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■WEDXESDAjy, JANUARY 30, 1851.
Tuxsoxt Evcaare, Jan. 89,1861. •-
There was a good Inquiry, for Eastern exchange
to-day, and the,market was firmer. The ‘Banks
premium, bulthey did not care
about parting with anymore than was sufficient to
eupply the demand of their ’customers. On the
ctreet there was hu active demand for good bills at
B* per cent, premium, and several lots of bank ex.
change v^saoldatSj*.,
rununt akd rxccßßXxt fuxds.
The foil owing table shows the dosing rates of 3?.
Granger adsms. Esq., editor of the Chicago Bank
2,’oU List, No. 44 Clark street, for current ex
change, Ac.: - '
Bnm. Bran.
Exchange on New York.. 5* : 6
N.T.ftN. Eng. solvent Bank Notes.. 6
La. uhlo,By-,and IndlanaState.;.. 4
btlch. and Canada, K. J. and 10wa... 4
N«w Jersey find lowa Banks.3
jraam, Md- f Mo. ft Freelnd. Banks.. Par
Gold.. -
mccsßßn? wb.’'-'' , •
Bxtying. Bit.
Discredited Illinois... .. 15
Va., N. C., Ala., Ga., ft oldTenn..,, £
South Car01ina..........--..--. 6 • ..
Stock Banks of Tcsn. and B. C 6 ..
Gbxat Wfismar Ejudwat,—'The following is
the traffic for the weekending January 15,1881:
Passengers T.5U.614 98*
Freight and Livestock. 30.707 CS*
alails and Sundries . . 1.487 06*
Total— .$43.760 08*
Corresponding week of last year.Bo.oo7 10*
Tczsdxt Etxsisq, Jan. 29,1861.
WwftT Exnrw.—The rewipts of Flour and
grain during the past week, compared with the
.•orrespniding weak-oflast year as follows:
xaesms of rMtrs ass obaix xok wxss zsonre
fiATUSSAT, JFAS. 19, 186 L
Flour Wheat Corn Oats Byeßar’y
brla. bn bu bu *bu bn
OftC T7 BE.. 3950 SSISG 3SS9 1204 306 3273
8188., 3736 49CJ 21700 ..,, 3500 SUO
1C88........ 87 11800 83800 IG3O 862 150
CBftQ.BE... 2902 €494 43282 310 069 382
BWBit 7431 190 SI W 9469 700 1U57
C, Aft 8cL.,.. 680 KSC 42157 601 100 350
Total- 18586 51227 148800 60G4 00S3 5001
*arae time '6O. 6797 49355 196962 8C714 C 039 8433
i'a« following are the receipts and eMpmenta for
Ibe past twenty-four home:
Floor, TrWt, Corn, Sd’e, Eve, Ear.
brie. bn. bo. lbs. bu. bn.
G.&C.U.E.E. 670 8045 80113360 822 739
C.&R.I.R.E. 764 1G56 5250 «70 .... 800
LC.E. Ii 665 9290 273
C.8.&Q.8.8. 466 5857 IW6 8265 333
C.&N.W.K.R. 1073 4489 .... 1420 890
828 10562
T0ta1...... 3173 20134 57603 17265 IMS 1804
DrVd lire High-
Tslw Bogs HocsCat'e w'ns Bid’s
Iba. No. No. No. hr.’a, lbs.
G.&C.U.E.E. .... 926 240 .... 100 9010
C.4ELEE 4C5 B2 26 171 1290
LC. E. H 748 340 48 1515881
C.8.&Q.8.8. .... 759 618 15 14S 15351
C.&N.W.E.E. .... 189 .... 15 ... 1111
C-A.&BtJUBR. .... 18 16 50 8355
8044 1047 188 45151213
The receipt of Hogs, live and dressed, daring the
put twenty-four hoars, amounted to 4,091—0f
which 3,044 were dressed- There was less inquiry
by shippers for dressed bogs to-day, and the mar
>Pt declined about 10c—heavy hogs selling at
$6.87,tf®&40, and very extra only commanding
$6.60. light hogs were sold at $8.12#. Live Hogs
were iuJair request, bat the market was scarcely
ao firm; with tales at $510®5.60 gross.
In Provisions there was little or nothing done,
bat the market ia still firm. *Abou: 960 bbla Mess
Pork were sold, in small lots, at $16.25; bnt round
lots of well established brands are held at $16.75®
3<.o)—buyers offering sl6-60. Cnt Meats are qnlet
bat steady, the market .being etlQ bare. Lard is
dnU at 10®103»c.
The Fleur market was less active to-day. the de
mand being light and the sales limited at $4.20®
4.40 for fair to good spring extra, and SS®B.7S for
medium to hir super, the market closing heavy.
"Wheat opened firm, and some sales of No. S spring
were effected at TSXc, at which figure
the market became doll at the close,
several. ’ parcels changing hands at 75c.
No. l Spring was in active request and
advance, was paid—l6,ooo bushels being sold at
81Kc instore. The Corn market was very dnU at
SSJtfc for .Mixed, at which price several thousand
bushels changed hands. A cargo of 14,000 bushels
Tellow Cdnr was sold to-day, to be delivered at
Ogdensbargfa, ’free of freight and insurance, at
.bats were quiet end a aminal at 17#@17j£c.
Bye dull, with sales at 42c for Ko. lin store. Bar
ley continues very dull and heavy,—sales of Ko. 2
being made to-day at 30®31c In store. Iligbwines
arc quiet and easy at Kc. Alcohol, 29®80c. Clover
Seed is dull at $4.50. Timothy Seed Is in good de
mand itnd firm at $2.25, with sales of extra at
$5.30. •
Bbsatux.—ln yesterday's report the sales of
1,000,090 lbs long Middles at St. Louis was quoted
at “8&c loose.” This was a typographical mis
take. The.prtce should have been B)tfc, loose.
The British. Cora Trade,
£Fxom the Mark Lane Express, Jan. 7.]
The rear 1860 is now cumbered with the past,
but Ita memory will probably live through the
present century. The autumn Immediately pre
ceding cad not been favorable to Wheat-sowing,
and much of this was yet In arrear. A favorable
spring was tberefo'c earnestly desired- January
opened unseasonably, mild and wet; but February
was winterly, and only the early-sown Wheat then
looked well. In-March the quantity of rain had
perfectly swamped many of the heavy lands.
April and the beginning of May were rough, and
against wheat sowing; but subsequently the wea
ther became fine, ana all vegetation showed the
beneficial change; the meadows suddenly improved
—but the wheat exhibited many blanks. Bough
weather, with hail, returned In Jane, and thU
lastedibr a fortnight, when there was only a slight
improvement.. The hay crop in this monlltwas
mostly spoilt.
A fortnight's dry weather occurred early in July,
which was diQgently employed In haymaking; but
after this it was cold, with heavy showers aud
much damage. August arrived, but still without
signs of cummer, scarcely two days of sunshine
following each other. Still some corn was cut,and
It was remarkable how much wet the sheaves bore
without sprouting. The first fortnight in Septem
ber was fine, and very serviceable to harvest-work
and the ripening of tbe_jet green com; but heavy
storms subsequently returned- In October much
white com remained ungatberud, and the comple
tion of harvest was reserved for November, when
the weather Improved. Someplecesin the north,
stood in the fields oil through December.
As regards prices, they began ruinously low fur
farmers, as they had been for two years, with the
execution of a temporary rise in 1369. in cons*-’
cutnec of the war in Northern Italy. Producers
therefore sent large quantities to market to obtain
the necessary liman; and some factors, looking at
these large deliveries as indications of heavy crops
were without confidence as to future trade. But
when the weeks of harvest cam*, and the markets
were still without new com, and the new wheat on
being ground was found not to be relied on, an ex
traordinary impulse was given to foreign Imports,
fio much so that for Che fast four months of the year
our receipts In wheat and flour have been equal to
about 4.090,000 qrs. wheat, and this for consump
tion only. The rates had advanced too much
for speculation, and there was no telling when
the new crop would come in quantities to market.
Hitherto Its miserable condition has prevented
wady sales; but, wita the help of frost and drying
windsusapriag advaastt, It U certain to appear
more abundantly. The lowest point in the averages
ofiastycar was In February, when they were
Cd. per or.*, from which they stoadlly Advanced,
And in July were fibs. W. There was then a
alight decline for a mouth, but in the first week of
August they were again 68a, 7<L, and they rose af
terwards in the 3d week in September to their
highest, viz: Ota. lid. But since then there has
bean another decline, till in the 3d week In Decem
ber, when they fell to 51s. 6<L The extreme differ
ence, therefore, has been 19a. 6d. $ qr. The late
fall mast chiefly be traced to the bad q xallty of the
new Wheat; but partly a) so to the Immense am
■»a.s of foreign. The greatest drop In the London
market was on Monday, 2Cih Nor.—say 6s. a? qr„
And the greatest rise on the »Uh August—say 4s.
tl»e imports lately received. America has con
tributed about I,CBo,wj qrs.. and she will probably
s*e able to send as much more. Although we do
aot expect future Imports to continue at the
present rate, wo think enough will arrive be
tween now aud harvest to fill up any Void in our
own crop, and to supply the deficiency in potatoes.
Bat with a very poor Beginning as to wheat-sowing
And the state of the land very bad, we do nut see
much probability of a decline U prices. On the other
bsnd,4f foreign resource* t&osltl fall, and the grow-
Ing crops be threatened, or ah European war break
«nt, there la ample room for a further large ad
vance. A* regards spring corn, its quality was uni
versally deteriorated by the nngeniaUty of the
Moch of the Barley that looked well, and lit for
tmaliinr, tailed to germinate: a good deal was
wtaineJ, and all lost weight. The Gate that prom
ised well have tamed out damp and tight. The
3*ew were'nearly half spoiled. Beans were In the
fields .an rery late, that they were generally anfit
for use without kiln-drying. Let ns now, however,
tope, that with the opening year, a favoring Prorl
<deace will give a genial season, grant iii* needed
Wesslng, and send ns general prosperity.
The week, which opened with a rapid th*w,
changed again on Tuesday night to sharp frost,
and wheat has generally advanced la per qr. For
eign advices diner little from oar last.
The arrivals off the coast since the the SSlh Dec.
were 19 cargoes, of which seven'* ere wheat, seven
malre. and five miscellaneous. The bnelneta re
ported wae as follows: Fonr cargoes wheat,red
■American, at G2s 94 Gslatz at his &d, Sandomerka
<oa passage) at C&*Cd,aud Berdlanski (for Jane)
*t 53«: fire cargoes of malae at 88a 9d to 435; one
of Saldl Beans at 83s; one of Galatz barley at Sis.
The sales noted last week were 70.S08qrs. Wheat,
At Ms., against 122.398 qnj. at 41a. Sd. last season.
The London average* were Ms. Sd. on 3.253 qra.
Thb‘ arrival! Into the principal parts of Great
Britain for the week ending December 26th, in
Wheat and Flonr, were eqnal to 93,516 qrs, wheat,
ct which fit&B <jr*- were colonial.
Weekly Review of Cbictgo Market.
Tczsdat Zrana, Jaa. 28,i5«1.
yREI£» JETS—The following are the ruling ratea
for Eastward bound freight at tho rarloa* railroad
gifflout cf the city:
8S I ?
a9g I |
Batoa tnm Chicago to 1 £ t •* 7t
IMtioK, 1fcch........ « ij « CO so
Stapeaeionßr. K. T. 68 54 85 TO G3
BdffrfoTltf.-Y. 68 -M m TO «
3tosCre*LC.£. 1.77 89 65 l.fio 95
Albany, ftTroy,N. Y. 1.28 OS 65 1.89 90
2*ew Y0rk...... 1.88 1.00 65 1.30 1.00
Boston-via A1bany...1.86 IXS 70 1.40 1.10
Boston via X 3. Trank.l.66 1.05 70 1.40 3.10
BortiendviaQ. Tnmkixe IX6 70 1.50 3.8s
jautttX*, Ct..,......1.35 1.05 70 1.40 1,30
27ewHaven: Ct 1.88 1.05 . W J. 40 1.10
Worcester, Mass 1.86 1.05 70 1.40- i.io
Providence, 8.r.....1.?3 1.06 TO l:40‘Ivjo •
Pittsburgh........... £5 45 88 ,6 5 55
Philadelphia...lß 9S 55 1.10 (0
Baltimore- 1.18 6* £3 1.10 00
FLOUD—Deceived, lost week, 18J586 bbU. The
Pionf market during the past week has been steady
n&d moderately ncuve for soriDg extras, which
Stave been sold at a range of $4.85(54L40 for fair to
good, and £4 CO for choice. There has bean a more
Active inquiry than usual for Superfine brands urd
Stearyaales have been made at at 45.T56h5.55 Tor
common to tsir, and $8.7504 OOioreood ip choice.
Winter Wheat brands are In limited local rcqmut,
at $&85a5.78 for medium to good, and s6.uofof
96ea6&fSixPt»mila4uJi’S»4itomlnal at $8.90
©B.OO. Bccxwhxa* .Ftoc* 1* acsfeeted. With
Ught soles at *L»®*.oo 9 100 ffifiTounr Maoris
®aß3K^Jßsar^°- te CDboi “ d ’
To-iut the market was very quiet. Sales were r
—IOO bbls good Spring extra at (4.40 del: 100 bbls
do fit $3.85 dri: 100 bus ** Aurora City" at $4.96
dal; 100 bbls Super At SB.OO del; 810 bbls do At $3.25
WHEAT—Received last week, 61,897 btu The
dull news from Ltrerpool noted In oar last weekly
review, caused a downward tendency in price*
daring the first port of the week, which, however, •
was checked by light reccipts,and we note a decline
on the weekof onlyl©l#c. No 1 Spring has been
in particular request and somewhat scarce, and
buyers have paid [email protected] above the price of No 2.
W inter Wbxat Is scarce and In demand by mil
lers at SLOO©LIO for Bed, and $1.3)&1.80 for
To-dat the wheat market was quiet and steady.
Biles .werels.ooo bu No. 1 Spring at 81 *c in
store; 5,000 bu No. S Spring at 75* c in store; 10,000
bn do at 75c In store.
CORN—Received, 148,000 bn. The continued
rood supply oi Corn has caused a heavy and dull
feeling in the market, and we have to report, a de
cline since the date of our last annual review of
*c. The demand for forward deilverr is also
less urgent, and the only transaction reported was
d cargo of mixed river to be delivered during the
first half of April at 83c afloat; and to-dat a cargo
of 14.000 bu yellow corn to be delivered at Ogdens
burgh at the opening of navigation, at GS*c, free
of freight and Insurance.
To-dat the. market was quiet and neglected.
Sales were as follows i—1.000 no mixed at sß*c in
store: 800 bu yellow at 29c In store.
OATS—Received last'week. 6,061 hu. During'
the past week there has been a fair speculative In
quiry and the market has ruled quiet but firm at
17*©17* c, at which it closes.
KxE—Received last week, ft.083 bu, In the ab
sence of any speculative Inquirv, the market has
ruled extremely dull during the week, and we have
to quote it almost entirely nominal. To-day the
sales were as follows4oo bu No. 1 at 42c in store.
BABLKY.—The receipts last week, 6,901 bush.
Shippers, daring the past week have been out of
the market, and the sales have been limited to a
few small lots by sample at [email protected], according to
quality. To-day the sales were:—loo bu No. 3at
81c in sto; e: 400 hu do at 80c in store.
ALCOHOL—The dull state of the market for
Highwiues baa caused a decline in Alcohol of 2(&3c
—closing at SSaaite S gal.
BROOM CORN.—There is a fair demand for
prime lots at $60©70 $ ton; but it is rather scarce.
Common to good lots have been sold during the
week at sßo©so j} ton.
BUTTER—Firkin butter is plenty, doll find low
er. During: the past week several commission
merchants nave cleaned out their accumulations at
B®lop JJI6, at which the market closes. Good to
choice Dairy batter is still in good request at 12©
.$18,732 63
CHEESE—The stock Is good, the demand light,
and the market dull at the following quotations:
Hamburgh, lIXQISc; W. 8.,9£<&10c; State, 6®
Sc. .
COOPERAGE-—Quiet. We quote as follows:
Packing Barrels 75®S0c.
Sap Heroes, Iron hoop* JflJB
“ without iron hoops *1.15
Whisky Barrels . 41LOO
Half Barrels 1....,.*.....’.' ! .62KC.
Kegs [email protected]
Flour Barrels, flathoops SS^SSe.
Packing barrel stares and headings,» H $12.50
Flour barrel stares and headings, 9 M..sß-00 ©6,50
Hickory poles, $18.00^20.00
-Ash Hoops (flat) No demand
ClDEß—Common, $4-00©4-50: choice, $5.00.
DRUGS—Quinine, sulp., $1.55©1.90 ounce;
Morphine. $5.25; Borax, refined, 23©25 c; Aloes,
20240 c; Brimstone, crude, 6c: Camphor, refined,
60©35 d: Cream' Tartar, 43c; Rhubarb, East India,
$1.15; Hyd. Potash, $5.35©3.50; Epsom Salts, S3*
§4c; lodine, $5.00; Copperas, 2Jf<34te; AJnrn.
4c: Vitriol, blue, [email protected]; Madder. 14©17 c;
Cochineal, [email protected]; Indigo, 75©1.00; Qciek
•Uvlt,CS©7Uc; Opium, $6.25©6.60; Annatto. SO©
35c lb.; Terra Japonica, 4#©sc $ lb.; Soda,
bi-carbonate,'s©6cslb.; Soda Ash, sif©S3^c; Sal
Soda. 234©3cVSagar Lead, IS©SOc; Oxalic Add,
90©85c$lb; Tartaric Add, 65©68 c; Gum Shellac,
EGGS—Fre*>h, In good demand at [email protected] $ dot;
Limed. 10©12 c and dulL
'FRUlT—Gum»—Apples are In good supply at
[email protected] for Inferior to fair, and 81.75©2.12 for
good to prime. Cranberries are dull, ana a large
Quantity on tbe market are damaged, with sales at
fS.OOQft.SO, according to quality. Daren Fnurr—
The etoA of Apples is large, and the market dull,
at 3&3.& C for Southern, and 4©4& c for Eastern.
Unpared Peaches are *»lso In heavy supply and the
market is dull. To-day 5 tons •were) sold atSJrt.
Pared Peaches 33©14 c. Blackberries 13©14 c.
Raspberries 20s.
PiSH—Market very quiet. We quote: No. 1
Whitefish, $4.25; No. 2, $3.75©4.00; No. 1 Trout,
$3.75: No. S Trout $34)0. Codfish [email protected]
GROCERIES— Sugars— The market is active at
tbe following quota'lons for ten hogsheads and
over: New Orleans, common, 6c; good common,
51tf®5?£c; fair, 6*£©B*£c; folly fur to prime, 6#
©G3£c; clarified in hhds, 63i©7>*0; white coffee,
in hhds, 73f©6c; N. Y. refined white coffee.
10c ; N. Y. crashed, powdered and granulated. ioa
lOJtfc. Molasses—N. T. Sugar House, 26®30c;
Portland, 28©25 c; Plantation, 33©86 c; N. Y.
Syrups. 3C©44c; Golden Syrup, 42©43 c. Cottee—
Hio, 14©15)£c; Maracaibo. 14X<at5>£c; Santa,
[email protected]ßJic; O. G. Java, IC©l6#c; Mopha, 18©19 c,
Rice—6©stfc. Spices—Cassia, 82©25 c; Pepper,
[email protected]; Allspice. C>*©7 *: Cloves, 9#©lfc.
HAY—Loose prairie hay Is la good supply and
dull at $3-B0»g4 00 for loose; Timothy is in fair jJo
mand at sfi. so 2.7.00. Tbe following are the quo
tations of FrisWe Bros., 35 Market street; Loom
I'rairie, $4: pressed do, s6©£4)o; Loose Timothy,
$7; pressed Timothy, SO.
HlDES—There have been a good demand for
Hides during the past week, ana the market has
ruled firmer—closing at the following quotations:
Dry Flint, 12©13 c; Dry Calf, 14c; Dry Sslted
Ulds, 10211 c; Green Salted. [email protected]#c; Green Coun
try. s©6c; Fresh Pelts, G0290C.
FURS—The market is quiet and steady at tbe
following quotations which are paid by the princi
pal buyers here;
Northern skins. Southern skins.
Ko. 1 Mink .I.oo®lfio 76®1.25
“ 2 “ 60® 75 60® 68
“ 8 44 ® 25 ..® 25
Fall and Winter Eats.. 09® 10
Ko. 1 Otter A£o®a.6o 2-00®3.00
44 2 “ L2s®ioo [email protected]
“ 8 *‘ 75®1.00 75
HouseCat,common... 07® 08 ..
“ «* black 10® 15
Ko. 1 Coon 40® 50 80® 40
** 2 “ 20® 25 15® 90
“ 3 « 10® 16 ..® 10
Ko. lOpposstun 05® 06 06® 06
“ 2 “ 03® .. ..® 08
Ko. Red Fox 75®1.00 50®L00
1 Gray Fox 25® 30 ~® 25
“ 2 “ “ 12® 18
44 1 Fisher 2.00®4.00
44 1 Wild at • 25® S3 • SO® 80
Beaver, $ lb 60®1.00
HIGHWINES—The supply of country wines dar
ing the past week has been good, and the market
has declined [email protected], closing with sales to-day of
-350 bbU at 14c. City wines are not offered for sale
—distillers holding at 16c.
HOGS (LlVE.)—Received last week 30,283.
The supply W lire Bogs during thi past week has
been limited, and under a good Inquire by packers
the merket has ruled firm, and prices of heavy lots
have advanced 10c—the range being [email protected] fur
light, and [email protected] for heavy. Ttnlay the scales
were as follows:
tM Hogs averaging 8W lbs st $5.50
164 Hogs averaging 800 lbs at 5.87#
84 Hogs averaging 280 lbs at 6.25-
184 Hogs averaging 275 lbs at 6-80-
43 Hogs averanlng 250 Tbs at 8.30
HOGS—(DRESSED)—Received last wcek.18.404.
Notwithstanding the continued good supply of
hogs, the market during the past week has ruled
active and firm—[email protected] being the range of
prices from light to heavy.
To-day the demand was scarcely so active as
yesterday, and the market declined about 10c.
Sales were as follows:
75 Hogs averaging 340 lbs at $6.60
£6 “ “ 6.50
60 “ 850 “ 640
70 275 “ 6.40
300 Hogs at $6.12#@6.37X, dividing on 200 Tbs.
LUMBER—The demand for all lands of lumber
is still unusually light, and the market Is dull and
somewhat easier. Those dealers who have good
stocks on band are becoming somewhat anxious
‘to sell, aud common boards are offered and sold at
SIO.OO. Fencing however, is still held at [email protected]
Other qualities are uncharged, Wc quote:
Lm£n—First Clear, per 1,000 ft [email protected]
Second Clear..; 25.00da28.00
Third Clear 18.00®20.00
Common Board* [email protected]
Common Boards, 19 feet @12.00
Long Joists, Common [email protected]
Stock Boards - [email protected]
Fencing @ll.OO
do 12 feet @12.00
Common Flooring, undressed..... @14.00
Clear do do ... . @84.00
Second Clear da @16.00
Shaved Shingles, A £ M @6.26
do do No. 1 $,[email protected] 8.00
Sawed Shingles, A t,[email protected] 8,95
Lath 112#@ 9.50
Posts, $ 100 [email protected]
LIME. CEMENT, Ac.—Wtier Lime, $1.25; Ro
aeudalc Cement. $1.75; Land Plaster, SI.OO.
LEATHER—Market dmL W* quote:—Spanish
501e,21 lb; Best Slaughter Sole, 26c; French
Kip, [email protected][email protected]; Domestic Kip. [email protected]*
Domestic Calf, hemlock, [email protected]; do oak Calf, [email protected]
85c; Upper Leather, bemlo&, [email protected] S doz; Oak
Upper?. [email protected] $ dor; Female Calf, [email protected] «
due. Harness Leather—Hemlock SSc; oak tanned.
■ (MILL STUFFS—Of all kinds are in good supply
and !hc market dull and heaw at [email protected] for Mid
dlings, and $ for Bran.
PROVTbIUNS—iIEss Fobk—There has been an
active demand during the past week for Son-hern
markets, and prices have advanced 25c. with sales
of about 2500 brls at $16.50, aud about 1500 brls In
small lots at [email protected] 25 for country and city made
from frozen hogs. At the close holders of round lots
of well established brands arc asking [email protected]
but buyers will not give over SI6AO. Cut Meats
The stock in this citv Is unusually light, end the
market is couseqncctfy quiet and Inactive. Several
lota of Shoulders from dry salt were sold during
the week at GK&C.Vc packed, and sides are in good
rcqncFt#tß@«Kcpacke<L Several thousand pieces
of English Mcatshavebeen eoldat7!»@Bc for Cum
berland cut Middles, and 9c for long Boneless
LARD.—Prime Leaf Lard has been sold during
the week at [email protected])Sc, and some holders ask *
bat the demand is light and buyers at the close do
not offer more than :or. No. 1 Lard has been sold
to a limited extent during the week at [email protected]
GREASE.—A lot of White Grease was sold a few
days ago at Pc. Nothl# doing In Yellow Grease.
POTATOES.—The market fa quiet and almost
entirely nominal at [email protected],
POULTRY.—Dressed Chickens are In fair re
quest at $1 00 f) dor. Turkeys [email protected] $ ft.
SEEDS—Clover is In good supply, and the mar
ket is -dull at $4.50. Timothy is scarce and In ac
tive request, with sales to-day of 18 bags good at
$2.25, aud 5 bags choice at $2-80- Flax seed is in
air demand, with sales of good at STk'e.
SALT—Eieajiy at $1.75 for Fine ana Coarse Syr
acuse. Dairy >3.50,
SPIRITS AND OlL—Swum Camnhene. 52a •
llS?r£iScin T ? r > >cnUll''Oil£-Ehj
-s? °: ; U f ““Oltetured G3c; Ko. 1
a ,f ard 'J sc ; Elephant, 15c;
Vi hale. Toe .Sperm, $1.80; NeatsfooLSSc; Tan
ners, 59c; Shore, 05a; Downer’s Kerosene os« •
Coal, [email protected]: Hydro Carbon, cor* * r °* CDt,9sc ’
BALEBATTJB—Babbitt’s Pure Balemtu* f.Vre
cans, [email protected]; Condensed Ley, 15c. ““
TALLOW—The market u quiet and almost mn.
, following are the quotations of
the Chicago Tobacco storks; Curwroo—Star of
the West, 35c; Extra Cavendish, 25c: Frairie
Pride, 20: packages, 25c each. Suortso—l. 6Uc •
W; %•* lie; packages, 80c each!
Ssrrr—fn )tr» and kegs—Extra double rose,
scented, «<: do, single, 18c; jars, 12* c per gal
kegs, 85c each. b ’
VIKEQAII—Jqha Palmer's cider vinegar, isvc:
pine do 10c; commerced 6c,
$5-85; super western;
&SfeS.h^i 001 li o J aeeiamcxtrft 'western;
xedfcc. flonr doO. Price. ,tUI terStle
purehaiser; ea’ce 400 bhla .t $5 5J®7.25 for common
to choice calcm Hye flonr eelling.ts3.4oa4jjofor
iuU = ,or
h&uiewmxt wlli fair Mneoo
- ■ l Giui^~ vv bckt—A shade easier with moderate
demand. FVdght ■ stQl continue scarce and
rJ?. 5 /: ®bl** 6100 bu fair Chicago spring at £1 is
l?i? W c?i C^hS ,I TVM ab ftt . t&Soafi>n J/S*
a«i.o%\ L n!lv££H“
n»^ J cS|i‘
Smc, 12001 bn BUlo at 74c In atom. Com—Mode- '
rale export and home trade demand. Market with.
ahaflsa. Sale. 89,000 bn «t COc ln
S»e **!-. (SO tmaonnd. 00c
la atore, aid 67c lot new afl*od»eatem at the
B. B. . depot. Oats plenty and dull at 80&S7 for
western and Canada, 87QS7HC for state.
- pßormow —Pork dullwlthont change: sales 600
bria at mess (18.37* for heavy un
inspected, sio®lß for prime. Beef quiet and un
changed ; sales 800 brie at $4.75©5 for C. prime,
$5.70©0.55 for mess and SIOQII for extra mees;
primewefttm beef doll and nominal. Beef
steady; sales.2so btla western at $1.45®1.60. Cut
meats steady: tales 126 pkgs at five for sbonSdera
and 6©B*c for hams; sales 1,000 green shoulders
at 7c.; Smoked meats steady at 10*@l2*c for
hams, B<ftß*c for shoulders and for
sides. Dressed bogs heavy andlower; salesat
*‘34©7*cforcorn-fed; Livebogsqaletat C©6*c.
Bacon dull; sales 250 boxes short-ribbed middles,
deliverable at Baltimore for Liverpool on p. t., and
135 boxes city Cumberland middles at S*@9?*c,
Lard market steady with more active demand;
sal's 7,000 brla at [email protected]*c for No. one to prime
western. ButterisscllingatlOSHcforOhloand
14<Siqd for state. Cheese steady at [email protected]*c for
inferior to prime.
GnocEKitß—Sugar market to-dar rather favors
purchasers, though prices ore without quotable
change; sales 1,460 hhda at 6*©s*, and by auction
25hhosN. O. [email protected]*. Solaseea with only
trifling sales at 86©&c for N. O. By auction 40
hhds Cuba muscovado at 90©34 c, cash.
Stocks—At Second Board dull—Ga. ft ChL 72* ;
IC Scrip 7S*; M S guar. 38*, bIOrMCST*;
Beading4s#; CftTS4*; Erie2«*£; NYC79*;
Hudson 45*: Pac Hail 86* ; Hudson slaving
fund bonds 98*: IO bonds 96* ;CA Nw bonds
40; Erie': second 993*; Mo 7s 68*; Va 75; Tena
74*; Ticasury 18 £cts 102*.
Flouring and Grist Mills,
Bant HDli and Separators, *
Separators for Warehouses,
Belting of *u
Hob ting Screws and Balls,
Bran Dusters, Picks, Proof Staffs, Ac., Ac.
Plans, Specifications and Estimates furnished when
desired, ardthe construction of Bteam and Water Mills
contracted for entire.
Steam Engines, Boilers, &e», d:e.
The subscribers having obtained the Agency (or the
tale of Steam feuctoea and Bullen (bom the p«nnfiu»-
tory Of G< lULDtSG. BAGLLT & SEWELL, of Water*
town, N. Y„ would invite the attention of purchasers
to their superior merits of style, workmanship and
powers; also, their very low prices. The following is a
llkt of prices of Engine and Boiler, together with Heat
er. Water and Steam Pipes, Cocks, Valves, Arch Cast
inn and Grates, complete and ready (or nae, delivered
inChicago i
5 bone power $ 500 SO bone power 9L250
8 - “ 575 25 - “ LSOO
10 •* - 725 30 M - 1,673
25 •' 800 35 ** - 2.000
15 “ M LIOO 43 “ “ 4206
and in like proportion for Urprer sizes as required.
Ereiy £ngin«b furnished with
For Flour Mill* we confidently recommend them u
superior to any other style cf Engine, and they will
Save from 25 to 50 per Cent In Fuel
over the usual class of boilers In nee la the 'West. We
shall keep an assortment of different sizes at our es
tablishment, where they may be examined and the
necessary Information obtained regarding them. Corn*
potent men will, if desired, be furnishedto set up and
start engines in any pert of the country. Wealsosupply
At very low prices,
Mm Famishing Depot, West Water street, between
Randolph snd Madison, Chicago Illinois.
Post Office address Boxl»4. 0c57P.1y
we are now removing our stock of
From the store occupied by us at
73 lake Street, Up-Stalm.
To the Large and Commodious Bales Booms,
.VOS. 74 1 76 U££ STREET,
Where we shah be happy to tee our oil friends, and
the trade generally. Wita Increased facilities, we abaD,
sa usual, offer special Inducements to
Cub ud Short Tine Prompt Poyinj Boxen.
Commencing Monday, January 28th.
yii WftTnmntb Block pf
Nos. 163 and 165 Lake Street,
38 ZjA. SAT.T.-m STREET.
liUbln’a detracts,
Labin’s Hair Oil,
Labln’s Cosmetic,
Lubla’s Bose Powder,
Lnbln’a Bice Powder,
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Labia’s PaatUes,
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The best variety of Fine Toilet Go'.ds west of New
Tort J. n. REED & CO,
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BUT A MACHINE—One that Is fully warranted,
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Oae that requires no tools to set the needle. Is easily
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One that makes the double lock-stitch with two
threads, that will not pull out or caravel.
Onethctmakes the stitch aim ok both sides or
THX ctcmi.
One that use the celebrated wsxcp nxn, capable of
handling all materials that can be sewed.
One that doe* not use Curved Needles, which are
constantly breaking, btndght Needles are known to
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One that does not break the thread, skip stitches, nor
form a looped ridge on the underside of the cloth.
One that will sew over seems, and gathers without
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even on both sides the cloth.
One that it fully licensed under Howe’s Extended
Patent aud tree from Infringements.
One that will stitch, feu, gather and bind without
One that win do perfectly anl easily aQ Faxur and
Tailoblhq work on one and the same machine.
One that obviates the necessity of procuring Two
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One that openly and publicly Challenge*
K&cbinea cl any and all other manufacture to
do as large a range of erork aa can easily be
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O'* AH orders or communications from Families.
Tailors, beamstre-sea. Clothiers. Harness and Carriage
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A Descriptive, Circular, aud Sample? of work will be
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..If citizens and Strangers call and examine the
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General Agents for the Xortbwcsfera
IX4 Lake Street, Chicago.
And grows more and son popular every day,
_ BwmCuk. inch..Dec.2lst,JSsß.
Paor. Wood r-Tneewflt please accept a line to In.
form thee that the hair on my head &u fell off over
twenty yean ago. caused by a complicated cnronlc dls.
ease, attended with an eruption on the head. A coo.
tiaual coarse of suffering through life having reduced
tae to a state of dependence, I have not been able to
obtain staff for cape, neither haveT been able to do
them up. la consequence of which my head has suffered
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10 Pcrcbaee uay would ask thee If thee
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friend, StTBAJWAH K3BBT.
_ Li(C r ‘< B «5^ l eCoptbd-Feh,6th, XS9,
ntorO. J. Wood— »•* la the latter part of tbs
year U& whOeattendingtbe r*We and National Law
school 01 the State oTJJew Fork, mT bair, from a cause
.unknown to me, commenced falling ©a 'sCT y> rapidly, ao
that la the short space of tlx months, the Vboisupper
part of my scalp was a meet taittnSyberea^ ofJm eovCT*
ln& and much of the remalidag portloa uponthe aW*
andbact part of mrhead shortly after bemoMsm.
so that yon will not be surprised whan I tell yon that
upon my morn to the State of Indiana, mr more SS
wal acqnatntaiatances were not ao muck at a losa to
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mymore Intimate aconalnisnces were la ra^g^t^ra^
I at once made application to the meet skDUHI tihy.
nclans tn the country, bat. receiving no assurance
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ly, la the Isuerpartof the year uSLyour Bestoratim
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suit, have a rich coat of very soft black hair, which no
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_ Attorney and Counsellor siiuaw.
OJ. WOOD ft CO„ Proprietors, Hroadwsy, Kew
Tork. udm Market street. 8c LoaKMo* and sold by
•ilcood Druggist* and FancTOoodsDealmt.
.. -J. D. Park.G. 7. Ful
ler* Co* J7li. Heed ft Co. Ditto ft cLuil
ft6&dth.abdQala£ro4hoca. - itiwfselyirccw
The UflloH Men Encouraged.
BScaSTiBT sun insthi'cxioxs
Sctth Carolina Rafises to Recognize the
Virginia ConunSssluer.
The Georgia Secession Cosrenlion.
Other Hatters of Interest
Important from Washington.
WismsoTOv, Jan.29.—Union men are much
encouraged by the prompt response to the in
vitation for Commissioners to meet here on
the 4th of Febm&iy, and it is believed that its
action will command the support of a large
majority of Congress.
The fugitive Slave Law Introduced to-day by
Douglas, is considered a thorough and effective
measure, obviating the objections to the pres
ent statute.
Senators Slidell and Benjamin will formally
vacate as soon as they receive official informa
tion of the secession of Louisiana.
It Is hot believed that a majority of Seces
sionists will be elected in any of the border
State Conventions.
The great point now aimed at by Union men
is to avoid all pretext for collision by seceding
States, in tbe hope that tbe second sober
thought ol the people, if adjustment measures
are presented, will induce them to resume
their places in the Union. The repeal of the
Personal Liberty BUI by Rhode Island, and the
action of the Ohio Legislature, are hailed as
harbingers of peace. Affairs wear a more
hopeful aspect
Secretary Dix has instructed commanders of
revenue cutters, if attacked, to make tbe best
defence in their power, and If assailed by a su
perior force, to. nm their vessels ashore and
blow them up. He has also written the Col
lector of New Orleans to apply to the Gov. of
Louisiana to revoke the seizure of the Govern
ment Hospital and ordering 2GO patients to be
removed, Dix denouncing it as an act of out
rageous barbarism, disgraceful to any age or
Tbe Mayor of Washington has been sum
moned before tbe Select Committee to testify
relative to the conspiracy to seize the Capital
He privately says he knows nothing about it.
WasnzsGTox, Jan. 28.—A special dispatch
to the Cincinnati QazdU says: The guns
mounted at Fort Monroe pointing inland are
32 pounders.
It is understood tbe Brooklyn’s orders are
to intercept Government vessels heretofore
authorized to go to Fensocola and obviate tbe
trouble which might ensue by au attempt on
the part of tbe Floridians to seize and hold
An application was made by the Mayor to
day to be allowed to occupy the City Hall as *
favorable point for troops.
Letters from Charleston lead to the belief
that Fort Sumter will shortly be attacked.
The exasperation of the public is so great that
the authorities are losing control
The apprehensions of an attack on the Capi
tal are so far verified that the names of the
leaders are known. Gen. Scott anticipates
trouble on the 4th of February, when tire
Commissioners invited by Virginia are to
Col Hayne and ex-President Tyler contend
to-night that the President has ordered rein
forcements to Fort Pickens. They are in con
stant communication with Charleston.
The statement in the Norfolk papers that
the Brooklyn was ordered to intercept other
vessels of war dispatched to Pensacola, is con
firmed. The dispatches from here that the
Brooklyn was sent to reinforce Fort Pickens
have created a tremendous excitement at
Charleston, and it is feared will result in an
attack on Fort Sumter.
Washington, Jan. 29.— 50 many military
companies are arriving here that it is impos
sible to find quarters. Additional troops are
expected to-morrow.
Senator Mallory, at Pensacola, telegraphed
Senator Bigler last evening that 1700 men
were on the ground to resist the reinforce
ment of Fort rickens, and that if the Brook
lyn attempted to relievo the Fort, a bloody
fight will ensue.
Washington, January 28.—The Chicago and
Milwaukee Boards of Trade visited the Presi
dent. Mr. Seward and others to-day. The
President said, in the interview, if Mr. Lin
coln shall enjoy his accession to power as
much as I shall enjoy retirement, he will be a
happy man. Mr. Seward said: Heretofore the
cry save the Union, has been raised when there
was no danger. I tell you, my friends, the
question of slavery will not now be taken into
account We are to save the Union, and then
save all else that is worth saving.
Mr. Reynolds, of New York, from the Com
mittee on the President's Message, will to
morrow report a bill, not only giving the Ex
ecutive power, but making it mandatory upon
him, to call out the volunteer militia for the
purpose of suppressing insurrection, &c.
Col Hayne has made no demand on the
Federal Government for the surrender of Fort
Sumter, and is patiently awaiting the action
of the Southern Congress at Montgomery,
which will assemble next week.
The errand of the «loop-of-war Brooklyn li
believed to be of a peieefal’character, Tilth a
view of intercepting bostUedemonfitrutlonson
the part of the Golf Squadron. The troops
on board tv ere destined to the works at the
Tortugas, which are still In possession of the
Federal authorities, but without adequate
force to hold them. Capl Barron was sent
by land a week since on a similar errand, and
has probably arrived there by this time. His
dispatches to Ft Pickens and the Naval Com
manders In the Gulf were of a most pacific
Owing to the urgent remonstn-ncea of Sec
retary Dix the IJarjae Hospital affair at New
Orleans has been utitJacioiily arranged.
South Carolina Belligerent—•Fort
Stumer to be Taken.
Charleston, Jon. 23.—The Legislature to
day unanimously resolved, that while ac
knowledging the courtesy of the Virginia Leg
islature m sending a Commissioner, decline
having any intercourse on the subject pro
posed, regarding the separation as final and
The correspondence of Mr. Hayne and Gov.
Pickens, while the former was at Washington,
was considered in Executive session, it ap
pears that the vliimafum pf SoQth Carollea was
the surrender of Fort Sumter and the with
drawal of the Federal troops; that South Caro
lina promised to pay for the Forts, and that
Hayne, In deference to the wishes of Southern
Congressmen, withheld tbe proposition. Gov.
Pickens now tells Hayne to make a final de
mand, repudiating the President’s position
that he has not power to give them up hut
must leave it to Congress, Pickens farther
tells Hayne to wait a reasonable time for an
answer to the final demand; then if refused,
Sumter must be taken.
Charleston, Jan. steamer Colum
bia got off the bar and came‘up to‘the city this
morning. Her freight will be taken ont and
she will reload again at tbe wharC The ves
sel Is strained somewhat, but the damage is
Union Meeting at Detroit.
Detroit, Jan. 29.—A large meeting of the
citizens favorable to the plan of the Border
State Committee, assembled at tbe City Ball
last evening, pursuant ’ to a call of the Mayor.
The hall was densely packed, and hnndr.-ds
were unable to obtain admittance. The meet
ing was addressed by prominent Democratic
and Republican speaker*. Resolutions were
adopted favoring the admission of the territo
ry sooth of SO deg. SO min. as a State, vdtb or
without slavery; and all north of that line
free; the amendment of the Fugitive Slave
law to prevent kidnapping; the repeal of per
sonal liberty laws; the prevention ot interfer
ence by Congress with slavery in slave States,
dock yards, and ipter-state slave trade; the
non-intervention by Congress vyltli slavery In
the District of Columbia, except with the con
sent of the people of Virginia, Maryland and
the District of Columbia; and the perpetual
prohibition of the African slave trade. Three
delegates were appointed to proceed to Lan
sing, and urge the Legislature to repeal the
F.rsonal Liberty law.
The Pennsylvania Legislature.
HxHKiSBUKGmJan. 29.—A bill has been in
troduced ‘into ato Senate authorizing soils
against cities sS? muntiea to recover from
slave rescuers. Individual* wHT be punished
by a fine of $1,001), or solitary imprisonment
for three yean. Also for authorizing the Gov
ernor to appoint Commissioners to Washing
ton for the 4th of February, The select com
mittee to-night agreed to report the above to
morrow*. In the Honse the appointment of
Commissioners was discussed, and made the
special order for to-morrow. It will probably
The Georgia Secession Convention*
Millbdqevujub, Jan. 23.— The ordinance
adopted Saturday, abolishing federal Courts,
was reconsidered and recommitted to-day for
thepurpoaeofpiaJring.ua Admiralty Court.
Commissioners were appointed to slave-hold
ing Stales. Delegates to Uontgomery were
instructed to moke q provisional Government
on the basis of the Federal Constitution. The
ordinance continuing existing revenue laws
lost. Au ordinance substantially the same as
that of South Carolina waa adopted after long
and animated debate—lßo against 116.
From Nortls Carolina.
Baieigb, J*n, Js.—lhe Senate is engaged
to-day on private bills.
. The Honse considered the Senate Conven
tion hill. Several amendments were adopted,
but no vC*c taken on the passage. It comes
up to-morrow at 10 o’clock.
There was a case of small pox in the city to
day, there was some talk of moving, and
some for an adj ourjupCßt Until March awaiting
Gather developments.
Tlie Louisiana Convention.
New OnT.gty Jan. 29th.—The Convention
met at quarter past twelve. A salute of 15
guns was fired,' when the Convention went
into secret session at half-past twelve on the
jftsslsslppi navigation question. -
Whsl the BHtlib will do*
' Toronto, Jan. 29.— The of io-dey
again asserts and guarantees the correcfnbu
oi its former announcement in regard to the
policy of the British Government with refer
ence to a Southern confederacy.
wisanKnost, J«nn»rT29th.— Sbiati.— Mr.
KINO introduced a-biii anthpr|«ing theezn
ploying of Volunteers in the enforcement
of the laws and for protecting the public
property. Referred to the Committee on
Mmtaiy Affairs. -
Mr. WILSON introduced a bffllbrtha better
organization of the Militia of the District of
Colombia. Referred to the Committee on
Mr. FOSTER offered a resolution that the
Governors and exGovernors of States be ad*
mitted to the floor of the Senate. over.
Mr. LATHAM presented & petition of the
people of Western Utah for Increased tn*n
facilities. Referred to the Committee on Post
Mr. BINGHAM presented four petitions for
the repeal of the Fugitive Slave Law, believing
It unconstitutional.
The annual report of the Commissioner of
Patents was received and ordered printed.
Private bills were considered one o’clock
when the Pacific Railroad bill was up.
Mr. CHANDLER m#ved to amendso as to
• give six sections of land per miia, of
one. Adopted.
Mr. CLARK moved fn«mipnd '
and bonds ore to be made on tbe express con
dition that they shall hereafter have power to
amend tbe provisions of tbe act, but not to di
minish the specified amount of contribution.
Mr. WILKINSON moved to amend by mak
ing the amount paid to the Central route
$50,000,000 instead of $60,000,000, and that to
the Southern route $25,000,000 Instead of
$35,000,000, the design being to provide for the
Northern route by another amendment. The
amendment was discussed at some length and
disagreed to': yeas 19, nays 24.
Mr. WILKINSON moved another amend
ment, the effect of which is to provide for the
northern route. He said he did not see the
propriety of voting $36,000,000 to a State Just
In tbe act of seceding, and not giving a road
to States true and loyal to the Constitution.
He characterized the bill from the Bouse as a
bill of abominations. After discussion the
amendment was agreed to, ayes 23—noea 19.
WILSON moved to amend so as to give
$66,000,000 to the central route, and $25,000,-
OQO to tbe northern route, and that the south
ern, instead of going by San Francisco, go by
the nearest route to the Pacific.
Mr. GWIN asked the Senator to withdraw
for the purpose of moving to strike out all
but the central route.
Mr. GWINN moved to amend the fryn so as
only to provide fora central route.
Yms—Messrs. Anthony, Baker, Bingham.
Chandler, Clark, Colhuner, Dorkee, Fessenden,
Foot, Foster, Grimes, Gwin, Harlan, King,
Morrill, Polk, Simmons, Sumner, TcnEvck.
Trumbull, Wade, Wilson—22.
Nats— Messrs. Bigler, Bragg, Bright, Cling
man, Crittenden, Dixon, Douglas, Doolittle,
Green, Hemphill, Hunter, Johnson of Tennes
see, Lane. Latham, Nicholson, Pearce, Powell,
Pugh, Rice, Saulsbaxy, Sebastian, Seward,
Thompson, Wigfall, Wilkinson—2s.
Mr. WILSON renewed his amendment, and
it was disagreed to.
Mr. MASON moved to stride out the part
making any appropriation of money to these
roads. He said he did so os a matter of pro
test of the State of Virginia against thu new
debt. The time might come when the State
wonld be called on to assume a portion of tbe
debt, and he wanted a protest entered so that
Vlr|jnia shall never be called on to pay this
The amendment was rejected.
No further amendments being offered, the
bill was reported to the Senate.
A discussion ensued on agreeing to certain
amendments, and.'on motion of Mr. FESSEN
DEN, the Senate adjourned.
House.— The SPEAKER laid before the
House the Agricultural portion of the report
of the Commissioner of ratents. The subject
of printing extra copies was referred.
Mr. ADKAIN presented resolutions passed
by the Legislature of New Jersey, expressive
of firm attachment to the Union, and the duty
of every good citizen to sustain it, and favor
ing the Crittenden proposition, and the calling
of a Convention of the States, &c. Tam 0 n
the table and ordered to be printed.
The House considered the Senate’s amend
ment to the Post Route Bill without taking
any action. *
The morning hoar having expired, the
special order was resumed, being the report of
the Committee of 83.
Mr.STEVENS of Pennsylvania regretted that
he was compelled to believe that no compro
mise could now be made when six States are
in open and declared rebellion, having seized
the public forts and arsenals and' robbed the
people of millions of public property. When
he saw our harbors blockaded and armies in
array against the flag of our country, which
has been insulted, he had no hope *h»t con
cession, humiliation or compromise would
have any good effect whatever. Rather than
give concession to rebels, he would see the
Government shattered into tea thousand
Mr. HARRIS of Maryland spoke of the glo
ries of the country, and sold the disasters now
pending spring from the empty rivalries of
political parties, and the inability of boasted
statesmen to solve the problem of the status
of the territory in regard to slaveiy. The
verdict of impartial history will be that there
is no reason tor secession, and none for a dis
ruption ot tbc Union. He believed that the
responsibility of national safety or perdition
rests upon the present Representatives of the
people, now assembled in Congress. The
question now, is on whom shill the terrible
responsibility of the future -rest? It will
tall on the party or set of men who will
not spurn mere miserable party trammels and
come up to the question how a great nation
can be saved. Far too much of the present
mischief came from the section to which he
belonged, springing from the ambitious de
sires of politicians at the South who want a
greater eminence than they can command un
der our present system. He repeated, that se
cession is the unholy ofikprieg of Southern
political ambition, and tar too nm<*h of the
aggravation which roused the resistance of the
North. He appealed to the Nortn if therewaa
not too much aggravation, on their part, and
by their representatives which administered to
a Southern spirit which was ever read; to
seize with avidity what would feed their appe
tites. Both sections are responsible for the
troubles. The secession of six Southern
States met with no sympathy in Maryland.
Mr. HUGHES denied that Mr. Harris spoke
for the part of Maryland be represented.
Mr. HARRIS—Not more than a corporal’s
guard in Maryland fltvor secession. [Ap
plause.] He denied the right of secession; he
urged his northern friends to do something at
once for pacification. There was a smoulder
ing fire under Maryland which might break
out and sweep her into disunion. Let them
rise above prejudice and party and cement the
Union more firmly than ever.' Let us have
less eloquence in speeches and more pertinent
eloquence in votes. Give us the Crittenden or
a similar proposition. He closed as follows:
“ Let me not, instead of our national music,
hear the Marseillaise, which is not music to
my ears. Flaunt not before my eyes the flag
of a divided nationality, exciting no devotion
In my American heart, but let me and my
people go to our graves with our consecrated
melodies ringing m onr ears and over us the
dome of the Union with all its constellated
stars.” [Applause.]
Mr. WiNSLOW, of North Carolina spoke of
Northern aggressions. High sounding words
he said, would not save the Union, nor could
the piece of banting with the stars and stripes.
He spoke in favor of the Crittenden proposi
tions, with nothing less than which the South
could be satisfied. He was against coercion:
by this the Union could not be held together.
Itconldbe doufe only by mutual justice and
Hr. VAN wiCK spoke at length. Among
other things he said, you ask us to compro
mise. What have we to concede ? We have
done you uo wrong, and purpose none.
You hfrve propcweij pq compromise
which does noi involve a surrender on our
put. Yon want the Constitution amended.
How would that avail you if your present po
sition is correct? if one State, however insig
nificant, can destroy the whole fabric? Yon.
who have violated the Constitution and have
set the laws at defiance, are dgmandinp con
stitutional guarantees that we will no neither.
Do yon propose any concessions to the North
—any security to Northern men in the South
ern States? of property in books? of the
freedom qf speech and the press, as already
secured by the Constitution ? You aayyou
concede to freedom the 'territory north of
S6:80. We have a doable title to that already.
First, by purchase, and then by conquest.
We bought it when we took Missouri into the
Union, and then we conquered it in the
striic of civil action. AU our future acquisi
tions must be in the direction of the tropics,
and you demand Its unconditional surrender
to slavery. You want us to surrender to men
who themselves are compromise breakers.
Believe not in reconstruction of the present
Constitution. Once lost, you never can regain.
Think you that another Senate can be term
ed wherein Florida and Delaware can equal
New York and Pennsylvania. You are opposed
to the army and navy because you boldly assert
that the enforcement of too tows means a co
ercion of the States; bat you were willing to
send troops 2,000 miles tacoerce our brethren
m Utah; you sent the army in Kansas; you
have used the Federal troops to enforce the
fugitive slave law and to rescue the Arsenal at
Harper’s Ferry from John Brown. The camp
had no terrors for you then, but now yon op
pose coercion; yet by force of armed men yon
seixo thb fort* and navy yards, and trample
the stars and stripes in the dust We do not
mean to be driven from the Union by force.
Do yon desire a peaceable secession? a Conven
tion of all the States would possibly allow you
to depart in peace. AcjoumecL
From Iliglnla.
RlfnjiiOND, Jan. 29.— Recent proceedings ak
Fortress Monroe have embittered public feel
ing. The following was adopted at a taree
meeting last night: *
Wins reas, The Legislature has formally de
clared that any act of coercion against a South
ern State will be regarded by Virginia as an
act of war, and resist it by ail the meant with
in our power, * • •
i£e»«ws, That the attention of the Lewisla
tnre be called to the fact of an overt act of . co
ercion now actually being perpetrated at For
tress Monroe. - *
m Texas oa Stilt*.
AOSTis, Texas, Jan. 29. —The Texas
ture met to-day. Tjje Governors message was
read. It favors the oaift*>g of a Convention.
Both Houses repealed the g«inaaa resolutions,
passed by the Legislature in 1858. The House
toot up and passed the Senate bills directing
the Comptroller to proceed to "Washington ana
recover U84&0 due the State. A resolution
was unanimously passed declaring that i£e
Federal Government-has no power to coerce a
sovereign State after pftmouncsM her separa
tion. The Senate will pass the same resolu
tion by a similar vote. The Legisisture favor
Immediate secession- by a majontr of three to
Hr* Lincoln InriteClo Niwlfivef,
Teeston, K. J., Jan. 89.—The Legislature"
have, passed a resolution inviting the Presi
dent elect to visit Trenton, and Extending to
him the hospitalities of the State.
„ w Qbllury.
Lew Tobk. Jan. 29.—Cspt. Samuel C. Reid,
who m tbc’lait war commended the 0. 8. pri
vateer Gen. la thin city nut
Vrbni New OH..n. and Stexfea, '
coßWqnence of theaecwiloa of Lonufcni
T fei tea ? e rJ renßel4 ® e » fromYeraCrozOT
ttie 23d, and the City of Mexico on the 19th.
has arrived,
The Government was in full
1^ ipo 5 s ** ve sent to the
Spanish Minister, the Papal Nuncio, and the
Charges from Guatemala and Ecuador. Con
siderable excitement existed among the
Amcrican Legation had re
moved to the City of Mexico
New Qelzxns, Jrn. 29.—lie Convention re
-13 o’clock. A crowd
assembled, Indndlng some ladles. A motion
was made and adopted, that a committee he
appointed to receive the Commission
era front seceding States. Tha Com
ffllttee onFederal rehoions presented aseries of
resolutions for Immediate consideratlon.which
were postponed.
The Convention went into secret session to
consider the resolutions presented by the Com
mittee on Commerce, supposed to be consid.
ering the free navigation of the Mississippi
River and the principles of free trade. FF
The Convention Is still in secret session—
now nine o’clock.
From Havana and Key TTest*
New York, Jon. 29.—The atcamship Quaker
City brings Havana advices of the 25th.
of Havana have lolled for
$-,500,000. This caused a great sensation,
particularly upon the discovery of frauds upon
the sugar warehouses of false warehouse cer
dePosited by this house
with the Bank of Havana.
The United S;ates steamer Cnuader arrived
on the 25th from Key West, and reported the
forts at Tortugaa and Key West in good con
dition Jor defence. The Mohawk was at Tor
tus acting the military officers. A rumor
Key West that a force was coming from
New Orleans to attack the forts, had driven
away many persons, particularly natives of the
Bahamas, Several schooner loads had left.
of sugar at Havana and Mat.mr.ui
63,000 boxes, Including 48,000 new crop, n!
O. 7>£ reals per arobe; Muscovados
reals: molasses [email protected] Freights
ing. Exchange doll
From Haiiachoaetta
_-BoßTok, Jan. 29.—The failure of Meaair.
Pierce Bros. & Flanders, dry goods jobbers in
Franklin atreet, for *750,000 was announced
The second hearing before the Committee on
Personal Liberty bill took place to-day in the
Hall of Representatives. The floor and gal
leries were crowded, and hundreds were nna
ble to obtain admittance. F. L. Bird, W L
Bart, 8, E. Sewell and Wendell Phillips made
speeches against the repeal of tbe law.
The citizens of Gloucester were astonished
this morning at seeing a large Palmetto flag
waving over old Fort Defiance. The revenue
cutter in the harbor sent a boats crew ashore
and cut it down.
There Is said to be over 30,000 barrels of
mackerel stored in Gloucester waiting sale,
the Southern market for fish being about
closed. .
From Kansu.
„ Leavenworth, Jan. 29.—The admission of
Kansas creates considerable enthusiasm with
*ll parties. 100 guns were fired today by or
der of the Republican Central Committee.
Messrs. Jones dsCartright, the transport
ation firm of this city, have not assigned as
may be inferred from a special dlspaUm in the
St Louis Republican of the 27th inst -The
only assignment is that of Russell, Majors <fc
Waddell, who prefer home creditors and en
dorsers. Jones & C&rtrlght are preparing for
on extended freighting business on the plains
the coming season.
A. new daily paper, published by D. R. An
thony, made iu appearance here yesterday. It
will support the Republican Administration.
Weather very pleasant The recent snow is
fast disappearing.
From Pike’s Peak.
Ft. Kxarht, Jan. 29.—The C. O. C. Exprew
coaeh passed at 5 A. M. for St Joseph.
Destee, Jan. 26.— Hollister & Co.’a mill, at
Dm, on the first of the week, .wed
£1,500 from two cords of Pyrites by the opera
tion of some chemical process. By the ordi
nary method the yield was only SSO per cord.
Parties are still returning from San Joan with
discoaraging reports.
The Milwaukee Postmaster.
[Correspondence of the N. Y. Tribune.]
Jan. 25.—The Postmaster at
Milwaukee, Wls., has refused to honors draft
of the the Department for $4,000, and thus for
leited his official position. No explanation
has been given of this default, and a special
agent must be sent out immediately (o take
possession of tbc office, in accordance with
the regulations of the Department. These de
falcations are expected to multiply before the
4th of March, as they did at the close of Mr
v an Burcn’s term.
Mayor Wood and Clio Treason Arms,
[From the New York Tribane, Sfith.]
The treasnosble complicity of Mayor Wood
with the Southern rebels is put beyond a doubt
by the dispatches we print in another column.
Ex-Senator Toombs yesterday impudently tele
graphed to the Mayor, demanding to be in
formecUf arms intended for the State of Geor
gia had been seized by the authorities here,aud
closing with the menacing remark, “Your an
“ swer is important to us and to New York ?”
The Mayor In reply expressed his regret that
arms had been seized,and declares that If he had
the power he should summarily punish the no
nce for seizing them I If this Is not misprison
of treason we do not know what constitutes
the crime,.
MnLLsnozmxx, Jan. 94.1660.
To Uiß IToxos Matos Wood
Xb it true that any arms intended for and consign
ed to the State of Georgia have been seized by pub
lic authorities In New York.- Your answer la im
portant to us and to New York. Answer at once.
Hon. Robert Toombs, MUledgcviUe, Ga.
In reply to your dispatch’, Iregrefto say that arms
Intended for and consigned to ibe State of Georgia
haTe been seized by the police of this State, but
that the city of New York should In no way be made
responsible for the outrage. As Maror, I have no
authority over the police. If I bad the power I
should summarily punish the authors of this Illegal
and unjustifiable seizure of private property *
Wholesale and Retail Dealers la
SC - Lake Street, Chicago. HI -
Would respectfully announce to their old patrons and
the Trade, that they are now la receipt ofa larre and
toll assortment of all goods In their line. oclAi2B4
Self-Acting Water Injector,
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Agcn ts in mis section, for_sale of above, we Invite tb e
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delTdflßZCm isi Lake stret
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«oa. D. I* DODGE, Treseorer.
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Yo. 6 Botrd of Trade Buildings, Chicago, HL
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sion Butincsa. Advance; made on property In store
and for vale la this snarl et, or for shipment East.
These Spring* are situated la the Talley of the Oak
Orchard Crees, in the town of Alabina, Geneoee
County. N. T* elebt mQea eoutb of tbe Tillage of
Medina, on the Erie eimi *nd fourteen tulles from
Batavia. The principal Acid Springs are three Id Dum
ber; besides these are six others. They are all located
within a circuit of about lift; rods. The medicinal
dualities of t- e waters are fully shown in the subjoined
testimonials. They conalavary large amount of
Sulphur, Sulphuric Acid, Sulphate of Line, and Proto-
Sulphate of Iron. The great medicinal virtues poe
teased hy these waters depend very largely upon the
presence. In such unusual quantities of these curative
substance*. Hundred* of cases of especially
those resulting from tbe Scrofulous diathesis, have
been cured by their use. in Skin JPiseaaea-eveo in
confirmed Leprosy—the waters hare been signally *se-
Opfctions of Medical and Scientific gentlemen are
Ctven in tbe circulars. Tbe following eminent gentle
man speak m strong terms of the medicinal value of
these waters:
.Pro* Emmons, T. Bomcyn Beck, M. D., of Albany*
Jaa, McNaughton, M, D„ of Albany; Edward Spring.
M. D, of New York: Dr. H. CampbelL of FttuoeuL
MaaA; Dr. J. 8. hebulea of LockportTN. Y; they re.
oo emend the waters confidently. Dr spring refers to
a case of chronic dlairbcea of several years standing
which was cured by the use of the water. Dr. Bee*
•aya: *1 am satisfied that these waters arc highly
J»£s«o as medidari agents." ,Dr. Campbell Says;
"They must be highly beneficial for all chronic dl>
eaaea of the stomach and biwels."
_J>t. S. P. vnme read s paper on foa lublect ef these
water* before foe Academy of Pbrsidanalo foe city of
a<nr Tort, la which be etetes foal the Waten possess
Oaodedtr tODle, lefiteerant and astringent properties;
and that foe class of disease* to which foey are more
particularly adapted, arc chronic affections of the dl.
ceaure ana urinary organa, and some of foe cutaneous
dtanaea; chronic chronic diarrhea*, chronic
dysentery,chronic dfururis, chroniccratWldlabctca.
ewotpsriTy *a purpurahemor.
JMfflca, and foe coitooaare imu of bccOcfarer
The water may also be often used with advantage, be
jays, la cases of low typnold fevers; la convalescence
£2lexcite foe appetite and pro--
hxxe dteeauoa; la dlarrbmaa particularly snebaa an
deper dent on a relaxed or nlcerated state of foe no
s^“emte*nf , oftha Inteitlnea. In calculous affee.
Om*. or Hfolads, attended ytfophoaphatic sediments,
tt te foe soluble remedy, being preferable to muriatic
•ted, s* befog more solvent, and! cm apt by contlnnal
•M to dVoraer foe stomach. In febrile diseases it can
saßUßß&jSttaiusg &
Ha fooee forma of IHapepsla connected with foe *l.
ksoae condition of foe itomach-as fo Pyrosis or water
•nab. It w& prove tetter fosa hydrochloric acid. in
cases of collca plctonnm, and other Injurloca eonse
qsnee* arising from foe action of lead, this water will
prove to be an admirable antidote. In chronic pharm
gltk. lacrngWa, cWonlc mncaa catarrh, anrfhumid
■WSma, ppfoalir.la. (externally) is a gargle in
. Coasted aore throat,
teaeomea and gleet, and also in piles. '
.-.When taken latnraalJy,.* wore class ruu. of tbs
'WOer, diluted, taken three time* a <tey, te sufficient
nr an adult.
Other teatimoclali from Phyilda&s, and other re
■pwwyp Individuals, maybe seen on applicationto
on liberal teim*,.
fW^Ma Water Genuine tuuea# procuredfrom -
B- W. 523TW1CC Sole Agent.
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Devoted to News, Commerce, Politics,
Agriculture, Education, Art, Science
and Literature. 7
PotmcAi—Ths great political campaign of itoo is
closed. ThebetUehae beta fbagbtand won, and the
eagles of victory perch oa the Republican banner*.
AsaaßiM Lisoolii has beta triumphantly elected pres-
Ident of tbe United States for four yean from the Uh el
March, 1861.
We are entering upon a year that win be memorable
In tbe annals of American politico. Tbe Fire-Eaten ol
the Cotton States have undertaken to break up the
American Union, because they are not allowed forever
to rule Ik The people have decided at the ballot-box, to
have the Federal Government administered according
to the precept* and policy Fathers; and In strict
accordance with tbe Constitution they hare elected a
President to execute their win. The slave-holding oli
garchy refuse to submit, and have proclaimed their
purpose to disrupt tbe Confederacy unless their de
mands shall be Immediately complied with, which em
brace the following points;
£SMS°2. or . T ffThat the people
of the North shall give up their conviction* tual oiave
-11 that It is morally
itad politically aiohr. a± Tbatthe CoHattmrir.n
he eo construed u to recognize Property in Man. and
Nationalize the Institution of American hlave
rf. Sd, That the Free State* shall pay lor all fugitive!
4th * That all Stale lavs
kidnapping »h*li be repealed. sth. That Slave
ry be extended into fit m Territories and pro
looted by a i ederal islave Code. 6th, That the siave
be re-opened In the District of Columbia.
•Ui, That a law shall be pamed granting the nghi u>
slaveholders to travel and sojourn In the Free Mates.
In case of non-compliance with these terms, the Flre
reters threaten to secede from the Union, and set uo a
Southern Confederacy, reopen the African blare
Trade, and attempt to found a great slave4iolClnc cm
t-lre, by absorbing Mexico, Central America anu the
Islands of the Uult Such u the programme of the Dis
‘f *? er T patriot and
“IfM of the Union and Constitution to stand by Lin
coin * Administration, as the old Democrats stood by
uen. Jackson wneu assailed by South Carolina nulllil
era. The free North most not be bullied nor frightened
by the arrogant oligarchy Into a base eurrendur oflu
dearest rights and most cherished principles.
Oruaa Vlcistioxs. —And there arts other imno-tant
matters W come _before the nt-v Aoaiinlstriraon.
Among theiih,o: e*ue Uomtoteidsforithe-Lautilcw
ImprovcmentaiorKlVers anttHarbors; Construction ol
a Laaroadto the Facuic: Encouragement of hie Moo
uacturtng and Farming Industry of the country- Re
trenchment and Ucfonu In the administration of Got
eminent; a restoraUum la abort, of tuc earlier and
purer days of We Republic. Oa all these questions, the
Twees* will ever be found an earnest champion oaths
ode of Freedom, Might and I’atriaUsm.
GaxaaLNkvs.—CulcagoUthe Commercial Empori
um of u large portion of me Northwest, and by reason
of her Immense system of railroads ana telegraph lines,
she has become a great news centra; and we are confi
dent that western readers can obtain their earliest In
formation of passing events from the Columns of tua
Chicago Tarecsr. widen U a uva newspaper that keeps
folly up with the progress ot the times.
Coaas3rux&uc£^-Duricg ; a.e coming winter one ol
the editors will correspond for the 1 jobitsk from Wash
hi rton, giving full and graphic report* of the proceed
iue* of an exciting session of Congress.
Another of the editors will attend at Springfield and
keep the people fully posted on what will be done by
the Illinois Legislature. Correspondents will be em
ployed at the Capitol* of lowa. Minnesota. Wisconsin
and ludiacg.
From oilier portent of the country and from foreign
lands, we derive our intelligence from the multifarious
correspondents of the Associated Free-, from an Im
mease exchange list and the letters of numerous fr.cna*
Mansers.—The Teat** he* achieved a high reputa
tion as a Commercial paper, and in thl* department-it
possesses the confidence aod eajojt the patronage ol
ouatness mea to a high degree. XU market repori* em
brace every article tuat the farmer or deakraiii expect
to find quotedta a newspaper, whether western, eastern
or foreign marta-te. The Twacs* «Do Ghjccm-s very
fully. In its editorial and news cotatnqs. enrvunoy ques
tions, Railroad. Bank and tftatb stock?, agricultural
products of America and Europe, and all other topics
connected with the material Interests of our country.
AmuccLTcax.—During the coming year we snail pay
particular • attention to farming matters. Each issue
contains a carefully prepared agricultural article,
containing m large amount uffresh and valuable infor
mation pertaining to the farmland garden, lutorvst‘ll"
letters from ** Knrai,” and other able Agricultural hVq
Horticultural writers, will be published. 'No we.-u-ni
newspaper devotes So much space to reports cf rntra.
crop*, live stock. Improved implements and modvs of
culture, and all other matters of Interest to the tillers
of the solL
Edccatios— The cause of Education will receive due
atteaUon In our columns. And foe Literary and ilU
ccllaneoua matter wtU bo prepaid with »V,ew to msfc.
log foe paper aw el cams family v>alt i, combinin'- foe
agreeable and tuefoi. In short, foe purpose of die
publishers Is, to mite foe Cb.cago Tuncss eo mfor
esting-aud valuable that no well regulated Western
family can ancao to ax without tr.
Now hi foe time to renew mbacffotlasa and mie up
clubs rorfoe new year. A Unlp effort la any mdxbbor
bood will procufo a Hit ofnOtoea. roonle canluorS
to subscribe, as this Is a year ofabtmdaace,
CW-Posuze on foe Chicago Tsxama la only half •>
much as on me New York or Fasirm paper*.
TERMS OF THB weekly toibcxj: ;
Foot Co tics.
■’’-a copj«
.ca copi«. iq7s
Twenty copl«i»ad one tocrtteraporclaio'--' 2aw
Tiajjjor Dahi—one year. 11.00 w
_ ** —SlxmoQto* **'.4.Co
Tnus o? kult—One year .. 4 uo
** “ —Sir month. ******** Vqq
“"52?BesUtsrsd Letters mtybe sent st our
tbk idaiess TBIBUM£,CUe»*o, W
X. of idt interest in the Commission Borings to
Messrs, llellend; Otmsted, vbich firm I cheerfaJlrra
commend to my friends a»d the patrons of the lata
firm of Weller, Madd A MeHen, aa being fnliv en
titled to their confldeoce, and respeetfallv solicit for
them a continuance of the patronage so liberally b£
stowed npon me. J&SE WjfLLha
Cmcano, January 23,198 L Ja34dSS3-2w
CBnccessora toJeaaeWeller and. Wener.Madd & Meßea.]
176 South. Water Street.
Advances made on Comljnmenta to va and So anr
mends booth and East,
. B"*? to E. L Tinkham ft Co.. Chicago: Betts, MeV
St.Loots; Putman,Ohnssadft Co«Bur
i- O. Uxujar. lata of Weller. Madd ft Mellea.
Ut * Patman, Olmtted * Co,
Sarllagton, lovrg.
Prodnes Cemmlsalon nerebant,
Pradnee and Cemmlaalon Merchants,
liberal cart advances on Flour. Grain. Seeds. Pro*
visions and Pried Fruits, for sala In this market or ship
ment East. JaTSI ly
Liverpool and
Cash Advance* vm he made on eesa3g&>
mauta to the above house of
WM«n7.»r ___ raeiusNxsa,
T. WHEELER, Successor to
No. 7 Board ef Trade Bulld'.ng. Chicago. lIL
Cash advances made on emslgamectt of Floor.
Oralo, Provldons, Ac, for sale In thl-* murVrt «r for
shipment East. Ual-iKsg-lmj C. T. WHEF.LEk.
Commfaelon fflerefaans,
Peraocal atteation riven to the pcrchaAc and aaie of
Grain. Flour and Country Produce generally.
N.E.cor.B, water anuClark-sta. Post Office Hox 637.
Rxvmvvcmi>-Hcq. Wm. E. Ogden. Chlcaro, FI; Hen.
B. W ItayraoDd. do.; L-aac Cook, Esa.. do ; s W Rio.
ley. *®<L, do.; P. Hanaonv, Nerlia <C Co., New Yerk:
Qonrd Frerea. do.; Yclvcrton Hrcs.. do • Ja«. KiniS
bonLiio.; Jaa. H. Lucas, Esq„ St. LouU;TEdyard Tm
aou. B~i.. do.: Cha*. Chontesn, F-0.. do. tnolAxSa
>w Liberal artvancea made cn Conslgujacnt*.
CommlMioii 2!ferchftnt|
Re. a9sh South Water HtreeL between Old and Rew
Board of Trade Buildings, Chlcaso. 11l
y> Merchants* Savings Lo..c and Trait to v Oil
rago; Smltb, Pollard ft Co„ Cldcaao; Parker iTacflj-.
5?" S?*l Se J- *t w J^ Tt: A - Trhimrk Sons. PMhadel.
phis ;F, F. Fowler A Co„ New Orleans. stLs*sQly
Storajt and Comiblmion JSerenantS}
fire Proof Warehouse, on Market street, betwe-u 1 «>«
. y.. Randolph streets, Chicago, TO.
aw Liberal advances made oa Consignments.
BAirciL a. roan. iaair6o-’y} »*ibas:*jl bostcs.
piTKEST & co. ?
General Cobuhlmlob Hfcrtbanta,
#Ax*uear*. Uj96T6C-Ij] unu«. r;r* j.
ROBS 4- CO.,
fTTbolftaals Dealers la
■And General Coudaden Nerehwes^
No. 16 River fftreet, Chicago, m,
aoaaca aottca. sttn. aou.
13 Eoutii La Salle Street,
Old Halted State* Custom Hcnsa SaUdlags. Chicago.
•'As. w. Tartar. u. «-.tp. LM«?n.
CARD.—In withdrawing irvm the ComisiMton Bcel
icse. we take greav pleasure In recommending the
»boT« Sna to our ani petrorv and tvolMt for
them a,cuntlnnance of their Having known
them for several years, we cheerfully recommend them
« fojd bnMneu* men, and In every t reliable
noB-dtStAm FUNt A Wiikf'l.cb
For the purchase and sale ol
*o. I Pardee’s Bnfldlng. corner of WeHs and Bonth
Water streets, Chicago,lulnola. Llberaladraaceamads
on consignments,
r. t. cHi.MßKai.int. rdei3T3l ». vr. a»mou».
dfd.CHAN ib. Odlce 100 ater-jit. PoL2ero7*3
3t±d!ags. Post Office Drawer 5137, Chic-iro. J
t>"A* a. BAIUC. 7
, Bncklcrham * Co-'Wm. Mar
dn. General Freight Agent C. B. & (i. R. R
aul6-cB9l -ly
Commission Hlerehfxiu,
Career South Water and Clark «rrvtn, CUcaxc, aa
vaocea made on conslgnmeeu.
at- ociia. imlcsfA ly] A.«anrtw.
hsiiaan ta
St«it BeiertptloD 6f Cotmtrr
ok Commission KxelnstTelj.
"jVrOKTGAGK SAT.^-- v.^re^,
toL!;fr C^I Li-. S^ r,! .*‘ n K tf l '* 9 ritT T..rh, h?r4
tolure tiicrtßßfi-d oi-.t.-. ihn
ter, of Nnwars. N'eu- \. -.i
■ A 7- L> ’ * r ' > '• * Q '* - re, p-.. \, A' oi
CociC..u l(t r. Mar -RtS. >n Co. W.s of rr-rfea
!;; ■'*&■« r 1
: * ; : i
?. ] L,‘?i v Z7Jft, A.l > .iiC3, in n.rf* r-ur* jji.,u t*,r .«
cf rebniirT. .&* aiuiaiVot;. .V ,
■-V*F**-./»• A>. iA*i: and, 9Uctvia\ .-i i
*«** «s^«
Jim.if.V2a" wi“c.“ 4 “ 1 "'
autivf la b«rfbr cltch L.at •'Br.nr *
to the power cohUlucdlu ti- f\“ In
S&WVi 1 ® • ac , t ' w "- kl l, ’ e Court U%“ e JHS Vi U»a
CUcaira. Ume fo.i-r yf « a i:£ C( .m!
oMdayc: Jaaoarv. \. 1> wf; «. u:i rvA-* , ! , J
BLbt-rt-.'* SiJiT'’
...!•>» \TV Ch ' c « 0 i«. AM, A. I>.)S» .
I r ** w m * Swru. -itfjn, d.«iifS-rt
*lB S«ath TTaltr street. . Q7£-
152 Sonth Water St., ClUeaso.
. s
Commimoa ;lertli*ati,
'•* .SOUTH WATKB slßfcuT..lß*
AUOs'a Dafidlaff, CiOcajo.
3ariaeMooaflaed itrtcUy vo Comtalwlon, tJjSftdy-d*
y. COE & CO.,
Fcr the parcbaw trd isle ol
50. 210 South Street, Chlcero.
Vinos t. oos. wm. ll. rsocaw^ca.
commission hikhchants,
R*ro TOpMerchksts’ S»vlr.-*, Lo*a andTrurCo
lUchrnona A Co, Hon. Jto. C. CUlcsn?
J. ILOnka 4 Co„ N. Y4 B. S, Xlaz. Bar ala L ~»*i
JL courssiow iisschantj^
lf«. 182 1-2 ftocOi Wat«rßL, CUcajo.
▼.X.TUXJIK. 0.1.
COBunlHion Sctehuu,
«iclcalre attention to the paJiAw »M
Wo. Mo S. Whter, coy. Part sc. Chicago. [pmsutaa
13S »eatfe Water Street, CUeuo, m.
g < HOLMES <fc SOK,
S«f *sS ?erE P«ken,
OSoe So. 12 Sl-«r g*r««
Dealers ?b
Mif, pcai, mams, mmcai, ueo, eti.
Eljliftit market price fur Cattle end Hoc*.
BETEB TO BaJxkcrs and Bosses* «e& it
S«.l£cta and
h«Jn a^S? II,I S‘* Marine Back; J h Dtuu
ham, E«i„ President Merchant*’ iJ£m *Tm
end M«hm. o. I iffiS£ %t &
C+ocudlmlob tod Shipping MerchanL
WAt&fflhSCT**** l
£f ,toc Staavatkt. OjwtjoCo.. NT )
of ,oma * 11 «*? JLiSi?
ForLhnmil. ~ MTRCHANTH,
Aceaa to? H * mt,Q *S Wcau
tiu jna^aij]
Williams &nouGirnxKG'
Water street, second door TT«t at j
*T5 Ua . stree i ßrid s-'« l ' ,e tfcclr «cluMv« attention to
g^sjfflgaf- c a?sa& , sfey^
.« LH)
. S>oo
w ®* 3 Loomla Bull din*, ‘
iddnet WM. IlAgjsrp, j
i* delinlt has been mad© In tic condition of a err
tain mortsmwa made, executed and delivered oo tha
flrstday of March, A D. iFss,by willtsm T. Bcpklna
and Clara XL hi» nr IT*, and James K. Beading «m
Sarah C. hU wlffc. partita of iheflr*t part, (uticergu
W.Lon*. party of ti o second part, up«i- certain t«al
estate therein described ft.r toe »ecurJty t.l in* pay*
meat of four ceftalo promiaecrv notea iberttn ue
acribed of even date therewith smooz.tiog tcattLer («>
the sum of $99» 74 ICO. whltn said vs** only
recorded tti the Recorder's cn«e of toe county ot la.
■aHe. In the Prate of UUo* U, on the 3Sd day of Jane.
A. D. I*! 8, In Booh 48, on PageaffS. If, i »cd 3, and also
In the K*cord« ’» Office of ijjb Conor/ of Orm d>. te
said State, on the »d day of May. a. !>.!«;«. In Bock*
of Mortgages, Pages*!: and. *terras, dtisuli has been
made tn the pat mentor toe leas two rf the afcmald
noua. to-wlt:—one lor toe sum cf
|W 53.1C0 ! tiling doe an the Cr*t day of October. A. D,
led. toe other lor the »om of |£9 rn'CO ftUh z due the
flm day of April A. D.IK 9; and. ahereas. tffe under
signed are toe assignees or said mortgage sod j out
last mentioned for valoable couridtraUen by toem
paid and are thereby only comtituted sod oprototed
Trustees for the fort-closure and collection by
Virtue of the condition of s.*id jeertgagn,
Now, therefore, public notice Is hereby given thet
we. tha aald Assignees and i ruetees afrrtaald. ain i i
pursuance <*f andby virtue of the power and aci'-orltr
m us rented by sala mortgage ante alignment r r t; -
uses and purpose* and according to th* terns tlu rrl-i
expressed, on Snt.rdsT the cloth day ot F«Uu*rv
A, j- I . ’SSL at eleven, ovlccX la the furnjooit cf ,a"J
day, at me north door of th* coart II *n»e. I.i thu , jr „
rf Chicago, sell at public auction to lur inchest b:t!d*>
fur cash the preu.l-$» in said mortage de-tnud to
pay and satisfy *ald last two proiM«.rry tote- u'tli
she Interest thereon together with the exp. nr* .Y
•aid Mi-. to-ttrUr— iv at«r Mucsa 2»*-s d,4,"Jnil- »•»
tne town of Manailles; the W. xof tne s. i- \ .
IS; the S Kof the j,. YT. Xof dec, ?; «he ii "Vr-c <■>''
8. £. !< of occ Jf. T. *3, N. «. 4 Jff.; the N. K. s .
and a. .X of tec. Hand See. IS; tn-s S, Frac. uf i
H of aec.cs. In f.38, S. K.SK; the K.# of .- r. >- Jt
•ec. ti; the N. >, of 3«c. 37. T. 3L N. K. ah ; toe - *
V ef roc. X, T. U-*. V. it. 4 E.i the S. W. X ol arc. z \ T
undtueS Xof See 10, T. S3, V K7.
ot the Third Principal Meridian, Is tho -tat« of iU
sob; and all the rtiut, title. Interest and t Quitv i>. n--
demptloa of tho said mortgagor* therein m.d tui.»ctv
Chicago. January gth. 1861. ja3o o_Sji id
J» v default has been mid* In the condition of a cer
tain mortgage made, executed deuvrfed on He
find day o t >urcJi .U).;&y.bf WUsaa T. Hopiix.a
h!< wur, aca J jn e- *♦. Beading m.d
barah C. A . his wife, par.y of t..e -rd pmtto Wi lUm
b. C horenm part) of the eecu. d purl upou certain teal
estate thcrel", d-.T-crbed, for the security o the pay
ruat.t oi four certain pr inls*- ry cctt« ihcrela mru*
Honed of even data tUrfrwlti. -i.»-j-;uaag loutlhrr to
the*am of S3.ih , At>, w Uidi kuiu «•< duly re
corded In the heer.rrle > oillre . f me County uf la
In tne state of lUnc-1-. :,e 2J2 dtvet Jane. A.
M- la 80-' i No. 4S ou » a;-- ,i «, .«•. > jj atd ini’ and
a-t *lUitif Kccorder-B OdUc -f U-Couatr .1 (vni».dv
.. t on tte ,vj tl*yof May a. D. fais 1 tcck
«of ..,ortJl"e, ihig-* if 3; md. whereas, I'rfiQlt bav
toen made la toe j ayme .: of L.c iu.. -eaio
re-I‘t^siV^p.ViVtc“*c “* ori, ‘ *• r toe nm of
‘th.. 1 ? 1 ,/ 5r dU> -.i 0 ‘ ‘ia> «-f t;i tuber, A. .
nn r for st.e jura ot Sailing duo
onLie "r:t fia> of Apr.l. a .,. t ui.«.re:kLih«
miner l;ned |U, . t u.l o?rt‘Sl*^ld
notei lust nicuti-u.d
U.er.b. ..„|v v..I»M4T; , I *i3S
joined t.a-era l>r too iu-. ciu-ur.> ui d colic tijn
**** -vitloav oi *a.4 u;ortgL“;
«•«?*• h‘ ! r- 1 u^i - c hotic- U liirtdy
a-'il tr i toe* a;cr Lß ula, vu) la
frf? U -? 4i V : 171*‘“ ' r r ‘" ol and authority
n.M»nin’^' ,y * 544,1 mi itg geand a*'Bjg>:|ueul lor too
P‘‘ f; 1 C e * 54011 fcCCljrdll Kto Lie terms therein
expre-*e'i. t u Sutunuy, the met.; ~aj of i c-tvar*. A.
Cl *’ c ' t 1,4 ihefr.renv* u i.-f miu <U*v. at
tne n< rthdof>r o. the Court Home lu the cur of* idea
go, »ea at j.i.LUc action u> ibo h gh»e» bidder lor *a*b
toe premi-e-, m *ald mortgigu ue‘ci.h-d. L» pay m d
inAssy -d!'! h»st two prom - .-* orv n-.tci v.‘-th th-irt* re-t
due tuvreon. t> evtr.er w.th the cji-r.ei of <a d .rlt
t-vwll: Wau-r BV-cL*lvdSln ih- \i, ii. %*l
«• vs wiLrsrw.wsTi:
\\ T. 53, s. is. 4K; See. . 6. r.as, A. i:.i r.-. {j g-V'Jr
HOf toe !i. ». W «■/ 9; T. 54, >*. 1.-. S'*-' at d tl-'e N 7 '
k X Of S- C. liT. S3 N IL S " >! thc‘j.? p‘lcTt*!
merlli-ntu Uie?tat.-..f iLl.,ui*. mid a . Ueright i *
Interest and equliy of reoempdou c * f.« Siu» murt-al
Cor* tharela and thcrot?. *
JO!I > ; UoXtTMAV,
CfllUnilAN VYCKOrr.
Chicago. January
b~l riH'XTT. S. 9. Coo* Co«ptv itrcnlt Court
February Term. A. t>. ;v;i. Samuel C. Davia t lun*-
B >w*r .idW W,Pwkln*V..Datid ilXtl£
and Jona L. Dcxr.lck. *
Public rcMre UrrebT given to the Mid r t vld p.
ftont and Juba t. at a writ of n«»cLi,n. R.i
Issued onto: the office of the C»rk onhe CcukcHu-itv
Clrcntc court,<-ait;U il.e .Li.h cay of lHc*n.l> r \*ii
ttOl, attnusult 11 the sail >amce| C. Pavl?. CUtieall
Sawyer and ean W.fcrxlim an.. sgab.»t torefei?
of the sa.d David B. fctou; aud yoha l. l-eailci, j wr ti a
sum of eight honored and twvutv.one *rd
twenty.nlne cents. dm-ct-u to the Jdurl* ol ■i. r .u£
sou County. wlutiii sn,d writ has been rctun tu cm vuc
«1. _ owthereiore, miles- you, the Mid Lav.d U -1 ua
and John L IXmlck aliaU personal v be and ai-jwr Fe*
ft re the said Cook County circuit Court oa or be .on U.a
° {lb . e i*. x K I enu u ‘f rrot. be Loliv.. t ; t;.«
Coan l.« the C ty . i Chicago. o>, the Sd Mo: ca»
?L*: br l"7\ K ' ve •**«.*»* bail. and ph«l if
the said pUL-tlfTs* action, lungmc.-t Mil be Wteml
? h^li i o J ’v* aUlu . laTl 'r < t f 1118l 118 ***4 rairael C.
mucu ot the Pi\*perty attachea as any be euUii-‘ct.( to
Mttsf r the said judgment and c.~l n wiII Iw .old ta
Satisfy ln*#a:i:e. Wm. Ji. CHURCH, ciers.
m-sllcp & uiTcacocr. Pin a. AU'y pu
"VTOTICE OF W bot».a.«
lain. MortßJwe’nr.-in:-.!* datlT on 'th/ I rv; 1 '? ’ f
A. »>. dahtten hu»<;rt'J ho.: atu'.., 1. ,*; ,
oytherbedoyuao and ~ 1
to A/anah *. r Ingg. ta lity (. ity bl *.; a» York! Tr*w<*/
and duly of the *cki«r.
of the state vi \v- cna-L-.M i.U otfViP* C.‘,
t, r;:
power of
trance of law. the T« u,te uS‘-r Swd
moruago. will, on u..- day V V
Clglitctn liundrud uud sixtv.oue, al J ih • ''iKium’ la’i. «
Ihiny-djhi taoßSALdaau exact..p.vy d„Uars auR f. rt.“
by *ald now ocuunaiLg. w.t., ut«
5"««t ttapsld. bem 4 Um -mount cUlmeu to bl u-.,
thereon, the morucaacd yrymiatg r . ol
fiS5Kd? f “da?‘o^S r a l!S &J;is
railway.*, nils, bridge?, Irnecs. sUt.ua>.»ttiU« u- v r,,-.
aod ot;-er buddingK. and *H tlic i-i.ds *:,u ..n*.
L/?J.V iea ® r oareaiur auuvtrtd lu totntciiua
with the wlu dr»t ..I. i*;oq of the e r.o t . r or rCaur.s
t&ereu), wbetL«r..buL.«d unucr f£ rt. ad I r*l
le*r*of ..I»«jr charter or couveye-a Uu-m b> iVea
ana aUo all the toils, lacuoiee. runt*, and t.rvSto
aud coriK-ra;e a»:d other Ir-nchUo- cf a”’ fuM.yj'et
and Co,up -i.v cc:.r. = . 1. a u'lU l'iS
V very kli,d. inucLlu-rv, ■»:acl;U.« « r “ iu,W umfls
,p.l>^c^mV“a with th U ptll
pef CaU.pCiyLt, uTU.i.O, upvTUllua —Ld if
{ne&vki r-.ir.-wl ti>cu o>» i,u.i or tU-ry«Aeraeqiiirvd h-/
the sai-i an bo> gariao<l j iilrvaii» I Voi nV
Si&isiS^ffigsir' ,umßaa - “ a »«• •» h
P. E2NSOX. Trr,tM.
IWcymbcr uta, isui a*id*SS
hiMr Term, U6», fc«LuelV'haJ ; l -C Cooll *>'* reh *
la t*i£l'i I*""*****"* 1 *""*****"*
*>ss? “{**&> tii*omce oj u*. UAoi ?al ■ ,r-t’iV l *.?
£ &rB
x£ , J5 nd *?**» £*■. \ - > V
CtrciJ: Cour: ot coot <v--t,tr ri. »• •’ rt ** •*
pr» ? t : o:\S3 bill ffi ? ! , .i 0 ,*•
. Conpl-t. SolV - L iilu-llii
1 BasssswsS^s^s
. ffflce M cWcoiiWTSiiM uEir£ . l v ■•? r v;' f i
'!tr«x» irarcr. l“Sf.Sa
iSk S^ Wo "““ r7 ’ *■ , u - Oinotoi
J. U. Pimj, Attorney. Inufej iiort_riHr»-v
CJUcmix i*c. rta. ?Mi
rf T . h .w*? OVß lt l V ,ftirlh * r tin »nakr th*
ss? •"•*“'* 'jasaft ; «sjffif l JjS -s
J. JL rmn Attorney. IrmaS.
citim icth. usl . e St-u
MASTERS SALE.—Circuit Coart
B. Unri Joseph Parian*.
C. Buckle, U.,ratio > Leu t*-- *4.*** °-
I'aktteß. Cale* Shaw 'W. BraAt 1
•qn, and Alcunoey V r. V'" i-en.
)VanieoaQ(SU«ors«Tbz «nrv^tr-* ««« ik u^-^r,liru
B. tiarrowa, deeraawL a.f’ta L^2 ntrs °f UiJ*m
aortii dooro; the •* t,, ’»
In the City ot ( ’h! k » £^- to ,d C°anty a co , lk<
C " rp f' nt * r ‘ B e ciliSlci! i^Ua
w -®» Cooney of Coca and Su’e ut*UJinot2
4 . L. U. PAINh, FKi;e.i«,
M s<w*» in Chancery of Cook t'.»urtr.
- Chlg»:o. Jminr-y 7m. ISBL J j»-^ui-ui
Sd ?SSl2Z?! nmn MICmo.»X. WO her Kan*
t2S.ES fr* “«**» *‘i H. W. Newberry & lo laiTZ
i*f‘* ?Ho»r 5 1 U d *y »broarv, if *i, *t a o'clock r*.
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