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Chicago ©rflmiw.
Among too Illinois appointments made
and- confirmed yesterday,: were, those, of
our fellow citizens E. C. Lamed, •'Esq.;, to.
the office of United: Stales District Attor
ney for the Northern District of Illinois,
and Julios White, Esq., to the office of Col
lector of Customs for the port of Chicago.
Both of these gentlemen are eminently
qualified for the respective stations, and
their appointment will be hailed with live
ly satisfaction by their numerous friends.
A change was made yesterday in regard
to the diplomatic appointments of.lhe
above named gentlemen, with their consent
and approbation. 'Mr. Clay was appoint
ed Minister to Russia, and Hr. Sebum to
Spain,' The former place, we qnderstand,
"Was Mr. Clay’s first choice, and- all true
Republicans will rejoice that Mr. Schurz
has been assigned to a first class mission.
The executive session of the U. S. Sen
ate adjourned sine die yesterday. Prior to
adjournment Senator Trumbull offered a
resolution and pressed its passage, in sup
port of the enforcement of the laws, and
properly characterizing opposition thereto.
It was not acted upon. The proposition to
raVmit th'e San Juan difficulty to arbitra
tion goes oyer until-the regular session in
December next.
Tl£b Missouri Legislature, by a Tote of
63 against 42, declared that it was inexpe
dient for the General Assembly to take
any steps for calling a National Conven
tion to propose amendments to the Consti
tution, as recommended by the State Con
By .this action, it would seem that Mis
souri considers the Constitution as it is as
goodenough for Tier. 1 - - - The truth is, the
damor for concessions to Slavery to keep
the Border Stales in the Union, is a grand
... The.Border Slates cannot be bought to
£tay in the Union by any sacrifices of prin
ciple which the Free States can make.
They will, remain from motives of interest
and safety, and not from bribes; or they
will join the Southern Confederacy be
cause they like it better tbe old Un
ion. Missouri cau hardly afford to annex
herself to Jeff Davis’s dominions, however
much the principles and sympathies ot her
' slave-holders may incline her to hitch on
tolhe Cotton States. The climate, pro
ductions and geographical position of Mis
’ aonri classify her with the Free States of
the Northwest To separate from the
Northern States is financial ruin. Her
Interests arc tenfold greater with the Free
than the Cotton Stales. Whatever Border
States may hereafter secede, Missouri will
hardly be one of them.
..Dispatches-from Washington to the N.
._ Tribune announce that orders were is
... sued on the 14th inst., for the reinforce
. 'Tnent of Fort Pickens with the four hun
. - Jtfsed=meit on board the Brooklyn. „ A* the •
Secessionists have cut off aU communlca-,
tlon by m ul and telegraph Between Pensa
cola and Washington, no intelligence has
yet been received as to the execution of
the order.
The agent of the Associated Press at
Washington, who, hy the way, is a South
Carolinian and a Democrat, asserts that no
snch order has been sent; but we think
the event will show that the cor
respondent is right.
‘ The same authority states that orders
were issued ten days ago for the detention
of the United States troops now in Texas;
'subject to the order of Gov. Houston.
The country will hail these evidences of
a determination to hold and possess the
forts and public property, with unspeaka
ble delight They will also be glad to
know that the Secessionists of Texas, who
are threatening to hang Gov. Houston for
his loyalty to the Union, are likely to find
they have “a hard road to travel.” At
the latest-dates from that State, both Gov.
Houston and his Secretary .of State, Mr.
Hamilton, were addressing the peoplei
in denunciation of the Secessionists and of
their treasonable action. There is, un
doubtedly, a large number of loyal men
still left in Texas; and a vigorous show of
strength on the part of the Federal Gov
ernment, and of its determination to pro
tect allloyal citizens, will doubtless inspire
them with renewed courage, and perhaps
add to their numbers also.
Railroad. Convention.
A SailroadT.,Convention for the purpose
of arranging a summer Time Table, met
on Wednesday at Cleveland. Pretty much all
the Chicago and Western Roods wererepre
CoLC. G. Hammond of the C., B. & Q. Road
Was Elected Chairman, and E.B. Phillips of
the Boston and Worcester, and D. S. Gray of
the Contra! Ohio, were elected Secretaries.
The roll of members was called and It was
found that thirty-six Hoads were represented.
A. number bf delegates from the Southern
Hoads felled to arrive, owing to the detention
of the trains on the. little Miami and Jeffer
sonville Railroads, l?y the storm last Tuesday
night. The telegraph lines being also down,
tended to embarrass matters. ,
• Before the Convention adjourned a commit
tee on business was appointed, of which John
Brough was Chairman. -
Alter some time spent in consideration, the
following schedule/was proposed by C. Vlb
' hard, of the New York Central.
Leave N. 7. 7 a.m. 11a.m. Bp. m.
** A1bany...12:20 p. m. 6 p.m. 11:15 p.m.
ArriveßofiSlo...lo:3o p.m. 4tSoa. m. 10 a. m.
Leave Buffalo... Ba, m, 6p.m. 10:30 p.m.
m Albany... p. m. 4:45 a.m. &480.m.
Arrive N. V 0:30 p. m. 10:i5 a. m. 2:30 p. m.
M Boston... 11:30 p.m. 230 p.m. 4:40 p.m.
This is nearly the same time table in use
Itft summer. The schedule was under con
sideration the adjourned to
dinner.... i
The tadiftMifwa now are that there will be
two throngh trains to Chicago,and two through
trains to Cincinnati."
We are indebted to the Cleveland ScraLd for
the foregoing. _v
Hew Schedule «f East Bound Bates,
At a meeting : of the Presidents of the Five
v '■ Easton Trunk Line?, held at the St Nicholas
' 'Hotel In NcwYork,on Thursday last, the fol
lowing schedule of East bound all iafl ratcs
waa agreed upon, to take'effect on and after
March 23th. The five Presidents also
adopted a resolution that they would not re
ceive less than their per cent of these rates:
To New York. To Boston.
- Prom * " . - 4th.class. Flour. 4thd<ss. Floor.
Cleveland.. JMtf ® *l% S5
Toledo..' 100. B5 *l3O
jcSS«»o , &K V& 185
«' S* ft
'S S i®
-62 isb H H5
—•-*6O iso w iso
g e- SS
fcaTurills -W M 0 , ?? a . WJ
Tne rates from all the points named above
are to Philadelphia, .6c on fourth class, andlOo*
cm flour less than to New York, and to Balti
more they are 10c and 30c leas than to.
Toft. ;
o •-Fonr feet two
- . &SUSOTCW,;; Marca -
Usenet water in chwuicL- on ipWci'i
fiulhig. •’: .-• ■ ■'-v' . *“
Eoatls.ixD, Marti MT since
Ai astand now.
Al fii ii
Sale of Dnfti under r Suspicious Cir-
"Prom the Clcclnnktl Gazette, 2Sth.J. •
thejlost few dayaTjan individual a
stranger In. the city, has heeniseUingdrarts.
‘drown by the Cataract Bank ofiLockport, N.
Tv, upon the Ocean Bank, N. Y. City, and bos,
•in all, between Ciodon&U'flh&CoTinetoD, dis
posed of about $7,000. The drafls were for
earns a fraction loss than. SSOO and SI,OOO, and
It Is a remarkable fact that each denomination
was for precisely the same amount. The odd
figures were put In to give the operation a le
gitimate appearance. The operator managed
to get introduced in a round about way.
Some time ago he had " been introduced
to a gentleman, now in an.insurance office
here; and by this party he was identified
at one of the banks. In another case he pro
cured a letter tova merchant, from a person
who did business in New York some years ago,'
but who is now “ buying cattle inthe West,”
and this letter he used to procnreanlntroduc
tion in other cases. It having been ascertain
ed that he sold drafts at seven different places,
suspicions were excited,and upon inquiries be
ing made of the persona who introduced the
individual, it was found that they really knew
nothing about him, farther than that they un
derstood him tob .ar the name he gave. There
uponone of the bankers conclndca to lockup
this customer, and after a brief search, he
found him at the United State:! Hotel. He
questioned him as to his object in telling
the drafts, and was informed that he was buying
grain. The banker told' him the transaction
did not look right. Thereupon the stranger
proposed to walk down to Fourth street, and
Introduce him to a gentleman there to whom
be hod a letter. This proposition was
accepted. The letter, when read, proved
unsatisfactory. He then proposed to deposit
SSOO, the amount of the .draft sold to the
banker now referred to, to 'be held until tlnT
draft should he heard from. * That was ac
cepted, and thus Banker 'No. 1 was secured.
Other bankers then went in search of the cu *>
tomer, hut he had disappeared, and no traces
of him have since been found. In the mean
time. a dispatch was sent by Banker No. 2 to
the Cataract Bank,Lockport, describing .onot
Of the drafts, and Inquiring If it was genuine.
An answer was received that the draft was all
right. Subsequently a person, who was after
wards found .to have given an assumed name,
presented an order for the SSOO, deposited as
stated above, but it was not honored, and this
individual, with another individual, supposed
to he an accomplice, was arrested late in the
afternoon on suspicion.
Webave thus ; detailed the circumstances
connected with the operations, without
giving names, having omitted the latter for
the reason thatthe drafts being genuine, they
may possibly be paid.. Bankers, however, are
of the opinion that some extensive fraud was
Contemplated. It is believed that a largo
amount of these drafts are now in the West;
audit is suspected that those sold here were
rintended to be paid in order to gain credit,
upon which to operate more extensively at tbls
and other points. : The person who wrote the
letter of introduction to a Fourth street me r
chant. stated in that communication that ho
had $40,000 in drafts, which he expected to
use In buying cattle in the west. It may bo
that the Cataract Bank is owned by the parties
who are thus operating, New-York
banks being sometimes used in this way. By*
-paying a fdw of the first drafts sold, the way
might be opened for extensive, transactions. ••
Persons, therefore, to whom drafts of this
character may be offered, will do well to ra
’ fuse them.
We omitted to mention, as another suspi
cious circumstance, that the seller of the
drafts had quarters at both the United Stales
Hotel in this city, and the Madison Bouse,
Tbe Building Undermined—s3oo,ooo
in Jeopardy—A Tnnnel Sixty Feet
in liengtU X*ns—Disappointment of
tlie Robber*—Bl,OuO only Carried
OiT—Arrest on Suspicion.
prom the New York World, 26th-]
About 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon, infor
mation reached the police headquarters of one
of the most daring attempts at bank robbery
that bos attracted the attention of the public
for a long time past. A telegraphic message
from the Third Ward police station notified
the superintendent that tbe building of the
New York Exchange Bank, on the corner cf
Dey and Greenwich streets, had been entered
by burglars, who, passing through a tunnel
dug by five weeks of unremitting labor, had
entered the Office immediately wi thlnthe door
ofthevsnlt. thVporter ofthefohk ar
rived In the morning, he had entered the rear
office, occupied as a private room by the Pr s
ident and higher officers of the bank, for tbe
purpose of making a fire,and while so engaged,
his attention was attracted by a suspicion)
noise, that apparently came from the direction
of the vault containing the bank safe. As tbe
noise, however, ceased almost instantly, and
was not repeated, the porter come to the con
clusion that it emanated from the porter of
the North River Bank, who was accustomed
at about (that time every morning, to light a
furnace in the adjoining basement.
The cashier of the bank, Mr. D. B. Halsted
arrived at about quarter before nine o’clock in
the morning, and at once proceeded to open
tbe door of tbe vault, but found that, with all
his efforts, it was impossible to induce, the
lock to yield. . He was engaged until nearly 10
o’clock in this vain effort, and finally sent for
'Mr. Joseph P« Hodgkins, one of the patentees
of the lock. Tbe latter arrived at the bask,
shortly afler,and for a long time persevered in
tbe vain attempt to open a door only held by
one of his own locks. At length he gave up
the attempt, and proceeded, assisted by some
of his workmen, to cut through the brick wall
of tbe vault. At twelve o’clock a hole was
made In the wall sufficiently large to enable
tbe men to operate on the inside of the lock,
and at half-past 12 o’clock the door was opened
only to disclose to the officers of the bonk,
who had in the meantime gathered around,
that the whole of the bank-books had disap
peared and that tbe top of the safe presented
an appearance never before observed; the
crossbars haylngbeenremoved, and the chilled
iron sheeting exhibiting marks of considera
ble rough treatment from some well-tempered
T*-wremarkable state of affairs would have
probably excited more attention than it actu
ally did, were it not that the instant the door
was opened a hole, about two feet in diameter,
was discovered in tbe flag flooring. Immedi
ately in front of the safe. The vault itself was
a small one, probably not more thanlour feet
square, and was almost entirely Ailed up with
a large double safe, manufactured by Herring.
Upon the top of the safe was piled a large num
ber of the bank books, together w.th a tin
box, the property ofA.fi Feck, a broker do
ing business on tbe comer of Maiden Lono
and' Broadway, containing S2OO in gold, and
about SSOO in uucurrent bank notes, valued at
abont SSOO or SGOO. Mr. Peck has been accus
tomed for the last ten years to leave the box
in charge of the bank every night On Satur
day he was on the point of putting $8,300 in
good money in the box, but finally concluded'
to deposit in the bank instead.
; Immediately after the vault had been open
ed, information of the probable robbery was
at once conveyed to the -Third ward’station
house, and had the immediate effect of bring
ing Capt, Jamison, Sergeant Brevoort, and
several of their picked men, to the scene of
the burglary. Upon hearing the story from
the officers. Captain Jamison at once en
tered the tunnel, and passed on through,
emerging in a basement two doors higher up
lu Greenwich street, occupied as a carpet es
tablishment. No one was to he found hero
and the front door was closed. Upon entering
• the vault, Capt. Jamison stumbled on a pile of
, books which were soon discovered to be the
hftnV books which had been removed from tbe
ton of the safe and thrown below by the bur-
glare for the purpose of giving them more
room to work, la addition to the books an
immense number of burglar's tools were found
in the bank vault, in the tunnel and in the
basement or carpet shop from which the bur
glars had evidently begun operations.
Two looms only conid be fonnd in the shop,
and, from the load of dust settled upon them,
abundant evidence was famished of a long
and continued disuse.' There were, probably,
about two hundred rolls of carpet in the place.
It was on one side, piled in such a manner as
to render discovery of the large hole in the
the considerable quantity, of earth
around it, very improbable, and in fact al
most impossible. On another eide a email
sp ice was curtained off with carpet in such a
a manner as to form a small room, which had
evidently been intended and used as a kitchen
and sitting room. A small stove was In the
center, and around were arranged couches of
carpet, which had evidently been used as rest
ing and sleeping places for the robbers. Here
whisky was found by the police, as was also a
large cooked ham, and a portion of a fish, to-'
gether with pepper, salt, and various descrip?
tlous of condiments. The burglars, when cut
ting this tunnel were in the habit of throwing
-this carpet before them, thus being enabled to
move on over a comparatively cleanand pleas
ant flooring.
There was only one wall of any consequence 1
to ent through, and that was the partition
tween the bank'building and. the bouse in :
which the carpet shop was situated.- The lat
ter being number l£a and the former No. 187
Greenwich street. After passing through thin
'wall they cut a zigzag passage under thehase
ment of the Norte Elver bank, and finally ar
rived directly under the basement of the New
York: Exchange Bank; they there changed
their coarse and'coding immediately be
neath the bank vault, cut their way directly
up within the door, with a nicety of calcula
tion and execution that shows them beyond
a doubt to have-been directed by a person of
no„ small engtaecring gcnins. The passage
was,'with the exception of the partition waQ,
immediately through .the send in which the
budding' stood,* robbers ccnld, of
epuree, have been guided by nothing la the -
► nature of wails that wouldbaVe Considerably
assisted them ip tiwdf excavations.; .
The safe which the burglars so unsuccess
fully -endeavored to open, contained about
$300,009 la money and securities. About
SSO I OOO only was In" money,'the remainder
feeing In securities of sufch’a nature as to ren
tier tijehr, negotiation by- the 'robbers highly
precarious, with the exception of s2o,owTln
hondlt the property of the president,
andofthe ziumm.
The Poet Office Bobbed of Ten Thou*
[From the Toronto Globe.]
. A few days ago the inhabitants of; toe good 1
town of-Berlin were astonished at learning i
that their iFostmaster had .taken “French
leave” of themwith SIO,OOO belonging .to the'
Post Office Department in bis possession. The
rbinbr was not at firet-credlted, bntlhenp
pearance of Mr. Dewe, Port Office Inspector, ~
on the scene, put the,..mattpr beyond doubt. ,
It may be a snbject'of.surprise thatthe Post
Master of a place like Berlin . should have
been allowed to hold possession .of such a
large amount of money belonging -.to the De
partment. But the modus operandi by which
It was obtained brings to Eights systematic
course ‘of swindling, in. .which other parties
arc involved besides t:. e iugitiv£ Post Master.
It-sppears that frauds; have been perpetrated,
on the Post Office for several months'without
detection, and were accomplished inthefol-.
lowing manner: , .
Davidson forwarded “advices” to the Post
Master at Toronto—and it is said of ot ier cit
ies—of money orders; payable ;to - different
persona, who were his accomplices. The du
plicates were, by the same malls, bent to, those
parlies who presented them at the money or
der office, and -were paid the sums for which
they were drawn, the officials being under the
impression that, the cosh had been deposited
with the Post Master at Berlin, in the usual
manner. The orders were filled up with the
largest sums allowed by the Post Office. The
cash thus fraudulently obtained it is supposed,
was returned by express to Berlin, less toe
commission, n-> doubt retained bjtne accom
plices in toe crime.
The flight of Davidson exposed the whole
matter, and warrants were at once issued for
his apprehension. It is, however, feared that
he ha. “mode tracks for foreign parts,” being
reported to have sailed by the lest steamer
which left Boston for Liverpool. As it was
suspected that some of his accomplices in the.
frauds were resident in Toronto,; information
was laid before the Police Magistrate, ' and
yesterday afternoon Mr. W. Deesauer; tobac
conist, Yooge street, was taken into custody
by deteciiv< Arnold, on: suspicion of being
implicated in toe crime. Shortly after his ar-“
rest he was liberated on giving substantial
ball for his.appearance at. the rol.ee Court
this morning, when toe case will bo investi
Tb© Baltimore M* E. Conference on
' tb© MuTcry. QueaUunwActloll of
Bishop scute.
We publiehed, a day or two since, a brief
and somewhat involved dispatch relative to
the course of the Baltimore Conference of the
3L E. Church on’ the new Slavery chapter.
The following extract from the proceedings,
as reported in the Baltimore Patriot) sets the
matter In a clear light
Stauktow, March 23.
Afcerihe opening ..eierclses of .the Confer
ence tbia morning, tbe or:er of the day -was
called for. and Rev. G. W. .Israel presented an
able protest against the action of tbe General
Conference in its adoption of the new chapter
on slavery.
It assumes that the action of the General
Conference was revolutionary, disorganizing,
subversive of the rights of the membership,
and is, therefore, null and void. The protest
was adopted, with the understanding that it
.was a simple protest, and, as such, not com
muting tbe Bishop or the Conference ns an
organized body, said body being unable to do
that which he himself, under the discipline, as
an officer could not do.
The Conference now proceeded to consider
and vote upon the paper heretofore presented
by the Eev. N. Wilson (which was published
iu the Bitriot of yesterday).
The first resolution, after some slight amend
ment, was adopted by the following vote: For
the resolution, 83; declined to vote 41; no, 2;
declined to vote for the present, 8.
The plan was then,. as a whole, adopted,
when Bishop Scott, who had declined to act —
the vote upon its adoption being pnt by the
Secretary—read the following paper to the
Conference: -
‘•Tbe whole action Just had on what is called
the Wilson proposition, is, in my judgment,
in violation of the order and discipline of the
Methodist Episcopal Church, and therefore is
null and void, regarded as Conference action;
.1 therefore do not recognize the said'action os
infracting the Integrity of this body, and so I
proceed to. finish tne business of the present
session.” • .
Heavy Forgery.
. Yesterday a man named Whitney, who rep*
resented himself as a New York merchant,
succeeded in chaining $2,350 from various
bankers on Third street, $1,350 of which he
took with him and made his escape. He ar
rived .in this city several days ago, and stopped
as t'ie Walnut street House, and immediately
set about making acquaintances among busi
ness men, and was by them iut-oduced to sev
eral bankers. Five hundred dollars of the
amount was drawn from Danlevy & Co , and
was deposited with a mercantile house to
whom be was indebted for fais'ln traductions,
; as an evidence of bis good faith. .As soon as
the fraud was discovered, the money was re
lumed to them, but the thief escaped with
the remainder of his booty. —Cincinnati Go
2tUe } 27 ih.
advertisement of pews of Plymouth
Church to rent
pg*3ee advertisement “To Boat Baildert,”
in proper column.
G. Mtuarot.b gives his weekly dancing
party on Saturday evening, March 80th.
Friends and scholars are invited.
Tetkitt Church.— lt should ha bom in
mind that the sale of pews in the new Trinity
Church, on Jackson -street, between Wabash
and Michigan avenues, will take place on
' Monday next, the Ist Inst See advertisement.
A Correction.— Messrs. Barker & Illsley,
whose store on Stale street, near Van Boren*
was entered burglariously on Tuesday night,
are hardware dealers, and not grocers, as pre
viously stated.
Dcuute’s Adam and Eve.—The upper or
Museum Hall of Kingsbury Block is now for
the drat time occupied by the exhibition of
Dubufe's great picture of Adam and Eve, well
worthy a visit from art lovers.
RbauEstatb SALRvr-Jokn A. Nichols, Esq.,,
sold a day or two since, to H. Edson, Esq,
the south 46 feet adj Dining the north 189 feet
of block five, Buahneli’s addition to Chicago,
for $33 per front loot cash. This property ,ia
on North LaSale street. It may be considered
a very low figure.
Rev. Henry -Cox.—This able and eloquent
Pastor of the Wabash avenue M. E. Church,
has been engaged by theGraud Lodge of Good
Templars of Illinois, to deliver several lec
tures on the subject of Temperance. He
speaks at Kankakee City on Monday evening
next. We can prdhiise our Kankakee friends
a rich treat, for he has 1 few eqtals as a Tem
perance orator. ; ; •
Bteeet CmiSTKa.—All oar principal thor
ough'arcs are cow above grade in. the from
two to ten inches- of mud thatoverlies the
pavement, for months undisturbed. A little,
industry in the removal of these deposits- to
the adjoining streets that require filling, will
MU two birds with one stone. - A small show
is being made by heaping here and there this
mud and filth into a pile, but this amounts to
nothing since it is left for pasting steeds and
wheels to dissipate again.
A Handsome Poesest.—lT. P. Harris, the
excellent Chief Engineer of the City Eire De
partment, has justpresented to thecrew of the
U. P. Harris, the steam Fire Engine, a superb
Signal Lamp, gotten up,' on his order, by
Messrs. Hamblen & Go., at No. 47 State-street,
and which in beauty of workmanship would
do credit to any manufacturer in the country.
The entire cost is upwards of fifty' dollars.
The lamp will be suspended from ornamental
brackets over the air chest .It J? entirely
creditable to donor,.makers and recipients.
Impbovemsot.—The Court House Square Is
undergoing a top dressing from the streets,
and wiß probably be"planted as>a vegetable
garden for the dieting- of inmates.
Sprinklers aroipbeattached to the wretched
little fountains, and the growth of pole-beans
and potates thereby promoted.
why cannot the improvement of this‘central
ornament {as It ehould be) of our city be un
dertaken with a small amount of Intelligence.
Invested in the cnterprise-Ithas always been
a poor botch. When is it to be something
else?. V :
• tojßißß, Jfox Ruluoads.— E L. Q’Hara,
at the model drug store on the comer,of Can
al and West Bandolph streets, protests against
the inadvertence ot yesterday’s item In locat
ing the newTrelght House of the Cincinnati
i)tr Llne Eaitroad ba his comer instead of on
West Water street. He pathetically asfcs us
to leave hlpito i‘dlspehse,'aafbr the past eight
years, physic father 'fSaa.fitig&t; paregoric
not passengers ;rhubarb, not rail roads, -pidpr
yoforiq,cajuphor and ire; sjjll end
Wtil in possession of writer, 1 *"
—' fit* ft rtfiTa^t
TholTlewamtobeSold. * Voahi^lai±msmr-<i^^M ftife.'',. :V”:
’ The great ‘Wigwam la to be floWtoihpblgh- which Hayden’s Third cr • •-; ••-•••*•-• •; •;■■;;
eatbldder on bn Saturday & -10 L k;, fhVpro- Imperial Mas* wilhbe.sung ini the Chnrchof rp Q. RE N’ T—A first-class Brick
5 deeds to he equally divided between the home- the HolrName, corner of Wolcott end Supe
of the Frienfflesa aid the Orphan Asylum. -‘streets accompaniment will he m»? or before. -• *orirßV McCormick* Reaper Rkx
fXhe excellent location ©? the atrnetHPe; and- played by : a M orchestra;-under the leader- tory Jg. > _mii£jdtoßt_
Its capacity and capahOitles, ahonld commend ship of ProffeaSor^Ghac. 7 The j choir; of the 'T'O PR IK TE R
lltto ah active competition, and we hope a church have atudled thoroughly this-great; -L Sccond-wand ■ '■ ■ -
sumwffl be realized. . . kg^^iderJt inthe^best : J : Ad J™ CGL ?
■ 'possible■ Btyl«S: rf . 4 They invite alltbe -exnateurr ‘ 1 ■
sf aacred murie^to-attend, on .that day, the ■ TSIANI'RD FOR CASH—-HoQS0 r
eervlctof tho Unmh of the Holy Name, and ? s ra Chj'S'o pSt offi£* for
; f^er r tonfldcit[ttiat 'the musical p'erformance * r t
win cite cod'dr»tlfifacUon. A the offeriorivm ■, ANTED -A -House; pleasantly
a quaivor for- Soprano tyfenor. end two .Ba«ft--the -rtty, sod reliable tor faki-g & few •boarders.
will be sung.- :'Wlis Dy Mons. Ijcani, Address P.O. Box 31«5. , mh'SxStr
Glratl Scire- a
position, indtaiiilgEossild’sstjle. The SOtio- A Kiyo, 160 Clark street.
voce, which renders | —---— ; ; —f- .
'it very agreeable. The Eight Bev- j "V/V/'AJN'TKti —Two Good
ed'by ftrinpiftrotpi clergy,"wW Qflic>fttC|*Ud tb<* , tera- - - frnhSOtitj •• • -W. WEIGHT.:-!
solemnMasi'^^hctguiatbalf-paatten A. It,! T*7"ASTTED—A Situation %’ i
.;--„vtv ;'/=•-•. .i;-.--;:-- -' ** f T T -yoane German who ran speak "Ergllrh-weU
‘ ■'•*{■■.;■■ ■■. . | . l " .■...- • - {He can take e&re of horse«arddogeaeralhonse«ork.-
M. O.'J. G. that a secret Oood tMommendaflons caa b« ;by appl\lng to
„ y _ JOHN KUGKL. No. SOA Jefferson Street, between
, Society, beannjgthe above name, has ‘ccen cr- Harmon and Mutter >tr-cta. west Eiiisiun, *r ad*
JjiSWest Sl3e, by a nnmberof ■ a -tgggg-^ J °^ SK - g .P EL - ;;;>■■ ntoet
young has created consider*.' ~
able certain circles. The Socie
ty waa‘ organp&d for the purpoße of charity,—
alaL O. S. physical improvement,*
there being a i&e gymnasium attached to the
.Lodge, ;to. oay&xotbing of fVaiious other ob*
jects stated in fiie Constitution,; and is con-,
ducted on the,strictest moral principle l ,—a la
Zouaves. requested to state that the
fifth regular meeting' wDI take place at the
Lodge to-morrow (Saturday) evening, when
the G. M- hopes to . see nil members present,
there being business of great importance to
be transacted. \ , C.
Begnlar Board of Trade Ticket*
Ata meeting of of the members of the
'Board of Trade-last evening ihc .Allowing
persona were nominated for fixe officers,of the.
Board for the ensning year:..;
Sd 7i«-P/‘//Kienf—Ebwaed Hbxpstsas. . .
Director*. —Ell Bates. Chaa. K. Welker, 0. J. Da
rip, JI.S. Bacon,T. J. Bronson; C.H.' Curtla.‘:Du
eald Stewart, BamaelSl. Johnson. OringtoaLnat,
J.U.Clark; lJ - -.V',.:., -
Committee of Arbitration— Lemuel D. Norton.
Win; Houghlellng, Jas. D. Bailey, W, IT; BraiuaftL’
J. K. Pisber, S. A. Kent, V. A. Torpin; H. W. ,
Hinsdale, Nathan Hears and T. T, Gurney.- ■ ' ;
Committee of Appeals —Geo.’ Steel, Hugh
Lennan, Geo. Armour, W. H/Low. Af* Dow,F..
D. Gray, S. P. Atwater, B, Adams', E. Hawsoiu.
The election takes place on Monday.
Tonne Men’s Association.
The new'hoard of officers held their first,
meeting Wednesday. All hint two were pres
ent. The standing committees' of ..the year
were appointed as follows:
Library. —Fuller, Williams, Baird, Hunter and
Lectures. —Ham, Russell and Fuller.•
Donations and Subscription*.— Phelps, Ambler
and Perkins.
Rooms and Fixtures.— Page, Phelps and Baird. f
. Law.— Williams, Bussell and Eastman. -
Periodical* ond Airwipoper#.—Eastman, Hunter
and Page.
Finance —Bowen, Phelps and Hunter.
The President delivered his' inaugural ad
dress, in whichhe urged upon all the commit
tees, as‘well as members of the board Individ
'Tally, the necessity of close attention and hard
work for the interests of the Association. He.
recommended that a rental of SBOO be offered;
for the rooms at present occupied by the As
sociation, - and in case It is refused,' that the
Association remove to other, quarters the first
dayofMay. ' i . . • •
The New Police*
The Police Commissioners were in session
again yesterday, and haying carried the list ol
appointments on the police up to thirty-three,
have now adjourned for three weeks.
It ehonld have been, hefore’stnted that Hr.
Coventry has hien chosen President and Hr..
Wayman Treasurer of tire Board. The Com*
missipnera haying drawn lots, the long term
of els years falls to Mr. Coventry, the Inter
mediate term of. four years to Hr. /Wayman
and the shortest, of two years, to Hr. Tattle.
The following additional were' sworn in as
members of tho police yesterday: ' ‘
John Nelson; Sergeant Sjnth Division.' - r ; '
O. S. TVest, Patrolman. -‘- r ’■
LevlM. Hamilton, Patrolman. - ■•- -■ >
A. Torktlson, ■*.; i ■
TYm. Wilson, “
Rich. H. Perry, 41
Charles Berdell, “
Geo. n. Germain,
J. B. Creeney,
Geo. H. Cole, V . ! ' ‘ : ‘
Chas.Enawbrth, ; *>. • ; u
,E. L. Horse, **. ; ' •
The entire men were
then brought before'the Board, and presented
a fine appearance. 'Most of them, are old-nnd
well tried policemen, and all are, from pres
ent appearances, : -well chosen. |-
Melancholy Suicide.—'We leam from a
New York paper of the 34th inst. that on Sat
urday of last week a young gentleman, appar
ently sane and in the enjoyment of health, en
gaged rooms at the Clarence Hotel, No. 43
Liapenard street, and registered i his name os
M Mr. Henry,V .of Chicago.. On Sunday night
die went-taa neighboring drngeterd aad’pnr
chased a large dose of morphine, pleading that
he was forced to nae morphine arid other ano
dynes for the use of a complaint which he did
not describe. On Monday afternoon ho was
found insensible in his bed, and on the seme
evening he died. Coroner O’Keefe held on in
quest on Tuesday, and the Jury rendered a
verdict of death from an overdose of mor
phine. The young man, who was about thirty
four years of age, had . friends in New York
city, and as we leam was formerly -a resident
of Chicago, and was in. business .here two or
three years ago, and at that time married a
young woman of much personal attractions,
and was for a lime happy in her society. The
couple subsequently returned to New York
where the wife fell betrayed by the wiles of a
noted broker. Mrs. Henry deserted her home
and husband and came back to this city, where
she Is at present the keeper of an infamous
establishment on the North Side. ■ The nnfor-
tanate husband sought, his wife diligently;
but for a long time his efforts were fruitless.
When, however, he did find the fallen woman,
and' learned the immeasurable depth of her
degradation, the fearful blow unbalanced his
brain, and led him to the end so briefly record
ed by the Coroner’s jury. *
Heavy Damages.— A verdict was rendered
yesterday in the second trial of asnitinthe
Superior Court, before Judge Higgins, in
which Adam Innees'lla-plaintiff, and William
W. Boss, defendant. The action Is brought to
recover $5,000 damages for-false imprison
ment, Judge Morris and Bobect Hervey,
Esq., for plaintiff; E. A. Vanßaren and B. T.
Merrick, Esqs., for defendant.
Something more than a year ago plaintiff
was book keeper in the mercantile house of
defendant. Plaintiff drew his own wages, but
charged himself on the books of the firm with
the amount of money -taken. Defendant
caused plaintiff to he arrested upon a warrant,
charging him with embezzlement He was
tried upon that charge and acquitted He
thereupon instituted'a suit and obtained a ver
dict ol $5,C00. rgainst his old employer for
false imprisonment, the amount at which he
had laid his damages. A second trial reaffirms
the decisloubnt at s lower figure.
Theatrical and Musical.— Harry Perry,
once leading “heavy man ” at McViCker’s
theatre, and who; will be remembered as a
first-rate actor, but remarkable for his fre
quent fits of illne&s, compiling him to re
fralnfrom appearing on the stage as adver
tised, ’’was recently marriedat San Francisco,
Califomia,to a-MissAgnes Land.
Madame Inez Fabbri, lata of'this dty, haa
been'giving a series of concerts in tho-poik
' metropolis, with eminent success. • A Cindn
nati “cricket”-wias so taken with the brilliant
appearance and most fascinating voice of
Fabbri, that he put her in print as only twenty
three years old.
A Clothes Like Operator ts Trouble.—
A diay named Clarence Bl Smith wu yester
day overhauled andtokerrinto custody, and la
bia possession was found a quantity of laundry
work, apparently etolenfrom clothes lines.
There were several shirts marked w Hcssler,”
one marked “A. C.lDncat,” another marked
“O. C. roller,” a fourth, bore the name of
Bishop Whitehouse. There was a child’s dress
marked M Scott,” end ahandkerchlef marked
M Louisa M. Sherman,” .' It seems that this
Smith has been. quite enterprising, and that
well-known residents have been made his vi>
tims. ; : ' 4 •• -. *
Buboliet.—We leam that on the night of
Wednesday the 27&. t he. store of Charles A.
Taylor, manufacturer of trunks, valises and
carpet-bags, at No. 174 State street,-was en
tered by burglars, who made a thorough Tan
sack of Uiepremises.. Entrance was effected
by breaking out a large light of glass. Several,
ofthe best valises end the contents of the'
money drawer, in small change' and postage,
stomps, was carried oft From the appearance,
of the goods disturbed and'- packed *up, it
would seem that the rogues were interrupted
and decamped. Perhaps It was ”at the tap of
the bell by a previous understanding ” with
the Mayor. ’ ... .
Soroeuk.—We have received from Dr,
Knapp of Channahon, Will county, a speci
men of Syrup, manufactured by him during
the past year. Dr. E. planted mi acre of
Chinese -sugar cane, from* which he produced
190 gallons of syrup, and which is about equA
to the best we have seem. The specimen sent
us Is Veiy dense, and would nordoubt granu-.
late if placed ; in a proper temperature - v ibr a
suitableperiod.; *’
QgiLP3Un|?g CxLxnnATimff.--?ha ~ cele>
bratlan of the Sunday School «Sf St. Church'
take plsoe on OCstah
FffitD AY » ]tfAECp|9, 1661.
Tns ' “Cmcioo Tkmpebancb Xeqioit.”-—.
This organizat&n, formerly well known as the
“Tenth Ward i Temperanbe‘‘iieglDD, ,v will,
through too E. S. •Wellf, Esq.,
hold Its first for the new quarter In
toeMetropoHt4u’Hall,next Monday eventeg,
at 7K o’clock, when the Ber.-Rojrt. Boyd, Pas
tor of toe EdihS Place Baptist Church, and an
eloquent advbc&teoftoe cause, will lecture on
Temperance.; !shese meetings have been,'and
always will be, jTm to &1, and we invite all to
come. The various Bands of Hope organized
In'the city, araulfio jihrited to meet with us.
Come and .sign our pledge and aid us in this
glorious work of reform.
: Goon wdl be divine. aervico in
St. James Chufch- to-day, (Good Friday,) at 10#
A.M. , . r -i; . •
Lowe's gcnnine.Soaps and PomadcB v the finest
in nee for the. toilet.. Another Invoke just opened
by Sargent, druggist, comer ofEarulolph and State
'streets.' " ''' _ 1
Sloan’s Cojotebcial College.—The final exam*
ination of the second class of the current year, will
take place at the .College Sail this : e* eniug, com
mencing at 7x/q , cldck. The public are respect
folly Invited to attend.
fW if you wish for bushy whiskers or -a; fasci
nating mustache, send for a box of Belling
ham’s Stimulating Onguent. It :1s warranted
to bring them out’ In from three to six .weeks.
Sontbn receipt or price and postage, sl.lß, to any
address, by J.-8.-Johnson, 70 State street, Chlca
go, Hi. mh2B,3m
All Bboul| not fail to read the advertisement
ofProt Wood lit to-days paper. mh-ly
' A3rr r operation upoii your teeth, or for
perfect artificial work of any desirable stylo, call'
onDr.Albaogh,lfo. 58 st.
. jaS6rßm '
- P?" Cook & 99 Dearborn street, have'
made their price for cleaning and dyeing gent's
garments other house In. the city. '
See advertisement of“ Hard Rubber Rlgg’s
Truss”—has cued cases of twenty years standing
in this City, ■ ■ mlMm
On the 2Stti Inst- by the Bcv "Mr. H. Culbbnrth,
SH SM. all of Philadelphia.
In this cWy, on Tbnredav, March S7th, bv and at the
residence of tbo her. Henrv cox, Mr. WM. SHAW
and Miss ESTUKR HOUFK, all ri >hla city.
.t ty N*w York City papers please copy.
In thU r!ty. on the am In t. lit*. CAr.OI.INE
PAHoM*N. wife of JobuD. pahlman, accd^Syears.
Funeral Friday afternoon. aWP. si., from her late
residence, S-M Wa' ash adenine.
At Babcock’s Grove, T'u Page Conntv, HI , March*
27th, Mr. JOHN BUMBLE, agedsl years amis mouths
Tho Only Vfmliftiß Having tho
Making the LOCK STITCH, which la alike on both
aides of the fabric, and having a positive upper and
tnrsxs tension.
Every machine Warranted#
Bf We give foil Instruction! and guarantee the
practical working on aU kinds of fabric, udek or thin,
without change of tendon.
XTnder IliO TCe-w Sherman Hcmse*
' AGENTS WANTED In every town and city In the
Northwest ; mhlS’a-ij rlstpg
One Hundred Progressive. Lessons.
This new publication win be fond a most valuable
help to both learner* aud teachers of mn-Ic. Comrda
log recreation with instruction it relieves toe dry,
bard, matter-of-fact labor o< “practl-ing" bv Interest
lug tunea that will destrov the tedium of labor at tb-i
Plano, and cannot fall to reurter it one of the most
popular books ot instruct!, n.
••Commencing, with ths elementary principle* of
music, tbh> book carries the dlUigent pupil throouh the
dlnerent grades of piano prac.fce. nn<U be leaves is
tee u.a»ter of the various keys and the many move
ments of the pianoforte.
PobUabed by
44 Water Street, New ¥ork,
Offer for sale, from DriJed states Bonded TVarehonse,
. of thrirown Importation:
COGNAC BB VS DIPS—O lard, Pnpny & Co„ Plnet,
Castillos otbcrb'au'Bof various
- - - TlotosM, dors ondi ale, In halves, quarters
and right'-*.
BOCHKU/B BkANDlES—Pellevoldo, A. Selenetta,
J.P. KtHOriaaCo.. and oiher brand*, dart
and ralc,lß tbe usual package*.
HOUUANO ula—*L p. Kcllog; & Co.b Schiedam, and
Wee ?‘rop, la-ptpea and thrco-Q£ pipes.
WINKS— Port. Shery, Madt-ira, Bordeaux, Hock, and
other*, of various grades.
OlL—Tine Bordeaux Table, in cases and baskets. ■
fgAtim-eodx -
"V/TURPHT & BOYD, Machinists
J.TJ. and Engineer *. an-1 tn&nn£tctnrer> of Steam En
ctns.BoUera. 11-Uilng Machine*, shing» Machines,
BhaMt-g, PaUfjs. <ce. &c.
• —Parti -olar attention p dd to tho Repairing of Marine
Engines and ila-jhlaery, Pfinttaj Prises, and to the
erection of new mochmerv.
We Invito special Rt:»i tlon tt oar >ew. OidlHatlng
Engine*, tne cpostcnctloa or which la simpler sad the
friction less tha-i ordinary osglnasand from thsneca
.liarliy of their “inaiu" t«ey are warranted to asa
leas net than any engine heretofore introduced. Tbey
■are'parti jalarly adap'wlto Printing Press Worse, or
any business requiring from fonrto nicy hone power.
, one of the abo re mentioned -Sogines can bo teen In
-ose at onr Finishing Shop, North Frarudin street.
•* mhii-eAJ-cw
▼ Y low- prices,
200 BOXES SaLKBaTUS. So BOXES potash,
i; '■ ' Xo. 139 Sooth Water street.
tbo s
SOHbdaSngsr, 100 Bbla. £c car, 50 Boxes Sagar,.
; lOOßbla
WM. LITTLKttUO .' South Water street.
( . Dmlot Inlormgn aoi Somatic limit
We are selling. until farther notice, Oranges, $1 to
SIXS; lemon-, *1 to *IA. per box. Also, Apples, Cider;
Flga, DatevKuts, &<X, asiowaa the lowest,
• ocadaiS-cm - -
AAfi Boses M. R, RAISINS, in
fj V. v rrtoe order. BKTHOLDS. ELY A CO.
fAA Tierces-RICE, ''
500 j
J.flyy . BBVKpijB,EI.T»CQ. ■ ; ■ . ,
\Aj ANTED.—Smart active men in;
■ « every to vn and city In tbs West-can mate,
from five ti ten f’olUrs a day Ft] line a new article..
Address Post Office «ox 15GG, Cnwgo, iccln-lpg'
fitly centila money or ftaxps, andreceivo by-retomt
mail a sample of the article. . • . nihStetfe, ,
T i Five or. six Carpenters, fivo-or six Cabinet
Makers. •Ateo.or.aßoyascastoniedt'j Palntlflg; and
abo a Wood Turner. Apply at TonncV Macblterhop,
rearol t.%5 WcllittreetT Wil. B. TODNQ A.CO.
mhiaxst •• ■ 1 - f-. .
T OST—Oa. State Street, bet^esi
JLJ LakeaudHodlAon. a Pcst Office Drawer Key.
The finder will be suit Ably rewarded by leavrr-c it at
this office, • * . mh29x2t
LOST —On EVening,
27th iDPt, about darr; on Tan Boren street, an
Ot er Fur Glote. The finder will be suitably re.
warded by leaving the same with S. A. To L.Mi N &
CO, S.uth Water strett. ' . mhi£x2t .
npo RENT—Two Lumber . Yards
JL on tbe-*’ Empire SUn” and i2t*» ftreeti Also, a
Lumber Yard on the Rivpr tear Old street Dridge;
Applv to UKES A. SIOCUM, -IS 6lrcCt. - -
mb29cSS4.it . .
T'k r )G > LOST —Lost a .Black
JLz Kewf-'andiar dSlnt, eome ■white balxa m breast.
Whoever will rrinrn her to 167 Snub water stieet,
shall bo Übirall; rewarded.
T3oAßDJNG.—Pleasant Rooms
JL> \riih Hoard can be ottilne* at the Waverley
Hiusn No. 223 Klnz e street, lor $3 COp- r wee!;. Oar
. Hoard SLSOpe.-week. Alsu sultable rooma forgen
tlemen aod tbe*r wires at price* t > Fait the tm«».
Trnnsclei.c $1 cO per asy. i>. B. FOTCKB, Proprietor.
miiiSsSt " '
Xli -la Drawing of Mareh 1861; No. 216.9
drew SIOO 000; No drew jio.ox; ’"So. 10, 02 drew
S30000; No.'2Lss* drew s'o.too; No. l',v.S drew
(10.000; being the Are principle prize*
Frizes cashed and lnlo*n aiiou fnrc!>h*d by CHASE
ft CO- Banker.-,N0.23 Williamstreet, New York.
mhiDilsv .
House wanted.—a, prompt
paying tenant wl hes to rent a small convecleE t
hon«* o t * v ‘abash < r Michigan avenues, or In their lm
mediate vicinity, bntnoi mere than half aznlie aontb
from Lake street. Possession desired on or b< fore the
first ui stay. Address “LOCK.” Box 6170. giiicg
par.lculais. . n;l£t>s3i
F3R sale at public AUC
TION. this "t 2 o’clock, at JOHN DaVLIN'S
Auction -Mirt, 19 Market street, opposite Lind’s
Blocs. ■
, Wulch will bo seprrat*.
mh29xlt , HAMEL M. HILLS.
JL Districts and the Public gen-raUr—An experi
enced Tcaciier wuo possesses fu-Urgi*!* Testimonials,
a? well as rtcommenaadunaofa practical character,
wfcncsti be employe! homed He would ac
cept a secondary position. Address SAMUEL )«. EL.
LT*, Chicago. Illinois. ■ mh;9xit
Residence for sale—For
sale a two stuir and basement reft
dpnee onMlchigan avrnut’, in full view of the lake,
aad continuing nine* or tea roams. Frlc* i»3,3(?0
cash Address Bex 1307 Chicago P. O n giving real
name. ■■ mh.sxlw
JL PEWS —wm he sold at Public Austin on 1 MON
DAY. April tat prox. tho raisin the TrtMtv Church
street, between Wabash a <0 ave
nues The teniis w{ll lw liberal and will Ira made
Vnftxn at the.-tboe.orsole. Tuose rews nottcld wm
-be rested teet sate:.
rJE its!—' TREES !!—6OO Moun
tain A®h 7 rccs. grown in 12 to 15 feet In
h-ig»>t. Ev<tj*«ne or which will live If properly B*t
ontbem; very hardy and rapid traacrv Also (tic
cheapest and beautiful o' trees in the market.
Price when warrauted im-t set.
Prior when uuHsrrabttni ann un-ct 1.10
Addre-a J£. »It-CuX Drawer &7G9. or apply al
1-13 roath Peoria street, Chicago.
mtiffxtw " E. WILCOX
A sure cure for Piles by ritnply carry Irg la the
pocka ■. Mailed axtwiisss. Art‘Jre*s fuciosloe S3
cents la Eifticps, Post Office Bax 1933, Chicago, 111.
JJ-L* openeJ at IKB South ‘Water street Cbicazo.
a Genera. comml—lon Hrn.-e, the purchase sad
sale of Grain Flrnir, Provlroar, Ac, and solicit con
elgnmeuit and ord r rs. To parties accessible to MU*
■wautee at well as Ohicaeo, Iti connacti" , n with their
Milwaukee House, Mchdl*, Brits & Cu.» think itu-ycaa
give eucli superior advnutasi'fl. ■ mhlJO e3S3-». ii-ct
Avert cnoiCE co£lec-
THE SHOWER OF PEARLS, canta'ulng New and
AttractlveDaeti, win llano Forte mtct«.
Bvou-i In Clutb. Price, lit, on receipt of which u u ill
be mailed, post-paid, by iilitON & CO., Pablkhers;
jg ia H. STEWART .& CO’S
Soap and Candle Works.
Having recently enlnrgf’d oar Works t> meet the In
ert as »>d demand f r oar Bra -da of Soap*, we are sow
uiauafictanag by rteam with capacity of fO.iCC l?a.
Ferweck, aud acal«n to supply tin trade at prices
>wer thao any mauo&ctory West of >cw York.
Jobbers and Country Merchants will dud U to trelr
lateral to call at oar Factory before parclin.lng else
where victory
Nos. 222 and 224 Ea*t Kinzlo street.
[mbs .879 Stop
HESSES. 8. H. KEHSEDT & CO., How Orison,,
tnhl-eISJ-lmistp no. ISS Sooth Water street
With Patent Silver Reflectors,
‘ Jest the thing for
Propellers and Sail Vessels,
! - **T THH .
: [mM4^24Msilstp]
t awrting md emlKtißg j>a e Magera at Qieenitown,
The Liverpool, sew York and Philadelphia
"Win dispatch evfry Satordav their fall power Clyde
- bmlt Iroa bteamahipa
cirr of BAirnioKE. klhoabqo,
ci nr of washing Tax, Glasgow;
Rates of pi3»aga as low as bf any other line. Pa*
scalers forwarded to all th*j principal cltlea of Eorope.
Parson* wl*hln,ct»br,Dgoiit their Wanda can boy
ticket* la Chicago to great advantage.
These Steamers have superior acc >mmodatlor*. and
eury experienced Surgeons. They are built in wat?h
tight zhoh sections. and carry patent lire ann.hlla*
tors. For farther ia'Ofmation apply to
General ■Western-Agents 33 LaSalle street. Chicago.
on Korops anil In gams ot XI ana up
wards, mb2i’6i*lylstp
XX CivveLASD. Omo.
Bead for a Circular. -
U? T. T. BEELYS, M. D., Proprietor.
Repaired by J. J. Vre eland* v
Brick Building on Alley rear ol 153.W-U3 street.
, WOIIOIOM .......
' 940 AND UPWARDS. -
Ho. Hi Imlc® Street, Oblcaso, E2.
ABI*oLIVIAtT?I . ; . - ; ■
\\7ANTED —By a- yonns.mim a
» T - fltßsHorr as a BooJclK««er li a : TPh6l«*alP or
rom'QlesioaTioaae. Can give good! cl tv references,
; Ib not parti alar ai to talsry. Address it. B. rOGAE
TT,'Box6DStf. , i TprqglSt.:
.‘WAOTE'D A Feat and Tidv:
T Genian,Bnglfah or AmsricahProteataetflfV
from Utol* years or-, t ■ taXe cirecf a cJH one and
a - half - year >_. old_ _ Apple at rojm; 20, Metropolis
Jaa Hotel*bnaeing go.draateaee. : mbZCe&T-rt
TXf ANTED—A as Book-
T T Ke**Tv r r. Anßl£tant‘RrKjt Kerp«T or FaT**wna , ».
-Brass or-Dry Gtnds preferred, a' No. ircfer*»ee
gUeu as to character. »aa ability. ; Addre»a *-S. M.."
.r. 0. Box 1T77. . . ..•■■■■ mhirrg:t
\\T ANTED —To Rent,* or to bny
■ t T in exchanare for choice IDlnota Land , a Hoa»«
on the Sooth t'idelor a amal family. Addn>«B Post
odea Box 1830 ah23xiw •
WANTED —-An active Yoirapr
man-wtfo can lain from s3ooto (590.- Tosnch
a person s pleasant situation will be given, Mth a nod
security 10-ttw.mooey,. or an lut-rest lo a pr ntable
bntloesi. Address twist.April, box; 3SO-V Chicago
P.O ' : ■ aihSSxlw .
: T ! flr>tclass Carriage Painter.:to whom good
vases and ate »dy employment will bs elrea. Fo- far
ther lafornutloa loaalrs of THOMPSON, NONHAM
'A CO. 353 South water strict, Chicago, None tut
a man of steady habits need lapalre. ; mh2sxlw -
TX) DRUGGISTS—-Wanted jv sit
■« nitionln the drag badness, by •yonngmanwb'»
has bean la tte bn-iuess for several yt*r s and
understands all pans or it. Is also agoodbvok koep-r.
Caa* ehra ths be-t city references. 1 Address A. L.
BBOWX, 80x3301, Chicago P. 1 mbi^Xit
ing and Malting.—The subscriber. wishing to«Xr
ta-d bis onalnefa. Is deslrtma to secure a good msa as'
partner. wlih t’.O Oto *s‘oicaih. Tea Br«wery U well:
established atd.dol.ie a good bnilnesß.audh»*airtee
facilities lord-dn* a lar<e trade.
in all directions N.B. Satisfactory reference r» qajre<£
-'Atidrrsa 8. T. OSilill, Stirling Brewery, Wfmeslde '
Coaaty.iU. ... igt»2sxaw
xjL-llke a rltustlou as Gororneisla some highly r-sl
Trectsblefamtly where tnere are pleasant UiTdrcn to
tusttb, to tJirsror to lore. Heferencn-exchanged.
Kcc osa a postagA stamp aaa address MART. Tribune
Xl. y.'ar made by any one with |IQ WTth of '*
Stock caouga tnelcd-d to Ti'tall for $l5O. Send for
ClrsnUrs sax pled and Stencil to A. J. FCLLa*i, 80.
4$ Olive street, SUMjouli, Mo, or 312 Broadway.
Ne tf York. . - mluliiCs
TAT - ANTED.—Agents wanted to
T T cao»a«s ev*ry county la the Northwesteni
Statra for tin tali of an urtlc'e ~h'ch -every, bai ncsi
mao mu»tuaT», every tfAvelcr mnit hav,ev ryrili.
roAd maama-tnavd.andtafiACt everybod-mistba e.
CtmntvAs-nU appolntei wno will be pledged the
solacoatrdof acaa-ty.' j
TJho S uall price of tbie Article brlozu
it Witblu tue Bencli bf All.
EacVaea >tam >aadr=celv-v byretafaraalt aclrco.
largivl..g fall oarilculari. Adirets J: H. JOHNSON,
70 state -trot, Culcago. F. O. Box 4355.
mhiS<2Bdm •
Wantol to act! 'Jlar'-i's recently improved
Splendid Iniucemeoa offered. Sample* sent b» mail
oarectd.tof «seeut<,or circulars, t-no*. &c„ byud
drealag, with atunp, E. P. CLARK. Northampton,
ilaes. ... mlilbicJw
■WANTED—A phi all snddlfl Horse.
TT or Poner, not over six years oM. Addresa M J.
F.,” Post vfilce Box 1434.. : mhSxSt .
«- tare, with utable adj:lalDff, rornpr jGarl*y sed
Silver street!.. Enquire of E. F, CHASE; flo 9 Hnn
dolph6t>eet. --■ . mh.axtw
'T'O RENT Store No. 66 Take
JL ftrect. including agnod basement and fourteen
rooms-on the second; ulrd and fiarth floors, fr«.m
Slay Ist. Apply to L. bTONE, No. 113 MlchUaa
aveqae.- mhtßx46
'T'O RENT—A first cla=s House
L (newly consisting of eight rooms, situ*
ate on south si xe. cf HarrUon »troeL Fo see.
sljd will oagtren april Ist, Ad.re&s Bax 4125. •
TO RENT—Several Dwelling
Houses pleasantly situated In the North DlvMou.
.Applv t > F. >V. NEWHALL, No. 13 South Cl: I*-it.
•. , mU2fl-e353-lw ■
TO KENT.—The first-claas Hours,
No. 491 Wabaxb avenue, is for rent to a first,
class tenant ior one or m -re years from Jlav i»c Ap
ply to at. G. LOOIUi, at Mama Bank. tnhSiSw
T3 RE NT—A Farm on the South
Western PI ink Road, wiitilu a mRe-x* d-one-half
orthailt/ '.lmtts—aOacrw*!—x> of whicii lain a *toi
.fiUt* Rivm
Wiedi. Fq- po'U’nlaiwapDly io Cft.o tOE 6TEEL,
l£>q,> > rJ'J. RICHAiiD3, fj^tofLasallistreet.
r F'O KENT.—Offices and Lodging
For any light aad quiet M*aa&cturfnu Hiirlncss,
Apply to A F. SHERMAN,
m.ag£eao 2w Boom No. 13 at 114 Dearborn street.
T) RENT —The large Store, No.
33 Lake street, adl-talnjr the Store of Me-vr*.
Weber. Will sms & Yal“. and of Meiara, Cooley, Far.
well & 0o„ fjr one or five venr<. Term* made Knoan
oa application at No. 33 WantagtOn stree, h
west corner of Wabash avenue. PETER PAGE.
ma. , S-fcß3*-tmyX > rit '
KENT—A desirable Residence
Furnished or cufupnfrhed, near Bhugold Place, to a
responsible prompt paying tenant, Auply tn
mblß-e293 3m Cor. Market and haudjlph street.
TO RENT—Dweting House No.
331 Wabash avonne. Terms, $693 per annum;
or the premises would be sold on e*sy terms. Address
O. KOSaIFEU, FotCot, m-»jQ.c3S-lm
TX) RENT CHhJaP.—A four story
m. Brlct store, wUheslltr.Bo by JOJ fret construct
ed for storage, bat can be usei to advantage by maun
factar<ra - adjlv to uEO W. a jama office in rear
of 180 Noun water street, Chicago. mhlSxlm
rPO RENT—Store and Cellar No.
JL T3l Klnzle street nnder Foster' Some, with good
Stable on the alley F.ritnte >t»nd for ..ommUaloa
Hoaou. given Immediately. Also, Stores
with good Cedars nailer each of No. 177. *65 a-d 135
Kluzie street; and ulj-i. Stores with CrllanNo. 42 and
46 Morth Clara street, uader hosier Fosses-loa
clveu May dwt. laquiro ol Gfi iHOE F. FOS'.'ERor
IL'H- BAXIKR. at Foster House, corner North Clark
and S-male street. • tohi6^.27s.im
TO REKr—Stores Nos. 130 and
131 Sonin Water street. Rooms over Nos. I. 3
andSSoutu (Jlarkbtreet. Rent low.
TO LEAS® —Wharfing Lot qq
Sontn Branch, 107 fret by 133 feet deep ta Frar.fe
lla etre* t. between Van Boren and Hurra >n streets,
withacoodduu<,sultablafurLa*uber, Wood. Coaler
St me Ya d. AppiV t > WM. H. SAMPSON.
■ ml>lHe--SUjiyi 6l Boom No. 3 MetropolitaußKck.
long time, three lots on West Lake, and four on
West Horrt'oo street*. .Woold, exchange, with part
e»sh,for luslde property. Apply to QtUeFIN DkOS.,
Boom No. 5 Pom-ro-‘s PnliJing, Soutn Water : t eet,
qraddruisP. Q. box 1278. * ~ mhls^u.’t.lw
The DiitllleryatEntCUutJd,oaFox River, on the
Odlcaa *«lLlc*ro Uni n Railroad three miles from
El in. capicity 800 bashela. it will be rented or Bald
oathsmoatf'vorahlc terms. Avply tJ NL>
SEN. -16 Utsalle ttrect. Cblsagt\; mtfn—j£2-3m
XrOriCE.—To rent or sell, a beau-
Xi tifol Summer Evidence in the
Near the depot iu that pUce. about eleven mSes from
Cmcago. This premise* Is known a- tne Hcuaod Boose.
For particular* inquire ol GE jKGE HUN COuN- asq.,
of mat place. -inhi4.t3SS.lm
CERN.—One of the finest ocphttonltles is offered
to any one desirous of going li-tans
And wis tng to porcaav’ the aotir« «t>ck and flstora
of anold asd well Grocery, colog a fine
baameaa. For Information addraw Post office Box
Blft-t. roltlSTlxa
Fite First-Class Sailing Vessels 'i-
To carry Grain to BnlEalO, .win t>o chartered by the
single trip or season.
Twsnty-Tlra Booses, desirably located, will be
rented cheap to responsible, prompt-juylns tenants.
Deeirabla Lots for a term of years, to persona wish*
lagto Improve them. - '
_ocaod33ldm ‘U State atrett, (up-atair*J_
I have sermiil desirable stores on the above named
sfreets which will bafijr rent oa the first oi Aprl; or
May. -/.yply to
mM-el< = -2m
nsgh'and"Wiredesire Board pn th*» West sjdela
a private family where there are ro other boarder*,
wlthlr. twenty udantee walk of Van: Boren, street
bridf e-. Adores;, with tersu “ \S. S. this office.
man and-wlfv dedre bosirl In a private f imtty'r
ei«t of state - street *ni Jforib of Adana -nrefv-KHdJ
Woala farnl-h their room. Address J. B- box 3903,
with termv&c. iSeseltl.lw
"DOAHDlXG.—Pleasant suits, as
-U,vbJl»3 singleroonu, may ba hid at Wabash
■ • • nih9?x?g...
a. D. BRADLEY snooane** tb*S
he Is a Candidate fort«ftabo7tt office at Ujb
MartMpaJ Sltctto<wfnbiectto tbe flacif)on of t)»e Roi
Contention. '-■;••■ • gUigO-e^S-^g -
‘ : i 1 r.Trr.tfgpc —TahtM. Boat BundmanlCaalXt
(n at toe rrt» Y.irS igntTard Breach. >»
— ■ 1 ’ ' ''^yuOLAS.
XKSUR - ’ - '"■■■;
* ■ ; .i.uE COMPANIES, or-
€o Mnrt.
Ha 58 at d 60 Labe street.
NiMBER 232. :
M.c v i c kekt,s:“theatre.
'itidlaaa street, betreea State and Dearborn. '
‘ BESSFIT of tbe popular and-eminent actor*
& MUSDOCR, V , t
TTliowm»ppwt?Jaeveßln«ln.TWO caABACTEBS.
FRIDAY EVBSINO, March OOi, irinho presented
SiaSespeaxo'a Comedy,of
Ojuso Djjtcx st Tin Qixx fihhi
To conclude with the capital Farce of
■ Tjxrsr ATjij’T. -
v>lck Dashall TUT. Murdoch
Battle ; ................. JXcVlcker
Sajobdat. PcMßert Trsgedvcf "THE BOBBERS."
gKY A N. HAX L .
March3Dth;and every evening;
rasa mo's SAidai, bbbabvat, a r.
Zhe-sivt Ti&ntad. and Versatile Company in
’Rriitance, comprinaythe
WhoseConccrt3dnriofffftap»«tseven mobta»,attt«-
ah ve.'pontilar fiala n, bje el'dtea thenteoeet ea»
co'Dltrcns Nbwvork pr<*%t, aod hava bent’
wttaeaaodb eUts aad ftablos-of
the metropoDa. . „ •
S. Prince of Ethiopian To.
dli'ts. ; . .-j; :
BEN CrtvToN, most talented fthiopeau
J 'SNNT DALdT, iQa only p-er of Ben Cotton
Ue<ia(r>tce.- . ;
w. H GKIVTN, The ereAtßatto-Pfotaido,
Wit. aad Bcri«»ttue A-tor. . - .
ROLLIN H'> varD, The great Saasallou Prtmo
Donna and BarlMiae •etreoa. -
Mas r6ii GSAtiLKA, Tue Wandeifixl Dacseuse
and Fomal* Imperioa-lor.
V i?* -S Taa Klnx of Oenjotet*.
• J. REETEV The tlghlj accomplished Tenor
Toe ‘list a -d rtn t-rUt. ■
E. J.- MSLVTLIrC,'- The uaeaualled Sooraso To.
ijulttflst. .• .
B KING.' t*adlng-Ti'lfniet aid Conboser.
ir flaunt.
0. WIRING ’mfr Double Bess purer.
H. M. H .KILKT. Viiliaiit tad Business Mauazer.
J. HRYtNr. Property Man.' ****** l
J. 0. FABB, Agent. - -
Tbs above unequalled Troupe w3l appear ta
New Act*, Dtiieei, Barli*qaa
Opera, fragedf and Faro e ,
Forming a rrorramnis of .ttMkvoerttoaaMs noveltlea
a-id k c mo t sttra tire entertalum-mt aver offered to
tie citizens of Chicago. ~j •
S3f“ Odors open at 7; to commence at 8 o’clock. '
mM6e»i!w ■ i -' -
(^UR j O WN HOP.—Grand Fancy
V-/ DrerVßrL at Madam* Akeriirom’s Amembif
EoumVou MONOAT EVENING April I**, All Fools
Bar. it ts' booed that person will atund la
Fsno> Dress. Lai Lai net In cm time, will please wear
Calico Brea*, without hoops, with apron, and small
shawl tolled acros * (be breast looking a« Ancient aa
posable. rha party U expected ti do the most lorlai
oaiof the season. -Tickets now ready. Mb §xit
ORYAN Street,
J. * OoiMHlt! (be Coart House, CMearo, HL
Eminent magicians pronounce thU Hal. unsurpassed
byaay { .
Acoustics And General Appointments.
It will ao.t STi more than any other Han In
tne cuv—by aeonrats count and report of garter a
BACLfI. Archltecis. ‘ *
loemsln *ucleao9.Roomlaon the lint floor, tbs
eatraict! being on Clark street, the greatest thorough
fare in the city, opposite Court House Square, yet the
Hall him a retired, quiet location lx the rear.
Ample Ingres! a.d egr«**—2o feet of doorway to
Clark atr*«t and Coart Place.
Tnc Hall contains the Heal* National Gallery, valued
atglvWJ. and parchias i of Geo. P. A. Healr, now
carrmtoloneiby Congress to paint a series (/rreri*
dealt d porrralts for the White House. This Gallery
coat jins t ta I tended great otetare for whicti the gold
tuc<Ul •» as awarded at the World’s Fair In Pans; also
‘•Weird*?ln reply to Haync. and portrait* ol aatbe
Pre ldo'.wto Line di mrlailve. as aswcUaa of many
ottjsrlllwtrioos Amsrlcons b? Healy^
There Is a spacious Luvr-r Hall fir rslrs, Fcstlvala
Ball a and. the like. It is provided «ith dressing rooms,
a Rltcuecooking stove, numerous Uhl os, <£c_ Ac.
Both Hall 4, or el.hrr. ctn h J in»ntt*<i far Concerts.
Lectures, EtMbldona <UUs,and£he like on appUe*-
ttaata THUS.Bah «MJI4 bBTahI.
- noi ’eo-ty < »i2ce- In the BnUjung.
#ot Salt.
Ih'oH S4LE CHEAP-, fire Uld
I Buildings eonfntnl-’g about i«wo feet of Jrl*t
and large quantity ofD*or» aad Window Frame*.
Also. Sqnire Timbers. All a> good a* new. Now (a
tu* t*me ti build your Bara* cheap. Apply to
STEWART & CO. S'>ap aad Candle Woafes, <f*z and
221 hast Einzle street. jahZßetTWt
SALE—Two Certificates of
Tn Bean’s Chain of Commercial Collage?, br GIL
BERT x SAMPSON, Auctloaeefs, &2 Lake street.
mb;7-tSS6-lw •
Tj'Oß SALE,—For Sale or Ex
1. c3nnzeft>roth?rdßßtrxble property, a Art rare
(I 'still'' s property, situated one mile tenth of the City
ofMlea, B»rr!o- Cotmy. Michigan. Fur dlscriptlon
Inquire uf the subscriber, at 13 Kate strict. Chi- aco.
ms:?7x2w p. w. MAT a Eg.
O OH e tibUshcd, containing everything for ns**,
a mated : n a good \ -caiitv; an i oov. doing a good busl-
•* sucued of cheau, as tbs present pro*
prlnorhas other enragementt to attend to In Mar
sett. To a responsible party time will be given for a
portion of the purchase m.ney. Address "* O' 1 Box
3810. • . . • - au»7xSt
I ol- Dncst Marble Front Hooses In Chicago, U
fmr stories hlga. and contains f arteen rooms, ex,
elusive of Clothei Pre sea and Bath Boom. The
■B ith Room U siipD lel wl b hot and rojii wa er, and
water U earrl-d -11 or. rth -t hocaa. This ha- all
the modern Inpr sod Is on* of the mot
thoraazhiv built tiouft 1 * In nr dty. having hern built
expruHii; for and an ter t -e laspi’-tioa ol the nreaent
nwanr, -AUo—la connection with it la a flnnHrlct
Stable, 2f.’xs), two stori-a high, and Well Anhuied.
Alo a Grt»i« Hons- 8 • feel 1 »tc If rended. It mnit
be a term of uos Jaw than 11VE TEAKS. ,
For fortner part'cnlara tnqolya of GILBERT A SAMP-
S' )N. Anet oaeerA x » LaKa street. mhM. e^SAiw
PDR SALE —rS-veral very finely
laurovei Furm- nontatning from ut to 6'o acres
In TUlnuU, convenient t*n»nr »a-Ta vllsgss,&c Also
0.6)0 unimproved inaame state. Also, TN) acres
Iu IllinoH, lows and together with ados
tee idence In Davenport. lowa, to exchange ror Mer.
coandlz-. For full description Ac., call no
HIQUISd. SEuBT & CO M Commlsaicß Merehanta,No.
56 south Wells street, opqddnsasamethroauhp 0.
Ba 880$. . mh^Oxitw
JL 1 The Frame Flouring MdL known as the ’’Chicago
Clc* MUIi," situated on the corner of Jedesaon aud
Elude e reets. no-r-ocomied by the My
been run Ut-'e m<>r j tutu two yearn; It well located
and doing a first-rate basmeeu. ’lt steads on a leased
lotstan annual run; of fIUL payable semlannuallv.
Ifnot-ioldat pdV-te Bole before tho 10th ot April, It
wiu*i.nbeofferedatpub’lcauction,ootheapok For
p>Vce and further particnUrs, apply to azASPLE A
C JLS. on the prenuaea. ■ mhiftitd
C'OR SALE.—Sixty Kegs of Pearl
JL Barley wnj be sold low.
AIAG, a lot of Packing BarreK
mhlfgw .. • ■ 8 Pomerov s Banding.
O ARE CHANCE.—I wish to sell
-IV-myW»Mhoo»e.‘»'«lltof Stone, 41x70 tvet, three
at ;* ! ea, sltoatTon the tm ,fc of tne Mineral Point Bail,
r’ai. It !• oae of t’i« best loeatLnaln toe Westlor a
Proa oca and n-mv»lA*lon Ba*l"e*v
For particulars call on or address GEO. V. roBB,
MlueralPoint, <4lx rehTStim
Docks for sale or to
„ l*ucks on the 9onth anum of tits Chicago River. lx
Section 3 with re Iron 1 track connected win all tbs
rvsdj la tie dt/. will ->e sold on lane tt*oe U from *25
to «53 per loot Agot, or iented at |l par loot front per
Tear. Apply to DU. B&AI.S\UD. H0?43 Sooth Clar*
street. ■ mb 4xim
JLi la McHenry, Kane, Ogle, Whiteside, Qrnndy,
De Kalb, Ro *A Island, Boone. Carroll and Lake. belnr
tbs same land entered byTHoMnS K.
.And now owned by Ardalia E. and Mary Ana tfreene.
Tills perfect Te.-nu easy. Apply to-H. B. HURD,
bo. tjaetbodlgiCharchßloek. Chleago. mhAeiaMm
Ta* Two ®tort BatcK Waxxnons*
Situate 100 side bw:kof LC. R. a, adapted toßewlr.
lar, obarlagaodbliipplng *c, will be soldor
hirorable tarns Apply to
BAILIE. *se?MQuR, CoramlAdon Mercbaa a i&tt
.South Water strest, Chicago. P..0 Draper 8137.
kj COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALS.—A very deferable
*P l £ 1< l rijl< ! c S® aof Ant-rate land, lacladiar 25 acres
or Umber. ftL fenced And In a good state of cslttra*
tionj well watered, a'd beantifnl'y located, half a
mile from beega Station, oa tne». C. B. R. On the
premises is a u rat-rate Apole Orchard, also another
orchard containing every variety cf irolt tost grows
la tbi* latltnde Tne whole premises la tp top order,
and It will be sold extremely law In consequence of
thoU' heulihof thepruprietor. Addre*»M.C. GUEEU,
Boat Master, tfeoga, Cumberland Cou HL mhJinw
\J snbJCrlber has sow several fine Plots, of tho
** Wilson's Albany seedling Straabrnry" la sad near
Chicago, and la deairoa-* oc mrthet extending the cnl.
tnreTrar I sholdln; land they would, Irish to ham
covered wl>b this variety or Strawberry, Without aov
■ or b it trlflln? cash •xpeaditnre. will please addraa
H.P, aiASDET. 183 Soata Water-at. law Sly
Obtained from OfiLbesi City PhystdanA
Sent to praetltloners In the cosntrr, postage free, xpoa
the receipt of . OAeDol ar. ' •
'Wboleaala and ‘R'teH DeAers in choice Droca and
Üb'-micaieoC every d'seitption.
The Faat-SaDZng;A.,l dipper6hlg - •.
ASTBAEAj John Simpson* Blastcr
.Haring Tmsnrpaaaed accommodattoxa I
aecaad-cOsas paseonrs wiq bo t first and
orApnL-iasu froaaKow T-.-i
For freight MettonrnA
•.?**: L T,-aSSS“ FESSESM_
-L—^tibl-SwNo.ll4 Wailmtreet, Sow Tortc,
j K’~ SALE -J Oja*
. no to 3% tom, tor tele chetjg. Addrew Poti
iW tsEawjsg BmS» Eatca o 1 a $(..
isuu©.., .es
mornfr.ifc t3 ocr).. 5.w
HxPOßtta,tgjn *4W0)....» Ziytli
>*gfca4nvo*« ~ 3tJ.es*
ftrimcre feta qjj
>' COttSBB* Hoorn,
Ahfjimifflr nf to Patau fang
■tuiti o m 3F33CCT
r awtiiiri
JLX- ■ - flwiit'Ayffffw %ta. s; L*»e street.
• Wl!ljJtß tl»elr:pßraon*l tttm ?ioa u yr.vjz'.n pi
HdVMbofalFnrnltore»6titmldil-*s* °*»t3.l.?a or
At. our utwooou.l C&i& idxx- *oei iuM« t J
wVn »qatr«t
■••■■■■ n?iu»m jLjn» ft sc o>r*.uxy3
Enraltiin, Sadshaii, &c.,
.. Oa 8 ATURDAT.- Marta aO’Ju »t »m o’clock a v
▼e vJH*«llrtonr«*lesrooHAßS LAtr »trser. *e«*p«Af
Wnatai.t*, Map i£
Top Tables. PiiuoStinii
Pador MaHogaay aod EuyCba'ri i_PUia ant Marble
Top Cba-t-ber Salt V'Barearaaod
. rdbca. Oak and dalaotftrftaattjiiTables oatrinfr*-
CualTt,’ Lotion*; Hair aed
aadßrosseliTarpatt St»lrdn. *»lwrvir rnW
Oral GIU rr*naliFUt-%Mlrrr, Sliho-rin*kV.s®
Hitrara. OU Palottocs. Afrv 3* Rnand C'T.vrM
Coepry and M»pia «o latcads, aad-many other too.*-*
taaDaueroastoparUcotarUa- «alep>»uiY«aQilwl”i
. o-L 3KEI * BAM -3
i mai7->3o>tt ... Aact',iso“«ra,
Mr* 'Mnrdocfe*:
Elegant Secondhand Veivetand
On TUGBOAT. April2l. at ‘•K oVI el? trawll! fell
at oarsa evoonn, No. *4 Laka at >c rlrK* Tatr«-s a A
irich V"i«*k Medarir. a Vi
•*«aahttd.»*deop,tndl3so?Hiorlcr 3 wafcwsSn
exMbtttoo ooitUUytot-adv' rfaila
. «^x«aiaww._
'yya: a.: butters & co~
48, 4S SISESI,
(Oppodt* t&a TwmonfHonseJ
xnsrimrsisais «satcs£)at « <i\ a. k.
Slvwrjr Monday at' 9 1-a A. 'Vr.
«“!»»»= >d<m Juraltu,.Cry 00-fci tooa
«na SMcr, te.- . ~. , «sm<S3,iiy
JL/ ' aIHESEi aonssr.
it., it.,
BDTt«m« co, »tn »-n » a th»t.
HarcaS'tii.AtS'td’Uaai at th«lr-ala>r-to:n\4S. Sand
aou»arbora street,a Go d* Clot a.
CMUmerw aatlnetu. Steeling andSrdrtlot Udlra
Dr«« Goods. «roeheSbawi-*7»»jiL*,iu Ko«u
erf, Qea* vunii»hlnjG>uds,U sbrstla*, Back '-love*
Ac-* 0 - VMTT.BCriBIA ♦ CO.
nmg-eSTSat Auctioneers.
X“ fuzrmna, C*ss m Caxz&s,
Brussels Carpets. Etc..
WEI Mil on hATURD KY ilseeb Stb at 9«< o»c!*cfc as
their •‘alatroemi, 48 «aai« jea-horavrj*' am .
r*l vsrtetv «f New and S«uod-!lTOi Farnl:urt Ac.
tarn «3*** ffn. A. oirxrciws c>. iacr*.
gALE op the Wigwam.
The mbscrlber will aell at Pabllc Auction,
' Oa 8&I0SD&7, Kara. 33t% 193%
At 18o’cloek a. it-, at the Wi<em all the M;nt din,
ui AivU.n audUe Homs
of the Friendless bare In and to aa! i bu lit >c nailer
anavrs&acnt male by an! b*tw-*o tu TnU-aoC
ths Garrett Biblical Institute and the wi» w . Q naiU.
log committee; alio, ths laiaresa given. Ky c-rduror
tt Jr r j ' or “ J dolUt ‘»
ZucXoTpVar^’S' ai I ‘ M, * •vu'ilb.
Lent or Peter Pag?. r m’lS-jlDi.lw
General Notices.
■MJ Caxcaso, March »tb. 1361
Tberewmbe ameettng. of memVn of iha 'Board
®f Trade of tba CUy a. Lhicaao," at toelr Booms, od
SATUBDAT, MarchSClh, at T«p,a.
—... Prrrrtler,
ahaS-aTOtt SBTH catkin. Sorretary.
Board op tradk elec
-The Annual Electloaof the ‘•Board of Trade of tho
City of Chicago*’ will be held at their Boou!a
Oa SQIfDiT) tbe first day of iprll aeit-
Tba PoUs wm bo opened it 10* it and closed at 4*. jc
*ls Annual Meeting of tne B-ard win
oe held, woea ths reanlt of the Re-tlon will be eo.
K.y5SK3 d •?/ bnslurai traaaacud which msy ba
hfongut before the - -
b£TH ?euret.ry.
25? 1 wU h ® h ® d *' n Moud..y
SI? ***fi WU at i o’ciocX a: ta-lr room, Hry
ank Bell A Strati m j College, «h*tn tte el pf uf.
r,SSI! ‘ af t +l“ ena a ng year, wid tac? pU:e. Mambera
*“ *T>-awor dues (a e Jir\ A Sjc IB •'* •») will not
beenOUedt>vote. FRANCIS HUDSON Prei’t
Taos. B. PocLsoy. Sec’y. mhJ3-33-»lw
]VTOTIC EL—A Meeting of the lionrd
i» n ol Trrut-*- of
wnibebeldastne*rOdiA ai Uark-tr.’t, CWcmol
on -ueslay. April 13th. 131!. at 1 o'clock ?. m. to decide
open tbs location of the Tiuoiorlcil Dstnrtm ..it.
.. B f OR^r * Y \Tr.S UICKKT.
aMk&'iq ■ Seer, tary ot tn* Hoa-d.
CSV/BIBS, fbrsala by NEWELL S-mw.
xaMixiw Corner of Clark am ttadl on street
" » No. 113 Daarb-n street,
*,OOO Coitito Clwaanl Ptmj at 75 cti apieoa.
8,000 Paata aai V.«t» ta Gina u.l Pro . a; 4D
Call a;ue«. • aiur-e3o>3i
OCLUARD TA.Bf.E-! Marble
aid Si*t« Beds, the litest IrnpvnTemaota
aljptad.. Cloth Bails. Ones Cue i’i Ac. 011 tab sa
Bs-Coshliqaa *ai Marble or Slat - Bod* pat* . Alan,
two Marble dads fvr sale. Orders by
m\H prjop'lf attindid to. No. ISS Mal-.-m strati
out »«oa 'U-rcana Weils. Post offlue Box 96U
mtUT-eSia-iw A. B, QKlFciui. Agent.
JLJ son desirous of baying Into an old rs abu-ified
Floor, Feed and Grain •indues* In a gool 1 eailoa
may hear jf a iart> whhla; tosail b» a3Jr*s4ox “A.
B O," Bax 3815 Chcs.'o Put Offlue. T;icp«t/
•ll iinr loscUh-ibauaaiiCaUl i? < i.n Eiit. Tnera
a a good trada coauected wirtt the store. mb‘l3 us
B2STAC.—The Tronta *s of “iTta’rifh
S jctety will offer fTclp ?eati for Raotal, in the ~b rch,
on MONDAY EYBvi'O Anrll -.st Solo 11 eon.
menee at seTeoAxd-a-Qa'f o’clock, EyasvaooT dr*
arSITO likaTS HAD •'XtTtm BE OJBuNO at TB*T
Tint The C'lttrsh will ub o. o» from iu t•i2a. m ,
and from 21> 4r at t>ac*ommodato ai\ mat mlcht
wlih to call and see tha Pa »sbef.re renting. mh-TX-S
Looking glass and pic
i'TTRE FRAMES—A GliderwouM Ufee t© meet
witn a ntnatl n. He has ha la. exneri-nfe of twenty
vears u a practical worKmaa, aa-> n~der uuds sliver
tog aad lacK>rlog mouldl >ks. He h-s the last '•to
yea**held tnepoaltl nof f.r-*m-n a good utldios
est-bllsbm at. Is folly com''•■tent to sc: s* 4st mtisS
or tn manage the gHd£ig departm-Mt of aa e- tiMl*h
jmx7to Loabvilia Post Office, Kenmcsy. mh-7ABt
Office of the Michigan
BAILBOAD COMPANY. S\ 1? 'Villia-ti ntr«>t.
_ Yoax Mir-h »L 15M,
Th? Anooal Election fir Ulrceiora of t iU Cem nor
will b* ne>dae toe Co "pint’s Office, m Tol-dc. on
WEDNESDAY, me 24th dav ot Aarti nat at ’2
o’clock x tub Stock rovk- will h» co-ed on the -Hi
SroxiJio It 2 ycloek P. X, and regain e osed nsU the
Ith provfmo at 19 a. x
mMAeSTMwid IX P. B 4.R T TAT, Seer tarr.
% wm,uptoisto l 'Msynett,o«llfor
Els lexgo acd rich stock of
Comprblmc one of the larrest aad stacks in ths
West. Baca as Rosewood. Mahogany and *Val .at P-r
--loratd Bedroom sols'. Oik Hxtw-'lra m-ii-r T.bi&t.
Hat Trees Bureau*, and oner arttulss to > numerous
to rnentlo-'; a'lot which will be sold cheao for caoh.
Oaat Steel:
Ws am prepared to flit orders fi>r three
At STfftr York Prions, With Freight Adia&
EvenrBeIIIsWABE\NTi!D for one year with fair
and proper mags, if a bell sbonl threat after a j*ar
half price is allowed In exchange for a new one. 'Tor
lull particular* send |Oc Cfrediar* to -
AgenU and Importer! o£ Hardware and Tin-Plate,
mhlt-sgvgm 6> T.AgRaTREEr. Chicago
"VTOTlCE.^Equitable Fire Insur-
X v aace Company.—The nnder-tjned Corporators
named in tne Act of Inorrporetioo of ti>e above
named, company, hereby give notes-. teat booss lor
BnbtenptiOQ to the (fapitaTStock of said Coapanv. is
provided for In sold act of iob-itnarstliin, will be
opmedjft toe office of B. W1 PStOlp-. < co. No «
Clark afreet. oa PSUUT. thedtndagof Apr.l pr>x„
as ten o'elooc a x* and trill remain open i t.cn day*
fcrthatpnzpoM. .C.tVP^KKS
r. d.obat,
Marcharth. l» t .
The best place tn the West tbrinvalldk 'ddmefbr
drcolar. Dr. JOHN B. GOLLY, itra. OULLT.
S. PENaOTEU. Proprietor. -•
'J O . L A' VV Xijt a .
Heady Soon!
Fussd at tits LbSL Se«lon of tba XejcUUtaro,
Will BE READY j&iiQMt
B» WOKB * Cl>.t UlX'^| < St*«et»
L A W Y E'll S .
NOW EE4B'!’,
la nvw »*jt
5. B. COOKE * CO-» U» Lafra a»ra*t.
»J> o
>COCIETI.ESyour, Cata-
O lofure, E«potO, «a. of
JJ 4tryonrPrtnUni»tTiiSimoomc' of
wii, s, K,\yOi
■f , »—■ f-t

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