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' --—-' ' '‘■"- i thi
. .i THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 1801. • j inj
V ‘MONETAEY. ,i. :;. i.g
: ;;v —■ ■■ ~~7.' ; ■- • ' ,= ' *di
• ••-w»w»pi*; Bn»sjs?,aiiroiST, 188 L { g
.We a*e glad to notice a U Is & eery : J*
- <nrrtA&c ih:t£&demand Tor xhoucy. Ope-/ at
..■ ; jatore wi moving with great omtioni andall ijvo .tu
.• ■Mttig f.w idlseauntemakeavgrrritehj ImpresriotH ’
' xpon the Janpe jmpimts of currency etlll !a the “
the hacks .Tho unsettled] condition of ra
the country checks transactions,end until eoine* thj
■ thing definite is known In regard lot what shape ■ p
political events are* likely to aegumej traffic jnust -i p
1 coattaue restrtetea to fha
-burinesa. The opening of navigatl<rawl!l ( hfibrd r|^ c
aozne opportunities for the employment ofcapltal,.
• ; ' hut imtU the inad-capfl cease their *.;b
,;m -.troubling in some way, no large increase need he _ h
•xpectcd- Extensive public improvements c a-.;
pedaUywQl be ignored. ; | ••* 4 b
' TbeXcdiange market Is Btill dull and declining. | ®
THfc nominal price onoellecllone and for email lots ; t
. is 6per cent premium: but ecveral of Ihc.banka
■' hive arid steadily to cußtomcre at 4K. The*bur- : t
Jng price is 3X©4X ; thoJattcr only for small lota ,
by those whoso balance is fortunately down to ze- 1
10. The demand continues yciyjight. A large Ji 1
of funds is held for remittance as soon as f
the price rinks to 2©B per cent. ■ , ,jj
Gold 7 bears nominally the fume price as Ex-. ]
tiiaogc. . *• •• ; ..
' jUt. Lons.—The Democraiot yesterday rays:
Exchange stands hem to-day at Z per cent premi- | ;
'.yn ft 9 Missouri- currency. 7 Currency is stillahun- j ;
dent, and Arm at [email protected]£ discount., There is no :
•pedal demand for nucarrent money, though hro- {
hers buy all that offer at current rates. As far as »
ire can discover, the feeling is very general that
the difficult point In financial matters la passed,
yyid there remains but a firm course to be pursued ;
on. the pari of those most affected by sudden chang- j,
ca,-to make "matters work -smoothly, henccfor- i
ward. , j !
. CiscnnaTi. —We quote as follows from the Gc- '
setU of yesterday; I
There was a good demand for ificney, but first :
' * rh«« paper conunned to meet a ready sale at 10© •
ISpcr cent, andcurrency balances were fuilymain- :
" lamed with nearly all the houses. '• i- |
The demand for Eastern Exchange was up to the
, average, and the general tone of tho market was 1
about as heretofore reported.- The supply was j
«Qual to the wants of remitters, and dealers in t
most cases drew freely for appllcatts, whether reg
" nlar customers or not." Sew Orleans Is woiklng
heavier, and bankers would not buy at better than
3tf©s£dU. Very little dolngln void, and the mar-•
hells heavy at quotations. We quote . , ...
nuxiKo. • ’ snixiya. <
KewTork Sight [email protected]« . tfprm. ;
lfew Orleans [email protected]?£dis. : . 3
American Gold *prcm. tf©,VP rcm * ■
- Mostbsal.—The j
T*y the money market there has .been much ac- •
tlvitV consequent upon the demand for cash to pay
the duties on tho* large amount of goods daily ar- j
- rivin? The want of first class paper has canstd a |
creator demand outside the banks, and street rates
are ctmseooentlr high rlhan nenal; the average
Se?l££l tom H to 20 per annbo. according to
the quality of the secaritiea offered! In Exchange
their is not reach doing. . ; 1
Caxaua GUEA.T WHSTEior Ean-WAT.—The fol
lowinj 1. fie wceily etetement ot ,the camiiigß of _
this road to Harch 2Sd, 1661; .• . 1
Passengers . $lBll6 S2# i
rregh^dlivostock..... r -.... S*Ss7?3£' 1
and sundries *
T0ta1..........-. |K.4n.^n^
week last year.•. .$44^44.01>f
Ibe Koalikononc Bank.
• _ Fobt Atkisbov, March 27,1861.
Editor* Chicago Tribune:
In yohr, i*t*ne of the 25th inst., I see a notice of
the failure of' the sosht ODOn S Bank, formerly lo
cated at thisplace. This .Bankwas removedto the
village of Jefferson, Jefferson SOh*ty, in February
last, by its owners, who resided tu?rc> and .soon
after was transferred to an Irresponsible party, who
anbstimted their bond in place of! the old reliable
one with the Comptroller., ‘While conducted and
owned by the clt’sens of this place, it was upon ft
tfrfe hftfjg, wtm! we are arc In no way responsible
forita failure. Its notes :re worth 85 cents.
Toots truly, H- E. Southwxix.
yupTOaiiT Ettsihq, March 27.15 CL..
The following are the receipts and shipments for
thepast twenty-Cocr boon*:
Flour, Wh’t, Own, Oats, Bye, Bar.
bds. ba. bn. . bn. bn bn.
Bv Canal... 16,145 ....
746 9997 1810 .... 435 2,019
101 - 850 . 5250 800
LC.B.K 190 TOO 2150. 850
C.8.&Q.H.8. 557 2343 7751 182
0.AN.W.8.8. 1617 -6514 : .... 558 ; 770
T0ta1......-3861 10504w34Cid .... 993 4071
.'l> ' 1 High-
Seeds Dsd live Hides wns Cattle
Sts Bogs Hogs ; 3t»s . hrls. No. :
■SeSJaaKwia;"* "« "»
G.A8.L8.8. 63U0 - 4 16 .... h* 14
t/j l? J? C 26 17 .... 372» 57 - 16
C.B.*£‘fCß. 6948 87 44 219 M 146 75
S -Xi'JS-.- — 17
ToU!- -'.334d9 142 1*9 43129 253 150
The dmandfor Flour was jeoadlve to-day
and the market was quiet said teomSTThat weaker,
especially on low grades, with sales of orlj about
ISOOhbla at [email protected] for spring extras, and
BS&8.15 for superfine. The whcat market opened
firm and active; bnt,towards the jclose the speca
lativa demand became light-anti prices recoiled
about H c —closing quiet—nil parties anxiously cx
peering the news of the City of Baltimore, now.
due at New Tort. About 'SO,000•. bushels changed
hands at 81>fc for winter, and 88# for fresh re
ceipts No 1 spring; and [email protected]#c for winter re
*" ceipta No S spring—closing: with sellers at 78c.
The market for com was quiet and in a manner neg
lected; but holders were generally firm—the sales
being very iigfct at SBc for fresh receipts Mixed
and 24cfor fresh receipts Ecjecttd in store. Oats
■were“dnll and heavy—buyers offering 14c for win
rf.ter,TCCdpta: Bye was soldat42e on trade and de
livered. There was but a light demand for Larley
andbuyera had the advantage, Highwines steady
at 14c. "-v -■
.. Timothy Seed was dull and 10c lower. Sales
• tanging from f 5.25&2 45 for fair to choice, and
/sLßo®S'2te dirty. Millet; 60c. Flax, $1.10., •
The Provision market remains inactive, and the
only transaction we have to report is a sale of 8000
K pcs Milwaukee cut shoulders,* at J55.80 1oob&—to be
", delivered hew. There were buyers of Mess Pork
Lard is extreme-
V ly heavy and depressed, there being little or no in
qulry. ' ~ ' . : ' » :
Dally Review of Chicago Market.
"Wedsesdat Evening, March 27, 1661.
FREIGHTS—Firm. A eran lard vessel, now in
port, wheat to Bafliilo on private terms—to load
this week.
FLOUR—Received, 3.241 brls. Market quiet
and* shadeweaker. Sales were:ADO brls’*Fun
dnLacCity.Bume-MUIs M choice Spring extra at
24 85 del.; 250 brls good Spring extra at $4 27 del:
800 brls “ Keuka” do at $4,85 in t-lore; 200 brls
• common.extract $4.100h track; $4 brie Tor
tie'’ at -$4 22#. del; 123 .bile "Buckeye” taper
at $3.15 del; SO brie “ lonn Co.” do at $2.85 del.
WHEAT—Received, 16,904 bn- Market opened
firm, but closed attic*, and }4c lower. ’Sales
were as follows i- 8,000 bu fretn receipts No. 1
Spring at 8334 c in store; 1,£0& bn do. (receipts
rioted 20th) at 83cin store; 7£oo bu winter re
ceipts tlo at 61 Kc in itorc: 40,000 bn winter re
ceipts No 2 S;ulug at 78KC in *torc; 2,500 bn do
•t 78X C in etoru; 6,000 bu rioiat TSMc tn store;
T,ooobndoat TBXciubtore; 16,600 ha do at 73c In
store. Sales by tample were as follows: SuOba
fair Michigan white winter at $1.20 on track;'
800 bn common Bed Winter at 95c on track.
COEN—Receipts, 84.65G bu. Market firm but In
active. Sales werel,ooo bu receipts Mixed
At SScln store; 2,400 fresh receipts Rejected at S4c
in store: 1,300 bu do (receipts dated March SO) at
OATS—Received none. ’Market entirely neg
lected. Buyers offer 14c in store for old receipts.
BlX—Received, 993 bn: Market quiet. Sales
400 bu No. lin bags at 42c del; 409 bu do at 42c on
. trade. ■
BARLEY—Received, 4,071 bu. Market dull.
Sales wen:—9o bags go?d ul 43)4c on trade: 190
l«?sdoat4oC on track; SCO bushels good at 89c
, muHWlNES—Received, £53 hrls. Market un
changed. Sales 140 hrls at 14c.
ALCOHOL —Steady at 3Hg33c p°r eaL
- - SEEDS—Received. S3, lbs. Tmonrr Is dell
ad 10c lover.- Bales were2oo hags prime la
lota at $2 45; 80 bags at $2.40; 25 bare good at
*£BorUbu fair at $2.25* 12 bags do at $2.00; 18
Mg* do at $1.60. Ci-otee—Dull and he.-Try. Salts
•.s®tags prime at s4.oo:l4becsgoodatsß 00. Mur
'xzrqulet; 15 bav« - Flax in good request;
©ales 10 bags ai sl.lO.
BEOOiI CORN—S toss fair Brcon Com at
Tmjfc’." . .
‘ FRUITS—IS tors ctpared Peaches st
j»£ANSt—4O bushels Mixed at 75c.
MISS PORK—In limited request at' $16.25
holders askipg $16.50.
. CUT MEATS—B,OOO pcs Milwaukee cut Shoul
der* in dry salt at $5 SO loose. . .
LABD—DuII and tiomiual at - - “
TALLOW—IO brie good city butchers’ si fife.
Green Salted. 6<&6Jfc; Green,-•S’tfSSKc; Dry
pilot, n&mt. / : • ,
BDTTBB—Common very doll. vriUi limited
transactions at߮oc; good dairy in request at
v M ||qgß—' In good supply, with sales at B®B>fc ®
' doz—packer's count. : •
POULTRY—Dressed Chi tens, s2£S®2.so ®
doc; Lire do. doll at $2.00 Dressed Tnr-
bushels Mixed Pinkeyes and
. -".Heehaaiiocka at 20c dcL •' - - ■ v- '-=
DRESSED HOGS—Eecclred, 142. Market
...steady, Sales, 45, at $5.75® 6.oo—dividing on
*• * LIVE HOGS—Deceived, 120. In good demand
■ by packers and skippers. Sales 46, averaging SBO
at $4.85; 140, averaging 250 lbs at $4.75; 84,
sretagliig BSO 2># at $4.70. ‘ ; "
6t. Loots, March 26.—What little change was
. . observed In market-to-dsy was owing wholly to a
v .... . radgeHrtn tn freights. Jt.vnabled sellers of corn to
sustain the -price*-of -Saturday, which, without
such.reduction, would have declined, as receipts
. - werevery large. Flour was a liule firmer, thro ugh
the same cause. Nothing was donc. iioweTcr, of
Importance in the article, except the sale of a round
- lot ofchy superfine at §4 45. Wheat, throughsym
jMthyyaadfrommodcraiereceipta, w'ssalso firmer.
In other'articles,-Hberc was a continued dullness in
• oettsadbaHey. -Whisky was depressed by Uxge
jeeetpt*tolß#c®gal.— AepubHean. \.*--
xhXamraTL MarclvllC.—The flour market contin
axes a/u*« $4.40®4b0;/or anperfiao, and $4.05®
4.70 for \\rnatfirmjßuu ingooddemandat
• r SI.OO -
rfr* nntuMg* figure forenoice Kentucky. Kar mm
■-Is In good at 80®83c. ; There Is little or no
■■ -inquiry for ;aheLsd. ®ud we quote it nominal at
I x>ato dedinY-d lO 250 In-bulk, at which the
! : market la dulL— QottUS* ..
• •••.toaiiaai, wkxKiJr ; Ml4BKET—March 22.—The'
■ ssaikei for Hour baa bean du2l during the week, but
mad to-day there baa been a slightlybet
i transactions have xakexr
fdaee. vnihtmt; however, any 'idnmcc.dn price.'
■ - timau sates are wlKvted'UHJay ps--$5.35 for enper
to°nth^TOO^^laosaleof forMsyde
. WheatSemSct3i»rTJ
: C-gpctig.has rnled steady Jdnrinrtho ’gock.aad
r . st»q samples ham boaa taken aa cart at si4dTj(a J
spring delivery kales have been made at $1.20©
-tSL TheamraiaperGTßforthe week ending
- March 16th. were 2ad)75 bushels, besides 16.095 btt
, which passed directly over the read for shipment
: per steamer United Stat<a fpe*Bortland.
i the market has ruled steady during lb o week, cloe
| ing about le lower. The deliveries from the far
i tours have been large, and hare been
' a*[email protected] per mlnot of S3 lbs. per
liaJLhavo been smalL- Barley, very little doing, toe
4 dtoaand being entirely for local cOnemnption.
i Small lota hare been taken ae they arrived at
1 60c. 'Pork, transactions bare been a
retalldjaracter. Some choice lota of mesaarenela
atsl9,but we quote slBfio©lB.7sasthe ruling fig
. urea.— OantU, <
i • Tobobto, March fiS.—The receipts on the street
market, owing to the badness of the weather,
were totligHandwithnochangelnprlces. Seve
ral parcel* of fall and Bpring whe it, ex cars, changed
i »>«*&«, uia former at $Ll5©ll7, and the latter at
93&85 C. The sample of the latter w&a very fair.
• Flour Is still dull, out with more inquiry, the news
•« per, the Canada being a little more favorable.'
, ;.ftound lots of No 1 would bring $4.€0©4.G5 on the
cars.. Other grades neglected.—Clots.
•> pnruAPXLpnix, March 25,—There is 1 no quotable
V'chauge in flour and themuket is dull. the demand-I
. ‘both for export and hotae use bciig ilimlted; 400 1
_ brls superfine sold at $5, which price Is refused by
•| most holders except for common mixed lots; 150
brls Lancaster county extra also sold at $5 ..
•. bri. The sales to the trade range at the above llg
} urea for superfine and extras, , and from $5.75 to
• $5.73 for extra family and fancy brands as in quali
ty, and but little selling. In wheat there Isa mod
-k.j»ratAjhnatni»Bw previous quoted rates, and .
: the receipts are light; about 5,000 bu : sol(L Idiots,-
1 at [email protected] for fair to prime western and Penn
; reds; 130 c for Delaware do, and from 130 c to 140 c.
for common to good Penn’a white. Rye
but a sale of 400 bu Penn’a is reported at OSC,'
Com id less active and the Imports light: salesin
, dude 2.000 bu new yellow [email protected] for damp, and
1 sS©sSycfor dry, in store; lota afloat, If bore,
I would bring 99c, Oats ore dull and selling at 82®
I 83c for Penn’a. Barley and malt remain Inactive.
—Xcrlh American.
Albaxt—March £s.—The inquiry for; wheat is
moderate and is principally confined to the sound
j lots. Sales 2500 bu winter red state in car lots at
1 ! $1.19, and a car lot white Indiana at $1.45. No
• { sales of rye. In oats we have sales of 2100 bu do
i-' livered from Central R. R.. at S2yc, and 4000 do
afloat on p. t. Com in car lots at 65c for new
northern at Central depot. In barley a moderate
L j business, the sales Including 4000 bu state in'car
• i, lots at [email protected], principally Jefferson county, at the
• 1 outside figure. Whisky—Sales' 147 brls at 17& C
J and 50 do at 17i£@17yc.
• * 1 PmscimoH —March 26.—-Flour remains‘tin
! changed but very dull. Sales were to the local
t trade at $5.25 @5.80 for extra family, and $C®6.25
, •. f or fancy. Rye steady. Sale from store of 250 bu
' ; at 55c. Oats continue very dull. Sale of 100 bn
1 from store at 25c. Corn unchanged and dull. Sale
• of 100 bu ear from store at 40c. Barley—Sale of
250 bu prime spring at COc. — Gazette. •
i Boston, March23—ComExchange—Thereceipts
* since yesterday have been 4,280 bbjs flour, 6,730 bu
corn, 1,825 bn oats, 814 bu rye, and 8.000 bu shorts.
The market for floor remains witbont change;
sales at $5 for common brands western; [email protected]
5 25 for fancy; $5.25©5.50 for extras; ands6.uu©
■ ft P-S f3 bbl for superior, including choffce Sc L' uta
1 brands. Southern flour is steady; aalesatSs62y
! @3.75 for fancy; $8.t0©6.75 for extras; and $7.00
■ 8 bbl for superior. Including c'ao'ce Balu
-1 more brands. Corn is quiet. Soles at 07©70 c a
1 bu for southern yellow; 66©CSc for western mixed;
! and 03®07c for white. Oats are dull and selling at
• Bi®S7c a bu for southern, western and Canada.
| , ByeafOTaflbu.
1 VY. Hrps Mabrst—March 25—'We notice sales
of* 1,000 Central American at IBc. 0 mgs, an'dS.7oo
Buenr.s Ayres at Sljtfc. Omos. Mep«r9 Weizel &
Weldemeyer’s Circular says “The Inclement
weather prevailing during the larger part of the
i week had a tendency to modify our business uni
: motion, whilst adverse winds prevented eg.-
, pected liber 1 supples from reaching our barber.
..Hence our imports are exceedingly limited, and,
I mainly confined to a soli ary shipment from the
I £io Grande. Sales were made to a fair extent—
considering the times—at standing prices; on a
. fewparcelsof extra weight and quality a relatively
! improved figure was Eaq. m
- Ookas .Freights at New Yoke—March 25.
Freights dull and drooping. To Liverpool, 200 bxs
bacon at 80s©52s 6d; 7,500 bu wheat at 10©lld in
ship’s bags; 600 brls flour at 3s; 1,750 bxs cheese
at 355; -100 pkgs lard at 85s. To London, l.GOObrls
flour at 8a 7yd; 1,500 brls rosin at [email protected]
To Havre, 11.000 bu wheat at 22c In shipper’s bags.
The Prussian bark India re-chartered to Falmouth
or Queenstown, with wheat for orders at 14d in
bulk. A bark with 83,000 bn wheat for Cork for or
ders at 14d. At Ifoston, a bark to load at Balti
more, for Ireland at 13yd for grain In shipper’s
bark with grain from Pliliadelpbli to ap
an Irish port on private terms; a ship of 800 tons
to London kl S2&Q.—Courier and Enquirer.
•New Orleans, March2l.—flour—fn our semi
weekly report wc noticed that ;bo receipts had
been ton fair extent, and the demand wits fair, but
mostly confined to the city trade, and the Bale® for
the first three days of the week comprised 7,200
brls at $4,75 for unbranded, $5.25©5.57y for su
perfine. $C.25®6.37y fop low extra, $6 [email protected] for
good, s7,oo©fi.oo Jg for choice extra. Since
: then the receipts nave continued fair, the demand
■Jmis been more moderate audjprlces have declined,
the e4 Ip -s on Wednesday and Thursday comprising
2.70 D brls, taken for the city trade, at —®55.25 for
superfine, $0.40 for good, and [email protected] *3 brl for
choice extra. Yesterday 9,001) brls sold at for
fine, —©55.25 for superfine, $6 SO for good, and
$8.50 7? bri for superfine brand of extra, making
an aggregate for the three days of 4.700 brls, and a
total for the week of 11,90P brls. We quote $4 50 |
for fine, —©ss.ls for superfine, so.oo©B.Ssfpflow, :
[email protected] for good, and $7.00®8.50 $ bri for .
choice and superior brands of extra. Arrived
during the past three days 19,467 brls. Cleared for
Florida 341, Sisal 300, St. Pierre Martinique 1,000
1 brls. Grain—lu our report of the grain market
.for the early part of the week we noticed that the
' receipts of com bad been liberal, and that the de
mand was active, but prices badruledinfavorof
buyers, with sales of 57,500 sacks at a range of 55
©s6c for mixed, yellow, yellow mixed and white
mixed, and 53®63c $1 bit for white. Since then
• boto the supply and the demand have been more
moderate and prices have declined, tbs sales com
. prising 55,000 sacks, at a range of [email protected] for mix
ed, yellow, yel ow mixed and white mixed, and 57
©6O & bushel for white, some small lots of fancy
white fetching 65c, Of oats ihof supply and the
demand have been to a fair extent, and the sales
embrace 8,800 sacks at a range of 38©37 c 5J bn.
Of bran 8,400 sacks sold at 77y®850 $ 100 fcs.
Arrived during the past three days 88,483 sacks
corn, 4.893 do oats, 800 do wheat. Cleared for
Boston 1.500, Charleston 3,100. Florida B.GGG Texas
3£40, Liverpool 33,522, Bt. Pierre Martinique 800
sacks com.
Phtladelthia, March 25.—There la less clover
seed c'mloff forward, bat the demand has fallen
off. and prices remain without change; sales of
I.COO bn fair and strictly prims lots at $4.75®5d)0
per 64 5)8, and inferior at $4.25®4.50. including
several lota to go oat of the market: GOO bn tim
othy sold, partly at S2.BIX®B 25. and part on pri
vate terms. Or flaxseed the market is bore, and it
is wanted for crusb-ngat $1.50 per bn.
Cincinnati, March 26.—'The market for clover Is
doll and drooping. Small sales'were made at $4 50,
but a round lot could not be sold at over $4.40. Tim
othy la selling at $2.002)3.00, the latter rate fur
small lots from store.— Commercial.
New Tons—March 23.—1n grass seeds the busi
ness ia checked, on account of the bad condition
of our streets. In rongh flax there were 80 begs
sold, at [email protected] —Courier andEnqtdrtr.-
Xiouismxu—March 25.—1n the provision market
to-day,' there was nc thing transpiring to note any
material change. The demand for mess pork for
consumption is fair, and to-day 400 brls were sold
at sl7 for city packed, and $15.75 for country
brands. Bayers are contending for a decline, and
if a small decline were established, large sales could
be made upon speculation,-.but holders are very
firm at onr quotations. The slight advance which
was established la bulk meats ycstcrday.coold not
be sustained to-day, and the market closed dull at
GjLfc for shoulders and 7#c for hams. At a decline
on the above quotations, good sains could be ef
fected. There is but little doing in bacon'outside
oflbe filling of small southern orders by jobbers
at 7#c for shoulders, 95fc for rib, 10#c for clear
rib. and 10Xc for clear sides. In large lots for
packers, bacon could i.e purchased at a decline of
*£c on the above quotations. The market cloees
firm. The demand is principallv for bacon sides,
and the stock of this is much reduced. There is a
better demand for lard, but all orders have readily
been filled at former rates. The market closes
very firm at 9c for tierces and ■ 9&e for kegs.—
Cincinnati—March 23—In provisions there Is a
slightly Improved demand for; mess pork, with
sales of 400 brls at $16.75. Bacon sides were in
fair demand with sales of 250hbdAat 9M®9Kcfor
rib, and 10X®10£e for clear. It was difficult to.
boy below the outside figure, and at close holders
a?ked 9#®loXc. Bulk sides were also In better
demand, with tales of 303,000 Jhsat BX®SXc. For
heavy, which are scarce, them arc more' buyers
than sellers at B*4o. Shoulders,' both smoked and
bulk, were doll at 7c for the'former, and Cc for the
latter. -Thoonly sale was lOO.OOOfcabnlkjilGc. A
good demand has sprung up for prime tierce lard,
with considerable sales at 9c, ana at close 9>fcwas
asked. Hams are doll at 7X®Bc for bulk, 9c fer
plain smoked, and 10#®Uc fur sugar cared- Ga
Boston, March 86-—Provisions —The market for
pork is doll; soles at $13.60®14.50 for prime; $17,-
25® 16.00 for mess; $13.50® 19.50 (2 brl for clear,
cashanddmoß. Beef ranges from $9®12.p3 a brl
for eastern and western.. Lard i* selling at 10®
11c a B>, in brls and les, and in kegs;
emoKcdhams..lO®Uc cash and 4 months.—
Sr. Loud, March £6.—Pork, the demand for bar
reled meats Is limited, buyers not offering over sl7
fur good mess: 200 brls heavy mesa sold at sl7 25.
Nothing done in rnmps or Jolch. Bacon, the sup
ply of country cured is large, and with onlyalim-"
ited demand the market is exceedingly cull at do
cliningtates. Sales include 6 c-ska thoalders at
6*»c, andso casks prime porkhouecdo at 6\c. and
23cks clear rides la lots at '9X®9‘;®93£c. Haros
very doll. Lard, strictly prime Is scarce, and tbo
few lots offering are picked np at previous rates.
Sales'to-day of 26, 42 and 63 pkgs prime at 9c;
smalllot manufacturing atßc; lurkegs prime ket
tle rendered at 10c.— Rtjiu&ican.
KEW YORE. March 27.—F100r rules quite Ann.
with less doing, however, both for export and
home consumption. The etorm materially checked
business. Sales 1,000 brie at $5.20©55.25 fur su
perfine; $5.12>5®5.*10 for extra State, chiefly at
$5.35; $5.20®5.25 for super western; $5.35®6.C0
for common to medium extra western; $5-50®5.70
for' shipping brands extra rhO: $5.75(2>Th9 fur
trade brands do, market closing quiet. Sellers cx*
tra state $5 60. Canadian flour rules quite firm,
with moderate demand. Sales 000 brls at $5 35©
0,72 sor common to good extra, s7®*.so forcholcu
and lavorite do. Rye flour in limited request, at
$3.85®<4.10 for common to choice superfine. Corn
meal steady, with email sales at previous quota*
WmsKT—ln fiiir request at a shade Letter prices;
sales 800 brla at 17#®I7J£c. chiefly at me inside
Oaant—Wheat scarcely so firm, price? are with
out Important change; the firmness of freights
materially checks export • demand; rales 30.800 hu
spring at $1.20®1.20 in store and deliver
ed; MW “a choice northwestern dub at $L2T*£
de-; 6900 on choice winter red western at $t.S In ‘
store,anl outside price; 18,200 hu Milwaukee club
at $LB5®l-S9 in store and del; C3OO hu white wes
tern at $1.40®1.58; 500 bn white Kentucky at $1.65.
Eye firm with moderate demand innartfor export;
sales 2200 bushels at 64c for southern; 65c for Jer
sey. ' Barley steady at T2®Soc; wm tush
inferior Canada East on private terms. Burley malt
.continues firm. Sales. 4000 bash at 88®9Q. No
important change in corn market: demand forex
portiair and there is moderatelnqaliy forborne
consumption. Shales 64,030 bash at 07®6S fur old
mixed western in store, 69®G9.Jf delivered; 05 for
new do at railroad depot; 63®70ft<r new-yellow
southern: 70 for fair white do; 65 for new yellow
Jersey. Oats only in moderate request- at un
changed prices; western and Canada S3®B4j*;
state 34©55; Jersey 81®S2. s
PnovisioKß—Pork firm and demand moderate;
calcs SOO brls at [email protected] for ricaa; $1250®
12.75 for prime. Beef continues dull; sales 100
brls at $4.75®5.00 Xor country prime; $5,75®G.25
for country mess; B®loefoc rer.acknd mess; 10®
He for extra mess. Prime mesa beef doll and
nominally unchanged.' -Beef Lams quiet and firm
atlS®lso for state and^western; sales SOO brls
a cetera at 15c. Cut meats steady: sales 120 pkgs
atC®B34 for shoulders; B®B,J£c for hams. Bacon
and prices nominally unchanged. Lard con
tinues firm and demand fair: sales 550 pkgs at 9®
30c: 675 kegs at 1024®11c. • at 10®
14c for Ohio; 13®IW for slate. ; Cheese steady at
[email protected] for inferior to prime. - . . ■_ ' .
Stocks—Firmer but dalL Chi & Rl6S>», C £
Tol SSK. G&l & Chi 73#, HI C 71«, b 80, Tan 117#,
MB cut 88V. Harlem Wi, do p(ct 4S& NYC 78#,
Pac Stall 85x. Del .& Uods 89#, Hi O bonds 102,
iMB sinking funds 86. Erie 6th mtg 85, Tcnn 64 70.
jdIaTTLE fiinKßT—Beef toll and declined lea
Sales at 5# ©9c. 1 Quo lotions for prim e, ■ B#®
9c ; Mr to good, 7#®Bc; common 6#®
v 4,720. Sheep and lambs advanced
25c®bead; B|)e 6#®6#e; Tece!pta2.Blß.
B«tne lower; prune uom-fed ilve-welghtß#®
l*X*( drasaod? ?®7#cj yppdpts. 67886. -
Seta Mariner, Raker, ShoboyganvtoSTa wood*Blß
' ■ brla floor, 79 bags peaa, 100 m ehloglea.-
Schr Palmetto,
March 87.
Brig S A’Clork, Johnatm, CentrerDlß, 85 cd» wood.'
Bril EltempsTLenor, Manitowoc, 8U m ahlngles.,
SS cdarood, 995 hffhriaAshr«3 bag# wheat,
.~ 6 brla eggs,.l,Boo poets, Ufbaga seed, SOmft
cak lumber. BO in shlnglee. . ,
Schr Tuscola, Robb, Grand Horen, 60 cds woes,
2,000 posts, 8 cds stare bolts, 9 m lumber.,
Seta Blue Bell, Dillon, Sand Bar, 80 <as wood. ~,
Schr Telegraph Wolf. Clydesdale.
Schr Mariner. Baker, SheboygaiL_ .
.Schr Palmetto, Scanlan, Centrenfle.
Prop Ottawa, Warren, : . • *
BrlJ S4 Clark. Johnson, Centreville. ••- -
Sc)s Transit, Humphrey, Manitowoc, 1 ton mdse.
Schr Tuscola, Eobb,-Grand Haven. ,
Schr Blue Bell. Dillon, Wolf River. r - ;
Scow Cygnet, WiUianxs»Whlte River, ©0 bags oats,
ISuams, 1 brleggs, 1 brl butter;l-bn.'plldh.
' * ‘ AEBtVED
Australia, LaSalle, 5,050 bn com.
flolden btatev-La 5aUe.5,375 Jjnoorn.
Paragon, La Salle. 5,720 on com.
Jamea Patrick, Ottawa, t- ::
Investigator; Athena, 90 c rubble atone.
- . CLEABED March 25.
Humboldt. Joliet, 10 brla plaster, 61 brie Balt, 4
bit seed. Ibrl apples, *
Time, La Salle, 3,403 ft;lumber, 7,000-ft elding,
1,000 pletcS, 660 c poets, 860 Da, carpenter
Tort 'stme, La5a11e,128,033 ftlomber, 6,000 ft
aiding, 25.000 sUnetes, 25,000 lath.
Progress,£iSalle. SS,6» ft Inmber, 2MOOft Ml-,
. - Ing iUOO pickets, 15,000 shingles. 40,000 lath.
Foreign Steamer* to Arrive* :.V'
From- For. j : Sailed. ■
VI"o Liverpool—.Ne wTork.... War 6
Bohemian.....Liverpool/....Portland.;;.-Mar 7
wio-Saaon.. Liverpool.... .Portland Mar 7
r*noflda ...Liverpool.--..BoEton Mar 9
Ci^Balllmore.UveSool.,. ..New York.. ;,Mar 18
Sliest. .-.™ *- - .Liverpool... ..New York... .Mar 16
• Bornesia. Sonthampton.New York...-Mar 18
Uu’d Kingdom.Glaßgow..... .New York,.. .Mar IB -
New York Sonlhampton.New York....Mar 20
Enropa........Liverpool. - • • -P05t0n........Mar 28
Palestine .Portland Liverpool.;.. .Mar 28
Hibernia.... ...Galway...... .805t0n..... .Mar 25
Persia Liverpool..,.. New York... .Mar 30
Bohemian......Portland Liverpool Mar 80
Fulton... - . ...•.Sonthampton.New York—Apr 8
Bavaria Sonthampton.New York.,. .Apr 4
Kedar. Liverpool.... -New York. ...Apr C
Bremen....;...Sonthampton.New York.... Apr 17
Hammonia Southampton.New York....Apr 18
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tJ. S. Senatt^—Extra Session.'.. I
‘ " ' • " Washington, Karch iiG.
Tho Senate Teframc[l,tlin comsidjeratiou. > r r
the resolution of Mr. Douglas. i
Mr. BRECKINEIDGE addressed. VneSer R i--
replying to' sWno remarks made by Mr. TjcmP
las yesterday. spoke at Bome :leo>eth w
.the efflwt that.lf. UepjibUcaa staies'jS?
roatoed firm and determined, there 'can he Sb
other result than to drive tic Border States
into a Union withthe'ConfedwaVo StaraP'lf
the border slave; Btatea -hald.i convention,
wmchseenm probable,-e®Athe Doh-slavehold
ing States deem it their duty to reject such,
propositions as may be essential, then the dis
ruption of the Union 17111 be Inevitable to the
extent of fifteen States, and at'no distant day
-that will be the largest Confederacy on the
-.Continent’?'-. •: o' |
Mr. DOUGLAS replied, and reiterated the
.points of hla-former speech to show that the
slave-holding. have no complaint to
make, as they have their jast proportion and
' rights in the territories,and that there lean equi
table division-on the line of 87 degrees, halfa
degree farther south than claimed in the Crit
tenden proposition. The Senator from Ken
tucky had not attempted to disprove this; but
he knew the territories of Colorado, Nevada
. and Dacotahhad been .organized oh the basis
of the Kansas ondNebraska bllL ; All these
territories were organized on the non-inter
vention principle, leaving to the people to de
cide the slavery question subject'only to the
constitutional ’ limitation, leaving to. the
courts to ascertain 'what that limitation is.
This was all. the South had ;ever asked. He
.March 28.
(Douglas)'said that although the Republicans
had abandoned some of their essential princi
ples, he did not believe the best interests of
the country would be promoted by the exer
else of their power. Still, he preferred Union t
under the Republican Administration, rather
fhtm noneat all, inasmuch as they; have recog
nized the rights of the South intbe Territories
and not attempted to.repeal the slave code of,
New Mexico. • This fact should bc'proclaimed
by every loyal Union man.
■' Mr. BRECKINRIDGE replied, expressing
regret that he had seen no evidence that the
Republicans had abandoned their principles.
The Union could not he saved by persuading
tbe people that the Republicans have abandon
ed their principles to which they Still adhere.
Such a declaration is calculated to produce an
injurious effect; the President, recognises
qualified property in slave labor within Slave
States, but at the same time in his Id augural
he reiterates the declaration of the Chicago
Platform, that the normal condition of all the
Territories Is freedom, &c. He would be glad
to see the Republicans driven .from power in
order that these questions might be adjusted
on constitutional principles, -
Mr. DOUGLAS said that Mr. Breckinridge
would not go back to Kentucky and tell his
people that they stand better in respect to the
Territories than ever before, while he (Breek-.
iuridge) did not deny, that this was the case.
He (Douglas) desired that Kentucky aud eve
ry other State should know the fact. He too
desired td put the Republican party out of
power, but be would not foster “unkind feed
ings in the South for party purposes. He
would tell the truth about the
even if it operated to their credit,' He said he
wanted to . crush down every disunionlst in
Kentucky, and repeated that he .wanted to
stengthen his (Breckinridge's) hands and the
hands of every Union man, and to show that
Kentucky is safe, even under a Republican ad
ministration. and put down secession in every
State in tbe Union, - ■ "*
The qaeatloh was then taken, on a motion of
Mr. GRJiIES, for laying Mr. Dougina’s resolu
tion on the table. Carried—23 against 11. - •
Mr. BRECKINRIDGE asked leave to Intro-,
dnee the following resolution, and, if no ob
jection, would ask a vote on it now:
Betolved, That the Senate recommend and ad
vise the removal of the United States troops from
the limits of the Confederate States.
Mr. SUMNER—Let it lie over. .
Mr. CLINGMAN said he hod a similar reso
lution, with an additional point, recommend
ing abstaining from all attempts to collect the
revenue. He. said■ 1C the troops were with
drawn there ought to be forbearance as to the
collection of. the revenue,'
Mr. CQLLAMRB moved on Executive ses
sion. _
Mr. BRECKINRIDGE STaimed that the mo
tion was not in order, as Mr. Clingman had
the floor. He had no objection to the latteris
The CHAIR decided that the resolution lay
over, objection having been made,. Executive
session. Adjourned, '
Senate.— The chair presented a message
from President Lincoln relating to a resolution
passed by the Senate, ashing, if in his .opinion
it is not incompatible with the public Interest
to communicate the dispatches of Major Rob
ert Anderson to the War Department during
the time be has been in command at Fort Sum
ter. The President says j*' I have come to the
conclusion that at the present moment lb*
publication of them would be inexpedient.”
Mr. BRECKINRIDGE moved to take up the
resolution introduced by him yesterday, advi
sing the withdrawal of the Federal troops
from the seceded States. He did hot intend
making any remarks, as he had already ex
pressed his views on that subject, And desired
the vote on his motion to be regarded as a
test question, '
Mr. FESSENDEN supposed there would be
no objection to that, but reminded the Sena
tor that no quorum was present
On motion of Mr. HALE, the Senate went
into Executive Session.
When the doors were opened, Mr. BRECK
INRIDGE moved to take up his resolution of
yesterday, saying if his motion prevailed, he
would accept Clicgmau’s substitute./"' He
asked tbeyeas and nays, saying beehould con
sider it & test question as to whether or not
the Senate was willing to express an opinion.
Mr. RICE was in favor of Breckinridge’s
resolution, but thought .Cliogmau’s went too
far, questloniugthc right of the Senate to ex
press au opinion on collecting the revenue to
the President.
Mr. BRECKINRIDGE said it would be for
the Senate to decide ps to the acceptance of
Cliogmau’e substitute.
Mr.‘ WADE hoped it would he takeu up, bo
as to have a square vote on it.
Mr. RICE deemed it improper for the Sen
ate to advise the President in matters which
rest on him by liw.
: Mr. CLINGMAN wanted to go further than
the Breckinridge resolution,believing the Pres
ident, existing laws, has no power to
collect revenue in the seceding States.
Mr. RICE said the Senate was traveling far
out of the way to advise the President. He
asked Breckinridge if his resolution extended
to Key West'and Tortngas. If so, he would
never withdraw troops thence.
Mr. BRECKINRIDGE supposed the resolu
tion embraced thoge polnts, as-they are within
the limits of Florida, bqt was willing to have,
these points excluded from the resolution,
rather than hazard its defeat; and did not con
sider the withdrawal of troops from Key West
and Tortugaa essential to the public peace.
He disliked to do bo, because ho entertained
the hope of the re union of all the States.
Mr. RICE said if the Seceded States were de
termined to remain out ot the Union, he'was
in favor of their going in peace, and would
give them the*forts pnd arsenals for the sake
of peace; but they were not In possession of
Key West and Tortngaa, and never will he.
These points are needed for us, and not for
them. •> The commerce of the North win need
these, and he would not give them up under
any circumstances.
EYCK opppsed taking up the resolution. "
Mr. DOUGLAS fkvored taking It np, with a
view of offering an amendment to put it in the
scope it ought to take. He thought it would
he wise to withdraw the troops from Fort
Pickens. He said the Government at Mont-
gomery, being a revolutionary government,
dould claim only what they occupied. He
was willing, under existing circumstances, to
give up Sumter and Pickens, they being of no
use. unless they Tfefe intended as a basis pf
military operation, and were now sources of
constant irritation.
Mr. BRECKINRIDGE said he did not as:
sumc this to be a test vote, hat thought |t
might be so regarded.
itr. WADE hoped the resolution would be
taken up and discussed. He did not hesitate
to say that the Senate, under the present clr-'
cumstances, ought to express their opinion.
He was anxious'this subject should receive a
foil discussion now. Seven States had gone
out of the Union, and are domineered over by
usuipation. The people there had no voice Jn
the Government which has been erected, but
a military despotism tramples their rights un
der foot. If they hod power, they would call
upon us to vindicate their rights, and the
Constitution clothes us with the authority to
do Ik
Alter farther debate, & vote was taken—29
to 10. No quorum; Motions were made to
adjourn and go into Executive Session. Still
no quorum. Suggestions, were made to take a
recess and direct the Sergcant-at-Arma to hunt
absentees. *
Mr, BRECKINRIDGE’faId after giving the
Republicans an opportunity to confirm nomi
nations, and having discharged his duty, he
moved to adjourn sine die. Disagreed to. Fi
nally the Senate adjourned till to-morrow.
From Washington,
Washetotox, March 27.—The prevalent re
ports that the Union men in the seceded
States have applied for appointments as Judi
cial officers seem to be confirmed by.the nom
ination of Geo. W. Lure, as Judge of the
Northern and Southern Districts of Alabama.
Military officers in charts ot Bureaus in the
War Department, and Gen. Scott, have Joined
in a remonstrance against a change of
in their Deportments.
[N. Y. Tribune's Correspondence.]
Copt. Fox reports supplies of .provisions at
Fort Sumter ■will enable Major Anderson to
sustain his command until the 15th of April.
He says (he fort can be reinforced by military
operation, which will require a force not at
the disposal of the President, or by strategy,
with hazards of a desperate conflict. From
aU the facta, it is evident that Sumter must be*
aoandonded, or civil war be inaugurated.
. The Sertdd correspondent insists that Fort.
Pickens will be abandoned within thirty days.
> The same correspondent says the Southern
Commissioners ore dining to-night with the
Foreign Ambassadors at Mr. Corcoran's.-The
Commissioners are on the most friendly terms
with the English and French Minister 4;.. ;
‘ Jolm 8. Millsod,o£ Virginia, if he will accept,
will get an important foreign mission. -
Secretary-Chase has offered the First Comp
trollers hip to EUsba Whittlesey. - Richard
Holt of Ohio has declined It. .*
Jas/Leslie, J r,, of Philadelphia, hisbeen ap
pointed’Consnllo Marseilles. I -i
- Wastungton, March 26.—The Senate to-day
confirmed : Wm. S. Pennington, Secretary of
Legation to Paris; Aaron Goodrich, Secretary
of Legation to Brussels; O J. Dryer, Commis
sioner to. the Sandwich Islands; Geo. F. Hop
kins, Post Master at Oberiln, Ohio. I
’ hew Youk, 1 March 27.—Despatches from
Washington report the' unanimous - confirms
t!on ot Hiram Barney as collector of New
York,and Mr. Holloway os' commissioner of
•patents..', - "v.- -
A despatch to the ibrf says Mr.Xane was.
nominated District Judge of Alabama at the
Boggestiohof Mr. Cobb from that State.- -
A Washingtondespatch to the Earta E»ys
Governor Houston Writes to the President
that the-Indim are threatening Feipas, and
r#deimlQoTenment;c»n or wffl, •
yf.tla reported-that Klgg«,-the Waallngtoa
- »onker, contemplates; investment! in part ct
the Confederate States loan. \5. i *
Deserttaiiiitt WuUasion'HSeeenlon
- ■ Plots in New Mexico.
[Special dispatch to.the Brenleg Poit]
Washxnoton, MarchJ2s.—Stlrringnews may
"adonbe expected'frOmTexas. f Sun Houston, .
does not Intend to give no his place without
a struggle; ll sD&patchea "from him, Just'.re
ceived here, draw a "gloomy picture of ; the
' condition of aflU&a, and declare thatrcivilwar
la inevitable.—He has the Convention and. a
-hoatof tt>R rebels arrayed against him, hut he:
ianotthe funner
cannot find hackers enough to show fight
tnfnrfnfttinn indicates that'he : haa.
studied his position, and token a' firm stand
against the eecedera. He expresses no fear of
the ultimate result of the conflict, which-he
seeina to regard as very near.
, Therels a cohalderabledegree of excitement
here in -consequence ofthe desertion of several
men fromthe federal, forces -which - were
drawn together for the defence of the capital.
It ls.rumoredthat-the deserters have gone
Southj for thepuipofle of joining the army, of
the rebels,- ana suspicions of foul play between
officers and men are freely expressed.
Official information of the machinations of
the secesalonists ln New 1 Mexico has been re
ceived. A few" of the rebel leaders are known
to be busily at work in that territory, trying
to revolutionize it. The territorial.Governor
is strongly suspected of active complicity in
the plot.
Tne Cabinet was engaged on Saturday in'
arranging the western and territorial appoint
leu settled that T. Bigelow Lawrence goes
to Florence as Consul-General, with diplo- '
mafic functions.'; and that 'William H. Fry, of
New York, is to be Secretary of Legation at'
Turin. . , ,
Sx. Louis', March 27.—The Pony Express
from California, passed Fort Kearney at noon
on the 25th. • ' -
The steamer Golden Gate had sailed with
160 passengers and nearly one million in treas
ure. ;
Gov. Downey had vetoed the bill changing
the murder trial of Horace Smith from Sou
Francisco to Placer County. Both Houses
passed the bill over his-veto, the lobbies shout
ing enthusiastically. .
The Legislature continued to ballot for
Seuatorwlthout any progress, no one candi
date having received half the required number
Commodore Cunningham died on the morn
ing ofthe 13th. . ...
There had been severe gales, doing conside
rable damage to whaling vessels, :
Richmond, Ya., March 26.—1n, Convention
Mr. Preston favored making a distinct demand
on the North, with tbe alternative of separa
tion. He believed that the. present was foil
of hope to both sections.
Mr. Wise took tho ground that the guaran
tees demanded were insufficient.;
Mr. Nelson spoke against secession for ex
isting causes.
Richmond, March 27th.—The' Convention
debated till recess ah amendment to the first
resolution declaring that the States, when the
Federal Constitution .was formed, were inde
pendent sovereignties, inserting “and still
are” after the word “were.”
Orleans, March 27.—The Convention
has adopted an ordinance dividing Louisiana
into six Congressional Districts; also on ordi
nance transferring the public funds to the
Confederate States. An. act abolishing free
banking and introducing the general charter
system passed,-after which the Convention
adjourned sins-die.. . ' - •
Two companies of Zouaves left for Pensaco
la to-day on active service. .
Mobile advices say that troops and muni
tions are. constantly moving to Pensacola.
Several companies are expected from North
New Orleans, March 26. —The Texas Leg
islature has passed a resolution approving of
the Convention act deposing Gov. Houston.
A bin has passed to false a regiment of
mounted riflemen lor, frontier protection.
Since the departure of the Federal troops, the
Indiana in large numbers have been devasta
ting the frontier, killing and driving back the
settlers. , ;
The steamers Daniel Webster and General
Busk sailed from Brazos on the 20th with Fed
eral troops. - . -■ 1
Wasiiinotok, March 27.
Charleston, March 26.—The State Con
vention met, Mr. Spingler offered a resolu
tion that all supplies of provisions and mail
facilities for Fort Sumter be immediately cut
off Ordered for consideration to-morrow.
There will be a discussion on the Confederate
Constitution, but it will probably bo ratified.
Ills the general impression tiiat Mr. Splng
let’s resolution will be voted apwru • ■
St. Louis.—The Stay Lawpossed by the Leg
islature on the 7th last, was iyesterday : de
clared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court
of the State, as for as it relates to contracts
made previous to the passage of the act.
-TheLegislature adjourned to-day tine die.
New Tobk, March 27.—The steamer Bien
ville, from New Orleans, ceizedhcre on Satur
day on a charge of -violating thd revenue laws,
is still, in custody of the Custom House au
thorities, and the matter has been referred to
the Secretary of the Treasury.
- New Tons, March 27.—The steamship Ara
bia sailed- to-day for Liverpool taking no
specie. , w ,
Buulirgtok, March 27.—Four feet five inch
es of water onlower rapids. About on a stand.
ftg* A special dispatch from Montgomefy
to the New Orleans JMta, under date of tho
20th says:
There is great excitement here to-night.
Troops have been ordered immediately, to
Pensacola. It is supposed that this move
ment Is caosed by the receipt of dispatches
from' Washington, stating that Fort Pickens is
.to he reinforced at once. The President of
the Alabama Convention has requested the
members to return immediately and prepare
for war.
The Recent Popular Manifestations at
From the published accounts it appears that
the recent popular tumults in Warsaw were of
a much more serious character than at first
represented." - The Russian soldiery, who,
since the affair of the 25th, had occupied all
the principal squares and streets of the city,
attempted, on the 97th, to drive back a faucial
procession which was leaving the Church of
the Ber oar din 3 ,and in the conflict that ensued,
'six leading citizens, who happened to he cross
ing the street, were shot dead. The excite
ment created by this event became intense,
and it was withthe greatest difficulty that they
were restrained from a general rleing. A dep
utation, headed by Count Zambyski, immedi
ately waited upon Prince Gortehakoff to com
plain against the military, and to demand that
the safety of theinbahitants should be assured.
Ou the 28th the bodies.of tho victims wererpa
raded throught the streets' and taken to the
house of the French Consul,! who, however,
refused to appear or to take any part in the
manifestation. On the fat of March the troops,
In accordance, with an assurance previously
given by the Governor, were confined to their
barracks, and the funeral of the persons killed,
followed by a cortege of more than 100,000
people,passed quietly through the streets, the
Russian pickets presenting arms.
: Thus-terminated*, the disturbances - arising
but ot this affair. Its after consequences,’ how
ever, are likely to cause more trouble and un
easiness to the government than a mere physi
cal demonstration. No sooner had the inner
si ceremonies taken place than a petition to
the Rmperor was immediately circulated, rep
resenting that this tragical occurrence was one
of the. inevitable results of a system which
deprived the people of aH legal power to bring
before'the throne of the sovereign their com
plaints and wants, and demanding the restora
tion of the constitution of 1815. This docu
ment w® B signed by an immense number of
citizens, headed by their Marshals of- the no
bility. It Is rendered still more impressive by
the net that' three of the Polish officials had
given in their resignations.
Thus, like the Emperor of Austria, the Rus
sian autocrat Is about to acquire the convic
tion thatno system of centralized despotism
can unite into a homogeneous empire a num
ber of distinct nationalities, each having, a
separate language, traditioins and customs.
It is only constitutional institutions that can
give cohesion to elements so different and fre
quently so antagonistic. . Russia has made a
great stride towards these In the emancipation
of her serfs. Until they were rendered inde-'
pendent of the nobility no real advance could
be made towards their attainment. It is to be
hoped that this wise and beneficent measure
will soon be followed by concessions which, in
giving the poles what they" seek for, will as
sure to Russia generally the blessings of a rep
resentative system of government—W. x
A writer in the New York Commercial Adver*
titer has an interesting account of the New
York Club, a fishi enable institution in that
city, and describea their house, in Fifth Ave
nue, their maimer of living, &c. Among
other things he“£ayAthey have a pet cat, which,
according to the following is a rare specimen
of her species. Ho first says that on a mem-.
her Clasping both hands, and holding up his
annsas highaahocan, in a .circular shape,
the wiU jnmp through the opening, and
Tom will do this ten times in succession for
oneof the founders of the club. . For. a very
old member he discounts that number ten per
cent Fora tolerably old member -he takes
off another recentlyadmlttedmem
ber,he may do the feat once as agreatfavor, in
his placable moods—and if a stranger like my
self makes overtures for an exhibition of his
skiD, Tom walks slowly away in Imperial dis
gust A few days after the clnb movedlo its
present quarters, Thomas turned up missing.
A protracted search foiled to reveal his where
■ abouts, nTitilj at last some one going down by
chance to the old house on - the Astor place
comer,''discovered his unfortunate majesty ly
ingihete in one of his anolentuboks, reduced
to that extreme emaciation which was cons.a
tentwitfc: his having kept Lent for nearly a :
week. The homesick Sultan was again re
stored to his .new domicil, and has now
come so used to the grandeur of Fifth Avenue
that he once more does his Jumps and takes
his dinner at the dnb with satisfactory regu-
From California* 1
Virginia Convention.
From Ktw Orleans.
Later from Texas;
From Clmrleaton.
Still In Custody.
For Europe.!
The MUaicalppl.
t". ,
Sos. 113,114,116 Street.
i 20 Cuoi Marrimap Print*, 8 per yard.
*0 Balai Stark Ebhedacs, Sjf net jart.;
SB B<Jfti'dJX Appleton Bh&etinga, Skperyiro,
924*50. per bandied.
10,000 i,EWISISON DO.
924*00 per Hundred*
All kinds of Domestic and Foreign Dry Goods,
Sotions, Ecdsery, Ac.
At Kir York Cash Prices; Freight A&dsd.
Tho Zi.rsost Stoolt of
G A. R P E T S,
Sodding and Feathers.
F. F A Xi M B R,
Nos. 112, IX4, 110 Lake Street*
XjL LUTE.—For Mtlbou&ne, Australia.
The Fast Sailing A. 1 Clipper Ship
ASTBAEA) John Simpson, Master,
Having unsurpassed accommodations for first and
second-class passengers, will ha dispatched on toe 11th
of April, ISBI, from New Fork for Melbourne.
For freight or passage apply to
mhS-eSOI-Sw No. 1U Wall street. New Fork.
NOTICE la hereby given that on and after this date
no Passage C-rti&cito Issued ii the city of Chicago
for the above Line will be recognized by thL» Com
pany, unless signed b/ . .
Who are the only aathortzed Aaents.
John g. dale. Agent,
No. 15 Broadway, N*w Fork.
March Sth. ISBU mhU-caiS-lw
BOAD to Crestline; Cleveland, Columbus & Cincin
nati Railroad to Cleveland, and Lake Shore Batlroad
to Dunkirk and Buffalo, connecting with all Ea-tern
The above line baa been established by the Pitts
burgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago, and Cleveland. Colum
bus & Cincinnati Railroad Companies, for transport
og property with erea*er de-patch between Chfcazo
and alls astern Cities and Towns than has heretofore
been dose by any line,
or Bates at all times as low as by any ether rente.
For shipping property by this line please mark*-'
“Fast Freight line via CRESTLINE."
fST We also claim to bare the best Passenger Route
to the East and South. ■
The undersigned will be happy to see their friends
and customers at any t Ime.
Office W Dearborn afreet.
J. 8. CORNING, Coutractlng_Ageat.
DAN ATWOOD, Local Agent Ft. Wayna Freight De
pot, comer Van Boren ana Canal streets. West Bide.
■ Chicago. Jan, let. IS6L ■ . fal.d7tCT.Sm
In connection with the Chicago, Burlington £ Quin or
Railroad Company who are prepared to give through
Bills of Lading from Chicago to Denver City and
Moon Cain City.
J. & 0. having been engaged In the transportation
business for several yean, and' transported a large
amount of freight to
During the past year, resnectfnlly Icform their friend#
and patrons that they expect to engage largely in the
ensuing year, and will be prepared to
Transport any Amount of Freight
From One Thousand Thousand Tons.
All freight bins win be require! to be settled at the
dataof shipment; of cash will be required on delivery
at point of destination.
Our Agents abo In St. Jotepb, St Chicago.
Boston, Sew York and Cincinnati will give
Our lint trains will start about the
Or as soon before as the grass ou the 'Pialna will al
Our terms wtUba made brown upon application to
our office lu Leavenworth, or to the offices of any of
our agents. . •>
UTTor rates and contracts call on WIT. MATHER,
General Freight Agent 01 the C. B. * Q. B. B. Co„ foot
of booth Wafer street
mh23-e3S6m . JONES & CARTWRIGHT,
Buffalo, Chicago
Lake Huron Railroad Line.
Tbs 'Buffalo acd Lake Enron Railway Company,
having completed their arrangements far a Tri-Weekly
line of Flrst-Ciass Sciew Steamers:
HUNTER, 680 toßi-.-Capt Dickson,
EDITH,. .649 tons....Capt L. Hunt, .
ONTONAGON,.*.6B7 tons... -Capt. B. Wilkins,
SUN, 649 toss—Capt. Jones,
- To nm between CHICAGO and GODERICH, C, W„
(Tormroro At-mix estxiuixdllth posts,) in direct
connection with the
For BntTai l ) and at Buffalo with the NEW YORK &
ERIE R. IL, fir New York and Boston, and at Strat
ford. C.W„ with the GBaNOTRUNK BJI. of Canada;
for Toronto, Klngston.«»gdenßbnpgh, Montreal, Fort
land and Boston, and also with steamer*, daily, from
Port Dalhooale, lor Rochester, Osweg ). Sockets Hsr
bor.Capn Vincent, •Ogdensbnrgh. Kingston and Mon.
treal, offering superior Inducements Tor the speedy
transportation of any and all property committed to
their care. - -
EV* Shippers from tho East,for Lake Michigan porta,
will find it to their interest to ship by this lane, being
more railroad and less water than any other line, ana
a paving ot One-Half Insurance and from s to 4
DAYS TIMS. For further particulars, apply to
mh932M-6m QenlWesfuAg'ts, foot Sooth Laaalle-st
Pittsburgh. Ft.‘Wayne ft Chicago, and
Pennsylvania Bsilrosds. to
;. all Eastern Cities.
Are prepared to contract freights through, by authority
orthe Companies named above, atthelrofflce,
W • ■ -_Dearl>om street, - - - 18
Aud it depot of Ktttabuivh.Tt Wayne ft Chicago B. BL,
Chicago, or at Depot, Liberty street Pittsburgh. *
• - The offices of the Pennsylvania BoStoad Company In
the East are located at No.lAator Boose, New York;
No. 1 South WQliam street, Nev York; No. 77 Wash
tnrtomtt«et,Boi>ton;.No. 80 North street, naJUmorek
sod at the General Depot. Philadelphia, Jol-dVJMm
SHERIFF'S SALE.—By virtue.of
V 3 a writ of execution, l**usd' from ttio CtrcuU Court
of Cook County, In ffctor of Daniel Urotmtoo, Plain
tut and against william Carpenter, Defendant, at tea
o'clock a. on tbo ifth day of April. Wii, at the
; north door of the Court House, In the CUy of Cblcogo,
labaU offer fcrstleot public.vendue, all the riant,
title and Interest of tala Defendant to and to the fol
lowing described property, to wlt:—comuene>DK at a
Sdnilo Block sixteen (16;, union Park Addition to
ilcago, rutanid adjololaartao ftpUconal Parsonage
'Lot now occupied bv the Her. H. N. ItUhop, at lEo
north end of said Lot, fTonUnsr on Fulton street, run
ning thence east on the main line or Pulton street
twenty-flve (8*) feet, running Uicnee south parallel
with t e west line of said Lot one hundred and uuy
1150; feet thence west twenty five (S3) feet to the east
lice of said Parsonage Lot, thence north on amid line
’one hundred and fifty • 150; feet to the place of begin
ning: bclag In ihe.coquti' of Cook and tslato of HU
noia. AC.HESINO, Sheriff of Cook County.
By ww, P. Goat, Deputy,
Dated the gOth day or March, ISB-. apUSw-aft
JJLFAIUtAR, LINK A CO, at Port Wayne; Indiana
are manufacturing-Bound Hickory Flour, Pork ana
-Whisky BwraVdloops by llacUnery.Tho Hoops are
veUßnaved WUtappedready (brfoe Cooper to put
8n the barrel* Consumed of Isfopa will find it to their
items to stye thain a call. All ordars promptly filled
opposite tneXepot
rttt.t; bomethihg -whies has
... A3D BUM. ttEOWI
Mow and Hors Popular Every Day.
- ■■ ■ I
n ib
«EH miAT
A dlfitlngnlshed St. LoulaPhyslclan writes*
Bt. Louis, JoJy ifitb, 1869.
O. J. Wood. Esq. _ . .. ,
„ Tigm rtb«— Aiiflgna the pleasure and latalxo
tton to transmit to you tae beneficial effects of jour-
Hair Restorative, after a trial of fire years. I com*
xnaDCedailoe voor Btstorativeln January. 835, slue©
■which time 1 have not been wltuout a boitle oa band.
V hen 1 commenced the use, my hair was quite thin,
and at‘least one-thud grey-. A few applications
stopped it-* failing, and la three weeks then was not a
grey pair to be found, neither has tscre been up to
Ciu time. • ■ , ,
Aftpr my hair was completely restored, I continued
Its use by applying it two or thre: times a mouth. My
hair has ever continued hraltny. soft ana glossy. and
my scalp free from dandrun. 1 <lo not Imagine >he
facts above mentioned will be of any particular ad
vantage to you. or even flatter year vanity at this late
day a-* I am a-are thev ara a>l well known already,
and even more wcoderfUl ones throughout (be Union.
I have occupied mv time In imvelllrg he greater part
of the time the past three years aud cave taken prldo
and pleasure in reenmmendieg your Restorative and
exalbltlng its effects In my own case, la sever*! in*
stances i have met with people that have pronounced
It a humbug: saying tney bad used It and without ef
fect. In every Instance. li«>wev**r, it nroved, by prob
ing the matter, that they had not used your ar Idle a
all, bat had used some new article, said to be as goo<
as yoms, and selling at abonv half the price. I have
noticed two or three articles mvsclr Advertised as
I above which' 1 have no doubt are humbugs. It is as
tonishing that pooule will atronlze an article of no
reputation, when there Is one at band that has been
proved beyond a doubt.
Apparently, some if those charlatans have net
brains enough to write an advert ssmeut as I notice
they have cof led yours, wo*d for word, in several in
stances, merely Inserting some other name in place cX
I have, within the past five years, seen and talked
with more than two cnousand pera ms that have used
your preparation wlto perfect success—some for bald*
ness grey hair, scald bead, dandruff and every dis.
ease tue scalp and head sro subject to.
I ca led to see you. personally, at your original place
of business here, but learned you were now living In
Ton are at liberty to publish this, or to refer parties
to me. Any communication addressed to mo, care
BOX NO. UdO, will be promptly, answerer.
Your* truly, -
James tvhite, m. d.
- Wasset Bpscrsi, Ferry County, Pena* >
Jane '*th, 18». J
PnoF. Wood,
Dkas Sxbs—l was Induced m* re than a year ago
to try yoor valuable Hair Restorative. for ’.he purpose
of cleansing my head or dandruff. 1 bad suffered with
it upon ray ucad for years, and had never been able to
Set anything to do me any good la rentjvlog it sl
ioagh I had tried many preparation*, uniii I saw
Sour advertisement In a Hatrlsbur?h paper. Being
sere at the time. 1 called at tiroes A Konkin's Drug
Et.re, and bought a bottle, and now am prepared to
recommend it to universal use, for it ha* completely
removed all dandruff fr- m my head, an i au applica
tion once In two weeks keeps it free from any itching
or other unpleasantness. I-must tlio state that my
hair bad become quite white in place*, and by the me
of your preparation, has beea restored to it* original
color. lam now flftv -ears of nga, and although I
bare used t to bottlei of tne i’estoratlvo. no one has
anv knowledge of it as 1 allow a few grey hairs to re.
main. In order to bavo my upotaronte comport with
my head. My head I* now of ’rouble to me, 1c
keeping it clean. Sc, than at any lime »l.ice 1 bar*
been a child- I consider your preparation of great
vain®, aad although I do net liko to expose myself I
consider it mv duty to say ml Ton can us th ior any
part of It to any shape you think proper, if It is worth
anything to you. Vonn, &o-
BMoamoToy, Infl* JolyKlfftSSß.
T>sas Snt:—l hrra sand you a statement that I think
you are entitled to the benefit of. 1 am a resident of
Bloomington, and have been f thirty years. I
am now over fifty years of age. For about twenty
years past my bair h&a been turning con; Idcrably grey
and was almost entirely white aud very »th! sod no*
pliant. I had seen a number of certificates of the very
wonderful effect of > our flair Restorative. but sup
posed there vas more fiction than truth In them: out
entertaining a strong desire to have tuy bair. it poabl
ble, restored to its original colar ana fineness, as it
was in my vonnger ddys,a beautiful bl ick, IcoecJuded
I would mate the < xpenmert commencing In a small
wav. 1 purchased one of yonr email bottles, at one
dollar, and 1 commence using, following directions as
near as 1 could. I soon dircovrred tu* dUMdruff re
moved, and my hair, that was falling oif in large quan
tities. was considerably- lightened, and a ra<ucal
change takinz place in t'C color. I have cottoned to
use It. till I have used t'.rce of your small bottles and
Just begun on tho fourth. I have new as prrtry a bead
of dark brown, or Hunt black hair as am man. oras I
bad In myyouthfol days. v>i<en a boy in tt.c hills of
Western Virginia, My head Is entirely clear of dan
druff; and the hair ceased entirely from falling off, and
1s as soft and fine, and feels as oily, as tnoagn It was
Just from the bands of a French shampouner. Many
of my acquaintances frequently say to me, ‘Butler,
where did yon get that fine wig?" I tell them it was
the effects of your nestorailve. It U almost Impossi
ble to convince tnem that It Is the original hair of the
same old grey head.
Tours truly, .
Bloomington, Monro* County. Indiana.
J. IT. REED & CO.,
smith &> Dwyer,
Also, by the following Druggists In Illinois
J. 8. Richards, Moline. B. 7 Smith, Sandwich,
J. It. Miller. Rock Island, Davis & Denman, Charles*
W. a. Hoarse, Corji/vli, ton,
A. T. Chamberlain,Moline, E.Bvmreer.il.D-Hattooa,
C. T.
Cordovla, Rat.ldge <c O'Brien, Aih.
Baltic, Camden Mills, mor i,
J. H. Bulllogtan, Jersey- O.W.McConkes I ,Oakland,
villa, Thomas McKee, Mattoon,
Collin*, Carlyle, J. D. Cope, Fairfield,
E, B. Lockwood, Carlyle, Thompsi-nAClarkAlblan,
Wm. P. Cook, do, Lewis «liandlr.Morrl on
J. M. Lewis, Morrison, Humphries & Rrown.Calro
L. H. Tboma •, UinUootha, 1C T. Whisker, Cairo.
D. J. Hogg, Peoris, . Star & Taylor, Na*hvilla,
GiUet « vo„ La talle, J. il. Lucas. Aibler,
Yaibarg A Cuppy, £&rl D. B. Eice,McCoait>,
Till?. Jos. Drake. Prairie City.
E. L, Butterfield, Mar. .Look & 8r0..E1-mdlnviU-,
•a-Ilea, J . U. Yarwoor. Elgin,
D. Walker, Ottawa, Wm. Cot.aut Geneva,
Kochrler & Co, Peru. Buck & lioe. Aurora,
C. A. Johnston, Mendota, L. B. 3lark?, -Vnt a,
W. old*. Albany, T. wa kica. Joncsb-'rp.
G. L. Tocmpson, Ottawa, Ridgeway & Bro, ML tar.
J. T. & T. J. ihornton, met
Magnolia, HlnsaeU tt Johnston, Bter-
Jno. Dlroo, Calhoun, ling, .
J u a. x. Johns ton. Dear- Bentou & Son, FnUonClty,
monL Winter & Bnt. Mornaon,
Ridgeway & Williams, OU Wicrich & Ballinger, Qa
ney, lens,
: K. C. Cullen, Olney, John Maquoln,
1 D.C*ndaenonr.Clearmont J.s^.Brewer,Knoxville,
Shurley & etllsa, Xenia, W. H. Hehier. Ablucton,
Neff a Hnn*tita, Loularie, J- Dutcaa, KnoxvillA
George Hcnlck. Sema, Winter <t Colgaa. do..
S. C. Roberts, Decatur, E. C. Huntington, oales-
W. A. Csraes, do, burg,
J. B. Brown, do, Thoe. Warren, Bridgeport,
McCabe A HildebraaLDe- Anderson « Glass, Carlen
catur, - vllle.
Lafbrge A Co, Decatur, M. Gnmam.
W. S. Creasey, do, TLMeatyard.bhlp;raa,
J. Dcdee. Galena, w. W. W'atkhia, Tailors*
Dexter Rich, do, vllle. ,
C. M. Clark, Galya, W.Mddleworth,ina«vllla
1L T, West, Kevaoee, O. W CtsUr, Wa saw.
Davenport A DalrymlM, W. I), raj mi do,
Cambridge, A. Gram, Laharoe,
Caswtll, BeaM A Hudson, K. Stic *-=ra, Carthage,
Oqna-ska, O.W. CLUJ, dv\
T. W, UcDilU Oquawta, Skinner * Co.. AnfflUa
Lee, Bradbury A Co* Har- J. Copp A e*m. l*v A'O,
D-r’a Mills, ,0. 8. Calvert D»:»\
Feiley Thomas A Co, D.Or-oi-lc*C
ITorcnce, F. Kollatssky, Wamw,
D. H. Atkinson, Plttsfle'd, O W. Soaatu, L?bsnaa.
Rice A MaxwaJ, Beards- A 2idkr, I.ocklara,
town, xLDrvneil. {to. .
Mcrko * Fletcher, Beards, a. D. Mvrr.tL Wcoduodk,
town. Dsldw.n A btooft, do,
W. Whlpps, Beardstown. O. J. Msrcnga. .
D. aplttler. Lancastar i-. J- IWI * Ct»-. Chester,
Town A son, Bata. Aer.v Urj M it. dnKocher
Harphana A Cadwaladrr, A, Blais. , .do,
Stephen Hale. Havana, J, B. Nash. Dixon. .
EL Thomas, Bloomington. NeUqai-Co- W Uxingtoa
Thompson A Co., da. J. P. HaviiLsckpctt.
Preston A Bro, Hutson.
J. 6. Aj! M. Whllhlto, Hal- Lonnworh A Ridgeway,
aonvUle, Morris, ,
Woodworth A Lagow, James Glnson, Morns,' -j
■ iSibloson. Draft Philips, CCntcn,
HnnL Stem A Urbana Bam,aackeL Pm*» •
A, Urbans Eu!,
Coulna A Bro, Paris,
Brown, Hague A Ox, Kan- Qn;^iLeoEarJfirrer4 .
ParUaw e
W P Brown A Co. Green- W H. Winter, Princeton,
villa. H. A. Rxlrera. Quincy,
•W. F, Warner, Byron. «- H. Mojller, do, -
W.H.Parmlee; ML Morris, J.Travea.
Newton Woodruff. Polo. W.A.H.lton. Alton,
J.C.Bockmaru Newton, Moore* Dakin,rwepert,
J Frank. ”■>' do, J, H. Scamerhorn, Bera,- -
O L. Thomas.Prtin, C. l>. Ward, ItockvUleT
AH. Stcntr, M t,Carrol,
W. J. Edgar.Jacksonville, KobL Biai Lscon,
R. HocMogtmlL do, -G. >Y. Neff Wen..na, ■
w. H. Baker, Falrriew, L. B- Perklra, Wlmor,
Keener A Son. Cantos, Darkey a Harvey, bnclby.
n F?VatUlcln. SdUrut.
Tno3.Ela<ievant.mllfiboro, Jno. Perryman, do,,
Hood A Bro„LltcUfiew, F. E. OryauL Bement,
G. H.Dlekman, VandaUa, 'D. CornuroptL Montec»llo
McCord A Bro, do, W. Bonfleld. Middleporl, >
Conreau A Della, Spring. E. J. bhcfflkld. do, -
field, . D. C. Brown. PcleMburff.
M. T.8.0«b-r.i, au,
KmmaOweo, 'do, - Fnnkhouatr A Co./EtUnc-
J. 11. Hatibes, Niantlc, ham, .»*****
Bird A SomMcchanleaburg J. Dcffcbaugh, TeoWpbU#,
Wholesale Agents in Chicago, and sold
at Mannlaot'nrers Fiioes, ,
ILMißlUnr*i4f sw.» ud M Kulut >tmtl
€atnmiosum fKmbairts.
’ canmMioN beebchant*,
«n vtnrfa of Produce. Stock. Ac. Liberal advance*
Tn&dfl on consignment*. Agents for KUnDried Com
a * at ss£S*
Srej BMerlptloß of Country Prodnc*
on Oonaliitoß Kxeluatrely#
to tnfl s> t .,,,,,i, -Lftwa Baßw* M J 9
' PnduM OonunlMton Htfdumt,
ocl dlflOly CHiaiso, tt.t.ttqim. ’
livnrpod tad London.
liberal Cask Advances wld be made oa eons!sa>
neats to the above house of
■ morally, by THOMAS NASH,
; CocfltOly]
General Commission Merchant*,
OEce and Warehouse..... JTo. 91 South Water Street.
. Particular aueadoti given tot:ie purchase and sale
Oeanlaatoß and. Shipping Merchant,
, {Agent tor the Fulton Starch Worts. Oswego Co* N.TO
■. liberal cash advances on Flour and Grain tor ship,
ment to Oswego or New York, or In store, giving the
shipper of selling la either market lor
General Commission nerebants,
Water and Clark «tracts, Chicago, XU
Commission Merchants,
' Stra ttelr ezclnaTQ attention to ue pnrduu and
lala of 3>ic cr. Grain, and otber Prodnce, on Commission.
No. S. Water, cer. Clark at., Cklcago CnoaSagS
285 Ssctb Street, €h2eas<S ™t
Best esd Fork Packers,
Aprs paovißiorr essosakts
OSoa Ha IS EiT«r Street
Dealer? in
VT Bgnert msritwt pace for O&rtle and Hog*.
TO Earners and Business Men generally at
Quincy, UL. St. Louis and Chicago Bank: J. Tocxg
Scanunoo, asQm President Marine Bank; J. H. Dun
ham, Eaq„ President Mercaacts' Bavin z» Loan aad
Trust Company, sad Keen. G, S. QsSbanl * Co.
' sue'l solum. CseAdMy] is. r. a. acuna.
Produce Commission Hertiuuitt*
Personal attention given to sales of Grain. Flour,
Provisions and Country Produce generally. Business
exclusively Commission. Advances made on consign. -
menta. 117 Kimie street, Chicago. faStTBO-ly
a h. ararroan. o. srsinaz. u,f. bj.ta
For the sale of Flour, Groin. Beet rork, Hama,
Batter, Cheese. Seeds, Dried Fnutf, Ac. !2» South
'Water atreetCnlcago. Agents for Hamburg end west
era Reserve Ch sees.
iTJg« tub. [arPMgHyl - a. grata
No. SIOX Sooth Water street, second door West ot
Walls street Bridge, give their exclusive attention to
the sale and purchase cl all kinds of Produce Stock,
&e* on Commission. Cash advance made on Bllte
of Lading acd t-rcperty In store. Refer to George
j.M.’crgMtvq. W; p. socGamua^
X 1 COMMISSION MERCHANTS for the purchase
and aeds of Grain, Flour, Provisions, and Country
Produce generally. Business exclusively Commission.
Also dealers in Sait, Lime, Water-lime, stucco, Fleet,
-ring Bsir. Land piaster, «&, Ac, at S3S, 338; and 340
South Water street.
a.*.shk.t. a. y. la wars cs. w *.«?issua
mbgTfcO-ly s. r. lawexxob.
No* 8 Looxols Bolldlng)
Corner of Clark and South Water sti°*ta. Adraseea
ajadar'uConalflmmenta. fta*rC-l>
Oosusluioa Heiehutg,
Corner Booth Water and Clark streets, Afl
yaaoee made oa conignmeiga.
'j.r.OEiT73, UaiiSSXC-Jy]
15ft South Watu OhlttfiOi
oottrtvnasiosr mstrcthantb,
216 toatti Witar Street,
& V. CCITSS. Cjftfljßi] o. E. OO.TO,
Kcrza to—Merchants’ S&viczu, Loan andTruSiCo,
Alquxo Richmond A Co, Hoc. Jqo. C.Halnea. Chicago;
R6o 183 "2 Bcnttx TFatcrtL, diicago.
A.rcm wexatan. .jdAEsli
CoßuatMlon Merdumt,
HO. ISSK South Water street, between Old and Haw
Board of Trade Buildings, Chicago, m.
Bim to Merchants’ Savings Loan and Trust Co,, Chi*
Oago; Smith, Pollard A Co., Chicago: Parke; Handr,
Em;., Cashier. New Tork: A. Whitney a Saco, Philadel
paia:F«F.FalfierACo..N*w Orleans: auaysciy
Itenge tad Coamluloa MereSuuits,
Sir* Proof Warehouse, on Marketstraet.between Lake
and Randolph streets; Chicago, Iff
(7* Liberal advance* made on Consignment*,
iurrn. a. roan. [auTTßMy] - autsuran. aoxroff
piTKIN & CO.,
lon fflewbaam.
jAioa 1. Gina. □ySTCO-ly] n,no n. rmm.
j\TcGEE & WING, Produce and
ljJ_ Commission Merchants. A cent* of Chicago and
BL Loals Transportation Line. Otfice No. ro South la
salle etreeL .Cash advanc- a made on bill* lading; pro
perty In store and on shipments EosL Particular at
t«c tion paid to the tala and purchase of craln. Flour.
WOOL Provisions, etc. Refer to B. F. Carver A Co. R,
L TlnKnam A Bturges. Buckingham A Co.
J. W.McGxz. [mhO-eiTS-imj , £. Wxso.
MERCHANTS, Office IBS South Water-sL, Pomcrojrs
Buildings. Post Office Drawer GST, Chicago. ,
,A Ssmucws>-6targea Buckingham A
tlr. Qeupral Freight Agent C. B. AQ.B.R.
C&uooeaaorstoJesse Weller and.Woller,Madd A MeHen.]
173 South Water Btraot.
Adranoes made on Coustgnxsants to uV and to our
friends Booth and East.
Rupcb to RLTlnkhsm A Mel
lon A Wyman; BL Inula; Putman, Olmsiea A Co, Bu
rlington. lowa.
J. O.Mxhtnr, Ist* of Weller. Mudd A MsHsa.
8. R. Ousted, late with Patman, Olmsted A Co.
Burlington, lowa. jad4Boff3ai
St, Joseph, nUssonrl*
rartlcnlsr nttrutlon luid to the purchase and sale ot
n dpr*. Tallow. Hrmp, Tobacco and produce of every
dtKttrtioa. Reten, by permission, >o Messrs Miles,
* Sit man; Civs horn, Leckle A Co ; DJckln
toa s Pitkin A Co. mhU-efflS-ly
' .. AH3h'* Buildings, Chicago. >
BaslueisecullaeditrtcUy toCoamlsdoo. tjSO-lydo
(Lat* of the Cm of Tucker. Randolph A Carter.}
51. fl Bstrd ,f Trade BaOdlici, (Ucage, 18.
■ pßrtonal and ezcluslv* atteoUm given to a Commls-
Advanow mad* on la ators
snd foriaJela this mark«L or for shipment £asL
Q m B. DUP EE, Wholesale
raoTmoii Dr>Ai-r>n,
omes ST Itiu itnst Fukud Bmm oa SoatA
Oluk lowt, bmt 1 wima.
Ia non ead oa tiaad tanoaa Ui« kmoo,
".a B. D, wenMthvUe Otoeer*. ITot^l
te l uY; a <^n%4i!fuirr^&>KE I s-*
which has baa &r«ier?Me overall br *udsoffered
fhr sale la la* Worth West tor Uta fast u vs yvar*.
□T* Ample Flre>Proof WsrohoH«e FaclUUcs tor the
of storage of all kinds ol Ikrrvl Itutlwuu*, Hon. and
DrewsdUOKS, . . feOduuOdm
Porto Pal attontton glrta to tU* pnrebase and sal* of
Grain, Fluor and Country Produce generally.
- - orif jpR KO. 9 mtUABD'd BLOCK. _
,R E,eor.B,WaterandCUrksts, p.o.uozCST.
lImAXMCXA’-noA Wr 11. Ogden. Chlcago.Dl.Jloa
D. du,i Isaac Coo", K»<u
Uj, EMy dd.i V. Harmony. Ncih’s AZ’IX, Kow York;
Gourd,>rvnM, a do.t Vclvertoa uros, do.: Jaa, King*
ftohi. d«4 du. lt. Incas, E»<u Kdward Tvs-
Uo.jCriasChouieau,lUq, do. [fchreo-ly
. tilliberal advances mane on Cotudgnmena^
& 8. P.- CARTER,
OenoFsl OonsmlMlon Mewhaaii)
Vo.t (Second Floor) Trade Building, viQ
stre thalr personal attention to the purchase and sale
Ofallkl&dsol Produce. ; • •
- WAdvaocaa aadsem eemqgnmcTits.^
poewßUsOanik [ahieiTKoj aun.r.CAaxxß.
(Commission Jiimijanta.
Pr oduceibid Commtt»lon_ffleTshaat»,
«;...;...totitb Tiara ssbbkt h
liberal caeb advance* otr Bejd^Pro.
Tialona attdUrißdFmla, tor ial« In acn6artttOT.il>
mut But. . .- JaTOlr
180 Sooth Tatar Street, Chicago, HUaaii.
ZAMPTOxiBDoau .... ..w. i, Biaanwrojr,
Sxvxnauza}—Marino Bank, Chicago. TH; Alrsh
Buckingham, (of the Ann of Sturm ea & Euckloghamj
Chicago, 111; Farmers* and i»Ulera* Bank,
Procter* Gamble, Clndnnatt.Ohio7a.S. Ontario
Buffalo,N.Y.; Klr.gßrcthera, Toledo, Ohio. fe4dSS*ftn
Flour, Grain and Produce,
Also—General Shipping Agent* for alFkbub of Pro.
petty by Railroad cr Vessel.
49 Quay Street, Albany, 7T. Y.
aa MosKLBr, jab. moeown.
prseimOM:-g. Coming & Co., Atb&nT. H.Y/R
K Durant * Co- do.; Cbaa van B-nthnyaob. <to; Wii
i»«m An- Tf.arlaw Wxd. do. * mh-ir m
iJaprv Rangings,
cm mm in
Thalargsstandonly complete itociwsstol New York.
Paper fiaagiup,
Tabic Gii CSolbS)
Curtain Fixtures,
TRIILim® Etc,
Oath boytrs will Cad it fcr ttslr advantage to cell.
L 8. L FAX3H,
70 = Street ■= ?0
Ho. 81 .aandolph StTMl—Jfo. 81
A L L_P A P S Bl
new patterns
DEAaE -& BS<y3,
. • • Scat>L Clait Si?e«? ~« . 234
Hr gal saubmistmtsts.
A Frsnkll *. V, Chamberlain and Marv J». Cfc»»b®r-
Ulo, htswlte. on the twenty.'inh dr.v if Stpretiiftr,
A. D. 1357. executwl and delivered to rro, t.e under
signed as Trustee, a Deed of T;u-t c..r;v L ying ma
premise* hereinafter described to ►ei , !in* tv
of certain Dransau-iPromLwory NjJc- tner-li m<*r.
tinned and described, fra mil desrrpt.ou of <•; tea
aald Drafia and Notes and of the i «>*t r In i>«U i eed
contained re.ereneit la hereby made to tne reccnl of
said lieeo. of which sai-i Hood or .nut u*. UnU* re
corded lotheUec rder’sOiDce tfio-.* Cmu.t--.’llli
nois in Book No. 144 of D*»ed*, Page 4Tit; a- d v, ;icr.sj,
dofautt has been made t-> tv- pavaitr.t o; u.ii
Draft* ana Notes, and application n** n-cn ;■ auts to
mo by George S'r.itn su • George 3n: tr> & To.. tb»
payee* acd holders the-of c< svll the saul
roues under and by virtue ot the os su’.c I • aiM
Deed of Trust cuutalncd and for the purpoim therem
N’v, therefore, public noUc- Is hTrbv plvea that I
ahallscli at public auction at ta* north door of tie
Court House, tn the dtp cfC*-lcag\ in tbe Mat-» **f
llllaols, for the highest and best j»rlc- the r-ame will
bring lu ca h. for tlm purposes in said De-d of Trust
expressed, t ten o’cljca in the forenoon tf Friday,
the fifth «*sy of April, a. D t-Ci, the premises la tala
Deed of Trustees -rlocd as fslowa, tow t>— T l>e wt»s
quarterof Lot tl.-ht m Ulocit one hit tired and
seventeen !■*) oft es boo Section Addlt.Ou to CU
cavo; together until all th* ap!jurt««a- ccs iherturto
bcloogtog, and a I the rlgr t, title t.fncnt and fq.tiy of
reaemn:l>u tmesa d Krsuklla V. Cliaiabtrlvu »n<l
Mary uis wife, their heir* -no as* gns in ana to said
p tv-lsrs. W. H. BRO tVN. Truaiea.
Chicago, March S3d* 15! L tnh'ij tES6-td
\~J wlb of tour (4) warrant*, l?>uecl br tha
Board of Water ComcUeloacr.-, against the bonding
known as
No. 199 Jacbson Street,
Situated on Lot Ift. Block OJ, 3 B. Add. to Chicago, In
the City of Chicago. County of Cook, etatu of »lllni.l\
supposed t) belonu to airs. McWilliams. I have levied
on toe »aW balidlag, and rhall s**'l the same at V - a.M .
on the groan 1, ou i;»ts fiith dll.ofM.lrc', l -M, los-.u-fy
the am .ant of warrant.-* aud co.uof sale, ifsotpaU
on or heiore the day of sale.
mhls*Satd C. 1L YANDERCOOK. Constable.
■\TASTEU’S S \LK*~State of Illi*
JLTJL nols. rook County, SS. Adolph Yncbdc v\
Jahna Wolff Caleb O Maisteadaad will.am it.Ogdca.
In tho SuperiorCouitoi l hiuiio. Xi * i
Public notice is hereby z'-ei: Liar L illrara F. Vather,
a«-Ma»tcr In Chance u>urt oru.ie-nro,
wlllon tie ninth day of April t J». uM.atti-n nklwck
In thef >reaocuof that da ra obedience tothe ma. rtHt>
of auecrce or imUil <-oun*to en-utuc a mechanic. sn*?w
entered in the above entitled cana-, a-.«i 10 m»v tr.j
peuUqi’cra’J’i'Jzment f»r that cause .gainst t e ahevo
aimed defendant Wolff sell at p ; Site aut ou, lor cvb.
to the highest bidder, at tie u rth doer of tli- Conn
House of ;be County of Cook, In ths City of Chics.*
the rnUowlczde.cTtbrd lot with the building
situate la said O’uiity oI Cook, to wit: tot one, block
twenry.nine In Ogden’s Addition to Chicago ucatna
building thereon. HIRAM F. atATuER,
Master in Chancery of the haperior
Kiao. Scorrdt Wilson. solicitors for Petitioner.
Dated. Chicago, Alarm 16. taol aihuicjrffl
It TASTER’S SAXE.—State of lUi
■ITJL nol*. Cook Countv—S.S. Superior Court 01 CLU
cago—la chancery. t-alUa: c. Plat , Pro ifca
Artisan* Bank. vs. Stennen A. DousU,. Adcle
and Aogu»t Belmont.
Pvblic notice 1* hereby given that in rnrsnar.ee of »
decretal order entered m tne above entitled canto on
the ninth dav of .M»;cb, A. D. JSCI, I Ira hcot, as Ma
ter In Chancery of tae Supeilor Court of Cbica; *. will
sell at pubic auction to n.e highest bidder for < aih at
the north dooi of the Court son** of Cook County,
In the city of Chicago, in said C -unty of cook, on
TUESDAY, thotwent’-thirdUav ofA;-nl, - U. SSU
at t«a o’clock In thefjrcnooti o'f th.c <;.» v. the :<-ll jtt-
Ing d-scrlhint r.al estate sltnapf, Ijt-jgand attig lh
the Cliy of Chicago. County ot Coci, and fctate of
ntinols, to-wit>-L ica anmocred one (1) tu twenty (00»,
bath Inclusive, »n Bljck tlv-» (5/. In arcier’s iddliioa
to Chicago, or po much of ssid premise* i-a m»y ba
nectar to satlslr tho ladectediie** due «»s>i enra-
SlaJuant u ider salil df-cree and co=t*. with
[aster’s fees, cummlielous ana ul,bur-ciucnu oc iaM
fa*e. _ IUA acuTT.
Master la Chancery of tie Supetlor Court of C.’ic*eix
Chlcjgo, March iClh, 1-61
LJ County, B.s.—Superior Court cf Chisago, March
Term, 'BSL Tristram Camnbnli and > rand, aagnlro
vs. Gideon D. Mtford. Gcorga P. blffjr.i, F. W. nula
and Jrsse M. Richards.—La Cfi vuca y.
Afildavttof tne of Uldoon T>. Cldord,
Georg* F. Gifford and F. W. liikin, atioadauL. above
named, having been filed la tbs odea of me of
said Superior <.ourt Lfcbicugo. Notice lr hereby tivrn
to the Mid QldMu D. GifforX Gaorge F. Giff.ird -nd
F- W. PUkln. tliat tho complnianiits filed tv-ir bill
of complaint In said Court, on toe Cnacccrv -.do ciiro*
ofi *d the a,at day cf December, :&»>, and tu; a aim.
moos UterenpoQ tssued out of «uld Court
defendants, returnable on ihe fits: MnruDy of Fcbrn
aiy nexL IAU. At l« \>j law required, and jui.-rward- to
wit:-On the sth day of Feiruirr, ,\, L*. tfii, alias
aummons u»oed ont of said court against » -, l def-tu
daataretarnablsonthe nrst Monday ol March usaL
1861 J
' Kow,thflrefbre,TmlMß7ou,thtsaldQ desnl>
Georgs P. Gidord and F. w. pjitln. shall i.-rmiially
•be ana appear before sail Superior Court 01 t i.h
of Cook County, on the tint day or iiio r.axt una
thereof to be bouleu at Chicigo, in said County. on
the tint Monday cf Ms*. l»51, and plc.ul «.u-.wor
or demur to the eald com;>Lito* -t’* bill of coripMnh
the same, and the maitera-and things thcreiiichir'wl
and Btaxed, wIU be taken a* aad ad.-cree
entered against you according to tna prayer of paid
bUL w _W. KIMBALL. Clerk.
Waucaa. Va3T ABXAS & Dxxtsb, Compl’ta’ ool'T.
JL Jearam Atkins on trie cl:vec:b day of Jan-ary,
A. D. 1859, executed and delivered to me, ibo ccucr*
tinned, as Trustee, a Deed of Trust, conveying ma
premises hereinafter d"irrib d to secure the payment
of a certain Promissory Koto therein mentioned and
described, for a full description of which saiti cut*,
and of the poorer in said Deed contained, roier*
ence is hereby mads t j the Record of am • Ue.rd.vnkh
■Aid Deed oi Trust waa duly recjrdcu In mu tecor.
cert Otflce of Cook county, DUaoi*. in i’-cok <cy -f
D.-eda, Page 712. And, whereas, default has been made
la the payment of ould Note, and spp.icA.
tloaha* been made to mo by John Drools, mo
and legal holdsr th-reo’, to fell till ireiul.e* under
and by vlitno of the power In said Deed of I rust son.
tamed, and tor the purposes therein c xrreso*-d.
K’ow. therefor**, public retire la hereby gives V?at I
ahalUell, at public, auction, at the norm uoor cf ka
Coart House. In the City nf Chiesco, in tue Mats of
Illinois, for the highest and beet price the san-> vUI
bring in cash, for me purpos*s in ?ald Deed <u Truss
expressed, at ten o’clock m me forenoon on Saturday,
the thirteenth day of April. A_ D. iSJi, the preiuke* m
said Deed of Tro-t descrloed. and sUuiite iu Eraastom
In the County of Cook, oud State oi IM.iois.
Comm*ncm< at a point In tho centre of the County
Koad four (I) rods south of the nor'h Une of Section
eighteen (laj.Town forty-one (4jx Ksnge toarteen il4>
es*t. thence running ca-t t > tho tast hue of the north,
vest quarter of the northwest qaarier of »ald3cc.lca
eighteen. Ihsnca south >lx rods and tlxty-Jour bun.
Urudths (66MU0 rottO. th-uce vest parallel with tha
north Une of.aid 8-cUon eighteen to the centre cf
the siorcsaul County road, thtaca northerly along
tho wutro ot said road t> tne place of beginning con
taining about one-mnl-a half {■><) acre, more ot ins,
together with the building* thereon; together with all
the appurtenances thereunto belo. gi..g, and all the
right, tile, benefit and equity of redemption of raid
Jnarum AUlas.hU heirs or a sl-:r.s In and to said pr>
Otises. CH • HLKS A, GIIEGOK/, Tnxsten.
Chicago, March 12th, laCt. mal3-c217-Ui
Tlf ASTER’S SALE.—State of Eli-
XvXnoK Cook County. Circuit Court Cock County.
In Chancery, Kobert scovll Ts. Henry J. Spaldla«f.
Public notice Is hereby gl*un mat I. L. C. Paine
Freer. Master In Ch* c.ry of to ,k County. State cf
Illinois, wilt on We autU dsy of Margb, a. D. 1361, at w
o’clock In iba forenoon of said day, in obedience»»
the mandate tn a decree entered i>« said cause, tell at
public auction for Ca<h to Wt highers bidder, at ms
north door of the Court House of urn County of
In the city of all. of the .follow! g de-cribed
pared of land, oltnate lusaH count,* of Cook u»
The undivided half o: the nonhwst quarter of s.cth*
live (5J la Township (3b> aorta
teen (i3> cast. f Uiu third principal meridian. oDtoln
tag one hundred and surf acres, ur »o mota thereof
as may be necessary to make the money due to the raid
complainant by w d decree, with princlaaL imerwt
and costs. *
L C. f Mjiis FBkKR, MMer la Chancery cvk Co,
Chicago. February ZZ, A. D.i<6j,
•A CITY ASD COaJTTHT, by Stewart Hamllun,
basemenh Church Block, ifio where Hsie
aod Feaula help of all toads may be obtained for city
““£OOO try- Also, Marine Help for Lakes aad Canals.
1 Uouaea sold and rented. Order*
from city sad country promply attended to.„,Oood
Bcnranta will find respectable sitnatieaabT calling at
uhoom; ewoo«l^£^ c “ , £SSSr

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