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Kditora and. Proprietors t
'“°&ram cowii^
TRR2& or Tins coiculOo tuarra**
t‘ r :'-r. v > n‘d liio.;y by earner, per rear ft&oa
. dudrored lu cirr by carrier, per week.. ..15
s>:J;y, v-j u.sil*jbo«ri6er«iIp<?.r 1 p<?.r year. »»>
u»iuti.*ubacribawper*lxmonth* V}S
:r.-nc-!ay. per year. , * ***
■u <Si f , ng:.; tubaa-Jbers tV«
: sggs :::::::: i«o
* w ;;*;**-**-S^2
.IL to getter un‘6rdftb!!soSo
* to clubs nay be *n*ny At toy tine At
' ' Letters, may be sent nasi
• ieogo Xr;femic,w HUnol*.
Cijkaflo Ertfcune.
Tiie election in New Hampshire on
Tuesday last resulted in a glorious Repub
lican triumph. In 136 towns Beny, Re
publican candidate for Governor, leads his
Democratic opponent 4,492 votes. N The
Republican candidate for Congress are all
elected, and the Legislature is overwhelm
ingly Republican.
Our dispatches this morning Indicate the
breaking out o£ an irrepressible .conflict
between Gov. Houston and the Secession
Convention. The Governor is not willing
that the latter shall have everything their
own way, and it is said he is raising troops
on his own accord. The Convention
threaten to depose the Governor and throw
over the office to another man, if he docs
not come to terms.
The Board of Lake Underwriters have
just published a very complete statement
of the loss oflife and property on the Lakes
in 1860, of which the following is a reca
pitulation :
Loss on Steam Halle $335,808
Cargoes 160,575
Total loss hv Steam Vessels. $497,383
Loan oa Sail Hulls $327,773
” “ Caacoes*. 330,859
Total loss by Sail Ve eclF— $653,632
Total loss by Steam aud Sail Veneris.sl,ls6,ols
Los? on Steam Hulle. $169,405
“ Cargoes. 182,130
Total lose bvSic&m Vessels.. $351,535
Lose on Sol! Hulls $831,233
Total loss by Sail Vessels.
Total loe« byStwim and Sail Vessels. $1,020,100
ia losece $135,1U5
Loss orLife in ISGO.
“ •• 1859.
.105 Increase.
Of the 578 lives lost during the past year,
400 are attributed to the disaster of the
Lady Elgin. This Is, undoubtedly larger
than the reality, though, from the nature
of the calamity, it is impossible to arrive
at the number lost with absolute certainty.
Our readers will probably recollect the
announcement in the Thibcke last Sep
tember of a purchase in tliis city of 16,000
bushels of wheat by a Canadian gentleman,
for shipment to Liverpool—part by the St.
Lawrence route, and part by New York.
The wheal on the 10th of Sep
tember, shipped from this port to Port Col
borne on the 13th, and i:t Port Dalhousie,
on Lake Ontario, the cargo was divided —
10,000 bushels being sent down the St.
Lawrence, and 6,000 bushels to Oswego
and through the New York canals. The
result of the experiment has been already
partially stated in a communication previ
ously published, in our columns; but in
the St Catherine’s Journal, of a recent
date, we find thefollowingtablcs, showing
the time and cost df transportation by
both routes:
Shipped ot Chicago 13th September; arrived at
Port Colborne 18th 3
Passed orw Welland Railway same day.
Shipped at Port Dalhousie 19th September. Ar
rived at Montreal 22d 3
1 at-Pnrt Ralbourie X d&y iocateamse.— --
Shipped at Montreal per steamer, 22d. which
tailed from Quebec on S9lh. Arrived In Liv
erpool on Bth October 3U
Detained between Montreal and Quebec 7days.
Actual time in movement.
Add detention;
Total day*.
Freight—Chicago to Fort Colbornc
'• Welland Railway
“ Port Dalbcueic to Montreal.
*• Montreal to Liverpool
I aeuraacc—Chicago to Montreal
44 Montreal to Liverpool
Chartres for bagging, wharfage, etc., at Mon
treal %
Chugcs for dock dues, etc., Liverpool 2#
•* imperial duties.. 3
4- commissions s—ll
Toi-al charges pcrbnehcl
Shipped at Chicago ISth September—Arrived at
Port CoUwrne 1S»I« Sept 5
I'r.ssed over Welland Itaihuiy same day,
Shipped at Port Dalboueic £3th Sept.—Arrived
at Oswego 26th Sept 1
itetidiitd at Port Daihonsie 0 days for steamer.
Shipped at Oswego 3Gtn Sept.—Arrived at
New York 6th October 30
Shipped at New York 10th Oct.—Arrive! at
Liverpool 3rd December 54
Detained at New York 4 dars for vessel.
“Actual time in movement:
In all.
charges. Cents.
Freight—Chicago t«» Port Colbome 36
•• Welland Hallway 2
“ Port Daihousie to Oswego 4
•* Oewego to New York 11
“ Now York to Liverpool 25X-SS)£
Insurance—Chicago to New York 2*^
•* New York to Liverpool
Charges—Lightmagr, Weighing, Ac., at
New York 1 #
*• Commission at New York jijj
“ •* at Liverpool 5*
Imperial Duties 3
“ Town-Dock dues. Weighing. &C.3 —l4
Total charges per bushel 7$
•If shipped by steamer, the actual time of move
ment would have reduced to 26 davs, add for
detention 10 days, in all Fay SG days.
From the above tables li will be seen
that the shipper lost lie per bushel ou the
wheat scut by tbc New York route in
charges alone; ■while the ten thousand
bushels sent by the St. Lawrence route ar
rived in Liverpopl 5 i days before it This
loss of time in transportation might have
proved otherwise disastrous; but at any
rate the difference in charges alone is verv
While the New York legislators and com
missioners arc advancing the rates of tolls
on Western produce, it is important for
shippers to know that they are not entirely
dependent on the New York canals lo
forward their property; and that probably
before another year has passed away, the
subject of establishing regular lines of pro
pellers of 1,000 tons burden between Chi
cago and Port Colbornc, and between
Dalhousic and Montreal, will have taken
definite shape. On this subject the paper
above alluded to lias the following:
When a daily line oipropellers, of 1,000 toes
each—with a speed of X 2 miles per hour—is
established from Chicago to Port Colbornc,
connecting with a similar line, of the same ca
pacity ana speed, from Port Dalhonsie to Que
bec, where the cargo will betransferred by cle
i itors into ocean steamers, freights will be re
in ced from 07 to 137 cents, as shown by the
loiiowing •
„ cts. cts. cts.
rhlcsgo to Port Colborne, 1000 m.. .16 7 9
Welland Railroad, 25 miles 2 - 2
Port Dalhouslc to Quebec. 500 miles. 8 6 2
♦Qncbocto Liverpool, 2500 mi1e5. ..26 15 11
Total number of m f1e5,4025 B2 30' 22
Insurance 2#
Commission aitf 2Je
.And when elevators are erected at
Quebec, the present rates of ware
housing will be reduced c 3 3
•67 37 30
A. daily Vine of steamers may odpear extrav*
agout is the present state of trade* bnt ■when
ttc consider that (allowing 25,000 per day for
the navigable season of 200 days) they -would
only carry i-aw of Indieis, when the
Welland ‘Bailway will carry, with its present
rolling stock ,40.000 per day, or for the season
of SOudays, MgM tmlUohs.
• The estimated rate by Mr, McAlplne, (State
Engineer, ocean fremfats la one
mxD. per ton per mile, und lor lake freights two
and a half mill* .per ion per mile. Allow this
latter rate on return freight*. It will amount only
to $9.05 per ton on ins whole distance from Liver
pool to Chicago. •" ' * 5 ■ •
X«aw» ox the Last Session*
Messrs. Baflhache Baker, of'‘Springfield,
Tllinolß, are now preparedto sell: a Limited
number of copies.of the public laws passed at
the last sesrion of the State Legislature. Or
ders addressed as above win, receive prompt
. Marcii 13.—A special dispatch
to the Comnurctai SdmrtUcr toys that. Thomas
Corarfo and Cmblos M. Clay have both dt
dined the missions tendered
. .'' ' r - •.■ :./faf*: : : :.v ; ;_ V; ; ’ : ■; ';'...' ■ •" / :; -^,-
i Yra
AflUn at the National Capital,
[Special Dispatch to the Cincinnati Gazette.] -
Washington, March 12,1861. “
All speculation as regards Senator Critten
den’s nomination for the Supreme Judgeship
is ended, afpnnolvote of the Cabinet deciding
t hat he will not be nominated for the position.
Hon. John M. Bead of Pennsylvania seems to
head the list of candidate? for the office, hut
it is believed; no haste will be manifested in
making a nomination. .
The Senate held lint a brief open session
to-day. George G, Fogg of New.Hampshire,
who has been tendered the Commisaionerahip
of Patents, docs not seem inclined to accept
it, and the'probabQities are, that from the high
character of Hon. Mr. Theakir’a recommen
dations, os wdl as the stronginfluence brought
to bear in his favor, he will receive the ap
pointment. V
It Is believed that the policy of the Adminis
tration. regarding Fort Sumter, h;is. been set
tled. No orders have been issued as yet for
the withdrawal of Major Anderson, hut the
prevailing impression' at the Adjutant Gen
eral’s office seemed to he that the order would
soon be issued.’ Asa stratcgetical necessity.
Fort Sumter must he or Major An
derson must be reinforced before twelve
days roll around. In the opinion of General
Scott, it is quite Impossible to afford Major
Anderson further supplies or reinforce him,
nnd the necessity for Lis withdrawal is ap
Wm. B. Dole was confirmed to-day as Com
missioner of Indian Affairs. Jno. Lockwood
has been tendered the Milwaukee Postoffice.
Robert Payne was yesterday confirmed as
United States Marshal of the NbrUiernDistricc
of Ohio.
The office-seeking crowd at the President's
house and the Departments increases rather
than diminishes. To-day it was almost im
possible for one to work lius way through the
anxious ones congregated in the State De
partment, and passage in the vicinity of tho
Secretary’s room.
Walter Corwin of Ohio, son cf Hon. Tho?.
Corwin, was to-day appointed to a first-class
clerkship in the Interior Department, Two
clerks who resigned in that Department to
day have left for Montgomery, Alabama, for
Speaker Littlejohn of New York is appoint
ed Consul to Liverpool, thereby disappointing
at least two thonsand applicants.
The President is about the busiest person in
■Washington. He is working early and late. Hi*
time is taken up mostly with the ceaseless tide
of office-seekers constantly pouring in upon
him. lie has not had an opportunity to ri(!“
out since his inauguration, and yesterday step
ped out into the grounds of the White House
for the first time. His family only see him nt.
dinner, he being compelled from fatigue' to
retire to his room as soon as he leaves his
-office. *
Adjutant-General Thomas says ho troops
have been ordered .from, the West, cxcepliM'
those stationed on the frontier of Texas. The
resignation of Capt. Withers, Assistant Adju
tant General, was owing to large private inter
ests in Texas, which demanded his personal
attention to prevent their going to waste. If**,
denounced the secession movement, and re
gretted that circumstances bejohd his control
required him. to surrender his commission.
Some troops lately under the. command of
Gen. Twiggs have been ordered here, quarter*
having been provided lor them in the old
Commodore Stewart has not resigned, a.*
telegraphed abroad. He objects, however, tn
be named as senior .flag officer in tne Naval
Register, there being no such rank, and ask*
that he be placed at the head ot the list of
Captains, where he stood before he was dis
placed by the Naval retiring Board.
Most of thcWcstcm members of Congress
arc still here looking oiler the claims cf
friends for office. .The West seems to com-;
in for the lion’s share, although the President
is understood to be determined not to appoint
any more from Illinois for two weeks yet.
[Correspondence of the N. Y. Evening Post.
■Washington, 2larch 10.
, The news from, Fort Sumbr-xds fcloinuog- -.
telegraphic rci>ort Iroin there states that yes
terday Major Anderson burnt the last stick c f
fuel, and that all the wood work of the fort
had been thus consumed. Salt pork for lU
tecn days, biscuit lor twenty' and rice for tliir-
ty days constituted his whole supply of pro- „ _ T _ w T ’
visions, and the men were worn out with Standard Illustrated works.—J. C.
constant watching. What axe the means of Flduh at 55 North Clark street is furnishing
reinforcing the fort ? One thousand soldiers many subscribers hereaway with the standard
beautiful illustrate*! serial works of Virtue
Fort Monroe, which, without them, would bo & Co., of A-ondon. They arc unsurpassed iu
snatched from the government; one regiment the publishing world,
at Utah, said the two thousand soldiers l:i .
Texas dismissed by Twiggs, who, in the pret- Arrested.—A man giving the name of
brforeA^it?' 0 "' “ nJd, “ >t rC; ‘ Cll John Simpson was arrested last evening by
But tliclbrt must be reinforced, if reinfore- I officer Oliver, of the Merchant's Police, fur
cd, during the coming two weeks, and, ac- j stealing a coat from In front of Turner’s cloth*
cording to authoritative estimates, an anuv of ; ilI? store on Lake street. Ho was seen to take
not less than ten or twenty thousand mca n> ! * , , a _ . , *
required, with corresponding military prepo- own an ® ruja off, when the alarm
rations. The hostile activity of the South —*—
Carolinians iu erecting-batteries on their har
bor, to resist the approach of reinforcement
makes that a diificult and almost-an impossi
ble enterprise, which the late Secretary cf \Va r
thought quite practicable thirty days ago.
This unhappy state of things in one of ih :
legacies left by the imbecility of the lit:
President. So long as he could escape the re
sponsibility from day to day of doing his duty
he cared little what ucfell his successor. This
grave quest ion of Fcrl Sumter and the treat
ment of the seceding States now faces the Ad
ministration. What it will do is u subject of
conjecture; Yielding to apparent necessity, i r
may order the evacuation of Fort Sumter. Ci -
fortunate as such an event would be, for. which
the responsibility rests solely on the late ad
ministration, it might be counterbalanced t<i
a certain extent, as some people think, by the
favoiable effect it would have in thwartiugtbo
efforts of Virginia and other doubtful Stab s,
who would use the fact of an attempt at em-i •
gctic measures on the part of President Lin
coln, as a lever by which to precipitate a jun<-
l ion with the cotton^ confederacy. A temporary
suspension of forcAis not an abandonment of
the right to exercise it when the government
shall Lave recovered from the paralysis i:i
which it was left by the ir.dtors who filled the
cabinet of Mr. Buchanan.
.... IS
.l 6
! S
.20— 52
• 2#
• IK
The Mai!* by the North Briton,
By this steamer at Portland, ou Saturday,
wc have London papers to February 21st.
[From the Liverpool Post.]
Great fears are entertained for the etabxlit*'
of the Ministry. They are weak on every
point but one—their foreign policy. The in
cidents of the last session gave them a shake*
and they have not opened the present session,
with that distinct firmness which would in
spire confidence. The abandonment of :v
pledge, on the ground that the country was
apathetic, is regarded as proceeding mow
from their fears than from their conviction of
the utility of reform, while their neutrality iu
reference to the two bills introduced on Tuc s
day evening is contrary to the decisive con
duct expected in a strong government. Tbcr;:
is, too, a want of cohesion in parlies, and tin:
adverse vote on .Tuesday night ‘indicates a
great uncertainty as to mltusterial support
on financial questions. ‘Within the Cabinet a
want of harmony is reported, and in conse
quence the Premier, it is understood, would
willingly, in deference to age, retire from
office. Were the conservatives rcadv, they
might compel resignation, or an appeal to the
country; but they arc mot ready, and their
chiefs are disqualified by their recent speeches
to lead.
As adverse votes, however, are more than i
probable, a change in the Ministry may he ex- :
pected. Lord Palmerston retiring, it is sup
posed that either the Duke of Newcastle or
Lord Herbert would bo called on to form a
Ministry. Mis grace is a treat favorite at
Court, and Sidney Herbert is a decided favor
ite with the country. Under either one or the
other the Peclite element would predominate.
Lord John Russell would retain the Foreign
Secretaryship, and perhaps Sir Janies Graham,
would replace Sir George Oornewell Lewis at
the Home Office. Mr. Gladstone would still
be Chancellor of the Rich? qficr, "and-perhaps
no change would bo made In the Irish or legal
departments. 7 : : v_:. - - . r
A recasting of the Ministry will, of course,
be followed by tbe usual process. The es
sential business or the country will be got
through with becoming speed, on the assur
ance that an appeal will be made to the coun
try before harvest time. .
Pres. Pro.R'duc
ratee. rates, tlou.
The Paris correspondent- of the- Zfornir.f/
Serald says r #vj- .=
4 ‘ The arrest of Mires has created a sensation
in Paris only to be compared to that excited
by the Sadlicr and Robson frauds jn England
It seems that the indictment against him con
tains three counts—breach of trust, swindling
mid forgery {faux en eeriture dc commerce).
Rumor mentions several very distinguished
names as mixed up with M. Mires, but it
be premature to disclose .them-at this
The correspondent of the London Times
writes from Rome as follows:
“ You "were informed some time- ago that
When.Gaeta should betaken there would be a
demonstration on the Corse, in course
of yesteraay’tte neccesaiylnstraoHons were
secretly circulated through Homeland the
chief of the French gendarmes was informed
that a promenade would take placein the evo
nine, but strict order wonld be observed. No
prohibition was issued, and towards half past
six o’clock the Corso began to Jill, especially
in its central and most frequented portion,
comprised between the Piazza Sciatara. The
throng increased until it became extremely
Fort Sumter.
dense, and probably from fifteen ter
twenty thousand persons were assembled,’
when at half past - seven o’clock a white
Bengal light was suddenly fired near the Piazza
delFopolo. The signal was.responded to by
enthusiastic shouts of 4 Viva' Vltalia P 4 Vwa
Tittorio EmanudeP ' 4 Ftna, CavourP r 4 ;T?pa
JV'ipolcone P The crowd was chiefly composed
of men; but there were some women, by their
appearance evidently of. the better classes,
who shouted as heartily and eagerly as any
one. ’ The white light no sooner appeared
than a red one was fired opposite the Cafe
Nnbvo, and a green one on the Piazza Colon
ill At nearly the same and in a
similar manner, the national' colors
up on the Piazza di VenTezia, opposite
the palace of the ’ Austrian Embassy, oh
the Piazza Trajauo, on the lofty stair in
front of the Teinita del Monti and on va
rious other squares and opeii places in Home.
In the Corso many ot the inhabitants illnmi
n.ticd their windows. There were some pick
ets of Papal gendarmes about the Corso, one
o 'six men near the Via degli Convcrtite, an
other of eight on the Piazza San Lorenzo, in
Lueiua, and a third lower down towards :the
Piazza del Fopolo. When the heartfelt shout
of ‘ Viva VltaliaP ran through the air they
seemed a good deal taken aback, and as if hes
itating what to do. This lasted for a moment,
and then they quietly disappeared from the
Corso. It was just as well, for the people’s
blood was hot last night, and a great many bad
arms concealed about their persons, and mis
fortunes might easily have happened.” -
From Nortliern iffMifgan.
[Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune.]
Nop.tu Post, Gband Tbavbbse Bat, Mich., )
March Ist, 1861. j-
Since on the Bth ult., we have
had much milder weather, and for the last
four days It has been quite warm, with wind
from the southward aiid westward. Our stock
of snow and ice has • diminished considerably,
and if this warm weather holds a few days
longer, we shall have very little of either. The
ice in. our harbor extends out about one and a
half miles from the docks, and varies in thick
ness from four to ten inches. There was a sail
boat over from the North Maniton island,on
the 20th nit. —it landed at Carp River—report
ed,no ice round the islands. I have not heard
from the Straits of Mackinaw, but do not think
ihc ice there is near as heavy as it was a year
The inhabitants of oar village received a se
vere shock yesterday, in the death of Mrs.
Burbeck by taking strychnine. She was la
boring under a lit of mental derangement at
the time she took it. She had been very much
out of health all winter, which it Is thought
caused the derangement. J. M. Barbeck, her
husband, is one of our best citizens, and has
the sympathies of ah in hia bereavement. •C.
Held to Bail. —E. P. Napier has been held
to bail in §3OO for burglary in stealing a stove
from the cabin of a vessel lying in the river.
Eire at Blue Island.—A lew nights
since an old structure at Blue Island occupied
as a German Theatre, wtu? destroyed by fire.
Chicago City Railway Notice. —We Icam
from Supt. Gage that on and after this date the
price of Railway tickets will be twenty-eight
for one dollar instead of thirty as heretofore.
Larceny as Bailee.— A young man turned
John C. Godely was held to bail yesterday in
ssoQ,by Justice MUliken, for larceny as bailee,
in appropriating to his own use a collection
of $25 made for his employers.
Seamen’s Benevolent Society.—An elec
tion of officers of this Society for the ensuing
year will be held at the Society's rooms in
Lmd block, this (Thursday) evening at seven
o’clock. It is important that there be a full
Godey’s Lady’s Book for April has
been received by McNally & Co-, 81 Dearborn
street. This choice publication containing a
magnilicent Fashion Plate, Choice Literature,
Drawing Lessons, Model Cottages, &c. For
particulars sec advertisement in another
Mas given.
Defying the Seasons.— Edgar Sanders of
Lake View seems to be Flora’s special minis
ter with powers plenipotentiary, running all
the year round. Without liic slightest regard
for snow and frost, and season vicisltudes, he
he maintains about him perpetual bloom. Bis
hoc-houses are worth going miles to see, ’and
bis trade in choice plants and flowers is an
nually ou ihe increase.
Jins. Matteson’s Ballai* Concert.— The
Grand Ballad Concert at Bryan Hall to-night
deserves a full house. The programme is
choice,* the artists all approved favorites, and
though home talent is often ungenerously
made secondary to an Inferior imported ar
ticle, still we arc conlid »nt the too general
rule will kuow a variation to-night in fovor of
vocalists of which any city might well be
“ Grace Greenwood” this Evening.— The
announcement tliat Mrs. Lippencott has .con
sented to deliver a lecture on “ Home and the
Homeless,” at ITctropolltan Hall, th s evening,
will be hailed with pleasure by all who were
so fortunate as to hear her on Monday even in c,
and those who were hindered-from being
present which
had been announced for thesame
evening, will gladly avail themselves <lf this
last opportunity of listening to this remark
able lady.
An Excellent Appointment. —Wc learn
that Mr. J. W. Smith, (formerly of the Michi
gan Central Railroad,) has been appointed to
the office of Commercial Freight Agent of tbc
Michigan Southern Railroad Company, and is
located at their office No. 56 South Clark
street, under the Sherman House, where he is
duly authorized to give rates, execute and
honor contracts, settle overcharges, and gen
erally to transact, business with connecting
Roads and the public, in tlu« department of.
J£r. Smith is a gentleman oflargc experience
i:n railroad matters and of high personal worth,
ttnd the appointment is an excellent one for
t)ie Company and for the public.
,Av Important Land Suit. —Wc Icarii that
suits have been instituted in the Superior
Court by the devisees of John F. Wight
against various parties for the recovery of over
two hundred acres of land in this city, on the
North branch of the Chicago river. The land
was soid in 1846 at administrator's sale for
$93.16. It is.now estimated to be worth three
quarters of a million. If the price at which it
sold in 1846 was its fair value, its present value
Is proof ofthe remarkable rise in the value of
land in Chicago since 1846. We understand
the alleged ground for recovery is error in the
administrator's sale. The attorneys for the
devisees are Messrs. W. K. Smith, Sumner
Marble and John Borden.
A Colored Rascal in Trouble.— ln yes
terday’s Police Court before Justice Akin, a
colored man named Charles Williams alias Dr.
Hutchins, was held to ball in SBOO to answer
a charge of obtaining money under false pre
tences. He has been & gay and successful de
ceiver in the sympathy line, having been on a
■vigilant canvass and begging tour through'
this section, representing that .he was a. slave
who had bought his ; own freedom; that,, his,
wile was still in slavery but could be ransom
ed for the sum of SBOO. By these representa
tions he has collected over S4OO from many' of
our prominent citizens': S2O in Evanston; s3s
from a church in.Wankegan; $35 inßockford;
sl3 in Racine; $32 in Milwaukee, and various
sums from, churches in this city and vicinity.
.Vcry> many estimable and truly charitable
persons have hecn and swindled by
him, and it is fortunate that Ms rascalities ore*
brought to an end. He has a wife fo this city.
The greatest source of regret in-'such cases is
the injury done to the really deserving objects
of sympathy by the general distrust and sus
picion one such, black sheep as tMa. perma*
ncntly and widely awakens.
v I*l' 1 * 1 ' ’ '" 7 ; -
[ko.Tß^—How the following, which is manlfcrtly
a private letter, came to be.-interrapted and ap
pear in print,•wedo not fecl called npon to explain.
_Tlie Svrifcr (shotild bkvennderfitood in advance t!mt
a single postage stamp was’not to be relied on for
the safe cohveyahoo of.an envelope actaally'en
closing d thick pauf of wopled etocMnga with the
heels'well drawn and darned- The remainder of
tho mystery may be referred to accident. We can
not refrain- from giving the letter in its place, to
the gratification; perhaps; of a few friends.of the
•: , i .A. LETTGBPROM Rl3 WIER, •' ' '
■' f i : PorevillEvMarch. 7th.
' My pear iTusband :—l am distressed to hear
-from you, and.anxious more and more every
day.-.'Lalmost wish you had'not applied for
■the Post Office here. Bob had a : terrible fight
with William Moses ; yesterday afternoon, and
came home a perfect fright to behold, with
: his clothes torn and bloody, all growing out
of the dispute they had about their fathers’
struggle for the Post Sirs. Moses and
I have bad a small tiff, and now: don’t r speak.
Many here side with us, and I. have no doubt
it' Squire Moses is appointed, after all, that the
people at Liberty Corner will sign unanimous
lor a branch Post Office there, and some say
they, will sooner have their letters - come
: through Skunk’s Misery, though -it’s four
miles rather than have old Moses get
the handling of them. Oh, William,
’ thfe quarrel is very • bitter,* ■ and many
times I wish you had remained quiet InPoke
ville, and not set out after public office at aIL
I learned yesterday that four other names had
been sent on to Washington, John Smith,
William Jcallings, Robert Scopes and Shnbael
Slim, all lof them - having friends signing in
their behalf for one Post Office. Neither of
Ihe nf could alibrd money to get to Washing*
ton,:and you have that advantage. As the
Post Office isn’t worth only -about S3OO a year
do try to gee along as cheap os you can at
Washington, or else, even if you get the office,
it won’t pay. I enclose yoh a pair of socks,
the heels of which I have just run. When you
are appointed Postmaster of course we shall
get all these things by mail for nothing. The
children send love. Yonr loving wile^
Prisctt.t.a Wn.T.nrrvs.
P. S.—l scad this to you, care of the mem
ber from our District, with whom you were
on such familiar terms in the campaign. You
must he very thick now. Bob insists on add
ing a few words. P. W.
..To William Willikins, at Willard’s,, carc.Hon.
St Bernard Snawble, Washington, D. C.*,
Dear Father .-—Tve likked that Bill JlOßis
already for sayiu hia father was better nor
mine au can do itagen. Ho sed u jure par
carat rite his name,” u yer lie” ses 1, with that
-1 hit .inl and we fit until the schulemarster par
ted us. Maam put sum raw bif on my ci an
its betcr now. Hoap you will get the post
orfis in Pokeville. Hurrah then Til be cleik
pait oy the time -or else go to the Academi.
is Mr. Llukin’s sun bigger than i. Cant vou
get me sum presents toWashington, i wisht
i was there 2 with you. Love to you, from
your afexsbunait sun, Bob.
Willard’s Hotel: I
Washenton, March 11,1801. f
Messrs, Editors; Pm pretty much done
with "Washington, and don’t care who knows
it. Republics are ungrateful I’ve heard tell,
but never the 'same "have experienced it, I
thank a merciful Providence, which for so
many years of my life kept me out of office
seeking, until now this present. I dou’t re
main in Washington after the next train car
ries me away at 5 o’clock, glad to go, and
homesick, for Pokeville. Any station in life,
however humble, is ten thousand times better
than a public post you cannot get, and for rea
sons not creditable to thoseVho bos prom
ised you, which uot meaning Ibat I blame Ibe
memberfroxuour district, Mr. Snawble, though
I should like to have known some ihinys before
I came here, which would have saved me time
which is money, and money which is scarce.
I’ve seen Mr. Snawble often here, amVfelt a
confidence in so doing, growing out of our in
timacies last falljWhen he was running for
Congress in our District. Miles I’ve ridden
with him, and for hours conversed on the
questions of the day, wherein he alwavs
agreed with me,-let alone his remarks made to
my wife as to my services to the cause which
he would be proud to acknowledge same
anywhere. I’ve bad to’ leam since os how
—a word to the wise— hayin tools are laid aside
when the hay is made.
to be prolix, Mr. Snawble all along
didn’t seem so cheerful to see me here as l’u
have wished, not as he was when be was run
ning out our way. He’s several times called a
hack pretty suspiciously near to the time I
was just calling out to him on the Avenue.
He has a way oT saying when we meet, “O,
Mr; WiUikins, good morning, sir. I’ll see you
again shortly,” the which latter, Fve come to
suspect, he dou’fdo if he can help.
To-day, I was figuring how much I’d spent
already for this office, and, quire apropos , Mr.
"\VUlard he helped me out in my calculations
■with afew figures of his own. With this I made
up a snow lhatis perfectly heart-sickening, in
view of the fact that a hackman yesterday
tucked onto me a bad live dollar bill I’d
dodged the contemplation some days, but th .r
ain’t no good. When expenses are running
on there must be an end.
When Mr. Willard lie sent me his little
rfoosfter, I thought *twas lime to take my reck
oning, I climb.np to my room Number sev
eral hundred anti more, ■with a heavy heart,
r,nd sot down on my trunlL Here are the
ligures I made.
Willlkins in account iclth cjficc-sccking, Dr.
New clothes (not otherwise needed) SSO.CO
Traveling expenses 29 50
Incidentals 300
Extras::..... .• , ■ 7.21
Bogus money; : 5.00
Willard’s bill, 15 days at $2.75 (due)....-.... 41.25
Incidentals (borrowed of A. B.) 3.:.7
Sundries 1 0 75
CashTjorrowed 3.45
Mustharetogcthome (say) 85.C0
Wheu Pd got that down and footed it up, I
never felt e<Tmuch a sense of goneness in mv
whole life. I was a picture to contemplate, h
warning lb my species. When! kit borne I’d
calculated about a cool hundred would do the
business and Fd salted that down iu my wal
let, and now that was gone and more than
gone, and nigh unto two hundred dollars or
lull two-thirds of the whole profits of the
Pokeville Post office lor a year was gone slap.
• I saw Mr. Snawble and bid him good bye,
;dl I could get out of him was be would r« -
member me. lam to leave my laggage t cith Mr.
Ill ßard in a safe place, to send the same to me
to the address I shall send him, not uncustom
ary here, a kind of “making exchange” as the
hankers say. I shall be glad to leave Wash
ington, and I have my misdoubts as to whether
I hadn’t better' have staved at home in the
first place originally.
William Wjllikins.
Tbe SEartyr-Crtsli—A Poem,
This is the title of a thin duodecimo volume
of Proem and Poem, just published by Messrs.
D. B. Cooke & Co., of this city—author os yet
unannounced, but understood to reside in this
city. The over-long, and far too learned pre
face concludes with a brief statement of the
author’s aspirations as follows.
If the conscientious, but hell-bunted states
man, shall have found some solace and en
couragement in coatemDlatingthis unfinished
picture of‘Myrtro;* if the frothy speech er
shall have discovered any of his own features
in the lUlle miniature of ‘ Apbro;Mf the
younger spirit who 13 seething after Congress
ional^laurels shall have heeded the whispers
herein breathed into the ear of * Zest o’ or
having surveyed the death-scene of Napoleon,
shall more intelligibly discern between Famd
and Honor; if'any soul seekiug a deeper sym
pathy with the True,'the Beautiful and the
Good, shall here,‘as Fancy draws aside the veil
of Care, catch some new glimpses thereof, or
be wooed thereto by t any strain hero feebly
struck, &c., <fcc., etc.
As to the style of the poem, we do not mean
to be unkind when we venture the assertion
that neither the “ conscientious but hell-hunt
ed statesmannor “ the frothy speochcr,”
nor any of the other above named, ran read
live consecutive verses of this :Poem aloud
without experiencing a sensation in the jaws
aldn to that produced by the reprehensible
practice of cracking walnuts with the teeth.
Never were whole sentences more alliterative
ly jaw-breaking.’ The stiffesf consonantlcomhi
nations the poet makes straight at with.all the.
zest of a steeple-chaser, happiest at hugest
obstacles to his progress. Take the following
specimens: r
Lo. where decrepit Superstition stood, . .
And Pride .and Passion sped their ruthless
Fair Truth, digdungeoned of each self- thrall
Ecveals the mystic springs of Joy ana pain • •
• * • * « * * *;♦
With Stately step and sternly changeless mein,
The Iwteningllngcrer hurrieeAer advance ;
And wide un folds before the bubjant mind,
Luce chequered charts In specious dyes defined
The joys and ills o'er Manhood’s field of strife —.
Knit ■was that brow marmoroan, till the boy
Unhid a Thought-whirled .brain, and lowly
prayed. -V '
* * * - • * V . * « * .
And blanched and’wild forCurtinß’s help we
moan: • ■
-The hoary hierophant hath Myrtro heard alone ?
• • •. * ■ •• • • » . « «
The M<Briß.criaifi- r -thein young Heraklcs
Bled ftjm hiahome and sought the sylvan shade.
• .So mould,thy robur-raigbt, and eo repose
•Fait*motherland, eelf-snielded from «y loes t
■’Tf&e ft specimen of an entire verse, one,
tte (But who the deuce la ’Lym
pla ?)*. Tlie, final bit of advicela good, howev*
cr, odd tbapoet. eliohldheedlt;,
Wbtildif favor find at-Lympln’e court supreme ? .
To goardlan gods thy daily homage pay I.
Wouldst wayward loved, one's faltering* faith ro
•. t , deem? -
Propel their pleasures and. their r atn * allay!
Wonldst see the '.thcrnjr . wilds transformed
Wide waving harvests o’er the’hmdecape ’shine. —
Unnumbered flocka araand thee gambol gay,—
Or gain the golden glitter of the mine?
Spurn .not tno to lowly cares re
TMce another
whidf we-wonder whether the 44 WilL’tlhml
llai-ly aflnded to in th§ J flrst line, was William.
Shakespeare, or from-lyl.octors’ Commons,;, al-’
so who ‘VGinia’’ was, why •it would not
have been better to have ■ docked ■ some other
foot in the line add giyeh us her whole name.
But listen to it: ■ r .
Alas,-Impetuous Will, that might not wait-.
To tomb adeep the farjprocb yet to be,—
-To-watc i the Blow, sure XCcpa of torturing Fate, .
And bide the beck of Mutability,—
ILilcd o’er the nmemaiping brink, to ,§eo
• The Goth, the Gaul, the raoofl.born Purple’s pride,
And the lone line orMUredTillainyr ■■
How- had fair ’Qlnia lived, how ne’er had died
Sweet Beatrice,Heav’n eitennateid parricide. l>j
Bat enough,' the pbet-with a hit of juat np
predation attempts hi the : preface to antici
pate and disarm criticiam by entreating the
reader to observe that- 44 if conciseness shall
at any time seem obscurity, he‘is humbly
begged to measure leniently the iatitndc of
the domain of mingledliactand fancy.” : Of a
verity wo have never known it measured with
a plummet more
write that we do not 3i^^lkA^Mas4^Cri£i£, , ’, :
that we do not believe Ik any. other "than iho*.
usual crisis that attacks yrrlters of both
indiscriminately, at someperibd of their
rary lives, which, leaves the braTci,
the clearer said the mind-the healthier for the'
experience,-with few Regrets unless ..the ,pa- <:
ticat awakens to find Jhat a mod-rash into
print was apart of thetoaroxysm. v -
Fatal Result of Rongh Flay«»Bepre*
. hensible Inhumanity,:
Wc yesterday referred to the result of. rangh
play between two hostlers at the-North Chi
cago Raflway, by which it was feared that one
of them was fatally injured? 'The wounded
man, John ‘ Cornell, decease ! on Tuesday
night at the City Hospital. The othei,party,.
NjchoUs WerdeU, has &ai the city. '.
The previously stated, began In a
rough froUc K without Jll will On either side,
until the exchange of Irthwß. ‘W’erdell getting
cScitcd, struck his. fellow violently upon the
hqad with his broom .handle, fracturing the
skull. The jury of inquest summoned yes
terday by the acting found their ver.
diet in accordance. wiUt.thcse facts. :
There is,- feature of the case
which devolves muchtlamc upon the parties
responsible therefor.- It seems 1 on ihVestiga-'
tion that the affair tooljt'place "ou Monday, .and
that the injured mau'yas taken up ednseless
and removed to the hay loft, where without
any investigation os to his condition, or medi
cal attendance, he was-allowed' to remain for
over twenty-four Lours, or until Tuesday
noon, when some one becoming alarmed,
called the attention’of the ; police to the
matter. 3 : • • • ,
Attention to the injuries of the man in sea
son ihight have saved bis life. It is urged,but
insufficiently to excuse the .neglect, that it
was not known there was a fracture of the
slfull. Deceased was about twenty-five years
of age, and leaves no relatives in this city.
j. W s BlssollAgaln,
; Our readers arc by this time quite familiar,
with the name and exploits of J. TV. Bissell>
who has succeeded in bridging the gap which
separates most men from fame, or inhis case,
notoriety, by.uo leas a structure than theKock
Maud Railroad Bridget .> For some time x>ast
Bisscll.has been in Washington, and thither
last week came J. F. Tracy, Esq., of this city,
Supt. of the Rock Island Railroad, whose du
ties have manifestly given him a close connec
tion with the prosecution of the alleged con
spirators against the property of the company
-3lr. BiaseU, as wax*ek&’c known .here by
private dispatch, availed himself of Mr. Tracy’s
movements on his return home by the New
York Central, and caused him to bo arrested,
on Tuesday, m Rochester, N. T., npon an order
made by one of the Justices of the Supreme
Court of that State, holding Mr. Tracy to bail
in the sum of six thousand dollars. "We un
understaud the arrest grows out of Mr. Tra
cy’s alleged participation in .the arrest of Bis
sau at the last term of the Recorder’s Courti
upon a warrant charging him with libel.
Manifestly the whole affair on the part of
Blssell was purely malicious and for purposes
of revenge. A few hours sufficed to'secure
for Mr. Tracy all the baU required, so that the
annoyance was merely temporary.
The statement made by the Democrat and
the Journal yesterday, that Mr. Tracy was com
pelled to go to jaU, is incorrect. He was ar
rested on the train coming west, at 9 o’clock,
Pi sl, and detained at the Osborn House over
night. In the morning he was promptly
bbUed by Messrs. Sibley & Sprague,..
often occaeion to admire the wonderful sleight
of hand attained by long practice in one par
ticular dass .of movements. The nimble
operatives in a button factory move their
fingers so quickly that the unpractised eye
can scarcely follow them. Workmen in the
vhrious mechanic arts frequently attain a
quickness of manipulation, almost incredible.
A case in point was- brought to our notice
yesterday. First Ict us premise that recently
in giving the chum of an inventcr of a new
machine for stamping letters, it was stated
in these columns that it would stamp fifty a
thinulc. To show that the hand is still in
advance of machinery, it was yesterday shown
us that one of the employees in the Post Office
in this city can stamp two hundred letters a
minute. Incredible as this may appear, this is
a fact, readily demonstrable. In the pretence
of some visitors, a day or two since, this was
actually accomplished. There seems there
fore no present need of stamping machines in
the Post Office.
Special Meeting of tbe Board of Edu
Chicago, March 12, 1861.
. Present—Messrs. Haven. Baas, Taft, Steele, Shee
han, Newberry, Foster, Ward. Carpenter and
Dote. Absent—Messrs, Mosely, Sturtevaht,Hayes
Higginson and Hoard.
' A report was presented be the Special Commit
tee on the Moseley School.
On motion of Mr. Carpenter, the office of Princi
pal of the Moseley, School was declared vacant.'
Ye is—Mcsars.'Haven, Foster, Carpenter, Steele,
Taft, Ward, Bass, Dope, Newberry and Sheahan
; Nays—o. * - ’
1 On motion of Mr. Haven, the Committee on the
Appointment of Teachers, and the Committee-on
the Moseley School were authorized to fill the va
cancy created in said school. . s ,
’ The resignation vf Miss Helen Culver* teacher
in the High School, was received and accepted. "
: Adjourned. W. H. Wells, Sec’y.
• Wheelee. & Wilsok’s Sewiho, Ha,ckikes with
Glass Foot and other important Ixebovebents
at reduced prices. Geo. B* Chittenden, General
Agent for Illinois, Wisconsin, lowa and- Northern
Indiana. Office 167 and J69 Lakc.street,‘
mhU-lOt. ;
To Dealers ik Drugs asd Medicjkes is the
State of Illxkois, —By reference to the columns
9f the Chicago TBrstisnyoii will find an advertise
ment with dealers names attached, - If yon do not
find your name as Agent in the list, hy advising ns
will have it inserted. Tours, truly,
; Hoausesess, JLc .—Brown's BronchUA Troche*.
—These cough and voice lozenges, which .we ad
yettisedafewweeks,ago, are snperior.forreliev
ing hoarseness, to anything that we are acquaint
ed with. Vi o have tried them, during' die past win
ter,:and for-the
benefit of ourhrethren.in tKe ministry.— Central
Chrutian Herald, Cincinnati. " d&w
: ESf Try those.* 4 Paul Pry,’’ .Conchas. Try
|hose ** Paul Pry” Regalias if you wish a fine' Sa
vanna Cigar,- call' on Sargent, Apothecary;' comer
Rahdolph'andState street, •
■ fST" iuinoia. School. of Trade and Commercial
College, J. Dyhreafnrth, Principal, open from 9 a.
m.1010t.-s; hoars continued■ Jnlylst.
Life scholarship For; circulars''apply; at tbo'
Rooms, comer Lake <fc LaSalle streets, or address
Principal. ... • ... ... 'mTxSt
mode their.' price for. cleaning Mid dyeing gent’s
garments leas'than any other house iiithc dty.
: ef v. - i.
* f59~An phnnld not fail to read the advertisement
hfProf. Wood in to-day* paper. . mh-ly
8S?“* For any operation upon yonr teeth,’ or for
.Tsnrsor artificial work of any desirable style, rail
on Dr. Albaugh, No. 58 West Bandoiph si.. .
; jaS6-3m 1 " . 1 ’ .•' ~ ‘ 1’ • :r ' '
‘V- r; ’ M'A. It R■ I tEJ; ;
' in this city, .on the 9th last.. by. Key. J. H. Tnltle.
LKXI, all of .Chicago. - ■ <.?
• -■ -• VdIBD. "7 •• c •
i In this dty; of -pneumonia, oh the 13th Inst, I.OIS
P. • NASH, wife of James Wlnshlp, aged twenty-three
• years and four months. -
Fonrrsl fit her late residence. ISI Sonth Canal street,
• on Friday, March 15th, at2 o'clock?, m.
Keto abbettismettis.
C.S. aCST7B3T % Advertising Agent, 63 Deer
bomst., is authorized io restte Adzerßeernentsfbr
this and all the Leading Papers Of the Norfhwsst
VAT"ANTED—A strong second
,T T hand Baggv. for which the cash will be paid.
Address “H. N. thla mhltxlt
■\V;ANTED —By the 25th a suit of
T T - Famished Rooms, or one large ■'room, with
board fora gentleman, wlfeand two children. Befbr
eaccs exchanged. Address Post Office Drawer 5535.
mlilixlt .
\\f ANTED—By two Girls, Sitna
» T tions as Cook arid ChamhermaJd In a private
family. Would like situations in same family,- bat
would tako seperato ones. Best of references given
as to ability, character, *c. Address **iL M.” at tMs
office. • ’ mhltilt
\\J ANTED;—A person wantetl,
. t f • either as stlent or active partner, with & copl
tauofOoe Thousand Dollars or more, to engage inn
profitable business with A person ■ f experience and
character,- Address, with real-name ana references,
•’ A. IL,” at this office. ' ' mbUxSt
Xy'ANTED.—I wants to buy, or
' ▼ T rent, a nice in the South'Divlslon, cast
of .State and north of Ringgold Place! • Possession
May Ist. Wlllpav one-third down, balance In one and
twt> years. Address, with real name. "PARKER,"
Box .0283, for one week. mhUi6t
ANTED.—I wish to sell the
'At NUcs, Mich. Termsr-one-thlrd ca«b, the balance In
twp annual payments, orlnaßtockofgoods, or a farm
orgoodfarming lands. 'Come andsee It. ~
lstarch Utb, 1861. [mhUxlw] L.BINGHAND.
A/FATRIMO^fIAL,—A young lady
■ci-tJL of prepossessing appearance, with a very good
education and money enough for two. wishes to make
the acquaintance of some y >tmg gentleman of domes.
. tic habits ood good character, with a view to matri
mony. ?he Is an orphan, and writes honestly, and
. wishes to be answered accordingly. Address -B. T.”
.Chicago Post Oaice. mhltxlt
MESSRS. S. H, KENNEDY & CO., New Orleans,
Docks for sale or to
Docks on tbe Sooth Branch of the Chicago River, in
Section 29. with railroad track connected with all the
Toads in the city, will ne sold oa long time at from $25
’to’sso per toot trout, or lea?cd at $1 per foot front ner
year. Apply to Dli. BRAIN ARP. No. 45 South ClarA
street. ■ mhi-txlw
1 will sell the residence 1 now occupy, with the
whale or part of the lot. or thevacant lorty feet south
oC the house. tmfal4-e2sMwl T. B. CARTER.
WANTED—A partner in the' Monument and
Grave Stone Business with a capital of #3OO, The
abov-oisdolngagood business, and In the neat town
ln : Northern Dltnols. Address “Lane Marble Works.
Post Office Box 140. HI." • ■ mh!4xßt
WANTED-—The Chicago Oil
T T Company offer to partleswlth $lO to‘s3d ready
m . ney. an opportunity to moke trom $5 to S2O a day
selling town rights'for our new oil to burn in Kerosene
Lamps, that costs but 50 cents per gallon. Samples
sent on receipt of 50 cents la stamps. Address Chicago
Oil Comuaay, 12tf Randolph street, P.0.D0x3571.
"VTOTICE:—To rent or sell, a beau
xt tlfol Summer Residence In the •
Near the depot la that place, about eleven miles from
Chicago. This premises Is known astheFenson House
For particulars Inquire of GEORGE HUNTOON. Esq,
or that place. mh14.e256.1m,
Second-Hand Furniture at Auction,
This Morning, at 9W o'clock, by
mhl4-e2591t GILBERT 4 SAMPSON, Si Lake street
Jj'Oß SALE—A Choice Stock of
Merchandise of a Staple Kind,
(with Store Fixture*,) la all. amounting to about
$15,000, -with a well established and profitable trade,
for which payment will be received onehalf in ca*n
and approved payments, and on e-half 1 n unincumbered
Chicago Heal Estate, (first-class.) -
To any. person wishing to enter Into business and
having nucha piece or lieccs of real estate which he
desires to convert Into capital this will be found arere
opportunity None but first parties need apply. Ad
dress Bos 2129, Cnlcago Dost Office, cmog name
and description of property. mh!2.es?«-€tnet
jyi'6 NE Y TO LO A N
SIOOO and upwards, fer one to five years.
D. F. DOWSING "& CO., 55Clark street.
TX^AKTED.—A young American
T v woman is desirous of obtaining a situation as
housekeeper In a resoectable family; country pre
ferred to city. No objection to taking charge of a
family of young children. For particulars ad-.rcsK c
C. LOYD, Chicago Post Office. mhlixlt
'VT OTICE.—A Meeting of the Board
A v of Trustee* of
Will be held at their Offic;. «l Clark street. Chicago
on iuesday. April KUh. ISTI. at 2 o'clock r. M..to decide
upon the location of the Theological Department.
By order, YAThS HICKEY,
mhl4-e253-lm Secretary of the Board.
Godcy. In his Lady’s Boot. is again oat with another
of his magnificent and superbly colored double mam.
moth fashion plates. These splendid engravings have
increased the subscription to ids book, even lu these
“pining tlmra." to a most amazing extent; everybody
Is inquiring for it, and ills now the mostsalcable book
on the counters of the dealers. The plate In this num
ber is even more superblv colored than anv that have
preceded it. The charming group of children, with
the child in the nurse's arms, on the leu of the picture,
if worthy the pencil of any of our greatest painters.
Here are also the true colors that will be worn bv the
ladles. One of the figures has on a wine-colored dress
—a color like the “ manvo,” entlrelynew. Inaddition
to this is another
Containing a large assortment of Spring Dresses, This
has nevcrbelore been given bv any magazine.
’ Spring bonnets and Head-Dresses are also given;
also u double-plate, containing the new style Embrol
dered Overlapping Collar and Cuff; Kight-Dresscs for
ladies, and a large assortment of fancy and useful ar
ticles In the Work Department.
Is the steel-plate in this Dumber, and as a picture and
a specimen of engraving has never been equalled.
Miss Janvrln gives another of her delightful stories.
“Mrs. Rasher” gushes forth »n her usual facetious
style. ••Sunshine and Shade” Is continueo, and “The
Cities of Refuge” concluded. “Aunt Sophie” nays
auotlier of her cheery visits.
“Drawing Lessons,” and “Model Cottages,” which
are given by no other magazine, ore continued In t>■ |«
S umber: and the children are taken care o t, for they
avo a department of their own. in widen they arc
taught to make toys for their own amusement
: Which wltb his former largo stock he is offering at
Low Prices for Cash.
136 Lake Street.
A (Mbs. Lippencott.)
1 . Will Deliver a Second Lecture before
AT METBOPOLrTAN at 7.S O’clock
Subject r—“Home asd the Homeless.”
mh!4-e24D-lt H.W.BISHOP. J&, Ch’n Lee.Com.
'OEMOVAL.—The Depository for
X\j the sole of the Publications of the
Cca. Prot. Episcopal Sunday School raien,
Has beea removed from Ko. 91 Bsadolph street, to
Over Wood's Hry Goods Store. Opposite Marino Bank.
O. J. Woons & Co., ■
• St.Louia, Mo.
Cast Steel
"We arc prepared, to fill orders for these
At Kew York Prices, With Freight Added.
r-very Bell Is WAEHAXTED lor one year with fair
and proper usage, if ahell shonld breaV after ayf ar
half price Is allowed In exchange for a new one. For
dull particulars send for Circulars to
lAgcute and Importers of Hardware and Tin-Plate,
; .mhU-c253-6m 63 LAKH STREET, Chicago. ••
XJL CLARK BEMIKAET.—Superb Stone'BaUdlng,•
Fire Proof. TVn experienced instructors. PhllosopM-.
cal Apparatus, Pianos, Cabinet. Herbarium, eta, etc
■ Spring Term Opens April 17th.
•“One of the best and most substantial educational
establiihments In the country.”—{Chicago Tribune.
**‘lt has peculiar claims on such as wish to secure a
thorough education at low ratee.”rr£Sprtngfleld Jour.
! For Catalogues containing full information, ad
dress O. W. QUEIIEAT7, A. M„ Aurora, 111.
: ahis<24o-iw
CHERIFFS SALE.—By virtue of
lO a writ of Execution, Issued from the Superior
Court of Chicago. Coofc County. In fovor of Ignats
Herzog and Antfaonv Herzog, Plslotms. and against
Joseoh Kutschera, Deiendant, at to o clock, a. at, on
theSrd day of April, IB6i, at the north door of the
; CoartHonse,in the City of Chicago, I shall offer for
sale at public vendue, all the right title and interest
of said Defendant In and to the following described'
pro r> wry. to-witr—Lot nmnhered seventeen (if), in-
O. J. Hulls of nine and one-halt i?K)-
acres in the cast half of the southwest quarter of See.
tlon four (4). Township thirty.nlne (SO), North Range’
fourteen (U), ea<c of the Third Principal Meridian.
. ; A. C. HESIKft, Sheriff of Cook County.
, Hated the 13th da^ofllSrdi^^L 3 * D mS^c2s3-w3i
No. IS4 South Water street.
On this Thursday Evening, the 14th Inst.
■Nrin abbertisemritts.
■ 'TOtft, LAMP’S^
Willi Patent'Sliver‘Reflectors.
:«r w
Just the thing for . j - •
Propellers and Sail Vessels,
~ . AT THE ’
122:.'...■ .....CLARK STREET 122
‘ [mhl4-e24S-€mls£p]
gPO NG E !—S P O IST GE ! !
I LaiJl . - _ ' Sfl,*
*'A largo ftocte of Finest Bathing Sponges,' in ’forms,
just the thing fbr Bathing.
-C *1 ** ’ • 1 " '• -J
The P’inest Quality-’in Cup Shape.
A fine assortment of excellent Snonge for Carriages,
and Manufacturer's use. ■ «
J. IX. REED & CO.,
and Apothecaries. 141 and jUG Lake street.
Letter Heads,
Books, &c..
Tastefully got up to order, at Tribune Office, by
■ WIT, n. 11A.NI>.
I I A-;ll STfLE OF
The best of lloe’Aanl Adams’ Machinery. and employ
the very best of workmen, and are therefore prepared
to execute any ord*r—large or small—for Printing,
promptly and well. Examine ourspeclmens and learn
oar prices before ordering for vo r spring business.
WM. H. RAND, Tribune Office.
MERCHANTS* order yourPrmt
lag at Trlbone Office of Tftf.' H. B&yp. .
"V/rANUFACTURERS, order your;
J.TJL Printing at Tribune Office, of
TVif. H, RAS'D.
dcr your Printing at Tribune Office, of
.l. der your Printing at Tribune Office, of
SOCIETIES, order your Cata
logues, Reports, &c„ at Tribune Office, of
JLL your Printing at Tribute Office* of
J- &c., order your Minting at Tribune Office, of
. mhU • ' WM. U. lIiND.
\\f ANTED—A Cook, Washer and
» T Ironer, one who understands ber business. ln
qulrc at 71 Michigan Avenue. rahlSxSt
"VV/’ANTED. —A man to act as a
it house servant. One who understands his busi
ness, and can come recommended for hones tv and
faithfulness, may hear of a good hoaie by enquiring at
this office. mhl3x3t
A AYIDOW LADY is desirous of
f %. obtaining a situation as Housekeeper, for which
she Is fully qualified. Unexceptionable references as
to ability, 4c. Address D. E., Tribune Office, mhvjxg;
V\7”AXTED —A situation as Book
. • A,. keeper or.a?slßtant la some hcase of good
ftartaingTo? ayoung TrtarrPfd'tß'an fhstirouY XcvrT.lrlf
cltv. Can give good reference ss to character and
abliltv. Salary not so much an object as a permanent
situation. Address, A.G. K„ at this office. miii-Mw
• » Farm of 120 Acres In Central Michigan, and a
House and Lot In Kalamazoo, Michigan, fora conve.
nleat Hnu-te and Lot ini Chicago. Address J- K. M.,
Chicago I'ost Office. mhl^tSt
Tickets of admission 23 cents. To bo had at fhe
Bonk Stores of Messrs. Keen. McNally aadßoche, from
any of the members, or at the door. . mtuxtd
T3RYAN' I■ AT L.—Clark Street,
S'.y Opposite the Conn House, Chicago, 111.
Eminent musicians pronounce tills Hali unsurpassed
byany tialtinthe Unioa la its
Acoustics and General Appointments.
It will seat 500 more persons than any other Hall in
the citv—bv accurate count «nd report of CARTER A
BAUER. Architects.
The main «udlcQße Boom Is on the first floor, the
entrance being on Clark street, the greatest thorough
fare in the city, opposite Court Honse Square, yet the
Hall has a renrecL quiet location In the rear.
Ample lucres? and egress—2D feet of doorway to
Clark street and Court Place.
The Hall contains the Hcaly National Gallery, valued
at and purchnseti of Geo. P. A. Hcaly. now
commissioned bv Congress to paint a aeries oi Frvsl
dcntl.il portraits for the White House. This Gallery
contains tic Identic*! great Picture for which the gold
medal was awarded at the World's Fair In Pans; also
*• Webster in reply to Havne," and portraits ot all the
Preside*.ta to Lincoln inclusive, as as well as of many
other Illustrious Americans, by Healy. .. .
There Is a spacious Lower uall f.ir Fairs, Festivals,
Balls, and the like. Itls provided with dressing rooms,
a kitchen, cooking stove, numerous tables. Ac.. Ac.
Both Halls, or either, cm be rent'd for Concerts,
"TIT AVTVTi A Q;tnnd n « r., , Lectures. Exhibitions. Hulls, and the like, op appllca
\\( Ai\i.L,jj—A situation b\ a non to thos. baf.kouk bp.tan.
.* » young man, now emploved as a Book-Keeper : aol'.’CO-ly Uifice In the Building.
In a manufacturing establishment in this city, either ■—.
la a respectable house. He has held the position of a Cor. of Madlstra and Cla^St^—sntrauco lladlsoo.
book-keeper In a Producj and Comtul-elon Business In Class open at all tiroes for beginners.
?- ad has be f ll a partner in a Cuildkes's Class Tuesday nnd Saturday. Pa.
S * D , r / tioods Hiinlne-s lo the fast rents only alio wed as visitor?. Assembly every Tuesday
„” r , a .. n , QI ??^® r of year*. licspcuksGermm and English, : M :ht, for Scholars and Friends, and no person* adroit*
5? e _ caa considerable trade. Best ; tod except those introduced by scholars. seS-d2Mjm
of citv references given as to c aractcr and capablll- ■ ■ - J
t-ca Please address “A. 8.,” Post Office Box -1069. f
CAW~FILEB i Central NflttCgg.
to me Gang Saws. Inquire ot 1 "VTOTTOT*! —TVrnoTsiniqfq nnd "Rl-ioV
lt. LUBDiGTON A CO„ Post Office Box BG3. . \ ,/t.I . aim r,iacK
nililSzHt 1" smiths are hereby noticed that a
rJ WBIK * ow EXISTS AT «»*«.
nffm . „ „ ,*" Sisrant If you do not wish the iron heel of tyrannv to be
.. practical experience, wishes placed on vour necks go not there. The men are la
fn!i e J , S^r e «^ l^ t V>»S ! » : i o rt rec ® mmen[l istlons given. Is the right, acd If von will only remain Inactive for a
trade^Wdre*!^qv^Pi rtmeat and Clncago • short time, they will gain their point. mhi2xlw
WANTED—By May. Ist, a good
I Y house containing about sis rooms, summer
kitchen. &c., on a gcod sized dry lot near a Cltv Rail
way. Ihe owner of such a pluce can learn ol’a reli
able and permanent tenant by addressing “RV* P. o.
Bos JLI4L mhlCxSt
XSTAXTED.—or 15 years
* i old to take care of children. One willing to
accompmy the fa:nily cast for a few mouths this sum-
Apply at 396 West Vaaßaron street, mbit*
YATANTED —A voting gentleman
Y T and his slsterwant rooms and board in a small
family and pleasant locality. North Side pretemd.
Address Post Office Box 591. mhllilw
Ay ANTED—A Cook and Cham-
Y T bcrmald, to goa short distance Info the coun
try. English. German. Norwegian or American pre
ferred. Good wages win bo paid. Protestants only,
•who can come well recommended, need applv at this
office. luhTelTi-lw
PrForciATiox wanted ok
JOHN MILLOY who left Xormanbv, Coontv of
Osray, Canada West, last October. *nd*catnc totbis
city. Any information concerning him will be thank
-fully received by a lice through the Chicago F lx.
addressed to PETEK CPTTS. mh!3x*it
J-j ed to purchase a Notary Public’s Commission.
Address I*. O. Box 495. staling terms. mM-j-rttr
This is no Catch-Penny Affair,
. As those wishing employment will see for themselves,
; byjCaUtoS cn J. H. JOIiNSUN, No. 7a State street,
! Chleaco. Agents wanted, as this Is au article that
; everybody will buy, as ihtre 1= no family that can co
j without them.
! It needs but this to convince v.;u that what we far Is
true. Persons that cannot make it convenient to cnlL
i will please apply for a circular, by enclosing a stamp,
{ to J. H J?*Sf»bON. P. o. Fox 1233, Chicago, 10.
: _fel9-en.lm K. K. LANDON. Agent.
J-sz Stair.
.«_/ a good point, well located, and 'hlrtv-Cve miles i
from Chicago. A. very desirable and well equipped i
Drug Store ii offered to a good mao, •with a moderate :
capital, on favorable terms. Address Box 462 Chi- i
cago Post Office. [
TSIKE S PEAK.—I have for sale
JL a one-thlrJ or two-third Interest In one of the
best Qnartz Mills sent to Pike’s Peak last season. A . «-nn-r*rr c<nrrnAT t •. 3 .
rare caaace offered far some enterprising person that ! oCiiUC/JA, limited tO 12
! .,. p^l2Sfi.Ss,Ke '&4 ll, . Mme - ' Toon- Ladled.by Rev.G. TV. Woodward. Gene.
,fi~,® : *tlrely perfect order. TVin tell one- xa, Kane Co. Term bedna May 7,1£61. S3 per week
third op two-thlnls interest, as may be desired. Ad- eitrit ut *» iuß ** *'" wce *
dress Box 567 Chicago Post Qtticc. mhlAe227-lw to Drfb. H. Bay, Capt, J. D. 'Webster, Bev.
~ R. Colyer, Hon. Thoe. Dnunmond, Hon. Van. H. Hle
glas, w. hi. Larrabee, Esq. mh3-sr*T-tmi
XpOR SALE CHEAP.—A corner ■
A S«loop. Grocery and Meat Market, cbntalnlnsr a I .
pood alockof Uquf'rs.RrmaUstock of spwrie-.wlUi | "<X7ABASH AVENUE PROPER
□xtores and Implements u» tno same, la i • WV !±. ±t ’ , J - vv -' x a-av
pood order. The establishment baVacood patronage. i . ' TirOa AFAEJL
Address ‘-A.8,” I’ost Office Box 23fc0, mhsSt i I will exchange my residence, consisting of a rood
■v-, AT ) a A t't* m ~ ; I House and Three Lots,
iPURSAIJI.—A eft" bteam Engine i For $4.000 cash and a pood Impf .Tea Farm, within 100
-5 15 Horso-poif cr. mbo »o!d for one-lmlfits ! Sift.' 1 ?' ff , , *#.s®-
original cost • GIBSON & CHASE, ; 6C “ p lLc - ,F ’ o ‘ Box *3>'fa. CMcajo. miit-euQ-2y
mhliea&€t : SPoxneroy.'a Bali ding.
F„ _,, :iv OTICE.—The American Asrency
OR S A ; L E OR RENT. ' ' for the London Stereoscopic ro..havSgbeen
Tm Two Stout Bmcw
A T xr x» n« v « wwv tb6 business Win, on> and after March Ist,
-‘' Iny S^d2^^i^sa 7 mo s t P r^:
inz. Storing and Shipping Grain. &c» "w Ul b© solder • abfc terms. J t. •^pmt , t> Sola Airent London
rented to good pane 01? favorable trims Apply to :
BAILIE SSBfMOOB, Commission Mercbama. 156 * —' mhteljggr^
Sontu Water street, Cmcaso. P. OPrawcr6l37,
The addition to tMa Hotel being completed with su
perior accommodations for ladles and gentlemen, will
be opened on MONDAST, Feb. tfth. The boose la com*
Sletc In all its apoolntmenta, and It is the Intention of
le proprietors to make it worthy the patronage of the
traveling public. - H. I). PAKK.EB,
fel3-eZ£lia JOHN F.'MlffA
V C COW PRICKS t R —ln ©rawing of February 27th, 1861, No. 12.302
• ' drew*loo 000; No lS.l3odrews3o.ooo^No. 13,910 drew
1 *20.000; No. 29.878. drew *10,000; No. ISLCM7 drew
: *10.000; being the five principle prizes,
i Prizes cashed and drawings furnished by CEASE ft
j CO, yo. 22William street. N.Y. ruMriw
FDB SALE—A stock of -n-ell as- ■
sorted Groceries and Fixtures In store'complete. :
doing a business offrora fifteen to eighteen thousand
dolma per annum, arc! In good location on Sooth Side. 1
The store now occupied can he leased. The above 1
stock will be sold low. as the advertiser Is rctinnir !
from business. Address Post Office Box 3-IHI, Ch£ '
In Chicago and vicinity. Apn.yto .
- Water street.
CARDlN Gr.— Boarders • can be
J-* accommodated with famished or unfurnished
rooms with board at S3 Michigan avenue.
• mhlG-ea&st - ■ ■ ■ ■ -
OAR'D IN G—Pleasant front
rooms to let with board.Bul table for Families or
single gentlemen, on reasonable terms. Applv at' 64
wabaan avenue, comer of Bandolph street., mhlixtw
Boarding —157 state street.
Front room to let, with’good board, suitable for
a.gentleman andwlte. • . ■ mhaiiw
T OST—A large Envelope, contain
i-i lag a number of County Orders, addressed to A.
B. Taylor, cans ofLuce* Wilson, Lafeyette,lmL The
Under wtube liberally rewarded by leaving them with
S. i*. Bounds, corner of State stress and Tremont alley
. 'jahl3-e«s*lw -
amusements. - -
iXJt'Mitora itneti MteffißWa and Dearborn.
Continued success of fts Great Eccentric Comedian.
Southern os Pandreary! Sothera as Sam! So them
•aaSam! Sothernaa Dandreaiy! . ■
Klctt New Scenes—Panorama olliia Hudson River—
Stealing Pond—Astof" House snd Park Row by Moon
light—Cabin, and Deck of a Hndaon River Steamboats.
' This piece haa met wltlt unequivocal success sa l the
audience keptlnacootinaert roar of laughter from be*
planing to end.- Sam and Dundreary beta called before
-the Coitala. New Feature,—a Cotillion on Skates!
Everybody on States! ' • ’
Theatre Crowded Every Night! Secdrtf yonr
scats and come early! -
Fan! Fan!! For!!! Wliere’sßlxmey¥
’ ' Is JlxintAasAX—3lr. beautiful dromstira
• which will shortly be produced with new scenery and
moat original effects.
' Friday Evening, Bgxarn? or Mb. E. A. Soxnxßy.
At the eollcitahou of many of her friends, respectfully
announces that she wEI give a Grand Entertainment
of Vocal and Instrumental Music, •
• 0S : ..
Thursday Evening) ItXarch 11th,
bu wid'ch bceaslba'the (b'Eavridsr p-ivuraf-.ftileiit have
kindly volunteered their valuable services;
Mrs. CASSIE MATTISON, Contralto.
Mr. C. B. ADAM?. Tenor. «■
J. O. LUMBABD, Esq. Basso.
Mlsa SARAH TTLLINGHAST, Accompanist.
The l*rogramme will consist of a choice selection of
Ballsds, Arias. Duetts and Trio.
Tickets SO ctL. to be found at Boot & Cady’s, H.M.
Ilteglca, Julius Bauer, and a r . the door.
Doors open at 7; Concert commences at 8 o’clock.
The splendid Grand Plano Forte used on this occa
sion is :rom the factory of Messrs. Steinway * Form.
N! Y.. and kindly fufnhbed by Messrs. Boot & Cady.
Paht Fiest.
1 —Trio—Enellsh Glee—"Winds Gently Whisper.”
and Mesd». Adams ALnnbard.
i—Aria—FromDoana Caritea— '* Ah ne Stlnto.”
Mrs-MattisOn. _
3, “Mv Boyhood’s" Home.
Mr. Lombard,
4. Duett—From Stabat Mater—** Qals est Homo.”
Mr*. Mattlsnn and Mr. Adam a.
5. Song—“ Rocked to the Cradle of the Deep.” (By
request) Mr. Lombard.
6. Aria—From Louise Miller—“Quaado le Sere”
Sir. Adams. Verdi.
Past Bkcon*d.
7. Grand Scena—“The Fall of Z10n."..,.,..Pa5«1e110.
Mr. Lombard.
8. Scotch Song—“ Dounl" Dundee.” (By reqneet)
Sans In costume oy Mrs. Mattison.
9. Ballad—I'* 1 '* Mlr.c Own,” iFirst time). J. M. Hubbard.
Mr Adams.
10.—Duett—From Martha—“ Lost. pro?crlbed"..Flotow
Ma*sra. Adams and Lombard.
IL—Ballad—” Ilock me to sleep. Mother.”—A new
Ballad, composed for Mrs. Mattlaon by
Geo. F. Boot.
Suds by Mrs. Matt'son.
12.—Song-“The Dream of Home 71 StlgelU.
Mr. Adams.
Our National Mr— *Tlir Star Spangled Banner." .
Solos by Mrs. Matilson asd Mr. Lombard.
MONDAY, March 18th, and every evening dorlog the
week, the Original and only
From Broadway New York.
XTsswoirm. Fuoete AXDDoxxreßß. Proprietor*.
The most talented and superbly appointed Company
ever organized. comorMns the following
Mr. James Unswmth, E.hlonean Comedian.
Mr. J. B. Donniker. Primo Violinist.
Mr. C O’Neil, TamborthUt,
Mr. B. Moro, Prlcno Basso.
31r. J. B. Trigg, CjmetandVlolinccllols*
Mr. Frost, Sccnado Violinist,
Mr. O. Jones. Prlnto Baritone.
. Master Eugene, Female Impersonator,
Signor Rapnaal Abecco.
Sa >erb Goldloc Harpist and Tenor,
Mr. J. Strut ton. Tenor and Gnitarlst,
Mr. T. Hayes. Clog Dancer.
Mr. Johns u. Cornet and Flutist,
Mr. O. Leopold, Tuba and Double Baso.
Louis A. Zwisler. Business Manager.
The above combination of Stars wDI have the boner
to appear before a Chicago aodl«r.ct». offering a pro
gramme Uanors, OmorwAt axd
S3?” l-V-r farther particulars, see Programmes.
Admission to nil parts of the Hall, 2a cents. Doors
open at 7, to commence at S o'clock. •Front scats re
served for ladles and gentlemen accompanying them.
mhlS-eSIS-lQt H. A. PERKY, Agent
The’Hlbcrnlan Benevolent Society of Chicago wlfl
cslebram their Anniversary at Bryan Hall on MO '-
• DAY EVENING, March lath, 1861, by a Lecture to be
delivered by
JL There will be a meeting of the members of
. this Association, at tao Associate m Rooms (Portland
: Block) on SATURDAY EVENING. Itth Inst., at
; o'clock, fur the choice cf three Inspectors of Election
i for the Annual Election of Officers for said Aasocta
j tion. to be held on the 23d Inst, and Cor the trassac
1 tloa of any other business properly coming before
| said meeting. WM. B. BRADLEY. President.
Chas. C. Chase, Bee. Sec'y. mhi3.e2444t
< Direct from the manufactures to be sold for one-half
i cash, and balance real estate. The goods are prime
j andfrcab, and will bo
i iddre-s, €■ B. K., Drawer 57G7 Chicago P. 0.
i mh12e232-lw -
K&jZxJKJXJ cent per Ainnm,
j mhTxlw 13 South Lasaße street.
Lands for sale cheap.
In McHenry, Eane. Ogle, Whiteside, Gnmdy,
Sc Kalb, Bosk island. Boone. Carroll and Lake, being
the same land entered by THOMAS R. GI&ENn,
And now owned by Ardella E. and Mary Ana Greene.
Title perfect. Terms easy. Apply to H. B, HURD,
Ko. ilMeUiadistCbnrchßlock, Chicago. mbS-elSWiia
TAMES JOHN—Plain and Oma
€ I mental Plasterer. 61 Adan™ street. Chicago, HI,
wishes to Inform the citizens of Chicago °*
Illinois, who have first-class bnUdins* *® complete the
coming spring that he 1$ prepared *2 farnish every
variety of Ornamental Cornice and Center Pieces of
the most elaborate dealifn at astanlshlnz low pricy.
Orders by mail promptly attended to. JAiIESJOH2f,
P. O.Box 1170. ; feaaTlm
T TJ M B El!! —L UMBER!—
Xh«*nbscrlber offers lor sale several hundred thou
sand of Canada Gauge Sawed Lnmbur. composed oi
stock and Common Boards. Flooring, TMh, »i
prices below the regular wholesale meCtnorder tc
close ontihe lot Address DAVID GOOD WILLIE
B*>x 953, PoatOffice, or apply at the corner of Frank
hn and Ohio streets. mh!3sst
i 1,000,000 Uogne T2:tc-.
1 Abo, ft an asweaetit cf J-aKei*. iuiojus r. u ii,h»
i gt3 ~ :^endTweS° s^lt^id ’
: iooo^siffl r “• R -
* asiHOLns,KLraoo,
ffijitago ®rtstme
2JAII/* CfflCAdO
13(jCare, (eight Itaos-tgafo) quo toMCBotuA -. Jfl
aqa4iT‘»S«‘ A « T ifc3«lo«titd»T, iSt^j^.TT'.' 32
•dqaare, >?° wetus, (.Jw £,’&)
s^*wc,oao■jo'm Uvoaa |y.00i,.,« ••v.&jKft
thn.n* (liu *. p ttm
; Sqaare. Bil moatbM&D SOSS
CSq,tUTH,OQC J*SP..... _ ■
UT 1 Schedule of I*rt»w for nor* Bpuco tktt 'Oatf
inare eu be teea bc tba Coanting Uooia.
AH Transient AdTerCwaaeats to bo Batt'ftCSM
rxsox _
"AllcJuageaebarjedttirtyefflSapcrSqsiafc }
SAIXS 07 iii»wi«ww is
8 t.OO per Square, each week; for tint moatb,
2jo<> pegS>maraiiprearJmih-tfnii.mtmQn<a
StLOO perSqaareforoveycar. -
it Highest Prices.
D.vvEXPonr, Bimui&co,
Bankers, 32 (Turk street', com or rflake.
mbTel3t-2w • ' ' • * ' ' L> ~~ •
auction Sales.
A-. BUTTHia. A CO.
azxessj'; ixrrTrios'EEßS,
43 49 & SO URA.SSOBR STaSET* ••
DtrectlybujoslVothsTrencntHotiiia' •
vu&vrnm sale
Srery it 9 l-2o’olack
HTCubadvancedon. GoddAßoott
and Shoes, Ac. aaSdoSW
Cassimms, SatLnetts, Back Gloves *
&Cm t v t --'r.- . -rf
On THURSO .\T, March Uth. at 9* o*clock.at our 8*l«a
--room.s.46. 4' i and 50 Dearborn streetwe wUlsell without
reserve,for ca»h. alarms stock of staph* Dry Goods con
slating of Bleached and Unbleached Shirtings and
Sheeting. Cambrics, I'oLaln?. *,i ec"c% stripes.Den
ims. Prints. Select lineup, Llcen Napkins. Table-
Cloths. Collars Shirts, .laccopetts Laces, Embroider
ies. Needles Hosiery. Moves, Ac., .vc. ,
Also, an invoice of Buck Mitts Gauntlets and
Hitts VTiL A. BUT I'EES A CO..
mhi2e2S-3t . Auctioneer*.
L“Xw,~3I ISC~e’l’l AX E OTIS
On FRIDAY. March 23th. at2‘s o’cl-'ck. at our auction
rooms Nos 43.4S and sii Dearborn street, we will sell
without reserve for cash. £ duo colUcUoq of Law.
Miscellaneous and Classical Hooks amonjfwalsh am
come richly bound la full Morocco a::d half-call, and
«n.dnu?dly Illustrated. Catalogs*-* will b? ready .on
Thursday'. A. BUTTERS & I Co*
mhl2e2awt Auctioneer*.
China and Class-Ware, Table fntlnjr. it.,
On SATURDAY. March llth. at9H o’clock, at omr
Salesrooms, -W, AS and 50 Dearborn street, we will mu
for cash the Fnraltnre of a family declining House*
keeping, consisting of Nice Furniture, nearly new.
2 Brussels Carpet?, about 100 yards, nearly new.
15 Second-Hand Carpet?, some butlittlft worn.
Also—An Invoice of China. Glass and aivcr-PlaKd
tTare. Table Cutlery, <sc.
At 12 O’clock,
One Bay Horse, five year.* old; Covered Express Ws.
eon and Harness.
mhll-eSt-St VTM. A. BUTTERS. Auctioneer. _
I) Gbxbual Auction ibss, 83 Lake street.
Kev and Second Tfarr,. Household
Carpets, &c., at Auction.
On THURSDAY, March 14th, at 9,’v o’clock we will
sell at our salesrooms No. SI a large as
sortment of New and Second Hand Furniture. *«.,
conal'tlng In part of Sof>n. Parlor Chairs
Tetea. Easy ana Rocking Chairs. French andCottag®
Bedsteads, Marble Top Tables. Plano Stools, I>ook
Caaes/Dlnine Chair* and Extension Tablet*. Card k®..
Elegant Marble Top Bedroom Sults.Drosicg bureau?,
wbshstaad*. Wardrobes, Hair and other .>ia£ircsse»,‘
Cane Seat Chairs and H.tckera, Crockery and Kitchen
Utensils. Parlor and Bedroom < ‘arpet*. and many other
articles too numerous to particularize.
N B —Particular attention will bo give n to sales of
Household Furniture at Dwellings, or at our Sales
rooms and casn advances made wner<* required
miUA«3W2c GILBERT & SAMPSON. Auctloneera.
En Kent*
r jpO LET—With i;onrd, a pleasant
- Jar- front mom: Also, a rlagU* rao::’, on rrvsonab!®
terms at 11-4 Laaal’e street, nearly opposite the Court
House rohl2x.lt
Boston City Boot and Shoa Sicra, 152 Lake-rt,.
L* for rent. Apply on the premises.
mh12e233-lw _
TO RENT—Stoics Nos. 130 anil
IS2 South Water street. Room* over No*. 1. S
auds South Clark ftwti. Kent low LJ> ...
'T'O RENT. - The Erick Dwelling:
t House. So. 17G Adams i-treit, three stnrlea ami
basement, containing fourteen roems with (Ja» fix
tures and modern Improvement*. Will bo rented oa
reasonable terms to re-ponslbltf naylng tenant* Pos
session immediately. Apply to HILL <n NORTON, 05
Clarkstreet.oraddrcMK.O.Box 17SG. tnhSstw
r PO RENT—A Store am! House,
JL on West Laltc street third house from Canal.
Pogseßfcion given at once. Hunse tureo stories, con
taining ten rooms, exclusive of the store, well adapted
tor a boarding house and saloon. Location lor bual
cess one of the best on the West Side,
Also—Two suits of Rooms In the boors comer of
Clinton and Carroll streets, (entrances entirely se
parate from other tenants) Rooms very desirable for
a small family and run: very low, Apply to .T. P. NOR
TON. 100 WashicetonEtreeS,UlHciuiio;oerß,orad
dT‘.ss P. O Box 4,103. feiN*3l 1m
ThoDlatinery at Fast Clinton. on Fox River, on the*
Galena & Chicago Uni 'n Railroad. three mllea from
Eliin. Capacity 800 bushels. It will oe rented or sold
on lbs most f ivurable term». Apply to DAVIS * NIS
I have several desirable stores oa the ai'ove named
streets which will be for rent oa the Cist of or
May. Apply to
mbhctJWm No. 53 azd GD Lake street.
Jfo. IIS Loire Street, Cfele*£o, d.
B&2 2,S'.S. S#and 4 Inch Water Pipe, bored witK
Patent Anger
Also, Superior 'Wooden Suction Pumps, made ana
sold Wholesale and Retail, by J. F. TEMPLE.
mb6*6My corner Polk and Canal street. Chicago.
100 concentrated lie.
No. 129 South Water street.
STTGAH., cfcO!
50 Hilda. Sugar, 100 Bbla. Sugar. 50 Boies Sugar,
100 Bbla. N. T. Svtud, 50 BbK Mclasse*.
And dealers in Hldea, Wool, telts. Seed-* and Fork.
Factory on con.tr or State struct and Archer Bead.
Office and Warehouse, 7! Klnile street,
r. o. tavmsis- tuatoi uwaimt
T7EED MILL.—I am manufacture
X. log a 'Min that will grind 75 bushels of any Ido iof
Grata per dar. Warrautod to do the work or money
returned. Willmakejuealforflunllynse. May-benm
with one or t»o horse power. Price $33. Address, G.
SHEPARD, Post Office BJi 2<J99. SheUcrv and Com
bined Mills made. mhtix£wd-ltw
DB. COOKE & CO., Law Book
* sellers and Stationer?, No. ill Lake street.
Have Just opened an invoice of over 30,000 Quires of
Blank Work, embracing a general assortment, from the •
smallest Pass Book to toe largest Record. Qor present
stock ot Blank Books has never been equalled in this
city. It la by Car the largest la the West; and tha at
tention ot buyers is Invited to it befbie purchasing
All styles andaizesofLedzers, Journals, Cash Books,
Day Book*. Record Books, Lawyers’ Dockets. Insur
ance Records. Books ot Blank Notes and Drafts, mini
ature seta of 3Unlaturn Blank Books for private ac
counts, Pass, Memorandum and Bar Books, &u, Ac.
ill Lako street.
TO LAWTEKS.—We have on
X ’ h and a fall set of ZLLt S 013 REPORTS, £3 Voli.
Includes Bribes, i voL; Scaimow, i vpt; Gilman, 5
vot; Pzck. U toJ. D. B. COOKE & Co*
youifa AMERICA
This Machine, invented by Mr. Chaa. Howell of
Cteveiaßd. has now been running at the Foundry of
Mr. Mcsea, corner Polk and Bee oh streets, for over s
month, and been thoroughly tested on Quartz, Burr,
S™* I •f^^il e It reduce*
verizes the stone dry, blowing everr particle away as •
the work is dona, earn lag off tha sulphates. and there,
by enabling »n the gold to be extracted. It Is easSy
transported, weighing only twelve hundred pounds.
Can be ran by horse, water or steam power. Price ot
GEO.L.SANBORN, Agent, box'
19-u, Chicago. UL
We the undersigned, believe the above HTQ win do ‘
all and more than. Is claimed for It. o-*ly being limited
5? t -??Js? oai,t °f P°' w ? r Q3eJ. It wm oulvmze three
cord (fifteen ton! per day, with six hone power. H.
P. Moses, Agent Chicago Steam Bng*ao Works, A.
of Cleveland Foundry. D.
?}“® Shaw * Brown, maaufiictarers o' Smit
Machines. Chicago, in. - - felSxlm
>' Printing la done on the celebrated bed and ;bien
A&A333 press,.
r- • s*.
Aai Cc jiw-tJ are afterTards pressed smooth la
castomeM therefore hare the advantage of the
to the bojlatra. Large
xoatsof type enables ns to ail orders lor talk class * r
▼or* promptly. Address 1
WiLH. RAND, Trtlrano Office

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