellion and
treason make.is not the man for the crisis.
He abets what he "was elected to uproot;
he encourages whet he was commissioned
to destroy; »nd the cur-es of the people
will follow him to the end of his life'
Tt; Jliiaaf llaptiit, dated Sashvillc.
Dec. 10th, has an arliele scvcrsly censuri
the practice of Daitciaß ami I'm' sinfulness
of johduti -"dciics under the control of
Podo-Baptist?; various obituary notices of
pro-slavery saints who have “loosed the
Silver coni," or “broke the tpildcn howl,"
(we don’t Know whiidt.l down in Missis
sippi; and sundry mutters common to jour
nals of its class, to say nothing of the fol
lowing, which,is pood iu its way; indeed.
we nisiy fei'y oxcelii'iii
SLAVBK7 no liviu—lf slavery be an cv
wliat rrtpivi «it f'• ? I** U h* morally, social'
Jr or polltiMUlyl’ Compare the iw>l« p ° r luc
Southern sates With those of any other com
munity, and we chaUcne- all history to pro
duce a higher toned population, more honest,
honorable, hntnanc, and just In all the rela
tions of life. Take tint single Mata of South
Carolina, In which thorn hx> not hern a divorce
since tin* foundation of the government,ami
ehow tin In what rojmci alaveiy lias proved
a mom! and social evil to th« whites on one
hand or, on the other, to the blacks, who,
under slavery, have become elevated from sav
ace barbarians to civilized and Christian
men, and are most of them Cvr superior
in character lu the Abolition Senators, editors
and orators of the country. Wc do not know
juimrltuicgro who is :t member of a baptist
church—and there must be nearly a quarter •*
a million of them—that mu at least u belter
ChilMhm than either (Jrochy, (larrlwm. or
Beecher. The polUbml evil of .lavery >s anoth
er precious piece of rant, There is no eom
mnnllv in the world more prosperous, nor in
whlchcvervhodv.hljrh and low, great ummall,
have as much to <ui and wear, and art- a* ham
i»T end couleutcd, as in the Southern Slates of
America, To admit that slavery it* an evil is,
of course, to justify efforts lor its removal
The South makes no such admission. II ilia
an evil, we, who arc exclusively concerned in
iL have cot found it out, nor do we know by
what process the discovery is made by thus#
who have derived the chief pecuniary benefits
from it. th»* commercial and manufacturing
classes of the Northern Slates. Indeed the
character of its most distinguished opponents,
U in iUclf a strong presumption iu favor of
the Institution luelt
Ifwc are not misinformed, soma ortho
most prominent abolitionists lu the North are
notorious os the abettors of socialism, free
love ami spiritualism. We trust that, moder
ate und conservative mm there will note this
Ihct. und make n prod practical oso of it.
Then* are the kind of elements that have
cursed society In every age, and when not
counteracted hr the preponderating forces of
virtue and intelligence, lia\« dissolved the so
cial compact, and destroyed the entire fahris
of social and el, U lustitnUona
Such nilserrauts lived before the Bood. ..
■ *xwas Uiff destroyed world.
We have only a word lo say; We never
ai£tie with that kind of Christianity, what
ever its denomination, which buys m.n,
whips women, and condemns girls to com
pulsory prostitution;. ,but we gather from
the above two facts; Ist, The editor of the
Jcniw.aast Boptt*} knows a iptartir */ a mil
lion of slaves who arc members of the Bap
tist Church. 2d, Each one of these is a
better Christian than Greeley. Garrison or
Bc-ceher. These two farts provoke one in
quiry: What, in the name of Heaven, is
the ciouse of the Tennessee for
holding Iht sc quarter of a million of Chris
tians, belter than Greeley or Beecher, in
hopeless slavery ! That's all.
Vote ontlie Pacific Railroad BUI.
■ r The following is the »ote on the final par I
aage of the Pacific Railroad Bill in the Mona*
of Representative*; ...
Vtu—Uersrr- Adams ol Ms*... Adams of hy.,
id—ln Allen. Anderson of JIo.. Artie). A\frj. I
nahiitt * Unrr/'tt llingliatn, lUalr, Hlake. Uotclcr, I
bSnoolllriS;, t, immido,.. Korea. Bar-.
Uurejm;. Uanhjam, lliitl-rtU'M. Campbell. CtlrUr.
Owe. C. B. Cac!ira;ie,.loho Ctichrenc.
gSTardSf V 6 " .llnn.nl.rey. Umc“a..'rnne
"3. Moat of MlchlVuc Kclloseof Maols.
X'S<"S-. of K.
■ Scranton.- Hlcklc*. rttrajton, 1 »PR“» k T !ft”*
TomiifcinsTrimbli*. Naiidevcr,\.an V\jck. A**"*-
.Wadi.'Vnldruu. Wa-hburn
lmrn?of HHooK. Wilson. ami \\ «*»d* on—W.
afAT—Aldrich. AndcrbOU ef
Barksdale, Ikadu, Bocock, Branch. t arej- riarK oi
New York. Clark of Missouri, Clomens. Llonton,
Cobb.Cralgeof North Carolina. !)»*«««,
Dnvl* of Indiana, Dawes. Driarnctte. Ddauo. Ed
mund»*OD, Eusllsii, Garnett, Uanrtdl,
rtrmm, fcanS- of Maryland. Harris of
Baskin. Hill, Hoard. Holman. Houston. JeuUns.
‘ Jones. Undram. Leach of Michigan. Lew?* l
North Carolina. Leake. Logaa. Loreluj. Martin or
Virginia, MaynanL McPherson. AUIImu Moow oI
Alabama, Morrill, Morris of Illinois., Mblack. Per*
3, Pettit. Peyton. Phelps. mwr.Heagan. Hlpp*.
oat. Simms, Singleton. Smith of A Irgiula, bwuh
' of North Carolina,- Spinner, Stallworth. Stokea.
Taylor. Thomas, Vsilandljham, Nance, Walton,
Webster, WclU. Wbltcly. Windom, Winslow,
. . So thu bill was passed.
Xbc wearers of Palmetto cockade* In
Washington, on finding that they were mb.
- |fY»" for the footmen of the foreign minister*,
/ soon dropped them, end they arc decidedly at
a discount no w/ ‘
pan Th. American Unitarian Association
has received td.OOO from the estate of the late
ofFitchhurg, Mesa,
yiecllugof the Kansas Utllef.
At n meeting of the Central Committee ap
pointed at a meeting of rilizcus held at
Metropolitan Hull on the 18th lust., the Com
mittee romposed of A. G. Throop, o.l.uut,
Paler rase. Dr. John Evan*, and Cyrus Bent*
ley, all being present except Dr. Evans, on the
fiitl December, 1800, organized by the cleo
llou of the following officers:
Pctcu Page, Chairman.
Crni'ts Bentley, Secretary.
Dr. John Evans, Treasurer.
The following resolutions were adopted,
Tiffotnd. That this committee be called the
'• KaumfJldiej Viniral Commiitu" of the County
Jlr+oit-td. 1 luaa committee of three be appointed
from earh ward of the clty.whogball bo authorized
tu collect and receive from the citizens of their
respective wnnlr. contributions of money, produce
and rb.ninj: lor the relief of tho euffereraia ium
; that said commit tec be directed to pay oyer
to J»r. John Evans. Treasurer, all moneys which
ibev mav collect—and that they order to be sent to
i'j. Childs UTJtf. or U. Sanborn, 119 Randolph
*ure*-l who will revive clolhlns. Ac.. mid all con
tributions of produce and clothing fur immediate
i-hlnmcnl to Knntas—and that said cnmmitlw>re
n..rt to the Ktid Trraeurcr on the flr-l Monday of
each week, the amounts of their collections. 1 Jo
thin;: properly consigne<l »hould be scut to Am.
Espnv* utllce, and provision*. &.C.. rent to *., b.
& tj,. freight depot. t ' .. . .
AV«o.V*<f, That the aupervlsora outside the city
be also requested to act m receiving contributions I
in their respective towns throughout the comity
mid make report thereof to the sum Treasurer once
in two weeks- , , .
/*></•<> */,Thal hanm: retired recent iutcmgerce
from t he Territorial Committee of Kanras, that the
arrMisementaunderwjachcoutrllMiiioiishave hith
erto been made and forwarded, gives gonenil eatU
faction t*» ‘•aid committee. —this committee do
hereby apiioiut as their local ugeuts, F. N. Ulak**.
member uK the Territorial Committee, olhcc 6.J
Clark sdff t, and W. F. M. Arny. to take charge
of and ship to Kailas all such contribution* o. pr*>-
duceniid clothing as mav be received from citizens
ol (libra*»o. or sent in from tho country, and make
report of their doings to the nuld Treasurer on the
first Monday of each wed: or as noon thereafter
as Is practicable. . ...
Ju-c'S’if. Thai this rommlilee do hereby car*
no*llv appealto their fellow citizens of city tod
country to unike such Immediate contributions of
mom-v, produce and clothlu-n* may be In their
power, and save from death by cold and starvation
our brethren in Kaueai*. ,
lht.Ur«U. Tliat m» notice will l>c taken by this
Committee of contributions made to any persons
Hollritsn'»ald for Kansas, not duly accredited by
tills Couimlttoe.aud alt such contributions will bo
at the risk of parties making the same.
The Committee then appointed the follow
inj; turned persons as tbc Ward Committees:
leu Cornelius Price, Geo. A. Springer, \\\
11. Hie
10. M. Van Uadfcl, O. Kendall, M. B.
Clancy. _ , _ _ „
:;j. A. D. Titts worth, Fernando Jones, C. b.
Halsrv. w , ~ .
4tU. Jho. n. Foster, J. L. Hayward, Samuel
i:hai. A. Nortnn, E. S. W«ru«r, Fred*-
ricki.ctz. ,
Cth. Uuulini Taylor, Caleb Morgan, Reuben
Cleveland. , ,
7ih. Ciurdi it S. Hubbard, Enos Johnson,
Carl Erlcr. • •
81 b. (J. R. Armstrong, A. Bnrcliard, IL Prin
A. G. Burley, A. 11. Hoffc, Benj. Car*
"tilth.' Boswell Scott, Cbai. J. Hull, Micball
Voted that tbssc proceedings bo published
in tlie city newspaper*.
The Committee then adjourned.
Petek Page, Chairmen.
Cvara Bentlet, Secretary.
The following letters sad testimonial ere also
appended for publication :
Dh. John' Evass —Dear Sir: — Your letter of
Delimit* sr Kith. was received a few days ago,
nnd i v ucrciwl to the Territorial Committee
at; be regular m-ciing last evening. They ap
proved of your action, and authorized you to
uihe -urh action relative to expenses in future
ns you deemed right and proper, as you will
*ce‘by the following resolutions which were
„.-v!uxi, Thai the action of Dr. Et«u« at
CblciiMi* meet* our approbation.
y.Wm/, That Dr. Evans be authorized to
puv <>ut of relief funds auy contingent expan
se* lj<*n*tofore Incurred, and employ.such aid
In fti* ur«t as bo may deem necessary, and to pay
for the same as above.
Vary truly yours,
-.James McDowell,
Sec. Tcrr’l Ex. Com.
Kxtrect of Leilar frotn S. C. Pomeroy, Kidui, U
Ur. John Evans.)
]), !,• Sir :—Tour letter of December 12lh Is
received. The Express package* came one
duv in advance of the mall, so 1 acknowledged
the receipt of your last remittance ($500) last
night. Our organisation is now working well,
ami sill tho machinery is In motion. I never
was t-o fuwful for the futurr ns now. Encour
age all our men to hold out, not to be ** weary
in well doing.” I have seen sights
never before have I seen such ghaxtly looking
men, gaunt with hunger: “find not tabled
bread for four weeks,” one of them said.
•‘Had onlv bnffal* meat for a month.” “Left
mother and live children with nothing else.”
Ko clothes, barefooted, save pieces of buffalo
skills sewed about the feet, and when I told
him he would he supplied with corn meal
freclv he was otrmanc, and wept liko a child
for half an hour! Said he finally, “there are
some good men left on earth.' Oh, I wish
you timid spend one day in ray office; I can
not write the scene. It is two o'clock ntnlgbt,
and 1 fllll have unanswered letters. I have
net slept until after this hour for two weeks.
God bless you, my dear sir.
Truly, 8. C. Pomeroy.
2Jr.'‘»,Ur\s(h, 16(10.
Totilhrhom it may roruvr*.—This Is locer
tlfv, that we, the undersigned, citizens of Chi
cago, arc acquainted with F. N. Blake, Eso.,
u.kv of the Territory of Kansas, and formerly
n rnsMent of this city, doing business here, and
that we have full confidence, in his integrity
and ability, and recommend' him as a reliable
person with whom to cmtfi-r aud advise in re
ji;;rd lo the want# and relief of the truly desti
tute of Kansas.
.T. Y. Scammoo. C. G. Hammond,
liaar X. Arnold, Henry Marlin,
Horace White. C. H. Bar,
om-ii Smith, G. B. Armstrong,
W. 11. Brown. H. F. Mather,
Leri B. Taft. C. U. King,
i J 1.. Harward. John C. Haines,
Jno. LvlV King, 11. B. Hurd.
W. ll.'Uloc. McWUle W. Fuller,
S. K. Dow. J.C. Dore,
W;u. Bros#, J.L. Scripps,
HetiryM. Smith, A. Cowles,
G.W. Clarke, C. A. Norton.
J no. Nutt, - • Henry Brook*.
I John Forsyths. J. Halleck.
I Jno B. Idsson, Miron C. Parsons, •
1 A. D. Rich. Franklin Webster, *
I Charles Weston, James 51. Bill,
C. J. Hull, R.C Clearer.
1 1.. Nowlin. C.ll. Oaubert.
I K. S. Hows, J. L. Marsh.
I U«o. P. Goodwin, H> rscs 11. Thomas,
<i. l». WilUstou. Jno. T. Flynn.
I F. D. Owen, John R. Siridlrou.
I Hubert Uaiaber. J. W. Merrill.
I W. I. Msrrlman, B. F. Downhij;,
I S.Y. U. Ulckrox. E. F. Gsrrln.
The Chicago Acadfmf of Science* at
~ Ann Arbor.
[Written for the Chicago Tribune.]
The Academy of Science*, with iheir guests,
after a most hospitable reception by the citi
zens of Aim Arbor, assembled on Wednesday
evening at the Laboratory of tbc Medical Col
lege, where a lecture on Galvanic Electricity
was delivered by ProC Douglas, of tbe Michi
gan State University. The Icelnrer made a
few brief and pertinent remark* on tbc meth
od* of generating electricity by chemical ac
tion and induction, and proceeded to illustrate
the methods by a new and beautiful appara
tus, called the ** Rlmmkoff coll, * attached to
I the ordinary cup* of the galvanic battery,
1 This coll was invented come yean sinceby a 1
German, whoso name It boars; but was brought
to greater i«rfectioß by Mr. Ritchie, of Boston.
It consists of two colls of insulated wire, an
exterior and interior coil, one of which con
tains more than thirty miles length of wire.
By means of this contrivance, the passage of
the electric current through one of the coils,
inducing a corresponding wave of electricity
to pass through the other, the intensity of the
discharge Is not merely doubled, but increased
many fold. Using this instrument Ini eonneo.
tion with an ordinary battery, of rather small
elxe, the electric spark was made to pass eight
Inches through atmospheric air, and more than
four times that distance .« vacuo. .
ProC Douglas entertained us for nearly two
hours by a most brilliant display of electrical
phenomena, explaining to us a beautiful as
sortment of Other's lulKt, so called from their
Inventor aud unauulacturer in Bonn, which
have recently been received by the University.
By the use of these tubes the electric spark
was made to pats through various media,
such as ether, sulphuric add, alcohol, con
densed air, &c., and most varied and beautiful
affects were produced.
For a more perfect display of the various
phenomena, the room was darkened and the
audience could only catch a glimpse of the lec
turer and of one another's faces by the “ fitful
I Hashes” of this lightning In miniature. With
<i.p more simple of the experiments, murmurs
?fpSe“ero heard through toe totaes.
in Si usrts of tbe room, and as the display In
to beauty. the delight of the audience
.bowed lUelfin hcartyappTause. .
At a quarter before nine o’dock oaXhunday
morning, too excursionists xrerc formally wcl-
SSSdttitoo UnlTcrslty by toe Chancellor.
Eev. Dr. Tappan, In toe chapel of toe totdver-
St The diapei waa densely crowded by too
rt&entarf thf University, Aim. 2!«Ur titog
theopportunity to display her cholceat JosreS
first it u no amall cause for Just pnda
In any stag of lascalrg that It is able to assein*
bio nearly seven hundred young men in its
ImlL*. ~
TbeKcv. Chancellor mode a beautiful sum- t
sionto ihe story of the knlghU and ladles (
whom Chancer has immortalized In the Can*
tcrimrv Tales, and drew a comparison between
their pilgrimage to Canterbury and onr own to i
Ann Arbor, fie then welcomed ns most cor- ,
aJuilv to the Uulvcreity in the name of eel
mcc, and concluded by a brief allusion to the
prom** of education and learning in the
Welt, and speko of our pilgrimage as oneof
the evidences that the brightest hopes of the
friends of thatknowledge which is power,will
hasten to theirfulfillroent. t _
After leaving the library we entered the
Museum of Natural History. Here we found
tin* collection* of the lamented Houghton, who
lost his life while prosecuting the geological
survey: those of Prof. Sager, State Zoologist,
and of Dr. Wright, State Botanist.
These, with the collections made by those
engaged in tho present survey, are an honor to
the State and an evidence of the liberality, en
terprise, and intelligence of its citizens.
The collection* are in agoodstate of preser
vation, and arc arrayed so as to be* displayed
to the best advantage. When tbe survey Is
completed, this will be undoubtedlyonc of the
best collections in tbe country. There was
enough here to be seen to have profitably oc
cupied days instead of the few honrs which
could be appropriated from our limited Uni*.
Prof. 11. A. Johnson, of Chicago, responded
lu behalf of the Academy and iu guests. He
was proud to come back to Alma Mater,
which he had left eleven years since, and find
that the small beginnings of that time had
grown to such prosperity and Importance. It
vasdelightful torus all to come here,some
to meet with old friends, and all to form new
and valuable acquaintances which would be
remembered for years. He thanked the Chan
cellor, and through him the officers ol the
University and the citizens of the placa, for
t heir cordial welcome.
The speeches, both of the Chancellor and
Prof. Johnson, were warmly applauded, and
after the latter had closed, Dr. Tappan an
nounced that the library, museums and labor
atories would be open to visitors during the
day, and committees would be iu watting to
art us escort. ... , . -
The Library was first visited. It Is in the
same building as the Chapel. It consists of
about 8,000 well selected volumes, thus form
ing a nucleus for a large and valuable library.
From the Museum of Natural History we
next entered the Gallery of Fine Arts, which
contains quite a number of plaster cast* of fa
mous works of art, as well as a fine exhibition
of photograpiis aad engravings of historical
ami classic interest Rogers’s t.ydiai« soon to
he added to tho gallery hy subscription or citi
zens of Ann Arbor, which place chums this
gifted American artist as one of her sons.
The medical gentlemen of the Academy vis
ited the Medical Department of the Unlversl
ly. where a fine class of two hundred young
men arc pursuing their studies. After listen
ing to Interesting lectures by Profs. Palmer
and Ford, the laboratory of Prof. Douglas, the
I museums for Illustration of tbe different de
partments intha Medical School, were visited,
* and were pronounced well adapted forthe pur
poses intended. „ , ,
* A glance at the various recltatlou rooms aud
society halls of the Under graduate Depart
. ment,'completed the pleasures of the mom-
flic vlill to tin Observatory and explana
tion of the instruments by Prof. Bnmnow.and
the lecture by Prof. Whichell, will bi pout
poued to another article.
Senator Trumbull on Coercion.
The Washington correspondent of theN. Y.
Evening iW, under date of the 20th Inst.,
write* an follow*;
To-dav the morning hour of the Senate was
encroached upon hr a spirited discussion of
Senator Clark's resolution of inquiry Into the
condition of Fort Moultrie. In .reply to some
wire-dniwn objections by Jefferson Davis,
Senator Trumbull took occasion to expose
the sophistical outcry against coercion and
“making war against a State/’ He said this
talk w.fC calculated to mislead tbe public
mifld; iidody protxual to coerce or make i car
again* a State. But it vst* proposed to enforce
the laia against individual rebels to the lasted
State* h, - rj The States were not sovereign,
except in their reserved righti; but in the
rights they had surrendered, such as the right
of making war,if was nonsense to talk of their
sovereignty or of warring against them. It
was of a piece with the sophistry of the rights
of States to the territories, when, as States,
thev had no right whatever to the territories,
wlm-h arc the cxclusiva possession of the gen
enii government. , , . .
This exposition of ccnstitutionfil doctrine
from Judge Trumbull derivss a special signill
cance from his Intimate relations an the friend
and ndv!sw-of the next President. It 1* an
unmiaUtkftblc sign that Mr. Lincoln has no in
tention of letting the Union slide by a prema
ture acquiescence in tbe theory of “ peaceable
Donation for Kansas.
Wo arc in receipt of tbe following:
llobfeop Refoesektatives. I
Wasbikotok City. Dec. SO. 1600. S
Editors Chicago Tribune:
1 have Just read your editorial of the 18th,
In which you say “ there are 40,000 bushels of
grain rcadv in different parts of our State
awaiting shipment to the suffering people of
Kansas, and there itno money to pay thtfrexght.
Please Invest the enclosed twenty dollars lor
that purpose, and oblige,
Yours truly, Schutleh Colfax.
Xhe Rumored_Rallroad Trouble* tn
We learn that the rumor# of outrages on the
Hannltml and St. Joseph Railroad lu Misßonrl
are-without foundation In fact, though circu
lated bv mischievous prints In St. Louis, with
whom the wish Is father to the thought, to in
jure the northern route. There has been a dis
satisfaction at St. Joseph, eagerly fostered by
runners of a rival route, caused by the new
time table of Hie IL and St J. Railroad, which
favoi> and is Intended to favor ticketing St
Louis passengers ria Quincy and Springfield,
but the feeling had assumed no political orsec
tional character, and there had been no demon
strations against the property of the Company,
Sipt Hayward, who resides at Hannibal, left
for a business tour to the East last Friday, and
there was at that time no trouble or distur
bance. It is not impossible in the present sec
tional excitement for a malicious newspaper
at St Louis to excite active disturbances to fa.
tor another route, but the movement will not
very generally share the sympathy of that city.
Certainly, at present, travel by railroad through
Northern Missouri is safe and without Inter,
ruptlon. .
Hew Year** Addrew.
tSb will b« paid by Urn Datur Tjubcxu for
tbc bc-'l written New Year’, Addreaa, of from
one hundred and fifty to two hundred and fifty
linea, to ba eent in by tha 26th of December.
Rejected addreaaaa returned if deelrcd, Ad
drew 0. U. Bbicktt,
Tribune office, Chleajo.
Post Office Notice.— The Post Ofllco on
CTirUt mas UsT will open at the nsuel hour (8
A. M„) end close at 10.15 A. M. for the day.
The Weather. —It is auowing fnrioualv,
with a. prospect of giving us result* In that
line not before reached thia season. .
Dakoekocslt III.—We regret to learn that
Oot R. J. Hamilton, an old and •wall-known
resident of thia city is lying dangerously U1 at
Ida residence. t_r
Focmm.tx®.—A healthy male infant, appar
ently four months old,'was. left on Saturday
night at the residence of Mr. Davis No. 84
Wert Lake street.
Christmas Party. — Q. Mlrasole given a
grand Christmas party this eveningathls Hall,
comer of Madison and Clark streets. All pu
pils and friends are Invited to attend.
Trmost Horse.—At the Tremont House,
the Christmas features were te be the Annual
gun for the servants of tbo establishment last
evening, and a magnificent Christmas Dinner
to the guests at 2 o'clock' to-day.
The Blaxet Lodge at toe Briggs House. •
—The Festival of the Blaney Lodge, at the
Briggs House last year was one of the most
elegant of ila class ever known.; Their Aunt-
Tersary this year at. the same place "on 8t-
John's Day, Dec. 27th; will be no last aso fr
ees*. • :"
The Pulpit. —On Sunday lasi the perilous
aspact of the times was more ; or lees fully
dwelt upon by bur elty clergymen in their pul
pit*. Since South Carolina and her sisters have
set the fashion, we shall hear* lesa complaint
about political preaching. The subject was
handled' in several instances here, in a mas
terly manner, and several of these discourse*
ore to bo put in type at tW Instance of the
congregation*;.: r *
• MicraoiSßxns Loose.— l Mr. Baker, the
sheriff of Ingham "county, Michigan, w«a In
thia city Saturday in qneat of two men, having
two names apiece, who arc believed to have
been concerned In-.recent.extensive robberies
perpetrated there.’- One .of them la called
Joseph Chamberlain allot Jamea Collin*, and
the other’ John Haines aliai John Maraham.
■They were traced-to-Milwaukee, where their
tracks were loit. They have not been scan or
heard of by the police of thia city. One store
in Ingham county wu robbed of goods to the
amount of $1,600,
The Art Union Exhibition,
The number of attractions arc on the incrense
at Heeller* gelcry, the Bret exhibition of the
Chicago Art Union. Several large and superb
works of art Lave been added, contributed by
their owners, and the exhibition is now one
that wonld attract attention in any communi
ty and is we are glad to know receiving many
visitors and subscriber.. Among the statuary
lathe “ Fairy’s Whisper,” the name of anew
and pleasing work of art by John Rogers,
whose previous models In plaster, "The Slave
Sale,” "The Checker Players," “ThcSehool
masler’s Argument,” and others, have woo for.
him many generous commendations by con
noisseur* and critics. In this new work a Id
tie child ie represented silling on a bans of
flowers, looking forward wlthaa expression of
mingled surprise and delight, as if listening to
a strange sound, yet not knowing whence it
comes. A tignre of a lairy, exquisitely mod
elled, is seen- rising from a cluster of fern
leaves In the background, whispering in the
child’s car. This makes clear to the observer
what to the child is a perplexity. The idea of
the piece is a very happy one—a true concep
tion of genius. To say that in its embommait
in the clay there are no faults of handiwork,
no blemia'hee in the gcnoral beauty, no lines
which uro-modellng of part - would improve,
would surprise no one so much as the artist
who alone knows how imperfectly the work,
of his hand expresses the idea of his mind.
But the steady growth of power and skill
which Mr. Rogers has exhibited in bis sueccs;
give casts, bas already demonstrated that bis
destiny is not for plaster but for marble.
Tlicie will bo tiny stocking* explored, long
before tbc carrier, and tardy daylight, will
bring this page to the eye of our city readers.
It I* less easy now to keep up the pleading fic
tion of good Santa Claus,'than when informer
times the good balnt, toy-loaded, could with
one spring from his “ miniature sleigh” drawn
by w eight tiny rein-deer,*’ leap flying downtbe
wide chimney mouth, to where by the broad
and ample “ fire place” dangled the stocldngs
his mission it was to CIL iu our day quick
witted childhood has come to wonder how his
saintsblp manages to pick ,lxls devious waj
down narrow flues, crooked stove-pipes, and
seek exit from air-tight heater-, or through the
barred apertures of the furnace register.
But still he comes once a year for the little
folks in a manner kind mamma and thought
ful papa have a lender foresight to provide,
and with a singular delicacy of perception he
always manages to bit upon just the right
thing. Thus, to-day the blue-eyed Mary get?
the very doll of her dreams, and Bobby bis
rocking horse or sled, and the very chest of
tools he ha* been wanting, and Harry his
skates, and baby, the new arrival since the
year came in, his coral and silver bells. A
merry din it will be In happy homes this morn
ins; a rattle of drums, a blare of trumpets,
a barking and squeaking of animals not In
Noah’s ark, and a setting forth oftbe ark itself
with its “ two of each kind” according to scrip.
tnre story.
It will be a merry scene the Tkibdnb of this
morning will look in upon, -where smokes Iho
breakfast urn, and tbc children will have it all
their ora way, for is it not Merry Christmas ?
Happy they whose home circle will be such as
wc describe, for from the glow and warmth of
these family re-unions and gift-makings will
go forward a radiance far into the year, and for
the little folks far onward into life. Tell ns,
man of many cares and east possessions, do
marble honse, and pictures, and stseds of
matchless price and beauty, please then as did
thy new rocking-horse, half a century ago; or
dear madam rejoicing in furs and diamonds
worth a Pence's ransom, do these charm thee
with a Joy akin to that of little Mary, jubilant
with a waxen doll, that has real hair curls, and
actually winks* Thcac, then, are pleaaurea
cheaply bought for the little folks.
It was a busy day abonl town yesterday.
Streets were full, stores were foil, merchants
had a harvest, expressmen were busy, packa
ges and parcels flew about like snow-flakesi
and to-day will bring the after results indica
ted above, for to-day is Merry Christmas.
The New Booe Store and SabiiathSchool
Depository.—No better piece ran be found In
tbc city for tbe purchase of books and other
holiday presents, then at tbe store of Church,
Goodman & Kenney, 51 La Salle street. These
gentlemen make a point of always having a
good article to offer, and spare no pains to suit
and please their customers. It Is oply a few
months since their store was opened, and yet
it has already a fine aasortment, especially o'
religions books, while of holiday presents for
children and youth, the show is particularly
Inviting. Besldet their own publications this
firm are always in receipt of the latest issues of
leading houses in London, New York, Boston
and Philadelphia, and are rapidly advancing to
a position with the mostsnccessful bookselling
establishments In the West. Those wishing
to make purchases suitable for the present holi
day season, will do well to call st‘sl La Salle
street, apposite the Metropolitan Block.
What to do To-dat.—Ton may hrar good
music, and very Impressive and interesting re
ligions exercises at quite a number of our city
Churches. You may enjoy the dsy’s leisure
with your family, which w. think will he about
as good a treat as you .an give your wife aud
little ones, If you deserve to have such bless
ings. Yon may, likely enough, over-rat yonr
aslfat dinner and take the other piece of pie,
and abide more of ths dark meat, and a little
more wine than is good for yon, and In your
after-dinner nap, dream you are an anaconda
and goat indttrice, as yon certainly will be.
You may skate a little, taking care not to
break tbe surface of ths ice with the back of
your head, or by aitting down too hard upon
it, which would be unkind to other skaters.
Ton may spend five dollars or even ten, with
a friend In a slelgh-ride, or you. may walk,
which will he cheaper and, likely enough,
healthier, after the meal you propose to make.
Yon may thank God that yon have a Merry
Christmas, and that J. B’s. lack of backbone
does not interfere with your side bones and
drumsticks. Yon may show yourself truly
grateful for all yonr blessings, by seeking out
somebody less happy and less blessed than
yourself, and cheer up somebody’s broken and
starved frame,hy timely charity ; this yon will
do If you desire a condiment better than Wor
cestershire, for your own happy lot. Yon
may do as you like, for to-day is “Merry
Christmas.” ■
Special meeting of tbe Board of Edo
Cnxcaou, Dec. 22,1600.
Present—Msasr*. Bore, Caroeuter. Hitco, New
berry, Hayes, Ward, Bate. Taft and Poster.
Absent—Messrs. Muaely, Hlggluson, Sheehan,
Sturtevant, Steele and Hoard. .
The minute* of the last meeting were read and
aP (sn°motion of Hr. Bata, Misses 31. O.Looml*
and M. F. Prouly were re-admlttod to aeata in the
motion of Mr. Hayes, it was voted that Miaa
H Irene Nve bare the privilege of returning to
the w»gb School and completing a coarse ef four
of Mr. Bass. Hie* Louisa E. Twichell
admitted to a seat In the High School, un a
•pedal examination. ' ,
Mr Baas presented a report on the condition of
the High School: and report* were presented by
several of the Committees oh the, Grammar and
of Mias Julia: A. Bissell. of
the Washington School, and of Miss Harriet M.
Me**er, of ine ScatnaiOn School, woe received and
* C Sie following resolutions were presented by .Mr.
Newberry, andadopted: -
Wnrana*. An examination made by a commit
tee of th« Board: has developed the fact that the
present svstem of Investing the School Fnnd is
verv Insecure, and that a considerable portion of
said fund Is already In Imminent danger of being
this Board respectfully memorial
lae the Legislature of this Stale, that a law may be
passed authorizing the Common Council of the
dtr to receive from time to time sneh money* as
: . may belong to the Fund, and issue therefor
bonds bearing Interest at the rate of ten pet cent,
per annum, payable semi-annnallr; said bond* to
be redeemable at the pleasure of ths city, after fifty
That the Common Conadibe requested,
upon the passage of snch a law. to direct the School
aeestto collect the principal of tbeSchoolFnnd an
rapidly a* it can safely and prudently be done, and
• present the sane to the proper officer of the u»m
mon Connell for investment, as contemplated by
motion of Mr. Haven, be matter embraced In
the foregoing resolution, was referred to Mr. New
bcZTT t s» a tpecizl committee of the Board, with an*
tfionty to confer with members of Um Legislature
respecting tho paazage of the !aw therein recom
meodedfor the protection of the school rand. .
On motion of Dr.-Foster, Teicher's Certificates
1 were granted to Misses Penelope Corker. fcabclU
• PlacgT Elizabeth Alien. Elizabeth C. Rost. MSggia
Ohret, Lacy J. Daly, SL Sophia Bawjer, FznnleA.
I Flth, Marla J. Frost, Sjlclz SL P. SlcCUntock. Han
, nahA.Lewli, Martha fc Hate/Charlotte A. Lamb.
Mare J. Cota tad Elizabeth WuUamz. ,
M|oire*«. .■ <i.. ; W.H.Wzua,S«y.,
The Calico Ball.
Everything promises well for .the Cillco
Ball at Bryan Hall, on Wednesday evening
Such pains have beca taken by the Committee
In charge to know wlio are lo be present and
to guard against aught Jo mar the' pleasure of
tbt evening, and such preparations arc on foot
among those,who are to attend, that such'an
occasion as it will be, w|u be worth going miles
to ?ce.
is well, for a noblsfcbaritj is to lie served
iu this Benefit night Ministry at large,
and many of our poor ylll he substantially the
Sdsuat Bcuool Eotbitios.—The Sunday
School connected wltUMhe DiaPlainea Sireet
Methodist Church, holi.Ua annual Ealubition
on Thursday evening next, Dec. 27, ItJiW.
Theexcrclse. will cona'iit of recitation-, dia
-1 nyucs, &c., and an address, hy Key. Dr. Tirth
ny of Clark Street M. 3J. Church.
Tlie room will be decorated with winter
greens, luottoca, and anarch forty left long.
Proceeds of Exhibition for the election of
a new sthool room. Betels 2o cents. Chit
drew 15 rents. f •
Si. Giiotwc’s Brnktolent Association:. —
The SL Benevolent Association give
their Amual Suclablf* anil Bull, on Friday
evening, at Bry.ui HalL, .
jsf“See advertbciiiaril of ilcaira. Farrar,
Link <fc Co., hoop iLaiiu£tctnrers of Fort
Wayne, lud.
Sons or Temperance.— The attendance of
t!i members of the Garden City Division No.
422, S. of T. Ib particularly requested thU
Christinas evening-it * o’clock, as busjness of
Importance will come before the meeting.
Compact A National t i card.—A business
meeting of this Coumaad is called for ox
Wednesday evening. Dee. Siltla, at Head l‘uar
ters. It: Dearborn street. Tlie following is the
order of distribution for the squads: lsts<inad
Jfonday acd Thursday ; 2d nipiiu], Tuesday and
Friday’; od squad, Viodae'day and Saturday.
The roll of each squad to be i*alled prouintly
at 8 o'clock—the tlrill to terminate precisely at
10. One hour to be devoted to the school of
t te soldier, and one hour in Company andbat
talliou tactics from Hardee. The whole com
mand to form a cDm on camp, srarrisou and
Chicago, X)ec. 24. Acting Com.
tSTCo to John JonesV.nbDearboru street, and
get your clothoe dcaned and repaired.
tgT*.\!l sort? of useful toilet articles, fine per
fumery and rich fancy jroods suitable for presents,
can be had at low prices and of the best quality at
Sargent'*, corner Randolph and State streets, Chi
cago. 111.
535T Remember at Kingsbury Hall, tonight. a
splendid bill is offered- The burlesque opera en
titled. “Ob! Hush," will be produced. Grand
Matinee this afternoon commencing at 2 o’clock
for the accommodation of schools and families.
Nome.—The Chicago Merchant*’ Association
will bold a meeting this evening at 7 o’clock at the
usual place. Mebius. Laun. Sec’y.
Attention, Chicago Limit Gcaiul—You are
hereby ordered to appear at the Armory* to-day, at
IS o’clock A. M. Iu full whiter uniform, for the pur
pose of attending the funeral of our late comrade.
Sergeant C. F. Deane.
All old members oftbe corps are earnestly in
vited to attend. By order. Oko. W. Gage.
Lieut. Commaudiug.
F. Harding. 0. 3.
honeckeeners will acc the neeff rlty of
ISrad«tr«*et*s weather-strip aud rubber moulding
this morning, and should co tonlay and leave or
der? for thl« übpfnl article at No. 4 Kingsbury
P. and B. Ham*.—Just received from Smoke lu
Store, number 52 Slate street, .a nice lot of Pork
and Beef Ham*; also sugar-cured smoked Beef
Toogay and Bacon, which la offered for sale to
Family Grocery and other retail dealers. tlec24-Ct
JST-G. M. Harvey ban just received a splendid
lot ofOval Gilt Frames for Photograph* cud Oil
Paintings, which for richness ami beauty arc not
equalcd*in tho city. Call at 117 Lake rlreet. over
Messrs. Hoard * Hoes Jewelry Store, aud examine
beioreporchhalngrjsewbere. a« these frame* will
be void at the lowest possible rates at retail or at
wholesale. __ deS2-4t
S!W Reward.— L. Cornell & Co., at 113 Lake
atreet, up Stairs, are paying tlio abore reward eve
ry week. $5 to each person who most Judiciously
purchases one of their Taggart & Farr Family or
Manufacturing Sewing Machined for a holiday gift.
Only $lO for a Machine, llemmer. Ganger, aud all
—fully licensed. Manufacturing Shuttle Machines,
ISbylO inches under tbe arm, fasteulnz Ita own
end-, at S4O, for carriage trimming, tailoring, and
all kindsof manufacturing. deW-St
An Improvement.— The Wheeler & Wilr»on Sew
ing Machine has had recently attached to It a Gla*»
Foot. The fabric can be »ocn as ll pae«c» directly
under the needle. This is Invaluable to the Sew
ing Machine. It U attached to the present make
of Wheeler &WU-on‘s machine* and
without charge.
Call upon Mr. Chltteaden and examine It.
Cuicauo, Dec. 15. lc*Co.l
Important Xotke to Tas-patcrs.— The atten
tion of tax-payere is called to the following extract
from the amended Charter:
‘•f»F.c. 40. If. from anyeau*e. the taxes aud aa
aessments charged In said collection warrants are
not collected or paid on the land- or lota described
in aucli warrants, on or before the fir« Tuesday lo
January cubing the date of said warrants, it shall
be the doty of the Collector to prepare nnd make
report thereof to some court of general jurisdiction
to be held in Chicago, at any vucatlon, ajwcUl or
gencrel. term thereof, for judgment azalubt the
, bads, lots aud parcel* of land, for the amount of
taxes, assessments. Interest aud cost* respectively
due thereon."
Therefore notice I* hereby given, that the Cit 7
Collector*# Office will be open for the receiving of
taxee, trirnorr co«r?. noth the night of Tneeday,
January lit ncx:; bat after that date it -will be
closed until the report can be prepared and filed
with the Court fur judgment, whereupon interest
and cvpt* cnaoe. John Haber,
dc2s*3t City Collector, No. 11 Court liotue.
Pr Gas Fixtures. New Goods and New Styles—
prices to rail the times, at H.M. Wilraarth's. 75
South Clark street. declb-Wt
: jycall on Dußola at 103 Dearborn street, base
ment ot Portland Block, and eel your Sign Paint
In z done cheaply.
UTAH should not fall to read the advertisement
of Prof. Wood tu to-day's paper. »«5-ly
Whliler and Wilson's Faxilt Sewtxo Ma
hut. —A very appropriate testimonial of a father
to bis daughter, a son to his mother, a husband to
Ids wife, a brother to his elster. or a church to Its
pastor. This Is a llfo-tlme gift.
Geo. R. Chittenden. General Agent for 11*1-
noie, Wiseonsiii and Northern Indiana. IffT and IC9
Lake street. ■ decHMSt
IST Sliver Plated Goods 95 toSl per cent, cheap
er thsn »ny olhtr house. See Hambies £ Co.’s
advertisement. noTJ-lm
Thwwlllbea children's Prayer ilecUcp at
North Xorkct Hall this morulaest 10 o'clock for
all the children of this city and tncir parents.
—There will beservice to-day (Christmas' In ib<
Church of the Iloly ComrauuhmailOX A.M.. Her
11. M. Thompson will officiate.
Christmas day. lit SL Ansgalrin.. Church,
service and sermon at 10X o’clock A. M. Christ
mas Tree and Festival of tho ** City Mission on
Thursday afternoon at 5 o’clock. Contrlbutloni
for the Tree are ashed of the kind-hearted for poor
children. E. D. Turns. City Missionary.
—Union Christmas service. Bet. Mr. Cox of
the Wabash Avenne Church will preach- In the
Clark street Methodist Episcopal Chnrtfa this
(Christmas) morning at 10J, o'clock.
AT A. I?> rc I IS 3D •
OntheSM Inst, by the Her, H. Cox, Mr. JAMES
HEED and Mbs HARIET B. JOHNSON, oil of this city.
This morning, at the reddetes of Mis Blahon. by
Bev, C. Wheeler. Mr. HEXKT M. SIBSONjOI Oales
bnrgh. DU and Miss ELIZA JANE JilLLtli, ofthU
city- . - _
3D I E X).
On Sunday morning. tlteTSd Inst- WALTER B- son
of John and Elizabeth n. - Wosdtrld;e. aged ft years
and S mouths.
The Wends of the family are Invited to attend the
funeral on Wednesday moralngnt 11 o'clock from the
residence. So. tS» iin»hstreet. „.i inmn
In tula cltr, yesterday afternoon. Dev. 21th,
M-wife of W, A. Hawley, formerly oi Northampton,
l£th JncL. In this cltr, of Cancer. CHARLES
JAMES DALTON, aged hi yean. Late of Bures Essex,
IHsaencer Trains leave and arrive Chicago aa fol
lows: Mail leaves at lI.U a. (Sundays excepted);
arrives at lUD r. a. (Sandays excepted). Express
leaves at U.tt y.x- (Saturday* excepted); arrive* at
8.15 (Mondays sxcepted. Aurora Accommodation
leave* at (Sunday* sxqeptefi); arrlvs* at W.M
a. it- (Sunday* axcepted. _
6. C. HAMMOND. Bup’L
CsTcico, December a. Itca.
Sl5O ™ R ?'
At 133 Lake Street, (Up-Stair«,>
Are paying th* above reward every week. t5 to each
person who most Judiciously porchye* eae of their
Osts&mgUsowneads, st *4
t*oorl n gi aid all Unit oftsanutaoturlnr. dettdn*. ua
Neb) Stbbcrtisements
r. If. SCXmTX, 'AdrtrtMny'Afftnt, 63 Duxr
lo.-.t et.', Ii» autArrised to realve AdterlUem<nU/or
thU zr.it all the LentJhvj Virprr/of thg yorOitrtti
T OST.—Oro Dollar Reward.r-r
XJ Lost, on Erhlay Itvceinber 2l*t,a OoJil Crw»
andChaln. Thefinderwill receive the abovereward
by K utlag them at this otftcc. . dt&x£t'
"Y\7ANTED. —Agents wanted who
_i-f arc not u>o proud to mate afttlnjjbr «nin:;»
new and useful article through the city ana country.
Actnl* sro now tualdag from $3 to 8i per day. Call
and ace the way to mate money last, or bend jour
order* for parlUmlara, with a three cent stamp to
EAMKS * CO.. jfrHLake rtrret. corner Clark. Room
bo.3,<PpSUlr.*.) Chicago. . - deilta.
XX.ON'/,11. LINK i CO. »Fort WafiitJLodlaia,
are tuanufacturieg Hound Hickory Floor, Port ana
vn.l-Wv Barrel Hoops by Machinery.-The Hoopsare
m il Shaved and Lapped ready fjrtheCotwtornt
on thr barrel- OoqsmuersofnoopswlUfluaUtoihelr
laurcst to dee them a caU. All order* promptly filled
and attended to. Mauumctory opposite the Depot,
ForfWaync. Indiana. _ de'SiSm
OOARDIXG. —Rnanl can lie hail
w iu, a f.rmui.fii room soluble tor either a mar
ried oonple or slnn’e gentlemen, If applied for inmifldl
atclT. Al-*o, afew ilar can oe accommodated
at I Hi Wabash Arcane. deasxa
V AND AND CASlL—©ne Thou
|-i »*nJ A tree of Choke Land, heavily Umbered
ultu Plar and oak In the Immediate vicinity cf one of
t!:ebv*t Inmbrrmarkrts In Michigan, and afevtopa
satid doltursla cawlt, are offered In exchange for Her
chaadlzs. A at:** of SiO.UiOto *15.0W desired; ,Ad
drew, .lAMK& MONTKITII. Otsego. Mlcb. dcgxfiw
£7 A fplcndld assortment of Genta* and Ladle*
tibatcajaatrvctdvcdundforiialefdr J
llllDOia Money at Par,
‘Atiniahcstreet - C. A. EATON..-
.r ; deSldtlMOfroet - • - "
\\r AX T E D-—A lad}-. from ! an
ft Intern city. U obliged, Crota change of cir
cumstance*, to dc»lro a ritaatlon as amanuensis, or
conrUt. reader to an Invalid, or proof reader. Or
would take the charge of a Refer
tuce* given. AddrcsF, E. M, Bos 191.
iltiiU'. ta.t’ii»at _ . _
WAXT'ED. — A vomit; man to act
•as Book'Keeperand’ General Clerk. Address,
win. reference*. J, li.IL, Box 2139, i- 0- _d«2sxst__
Boarding. —a pleasant trout
room and two single room*, with hoard, eaa now
be obtained at No. 73 Michigan Avenue. dtSSxU_
r 'pd RENT.—A Brick House, two
A stories and a ha«omeut, with Rrlck Bam.j«lea
taatlv situated In the North DWL-loa. cast of Clark
street, wiUi water. gas. Ac. Rent moderate. Oaa h lx
inrcn, CariK ti and part of Furniture for sate cheap if
required. Poaiceslon given Immediately. Address r.
p. I tor, RhsOa dc^xlw
f <ORX WANTED. —I will pay
Ibe liklie*t market price for IO.OCO Bosfaela Coro
on the ear. aeUvm*d on the Railroad Track.
S. MARSH. Dortheaat Hush street Bridge.
Caloric Dried Mml from New Corn, by the Barrel or
NICOLAS FABER. (Ute J. T. Petersen. Agent,}
109 North Clark street, has on hand a Urge »tOj;k of
Hardware, c*n*-clally Coopers’ Tool*. Locks. Nalls.
Ziuc Plated W are, very cheap. Cornices. Oeats and
Ladle*’ Skates, etc., etc, to which he would draw the
attention of purchasers. dr^'.w
g PEC lAL _X 0 T ICE.
Cheap Goods for the Holidays 11
T, 33-j OAR.TUR.
Hat received within a frw day a large eonM<nmeat of
VaLnc’aa. Ottomans. Merino*. Saxony’s, l>e Lame?,
CaeliucnH, Embroideries la collars and Sets,
Bleached Sheeting* and Shirtings,
Table Linen and and Napkins, Cloths and Flannels,
Satrta. Haadkerchlei, Ac., which ara offered at
(deadliest i
REWARD. —Stolen from the
S) O subscriber on Friday night la»t from the vacant
lot, corner of Fat son itn ji nan Chicago avenue, a new
riaele Lumber wagon, with a long barrel .rack os U.
Whoever will return the miuo **r give Information
wlicreltmaybo found, to IS Chicago avenue, wblbc
"Saa “ ‘ l ’ OVC ' an hue w dasieuos.
Q A I. 1 t- O
Carriage* for the evening will be furnished by
L, & 8. DITTOS,
Couch Place, between Dearborn and Clark Sta,
FOH $1.50,
To call for parties going and returning. Leave uam
at office of L.&t. I). deSWUMt
RICH F.vvcr c«ooos.
Odor Caaea, Jewel Boxes, Work Bo xev. Card Caacs.
Cigar Stands Card Baskets, Jewel Casket*. Watch
Farlftn Goodfl f
Match Boxe». Taper Holderj. Toilet Bottles. Bronte
Flmnw. Wiitini? Desks, Flower
Dreedcg Casr», Lsdli-H Fine PuMep. Genl'e Port Mon
tuli. Mantel Ornamcnta. Etajrere Ornaments.
A choice selection of the meet beautiful Goods we
have ever offered, aud at moderate prices. Fleets ex.
undue item.
J. 11. REED A CO.,
144 414 C lake Street.
(dc 23 dTTs-St j
m 7\nn cases of pulmo-
Have been cured within three year* In tha Easte
btatca by the u»e of
Dr. Foord’s Pectoral Syrup.
Itb beyond ail doubt the grvatem remedy of this ag<
for Cou*!>. wuAoiNNo c:or<iu, astum, ÜBoscmrt*
Ccon*, and all dt-cases of the
Its soothing and healing effect* are trolviururlila*:
there is no other remedy that can compare wlih this,
la It* promptness and cert a i.vtt of cn re; and pervjm
who have been cured by thL>
Balsamic Syrup
arc not a* liable to attack* afterwards, lj>r It Invito
rates and strengthen* th* longs.
The following note which has Just becu received
from a number uf wcll-kito wnbiialnea* men lu Chicago,
shows what they think ot It:
DR. TOORD. .. .
Dear Sir.—We have used your Pectoral Pyrup In
ocr families far seven! years for Cocoas. Roiue
xess. an.l other affections of the Limas and Throat.
and ttu am sure. If its valuable properties were gener
ally kaovm In Chkaga.AS we Ksow the*. U would
be sought for and used by every family. According to
our experience, it scran fails, and we habitually
Seep It to the house
C. tv.
. DAVEXPOUT, Broker, Corner Clark and Lake
8. L.*ISAURETT. of Barrett. Kiss & to, 37 Late
SAMUEL I>. CLAUSE. Lumber Merchant. West I2l!i
3* sold by Drajrrfsta In all the principal town* and
cidee in Illinois. ibconbin, lowa and Michigan.
Chicago, Ilk, Dec. iAth. IScO. J
It I* nropoccd hr the Water Commissioner* to lay an
additional mala coder the Led ot Chicago itlver at or
near Kath street Bridge—the mala to be uldunder the
bed of the river and as usual by dredging, or else by
a launch For this purpo*<* s-aled proposal* are Invited
nnllt Wednesday, January trad next at It w.
■ Ist.— Foravruozbitroopipe, ti Inchesinteriordia
meter. and W6 of an Inch Ulck. doable riveted and
aadeofbeslAmertraalron. The contractor wilide-
Itverthe nlpoon the nver at th<*. place selected by the
Commissioners for crossing. TuoleagCi and form of
pipe, and all other particulars may be appertained on
application at this office. ,
YL—For the placing of said pipe In Its bed. The Pipe
wlli be laid at feaal four feel below the bed of the river
tu the deepest place, and win be covered the entire
Icncth vtih at It.-v-t foor feet of ctwtcL The proposals
vrUT Include all necessary and excavation,
the removal and replacing of any dock vail* or Umber
u ork. tac removal and replacing of any portion of the
abetment* of Hush street Bridst* If necessary, the plac
ing of the pipe ta its bed. and the filling la of gravel,
the contractors will be liable for any Injury to U.« pipe
In placing it. and am be mjulred to restore all walla
ana other structures Interfered wl h to as good condi
tion as before corrmeaclng work. Tha particular lo
cality aad toe specification* Cor the work may be aacor-
under the bed of the titer.—Pro
posals are Invited for the cor-structieo of a tunnel on
der Chicago Kver. near Bush street bridge, tojbo etr.
cular la mcm, six feet dlxmcterlnride, lined with brick
wort iwelvelaches thick. In throe rings, the lurid; one
I.M m pare cement, the others In mortar mu* of pair
sand and ball cement, W have Its bottom 40 feet below
ordinary river surface, and to be rasda from weila o
tha same diameter sick on eac.i fide of the river and
lined with eight inch, brick work, the same In ebarao
ter as the Inner rings of the taaeeh Plans and specifi
cations may be seen at this office.
By order of the Board.
deS-dMT-td A- W. TINKHAM, Secretary.
I Hiram Joy. on the first day of Jane. A. D. 1860,
executed and delivered to me. the undersigned, a*
Unites, a Deed of Trust of the premises tnerein and
iwrrinSlor described. p secure the Papaept of ten
promissory note*, all of even dat" with said deed of
by the said Hiram Joy. and osjable to the
order ofA. FrLble, one for **oo and one Sr tLOOO. each
narablv in fix month* from the date thereof; dns for
KJo and one lor fi.orO. each payable la twelve months
from the date thereof; one for XM, pawdde la eigh
teen months from the da is thereof; one lor SL«ti and
one for |uf»\ payable In twenty-four mouths from
£te rnmJffon? fur (SO «aj on-lorjuno. ezeh
parable in thirty months mom the date thereof; and
one for *t£tt. payable In thlrty-six. months from ths
dale 1 thereof; & df which note? are made payable at
the Marine Hank of Chicago, with Interest at ten per
rent idler dee; which **l3 I*«l of Trust bear* fiats
thedavandyearfirstafcrreild. a^dis recorded In the
Recorder's umco of Cook County, la the - talc of lib
nols in Root of Deeds. Pats »L. . -
And. where**. It
that tn ca« ot default la the payment of said note* or
ut part thereof. or the interest accrttinr thereon, ac
cordin'-to the tenor and effect thereat then, on appli
cation T.f «‘>e es-4 holder* of told ccies, the under
aimed. alter having *dvertl»e*i * notice of sale ten
day* la a newspaper published !n the City of Ctlcago.
eSI the said premise* or any part thereoC and all
the riaitt ar.il equity of redt-mptlon of the said Ulram
V‘V r.i. heir*, executor*, administrator* or assigns
atpnbUc vendue, ts the hizheat blddSrfor
the north door of the Court House In Chicago,
it the time appointed in such advertisement.
And. where*.-, default ha* been made la th* payment
nfthe cm two promissory note* abet* specified. and
Spp&tSD has been made to me by tfaa legalhoUer of
ail of said promissory cotes above mentioned, to sell
•aid nretn&s In said Trust Deed described, under and
ef the power and authority la ms vested by
•aid Deed of Truit, and fur the purposes therein ex
pr NQW d therefore, poblle notice U hereby riven, that
in*pursuance of said powerand authority, I shaUssll
et nubile auction, at tue north door of ths Court House.
In the Utr of Cticaco, In the Couctycf Cook, and
«Ute of nflnnls. onMonday. the tereatb (7th) day of
January ATD I*l. at nine rt) o’clock la the forenoon
of that dav. to the highest bidder for cash, ths premises
la aaid Deed of Tnut described, the same belsgritu
ated la said County sf Conk, and known and described
irLots number three (S). four Cl), five <5) and six («).
In Block number stt <C», la .* tights. Addition u> the
City oi Chhmio. together with ad and
-spoortenaacea thereto belongiog. and aU tfcs rlxtt
andequlty of redemption of tha said Hlraa Jori hH
heir* therein, for theparposssla said Deed
. :0 f Trost rnsnSoned. . KU|fL> . B Tnutes, .
- saktoto B. Pxmct. Attoasy. ’ . .
Chicago,Bcc.lMP- ••
Neb) atJbertiSEments,
H<whofl..uDt*th«««UMCT of
« m bis error If taiakeaa
and mawtri* Beef, which bang* roeotte crowned latuc
shop of
91 mitraukee Avenue 32
; The Htlfer wdshs i» ponnds and still wpwghes
In Its dellcarc. the quality of beef when UIM csUablp.
Come see aad uwte. at Ko. 94 Milwaukee
Christmas Lamps.
AT —
Lamp and Oil Emporit&n,
[JtH-dUI-.’UUll i
We offer tho .oo»t attrxctlve stock of oMful »nd fancy
article*, tally adapted to Holiday trade, n he
fouud la thl* cf r, eobractog
Tea Sets, Urns, Walters,
Sugar Baskets, Beasert Salves, 4c., 4c.
The finest varlsty ever axhibitedta the West. Al*o,a
splendid Assortment of
Toys for the > ,s Little Folks.”
In fact, we have something for a!Laad Invite aa ex
amlnatlon of our goods.
b« ii mioTtiEns,
73 Lake Strwot.
A Splendid Assortment of
at wholesale prices.
13 ALL
And anureoar friend*thay will be weltpaU by**-
a mining oar stock.
72 Labe Street, t'p
G-reat Reduction in Price,
At No., isa »«d 124 Clark «reet.
Best Plain. Photographs
Good G«lored PboioßWph* (Ur»e *l*e) la aleo gilt
frame* for fire dollar*, a* flood c* «aa be Had
la say other eliy for ten.
Picture* la ea*e* at reduced rales losulicua timers.
fcß d In no Instance will a poor plrtanj tallowed to go
out. Ooegoad jlctore b worth a BLnHEI. of poof
•nee. _____
~Ry FilSSGtt & Cook,
Ar« the beat made in the United ftate*. a»l the omlr
one* In Cltlcajo.
#*Ua-d examine »{*eclmens. dfVd#C2-litplns
144 *l4B
HUS3IAN 3Ai11.11,
Mink, Stone Martin, and Fitch
Low-priced Furs of every description.
Children's Good* In Great Variety
Gentlemen’s Fur Caps, Muffler* and Glare*.
A Large Assortment of Fancy and Buffalo Bob*-. O®
‘ rurs are manufactured to our usual supenyr citaati
and of the very best material.
molSdtaxgmlatp 132 Lake ttreeL comer of Weils.
Self-Acting Water Injector,
tor * PTEEI33rN*G- BOILER?.
Barbie been appointed U>« Mauafacturer;* Sole
Azeou Id tbit eecuon, for sale of above, we invite tbo
attention of interested parties to it* elimination, and
are now prepared to cn order* promptly.
del7di»dmlin-Ut p* Lata street.
We bare Jaat received another larfe lei of the»e
fail Ladlse before Uiey are mil cone*
Also, receded tbudaybyeapren*
The cheap**, ever offered t * this market, of these weet
and latMl deelgns.
Best Printed Do I .aino.-r,
heavy buowx cottoxs.
Hoop Skirts at Prime Cost ! I
A vary rieh assortment of
Of tfel very UteK de«lga«, AT A GREAT REDO#
Olotm, Horiery, Lsett, Bibbom and Hoods,
STRTHIBR tto 00.,
deUd»t-lw 14! LAKE STREET.
Tine Jewelry, Wttcliee and Silver ‘Ware.
The heaatlful stock of rood* cow coened end on
tile st H7 Lake street, (TTemon t Blorki.l* now littered
st coct for Forty Days. The subscriber being dfcdrou*
of dollar oat Ul* stock before the ronnnencvment >r
rsliinr U> grade of the Trenont House. offer* extra In
ducement* to his customers. such u they never en*
'oyed before. We Imre on hands besatUuis«gortme..t
SETT, of the latest trrlrt. Abo, be*t Chattslia and
Guard Chains, Studs, bleeve Buttons. RlncsScirfPmi,
Bracelet*. Tendl*. Pens, and eveiTthlßSlc the Baa of
Jewelry. Aim, surer spoona. Tork.c Ladle#.
Kniret. s«il Stands, Castors, Cake Baskets Fruit
Dtihea Tea Sett, Communion Service Fruit DUhe*.
Wine Castors, bpectacles. Opera Glaws, Ac-all of
whlchboffercdchearerttancTerbefort. Don't for
eet the number. SJ Laze rt. under the Tremont House.
Clocks. Watches and Jewelry neatly reared and
warranted. (delt-d£3S-lnJ] H, U CABEItET.
Ladies take notice.—You
can Sad Gilt and Plated Lares, Printer Bralde,
rerd, TiweeK Star*. Fbaaete*. Bullion Tb«ad. Ac, at
H Lake street, under the Tiemont House.
HnlHnn LUibruldcTJ docs to Oft!ft.
Don*! forest to buy your Gloves atBOWZX’S. X 0.50
CUrk sweet (nputtffrs). The best and cheapest Buck
ekla and Fur. all sold fewer than ever - ■■
X. b.—Bowen Is also Area* tor the Wcetof TTOmoCI
Sewing the soft ilapl* and perfectmachtoe
MartW-h »twt, between Stale and UwUorn.
jyOounn-wr. alToVKjcfe. Tcrfcncaoco to ecra*
mecc«at 7 l-iu'clocli. BoxOtftce t*pen ft'r.; •• tin I
am* fro a 3 U'.l 'o’clock. ~ .
Ajrf»«KMC.—»»re» Circle S- iecoaa w.Mie.
i'r;-, 3;c it.ixri. <I.CT ami f' • .
Wethall offer
at retail.
10 CsnU only per yard.
Only 16 Cent*.
Only 7 Csnts.
Only 13 1-3 Cent..
Ln~a&eaeat of the yountc anti beautlr’.il actr,*,'.*
Second nleht of lb# C.rard Fairr MoaieilK*iraw**ruA
la two act* <*aUlled BKAiTi AND TJ.. F-.-V's..
be preaeatoi will* Ui« Most Lovely Seeder. - t-ver T f--
*eat*4u>a« Meaco anjiwc. bytlse ul'piod an.<to
of tt(*Tboatr>\J. IV. WnTT*L. MechaUo-1 c*cli by
I). Trail. Au;»oinisn« nts by Mr. SueTl. t.iietunje- ly -
Mr*. Crtrer Mn«ie arranged l>jr T. F. LaUran.
u«aat/ Ml_, .m>a Wcc».
OthereUar«cier*ar'lC , h*.ru«bv tho C^ojjiaaj. ..
For a full li t of «vn*ry aa.i n usb* Pro
Thetaoet nopolar melody of the iUy. DLXu , .X~-vNl>,
tu»been tucwipontol Into the plo<*>* with apprup-iaie
word.*, acd win be «nne by a foil tuora*.
The perfeneance wi I coruueun- Mb. tbf Pr- te«n
Comedy of A DAT TOO I.ATK
la which Min Ado ami MU. fcuuua will
three charii'ler* each, with gong*lad Hancei.
will DXLirea a lxctcux *r
Motropolltasi Hall,
om imriiSDAT cvssixt;. r*Kr embf.j:
For tlii?Be;:** - .l of the- MD-doa vabbatU gchooU under
the charge . f Ihe Youag People** AcaocUuoa.
ft .1- ftt lU’ cn:»ci*.al Bock. More* i-.l at the i >cr.
li A.K K U’S
Burlesque Opera Troupe.
T „
romirPKcU>*rfin Mooday Ercnia*. D*c«ab*f?l«J »d
coowvro lUi " v <iac*iUi r.!s?it.
t»-t;raa'l AUuneo ckriaima* *n>rc«>on. fur Uio
*cTT.u--ii-iit! ■•'n •*? allies. Cotacrtce atio clock.
\i*kThe members oftheabove.Viol
ation hit* borings
ObFri-lar Evening fee. **th. BUYAS H.M.L.
The eriulai’* nitiL.cto.-nt* will ore:. with aa esh'M
tlor. efat«r»'idl*aaonuna of the Overland 1.0a.e to
India; t© be follow ed by EnjilUi ne>. and.van mu
other amusement.*, nad locum-lad - Mt U Barring. ,
l>oOM*»'H'n at**’.-2o*e!<*elc* Sorlnbi commence, a-..
Mr.-lcbv tnrLl-'htf.nardUand. .
Family ticket* m»e dollar; and ran be had at Blac*-
air* Tear-tore. wSo Clark •trevf; of M. Tne. J.rocer,
M North dark "trvef.oppf tli- oClce.> of the >oc;t,'ty.
I At Madame AkuratromN Rooms, corner-T Well*
and Randt-lid; »tr**ctw <»a Mond \y Ewnlnc. Prccm.ier
ZUh. Can- will be taken t" keep the part? ‘.;lwt
Kurina t*i«» evening. -everal Fancy n«aee* by j t W" in
tu.leoitume. Every person U ext* cu d to attend In
Fancy CoAtume nf s>.rn/ de-cnptfn.t. ricUera ivft
ready, and can be obtained of Madame -V_. »r jnc
room*. de-P.x-t
The Kir* roto» B»H of Hie Tsllct..' rt.n. i.;l » ri
ternal Society will be held at Metroj-obun H m on
M rdaTKwdnjr.ner.Sliel.lSM. ,
Ticket* can hr had at McNally** I*n»* .-lor’-, a.*<* at
T I*. KuuwltV-laU: Well*) Boot and Sh~* More, nr
depth© Hall hr the Great'W-Mi-rn Btn ;. and
Sorper fnrtdahedhr M•. Mae.
The Chicasp Minlslry-al-l.arg;e,
I»cc. instil, I**so.
EMi Ticket admitting a gentleman and Ladies!
iy Ularc«ißtsUdß.:U the hnii-'-* appear >-.»ch in at
AmctiOUi Calico D.-e.-vforthM <rpn»lfn. 'hooch non*
will be excluded Eit tj*>n «; Bnpll.inc--.
jyiue h«»j>ed tli«k tin* dr—»e* wvm *l th- parly. 01
an equivalent amount nf Call-ns In the piece, b
donated to the Ministry. f' r clothing lh** poor.
IT" Suita of clothes warn by the gentlemen at the
Baß will uot be rcfa-cd on the next slay. A full suit
eaCiclent frp and appro; rule t * thf ocemdou may b**
bought for 16 to *H*.
~y a foliation will be furnished by tbe lady mem
ben of the two I'a.WMu with men ■>■“l*l
aaeeaawUlbe rendered th«*n» by other rvllslon* <>t
;BT Ticket* will be *old only by » Commlttc-* of On
tlrmeo, with doe regard l«> Use Importance of aecnrlng
the attendance of »u unexceptionable compasy.
|jl Muatc to coaxial of *litt*ea piece*, selected fret
the beat Banda hi U*«* city.
No White Rids, no While WaatCuaK no Mn-k
Th« Mlal?uy-at-Large I* purely bcaoTol. :u. not tht
loelcah in St» object*. It kn.iw* no -wet-*, creeds no.
denonriaatlatw. I*» I? U» f-j-d Hu*
clothe the naked t*» sustain n!ght-**-hooU tor the in
•traction «*f inch a* are cm off irom the a;leantas*** >of
the Common School i i. amt. ihotc all. to provt..
home-* for the hoo-clew- and Imnir.iw ch.ldrcu, ».io.
hr Uic dentin crime or mUforfine of p
been thrown upon the charity ofthl* far.-Wan city.
Daring the la*t year it ha* nccoi«pli-h«-d mu* ••■r
(•very one of the object* enumerated; but 1, nnus.iseli,
at the beginning of an Inch-men; season. wuinmi m..-
oiate ftmd- for the coutluuailonuf .1* work. Thecalls
ui on It arc Increasing; hut In mean* an- sr-at.y r-*-
cn snsse*ted that the benevolent of f h!ci
eo «ould respond Xc an appeal for IN support: nad
arnotic the mane method s recommended for rjljit.-
monev mm*’ ha.* met with saeh faror a* a * IIAUIIA
PALu under tlie patronage 01 the ladl*- tonh.-.i; t!.o
Buffering never cry lu va*:i. ...
The and* r-'gned. a Committee ch..»**n for the pur.
DOM*, b*ff to a-a.trc the public;
* jjijL-'pmt jiic thirty '.hall be docuroui and uue-tocp
tionablelu character. .... ». ... ». ~
•d—That the entire •an «!«ed thereby will be d.*
rotrd.nof to the payment of the wlanw cf employe-.
bnt.i acredly to the want* < f t.‘u* r-“or; s=n.
Ul-Thu h 1 t!.edlsbuncn:ent oft.iateiim.wbl>ncttiier
the filth p-r natlorulltv of the applicant eh all be
asicetl. eiuv'irdl ary pain* shall be t-ke:i that tore
bat the really pocrare a»'*NU*d
Joumstal | M. P r,iu..t,
William B. ooden. I S. F. G\le,
jTorwtiftMw. ! K. 11. Met *OO,
j*. it. deny. ! l‘. \. Bllu
K C. LaJuixa, 1 G*o. W. «.*r.E,
JrLuiy b. irmarr. 1 s. H. roan.
A cThmwo. e. a Talcott.
B. V, CaEfKR, I A. H. UL’PLET.
ti. S. nmiLom, 1 nnLttp Wamwort.
.to ix r - Ihrtu. I u. Il Kat,
K, I. TlSHltiM. * >. I*. WitPßa.
W.B.ABTHVR. ; c. IT:n..ixsos.
Jssosn Btirm*, • Hi ium
IL E. Sarurnt, » d- £• eb*t*b,
LK. Awoin ! E. K. t*o*»ESa.
TDKTAX llAT.l. —Chirk strest.
Ml opr*dte the Coart IIou«e. Cblcaeo. ill.
Eminent musician* pronoar.ee tnl<» Bail anaurpaieed
by any Hall in the Union In in its.
Acoustics aad General Appointments.
It will *eal ,HJO more pcivon* tn»u any other Hall la
the city—by accnrale count acd report of uAUT LU s
c* tna^ C Andlence Room \* on lb** flnt floor, the
entrance being on Clark street, the greatr»t tbomaali
hrelnthecUy.opposlUtfourtllause yet the
Hall bto a retired, quirt location In Cie r» ar.
Ample JrETLa* and sere • it feet of doorway te
Cl {£«Hllfcl?aS'S! lltSvyaloril Gsll.it,r*lncd
at and purcha.*ed of Cro. P. A- dcalv, now
“nmH-lon.d br Comr.» w *
dential portrait* for the White Hoa**. rV.U t-allerr
containXthc identical -real nletore for wetch the sold
m«lalwa**a .T*fdedat the Worlds *n lu I .’: al-o
•• Webster tn r*-ply to Bayne, andportrati* cf ail the
president* t-> Lincoln inclnslre. as we.i -- of ms..y
other Uluitxlou* .Viuertcaus. bT llea..}.
Therei*a•pacloasLowerllall for Fair?,
Balli and the like. It U prOTlded with dreeing n*c m # .
BXWIU.-^ B ‘ii! B t St- ! ': U B e h'?AS pUc ‘-
nonw-IT ooce la Inc BnlMlnf
Cotaandns T-ar*l*j Erenlag. November. Utfc, UK.
SexiaatocoaiUtofTwelrc Lecture* by the followtss
BAT l2P? A u^r^
okohok w. c Cirri?. k*j,
fc s
Vrof.fi. I-YOI'SfANS.
Hob. It J- BABWm
Jlev. A. LtIOSE.
TickrU mar be had at the Book Store* of S. • . Gr!:c*
A™ Md D UU**e * Coßnd.nhoitorocul}.
Kflbwli-k. under the Hulk at the Well.a- l, : t *• At ;
Bl H“JfTwf Wiopfjtl!nli-. I T>o.r«, <T».. !■.
'^Sr , .‘ l SSSin'.Bl->Dor.>. renm^.
Corner MadUoo and CUrK aU.—Entrance < a MaiU-'t.*:.
Um open at all time. for tcdinntf
rmfDct«r> CiaW e*erv Tuesday anti ?at;xriHy. I •!-
rOT£*%lr allowed a* TWlort AMemblrcury Tore,
day nlsht tor SeboliPi and Irtead*. and uo ptrsoui ad
mittwl etcfpt Cio&< fatrodcccd by scholar*. sr>.<t^ora
uunnw gnd all other kinds of
h;e g- a ij i a,
Made to order, all qualities sod price*. Official Sett,
elnbt Collar* and Apron*, from |w to Ira.
SHrer Lodge Jewel* from IPO to IbX\ the sett oCIO pcs.
Chapter Jewels made to order at any price. from IP®
andapward*. Chare. Carpets,Wortoß Tools.Books.
Diplomas, Ac- constantly on band. Itojrcldcry of
rinda done U» order, wtiu neatness ind dispatch. U b*
Lake street. Treaonl Block.
ddlWjs»l-im IT. K. CABLKgY.
r tv* on Is aohumbng.batcaa boTonched tor By
scores and hundreds in our city end the surroanrtlng
rauaDT who have proved It Invaluable tor Cola*,
Couatis. Ear-Ache, Hcad*Ache,Tooth-Ach«. beuralgta.
’ Ehsuraatlsm. Stiff Joint*. Frosted Fest, CrrM. A*lhma
Jsd Ferer Ague. For Sore Threat and Dlptherla we
„ \. *J SC
are Ui.
• . • u. i '.ibstijui-'m ujv. • ;«. 5; 1 *s,
«V ?.,tnrr. r.aw
S-jisn-, i-r,. Month. (2ai
....... month*. hn ix'
Xlu \.j.
•v •; 'ini’r**, year i..>.••
jv'* S»\:;*u* • < t Prices for moro fj'A ;>» Ti.iii *u
#«limreca.» 6c at the Counting liooa*.
. Js*“ All Transient Advfrti.*et.icr.li'f» -J f>iu
for !*•
PSr* A3 ounces charter! 3) font* ?er Square.
Uatej or AEvsun-iisu is wxrxLY rrjszN2.
s’.im {.rr each weeir. ic? ilrst mciuh.
?tKl*or .-viuan; for each eutoeqnccttmmta.
u.* i'«r 'qaaro for one year.
bunion *alts.
A’icrlo!.' •,* ffr r ct.
i-J A’lcrlo!.' - tT' ct.
I nr; ■ r..l S.M.-i-.vo Aw-Tt—en; of
Vunitarc, Bedstead*. Bureau* 4c.. aiAuetJc
o- TRT'ns.t W. p.T. .T-’r. -r ;«; A . VI,-,'k. *r.> v .
•VvV ••"iVirV.' v'r •' - v-_
-lend*. Rook ' u•<** v.'.jj':;■ - cr. Wm -
J t’AiC C hair-*, I. - ~-nC* <:•• 1' n-**- ‘V
V.’sir ..•0!v. I • •;. £..•, 1 a. v ,iv • 1‘ c-. IV
I l.a'r*. S frovjrv..' • Wi-y * ru r>. C .
t tsr.l»> I - • I- ’, 'V •. •• >.k •
•!.rt.VT-;,s.< nt,». -«•»*• -r- I*l
and II ilr » l-.i- *'..r»vr .-uli*. ’! ..'.it--.• .• atr. - .’it
tar I.t-;OI r- - t md i.1.-.s ■*:
wiirj a jeirTr.l' metyof ktv; ■ • . ■%*. .
InCMcuge. i-a;.M’-if;k:i rvl/-•■■■. £.•
article*. >•’*? pt r't'\h a - . I »■ *. ••
_ GlLi-KKi a: '.v Ancffi.
Cir.vKU-rt ati’ii u'auk. t.
O ble ccTLcnv, ci:i»«, kr.iiV w.sra;.
HOUSEHOLD G(iOE)>, A.C., ccc.y
on *7fdi.r-.Ji»v. Dec. J »h. a: I ‘ *■ nr t’v
room*. < \ «•* aad jo I)* - irnorn *tr •«
jvnn. rrn.. - -> Auc: 4 ;.
O snoE> ANt* ni'.r-r.AVv.
Sheep anil Bdffali CKciV Shoes. Graiu Boota i.
AT .\ITVU*\.
Room*. V - . N»!
t '\\l a. I- 1 , r. ' ■ 4 . w 1 « .
vj;ta v !.k im:v oobi*.
TTool J:icLris, Sock; - *, Cloven. VTnctOi
alilrt* and Rruivcr*. Fancy
Good*, Ac., At Auction.
On Fttdav, »r ■ • <'Vt at oar .vc.:
Eouow. *:•. ;s ud Ui hew.
* WM.A. \ •JTT.-.tacCJ., Aar
. yyy&.y. ;butceks- : ,i. co
cmjUL Arcnoi^as,
Afi t 4S & 50 rr-Lk.iBOR-N
Dtrcctly opposite the Treiront llou**,
Every WcJnowday ilc v. .. a
TiRY GOODS *tfi.
at ci:. 4 •. ?
arfv.s.:.;r..{J.ds (..• • .
and ahot-. Jv, *■ --..^. 4 * >, . v •
*J. K. Tar,
I 7 i ’''
; ■ •■. 1
; v. ■
• r, >V*‘V
!. («*;*. hcvr . y. •. ■
!; •. •*. i . a. ni r-.?':-.A.-,
ohr*'- 1— m i:
* -j.. ‘ui 1 - _ p- - .-*.;'.- !
•ilive; jif
S , oiiivi; ‘j?w^xx. 1
hrnitaj Hal ■ ;mi ' >■ 'o-* .:•■ '-r--•'■•*:; r...
contact Him u;>: uicr.it;: „.c o. -
** ?
.Throat, uroticaial Tuber, izd ad.
the Air-C.'iU the Lu,.; l( c, . x
K«llcvlL2 n: or.cr ■■’•■* pain >-i I ? •
' T - l? v |y|nc. and bradn* !e\ not; J. . ’
4 h!i;;Ul-,Hi.
' '.Vaesduvt r..iM-vr-. f
I.TTIX-, »;• nil-■!..*. '• • »•
* i .H.t JlcHll-L-Mnd- "tv :• . -ii-.: u‘ :
T'TOrtt t’i»- «
0 - W!«»a Oi.iv-. T*i - \rn:»;“ I*
Lilt o.- -U'-t ;
; *H'Wvr . It . in ■. t - I* 1 1
l*Ai;. AN M ..A ; • !*.
O.i, 'o’lv« Mi. s., .'4 rv cu. .
ll'C.v’.of. t;i'! U..;. .. .
i .1. lrak h oniv'j I.
o!tVt-;l8M A*a 3ULPHUS PDW3iS3; '
I Ar* n ;••■ t■*dr :> Tr».r T 1
, luiaUf...
,tlp ie.t.cs cl ■« • --j..!--- - ;
v-l»person, lull u: •• it:. ;’t«* !l_c iv ;'
. '»d— lr.rv I ; I :
, • n..K>d—Th. v Irtii'.'.rt :•:.«?■•; i>. t!i
--j-iiK ,v• r.
o'-*3T J r n drrTT-.V-A
Tb.,i. U.n,: i' ••t.k.i a •
- id. ; .v: T.v::.
’t-vri-d*.- - ' "v*' vi.K : ., |
01iVe ;SMI x«l it UlVi EE.r*
.V 1
Tin; ,i3o>v isEiix,
Beautiful and Acceptable l*re;
r -■> r;
liKOVi:!’. .t BAKIUt
fit e w ing TUI ric3a.il
inn.TY r’irFKKr.v; s:»• - k
From S4O to SIC
Sold at 115 Lake Street, Chicago, Cl
to!Ci»iiU:p •
K.J Ordy weekly Line to
and an tne r-rUi:I?AI ciUca nt Gr-at rr.v-;. .
Continent oi Kurrpc, ct.Hr.u .o
(Cvfi»j Irc»na«t,
Ocean Steamship Co^pa
Ftrst-cla'*fnllr - "vvrCr.:.->ni 4 f Mian.tr* j:
Uon wIW thr 4.iiA.'.l> I lit K lt.\!l.'v At - »
sail every yatnnlay ir -i.i iitUfV.'■, «-n-r
States and Os-td .'* - .r-! •'■* >
Boncmi in.C.n’t.McMa.tcr. . a
Briton. -M -.r.-. ■ Vth Amertfaii. 4 .
AngloSaXun, '*HaJ»:»O - :e..l Can.tulao.
QntcVett. Ciev • -t ilrd m-M ’ccmlnnukle *« t
from lh.c->r M.-waulM-c to i^uo.
* (Cork), Liverpool:
PieoraT *. f.jnud v»iti; i , ook»;d p.ors%tots.. .
Retnra Ticktu. i ~.‘, C-v. *d lor fc.x
nnntt- *l'*-
6teerH;<- t
I .or brt*a*lnr ont pn—vn:'
•he prlr.c.pal ot t::' u j B-‘* an a-.-t l:f
Bhr. - .< - st*runorsor
tor lullMor r ;:
r*d Aset;;-.S.tP**: -vn- I ''. 1> '•tat' ;' 'in. :. -•
Cork an 1 DnM;... -Til ~ .o. Nt •' i;--
0-d’HHi rjetroita--. Ml!w ro.- 1, M.; - v t
GrttatlTrnn.v -i -a •' «’ •
L’ad'r Artaa J nun-. ' t".
23 Cents.
\JT c.i'ES—■In;. Uuai'-i.-c .u:
tTO m3e* ta’••a.jM:, (;te :aa..u-.t .-'.a- ‘
across f.t
AtMo9trv;kl,atacotol ?iv.a^d-.-. ; 1!-i.i '*'..i3ar.
lan. to c.n-.cct the Lasers and de*«wr- -•> •
traD'i IruEk Railway of Tap
lino ipen !or publictmlt-.r. ThUroid or no;..
nlie»m leu did. is operated ca-i-'-
Andthl.T ‘<7
Fron CMeajo or the MlwlMlppl Hirer • n r;.t.
Boston Quickest ami mn-t cwi waicnt romo ir,.
between the s>ontn and W’w.», tir.il C*iD<lt ai
England. Ea**er.i;er* ar.dUiLht rj.iokv.hhfO
pan»>*f r.iaad«*»ail *b2 Nu'« fcji.tamt
ia>l irom
Ar.d lb- Continent ot Europe. i» c'lriSl'r.-aaSy re
r«i.-« hr tfte wnlr regular ilne oi C-'
tec front Quebec every c;»;urday, ami 'rota Li .
everv'VtMnr-MUvthrouslioat tne rear, eor •
partfcul-u> applr U oli-lN— X. C
uanszr.% Montreal. _
JAMEb WaHKaCK, General Westers
So. 12 Lako itre ■
Under tae Adnsa* House c
Wholesale and Retail Dealor ki
and CIIAirD ELITES. with new •
noved without srawta or 9
Church,*, Halls, Store*, ic.
I act use Sole Agent for si tho
Dotrb er Kerosene OJ Comr
" l'. LOOK HERE.— J
. i-Tdl tor Holiday Presents »old chea
s s^V = Tl eve?a: Sx r.5 ti*6«ireet.
II v i 1 1
ARix—*wh. v
her of Cm LejfcUtlvc AMcsiS!* »*f the vrr-
CAuatti.lL.'thl-.Uir.slrrtlt!*':!-*.? i* t.,- nmcf
©ember last. au J has not hir;* nt-am ot »u:c< t
Notice hereby git <a i:u; •> *m
Win be raid br the O of Canada to -
•ouorperson* who-;-. it £tv«? »uch •v.-.uencaa*
considered satisfactory to ih« *ud t.invrmm ;- .
existence and percent .pi o’- ; f rcr.cenc-; »-i t
John Sheridan llc-'tn if alive, or. 1. -hr <1 -;i
eircumstaucu-, attendant on U» dci..i .in . Lur ..
Art coerMiulceffcn on the •abject i<» be -c. ;
M FTovincfal i.Vr
X 1 AssofUTtox. AH members of the A**.".'
not connected with ootnranle* doing duty, s'l’
at the Association U*ll ou Wednesday ttte 2SU •r«
714 r. sc, tor the election of Directors tor the e
rear. By order, RJP.WOOO ic.
d»rnui7!s-3t -
now open tor the reception of Guests,
and BJeluhicr Parties. PleasuwSeeklag partm
find Its spacious apartawtoia lae order tor’.h .
days, . , ur—
Or every
So. 121 CLAI.v -r

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