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(gljkago &iimnc.
Mosnav EvjJiWO. Dec. 24.
Th"C fl -vM* l*-.n rather active In the way of
h*nce~thc«e payable on the b3th fall due to-day.
So far r.s w. lL:'v beard.payments were generally
„ c . O'Clcnity. Indeed the gdnernl money
' city wan never in a more healthy con
t-te only made to those who arc
. able :o pay. Chicago uoverhadaiaoro
:nl-mot < .rdcla :: sofincrchnnt»tndbli»'
t, v .. ta-n 1 hvn *La lus to-day. And wlllial money
ru:.o’u--. \r t , 'v..r.dar.t. and nil that U wanted to
treera a healthy proeperoue business la au active
n«'’-w»ao;.» - four Naples, to give the surplus fund*
•j r ,yr. vnr vr of the levnks wife and profitable c:u
-t.l?v;ucu*. Mote demand for currency lu «<-e in
the* perk xrsiMO was reported on Sat onlay, nudeume
hoa«.ei m-tdc fnir of paper to-day. Tin;
r ,o rl-xt. however. ir- very inadequately supplied,
f* V, V.V;f;*.n: tn be able to report any improve
continue* exceedingly scarce and rates
to l Ufctomcrs are still firm hi 10 per cent. Out
eider# may think themselves fortunate If they üb*
-eiu s supply « U>v@Uper cent. The buying
price is nominal at though some of the
banks arc «m paying fall sclUng rale*. From
preaeut prospect* buyers u>«-d not look for a de
cline at least daring the present week.
Gold burins nominal at fl per cent; selling iu.
Demand light.
mEMiCM jlsd rNcemuaiT MOKEY^
Taslollo wing are the dosing rale*of F. Gran
ger Adams, Esq., No. 44 Clark street, editor of the
Chicago ifarJfe XUe LUt, for currency, exchange.
nnrtKO. aELiaxo.
Exchange on New York ®)tf I®
N Y. & N. Eng. solvent BankNote«...b
biiio. K»., La. * Did. State, do ...7
Mich. ACauada do ...C
New Jocv, a lona do ...5
Fean.. Md’. and Free Ind. do ...8
Vr. North & South Carolina & Mo....Par.
Ga., Ala., and old Teun.Bank* Par.
Discredited Illinois Bank*.
Stock Bank* of Tonnesece.
ItLiKOia akdlowa. Bakes Cokpaked.—TVehare
ccfore a- tuo •• Consolidated Statement of the
Stale Bank of lowa,** dated December 3d. The
Bank 1# now compos'd of thirteen Branches. The
chtrior was pasted ilnrch 20th, ISSB, and the insti
tution went into operation daring the following
cummer find fall. Hence It Is little, if any. more
linn h year and a half old. How much coin It has
been able to accumulate, and what amount of ac
commodation St has afforded to the businessmen
of lowa, i-how favorably when compared with
what oar own banka do for the commerce of Illi
nois. W*e compile the following table from the
two reports,-that for Illinois Wing dated on the
first Honday in July, thelast wc happen lohaveat
No. of Stocks deposited
Hanks. as security.
...„S4 $10,677,999.46
....13 184.975.41
and personal liability.
Capital. Specie.
...$0,007,127.93 $287,776.69
... M5.C70.00 416,839.87
Circulation. Loans & disc’ts
J $832,354.14
lows. .
lowa ..
lews ..
In the lowa banks the specie, the loans and dis
counts, and all the other items usually found in
bank statements, are proportionally distributed
among the thirteen branches comprising the State
bank. Ilow is it in Illinois 5 Of the 84 banks, only
11 h9'*c any Joans and discounts at all, and the cn
• : ic cots decs not fnrnlsh ono-lhlrdtheamonutof
the accommodation of the IS lowa banks. The lowa
tanks have nearly twiceas modi coin ns thore of 111-
irr.i-,''* hale twenty-two of the latter dldnolreporta
£lr-?:c“red,*’ aad forty-’ix have either nothing or
a. incrc nominal t-um—less than a thousand dollars,
v*. it tr a circulation of nearly ten millions. the llli
a lint; of discounts of than
fear hundred ’houeand dollars, while the Vlewn
T-vra J/.rlrt. ™th h circulation of SSW/K). have
nrcomoJat'-d '.heir customer* to the extent of over
ass n't-ii v 111 not be slow to w*e
tin* u. T*--ror.ct i veto this and the lUlnob system
o, .v Tae comparison will he much the
■rcr-c /-jr .*ar wh*n it is remembered how
r.-cci: ’• fi' lowa \>.«nks were established, and how
xu-h are the resources of the older and the
. iCbti aUtc of Illinois.
True. ii may be saM that nor bills are safer, and
j:.ace arc bcuc-r. Indeed I The bills arc safe to
day and food ;or gold and exchange at I*o cenit- on
the dollar. The lowa bills are good for gold nbeu
presented. Look above at tbo card of F. G. Adams.
Lv,.. and you will see lowa money quoted at ft per
cir.t rrcjiiuun. Ocr own currency being th* v Ftand
a:L Iliai is ft burning disgrace to the Illinois
bar.r«. If it were not safe would the Chicago
bankets buy it »t a premium over our** well sc-
c unxucy ?"* Ttic merchant* and dealers of
:iic city are !o«lne ten of thousands of dollars on
oar owr. currency every week on the price of ex*
With thi* example before us, let tie examine the
flutter a little more closely. Suppose July wa
Lad no currency, and fifty of the richest, and lu all
respects the men In tbo State bad been char-
tcreil to establish a State bank, with branebe* in
our principal citic*. perhaps* two bclug aligned to
Chicago. Sttppot-cihat they undertook to get out
nine millions of circulation according to our i-yt
tem, they mart lake nine millions or coin or Its
equivalent to New York, and InvcstltlulKinde to
place in the bauds of the Andltor, and lu Tael they
must, have s9£},Goo more, for they must put up a
margin of ten cent. Now what have w« got?
We have nearly ten millions in value ofUmdf .nom
inally about twelve millions, ami nine millions in
currency. We call it money; but tire fact Is. we
,ue in the condition of a certain Individual—** the
tool and his money arc soon parted"—for we Imve
exchanged onr money for “bank rags," and made
tbelr value, and lienee the value of our own pro
perty a football for the land sharks of Wall street.
It mny be said that bonds cost us nothing, for In
moc: cases they were loaned to get out a circula
tion. t*o much the worse, for if the “ bankers" (t)
who nominally own them, did not par for the
bonds, the people have paid for the bills at tbe rale
of one hundred cents on the dollar, in wheat, corn
and other products.
Again, suppose that Wm, B. Ogden, Walter L.
Newberry, Wm. 11. Brown, Hugh T. Dickey. J. Y.
Scammon.U. A. Tucker. E.W. Willard,!. 11. Burch,
F. G. Adame, B. F. Carver, Dr. Foster, J. R. Val*
online, r. A. Hoffman, F. C. Sherman. J. B. Turner,
,T. C. Uiiities, K. H. Haddock, Waller S. Gurnee, P.
F. W. Peck. Dr. Evans. IL 2L Magic. William
Jones, Geo. Steel, Geo. Watson. Jerome Beecher,
5. B. Cobb, Johnathan Burr, U. G. Loomis, VanH.
Biggins,Gro. Manlerre, or on equal number of onr
citizens, -elected for their wealth, integrity and
financial skill, with’ perhaps half a dozen men In
the principal chics of the State, such as Judge
Davis of Bloomington, J. Brnnn, J. Williams and
Wm. Butler of Springfield, Gov. Wood of Quincy,
and Jacob Strawn of Jacksonville, had been char
tered to establish a State Bank of Illinois; tbe
charter to contain the best provisions of the
Ohio, Indiana and lowa laws, docs any man, in his
that with the nine million* of cap
ital an atavo supposed, they would not Issue and
maintain a sound redeemable currency ? Does any
body believe, the branches all being held responsi
ble for the issues of each other, that the bills would
not be wife 5 The State Banka of Ohio and Indiana
have gone safely through all the bard time* of the
past, and with such men as we have named a* its _
owners and managers, a State Bask of Illinois
would stand any crash tbat did not Involve tbe en
lira country In absolute ruin
We make these suggestion* simply far the con*
si deration of bur readers. We do not a* yet wish
to be considered the special advocate of any ay*-
tern. We-are reedy to give the Illinois batiks
another trial, insuring that a stringent amend
ment shall bo adopted at the next meeting of tbe
Legislature, to protect the business public, if pos*
*iblc. tram being again forced to pay 10 per cent,
premium for exchange on our own home currency.
The Call o« the Illinois Bjlkkb.—Wc quote
the following in regard to the call on the Illinois
hanks. Wc published substantially the same facts
last week: .
Tuc tanks to allow the Auditor to retain the In
terest rovp?ti« falling duo on the Ist proximo. and
anr-’yiho amount thus obtained to the retirement
u; ui: etiUal amount of their circulation: tiny shall
UktwiMj oa the 20iU of February foot up one fourth
of the entire amount of their deficit. If Ihe above
terms are complied with. then the batiks are to ho
.allowed until March S-nh to make npthe ti&luncc.
li. ou :hr other bund, thev do not Immediately sig
nify a willingness to complv with the above terms
the Coiaiais-ionvr will, a* In dnty bound, proceed
io put i com in liquidation.
'iv.o of the hanks embraced in the call (ib-vd's
Batik and the Bank of Naperville), have already
mule up tueirdi'dcil. being a comparatively small
amount; erd ihcLatayette Bank ha* likewise paid
in » portion of its assessment. We rc-publiehtho
11.: I of those now delinquent:
Vamxs or naxEa.
American Exchange Bank ....
Bank of Aurora
Bank of- Chester..
Bank of Commonwealth
Bank of Pike County
Bank of Quincy...
Bank of KaWgh
Cltlxen’s Bank
Corn Exchange Bonk
Farmers' ana Traders' Bank..
• Grand Prairie Bank
Grayrillc Bank '••••••
Lafayette B a:k «uart!y paid)...
Merchants* and Drovers’ Bank.
Morgan <vmnty Bank..
National Bank
Pmirlc State Bank
Rnil Road Bonk..
• Southern Bank of Illinois, QrayvUle
State Bank of Illinois
Sr.Lor'ia.—The Democrat of Saturday says
The market Tot -Eastern Exchange continue* to
ehuv weakao-a—U irregular, but selling rates for
sight only have a range of 9ato Set. premium,
andtbe'ftuppk IsverrsmaQ, being kept np almost
entirely by the shipment of coin. It Is understood
that the bank* have been redact d very low In coin,
both from the threat vaults snd the branches, by
' tuis process. The demand for exchange Is not at
nil large at present, but as the payments of the Ist
of January from tb* mercantile community are al
., ways large, of course the demand will be heavier Id
a few days, and the rates may be kept pretty well
: •f- up ia consequence of this.
CtEccxxxTX—We quote as follows irom the Co
■ futtt of Haturday:
There have been prettr large offerings of gold
, -on silo to-day, so large,, indeed, that without per
ccivluff any reeaipu* from New Orleans or else
whorsTlt U not easily conjectured whence it comes,
unless tt be thrown upon the market toy the sus
pended tanks of is;ue. But .the heavy ampmenU
they hare made to the Bast would seem to argue
. oat this. Certainly no one .could hare Ead
©sight of the present times as to have
hoarded these large amount* to obtain the present
premium oi B(2'.' per cent. This per cent. :nny
j-juc brought hither gums from many quarter.-*,
however. fur Investment; $20,000 wa* offered in
one lot to-day at fl per cunt, prem; but none would
■mv over 8. Silver 1“ 4QtDprem. Ohio. Kentucky,
1 nd.ana and Louisiana currency l»bonchtat-tfi.7
prom, and -old at U prem. at time*. Illinois and
Wircouein go at Irregular rate?*— dl«“utißi,
dejK-uding ou the size of the Wll*—"mail bill- be
ing at greatest discount. . . ..... ~
TUo demand for leans was moderate, hut tub. .u
heretofore, wan sparingly met, and matters romin
ued very close. The prevailing ontsldc rate tor
pood paper was 2 per cent, per mouth.
, Sight Exchange on New York wa* offered It--.-
Irccly hv produce operator* than ycsu-nla'. hut
dealers generally found the supply equal to.the de
mand. and the market was not Ann at quotntlo u
via: ii prem. buying and U prem. aclUus. rwL.-
delphta fluctuate?*, Bight was bought to-da> a?* lu«
askdl*. We quote *©l* dl«. bnjrin;.;. anA y
dls.and par selling. Baltimore wetidol}. bot _ n« •
changed. New Orleans scarce and Ann at h pr*.m.
buying, and 1 prem. gelling. Gold luacthe at JM
. Wtter demmia for IlUiiOi cum'm'i,
and rates were fdlghtly better, ranging fn*m 1. to
15 dla. Missouri unchanged. There
regularity In Virginia, caused by a rei*ort that two
Governor ha* called on the
17 per rant, of their tamdatlon. Wr do not kuov,
what foundation there was forthc rumor.
the houses bought the notes as before, but oth r
rlffurcd to bnvatlietter than lOdlb. for Wheel In}.,
and ID dls. for Eastern.
Missouri Ivtckxpt.—The Missouri /fcmocnif *-f
.Saturday says: , ,
Yesterday the last of the Indebtedness in the way
of Interest, payable January let bv the
State of Ml-souri, wa* provided for by some of Go
banktug iuetlcntions ofthis dty, vix; that oflu
Southwest Branch Railroad. It has been *t*dcJ h>
some of the New York paper* that the;money bad
not yet been received in that city; but all can re t
assured It will be there In due time. Missouri U
opjKjecd to repudiation.
Pirmawxpui*.—We take the following from the
SorUi JbritriaxH of Friday: _
Tiiu money market wat easier again to-dav. the
large arrivals of gold at New York from abroad.
wlu» the more favorable turn of the advice* from
Washington, Imparting a belter feeling to thebiw-
Inees circles generally, and money on call Is abun
dant at 6®7 per cent per annum. Prime paper is
also scarce and wanted at the discount bouses at l
per cent, per mouth; thedcmandouuldctiie oanLe
ExcLmgc and specie arc rather lower to-da> ;.the
following are the rates furnished by Drexel < o. t
Bankers, of this dty:
New York Exchange premium.
American gold premium.
' Nxw York.— We quote the following from the
Etftdng 2*ott of Friday:
Tbe fluctuation* of the Slock market for the last
fifteen days were as follows:
Low points. High points.
Bee 8. Dec. 20. TVday.
New VorkCentral.... 70 7®£
Erie S’* *•
Hudson *sfc flu • lav
Harlem m,£
Michigan Central 44\ jU 4
Heading « * f£,
Michigan Southern... U.\ *} ” *
do b guaranteed. « 31 *X
Panama 10® IJ® 1 %.
lUintiU Ctntral M *V S,.
Galena iUiicaso 59* g* I"*
Cleveland* Toledo... 20M ''/*
g«V».a< S
a2Sfe;:;::;::;;:Sg & fa
Tennessee* 21
Virginias 75 77 •*
Tbe tone of tbe paper market continue* to Im
prove. The negotiation of first-class name* la
abort acceptances going at lOQUptf cent. The
supply of the latter, however, s On
call there is an excessive supply at C®7 per cent.
The leading exchange drawers have advanced
their pretensions about 1 per cent, on sixty day
bills on London. The nominal asking rale* arc
304VC&105. and on actual sale* we note an im
provement of folly one-half per cent. Commercial
Sterling ranges within 1013f ©lO3. Yranca are also
held higher. for flm-dass banker*. The
regular trade demand for exchange continues
Bxkks—The movement of the banks In the four
prlndpal dries of tbe Union, In which weekly re
port* are made, as shown by their last statement*,
statements, is as follows ■
Loans. Deposits. Specie/*
N. York, Dec. 15.5181,740,174
UofitonTbcc. 10.. 61.426,446 17,285.778 3.491.84S
Phi lad ul D0c.17. 27,084,658 15,730.964 k.i 11.287
Total $09,631, IB 133,293,097 $37,411,214
La« Treat . 239,121,1»1 130,121,698
Hit I»r. ; 232.010,430 130.742,112 40,901,712
uanoerol's counterfeit.
PITTeBCnCB. Pa., DeC. 24.
Larc'u Saiiotial Bank AVte Reporter, • cautloa ‘ th«
pablic&irainfct new c:unterfelt6.“ on the Merchant*
Sank of St. Louis. Vignette-negroes rolling a
hogshead on the lower right corner ; glrU head
on lower left corner. The genuine 6aitow the
same vignette In upper left comer, and hoy s por*
uSdtontha right end. The plate* nltm-dfrom
counterfeit 10s on the same bank, recently isMiud.
jgr* The following are the carniogfl of the Grand
Trunk Railroad Company of Canada, for the week
ending. Dec. h, 16150: >■.
Freight and Live Stock
Parcels, Malls &c ..
Bame week last year.
KutfDiT JJvkkino, Dec. 1:4. IsCO.
Tb« following arc the receipts and shipments for
the pad twenty-four hours:
Flour Wheal Corn Fork S'da Bar’y
bbla. bu. bu. brla. Ibse. jc.
G.iC.t.R.U »0 8625 196 .-•• 140 HW
C.&8.1.K.1L «Xl 100 1(W 100 ••
1 C It. R .... ' 11*0 1160 SjU
C&K.W.R.H. W9 4161
Total... Hl4 14SC6 1936 105 74d 4MI
DrVd lire High-
Uo-, Dog. Caula Did 8 w u» *1 al w
No No. No. lb*, bbla. 75a.
G.£CX.lt.lt. 808 1080 43 HW 50
• .&K.I.H.K. 147 ail 107 5330 50 ....
1.C.1L11 US <SO 00 S9~
C.B.iU.H-K. 108 .... 155 «75 ,C 0
C.&N.W. U.R. 181 .... 18 ei!s
O.A*St.I,,U. .... 1230 71
Total 1857 8561 M 9 15716 10U 1«0
Therp.a, tint alimitedlnquiry forKlonr Kwinr.
ud the market "vaa doll and nnchaneed. Wheat
oiicm-dfU-adyatßl®BlXcforNo. Sand 65c IdrNV
1 Spring, but toward, the cloaelhe market luminic
dull and price, declined l®l}tc with .ale. of No. 1
at 80c.
Coni was Arm and In good request, and prices
advanced tfolc, with sales of mixed and old No.
lat 30031 cln store. Oats continued dull. Ilye
inactive. Barley quiet. Provisions quiet. Live
and Dressed Bogs quiet. UtUe or nothing doing
in Provisions.
STORE, IJEC. 24,1M0.
Flour, brl*...
Wheat, bush.
Cora. “ •
receipt* or flour axd objlis fob tbs week bsd-
ZBO DEC.22D. _
Floor, Wheat, Com, OaU, Rye. Bari y,
brie. bu. bn. bn. bo. bu.
G. AC. U.. 2,815 42.711 1,244 2,807 1.034 6*650
ILI R R.. I.WO 4,700 7,000 500 1,450
IC. R. 8... 100 10,850 19,700 5,150 120 1,700
C B AQ... 1,841 7,363 .3,461 625 I.BW
NW*..... 4,616 27.837 90 3.SW 423
A. 4: St. L.. 101 1,735 14.196 150 -E TOO
Total 10,962 94.896 66.634 12,654 1,639 11,664
Same t1> , 60.14.857 69.213 74.687 25.962 1.667 7,782
Daily Review of Chicago Market.
Momsat Evesoxo, Dec. 91.
FLOUR—Recdpt*, 1474 brls. Market dull. Sale*
were: 100 brls -Morgan” B»wd at
*4.85 del; 100 brls “Commercial do al $4..W del.
lOObrls “Smith’s Mills” on private terms; oObrls.
••Becker’s XX” at $4.65 del. ~ .
WHE tT—-Receipts, 14,b0S bu. Market declined
IfiMvc. Sales were: 3500 bu No.l Spring at Hsr
In *u»re: 1400 bn do at WX'cin etorc; 9doo bu No. 2
Spring at ffic in store; 3500 bu do at 81MC In store;
SlOOObu do at 80* c in store; 6500 bo do attOc In
store* TOObu Eejectedat 70cin store. The market
closing dull at tho Inside quotations.
CORN—Receipt*. 7936 bn. Market Arm and h
fiblcbetter. Bales were:—sooo bu old No 1«t 31c
instore: 750bu Yellow at 81c lu store: iWOObu
mixed at 30c in -rare nOOO bu do at 30*tfc in store:
r,.500bn do at 3lc In *lore: 830 bu do at Sic on
tT OATB—No receipts. Market nominal at 170
17#c for No 110 store; 118 bag* sold al IB.S'c dr-
receipt*. Market doll. Sale* were:
SJ ban* by sample at 45c on track.
BASLEr—necelpte, 459 bn. Market qnlet.
galea 400 bu No lat 45c la store; 400 bn at 44c on
track: 600 bn at 40c on track.
SEEDS— Receipt*. 740 Iba. Market nominal at
for Timothy, and $4.&<&4.6p for Clover
APPLES—Green Applet, Jl.dO&l.W for com
mon. and sl.Bo&t.<K) for Eastern. Dried Apple*
gUtat 4@4#c for Southern. aud4X(2,4j*c for
• BUTTER—Steady. Dairy, 15c; good Firkin, 13
©Uc; common. 10&12 C. „ „
CRANBERRIES—DuII. Common, |6.00&*.U0:
choice, SB.OO V bid- , . , „
EGGS—In pood demand at 1&&15.H for fre#h V
d °GAME—Sales 50 dor. Prairie Chlckeni at SS.B7X f
SOdo* *
J do r. Qnall At «o®7Dc; ■ „ „ ,
HlDES—Market firm and «teady, at thv fouowun;
a notation*: Green. 4(24>f; Green Salted, 5&S*:
rccii Calf. «3*; Dry Salted, 10c; Dry Flint. Its
I*t»ULTRY—In active reqneat and firm. l>rea*ctl
CLK-kcn* f1.75Ci2.00 doz. Drcwed Turkey*.
Potatoes—tiulet. Nealuuuiucka and Carter,
ax&ssc, *
UVE HOO&—Market «tulet wßMlmlteiUalctiU,
Receipt*. 1.857. Market
i|Ulel And without Importuui change. Sale*
71 averagingWO Jb*at ....
f»5 all over
8u alluoder 100
•Sat dlvldine on**)*».
1W at and dividing ou 1W
sod 9001b*,
aatoorr of call*
Lai* Short Salt a*tl
ft. Jt.—Markets rrjfottft ty Waiter Snciut ak,
tXfrt**lu for ifu Tmurst -;« i tndin-j Mou*
day./te* *1.1600: \
Slock received fur week ending Monday Decern*
Cattle 7W H»*- ».M5
Sheep 627 Coat 10
5.5 M
Shipped rU Michigan Central Bill* »y
UOM. ; i.
MqHUdretb A Co.;..W*. Tabor A A11er10n..1,458
cams. - -
George Bentley 80 Campbell & Spencer. 47
J. Rickwood 188 N. Cochrane 85
H n*nirin 81 X. Morris .>l6
JL FonntaiA S Oney White..,. G8
J. Colt 48
Total 5^
Sales of 300 Xo'. 1 Cattle from $3.50 C&B.*s, and
some lew extra cattle lor $4.00.
Sales of SCO eeeood quality cattle from 1,000 to
1,200 fie. average, for 14.75&8.00 to $3.25.
fiiltf of thin light cattle from s4Ss£2.fii, and
slow at that, the demand being for better quality.
Good shipping cattle arc In demand and meet with
ready sale as above quoted.
The recelots of Bogs are 6,535 of which 3,878 were
contracted. Sales of 6,157 from 54.50&4.70 to
to uai ror
extra. Ow&sgto tbennttsualnamberoalhe mar
ket this weekprieea area little doll, and eome Ptf
left over,
Oowb and Calves arc doll tale, the demand being
Below wo give a few sales, average weights, etc:
t>o Cattle averaging 1250 Its. at .....$3.00
in •• 1500 “ 3.*ia
13 - MM - *•«'
• 1430 M 3.50
‘ 1»10 ••
1180 **
14U0 '* 8.00
45 ••
.SO SUetp
Ml Hog#
D 2
NEW YORK, Dec. 21.—Ashes—Quiet and un
changed; small sales at $1.75 for pots and $4.87 for
P Eu»u«-Advanced 9© 10c flbrl, with a moderate
demand cbicflr for home cousuroption and tome
little etwculatlve inquiry; Suppers are holding
back, being unwilling to operate at any advance.—
Sale* 12.000 brisatss@?.7U for super state: ss.2j©
$5.:t3 for extra state; ss®s3.lU for super western:
[email protected] for common to medium extra western:
$5.4Uu65.00 for shipping brands of extra round
hoop Ohio. Market cloning with holders a little
more disposed to realize. Canadian may be quot
ed a trifle letter, with a moderate business doing;
sales 550 bris at $5.40® $7.00 for common to choire
extra. Rve flour Is celling iua moderate way at
S3 25© $4.10 for common to clioire super, corn
meal quiet and held pretty firmly at $3.15 for Jer
sey, and $3.50®3.£5 for Brandywine.
wßiairv—A shade firmer. Sales2so brls at Ibc;
closing with no sellers below 18XC.
Gcaik.—'Wheat 1 to 2c S bn better, but the de
mand both for export anabomeconptunptlou—ls
not ven’ active at the advance. Sales 34,000 bu
Mil club and amber Wis. at $1.21 <2,1-25 ■, 51.4*10 bu
Canada club at $1.25; 2.G00 bu red Kate at $1.28;
21.0001 m winter red western at $1.30®1.3!, chiefly
at inside price; 1,200 bu white Mich. at sl-10; 500
bu verv handsome white California at $1.35, mar
ket closinc wIU» bolder* rather more disposed to
realize. • Kye quiet and steady. Kales SO) bu at 70.
Barley dull aud nominal ai7o®Bo. Corn aiwut ic
belter, with only a very moderate demand, both for
cxjMirt aud home consumption. Sales 38,000 bu at
G7@i*is for mixed western iu store and del. Oats
may be quoted a shade firmer, with moderate busi
ness dolus at S'. @3B for western aud Canada, and
[email protected]
Provisions— Pork more active but prices with
out change. Sales 1,330 brls at $15.50 for old mete:
$lO for new do; $10.25 for old prime: $11.75(2,12
for new do. Beef dull and unchanged. Sales 150
brls at $3.50® 10 for repacked mess; $10.50®!! for
extra mess. Prime mess beef dull and nominal.
Beef lams dull. Sales 50 brla very choice western
at sl4. Cut meats dull and heavy at stf@6c fur
'shoulders: 6@Btfc for hams. Smoked meats dull
at 7tf@Btfc fort boulders; [email protected] for bams; ytf
fitltfic for eidt>. Hogs steady at 6*.'®Ctfc for
dressed; 5VQ£;.;c for live. Bacou moderately ac
tive. Sales fj.bxs spare-ribbed middles at Otfc:
33,000 tts pickled bellies at 9c, boxed; 20 bhds nb
l«d rides at ~y t . Lard steady with moderate de
mand. Sales 3.500 brls at for No. 1 to
prime western. Butter selling at 14c for Ohio; 14
®2lc for state. Cheese steady at 9®lotfc for infe
rior to prime. A ,
Gkocewbs.—Coffee steady. Sales. COO lags
Rio at lOtfd&lStfc. Klee market continues quiet
aud unchanged. Sales, 100 tierces at 9;fc®3Ji
cash. Sugar market to-day steady, with only a
limited business doing. Sales, 400 boxes of Cuab
at stf c®s‘,c. aud by auction 70 bbda of Now Or
leans at s);c@stfc cash. Molasses steady. Sales,
250 bble and half bbls New Orleans, at BSr®3Sc,
aud by auction 800 bbls of prime do at 30c®34tfc
cash. Caudles—adamantine dull; 12tfc@lSc for
plain and sperm nominally unchanged.
l)ry codfish dull: [email protected] for Bt. Georges and
Grand Bank, ilackerel—sl3®l3.6o for No 1.
Oils—unchanged—soc®s2 gal for linseed; 05c
®sl.Uo£galfor lard: $1.40 ft gal for sperm: 60c
@s2c for whale.
Hides—quiet at 21c for Bcunos Ayres: 20c for Ulo
Grande; Otf @7 fur western slaughtered.
Tattow—Finaai9tf®9tf. „ . ,
Wool.—Market continue* dull and prices still
favor the purchaser*.
Leatueu—Hemlock and oak sole are dull and
price* rule strongly in favor of the purchasers.
Stocks—Dull and lower. Chi 8&Q.03*;. Cleve
land & Toledo 29. 11l C Scrip 65tf, b 10, M S It K
14, Erie 35. NY C 74tf. * 10. Pac Mall 82. Va fls 73,
MoCs C 6. L’SCfIGT, 100.
luxcnorcuxs or
Mcraring and G-rist Mills,
Smut Mills and Separators, _ .
Separators tor TTareh msea.
Bolting of All Eiuds. „. _ _ ~, _
Hoisting Screws and Balia,
Bran Pesters, Picks, Proof Stair*. &c*£c.
Plaub, Specifications and Estimate* furnished wbaa
desired, ardthc cour traction of Steam and Water Mill*
contracted for entire.
Steam Ensloesy Boilers, &c., Ac.
Tlie subscriber* having obtained the Agency for the
sale of Steam Engines and Boiler* fromthe manufac
tory of UOULDINO. BAOLEY * SEWELL, of n nter
town, N. T.. would Invite the attention of purchasers
to their superior merits of style, workmanship and
lumer*; n'so, Uuir very low price-*. The following I* o
l»t uf price* of Eurrine and Boiler, together with Heat
er. Water and Steam Pipe*. Cork*. alvc*. Arc'i Cast
ing* and finles, complete and ready for use, delivered
.sl9.'r. v .i.:ii;
5 horse power f SPO 20 horse power 51,90)
a •• - 575 5B " ** l.fl*To
10 ‘ 723 a* l.‘**s
12 “ “ ... . KXJ 35 ■ 2.'»n
16 “ J.IOO 40 “ “ 4,290
and Id like proportion fur larger sixes a* reqnlrt'.l
Every Engine is furnished with
For Flour Mills we confidently recommend th-.-ni u
superior to any other style of Engine, and they will
Save from 25 to SO per Gent In Fuel
over the usual class of boilers In use la the West. We
shall keep an assortment of different sizes at our es
tablishment, where they may be 'examined and the
necessary Information obtained regarding them. Com-
Intent men will, if desired, be furnished to set up and
■tart engine* in any part of the country. « c also supply
At very low prices.
MU! Furnishing Depot. West Water street. botwseu
Randolph ana Madison, Chicago, Illinois.
Poet Office address. Box 271. ociraMy
and half barrel., nwjal. at
cuffidaiSAu lUßßandolph street
Lomoon DOCK
aiisr. ■
. 80.055
For tbo Use of tho ZQodical Pro(oc«iop
and thej Family,
Haring acperfteded the totalled “Gla*," “Atnwatlc.*
“Cordial," “Medicated," “Schnapps." i-CL. is c.>«- en
dorsed by all of the most prominent Physicians. Chew
l»t« «Dd Connoisseurs. as possessing all of those In
trinsic medicinal qualities, (tonic and diuretic) widen
belong to an ou> skd pubs out. Put up la quart toot
. ties and sold by all Druggists, Grocers, Ac.
(Ertahliihod In 17780 Sole Faeramruiu •
No. 19 Broad Street, N. T.
r*— For sale, wholesale. In Chicago by Hoyt A
Pierce, J. B. Deed A Co* and J. K 8. trailer A Co.
O TAKERS. SS La Salic street. .„ . w
Have ©n band, si all time*, every atyle and finish Oi
Wood Lead and Zinc Coffins*, also, Shrouds. And are
prepared with Hearse* and Carriage*, andevrmbinc
requisite lor FoueraU; and may be found ou band ana
ready to sirs prompt attention to their badness at an
boon. They also bare *Cbaneljmd VanUlnmeCemr.
iap!2l nIIKiUT A McCLriRE.
Bags : —bags : —bags - We
nre now receiving direct from lla * Hope JIu»« •
Pittsburgh. Pa- an article of fecamloM Bats equal m
welirht and analltv to any told l’i this market. Tho»e
Id want of Bay* will find U to tliclr advantage to ca I
„ a .x^.b rf or.jm^n^h^
25j tonlli Wafer street
jj\_ John T. Sherman. of the CUT of New York, hcn
tofors mortuared unto the undersigned, John g. For*
t»r. of S.Mfc Sf w Jcr.er.tiv inortSiif; Ai.nl
i»UiI A B W53, «nd recorded la the Kecordcrs otfice of
Cook County, May ]Mh, 1853, In Book JB of mortgages.
Pace 350. certain premise* hereinafter described, to «*•
core the payment of a certain draft for twothouiianc
flTchnnarcd dollar*, dated July 23d, A. I». 1?0.. an'
■liar, 0 f • n ote for nineteen hundred dollars. a’c<
Febroary Ist, A. IK ISS, in three years irum the aatd
dm day of i cbrusry, iStf. and also to secure the pas
ment of semi-annual Interest on the said draft and note *
at thcrate often per cent per annum from the first day
of A mil. A. IK WSS: and. whereas, default ha* been
made in the iiavmer.t of two semi-annual payment* of
Interest, which’hsvc fallen due on said draft ami note,
and I hare therefore elected to declare the said prin
cipal mms due and payable.
Now. therefore, notice la hereby risen that pursuant
to the power contain* din the said mortise. I
sell at public auction. at the Court House d«*or. !n the
City ot Chicago, lu the Count/ of Cook, on the thirty
first day of January. A. D. 1861. at ten ocloca lu the
fbrenoon of that dar. to the bicheat bidder for cash,
the said mortgaged premise*, t-s-wll.—Lot number
screnteen (ITVin Block number fifteen (is>, In John
son. BobertsVk Roits* Addition to Chicago, In the
ConntT of Cook, and State of Illinois, and afi rt-Ul and
equity of redemption of the sail John T. Sherman, hl
helrt and tsdene Uiereln. ■
Itated Chicago Deo.tSM, A.IK . .
,io.i.N >. I’UltlEU, : -reagee.
Faxwkll & g«m Att’ya. u iht.'td
'■pK JSTKE’fJ SALE. Whereas
,1 on lh«* MjconJ div of August, A. D. I*9, Janie*
Kenner and Catharine Kenney, his wife, bytovir ter
tnla deed of wrltlm*, duly acknowledged sad recorded
In tlie Recorder's Office of the County of Cook and
eute of mined*, la Book Ko. «9 of Peods, on Face 457.
eld convey to the undesigned the land* and premises
ucrelnafler described In tru*t to eccurc two certain
•romissory note*, to-wT.;—One for the sun of *4)OXO.
n vab.c to Nathsn Meant or order, and fr,ua which wo*
bv'agreement deducted the sum of |o3.St.IOG, and the
ot'ierforthesum of 1 100.00 payable to Aiken A Norton
or erder. and which baa been by them assigned to Jacob
FUnrr, and both of which notes are parable la oae
year from their uate. to wit, from the said 2nd day of
Anesst, ifM. with Interest; and. whereas, default baa
been made In the payment of said note* and interest,
and application lias been made to me by the legal
holders of said notes to tell the premises so conveyed,
and tor a distribution of the proceed* of such sale, ac
cordin'* to the terms of the trust in *ald deed set form.
SowUierefore. public notice is hereby given that by
virtue m auti orltr given In. and loaccurdancewlth the
tenoToi said deed of trust 1 ahall on Saturday, the ed
Sy of December, A. V. taut at ten o'clock In die far*
noon ot said day. at the north door of t» c Court Route
of said County. In the City of ; hlcaro and BUto afor»
•aid. sell a : public auction to the highest bidder for cash
tbe premise* in said deed of trust described, to-w It;—
All that certain piece or pared of land tdluatt M-jg
■wrt being In the village «-f bvanston, b;ate of ImnoK,
id described as iblTowt, to.wtts Lot number seven
i7)T In Blo;k number ►Uty-sevcn (S7) of said Town
(village) ot Evanston, as the same surveyed ana
nlittea. and recorded In the Recorder's Office of said
&nßtr “r Coot, together -BltJ th. htredlUmuitt,
tenement* and appurtenances thereto bclondng. and
all right, benefitand e ;nity of redemption of the said
James K«*nny therein. _ . ~ ~ _
* ****** vrttMXl TK WEBSTER. Trustee,
Office Ko. 11 Methodist Church Block.
Chicago, Bov. hCth. 1860. del-dSTWd
The above ealc stand* adjourned to Saturday next,
Dec. 29th. at th# same hour and place, _
Chicago. "DtC. Od, 1980. de2*-td
$ 5.62*
. o.JO .
. a.a
7W H»*
627 Cove
T'RtTSTEES’ SALE. —Public No-
J. Uce U lierrtr rivtu iliet I, L, C.lMne Freu-, lie
Tmalce to ft Deed of Trust executed by Dogel C. alee,
dated December 9th. ISSBiand recorded In the
oiUesof theßecorder of IrojnSs Cenaty, IBtnola, In
Bode 71 Of Deeds. Pare «9, wL by reason of defaultto
the payment of the notes rpodOodi In saU J>eed, on
the epfilcaUen of the legal bolder tbereoC sejletpntv
Scaocdoa for cash to the hlc hettbWder.st the north
ININ G £ K ’ S
Especially designed
Senate. —Mr. Fessenden hitroduced a hill
to grant public lands and loan the credit of the
Government to the People's Railroad. Laid on
the table and ordered to be printed.
Mr. Pugh offered a joint resolution in re
gard to holding a convention for proposing
amendments to the Constitution, and request-
log the several States to coll a convention as
soon as practicable. Referred to the Commit-
tee of Thirteen.
Mr. Bigler presented liio proceedings of a
meeting of citizens of Beading, Pa,; also, a
bill to suppress the invasion of one State by
another, «sc. Referred to the Select Com
mittee. *
Mr. Douglas jiresentcd several amendments
to tbc Constitution. Ordered to bo printed,
and referred to the Select Committee.
Mr. “Wilson introduced a bill for the more ef
fectual suppression of tbc slave trade.
The hour of one o’clock having arrived, a
question arose whether the bill for the admis
sion of Kansas should be taken up, which was
the special order, or whetlierthe Senate should
proceed to the consideration of the resolution
of Mr. Johnson of Tennessee, as unfinished
Mr. Nicholson had the Hour on the latter.
Tho question was settled by taking up the
Kansas bill, and allowing the floor to Mr.
Mr. Nicholson of Tenth, rose to speak, [Ho
spoke for the remainder of the session. vV e
have not room for his remarks.]
Horse,—The Speaker laid before tb« House
a letter signed Messrs. McQueen, Bonbatu,
Boyce and Ashmore, in wbicli they say they
avail themselves of the earliest opportunity
since official intelligence making known that
the people of South Carolina, in their sover
eignty capacity, have resumed the ■powers
which they heretofore deleinitedtothoGeneral
Government, and thus dissolve their (the
signers’) connection with the House of Repre
sentatives. In taking leave of those with
whom they have been associated, Uiey, as well
as the people of their Commonwealth, wish to
express a mutual feeling of respect, aud
cherish the hope that lu the future their rela
tions may be friendly. Laid on the table aud
ordered to be printed.
Mr. Moore of Kentucky introduced a bill
giving a construction to.the Fugitive Slave
Law of 1793. Referred to the Select Commit*
tee of 33.
Mr. Morris of Illinois offered a resolution
for the appointment of a committee of lire
to Inquire into the late abstraction of cer
tain bonds from the Interior Department, but
suffered the resolution to bo laid over for the
Mr. Sherman, from the Committee on Ways
and Means, reported the Army Appropriation
On motion of Mr. Crawford it was ordered
that when the House adjourn to-day it bu to
Thursday next.
Mr. Kilgore Introduced a bill to cstablMt a
metropolitan police for the city of Washing
ton, which was referred to the Committee on
the District of Columbia.
The Speaker laid before the House a c om
munlcatiou from the Secretary of the Interior,
stating tint on Saturday Inst he was informed,
by & voluntary confession of uu olliccr of Hie
Department, that Slate bonds held in trust by
the United States for the benefit of Indians,
amounting to $370,000 have been abstracted
from his custody and converted to private
uses. The Secretary says the enormity of the
fraud demands full Investigation by Congress,
in order to vindicate his ownbonorand expose
the guilty and derelict. He therefore appeals
to the House for the appointment of a Com
mittee with full power to send for persons and
papers, and asks for investigation, with the
view that full justice may be done in tbe
Mr. Shermah said that the Secretary of the
Treasury also desired an investigation for the
vindication of. Ids character, and introduced a
resolution directing the appointment of a se
lect committee of five to inquire into and re
port the facts in relation to said fraud, and
that the committee have full power to send
for persons and papers. The resolution was
John Cochrane offered a preamble setting
forth the dangers which now menace the
country, suggesting the removal of the slavery
question from the national councils as a reme
dy, concluding with a resolution expressive of
the opinion of Congress that slavery should
not exist in the territory north of SO deg. HO
min., and that the Slates formed thcreirom
shall be admitted with or without slavery, os
their constitutions may subserve, and that
south of that lino slavery tdiall not be prohibi
ted by Congress or Territorial legislation. The
next resolution asserts the sovereignty ofcacb
State, and that any attempt to compel them by
force to subserve the Federal compact, would
be to levy war and precipitate dissolution.
Mr. Morris of Maryland said before intro
ducing such resolutions, it would be wise to
allow the Committee of SI to reach n result if
it could, or leave the House to be informed of
their intention to do so. He hoped the matter
would go over till Monday next.
Mr. Cochrane replied that it was not his in
tention to anticipate the report of the Select
Committee, but there were other considera
tions which compelled him to present this
queatiiia at the present time. He had no con
fidence in the power of Congress to settle tho
The Speaker reminded him that a debate
was dot in order.
Mr. Vallandlgham said Mr. Cochruuc’a reso
lution proposed nothing substantial, therefore
he appealed to him to let it go over till Thurs
Mr. Briggs moved that Jt he referred to the
Select Committee, but Mr. Cochrane with
drew it.
Mr. Kilgore, referring to the statement made
in the South Carolina Convention, denied that
Indiana had over passed a Personal Liberty
Mr. Morris of Illinois said be wanted to ob
tain the lloor; he represented the Popular
Sovereignty principle, which stood between
two fires.
The House went Into Committee of the
Whole on the Consular and Diplomatic Appro
priation bill. The blit was subsequently pass
ed without debate. Adjourned till Thursday.
Important from Washington,
[New York Times Correspondeuce.]
Washington, Dec: 21.—Tho Senate Com
luittcc of Thirteen will report to-morrow,
when Senator Toombs will speak in denuncia
tion of the Republican party, and will repudi
ate any further cflbrU at reconciliation. Mr.
Toombs telegraphs this evening tbc following
To the People of Georgia:
I came here to secure your Constitutional
rights and to demonstrate to you that you can
get no guarantee for those rights from' your
Northern confederates. The whole subject
was referred to a Committee of Thirteen in
tbc Senate. I was appointed on the commit
tee and accepted the trust. I submitted pro
positions, which so tar from receiving decided
snpport from a single member of the Repub
lican part of the committee, were all treated
with derision or contempt. A vote was then
taken in the committee ou to
the Constitution, proposed by J. J. CrUtecd’n,
and each and all of them were voted agnust
unanimously by the Block Republican mem
bers of the committee.
Id addition to these facte, a ‘ majority of the
Black Republican members cf the Committee
declared distinctly they had no guarantees to
offer, which was silently acquiesced In by the
other members. The BU*ck Republican mem
bers of this Committee are representative men
of the party and cction, and to the extent of
my Information, truly represent them.
The Committee of 33 on Friday adjourned
for a week without coming to a vote, alter
solemnly pledging themselves to vote on all
tb(* propositions then before them on that day.
It Is controlled by th« Black Republicans,
your enemies, who onh seek to amuse you
with delusive hope until yonr. election, that
you may defeat the friends of secession. If
you are' deceived by them, it shall u t bo my
limit. I have put {hu test fairly and frankly.
It is decisive against you.Now I tell you, up
on the failb ot a true man,'that all further
looking to the North for security for your
constitutional rights in'the Union, ought to
be instantly abandoned. It is fraught with
nothing but ruin to yourselves and your pos
terity. Secession by tho 4th of. March next,
should be thundered from the ballot box by
the unanimous voice of Georgia ou the lid of
day of January next. Such a voice will be
your best guarantee forlibertV, security, tran
quility and gionr.
. [Signed]
C*4Q. Cushing wtnl to£uuth Carolina at tbo
request of the Supreme Court* to consult with
the leaders touching section. He reports
that State as acting with a view to co-opera
tion of all the Slave States. The report that
Gov. Pickens had threatened an attack on Fort
Moultrie If tho Revenue Cutter was not with
drawn from Charleston Harbor is ufalm cation.
The Commissioners from South Carolina are
expected on Wednesday, when President Bn
chnnon will send a special message to. Con
gress, communicating the fact It is now gen
erally Understood, that the Commissioners will
no* be admitted to the floor of'tlie House or
Senate, nor be recognized by either branch.
The New York jltrahVa Washington corres
pondence says: Senator? Davis and Wigfall
received dispatches this afternoon stating that
the forts at Charleston would be taken in lees
than twenty-four hours.. Mr.;Davis immedi
ately communicated this intelligence to the
President. The Cabinet, together with several
leading Southern Senators, nave been in coun
cil It has not vet transpired what course tbo
Government will pursue. A naval fleet will
probably be forthwith dispatched to Charles
ton. ’
The Committee of Thirty-three were in scs
' *(on to-day six- and a-halThoan!. considering
various propositions to arrest the progress oT
dissolution, and give peace to the commr.
The amendment to the Constitution propos
ed bv Mr. Crittenden, to settle the controversy
between the North and South, finally and for
ever, by a division of theeountry from ocean to
ocean, on the parallel of.the Missouri line, was
the great subject of discussion. After a. long
debate, it was lost under the rule of the com*
mittce requiring a majority of both Democrats
and Republicans, the latter voting in the nega
tive. Several other propositions were proposed,
but without acting on them, the committee ad
journed till Monday. 4 -
Washington, Dec. 24.—There is good au
thority for saying that the Bonth Carolina
Commissioners left Charleston for this city this
morning. '
[N. V. Tribune's VVasMnglon Correspondence.]
If the South’ Carolina postmasters retire in a
body, as expected, Mr. Holt will at once give
public notice that no mails for South Carolina
win he made up, because ther cannot be deliv
ered at their destination. All such will be ecnl
to the Dead Letter Office, after a certain date,
to be delivered to the portlet tending the let
ters. . - -
From vrublnctosi
Washisoxos, Dec. St—The extent of Bay
lej’n operaUonn b unkr.own. ■ Ho had In
charge *5,000,000 In State bond*..
Another loaa -was dlacorered In the Interior
Department to-day. fSO.OOO In pash b reportad
tobembaing. Secretary Tbompaon prombea
io restore the losa from hb prtxate fortune.
Bajl.y b reporud to b* a nephew, or othar
wbarebudto Baeretn, floyd-;
Telegraph Ofßee.
The T< legraph Office in this city will open
at eight o’clock to-morrow (Christmas') aid
close at eleven for the remainder of the dayj
The office hours ou the Canada line, and the
Buffalo and New York line, are from 8 to 10 x.
M. Messages for New York City must be
handed lu before half past nine.
The Rebel Convention.
Charleston, Dec. 22. —The Convention met
at noon to-day. Several reports were read and
No report ha* yet been made on postal mat*
ters and the customs, but it is generally con
ceded that when it U made. It will provide as
follows: Thai the revenue laws of the United
Slates be adopted; that the Collector of the
port take the oath of allegiance to South Car
olina, and that postal matters remain un
Mr. Deasaussurc, of the committee to whom
was referred the communication from a por-
lion of the members of the Georgia Legisla
ture, reported that the communication be re-'
ccivcd; it provides that secession should not
Like place until Alabama, Mississippi and Flor
ida assembled theirConveutious, lortlnalState
action, but tbai the communication was now
of no avail, as the secession of South Carolina
lad already taken place.
Mr. Mag rath, from the committee on such
portion of the President’s Message as referred
to the property of ihcUnitcd States in the lim
its of South Carolina, said that he preferred
making his report in secret session.
The Convention then wcut into ascret ses
sion, and continued so for two hours. It Is
reported that a very animated discussion took
place on the report.
Mr. Rhctt’s address to tbs people of the
Southern States has not yet been acted on.
Mr. C. D. Melton. apjK>iated to prepare tho
credentials for the Joint Commission to Wash-
iugtou, was sworn to keep the strictest secrcsy
iu regard to them. The accredited papers
were delivered to the Commissioners to-day
to go to Washington with full power. Tho
Commissioners took a Secretary with them,
who !s allowed $lO a day aud his traveling ex
Members of the Convention will attend
church to-morrow. The Convention has ad-
journed until Monday.
CfLUtLESTOK, Dec. :M.—A company of eighty
men arrived from Savannah, Go., yesterday,
and tendered their services to the Governor of
that State In the tuuuo of the Minute Men, or
Sons of the South.
'JTluirlowlVeed on 111* Interview With
air. JLlncoln.
Albany, Dec. Ift.—Thurlow Weed in on arti
cle in to-night’s Journal, alludes to bis recent
visit to Springfield, In the following terms :
“Since the newspapers have made ourrecent
vLIt to Springfield the occasion of remark, it
may not be improper to tay that uu Interview
with Mr. Lincoln has confirmed and strength
cued our confidence in his fitness for the high
position he Is to occupy; of his eminent ouali
lleations for the great trust reposed In him;
of nls enlightened appreciation of the difficul
ties uud dangers that surround us; of his de
tire that the Free States, if in anything delin
quent, should fulfil their constitutional duties;
of his determination to require from all the
States an enforcement of the laws and obe
dience to the Constitution, and finally of hia
earnest and inflexible devotion to the princi
ples and sympathies of the Republican party.
Later from Pike’* Peak,
Four Kearney, Dee. 22.—The Pike’s Peak
Express coach passed here at one o’clock tbU
afternoon, leaving the following :j
Denver, Dee. 30.— Kelly, who was on trial’
for the murder ol Doyle* was acquitted yester
day. Tho verdict gives much dissatisfaction.
Waters, for tho murder of Freeman, was
found guilty yesterday, the jury being out ton
minutes. He was sentenced to be hanged on
Friday the 20th.
The Kenosha Mill, in the Nevada Qnlch, took
from four cords of quartz recently, S44L
■\Veatherconlinueß pleasant.
The Provisional Legislature bu rdjourued.
Canadian Fugitive Slave Extradition
Toronto, Dec. 22.—1u the ease of the fu-
gitive slave Anderson, his counsel, lu Court of
Queen’s Bench to-day. gave notice of hU in
tention to appeal from the decision of the
Court. Chief J notice Kobiuaon said there was
no rulv upon which auappeal could be claimed,
but if the Court of Appeals choose to enter
lain tbe matter, the {Juccu’h Bench could not
oppose. The prisoner remains ia the mean
time at the disposal of the Government, and
will not be surrendered until oil legal means
have failed. The Court of Appeals does not
ril HU February.
New* from New York,
New York, Dec. 24.—Tho Union Committee
met at the olhce of Richard Lathers on Satur
day last, when a letD-r was read from the Hun.
Millard Fillmore. The Committee do not
deem thcmxdves at liberty to make the letter,
public without Mr. Fillmore’s consent, which,'
though written for, has not been resolved.
No other business has been transacted.
The cloth warehouse of Bramhnll, White &
Lockwood, No. 103 Douce street, was burgla
riously eulered lust night and about $5,000
worth of silk vestings taken.
Senator Seward on tlie Secession Blas
New Yohe, Dec. 2i—At the banquet of tha
New England Society last evening, Senator
Seward made a speech, which occupied thr64-
quarters of uc hour in delivery, Ju which ho
discussed in a stylo half amusing and half ierl
ous, the question of secession, lie counseled
mild, quiet, fraternal forbearance, and predict
ed that a% tbe feeling bad been grow
ing weaker ever since the flth of November
hi«C. so within aixly days more the whole
trouble will have passed. ’
Waat the Union to go where they wDI
get Into it Again By-and-by.
Norfolk, Va., Dec. 33.—The secession feel-
lug here is on the la create. Ashland Hall was
crowded with citizens last night Dis
union si>eeclied were delivered by Col. V. D.
Grover and Gen. John Tyler. The speeches
were enthusiastically applauded. Geu. Tyler
concluded with the expression, “ Let tbu
Union goto hell,’* which was received with
loud and repented cheers.
Newark, N. J., Dec. 22. — A portion of lbs
New Jersey Lime Works, In this city, wens
destroyed *bv fire last night. Loss about
Boston, Dec. 23. —The GlendonOU 51111 and
the old Glcndon Iron Works, in East Boston,
were destroyed by tire this morning. Lo»s,
about $40,000. Two-thirds insured.
Nashville, Dec. 24. J. Lomsden <k Co.’s
Tannery was burned on Sond&vmornlng. Loss
Another Arrest. 1
New York. Dec. 24.—Wm. H. Bisiell, aeon
tractor to carry supplies to the array In UUL,
wsm arrested by U. S. Marshal Kyndera on a
charge ofbelng one of the parties charged with
tho hypothecation of the Indian Trust Fund
bond*, lie was ordered to ba immediately
transmitted to Washington.
Ilf iilton. C. W..Dec.24.—Frank Stinson,
agen 21 years, son of Thomas Stinson, an ex
tensive capitalist, committed suicide this
morning by shooting himself through the
heart with a pistol.
Henry Mctunstry, Esq., was elected Mayor
th!*> morning by acclamation.
London, C. W., Dec. 24.—A tana named
Crewsbury, beaten in a»row on Friday by Hard
ing, who shot votmgJiViUon a few years ago,
died this mormny. Harding and throe others
am at reared.
A Proposition.
Nashville, Te55., Deo. 23.—The iWHef
suggest* the reference cf the national dissen
sions to a conference of the Presidential and
Vico Presidential candidates of the lata can
vass, thus securing an eqnal representation of
esch party.
Railroad Earnings.
Toronto. Dec. 23.—The Great Western Rail
way traffic for the week endingjesterdar, Is
$30,600, being but a slight increase oror the
corresponding week of last year.
*- Suicide.
Aurora. 111.. Dec. 24.—A man named Wins,
residing near Montgomery, committed suicide
by shooting himeell to-day at twelve o’oloct.
Cause assigned, temporary Insanity.
K. Toombs.
Steamer Sunk,
ilEiinns, Dec. 24.—The steamer PeytooA
from Louisville to New Orleans, sunk 150 mile*
below here. Damage light
i & o o.
* Fcr the »a!t of the following
i. u. jouxsox s,
No, 10 State Street. Second door from
BandolpU street.
Cjsntry Merchant* will picaae take notice iaS el*
amine our assortment before purchasing elsewhere.
*nre, safe and reliable uilUilremedy.
Fnn.ADELPTUA3OAPt>-Orle»tal. Detersive, Era*
elve, Palm, Ac.
BouXdesoipttveefUra sane mailed upon the reetip.
ot 55 cents.
rat-ldlv taking the lead of all others, and cannot be
«txrpaai»ed u an Invigorating toolceod fiuclJy medietas,
SHARPENER. - . ■ .
Ponrtne, Hotel Toilet. Stiver. Ac.
Pan Holders, Pencfla, Paper Folders. Ac.
DB. JACOB'S BITTERS—Which stimulsto thellrat
regulate the bowels, cleanse the stomach lodperliy
the blood, - stiWbty .
i OS. Richardson’* New Method tor the Rim
Forte, with Its easy Rodlmcntai Lcaaoy. ita Attractive
ExercDes and Ainuf-etnent*. eomprbln; a complete
course of Studv from thefimplrettoihemostadreneed
attainment lu Plano Playing. Is rapidlystipe
others, and most excntnally become the ooty
of Instruction generally used. Price on reedrt of
which It will be rent, post-paid. Published by OLIVER
DITSON A Boston.
Tor Oak. Ask, Black Walnut. Cherry and White-Weed
T\TANTED —A Situation as l>ook-.j
T T keener. Addrem “8.," Box 2J*J7 Chicago !
Tost Office. dc2tx3t :
W/ ANTED.—24O Acres of Lain I
T T within tea or twelve mile* of Cedar.Fall#,
Dntler Co, Tow*. TOMPKIK6 * CO., Room No.
Klngnboryßlock. dejldTlo-.w
TXT - ANTED—Staple Goods in any
T T amountsfromf-«.ooutagso.ou).lnctchanjrefor ;
rood coimoy lands or Chicago cujptopartr. Latci- :
feat trade* win be given. Addreae Hex ESS. - 1
dtCirlw I
TV'ANTBD—Day Board iu aoiue i
T T private &mlly, within flve* minutes* walk of ’
liaob ttreet Bridge, by twoyoLagger.Uemen. llecom- ;■
zoeadatloaa slvau If ceccwary. Addresa**ll. 11. S.” I
P.O.BoiCogH. - -■ • dcMirt |
~\\f AXTED—:To go to Crawibnls-
T « Title, lad-atea-cla**'Cook, ami other hotel
servants, irate and rtniala. Apply to ItEL’BEX TAY.
LOB. at City Hotel, corner LskcoudsUleslrte:*.
WANTEI) —To Eii;liange five
LotalnChJcaco and live Lot- lu Milwaukee
for a small stock of cool* or **ileilile personal |iroi*r-'
ty. AUo. 3)onemtoiHlprxlrlv land lu 40 acre tracts,
within 135 miles of Chicago. AddrsMUox 3103. Chi
cago Post Oldce. da)>d'**Mw
ET NURSE.—The undersiiined
* v u wanting a situation In fume re-r-tdal !e
family. fan give good reference*. May bo found at
tlicseeina house on the northwest corner of llovr.e
Kreplind i*ark avenne. or mar b<* »d«lri«aed.care Cox
450. Chicago. 111. Mr..CATUI!i:iXE HOLLAND.
Pork Barrel £(ave*. thoroughly x«xxout<J, will b*
sold cheap for co*h. Arpty to or acMrua* W. H.
DOANE, |3g Clark etrtel. den-dIUS-lw
. quality Prairie, Tlmothr and Clover Uxy.mlif J,
Weights guaranteed. and delivered free. Order* fur
th«um«Toranr quantity will meet tir-mpt etteuQoa.
HESBY 11. SUL’FBLUT. la Ueorboroat.
ro*;OIBae Drawer 6237, - deJcxiiu
BOARDING. Pleasant Rooms
with Ihjflrd ran h<- 01.'.-Uru-d at No. -19 Van fturen
meet, between State mid Wabaah avdtuxh lU^Sxlta
BOA It Dl X G—First-Class Day
board la a private fetall/ for two or three gen
tlemen. Location very cjolml and terms moderate.
Adtlma t. O. Box 101*. dekxiw
T>OARDING.—A gentleman and
JD bla wife, and two single'gentlemen. canheaoj
commodated with board pleasant room*.«
Adaruaatraet. djltrCw
TO KENT—A House on Adams
afreet, between Clark and Rule. Kent law to a
rood tenant. CarpefeaodßsebFanxUarsaathepartr
mar want will be told cheap, u the preaeac occupant
l> abont to leave two. For further particular* ailarea*
Box-1064. dC.gd7.S4t
TO RENT—In the Iron Rloolc,
comer of Lake and Latalle afreet.
Al*o. a number of room* suitable for oflloas <*r other
purpose*. Impure of LA.ri.lN. SMITH & U»IS. 79
tout* Water street corner of Stiw. delft dAWm
Ha»ol*un.» forsale low. Plane* and
if £ f flMelodeonslo rent Orders fbr Toning
plan*, Melodeons, organ.*, and alt Uh.ds of Musical
Instrument* promptly attended to. AU kinds of Moil
cal Instruments repaired st short sot ire.
T OSJ. —$5 Reward—An Knamelccl
1 J Silver Tobacco Box. The finder will receive the
above reward by leaving uat this oiOrc- deZM^Aot
T OST.—From the Briggs House,
JU on Sunday. Dee. Kim. a grey Skrs Trrrlrr, an
swering to tbe name of Jack. A suitable reward wIU
be paid for hi* return to the Rrigg-iluu»v deSlxft
Liverpool and New York Packet Ships,
Ball!!): onibeSth and WthofeAchmoaib. SEW YORK,
LIVKhPOOUsnd CORK STKAMAHU’S. sailing from
Sew York wary SamnUy, ami teem Liverpool
at Cork? every vredr.ct-day.
Parties vWiJng the old country, or wUhlng lo seed
for their friends, ran purchase tickets at reduced
throngh rate*. Drafts on Rural Rank of Ireland, and
Liverpool, te any amounts. Apply to
* William* & onoK.
Jy2ft.-flftl.Jy a» Dearborn afeet.
.Tlarlno Rank Uulldius;*
Corner Lake and Lm-ulte Strtcu. A genen! Ranklug
Busloeee tran-ncual. urt.-ft^y
fßueceseor to Wen re, carpmter A Ce.J
Cedar Rapids, lowa,
Comer ofiaka and Clark Street*,
Collections made In ah tbe principal chics in the V. 8.
X. A'lW. J. I>. snrrrtv, JOSiTHtS ncee.
lli Having returned to tbelr old aland.
Will continue their baalne*ees
Exchange on all pxrt> o Europe.
xuwaxo u xrmfix. ia2s*sß] jo«s c. ixstax.
dfor Sale,
«Eo ivcnt,
Banking anb iaxcijangc.
EwrHX-iCBS^—IK’S-!, Drcxcl A Cj m Now Tcrk: UhJ
•cut X uelt-cti-, littUeuqy
Capital, $500,000.
B. F. CARVER. Caehfer and Secretary,
J. YOUNG SOAMMON. President.
rr Collection* made and Uratu remitted to sllperte
cf the tidrto. ft* I
44 and 40 La tall* Stmt,
Depoalte received • ■ Current Accouats from parties
In efty or conn try ted pie astufl accommodations
granted to rejnlar . ;• oeltor* and correspondents.
Interest on bale 1 t • can only bo allowed In ce*ce
wberetpecleletrs lccfbarfbefamadetothatefftet.
We receive d»• t Its. payable at a epedfled date, on
wldchtntercetw;.» [ eallowed.
DepoeitalosT 1 footle** than five dollars received
endCenUcaUM «f Deposits lotted. Interest at six per
MDL will be i.U wed on dcpoults of thU description af
ter the fan da i ; TC remained In oar hands a apecUed
Mm. AUcerf Acatm made payable on demand. and In
fikanadau cepoalted.
CoUectloi* la Chicago made and proceed* remitted
oc derot ,'i.rment. Icm* current premium on Exchange
only. Colic coon* solicited on Mi part* of the West, aad
proceeds (emitted on favorable terms.
We draw Eight or Time Hills ea the principal cities
of the Union, available In env part of the United State*
or Canada, and have made arrangement* by which we
are enabled to order br Telegraph the payment cX
Kou*. Acceptance*. Accounts, AC., la New York.
yr» bnr ud tell on cither nt Chicago or
through onr Acent*. at N«w York, £tate. City. Coaair,
iUHwht, Ac., Bonds sod Stonk. Our connections la
jTew York are snch m to Insure prompt and Judicious*
atuntlM to any order entrusted to our care.
OvrbtuiocM connection with Europe.being DIRECT.
safe In aworinc the nabllr that all foreign Banklai
transactions can be ejected through onr House with
Protcptaeaa and ertlcarv, equal to any Ilooae In the
Union We hwoe Draft* and Letters of Credit In sum*
MX at New York terms on our correspondents la
on. Paris, Frankfort-on-tho-Maln. Uaiubarr. Bet*
rtn, Bremen. Leipzig. Cologne, Heidelberg, l)<ule,Berne,
Dr«(den.&CH ic.. sc., &e. .
Being particularly desirous ot promoting direct com.
tnsrebu Intercourse between the west ana Enrope, we
•heertully, and on terms mo« favorable, extend per.
dealer faHlltles by opeclog credits, /:c., Ac., to respon.
dble Western Importers, Collections of Brails. Or
ders. Note*. Acceptances. Inheritances, Ac.. Ac., paya
ble In any part of Enrope. made with promptness and
OT" Country Banks and Bankers soppUM with Fur.
«tga Bins at low rates. Prtv ate Bonds and Mortcajes
negotiated abroad.
HOmSAtf & GfiZsPOSB,
maos i. tomtix. ( orto carat, t aul a. mo.
Cense! ol the Grand Dachr of Saxa-Welmar. the
Duchies of Brunswick and fesxe-Gotha. and the free
dry of Frankfort, ami by special act of seven* satee,
authorized to act for former citizen* of At oTKIA,
Ac. Jaadawly
The ant Uns ot this Institution will begin
On vrBDKBtDAT, Jußsry Zd, 1861.
Hyde -park seminary,
Commences on the 7Ui of Jfannsrj.
. Expenses per rear (exclu:dxe ot made) |ls\ payable
halLycarlyia advance.Address, ,
~ . 1 MRfc. G, V. WATTE, Principal.
, Hyde Pirt. CMk County. UL a»::*4l»<w
£fram 53sr £&lorks.
197 Booth CUrt street between Madison and Monroe,
Chicago. UllnoU.
I>Tcr sad Ctesner of all Hods of silt and Woolen
Dowds. AIM. Straw Boone: tueacher and Pro—lf.
Store and coentry work oaostoally sUeaded to.
K«. ISB South (Bark street, betweenMooroe tad Adame,
Chicago, Tlllnola.
I have bssn awarded the Pint Premium at tbs TaU
TJ.B. fair. -AU.country orders by express strictly at.
tended to. ■ -• IJaiSdy
facturersof Homlay.’.Grlta. Graham
Floor. Cracked Wheat, Samp, Ac. eorner of Harrison
and Griswold streets. Orders solicited. Poet offiea
addrese Box uw Highest cash price paid tor, White
JUat Com. _ dsaftrtir
F - F. DeDERKY, M. D., Home
• ccn&lhlc Physician, Bergson, Ac. Hexing en
joyed an European medical education, with a practical
experlance In thlaeoontxT. the Doctor feals confident
be can glxe entire satisfaction In the treatment ot all
ccrebte diseases, Aente and Chronic. -
. Office home till ta. u. and Itot y. &. and all hour*
ef night at hla realdance, £4 Weatßendolph street.
TAISSOLUTION.—The partnership
XJ heretofore existing between the sobscrlbere na*
der the firm of
Is this day nntnally dlssolxsd. L. A. Haabkn having
£archaaea the entire Intenat of 8. Lockwood Brown
i gre eeeets ead btulases of the late fine, wUleentisne
the btulnm at the eld Baaad. No.eTand it State strssL
ad WacaAortetd M raoAra 4U.debte fue the am.
.. , ,6ic&el>. , L. a. Hamblen«
g. CbROWM..- •
’ V9f>'l*K latter; rAS : MUWI -:
. art&nion.
Art-Union Distribution
ITae for Us object the Encouragement acJ Advance
meat of
An*l wlil comrrUc tor It* first Annual C*»uU»fOO the
i following works in Palatine and Sculpture contnlmtisd
i by the Artist*; moat of wolcli ax* original works.
They arc to be drawn for In tbe manner of au Axt-
Ctloa, uu or about the
First of January Kelt,
Wliweihcv <vliboUi»rvnotUibed;xvn tor) will be
I oxhlbllcd from to* Mh of Bcce uha-r UU tho day «f the
i Braving, from 9 o’clock a. u. Ullli) r. u.
Ada.bV.on. 3S cents, except t<» purchaser* of t*« Art
Distribution Ticket*, who will bs admitted 1
L—ldeal Statute! * WasUugioa" rvpr«»aated In
Lla youth as having hacked liU father’*
vh-rry tree—to bo executed in Statuary
Marble. ByL-W.Votc.
2.—Life tixe Portrait uf »’ch 1. L. IlurrU. Painted __
rrotn life by O. P, A.Qxilt. ; . 300
d. —“The ITayer,”— an Ideal head it agul wills
valL B. lloxLY 25
■ t. —"old Mill”—xence lu ChuaJa. By ti. P. Taxer. I*3
| |.~Cattle— pastoral K*eue. - *• IUO
• C.—Quail Shooting on the Prairie. ** *IOO
' 7^—*-TVOJdcU Hriilge." Hj Hoftxui* ftrX'Ofi—. 35
i B.— ljx:»;l*r;tpc—>luctro*» Abbey, lay Taxer 3d
S.—Ututeri-cene-OaryCaaMj. ~ " 30
; ix—la K-rufrx-m the Harvest. iv.-fiaunw 30
• 15.—lUawic** l end. ’* ~ M
f 13.—Marine View. -• •* 31
U.—Setting Quail.- Br fucr , <0
H.— Landycaw;!a NewJfrtcf. By *
Is, 10, 11 and 14—Fortran Caaaoca—u> ruvreiCat
the HkiT.«*f§ of ibe aewral hnldrm of u*«
fotluuate number*. urof ur friend mev ui*»
- designate. By V..Lk. Valued at SM each... l«)
19.—Sbc<-|»ond Lamu. Bjf fmer
*iu.—sh«‘«|i and two Land*. UyTmcr . 33
21.—l.*nd«ape—FrenchScene. J»jr Tate*’ 2u
i*.—SafprlW Deer. - ~ kl
S3.—l.aadacapeouthe Dodder. ** ~ 3i>
24. Bean at Flay. ~ “ ......... li
25. 1 jandteap*-—“OM Church." “ •• 10
M.-I)efr and Fawu—“AJatarual Aflectlou.** B/
Titter 10
InrlaoVlew. B* Staoau.. . 13
47 loci litre—2o ca?U of Volk's Statuette c{
Stephen A. or of Bis Ufo-eUe Uo*t
of Abraham » at tho option of mu
avvetal drawer*. Valued at (4 each T-M
- ».«0
Tickets accompanied by a tine pl.atvgraph of C.e
Statue of “Voc*o W ibiiixuth*." nn»y be bad at IBeach.
and Uie number will be limited to eight bundre«L
They aiay be obtained at the prlncipalDookandMualc
Store*. and at the Exhibiting Gallery.
Thenuderidgaed gentlemenwillutua Commute#
of referenda who will bare »up*r\Uk<u of Uio draw-
Inf, ami whe will bold (r. tnul all motile* accrutcg
from the tale of ticket*, till the above named work*
are delivered U» Uie owner* of the fortunate number*.
'M to
Alexander WHITE, 1 C. V. DYER.
SAM DLL siOS'K, Tmwnrer.
P. S.—Gllt Frames to all th* arc Jcrkidcd
la th* abov* prices.
For Tickets should 1.0 addressed te tbu Treasurer;
COL. SAML. 6TOHE, Chicago, HL
K. B.—‘To render the proposed EXHIBITION M at
tractive an-! meritorious aa p--»>*l!>le.and protnoilvc *»f
a true Its ronductori respectfully invite from
our cldifi;-* contribution* of an* work* of art not pre
sented •»•. the itm exhibition ti. tsat or?lm*c thou re
ceived, for tbe rara and safe return <-f which to the
owner* everv pledge will b« given. LcnuuuulcsUuui
rcspectlng~earn may Im addrv*»«d to
Box tIOR Chicago Tost OQce, er to Lis rooms la tbs
Portland Block. mcUU&dm
Ucal Estate.
'J'ompkixs & ro..
Boom No. S Kingsbury Block,
Have tbe folio win; preperty fur dale or Exchange
fXl.ooo worth of Uquore Air land and ether property.
_ V.'OU Acre# of Laud In lowa -low for ca*b.
• 100 Lots on Indiana avenue. on lone ttme-low.
Several flnr Lots <>n Wabash and Michigan avemi**.
T»n Farms In Indiana for each or city uropeny.
Three Houses and Lola to exchange for Improved
Ginns. . ,
one excellent Farm In lows for sole or exchange.
Four Farms In I lilnols to exchange for City property.
A Drug hturc for ?alo very low for rush.
Alsn. Lots on the West Bide, near Union I*ark; and
a large amount <>f unimproved land la HUcoU.
Also, Ift) aero Improved Farm, six miles south off ’Ll
cago, for tale at a great bargain. delkd*4Mm
lu Ham- I’onnly, State of Illinois,
stttrof Timber, and tbe bslsnce Rolling Prairie. .*.
g>H«l two-siorv Frame Route, two Usms, six
sl.eda. large torn Crib. Grtnery, Icfthon-c. and Oct
boot* for Milk R*»oni. *CPtv Room, end Men’s Loo a 1 -
convenient furdlvldlng Into two Farm*, all it* Umld
lug* ami Fedcc* lo superior condition, lying f-o
For lUvvr two miles wum Batavia, four mile* fr.*.a
Adporj. from Chlnsgo. Tbe trains «f t;o
Chicago, Bnrllncfoa i Quincy Kalinin*, pae* l i view of
the buiise. Mill creek, a large never ailing
runs throngU tbe term. All the Bt'p’k. Hay end Grs'.o.
Impletnenc-. end Household Purnlt ire mey be pur
rt>a««etogribirr. or ti»«* Kvnn separately. lul» Farm
a.i<i UaprovemenL-s beauty of location, rtcbno - * cf sod,
and ell l»i surroundings, perbapft U second x** none in
Tuiiv- Fifty dollars per acre, el! ca*h down, for rla
Farm. TU« inoveah e propertv on ono ye*r’4cretl!L
lor fi!rth--r nertlealere edurw«* Box 140 Po-l 081, o.
HetavU. Illinois. delbdHlQ-tin
x\. list
Tli» favorite ru;Sailing Ship THOMAS W SCARS
Dar.u, Conimandsr, will Be dispatched for Mellwurre
uarlv lu Jamiarr. Ha. excellent aecommodaJuns for
First and Second Cabin Paseesrara. Applf to CH.Mk
VL FESSKNDKN. 1U Wall street.
Consi 'uccelu Aiutrallar-Messn. Wilkinson Brother*
A Co. (ilcl-J d'ttQJUd, yew York. Pee. S. I*™ _
V mkuica'n kxprkss com-
Corner Lake and Dearborn StrMls*
From and after this date, amII further Citlae. *nr
CspressM will irme and depart as foltawe;
ArfTr#. Depart.
IWM a. M a- *.
11.00 p. w ..... CM p. w.
IMO a, M S*) *. *.
KhiO p. a MJ r. M.
Mip.k *3O *. M.
7*lo s. w.
SAO p. x.
ils a. X ":13 *• X-
HhtO A. x
P.* X *- lt:4S pi X.
LAO P X 11:40 x. X.
%.I0 p. x,
2.40 P. X
ILSI a. X.
fcOO rl '.lia r. x.
12:30 P. X
Ic3o p, X.
OOP time la ujiuiuellud ta and from all points, and
rates alway* a» law u Or any other Express. and unr
prwant arrangements are anch that we forward all
matter fur the Eastern CUIe*—WASHINGTON. HAL'
connecting tr fn«. therebv avoiding the delay of r*-
bluing at mwnnedlate points, We oar* lately extend
ed onr Unea over the HASNIUAL A sT. JOSEPH
RAILROAD, giving ua increased facLtUe* for the
transaction* <•? bnalnee* la MlhaoufL Nebraska sad
Kansas, and making direct connection* vita the <’EN
And all par*# of tha Gold Regions. w« would also
ui the atlendon of customer* to oar #yitem of col
lecting Invuice* ua delivery of good*, thereby firing
them raetmt. * for the filling of order* customer*
they da not car* to girt credit, or that are nnknown—
ta each ca*es we hol-j onnelvss responsible fer the re
turn of mater or property, 'Then the goods so or
dered will not adorn ocr regular rates by passenger
tml tie the tame can bo shipped by freight trains wm
signed to our agent and Invoices sent ny regular er.
press to lx cuUected on delivery of goods.
Orders left at onr office for wagon* t > call will be
attended to promptly.
Goods received too Law for billing at ths office C*S.
If reoalre-L I*) delivered to messenger*, who will re
ceipt fi i r*anje. JA5i. v. FAKOO. Snp’l,
Bspertntendeßfa Olfioe,Chicago. Dec. Itth. LA*.
n.IRP ttrc3£& EICCS TRISS. A J
Tlila Trn*- l* a alia o all other* ever
both In ccoitmctloa and mate
rial Dora uot constantly preaa on the rupture. aiul
thereby give a call for a trn»a for Ufe. like n:os; true**
fa nap. oat maxi la foor place*. bringing the part* to-
E ether, stmt nature a chance to care, which It dixt
i nearly aUc*e«s, Does tot pre*4 UPON THE CORD,
or obstruct circulation: never tolls or ccrrvide?, and Is
alt ar* dean and new. Toon* pvr*oc« aad r<-ODI
caaee'alwava cured Pbyalrlan* taj It !* the OSLT
who have suffered wltutue niUerr uf rupture cau ap-
Kccian* the t*1o« of tea "Rlrta Trisa.” AnlHsatntad
pamphlet, containing all panic alar*, xut free to aay
oaf oy uLlrmlsc L B. SKLUT,
kxcln«lr« ard Sole A rent for the Western Btatec.
Odcc l&i Lake itreet. Post Office box 4.853. Chicago,
trade aappttad at .Viw York prices.
Vetoing ißadjines.
YrKTifopiiLiTAX ‘Tew’txc
!TI itACUlNC—Maaulkcturcd by
SB. B. 9. PAINE,
No. 04 North Dearborn it Salesroom ittheßeetaat
BLoe Store, No. 1 St La*» *C. CM Ooer.)
Sewing Machine Agents Wanted
la every aounty throujhoat the States le tell H. 9.
ravaa'a Mctaopoutui DocaLr-U»;i, t.nrnr. Fa*t
Giona i Baiaa's Stttco *» faariT St*i>a .Micuiaa,
the same tor wnich Lewi* Cornell taa acUd a«
for the 10-t few weak*. _ _ _
The amelilnca are adapted to aa Tartetlaa orwerk,
rirlsz perfect sattslkctlon, and are warranted wnal m
oayraopeettothooeielUatata blrhar price A largo
p«reeiitase allowed, and great Inducements to enter*
SrtslnsAßd eadeat Agcau. AVe atsa haro JUaka A
obn'tor.”* Iraarored Patent AdJaiTiSle Brmmtr.
Xddre«a. or eall la par«oa npoa DtL It S. PATN’E.
P. O. Box SAd, Chicaca, 18. mWUWa
t T low priee^
500 Boxw Soap, 200 Box** Starch.
100 Kej* Sai Sods, 100 X*!* a. C. Soda.
300 Bolt* Sal Brain*. 26 Boxm Fatal*
100 Box** Caaceatrated Ly*.
CO Hhd» Bn5»T. lOOßlkUßccir. SO^xtSas**
100 BbUJf.T. Syrup. 60 Bill Moluw*.
■vnj Linut * CQu i» so-ux w»w
\7. 6L*JTS Uiald Catarrh Eeaedy. War.
raaUd to b« aacreoA perauaaat cure tor Catarrh
A OftaUr. win full Ao.
wQI Mat to any paraoa by adcrwtiac feat Qtxm
box itTl_ laomtr p£jyi§Ut
Tbo capacity of U>L* Uoad L* uov equal to uuy It. Uta
Three Throacii P*Mfii"pf
Between I‘lnJbtLrvti auU I'lds-idelplibi. .
Coanectfnralfcc-lluUic Lnlou at
witiiThransn Tr.Uun from a.I Western Utfe* for n.ila
dclphL»,sew Yurik-Ruaton. Ualtliuurcai.'t Wx-!tin--':tti
City: tho< furiil»hlrtg tarUltle* for tin- urnupunaunu
of PiMcoterj unrur;>a.-»ea rsr iml cuoifbrt by
’any otber route. v ,
Exprciaatid EastLln«Ttm tarmtsh to n..lai!«:pMa,
Smottlnic Caraaro allac&eil t j 'MfO train; u wodrulTS
Bleeplnjcati* to Ksprcua a.i-1 l-'a<tTrains, 'i l:o itx
pres* run* dally, Mali and E.irt Line sumuya cxc-'p'-Pd.
Three dally tram* connect ulrwt f**r Torn:. Ex.
press and r'ast Line coru-jct for lialtLuyre a.ut n >»),.
Tiirouzh I’.waenacr Triltu pr->'ldcil with Lc::z I;.
btdse*9 Patent Brake—n>«rd under perfect contr.lol
the Enslteer, thus much i-» tho ralety ol tm-
Trains bciwcen Pi.ll.vlj’pnln and New
York; two Dally Trains between Ntw York and Bos
tun. Throuah tickets, ail rill, are jjpjod ou eluu-r of
Uie above truus.
Boat Ticket* l*»
River, orStonlnjjum Llsir*. Lo«t >n i>:i.»cr;p.-airjj.
f«rr«lfreeofcbar;4»Uuo4i^’iac.» i’-r;.
Ticket-- inav be omaim-'t n» an,. «•!;.«.' Snipv:!a..l
JSaJiruaa Otdee* lu U>« VVc.-r; -i»o on 5 riaydne
rvnulof Uuc of steansepi rn the Ml—.silpt lor utiu*
lUven>;at;d *1 Uic ottoc 0/tli>- ’ "i.ijanj i:t Hostou,
Sisw \ i»rs, BalUmefe. i.r j'ail-dcl; o-o.
tariata AiWiTi* A.* i.oW sab irin as a*
ov cat o:.!eh - it',
asr for i iciiu.cn p>v i-.riniu nr.n.
Tbe coiuptctlon «f tliy a «i.rtecilra.- oftLS
Pemurlvanla Itxllrcad uiuwt • No- l!.e
ValiMd at
i;i;K # \T’WK’?r
The coancult- of tracks by R«;lpoa.. I'-rip* :e at
Plttvbursn, .ui dt..yj*s;e or i.f 1- r*.
with the aa»ms of tbuc, are auv.u.t«se*> r< *«.l
ly appreciated by snlppcrj of :-t-vl !:»• Tr-\-,-J
luKrubllc*. « ,
For rrelilitCoatraLTS am.Bl.jpolr.;r>.r;-vil.p:;*.anply
to or adilrc-a cither «f tae f A.kc:.’* of the
Company: sTKW,VRT. Pltt»barab:
n. S. Pierce A Co.. Zanesville. t>.: 3. .1. JoLm*<ii,
rapley, O.; It Mc.Seelry. Kj.; t>nu>:i: A
Cropper, rorvmotuh. v>.; I'-i.fiJock a: C».. Jracrs -u.
Tlib*. Ind : ll w. itrown *. c.*,. uncinuna: Att i t
Hlbbrrt. Cincinnati; K. C. Meldrnci. .Ma.1n.1,,
Jo*. K. Moore. L*.iul»vTUe; I*. I va:.*.
vlllc, lud ; N. W, Gral.aiti a: Cu. Cairo, lit.; H. r.
«a»s. bhslerA OUwa.bt. Louis; ,I.»b.i 11. IS;irrt>, Na-it.
vllle. Teuu.; llarrt* « Hnui.Meiophl-*. Toutt.; C a:ko
i Co., Chicago; \V. 11. il. Koot.td. AUo:i, lit.; .Tio
Krrlrtit Affcuu< of Itallroads a; point* *n
Tha Greatest facilities offered for tho Prato -
tion and Speed; TraasporcaUoa c i
Livu Stock.
»n.l goed aceomniod-tinns with u»aal privilege* far
psno iu travcllcs l:t cnarpx- in.-f.t.
llr tbb Route Erc!abt»of ail ue-cripUJnican be f-r
--warded viami f.i'iurhliadt’pM-i, Nov Turk. lljJt-pi l ,
or BaUim-'ro. tour.d Iron a;.r pi l»:l ..n t!:o iLtilro *«:-
of ul*l'i. Kcniuckv. Indlara. ll.luvt*. ui n. lou.x,
or MU*ouii, by raVroad dtrxTt,
Tbc I'enasylvauU Radroud s-’o rot.urc:-* at l.tff
bursh with sic imciv, by wMeh GW.* b-.ff. a'niu*
c'd to any port on the* Kontucky,
Tenm-sce, CaiutM’rland. IMti-.1-. Ml. ►>-I|-;!. v Mu hI’ i
■ln, \n«aimrt jeamnts. ArV.!!;*** aa.l ih'd tvi' ers ; ..ml
*t ("evehend, Sundu*k.v u!;«l 4 : lea ;•) w lili hte.«;. i r to
*ll l*urtsu» the b'orthwcvtcrn .hi ►.
ilcS chant-and Btiippcrsca jli.siSt.‘iran?t-'-rtaf..r3
of their frclyhlsU* Un» f'*u-> x \ ..-an rely w ;-.h con:..
deuce on It* ►;K-rdy t.-otirlt.
The r»te»of Freight to aa»- rO’u any point in tb*
TTe»l,bv Uio Beuasvl»aula ihili...;.l,arc a; a;’, ti.t.e* a *
favorable as are by other il. It. Coiup-inU-'.
Ijy”Be liartlenHr b' nivra pai*W.;j .-■* "via Brve U 1..
V. J SNKKDKK. l*hll.id.*:pftU
MAGRAW & W Ni-rth-lled. naULnoro.^
LEACH & CO,. No. A-.-r Rot. .c*, or No.
Ham street. New Yi.rii.
LEECH A CO.. No.7:>:..N"tTf<t. r -:oi«.
11. 11. HOUSTON',tiex. Frvi ;ht .V,t. I’M.
LUllillTi. G:-.». Ti.A; r. x’.dl-J. 1
TQOtcA.bCOrr Ucu.s.ipi.Ailoo.pa.i’.t.
Si lOu tf* rt
1850-C1 • • Winter Arrangement 1360*01
Now•prapTefett «•»! rar* r«:» Jror* rulcnjo lo Ktt»-
borj without chaujc, eomu wit;. t!.«
Gnat Onlral UaUrosd
ToN«w Yuik, rhlloioli'M... IVi’t'/r-oi- ar.l V.aihirx*
tosi City. nr.J all the interior tow::* »»f Fenr«jl»:*i;U
New Jersey, New V<Tk. 'i.id. a i-
Merchant* br taking UiU toiite, -si:' Is iv« ih»* artv
I*2o Of all the ta*l’.'ra marlt i;o c<>«t
Train* leave tliel'iiion l»<?pnr. corner i>f r».ril »r«J
Msdlaoa street*. u» f>liuv.*:
BJO *. Moralis; Expreu. iUI y. ♦•«-
fi3i r. ic—Nljjnt Expre's.iiaily.t.'iiuriUjactci r:c>l.;
tonuectliiz utCrcatllac uUti Hie dcvi-lar-I ar.«l !.*««
?horc IlaHroait to lissnktrk. llr.f s'--.
New York »ml aa.i all t.;c Int-it.i.- 'm;; i
New Eogtasd, vU New \
and Erie Uailrmul*.
AlKt. »*»olb li> l>lmj>lrna, 7ar.*^rli
Wrnon. StoubttjaUie, W ton-lit". anil i 1
Oiilo«;nt Vlrslnln.
'lh« *bove iraLis rcma.fl Kor.il v.’j- j.aJtis .
MitiKiver ICjvul to r>!)a:..i, lJ.4Vt.*c r."A
Cincinnati. Alm.mliU train* at l.ti.n ’ r ;on ;.u : I
Cluclr.natt .HrvcC
Pu«n;cn boanh East wilt anti thl. oeia
Elegant ami 3,trcr:ihh*. |*n*lnr thn-’n,:. a.-.-yol :..o
ir;f9t an.l tlnr:.: the Called Snu .
at on any «•* ih r.
•will dm! ■llcrlite catch at in • •'.■ i»u< * :<» ’< -
r.dvf checks and convey fret ..f c iarje to u a
ntuburrantlt car*. >!• rpui> tar* »! y
csttn iralu. Muokia-icars «*n ait mi.
Ticket* fjr ß al«? a: trie p-Cul-v* Ta--* i '•rtc.** '• .
West,. .it atU»eC*'»ii{iAr.y*ii Oiico.cou.e’-*.; Laiul - ;■;
ami lU trborn airtM-s cr at the Tuioi. W*-t
bt'le, Cbir«2<».
pa.ilCHlar and rt>h Jo- tluri* i#> tor. ■.
Krrlfftit i*f all ktaU- will *.»«■ ri.ri<>l fro-; io
all Knstatall lion*-, *1 a* low nu-* *■* ■ v other
baiSmad Rotte.
The Puwmnsn, tort ''•a;- .ir 1 t . icag * l-air • .'I
Company, tie:;..«i aa ariac^c-.r - .. '.in. *.. v
Pi-anevi>ania Central Hal!.' ;• 1 * , i. y. ?. .• ’ .*.• trk..--
port.i:V>n *rrl*_. ,• r-• jt• -:;> cm «■• ■-. . v
Milliard l»v this Ilf.- l)« ii. • • v. . I’’;i..
UttMraorf, New Vor.\ snnl
With Promptness and Bispat eh.
J. N. firllAUliV. >-n t. u. :■
J. H. MOORE. Co«i. am! tivu‘l
D. V». l>Ooo tii-ii'i V.m . lu-?. .v.i.’M.
piiiCAGo i:::x
\j • K.uLvr.vr.
DiiiEiT a«rn:
7« icoek&ni. acii.li
Madl*on, l*rairl« <J'i
Greta limy, IScrlU!. Ulpva, L*»‘r*»*v
Ou ui.d after Mocda/.
U«> e, yii
Evening Exj.rr»#-V»i r. 'i .
tlrkeoi c*u be rut-clia-’"* ;iM IJollr ..a
tßcMi»’. I»*-*fborti ■•ircvt. or.n IW f
L. I)J’\ 'ln*a u.J- • •
E.l>»ytrr notiuma. u«u*LTlckci_.W- v
JJUFI-’AI.O 'jbT.XKK Ul'i:”N
-1. J RAILTFAV. ShortcutuiiJ b.’stroate toitatl'.lc
acd other £a*tf ru
Train is-.., n.-tmlt .ii c .7). ir.
rlvg.% at llutlaio ut fcw) p. m,. Nvw \ «rk at IW.' ti:„
lighten at 43d; tormentor huu X V.UrntralA. I'.i m.
To ami N. Y, * Erie tmla* Ea-:. Tinker* v !.i rlila
Uornt can lie obtained a: lit*- l‘i! >■> Depot.
fAJVOa.IT _K ft. \lan-«»F _
j.»l lake phot:;: raiuuud,
186041 Winter Arrangement. -
Take* etfect fmmiav,, No». TS.
6.00 a. New York and U«» t.-u E\;iru>*— daily oic.-pt
Holidays. via idd line.
6 SJ p. Sight Kxpri'*—dully except Satnrdar. vU
Old Lino.
Connecting at Toledo and Oetrrlt witli trains to nil
points interior In Utdo. iV.m«\lv:inla. New Vwr*. hj..l
the New knzlaud Mates and camid.*-.
6.0 C 4. Pittsburgh. HaTt;mnr« asd Philadelphia Ex.
pres#, xts Cleveland.
*.!*) p. x. Making elose connections nr. t c -i«
any outer route.
pr* Woodruff*# Patent Sleeping C-*rs aoconp.inT ji;
the Sight Train# on this route to Sew 1 organ 1 Ito-d^i.
Ticket# can be bad at all ticket ofilce* m the V>.»u
and at the Company's Office. .M Dearborn streets, ana
at the depot.
Tr .In* arrise in ‘hlrago at w.30 .s. it. and JIKSi r •*.
OKO. M, OKAY, u'cuT. Utsl.-rJi AZc'.t’.
Jouff I>. Canratu- Oen'L Mij L
Winter Arransenicni.
Trains Isave the (Ireal Cciuru. Depot, fnr.t uf L*gs
UQ 4. i:»r re—. Ilays eii-ep"*L}
arrive at Detroit p. >i •>;.“pernio-, lahlite
t.00i.v.: Albany Vd p. H.: New Vo** 'k.'C
p. tLi lh*um i.’.tii ntgid.
nan F . a.—New Tort and l«o*t.*n Jlvjire**. (except
Fxtorday.y arrive at Detroit v. r*o*-
pensioii Brldue of p. « . A**- int
tOO a. New Yorl: V.M’h •. v„ u risedt,
9JO ±. Exi>r«. *. • nu.:h..c.i;h
tnCicclnnatfln 11 hours.
*3O A. X.
. WdO P. X.
5 -41 P. X.
Bjo r , u.— Cincinnati and Expr**-*;
Patnrdavj through to Mretnuatt * 11* foaia
Loulivlfte In 1* tiu tre.
4.0* r. ll.—Tmin. Saturday. opt; la NU«. j S-. I*7
Trains nl fi/K* p. m.
rr Patent Sl«-r-iin: Car-on -.l’
The 6A)r. u. train fyrmrcl* at Far# wtm th*» llnf a!e
mndLake Huron lUUwav fcr It-irci;.* and ail j-dn’s
rtt j- at Toronto with llm (inml Trm.k Hallway to
KJuriton. Otfdctubamlu .\r..r.tr»*:d, :i..d *■'
moJaU to Canada East, Northern % eru.otit. New i.atnp.
Sire and Main*,
ilagzajze checked throjcli.
Through ticket* formate at tee p-inelpa; Hp-tinad
oOceeluttic No»tha2d Wes*, am! at lii<» C«« •:; a..v »
odicc, corner Lake and Dearborn street-. .it the
depot. oot of Lake arreet.
f F. S. HICK.
n.t Sitccrr. General Agent. IC!S
\J ICAILUOAU LlN£^—lni jß .:.giT Train* dei-art
from « nri arrive at Ohieaso a* p-how-;
Oar Ktprr»aar<t M.UI leave a. e. and arrive
at 5 45 p. m. (SuuUy»«scc7te<:i.
Sljht txprroi leave* at tl.ti «•. n. t;« ui ■.
•d): arrive at 5.15 a. w. (Monday.' ■-*' opted’.
JOHN K. TilAcV. t.en.li.l, ■
W. L. Sr. Joua. CeuT Agetu. *l' v?
O oo KAU.lin.lli.
The only direct rout- to i. • niii;-" •?.
Aiwa and et. Louis. V> ITIlf»l t cIIAN-
TaroEaprert Train* dally leive tin or. i
•very morn lag (except sunday. aid
cept Saturday’
.11:40 a. U.
.11:10 A. X.
Til A. M.
. P. X.
&00 P. X.
Leave Chicago at.
Arris* at Juliet...
~ Peoria.,
“ - Bloo;:il.ut;n . .‘Jw ” :-i “
“ ■* secatur * ! -:0 **
" •• yprtngfie!.! 5-vt •• a.a> ••
.. ~ Jacaswuville ...... s ;'ii " » “iR p w.
“ •* Alton "
** - SL Lolil* " l*-.'i ”
Tiirongti trali*> arrive at t.hlcau*o »■ 2>nlG *t. and :ij
p.x Joliet end Wllmlnot-'U A*ctiu.nn <;ati-in U-av-
Chlcagu at 4^up.x. daili t roLd:.yJ. arrive at
nr Kiezant keeping C-r-ion all ni •; t iram*.
CONNECTIONsV-.U« du-noa w.Ui l-'tjan'-i-i-rt.l’rc
rift and Burlington Ilallruad t-,r I-'-j-i-. ,i<rt •*
tfsieslrar; and Burlington. At Ulooiuh gtou wm
Df-i*central Itnilr.wl u-r At • ..rii -' r 1 lain
lirvat tVeatcm Railroad of lam-- s fur .Is« »
Naplenand Qctncy. At St. :.ui-.!vwlt!i pacific ILiilrcad
for Jc3fP»ou CU/, »racdii% t>tur»ui •Wii. t!c niTll'r,
Lexington. rndep»*x Cltv sutd I.iavM;-
wortta. a lib Norm Mi.- ouri Rwilr.-a ’ fir.-?, i h.ir!t .
Moduli and ?t. Joseph. and with lr >• M--urT.it”. ?;.vt
road for Pilot Knob and routm-m .MD-n.rl. mill li-ul
road Lino of Steauur ‘-h U;»; .'.lks*!':;, pi Rlvi-r fir
Slempld.. and .’.eer (Mmim.
Fur throngs ticket* apply a; Cw Com; an*'-' utfee.
•Ct Dearborn street, oh-,site frvojont lion*.:. and at
the Depot, Canal street.
JAMES Rome ' Pi -. ri ,.- 4
CH\B. CONGDOS » Utcrua.*.
R. D. MAiON, Superintendent.
C. C. WHEKLLR, Gea'l Ft. Ajem,
_JOaE!'H PRICE. Treasurer. de»
1860 Winter Arrangement 1861
uu o. d after SomUv. Notembnr uotJi. lo*-0. trains will
leuv« the Great Central Uc?o?. loetef Xaisu and South
W.uer Street-.
ftSu a. (Sau>lar»eioeptrdi it Peer: i a:
p. Luucs IklO r. «. » nlro iv. k..
Sfrmphts3.-Wp.jf.. SewOric h -nr*.
®Au p. Jl, rxerpted;. ;:rrl ’ 1 it
11:30 a. Jf.» Calr-> Mtv p, n . \ i : *' i
S3 boers.
- Train* arrtre la •’Men*;* al:
'MO a. x. and 850 P. », ’ 1
Tliruuch tlckeu for all important potit* So.itli aiul
Southwest fbr oala at the mace oi um Cauapasy. la Iba
Great Central Depot.
w. u. '.;vrm:i:.Geu.>-L»i.-t.
W. R. JOHRSOb*. Gen. Pa**rcc« - A seat.
i 'ALENA «fc Gt lIGAG<) L’-N iu N
VT liAILCOA D.—AV*is—rr. .* kaix-inif'rr.
Oo and after Monday, Not >-uiher kttu. D<».irair.i ■aU*
leer* Well* street depots* Ibllowa. -amUysexcephat:
HAD a. stand ruiy r. st, for BcleUlere, ll»j«Kfurt. Free,
port. Warren, Galena, liunlelth. Dabiiqurand Bjter
mediatopofnis; Ih4ha.iL aitd*:i>>r.*.|i.rDLf.*a,r‘'iO.
Fulton. Cedar Rapid*, *ud liiienu*dU;e P“ln«-i: » y f.
m. for Bclvldcre, Bod.ford, ami Inu nm’dlnte
polau; S.nXJ r. li. for Gcm-va r.n I Irterr.cA.-.P* into.
1 .••JT -1 ’
a.x.trdc, Paoenger* forCryita* L.ihe, .McHoarr.l.i -h
--mond. Geneva Lake, and Intermediate point*, wliitase
G. SVWHEELnn, Gr::. A*-t. li I
Ron ullwadkes. la cr.os*E st. patt- osn
Os sad after Monday Dec. 3d, ISA lhu*o3sp>r Ttafnx
leara the Depot cora«r <*f Won Klmlu mi-l Cacul
itrcrts. (Sunday* deep!>•*}» a-» foliowa:
7-xS aad arrive a; Milaaukeeat ll'G .v. y.
12A1 j», y_ and arrive at Milwaukee ul A3Up.y,
Puaseagtr Train- arrive at edcajoat:
It 3d A M. sad MB p. M.
■Now.trirpfor*. hereby
Tlrtu jot-*njii Tn:«{ Luu-A. IVjaJlon Uic7<nirtb d»y ci
Jamiarr/.v I>. uw. acii o'cl-h-x. nf j-J.i ilhv at
; tint nor.h doorof sUc Court Hutue In mU cJtvofCM
i tizo. Mil at public auction iota® hiicheat Wilder :ur
1 coeh, Uio orcrubes lu >*aid frost Deed described wrUcs
arc si folkm-t, viz; Lou and thirteen (I. 1 ; &
■ block one (l\and lot* cno (I?,two (2), three (S' aa>*
fonrO) to blocs: <n an to to too park 4dUUuo w
- ——— - Cblca*o.toseibcrwltb alllh« prlrtleic*and tr;urt=-
TVTTGIIT SCAVENGER —-CWIm nance* iWtunlo belong tor. and ailtba right. mo w-f
l\ ■V I,U, _m - h , rj^ Dari , Interest and equity nf wtamptloa ®tJcO to*
X\ artaed to tb« cleaaLo* o r privy vanlta >layw and wife have In and so wild pmnU<«*.cr v- I '*
TesoTtscof ttabla maanra, and acj offwulaa matter tea oodcnlzaßd Ua»la tba *am*ua<ier and bw >irtu*» '•*
Orders d&ectad Cbaa. Kua.Otic*SOP. 0. tox 414* u umD Ir--^-
*raitac»»T*pwap%btt«ttUoa, »«**«., cWch* Ju'u:*'-'
Wmiejaa Aeeowmodsilun Trala luare* Chlc*;a it
r. n, taVrc* a; CUlcaio atASJ a. a.
_no2t B. C. UALDWDf. BopX
Urgal St&bcrtiscments.
Mi >iiTGAGF. Wlm ri'iiH,
. biiU M W i!»*rc hr.>: Mary C, M» wsf«*. did on
tl-if .'“tb«!.ny of April, A. I*. Is.'7, *zi ente And deliver to
Jacob w. l.u.tktm. rj.»w dec*Ms*il. ihotr certain
Ita;;-. b-arine data Cm- t..v > nr »r..n'U(::. -.ml
m*-*: li dln to** l>»'or<l»T'» nirtr*- of i;»nk County. UN
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Ir-i;! 1 . ,!n\ • r I XT- -..r-, A. i» » -n .U i - ,u;
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m-Uu-.r.t .. *;iit >
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itlila; li “r t!i-‘ .If 111.-v- m.'
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frvn,-> l~c. W Fl>v--.. fr .h. f- aMjv-
havlnghe* ■. 'V • t I.i rh- .hit., .'ft - • 1-rk • f - d* > !»•
cult Court < i (>. ; lo.tr.ty. t>. ;•» hen M give*
lli»* dufcal ii.t. -aid t > *•.
bill t.f complaint M sal.l Court, -m the thsivr; -idn
licr*..r. on thel'. :.-i. , i > :il'; dav of iieeetrhrr. I>‘<. niKi
i:«.st » Inercijut.. i -uc I ■>• i «>r •• ,vj < «.;rt
iiunlrst *ald •;* fe-.d.iTd*, r<l.:r shv-m the :hlrd Mot*
dav of February nett, >. u* i- t>y law r.d.
Now, ui.l.-«i* vy.i. Hi.* -aid .i• -f.; d.t..;*. 'ln 1
ally ami npp-sr htf-re »ald • .rvult Conrt«<l
( -■o ite. o;; tlie rtr»l due <d r!ie t. r.-in>f. M
b- '.■• Mvi ;»’ •'M.-tg-., y-. »;.M c..ii,..v. ■ ihlra
Von«i.»p of F«»i*r«;trv, Wil. and ]ik-iv>l. r.>r dim'-r
to ri • »al I e'i!upUhiart»* bill >tl mplal .1, usu
a;iil t‘;c n.ati an ? tJilr;«r* tti.T.dn r'tur.'cl ;i: a -!•»;« <1
will be tak-i. 0-tr.M. i.-»,d.:iu.l rtor.-.l .igultst
y».it jccTdluz to the rra> \.T '• | - 'o»id MM.
UM. 1. OILIUTI. flcrk.
-V. lauaLU, Compi’UMji'r. del: iv*
r i ■Ul'.-TRf.S SALK.—I’nMi,- N.v
a. tb # U Per In - that by .J. - fault .1*
t'j-i'pa’ uicui »i certain ui-iuics V«* - urc'i ?■» fc'-.l of
irr.! dnltd M.iv II.IW. nitiMlnff ?.» UK* is-id. ro.«. ;w i
as tniytcv, rac -uted by Cout.ul oud Fr«dir;> . '-nn s.
I. L. • . Palau Fpmt. Ui«. a../rtc.ce a«*l tru-'t.- *nu\
Ix-ed or ‘lorigjge nundl c f'l. will ..a n.c n*:. «.i
January. A. It. i sil. h. j: ,»i pulillo aiu H. ;.. !• r ov-v. t*.
t:.c id -l;vd bidder, at tin* north d..or ■■! ui.- « .*urr
li'.a-cln C.c s-It:* "I 11.1* jsuo. «*.f !*■ * ;k. M.nloOf
Tlli.'iol*. all the foil d-'M rlbed'reul -Hutite
la •dd c umv ..f i At.i,, riM.i lolt-ov-- « pni
at t‘i« e.n»*>e,d ••..riicr -d «.-clJo:. sw.ntr
twelve 1.-1 east of tin* tnird ;>rlt.cl|.al mon.lua: tl.eaee
• rtt. on fin.- *«‘ctlc»n lint- «1\ :i»i .Uiaia*; Ui..i.ei- wewl
\ ~rd p.ir UMi M il.e *••«'dion line .v.eril. clidlu*:
I .••! i-c -di'.n eleven iff :‘l< chain*; t»:e«ic* va-t t-v«.aty
o north f. nr GJ-d'd* ’i-.ln» to the plaso
oi coi.t.o.iniw *1 a Jucr.;--
A'.*-». <• .niiiicmdn; at tMr r.dd *ui:tli en*t ec.ruef af
»e. don tweiily-uigl.t, c ; : U.e',c«uur‘;i mj.:; huctiula*;
thence e.tec thirty•nruT.-lud t!».dn ; tl.rncd-..nUi idn«
;*•: Ofli.u;.-: thence v.« d tldrtv -ilve S» Ud chains
ihei.pe north thirty ttiilua w the plac- -f lie;;:n.laz.
< o.A.mine •ewi.ty ucrw#
Also, wfl that part efthe nedti.-a-t >iinii. r of tbe>
:iorthra»t «iuartvr of »«-ciU>n t drf. ihreu iJa«, m town
• np. fortvone |»il north of range iv.v.ve wastof
in*; third principal n.. rt-lUn. c-n ;iii-i.elii*at the north
w ext corner * f «.i!d norUa ast nuamT of the uorthi-tot
cjajTtvro: »vrth»;i Uilrty-tbree «:s»r Bfhrewdd; monluz
ff-oin thence ••.■;th oiie-half degn •• w. »t along the seal
l.ne of v ; (d ;.ort••o;ct (|tnrter-of snld nortlnai't
:.r, lavay chain* to itn* ik-iu *. *e*l corner oj »aM
rr.vot; il.;"'"- nonn . KMtv.* 1,-i { and Mli -grves tut
the *’’titi; Mae of -aid tra'd twenty ihalhs to
;:.c -•nibesH crnrrofl e **me; thence n-u-th «>&*•
I ivT rU-r * va-t lift-, n Haiti* aid iJi:rtj-eUM link* ta
jl' lnt it: tbo caeT !; .•• --T »>iM trmt; thoiicc *ou:h
• Jgbt and ono f-urth degret*. w-.-i
«ii .l:i-ar- I -t-v'-ntTitesfii !l:d:« t«. n post In Hie n r.ter
the ihen<*e tweMy-*lv M
wo»t al*>nf the renter -ft? e M piuv.", f> *ll r idnu.* on.t
»';.U •1 ■ link* t. n ifi tr.*- Lonh line •■; said
I'l-IH' • -i.rilll I • i'jW Wt'l along
tin- m-nli line nf mid trai l, ei,e ciula and f>»;jr UnJt* to
iho [iUee» f l-« jrlntdpg. I lie-v;.i D-rt.;au-- -r I'.-cdul
Irti-t reeiriled la the ilce.-rdf.'- tNlLvf c- "nty.
iU.n*d» in lU-'K 0.-.* oi 2 icvd j . i»z>: l.Z\ raid-.•.!«> tu
1 .. J„ ~J,. tin* lul>.LaU>.l .)(■ liio Tedder i>t the UCtM
ijioclili J in said De-ct. 1., t. PAiSL 1 iIKKU.
« U« euiebcr 13. ’.>•»». !rilM*«
: : V.p i A2t>.
I a: i! *trji k
.. -iulti; <e\-
A MALL—tvun>c Hold
j. X. t>> (:!•••« an a»»!<nnic.it at this nortii door >-f the
* •i , .rt ilnuw, in Ctitcugo, on Katurdnv. Ljc twenty
iiLtih day of December nexl. ut l* o’clock a. x. a lot of
r.nr.e. n.-i-otirte ahd judj;::iv! ! di.i- Li.-. Ui- firm of J,
f-’. A !I. X, ;.iut i . S. Ih4r««>n*. sale absolut*
f irra»n. tor particular*Uitiuu* ut ><< u. Hi rhert. At
t. rn-v, mo Dcarb'-nt street. H. AIK IN.
Day L*<pr.
■'*.* ?-ieb' tip.
• ni -ago. rVr.Xtli.tVd
*;.\i■!•:.- vV ht* read,
I :*1 -.v; M. rr-vklt.-»3f.| «**-«( i 'I.. hSntfi.-. .Jldby
i ! v.r na;.-; rept> ini'- r K.*, and *1 mcrdla
Oifite < “Cfc C ■ •-••••. Hi Iy Booh
■. * ‘1..-,..ivcvr .Ha-'.r.lf, '-a-.1. !.<■> J3. 14. li
!-•■• h fr * ■ M.l'arfc,
1.. r., «• i“. iUu.- i lit 'r.-’.I ■ :-'.r IU- w.
u,r-Ir'’it l \ '--.‘.tndr^.
1i'.1,-1 •.rjif.' •■'•'. 11. L . ’.fler, t - i»-iipol
. ■ ... ,r. ■ • v<»f ;• ilollnr-. Hid In
J«-,;. - r ..\ u.Tt I" »•!:- i I ;>r -til. •■* a; .»tilllo
...m a- ;. T.:., rvil-. >■ -vl-r 1 j- r- . r-»'nt*d
T-, i,..;. ; I .-it a. i ■ r • .*. aud
E.'.rrtVrc. t.- r ‘ - -ti--**-; i“ .a: tlie uo>
dvr-U.-.t ■: r?’; :.v. Oa MfT. w'.! *-J! a- p- l' .c auo
r. ;i ...’x;i;«;v i;:i. -.1 rt-m 1 ion ox
1.. of • -nr; 15 ue.ln Cld.
1 t "t t l-!-;. I T CS-< . oil !:•«• prelOUr*
j* iii.‘ •■! lr-a..IU«- .1 -f 7r.J*t, nr 'i im h Uiareoi
-udl. i-::t t-i t'-i r d m»I>1
J l-'fr-itil DVV!- Tr>Mie«.
'![•’ Il.l.l\urs. filOK
i o-ipf*•. S. s.—superior'’ourt*-hir.i<‘*. -7.tr.uar7
Term. A. 1». lyo. Siwar> M. I .•••;■> Jai«»*Tr?;o. la
« ..ftlic non rr*idenra ct .lame* Trcse, d^
. t . : ni’ifd. havms lu tn Slfd In the uUICv 01
1*.,.. - r -t -iNt Stiprnnr* *i irt-fiMeai;rt. Nollcela
li-r-ii: i• an it*tiM**.ud Jjiii.c” C;a£ the com-
Jdal-. - : '.lt.-; her '-I!! p- mj-Ulnt !'t raid • t.url.ou
i. 1.1 iM-cerf •*M- Uier-tu' . , ci«< iit'i day of Ucccnt
1 t». 1* • • :• I'l'Tt irj* -n OHtc*
-r: :.; i-1 * *nt dffftidani, m in.a Mi* oatba
r. •* '. i i •' f ’ * : •'f-U InII. mla Nr lav rvijulr
; •. t* " *»M Jpn'ri* itivro •lialtpcr
.. . v •.•■<: ;;;■ .r ' oh-re « d-J Sar.-rl-.r court of
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I- n.. .«••• ’ i ■ * iitdiien ut i h.-'.j.i, i.i »aid couotf,
: «.i; it • i:r»t 'loada> •'! January Ipul, and plead, uuvir
0.-.I : :: ■* --it! j»!ai;m*t% o!I» ..f pomplalat,
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ent. r<* - : ni-dti*t y-m acc-rilL? lot*.- : river of >ald
. in*. , . BtMBALL Clara.
j. tn Sjso. C«OJprw Scl r, uelidAiS-4«.
I r pKU&TEH’:> SiVLE —Whereai,
: JL Samuel 8. Hare* and r.lnfe I. M* wife, of the dtr
i of CMcsift). county oT Cook and State of Illinois, old
[ outhe ihl tiny ofJnnr.A.l* l.C.s.•xccntr fcittiaun
deralßnrd a certain cved of Trurt'tl.lch -iirdlare
• orded In ri* KrccrU , r*a oitlcti of C»r«k Ci-nr tv. la
■ Cook Il't of I>eeilr. vlilcn d-r.l conteyed the
r propcrtyhervlaaftermenttfracrt Uitr'tMto -tccureUir
1 todrbUMluito In the saUl Truat Uml <U ■*all ed.
i And* whereas, default ha» been made Ui the payment
; Of tns said Indebtedoca*. andilicr* Is now due and un
paid thereof the ma of Jv.tooof principal and II.SW
i lur V>(crett. payable at the Broadway Bank lu the city
ofNtiar York. *
And, urnercAc the leml holder of ihe Mid Indebted
nc*< hath made appUc«iti>n to me to *ell the property
{'Arnold 'iTnut Baeddeectlbod on account o' such dr
f fbult and tn accordance with the nro'.uiou* of th» *md
•|, deed.
Andr.' w
-1 . •<<!,:: I • *■ 'i_
;i Psr»Vn«.

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